Apr 23 NOTES

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

So behind, this is a double issue.
Remember Ccl mtg May 7 starts at 6pm b/c Youth Ccl starts at 7pm.
Shd be interesting b/c if Ccl wants to amend the budget, they must rescind third reading, go back to second reading to make the changes before going to third reading again (and then adoption has to be at another mtg).  Looks like that's going to be done! Root for the Zero Brigade!  The deadline is May 15, so there is time.
This double issue has the notes from both the Apr 23 and 30 ccl mtgs.  In particular see the presentation from the citizen taxpayer group at PQP at the end of Apr 30 mtg with the statistics re the average increase of some DWV managers' salaries at over 7% per year resulting in an average of 30% over the past four years (when most of us thought it was COL increases).
DWV Council and Senior Staff SALARIES appear in INFObits.
...but let's look at salaries.  Last week the news revealed that the Premier of BC makes $121K, and that's LESS than DWV dept heads, and even the NSNews is querying his salary being increased to $186K when that is LESS than the highest paid staff mbr of DWV made last year!
An MLA makes $76K and there's a long list of DWV employees making over $75K wch has to be made public.  You'll see a bus driver makes $81K.  (Can't copy and paste so will be in a future issue.)
Keep in mind that 30% shd be added to the DWV salary figures to reflect their benefits.
=  MAIN ITEMS Ccl Mtg Agenda Apr 30: Specified Area Tax Bylaws; Capilano Rugby Club Lease (SEE NOTES)
=  MAIN ITEMS Ccl Mtg Agenda May 7 at 6pm: shd be exciting -- Five-Year Fin Plan for adoption; McKechnie DVP withdrawn; ANNUAL TAX RATE BYLAWS (up for three readings so that does indicate they'll probably rescind the previous and make amendments, especially since adding a ccl mtg Wed 8:30am -- will the zero brigade win and the tax rate increase will be zero??? stay tuned, shd be fascinating to watch!); EVELYN DRIVE MASTER PLAN SUBMISSION for receipt; Billboards; have been told Vera's lost lease will come up at the mtg; YOUTH CCL: Amb Town Ctr Strategy; awards, reception
=  Vive le Canada; ANIMALWATCH/WEBWATCH (Math and Dem Prez Candidate); INFObit (DWV Salaries); Calendar to May 16th; Ccl Mtg Apr 23rd NOTES (More Budget!; YT appointed to CEC, mirabile dictu); ; Apr 30th Ccl AGENDA then NOTES (convoluted debate on CEC and motions; detailed presentation re budget from ITAC at end); 6pm Ccl Agenda May 7th before Youth Ccl at 7pm;  Protect Steelhead on Capilano; Quotations

Enjoyed Tosca -- this is Canada after all and the score was 1-0 for the Canucks in the first intermission, 2-0 during the second, and tied at the end as cellphones flipped open.
This is hard to believe but very funny anyway The Aussie farmers must be very envious.
Baa-king -- http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,21629305-2,00.html
For mathematicians and engineers, and those interested in school standards, see if you can answer:
Mathematicians set Chinese test
Scientists set mathematicians a Chinese trigonometry challenge, to illustrate a standards gulf.
< http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/em/fr/-/2/hi/uk_news/education/6589301.stm >
***  DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE Mike GRAVEL, former Senator from Alaska
His humorous response about someone wondering when first elected how he got elected, and then later wondering how the rest got elected.  I did not watch the whole debate, just saw highlights and snippets on CNN then a correspondent sent me this clip wch is quite interesting so no surprise it wasn't on FOX and nowhere else that I came across:  Sen. Mike Gravel at SC Debates April/26/07

===  INFObits ===  DWV C= ouncil and Senior Staff SALARIES 2006


Mayor Pamela Goldsmith Jones:
Remuneration: $62, 582.40  Taxable Benefits: $1,658.88   Car Allowance: $3,816.00   Expenses:  $8,801.31

Councillors  / Remuneration  / = ; Taxable Benefits  /  Expenses
John Clark      $22,989.58      $  768.96            $  711.53 
Rod Day         $22,989.58       1,152.00              (231.43)
Jean Ferguson   $22,989.58         120.96             2,400.99
Michael Smith   $22,989.58       1,416.96              (231.43)
Bill Soprovich  $22,989.58       1,212.00               271.17                 
Vivian Vaughan  $22,989.58         120.96             5,329.16

                                TOTAL REMUNERATION:  $ 227, 837.90


(Directors only b/c the info is on the website in a way it cannot be copy and pasted so I've had to type all of these in by hand; if put up so it can be copy and pasted will put the rest.  These are salaries, add 30% for benefits.)

Chief Administrative Officer               $      188,427.49    $ 7,786.58

Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits          144,985.77      1,110.52
Director of Administrative Services               138,909.51      5,842.54
Director of Finance                               137,145.26      2,147.06
Director of Engineering and Transportation        134,831.21      3,129.05
Director of Parks and Community Services          134,692.24      3,673.89
Director of Human Resources and Payroll Services  115,442.56      3,768.44
Director of Library Services                      114,848.67      1,137.63


===  CALENDAR to May 16th  ===  [all at M Hall unless otherwise]

+++  SILK PURSE  +++ see www.silkpurse.ca

+++  FERRY BUILDING GALLERY +++   May 1 to 20  =  "Unconscious/Conscious"
Deborah Stephan: acrylic on canvas; Carla Tak: oil & acrylic on canvas; Laura Kaufman-Weisbord: kiln-formed glass
        ~ 6 - 8pm ~ Opening Reception: Tuesday, May 1.
        ~ 2pm ~ Artists' Talk: Saturday, May 5

Join Joe Ronsley for an ongoing reading & discussion of Ulysses. Drop in to any session, 10:30am - 12:30pm in the Peter J. Peters Room. For more information call the Reference Dept. at 925 7405.
Dates:: May 1, 15, 22 & 29 (tentative)

== Tues, May 1 (to 7) == = START OF YOUTH WEEK ==

== Tues, May 1st == 
~ 3:45 ~ Youth Awareness Cmte
~ 4:30pm ~ Well, last week's Finance & Audit Cmte mtg was cancelled the morning of.  If there's one this Tuesday, it's not yet on the DWV website calendar so better check, just in case.

== Thurs, May 3rd
~ 4:30pm ~  Special Design Review Cmte Mtg re EVELYN DRIVE MASTER PLAN (I went and the mbrs asked for more information and also made some interesting, valuable suggestions)
~ 6 - 9pm ~ Ambleside Youth Centre OPEN HOUSE (at the AYC, of course!) - Open Mic Night.
~ 7pm ~ Buying Happiness
What does the Good Life cost -- and can you put down a refundable deposit? Richard Lipsey explores the economics of happiness. Guest-Richard Lipsey, Professor Emeritus, Department of Economics, Simon Fraser University [free lecture at SFU Harbourside]

== Fri, May 4th
~ 9am ~ Finance & Audit Cmte mtg but NOT on the DWV Calendar and I saw it b/c agenda posted on bulletin board beside M Hall door, and it was entitled as a CLOSED mtg.  When will there be adherence to the legislation?  Even if it goes in camera legally, it must begin open and then vote on the motion.
~ 7pm ~ Drive-In@The Garage at Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr; courtyard becomes an outdoor cinema

= BOOKtopia! WV Children's Literature Festival, May 4 -12 =
Events for preschool, elementary, and secondary school students at the Kay Meek Centre and WV Memorial Library.

+++  Check out www.kaymeekcentre.ca for events at KMC!
+++  THEATRE for some chuckles:
The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society Murder Mystery
~ 8pm ~ April 25-28 and May 2-5, in the Studio Theatre
by David McGillivray and Walter Zerlin Jr.; presented by Theatre West Vancouver. Directed by Paul Tourneur
The Farndale ladies create stage mayhem and a dramatic massacre when everything goes wrong as they valiantly attempt to bring a little culture to their community. This Agatha Christie-style 1930s' drawing room murder mystery requires them to play all 14 roles with hysterical results.  Info 913 3634.
=== doGs === May= 2 to 12 = Wed - Sat at 8pm at Performance Works of Granville Island
Written by Susanna Uchatius in collaboration with the cast (WV's Sean Allan is one of the actors)
Preview May 2, Pay-what-you-can; Matinees: May 5, 10 and 12 at 2 pm
May 9, Two-for-One and Signed Performance for the Hearing Impaired
Is there a hope beyond reason?
doGs explores the essence of belief; is it a hope beyond reason?=92 Nine odd, quaint, bizarre, and mundane characters bring their beliefs; and absence of beliefs to the crossroads. After peeling away the political correctness that shields their convictions, a dance of dialogue ensues.
 Stephen Drover states, "In an ironic way, it really is an exercise in having faith -- of a different kind. I love turning my process on its ear and re-assessing how theatre can be made. By seeing people not as disabled, but as having unique gifts to give, the theatre process is given new light."
Tickets 604-231-7535 or www.ticketstonight.ca

== Sat, May 5th
~ 9 - 11am ~ Seniors' Breakfast at Seniors' Activity Ctr (SAC) - served by AYC Youth and Staff
~ 10am - noon ~ BC Special Olympics Walkathon (Seawalk - Ambleside/Dundarave)
~ 8 - 11pm ~ Fashion Show and DJ Night at Park Royal South (Food Court), but this youth event has a $5 charge at the door.

Emergency Preparedness Week is May 6th - 12th
That's what it says but Tidings contradicted itself in this sentence:  There are lots of activities planned for Emergency Preparedness Week, a month of activities on the North Shore.
Friday, May 4th- A test of the emergency telephone notification system for a randomly selected area in West Vancouver.
Tuesday, May 8th- Take a free workshop on personal emergency preparedness. Learn about safe food and water supplies, utilities, sanitation, out of area contacts, what to put in your home kit and more Visit www.nsemo.org or call 983 7440.

==  Mon May 7th:  Ccl Mtg 6 - 7pm; and Youth Ccl Mtg 7 - 8pm

== Tues, May 8th  ~ 7 - 9pm ~ Youth Board of School Trustees (WV Sch Bd office)
~ 4:30pm ~ there may be a Fin&Audit Cmte mtg, best to check
~ 7pm ~ will there be a Cmnty Grants WG mtg??? not on calendar but have heard might be

== Wed, May 9th
at the Library ~ 7 - 8:30pm ~
Electric vehicles have the smallest carbon footprint, yet there are fewer than 40 licensed in B.C. Most people aren't aware that electric trucks and cars are manufactured in B.C. What's holding you back from this most sustainable of vehicles?  Moderator Rob Matthies is a pioneer and promoter of a variety of exciting programs and products -- from Kyoto Bike Discounts to Solar Powered Bubble Machines and Traffic Calming Lights.
Everyone welcome.&nb= sp; Learn about 30 Days of Sustainability.
+++  at Presentation House in NV at 8pm
If you missed the Farndale play mentioned above (wch ended at KMC May 5th), it's WV's entry in the Theatre BC North Shore Zone Festival of Plays; we've seen it and it's good for a giggle, some British village silliness.

== Thurs, May 10th
 ~ 4 - 6pm ~ NSh Walks Kick Off (The Village at Park Royal)
~ maybe at 5:30pm? ~ I've been told there'll be a Rodgers Crk Area WG mtg but again, it is NOT on the DWV Calendar.

== Fri, May 11th  ~ 8:30 - 10:30pm ~ Music Night -- The Medicine Path (Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr)

== Sat, May 12th
~ 9am - 1pm ~  Gleneagles Garage Sale (Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr)
~ 10am - 4pm ~ Dundarave Farmers' Market in the village

== Sun, May 13th ~ 11am - 1pm ~ NV Rotary Club Capilano Duck Splash at Ambleside Beach

== Mon, May 14th ~ 10am - noon ~ Cmnty Engagement Cmte

== Tues, May 15th
~ 3:45pm ~ Youth Awareness Cmte
~ 4:30 ~ F&A? who knows?
~ check to see if newly named Ambleside Town Strategy WG mtg will be held; have seen a date but no time or place and no mention at all on the DWV Calendar.
~ 7pm ~ Board of Variance in Ccl Chambers and Library Board at the Library

== Wed, May 16th
~ 4:30pm ~ perhaps first Heritage Strategic Plan Implementation WG mtg (it's just being set up and awaiting mbrs' confirmation able to attend).

=======  CCL= MTG NOTES Apr 23rd =======
= The Mayor explained significance of ratification re Collingwood/Morven -- extension of notification
= DVP Application for 7040 Marine Drive for additions and renovations to an existing waterfront home with variances to waterfront yard and height approved.
1.  APPROVAL OF AGENDA -- many additions
2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES   --  Adoption of:
=B7                    March 29, 2007 Town Hall Meeting Minutes;
=B7                    March 26, 2007 Regular Council Meeting Minutes; and
=B7                    April 02, 2007 Regular Council Meeting Minutes.

3.  ...from the April 16, 2007 Committee of the Whole regarding:
=B7       = ; Draft 2007 Budget - Supplementary Information Report Arising from the Town Hall Meeting on March 29, 2007; and
=B7       = ; Collingwood School - Morven Drive Parking
Mayor: for clarification; some had what ratification means; ...., setting of mtg date
4.         Development Variance Permit Application No. 07?003 (7040 Marine Drive)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the DVP...which would provide for additions and renovations to an existing waterfront home with variances to waterfront yard and height be approved.
MS/RD moved/Seconded
Sop: outcropping
with allowance there will be fair number of Douglas fir removed but some near water kept intact
SJN: a number of trees have already been removed; a number will be retained
intent is to use the existing bldg envelope/fdns, not to construct a basement so no blasting

5.         5 Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 4510, 2007 (File:  1610-20-4510)
            (a)       Report on 5 Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 4510, 2007                   
                        (to be provided)                                                         
            (b)       5 Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 4510, 2007.

{Bafflegab screen alert again; as usual, as the bean counters tell me, some good info some bubble; you decide. I noticed the recommendation, was glad JC only moved to second reading b/c that's the only time amendments can be made and then was puzzled third reading passed b/c the Mayor had said receiving input for the next two weeks.  That's why I had to confirm at the end, at PQP, they were prepared to rescind so they cd go back to second reading if subsequent information or public input meant they wanted to change anything.  Besides, as you see the report on the Five-Year Financial Plan was only being received at the mtg.} 

RECOMMENDED: THAT "5 Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 4510, 2007" be introduced and read a first, second and third time.
Good news: salaries and amts paid  to suppliers tabled -- something I've been asking for for years.  You may recall that I've said that since T4s are sent in in February, no need to wait to June for the info.  That means the salaries of those over $75K are available but this year the Police Dept info has been omitted and just the total given.
UPDATE: David Marley's group have prepared a table indicating that although we're told salaries must go up by the Cost of Living (COL), in fact some have gone up almost 30% in the past four years.}

RL: following through on Ccl's recommendation from last week's mtg
3.5% tax increase, allowing half of a per cent to allow for challenges
budget bylaws this evening with a 2.95% tax rate increase
there's a memo from David Stuart showing how those challenges have been accommodated in that
CAO: first and second for debate; back first week in May for adoption
JC: moved receipt/CARRIED
JC: memo capital and op budget received / CARRIED
JC: unlike what's on screen I'll stop at second.
MS: second
Mayor: opening of financial plan bylaw
JC: said what I wanted last week
Sop: p4 on replacement from last week
revenues DCC in reserves from $700 to $2.3M+, why changed?
RL: an error in amount from infrastructure funds; transfer
Sop: capital expenditures, 2007 - 11
Computers, ~ $4M
when last look at IT where we're going and where we came from
another black hole for another four years
seems an ongoing demand
equipment and furnishings $3M over four years -- absolutely necessary?
CAO: wrt IT; had initial five-year plan to 2005; further 2006
can supply details to Ccl
server upgrades, prioritized projects, webupgrades; can provide that info
small equipment and furnishings, can supply with more detail

{yes, yes, yes.  What I've been asking for and hadn't received!  Will check on this.   If he's providing to Ccl maybe also to the public.  Confusing b/c later he says in package and here he says it will be supplied.}

Sop: Fin & Adv Ctme, a little mini task force, where we can go in future
we have to start looking at some of these areas; line items
going to approach for change
Mayor: believe Mr S has some ideas
CAO: TF, going to be focused on three depts, can include IT
Sop: transportation infrastructure;
look at major configuration; Lower Rd -- any earmarked for future
RL: infrastructure budget is mainly for maintaining existing
if thinking of anything new
Sop: $17M basic streets and repair, and new design most of the money?
RL: including bridges
Sop: Almondel and others
...... part of that is the cmnty ctr -- major projects $75.3M Gen Capital
a portion for cmnty ctr?
[Ans: yes]
that's 2007, 2008 is?
RL: $24M in $8.6M in 2008
Sop: 2009/10/11 for 13-odd items on original report
was there an ability to be discretionary? look at this and forecast out?
when we go from here to there, what we actually absolutely need, how much is discretionary?
CAO: start with list we absolutely have to do
then with Ccl ranking; prioritizing process
take a look at av funding; this info was provided to Ccl last week
certainly always discretionary items
for Ccl to decide, going into next year, 2008/10 Ccl can decide if shd continue to be included
Sop: if acceptance tonight and request for go ahead in
how do you go back and do a referendum if passed?
RL: passing this limits us to 2007, following four years will be reviewed, 2008 prioritizing
there is no commitment to a five-yr plan
Sop: why do we do a five-yr plan; how do we know what we're doing?
amounts of taxation, add on year after year till I'm long gone
CAO: the F&A has devpd work around ref
other than cmnty ctr no major projects for 2007 so Ccl have more than enough time to determine before they in fact go ahead
our recomm will be if we use referendum approach, combine with election
five-yr plan to provide a sense of what we may be facing in five years
we recogn this is a transition year
as we move through will appear different
Sop: 2007 capital and operating budget
challenges to find extra dollars on p 66.5
find it, good on you
how find $286K+ and can't find for 2.95%?
CAO: in many cases can't find it
we're acknowledging
tougher issue will be Fire Dept overtime; present approach relying on overtime is not fiscally sustainable
hope we can reach an agreement with the Union, meets both needs and meets contract
Sop: what are we going to do in 2008?
fin adv cmte, Fin Sust; what's going to be different?
we shd be starting with 2008 momentarily [sic?]
wd like to know and report back otherwise no change
CAO: F&A just recently discussed the budget
recommended a diff approach
earlier approach as well as a diff target
work of the F&A recommending [start Budget 2008] immediately after adoption of the budget
looking at potential budget sources
all will assist Ccl ......
goal to conclude budget process by end of Jan
Mayor: wd argue we are making inroads
go further in 2008 budget
topic for ..... user fees, Park and cmnty services looking at more closely
looking forward to Police Ccl joint mtgs, looking at a new bldg
what's in our budget is pretty bare but looking at P3; doubt Spirit Trail wd be there without prov funding
VV: won't speak at length this evening b/c I did that last mtg
the taxpayer's ability to pay; disappointed exercise not gone through for 2007, look for 2008
look at this, doesn't look as if any signif change is contemplated
we still don't look as if we're going to take action here
not even to moderate
a lot of seniors are on fixed incomes; these increases force them out; rec'd letters, emails
not making as much effort to make some rec and arts things funding themselves
eg. KMC, Gleneagles golfers... now Rugby, income from that
learning that rec doesn't have to be provided entirely by the M
philanthropy, private clubs can provide for this
disappointed not moving faster with the equestrian ctr for UL; we have to cooperate more
provide us some land, modest fee as with Rugby Club
expanding with more done but not by us, facilitated by us
taxes going up
increased fees is a recognition -- but v small 30-cent solution
shdn't allow this gross to rise
we don't look as if we're making any serious choices
particularly interested in what Cclr Sop said -- $7M out of infrastructure fund; repairs of rec facilities
looking at 2007, that's a lot of money
look at next three four years, same thing, increasing
I'm not sure; I can't justify to taxpayer that
same for rec; wd like user pay more
when I compare spending on cars and computers when they spend at home
that means some at home won't be upgrading as they wd like
wd like to see if the $7M and make it $6M; and take off [some of the] equipment/furnishings [re allocated costs]
not sure that much
not supporting these financial projections b/c not the nec respect for the taxpayer
MS: I agree with Cclr V; taxes are too high at ev level
but talking at this level, what are you going to do with it?
staff came to us with 3%, and 3% service level challenges
Ccl quite properly cut 3% and said we're prepared to fund a 2.95% maintain services
and if you need more, find it within
look...  FTask Force 2.3% Govt Canada, so .6 over...
with 10%
$79 a year, $1.50 a week to maintain our existing service levels

{Clarification.  He's probably referring to the average.  Anyone with an 18% increase in assessment will stay the same; if more tax higher, if less, tax lower.}

cd hv said to staff, want a zero $% increase: close the Lib, swimming pool two hours a day and wd have our zero per cent increase; don't think the way to go

{that's an old staff game; if asked to cut, a dept will choose something dramatic rather than a reasonable area.  Staff has not given these cases so surprised MS wd give these as examples.}

look at each line; diving down to see
do more effective manner with staff
that's the way to go, takes time, a third of the way into the year
looking at 2008 budget, three largest depts, that much earlier so in fall shd hv proposed 2008 budget
instead of going off the rails now
this approach a beacon of common sense for other Ms to follow
looking at our expenses, energizing our staff to come fwd with ways of doing things better and more efficiently; with sensible biz case will be well recvd
instead of coming in at zero
Sop: point of order?
MS: made me lose train of thought
Mayor: the intention
MS: on track
don't like raising taxes
need facts on table to make a decision, 38 years in biz world, better decision
funny how that works
we don't have the facts to freeze; will get to where we want to go, but will take time
JF: said most of what I wd like to say
during evolution of OCP: fiscal sustainability one of four pillars
one of the choices, 2.95 will result in some social and envtal sustainability erosion
certainly had comments during last week that Ccl not as concerned about social and envmt
so track the effects of them
have info so not making one of the pillars taller than others and out of balance; or do it so public truly understands
Sop: listening to Cclr Smith; take exception to going off rails
when look; don't have facts; what are all these figs?
proof is in the pudding
{hm: the proof of the pudding is in the eating is the saying}
this year under principle I will not support this tax increase
VV: right
$6-7M overtime -- but without timesheets, can't apportion to
there is a pile of info but not all that's necessary for me to judge; we do need more data
MS: Mbrs of Ccl have been supplied with reams of information
identified down to the dollar; don't want left in the dark; are getting facts and figures

{keep in mind VV says not all the info on IT and so did I}

some ppl not reading them
Sop: who's not reading?
Mayor (meanwhile recognizing): Cclr Day
RD: interrupted
not accept behaviour
Cclr Sop true; received tons; promised more;
can't suddenly do bit study ........
if to zero right now, serious disruption of service; not just lib and aq ctr; youth to seniors
destructive; may be possible in future
in the meantime brought it down; 2.95 lower in LM: lower than two NVs, way lower than City of Vanc
nobody knows for sure what we'll be doing three years from now
want to support what Cclr Smith said
reasonable 2.95 budget increase
Mayor: this cmnty and this Ccl are v prudent
year 2007 year we test some of the assumptions that hv bn in place for some years
looking at subsidies vs user fees
entrepreneurial, partnership...
at end of ten years -- looked at 1995, rec'd $3M gone by 1999
BC Ferries and BCR won and we lost
taken a conservative approach by many ccls
this Ccl says we recognize that
homeowners make up -- transfer b/c inequitable
look at what you're putting your money to
don't want to throw the baby out with the bath water
have already been criticized, VV said 30 cents minimal
heard from Soccer, but moving to about $20 per player [per year], in order to pay for fields is not fair; yet we are one of the last cmnties in the Lower Mainland to move to that and we feel that it's equitable
this Ccl is going to withstand real criticism on those things
we're testing; we may change our mind in 2008 or we may go farther data; good input
in 2008 may be well positioned to put maybe some philosophical questions, capital spending items on referendum
JF you raised some things still important, some not on this budget
opp we have, one a wonderful class A gallery in Amb, supported by artists with renewal in Amb, not in this budget
one time funding as WGs go forward
getting to VV's point; ev with sustainability -- corollary of what can afford
disappointing to me those opposed, not able to describe creatively and constructively to the rest of us, what their vision wd look like
{was staff asked to provide a zero percentage tax rate increase budget?}
ev wants to come to this with an open mind
2.9% will represent some sacrifices, not the least from staff who have tried really really hard to meet with a v demanding Ccl this year, around the kind of information we've been provided with, Cclr Sop
I'm going to support this budget
This is second reading and we have two weeks, to hear back from the cmnty again, before we adopt this budget.
CARRIED with VV and Sop opposed

{Here's the surprise after the Mayor has just said two more weeks for public input, b/c amendments can only be made at second reading!  I just had to clarify at PQP.}

JC moved third reading
[seconded but cdn't tell who, maybe JF]

Mayor: Thank you.  I wd like to apologize, we had begun our debate on the budget, and somebody had signed up after, so I can't entertain that but will come back to it at the end of the mtg, after reports, at PQP.

***  Moving to 5.1 Financial Information Act Reports
{added agenda item}
JF: move receipt of the reports, schedules and Statement.... Apr 18 from Dir/Finance
CAO: note Police have been excluded, after review by Police Assn and in discussion with the Ministry Finance, directed to exclude them; in addition we have suggested a number of changes and they will consider those for 2008
Mayor: good news
Sop: this is info we received tonight? on table, salaries?
Mayor: yes
CAO: two parts, salaries and amts paid
Mayor: and Ccl remuneration and expenses

{Good news: salaries and amts paid to suppliers tabled -- something I've been asking for for years. be available before budget decision.  You may recall that I've said that since T4s are sent in in February, no need to wait to June for the info.  That means the salaries of those over $75K are available but this year the Police Dept info has been omitted and just the total given.
UPDATE: David Marley's group have prepared a table indicating that although we're told salaries must go up by the Cost of Living (COL), in fact some have gone up about 7.6% per year for the past four years, almost 30% in the past four years.  See table.}

Sop: have one financial info reports and another 2007 cap and op budget
CAO: just referring to financial info reports
6.         Board of Variance Bylaw No. 4487, 2007 (File:  1610?20?4487)
RECOMMENDED:... be introduced and read a first, second and third time.
7.         Appointment of Council Representative to North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues ...   Councillor Ferguson ... WV Council representative ... for 2007.
8.         Appointment to the North Shore Family Court & Youth Justice Committee ... Evan Llewellyn ... in the professional category for the term ending December 31, 2007.

8.1 [added item]  Appointment to Cmnty Engagement Cmte
Sop: I move that the following citizen apptmt be made to the CEC for term ending Dec 31, 2007, Carolanne Reynolds
RD: second
{mirabile dictu! -- but humbling; to the Mayor's credit (and Council's), I made clear my commitment to openness and public involvement wd continue.  Please forgive bolding and underlining....}
VV: do have concerns about appointing non ccl mbrs to Ccl Engagemt Cmte, not similar to others, b/c CEC exercising control; selecting mbrs of WGs; not the sort of duties that can be delegated to non-elected indivs
we elected do have a diff status; sworn in; make declarations
and we can't confer that status onto an unelected representative
can employ ppl as staff; can talk to citizens as advisers
can't dilute vote of cclrs b/c that diminishes the vote of  Ccl
I voted against the other no doubt excellent mbrs of the cmnty who were appointed previously; their credentials not the issue, the fact that they're not elected by the public is the issue
really believe logic of situation prevents us from having mbrs of the public voting alongside and amongst elected cclr mbrs in matters that exercise prerogatives, control, and authority of the Ccl

{Please forgive me but I don't quite understand this part of the comment.  As far as I know (AFAIK), the CEC, while it is perhaps the 'top' of the cmte/WG/etc food chain wrt public 'engagement', it sends its recommendations to Ccl for their approval.  IOW, nothing gets done or changed except by a vote of Ccl.}

absolutely notwithstanding the excellent merit, in particular this mbr of the public; can't do this
Mayor: wd like to address your concern by referring to the Cmnty Charter:
"Standing Cmtes of Ccl. The Mayor must establish standing cmtes for matters the Mayor considers wd be better dealt with by cmte, and must appoint persons to those cmtes.  At least half of the mbrs of a Stdg Cmte must be ccl mbrs."
wch implies the other half are not
certainly we've established this precedent over years, most recently with the F&A cmte, before that with FSTF, and the Select Cmte on Rec Facilities
I believe working hand in hand with mbrs of the cmnty enhances Ccl's credibility and service to the cmnty
I agree with you, and I think we discussed this, wrt apptmts, completely fine reside with mbrs of Ccl.
we will be bringing back for Ccl, Terms of Ref for the CEC as well as guidelines for the WGs
the CEC citizens are off and working on our public involvement policy now; our staff isn't and Ccl isn't, and we look forward to the fruits of that labour in a few weeks
I must say, I cdn't be more pleased with the citizen mbrs of the CEC, with their willingness to serve, and with their sentiment this morning, that they're there to support WGs
oversight may come into play, but not so sure; quite right, that's Ccl's ultimate goal
apptmt of Carolanne Reynolds?
CARRIES with VV opposed
{fyi, the other two are Patti Bolton and Alex Tunner}

9.         Recycling Council of BC - Proposed New Schedule to the Recycling Regulation
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the letter dated February 02, 2007 from the Recycling Council of British Columbia regarding a proposed new schedule to the Recycling Regulation (covering household and industrial soaps, cleaners and detergents, and requiring brand-owners to prepare Stewardship Plans for achieving a 75 per cent recovery and recycling rate for the packaging of these products) be referred to the Director of Engineering and Transportation for discussion with the District and City of North Vancouver and the North Shore Recycling Program.
RD: move this for discussion
Mayor: add: forwarded to UBCM as a resoln
as mbr of GVRD Waste Cmte, we have a zero waste challenge
seriously challenged with improving, in LMainland we've gone backwards
goal shift burden from taxpayer to producer
support imp to Recycling Ccl of BC; re landfill, Cache Crk, running out of time; need help
JF: deposit and return at purchase
Mayor: purpose get on floor of UBCM; bn successful in past.
10.       Change of Start Time for May 7, 2007 Regular Council Meeting
RECOMMENDED: ... be changed from 7 to 6pm.
{My last newsletter asked why not mention that this is in order to be before the mock ccl mtg with students}
Sop: why?
Mayor: It's the Youth Ccl Mtg wch will start at 7, so we can continue with our biz
Sop: doesn't say here
[Mayor laughed; CARRIED]
11.       Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
12.       Development Variance Permit Application No. 07?005 (3656 McKechnie Avenue)            
...be received for consideration on Monday, May 07, 2007.
13.       Correspondence List
(8)       C. Reynolds, Chair - Heritage West Vancouver and, J. Stuart, Past President - North Shore Heritage Forum, April 15, 2007, regarding Demolition of Heritage House - 742 Keith Road


o  MS: to clarify, last wk made ref to Bye Bye Birdie, was my hope KMC staff and board incorporate into website so public know and supported; I subsequently got a copy of the April Kay Meek agenda, and it was in there.  I salute the KMC staff and glad promoting school productions
o  JF: point of information, invite anyone interested in the Amb Ctr Planning WG come to the mtg tomorrow morning (Tu 24th) at 8am at Ch/Commerce boardroom.
{Don't you just love her idea of notification to the public of mtgs?!  None has been posted yet to date on the DWV Calendar  I happen to know that two groups giving presentations to the WG b/c ADRA was one.  And then they changed the name from Ambleside Master Plan WG to Ambleside Town Ctr WG.  As a result of my queries not able to find info, they say they'll put a cross-reference.  It now has a list of mtgs that were held.   The dates of ATCWG mtgs planned have bn put on its own webpage but no time or place!}

o  Sop: on your behalf, to NSh Emerg Vol night; wonderful display, ppl from N and WVan
The Brewers came to mind; Dave Brewer, whom I went to school with
humbly said to him 41 years on NSh Rescue services; incredible amount of time given
On 19th started, first mtg of Envmt WG; great mix on indivs
looking at a host of areas of envmtal policy; Mr Pike, words of wisdom; took all that
going to have an amazing process
forum up and active; imp for public to understand, this engagement with public imp portion of forum
not only will staff be moderating, opp to get into the play and help shape this cmnty by your positions on many issues.  Think it will be v successful.
{It v well may be successful, but, sorry, Sop, just a wee bit too optimistic/premature about the forum. 
UPDATE: checked the DWV website May 4 and the forum was not up or working -- it still has TBA.  I'm beginning to wonder if staff just tell cclrs they've put up notification of mtgs (it wasn't on the calendar) and started forums yet haven't done it so cclrs think all taken care of.......}

o  RD re: Fred Titcomb's 95th birthday at SAC; born in WV in 1912; active mbr of cmnty, retired, a no 1 volunteer at SAC; as acting mayor filled in for you at WV Cmnty Fdn (AGM), volunteers do some much, Fdn now has an Endowment of $6M -- projects, charitable activities, scholarships, v gd work; Sunday 10am, MS run, and MLA Sultan plus other two reps from NV there as well, v gd run, reasonably good weather; vital role volunteers play on NSh
o  Mayor: astonishing how much it means to cmnty when mbr of Ccl there to support them.
Howe Sound Forum (cmties WV to Pemberton); goal -- what we think devt is going to look like
incumbent to start behaving as a region; know pressure we're under; sustainability is key
Whistler led a session -- steps, mistakes, hard it's bn, seven years later, their 'natural step' is supported by 35 cmnty orgs who all think the same way Ccl does when doing procurement; ecological footprint part, v inspiring
Jim Bailey came, what devt will look like in Upper Lands; how fundamentally diff this approach is and goals are; v inspiring
updates on Spirit trail and sea to sky trail
four MOT [staff there said] they didn't realize we were working together
next mtg going to come up with a loose framework how to work together; outcome re livability


o  Mayor: Elaine Fonseca, sorry missed you during the budget
o  Elaine Fonseca: ADRA Prez, as the budget has been passed, still have comments
Mayor: hasn't passed yet, it's at third reading.
EF: Ray Richards [Treasurer] not able to come this evening; I have comments I'd like to read from, from what he has given to me:
ADRA has advocated a ten-yr budget projection, in other words what will this budget mean to the District of WV's financial position in a ten-yr period.  There appears to be a signif deterioration in the financial position of the District so far.  There are implications debt will be incurred to complete some of the District's required expenditures.  Example: the new rec facility that is well over budget, estimates of $16M are now $39M
Mayor: uh, all right, later--
EF: it is our understanding that this Ccl is looking for public input for the budget process.  To do a proper analysis and to make recommendations to this Ccl, more time and information is required.  ADRA feels it is unreasonable to expect residents to comment in depth in a three-minute time restriction.  Why do we not have as we have had in past ratepayer groups; I remember five of us, sat around a round table with Ccl mbrs and staff.  Our mtg was not three minutes each.  We wd spend a good portion of the day.  Information was solicited and information was passed and brought forward where we cd all discuss what was in this budget.  Recommendations from the ratepayer groups for efficiency and effective budget cuts were put forward.
We hope you will take another approach to this budget process.  As many taxpayers here feel they are not being heard.   Thank you.
Mayor: a lot of statements there I think not correct
particularly cmnty ctr; orig est $16M from 2002
CAO: and scope has changed; budget for what was approved not changed
Mayor: no debt involved; unless borrowed from MFA on behalf Health Auth wch is being paid back to us for an asset we will own
wrt long term capital plan, this may well be something on a referendum around Police Stn, many ways of funding capital requirements; many not as well suited, depending on what it is
trying to put that all in front of the public, major capital investment
this process has been lengthy
F&A cmte mtgs on going, Fiscal Sustainability Task Force mtgs were bi-wkly for months
Cmte of the Whole [mtg re budget input] certainly not restrictive of anybody's input, in one case listened to one mbr of the public for 35 minutes, then he had a second opportunity
we wd welcome any kind of input in any fashion; for next process can do this
this process been more open and had more time paid to it than every before
v v tough coming up with an outcome for those who wish to see a zero per cent tax increase
we're being deliberative, in order to achieve that we do it as sensitively as possible and in a way that will be supported by the cmnty
believe it or not, can't remember survey results, maybe as much as half say, who say raise my taxes, I wish to pay a premium to live here so we balance all these things.
Anything further on that, Mr Stuart.
CAO: can comment through forum and other methods
certainly input not been limited to three minutes at various public mtgs
at ev mtg been opp to comment.

o Mayor: next I have Carolanne Reynolds
o MS: the hockey game's on Carolanne!
o CR: I'm sorry, Cclr Smith, I'll try to be as fast as I can
~ I just wanted to clarify something that was said that I didn't quite understand, if you'll forgive me.  The Mayor said there'd be two weeks for more budget input, wch is appreciated, and at second reading you make amendments, and then Cclr Clark moved third reading and it passed.  So I wonder if you were going to make any changes, if you were contemplating then rescinding third reading as has bn done on occasion in the past to go to adoption b/c there aren't any changes at third reading.  That's what made me wonder what you had in mind.  I recognize this has been a difficult budget and baby steps are better than none, so maybe in 2008 we can make the Great Leap Forward.
I agree there has been info, but what some ppl have said to me that I think there was a sort of an oblique reference tonight, there's even some new information tonight and that makes it a little difficult -- to go through it several times with updates, and I recognize trying to update it, but I just want [you] to keep that in mind, that's one of the things I've heard, if it changes it's hard to say something, and knowing it's going to change is hard.
I had asked for example, for more details on the IT Dept purchases and things at the March 29 [budget] mtg, was told I wd get them, I haven't got them yet and I know staff are busy with other things, so I was hoping I cd get them in time to comment perhaps then next week, since you're still welcoming [input].
~  Also someone had mentioned to me that some telephone service hd been contracted, and it was the highest price there was without its going to tender.  So I had asked just over a week ago, about a week ago. for info on what your policies are wrt tendering, so that wd be info on that.  So staff's agreed to give me that.  I don't have that either.  And I'm sure... but my question-- I'm just wanting to make sure there's still time is time for input as you said.
~  The second thing is about forums [re Cmte/WGs]
I think it's really great you're having forums but there are a lot of retired ppl out there who either don't have computers or don't have access to computers.  One of the suggestions I wd have, is to identify, and perhaps the Director, Kevin Pike, can help with this, areas in the cmnty, say five gathering areas in wch you put up your agendas or put up your requests for information with a pouch for ppl to put them [their comments/input] in and then they can be informed there without having to go somewhere else.  As they do in France {eg Paris}, you might have a place where there's all the things.  I'm not suggesting another telephone pole as others have done, but some place it's agreed convenient to read and put it in right there.
[eg, Park Royal, Ambleside, Dundarave, Caulfeild Ctr, HBay as a Municipal Info Bulletin Board] posters/agendas/notices, and perhaps with a pouch for residents to put in comments, give input
* Last thing: congratulations to Fred Titcomb [born in 1912] b/c you know 1912 was the same year that WV was born.  So we shd do something.  Cmnty Day, we've got to do a really big show for our 95th birthday [celebrate his birthday and WV's during Cmnty Day]
thank you v much
Mayor: thank you, Mr Stuart
CAO: v quickly; the request for info on IT expenditures was provided last week in the supplementary information that was tabled with Ccl and copies were provided for the public.
wrt tendering rules, I didn't appreciate they had a particular impact on this year's budget, but we can get that for Ms Reynolds.

{UPDATE May 3: as you saw above, the CAO said he'd provide the info on IT, equipment and furnishings, so hope to get that too; still no info on the tendering policy, will ask again.}

Mayor:  at ccl mtg next week I will be away and Cclr Ferguson will be away but it's an opportunity to consider that material and provide feedback, and May 7 we can obviously rescind third reading and have another debate if we like, so there is that opportunity
CR: so there is that possibility.
Sorry I didn't realize it was part of a package but I will definitely look at it, tyvm
CAO: You can rescind third reading but you will have to pass something on the 7th.
Mayor: and adoption, I realize that, thx.
JC: 2 to 1 for Vancouver early in the third and I move adjournment.
16.  ADJOURNMENT was before 8:30 I think

==  CCL MTG AGENDA and NOTES Apr 30th --
                                Mayor and Cclr JF absent; Cclr Day in chair (acting mayor)
RD: Two announcements:
= National Emergency Week May 6 - 12..... info available in lobby on NSh Emergency Services; as mbr to the org, I can say they are doing a lot of planning
= A Collingwood student, Shakir Rahim, has won first place in the annual world individual speaking and debating championship held in Cape Town, South Africa; his second win at these championships; 15 rounds of competition in front of 64 judges, competed against 80 other high school students from around the world; the only student who made it to the finals in all four categories: impromptu speaking, persuasive speaking, parliamentary debating, and interpretive reading.  On behalf of Ccl I want to extend our congratulations to Shakir for a job v well done, v exacting, v difficult competition; we shd be v proud of him.
1. APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Addns: Correspondence including from ITAC
Sop: no action required?
CAO: they wd be responded to; likely Ccl hv an opp under correspondence or public input to hear or ask staff to do something else.
2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES of April 16, 2007 Committee of the Whole Meeting Minutes
3.         2007 Specified Area and Local Area Service Tax Bylaws for receipt; then to be read a first, second and third time:
3.1       Specified Area Tax Rates Bylaw No. 4504, 2007
3.2       Parcel Tax (Garrow Bay) Bylaw No. 4505, 2007
3.3       Parcel Tax (Eagle Harbour) Bylaw No. 4506, 2007
3.4       Local Area Service Parcel Tax (1808 - 1892 Esquimalt Avenue and 1809 - 1891 Duchess Avenue) Bylaw No. 4507, 2007
3.5       Local Area Service Parcel Tax (1515 - 1547 Kings Avenue and 1520 - 1550 Lawson Avenue) Bylaw No. 4508, 2007
3.6       Local Area Service Parcel Tax (1510 - 1650 Mathers Avenue and 1507 - 1569 Lawson Avenue) Bylaw No. 4509, 2007
4.         Alternative Approval Process re Capilano Rugby Football Club Lease and Licence - Certification of Elector Approval
SSch: no comments received
Sop: considering access, NV?
KP: I think you're referring to Fullerton but closed; boundary along edge of park
Sop: the pull-in there is really not suited
if major events, not responsible for putting that right?
KP: have worked with NV in the past and recently; it is a difficult left turn however it is periodic
they've deemed this of not high enough priority to put a light there
it's half a block away from light set at Capilano and Marine
Sop: left, turn right to parking lot, to park, is that well signed?
KP: in 1994
recently Engg's been back and cut hedging, some removed to make sightlines safer and a stop light put there as well both to
if for first time, wd be confusing, main onto park road; hv had comments from Klahanie Park and Rugby Club aware concerns
Sop: parking?
KP: can find out, road goes down there past Evergreen Squash Club, not resident-only parking, will check signs
Sop: know Club has parkers, where do they put extra cars?
KP: put on gravel field beside their parking lot
Sop: re Klahanie, maybe there shdn't be parking there, don't think they've been heard wrt that issue
KP: will take that up with Engg again
CAO: we have had conversations with Rugby club re improvements, certainly their objective
            1.         The report dated April 25, 2007 from the Municipal Clerk regarding Alternative Approval Process re Capilano Rugby Football Club Lease and Licence - Certification of Elector Approval be received.
            2.         Staff be authorized to proceed with finalization of the lease and licence agreement with the Capilano Rugby Football Club.
5.         Community Engagement Committee Terms of Reference Amendment
RECOMMENDED: THAT the Terms of Reference ... be amended:
 =B7         in Section 2 - Duties, to replace the existing wording "Work with Council and staff to select members for Working Groups.  Provide oversight to the Forum Registry and information posting systems." with the following:
"Work with Council and staff liaisons to select members for Working Groups.

{For the record, although I am now on the CEC, I do NOT agree with anyone other than ccl mbrs selecting mbrs for cmtes and WGs.  I do not feel it appropriate for a resident (or staff for that matter) to sit in judgement and choose other residents.  Ccl ought to make the selections they alone wish to have, undiluted.  There are no apptmts to be made at this time since all have been formed but I will bring this up at the next CEC mtg (May 14) in anticipation of replacing someone who resigns or in the case of setting up a new WG.}

 Provide oversight to the working group web forums and information posting systems."
=B7         in Section 4 - Membership, to replace the existing wording "Three members of Council" with the following:
"The Mayor, two members of Council and three members of the community.  The Chairperson is to be selected by the members.  Member participation in the duties outlined in the terms of reference may vary according to legislative or confidentiality requirements."
Sop: will read [above motions/amendments], then comment.
RD: Seconder. [done, then] I think Mr Stuart wd like to comment on that
CAO: the intent as I understand it is really to provide some more cmnty input, particularly the phase now moving into
the first amendment just clarifies whether a registry or a forum, fairly minor; second deals with adding citizen representatives and ensuring flexibility to exclude them if inconsistent with intent of legislation
ccl mbrs of cmte made appointments, now want broader discussion around public consultation
Sop: I'd like to see this deferred, in second section eg chairperson shd not be chosen by mbrs
there's been no verification to us, no discussion in CEC
no verification we can have 3+, haven't seen if Charter gives us the right; secondly if allowed three from ccl and three from cmnty, then this cmte (CEC) is diff from the WGs in that the decisions are made by elected officials only
unlike you and I chair WGs, we've established that, and works well, but in this cmte [CEC] we set a lot of the terms and policy to make this whole thing work properly
to get this on the right straight track, get ducks in order, so we know exactly when finished WG scenario
then we can stand back and say that's a good process
what's not clear is this cmte, that oversees
needs ccl only, not
haven't seen charter to see, and if so fine
chairman shd not be from mbrs
CAO: this has been reviewed, I believe, with CEC and including by Cclr Sop, and by the mayor
Charter does allow, had them on cmtes, including Fin Task Force
if selected by mbrs is a problem, can delete that
right now the Mayor is considered the Chair of that cmte
Charter does anticipate citizen reps on their cmtes and WV has a history of that
Sop: we talked about on cmte, two, then third, don't have problem about that
we did not talk about it at the last mtg, not clarified in any way shape or form, this has been added in
we as a cmte shd discuss this before blessing from Ccl
take these little steps, appreciate a year from now
VV: did express my concern mixing elected representatives with invited mbrs of the public to the same cmte, particularly CEC wch has authority over other groups
we are elected to carry out duties, and if invited vote along with cclrs, in effect dilute then diminish the effect of elected representatives
not satisfied meets criteria or representation by the electorate
accept CAO's comment that legally allowed, but that doesn't mean wise to do it
allowed or not opposed when it's exercising powers of the Ccl
disturbed if unelected mbrs selecting mbrs
elected cclrs shd have more powers than unelected public
the Mayor shd surely be the Chair
I find this not the best way to represent the public
wd like to see this here:
duties outlined "may vary"; want to see that spelled out
not supportive of motion; we are not sufficiently clear about it and not convinced the best way to go about it
CAO: the Mayor did not go through the Charter with the cmte, read them out, and the duties were spelled out in Tof Ref, on agenda
it just spells out mbr participation may vary
if the issue about the chairperson to be selected by mbrs, then you cd amend this tonight and see what you get
Sop: cd I make a motion for deferral first?
RD: hear Cclr Smith first
MS: I thought this CEC like other cmtes make recommendations, that have to be approved by whole Ccl
if a situation where the three mbrs from the cmnty and three mbrs of Ccl voting the other way, don't see onerous not to point that out when it came to ccl
okay to change chairperson to mbr of ccl; don't think we shd spend a lot of time on this.
RD: it's a cmte, not a WGk section within Cmnty Charter
Standing Cmte of Ccl...Mayor must establish...appoint...at least half must be ccl mbrs
[See Apr 23 notes above under appointments in wch the Mayor quotes the Charter and I put it in verbatim]
the real issue is who's the chair
Sop: if in right process, Cmte shd hv discussed this beforehand and they didn't; move to deferral so can go ahead with it
RD: Mr Beauchamp takes precedence?
JC: I'll second; how quickly come back?
SSch: May 14th next Ccl mtg back to May 28

{Now begins a most unbelievably convoluted part of the mtg.  Not only apparently do some not understand that no mbr of ccl present may abstain, no one did abstain and not anyone and no staff -- perhaps astonished -- steps in to clarify.}

RD: vote to defer? in favour?   [Sop and MS, but possibly he didn't see MS when he turned to the other side] one vote in favour.
contrary-minded?  [VV; and JC, who actually seconded the motion]
two ppl didn't vote [apparently he didn't see Mike vote and he didn't see John vote]
Sop: you have to decide, Mr Mayor
RD: if two ppl, if you abstain essentially you're voting for, aren't you?
VV: no abstentions, Mr Mayor
RD: so we have one against and one for; two abstentions, two didn't vote
Well, I'm willing break a tie, but it seems to me that everybody shd
Sop: wd you call the vote again
RD: motion is to defer

{even more convoluted, continues}

MS: on a point of order, can I have Mr Stuart respond; whether this much ado about nothing
CAO: nothing in the operation of the cmte other than the selection of the chair
this cmte provides some direction and makes some decisions wrt apptmts but essentially the amendments here around who's going to be on the cmte and what are they going to be doing
The only concern I have is if Ccl not in majority and is opposed to adding mbrs then wd hv to tell the citizen mbrs that they can't come to the mtg until clarified
if around chairperson then delete it
then cmte can debate that; the wording as it stands is same as Fin&Aud Cmte
if CEC want to discuss further, two mbrs of cmte absent tonight, then they cd
Sop: if that be the case, then be able to talk about it in cmte and withdraw that portion and I'll withdraw deferral
RD: with deferral withdrawn then
CAO: remove selection of Chair person
Sop: clarify, no way in my view not that mbrs haven't abilities to be chair, get right, go back, process, get it right
RD: delete that sentence re choice of chair
can replace; can change to Mayor shall be chair
CAO: my suggestion that you leave that for cmte to discuss, delete that sentence
do that and vote
MS: Your Worship, you're contradicting yourself, you're saying chair selected by mbrs and the mbrs might select someone not on Ccl; why not just say Chair is Mayor or one of the two cclrs
RD: you make that motion
[MS does]
RD: been moved to delete, move to replace
so motion now reads Chairperson shall be elected from a mbr of Ccl or the Mayor
JC: that's right, the wording, the chairperson is to be a mbr of Ccl
RD: that wd include the mayor, does it not?
JC: yes
Sop: point of order, motion on floor?
RD: we've withdrawn deferral, and amended re chair
CAO: Ccl shd take a vote on the amendment, then motion on Tof Ref
{some chuckles at all this confusion}
Sop: what I said was we removed Chairperson to be selected by mbrs, that was my motion; obviously we have an amendment coming so we shd defeat this; we shd defeat my motion and accept the amendment
RD: Cclr Scholes, I mean Ms Scholes {Municipal Clerk}
SSch: if Ccl wishes to replace that motion, and "Cclr Sop can withdraw previous motion put on to delete that sentence."
{last part what was said but doesn't quite make sense; anyway think we know what's going on}
RD: we're voting on deleting mbrs choose, and go to MS suggestion where chairperson comes from
CAO: motion wd be to delete sentence and replace 'shall be a mbr of Ccl'.
RD: can do that simultaneously; in favour: two
{PASSES, VV opposed}
believe we're done
CAO: now need motion to adopt main motion
RD: all in favour of main motion?  opposed? one
SSch: that wd be the main motion as amended
Passes as amended with VV opposed.
{Good thing SSch inserts as amended wch was correct even though strictly speaking they didn't vote on an amended motion.  Oh well.  We all know what was meant.}
6.  BYLAW for adoption --  Board of Variance Bylaw No. 4487, 2007
7.  CONSENT AGENDA ITEMS - Reports and Correspondence
RD: Item 8 is withdrawn
{this means withdrawn from the Consent Agenda in order to discuss; that's what VV does below.  B/c this issue is a double issue and the full agenda did not appear in the previous issue, all items appear below rather than just the ones discussed.}
VV: wd like to discuss letters 11 and 18, so they're withdrawn
RD: not Correspondence, so No. 8 then 11 and 18, so now to Item 7
8.         Community Centre Quarterly Update (File:  3002-04)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated April 20, 2007 from the Deputy Director, Parks and Community Services re Community Centre Quarterly Update be received for information.
9.         The Spectra Group Restaurant at Horseshoe Bay - Assignment of Sublease to The Boathouse Restaurants of Canada, Inc.
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated April 4, 2007 entitled "The Spectra Group Restaurant at Horseshoe Bay - Assignment of Sublease to The Boathouse Restaurants of Canada, Inc." be received.
JC: so I move Item 9 and correspondence list except 11 and 18.
CAO: Mr. Mayor, believe the Clerk wishes to speak with you.
{bzz, bzz, bzz}
RD: have to take off cmnty ctr, we're going to have a presentation from Josie Chuback.  Right away?  Okay, item 8
8.         Community Centre Quarterly Update (File:  3002-04)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated April 20, 2007 from the Deputy Director, Parks and Community Services re Community Centre Quarterly Update be received for information.
[SSch to RD: Presentation by Josie Chuback re Cmnty Ctr Qtrly Update, with Basil Davis, Project Mgr of Cmnty Ctr]
RD: Josie Chuback, Parks Dept.
JCh: wanted to give you a verbal update to accompany the cover report and quarterly report you have
what you have is the third quarterly report, Jan to Mar this year
a summary to of progress, qtrly report a number of pieces, provides update on construction
status reports total devt cost summary report, a trade contract summary, and a project schedule
cover report, references to planning, partnership, and operational devt
total devt cost summary: construction budget
costs to end of 2006, costs for this quarter, as well as estimates to complete and total cost of project
notice there are funds in contingency for LEED
access to Aq Ctr and covered walkway to SAC
project on budget; changes re
project being closely monitored
now looking at a design for a covered walkway to facilitate movement of seniors
project schedule has been modified; previously milestones; now shows duration of activity
project timeline has been extended by four weeks poor weather and conditions, particularly in January
on website, webcam, can see progress has been made, steel and concrete
targeted completion Mar 2008 and opening after
leases for cafe and youth band being finalized;  expect proposals for wellness and complementary medicine back in May
ongoing discussion re Health Assn
we've got a working group; model to look at governance, types of models, expect a recommendation before end of this year
Sop: shows on p140, budget in Jan 2007 is $38.8M and est to complete $27.1M, and up to $35.7M wch is a reduction, from 38 to 35
when you say estimate to complete $27M how cd we be out so far on the budget in the first place?
second, what happens to excess monies?
Basil Davis: look one line up; composite, contingencies, misc, dist-related costs, there's a budget originally assessed of $5.2M
whereas go right to end, projected total cost is zero, is .69
basically we're trying to preserve the contingency for that line
identified just had to take out that projected fig that .69
will have to go ahead with change orders and any modifications that come down
best way to show we haven't spent contingencies
cd hv taken diff that it still came to $38.8M, just a method so reader can get a picture where we are at the moment
Sop: looks like devised to be better than it is
BD: $5.2M is a large contingency......
I cd easily, next time if you prefer it cd hv $38.8M and you have to do calculation yourself
getting at not spending contingency and see where you are
Sop: so on or under budget by time completed?
BD: yes; if you want me to continue in this fashion see how we're eating into contingency
if that $35.7, approaching $38.8M get feel
Sop: project completed, we look at attachment to SAC and Youth Band fund-raising
what extra dollars? is that over?
BD: quite a bit of the contingencies eaten up by Youth band area
ended up with water level
the band area has been the most problematic area so far
I can't comment as to the biz arrangements with them
JCh: mtg this week to get a status report on their fundraising and plans
CAO: we're doing prelim design about covered walkway but not doing it until unless we come back to Ccl
if funds unspent, come back for expenditure on other projects
Sop: where [Youth Band (YB)] wrt raising $1M? there yet?
JCh: mtg this week; two targets, July 1st initial payment of $400K and on day moving in $400K; the balance wd be paid for over a number of years and a licence to occupy

{if more than estimated, is YB responsible to pay the whole cost of their area?  During planning, assurances were made that the YB wd pay for all their area.  This needs updated information.}

Sop : if they don't raise where are we left? coming back for
JCh: looking at alternate uses if that not able to happen; those capital costs have to be paid back so hv bn exploring
BD: proj mgrs tend to be optimistic, like to feel comfortable with my own experience 30-odd years
with the margin still left, $35.7 against $38.8 your actual risk level; you won't be consuming that
feel on top of it, in value put 80 to 85% out in trade contracts; now down to smaller items
that bit worries us less
where you get most shortages to be found in big trades
good journey with form work but one heck of a battle wrt rebar and reinforcement aspects
weathered out one storm and now another one waiting and can't comment on it now
wrt glass 5000 installers missing in prov, for all the glass that has to be put in
second level slab will be done in sections, we're four wks behind b/c of Jan and might be able to pick that up but won't guarantee until glass
Sop: if under $3M, where's money going to go back?
MS: into capital reserves where we desperately need it
Sop: don't know that
MS: mgr just told you
RD: Cclr Smith
MS: salute the job Ms Chuback and proj mgr hv done
our goal was to keep it at $35.7M just b/c budget $38.8 doesn't mean we have to spend it
remind Ccl, we desperately need that money to rebuild our rapidly depleting capital reserves
RD: in midst of giving report.  Continue pls.
BD: when second batch of costs came in
chip away at $4.9M, we got down to $4.4M
15%, restructured, redesigned, still trying to cover the detail
still within the budget; maintained the quality
unfortunate some time has been lost but wd like to say this proj ready for you in spring
feel bullish within budget
RD: disappearing glass installers, to Alberta?
BD: within prov
I'm working on three projs, and happened to all three
listen to you for a day, raid from other sites, take them back to another one
bn talking to VCoastal Health and their sr mgr fella, we doing over $4300M?430? in prov and if there's any way we can help we'll do that as well, but exactly the same thing happening to him 25, 30 proj
stealing from other and move
rebar; had to be cleaned up; have to reposition
contributes all to schedule wch is the biggest headache and trying to keep good labour biggest
hwy going up to Whistler, was battling with carpenters, Kiewit coming out high for that road; everybody's raiding
RD: a lot of glass in that
I go to the Aq Ctr two or three times a week
spectator sport, all appearances doing a good job
KP: next step for Aq Ctr
JCh: in a month expect to have to alt access to Aq Ctr, working on atrium and tie-in
from north plaza and through fishbowl room at the end; signif changes
RD: 7, 9, 10, need to go back to 8; tyvm
10.       Correspondence List for receipt
Requests for Delegation   --  No items presented.
Action Required:
(1)       I. Mark, Federal MP, Dauphin-Swan River-Marquette, April 03, 2007, regarding Bill C-417, the Canadian Soldiers, and Peacekeepers' Memorial Wall Act
Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response.
(2)       April 18, 2007, regarding Public Access Defibrillation Program Referred to the Fire Chief for consideration and response.
(3)       L. Roberts, Community Support Consultant, North Shore Community Resources, April 20, 2007, regarding May is Child Care Month
Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only):
(4)       Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
(a)       Community Engagement Committee - January 22, 2007
(5)       B. Lande, Chair - Central Coast Regional District, April 02, 2007, regarding Continuation and Expansion of British Columbia Ferries Route 40, Discovery Coast Passage, Port Hardy to Bella Coola
(6)       A. Hilsen, Municipal Clerk - District of North Vancouver, April 17, 2007, regarding Municipal Support for Seniors Support Initiative
(7)       April 17, 2007, regarding Klahanie Park
(8)       R. Taylor, Executive Director and, K. Vance, Senior Policy Advisor - Union of British Columbia Municipalities, April 18, 2007, regarding Policy Update: Home Owner Grant Information/Police Tax Information
(9)       D. Smith, Chair - Spirit of British Columbia, North Shore, April 18, 2007, regarding Funding for the North Shore Spirit Trail
(10)     A. Bardsley, President - Old Growth Conservancy Society, April 20, 2007, regarding Old Growth Conservancy Society Update

(11)     April 22, 2007, regarding 2007 West Vancouver Parks & Community Services Fees and Charges
VV: seniors writing in support of letter in NSN objecting to srs' user fees by another sr
thought the letter had support; think contained interesting point; shd hv a mtg with Ccl
in proceeding to prudent measures to raise user fees as recommended by FSTF, we're causing considerable upset and consternation among seniors; understandable
take a sentence: this senior is saying that M Govt is plans to pick the pockets of seniors in order to decrease the property taxes of the wealthy
we have some explaining to do
hope we think of an afternoon available, srs can speak to us and we can explain where correct and not correct
they mention paid for years, and hv paid for these facilities, almost like a mortgage so not have to pay any more
wish our finances had been arranged so that wd be possible but in reality taxes tend not to pay, they're paid for by other means; the Srs' Ctr as far as I know was substantially paid for by a provincial grant; Aq Grant and other amenities understand paid for by money from lease from West Royal Towers land
{er, um}
in effect we sell densification rights for cash use for capital prog of bldg; so annual prop taxes really just pay for annual operations
80% of what we collect in taxes goes to salaries
so not that once paid for we pay less after paying taxes for decades
think there are a lot of points here that hv bn raised, subsidisation not been debated
a recommendation by Fin Task force that only WV residents and their families shd receive these subsidies
think srs quite smart, they have a sense of not being treated with respect and fairness they deserve
we do owe them better explanation
get sense they don't really believe us not enough money b/c of the way we're spending; who cd blame them
hope we will assign proper time to deal with this
RD: believe such a mtg is being set up now
KP: attempting to do that now; mtg with Ccl and other groups
RD: so mtg wd be with Board of the Srs' Ctr
Sop: important that we do have that mtg
Sust Task Force's recommendation
wonders if we've had discussion with public wrt subsidies; don't think we did that
piecemeal, srs' then aq; why not a public mtg and have it all out
CAO: the proposed cuts were reviewed with F&A cmte, well aware
authorised to commence mtgs; seeing various groups
views re what makes sense; field users wrt grass fees; we'll report back to Ccl as we resolve these issues
Sop: we shd be involved with those groups
.... there is a subsidy
in case of seniors, volunteers alone, cost savings, cost of bldg, and funds they raise
get that for a small amt of
don't know where we sit
going to raise $200K
no discussion, re costs, age of ppl and ability to pay
fees and charges, flexible, why not have that discussion?
staff deals with them
up front, here's how deal with them
CAO: certainly Cclr Sop had opp to raise that when budget came up
MS: just want to correct impression some draconian raise in fees, not the case
modest increase and I'm sure sensitively implemented by KPike and staff
half a million dollars
it is the intent, recommendation of Fin Task Force; all these subsidies shd be publicly identified and debated
over next few months be brought to Ccl
hope ev understands that will happen; take some few months to do it in an intelligent manner
RD: want to underline fact we're arranging mtg with Srs' Bd and that doesn't mean not mtg with other groups, field users
we're doing that

(12)     K. Vance, Senior Policy Advisor - Union of British Columbia Municipalities, April 23, 2007, regarding Railway Safety Act Review
(13)     G. Hay, Vice President - Canadian Springs, undated, regarding Recycling of Single Use Water Containers
Responses to Correspondence
(14)     R. Beauchamp, Director of Administrative Services, April 12, 2007, regarding Letter to the British Columbia Ministry of the Attorney General re Changes to Ultimate Limitation - British Columbia Limitation Act
(15)     R. Beauchamp, Director of Administrative Services, April 16, 2007, re Letter regarding Shopping Carts Littering Our Streets
(16)     D. Leavers, Manager, Parks/Environment, April 17, 2007, Letter regarding Glenmore Playground
(17)     E. Barth, Director of Engineering & Transportation, April 18, 2007, Letter regarding North Shore Spirit Trail

(18)     D. Leavers, Manager, Parks/Environment, April 23, 2007, Letter regarding Gleneagles Golf Course Project
VV: b/c facility rented out to priv parties/groups; concerned with safety of Orchill and noise into night, particularly at weekends
hope we can reassure, in conjunction, we will be ensuring all other bylaws will be followed
no reason to allow noise at night
wondering if we can have assurance from staff of managing traffic; ensuring tranquillity of nbrhd will be respected
MS, patiently: there's a letter attached to the back of the letter from mbr of the public, from staff, {and he quotes/reads from it, to the effect that} project will progress in design, planning, for facility situated at a site to be shared with the panabode; "during this process, before any construction begins I can assure you public input session to address issues that you flagged in your letter; accommodate needs/concerns"
so I'm at a loss as to what we can do
VV: I think the writer was looking at stop the noise; too general, no real guarantee
a bit subjective; don't think it's a consensus matter, it's a bylaw matter
CAO: we'll try to address noise issues
weddings and parties, you get noise
we have weddings and parties in ppl's back yards we get calls about
rental; will try to manage; that clubhouse has been the site of weddings for decades; comes with territory
RD: Move to Reports
SSch: motion to receive 11 and 18
Responses to Questions in Question Period  --  No items presented.

RD: Srs; Volunteer Appreciation Day, Wednesday; our Mayor was there
800 volunteers, make SAC go so well; some for 20, 25 years
sr ctr enormous benefit to our seniors' physical and wellbeing
Sop: I was at that mtg with volunteers
some 35 years; ...
the wonderful thing about is how many lives they touch; a lot
makes it such a wonderful thing to volunteer and do it with such joy
no wonder a success; congratulations to all of us


RD: sev have signed up; Mr Miller re user fees and sports budget

o   Colin Miller: VP of WV Soccer club
heartened by earlier comments wrt user fees
the soccer club's season runs from Sept to Mar for regular league play, and we use the artif turf fields at Amb and grass fields for our games, when grass closed move to rock dust or gravel fields
also holds practice on the artif fields and rock dust fields at AH and West Bay
last season 2018 mbrs
we set our budget in Dec and Jan and set our fees based on that, regn starts in Feb 15 and all done on line
we have 1494 registered for commencing in Sept; close our regn end of June b/c have to org teams...
$140 under 10 [yrs], $185 for players 10 and over
with the budget docs released you were looking for $40K to come from user fees for 2007, and $100K for next fiscal period
concern for soccer board b/c we don't know who else uses fields Sept to Dec; we've already set and collecting fees; haven't budgeted for it
user fee signif change in policy, not here to debate whether worthwhile or not
asked by FSTF; come forward expressing concerns
was looking for some indication when have some input
are we going to have to pay $40K starting this fall; if so, how going to be assessed against it
if fee per player, how much is it going to be
if cast in stone; we have to figure out where to find it
in the past year, our club bought the new goal posts on the artif turf fields, freed them up to go Amb H and up to Ridgeview
also put at Pauline J, Hollyburn, West Bay, and Eagle Hbr
we've spent a lo of money from our reserves to update the physical facilities that we have
looking at starting to replace uniforms, we supply; were looking to phase in new uniforms, will have to look at that
coming down the pike
opp to review this with M
stuck right now wrt timing
KP: Colin did call me today, on a list of ppl I didn't get back to
coming down pike, this was a rec of the Fiscal Task Force; part of 2007 Budget and we're attempting to put these into effect based on concern re subsidies
have yet to work out precise details; so haven't charged as yet however working on those
am sure Mr Miller aware, can't charge baseball who have not already registered are playing and halfway though year, left for those in second half
soccer and adult users of fields, their challenge how that money will come to us
VV: we've been presented with proposed rental fees for turf, grass, etc
I'm trying to get it down to a rule of thumb
generic fees and I divided by per hour and came out at $4
less for youth? how long for soccer?
CM: the older players play 90-min and younger starting at an hour and up from there
14 - 19 two 45-min halves
VV: rule of thumb you or your mbrs have?
to me it doesn't look bad; swimming $6, soccer $6 so doesn't look out of line
taxpayers can't pay more subsidies, and users can pay more
impasse, living beyond our capabilities
CM: we work v hard to make soccer as affordable as possible
sport carries on for the longest time and lowers
hockey expensive, baseball, field hockey short seasons
haven't looked at it on a cost per hour basis
$185, gives them a weekly game, don't play in Dec, to Mar
coaching uniform, ev except soccer shoes
there are some mbrs of this cmnty who can't afford that and we will subsidise those players
cost per hour not much but $35 on top of a $185 regn fee, that's a signif
not here to argue fee, quantum; but the timing
$40K from Sept to Dec then we still have three months to pay;
then going up to $100K
yes, only another nickel, coffee in srs' ctr or for soccer players
a debate too complex; perhaps later; we don't even know if it's $40K or some other number b/c we don't know what other groups paying fees
VV: better if scheduled; easier to pay
CM: yes
RD: We will be listening

o   Scott Hean (his remarks sent to me by email):
Good evening Acting Mayor, Councillors, residents, and taxpayers of West Vancouver and District Staff.
My name is Scott Hean and I reside at 6372 Argyle Avenue in Horseshoe Bay.
I am a co-founder of the Interested Taxpayers Action Committee which I will call from now on "ITAC".
For your information and by way of background, I have a Bachelor of Arts from Simon Fraser University, a Masters of Business Administration from the Ivey School of Business in London Ontario and recently, was granted the academic qualification of ICD.D or Institute of Corporate Directors "Director".
Ten years ago, I retired as a senior line executive of the Bank of Montreal having been directly responsible for annual budgets exceeding $100 million..
One year ago, I rejoined the work force and am now employed in the mining industry as Chief Financial Officer for a number of publicly traded junior mining exploration companies. Additionally, I have served as Chair of the Audit Committee of the Board for another mining exploration company.
My parents moved to West Vancouver in 1968, my sister and her family moved here in 1970 and I moved here in 1990. That span of 39 years has seen many changes to the face of West Vancouver.
Like many others we have chosen to call West Vancouver home and want to continue to call it home. With year after year of above Consumer Price Index increases in the District's operating budgets, it has become increasingly more expensive to do that -- indeed, for some, it may have become impossible.
Since ITAC's first submission to Council April 12, 2006, the Fiscal Sustainability Task Force was constituted last May and has produced a valuable report which was made public last November.
The focus of the task force was on revenue generation rather than on cost savings, as ITAC would have preferred. Nevertheless, the task force made a helpful contribution to the understanding of the District's emerging and weakened fiscal situation.
Council also appointed a revitalized and re-energized Finance and Audit Committee chaired by Councillor Smith. This committee is charged with the examination of the District's budget process and its operating expenditures. This, too, is a most welcome development. All of us at ITAC anticipate significantly improved future fiscal management as a result.
ITAC has a few serious concerns and questions respecting the financial management of our municipality.

Specifically, we believe:

1.  the District's proposed budget for the succeeding fiscal year ought to be made public no later than January 15th for the year under consideration. The District's current $65,000,000 budget demands more time to digest, assimilate, debate, and approve than was the case this year and most certainly in past years.

2.  the District's "schedule of remuneration" was delivered ahead of last year's schedule and we compliment Council on your determination to provide this schedule ahead of last year. We sincerely say good on you.

3.  ITAC believes the schedule of remuneration ought to be made public by no later than March 15th of the following calendar year. Since T-4s must be mailed to employees by the end of February in the following year the information is available by the end of February. Providing this schedule in mid March shed needed light sooner than before and in conjunction with the budget as proposed.

4.  ITAC believes that the District ought to make quarterly financial statements available to the public (by posting them on its website) within 45 days of the quarter end and audited statements within 90 days of fiscal year end. This timing is similar to publicly traded companies' requirements to provide their stakeholders with current information and ITAC believes the District's stakeholders (the residents and taxpayers of West Vancouver) ought to be similarly treated.
and finally

5.  Council ought to receive, at its monthly public council meetings, departmental monthly reports [except during July and August] detailing each department's financial performance to date. Variances of actual to departmental budget ought to be fully explained, publicly, by the departmental manager concerned. If warranted, remediation steps can then be taken quickly to mitigate the cause of the variance. Managers must be held accountable by Council for their departments.
We believe Council missed a golden opportunity to show leadership, and in the process, protect the taxpayers of the District, by failing to instruct District staff to produce an operating budget for 2007 that results in a zero per cent property tax increase.
According to the District's Director of Finance, this would have required a reduction in the proposed operating budget of $1.4 million or about 2.6% from the budget of each of the District's eight functional divisions.
The District's budget documents and, more particularly, its "schedule of remuneration" for the year 2006, reveal room for improvement. For example, over the past four years, each senior District managers (11 in total) received, on average, a 7.4% increase in remuneration every year. Yes, an average of over 7% per year for each of the last four years.
Let us not forget that these are individuals who, in the first place, were receiving substantial remuneration.
As you know, average numbers are peculiar -- did you hear the story about the poor fellow who drowned in the stream with an average depth of 8 inches? Turns out the stream was 24 feet wide and in the middle 4 feet (out of 24) was 2 feet deep. And that is where the fellow drowned.
The average for these 11 managers over the four year period was 29.5% from 2002 to 2006. One of our managers received 48% in increases over the four-year period, another almost 46% while a third got 32%. I have attached to the hard copy of this presentation a graphic chart which outlines the increases over this period.
We note, also, that District budget documents reveal that almost 80% of the DWV operating budget is consumed by staff remuneration and, further in 2006 at least, 15% of the District's employees took home 25% of the total remuneration paid out.
Clearly, a search for cost-savings ought to begin with the senior management.
ITAC is also concerned that the District's capital reserves, which were evidently ample five years ago, are now seemly virtually depleted. How has this come to pass?
It is our understanding that the District has never been in debt, including during the Great Depression.
It is quite chilling to see in the Capital Plan for the next five years $35 million of long-term debt is called for -- $22 million in 2007, $4 million in 2008 and $9 million in 2010. A full $19 million of this is for the "General Fund", the balance for the Water Fund.
This is black and white evidence that, simply put, the District is living beyond its means. What actions, or inactions, have caused this capital paucity to occur? What does Council propose to do to halt this bleeding of taxpayers hard earned dollars?
ITAC will be asking other specific questions on this and other capital planning matters in the future.
ITAC compliments the Council on its determination to focus more attention upon fiscal matters. ITAC strongly believes a more rigorous and continuing approach to operating and fiscal topics must be pursued identifying and eliminating unnecessary operating and capital expenditures. It seems a good place to begin appears to be an excess of managerial and supervisory personnel in the District's employ.
We are optimistic that the District's proposed operating and capital budgets for 2008 will reflect an approach that is more respectful of taxpayers, who are, in fact, the employers of this Council and the District's staff.
Should that not prove to be the case, the financial administration of the District will no doubt feature prominently in the campaign for election in November, 2008.
On behalf of ITAC, thank you for your attention.
The table below is self explanatory;  a picture is worth a thousand words.

o   Bev Sharpe: Mr Kean did a great job
caught my attention
in Jan 2006, 1001 staff, one for ev 44 residents, rich sum of employees to have, ratio v high
in 2005, 139 staff salaries in excess of $75K
I work for a govt agency, again a v high sum
a figure that caused a lot of joviality in my nbrhd was $32K on Jerry's Cafe and Catering
$126 a day for ea working day
my friends, nbrs, and colleagues will be making our decisions on what ccl mbrs vote on
I support a zero % increase

Sop: was interested in this piece, saw it on the web; wd like explored further
better time when budget comes for adoption
VV: I've said a couple of times
what value for that money
don't keep time sheets, can't get handle on
we have to understand what all these ppl are doing
in my experience govt and priv have time sheets
wd be a useful tool so more able to answer this question
can't say don't get value but more than we can afford
wd be helpful
CAO: we'll be providing a response to ccl next week
start of with an ideology, selective applic
agree with goal of earlier start to budget
if in Jan the compensation wd still not be av
we do review our expenditures monthly and indicate that quarterly to Ccl
and we do make adjustments
so rare can't, exceptions late storms as this year
re compensation, will look at ... high to what aware of
market driven not to be more than or less than priv markt
we are experiencing inability to fill vacancies
cap reserves being depleted, use it for invest
debt $19M is for water wch is pay as you go
VCH lease repaid by Health
look forward to responding

MS: I salute the ITAC coming forth for the reasoned presentation by Mr Hean
wrt Soccer, this budgeting process is a v delicate balancing act
I used to play soccer as a boy
not our intention to price it out; trying to capture the cost of cutting the fields
see from srs' letter and soccer group
when you try to pass on .....
get zero increase, wch is what I'd like to seem, how get there, how long
directing staff to cut in areas after researched thoroughly
guess we are going to debate the budget next week and see where we go from there
CAO: as a result to adjustment [info received]; may be below 1%
RD: you mean instead of 2.95%?
CAO: maybe as low as 1%, or as low as 0.5%
Sop:... finally come to some decision-making
improvement in the process; have to look at our expenditures....
committed to this process
can get there by properly setting it out
optimistic views about budgeting in future
still maintain cd do better than we did
not going to fix problem
JC: don't agree with Sop all the time; but this time spot on the button
doesn't change your presentation
gives us some breathing room
doesn't change two words of this
VV: shd look at zero; luck on exterior agencies
if .5% aim to get rid of that; psychologically v useful
JC: if as of yesterday when we didn't know
if we were comf going forward with 2.95%
maybe looking at continuing with that and rebuilding that challenge
RD: challenges; thank you for your thoughtful presentations and contributions you've made
JC: done

===  6pm CCL MTG AGENDA -- May 7=   ===
2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES -- April 23, 2007 Council Minutes
3.         5 Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 4510, 2007 (File:  1610-20-4510)... for adoption
4.         Development Variance Permit Application (3656 McKechnie Ave) ITEM WITHDRAWN
5.         2007 Annual Tax Rates Bylaw No. 4515, 2007 (File:  1610?20?4515)
RECOMMENDED:... introduced and read a first, second and third time. 
{This was the clue they'd rescind third reading of tax rates already passed and then make amendments to have another three readings of the new bylaw (not to mention the add'l mtg for Wed!}
6.         Special Regular Council Meeting for [Wed] May 09, 2007 at 8:30 am  (File:  0120?01)
BYLAWS for adoption:
7.         Specified Area Tax Rates Bylaw No. 4504, 2007 (File:  1610-20-4504)
8.         Parcel Tax (Garrow Bay) Bylaw No. 4505, 2007 (File:  1610-20-4505)
9.         Parcel Tax (Eagle Harbour) Bylaw No. 4506, 2007 (File:  1610-20-4506)
10.       Local Area Service Parcel Tax (1808 - 1892 Esquimalt Ave and 1809 - 1891 Duchess Ave) Bylaw No. 4507, 2007
11.       Local Area Service Parcel Tax (1515 - 1547 Kings Ave and 1520 - 1550 Lawson Ave) Bylaw No. 4508, 2007
12.       Local Area Service Parcel Tax (1510 - 1650 Mathers Ave and 1507 - 1569 Lawson Ave) Bylaw No. 4509, 2007
13.      Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
The following Consent Agenda items may be considered separately or in one recommendation.
=B7       = ; Item 14 -  Evelyn Drive - Concept Master Plan Submission;
=B7        Item 15 -  Federal Screening Level Env'tal Assessment of Proposed Billboard Project by Squamish Nation;
=B7        Item 16 -  Development Applications Status List;
=B7        Item 17 -  Correspondence List.
14.       Evelyn Drive - Concept Master Plan Submission (File:  1010?20?06?050)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated April 27, 2007 from the Manager of Community Planning titled "Evelyn Drive - Concept Master Plan Submission" be received.
15.       Federal Screening Level Environmental Assessment of Proposed Billboard Project by Squamish Nation ... received for information.
16.       Development Applications Status List (File:  1010?01)
17.       Correspondence List (File:  0120?24)
Requests for Delegation -- No items presented.
Action Required
(1)       E. Fraser, Executive Coordinator, Lower Mainland Local Government Association (LMLGA), April 18, 2007, regarding Request for Donations for Prizes at the 2007 AGM and Convention, May 10-12, 2007
            Referred to the Mayor & Council for consideration and response.
(2)       L. Byrd, Corresponding Secretary - Western Residents' Assn, April 20, re Pollution in Larson Creek
            Referred to the Director of Parks & Community Services for consideration and response.
(3)       S. Luo, Falun Dafa Association of Vancouver, April 20, 2007, regarding Request for Proclamation
            Referred to the Municipal Clerk for response.
April 23, 2007, regarding Excessive Speed on Stevens Drive (File: 1603?15)
            Referred to the Acting Chief Constable for consideration and response.
April 26, 2007, regarding Squamish Nation Billboards (File: 0166?02?01)
Referred to the Director of Administrative Services for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(6)       Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
West Vancouver Memorial Library Board - March 21, 2007 (File: 1905?03)
West Vancouver Police Board - March 29, 2007 (File: 2905?03)
(7)       S. Giggey, Production Mgr - N Sh Chorus, April 15, re Invitation to Attend: Upcoming Concert - "Inspirations"
(8)       A. Hilsen, Municipal Clerk - District of NV, April 17, 2007, regarding Representation to E-Comm
(9)       April 25, 2007, regarding Redevelopment of the West Vancouver Police Station
(10)     Ten correspondence items regarding Squamish Nation Billboards (File: 0166?02?01)
(11)     April 25, 2007, regarding Ambleside Town Centre Strategy (File: 2520?01)
(12)     C. Jesson, Deputy M Clerk - The Corporation of Delta, April 27, re TransLink Governance Review Update
(13)     April 28, 2007, regarding Upcoming Workshop: A Toxin Free North Shore
Previously distributed due to timing of event.
Responses to Correspondence
(14)     R. Beauchamp, Director of Administrative Services, April 16, 2007, Reply to S. Haynes, President - Certified Dental Assistants of British Columbia regarding Certification and Governance
Responses to Questions in Question Period -- No items presented.

===  Steelhead on the Capilano River ne= ed our help.......
HANSARD:  Monday afternoon, April 30, 2007
           R. Sultan: My riding receives its name from the wild river which bisects it - the Capilano, only 100 metres from my office door. Today the Globe and Mail labelled the Capilano the "Assembly Line of  Death" because each year 65,000 young steelhead smolts plunge about 100 metres over the spillway of the Cleveland Dam, with fewer than 20 per cent surviving their encounter with the rocks far below.
           That's only the beginning. Survivors find themselves freezing in unusually cold water taken from the bottom of the reservoir. When they come back to spawn, they find themselves with nowhere to spawn since all of the sand and gravel, which normally replenishes the river bottom, has been trapped behind the dam. When they're captured and placed for breeding in the Capilano fish hatchery, they can become a tasty meal for the otter and mink, which recently ate all but one of them.
           The public is becoming aware of these issues, thanks to the efforts of BCIT biologist Mark Angelo and journalist Mark Hume, helped by concerned individuals such as my constituent Al Lill, concerned anglers on the river and our own steelhead caucus.
           Steelhead are icons of British Columbia - strong, wild and unique. They need our help. There are clear, commonsense solutions to the problems of the Capilano. Compared with the $1=BD billion - that's billion with a "b" - that the GVRD is spending to enhance the drinking water capacity of the Capilano, the costs are not large.
           Our Minister of Environment is interested in these issues. What is needed now is action from the Greater Vancouver Regional District to implement the solutions which have been studied for years, backed up by pressure from the public and from our own minister.


David Marley of ITAC always ends his email with:
        "A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves."   - Edward R. Murrow
Here are more quotations I found in the same vein:
     "Make yourself sheep and the wolves will eat you." -- Benjamin Franklin
     "A society of sheep must in time beget a government of wolves." -- Bertrand de Jouvenel (1903 - 1987)
     "If once [the people] become inattentive to the public affairs, you and I, and Congress and Assemblies, Judges, and Governors, shall all become wolves. It seems to be the law of our general nature, in spite of individual exceptions." -- Thomas Jefferson to Edward Carrington, 1787

Lucius Annaeus Seneca: ignoranti quem portum petat nullus suus ventus est
English: the wind is never favourable to those who don't know where they are going

Anonymous --   lawyer: an accomplice who does not run any risk

You can't be suspicious of a tree, or accuse a bird or a squirrel of subversion or challenge the ideology of a violet.
                -- Hal Borland, journalist (1900-1978)