May 7/9/11/14 NOTES
Calendar to May 31st

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Determined to have a long weekend mostly free so this may not be as complete as usual, however it is a report of four, yes four, ccl mtgs!
NB: Next Ccl Mtg is May 28th: think water consumption report and Collingwood/parking on agenda.
=  Vive le Canada; DOWNUNDER (Taking care of your Aussie bloke), RIDINGWATCH, SCIENCEWATCH, CULTUREWATCH; INFObit (2006 DWV Salaries/Expenditures); Calendar to May 31st
= Ccl Mtg NOTES:
   o  May 7 -- budget, Ev Dr (heritage house), (exclusive) Amb walkabout, (non)notification, Vera's
   o  May 9 and 11 -- budget, budget, budget, Five-Yr Financial Plan: rescinding readings moving all three again; user fee dilemma (Srs' Ctr represents at least 1% of DWV budget).
   o  May 14 -- BC Hydro delegation/trees; Kay Meek Ctr Update; Adoption of budget and zero tax rate increase!; more Ev Drive; Police/E-Comm/IRSU/Top Ten Accident spots in WV
= Maiku (Father Time); Quotations (coincidence? calculated? coffee cup at Hall; politics; cars/traffic)

-  Tell me it ain't so! Snow in NB and in Saskatchewan on the Victoria Long Weekend!
-  Heritage Society of BC's annual conference starts May 31, at Lonsdale Quay.
Taking care of your Aussie bloke -- for women only: http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2007/05/17/1178995311349.html
MLA Ralph Sultan's latest newsletter: http://www.ralphsultan.com/Newsltr-2007/newsltr-2007-welcome.html
Space weather -- Look down, look up, look out!
May 10th 2007 | KANGERLUSSUAQ, GREENLAND -- From The Economist print edition
The weather in space is controlled by events at the centre of the Earth. A pity, then, that the magnetic field generated there may be about to go into reverse
* Apologies, haven't seen Robert LePage's Andersen Project yet
*  Like Bach?
Sorry, now too late but hope it will come back again.  The Chan Centre had an exceptional performance of all six Brandenburg concertos (concerti?).  We attended May11, and the sounds still echo in our heads.  There was a rare piccolo violin, we thrilled to VSO concert master Mark Fewer's violin virtuosity in No 4, and were absolutely spellbound as the audience was -- even heard a collective gasp -- listening to Linda Lee Thomas's incredible performance on the harpsichord in No 5.
* THEATRE at NV's Presentation House [from their press release]
Ali and Ali and the aXes of Evil ~~ May 24 - 27 at 8pm [We saw an early version over a year ago]
Tickets are $12; $10 Preview Thursday May 24 at 1 pm
Fresh from the border and the US Immigration Detention Centre in Blaine, WA the Alis return to BC for a victory lap. A satirical assault on the newest New World Order, Ali and Ali is a "hilarious and eye opening evening of political theatre -- extremely politically-incorrect political theatre." - CBC Radio
Seen it before? Think you've seen it all? Think again my friend! Ali and Ali is newly reconditioned to fit the happenings of today. It's all very "now".  Haven't seen this masterpiece of Canadian agitprop, yet? We promise you, once you've had Agrabanian you never go back.
Tickets: www.phtheatre.org - Information: boxoffice@phtheatre.org and neworldtheatre.com

===  INFObits ===  DWV S= alaries and Expenditures 2006

===  CALENDAR to May 31st  ===  [all at M Hall unless otherwise]

+++  see www.kaymeekcentre.com  +++ or call 913 3634

+++  SILK PURSE  +++ see www.silkpurse.ca
May 22 - June 3, 2007 --  "Journey into Africa"
Africa is a continent with a wide range of ethnic, cultural and linguistic diversity. The underlying theme of this exhibition is the 'journey' because it is precisely this context in which the paintings and portraits were done. The resultant images we think are a testament to the vastness and remoteness and will give the viewer a glimpse of an otherwise 'unexplored art'. All the paintings displayed are works of North Shore and Lower Mainland artists.
Opening Reception: Tuesday, May 22nd from 6-8 pm

May 1 to 20  =  "Unconscious/Conscious"
Deborah Stephan: acrylic on canvas; Carla Tak: oil & acrylic on canvas; Laura Kaufman-Weisbord: kiln-formed glass
May 22 to June 3  =  WV Grad Show 2007
Mixed media works from Grad Students of WV Secondary Schools: Collingwood, Mulgrave, Rockridge, Sentinel, &= ; WV Secondary.

Join Joe Ronsley for an ongoing reading & discussion of Ulysses. Drop in to any session, 10:30am - 12:30pm in the Peter J. Peters Room. For more info call the Reference Dept. at 925 7405.
Dates: May 15, 22, & 29 (tentative)

+++ Sea-to-Sky Highway Improvement Project Open Houses
The Sea-to-Sky Highway Improvement Project invites local residents, businesses, and stakeholders to attend an open house to provide feedback on detailed design features such as gateway signage, lighting, and landscape plans, associated with improvements to the West Vancouver section of the Sea-to-Sky Highway.  The Sea-to-Sky Highway improvements, to be completed in 2009, improve safety, reliability and capacity and will serve population growth and economic development in the corridor as demand increases for resident, visitor travel, and goods movement.  Community feedback can be provided by attending an open house or by accessing consultation materials, including an on-line feedback form which will be available on May 23 -- www.seatoskyimprovements.ca
West Vancouver Open Houses
   Tuesday, May 29th: 6:30 - 8:30 pm; WV Yacht Club Clubhouse, 5854 Marine Drive 
   Tuesday, June 5th: 6:30 - 8:30pm; Christ the Redeemer Church, 599 Keith Road 
For further information please contact:
Sea-to-Sky Highway Improvement Project Office; Ph. 604-775-1104; Fx. 604-775-1144
E-mail: info@seatoskyimprovements.ca; Website: www.seatoskyimprovements.ca

== Tues, May 8th  -- Cmnty Services mtg NOT ON DWV CALENDAR

== Thurs, May 10th
 ~ 4 - 6pm ~ NSh Walks Kick Off (The Village at Park Royal)
~ 4:30pm? ~ been told Rodgers Crk Area WG mtg but again, it is NOT on the DWV Calendar

== Fri, May 11th  ~ 8:30 - 10:30pm ~ Music Night -- The Medicine Path (Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr)

== Sat, May 12th
~ 9am - 1pm ~  Gleneagles Garage Sale (Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr)
~ 10am - 4pm ~ Dundarave Farmers' Market in the village

== Sun, May 13th ~ 11am - 1pm ~ NV Rotary Club Capilano Duck Splash at Ambleside Beach

== Mon, May 14th  ~ 10am ~ Cmnty Engagement Cmte Mtg

== Tues, May 15th
~ 3:45pm ~ Youth Awareness Cmte [ON CALENDAR, went there and no one there; cdn't find group on DWV website either]
~ 4:30pm ~ F&A Cmte
~ 7pm ~ Cmnty Dialogue Nbrhd Character and Housing WG mtg (I found out about but not on Calendar); huge task
~ 7:30pm ~ WRA at the Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr
Speaker: Manuel Achadinha, VP Terminal Operations, BC Ferries Corporation
Mr. Achadinha will speak on changes that will be taking place at BC Ferries.  Many of you may have read about increased security measures at the Horseshoe Bay Terminal. 

== Wed, May 16th
~ 8am ~ Ambleside Town Ctr Strategy WG mtg -- heard been changed from 15th and will be held at Ch of Commerce boardroom -- NOT ON DWV CALENDAR
~ 4:30pm ~ First Heritage Strategic Plan Implementation WG mtg (it's just being set up and awaiting mbrs' confirmation able to attend).
~ 7pm ~ Board of Variance in Ccl Chambers and Library Board at the Library

== Thurs, May 17th == NB: STREAMKEEPERS' MTG HAS BEEN MOVED TO MAY 31  (see below)
~ 6pm ~ NSh Family & Youth Justice Cmte at CNV M Hall

== Fri, May 18th ==
~ 8:45am ~ Arts & Culture Implementation Strategy WG at Museum & Archives.  Who knew?
Amazing.  Never been on Calendar (but then it wasn't when it was an adv cmte either).  Doing research trying to find out about each of the WGs, and lo and behold here's this one.  If you're interested, this is looking at facilities and Ambleside (subtext: art gallery).  In any case I'm writing this May 19th and note the first mtg is recorded as having been Apr 20 with an agenda, now it has the date May 18th at the museum (misspelled), but there's still NO agenda posted for yesterday's mtg.  No hint of that special mtg with Fred Kent re Amb (see May tth ccl mtg).  Anyway, hope they're running out of excuses.

== Sat, May 19th == 
~ 9 - noon ~ BROOM REMOVAL (the plant, silly) at Lighthouse Park
The Lighthouse Park Preservation Society is organizing this to remove broom plants from the rocky
bluffs while they are in bloom.  Please wear old clothes.  Bring work gloves and loppers or clippers if
you have them, otherwise we will provide tools.  Help is also required with mulching in the restoration area along Beacon Trail on the same morning. Meet at the upper kiosk in the parking lot.
~ 10am - 4pm ~ Dundarave Farmers' Market in Dundarave Village (EVERY SATURDAY)

== Tues, May 22nd
~ 4:30 ~ F&A Cmte -- WV Fire Dept overview presented at last mtg, discussion at this one.

== Wed, May 23rd ~ 6:30pm ~ Child Care Services WG -- NOT on Calendar
~ 7pm ~ WV Historical Society at Srs' Ctr
o  Speaker: Don Grant, Archivist/Historian of the Hollyburn Heritage Society.  Mr Grant will present a video "Hollyburn Ski Camp / Hollyburn Ski Lodge", followed by an overview and update of the Hollyburn Ski Lodge Restoration.  Also, this presentation will include a short video "Changing Landscapes: Views from the Summit".
o  AGM MEETING:  The constitution and bylaws have been reviewed.  The AGM will consider bylaw changes, phone 926 5275 or 922 0726 to find out what they are.

== Thurs, May 24th
~  Possible CEC subcmte mtg 11:30am
~ 4:30pm ~ Design Review Cmte moved to June 7
~ 5:30pm ~ Police Bd mtg in Ch of Commerce Boardroom
~ 5:30pm ~ [on Calendar!] Rodgers Crk Area WG -- Presentation by BPP
~ 6 - 7:30pm ~ Parent Focus Group: for parents of chn 6 - 12, dinner and childcare provided
This is a public meeting at Gleneagles Community Centre. Information will be collected in confidence. For more information, please contact Stacy at smetz@westvancouver.ca
The Middle Childhood Matters Project is a United Way initiative with the intent to increase the capacity of North Shore organizations to provide opportunities, activities and supports for school-aged children 6-12 years old and their families.

== Fri, May 25th ~ 10am - 4pm ~ Arts of a Lifetime Show at Srs' Ctr (starts; closes Sunday)

== Sat, May 26th ==
~ 10am - 4pm ~ Arts of a Lifetime Show at Srs' Ctr
~ 10am - 4pm ~ Dundarave Farmers' Market in Dundarave Village (EVERY SATURDAY)
~ 10am - 5pm ~ WV Fire Dept Car Wash at 13th & Bellevue
~ 2pm ~ Lighthouse Park Preservation Society AGM at Library, followed by a guest speaker

== Sun, May 27th ==
~ 7:30 - 10am ~ 10 km Rotary Seawalk Run at Park Royal Village
~ 9am - noon ~ Westie Walk Dog Walk at Lighthouse Park
~ 10am - 2pm ~ Arts of a Lifetime at Srs' Ctr

== Mon, May 28th ~ 11am ~ CEC mtg

== Tues, May 29th
~ 4:30 ~ F&A Cmte
~ 6:30pm ~ Cmnty Dialogue Nbrhd Character and Housing WG - NOT ON CALENDAR (yet)

== Wed, May 30th
~ 6:30pm ~ Cmnty Ctr Governance WG -- NOT ON CALENDAR

== Thurs, May 31st
~ 5pm ~ NSACDI at DNV M Hall
Speaker: MARK ANGELO, Founder of Rivers Day, Order of Canada
Topic: Rivers of Home
Presentation and time to meet, mingle, and chat.
at St Stephen's, 885 - 22nd Street
See www.streamkeepers.westvan.org or call 628 1123 for more information.

>>> FREE PUBLIC LECTURES at SFU Harbour Ctr in May (unless otherwise noted) <<<

~ May 23 ~ 7-8:30pm ~~~ Landscape, Waste and Urbanization
To reserve: email cs_hc@sfu.ca or call 604.291.5100
Alan Berger scans the globe with camera and insights into contemporary development-your guide to a vast, largely ignored field of waste landscapes and to the new chaotic urban landscapes in the emerging world. Expect a radical reconceptualization of your thinking. Alan Berger is Associate Professor, Department of Landscape Architecture, Harvard Graduate School of Design. Author of "Drosscape: Wasting Land in Urban America" and "Nansha Coastal City: Landscape and Urbanism in the Pearl River Delta".  Details: http://www.sfu.ca/city/fpl4popup.htm

~ May 24 ~ 7-9pm ~~~ Transportation: On the right track for EcoDensity
Reservations required: 604.873.7707 or ecodensity@vancouver.ca
Join us for a panel discussion with Dr. Larry Frank, architect John-Paul Thornton and transportation engineer Lon LaClaire. Dr. Frank, the Bombardier Chair holder in Sustainable Transportation at UBC's School of Community and Regional Planning, specializes in the interaction between land use, travel behaviour, air quality, and health. Mr. Thornton will comment on the relationship between parking and the development and financing of higher density housing and Mr. LaClaire will focus on density and transit.  Details: http://www.sfu.ca/city/fpl12popup.htm

~ May 30 ~ 6:30-8pm ~~~
Planning for the Second Great City: Why what happens south of the Fraser will determine our future
Venue: SFU Surrey, Central City, Theatre 2600
Admission is free. Reservations are not required. Seating is first-come, first-served.
Gordon Price, Director of the SFU City Program and previously a Vancouver city councillor, may live north of the Fraser in the West End, but he knows the future of the Lower Mainland will be determined more by what happens south of the Fraser. Price will talk about past actions and future visions. His lecture will show how most of the region came to be, what influenced its progress, and what possibilities and trade-offs need to be considered for a more sustainable future. Price will also speculate on what issues will be debated by city councillors to come.  Details: http://www.sfu.ca/city/fpl13popup.htm

~ May 31~ 7-8:30pm ~~~ Building Complete Communities: The Noisette New American City
To reserve: email cs_hc@sfu.ca or call 604.291.5100
Noisette is being restored as a sustainable community -- one based on a triple bottom line: people, planet, and prosperity. The Noisette Company principal John Knott will give an overview of this community's master plan to develop as a diverse, interrelated network of neighbourhoods, parks, retail areas, industrial partners, civic facilities, and connections to surrounding communities. Details: http://www.sfu.ca/city/fpl5popup.htm

===  6pm CCL MT= G NOTES -- May 7th  ===
***  Cclr Ferguson absent
Mayor: Sorry we're a bit late, trying to get a lot accomplished in one evening
1.  APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Amended by deferring Item 4 (McKechnie) to May 28th; add'ns to Correspondence; May 2nd/5th Proposed Operating Budget
2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES -- April 23, 2007 Council Minutes
3.         5 Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 4510, 2007 (File:  1610-20-4510)... for adoption
Mayor: move to adoption of our five-year financial plan. Mr Stuart, did you wish to address some questions raised last week?
CAO: have prepared a response to the ITAC submission, support qtrly financial reports, moving up budget process, tabled process will start in June and end mid-January
start 2008 budget in June; F&A mtg tomorrow
hope to start dialogue; TF framework; maybe as early as June or July
Sop: does staff have a remuneration review cmte that you put salary increases in front of this cmte once a year?
CAO: exempt or union?
Sop: exempt staff
CAO: exempt compensation policy was approved in 2002, reviewed again in 2005
essentially exempt staff are given same general across the board increases as union mbrs
ev three years we hire an independent consultant to do a market review; if any positions, class of positions, falling behind in market
operate under policy; receive neither less nor more than market rate
wrt unionized staff participate in GVRD labour function, Cclr Day mbr of that; dictated by those policies
fairly straightforward, union increases and ev three years market adjustment
have Fire Dept in fact [received] more b/c access to overtime?
Sop: wd the Fin Cmte of Ccl entertaining mbrs of Ccl on it to look at, a review of remuneration of staff of the District

{v glad Sop is asking and let's hope change is in the air, but it's clear if you see the salaries that they have climbed considerably, and quickly in some cases.  The ITAC report identified some received increases of about 30% in the last four years.  Some staff evidently on an escalator.  Ccl either accepting or asleep at the wheel.
It defies logic that the Premier of the province  (4M ppl, 100 times more than DWV) earns $121K and we have dept heads earning more in a municipality of just over 40K.  The provincial NDP leader has been on CBC saying the Premier's proposed 54% increase to $186K is unacceptable.  Does she know our MMgr's salary for last year, 2006, was $188K? and will undoubtedly be more this year if Ccl doesn't freeze staff salaries -- and that looks unlikely. 
Do the NDP know what unionized govt staff earn?
Do the news media?
Aren't reporters supposed to not only provide the facts but put them in context to provide meaning?
Do those who think MLAs (who get $76K, much less than many DWV employees) are overpaid, and shdn't get an increase to $98K, also think municipal staff are overpaid?
If they don't want the political representatives to get an increase, will they be consistent or fair and insist civil servant staff get a decrease?  They did it with the health unions and didn't suffer a loss of applicants or even staff.}
To see the salary and expenditure list, b/c municipalities are required to report salaries of $75K+, see
CAO: if Ccl wd like us to review
Fin cmte will
one has been expenditure review
as it stands now is a Ccl devpd policy
Mayor: F&A can take charge of that and report to Ccl
CAO: if interest of even one or two, wd send to F&A
Sop: an interest of mine
JC: move second and third readings be rescinded
reason is under item 5, intend to move a zero increase
Sop: seconded
MS: wonder if Cclrs Clark and Sop going to replace with another five-yr plan
JC: wd be adjusted
Sop: I was opposed to this five-yr plan and more work has to be done to expenditures
not an expert; if I were invited to cmte or sat on cmte as I sat on Task Force
looking at some generous amts of money; some needed, others need a long hard look
I understand the five-yr can be changed ev year; understand not etched in stone
shd hv something that says we know where we're going
I look at this and see some assumptions; don't think we'll be able to meet some of them
CAO: both the FSTF and F&A recommended at or below; next year....
fairly late in the process
have to convene a mtg sometime later this week; find money
have to have a budget for next Monday
if Ccl has any policy or direction as to where want to see cuts
you're relying on us to find a quarter of a million dollars, difficult to find the right $250K
Sop: I'll make ev effort to have in your office Tues 5 o'clock
JC: appreciate what saying but the FTF did not have the info we had about the windfall announced at Ccl last week
had they known -- almost a year ago?
wd not hv recommended 2.95%
Mayor: I do think this budget does challenge the cmnty in its first year: user fees and O/T in Fire Dept
rather than not adopting at 11th hour
rather than rescinding and going back, what wd you recommend to staff?
JC: roughly this time last year, we express....... $40M  within five days reduced by $5M
you're now saying you can't find $250K in a $65M budget
CAO: over months, not five days; we're not suggesting we can't find it, rather the right $250K
if on Wed not right, running out of time to meet legal obligations
we'll do best we can; if there is direction we'd be pleased
RD: pleasant surprise, down 2.27
say down zero, it's v late in the game; we've already made a lot of cuts
seems to me we're facing a lot of heavy expense, Fire, E-Comm
we can slash, but this is money well spent
too late, cowboy financing
not the way to go about the budget
Fin Cmte, public input, a lot
telling staff to make cuts but not where, how to go.....
Sop: well words
just had high level; in front of public just listen
I shdn't be telling staff where to cut, they shd be telling me
if they can find $5M they can find $250K at this late date
may be opening the door for Mr Stuart to give me info
when TransLink sends back info overpaid, cd be put in 2008 budget rather than this operating budget
CAO: TransLink levies change ev year; no idea what it will look like next year
surprised at reduction this year; reflects overcharge
they didn't reduce the rate when assessments go up
we were as surprised as anyone else; don't have any control
don't feel assessment based rev is what they shd be operating on
both sch taxes, GVRD rates, and TransLink came in v late in the game
we've focused on what we think is the best thing to do
Sop: so money can be allocated by staff to reduce 2.95%
CAO: you have the aggregate, we spend most of our energy on what we control
Cclr Clark has described it as a windfall, certainly good fortune for WV b/c they're going to experience a lower tax rate than anticipated, and lower than all the other Ms in the region
Sop: a good thing, next year or now
didn't support 2.95 and not going to tonight
still a lot of work to do
MS: beginning to think we shd use a dart board to set the budget
when I got on a year ago, I asked questions.......
basically got the answer Ccl didn't drill down
quickly realized we had a problem
so we had a Task Force and a F&A cmte to go through  to justify all expenses, review
thought it was the sensible way to go
not going to be put in the position I'm not in favour of relief for taxpayer
in last year I brought up sev times the three main areas Fire/Police/Parks and Rec and are we prepared to make cuts
look at reducing FTEs Police and Fire Depts, can't b/c safety
then Parks and Rec, higher user fees and backlash
also suggested cutting our Ccl stipend by 50% and that went nowhere
all well and good
wd like to see a 10% cut in taxes; someone shd, shdn't be left to staff...
if you want to cut another $250K
intelligent thing to do, another F&A mtg tomorrow night, discuss it, three cclrs, come up with something for Wed morning
here's new plan and here's what's being cut out
until I see what's proposed to be cut can't see how anyone can make a reasonable decision
no problem cutting, and at Wed
VV: interested to see all the birds; sooner or later the chickens come home to roost
shd be zero
Sop: next week?
CAO: think adoption deferred to Wed to special Ccl mtg Wed, potential cuts discussed at F&A
Mayor: so not rescinding
CAO: not rescinding or adopting so can do that Wed
JC: okay with me
Sop: may I be invited to that mtg?
Mayor: yes?
Sop: Cclr V? Cclr Day?
Mayor: certainly, where have you been?
CAO: running out of time
Sop: ...
Mayor: we're deferring adoption;
CAO: only six of you here this evening
make this an informed decision
if I counted the votes correctly the motion to rescind  might not pass, nor to adopt
so all this does is defers for a couple of days, if zero, days to consider
RD: we're asking the F&A to give us an opinion on zero? endorsing?
CAO: just asking F&A cmte what to cut if want a zero budget, these
will have to work with staff tomorrow morning; more than 250K
part way through the year
indiv ccl mbrs may not be in favour of some of the options
Sop: 5 also deferred
Mayor: MClerk to read motion
SSch: to adopt or rescind be deferred to Wed so to F&A tomorrow?
Sop: ways and means? zero?
Mayor: rationale
CAO: wrt recommendations to zero budget
MS: clearly the intent of cmte is to give Ccl a budget for zero tax increase Wed and clearly identify where changes so ppl can make a decision
RD: re zero-based budget, thought asking opinion
Mayor: not zero-based budget, zero tax rate increase
CAO: ....[F&A/staff]
RD: can they give an opinion or telling them
CAO: telling them to comment on how to achieve
RD: can they say can't be done?
CAO: the F&A cmte is free to come up with whatever they wish
Mayor: goal wd be to put the best possible info to Ccl
CAO: the F&A is about finances and the budget is about services and that's a decision made by Ccl
Sop: info from public too?
Mayor: yes
CAO: can make sure agenda is arranged so public can make suggestions at that cmte; that wd be an open part of the mtg
Mayor: we are moving to the 2008 budget straight away and that goal is zero %
diff this year; spent more time
FSTF principle and policy we're trying to work with
really do think we can expect quite a lot of public input [for?] zero and keep things the way they are
the words I use in my enclosure with the tax bill, the strain ppl feeling
JC: that mtg is 4:30 tomorrow here
Mayor: F&A cmte, yes

4.         Development Variance Permit Application (3656 McKechnie Ave) ITEM WITHDRAWN

5.         2007 Annual Tax Rates Bylaw No. 4515, 2007 (File:  1610?20?4515)
RECOMMENDED:... introduced and read a first, second and third time. 
{This was the clue they'd rescind third reading of tax rates already passed and then make amendments to have another three readings of the new bylaw (not to mention the add'l mtg for Wed!)}
MClk: deferral to Wed
Mayor: date?
MClk: date place and time
Mayor: 9am Wed May 9
6.         Special Regular Council Meeting for [Wed] May 09, 2007 at 8:30 am  (File:  0120?01)
Mayor: oops, 8:30
RD: move it at 9am

BYLAWS for adoption:
7.         Specified Area Tax Rates Bylaw No. 4504, 2007 (File:  1610-20-4504)
8.         Parcel Tax (Garrow Bay) Bylaw No. 4505, 2007 (File:  1610-20-4505)
9.         Parcel Tax (Eagle Harbour) Bylaw No. 4506, 2007 (File:  1610-20-4506)
10.       Local Area Service Parcel Tax (1808 - 1892 Esquimalt and 1809 - 1891 Duchess) Bylaw No. 4507, 2007
11.       Local Area Service Parcel Tax (1515 - 1547 Kings and 1520 - 1550 Lawson) Bylaw No. 4508, 2007
12.       Local Area Service Parcel Tax (1510 - 1650 Mathers and 1507 - 1569 Lawson) Bylaw No. 4509, 2007

13.      Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
=B7       = ; Item 14 -  Evelyn Drive - Concept Master Plan Submission;
=B7        Item 15 -  Federal Screening Level Env'tal Assessment of Proposed Billboard Project by Squamish Nation;
=B7        Item 16 -  Development Applications Status List;
=B7        Item 17 -  Correspondence List.
REPORTS FOR CONSENT AGENDA -- removed 14, 15 for discussion

14.       Evelyn Drive - Concept Master Plan Submission (File:  1010?20?06?050)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated April 27, 2007 from the Manager of Community Planning titled "Evelyn Drive - Concept Master Plan Submission" be received.
[Sop leaves for Ev Dr item.]
Mayor: Welcome
CR:  Good evening.  My question and comments are about process.
During the special design review cmte mtg on Evelyn Drive [last week] some interesting comments were made.
The master plan is coming back in response to questions the cmte had and also to their valuable recommendations.
One question was that they asked to be provided with the FAR and, I think, also site coverage figures -- they had some but either not the former or the present so that they cd not make a comparison.  I'd thought providing that information was automatically done b/c of course FAR and site coverage wd be expected if you're considering a devt.  May I suggest that pertinent information as to FAR and site coverage be supplied as a matter of procedure especially when there are some choices.  They asked for it and that's how I found out they didn't know/have some of the information.
When I asked the cmte if they were aware that a heritage house was in the devt area, the answer was no.  May I therefore recommend that the existence of any heritage resource, whether house, location, rare species, or whatever be part of the information given to the cmte.  You will recall a few weeks ago when we discovered that the house in that devt (a first for BPP and where the King and Queen had tea in 1939 at the opening of the Lions' Gate Bridge) was about to be demolished, but none of the heritage/historical groups -- and I understand not Council either for that matter -- had been informed of the possibility of the loss, I asked that that status and warning be given out to the involved people and groups.  IOW, I wd like that [to be] part of the process.  If there's any heritage resource that is at any risk whatsoever, this information shd to be given to Ccl and historical and heritage groups.  It wd be appreciated if you wd pls give us assurances that this will be done in future.
Since the bylaw before the one passed in December included the house as a gathering place [or child care] as one of the cmnty amenities, most thought it was suitable to be kept in that case, and as Cclr V pointed out, assumed some sort of protection so that it wd not be vandalized, or maybe some other sort of arrangements wd be made.  I'd heard a staff mbr had said something to the effect it loses value if moved, and I'm wondering if that was the basis on wch Millennium was told not to bother or whatever; I don't know.  To that I wd say, many wd prefer to have a heritage asset moved than to lose it altogether.  That wd depend on what it was -- but it shd be evaluated and discussed, not an arbitrary decision made almost in a vacuum.  The devpr hasn't the obligation to inform anyone and when asked they thought we'd all been told.

{Why weren't we or Ccl? you shd be asking yourself.  Yes indeed.  The fly in the ointment.  The flaw in the system.  Staff made the changes, why didn't staff give the whole picture and ramifications of the changes they made to Ccl (more of an obligation than to public but some there as well).  It's irresponsible just to say they shd hv noticed it was missing. 
And why not give full information to the Design Review Cmte?
More flies and flaws.}

So I respectfully request that than information be part of your process to be disseminated to the interested parties.
At Design Review [last week] they also talked about cmnty benefits and amenities.  It occurred to me that since $2.5M was to be put in trust by Millennium as part of the devt, the cmte shd be made aware of that.  They had many, many good ideas. I don't know whether it wd have involved any of that money, but they had many good ideas and they shd possibly know that there's some money that has been set aside.
Although in reply to my query here recently Ccl said it wd be their decision with wch I agree, surely if any group or cmte had any ideas or concepts Council wd welcome them.  It's not that I'm suggesting any of the $2.5M necessarily be used for that house, but before any other opportunities are lost, perhaps putting that out for public input regarding amenities shd be done asap.
IOW, if we have that $2.5M, and it was part of the condition for that increased density/zoning, we shd start asap in soliciting from the public, and you yourselves obviously, to make a list of the things you wd like to see so that when you come to the decision, we won't have lost some opportunities and you will have as broad as consultation and as long a list as you wd like to have to [consider], rather than much later and hardly anything there.
Mayor: thank you
CR: Will you consider that?
Mayor: yes, and actually there are a couple of policy questions around that, and we're not going to have time tonight
CR: no, I know
Mayor: I'd like to go to Cclr V now, maybe she wants to incorporate some of that, I'm not sure. Thank you for your input.
CR: thank you
VV: some of us caught a little offguard
we heard from Ms Reynolds, Heritage Society, and the March newspaper that we had apparently decided that the heritage house in the Ev Dr devt cd be consigned to the garbage dump unless somebody cd remove it, buy it for $1
I felt that Ccl had never decided that!
when I looked back at the docs, discovered in Sept last year, Ccl was contemplating $600K of the $2.5M was to be used; to set this as up as daycare facilities, renovate, parking spots
when staff took staff's recommendation that we not do that, we believed we thought refraining from spending over $600K but never believe we were deciding that therefore it wd be destroyed
...if not reuse it in that way, safeguarded until such time as we made a decision
move not accept as it is, contemplate accept it as amended
that it wd resume the protection it was given
we can decide later what portion $$$; to what extent or for what purpose

The $600K was an outrageous amount but at that time it was to be childcare with landscaping and lots of parking.  Have heard from a realtor that a beautiful facility in Shaughnessy cd be built for less than that.  So I hasten to disabuse anyone who thinks anyone is seriously advocating spending that sort of money, even if it weren't fiction (a high amount to discourage?).  The house is still on the large logs used to move it there so it may be as little as $20K (someone said to me) to move it maybe somewhere else on the property or somewhere nearby, where it cd be fixed up by volunteers (has been done in NV) or someone wanting to have daycare or a B&B or coach house, for example.  The sad part is that no one knew it was being abandoned until virtually too late.  There needs to be a better system to protect our heritage assets if only to give some time to provide options for preservation before demolition.  Well, Cclrs V and Day made valiant efforts.}

not be consenting to destruction; not a matter for staff necessarily assume
shd put this back under the guardianship of the Ev Dr project of since it shdn't hv been removed
Mayor: wonder if shd be on consent b/c substantive; believe Ccl will want to look at this
maybe defer....more fulsome debate
VV: can we take position delay any demolition permit
don't want to hold up the devpr
think bldg can be moved to a location on the site so not obstruct progress on the project
no point discussing if demolished while we're talking
CAO: after this matter was discussed
I'd thought Cclr V had indicated b/c of damage that it had little value left
don't know if in legal position to prevent demolition
SJN: don't know if bldg exists now; not designated heritage
without going into the history of it, we cd have a look at it
staff and Millnm did look at possibilities if house cd be used an moved
rejected in first one, not in second one but approval
if house still exists will report back to Ccl on status
Mayor; entertained whole matter; still feel master plan shd be on [ccl] agenda
has it gone to the Design Cmte?

{but, but, but, my comments were a result of the Design Cmte mtg last week!}

SJN: first phase of master plan to Design Review; and they did endorse proceeding on the concept
refined plan will come back on ccl agenda
CAO: might be helpful to defer receipt of this to a future mtg
so Ccl and public get an overview, even at this stage
Mayor: for receipt or defer future ccl mtg?
VV: defer
SJN: strictly an information report now; ask for report on 742 Keith
CAO: defer mtg to May 14 or 21 and request report on Keith Rd prop as well
Mayor: 14, no ccl mtg 21; so May 14
RD: hoping the Heritage cmte, know on drawing board; has it met yet? they shd be dealing with this
VV: Heritage WG is planning to meet, don't know if 14th or 16th, I have to check
reading the guidelines, we may not consider anything not specific task designated, wch to deal with the heritage list
not do anything else b/c task-oriented unless Ccl directs it to consider, not a watchdog
wasn't one last year at the time this happening.

{v interesting.  That's right.  The adv cmtes were terminated in June!}

it's a learning experience.
RD: since about to meet, direct item to that, so suggestions
Mayor: typically first mtg adds things they want to do
RD: add to motion
CAO: perhaps Cclr V can take that
suggest to CEC that Tof Ref be revised accordingly

15.       Federal Screening Level Environmental Assessment of Proposed Billboard Project by Squamish Nation ... received for information.
Mayor: work I've been doing for a year
all three mayors met with Sq Chiefs
sent to Minister Prentice's ofc; v clear opposed
May 9 deadline for submission
I believe we'll have a favourable outcome v soon after May 9
Sop: will be
Mayor: I don't think we're going to see billboards
Sop: through years; seen Sq ppl moving along, economic program, in spirit of cooperation, they approached us and said wanted to embark on that, possibly they wd recognize we do not like the visual impact of billboards
RD: good news; not official yet so can't celebrate
think the mayors and Sq ppl handled it well, cooperation; celebration b/c of good cooperation
talk directly without appealing to a lot of emotion
Mayor: if we don't have the outcome we're looking for then I think we'll have a battle no one will win

17.      [Complete list, except of course what added to this agenda, in previous issue]


Sop: this morning we did a walkabout of Amb; went down Marine, Clyde, waterfront; will let you expound on chap;  taken with fact he looks at impact with what ppl perceive, see; what's their interpretation
RD: didn't go on walkabout but did go to lunch
heard Fred Kent, well-known int'l authority on planning
emphasis on places, not just a question of ppl
emphasis on places and ppl; make progress, more vitality in area
I congratulate you, Madam Mayor; excellent day
then animated afternoon on discussion of Amb.
VV: was v interesting tour of Amb
Mayor: thank you for joining us this morning
one of the real benefits this morning had staff from sev depts, a really sound public policy devt and fun
Mr Kent really only cares about special spots, and how to make them more special
his bias is to design for 9 yr olds and 80 yr olds; if it works for them, works for everyone
at lunch, the Chamber took the lead, unbelievable guest, man of his stature, sold out v quickly; he gave a presentation
this afternoon we put together the Arts and Cult WG and the Ambleside WG, and worked through an exercise wch they will in turn lead cmty through
Mr Kent's goal, and he thinks the only thing that works is to have mbrs of public analyze these questions and come up with the solutions , staff facilitate and Ccl supports that
wonderful to see how well his philosophy fits with the types of things we're doing
we're beginning with our working group

{yeah, but who knew??? when, where?  no public knew or were invited!
found out later the lunch was at Saltaire with only 38 seats and about half or more taken up with Ccl and staff -- any WG mbrs there??? -- then mtg that was not mtg...}

Mayor: comment wrt Vera's burger shack
we're in a process right now led by Planning and Parks Depts begun in March; Ccl is yet to make a decision
KP: process begun beginning of Mar; went out Mar 4 advertised Mar 13 on website
ev involved, compulsory site mtg
closed Mar 30 and after that, two proposals submitted, one from existing and a potential new
evaluation was done by staff of Fin Dep , Purchasing, Land Agent, Parks
rating given
matter now submitted to Ccl as is our procedure
none of the agreements like these are changed or continued without Ccl approval
still in that process


Mayor: not to put too much pressure on you, but we have a youth ccl mtg
CR: two points of clarification
The comments I made were in fact about the special Design mtg last week.  So they met last week, and they're coming back and that's why I was suggesting that there was more information they cd be given, some they asked for, and some perhaps they cd be given.
The Heritage WG will meet on the 16th, so that's Wed, two days after [next ccl mtg].
and the other question I had
I heard there was a walkabout this morning and there was a mtg of the Arts/Cult [WG] and Amb [WG] and they weren't on the [DWV website] Calendar, so that was not advertised and public not advised or not invited, or what's the story?
Mayor: not sure it was a traditional mtg, and, I ah, perhaps, not sure, Mr Nicholls
came together in six days and five I was out of town; Colette Parsons organized it, and
SJN: It was not considered to be a mtg of the group
this morning was a walkabout arranged so that Ccl mbrs who were interested, and staff, cd walk around Amb with the expert, for suggestions
the mtg at noon was put on by the Ch of Commerce
the mtg this afternoon was another presentation by the expert, Fred Kent, and mbrs of the two WGs, or three WGs actually I think were present, were invited to attend, but only perhaps one or two from each, not a mtg of the groups
Mayor: from Arts there was one, and so it was--
CR: I do hope we straighten this out, notification for mtgs, so if there are interested mbrs of the public they are able to attend as is the intent [of the Ccl/Charter?]
There might hv been others from other WGs who might hv wanted to attend for all I know.
Mayor: the Chamber certainly used its database too, and the idea, the broad public participation at lunch was perfect, cuz that sold out v quickly.  The mtg this afternoon wasn't any formally constituted mtg of any of those three groups, and it really was hit and miss b/c of short notice, nevertheless what he has suggested is going to be entertained by each of the working groups
that will be v public; great opportunity to shape the public process
CR: thank you for the information; we look fwd to that.
Mayor: thank you.

{Well, I do hope with new guidelines, they will be followed.  The above nonsense of having a mtg but b/c it isn't a 'traditional' or 'formal' mtg, or saying (apparently entirely arbitrarily) it's 'not considered a mtg'  then it's not a mtg (so no notification, etc) will STOP.  I hope notification and inclusion of the public for all mtgs will START.
Ch of Commerce did NOT send out a notice to its whole list; as stated above only a few seats available (of only 38 possible for such an important issue).  Why not think ADRA and local working groups wd not hv bn interested?  Why have it in a small venue so only a few can attend -- and as if that's an excuse not to let ppl know there's something going on wrt Ambleside where they live and work???}
Anybody further?
I shd let the public know I did invite Mr Tritt from Vera's to be here tonight if he wished to comment; I thought he'd be here; but certainly did circulate his petition and his email to all mbrs of Ccl.
20.  ADJOURNMENT ~ 7:09
===  Youth Ccl started
o  chqs presented from Rotary Sunrise and Park Royal
o  Colette Parsons (staff referred to above) gave a presentation on the Ambleside Town Ctr Strategy and they gave their views.
o  Ccl might want to look at the amt of money going into the new cmnty ctr for a youth portion since several expressed preference for staying in their own area, where the AYC is.
o  The most interesting part of the mtg for me was the discussion on whether or not to attend all-candidate mtgs during an election and whether votng shd be mandatory.
o  More on this later however, or this newsletter will never get out.
You can watch the mtg at rtsp://

=======  CCL= MTG NOTES May 9th =======
9am  -- CALL TO ORDER / 9:04
RD: add'l 3.1 sp mtg for Ccl Friday May 11 at 9am
Mayor: perhaps I shd give you an idea, outline the process; rescinding, amending information, having a debate; may not adopt [at same mtg], so will have three readings; believe 14th last mtg [for adoption].
2.         5 Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 4510, 2007 for adoption
Mayor: agenda says for adoption but we're going to rescind
JC: rescind second and third readings
Mayor: motion to amend Schedules A and B; and replace with schedules May 9 showing reduction in infrastructure of $240K
{reduction needed so that it's a zero annual tax rate increase}
Sop: schedule gen operations 2007 shows $48,132,899, and information today is $47,892,899
RL: don't understand question
Mayor: think looking for confirmation from you as to where $240K comes from
RL: look at prop tax line, first line, reduced by $240K, expenditure at bottom transfers to reserves then infra amt has been reduced by 240K
Sop: so $1.240M
RL: No, in prev bylaw transfer $7,035,000, so 240K less in new bylaw
in Sched B, reduced equipment and furnishings by $25K, reduced vehicle fleet by $140K, facility maintenance by $75K; a total of $240K
transfer from reserves reduced by $240K
SSch: first, amendment, as amended
JC moved 2nd and 3rd
MS second
Mayor: first to Mr Stuart to say how we got there
CAO: zero increase, impact of reduced TransLink and school levies
referred to F&A cmte, adjustment approx $240K, really about setting the stage
preparing us for 2008 budget
in reviewing the request with staff and F&A
our preference take principles; look at framework
given short time had, difficult to ensure dialogue with public wrt reduction of services, so deferral instead
...work in Klee Wyck, ... purchases for Fire Dept, and Parks
my recomm least painful way to achieve Ccl's objective in this case
will start to work on priorities, F&A, hope as early as June start discussion re budget; 2008 targets, hope dialogue public; balance interests, whether economic, fiscal, social, or environmental
Sop: assuming we embark on a new road how we look at finances in this cmnty wrt taxation
a serious look
thru 2008, much work cmte, Ccl, public; produce documents that might alter this 5yr plan
RL: likely outcome
Sop: for that reason I'll move away from my decision not to accept this
in place Tax Sust cmte, and Financial review cmte; if we embark on right road, some change that's going to be significant
opposed, still have major concerns, thoughts about how forecast out, but assuming and waiting for a new direction in 2008
based on that info support this 5yr plan today
VV: obviously happy with the way the first year of this five-yr plan is working out, although more to good luck than level of cutbacks able to make
not able to support five years, things not looked into
selling of M land and using the money
not opposed to selling bits and pieces, but to sell land for buying other land, use of public
the other principle is substantial borrowing and not had an in depth look, or cmnty in support wrt that financing
in particular don't see evidence of what TSTF and I've advocated, testing what taxpayers can afford
look at the statistics of household income, no evidence, monies go up ev year
not criticizing first year but not able to support the other four years
JC: want to commend staff highly finding in 24 hours money deferred/saved
continue we can eliminate taxes completely by the end of the year
what this has really brought to roost, there are savings there, however hard we have to look, creative we have to be, approaching biz
same in any biz, just kinda get lazy; I do it myself
feel it myself ...  way we do biz
till you get a boot in your rear end
only in prov to have a zero tax increase
if we can be that creative in our thinking in that short period of time
continue; fresh approach to the way we do biz
MS: what a diff a year makes
a year ago this time we by a vote of 5 to 2, approved the budget
the two new cclrs, VV and myself, voted against it b/c obvious no mbr of Ccl had any idea where or how the money was spent, or why it was spent, and what the biz case for spending it was
now we find a year later, drive to fiscal bandwagon, Ccl's seen the light make Billy Graham proud
this budget based on windfall from school levies and TransLink
if we're going to go forward with addressing the question of municipal taxation, we have to be prepared to make some changes in progs and services
in the year and a half I've been here talked about manpower, Police and Fire, changing fees in Parks Rec, looking at money spent on rec and culture, I suggested take a 50% cut in our stipend
none of these ideas go anywhere
as weeks unfold some hard decisions are going to have to be made
hope this bandwagon Ccl seems to be on, will result in cclrs making the tough decisions that lie ahead
caution ev; rubber has to hit the road, going to unfold in next few weeks and months
JF: was a little surprised arrive home last night after two weeks in Japan, to hear mtg this morning; and surprised, suddenly
when left 2.95&, now zero; am delighted TL and Sch lower
will be plsed to receive my tax notice end of spring
but I have misgivings in part /c I haven't been back long enough to know what it means
I know staff has worked extremely hard
deferring mntnce of our vehicle fleet, cmnty with trucks have diff coming down hill, safety for staff and cmnty
deferring equipment for Fire, I have questions
my timing, left me little time to get assurances not going to cause problems
see Ccl consensus
social and envtal, the other two sustainabilities
have to look hard wrt next year's taxes
not responsible to base your taxation on one base of sustainability, finance
maintain quality of life
hope that in next six months, our conversation with cmnty
I do have some concerns about this
RD: did have some concerns on Monday night
if you cut infra now, you're going to pay for it later, couple of years
sooner or later, big price
it's a relatively small amt of money; F&A cmte unanimous in recommending zero budget
at least it sets an example and shows our determination
took control of budget and determined to run our finances efficiently
so I will vote for this; at this point, let's do it; keep taxes down; we get good value for our taxes
Sop: prior to windfall Cclr V and I only two did not support
we were not making enough inroads
principle statement, want to congrat Mr L and Mr S; congrat for your efforts
look at this; a principled approach how look at in future
2008 and beyond, have opp to look at five-yr plan, hope see a new direction
happy on that basis; support this zero increase
no qualms that we're not going to make some good inroads
this is a proper approach; prudent; we've taken stock this year
promising in the future if we have some of the thoughts
Mayor: Ccl is likely to be unanimous but has all sorts of .........
don't think creative thinking in last 24 hours, in last year
gave TF free rein
framework that's going to serve us well
when Roff J handed it to us long term bolstered by some short term
shdn't be naive, land sales ev to do with selling land for cmnty ctr
bldg of Almondel bridge
result is base broadening; corollary of that, must demonstrate value for the money
debt is also how we're leveraging Van C H partnership, borrowing for them
for police stn may be debt or referendum -- direct rec from TF
look at indepth at Fire and Police and Parks; that begins next week with Fire
tremendous work over last year by staff, citizens, Ccl.......
get away from platitudes, broad categories haven't meaning
do have meaning; need to test some of the new stuff we're doing
I will be supporting this budget and interested in looking at 2008 budget next week
CARRIES with VV opposed
Mayor: at this point not able to adopt, so moving to No. 3
Mayor: need to say we're deferring
SSch: if Ccl wishes, ccl mtg to next Friday
Mayor: you'd recommend set mtg first then defer to that mtg?
SSch: yes, that wd be better
3.         2007 Annual Tax Rates Bylaw No. 4515, 2007 (File:  1610-20-4515)
RECOMMENDED:   THAT "2007 Annual Tax Rates Bylaw No. 4515, 2007" be introduced and read a first, second and third time.
Mayor: motion to schedule ccl mtg May 11th 9 o'clock in order to adopt the budget bylaws and introduce the tax rates bylaw.
JC: explain
Mayor: b/c have to adopt budget bylaw before tax rates
JF: so move
Mayor: SSch wd say best to set date first
SSch: yes
[JF made motion to hold mtg May 11th]
SSch: sp reg mtg Fri
Mayor: next motion to defer
JF: defer annual tax rate bylaw to May 11th
CAO: that's deferring the introduction
Sop: intro on Fri of 2007 annual tax rate bylaw wd necessitate first, second, third readings
when is adoption?
Mayor: Monday 14th; cdn't be more down to the wire
4.         Additional Meeting of Council --  May 14, following Cmte of the Whole
MS makes motion
CAO: nec b/c scheduled mtg is cmte of whole at wch motions not made so need ccl mtg for adoption
Sop: move adjournment of ccl mtg of May, uh
Mayor: 9th.  We have them every day now  :-)
Sop: 9th be adjourned.

=======  CCL= MTG NOTES May 11th =======
1.  APPROVAL OF AGENDA  ... as circulated.
Bylaws are passed by a simple majority affirmative vote unless otherwise noted.
2.         5 Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 4510, 2007 (File:  1610-20-4510)
3.         2007 Annual Tax Rates Bylaw No. 4515, 2007 (File:  1610-20-4515)
            RECOMMENDED: ...  introduced and read a first, second and third time.
JF: I have some questions about process; is there going to be an opportunity for public input and debate?
Mayor: normally that wd happen at second or third reading
SSch: Ccl can receive public input today or if they wish before adoption considered on Monday but adoption will be required to meet the deadline on Monday

{Clarification: sure public input can be received but amendments can ONLY be made at second reading and there must be "at least one day between third reading and adoption", so looks like input after today wd just receive a hearing since the deadline is May 15 (every year, so this shd not be a surprise to any of those around that horseshoe.....)

ANOTHER MYSTERY:  don't the audited financial statements have to be submitted to the Inspector of Municipalities by May 15th also?  Council has to accept them first.
Has anyone seen them?  Have I missed them somewhere?  HELP!}

Mayor: so this morning, over the weekend, and I think we shd probably provide that opp on Monday.
JF: I know some have come today to
Mayor: best have public input now, then have public debate
Dorothy Metcalfe: ...time for fitness class, didn't know come this early.....
I'm here as an advocate for those in WV on fixed income, with whom in touch for many years; on finance and program cmte of Srs' Ctr [SAC]; they treasure the Srs' Ctr
I know Srs' Ctr part of your budget
for those of you with handsome pensions and lunch money
shd be v careful about the work Srs' Ctr does
we've paid for the seawall, park, roads, and bridges
and the odious implication we shd share millionaires' taxes
on the blue sheet; referring to something on budget concerning increased fees to Srs' Ctr
some of them met with Kevin Pike and told it was a done deal
public relations, photo of happy seniors
talking to a retired widow of a highly placed UBC administrator
I find it difficult now to come and have a hot meal at the Srs' Ctr
cd go on forever
if I don't speak for those for whom it is a hardship
someone said not gouging, think that person in oil industry and they shd know about gouging
Mayor: increase from $25 to 30 [yearly fees for SAC mbrship]; the other is aquafit; are both unreasonable?
DM: aquafit, they have found it pricey compared with fitness, those classes are crowded
beautiful bldg
MS: what's this newsletter?
DM: here it is.  Budget 2007 graph.  No 3 - why is this being applied to Srs' Ctr?
share costs, meet with Srs' Adv Board
we shared in building this cmnty; few live here in houses now b/c $$$
in old days Robin Hood; now rob from poor for rich
KP: the material she's referring to is a survey worked on by our staff and Communications staff
out for about three weeks; got about 30 to 80 of them; we'll be getting back to you
Chris Lee: citizen at large but today representing SAC board
thank Dorothy Metcalfe for her comments
budget is always an interesting time; tells us about time and priorities
moved here about ten years ago, enchanted by this wonderful place
great work we have inherited from those who have worked in past
want to stress how important this is for all citizens, from young to elderly, to enhance quality of life
we're a wealthy cmnty; incumbent on us to maintain them and make them available to all
you must be aware, some of us are hurting; some of us have good pensions, others are not so fortunate
our thinking, your thinking, as a Council, is this going to be available to all, good fellowship, part of cmnty and connecting
keeping them in a healthy lifestyle, out of hospitals
thinking about money, have to think about volunteerism
whether hockey, soccer field
at srs' ctr we have currently 800 volunteers and they average 60K hours a year
multiply by $10 an hour, there's $600K worth of labour
volunteers doing a great thing
let's do things to enhance life in this wonderful cmnty
book in celebration of WV's 75th anniversary; incumbent on us to maintain that.
[JF read first and second]
Sop: recommendation go to three readings; wch is zero
RL: the rates in this bylaw reflect budget we passed a few minutes ago; an all-up situation
On an av $1.2M assessment will be zero
MS: troubles me there's a misconception; for myself, find it offensive, I have a contract with a petroleum company out to gouge, but will let that pass
I haven't heard anyone not valuing Srs' Ctr, Aquatic Ctr, etc
lived here for 50 years
comments from staff, ....
still $6M subsidies for facilities and they're not going to disappear; no intent to go on a total user-pay system
misconception, we're meeting with the Srs' Board
VV: I'm looking forward to meeting with the advisory board
often said we're an affluent cmnty
I've been trying to get a
best guesstimate, ~ 15% affluent don't care how much charged
but 80% have to count their dollars
some doing it from a more expensive home
two working parents, two school chn, two cars; can't put 10% away
I've been trying to say, have a rational test of what our taxpayers can afford
20% living on less than $30K a year; you can look at another 20 - 30% difficult
looking at a fact, what may have been true in past and not any more
wd like to make seniors aware, we can work our way through step by step
we've all said not a sustainable rate of spending
JF: I've been expressing concern about budget
been away, return to what is being quoted to a zero
must admit Wed morning, a bit confused
this zero % is a bit of a misnomer; M portion is 2.43%
not a zero per cent increase, just when include cut from TransLink and Sch Dist
using it to advantage
I'm a little distraught about that
not nec prudent of the District to further
came onto Ccl in 1999, no system in place for repairs and mntnce
and as a result of this, on hold for six months
1999, zero; including fire trucks and had to later
also think important, not system in place for sewer systems, water, and we have now done that
cutting back cap is not prudent
nor does it uphold the good principles
also concerned about increase in user fees, and cultural service
while working for financial sust, at cost of social and envtal sust
call said consider who's using the facilities, with kids they're struggling; and seniors
those who can pay are like those around this table -- houses paid for, chn gone, take private exercise
we'll be saving $13.86 so that those who use the facilities will be paying
F&A cmte, there's a feeling of abandonment
arts, culture, social services, volunteer time hockey soccer, etc
can't support
cd hv swallowed the 2.95% and in coming months another system
fin sust has overtaken the other streams in this cmnty
Sop: many facets, seen many in my time; this is not the end of the world
statement we're going to look at the way; improving from 2008 forward
zero, is incredible
have not made any comment about the philosophy to Srs' Ctr, roughly 60-40
we don't want anybody staying at home
work volunteers done over years, strongest point that makes this cmnty tick
we might have been at 2.43
a benefit to the taxpayers in this cmnty that we introduce this bring to zero; we may find we can't be zero next year
at least done the exercise, when in history we'd do it; this is the year
to say we're going to somebody in jeopardy is wrong
MS: v unfair to suggest some mbrs of ccl support motherhood and apple pie and rec and cultural progs and the rest of us are just savages that want to strip essence of the cmnty way; this is not correct
blunt reality is I voted for a same services budget wch called for 2.95% tax increase to maintain services; and what happened last Monday, b/c Cclr F absent, that budget was not going to pass
three for and three against so not going to pass, so to run in sensible way had to find some consensus
Cclr F did just vote for it, for 2.43, seemed to find some sort of consensus
to suggest a draconian plot for zero from F&A Cmte, nothing to do with them; the 2.95% budget wch I supported was not going to pass
What Cclr Sop said was true; I'm prepared to give everybody benefit of doubt all here to serve best interests of public
not going to take a back seat or imply I don't value any citizens any less than any other
RD: we will be meeting with Srs' Bd next Wednesday
pass the budget but we can still modify
CAO: still can modify where put the $200K shift
will be coming fwd with changes to bylaw, Ccl's opp for input
imp to understand the diff shifts we're taking
RD: this budget zero increase is to everyone's advantage; isn't that true
CAO: rhetorical
RD: wd like to see if more for srs
at this point zero makes sense, skeptical Mon night
reduce taxes, reduce services
probably a good idea make it clear we're concerned about efficiency
taxes consistent with good services
make it clear we've been concerned all along
run well, efficient; all you have to do is compare our zero with other Ms
Mayor: since 1999, the systematic process of ensuring infra
...our Dir/Engg brought to our attn...  Almondel bridge brought to attn...
on the social side.....
going to look at Parks next week, separate seniors
I have a question wrt srs' rate; don't want to charge too much, don't want too little
KP: recovery rate is about what the others are; about 60% recovery rate now, based on mbrshp fees
[Srs' Ctr] net cost $470K to taxpayer
{IOW, 1% of the DWV budget}
Mayor: fees? how keep pace?
KP: three or four years
fee comes from original days in 1981, fee was put to assist financing
no mbrship fees in any other; a number of free things happen at SAC
CAO: we're going, after budget passed, look at
looking at what services shd be subsidized and wch user pay
target; work toward repairing 2008 budget
Mayor: ev who serves on Ccl puts aside his personal and
we have to stick together
another M; we had a consultant and the WVSAC was held up as the best example
we have the same number of police volunteers as officers
essential to keep ev in balance; minor increases are part of that

{Well said, Madam Mayor!}
JF: I can't make third reading

=======  CCL= MTG NOTES May 14th =======
2.         BC Community Achievement Awards to D. Paul and J. Nightingale (File:  0050-07)
Exceptional ppl: D Paul from the Squamish Nations Reserve and J Nightingale of Vancouver Aquarium
DELEGATIONS (for receipt)
3.         P. Grundy, G. Hallaway, and A. Shwetz, BC Hydro, regarding 2006/2007 Winter Storms
[Slide Presentation]
240K ppl without power; av interruption 2.5hr
1.56 indiv; 3.9; .57
during storms 13.78 hrs, customer 2.8
causes in WV 2002 - 2006: equipment failure, accidents, etc
=  increase vegetation mgmt
=  improve outage communications (working on phone system; hard for ppl to get through to us)
=  enhance cmnty outage preparation (lots of info on the website)
=  explore distribution automation
want to do more work with Emerg op ctr
Sop: had opp to go up and see emerg response
great job you did in incredible circumstances; first marks for incredible job
JF: echo Cclr Sop's comments; also remarkable no injuries
notice you brought ppl from Alberta, overtime; pretty terrific cost to BC Hydro
going to be reflected in increases
Ans: have a storm contingency fund; unprecedented amount
not looking at increases this year, pay down over years
JF: grateful
Ans: costs will be included in report out shortly
Mayor: get calls about response and about burying lines; cutting down trees straightforward solution
do you have a process?
Greg, Vegetation Mgr: Pardon my back; I'm going to sit down and have slides
Forester; Vegetation Maintenance Program [slides]
pruning on a three- or four-year cycle, this year HBay and Brit Props (in 2007)
In last five years $1.45M on pruning
hazard tree removal done annually; $250M last five yrs
consenting project
Mayor: what does consenting mean?
Ans: talking to owner or M; we don't own any trees
removal will be done in fall, before winter
Tree Failure Analysis: 376 tree failures struck power lines
2/3 showed no signs of disease -- look fine but potentially flawed
do our best with outer signs
had huge winds but also saturated soil, then holding capacity of smaller roots -- like quicksand, rock back and forth and over they go
wind gusts to 158kmh at Race Rocks; Hurricane Frieda was to 128kmh
trees within striking distance of power lines
Power to Lions Bay from both HBay and Squamish
[protective/shielding] edge blasted away b/c of hwy construction -- hadn't needed root system
thinning, wind blows through 8m, problems were those beyond so have to go back a bit further
New Edge Trees along Hwy 99 failed during the windstorm
slide of Summit Crescent; backyard easements, huge trees; have to be helicoptered in
trees with poor trunk taper -- heavy snow or even rain
structurally flawed trees fall in winter storms
co-dominant stems with included bark (growing apart, branches on outside so weighted and fall over)
good root system but when saturated with water, give way
land devt another problem with tree failures, contributes to them
insufficient soil; hemlock loves to grow on nurse logs
Summit Drive area, huge hemlock and fir trees wedged in driveways end up falling over, roots can't grow
crown decline, tree stressed, so investigate
excessive cone crop
Mayor: remind you we have about ten minutes for delegation
Ans: here's another; big leaf maple has poor attachments
topped trees huge problem for us
phototropic, growing over power lines
Regreening program for Ms: replace smaller under line, plant larger in parks
Sop: in a hydro ROW is it illegal to put garden refuse
Ans: belongs to M, so M guidelines
other: makes difficult for our crews to go in; used as dumping and makes it diff
Sop: we do have laws in M?
Ans: distribution system
KP: dumping; fire hazards as well
we started cleaning up when the storm started and finishing up last week -- full time, five days a week
Mayor: is the consenting prog going well?
Ans: yes
Mayor: let us know anything we can help with

4.         P. Gravett, Kay Meek Centre, regarding Kay Meek Centre Update (File:  3006?15)
Mayor: Welcome, and looks like many
PG: I come with fan club;...... into reading glasses now
past eight months; Sept 7 began the first season as fully operational
work far from over at the ribbon-cutting; our focus is entirely with running of the building, biz, etc
reassessing vision, setting goals
40K in past months; 90 productions ... 80% av attendance
Movies at the Meek brought film back to WV
work with Vanc Recital, Cap College, etc
Colin Angus with WVML; WinterSong; Student activities;....
Fund-raising campaign generated almost $58K; search for financial stability; confident fund-raising will increase
in the fall, zero-based budget not burdened by construction so now on budget and a surplus, albeit small
been reviewing efficiencies to deliver quality; going through process of renewal
[Named Board; now have three cmtes and named mbrs; XX Cmte, Devt Cmte, soon to start Financial Cmte]
in excess of $400K; nearly 40K ppl; impact on biz cmnty with thousands of hungry and thirsty patrons
District's contribution forms foundation of what it is today and what it will be tomorrow
Mayor: wonderful news -- questions or compliments?
Sop: met with you, board, and desire to make it a success, in right mode
difficult to keep it going but you have moved forward
your mbrs want this to flourish; you've brought renewal
RD: Sat morning my wife and I took our granddaughters to BOOKtopia at the Kay Meek Ctr, sponsored by Library encouraging them to leave
The Reluctant Dragon written 1898 but puppet show wd fit today -- nearly full with 500 there!
Library active and KMC a cmnty ctr where ppl go, and now nationally, internationally known artists
the two theatres hv bn enormously successful
becoming what we all hoped it wd be, a ctr of excellence
JF: you shd all, I know I am, be proud
a few ppl worked hard and wanted it to work; some thought it wd fail, I thought it wd work as some of those who have continued to be on the Board
see continued success; wonderful and I wish you'd stop showing things on Monday nights
JC: are you on contract?
JC: congratulations
Mayor: this is cmnty's contribution, dollars
I went to three sold-out events in one week; we're thrilled; still get lists from Liz Byrd of what to do
you have brought the Sch Bd and Ccl together; app role; support arts

Mayor: now moving to Reports, Cclr Smith

{no agenda item b/c Reports is on next agenda, not this one; guess wanting to do it earlier}

MS: quick update on Childcare WG
has been meeting, couple of times; diverse group
re Cedardale -- as you know given notice to vacate
reviewed options for Cedardale; really none in WV; not two school rooms in Schools
space in NV and NV Sch Bd mtg tomorrow, maybe a lease for them; also possibility at Capilano Elem School; WV Sch Dist has extended to July 15
when first brought to Ccl's attn, I asked why spaces are not now av b/c about 1200 attending WV schools from outside WV
wanted to hear biz case re outside at expense of our chn
not till now, mtg next week
been reviewing Cmnty Benefit Policy, staff Anne Mooi, will bring a report to Ccl May 28
Mayor: first report from WG straight to Ccl; looking forward

JC: Birthday.  Cclr Sop, today is the first day of my old age; halfway yesterday
had intended cake and candles, but I forgot!
attended centennial of NV City -- quite a crowd, 3-4K ppl
quite the lady
followed the JP Fell Pipe Band -- out under a tent in cold chairs, well done couple of hours
Mayor: thank you for coming as well
Sop: the ccl mtg was not going to go by without mentioning Cclr Clark, a certain point in his life
cake; and each year sneaks up on us, forget
JC: supposed to be $20
Sop: congratulations on your birthday yesterday, Cclr Clark

Mayor: CEC met this morning; want update public that notifications of all mtgs is on the website, and I think in the case of Cclr Clark's cmte, well into 2008
been there,

{NOPE, alas although the Mayor thinks that was/is the case and so do most of Ccl, it has not been.  I do, however, think I see the sun rising on the horizon, with the assurance I've been given that name, date, and place will be on the Calendar -- so one place to see the list of mtgs.}

but not that readily available; you have to know to look up CEC, so staff are working on that
WG guidelines being finalized by the subcmte of citizens who have done a really good job of taking kind of an unwieldy doc and boiling it down, and that will be coming to Ccl in two weeks
now they've gone off with, you may remember, the old public involve framework from about 2002, and they will update that and bring that fwd to Ccl
work going quite well, they bite off even bigger chunks with ea mtg
[CNV] Centennial exciting yesterday; DNV going to dedicate something for CNV.
In 1891, all NSh was North Vancouver except Moodyville; CNV 1907; WV in 1912
RD: Sunday to duck splash also with granddaughters, sponsored by Rotary
helicopter dropped thousands
retrieved 12 -- prizes; one dog went out and came back without a duck; another punctured the duck and fell down [sank]
LG Hospital and Search and Rescue; once again charities benefited from Rotary
JF: you wonder what cclrs do on weekends -- go to the dogs or the ducks
RD: don't forget the dragon!

Mayor: Cclr V reminded me to explain what cmte of Whole is
we meet once a month;
going to reg ccl mtg next normally wdn't but have to adopt budget
6.  ADJOURNMENT    Meeting progresses into Special Regular Council Meeting
        (immediately following Committee of the Whole meeting)
6 -- add'l info from Mgr of Cmnty Planning re ED and 742 Keith Rd; and 7
Correspondence List add'ns......  unsecured debris above Dufferin Ave
4.         2007 Annual Tax Rates Bylaw No. 4515, 2007 (for adoption)
JC: with pleasure I move be adopted
Sop: second
{Okay all you other Ms.  DWV has thrown down the gauntlet -- see if you can match us!}

5.         Noise Control Bylaw No. 4404, 2005 Amendment Bylaw No. 4500, 2007
RECOMMENDED: ... introduced and read a first, second, and third time.
Sop:...All constructions start at 7:30am, Sundays and holidays exempt?
RB/DoAS: pickup and delivery prohibited on stat holidays and Sunday
Sop: at least one day a week; pleased to see
DoAS: reduced on Saturdays
JC: does this exclude moving vans? can you get a mattress delivered?
DoAS: this is general, as far as I know don't deliver on Sundays; usu Mon through Sat
JC: moving vans?
DoAS: ?
JC: first of July is Sunday this year, can you move in?
DoAS: stat holiday not permitted
Mayor: not intended to [re moving?]
DoAS: intended to regulate regular basis, a one-off dealt with accordingly

6.         Evelyn Drive - Concept Master Plan Submission
            This item was deferred from the May 07, 2007 Council Meeting.
            Further information to be provided by the Manager of Community Planning
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated April 27, 2007 from the Manager of Community Planning be received.
Geri Boyle: ED Master Plan is a two-step process
covenant set out Apr 2; Master Plan concept first, then refinement and full prep of Master Plan
sets out approval of Master Plan and it will be coming to Ccl
to Design Review Cmte for support, then moves on to refinement
once Master Plan submitted bigger process -- to Design, then out to public; may be revisions then only then come to Ccl for acceptance for that Master plan
basis for DPs, building permits, etc
this is the concept master plan-- went to Design Review May 3; noted terraced bldg plan approp and sensitive; and ...........
wanted to go further, looking at density distribution, taking some off bottom and put into area A
felt cantilevered bldgs deserved more thought
did suggest alternate uses for this edge and that wd require a bylaw amendment but dvpr not interested in commercial
identified there needed to be a sensitivity to TWay; that's where a lot of ppl driving by will see
felt a strategy wd be nec to differentiate architectural character rather than mono
improve floor plan within envelope
wanted linkages need to be explored and expanded
felt devpr shd retain connection to western; we explained lengthy process to where we were
to summarize, support for the concept, a big step forward
areas they want to look at it
devpr has that, design team looking at that
[Heritage House] 742 Keith Rd; was considered by HAC last year; Spaxman did comment on that; was discussed with Ccl in looking at with with regard to Cmty, so many cd focus on
Mayor: timeline
GB: part in devpr's hands; if submitted prior to May 28 (ie May 25), then the District wd hv six weeks to take it to Design Review and for comment by public
if outcome favourable then to Ccl for acceptance
May 28 critical b/c wanted it to be obvious if plan came in May 28 cdn't have public....
Mayor: wanted to be clear about...
GB: anticipate public first; then on Ccl agenda and then public can comment directly
welcome any comments ahead of time
JC: you mentioned term cantilevered
in my mind I had waterfall, opposite; where are we going
GB: the bldgs flow down the slope; at south end they come out and are elevated above the ground
open area at the end of the apt bldgs [pointing -- this end]
concern condo owners worried lingering in open areas
VV: have spoken previously re 742
I must say, appreciate the chronological order of events from the Mgr of Planning
but leaves me still astonished where we are
was referred to a consultant in May 2006; hired and had Don Luxton Report recommend [preservation]
but in June presented to HAC said it's a signif, .... land shd be preserved
having received that statement, comes as a surprise
come to Dec 2006 but no one commented on 742 Keith Rd, the assumption was clear [kept]
but abandoned why? ....
based on?
I don't know how we believed we had the right to disregard the HAC
and based on public mention
what other not mentioned for six months might disappear
don't understand authority
given HAC primary heritage value
we shd restore the preservation.... to devpr
not prob with the devpr; $2.5M in trust [for cmnty benefit/amenities]
[incumbent on] all of us, not a prob with the dvpr
don't think we have the right; we're trustees; have to recognize
for future generations; what we've preserved for them and what we've destroyed
new, interesting; old-fashioned...; ....who can say
present... completely different
had experts' opinion, think shd be preserved
JC: wd like to remind Ccl; under no obligation to take advice from any of our advisory cmtes
process is to hear their opinion
said before and will say again and again, on last legs, ...
yes, social b/c had tea there
take that bldg, for a buck; certainly spend half a million, restoring, then on million dollar lot....
just to spend money like this willy nilly complete folly and irresponsible

{Yet again, NO ONE suggested spending a million or even half a million; looking for someone to put it to some use that wd benefit the cmnty -- we're in dire need of childcare as we all know, so what if space found on school grounds?  certainly more attractive than trailers, and they're put there whether temporary or permanent!
Important to look at the glass as half full rather than half empty; worse still to throw the glass away!
Exaggeration frightens/repels, does not foster practical beneficial solutions.}

get a really nice plaque; understand this is its third site, put it on original site
VV: I don't think we hv to put it on million dollar land
300+; cd add this as a bonus
land wdn't be worth a million dollars; special designation
worth making point architectural, not [paramount in this case]
connection with history; late Queen Mother and King George VI had tea during visit
was to commemorate the opening of LGBridge; founding of WV
as distinct from architectural merit
JF: in order to resolve this concern
not clear what Cclr V is proposing, maybe she cd pass an amendment
Mayor: remember Ccl did deal with this and voted against relocation?

{Nope.  Mayor was absent but it was to explore options b/c found out only end of March just before it was about to be demolished.  In consideration of the fact the historical/heritage groups were not aware of the situation, Millennium kept extending the date (from Apr 15), now to May 21.  Just realized extent of concession when I learned May 16 that the house is in a critical location needed for access so the time given by the devpr is appreciated, a concession necessitated b/c of lack of notice by staff.  That's why I urge a better process.}

SSch: there was a motion and it was defeated
Mayor: at one time we asked Mllnm to preserve; right now it's in way
GB: relocation in first go-round; we had a diff Cmnty Benefits pkg and did include relocation
Mayor: list of other choices
relocn explored, not found; did ask if anyone interested in exploring it
now down to salvage and heritage and interpretation
if H interested, valuable part ...  in budget to do something Cclr JC
GB: we can certainly do that

7.         Transition to E-Comm Radio System and Provincial Integrated Road Safety Program             Acting Chief Constable to provide information.
Chief Nickerson:  enhance Police Service
Nov 2006 Ccl authorized conversion Class B to A
Mar 7 JIT training plan; did go live on Mar 27 in 2007
wide area radio system one of a handful that exist in NAm; we're 14th and final Police Dept to join
shared multi-...... multishared agency; police fire ambulance;....
links to prov dispatch sys; signif milestone for WVPD and for WV
no more important aspect than communication; and advantage
JF: in spite of fact last minute and intense, any diff or seamless
A/Chief: seamless b/c of training
JF: thank them for their efforts
A/Ch: will pass that on
Mayor: integrated policing
A/Chief: moved into in Feb this year
prov integrated; intent police effort targeted.....
integrated unit is funded totally by prov govt; intent of Lower Mainland unit is to enhance already existing units
composed of resources New Westminster, Port Moody, WV, and RCMP
I've assigned one as fully seconded
ofc established in New Westminster; joint mgmt team
goal if IRSU team, prevent crashes; deploying to high crash locations from data collected
priorities are data driven: seatbelts, impaired drivers, intersections, and aggressive drivers
marked and unmarked -- stylized decal
fully funded unit; gives us another resource/focus for safety
*** top ten crash locations in WV identified:
LGB; MDr and TWay, Hwy No 1 and TWay,
15th and Marine, 17th and Marine, 13th and Marine where it joins with Keith Rd, 14th and Marine, 25th and Marine, 16th and Marine,
Inglewood and TWay

{hm.  Those ppl on the Ambleside Town Strategy WG better pay attention to Marine Dr from 13th to 17th where ev intersection is among the top ten accident locations!}

top factors: following too closely, speeding, and weather
Mayor: diff it's made?
Ans: just started to
JC: Delta?
Ans: Delta and Vanc didn't want to join club
JC: reasons?
Ans: suffering from a lack of resources, diff filling positions; we have a full complement of staff
Sop: integrated unit will it have input into truck safety on hwy? inspection prog?
Ans: no, doesn't deal with commercial vehicle enforcement
item jt mgmt team will look at, once full strength on the unit
Sop: in outlining crash sites, do you give indicators to District? congestion concern in this cmnty
Ans: traffic long as identified by MarkTrend
over half dozen years worked closely with District
dealing with TWay, limited impact dealing with prov agencies, always a struggle but improved over last few years
Sop: do we know status of prov govt's vision re TWay and Marine?
traffic mgmt a serious prob.  Where's that report? on our own? if giving us msgs when act on it?
CAO: consultant's report submitted to Min; will supply some of our preferences
have bn working on signalling; hope back in month or so
Ans: this is a prov initiative, IRSU (Integrated Road Safety Unit); working in partnership with other provincial ministries, to reduce accidents and improve traffic flow; province-wide; others in other parts of prov

Mayor: cd I suggest reversing 8 and 9 b/c Mr Lee is here from Cap college
8.         2007 First Quarter Water Consumption Update (for receipt) [See end of mtg; deferred to next]

9.         Capilano College - Campus 2020 Report (File:  0195?05)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT Council supports the concept of Capilano College being designated as a regional university. 
came out about ten days ago and CC has responded vigorously
bn recommended four regional unis
CC has been granting degrees in partnership with ..... for some 15 years
become a regional uni if that's the way to go
requesting support form Ms in the region; received from NV and ..... up the coast
Deep Cove to Pemberton to Sunshine Coast
..... regional colleges and that's the support we're seeking
RD: didn't the govt withdraw about granting degrees
Ans: yes, withdrawn
this college was lead in 2001 to get degree granting
feel landscape will change dramatically......
right now public don't distinguish between ....... and colleges
wd be become greater and ..... to attracting foreign students and affect $$$$
RD: teaching more than research?
Ans: support adult edu, trades training to degrees; broad-based institution with ability right through to master's level; teaching focus
RD: one in.. V
Ans: closest wd be Thompson Rivers U; none in Vancouver, none in prov
RD: Region
RD: what's the diff
Ans: name
RD: this whole thrust is unwise; the two-year colleges are extremely valuable
excellent professional vocational prog, ...... valuable
as soon as you go to four years, go away from direct....
I taught at SFU from year it opened till four or five years ago
appreciated college students, trained for work force, and excellent students
have two universities --- Bowen Island, ??
no reason for Cap college to be a ....
ill-advised moving toward four year to regional
any two-year college will want to expand to four if it can; brings prestige, attracts more ppl
shd be opposed
two-year v valuable in their own right; change nature
Ans: OECD report; changed all over the world; prep for most jobs four-yr, in NAm a degree
since 1991/2 giving ....degrees
many colleges have given similar degrees
what we're asking for, not a change in what we do, do give four-yr degrees; what we're saying is from univ colleges to regional univs to keep in, have to go along
in NAm, four- to six-yr degrees way to go
the degrees we give are not based on research; support research institutions, but must have other avenues and can't afford to make all research; diff, teacher focused
the world has moved on beyond two-year prep for employment, now four
CAO: perhaps a subtle changing to wording
"concept designated as a regional uni, shd regional universities be implemented by the prov govt"
Mayor: I accept that slight change  ....that's what it's all about
Ans: students not normally going to SFU or UBC, not research, skills go to employment
RD: was particularly upset,  [Cap? special?] college not giving degrees
we had students at SFU get degree and wd go back to college, for example take journalism to get a job
not at higher uni with a more academic approach; did vocational work, and some academically oriented
SFU, UBC, UVic becoming more research oriented, ....
Ans: we are not going to get out of the biz of transferring students to unis; we're asking to continue to do innovative things
do not want to be a discipline-based arts and science; art therapy those unis wd not do
Mayor: we appreciate.......
JF: new wording to motion
PASSED {see bold above}

Mayor: back to Item 8
MS: in view of import of item 8 and the fact that Raymond Fung, our staff mbr who administers the water meter prog [is absent?], and the fact we're now staggering up to two-hour mark, losing our battle to tighten these mtgs up, I wd suggest we defer water consumption report, a lot of ppl interested in, to next mtg
Mayor: deferred to May 28th mtg, thank you, good idea
RD: if Cclr Smith had sat on other ccls as I've sat on, he wd not find that 9 o'clock, or even the chance of closing at 9 o'clock losing control of one's mtgs.  I can distinctly remember many times pushing toward 11 o'clock, going on and on.  They've been remarkably brief, comparatively.

{In noting Cclr Smith's visible impatience, wch Cclr Day picked up on also, the v valid reason for deferring b/c the staff mbr involved in the administration of water metering was absent, somehow escaped notice.  Indeed, as Cclr Smith said to me later, wonder why on agenda if staff not there (and the Dir/Engg on sick leave). A good reason to defer, Cclr Smith, and no doubt there are residents who want to speak to this issue.}
10.      Correspondence List  (File:  0120?24)
Requests for Delegation  --  No items presented.
Action Required
(1)       May 03, 2007, regarding Water Utility Rates for 2007 (File: 0835?03/0835?04)
            Referred to the Directors of Finance and of Engineering/Transportation for consideration and response.
(2)       May 04, 2007, regarding Utilities Rates (File: 0835?03/0835?04)
            Referred to the Directors of Finance and of Engineering/Transportation for consideration and response.
(3)       Received on May 07, 2007, regarding Squamish Band Billboards (File: 0166?02?01)
Referred to the Director of Administrative Services for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(4)       S. Allard Strutt, Chief Executive Officer - British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association, April 17, 2007, regarding May 10, 2007, Move for Health Day
            Previously distributed due to timing of event.
(5)       A. Duyker, Community Action Coordinator - Canadian Cancer Society, British Columbia and Yukon and, Dr. R. Guasparini, Medical Health Officer - Fraser Health, April 26, 2007, regarding Tobacco Control Act
(6)       Form Letters (4) regarding Ambleside Town Centre Strategy (File: 2520?01)
(7)       April 29, 2007, regarding North Shore Emergency Management Office (File: 0180?16)
(8)       April 29, 2007, regarding Revitalized Ambleside Village (File: 2520?01)
(9)       R. Taylor, Executive Director and K. Vance, Senior Policy Advisor - Union of British Columbia Municipalities, May 01, 2007, regarding Modernization Strategy: Building Regulatory System
(10)     Union of BC Municipalities Secretariat, May 01, 2007, regarding Guide to Opportunities for Local Govt and Public Participation in Provincial Regulatory Processes for Independent Power Producers' Projects
(11)     May 01, 2007, regarding Proposed Redevelopment of Capilano West Restaurant Site - 2396 Marine Drive
(12)     Correspondence Items (27) regarding Squamish Nation Billboards (File: 0166?02?01)
Responses to Correspondence = ; --  No items presented.
Responses to Questions in Question Period  --  No items presented.

===  MAIKU  ===&n= bsp; [glimpses of Father Time May 17]

                        hard to come to terms
                                can't do all I want
                                        ..... even in a day
===  QUOTATIONS  ===

*  On paper cups for coffee in mtg room at DWV Hall (Starbucks -- The Way I See It #133):
Secrecy in the enemy of democracy. If politicians are acting honourably, they can do it with the doors open and the lights on.  [Bob Edwards, host, XM radio]

*  Those Greeks so often said it all!
Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber. [Plato]

*  Thinking of Ambleside and beyond: 
The automobile has not merely taken over the street, it has dissolved the living tissue of the city. Its appetite for space is absolutely insatiable; moving and parked, it devours urban land, leaving the buildings as mere islands of habitable space in a sea of dangerous and ugly traffic.  [James Marston Fitch, historic preservationist (1909-2000)]

~  A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools."
          -- Douglas Adams, 1952 - 2001 (who's he? see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Douglas_Adams)
~  He who dares not offend cannot be honest.
                -- Thomas Paine, philosopher and writer (1737-1809)
~  The fundamental delusion of humanity is to suppose that I am here and you are out there.
                -- Yasutani Roshi, Zen master (1885-1973)

*  TS Eliot in his 1942 poem "Little Gidding":
                "What we call the beginning is often the end
                And to make an end is to make a beginning.
                The end is where we start from."

*  Definition:  Frustration is trying to find your glasses without your glasses.