May 28 NOTES
Ccl AGENDA Jun 4
Calendar to 16

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Wasn't that a fabulous Cmnty Day! Good thing the weather held its rain till after.
Really enjoyed the three excellent houses (NV/WV) on the Heritage Society of BC tour during the annual conference held this year May 31 to June 3 in NV, as well as the 12 homes on the Heritage Vancouver Foundation tour Sunday June 3rd.
All that plus being part of the parade (in my 1965 Renault Caravelle cream convertible. and Tom Wardell, former Chair of HAC, in his 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass red convertible) as Heritage West Van to let everyone know the RoyalTea at Dundarave Park again this year is 2 - 4pm on Saturday July 28.
The heritage house in Ev Dr devt HAC recommended kept, was a CB in previous bylaw, staff told devpr not worth keeping, Mllnm tho in way of access kindly extended demolition from Apr 15, when the buyer for $1 came forward end of May, optimistic, but he was turned off by staff, so finally (in way of access) it was demolished June 4.  There's got to be a better process.
=  MAIN ITEMS Ccl Mtg Agenda June 4th
= Ipsos Reid Survey results; Ev Dr Master Plan Submission; Quarterly Report 2007; 4769 The Highway - Excess Rock Removal (and Stop Work Orders);  Bylaws (Sign, Traffic, Parking, Fees, Charges); Zoning bylaw introduction for Collingwood's Wentworth Campus and PH June 25th;
=  Vive le Canada; INFObit WV; THEATREWATCH; Salmagundi; Calendar to June 15th (best efforts, not all mtgs on DWV Calendar but most now, and sometimes changes); Ccl Mtg May 28 NOTES (Collingwood breaches bylaw says will obey in 2010! but no guarantee; ~$140K in Grants, Ccl Remuneration, Water); Ccl AGENDA June 4; Saving Capilano Steelhead; May Maiku; Quotations
*  Capt George Vancouver died at age 40 in 1798.  There's an excellent series on him in the Vancouver Sun.
*  While disappointed we've lost about half of our strawberry farmers b/c of competition from elsewhere (California, Mexico, and China), it was absolutely shocking to learn (VSun May 28 pE3, the excellent Jonathan Manthorpe) that "According to UN numbers, China now produces nearly half the world's vegetables and 16% of the world's fruit."
My message: support BC farms, buy BC products!
=== INFObit WV
When I tell ppl that about 40% of WV's popn of roughly 42K live in multifamily dwellings, it's a surprise.  Now I'm also going to say they live on 5% of the land.  And watch faces, minds whirring doing the calculation and making the connection.........
=== My first YOUTUBE recommendation [and viewed by ~2M ppl in about a month!]
This one's for those who appreciate art.  It's called Women in Art (in West) and in just under three minutes it goes through 500 years: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUDIoN-_Hxs
===  THEATREWATCH -- T= he Andersen Project by Robert Lepage (was at the QE)
If you love theatre and didn't see this incredible and imaginative creation, that's a pity.  For us it was truly a memorable experience.  The acting was perfect -- Lepage himself wrote, directed, and acted the parts, moving seamlessly from English to Quebecois to a French/Parisian accent.  The sets, lighting, and music were brilliant combinations to great and varied video and special effects.  An elegant drawing room was projected on the back screen and it looked as if Lepage was really walking around the room and even up the stairs; pounding rhythm matched with bursts of colour were a breathtaking rush.  The cultural interplay of Quebecois/Canadian and French and English and Danish was fascinating.  The music went from Donizetti and Grieg to Sarah McLachlan and Offenbach.  It is an honour that Lepage chose Vancouver for the English language North American premiere of The Andersen Project.
His other play here, the far side of the moon, was unusual but lacked the impact of this.
I rarely stand even when others around me are standing during the applause, but I was up immediately at the end of this one.
Some exceptional moments.
===  SALMAGUNDI from the Guardian Weekly
*  Orthodox church leaders meet for reunification
The Russian Orthodox church healed an 80-year rift when a rival faction set up in the West by monarchists fleeing the Soviet Union restored ties with the mother church in a lavish cathedral ceremony in Moscow. The leaders of the two factions signed a reunification document at the ceremony. President Vladimir Putin was present.
*  Journalists quit en masse
Eight reporters from the Russian News Service, a state-controlled broadcast news agency, have resigned en masse in one of the few open rebellions against censorship imposed by the Kremlin.
*  17th time on Everest
A Nepalese Sherpa scaled Mount Everest for a record 17th time. Appa, 46, was part of a team on a climb to raise education funds for the children of mountain guides
* Ned Kelly still elusive
Australia's most notorious outlaw, Ned Kelly, appears to have given the authorities the slip again when it was discovered that his remains are missing and their whereabouts is a mystery. Kelly was hanged for his crimes in 1880.
* From PM to plant manager
North Korea has demoted its former prime minister to manager of a chemical plant. Pak Pong-ju was named chief administrator of the Suchon Vinalon complex after being sacked from his government post last month because he suggested an incentive-based wage system for workers, an idea deemed too similar to capitalism.

===  CALENDAR to June 15th  ===  [all at M Hall unless otherwise]
--->  For events at KMC, see www.kaymeekcentre.com
+++  Dundarave Farmers' Markets Saturdays 10 to 4pm  +++ [Ambleside's coming soon!]
=89+++  SILK PURSE&nbs= p; +++ see www.silkpurse.ca
June 5-17, 2007 -- "Jazzed"
In many African cultures, there is a close connection between music and language. The music of northern Africa and parts of the Sahara are more closely connected to Middle Eastern music. The music and dance forms like Caribbean and Latin American music genres, as well as African American music, were founded on musical traditions from Africa taken there by slaves. A general description of African Music is not possible, but an exhibition of Jazz musicians is a sheer delight if you have ever seen the work of Vancouver talented artists Jennifer Brouse & Jason Craft.  Opening Reception: Tuesday, June 5th from 6-8 pm
Opening Reception hosted by the Friends of the Library. Everyone is welcome. 6:30 - 8pm Friday June 1st
From waterfront and architecture to intimate portraits and landscapes, the lenses of five photographers take our everyday world into the extraordinary. Works by Kenneth Dyck, Doris Fiedrich, Gary Hubbs, Katherine Kerr, and Kelly Wharton.
Join Joe Ronsley for an ongoing reading & discussion of Ulysses. Drop in to any session, 10:30am - 12:30pm in the Peter J. Peters Room. For more info call the Reference Dept. at 925 7405. Dates: June 5, 19
+ GARDEN SENSE: Secrets of an Experienced Gardener
Thurs, June 7: North Shore gardening expert and North Shore News gardening columnist Roy Jonsson will launch his new book. 7:30 - 9pm. Peter J. Peters Room. Everyone welcome.
June 5 - 24  =  ART ROCKS = Carole Arnston: paintings, Ian Rowles: stone sculpture
Opening Reception: 6 - 8pm ~ Tuesday June 5; Artists' Talk: 2pm  ~ Saturday June 9
+++ Sea-to-Sky Highway Improvement Project Open Houses
The Sea-to-Sky Highway Improvement Project invites local residents, businesses, and stakeholders to attend an open house to provide feedback on detailed design features such as gateway signage, lighting, and landscape plans, associated with improvements to the West Vancouver section of the Sea-to-Sky Highway.  The Sea-to-Sky Highway improvements, to be completed in 2009, improve safety, reliability, and capacity and will serve population growth and economic development in the corridor as demand increases for resident, visitor travel, and goods movement.  Community feedback can be provided by attending an open house or by accessing consultation materials, including an on-line feedback form which will be available on May 23 -- www.seatoskyimprovements.ca
West Vancouver Open Houses
   Tuesday, May 29th: 6:30 - 8:30 pm; WV Yacht Club Clubhouse, 5854 Marine Drive 
   Tuesday, June 5th: 6:30 - 8:30pm; Christ the Redeemer Church, 599 Keith Road 
For further information please contact:
Sea-to-Sky Highway Improvement Project Office; Ph. 604-775-1104; Fx. 604-775-1144
E-mail: info@seatoskyimprovements.ca; Website: www.seatoskyimprovements.ca

== Fri, June 1st ==
~ 8am - 5pm ~  Smart Growth's Annual Conference 2007
Building Complete Communities - Developers Leading the Way
SFU Harbour Ctr -- For conference details and list of speakers, see: http://www.smartgrowth.bc.ca/Outreach/2007Conference/tabid/127/Default.aspx

== Sat, June 2nd == 
+ WV Cmnty Day Parade and festivities 9 - 4pm Ambleside Park +
[See Parade Photos now available on www.westvan60.com click on "Gallery" on the left side menu.
To view an album click on the blue album heading, to view in a "slide show" click on that in upper right corner.]

== Sun, June 3rd ==
~  8am ~ Monthly Bird Count: Lighthouse Park Preservation Society
        Please call Marja at 604-921-3382 to register.  Meet at the upper kiosk in the parking lot.
~  2 - 5pm ~ Caulfeild Days Festival to be confirmed (Caulfeild Village Mall)

== Tues, June 5th == [See opening receptions at FBG and Silk Purse above]
~ 8 - 9:30am ~  Ambleside Town Centre Strategy Working Group at Chamber of Commerce
~ 4:30pm ~  F&A cmte
Acclaimed interior designer offers tips for creating enduring style, and shares stories about projects and people he's worked with.  Free.  Chancellor Place, UBC, 1716 Theology Mall; 778 330 1490.

== Wed, June 6th == 
~ 5:30 - 9pm ~ Community Centre Governance Working Group SEMINAR at the Srs' Ctr
~ 7:30pm ~ Please join Georgia Strait Alliance for our Annual General Meeting and an evening with one of BC's most inspirational scientists, authors and photographers.
Wild Salmon are Sacred: an evening with Alexandra Morton.
There is no one who better exemplifies our passion for this region - its communities, waters, and wildlife -- than Alexandra Morton. Her tireless work to protect the Broughton Archipelago from the encroachment of fish farms is well known, as are her studies, over the last 20 years, of whale and dolphin communication in the region. As one of only a very few cetacean researchers who has carried out a long-term study of whales in a single area, she is very aware of the changes that have occurred to our coastal waters over time. During this evening, Alex will be giving us her perspective on the health of wild salmon in BC.
Also joining us to introduce Alex will be Dr. Daniel Pauly, Professor and Director, Fisheries Centre, UBC
When: Wed June 6th at 7:30 pm; Where: Buchanan Building Room A106, 1866 Main Mall, UBC
Admission by Donation - $5 minimum (at the door)
Alex will be speaking following Georgia Strait Alliance's Annual General Meeting and social.
Annual General Meeting: When: Wed June 6th at 5:30 pm
Where: Aquatic Ecosystems Laboratory Room #107, Fisheries Centre, 2202 Main Mall, University of British Columbia
RSVP for AGM and/or presentation by contacting Michelle Young in Nanaimo at (250) 753- 3459 or by email to gsa@georgiastrait.org

== Thurs, June 7th ==
~ 4:30 - 6:30pm ~ Design Review Cmte moved from May 24 - I had been told EVELYN DRIVE MASTER PLAN wd be coming back after considering what was suggested at the last mtg but it's not on the agenda (well, you never know), however this is what is:1305 Marine Drive, Shell Gas Station Renovation.  Rezoning and Development Permit Application.  Pacific Land Group.
UPDATE re EVELYN DRIVE PLAN: moved to June 28 Design Review Agenda; in the meantime, visit Park Royal North from 2 - 7pm on THURSDAY, June 14 where there will be a display and staff to answer questions.
~ 5 - 7pm ~ NSACDI at CNV
~ 5:30 - 8pm ~  Rodgers Creek Working Group (Presentation by BPP)
~ 7:30 - 9pm ~ Garden Sense (Talk at Library, see above)

== Fri, June 8th == Library Foundation Croquet Tournament: 11am - 9pm [it has TBD on the DWV Calendar and no place but probably at Lawn Bowling Club]

== Sat, June 9th == Nort= h Shore Walks - 10am to noon in John Lawson Park
~ 9am to noon ~ Lighthouse Park Broom Pull -- EXTRA=8A=8A..Scotch Broom removal
The society removed broom from the eastern bluffs in May, but there is quite a lot more to be removed, so please join us if you have an hour or two to help. Just wear old clothes and work gloves, and bring clippers or loppers if you have them. Otherwise we will supply tools.  Meet at the upper kiosk in the parking lot at 9am.  Scotch Broom was introduced to this province in the mid1800s, and has spread so much that it has become a destructive weed. It is a member of the "pea" family.  Broom takes over sunny bluffs, crowding out native shrubs like the Nootka Rose and Spirea, and alters the soil composition so that native wild flowers cannot survive. Learn more about this plant at the June 9th broom pull.

== Sun, June 10th ==
~ 8:15am - 12:15pm ~ Grouse Mountain Seek the Peak Relay - Ambleside Park - Grouse Mtn
~ 10am - noon ~ Rick Hansen Wheels in Motion at Ambleside Park
~ 10am - 1pm ~ Eagle Harbour 5km Family Run/Walk at Parc Verdun

== Tues, June 12th ==
~ 8- 9:30am ~ Ambleside Town Ctr Strategy WG at Ch of Commerce
~ 4:30pm probably F&A (Finance & Audit) -- NOT on DWV Calendar yet
~ possibly 7pm? at Collingwood School, Morven? supposed to be a public mtg with nbrs about how to deal with their abrogation of the conditions of their upzoning.  They have well over 700 enrolled but allowed 600 (already a concession b/c prev school was 450), with resulting increased traffic and parking problems feared.  (And yes, I voted for the school's special zoning when on Ccl.) The noncompliance for several years still puzzles me b/c for school to receive its funding from province, the District has to sign a document confirming compliance with all M bylaws.
== Wed, June 13th ==
~ 7:30am ~ WV Ch of Commerce AGM (election of new directors) at Hollyburn Country Club.  Nomination Form is available in May Newsletter on line www.westvanchamber.com or at office 1310 Marine.
~ 10am ~ Cmnty Engagement Cmte
~ 2:30pm ~ Heritage Plan Implementation WG

== Thurs, June 14th ==
~ 9am - 5pm ~ Heart & Stroke Fdn Big Bike for Stroke Event at the Village at Park Royal
~ 2 - 7pm ~ EVELYN DRIVE MASTER PLAN displayed at Park Royal North with staff to answer your questions (will also be on Saturday June 16 from 10am to 4pm).
~ 5:30pm ~ Rodgers Crk Area WG -- See the latest presentation/plans for the 208 acres
~ 7 - 8:30pm ~ City Making in Paradise -- SFU Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings
Free admission, reservations required: Email cs_hc@sfu.ca or call 604.291.5100
Mike Harcourt (past Mayor and Premier) and Ken Cameron (past regional planner) talk about what's in their new book, written with Sean Rossiter: nine decisions that shaped the Greater Vancouver Region. Hear first-hand perspectives from those who did the shaping. Also: comments from a panel of 'new leaders'-the shapers of today.  Details: http://www.sfu.ca/city/fpl6popup.htm

== Fri, June 15th ==
~ 8:45am ~ Arts & Culture Strategy Implementation WG

== Sat, June 16th
~ 9am - noon ~ WV Cmnty Ctr Trunk Sale at Cmnty Ctr (Yes, that's what the WV Calendar says but where???)
~ 6 - 8:30pm ~ PIPES by the SEA -- in Ambleside Park
The Firefighters of West Vancouver are hosting the third annual "Pipes by the Sea" Festival, featuring the Vancouver Police Pipe Band, Seaforth Highlanders Regimental Pipe Band, JP Fell Pipe Band, Calgary Fire Department Pipe Band, and the West Vancouver Youth Band. 
Entry is by donation, and all proceeds raised go to the West Vancouver Fire Fighters Charitable Society.
Seating is limited - come early and bring your lawn chairs! Info: 604-999-9291.

=======  CCL MTG NOTES May 28th =======  Cclr Clark absent
2. ADOPTION OF MINUTES: April 30 Special Regular Ccl Mtg; May 07 Regular Ccl Mtg; May 09 Special Regular Ccl Mtg; May 11 Special Regular Ccl Mtg; May 14, 2007 Committee of the Whole; and May 14 Special Regular Ccl Mtg.
Mayor:  On Friday, May 25, 2007 Jessie Binning died at 101 years old. Jessie and her late husband Bertram Charles (B.C.) Binning built their iconic modern house in West Vancouver in 1941.  With Jessie's unwavering support for her husband's artistic development the couple brought modernism to Canada's west coast. The Binnings were exposed to modernism on their travels to Europe and New York in the late 1930s and noted how "art, architecture[, and life could] intermingle in dynamic unity".
With this in mind the Binnings built their hillside house and studio here in West Vancouver.  With its unique flat-roofed construction and painted murals, it was one of the first of its kind in Canada.  Jessie's family had a summer house in Gleneagles where they were married in 1936 and its seaside location was an inspiration for her husband's art. A tree was planted at the West Vancouver Museum in honour of Jessie's 100th birthday in 2005.
Bert and Jessie were two individuals of such contrasting natures as to be a perfect match in the constant delight they gave each other. Bert's massive frame and expansive rough-shod humour contrasted with Jessie's immaculate elegance (and refinement) that suggested her affinity to things Japanese, which her early trips to Japan with her merchant father had instilled in her. Her petiteness, charm, and perfectly tailored presence were the foil to Bert's intellectual curiosity and passionate energy. Their expeditions at sea, and her willing adaptation to a confined galley, contrasted with the delectable fare she served in the dining room of their remarkably appointed home, a product of Bert's art and architecture.
~~ Did a bit of research b/c I knew the house had been designated heritage; this says built in 1940.  The impressive news is that the family requested heritage designation, the only individual resident request in WV.  From the NSNews 1999 Sept 27:
THE Binning Residence at 2968 Mathers Crescent was designated a heritage site by West Vancouver Council on Monday.
The 59-year-old house will be the first modern architectural house in Canada and only the third property in West Vancouver to be designated a heritage site. The Gertrude Lawson house and Ferry building are the other two....
The house was designed and built in 1940 by famed artist B.C. Binning with the help of architects C.E. Pratt and R.A.D. Berwick. It is one of the first West Coast post and beam homes and is in virtually original condition. Earlier this year, Heritage Canada declared it a national historic site.
Because the federal declaration gives no protection to the house, West Vancouver decided to give it municipal protection.
Here's the url: http://www.nsnews.com/issues99/w092799/09229904.html
3.         Alternative Motion - Collingwood School - Morven Parking (File:  1800?01)
            1.         The alternative proposal for addressing the Collingwood School (Morven) number of students / parking issue described in the report dated May 18, 2007 from the Community Planner, be considered on June 18, 2007.
            2.         Staff send the alternative proposal outlined in this report to neighbours living within 200 metres of the Morven campus for review and comment; and
            3.         Collingwood School be requested to hold a neighbourhood information meeting on the details of the alternative proposal prior to June 18, 2007 at the Morven campus.  Notification will be sent by Collingwood School to all neighbours within 200 metres of the school.
Andy LePerseur? (cd not hear clearly and no hope of spelling it right): apologize to my nbrs not able to Glenmore Nbrhd Cmte
misrepresented; share this disappointment; distanced myself from the cmte
petition; signatures from over 80 householders still in hands of the cmte
Ccl endorsed
am sure you've already noticed how one-sided: abrogation of bylaw; School to be non-compliance until 2010, 150 more students
represents 495 students until Wentworth completed
without guarantees and even without a solid commitment will ever happen
only compliance with existing bylaw is 2010
the Glenmore recommendations not even mentioned
personally wonder why anybody wd want to wait until 2010 to be in position we are in today
not my job what is best for them
crystal clear msg, without being edited by anyone
my position of the situation is totally misconstrued, p4 of the record starting "one citizen of the cmte"; understand from Mr Stuart too late to correct it
new notice to nbrs regarding June 18 mtg, District will provide clarification that that info was incorrect and will read as follows:
one citizen Mr X categorically rejected the proposal
convinced that the recomm, petition 80% does not... agreement
the nbrhd cmte was in possession of this petition and only mandate was to deliver it to Ccl
withholding the petition, acting unethically with result prior consultation
reduction of number of students to 495 by 2010 not.... rather a conditional promise if school ....Wentworth
CAO: gentleman has brought his concerns; have circulated to Ccl and they are well aware of your concerns
Ans: v important; nevertheless the damage was done, it is now a public document
some nbrs have two versions they think what I'm saying here and what is in the record
Mayor: not deterred, applies to everyone
Roger Wright: Collingwood School fully supports this recommended motion and we feel the alternate proposal has been the result of productive and cordial discussion with nbrs wch included Andy and others.  Will admit these discussions long overdue
but the alternate proposal, we're grateful for the acknowledgement of the Ccl and the tolerance of the nbrhd to continue to be noncompliant until Sept 2010; we're appreciative of that
many ppl realize that a precipitous downsizing wd be difficult for the school
many in the nbrhd appreciative of measure taken in the interim to mitigate
will try to do all of those things
covenant between ourselves and District
ban student parking around school and will police it ourselves; will continue to run shuttles, one at Clyde and the other at Hollyburn
try to encourage in ev way possible to take advantage of this
take less [sic] cars into our nbrhd
bus system really quite sensitive but underutilized; we highly subsidize them
factoring into our budget a bus fee as part of tuition and hopefully [sic] if ev pays for the bus they'll use them more
solemn undertaking be compliant to 600 in 2010 regardless of Wentworth
think the DP will be introduced to Ccl in a week's time
once middle school moved there, we'd be around 495 and happy to be downzoned
diff between 450 and 495; some new programs
good nbrhd pledge and begin regular mtgs with our nbrs, quarterly basis
so petty annoyances don't blow up; report to Ccl on a yearly basis re Wentworth
re lot: abandoned plans to build a drug rehabilitation -- sorry, that's a joke
capital asset for school; any rezoning responsibility of this Ccl; will liquidate as soon as we get the best deal for it
will agree to any sanctions if we don't
do think good idea to have a public mtg wch we will host, Tuesday June 12 at our school
will notify the local cmnty
best thing that has occurred is start of healthy relationship with our local cmnty
wd like to be a school nbrhd wd be proud to have and will work for that
Sop: there's another component of this nbrhd school and Dist
Collingwood wd guarantee a legal statement, keep Morven to 500 or less regardless of what happens?
RW: at this point no
what we've agreed to in this wd be to go down to the legal compliance in 2010 regardless of Wentworth
once we have an occupancy permit for Wentworth we wd drop to 450 and wd pledge to keep it below 500

{incredulous listening to this. 
For many years now (before 2004), Collingwood willingly/knowingly has been breaching the conditions of the special zoning it was granted -- increase of enrolment from 450 to 600 over objections of nbrs at the time -- and now it's viewed as a concession or compromise to comply in 2010 but won't guarantee that?
Remember, this is being predicated on getting permission to build Wentworth -- it almost sounds like a if you don't give us the permits for the new campus we won't abide by the conditions we were granted for Collingwood.  Disconcerting, to say the least.
Excuse me, I support private schools (have even taught in some in my travels) and applaud Collingwood for its high standards) but I'm having trouble reconciling excellent academic standards with blatant breaching of WV's bylaws and inconsiderate intrusion into nbrhd.
Can't quite square the circle.
Why not apologize profusely as soon as caught out and make alternate arrangements.  Cclr V's suggestion (a bit later below) is a good one: they're closing schools in NV, move a couple of grades there temporarily.  Imaginative, determined, and sincere Collingwood staff and parents are indeed capable of redeeming their reputation by abiding by the M's bylaws much sooner than 2010!  Maybe even this fall?
Tongue in cheek: Cedardale? Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr is being subsidized by the taxpayer by at least $600K a year it's been reported -- why not lease to Collingwood temporarily, certainly saves us money and might even make us money.
If 150 over allowed enrolment now (and rumours are that it's more than that, the number 815 floated by my ear), how many are graduating, finishing this year?  That might mean fewer than 100 to be accommodated.  Part of a grade's classes cd be elsewhere, gym at GCC so off Collingwood campus part of the time.....
Anyway, perhaps I'm just old-fashioned but frankly it's shocking -- why aren't they embarrassed to have broken their word, their legal commitment/conditions? and not trying to rectify the situation to come into compliance asap?
What sort of example are they setting for the young minds they're developing?
It's all right to defy/ignore the law if it's to your personal benefit?
Do they offer a civics course?
There are many intelligent and wealthy families and staff at Collingwood -- let's hope honourable as well -- surely they can come up with a solution even by this fall now that illegal operation exposed.  Is there no shame any more in this society?  Has defiance supplanted it?  Disregard for the law?  condescension with lesser consideration given to their residential nbrs?
When on Ccl I voted FOR the new zoning to establish this excellent school with great potential and value to the cmnty (I even paid $4K for an item at its fundraising auction); I'm profoundly disappointed that consequently, even the increased enrolment (to 600) they were permitted (450 in prev school there), they have blatantly broken the law and abused the goodwill granted them by the residential nbrhd.}

JF: the # of conditions seem to require some sort of monitoring; is the school going to be doing the monitoring and reporting?
RW: we have been
[voices from gallery: no, you haven't]
bylaw officer can help us with this
Mayor: really important for ev to have his say; this is definitely going to a public mtg June 12
Reno Stradiotto: with your indulgence can this gentleman go before me
Doug Quinville: Glengarry Crescent
asked to address you on behalf of Douglas Jamieson unfortunately not able to attend this evening
support the alternative proposal compiled by Jim Bailey
attended by Madam Mayor who offered her office and..... [named others]
great regret and sadness one of our nbrs did not view favourably
two components: commitment to ongoing dialogue hope will be one of the greater legacies
School has banned all school parking in our nbrhd; remarkable improvement
the primary negotiation around enrolment, do not believe Glenmore nbrhd wants to be vindictive
at 2010 moved, and Morven Gr 9 to 12 and be a senior school, and 495
with Wentworth the current bylaw to 600 will fall away
Collingwood School will remain appropriate to its location
onsite parking and ban on street parking
while cannot speak for Andy XXXX; proposal guarantees will be obeyed; it is true were not adhered to
what if it is not completed by 2010 -- shd not scuttle the process
maybe some teeth, advise us on the strength of this covenant
annual evaluation of status of Wentworth, shd be clear before 2010 if school has foundered, then has to comply with 600
once sod turned at Wentworth, enormous pressure to get completed asap
petition, 90% signed in April
strongly encourage my nbrs to support this proposal
RS: 75 Morven Dr, for 42 yrs
am not going to debate the elements of the revised proposal, probably done later
a bit of background wrt petition; it was a starting point of the cmnty
parking, congestion, parking lots; a litany of concerns
and the signatories, close to 100, had to have something to look at and consider; has to be some substance; that's how I saw the petition
I was and am a mbr of that negotiating team
subsequently we had a mtg with Mr Kirschner (facilitator) your good offices; saw we needed to look at this and not be punitive
we did; believe fair: to school and cmnty
think it needs to go into the cmnty; ev needs to have an opp to look at it and consider it
Colin Spicer: 81 Morven Dr
I too, part of group that met with staff as well as staff and Brian Kirschner to reach some consensus as to how to deal with situation for some years
if you drove up into the area today, all we've done is disperse parking
Stevens, [didn't catch this street's name], Bonnymuir have cars on it
can't be left to school, ongoing problem
mtg on 12th ideal for cmnty to have their say
three of us have divergent opinions
the issues we originally had in that petition addressed original and cmnty hasn't had time to see this alternate proposal
thought we had consensus but not the case; think mtg at school has to be an open mtg
cmnty has to have their say
parking issue is not going to go away
article in May 15 -- kids saying we're just going to park farther away
heaven knows what's going to happen when it starts to rain
residential parking only on this street one way to go
Bruce McCarten: not part of this process leading up to tonight
one who signed the petition and still looking to collect some information
been on website pulling off alternate motion
the last speaker, one much aligned with
this doc, these four who put time and energy into it, we do have different opinions as to what mandate they had
80 ppl wanted to send strong [msg to] Ccl and understand Ccl never received it and that's unfortunate
does have to be some definition
para 3C, provides min of 150 parking spots onsite, only speaks to minimums, not ranges -- 180, 175
3D improved pickup and dropoff facility -- went to dictionary to see what that meant, roof? goodness knows; want some definition
personal views, not part of this process, appreciate work gone into this
some trust issues
managing expectations
we might want to be good nbrs supporting Collingwood but with a speed limit there'd better be a police officer
put some teeth into this 495, nice some commitment to rezone
give us some light at the end of the tunnel so we can see some decrease in 2008 and 2009
since graduating don't have to fill all the spots
SJN: staff attempted to facilitate a fair certain solution to a problem situation and at the same time some improvements.
[referred to motion above and school mtg June 12]
current, school restricted to 600 students and they will be required to comply, the question is when
if rezoning on other campus will recommend reduced on Morven
Mayor: I did facilitate that mtg
nbrhd and school did not know ea other
in order for Ccl to have the best info before it if mbrs of school and nbrhd willing to talk, wd be better ideas
hope nbrhd view Collingwood as an asset
don't understand why we don't have the petition; wd like to see it
the first mtg in our ofc was v heated for two hours
don't know how the four mbrs of the cmnty were selected but thank them

{sounds like a sensible and positive approach}

[MOTION MADE adding June 12 public mtg]
MS: echo your comments
not easy for us to enforce our bylaws
go to court, get date, can't see any judge getting between M and school -- order parties get down
hope by 18th staff and parties can come up with something ev can buy into
Sop: fine private school; by its own popularity overstepped bylaw; equally fine nbrhd -- visited and passions running high, right to enjoy their nbrhd
those early mtgs with you Madam Mayor, think headed in right direction
hope won't create bad feelings
your mtg on the 12th shd hammer out all these details: traffic, parking, etc to come to this Chamber on 18th
believe we can come out with a win-win
emphatically look for some statement there'd be some reduction as to the stated time
so we know exactly where we're going by 2010
we cd go to court and it wd be a year

that wd be sooner than 2010
and doesn't the 'guilty' party have to pay legal costs so wdn't be at taxpayers' expense....}

think nbrs put their thinking caps on; still be some venting; I'll go to mtg
hope ironed out
block out an area, then shifts, will have those ppl on our backs
VV: really quite concerned our bylaws not being shown regard, not just in this case, but blasting, etc
we don't have much we can do about it
if we don't stand behind our bylaws, but that's our function
we don't even try to take a strong side
I do have sympathy for Mr Wright b/c he inherited this; true to try to move 150 students diff but will have to do it anyway
can't see much of a problem re that middle school -- vacating schools in NV, relocate those 280 students maybe if not this Sept, then 2008
I feel philosophically we're probably setting ourselves up for another set of problems
good attempt at a deal
notification will be sent to within 200 meters but that's where they won't be able to park and there'll be a problem there
not going to vote for this, making it drag out long term
JF: amazing and wonderful nbrhd and school talking
hope can be satisfied to the satisfaction of both; hope will be
the M needs to play some role and accept some responsibility for the bylaw not having been met....
so nbrs need to be assured
was supposed to be 600 before and they didn't; how can we trust
maybe by June mtg staff can come up with some sort of monitoring; need to see some clear lines of reporting
and when problems can be addressed right away and not allowed to fester and become sore in cmnty
wd like to see ...
look forward to M accepting some responsibility
Sop: when Cclr V said she wdn't vote on this b/c of this audience?
Mayor: doing nothing gets us nowhere, June 18th time for discussion
Sop: don't speak for me, I'm fine thank you

4.         Arts and Culture Grant Recommendations 2007
the Arts and Culture Working Group recommendations for Arts and Culture Grants, were approved as listed in prev newsletter for a total of $32,250
[Mayor left, RD in chair]
JF: there for public to see; know we have some ppl from the arts cmnty, and from Arts WG
RD: Cclr VV, have a question?
VV: question about the Mardi Gras, wonder if but not here
Mayor, returned: not on the list
KP: unless Ms Matheson wants to add anything
great deal of deliberation as there always is ev year; mbrs of cmnty
Mayor: wd you like to provide clarification re Mtn Mardi Gras
Cathy Matheson: withdrawn as event on NSh, failure of funding so withdrawn from DWV
MS: are we discussing Arts and Culture or?
Mayor: one at a time
MS: complete confidence in our staff's ability to go through and in compliance with our policy but when we did our Fiscal Task Force, hard to argue with one citizen who came in who said citizens shd donate and receive a receipt for it
if you phoned up a citizen and asked about sending $500 to the Deep Cove Society, not sure response
don't know criteria; wd be nice to see thinking behind these grants
JF: three years ago NSh conducted survey, wd you be in favour of more
strongly in favour
historically culture cost more; mounting musical high (royalties, etc)
these small grants really nec so they can apply for other funds, whether prov or fed
these orgs finding it difficult, these small amounts important to them
Cathy Matheson: there is a framework adopted by Ccl some years ago
WG utilized that framework
groups applying must supply benefit back, benefit or as an audience
the Deep Cove groups does deliver to some in the western part of the cmnty, delightful service
VV: wd much rather have this work done by the WV Cmnty Fdn, don't know if we have an Arts Fdn
better done directly by citizens b/c they'd receive a tax receipt
not going to vote against, these are small amounts and given the large probs won't solve it
unless and until to fdns, prepared to do that
Mayor: perhaps we cd do that with the WV Fdn
citizens put a lot of time into this, understanding what these groups do, in that sense volunteer
been asking for an increase forever and think they've given up
driving the arts through revitalization of Amb, put some pressure to bring back that flavour
5.         Grant Recommendations:  Social Service/Community Services
-- 1.  The Social Services Grants as recommended by the Community Grants/Social Services Review Working Group (CGSSWG) were approved (listed in prev newsletter) for Total Social Services Grants  $84,850 in 2007 Approved Budget with $82,500 Shortfall   ($2,350)
Sop made motion then said: we are in the Social Services WG, we'd do the status quo on the grants following the process that was in place.   Will let Ms Mooi explain that.  We'll spend the year reviewing all of these and the processes.  Fully support Cclr Smith's position, something work into a tax benefit to citizens.  Same for Cmnty Srvics Grants.
Anne Mooi, DWV staff: the WG reviewed the applications
currently in three-year cycle
agencies completed, 2007 only based on 2006 pending review/study
no new applications were approved due to the WG's commitment, balancing funds among existing agencies, not beyond year
pending review to balanced allocations
complete review for this year and second task, longterm planning for sustainability
MS: don't want to belabour this but doing math in my head but if theoretically, if taxpayers take $50 off tax bill in exchange for $100 for WV Fdn, we're talking $1M and wdn't cost anything
sort of thing we shd be looking into, cd be a win-win for everybody
Mayor: not quite leveraging as we cd
something for F&A cmte?
CAO: they'll be looking into that
-- 2.  The Community Services Grants as recommended by the Community Grants/Social Services Review Working Group [listed in prev WVM] approved for Total Community Services Grants of $15,700 in 2007 Approved Budget   with $20,000 so Surplus $4,300
-- 3.  The shortfall of $2,350 in the Social Services Grants is offset by the surplus of $4,300 in the Community Services Grants, with the balance of $1,950 remaining unallocated.
Mayor: thank you for flagging things on this
Sop: we take it seriously, challenge there
Mayor: balance
6.         Development Variance Permit Application No. 07?005 (3656 McKechnie Avenue)      
(This item was deferred from the May 07 Council Meeting) .....has been withdrawn at the applicant's request.
Mayor: still withdrawn?
MClk: b/c letter came in too late to notify residents
7.         2006 Cultural Capitals of Canada Final Report
...report dated May 2007 from the Manager of Cultural Services ... be received.
Kathy Tong: pleasure to celebrate success today with my partners and the cmnty
[slide presentation]
an honour to receive a national designation
important to go beyond 2006, the key of tonight's presentation
how does it fit?
        social sustainability; looking at what has been achieved
hope you've seen magnificent sculpture in Ambleside Park, unveiled Mar 17; over 200 ppl came out
raised profile how public art can be integrated into our parks
document our practice
Theatre: able to put on productions not able to do before (KMC); over 2000 ppl saw what Theatre West put on
Literary Art: BOOKtopia put on by the Library; displays, new website
Festivals: 2006, Cultural Capital finance first year of WinterSong Spirit Festival, and in 2007; also Harmony Arts Festival; in May sponsored Asian Festival at Silk Purse and Norouz in March (over 10K)
2008 Silk Purse 60th Anniversary; Marco Polo's journey into Far East
Cultural Diversity: Sq Nation Sculpture Symposium, true partnership with Sq Nation
continuum of our oral history; gain from sculpture; Amb Park named Spirit of the Mtn; educational component a learning opp for students -- chn and youth can gain respect for great heritage of Sq
Collaboration: Sea to Sky cultural alliance, Sq Nat connections, Hollyburn ski lodge, NSh spirit cmte
Economic Sustainability: project on budget and on time; allowed us to reach a new level; Ccl's commitment to funding
total cost $988K: 48% from Cultural Capital $475K; 6% earned rev, priv sector $XXX; 14% from District primarily in staff time
Intent to give us a jump on tomorrow
some initiatives underway: new cmnty ctr with social and cultural spaces, landscape art in itself and in atrium; Hollyburn Ski Lodge, has sponsored $20K, and legacy has put aside $100K on condition framework reached between HHS, owners, and prov -- strategy this year and fundraising next year
quoting Don Grant (of Hollyburn Heritage Society): the $20K was from the point of view of the HHS, unexpected, appreciated, and xxxxx
not require dismantling; seed money for HHS to work with talented DWV staff
Cmnty & Visitors Celebration
final slide, the revitalization Arts in Ambleside; within whole cmnty planning process; Cathy Matheson working with Planning Dept in this important part
gratefully acknowledge cultural capitals of Canada
pleased with cooperation through this year and a half; worked out as agreed
started in 1981, thank you for opp, started with FBG
JF: thank you for this excellent document; way you've managed and stickhandled this
ev I've spoken with so pleased working with you
Mayor: think you've provided imp focus for us as well; imp art fits in with our vision
ski team was here today, will be here for 2008, and ecstatic this going on
get ready on our terms, fit with this cmnty
thank you for what you've brought to that
moving along; oops
Sop: thank you.  to build on this reliability on fed govt
look at where your future dollars will come from, look ten years down the road
keep up with the excellence
as we see down at waterfront ev summer
look at all aspects, pressure, taxation; wd look at Arts nd Culture to come up with biz plan to be a model for future
KT: totally
CM: I agree; opp for the cultural services division to lease and illustrate alternative sources
sponsorship and partnership to underwrite current events
quite serious about demonstrating that innovation
in response to Cclr V, you'll see in our brochure we have asked for donations
RD: think admirable progress we've made in last couple of years; extraordinary
more progress we make, more donations
gets better and better; come a long way in last sev years, beginning to show
8.         Council Remuneration Review Task Force - Terms of Reference
            1.         The Council Remuneration Review Task Force Terms of Reference be approved;
            2.         The following citizens be appointed to the Task Force:  Bob Gayton, Marilyn Duggan, Tracey Balogh, and Cecile Caer.
Mayor: a report I was asked to provide
one has gone through compensation, specialists gone through
Cclr Smith you asked what if nothing so I've included explore other ways compensated b/c we know it isn't about the money
Sop: little difficult to start challenging something on own; up to public if worth it
I didn't come into this for money; with hours I've put in over the years, it's ten cents on the hour
arm's length; I don't even want to vote on it
VV: I did recommend a TF; MMgr said staff checked ev two or three years
we cd save ourselves our process when consultant is hired anyway that the ccl remuneration be in with that
or conversely if a Task Force, they review both Ccl and staff
CAO: that might work out in the future
this group will be looking at the principles, models; interesting exercise
MS: are you sure you want to hear?
Mayor: yes
MS: timing is wrong; you hear great sacrifices
sacrificing income to go into politics
if review, look at T4s and see what sacrifices making
what making before went into politics
most are making far more in politics than they cd be made elsewhere

{here, folks, is the outrageous, personal, and insulting comment made that is irrelevant...}

opposed to any change, I knew in Nov 2005 when I ran
if you are going to look at this, and I'm opposed, but if you do look at who's coming in in 2008
majority of ppl in there doing nicely certainly compared with elsewhere
keep hearing we shd put ours up b/c NV put theirs up
if hours during day 15 to 20%; means $100K $150
shd be modest stipend; on school bd I got $4K wch about pays for the brochure
it's cmnty service; greedily line their pockets is totally wrong

{true it's cmnty service but I really don't think anyone serving on Ccl is doing it out of greed and at about $2K a month it's v little money for the time spent by a conscientious cclr.}

JF: in all the years I've served in the ..... right and just for Ccl to have debate
improves .......; important to have an informed group, arm's length
not going to judge what it will be, cut 50% make Cclr Smith happy, increase 50% make others happy
don't know
harbour some of the opinions Cclr Smith has
RD: don't think it's fair to compare this motion, really to ask an indep group, with what's going on in prov
and as to lining their pockets, not seen any evidence they are, and resent that we're imitating them
truth is we're not well paid and getting further behind all the time; donating a lot of our time all the time; as Sop says donate a lot of time
just fairness and equity; pay, give them a reasonable wage or only wealthy can volunteer
been a number of years since
Mayor: reason before us, according to our corporate policy review ev five years
not just compensation but definition; there's a package
may say fine; I purposely took out comparison with NV
we're reviewing this b/c committed to our corp policy
I'll probably be interviewed by this group and agree with you Cclr Smith for next Ccl
CARRIES with Sop opposed
9.         2007 First Quarter Water Consumption Update
(This item was deferred from the May 14 Council Meeting.)  RECOMMENDED:..be received.
MS: tabled this last time b/c Mr Fung not able to attend
Raymond Fung: just seen first quarter pass following installation of compensation strategy
last Dec reviewing bylaw to set rates, Ccl asked for an update qtrly
plsd to report overall water demand in M is down; 15% lower than what we experienced last year
hard wrt variables; with prev rate, approx 85% of bills less
calls received ~ 1-2% and not all complaints, some clarifications
one anomaly staff believe reflect a number of high consumers, result of leaks on priv homeowners' side; 47 staggering amounts and prevly had not record of high use
staff cd not find evidence of a leak but that's not to say, not drained away from road or some other loss
shd a homeowner take action promptly there's some partial relief in our bylaw for qty billed
next qtr another report, at this point promising
Sop: gather we're going to get a much better picture at the end of 2007
areas of concern going to iron out
what about triplex or greater with one meter serving several, costs and what they're receiving
RF: in case of a triplex serviced by one meter, currently the practice of staff is to have one bill for entire triplex and practice
three units of cost: recovery fee, then a base charge, and a volume charge: added and split
Sop: not to a meter
Ans: correct
Sop: apt one meter for all too?
Ans: Correct: felt most practical and fair way -- to divide the capital cost of installation by number of units, then apportion per unit

has none of them setting rate scheme lived in an apartment block?
and that's why they're under the illusion everyone uses the same amount?
what about a unit with one person vs a family of four?
what about someone who bathes twice a day instead of once (and other variations)?
waters lots of plants?
sprinklers as MS says?}

Sop: consumption; how affects water bill
RF: for an administration fee, staff will confirm leak and fixed properly and some xxxxx
Sop: how is leakage valued in relationship to av household?
RF: if I

Sop: if big leak by Dist and leaks for a few days, one of our bldgs, that just the cost of doing biz
all M bldgs metered?
Ana: yes
Sop; is there compensation to public?
RF: no diff; reading on a monthly basis, establish a database; will be able to sense, to be able to detect
result savings of lost water
Sop: thank you for your knowledge; number of ppl who have called put them on to you and xxxx
MS: some letters, is that true $xx?
RF: base charge and volume charge; base helps offset and varies by meter size
bigger meters more costly to maintain and cost more to maintain
volume charge for sgl fam residential we wanted to encourage water conservation esp as to outdoor water usage, a three range xxxx
MS: larger meter by choice of home?
RF: dictated by demand on fixture units as result of DP application
available flow
MS: he says he has to put in a bigger meter b/c he has a sprinkler in his home
RF: result of a DP and at that time requirements not known so dvpr put in larger to get DP through expeditiously
MS: nothing owner did, so why?  dvpr put it in!
seems one rate for xxx and one for xxx
rather than plethora; maybe after semi annual report, get to same charge per meter regardless of size unless they ask for a larger meter
then we have a policy we can defend
RF: large don't normally come; result of demand, DP; mainly for townhouses and apt bldgs; if installed in home b/c particularly large demand
required for fire protection, what I've agreed with this particular complainant, we'd inspect and go in and change size of meter
CAO: no question trying to set up all sorts of complexities
installation over number of years
go through this and learn, probably making some changes
Mayor: why diff per household?
RF: this was a retrofit program, cost for meter installation might vary, if deeper, shallower; complicated; felt fairest way was to take entire total and divide by number of homeowners
Mayor: the case of another citizen, he's having to pay b/c two households he feels he has to pay for two
like Cclr Smith's
RF: wrt the meter fee, depends what side you're on [paying the higher or lower amt]
split over; modest and high number of units those ppl think a great deal
larger meters not able to share and they feel not fair to charge that way
Mayor: thank you for keep us up [to date]
looks successful if 85%
RF: cooperative effort between Fin and Engg Depts
10.       Comments from the Child Care Services Working Group on the Draft Public Amenity Contribution Policy ... be received for information. 
Mayor: believe we have Chair here and ask Joanne McKenna to introduce this for us
JMcK: remind you what the mandate is for this WG [reads; it's on their webpage]
given discussion recently about access to childcare
look to creating opps
looking fwd, one venue is to include childcare as one of the Cmnty Benefits [CBs] -- on site or cash
draw your attn to some recommendations:
expand definition of CBs to include childcare; priority we get the physical space given lack at this time
three current opportunities at this time: in Upper Lands, Rodgers
recommend unmet childcare needs identified in report in a couple of weeks, in Upper Lands
second is in Ev Dr nbrhd, believe opp -- if can redirect any of the $2.5M given current situation
third is Amb Town Ctr strategy to include childcare in CBs
highlight these b/c current activities and things we can do right now
unanimous support of WG; excellent parents, staff, Ccl work together
cmnty-based solutions
Anne Mooi is my co chair

{Ms Mooi is a staff mbr so this is interesting.  I think according to the CEC Guidelines for WGs, the chair can be a cclr or a citizen mbr as the group decides, never a staff mbr.  Staff are essential for providing expertise in their area for the WG and as support, but they do not have a vote.}

Sop: make recommendations when needs assessment not before you?
going to be a lot of ppl looking for CBs, ppl in audience
in provision of a bylaw to state that we wd support childcare services in commercial areas
is it assumption space be made av for childcare to be rented or to childcare question in general?
JMcK: you're right we don't have the results yet but this is a bit of a long term, vision
just to include childcare, not in policy
you're right any deals made have to go to a number of arts, culture,
we see a benefit to cmnty -- looking at Rodgers Creek
Ev Dr already approved, maybe way to gain
guess will be on a case-by-case basis
if opp to provide space, if not cash in lieu
Sop:  how run? space private? society?
JMcK: not sure; how to "incent" getting hi quality providers; look in your bylaws how
MS: gotta be careful; haven't seen any after school childcare biz listed on the stock exchange
ppl go into biz to create a job for themselves
don't like to see these childcare, as a biz
JF: there is a need in this cmnty for space
for time been using school rooms and given M opp not to have to consider alternative space
we do lease other space for others: WV child care???? Society
in mutlifamily space
can't see why we wdn't consider inclusion for child care in similar vein
need first info from triM study
all info together in one place in one time; thank you
Mayor: this is a first, a WG coming forward; thank you for that
MS: know Cclr Sop justly proud of Cmnty Services but our childcare no slouch
Anne Mooi, Leanne Sexmith, chair JMcK off to a good start
receive for info and consideration June 11
Sop: looking at this always with open eyes
what a childcare ctr is; know dedication; I sent my son and fairly high $
with prov govt today 20 children at $700 mo is about $15K and over a year
in home gives up some privacy but it is a biz
must be reading it wrong that there's this nonbiz biz that needs space; some ppl wd love to do
Cedardale was a wonderful school
Mayor: just receiving
Sop: he said it wasn't a biz
JMcK; we're asking June 13 some owners to come and
MS: Cclr Sop might want to come to WG mtg and jump in biz
Sop: certainly will, never see him at my mtgs

{well, maybe when both your WG mtgs are on the Calendar you'll find out when they're meeting to then try to fit them into your schedules!}
BYLAW for ADOPTION --Bylaws are passed by a simple majority affirmative vote unless otherwise noted. 
11.       Noise Control Bylaw No. 4404, 2005, Amendment Bylaw No. 4500, 2007
            This bylaw received third reading at the May 14, 2007 Council Meeting.
12. CONSENT AGENDA ITEMS - Reports and Correspondence
The following Consent Agenda items may be considered separately or in one recommendation.
=B7        Item 13 -  West Vancouver Solid Waste Utility - Information Update & North Shore Recycling Program - 2006 Annual Report
=B7        Item 14 -  Correspondence List.
13.       West Vancouver Solid Waste Utility - Information Update & North Shore Recycling Program - 2006 Annual Report ... received for information purposes.
Sop: see $$$$
think it proves system is working
over 50% is wasted; Cache Crk no longer be a dump after 2009
staggering amt in lumber, tons in food
for success, prov govt does not constantly look for sites all the time -- be prepared to recycle more and more
your kids get packaging at Xmas, plastic, ties; if we are to educate, without this system it wd cost another $500K a year, Mr Laing?
great savings by recycling on NSh
here we are looking at another site; amts are staggering and still not over 50% recycling
Mayor: as mbr of cmte on GVRD
no question huge amt of interest on behalf of GVRD and prov
we have plateaued at 50%, WV unusual; huge from construction industry
what's devprs' Plan B?
organics another; issue has been that odour has been such a problem had to close one down in Sq
in King county one working successfully
waste energy -- in Bby; I gave a talk..... burn it and sell energy
been controversial; half the plant is dedicated to air quality; pays back quite a bit to ....
truck to Washington, controversial, Whistler does it
Michigan's given Ontario to 2010, ON to QC
need strong leadership form Min of Envmt
comes down to action plan and implementation
Sop: garbage and bears and new bins, wd you comment Mr Suart
CAO: both ourselves and NV looking at bear abatement; report in next month things we can do
Sop: what
CAO: kind of containers, how enclosed, time goes out, fruit trees
wide variety of things we can do
determination of public support for those initiatives
Ccl will put out to cmnty
14.       Correspondence List (File:  0120?24) for receipt [Full list in prev WVM]
Correspondence received up to May 11, 2007 and previously distributed to Council on May 17, 2007 (with exceptions for time sensitive items).
Requests for Delegation -- No items presented.
Action Required
(1)       J. Sikes, May 11, 2007, regarding Community Centre Reporting by Staff (File: 3002?04?06)
Referred to the Director of Parks & Community Services for consideration and response.
MS: concerns me, obviously has studied this; actually less parking than before
have heard from Mr Pike parking tight there
do we have a parking study of the needs of the cmnty ctr so adequate parking there
KP: he has a reply went out to him last week, shd be in your package
Bunt & Associates did study; when finished will have 87 spots more than when closed
ND Lea updated report, but we will have 80 less than demand wd indicate
MS: second question: we need to get a report on Cmnty Ctr before summer
when we went to Srs' Ctr mtg in morning full -- ppl like that front, not lawn leave it for a few months
keep talking about connection
cd throw a shotput from SAC to side door; all they want is a covered walkway
madness to have a second pottery studio when they can use Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr
need to address this prior to breaking for summer
CAO: intend to report in next
what we've experienced with Aq Ctr is greater than anticipated
we looked at underground, $20-30K a stall
some park all day
certainly we can provide more info in next qtrly report

{Yes, but.
I was on the Civic Ctr Adv Cmte and we were told ~ 464 spaces needed.  After that at Open Houses staff always said it wd be 100 more spaces but wd never give a total.  Then during construction plans heard that there wd not be two levels of underground parking, only one. 
So now we hear fewer spaces than either planned or needed???  Who is or was in charge???  Was Ccl advised change in parking spaces and approved that?
How many spaces will be supplied at the Civic Ctr?
Will a cclr pls ask so we know?}


VV: two WGs to report on; b/c Cclr Day wd he like to or me wrt Eq Ctr [re Rodgers Crk WG]
I attended the recent mtg

{not quite.  VV attended the May 10th mtg but not the most recent, on May 24th}

altered application
the first WG itself voted to exclude itself from outside, but says on website, adjacent lands be taken into consideration; I advised they [Eq Ctr proponents] attend; and see [OCP] says adjacent lands; surprised WG had mandate to do that without asking Ccl
{ah, she means outside the 208 acres of the Rodgers Crk area}
the landowners for the first time said they did not want to associate with or be cooperative with the area by the Hydro substation so leaves us at an impasse
wd like to make a proposal to move forward from here
I consulted OCP, interesting policies wrt UL, in policy UL2 it says: acquire three sites for major parks -- one of about 25 acres west of Cypress Bowl Rd; one of ~30 acres above Cypress Falls park; and a third ~30 acres above Horseshoe Bay and Eagleridge.
in particular interested in the one above Cypress Falls park, b/c this location closest to one suitable for the Eq Ctr
so OCP anticipates inclusion in these areas; this part says acquire lands for public park purposes through a combination of rezoning, density transfer, devt cost charges (DCCs), park land, and parkland dedication; so way of compensating owners is provided for.
recommend a new WG to follow what this OCP is saying
look at location, ideal for Eq Ctr near Hydro substation
look at sev configurations, 30 acres, wider public interest linking Cypress Falls park with 1200 ft contour
area 900ft contour to 1200, and since all land above 1200, limited use and recreation
public has to get there somehow
studying these 30 acres and potentally reconfiguring it, where designated, other recreation, sporting groups may come forward
WG if Ccl agrees, under auspices of Parks Dept, maybe invite ppl such as Streamkeepers, other recreation or outdoor groups, etc to give opinions how this might work for the cmnty
at an impasse, and if Ccl doesn't do anything stalled
the letter Your Worship sent to Eq Ctr..... if not proceed owe them letter and if, some process [info]
RD: points were made; tentatively scheduled an Open House June 20; cmte wd outline, BPP will make a presentation as well
the WG is looking at land use and infrastructure, envmtal considerations; mainly at area in question approx 210 acres; for area further west, area in question, possible shopping ctr; WG needs to know that
at general level; still talking about land use
issue of recreation beyond that area beyond mandate of cmte esp private owners who may not want to sell; leave that to others; area there their jurisdiction
an Eq Ctr wd be a nice thing to have, but question is suitable location; find land for a priv facility
Mayor: important context; Rodgers Crk, with Amb and Childcare come to Ccl Jun 11
wrt idea of a parks WG, one of the things we were warned about was parks ...
I know Doug Leavers wd like nothing more than to get Parks WG going; not sure where we're going
let's begin with June 11 with open discussion, then better prepared
VV: sure ev looking to see; if just to June 11, willing to wait
Mayor: Rodgers--
RD: surprised b/c I'll be away--
CAO: just to bring Ccl up to date--
RD: so you can do without me
Sop: kind of agree with Cclr Day; issues they're facing pretty broad
looked -- vast area; west as far as around the corner
if priv owners say no to the idea of recreation, Eq Ctr there, where does it leave the indivs, any possible outcome in WV
do we make a stmt, as we did, if opportunity arises we'd take a serious look at it
can't expect an owner to give up land
if we look at public amenities, wd that be sensible
shd look at over year; if not in Rodgers Crk where; if not, tell these folks no
at least look at feasibility of looking at it
they'd be in line with others to bid for an Eq Ctr; they pioneered it
where it shd be, I don't know; maybe it shd be looked at, if not in Rodgers Crk then staff give us recommendation
CAO: hate to describe this as putting the cart before the horse
looking at a strategy; made decision parks and open spaces strategy not pursuing this year
had another proposal even within RCrk area for a major recreation devt and Ccl felt it was inappropriate; difficult for us to be shifting our priorities for staff looking if priv owners not willing; not in a position to find a place for a park in advance of RCrk
Sop: if they came to Ccl a year or so ago and we said we'd look at it, if something staff not looked at or not ready or whatever, they shd be told, to or not this year, next year.  Is it a dead issue?
SJN: the WG has stated its position; but Ccl has said to staff keep this on the agenda; elements of plan; shd be in Open House, not in RCrk or WG; CBs arising out of area plan, may come out of that
WG will is an advisory to Ccl, will be talking to Cclr Day and reporting to Ccl
Mayor: those groups report to us; we can provide direction; timing is good; all up to speed on what's
VV: did have first mtg of Heritage WG; convey disappointed re heritage house [742 Keith, part of Ev Dr plan]
comments such as: Ccl dropped the ball, why did Ccl drop the ball? we shd watch our processes so that doesn't happen again
That was quite succinctly put b/c we never asked for and insisted on getting the lowest cost for wch we cd save that house
the latest in NSN is that there is a potential buyer; good news; he's anticipating costs of ~$25K to have the house disassembled; M cd have afforded that and put it in storage for more enlightened times or perhaps its 100th birthday where no doubt it wd be restored for another celebration
disappointed; cmte can't really understand after all that had gone before, recommendation of the HAC before, to keep it; why'd we just drop the ball on that one.
{wonder why no one commented on that......}

Mayor: WV now mbr of E-Comm board; when gave annual report, WV having converted Class B shares to Class A shares for Police was a huge cause for celebration, been in their biz plan from beginning; now we've joined, ev Police Dept in GVRD is part of the radio system, interoperable, signif advantage; must have mentioned that half a dozen times; welcomed us

{no surprise there was huge cause for celebration -- they've been waiting for WV to roll over, play dead, and sign the blank cheque to help retire the E-Comm debt. Previous Councils were smart enough to watch from the sidelines with Class B shares -- this Council and Police Board, without seriously looking at the alternatives (evidently because E-Comm told them they couldn't) and they obediently signed on the dotted line committing millions of dollars for former Vancouver City Manager Dobell's grand plan to have the rest of the GVRD pay for replacing Vancouver's ageing emergency radio system. Surprised they didn't break out the champagne!}

Mr Stuart and I attended mtg with mayors in the region and TransLink Bd, second mtg, governance.
excellent from administrations, your recommendations
CAO: a number of the administrators met, when obvious Ministry not interested in ......
offered our services as administrators to draft legislation
legislation had been tabled, offered assistance wrt links to regional planning, xxx, govt structure itself, .... can distribute a copy of that
presentation will be made to the Mayors' cmte; hopeful Ministry will take us up on our offer
willing to talk to us how to link to regional planning to transportation issues
willingness to change legislation; had thought this sitting but now likely not, so gives us some months to work with Ministry
look at alternate rev sources; aware of our concern on reliance on taxes; other kinds of formulas; trying to identify strategy
Mayor: agreement that areas not well-served shd not be overly taxed -- good for WV
no doubt Translink trying to circumvent the GVRD and deal directly with the mayors and administrators
can already see that happening with prov's approach; think the ADM understands the consequences of prop taxation; appreciate opp to work that way, dispassionate, rather than politicizing ev
thank you for the role you played in that process
Michelle Neil: Collingwood issue, seems to be some confusion even among cclrs, esp Cclr Sop; the petition not been delivered and the three did not put in, don't know why; they decided to withhold it
I signed up 35 ppl myself and I told them wd be delivered to Ccl; they think decision based on that, and not the case; process not fair
four ppl self-appointed, had no authority; nothing wrt petition or to withhold
understood they wd speak with school, contact nbrhd, then District, then written up that way
was indivs, representing nbrhd and school
some had no idea until tonight; they had no idea petition not delivered
spoke to Mr Bailey and thought he ...
some disagreement even on 17th
your question Cclr Sop a fair one; and reason clapping so loudly for VV, it was from our group b/c we thought based on petition and no intention, up until now anyway, to accept 2010 date, and everything seems to revolve around 2010, that it reflects the nbrhd.  It does not.
Mayor: just a moment.  I need a motion to carry on past 10 o'clock.
Sop: so move
Mayor: seconded, thank you; in favour?  opposed?
[MS votes against]
Sop: it's over
MS: no, you've got three minutes
Sop: you just voted against it
Mayor: well, two minutes
MS: carry on
MN: that is basically it, the process hasn't been fair; you may now be aware that recommendation made between three indivs, the District, and the School
Mayor: nobody felt any authority; I didn't actually look at it as a process or negotiation, just way to get some ideas on table; I don't know why we haven't got the petition, we'd welcome that; nothing to do with any Ccl process
MN: absolutely not
Mayor: hope on 12th back to square one, come with ideas never seen before; so we've got three weeks of thinking; ev come forward
CAO: that's one reason we decided on that public mtg before coming back to Ccl; back out to cmnty; aware of diversity of views
Mayor: and we cd not make a decision tonight
MN: let them know in fact not based on petition b/c not even seen; a fair thing for that cmnty to know
Mayor: that's fine, but we didn't know about it; Ccl not taking resp for not receiving a petition no one gave us; I assume we'll get petition
MN: no, no, not saying for you to take resp, but after Mr Bailey knew there was a problem there that perhaps--
Mayor: I assume Ccl will be in receipt of the petition, whoever it is we ask for that.
SJN: we will try to get petition to Ccl, and expect cmnty to react wchever way they want to to the proposal.
Mayor: that's right; and now I have to ask for a motion to adjourn.  I'm sorry about that.
MN: no, tyvm
RD: motion to adjourn
Mayor: Unfortunately I still had one name on the list and cdn't call for questions, but we don't have a mandate to continue past ten o'clock.  Thank you.
{This is rather unfortunate.  The person signed up I understand was a man wrt Collingwood too.  After the mtg, I pointed out to MS that although it requires a unanimous vote to continue, next time perhaps he cd just leave the mtg (has been done in the past by another cclr), so everyone who wished to hear the resident cd, rather than one person preventing the resident from speaking and the rest of the Ccl who wanted to hear, not able to.  He agreed.}

=======  CCL AGENDA June 4th =======
3.         Ipsos Reid Public Affairs Survey Results for receipt of the report from Catherine Knaus, Senior Research Manager, Ipsos Reid Public Affairs, dated June 2007 regarding quality of life and financial planning in the District of West Vancouver be received.
4.         Evelyn Drive - Master Plan Submission: for receipt of the report dated May 29, 2007 from the Manager of Community Planning
5.         First Quarter Review, 2007 for receipt of report from Dir/Finance
6.         4769 The Highway - Excess Rock Removal for receipt of the May 29, 2007 report of the Director of Planning, Lands and Permits
7.         Sign Bylaw No. 4499, 2007 and Traffic and Parking Bylaw No. 4370, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4516, 2007: for receipt of the report dated May 07, 2007 from the Manager of Bylaw & Licencing [sic] Services
BOTH RECOMMENDED also for first, second, and third reading:
8.         Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005, Amendment Bylaw for first, second, and third reading
9.         Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4517, 2007 and
Development Permit Application 06-034 for Collingwood School (Wentworth Campus)
RECOMMENDED:...be now introduced and read a first time in short form.
RECOMMENDED:  THAT a Public Hearing and concurrent Public Meeting be held on Monday, June 25, 2007 at 7pm and Development Permit Application, both dealing with the redevelopment of Collingwood School (Wentworth Campus).
10.       Appointments to West Vancouver Memorial Library Board (File: 1905?04)
RECOMMENDED: for the term ending December 31, 2008: Kristy Farquharson, Marcia Bergen.
Requests for Delegation
(1)       Letters (5) regarding British Columbia Rail Proposal - Subdivision of Sunset Lane
Referred to the Municipal Clerk for response regarding delegation scheduling.
Action Required
(2)       May 28, 2007, regarding Noise and Parking Issues at Kay Meek Centre (File: 3006-15)
            Referred to the Director of Administrative Services for consideration and response.
(3)       S.E. Dowey, City Clerk - City of NV, May 17, 2007, regarding Transportation Plan for the City - Interim Report
            Referred to the Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
(4)       May 19, 2007, regarding Bylaws: Scavenging of Garbage and Recyclables
            Referred to the Director of Administrative Services for consideration and response.
(5)       May 21, 2007, regarding Petition (19 signatures) - Stability of Retaining Walls and Natural Slopes on Dufferin
            Referred to the Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
(6)       May 24, 2007, regarding Fire Department Overtime Cost (File: 2700?01/2705?01)
            Referred to the Fire Chief for consideration and response.
(7)       May 24, 2007, regarding GVRD and Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority - TransLink Fees
            Referred to the Director of Finance for consideration and response.
(8)       May 24, 2007, regarding Metered Utility (Water) Statement (File: 0835-04)
            Referred to the Director of Finance for consideration and response.
(9)       Executive Members, Hollyburn Heritage Society, May 25, 2007, regarding Request for Support from the District and Cypress Mountain for a Lodge Usage Agreement
Referred to the Director of Parks & Community Services for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(10)     Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
(a)       West Vancouver Memorial Library Board - April 18, 2007 (File: 1905?03)
(11)     B. Binnie, President - Union of British Columbia Municipalities, May 17, 2007, regarding 2007 West Nile Virus Risk Reduction Initiative Funding Approval
(12)     H. Pond, Mayor & Chair, Environment Committee - Union of British Columbia Municipalities, May 22, 2007, regarding "Local Government and the Environment" Conference
(13)     S.B. Hagen, Minister of Tourism, Sport and the Arts, G. Hogg, Minister of State for ActNow British Columbia, S. Reed, President of British Columbia Soccer Association, May 22, 2007, regarding Kickin' Day of Play - World's Largest Pick-up Soccer Game
(14)     D. Bowman, Communications Director - Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation and P. Taylor, Relationships and Communications [Adviser] - Union of British Columbia Municipalities, May 23, 2007, regarding Funds to Support Local Government Interests in Treaties
(15)     T. Macoun, Head of School - Mulgrave School, May 23, 2007, regarding Thank You - Generous Donation in Support of the Cypress Student Summit: H2O
(16)     May 24, 2007, regarding 3656 McKechnie Avenue
(17)     May 24, 2007, regarding British Columbia Rail Proposal - Subdivision of Sunset Lane
(18)     May 28, 2007, regarding Sewer and Water Rates (File: 0835-04)
Responses to Correspondence
(19)     J. Chuback, Deputy Director, Parks & Community Services, May 24, 2007, reply to J. Sikes regarding Civic Centre - Community Centre Progress Reports (File: 3002?04?06)
(20)     T. O'Meara, Manager of Permits and Inspections, May 24, 2007, reply regarding Construction on Ottawa Avenue
Responses to Questions in Question Period -- No items presented.
==  Steelhead Caucus Supports Initiatives to Save Capilano Steelhead ==
For immediate release {but my bolding}  May 29, 2007
WEST VANCOUVER - Following a field seminar at Cleveland Dam on Saturday, concerned members of the provincial government's Steelhead Caucus strongly endorsed recommendations for immediate action to safeguard steelhead populations on the Capilano River. 
MLAs Ralph Sultan, Katherine Whittred, Dan Jarvis, and Harry Bloy met with noted fish biologist Mark Angelo as well as Environment Minister Barry Penner.  Also providing advice was Al Lill, North Vancouver resident and former Director of the federal government Department of Fisheries and Oceans.  Volunteers from the West Vancouver Streamkeeper Society also attended.
Mark Angelo walked the group through the dam, and downstream structures deep in Capilano Canyon, to illustrate the threat Cleveland dam poses to young Steelhead smolts trying to return to the sea. He outlined possible measures to reduce the estimated 80% to 90% mortality caused by the dam structure and operations, which he characterized as probably the worst in the province from a fish survival point of view.
Ralph Sultan, MLA West Vancouver-Capilano and chair of the caucus, expressed amazement at the fact that GVRD has not paid particular attention to the environmental impact of the Cleveland Dam and its style of operation.
"Capilano steelhead, like steelhead elsewhere in the province, have achieved iconic status recognized around the world," said Sultan. "We must use our best technology to reverse the abuse of decades, and save them." 
"I believe steelhead populations are important early warning indicators of environmental stress," added Katherine Whittred, MLA North Vancouver-Lonsdale. "We have a duty to reduce or eliminate the dangers they face." 
"Many sports fishers on the North Shore are watching our efforts closely to stabilize and restore steelhead populations on both the Capilano and the Seymour," said Daniel Jarvis, MLA North Vancouver-Seymour. "I call upon the GVRD to take action now.  I cannot think of a better environmental legacy for 2010 than full restoration of healthy steelhead populations on the North Shore."
Harry Bloy, MLA Burquitlam recently participated in the release of small salmon into Burnaby Creeks.
"There is growing interest -- and concern -- in my own political constituency over the future of salmonids such as steelhead, salmon, and trout," added Bloy.
Caucus members endorsed Mark Angelo's prescription for addressing the threats facing smolts on the Capilano.  He has recently met with the GVRD Water and Environment Committees and believes there is support at those levels for five remedial measures:
*           Installation of a downstream smolt passage facility
*           Removal of the jagged rocks at the base of the dam
*           Incorporation of additional release ports on the dam to resolve temperature problems
*           Establishment of minimum flows cued to fishery needs
*           Strategic placement of gravel and large woody debris on the lower river
"Many steelhead stocks are at 30-year lows; on the lower mainland rivers they are considered an extreme conservation concern," said Angelo. "Addressing the fisheries-related impact associated with the dam is necessary immediately."
Mark Angelo is one of the members of the Living Rivers - Georgia Basin Partnership and Steering Committee as well as a faculty member at BCIT and a representative of the Outdoor Recreation Council (ORC).  Al Lill, who participated in the tour, has been highly active in implementation of the $25 million (provincial funding) Living Rivers Trust.
When the Cleveland Dam on the Capilano was constructed in 1954, a diversion fence and fish collection facility was installed by the Greater Vancouver Water District to enable the capture and transport of adult Coho Salmon and Steelhead to above the dam by tanker truck when they returned from the ocean to spawn.  No provision, however, was made for safely passing the smolts downstream past the 300-ft. high spillway.
As a result, thousands of smolts plunge over the dam and are killed falling onto the rocks below.
Negative factors affecting the Capilano River Steelhead:
*           Minimum flows in both systems in the summer months are well below optimal levels
*           Water temperatures below the Cleveland Dam are too cold for proper growth
*           Downstream migrants coming over the Capilano spillway suffer very high mortalities
*           Gravel recruitment for replenishing spawning beds is stopped by the dams
*           Stream bank conditions and cover are very poor on the Capilano
*           Nutrient levels are deficient in both systems
Penner also participated in the tour.  He expressed keen interest in the steelhead problem, having directed a large steelhead restocking of the Cheakamus River in Squamish two weekends before.  It is clear that Penner strongly supports initiatives to protect and restore steelhead populations in British Columbia. 
===  MAY MAIKU 2007  ===
                    buds racing to burst
                            first red rose explodes
                                    spills layered spray of petals

...end of May toward end of pink lilacs and beginning of mauve lilac tree blooming:

   dusk descends; silence, stillness
          -- then a night breeze stirs
                the scent of lilac
...and then May 31st...
                             slow rise to reveal
                                   over black green trees
                                           blotched unburnt tangerine moon

did any of you see the moon rise May 31st? -- I was transfixed -- from west of WV and of course over Stanley Park and, depending where you are, over the city.

===  QUOTATIONS  ===

Plato: Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.

He who dares not offend cannot be honest.  -- Thomas Paine, philosopher and writer (1737-1809)

Edward Bullwer-Lytton:
There is nothing so agonizing to the fine skin of vanity as the application of a rough truth.

Lying is done with words and also with silence. -- Adrienne Rich, writer and teacher (1929 - )

James Thurber: The most dangerous food is wedding cake.