June 4th NOTES
June 11th AGENDA
Calendar to 22nd

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

This is a 'wonder'ful issue!
Well, there's now a list of the "Seven Wonders of Canada" according to the CBC.  BC's wonders did not get the recognition they deserved, IMO, b/c they had to be 'geographically correct' as they admitted.  We're blessed with so much but they knocked off two provinces in one by naming the Rockies as one thus bowing to BC and Alberta.  But we have so much more.  Here's a challenge to Tourism BC or the prov govt or whatever organization to come up with 7 + 7 for BC: Seven natural wonders and seven man-made wonders.
Let's start it off.
In the Super Natural BC category, there's Long Beach, Liard Hot Springs, Cathedral Grove (or another old growth stand more spectacular, pls let me know), Whistler, and Haida Gwaii one thinks of right away.  Gulf Islands? Spatzisi Wilderness? Khutzeymateen? Stikine or Marble Canyon? Atlin Lake?  Tweedsmuir Park?  Nisga'a Lava Beds? Princess Louisa Inlet?  Skookumchuck rapids? Stanley Park?  The northern part of the Sonora Desert (Osoyoos)? Chilko Lake (the largest natural, high-elevation freshwater lake in North America)?
What category is the Spirit Bear in? the mighty salmon -- kokanee, coho, or ogopogo?
Then for man-made we might even have Whistler Village, but it looks like a movie set.  Totems? Cape Scott's abandoned Danish village.  What about the Skybridge, the world's longest transit-only bridge? Then there's Lions' Gate Bridge, the Alex Fraser bridge (longest cable-stayed bridge when it opened), and the Capilano Suspension Bridge.  Fort St James? The steep winding road down to Bella Coola built by the ppl themselves so they cd get in and out?
Close to home here pls send me your nominations for WV to sevenwonders@westvan.org or call 922 4400.  Lighthouse Park springs to mind.  LGB.  Eagleridge Bluffs if anything left.  Parks.  Blink Bonnie's Mediterranean climate.
As you know HWV has four events a year but since this year I'm on the Heritage Working Group, it occurred to me helpful if I asked you, Dear Readers, to tell me what it is in your nbrhd that you think is heritage, something you wd like protected or preserved, something that has significance to you.  It can be a tree, an outcropping, a special bldg/structure, a well-used favourite spot or park.  Again, write list@heritage.westvan.org or call 922 4400.  The District of course will hire a heritage consultant for a formal registry but I'd like to know what you think is special for you and you want to keep.  The Binning house is on the national heritage list, the mulberry tree in Dundarave is on the DWV heritage list.
***  SAVE OUR HERITAGE LIGHTHOUSES  http://www.patcarney.ca/priorities.html#
wrt Bill C220, Senator Pat Carney writes:  We need your help. If you would like to help preserve an important aspect of B.C.'s maritime history, please write to Fisheries and Oceans Minister Loyola Hearn, and to the Hon. John Baird, Minister of the Environment and Parks Canada, outlining your support for this bill.
More details at end of newsletter.

=  MAIN ITEMS Ccl Agenda June 11th:  Public Amenity Policy; Sponsorship and Partnership Policies and Procedure; Annual Report 2006 (June 25 mtg); Child Care Services; Rodgers Crk Update (Open House June 20); Correspondence Letters: (1) asking why DWV's tax brochure says we have a shrinking tax base, (2) Traffic Fine Revenue Sharing (TFRS), (3) comparing metered water consumption formula, (6) sgl biz licence for local govt, (11) Collingwood School Parking problems including cars near homes that have called bylaw officers re infractions being 'egged', (12) recounting of intentions and breaches wrt devt of 4769 The Highway, (15) explanation to strata ccl re water meter billing and cost.
=  Vive le Canada (archaeological technology); INFObit WV Police News Release (IRSU); THEATREWATCH (Shrew well-tamed by Bard!); ANIMALWATCH; Calendar to June 22nd; Ccl Mtg June 4th NOTES (I-R Survey results; Ev Dr Master Plan; Quarterly Report 2007; 4769 The Highway - Excess Rock Removal (and Stop Work Orders); sign, traffic, parking bylaw; fees and charges; scavenging; Ccl AGENDA June 11; Last chance to save our heritage lighthouses!; Maiku; Quotations

The Globe and Mail reported that after having dug to a depth of 10 meters in the area of the Royal Ontario Museum last year, scientists found traces of copper wire dating back 100 years and came to the conclusion that their ancestors already had a telephone network more than 100 years ago.
Not to be outdone by Ontario, in the weeks that followed, Qu=E9bec scientists dug to a depth of 20 meters in an area bordering the Citadel and shortly after, headlines in the newspaper Le Droit read: "Quebec archaeologists have found traces of 200-year-old copper wire and have concluded that their ancestors already had an advanced high-tech communications network a hundred years earlier than Ontario."
One week later, "The Telegram" a St. John's, Newfoundland newspaper, reported the following: "After digging as deep as 30 meters in 'tatey fields near Krinkle Kove, Jarge Krump, a self-taught archaeologist, reported that he found absolutely nothing.
Jarge has therefore concluded that 300 years ago Newfoundlanders were already using wireless."

May 25, 2007 -- Subject:  Enhanced Traffic Enforcement - IRSU, WVPD, & RCMP    
From May 18 to 21, 2007, the Integrated Road Safety Unit, with the assistance of the WV Police Traffic Section and the RCMP conducted strategic traffic enforcement along the Highway 99 (WV to Pemberton). 
This four-day enforcement initiative resulted in the following statistics. 
        155     speeding violations
          53    seatbelt tickets
          51    other MVA violations
          16    intersection infractions
            2   no driver's licences
            2   prohibited drivers charged
            2   vehicles impounded
            1   impaired charge with ADP
            5   24hr suspensions
            1   CDSA seizure under 30g
            2   criminal interdictions (Breach UTA and Obstruct PO)
On May 18, 2007, officers set up three radar enforcement zones within a few kilometres of each other and on one occasion stopped the same driver twice.  The female driver subsequently received two speeding tickets.
Another driver was issued a speeding ticket for travelling nearly twice the posted speed near Furry Creek (146 km/hr in an 80 km/hr zone).  This enhanced traffic enforcement initiative was conducted in partnership with ICBC.     
===  THEATREWATCH -- 2007 Ju= ne 7 --  SHREW TAMED BY BARD!!!
The most fun Taming of the Shrew I've every seen.  Bard does it again.  It's going to be an incredible summer!  We were at opening night (June 7) and it was great entertainment!
Can you believe Shakespeare as a western?  I'd heard it was the US West but actually turns out Miles Potter was inspired by spaghetti westerns -- well, Padua is in Italy after all.  Nice touches.  American western -- shades of John Wayne.  Even a token Mexican/Hispanic speaker.
Christopher Gaze has a cameo role and is hilarious speaking with a Spanish accent.
A helicopter flew over during the performance and they looked up as if part of the play.  A horse went round clipclopping behind us (surround sound?) so not really out of place, cuz almost anything goes.
Well, rush out to buy your tickets.  Shrew is already sold out for the next two weeks and 50% sold out for the rest of the season!  As soon as the tickets went on sale was told they sold 7,000 tickets in six hours!  Guarantee you'll laugh.  You'll have a great time.  You'll enjoy the performance and have a memorable evening.
Visit www.bardonthebeach.org or call 739 0559.
What a jewel in the crown of Vancouver!  We're so lucky and fortunate to have them here!
Can't wait for Opening Night of Romeo and Juliet Saturday June 16.
My company netVOICE Communications hosts the Bard on the Beach website.  Last summer it was getting about a million hits a month.  From June 1st to ~7th this year, we peeked and it was over 700K hits.
If you saw Smooshi (the walrus, Niagara Falls Aquarium) on the CBC TV news, you'll have fallen in love with her too.  It was love at first sight with her trainer, Phil.  You can see her at  www.myspace.com/smooshiandphil and on YouTube (search smooshi).

===  CALENDAR to June 22nd  ===  [all at M Hall unless otherwise noted]

== Tues, June 12th ==
~ 8 - 9:30am ~ Ambleside Town Ctr Strategy WG at Ch of Commerce
~ 4:30 - 6:30pm ~ Finance & Audit Cmte (followup on Parks/Cmnty Services Dept presentation)
~ 7 - 8:30pm ~ Community Grants/Social Services Review Working Group

NOTE: ~ 6pm mtg at Collingwood School, Morven, a public mtg with nbrs about how to deal with their abrogation of the conditions of their upzoning.  They have well over 700 enrolled when allowed 600 (already a concession b/c the prev school was at 450), with resulting increased traffic and parking problems they feared.  (And yes, I voted for the school's special zoning when on Ccl.) The noncompliance for several years still puzzles me b/c for the school to receive its funding from the province, the District has to sign a document confirming compliance with all M bylaws.

== Wed, June 13th ==
~ 7:30 am ~ WV Chamber of Commerce AGM (election of new directors) at Hollyburn Country Club.  The Nomination Form is available in the Chamber's May Newsletter on line at www.westvanchamber.com or at the office 1310 Marine.
~ 10am ~ Cmnty Engagement Cmte
~ 5:30 - 7:30pm ~ Recreational Use/Upper Lands/Rodgers Crk mtg at St Stephen's, 885 - 22nd
~ 6 - 7:15pm ~ Child Care Providers' Forum THEN ~ 7:15 - 8pm ~ Child Care Services WG

== Thurs, June 14th ==
~ 9am - 5pm ~ Heart & Stroke Fdn Big Bike for Stroke Event at the Village at Park Royal
~ 2 - 7pm ~ EVELYN DRIVE MASTER PLAN displayed at Park Royal North with staff to answer your questions (will also be on Saturday June 16 from 10am to 4pm).
~ 2:30 - 5pm ~ Heritage Plan WG (CORRECTION: was incorrectly listed as on 13th in last Calendar/WVM)
~ 5:30 - 8pm ~ Rodgers Crk Area WG
~ 6 - 8pm ~ NSh Family & Youth Justice Cmte (at CNV M Hall)
~ 7 - 8:30pm ~ City Making in Paradise -- SFU Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings
Free admission, reservations required: Email cs_hc@sfu.ca or call 604.291.5100
Mike Harcourt (past Mayor and Premier) and Ken Cameron (past regional planner) talk about what's in their new book, written with Sean Rossiter: nine decisions that shaped the Greater Vancouver Region. Hear first-hand perspectives from those who did the shaping. Also: comments from a panel of 'new leaders'-the shapers of today.  Details: http://www.sfu.ca/city/fpl6popup.htm

== Fri, June 15th ==  ~ 8:45am ~ Arts & Culture Strategy Implementation WG

== Sat, June 16th
~ 9am - noon ~ WV Cmnty Ctr Trunk Sale at Cmnty Ctr (Yes, that's what the WV Calendar says but where??? on the construction site?)
~ 10am - 4pm ~ EVELYN DRIVE MASTER PLAN displayed at Park Royal North with staff to answer your questions
~ 6 - 9pm ~ PIPES by the SEA -- in Ambleside Park
The Firefighters of West Vancouver are hosting the third annual "Pipes by the Sea" Festival, featuring the Vancouver Police Pipe Band, Seaforth Highlanders Regimental Pipe Band, JP Fell Pipe Band, Calgary Fire Department Pipe Band, and the West Vancouver Youth Band. 
Entry is by donation, and all proceeds raised go to the West Vancouver Fire Fighters Charitable Society.
Seating is limited - come early and bring your lawn chairs! Info: 604-999-9291.

== Sun, June 17th  ~ 10am - 1pm ~ Dundarave Porsche Show and Ride (2400 block of Marine Dr)

== Tues, June 19th
~ 8 - 9:30am ~ Ambleside Town Ctr Strategy WG (at Ch of Commerce)
~ 6:30 - 8pm ~ Community Dialogue on Neighbourhood Character & Housing Working Group
== Wed, June 20th
~ 5:30 - 9pm ~ Community Centre Governance W.G. Educational Session (Srs' Ctr)
~ 6 - 8:30pm ~ Rodgers Creek Area Open House at Srs' Ctr (Activity Room)
~ 7 - 8:30pm ~ Library Bd (at Library)
~ 7 - 9pm ~ Board of Variance

== Thurs, June 21st
~ 5:30 - 8pm ~ Rodgers Creek Area WG
~  6:30 ~ Ch of Commerce's Annual President's Dinner ( and presentation of awards); Capilano Golf & Country Club
~ 7:30 - 9:30 ~ Summer Solstice Campfire at Ambleside Beach
== June 21 - 22 == Innovative Stormwater Management Conference
Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability, University of British Columbia
Location: Rm 120 AERL Building,  2202 Main Mall, UBC
Tel: (604) 822-4401; www.ires.ubc.ca  = ; and  iwm-course@rmes.ubc.ca 
From waterfront and architecture to intimate portraits and landscapes, the lenses of five photographers take our everyday world into the extraordinary. Works by Kenneth Dyck, Doris Fiedrich, Gary Hubbs, Katherine Kerr, and Kelly Wharton.
Join Joe Ronsley for an ongoing reading & discussion of Ulysses. Drop in to any session, 10:30am - 12:30pm in the Peter J. Peters Room. For more info call the Reference Dept. at 925 7405.
+ PHILOSOPHERS' CAFE -- Friday June 22
Whither the Senate of Canada - meek will, equal of some other sequel? Can the chamber fulfill a more dynamic, useful function? Admission $5. 10:30am - 12:30pm, Peter J. Peters Room.

June 5 - 24  =  ART ROCKS = Carole Arnston: paintings, Ian Rowles: stone sculpture
Artists' Talk: 2pm  ~ Saturday June 9

+++  SILK PURSE  +++ see www.silkpurse.ca
June 5-17, 2007 -- "Jazzed"  Details were in last newsletter.
--->  For events at KMC, see www.kaymeekcentre.com
+++  Dundarave Farmers' Markets every Saturday 10 to 4pm  +++ [Ambleside's coming soon!]

=======  CCL MEETING NOTES June= 4th =======
Cclr Smith in chair.  He explains: Mayor G-J is in Victoria at a leadership summit in Victoria about sustainable urban devt and she'll be giving Ccl a full report on that summit mtg next week.  I'm sure we'll all look forward to that.
1.  APPROVAL OF AGENDA  -- One letter added // 2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES -- none
3.         Ipsos Reid Public Affairs Survey Results for receipt of the report from Catherine Knaus, Senior Research Manager, Ipsos Reid Public Affairs, dated June 2007 regarding quality of life and financial planning in the District of West Vancouver be received.
[slide presentation]
Apr 19 to 29, 301 residents; comparison directional b/c some changes
two main issues, transportation 27% traffic;  and growth 25%; overdevt, poor planning
parks and culture 11%
TOP: transportation, crime, growth issues
growth mentioned more in WV than other places, crime less
97% say quality of life is good or v good
normative scoring on par with other cmnties -- the v gd score much higher -- 70%, elsewhere 44%
2004 was 99%, not a significant difference
reasons why good or v good, low crime rate -- really feel safe in WV, one of main reasons quality life is good, nice setting; offer good services, accessible to everything
only 2% felt poor and followed up; can be found in actual report but not in the presentation
93% satisfied, 48% v satisfied much higher than other places
93% services continue good marks
83%..... more comparisons
doing exceptionally well in communication with residents
need for improvement: 14% rec facilities and programs; 14% traffic mgmt
value for taxes perceived as gd or vgd 86%; on par with norm, %age of vgd higher than others
87% in 2004
increasing taxes or cutting services; citizens support tax increases over service cuts
increase taxes to maintain services at current level
consistent with what we've seen elsewhere
alternative funding: sponsorship 78%; increase in user fees 55%; paid parking 34%; gambling revenues 17% (lower than other cmnties)
a third don't need more information from the District
financial budget info wanted but not as much as growth and planning
website 54% visited; age 18 to 54 and with kids
Sop: wd response be different if more than 301?
Ans: difficult to say, maybe 1% difference, overall similar, normal sample size
CAO: left to experts, more particular in fall when we dig down
Sop: in sponsorship, how do you know public truly understands it?
Ans: we feel citizens know, or they can say 'don't know'
VV: I'm disturbed about ppl understanding the questions
services, some think of police, fire, etc; not subsidies; think services mean different things to diff ppl
Ans: we always ask overall and we don't define services for them b/c such a broad area
just going after perception
can drill down, measuring satisfaction and it was Parks/Rec/ xxxx and Communication
VV: thought I sensed an inconsistency; satisfied but willing to pay user fees
CAO: highlights areas for discussion
have concern with growth and you know we have lowest in region perhaps in country
re services, when doing paper and pencil survey we actually list all of our services for them to answer
7:22 [Sop always leaves for Ev Dr b/c of possible conflict of interest]
4.         Evelyn Drive - Master Plan Submission: for receipt of the report dated May 29, 2007 from the Manager of Community Planning
SJN: phases, concept plan to Ccl and reviewed by Devt Adv Group
refined into a master plan; copies are av at the M Hall, Planning Dept
terraced townhouses on the site; no variations from the ht limits
going to a public info mtg at Park Royal North June 14, Sat Jun 16
plan at Memorial Library
to Design Rev Cmte, final plan June 28
after mtgs held and comments submitted, I as Director will decide if forwarded to Ccl for final approval; expect that in July with comments from public, cmtes, mtgs, etc
VV: don't want to hold up this project at this stage
OCP Section F2, we do have a piece missing
establishing a system, does not impose financial burdens on the cmnty
doesn't confine within boundaries, talking about WV as a whole
on NSNews on weekend problem with traffic at bridgehead
XXX$ extra cost
we need to have that sort of thing complying with F2 and it hasn't been laid out anywhere
how have formula, not sure
receive master plan showing how comply with F2 of OCP
MS: clarify F2
SJN: already approved by Ccl, done through consultation process
financial plan, and traffic impacts; layouts already approved
this is a design plan for the individual bldgs; gone past F2; matter of design of bldgs
VV: nothing more I can do
NDLea effect on bridgehead, had provincial report (cost $800K) wch gave info NDLea report hadn't
if this info av at that time; this/NDLea got in under the wire
not suggesting can change anything
MS: as Mr Nicholls points out, this is just design; so that's water under the bridge
5.         First Quarter Review, 2007 for receipt of report from Dir/Finance
RL: an info report for Ccl and residents; review of first three months of the year
actual results compared with budget; nothing signif to bring to Ccl's attn
MS: someone fetch Cclr Sop
[Day left; came back without Sop; so CAO went out to get him; was outside; guess still smoking]
JC: Italians bldgs, high and then statue on top
[Sop back]
MS: hope you haven't lost your train of thought
[RL picked up where he left off, repeating last sentence]
Sop: says..... further complicates... certain assumptions
where's line item so we know on right track?
nothing there that gives us indicators other than to say certain depts are going to have costs in future, but we don't have any indicators
CAO: what we're saying that based on years of experience we know expenditure on public works higher in summer than fall; no unexpected variances
if diff bet revenue -- we know not going to be collected until July
Sop: based on past, what improvements to make it easier to understand?
MS: we did discuss this at the Finance and Audit mtg
staff have noted where any differences; might know more when we do the six-month review
haven't done this before; going to post this on website
public can see this on website, thanks to Dir/Fin
Sop: I queried this earlier
MS: to your satisfaction?
Sop: improvement; if you feel not nec then that's what we're stuck with
MS: need to see actuals, if concern they be noted
RL has footnoted; expenses are approved at diff times of the year; I think a big step forward
CAO: staff are reviewing bimonthly; Ccl be advised close scrutiny
6.         4769 The Highway - Excess Rock Removal for receipt of the May 29, 2007 report of the Director of Planning, Lands and Permits
MS: a number of ppl have signed up to speak to this, but prior I'll ask Mr Nicholls to provide some background
SJN: some remarks, brief as I can make them; normally don't have enforcement items
in Heritage Conservation Area and affects alteration permit so felt good to have opportunity for public/devpr to speak; I've provided Ccl with my speaking notes
re blasting components, components provided to me Friday
the rock-breaking on this site between 500 and 700 cubic meters; difference is what was actual loose rock or soil
whatever number you pick in that range, it exceeds substantially both the bylaw max of 422 cu m permitted and est of 317 cu m on the permit
intent of enforcement by staff is to ensure this remediation has the least disruption to the nbrhd, ensure house is constructed as previously approved by Ccl
also important no benefit shd result from the excess blasting
Measures to be taken:
1 - stop work order on May 26, preventing any work for the past three weeks pending review of blasting information and remediation measures possible
2 - foundation forms, in their locations will be reviewed in detail and relocated if nec to ensure basement not larger than shown on bldg permit plans; the previous slab on grade space that was excavated will be filled in with excavated rock
3 - basement ceiling ht will be maintained; floor level will be poured to correspond to that on the approved plans or if slightly lower b/c of excess excavation, the bldg will be lowered; basement ceiling ht not improved or increased
4 - work on the removal of the rock and fill will commence immediately
to avoid excavating more than once on the site, and to minimize truck movement in nbrhd, this requirement will involve
~  first, the removal of the stop work order in order to finish the form work on the site, pour the fdns, and install the perimeter drainage;
~  second, the excavated material currently on the site will then be used to backfill the fdns and the slab on grade spaces under the bldgs
~  c, this will increase parking and materials/supplies/storage areas on the site in the immediate area of the house and the floor on top of the fdn will allow for materials storage off the parking areas as well
~ d the remainder of excavated material and rock, will be removed as the excavated fill is used to backfill; once fdns in place and backfilling starts, the remainder of the rock and the fill will be removed from the site
~ e the small amt of gravel will remain on the site subject to M approval in accordance with the plans originally approved by Ccl for onsite trade parking during construction.  That limited material used for stabilization, levelling, parking for tradespeople; will be removed at completion of construction as part of the approved landscape plan
~ finally expected time for fdn work and remediation, based on submission by owner this morning, is July 31, six weeks from now; if not completed, a second stop work order will be considered to stop framing of the house until that remediation work hs bn completed
the blasting contractor will be fined following staff review with solicitor for noncompliance with the bylaw
shd point out doesn't just involve this project, but in addition, as a result of this situation, subsequent permits for other props are being required to use larger overblast provision and volume estimate; responsibility of ea subcontractor for adherence to the bylaw limits; changes to the bylaw, soil removal and deposit bylaw, are being brought forward to increase this level of accountability and to consider further limits on volumes.
MS: prior to Ccl, hear public
Sam Whiffen (sp?): I'm one of the owners of the property
I know a number of nbrs have signed up; can they speak first and I can speak at end have my three minutes to address some of the concerns they raise
MS: will accommodate that
David Roberts: best person for first presentation is Mr Milliken and all of us shd follow
MS: suggest we call Mr Milliken
Don Milliken: prop to immed north; going to hand around some pictures
[does so; has six sets]
concerns about over-excavation on site next door but bigger concern about levelling of the site
result of over-excavated rock
did send to Mayor and Ccl this morning email outlining my position and will try not to review entire email
owner applied to blast basement, but did about twice what was permitted
roughly 350cu m of rock that was to be left in blast wasn't left in place; doubled time for blasting, two weeks to a month, doubled number of blasts by about an extra 50 to about 100 blasts, and doubled rock that has to be dealt with
if extra allowed to be removed, it wd take roughly 35 extra ten-yard trucks to remove what was originally intended
important question is why was the extra excavation done, tough to get a good answer to that one
the extra 350 cu m of rock was used to level the site
interestingly was according to devpr's original plan that was turned down
extra rock taken from north side of the lot by over-excavating around the perimeter of the basement and was used to raise the elevation of the east and south sides of the lot
elevation in these areas was increased up to 12ft to the top of the street hedge
what was a lot that gently sloped to the water's edge is now a flat lot
briefly look at picture No 1; caution you b/c wide-angle shot, smaller than actual on site
picture 2, fill added to eastern and southern boundaries; peeking over the rocks is what was a 13ft high hedge
picture 3, portion of the north, where some of the over-excavation occurred
picture 4, taken from grade, beside a 13ft high hedge so you can see how high rock is piled; increased ht by a good 12 ft
I'm told that an argument that was made that a portion of the excavation outside the boundaries of the permit shd be disregarded.  I'd like to see if that works the next time I get a speeding ticket.  Officer, if you'll disregard my speed above the speed limit, then I wasn't speeding.  Think it's going to be a tough sell
The argument that has been put forward by the owners is that levelling of the site is to accommodate parking and large trucks, I haven't been told this directly by the owners; this argument not reasonable or credible b/c the parking for trades and large trucks was easily accommodated without increasing the site elevation and certainly not up to 12 ft
if intended plan was to use overblasting, rock, for levelling, then permit application shd hv reflected that; none of that occurred
what's been done: double blast, double excavation timing, double trucks to remove over-excavated rock; if allowed, this is v nbrhd unfriendly
frankly what Mr Nicholls has suggested makes a lot of sense
in my view stop work order left in effect until redistributed rock put back where it was; north side shd be replaced, and what shdn't happen is that the extra 350cu m shd not be trucked away; will be v disruptive
this approach leaves the owner in a no-gain situation wch shd discourage similar actions as house progresses
concern of mine, more, so have to be back to Ccl
fines and tough talk will do nothing
talk on the street is that the finished house will sell in the $5 to 6M range so that absorbs a lot fines and tough talk
believe owners intent to leave some in place to raise south and east sides
certainly improves the view, no doubt about that, see over the hedge
increased elevation wd allow the pool orig intended
saying levelling simply for parking and trucks not credible
must be another plan; how occupancy permit after increasing the site elevation so much is a mystery to me, perhaps simply by trying to wear down city staff and the nbrs
Sop: Mr Nicholls explained to finish and you're against lifting stop work just to replace rock excavated?
DM: I've talked to Mr Nicholls subsequent to my email this morning; agree with what Mr Nicholls is doing, reasonable
David Roberts: live a few doors away; glad to read explanation from blasting company and its explanation but when I saw huge amt of rock, I was driven to conclude excavated deliberately to level the garden
levelling garden not envisioned by the LCAC or Ccl when applic made; minutes of April 2006 of LCAC, mbr noted not allowed to alter topography so not meeting guidelines so refused to approve
mtg on June 20th, Marque Thompson on behalf of applicant, revised plan and said natural rock is visible part of project; basement reduced, volume discussed, rock removal will be restricted
then in the motion the cmte passed, one of the motions passed was that rock removal be limited to that allowed by the bylaw
The applicant can hardly be said to have blundered ahead in ignorance of what cmte and nbrs wanted
Ccl must insist this devpr immediately remedy its defaults wch appear to be quite deliberate
if you do not force the devpr to remedy/remove these infractions, then truly no point in having bldg bylaws
future devprs and this devpr will have learned in WV can breach without consequence
Robert Long: directly opposite house in question; will leave details to others; situation boils down to two key features:
1 this site is now an environmentally damaged site, within a heritage area to boot
2 the ability the authority of the Planning Dept has been challenged
Essential steps to my mind:
1 site has to be restored to natural or approved grade before the stop work order is lifted
2 a meaningful financial penalty shd be levied
David Manson: immediately across the road from this prop; spoke before on numerous occasions about this issue on basis of what may happen, now concerns of what has happened
must concur with former speakers and Mr Nicholls's recommendations
implore Ccl to enforce those recommendations to their letter
surprised pourings shd occur before rock removal
believe prop shd be returned to original contours prior to any further work on construction site other than rock removal and infilling where rocks shd not hv bn removed
MS: wd you like to clarify re forms?
SJN: if concrete and drainage tiles put in place, those voids can be filled by rocks on site
only requires moving the rocks once; if required to another place, requires twice with all the noise on the site or noise trucking off and back
purpose to create voids to minimize trucks and noise, strictly to deal with nbrs
MS: you've signed up twice, speaking for someone else; combine to three minutes, thrown on your mercy?
Tony Gabriel: asked to speak on behalf of John Gilbert, as you know the longest resident in Lower Caulfeild; doesn't come to such things but sends missives
will read it to you now; will distribute a picture he wants you to see:
Good evening Madam Mayor and Councillors,
To read in from John Gilbert January 15 07 verbal submission via myself:
Hello Tony,
I fear I have shot my bolt already. I have spent all my outrage -- all my angst -- and try as I might, I can't  drum up a single fresh emotion.
I find it interesting that with all the attempts at communication with other members of our little group of concerned neighbours, I have not been contacted. After all, my house IS the closest to their proposed building site, and we will be most impacted by what eventually is built.
Certainly in respect to the issue of blasting, which I categorically oppose because of numerous ugly consequences, yet unknown. It boggles my mind that these people propose to shatter and remove an amount of native rock equal to more than one half the floor-to-ceiling cubic area of my home=8A. For a bloody BASEMENT !
" in good faith " is a phrase that doesn't seem to spring to mind when I contemplate the Thompson Group tactics.
June 4th 2007:
Tony - thank you once again for being " my  voice".
As the owner -- for almost half a century -- of the "house next door", I have very little to say that hasn't been said effectively by my more eloquent neighbours, but I WOULD  like to express my astonishment at the outrageous shenanigans of these supposed professionals.  If that humongous pile of boulders -- each as large as a SMART car -- wasn't staring at me from across our fence, I would never believe that any group of scoundrels could be so STUPID as to believe they could get away with improving upon thousands of years of intelligent design by Mother Nature for their own nefarious purposes. If their actions had not been so disrespectful to us all, they would almost be funny.
(spoken towards developers) No Ladies and gentlemen (of the opposition) we and our protectors do NOT believe the moon is made of green cheese..(But I begin to think perhaps you DO.)
Signed  John Martin Gilbert    S.O.S.   P. D. Q.   T.I.M.B.Y. (pdq- pretty damn quick ) ( timby- They're in my back yard)
THEN, I'm Simon Gabriel; for my own part, of South Piccadilly
Good evening Madam Mayor and Councillors.
Yet once more - you get to see a series of the same faces dealing with an issue that should never have occurred and should not be taking your time .  Yet once again we are here- - the residents and neighbours of Lower Caulfeild -- with a problem about which we have been warning Council and City Hall since this matter began fifteen months ago. 
And what a beginning that was! -- lies and deceit -- which have continued.
Perhaps if we were a diverse or uncaring neighbourhood  we would not have bothered with the imposition of a new house in an old Heritage area -- but then again anyone suspecting that would not know the make up of the neighbourhood in terms of the people and professionalism they have spent their lives refining.
In a Report dated December 2006 and received by Council, one finds a report dated Sept 13/06 from Jim Bailey. Under Analysis he states -- and I quote in part only -- the Lower Caulfeild Advisory Committee on April 25 2006 did not support the plan because the committee has concerns about the excessive rock removal.  But in the June 20th 06 meeting the same committee recommended support with "the rock removal be limited to that allowed by bylaw".  Under Environmental Implications the report states that "the proposed application preserves some of the rock outcrops of the site." 
In January this year Council approved the Permit for these "housebuilders" after hearing several submissions by neighbours against the issue of blasting.  In fact one member of Council even ventured to vote against the permit on the basis of that issue -- blasting for profit -- not necessity. 
In that report, it states the Option C would increase the amount of landscaping on the north adjacent to the Milliken property and reduce (or eliminate) the amount of rockwork on the north.  (Please do look at the "eliminated" rockwork "on the north" picture in today's report to Council.)
I am a neighbour three houses from the site -- too far away to be inspected before the work began.   I work from home and spent the first ten days with my house shaking daily from 8am  to 3pm --  before I called in at City Hall to ask if this was supposed to occur.  I was not alone -- neighbours' houses on Pilot House Road shook -- the other side of the peninsula -- as did they in their gardens -- and all along the Highway.
The site was visited by City personnel with the result that in place of setting six charges off at once, they dropped to two with thankfully less shaking effect.
The lovely rural area that used to be 4769 The Highway now looks like an industrial area to be developed. A very large hole, partially filled in where the blasters went so deep that they had to truck in numerous loads of fill so that they cd place their footings at the right level.  It is worth noting on the pre-blast and post-blast diagrams, that the post-blast has no readings at all in the centre of the page -- because of this fill. And I am led to understand that the 731 cubic metres total is calculated to the top of the fill -- meaning an exact blast total is well in excess of 731 =8A. which is already 2.1/4 times the 317, and almost 1.3/4 times the 422 maximum.
The fill -- taken from the hole extends like an airplane landing strip to the cove -- gone are the graceful contours of the former garden -- gone is the garden completely too, and any rock outcrops. 
The damage that has been inflicted on the neighbourhood in terms of noise and destruction -- in the words of the builders' own people -- blast gases continue to open cracks in the rock until they vent along natural joint planes -- we -- the neighbourhood -- may well be dealing with for the rest of our lives. 
It is my submission that these "housebuilders" have never varied in their ultimate intent -- to build a large house and make it simple for the next owner to achieve -- one way or another -- to include a pool in the yard.  Had people not been diligent and had the neighbourhood not been as cohesive as it is, they might have got away with it. They didn't, and they should be afforded the maximum penalties allowed including cleaning up the site to its ORIGINAL grades BEFORE any further building is permitted -- NOT -- not -- as per the report in front of you page 4, para 3.1- item 4 - : restored to "something close to" original grades.    
Colleagues have tried to persuade me not to suggest to you that perhaps one other alternative to this situation would be to use some of excess rock and fill they have distributed over the yard to fill in the hole they have dug, put a concrete slab on top and allow these people to build a two-storey house only.
Before I go - one other connected issue . On June 19th last year I sat before you -- the outcome of which was a requested review of the Lower Caulfeild Guidelines. In November last year it was made a Priority.  It is now June a year later, and to date we have not heard word number one about any meetings or gatherings =8A.. How long does it take, please?
I thank you for your time. 
MS: thank you; finally we have Sam Whiffen                               
Sam Whiffen (sp?): about rock removal; taken time looked at figures over past few days
we are a group of owners, asked our legal counsel to coordinate efforts with those involved; prepared to go through; if like us to, ready to go through blast calculations in detail
by our calculations, we're at limit of 422 cu m after discounting 200 cu m wch was loose soil
and also removal of some rock that constituted a safety hazard
quite a bit of rotten [?] rock removed at north end of the prop
our position, mentioned to Planning, we are in fact at the limit, not over the limit of permitted blasting
sensitive issue also re buildup of the grade; this is not a permanent buildup, we're storing materials onsite that will be backfilled wch is why we need to get going; take back to natural incline, as per landscaping plan lodged and agreed with M
if we can't get an occupation permit, it's very simple
I'd be the first to agree an eyesore; aim to rectify by end of July; were ramifications if not
those were main points
David Roberts mentioned he supports Mr Nicholls's suggestions; pleased common ground, we do too, constructive dialogue
in terms of moving forward wd like to continue to move forward on basis outlined this evening
thank you
MS: anybody else?
Bill Chapman: land surveyor; my question pertains to the last stmt Mr Nicholls made -- staff was taking action on any future applications
there are three applications into Hall right now being held up and told will be sent back to us to recalculate to comply with new regulations
if we follow the blasting requirements when they went in, applications shd be honoured
when you consider, allow us to move forward with our current applications
SJN: I know Mr Chapman believes related in some way, unfortunate issue at The Highway
we expect when somebody applies for a rock removal permit and says they're going to remove X cubic m of rock they will remove X cu m of rock; and we want assurances they will do that when permit's issued; that's what we intend to do
VV moved receipt; seconded by RD
Sop: wd like to extend that, in a friendly amendment, support staff recommendations
CAO: if Ccl wanted to signify; not necessary, but wd be a friendly amendment
VV: amended as stated
JC: second the amendment
Sop:  When we look back, area residents showed great concern about change; if live there every right to; made statements
went through LCAC a few times, we listened intently
felt reasonable compromise allowed to go through, some reluctance
incredible spot have ev reason to challenge
when I look at a picture with rock stacked up 8ft or higher then ground pounded down, hidden behind hedge, that's levelling property; think staff recommendations straightforward
Mr Nicholls, will the shape of that prop be back to original?
wd Ccl entertain a motion that staff give a report back to Ccl on amendment to soil/blasting bylaw that there wd state there'd be no blasting in Lower Caulfeild Heritage Area from June 4th
MS: those are two separate motions, so first
VV: wanted to acknowledge person who said wanted to see large financial penalty imposed
I ask questions about amts of fines we can impose, building house in millions, not slowed down by $5 to 6K
understand prov limits fine we can impose in diff situations
even if we impose a fine, limited by what province has set, not what we chose or think a deterrent
for those looking for us to find something effective; afraid the prov prevents us
JF: if a blasting company were to encounter some unforeseen conditions and if felt needed more than allowed, wd not be normal to come back to M Hall, explain and receive permission
SJN: wd be normal, that's what we wd expect
things occur on site have to address, in this case a stairwell was left out of the calculations, cd hv bn dealt with within bylaw limits
JF: this company made no attempt to contact Planning Dept to ask for a review of their blasting permit and add'l considerations
SJN: up until tail end no indication, then blasting limit, that it might be exceeded, not by how much
expectation within the 422, recognizing applic for 317, so degree of leeway for dealing with issues as they came up.
JF: thank you
MS: Called question Motion with recommendations
MS: Mr Stuart, re Mr Gabriel's question/discussion re LCAC -- that's coming before Ccl this month?
SJN: draft on my desk just finished last Friday, not sure whether on 11th or week following
one recommendation a nbrhd mtg be held before summer
introduce beginnings of study; consideration of changes to bylaw
also bringing forward changes to the soil removal deposit bylaw as a result of the Clovelly Study
potential changes in volume limits
may be special provision diff for the LC
Sop: no blasting in LC Heritage area?
SJN: think you shd debate the pros and cons of that; b/c some limited amts of rock removal might improve or sit a bldg into the site; nbrs will want to discuss; may be close to prohibition
Sop: I'll withdraw my motion; if the owners remove will they be at grade level?
SJN: permit shows as existing grade.
7.         Sign Bylaw No. 4499, 2007 and Traffic and Parking Bylaw No. 4370, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4516, 2007: for receipt of the report dated May 07, 2007 from the Manager of Bylaw & Licencing [sic, see * FOOTNOTE below] Services
BOTH RECOMMENDED also for first, second, and third reading:
Sop: where hours?
RB, DoAS: current bylaw does not deal with specific hours; that will depend on future discussions; immediate nature
CAO: housekeeping issues now, not major
Sop: how can it not be?
if you're over the limit; parking violations are within traffic bylaws
MS: sets amt of fines
Sop: hours is what I'm talking about
CAO: if Cclr Sop has some issues; can speak to him separately; this dealing with anomalies
Sop: one hour to two
Several: that's not here
[motion read]
Sop: under this area, discussed?
CAO: if hours, separate motion, not intended; only reason here signs make the Engg Dept responsible so has to be amended
Sop: what are hours under?
MS: maybe pass this then another motion re hours
Sop: fine
Sop: motion wrt staff to report back, from two hours to one hour and ramifications
CAO: believe Cclr Sop speaking about parking on Marine Drive, not all Amb
that issue has been reported to Amb WG
coming in July
MS: have that in July, acceptable?
Sop : rest not buying it
[Motion passes three to two]
8.         Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005, Amendment Bylaw No. 4502, 2007
for first, second, and third reading
Sop: no problems with report; where are we wrt mtg with Srs re fee increases?
when answer some of the concerns?
CAO: staff have followed up; recommended some amendments to meet financial targets
what you see reflects consultation between staff and Srs
Sop: doesn't have srs' comments
JC: under bylaw enforcement ofcr, $60 hr, min three hrs, doubled ???
CAO: believe that's the charge if we have to call out for special events
JC: if same ofcr after eight hours on the job?
or one replacing? at double time? don't get the wording
CAO: if we had an ofcr who was scheduled
according to agreement
if we cd change the shift it wd be straight time rate
if change rate or had to be called in then xxxxx
JC: who's a paramedic?  fire dept?
CAO: definition in bylaw Mr Beauchamp
RB: am sure it refers to our Fire Dept and having a paramedic classification
if a paramedic classification is required that's the charge out
JC:... //  RB: ..that has that....
VV: v important for the public to understand have to take seriously F&A recomm; can't continue to subsidize
this is a small first step; will have to keep climbing at
taxpayer will still be paying about $160K more; 2007 than 2006
essential we start raising user fees .....philanthropy, donations
share Cclr Sop's concerns; did meet with them; frustrated didn't recognize volunteer hours
like airmiles; so many hours, a discount or award or something
wd like to board at the srs' ctr themselves, create.....
from our side; don't feel right we,  ...pay for things
we're in a new epoch, no going back; these facilities must begin to
although no money to renew at end of....
JF: take issue with word 'essential'; a budget decision that cd in fact be reversed
citizen response; the new budget process might find a new [new funding/ways?]
what one considers essential another wd not....
just a difference of opinion
MS: vote on this supposedly housekeeping issue
9.         Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4517, 2007 and
Development Permit Application 06-034 for Collingwood School (Wentworth Campus)
MS: do have one??
Sop: cd I ask why report not just received rather than first reading?
SJN: normally Ccl gets first reading before going to Public Hearing
RECOMMENDED:...be now introduced and read a first time in short form.
RECOMMENDED: THAT a Public Hearing and concurrent Public Meeting be held on Monday, June 25, 2007 at 7pm and DPApplication, both dealing with the redevt of Collingwood School (Wentworth Campus).
MS: so announcement will go out to public about this PH
10.       Appointments to West Vancouver Memorial Library Board (File: 1905?04)
RECOMMENDED: for the term ending December 31, 2008: Kristy Farquharson, Marcia Bergen.
MS: withdraw?
Sop: withdraw 1e
MS: I don't see 1e
Sop: Sunset Lane
JC: 15
[Approved except 1, 4, and 15]
Requests for Delegation
(1)       Letters (5) regarding British Columbia Rail Proposal - Subdivision of Sunset Lane
Referred to the Municipal Clerk for response regarding delegation scheduling.
Sop: ask Mr Nicholls to give a report; BCR going in a new direction will affect them what are we going to do with it
SJN: been going on for a decade; line is not CN Rail; land held by BCR Properties
a portion of the land owned by BCRP be obtained by DWV
cd be a benefit to
we have been dealing with them for some time, re purchasing props
mtg held with BCRail and not all residents' questions answered
I met with a resident and wd draft a letter addressing her concerns
will have to consult with BCR before sending the letter
wd allow the props to be purchased by residents
can't be approved by approving officer, has to have Ccl approval; can't be subdivided on own
she cd see letter and say if some points not answered
Sop: without getting into details with BCR
wd residents not be 'put upon' if they don't purchase
SJN: certain rights of passage...
(4)       May 19, 2007, regarding Bylaws: Scavenging of Garbage and Recyclables
            Referred to the Director of Administrative Services for consideration and response.
JC: noticed professional scavengers; I've noticed them
have we bylaws in place, shd we
RB: haven't had an opportunity to dig into details
we haven't a salvaging bylaw; scavenging some in garbage bylaw
have to do some research and report back to Ccl...
(15)     T. Macoun, Head of School - Mulgrave School, May 23, 2007, regarding Thank You - Generous Donation in Support of the Cypress Student Summit: H2O
JC : did we make a small grant?
CAO: maybe for an activity
JC: generous more than small
CAO: often for $500

{why doesn't anyone give the amount of the grant???}

JF: motivated by Cclr Clark's comment re recycling
on garbage and recycling day, some going around on garbage day sometimes in cars; anything refundable -- isn't that M prop
helps fund
wdn't that simply be theft?
RB: perhaps two points of view
reducing the volumes going into recycling, a benefit point of view
access and going on to priv prop goes beyond
think it's something we have to look at
followup to first enquiry...
JF: weather was perfect on Saturday
Cmnty Day parade lively; lots of cheering on the sidelines
always struck on parade that everyone in it -- who's watching them go by
terrific participation by all of the schools
thx to our staff
KP: have a sunburn on my neck; standing out there for four hours
debriefed today; no problems
MS: cdn't get a seat in the beer garden
Sop: involved sev years, a labour of love
know intensity of mtgs and organizational skill; congratulated
unique; this parade has not altered much in all the years
specifics, but content noncommercial
thank you to the Sch Bd as well; great
RD: great; 72 entries; fun in Amb
my younger granddaughter's birthday; of course the sun SHONE

{Later teased RD.  He now says presentation the Cdn way (preh, not pree as in US), but his American origin came out with shone -- US pronunciation rhymes with bone, ours with lawn/drawn.}

MS: want to talk about the fireworks?
JC: a little early for that, next week

Elaine Fonseca: quite intrigued when Cclr V said fines regulated by province, wd you elaborate on that?
VV: from Mr Nicholls; we don't set
SJN: prov govt has the offences act
max penalty is X and min; max fine is $2K under offences act
EF: hearing that the dvpr gets a paltry fine
in my nbrhd we've had the bylaw ofcr; says that's the cost of doing biz
SJN: she was speaking of XXX
but envmt; can be per day
in terms of siltation control, diff bylaws and provisions
EF (re noise bylaw infraction): Understand $100 fine if a devpr starts earlier or later
SJN: Mr Beauchamp noise; mine envmt
RB: under noise bylaw, three options:
one is new adjudication [way]; the other ticketing information; third, filing information, taking someone to court
EF: some of dvprs saying this is the cost of doing biz; flies in face
with a multimillion dollar [home], will not deter
needs a bit more effort and muscle; make sure these devprs are adhering
CAO: certainly a frustration; in some cases can't get them raised; only ... law
$8 to 10K to go to court and judge will give a $1K fine
have problems ev year; are restricted by prov.
 {The fines are a joke.  More on this in a future issue.  The only tool DWV has that gets attention is a stop work order.  That was done with The Highway, and if they can do it for the noise bylaw, then DWV wd be able to facilitate some peace for nbrs during construction.  Quigg has been fined numerous times.  Again, paltry.  Insignificant.  Ineffective.  Ccl shd take a serious look at this and do something so that devprs might pay attention to our bylaws intended to protect and give assurances to WV residents.}

* (Item 7) FOOTNOTE:
licence is the noun in Canada (so only two choices: singular and plural, licence and licences), and is not in US English wch has license whether noun or verb.
The good news is that someone on staff is being "hyperCanadian".  Full marks for intent.
license in the verb in Canada, hence this word shd be licensing (and why you see licensed premises).  There's no such word that apparently the DoAS insists on using in this item, hence [sic].  He cites the LGA and the Cmnty Charter but they use them correctly.  Though pointed out over a year ago and the Dept name changed to Bylaw and Licence Dept, for some reason it's here again on the agenda but my query was met with incomprehension.
2.         Public Amenity Policy for receipt and approval
3.         Sponsorship and Partnership Policy and Procedures for approval
4.         Annual Report 2006  --  RECOMMENDED:
            1.         Council designate the June 25 Regular Meeting of Council for receipt of the 2006 Annual Report;
            2.         Staff be authorized to make a draft of the Annual Report available to residents on the District web site and at Finance Department counters; and
            3.         That the availability of the Annual Report and the scheduling of the Council Meeting for its receipt be advertised in the North Shore News in each of the next two Wednesday editions.
5.         Child Care Services Working Group - Status Update on the Cedardale Child Learning Centre and Related Work Program Initiatives
RECOMMENDED: THAT The Report dated June 5 from the Manager of Social Services ... be received for information.
6.         Rodgers Creek Area Planning - Status Report: June 01 from the Manager, Community Planning for receipt.
Requests for Delegation -- No items presented.
Action Required
(1)       May 25, 2007, regarding 2007 Budget & Taxes Brochure (File: 0860-01)
Referred to the Director of Finance for consideration and response.
(2)       I. Chong, Provincial Minister of Community Services and Minister Responsible for Seniors' and Women's Issues, May 25, 2007, regarding 2007 Allocations - Traffic Fine Revenue Sharing (TFRS) Grant Program
Referred to the Acting Chief Constable for consideration and response.
(3)       May 30, 2007, regarding Metered Water Consumption Formula (File: 1815?08?01/1815?02)
Referred to the Director of Finance for consideration and response.
(4)       Union of British Columbia Municipalities, June, 2007, regarding Call for Nominations for UBCM Executive
Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(5)       Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
(a)       North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues - April 26, 2007 (File: 0180-18)
(6)       R. Thorpe, Minister of Small Business and Revenue and, I. Chong, Provincial Minister of Community Services and Minister Responsible for Seniors' and Women's Issues, May 23, 2007, regarding Establishing a Single Business Licence Framework for Local Government
(7)       L. E. Jackson, Chair - Greater Vancouver Regional District Board, May 24, 2007, regarding City of Vancouver's Recently Approved Climate Change Resolution
(8)       R. Paddon, Vice President, Corporate & Public Affairs - TransLink, May 29, 2007, regarding Schedule of Events - 2008 Transportation and Financial Plan
(9)       D. R. Corrigan, Mayor - City of Burnaby, May 29, 2007, re TransLink Governance Legislation - Bill 36
(10)     May 30, 2007, regarding Organic and Free Range Eggs (File: 0055?01)
(11)     May 31, 2007, regarding Collingwood School Parking Issues (File: 1800?02/1603-15)
(12)     June 04, 2007, regarding The Highway - Alteration Permit (File: 1010?20?05?026)
(13)     June 04, 2007, regarding West Vancouver Mile - Well Done (File: 3110-01)
(14)     N. Henderson, Executive Director - Social Planning and Research Council of British Columbia (SPARCBC), Undated, 2007, regarding Access Awareness Day
Attachments are available for viewing in the Legislative Services Department.
Responses to Correspondence
(15)     R. Fung, Manager, Utilities, May 31, 2007, re reply to Strata Council regarding Water Meter Billing and Cost
Responses to Questions in Question Period -- No items presented.

[Just noted CTV scroll saying last chance to save them, probably referring to H of Commons session now about to end; here excerpts from Senator Pat Carney's website.]

There is renewed hope for the preservation of heritage lighthouses in B.C. and the rest of Canada with the reintroduction of "The Heritage Lighthouse Bill".
In December 2006, Bill S-220 passed third reading in the Senate and will soon be introduced into the House of Commons. ...
[B/c m]odelled after Canada's Heritage Railway Act, the Heritage Lighthouse Bill will protect lighthouses that fall under the jurisdiction of the federal government from being altered, sold, removed, assigned, transferred or otherwise disposed of without public consultation. It will also require that designated heritage lighthouses, and the stations at which they are located, be reasonably maintained.
B.C. has 52 of Canada's surviving 583 lighthouses. These buildings are vulnerable because the Coast Guard has no mandate for heritage protection. Although the Department of Fisheries and Oceans has attempted to rectify this problem with the Coast Guard's ambitious "Alternate Use Program", it has been ineffective because of the current laws and policies regarding disposal of federal property. Public proposals are more often unachievable under existing regulations.
People care deeply about the lighthouses on both coasts. The focus of the bill is to provide a process whereby the public can be involved in the heritage designation, alteration or disposal of a lighthouse. ...
There are presently 120 lighthouses that have been granted heritage status. As others are so designated they will also be covered.
Only nine of B.C.'s stations are currently designated as fully or partially protected heritage buildings. They include Carmana Point, built in 1891; Fisgard (1860); Race Rocks (1842); Pachena Point (1908); Estevan Point (1909); Langara (1913); Triple Island (1921); Brockton Point (1890); and Point Atkinson (1874).
Please write to [House of Commons, Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6]:
Honourable Loyola Hearn, PC, MP, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans
Honourable John Baird, PC, MP Minister of Environment and Minister responsible for Parks Canada

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