June 18th Ccl NOTES
June 25th AGENDA
Calendar to July 4

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

in haste:
=  MAIN ITEMS Ccl Agenda June 25th: PUBLIC HEARING Collingwood/Wentworth campus;  Annual Report 2006/Budget Bylaws; Ev Dr Master Plan; Cycling/Greenway Plan ($10M); Hollyburn School Playground
=  Vive le Canada; SALMAGUNDI; THEATREWATCH; Calendar to July 4th
=  Ccl Mtg June 18th NOTES (WV Shoreline Preservation Society; Collingwood School/Morven Parking; Clovelly/Lower Caulfeild; Rezoning Application 2388/2396 Marine Dr; PQP: Amb WG Wed mtg without notification and -- incredibly -- tried for a closed mtg on Friday but someone told me, I told Mayor and Mayor to the rescue -- presto, at least they phoned a couple of interested ppl the night before.....)
=  Ccl AGENDA June 25; Maiku; Quotations; Subscribe to WVM!
>  Aboriginal Day, then celebrations for 250th anniversary of Capt Vancouver...last week
>  Happy Jean Baptiste Day -- a holiday Monday June 25th in Quebec.
>  At the FCM (Federation of Canadian Municipalities) annual mtg last month in Calgary there was a recommendation to change Councillor (wch it became about 1993 from Alderman) to MLG, Member of the Local Govt, consistent with MP and MLA.  The Squamish Chief newspaper has decided to call them MoLGs.  :-)
> Multiculturalism Day June 27th
> SEVEN WONDERS OF BC;  My suggestion was in an earlier WVM and in Saturday's VSun, they want your nominations for TEN wonders.  Go to www.vancouversun.com or send stories/images to sunwonders@png.canwest.com
> SEVEN WONDERS OF WEST VANCOUVER -- Please send your nominations to wonders@westvan.org
> HERITAGE WEST VAN: What's special in your nbrhd?  Is there a special spot? building? tree? Tell me about it: sevenwonders@westvan.org or call 922 4400
> LICENCE TO KILT?  http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/em/fr/-/2/hi/uk_news/scotland/6234290.stm
** Sporran wearers may need licence **  Kilt wearers could face prosecution if they do not have a licence for their sporran under new laws. G asks, what about under the kilt?
>  OUR BEACHES -- Lifeguard services begin June 25:
Ambleside Beach - Monday to Thursday - noon to 7pm; Sat/Sun/Stat Holidays - noon to 8pm
Dundarave Beach - Monday to Thursday - 3 - 6pm; Sat/Sun/Stat Holidays - noon to 6pm
Call 925 7210 for more information.
As you know the popn growth of WV has been glacial (without global warming) at about 0.4% per year.  Since 2000, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, and Phoenix have grown by over 100,000 residents per year.
This map will show the change from 1947 to 2000 (and note that since then, Palestinians have even less land and control now in 2007).  http://www.exeterpsc.org.uk/map.jpg
> The Secret Downing Street Memo -- http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article8709.htm
===  THEATREWATCH -- Bard's Julius Caesar opens July 4th!
Jericho Arts Ctr's The Ladies of the Camellias was an interesting juxtaposition of theatre, actors, and historical/political thoughts and personalities in 1897.

===  CALENDAR to June 30th  ===  [M Hall unless otherwise noted; ongoing at end]
== Tues, June 26th
~ the usual Amb Town Ctr Strategy WG mtg at 8am at Ch/Commerce boardroom?
or planned closed mtg Friday settle things???
~ 4:30pm ~ Finance & Audit Cmte
~ 6 - 8pm ~ OPENING NIGHT: Ferry Building Gallery "Waking the Muse"
Eve Llyndorah, mixed media; Stoica Niculae Nuca, acrylic on canvas; Tudor Serban, sculpture
and Artists in Attendance June 30 from 2 - 3pm Exhibit ends July 15.
== Wed, June 27th
~ 2 - 5pm ~ Multiculturalism Day in Ambleside Park
~ 4pm ~ Design Review Adv Cmte (moved from June 28)
~ 6:30 - 8pm ~ Child Care Services Working Group
== Thurs, June 28th
~  Dialogues on the future of the region at SFU Wosk Ctr
The Greater Vancouver Regional District is partnering with Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade across Greater Vancouver to launch an expanded program of dialogues for 2007. http://www.gvrd.bc.ca/sustainability/dialogues.htm
New and innovative approaches to regional issues and attention to the growing impacts and opportunities of globalization are fundamental if we are to sustain those things that make our region special. Therefore, your opinions and participation at these sessions are vitally welcome and important.
~ 4:30pm ~ Design Review Adv Cmte (moved to June 27)
~ 5pm ~ NSACDI at DNV M Hall
~ 5:30pm ~ Police Bd mtg at Ch of Commerce boardroom

== Sun, July 1st == :-)
== CANADA DAY CELEBRATIONS ==  noon to 4pm Ambleside Park
== CANADA DAY FIREWORKS  == 10:30 - 11pm along WV Waterfront

== Wed, July 4th -- Property Taxes due!  :-(

From waterfront and architecture to intimate portraits and landscapes, the lenses of five photographers take our everyday world into the extraordinary. Works by Kenneth Dyck, Doris Fiedrich, Gary Hubbs, Katherine Kerr, and Kelly Wharton.
+ July 1 - 31st + GALLERY AT THE LIBRARY ==&nb= sp; "TEXTURE"
Works by Jens Diercks and Katherine Freund-Hainsworth
This month the West Vancouver Memorial Library is proud to exhibit the works of two artists with very different, but equally compelling, methods of conveying depth. Katherine Freund-Hainsworth uses layers upon layers of historical documents and photographs to communicate details of the past while Jens Diercks has a unique way of creating sculpture that literally pops off the wall.
Opening Reception July 6th 6:30 - 8pm.
Reception hosted by the Friends of the Library. Everyone is welcome.
+++  WV ARTS COUNCIL +++ visit www.silkpurse.ca for events (most ticketed)
EXHIBIT: "OUT OF AFRICA" from June 19 to July 1st
The continent of Africa has many countries, and among them the Republic of South Africa alone is five times bigger than Great Britain. Africa is home to many diverse cultures. From the north to the south, from the west to the east, you can find all kinds of landscapes, some with luxuriant vegetation as well as semi-desert ones, and from mountainous landscapes to superb beaches. Visit the Silk Purse for an exhibition of landscapes and portraits on an African theme with various artists from the Lower Mainland.

+++  WV MUSEUM  +++  http://www.wvma.net/exhibits/index.html
Stit=FAyntm -- Enduring Traditions -- March 20, 2007 - August 31, 2007
Enduring Traditions explores the artistic expression of the Squamish people who utilize unique Coast Salish design elements and composition to create striking masterworks. This exhibition brings together historic and contemporary objects and images and offers an opportunity to appreciate treasured objects on public display for the first time.
For more information, please contact the Museum at: 925 7295.
--->  For events at KMC, see www.kaymeekcentre.com
+++  Dundarave Farmers' Markets every Saturday 10 to 4pm; Ambleside's on Sundays  +++

 =======  CCL MTG NOTES= June 18th =======
1.  APPROVAL OF AGENDA:  Amended adding some letters re Collingwood/Morven
2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES: May 28 and June 04, 2007 Regular Council Minutes
=B7 Public Amenity Policy
=B7 Sponsorship and Partnership Policy and Procedures
=B7 Annual Report 2006
=B7 Child Care Services Working Group - Status Update on the Cedardale Child Learning Centre and Related Work Program Initiatives
=B7 Rodgers Creek Area Planning - Status Report
RD: moved recommendations to be ratified
Sop: wd Madam Clerk pls read out the synopsis of what was stated as there is no minutes, in relation to the bullets, as to clarification and confirmation, not approval.
Mayor: there are minutes
Sop: but not here tonight so I asked if a printout to describe ea of the bullets briefly so understand what we're ratifying
SSch: re Amenity policy, received and forwarded to F&A cmte for review; wrt Rodgers Report, WG be thanked and to meet with Ccl with another request re locating and acquiring Eq Ctr; wrt Sponsorship Policy, to F&A for review.
Sop: thank you
SSch: sorry, I missed two: Annual Report designate June 25 for receipt and draft be available....; Child Care Update be received and considered at Rodgers and Ambleside WG discussions.
Foreshore Preservation Group, regarding Ambleside to Dundarave Foreshore Work
Steve Jenkins: Introduce Scott Christie, the go-between between staff, the Foreshore Society, and DFO; work between Ambleside and Dundarave
SC: On behalf of the WV Shoreline Preservation Society, thank you for this opportunity to present update on the work being done along the shoreline.  Mission to preserve, educate, and improve the environment along the WV shoreline.  Past year and a half have been working with staff and approval agencies to achieve this goal.  Currently, waves impact..... process.....can go over top of seawall... [SLIDES showing sediment, waves' effect on transport process].  Surveys to map..... foundation of shoreline must be established to develop strategies; requires subtidal work.  Mapping sections of the shoreline.  Diverse cmnty of plants and animals [SLIDES]; opportunities to enhance.  Interesting features underwater, I've had opp to see.  Biophysical surveys.  Salmon control.  Habitat.  Between Lawson and McDonald flat.  Target species cd be enhanced.  Series of pilot projects, short term -- a few years -- for protection.  Building material of choice is rock -- recovered and recycled from the Squamish hwy and District projects -- by truck, placed on barges,....  Participation of DWV staff,particularly Rick Burnham (sp?), coordination, hundreds of trucks, key.  Several projects re McD Crk, projects on shore built on beach [slides], bypass; deflect to east; shoreline stabilization.  If you're walking along the seawall you'll see some of these features, structures.  Consultant involved.  During main storm events, fortunately some of our pilot projects in place, sediment loads coming down with heavy rains, managed to trap some of it.   [Photographs showing this.]  Traps in place otherwise wd hv disappeared into deep water.  Monitor around rocks to see if changes due to waves.  With stability, shoreline preservation has begun.  Algae and barnacles are already colonized.  Opportunities to interact and learn.  WVSPS looks forward to building on the initial successes of these pilot projects.
Mayor: thank you; important that ev recognizes the initiative came from the residents of WV; successful in attracting corporate partners.
Sop: great respects to the Society; took it upon yourselves, and so nicely given to us by a mbr of EAC.  Commended; wonderful things; citizens took initiative and ran with it.  Can see results already, seawall.  Fantastic initiatives.
JF: wd echo Cclr Sop's remarks.  Are you going to be able to monitor and see progress, return of species.
CS:  one of the reasons of mapping was to be able to monitor changes over time; if pilot projects successful then larger projects with greater protection and habitat opportunities.
RD: just thinking back; I was ccl rep with the EAC and, extraordinary, one individual, Adrian Rowland, volunteered to sit on that cmte, he was harbour master in BC with DFO; he came on the cmte with the idea of persuading EAC and Ccl, and cmnty, of importance of reclaiming our foreshore, and the EAC was quickly won over to his work, Ccl too; great support let to formation of this Society; indiv volunteers, staff, and others contributing; extraordinary work; see sand building up on beaches; quite an achievement, want to add my congratulations too
to Steve Jenkins as well, and to Society
Mayor: Cclr Ferguson read thanks -- I think it shd read the Shoreline Preservation Society.
We look forward to the next report.
Sop: do like to be involved but solicitor stated possible conflict of interest (b/c of grandson) shd if this affect fees
[so removed himself, left Chamber]
5. Further Information - Collingwood School (Morven Parking)
THAT the Alternative Proposal for addressing the Collingwood School (Morven) number of students/parking issue as set out in section 3.1 of the report dated May 18, 2007 from the Community Planner, be approved.
Mayor: you are excused; now begin with speaking list.
> Nick Gear: was 24/25 years ago on board when started
remember years...  best school -- awards..
800 families, live and vote in this cmnty; we are legion
reasonable, thought matter was resolved
make good; allow us the time
not a quick solution, adversely affecting the life of children
My wife Patti and I -- rather than concerns of a few for whom reasonable steps have been taken
real estate ads say close to Collingwood School
make sure we'll follow through with the steps
> Roger Wright: Head of School and support solution by your Planning Dept
suggests a relief from compliance from a bylaw we're not in compliance with until 2010
School will agree to cap its enrolment to 495 and confident that will happen in 2010.
committed to a cordial relationship with our nbrs; not their fault, the school's fault
commend Jim Bailey your staff -- gone beyond call of duty, propose from floor you give him a raise
compassion, their wanting the best for their nbrhd; met many reasonable and prudent nbrs I'd never met before; hope to become closer friends with them
Next year will be my 25th year as head of a school, and I intend to apply all my skill to do two things.  One is to build a middle school and the other is to build a stable relationship with our nbrhd.
> David Blair: the last time we went through this exercise years ago I was one of the leaders of the cmnty; here tonight in a diff vein
want to congratulate Ccl and staff getting us here where we are today.
in all fairness, my nbrs have ev right to be frustrated and bent.  It's been such a long time to have venue to vent that they really need two or three opportunities
one of my nbrs came up to me, said you shd talk to these guys.  Integrity.  A big thing with me.  I went to Collingwood and I was impressed.  Put a few points not in my letter, written before went to mtg.
Notwithstanding what Mr Gear said, but starting out they made a few mistakes
you've got to find a way of erasing your mistakes and moving on
some of my nbrs were on the other day about the financial penalty -- didn't seem reasonable
my reaction was the opposite
if you're going to take the financial penalty route, you're not trustworthy, you don't have integrity
if you do that often enough, potential benefactors will sink
it's kind of like a baseball game, three strikes and you're out
Mistakes they made, communications the biggest, if we'd resolved something earlier..... the next strike is strike number three
really behooves the school to make this work
likewise the headmaster; first saw him last week -- first reaction was here's a guy with integrity
he's the third headmaster they've had and the first two were disappointments
make sure he has ev opportunity to do what he says he's going to do
cd have been a legal or political solution, but I believe it's a case of moral suasion
wrt last week's mtg, one of the things that came up, Doug Jamieson, passionate and I really like him, he asked questions I thought headmaster shd answer.
Ppl from nbrhd and school saying the same things; trying to figure out a solution
wd also like to commend the M staff -- this gentleman, frustrated, I have these no parking signs in front of my house, asked my nbrs if friends cd park in their driveway; he explained the problems the signs wd cause.  Impressed with that.
A former parent and current employee spoke highly of the headmaster
sometimes your initial impression is the right one
I left the mtg thinking worthwhile to come here and support what you're saying
also like to point out the Ccl of the day was in place, way back when, we wdn't have ended up in court.
> Gary xxx: start by acknowledging my newfound admiration for being in public service
deepseated animosity; 20 years of disregard
hope the previous school governors are watching and appreciate the sad legacy they've left behind
shame on you
officers of the WV municipality, flagrant disregard,  xxx
seven years,
believe there is a better way forward: dialogue nbrhd and school
school not levered to love fest, xxx
hope all parties will see benefits of dialogue
prop remain a sgl fam
mgmt of school parking can be better done, sch has already demonstrated can be done
parking at Pk Royal and Hollyburn with shuttle bus
low in bus, but start has been made
..... than on enforcement alone
allowing the sch to continue at its present capacity is extaord leniency....
put income from extra students toward park
495 number linked to Wentworth but the worst fallback position is failure of the W School and enrolment of 710
who knows
chance and hope of nbrhd dialogue diff to imagine
not surprised returned to M xxx
reclassification to sr school only
wd nullify xxx
whole bylaw process wd hv to start up
only school to be numerically restricted unfair
aim for reduced school of 495 and robust dialogue
must ackn time by Andy, Reno, and Colin Spicer ... xxx
I'm not a cmnty leader; ... but did find abuse somewhat difficult
> A??:  the location of the parking problem from in front of my house to my nbr's is not a soln
we do not need a bandaid
like the overwhelming of nbrs, expect compliance of bylaw in fall 2007
feasible options are available and not a single student wd hv to leave for a diff school
if happen, result of a biz decision -- fewer students and higher tuition
two and a half months to put portables
if not enough time, then there's Oct. Nov. Dec
no need to wait a year
relocn of 118 students wd xxx
operating costs of three campuses wd be higher than two
if parents realize that there is alternative solution to costly expansion to Wentworth, School wd never convince them to open their wallets to finance Wentworth
revealed in mtg Apr 2007 in Mayor's ofc
immediate removal of portables
if not portables not trigger chain reaction
in long term wd ensure sustainability, parking space without sacrificing green field
Madam Mayor, I'm aware you inherited this xxx
hope this Mayor and this Ccl will convey the msg that xxx
special treatments no longer av
the current enrolment be allowed until Sept 2007 and at the same time the portables will be removed
when we purchased our house told that Collingwood wd be an asset, we were wrong
reconciliation required.....
how to file complaints with xxx
> Cal Bass (?): Chair of the board of Collingwood
want to comment Ccl and staff for time xxx on our behalf
deliver far more than compliance
healthy relationship bet sch and nbrs
proposal will dramatically improve
Bd absolutely committed to this proposal; will build on maintaining
first our middle sch on Wentworth lands, compliance by 2010
firmly believe supports both these initiatives
> Brian Kerr-Smith: Brian Curser; three boys attend
until a few months ago no idea how bad a nbr we were
good feeling with with head of bd/sch, thought it cd be diff
held dialogue and result what you see today
general feeling of goodwill
although some comments and criticisms, nbrs got back their streets and xxx
More has been accomplished in past 60 days than past 20 years
current admin deserves credit for acting
what has been put in place good and given time, better
consider what has been accomplished in this short time
proposal not mandated by anyone, evolved from good discussion
future for Morven area v bright
it takes longer than 60 days to unwind 20 years of bad feelings
a start, look forward to future

{the school started about 1990 and certainly must have been in compliance initially; probably only the last few years it crept up.  Don't think anyone wd hv bn upset with 605 or 610, but the change from 450 was one thing to cope with and adding then over a 100 to the enrolment is clearly an imposition and never shd hv happened or been allowed to happen.}

> Randy Zine: no longer have chn in school on bd from 1997 till recently
share a bit of tiny
not ever mentioned in those ten years, never mentioned to anyone sch was not in compliance
there may have been acrimoniousness with nbr but bd sat there in blissful ignorance for ten years
as soon as notice in violation, first was disbelief, second ask former bd mbrs, third to contact M as to what to do
we sat in ignorance and no nbr brought it to our attn
important that once done, bd acted quickly
difficult choice between two draconian decisions don't have to be made this evening
maybe with time a happier resolution
no idea in violation, offer my apologies, and support
> Reno Stradiotto: 75 Morven Dr, lived across from the school for 42 years
some history important to shed some light
20 years ago involved, including David Blair trying to convince Ccl at that time not to change zoning to CU9 to 600; at that time popn of school 509

{BACKGROUND: It is my recollection, and I was on Ccl at the time dealing with this, as was Cclr Day.  The public school that was there was about 450, Collingwood wanted 750, and the compromise was 600 with requirements for a shuttle bus and parking spots to alleviate anticipated traffic problems.  The discussions went on for months and was v controversial so difficult to credit the School not being aware of the sanctioned number, nor of the sensitivity of this matter.}

not objection to school rather that site too small for school for that size
access of emerg vehicles
recognizing nbrs' concerns Sch engaged consultants: xxx; busing prog; timetable staggering; times for dismissal at various times during the day
not enough onspace parking spots 96 instead of 150
buses not b/c not mandatory
in summary, nbrhd living in chaos
where are we now; school has been in noncompliance; as well other issues; not the least of wch a parking lot at 85

{if I recall correctly the School was supposed to have 150 parking spots when granted increased enrolment to 600, so this wd appear to indicate they haven't even complied from the beginning!}

the Sch has taken some retrospection, with new headmaster some desire to live with nbrhd harmonious rather than confrontation
three: staff, school, nbrs
try to find something fair; prev speakers ....
both sides deserving arguments; you get what you negotiate

{yup, and Collingwood's got a good deal -- a new school and no need to comply for three years!  But surely that's moot.  The law is not something to be negotiated, is it?  If I'm stopped for speeding at 100kph, will the policeman let me go if I promise to slow down once I reach the place I'm going?}

now unlike 1988/89, have checks and balances
unfortunately some in cmnty iron-clad..... choose to ignore signif gains, xxx
will resemble Pyrrhic victory and cmnty loses good relationship and forfeiting gains
felt reduction a quick fix; not a one-to-one relnship but to 495 will be noticeable
forced for busing and made to observe parking ban xxx
> Colin Spicer: live at 81 Morven Dr, as Reno, Douglas, and Andy said, we formed the core group; I too want to thank Jim Bailey and one of the reasons we are where we are tonight
the history here is a great deal of distrust from the nbrhd of the school
what has happened in the past is over
reference to $1M bonds, etc, and I shd confirm I support the dialogue to go fwd???
one concern wrt the fine, mathematics of $1K a day; if school were to stick with 720, wd be $200K
fees $2M, so less than 10%, so less than $300 per pupil, less than busing
all relates to....
what's going to happen in 2010, there is a way to achieve that
a better way be found, so that not back here in 2010; move forward from today
> Doug Quindon: 87 Glengarry Crescent
in favour of this negotiated proposal, Reno, Andy, Doug have done for nbrhd
feel a v positive step
lived for past 14 years, relative newcomer
have seen token attempts by Sch to change and only let to greater animosity
this time I feel it's different; seen a shift in sch's attitude not there in past
willingness to deal with problems
re parking, shows serious this time; yes some students still abusing this; with time they will fall in line
wrt bylaw and ignorance is really no excuse; but DWV shd bear some responsibility for not upholding the bylaw
if laws not upheld on our behalf by the city then they're worthless
appalled this was allowed to occur by ppl supposed to be monitoring
> [MS moved report be received and alternative proposal set out in Section 3.1]
> MS: unfortunately the situation as the speaker has said
Collingwood is a good school and Glenmore is a good nbrhd
assure both good nbrs and playing a positive role in cmnty
compromise doesn't please everybody; pretty extensive what school has agreed to to mitigate situation wrt parking and dropoff around the school
the headmaster, Mr Wright, cdn't be more clear -- he's staked his reputation that this will work and Chairman of Bd stated intend to uphold commitments
if you look at agreement, 85 Morven Dr sgl fam dwelling, to 2010 600 and to 495 when Wentworth complete
shuttle bus service; banned student parking; 150 parking stalls on site, pickup and dropoff on school prop monitored, will meet regularly with nbrhd
with that and police and staff no doubt school will meet all commitments, will be positively addressed and work to almost ev's satisfaction
> JF: I too am v pleased with outcome of this process
all entered into negotiations with spirit of goodwill, feel this best we can do for now
heartened continued, so finetuning can be accommodated
perhaps what happened 20 years ago, perhaps some negligence on behalf o DWV to ensure bylaw upheld
pleased some checks and balances; M a partner so doesn't run off rails again
really important b/c relationships are what nbrhds are all about
some of the students not from nbrhd, even more imp b/c from outside, to assure safe pleasant place to reside
> RD: used to coach baseball on that field
they've had to put up with a lot over the years
pleased to see Collingwood admin moving in cooperative
most of nbrs moved to middle ground

{er, um, whoops.  Rod's trying to see the bright side perhaps but the nbrs hv not moved to middle ground.  It is not middle ground to allow the School to ignore the bylaw and be in noncompliance for three years while they build another school.]

only way to go, to create good relations
pleased; pretty hard for staff to monitor; operate on basis of complaints
hope motion will bring a solution to an old problem
reach a solution not perfect, solid; never perfect but think it will work, both sides respect
need a transition period here; think will find in next cpl of years better
ban on parking, all these things will bring relief right away
> VV: bylaws to uphold
Mayor is to see that the laws are carried out; simple and straightforward
so if we embark right from the beginning
to help them not comply, but in a more genial manner
we're really not behaving in a way concern if not complying
appreciate progress, change of heart
all that is needed even to go with the 600 students
problems all came with 600 then to 718
all effort good and shd be maintained, but not instead of compliance at earliest, wch wd be Sept 2007
read more than once of decline of enrolment in NV
this year, Balmoral, looking at 50% capacity, looking at having to consolidate
not sure Collingwood making every effort
take 118 or the 280 of the Middle School
doesn't look as if looking to find space
why have to carry on; still that number of cars
still read in NSNews, students saying we can still drive and walk to school just from farther away
already email from nbrs further away
with the best will in the world, limited control headmaster can have once outside sch prop
working with goodwill but wd like to see Collingwood make an all-out effort to get students out by Sept 2007
support but wd propose amendment, 718 to 2007
> Mayor: amendment or contrary?
> SSch: contrary to motion on the floor
> Mayor: if motion on floor fails, I'll return to you
> VV: this 118 students, surplus, brings considerable income to school
Collingwood school as sensible to its wanting to conserve funds to build Wentworth
my role in Ccl is one of trustee and good governance to nbrhd; they're giving up quality of life
don't feel justified doing that; shd preserve quality of life; going to endless effort just to achieve what they're entitled to in first place
JC: I'm going to support this motion
my first inclination wd be to come down on the School like a ton of bricks
frankly disappointed an org set up to educate, flagrant abuse of bylaw
xxx horrible on this whole nbrhd; poor example for the kids set to educate
this motion does go some distance in moving forward; better than in past
believe me, I'll be holding onto that ton of bricks
> Mayor: the goal is to bring Collingwood not just to compliance but well below
three years to achieve that goal
imp we're behaving in a way to bring the best out of this
two months ago felt never wd see eye to eye and felt we had to xxxx
all about addressing nbrhd concerns
putting best possible
for someone like Jim Bailey to put his facilitative skills, our role, not arbiter
xxx... how much more our cmnty can be when processes.... xxx
that first mtg was two hours of yelling; that had to happen; frustration over 20 years
in favour of proposal; establish relationships, staff here always ready to help you.
CARRIED with VV opposed
6. Community Engagement Committee Terms of Reference Amendment and Working Group Guidelines
1. The amendment to the Community Engagement Committee Terms of Reference be approved; and
2. The Working Group Guidelines be received for information.
Mayor: honed and refined
can take it back but just to let you know what are constructive guidelines
felt strongly shd be written in a positive tone so diff flavour from past.
VV: have trouble with the diagram and the lines
remembering the Cmnty Charter, Ccl is authorized to delegate
but not receiving, approving, perhaps CAO can recall better
CEC can give work to WGs but have to report straight to Ccl
really thought better to get that sorted out before accepting as it is
CAO: the subcmte spent time working through that issue
staff collaborating with WG; staff wd bring report to Ccl
will be reassessing it later in the year; early indications WGs will be successful
Mayor: the solid line is confusing though
VV: if different line going down than up maybe just drawing another line
maybe someone
give a little thought
CAO: it is the resp of cmte, so better way to advise that
Ms Scholes is with that cmte so perhaps address VV's comments for next week
7. Report on Final Recommendations of the Clovelly-Caulfeild Neighbourhood Plan Working Group
1. The report from the Sr. Community Planner dated May 25, 2007 be received; and
2. The final recommendations of the Clovelly-Caulfeild Neighbourhood Plan Working Group be endorsed, for further consideration by District Staff, as outlined in this report.
Stephen Mikicich, Planning Staff; wrt pp 18 March 26, 16 speakers; oral comments summarized; 12 in support; two concerns
five letters, support and strong opposition; sixth letter a joint submission of 15 props against process;
four outside area strong support
summarized in appendix C
Section 2.4 outlines, further District action
approp means for house and site construction -- soil removal....
wd address concerns wrt blasting, soil removal, ..... rain...... and privacy
further will be discussed by Housing Dialogue WG
voluntary permit process shd follow; cd consider variances to zoning; criteria "designing with nature"
early 2008
work on H Registry underway this summer ......
forthcoming by mid-July; nbrhd character issues
RD: glad to see we're making progress here
probably received more complaints about disruption of nbrhds about construction
When I look at Lower Caulfeild guidelines I think I wish we had for whole cmnty
enforcement; put some meat into this
many of the recommendations are wishful thinking and rather vague
particularly concerned about clearcutting of lots
when done it endangers trees of the nbr
lot next to Lighthouse Park, clearcut 2.5 acres, loss of a lot of trees in Lths Park as a result in storm
certain trees absorb more water than others
maintain the trees that soak up more water, you can still clear, let in light
Encourage you to move with resolution xxx
VV: do agree with what Cclr Day says
building new homes where xxx
like to see a way can improve value on one lot but not devalue adjacent
do without being offensive to the nbring houses
need some thought; enhancing shdn't be at the value of nbring props
hope some thought
Sop: as we look at possibly a trial area
out there to look at various problems with drainage
trees, views
maybe need an initiative -- have even seen a smaller house on a smaller lot
need recommendations, might come from Cclr Clark's Housing Policy
Clovelly Walk, beautiful area, tree removal has taken away from what it had
privately owned land is where staff will have to dig deep
wonder how that's going to evolve
wait three or four months till it comes to Ccl; or talk here
SM: a lot of the character recommendations are flowing into dialogue we're having now
hope to complete that in year
what became clear is that defining a nbrhd is not easy
drew lines on a map; didn't nec correspond to what ppl thought a nbrhd was
trying to define what makes WV special and what makes.... what to enhance
Housing Policy, Heritage Incentives
CAO: Ccl has recently received a status report from Rodgers, from Amb, from....
there needs to be opportunities for Ccl to be plugged into what WG is hearing
sure that's going to occur as well

{wch is why I've been advocating there be alternates for the Ccl liaisons so that a voice from Ccl is always there: for the WG as well as for Ccl and to report to them.  In the last few weeks at least three WGs had no Cclr present so that a gap in the link of communication intended.}

Mayor: arising from all of this work; are these recoms to be applied District wide or to a street
SM: several; draft was nbrhd specific and perceived by some radical
negative reaction got group to thinking
hearing similar concerns throughout; some specific, as traffic
Mayor: Nbrhd Housing dialogue has come out of this
Steve Nicholls's burning desire to rewrite the zoning bylaws
look at...  preserving natural grade, roads
CAO:  Mr Nicholls and his role of over the next couple of years....
Mayor: certainly so many identify with nbrhds
not usual, talk about buildings WV nbrhds
this says two things: endorse or defining xxx
CAO: some recs require further study and other action
say for further consideration and action
in some cases action anticipated
MS: I think we're debating two motions
I thought we were sending these to staff to come back to Ccl; and then LC
Mayor: two
MS: Clovelly not in LCaul
GB: not in the designated H
Mayor: not in the designated H area
Sop: so what is the area; what is the action
CAO: there are a number of recommendations grouped in categories
maybe WG's activities, other, looking at bylaws and coming back to Ccl
SM: maybe I shd go back to rec writing school
final is......[reads section 2.4] specific actions
amending consideration and action wd clarify that
Mayor: thank you
Sop: but we're not endorsing the WG
Mayor: part A, B, C, broad, applied to cmnty as a whole, some will be picked up by Housing Dialogue and others by xxx
SM: any of this has to come back Ccl if deals with bylaws
Mayor: come back but going in right direction
that group was a precursor and learned
8. Process for Review of the Lower Caulfeild Area Designation Guidelines
THAT the process for review of the Lower Caulfeild Heritage Conservation Area designation set out in Section 3 of the report dated May 31, 2007 from the Urban Design Planner be approved.
Simon Gabriel: here last year, you understood to review the guidelines; last Nov revisited and made it a priority
364 days from last
and concern, says 'designation'; thought it was about guidelines, not that designation was in question
GB: guidelines come with design, objective... encompassing
SG: says often dealing with design not guidelines
RD: shd support what you say; shd be guidelines
David Manson: 4768 The Highway.  Question wrt the items regarding policy in Section 2 of the report are also included as part of the review
the makeup and function of the LCAC
GB: wd be part of the discussion
DM: policies that currently govern the area also up for review
GB: what and process to follow
propose; terms of reference wd be taken out to cmnty; to cover all issues cmnty felt important
[VV made motion]
Mayor: notice you removed the word 'designation'
RD: good/agree
Mayor: fine
VV: hope we'll proceed with this
Sop: may I ask if designation of LC, is it a DP area?
GB: called a H alteration area; similar but enabling legislation quite different
Sop: looking at a DP area?
GB: cd be asked if nbrhd felt it shd be; scope of review wd be diff
Sop: does it refer to character?
GB: those words specifically used for a type of DP area
here we're talking about character, so bigger scope; landscape and how relates to terrain
Sop: most of the devt in that area was intrusive
hope we can come up with guidelines that will enhance when it comes to redo devt
hope recommendations will reflect that
CAO: just a little concerned
what do you mean by reviewing area; maybe change to xxx
Mayor: yes
RD: much better
MS: have some concerns about the timelines we're taking with these studies
staff report says here residents started meeting in late 80s, 1995 H Conservation Area, and here we are 20 years later, not just this area but as Ccl Day quite properly said, we're reaching a crisis situation in WV
need to speed up the process for ppl to preserve their nbrhds
visiting a friend in Altamont and cdn't get down the street -- 15 trucks, no respect for nbrs around them
how much longer
yes prop owners have rights
but what about ---  ... meanwhile whole area changing before our eyes
why not refer to Design Review Panel, mix of professionals and cmnty
have them comment make recom
marry that with a staff report; get going; mitigate
get moving on why we moved here in the first place
can't see hiring a consultant taking another six months
stop what's happening in this nbrhd and others
Mayor: a lot of that in prev motion
for LC area, this is a ten-year review; alteration process pertains to homes
ppl aren't xxx
excludes residents
preserve parkland, street character
concerned about Clovelly, where paved, not in keeping with character and Engg Dept didn't understand that

{Engg Dept had not been informed a Heritage area so LCAC made recom a few years ago that they be given that info; don't know if they have yet.  Need H info to all depts!  Maybe registry will help.}

agree, don't know why consultant, taking so long
nbrhds ...
GB: ... working on projects
CAO: you're also heading into summer period
look at project; critical, over four-month period pretty quick
JF: a lot of work to do in next year, year and a half
nbrhd characteristics, what preserve
while still accommodating change that needs to take place
look at phase, review, take six months and think that will be an investment
then can apply to other areas
be sure a broad band of ppl involved in process
in Clovelly and Caulfeild we heard a lot diverge; can learn a better way working with nbrhds looking at divergent points of view without ...... inhibiting
won't be easy; think those six months good, learning
RD: I wish somehow or other, at times I become impatient with summary minutes we have
not Clerk's fault
have these discussions; I'd like to see with nbrhd
instead of "discussion ensued", "related to"... xxx
wd like record of what was said
make sure WGs know what we've said here

{I pick up on this later in PQP}

wrt consultants -- lot have been good, lot mediocre
let's be sure a good one; a thorough job
hire another planner; be careful
Mayor: transcript?
SSch: videoclip...

{And as I say, can't search for a topic with videoclips; OTOH, the Governance WG videotaped their 'education seminar' with talks on types of governance and that's a good idea so mbrs or anyone who missed the mtg wd like to see it, can.}

GB: intention here, thinking we'd go to the nbrhd
JF: really will be pivotal; time to get back
GB: come to Ccl
do see Ccl; given the lateness, now 18th of June, ppl of Caulfeild on vacation, let them know
9. Queen Bee Child Care Society - 2461 Marine Drive
1. The report from the Planning Analyst dated June 12, 2007 be received; and
2. Staff be directed to not enforce the zoning bylaw for a period of 12 months commencing June 18, 2007, at 2461 Marine Drive to allow for a group day care.
MS gave explanation:  go from six to 12, on upper floor
Sop: opp to sit in on mtg with providers what they face with ministry
not the easiest of tasks
without a valid bylaw; we're not there yet
know WG is doing great work, recommendations will come down
even eight in a house specific control factors; some you just get five, or three, or four
gotta start finding some approp space; WG will make solid recommendations
10. Official Community Plan Amendment, Rezoning and Development Permit Application 07-015 (2388 and 2396 Marine Drive)
THAT Staff complete a review of Development Application No. 07-015 after holding a Neighbourhood Consultation Meeting to solicit community comment on issues associated with the proposed Zoning and Official Community Plan amendment for 2388 and 2396 Marine Drive.
E Fonseca:  President of ADRA; our organization opposes this spot zoning
we support residents' rights; not imposed changes
when we change our OCP we set a precedent; they will challenge it again and again
[JF made motion; Day seconded]
Mayor: Ms Boyle, outline process?
GB: the OCP provides some direction how this might be handled
H3 and H5; first applies to resident sgl fam areas -- shd be a special process
assist in evaluation
parallels LGA, shd provide opps for public re plan changes
H5: mixed residential devts; mixed use character
two changes here -- 20 residential units and has commercial component
one is a duplexed site
one commercial lot currently a restaurant, frankly the interface not a good one
Mayor: what does that mean
GB: how do you relate a restaurant to nbrhd? xxx
restaurant has left
at this point not seeking approval, rather that there be a formal dialogue whether this shd be entertained
Mayor: when?
GB: talked about tentatively June 26; taking with staff won't be possible
normally not in summer but if Ccl wants dialogue to take place, July or September
MS: I'd speak against this motion
we're taking a site and putting a far larger bldg on it, 10ft higher than the current bylaw
three, four storeys
[as] Ms Fonseca [fears] why not take props to east and make it an even bigger project -- don't agree
you buy a house in a certain nbrhd shd have expectation retain, stay what you bought into
too high, too much building
I don't favour rezoning that duplex lot so against whole project
JF: not decided for or against but am for allowing process to unfold before we even consider
cmnty may say profoundly against or for; interested in what they want to say
who are you going to inform and how advertise?
GB: a direct mail beyond 100 meters
from 24th to 23rd on both sides of lane, N and S, and also Dund commercial area
there have been two nbrhd mtgs but by the devpr
b/c plan, want to do a newspaper
Sop: have to follow along with Cclr Smith; can't see rezoning the duplex under H3 or H5
H3 recognizes limited to site-specific
we look at this duplex-zoned area
entire block is duplex-zoned; commercial zone stands alone
in commercial area -- applies only to mixed commercial
are we going to enter into a duplex-zoned area where we've seen consistent change, on both sides of that street, intense devt that will overpower the street
consideration of the entire nbrhd down that block, traffic pattern
look at pressures on 24th
angle parking, and roundabout, going to bring nothing but problems
as a motion, we reject this
JC: I'm not going to support this either but for not those reasons
we've spent most of tonight talking about nbrhds -- Collingwood/Glenmore, Clovelly., etc ...so I'm
VV: I don't think this wd pass H3
shd meet similar conditions [quotes], and wd provide physical separation
that description seems to be different; certainly no greenbelt and residences next door
when you read 20 units next to lots same size as a duplex
think that's excessive
all the problems Ms Fonseca describes shd not be brought into this
already had email/objections to this
don't see any encouragement from policy H3
process is all time an expense and if we don't see any real merit, better see it curtailed at this stage
RD: I seconded the motion b/c I wanted to see what my colleagues wanted to say
what nbrs
restaurant bad there; think, right, this is too big for this site
will vote against as well but shd be looking at at least the restaurant site
Mayor: just want to ask a question about obligation to cmnty
abandoning restaurant -- Capilano restaurant, tagging; cd be a beautiful corner
they didn't want a grocery store there
GB: if Ccl defeats this, applicant wd have to look at how to proceed
did look at a mixed use; not in favour but nbrhd seemed in favour of residential wch is why dvpr proceeded with residential
reasonable support for all residential
if Ccl has some specific direction for applicant, wd..
RD: a little hesitant
the design of the bldg is a good one, the architect designed Delany's
also ...... and...... also
I know design is not an excuse, is not everything
I know design trying to fit in with nbrhd
architect is a good designer
seems to me the restaurant is not a good use; mixed use on that site wd be a good one
Mayor: so call vote
Mayor: wd you like to go back for commercial only?
Mayor: mixed use
Sop: as in OCP
only for direction to make application back they have right to do
SSch: give wording?
Sop have to be careful?  nbrhd rezone?
CAO: if to consider, not approve
Ccl may be prepared to consider a mixed use..... subject to approp process
Sop: well, cd rezone to duplex?
CAO: so mixed or duplex?
RD: I'll make
Sop: and duplex zone
Ccls can't decide
MS: to be fair to owner of site
not prepared to entertain any variation from 25ft; same ht as duplex houses; ht restriction 25ft so anything coming back shd not exceed
CAO: log of comments and we'll talk to owner
BYLAWS  for Adoption
11. Sign Bylaw No. 4499, 2007
12. Traffic and Parking Bylaw No. 4370, 2004 Amendment Bylaw No. 4516, 2007
13. Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005 Amendment Bylaw No. 4502, 2007
JC: one question, p 213 $82 per person per hour $85 per person per hour
that's not what those indivs paid so where does that money go
CAO: ea dept has a revenue acct
JC: not to the association? not proportion?
CAO: difficult -- what page?
Mayor: p213; filming, personnel
CAO: perhaps Mr Beauchamp, more involved
RB: flow back to dept as revenue but deptal revenues, nothing to do with the association
JC: my info incorrect?
Mayor: what is it
JC: flows back
RB: not aware of that; staff can check into it
Mayor: means not deal with or?
CAO: we can deal with it
Sop: as we adjust these, ... in diff ways
again 5:30 in morning -- lose half hour then and end of day
decision not to increase these fees not impact these ppl?
CAO: broad range of changes to activities, this deals with charges
to make the $200K
these adjustments to rates don't eliminate need for other fees
Sop: do we have to start reducing hours as well
KP: we reduced the Parks and Cmnty Services budget by $125K (in services) in order to meet targets Ccl wanted to meet
from services through to Parks
only in initial process, have taken away add'l monies as well to meed final target
less impact ...  will affect some ppl
Sop: indiv gets increase in fee and cut down in time
Mayor: slightly outside of bylaw but does relate
Sop: difficult for staff to meet our direction; have to keep modern as other Ms' services
deserves a little conversation with these ppl
Mayor: think ev aware what that zero tax increase means; we'll hear in the cmnty
14.  CONSENT AGENDA ITEM --  Correspondence List, just one removed for discussion
>  Action Required
(1) June 11, 2007, regarding Parking in Ambleside - Proposed 1 Hour Parking Restrictions on Marine Drive
Referred to the Director of Administrative Services for consideration and response
RD: where we are
CAO: was referred to Amb WG
RD: mistake
Mayor: no decision made
Sop: through Ccl Smith; sat in with Child Care WG
ppl coming in, ask, get a diff perspective; makes these WGs really solid
in report coming forth; makes our job easier when know results
why if we are requiring space wd the school bd not in their vast lands not allow portables or other be developed
in NV at Cleveland School, an incredible after-school and preschool
have responsible ppl
go to gym if wet and outside if sun; parents pick them up; rules and regulations prov sets down; sch boards...
Mayor: we are trying to use this time for reports from WGs
CAO: from experience in NV that works with vacant portables,
Mayor: and school participating in WG

JF: Amb WG mtg/planner last Wed evening -- to the
and Madam Mayor was there; well received
did have questions -- as to where Heritage, where culture
[discussed] relationship
v good mtg; v much appreciated by staff and by me

{and, pray tell, what about the public???}

Mayor: a lot of positive

{will it ever stop???  another 'secret' mtg! -- no notification! how can public attend?  I just have to ask during PQP -- JF includes Heritage as one of the WGs but I'm on the HWG and neither the ccl or staff liaison knew about it, nor did mbrs I talked to and nor did I as a mbr.}

MS: Ch of Commerce breakfast
Paul Gravett from Kay Meek getting out and about
annual dinner is this Thursday at Cap Golf Club -- you Mayor or JF
open to all mbrs of Ccl
Mayor: asked to speak at local leadership academy
chose to focus on WGs, institutions to adapt to ppl rather than other way around
to UBCM convention in fall
thank Geri Boyle for manning Ev Dr booth over the weekend
popping; lots of interest
traffic, but lots of what's it going to cost and when can we move in

CR, Yours Truly: Sorry.  Good Evening.  Before my question, something wch came up earlier, I'm just curious, the mtg that was on Wednesday night, with all the WGs, I didn't think that was on the Calendar.  Cd you tell me what that mtg was?

{Nope, it wasn't on the DWV website calendar -- something as part of the WG guidelines recently approved, and circulated in draft form some time earlier.  Not only that, Cclr F is on the CEC that drafted them a couple of months ago!  She's blithely ignoring them b/c she can't claim she's unaware of them!"

Mayor: ah, it was, I'm not sure exactly; I came ah--
JF: it was a mtg set up by a staff mbr, by Cathy Matheson of ah, cultural facilitator, I've forgotten her exact title
CAO: She's Mgr of Cultural Services
JF: so that all of the other groups that she is working with wd hv an opp to hear the presentation that staff has been making in a variety of places, basically.  The same presentation you've seen in the past.  Was put on for ADRA.
Mayor:  the standard powerpoint presentation
CR: but I just wd hope in view of your commitment to openness and my agreement with that, and the guidelines we're putting out, that these mtgs shd be,  ah, there shd be notice of these mtgs so that ppl hv the opp to attend if they wish to.  If they've seen it before, I mean, lots of times there's an update and things hv changed -- but that's not what I was going to talk about I just was curious when I heard about a mtg that was not on the Calendar, and we want to have it on the Calendar

{Well, Dear Readers, that was Monday night.  Can you imagine that I was almost apoplectic a couple of days later to hear a resident had been told there wd be another Amb WG mtg Friday morning but the public cdn't attend b/c it was closed!  How can they simply ignore approved rules!!!
UPDATE: I then asked the Mayor about this additional 'closed' mtg with no notice; happy to say she looked into it and Colette Parsons, the staff liaison for the Amb WG phoned the President of ADRA and a couple of others about the mtg.  But it shdn't have happened, I shdn't have had to ask, and the Mayor shd not have to worry about this and take time to get cclrs and staff to follow procedures we all assume are being followed.
If Ccl and staff disregard procedures, how can they assume citizens will?}

Earlier this evening Cclr Day mentioned about having a transcript and so this is something I was working on and was going to bring up much later, but might as well jump in since Cclr Day brought it up.  As you know I do a newsletter

{this one you're reading!}

and it has a transcript, not the whole thing but most of what's [said] in the meeting.
They are extremely valuable for searching.  For example, when the 742 Keith house, when ppl wanted to know the status, and Cclr V knows that I did this, all we had to do was google with our system, and I cd tell you that in 2005 [at a ccl mtg], Stuart Lyon, the architect for Millennium, had said, "yes, we recognize this heritage house; we're prepared to keep it, etc. etc." and there are lots of things you can google for and go back and get.  It's far more valuable for research.  I know I've given notes to Cclr Day -- if he's missed a mtg (eg RCrk) I've given him a transcript of what's happened.
So I wd suggest, I've done a little bit of looking into this, and you don't have to go for a full transcript but I do think the District shd consider having the main points.  One of the criticisms that I heard of the [DWV record of the] Public Hearing on Ev Dr was that it was little more than a list of who spoke -- relative to this, relative to that, relative to the other, as Cclr Day said -- without saying what they liked, what they didn't like, so there can be the points.
What I did find out a couple of weeks ago, is that in Pasadena they do have a transcript of the ccl mtgs.  I thought, My God how can they afford that? The strange thing is that in fact they outsource it to India.  So it's done for about, the figure I was given was $400 a month, I can give the [exact figs].  That's something you certainly can afford, but what happened is, that it isn't just, I think it's
Mumbai, I don't if it's Bangalore or Bombay/Mumbai, but one of the three ppl they hired, doing the [transcript outsourced to] India is a graduate from a university in California -- so it's someone who speaks English, you know they have English in India anyway, but is a university graduate from California
so I think it's something you might want to look at
I think it can be done for [a few/couple of] hundred dollars a month; I think it's valuable
I think that you can still have your minutes that record the motions but if you have that as a research document I think it wd be extremely valuable b/c it's v helpful when you read what's gone on at a mtg as Cclr Day said earlier; not just who was in favour but what their reasons were for a motion or against a motion b/c that can affect what you think about a particular item; so I hope you will look at it seriously
There's Hansard in Ottawa, there's Hansard in the province [Legislature in Victoria]; we can be the first of the municipalities to have a Hansard. TYVM
Mayor: Certainly the fact that we are now on real player on ccl agenda and you can click on and watch a ccl debate is a step in the right direction.
CR: but you can't do research with it.  How wd I have ever found a video from some month in 2005?
Mayor: Well, I'm talking about the steps this Ccl has
CR: oh I see, yes, yes, absolutely.
Mayor: I do have a question for Ms Scholes.  How will those be banked?  What is our thinking around saving those recordings?
SSch: At this point, there's no definitive retention, but we're taking our lead from DNV who has bn doing this for a number of years, and has retained all the video streams of those ccls.  We also have the DVD copies and prior to that the videotape copies of the ccl mtgs.
Mayor: okay, tyvm
CR: that's good to know b/c at one point they were recorded over.  That's good.  I hope you will look at the transcript idea.  Thank you.
Mayor: Thank you.

=======  CCL AGENDA June 25th ======= PUBLIC HEARING and CCL MTG
PUBLIC HEARING/PUBLIC MEETING (The Council Meeting will commence immediately following the Public Hearing/Public Meeting.)
1.                  CALL TO ORDER
2.                  PUBLIC HEARING
ZONING BYLAW NO. 2200, 1968, AMENDMENT BYLAW NO. 4517, 2007 (re  Collingwood School - Wentworth Campus)
(re  Collingwood School - Wentworth Campus) (File:  1010?20?06?034)
The Manager of Community Planning will describe the subject application:
Applicant:  Platinum Projects
Affected Lands:  2605 Wentworth Avenue, 2560 Wentworth Avenue, 2510 Wentworth Avenue, 2480 Wentworth Avenue and two unaddressed properties north of Wentworth Avenue.
Purpose:  To expand the existing elementary school by constructing (a) a new separate school building for grades 6-8 connected by covered walkway to the existing facility; (b) two new gymnasiums; (c) a cafeteria; (d) expanded on-site parking and traffic circulation facilities; and (e) a new warm-up field and artificial field.
Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment:  To consolidate and rezone lands from PA?1 (Public Assembly) and RS?7 (Single Family) to a new Community Use Zone (CU?11).
Proposed Development Permit Application:  To regulate and impose conditions to protect the natural environment, its ecosystems and biological diversity and to protect development from hazardous conditions.
On June 04, 2007 Council set the date for the Public Hearing and Public Meeting.  On June 08, 2007, 375 Notices were mailed to owners/occupiers within 100 metres of the subject site.  The statutory notice of Public Hearing and Public Meeting was published in the North Shore News on June 17 and June 20, 2007.
Mayor Goldsmith-Jones will describe the procedure for the Public Hearing/Public Meeting
            The following information is provided:
            (1)       Report dated June 19, 2007 from the Community Planner regarding Further Information:  Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4517, 2007 and Development Permit 06?034 for Collingwood School (Wentworth Campus);
            (2)       Report dated May 28, 2007 from the Community Planner regarding Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4517, 2007 and Development Permit 06?034 for Collingwood School (Wentworth Campus);
            (3)       Report dated March 27, 2007 from the Community Planner regarding Rezoning and Development Permit Application 06-034 (Collingwood School Wentworth Campus) Application Status; and
            (4)       Report dated July 10, 2006 from the Community Planner regarding Rezoning and Development Permit Application 06?034 (Collingwood School Wentworth Campus).
Correspondence Received to date.
The applicant will be provided an opportunity to make a presentation on the subject application.
7.         PUBLIC INPUT
            Mayor Goldsmith-Jones will then call for Public Input.
            If there is no further public input and Council does not request a further staff report, then:
RECOMMENDED: THAT all written and verbal submissions ... up to and including June 25, 2007 be received and that the Public Hearing and Public Meeting be closed.
            If Council wishes a further staff report, then:
            THAT Staff report back to Council regarding the June 25, 2007, Public Hearing and Public Meeting re Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4517, 2007 and Development Permit Application No. 06?034 (re:  Collingwood School - Wentworth Campus, West Vancouver); and that the Public Hearing and Public Meeting be adjourned to ________________ in the Municipal Hall Council Chamber.
Members of Council are not permitted to receive further submissions regarding the proposed Bylaw once the Public Hearing is closed.

>>>>>>>  REGULAR COUNCIL AGENDA  <<<<<<<<<<<
3.         Annual Report 2006 and Budget Bylaws  (File:  0907?01/0300?01)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT Council receive the printed Annual Report for the year ended December 31, 2006.  Then Intro and to Third Reading:
=  "2006 Annual Budget Amendment Bylaw No. 4512, 2007"
=  "Endowment Reserve Fund Expenditure Bylaw No. 4513, 2007"
=  "Youth Activity Reserve Fund Expenditure Bylaw No. 4514, 2007"
4.         Evelyn Drive - Opportunity for Public Comment on the Proposed Master Plan             RECOMMENDED:
            THAT the report dated June 18, 2007 from the Manager of Community Planning entitled "Evelyn Drive - Opportunity for Public Comment on the Proposed Master Plan" be received.
5.         West Vancouver Cycling Network and Greenway Plan (File:  1785?19)
            THAT Council give its approval to the West Vancouver Cycling Network and Greenway Plan by Urban Systems Ltd.
6.         Hollyburn School Playground Project  (File:  2150?29)
            THAT approval be given for a cost-sharing contribution for the playground at Hollyburn School which will be payable in the 2008 budget year based on matching funding from 2007.
7.         Proposed Resolution re Homeowner Grant Program for 2007 UBCM (Union of British Columbia Municipalities) Annual Convention  (File:  0955?06/0055?20?UBCM1)
            THAT the following resolution be forwarded to the UBCM for consideration at the 2007 Annual Convention:
"WHEREAS property values continue to increase at a rapid rate in the Province of British Columbia;
AND WHEREAS many long-term property owners continue to suffer loss of the Homeowner Grant due to market forces beyond their control;
AND WHEREAS there is a general societal benefit to assisting all property owners in the Province of British Columbia to be able to afford to live on the properties they have chosen:
NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Province be requested to ensure that Homeowner Grant regulations be made equitable and applied uniformly across the Province and that the upper limit assessed value ceiling be removed."
8.         Canada Day 2007 Fireworks Display - West Vancouver Costs (File:  3015?01)
RECOMMENDED THAT additional funding be provided from reserves to a maximum of $14,000 in order to cover predicted police and clean-up expenses arising from the fireworks display on Canada Day, July 01, 2007.
9.         Correspondence List (File:  0120?24)
Requests for Delegation
(1)       District of North Vancouver - Transportation Planning Advisory Committee, June 12, 2007, regarding Ride Club (Carpooling Pilot Project)
            Referred to the Municipal Clerk for response regarding delegation scheduling.
(2)       June 12, 2007, regarding BC Rail Proposal - Subdivision of Sunset Lane
            Referred to the Municipal Clerk for response regarding delegation scheduling.
(3)       May 15, 2007, regarding BC Rail Proposal - Subdivision of Sunset Lane
            Referred to the Municipal Clerk for response regarding delegation scheduling.
Action Required
(4)       R. Wong, Research, Communications, and Outreach Assistant - British Columbia Health Coalition, June 07, 2007, regarding Resolution on Home Support
            Referred to the Mayor and Council for consideration and response.
(5)       June 11, 2007, regarding Above Water Pier at West Vancouver Yacht Club
            Referred to the Director of Planning, Lands & Permits for consideration and response.
(6)       June 13, 2007, regarding Bylaw for Maintenance of Hedging
            Referred to the Director of Planning, Lands & Permits for consideration and response.
(7)       June 14, 2007, regarding Lack of Gasoline and Service Stations in the Western Part of the Municipality
Referred to the Director of Planning, Lands & Permits for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(8)       Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
            (a)       Community Engagement Committee - May 28, 2007
(9)       G. Steeves, President - Federation of Canadian Municipalities, May 31, 2007, regarding Municipal Green Building Toolkit
            Attachments available for viewing in the Legislative Services Department.
(10)     J. Sarte, Marketing Coordinator, Mainland British Columbia Military Family Resource Centre - Jericho Garrison, June 08, 2007, regarding "Red Fridays", Show of Support for the Canadian Forces
(11)     B. Binnie, President - Union of British Columbia Municipalities, June 11, 2007, regarding Single Business Licence Initiative
(12)     B. Wareham, Director, Marine Conservation - David Suzuki Foundation, June 12, 2007, regarding Zoned RS-1 (Residential Salmon - 1), Union of British Columbia Municipalities Resolution
            Attachments available for viewing in the Legislative Services Department.
(13)     R.G. Anderson, Deputy City Clerk - City of North Vancouver, June 14, 2007, regarding Demolition Waste Recycling
            Attachments available for viewing in the Legislative Services Department.
(14)     R.G. Anderson, Deputy City Clerk - City of North Vancouver, June 14, 2007, regarding North Shore Proposal - Community to Community Forum
            Attachments available for viewing in the Legislative Services Department.
(15)     K. Kenney, City Clerk - City of Port Moody, June 15, 2007, regarding David Suzuki Foundation - Salmon Habitat Protection Request for Union of British Columbia Municipalities Resolution
Attachments available for viewing in the Legislative Services Department.
Responses to Correspondence
(16)     R. Fung, Manager, Utilities, June 11, 2007, regarding Water Utility Rates for 2007
(17)     R. Fung, Manager, Utilities, June 13, 2007, regarding Metered Water
Responses to Questions in Question Period --  No items presented.

===  MAIKU  ==== ..... ~ 2007 June 17

                with age comes answers,
                        perspective, vision, and then --
                                        even more questions
===  QUOTATIONS  ===
Dr Mardy's Thought of the Week (March):
       "People sometimes forget when you remember, but they always remember when you forget."

It might be a good idea if the various countries of the world would occasionally swap history books, just to see what other people are doing  with the same set of facts.
                        -- Bill Vaughan, journalist (1915-1977)

Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis: The greatest menace to freedom is an inert people.

From World Wide Words:
Ed Pixley e-mailed to report that on NewsMax.com, a right-wing US blog, a mass mailing to congressional representatives was offered for readers' signatures to try to stop new mileage standards for cars. In the letter, signers told the congressional recipients that "Engineers should design cars and trucks, not politicians." Raise your hand if you think a politician designed by an engineer would be an improvement.
-- World Wide Words is copyright (c) Michael Quinion 2007; http://www.worldwidewords.org

Rex Harrison: Lana Turner is to an evening gown what Frank Lloyd Wright is to a pile of lumber.

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