June 25th Ccl NOTES
Calendar to July 11

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

June 25th Ccl NOTES
Calendar to July 11

Hope everyone enjoyed Canada Day and the long weekend.  A time to celebrate our cmnty and our country.
+++ The fight continues for open govt.   Read about the latest!
        The exchange at June 25th's ccl mtg is in the Notes separated by ====s
...Meanwhile, over at the Hall and in this newsletter:
=  Next Ccl mtg July 9th; agenda ought to come out late Thursday, July 5th
=  Vive le Canada; THEATREWATCH; ANIMALWATCH; INFObits/Salmagundi (WV New Police Chief; Statistics Women, Iraq; GVRD Livability?; Worm Charming); Calendar to July 11th
=  Ccl PH and Ccl Mtg June 25th NOTES: Public Hearing re Collingwood's proposed Wentworth expansion (others as well as my Submission with background included); Annual Report 2006/Budget Bylaws; Ev Dr Master Plan; Cycling/Greenways ($10M); Hollyburn Playground Project: HOG for UBCM; Fireworks Funding?; in Reports JF proposes a closed mtg to discuss Amb Town Ctr strategies -- read about reaction!
=  Medical Technology (The Psychiatrist and the Proctologist); Quotations
***  SEVEN WONDERS OF BC -- has received hundreds!  Go to www.vancouversun.com or send stories/images to sunwonders@png.canwest.com
***  SEVEN WONDERS OF WEST VANCOUVER --C'mon, folks, I'm sure you have noticed some special places in WV.  Only a couple so far.  Name them when you write to wonders@westvan.org -- what's your favourite park?
>  What's special in your nbrhd?  Is there a special spot? building? tree? Tell me about it: mynbrhd@westvan.org or call 922 4400 (Rebekah and Gen will take your information).
>  Call to reserve for the RoyalTea 2 - 4pm Sat July 28 at Dundarave Park www.royaltea.ca.
        ANTICIPATED (and what potential!): Opening Night for Bard's Julius Caesar is July 4th!
+  lion kissing/hugs:
www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAk8Z8Bcsz8 and www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPBOA2pGPFI
+ Printer Problems?
www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pq9kUcDkhQ or long version: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZI7JejVPKBQ

+++ New WVPD Police Chief  [full press release sent to WVM email subscribers June 26]
The WV Police Board announced today the hiring of a new Chief Constable.  Superintendent Kashmir (Kash) P. Heed of the Vancouver Police Dept will assume duties as West Vancouver's new Chief on August 2, 2007....
Since 1979, Kash Heed has moved progressively through the ranks of the Vancouver Police Department from Constable, Detective, Sergeant, Inspector, and currently, Superintendent responsible for Vancouver's Districts Three and Four (South Vancouver). Throughout his career, Kash Heed has been at the forefront of policing, pioneering new initiatives aimed at crime reduction and prevention, greater community and police engagement, and organizational change...
A formal swearing-in ceremony is planned with a date and time to be determined.
= STATS re Women in BC [thx to our MLA Sultan for passing this on]
        ... from Premier Campbell's weekly radio address (CKNW 8:27am) June 23
Premier Campbell: Women entrepreneurs are growing and a driving force in B.C.'s strong economy. Today, women own 35% of our small businesses putting B.C. among the top three provinces for women entrepreneurs.  Forecasts suggest that by 2015, just ten years away, their numbers will double to 264,000 across British Columbia. This is a great development.  Immigrant women are a big part of this story, too. One in five self-employed women were born outside of Canada.  More and more women are playing an ever increasing role in B.C.'s economic leadership. In fact, B.C. has the best job creation record in Canada because of women entrepreneurs and small business owners across this province.
= MORE STATISTICS -- 25 June 2007 from Website: informationclearinghouse.info
- Number of Iraqis slaughtered In America's War on Iraq --  At Least 665,000 + +
- Number of U.S. Military Personnel sacrificed (officially acknowledged) In America's War On Iraq 3,555
- Cost of America's War in Iraq -- $437,120,593,333
+++ GVRD LIVABILITY -- Planning, Alternatives
[A Fraser Institute luncheon wish I'd attended June 20; don't know why the legislature called parliament]
SPEAKER: Randal O'Toole, an economist with more than thirty years of experience studying government agencies and environmental issues, including public lands, forests, wildlife, urban growth, and transportation. In 1998, Yale University named him its McCluskey Conservation Fellow. In 1999 and 2001, he served as the Scaife Visiting Scholar at the University of California at Berkeley. In 2000, he was the Merrill Visiting Professor at Utah State University. He is currently a Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute and director of the American Dream Coalition.
CHALLENGE: In the name of "livability", the Greater Vancouver Regional District has imposed the latest planning fads -- including compact development and light rail -- on the district's residents. The total annual cost of this plan, as measured by the cost of congestion and the unnecessary inflation of housing costs, is at least $5 billion a year or nearly $2,300 for every resident. The plan has produced negligible benefits -- we have the least affordable housing in Canada, some of the worst traffic congestion in the region, and we have not significantly protected open space, reduced pollution, or eliminated greenhouse gases. The plan has also failed to address numerous concerns specified by the B.C. Parliament, including housing affordability and maintaining the unique character of communities.
Is the problem of a more fundamental nature? Is planning simply the wrong way to deal with Vancouver's growing pains? This presentation will outline the alternatives to planning, such as replacing the GVRD with mission-specific agencies that each focus on only one problem or issue, funding those agencies out of user fees rather than taxes, and replacing city planning departments with agencies that focus on using incentives to reduce the impacts of urban life.
This is just too funny.  Trust the Brits.  To my astonishment a video clip on the Worm Charming Championship in Cheshire came on the BBC TV news Saturday June 30.  I just had to google.  (There's also worm grunting and worm fiddling.) It's true.  It's serious.  And they're preparing for the Olympics!  Here's one bit of info:
>  World Worm Charming Competition
The International Federation of Charming Worms and Allied Pastimes (IFCWAP) has held the World Worm Charming Competition at Willaston County Primary School, Willaston, Nantwich, Cheshire since 1980.
Their website includes pictures and results from this year's championship along with a Roll of Honour for the past 27 years.
***  If you're still interested, I googled:
> The World Worm Charming Championships
The World Worm Charming Championships held annually at Willaston, near Nantwich, Cheshire. Details, Rules and previous winners.
www.wormcharming.com/ - 2k - Cached - Similar pages
> International Worm Charming Festival, an event in May - Devon.
International Worm Charming Festival, a May event in Devon.
www.information-britain.co.uk/listevent.php?id=1063 - 37k - Cached - Similar pages
> icCheshireOnline - They've all caught worms!
It could only be the Willaston Worm Charming competition, of course! ... The competition, which is the unofficial worm charming world championships, ...
iccheshireonline.icnetwork.co.uk/0300whatson/ 0800events/tm_objectid=14411756&method=full&siteid=5... - 66k - Cached - Similar pages
> Worm charming - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Worm charming, worm grunting, and worm fiddling are methods of attracting worms from the ground. The activity is usually performed to collect bait for ...
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Worm_charming - 25k - Cached - Similar pages
>>> Worm Charming: Carnival - 7 July 2007 - Favourite Adverts - St ...
2012 - Worm Charming Olympics So far the entries from our villages have failed to come close to matching the world record of 511 worms in half an hour. ...
www.stmarysvillagecarnival.com/ carnival-2007/worm-charming.asp - 12k - Cached - Similar pages

===  CALENDAR to July 11th  ===  [M Hall unless otherwise noted; ongoing at end]
REMEMBER the Farmers' Markets:
        Saturdays in Dundarave Village 10am - 4pm; Ambleside (14th and Bellevue) 11am - 3pm
WM Library, however is CLOSED on Sundays in July and August.
== Sun, July 1st == :-)
== CANADA DAY CELEBRATIONS ==  noon to 4pm Ambleside Park
== CANADA DAY FIREWORKS  == 10:30 - 11pm along WV Waterfront

== Tues, July 3rd
~ 4:30pm ~ F&A (among items on the agenda is unutilized M prop and the proposed Public Amenity Policy)

== Wed, July 4th -- Property Taxes due!  :-(
~ 8am ~ Ambleside Town Ctr Strategy WG: Ch/Commerce Boardroom -- Pls attend, be informed.
~ 6:30pm ~ Footprints of Our Ancestors at the WV Museum
Guest Speaker: Aaron Nelson-Moody
                               Tawx'sin Yexwulla/Poolxtun
What elements make up of Coast Salish art?
Squamish artist Aaron Nelson-Moody has conducted an in depth study of historical Coast Salish pieces in museum collections around the world. He will share what he learned and talk about culturally distinctive flat designs and carving techniques.
Aaron Nelson-Moody (Tawx'sin Yexwulla/Poolxtun) has worked with community groups and students, sharing traditional teachings in Canada, Japan, and Scotland. Recently, Aaron carved the entrance doors for Canada House pavilion, located in Torino, Italy for the 2006 Olympic Games. Aaron is a devoted artist, wood-carver and jewellery-maker, singer, drummer, and storyteller.

== Sat, July 7th -- NSMBA Triple Crown -- All Day, North Shore Trails

== Wed, July 11th
~ 10am ~ CEC mtg [well, the name says "Engagement", I'm working on making it open so the Cmnty actually CAN be engaged!]
~ 6pm ~ Cmnty Ctr Governance WG at Srs' Ctr

+ July 1 - 31st + GALLERY AT THE LIBRARY ==  "TEXTURE"
Works by Jens Diercks and Katherine Freund-Hainsworth
This month the West Vancouver Memorial Library is proud to exhibit the works of two artists with very different, but equally compelling, methods of conveying depth. Katherine Freund-Hainsworth uses layers upon layers of historical documents and photographs to communicate details of the past while Jens Diercks has a unique way of creating sculpture that literally pops off the wall.
Opening Reception FRIDAY July 6th 6:30 - 8pm
Reception hosted by the Friends of the Library. Everyone is welcome.
+++  WV ARTS COUNCIL +++ visit www.silkpurse.ca for events (most ticketed)
EXHIBIT: "OUT OF AFRICA" from June 19 to July 1st
The continent of Africa has many countries, and among them the Republic of South Africa alone is five times bigger than Great Britain. Africa is home to many diverse cultures. From the north to the south, from the west to the east, you can find all kinds of landscapes, some with luxuriant vegetation as well as semi-desert ones, and from mountainous landscapes to superb beaches. Visit the Silk Purse for an exhibition of landscapes and portraits on an African theme with various artists from the Lower Mainland.

+++  WV MUSEUM ++  Traditional Music and Dance of Scotland
The West Vancouver Museum was originally built by Gertrude Lawson, who hosted countless nights of Scottish dancing in her house. The main floor, made of oak, was designed to be large enough for two sets of Scottish dancers. There was a raised platform at one end for Scottish bag pipers.  Learn the ancient art of Scottish Country Dancing at the historic Gertrude Lawson House this summer!
You are invited to join for an informative demonstration of Scottish Country Dancing. May Loudon (experienced Scottish Country Dance teacher) and Angus MacKinnon (Scottish fiddler) will discuss the cultural significance of Scottish dance and fiddle music.
Each session (7:30pm) will focus on a particular theme:
        July 11 =  17th century dances
        July 25 =  Old dances still popular today
        August 8 =  20th century revival
        August 22 =  Contemporary Scottish dances
Admission to these sessions is by donation. Please call at 925 7295 to book your spot in advance.

--->  For events at KMC, see www.kaymeekcentre.com

===  CCL NOTES June 25th ===
(The Council Meeting will commence immediately following the Public Hearing/Public Meeting.)
1.                  CALL TO ORDER
Cclr Sop withdraws b/c conflict of interest wrt Collingwood (his grandson goes to Collingwood, perhaps another one will go as well as his eight-year-old son may).
2.                  PUBLIC HEARING
ZONING BYLAW NO. 2200, 1968, AMENDMENT BYLAW NO. 4517, 2007 (re Collingwood School - Wentworth Campus)
(re  Collingwood School - Wentworth Campus) (File:  1010?20?06?034)
The Manager of Community Planning will describe the subject application:
Applicant:  Platinum Projects
Affected Lands:  2605 Wentworth Avenue, 2560 Wentworth Avenue, 2510 Wentworth Avenue, 2480 Wentworth Avenue and two unaddressed properties north of Wentworth Avenue.
Purpose:  To expand the existing elementary school by constructing (a) a new separate school building for grades 6-8 connected by covered walkway to the existing facility; (b) two new gymnasiums; (c) a cafeteria; (d) expanded on-site parking and traffic circulation facilities; and (e) a new warm-up field and artificial field.
Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment:  To consolidate and rezone lands from PA?1 (Public Assembly) and RS?7 (Single Family) to a new Community Use Zone (CU?11).
Proposed Development Permit Application:  To regulate and impose conditions to protect the natural environment, its ecosystems and biological diversity and to protect development from hazardous conditions.
On June 04, 2007 Council set the date for the Public Hearing and Public Meeting.  On June 08, 2007, 375 Notices were mailed to owners/occupiers within 100 metres of the subject site.  The statutory notice of Public Hearing and Public Meeting was published in the North Shore News on June 17 and June 20, 2007.
4.         PUBLIC HEARING/PUBLIC MEETING PROCEDURE [Mayor Goldsmith-Jones describes]
5.         REPORTS/CORRESPONDENCE The following information is provided:
            (1)       Report dated June 19, 2007 from the Community Planner regarding Further Information:  Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4517, 2007 and Development Permit 06?034 for Collingwood School (Wentworth Campus);
            (2)       Report dated May 28, 2007 from the Community Planner regarding Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4517, 2007 and Development Permit 06?034 for Collingwood School (Wentworth Campus);
            (3)       Report dated March 27, 2007 from the Community Planner regarding Rezoning and Development Permit Application 06-034 (Collingwood School Wentworth Campus) Application Status; and
            (4)       Report dated July 10, 2006 from the Community Planner regarding Rezoning and Development Permit Application 06?034 (Collingwood School Wentworth Campus).
Correspondence Received to date.
6.         APPLICANT'S PRESENTATION -- The applicant will be provided an opportunity to make a presentation.
Geri Boyle (Planning staff):  expansion of site to 17.5 acres; changing zoning from sgl-fam to accommodate school and new school Grades 6 to 8, separate bldg, two gymnasiums, cafeteria, field and artificial turf field
traffic; willingness to enter into a Good Nbr Pledge
requires closure and purchase of road from M; clearing
bldg requires variance for ht and for the retaining wall alongside the artificial turf field
the model has gone missing, not this one, but will have an overhead plan.
[Mayor explains conditions for speaking; MClerk lists notices, reports, submissions to date]
Platinum (applicant): My name is Hart Gunjan (sp???), representing Collingwood School.  We did have a model and for some strange reason it did not get here.
Slide of plan of Collingwood Middle School (Wentworth Campus) [points and explains] about17 acre site; consists of five parcels; b/c of slope, an inground cafeteria; proposing a warm-up field plus an artificial turf field; parking as far away as we can, close to creek
30m setback from top of bank
to alleviate traffic concerns, have created circular interior drive, one-way, two lanes (one for dropoff, one for through); mitigates current traffic problems on Chairlift and Wentworth; created a drive aisle; traffic consultants
dropped 6ft from Wentworth location; lowering field to make sloped site flat, but have to take more out, advantageous to keep as fill on the site (artificial turf field, retaining wall alongside)
ht variance -- 2 inches lower than other school (peak of roof)
green solns, green roof, bioswales in parking lot to control runoff and type of runoff
largest constraint is the slopes, trying to balance cuts and fills; least impact on adjacent lands
Mayor: any questions, mbrs of Ccl?
7.         PUBLIC INPUT
>> Lynn LeFleuve (sp?): map got on Friday wasn't clear dropoff/circulation; not clear one-way
still many concerns, still a problem
everyone has to go round the roundabout, formerly fire lane, doubt ev will conform to that; simpler do what they currently do; wd be ignored b/c watched and almost all dropped off individually, usually in SUVs; many hundreds of chn, more Chairlift impact; and on 26th
just b/c they say they're going to be on buses -- isn't happening
did talk to planner; new internal road not deemed to be safe or not approp for parking
I think nothing more inapprop than parking on Chairlift
if brand new nice flat road, surely you cd put at least one lane of parallel parking -- and have parking on the road; doesn't look as if enough parking; not going to walk chn up; too far so much easier to be on Chairlift
they have a big bldg envelope
we had always hoped that 25th cd be put through some day; told repeatedly it was too steep -- wd be a really nice option
amt school is paying for public roads has not been disclosed yet, wondering what current market value is
while watching last week's ccl mtg, got sinking feeling this seen as soln to Morven; hope more creative solns can be found and not moving those problems to our nbrhd
note in the documentation by 2015 more than 800 students and 100 staff anticipated

{how did this get to 2015? thought told finished by 2010 so then Collingwood/Morven wd revert to compliance with the conditions of their special zoning.}

nbr says plan looks suspiciously like a highschool; the former first choice of making this the HSchool does not reserve and a switch effected, that's what they were looking for
Mayor: proposal that it will become a Middle School
Ans: worried about the future
[MODEL for proposed school arrives and is set up]
>> Kim Johnson: never spoken before Ccl before so let me know If I go beyond, will try to beat bell
comments wrt Apr 24th, May 28th report
wish to express my appreciation for Jim
good start, but not great, not good enough
TRAFFIC report May 28 says Traffic Mgr has reviewed plans and advises will significantly improve the existing traffic condition -- NO -- another bland comment, nice man, but....
at mtg said all schools have this problem
I followed up by submitting study of three schools in Vancouver to Jim
shd show trauma of kids hit by trucks and cars -- Lynn's v polite but we've all seen near-misses; we need to see one hit, one.  I had to take my child, a crying child to Chn's hospital
just got back from Beijing, jumped up on literature, and there's a WG, for Rodgers Crk, where a guy by the name of Tony McCallum (sp?) of Mulgrave sent a letter where he actually blasted the WG saying, "how cd you possibly put a tunnel for road access if we need more space?"
Now here's a fellow who probably wants to expand his campus and he's biting the hand of the ppl who will feed him.
I want to know why the headmaster of Collingwood who I found out lives in the worst part of road has done nothing, has avoided us -- go for walk
not good enough; get all chn safely on to Wentworth campus
says traffic/road permit has to be approved
on 30th I also wrote to Geri Boyle and Jim Bailey:
- to present a nbrhd policy/plan similar to St George's, York, and Crofton House
- to create the position of a nbrd relations mgr
- to facilitate a nbrhd cmte open to all nbrs and all mbrs of Collingwood
know a lot of families go to Collingwood, great friends of ours, and they don't want to see kids get hit
comprehensive traffic plan; a good-nbr pledge -- fifth strand, four on their website
not just speaking of another 280+, nor influx workers/construction, not senior students travelling to the fields
we're talking about 815 students, 125 faculty, 940 sgl-driver SUVs, plus the extra cars for the senior citizens that will be showing up in 2014

{here's this 2014 figure again (was 2015 above) -- what happened to completion by 2010???}

while away, my wife had the solution -- in the footprint
.... to consolidate all of the properties; suggest a ring road at the entrance to the site, near Marr Crk; second entrance and one xxx
similar to Stanley Park Drive; gated, circumnavigates; that park lane only opened up in morning and evening; remainder gated
primary purpose to get traffic on Collingwood prop
safety of chn but cd be a cross-country track for school; family walks, cycling, inline skating, section for street hockey, many seniors in area, cd walk; add into cycling program up to....
Mayor: we can invite you back
KJ: I understand
JC: can you trace on the drawing on the screen?
[He points it out, ring road, connection, explains it, calls it park]

>> Carolanne Reynolds: Editor of West Van Matters, Ste 300, 1497 Marine Drive
Life is rarely simple and this is a complicated issue.
I support the concept of private schools -- there are good and bad private and public schools.  When Collingwood proposed replacing the school for 450 [in Glenmore] with one for 750, naturally the nbrhd was apprehensive.  Cclr Day and I were on Ccl then and the compromise was 600 with parking space requirements as well as provision of a shuttle bus to lessen the impact.
Assurances were given that the conditions included in giving the special upzoning wd be abided by -- besides it was the law.
Now we have assurances -- note I heard no legal requirement or repercussions -- that Collingwood will abide by its commitment, given in 1989, by 2010, three years from now, IF the Wentworth campus is finished.
We have conditions for this application -- how can we be sure all the requirements for Wentworth will be adhered to?
Has Ccl specified enforcement or penalties if conditions broken?
Are they sufficient?
We learned last week that even a fine of $1K or $100K is not a deterrent.  The document required signed by the Ministry confirming compliance released funds of over a million dollars.
While WV operates on enforcing bylaws only 'by complaint', surely this does not apply in the case of signing confirmation of compliance to the provincial govt and behooves the District to verify compliance, ie no reliance on complaint [to sign document, confirming compliance with all Municipal bylaws].
Besides, one resident told me that the fact the enrolment was in excess of 600 was given to staff in 2004 or earlier by letter of complaint to staff. 
So apparently complaint doesn't work either.
While cognizant of some mitigation, it is hardly a compromise to allow the school to be in breach of its conditions of zoning for an additional three years in any case planned all along for Wentworth.
This is v disappointing for me, having supported the school's establishment while on Ccl and spending $3-4K at an initial fundraising auction in support.
No one influences my vote.  I have always acted in what I feel is objective, fair, and an enhancement.  The warning that powerful ppl were involved did not move me; [it was said Glenmore residents wd not be sending their children there -- ] and we see that despicable attitude on the part of some continue as they ignore a nbrhd that they don't live in, and students egg the cars of residents they think have complained.
They shd be offering to mow their lawns for free to make up for the disruption!
The zoning enrolment limitation to 600 has been blatantly ignored -- evidently with little or no fear of consequences -- and little use made of the shuttle buses.
The headmaster and a mbr of the board said they were unaware of the 600 limitation.  When did they find out?
Why did their sense of honour not move them to comply as soon as they found out, or rather the September of the coming year (b/c no one wd want to disrupt the year of education)?
There are spaces in schools in NV, and Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr is available, has space.
Mayor: Cd I ask you to comment on the Wentworth, although I understand they are related?
CR continues: Does it not require a public hearing in effect for Ccl to change a bylaw or zoning provision even for one year, let alone three?
Why not at least decrease by one grade till compliance?
Why give approval to Wentworth when not in compliance for Morven?
Some got the impression that Collingwood was not prepared to decrease if they didn't get approval for Wentworth.  This is unfortunate.
You have said getting Morven to compliance depended on Wentworth.  Why not Wentworth [approval] dependent upon abiding by the law at Morven?
The neighbours were even 'warned' when Wentworth is built the Morven campus wd no longer be a combined school so cd be a high school with no limit, ie cd go to 900, this is not true and is outrageous.  The pressure was unconscionable -- and it's no wonder there's some discontent in the nbrhd.
We all want to be proud of our schools in WV; each one offers something special.  Any pretence of superiority by a body that breaks the law and once caught just plans to continue doing so for the next three years is, to say the least, a disappointment.
What wd happen if when the policeman stopped me for speeding at 100+Kmph, I said I'd slow down when I got to my destination?  Wd he let me continue speeding till I got there?
Please understand my remarks are not meant in any way to diminish the good intentions and efforts of you, Madam Mayor, or of the negotiations facilitated by staff, and the goodwill with improved cooperation and consideration of the residents we have now -- but it shd not have come to this.
Please ensure that the conditions, environmental as well as access/traffic etc, are monitored with compliance as a prerequisite for special zoning and penalties that discourage infractions.  In view of the breaches we've heard lately re the noise bylaw and blasting bylaws, etc, it may be time to review WV's practices thoroughly.
And I remain astonished the District wd sign any provincial legal document confirming compliance, involving millions of dollars, without verifying or being obliged to.  It's incredible.  The lines of responsibility and accountability must be made clear -- if West Van's bylaws are to be taken seriously.
Thank you.

>> Jack Shepherd: the solution -- cut back!
at Morven, no expansion wd be necessary
I'm representing homes here; real problem with runoff, think it will be life-threatening
look at slope, considerable
two years ago we had to put additional drainage in our back yard and seepage not over wall, coming under
seeps in and still; not going to get better; that retaining wall wd hv to be v high
noise pollution
we didn't build house to have a field built above your house
if [that of] any of the ccl mbrs or the mayor -- you wd have concerns
I'm 100% against the project even though my son goes to Collingwood
>> Ron LeTroy: live Chairlift Rd; concerns, when we bought, no designation of this school, looked at zoning of props around it, said RS1 zoning; two-lane road, there's no way of driving around that property from 8 to 9 in morning, and 2 to 3:30 in the afternoon on any given school day; in evenings, Parent-Teacher deals, parking on street any way, every way, on sidewalks
no concerns for anyone else getting in or out of that subdivision
too much traffic for this proposed new school, needs to be relocated need other place
no problem educating chn; must make better; Chairlift and Skilift a disaster; have to go down street and it's like Park Royal just before Christmas
Mayor: don't have anyone else....
>> Dean Mailey: Chelsea Close; lot have been addressed already
these traffic issues are v real; safety issues real
came home 2:30 in afternoon and impossible to drive up Chairlift road and right up to school
how can emergency vehicles possibly get in or out when choked two and a half hours a day
high degree of construction with Taylor Outlook devt in full buildout now
urge you some sort of truck mgmt or policy so at least 50% routed over top of the hill so Chairlift not taking 100% of the truck traffic
Public Relations: when BPP undertook devt at Taylor's Outlook, did ev right, understanding nbrhd, PR rep was knocking on my door Saturday morning wanting to explain devt
Collingwood has never made outreach, made resident relation issues handled v badly; never info mtg so they cd hear our concerns, frustrations b/c of school
>> Sherry Bahri: confirming what my nbr Mr Shepherd said
concerned about sport field behind my house
expect dbl, triple, at 8:30am going to work have to wait at Chairlift road 20, 25 minutes until someone gives me way
100% against this expansion
>> Peter Joyce: principal with Bunt Assns, for Collingwood
had opp to meet with a number of the nbrs at sev mtgs held in indiv homes and at school itself
we've bn up there and documented the traffic
parking, parents turning around on Chairlift road problematic
we believe we're bringing a fix
problem is that it doesn't have space
only 46 parking spaces on the site and this proposal increases it to 160
on-site queueing -- for 45 cars, and have that number again on Chairlift
parents choosing not to get caught up thinking can avoid by staying off site
school kids directing traffic
more likely to get middle school kids to use bus; think more will be riding by bus
opening of the Chippendale Connector-- over 50% comes from Brit Prop to east
they can then come from there and exit there as well
Traffic mgmt plans for others, our firm did that for York and Crofton; willing to do that for Collingwood
>> Michael Noble (sp?): purchased home at 2536 Marr Crk Court exactly at entrance.  We bought that home overlooking a field with no knowledge of devt.  Asked questions about school about it today.  To find out today will be increased by several hundred students and to find about that many more cars passing by every day -- totally opposite of what we expected
Expansion of school is at expense of ppl in that nbrhd
>> Eileen Fubakdi (sp?): 22 Chairlift Road [that's my property there -- pointing]
Chairlift road narrow and steep, noise comes right up; v unpleasant
is there anyone who wd give fair market value for this prop?
huge devaluation of my prop and all on Chairlift Rd
I have chn and I say they have to be out by half past 7
none of the devprs have offered to buy my prop
if they bought these props [pointing] they cd buy
I wd like to be on record have not seen this plan and shd be sent to all these nbrs.
>> Eleanor Maish: from Collingwood Sch Bd
wrt parking, this area is where kindergarten parents like to drop off chn and walk them in to school
someone mentioned hischool, at one time we looked into this at one point; was cost prohibitive
Bunt has been employed to do the traffic
want to develop a nbrhd pledge
want to assure ppl here that's Collingwood's commitment
Mayor: helps if you sign
>> Ken Porter: resident in the area for 15 years, seen a lot of changes
four years working on it
still stuck with it; led to believe it wd be done
knowing stories of Morven campus, great difficulties
no mtg with residents, no easing of traffic, same problem as four years ago -- solve problems of four years ago before this
have to solve old problems
learn from history or same failures
>> Rick Malkin: 2295 Chairlift Rd and have for many years.  In fact when we moved there Chairlift Rd was called 26th; seen a lot of growth and changes
I live here [pointing]; and traffic is the big questions
traffic generated by the first, the existing, school
it far exceeded what we anticipated when we gave passing [agreement?] to this
the traffic in front of our place often obstructs our ability to go out on the road; we have a lot of parking and ppl sometimes park in our driveway
our concern is expansion, more schools, things have changed; we used to bicycle to school, three or four miles, now they all need SUVs
given a description how loop will reduce the traffic and I don't see how it will here [pointing]
won't reduce number of cars in that area; if school expanded, number of cars will increase
don't see an answer
well, I do; the answer is that you don't have large schools hurting a cmnty
we're just talking about cars but having tremendous number of children in one area
another problem is drainage: there were four streams across this property that were blocked off and directed into drains
fear for the ppl down here, it will drain down here [pointing]
traffic know answers thoroughly before going ahead and we have not heard answers this evening.
Mayor: using microphone helps TV, ppl at back of room, and
>> Maurice LaFleur: Chelsea Close.  I oppose this devt.
magnitude too great, has to be put in context
Ccl is contemplating developing 200+ acres up above, more traffic; don't understand how BPP can contemplate their billion-dollar enterprise -- down Chairlift
watched TV Ccl mtg last week and pretty disappointed -- pretty well gave approval [for Wentworth so C'wood complies 2010?]
The Planning Dept seems to have developed [special] zoning for C'Wood
skewed; this proposal, seven or eight years after, wd hv been good at that time
C'wood wdn't
skeptical these will be heard, surprised if they wd
back, take a bit of time
>> Connie Letroye: when we bought knew school was there
where we bought, quiet little cul de sac; no one wd know; we're still building it
get out of it now
ppl come down that road at 80mph, not Kmph, it's now a thoroughfare
come from Chippendale, down Chairlift, a wide large road ppl speed up and down
with expansion of the school at least 150 more cars coming down
have letters from nbrs upset who cdn't come
this circle won't help 21st, might help some of the congestion for a while
will probably turn into a hi school -- when we bought and others, no one had any idea it wd expand; not going to be good for cmnty
a nbr called in and was told foregone conclusion
contractor said we cd come in and complain but the school was going ahead
I'm going to be lobbying for speedbumps on Chairlift
already spoken to Police and nbrs; they're appalled
buying on a quiet cul de sac and now ....
and now Chippendale, Oh my goodness
this is a money-making school, not provincial, why shoved into our cmnty?
usually subdivisions planned around school; not school plunked in
Mayor: looping through who've already spoken
> Kim Johnson: do I ever feel taken for granted
you did traffic for York? Collingwood
ppl, we're pretty docile, quiet
I have a two and a half year old now and can't walk him any more
Bunt's got to do a better job
went to a couple of mtgs, but at Collingwood; this is the first time we can talk about our concerns -- so shd have a nbrhd cmte
...... 2014 then 825 students

{Again -- where are they getting 2014 from?  what happened to 2010???}

this was a great plan for six, seven, years ago
if you can't come up with plan for 825 cars then some construction, you gotta tell 'em no
keep it zoned for residential low density
> Chuck Shepherd: want to revisit retaining wall above us
with the changing weather patterns, no one knows what to design for really
when you look at that massive wall that's going to go above us, ev one of you have to think that's life-threatening, take that into account pls.
>> Man (representing C'wood's interests): we did a mailout, 350m at request of city
was a public info mtg; did listen to their concerns; largest issue traffic
since 2003 been trying to create a middle school there and not been able to do it
the traffic prob will be there, has been there
plans in last four years, this really does address traffic issue facing today
Audience: no
Mayor: debate will come when Ccl debates
Man: do intend a Gd Nbr Pledge
a Nbrhd Cmte today, start resolving as moving things forward
as done for York and some other private schools
this is a solution for problem that exists there today
>> Roger Wright: live at 2606 Wentworth, I'm headmaster and live here [points] and support
not going to rehash traffic in building this up
echo pledge on behalf of school; establish nbrhd cmte, have some experience with this
had a nbrhd mtg, sparsely attended, perhaps didn't advertise widely enough
want to take that on and talk with our nbrs
make sure we are good nbrs; a nbrhd cmte
JC: you live there, you own that or owned by school?
RW: owned by school
>> Lady: no devt sign up; it was my nbr who told me
called City Hall and spoke to someone named Jim and he said there was a sign there; said we told them a couple of times
well one just went in a couple of days ago
so just how ......
why doesn't the school have to?  we have to when we do
Mayor: Ms Boyle, why not there?
GB: have to check
Lady: just went up; why not rezoning sign [before]?
if they're such good nbrs, look at the landscaping there -- old buddleia, been there for years, is this the best they can do?
First Lady: it doesn't really matter about the traffic plan, circulation is whatever it is; Skilift and Chairlift just cannot handle that amount of traffic
they say 25th can't come through
we had mtgs a couple of years ago, another type of improvement; never a rep from the school, they had facilitators, not from school just ppl who worked for therm
JF: have some questions about the numbers at the school
had proposed a diff bylaw at Morven for numbers down, any listing for this school?
might address some of the concerns
GB: the proposed is a zone specific to it
elementary school, daycare, kindergarten.......
the zone does not include high school, allows up to Grade Eight
JF: number?
GB: not exceed 850
JF: re artificial turf, lights planned?
GB: draft does not include approval for lights; applicant wd hv to come back
Mayor: close or ask for staff report?
VV: wd move we have a further report
hear experts saying traffic saying being provided for but hear what public is saying
if too difficult now, does nothing to solve that problem so I'm not convinced
if debate with experts, whatever
if we can have a report from staff
Mayor: capacity of roads?
JF: I do, about field, retaining wall, runoff
perhaps a diff or better site for the field? or parking lot? distancing it from existing homes
buffering from sound and runoff
Mayor: anything else? adjourning PH to?
VV: understand our last ccl mtg is July 23, is that approp?
GB: Brent? 16th or 23rd to answer those questions?
Brent Dozzi: no prob with traffic, but geotechnical issues
Mayor: read motion as printed at bottom of page, No 8
[VV does so]
...THAT Staff report back to Council regarding the June 25, 2007, Public Hearing and Public Meeting re Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4517, 2007 and Development Permit Application No. 06?034 (re:  Collingwood School - Wentworth Campus, West Vancouver); and that the Public Hearing and Public Meeting be adjourned to July 23rd in the Municipal Hall Council Chamber.
July 23rd
SSch: 7pm
MS: think it's a bit vague to say report back
think we shd be more specific
why geotech studies -- when approved assumed approval from engineers
why have staff charging out on non-existent walls
seems to me traffic, egress ramp from highway, shd confine staff report to major concerns wch is traffic
ask Police, same question I asked when I went to Morven, why streets blocked for 40 minutes and no one can get through, where were police?
Mayor: each mbr has right to
CAO: likely the enquiry we'd make was with consultant to see if adequate
don't think a significant task; depends how broad
Mayor: haven't articulated that in motion
enough direction; in a couple of weeks
address issues raised tonight
Mayor: you're invited back July 23
>>>>>>>  REGULAR COUNCIL AGENDA  <<<<<<<<<<<
Mayor: WVPD will be participating in annual Torch Run for Special Olympics Run on Wednesday starting at White Spot at 2 o'clock; if you see them jogging by honk your horn and support them; they raise about $15K for the Special Olympics.
3.         Annual Report 2006 and Budget Bylaws  (File:  0907?01/0300?01)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT Council receive the printed Annual Report for the year ended December 31, 2006, and
RECOMMENDED: THAT "2006 Annual Budget Amendment Bylaw No. 4512, 2007", THAT "Endowment Reserve Fund Expenditure Bylaw No. 4513, 2007", THAT "Youth Activity Reserve Fund Expenditure Bylaw No. 4514, 2007" ... be introduced and read a first, second, and third time.
>>>  Deputy Dir of Finance, Barbara Wood: there are copies at the side;  introductory section on services delivered; challenges faced; commitment to improving reporting of finances in the District
2006 report expanded section on performance mgmt, performance indicators on p34
pride Ccl and staff take in providing services to cmnty
annual requirement of Cmnty Charter to publish the audited consolidated financial statements and
Auditors' Report (p47)
third is statistical section and five-year financial trend information
2006 year-end results in round numbers: consolidated basis, net revenues $147K and accumulated surplus of $5.1M
general fund ended the year with net revenues or $146K and an accumulated surplus of $3.5M
the water utility fund ended the year with net revenues of $70K, and an accumulated surplus of $1.3M
and finally the sewer utility fund ended with net expenditures of $70K and an acc surplus of $300K
it is our intention to continually improve the quality of our reporting
been awarded Cdn award for financial reporting, you'll find on p2; presented to us by the Govt Finances Assn of the US and Canada for our 2005 Annual Report

{We wanted to check to make sure we heard the name correctly, we googled, and it turns out the actual name is the Govt Finance Officers Assn (GFOA).  Under the Cdn arm, 41 govts submitted their annual financial reports and 35 won awards.}

award is based on meeting over 150 criteria; it is our first such award and confident we'll again win this award for the report you have before you now
Sop: good report; know it's been in front of adv cmte
Sched A, consolidated budget; revenues and expenditures, top line, general taxation $45.9M, and operating $52M; know other variables in there
in ability to tax, we are overspending in relationship to general taxation
Mayor: our CAO comment on that?
CAO: the general direction Ccl wants us to go is less reliance on taxation
Sop: not holding to that
general operating is $7M higher; I'll leave that with you
secondly, in transfer of monies, Transit; pretty close -- $9.7M out and in
for sewer --  $5.3M out and $5.6M in
then we come to water, GVRD about $4M and we're bringing in $6.2M
$2M is that work we're doing up on Eagle Lake?
BW: we don't have Richard Laing to comment on that tonight but believe exactly what's going on there, have to build up those reserves
CAO: the expenditure for the utilities will reflect both operating and capital, and that's why you'll have a bit of a difference
Sop: two things pop out, golf and cemetery revenue higher than expense
when we entertain future, Golf cd be on own, and monies not go into general
what other cases can we make?
CAO: wrt Golf, trying to create a separate biz unit; against capital, building infrastructure
all operate under deptal biz line, and as Cclr Sop, cd be under separate...
Sop: what we saw in FTSF; wrt Endowment Fund
CAO: can't provide off top of my head
Sop:... shd know where came from
CAO: if you provide this beforehand we can
Sop: you're providing this
Mayor:... know some time outside
stopped by Mayor of Oak Bay, complimenting Mr Stuart
don't know if in last year; ... benefit
CAO: going to be working with F&A and perhaps put in cmnty survey, ask cmnty as to what kinds of indicators they wd like to see us report on on a wide variety of areas
just see this as growing; not only present this info but various targets, benchmarks, put in context
Mayor: interesting how trends change; for instance, library program participation way up, circulation of books down, so what else is happening at the library, fascinating to see how society behaves...
 4.         Evelyn Drive - Opportunity for Public Comment on the Proposed Master Plan             RECOMMENDED:
            THAT the report dated June 18, 2007 from the Manager of Community Planning be received.
GB: to place in process of review; received master plan May 25th after review in April by staff and design cmte; staff have an ongoing review, and will be reviewed by Design Review cmte on Wednesday -- was 5pm; changed starts at 4:30pm
{but the DWV Calendar says 4pm!}
Plan was on display at Park Royal
Today's mtg is an opp for public to comment directly to Ccl
in July will come
Fulvio Verdicchio: attended the sessions in Pk Royal; good scenario, come a long way
the stakeholders are the ppl who are going to live around Ev Dr; have to look at Keith Rd
don't think the dvprs want to do much with Keith Rd -- got to look at undergrounding, speedbumps, revitalize landscaping
Blair Baillie: you've heard from me before
place will be forever remembered or regretted; remembered benevolently
viewed at Pk Royal; although viewed in 2005 -- transportation a veritable carrefour -- will not fulfil that objective as well as hoped for.  In view of all that has taken place since, Spaxman Report, etc, what you've come up with is commendable
appears about 51Ksf for part, about the same calculated in 2005; comes out at 0.75 what most ppl on Spaxman Cmte felt feasible
I am hopeful, this plan wch is a concept, will take into consideration the opp for a unique and handsome result
typical of what Arthur Erickson likes to do -- he had a fascination with the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, not that he'd been there
hope the terraces themselves, as stairs, will be varied and form will be interspersed
different acreages, guess not all land there cd be consolidated; ev effort to take advantage of this
Mayor: no one else?
when return to Ccl?
GB: reasonably confident 16th or 23rd
5.         West Vancouver Cycling Network and Greenway Plan (File:  1785?19)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT Council give its approval to the WV Cycling Network and Greenway Plan by Urban Systems Ltd.
Brent Dozzi (staff): our consultant, before formally; thx to various, etc, help to nail down routes
two working group mtgs before Xmas, broader after and followup after process
Richard O'Doul (sp?): worked on Galloping Goose in Victoria
...presented parts of this earlier
want to get more ppl cycling; doing it more safely
target markets: recreation, transportation (work, school, shopping, entertainment), non-cyclists, casual cyclists, committed cyclists
Consultation: stakeholder workshops, ccl workshop , public open house, mtg with CNR
= Elements of the Plan:
- Spirit Trail Greenway (spine of the network, continuous route bridge ferry terminal NV to HBay, avoids steep grades, low to no traffic)
- Bicycle routes (TransCanada Trail, Marine Dr, other routes)
- Crossings at major Roads
- Regional connections
[Map on slide, green line]
City of Kelowna has blazed a trail
= Priority Improvements
cd take 20 years so
o  Spirit Trail Greenway (Amb and Dund, HBay to Eagleridge, Rlwy ROW)
o  Localized improvements, eliminate barriers/obstacles
target money best bang for buck then fill in later
Cost Estimates -- $10M, shd get at least half of it
= Pk Royal to 31st = $2M
=31st St to Piccadilly N = $2.4M
= Piccadilly N to BCR Tunnel  $1.8M
= BCR Tunnel to HBay $1.6M
localized improvements $1.6M
Sop: terrific initiative, hope to Env WG; we'd be committed to $5M over 20 years?
Ans: you can do it faster
Sop: ppl will use this if they feel safe and we know along MDr it is not safe
prop, utility, envtal mitigation
you're asking for approval but we don't know how much yet? another $10M?
Ans: need approval for staff to look at
Sop: know we're going to get extra help but need to have some certainty in these costs
CAO: chicken and egg; need endorsement in principle to receive grants; hope don't have to raise half
certainly our hope not $5M; think opp for private citizens/companies to participate/donate to this
ev year in our capital budget Ccl will have an opp to know wch projects allocating for
Sop: guess wording right? in principle? ccl, public looking at it?
Mayor: think we're approving the strategy; then in budget process
BD: to get $$$, have to prove you have a plan in place approved by cmnty and Ccl
appreciate comments
offchance one of those circumstances
route on existing roads and pathways
don't expect to encounter those issues
wrt budget, had $375K approved this year, will be matched with $2M from prov, again on the premise we have a plan in place
beginning of segment Capilano Bridge to Amb Park
Sop: is approval in principle enough?
CAO: just asking if approving plan itself then Ccl can decide what
JF: approve, intrepid cyclists have grabbed us wanting a route from here to HBay
opp; b/c being built in sections can apply for grants, private grants, cyclists re certain routes
when my chn were young real concern is route that's safe and out of way of traffic
absolutely wonderful, if it takes 20 years so be it, costs will change in 20 years
how long will first section take, from Pk Royal?
BD: plan is design this year and construction -- Cap Bridge to 19th St this year
JF: support continuation of plan; link up with NV all the way to Deep Cove
Sop: another crossing over the Cap River?
Ans: a blob there b/c a number of options
if Ministry replaces, existing PkRoyal bridge cd be improved -- at least four different ways
Sop: in the $5M
Ans: yes
Mayor: thank you; you hustled and got it done; Gordon Price said we were real laggards
tricky here b/c of the terrain; getting so congested
goal of Spirit Cmte; working with Christine Monaghan on our staff
6.         Hollyburn School Playground Project  (File:  2150?29)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT approval be given for a cost-sharing contribution for the playground at Hollyburn School which will be payable in the 2008 budget year based on matching funding from 2007.
{Dear Readers, Fellow Taxpayers: I have requested that any motion involving approval of the expenditure of our money at least have the amount in the motion.  Pls ask.  I'm not at all against this contribution but feel strongly residents ought to know the amount of money being given.}
Tim Johnson: Chair of PAC
feel extension of everybody's backyard, not just a playground
kids don't have much more than a balcony
Wendy Duke: also excited about changes; v important link in WV cmnty
Renee Mintak: parent; thank the cmte
JF: noticed that PAC has managed to raise $67K
RM: close to that; shd reach that in 2008
JF: represents a lot of cupcakes!
RM: diverse and fundraising; feat in small amt of time
Sop: congratulate the PAC group
witnessed benefit to nbrhds; new modern playgrounds are safe; take my own son to these places
says going to raise $167K
RM, correcting: $67K by Jan 2008
Sop: where now?
Ans: $64K
RM: our playground is going to be completely dismantled by 2012
large footprint; service a large cmnty
make sure accessible and inclusive to all chn -- whether disabled or in senior, in wheelchair
Heather Tak: know is WV's oldest public school
really the backyard -- established nbrhd with 33ft lots and apts
there regardless of where they live...
my husband attended, too long ago to mention in public...
recognition in our limited ability to raise funds in timeframe
even though contribution from Ccl will be made in 2008
RD: add my congratulations, raising $64K in short time; we'll add $35K to that

{at last and at least Cclr Day lets us (and viewers) know how much money is involved!  Thx.}

in 2008 budgetary year, based on fundmatching
VV: wd like to add congratulations
ev time we're simply going to reach in and give out money; just want to ask question
ev 50, 42, 8 cents to M level of govt
the matter of chn's education, all under prov
the level that only gets 8 cents subsidizes the govt that gets 42 cents
a bit wary of doing that
dealing with Sch Bd; imagine if I were a Hollyburn parent, one going to enjoy; and another needed daycare; wch is better -- extra quality of playground equipment? partially redirected helping negotiate space on sch bd for daycare.... think we have a lot of issues with the Sch Bd
will go along with this; but another ... with Sch Bd
a little better; better for daycare, more leverage; wd like to get a little more mileage out of money we spend; hope policy might change
JC: reluctant to correct Cclr V but this is not dipping into the taxpayer's pocket; it's putting in
several years ago [committed] to max of $35K a year
two or three over past six maybe seven years
this group has raised two to one dollars over initial investment
MS: was going to echo what Cclr Clark said
three dollars for every one of ours b/c Sch Bd puts in same
and parents raise half
considering as ppl who have spoken have said, that area is really, ah cmnty really uses that playground; getting three dollars for every one so effective job of leveraging
Sop: in NV there's a school that has a playground equipped by a group
prov govt provides; nbrhd house, run a preschool and after-school
just an incredible place, get to play on playground in two areas, on both sides of the school
have to line up with Cclr V, is there anything else we can do
put pressure on Sch Bd and so when you have your other child
Mayor: there might be, but stay on
Sop: just commenting on what Cclr V says; let's put our thinking caps on; I'm supportive
7.         Proposed Resolution re Homeowner Grant Program for 2007 UBCM Annual Convention
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the following resolution be forwarded to the Union of British Columbia Municipalities for consideration at the 2007 Annual Convention:
"WHEREAS property values continue to increase at a rapid rate in the Province of British Columbia;
AND WHEREAS many long-term property owners continue to suffer loss of the Homeowner Grant due to market forces beyond their control;
AND WHEREAS there is a general societal benefit to assisting all property owners in the Province of British Columbia to be able to afford to live on the properties they have chosen:
NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Province be requested to ensure that Homeowner Grant regulations be made equitable and applied uniformly across the Province and that the upper limit assessed value ceiling be removed."
[JF made motion]
Sop: anything else we can do?
CAO: we have written to the Ministry; this is the approp route, get support from other municipalities; really does only affect three or four Ms in the prov; see if they'll support us
Sop: report is self-explanatory; look at assessments and grants; we were assessed higher; higher in assessment
shd be right across the board; why singled out just b/c high that we don't get same; we're not all wealthy in this cmnty; seniors have difficulty
why higher, put out to pasture? about time they said we'll bring you into line
and what about schools?  school taxes?  what we're charged and what we get back? that's why PAC groups have to go out and raise finds, raise close to $100K to put equipment on playgrounds, and then pay taxes according to the assessments we have
absolutely mindboggling that the prov govt puts this case on WV and continues to do this
Mayor: certainly when 34% of WV homeowners are eligible for the full grant we have an affordability issue, may be different [from] other cmnties; 51% receive no grant at all.  We know a lot of land rich seniors and cash-poor seniors and does make it v difficult for them to stay
MS: did we receive any response? we sent a strongly worded letter to our MLAs?
as Sop said; scandalous, any response?
CAO: from MLA Sultan, support and we'd raise it
MS: so forward this letter to MLAs? get off their backside and do something?
Mayor: that addition
VV: for school $33M, about $2K; my concern about money
obviously I support this initiative, we shd at least have the HOG
8.         Canada Day 2007 Fireworks Display - West Vancouver Costs (File:  3015?01)
RECOMMENDED: THAT additional funding be provided from reserves to a maximum of $14,000 in order to cover predicted police and clean-up expenses arising from the fireworks display on Canada Day, July 01, 2007.
Mayor: Mr Clark?
JC: thought Mr Pike wd
$10K in budget directed at cost of consolidated firework plan but no funds provided for policing and cleanup we've talked about; this report requests that those costs be covered from reserves.
JC: about five or six years ago Canada Place traditional host, show cancelled 2001
seemed to us, went forward two years ago with fireworks off Amb, and both incident free and under budget
occurred to me if successful in demonstrating our maturity even with ppl coming in from outside
went forward and formed a society, Burrard Fireworks
for a dual fireworks show; one in harbour in Canada Place and one off Amb Pier at same time; never done ever in world at same time
to music AM1320; all of that info going door-to-door
NV will be notified similarly -- NSNews
the whole thrust of this is that ppl can see from decks and balconies, stay home and have guests over; quite excited if doesn't rain
Sop: why was the amt omitted from the 2007 budget?
JC: an oversight, confusion during the budget formation and some of these costs overlap
the cleanup will also carry from cleanup during day
Sop: so this for the day's event?
JC: cleanup can be considered dual, policing to the fireworks
JF: what happens if this is not passed?
KP: without funding for this, the cost of the police, cleanup, wd be most likely covered from existing budget and other things wd be cut
can't expect us to go forward without cleanup and policing
JF: I ask we have cut
seems that year after year we're always caught offguard by surprise; and at time it wd be embarrassing to  ....
tricked into timing; leaves a bad taste in my mouth
can't see how we can't fund this; then other things wd be cut back; just a little angry
Sop: Cmnty Days, we all requested Cclr Clark take this on as a project
all the citizens taking the oath; fireworks been incredible
thought a tremendous surge of ppl, not happening
placement of the barges, don't have to come down, but many do; I've observed, absolute delight
maybe this issue, have to look at it, maybe a cap on it
integral part, celebrating Canada's birthday; more credit to him
in future budgets, might hv to be a cap
MS: I think Cclr's F's point
can't keep cutting budgets without realizing that specific things have to be cut out
bn my observation, this Ccl cutting global dollars out but not specific
certainly support Canada Day; Cclr F's remarks can't be ignored
throw myself at Mr Stuart's mercy
anyway we can find these dollars without taking out of reserves
CAO: comes down to an aggressive..... to cover all our costs
$10K not enough to cover; may change over time
esp Society involved, know money
Mr Pike is correct; can't cancel, ..... wd hv to look at cutting services if not other private groups that want to
JC: to my knowledge the DNV have no plans to vote money in for this purpose
City of Vancouver cover $65K cleanup and associated costs
CNV no plans to call out add'l police
somewhat WV
Society is committed to weaning itself off
like turning a ship; weaning off federal funding, not just M
corporate funding, and more this year than in past; not intended to be a surprise
Mayor: that's what I'm not understanding
efforts for non profits; but seems ev year have to put same amt; at one point when will it fall rather than rise?
JC: this isn't part of Society, WV -- if you don't pass, no policing, clean up
Mayor:... always last minute; makes difficult for Ccl
CAO: in past made efforts to raise; this year said will allocate $10K but event has grown
will ensure process in place so early on know
so now $10K is all we have
Mayor: good; hope another one next year
looking forward to a predictable process next year
JC: as sun at noon on Sunday
9.  CONSENT AGENDA ITEM -- Correspondence List (complete list in prev WVM)
(5)       June 11, 2007, regarding Above Water Pier at West Vancouver Yacht Club
            Referred to the Director of Planning, Lands & Permits for consideration and response.
Sop: received this personally and also letter sent to Mayor and Ccl; safety concern; residents going back and forth to Eagle Island; will be attended to, can we have a followup?
Mayor: believe Jim Bailey is working on that; and I have a letter out to those ppl and letter out to the commodore, Frank Musson
(12)     B. Wareham, Director, Marine Conservation - David Suzuki Foundation, June 12, regarding Zoned RS-1 (Residential Salmon - 1), Union of BC Municipalities Resolution
            Attachments available for viewing in the Legislative Services Department.
Sop: take a good look at habitat; Fdn calling for Salmon 1
spoke with Steve Jenkins about that today, and good to go forward
we're leaders in this area; possibly have this chap come over, we're way ahead
started many years ago, Coho Festival, fingerlings up to hatchery..... out of that came Streamkeepers
thought salmon wdn't go into dark areas but we proved them wrong that salmon wd not go into dark areas, do in Memorial Park
and 15 in Pt Moody, supporting at UBCM
(15)     K. Kenney, City Clerk - City of Port Moody, June 15, 2007, regarding David Suzuki Foundation - Salmon Habitat Protection Request for UBCM Resolution
Attachments available for viewing in the Legislative Services Department.
JC: move extend [ccl mtg] to close of business
MS: what's close of biz? open-ended?
Mayor: we have public question period and reports
MS: defer reports?
JF: except for one
Mayor: one on the Amb WG; we may only go over by two minutes.
MS: all right
Mayor: motion carries. Item 8
(8)       Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
            (a)       Community Engagement Committee - May 28, 2007
MS: was reading minutes re Childcare WG; feedback loop; decisions wd come from Ccl
Mayor: I met with Chair; she had a v good point to make; groups app feedback from Ccl
second point was raised by Cclr Sop, he can make it himself, but he was wondering what is the set process, do things come to us too soon or too early
Consensus of CEC -- WGs shd always feel can come to Ccl and that Ccl will always provide feedback to them, does that capture it?
Sop: my take on it
Mayor: really proactive stance of your Chair, meaningful work to ppl and need to be supported by Ccl in work they're doing and not forget to get back to them, how responding
Sop: an interim reporting system from these cmtes wd be valuable to Ccl as a whole, before final recommendations come
Mayor: old adv cmtes said that too; whatever happens to things we advise you about
I want to ask Mr Stuart about No. 11; sounds good but are we at risk of losing those fees?
(11)     B. Binnie, President - UBCM, June 11, 2007, regarding Single Business Licence Initiative
CAO: v concerned about this, maybe even losing signif revenue, may also lose the opportunity to govern in fact, biz licences; if problem with one
if single biz licence may not be able to restrict; looking at this as well as modernization of the bldg code; will be coming forward to Ccl with reports on both
JF: that was my question; cd we retract biz lic if not acting in best interests of cmnty?
CAO: we've implemented NSh-wide; think prov shd look at that wrt operation; still control; streamline, general thrust of what we'll be recommending
Mayor: Motion to receive: 5, 8, 11, 12, 15
Mayor: we're going to have one report
RD : I object to that, Rodgers Creek WG had an ...
Mayor: okay, I'll give you that opportunity.  We'll go to Cclr F and then come to you
{Kind of the Mayor; wonder why RD didn't say anything earlier -- it is true however the Open House was a significant event; restraint of MS not to comment about change thus lengthening mtg!}

=======  CLOSED vs OPEN  =======================

JF: Just wanted to comment on the fact that the Amb Study Town Ctr WG is meeting Wed morning and at that time under our WG guidelines, we will be having an in camera mtg with Ccl b/c the guidelines state that we can have a mtg, may be closed, if the subject matter involves information
{CLOSED! CLOSED???  Alarm bells went off in my head!}
about prop, services, negotiations, or matters of a preliminary nature where disclosure cd harm District interests, and so it is in keeping with the LGA that this mtg will take place
{Quite apart from the fact the LGA says nothing about that, the legislation is in the Cmnty Charter....
As you can imagine, I nearly leapt out of my seat!  At last Monday's mtg (18th) there was mention of a closed mtg without notification (still trying to track that one on 13th down -- no notes and not on Calendar), compounded by another mtg Friday morning said to be closed -- so that when I asked the Mayor about a closed mtg, suddenly staff called some ppl about it -- and now wanting yet another closed mtg?   What blatant rejection of the guidelines approved by Ccl and circulated about a month ago! What an affront!  What an insult to agreed Ccl policy!  And just assumed wd be closed???
And JF is on the CEC cmte wch wrote the guidelines Ccl approved that mtgs
Ah, but watch what happens...........}

Mayor: thank you, Ccl Day, I know you had an outstanding session
RD: I'm chair of RCWG; had eight mtgs; started early; Open House June 20, review of our main working principles, had Sieve Analysis (detailed analysis of the terrain and land use), maps presented
our planner Geri Boyle gave presentation, as did Frank Musson (mbr) and myself
about 200 ppl there, good crowd, v exciting; some mtn bikers
adjourning for the summer, while staff in cooperation with BPP will work out plan for end Aug; keep in touch via Internet
have another mtg with Ccl and another OH before we finalize plan late fall

{A pity the Mayor didn't click immediately earlier when JF spoke, but here's our knight in shining armour bursting out of the gate, now that he has an opportunity to speak:}

Sop: want to question why Amb Group is going in camera based on mtg with Ccl
seems to me we started these WGs to be open, at this stage is there something that pertinent to go in camera, when we are still in a draft position?
Mayor (oooo! interesting -- doesn't speak out, defers to CAO): I'm going to ask Mr Stuart to respond to that
CAO: my understanding the group has identified a number of land-related issues that they wd like to discuss in general with Ccl, again it's a WG mtg, not a Ccl mtg, but they want to raise those issues, then of course take results of that discussion, bring it back into their draft paper wch I believe is coming forward shortly.
JF: very shortly
So it's just a matter of reviewing some land issues wch they've identified.

{THEY have identified???  OOO!  Again trying to imply anything to do with land.  IT'S NOT SO!  It has to be in particular cases that wd prejudice the M's interests.  Keep in mind also that some of those ppl on the Amb WG own land and businesses (the majority in that category or architects/developers), so one might argue that it's incredible conflict of interest of those mbrs to be making recommendations on upzoning/increased density in the Amb Biz District -- where they own/work!
All the more reason for the public to watch what's said, suggested, decided, VERY CAREFULLY!
Not only that, WG mbrs are not sworn to secrecy as ccl mbrs are so they're not obliged to keep  quiet on anything they're discussing.  A simple case of the opportunity for them and their friends to have an inside track on decisions.
Simply untenable.
How cd Cclr F underplay all of this?  She's on the CEC, the open policy has been circulated for over a month so why is she ignoring it?  coming up with false or misleading or slanted statements to justify closure interpretations of the in camera legislation as to qualification?}

Sop:  well, under the WG issue, when we got to a specific area, wd we then go in camera about the issue and then back to open public on the rest of the issues?
why all under the guise of in camera when some of the issues cd be solved quickly?
JF: mtg is going to be a workshop
Sop: right
JF: going to be shirtsleeves, and just a free flow and open discussion

{and just by what fantastic stretch of the imagination does she think that a 'shirtsleeves' discussion qualifies to go in camera or be a closed mtg??? just calling it a workshop?  using the magic 'land' word as a skeleton key to the closet???}

virtually little will be discussed that hasn't been discussed piecemeal in our open mtgs thus far, and the group has requested this.  I seem to recall the financial taxation WG convened in the fall certainly had an in camera presentation to Ccl prior to having a presentation publicly,
{Oh really?  Maybe that wasn't proper either!  Have to look at that.  In any case, JF is a mbr of CEC and shd be advocating and practising openness.  What deals don't they want the cmnty to know about?}

I don't think there was anything wrong with that, nor do I think there's anything wrong with this.  It does in fact meet the guidelines we have for our WGs.

{but the group has no right to request a closed mtg!!!  By this time I was out of my seat with alarm.  Dear Readers:  This is serious.  WG mbrs make no undertaking to keep closed mtgs secret whether called in camera or not -- ccl mbrs are sworn in and are obliged by oath.  This means such mtgs, and something as sensitive as rezoning/densifying the Ambleside Town Ctr, gives the mbrs inside and early leads into what might be planned.  To avoid such an advantage, that's why the public ought to be present -- it shd all be done in public.
Land, by itself, does not qualify to go in camera (even if a WG cd); it's only when knowledge of the item wd be financially detrimental TO the District.  There has never been any indication that DWV is going to buy any property.  The discussions have been wrt revitalizing the area, increasing density, introducing more mixed structures with ofc/retail and residential..
By this time I'm beside myself, out of my seat, and standing up alongside the first row of seats eager to find out what's going to happen and anxious/ready to speak for and to defend yet again, and vigorously, openness.}

Mayor: Cclr Sop - oh, sorry,  Cclr Clark
JC: I side with Cclr Sop on this if what I just heard Cclr F say is that all the information about to be discussed at this in camera mtg has already been discussed in open public forum, what's point of in camera mtg?  Makes no sense.
Sop: hear, hear
{Yay, Cclr Clark.  He followed Sop -- unexpected but music to my ears!}
Mayor: I think, this is a really tricky one.
{No, it isn't}
it's the mbrs of the public's interest in being able to have an open conversation with Ccl, that's all; no decisions.  Anything that comes out of this, will go back I guess to the WG and forward to Ccl again.  And I think we have to respect the fact that we're learning, and the fact that this is a challenge for some mbrs of the cmnty.
{hm; she's waffling -- sitting on the fence??? Let's watch the dynamics....}
If we don't want to do that, then we will still be sitting down with them, we may have a slightly different kind of conversation, I don't know, but certainly it's Ccl's prerogative.
{Well, Ccl's prerogative we're counting on is to have OPEN mtgs.  Period.
Sop takes up the gauntlet again and strikes another blow for the cmnty and openness!}
Sop: I'll tell you from my side, if it's going to be a closed mtg and we're discussing things that have already been discussed [in public], then I'm not attending!  What is to hide?  What is so pertinent that only a section of that mtg might go in camera on some issue?  the rest of it has been discussed with the public, why go in camera with it?  We don't have to.  These are open actions by ppl, these are public being involved, communication, engagement of the public.  It isn't behind closed doors.
I'm not going if it's going to be a closed mtg, I'll tell you that right now.
{Sop standing firm!}
Mayor:  Cclr F has given us that information.  We're not here to make a decision.  Perhaps Ccl cd let me know, each of you, and you're more than welcome to do that now.
{but why doesn't the Mayor lead?  why not use the chair for leadership in this matter and say right off that she stands for openness in govt and Ccl had approved the guidelines wrt openness???}
RD: on the Rodgers Crk WG, we've twice had mbrs who requested in camera session or mtg and we decided not to do it.  I was opposed to going in camera

{Maybe so, but that's now b/c at their first mtg they voted, yes voted when that's not legal, to have their next mtg closed (and the Mayor was present but didn't speak to dissuade them) and it had a presentation from BPP.  At the Apr 12 mtg, they even talked about having another closed mtg and RD as Chair did not say they cdn't, rather mentioned dates.  This was the mtg that was the last straw for me and as Readers know, I objected vociferously and brought it to Ccl's attention.  Happy to say that after that, RD's conduct has been absolutely exemplary and even gone beyond what we had in mind in the openness policy.  His WG mtgs are a delight and the public is welcomed.  Do note, however, that they will have no more mtgs until the end of August while staff and BPP work on plans for the area.}

I don't think we're dealing with anything that really needs to go in camera.  Property matters, things of that sort, where you have to do so.  I think it's better to always do things in public so that ppl can [?didn't catch word]
one of the mbrs last time said yes but the press reports and misinterprets what we say and distorts what we say
I said, yes, that's true, they do sometimes, but not always but in any case, that's part of the system.  It's a free system in wch we take certain risks when we are in public life and we know that the press may make mistakes and may not always be perfectly accurate, but generally it does the best it can

{Well, everyone makes mistakes and misquotes -- staff, ccl mbrs, and WG mbrs are not immune.  At that mtg, RD allowed me to comment.  I pointed out that it's better to have the newspapers/media put it in writing b/c then someone can write in return to correct the record whereas mbrs and others who hear (or mishear, or partially hear) can tattle away to friends and others with no one able to know what's being misstated or being passed on.  Besides, b/c a reporter on occasion might get a fact or two wrong, is that a reason to bar the press and/or the public???
That logic doesn't work if you believe in an open democracy, does it.}

in any case I think that we have to take that risk of staying in the open and it's tough, all of us know, have our scars from it, but it's a lot better than going in camera
The only time to go in camera is when you're dealing with things like property matters or legal matters or personnel matters, otherwise you stay in the open.
{The smile is growing on my face.  That's three cclrs -- the Mayor now will have to change to openness -- though with the CAO support of JF and with both JF and the Mayor calling on him to give reasons (land, the magic word) to support closed, no doubt they knew it was coming, but possibly the rest of Ccl didn't know and weren't prepared.  Anyway, a brave bold stroke for openness and those three have taken a stand at last.  All had assured me in the past their commitment to openness but the breaches over the past few months have been dispiriting.  I knew the game was won b/c I knew that VV had never agreed that WGs shd be able to have closed mtgs, so here's the majority vote!}
VV: Yes, I've not changed my mind. I don't believe we have the right to confer on the WGs the right to go in camera.  I think in camera mtgs shd be ccl mtgs and for specific items as we customarily do.
MS: pretty hard to comment intelligently after 17 hours and 6 minutes of continually being on the job.  Some of us start at 5am.
{Poor, Mike.  Let's hope he can take a nap on Monday afternoons if he can't arrange starting later.}
So I won't even try to comment.  As far as I'm concerned the solution shd be we start off as an open mtg and if there's something that the Chairman of the WG, MMgr, and staff think need to go in camera, I suppose they cd identify it and go in camera, but we might as well start off certainly and hopefully finish, in public.
{Mike caps it off!  That makes five so we have more than majority.  Overjoyed!!!}
Mayor: Well, frankly, I just don't think you can represent the cmnty any better than to show leadership and confidence in conducting biz in public,
{ye-e-ee-eesss; we have been hoping...}
and that's going to be our job to create that comfort zone for these citizens.b/c they are working really hard and so, that's perfectly fine, I think it's exemplary, but I don't think it's going to be easy for everybody and I think it's important for us to remember we're maybe a little more used to it so if we're asking this of our citizens, we have to create that environment for them as well.  I think that that's really the ideal.
{Yes, but this is democracy, public govt.  Anyone who is uneasy meeting in public over public biz shd not apply!  The application forms that citizens fill out to offer their expertise/knowledge and time shd make it clear that mtgs are open so it's no surprise and wd avoid resistance and arguments.  One Chair a few weeks ago said they cdn't be creative if it was open.  Creativity while desirable is not a reason to go in camera.  Another mbr said ppl wd have to be careful  what they said.  Well, I guess!  Out of consideration of the rest of the WG, let's hope remarks are considered beforehand.  From a resident's point of view, it is interesting, nay essential, to make sure someone on the WG does not dominate proceedings and get his way.  Someone might be reluctant to be so obvious.  It also might prevent (well, slow down) someone with a lot to gain -- whether a property owner or an architect hoping for the work -- from advancing his personal preferences for advantage.
A lot to consider.
Lots of reasons the legislation stipulates open.
A lot of abuse in the past; this is an attempt to limit it.
Real estate is big money in WV as you homeowners know, and upzoning means even more money/value!
Now do you see why I've been fighting so hard for this?
They started out saying that WGs didn't have to follow the legislation at all.  I want to make sure they follow the 'open' part.
At this point in the mtg, I'm grinning from ear to ear!}
so there's your answer, Cclr F
JF, facing the Gang of Five's revolt: so it's an open mtg
Mayor: it's an open mtg, that's the consensus of Ccl
{Well, that's some relief but again, it shdn't hv bn a question of consensus.  It's the law, damn it!}
JF: I will relay that
{Better late than never, however knowing Ccl's policy and the WG guidelines, JF shd hv explained it to the mbrs when it came up, told them their mtgs were open, and not have bothered Ccl with this, or worried the public mtgs behind closed doors.
OTOH, to be optimistic, let's hope this has put the beast back in the cage
At least for the next mtg and the time being.  (Yes, the mtg Wed June 27 was open but at an earlier time than originally given, at least four residents in attendance and the one Wed July 4 will be at 8am and at the Ch/Commerce boardroom.  They wdn't let us see the document with the list of recommendations they were discussing but I'm working on that b/c doubtful that qualifies as top secret.  Stay tuned.}
Mayor: The Rodgers Crk Area has already gone first
Thank you for your reports.  You never know where we're going to go with these things.
Now to PQP -- Carolanne Reynolds, you're standing there
CR, yes, indeed I was still there the tension having turned to excitement at success: I  just want to say thank you very very much; just to say thank you
MS: I want to move receipt of verbal reports....
Mayor: Motion carries.  We'll take that thank you!
CR: Thank you for continuing the commitment to openness.  It is very very much appreciated.
======================== ========================== ================
Mayor: all right, and now motion to adjourn.
[MS moved adjournment "with pleasure".]

Two doctors opened an office in a small town and put up a sign reading:
"Dr. Smith and Dr. Jones: Hysterias and Posteriors"
The town council was not happy with the sign, so the doctors changed it to read:
"Schizoids and Hemorrhoids"
This was not acceptable either, so in an effort to satisfy the council, they changed the sign to:
 "Catatonics and High Colonics"
        No go.  Next, they tried:  "Manic Depressives and Anal Retentives"
        Thumbs down again.  Then came: "Minds and Behinds"
        Still no good.  Another attempt resulted in: "Lost Souls and Butt Hole"
        Unacceptable again.  So they tried: "Analysis and Anal Cysts"
        Not a chance. "Nuts and Butts"?
        No way. "Freaks and Cheeks"?
        Still no go. "Loons and Moons"?
Forget it.  Almost at their wit's end, the doctors finally came up with: "Dr. Smith and Dr. Jones, Odds and Ends"
Everyone loved it.

===  QUOTATIONS  ===

My kind of loyalty was loyalty to one's country, not to its institutions or its officeholders.
                        -- Mark Twain, author and humorist (1835-1910)
The true danger is, when liberty is nibbled away for expedients, and by parts.
                        -- Edmund Burke, British statesman (1729 - 1797) ...
Not to engage in the pursuit of ideas is to live like ants instead of like men.
                        -- Mortimer Adler (American, 1902 - 2001)
Jean Rostand (French, 1894 - 1977):
Je me sens tr=E8s optimiste quant =E0 l'avenir du pessimisme / I am optimistic for the future of pessimism