July 9th NOTES
July 16th AGENDA
Calendar to July 22nd+

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Summer's finally arrived!
RoyalTea 2007 is again at Dundarave Park 2 - 4pm Saturday July 28.  Limited seating so please reserve: reservations@royaltea.ca or call 922 4400. Our MLA, Ralph Sultan, unfortunately will be away this year but has kindly offered a single pale pink rose for the first ladies to reserve.  The good news is that we still have some roses to assign.  Rebekah or Gen will record your name with a rose indicated beside it to be given to you when you arrive at 2pm.
=  MAIN ITEMS Ccl mtg July 16th; agenda came out late, Friday:
Ambleside Town Ctr Strategy WG Recommendations (staff to come back in Sept); Update/Report on Housing and Nbrhd Character: Cmnty Arts Ccl Agreement/Licence; Cmnty Ctr Qtrly report; Add'l ccl mtg July 25th at 9am.
=  Vive le Canada; THEATREWATCH; WEBWATCH (Are black Cherokees, Cherokees?); UPDATES WV (WVPD Legal $); INFObits; Calendar to July 24th
=  Ccl Mtg July 9th NOTES: Heritage Register; Public Amenity Policy deferred -- suggest WG with public/cmnty groups; Sponsorship/Partnership Policy approved; Pottery in Cmnty Ctr?; Amb base to be 1.75FAR?
=  Agenda July 16th; Seven Wonders of WV; Children's Views about the Sea; Maiku/Bard-ku Caesar; Quotations
Great honour that Canada hosted the under-20 soccer finals.  Bit hard to be proud of the record we set: the first time the host country didn't score a goal.
*  As of July 13, all the plays have been 100% sold out!!!
*  You may know one of my companies hosts the Bard on the Beach website.  For those curious, on July 10 the website had 130,942 hits, and 1,475 individuals viewed 6,702 pages.  One day!  Incredible.
*  The fourth Bard on the Beach play opened Friday, July 13 -- Timon of Athens, wch I'd never seen so went with great anticipation.  It did not disappoint.  Again, as with Julius Caesar, the other play in the studio tent, music (this time live musicians) played a role.  James Fagin Tait's brilliant production rescues the play from depression and pessimism by making many of the cynical comments sarcastically humorous.  This is the most intellectually engaging play of the four, in my opinion.  It is more condemning of human nature than one of my favourite poems (Rudyard Kipling's IF) and one wd say it has touches of the lonely existentialism of Beckett except for the fact that Shakespeare of course predated Waiting for Godot, etc.  David Mackay's range of acting, right to absolute anger, is impressive.
Noticed: "Nothing emboldens sin so much as mercy encourages sin"
A recognizable line:  "It's all Greek to me."
My vote for the quotation on the Timon T-shirt: "Let confusion reign."
* The comedy Taming of the Shrew is v v funny, and Christopher Gaze said also is selling out long ahead now.  Hardly any tix left for the rest of the month and over 50% sold out till the end of the season Sept 23.
* Julius Caesar is the powerful play of the season -- stark, strong, troubling (well, it's politics after all and demonstrates the power of oratory -- publicity and advertising today -- to sway the public), with Allan Morgan as the monumental Caesar (see Bard-ku at end of newsletter) and Scott Bellis as the man believing he's acting with honour.
* Romeo and Juliet has the dynamism of Bob Frazer as Mercutio and a great performance as the nurse by Lois Anderson.
* Deciding who's who among the Amerindian tribes and who can belong to the nation.  Bet you didn't know that the Cherokees had black slaves and took some with them leaving along the Trail of Tears to their new 'home'.  Courts have to look at who's a Cherokee citizen (involves laws, money, etc).
Let Cherokees decide who's Cherokee
The tribe's requirement that members must prove a blood connection isn't racist.
By Heather Williams, HEATHER WILLIAMS is a Cherokee citizen and an Indian freedmen descendant. [July 10, 2007]
I'M PROUD TO BE a Cherokee citizen who is also descended from black slaves, and the Cherokee Nation I know is one of the most diverse, welcoming societies on Earth.
One account of the Trail of Tears circa 1830s: http://ngeorgia.com/history/nghisttt.html
===  UPDATES -- WV
*  June's WV Police Dept Board reports show legal costs of $138,000 for first five months of 2007 ($25,000 was budgeted for the entire year).
*  Almondel Bridge closed, demolition in August, open for pedestrians/cyclists till then, re-opening summer 2008.
*  News from our MLA: http://www.ralphsultan.com/Newsltr-2007/newsltr-2007-welcome.html
and videos: http://www.ralphsultan.com/videos.html
===  INFObits
* Annual inflation rate in Zimbabwe is now 4500%.
*  Murders in Canada (popn 33M) in 2005 were 658; in USA (300M) in 2005 were 16,692; in South Africa (47M) in 2006 were 19,202
* Murder rankings by country: http://www.nationmaster.com/graph/cri_mur_percap-crime-murders-per-capita
Here are the top six: Colombia, South Africa, Jamaica, Venezuela, Russia, Mexico; US is 24th, Australia 43rd, Canada 44th, UK 46th.

===  CALENDAR to July 24th  ===  [M Hall unless otherwise noted; ongoing at end]
REMEMBER the Farmers' Markets:
   Saturdays: Dundarave 10am - 4pm; and Sundays: Ambleside (14th/Bellevue) 11am - 3pm

== Tues, July 10th
~ 4:30pm ~ Finance & Audit Cmte (they meet Tuesdays)
== Wed, July 11th
~ 10am ~ CEC mtg [postponed to Wed July 18th]
~ 6pm ~ Cmnty Ctr Governance WG at Srs' Ctr

== Sat, July 14th
~ 6am - 4pm ~ Knee Knackering Run (Baden Powell Trail)
~ Amerindian lunch at WV Museum

== Tues, July 17th
~ 4:30pm ~ Finance & Audit Cmte (they meet Tuesdays)
~ 6:30pm ~ Cmnty Dialogue on Nbrhd Character & Housing WG [found out about this mtg but not on DWV Calendar even on Monday 16th!]

== Wed, July 18th
~ 10am ~ CEC mtg [postponed from Wed July 11th]
~ 6pm ~ Cmnty Ctr Governance WG at Srs' Ctr
~ 7pm ~ Bd of Variance
~ 7pm ~ Library Bd at WV Memorial Library (Peters Room)

== Thurs, July 19th
~ 6pm ~ NSh Family Court & Justice Cmte at CNV M Hall

== Sat, July 21st ~ 11am - 4pm ~ PARKS DAY (Lighthouse Park)
== Sun, July 22nd ~ ALL DAY 7:30am start ~ Bay Challenge Swim Race (Sandy Cove Beach)

+++  WV MEMORIAL LIBRARY +++  CLOSED on Sundays in July and August.
+ July 1 - 31st + GALLERY AT THE LIBRARY ==  "TEXTURE"
Works by Jens Diercks and Katherine Freund-Hainsworth
This month the West Vancouver Memorial Library is proud to exhibit the works of two artists with very different, but equally compelling, methods of conveying depth. Katherine Freund-Hainsworth uses layers upon layers of historical documents and photographs to communicate details of the past while Jens Diercks has a unique way of creating sculpture that literally pops off the wall.

 +++  WV MUSEUM +++  Traditional Music and Dance of Scotland
The WV Museum building (house) was originally built by Gertrude Lawson, who hosted countless nights of Scottish dancing in her house. The main floor, made of oak, was designed to be large enough for two sets of Scottish dancers. There was a raised platform at one end for Scottish bag pipers.  Learn the ancient art of Scottish Country Dancing at the historic Gertrude Lawson House this summer!
You are invited to join for an informative demonstration of Scottish Country Dancing. May Loudon (experienced Scottish Country Dance teacher) and Angus MacKinnon (Scottish fiddler) will discuss the cultural significance of Scottish dance and fiddle music.
Each session (7:30pm) will focus on a particular theme:
July 11 =  17th century dances  /  July 25 =  Old dances still popular today
August 8 =  20th century revival  /  August 22 =&nbs= p; Contemporary Scottish dances
Admission to these sessions is by donation. Please call at 925 7295 to book your spot in advance.

+++  WV ARTS COUNCIL +++ visit www.silkpurse.ca for events (most ticketed)
--->  For events at KMC, see www.kaymeekcentre.com

===  CCL MTG NOTES July 9th ===
2. ADOPTION OF MINUTES: June 18 and 25 2007 Regular Council Meeting Minutes; then June 25, 2007 Public Hearing/Public Meeting Minutes. {NB: I've discovered the PH minutes adopted omitted two speakers; I've written about this and will update in next issue, WVM24}
3.         Community Heritage Register
Intro by VV, slides by Stephen Mikicich.
[Good summary in July 13th's NSN]
Process, cmnty workshops, open houses; funding $40K hoped most prov/fed funding
JF: concerns from public
bureaucratic red tape if person wants to demolish, addition, variance to Bd of Variance
impediment caused when selling by heritage designation
education and public workshops
SM: don't know history of early
how do we preserve something and forever
moved toward an incentive approach
listing means you have a resource deemed to be of value, allows qualify for tools and incentives M consider
list is not designation; doesn't prevent demolition, additions...
maybe in past something has been designated without flexibility
if someone takes up incentives
H revitalization agreement
responsibilities articulated but not intended to be onerous alternative to loss of heritage resource
key is engaging the public
ev year, opp for further additions; starting point existing inventory
RD: physical landscape, biz
SM: out of strategic plan is ppl have broad
remnant from early forest activity sitting in someone's backyard to rock outcropping or streetscape
have ability to broadly define that, that's the whole exercise.
RECOMMENDED: report from the Sr. Community Planner dated June 26,...be received for information.
4.         Draft Public Amenity Contribution Policy (for adoption)
RECOMMENDED: report from the Sr. Community Planner dated June 26,...be received for information.
Mayor: have two mbrs of public to speak
======================== ========================== ===========
CR: thank you, Carolanne Reynolds, Editor, WVM
a few questions before a recommendation.
The memo is from Mr Mikicich but signed by Ms Boyle as author so assume this is a collaborative work.
As you know, I've been advocating recognition of uplift with cmnty benefits for about ten years so it's great it has now come to Ccl.  I know you, Madam Mayor, even when on the last Ccl were asking for it to come forward -- over three years ago.
May I request clarification of Item 2.3 of the Amenity part (p 53 of the package).
The general understanding has been that benefits shd be about two thirds of the uplift.
There is a process when an applicant wants an upzoning and increased density and the calculation is done at that time.  Is the process clear?
What occurs to me, is that in the case of the Ambleside Biz Area, if Ccl changes the FAR to 1.75 and the property currently is .4, will that increased value (about four times present) be used when negotiating cmnty benefits/amenities, or will the new higher density be a given?
At the last Amb WG mtg, it was said commercial wd qualify for another .5 and rental for yet another .5, so we're looking at 2.75 (seven times!) -- wd there be no need for a benefit or amenity b/c the whole additional 1.0 FAR has been granted on the basis that commercial and rental justify the upzoning?
There's also a reference to Evelyn Drive and cash contributions but I don't see a process to negotiate or even decide wch cmnty benefits/amenities once, in that case, the $2.5M has been deposited.  Perhaps this part needs expansion or clarification.
Sections 3 and 4 make references to these two, plus Upper Lands and other development areas.  Some, since residential devt is more profitable than commercial, may choose the fee given to the Municipality in lieu of providing a parking space (sorely needed) unless comparable cost, b/c cheaper than value from increased FAR and decreased parking space.  Perhaps more definitions cd be provided in this area.
Included for consideration as benefits and amenities, possibly shd not just be art galleries and museums (I'm all for those too) but also enhanced riparian and shoreline areas, heritage conservation, park space, etc.
As for the Sponsorship/Partnership section, while agreed the smaller items can adequately be dealt with by staff, the parameters shd be set (eg no more than say $10K to 20K or whatever) but that Ccl shd be informed of the recommendation before actual agreement given and arrangement made.
Amounts greater than that and involving major exposure, advertising, etc shd come to Ccl for approval.
In short, a lot of good work, some clarification and definitions needed -- congratulations -- but more public input needed in my opinion
Ccl has established Working Groups this year, with the advantage of focused mtgs, task-oriented.
There is also a commitment to broad community engagement -- laudable and a breath of fresh air, if followed.
With that in mind, I wd ask Ccl to consider establishing a WG for the Cmnty Amenity/Benefit Policy.
What is more fitting to have wide resident input?
and here's a suggestion for the composition of the nine to 11 mbrs usually on a WG:
one - architect
one - landscape architect
one - developer
one - Chamber of Commerce mbr for business
and the rest from ratepayer and cmnty groups:
Four that come to mind right away as active and involved in cmnty affairs:
British Properties AHA; Ambleside/Dundarave Ratepayers' Assn (ADRA); Altamont; Western Residents' Assn (WRA)
that makes eight
with three more places, perhaps one from the WV Historical Society or a rep for Heritage; the other two probably shd include another one or two groups/residents from Ambleside where 70% of our population live to give them a say somewhat proportionate to their numbers -- it's for them.
Let's put the public in the front of the parade.
You'll be surprised at the great ideas many residents can give you.
Have an Open House mtg for ppl to give you a list of the amenities they want to see!
It's all for a better West Vancouver, and I hope you'll agree.
Thank you.
======================== ========================== ========
Elaine Fonseca: Prez, ADRA, and I totally agree with what Carolanne Reynolds has just stated before this Ccl.
Our Assn recommends more uplift cmnty benefits for higher density if higher density is going to be allowed.  We need more public involvement from the ratepayer associations wrt benefits for this cmnty.  I attended the [Amb WG] mtgs.  There were no ratepayer assns involved in this whole process, wch represents us, those living in the Amb area.  Our assns -- meaning British Pacific Properties Assn, ADRA, Gleneagles Assn -- represent many taxpayers in this cmnty.  We were not consulted; we were there as viewers only.  The whole process ... was developer-driven.  As has been stated, there were developers, businessmen with large holding interests in this cmnty, we had architects who are now working in this cmnty, we had two other ppl who represented the rest of the cmnty, one did not attend many mtgs, the other was a senior advocate; she rightly so was promoting the seniors.  Who is representing the rest of the cmnty?
Mayor: May I ask you if you're addressing the Public Amenity Policy?
EF: yes, I am, b/c I think we shd as assns, we've been longstanding assns in the cmnty, and as Carolanne Reynolds has rightly said, we shd be involved in the process of what is happening with all process of this cmnty, so of course yes, it is addressing this issue.
thank you
Mayor: Perhaps Mr Stuart or Mr Nicholls may comment on the benefit of having it referred this to the Finance & Audit Cmte.
SJN: Mr Stuart will address that
the policy addresses principles, approach based on uplift, legal framework
establishes Ccl will decide what benefits will be
differ area by area -- Amb, Rodgers Crk -- based on public input, from adv bodies, mbrs of public
policy specifically re Amb says Amb shd be based on uplift
you'll decide what base density will be, what uplift will be, what the amenities will be
not established in this policy
approach is established in policy
Amb strategy will be dealt with by Ccl
some further minor amendments
Ray Richards:  will this be accepted as policy or as a draft policy?
Mayor: we'll see what Ccl decides
CAO: three changes
purpose condensed to reflect policy in framework form
anticipate as with more experience and initiatives such as Amb review
will likely be continuing to revise this policy
one change: purpose on p2, 2.5, take into consideration any long-term financial implications or obligations
p3, specific request, we make it clear, sgl fam replacement from duplex wd be exempt from contributions
changes as result of referral to F&A
wrt many of the suggestions Ms Reynolds made, cd look at those, nothing contrary to the spirit of the framework, opportunities for clarification, can come back; wd be helpful Ccl indicate general points, and we cd make those revisions
Mayor: approval of draft? doesn't make sense to approve a draft
CAO: we wd be asking Ccl to adopt policy itself
Mayor: JC shd remove the word draft
Sop: not ready to accept, need more work; shd go out to broader cmnty as draft
cites Rodgers Crk, Amb, largest area expecting amenities
road networking 11th and 19th St endeavour to improve that area
beautify, improve parking, crossings and midcrossings, trees, and where buses stop and ev things
step back from sidewalk
wd achieve enhancement, wdn't need uplift
uplifting of bldgs
before draft amenity, why not determine base density
why not plus and minuses of policy
some ideas, child care and space
we don't know, staff know, how many parking spaces, how many employees where how long they park
devt look at parking -- we already have parking
beautification, work on waterfront, already doing
what is the true benefit? what wd we actually get
needs more work?
if we go to a WG, so be it
better principle; leave through to fall
SJN: some of the discussions reflecting that ppl went to WG of Amb, and listened to presentations by mbrs
the policy itself does not establish density
says shd be based on a base density, wch is exactly the recommendation from Ms Reynolds, but doesn't establish what that it is

{Not quite clear what he means -- maybe what I said was not clear -- and I don't think I actually recommended base density but I am after knowing what the density is now so that we have some idea how much 'denser' Amb will be proportionately, ie twice? three times? let's hope not the seven times some envision.}

the uplift shd be recognized in terms of the cmnty amenities
when we negotiate devts, we require them to provide parking but if they say they can provide additional 15 spaces under my bldg and willing to donate them to public as they did in 1980, it wd be considered a form of cmnty benefit
seems to be suspicion that Ccl has established a base density
properties are currently zoned, in terms  .4 to 1.75 -- all that's been established is the existing square footages; base density has not been established under the policy
Sop: followup?
Mayor: others, come back
RD: keep as draft, some terminology that can be tightened up
major one-off devt??? p2 not sure what that is, cd be  defined and changed
uplift, define, define what we mean by that
main concern p5 Amb TC Strategy -- est new zoning regulations; that may be what's scaring ppl
that being the case, be careful what we say, and how define this
following sentence doesn't comfort v much, est, in keeping with Amb Land Use Vision (ALUV), no idea what that is. ALUV? whose vision? who's defining that term?
we're introducing new regns for new FARs, fear may be coming from new zoning regulations for density, shd define more clearly; room for revision here
Lastly, the whole question about representation from ratepayer groups is well-taken
good idea to name ppl from ratepayer groups to WGs
too late for the Amb WG; too late, seems to me ADRA might well have been there
JF: my question to staff, the draft before us now for public amenities, are they exclusive that they cdn't be modified or changed, depending on wish of public and Ccl
ideas emerge through discussions with devpr
doesn't have to be just what's in this document
SJN: the policy assumes policies will be brought forward to Ccl, Rodgers Crk more specifically what they wd be; those already established -- Ev Dr and Clyde Ave -- result of public process
the distribution of the $2.5M has yet to come back to Ccl
anticipates evolving policy, will become more specific, considering vision
the vision for Amb has to come out of the current planning process taking place, that wd be the vision, not a staff-established vision
JF: at Ccl's last workshop with the Amb WG, Mayor asked when recommendations came forward in a presentation to Ccl that they be accompanied by a WG vision for the Amb area, and in fact we spent the last week working on a collective vision for Amb and for Amb revitalization, wch will be presented

{Really?  So no mtg, wch wd have to be 'open'?  I ask in PQP (below).}

in the final analysis, Ccl will have the opp to accept and amend
WG not a decision-making body; for Ccl debate
the WG is looking forward to making presentation to Ccl
enabling policy that will allow planners to go forward with possible applicants
done some
getting better
cmnty beginning to understand they can make suggestions
CAO: genesis of this
Ccl and Cmnty said we ought to be achieving some Cmnty Benefit and no framework for this
this is a framework to go forward
how much detail; a bit like chicken and egg; can't until end of process
if deferred to fall, but in absence of policy expect us to negotiate consistent with this
prior to adoption of policy
VV: in 4.4 the Amb T Ctr, this description of base density, not current there now
base density is to be defined by Amb plan, not the actual density that exists now?
SJN: correct; there are two aspects
recall report came in initiating this, base density less than can be achieved, and uplift calculated over that
not what you can get under C2 zoning, less than that; yet to be considered
not density over, but below
concept of density required b/c the only way you can implement this is under LGA amenity bonus
requires allow to take in amenities
if you don't establish that legal tool, in absence of rezoning
don't have tools; trying to provide framework will be used calculating uplift, same as being proposed by Ms Reynolds, and use zoning to extent of law allowed

{Not sure of this either.  But fyi, the FAR for sgl-fam areas is generally .35 (that means 35% of the square footage of the lot).  Staff said that the Amb biz district is from .4 but we don't know how many are that -- presumably all the older ones.  Think the IGA in Dundarave is about 1.6 so that's getting close to a density suggested by some.  Uplift is the difference between what the property is worth now and what it is worth after upzoning/increased density.  Then, the cmnty shd get two thirds to three quarters of that value back -- IOW, it shd not just be a gift to the owner.  Seems to be some confusion or lack of clarity in the policy wrt this given the questions.}
VV: actual uplift, compare base to new created, larger than taking current zoning and same new number we might contrived
SJN: under current zoning ppl have built mixed use bldgs to 1.75 in Amb; that's not the base density , we're just saying that's what ppl are building now under that
the point .4 being referred to are the buildings built back in the 1926 area {did he mean era?}
current zoning ppl can build, no FAR, Ccl have yet to establish, we don't have an FAR
that's what we suggest you consider, not established now
VV: don't quite understand sgl fam -- not sure shd be, have small modest taken down and big monster
maybe some cases shdn't look if same person living there, but if changed for profit, not sure why qualify automatically to be exempt from public amenity contribution
Mayor: we'll come back to Cclr Sop, others first
MS: agree with Mr Stuart, we need a contribution policy -- but not this one proposed here
first page, calls for M framework for framing and evaluating, a key objective new devts pay its own way and prov CBs where approp
there's where we go off rails; seems logical, ev new devt shd provide CB or why wd we want it
page two, says reviewed by F&A cmte on (June 19, 26, and July 3) and a number of suggestions have been incorporated
have to challenge the accuracy of that statement; printed off minutes of last couple of mtgs
at mtg of July 3 re public amenity policy says Mr Stuart advised he reviewed proposed modifications provided by Roff Johannson, one of our mbrs with a lawyer, Steve Nicholls was on vacation so no opp to review changes, so next agenda, so on to next agenda, item 6 again, was agreed the interests of saving mtg time, that Dave Stuart wd meet with Roff J separately to review the latest version of the policy
my point really there was no review of this proposed policy
reading through, far more complicated than it needs to be
policy shd be simple: when rezoning, shd be Cmnty Benefit and public amenity
but to put in specific numbers of some things....
bonus density calculated on buildable sq ft basis
another way, %age of increased value of the land
don't think we have to be that specific
most recent example we have Ev Dr, Ccl rezoned 56 lots to 350 units
look through Real Estate Wkly, and new projects in WV sell anywhere from $3/4M to $2M, $3M, and up
if conservative and say av selling price only $1M, you're talking about $350M gross sales project
all we got as a cmnty benefit of $2.5M, wch is a fraction of 1%
this makes no sense, time we start to look at these projects in a bit more bizlike way
make sure public get what they're entitled to when they rezone land
not inferring criticism of Millnm, they negotiated a good deal, good for them
point I'm trying to make, the $2.5M, the public amenity we got on that project was way out of step with the value of the project, and I think we shd stop doing it
out on my boat on weekend looked up at Upper Lands and huge clearcuts of our mountainsides, with houses built lot line to lot line, and one of our proposed public amenity goals is to mitigate actions, to address any direct negative impacts on cmnty
how diminish, address negative impact impact for ppl living near 15th and 21st and 22nd, N/S streets, accommodate all those vehicles trying to get down to where services are
Agree with Cclrs Sop and Day, do need to study this issue much more carefully, and come up with a policy far simpler; if rezoning, in ev case there will be cmnty benefit and public amenity; otherwise
can't see any logical reason why we do not have it
JC: certainly agree we need a policy of this nature, a tool, a recipe, however agree with past couple of speakers premature
we've been without this for so long and taken such a beating from the devt cmnty
they've given back to WV pretty much what they feel like giving back
only too often a playing field or a park that costs us money to maintain
this is an opp to neg and discuss with the cmnty, with the  devt cmnty and further the contributions that they make and reinvest in WV
I've been assigned this motion,  and I will make it but with your permission for deferral, not down the road; give to staff two months to bring back in refined form
we have some large devts coming onto the books
if not tuned up quickly, may miss opp to take advantage on behalf of cmnty opps that are there
Mayor: motion to defer?
JC: to end of Sept
CAO: two comments
matter was referred to Finance & Audit Cmte, have to disagree with Cclr Smith, only mbr with comments was Roff, and he indicated his suggestions, and I quote him, "were fundamentally inconsequential" but that he wd provide them to me in writing, wch he did, and there have been minor clarifications at the end of the day, and we have incorporated them, so I don't agree.
Certainly if they (cmte) had any comments they had opp to do so wch they did not.
a problem with deferral -- in some cases you want more detail or more general
we haven't got any direction as to what you want us to do with this policy
to defer to Sept without some direction as to what you want us to do with it, is going to be difficult to come back with something
{no kidding!}
Sop: policy when I look at this policy, refers to several areas, dealing with Amb TCtr
states that Strategy will be implemented with new zoning regulations
max density in keeping with the vision
the vision Cclr Day was asking about
if you're adopting a policy with benefits
interesting to know what base line is
est in Amb and know where we're going
VV: MMgr has made good point, asking for contradictory things
arose b/c clear .... we had est, simple equation re uplift -- subtract.....
decide 65% 75%....
b/c that not being a legal way to do it, stuck with this convoluted system
we aren't allowed to do it the simple straightforward way we preferred
simple way that's legal, easy for ev to know
devprs are stuck with open-ended; they can't see formula and we can't set formula
setting ourselves up for tortuous
any new way to think about this
CAO: if you want to make it simpler, we will; just want to know
SJN: reason it reads as long as it is; issue is not necessarily simple
Rodgers Crk area, half not being zoned; negotiate without
Amb area, most do not involve rezoning
thing is we're trying to set up the framework
if deferred; fine, we'll continue, continue negotiating
JF: apparent we all want something
want certainty for Ccl mbrs, cmnty, and devt cmnty
managed to confuse ourselves; seems to me logical we defer this
perhaps education seminar with mbrs of Ccl
agree with Cclr V, get this complex proposal back that we do understand
what we're doing and may not do other things; confusion
RD: okay with deferring; agree need a policy
in fact we already have a policy in effect we can practise, just trying to refine it now
draft is fine, that means you can revise it, we cd leave it that way, we can refine it, if you want to defer, can
don't see we have to simplify
only criticism I have, is in a couple of places have define some terms more carefully
a bit complicated, simply can't say you might allow increased zoning without defining conditions under wch we're going to allow it
can't say do it in keeping with the Amb Land Use Vision, that's a totally meaningless term
got to define in terms of Public Benefit and bonus amenities provided
take that paragraph alone and make it clear, rewrite it, wd help a lot to set doc straight
a couple of other areas a bit vague
define, don't need to simplify, let's be clear, precise
one more go at this, don't think it really matters, do it as quickly as we can
Mayor: I'm a little concerned about the length of time and lack of clarity, Ccl's been able to give this matter until tonight
It's been in a couple of workshops
{closed to public}
nothing came up in the F&A cmte except for some minor corrections and it's back here again
I'll support the deferral, but I'm digging a little deeper to find out about Ccl's sense of priorities around EvDr, Rodgers, and Amb.  We know these will require rezoning -- I don't know how much -- that will be a matter of public debate obviously, but b/c rezoning is public value, owned by the public, granted by Ccl on behalf of the public, it's only done in order to benefit the public.

{well said, Madam Mayor!}

We have come from a period of time when it's been difficult for staff to negotiate these things.  We're trying to provide certainty, to provide a framework.  We can be more specific, but this is the policy.  There will be all kinds of detail worked out wrt to diff projects.
we must have this; I don't think it's anything new, in fact it's ages old
Ccl does have to make a decision at some point
if wishing to defer, I'm relying on Ccl to give staff that focus that RD has spoken about to staff
Otherwise we've already been through this a few times; perhaps it wasn't ready to be put on agenda, wch I wd hv appreciated knowing as well b/c we put items on the agenda that have been worked on for months and months, and years and years, when we think they are ready for a Ccl decision.
Ccl, we will need your input if coming back in September
{Since I had the agenda from the DWV website on Friday, I was unaware they'd made 4a the Sponsorship/Partnership Policy, hence my remarks above re the public amenity policy included comments on Sponsorship/Partnership.}
Sponsorship/Partnership Policy
CAO: taken into account F&A, again Mr Roff J made some suggestions
may have to change it, it's a starting point; looking to get confirmation from Ccl; ready for adoption
MS: document from Cathy Matheson quite thorough, complete, spells things out clearly, support the policy
Sop: falls under the category, Mr Stuart, of a biz case with the District?
does it exclude Ccl having the authority to say yes or no to some of these things.
CAO: absolutely not; revised part re naming
Sop: understood that part
sponsorship, staff and volunteers neg terms
end result will be only rejection by sponsor we have authority
we don't have the right to say no; we won't see all the process
CAO: under the policy I'd see any major
at the v least opp to comment
drafted to recog, at least the ones to date, $1K - $5K
Ccl wdn't want to get involved
as we experience this, wd want to bring anything to Ccl particularly beginning
been doing in minor way, wrt special events
Sop: not saying staff not qualified
Ccl shd be informed and kept informed then it shd be in there
remember when young and impetuous wrt cell sites; fought hard and long; rules and regulations, not being close to nbrs; then taken over by staff and we never saw them again
now I can't tell you how many in WV; out of sight out of mind
you stand at top of ladder
this policy shd say run by Ccl but done by staff
Mayor: perhaps b/c new
see how working, a line like that wd be good
CAO: item two
fourth bullet, shall review annually, updating of the agreement
cd include -- any partnerships of over $10K be reviewed by  Ccl
Sop: $5K and above
Mayor: ?... need to move ahead
KP: wd be doing with a variety just from Harmony alone
donors want to be generous
don't want to have to jump through a number of hoops
for $10K
use judgement, bringing a whole variety of things to you, wch we do
whole bunch of donors, not want to get bound up in a lot of tape; discourages
Sop: we've given the right
prior to a sponsorship policy
their claim was they had to have a larger visual in the buildup in order to raise
the caveat was that they wd have the ability to sell name of bldg, street, within framework to date
here we take M holdings, org to build for cmnty, allow this offshoot to name things
downtown, saw the Scotia [bldg name], that's what called
sure those sorts of things will be entertained here over a period of time
are we ready under this policy that staff and volunteers will be
xyz field
don't know if all shd go ahead
CAO: that's the policy; that will come back
Ccl all naming
just deciding on lower amounts
anything we make sure over $10K
JF: agree with Cclr Smith, a good policy; takes into account ev Cclr Sop has referred to quotes
local biz presence
think it is time to move on this policy, encourage citizens to be supportive of cmnty events
behind in doing this
our values well-known by our staff
limit of $10 or $20K fine
don't want to make it discouraging
JC: can confirm this year alone for Canada Day, at least ten wd fall under $10K
JF: thank them
JC: remember a couple of years ago, one donor by ccl mbr a chat in hallway, perceived conflict of interest; that donor thanked profusely
common sense
instead of discussing taking from one firm or another
Mayor: good idea to be continually updated on this
Cathy, ensure
CAO: do want to get it xxx
Sop: I don't have an issue with the policy per se
policy on Tax Cmte
eventually, Ccl shd either be informed or have a say, or have a limit
is that what came out of it?
JC: no limit
Mayor: commitment
CAO: staff informed, substantial...  as we do this...
MS: nobody can accuse me of belabouring this
can't really agree staff going out soliciting this
then say have to run by Ccl so no one has an objection
bad biz practice
if someone wants to donate
if company in good standing; shd thank them v much
take their chq and apply it to particular event
if feel staff reps out selling sponsorships not ... then we have a serious problem
think the motion we voted on
Mayor: that's what we passed
not for approval, for information
MS: don't want them pissed off
5.         Minor Development Permit 07-016 (901 - 1930 Bellevue Avenue)
1.         The requirement for a public meeting for Minor Development Permit 07-016 (901 - 1930 Bellevue Avenue) be waived and no further notification be required; and
2.         Development Permit 07-016 (901 - 1930 Bellevue Avenue) that provides for the removal of interior sliding doors resulting in a minor variance to Floor Area Ratio be approved.
MS: I own prop in that bldg so be excused [leaves chamber]
SJN: if enclosed not included FAR
allowed to remove them
if Ccl...  whether strata Ccl has approved the plans... as approved last year
JF made motion
Sop: ev have right to remove?
SJN: did that in 1972
considered it a request; approval of strata ccl
Sop: if doors left on still balcony
if remove doors, part of FAR, higher assessment
SJN: technicality
if you leave the door open, no change
remove glass doors, one put in closet
right now, ppl doing it, no effect on outside
cd have impact on weatherproofing and those two things are checked into
don't think it has an impact on assessed value
{it does.}
Sop: what's preventing ev doing that?
SJN: are permitted to do that; not allowed to do it without ccl approval; put an option to Ccl a year ago we did not recommend; other option was to amending zoning meaning no review by Ccl
6.         Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw No. 4368, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4501, 2007
1.         The report dated June 25, 2007 from the Manager of Bylaw & Licencing [sic] Services regarding Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw No. 4368, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4501, 2007 be received.
2.         Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw 4368, 2004, Amendment Bylaw 4501, 2007 be given 1st, 2nd and 3rd readings.
VV: limitations?
RB: max; ceiling of $500
VV: know, believe sufficient for deterrent value intended?
pay amts over and over b/c quite small
RB: don't have any statistical data, cd look into that
most fines paid if not adjudication or collection
Mayor: works quite well
VV: littering in park; fine $100
where litter not nec in park? not finding it or not illegal?
RB: under traffic bylaw
6.  Mtg changed to reg Ccl mtg from Cmte of the Whole
7.         Budget Bylaws (File:  1610-20-4512/1610-20-4513/1610-20-4514)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the following bylaws be adopted:
=B7                    2006 Annual Budget Amendment Bylaw No. 4512, 2007
=B7                    Endowment Reserve Fund Expenditure Bylaw No. 4513, 2007
=B7                    Youth Activity Reserve Fund Expenditure Bylaw No. 4514, 2007.
8.         Correspondence List
Correspondence received up to June 22, 2007 and previously distributed to Council on June 28, 2007 (with exceptions for time sensitive items).
Mayor responding to cclrs' requests: 12, 14, and 29 excluded
Requests for Delegation = No items presented.
Action Required
(1)       June 21, 2007, regarding Meeting for Rodgers Creek (File:  0117-20-RCAP)
Referred to the Director of Planning, Lands & Permits for consideration and response.
(2)       June 21, 2007, regarding Litter in West Vancouver (File:  1735-02/1775-05)
Referred to the Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(3)       S. Bauman, Executive Director - Family Services of the North Shore (FSNS), June 14, 2007, regarding "Thank You" for the 2007 Community Assistance Grant
(4)       G. Mervyn, Municipal Clerk - The Corporation of Delta, June 15, 2007, regarding Green Fleet Management Plan
Attachments available for viewing in the Legislative Services Department.
(5)       G. Mervyn, Municipal Clerk - The Corporation of Delta, June 15, 2007, regarding TransLink Governance Legislation
Attachments available for viewing in the Legislative Services Department.
(6)       June 20, 2007, regarding Rodgers Creek Planning Area and the Impact on Multiple Trail Use
(7)       June 20, 2007, regarding Rodgers Creek, Impact of Planned Development and Multiple Trail Use

(8)       Reinstatement of the 3D Pottery Studio in the West Vancouver Community Centre and Lack of Arts Space
(a)   Petition (49 Signatures), Undated, 2007; (b)   Letter (1), Undated, 2007; (c)    Form Letters (2) - Undated, 2007; (d)   Form Letters (8) - Undated, 2007; (e)   Form Letters (15) - Undated, 2007 (f)     Form Letters (6) - Undated, 2007; (g)   Form Letters (30) - Undated, 2007; (h)    Form Letters (6) - Undated, 2007; (i)     Form Letters (6) - Undated, 2007; (j)     Letter (1) - Undated, 2007.
Ray Richards:  letters from potters wanting to freeload on taxpayer; shd go rent as others do
Streamkeepers, Shoreline, ADRA, we have to pay rent
my wife is a mbr of bridge club; they pay rent
why shd these hobbyists freeload?
most parents, you have to say no; time to say no to ppl
1988 OCP -- charge for services on userpay basis where can
time we stop this kind of freeloading

Responses to Correspondence
(9)       B.A. Dozzi, Manager - Roads & Transportation, June 19, 2007, reply re Access to Folkestone Way
Responses to Questions in Question Period = No items presented.
Correspondence received up to June 29, 2007 and previously distributed to Council on July 05, 2007 (with exceptions for time sensitive items).
Requests for Delegation
(10)     W.B. Robinson, Chief Operating Officer - Canadian Freestyle Ski Association, June 28, 2007, regarding Request for Delegation: Overview of the Freestyle FIS World Cup Skiing Competition at Cypress Mountain - February 9-10, 2008 (File:  0120-01)
            Referred to the Municipal Clerk for response regarding delegation scheduling.
Action Required
(11)     June 21, 2007, regarding Development at 445 and 475 - 13th Street (File:  1010-01)
            Referred to the Director of Planning, Lands & Permits for consideration and response.

(12)     J. Kwan, MLA - Vancouver-Mount Pleasant, Official Opposition Critic for Economic Development and C. Wyse, MLA - Cariboo South, Official Opposition Critic for Local Government, June 21, 2007, regarding Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA)
            Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response.
had letters from solicitors and other orgs, already signed by BC and AB
establishes free trade perfectly good, but some provisions that cd affect M's autonomy
if impair investment, investing company cd complain before a prov tribunal up to $5M in damages against M
problem is that TILMA covers everything local govt does unless exempted
ev we do cd be challenged in courts, unless TILMA exempts these activities
a number of things we do are not exempted, such as
=  taking into account the opinions of residents
=  avoiding potential negative impacts on nbrhds
=  preservation of rental accommodations, ethical purchasing, heritage properties and so forth
this cd be challenged in the courts
something devpr or company didn't like they cd take us to court and court wd be a provincial tribunal in wch we wd hv no representation
think there's a danger in this
This particular Act follows a number of other BC acts wch also undermine municipal autonomy:
- Bill 75 in 2003 made possible prov to overrule local govts when it comes to managing projects deemed provincially significant; they took away our power or control over power projects, energy projects
- Bill 11 allows the provincial govt to bypass Regional Districts and to create instant municipalities in rural areas to promote resource devt; and there'd be no control over these, can simply be done; and the devprs wd then found the municipality, wd establish the municipality according to their own mind
- Bill 36 will take away local control over the Vancouver transit authority
Definitely a trend here, and finally prov govt cd take away biz licences and this is worth $600K a year
trends in prov govt to weaken our power and we suggest to prov, UBCM, and other regional orgs,  and write to prov govt that local govt be exempted from provisions of TILMA
CAO: we have a staff report prepared with resolutions, will come to Ccl before break
UBCM has communicated concerns the Ms have
we're trying to get a UBCM mbr on a cmte to work with prov
to date no msg re substantive changes
RD: had Minister Colin Hanson sent them away?
CAO; don't think there's a lot of appetite to put a lot of controls on TILMA, but again a more detailed report is coming to Ccl.

(13)     Honourable G. Campbell, Premier - Province of British Columbia, June 27, 2007, regarding Meeting With Provincial Ministers at the Union of British Columbia Municipalities Annual Convention
            Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response.
(14)     June 29, 2007, regarding Litter in West Vancouver
            Referred to the Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
VV: he and his wife tired of so much litter hwy where he walks
I too walk around that nbrhd and agree looks nice when you drive by at reasonable speed but walking considerable litter
do our bylaw ofcrs issue tix?
Rockridge School upward?, litter after litter... ticketing offenders?
RB: violations for littering, certainly an offence, prob is we have to catch the indiv
in past worked with schools, one approach
as far as issuing tix, have to catch in act
VV: if juvenile still issue ticket or still can't?
RB: legal age 16
VV: so younger no one can do anything about that
Mayor: think .... looking at a campaign
growing prob; raised a good point; looking for civic-minded partners; will be hearing more about that

(15)     June 30, 2007, regarding Noxious Giant Hogweed in Horseshoe Bay (File:  2150-03)
            Referred to the Director of Parks & Community Services for consideration and response.
(16)     July 01, 2007, regarding Soot Sends Storms towards British Columbia             Referred to the Director of Parks & Community Services for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(17)     February 16, 2007, regarding Revitalization of Ambleside and the Capilano Bridge
(18)     K. Shymanski, President & CEO - E-Comm, June 19, 2007, regarding E Comm's 2006 Annual Report       
          Attachments available for viewing in the Legislative Services Department.
(19)     L.E. Jackson, Chair, GVRD Board, June 20, 2007, regarding Future of the Region Sustainability Dialogues Reports: Agriculture - Growing Pains; Fit/Fat City - Are We Tipping the Scales?; Labour and Immigration - Labour Pains
            Attachments (first pages supplied) available for viewing in the Legislative Services Department.
(20)     L.E. Jackson, Chair, Greater Vancouver Regional District Board, June 22, 2007, regarding Amendments to the Canada Marine Act
(File:  0185-02/0025-01/0055-20-VPAU1)
(21)     K. Gustavson, Karl Gustavson Architect, June 24, 2007, regarding Development Permit & Rezoning Application: 2388-2396 Marine Drive (File:  1010-20-07-015)
(22)     K. Cameron, Chief Executive Officer - Homeowner Protection Office, June 25, 2007, regarding Green Roofs and Homeowner Protection in British Columbia Conference (File:  0055-01)
(23)     June 25, 2007, regarding 940 Keith Road/Evelyn Drive Development (File:  1010-20-04-004)
(24)     June 24, 2007, regarding Proposed Development Southeast Corner of 24th Street and Marine Drive (2388-2396 Marine Drive)
(25)     The Community Energy Association, the Union of British Columbia Municipalities and the Province of British Columbia, June 25, 2007, regarding Invitation to Apply for the 2007 Energy Aware Award - Deadline August 13, 2007 (File:  0055-20-UBCM1/0050-06)
(26)     June 26, 2007, regarding Water Metering (File:  0835-04)
(27)     S. Canitz, Director - Tobacco Control Program, Population Health & Wellness, Provincial Ministry of Health, June 26, 2007, regarding Tobacco Control Regulatory Discussion Paper - Consultation Period Extended (File:  0175-20-HEAL1/0035-01)
(28)     B.A. O'Connor, Medical Health Officer - Vancouver Coastal Health (North Shore), June 26, 2007, regarding Thank You for Supporting the Lower Mainland Multi-Agency Tobacco Control Coalition

(29)     6 Letters, Undated, 2007 regarding Reinstatement of the 3D Pottery Studio in the West Vancouver Community Centre and Lack of Arts Space
VV: sympathy re no pottery studio in new cmnty ctr
disappointment; many written; did have in prev cmnty ctr; local to Amb; some don't drive
have to find transport out to Gleneagles
cd we be a little more bizlike, ... why freeloading
why pottery group so diff from other groups?
space for other special groups for subsidized space
offer at reasonable rate and whoever can pay
special kilns, etc, not there all the time, not convinced cd still be there and eq put away
not convinced we have to build an extension
not even a basic space, they'd pay rent for
KP: this group is not looking for basic pottery facilities
they want full pottery studio with kilns, etc...  don't have that space now
create kinds of dust, mess, mud
must be powered to perform those
Mayor: can discuss this when qtrly report comes forward
VV: as we move toward governance model
hope get a scheme, one large subsidies, rent pay whoever uses it

Responses to Correspondence = No items presented.
Responses to Questions in Question Period = No items presented.

> Sop: July 1st wonderful day; fireworks tremendous cd watch outside our window
also fundraising United Way golf tournament.....Mayor now going to take up golf, all fascinated with her drive; raised, Mr Beauchamp?
RB: nearly $1200
> JC:  Canada Day; weather 8K ppl; lots of fun; variety of food
Fireworks dual -- one off 23rd, one in harbour, first time ever done
simulcast on radio, first ever done; show went off without a hitch
show great; non event wrt police incidents, nothing in WV, City of V, nothing on NSh
proud; hope to do it again next year
> RD: attended citizenship ceremony Canada Day presided over by Cclr Clark; Cclr Sop serving salmon
by chance in NV so saw from waterfront there; cd see WV as well
cd also see NV; also well behaved
> Mayor: was at Canada Place b/c I knew Cclr Clark cdn't be there I went and you were thanked right at the beginning by Canada Place Corporation; I've had a lot of comments on what did it cost.  Was able to say that through WV's leadership you'd formed a non-profit society, continue to gain add'l sponsorships each year; given a rough ride by this Ccl; still pushing to reduce our commitment, but don't think at all we wish to see the fireworks go away
received letter from woman in Seastrand thanking all of us for what that provided for seniors, not having to go anywhere; they were just thrilled so congratulations
RD: want thank Ccl Clark for hard work; sev years, come a long way, lot of work, great success
CR: Editor, WVM
Thank you.  B/c you were discussing those things after I stepped down.  Surprised Sponsorship  was afterward.  [My comments were both for Cmnty Benefits/Public Amnity and Sponsorship & Partnership was one item on the agenda [4], not two, so addressed both of them in my remarks.]
So of course pleased, that although the motion doesn't say it, I understand you are going to have a commitment that something that's for example, over $20K or whatever, wd still come to Ccl for your assent.
wrt what Cclr Smith said, I don't think it shd be viewed as a discouragement, rather as information b/c after all Ccl is accountable.
They all know what great ppl you are and I'm sure they don't think you're going to be mean to them. They'll know that you'll welcome them so I don't think it's a big problem.
Harmony Arts Festival, a question for another time, when you're talking about funding, and that does need sponsorship and it does get a lot of sponsorship.  I understand it still costs a considerable amt.  I was wondering what that amount was.  You can provide that to me later if you want.
KP: wdn't want to give an exact number but I know today in terms of money raised, and this is in addition to the M funds, were approximately ~$100K, raised in the cmnty and from a variety of sources in order to run that event, wch is certainly well over $150K in annual costs
CR: I think it still costs something, I understand.  That's the question I was asking.
KP: Oh I see, what it costs the M.  Can provide that information later.  Roughly in the $30K to $40K.
CR: so we want to have this encouragement [for sponsorship].
Also I have a question about density.  Perhaps I misheard, but I thought I heard Mr Nicholls say that in Ambleside 1.75 FAR is allowed, and that might be misleading if you hear that, b/c of course there are a couple of buildings that are that, and technically they may be allowed but there are a lot of hoops to go through to get to that; and there are many, many properties as low as .4 wch is why I said, and I've written to staff but I haven't got an answer yet, it wd be helpful to know what proportion are .4, what proportion are over 1.0, or whatever, the range.  Most ppl looking at that, they have no idea what .4 or 1.75 or 2.75, wch is three times the coverage of the area, mean, but if you say right now, the density in effect is so much, and it's going to be a range of this much and what do you think.  I think it wd be more meaningful for them to know if it's going to be a small difference or a huge difference.  That's really what the ppl want to know.  The numbers don't mean much but if we get some proportion, I think that wd be helpful for that.
Also, the Amb WG referred to cmnty space, but they didn't say whether that wd be rented or free, and I think that wd be helpful to know.
Also Cclr F said the Amb WG had been meeting over past week, eager to report to Ccl.  I was wondering what meetings those were and when.
JF: it has not been meeting, it has been working over the Internet on vision statements.
CR: so this is Internet discussions
JF: email
{but this means this really important part, the vision statements, is not being discussed in public.  Guess b/c told mtgs shd be in public, they've decided to discuss behind the electronic curtain!}
The other question that I wd like some clarification for is to do with enclosing balconies.
It has not escaped many ppl's attention that if you build a balcony it is not included in the FAR, and of course you are limited in the FAR you're allowed to build.
So what some devprs said to me is just build it as a balcony and then whoever wants to enclose it does.  That in effect, really, increases the FAR.
So when heard decision was not to review the bylaws, I think it wd be valuable so you have an even playingfield and you don't tempt ppl to say doing one thing and do another.  I even know a case in wch the strata ccl wanted to enclose and one resident said you can't enclose b/c it's illegal and it will affect the FAR, and they all got angry with him, b/c they wanted to do what he thought illegal.
So just to clarify, I think anybody having balconies on their bldg shd hv to state, when they get the upzoning, when they get the permit, whether or not they're committed to having them open or enclosed b/c otherwise saying one FAR when in fact having another.
SJN: Ccl adopted the policy wch we're dealing with right now back in the mid-1980s and
since that time any new bldg that has been constructed has a convenant on title for any open balconies that prevents them from being enclosed.
CR: oh, so this is an old......
SJN: an old policy in terms of balcony enclosures and the policy has resulted in ppl, uh, any devpr that comes in with a bldg, and it shows an open balcony, has to register on title.
CR: so this bldg is an old bldg and the policy applies to new bldgs.
SJN: new bldgs, if going to have enclosed balconies generally limited to 100sq ft and show that on bldg plans; go before Ccl for approval as an enclosed open balcony. The same as any old bldg.  Any bldg 'open' a covenant goes on title saying that one will not be enclosed, so they do not build a balcony and then enclose it.
CR: so this is for all new bldgs from now on then
SJN: that's the buildings since policy's been in place, approx last 15 years.
CR: and this is a v old bldg
SJN: this was built before the policy was introduced
CR: thank you for the clarification.

{Hot Dang!  This was limited to POLICY.  I neglected to ask the really important determining question.  WV is notorious for not enforcing bylaws except by complaint.  Who's going to complain about an enclosed balcony even if they notice gone from open to closed?  Whaddaya wanna bet that it's highly unlikely any bylaw officer is going to check whether legal for a balcony to be open or closed?  Migosh, they didn't even notice the school had 718 enrolment but only permitted 600.  Pretty safe bet to take a chance.....}

11.  ADJOURNMENT [8:55]

===  CCL AGENDA July 16th ======================
2. ADOPTION OF MINUTES -- No items scheduled
3.         Ambleside Town Centre Strategy Working Group Recommendations
            1.         The comments and recommendations of the Ambleside Town Centre Strategy Working Group be received; and
            2.         The comments and recommendations of the Ambleside Town Centre Strategy Working Group be referred to staff, together with public input received on the proposed Strategy, for a report in September 2007 on final recommendations for a Strategy and an implementation program.
4.         Community Dialogue on Neighbourhood Character and Housing
RECOMMENDED: report from the Sr. Community Planner, dated June 27, 2007 be received.
5.         Sentinel School - 1250 Chartwell Drive, Temporary Portable Classrooms (File:  2320?11)
            1.         The report dated July 09, 2007 from the Manager of Permits and Inspections re School District #45, portable classrooms at Sentinel School be received.
            2.         The Manager of Permits and Inspections be authorized to issue building permits for these portable classrooms as illustrated in Appendix "A".
6.         West Vancouver Community Arts Council Service Agreement and Licence to Occupy
RECOMMENDED: THAT the Fee for Service Agreement and the Licence to Occupy with the West Vancouver Community Arts Council for 2007 be renewed under the terms and conditions set out in the agreement attached.
7.         Community Centre Quarterly Update - Volume IV, July 11, 2007
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated July 12, 2007 from the Deputy Director, Parks and Community Services re Community Centre Quarterly Update be received for information.
8.         Special Regular Council Meeting -- Wednesday, July 25, 2007 at 9am
9.  Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw No. 4368, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4501, 2007 for adoption
10.       Correspondence List
Requests for Delegation  --  No items presented.
Action Required
(1)       July 04, 2007, regarding Litter in West Vancouver
Referred to the Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(2)       Committee and Board Meeting Minutes:
            (a)    West Vancouver Memorial Library Board - May 16, 2007
            (b)    West Vancouver Police Board - May 24, 2007
(3)       I. Sutherland, Mayor - District of Squamish, June 26, 2007, regarding Implementation of Energy Efficiency Standards
(4)       T. Tuominen, Meeting Coordinator - City of Vancouver, June 29, 2007, regarding Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission Targets
(5)       July 04, 2007, regarding Invitation to Attend: Theatre Under the Stars Opening Night - Malkin Bowl
            Previously distributed due to timing of event.
(6)       N. Lemmer, Project Director - Provincial Ministry of Small Business and Revenue, July 05, 2007, regarding Single Business Licence
Responses to Correspondence
(7)       J. Chuback, Deputy Director, Parks & Community Services, reply to 3 Letters regarding Changes to the Aquatic Centre Summer Schedule
(8)       B.A. Dozzi, Manager - Roads & Transportation, July 05, 2007, regarding Dufferin Avenue - Slope Stability
(9)       B.A. Dozzi, Manager - Roads & Transportation, July 05, 2007, regarding Bike Route to Downtown Vancouver
Responses to Questions in Question Period -- No items presented.
-- Please send your nominations to wonders@westvan.org
Some received so far (think they shd be divided between nature and man-made):
Lighthouse Park, Lawson Park, Cypress (since the mountain is in Coquitlam there's a debate as to what to call it b/c there's apparently resistance to Bowl), Ambleside beach at sunset (I'd add Dundarave Park/Beach same time too), Whytecliff Park, Eagle Harbour, Seawall walk, view from Deck at Salmon House, Vista on Hwy 1 rounding Eagleridge bluffs looking up Howe Sound to the Tantalus range covered in snow (I'd add views from decks in Horseshoe Bay), Double-O burger at the White Spot, Pattison's lit house at Christmas, steelhead survivors in the Capilano River, our creeks/streams (wch ones are extra special to you?), the scent of flowers in the streets in the spring, the smell of trees/cedar coming off the Lions' Gate Bridge into WV, the marvellous fairness of taking turns going over the bridge, Blink Bonnie with its palm trees and Mediterranean climate, ...

===  Kids' Views about the Sea
This is a picture of an octopus. It has eight testicles.   (Kelly age 6)
If you are surrounded by sea, you are an island.  If you don't have sea all round you, you are incontinent.   (Wayne age 7)
Sharks are ugly and mean, and have big teeth, just like Emily Richardson.  She's not my friend no more.   (Kylie age 6)
A dolphin breathes through an *sshole on the top of its head.   (Billy age 8)
My Uncle goes out in his boat with pots, and comes back with crabs.   (Millie age 6)
When ships had sails, they used to use the trade winds to cross the ocean.  Sometimes, when the wind didn't blow, the sailors would whistle to make the wind come.  My brother said they would have been better off eating beans.   (William age 7)
I like mermaids. They are beautiful, and I like their shiny tails.  And how on earth do mermaids get pregnant?   (Helen age 6)
I'm not going to write about the sea.  My baby brother is always screaming and being sick, my Dad keeps shouting at my Mom, and my big sister has just got pregnant, so I can't think what to write.   (Amy age 6)
Some fish are dangerous.  Jellyfish can sting. Electric eels can give you a shock. They have to live in caves under the sea where I think they have to plug themselves into chargers.   (Christopher age 7)
Oysters' balls are called pearls.   (James age 6)

===  BARD-ku  ====   2007 July 4 ~~ Bard on the Beach Maiku*

                booms reverberate
                        resound, fill the tent
                                steely Caesar glides to death

===  QUOTATIONS  === ... thinking of Timon of Athens..............
---  Timon of Athens is about a man who has 'fair-weather friends', ie friends when he's wealthy plying them with gifts, but who disappear when he requests help.
As a coincidence, the same day the weekly NY Times Review of Books had one of a book by Andrew O'Hagan:
"Be Near Me" opens with two such conversations. The first is between a younger Anderton, the narrator, and his mother, a "lady novelist" who dispenses to her son an odd but intriguing piece of advice: "Always trust a stranger," she tells him in premonitory tones. "In this life, it's the people you know who let you down."
---  And recently, WVM had Martin Luther King's quotation:
In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends.
---  Henri Frederic Amiel, philosopher and writer (1821-1881)
Truth is not only violated by falsehood; it may be equally outraged by silence.
* Footnote to Maiku:
Wonder if you made the connection of the sound echoing and glides recalling ides?  This is Act One.  The play is clearly cut in two.  Brutus is destroyed in Act Two.  C'mon, I'm not spoiling the suspense -- you all know what happens!  The story is how and why.  The entertainment pleasure is the acting and production.