Ccl NOTES Sept 10
AGENDA Sept 17
Calendar to Sept 27th

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

We were getting the hoped-for Indian summer I hoped for!  Pray it returns.

Oh, you serious ppl.  Some told me they hadn't read the quiz in the last issue b/c they didn't realize it was a joke -- but yes, I got a few replies from readers, one of whom said laughing so hard it took her breath away.  Anyway, do go back and look at it if you want a few chuckles.  No fear.  It is not a test.

=  MAIN ITEMS Ccl mtg Sept 17 for
- Cmte of Whole Mtg: delegation on Nbrhd Character; Ccl mtg procedures; Child Care Needs Assessment Report; Ambleside Town Ctr Strategy Key Issues
- Sp Reg Ccl Mtg: Zoning Amendment Devt Permit for 1305 Marine Dr (Shell Gas Stn); provincial report on seniors' issues; Dog-Walking Enforcement/Regulations in Ambleside Park; Correspondence
=  Vive le Canada; WEBWATCH; UPDATE (New Police Chief sworn in); Calendar to Sept 27

VV asks about Hugo Ray Park and Mayor's letter to prov applying for $2M grant, plus she wants to know why, since Ccl asked that the Cmnty Calendar showing mtgs be on the DWV homepage, it was removed; Volunteers for Seniors; DVPs for two-lot subdivision 4949 Rockbank  (giving owner land for driveway on basis of saving tree but no guarantee; MS rightly wonders why M land not being paid for) and setback 4343 Erwin; Animal Control Bylaw -- Dogs on Leash in west while $165 fines for having one in Amb Park!; WV Yacht Club Wharf; ED Presentation Ctr; Rezoning/Devt Permit 445 - 13th with presentation from a mbr of the Amb WG (but not identified as such); req for increase in rock-breaking 4064 MDr; DVP Apps and Correspondence; but time for Reports and PQP curtailed b/c Cclr Smith, alone, vetoed extending the mtg to go past 10pm (extension be unanimous); others usually leave rather than preventing colleagues from continuing the mtg or hearing from the public.  Perhaps the Mayor can ask or make a decision at 9:45 wrt the public as Mayor Wood used to do, and wrt any important items left;  PQP -- if no money for giving owner land, why not covenant? then Amb devt application by mbr of Amb WG; and Cmnty Calendar previously decided to be on DWV homepage back again on agenda since removed three times; UPDATE: Cmnty Calendar now on DWV homepage so easy to find out about mtgs!
=  Ccl AGENDAS Sept 17 (Cmte of the Whole & Special Reg Ccl Mtg); Language; Quotations

Reported the other day: in only three countries remain forests wch retain biodiversity: Brazil, Russia, and Canada.  They say 5% of California's old growth is left -- does anyone know for BC?  I'd heard 15% but didn't check.  Another figure tossed out was that 80% of the world's trees are gone -- exaggeration? Barbados was logged off in the 1600s; Lebanon has about 400 Cedars of Lebanon left.
Trees are the world's lungs.  Grateful for Stanley Park and our lovely park-like West Vancouver.....
a big YAY for Canada's multiculturalism and tolerance.
Latest stats from Baghdad: b/c of ethnic cleansing (millions are displaced within Iraq and some have gone over the border but they're not allowed to work in Syria or Jordan so it's really difficult), Michael Ware of CNN (a remarkable reporter who's Aussie I think, been there for years, speaks Arabic, and lives among the ppl, not in the Green Zone) and another reporter on BBC revealed that Baghdad used to be 65% Sunni and now it's 75% Shia.  And still only a few hours of electricity, plus all the suicide bombing and other violence.

>>>  2007 North Shore Candlelight Tribute
Sept 8th: The North Shore Candlelight Tribute celebrated its Ninth Anniversary and the theme was "Their Legacy... Our Future". The event was held at the North Vancouver Cemetery. Candlelight Tributes symbolize the "Passing of the Torch of Remembrance" from one generation to another. Photos taken by J. Clements.  http://www.westvan60.com/remem/candlelight.html
>>>  BELGIUM: raison d'etre for a country?
Time to call it a day  Sep 6th 2007  From The Economist print edition
        Sometimes it is right for a country to recognise that its job is done
A RECENT glance at the Low Countries revealed that, nearly three months after its latest general election, Belgium was still without a new government. It may have acquired one by now. But, if so, will anyone notice? And, if not, will anyone mind? Even the Belgians appear indifferent. And what they think of the government they may well think of the country. If Belgium did not already exist, would anyone nowadays take the trouble to invent it?
HE REMEMBERED the moment it began, at four years old: jumping on the kitchen table, setting the lamp swinging, singing "La donna =E8 mobile" to an audience of adoring women. His father sang, beautifully, as a tenor in the church in Modena; the soaring voices of Gigli and Caruso filled the house from the crackling gramophone; at the cinema Mario Lanza sang and young Luciano Pavarotti copied him, warbling and gesturing into the mirror. To sing was to be loved.  [For the rest, go to:]

===  UPDATE -- New Police Chief Sworn in
Dignified Swearing-In Ceremony for Chief Constable Kash(mir) Heed
Sept 12 at Kay Meek Ctr wch was about 3/4 full on a Wednesday morning.
While awaiting the start (yes, I actually arrived before it started), a pianist played -- I was intrigued as she played the Beatles' tune "I believe in yesterday".
Bagpiper piped those on the stage in.  Mikayla Sager, lovely voice, sang O Canada.
Odd the Mayor was introduced referring to openness and accountability (I'm not necessarily implying she isn't, just that it's not usually mentioned at such an event, and may explain some later speakers speaking of others and saying they weren't running for office).
After messages from cmnty leaders, 'blessings' were given by Dennis Joseph (Squamish Nation, peace stick), Dr Syad Javad Hejazi (Muslim, with Koran, remarks also in English and French), and Giani Pratap Singh (Sikh in Punjabi).
Remarks from the Honourable Wally Oppal, Attorney General included best wishes as well as facts including 25% of BC is now visible minorities and a story of an immigrant coming to his office when he was a lawyer.  After learning the legal fee, he asked how much for the judge.  Mr Oppal had to explain nothing for the judge, that's not the way we do things here.  Then, jokingly said that once he was a judge he was disappointed to find out it was true.
The Mayor explained that the Police Board operates at arm's length from Ccl and almost all of Ccl was present.  She went on to say that Chief Heed is driven, respected, and already hard at work.
Chief Heed revealed that his wife grew up in West Vancouver.  He said his door is always open and he is working on a strategic plan understandable to all: officers, Council, and public.  He will use the COMSTAT system, and his three-year corporate biz plan includes partnership and information exchange.  Chief Heed added that he is willing to accept the consequences of actions and results.
The ceremony ended with Squamish Nation dancers and a reception.
{We all wish the new Police Chief well.}

===  CALENDAR to Sept 27th  ===  [M Hall unless otherwise noted; ongoing at end]
REMEMBER the Farmers' Markets:
          Saturdays: Dundarave 10am - 4pm; Sundays: Ambleside (14th/Bellevue) 11am - 3pm
***  2007 North Shore Heritage Weekend  ***
North Shore Heritage Weekend is a celebration of heritage from Deep Cove to Horseshoe Bay that occurs every September.  This year's North Shore Heritage Weekend takes place from September 14th through 16th, at various North Shore venues.  [Details were in WVM2007-26]
See www.dnv.org and www.cnv.org and www.westvancouver.ca/heritage for full information on all events. 
Besides the classic/collectible car display (over 100 cars), there are port/harbour tours, trolley bus tours, antique collections, and more!

~ 9am - noon ~ IVY PULLS -- Saturday, September 15th & Saturday, September 29th,
We pull for three hours, but if you can come for only an hour please join us.  Dress for the weather in old clothes and bring work gloves. Meet at the upper kiosk in the parking lot.

== Sat Sept 15th
        ~ 9am - noon ~ N Sh Stroke Recovery Ctr "Stride for Strokes" (John Lawson Park)
== Sun Sept 16th
        ~ 9am - 1pm ~ Terry Fox Run (Ambleside Park): Run, walk, wheel the seawall
                Registration 8am; info 1 888 836 9786; visit www.terryfoxrun.org
        ~ 11am - 4pm ~ North Shore Gardens Tour  -- Info: 984 9730, www.naturalgardenstour.com
== Tues Sept 18th
        ~ 6:30pm ~ Cmnty Dialogue on Nbrhd Character and Housing
== Wed Sept 19th
        ~ 10am ~ Cmnty Engagement Cmte
        ~ 7pm ~ Library Board at Library
        ~ 7pm ~ Bd of Variance
== Thurs Sept 20th
        ~ 5:30pm ~ Police Bd mtg in Ch of Commerce Boardroom
        ~ 5:30pm ~ Rodgers Crk WG -- CANCELLED
        ~ 6pm ~ N Sh Family Court & Youth Justice Cmte at CNV M Hall
~ 7:30pm ~ WV Streamkeeper Society AGM at St Stephen's (885 - 22nd Street)

== Fri Sept 21st
        ~ 8:45am ~ Arts & Culture Strategy Implementation WG
The Vancouver Aquarium's TD Canada Trust Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup takes place every September across the nation. Clean-up groups are already organized in West Vancouver by concerned citizens, Irwin Park School, BC Ferries, and UBC Aqua Society. They'll be cleaning up a number of our beaches on September 21st and you can pitch in and help out. Visit www.vanaqua.org/cleanup to find out more about clean up initiatives in West Vancouver.
== Sat Sept 22nd == The Chamber of Commerce moves its office to: 1846 Marine Drive; tel number remains the same.
== Tues Sept 25th  ~ 7pm ~ Cmnty Service Providers Forum
== Wed Sept 26th
        ~ 6pm ~ Cmnty Consultation Mtg re Proposed Redevt 24th & Marine at Irwin Park School
~ 7pm ~ WV Historical Society mtg at Srs' Ctr: The Heritage Home in WV
Peter Miller of the North Shore Heritage Preservation Society (re preserving historic/distinctive bldgs in NV and WV); Stephen Mikicich, Sr WV Planner (The Heritage Strategic Plan and the WV Heritage Register); and a film presented by Dr Olga Kempo ("Margaret Martin Built a House", the story of an Edmonton home restored to its 1907 grace).
        ~ 7:30pm ~ Child Care Services WG
== Thurs Sept 27th
        ~ 4:30 - 6:30pm ~ Design Review Cmte [MOVED to Oct 4]
        ~ 5 - 7pm ~ NSACDI, CNV M Hall
        ~ 5:30pm ~ Rodgers Crk WG -- PROBABLY!

+++ SFU Courses
Sept 21:  Designing Environments which Reduce Crime, SFU Surrey. Instructors including Mary Beth Rondeau, a development planner with the City of Vancouver, will highlight new theory based on the field of environmental criminology and will focus on the application of new approaches to design through interactive examples. Details/Register: http://www.sfu.ca/city/course1popup.htm
Sept 28-29: Urban Design: Theory and Practice: http://www.sfu.ca/city/course2popup.htm

+++  CHAMBER OF COMMERCE CORNER [926 6614; www.chamber.westvan.org]
== Wed Sept 19th
        ~ 7:30 - 9am ~ Networking Breakfast at Hollyburn Country Club, 900 Cross Creek Rd
The 2008 Canada Post Freestyle Grand Prix is a large event which will impact our community in many positive ways.  It will be a precursor event to the 2010 Olympics and offer the business community on the North Shore the opportunity to prepare for and get the most out of the 2010 Olympics.
SPEAKER:   Bruce Robinson, COO of the Canadian Freestyle Association.
Cypress Mountain will be the site of the 2008 Canada Post Freestyle Grand Prix Feb. 8-10, 2008.  This event has our athletes take on the best in the world in different events, such as the [Aerials]. [Aerials] are not for the faint of heart, with the athlete hitting the jumps at speeds of 60 km and launching 50 feet in the air.  Other events include the fast pace of mogul racing.  Athletes, spectators and media will be descending on our community for this world-class event.  He will speak about the opportunities and celebrations that are to take place in West Vancouver. It's an opportunity for you to be part of the discussion.
Breakfast is sponsored by Canada Post Corporation; $25 for mbrs, $35 non-mbrs; see the website for details and to register.
 == Wed Sept 26th
        ~ 5 - 7pm ~  Member Showcase at Steamworks
The event is located in the private room at the back of the restaurant.  STEAMWORKS will be providing delicious complimentary appetizers, and there is a full no-host bar.   There will also be door prizes.  FREE - RSVP required for appetizer preparation

Heather Aston, Marie Price, Rina Pita, William Steinberg, Ingunn Kemble, Marja-Leena Rathje, Patricia Baldwin, Valerie Metz, Susan Campbell, Arnold Shives, Jane Adams,Peter Kiss, Tanya Gleave, Gillian Armitage, Michiko Suzuki, Wayne Eastcott, Ross Penhall, Gordon Smith
OPENING RECEPTION:  6 - 8pm Tues, Sept 11   ~~~   ARTISTS' TALK: 2 - 3pm Sat, Sept 15

          - Mbrs-only SALE 6:30 - 8:30pm Thursday Sept 20th (mbrships $10, av at the door)
          - BOOK SALE 10am - 4pm Sat (21st) and Sun (22nd)
*  Doc TALKS -- A Documentary & Discussion
The Future of Food -- Unravels the complex web  of market and political forces that are changing the nature of what we eat. Discussion moderated by Harry Greenwood. No registration required.
Thursday, Sept. 27, 6:30 pm, Peter J. Peters Room

+++  WV MUSEUM +++
Binning and Billaux, A Place in Art History -- Exhibit to Oct 27
Saturday September 15th
1 pm                 Talk and Guided Tour on Binning and local landscape
3:15pm             Talk on Jane Billaux; 4 - 6 pm            Opening reception:
The Black Slip -- The Paintings of Jane Billaux (to October 27, 2007)
 West Vancouver is home to numerous artists drawn to its spectacular landscape, forested slopes, and proximity to both the mountains and ocean.  B.C. Binning, a key figure in the development of modernism on the West Coast of Canada, created numerous lyrical drawings inspired by local landscapes and scenes.  Jane Billaux, who moved to Canada from England in the 1930s, painted local people and places over her long career.

+++  WV ARTS COUNCIL +++ visit www.silkpurse.ca for events (most ticketed)

--->  For events at KMC, see www.kaymeekcentre.com
here's one coming soon but unfortunately on a ccl mtg night:
*** Movies at the Meek ***  $10 per screening; buy tickets to the complete series and save 20%
Monday, September 24 (7:30pm) Special guest: Vic Sarin, film director.
PARTITION, featuring an international cast and shot in British Columbia and India, is an epic historical film and a heartbreaking love story set amid the turbulent political and religious backdrop of India in the 1940s.  At the end of the Second World War, 38-year-old career soldier Gian Singh resigns his commission with the British Indian Army and returns to his childhood village, near the border with Pakistan. He is haunted by the memories of war and seeks a quiet life of farming, solitude, and prayer. His peace is shattered in August 1947, however, when India is granted independence. A new border is drawn between Hindu-dominated India and Muslim-dominated Pakistan, and the region is torn apart by massacres fuelled by ancient animosities. In the midst of one such massacre, Gian finds Naseem, a 17-year-old Muslim girl, and takes her under his protection. They gradually find themselves drawn to each other but, as their remarkable story plays out, the obstacles to their happiness prove all but insurmountable.
"A balanced depiction of both Muslim and Sikh roles in the historical upheaval and the way it so lovingly evokes India's way of life, from its dusty rural farming traditions to the colour-drenched Festival of Holi. Vancouver-shot sets meld seamlessly with the South Asian settings." Georgia Straight

=== WV Council Mtg NOTES Sept 10 ===

CALL TO ORDER -- Mayor's remarks regarding R. Harrison (1914 - 2007).
West Vancouver has lost a pioneer and a man who defined the word CITIZEN.
On behalf of Council, it is with regret that I inform you of the passing of Rupert Harrison, in August, at 93 years of age.
Rupert was a lifetime resident, community volunteer, and municipal employee.
Rupert had been a West Vancouver resident since 1928, when he began attending West Vancouver High School.  Even as a high school student he demonstrated his willingness to contribute to the community.  He was involved in a number of school activities including being a charter member of the West Vancouver High School Band.
He then went on to join the West Vancouver United Church choir, the Hollyburn Versatile Players theatre group, the Vancouver Little Theatre group, and for two decades was a Sunday School teacher at West Vancouver United Church.  He also served as a member of the Board of Elders at the Church for 24 years.  Rupert was also a charter member of the West Vancouver Rotary Club, its first president, and attended every meeting for 54 years!
Rupert began his career with the District in 1938 as a cashier, typist, and tax record keeper.  In 1943 he was appointed as the Municipal Clerk and secretary/treasurer of the cemetery board.
In the 1950s Rupert:
        Was offered a position as Deputy Minister of Municipal Affairs (but declined)
        Was the president of the provincial Municipal Officers' Association
        Began 26 years as a Justice of the Peace
        Began 25 years as a member of the Board of Examiners in municipal administration.
Rupert retired from municipal service in 1979.  That same year he was named Man of the Year by the West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce.  In 1980 he returned to the District as a part-time historian.  He retired from that position in 1998 (totalling 60 years of fulltime and part-time employment with the District).
In 1987, the District's 75th anniversary, Rupert was presented with an Achievers Award.
Those who worked with Rupert remember him with a smile always on his face and he always had time to stop and say hello.  To the delight of employees and volunteers with whom he worked, he had quite a wit, which he often shared.
Rupert has been a legend in the municipality and leaves a tremendous legacy for the community in his dedicated work and volunteerism. 
With Rupert's passing, the community has lost one of its gems.
On behalf of Council, we send our condolences to Rupert's family.
RD: along with you, attended memorial for Rupert Harrison
essentially set up, dedicated part of his house, to maintaining our records -- we weren't v gd about keeping our records
two rooms, files, in 1980s set up Archives, GLH became Museum and Archives
37 years as M Clerk and 19 years as archivist
this M owes him a great deal -- kept much and many artifacts intact
amazing an individual cd attend Rotary mtgs for 52 years, not missing one, elder with church and didn't miss those either
person of place, family, church, deep roots
{As you read in earlier enews, I attended as well and wrote in last WVM.  His garden was well-known.  BTW, it wd hv bn his 68th wedding anniversary soon after.  A great loss.  WV owes him a great debt of gratitude.}
Amendments: item 4 add'l correspondence; item 5 add'l corresp; item 7, letters; item 8 supplementary info; item 10 change to ccl mtg schedule
VV: may I add to agenda: Hugo Ray Park and the M Calendar on the website
Mayor: reports, no one else knows what that is about
VV: number of things in cmnty re Hugo Ray Park; has been an applic for funding from prov; get info, maybe public wd like to hear
Mayor: have asked for a status report
CAO: intended for next week on all the things that have happened
Sop: I wd second Cclr V's additions to agenda
Mayor: ask for agreement of rest of Ccl?
SSch: cd do that as a friendly amendment
Mayor: second item was
VV: Calendar, appearing on website; as Ccl had previously [decided/requested]; need a resolution, shall appear
CAO: a number of ways; right now it goes to another link
as we add new items, drops to another page
trying to do that; it is one click away
Sop: bn making these recommendations for openness
conversation brought to Ccl next week/meeting?
Mayor: tomorrow
Sop: CEC mtg tomorrow
Mayor: Day's motion first, then Hugo Ray
Sop: Point of order, amendment first
Mayor: either way
in favour of adding Hugo Ray: in favour, opposed?
I've called twice
MS: was reading something else, was not paying attention but if Ccl wants to hear
Mayor: tied, and will vote in favour
HR on, Calendar next Monday

{UPDATE: by now you know that by that next afternoon the Cmnty Calendar was on the righthandside list -- GREAT
but it shdn't have taken months to have it there after the policy had been set months ago.  Most grateful Vivian (seconded by Bill) brought it up in public -- perhaps a result of the delays and frustration but at least it got action.}
2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES: July 16, 23, 25
3.  DELEGATION: D. Cartwright regarding North Shore Volunteers for Seniors
DC: non-profit society on the NSh; promote the independence and well-being of seniors, esp those frail; in existence for 46 years
av age is 85 years -- now classified as super seniors (80% women)
transportation and socialization an issue; have to reach out, we've done that
two part-time employees who administer the office and organize the volunteers.....
60 to 70 regular volunteers and a number of occasional volunteers
lunches, puzzles; monthly bus trips to destinations in Vancouver and on the NSh: popular since many no longer drive -- Grouse Mtn, Stanley Park, etc, and btw, they love the Sylvia Hotel
respite for a housebound family mbr taking care of them
referrals from geriatric outreach prog of Vancouver Health
volunteers needed: wanting someone to talk to, some men want to discuss the war, play bridge/poker
Deep Cove to Horseshoe Bay; visited care facilities; Health Region own programs so that's why now we do one-to-one
urgently need volunteers; pls call 922 1575
volunteer and senior both enjoy the experience
Volunteer application plan; pls help us to keep seniors at home for as long as possible
Sop: our volunteers the greatest treasure we have, many at srs' ctr, Coho Festival
Mayor: I've volunteered a few times
DC: yes, you have
Mayor: I played the piano a bit too loudly
JF: thanks too; note you have an email address and that might save time
DC: just got it, and we will be putting it up so ppl can get it if they need to
one-to-one, you do have to have a criminal check
JF: if I cd give it:  NSVS@telus.net
4.         Development Permit Application 06?015 for a [Two-Lot] Subdivision at 4249 Rockbank Place
At the July 25, 2007 meeting, Council received the report dated July 12, 2007 from the Manager, Community Planning titled "Development Permit Application No. 06?015..."....
Mayor: one mbr asking to speak, David Grierson {Greerson? don't know spelling}
SJN: at one time I had a conflict of interest b/c of a nbr.... so will ask Geri Boyle to come up
DG: My wife and I live South and we have a number of concerns
b/c of position on top of 20ft cliff above us, we see it as altering landscape and character
request an add'l 4ft setback, and appreciate that but when you see a four-storey house on top of a cliff
better than nothing but we ask for more
we have a v contemporary house we didn't build it, built in 90s, glass so it's an issue of privacy
we have twin three-year-old daughters and have this deck
feel privacy will be negatively impacted
third point is that we rec'd notice of this mtg around Aug 23/25.  I went immediately to geotechnical engineers I know if they cd do a report, and report back in time and they just laughed; no possibility can be done in that time
not saying I disagree problem, just wd be more comfortable if opportunity to check
we were going to hire one last year and Planning pointed out no point spending the money then if you don't know if it will be approved or if that will be the plan
request 45 days to look at it and do what's necessary
asked to see the principle elevations to get a much better assessment; floor plans good but only two dimensions and elevations three dimensions and better idea
I was told not part of the process, no right
to me that doesn't make any sense; point of clarification
I don't feel the subdivision is in the public interest
the more I think of this WV has beautiful spectacular lots, maybe you've done this, but have a survey take these lots carve them up and I have a strong suspicion residents wd say we don't like that at all
This is not in particular to do with the Dowlings
Sop: this is for a subdivision?
GB: that's correct; steep terrain so in order for the subdivision cd take place
Sandy Dowling: thank you
technical expert, our daughter
eight years and come to love the area; house too small, daughter's allergy
renovating not viable
real estate reps' advice build as big as possible 11Ksf but then we'd have to sell b/c we cdn't afford to keep it
better to subdivide and build two houses; our existing lot is three times the allowable lot
probably the smallest house in the nbrhd
NSNews had article about monster houses
Clovelly-Caulfeild [nbrhd]
contacted our nbrs and held two open houses
tailored our plans; have received letters of support
with the exception of one small variance for each there is nothing not allowed
small house
my husband is an architect and LEED-certified; Gregg has designed the house to the natural terrain allowing lower height, reducing need for rock removal
had a comprehensive geotechnical study done: safe and will provide benefits to nbrs
have considered nbrs' views and privacy
10 to 16ft below floors of houses behind us
the only other nbr is below us to the south; they asked for three changes: move driveway,
so they cd sell their house before we started building -- we have set back further and turned house further to the east although this will affect our view
Arthur Mudry design of their house
believe more sympathetic, believe more sustainable approach
Sop: want to clarify: this is a panhandle lot and by bylaw we don't allow that
is it by interpretation?
GB: at first blush it looks like one but what distinguishes this is that the panhandle is simply road frontage wch is what makes it a non-panhandle lot
Sop: road frontage on their property?
Mayor: other from public; it is important but during discussion
JF: on p 66 sustainable design and smartgrowth, and there's photovoltaic and what's that
Greg Dowling: one of applicants.  It's a solar panel
Mayor: Bill Chapman?
BChapman: asked to put names down in case questions, just technical
Sop: was shown the site
the variances requiring minimal; interesting part of driveway on M land so that's a third variance
if you deduct off driveway you're under 12Ksf and that's under the requirement
BChapman: will give you the exact number, give me a second.........
still 145ft over without the panhandle -- 12,144
Sop: panhandle
BChapman: called it that b/c Cclr Sop mentioned that
Sop: road alignment but it's on a driveway, parallel to a road so what makes it different?
GB: examples in M parallel with road and it's dealing with steepness so can get there
Sop: did see effort by owners, saw where house going to sit; variances minor; little bit of driveway on M prop and sheds
the two-car garage cd hv bn put toward the front of the prop; then b/c of slope it wd appear to be four-storey
props behind elevated much higher
if they didn't have these variances, wd they have the right to have this subdiv as stated?
GB: probably remove that and leave as parking slab; the second the applicant has agreed to set back wch we think in M's interest; third, this is improvement to conforming garage
Sop: wrt Mr Grierson, do think about nbrhd's affected
applicant going to have to submit building plans to Ccl for approval?
GB: no; just with Devt Permit wch is before you now
Sop: geotech?
GB: it's attached to permit; does provide prior to issuance have to provide for slope maintenance and protection for properties
Sop: netting for falling rock? doesn't say
GB: recommends maintenance along steep rock where originally cut years ago
if no agreement during construction phase, then netting
Sop: is there a statement within the bylaws about the panhandle that we can now call this a road alignment or is this an interpretation by staff?
BChapman: I did a panhandle study for the M back in the 70s, hate to admit it
generally it's to get to a home behind.
it's not a panhandle but we've used the panhandle policy to come to Ccl before
try to have enough width
study in 70s found that 98% of the adjacent owners preferred a panhandle between them than houses side by side
look forward, think it's a vital tool that's been missing for 35 years
it's not to get to a home behind
the minor variance is so can control driveway and have landscaping
nbr here gave me verbal approval this afternoon but unable to give me a letter
we're trying to save this tree [points to plan on screen]
want these two trees protected even after built
live in this home while building the other
cd narrow access and not require variance; trying to be green
Nbr Palfrey concerned, trading 8ft for 12ft; tucks in so less visible with variance
My clients won't raise house any higher
ev has bn done to minimize rock volume; 350 cu m permitted and anticipate less than 150 cu m
123 shows where garage cd be as an accessory structure; by tucking underneath minimal blasting then not visible to any of nbrs; four storeys but to reduce visibility
all the trees that show on here exist on site, with the exception of three to replace two to be taken out
Dowling: four storeys but bottom is garage
[pointing] this part not seen by nbrs
topmost floor is terraced back; small part beyond main floor
......appearance wd be a sgl-storey house with second partway back
MS: why if an encroachment agreement nec, why the financial terms not in report
GB: routine, dealt with administratively and only charge to carry them out
MS: getting off topic so will shut up

{Mike has a good point.  Why give away the land? Furthermore, as I point out in the seconds left for PQP, if the tree is the reason, then you have to put a covenant on the tree -- or pay for the land!  No covenant means as soon as completed can be removed if not by this owner then the next after sold.  And no doubt the extra land means increased value of the property.  DWV not being fiscally prudent yet again, as Mike is pointing out and thinking of, as Chair of the Finance and Audit Cmte.}

Mayor: anyone else in public?  then close public input and go to Ccl
RD: take it this is their house?  appearance -- see a rock ridge and house wd sit up there, in that case a four-storey house wd be pretty dominating
you say tuck in and with v little blasting wd go on top and be v visible
Ans: basement and garage not there, only two storeys on the ridge and second set back
demonstrated to Greersons cd not see, not majority of second
RD: sounds reasonable but wd be useful to have a model
BChapman: we're here wrt subdivision of two lots and while my client has spent considerable time money showing to nbrs over past 18 months, haven't designed a house per se
we're here tonight b/c of steep slope bylaw to demonstrate to Ccl we've met steep terrain, rock breaking, etc
we'd love to have the subdiv approved but house not yet
RD: just we have nothing in front of us
time with nbrs commendable but we've just got a bit of time
Mayor: not time to discuss with public
RD: hard to see what will look like
Ans/Dowling: [pointing to drawing showing four storeys -- two beside cliff and two above]
the only part visible is this corner; rest hidden from view by prop line and house wall
don't see from within house
in mid-90s rock removal and ev tree removed
so we're trying to move house back; we don't want to see them from our deck
want to avoid encroaching on their privacy
Mayor: does that answer?
RD: exactly what I was asking for; helps a lot
8:06 -- RECOMMENDED:  THAT all written and verbal submissions, ...  received.
Sop moved that Council approve. Seconded by JC
MS: still a bit confused
from Financial Task Force; curious why convey a M asset to --
Cclr Day throws me off my thoughts
anyway, if no financial remuneration to M in return for conveying that
CAO: almost ev driveway encroaches on the blvd; we ensure registry costs are covered
if to occupy a minor area like this, considered in public interest, vegetation retained; haven't sought add'l funds for that
GB: first accept that driveways cross our prop but this crosses in a diff way
might be a small number of encroachments agreements for
but have to accept crossing
CAO: we do have a blvd policy and we cd provide that to Ccl
MS: agree if driveways cross M blvds but it was not clear from this report that any land involved
if just a question of crossing a blvd okay but land a diff matter
CAO: maybe "acquire" -- we have a fee schedule for that
GB: yes, v modest
VV: our role; understand subdivision officer approves but wonder what discretion Ccl has
newspaper had an article about disruption in the nbrhd
this has blasting, will move into new house, surmise house demolished and new one construction so disruption
providing hazardous addressed we have no power
if they comply wd be more intrusive so no progress
are we choosing between what's submitted or applicant simply building a house that complies
as I read it we can't prevent; v little discretion
a house that complies with bylaws nbrs wdn't like or this with variance and nbrs wd provide
is that correct?
GB: under the OCP, it is v specific that Ccl is not required to issue a Devt Permit, some grounds for refusing but restricted
VV: sure hazardous addressed, but left with no real discretion
not prepared to hold it up however much disturbed we are to control nbrhd quality of life
applicants have done as good a job;
nbr wanting to delay, don't have power?
although misgivings wrt disruption to established nbrhds b/c I think it's going to be approved
Sop: cd turn it down but these are minor variances
in looking at that lot today, these owners cd say we're going to tear down the house and build up there
we seek that sort of concern
to Cclr's Smith's point, Ms Boyle to save a tree we're letting them put driveway on our prop
GB: to save more than one tree
they cd put the driveway 100% on their prop; but to preserve character, in nbrhd's interest to put driveway there
staff thinks better there; some early ones were far more on the slope, now it's more modest
landscaping speaks to area
Sop: find that bothersome
this is public land; assumption arbitrarily give public land on basis to save a tree
written down somewhere, or interpretation?
GB: part of what Ccl has to consider today
Sop: how much land?
GB: at most 5ft wide at width here and doesn't go 35% up
Sop: 35ft?
Mayor: may we go to cclr
Sop: no
Mayor: while staff figuring it out
Sop: our time
Mayor: important will come back
JF: having heard, impressed with what applicants have brought to bear
applicant cd hv built huge house, huge disruption, wd hv taken years
here they are, prepared to remain in the nbrhd, one nbr concern but a huge number in favour and have approved
this applicant has considered nbrhd and quality of life
deck will block view
think it's a good solution, excellent way to go
trees provide a buffer; important to retain those trees
JC: this applicant shd be applauded; they cd cut down trees and desecrate house
they've done design with nature, etc; if they hadn't wanted to do a better job they wdn't be here on their hands and knees
I'm prepared to get on with it
Mayor: Cclr Day
CAO: perhaps allow CAO to speak
Mayor: Cclr Day first
RD: is a sensitive design; wish it were happen more often; my only regret is having taken so much time
GB: it's between 40 and 45 ft
Sop: it's 350sf?
hv seen prop, trees topped will have to come out; the majority of the green is on M prop
350sf, do we never charge for that?
nothing to do with owners, it's policy decision of staff
Mayor: not sure
Sop: have some information to Ccl
this is a sensitive site; some issues here -- I say a panhandle and the transfer of land
if have answers I'll be quiet and bring it up another time
CAO: adjacent to blvd; have policy will bring it
unusual, sometimes sale; can discuss with Ccl
VV: my fellow cclrs have noticed indiv house wd be 10Ksf house but as if somehow not our responsibility; but it's something we allow in our bylaws
we need to work on our bylaws
Mayor: underway with our nbrhd housing WG
JC: you've raised some interesting things in your letter, and I will take these to the [Nbrhd] WG
8:29 -- CARRIED
5.         Development Variance Permit Application 07?019 (4343 Erwin Drive)
At the July 25, 2007 meeting, Council received the report dated July 10, 2007 from the Community Planner titled "Development Variance Permit Application No. 07?019..."...
(Lady) Gunther: not a lawyer, on behalf of my brother John Gunther:
only found out about this on Aug 23
wd like to give notice to Ccl, object -- as owner of [number] Ross Crescent, I am the one the most affected
This property was purchased last month and I paid the price I did b/c I expected to enjoy the view as I saw it; a creek, trees along the creekside
the entire east side has windows on both floors facing this house
anything done to encroach has effect on my view and enjoyment
where we cd see no house, we now face the possibility of a 9Ksf two-storey home
Second, environment.  Cypress Crk -- want to see it protected, want to see those trees bordering the creek (fir tree and five or six smaller cedars); generally 30m setback and the plan shows only 15m
These trees are our main concern
keep house back as far as possible so we don't have an obstructed view
important for ev in our cmnty to enjoy surroundings as much as possible
view and not undue hardship
SJN: cd I put this on overhead?
Mayor: Gordon Hlynsky, the architect
Sop: question to lady first.  You're looking across? and you think trees will go?
Ms Gunther: the fir and the five or six trees; haven't seen so that house?
GH: I'm the architect and also have Bill Chapman who's done the survey
prop borders on creek and waterfront, large -- over 35Ksf
several surveys; one goes back in time that has an original setback and prop line [pointing, accretions]
current house is about the same size as we're going to construct; there are two legal lots and you cd put two there
not a huge house, part of the 9Ksf includes a large garage and a caretaker suite above the garage for taking care
Planning suggested we meet with nbrs and after several revisions plan meeting with nbrs
this person who just spoke we did not know about; they moved in last month; this objection came up last Friday, not something we anticipated
trees here, a large spruce tree and they completely obliterate view of house
The variance is affecting this section [pointing to drawings put on on west wall so ppl sitting on the west side of the gallery cannot see]
15m setback for creek preservation -- that's outright but can be 7.5 depending upon remediation
we came up with remediation working with the environment ppl
also trying to maintain this old oak
SJN: is this picture what nbr is looking at?
this oak tree is here, and this tree is off the prop (near water)
when said moving forward, impression on lawn but this shows orientation
GH: footprint was here and had to push the house this way to maintain some separation
hedges in here
think we've taken into consideration immediate nbrs and don't think nbrs on Ross Crescent affected
owners serious about retaining hedge
CAO: point of information -- if vegetation within setback area, wd need staff approval
JF: hedge along creek going to be maintained
GH: yes; and our client doesn't want to look across either
Sop: guarantee
GH: part of
Sop: registered?
BChapman: I did do the original survey for WV; Cypress Creek had a bulge here, so the line was down here and came across; the M was able to create a line down here
we moved our front prop line out to here
WV was in a hurry to get this work done, sandbags here, not prepared to entertain an application so we moved red line out to black line and currently applying for the accretion
done before the bylaw was brought in for setbacks for houses
somehow this house was not included in that list
much further forward on the prop
JC moved all written and verbal submissions, ... received.
8:49  -- CARRIED
JC moved:THAT Council approve the DVP which would provide for a new single family home with a variance to the required Waterfront Yard Setback as presented in the July 10, 2007 report from the Community Planner titled "Development Variance Permit Application No. 07?019 (4343 Erwin Drive)".
VV: again looks like a case even if we refuse the variance requested, wd make no difference
looks as if the view will remain as it is and if we refuse variance view wd remain as it is
Sop: friendly amendment: written guarantee that trees wd be there in place
Mayor: what does it say in Envtal?
SJN: if Ccl wants to put condition in
Sop: may be redundant but sometimes it disappears -- my goodness it's gone!
put in for nbrs
prop has suffered when high tide came in and channel widened
12 years ago went out there when they wanted to put a bridge across
such a big front yard
if nbr has wonderful view, make sure and as I understand no house there
8:52 -- CARRIED
{at least for this one some guarantee of retention of trees asked for!}

6. Animal Control ... Amendment Bylaw - Horseshoe Bay Park and Tantalus Park Dog Control Designation
Rebecca Black: dogs not allowed this summer in Ambleside Park
walked there and got fine of $135; just about everyone on our street hefty fine, $165
not nec
ppl and dogs; totally believe pick up
reason behind bylaws is to educate ppl
don't think giving fines to reasonable ppl walking
in Kits, English Bay all allow, adjacent to the beach, seems happy
strange make the most used park in WV
yesterday Coho Festival, didn't take dog b/c didn't want to get a fine {but dogs were there and allowed}
fines at soccer games
getting fines little girls with a dog on her lap get a $165 watching her dad play soccer
parks shd be public places
as long as good behaviour not dangerous, controlling dog
take our dogs to Park Royal, dog dishes
don't see why dog owners and leashed dogs not acceptable in park
it's the park where most of the events occur
hope you will consider this
a great deal of upset in cmnty, high fees and seniors can least afford it
ppl not driving to the dog park
huge demographic in our cmnty; we consider them part of our cmnty
Man: I entirely agree with that lady who just spoke
Mayor: we have you
Man: wd go forward
the only objection I have to dogs is walking on dog poo
anyone who doesn't clean up deserves a fine but not for just walking
if dog under control off leash that's fine
Mayor: considering western part of cmnty; like to hear from staff
CAO: become quite obvious consider others than these two
didn't want to rush that
our intent to come back to Ccl as to where relax
Mayor: we'll be advertising that
Sop: what struck me and lady who spoke
how do you get there?
drive Pound Rd.......
fascinating we'd give a ticket to someone walking a dog to a designated site
Mayor: motion on floor
Sop: but there isn't
bylaw enforcement, follow rules, but maybe not working
tonight two parks, obvious for dogs waiting for ferry; and I expect from conversation tonight letters to editor and fines now, come back in not to distant future
MS: in deference to Ms Black who suffered through two hours
make sure our staff are not ticketing citizens walking dogs down the street
we shd direct staff not to ticket anyone walking on a public road, this is absurd
CAO: Ccl cd direct staff not to enforce bylaw in a specific area
suggest we change enforcement for this week; probably practical recommendations we cd make for Ambleside
going east you're not supposed to have a dog but you park there and have to go to the other area
we can direct staff about this
Mayor: does that satisfy?
MS: no; it shd not be an offence anywhere in WV to walk your dog anywhere [along a road]
Mayor: you mean not just on Pound Road
CAO: if you use the word Road, difficult to know if meet goals
wd like to do it informally for a week
Mayor: IOW, strict enforcement not this week
letters this week
common sense to do; think a report is coming this week
address then, less confusing and more straightforward; or do you have better wording
MS: I throw myself at the mercy of the chair
VV moves THAT
            1.  The report dated July 10, 2007 from the Manager of Bylaw & Licencing [sic] Services regarding ... be amended to convert the area of Horseshoe Bay Park east of the paved parking lot on 6317 Bay Street and all of Tantalus Park to "dogs on leash" park areas be received.
            2.  Animal Control ... Amendment Bylaw No. 4520, 2007 be given 1st, 2nd and 3rd readings.
Mayor: and we'll be considering the Animal Control bylaw writ large asap
7.         Development Permit 07?013 (District Lots 6264 and 6339) West Vancouver Yacht Club Wharf
Frank Musson: met with residents and have modified the plans; West A and East A
have a small window
DFO, five-year process, now have till Feb of next year to do this
Area is on rock; grid, dries fairly rapidly
[overhead] -- to encourage marine life in that area
Sop: wrt parking for island residents
with addition of this dry wharf, boats of longer length but probably desire to park
parking for Eagle Island
FM: won't change; complicated history but not really relevant to Devt Permit
Sop: if something is done and it affects others, what?
FM: original agreement for parking and length of wharfage remains
Sop: permit DFO
FM: yes, and took five years
Sop: agreed?
FM: general mtg required 66% approval b/c financial and it passed.
RD moved:
            1.         Notification for Development Permit ... which would provide for a new wharf with launching crane, be waived; and
            2.         Development Permit 07-013 (District Lots 6264 and 6339) for wharf construction be approved.
9:14  --  CARRIED
8.         Evelyn Drive Presentation Centre
Mayor: received some add'l information
may I ask Mr Nicholls a question -- has it been to Design Cmte?
SJN: not aware;  Geri Boyle handling that
Ans: HAS NOT [been]
JF moved
1.         The report dated August 29, 2007 from the Manager of Permits and Inspections ... be received.
2.         The Manager of Permits and Inspections be authorized to issue a Building Permit for the construction of the Presentation Centre with the condition that the building be removed after a period of three (3) years unless renewed by Council.
9:16 -- CARRIED
9.         Rezoning and Development Permit Application No. 07?027 (445 13th Street)
Karl Gustavson: asking for a change of use
have already gone through our own process, notification, mtg at Pat's Restaurant
just asking receipt but proposal is less height than allowed, less traffic resolves parking and attention paid to views.  Worthy of attention.
Mayor: just receipt, more to come
JC: why have you chose to access parking from 13th instead of the lane
discussed with staff and Brent Dozzi, b/c of grade, minimal number of cars going in and out
Sop: why if we've been working on the Amb plan for this past time, why looking at a devt with no height decision yet
wd be reasonable to work on height, density, on the plan before any decisions within that corridor

{ah yes, and wonder how many realized that Karl Gustavson, architect, was in fact on the Amb WG so perfectly familiar with what's been recommended.  This is the site of Pat's Restaurant.}

SJN: the ppl who own land are entitled to apply for rezoning
this is consistent with what was put forward with the strategy put forward by the WG but that Ccl has not yet approved
apply for under C2 or this wch wd be consistent
anticipate by the time this comes, Ccl will have had its workshop
Ccl is not obligated to proceed at this time
Sop: this devt may go through but I wd think, all we've had before us, it wd be imperative consensus on Ccl, this is what we like, steps taken to get there, this wd fit rather than before
MS: just moving the process along: THAT The Council Information Report from the Sr. Community Planner ... be received.
10.       4064 Marine Drive (BP 103748):  Request for Increase in Rock Breaking Volume
Nan Gingras? [didn't catch name]: here with owner and land surveyor Bill Chapman
project stopped in 2005 when architect passed away
planted rooftops, will look like a garden going down the hill
roof free of mechanical equipment
with land and cooperation with nbrs, permission of greater volume of rock
minimize view from props and open view to water
we do have a model [brought out, points]
Mayor: and you wd not require any further variance
BChapman: option 2 we be what approved in 2005
Sop: a bit of history here, perhaps explain for Ccl's benefit
BChapman: perhaps you'll recall a problem earlier this year in Caulfeild and staff has reviewed the requirements and as a result calculation ........1ft .... 20% for overbreak; under current rules 2ft so 40% goes for floor; and around house changed from 3ft to 4ft
blasting approved in 2005 at 557 cu m if we base on current calc wd be 700 cu m today so in actual fact while 75 higher than 2005 it's over 100 cu m less than wd hv bn approved before
unfortunately 80% of the house had been blasted out and unfortunately architect died and had to get new architect
as a result house already placed into the land; already blasted out
want to finish house, garage and a mechanical room underneath, going to take energy from the sea
need to place some machinery in a subbasement below garage
architect has rotated the studio 90 degrees to blend better into the slope of the land, causing minor adjustment in blasting Cclr Sop is asking about
Sop: is house across the street on ground level on MDr?
lower portion of prop prepared, small area still has to be prepared blasting for upper studio
if amt of blasting was altered recently, was it a bylaw change, did we change it, or whose interpretation was it?
SJN: it's a combination; bylaw itself allows calc on basis of footprint of main house
prev included outbuildings, whether error or not, don't do that now; we're more conservative
where we wd hv before, we'd give higher volume now
not necessarily changing total, always same total allowable
stated in this is that if excavation and blasting had continued with last permit wd not have had to come to Ccl; b/c of change have to come
now blasting bylaw says can come to Ccl, as long as not changing .....; building permit had already been issued
basis already been doing this, staff suggest continue
Sop: witnessed today, and was told on westerly side of prop an abundance of concrete removed and natural rock outcropping established
holes already drilled
inasmuch as always looking for new methods, is there a powerless blasting technique that cd be achieved?
BChapman: sev years ago the magic machine that wd scour, at expense brought to Canada and told Ccl we'd use it brought from States and broke teeth, maybe harder in Canada, diamond cutting edges just made three scratches down the blackboard before it started breaking teeth, and we ended up using an impact hammer for eight months to finish the home b/c we told Ccl we wd not drill and blast and so we drove the nbrhd crazy
To answer your question, we haven't found a rock-eating beetle yet that can come in and do it, but we do have more sensitive methods
Our client, Mr Everensall (sp?), has told the blaster to drill more holes, more noise but gives a tighter fit; reducing possibility of accidental overbreak
methods have changed even in last two years; eg don't put blasting mats on the ground
to east and two homes behind have given approval; house in front for sale, he's in east but letter from realtor
Sop: RECOMMENDED: THAT the request by the owner of 4064 Marine Drive to increase the rock breaking volume from 488 cubic metres to 597 cubic metres be approved.
10.1 Ccl mtg to follow Cmte of the Whole mtg on Sept 17
10.2 is Hugo Ray Park
VV: do need discussion b/c of the correspondence we have received
[Mayor wrote] letter MRIF grant for $2M from province
I'm a little puzzled b/c I don't remember any resolution of Ccl supporting that around July 30
Hugo Ray Society to fundraise from public, solicit from nbrs and solution to traffic
also have letters from Friends of Hugo Ray Park
instead of the nbrs being progressively brought on side with this, we now have cricket club now alienated and siding with the nbrs.
time for Ccl to admit this isn't working; great distress and exasperation on the Friends of HRPk
Mayor: can't agree more with you that there's been a lot happening
difficult to address all of the concerns
motion in a 4-3 vote was to support activities to fundraise and address traffic
have raised $2.2M from cmnty and applied to prov
based on my understanding support them
also $1M pledged by Ccl to get traffic off that road
Mr Dozzi has worked tirelessly to reopen Hwy 1 and has succeeded in that
communicated with nbrs almost ev week throughout summer, my feeling shd have asap -- Mr Pike, when will it be on our agenda?
KP: .... Sept 24th
Mayor: everyone will be well-notified; does that address your concerns?
VV: Mr Dozzi has persuaded open Hwy?
Mayor: access; important to relieving
Sop: agree with you have to get info; supported Cclr V b/c I remember a mtg a cpl of years ago
regulating traffic one way in and one way out, fields one and two but that was field hockey and cricket
then a new society formed and all over again
during the summer the Cricket Club was told to be out of there for a year
I cdn't find out, who made that
I with Mr Pike met with them to work on a win-win
time developed and more problems
if we get to the bottom; anything salvageable -- we shd hv a town hall mtg
communication links all there
Mr Dozzi has moved into something
one thing we must not overstate -- the area residents have not been given fair/time
so much out there not been categorized, don't know if rumour
do know residents there besides themselves, they're taking legal action
have seen this at Wentworth, Morven, and now here
don't have answers...
leave it to you Mayor but have a town hall mtg and get it out
Mayor: step one is to get full info in front of us, staff working on that
hard in summer, trying to keep straight and share it
take traffic concerns seriously
my understanding is that cricket working with field hockey, numerous groups on sporting side collaborating
KP: Society made up of mbrs on board two from cricket for 80 whereas soccer has 2000
hv asked whether official position but no answer
others asking if coming from executive
Mayor: so staff a status report for Sept 24
VV: yes
Sop: town mtg
Mayor: get info then, and see
Sop: this chamber will be full
Mayor: well, it's a ccl mtg
CAO: we know the decision on the grant will be early to mid October and that will dictate what will go forward; affect design; a lot of things up in air right now
Mayor: opposed Cclr Smith?
MS: we're waiting on grant, on Min of Hwys
why ppl out when concerned about traffic and not a proposed project to put in front of them
Mayor: b/c evolving over summer, have a responsibility
lots of things ppl not aware of
9:50 -- PASSED
11.       Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
12.       Development Variance Permit Application No. 07?021 (1881 22nd Street)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated July 30, 2007, ... be received for consideration on Monday, September 24, 2007.
13.       Development Variance Permit Application No. 07?024 (6655 Madrona Place)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the report dated August 20, 2007, ... be received for consideration on Monday, September 24, 2007.
14.       Development Variance Permit Application No. 07?025 (480 Eastcot Road)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated August 21, 2007, ... be received for consideration on Monday, October 01, 2007.
15.       Development Variance Permit Application No. 07?029 (5771 Cranley Drive)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the report dated August 28, 2007, ... be received for consideration on Monday, October 01, 2007.

> 16.  CORRESPONDENCE LIST FOR CONSENT AGENDA -- [for receipt; full list in previous issue]
These removed for discussion:
(1)       R. Sultan, M.L.A. West Vancouver-Capilano, July 13, 2007, regarding Home Owners' Grant
            Referred to the Director of Finance for consideration and response.
Sop: did ask them to look at this
overlooked it in this package but did see it there; assume some time
Mayor: Mr Laing has responded in a joint letter with me
RL: did receive letter and drafted response not sure gone out; not sure Ccl has seen it
Mayor: think it has gone out but will check on that
Sop: equalized?
Mayor: yes
(22)     August 08, 2007, regarding Proposal for New Streetlight Installation on Greentree Road
            Referred to the Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
Sop: I used to live there, dark
one area resident said no so it doesn't go in
Brent Dozzi: we do have a policy whereby if a cmnty requests a new streetlight, require 100%
light wd be in front of the home and that gentleman doesn't want it
cd have a lease light ... has a transformer so not a possibility ... $35 500
other options at residents' cost; ornamental pole, go local improvement rule
Sop: under safety, BC Hydro put one?
BD: we'd run a warrant
looks at whether necessary; no crash history, v low ped or vehicle volume so wdn't merit
Sop: we say 100%?
JC: Point of order.  I move mtg continue till close of biz
NOPE! -- MS opposed! {it requires a unanimous vote of those to continue}

{This was a shock.  No doubt Cclr Smith was tired having just returned from abroad, but that there was a ccl mtg was no surprise, nor shd it be that it might go beyond 10pm.  When this happened in the past (approaching 10pm), it was pointed out that if a cclr didn't want to stay, he shd simply leave the mtg.  That way the ccl mtg continues (for anyone who chooses to stay).  By voting no, he's imposing his views on the rest of Ccl wanting to complete the agenda, and any mbr of the public who's waited to speak.
and what respect does it show for colleagues and residents?
When it happened earlier this year (two men left standing, waiting to speak) and he was told a better choice wd be just to leave as Cclr Day has on occasion, we had understood that he wd show that consideration in future.
Whether ill, tired, other commitments, or whatever, of course one understands a councillor might have to leave, but why prevent others who want to stay, finish agenda, make reports, and listen to public??? }

(24)     August 12, 2007, regarding Reconsideration of Bylaw Banning Outdoor Clotheslines
            Referred to the Director of Administrative Services for consideration and response.
JF: energy saving, don't prohibit, just prohibit permanent clotheslines
Mayor: not sure either is the case
RB: staff have investigated this enquiry and we do not have any bylaws prohibiting; will be responding
Mayor: Receipt of Correspondence 1, 22, and 24
Wd like to remind mbrs of the public welcome to join us at 11am Wed at KMC for the Swearing-In of Chief Kash Heed.
Now about 90 seconds left
VV: Need to remind the public of the North Shore Heritage Weekend
Displays from 1 to 4 o'clock outside the Ferry Bldg Gallery, Classic Car Show
[holding brochure] further events; I won't take any more seconds
Carolanne Reynolds, Heritage West Van: I was going to welcome everybody to enjoy the NShHeritage Weekend too but already done.
Since I only have 60 seconds I suppose
The other thing that came up
~ First of all, the dedication of M prop [to a homeowner] wch I thought was quite rightly brought up by someone, what I was wondering is if Ccl wd consider in that case if they're [the M] not getting money for it, if it's on the basis of keeping a tree, there shd perhaps be a covenant on the trees b/c it has happened in the past that ppl have said we're keeping the trees, we're getting this, get what they want, and they cut down the trees.  So I wonder if Ccl wd consider a covenant on that.
~ Ambleside, Pat's Restaurant, I thought was v interesting b/c, and Cclr Sop brought up was it going to be in keeping with the WG [recommendations]... Well, since Mr Gustavson was on the WG perhaps he was making it comply with that.
{NB: Those recommendations have not yet been passed/adopted.}
~ As for the [Cmnty] Calendar,* I was a little surprised that it wd be looked at again b/c it had been [put up] twice [on the DWV website], it's been on the homepage twice; it's been removed twice;  [now] it's been removed a third time; and I had been given assurances that b/c that was the direction given that it wd be, so you're saying this will be resolved tomorrow? or?
Mayor: I know that you will ably represent this issue tomorrow
I'm not sure it's been removed at all, though I know it scrolls down below the screen that immediately comes on, but we will return this to Ccl next Monday following our two mtgs this week.
I'm sorry, but I don't have permission of Ccl to continue past [10 o'clock].
CR: Thank you very much
Mayor: You're welcome.
Motion to adjourn; we'll see you tomorrow
19.  ADJOURNMENT  10pm

The next day, a present for me at the CEC mtg.  It is now on the righthandside of the DWV homepage!  Well, it shdn't have taken so many months and shdn't hv bn removed once up even though put in "New on Site" section.  Anyway, two months ago I said it wd take less than 15 minutes to do; they confirmed it took ten.
Dear Readers, this is for you.  Now when you click on the Calendar you will see the mtgs (Ccl, cmtes, WGs) so that now you'll be able to quickly/easily check to see if there's a mtg you want to attend or an issue having a public mtg or open house.
It's great to say mtgs are open but meaningless if little or no notification.
Ccl has opened a door to Ccl's decision-making machinations for you to observe and even have input.
That's included in the WG guidelines we at CEC also developed and circulated during the Workshop on/for WGs, Friday, Sept 14.
Slowly the doors are opening wider and wider -- it's going in the right direction and "that's a good thing."

=== Ccl AGENDAS Sept 17: Cmte of Whole & Sp Mtg ===

2.  DELEGATION -- L. Gibbs, Dundarave Neighbourhood Association (DNA), regarding Development Issues in Dundarave
3. Council Meeting Procedures and Meeting Schedule -- Information to be provided.
4. North Shore Child Care Needs Assessment =96 Final Report
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the report dated August 27, 2007 from the Manager of Social Services ... be received for information.
5. Ambleside Town Centre Strategy =96 Key Issues
1. The report dated September 11, 2007 from the Manager, Community Planning be received; and
2. Council provide guidance to staff on the issues to be addressed in the final draft Ambleside Town Centre Strategy, for further consideration at a Town Hall Meeting to be held in early October 2007.

--->  SPECIAL REGULAR CCL AGENDA (immediately following Cmte of the Whole mtg)
1.  RECOMMENDED:  THAT Council resolve into the September 17, 2007 Special Regular Meeting of Council.
3.  OPTION OF MINUTES -- No items scheduled.
4. RECOMMENDED: ... ratified.
5. Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 4525, 2007 and Development Permit 05-016 for 1305 Marine Drive (Shell Gas Station)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT ... now introduced and read a first time in short form.
RECOMMENDED:  THAT ... be considered at a concurrent Public Hearing / Public Meeting to be held on Monday, October 15, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. in the Municipal Hall Council Chamber.
6. Information Report on the November 2006 Report of the Premier's Council on Aging and Seniors=92 Issues
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the Report dated September 4, 2007 from the Manager of Social Services ... be received for information.
7. Dog Walking Enforcement/Regulations in Ambleside Park
        Report to be provided on table.
8. Animal Control Bylaw 4208, 2000, Amendment Bylaw 4520, 2007

9. Consent Agenda Items =96 Reports and Correspondence List
=B7 Item 10 =96 Development Applications Status List; and
=B7 Item 11 =96 Correspondence List.
10. Development Applications Status List: received for information
Requests for Delegation -- No items presented.
Action Required
(1) August 28, 2007, regarding Proposal to Construct Boat Moorage Facilities Along Waterfront
        Referred to the Director of Planning, Lands & Permits for consideration and response.
(2) September 03, 2007, regarding Surveillance, Monitoring and Reporting of Ocean Water Quality
        Referred to the Director of Parks & Community Services for consideration and response.
(3) September 05, 2007, regarding Serious Problem with Curbside Recycling Program
        Referred to the Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
(4) September 06, 2007, regarding Curbside Recycling Pickup
        Referred to the Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
(5) B. Binnie, President =96 UBCM, September 06, 2007, regarding The BC Climate Action Charter
        Referred to the Mayor & Council for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(6) Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
        (a) West Vancouver Police Board =96 July 26, 2007
(7) G. Stewart, President =96 Capilano Community Services Society, August 15, 2007, regarding Thank You for Community Grant and 2006-2007 Annual Report
Attachments available for viewing in Legislative Services Department.
(8) A.S. Hilsen, Municipal Clerk =96 District of North Vancouver, August 28, 2007, regarding North Shore Child Care Needs Assessment =96 Final Report "Today's Children, Tomorrow=92s Leaders: Child Care Needs on the North Shore, June 2007"
Attachments available for viewing in Legislative Services Department.
(9) A.S. Hilsen, Municipal Clerk =96 District of North Vancouver, August 28, 2007, regarding Federal Revenue Sharing with Municipalities Reallocation of One-Sixth of the GST to Municipalities as a "Targeted Infrastructure Renewal /Replacement Fund"
(10) September 03, 2007, regarding Animal Control Officer Position should be Permanent
(11) G. Clarke, Chair, Board of Directors and L. Berg, President & Chief Executive Officer =96 Vancouver Airport Authority, undated, regarding Invitation to Attend the Vancouver Airport Authority Annual Reception at the Union of British Columbia Municipalities Convention
(12) E. McLaughlin, Chief Executive Officer =96 Hollyburn Country Club, September 05, 2007, regarding Proposed Expansion Plan for Hollyburn Country Club, Plan 2007
(13) September 07, 2007, regarding Rezoning of Shell Station at 13th Street and Marine Drive
Responses to Correspondence -- No items presented.
Responses to Questions in Question Period -- No items presented.


Some of you may have noticed a [sic] in item 6 of the Sept 10 agenda.  That's b/c for some reason someone or whoever's in charge of the agenda apparently is intent on using a word that does not exist and I don't want to pollute your eyes by seeing a word not used in any version of the English language.
There are, as I'm sure all of you are aware, some minor differences in UK, US, and Cdn English.  In a few things Canada has its own distinctive word, spelling, or usage.  In others, Canada uses either the UK or the US version.
licence/license is an example of UK spelling used in Canada.
We (and the Brits) use licence as a noun (singular) and licences (plural).  It is only in the noun that the C is used. We use license for the verb and its various forms: licensed, licensing.  You will see this in provincial and federal govt documents plus in the newspapers (it's in the Cdn Press Style Guide).
In the US, license is used whether noun or verb.
Therefore there's no verb form ending CE and the DWV agenda has -cing in Item 6 but there's no such spelling!
It is my hope that my govts will not only use Cdn spelling, but also use them correctly.
BTW, the same distinction holds for PRACTICE/PRACTISE.


-------from the weekly newsletter by Dr Mardy Grothe, American quotation anthologist-------

On September 13, 1592, Michel de Montaigne died at age 59 in his chateau near Bordeaux, France.  The son of a wealthy Catholic landowner and a mother of Spanish-Jewish descent, he was allowed to hear and speak only Latin until he was six years old.  After a brief career in law and politics, he retired to the family chateau at age 35 to focus on a life of reflection and writing.  In 1580, he invented a new literary form with his historic "Essays".  Montaigne was also one of the world's first great quotation collectors, even going so far as to carve approximately fifty memorable quotations in the wooden beams of his office and study (he called it his "solitarium").  [He was a] truly gifted writer, and had a special knack for crafting quotable quotes.
Many of his best were metaphorical:
        "It is good to rub and polish our brain against that of others."
        "The beauty of stature is the only beauty of men."
        "Age imprints more wrinkles in the mind than it does on the face."
He also penned many wonderful oxymoronic observations:
        "The secret of success in life is known only to those who have not succeeded."
        "I have seen people rude by being over-polite."
        "He who does not live in some degree for others, hardly lives for himself."
More about life from Dr Mardy Grothe's weekly newsletter:
~  Arnold Palmer:  The road to success is always under construction.
~  Jimmy Buffett:  Life is much more manageable when thought of as a scavenger hunt as opposed to a surprise party.
~ John Gardner:  Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.
~ Charlotte Perkins Gilman:  Life is a verb, not a noun.
~ Danny Kaye: Life is a great big canvas, and you shd throw all the paint on it you can.
"If all of human existence is like a grand painting, then every individual life is a self-portrait."

Visit Dr. Mardy's websites: www.chiasmus.com / www.oxymoronica.com / www.vivalarepartee.com / www.drmardygrothe.com

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: The man who knows no foreign language knows nothing of his mother tongue.

To quote the actor and writer Stephen Fry, "The e-mail of the species is more deadly than the mail."