Ccl NOTES Sept 24
Calendar to Oct 12

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

=3D  MAIN ITEMS Ccl mtg Oct 1: DVPs 480 Eastcot (to allow existing garage within required front yard!) and 5771 Cranley (small one-storey addition with variances); Prov Electoral Area Boundary Readjustments; Cmnty Engagement Policy (our work on openness and inclusion of you, the public); Bylaws re tax exemptions, fees and charges, solid waste utility, lane paving, Animal Control; DVP Application 2929 Altamont; Correspondence including parking at the Srs' Ctr, WV Police Bd Aug mtg minutes [14.5(a)], Hugo Ray Park
=3D  Vive le Canada (Golf; Southampton Island); BORDERWATCH (original homeland security); ANIMALWATCH; UPDATES (Capers Dund RIP; Hugo Ray's cabin =3D Heritage Lost; Cost of Termination of Police Chief); INFObit (what's FAR/FSR?); THEATREWATCH (Bard 2007; 2008); Calendar to Oct 12th
Amazing that DVPs for 1881 22nd (in area zoned for lots of 12Ksf; two houses, each on a ~4Ksf lot -- read affordability!) and 6655 Madrona (two-car garage built without permit approved); Ambleside Town Ctr (good to learn we'll be getting more info before a Town Hall mtg); Dog Control Bylaw (enforcement changes and review planned); in PQP/C more pleas for pottery 3D studio in new Cmnty Ctr; informing Streamkeepers part of process? and celebrate Rivers Day/Weekend with Mark Angelo on Sunday but WV Streamkeepers on Saturday 10 to 3pm on McDonald Creek at Kings and 19th.
=3D  Ccl AGENDA Oct 1; WEBWATCH (Wiki on the Iran Prez); Quotations
> The Royal Montreal Golf Club is the oldest in North America,
>  CBC has had a series on The National called "The Big Melt".  On Sept 26 it was about the geology of Southampton Island.  I had to look it up (Wikipedia to the rescue), so here's a bit of Canadiana:
Southampton Island is a large island at the entrance to Hudson Bay, Canada. It is part of the Kivalliq Region of the Nunavut Territory. The area of the island is stated as 41,214 km? by Statistics Canada. It is the 34th largest island in the world and Canada's 9th largest island. The only settlement on Southampton Island is Coral Harbour (pop. 712, Canada 2001 Census), called in Inuit Salliq.
East Bay Bird Sanctuary and Harry Gibbons Bird Sanctuary are located on the island and are important breeding sites for the Lesser Snow Goose (Anser caerulescens caerulescens).
It is one of the few Canadian areas and the only area in Nunavut that does not use daylight saving time.
Historically speaking, Southampton Island is famous for its now-extinct inhabitants, the Sadlermiut (modern Inuktitut Sallirmiut "Inhabitants of Salliq"), who were the last vestige of the Tuniit. The Tuniit, a pre-Inuit culture, officially went ethnically and culturally extinct in 1902 when an Western illness wiped out the Sallirmiut in a matter of weeks.
=3D=3D=3D BORDERWATCH --  Just in = by email "The Original Homeland Security":
        "Ask the American Indians what happens when you don't control immigration."
=3D=3D=3D ANIMALWATCH: that adorable polar bear cub: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DUfqbck9szME
Loss of Capers in October devastating for Dundarave.  Did NIMBY nbrs deep-six their plan to relocate to the southeast corner of 24th & Marine or weren't they serious b/c Whole Foods (one in Park Royal) now owns them?  Wd be nice to have anchor attractions at both ends of the single block that is Dundarave Village (biz).  Lost heritage in effect, since it was the first Capers store.
>  Please note: it's no longer GVRD, it's now Metro Vancouver.
>  HERITAGE LOST: incredibly although it was only a few months ago when we lost the house on Keith that had historical significance and I requested Ccl put in place procedures for notification to give heritage/historical groups and the public time to offer to preserve, move, incorporate, etc., I've just learned that Hugo Ray's log cabin (Third and Mathers) near the eponymous park has been demolished yet several heritage groups and the public were not alerted to its possible or imminent demise!  I've offered to help devise a process if Ccl/staff don't have the time or inclination.
Dog-walking in Ambleside has been prohibited for a long time, the difference is that they started enforcing it this summer. {Recent controversy means the Dog Control bylaw will be reviewed.}
Courtesy of/Reprinted from/ Inside Ambleside & Dundarave, September/October 2007 Page 3
Mayor in the Chair
What's the estimated cost to West Van taxpayers for the dismissal and replacement of former chief constable Scott Armstrong, including the subsequent legal dispute and his $200,000.00 payout?
                                                                               -- Inside Ambleside and Dundarave
       The Police Board and Scott Armstrong agreed to a settlement amount of $199,000 which is equal to 18 months of service. In agreement with the pension company, we will continue to pay $17,000 over the course of another 12 months so that the pension benefits to Mr. Armstrong are maximized, and $4,200 in lieu of other benefits.
        Scott Armstrong brought (1) an application for an injunction prohibiting the board from terminating him and for declaration that his contact was not [enforceable] because it was not legal to include an evaluation and assessment period (those questions represent the essence of accountability for both the Police Board and the police chief) and (2) an application for declaration that the matter was settled through mediation efforts. As a result the Board was compelled to defend its position in court twice. In each case the court found in the Board's favour.
        As well, we were required to spend extensive counsel time handling a very comprehensive =46OIPPA (freedom of information and personal privacy) request, and to attend two separate mediation sessions. The cost of this is $270,000 in legal bills, paid for by the taxpayer. This is a significant one time cost, and has been budgeted for through contingency.
        What have we gained as a result? A Police Board, Chief, and Department that are working together quickly to bring our policies and professional standards in line with policing best practices. A draft strategic plan will be available for public comment in September, and the Department is being reshaped so that responsibility for strategic goals is being shaped throughout, which in turn creates opportunity for both the civilian and non-civilian staff. The chief's contract and performance standards are in line with these goals.
                      -- Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, Mayor of West Vancouver & Chair, Police Board
Free Bus Rides for Kids During Walk to School Week
International Walk to School Week is Oct. 1-5, 2007, and once again, TransLink is proud to support it with free transit rides for students.
=3D=3D=3D  INFObits
>  FLOOR AREA RATIO explained
Many have asked what FAR is.  It's also called =46SR.  They stand for Floor Area or Space Ratio.  It's the relationship between the square footage of of the lot, and the square footage of the house/structures.  The footprint is the square footage on the surface of the lot whereas the FAR, is the square footage of the house, and of course can be more than the footprint since it can be two storeys, for example.  To make the math easy, it's the percentage of the lot size.  At present, the maximum for a single family house is .35FAR.  That means that if a lot is 10Ksf, the house can be 3500sf, ie 35% of the lot size (.35 is 35% of 1; 1 being the whole lot).  {When I was on Council about 20 years ago, the maximum was .45FAR -- that's almost 50%, almost half! -- and much dismay about monster houses.  Cclr Day was on Ccl too then and we were proud to have achieved such a reduction.}
Some comparisons.
Evelyn Drive will be .75FAR.  The Hollyburn Medical Ctr is 1.65.  Some businesses in Ambleside are .40 and the Ambleside WG has recommended a 1.75FAR base (one and three quarters the size of the lot) with bonusing possible to 2.25 and 2.75, that is about seven times the small businesses' premises and seven times the size of the residential limit.
Also worrisome IMO from the cmnty's point of view, is that if 1.75 is a given, what opportunity is there for cmnty benefits and amenities for upzoning?
>  WVHS: v interesting Historical Society mtg with slides of the ten most endangered buildings on the North Shore (and the M Hall is one!) by Peter Miller of the NSHPS; info on the Cmnty Dialogue, the WV Heritage Register, and the Neighbourhood Fair Oct 13/14 at Pk Royal by Stephen Mikicich, DWV Cmnty Planner; and a DVD by Dr Olga Kempo on a 100-yr-old house (with the story of the woman who built it as well).
=3D=3D=3D THEATREWATCH -- A bit of history first [http://www2.bardonthebeach.org/history.html]:
Bard on the Beach was founded by Christopher Gaze; the first season was 1990 with 6000 tickets sold.
In 2007, attendance was over 87,000.
Readers of this newsletter will recall that after the premiere of the first of the four Bard plays for the summer, The Taming of the Shrew, I excitedly said how amusing and enjoyable it was.  Even then it was sold out weeks ahead and was sold out for the whole season long, long before its last and it was the play for the last night.  To our delight, it was even better with a lot of little funny additions.
What an incredible season!  Last year was great with 94% of tix sold, but this year Bard was 100% sold out!!! and it was a longer season -- from May 31 to Sept 23 (autumn equinox, btw).
Ppl were lined up for every performance hoping for tix not to be picked up and indeed even on the last night we passed hopefuls as we walked in.
If you've ever seen Bob Frazer (who played Petruchio, the tamer of Kate, the Shrew) act, you'll understand what I wrote during the fist Act Sunday night (Sept 23):

                Frazer captivates,
                        commands -- we're, like Kate,
                                        completely under his spell

He also dominated in Romeo and Juliet playing Mercutio (and Lois Anderson brought life to the role of Juliet's nurse), and had us ga-ga in 2005 as Hamlet.
The inimitable Bard Director Christopher Gaze announced at the wrap party that in 2008 Twelfth Night and King Lear will be on the main stage tent, and in the studio stage, Titus Andronicus and The Tempest.
Twelfth Night was done about five years ago and we saw the Bard production and then saw the London production at the Globe.  Ours/Bard's was of the same quality and Alessandro Juliani here was better as the fool (and he wrote and performed the music).
King Lear is a repeat too.  Quite a heavy play to put on -- last time here (1994) it had the exceptional Douglas Campbell.  Next summer it will be Christopher Gaze himself!
A year or so ago we saw Titus Andronicus put on by Mad Duck Equity Co-op at the Jericho Arts Ctr -- what a bloodthirsty play!
Think we saw The Tempest in Santa Cruz (California; university campus), called Shakespeare in the Glen.  It was last here in 1992 and 2000.
I just can't wait!!!
Summer in Vancouver is Bard and the =46ireworks.
a bit
of rain.
But even 2007's rain didn't dampen attendance at Bard.  Long live Bard 2008!

=3D=3D=3D  CALENDAR to Oct 12th  =3D=3D=3D 
                [M Hall unless otherwise noted; ongoing at end; confirm re changes b/c there are some]
REMEMBER the Farmers' Markets:
          Saturdays: Dundarave 10am - 4pm; Sundays: Ambleside (14th/Bellevue) 11am - 3pm
=3D=3D Friday Sept. 28
~ 7:30pm ~ AT THE LIBRARY: The Music of Grieg
Pianist Milton Schlosser & soprano Kathleen Corcoran will preform a program of works by Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg (1843 - 1907). Seating is limited. Doors open at 7:00 pm. Refreshments provided by Friends of the Library. Music at the Library is funded by the bequest of Robert Leslie Welsh.
=3D=3D Saturday Sept 29th
 We pull for three hours, but if you can come for only an hour please join us.  Dress for the weather in old clothes and bring work gloves. Meet at the upper kiosk in the parking lot.
=3D=3D Sunday Sept 30th
        ~ 3 - 7pm ~ Way Out West Fest - Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr
=3D=3D  RIVERS DAY WEEKEND with West Vancouver Streamkeepers
SATURDAY Sept 29th.  West Vancouver Streamkeepers will celebrate Rivers Day with a display and information table at the rearing pond at Kings and 19th Street from 10am - 3pm. Coho and cutthroat fry caught in the pond will be on view as well as insect life from McDonald Creek. This pond is thriving with  fish and invertebrate life.  Help us plant some native species along the creek.  We will supply plants and shovels, cookies and soft drinks.
SUNDAY Sept 30th.  Mark Angelo will be at the Capilano Dam in the early morning, and then at the DFO =46ish hatchery from 11am - 3pm. There  will be displays, information hand outs, and tours.
=3D=3D International Wa= lk to School Week is Oct 1-5, and TransLink supports it with free transit rides for students.               
=3D=3D Wednesday Oct 3rd  ~ 6pm ~ Cmnty Ctr Governance WG at Srs' Ctr
=3D=3D Thursday Oct 4th  ~ 4:30pm ~ Design Review Cmte (Moved from Sept 27)
***  ???  still no sign of a Rodgers Creek WG mtg yet this fall......

Heather Aston, Marie Price, Rina Pita, William Steinberg, Ingunn Kemble, Marja-Leena Rathje, Patricia Baldwin, Valerie Metz, Susan Campbell, Arnold Shives, Jane Adams, Peter Kiss, Tanya Gleave, Gillian Armitage, Michiko Suzuki, Wayne Eastcott, Ross Penhall, Gordon Smith
+ SUNDAY Sept 30
CALL FOR ENTRIES -- GREAT STUFF 2007 Christmas Gift Sale (Nov 30 - Dec 21)  An exhibition and sale of unique crafts, fine artwork and distinctive gifts at affordable prices, just in time for the Christmas shopper!
Call for Entry Information:  SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 30 at the Music Box - 1564 Argyle (next door to the Silk Purse Gallery)
Drop-off three samples of your work: 9 - 11am; Results &a= mp; Pick-up: 2 - 3pm; Jury Fee: $15 (cash or cheque)
Requirements: Artist must be the creator of the work; Artwork must be original and not made from kits, mass moulds, or mass-produced; No large paintings or prints; Food or beauty products will not be accepted; Maximum value of each piece of inventory $300 Unique, excellent quality, appealing and saleable.
If you are selected to participate, the Gallery will install and handle the sales for the duration of the exhibition.  All sales go to the artist except for a 30% commission fee that the Gallery retains and an exhibition fee of $25.
+ DEFINING MOMENTS: INTERRUPTED LIFE -- Oct 2 - 14; George Dart, mixed media assemblage
        Opening Night 6 - 8pm Oct 2nd; Artist in attendance 2 - 3pm Oct 6th

September  Friday 28  Philosophers' Cafe -- 10:30am - 12:30pm
"How can we participate in meaningful and positive multifaith dialogues?" $5 admission, everyone welcome. A drop-in program of stories, songs, action rhymes, and more for the whole family.
Tuesday 2  --  Reading James Joyce's Ulysses -- 10:30am - 12:30pm
        Please bring your own copy of the novel. Drop in - no registration required.
Wednesday 10  --  Fire Station Stories (3Y-5Y)  1:30-2:15pm
Learn about fire prevention and safety through puppetry and stories presented by Marcia from our own West Vancouver Fire Department. Registration begins Mon., September 24.
Friday 12 --  Out in Schools Film Screening  -- 5 - 7pm
Watch films about topics in today's high schools - homophobia, intolerance towards youth being 'different' and bullying. There will be a talk-back session after the viewing. Refreshments provided by the Teen Advisory Group (T.A.G.)
+++  WV MUSEUM +++  The Black Slip -- The Paintings of Jane Billaux (to Oct 27)

+++  WV ARTS COUNCIL +++ visit www.silkpurse.ca for events (most ticketed)
--->  For events at KMC, see www.kaymeekcentre.com

+++  CHAMBER OF COMMERCE [926 6614; www.chamber.westvan.org]

=3D=3D=3D WV Council NOTES Sept 24 =3D=3D=3D
1.  APPROVAL OF AGENDA -- letters added
2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES (for Sept 10)
3. L. Pierce, Transportation Planning Advisory Committee (TPAC), District of North Vancouver regarding Ride Club (Carpooling Pilot Project)
LP: resident of DNV, mbr of [their] Adv Planning Cmte; had an idea when at SFU in 1970s, got tied up in practising law for 23 years, and now the time's right for TPAC's Ride Club.
made recommendation to CNV and one said he was wary of silver bullets
this is not the solution, it's a solution, part of the solution
this blue book was delivered to you this afternoon
lots of cars, just need to find way to get more than one person in a car
mom always taught us not to get into a car with a stranger; have to get over it
person at side of road, holding up a Ride Club car -- every one will be issued one; reflective so can be used at night.  [slide of Ride Club card with photo ID]
car has dashboard card with type of car
survey results are at tab 1; we've put up a website -- rideclub.ca
[listed reasons] reduces global warming, sharing a ride, etc
Tab 3, everyone who visited site left email address, a good sign
ICBC, stumbling blocks? if paying but if contributing gas money no problem
for Motor Carrier Commission, problem to be dealt with -- can't be paid, or even a cup of coffee
slug lines, started in WDC, been going since 1970s
tab 8 is a biz plan; I'm willing to donate my time; in process of trying to get funding; support from CNV (endorsing idea, directing staff to meet with me for in-kind support)
I want your support, have NV's
I believe we can provide a network -- ppl will pull up and pick up a club mbr
small amt of money, budget on last page $91K for two years
stuck here with two bridges; start with focus on Lions' Gate Bridge
Sop: guess they haven't written the book on a man, his car, and a cellphone
is 80+ responses good?
LP: well, it's not; you can read the summaries; do we need another survey? no
all we need right now is how many will sign up
Sop: do you think concerned about liability?
LP: everyone has insurance; I do personal injury for a living so I know; just not insured for criminal acts
Sop: gone to Phoenix for 30 years and I've seen
have loops and HOV lanes and no one in the HOV lanes
shd look at this, support in principle
Mayor: Cclr V is making motion for receipt -- Cclr Clark?
JC: no cost to the rider? got to be cost somewhere, cards
LP: small mbrship fee; a great deal on line; simple; in the nbrhd of $30 - $40 per year
VV: but buses have special lanes, unless a vehicle with four occupants same privileges
stop at bus stops and take from line up?  same rights as buses -- maybe have a trial period
LP: stop and pickup a question but if NShore got together cd agree at predetermined places or bus stops or have more HOV lanes; hope never as bad as Phoenix
RECEIVED and referred to Dept/Engg for further comment
[7:22] REPORTS
4. Development Variance Permit Application 07-021 (1881 22nd Street)
Additional Information: Memo dated September 20, 2007 from the Community Planner attaching a landscape plan for 1881 22nd Street.
At the September 10, 2007 meeting, Council received the report dated July 30, 2007 from the Community Planner titled "Development Variance Permit Application 07-021 (1881 22nd Street)", a copy of which is attached for reference.
        {NB: If you're interested in this item and want to understand, the staff report for this item is well written.}
Mayor: anyone wishing to comment?
Farzin Yadegari (sp?): I'm the architect for this project.  Two adjoining lots; due to nature of land, one lot is at corner of Queens and 22nd and the other at 22nd.  B/c of setbacks will be v narrow lots and narrow buildings and doesn't really meet bylaws.  Earlier was not passed so have changed to North West side wch works better with surrounding buildings
[pointing to drawings on wall] one 4Ksf and the other about 4400sf; not big bldgs, one 2000sf, the other about 2100sf
SJN: there have been some questions about these lots; they were created in early 1900s
zoning bylaw says lots-of-record existing prior to the passing of the bylaw can be used for sgl-fam purposes
two in east-west direction, on both of the lots someone may apply
on one by applying the bylaws strictly, a long house cd be built
on the northern lot, you'd have to have a setback, on east-west street; wd have to come to Ccl or Bd of Variance to build on this lot
staff considered the two lots to be buildable and a north-south subdivision preferable b/c wd fit in with surrounding houses
the lots across the street are under 50ft
VV: architect has done a nice think but RS3 zoning requiring 12Ksf and 80ft wide when this will have two of 4Ksf each so it's even to small for one
nice architecture
can't see looking back to 1900s rather than subsequent bylaws
Sop: didn't see doc from 1912, did it say legal?
SJN: yes; legal at turn of the century
Sop: based on need for variance -- architect did a good job, but what obligation to we have some semblance of nbrhd character that some realization for their lifetime, what they purchase in area, will see some change but, had garden and plants, enjoyed ambiance... but seeing an anomaly like this has an irrevocable effect on nbrhd and just not nice/right.
good job Mr architect, two small houses; but I saw it today and nbrs some smaller homes but lots broaden out and get bigger -- this area is 12Ksf and these are 4Ksf
not going to support this, until some time in future wrt infill
that's coming and look at then
we want small houses but on conforming lots
most nbrs won't realize a large house -- the two with narrow space between
MS: agree with VV and Sop; the two lots now have one house and the lot is no bigger than lots around it; I realize the owner has the right to build according to SJN.  This has gone to Bd of Variance and was turned down [read out reasons]
If he wanted to build two houses on lot it's his right to do so but this Ccl shd not allow a variance
SJN: see that Bd of Variance's decision
the northern lot is a flanking lot and if you take off the setbacks, you cd not build but you cd on the southern lot
have to receive from Bd of Variance or Ccl
JF: I'm going to support; interesting application; has right from 1912 and what applies to rest of block doesn't to this.
two small houses cheaper than one big one
I like variation.  Young families moving in, affordability; always be a problem b/c of cost of land but will be more affordable relative to others in WV
I too read the minutes from the Bd of Variance, a number of nbrs, four, who spoke in opposition to the earlier subdivision; understand they're more satisfied with what's proposed tonight and I don't see anyone opposed in the audience tonight coming forward with objections; like concept; provides an alternative; more affordable than houses in the region; deserves my support
[MOVED THAT the DVP which would provide for a re-orientation of two existing legal non-conforming lots and two new single family homes with variances to siting and parking location be approved.]
Mayor (tied so has to vote): three (Clark, Day, Ferguson for); three (Smith, Sop, VV against) -- I have a question for Dir/Planning
Bd of Variance, not a hardship, an anomaly: been paying two tax bills for 100 years; if defeated what  direction can we give to these applicants?
SJN: presume they're paying taxes on the basis of the existing house being there; Assessment Authority has no say, is given list of lots and assesses what worth
zoning bylaw states sgl-fam lots existing at time of bylaw may be used for sgl-fam use
these under the use provision can be used as sgl-fam lots; the ones across about 49ft wide and adjacent are not RS3, they're 5Ksf
these are unusually narrow; probably one or two like this others in the Dundarave area, may or may not come up
immediate nbrs have said preferable
if Ccl does not approve and BoV doesn't, we cd not give a permit for the northern lot, so in difficult position, not able to proceed with construction on northern lot; not sure wd have to check with solicitors what situation leaves them in legally but don't believe different from situation in last 70 years
other than a legal opinion, both applications have been turned down
Mayor: wish we'd had the discussion on housing before this
we know for a fact ppl living in smaller houses, smaller families
dangerous to think precedent-setting, think it's actually the opposite; anomalous site, v unusual situation
based on what seems to me to be a few years of work and a few years of trying to fit in, I'm prepared to approve the application.
5. Development Variance Permit Application No. 07-024 (6655 Madrona Place)
At the September 10, 2007 meeting, Council received the report dated August 20, 2007 from the Community Planner titled "Development Variance Permit Application No. 07-024 (6655 Madrona Place)", a copy of which is attached for reference.
RECEIPT passed
MOVED: THAT the DVP which would allow for an existing two-car carport, built without permits by a previous owner, be approved.
{Fascinating.  Talk about precedents -- why on earth approve a two-car carport, let alone anything, built without a permit?  There was absolutely no discussion or explanation about this extraordinary approval.}
6. Information Report on the November 2006 Report of the [Premier's] Council on Aging and [Seniors'] Issues (to be received for information).
KP: previous ccl.... reviews; how to support seniors
one in four of this cmnty is over 65, considerably higher than Vancouver
Eight areas for emphasis: participating in society, transforming work, reshaping our nbrhds, staying healthy, ensuring sufficient incomes, supporting independence, providing medical services, making it happen
addresses how each relevant in WV; we've done a considerable number of things, many addressed by our Seniors' Ctr, opened in 1981; Aquatic Ctr now. and our new health ctr will open next year
lots of mixing of youth and ages, happening in Gleneagles as well
over half of those over 65 in this cmnty are mbrs of the Srs' Ctr and 1000 are volunteers
baby boomers just entering their 60s -- will they want to take it over and run it themselves? new cmnty ctr may be the case
This info must be at the forefront for Parks and Rec Dept; Seniors will be leading
Sop: one of our WGs looking at this
work on governance of new Cmnty Ctr, through volunteerism, look at how we're serving and think we're well ahead of the game
ageing and homelessness part of it and our recommendations will come forth in 2008
Mayor: it struck me we've anticipated and we're leaders in this field; think we shd write to Premier and say what we've done; the three mayors on NShore met Friday
like to compliment Anne Mooi on her report, taking report and responding enables Ccl to act on this
7. Draft Regional Affordable Housing Strategy (July 2007)
JC moved:
1. The GVRD Board be advised that West Vancouver Council supports the overall directions of the Draft Regional Affordable Housing Strategy (July 2007), on the understanding that support for specific proposals related to targets, regional development cost charges and a regional affordable housing trust fund would be subject to municipal consideration of the forthcoming technical analysis; and
2. The issues around affordable housing and potential strategies for addressing them be discussed as part of the Community Dialogue on Neighbourhood Character and Housing.
VV: I think we shd be v cautious of signing these kinds of things
notice there's a memo from the WG and they don't give us the info to justify using the report
talks about supporting the spirit of supporting a strategy and then talks about discussions
our own WG doesn't make any comment on the strategy and we shdn't be going ahead of them
if you look at the affordable housing, it doesn't take long to get to densification and that has to be dealt with in its own right
I look at us as trustees
if strategy runs counter to what our WG says to us
we've had comments about WGs having developers ant this cmte had real estate...  has all been developed from ordinary residents, all in the housing/devt industry, conflict of interest
can't see we shd sign on
Mayor: remove a word and refer back after WG has reported
Sop: one of the big one is prop levies and WV has highest
Mayor: that's been taken out
Sop: so many questions; can't support unless concrete suggestions; what has been taken out?
Mayor: item w cd stand
JF: don't understand reference to signing on; support overall suggestions but wait for more info, right?
Mayor: yes
JF: note we have specific concerns
JC: the Housing WG was offered this report early in its life, did consider; what you're offered here is support in principle, says you will get a clearer picture
Mayor: consider all together?
8. Branding the District of West Vancouver as a Desirable Employer (for receipt)
Mayor: recruitment challenges.  Susan Ney.
SN:  information report, one of the initiatives;
same recruitment challenges; our demographics mirror rest of NAmerica, actually worse
within ten years 55% of our non-emergency personnel cd retire, seeing a large number of staff leaving
look at how to keep; look at who we are, hire the right person the first time
skill shortages; lot of positions not filled, cost attached to that; also readvertise
so we created some focus groups asked staff why they work for the District
using team.......
branding helps describing what it's like to work for local govt
bn working with GVRD; working on creation of decals encouraging ppl to look at our website and urging ppl to go to www.westvancouver.ca/careers
info, benefits package, perks
great forum for telling cmnty great place to work; want to scream from mountaintops who we are and we shd be their employer of choice
will see what's effective; excited about building a team and providing services for this cmnty
MS: congratulate Susan for the initiative, looks catchy, slogan: "this team, this place, and you"
can't help but note, one of the reasons for shortage, retirement age for Police and Fire is 50, and report other as 55
low ages in this day and age; wondering if HR is looking at bumping those up to a more sensible age level?
SN: set by Pension authority; choice to leave; indicating when they can go
ppl leave and work elsewhere part-time
keeping ppl and keeping ppl creatively
if Pension plan looking to raise those age wd be interesting dialogue and wd create problems
now have to sign won't come back and work for us; whole set of problems
opp to do things differently, exciting
JF: we're not the only M experiencing difficulties hiring
the cost of housing in the Lower Mainland, escalated in past 15, ten years, is that playing role in adding to the difficulties?
SN: going to see that.  Right now 50% of our staff live on NShore
I can be a labourer in WV or in Port Moody; has to be a reason for working in WV
to draw ppl across the extra bridge or will choose position closer to cmnty living within
look at these things to keep great staff we have
Sop: benefit-wise WV has supported v well
SN: yes
Sop: why wdn't someone want to come here? money?
SN: rates paid across Ms is basically identical so not positive or negative staying within M
cost of commute is additional so that's where's the value-added so we've been looking at flexible hours
employees' market now and may be 30 to 40 years before employers' market
WV has worked well but have to keep
Sop: recent settlements, most Ms will face staff cost increases
those are complements to the quality of life, inflation, so really not a downhill, always will be positive
have had some experience; we've had difficulty wrt certain departments; some outside of the country
wonder what will happen after Olympics
taxpayer looks at it and seems well looked after
SN: City of Vancouver lost five or six planners to Dubai
haven't seen before other countries recruiting Canadians; puts some pressure
VV: interested in what Ms Ney's told us; puts finger on one thing -- globalization
the intersection of globalized forces on our little world; thank Ms Ney for reminding us
RD: this is okay but problem with lingo -- decals make us look desperate
"get on the team" -- that's not going to get anyone; let's be original; I think a brochure;
SN: that's why we went to focus groups; why they chose to come and stay
RD: a good idea, not decals
SN: I grew up in WV, went to WV Secondary and ashamed to say I didn't know where the M Hall was
time we got out and talked to ppl and say hey, we're here; we haven't had to do that in past
RD: ads in buses, go to schools
SN: we're going to do all of that
RD: okay.
9. Ambleside Town Centre Strategy: Notification and Town Hall Meeting
Information to be provided.
JF: met with Mayor and staff and decided have to get information out; WG's recommendations plus staff's
we're looking at a package of written material that can be left in stores, put in library
ppl can look and make suggestions of their own then maybe a better time for a town hall mtg
suggest TH mtg of Oct 17 be deferred till later
Mayor: then Ccl better able to represent cmnty's views
PASSES: will certainly keep you all informed.
10. Animal Control Bylaw No. 4208, 2000 Amendment Bylaw No. 4520, 2007 - Horseshoe Bay Park Dog Control Designation
This item was deferred from the September 17, 2007 Special Regular Council Meeting.
This Bylaw received third reading at the September 10, 2007 Council Meeting.
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the report dated September 18, 2007 from the Manager of Bylaw & Licencing [sic] Services regarding [the Bylaw..] be amended to convert the area of Horseshoe Bay Park east of the paved parking lot on 6317 Bay Street to a "dogs on leash" park area be received.
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the third reading ... be rescinded.
DONE, then moved:
THAT the bylaw be amended as described in the report dated September 18, 2007 from the Manager of Bylaw & Licencing [sic, shd be Licensing] Services.
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the bylaw as amended, be read a third time.
Mayor: wonder if Dave Stuart cd update us
CAO: after daycare, etc change except decided to leave as it is, Horseshoe Bay east...
mindful of signage; as for Amb, better signage; right now instead of ticketing, warning instead; this past weekend only ticketed four ppl; wanting to put better signage; appeals are based on lack of signage and some appeals being upheld; moving ahead with our signage package.
Mayor: now move recommendation?
Sop: first, Point of Order.  Has the Local Govt Act changed? used to be second reading
SSch: consulted solicitor last year who confirmed as long as third reading was rescinded prior to making the amendment
Sop: I move  receipt [etc]
Sop: move third reading be rescinded
JF: opportunity for public?
{full marks to JF; even with no one on list, call for public input shd hv bn made}
Mayor: I didn't have anyone on my list; so I'll ask for that; thank you. Vote for rescinding [PASSED]
Anyone wishing to comment?
[Nope, then Sop moved third reading]
MS: in view of the correspondence and email we've had on dogs we shd discuss this whole question
restricted from [gave long list, plus 20 parks dogs prohibited on]
seems to me deal with problem, dogs running loose; seems to be no problem with dogs on leash
the more than 50 years, dogs on side of playing field watching kids has been allowed
the bylaw shd address dogs running loose, not permitted, and back off on ppl walking dogs on a leash with a bag to pick up
Mayor: think to be reviewed
CAO: possible changes with public process and from others who use the facilities
this is not new, considerable consultation back then; certainly the question of access
will be opportunity for public input; re leashes part of review
Sop: we did go through a process re dog bylaw
guess at the time, we didn't get to how to get to a destination
found it strange allow a dog to walk behind a fence beside you then move away; what was the issue with leash
many feel correct and heard from them
have a look at what right to walk dog, looked at in NV; may have to change our ways
VV: just hope when staff come forward address dogs, eg on wheelchair/electric scooter and dog in basket be considered under control and equivalent to being on leash
simply b/c leash doesn't make sense, need better definition; under control, not necessarily on leash
11. Local Area Service Lane Paving Construction 1300 Block Jefferson and Inglewood Avenue and 1160 =96 14th Street Bylaw No. 4526, 2007 (for three readings)
JF: wd like to ask Dir/Engg -- frequently done but how sustainable are they for allowing water to sink in
Raymond Fung (Acting):  creating lane more impervious surface certainly but locals maybe not as much maintenance; have been doing some education with public, doing some pilot projects more permeable and you may be familiar with City of Vancouver "country lanes programs" for their LIP.  More expensive than paving with asphalt.   Haven't seen any local group come forth yet with an application.
JF: wd be more in keeping with our goals as a cmnty and envmtal sustainability
not going to oppose this but shd make sure WG addresses this whole question
Sop: in fact we are looking at that in Envtal Strategy, lanes as well as services; new principles
We did experiment at Gleneagles, seems to work well, gravel under mesh, successful?
RF: yes, and another experiment at District's initiative, a lane, a grid at St Francis in the Wood, allowed water through for storm water purposes; believe been successful as a pilot project
costs, a bit expensive, but over time as ppl see more, and more educated wrt storm water mgmt hope to bring more to Ccl; hope to bring more to Ccl.
12. Change to October 15, 2007 Council Meeting Schedule
Committee of the Whole Council Meeting scheduled ... changed to a Regular Council Meeting
13. Consent Agenda Items =96 Reports and Correspondence List (for approval as listed)
Item 14 =96 Development Applications Status List; and Item 15 =96 Correspondence Lists.
Mayor: anyone want to exempt items?
MS: 23
Sop: 3
14. Development Applications Status List (received for information; complete list in previous issue)
(3) September 05, 2007, regarding Serious Problem with Curbside Recycling Program
Referred to the Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
Sop: acceptability of certain type of can? used to have brown bag; all in place and are recycling folks doing their job?
RF: current system of blue box and yellow bag; throughout GVRD and our contractor is using that system, our present till July 2009, joint North Shore; until that time not anticipating any changes
Depending upon driver, some are more accepting to variations of what they see; benefit to consistency as to what they can set out' it seems it's the wrong [container?] and person wants to use own; will be meeting; particular situation; highest participation rates in region
(23) September 07, 2007, regarding Enrolment at Sentinel School
MS: motion to meet with Sch Bd; [number coming here from] out of District' effect on traffic
built as nbrhd schools, not designed to have a whole slew of cars at 8:30 and 3 o'clock
rightly concerned about traffic around Collingwood so shd to public schools
Mayor: set up a mtg
JC: refer to Traffic and Transportation Cmte
Sop: first annual bed race in Pk Royal South last weekend
thx to Cclr Ferguson who sewed up these costumes; we went as bedbugs --
we were in the masters over 50; but we were put in with the young guys
Mayor: hear the fire chief in better shape
we were told by several that our costumes were the highlight of the show; cdn't understand why honorable mention
Mayor: b/c I was the judge
Sop:... had we known just a...  now I have to go through an exercise program
JF: the winners were about 20 years old and in spandex; maybe we shd wear spandex
Mayor: a great day, for LGHospital will continue
right after that went to welcome the HTV -- eight days five riders
never done before in history of country before (all NSh ppl); raised for juvenile diabetes; ... real athletic leaders.. Premier there to launch them off and welcome them home b/c of his support for Act Now; some say do and some just do it; shining moment for the NSh
GVRD mtg on Friday, complimenting DWV staff for showcasing innovation in Green Infrastructure projects
I put together a mtg with these four leaders/innovators last year, staff and province and it's gone on to be a partnership, gone incredibly well; Chair Jackson v complimentary to WV staff for leading on that
Sop: this week UBCM and we're meeting with four ministers; public shd know
Mayor: Mr Stuart has just finished the briefing notes
CAO: Minister Thorpe re sgl licensing system, Hanson re 2010; Minister Taylor fiscal sustainabiltiy; Minister Les update re wide variety of policing issues
Mayor: I am meeting, with a GVRD delegation, with Minister Penner around the Lions' Gate sewage plant
CAO: also Minister De Jong, a number of initiatives with First Nations
June Sutherland: lived in WV almost all my life and taxpayer for 38 years
on mtg with Mayor June 5th, asked staff about component of pottery studio
cost of only studio, never was cost provided
my first question: did the Mayor have cost of only studio and did Ccl use that figure in consideration of inclusion
second: with the $37.7M budget, secured at a good rate so that their health programs cd be provided
with this budget and quadrupling the size, why Ccl cdn't find 1700sf out of  80K?
out of $38M existing progs protected
Mayor: will refer that to Mr Pike.  I believe Ccl will consider at quarterly report in Oct
KP: will have that info for you in October
from 28Ksf to just over 50K and that is not a quadrupling; have looked at this for some time, when project reduced in size everyone knows the connection with the Srs' Ctr wch included the 3D studio was removed from the project; will be av in October
Mayor: I also asked about including it in the fibre studio in Srs' Ctr
Connie Little: representing the senior potters who participated in this summer's Harmony Arts
over 400 signatures seeking reinstatement of the pottery in the 3D study; sample of commentary: to not continue proving art space, enrich lives and .... our chn
my understanding no acknowledgement of 200 letters of support for studio 3D studio submitted in June, so I'm here in person to present 444 signatures objecting to the removal
new Cmnty Ctr 85Ksf instead of 20Ksf; shd be considered now while still under construction; elimination is shortchanging youth and adults and shd not be the legacy of the new cmnty ctr
find a way to find a place in new; remember, if you build it they will come
Betty Ditters: retired art teacher; taught art from K to 12; also taught pottery at the Cmnty Ctr
provide for all; here to speak for chn; the WV pottery studio provided progs and services for over 30 years
critical to child's devt, going from concrete, feel it in the fingers, to the abstract; otherwise deprive and affect progress; future professionals [list], creative concepts; cannot create from a vacuum; enjoyed teaching pottery over years and seeing positive impact; why being ignored in new ctr?
in old ctr 1700sf was allocated and in new at four times cannot accommodate; is another coffee shop more important than space for our chn?

Carolanne Reynolds, Yours Truly:  ... first of all overjoyed you're going to put more emphasis on pervious surfaces b/c that was suggested during the OCP {review/consultation, by me}
but my question tonight when the Watercourse Bylaw was passed a year or so ago, we were all v excited about it, and one of the things I thought was going to be part of the process is that if anything was built around or affected a stream or a creek, that the WV Streamkeepers wd be informed and we've just learned that there's been some concrete footings or a bridge or something over Nelson Creek and no one knew about it
We will pursue that otherwise, but I wd like it confirmed or tell me, what is your process now?
I thought you were going to include that anything affecting a stream or creek we (Streamkeepers) wd at least be informed, preferably before it happens
Mayor: I'm trying to think wch mbr of staff cd respond to that
CAO: perhaps we cd look into it; have to go back into the record to determine what commitment was made or not made; certainly I think there's an intent to work closely with the Streamkeepers, but as to whether we specifically indicated  that for ev devt that wd occur in/around a creek was mandatory that they wd be informed I don't remember that being the case, but we can provide information to Ccl and Ms Reynolds wrt that
CR: thank you; in general the cooperation is v good, but this is something that just came up
And since we're talking about Streamkeepers, it's Rivers Weekend this weekend and Mark Angelo will be on Sunday but on Saturday will be the WV Streamkeepers' celebration from 9/10am to 3 o'clock at McDonald Creek at Kings and 19th
Thank you very much, and you're all welcome.
Mayor: next; can't read the last name
Shen: occupant of West Lake cabins; my son was named after the Baden Powell Trail
have had difficult summer b/c have lost that cabin it appears at the will of the District; difficult to watch that process; here in spring and thought process wd be worked out; 110 other cabins given renewed permits; no line of demarcation that led us to believe we've segmented...
award to Hollyburn Ridge Assn, of wch I'm a mbr, hope we're apart of that family
my nbr today at the HRA AGM was almost in tears, super 8 footage shot from his old Chevy going up there to old Lodge, a mentor in cmnty
felt ev indication we'd be able to continue there; we were summarily evicted
in last two weeks trying to get up there to secure some items, there was a gate made it difficult to get out, number on gate was away that weekend; was carrying furniture out carrying down trail
maybe get permission to get; maybe wishful thinking thought we cd
cabins five fallow, five in good condition and wd be willing to submit to inspection; at least three of us v actively involved and in occupation
if no reconsideration, also concerned about destruction of them, how go about
communications, hoped we'd be involved
we're custodians of the envmt there; made it diff for ppl to get up there, but I've guided ppl to the trail
NSN article never a public complaint
I have a journal that goes back ten years, numerous times helped
I apologize for being emotional - it's the world to me and my son and family
if there's no alternative -- heard about a cmnty ctr and heard bulldozed
beseech the city the families for the ten cabins in worse condition -- be placed on some sort of priority
thank you for your time and consideration
Mayor: like Mr Pike and ....  fundamental that cabins were purchased by the District
CAO: perhaps he cd followup after the mtg, we're in receipt of letters from their solicitors
options to get some things out of there?
KP: they were purchased ten years ago; have afforded ability to come and get things out of cabins; don't know about locked gate but willing to provide opportunity again
Mayor: afraid can't comment any further b/c  lawyers involved.

=3D=3D=3D WV Council AGENDA Oct 1st =3D=3D=3D
2.    ADOPTION OF MINUTES of Sept 17
3.         Development Variance Permit Application No. 07?025 (480 Eastcot Road)
At the September 10 Council Meeting, Council received the report dated August 21 from the Community Planner.
RECOMMENDED: all submissions received
If Council wishes a further staff report, then staff to report back  OR
that DVP which would allow for an existing garage located within the required Front Yard be approved.
4.         Development Variance Permit Application No. 07?029 (5771 Cranley Drive)            
At the September 10 Council Meeting, Council received the report dated August 28 from the Community Planner
RECOMMENDED: all submissions received
If Council wishes a further staff report, then staff to report back  OR
that the DVP which would provide for a small (319 square feet) one-storey addition with variances to the required Combined Side Yard and Rear Yard be approved.
5.         Provincial Electoral Area Boundary Readjustments Proposed by the BC Electoral Area Boundary Commission in their Report of August 15, 2007
RECOMMENDED:THAT the report dated September 20 from the Director of Administrative Services be received
6.         Community Engagement Policy for approval
7.         Tax Exemption Bylaw No. 4524, 2007 for three readings
8.         =46ees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005, Amendment Bylaw No. 4527, 2007 for three readings
 9.         Solid Waste Utility Bylaw No. 4118, 1998, Amendment Bylaw No. 4528, 2007 for three readings            
            1.         The municipal residential curbside yard trimmings collection program be extended from 9 months to a full 12 months as of December 1, 2007; and
            2.         The program of providing for free drop off of yard trimmings up to 100 kilograms per day for the first trip of the day at the North Shore Transfer Station be eliminated as of January 1, 2008.
BYLAWS for adoption
10.       Local Area Service Lane Paving Construction 1300 Block Jefferson and Inglewood Avenue and 1160 - 14th Street Bylaw No. 4526, 2007
11.       Animal Control Bylaw 4208, 2000, Amendment Bylaw 4520, 2007
12.      Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence for approval
 =B7        Item 13 -  DVP Application No. 07?038 (2929 Altamont Crescent) (to set date for consideration); and
=B7        Item 14 -  Correspondence List.
13.       Development Variance Permit Application No. 07-038 (2929 Altamont Crescent) received for consideration on Monday, October 22, 2007.
Requests for Delegation
(1)       L. Ma, North Shore Black Bear Network, September 19, 2007, regarding Bears, Attractants and Bylaws
Referred to the Municipal Clerk for response regarding delegation scheduling.
Action Required
(2)       D.S. Robertson, Strata President - LMS 2681 Esker Lane, September 16, 2007, regarding Hugo Ray Park Proposal
            Referred to the Director of Parks & Community Services for consideration and response.
(3)       K. Loughlin, Strataco Management Limited, Strata Manager - LMS 2681 Esker Lane, September 18, 2007, regarding Metered Utility Statement - Water Delivery Tax
            Referred to the Director of Finance for consideration and response.
(4)       Undated, 2007, regarding Lack of Adequate Parking at the Community Centre and [Seniors'] Centre
            Referred to the Director of Parks & Community Services for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(5)       Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
            (a)       West Vancouver Police Board - August 23, 2007
(6)       J. Krushnisky, President and Chief Executive Officer - Run of River Power Incorporated, September 12, 2007, regarding Update on Green Hydro Projects and the UBCM
(7)       S. Hunt, Director - United Steel Workers Int'l Union, Sept 17, regarding Current Dispute With the Forest Industry
(8)       September 17, 2007, regarding Appreciation for West Vancouver =46acilities
(9)       C. Van Twest - Brockton Point Cricket Club and BC Cricket Association, September 17, regarding Hugo Ray Park
(10)     Form Emails (3), regarding Hugo Ray Park
(11)     Various Emails (6), regarding Hugo Ray Park
(12)     B. O'Neill, President - CUPE BC Division, A. Ross, President - COPE 378, S. Sutherland, President, CAW 111, September 18, 2007, regarding Bill 36 - Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority Amendment Act, 2007
(13)     Undated, 2007, regarding Proposed Ambleside Marina Project
(14)     September 19, 2007, regarding Appreciation for Hearing Concerns regarding Homeowner's Rights
(15)     September 19, 2007, regarding Dog Control
(16)     K. Gustavson, Sept 21, 2007, regarding Public Information Meeting - 2396 Marine Drive Project, Sept 25, 2007
            Previously distributed to Council due to timing of event.
(17)     S.E. Dowey, Municipal Clerk - City of North Vancouver, September 20, 2007, regarding Federal Revenue Sharing with Municipalities - One-Sixth of the GST Revenue
Responses to Correspondence -- No items presented.
Responses to Questions in Question Period  --  No items presented.

=3D=3D=3D WEBWATCH --FYI, from Wikipedia again:
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad[1] (born October 28, 1956)[2] is the sixth and current President of the Islamic Republic of Iran. He became president on 6 August 2005 after winning the 2005 presidential election by popular vote. Ahmadinejad's current term will end in August 2009, but he will be eligible to run for one more term in office in 2009 presidential elections. [3]. Before becoming president, he was the Mayor of Tehran. He is the highest directly elected official in the country, but, according to Article 113 of Constitution of Iran, he has less total power than the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces of Iran and has the final word in all aspects of foreign and domestic policies.[4][5]
Ahmadinejad ... was condemned internationally[10] for reportedly calling for Israel to be "wiped off the map,"[10][11][12] and described the Holocaust as a myth,[10][13] leading to accusations of antisemitism.[14] In response to these criticisms, Ahmadinejad said "No, I am not anti-Jew, I respect them very much."[15]
Ahmadinejad, the son of a blacksmith, was born in Garmsar, near Tehran on October 28, 1956. In 1976, he took Iran's national university entrance exams (konkoor) to gain admission into Iran's top universities. His test score ranked him 132nd among over 400,000 participants that year,[18] landing him at the Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST) as an undergraduate student of civil engineering.
After the Iranian Revolution, he entered the Master of Science program for civil engineering in 1984. In 1989, he became a member of the Science faculty at the university where he had studied.[19] In 1997, he received his Ph.D. in transportation engineering and planning from the Science and Technology University. Even after being elected President, Ahmadinejad continued living in a simple apartment flat and eating meals brought from home, in his office.
Ahmadinejad is married with two sons and one daughter.[20]
{Well, I was curious about the nutty president b/c of visit to NY.  Interesting to learn that he has little power and that the clarification is that Israel shd not be on the map (a mistranslation of removing the regime)=E5, Palestine shd be in that they shd vote/decide what they want (IMO not possible at this stage); both Iran and Israel are theocratic states.  More human rights in Israel.}


Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary.  It fulfills the same function as pain in the human body.  It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things.
                        -- Winston Churchill
The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism.
                        -- Norman Vincent Peale
Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.
                -- Carl Jung
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