NOTES Oct 15
Calendar to Nov 9

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

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Transcripts, names, calendar, all best efforts........to inform you, Dear Readers, all the better to participate with an informed contribution to our cmnty governance......
=  MAIN ITEMS Ccl Mtg Oct 22nd: Reconvened Public Hearing on Shell site 1305 MDr; Ccl Remuneration report delayed; DVP 2929 Altamont; New bylaw re 1305 MDr?: Correspondence (including Dir/Parks reply to Esker Lane Strata Ccl)
=  Vive le Canada; THEATREWATCH (The Dunsmuirs in NV, a 'must-see'); UPDATES (Budget 2008 -- delayed process??; Do volunteer to serve on cmtes; Dundarave Parking/Traffic -- who knew?); INFObits (incredible life in obit, Death of King of Mercenaries; Sarkozy divorce; ex-CIA visit to Israel/Palestine); BOOKWATCH (Dord, Diglot, etc); WEBWATCH (Mayans); CALENDAR to Nov 9th
= Oct 15th Ccl Mtg NOTES - Executive Summary:
Shell Gas Stn site 1305 MDr PH adjourned to Oct 22; Bylaw Enforcement/Penalties (much debate over user fees and budget); CORRESPONDENCE: Hugo Ray Park (anything approved? changing plans? Dir/Parks gave steps, but most intriguing and alarming -- does voting for receipt mean approval? receipt for info too? the Queen of chess pieces! -- critical point wrt governance); confirmation that Cmte/WG mtgs and their subcmte mtgs are OPEN to residents, public may speak to items not just at end -- v important b/c apparently some chairs not yet aware -- Mayor says info sent out; let's see if they abide......first WG mtg after (Rodgers Crk), Oct 18, obviously not got through yet.......wanting to see if Ccl wd consider more than 2.5upa.....See discussion wrt CEC at end of mtg.
AGENDA Oct 22nd; Language (Pronunciation and Spelling); Politi-ku; Quotations
>  Pierre Elliott Trudeau was born Oct 18 in 1919 (d 2000) and his grandson Xavier James was born (9lbs2oz) to Justin Trudeau and Sophie Gregoire on Oct 18 this year, 2007 -- wd hv bn Trudeau's 88th birthday.
>  The right to vote was accorded to Canadian women on Oct. 18, 1929.
>  Great that the North Shore Outlook had a poll on heritage and 80% favoured preservation/protection!
=== THEATREWATCH --> The Dunsmuirs: Alone at the Edge at Presentation House in NV
We saw the play Saturday Oct 13th and cdn't wait to send out email to tell everyone how great it was.  Simply a powerful masterful performance by Duncan Fraser as Robert Dunsmuir (Sea Theatre, written by Rod Langley, directed by Bill Devine), the Nanaimo coal baron.  You may have visited the castle he built in Victoria, the Craigdarroch.  To give more context, Robert was elected to the BC legislature (after the period the play covers); his son James who built Hatley Castle was Premier of BC (later Lt Gov).  The first half is the springboard for the latter half; takes place in Nanaimo end of the 19th century.  Full house.  The play closes Oct 20.  And how extra special not only to admire extraordinary talent in a local actor but also to have our history/heritage brought alive and portrayed.  A sense of place.  Meaning.  Enriches our lives.
From Wikipedia:
Thirty-eight years after arriving at the Colony of Vancouver Island as an indentured $5 a week miner for the Hudson's Bay Company, he died the richest man in British Columbia in sole control of an empire estimated to be worth $15 million.
Anyway, really enjoyable -- if you love theatre, this is a must.
Oh, and btw, Murchie's is selling some Dunsmuir tea (we bought some at Park Royal N).
>>> LATE-BREAKING NEWS: Rodgers Crk WG mtg Oct 18 discussed having a 'workshop' with Ccl, assumed closed/exclusive so I pointed out CEC guidelines so it may have to be open, will keep you posted.  The quest for openness and an understanding of openness/transparency in govt is never-ending.
>>>  BUDGET 2008 and the Finance & Audit Cmte
Trundled along to the F&A cmte mtg Sept 25th with an outline of the budget process on the agenda.
The info assumed a 3% increase and didn't have public info av till mid-Nov and then a public mtg the end of November.  I expressed my opinion that given there was a lot of debate getting to zero for the 2007 budget, the public shd know asap the overall big picture, ie see if 3% is acceptable b/c otherwise if they want to pass the budget by the end of the year or early in the next year and only find out almost in December it will be too late to cut, reallocate, revise, etc in time.  I suggested the public availability/mtg be advanced to end October at least to give public broad scope, with more detail to be provided later.  Instead, apparently an abrupt halt.  They've cancelled mtgs.  Just checked the webpage for F&A, and it lists meetings: Sept. 25, 2007; July 17, 2007; July 10, 2007; July 3, 2007; June 26, 2007; June 19, 2007; June 12, 2007; June 5, 2007; etc.  So is a delay being effected by the cancellation of the F&A mtg Oct 16th and the removal of its listing for Oct 23rd on the Cmnty Calendar?
I've suggested to Cclr Smith, the Chair, that he insist on a mtg asap and let's just try to make do with what staff manages to cobble together.  While it may have been overly optimistic in the 2007 budget discussions this spring to suggest 2008 plans shd start in June this year, it now appears to be slipping to what used to be (discussions in November) rather than earlier.
=== VOLUNTEER for WV! [from DWV website]  Volunteers Wanted
As community leaders and volunteers, we value your time and have adapted our structure to better meet your ability to contribute. West Vancouver seeks advice and expertise of residents wishing to work on Council policies and projects.  Working Groups on specific issues, each with a Councillor and staff lead, will ensure priorities identified by Council will receive focused attention, resulting in real progress in 2008.
If you are a West Vancouver resident and would like to volunteer to serve on a board, standing committee, or working group, opportunities are currently available in the following areas:
Working Groups   * Community Sports Working Group   * Fire & Rescue Working Group
Committees   * Lower Caulfeild Advisory Committee 
Local Boards   * Board of Variance   * West Vancouver Memorial Library Board 
An Information Sheet and an Application Form are available in the Legislative Services Department at Municipal Hall.  Call 925-7004 for more information. Applicants are requested to mail, fax, or deliver completed applications, with a brief personal resume, to the Legislative Services Department, or e-mail to committees@westvancouver.ca     Application Deadline: 4:30pm Friday, November 2nd
{PLEASE NOTE:  If interested in volunteering to serve as vacancies come up or new committees formed, residents are most welcome to express interest by calling or writing at any time.}
>>>  Dundarave Parking and Traffic Plan -- Why not to public and Ccl before implementation???
The design and layout for parking and traffic improvements to the Dundarave area are complete. The improvements were determined jointly by staff, residents, and business owners at a stakeholders' meeting last July, 2006.  Council has now directed staff to implement those improvements, as follows: 
   *   Devt of a left turn lane along 25th St between Haywood and Marine Drive. All on-street parking will be removed from this area. 
   *   Formalization and extension of the parallel parking along 25th between Marine and Upper Bellevue. 
   *   Improvements to pedestrian crossings along 24th and 25th at Upper and Lower Bellevue. 
   *   Reverse in angle parking along the south side of the 2400-Block Upper Bellevue. 
   *   Formalization of the one-way westbound operation along the 2400-Block Upper Bellevue. 
   *   Parallel parking only along the north side of the 2400-Block Upper Bellevue. 
   *   An improved pedestrian walking area along the south side of the 2400-Block Lower Bellevue. 
   *   Elimination of the one-way operation along Dundarave Lane.
During construction motorists are to expect short traffic delays and are asked to be aware of all construction related activities including traffic control.  Completion of this project is estimated to be November 30, 2008.
===  INFObits
>>>  Oct 16th was National Boss Day.  Hug a boss!  don't think they'd mind even if delayed.....
>>>  Political News (well, gossip): Sarkozy divorces: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/7050770.stm
>>>  Death of the King of Mercenaries -- what a life! http://www.economist.com/displaystory.cfm?story_id=9982943
>>>  A Reader sent this: On the Ground in Israel/Palestine
Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern recently visited Israel as part of an interfaith delegation witnessing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict first-hand. In this guest essay, he describes what shocked him. October 19, 2007 -- http://www.consortiumnews.com/2007/101807b.html
=== BOOKWATCH and it's Book Week Oct 14 - 20!
"The Dord, the Diglot, and an Avocado or Two, the hidden lives and strange origins of common and not so common words" (by Anu Garg) will be released Oct 30 but can be pre-ordered from Amazon.
Caught a bit on the Mayan massacre around 800AD on Knowledge Network produced by Nat'l Geographic.
Also this: apparently Man does not learn from history:
Competition among nobles led to bigger and bigger structures thus necessitating more slaves and raising taxes.  Hm.

===  CALENDAR to Nov 9th  === [M Hall unless otherwise noted; confirm b/c sometimes changes]
      SFU Harbourside: Free Public Lectures: Paradise Makers Lecture Series http://www.sfu.ca/city/fpl.htm
== Thursday Oct 18th
~ 9 - 11am ~ Community Meeting about DOGS in West Vancouver at the Memorial Library
Residents are invited to meet with the Mayor and Council to talk about dogs in West Vancouver, including the process for reviewing the Animal Control Bylaw.   Coffee will be served, and everyone is welcome.
~ 1:30pm ~ Heritage WG
~ 5pm ~ NSh Substance Abuse WG
~ 6 - 8pm:      ~ Nbrhd Info Mtg re proposed townhouse (445 - 13th) at location, Pat's Restaurant
        ~ N.S. Family Court & Youth Justice Cmte at CNV M Hall
~ 6:30pm ~ Film at the Library: Mondovino
Free event.  This documentary on the impact of globalization on  the world's different wine regions weaves together the family sagas of billionaire Napa Valley power brokers, the rivalry of two Florentine dynasties, and the efforts of three generations of a Burgundian family fighting to preserve their few acres of land.
~ 7 - 9pm ~ COHO SOCIETY ART EXHIBIT AND AUCTION at Ch of Commerce offices 1846 Marine Drive
International marine artist Ron Steven attended West Vancouver's Cypress Park Primary School last June and provided an educational session on protecting our environment, and in particular our oceans and the salmon in our streams and rivers.  The outcome was twenty paintings and one collaborative piece which were displayed at this year's Coho Festival.  All of the art work will be on display and auctioned off by Ron Steven and the artists of Cypress Park Primary, with the proceeds being donated to the Coho Society. The aim is to have the community-at-large recognize the efforts made by these children for an environmental cause.
~ 7:30pm ~ Western Residents' Assn mtg at the Gleneagles Community Centre
== Friday Oct 19th
        ~ 8:45am ~ Arts & Culture Strategy Implementation WG
                        at the Ambleside Youth Ctr, 1018 Marine Drive
North Shore Wetland Partners present a barbecue lunch, a Pacific Muppet Show for children, historical talks, and Squamish story-telling for adults, a descriptive Nature Walk, and a Dedication and Creek-naming ceremony.  For more info pls contact: north.shore.wetland.partners@gmail.com
***  Watch the 1:41 invitation video on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i65vzhH-_HQ
== Saturday Oct 20th
Deadline for nominations for the tenth annual Unity in Diversity Awards selected by the Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of WV (forms and info: warneren@telus.net). "The diversity in the human family should be the cause of love and harmony, as it is in music where many different notes blend together in the making of a perfect chord." Any individual and/or organization may meet the criteria. Presentation and reception will be held at the Library on Nov 6th.
ALSO on Saturday October 20th
David Cook (924 0147) writes: I will be leading a hike up to the Mosquito Creek old growth red cedar forest. This is the largest area of red cedar old growth in the Vancouver area with dozens of giant red cedars up to 30' circumference on DNV land at about 700 m elevation on the south-east slope of Grouse Mountain.
The hike up to the main area of giants will take about two hours, mainly along skid roads but with an initial steep and slippery section on poorly maintained trails, so wear hiking boots with deep tread and ankle support. Elevation gain will be about 300 m. Dress for changes in temperature and weather. We will have lunch beneath the giants at the top.  Meet at the end of Skyline Drive in North Vancouver at 0900. Skyline Drive is accessed from Montroyal Boulevard which is accessed from Capilano Road if you are travelling east and Delbrook Ave if travelling west.
A highlight on the way up will be some old growth Douglas-firs, a forest of western yew in a southern extension of the main old growth forest and twp western white pine, the only survivors in the area from the effects of the white pine blister rust. I have recorded 84 species of fungi (mushrooms) so far in these old growth forests over the last seven years and there should be a good crop for us to see at this time of year.
Estimated time of return is mid-afternoon.  This hike is for the Vancouver Natural History Society (Nature Vancouver). Membership is not required for the first three hikes that you attend.
== Sunday Oct 21st
~  Invitation to Attend Oct. 21 Dream Vancouver Conference
You are invited to join other Vancouverites for a day-long event to dream the city's future. Our organization is partnering with Think City and Simon Fraser University's Public Policy Program to bring together community activists, citizens and people like you to share ideas on the most pressing challenges facing the City of Vancouver.
The Dream Vancouver conference on Sunday, October 21 will follow an open-space, Appreciative Inquiry format facilitated by internationally renowned speaker and Imagine Chicago President Bliss Browne. The keynote speaker for the conference will be former City of Vancouver Co-Director of Current Planning Larry Beasley.
Lunch and reception are included in the registration fee. Pre-registration is required. To register, visit http://dreamvancouver.ca/?q=conference/registration. For more information on Dream Vancouver, please visit http://dreamvancouver.ca.
~ "Nightmares that Sing" at 3pm at St Francis-in-the-Wood (4773 Piccadilly) with Heidi Mundel (soprano) and Karen Lee-Morlang (piano); $15 includes refreshments
== Tuesday Oct 23rd
~ 10am ~ Irwin Park Playground Opening (24th & Kings)
Improvements include additional seating and plantings along the park borders, mulching mature trees on the site, and installing innovative new play equipment called the EvosTM Playsystem with a unique spherical design that has no straight lines and no specific entry or exit points, making it stimulating for children of all ages.  These improvements contribute towards a greener, softer, and more engaging play environment.
Mayor Pamela Goldsmith-Jones and project partners including the DWV Parks Department, the Irwin Park Parent Group, the Irwin Park Tree House Childcare Services, WV School District #45, and the Dundarave Community will celebrate the efforts of all involved by cutting the ribbon at the park opening ceremony.
        ~ 4:30pm ~ Finance & Audit Cmte (probably b/c the one on the 16th was cancelled)
        ~ 6:30pm ~ Cmnty Dialogue/Nbrhd Character & Housing WG
        ~ 7pm ~  Cmnty Mtg about dogs in WV at Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr Foyer
* WORKSHOP re Games Client Property Program
The District has begun compiling a database of properties available for commercial rental use up to and during the 2010 Olympic and Paralympics Winter Games.  The database will be used to match Games Client organizations' property needs with available properties.
A range of clients including national and international sporting organizations and sponsors will be looking for local hospitality venues such as offices, headquarters, hosting, storage, food services, etc. throughout the Games period from January 1, 2010 until March 31, 2010.  WV property owners are eligible to register their properties free of charge at www.westvancouver.ca/2010.
This free service helps interested organizations find suitable properties and leaves the specific arrangements and details to the parties to be negotiated after the match is made.  Private facilities and homes may be included in the registry though this database will not be used for accommodation.
To help property owners better understand this opportunity and its potential, the District will be hosting a workshop on October 23, 2007 for all registered property owners and those who are seeking more information.  For more information about the Games Client Property Program in West Vancouver, to register your property or sign up for the workshop visit the DWV website at www.westvancouver.ca/2010 or contact Beth McLin at 604-925-7205 or bmclin@westvancouver.ca.
== Wednesday Oct 24th
        ~ 6pm ~ Cmnty Ctr Governance (CANCELLED; moved to 30th)
        ~ 6:30pm ~ Child Care WG
== Thursday Oct 25th            ~ 4:30pm ~ Design Review Cmte  [CANCELLED]
                        ~ 5pm ~ NSACDI at DNV M Hall
                        ~ 5:30pm ~ Police Board Mtg (Chamber of Comm 1846 MDr????)
== Tuesday Oct 30th            
        ~ 6:45 ~ Cmnty Ctr Governance WG at M Hall
== Wednesday Oct 31st -- HALLOWEEN
* Fireworks are illegal EXCEPT between the dates of October 24th and November 1st
* Fireworks may only be used on private property, with the consent of the property owner, and with a WV Fireworks Permit purchased either at a fireworks retailer or Firehall #1 (760 16th St; 8:30am to 4:30pm)
* Fines are $500 per offence
For more information, please call the Fire Prevention Office at 925 7380 of visit westvancouver.ca/fire.
SAFETY / BLOCKWATCH NEWS  Source: http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/iyh-vsv/life-vie/halloween_e.html
An Informative Newsletter for BC published monthly by the Block Watch Society of BC. www.blockwatch.com
THEN . . . . . . on Thursday November 1st:
Good Governance. Does West Van make the grade?
So, to answer your many 'governance' questions and emails, the Directors of W.V.C.G.G. are pleased to invite you to a special Town Hall Meeting at the:
Kay Meek Studio Theatre, 1700 Mathers * 7:30 pm (sharp) *Note: seating is limited!!!
The purpose of this meeting will be to explore what 'Good Governance' really looks like, and how our current practices compare to the [Principles] of Good Government.  To help us explore this vital topic, we will hear from two distinguished speakers on this subject:
Dr. Martha Piper, Past President and Vice Chancellor of U.B.C.  Dr. Piper is globally recognized for her vision, knowledge, and understanding of the role of universities in the vitality of individuals, communities, and nations.  She authored UBC'S strategic plans, Trek 2000 and 2010, which serve as the University's vision to become one of the best universities in the world.
Dr. Michael Byers   Dr. Byers holds the Canada Research Chair in Global Politics and International Law at UBC.  He is the author of several books, including his most recent book "Intent for a Nation - What is Canada For", and a frequent contributor to the London Review of Books, The Globe & Mail, and the Toronto Star.
We have also invited Mayor Pam Goldsmith-Jones, members of Council, School Board Directors, Senior Management at West Vancouver [Municipal] Hall as well as Citizens' Groups, Rate Payers' Associations, Chamber of Commerce Members, and others.  A reception table will be available for membership renewal or to join WVCGG.  We look forward to your attending and to your input and questions. Thank you -- The Directors of W.V.C.G.G.
==  Saturday, Nov 3rd
Rarely does a community have an opportunity to say, "That wonderful opera originated in our community and the composer is one of ours."  We shall be able to say that soon and to contribute to a successful launch of the opera.  The community is gathering on Saturday November 3rd at the Kay Meek Centre for 'A Night at the Opera".  The evening is a special event in support the March 2008 premiere production of The Dream Healer  -- an opera in two acts by West Vancouver's Lloyd Burritt.  This special event, supported by Phillips, Hager, & North, Investment Management Ltd., will be hosted by Christopher Gaze, and will feature excerpts from The Dream Healer performed by UBC Opera Ensemble, as well as a reception, silent auction, and an art auction.  Renowned North Shore artists Jane Adams, Velvet Bailes, Toni Cavelti, Barrie Chadwick, Kiff Holland, Peter Kiss, Sol Maya, Brian Romer, Sylvia Tait, and others have each donated an original work of art.  The art is on display, until November 2nd, at 1846 Marine Drive, the new premises of the West Van Community Partnership Office.  Bids are being accepted now and bidding will conclude at the Meek.   Tickets are $75 (with a tax receipt for $50) and available from the Meek Box Office at 913 3634.  This is an excellent occasion to recognize and support our artists and their contributions to the vibrancy of our community.   See you there on November 3rd!   More info: www.thedreamhealer.com
        Wed 7th ~ 10am ~ Cmnty Engagement Cmte
                ~ 6pm ~ Cmnty Ctr Governance WG at Srs' Ctr
-- "Walk...Don't Walk" --  Oct 16 - Nov 4
        Janis Blyth, Acrylic Paintings; Sharon Christian: Mixed Media Paintings and Sculptures.
        Opening Night: 6 - 8pm Oct 16; Artists in Attendance:  2 - 3pm Oct 20
--  Landscapes -- Nov 6 - 25 -- Lynne Greene, Peter Langer, Leslie McGuffin, Barbara Wilson
        Opening Night: 6 - 8pm Nov 6; Artists in Attendance:  2 - 3pm Nov 10

+++  WV MEMORIAL LIBRARY +++ see www.westvanlib.ca for more!
Tuesday 16    Reading James Joyce's Ulysses
Please bring your own copy of the novel. 10:30am - 12:30pm. Drop in; no registration required.
Friday 19   Philosophers' Cafe  "What is evil?" $5 admission, everyone welcome. 10:30am - 12:30pm.
Tuesday 23    A Wine Appreciation Evening
Join wine expert and author of John Schreiner's Okanagan Wine Tour Guide John Schreiner.  7 - 9 pm. Registration not required but space is limited.
Wednesday 24   West Vancouver: A View Through the Trees - Book Launch
Elspeth Bradbury will launch her new book on the shifting relationship between people & the forest through 10,000 years. 7 - 9pm.
Thursday 25    Shakespeare's Richard III on Film: Looking for Richard
Viewing & discussion of Al Pacino's documentary about looking for the heart of the play Richard III. 6pm. For more information call 925 7405.
Friday 26    Friday Night Concert Series Presents: A Touch of Brass
Concert starts at 7:30pm. Free concert but seating is limited so come early. Doors open at 7pm. Refreshments by Friends of the Library.
Tuesday 30    Reading James Joyce's Ulysses
Please bring your own copy of the novel. 10:30am - 12:30pm. Drop in; no registration required.
Thursday 1    Shakespeare's Richard III on Film: Richard III
Viewing and discussion of the 1995 version of the film starring Ian McKellen and Annette Bening and set in the 1930s in a mythical fascist London.
Sunday 4    Walking the Camino de Santiago
Explore ancient Spain's pilgrimage route with Bethan Davies and Ben Cole, authors of Walking the Camino de Santiago. 1 - 3pm.
Tuesday 6    Reading James Joyce's Ulysses
Please bring your own copy of the novel. Peter J. Peters Room, 10:30am - 12:30pm. Drop in; no registration required.
Friday 9    Teen Movie Night: 6:30 - 8:30pm  To register, phone 925 7408. Space is limited.

+++  WV MUSEUM +++  The Black Slip -- The Paintings of Jane Billaux (to Oct 27)
+++  WV ARTS COUNCIL +++ visit www.silkpurse.ca for events (most ticketed)
--->  For events at KMC, see www.kaymeekcentre.com

=== WV Council Mtg NOTES Oct 15th ===   Cclr John Clark absent
1.                  CALL TO ORDER
2.                  PUBLIC HEARING
ZONING BYLAW NO. 2200, 1968, AMENDMENT BYLAW NO. 4525, 2007 (re Shell Gas Station, 1305 Marine Drive)
DEVELOPMENT PERMIT APPLICATION NO. 05-016 (re  Shell Gas Station, 1305 Marine Drive)
The Manager of Community Planning will describe the subject application:
Applicant:  Pacific Land Group Inc.
Affected Lands:  1305 Marine Drive (Lot E, Block 15, District Lot 237, Plan 12317)
Purpose: To re-develop the existing full service (gas and repair) station site at 1305 Marine Drive with a new "gas only" station and convenience store.
Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment:  To re-zone the site from Commercial Restricted Zone 2 (C.R.2, gas station with repair shop) to Commercial Restricted Zone 6 (C.R.6, gas station only) with a site specific allowance for a convenience store.
Proposed Development Permit Application:  To regulate and impose conditions to preserve and enhance the area's main street character.
            1)  Reports to Council received up to Oct 10: J. Bailey, Community Planner  Sept 7, 2007
            2)  Correspondence rec'd up to Oct 10: Resident, Sept 07;  V. Johnson/J. Robertson, Sept 10
03  On September 17, 2007 Council set the date for the Public Hearing and Public Meeting.  On September 27, 2007, 748 Notices were mailed to owners/occupiers within 100 metres of the subject site.  The statutory notice of Public Hearing and Public Meeting was published in the North Shore News on October 7 and October 10, 2007.  The Municipal Clerk will note written submissions received for the October 15, 2007 Public Hearing/Public Meeting.
Mayor: pls sign, limit to five minutes (but can come back)
Mr Ash: do not think convenience store good, less parking, etc
Mayor: we may have erred; the applicant's presentation shd hv bn beforehand but now we know what questions to ask.
Applicant: changes in automotive industry over the years; convenience store a service.
have provided traffic study -- doesn't attract add'l traffic to site
West Coast design; heritage tree at corner will be preserved with a plaque
{I've asked staff about this and it's a commemorative tree -- think may be one planted by Boy Scouts, as are those up 17th in front of the M Hall.}
Add'l landscaping better front of store [slides]
$15K Donation to the gateway project; shrubs flowering different times of year; pedestrian seating in front (as amenity)
Sop: as a rep from Shell, surprised no concern for soil contamination, regulations fed govt have place
Environmental review?
Ans: yes and remediation report; plsd to say issues mainly contained on site, a bit under current sidewalk; changes to landscape area will give us opp to deal with those issues
Sop: no call for an envtal review
CAO: in due course
Geri Boyle, Planning Staff: gas stations immediately go to more detailed; they have met the prov requirements and that's all that's needed in this case
Sop: did you take core samples?
Ans: 19 to 20 holes on site, across MDr and determined extent of contamination
Sop: why isn't this in the report?
GB: we don't have a copy of the specifics and that's b/c regulated by the prov
Sop: it may be prov but we've had a gas stn that had to go halfway under MDr; the Esso stn
important to be in report, not leave it up to prov
CAO: it is under prov legislation, we don't have authority except to ensure meeting all prov regulations
MS: perhaps I can help allay Cclr Sop's concerns, industry now v good in cleaning up
Do want to ask if you'd go ahead if gas stn, now split off?
Ans: need time; competitors offering service and self-serve; placed ourselves to be competitive
cost of running these operations starting to run away
MS: are we sure the split will remain? not drop off full serve?
Ans: believe DWV has a reg must have full serve for 12 hours per day?
Mayor: check?
GB: looking--
JF: as part of public realm benefits, is that going to be built in the bus shelter? or to enhance architecture of gas stn?
Ans: I understand we are building a bus shelter but not sure of design, if existing or new
GB: to M approve and we're looking to some consistency in the cmnty
wrt full service or self service, the proposed zoning doesn't have regulation of hours for full service
MS: [want to know] in interest of service to public that the full serv offer is somehow enshrined, somewhere
Mayor: today is Public Hearing.  Is that a substantive change so requiring another Public Hearing (PH)?
GB: borderline; may be done with covenants as well
Mayor: so Ccl can adjourn for that
RD: difficult to see design from overhead; wd this go to the Design Panel?
GB: has gone; they've made a number of comments and applicant has responded to all of them
RD: I remember that now; we pride ourselves of our seaside atmosphere and don't see anything of that; wd be nice to see something of seaside in design, try to encourage it
disturbing losing all our automobile service facilities, can only remember one, at 22nd & Marine; understand companies don't want to provide this any more; big enough lot, extend service; given we pay to get cars repaired, why not expand; goodness knows, you haven't much competition
Ans: the service industry has changed; more competitors; at one time almost ev corner had stns with service bays; [now] driven mainly by specialty shops -- tune-up shops, brake shops; they can operate on less expensive land and can be greater size, equipment to do diagnostics
with electric and hydrogen cars, industry will continue to change
we're not in the biz of repairing cars anymore, providing gas now; wd venture to say we'll see even fewer gas stations as we go forward.
7.         PUBLIC INPUT
Dolly Cartwright: live close, 13th & Clyde; Shell stn's been there ever since I can remember
always been a full service; seniors who drive, I'm one of them, and with self-serve have to put air in tires, etc; wd hope have that, understand not repairs
v difficult to have to run into NV to have oil changed or whatever and time-consuming
convenience store in WV is wonderful; just hope this Ccl will see itself clear to put a limit to time convenience store is open so ppl not all sitting around; landscaping nice for our gateway
when they do all this work, and a townhouse behind it, the sidewalk will have to be done, pls widen so one person with a walker and another with a baby buggy can walk
need progress, living in 21st century; do hope these things will be looked at
[Mayor: saying no more, calling three times for anyone else before going to Ccl decision]
Lady:  I put my name on list!
Mayor: I didn't get that; sorry, pls come forward
Lady: I live at 1330 Clyde near gas stn, and think that gentleman brings up a good point
Mayor: may I have your name?
Lady: Yes, Sheila Smith.  Colours I saw, colour scheme cd fit in better, blend more with seaside; landscaping lovely; just the colours, cd be a better choice, myself; we'll be living with it for a long time
RD: go back to slide we have here; red and yellow
SS:  yes, doesn't seem to fit in with, navy--
RD: green and blue wd hv--
Mayor: Chevron colours?
{hm: Shell's colours are red and yellow, Chevron's colours are red and blue}
RD: we have quite a detailed report here, Design Panel looked closely at the design, ... a lot of suggestions; I think I see Mr Thompson out there
Mayor: perhaps the architect wd like to comment
RD: not bad;  the convenience store covers up that wall; not quite the colours I wd associate with the waterfront
Neil (cdn't decipher last name): I'm the architect;  the influence came from the line WV's become associated with; dates back to 60s and a lot truly admire
at entrance, encapsulate and pick up on architecture that's really made WV quite well-known, at least to architectural cmnty
what you see yellow on siding will be painted to simulate more of a natural cedar colour; timber frame is going to be a naturally dark-stained timber; so will be natural-looking bldg; roofs charcoal grey so not overly reflective; low key, rendering does look yellow/red but doesn't really represent true material
RD: see it now, cedar and roof motifs
VV: puzzled about seaside comments; it is after all a 'shell' station -- want more red on roof more shell on roof?
{various chuckles; the MS makes motion to close.}
JF: thought we'd adjourn for staff to report back
Mayor: for staff to follow up; staff advise whether to close it; speak now if any reason
RD: don't notice any full service; 16th & Marine Chevron?
MS: imperative we retain full service; throw myself at mercy of staff
Sop: if we close
Mayor: motion on floor, but staff may report back; OR motion to close with areas for staff; question of wishing to see full service depending on time of day in keeping with what we think our policies are, and finishings natural
CAO: given those, suggest you adjourn and staff report next mtg
GB: other areas
VV: nothing there from the biz analysis, point of view; one mbr of publc has written that ten or so such stores; architecture nice; add a convenience store? we have enough, and repair/service bays relatively few; report on site and not on area as a whole; what we need more of, wd like that looked at
CAO: not usual for local govt to comment on private market -- succeed or fail
GB: some info in Amb: one convenience store, 7-Eleven, four gas stns with small convenience elements, two flower convenience stores, two produce stores, a Safeway and Shoppers Drugmart
MS: echo wise words of Mr Stuart, hate to see this Ccl follow along with some of the jurisdictions like North Korea in terms of jiggering the market place, it's a road we don't want to go down
Sop: info on soil contamination
Mayor: within scope of PH?
CAO: can provide for Cclr Sop, but not a condition
Sop: why not if DWV so envtally conscious?
Mayor: no intention to exclude this site from any envmt [report] but Ccl constrain itself to our purview
Sop: no envtal concerns in report
GB: WV did not opt out of scheme
RD: Esso example of how effective regs are  -- contamination and a lot came from prev cleaning biz
Advantage of this scheme is that it will be cleaned up.  Personally disappointed to see service gone.  Can't as in Korea force companies to do what they don't want to do.  Will be difficult for seniors.
I'm one who has to go to NV; do regret it.  Sorry to see service facilities disappear
Mayor: adjourn rather than close [PH]
Staff report back to Council --  PH ADJOURNED TO OCT 22nd
2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES: Sept 24 and October 1, 2007 Regular Council Minutes
3.         BC Ferry Services Inc. - Extension of Order of Non Enforcement of Noise Control Bylaw for Reconstruction Work at Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal
1.                  The report dated October 1, 2007 from the Manager of Bylaw & Licencing [sic] Services regarding BC Ferry Services Inc. request for an extension of their Order of Non Enforcement of the Noise Control Bylaw be received.
2.                  Council approve the request from BC Ferry Services Inc. for an extension of the Order of Non Enforcement of the Noise Control Bylaw No. 4404, 2005 Section 6.1.2 (a) (iii) between October 15, 2007 and December 17, 2007 so that specific construction works involving welding and concrete placement can be carried out throughout the night and early morning depending upon tidal changes on the Horseshoe Bay Ferry terminal berths to facilitate the new Super "C" ferry subject to the same conditions set by Council for the original Order of Non Enforcement on December 18, 2006.
4.         Council Remuneration Review Task Force - Request for Report Deadline Extension to Dec 31
VV: concerned report to be delayed; surely wd hv known in April or May, if not available cd hv substituted; times, dates don't mean what they shd; Ccl shd hv bn informed; someone must have known for months -- this goes back to early spring.  Give a date and shd be made aware instead of let it go; this is many months, and now waiting again
Mayor: matters a lot to mbrs; by time they met, schedules coordinated; little time in summer not indication of their willingness; they offer quite a bit of expertise; one has just completed a compensation review for Van City board; given two months, cdn't meet in summer, tight; stick with volunteers
MS: look at ccl remuneration, look at responsibility; ask them to review; within circle
attract so that more who work during the day can serve; seven mtgs [during day] this week alone
Cclr Clark and I own businesses so flexible, excludes talent in the cmnty
Mayor: right; ev mbr of Ccl will be given opp to meet with cmte
JF: may delay response of group if we add; see mandate go forward as it is
look at diff ways to make Ccl more efficient
VV: discussion starting to diverge; Cclr Smith looking at ways to make more compact
UBCM prov doing less; go in direction or this or consider its courts describing us as the most democratic
need a whole evening; regard serving on Ccl as full time; Municipal doing more and more
wonder how part time can be entrusted; need full evening to discuss
Terms of Ref eight or nine months ago and thoughts we have now, evolved since then
maybe shd come to a decision or give it an airing; maybe what they produce have to go back again
rather overdo it rather than underdo it
RD: given mandate; going to have to look at full time
Mayor: will begin by talking to us and for sure seven different views; reviewed every five years, so continue and go from there
5.         Fire Services Information to be provided.
CAO: in response to NSNews article; consistent with Financial Sust Task Force 2006 recommendations
Sop: is there a problem going to a WG wrt fire initiatives in this cmnty other than work done by consultant for union; seems to me wdn' t be at a loss if didn't have a WG, how ensure something positive end.
CAO: if you look at composition of WG, fire mgmt, hope to bring in mbrs of Ccl, residents, mbrs of biz cmnty vital interest in fire safety
hope to build on reviews and studies done to date; internal and citizen perspective as well; report to Ccl with balance
Sop: see Union has indicated willingness to participate; good result from both sides
Mayor: if WG like WGs to date, good; plsd to have everybody's participation
ad will go out this week asking ppl to serve
MOTION: info from CAO received
6.         Regulatory Bylaw Enforcement and Penalty Amending Bylaw No. 4521, 2007
1.  The report from the Director of Administrative Services dated October 9, 2007 titled "Regulatory Bylaw Enforcement and Penalty Amending Bylaw No. 4521, 2007" be received.
2.  Regulatory Bylaw Enforcement and Penalty Amending Bylaw No. 4521, 2007 be read a first, second and third time.
RB, DoAS: recent years some changes to LGA and Cmnty Charter providing add'l tools for enforcement
our regulatory bylaws have not been consistent; old ones max to $2500 and now been increased to $10K so recommending all be standardized; staff be informed
number one objective is negotiation for compliance
first step is bylaw enforcement ticket outside court system
this new method, three years ago, been successful, max is $500; M ticketing system and given prosecutions have to handled through court system hasn't been a preferred method even though changes with more ease
$1K max still needs lawyer
final notice against title; charged filed against prop; if structure deemed unsafe; purchasers wd be made aware of nonconformity
next is prosecution, I mentioned earlier, max $10K, must go through courts and require legal representation
next step is injunction format; provincial courts no authority so must go to Supreme Court -- their dockets v clogged and require submissions and legal representation so time/cost
Another in integral before time of trial; burden of proof, reasonable question, one cautionary concern re interlocutory injunction..... damages
those are the processes we have
we have amended the penalty standards in the [material] before you; animal control fines have been removed b/c feel better handled within the bylaw coming to Ccl in a few months
This will enable staff to deal with noncompliance more effectively in future wrt devt
VV: question re Appendix A Schedule A -- are these fine amounts something we're going to decide on later
fail to remove animal waste $75; don't think these fines reflect cmnty's values -- more upset about waste than dog beside [someone]? does that mean we wd not adopt some of these this evening?
RB: Appendix A there are no recommended changes, only those shaded; have been reformatted alphabetically; can change with further review but not recommending any now
Sop: I find this quite an aggressive bylaw in terms to relationship to fines charged
in construction industry an area we were concerned about; staff have taken that and made suggestions for increases; but there are other areas, but I don't know the larger cmnty are aware; designated expression, for instance: a lawnmower, if noise excessive, $500 fine, if disturbs looking at $1K and person using $1K fine and if over X decibels another $1K; don't think public had any consultation; for those not to do with construction, maybe out to public for discussion
RB: only those shaded
CAO: two points: areas not shaded represent bylaws Ccl has approved for a number of years
those amts Cclr Sop mentioned are for multiple
if question need to do a better job of communicating all the fines, that might be better to do
these sections are what Ccl asked to be max value
Sop: how many caught for graffiti and have they paid the $1K fine?
CAO: these are max fines; we try to get compliance through other means
often legal expenses so only resort to these; v infrequently applied
VV: I can't simply agree with Appendix A; the fines are quite bizarre; we've had some irate citizens/letters
they get a ticket for off leash $150 and if injure or kill, $250 -- how can we think that rational?
Mayor: the impetus for reviewing these had everything to do with construction -- building, blasting, etc and that's the grey shaded area
wrt dogs, we said we'd review, that will begin with a meeting wrt dogs this week here and next week at Gleneagles
Appendix C just catching up with what cmnty says we can do
re lawnmower, don't see $1K, see $100
see just ... or defer; seem gone from one extreme to another -- want to go wrt building but now
Sop: I'm in support for those in grey, even asked for that; look overleaf re lawnmower, $500 and--
Mayor: after M ticket, down the line, as to "wd you pls stop it"
Sop: graffiti was $75 fine now $1000; most ppl in WV law-abiding
going to pit one nbr against another if don't like them
CAO: only $1K if given tickets four and five times and not getting compliance; not changing the bylaw
suggest we pass except for Schedule C and make clear Ccl wants to review all animal fines
VV: made motion, with deletions and renumbering
CARRIED and then three readings
7.         Solid Waste Utility Bylaw No. 4118, 1998, Amendment Bylaw No. 4528, 2007 [DONE]
8.         Tax Exemption Bylaw No. 4524, 2007 (File:  1610?20?4524) [DONE]
9.         Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005, Amendment Bylaw No. 4527, 2007
Sop: cdn't believe this; fields residents already pay for
urge, implore, want chn to walk, play, and then want them to pay add'l for school grounds/fields already paid for; taxed on over and over; this late day; onerous on families; I understand user fee concept
think part of maintenance budget
in no way by charging $15 per child are we going to lessen burden on taxpayer
RD: there is a letter from the Bill Drake, re user fees
little league baseball has a short season, Apr/May/June, and he suggests they pay quite a bit in field maintenance and object to paying a user fee as well
don't know if we've explained this well to the sports associations; maybe wait till next year; know we're going to set up a Sports WG
uneasy about these charges; uneasy also about seniors' fees; went along with it b/c zero-based budget and that saved a lot for ppl
{Not just Cclr Day, but many refer to the 2007 Budget as 'zero-based' when that's not actually the case.  Pls keep in mind that what they all mean is that the 2007 Budget was not increased over the 2006 Budget, IOW zero increase, not a zero-BASED budget wch is completely different and refers to calculation (with no previous amts included as base) not the difference in the amount of the budget.}
heard today raised bridge-players' fees 50 cents
if you've got a couple of kids playing a few sports you're over $100; same for seniors
in future not going to vote in favour of increase in user fees for youth or seniors
CAO: Ccl decided to defer fees to Jan 1
RD: for soccer
CAO: no, for all; Sports WG being set up ...
RD: just the one; withdraw my criticism then
JF: unfortunate some cclrs have come to this this late in the game but at this point, by not following through, have to understand what that will do to Parks and Rec budget b/c short money for those fields; have to find money somewhere else in budget. Seems like we're back in this cycle, very uncomfortable
I will be supporting this not b/c I support any increase in user fees, but think it's wrong not to continue on this path not understanding who else will be losing out as a consequence of not collecting these user fees
VV: we do seem to go round in circles about this; at budget time we get things down; Fisc Task Force getting things down; I'm in favour of getting things under control; gets to problem Cclr Sop pointed out -- letter from sgl parent with three kids so $45 a lot of money; want to spend time in and we're mixing in fiscal disparity; or is it prov/fed taxing lower income?
tackle ...  can't help that fields cost money; we're not resp for fiscal disparity...
maybe have an evening; not just soccer, it's also school chn who can't afford fees for the music program
shdn't sidestep; shd give time and attention it deserves; supporting this
if they can't afford the $15 how can they afford the hundreds in taxes?
CAO: one of the subcmtes of the Fiscal Task Force -- looking at reason for subsidizing; Ccl will want to provide time for debate
Sop: was on the Sust Task Force; what alarms me is the sudden thrust to raise fees in ev area
srs' fees, other fees, where fit in with substantial tax increase/decrease? see a lessening of prop tax?
have to support certain initiatives b/c the right thing to do but where's this money going? how does it reflect on changes?
CAO: Ccl directed staff to reduce costs by $200K; that resulted to user fees, those enjoying subsidization
MS: v unfortunate debating this ev week; conflicting msg to staff
the reality is, or the facts, some don't want to admit; we spent months going through this with Ccl with public countless mtgs, had forums, public mtgs, all part of the budget
I as the Chair of the Finance & Audit Cmte recommended raise with rate of cost of inflation, makes a lot of sense, but that was shot down by three mbrs of Ccl and b/c one mbr away, budget didn't pass
Reality is we spend $65M a year; where cuts come from? if not user fees, do you want to close Library early? lay off Police and Fire personnel? where do you want to cut? have to cut somewhere
sit here week after week listening to a lot of nonsense; going over same thing, ad nauseam, political posturing, sends mixed msg to our staff, a mixed msg to cmnty and based on totally erroneous facts
ev had input; completely, ev bought into it; trying to make some fiscal sense of our finances; miscast as user fee, it's a $15 charge to maintain the fields
the bottom line is we spend $6M subsidizing parks, recreation, and cultural progs; the pot is limited; we have finite resources
now job of the Ccl is to balance all the conflicting needs, public works, etc and try to allocate resources in most efficient way; once decision made all have to support decision made
unfortunately this Ccl hasn't the jam to do it; really disappoints me
Mayor: wd like to follow up on Cclr Smith's comments b/c we've put so much time and effort into this budget
when I sent out my comments with the budget and the tax bill this year
we were v clear: develop new principles on service recover rates, adjust recreation subsidies on a phased basis, and it goes on
I gave every mbr of Ccl that draft; we used this opp to be more clear than ever
always hard, and agree with Cclr Smith
where I think the public loses faith is they're not sure where money goes
and yet I have to meet separately with football, with baseball, softball, .....  and then I hear from Parks there isn't money in the budget
I think what we're trying to say is those fees will go directly to protecting the asset you value, you use and you play on; that's the goal
We will be working with the Sports WG, have a couple of months before we get January, we will listen to them, and how they think this can be effectively implemented or if it's a complete disaster
Otherwise we're going to have to raise taxes
we've got labour and energy costs growing at least double the rate of inflation
we have to cut a million dollars from our operating budget every year just to ensure a 3% increase
I think Ccl Smith, Day, and I felt sensible; rest of Ccl -- Cclr Ferguson was away -- cdn't accept that; so v difficult now to be going back on that resolve to have a zero-per-cent tax rate increase.
The other thing that bothers me, personally, is the fees that we've raised for seniors.  I think 65 not serving ev as well as it cd; wd like to see fine-tuning by Parks, maybe see Parks look at wrt need, and wrt what we know is the largest growing cohort, over 80 in BC; we can be sensitive to that, look at senior seniors
doesn't need to be as clunky as it is and think that's where true frustration is coming from
we need help to make this work in the cmnty
no way we can say one thing and then another and expect staff to be able follow our thinking
not sure it makes sense to defer it to make refinements, or thinking of Srs' Adv Board and Sports WG -- make recs and we amend
CAO: latter; if Ccl adopts it, we can come back and amend it; an option open to Ccl at any time
we're facing a signif shortfall for 2008; unless clear direction from Ccl, must say we're looking at ways to increase user fees further, as well as exploring other options to address the gap
that dialogue is continuing and will have to be for 2008
RD: sensible, it's for adoption, shdn't really be discussing this
happy to hear; wanted to make sure what was being offered to soccer is offered others too
speak to ppl all the time, upset sporting assns, anxious to get this out into public; we're all concerned about seniors, concerned about any increases in seniors' fees, we know problems they face; my point was in that in future got to be v careful in any increases to seniors' fees, opposed
this is a perfectly sensible budget; Ccl Smith and others worked v hard on it; want to make clear, support this, have to move ahead but at same time must consult and explain why nec at times nec to raise fees, particularly when we had a zero-based [sic] budget that saved ppl hundreds and hundreds of dollars; got to get the money from some place
Our Parks and Rec system has got to function, provides many, many services; can't starve them
The Dundarave beach wading pool was closed ev day but Sunday; my granddaughters were heart-broken the Dundarave wading pool was closed this summer b/c of budget cuts; that's what happens when you make so many cuts.  I'd prefer user fees than see my granddaughters go without.  We've got to provide services and facilities and continue to do so.
Mayor: I know it's unusual to discuss at adoption, but it's important to get to the heart of what ppl feel and also to be responsive to what we hear in the cmnty, so this is the beginning of reworking our budget and I thank Ccl for their attention to this.
{BUDGET ALERT: IMVHO, it's extremely important to have the cmnty have input into what's cut.  I'm sure Cclr Day and many of us can think of a lot of expenses and services we'd cut before the kids' wading pool.
Not that it was done in this case but it's an old budget/bargaining chip to say if they have to make cuts they make cuts to things that we all know, love, use so overall budget not cut when there's no doubt many other places where cuts wd hardly be noticed.  Budget 2008 discussions are coming up -- watch for it.  It will, however need a breakdown of each dept's expenses, staffing, services, and amt of subsidization.
hm: is $15 a child about 5 cents a day?}
10.      Correspondence List [complete list in prev issue]
VV: items 6, 23 re Hugo Ray Park/ Sop: 24, 29/ MS: 8, 11/ Mayor: mbr of public 15, so we shd start with Hugo Ray
(6)       M.A. Lakhani, Lakhani and Company, September 26, 2007, regarding Hugo Ray Park - Concerns of Area Residents' Group
        Referred to the Director of Parks & Community Services for consideration and response.
Robert Barr: I live 50 ft from HRPark, so lights will be through my windows; with Residents' Group;
wrt infrastructure contribution of $1M by DWV to supplement redevt contingent on Field Hockey achieving their phase one target of $4.7M
Later, Feb 2007, Ccl voted to continue support with an expanded phase one plan, at that time changed to incorporate artificially turfing fields 1 and 2, and resurfacing fields 3 and 4, and reconstructing the clubhouse to a centre of excellence, all done on basis on multi-sport usage of HRPark.
[1] Since that time, signif events have occurred.  HRPk Society has solicited funds from the general public on the pretext of multi-sport usage, yet we now find they have scaled down their plans to only devp fields 1 and 2 dedicated only to Field Hockey
2 HRPk Society [HPRS] have alienated the Cricket Club who've totally withdrawn support
3 Area residents have had to resort to a lawyer, Mr Lakhani, to get their concerns addressed
yet the District has responded only evasively to the residents' growing concerns
4 The Mayor has supported HRPS's MRIF grant application enthusiastically while making no mention to Minister Hansen of the residents' opposition or of Cricket's withdrawal of support
When we look at this infrastructure contribution, what it amounts to in proportion is while at the time of significant value, now completely out of proportion based upon the estimated $2M claimed to be raised by the Hugo Ray Park Society.  If all goes according to HRPS's modified plan, the various levels of govt will contribute ea $1 for ev $2 produced by fundraising, but most of this fundraising is only pledged, not actual cash
makes me wonder if this Ccl still plans to continue with such a high subsidy of $1M, or 50 cents on the dollar for such a modified or cut-back project such as this
Assume the infrastructure contribution was based on Field Hockey through the HRPS acting in a bonafide manner
Given it has not done so and has solicited funds under false pretences and having alienated all the other stakeholders, including Cricket and the residents, will this Ccl immediately rescind any infrastructure contribution that is tied to the HRSP plan?
CAO: Mr Barr has made a number of v inaccurate statements
if in fact infrastructure improvements wrt parking actually resolve a number of concerns the residents have, staff may make a recommendation that those changes be undertaken
Mayor: IOW the $1M contribution Ccl is considering -- and it won't make a decision until it has full information -- was entirely intended to address justifiable nbrhd issues, around traffic and traffic mgmt and aesthetics... that $1M intended as Ccl's response; that was the original intent
don't want to get into debate now, b/c we are planning to bring this to a ccl mtg and you'll certainly be able--
Barr: --just like to correct an inaccuracy statement; nbrhd feel anything done to the park is to accommodate traffic that has to come through our area; laudable to improve within park but they still have to come through our nbrhd; not point of my question at the moment
all I'm saying is the $1M contribution has changed significantly from the light of day when it first dawned
Mayor: and that's why this will all be reconsidered in public when hear back wrt MRIF grant
CAO: getting traffic off definitely an advantage to nbrhd
Mayor: another wanting to speak -- we do have PQP but want to address us now?
Dave Lust: 323 Mathers Ave, about a block away, also Prez of Friends of Hugo Ray Park, about 200 mbrs
we're opposed to redevt of park; chief concerns centred around traffic and noise, lighting, and quality of life and envtal impact
my questions or comments relate to lack of due process by DWV in handling the Hugo Ray Park matter
first, DWV singularly unhelpful wrt info to nbrs since Feb, how devt plans evolving since Phase One plans voted on Feb 12, 2007
Mr Pike in particular has responded to our lawyer in a v evasive manner and not in fact responded to specific requests for info on a variety of matters
Mayor has directed Mr Pike to arrange for a mtg but since lg number of mbrs with diverse interests, it is not our preference to have a mtg without specific basic information made av to us
acknowledgement of our counsel, wd be plsd to meet once info; been fobbed off by Mr Pike with letters wch have mischaracterized our position as a refusal to meet
My point is the District has not included the residents properly in this process, subsequently it has compounded the problem by providing us with evasive responses to specific requests, and then it has mischaracterized our requests for information to enable us to engage in mtgs with the District and other stakeholders; this conduct has caused the residents great concerns about the intentions of the District and the fairness of the process
My second point related to certain biases evident in the handling of the matters
The District has established a track record prior to [our] hiring legal counsel to enforce our rights as residents in largely excluding the residents other than Prez of Esker Lane and other stakeholders such as the WV Cricket Club from its communications choosing to confine its communications to the Field Hockey Club and the Prez of Esker Lane
There have been instances info has been provided improperly by the District, presumably Mr PIke, to Field Hockey; for example Mr PIke provided advance notice to Field Hockey that Cricket had withdrawn its support from the HRPS, before any formal notice given to the District to this effect
A second example is Mr Pike's handling of the Nbrhd Fair this weekend, where he felt it proper to provide the HRPS an advance copy of our nbrhd poster so they cd quickly provide a rebuttal for the public to read
Third point, Mr Hansen's Ministry has been dealing with a diff set of plans for the MRIF grant than what was before this Ccl in Feb
When Ccl voted to approve fundraising in Feb it was predicated on broader devt for a broad user base; HRPS has solicited funds from the general public on this basis, yet its intentions hv been misrepresented In reality HRPS is not serving the larger sports cmnty, but only field hockey; Mr Hansen's staff informed us MRIF grant application only for devt fields 1 and 2; Mayor and Mr Pike confirmed to us those for field hockey; cricket cannot in fact be played on artificial turf
The Mayor has written to Mr Hansen on Sept 7 after being put on notice by our counsel that Cricket had withdrawn its support of HRPS; yet the Mayor has endorsed the MRIF application without disclosing Cricket's opposition or the residents' opposition on basis of plans not before Ccl on Feb 12; again we're concerned about due process
Final point: we the residents still do not know what the true plans are for this redevt
The Mayor apparently knew that the plans before the Mr Hansen's Ministry were not the same as those before the Ccl in Feb, yet no one told us.  The Mayor at one point announced there wd be a new hwy access but in fact there was none approved
Does the Mayor know of some plans we have not yet seen?
total lack of transparency in the way things are being handled; seems being handled behind closed doors and discussions between the Mayor and Mr Pike and the Field Hockey Club
show us the plans -- don't do things behind our backs -- this is not the democratic way
do not need to remind you that it is this kind of neglect of due process that results in ppl being cynical about their elected representatives
Show this Ccl and us the plans before the funds are raised from taxpayers and the devt is log rolled and presented as a done deal
Mayor: thank you.  I'd like to assure that due process is at the heart of all of this
I'd like to clarify some of the things you've said and wd like to correct my role on behalf of Ccl has been
Field Hockey may be concerned about Fields 1 and 2 becoming artificial turn but this Ccl is committed to the future of Cricket; not true Cricket not in support
emails back and forth; try not to respond on a daily basis
when this comes back to Ccl, my sense is Ccl's going to insist on multi-use, and both cricket and field hockey
wrt your nbrhd, we're desperately interested in your point of view
I've extended numerous invitations, met numerous mbrs after mtgs, in lobby; extended invitation after invitation to meet in any format you want; unfortunately I have not been successful
may be only group have not been successful; anyway you know my door is always open
wrt MRIF, this Ccl voted to continue with fundraising efforts, that is why supporting Field Hockey in its fundraising grant; if it doesn't get one, one thing changes everything, and if they do, comes back to Ccl will be considered with other groups, residents, traffic
wrt Ministry of Transportation, our staff has been working v well with them out of your best interests regardless of Field Hockey; believe it imp to you and haven't given up
wrt $1M that will come to Ccl, absolutely will be debated in context of budget 2008, scale, and what your nbrhd requires
don't know how better to communicate with you; sure hope we're gong to be able to meet tomorrow
extended invitations over and over; contacted ppl in Esker Lane, maybe not sure who; we're in your hands in terms of how best to connect with you, obviously critical to Ccl
a lot of dangling threads, we understand your frustration, not tying off any without your participation
wrt any reports you require, I think they'll be av
hiring a lawyer makes it a little challenging, we'd rather not be dealing with you in that regard
going through pages and pages of detailed questions, huge commitment of our time; not a good use of time
can hv mtg without staff there if you want; perfectly fine; suggest mtg Oct 22nd wch we'd scheduled for this to be on ccl agenda is not going to work b/c we don't have any add'l info, wch gives us a bit more time to share info with you; I think we'll know the date, will make sure well-publicized and will rely on you letting us know what channels for the nbrhd
Lust: Sure thing; look fwd to seeing you tomorrow
Mayor: thank you
VV: appreciate what Mr Lust has said, contributed to the answer of one of my questions I was looking for; good questions in lawyer's letter; he asked some very astute questions and I don't know why I cdn't find those answers myself
he talked about the application, reading from his letter p4, we have a copy of his letter to the Hon Colin Hansen -- he asked if "full disclose" or under other scenario; ... two phase ones?
got to thinking and looked back at resolutions; original one, I'd forgotten that Phase One wd involve the construction of a synthetic turf field hockey pitch with lights and viewing area for spectators in the SE corner of the Park, Field 5
passed in Dec 2005 (Dec 5th report; resolution Dec 12); referred to this very report, referred to in our resolution
in none of our subsequent resolutions did we change definition of Phase One wrt its element being Field 5, never exchanged the definition from Field 5 to Fields 1 and 2; all we did was added consideration of Fields 3 and 4 or removal of 3 and 4
If application to Prov is Fields 1 and 2, then lawyer is right on the money with his questions though he might not have had in mind what I'm seeing; he will be given what I'm seeing
I don't know how this happened -- if our resolution said Field 5, no one has authority to change to Fields 1 and 2 without Ccl
puzzled as Mr Lust was; we do need to go over the documents and have accurate and coherent processes; that's why we end up with having mbrs of public feeling we're not acting in good faith
if the evidence of good faith is a coherent set of documents so anybody looking at it can see we're all up front and on the level
I'm puzzled; I've raised this subject a few times and it's not really getting any clearer, just adding to the confusion with this hwy matter, say approval -- we don't say by what doc, whether in principle, we simply say approved
that's another reason residents get upset b/c they think approval with a document with a date with an amt of money, when it might just be favourable/encouraging reaction on phone
I want it to be what Mr Lust is recommending: actually perform the actions that demonstrate good faith, rather than saying we act in good faith, but  anybody looking at documents wd be hard-put to see evidence of that
that's my problem; I can't make sense of this so not surprised Mr Lust can't
really want us to set aside enough time for ourselves and then might find some compatibility with long-suffering mbrs of the public; so that's my two cents' worth; I'm finished
Mayor: don't believe you :-); this is complex; it's part of Ccl's approach to devp partners, devp alternate revenue sources, so I think this is a first, v exciting
we're representing hundreds of ppl with an interest in field hockey; don't know how else can invite ppl to mtgs, I've done it many times
Mr Pike wonder if you wd like to comment on Phase One, Phase Two, and Ccl's decisions
KP: we have sent out several times the four resolutions on this, 05, 06, and 07
Field No 5 did not remain in this project, clear in July 2006 report and resolution
go back and see if any doubt but not the case in my mind
we've been sending this summary out for a whole number of weeks
you're correct we can go back and analyze ev piece; the issue is whether or not to proceed with a partner who may or may not raise the dollars
if that way we want to go; we won't know if we want to go on unless we have the money; Field Hockey is determined to raise these dollars
while no one's intent to see the end of cricket here, Cricket has not raised any of the dollars that have come forward, and considerable dissension in Cricket, resulted in correspondence across the country
number of issues; we've tried to make contact; we've been told who not to talk to and who not to provide material to; variety of confusion, tried to provide info, there are no secrets
CAO: Field Hockey came with a v large project; Ccl scaled that back to 1 and 2; Field Hockey came back and in order to get grant have to expand, needed more, improvements to Fields 3 and 4, and the clubhouse, to fundraise; believe Ministry well aware of what they're going to do; shd be clear; will bring all this back, wrt grant, Min of Hwys 
will come back to Ccl with specifically what they're going to allow, really playing a waiting game right now; hope to have mtgs with cmnty/nbrhd clear as to what kinds of things we can do to address their concerns, that's what the process is all about
Mayor: lots more to go
VV: ccl minutes quoting Mr Pike's July 7 2006 report wrt Hugo Ray Park cmnty consultation feedback "be received for information" -- that doesn't even remotely hint at taking out Field 5 and putting in Fields 1 and 2.
It goes on that approval be given to the WV Field Hockey Club to continue planning and  fundraising for the first and second phases of upgrading the fields and facilities at Hugo Ray Park
again no alternate definition for Phase One to say no longer Field 5
we simply did not give that authority that worries me; and if it happened it happened without Ccl's resolution and that worries me.  How can that happen?
if original decision requires resoln of Ccl not simply authority of staff then change requires resoln of Ccl
CAO: quite often the contents of the report will provide the details, the resoln wd not, in fact encompass all of the details
wd like to reiterate Ccl at this point has not approved anything, except in principle and that Society pursue fundraising -- no other commitments
not until funds av and what group wants to do will anything happen
Mayor: not really a debate we wd like to do that at 7 o'clock when ev can be here
anything further?
VV: a difference in phraseology, and quite carefully done
when we have a resolution that refers to a report, if to adopt what's in the report, it states it "be received" but if we have what it says here, "be received for information", that specifically means we're not bound by what's in the report, just take it as information -- so this is my problem
If we have a communication prob, seems to exist within Ccl in addition to the prob we perhaps have with public
will leave it at that, just wanted to make sure I had read
Mayor: my understanding of receipt means acceptance and you vote against receipt if you don't accept what's in the report
VV: so how does it change then if it says "be received for information", is that the same? than if it simply says "be received"?
CAO: don't know the material difference.
It's essentially, you're being informed of something, and if you have a concern about what you're being informed about, then we need to bring that to staff's attention

{And here we have alarm bells ringing!
Not quite the way we in public understand this; certainly unsure.
In conversation with some on Ccl subsequently, it was not clear ''receipt for information" means acceptance.   Sometimes these information memos actually describe policy.
It is therefore the QUEEN CHESS PIECE -- any direction!
This is the ultimate power -- flexibility, told process/status and/or plausible deniability.  Those who support the policy can say they had approval, those who don't can say it was only information.  Heads I win, Tails, you lose.
Have requested clarification -- all need to know significance of 'receipt' vs approval as well as implications of receiving for information -- the Mayor will look into it.
Until then we will all have to ask just to be sure.
Of course a staff mbr can provide a report as to how things are done wrt a certain issue.  Ccl will have to decide if they accept that -- for example it cd be the way an adopted policy will be carried out.
Guess those memos will have to be read much more carefully.
Looks like it cd be any combination of Fields 5, 1and 2, and/or 3 and 4 but nothing decided till back to Ccl.
How worried Field Hockey, Cricket, and the residents must be -- on tenterhooks till then.....}
Mayor: this has been good in order to inform the upcoming discussion; at that time hope there'll be more mbrs of the cmnty av, and all mbrs of Ccl will participate
(8)       J. Sikes, September 27, 2007, regarding Civic Centre - Removal of Temporary Parking
        Referred to the Director of Parks & Community Services for consideration and response.
MS: know Mr Pike is going to bring a report on this; wd help us get through winter and help ppl attending during winter
wrt reports being paid for by M, they shd be released
think back to last summer when new Cclr looked at Amb traffic report, new on ccl, read it, and it never saw light of day -- why report never seen light of day?
CAO: there is a report next week wrt parking and Cmnty Ctr; was considered by Amb WG
Mayor: can you wait till next week?
MS: I always wait patiently
(11)     September 01, 2007, regarding Vera's Burgers Closing
MS: concern over closing; closed over Labour Day Weekend; have report whether or not success, as time permits.
(15)     September 18, 2007, regarding Dog Bylaw Fines
Ann Pepper: as a parent horrified you're not enforcing the current prog
considering those complaining are breaking the law, we're only listening to those who break the law
they don't speak for all dog owners; statistically invalid; it's like only asking boat owners what do you want beach to look like, .....
do a report; do this as done by Synovate, statistically; 82% of ppl want dog bylaws enforced
really ample space; no excuse to break the laws in our parks except Amb is an issue
NV has one off-leash, DNV ten but double our park space; Bby has..., Coq
parks we have that allow dogs beautiful, some others just fenced off
...prepared a report; 75% of dog attacks are on chn under age ten, face, head and neck
%....; % not even interacting and half on leash
there were double the attacks of postal workers this year; too lax; leads to more aggressive
how can you decipher between resp and not; that's why you have to have parks dogs and no dogs
places where you eat, touch the ground,..... faecal material, chn and seniors most susceptible
only takes one to ruin it; where there are dogs, there are faeces, just not hygienic
Vancouver may be a little ahead of us; they allow dogs in ev park, 1000s of complaints and attacks not in press; ... with no enforcement no incentive to obey the law
...dogs merged...  warnings don't work ... Calgary one of the most........  they give out tix continuously, 400 a month; if you have a warning already, you almost always get a ticket
was reading and one person said she'd had nine warnings and was upset got a ticket for $100 -- don't see how can be called law-abiding
50% own dogs at mtgs, 60% had dogs, is this statistically valid?
maybe how to create something unified across the NSh
next election I can't vote for someone who...
find the current level of decision antichild; bites, having food taken from hands; if no enforcement what shd I do in park if dog bounding about and approaching my chn; how can I deal with that if we don't have enforcement?
Mayor: I did circulate your letter
RD: we do enforce; don't think anyone saying we don't enforce; we hired one in Oct
CAO: animal control bylaw ofcr was hired during the summer the busiest time of year; other ofcrs will continue......
Mayor: think this discussion shd continue at the forums
(24)     October 03, 2007, regarding Neighbourhood Character and Housing
        Referred to the Director of Planning, Lands & Permits for consideration and response.
Sop: shd go to WG
29)     C. Reynolds, October 02, 2007, regarding Community Engagement Policy
Sop: both of us being on [CEC] cmte; application forms to be on website?
{FYI: Mayor is Chair of CEC, Bill is one of the cclr mbrs, I'm one of the citizen mbrs.}
Mayor: on the website but can't fill them out on them; working on that
Sop: public to attend, cmtes and subcmtes, same?
Mayor: yes
Sop: avoid uncertainty; as related to [openness, public comment at items not just at end]; some not aware of rules
Mayor: sent memo out to everybody; doing ev we said we'd do
Sop: it's all good; housekeeping thx
{Well, sounds good, thx Bill, and the Mayor may have sent out the memo as a reminder after the guidelines went out a few months ago, but remember the lack of compliance with Cclr JF's Amb WG so that the Mayor and others had to bring that up?  Well, and it's Cclr JF's Arts & Culture WG again not complying.  It's been meeting for several months, yet there are NO notes of the mtgs on their webpage and only TWO agendas.  Goes back to lack of due process, openness, transparency, information -- similar complaints as those of the Hugo Ray Park area residents.  And, alas, not the only example.
Rodgers Crk WG on Oct 18th discussed having a 'workshop' with Ccl -- hope I cut that off at the pass so that it will be made public and residents will be allowed to attend, and even speak!
Thank you, Cclr VV, for speaking up for a clear and coherent process, trail with documentation.
Let's hope.}
(34)     J. Bailey, Community Planner and S. Jenkins, Environmental Coordinator, September 27, 2007, regarding Consultation with Streamkeepers
{I shd hv said thanks for this}
> RD: went to display; reporting to Ccl, going to public, circulating a questionnaire
what you want; give M Hall a call and can get one; v interested in hearing from you
> Mayor: thank you Cclr V for standing in for me
VV: at occasion of opening of brand new bank of Montreal at 18th and Marine

=== WV Council AGENDA Oct 22nd ===
1.                  CALL TO ORDER
ZONING BYLAW NO. 2200, 1968, AMENDMENT BYLAW NO. 4525, 2007 (re Shell Gas Station, 1305 Marine Drive)
DEVELOPMENT PERMIT APPLICATION NO. 05-016 (re  Shell Gas Station, 1305 Marine Drive)
[Intro/description in PH Notes Oct 15 above]
            1)         Reports to Council received up to October 17, 2007:
                J. Bailey, Community Planner, September 7, 2007
            2)         Correspondence received up to October 17, 2007:
                R. and C. Ash, September 07, 2007
                V. Johnson and J. Robertson, September 10, 2007
On September 17, 2007 Council set the date for the Public Hearing/Public Meeting. The Public Hearing/Public Meeting was held on October 15, 2007 and adjourned to October 22.  On September 27, 2007, 748 Notices were mailed to owners/occupiers within 100 metres of the subject site.  The statutory notice of Public Hearing/Public Meeting was published in the North Shore News on October 7 and October 10, 2007.  The Municipal Clerk will note written submissions received.
7.         PUBLIC INPUT
RECOMMENDED:  THAT all written and verbal submissions ... be received and that the Reconvened Public Hearing and Public Meeting be closed.
if Council wishes a further staff report: RECOMMENDED: THAT Staff report back ... and that the Reconvened Public Hearing and Public Meeting be adjourned to ________________
3.         North Shore Family Court & Youth Justice Committee - Annual Report
4.         Development Variance Permit Application No. 07-038 (2929 Altamont Crescent)
At the October 1, 2007 meeting, Council received the report dated September 20, 2007 from the Community Planner
RECOMMENDED:  THAT all written and verbal submissions ... be received.
If Council wishes a further staff report, then RECOMMENDED: THAT Staff report back to Council regarding submissions received
RECOMMENDED: THAT Council approve the DVP which would allow for a second storey addition with a variance to the required Front Yard, as presented in the September 20, 2007 report from the Community Planner
5.         Notice of Intent to Consider Council Procedure Bylaw No. 4483, 2006 (Revised)
1.                  Notice be given that it is the intent of Council to consider proposed Council Procedure Bylaw No. 4483, 2006 as revised, which has been further updated to reflect procedural changes approved by Council, and in text and format;
2.                  Following statutory notification, the bylaw be scheduled for Council's consideration at the November 19, 2007 regular Council meeting.
6.         Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4525, 2007  -- Information to be provided.
        {this and next wrt Shell site; think this is that it's to be abandoned, and a different one proposed}
7.         Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4530, 2007  -- Information to be provided.
        {this may be to adjourn the PH/public mtg to Nov 19}
BYLAW for Adoption
8.         Regulatory Bylaw Enforcement and Penalty Amending Bylaw No. 4521, 2007            
9.         Correspondence List
Requests for Delegation
(1)       A. Rowley, North Shore Restorative Justice Society, October 09, 2007, regarding North Shore Restorative Justice Society Expansion
Referred to the Municipal Clerk for response regarding delegation scheduling.
Action Required
(2)       G. Barlee, Western Canada Wilderness Committee, October 05, 2007, regarding "Western Canada's Provincial Parks - How does British Columbia Measure up?"
        Referred to the Director of Parks & Community Services for consideration and response.  Attachments available for viewing in the Legislative Services Department.
(3)       October 09, 2007, regarding Motorcycles - Excessive Noise and Speed
        Referred to the Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
(4)       Federation of Canadian Municipalities, October 10, 2007, regarding Municipal Infrastructure Survey, October 05-November 01
                Referred to the Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
(5)       P. Leitch, Motion Picture Production Industry Association of BC, Undated, 2007, regarding Request for Proclamation: Motion Picture Industry Week - October 22-28, 2007
        Referred to the Municipal Clerk for response.  Attachments available for viewing in the Legislative Services Department.
(5.1)        P. and B. Annable, C. and E. Shumiatcher, B. and B. Kellogg, M. McConkie, G. and N. Yorke, P. and C. Strelaeff, D., and C. Longcroft, undated, regarding Response from Neighbours:  DVP Application (2929 Altamont Cr)
        Referred to the Director of Planning, Lands and Permits for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(6)       Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
(a)       Design Review Committee - June 27, 2007
(7)       S.E. Dowey, City Clerk - City of NV, October 04, regarding North Shore Family Court and Youth Justice Committee - Annual Report
(8)       Union of BC Municipalities, October 05, regarding Grant Application Deadline Reminder
Previously distributed due to timing of matter.
(9)       Union of BC Municipalities, October 05, regarding 2nd Round of Funding Now Available for 2007/2008 Program
(10)     Union of BC Municipalities, October 05, regarding Member Release: UBCM Convention - 2007 Resolutions and Policy Disposition
(11)     October 10, 2007, regarding Solar Area Lighting
(12)     B. Elton, BC Hydro and B. Binnie, UBCM, September 28, regarding Phase 2 of the Turn It Off Challenge
(13)     4 Emails Regarding Hugo Ray Park
Responses to Correspondence
(14)     K. Pike, Director of Parks & Community Services, October 10, 2007, reply to D. Robertson regarding Esker Lane and Hugo Ray Park Proposal
Responses to Questions in Question Period --  No items presented.

=== LANGUAGE ===  in the news, etc
> Oh, pronunciation.
-  Che Guevara so often mispronounced (hearing it more b/c of anniversary) is chay gay-VA-ra, b/c the u is only there go make the G hard (as in gay, not soft - j- as in general
-  Apartheid is not German, it's Afrikaans, a term from South Africa where it's pronounced a-par-TATE, one of my gauges to tell if the person as been to South Africa thus more likely to know what he's talking about.
> Spelling
- Yes, we spell in honour in Canada (and UK), but it loses its U (in UK too) in honorary (see the BC govt website, Lt Gov, etc), so while the Lexoricist applauds making Aung San Suu Kyi an honorary Canadian citizen, had to let PMO know that although it's honour and honourable, it's honorary.  Guess English decided to get closer to Latin with honorifics.
- Special to DWV Agenda writer: licenCe is the noun, licenSe is the verb, therefore it's [licensing] since a noun can only be singular or plural, licence(s).  The verb, to license is the infinitive, also has licensed (simple past and past participle) and licensing (present participle, gerund).  This distinction/usage is the same in Canada as it is in the UK, Australia, etc.  Look at your driver's licence.  Check out the Motor Vehicle website.  See the provincial legislation, etc.  Licensed premises.
(The US only uses one form whether noun or verb -- license, so the strange spelling in Item 3.1 of the Oct 15 DWV agenda is not standard anywhere.)

             ...written 2007 Oct 7/8 when I learned BBC and other TV networks are doing a series on 'Democracy'.

                        what's Democracy?
                                Ah, that's in the eyes
                                        of the beholden voter

The automobile has not merely taken over the street, it has dissolved the living tissue of the city. Its appetite for space is absolutely insatiable; moving and parked, it devours urban land, leaving the buildings as mere islands of habitable space in a sea of dangerous and ugly traffic.
                -- James Marston Fitch, historic preservationist (1909 - 2000)
Truth has no special time of its own. Its hour is now -- always.
                -- Albert Schweitzer, philosopher, physician, musician, Nobel laureate (1875-1965)
Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
                -- Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 - 1882)

***  In honour of Book Week:
Books are the compasses and telescopes and sextants and charts which other men have prepared to help us navigate the dangerous seas of human life.
                -- Jesse Lee Bennett (1885 - 1931)
There is not such a cradle of democracy upon the earth as the Free Public Library, this republic of letters, where neither rank, office, nor wealth receives the slightest consideration.
                -- Andrew Carnegie, industrialist (1835-1919)
These are not books, lumps of lifeless paper, but minds alive on the shelves.
                -- Gilbert Highet, writer (1906-1978)