Nov 26 NOTES
Calendar to Dec 13

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

HERITAGE UPDATE:  Arthur Erickson's Graham House -- West Coast Architecture
Articles in Sunday's (18th) and Wednesday's (28th) NSNews; VProv Th Nov 22; VSun Nov 28th pB8; see http://www.arthurerickson.com/H_grah.html if you haven't seen the photos of the Graham House.
In VSun 2007 Nov 24 pA20 there was a Ritz-Carlton ad:
a signature architectural expression by Arthur Erickson, the recipient of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada's '2007 Prix du XXe Siecle' award for enduring excellence and national significance to Canadian architecture.
Apparently five buildings got the awards for the best in the 20th century (in Canada), and two of the five were designed by Arthur Erickson: the Gordon Smith House (in WV) and SFU.
SEE ERICKSON LETTERS/INFO/UPDATE AT END.  Contact: heritage@westvan.org or 922 4400
= MAIN ITEMS Ccl Mtg Nov 26th:  NSh Restorative Justice; WVMLibrary; Hollyburn Lodge; DVP 5517 Ocean Place; Cmnty Dialogue on Nbrhd Character/Housing; AMBLESIDE TOWN STRATEGY; PUBLIC AMENITY POLICY; Funding for NSh walks; Apptmts: Library Bd, CEC, Metro Vancouver Bd, Metro Labour Relations, LMTAC; Cmnty Ctr Governance Bd Nomination Cmte; Adoption of fees/charges and Five-Yr Fin Plan bylaws; DVP for WV Presbyterian Church Dec 17; Correspondence: Vinson Crk, Hollyburn Ski Lodge, death of trees.
Vive le Canada; UPDATE (Cmnty Survey); CALENDAR to Dec 13th (Heritage Workshop Dec 8)
=  Nov 19 Ccl NOTES:  Black Bear Network; Cmnty Ctr Governance; Cmnty Survey 2007; Dog-Walking; Cmnty Heritage Register: Hollyburn Lodge, ERICKSON'S GRAHAM HOUSE (defeated); Wetmore Site (lease/sale?); Cmnty Engagement; Shell Gas Stn (defeated); Five-Year Financial Plan (public input); Ccl Procedure Bylaw; Correspondence: Qs asked re Ccl Procedure Bylaw Nov 19, not yet answered
=  Dec 3rd Ccl AGENDA; ERICKSON/GRAHAM HOUSE LETTERS/INFO/UPDATE; Quotations (Erickson's too)
===  Vive le Canada
Jean Chretien, born in 1934 the 18th of 19 chn, was the 20th Prime Minister of Canada, and the first French-Canadian Finance Minister.  He will be autographing his book "My Years as Prime Minister" at Chapters on Robson, 7pm Dec 4th.
===   UPDATE   ===  West Vancouver Community Survey 2007 - Results
Synovate (formerly "MarkTrend Research Inc.") was commissioned to conduct the above mentioned surveys since 1991, including this year's Community Survey for the District of West Vancouver. This report contains the detailed findings from this most recent study and, where applicable, compares findings to historical data as far back as 1983. http://www.westvancouver.ca/article.asp?a=5433&c=621
Some highlights of the report:
o  The majority of West Vancouver residents feel the community offers a high quality of life, is a good place to raise a family and is a good place to retire.
o   Consistent with trends dating back to 2001, the large majority of West Vancouver residents say they are very to somewhat satisfied overall with municipal services.
o   Municipal services that residents tend to recognize (i.e. they are the most satisfied with) are library services (mentioned by 45%, fire and rescue services (40%) and garbage collection (37%).  
o   Unchanged from historical trends, 86% of West Vancouver homeowners currently feel they get good value for the municipal share of their property taxes
How the Other Half Loves by Alan Ayckbourn is on at Presentation House (NV) until Dec 8, written 1969.
Thoroughly enjoyable.  Highly recommended for couples, but G didn't like the topic (deception of spouses however does make farce and sitcom).  Laughs especially in the first half with exceptional acting during the dinner scene by the third couple who alternate/change at the swivel of their heads.
Pity not a full house b/c it certainly deserved it (just as Dunsmuirs and Goat did and got).
One warning: to be 'green' there is no programme.  If you like to write your comments on the prog you're reading during the performance as I do, you may want to print if off from the website.

===  CALENDAR to Dec 13th  === [M Hall unless otherwise noted; confirm b/c sometimes changes]
WEST VANCOUVER  Emergency Services Toy Drive  --  November 5th - December 15
Contact:  Const. Jeff Palmer, Community Services Unit (WVPD) - 925 7348; Assistant Fire Chief Martin Ernst (WVFD) - 925 7370 Enough stuffed toys already!!!
{NB:  Envmt WG met 5pm Nov 27 at Worksyard; Ccl Remuneration Task Force 8am Nov 29}
==  Monday Dec 3rd
~ 7pm ~ at SFU Harbour Ctr -- SFU's Urban Studies Program -
Public Forum: Dissenting from Highway Expansion: Reflecting on Citizen Activism at Eagleridge Bluffs
Free. Reservation required, email urban@sfu.ca or call 778 782 7914 for more info.
Panelists: Ned Jacobs, Betty Krawczyk, and Barbara Pettit / Moderator:  Frances Bula, Urban Issues Reporter, The Vancouver Sun.
==  Tuesday Dec 4th  [Check to see F&A on Tuesday at 4:30]
        ~ 4:30pm ~ Festival of Lights -- Lighting Ceremony at Dundarave Beach
        ~ 5:30pm ~ RODGERS CREEK OPEN HOUSE; Hollyburn Club (950 Cross Crk); presentations at 7pm
        ~ 6:30pm ~ Cmnty Dialogue on Nbrhd Character & Housing WG
==  Wednesday Dec 5th
        ~ 10am ~ Cmnty Engagement Cmte
        ~ 7pm ~ Carol Ships and bonfires at Dundarave Beach
==  Thursday Dec 6th
North Shore Business Opportunities Abound -- North Shore Spirit of B.C. is offering:
~ 5:30pm ~ A 2010 Commerce Centre Business Opportunity Workshop
at West Van Partners Centre, 1846 Marine Drive; $25.00 per person including GST and materials. Please reply to: info@northshorespiritofbc.ca or call 923.2011 to reserve your space.

==  Friday/Saturday Dec 7th/8th at SFU Harbour Ctr
        ~ 9am - 5:30pm ~ Urban Design: Economic Fundamentals; See http://www.sfu.ca/city/course11popup.htm
==  Saturday Dec 8th ~ 9am - 2:30pm ~ Cmnty Heritage Workshop at Srs' Ctr
(free, light lunch; ph 925 7056 to register)
The District of West Vancouver invites you to a Community Heritage Workshop, which will be held on Saturday, December 8th from 9:30am to 2:30pm at the WV Seniors' Centre (Marine Room).  This will be of value to anyone wishing to learn more about community heritage registers, statements of significance, and heritage conservation management tools for local government. There will also be a classroom exercise on how to identify the values and character-defining elements of a number of West Vancouver's diverse heritage resources.  The workshop presenters/facilitators are:  Bob Parliament (BC Heritage Branch) and Sue Morhun (Township of Langley).
This is a free event, and includes a light lunch.  As space will be limited, please confirm your attendance by responding to this email or calling the Planning Department at 925.7055.  If you feel that this event may be of interest to a friend or colleague, pls forward this email.  For further info, pls log onto www.westvancouver.ca/heritage.
==  Wednesday Dec 12th ~ 5:30pm ~ Library Board at Library
==  Thursday Dec 13th
        ~ 5pm ~ N Sh Substance Abuse WG
        ~ 5:30pm ~ RODGERS CRK WG (probably briefing from Open House on 4th)
*** Dec 7th RSVP for party Dec 12th
The Chamber is delighted to hold the 2007 Christmas Party and Silent Auction once again at the elegant English-style manor house, the Capilano Golf and Country Club.
Your sophisticated festive evening will include a sumptuous festive buffet, a glass of red or white wine with dinner, entertainment, dancing, and a silent auction.
Why not make this festive evening at the Capilano Golf and Country Club your staff Christmas party? It is a great opportunity to have a smaller group join a sophisticated evening of delicious food and entertainment.
Dress attire is elegant holiday or your best business attire.  If you want to dress to the nines...go right ahead...it is the perfect place and time to celebrate in style!  Time: 6:30pm reception and no host bar; Dinner 7:30pm.
Please RSVP on-line by Friday, December 7th, 2007.  Our host, Capilano Golf and Country Club, requires advance numbers for preparation.   To rsvp, please go to the events calendar at our website: www.westvanchamber.com

==  Wednesday Dec 12th ~ 5:30pm ~ Library Board at Library
==  Thursday Dec 13th
        ~ 5pm ~ N Sh Substance Abuse WG
        ~ 5:30pm ~ RODGERS CRK WG (probably briefing from Open House on 4th)

+++ FERRY BUILDING GALLERY --  "Great Stuff"  -- Nov 30 - Dec 21
An exhibition and sale of unique crafts, fine artwork, and distinctive gifts at affordable prices from over 40 of the best artists and artisans, just in time for the Christmas shopper!
Special Gallery Hours: 10am - 6pm; Late Friday shopping until 8pm; Closed Mondays
Preview and Opening Sale on Friday, November 30 from 4 - 8 p.m.

+++  WV MEMORIAL LIBRARY +++ see www.westvanlib.ca for more!
Thursday Dec 6 ~~  7:30pm ~ Author Visit - Theresa Kishkan
B.C. poet and author Theresa Kishkan will read from her latest collection of essays Phantom Limb.

+++  WV MUSEUM +++   BEHIND THE WIRE -- Nov 7 to Feb 9 
THE WARTIME DIARY AND ART OF ROBERT BUCKHAM. [Full description in earlier issue of WVM]
Guest Speaker Series
=  Wednesday 7 - 8:30pm December 5
Guest speaker: Charles O. Lomudak, Settlement Worker, Vancouver School Board; Volunteer, UNICEF Canada
Topic: Born and Raised in War in Sudan
Since 1983, the ongoing civil war in Sudan [has] caused the death of nearly two million people-one in five of the southern Sudanese population. When the war broke out, Charles Lomudak was only ten years old. As the war intensified, homes were burned down, many Sudanese were repeatedly tortured, and thousands of boys were forced to become red army soldiers by the rebels. Lomudak and his family hid in bushes during the day, barely keeping themselves alive by eating wild plants and fruits, and traveled after dark moving away from the fighting. He spent several years in refugee camps in neighbouring countries, lost two brothers [owing] to the war and was recently reunited with his mother after 21 years of separation. In this talk, Lomudak gives his personal account of growing up in Sudan where he endured unimaginable brutality.

+++ Don't forget to check out www.silkpurse.ca (Artantarctica Nov 20 to Dec 2) and www.kaymeekcentre.com for their events

=============  CCL= MTG NOTES Nov 26th  ================= 
Mayor: Welcome to our Ccl mtg.
[much noise in the Chamber]
I'd like to call the mtg to order
[noise continues; a hand reaches over and grabs the gavel]
No, don't do that.  I haven't banged the gavel once in two years
[to gavel-grabber] you really got me.  Good evening. I'd like to call our ccl mtg to order
1.   APPROVAL OF AGENDA: changing order 13 to after 4; adding add'l info to 6; notes on Nov 23; and three letters on Graham House Item 10.
2.   ADOPTION OF MINUTES of Nov 19 Public Hearing/Public Meeting
Mayor: ... we have a v full agenda tonight, partly a function of moving to two ccl mtgs per month, and we're dealing with a number of v substantive issues, so Ccl will also have to be equally disciplined in their comments.  We begin with a delegation...
3.   The North Shore Black Bear Network, regarding Bears, Attractants, and Bylaws... received for information.
Lady read letter from nbr frustrated b/c noise from bears attracted to nbr's garbage; ppl are not being fined but there's no bylaw; Larry McHale [staff] recommended telling nbrs, etc (so she has done that): garbage is an attractant; a few don't always comply; Chairlift and Chelsea problem area; time has come for garbage bylaws; garbage also attracts rodents; other Ms have garbage bylaws; NSBBN will work with you.
Sop: Parks or Recycling -- how wd enforcement be done?
Ans: we're considering modifications to the solid waste bylaw in new year
fines? repeat offender? bringing report
CAO: may not have throughout M, just area where prevalent
Lady: we can tell you but that won't work; Larry McHale will tell you and they'll follow their noses wherever the garbage is.
[Report will come in first quarter]
4.   Community Centre Governance Working Group Final Report and Recommendations
1.   Approval be given to establish an interim Board that will create a non-profit society for the governance of the new community centre;
2.   A partnership agreement with the new society be established outlining each partner's role, responsibility and reporting relationship for Council approval;
3.   A nominating committee composed of members of the current working group and Council be established to recruit the first Board;
4.   The new society be required to enter into a partnership agreement with Vancouver Coastal Health Authority and all the other private and non-profit organizations that will be operating within the new community centre subject to pre-existing agreements;
5.   The new society carry out its governance role based on the following six values:
       a. Community -- the centre is a gathering place; a place where everyone is welcome and feels at home;
       b. Innovation -- new approaches are tried and centre users are encouraged to propose new ideas and programs;
       c.  Learning -- everyone is seen as a learner and has experiences that enrich their lives;
       d.  Partnership -- staff, volunteers, and centre users work together in an integrated manner;
       e.  Inclusivity -- all the programs and services reflect the demographics and diversity of the community; and
       f.   Responsibility -- stewardship of a sustainable community.
6.   An external review of the non-profit society be carried out after a two-year period to examine how the Board, staff, and volunteers are achieving the Centre's values; how the model is making a difference in the community, and how the partners are working together; and
7.   An allocation of $30,000 to the new society be approved for initial start up cost in the 2008 budget.
Barbara Brink, Chair: gave background of mtgs; review in three years
Sop: questions but quorum
BB: low for board mtgs, often wait forever if 50%
JF: thank you; know how hard you all have worked; external review after one to two years, pls explain -- external?
BB: internally done but want third-party review
JF: ppl outside?
BB: agree on a facilitator to come in, look at partnership agreement
JC: M wd be joint and several with the Society in borrowing?
BB: is Vince not here yet?
[NO] provision is there
JC: we shd be careful about culpability but we shd be part of decision-making wrt borrowing
BB: this is draft want to make sure partners are comfortable
CAO: Cclr Clark right; before in position, M wd have to approve borrowing
Cal Davis:  biz rep with DWV Employees' Union, except Fire and Police
Mayor: and Library
CD: Library too.  We are concerned b/c we have not been asked for input or information about this
I learned about it recently and at mtg with HR last week didn't have info, concerns come to mind
don't know what role is for Vancouver Coastal Health and how affect our mbrs
how volunteers affect our staff; Srs' Ctr works well but we need input
don't understand why Health Auth there?
use facilities for free?  we can't
defer for a couple of weeks, fill Susan Ney in so we get an understanding
Assure you we're not intent on opposing this, want to work with cmte and Ccl
first we and HR have to know what this is all about; so we can cooperate
our mbrship brought this to our attn
CAO: really is early in the game to determine how this is going to work
a lot of the details to be
Parkgate model, Health and CUPE employees in same bldg
understand WVMEA's concern; will look into it and incorporate
Health Auth big part; better services for cmnty
Josie Chuback: we did meet with Mr Davis and outline what we did know what happened....
wd work closely about roles; no indication of concerns beyond that at our mtg last week
Sop: I move [etc]
I sat through eight months of this; thx to .... incredible cmte, etc; looked at models
VV: wd like to add an amendment to 5f; noticed Mayor changed, removing socially, environmentally, and financially; and it's only place financial appears
Mayor: friendly amendment; felt ppl understand what sustainability means but no harm spelling it out
BB: no prob
VV: will be watching
JF: support; diff models; WV wdn't be identical to any other one, but one for WV
Brave New World for WV
RD: I too want to thank Barbara Bush
BB: I'll wear my pearls next time
RD: maybe reduce board, our groups usually eight or nine: wrt WVMEA, no problem with their asking for some time, cd do that; do support
JC: I too offer my congratulations; didn't think we'd get that far that fast
looking at Srs' Ctr -- v successful group and am sure they'll be represented on board
wrt Union, personally wd say you shd hv no concerns; set out for adoption, attitudes
all want success and can't have that without employees
MS: still a little loss as to how this is going to work; see reporting relationship; to follow up on Cclr V said; cmnty spending $40M so shd hv some control, not to say no confidence in group; make sure of no financial embarrassment down the road, not sure how to word that
BB: the concerns you raised are the ones we looked at; also curious
cmnty wants to be involved
look at Appendix A; that one page delineates what will be shared, what remain with M
issue you raised good one; issues at AGM; don't think anyone who's been on a board isn't aware of fiduciary role -- it's spelled out clearly
MS: you don't see a problem with special interest groups stacking
BB: that's why a slate put forth by cmte, then seven days
that did happen some years ago, happened on school boards, library boards; did look at that
if a special group, board shd ask how they got there
it's quite imp that the board reflect the cmnty; take off your interest hat and act on behalf of cmnty
will be v vibrant cmte, users' cmte or
hope board wd stay at strategic level
Mayor: thank cmte as well; b/c of the numerous partners and with Health; felt had to come up with a model including all the partners; felt remiss if not present a model
increasing demand of public to be involved; credit to this Ccl to have foresight as to how can we facilitate that
staff stepped back
Appendix 3 -- will have to have serious discussions, eg will setting fees and charges be done with Ccl
Srs' Ctr and Library, how well with volunteers; funding opp
want Cmnty Ctr to be firing on all cylinders
who will be that founding chair and board, of flagship of WV
{Agenda item moved ahead probably to accommodate Fire and Police Chiefs; then they don't have to wait around}
13.  [Five-]Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 4510, 2007, Amendment Bylaw No. 4529, 2007
Previous background report received at the Nov 19 Council Meeting: "Mid-Year Review - Budget Amendment Bylaw"
This bylaw received first reading at the November 19, 2007 Council Meeting and was made available for public comment. RECOMMENDED: second and third reading
George Pajari: My apologies, not expecting the jump in agenda so a little less prepared than I'd hoped.
I wish to speak particularly to the Police Bd budget overage and while understanding the statutory separation between the Police Bd and Ccl, and realizing that at best Ccl can only provide advice to the Bd on how it uses its funds, I'd like to draw a few facts to Ccl's attention so that when they're considering how to best handle both this year's overage and future budgets for the Police Bd, that they understand that this overrun was somewhat avoidable and was predictable.  I'm concerned that it's coming to Ccl this late in the budget cycle. 
The primary source of these costs were the termination of the previous police chief wch appears to have been done in a somewhat prejudicial manner.  If the Bd had approached the Chief--
Mayor: --I'm going to have to ask you to be sensitive to the fact that this is a personnel matter, so if you cd keep your comments.
GP: it appears as if the legal costs associated with this termination were larger than need be -- obviously not being privy to all the details, but to some, I cannot be definitive -- the fact that a 29-year veteran of the police force was terminated in a relatively abrupt manner, it does tend to suggest that the following large legal bills cd have been anticipated from the method in wch the person was terminated.
Secondly most of these costs were known at least six months ago.  I'm concerned there have been no apparent steps by Police Bd to adjust their budget to try to accommodate this.  It appears the Police Bd just assumes Ccl will accept this overage.  I'll also point out that in the living memory of the Police Bd, this last year's police budget overage and this year's police budget overage are the first two in history of Police Bd.  So the new Police Bd has run two back-to-back deficits.
In previous years there hv bn surpluses.  The Police Bd cd hv made some arrangements to try to mitigate the costs to reduce the budget overage, but since they discuss budget matters in secret, we don't know if any steps have been taken to reduce this significant budget overrun.
So when Ccl's looking at moving forward, in past years, the Police budget has had surpluses through attrition, through not running its police force at its full authorized complement and I wd point out that of the 70 police forces in BC we have one of the highest ratios of police officers to citizens, and while we benefit from that, one of the results is we have the absolutely lowest criminal case load per police officer in the province.
This wd suggest that if attrition were allowed to run for a couple of years to reduce the actual force from its maximum authorized force, the budget overage cd be recovered in short order.
Thank you v much, Your Worship.
RL, Dir/Fin: this bylaw arises as a result of midyear review, part of annual review and reporting
that review was drafted in late July identified challenges at that time
once aware magnitude of challenges, we took time to make sure understood what numbers were
worked with new Police Chief, staff to make sure
did look at opps to absorb in other areas. looked at other revenues for offsetting
at end we did end up with $700K of net one-time add'l costs for 2007 covering off by a budget amendment
one-time to cover off; allowed a week for comment; received email from two residents; answered and received thoughtful comments
Qs about PCS amounts, want to make sure not from costs of construction
here for second and third reading of bylaw
Sop: I have a question
Mayor: if you must
Sop: can wait
Mayor: Nancy Farran chairs Finance Cmte
NF: here with Mark Reder and sit on F&A and was on Fiscal Task Force
pains me to come and bring a deficit to you but I think we have diff kinds of sustainability that we need to think about.  We have fiscal sust and we also have sustainability of our Police Force
the difficult decisions that the Bd made this year really centred around how do we ensure we keep a vibrant and effective police force going forward
tried to keep ev informed of difficult decisions as we went along
unavoidable expenses, extraordinary legal costs this year, there are personnel settlement costs, so you're all pretty much aware of that
begging your indulgence
as Mr Pajari did point out, we haven't come over budget too frequently in the past, in fact usually under budget b/c of staffing issues
this is an anomaly in many ways that this year we haven't budgeted for an unavoidable event
we do have a good record in the past

{This actually needs clarification.  Not sure what 'we' is.  The two years of this Police Bd and of Ms Farran's mbrship on the Bd have had deficits.  Maybe Police Bds of the past or up until two years ago, had a good record -- one police inspector said they had never had a deficit in his memory.}

and sure you'll see credible budgets from us going forward

{No doubt an earnest sincere presentation but it does gloss over the fact made by the previous speaker.  There were some avoidable costs.  Many biz ppl opined that when deciding to terminate a senior employee, it can be done by various means such as re-assignment, by providing six months or a year for the person to find other employment and leave with respect, and so on.  That wd hv avoided the ~$270K legal fees and the $200K severance, ie ~$500K (as opposed to $70K for six months of the annual salary) of the $666K overrun.  Quite apart from the lack of sensitivity and respect for the staff mbr.........}

Mark Reder: a lot of our costs are legal costs
not all to severance matters; have been a number of investigations; trigger requirement of legal advice; subject to FOI and actions under Police Act; costs from various directions
Mayor: Chief Heed is here to present amendment; welcome to our Ccl Chambers formally
KH: we've done a lot; time of significant change
limiting our risk, better govt, better leadership from line officer to my ofc
embarking on a new strategic direction; effective and accountable; further strategic priorities with accompanying workplans
reduce crime and fear of crime; involving all stakeholders; retain great staff we have; managing accountability
during this period of change, costs; unfortunately gone through some turmoil and going forward
mitigating further risks
working with local govt and cmnty to make this the safest in Canada; must make sure keeping up in modern; remain safe and secure

{laud his aims but we know we've been about the safest in Canada for years!}

Mayor: Fire Chief as well
Jeff Oates, WVFD: not a surprise to anyone here, brought it up in Sept 2006 and in March 2007 brought up models not sustainable
funding was not increased but advised to keep up service levels; notice in tax notice in spring saying about $500K shortfall
Nine add'l firefighters were hired when 15 more recommended in 2001 study
on longterm sickness, seven; two came back today
budget variance with Surrey dispatch more expensive than one we had with NV
...over in fleet maintenance, also mentioned in March 12 budget mtg
Emergency Ofc, WVFD looks after WV's share of NSh Emerg Mgmt Ofc; asked for more funds but turned down for that too
consultant fees with NV wch were unfunded
happy to answer any questions
Mayor: Cclr Smith introduce second reading and then have our debate
Mayor: if I cd lead off if that's all right
both overages, also indicate areas Ccl wishes to focus and improve; not wishing to shy away from challenges
wrt WVPD; we did make a v tough decision, difficult in litigious or personnel situation to discuss that publicly -- but certainly I kept Ccl informed in camera ev step of the way of what we were doing b/c of wishing to act in good faith
our Police Bd was faced with a real need for a strategic plan wch we have now, wch I think Ccl will feel v encouraged by

{so we don't have it yet?  and cd a consultant have provided a plan for less than half a mil?}

wch highlights introducing a high standard of measurement, analysis, and accountability; increasing communications emanating from the dept; employing strict and transparent fiscal assets and human resource mgmt; those are three key goals
felt that our Dept was at risk and we are feeling the pain of some of that; working v hard to manage that risk much better; addition of an inspector in professional standards
law changing at rapid rate, police ofcrs across Canada av of five years behind in terms of what law is requiring, that's a risk
we feel that the prof standards position and all that flows from that was imperative
tough decision in order to get going and never be in this position again
re morale and retention in the dept, new Chief acted v quickly to address basic issues around being able to perform one's job -- that had to do with uniforms, equipment like flashlights, v simple things; we felt that absolutely had to be addressed right away
wrt FIRE; we know we have untenable overtime situation; thank you for explaining challenge
either rationale for increasing the budget or a new model
have struck a WG; benefit of cmnty working together; to tackle these tough issues
neglect of key depts and key staff
in a tough position tonight; want to tackle public policy and serve cmnty as best we can
supporting amendment; opp to be v public and steps we're taking to address those
The apparent once in 400-year storm cleanup took Jan to Apr and totally expended our budget for cleanup, that was as well, unforeseeable
but have had a good impact on our budget now b/c we got new generators and we've got to be better prepared
Sop: in course of budgeting process in 2007 and indicators going to be larger bill from police services based on the decision by the board, did we prepare financially for that overexpenditure during the budget preparation time?
RL: don't believe I was aware of add'l police expenditures not budgeted for when budget was first passed

{just a minute.  Chief was terminated in Nov 2006; budget passed following May; ....not informed???  with the litigation going on, not predictable the costs in the 100s of thousands of dollars???}

CAO, jumps in at that apparent contradiction: a number of the expenses associated with changes in the Police Dept were incorporated in budget amendments arising from 2006
don't think it was until after budget approved fully aware of all the costs; in fact some of those costs were being incurred as late as Sept and Oc; so this was something that v much evolved over the spring/summer period and certainly it came to our attention working with the Police Bd and Fire Depts as we tried to conclude the midyear report.

{if no one had more than a hunch in the spring -- even the newspapers were speculating about $$$, and here says knew in July (time of midyear report), so why the delay to November then only a week to comment?  Sop follows with a second good question.}
Sop: in light of budget being passed and tax accordingly, how do we transfer to cover $741K bill for overages of the 2007 budget? no indicators during the time that we were going to face any of this?
RL: no indicators when?
Sop: when in fact doing the budgeting, we were going to have these areas?
we all look for efficiencies; find it odd now have to obligate ourselves to pay this bill out of surplus
cd be said we cd leave things out of 2008 budget, that's okay and pay out of surplus
RL: never been our practice; practice to bring budget with cost/service levels as Ccl defines
we have deptal challenges, diff to provide services within budget allotted
then decision made whether to increase budget or not; challenge to continue
expectation that that dept will look at opp during year to reconfigure their operation
when budget passed, certainly no intention to spend more or to come back to Ccl during year to ask for more money
where there are challenges, expectations under normal circumstances, dept cut back in other areas
CAO: wrt Fire Dept, have been discussed on many occasions
midway during the year thought about different work scheduling; found not successful
comes at a certain point you can't make adjustments without safety
if Police had to reduce police officers, wd probably not want to re safety
Sop: expectation of needs
wrt Library and Police Bd, we sit and are not privy to initial stages about expense, it's after the fact
we've asked the Minister if Police Act legislation can be changed, where we fund and the Police Bd puts the budget forth
answer was that most mayors and cclrs in the Lower Mainland don't want to do that
Mayor: unlike us
Sop: we don't want to take away safety
if we in 2008 find efficiencies; and half way through the year; another bill we'd arbitrarily say take that out of surplus
CAO: purpose of core area review is to see if any action to be taken
historically they hv bn responsible relationships, worked hard to stay within; some of those expenses were brought to Ccl; not that the amount was a surprise; they don't look to repeating this
Mayor: feel compelled to add that the budget previously where surpluses were being shown were as a function of not filling positions and using that to pay for things that were not supposed to be paying for, and in that period from 1999 to 2005 we lost 34 mbrs of our police force due to the kind of issues that this Police Bd is now rectifying.

{hm.  Does this mean the previous Police Bds were approving budgets for things they weren't supposed to or were not finding out what money was being spent on?}

beginning with Chief Heed and Inspector Sullivan, moving right throughout the org
proper equipment, proper training, proper attention, career devt, all the things so essential and that have been missing
the past you're referring to is not necessarily how it seems; significant amt of dislocation grappling with those
feel we've done right thing and on right path now
wrt unusual legal costs, wdn't build that into your base budget on a regular basis; at this time of year we reconcile that
cdn't have anticipated FOI request where I produced 900 individual email, letters, documents; perfectly transparent nothing that you cdn't read in every page of the newspaper
huge labour costs in processing that; that's what's extraordinary
do think FOI requests are going to be something that ev dept will have to continue to budget increasing amts for
Sop: during the 12 years I've been on Ccl, we've held in high regard the safety of this cmnty as this police force was the No 1 police force in Canada.  With great pride at election time, that was the No 1 priority of many; welcome Chief to a new direction, glad you're here
but in the upheaval of all that went on in the past, wonder why we're still the best police force in Canada over the last 12 years I've been on Ccl
Mayor: it's the risk mgmt that is so key, perhaps sign of times we're in; reason why trying to restructure and refocus
MS: this Ccl is the custodian of the public purse; will confine my remarks to addressing that issue
we're being asked to approve a financial plan bylaw authorizing $1.1M overspending in Police and Fire
wd be nice if this Ccl to be able to assure citizens they can sleep better at night b/c we spent that money, not wanting to get into debate if factual statement or not
wrt Fire, as Chief said, this issue has been before this and prev Ccls and has not bn addressed
we spent $9.4M in 2004 on Fire Services, this year projected to spend $11.6M, a 23% increase; in 2005 Ccl passed a five-year financial plan calling for $10.5M this year, so we're $1M over
my concern is that in this financial plan tonight we're projecting $11,481,000 in 2008 and that shd be viewed that we're spending more than that in 2007
I know ppl wince when I talk about biz on Ccl but we can't have costs increasing at 23% over three years when 3% budget; doesn't add up
shd have a firm plan in place, make sure these figs for Fire met; otherwise not doing fiduciary duty to the cmnty
wrt the Police budget, recognize a large part of overage was severance dollars, but the Police budget triggers a diff challenge b/c reality is the cmnty really hasn't control or total control b/c Police Bd sets budget; they present to Ccl for approval and if we don't approve it they have right of appeal to the Director of of Police Services
Interestingly, I look at the numbers for 2004 for Police.  They spent $9.2M and for this year project $11.3M, interesting enough is a 23% increase, Police and Fire marching lockstep
right now taxation without representation; citizens pay 100% of the Police budget; mayor sits on bd and we appoint one other person; reality is we have no control over who sits on the Police Bd
I only know one person, Nancy Farran, was mbr of out Fisc Task Force and is mbr of F&A; I know Nancy is a v capable person; I don't know the rest so I can't comment presumably capable
reality of situation is everybody has to be accountable to somebody
we need to lobby the Police Act to ensure Police Bd accountable to somebody whether Victoria or this Ccl whether or not elected directly is another question
Lastly on this Financial Plan bylaw, the other interesting this is, budget we passed called for legal $240K, wch looks realistic b/c we spent $38K in first six months of year
if you look at the bylaw we're being asked to approve tonight, in it projected to spend $383,500 for the year 2007, have to ask question Mr Laing why spending nearly $350K in last six months of year on legal costs?
RL: sorry, ask that question again
MS: look at midyear operating review you have a budget for legal services of $240K for 12 months, we spent $38K in the first six mos; yet in this bylaw legal services in 2007 will be $383,500; confused as to what we're doing here
[UTTER SILENCE for a while, then Dave Stuart speaks up]
CAO: we can get back to Cclr Smith
my understanding anyway is that we're trying to absorb some of these costs within the existing and available dollars in the budget, so we've got to allocate some of these legal expenses somehow.  Some are directly attributable to the Police Dept and some are corporate in nature, but we can get the details back to Cclr Smith.
Certainly our legal costs on a corporate basis have been declining over last five years; new relationship with NV where they have a staff solicitor has assisted us in bringing costs down
MS: appreciate that the intention; nothing grieves me more than legal costs, like to see us reducing that expense line
Conclude by saying reluctantly I believe we don't have any option but to approve this bylaw b/c it's already been passed; wd be folly of us not to have an action plan for addressing this overages so they do not happen in 2008; can't just continue to incur these kinds of overages in deptal expenses, just not on
Mayor: cdn't agree with that more
risk mgmt, I cannot stress that enough in the Police Dept
cmnty shd feel v assured with what's been put in place and also grateful not exposed in other ways
litigiousness of the cmnty across the country and the standards the Police are held to are v high, but as long as I've been on the Bd we've worked v hard to update between 300 and 350 policies that are out of date
in the case of the incident before I was even elected mayor, we were exposed; we have worked v hard to limit further exposure; that's what we're desperately trying to rectify and working full time
CAO: three primary reasons for the overexpenditures: the wind storms were extraordinary (if start to see on regular basis, will budget); Police (vast majority one time); only fundamental re structure is Fire -- Fire Chief mentioned 15  had been recommended and nine hired -- that's slightly misleading.  Fire Chief of the day and Union said we cd achieve what was required in terms of staffing with hiring nine.  It's not the matter that Ccl hired less than recommended, by adjusting vacation pool, nine was sufficient.  What we found is that is b/c of increased WCB training requirements and sick leave that the staffing we have isn't adequate.
Look at choices Ccl has to address that is essentially to perhaps leave the cmnty unprotected and assess that risk, or look at diff models, been exploring.  This issue is not going to go away for 2008.  You're going to see a recommendation from the Fire Chief to hire three add'l staff.  The new WG will look at models to see what we can do to address particular structural issues
wanted to clarify those three issues
Mayor: no other Police Dept in the prov submits its budgets early as we ask;  they wait till Nov is minimum required by legislation.  Our Police Bd works with Ccl to meet Ccl's deadlines.  We are the only Bd who puts someone forward to sit on F&A Cmte as well; pleased you Cclr Smith as chair welcome that
will continue to build those bridges and that transparency
nothing about our budget we don't want F&A cmte and Ccl to know about.

{Yoohoo, hello there! what about public?  We're out there with our noses pressed against the glass, and want to know while our wallets are being lightened.  Police Bds in other Ms have budget discussions in public.  Citizens want IN.}

VV: I continue to have problems with assumption we have no choice but to pay excess cost, one-time cost
Mr Laing writes...... variances significant requiring transfer surplus thus seeking Ccl authorization at this time
wdn't be asking if not needed
is there already pre-existing authorization or being sought now; in paeticular wrt Police Dept
RL: there hv been Ccl resolutions authorizing certain actions, the only way expenditures are formally authorized is within a budget bylaw; actions have been authorized by resolution, now need to flow through to incorporate them into a budget bylaw
VV: main concern continues to be amt of money for actions taken
if we authorize our taxpayer funds for this matter in Police Dept, the conclusion has to be that we concur
but we can neither concur or not concur, we're not privy to full matter in camera of Police Bd in wch these decisions are made
we can't have an opinion or a decision to second guess what Police Bd decides
if we're neutral as to what's done, then we have to be neutral as to the funding
I don't agree we have to do it; I don't why we'd be here considering it if not a choice
I think there's a choice
we are resp for Fire Dept, they're directly under our control within limits Union makes it possible
think we shd have an amendment, to exclude the one-time legal severance and recruiting costs of the Police Dept as simply a matter of Bd's decision, and to be done following normal policy -- expected absorb and  to repriorize to fit within existing budgets; cd do it that way
if there's an appeal, if that happens happens; we do have a choice
JF: we do have a choice; Cclr Sop maintained this was an arbitrary dec, but it isn't, it's a Ccl decision based full light on understanding of what will happen if we don't approve
Otherwise I suspect and I know going to be a diminution of number of police ofcrs that service the residents of WV.  Wdn't be prudent. Once you've lost, those you've recruited, funding probationary years, mentoring, fam with operations in WV, how do you get them back
then future want more, difficult find candidates to do so
arbitrary; is not in best interests of Police Dept, citizens, or their safety

{NO ONE, just NO ONE is considering letting any officers go.  Note earlier remarks reported that in past sometimes fewer officers b/c of attrition, no one let go.  Note also that Cclr Sop and others -- and it is well-known -- WV is about the safest cmnty in Canada and NO ONE has suggest jeopardizing that in any way.  The Police Dept has always served us well and we assume always will. 
It's disingenuous to try to worry citizens now by bringing up we'd have fewer police officers and be less safe.  It had been noted earlier also that WV has a higher number of police officers per capita and the fewest crimes per police officer.}
cdn't consider that at this juncture; will be supporting, find it painful to do so
sometimes things get out of control, require some pain on part of cmnty, in this case financial pain
RD: wd like to say, Police Bd not directly accountable to Ccl for management of Police but the mtgs we've had with them, consider them to be a v capable and conscientious group of ppl
difficult challenges over past year, difficult adjustments and changes
believe will lead to more smoothly functioning dept
lost so many officers over last five years, as many as 50%, costly never know how expensive lost talent; trained and they went elsewhere/ extraordinary circumstances
yes we have to dig into surpluses, occasionally we have to do that
Fire more ongoing; Ccl is trying to deal with this
sometimes we get criticized when trying to move toward solutions; what we're trying to achieve
coming winter looks to be a good deal milder
JC: can't say enough about the positive decisions of current Police Bd, yourself included,
unable to speak out in their defence, have taken one hell of a hit from mbrs of public and from Ccl
today, can say the morale in that dept has jumped five-fold, hearing directly from officers
changes made in past few months -- Mayor alluded to some v minor equipment shortages; how can a cop go out onto a street without a flashlight, and they didn't have them. I aim at, and using that metaphor
Mayor: be careful what you're aiming at--
JC: that's right, I'll get shot in foot
--about police bds in past, they must have known, if they didn't, they weren't doing due diligence; must have known some of the conditions that existed in that dept on Marine Dr and did nothing about it.
some senior ppl on the Police Force must have known what was going on from time to time or regularly in that bldg, and did nothing about it
frankly we shd be thanking this current Board, Chief Heed, and senior ppl in there he's now moving upward, for saving our rear ends
a lot of money, no one is happy, paying half a million
wasn't initiated by the Bd, reacting to a litigious situation created by the outgoing Chief

{Maybe not initiated, but the litigation cd hv bn predicted (and prevented) b/c of the way the prev Chief was fired.}

what were we to do, stand by and say and do nothing? no choice but to defend the Bd, this Ccl and WV
fully supportive of this; pay the price, cut losses, and let's move into next year with a bit of a smile
5.   West Vancouver Community Survey 2007:  Report dated Nov 16 be received for information.
{It was outrageous that this item at the F&A Cmte mtg Tues was declared in camera and public not allowed in -- it does NOT qualify!}
Synovate Spokesperson, Julie Winram: here to present, have 15 minues; if question, pls let me know
in past telephone and switched in 2001 mail, 2004 also; now this primarily online and v successful
recruited over 1200 WV heads of households to participate; sent them email with link to website; if no access sent them a mail package
fabulous response rate aiming for 600 sample as in prev years but b/c of participation, had 500 online and 300 surveys returned; divided into four regions
conducted in month of Oct, results on 800 accurate to 3.5% + or -, 19 times out of 20
rate WV on quality of life, place raise family, place to retire
[slides] 85% v good, somewhat good, comparable to 2004
some softening dip place to raise a fam same for retire
top mentioned back three years ago controlling growth, maintaining character; traffic flow jumped up
affordable, mixed or family, senior housing -- one in three saying housing top issue facing WV
didn't even have code for affordable housing years ago; really come on strong as a challenge for WV
satisfaction with M services; over 9/10 satisfied
M share of taxes; av house of $1.2M paid $2700 and rest prop taxes to other; good value? 80% saying good value, comparable to other years
tax and service preferences -- most popular option, increase taxes to maintain present services
growth rate of less than 1%, labour expected to rise 3%, so add'l revenue
advertising; partnering with other NSh Ms for services; contracting out; sponsorships -- majority approval; not popular raising user fees, charging for parking on streets, reducing M subsidies, charging for parking in parks
instead of rating services just asked what services most satisfied with
top of the list is the Library, Fire and Rescue, and Garbage collection, exactly same top rated three years ago
at bottom, was trails, playing fields, street and sidewalk maintenance
three years ago was cmnty planning and land use, and bylaw enforcement
dissatisfied, asked how approved, varies -- reallocation from other areas, or comb of increased taxation and user fees
report posted on website
{on DWV website, see: http://www.westvancouver.ca/article.asp?a=5433&c=621}
environmental initiatives, broad approval projects to enhance envmt, discounts for sustainable bldg practices
3/4 in favour of increased restrictions on devt such as larger creek setbacks and to tree-cutting
concerns wrt housing: still a concern but more wrt affordability; housing choices; change to nbrhd character
housing regulations; support for diff housing:
75% approval for secondary suites; 71% for B&Bs; nearly two thirds in favour of further allowance multi-unit complexes and of allowing more smaller lots
awareness of Amb Town Strategy is 43%; differences by region and age; in Amb itself 59% aware of Town Ctr Strategy (ATCS)
broad approval of four aspects re ATCS renewal initiative: enhancing pedestrian amenities; encouraging more residential uses in the 1300block; enhancing and upgrading the arts and cultural facilities; and zoning to allow up to four storeys  That last one not as broad-based, doesn't meet two thirds, among Amb residents hit 58% onside for four-storey bldgs assuming setback
wrt proposed extension of waterfront part has approval of 3/4 of residents, preference fund through sale of unused, underused prop
2010, clear support for corporate sponsorship; for extra initiatives such as expansion of WinterSong 95% funded by corp sponsorship; creating an Olympic info ctr, support enhancing District's appearance through corp sponsorship instead of using District funds
78% good (18% v good, another 60% somewhat good) for District's communication
how do you keep informed about WV services and events?
District pubns mailed to home, newspaper ads, Tidings, and to some extent District website (up from 2004)
RD: when I looked at most pop features of WV, Library came in first, but if you took them all split up, Parks was way ahead -- up in the 60s even if you keep Arts and Culture; Parks most pop of our institutions if you add them up, not divide
Ans: take your point, fragmented
RD: at least four or five diff categories
Sop: many initiatives taken over last number years, some responsible devprs
paid for by indivs, not showcased; grappling with that in Env WG; world will soon be having a look at us; initiatives
{hope so no mtg from May to end of October and then not on Cmnty Calendar}
we have a bridge built by our staff from timber found on site
citizens hv paid for restoration of creeks on own initiative/cost; enhancing creeks, group working on shoreline
if brought to forefront ppl wd be amazed with what goes on
Mayor: good to see healthy competition between public and Dept
{right b/c thanks to WV Streamkeepers and the WV Shoreline Preservation Society}
WGs on track; work of Amb WG borne out by the polling
retaining nbrhd characater while providing broader housing choice is a challenge WG grappling with
good to know those two main concerns of cmnty
JF: I enjoyed going through this material; we're similar to other cmnties; some notable diffs, not large but notable
approval rating for our initiatives, strengthen our initiative, and thank you for doing such a good job
Mayor. after motion of receipt: Thank you.  Mr Stuart, can we be assured WGs will be receiving the component of the survey that addresses their area of interest.
CAO: yes
6.   Dog Walking Access and Regulation on Municipal Park Lands
            1. Staff undertake a review of the Parks Regulation Bylaw and Animal Control and Licence Bylaw in order to determine where changes might be required or desirable.
            2. Staff undertake a review of regulatory signs in Parks with an intention to provide effective, friendly direction to park visitors with dogs and to minimize the proliferation of signs.
            3. Staff report back to Council by March 31, 2008 with results of the review and with recommendations for Bylaw and park sign program amendments.
Paul Hundal: 22 years, walked dog; speak in favour of staff report but urgency; certain anomalies; apparent -- a month ago signs went up at Nelson Canyon
ppl have been using that as entry point
can have dogs off-leash, good b/c gets out of points of conflict; support off fields, etc; but the remote areas without chn's parks, etc for dogs and ppl to exercise
Nelson Canyon is the entry point for most of the trails on the western region
Baden Powell Trail but since Eagleridge Bluffs blocked -- only entry Trans Canada trail; not prob b/c not enforced and not known
prohibition goes back to watershed and public were not allowed in there either; no longer drinking water below
Trans Canada trail goes through it; trail built about nine years ago
particularly in the winter; not a summer issue, worried might be treated as one and wait; but can't wait till spring
vast majority, I'm going to comply until bylaw changed but doesn't make any sense; work quickly as you did Amb Park anomaly, discovered two weeks ago
Mayor: Doug Leavers of Parks may wish to comment
DL: we will be looking at Nelson Canyon shortly, was redflagged
wrt public process; discussing various methods; thinking about opening the forum again in modified format; so ppl can return to forum and get pulse on this while Parks and Bylaw depts look at this
CAO: issues this summer revealed need for input before moving forward
will be looking at multifaceted approach
not thinking of radical changes but addressing anomalies identified
Mayor: wd like to put bylaw on floor then have Q
Sop: quick question, bylaw before spring? enforcement
RB: enforcement on complaint basis; summer expired
CAO: if urgency wrt Nelson Crk just instruct staff not to enforce may revise signage
JF: comment page 5 re encouraging a more dog-friendly environment; no dog image offensive
not ev in WV speaks English, or reads or understands; universal sign most important....
keep a visual sign easily understandable for everyone
when do you expect you'll conclude this exercise?
DL: already working with Liz Holitski; as it says Mar 31st
JF: missed that
Mayor: good that forum helpful and perhaps a public mtg prior to bringing this back to Ccl
JC: ask Mr Hundal, been walking dog for 22 years, what does he feed it?
PH: try to
Mayor: thank you and public for your participation
7.  Update on Community Heritage Register:  report from the Sr. Community Planner dated Nov 16 received for information.
VV: work underway with funding from prov govt; tools for describing H value for Heritage Register; Sat Dec 8 9: to 3:30 Srs' Ctr
{NB: this has been changed to end at 2:30}
welcome introduction to registers and SOS, examine tools; hope we'll have a good turnout
8.  Community Heritage Register and Hollyburn Lodge
            1.         The District of West Vancouver Community Heritage Register be established, pursuant to Section 954 of the Local Government Act; and
            2.         The inclusion of Hollyburn Lodge in the District of West Vancouver Community Heritage Register be approved.
VV: tempted to move an amendment thinking we shd add the Graham house regardless of application for demolition permit; shd at least have the honour of inclusion on this register, however temporary that might be
Mayor: understand entirely your sentiment but the most fundamental aspect of designation is the will of the owner,

{YIKES!  Shocked that the Mayor is referring to a listing on the Heritage Register as designation -- perhaps this is what threw some other cclrs off track.  After the mtg I learned that at least two others were unaware or not clear about the difference between being on a list and designation.}

and Hollyburn Lodge is publicly owned

{not by Cypress Bowl Recreation Ltd???|

and we're all on the record of wishing to see that preserved.  Perhaps the most appropriate way wd be to deal with that as a followup motion.  Or is there a seconder?

{CLARIFICATION: being on the register has nothing to do with agreement of owner; has to do with what cmnty judges of value.}
RD: depends on how it's put
VV: permission of owner not required to place on register not dependent on owner; there is no constraint; the placement on the Register simply means there is potential access to program funds from other levels of govt to provide assistance shd the owner desire it to make some restoration or preservation of it; this is the option of the owner, owner has no disadvantage whatsoever in terms of the actions that owner might pursue as a consequence of being on the register; in this case I'm contemplating as a kind of historic record and honorary listing on behalf of the architect Arthur Erickson
Mayor: wording?
VV: [to item 2, add] and the Graham House on Isleview be approved
RD: friendly suggestion make item 3
VV: I accept that,
RD: I'll accept that; second that
Mayor: separately
CAO: suggest separately; appreciate reason wanting to add this; process setting up registry, adding at last minute at a ccl mtg, not v good precedent for adding to properties to Register
{Pardon?  Does that mean CAO doesn't understand either?  it can be added at any time!  irrelevant when!}
Mayor: will separate
[Part 1 PASSED; 2  PASSED]
discussion on 3, inclusion of Graham house?
Sop: In wanting it to go on Registry, we as District wd cite it; the owner doesn't have to obligate himself?
VV: no obligation
SJN: there is a process; we establish homes on registration, go through consultation with the owners;

{AFAIK, there's no consultation required.  The list conveys no powers to the M.  It is documentation so that applications for and provision of funds and incentives are possible.}

not sure if any legal requirement for that, not nec reason to pass or not pass
however we have had mtgs with representives of owners, have offered all possibilities Registry wd offer them, including variations of zoning, assistance. consideration of variances, all those types of things
we have not issued a demolition permit, but having had mtgs with the rep; owner has advised; according to the owners, the windows are out of the house and it is in poor condition; so wish to proceed, so we will be issuing permit momentarily; will be issuing a press release all steps taken

{Linguistic Footnote: momentarily wch means 'for a moment', SJN does mean soon; see press release in Erickson section at end.}

and all steps that Ccl and Cclr V is taking to deal with these types of situations.  It is a primary house on our inventory;

{have learned owners aware house was an Erickson, indeed wd be surprising had they not.  I did want to take the precaution of making sure before next step hoping to impress them with the national significance of the architecture so restoration wd be seriously considered.  The Dir/Planning says in poor condition.  There were tenants until three months ago; some windows have been removed and drywall too -- interesting b/c dismantling is not to be done before demolition permit issued.  Four architects have assured me not in poor condition, and not a problem to restore.  See comments by architect in letter in Erickson Update Section.} 

not sure implication of adding house to Register day before issuing demo permit
JF: appreciate the Dir/Planning's and CAO's comments; certainly questions I hear wrt heritage designation on private property

{hm.  Pity Cclr JF is listening to two not encouraging or supportive rather than the clarifications and assurances provided by Cclr VV, the ccl liaison for heritage.  Earlier Cclr JF changes not filling some positions through attrition, obviously not speaker's statement, and now misrepresents listing something on a register with designation, misrepresenting the Heritage Register.  Is this a technique to discredit by mis-stating the facts or what others say?  Will have to watch more carefully to see if this is a pattern.}

is the fear it cd seriously impact their ability to renovate their houses, make any changes or for that matter, the property value of the house

{there's NO prohibition to renovation, to changes; and it can even increase the value of the house, and definitely its prestige!!! A register is simply like saying we think the seawalk is a heritage resource.}

while no justification for this fear

{Excuse me?  there IS no justification for this fear so why are you raising it thus contributing to it???}

it's kind of a bad way to start our process for a Heritage Register; may send misperception rampant throughout the cmnty

{if that's your concern, rather than repeating the fears, why not stress reassurances to remove the misperceptions rather than repeating them???}

may end up wishing we had done nothing, so even if we were to defer this for a week for some consideration or opp to have discussions with the present owner of the house and only on honorary basis
if some ability to state it was on the list simply for that reason simply as tribute to architect, I wd prefer that as opposed to any passage of it at this time
RD tries to explain: only implication of passing this is that it will show up on H Register, demolished Nov 2007
that's pretty well procedure anyway. List we have goes back to 1990 that we're going to revise has a number of houses that were demolished and it's noted, wd be, we photograph them and try to keep as thorough a record as we can of these houses.  It's part of our history even though gone.
I don't see any reason why we shdn't pass this, include it in the Registry, simply be there as having demolished, and I think that's going to happen anyway
Mayor: caution Ccl to think about the policy environment we're trying to establish.  I think Cclr F is correct.  The last thing ppl want is to get all tangled up in Ccl mtg motions.  What we're trying to do with our policy is to get out there and be pro-active.  And what I understand works for Arthur Erickson's Fdn, is when homes come on the market they work actively to find buyers who wish to live in them, and commit personally to maintaining them and that is our best hope for success.  The notion that at 9:30 at night at a ccl mtg Ccl wd do something to you, is the opposite of what I believe we are trying to establish.  Our staff have had mtgs with the owners.  I don't believe it is appropriate to bandy their names about in a ccl mtg.

{Does anyone think that if this were a praiseworthy matter citizens wd not mind having their names mentioned or be shy about admiration for their consideration for our, BC's, Canada's, and Mr Erickson's heritage?} 

I think that our opp today, Hollyburn Lodge a key priority, this and prev Ccls have done so and appropriate.  Other than that, want to let the process work one step at a time in order to succeed in preserving heritage homes.  So I won't be supporting this, regrettably, but I'm hoping in a couple of years from now our policy will have worked and we'll have residents committed to heritage working with us.
DEFEATED {only VV and RD in favour}

{This is more than regrettable, it is sad.  I found out after the mtg that Cclrs Sop and MS didn't fully understand the difference between a register and designation.  Perhaps if they had, it wd hv passed.  Thinking about this now, I'm somewhat surprised at the Mayor's comments b/c it appears to indicate that she really didn't at this time either.  There is no obligation even to inform anyone about naming something -- the sky is blue.  It's completely different wrt designation and that has not been done yet.  As to waiting a couple of years to start to organize some recognition of WV's heritage, why?  Start on it now.  Photograph it, document it if it's about to be destroyed.  Cclr V and D made valiant efforts.  Too bad staff didn't back them up in clarifying.  It's a pity the Register is so little and poorly understood.
Understand that subsequently the Mayor did realize the importance and significance of this building and met with the owners -- staff and the cmte had only met with the builder hired to build the new house -- 7Ksf of concrete and glass.}

9.   Wetmore Site - Recommendations Respecting Possible Disposition
RECOMMENDED: THAT Staff be authorized to bring forward a Request for Proposals package that would describe the objectives, criteria and process for the disposition of the Wetmore Lands, based upon the proposals in the November 19, 2007 report of the Director of Planning, Lands and Permits, for consideration and approval by Council.
Nora [didn't catch last name; Coates?]: just bought, selling?
SJN: did buy to reimburse Endowment Fund
selling; or leasing as 320 Taylor Way on 99-year basis
srs' oriented bldg; mtg rooms, parking
NC: our concern cd be highrises, condos
SJN: selling, benefit to cmnty; srs' housing devt, cmnty uses on ground, not commercial, not hi rise
three to six storeys might be considered; provide on ground floor; such as Amica bldg
NC: concerned about sunlight and view
Mayor: this is beginning
George Pajari: I read the report from Dir in Planning in detail; it's excellent, as far as it goes, carefully outlining options and reasons for each
surprised at what appears to be a curious omission of any significant discussion on whether the postage stamp park to the west shd be included in the disposition of the lands
cd be argued that the little park to the west is a classic example of an under-used public space; the nbrhd has ample public space and parks within a few blocks
That property if combined with the Wetmore lands cd significantly increase funds raised, funds that cd be used, as the Synovate study showed earlier this evening to purchase the Argyle waterfront, for example
77% of the cmnty are in favour of those purchases, 79% say the sale of under-used lands wd be approp way to purchase that
Another example.  Lighthouse Park desperately needs to be expanded for add'l parking
so I wd ask that Ccl pls consider requesting an add'l report on why the park has been omitted from consideration or inclusion in this proposal.
Carolanne Reynolds: Yes, it was a v good report; and there were suggestions before and I wondered if you wd consider instead of a mtg place.  For example, one of the suggestions made in the past was that the bottom two floors be an art gallery or an expanded museum rather than having to buy more space [read: or property] or build for that, and then put a few floors of residences/condos above that.
And the lease is what somebody wd want b/c the Adv Planning Commission said don't sell and the Design Panel was split.
I think a mix like that and then if you keep the park and if it's an art gallery, you cd have some functions outside...
so a combination of say, art gallery and whatever/however many floors you want for residences wd be great
JC: can't support motion as written b/c for consideration and approval
at this point no indication approval, shd be left
agree with Planning Adv Cmte; was there when discussed and more passion; defence of land
not that object using for something else but of disposing of it and rush
unique; flat land good size
VV: noted from Synovate, specific Q re; parks, library, roads, cmnty ctr; various popular options
v least popular sell or lease District land for funding
the public based on this survey hot off the press; not sell for Cmty Ctr; public don't want us to do it
noted srs' housing, Appendix A, don't support the notion of special in sp area, shd be srs and handicapped throughout the M
already there, so shd not be adding that
not in favour of disposing of it at all
MS: in favour of the motion; we are not rushing into selling this; prop was bought so Ccl cd hv control over use; borrowed from Endowment Fund, intention sold or leased and replaced and funds used purchase, such as Argyle lands
put a req for prop if something makes sense to staff bring to us and public opp to comment
after thorough analysis of proposal
significant cmnty asset return far below market
strong demand for what wd go on that prop; know ppl who need that type of housing WV want
makes sense; staff to go out and see if a proposal makes sense; scratch my head and can't provide myself with an answer; enthusiastically approve; lots of time for public
JF: wd like to thank Director of Lands and Permits, good analysis of options, takes cmnty need and perspective into consideration
new cmnty survey add'n of lands on Argyle waterfront; sell land to acquire, v strong support
when increase size and scope, methods to offset costs increase in size, one was money from sale of this prop
sell or lease, req for proposals; support recommendation
Sop: no better asset than land; like to think visioning 20, 30, 40 years, determine our needs wrt our M-owned props; not going to support this, needs more work before sell off M prop in that strategic location
RD: listened to both sides, willing to take out approval
Mayor: may I enquire?...
SJN: a lot of work for a call for proposals; before embarking on that, want to know work to prepare material
approval is of the preparation of the proposal package; approval of the package to be sent out
RD: that was confusing; better to say consideration by Ccl
JF: don't have any trouble
RD: implication approving sale and that's a false msg; can't tell staff sure what we want to do
Mayor: remove approval
CAO: presumes you're going to do something
Mayor: concern about cmnty resources, tying up
buy Wetmore predates OCP, Wetmore one of the opp for housing close in, primarily for seniors, close in, cmnty benefit
cd staff give us proclivity; av for this as to all the things it might have been used for
SJN: deleted those
long history of long term plans, citizen groups, blue ribbon groups
wanted to know what t do with all facilities, Ccl's reaction was it gave them some guidance but diff to made a decision
specific area site; no need to expand current site -- quadrant with tennis somewhat flexible
arts facility studies, Kay Meek in WV Sec
looked at Police bldg, fire, M hall, etc; enquiries re srs' housing like Hollyburn -- Hollyburn House, that was assembled for cmnty house and turned out for srs' care proposal calls as this is proposed to do
Design did not make a cmte recommend
Cmnty input; real estate market good now; decision was made by Ccl to proceed
CAO: when offered, purchase  predicated control and make a profit; at no time contemplated we'd use
Endowment rules precluded use by M
have looked at it and not approp; wdn't purchase it, might for controlling use; value has almost doubled so prudent investment so at this point wdn't recommend acquiring it for M purposes, rather original intentions of Ccl
Mayor: now wording ends "for consideration"; will vote for it
[PASSED with that change]
10.  Howe Sound Community Forum regarding Potential Coal Burning at Howe Sound Pulp & Paper, Port Mellon: Further information to be provided.                                                
Mayor: moving to burning coal, Min oversight, doesn't prohibit, assumed they wdn't
Cclr Sop and I went to a forum, generally viewed as a regressive measure; dangerous precedent for other mills/cmnties; imp for employment in Gibsons;  Sq spoke of loss;
thought I shd not sign but bring it to Ccl
Sop: quicker and more economical, natural gas lowers CO2
Min of Envmt waiting to see; coal-burning wd undermine the goals wrt reducing greenhouse emissions
watershed perspective; think you shd sign the letter
11.  Community Engagement Policy Amendment
RECOMMENDED: THAT the amendments to the Community Engagement Policy, as set out in the policy document attached to the report titled "Community Engagement Policy Amendment", be approved.
Mayor: fourth bullet "consider"; the other as printed in the motion
JF: delete expected; delete are encouraged
{YAY, my further changes to this report emailed to Mayor}
VV: little disappointed changes on cosmetic side, not opposed to them; hasn't really tackled conflict of interest matters
don't want to oppose; wonder why we don't defer it...
Mayor: hosted a forum with all [WG] chairs; that's where changes reflected; had this in front of us numerous times; been worked with and referred to v successfully
JF: cmte spent hours wordsmithing and ev word meant what expected; it may not be clear and unamb to anyone else; the conflict of interest is in guidelines/policy
JC: move mtg to end of biz
12.  Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4530, 2007 (re Shell Gas Station, 1305 Marine Drive)
The Public Hearing/Public Meeting closed on November 19, 2007. RECOMMENDED: second and third reading
VV: reference to what convenience store can sell
Mayor: proceed to second
Sop: point of order, what's vote now?
VV: oppose
RD: what?
Mayor: first reading
SSch: motion is to amend the bylaw; then the following motion....  wrt hours
SJN: cannot be longer
Mayor: then to second reading when we can discuss
MS: move second reading; happy to give Ccl the benefit of my 31 years in service biz
in favour b/c replaces old with new stn, at entrance
will have latest lines, leak detection etc prevalent in industry
company has agreed to keep full service option to 12 hours a day, imp to our popn
realize repair loss, but industry has changed and owners take back to dealer of Cdn Tire
VV: wanted to know if in our power; matter of being able to sell tobacco listed; spending so much
health; can we delete tobacco?
SJN: use can be regulated but under zoning not user
may have to use other means; don't believe can be done under zoning
VV: covenant?
only option vote against entirety if don't want convenience store selling these products and odd hours
SJN: on one site when conv stores on other sites, not so regulated
VV: not open to midnight
SJN: 7-11 is
JF: with reluctance will support this bylaw
Cclr Smith has 31 years in petroleum and I've had 37 as petroleum consumer
reluctant b/c think it is a premature decision
not that they shdn't upgrade but with the while Amb strategy not having been decided
possible better and better returns for the value of the site, owner leaping ahead of decisions Ccl will be making; let it go until decided.....
Sop: wanna go before me
JC: --
Sop: think timing's off; haven't quite decided what we want to do
v imp corner; think they'd be well advised to sit and wait and see what we do in Amb
if Cclr Smith repair service not the way, seen that biz thriving, I've been there myself and others
support of Amb biz, one biz we're chasing out; I'm not supporting
JC: don't think we can tell Shell or anybody else what they can do on their prop
if not functioning properly, they can shut the door on whole or part; but we can tell Shell we don't want another 2500 conv store, liq store, or  ....  on that site
their own biz they can run, no prob
RD: the existing station nice looking, cd be spruced up, more landscaping
so  obvious just as you enter Amb biz dist; like local biz don't want to go to Cdn Tire
like local biz, local staff; this proposal doesn't go down v well
don't have enough mechanics and service centres, I'm going to vote against and hope Shell will come back with another, will work for them as well
Mayor: I'm going to vote against this b/c of Amb plan
this is opp; ppl probably happy; not that attractive; shd test
expecting WG recommendations to come to Ccl in Dec and bylaws in Jan
---[This was moved to after Item 4]
13.  [Five-]Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 4510, 2007, Amendment Bylaw No. 4529, 2007
BYLAWS for Adoption
14.  Council Procedure Bylaw No. 4483, 2006 (Revised)
Sop: last week I asked that a description be somewhere in the Ccl Procedure bylaw wrt being received for information or being received.  I didn't see that anywhere
CAO: we can provide that kind of description in a number of diff ways, including policies, toolkit for reports; thought we left that with Ccl that we wd provide that
Sop: so definition within the bylaw
CAO: doesn't need to be within the bylaw itself; we can certainly provide it in a number of policies that deal with our reports and Ccl can approve those and it wd serve Ccl just as well.
Mayor: little unusual at adoption; be quick; bit of agenda to go
CR: [Thank you] a question.  You know when this came up I had seven questions for clarification
don't know whether you want to put it in the bylaw or do it as the MMgr mentioned, on a schedule; but I wd like to have it handled; you don't have to do it tonight b/c you're late but...  so if you want to leave that
The question about biz days.  You mentioned biz days, Madam Mayor.  The previous one said four days, and then the one tonight says two days; you mentioned biz days, and so I'm wondering if that shdn't have biz days in it, b/c although I was told that days means biz days, the prev one said four days and you were not adhering to that.  I'm not criticizing that but I'm just talking about clarification.
If you want to do it in a schedule that's fine
Mayor: we wd love to accept your seven suggestions.  Mr Stuart, wd you like to comment on the biz days b/c I did follow up on that.
CAO: two items. The seven suggestions we are aware of them and we indicated last week we wd look at those and determine if in fact they shd best be handled by policy or subsequent amendment of the bylaw, taking into consideration this is a bylaw wch is constantly evolving, and we've changed a number of our procedures, and that will continue.  Ms Scholes may have a comment on the Interpretation Act wch deals with this whole issue of biz vs other days
{This refers to how many days before the ccl mtg the agenda/notice/package is to appear, made available to the public.}
SSch: A day is defined in the Interpretation Act as well as the calculation of time; it's been our solicitor's recommendation that we simply defer to the Interpretation Act definition in that regard, and that has been the case in all the prev Ccl Procedure Bylaws as well.
Mayor: day means biz day?
SSch: day actually includes Saturday, but it has been our longstanding practice that it be our biz days, and that is the same wrt our notification procedures and our devt application bylaws where it also refers to day.
Mayor: so the question wd be, why not put biz day in the bylaw?
SSch: if that is Ccl's wish
Mayor: that is our intent, that is our practice
Ssch: the bylaw wd hv to be rescinded, the third reading amendment wd need to be made and then brought back for adoption next week.
CAO: to make it clear so all on same page, question to rescind etc; or certainly v clear understanding this is biz days; next opp to revise the bylaw, we'll bring that forward with that revision
Mayor: fine; move these procedures along legislatively
CR: Okay, next time

{Glad to see Mayor was also trying get clarification.  Let's see what actually transpires.  That was confusing.  IS.  The previous Ccl Procedures bylaw stipulated four days.  If that was supposed to be biz days, then there wasn't compliance b/c it came out late Thursday afternoon.  If two days and it means Saturday is a biz day, then Fri and Sat so it still comes out on Thursday.  Now it says two days so will the agenda come out Wed, Thurs, or Fri?}

15.  Animal Control and Licence Bylaw No. 4208, 2000, Amendment Bylaw No. 4531, 2007 - Dangerous Dogs
16.      Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
17.       Development Variance Permit Application 07-039 (4102 Burkehill Road)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated Nov 16, titled DVP Application 07-039 (4102 Burkehill Road) be received for consideration on Monday, December 10, 2007.
18.       Correspondence List:
(2)       C.A. Reynolds [Editor, WVM], Nov 20, 2007, regarding Council Procedure Bylaw No.  4483, 2006
        Referred to the Director of Administrative Services for consideration and response.
        {These are the seven suggestions; see text in previous WVM}
(3)       November 13, 2007, regarding Ice Arena Schedule
Referred to the Director of Parks & Community Services for consideration and response.  Attachments available for viewing in the Legislative Services Department.
RD: why two hours for the public
KP: no I can't explain fully; demand from minor hockey; can come back why discrepancy with Whistler; I know Mr Johnson wanted to come
Mayor: ?
CAO: provide/report back to Ccl and will advise him as well when
(4)       M.T. Rogan, Emergency Preparedness Conference, November 01, 2007, regarding 2007 Award of Excellence Presentation - North Shore Emergency Management Office
Mayor: conference at Wall Ctr last week, will present this to Cclr Day
recipient of award; as a coordinated group
RD: In M hall or my home?
RD: Rodgers Crk; 210 acres; excellent; changing way we devp above Upper Lands; sgl to clustered multi fam
ready to go to public with proposals; Rodgers Crk Planning Open House 5:30pm Tues Dec 4 presentation at 7
Mayor: having attended WV Secondary 80th anniversary on Friday
highlight was Ernie Kershaw was there, 98 years old, wrote the words to the school song, played the piano on the stage at the Kay Meek Ctr, and it was a great night
Attended along with Insp Sullivan, police honours at Govt House; our constable Stephen McQuaig (sp?)
honoured for bravery, breaking up a party at beach Sandy Cove
police officer got him to turn around and swim back, but he cdn't; so Const McQuaid jumped into water, in ocean, in freezing cold, and saved his life; Solicitor-Gen Les cdn't have been nicer; great to support our forces, things they do day in and day out.
RD: clipped out of newspaper; needs to be underlined WV girls' field hockey, Highlanders, record of 27 wins and 0 losses; in playoffs won six straight games; played finals and won 3 to 2; they're quite extraordinary champions and I think we shd invite them to a ccl mtg and give them some kind of award
Mayor: they were featured on Friday night and 1960 last time they did that well, although they provide many championship teams.
CR: Thank you. Carolanne Reynolds, Editor of West Van Matters [holding one up]
Two v quick comments and questions.
I just wanted to say that my newsletter has never commented on the Police Chief per se, and I don't mean to now.  I think the questions about foreseeing the overruns was a question of how it was done, and the question of addressing priorities [reprioritizing] I thought, if the Police/Bd were to do that, the Police wd never fire new hires [as Cclr JF said].  It wd be done through attrition, so I don't think that's the case [choice]; that's a red herring.
I'm glad to hear the morale has improved, I'm glad to hear that you're moving forward.  We're all grateful for our Police Force in the past and the present. They're all great ppl; they stand on guard for us.
In the past, the budget was discussed in an open mtg, and then it's been closed recently, and I'm hoping that under your leadership, Mayor Goldsmith-Jones, that they will go back to openness in discussing the Police budget and that's especially true something to be concerned about b/c of what's happened, even with your assurances that this won't happen -- and I'm sure it won't -- but I think it wd help perception if those mtgs were back to being open as they used to be.
My other question, the other thing is
[the Graham House by Erickson]
is that I hope the permit to demolish will be delayed a week b/c we've now had an offer from someone who is willing to move the house to Quadra [Island] so that wd mean it cd be kept
btw, four architects have looked at the bldg and it is in restorable condition
I'm not suggesting you have to do this; it is in restorable condition, it's not that it's beyond hope.
and obviously we wd like the owners to feel that it is an honour and has prestige to live there and if they want a bigger house [fine]; I wd also like to assure ppl who are worried about heritage as a cclr mentioned earlier; if it's on the Register wch cd hv bn done, don't have to have permission, I'm sure that this Ccl and the cmnty wd like to ENCOURAGE ppl to [want to] be on the register so they wd qualify for incentives
This wd not be a negative, shd not be seen as negative, they can put additions, they can modernize, and it will increase the value; so I want heritage to be seen as a positive thing that they wd be scrambling to have b/c of the benefits that wd come from what honouring our heritage.

============  CCL= AGENDA Dec 3rd  =================
you're joking!
it's not really December, is it?
Who set my life video to fast forward???
Think about the Ccl Procedures 'day debate' during the last ccl mtg.
As I note -- all that talk about how many days before ccl mtg to have info for package and we're still getting items on the agenda with the note 'report to be provided' -- why, oh why, don't they just defer the item to the next agenda!  think that was Cclr V's comment rather than defer the public -- esp something as significant as the Amb Town Strategy!
If it's to make the report available to the public for comment, that's great b/c earlier than if have to wait for it
if it's a motion to adopt, it's all over?
Suggestion: state if for public comment or give motion so it's clear.
AND: how many biz days is this before the ccl mtg??? (See PQP above)
2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES: November 19, 2007 Regular Council Meeting.
3.  North Shore Restorative Justice Society, regarding North Shore Restorative Justice Society Expansion
4.  Update regarding West Vancouver Memorial Library Board (File: 1905-04)
     Presentation to be provided.                 
5.  Hollyburn Lodge: Past, Present and Future (File: 0591-20-LODGE)
     Presentation to be provided.                 
6.   Development Variance Permit Application No. 07-042 (5517 Ocean Place) (File: 1010-20-07-042)
At the November 19, 2007 meeting, Council received the report dated November 9, 2007 from the Community Planner ... attached for reference.
RECOMMENDED:  all written and verbal submissions, regarding DVP be received.
If Council wishes a further staff report, then
RECOMMENDED:  THAT Staff report back to Council
RECOMMENDED:  THAT DVP...which would allow for: a basement addition that results in variances to siting, height and highest building face; and a new pool with a variance to accessory building height, be approved.
7.  Status Report on the Community Dialogue on Neighbourhood Character and Housing (File: 2585-23)

8.         Ambleside Town Centre Strategy (File: 0117-20-ATCS)  Report to be provided.
{Hope this means out for public input.  All that talk about how many biz/whatever days before mtg for agenda and ccl mtg pkg and wd still get reports on-table or at the mtg -- why not defer the report to the next mtg instead of tantalizing us with what's on but no info???}
9.         Public Amenity Contribution Policy (File: 1008-00/0282-20-303)
            RECOMMENDED:  THAT the Public Amenity Contribution Policy be adopted.
 {ADRA's letter has already been sent but not the required 11 days before mtg for it to be on this agenda.  We knew it was coming soon but not that it wd be Dec 3rd.  ADRA's recommendaton is that the cmnty share be approximately 75% and as to what benefits/amenities, that to be decided after public consultation.}
10.       UBCM Grant - 2008 Community Health Promotion Funding for North Shore Walks
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the District's application to the Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) Community Health Promotion Fund for a grant of $35,000 be endorsed to support the Active North Shore Network in 2008, and staff be directed to provide any required grant and financial management support for the associated North Shore Walks program.
 11.       Appointments to Library Board (File: 1905-04)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the following Trustees be appointed to the West Vancouver Memorial Library Board for a term ending December 31, 2008 in order to fill the three vacancies on the Board: Nicole Brown, Paul Tutsch, and Bruce Carter.
12.       Appointments to the Community Engagement Committee for 2008 (File: 0116-20-CEC)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the following reappointments to the Community Engagement Committee for a term ending December 31, 2008 be approved: Patricia Bolton, Carolanne Reynolds, and Alex Tunner.
13.       Appointments to Metro Vancouver Board of Directors, Metro Vancouver Labour Relations Board and Lower Mainland Treaty Advisory Committee (LMTAC)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the following appointments be approved for 2008:
Metro Vancouver Board of Directors:  Mayor Goldsmith-Jones; Alternate:  Councillor Clark
Metro Vancouver Labour Relations Board: Councillor Day;  Alternate:  Councillor Soprovich
Lower Mainland Treaty Advisory Committee (LMTAC):
Councillor Ferguson, Alternate: Councillor Day; Staff Rep:  R. Beauchamp, Director/Administrative Services.
14.       Nominating Committee for Community Centre Governance Board (File: 0117-20-CCG)
            Report to be provided.
        another delayed report???                                                                   
15.       Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005, Amendment Bylaw No. 4532, 2007 - Business Licence Fees
16.       [Five-]Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 4510, 2007, Amendment Bylaw No. 4529, 2007
17.      Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
=B7         Item 18 - Development Variance Permit Application No. 07-046 (2893 Marine   Drive - West Vancouver Presbyterian Church) (to set date for consideration on December 17, 2007); and
=B7        Item 19 - Correspondence List.
18.       Development Variance Permit Application No. 07-046 (2893 Marine Drive - West Vancouver Presbyterian Church)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the report dated November 22, 2007, titled Development Variance Permit Application No. 07-046 (2893 Marine Drive - West Vancouver Presbyterian Church) be received for consideration on Monday, December 17, 2007.
19.       Correspondence List (File:  0120?24)
Requests for Delegation -- No items presented.
Action Required
(1)       M. Ritter and C. Reynolds, West Vancouver Streamkeeper Society, November 19, 2007, regarding Vinson Creek Flooding/Recommendations
Referred to the Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
(2)       November 21, 2007, regarding Resident Parking Signage
Referred to the Director of Administrative Services for consideration and response.
(3)       November 23, 2007, regarding Problem with Current Building Bylaws
Referred to the Director of Planning, Lands & Permits for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(4)       A. Wallace, Friends of Cypress Provincial Park Society, October 28, 2007, regarding Restoration of Hollyburn Ski Lodge
(5)       T. Christensen, Provincial Minister of Children and Family Development, November 06, 2007, regarding Adoption Awareness Month
(6)       L. Reynolds, North Shore Crisis Services Society, November 14, 2007, regarding 2006/2007 Annual Report
(7)       N. Henderson, North Shore Family Court and Youth Justice Committee, November 19, 2007, regarding Membership Recommendations
(8)       Mayor R. Walton and Council, and D. Clancy, North Vancouver District Public Library Board, Undated, 2007, regarding Invitation to Attend: Official Opening of the New Lynn Valley Main Library
(9)       K. Vance, Union of British Columbia Municipalities, November 20, 2007, regarding Local Government Conference: Building a Safer Community: Gangs, Drugs and Domestic Violence Issues
(10)     November 20, 2007, regarding Death of Trees
(11)     A.S. Hilsen, Municipal Clerk - District of North Vancouver, November 21, 2007, regarding Bylaw 7645 - Entertainment and Outdoor Tourist Attraction Commercial Zone (C5) Zoning Amendment (Capilano Suspension Bridge)
(12)     V. Thom, Operation Clean Sweep: Pitch-In Canada, undated, 2007, regarding 2007 Report and Pitch-In Week 2008
Responses to Correspondence  --  No items presented.
Responses to Questions in Question Period  --  No items presented.


Staff had told the HWG that there were eight Erickson houses in WV; they now say that there are 12.

***  wrt DWV PRESS RELEASE -- for your (disappointed) information, but first.....
Great opportunity to explain what a register is and it is well-written and described; hope it will spur ppl to take notice of heritage assets and to protect, maintain, and honour them and their place in our past and in BC's and Canada's culture.
Pls note that adding to a heritage structure or making some alterations is not prohibited, nor might it greatly affect heritage status.  Modernizing or updating a kitchen or bathroom is rarely of concern.  Of course, most when adding to a structure do so in a style the same or similar or sympathetic to the existing one and this wd even be encouraged.
The PR quite rightly and carefully says that the 'owner has determined...a deteriorated condition".   It was lived in until about three months ago, so there has not been much deterioration and several architects who have looked at it confirmed it cd be restored.
As I have said now for 20 years once back in Canada, we must work very hard to tell newcomers and children about our heritage.  We live next to a cultural colossus with few barriers to or little protection from the tidal wave of influence, (indoctrination,) TV, etc washing over us.  A person's identity is central to being, and meaning provides richness and depth to our lives as we marvel at the mystery wch is life.......
Celebrate our Canadian character, experience, and contribution to the world!

***  Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2007 13:08:00 -0800  DWV -- For Immediate Release
Demolition of Erickson's "Graham House" in West Vancouver
West Vancouver, BC:  The owners of the Graham House, designed by Arthur Erickson in 1964, have applied to the District of West Vancouver to demolish the structure, and to build a new home on the property.  The Graham House has been significantly altered and added to over the years, and an assessment by the owner has determined that it is in a deteriorated condition.  As per District policy, staff have met with the owners' representative to inform them of the building's heritage value, to discuss future plans for the site, and to explore opportunities for heritage conservation.  The owners considered conserving the house, but they have chosen to replace it with a new structure to better serve their future needs.
The Graham House is one of Erickson's most widely published and best known designs.  The site was originally thought to be unbuildable, which is the type of site that Mr. Erickson saw as a challenge, rather than an obstacle.  In this complex design, he was able to integrate an efficient yet dynamic residence with a spectacular site.  The Graham House is recognized as a 'primary' building on the District of West Vancouver's Survey of Significant Architecture: 1945-1975.  This inventory is a 'list' of recognized heritage resources, but does not have legal status, nor does it provide any legal protection for the buildings recorded on it.
There has been a considerable public outcry over the loss of this important building, and many people in the community have [advocated saving it].  The possibility of moving the building has also been explored and rejected.  In the end, the decision to conserve or demolish a privately-owned building rests with the property owner.
The District of West Vancouver supports efforts to raise public awareness and conservation of its diverse heritage resources.  The District is currently developing a Community Heritage Register, for completion in March 2008.  Buildings listed on the Register would be eligible for any heritage conservation incentives the District may introduce, as well as access to senior government funding for restoration work.
A listing on the Register will establish the 'eligibility' of heritage resources for conservation incentives and funding programs, but a listing does not mean protection.  The District hopes that in the future, owners of heritage properties will be able to consider economically-viable and attractive alternatives to demolition.  In exchange for take-up of conservation incentives, the District will seek some form of legal protection - to ensure a 'win-win' result for the community and the property owner.  For more information about heritage conservation in West Vancouver visit www.westvancouver.ca/heritage.
Contact: Stephen Mikicich, MCIP; Senior Community Planner; 604-925-7056


> Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2007 22:46:46 -0800  Subject: The Graham House
To: heritage@westvan.org
I feel very disappointed that a house of such architectural and historical significance could be destroyed. I do hope the owners will reconsider their decision - it would be a gift to West Vancouverites in particular, and to all who appreciate fine Canadian architecture.
> Sent: Wed 11/28/2007 12:29 PM -- Subject: Blockade of Erickson Demolition
"One of Canada's richest people wants to tear down one of Canada's most famous houses."
Out of 10,000 kilometers of coastline, how is it that the oblivious [owner] cannot find an alternative destination for his dream home in British Columbia, especially when 10,000 replicas of his probably monstrous new home already exist in every neighbourhood we have. The knocking down of this house is a cultural disaster, not unlike the demolition of the Buddhas of Bamiyan in Afghanistan that made everyone in the west cry foul. The next thing we will hear is the government of Barcelona tearing down the Sagrada Familia [Cathedral] in Barcelona because it has the potential to become a drugstore.
This Arthur Erickson House is truly his finest, and a West Coast icon. It borrows from traditional native building strategies and aesthetics.  It is the best example of how we invent something new out of something old.  It fits into its natural landscape as an equal to the best Japanese garden temples.
Is there no other public parcel on the coast with an equal property value that we can trade?
Is there no other creative solution brought forth by anyone in what is supposedly the number one greatest world class city ever?
Where is the class?
All that climbs up the mountain is a load of crass. West Vancouver Mayor Pam Goldsmith Jones says that we can use this episode to learn for "next time". That sounds really funny in a place like Vancouver, which has not produced a noteworthy designer since Erickson, who is now over eighty years old. "Next time" Arthur Erickson is born, creates
an intuitive and category shattering masterpiece, waits for that to be ignored by banality and insensitivity marching along, then maybe our great-great-great grandchildren will intervene, remembering our courageous example! If anybody has photographs of the house, please keep them. We can give them to the Museum of Anthropology to display in a small glass case.
That would be a fitting and faithful end for culture on the West Coast.
It is the responsibility of District of West Vancouver Councillors to protect our heritage.
Sincerely, A.M.

> Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 11:07:19 -0800: LETTERS RE GRAHAM HOUSE
=A7  To: Carolanne Reynolds <carolanne@heritage.westvan.org>
To own a masterpiece by one of the world's greatest architects should in itself be an incentive to renovate and restore this marvellous house.
As an important member of our community, Mr Lalji should appreciate and respect the cultural and historical values of the Graham House.  I suspect he has been given the standard misinformation by designers and contractors that renovations are more expensive than complete demolition and building all new which is not correct.  If one takes a sustainable approach to a project they will realize the embodied energy in the existing structure has tremendous value.  Materials and labour have multiplied ten times since 1963.  The refurbishing of the building envelope and finishes is simple and less than 30% of the cost of construction.
A permit and demolition should not be allowed until new plans are submitted and approved as the owner might change his mind when he finds out he is not allowed to blast out hundreds of cubic metres of rock and has to stay within building heights and setbacks set by bylaws.  Blasting of rock being also a huge unnecessary expense in good architecture.
[Signed] T. B., MRAIC, MAIBC (ret'd)
=A7  Carolanne,
I went through the site and can concur with others that there is no rot. The structure and framing is in very good condition. Mould is the buzz word for those who want to condemn a building, sue others to pay for upgrades, etc. There was no obvious mould problem in the Graham House and if there were, it is a simple matter to deal with: spray to kill the mould or simply dry the area out. The entire structure has been exposed and it could be reroofed and reglazed with thermally improved windows and rainscreen walls. As I stated before the design is there, priceless; the structure and framing are in place = approximately 30% of the cost of the building.  To me it makes ultimate sense to renovate.
In this day and age when we are all concerned about global warming and sustainability, how can we justify these massive houses which require so much energy  and natural resources to build, let alone run. The renovation of the Graham House would be a great example of sustainable practice as well as honouring our heritage.
Sincerely,  T.B., MRAIC, MAIBC (ret'd)

Had thought WVM wd be out but delayed so sending out info/update.
Much heartened to learn that the Mayor had met with the owners but of course disappointed that it appears they are still intent on demolition.   They like the lot/location.
The demolition permit has not been issued yet and there may be a statement from the Arthur Erickson Conservancy.
thought bubble:  EXCEPT.....
This might have been good news had I not realized that this may be a way to 'justify' demolition.
This may be the 'compromise'/face-saving but it does not remove the sadness of the neglect and disregard shown to a milestone in Canadian architecture and to the best-known highly regarded living Canadian architect and his legacy.
From what I have heard, Mr Erickson understandably was upset at the news of the possible destruction of his house and of the fact that there had been some alterations.  (Quite apart from some dismantling done illegally in advance of the permit; but reports from four architects say it's definitely restorable.)  Mr Erickson might feel that he'd rather it be demolished than an approximation left.  Demolition demonstrates a lack of sensitivity and respect to this heritage asset, part of Canadian architectural history.  How can the owners not think it worth keeping? (they'll say no so that this goes ahead)  We must try to convince the owners of the value of this treasure.  What about the person willing to put it on Quadra?  As an exaggerated analogy, we revere Roman architecture even if a few columns broken or damaged.
The owners want a larger house.  I argued a loaf and a half is better than none.
One comment received was that it was like going to France, buying a Monet painting in a gilded frame, throwing away the painting to put a print in b/c of liking the frame.
What about asking Mr Erickson to do or design or supervise the restoration or the upgrading with additions to accommodate the extra space the owners wish?
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