Dec 10 Ccl NOTES
Calendar to Dec 21

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

HERITAGE UPDATE: now the B C Binning House is for sale!  it's a national historic site!
----->>>  See update at end.  Contact DWV or me at heritage@westvan.org or call 922 4400
= MAIN ITEMS Ccl Mtg Dec 17th -- NOTE EARLY MTG START at 6pm:
Minutes of the PH to be provided; new OCP Zoning at 24th & Marine for three readings; PROPOSED BUDGET 2008 PROCESS (changed); 2008 Sewer User Rates 3% increase and Water User Rates 10% increase with public input by Jan 7; Fees and Charges (three readings); 2008 Ccl Mtg Schedule (change to two ccl mtgs per month plus a workshop or public hearing); 2008 Acting Mayor appmts; Reports on water consumption, airplane noise, fed/prov re revenue sharing; CORRESPONDENCE: Library minutes, Tsawwassen Treaty, Erickson/Graham house, Amb Town Strategy, Gordon Nbrhd Traffic/Streetscape, lack of bylaw enforcement re traffic and re nbrhd area blvd agreement (20, 31), Hugo Ray Park Residents and Staff Reply, Friends of Cypress Prov Park Newsletter
Vive le Canada (11 Dec 1931);  Heritage Award Nomination Forms;  WEBWATCH (Music & Cheer); INFObits (UPLIFT; Letters from ADRA re Uplift, STREAMKEEPERS re Vinson); CALENDAR to Dec 21st
=  Dec 10 Ccl NOTES:  Public Hearing re 24th & Marine rezoning (Uplift debate); AMBLESIDE TOWN CTR; Cmnty Ctr Non-Profit Society; Dec 17th Ccl mtg time change to 6pm; PQP re Heritage Measures
=  Dec 17th Ccl AGENDA; Press Freedom; No Way to Inn; Heritage/Binning House Info; Roadblocks; Quotations
===  Vive le Canada -- Th= e Statute of Westminster
The Statute of Westminster 1931 is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom (22 & 23 Geo. V c. 4, December 11, 1931) which established a status of legislative equality between the self-governing dominions of the British Empire and the United Kingdom, with a few residual exceptions. The Statute became domestic law within each of the other Commonwealth realms after the patriation of the particular realm's constitution, to the extent that it was not rendered obsolete by that process.
The Statute is of historical importance because it marked the effective legislative independence of these countries, either immediately or upon ratification. The residual constitutional powers retained by the Westminster parliament have now largely been superseded by subsequent legislation. Its current relevance is that it sets the basis for the continuing relationship between the Commonwealth realms and the Crown.
===   HERITAGE Nomination Deadline Jan 25  === Heritage Week is Feb 18 to 24
On DWV's marvellous website, go to: http://www.westvancouver.ca/article.asp?a=5447&c=898 for more info
2008 Heritage Achievement Awards
West Vancouver's natural, built and cultural heritage define our community identity, give our neighbourhoods their distinct character, and enhance the quality of life we have come to enjoy. 
The Heritage Achievement Awards are presented in honour of individuals, groups, and businesses that have made a significant contribution to ensuring that this collective heritage is preserved.  
The District invites you to nominate any project, individual or group that has made an important contribution to furthering heritage conservation in West Vancouver.  The deadline for submitting nominations to the District is January 25, 2008.
Categories include: Building Conservation; New Building Design; Landscape; Advocacy/Awareness; and "Other"
===   WEBWATCH   ===  From the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
An extraordinary performance (beer) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNmjzJh_Yvg
===   INFObits   ===  Uplift and Streams
Just in case more clarification is needed, here's an explanation.  This was given to Ccl in Sept of 2005
***  LETTERS (ADRA re Uplift and Streamkeepers re Vinson)  ***
***ADRA***  2007 November 28 to  Mayor and Council:
re       Community Benefits and Public Amenities
The Ambleside and Dundarave Ratepayers' Association wishes to ensure that any change or development will also enhance or improve our community and quality of life.  Furthermore, we believe increased value (Uplift) that accrues from changes in zoning should be shared by the community.
The difference between the present value (PV) of existing zoning and the future value (FV) of the changed zoning represents the Uplift (U), that is FV - PV = U.  U thus represents the increase in value.
ADRA recommends that the Community's share be approximately 75% of the Uplift, ie 75% of U, the increased value, and that the decision on the Community Benefits and Public Amenities be made by Council after full public consultation.
We believe that this policy should be applied equally to the whole District.
Yours truly,
Elaine Fonseca, President, Ambleside and Dundarave Ratepayers' Assn
926 6686; board@adra.westvan.org
***WV Streamkeepers***  2007 November 16 to  Mayor and Council:
re   Vinson Creek Flooding/Recommendations
The flooding of Vinson Creek earlier this year brought to our attention a number of issues that West Vancouver Streamkeepers believe should be addressed by the District of West Vancouver to ensure that the risk of flooding from Vinson Creek is reduced in the event of future exceptionally high water flows.
Accordingly, we would like to provide Council with our recommendations passed at a recent board meeting:
1. that the Vinson Creek culvert at Kings Avenue, and possibly other Vinson Creek culverts, be enlarged.
2. that the fouling of the creek from dumping of garden and woody debris be monitored and enforced under Creeks Bylaw No. 3013 and the Watercourse Protection Bylaw 4364, Part 5.1.
3. that communication procedures pertaining to resident protection during emergency situations be clarified.
The District has carried out a number of creek daylighting projects, and we believe that daylighting of parts of Vinson Creek below Kings Avenue would be of benefit to the community.
We thank you for your attention to these matters and look forward to a response.
Yours truly,
Michael Ritter, President, West Vancouver Streamkeeper Society
604 628 1123; streamkeepers@westvan.org; www.streamkeepers.westvan.org

===  CALENDAR to Dec 21st  === [M Hall unless otherwise noted; confirm b/c sometimes changes]
==  Saturday Dec 15th
~ 8am and 5pm ~ Constituency Report (Shaw, Channel 4) -- interview with Ralph Sultan, MLA: regional police force, new bike trail from HBay and Deep Cove, fall session, Tsawwassen and Maa-nulth treaties.
~ 2:30pm ~ "'Twas the Fortnight Before", Pacific Baroque Orchestra at WV United Church (21st & Esquimalt)
~ 7:30pm ~ at Kay Meek Ctr: The Canadian Tenors, with guests the Celtic Divas, bring their Christmas show "A Christmas to Remember" from coast to coast with unforgettable moments of charm and songs, choosing from the standard seasonal repertoire and popular ballads.  They will warm you with your best-loved favourites and surprise you with some soon-to-be-favourites with all the special touches that the season brings.  Call the Kay Meek Centre Box Office for event details and to reserve your tickets. 913 3634.
==  Sunday Dec 16th
~ 3 pm ~  CONCERT at St Francis in the Wood Anglican Church (4773 South Piccadilly)
"Do You Hear What I Hear?" A classical and Traditional Christmas featuring pianist Angela Witzke
$15 includes refreshments at reception afterwards; reservations: 922-3531
 ~ 3:30pm ~ Ambleside Beach -- British Columbia Boys Choir SongWave on the Beach
Come Join us for SongWave on the Beach and be part of the carol sing-along.  The BC Boys Choir and the SongWave 2007 Boys Honour Choir will perform at this free community event.  The audience is invited to sing along with the choirs.
~ 4pm (and 7:30pm) ~ A Traditional Christmas with the VSO at the Kay Meek Ctr with Bramwell Tovey and Christopher Gaze
==  Tuesday Dec 18th
~ 3pm ~ will Finance & Audit Cmte perform surgery, split into an Audit Cmte and a Finance WG; discussion on Terms of Reference -- Whoops! that was on  the agenda, but then the mtg was on, off, changed to 3pm, then back and off, so you'll have to call the Hall to find out when/if it'll meet: 925 7008.  News as of Saturday Dec 15 noon is that it's back on at 3pm.
~ 7pm ~ Cmnty Grants/Social Services WG
~ 8pm ~ Musica Intima choral concert: "A Rose in Winter" at WV United Church [www.musicaintima.org and tix 731 6618]
==  Wednesday Dec 19th ~ 6pm ~ Child Care WG
==  Thursday Dec 20th ~ 4:30 ~ Design Adv Cmte -- CANCELLED
==  Friday Dec 21st
~ 8:30am ~ Arts & Culture WG at Hall on their webpage but not Calendar so probably will be cancelled
~ 8pm ~ The Laudate Singers of the N Shore, "Illumination: Harp and Choir" concert  at St David's United Church (Taylor Way)

* * * * *      M E R R Y   C H R I S T M A S !     * * * * *

+++ FERRY BUILDING GALLERY --  "Great Stuff"  -- Nov 30 - Dec 21
An exhibition and sale of unique crafts, fine artwork, and distinctive gifts at affordable prices from over 40 of the best artists and artisans, just in time for the Christmas shopper!
Special Gallery Hours: 10am - 6pm; Late Friday shopping until 8pm; Closed Mondays
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Friday Dec 21 -- Philosophers' Cafe
"What makes giving meaningful?" $5 admission, everyone welcome. 10:30am - 12:30pm
+++  WV MUSEUM +++   BEHIND THE WIRE -- Nov 7 to Feb 9 
THE WARTIME DIARY AND ART OF ROBERT BUCKHAM. [Full description in earlier issue of WVM]
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==========  CCL MTG NOTES= Dec 10th  =========== 
1.         CALL TO ORDER
DEVELOPMENT PERMIT APPLICATION NO. 07-015 (re 2396 and 2388 Marine Drive)
The Director of Planning, Lands and Permits will describe the subject application with respect to the proposed bylaws and development permit application as listed above:
Applicant:  Karl Gustavson, Architect
Subject Lands:  2396 Marine Drive AND 2388 Marine Drive
Purpose:  To provide for a low-rise building comprised of 15 residential units including 4 live work units fronting Marine Drive.  Parking would be provided under the building and accessed from the lane.
Proposed Official Community Plan Amendment: To remove 2388 Marine Drive from the Duplex Area and include it in the Dundarave Village Neighbourhood Centre.
Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment:  To rezone the subject lands from C1 (Commercial Zone) and R.T.1 (Two Family Zone) to a new CD2 Zone (Comprehensive Development Zone 2).
Proposed Development Permit:  To regulate form and character of development to build upon the local village character of Dundarave Village Neighbourhood Centre.
1)         Reports to Council received up to December 6, 2007: four from J Bailey, Cmnty Planner
2)         Correspondence received up to December 6, 2007: one from A McManamon
On November 19 Council set the date for the Public Hearing and Public Meeting.  On November 23, 847 Notices were mailed to owners/occupiers within 100 metres of the subject site.  The statutory notice of Public Hearing and Public Meeting was published in the North Shore News on Dec 2 and 5.  The Municipal Clerk will note written submissions received for the Dec 10 Public Hearing/Public Meeting.
Sop: question
Mayor: wait till debate
Sop: but for my info now -- why no uplift?
SJN: same sq ftg

{Pardon me? square footage is not the only basis for value.  Commercial has a different (lower) value than residential.  This property is going from commercial to residential.  Not only that, it's number of units -- think of the Upper Lands wch is zoned 2.5upa.  Also hard to imagine  equal since one lot is for a duplex and now will be several units.  In any case, it's a strange response.}

The applicant will be provided an opportunity to make a presentation on the subject application.
Karl Gustavson: thank you for opp to come back
joining me are my clients, Larry Sunderland and Doug Wark (sp?), Bob Heaslip, Planning consultant, Jerry Akrigg (sp?) landscape architect, and Steven Gardiner the traffic consultant.
started in 1986 when Bob Heaslip was in Planning Dept; worked on Dund Revitalization
[slide] map and gateway to Dund
award-winning Dundarave Mews
Cmnty Benefits (CB)/Amenities make cmnty work better as a whole
SJN said re zoning [roughly same sqftage]
we say what do we have and what do we want to do
If C1 went ahead [points on slide for access point], same as entrance to our parkade
15 units, four are live-work: jewellery store, hairdresser, architect -- as transition
nine level-2 units, aging in place; two fully handicapped level-3 units
28 parking stalls but 22 required; so no parking on the street
two storeys off Marine and three off lane; IGA is three off Marine and four off lane with roof deck so really five storeys; we have three storeys easy transition, duplex nbrhds
slightly under the sq ft
let Jerry speak to landscaping then I'll summarize
Jerry (sp?)  who?: [slides] I perceive CBs as from street edges
NE corner; had a walkway but public don't want one so removed it
trees along MDr, reduced to smaller street tree, lack of view obstruction; transitional landscape
street has been widened in front for the bus stop; better automobile condition at corner of 24th and MDr, see to west better
corner pulled back seat, water fountain; canted toward west; lane treated as more residential; units have small terraces; sustainable measures (biofiltration in courtyard, minimal impact for water)
KG: summarize: views from Haywood, no view obstruction; parking off lane into bldg
SE corner all landscaping; had visitor parking there, now removed; no traffic coming up and down lane
certified re sustainability, providing geothermal heating
housing choices: small units, large units, aging in place, have scooter parking, on bus route, handicapped units, etc
live-work units transition
qtn from the Adv Design Panel:  Motion: strong support lowrise as a much-needed socio-economic, massing nbrliness, etc process
gone through long process already; does meet needs of cmnty
in staff report; 17Ksf, Cclr Sop talked about Uplift; proposal consistent with permitted for zoning
staff concluded no appreciable uplift
ground-oriented units -- ppl not jumping up and down for those; trying to do the right thing
Steve Nicholls talked about 3% and $150K
sidewalk on N side; traffic light, landscaping, bus shelter, our cost $150K add to $157K, that's $300K; compared with other projects, far more than any more been done in any other in cmnty
JC: support from Design Panel, but from nbrs?
KG: letters come in and we're not allowed to know who from
walked it, knocked on many doors
don't know where ten came from, 26 before; majority of feedback with exception of Ms Virani (sp?) and ? including Mr Grammet (sp?), great deal of support
not only from local cmnty but when public mtg, support from broad cmte
Sop: you referred to OCP Policy H5 and H3
H5 gives two considerations one to amenity bonusing, and another to representation of residents and property owners in a cmnty mtg, generally in any comm site; and H3 is not directly applicable to this project b/c more directed to sgl fam
in light of those considerations why shd we give you spotzoning, that much density, in relation to rest of block?
KG: we're at 1.02FSR, most are 1.4 and IGA is 1.6
H3 doesn't directly relate but is a good guideline
long history; go back to 1986; Dund working well, why can't we be like Dund
a lot of work, planning CB; this is a culmination of that process
understand needs of family, needs of my chn; live-work wd be good for them
flexible, alternate types of housing -- Mr Buchanan up the lane with a wheelchair
where shd it happen? we found it, consistent with needs of cmnty
7.         PUBLIC INPUT 
Brock Johnson: not a nbr, lived in WV since 1990 in a lg home and more recently in a duplex just down the lane from this prop; 2328 MDr; walk by almost ev night, and twice when work out
quite excited hearing about this prop; exciting transition from the duplex I live in to comm
can see wanting a few years from now when a little less mobile; not enough of that in WV, wd be beneficial if more
av, accessible by public transit; ppl with mobility impairments; low impact in terms of visibility
worried about what cd go there; great place to move to and age in place
Sop: you mention affordable, is this an affordable devt?
BJ: suspect more affordable than my duplex
Mayor: not going to go back to proponent, and that question isn't necessarily for the general public,can get to that at end of PH
Ray Richards: 2336 MDr, just down the street
It is with sadness that I speak to you and my fellow residents tonight. It is with a feeling of hopelessness, with a feeling of betrayal.  Yes, I feel betrayed by the employees of our Planning Dept, and i hope that you, our elected representatives, will reject the application before you to do a spot change to the Official Community Plan and that you will require the speculator and the Planning Dept to abide by the OCP as it presently stands.
For decades successive community plans have specifically stated that the Dundarave area would not be expanded and by implication would not be decreased. Tonight the speculator wants to decrease the commercially zoned area of Dundarave by changing a lot into multi-family and the speculator wants to take away a duplex-zoned lot and add it to the multi-family category.  All of this has been aided and abetted by the planning employees who, in my view, seem to be working for the speculator and not for the residents who pay their salaries.
Mayor: think we shd focus on the merits of the proposal, thank you
RR: the speculators should have been told their proposal did not fit into the OCP and to come back with something that did, as the OCP is very specific on this area and has been for decades.
I've been in the cmnty since 1971, and there wasn't a peep about this when you voted on the last OCP, not from the Planning Dept, not from those of you who were cclrs the last time, didn't say one word about changing Dundarave.
There was a massive deception taking place about building a Capers store on the two lots under consideration tonight.  The planners eulogized this, and told us what a great deal this was to have trucks driving up the lane, through the lot and over the sidewalk onto Marine Drive.  They were telling us what a great devt that was, and the cmnty rebelled against it.  The knew or shd hv known, the owners of Whole Foods, wd never build a store on such a small area, with little or no parking, very poor access and too close to their Park Royal store. it is just not the way Whole Foods operate. But we had the planners telling us it wd be good to do this.  None of our houses are allowed to have driveways onto MDr, but this was going to.  This is just a deception.  Then came back and put forward an apartment building -- something I believe was wanted in the first place.
There was a betrayal of neighbours who built or bought near these lots knowing what the OCP says and who did not contemplate that any council would come and do a spot change.
You must recognize that the lane is our social area, a place where kids ride their bikes free of traffic worries, where seniors stroll with their [dogs], where neighbors gather to visit, where most residents plant flowers and look after the back of their lots, where pp from the fitness unit come and run and jog up and down the lane, and we're told 15 units will not increase the traffic down the lane.
And I'll believe that when I see it.
By reducing the commercial area of Dundarave you will create a need to 'revitalize' Dundarave and re-zone another lot from residential to commercial and create another gain for a property speculator. By reducing the duplex-zoned area you will be creating a need for another duplex lot and whoopee, another gain there, another deal.  Instead of spot rezoning, wait for a full revision to the OCP and decide in advance where another commercial lot will be located to benefit Dundarave, where another duplex lot will be located.  Get the whole plan together.
Will you be rezoning the next duplex lot and the next duplex lot? Will it be creeping that way?  You told us last time tat you wd stop there, and that was as far as Dundarave was going to go, and now tonight, it's creep.  It's creep.
Next thing you know, you're going to have MDr as a strip mall.
And now I hear that a member of the Planning Dept is going to bat for the speculator and saying there will not be any uplift in land value created by this proposed rezoning.   Well, that's a little bit far-fetched in my view.  If I had owned property like that I think I wd consider it a pretty good uplift, if I cd get it rezoned.
I do a little bit of property devt in Chilliwack and I know what can happen in these cases.
I think what you need to do is have a full and proper evaluation made and appropriate benefit be obtained for the community - and obviously this evaluation must not be done by the Planning Dept, it needs to be done by an outside property appraiser.
And are you saying that the all of the residents' properties along the street that their lots must remain as duplex lots or will you re-zone them one or two at a time
And what about the people on Bellevue who back onto the lane -- will they be allowed to increase the density?  and upgrade their lots and put another apt bldg on the corner of Bellevue and 24th?  or are you going to leave them as they are?
You see there are lots of these ramifications that you have to look at, and I don't think it's appropriate for you to spot/rezone anything until you've had a proper study of where you want to go with OCP and all these things.  And then you tell the existing property owners what you think can go on their properties, and they won't sell them below market values to a speculator who has an inside with the Planning Dept to get it upgraded and upzoned to a higher density.
Mayor: Does that conclude your remarks.  Need to ask the Clerk.  Are you timing this for five minutes?
SSch: yes, I am; just about.
RR: I've had it about the parking.  I want to tell you that the parking that was supposed to be so good along Dundarave, and it was supposed to be reducing the parking problem along the street has not.  The parking prob along the S side of MDr where I live is full  of cars almost all day.  Ppl come to visit me and we have to find places in another block for them to park.  It's really not done.  And when I hear somebody say this parking is going to do the same thing, I've heard that about devts half a block away too and it just doesn't come out that way. Thank you very much
Mayor: Thank you.Tim Webb -- but that's for Amb
[others were too]
Brent Saujin/Sawchuk (sp?): off Westmount interchange
mbr of overall cmnty
listening to comments this evening; encouraged such a bold step; wholly support
terrific opp to increase density; sust, transp; rather see than above 1200ft level
wholly in favour
Karima Virani: Bellevue 2393; wd like to disagree with Mr Gustavson, I'm not 100% in favour of this project
first and foremost worry is the driveway; mine is v steep and difficult to come in and out, two at Collingwood, one gone to uni, the other just learning to drive
lovely smallknit cmnty; v careful
not v convinced at all about the left turn into the alleyway; just saying make cars go to the right
not everyone's going to take a left if not restricted
already a worry, density increased; when purchased didn't know wd go through, thought they wd stay as duplexes even though old, didn't know such a huge piece wd go in
did plan a renovation on my home but the moment I found out about this decided not to do a reno, the duplex next to us for sale, not selling b/c no one wants to live there
I can't sell my duplex, amt of traffic and danger ahead
hustle and bustle, I want quiet and peace
v difficult to pull out of my garage
hope you will all consider I am directly affected by this; a goal and finally achieved to live here
take into consideration direct impact
no good ppl coming here saying they live in Bayridge, in Brit Prop; we live here
Ralph Carder: 201 205 24th St 20 yards to south
when restaurant closed concerned there might be a commercial devt, pleased to see this dvpr come along, attended orig info mtg at Irwin Park, listened to our concerns and addressed them
my wife and I fully endorse this
Rebecca Buchanan: know reference made to me and my father
my father passed away
CR: After about 15 years of urging Uplift info and Cmnty Benefits (CBs), of course I'm thrilled you have received these policies.  Congratulations to Ccl.
I have some concerns that I hope you will take into consideration.
First of all, we wd like to see the appraisal--
btw, it's Carolanne Reynolds, Editor of West Van Matters, Ste 300, 1497 Marine Drive, but we have several offices and one of my offices was at 1065 - 24th, wch is almost at that same corner [devt is SE corner of 24th and Marine and office was just up from NW corner]--
Mayor: one address is fine
CR: but I said, right at that corner, so intimately involved, knowledge of that particular corner, even though that's not the address I'm giving.
wrt Uplift, we wd like to see the appraisal for the zoning that was there and the appraisal for the zoning for the 15 units.  I think that's one of the ways that we can tell the difference so that we can calculate Uplift, and I am certain that there must be some difference between a commercial zone and one with 15 residential units, especially since residential I think is more valuable than commercial
{it is}
Once we have the Uplift [read: appraisal] for the two, and we can find out what the difference is, then we can start to look at the CBs that the staff are going to recommend for Ccl's consideration, and their value. 
And then if staff cd indicate what percentage they think that is.
I think it's really important in the interests of openness and transparency that we see the relative appraisals so we can see for ourselves if we think they are realistic appraisals and what the difference is.
Someone said that this is more benefits than in the past.  Well, in the past you had no policy and virtually nothing had to be given, although staff did negotiate something, so the comparison really isn't that valid.
As to landscaping, landscaping was one of the things that was mentioned [as a CB], is obviously going to be a benefit to the bldg, make it much easier to sell and get a higher price b/c it makes it more desirable.  So I don't think some of the benefits they mentioned are purely altruistic for cmnty.  I think they will benefit the devt.
You will recall ADRA -- I support the letter we wrote b/c I'm on the board of ADRA too --  [suggested] approximately 75% of the Uplift [for CB] and I want to reiterate that ppl who have written to me as Editor of West Van Matters, who also, that's been the consensus.  Although I had a couple saying they wanted 100%.  I felt that was much too high and that 75% wd be much more reasonable.
Maybe as a compromise, there is v little commercial in WV as you know, and we never want to have a residential area suddenly have commercial sprout/sprung next to them.
It's probably important to keep the commercial element on the ground floor, rather than decrease commercial or go to another residential area.
As a compromise, as long as it's below the height limit, have a couple of units above, so it's roughly like the duplex.  It cd have some residential above.  When it comes to the things they're mentioning, whether it's trees, geothermal, whatever, I have seen in the past I have seen a devpr come in -- not saying it's this one -- have come in the past with beautiful trees and things, and when it comes to the devt, the trees are not there.  "Well, that was just part of the display."
{think of 2142 Argyle and the Cmnty Ctr}
So if there are any conditions that you put on it, I hope you make those as conditions, not just say that was a nice presentation.
As for traffic, I think with 15 units there, that certainly will increase the traffic.  The restaurant that was there before probably wd have traffic only in the evening, not all day as it wd happen if somebody is living there, going to school, going to lunch, going shopping, or whatever.
That certainly wd affect the quality of life for the ppl around there.
In summary:
what I wd v much like to see is the appraisals of the two different zonings so we can see that they are valid, and so that we can calculate the difference; and then when we know the difference, it shd be Ccl's consideration of the recommendations for CBs, Ccl's consideration and decision for wch CBs they want after consultation with the cmnty.
Thank you very much.
Lady (didn't catch name): live nearby, almost hit by car; happy to see, moved back from street; also back from 24th
SJN: moved back, curb out; 24th narrow
Lady: five cars came; places used up v quickly; how many realistically looking
don't go to Amb -- well, if I get a parking spot I stop; how going to these places?
Elaine Fonseca: prez of ADRA.  Our Assn has been v aware, more than 30 years
this is spot zoning, sets a precedent for Amb and Dund; more units, more traffic, thus more congestion
all residents are vulnerable for spot zoning if this is approved; OCP is supposed to protect nbrs
Our Assn rejects this proposal
Kendall Gustavson: must admit a bit biased; I'm Karl Gustavson's daughter
he runs projects by me and I say some good, some not
most ppl will not be running about, making ten trips a day
Dund has all the amenities within walking distance; want milk, go to IGA, just there
Chuck Walker: 1455 Bellevue; listened to the negativism being proposed wrt Mr Gustavson's possible growth
opps for ppl to live in cmnty
15 cars in front of John Clark's store waiting to mail
rather than living in 60- to 70-yr-old rat-infested house
I'm a mbr of ADRA, asked for mbr list, refused to give it to me
RR: reason can't is for privacy reasons
Helen Besharat: 1365; lived in WV for 27 years and also worked in Sager bldg; intimately involved in nbrhd; bn following this project for last year or so; positive aspects; density where transportation; units small, sustainable
this project going to encourage ppl taking public transp not car; walking b/c ev conveniently located; compliment design team
geothermal and LEED certification usually larger, seeing going to contribute to our cmnty
entrance to Dund will be drastically improved
see this rather than pink box on that corner
... for second time: if it's rezoned as a comm/duplex zone does this mean there's a precedent set?
will others be allowed comm zoning?
then strip become commercial and will other residents be in same situation as I am today
now is the time, one side shd remain residential
help us not to bring too much comm on our doorstep, we can walk to it
gentleman said a waste of time, it's not; we need .... not a waste of time
Mayor: ?
SJN: probably referring to non-duplex zoning
two lots; one commercial and cd have restaurant with residence/condo above
adjacent duplex was acquired for the Capers proposal; probably better layout for the three-storey residential
don't think this wd be entertained; your procedure to go to nbrhd
it's the commercial zoning on the corner so don't think it sets a precedent
anyone in WV is entitled to apply for rezoning but difficult to get it
[name I didn't catch]: here to talk about Ambleside but
2397 MDr across the street; ....
1: truth is Cap West didn't do any biz; wd be far busier if normal biz
comm busier than residential
restaurant there that did zero biz
Molly Anthony: lived in Dund for 57 years, 2615 Lawson
needed; I want to move out of my house and into something like this
ppl don't like spot zoning, good to take areas
more density from A to B scares ppl to death
looks like a v attractive project; something we desperately need
K Armes: Kings; has the parking been changed since the public mtg?
KG: 15 units and 28 stalls; required 23 stalls
KA: six extra stalls how divvied up?
KG: two to visitors, willing to add more;
KA: to live-work or resid?
KG: for bldg; either
Mayor: no one further from public wishing to speak?
KG: excellent comments, thank you for bringing those issues forward
Cclr Sop raised 'affordability' -- all you can discuss is size of unit and flexibility
small, less; facing MDr, less; the only way you can define
zoning creep and spotzoning -- I don't take lightly
Dund revitalization plan
not here b/c we want to be here, b/c local cmnty said b/c we don't want commercial
the restaurant there is 3Ksf; we can build 10Ksf on that site
Dund Innovative Fitness is in Dund Mews; comm and resid on top; listening to the cmnty, is that the option; better; better transition
don't want to destroy Ms Virani's property's value; chose to take visitor parking out of there; didn't want her backing out; Ms Virani have RT1 zoning; in this case there's no driveway back to back
back to 10Ksf, think back to when that big one happens; parking underground
discussion on this project; thank my daughter for coming forward
btw, she wants to be an architect, I told her to come here and she might change her mind
they will be walking
This is not spot rezoning; listen to local nbrs
v interesting; got support of local nbrs, what about the broad cmnty, so we went out and got broad cmnty and they're here talking
listen to Molly Anthony, I've never met her before, but that's what we need
[name?]:  1605; lived in WV must about all my life; love WV; not sure how many have tried to move out of their parents' house, not easy, difficult to do; don't want WV to change any more than it has to
Mayor (three times): anyone further to speak?
If you have anything you want to see in staff report?
VV: OCP p153; make sure new devts do not impose ....xxx on cmnty
wrt a system
it's not a question of toting up; it's effect on cmnty -- Police, Fire, Rescue
look at what happens; need a system; how can we apply if can't
who creates calculation? Planning? Finance?
CAO: who wrote the policy and see what they contemplated
to two, three, or even five units, small
SJN: have been impacts in past; sometimes to benefit and sometimes add a cost
doing cmnty plan; devts such as this one, small scale, don't affect cmnty; do look at local impact
can and probably will report back on Rodgers Crk, larger scale, where benefits and where costs
in these cases, wd pay attention if any direct impact on capital, wd require it be paid by devpr
VV: one house or five houses, difficult
we're v tough on the larger devprs, there are costs
you can approve 100 units all at once, or ten at ten each, the cumulative total has just as big an effect as one of a hundred
must get a formula, then that's fine; we're not doing anything, assume
Sop: referring to a letter from Mr Ron Wilson
his call for an appraisal of lands; rental or without the proposed changes; can this be, Mr Nicholls, valuable?
on dollar side? something prior to closing this?
{my submission as well}
SJN: not sure what the question is; if we cd have an appraisal under current zoning and new; not sure legal can, or who'd pay for it
similar sq ftg, not sure
impact of devt of this nature, does not impact cmnty for rec, Police, Fire, and does not affect any services in the Dundarave area
{15 units wd mean probably about 30 ppl; guess he thinks that's negligible but it's cumulative.}
will increase the tax base;
{if it increases tax base, doesn't that mean value has increased? speaking of land and uplift}
part of cost is offset by ppl bldg, renovating
small amt of devt xxxxx
Sop: if that be the case, why talking about uplift, bonusing, etc if these can pay their own way as described
why talking about these new plans as amenities and all these things?
SJN: policy of this Ccl is to negotiate benefits and amenities of ev project that goes forward regardless of whether it's zoning change
RD: move all submissions received and PH be closed
JC: second
Iembers of Council are not permitted to receive further submissions regarding the proposed Bylaw once the Public Hearing/Public Meeting is closed.
Mayor: All in favour? Carries.  When back?
SSch: Dec 17 and bylaws can be brought forward for decision, second and third reading
Mayor: back then; now ccl mtg; if you cd continue your discussion outside the chamber, thank you.

1.  APPROVAL OF AGENDA add correspondence re Amb Town Ctr; item 10 be added possible revision; ht blasting volumes, provide public disc report re nbrhd character, Floor area exemptions, etc; description of options; Cmnty Amenities discussion March 2008 to permit revision in April; Items 4 and 6 be switched, and agenda--
Mayor: Dec 10
MS: it says Dec 3 but yes, Dec 10
Mayor: varied 4 and 6 b/c of presentations.
{Warning: b/c they jump about and add items, these notes will look strange wrt the item numbers and times}
VV: request for a small amendment; Item 9, the Wetmore site
Ms Reynolds has corrected the sentence wch says that the Wetmore site cd be used for art gallery/museum space.  She wishes us to remember and add the word condominiums.  She also said it cd be condos.   Can we simply add that word in front of art gallery?
Mayor: I don't know
SSch: Ccl may move to amend the minutes in that regard
Mayor: all right then, is that all right with mbrs of Ccl; presumably you've spoken with Ms Reynolds
VV: yes I had an email to that effect.  She felt by omitting condominiums it gave the impression she wd be opposed to that use b/c it simply mentions art gallery, museum space.  so I think we cd add condos in front of art gallery and that wd satisfy the matter
Mayor: all right then; motion on minutes as amended
[done 8:43]
3.         K. Pople, regarding Redevelopment Plans for Ambleside Business District
Elaine Fonseca: Good evening, Mayor and Ccl. My name is Elaine Fonseca and I am Prez of the Ambleside and Dundarave Ratepayers' Assn, better known as ADRA.  I am joined by two of the ADRA directors, Keith Pople and David Stephenson.   All our board members reside in either Ambleside or  Dundarave.
I would first like to clarify that when we asked for a request for a delegation to council that request came from ADRA and not one individual board member as is shown.  At the same time the request was for us to present the results of an opinion survey that we had conducted in September.  Now we have the benefit of having seen the results of the commissioned community survey  from Synovate, we would like to make a few observations.
I wd also like to clarify that our Assn, wch I have said previously, has been active in this cmnty for 30 years.  Our objective is to promote and encourage resident participation in decisions affecting WV and those specifically pertaining to the Amb and Dund area.  We support controlled growth and devt that reflect] the character of the existing residential and commercial areas in our nbrhds.
Those that join our assn, join b/c they share our values.
Certainly it is clear that the overall community still remains very concerned about both quality of life, growth, and how this reflects into both housing stock, transportation issues, and taxes/spending. whilst ADRA's survey focuses primarily on what our membership would prefer to see in the Ambleside Business District and preferences with respect to residential areas.
Apparently one third of those who agreed to participate in the Synovate survey then failed to complete the survey.  One has to wonder whether those that dropped off were well represented by the completed surveys.
David Stephenson:  When it comes to completed surveys as few as 37% in some areas were even aware of the Ambleside Town Centre strategy.  Yet they answer questions around four storeys in Ambleside, a closed question!  We believe a more open question around number of storeys desired would have received a very different answer.
There was no distinction made  in the Synovate survey between the north and south side of marine drive in terms of the number of storeys.  Our ADRA survey showed strong support for lower height on the south side of Marine.
Certainly we are not professional survey experts and neither are we funded by taxpayers to hire professional survey firms, yet we do represent a number of very concerned residents who actively follow what is happening in our community and especially as it affects Ambleside and Dundarave.
A [Ccl-appointed] working group was selected to study the Ambleside Business District but no ADRA board member was invited to join what turned into a developer-dominated working group.  All the same, ADRA board members did attend every one of the public working group meetings.
The response rate at cutoff point represented a very respectable percentage of ADRA's membership. later responses remained in line with the earlier results.
Keith Pople: [slide]  v difficult to see.  A three-person cmte prepared the questions in ADRA's survey.  The questions were developed as neutral as possible, aiming to identify the issues that reflected our members' views as accurately as we could.
On the basis of the survey results, it is the the belief of the ADRA board that efforts to promote major changes in the Amb Biz Dist community, its quality, its standards and its values should be made only on the basis of a significant review of what existing homeowners in the immediate nbrhd wish to see develop.  Our survey suggests that the plans which have been offered for the Ambleside Business District by council's working group are significantly at variance with results and views expressed by our membership.
Our survey shows that traffic and parking is seen as a significant problem in the Amb area at present:
60% also  see parking and traffic problems in our neighbourhoods; more than 80% see parking and traffic problems in the Ambleside Business District (ABD)
Increased density, infill housing, and when we get to the rezoning of single family dwellings,73% said no to rezoning of neighbourhoods, 62% said no to infill housing  however, 38% did support infill housing, but 65% of those who support infill housing would allow rezoning and infill in selected neighbourhoods
ADRA believes that Council should note the response to a key question in our survey regarding the merits of establishing limits to new growth in West Vancouver.  It somewhat parallels the results of the Synovate Survey wch also showed growth perhaps the major concern.  Our survey showed:
- 95% want limits to new growth to be established in West Vancouver, some regulation on growth
- wrt traffic calming in the ABD, 40% favour some aspect of various efforts to calm traffic however, 59% opposed all traffic calming in the ABD
- more than 80% said traffic and parking is now a problem in the ABD
- 81%  said they did not want any increase in the density of the ABD
We also asked the membership to identify what building height they would like to support for the ABD: on the north side of MDr, 47% would permit three storeys, 44% would prefer two storeys; on the south side of MDr, a lesser number wanted height, 68% want building height limited at two storeys, 24% would limit it at three storeys.  Thus we concluded 92% would limit building height to three storeys or less!
In summary, this [survey] of our membership reveals that ADRA:
*   strongly opposes excessive increases in density in the ABD
*   wants height restrictions in place in the ABD of no more than three storeys
*   is very concerned about traffic and parking conditions in the ABD and also in their residential streets
*   has very clearly asked for formal limits to growth in West Vancouver.
thank you for listening to us this evening.
Mayor: will you provide that [survey and results] to us?
KP: we'll put that in writing for you
VV: move delegation from Keith Pople be received

{Hope when they do the minutes they'll remember that at the beginning it was pointed out this was NOT a personal/individual delegation by Keith Pople.  The request was clearly made by ADRA and ADRA made the presentations -- the President Elaine Fonseca, and two
directors. Trust the minutes will be amended.}
6.         District of West Vancouver Emergency Plan
        RECOMMENDED: receive and endorse the Municipal Emergency Plan
Jodie Sydor: new M Emergency Plan [slide presentation]
recently won an award for our plan, and regular presenter at symposia
Sop: impressed; gave example; parrot in office
RD: 100 pages
staff carefully trained; v capable ppl such as Ms Sydor head of it
well prepared; thank you for coming
7.         2008 Preview Assessment Roll... received for information.
8.         Community Centre Non-Profit Society
1.                 The following members be appointed for the nominating committee representing the Community Centre Governance Working Group: Patti Bolton and Susan Evans;
2.                 The following members be appointed for the nominating committee representing Council: Bill Soprovich and John Clark;
3.                 The nominating committee arrange to meet in December to plan the nominating process including communications and notification.
9.         Motion to change start time for December 17, 2007 meeting: TO 6pm [DONE]
5.         Development Variance Permit Application No. 07-039 (4102 Burkehill Road)
At the November 26, 2007 meeting, Council received the report dated November 16, 2007 from the Community Planner
Gail Jaeger: Designer on behalf of family
proposing to enlarge living space; fill in space between garage and house as well as rebuild garage
no impact on views; nbrs in favour, all signed in favour of proposal (more recent letter than the one in the package)
JC moved: all written and verbal submissions ... be received.
THAT Development Variance Permit Application No. 07-039 (4102 Burkehill Road), which would allow for an addition with a variance to the required Front Yards, be approved.
{why not say what the variance is? why do we have to dig to see how much of a variance is being asked???}
Sop: notice a letter to Bd of Variance
Ans: submitted but recommended go to Ccl
ends at 9:08
[9:09] REPORTS
4.         Ambleside Town Centre Strategy - Policy Recommendations
Mayor: have staff presentation first; entire dept here!
SJN: will be short, managed to have Colette Parsons lose her voice
explain some changes; change been on for some years
WG reported, cmnty groups meeting with us; chart shows changes
[slides] Second Storey Office Policy
required to be commercial; reason is that comm ofc space considered essential part of a town ctr
14th to 18th primarily ofc on second storey so maintaining existing situation
otherwise wd choose residential b/c can get more and can sell it now
... encouraging parking ... reduced
larger sites, some form of bonusing to provide ofc space
talking about the core frontage, not backs; just core area fronting on MDr
Cmmty Benefit Policy
larger term
talking here about amenity provisions; getting type of ... sidewalks
we do not as a rule in WV rezone properties
rezoning and uplift of rezoning; look at 14th VanCity, not rezoned bldgs but still negotiate CBs
corner at 19th exception
Medical Ctr, Odeon Theatre site, negotiated in hts, no change in sq ftg
we're considering not rezone, keep current zoning
but in order to implement an amenity policy is to establish within the zoning bylaw a lower sqftg and a higher, you have to make a contribution and that's legal
lower 1.4FAR, that's the lower end; a more typical wd be 1.75, typical of most of the three-storey buildings there today
some landowners consider it to be added in, downzoning but it's not
special sites; basically Safeway site; large areas, potential for more imaginative
suggest not rezone those; any over and above; consider some flexibility what you do on that site
uplift on those sites; %age wd go to M; that may, in 1300 block, may be gallery space
mechanism for all new bldgs, not renovations, really trying to encourage renos in this area
ht policies
orig said consider four storeys, we've listened to that, endorsed by WG, so what we've done is said three storeys as in current policy
we wd also allow, if common underground, sloping side, on N side, cd have three storeys partway up the block technically a four-storey; call it three-storey and regulate as to ht
curbs, so know what you're getting
parking three storeys off the lane so S side more.... wch is what ADRA was suggesting was a desirable feature
ability for ppl to apply on larger sites, four storeys under other conditions
no right to do that
when produce something better, cd be considered by Ccl
on three-storey sites; some variations -- mentioned up to six storeys
when we looked at 1300 block, landscaped plazas and galleries
encourage devt on one or other end of the block, increasing views; cd be some advantages
nothing in OCP what ppl have a right to do
ppl have a right to apply, Ccl has a right to do
standard regulations wd apply
next slide shows examples of recent bldgs
both zoned Comm, first 1.4FAR, Vancity at corner of 14th 1.82;  we suggest you make clearer objectives
renovation so part of fabric of WV for a long time to come
rental in an improved state
bldgs that come out most, maintain bldg character so that's what we're suggesting
next slide shows Amb Medical Bldg two and a half to four
on-line forum comments
random sample of 846, extensive interviews
support for arts on Argyle; bldg hts and housing that maintains village character
v few online comments [on slide]
Colette Parsons: online comments different from Synovate survey
SJN: on my desk sheet said 800
Sop: you showed some really beautiful bldgs in WV; why not case-by-case as we have today?
provide basic structure
SJN: part of the objective identified by Ccl greater clarity what approved and wd be approved
able to explain what might occur in diff areas
under current, may approve three storey but may take up to a year and a half
OTOH, not been an instance where Ccl haven't approved it
clarity of vision shd help you obtain a better Amb that the one that exists today
Mayor: a cpl of mbrs of public waiting to speak as well
Sop: a couple of questions then will come back
it states three storeys; ..... look for bonus density
all those stores with two storeys there's an uplift to three storeys
last week
talked about amenities; had a legal opinion, if that wd not proceed, not find it favourable for the Dist
is there a need for a second opinion?
wrt all that is said, quite complex for value of public and this Ccl, outline in a simple way, the ramifications first this three storeys outright, look for uplift and amenities a long time in coming; sounds convoluted, vague to me
can we have something simple, clear, and concise
allow this mbr of Ccl to make ...
look at
not able to provide amenities
a handful of bldgs will provide
not get the amenities we think we're going to get
SJN: not ev bldg can be over three storeys
bldgs, small odd-shaped, can't support parking required
no way all bldgs can be three storeys, does allow someone with sufficient prop can apply
illustrate sq ftg allowed on lot, build some in three storey and they've been building 1.4, 1.782?
signif better design, not changing
uplift, the indication that you cannot require ......
not what was said to Ccl, you have to use the proper legal means
applicant for phased devts
those are the two main ways you can do it
ambiguity involved in what you might negotiate over all
built into bonusing, no guessing, .....
a means of providing clarity we're trying to do
authorizes us to bring forth, provide clarity or
Sop: in description of what is laid out here; %g and no %age give; passed it
wd you bring back a proposal with a %age
SJN: we'd probably say here is the range, Ccl wd be making that decision
JF: proposing able to build up to three storeys, is that vastly diff from today?
SJN: back some years ago, implement design control
keep two storeys 35ft and if you do calc, 35 is three storeys
put into cmnty plan, demonstrate same sq ftg as in two storeys; ev bldg must have a bldg permit
Ccl always approves a three-storey, almost always mixed comm/resid
JF: three storeys under current zoning, allowing three under new zoning
v little, almost no change other than the word storey; reduction in uncertainty
SJN: b/c of the slope, able to build a building can terrace back; had to amend Cmnty Plan for that
trying to avoid but we did it
what's three storeys and what's not; might provide some guideline for somebody
don't think our proposals not vague ... not coming in on a whim
JF: how confident the Planning Dept the prop owners will feel confident apply for rezoning or devt permits
that clarity will remove uncertainty that seems to be .... redevt not taking place
SJN: some, won't promote devt; some waiting for guidelines
the current policy that requires the OCP permit provides a level of ambiguity
this, can build three storeys, just a matter of getting zone ht? right
Tim Webb: born and raised in WV, 44 yrs,
truly believe that this whole process is taking far too long; have to move away from fear
I deal with economic reality probs ev day; no traffic not a lot of quality tenants
I cdn't lease a space, tried to, traffic not there; won't support
nothing will be done ...
if isn't an opp for owners there nothing will change, hasn't for 30 years and won't for next 30 years
ppl want to invest, serious money here, shoppers, etc etc
talking about density, if not increasing density, just the ht, not giving opp; you'll just increase sidewalk
don't know if you say not more sqftg but higher, don't see benefit
great, trying to get amenities for the city; if no benefit, not going to do it
been in real estate for five years and came lst but don't know what we've done
anybody who knows anything about statistics, have to come down to margin of error and if not a lot then bigger margin
I'm 44 years old, my kids 4 yrs; this is going to take 40 to 50 years; not going to see it in my lifetime
getting bogged down in devts; no devts turned down but takes a year
don't live in fear, make it happen
Rebecca Buchanan: [address] wd like to read a letter b/c I get nervous speaking in public, ironic b/c I'm a lawyer
lived here for 31 years, remember how vibrant Amb was; remember seeing movies
biz at Amb Biz Ctr; streets were always packed and shops always full; recent years Amb has waned but still some good biz
delighted in this; and some dedicated to ....
thrilled me to show my own work at FBG ...
creating new exhibition space; will bring increased energy and vitality to this region; Amb as the artistic heart of WV
upgrade bldgs
have lived next to Dund for over a decade now and have come to appreciate revitalization..... no doubt Dund one of the most beautiful streets in Canada
plsd I am, finally see this investment
John Cave: 1135 Haywood 1360 MDr, Travel Agency
VP of Amb Biz Assn; having been here 60 years, same time for bldg, was going to be redevped ev decade since
in early 50s, my parents and friends shd hv brought no one else; no one else moving to WV; we don't want any more devt
my brother as my sister, my mother lives in Properties, in 90s, can't find caregivers and can't move her; rancher is perfect for her, and help all around
place for my kids; can't live in WV, one moved to Yale Town, affordable, Urban Fare, bowling alleys, etc
WV has no fun
in 20 years, we're there folks; we're going to have to have accommod
the ideal place I want to be two or three blocks around Amb, walk to beach
shdn't be talking about two, three storeys, shd talk about 15
Dund devt you talked about earlier is brilliant
public as a whole going to pay for those things; not the devpr paying for that
when you come to my shop, I have to pay $45 more b/c I have to hand out amenitiesl not devprs, they do fine
no devt in 60 years, not 30 years
I'll be working in the same bldg in ...... had the bldg for 40 50 years
he's got rent coming in
doesn't need the money
not interested in doing anything ... 50 years
from Amb Biz Assn, that was personal
large number of Amb biz b/c rent from $1500 to 5000 a month
if you want to move into the village
to move my operation to something in Pk Royal wd mean closing our biz down; outside the M probably
find some way keep the small merchants that are there; keep it relatively affordable; the Gap isn't going to move into WV
{it's already in Park Royal!}
not sure we can have more pedestrian traffic b/c we don't have the parking; get them walking down from apts
not going to be able to get over LGB, three hours...
congratulate you all do this, work all day and go through this
[9:53] JC: move to end of biz
Dave Thomas: Monteverdi Place; commercial and residential realtor for 25 years
many I've had a hand in over the years
increasingly concerned about; started with vision of what it can be; come here today and finds not much of a change
clarity, badly needed; don't really have the land economics to make it work
currently two storeys to three storeys and pay uplift
tear down, construction prices to make three storeys, can't do it
unfortunately, the land economics are not there to do it on three or four storeys
CNV a few years ago, FSR 2.6, here's what you have to do certain things to get there
v vital 15th and Lonsdale, thriving biz cmnty
may not want to be exactly like that
come back with a proposal that addresses that
Chuck Walker: tough for me to shut up
Mayor: no swearing
CW: no swearing.  Most know where I work and live
Cclr Day, we started this conversation in 80s with Don Lanskail; slowed down, died
you haven't Day, stayed same age, I've aged
had public hearings over the last year
the preponderance of ppl, you're talking about 20- to 30-year project, wd you get started
currently our bldg supports 160 ppl, currently we're the largest commercial bldg
hear from the restaurants around us, without us wdn't be in biz
when we took out applic, didn't want
took 2 and half years, got it being stubborn Irishman
if we fail, new city hall b/c I can't pay taxes
is there any truth if don't live up, GVRD will have to increase
no? well it's the rumour on the street
Karl's good
it's car traffic, call GM and tell them not to sell cars
you don't want your daughter driving a car, don't give her one
give her support
misnomer, alluded was a group of dvprs; I am not a devpr, we don't get into devpr, our own
one dvpr on cmte, he lives over in Victoria
if devprs totally mislead
it's not cars
I've got four grandchn and I want them to live in WV
God love you and god bless you
Mayor: already had a delegation from you
KPople: a couple of questions for Mr Nicholls
question on page X, you said all don't qualify for three storeys, but in middle of page it says three storeys outright
SJN: to build three storeys, must qualify; can't get parking on site, can't build it
better hire an architect or a designer
three storeys outright, if you have a site
KPpl: so maybe that statement shd be qualified
have you considered a differentiation in hts N and S side
SJN: yes we have; when we say three storeys above lane or street, higher on N side
KPpl: same page says allow consideration for four storeys for proposals that don't qualify
SJN: any number of situations in Amb someone saying we can do something better
in two or three of brochures
Walker bldg, fourth storey on that site extensive, terraces
what we happen if we allowed four storeys, we believe Ccl and cmnty shd consider
Lady: this story belongs to Amb Prk
Mayor: wrt your biz
Lady: my biz; believe my topic related to1425 Thai, new restaurant;
space v awful; change have to spend huge money
all savings borrowed from family and have a loan also; huge money to do devt
say Rose you did a nice job, hope you can come to my restaurant
big spending bring big trouble for myself
big prob from City Hall; haven't time to see ev
Mayor: we're actually looking at renewal; it's v late
some mbrs of Ccl
wd like to suggest that we meet tomorrow and see if we can help you
want to get to our disc; just feel a more approp place
Lady; ?
Mayor: want to give you the right way
Leave your name and number with Mr Beauchamp
CAO: I can
Sop: visited...
Mayor: if you'd like to join us, fine
Dolly Cartwright: just want to say worked on this Amb renewal
lived in WV all my life and think I'm the oldest in this room
get on with it, pass these WG proposals, so that 20 years from now when you celebrate my 100th birthday I can say thank god we ...
don't want to go back to skunk cabbages on the corner and take xxx to make the gold grass greener
JF: Ms Cartwright is one of the dvprs that sat on the WG
I move THAT:
            1.         Staff prepare implementation bylaws and documents in accordance with Appendix A of the November 19, 2007 report of the Urban Design Planner entitled "Ambleside Town Centre Strategy - Policy Recommendations"; and
            2.         These draft bylaws be presented to Council for public consideration prior to finalization and proceeding to a formal public hearing process.
JF: been a v interesting process
don't think there's anybody who doesn't want it revitalized
only left pull the plug
ev wants to see vitality; strong connect to arts on Argyle and Bellevue; arts, biz, and the cultural cmnty; place to go when want to meet friends and spend money
can't agree with more, can we pls get on with it
know some discussion wrt nuances
when bylaws come forward, know opp for public to come forward; opp for Ccl to tweak
expect energetic; ...
so that cmnty owners Ccl
good discussion when we come back
MS: the first landowner who came forward to redevp his site, amenities and existing use and enshrining the CB in the service station was rejected by this Ccl
a couple of weeks ago chance to step out, now we're faced with an empty as at 13th?
not worth ...
support Cclr JF:
draft bylaws will show what benefits will be
walk there at night like walking through Death Valley at midnight ...
VV: talk about vitality; traffic good, like Dunbar
not b/c cars not going through, maybe not stopping b/c no parking
here I have the Amb Town Strategy -- here it shows new buildings with stars, and 13 in last 25 years
b/c of lateness of hour
there were things in the previous policy I thought really good and I thought we cd get on with them ...
had to do with rearranging things
then seen if more vitality; wd hv ... places for ppl to stop; places for ppl to go
and opening up midblock, view of water, etc, I thought that was good; thought elaborate and something bigger; maximizing ...
lost about opening up midblock, removed reference to that
to get the empty boxes filled in and elaborated on
instead huge detail on FAR, presumably inducement to indiv prop owners; that's the controversial stuff
don't want ht on S side but want on N
there are good things we cd do out of here, but the good things have the least detail, how can we ask staff to bring recommendations when recommendations section here is empty
Mayor: maybe b/c ev agrees on those; the boxes that have info are  where we as a Ccl feel we need more info,  Is that correct?
SJN: correct; the boxes are ones WG were using to comment on
Mayor: otherwise
SJN:  but other sections, design guidelines, etc will all be brought forward to Ccl as original
VV: I don't know at this point.  Well, I cd support this if I cd move an amendment with the exception of 5.1.4, 5.2.1b, c, and d, 5.2.3, 5.2.3a, etc
Mayor to laughter: that might be contrary to the motion
if Ccl passes this tonight
bylaw will come and debate then
VV: sorry not time
for ppl in nbrhd; not quite there
unfortunately even the good stuff can't support
RD: listening to some of the criticism, based on earlier version
this has been modified, look at A, modified in Nov 2007
S side four storeys cd be assembled, and this has been modified
exception on S, public review
with Mr Nicholls's comments, what you find here is a moderate document
not going to be revolutionary and that might upset some ppl
brings more flexibility and predictability, that's what dvprs need
don't see anything in the revision that's cause for concern
once bylaws drawn up, there'll be a PH and discuss
Sop: my area of concern, some been answered
in area of procedure
when bylaws come forth, can be precise and concise; simple and clear
configuration of all the changes in ht, FAR, been quite confusing to date
I agree there has to be an uplifting of Amb to create some vitality but I shop there myself and found wonderful stores, terrific amt of service and ppl
can walk,
Mayor: ... I haven't adjusted either
Sop: know renewal, let us present a policy easily understood
amenities, safe time, credit to Chuck Walker who built a bldg 15 years ago popular, still looks good
policy before us; original must clarify
we've seen some v well built bldgs, they're there, successful, thriving
what are we doing to do that's diff
giving devprs another storey; but truly the mom and pop stores won't be able to stay in place at market rents
what will happen to all the services here today?
not so blind don't see need some amenities
hope when Mr N comes back ...
JC: wait till PH
Mayor: although this is modest
decided that Amb is going to focus on the arts...
housing at either end of the block
help the biz area so pride not one zone, not the 11 we have now; not investing at entrance to go nowhere
cycling, actually focusing on Amb, failing
of all of us
didn't have process right; put WG; ppl didn't accept Planning; not Harris
don't suspect so much
survey; forum on line, brochure; what's taken you so long
think the view of the ADRA is bang on; three storeys maybe four;  bang on
want to assure Cclr V
trucks travelling through are a prob; trucks not checking their brakes
walk through with Fred Kent, area social functions, not city hall
how do ppl come together, need it, ...
housing focus; certainly not in sgl fam nbrhds; moderate change for greater good of the cmnty
wonderful to see Ccl support this; back in late Jan?
SJN, jocularly: two years
Mayor: in favour? Carries, thank you
7.         2008 Preview Assessment Roll... received for information.
Mayor: this one quickly too
8.         Community Centre Non-Profit Society
1.                 The following members be appointed for the nominating committee representing the Community Centre Governance Working Group: Patti Bolton and Susan Evans;
2.                 The following members be appointed for the nominating committee representing Council: Bill Soprovich and John Clark;
3.                 The nominating committee arrange to meet in December to plan the nominating process including communications and notification.
9.         Motion to change start time for December 17, 2007 meeting: to 6pm
{my item placing might not be correct but I typed under each item at mtg, tried to rearrange for this}
Mayor: already dealt with Item 9, but added item 10 (new one?) now
RD:  This is an important item b/c it comes from the mtg last week having to do with nbrhd character and v lg homes.  At the time I was going to make a motion but we decided to hold it off for a week so we cd get the proper wording.
I move THAT staff be requested to provide a public discussion report on possible revisions to those specific aspects and devp the bylaws relating to nbrhd character and impact wch were identified in recent submissions to Ccl, including floor area exemptions, height, and blasting volumes.
secondly, staff include in such report a description of the current regulation, its origin and objectives, and descriptions of options for revision with the implications of each, and
thirdly, submit the report for cmnty and industry discussion in Mar 2008 to permit revision and formal consideration in April 2008.
{THIS IS FANTASTIC!  This is the point I, DNA, and others have made that interpretation of zoning and building bylaws out to reflect the intention of the OCP b/c in the view of many, it has allowed larger homes b/c of not including decks and parts of basements.}
Mayor: thank you.
SSch: who was seconder?
Mayor: Ccl Soprovich; now defer:
10.      Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence [numbering must have been changed]
11.       Correspondence List

Mayor: and go sraight  to
Carolanne Reynolds, Chair of Heritage West Van: tyvm, before my questions, I do want to congratulate you on moving with the Amb Strategy and the motion that Cclr Day just made.  That's really really great news.
I have other questions
Again, thanks for the efforts wrt heritage made to date.
Perhaps along with the work being done by the Heritage Working Group, our concerns shd be conveyed to the provincial govt so that their provisions can be updated and made more effective.
This is a serious situation if we sincerely and actively want to do something about preserving our heritage.
It is my hope that M incentives can soon be adopted (as chair of the Incentive subcmte of the HWG we'll come up with a report for your consideration in the new year).
We tried this time, as you know, to offer incentives to see if it wd make a difference.
Respect and disrespect for heritage is universal.
Some locals have saved, some destroyed; some newcomers have saved, some destroyed.  Our obligation is education and encouragement.
We have examples in WV of private owners -- with little or no recognition or incentives --  who have spent thousands of dollars, so proud and happy were they to live in a home identified as heritage thus increased in value.  In fact one owner on Stevens Drive, spent over a million, I've been told.
OTOH, we have this year the dreadful example by our own Municipality having let the Gleneagles Great Hall deteriorate even when funds had been allocated -- glad to say that that's being rectified now.
Now we learn that Klee Wyck, a gift to WV, has been let go to such a state that it has a tarp on its roof.
How can we expect owners to pay due attention if the M doesn't?
In the case of the recent house, how did dismantling occur without either a building permit or a demolition permit?
Were inspectors not sent out even though it was known drywall was being removed?
Can we be assured that from now on there will indeed be a process that has noted properties follow a special path wrt notification, negotiation, and sympathetic collaboration?
While we are working on the new Heritage Register, we already have an inventory and so there is no excuse for letting significant assets be destroyed without at least some attempt at preservation.
It is great that the AEC will work with DWV but what about other houses and assets?
How soon can Ccl produce some sort of effective guidelines (in anticipation of bylaws) for protection and preservation since this is the third heritage home lost in seven months?
the Heritage Workshop on Saturday, organized by Stephen Mikicich (Heritage Planner), was well done, produced good ideas and information, and was very helpful.  Really exciting and I think it was a really good start with things happening with the Heritage Register.  I want to thank you very much for that.
Mayor: Thank you.  I met with Stephen Mikicich today.  So many good questions were raised as a result of the Graham House situation, and as well, the No 1 thing that came of the the Heritage Strategy Workshop a few years ago was council leadership and ccl understanding of what's available to us.
likely we'll have a ccl workshop in public in January on this topic to support the work of the WG--
CR: it was a great learning experience
Mayor: Thank you.
14. ADJOURNMENT [10:35]

===  CCL AGENDA Dec 17th *6pm*  early start === 
2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES: Dec 03 Regular Council; and Dec 10 Public Hearing/Public Meeting Minutes (To be provided.)
3.         Unity in Diversity Award for the Ferry Building Gallery: Presentation
4.         Development Variance Permit Application No. 07-046 (2893 Marine Drive - West Vancouver Presbyterian Church)
RECOMMENDED:all written and verbal submissions be received
If Council wishes a further staff report, then: RECOMMENDED: Staff report back to make a determination
RECOMMENDED: DVP which would provide for the replacement of the existing church sign with a new sign that does not comply with the Sign Bylaw, be approved.
5.         Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4534, 2007; and Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4533, 2007 (both bylaws regarding 2396 and 2388 Marine Drive)
  The Public Hearing regarding these bylaw amendments was held and closed on December 10, 2007.
RECOMMENDED: second, third readings
6.         Proposed Budget Process 2008
{rather strange; what happened to the timeline given in Sept with info out and public mtgs in November?  Now we're getting a booklet in January and February and public input.  Booklet? read: devoid of much meaningful information or figures that can be reviewed.  If they wdn't let the Finance and Audit have or see the info, what chance has the public got???}
7.         Sewer User Rates 2008
* THAT a 10% overall revenue increase requirement in the Sewer Utility be approved;
* THAT Sewer user rates for 2008 be approved at amounts set out in the schedules to Bylaw No. 4538 as attached;
* THAT "Sewer and Drainage Utility Fee Bylaw" be introduced and read a first, second and third time; and
* THAT residents be encouraged to comment on the rates proposed in the Bylaw prior to its adoption on January 07, 2008.
8.         Water User Rates 2008
* THAT a 3% overall revenue increase requirement in the Water Utility be approved;
* THAT Water user rates for 2008 be approved at amounts set out in the schedules to Bylaw No. 4539 as attached;
* THAT "Waterworks Regulation Amendment Bylaw" be introduced and read a first, second and third time; and
* THAT Residents be encouraged to comment on the rates proposed in the bylaw prior to its adoption on January 07, 2008.
9.         Fees and Charges Bylaw, Amendment Bylaw No. 4537, 2007
        RECOMMENDED: ...  be read a first, second and third time.
10.       2008 Council Meeting Schedule
11.       Appointments - Acting Mayors for 2008
RECOMMENDED: THAT Acting Mayors for 2008 be appointed as follows:
=B7                   December 2007/January 2008              Councillor Soprovich
=B7                   February/March                                        Councillor Ferguson
=B7                   April/May                                                   Councillor Day
=B7                   June/July                                                   Councillor Smith
=B7                   August/September                                  Councillor Clark
=B7                   October/November                                  Councillor Vaughan.
12.      Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
13.       Water Consumption Update for Second and Third Quarters of 2007
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated November 22, 2007, entitled "Water Consumption Update for Second and Third Quarters of 2007" be received for information.
14.       Development Applications Status List ... received for information.
15.       Airplane and Helicopter Noise in West Vancouver ...  received for information.
16.       Federal and Provincial Government Revenue Sharing for Municipalities
RECOMMENDED: THAT Council support the City of Vancouver's resolution, forwarded to the Minister of Finance as part of the 2008 budget process, requesting the province to address the municipal fiscal imbalance by reinstating a revenue sharing program with municipalities, and copy to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and the Union of BC Municipalities.
17.       Correspondence List
>>>  Correspondence deferred from the December 10, 2007 Council Meeting.
*  Requests for Delegation -- No items presented.
*  Action Required
(1)       S.E. Dowey, City Clerk - City of North Vancouver, November 22, 2007, regarding Funding Request from the North Shore Tourism Committee
        Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration.
*  No Action Required (receipt only)
(2)       Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
(a)       West Vancouver Memorial Library Board - October 17, 2007
(3)       J. McIntyre, MLA - West Vancouver-Garibaldi, November 06, 2007, regarding Official Report of Debates of the Legislative Assembly - West Vancouver Spirit Square
(4)       (1) Email, November 26, 2007, regarding Please Save Hugo Ray Park
(5)       J.R. Cave, D. Zeitler and J. Burnett - Ambleside Business Association, November 27, 2007, regarding Invitation to Attend: Annual Lighting of the Holiday Tree, December 04, 2007
        Previously distributed due to timing of event.
(6)       undated, 2007, regarding Parking Space Shortage at the New Community Centre
(7)       J. Cummins, MP Delta-Richmond East, November 27, 2007, regarding News Release: Report on the Implications of the Salmon Allocations in the Tsawwassen Treaty
(8)       A. Hazlewood, Provincial Ministry of Health, November 27, 2007, regarding Tobacco Control Regulation, British Columbia Reg 232/2007
(9)       L. Such, November 28, 2007, regarding Water Bills
(10)     C. Doucet, Councillor - City of Ottawa, undated, 2007, regarding Transfer of One [Per Cent] of the GST to Municipalities
(11)     November 29, 2007, regarding Erickson Shame, West Vancouver Rejects Pleas to Spare Erickson Home
(12)     J. Cummins, MP Delta-Richmond East, November 30, 2007, regarding News Release: Follow the Money - Report on Taxation and the Tsawwassen Treaty
(13)     December 02, 2007, regarding Erickson Follow up - Demolition a Cultural Disasters
(14)     December 02, 2007, regarding Firefighters - Reduction in Staff
(14)     December 02, 2007, regarding Firefighters - Reduction in Staff (File:  2700?01)
(14.1 - 14.6)  Letters regarding Ambleside Town Centre Strategy
*   Responses to Correspondence
(15)     B.A. Dozzi, Mgr, Roads/Transportation, Nov 28, 2007, re Reply regarding Water Pooling on Highway 1
(16)     B.A. Dozzi, Manager, Roads and Transportation, November 29, 2007, re Reply regarding Gordon Avenue and Neighbourhood Area Traffic and Streetscape Study
*   Responses to Questions in Question Period  --  No items presented.
>>> Correspondence for the December 17, 2007 Agenda.
*  Requests for Delegation -- No items presented.
*  Action Required
(17)     P. Bagheri and D. Larson, Bluebird Daycare, December 03, 2007, regarding Request for Letter of Support for New Daycare
        Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration.
(18)     D. Mussatto, Mayor, City of North Vancouver, December 03, 2007, regarding Retaining and Expanding Market Rental Housing in the City of North Vancouver
        Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration.  Attachments available for viewing in the Legislative Services Department.
(19)     December 05, 2007, regarding Water Utility Rates Bylaw 2008
        Referred to Director of Finance for consideration and response.
(20)*     December 06, 2007, regarding Boulevard Bylaw Enforcement in Altamont
        Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
* No Action Required (receipt only)
(21)     Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
(a)       North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues - October 25, 2007
(22)     D. R. Corrigan, Mayor, City of Burnaby, November 29, 2007, regarding City of Burnaby Submission to Environmental Assessment Office regarding Port Mann/Highway Project
        Attachments available for viewing in the Legislative Services Department.
(23)     L. E. Jackson, GVRD Board, Metro Vancouver, November 30, 2007, regarding Future of the Region Sustainability Dialogues Report - Culture and Industry
        Attachments available for viewing in the Legislative Services Department.
(24)     C. Gooch, Rabbit Advocacy Group of BC, December 04, 2007, regarding Pets in Need Society
(25)     December 05, 2007, regarding Littering, Placards, and Advertising Boards
(26)     D. Lust, Hugo Ray Park Resident's Group, December 04, 2007, regarding Meeting of November 29, 2007 re Hugo Ray Park and Response from K. Pike, Director of Parks & Community Services
(27)     December 05, 2007, regarding Unreal - Debate Continues on Demolition (Graham House)
(28)     J. Cummins, M.P. Delta-Richmond East, December 05, 2007, regarding News Release: The Tsawwassen Treaty - Who Gets the Money
(29)     J. Cummins, M.P. Delta-Richmond East, December 05, 2007, regarding News Release: Cummins Opposes Tsawwassen Treaty Motion in Parliament
(30)     J. Cummins, M.P. Delta-Richmond East, December 06, 2007, regarding News Release: Federal Bureaucrats Up to Dirty Tricks
(31)*     December 07, 2007, regarding Traffic Violations (Collingwood School)
(32)     December 09, 2007, regarding Senior Centre Parking Lot
(33)     K. Steig, Director, Friends of Cypress Provincial Park Society, undated, 2007, regarding November/December 2007 Newsletter
(34)     A. Johnson, Volunteer Chair, Pitch-In British Columbia, undated, regarding Volunteer Programs
* Responses to Correspondence -- No items presented.
* Responses to Questions in Question Period -- No items presented.

===  F= REEDOM OF EXPRESSION  === (or, how great to be in Canada)
CPTnet -- 13 December 2007 (an excerpt)
IRAQ:  Team visits KRG parliamentarians at urging of Kurdish journalists fearing clampdown on free speech  by Peggy Gish
     Michele Obed-Naar, Cliff Kindy, Anita David, and Peggy Gish left  early on 2 December 2007 for the city of Erbil.  They went to meet with two  members of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Parliament to  express their concerns about a bill scheduled for a vote on the following day.  Independent journalists and other concerned citizens in  Suleimaniya had been lobbying to change the bill, telling CPTers that  the bill would greatly restrict their freedom of speech. They urged CPT to join them in advocating for changes.
     The bill does allow journalists the "legal right to criticize the government", obligates government leaders to disclose "public information", and prescribes a fine rather than imprisonment for violating this new law.  The fine however could be heavy and could be imposed on journalists not just for slanderous statements but also for ones that "disrupt security", "disclose any personal information (about government leaders) even if true", are "against the common morals of the community", or "encourage breaking of the law".
     When they spoke to Arez Abdulla, MP and head of the Culture Committee, CPTers expressed concern that the bill could be stretched to consider legitimate peaceful protests as encouraging terrorism or to punish someone who called for the end of "honour killings" (a tribal custom allowing male members of the tribe to kill a woman if she is raped or rejects her father's choice of marriage partner for her).  Abdulla assured them that a law against "honour" killings already exists.  Then he told them, "We are also concerned about the vagueness of the proposed law, and that it could be misused.  It would be very important how it is enforced."
===   NO WAY TO THE INN -- Bethlehem   === CPTnet  --  1 November 2007
CPT Palestine announces "No Way to the Inn--Bethlehem Behind the Wall" Campaign
If the Christmas story were to happen today, Mary and Joseph would have a hard time getting to Bethlehem.
Since 2002, Israeli authorities have been building a separation barrier that snakes through the occupied Palestinian territories, in effect annexing valuable Palestinian land and water resources.  To clear the way, Palestinians living near the security barrier often face the threat of home demolitions.  According to Israeli human rights monitoring organization B'tselem, the separation barrier affects nearly half a million Palestinian residents, and currently the barrier separates almost twelve percent of the land on the Palestinian side of the 1967 Green Line from the rest of the occupied Palestinian territories.  When completed, the barrier will be 780 km long (for more statistics, visit <http://www.btselem.org/english/Separation_Barrier/Statistics.asp>).
The separation barrier surrounds Bethlehem, located in Palestine, on three sides and cuts off the city from Jerusalem only six miles away.
ACTION -- During the seasons of Advent and Christmas, erect a wall around nativity sets in your homes and churches to raise awareness of the separation barrier the Israeli authorities are erecting in the occupied Palestinian territories.  Inform local media and use this action as an opportunity to spread the word about the separation barrier.  After erecting your wall, take pictures of the nativity, and send them as attachments to guest.49296@MennoLink.org.  The team will compile the pictures for broader distribution (more details to come.)
CPT Palestine will also be producing related worship materials for reflection during Advent.  For questions and concerns, contact the CPT Palestine team at guest.49296@MennoLink.org.  For photos of the separation barrier, visit <http://www.cpt.org/gallery/album224> >

UPDATE:  Dec 14:
Staff are exploring what protection the house has; as you read earlier it has been designated by WV.  Now we have to look at incentives, covenants, etc.  Will keep you posted.
DEC 13 
Heritage alert!  The B C Binning House, a national historic site in the Altamont area, is for sale!
Just received this message from DWV staff:
...Geoffrey Massey indicated to me today that the executors are now entertaining offers from potential purchasers on the house and will likely make a decision in this regard by the end of the year...

At a mtg with Mr Massey (representing the Binning estate) with some interested parties at the M Hall about a month ago, the consensus was, once found UBC not practical, to start by contacting The Land Conservancy.  They were not able to meet last week or this so we're hoping there'll be phone contact.
This is a short timeframe.
I am hopeful the solution will be the TLC (and they'll probably have to fundraise to be able to purchase) but as a cautious conservative type, it wd be more comfortable to have a fallback position.
Will keep you updated.
While a tragedy WV lost three heritage houses in about eight months, Erickson's renowned Graham house only last week, it wd be a colossal loss of resolve and respect for our heritage to lose another national heritage asset in a matter of weeks.
Some info follows fyi:
***  First the plaque:
The plaque for the house reads:
"Daring and innovative, this house captures the spirit of early Modern architecture in Canada. Conceived by renowned painter Bertram Charles Binning in 1941, it responds to the social and economic conditions of the time by using local materials and efficient construction methods to create an affordable home. The design is based on contemporary lifestyle patterns, incorporating abstract murals and the surrounding landscape. Harmonizing art and architecture, form and function, the Binning residence inspired many architects across Canada over the following decades."
***  For those interested in some of the details:
Bertram Charles Binning (10 February 1909 - 16 March 1976), popularly known as B. C. Binning, was a leading Canadian artist artist and influence on (Canadian) West Coast architecture. He helped found the Department of Fine
Art at the University of British Columbia.
***  Jessie Binning died in May of this year at 101.  For a photo of Jessie Binning with Arthur Erickson:
http://www.docomomobc.org/designers/index.html written by a former WV Heritage Planner.
***  DWV Heritage Achievement Award in 1998:
B.C. & Jessie Binning: Their role in the development and acceptance of the "West Coast" style of architecture, and for the design and preservation of their heritage house and environs on Mathers Crescent.
***  Robert Lemon on architecture, for the whole article, see: http://www.arcadejournal.com/public/IssueArticle.aspx?Volume=20&Issue=1&Article=33
Here are excerpts on the Binning House:
Jessie Binning still lives in the house that she and her husband, artist Bert (B.C.) Binning, built in 1941 in West Vancouver. On Sunday, the 27th of May, a ceremony was held at the house to commemorate it as a National Historic Site; the first modern house in Canada to be so designated. To live in a modern landmark for 60 years is indeed rare, but there are at least three other modernist homes in and around Vancouver that still house their original owners. ...
Returning to the earliest of the houses, the Binning House shows in its simplicity how much the west coast modernist [aesthetic] had developed. In 1941, the idea of a modest wood frame house with a low sloped roof, walls of glass, built-ins[, and] integral murals must have been quite startling compared to more traditional house forms. B.C. Binning was important as an artist and contributed much to the local art and building scene as well as its cultural awareness of modernism. He invited Richard Neutra to visit Vancouver on two occasions which ultimately stimulated an interest in modernism of many designers who would become noted in their own right. So it is fitting that his remarkably modest house should be designated as both a municipal heritage site (1999) and a National Historic site.

A Mountie pulled a car over on the Trans Canada about two miles west of Winnipeg. When the Mountie asked the driver why he was speeding, the driver answered that he was a magician and a juggler and he was on his way to Brandon to do a show that night at the Shrine Circus and didn't want to be late.
The Mountie told the driver he was fascinated by juggling, and if the driver would do a little juggling for him then he wouldn't give him a ticket. The driver told the Mountie that he had sent all of his equipment on ahead and didn't have anything to juggle.
The Mountie told him that he had some flares in the trunk of his patrol car and asked if he could juggle them.
The juggler stated that he could, so the Mountie got three flares, lit them and handed them to the juggler.  While the man was doing his juggling act, a car pulled in behind the  patrol car.
A drunk, good old boy, driving through from Alberta got out and watched the performance briefly.
 He then went over to  the patrol car, opened the rear door and got in.
The Mountie observed him doing this and went over to the patrol car, opened the door and asked the drunk what he thought he was doing.
The drunk replied, "You might as well take my *ss to jail, cause there's no way in hell I can pass that test."

===   QUOTATIONS   ===
Words are timeless. You should utter them or write them with a knowledge of their timelessness.                                                        
                        -- Khalil Gibran, mystic, poet, and artist (1883-1931)
For me, words are a form of action, capable of influencing change.
                        -- Ingrid Bengis, writer and teacher (b. 1944)
Language is the archives of history.    -- Ralph Waldo Emerson, writer and philosopher (1803-1882)