Ccl NOTES Jan 21
AGENDA Feb 4th
Calendar to 13th

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

BUDGET 2008 -- Feb 4th info and input Feb 11th.  See summary below.
= MAIN ITEMS at ccl mtg Feb 4: Kay Meek Ctr update; DVP 5340 Seaside (public input); NSACDI workplan, budget ($3267); Five-Year Operating and Capital Budget 2008-12 (info to be provided); BYLAWS: traffic/parking and bylaw notice enforcement (to third reading); (NEW) FINANCE CMTE AND AUDIT CMTE (Terms of Reference); Proposed WGs for Arts and Cultural Facilities, and Festivals and Events (does received mean approved???): Correspondence (Traffic Violations/Collingwood, TransLink funding, Library Bd minutes, Equitable Police Funding, F&A Cmte, provincial transit plan, DNV re CSB land in WV, Bellevue & 21st traffic).    
Vive le Canada; Heritage; UPDATES; BUDGET 2008;  ANIMALWATCH; INFObits; CULTUREWATCH (Music, Theatre, Opera, Books); CALENDAR to Feb 13th
=  Ccl NOTES Jan 14 Strategy for Dogs; Env'tal Strategy and Awards (and request for $32K); Horseshoe Bay Fire Hall site; 3785 Excess Rock Removal; 4012 Marine Rock Removal; Ccl Apptmts; Audit and/or Finance Cmte? Option one? two? with amendments?; Gleneagles Grt Hall status; just before and in PQP, WRA, Agenda item notice, and THE UNPUBLIC CORRESPONDENCE DEBATE -- unacceptable options discussed AFTER removal not in public beforehand (ideally with citizen input -- a radical suggestion!).  Not the first time a sudden arbitrary devt with cclrs claiming to be unaware of the new arrangement; happened a year ago too.  Pattern?
= Dieting?; gRUMBLE; Language; Irish Archaeology; Scientific Approach to Budget?; Quotations
===  Vive le Canada
ELECTIONS:  Well, I've never been in favour of fixed election dates and suffering through now the second year of campaigning for an election to be held in November.  I'm also in favour of campaign funding reform.  Here are the costs for the US Presidential: 1976, $25M; 1980, $38M; 1984, $53M; 1988, $59M; 1992, $70M; 1996, $83M; 2000, $140M; 2004, $494M; 2008, $1B (and counting).
+++ H E R I T A G E  ===
Event/activity suggestions, pls call 922 4000; also to display at Heritage Fayre, Sun 24th Park Royal North.
~ 8pm Sun Feb 3, CBC-TV (120 min): http://www.cbc.ca/documentaries/monarchy.html
Monarchy: The Royal Family at Work provides unparalleled insight into the work of The Queen and other members of the Royal Family over the course of a year. From major State visits and royal tours to smaller meetings and audiences, the series offers viewers a remarkable picture of how the Monarchy operates at home and abroad and includes a photo session with the world-famous American photographer Annie Leibovitz.
===   UPDATES   ===
+ PANEL ON HOUSING held Jan 30
Good news: was videotaped and will appear on the DWV website.  Almost full house at KMC in spite of the foul weather!  And there will be more opportunities for input.  Will keep you posted.  The Nbrhd Character and Housing Dialogue WG will be making their report to Ccl in June or July, announced the Chair.
NB: the name for this WG has been changed (well, shortened) and appears on the Cmnty Calendar now just as Community Dialogue WG if you're looking for it.  The next mtg is Tues Feb 5th at the Library at 6:30pm.  Pity at the end of the panel they neither mentioned the next mtg nor let ppl know residents are allowed to attend WG mtgs (and may even be permitted to speak!).
+ Do check to see if applications to serve on Governance Board for new Cmnty Ctr has closed.  In any case, you're most welcome to send in an application to volunteer/serve on a Working Group or Cmte anytime.
* The 2008 Community Grant Application Deadline has been extended. Owing to the inclement weather conditions, the deadline has been extended from Thurs, Jan 31 at 4:30pm to Mon, Feb 4 at 4:30pm.
+ Capilano Suspension Bridge in WV?  Deferred: CSB rezoning (DNV) of land on 'our' side;
===   BUDGET 2008   ===
The Framework
Work on the 2008 budget began in the summer of 2007. The approved framework was to preserve existing service levels within a 3% target tax rate increase. There was also an expectation of follow-through on sustainability recommendations formulated for 2007/2008.
Meeting the Targets
The first version of the draft 2008 budget identified a significant gap from our targets -- in excess of $1.5 million of net costs. Staff undertook an exercise "New Directions and Key Strategies" in order to identify options for dealing with the gap.
Over 100 potential areas were initially identified for internal efficiencies, service level adjustments, and new/enhanced revenue opportunities. In subsequent reviews and evaluations, the list of proposed adjustments was reduced to approximately 25 items, with additional items requiring further review for potential implementation in 2009 and beyond.
The items and dollar impact identified for 2008 total $972,300, and include the following: 
        *       183,000 from new fire alarm permits and false alarm fees
        *       220,000 from fire reviews and inspections
        *       29,400 from third party recoveries for fire related services (for example, ICBC)
        *       35,000 from bus shelter advertising
        *       270,000 from enhanced planning recoveries and building permit fees
        *       65,000 from various other bylaw recoveries 
        *       83,000 from staff reallocations/recoveries
        *       50,000 from Golf and Cemetery administration charges
Outstanding Challenges
The proposed budget for 2008, achieving the target tax rate increase of 3%, does not provide for the following service level issues:
        *  Police - $ 508,000 - enhancements to existing service levels, particularly with regard to internal processes and standards 
        *  Fire - $ 250,000 - to enhance existing overtime budgets 
        *  Community Centre - $ 250,000 - to cover 1/2 of first year operating cost anticipated increases 
        *  Recreation fees - $ 200,000 - proposed revenue rate increase, as part of a phased program to reduce subsidies
> Download the entire Proposed 2008 Budget
Do you have any comments on the 2008 budget as outlined in the document titled 2008 Proposed Budget - Towards a Sustainable Future?
Visit the Budget 2008 Community Forum
===   ANIMALWATCH   ===
** Force reveals four-legged recruit: Tayside police reveal a six-week old German Shepherd puppy as their latest weapon in the fight against crime.
< http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/em/fr/-/2/hi/uk_news/scotland/tayside_and_central/7206478.stm >
***  Absolutely adorable polar bears: http://www.cbc.ca/doczone/polarbearfever/video.html
===   INFObits   ===
=  UNITED NATIONS: The Year of the Potato
=  AMPHIBIAN ARK: The Year of the Frog
In 2008, AArk will lead zoos, botanical gardens, and aquariums in a globally coordinated public awareness campaign "The Year of the Frog". The main goal of this campaign is to generate public awareness and understanding of the amphibian extinction crisis which represents the greatest species conservation challenge in the history of humanity. The money raised from this global campaign will help fund initiatives such as training courses, technical guidance, taxon survival efforts, fostering partnerships, capacity building, and communication activities. All these activities will ensure sustainability of the survival assurance populations of amphibians by creating a cash fund for this conservation work that will extend for beyond 2008.
===   CULTUREWATCH   == ==  Music, Theatre, Opera, Books
* PIANO:  Entranced by the trilling fingers of pianist Eugene Skovorodnikov at St Francis in the Wood.
* THEATRE: Two ends of the spectrum.  A 90-minute Hamlet at the Beaumont Studios was an interesting adaptation (without "to be").  If you missed Old Goriot at the Chan Ctr, you missed a superb production.  It was sold out.
Tix to My Name is Rachel Corrie next. It's selling out too.  The Rafah crossing (Gaza) is in the news.  Here are some pix: http://rafah.virtualactivism.net/newsphotos/corriepics/index.htm
* OPERA: The Italian Girl in Algiers -- last night/performance is Saturday (Feb 2) ...that foxy Italian Girl is in Algiers, a crash-landed Amelia Earhart.  Rossini's opera is a romp.  Just the opera to take a teenager or someone new to opera to b/c it's so much fun!  Silly in fact.  Don't read further if you want to be surprised.
The first scene is brilliant -- the juxtaposition of women meant to serve and suffer while being indulged and pampered in a spa.  The Bey/Sultan's bath is a hoot (complete with rubber ducky).  It did seem incongruous to have a plane, let alone hear one, in an opera -- felt anachronistic.  Hilarious to see one 'fly' across above the stage.......  The costumes are magnificent -- rich colours.
Playful.  Enjoy it.
* BOOKS (haven't read, but interesting reviews):
- Food -- http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/newsnight/2008/01/in_defence_of_food_by_michael_pollan_1.html
- Poetry -- Gulf Music by Robert Pinsky

===  CALENDAR to Feb 13th === [M Hall unless otherwise noted; confi= rm b/c sometimes changes]
                ***  World Wetlands Day Feb 2nd!
==  Tues 5th
   ~ 4pm ~ Fire & Rescue Services Review WG
   ~ 6:30 - 8pm ~ Cmnty Dialogue WG at Library (NB: this is the new short form for Housing WG)

==  Wed 6th ~ 6pm ~ Cmnty Heritage Workshop: Writing a Statement of Significance (SOS) at Srs' Ctr
DWV is hosting the second in a series of public workshops on the Community Heritage Register, titled: "Writing Statements of Significance".  It will be held on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 6th from 6 to 9pm at the WV SENIORS' ACTIVITY CENTRE (Marine Room), located at 695 21st Street.
The workshop will be led by Meg Stanley and Hal Kalman (Commonwealth Historic Resource Management Ltd.).  Bob Parliament, of the BC Heritage Branch, will be a guest facilitator.
1.  Introduction:   Overview of the Community Heritage Register; Call for Public Nominations
2.  Presentation:       What is a Statement of Significance (SOS)?
                Review of the Key Components of an SOS
                Getting Ready to Write an SOS
3.  Group Exercise:  Drafting an SOS (in point form); Presentations and Group Discussion
4.  Question Period
As space may be limited, we request that you pre-register for the event by contacting the Planning Department at 925 7055.  For more information about the Community Heritage Register, please visit www.westvancouver.ca/heritage.
This event is a follow-up to our December 8th workshop, where participants learned about Community Heritage Registers, and how to articulate the heritage values associated with some sample resources.

==  Thurs 7th ~ 5:30pm ~ Rodgers Crk WG
GUNG HAY FAT CHOY!  Chinese New Year: 2008 Feb 7th marks the beginning of the Year of the Rat.

==  Sat 9th ~ 2 - 4pm at the Library: Five Years With Killer Whales in False Pass
Lance Barrett-Lennard, a Research Scientist with the Vancouver Aquarium, has been an active collaborator in ongoing studies of the behavioural and population biology of killer whales in B.C. and Alaska since 1984. His studies include baleen whales, dolphins, sea otters and belugas.

~  Spirit Week February 9th - 16th ~
Each year, February 9th through 16th is Spirit of  BC Week. This is a week for us to highlight the North Shore with cultural events and activities that will last much past the year 2010. Some exciting events taking place in West Vancouver this year are listed here. Visit www.northshorespiritofbc.ca for more information.
+ Special Event at the Museum: Feb 9th from 10am - 3 pm
The Museum presents additional programs to mark the final day of its "Behind the Wire" exhibition and the start of Spirit Week.
10 am - Documentary Film Screening of Forced March to Freedom, Paperny Films, 2001
11:30 am - Peter Stursberg, renowned writer/broadcaster, shares his wartime experiences as a CBC correspondent
1:30 pm - Joel Melanson, Logistician from the Doctors Without Borders, discusses his role as an engineer in disaster and conflict zones.
Admission is by donation, all proceeds go to humanitarian aid organizations. For details, call 925 7295 or visit www.westvanmuseum.blogspot.com
+ Spirit of B.C. North Shore Tent on Cypress Mountain: Sat Feb. 9th and Sun Feb. 10th
Look for the Spirit of B.C . North Shore tent up on Cypress Mountain at the Canada Post Freestyle Grand Prix. Come and watch the best athletes in the world compete in the freestyle mogul runs and aerials. Stop by our tent and learn more about our community committee and how you can participate.
+ Celebrate Spirit of BC Week at the Ferry Building Gallery
The Ferry Building Gallery celebrates Spirit Week with "Communality". This mixed media exhibition by Gary Morin focuses on the spirit of community and togetherness. Show runs Feb 8th to Mar 2nd,opening reception Fri, Feb. 8th, 6 - 8 pm, artist in attendance Sat, Feb. 9th, 2 - 3pm.  Admission is free.

==  Tues 12th ~ 4pm ~ Fire & Rescue Services Review WG (in Fire Hall #1 - Training Room)

==  Wed 13th  ~ 10am ~ Cmnty Engagement Cmte AND LATER ~ 7pm ~ Cmnty Sport WG

***  DOUBLE VISION -- Digital Media by Jas W. Felter, Jan 22 to Feb 3
***  COMMUNALITY: Mixed Media by Gary Morin -- Spirit of BC Week Exhibition, Feb 8 - Mar 2
        OPENING NIGHT ~ 6 - 8pm ~ Feb 8; Artist in Attendance ~ 2 - 3pm ~ Feb 9

+++  WV MUSEUM +++   BEHIND THE WIRE -- Nov 7 to Feb 9 
THE WARTIME DIARY AND ART OF ROBERT BUCKHAM [full description earlier];  b/c of inclement weather the Jan 30 lecture Prosecuting Nazi War Criminals: Examining the Foundation of Modern War Crimes Trials, with Guest speaker: Benjamin Perrin, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, UBC was cancelled and postponed.  For more information, please contact the Museum at 925 7295.

+++  WV MEMORIAL LIBRARY +++ see www.westvanlib.org
+  Jan 12 to Feb 1 -- Gallery at the Library
Maria De Lourdes Ledesma Velazquez & Emilio Goicoechea.  Bright and exciting paintings that capture the Mexican culture on canvas from two Mexican artists who have recently settled in Vancouver.
+ Wed, Jan 30 ~ 7:30pm ~ New World Provence: Book Launch
Meet the cookbook authors, Provence restaurant owner and chefs, Alessandra and Jean-Francois Quaglia.
+ Tues, Feb 5th -- The Irish Theatre: J M Synge
Discussion series open to all, 10:30 to 12:30pm; for further info call the Ref Dept at 925 7405
+ Thurs, Feb 7th -- MOVIES AT THE LIBRARY -- 6 - 9pm
Seen a Good Book Lately? A film series based on the books. The Da Vinci Code based on the novel by Dan Brown. See the film and participate in a discussion of the movie, the book or both.

+++  WinterSong Festival +++  www.wintersong.ca -- Feb 8th to 17th
West Vancouver's Third Annual WinterSong Festival is just a few weeks away. Visit the website for details on all the Festival's concerts and activities, call 913 3634 for tix, and look out for the Festival Program Guide in the February 3rd issue of the North Shore News.
The WinterSong Festival is a ten-day festival held every February. Its purpose is to celebrate the joy of song and the human voice with a broad range of exciting and dynamic performances in venues around West Vancouver, showcasing professional and aspiring talent as well as providing singing opportunities for all abilities and ages, and highlighting songs from a broad range of musical styles.
WinterSong is thrilled to partner with the Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad to present the Cypress Mountain Concert Series presented by Bell and following the Freestyle Ski World Cup competition on February 9 and 10.

+++ Don't forget to check out www.silkpurse.ca and www.kaymeekcentre.com for their events

===  COUNCIL MTG NOTES Jan 21st    ===
1.  APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Long list of changes: including 3 Mayor's remarks at Ch of Commerce breakfast and Item 7 to beginning for awards; add (new) F&A Cmte; add 12.1, 12.1, and Gleneagles Grt Hall
2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES:  January 7, 2008 Regular Council Meeting.
3.  PRESENTATION:  Mayor's Annual Report on the State of the District
            Presentation to be provided by Mayor Goldsmith-Jones. 
Full text (but she did add some comments) is in the minutes and on the District's website at: http://www.westvancouver.ca/article.asp?a=5539&c=694
Mayor: usually only at Ch of Commerce but fitting [for more to hear]
Mayor Goldsmith-Jones's breakfast meeting address to the WV Chamber of Commerce. January 16th, Hollyburn Country Club ~...
What is clear is that none of this can be left up to local government alone. It is our responsibility to bring together the right partners and to open up our processes so that everyone is part of the solution....
During the last election, all members of Council supported secondary suites, so I hope we will see that take effect this year....
Here's what Global News had to say about Rodgers Creek in December=8A > News Clip...
The challenge Council faces is that to maintain current services, we would need a 3% increase in property taxation. Staff has identified about $900K in new revenue sources, but there is still $1.5 million of unfunded services, which is roughly a $500K increase to the police budget, $500K increase to the fire department budget and $500K operating budget for the new community centre and so as not to further increase fees. If we wish to fund these services, the tax increase will be 4.5%. Many will debate these figures, but this is the framework for the upcoming budget discussions.
We also asked what new revenue sources people would accept, which may be good indicators for longer term planning for service delivery, but which we should start thinking about now....
From my point of view, as Ambleside succeeds, so do the arts, as the World Cup succeeds, so do local restaurants, as Rodgers Creek succeeds, so does the natural environment. We are integrating our thinking, and taking the time to make sure we've got all the right players together. It is time consuming, and it is a more complex approach. We are finding, however, that when we work with our natural partners, we are making better public policy.
R. Black regarding Strategy for Dogs in West Vancouver Parks
Rebecca Black: WV resident, my husband and I own two dogs and enjoy walking them in WV
we've come up with a strategy; here b/c of strict bylaws enforced last spring and summer; quite surprised at harsh fines; perhaps misinformed but thought our right to walk dogs in WV.
We were wrong; quite upset; understand dog bylaws under review
outline; emotional issue, pets like family mbrs; want a happy park experience for all
two camps: off leash and on leash
wonderful turnout tonight, ppl want WV to be a dog-friendly place
[here are the slides, put up and commented on]
A Strategy for Dogs in WV Parks: Suggested changes to current bylaws pertaining to dogs
A happy park experience for all
A balanced compromise between restraint and freedom for dogs
Develop a sense of community among dog owners with the shared goal of responsibility and good stewardship of our parks
Shared Parks Public Spaces -- Parks and Sea Wall
Off-leash areas: expand and enhance; engage dog community as stewards
Enforcement: no designated dog bylaw officer Encourage self-policing within dog community
Licensing: encourage owners to license by creating value and help owners to understand benefits
Education: use money from licensing to fund responsible dog ownership programs in the community
Shared Spaces
All parks and Sea Wall to be made accessible to dogs on leash and under control, as they are in all other public outdoor spaces.
Recognize some restrictions: artificial turf fields, children's play areas, beaches in summer
Sea Wall an important dog walk area. One of few areas that is safe and well lit at night. Dog path on other side of chain link fence is unsafe for many dogs and does not facilitate cleanup by owner
Families want to enjoy parks with dogs -- include watching games at side of playfield
Off-Leash Areas
Clearly name and designate off-lead areas to distinguish them from rest of park and assign specific responsibilities to users
Explore new off-lead opportunities -- beaches in winter months
Plan for new suitable off-lead areas as present "dog park" is leased from Squamish Nation
Establish area for small dogs only
Engage the dog-owning community to act as stewards of off-leash areas
Education-based enforcement: foster partnerships with the dog-owning community to assist with education, self policing, stewardship, events and training
No specific designated dog bylaw officer but bad behavior will result in serious fines by bylaw dept.
Phone line to bylaw dept made available for complaints and serious problems
Help identify problem dogs to keep both people and our pets safe ie aggressive, dangerous dogs
Make signage more user friendly
Encourage licensing of dogs by creating value to the [licence] and sending friendly reminders annually
Show where money goes and direct it towards dog education, environmental waste strategy, animal welfare, improving and maintaining off lead areas
Give incentives to license by pro-rating annual fees and waiving fines if found unlicensed
Important tool to establish true numbers of dogs in community so needs can be properly addressed
Money from licensing be used to fund programs to encourage community involvement in policing
Implement education programs - dog safety programs for elementary school children, responsible dog ownership, bylaw compliance, etc.
Provide covered bulletin boards at off- lead dog areas for purpose of educating and connecting dog community and public with regards to rules and events
SPCA ideally located to become education centre for dog community
Make West Vancouver more dog-friendly and help dog owners become more responsible owners without using heavy fines and strict bylaw enforcement except where warranted
Plan for the future, recognizing the growing demographic of dog households and their needs for recreating with their dogs. Create new off lead areas
Work with the dog-owning community to plan strategies for sharing the parks and public spaces
Provide safe places for dog owners to walk their dogs
Did you know=8A=8A.
  In the City of Vancouver it is estimated that only about 30% of dogs are licensed
  In WV we have ~2500 licensed dogs. It is likely the number of dogs is much higher -- 10,000??
  There are 20+ dog related businesses in West Vancouver
  Most dog owners consider their dog a member of their family
  Dog-walking has been found have a positive effect in deterring crime in park areas.
Pls take into consideration when you're amending the bylaw
Mayor: had mtgs, good database; hope when report ready for Ccl everyone will be informed; refer this to staff for consideration ...  balance
{over three quarters of gallery emptied!}
now to no 7 [7:52]
7.         Environmental Strategy Implementation Working Group - 2007 Progress Report
Paul Tutsch wil be doing this: wd have been here earlier but all these dog ppl!
This evening here as spokesman  -- prefer to be called EESWIG
Who are we? cooperate with staff and Ccl rep; specific projects
introduce group: Freda Pagani, Hugh Hamilton, Nora Gambioli, Trish Panz, Kurt Peiffer, Ray Richards, Thanh Nguyen; Staff: Stephen Jenkins, Roberta Seabrook who keeps Stephen in line
Report on what we have been doing and a series of recommendations
Strategy adopted in May 2005
Strategy Objectives (11 on slide)
Lead by example; land stewardship, creeks, water use, forest management, foreshore, energy use, Transportation, Green House Gas Emissions, Pesticides, Recycling
Ontario has joined Quebec banning cosmetic pesticides province-wide, so lean on Victoria!
Priorities for Action
FOUR: focus for 2007 -- Awards for 2007
Sop: one school, one resident, two staff -- Eagle Harbour School,
Mayor: 15 chn, darling all and parents wanted to be involved; systems approach
Sop: recipients will receive copy of Elspeth Bradbury's A View Through the Trees
Ray Richards come up.
RR: large proportion of WV highly skilled
Adrian Rowland is one of these, unique skills, international, considerable amt of time to improve a part of our cmnty overlooked for many years
WV calls itself a waterfront cmnty; healthy foreshore vital; see it's receding
knowledge of coastal engg; Congratulations, Adrian
{APPLAUSE; given map of WV}
Adrian: surprise and an honour; this is why ppl volunteer
Ray taking a small team, WF Shoreline Preservation Society
Leading by Example -- gratifying to see this draft; things moving along
Sop: do we have the other books? may I have the WG up here
mbr of Library staff, [brought] envtal measures to Library: Chad Arsenault
CA: I'm just changing attitudes, energy, ways things done in past
Paul Tutsch: I sit on the board, he's modest, and one thing is the electricity bill is down 30% that's huge
Sop: [Parks staff mbr] Kent Ryberg.... truck operator; recycling; collecting bottles and cans; contributes funds to group, to shelter
KR: fairly simple, just pick up a few things; through sister, got mother, and got me into this
I'll take any can I can get my hands on
Sop: illustrious fun-loving ppl; worked hard
one note to Mr Rowlands; if you think of a man given, in relation to his own profession, sat on Envmt Cmte years ago
now with Ray Richards, a Society
see transformation down by Navvy Jack house; recommendations from Shoreline; going to see a lot of good things
Paul Tutsch: here we are talking about the Foreshore
survey completed, eight intertidal and subtidal pilot projects; draft plan; action plan 2008 - 2010
many private work [projects] going along with public
picture shows mouth of Lawson Creek -- from zero two years ago to 50 in 2007
{before and after photos}
Map showing forested lands -- promote tree and forest stewardship
forests are sponges and filters for the creek systems for devt below
trees and parks links to foreshore; aesthetics; vertical links, horizontal band; stability, wildlife habitat
critical carbon sink for Grtr Vanc area, buffer; this is our natural capital
Overlay identifies District-owned in green and private-owned in orange
three items: formal action to conserve the Upper M Lands; commission a new Parks and Open Spaces Plan to replace 1977 version; formal action to include Ballantree Park (not included under Park bylaw at the moment)
educate lawn care companies; educate men with lawns; educate residents; initiate bylaw enforcement
we didn't make this up btw
education alone doesn't work, enforcement alone doesn't work, but the two together do
Ambleside wetland the latest project -- $2M in private funds -- before and after photos
Funding Requests for 2008: Envmt Awards $100; $20K; $12.5K
RD: you said existing budget -- what's [for foreshore?]
PT: in proposed budget for 2008, $100K
Steve Jenkins, Envtal Coordinator looking really snazzy in a suit: $75K last year and it was the first year, this year $100K
RD: said $500K
SJ: but for other projects, not just
RD: got a lot of value for $175K so far
PT: absolutely; $500K on part of M and $2M private; shows you how private donors are valuing the envmt
Sop: work done to date and raised money on their own
PT: you're referring to the foreshore
Sop: correct; wdn't have got that far; citizens who care
the amt of money we're asking, Mr Jenkins
not going to move v far in Pesticide field unless we educate; of the $12.5K how much for ad?
SJ: partnered with others; donated $6K and got $30K but the other Ms don't have a bylaw
planning about spending $2500 directly on ads, rest on workshops/education -- lawncare companies rather than looking at every resident
JF: impressive report; work absolutely fabulous; intrigued with all the money raised for strategy; coming from priv individs or companies as well
PT: foreshore or all of it?
SJ: private individuals, no corporations
able to identify next to ppl's houses, willing, biggest question is will there be salmon there, and if yes, willing to spend money
Stearman Beach, cost just under $400K
JF: seems to be a cmnty passionate about many things, not just dogs
put together a list; advertise
easy WinterSong or Harmony Arts need but many not aware envtal projects
Mayor: comment with mtg with Ministry on Friday
SJ: met with Ministry of Cmnty Services, amazing seem to be the ppl with all the money
good to walk along and show them what we're doing from tidal to bigger projects
raingarden work; at ev turn something we're doing
after half an hour, been busy and after three hours, you ppl are out of control
reputation can't be on what you say, but what you do
showed them Rodgers Crk plan, he began to want to help us find funds
most fascinated about how we're taking an integrated approach
how forest mgmt, so important as to what's happening down on the beach; integral
so easy to see/fund
so many projects we can begin to show them
map -- see projects we've done along foreshore, here in Upper Lands
go see; all within walking distance
VV: with the FSTF report and it applies here
big list of staff time, but no cost; that limits our ability; [get staff costs] what I'm going to do
[DWV Budget] 80% to staff and 20%
I'll take this cost, so take this and multiply four, I get $
$163,500 and then add -- so not much change out of $200K to do this
any reason staff time wd be less?
what I wd really like, new standard
whenever they write staff time, know what that cost is; normal practice you look at the full cost, not without staff time
how long to tell us?
SJ: wd take some staff time
RD: the work that has been done on foreshore back to 2004
studies but no money so foreshore degraded
finally with Adrian Rowland coming to the EAC wch I sat on at the time
ev dollar spent on the foreshore has been well spent
by building around sea wall, has protected sea wall and saved lots of money in repairs
underwater breakwater built from rocks from highway
difficult to measure in terms of value
general interest in foreshore, increasing with public interest, led to donations, hard to estimate
Mr Jenkins had done a superb job, EAC, WG, Foreshore
Leadership, hard to measure -- so wonderfully successful
my 16 years on Ccl prior to 2004; thank you for all you've done
Ray Richards: wrt finances, what we did
asked if we cd see details of the work order and it does show truck time, etc to get to those amts -- those are in there; we want to get our money used properly
KP: when we present these reports, a calculation of the volunteer time
to show you the complete value
Mayor: WG to pioneer a triple bottom line
not just financial, envtal and reason for this partnership approach
RD: didn't recognize Steve Jenkins tonight
Sop moved:
   1.  The progress update from the Environmental Strategy Implementation Working Group including Appendices A, B, and C to the report, completed by the Working Group and Foreshore Technologies, be posted on the West Vancouver website for public review.
   2.   The recipients of the inaugural Environmental Awards as outlined in Appendix D be congratulated.
   3.   The funding requests as detailed in the "Financial Implications" section, in the amount of $32,700 be considered as part of the 2008 budget process.
JC: seconded
VV: interested in volunteer hours; if you cd recognize volunteer hours
you shd get a document so use at tax time as a charitable donation; can get some taxes back
Mayor: er, um, ah.  One way of measuring
REPORTS [8:37]
5.         Government Finance Officers Association - Canadian Award for Financial Reporting Achievement  --   presentation by R. Laing, Director of Finance -- DEFERRED
6.  Metro Vancouver Growth Management Strategy - Choosing a Sustainable Future for Metro Vancouver
Sorry, didn't catch name of presenter -- H Kellas?; had slides:
speaks about what's best
growth challenge; throughout whole region; larger popn but larger older popn; diff in way popn uses facilities
Improving housing diversity and affordability; all forecasters, strong upward pressure on housing prices
a competitive economy
living in nature -- protecting the region's natural assets; make two work together
also talking to public about reducing energy use and adapting to climate change
most greenhouse gases come from vehicles and bldgs (not industrial)
6th issue: sustainable transportation; big picture; finance, governance
what we ask in these consultation mtgs -- have we identified the right issues, wd you identify others, what role shd the region play
strategies, not etched in stone; booklet we've been using
five: A general goals, B goals and guidelines, C goals guidelines and regulations
how big shd metropolitan footprint be
greenfields; capacity for new growth -- new, rather than redevt
we've done redevt quite well; will have to do entirely, might be room for 200K more ppl
restrained? urban containment? or
diverse and affordable housing choices
what's the role of regional govt? setting targets; other than encouraging density
Commercial and industrial space to support a prosperous economy
used to have industrial land, designated, but dropped from metro plans in 1980s
maintain an adequate supply
commercial devt around commercial ctrs; green zones; sustainable regional transportation system
preferred option? missed any?
regional context statements to make sure partnerships work well; keep strategy current
Regional Growth Strategy Review Timeline; adoption in spring?
JC: in all of these discussion for all the years I've been paying attention, never hear any... expansion and growth of Sea to Sky corridor, Sq, Pemberton, expansion of BC Ferries, 3M vehicles a year going through; when are we going to address the volumes of traffic moving through WV?
Ans: Sq-Lillooet, concerned about growth; transportation infrastructure, these are provincial highways and they'll proceed as they do
{snickers heard}
JC: $800K spent [LGB study?] -- 60% don't want to be there at all -- and 100%, everyone, goes through downtown core -- problem right at our doorstep and we don't address, and I don't understand why
Sop: intrigued me and heard it so often, heard over 12 years, affordability, we're seeing a v difficult situation; responsibilities shifted all over the place
how address?
a benevolent devpr? a smaller suite can be $600K when built out
it's only been statements about affordable housing, no plan by the federal or prov govt
Ans: board lobbying fed govt for affordable housing; make that case on behalf of the region as a whole
other ventures that might be taken -- inclusionary zoning (Vancouver now, Rmd picking up); requiring some to be more affordable
opp for secondary suites, protection of rental housing; a number of things can be done
Mayor: anything else, Cclr Sop?
Sop: have a lot but will stop there
JF: all goals, sections, complicated, interrelated
public come, asking them to choose; able in these workshops to give them a clear understanding of the benefits and impacts?
Ans: public mtgs are structured as little workshops around the issues so those interested go to those and they're often quite knowledgeable about
tend to get more a value stmt, rather than a policy; another opp and many of same ppl will come
JF: wish you good luck
RD: congratulate you on the plan to plan
just back from California and be careful you don't end up like that; congratulations
however in reading this report, come to a politically incorrect
million of ppl coming,.....  most of the growth comes from immigration 35K, from fed, beyond our control
perhaps discussing levels of immigration, absorbing so without envtal degradation
cd be something we cd discuss? bet you don't answer that
Ans: in some of the discussions we've been having
Livable Regional Strategy from 70s, discussed there
we'll feed that back to board and if they wish to pursue that with fed govt, I'll push that alone
haven't heard that growth isn't a good thing, hear it as enriching the cmnty
RD: it's a question of the amt of growth; too much, too rapid, plan for some but not all
even if planned in southern California, growth is too rapid, you're going to have a degeneration of the lifestyle
not saying no immigration, say we shd discuss and we never do
as long as we use automobiles, ..., how are you going to reduce greenhouse gases?
in Southern Calif, reducing but so many coming in, with growth, greenhouse gases growing
Mayor: many discussing; we're an anomaly, reassuring it has WV as green
for us, it points us in the direction of the Sea-to-Sky corridor; maybe we'll take a diff approach
Staff -- if we cd have a report back from the StoS Forum -- good for discussion
and think we shd put in a submission our answers to those questions
Public: is there an opp?
Mayor: I see Ms Steig has her name down.  [Public not allowed to speak] once Ccl discussion has started; will come back
9:08  {KSteig leaves}
8.  Community Dialogue on Neighbourhood Character & Housing Working Group - Horseshoe Bay Fire Hall Site
VV: spotzoning; clearly contrary to OCP; unfair to ppl who live there
as we've just heard, other areas eager to have growth; I simply oppose this
Sop: did we have a presentation by the Planning Dept wrt the said property as to what cd go on there?
SJN: old Fire Hall site; intended to be sold to pay for new fire hall
number of alternatives, recommended existing three lots be sgl fam and put on market
wd require nbrhd mtgs and public hearing for rezoning
come back after mtgs; believe WG wants more
wd take the form of a charrette but wdn't want to call it a charrette b/c that's a whole area and this is sgl-fam
what Ccl wants
Sop: is Planning Dept going to have public mtgs or this group?
SJN: Ccl has authorized Planning Dept to hold mtgs and report back; WG wd be invited to participate
JC: see it as a terrific learning experience; bringing back the cmnty's feelings about their nbrhds
part of a process, we'll wind up in this room in a Public Hearing regardless
get feeling of staff, residents, WG -- more to go on, positive all down the line
MS: appreciate consultation and looking at this site
IMO shd hv bn dealt with two years ago; relocate and have a plan for the site
concerns me that 2007 financial plan asked to raise funds through sale of surplus lands, and through survey see public strongly supports purchase of Argyle by selling surplus lands
if a lengthy and engaged process with ev bit we're going to sell, long
yes, shd hv a process but we're going to have to fastrack something to pay bills as they come due, new Cmnty Ctr; support this, gotta get moving on this
JF: Cd Mr Nicholls give us some idea of what this entails?
SJN: have to prepare, call, notice, end of Feb probably, report March, cost $5K, small part of value of site; cost of sale
JF: seems to me an excellent opp; give WG and cmnty opp to look at character within a nbrhd
when considering sale of an unnecessary, surplus property -- want most you can get
since Ccl has ability to rezone; clear mtg with nbrs and get clear indication about subdividing and developing
SJN: I was assuming; we wd involve somebody who knows the real estate market in that area and will be reporting back to Ccl on that.
THAT the memorandum dated January 10, 2008 from C. Banham, Chair of the Working Group be received for information and that Staff be directed to hold a [neighbourhood] meeting to consider various options for the property and to include the Working Group in such consultations.
Mayor: it's 3 to 3 --  so I'll support this, WRA; expect an expedited process
have to go through anyway
9.         3785 Bayridge Avenue - Excess Rock Removal/Replacement
RECOMMENDED: THAT the enforcement measures in regards to remediation and penalties described in the January 11, 2008 report for 3785 Bayridge Avenue be received for information.
Mayor: you're asking us to receive a report that contains a recommendation
SJN: the survey was done incorrectly; exceeded by a signif amt, don't believe intentional; when discovered owner stopped
cost $60K
believe rock removal, important piece of information; no financial gain, penalty; so public info
Mayor: so received, does that mean approved?
SJN: no; for information; staff have already acted
Sop: if an error, who wd hv given the approval for blasting of 800 cu m or more, knowing only four
blasting company removing, think mistake was in survey; went back to resurvey
we have established a procedure now that a second survey donate after, so see if error
it's our intent that you don't have any gain from making a mistake of this nature, you have to pay the cost of remediation
not bringing back, ....
Sop: why does homeowner get stuck with this?  surveyor shd be brought up on the carpet
SJN: believe was surveying the wrong area
owner, blasting ...
not something staff wd bring up b/c there may be further discussions
JF: in my tenure on Ccl haven't seen mistakes of this nature
something we can do so not happen again?
SJN: this is a new procedure M using; must do survey pre-blast and post-blast
doesn't stop a new surveyor making a mistake
the staff try to pick these things up; you're given the survey, calculation, and outline of area
educational process; we are succeeding
another item on the agenda, we've negotiated ...
Mayor: something like the tree-cutting, they leave a bond for us?
SJN: no bond for removing more
we are rewriting the soil removal and deposit bylaw; have increased the penalties; we may fine
10.       4012 Marine Drive - Rock Removal for Swimming Pool
RECOMMENDED: THAT Staff be authorized to issue a Blasting Permit to remove approximately 3.0 cubic meters of rock  for the purpose of installing an inground swimming pool.
Sop: says p 73 "no blasting will be carried out"
SJN: owner here?
Mayor: to be broken -- distinction as rock-breaking
SJN: Design Review says 3.0
VV: may be use of standard letters diff amts and diff days
suspicion didn't read specific reading, told just to sign it; suspect inadvertent, stuck with documents don't work
SJN: might want to put in, not exceeding
Sop: ppl signed a document saying wanting no blasting and now we're going to blast, is that how it works?
{snickers in gallery}
MS: clear; doesn't need to come to Ccl; only be/c some lackey if pool
I don't really care if they blast or break, let's just get on
Mayor: item 11
MS: are we dealing with No 5?
Mayor: later...   [9:29]
11.       Appointments of Council Liaisons for 2008
=B7   West Vancouver Memorial Library Board = Council Liaison: Councillor Day
=B7   North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues = Council Liaison: Councillor Ferguson
=B7   North Shore Family Court and Youth Justice Committee = Council Liaison: Councillor Day
=B7   North Shore Spirit of BC (2010) Committee = Council Liaison: Mayor Goldsmith-Jones
=B7   North Shore Substance Abuse Task Force = Council Liaison: Mayor Goldsmith-Jones
=B7   Joint School Traffic Safety Committee = Council Liaison: Councillor Clark
=B7   West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce = Council Liaison: Councillor Vaughan
=B7   [Seniors'] Centre Board = Council Liaison: Councillor Smith.
RD: okay as far as my apptmt but they meet on Feb 6th, Thursday and that's when Rodgers Crk meets
Mayor: probably Rodgers Crk is wrapping up.
12.      Re-appointment to the North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues (ACDI)
RECOMMENDED:  Ms. Judith Power for the term January 1, 2008 to December 31, 2009.
12.1 [More Appointments]
Also appointed -- Design Review: Egon Andre and Alexandra Bennett; Bd of Variance: Jim [didn't catch name], whose term just expired
ITEM 12.2 has been added: Report from F&A Cmte
MS: term for F&A has expired; discussions as to how to go fwd with Mayor and Mr Laing
in this mess of papers
Ccl shd decide how this cmte shd go forward
my observation of the first year, some successes but didn't accomplish as many things as we hoped; more in 2008 if change nature of cmte
think former was called Financial Services Cmte, only things referred by Ccl so a bit slow getting out of the gate on this cmte
{not quite: it was the Finance Adv Cmte; but true, that's how they controlled the cmte and what information or advice got to Ccl}
take the audit part away: two schools of thought; Audit Cmte comprised only of mbrs of Ccl
hope Audit cmte mtgs v short, only mtgs with auditor for mtgs of concern to auditors
{JC temporarily in chair}
MS: public mtg on Feb 11, not much opp for input for 2008; opp has passed
take a look at Task Force recommendations, of wch many
provide some recommendations, how they can be implemented by the District
add at least two, possibly as many as four, look at the FSTF recommendations; priority basis
Amended Option one:
Sop: and it is?
MS: take audit function away; function of Ccl; really two options there
Sop: at the last mtg we were at, distinct impression we shd retain the cmte as is and expand it
proper sort of direction -- take away responsibility of audit, not allowing mbrs from FSTF, not be part of that
{RD left temporarily}
for what purpose; with expansion, opp to include mbrs of public, even more with Option One
don't know why the audit considerations
then who's left?
ppl with FSTF, why take [away] ppl with proven ability? desire of staff
MS: two aspects of an audit cmte; don't disagree with his remarks
can make a case on cmte or Financial Officers' recommendation; don't want this to break down
cmte needs to get on so that those Task Force recommendations are implemented by District
mtg with auditors is an hour and a half year, if listening in, not a big deal
just not that relevant to question at hand
Sop: but says wd participate in all .... and you say not... how got turned around?
JC: agree with Cclr Smith; some information; wd go in camera, excluding the public and the mbrs of the cmte
came up with some wonderful ...; stay focused and move forward
JF: I believe Cclr Smith is recommending Option No. Two, separating
MS: yes, and adding citizen mbrs
JF and MS: amendment to Option
Sop: is there or has there been no value to the cmte? have there been flaws?
what's different that we're suddenly going to alter?
why change in midstream when haven't even given it a year to work?
public, with councillors, why change it now?
Mayor: respond?
MS: we're not continuing
???  cmte continuing to fill that role
most important issue; recommendations of Task Force, Cclr Clark, Sop, and myself and Director Laing
how make sure handled effectively
getting bogged down about a 45-min with auditors
{rather confusing not seeing the options; one point made was that no sense having two cmtes, no point a separate one called Audit Cmte b/c the mtg with the auditors is about 45 minutes in the whole year so little point}
Mayor: at the last mtg, Cclr Sop expressed ...
consensus, that the amt of work is shared more broadly; work that can be done in subgroups, just don't have bodies
need to have a higher profile, want to improve that
need for more leadership from chair, help him with that...
need to be transparent
we're saying this is a rejuvenated cmte; come forward with a workplan for the year
an enormous amt of effort on part of staff, for that much effort we haven't come up with as many recommendations as we'd like to
this is an opp to bolster the cmte
trying to change the dynamic from a WG that feels they're the auditors; rather than that they're the auditors
roll up their sleeves
Motion is separate Audit Cmt, mbrs of Ccl; add two citizen mbrs to Finance Cmte
MS: ask staff bring forward Terms of Reference for new cmte
Mayor: with your support
is Ccl clear?  we're adding two mbrs?
Sop: so it's option one?
Mayor: no, it's option two with the addition of adding two citizen mbrs
and I'd like to say, to impart the confidence, not only did we win for North America last year, won for Canada this year
13.      Consent Agenda Item - Reports
14.       Development Variance Permit Application No. 07-048 (5340 Seaside Place)
RECOMMENDED: the report dated January 11 be received for consideration on Monday, February 4, 2008. {DONE}

15. Non-Agenda Correspondence Requested for Comment by Council: Items as may be requested by Council.
Sop: may we ask why Correspondence no longer part of public agenda and reason behind it
Mayor: ccl procedure bylaw
RB, perhaps the architect of this new plan: covers, and as part of review process; staff were looking at more effective ways of bringing in efficiencies
three ccl mtgs per month; and other was non-agenda correspondence
not pertaining to any item
Ccl opp to ask, to be placed on Ccl agenda
Ccl had agreed experiment with this new process for a couple of months and see

{so was this 'agreed' at a closed mtg? certainly not discussed in public at a ccl mtg!}

so we're only discussing pieces of correspondence
Sop: where is the Ccl recommendation?
{Good question, Sop!}
Mayor: in Procedure Bylaw
SSch: mid fall

{will do some research into this; how did everyone miss the significance of removal of the Correspondence?  why done 'in secret' ? why not explained to public? consult with public? at least notify public in advance?   More sinister: same removal done in Nov 2006 and several of us had to lobby to get most of the correspondence back.  An initial excuse was 'privacy'.  I pointed out that letters from prov and fed govts, mbrs, and agencies cd hardly be considered subject to privacy legislation.  Instead of being upset at their letters/information being made public, they'd be disgruntled instead not public!}
Sop: consideration that Correspondence wd go onto website and sever names and addresses and that was it at that point in time
we have not had any discussion in public, to eliminate
go to webpage, bring back to agenda if agenda item
material or items from gvt agencies, public has right to see and wd no longer have right to see that
matters staff deal with and that's okay
if it's in the view of money-saving and paper-saving
losing the democratic right; no longer come to this public domain; to a website that the public won't be able to read
saving money I support but public have a right to see these!
have to pick them up and you'd have to make sure on the agenda
must make sure
JC: move mtg extended to end of biz
9:54: Mike now joins Sop in 'protesting' change, concerned about loss of seeing letters; then VV joins later]
MS: ppl shd hv the right to see what public have right to see
if going to post electronically
never did buy into blot out everything, leave Jane Doe, leave out address and ph no
allow ppl to go on line and read letters to M&Ccl; and if any mbr of ccl wants to bring it up can; wd be a sensible compromise
if we're going to try to attract ppl to run this fall, they'll probably want to go on line and see what ppl writing about; shd be able to go on line
Mayor: as far as posting the correspondence for viewing, we can do that
severing, about a year ago, more than one complaint, their letter reached a public agenda
seeking legal and FOI branch wd have to change that
sought two legal opinions; not in any libellous position
can explore
{yes, do pls explore; Clerk's already has the right to pull any letter that contains libel}
if severed an action already taken
MS: anybody whose IQ is in double digits, knows if they want a letter to be private, marks it Private & Confidential
most ppl want letters to be in public domain, ppl can see it and agree and disagree, that the purpose of letter
wd respect someone who marks letter private and confidential and wdn't post it
Mayor: that's ideal in an ideal world
wrt Privacy; identity theft
expectations changed; barriers changed; public information
regardless, we've had that opinion; we may not do it that way
someone has to say, yes, I give you permission to publish what I say
to staff's credit, they've continued
when Ccl works contrary to those two opinions
may be worth doing
if online, still have to
privacy; identity theft through the roof
we've had it happen to us
for all of us, support staff
and when we ask for efficiencies

{not seriously choosing efficiency over public information, are you???
not just that but also no one's been sued that I know of for over 20 years!!!
manufacturing a problem?  embarrassment of letters critical of Ccl or staff?  this smacks of making mountains out of molehills.....
In any case, it really makes staff and 'things' efficient to reduce ccl mtgs from four to two, wch is what they've done.  There may also be a workshop or Public Hearing, so three sessions a month instead of four.  With a reduction of at least 25% in mtg preparation, will there be a 25% reduction in staff involved???}

Public Correspondence provides a valuable tool; wonderful tool
privacy concern is a real one
VV: I still believe [shd be public]
just need a standard format; a document entitled Public Correspondence; so no confusion
in signing, giving permission; writer submits rather than us; preformatted sheets; av in Library, Gleneagles; write on a sheet; public place, downloadable; tells them; form, so no telephoning
don't know exact wording; certainly govts have plenty of examples of that
already presets the legal situation
cd be little box to tick, only name -- sometimes someone might want "Jack in Ambleside" so tells where comes from
cd all be in little boxes; nobody in M Hall wd have to follow up; I think it can be done; why not investigate something?
Mayor: I'm almost speechless
communication with email, etc
the volume I get at least 100 a day
need to advertise; reserve space on agenda, reserve for
don't want to go two steps backward
{but removing the Correspondence is a leap backward!!!}
go to online correspondence
if norm, that's great
Cclr Smith's version online, severed as part of public agenda
reserve this space
if reams there, that's what the public wants
perhaps asking staff to put Correspondence online with severed -- compromise for now?
Sop: I'll accept that for now; procedure for cclrs to pull off letters, submit to M Clerk
Mayor: staff will look after agenda items; and items public want to see
if you want to see something brought forward, press send; ask Ms Scholes
Sop: timeline?
SSch: we review on a daily basis; we do often have them on table
Mayor: let's see if public av themselves online
have a responsibility to get to e-services
demo; have to push this a little bit
aware of transparency; and public
[wrt letters/correspondence] funnily nothing this week
COLOUR ME DARK DISILLUSION........ hoping it's a passing cloud and changed/improved...
***  UPDATE Feb 1st: After many conversations, email queries, etc, happy to report Correspondence back to the way done in December.  There may be will on Ccl to get back to even earlier.  It is an important vehicle for residents not just to let Ccl know what they think, want, are concerned about, but also fellow residents -- some of whom might want to join them in recommending certain measures.}
Mayor: briefly an afternoon at Cap College called Legacy North Shore wrt sustainability initiatives
v inspiring
VV: forgotten my item re Gleneagles?
stopped b/c lack of funds?
[ADDED BEFORE ITEM 17: Gleneagles}
Mayor: no report in front of us; wd you like to comment, Mr Pike?
KP: we're in the office all day Monday; love to get a phone call and have report ready
made a motion in [date], wrt restoration of Great Hall,
replacement of services connected to Golf funding; evaluating if funds adequate; revenue stream
happy to come back with report
VV: all aware, $800K for the clubhouse and $1M borrowed to be repaid through golfing fund
repaid from golf operations, if to be adjusted, can do that, but not a reason to refrain
it was decided beginning of 2006; not a big sizable project, can't even get moving on it now; concerned; shd start; if adjustment, can make them as we proceed
this is a facility that will make money; isn't simply the biz case; start and get it finished this year
Mayor: better when all mbrs of ccl have reports; av for Feb 4
KP: Mr Laing might have a comment or two
RL: work is continuing to scoping out the project and cost it will be
staff close to a five-year capital plan; have it before Ccl within ten days
Mayor?: didn't hear a seconder?
Sop: second; I'm supportive; yes, budget complications looked at this for a long time
budget considerations, how long has this been going on?
Mayor: not sure anything being put off; Ccl at least have an understanding
hanging in balance for Feb 4
KP: speed of moving forward; Cclr V's right, sooner we get going, sooner done; decision wrt finance
Mayor: all mbrs; particularly Cclr V
VV: was put in notes for budget a year ago as a high priority item
if still not able to start, something peculiar here
not unsolvable, amt of money not that huge
highest priority item doesn't start till two years later with almost unanimous Ccl!
we'll be finished our term and not even started
someone cd rush out with a spade and say started!
leave my motion
JC: I won't be supporting this motion if a report next week; oh, on 4th
a couple of things I've been hearing that I find disturbing, and hope report will address that
Mayor: meet with staff
MS: I'm a little confused; not aware of firm plans and budget
thought we were awaiting that before project commenced
firm plan and budget? if not, suggest defer until report from Mr Pike and Mr Laing so we know what we're approving
VV read out her motions: -- authorised before Jan 2008 to begin construction work
Mayor: suggesting a deferral motion
MS: can't see how can approve; it's MLK day and I have a dream and hope...
Sop: we've had weeks years
we know; money been up there; every week something else
Mayor: standard process to see plans, design
priority of Ccl, it's coming in two weeks

Mayor: there are five mbrs of the public wishing to speak.
CR, Editor, West Van Matters: Good evening
just before my question, I just wanted to say that, it was a little confusing listening b/c the Finance, you referred to it as a Working Group, and Cclr Smith referred to it as a cmte, and so I think that shd be clarified.
Mayor: cmte
{Readers: Cmte and WG rules are different.}
CR: thx.
and the second thing, b/c we're just starting with the budget discussions on the 4th of Feb, and b/c the former Finance & Audit Cmte used to meet every week or two weeks, I wd like to urge Ccl, or whoever's forming the Finance Cmte, to start their mtgs right away and look at the 2008 Budget along with the public.  There is time, and b/c it's not going to passed on Feb 4th; it's probably not going to be passed by the end of Feb, so there's time for the F&A cmte to look at the budget, and if they decide they don't have enough time, or they only decide [to] just look at a couple of things, I think it wd be advisable to leave it up to the new cmte, to give them the opportunity to say what they want about it.  We have then a group of experts who can help the cmte and Ccl and financial staff, so that's my recommendation
Mayor: [will be] in the Terms of Reference
CR: oh great, great, great, great.  Well, I heard that they are not going to do that b/c it's too late, but it's not too late, it's never too late.
with that out of the way
I have somewhat calmed down from my discovery on Friday that not only was the Correspondence not there on the agenda, but not even a list.  I was taken aback b/c of course when this happened in November 2006, several of us made a fuss and it came back, and then we had a system.
First of all, before I suggest what I think might be considered.
I was intrigued with Cclr Vaughan's suggestion about having a form; I think advertising it as I had said before, I think we shd make it v clear in Tidings, that's one of the places ppl look.  It can say Public Correspondence is PUBLIC.  So try to do that.
Next thing
if it's a question of the paper,
{Readers: there'd been comments of waste of paper}
there are some ppl who don't have a computer so I suggest you have the printed copies of the letters only at the Library and at the Hall here.  So there is some place for those ppl who don't have access to see it, the Library and the Hall.
The next thing wd be right now, or at least until this mtg, the list was on the agenda on the District's website and if you wanted to read something of that was of interest to you you wd click on it and you cd read it.
Mayor: that's what we'll have
CR: going back to that?
Mayor: that's the outcome.  Cd you comment on the outcome of our discussion?
CR: okay, but that's what we did have.  Is that what you're saying you're going to go back to?
Mayor: online, yes
CR: okay, but--
the next thing then is, if you have, there are two things then, if there are two things that you have to--
I'm going to -- is that for me?  or?

{Readers:  here I was disconcerted, a bit confused, and stopped speaking b/c a letter/paper had been handed to the Mayor and she was reading it.  No problem if she's not paying attention to me but I wanted to know if it had something to do with what I was saying or proposing or not.}

[Mayor still looking at paper/letter]
CR: well, I'll just wait if you're going to read that, if it pertains--
Mayor: well, I'm chairing a mtg with a lot of incoming information--
CR: okay, as long as -- I didn't know if you wanted me to wait for you till you read that to answer, that's all.
If you do have to have someone to phone ppl to see if they [want their letter to be or] made public, I think Tidings, and making it Public Correspondence
b/c if ppl write a letter to a Public Hearing, it's automatically all there {public, unsevered}, so if you make Public Correspondence {same rule}
you cd hire someone, part-time to phone
now I never think you shd suggest spending money without a solution
solution is, you spend about $40K a year now to Jerry's Cafe for the sandwiches for the volunteer groups -- I think that's a really good idea for the WGs b/c they're giving up their time free, but maybe you cd have a way for companies in WV [to donate] and they'd get advertising for this and say, such and such, whether it's Jerry's Cafe still, is providing the sandwiches for this quarter for the WGs and therefore if you take that out of the budget and put it into phoning ppl to see if they can be up there.
{will point out another time that now that they've changed from four ccl mtgs a month to two (pls a workshop), the workload wrt mtgs has been reduced considerably so that's more than enough time to phone residents.  That's a reduction of at least 25% and there are rarely more than 20 letters per mtg that are private.}
The most important question I have--
Mayor: keep to three minutes please
CR: the most important question I have is PROCESS.
when you want to discuss different ways of doing things, and I think this is valuable and you can always come up with better ways, I have no problem with that, what disturbed many of us a great deal, as it did in Nov 2006, and I even got a call from a cclr saying: what? there's no [correspondence], can you tell me the correspondence, it's not online.
Wd you pls, before you change a policy, if you're not going to consult, wch of course wd be preferable, it wd be v nice if you wd enunciate the options to get feedback, then we wdn't have been in this really unfortunate circumstance to look for Correspondence, look for something coming from an MLA, or even now, you're going to be getting ppl writing in possibly about the budget -- and we can't read them, we can't see what other ppl think to support them or say no, we support you, we don't support that.
so I hope that the Correspondence List and online will all be on Feb 4th and I also hope that if you're going to change something that affects the public involvement, and I know you really work hard on cmnty engagement that you will discuss it thoroughly in public so it's not a surprise to so many ppl
Mayor: thank you
CR: do I have your assurance on that?
Mayor: well, I can't think of a single piece of legislation we've debated more than the Procedure Bylaw.  I actually think for some reason, the Correspondence issue for Ccl must hv gotten lost in the number of changes we made to it; but when we realized that, that's why we've continued to discuss it, so hopefully this system will work
Ccl's v open-minded about trying it, and v open-minded about adapting
CR: right.  In future--
Mayor: I have to--
CR: in future keep to the way you are doing it, then change it, don't change it and then discuss it.
Thank you v much
{As you wd hv seen in the earlier discussion by Ccl, several cclrs were unaware of this change in Correspondence.  Will do more research.  Look for clarification.  IMVHO, it's still unconscionable that the same change was made almost two years in a row when there were objections the first time and most got reinstated.  Furthermore, why on God's little green Earth, make such a drastic change to public information, when committed to cmnty engagement, without a discussion of options first.  Not change/cancel, and (try to) explain later.  We must scotch this type of 'democratic' govt asap.}
Mayor: looks like Katharine Steig has left
CR: she left
Bruce McArthur: Good evening
There is a budget for Gleneagles, $1.87M
it's "design-build" so you won't get [design]
[re Man who gave] Metro presentation sorry gone
saw nothing about coastline cmnties, waterways -- look at developing cmnties so far in future
scientists said wd be under water
DOGS: want to make sure areas ppl can go so not being upset being confronted by dogs
disappointed the current bylaw is not being enforced in Nelson Canyon
ran into six dogs; clearly a flaunting of the bylaw
now my pet thing, the Firehall lot
letter came to this Ccl saying the WRA concerned about other concerns
Madam Mayor, when you broke the tie...
WRA didn't totally endorse it, a few ppl, did not vote
I'm a Chair of the WRA, also an interested party; I live next door
JF: I'd encourage you to go to www.metrovan.org, this document is there; encourage everyone to register
Bruce: I'm meeting with SmartGrowth BC tomorrow; I'm putting it in your mind
JF: anyone not able to go to mtg can
David Roach: interested in discussion over Correspondence
align with Cclr Sop; do find the printed v useful' usually lodged in Ref Section of Library
correspondence; allows public to see what's being discussed
won't be under what you said tonight
first, it's govt to govt corresp we won't be seeing; non-govt correspondence, may shape
Mayor: not my understanding; will all be scanned
DR: if doesn't apply to agenda, doesn't...
doesn't make it into package
get agenda earliest on Thursday, usually on Friday; not released
have to have agenda advanced
or change the procedure by wch agenda items processed
eg tonight's agenda had the F&a Cmte and I asked at that time wd the public have an opp to comment on the F&A Cmte
there was no advance notice of that agenda item coming to this mtg
no opp to review the change in structure, so ....

{That's why it's important to have at least the list of Correspondence on the agenda!!!
He's also referring to the fact that the F&A Cmte change/restructuring was added tonight at the mtg so no one wd know that a new Finance group was being considered.}

Mayor: says....   bring forward tonight or Feb 4th
trying to do our best, moving forward with our agenda...
make it adaptable; believe will be on the Feb 4th agenda

{adaptable??? bzzt! no, OPEN!!!  Remember openness, transparency, public information and consultation!}

DR: when Correspondence is received has been about a two-week lapse
mechanism by wch reflecting in a timely manner?
Mayor: whole point of scanning is be ready immediately
by the time Corresp made it to Ccl, had already happened
less often ...
Now go to Mr McTavish -- but you will have Terms of Ref Feb 4th and you'll have an opp [then]
Don McTavish: didn't intend to come tonight but a little bird told me; interesting
didn't know $1.87M for Gleneagles
when Basil Davis and I hired for [CCCtr]
for the benefit of work, I have not been paid
Mayor: if personal, not here
Don McT: been turned down by
it's now three years, and put my company in receivership
Mayor: will discuss this tomorrow [with you]
DMcT: you're a good lady so I'll believe you
Mayor: I'm the Mayor.
DMcT: mtg of F&A, that mtg took place Dec 18
difficult to...  my name is not there

{hm.  How did he get those minutes?  not on the F&A webpage, no mtg since so cdn't have been adopted -- how did he get the minutes????}

Mayor: we'll add it
DMcT: thought it was a good mtg; haven't had the opp to discuss these draft minutes
I circulated a draft of a report from the MLA
gave to Cclr Smith wch he slid across to Mr Stuart, and wd like it back
Mayor: Mr St gave it to me; do you want it passed to other mbrs of Ccl
DMcT: good; shd be in colour
Mayor: Anyone further wishing to comment?
nope so 18. ADJOURNMENT 10:37

===  COUNCIL MTG AGENDA Feb 4th    ===
2. ADOPTION OF MINUTES: January 14, 2008 Special Council Meeting and January 21, 2008 Regular Council Meeting be adopted; and the minutes of the January 14, 2008 Council Workshop be received.
3.         Kay Meek Centre Update: presentation from P. Gravett, Executive Director of the Kay Meek Centre regarding Kay Meek Centre Update be received for information.
4.         Government Finance Officers Association - Canadian Award for Financial Reporting Achievement -- received for information.
5.         Development Variance Permit Application 07-048 (5340 Seaside Place)
            At the January 21, 2008 meeting, Council received the report dated January 11, 2008 from the Community Planner..
RECOMMENDED:  THAT all written and verbal submissions ... be received.
If Council wishes a further staff report, then:
RECOMMENDED:  THAT Staff report back to Council regarding submissions received
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the DVP which would provide for a pool mechanical room with a variance to siting, be approved.
6.         North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues Review of 2007 Committee Work and 2008 Workplan and Budget
1.  The North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues 2008 Workplan be approved; and
2.  The budget request for a one third share ($3267) of the total budget ($9800) be referred to the 2008 budget consideration.
7.   [Five-Year] Operating and Capital Budget for 2008-2012: Information to be provided.
8.         Traffic and Parking Bylaw No. 4370, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4535, 2008
RECOMMENDED: introduced and read a first, second and third time.
9.         Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw No. 4368, 2004, Amendment Bylaw
No. 4536, 2008
RECOMMENDED: introduced and read a first, second and third time.
10.       Establishment of Finance Committee and Audit Committee
1.  Council approve the terms of reference, as attached to the report from the Director of Finance dated January 28, 2008, for a reconstituted "Finance Committee", and for the segregated "Audit Committee".
2.  Council consider the appointment of five members of the community, and a Council liaison member, to the Finance Committee.
11. Appointments to the Design Review Committee for 2008: Info to be provided
12.      Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
The following Consent Agenda items may be considered separately or in one recommendation.
13.       Development Applications Status List -- received for information.
14.       Greater Vancouver Water District (GVWD) 2007 Grant in Lieu of Taxes: from the Greater Vancouver Water District in the amount of $47,670 for 2007.
15.      Terms of Reference for Proposed Working Groups:  Arts & Cultural Facilities; and Festivals & Events
RECOMMENDED: received for information as recommended by the Community Engagement Committee.
16.       Correspondence List -- be received.
Requests for Delegation -- No items presented.
Action Required
(1)       K. Felker, Order of British Columbia, Honours and Awards Secretariat, January 14, 2008, regarding 2008 Call for Nominations
Referred to the Mayor and Council for consideration and response.
(2)       January 21, 2008, regarding Traffic Violations (Collingwood School)
Referred to the Director of Administrative Services for consideration and response.
(3)       G. Vlieg, TransLink, January 22, 2008, regarding North Shore Trade Area Study - Memorandum of Understanding with Transport Canada regarding Funding
Referred to the Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(4)       Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
(a)       West Vancouver Memorial Library Board - December 12, 2007
(5)       D. Saboe, North Shore Candlelight Committee, December 10, 2007, regarding "Thank You" for Participation in the 2007 Event
(6)       S.C. Ribeiro, District of Central Saanich, January 17, 2008, regarding Letter to Mayor Ferguson, City of Abbotsford regarding Resolution - Equitable Police Funding
(7)       S. McCloy, WorkSafeBC, January 22, 2008, regarding New Working Alone or in Isolation Regulations to Protect Workers to Take Effect Beginning February 01, 2008
(8)       D. Marley, January 23, 2008, regarding Reestablishment of Finance and Audit Committee
(9)       British Columbia Ministry of Transportation, undated, 2008, regarding The Provincial Transit Plan
Attachments available for viewing in the Legislative Services Department.
(10)     D. Whelan, City of Ottawa, January 24, 2008, regarding Ottawa City Council Resolution regarding Hotel Room Tax
(11)     J. Paton, District of North Vancouver, January 23, 2008, regarding Council Questions and Staff Responses from the January 15, 2008 Public Hearing for Bylaw No. 7645 (Capilano Suspension Bridge)
Responses to Correspondence
(12)     B.A. Dozzi, Roads & Transportation, January 17, 2008, reply to
S. Shearsmith, Carriage Management Inc. regarding Bellevue Avenue at 21st Street - Traffic Patterns
Responses to Questions in Question Period -- No items presented.


Hi everyone ..........thought this might clear up all the controversies about dieting, it made me feel as if I was on the right track.
Most of us watch what we eat and this is surely the final word on research findings regarding nutrition and health.
It's also a relief to know the truth after all those conflicting medical studies.
1. Japanese eat very little fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than Aussies, British, or Americans.
2. Mexicans eat a lot of fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than Aussies, British, or Americans.
3. Africans drink very little red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than Aussies, British, or Americans.
4. Italians drink large amounts of red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than Aussies, British, or Americans.
5. Germans drink a lot of beer and eat lots of sausages and fats and suffer fewer heart attacks than Aussies, British, or Americans.
Eat and drink what you like. Speaking English is apparently what kills you.

=== Resident gRUMBLE ===
Message to Ccl from a discussion on CBC radio last year to think about correspondence to municipal govt:  every resident has the right to privacy but not anonymity.

===   LANGUAGE   ===
You may recall that Stephen Colbert's "truthiness" got word of the year, a while ago.
The O.E.D. selected a food word -- "locavore" meaning one who strives to eat foods grown or produced locally -- as its 2007 word of the year.

     After having dug to a depth of 10 metres last year, Scottish scientists found traces of copper wire dating back 100 years and came to the conclusion that their ancestors already had a telephone network more than 100 years ago.
     Not to be outdone by the Scots, in the weeks that followed, English scientists dug to a depth of 20 metres and, shortly after, headlines in the English newspapers read: 'English archaeologists have found traces of 200-year-old copper wire and have concluded that their ancestors already had an advanced high-tech communications network a hundred years earlier than the Scots.'
     One week later, 'The Kerrymen', a southwest Irish newsletter, reported the following:
"'After digging as deep as 30 metres in a peat bog near Tralee, Paddy O'Furniture, a self-taught archaeologist, reported that he found absolutely nothing..."
Paddy therefore concluded that 300 years ago Ireland had already gone wireless.
===  CHEMISTRY  ===
Subject: A new addition to Chemistry's Periodic Table
   Research has led to the discovery of the heaviest element yet known to science. The new element, Governmentium (Gv), has one neuron, 25 assistant neurons, 88 deputy neurons, and 198 assistant deputy neurons, giving it an atomic mass of 312.
   These 312 particles are held together by forces called morons, which are surrounded by vast quantities of lepton-like particles called peons.  Since Governmentium has no electrons, it is inert; however, it can be detected, because it impedes every action with which it comes into contact. A minute amount of Governmentium can cause a reaction that would  normally take less than a second to take from four days to four years to  complete.
   Governmentium has a normal half-life of two to six years; it does not decay, but instead undergoes a reorganization in which a portion of the assistant neurons and deputy neurons exchange places. In fact, Governmentium's mass will actually increase over time, since  each reorganization will cause more morons to become neurons, forming  isodopes. This characteristic of moron promotion leads some scientists to believe that Governmentium is formed whenever morons reach a critical concentration. This hypothetical quantity is referred to as critical morass. When catalyzed with money, Governmentium becomes Administratium, an element that radiates just as much energy as Governmentium since it has half as many peons but twice as many morons.

===   QUOTATIONS   ===

Since a politician never believes what he says, he is quite surprised to be taken at his word.
                        -- Charles de Gaulle
He who postpones the hour of living is like the rustic who waits for the river to run out before he crosses.
                        -- Horace, poet and satirist (65-8 BCE)
On CBC 690 broadcast from Prince George 2008 Jan 11, they were talking about forests and the pine beetle.  Then a Chilcotin spoke: We must look after the land.  If we look after the land, the land will look after us.

From Robert Pinsky's Gulf Music, the book review under BOOKWATCH above:
        Deciding to remember, and what to remember, is how we decide who we are.

Every man's memory is his private literature.  -- Aldous Huxley, novelist (1894-1963)