Ccl NOTES Feb 4th
AGENDA Feb 11th
Cal to 22nd

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Welcome to the Year of the Rat!  Happy Lunar New Year: Gung hay fat choy (most Chinese in Vancouver area speak Cantonese; Mandarin is Xin Nian Kuai Le), Chuc mung nam moi (Vietnamese), An yung ha sae yo (Korean)
= Ccl BUDGET Workshop Feb 11th -- presentation, public comment, discussion
=  Feb 4th Ccl Mtg NOTES/SUMMARY:  Kay Meek Ctr presentation; Five-Year Operating and Capital Budget discussion, debate over meaning of 'received' marked *** (public input Feb 11th and 18th, bylaws Mar 4); Finance and Audit cmtes separate (hoping for first mtg Feb 12); No Cmnty Ctr figs since Aug, parking report perhaps Feb 18; questions about (second) sudden 'disappearance' of Correspondence since change not in any documentation as claimed at last ccl mtg (staff's convoluted response didn't pass the laugh-out-loud test); more pointed queries about the VCHA lease -- DWV paying some costs/interest for the first 15 years and not getting paid back till the following 15 years? (asked to make lease public Feb 18 if not earlier).
= Endangered Heritage List; Where's our donkey?; Language (tongue-twister); Robbery; Quotations
===  Vive le Canada -- It= 's BC's 150th anniversary this year.  See http://www.bc150.ca/bc150.aspx and if you're artistic: Discover Your Community =8A  History in Art Poster Contest -- Submission Deadline: Feb 28
+++ H E R I T A G E  W E E K    Feb 18 - 24 ===
Heritage talk at Museum Feb 16th; probably Reception on Feb 18th; displays at various places throughout WV including the Library and at Heritage Fayre, 2 - 4:30pm Sun 24th Park Royal North; free Cypress snowshoe and barbecue.  See www.heritage.westvan.org or call 922 4400 for details.
===   UPDATES   ===
>>>  BUDGET 2008 INFO -- don't you just love the District's URLs?  Before Feb 11th input visit: http://www.westvancouver.ca/article.asp?a=5520&c=911
>>>The Master Fire Plan document is now available on the District website in the Fire & Rescue section.
>>>  Sorry to learn that Inside Ambleside and Dundarave has stopped publishing
>>>  What's up at Hugo Ray Park?  See http://www.westvancouver.ca/article.asp?a=4362&c=853, another ever-helpfully named DWV site.  Next, why nothing about Hugo Ray there or on the Hugo Ray Park Society's website?  Not enough his log cabin gone, so now erased any trace of his role in WV govt?  See why need to work so hard on heritage awareness?  Intent on developing the park and the man in whose honour it is named is omitted/forgotten?
>>>  VOLUNTEER!  join the Community Day Planning Cmte! Community Day takes place the first Saturday of June each year - but takes several months of planning.  From the stages to the food vendors to the kids' activities to the parade, it's co-ordinated entirely by residents just like you.  If  you want to join the team, pls call 925 7196 or email lfreimond@westvancouver.ca
> Remember you can apply any time for any cmte/WG (kept on file).  Even better, attend mtgs to get an idea of what's involved -- and you'll be productive right from the start!
===   ANIMALWATCH   ===
In pictures  The secret army of working dogs gets stamp of recognition
See: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/in_pictures/7227176.stm  -- There are six and my favourite is the fourth.
===   CULTUREWATCH   == ==  Art, Theatre
ART:  A strangely fascinating website!  Thought-provoking... http://www.chrisjordan.com/current_set2.php?id=7
THEATRE:  Many performances sold out with waiting lists for My Name is Rachel Corrie -- in case you read this in time, go to http://tickets.ticketstonight.ca/eventperformances.asp?evt=455  or toddle on over to the Havana to see if any left (performances at 7pm and 9:30pm; intimate space for only about 60).

===  CALENDAR to Feb 22nd === [M Hall unless otherwise noted; confi= rm b/c sometimes changes]
~  Spirit Week February 9th - 16th ~
Each year, Feb 9th to 16th is Spirit of  BC Week. This is a week to highlight the North Shore with cultural events and activities that will last much past the year 2010. For WV's exciting events; visit www.northshorespiritofbc.ca for more info.
==  Tues 12th
        ~ 4pm ~ Fire & Rescue Services Review WG (in Fire Hall #1 - Training Room)
        ~ 6:30pm ~ Museum Advisory Cmte (at Museum)
==  Wed 13th
        ~ 8am ~ Cmnty Engagement Cmte [VERIFY TIME CHANGE]
        ~ 7pm ~ Cmnty Sport WG
==  Thurs 14th  FREE PUBLIC LECTURE ~ 7pm at SFU Harbour Ctr
Cultural Trends Affecting Cultural and Heritage Tourism
Speaker: Berkeley Young, President, Young Strategies Inc.
Admission is free, reservations required. Email cstudies@sfu.ca or call 778 782 5100.
{but you might want to do something else for Valentine's..... :-)}
==  Sat 16th
~ 1:30 - 3pm at Museum pre Heritage Week talk
Donald Grant, archivist historian for the Hollyburn Heritage Society and the Hollyburn Ridge Association, will review the history of cabin-building on the North Shore mountains and discuss current issues related to owning and maintaining cabins on Hollyburn at the West Vancouver Museum (Gertrude Lawson House across from M Hall).  Admission is by donation.
~~~  HERITAGE WEEK Feb 18 - 24:
Taking Care of Business: the Heritage of Trade and Commerce
Awards and Reception Feb 18; displays at various locations and all week Park Royal North; special menus at 'heritage' restaurants; free snowshoe and barbecue up Cypress; Heritage Fayre Sunday 24th from 2 to 4:30pm.
==  Tues 19th
~ 6:30pm ~ Cmnty Dialogue WG at Srs' Ctr [NB: new name for Nbrhd Character/Housing]
~ 7pm ~ Cmnty Grants/Social Services Review WG [at least on Cmnty Calendar, the one on 7th wasn't]
==  Wed 20th
        ~ 4pm ~ Fire/Rescue Services Review WG at Fire Hall #1 - Training Room
        ~ 6:30pm ~ Child Care WG
        ~ 7pm ~ Library Board at the Library
==  Thurs 21st
        ~ 6pm ~ NSh Family Court/Youth Justice Cmte at DNV M Hall Cmte Rm
        ~ 7pm ADRA AGM at St Stephen's (on 22nd)
==  Fri 22nd
~ 7:30am ~ Ch of Commerce breakfast with MLA Joan McIntyre re provincial budget [details next issue]

***  COMMUNALITY: Mixed Media by Gary Morin -- Spirit of BC Week Exhibition, Feb 8 - Mar 2

+++  WV MUSEUM +++  see http://www.wvma.net/
Talk re Hollyburn Heritage Society and Hollyburn Ridge Assn above (Feb 16th); call 925 7295 above.

+++  WV MEMORIAL LIBRARY +++ see www.westvanlib.org
~ Friday 15 -- Barber of Barkerville - Vancouver Opera in Schools Ensemble
A Free Friday Night Concert for all ages. Seating is limited so come early. Doors open at 7 pm; concert starts at 7:30pm.
~ Tuesday 19 -- The Irish Theatre: S. M. Synge -- 10:30am - 12:30pm
Discussion series is open to all.. For further info call the Reference Dept at 925 7405.
~ Friday 22 -- Philosopher's Cafe -- 10:30am - 12:30pm
Identity -- what are the top five words you would use to describe yourself to others?  $5.00 admission, everyone welcome.

+++  WinterSong Festival +++  www.wintersong.ca -- Feb 8th to 17th
West Vancouver's Third Annual WinterSong Festival. Visit the website for details on all the Festival's concerts and activities, call 913 3634 for tix.  The WinterSong Festival is a ten-day festival held every February. Its purpose is to celebrate the joy of song and the human voice with a broad range of exciting and dynamic performances in venues around West Vancouver, showcasing professional and aspiring talent as well as providing singing opportunities for all abilities and ages, and highlighting songs from a broad range of musical styles.
WinterSong is thrilled to partner with the Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad to present the Cypress Mountain Concert Series presented by Bell and following the Freestyle Ski World Cup competition on February 9 and 10.

+++ Don't forget to check out www.silkpurse.ca and www.kaymeekcentre.com for their events

===  COUNCIL MTG AGENDA Feb 4th    ===  Cclr Clark absent
2. ADOPTION OF MINUTES: January 14, 2008 Special Council Meeting and January 21, 2008 Regular Council Meeting be adopted; and the minutes of the January 14, 2008 Council Workshop be received.
3.         Kay Meek Centre Update: presentation from P. Gravett, Executive Director of the Kay Meek Centre regarding Kay Meek Centre Update be received for information. [PowerPoint presentation]
PG:  ~16K attended last fall; over $100K to us, more to the arts org/groups
WinterSong starts this Friday
Fundraising; 48% increase in contributions/donors -- 2006, 116 donors; this fall, 172; theatre rent greatest source of revenue; rental increased by 83% Sept 2007 over same period in 2006; list of renters
Cultural Fitness: Access
Spreading the Word; new style of newsletter email including videos and comment page
January 2008 started printed newsletter, qtrly
Ppl using website a lot; next month internet ticket sales
connecting with biz cmnty; 40 biz have signed on, advertising or cash donations [list of sponsors; list of donors]
Spring Break Theatre Festival -- chn ages five and up, Mar 17 - 19
Residencies; Coming {I refuse to write Upcoming since redundant}
Breaking news: joint fundraising event to benefit the North Shore Hospice Society; Apr 11, Jann Arden coming!
Liz Byrd: chair of the board -- all that work done by three staff mbrs [then named them, and the board mbrs]
I'm here to talk about something else tonight -- Kay Meek; Kay gave more to WV than anyone has ever given before
$8M from Kay Meek, essential an endowment
urge Ccl to include us in the Cmnty Benefit
includes Millennium; [$500K of the $2.5M] they've expressed interest to support us
Sop: might cite the gentleman presenting as a guiding light in this; always felt needed someone like you; certainly appreciate the efforts you're [making]; looking at it with different eyes
MS: I too congratulate on increase in attendance, coming alive
question for staff, where does this sit?
Ms Byrd is correct, going to need an endowment to keep it rolling along
heard that some of this Millennium money is to go to the KMC -- has it been looked at? give answer?
Mayor: the $2.5M cmnty benefit from Ev Dr -- been spoken for 100 ways, have put some into the entrance to Ambleside

{hm...interesting...wasn't there supposed to be a full public consultation wrt how to spend that money, one of the Cmnty Benefits.  Did you see a list of suggestions for the $2.5M? Can you point to the ccl mtg in wch there was public input and Ccl decided to put the money to the Ambleside gateway/entrance????}

money will begin to flow, that will be a public decision
SJN: that's about what I wd have said
VV: I remember
proposed through the Mallett family
rolled into the larger amt; had hoped earmark $500K; disincentive if not sure will go to event or location; what obviously was the Mallett family's wish; to send it in another direction is a disincentive, offering for other purposes; so hope with first infusion of funds

{not quite sure what is meant here.
the $2.5M is what staff put together as part of the package for the upzoning.
Don't quite follow saying it wd be a disincentive since it was required, not really offered.  OTOH, letting a devpr dictate where the cash part of the CB is to be spent on then removes Ccl's choice after hearing from the public as to what to do with cash as part of the Cmnty Benefit.  Dangerous precedent.
If an out and out offer, or an ear-marked grant to the WV Foundation however, it wd be important to carry out a DONOR's wishes.
The CBs from the 'gift' of increased value granted by the residents through Ccl surely shd be chosen after public consultation, ie the Community Benefits shd be decided by the Community.}

SJN: we'll be bringing back a number of projects wch wd qualify; exceed
wdn't describe as a philanthropic, but a cmnty benefit
did say they wd be consulted, not have
Mayor: there are other amenities; this is a cmnty [decision?]
thank you very much
JF: I too wd like to thank Mr Gravett and Ms Byrd; delight to see KMC thrive
anytime I go there, run into someone in lobby exclaiming great to have there and enjoy attending
pleased two other cclrs have positive about KMC
Sch Dist and Ccl have a lot at stake with the KMC
4.         Government Finance Officers Association - Canadian Award for Financial Reporting Achievement -- received for information.
Mayor: defer; can advise we've one but haven't it yet
[VV read motion anyway]
SSch: defer until award arrives
VV: so defer
SSch: Mr Laing aware when award will arrive?
RL: similar to last year; get advised and then later it shows up
SSch, MClk: we'll bring it forward to agenda
5.         Development Variance Permit Application 07-048 (5340 Seaside Place)
            At the January 21, 2008 meeting, Council received the report dated January 11, 2008 from the Community Planner..
RD moved: THAT all written and verbal submissions ... be received.
RD: THAT the DVP which would provide for a pool mechanical room with a variance to siting, be approved.
Sop: this house was before us some time ago; wch is the drawings?
SJN: this is one of those Ccl sometimes wonder why before you
adjacent to house, underground, under terrace so not visible to anyone and does not require any rockbreaking
Sop: again I'll ask where?
SJN: abutting
Sop: wch page?
[much flipping of pages by several]
SJN: on first sheet, shaded area, small not large wch is pool, on lefthand side of drawing
Mayor: easier on p 26
[SJN gets up to show them]
SJN: underneath the patio
Sop: that's a different drawing
SJN: on waterfront side
6.         North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues Review of 2007 Committee Work and 2008 Workplan and Budget
1.  The North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues 2008 Workplan be approved; and
2.  The budget request for a one third share ($3267) of the total budget ($9800) be referred to the 2008 budget consideration.
{just fyi: don't know our proportion of ppl with disabilities but the popn of WV is barely one quarter of the North Shore since roughly CNV about same as DWV, and DNV twice.}
Mayor: your cmte
JF: some minor, spelling punctuation
they advise the three Ccls on the NShore on items of interest, bus schedules, etc, so we can assure our cmnty accessible to everyone; v hardworking group, visit sites all over NSh; meet monthly to discuss and provide advice; a pleasure to work with these ppl
self-explanatory; you've received printed guidelines; practical advice, re hearing/visual-impaired; $3267 is no increase
Mayor: pleased to see you're working on the measuring up prog; assume forwarded to Anne Mooi
7.   [Five-Year] Operating and Capital Budget for 2008-2012: Information to be provided.
RL: in the final stages of preparing for final mtg Feb 11
on Jan 14 we tabled the 2008 Budget Book; provided details re our 3% base budget
This week residents will receive a newsletter, the unresolved
revenue sources, level of support for rec subsidies, allows most to comment at the mtg Feb 11
this is the final piece we're putting into the -- it's a draft plan, being put out for the information of residents, urge comment as well
the report includes a fair amt of detail, summary re funds, water/sewer utilities, cemetery golf funds
WSCG funds, even more detail, funding sources
the major projects -- refinement to the budget book, final proposed plan in this
narrative project description
certain reserve fund balances: Endowment, Capital Facility Funds
Sewer and water user rates approved
will be concentrating on general fund details .....
dominated over the past few years, the RFMP, ambitious, major, pay-as-you-go; last year
District's signif funds earmarked for that plan so we cd implement on pay-as-you-go
only restriction re Endowment Fund ... when rec ctr completed will be a fund balance in excess of $20M
over the last several years, scope for other projects necessarily limited
we talk about operating budgets and capital plans; they are related
thought I'd talk a bit about this
first of all, one of the major items ongoing: infrastructure progs, annual escalating envelopes to maintain six categories of existing infrastructure established in early 2000s
prior to that capital large maintenance projects escalated wildly from year to year, not much discipline or definition of what was meant to maintain existing infrastructure ongoing, nothing about what it meant to maintain so started that about 2000, 2001 with an initial envelope $6M, a charge to operating funds, came out of taxation budget and was earmarked for ongoing maintenance of existing infrastructure; escalated thereafter, tried to keep pace with inflation and tried to provide for other things, bridges, piers, not included in past
been pointed out several times, this is more in the nature of maintenance, not new capital but have chosen to fund/manage through capital program, trying not to make it av to cuts to balance budgets;  continue throughout the five years
{wise move}
Secondly, the RFMP, quite intensive, involve increased operating costs once project built, GCC, Aq Ctr, artif fields, they were integrated when those opened
the new Cmnty Ctr, projection of increase in operating costs, for 2008 has not been incorporated, is subject to Budget 2008 discussion, finalizing
long-standing practice to transfer $1.24M to cap reserves fund
long-term capital plans involve long-term debt and you have to borrow and repay so far we anticipate borrowing for the third party spaces in the new cmnty ctr, covered by long-term leases, and the lease amts provide in full for the debt service we have to pay to the MFA
only new debt looking at, possibly anticipated/contemplated, new public safety bldg; far from scoped out, sketchy, know new public safety bldg needed in five-year period; costs to be determined
long-term debt will have to come out of taxation budget
Emphasis for 2008 crunch year; trying to navigate the crunchier of RFMP; knew all along 2008 wd be a crunch year
pay-as-you-go basis knew wd be a challenge, use up most of our capital resources, turned out to be true

------------------{public choices/plans add'ns to increase taxes}----------------------

for 2008, prog essential  and committed projects:
- completion of new Rec Ctr, $20M to finalize;
- includes initial funds for scoping of Police bldg and renos on existing facilities so can continue to be used for two to three years;
- three projects in Library ($1.7M) but two funded internally over $1M from bequests;
- completion of Amb Gateway and anticipate $3M to go on that in 2008;

{wonder how much this will be in total; we've already heard that part of the Ev Dr $$$ has gone to this.  Wd really like to know b/c it irked me that when the proposals were put up for cmnty comment in Library and other places, the costs weren't attached to the several plans proposed.  At a PRAC mtg someone asked and the costs were from $700K to over $4M.  Surely knowing the cost wd affect the choice a taxpayer wd make.  This looks like the most expensive was chosen.}

- acquisition of final prop on Argyle on 17th, think approved a few weeks ago and acq in progress;
- replacement of the Almondel Bridge -- deemed unsafe, demolished in 2007, being constructed;
- Spirit Trail -- Deep Cove to HBay, $4.4M looking to spend for WV portion, $2.4M govt by grants ($2M from prov, $400K from TransLink);
-  Hugo Ray Park $125K for planning and study, thereafter subject to grant applications and fundraising, project will unfold to possibly $6.5M of wch $5M from grants/fundraising;
- third artif turf field up on Cypress Bowl Rd, fill provided by BPP, field by 2011;

{will have to find out if or how much of taxpayer money required for this field since it was part of the "CB" for upzoning for Deer Ridge West}

- on placeholder basis: Amb Park possibility, hope, in 2009 will identify a devpr-operator for new concession bldg; devpr provide bldg, District will provide $700K infra
- Amb Vision Plan, provision plan for ongoing devt, placeholder, 2010 at $1M a year
- rather large project $5M, Taylor Way/LG bridgehead, anticipated shared costs with prov and TransLink; pushing v hard
- Ferry Building Expansion, looking at in 2010, addn of 5Ksf to that v popular gallery

range of projects for discussion during 2008, then setting stage for new vision, longterm plan
preserving Endowment threshold, minimizing debt, pursue a wide variety of funding sources
looking toward DCCs, govt grants, partnerships, fruits of our amenity contribution program from new devt, maximize our own surplus
summary of the highlights of our plan, generally consistent with previous; some a bit higher than anticipated
construction anticipated within budget, within original funding concept wch includes -- sales of some land
borrowing I've already talked about, only for the third-party space in the cmnty ctr
bottom line; in prior years, brought a package tidy, no loose ends, this plan isn't quite that tidy, has a few
given our existing reserve funds, short $4.6M
part of comment we're hoping to pick up from public is how to handle that shortfall; raise, defer, change, ideas for identifying alternative revenue ideas
need to bring to Ccl's attention, in terms of the golf fund it currently provides only for the construction of the Grt Hall but not for the new golf facility b/c inadequate resources, so anticipate some impact on the general fund when that project comes up for discussion
Staff recommending you receive this plan
copies in hallway and will be on website in the morning
Mayor: opp for public: mtg here Feb 11 Townhall
Feb 18, hope some way of guiding staff to bring bylaws forward
this is rather rough, staff have done all they can do, Ccl has to discuss -- now Ccl's property and thank you for getting it to this point
add'l mtg maybe Feb 25th and bylaws Mar 4
Cclr Smith, wd be helpful to have comments from Finance Cmte to guide us; role, framing questions for Ccl
Sop: one of the areas we'll be facing this year is the need to finally fund the Cmnty Ctr; large $$$
Endowment Fund and land sales
on the page that has the Reserve Fund balances, has Endowment $32M, then has land sales $6.6M
from where?
RL: two proposed transactions: sale of the Wetmore property, original cost came out of Endowment fund so has to be put back

{Awoogah! but adv cmte mbrs and public opinion was NOT to sell this valuable M asset.
Also, sell land to buy land, 50 years later we still have land but nothing if you sell land to build a bldg.....  The money can be put back and the property kept...........}

second from sale of old fire hall site in HBay
Sop: $32M, threshold $22M; existing does it include land sales from SeatoSky?
RL: does include first stage $6.9M
Sop: don't know?
SJN: can get exact
Sop: wd be $6.9M less?
now taking land and sell it
then use overage to again fund the shortfall, is that correct?
RL: not sure what you mean by shortfall
funding always did envision land sales from a number of sources
anticipation that debt might be incurred upward of $10M, determined to have land sales instead
plan unfolding with original plan
Sop: hate to disagree; want to fully understand
took $7M, to take it from $25M to $32M
then contingent?
if we don't want to sell Wetmore Motors, what's going to be done?
return to, why embark on major projects in next two three years when we don't have our house in order for 2008.....
I just envision some things in 2008 absolutely nec, Almondel Bridge already torn down
some things here
effect on operating budget and ...  look at new direction as to how financing these things
we haven't had any discussion around this table about $18M for new police bldg
issues re Fire
$8M on Spirit Trail! when
RL: these area all decisions for Ccl to make; decision made in past; reflected here
if Ccl refuses to, can ...
Sop: not finished
Mayor: thought you laid it out nicely
Sop: then I'll come back
VV: $9M in each of two years, $18M for police, and note land sales and by borrowing, longterm debt
previously done pay as you go
so this wd take us in a new direction; top of slippery slope, down into debt, a problem
read a sentence in FSTF, for ev $5M a one-time taxation a ... 1%  ...
that wd translate into an immediate tax increase for that year of 2%
so if we look at cost of wage settlements 3% per year, then add another 2% in 2009, 10 ... water
don't think our public is ready for this
I don't think the public will accept what the consequences will be to taxypayer if we do everything laid out on this page
MS: want to point out in the interest of fairplay, Mr Laing is the messenger; just laying out what Ccl said, not Mr L's wish list
for Mr Pike, the cmnty ctr represents the bulk, last report showed it wd be completed in Apr and haven't seen any figs since Aug, so when are we going to see next qtrly report so assured no extra
KP: keeping?  wd be Feb 18, try to keep it
Mayor: had one in Nov
MS: in Nov was figs to Aug; ask that we pls have that report on Feb 18th
all we have to pay out, know; obviously not going to open in Apr so more cost of rental
KP: gave the Aug figs b/c those were the most reliable ones; will bring most reliable on 18th too
Sop: don't know where?
I didn't write this, presented by Chief Financial Officer; his doc and we're working through it
infrastructure prog; I was told bare bones and will increase to $9.3M in 2012...
bare bones?
RL: don't know bare bones, but can function within
magnitude of project greatly exceeded that amt; not bare bones but not without challenges
Sop: major bldgs, and other projects; impact on infrastructure prog
have to have some financial impact so you have to hold to 8.3, etc
if pushed aside for a while, wdn't that .....
going to have to sharpen things up
RL: as to 2009 projects scoped, costed, designed, at that time associated costs operating can be calculated
wrt police, says we need a new bldg, this is ballpark; showing big numbers; planning funds will firm up those numbers
don't know where, what it will look like, size,.etc; when that done, Ccl will make a decision to proceed
Sop: we'll have..  .... $2.9M by 2012
why embark on an $18M project with no land costs
when it cd receive $250K for an upgrade; three years, let's have a look
... looking at astronomical
we have to build up our reserve funds to meet these expectations
we have supported purchase of Argyle down on waterfront; thought we'd start a fund from land sales, now we find ..... out of land sales
how many are going to come out of land sales?
great money from govt and don't want to look at it and say not a good thing
..... get our ducks in a row; shdn't look at any major projects for next three years
shd start next year with a whole new plan
get Ccl together, with staff, bury our heads, and ...
RL: I agree a new plan going forward from RFMP; in the meantime I can't ignore going forward ...
clarification on land sale wrt Police Bldg, money that site wd bring; tied
RD: strikes me as a bit alarmist; Police told us need bldg, in bad shape; earmarked money for rehabilitation; don't know when new, not many sites av
Mr Laing's duty is to point this out, may have to spend chunk of money, may not happen in next few years
shd remember we own up to two thirds of land between 13th and....; tremendous amt of equity 60%; that land can be used
we have $20M, threshold, but we cd go below that; have money in other funds
was originally envisioned sale of Wetmore to fund Cmnty Ctr

{NO NO NO NO NO!  Then Mayor Wood said there wd be FULL public consultation on what to do with this property.  Yes it was an investment -- cost about $6M and may now be worth $20M or more depending on whatever zoning Ccl decides to put there.  At the time I recommended that the bottom floors be used for an art gallery, theatre, something for public and then the upper floors can be rental accommodation for seniors, something v much needed in our cmnty.  That's a combination that keeps it in DWV ownership, has cmnty benefit from the point of amenities and needed housing options.
It is the case that DWV owns a lot of the 1300block of Marine Drive and that wd bring in even more, yet no mention had been made of that area.}

we have resources; have possibilities
obligated to present them to public and debate; not that we're devoid of resources
we'll make sure whatever we spend we can afford
JF: thank Mr Laing for his presentation; don't think any huge surprises beyond Almondel Bridge
most quite predictable
cmnty ctr, land sales and borrowing
known remaining lots bought;  arts and culture strategy bit segment of public wd like to see on waterfront
traffic concern for cmnty
not major surprises; listen to public and solicit advice from Finance Cmte (going to look) -- see if they can give us some advice
pros and cons of borrowing, land sales; know we have to do some or all of these; benefit of the advice of this group of citizens and our staff wd be a bit more easy for us and mbrs of public to understand
RL: once we do adopt a five-year plan, it's only for spending in 2008; 2009 to 12 gets revised
provides for spending only for one year
VV: much as I don't want to disagree with Cclr Day
postpone it, last a few more years, my info is a lot have to be spent for seismic area
basement area, horrible, ceilings too low, don't understand wrt doors why Fire Dept allow
to me, overdue wrt Police Bldg; we don't have v long to deal with that issue
RD: I said the bldg was in bad shape; we don't have a site, we've been looking for years
can't build until we find a site
that's a real dilemma; going to have a hard time finding a site
probably need a new Police Bldg in next five years
planning a good thing but you don't know what's going to happen
the point I was going to make is that we own all that land 60%, it's v v valuable; we're sitting on land extremely valuable
Mayor: the important is to get it out there
hope approve $250K for feasibility, cd be on the ballot
cd be leasing land we own; cd mean going below threshold; all for public to discuss
need new Police Bldg ....
v timely RFMP, this Ccl has talked a lot about ...
selling land on Argyle...  making it work harder for us; 15th 16th Fulton  ...
been kicked around for years
wd like to correct ... from  $2M, $400K  re Spirit Trail; hoped from DCC and believe cd be used as park, reserved for parks and this cd be a linear park
doesn't identify
HRay $4M has to come from private sources and prov; and if it doesn't still have to address traffic up there
looking to attract funding
wrt Cmnty Ctr, we're well into the contingency; challenge to come in ...; pushed out b/c of rain and snow, b/c of glue; fiscally prudent to push it out than meet arbitrary deadline; so think on path
having this out now; most of these things reflect Ccl direction though maybe not Ccl spending
Sop: we have Police Bldg, this bldg, Museum, Fire Hall, two houses on 15th, Fulton; quadrant where childcare, purchased Wetmore and two lots in behind
I've never seen a factual outline that describes our future needs, looking at all those land holdings and choosing what best biz case for next 50 years, never seen in 12 years on Ccl; not saying we haven't talked about it...
not seen longterm vision and I object to the fact we need $18M for a Police Bldg in three to five years; object to it, we do not need this bldg in this point in time; that's my opinion
and we've got to put matching funds re Spirit Trail
Mayor: those are the DCCs
Sop: and DCCs shd cover all the Planning Dept in their future needs and costs for next 15 years
Mayor:  that wd be ideal
Sop: shd cover them! we're so helter skelter here
I know Mr Laing has a job to do to bring it in and let public know; got a lot more questions on this one
************** the "RECEIVED" controversy -- it means? *************
Mayor: good; keeps us on our toes; may I call the question on the information provided?
Sop: this is receiving for information?
Mayor: now putting this in public domain
MS: move draft 2008-12 as attached be received and made av for resident comment
Sop: does 'received' mean approval?
Mayor: no
Sop: what does it mean then?
Mayor: being made av for resident comment
Sop: why not just say being made available, don't have to receive it? or receive it for information
Mayor: be made available for public comment
Sop: Madam Clerk told me earlier that we wd receive material for either information or consideration or for--
Mayor:  to approve this, as you know, wd require a bylaw
so we are accepting this and wishing to put it out in the public domain
Sop: well, that's what it shd say
Mayor: unless you don't want to put it out in the public domain
Sop: I do.  I'm asking what 'received' means
MS: cd point out Cclr Sop has the document in his hands so he's obviously received it
Mayor: Ms Scholes, do you have suggested wording?
SSch: certainly the words 'be received' cd be removed from the motion; in this case it is brought forward for the record that it was actually received as part of the ccl mtg
{still confusing}
RD: Ms, ccls, provs, states, and govts say receive; it is just customary, part of our Robert's Rules of Order
{whoops -- nope; DWV doesn't use RRO and I've been told that RRO discourages motions to receive -- I know Cclr V has done interesting research on this (see below); it's still confusing.}
this is nitpicking in the extreme; it's a waste of time
Sop agitated: no, it is not nitpicking
I asked for this about three months ago what received meant, it is not nitpicking b/c a staff report can come back to us from five months ago and it says we started in a new direction.  How did that get there? said b/c we received it and I object to the fact that we don't at least allow ourselves to go ahead and give a little bit of flexibility in trying to understand things after 12 years of the way that we're doing things
to receive something in my books means to receive it, and I'm not prepared to receive this or approve it in any way except to ship it off to the public
that's all I'm asking; it's not nitpicking
RD: Ms Scholes, wd you give Cclr Soprovich a copy of Robert's Rules of Order
Sop: I've read RRO and we do not follow RRO
{that's actually true, though few know it}
Mayor, taking control: both Cclr RD and Sop can ask me to establish a speaking order
what I think we're going to do is say: thank you, Mr Laing, for your report on the Five-Year Capital Plan and Ccl wishes to forward this to the public for comment
is that all right with you?
Sop: fine.
{great resolution, Madam Mayor, but not end of story}
Mayor: thank you
MS: I thought I had a motion
Mayor: discussion
MS: well, Madam Mayor--
VV: just want to comment b/c I am curious about this
I did read my old copy of RRO and it basically said there was no point in motions to receive documents we already have or that are already listed
the only purpose in saying shall we receive something is if perhaps someone from the public wishes to present something and we're going to choose whether we will or will not receive it, so that that expression used the way we use it is in that version of Robert's Rules not useful.
We shd either adopt something or not, but what we, in the convention that I've sensed in this Ccl is that we use the term receive, meaning that we authorize our staff to expend resources to further the content of whatever that document was.  If somebody's recently on Ccl that's not always obvious.
we tend to say we receive it meaning we've accepted delivery of it, not meaning we authorize staff to expend resources to begin implementing what's in it, and that's why I appreciate Cclr Sop is trying to bring this to a head b/c we carry on with that vocabulary and it doesn't really say what it sounds to the public as though it says, so I think we shd perhaps get this sorted out.

{Helpful.  You really have to know what they're referring to to fully understand why this debate.  Last fall, it turned out a group sent in a fund application to the province stating what was being done in a park and what they wd do.  The nub of contention was that that report of plans for the park were in a staff report that was received and the group portrayed it as a firm plan.
When that debate came up, I referred to "received for information" as the Queen chess piece b/c both staff and Ccl can say it was accepted (or adopted) b/c received and as the Mayor said during one discussion, if you didn't agree you shd hv spoken up or not accepted/received, or staff and Ccl can say it was not adopted, it was only for information.
Beautiful, eh!}

Mayor: first of all, the wording doesn't have the word 'received' in it anymore; so I'd like to call the question on that.
MS, indignant: that's not my motion.
Mayor: well, your, it had 'receive' in it--
Mental stamping of feet, MS: I know; no, I'm not withdrawing it; I want a vote on my motion
Mayor: --secondly, RRO is not what we're governed by, we have our own procedure bylaw; and thirdly, I know this bothers you after years on Ccl -- all of a sudden -- but we have to be in agreement on the terms that we use.
For the purposes of the motion on the floor, I'd like to call the question.  Ms Scholes, cd you read Cclr Smith's motion
SSch: if I understand correctly, be received and made av for resident comment
Mayor: seconded by Cclr F
Sop: can it be split one received and one for public?
JF: call the question
Mayor: when any mbr of ccl asks a motion be split, you have to do that but I don't know if this is a splittable motion
MClk: it can be, Madam Mayor
Mayor: then we have to do that; so wd you read the first part?
SSch: ...draft... be received
Mayor: in favour? opposed? Motion carries; I don't know if that means it doesn't exist for two mbrs of Ccl.  The second part?
SSch, MClk: so av for public comment
8.         Traffic and Parking Bylaw No. 4370, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4535, 2008
RECOMMENDED: introduced and read a first, second and third time.
RB: will greatly assist the Police Dept re ticketing etc
JF: questions about large trucks
Brent Dozzi: re furniture; boats and trailers, sep section for those types of vehicles
resident allowed to park on their prop, and can apply for permit in blvd, particularly if driveway overly steep
this is directed at larger vehicles
JF: bylaw officer provide a warning; permit on site
some may not be aware need a permit to park there for two or three days
BD: believe not practice to search out, usually come to our attention by call from a nbr
will contact owner of vehicle and sort out
{permit for blvd who gives? nbrs notified?
9.         Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw No. 4368, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4536, 2008
RECOMMENDED: introduced and read a first, second and third time.
10.       Establishment of Finance Committee and Audit Committee
1.  Council approve the terms of reference, as attached to the report from the Director of Finance dated January 28, 2008, for a reconstituted "Finance Committee", and for the segregated "Audit Committee".
2.  Council consider the appointment of five members of the community, and a Council liaison member, to the Finance Committee.
Michael Lewis (was mbr of last year's F&A Cmte): wish to speak to TofRef of Finance Cmte
suggestions: under duties: may comment on annual and longterm budget; useful to articulate operating and capital budget; qtrly financial reports
add also: opportunities for operational efficiencies
under mbrship, under Ccl Liaison, be two cclr liaison mbrs, found it useful to have two, having both Cclr Clark and Cclr Smith
under mtg schedule under section five-- instead of quarterly, say monthly perhaps at least ten times (not much happens in July and August)
glad closer to recommendations of FSTF, and the direction from Ccl to staff at Jan 21st mtg been incorporated
encourage apptmt as quickly as possible so can commence for 2008
Mayor: thank you for your service last year
David Marley: wd like to reiterate what Mike Lewis said
here speaking on behalf of ITAC, we have six ppl out; can't rival Ms Black and the Dog bylaw ppl
I too, wrt Tof Ref the Finance Cmte shd be tasked with identifying and recommending implementation of efficiencies within the District's operating budget
support Mr Lewis re mtgs and shd be at the call of the chair upon reasonable notice
wrt apptmts; be done at earliest opp so cmte can spend time reviewing budget for this year
ITAC is recommending three: Michael Lewis who served on the cmte from June last year; Scott Hean who resides HBay and is a former executive with the Bank of Mtl and currently a CFO; and lastly Mr Gareth Pullman who is a former exec with JP Morgan Chase and is a sr official with the Fed Treasury Bd.  The details of their resumes will be forwarded to you.  Suggest these wd be three excellent cmnt reps to appoint forthwith
Scott Hean: last time I presented before I gave a little rendition of who I am so won't repeat, with exception I am CFO of a number of public companies, all on the TSX, one about to go on AMEX; certified corporate director in Canada; hv bn chair of an audit cmte of a mining company and currently on two others
last year it was called the Finance and Audit Cmte and noticed Audit has been taken off
I'd like to suggest Ccl consider audit be included or separate that corporate shareholders demand and expect from their directors
audit cmtes have become increasingly important since names like WorldCom, Enron, ...
role of Audit cmtes much more pressured; more light put on it
typically independent, nothing to do with staff or bd of directors
the auditors report to the audit cmte, not to Ccl or staff
audit cmte to sit down qtrly, actual to budget; meet at least annually with the outside auditor
talk as to finding of outside results; then in camera mtg with no staff present
then outside auditor able to talk about how they see staff and the competency thereof
wd like Ccl to consider, audit incorporated or sep audit cmte struck, comprised of independent mbrs of this cmnty in a regulatory sense financially literate
failing 100% independent, then majority; therefore a cclr cd be on cmte, only one involved; meet at least qtrly with staff, annually with auditor
qtrly mtgs review results, with budgeted results
if corrections to be made; say to Ccl we're going offside in certain ways
incorporate an in camera concept with audit and auditors
meet qtrly at least; at call of chair
have read in a couple of emails composition of Fin Cmte/Aud cmte is somehow linked to Cmnty Charter prov govt, and if that is true then recommend to Ccl we as a District significantly and strenuously petition the prov govt for a change to the Cmnty Charter, b/c I do not believe an Audit function can be performed if only ccl mbrs and staff

{ACHTUNG!  If you actually read the Cmnty Charter, it says:  (section 170) "... a council may only delegate its powers, duties and functions ... [to an Audit] committee comprised of council members."
NB:  When asking Council to do something, it helps to check first if what you are asking is legal.}

MS: just heard some interesting feedback from public wch is good
comments before introducing the draft
don't want to get trapped in a war of verbiage here, Shakespeare said it best, a rose by any other name wd smell as sweet
obviously cmte will look at operating efficiencies, goes without saying
mtg, change to say meet at least quarterly, with appropriate notice given to cmte and general public
twice a month or once a week during budget time
wrt Audit cmte, a lot of diff opinions
put Mr Hean's mind at ease and say I own and operate a biz that puts through as many dollars as this M
I think I'm qualified, so not absolutely essential mbr from public
general finance officers
Mr Laing brought forth sep Audit cmte shd be comprised of mbrs of Ccl
two schools of thought and happy in either; if strictly mbrs of Ccl I'm okay with that.
wd move Ccl approve report dated Jan, er, there's really no date on it; oh well give as dated today
and at least one ccl liaison
and wd hope first mtg, appmts right away and hope to meet no later than Feb 12 after budget mtg Feb 11 and swing into action and deal with suggestions that out of that mtg
JF: question, with the amendment you made to no 5?
MS: unless Mr L has any violent objection to my amendment; meet at call of chair with adequate notice?
Sop: Mr Beauchamp, is it under the Cmnty Charter proper to have a Mayor and Ccl and staff do the audit of their own M framework?
RB: as far as apptmt of audit or finance cmtes, the restriction is not under Cmnty Charter

{BZZZT! er, um, what about Section 170 cited in my inserted commentary above?}

so that can be done; wrt T of reference before you, wd defer to Mr Laing
RL: the Audit Cmte does not perform an audit, we have external auditors for that
we have also an internal audit function wch for the moment is performed on a contract basis and hope to have that as a full-time function in 2008
in terms of what Audit Cmte does, issues to do with accountability and control, and financial reporting and what those standards are; that can take many forms and if Ccl wants a report from me on what our system of accountability and control is I can provide that to Ccl, how far it goes
what has been suggested this evening is a different model control; can do, if Ccl's desire; takes resources beyond this M right now but can be explored
Sop: if we reviewed docs, can they be turned over to the Finance Cmte?
RL either to external auditors or Police, depending on nature of concern
Sop: tracking; Ccl/Mayor wd sit with staff; look at docs been audited, say things in order
what if we have some evaluation questions; pretty limited scope?
RL: wd not agree limited in scope
as it has been operating, has received reports from staff; receives from external auditors and does meet with auditor with no staff present
Sop: if looked at and we want more information, cd we turn it over to the Finance Cmte?
RL: Ccl's purview to turn over to anybody; staff can't do work but can provide advice
Sop: see great value, finance cmte of citizens with diff perspective from Ccl; valuable system
think the Audit Cmte been brought in b/c of in camera focus
RL: sorry I don't understand the question
Sop: privy only to elected officials, we brought to Audit Cmte b/c before with Finance
assume of Charter, is it only cclrs can see; that's why Audit Cmte only Mayor and Ccl
RL: to our embarrassment, our combined Finance and Audit Cmte was contrary to the Cmnty Charter
Mayor: effort to be transparent
Sop: if we have docs to sift through, turn over request to cmte, aren't those documents considered in camera?
not trying to split hairs, want to know what the reporting system wd be, why not allow public on cmte, can't give report, but turn around  and give it to cmte anyway
MS: Mr Laing is quite right; the Audit cmte meets with our external auditors in private without staff
if any issues, questions brought up that our auditors have any concern with or can't answer then the matter wd go on and be dealt with in a further way
wrt Cclr Sop's specific question, the duties say mbrs of cmte will work on priority areas determined by Ccl and staff
if issue brought up by Auditor, make work in a more efficacious way, refer to Finance Cmte
think it wd work out v well the way laid out, and I can allay Cclr Sop's fears, if anything comes up; they will be dealt with by Ccl themselves or by referral to Finance Cmte
Mayor: we will work quickly to appoint cmte, ppl who have applied, if mtg Feb 12, ppl interested/appointed invited to attend
11. Appointments to the Design Review Committee for 2008: Info to be provided
MS: new Eric Lees; reappointment: Jennifer Marshall, Veronica Gillies, P J Mallon, Cam Anderson, and Karl Ray
12.      Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
The following Consent Agenda items may be considered separately or in one recommendation.
13.       Development Applications Status List -- received for information.
14.       Greater Vancouver Water District (GVWD) 2007 Grant in Lieu of Taxes: from the Greater Vancouver Water District in the amount of $47,670 for 2007.
15.      Terms of Reference for Proposed Working Groups:  Arts & Cultural Facilities; and Festivals & Events
RECOMMENDED: received for information as recommended by the Community Engagement Committee.
16.       Correspondence List -- be received.
MS: attended my first mtg last Thursday of the Srs' Ctr Advisory Bd
Srs moving ahead with plan; transportation out to Gleneagles for purpose of pottery classes out there
did have some serious concerns about, hope Mr Pike will bring forward on 18th, still concerns about parking; Srs point out attendance down and attribute that to parking, hope Mr Pike will bring forth recommendations wrt parking on 18th
KP: yes, we will be speaking to that on 18th; but current parking will not last beyond opening of facility
once access open, connection with interior; will no longer there
Mayor: thank you for taking that on, app your attendance; appreciate putting cclr on bd, long overdue
RD: attended Housing Panel with you and others as well; Panel
about 150 there, excellent presentations
popn growth and lack of space here in general; housing needs while retaining nbrhd character
our WGs are doing extremely well, thinking carefully about challenges dealing with
open houses v well organized; dealing with so my problems; this working group doing a v good job
housing needs, need to get on with, good residents getting involved
Mayor; Cclr JF, and VV there
RD: sorry for not mentioning; big crowd, terrible weather
George Pajari:  thank you very much, Mayor and Ccl
I wish to speak to the matter of Council correspondence['s] disappearing from the January 21st agenda.
While the correspondence has reappeared on the agenda, I feel there is still a very important issue of process that needs to be discussed.
I have carefully reviewed the Council Procedure Bylaw (both as amended, and prior to the recent amendments) as well as the District's Correspondence Policy as approved by Council, the current version as well as previous versions, and it appears that the procedure and policy approved by Council, and in effect in January, was that correspondence was to appear on the Council Agenda.
Given that research, I have several questions:
1. Is my analysis correct, that the procedure bylaws and/or District's Correspondence Policy in effect when the January 21st agenda was prepared mandated that correspondence appear in the Agenda?
2. Who decided to remove correspondence from the January 21st agenda and on what authority was that decision based?
Thank you.
RB: wrt the temporary trial period through budget discussions that Ccl had asked staff to consider in the Correspondence, that was placed on the 24th agenda,

my eyebrows shot up hearing this.  I'd been told Ccl wd no longer be having mtgs on weekday mornings wch some of us contend is illegal and ought to be open and notification given; otherwise they are virtually closed in camera mtgs without qualifying to be so.
Ccl was meeting regularly at 9am on Wednesday mornings (but the 24th was a Thursday, however there's been a mtg on a Friday morning too); I'd been told they wd no longer do that and here we are again!
And clearly decisions are being made.
One told me they might discuss things but no decisions, and here's proof decisions.
Frankly a quibble and casuistry to say no decisions b/c no votes -- and then later say there was consensus so such-and-such was done/implemented.  Risible were it not so perverted as to 'open govt'.
In any case, the word is it's illegal to discuss ccl business items in a closed format.
So much for commitment to openness, hm?
If Mayor doesn't carry out her pledge of transparency, will any cclrs stand up, speak out, insist on notification for mtgs (even if called a workshop or a "Manager's Meeting"), and inform residents they will be open?
You are aware, of course that Ccl meets for an hour at least before the ccl mtg starts, don't you...........}

and at that time there were discussions by Ccl, and as you noted tonight, staff had reverted back to the previous method of having items listed on the agenda; so that has been taken care of
GP: I'm sorry, I didn't quite follow; at wch meeting was the Ccl policy amended?
Mayor: prior to that
RB: prior to that through budget discussions, when Ccl was discussing budget items for consideration.  One of the other items is having laptop provisions within the ccl chamber
GP: was this public mtg?
Mayor: I'm not following what Mr B is saying, wd like to ask Ms Scholes about the Correspondence, the change to our Procedure Bylaw affecting Correspondence b/c we've been around and around and around this; and there was that one ccl mtg agenda wch you're referring to wch didn't have Correspondence, wch is what caused me to say, I'm not sure that that's exactly what Ccl envisioned.  We revisited it, we've gone back to the status quo
so that one mtg was the v truncated trial period
perhaps we can ask, did that correspondence that wd hv bn on that public agenda, was that ever made public?
SSch: no, it was circulated to Ccl

{OOOOOOO!  Well, let's hope in the interests of completeness, it will be added to the next Ccl agenda!
Keep in mind, folks, that when Correspondence disappeared Nov 2006, after efforts by many it was restored early 2007 -- that's why the shock of its sudden suppression again this year.  Didn't they learn the first time that it was not the public's or some cclrs' wish?  Stubborn determination to try it on yet again?
and as you see, without due process quite apart from public consultation -- but maybe none b/c they knew what the public thought?
or is it a case of bureaucrats leading Ccl by the nose again?
Do know some did not know of the change Nov 2006, the first time, but looks like 'discussion' this time but that doesn't cut it when it comes to abiding by DWV bylaws and policies....}

GP: but my concern, Madam Mayor, is [holding it up] this is the Ccl Procedure Bylaw that you passed, this [holding it up] is the Administrative Policy that Ccl passed.  Neither [has] been amended since they were passed and they specifically mandate that this Correspondence appear.
So while I think it's fine that Ccl might discuss or staff might suggest efficiencies, I'm v concerned that a specific mandate passed in open Ccl by resolution was overridden without public process.
{Oops: G misspoke: while the Procedure Bylaw has not been amended since passed, the policy was amended in January of 2007, a year ago}
Mayor: All right.  May we pls follow up with that?
GP: Thank you.  I look forward to your response.
Dave Roach: did mention a couple of mtgs ago still don't have VCHA lease and impact on budget
my understanding is that there's a negative cash flow for the first 15 years of the lease and recovery in the second 15 years
did ask for that information and asked for that info to be brought to Ccl
we've got a week now before Feb 11
KP: Mr L and I have been discussing this matter; given all the other budget issues, we haven't had the time
been approved in camera, Mr R is correct, has not been released
Mayor: you're meeting with Mr Laing tomorrow afternoon
DR: but we had not identified that item; was to deal with question I had
but the point still remains, whatever he and I discuss, they won't be made public
Mayor: but wd be a good basis for responding to your request
DR: still trying to get some idea when info Mr Pike has in his possession vis a vis VCHA lease will be in public domain; whether projection, how much shortfall servicing the debt central cmnty ctr
for VCHA
do understand a net present value that the Finance dept has prepared
but there is a cashflow shortfall for that debt; apparently we recover that in second 15 years, but shortfall in first 15 years; has a budget impact -- funding add'l firefighters, add'l studies
KP: Ccl does need to release this info
Mayor: will come back to Ccl and will release
DR: listening to Mr Pike and Cclr Smith talk about the construction project at 21st and Fulton
struck by two things, the length of time since the last report, approximately six months
Mayor: was in Nov but did have info to Aug
KP: report qtrly and will continue to, in Nov most up-to-date figs were Aug
DR: so figs not current
Mayor: enabled us to address parking
DR: next report will be prepared and presented here on?
KP: Feb 18th
DR: since budget discussion with public on 11th of Feb, does seem to be an opp here for new info to come out
so info week after, public not really current to make informed decision wrt budget
wd it not be useful to have Mr Pike accelerate the release of that report so timely; so enough time?
public have info at hand and address any issues and capital plan; useful thing to have before that Feb 11th mtg
Mayor: issues wrt budget, and also issues about parking
Feb 18th is not too late for further public input
ppl can comment ... bylaw Mar 4th
our debate first couple of weeks of March, so there is time
DR: for those of us who attend weekly, but for those who only come when crucial
you want feedback on the finances on the 11th, wd seem approp as much info as possible put into public domain prior, so informed and current, both sides up to date
Mayor: report itself needs to be on the ccl agenda
DR: since going to be a mtg on the 11th
Mayor: no, it's a budget workshop
DR: so it's procedure
RL: we are committed to get as much info as possible prior to Feb 11th
tonight's was the final for that
cd be that there are add'l pieces such as the VCHA lease; possible may be add'l info that comes out that we feel needs to have comment on, and we're committed to making sure there's a time period for that to happen
not a question of managing what's released before the 11th and after the 11th so that it doesn't catch public comment; I think we're committed to getting public comment on all the material, and if dealing with another piece and a significant piece and there are misunderstandings out in the cmnty about what that agreement is about; when that report comes out we need to provide for a proper period for resident comment on that so ppl understand them.
{Glad to hear that, RL!}
Mayor: thank you
RL: we're committed to that.
Mayor: thank you.

=== COUNCIL WORKSHOP AGENDA Feb 11th === hm; can't see VCHA lease!
2.         2008 BUDGET
(1)       District of West Vancouver 2008 Proposed Budget - Towards a Sustainable Future
(2)       Draft [Five-Year] Capital Plan, 2008-2012
(3)       Newsletter - 2008 Budget: Issues for Discussion
=====  H E R I T A G E   A L E R T  !  =====
2007 was an absolutely dreadful year for heritage in WV.  In the spring we lost the cottage in the Evelyn Drive area with historical connections (No 5 below).  Later in the year we lost Hugo Ray's log cabin, one of the oldest structures on the North Shore and the home of the namesake of Hugo Ray Park about where it was located.  Then there was the drama of the demolition of the Graham Residence -- a gem by Arthur Erickson, an internationally known and recognized home on an 'unbuildable' lot.  Unique West Coast architecture.  It gripped the stepped waterfront slope -- design by nature, wch is now the professed mantra for WV.  Gone.

        [Thanks to Peter Miller for this 2007 List]
        {I have bolded WV resources and added updated information; * indicates demolished}
1. North Vancouver Schools (including 1910 Lonsdale, 1911 Ridgeway, and 1914 Queen Mary
2. Binning House, 2968 Mathers Avenue, West Vancouver
The Binning House, built in 1941 by architects Ned Pratt and Bob Berwick, was conceived by B.C. Binning, the sculptor, painter, and founder of the school of Fine Arts at UBC. He lived and worked in this house until his death in 1976, and his widow, Jessie, continued as the sole occupant until her death in 2007. The house's fate is now uncertain.
{At present negotiations going on with Estate and The Land Conservancy}
3. Lower Lonsdale
The City of North Vancouver is promoting a proposal to site a new National Maritime Centre at the old Burrard Dry Dock industrial site (also known as Wallace Shipyards and Versatile Pacific Shipyards) on the waterfront at the foot of Lonsdale. The site, established in 1906, has immense heritage value.
{Ccl has passed de-designation and demolition is imminent.}
4. Hollyburn Ski Lodge
The Hollyburn Heritage Society has been campaigning for the past decade for the restoration of Hollyburn Ski Lodge, a haven for skiers and hikers since 1927. After 80 years of snow- fall, rain, summer heat, and lively activities, the lodge is showing its age, and there are concerns it may have to shut down in the next few years if major work is not conducted soon.
{Some funds have been received and hoped it will be a 2010 Legacy project.}
5. British Properties Company Cottage, 742 Keith Road, West Vancouver*
It was in this British Properties "company cottage" in 1939 that King George VI and Queen Elizabeth had tea after officially opening the Lions' Gate Bridge, with the queen famously asking if she could buy a home in the area, and describing it as "the place to live". Although modest in appearance, the 1935 building -- also known as the "VIP shack" -- was of clear importance to the history of West Vancouver, as the first building and sales office in the British Properties. It was designed by local architect William Bow.
{DEMOLISHED April 2007}
6. Post-and-Beam Homes
For three post-war decades, from 1945-75, the North Shore was at the centre of residential design in Canada, with houses winning national and international acclaim. West and North Vancouver attracted a host of cutting-edge architects looking to break with past tradition and forge a new modern style, including B.C. Binning, Ned Pratt, Robert Berwick, Ron Thom, Fred Hollingsworth, and, perhaps most notably, Arthur Erickson.  They developed a unique movement known as the West Coast Style or Post-and-Beam. Avoiding bearing walls allowed for open interior spaces. It also permitted economical construction on the rugged hillsides of the North Shore.
7. Grand Boulevard North Vancouver
The Grand Boulevard area, developed in 1906 by the North Vancouver Land and Improvement Company, was designed to be an opulent residential development, with building restrictions on the wide lots surrounding the boulevard. The central boulevard was designated as a park.
8. West Vancouver Municipal Hall
The current West Vancouver Municipal Hall, located at 750 - 17th Street, was officially opened on November 20, 1964. It stands on the site of the original municipal hall, which was built in 1912 on property purchased from WV pioneer developer John Lawson for $1. The current "modernist" style building was designed by the architectural firm of Toby, Russell, & Buckwell.
9. Gleneagles Clubhouse, Gleneagles Golf Course, West Vancouver
The Great Hall, built in 1952-3, was the clubhouse for the original Gleneagles Golf Club before West Vancouver municipality bought the golf course in 1958. The hall has acted as a reception venue for several generations of West Vancouver families, accommodating weddings, luncheon meetings, and other community celebrations.
{Although identified as a priority, add'l money for restoration may be needed and considered in Budget 2008 deliberations.}
10. Silk Purse Gallery 1570 Argyle Avenue, West Vancouver
The original cottage, located on a waterfront lot, was built at the water's edge in 1925 and was similar in construction to lakeside cottages of the time. A small, two-storey addition was built in the 1970s when the cottage became a year-round arts centre.
{It has the office for the West Vancouver Arts Ccl and has musical performances as well as art displays.}

===  Where's our donkey?  ===  what children teach us......
CPTnet 8 Feb 2008:  AT-TUWANI REFLECTION: Why can't you bring us our donkey? by Joy Ellison
   When I saw Heba* talking to the Ma'on settlement guard, I went running towards her with my video camera poised. In At-Tuwani, Israeli settlers have attacked Palestinian children walking to school, as well as Palestinian adults working on their own land. But as I hurried towards Heba, I realized this seven-year-old was about to teach me a lesson in nonviolent resistance.
   Her hands clasped behind her back, Heba looked up into the face of the settlement guard. With her usual composure, she spoke to him. This particular settler is notorious for harassing Palestinians; I've seen adult Palestinians take off running when he approached. But he was looking down at Heba and listening. Before I could reach where she stood, Heba turned and calmly walked away.
   "What did you say to him, Heba?" I asked. A small, shy girl, Heba didn't reply at first. But soon my teammates coaxed an answer from her.
"I asked him why he couldn't bring back our donkey."
   Recently, Israeli settlers beat a Palestinian man from the village of Tuba and stole his donkey. (See 4 December 2007 CPTnet release, " AT-TUWANI: Demonstrators walk from At-Tuwani to Tuba, protesting settler harassment.") Palestinians living in the South Hebron hills have had their livestock stolen before. From experience, they know the Israeli police are unlikely to do anything to help them recover their property or prosecute settlers who attack them. Perhaps the entreaties of a little girl could succeed where the Israeli police fail.
   About a half an hour before I watched Heba make her case to an armed settler, Israeli soldiers drove up to where Palestinians were ploughing. Palestinians asked CPT to film as they worked their land. Neighbours came to see what was happening. Soon a crowd of children joined them. Heba's mother passed out tiny cups of Arabic coffee. As soon as the settlement guard arrived, Heba's grandmother, the oldest woman in At-Tuwani, walked up to him. She greeted him without a trace of fear and asked him where the donkey was.
   Armed with nothing but their human rights, the people of at-Tuwani remained on their land. The farmers convinced the soldiers to allow them to work, and the settlement guard assured Heba and her grandmother that he would do his best to bring back the donkey. I don't have much hope that the donkey will be returned, but I'm sure that Heba will grow up knowing how to resist injustice. And that gives me hope for the villages of the South Hebron Hills.
*Not her real name.
COMMENTS: To ask questions or express concerns, criticisms and affirmations send messages to peacemakers@cpt.org.

===   LANGUAGE   ===  Pronunciation/Enunciation Exercise:
1.  Three witches watch three Swatch watches.  Which witch watches which Swatch watch?
2.  Three switched witches watch three Swatch watch switches.  Which switched witch watches which Swatch watch switch?
3.  Three Swiss witch-bitches, who wish to be switched Swiss witch-bitches, wish to watch three Swiss Swatch watch switches. Which Swiss witch-bitch who wishes to be a switched Swiss witch-bitch, wishes to watch which Swiss Swatch watch switch?
===   BANK ROBBERY   ===
Man robs a bank and takes hostages. 
He asks the first hostage if he saw him rob the bank. 
Hostage  answers yes. 
Robber shoots him dead.  
Asks the second hostage if he too saw him rob the bank.  
The second hostage  answers "No, but my wife did."

===   QUOTATIONS   ===
Marrying for looks is like buying books for their pictures - a good idea, if one cannot read.
                -- Yahia Lababidi, writer of Egyptian-Lebanese origin (b 1973)
Strike an average between what a woman thinks of her husband a month before she marries him and what she thinks of him a year afterward, and you will have the truth about him.
                -- H.L. Mencken, writer, editor, and critic (1880-1956)
Being a woman is a terribly difficult trade, since it consists principally of dealing with men.
                -- Joseph Conrad, Polish-born English novelist (1857 - 1924)