Ccl Budget NOTES Feb 11th
AGENDA Feb 18th
Calendar to Feb 29th

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

The Mayor has said that input on Budget 2008 continues to be welcome.
                HERITAGE AWARDS MONDAY NIGHT! (see list of winners below)
=  Main Items Ccl Agenda Feb 18th: Heritage Achievement Awards; Vancouver Coastal Health; Srs' Ctr; DVP for non-conforming sign at WV Presbyterian Church; Ccl Remuneration Report; Gleneagles Golf -- Service Bldg and Grt Hall (funding); Cmnty Ctr Qtrly Update; Apptmts to Finance Cmte; Bldg Amendment Bylaw to third reading!; OCP/Zoning Amendments, Devt Permit going from restaurant to 15 units, 24th & Marine Dr (increased density by any other name); Amendment Bylaws: Traffic and Parking; Bylaw Notice Enforcement; DVPs for 2710 Rosebery and 5517 Ocean Place set for Mar 3rd; Preliminary Engagement Framework: Metro Vancouver and Vancouver Fraser Port Authority; CORRESPONDENCE: Yay, asked for what was removed from our dangerous threatening eyes and here it is! and what a load!  Skim down and see what you find of interest -- dogs, Hugo Ray Park, budget, just oodles; and items that are only available for viewing in the Legislative Services Dept that we wdn't have known about!
HERITAGE (Award Winners); RESIDENT gRUMBLE (still fighting closed mtgs); UPDATES; ANIMALWATCH (hackensack squirrel, pet moose, gecko); CULTUREWATCH (Dumb and Dumber; Theatre, Ballet, Monarchy); NEWSWATCH; CALENDAR to Feb 29th
=  Feb 11th Ccl Workshop NOTES/SUMMARY: full chamber, lots of input; Budget Newsletter a good idea getting up info and interest; dept budgets up 6%? admin up 20%? quite a few WV employees made pitches! CR asks (URL for VCHA lease), and observations from some beancounters
=  Feb 18th Ccl AGENDA
ADRA AGM (Feb 21) Newsletter/Update with Mbrship form; Heritage Achievement Awards; Cypress Snowshoe and Barbecue details [Heritage Week Events/Activities flyer]

===  H E R I T A G E  === [More info at end; 922 4400; www.heritage.westvan.org]
= Sat 16th  ~ HERITAGE TALK at Museum (See Calendar)
=  AWARDS (Feb 18th ccl mtg):
Mrs Carlile and Mrs. Bernard; Peter Miller, Nancy Smith, (and) North Shore Heritage Preservation Society; Paul Berlinguette (NSh Wetland Partners) and Randall Lewis (Environmental Coordinator for the Squamish Nation); Nicky Morgan and Dave Tupper; Tom Houg; Elspeth Bradbury; and Padra & Sarah Farhangi. [Details at end]
Panels in Park Royal North mall on Park Royal and the WV Heritage Register; displays at various places throughout WV including the Library and the Silk Purse; mention 'heritage' at the Red Lion and the Beach House in Dundarave for a heritage menu, at the Salmon House on the Hill for a little surprise
= SUNDAY Feb 24th:
o  Heritage Fayre, 2 - 4:30pm Sun 24th Park Royal North (heritage groups; heritage quiz for a prize)
o  free Cypress Snowshoe and Barbecue (3pm; reservations required; call 913 2573)
There will be a display at Park Royal during the week and at Heritage Fayre.  More info on DWV website with their inimitable URLs, go to http://www.westvancouver.ca/article.asp?a=5274&c=1021
= HM the QUEEN
The Monarchist League will be handing out some portraits at Heritage Fayre, but every Canadian can get one free. See  http://www.pch.gc.ca/special/reine-queen/index_e.cfm

===   RESIDENT gRUMBLE   === protecting our democratic heritage.....
OPEN :-)  and CLOSED  :-(  MTGS
As you know, I've worked tirelessly this past year trying to make sure cmte/WG mtgs are open.  After an initial closed mtg for the Rodgers Crk WG as I found out and after alerting Cclr Day, they were open :-).  Cclr JF's Ambleside Town Ctr WG had some closed mtgs :-( but somewhat curtailed when the Mayor gave a reminder.  In spite of that Cclr JF's Arts and Culture met many times (illegally) in camera :-( and didn't even put its agendas (well, it put up two) on the WG's webpage, and NO notes on the mtgs whatsoever :-(.  Cclr Sop's Env'tal WG broke into four subcmtes and no agendas or notes for months, however met in the fall and gave a great report to Ccl.  Cclr Smith's cmte and WG have been mostly open :), as has Cclr Clark's Housing WG :-).  So there have been improvements.
It was therefore extremely irritating/frustrating to find out that a Feb 7th Cmnty Grants WG (Cclr Sop's) mtg was being held as I found out walking by to the Rodgers Crk WG.  It was not on the DWV Cmnty Calendar, but a mtg for the 19th was.  Well, I thought I'd pursue this b/c I recalled the Grant Application deadline was the end of January, so no mystery what they wd be discussing -- debating about giving out money so maybe wanted no one knowing about the mtg being held (except the mbrs).  The next day I asked about it and a date was put on the WG's webpage with an asterisk (still not on the Cmnty Cal) and staff wrote me that if mtg at short notice they were told to put an *.  That didn't pass the LOL (Laugh Out Loud) test.  I'm on the CEC, the cmte that sets the guidelines for WGs so knew that was fiction.  In any case, no agenda -- was told something about no agenda and just discussing grants.  :-( :-(
The previous adv cmte that apportioned the grant money (from $100 - 200K), had a form/formula and discussed the grants in mtg with citizens present.  No reason to change, go back to secrecy.
Of course it's a temptation.  So are discussions on increasing density.  The WGs are supposed to be an improvement and herald more and better resident involvement.
A disappointment that we still have WGs finagling to meet in secret or without residents knowing.
How can we make sure that cclrs involved, mbrs, and staff not only understand mtgs are to be open but also will take action to make sure they are rather than work to have them closed or not object when a mtg is closed.  When will they not just mouth 'open' and 'transparent' but actively make sure mtgs are not closed?
I guess that's why the saying govt/democracy has to be watched.
We have to know where they are, however.
I've been advocating, for over a year, for a resident 'interest' list.  As I understand it, if you contact the staff person for any cmte/WG you're interested in, you can be added to the email list for notifications of mtgs.
I'm going to try it out.
Will let you know.

===   UPDATES   ===
o  MLA Ralph Sultan has assisted West Vancouver resident Dr. Max Cynader  to receive top level endorsement and support in the Speech from the Throne in Victoria this week.  Dr. Cynader's Brain Center  http://www.brain.ubc.ca/   at UBC has become a top agenda item in the government, due to its promise of solutions for such costly and perplexing medical problems as stroke, Alzheimer's, dementia, MS, fetal alcohol syndrome, attention deficit syndrome, and autism. 
What are the North Shore Sport Awards?
The North Shore Sport Awards is the only community sport awards event of its kind in British Columbia. The annual awards recognize residents who contribute to the sporting life of the North Shore, celebrate sport achievement at all levels -- from recreational and high school to provincial and international -- and also salutes coaches, volunteers, and officials.
This is your opportunity to recognize those individuals and teams that have achieved excellence in their sport by nominating them for a North Shore Sport Award.
Nominate someone today
Nominations are open to all North Shore residents in various categories, including individuals, teams coaches, and officials. Nominations close on Tuesday, February 26.
Nomination boxes and forms are available at the West Vancouver Aquatic Centre, Gleneagles Community Centre and West Vancouver Memorial Library, as well as North Van recCentres and Capilano College; or nominate online at www.nssportawards.com
Sport Awards Update
This year's North Shore Sport Awards is set for Tuesday, April 8th at 7:30pm at Park Royal Shopping Centre in the West Vancouver North Mall (entrance beside the GAP store)
Please RSVP for both events. For more information or to RSVP, please contact Stacy Metz at 913 2712 or email smetz@westvancouver.ca.

===   ANIMALWATCH   ===
** a sporty squirrel:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RaWA1vKmSNQ
** a well-trained (pet) moose:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpS3P-Co_TQ
** Gecko 'begs' insect for honeydew (scientific):  A bizarre relationship between a gecko and a sap-sucking insect is caught on camera for the first time. http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/em/fr/-/2/hi/science/nature/7247472.stm

===   CULTUREWATCH   ===  [Dumb and Dumber?, THEATRE, BALLET, Monarchy]
Dumb and Dumber: Are Americans Hostile to Knowledge?
reviewed by PATRICIA COHEN in the New York Times Review of books.              
Susan Jacoby's new book bemoans the state of American culture. Not only are citizens ignorant about essential knowledge, she says, but they also don't think it matters.       
Jacoby alarmed; here's excerpt: Ms. Pickler [from American Idol on 'Fifth Grader' Quiz] threw up both hands and looked at the large blackboard perplexed. "I thought Europe was a country," she said. Playing it safe, she chose to copy the answer offered by one of the genuine fifth graders: Hungary. "Hungry?" she said, eyes widening in disbelief. "That's a country? I've heard of Turkey. But Hungry? I've never heard of it."
Another way of getting the review -- here's the URL:   
..... call me a 'cultural conservationist curmudgeon' -- geography and language.... shocking and pathetic
Rave reviews for Lois Anderson in Shirley Valentine at the Gateway in Richmond, but it ends Saturday 16th; probably won't get to Defending the Caveman (also ends 16th) but saw it in New York some years ago (performed by the writer) and it's hilarious -- highly recommend you go as a couple (always one of you laughing); Moliere's Learned Ladies at Freddy Wood, UBC, also ends on Saturday alas; hope though to get to Jane Eyre at the Jericho Arts Ctr (ends Sunday); thank gosh still time to see Nicola Cavendish in Glorious.
Another unusual one; this time both dancers have all their limbs, not like that extraordinary one sent previously. (7.5 minutes) Click on this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5lN96dgt_Y
This was forwarded to me with the note:
It took this couple, husband and wife, eight years to create and perfect their breathtaking routine. We have seen it before, but, it is well worth a  repeat showing! If you click on the last box in the bottom right-hand corner of the "youtube screen", that makes it a full-screen size. 
(Sunday February 17 at 8pm on CBC-TV) (120 minutes)
Monarchy: The Royal Family at Work provides unparalleled insight into the work of The Queen and other members of the Royal Family over the course of a year. From major State visits and royal tours to smaller meetings and audiences, the series offers viewers a remarkable picture of how the Monarchy operates at home and abroad and includes a photo session with the world-famous American photographer Annie Leibovitz.  http://www.cbc.ca/documentaries/monarchy.html

===   NEWSWATCH   ===
Saudi Arabia -- banned red and roses for Valentine's, considering it a pagan festival
Israel -- is getting rid of Asian chefs (so there's been a sushi strike) [VSun Biz Section]
Zimbabwe -- Rhodesia got majority rule; became Zimbabwe with Mugabe as leader ever since independence 1980 and on the weekend besides economic collapse, growing poverty, etc, inflation rose to 66,000%.

===  CALENDAR to Feb 29th -- Leap Year! === [M Hall unless otherwise noted; confi= rm no changes]
==  Sat 16th
~ 1:30 - 3pm at Museum pre Heritage Week talk
Donald Grant, archivist historian for the Hollyburn Heritage Society and the Hollyburn Ridge Association, will review the history of cabin-building on the North Shore mountains and discuss current issues related to owning and maintaining cabins on Hollyburn at the West Vancouver Museum (Gertrude Lawson House across from M Hall).  Admission is by donation.
== Sun 17th
~ 3pm ~ TARKIN in concert at St Francis in the Wood (4773 South Piccadilly)                    
Tarkin takes North American folk traditions from across the spectrum and blends them together to create a sound that's folk music with a West Coast flair. Sometimes irreverent, often thoughtful, always entertaining, Tarkin's original and traditional songs encompass a cross-genre acoustic folk style.  With six voices and over a dozen different instruments at hand, Tarkin goes from old-time to country swing to ceilidh band as the instruments get passed around the circle. They've been described as "a bunch of multi-instrumentalist gypsies, roving over the mountains of the West Coast".  Tarkin is based out of Vancouver, BC
$15 at the door includes refreshments.
~~~  HERITAGE WEEK Feb 18 - 24:
This year's theme: Taking Care of Business: the Heritage of Trade and Commerce
Awards at Ccl mtg Feb 18; visit Library, FBG, Silk Purse, displays also at various locations and during week Park Royal North; special menus at 'heritage' restaurants; free snowshoe and barbecue up Cypress; Heritage Fayre Sunday 24th from 2 to 4:30pm.  See more info at end.
==  Tues 19th
~ 6pm ~ Opening Reception for Venetian blown glass exhibition (details under Silk Purse below)
~ 6:30pm ~ Cmnty Dialogue WG at Srs' Ctr [NB: new name for Nbrhd Character/Housing]
~ 7pm ~ Cmnty Grants/Social Services Review WG [on Cmnty Calendar, one on 7th missing; best confirm]
~ 7:30pm ~ Western Residents' Assn mtg at Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr
       Topics: Gleneagles Clubhouse Funding; Noise Survey; Ferry Terminal Update; St Monica's.
==  Wed 20th            ~ 4pm ~ Fire/Rescue Services Review WG at Fire Hall #1 - Training Room
                ~ 6:30pm ~ Child Care WG
                ~ 7pm ~ Library Board at the Library
==  Thurs 21st
        ~ 6pm ~ NSh Family Court/Youth Justice Cmte at DNV M Hall Cmte Rm
~ 7pm ADRA AGM at St Stephen's (on 22nd) [see AGM newsletter in section below]
President's Report; Treasurer's Report; Mbrship Fees 2008 Calendar Year ($5 by email); Election of Directors; Addresses by Mayor and Councillors; New Business.
{Certain there'll be time for questions, not just listening!  Come to get answers.......}
==  Fri 22nd
WV CHAMBER OF COMMERCE BREAKFAST at 7:30am at Hollyburn Country Club, 950 Crosscreek Rd
MLA Joan McIntyre's Update on the Provincial 2008 Budget
Kindly pre-pay to ensure your breakfast and seat are reserved. This enables you to go directly upstairs to network after quickly picking up your receipt at check-in.  Tix $25 for mbrs, non-mbrs $35; pre-paid registration is required.  Please RSVP by deadline of 5pm, Wed, 20th by going to  www.westvanchamber.com or calling 926 6614.
==  Sun 24th
          Heritage Fayre at Park Royal, Free Snowshoe and Barbecue at Cypress (see info below)
==  Tues 26th           ~ 4pm ~ Fire/Rescue Services Review WG at M Hall this time
                ~ 4:30pm ~ Heritage WG (pls check; this mtg may be moved)
==  Wed 27th  ~ 7pm ~ Bd of Variance
but beforehand there's the WV Chamber's Member Showcase:
~ 5 - 7pm ~ at The Boathouse (mezzanine level) in Horseshoe Bay (free for mbrs and non-mbrs but RSVP required for appetizer preparation).  Contact Roberta (926 6614).  Biz card draw for door prize.
==  Thurs 28th  ~ 4:30pm ~ Design Review Cmte
                ~ 5pm ~ NSACDI, DNV M Hall
                ~ 5:30pm ~ Police Bd Mtg in WV Police Dept Boardroom

+++ FERRY BUILDING GALLERY  [Historical photos in alcove for Heritage Week]
***  COMMUNALITY: Mixed Media by Gary Morin -- Spirit of BC Week Exhibition, Feb 8 - Mar 2

+++  WV MUSEUM +++  see http://www.wvma.net/
Talk re Hollyburn Heritage Society and Hollyburn Ridge Assn above (Feb 16th); call 925 7295.

+++ SILK PURSE (1570 Argyle) -- Italian culture in Canada --  February 19th - March 2nd
A beautiful Venetian blown glass exhibition by West Vancouver's own master glass blower Sol Maya.
Opening Reception: Tuesday, February 19th from 6 to 8pm and everyone is welcome.
Included during this week will be a piano concert with Italian pianist Marcella Crudelli, here from Italy for this special concert. Also included during the week will be a stained glass workshop for children ages three to seven on Sat, Feb 23rd at 10:30am.

+++  WV MEMORIAL LIBRARY +++ see www.westvanlib.org
~ Tuesday 19 -- The Irish Theatre: S. M. Synge -- 10:30am - 12:30pm
Discussion series is open to all.. For further info call the Reference Dept at 925 7405.
~ Friday 22 -- Philosopher's Cafe -- 10:30am - 12:30pm
Identity -- what are the top five words you would use to describe yourself to others?  $5 admission, everyone welcome.

+++  WV OPERA coming in MARCH +++  Audio clips are on www.thedreamhealer.com
THE DREAM HEALER by WV resident Lloyd Burritt
The story is powerful and significant dealing with universal issues of love, death and personal struggle. The opera is based on Timothy Findley's PILGRIM and focuses on Carl Jung at the Burgh=F6lzli Clinic in Z=FCrich.  Jung struggles with his inner demon, Pilgrim, in a journey to integrate the real with the unreal, the supposed with the unimaginable, so that new understandings of the human condition are possible.  This is a rare opportunity to witness the birth of a new opera -- produced with the drama and theatricality of Nancy Hermiston's outstanding stage direction and the stunning set and lighting design by Robert Gardiner and Jeremy Baxter.  Guest artists are: Judith Forst, John Avey, and Roelof Oostwoud.
Tickets are on sale now: Adults $29 to $44.  Call Ticketmaster 280 3311 or www.ticketmaster.ca
The opening show is Sunday March 2nd at 3pm at the Chan Ctr; the other performances, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday are at 8pm.
+++ Don't forget to check out www.kaymeekcentre.com

=== COUNCIL WORKSHOP Feb 11th NOTES ===  [best efforts with spelling of names]
packed! even chairs in lobby
Mayor: budget; always difficult looking at 4 - 6%
public input; Ccl will discuss over next four to six weeks
2.         2008 BUDGET
(1)       District of West Vancouver 2008 Proposed Budget - Towards a Sustainable Future
(2)       Draft [Five-Year] Capital Plan, 2008-2012
(3)       Newsletter - 2008 Budget: Issues for Discussion

>>> RL: gave background; 3% CPI, salary agreements

now that I read this it makes me realize this was rather ambiguous, wdn't you say?
after I heard a speaker, quite naturally given this statement, query why staff were being paid a 3% pay increase when the budget had not yet been passed, I thought I'd ask to verify this.
As you'll see later in the mtg, when I asked the answer is that they're going to be negotiating with the unions.
Whoopdedoo!  Going into negotiations and the unions know you've already added 3% to pay them raises???}
last week draft five-yr capital plan; shortfall of a little over $4M over life of the plan
discuss how 'priorizing' those projects
budget newsletter provided brief overview
increased operating costs not provided for in base budget; hope to reduce ongoing overtime
current status of rec fees and subsidies
Fire and Police not provided for
outlined so residents understand nature of choice
>>> KP: opening new Cmnty Ctr summer of 2008, rec portion 55KSsf, another 25Ksf of leased spaces
underground parking 35Ksf, 100 spaces; former rec ctr was 28Ksf with no underground parking
costs plan 2000; Ccl approved costs 2005; not new level of service; add'l costs -- $250K for 2008 for half year, expecting to be open at midyear, and an add'l $250K for 2009; these are estimates, need year to be sure how much effort to run this bldg, to secure and service our customers
being conservative on estimates of new revenue; did better than predicted with the Aq Ctr; we may do better or worse; revenue just a prediction at this time; been back with this information before and it's not a surprise
$500K is a significant sum and cannot be recouped by just cutting back on the pencils; wd involve cutbacks to ctr or other services we provide
$500K in perspective is -- the whole Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr is $635K net
{sorry, I really don't understand that b/c GCC is subsidized; does he mean gross?  I know there are revenues but it's still confusing}
these are all net figures .... significant revenues
youth outreach progs and arena that's $500K; FBG and Museum and all special events and all coordination of that is about $500K; there's the order of magnitude we're talking about; significant pieces of service provided through the Parks and Cmnty Services
the second point in brochure -- fees and charges
we're not recommending an increase in fees (in newsletter), talked of by FSFT, some increased in 2007, those subsidized most, eg seniors, chn, and youth -- still not at level adults pay
new fees for playing field use; new fees need time for acceptance
golf course: quality of service, weather; raising fees will not bring in more revenue, esp when competition
Gleneagles Golf project scheduled for next week, delayed while we confirmed revenue; cd be some time before surpluses cd fund; staff will identify alternate ways to fund what was passed last March.
>>>  Chief Oates (Fire Dept): last fall, asked to brainstorm on decrease
had to break new ground; proposed increasing existing fees (in budget newsletter)
looking for public input on all these fees and charges
requesting three add'l firefighters at $250K, reduce O/T and enable four per call
92% labour costs of Fire Dept budget
reduce service by banning O/T and having fewer firefighters
>>>  Kash Heed, WVPD: completely new direction in your Police Dept in 2008
no 1 public safety and will be public safety
won't repeat what's in budget newsletter, happy to answer any questions
new direction, new strategic plan -- make us safest jurisdiction in Canada by 2011
lot more work to do; dept has gone through turmoil in 2007 but working to ensure best for you
2008 requests best for you, in line with other police agencies, min standards, equipment they need, foster morale; continue to deliver high level;
formula leaves us approx $508K short
major: how labour costs captured, used money for non-labour costs; shortfalls in legal fees, uniforms and equipment, O/T concerns such as celebrations (of Light, ppl come here from Vancouver to watch)
near and dear to my heart is training
two new positions, one in charge of professional standards (internal investigation, proper ethics, staff issues fully investigated); the other a crime analyst so we can have the best, targeting the issues and our problems
>>> A R Ewen (didn't quite catch name): actually went through 75 pages of the budget
find it a bit embarrassed having Fire, Police, and Rec -- causes alarm -- rather than Planning for example
Ccl exists to serve residents of WV and not necessarily the dept
if Cmnty Ctr costs unknown, then delay
weird to get rid of $500K by hiring three firefighters at $250K; av Fire Dept is $110K
odd -- Police, redistributing from other areas -- key for entire budget
found the budget nearly impossible to read
pedantic comes to mind, knowing the number of emails that comes in not important
4% those depts really tried, reduced staffing by $1.4M
other thing rather interesting, cost per employee seems rather high, rarely below $110K and up to $150K and wd like some justification to those numbers
almost ev dept has an administrative function -- don't understand why can't be reduced and combined, eg Fire and Police
outsourcing functions; notice contract administration, one person for $150K or maybe one person cd handle $1M
if we're going to continue at 5% not realistic; if always 3%; maybe look to reducing staff by 3%
not pleasant being first speaker
>>> K Steig: wrt Parks and natural env'mt -- our most valuable asset; great Parks staff and good relationship with cmnty wch helps us as volunteers; don't support any less funding; underfunding will cost more in long run in restoration and remediation costs
if we'd snipped one sprig of ivy years ago, wdn't have the problem now
update the 1977 Park Mgmt Plan; Parks Envmt key in this cmnty, don't cut budget, happily increase it.
>>>  Chris Shore: Firefighter; engine crews of four is a necessity not a luxury
how can a cmnty that spends on arts and culture not afford what DNV and CNV do -- $ for staffing
commend sending out budget newsletter
support for Fire Dept and upgrades
>>> Pam X: going to waive mine
>>> Susan Vercune (?): in past early morning Aq hours moved from 5:30 to 6 or 6:30
hope not done again
important for parents trying to fit in before going to work; also biz person going to work downtown
happy healthy out of health care system
>>> Stu Sanders: in favour of funding core services; at least current level of service in unique and growing M
>>> the stately Jim McCarthy (who must have misheard b/c Mayor called another name but the other graciously retreated): haven't read line by line
comments about budget process itself; whenever I hear prov/fed politicians say project coming in on budget, get an uneasy feeling
recently said CCCtr at $38.8M is coming in under budget
what schedule and budget are we talking about?
I have a distinct recollection sitting in this Chamber five years ago saying the budget for CCCtr, Gleneagles, Fire, etc, was going to be $48M and not anything else av
Ccl of day proceeded with Gleneagles Rec Ctr and new Fire Hall; then looked at Central Cmnty Ctr and they appointed a Task Force that spent many hours, came up with a design concept $17 to 18M
Task Force cmte was not accepted, disbanded, engaged; apptmt
Cclr, announced $22.9M and also brought in on schedule and on budget, one of the reasons for the add'l cost was add'l facilities for the Health Auth and ...
now $38.8M and counting is a problem for us
ten years ago major expansion of Library, Lib Bd went to Ccl for plan to raise funds
Ccl of the day approved on basis the Fdn and the Lib Bd wd raise $1M, well it turned out $1.4M and the project went away
Srs' Ctr, the mbrs raised a good deal of the money -- maybe $400K something in that order, then project went ahead
with CCCtr, almost at completion stage, some of the money committed by orgs have not been forthcoming and we're left with a shortfall
I'm sure this Ccl and staff not pleased with record on this particular project
this is not a time for second-guessing or recriminations
Ccl facing some v hard decisions; where money coming from
don't know whether 320 Taylor Way, capital fund of $50M at some point, whether that's going to be tapped; contingency of $5M for CCtr, but you've asked for some recommendations but one is the sale of M property and that's one that shd not be considered
can't keep going back to companies who have been loyal supporters
Ccls have pride in coming up with a budget close to cost of living, wd like to suggest a small tax increase is a good financial plan
get out of the position we're in, if increase of 5 - 6 - 7% that's reality of what we're looking at
if taxpayers are advised what the challenge is, increase in construction costs, other factors, not suggesting talk about mgmt of project over past several years; knowing those factors, taxpayers wd accept whatever is required, costs/shortfall/operating costs
wd like to apologize if I appear to be coming on in a more direct way
hope Ccl will consider some of the points I have made, not only current budget but looking at the five-yr plan; hasn't been something we can be satisfied with
thank you for your consideration
Mayor: wd you like to clarify the budget for the Cmnty Ctr, Mr Pike? b/c the $38M is the original amount: $22M of that is the Cmnty Ctr, $10 or $11M the Health Authority, $5M contingency, wch is how we get to that number

{is any of the contingency being used for the VCHA portion, hm?}

and it is not on time, b/c in today's climate, it actually is the fiscally prudent thing to do rather than paying a premium for scheduling; have chosen by Ccl policy to keep eye on budget, take precedence over a fixed deadline, looking probably at July for an opening; difficult getting roof on with snow and the rain, and cold temperatures, that affected the gluing and the glazing, as well as obviously the tough construction market; as far as budget, the bottom line, for the Cmnty Cr goes, we are on budget, the contingency has pretty much been used up, I think; it's getting v v tough now-
KP: that's correct, everything you said: you're right, we're into contingency funds now and facing labour and weather issues... this project in contrast to many others in prov is still doing well,  on budget and trying to stay there
first priority was to control costs, second was quality, third was schedule; and we're off our schedule by several months, that's right
Mayor: did refer as well to the music hall, wch will be the home of the WV Youth Band; that has yet to be determined, the funding, so that is an outstanding piece of biz wch will be debated in this capital budget year
JMcC: thank you for the information, Your Worship; am sure everyone appreciates challenge you have
Sop: if debate can we get in on it?
Mayor: sorry didn't want to leave public with impression
Sop: guess next week -- hear all tonight
Mayor: sorry if you think I took too much time
>>> James Dalton: WV firefighter for years now
[gave examples of ppl and firefighters, risk ppl dying if they don't get add'l firefighters and funding]
>>> Garrett Pullman: issue of police staffing; 40 years overseas before -- Chicago, London, Nigeria  -- robbed, house broken into 
Here Police have a wonderful story; crime rate in WV is not only the lowest in prov but went down 22% between 2002 and 2006 and case load has gone down 22%; v lowest in Lower Mainland, other Ms between two and three times as high
on p 22, the targets for Police have all come down and expected to come down so clearly the evidence suggests, this decline is expected to continue
spent 25 years as a senior financial manager, JP Morgan Chase Bank -- where increase in volume give increase in staff and with decrease, decrease, so my question is with this decrease in crime, why not reduce in budget?
{hm -- maybe low here b/c of number of police we have and 'no call too small'???}
Mayor: I'd like to answer that but I'd get into trouble with Cclr Sop
>>> Scott Hean: sorry for wearing coat, I'm out in Hall [lobby] and a little cold
glad to see fiscal matters have same attraction as dog bylaws
Mayor; there you go
SH: as I mentioned in my talk before you last year over past three yrs, our taxpayers have funded salary increases to our sr mgrs; their pay packets have averaged an increase of 9% a year or a simple 27% over three years
if I recall correctly, WV resident popn has virtually stagnated over the last three years
also, if I recall correctly, inflation over the past three years as measured by CPI was about 2% per annum
or if my recollections are correct, that wd suggest staff has experienced a real increase, and this is senior mgrs, have experienced a real increase of some 7% per annum.
those of us on fixed incomes have not received increases in their pension incomes of such magnitude
in my case, and in tonight's audience, I know of at least one other, my pension in over three years has increased a discretionary from my prev employer, 1.3% for the TOTAL of three years
that, compared to 27% received by sr mgrs, to me doesn't seem equitable
My question is this: for this fiscal year, wd you, our Ccl, ensure that sr mgmt compensation for this current fiscal year is at least equal to last year's CPI increase

{whoopsie!  I think he means at most, not at least.  Staff no doubt wd happily agree that they get an increase at least equal to the CPI.  The sky's the limit!}

and further, to tell us, the taxpayers, in the event that sr mgrs' compensation has already been implemented for 2008.
who approved the increase? when was it approved? and why was it approved without an approved budget?
Finally when this year's budget is finally to be voted on by you cclrs, I ask that you consider a budget wch does not exceed last year's inflation number as determined by CPI
Thank you.
Mayor: thank you
>>> David Marley: like Mr Hean, I'm pleased to see so many out here for fiscal debate; quite a difference from last two years
I have some questions
on Jan 14th, Mr Laing said 3% tax rate increase proposed was equal to a 6% increase in the eight depts' operating expenditures; like him to confirm that's the case.
RL: not quite that simple; we have divisions, several of wch operate on a net bottom line basis and do generate signif revenues
in Parks and Cmnty Services, on budget sheet, expenditures have gone up by 5.8%, look at revenue side, so net expenditures increased by 3.39%
similarly within the operating depts gross expenditures have increased by 6% but when you include revenue generated, it's 3.38%
DM: fees and charges to public is revenue? gross increase in expenditure is 6%?
RL: yes, correct
DM: to get a zero % tax rate increase how many dollars wd hv to be removed from the proposed budget?
RL: wd mean removing $1.44M
DM: if add'l $1.2M being sought by Police, Fire, and Rec collectively is added to the 2008 operating budget, what does that mean in terms of a %age increase in the eight depts' operating expenditures?
RL: $1.008M, and if those expenditures were just layered on top of the existing gross expenditures being service level increases, that's 6% gross increase wd convert to 7% gross increase
DM: 7%.  If the add'l $1.2M is added to the operating expenditures, is that what yields the 5.1% tax increase.  If not, what tax rate increase is produced by that?
RL: $1.008M, and that produces a 5.1% tax increase
DM: if a zero % tax rate increase is voted for by Ccl, what % increase in operating expenditure wd still result? the gross increase.
RL: pls repeat the question
DM: you said a 3% tax rate increase = a 6% increase in gross operating expenditures
if zero %, what % increase in gross operating expenditures results?
RL: cdn't say without knowing the specifics of how we achieve zero.  It cd, probably a combination of different new revenue sources and expenditure reductions
DM: assume it was just expenditure reductions
RL: haven't that calculation here, but can get it for you
DM: wd you pls.
two questions for you Madam Mayor: when will apptmts of the five citizen representatives to the Finance Cmte be publicly announced?
Mayor: Ccl will have it on its agenda next Monday night, 18th; Cclr Smith and I are just working on that and getting that info in front of Ccl, it's a Ccl apptmt
DM: I understood at the last mtg there was going to be a mtg of the Finance Cmte tomorrow; I take it that's not happening
Mayor: Ccl Smith, wd you like to respond?
MS: if there's a mtg tomorrow, will be an informal ntg
DM: but who's on the cmte if they haven't been appointed?
MS: that's why it'll be an informal mtg
DM: will be small mtg!
Mayor: we need the resumes in order to make apptmt formal, just getting those in
DM: once apptmts made, how much time will the Finance Cmte be given to examine the proposed 2008 budget before Ccl asked to voted on it?
Mayor: Cclr Smith, wd you like to answer?
MS: I'll defer to you, Madam Mayor
Mayor: We wd like to allow for adequate public input, and involvement with the Finance Cmte
we're anticipating budget bylaw intro Mar 3rd or 10th, that wd be first reading so, the month of March Ccl's debate takes place
DM: I'll ask the question again -- how much time will the Finance Cmte be given to examine the proposed budget before Ccl is asked to vote on it?  How many weeks?
Mayor: sounds like six or seven weeks to me; as you know we do not have to have budget in to prov till middle of May
serious commitment of this Ccl to get the budget actually passed in the first quarter, wd like it to be even sooner so our depts can work effectively with a budget they can count on
in years I've been on this Ccl it's taken too long, in everybody's view

{er, um; a bit of clarification needed.  It may not have been b/c of Ccl or the public, rather it's been how late the information has been provided for review.
Even this time, when I was at a Finance and Audit Cmte mtg in September, and saw no public input until Nov, I asked if it cd be moved up so public input cd start in Oct (at that time they said the goal was to pass the budget by the end of the year; the utility part has to be).  And guess what.  We're getting the info in February!}

DM: from what you've said, my understanding the Fin Cmte will have six or seven weeks from the time they're appointed to examine the budget before Ccl is asked to vote on it.  Do I understand that correctly?
Mayor: that's our understanding at the moment, that's our own self-imposed deadline, and we have, as you know, until May 15th.
>>> David Roach:
equipment didn't work; cdn't put up slides
{For Mr. Roach's spreadsheets, see http://www.westvan.org/budget2008/roach.pdf
The following was kindly provided by email, copy and pasted here.}
Scenario #1 is a Zero-pct taxation increase budget proposal that includes the requested funding for Police and Fire/Rescue.
Requirements under this scenario are as follows:
a)      Zero increase in "Capital from Taxation" (to Infrastructure Fund);
b)      Reduction of 64% in the Increases to other Dept. Operating Budgets.
Scenario #2 is a Three-pct taxation increase budget proposal (actually works out to 2.93% but this is essentially 3%) that includes the requested funding for Police and Fire/Rescue.
Requirements under this scenario are as follows:
a)      Zero increase in "Capital from Taxation" (to Infrastructure Fund);
You will appreciate that neither Scenario was recommended by me.  The purpose of the presentation was to Quantify the impacts of Police and Fire/Rescue spending requests while attaining two alternative Taxation Policies (namely, Zero-Pct Increase, and Three-Pct Increase).
It is the function of Finance to present the impacts of alternative scenarios to council for council's discussions, and to draw attention to the implications and probable outcomes arising from any scenario that council might choose to contemplate.  By offering the community and council the alternatives that staff have done, in the 2008 proposed budget booklet and in the circular sent to all residences, Finance invites alternative interpretations and suggestions from the community.  Council needs to be informed of the consequences and this spreadsheet file is one way to illustrate some of those.
I did not add P&CS's additional spending requests because I don't consider them essential.  Kevin can find the additional funds through the alteration of programming that he and his staff have complete control over.  They will have a new community centre of twice the floor area, perhaps four times the functionality, and considerably more efficient than the old facility had.  If he can't make that new facility work for its keep, he may need to re-think his policy alternatives.
if Cmnty Ctr not completed in Dec 2008, VCHA can walk away
$250K; can get it from programming, Mr Pike has great discretion
look forward to his succeeding in that respect
>>>  Max Nikpay (BPAHA): after reviewing as new prez of BPAHA wd like to draw your attn to several of our mbrs
maintain within 3%, not 5.1%
wrt Police Dept: two -- $327K for standards and crime analysis -- not needed
the Chief Constable the best for evaluating any prof standards
legal, training, travel $180K, these are not a high priority, can be postponed
wrt Fire Dept: proposal to add three more firefighters at cost of ~$500K deferred until Fire WG provides report to Ccl
new cmnty ctr, won't be completed till the second half of 2008, and in our view increase $250K shd be deferred until open at least six months and then reviewed, after six months can be better evaluated; if successful may be that no further increase needed
>>> Barry Blench/Brad?: your ears must be ringing today b/c ev mentioning the budget, and it is too high
short and brief; you're spending too much money and in last few years
Police and Fire, if absolutely nec more to save lives, it's nec to save lives; however I look at the budget in certain aspects only; for example, Mayor and Ccl, and then CAO whatever it means, a  16.7% increase is proposed, Communications 17.4%, Public Works 11.5%, Planning and Devt 15.8%, central administration 20%
don't you feel this is absolutely out of line?
Looking at the other numbers, I've run several biz myself; when it was within 3 to 4 to 5% it does make sense, but not 20%, 16%, not 17%, increases like this just don't make sense
don't know exactly what's included in all this b/c we don't see this in the budget but in general it's out of line; hope you can reduce this
one other item, utilities: first year water, idea was to save water, yet my water bill is between $28 to $32 for every three months, and the bill comes to $220 with charges and fees, why?
you will hear more from citizens about this, I assure you
>>>  Don McTavish: for a number of months, listening to the Dir/Parks the projects on schedule and on budget not long after the project commenced that that tune changed
slightly behind budget, er -- slightly behind schedule but on budget
as the months went by that tune changed, slightly behind schedule, and slightly over budget
we can all see with our own eyes it is now months behind schedule and none of us to the best of my knowledge have seen a piece of paper that shows where it is financially
just heard a few cheap idle words saying it's on budget, tonight
not going to go ahead with the link to the Srs' Ctr so we'll save $8M can't remember wasn't talked about tonight, was quoted
Mayor: $1.2M
DMcT: in add'n knowing it was going to be Olympic time construction period, sizable allowances, contingencies; the link has disappeared -- where did that money go?
wd like to know who the cclrs are who currently sit on task force who overlook this project
last we had Wms, Durman, and --  oh he's not here tonight -- oh he is, oh Soprovich, turned a little greyer than when I saw him last
Sop: that's for sure
Don McT: we used to meet with that task force and attempted to keep their thumb on the ball or whatever the expression; who now?
Mayor: we don't have the same structure now
we've had qtrly reports on our public agenda throughout the project wch we feel is more open and transparent
Mr Pike can report, expect at next agenda mtg
KP: that's correct
DMcT: excuse me for being facetious but that's about all you'll get out of this gentleman, he never gets down to specifics
Mayor: No, it's not acceptable in this ccl chamber, to be critical of staff; if you want to do that privately, that's fine; I'm not going to entertain those kind[s] of comments
DMcT: Okay, fine.  I'll be back again some other day
so, let me be specific where are the monthly reports comparing the status of financial matters with the original budget plus the various change orders plus changes in scope, and whatnot, have you seen any?
Mayor: we see them qtrly; we can get out the one that came forward in Nov, although the public figures were based a few months before that
What we have had to do, and this reflects to your question about the connection to the Srs' Ctr, is that the $5M contingency going into the project we knew wd not be enough

{in planning this someone wondered why the contingency was so high; and now we learn things have been cut and changed and the contingency's being used}

Ccl had to make a v tough decision to scale down the project
DMcT: not finding fault with that
Mayor: so that has been our intent from the v beginning, to be responsible with this $38.3 or $38.5M we committed to bring it in on
DMcT: will be quick, some questions I have.  Has lease been signed, and if not when? and we heard tonight a severe penalty if not signed by
Mayor: if ctr isn't open; yes, been signed
DMcT: recently?
Mayor: several months ago
DMcT: okay, may I have copies -- since schedule been slipping slipping slipping, may I have copies of the original schedule for construction that was contracted with contractors, Basil Davis, John Anderson, and Scott Canada?
and the various revisions to that schedule?
and current target schedule to complete the bldg?
Mayor: wd hope subject of our qtrly report next Monday
KP: can supply all the qtrly reports to Mr McT right from beginning to now
Mayor: any further?
DMcT: that's all on the construction schedule
is there a list of the trade contractors? the names of them? the amts of their contracts, and why do the names of the trade contractors -- remember Scott is not a general contractor, he's operating for a fee, so if it took them five years to build that bldg, he wd be paid on a monthly basis, right?
Mayor: then wdn't be doing his job, if that's how long it took
DMcT: he's not a general contractor on the project, he's acting as a facilitator under Basil Davis and John Anderson
so Basil Davis, John Anderson, and Scott Construction, even though it took them five years to build wd still be paid monthly fee
KP: Scott is a construction mgr, Basil is the project mgr; delays in the project do result in increased fees of various kinds, correct
DMcT: do they get paid a monthly fee irrespective of how long it takes?
is there a penalty clause in the contract if not completed by date committed to complete it?
KP: no; going into this particular construction and labour market we wd not have got a construction mgr or any subcontractors to enter into contracts on that basis; this has been unprecedented
DMcT: supposition on your part
Mayor: no, it's not, when we put this out to tender
KP: if I cd finish; construction climate has been unprecedented; costs in many cases doubled and Mr McT is quite aware of that
DMcT: I'm not aware of that; certain trades have and others haven't
Mayor; cd you pls direct your questions to me
DMcT: if I get that info
one more: how's line of command from Mr Pike down to Basil, John, and Scott's superintendent and how paper flows?  is paper flowing fast enough? are decisions being made fast enough?
or sit on someone's desk for weeks or months without being approved?
KP: we are recognizing that any delay is costly; working together, moving material as quickly as is humanly possible; seen clearly; excellent staff, contract mgrs and project moving along despite all kinds of adversity, weather and shortages of labour; moving along v well.
Mayor: and we'll see you next Monday
DMcT: final question: have all contracts been awarded? all orders for materials, furnishings?
KP: no, down to perhaps last 5%; some millwork, nature of construction mgmt
Mayor: thanks
CR: Carolanne Reynolds, Editor of West Van Matters
Good evening, tyvm, just a couple of questions
Will we be able to -- I did ask some time ago for information on the Information Technology Dept, and wondered when I wd get that.
{UPDATE: not yet; didn't get it last year either.}
And I understand that you're going to be releasing the um, ah, Vancouver [Coastal] Health Authority lease, wch other ppl referred to this evening, and I wonder when that will be released.
{UPDATE: See http://www.westvancouver.ca/upload/documents/council_agendas/2006/june/june_12/5.1.pdf }
do you want me to go through the questions, or do you want to answer them one by one.
Mayor: we can keep track -- so far.
CR: that's great
Also wd like to have a copy of the Recreation Facilities Master Plan (RFMP), the original one.  Ppl keep referring to it (the last few weeks), and it wd be helpful to see what it was.
{UPDATE: K Pike has provided it.}
In response to what Mr McCarthy said, it was true that there was a ten-yr capital plan before your time under [Mayor] Ron Wood.  They said it wd be about $40M over ten years, and it was "set in stone"; and it was to my horror, that I looked at this FIVE-yr capital plan, and the five-yr capital plan is $43M.  So I can understand it's going to be a challenge to meet some of those costs, and I understand that part of the [thing?] you're going to have public consultation to try to find out how to meet those.  We thank you for allowing the input.
um, the next thing is the correspondence.
I understand, the other, uh last mtg we were told that there was correspondence that had bn circulated to Ccl only, and were not listed or available to see on the website.  And so, since some of those letters might be public input for the budget, and even if they aren't, it is my request that you put the list of that correspondence that did not appear at the January mtg, 14th [21st?] I think or something -- if that cd be put on the next ccl mtg's agenda.
{UPDATE: As you see, it's all on this agenda below, Feb 18th.}
The next question is [wrt] something somebody said [earlier]
Now, I understand that 80% of our budget is wages and salaries; and is it the practice to give staff a raise BEFORE the budget passes, b/c in many places any change is awarded retroactively, they get it then...but somebody said tonight that they were so I just thought I'd ask.  Are the raises given before the budget is passed?
Mayor: Mr Laing?
RL: I'm not an HR expert but I do believe that most of our salary situations are contractual obligations under collective agreements and they do not necessarily coincide with the budget year, so salaries are paid, raises are made in accordance with those contractual obligations.
CR: I don't think dept heads are in that category, as far as I know.
RL: No, they are not.
CR: so dept heads get their increases before the budget is passed?
RL: I don't think so, no; I'm looking at the HR person for guidance and she's saying no.
{Susan Ney spoke but it was inaudible but believe it was that six unions or groups are coming up for negotiation later this year}
CR: I didn't quite hear, but does that mean if they're in negotiations, that increases have been given? no increases have been given? if the negotiations affect this year? or?
Mayor: Ms Ney, wd you like to answer that? into the microphone, thx
SN: We're currently in negotiations with all of our bargaining units, or will be shortly.  Depending on what the outcome of those negotiations will be, will determine the percentage increase granted.  The exempt compensation is dealt with after.
CR: Madam Mayor, does that mean that the 3% that in the budget we are told is the wage increase is the anticipation of what the result of the negotiations with the six is going to be?
SN: it's certainly a trend that's been set by other local govt employers that have negotiated already; part of the labour relations function with the GVRD or Metro Vancouver.  It's a mandate that's set down wch ... so that's our best estimate of what we're assuming what the economic uplift will be.  That's what we're expecting.  As I said, we're currently in negotiations or about to begin negotiations; there's always a concern we remain competitive with other local govt employers so that we don't lose our staff to other local govt employers.
CR: I'm sure many ppl who live in West Van or work in West Van wd be willing to take a pay cut to stay here; there are quite a few of those already I know of, but anyway -- or stay at the same salary, I mean, as the person mentioned earlier about some ppl's pensions are staying the same.

{As many know some years ago it became known that teachers in WV were about the lowest paid in the province and this was possible b/c WV is such a desirable place (and so are the kids!).  There are also ppl who'd take less pay or a lesser job so they don't have to go over the bridge or don't have to leave the North Shore.  Heck, Vancouver is full of ppl resisting promotion so they don't have to go to Toronto or Ottawa!  Of course, not everybody -- but we live in a pretty special place and it's not only a matter of dollars and cents for some.}

Anyway, I just wanted to know -- so the 3% is based on what you anticipate the negotiations to result in--
Mayor: our best estimate.
CR: okay.  The other two questions?
Mayor: The other two questions.  I'm not sure what you're looking for from the IT Dept.  Mr Laing, are you familiar with that request?
RL: Ms Reynolds asks me for various information each year, and the specifics of what she wd like for the IT Dept; if she sends me an email, I will provide that to her.
{UPDATE: rec'd email saying he will}
CR: great
Mayor: and Mr Pike, wrt the lease with Vancouver Coastal Health, I thought we shd touch base with them.
KP: that lease was approved
Mayor: yes
KP: and was released publicly and we can provide that to Ms Reynolds, and in addition, the RFMP back from 1999; I expected that to be sent to you today -- you did request it by email and we have found a copy so we don't have to scan it all, we can send it to you as well.

{UPDATE: both received and appreciated.  The lease can be seen at URL: http://www.westvancouver.ca/upload/documents/council_agendas/2006/june/june_12/5.1.pdf }

CR: thank you.  And as to the lease, don't pls send it just to me, pls make it available on the website to the public.  I don't want things just for myself; I think it's of public interest.
Mayor: thank you.
CR: tyvm.
--------------------ends 8:37------------------------------------
>>> Tom Longworth:
like increasing popn of WV, ageing boomers, on fixed income, doesn't matter what size, it's fixed
friends and nbrs as we discussed this budget, feeling some dismay at apparent runaway costs of this Ccl over last few years, 25%+ increases, city hall costs, budget increases of 16 - 20%
answer is not to allow the bureaucracy to feed itself by more devt, wch seems to be the process we seem to be embarking on, bridge, infrastructure, and all the other things don't support it
$40M that I just heard in capital budget won't support it either
expect with this high priced administration, more ppl and higher paid ppl we'd be getting more prudent fiscal processes; don't think we're seeing that
two examples: recent debacle over police chief firing close to $1M including internal costs, those dollars wd hv gone a long way to helping srs, ctr, library, perhaps to Fire Service
some ppl wd say we're perhaps to blame for this ourselves b/c we elected a mayor no relevant experience but wd hv hoped the bureaucracy and the admin wd hv guided the Mayor through this process and avoided the expense being paid by all of us
second example I wd cite is the current budgeting process
Ccl instructed admin to bring in budget at or below 3%; I won't argue whether right number but say generous
so I sat down and watched recently listened to official explaining the budget; he explained with some pride managed to bring budget in at 3% and managed to do that b/c found new sources of revenue -- Fire Service charging for jaws of life, various other fees
by definition new sources of revenue is a tax so you have not brought budget in at 3% as instructed, you've brought it in at 3% plus new taxes wch you choose not to call taxes, you call them new sources of revenue; I think that's unacceptable
further telling to me, and I've been involved in a number of businesses, there was no mention at all in that presentation of anything to do with cost containment; it was all around new sources of revenue and what a great job we've done at bringing it in at 3%
I think this Ccl needs to take a v critical look at our cost structure, in particular the administration costs; don't argue about fire services and police and so on; we say and we need those things
I wd suggest that if this Ccl doesn't focus on getting that job done, the Ccl that replaces you will
>> Alison Brown:  2850 Rosebery, getting angrier and angrier listening
admin costs with other Ms
then why not at par in Police and Fire with other cmnties

{on par? we're not when it comes to $ per resident or staff per resident -- we're way above other Ms.  Maybe it's allocation that's the problem........}

ludicrous when we heard siren tonight, hope taking invoice book
charge $970 for jaws of life and make us laughing stock of country
excellent Police and Fie chief and I'd pay $15 a year for three new firefighters and for police
and if fighting for par
why do we pay such high taxes and so little?
charge $300 for a field and...
maybe admin costs -- wd like to see fewer administrators and more kids on the field
>>>X?  Chatto: thank you for mailing this
found the info piece v helpful; thank Ccl and Mayor for that; opp to participate in the discussion this evening
feel v strongly we have to support our firefighters, expecting them to work at less than WCB standards
like previous speaker expecting firefighters to work in less than optimal conditions
revenue streams, $100, has the Ccl considered parking meters
Mayor: done a couple of ....
Chatto: who? live where I can walk but many from Vancouver come to our parks
others talking about $15 a year
obviously seems not to be popular with residents; reasonable choice around parks
experienced a large increase in property values, wd hv thought wd have defrayed some of the expenses going forward.
RL: the increase of the value of prop doesn't generate an increase in taxes
discount last year's tax rate below
the av increase doesn't generate any money for us
appreciate effort ev cclr and Mayor
difficult with 400 diff perspectives; recogn diff job and appreciate all the effort into running the District
Brian Schramm: I represent WVMEA inside/outside, Library, police civilian employees
I too don't envy your job; took notes
wd encourage ev to look at contradictions in comments tonight
raise fees; then someone says why paying these fees
prev speaker stole my thunder -- parking meters, ev other cmnty does it but you saw the response you got
WV demands a v high level of service
look at work that's done, ppl serve you; look at staff, I've worked in other cmnties, never seen amt of commitment [here]
costs a lot of money to run cmnty, ...
the other day, it was snowing and the difference in the way the streets were ploughed
District pays employees
do you know how much O/T you wd save, plough ev other day? get rid of hanging baskets?
all things that make WV, WV; it's a cmnty
if you want to approach as a biz, diff -- going to need Fire, Police, streets ploughed, want ...
2 cents a km increase from fed -- some of these ppl are using their own vehicles
do you think that covers the expense?
if you want services it's going to cost
I've been here since 1995, one has been here since then, Cclr Sop
maintain,  ...  
and I'll hear it for another five years; mantra for WV, you've cut, you've trimmed
it used to be it's my cmnty, want to live here; hear more and more it's just a job
isn't the resources you want
staffing needs difficult; it's competitive, WV is difficult
if you can make the same money are you going to live in Langley and drive to WV? and give up two or three hours a day on the road away from your families
I hate to mention to a prev speaker that she spoke for my mbrs when they said they'd take a pay cut or a zero% increase to stay in WV.  I beg to differ.

{First of all, there are all sorts of reasons why ppl live and work where they do.  Secondly, ppl being what they are, some wd, some wdn't.  The hospital union workers got, what, a 15% cut? and I understand most of them stayed at Lions' Gate Hospital.  Besides, thirdly, as with any organization there are probably some ppl overpaid, some underpaid, and some just right.  Maybe a review wd help.  In any case, I was not speaking for his mbrs.
btw, one reason DWV is desirable is that the benefits are 30%, so add that to the salaries you see -- and the last ones we've been given are from 2006,}
From my experience of working with those mbrs, that they look for other choices
so unfortunately that will require a tax increase, and I understand it b/c I'm a taxpayer in NV. I saw my taxes go up last year when they didn't go up here.  Don't think there wasn't repercussions b/c the money is in the budget this year from last year b/c you got zero %
next few years, by rough calculation I've estimated that 26% of our mbrs can retire in the next ten years; 26% of your employees
In Police civilians, it's 31%, in Library for some reason I missed bringing that figure...
Currently 64% of your M employees reside in NV or WV
Library is higher, Police is about 70%
these are challenges you face as taxpayers if you want services, and it's going to cost
I respect the role that taxpayers play, it's difficult, I understand many in cmnty on fixed income
but you can't hold back ppl trying to raise their families or live in the cmnty with successive zero, one, two, 3% increases with the District and the Ccl's hands are tied
the revenue base isn't there and the costs, vehicle, fuel costs, material District is paying, all part of the equation; have heard a lot of ppl tonight talk about do it with what you've got or you're overspending
Trust me when I say, I've never seen, and I shdn't speak for mgrs, and I am, I've seen them pulling their hair out, trying to get by with what they've got when they get their budgets
I see the cuts and see the trimming; less [sic] and less [sic] ppl doing more and more
someone made a good comment about administration, and it's interesting to note while the public talks about the bureaucracy and administration,  think about all the requests you've made tonight for copies, for information, for putting things on the web; all these requests cost money; they cost staff time, it just doesn't poof! go up on the website; copies aren't just magically made poof! and appear before you, and I've seen this over the last number of years, how much is driven by the public's appetite for administrative services.  So while the District's providing that for you, remember it costs. Going to wrap it up now b/c I've spoke [sic] on, thank you for your time.  I appreciate the considerations you have to make in your budget, and I thank you for your time.
{a bit contradictory -- committed, work hard, but now think it's just a job?
then putting things on the Web is cheaper than copies and that way everyone can see, not just the one who asks
is there a lower priority to providing budget information to residents than paying staff more?}

>>> Judy Gosney: didn't intend to speak either.  We don't get ploughed by the way!
specific interest proposed Gleneagles bldg project
rumours abounded that money has gone away
been assured still on track, know it's on agenda next Monday; WRA worked so hard come to fruition
$875K may be up to $1M for one aspect of project, restoration of Great Hall
is money still there? or is it up for grabs?
maybe public doesn't know but that money has been set aside; and another $1M for golf facilities
wd like some assurance
KP: we will be back next Monday with a report on this issue
Ccl will be able to debate a recommendation that proposes building both aspects at same time
you are correct we paused in this budget b/c drop in golf revenue; clear at end of 2007
been looking for another source so project can go forward
either that can ...
JG: unfortunate drop in revenue, partly facilities
is money secured to go through for at least half of the project?
KP: yes it is
>>> Jay Brownlee (firefighter): resident for almost 40 years, parents live here, mbr of Fire WG
we are working on a number of issues
a lot of interesting and good turnout this year
this is what cmnty needs, good debate, won't be speaking as a union rep or as mbr of Fire WG
speaking as resident: one is a question of priorities, tied to public expectations and core services
I have attended ev single budget process mtg over past few years
a lot of good debate, without exception the continual theme is priorities and core services
majority of residents, seen in email and letters to editor, they want core services funded
what makes a cmnty, makes a cmnty enjoyable to live in
core; bottom is physiological, food, home, need to feel safe; next rung up the ladder is safety; third is social
brains far smarter than mine will figure out where funding will go
expectation is safe cmnty
talk about being on par; WV is dancing dangerously close
two daughters play soccer, paying fees
increase from changes in legislation over last ten years
ppl shd be informed; go to Fire WG mtgs
Mayor: anyone further wanting to speak?
Gord Howard: I'm Prez of WV Firefighters.  Thankfully, I won't be speaking on behalf of firefighters either. Family lived in WV for over 70 years; worked for WVFD for 19 years
focus on why we're here
M not in biz to make money, not look at bottom line and how much profit we make
here to build and support a safe, healthy, and vibrant cmnty; do that with library, cmnty ctrs, fire and police, and other services
speak to the true goal of the cmnty; look at this; progs and services shd drive the budget
hard to ascertain achieving the goal; good way is how much are they willing to pay to live here
they pay b/c they like to live here
if you cut these things out, then ppl won't want to live here anymore
Mayor: anyone else? in the hallway? Carolanne Reynolds, you'd like to speak again?
CR: I want to scotch right away any hint that I was suggesting [all staff] shd take a cut in salary.  I want to make sure that was not my suggestion, and not my recommendation.  What I was saying and if ppl want to know, in issue 25 of West Van Matters last year, it has the salaries of those ppl making over $75,000 a year if somebody wants to look at it, and it's on the website www.westvan.org and I provide all of that without being paid to do it.  So there's a lot of work being done in this cmnty by ppl who do not take any pay, and among that, in that category, I wd put you as ccl mbrs who are grossly underpaid at around $25,000 a year for all the time you put in, and I think we owe all of you a debt of gratitude.
Mayor: thank you.
[the silence was deafening]
anyone further?
A distinct lack of applause
Sop: no applause on that one!
[laughter around]
JF: I think just gave us a raise, Madam Mayor
{JF is right -- cclrs actually make less than $25K, but it is more than $20K.  Still a pittance.  Again, look at the salaries in WVM2007-25.  I didn't, however, include the salaries for Fire and Police , saying can't put a price on saving lives.}
Mayor: Ccl's indemnity is on the agenda next week; that's going to be interesting
is there anyone further wishing to speak?  no one further?
all right, Ccl; not sure if anybody wd wish to make some concluding remarks
the purpose tonight was to listen and truly, I think on behalf of all mbrs of Ccl, we really appreciate this; I think it's unprecedented. We can't be accused of not wanting to share these tough decisions with you, and we rely on your input in order to help us make them, and so this will be the bulk of our work in February and March at the v least.
We are expecting, I think, an interim report from the Fire Services WG, towards the end of Feb, and their mtgs are once a week, Tuesdays at 4pm; everybody's welcome to be there if they're interested.
Motion to adjourn.
===   COUNCIL MTG AGENDA  Feb 18th   ===
3.         2008 Heritage Achievement Awards
4.         Dr. B. O'Connor, Vancouver Coastal Health regarding "We're Going Smoke-Free: The Next Generation"
        =  received for information
5.         Seniors' Centre Board Annual Report Presentation
        =  presentation from C. Lee, Chair, Seniors' Centre Board received for information.
6.         Development Variance Permit Application 07-046 (2893 Marine Dr - West Vancouver Presbyterian Church)
RECOMMENDED: THAT all written and verbal submissions received for information
If Council wishes a further staff report, then:
RECOMMENDED: THAT Staff report back to Council
THAT the DVP, which would provide for the replacement of the existing church sign with a new sign that does not comply with the Sign Bylaw, be approved.
7.         Council Remuneration Review Task Force Report
1.   Council remuneration per annum be established at a rate of $70,630 for the Mayor and $25,643 for Councillors plus an Acting Mayor adjustment of 5 % of base per month consistent with an average of Metro Vancouver municipalities with a population between 25,000 and 105,000 shown on Exhibit 6 (2007 rates) attached to Council Remuneration Review Task Force Report dated February 10, 2008.
2.    Council remuneration adjustments take effect for the new Council commencing January 1, 2009 and be adjusted each January thereafter at a rate equivalent to the Vancouver Price Index for the preceding year.
3.    Council continue to establish an independent task force every five years to review and recommend any changes to Council remuneration.
8.         Gleneagles Golf -- Service Building and Great Hall
1.    The Five Year Capital Budget - 2008 be designated as the source of funds for the construction under design-build arrangements, of a Golf Service Building which will include a Pro Shop, washrooms, golf club meeting space and a Caf=E9/Bistro to a target construction cost of $1,000,000.
2.    The Great Hall project at Gleneagles Golf Course be constructed in conjunction with the Golf Service Building under design-build arrangements utilizing Gleneagles Golf Capital Fund resources to a target construction cost of $1,000,000.
3.    Clause No. 1 of the resolution of March 12, 2007 regarding the Great Hall and Service Building as follows: "A design and building process for a new Golf Customer Services building be developed, including public washrooms, golf club meeting space, a Caf=E9/Bistro and a Pro Shop, to a target construction cost of $1,000,000.00 funded from golf course revenue", be rescinded.
4.    Staff be directed to reduce the Gleneagles Golf Course administration fee transfer of $375,000 commencing in the 2009 budget year.
9.         Community Centre Quarterly Update - Volume 6 - February 18, 2008
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated February 18, 2008 from the Deputy Director, Parks & Community Services titled Community Centre Quarterly Update - Volume 6 - February 18, 2008 be received for information.
{The Nov Qtrly Report had the figs for August, this to end of Dec?}
10.       Appointments to Finance Committee -- Information to be provided.          
11.       Building Bylaw No. 4400, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4542, 2008
        ... introduced and read a first, second and third time.
12.       Official Community Plan Bylaw, Amendment Bylaw No. 4534, 2007 (2396/2388 Marine Dr)
            This bylaw received first reading at the November 19, 2007 Regular Council meeting, and second and third reading at the December 17, 2007 Regular Council Meeting. A Public Hearing/Public Meeting was held on December 10, 2007.
RECOMMENDED: THAT "Official Community Plan Amendment ... be adopted.
13.       Zoning Amendment Bylaw (2396 and 2388 Marine Drive)  See report in Item 12.
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the "Zoning Amendment Bylaw ... be adopted.
14.       Development Permit No. 07-015 (2396 and 2388 Marine Drive) See report in Item 12.
RECOMMENDED: THAT Devt Permit, which would provide for a low rise residential development on the corner of 24th Street and Marine Drive, be issued.
15.       Traffic and Parking Bylaw No. 4370, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4535, 2008
This bylaw received first, second and third reading at the February 4, 2008 Regular Council Meeting.
RECOMMENDED: ... be adopted.
16.       Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw No. 4368, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4536, 2008
This bylaw received first, second and third reading at the February 4, 2008 Regular Council Meeting.
RECOMMENDED: ... be adopted.
17.      Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
RECOMMENDED: THAT the Consent Agenda items as follows be approved (18 - 21)
18.       Development Variance Permit Application 07-049 (2710 Rosebery Avenue)
RECOMMENDED: the report dated Feb 5, 2008, ... be received for consideration on March 3, 2008.
19.      Development Variance Permit Application 07-042 (5517 Ocean Place)
RECOMMENDED: report dated Feb 11, 2008, ... be received for consideration on Monday, March 3, 2008.
20.      Preliminary Engagement Framework: Metro Vancouver and Vancouver Fraser Port Authority
RECOMMENDED: THAT Council endorse [framework]

21.       Correspondence List -- RECOMMENDED: received for information.

***  Previous Correspondence

{V glad to see; this is the resurrected Correspondence I requested -- how wd we have known, No 7 , 16, 21, 29 (a request for nominations for the Order of BC), and 32 that reports were available in the Legislative Services Dept?  What about the provincial reports?   Look at No 3 for Ccl to consider and respond wrt police funding.  What about update on NSh Women's Ctr?  Replies from staff re bylaw enforcement, Dundarave parking, etc?  See what you missed below.
I'm still perplexed as to why they arbitrarily and suddenly removed all this information from residents' eyes........}

+++ Requests for Delegation  -- No items presented.
Action Required
(1)       C. Wyse, MLA - Cariboo-South; B. Simpson, MLA - Cariboo-North; H. Lali, MLA - Yale-Lillooet, Dec 12, 2007, regarding Support for Bill M225 British Columbia Rail Corridor Safety Act, 2007
Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response.
(2)       A. Hilsen, District of North Vancouver, December 18, 2007, regarding North Shore Family Court and Youth Justice Committee - Municipal Administration Rotation (File: 0115?20?NSFC1)
Referred to the Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.  Attachments available for viewing in the Legislative Services Department.
(3)       G.F. Ferguson, Mayor - City of Abbotsford, December 18, 2007, regarding Request for Endorsement on Equitable Police Funding
Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(4)       Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
(a)       Community Engagement Committee - November 07, 2007
(b)       Community Engagement Committee - December 05, 2007
(c)        West Vancouver Memorial Library Board - November 21, 2007
(5)       H. Greenwood, West Vancouver Memorial Library Board, December 07, 2007, regarding the December 03, 2007 Presentation to Council
(6)       G.W. Powell, Provincial Health Services Authority, December 12, 2007, regarding Update - Collaborations Between Provincial Health Services Authority and Vancouver Coastal Health
Attachments available for viewing in the Legislative Services Department.
(7)       L.E. Jackson, Metro Vancouver Board, December 13, 2007, regarding Future of the Region Sustainability Dialogues Report: Drugs and Crime - Dealing With Your Drug Problem
Attachments available for viewing in the Legislative Services Department.
(8)       S. Gimse, Union of British Columbia Municipalities, December 17, 2007, regarding Invitation to Apply for Funding Under the Innovations Fund Program
(9)       J. Krushnisky, Run of River Power Inc., December 17, 2007, regarding Update - Progress of the Upper Pitt River Green Hydro Project
(10)     December 19, 2007, regarding City Fines - Dog Walking Bylaw
(11)     S.E. Dowey, City of North Vancouver, December 20, 2007, regarding Update on Programs and Services of the North Shore Women's Centre
(12)     S. Gimse, Union of British Columbia Municipalities, December 21, 2007, regarding West Vancouver - Active Union of British Columbia Municipalities Administered Grants in 2007
(13)     Union of British Columbia Municipalities and the Local Government Leadership Academy, December 21, 2007, regarding 2008 British Columbia Local Government Leadership Forum, February 2008
(14)     December 28, 2007, regarding Please Save Hugo Ray Park
(15)     December 29, 2007, regarding Capilano Suspension Bridge Zoning Changes
(16)     Heritage British Columbia Quarterly, Fall 2007, regarding Publication: Heritage of Trade and Commerce
Attachments available for viewing in the Legislative Services Department.
(17)     First Nations Summit and the Union of British Columbia Municipalities, Fall 2007, regarding Publication: C2C Connect
(18)     Ministry of Forests and Range Protection Branch, Fall/Winter 2007, regarding Publication: Fuel Management Update
Responses to Correspondence
(19)     E. Barth, Director of Engineering & Transportation, December 17, 2007, regarding reply to P. Lepp regarding Boulevard Bylaw Enforcement in Altamont
Responses to Questions in Question Period -- No items presented.
+++  Requests for Delegation -- No items presented.
Action Required  --  No items presented.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(20)     D. Condon, Parkgate Community Centre, December 11, 2007, regarding Community Governance Model, West Vancouver Community Centre
(21)     G. Heyman, British Columbia Government Employees Union, January 02, 2008, regarding Road and Highway Maintenance Specifications in British Columbia
Attachments available for viewing in the Legislative Services Department.
(22)     G. Steeves, Federation of Canadian Municipalities, January 03, 2008, regarding New Funding Opportunity for Municipal Solid Waste Projects
(23)     S. Jessen, Legacy North Shore Society, January 06, 2008, regarding Invitation to Attend: Gathering of the Legacy North Shore Society, January 20, 2008
Previously distributed to Council for early information.
Responses to Correspondence
(24)     B.A. Dozzi, Manager - Roads & Transportation, January 02, 2008, regarding reply to R. Carder re Dundarave Parking and Traffic Plan Implementation
Responses to Questions in Question Period  --  No items presented.
+++ Requests for Delegation  --  No items presented.
Action Required
(25)     P. Buck, The Kidney Foundation of Canada, January 09, 2008, regarding Request for Proclamation of March as Kidney Month
Referred to the Municipal Clerk for response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(26)     S. Sullivan, Mayor, City of Vancouver, November 21, 2007, regarding Report of the Mayor's Task Force on Immigration, City of Vancouver 2007
Attachments available for viewing in the Legislative Services Department.
(27)     D. Rundell, British Columbia Assessment, January 03, 2008, regarding 2008 Property Assessment Roll
(28)     G. Panton, The Western Canada Society to Access Justice, January 11, 2008, regarding Access Justice - Free Legal Advice
(29)     Order of British Columbia, Honours and Awards Secretariat, undated 2008, regarding Request for Nominations for the Order of British Columbia
Attachments available for viewing in the Legislative Services Department.
Responses to Correspondence
(30)     B.A. Dozzi, Roads & Transportation, January 07, 2008, Reply to P. Lepp regarding Boulevard Bylaw Enforcement in Altamont
Responses to Questions in Question Period = ; --  No items presented.
+++  Requests for Delegation  --  No items presented.
Action Required  --  No items presented.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(31)     D. Welch, Local Government Program Services, January 07, 2008, regarding Community Health Promotion Fund - Approval (of Funding), Terms and Conditions
(32)     J. Yardley, Heritage British Columbia, January 11, 2008, regarding Heritage Week 2008
Attachments available for viewing in the Legislative Services Department.
(33)     K. Vance, Union of British Columbia Municipalities, January 17, 2008, regarding Building a Safer Community: Gangs, Drugs and Domestic Violence Issues
(34)     January 20, 2008, regarding Decision re Freestyle World Cup
Responses to Correspondence
(35)     Mayor P. Goldsmith-Jones, January 15, 2008, reply to Mayor R. Walton and Council, District of North Vancouver regarding Reconvened Public Hearing on January 15, 2008 - Capilano Suspension Bridge
Responses to Questions in Question Period  -- No items presented.

***  Current Correspondence
Requests for Delegation  --  No items presented.
Action Required
(36)     C.L. Lee, Chair Seniors' Centre Advisory Board, December 27, 2007, regarding Civic Site Parking Issues (Received by Legislative Services Department on January 28, 2008)
Referred to the Director of Parks & Community Services for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(37)     Mayor J. Mar, Central Saanich Police Board, January 23, 2008, regarding Resolution - Equitable Police Funding
(38)     A. Rowland, January 23, 2008, regarding Environmental Award
(39)     January 27, 2008, regarding Dynamotive Energy Systems
(40)     January 28, 2008, regarding Dog Walker's Delegation on January 21, 2008
(41)     P. Greenwell, Metro Vancouver Regional Homelessness Secretariat, January 29, 2008, regarding Greater Vancouver Regional Steering Committee on Homelessness (RSCH) Information Bulletin
(42)     A. Hilsen, Municipal Clerk, District of North Vancouver, January 29, 2008, regarding District of North Vancouver Support for Spirit Trail Pedestrian and Cyclist Overpass at MacKay Creek
Attachments available for viewing in Legislative Services Department.
(43)     Squamish Nation, Tsleil-Waututh Nation, The Province of British Columbia, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and the West Vancouver Police Department, undated, 2008, regarding Invitation to Attend: Official Signing Ceremony for the First Nations Enhanced Police Agreement - February 08, 2008
Previously distributed due to timing of event.
(44)     S. Gimse, Union of British Columbia Municipalities, January 31, 2008, regarding 2008 Union of British Columbia Municipalities Membership
(45)     Municipal Finance Authority of British Columbia, undated, 2008, regarding Financial Forum and Annual General Meeting, March 26 and 27, 2008
(46)     S. Berisavac, Canadian Cancer Society, February 08, 2008, regarding Outdoor Smoking Restrictions
Responses to Correspondence  --  No items presented.
Responses to Questions in Question Period = ; --  No items presented.
+++ Requests for Delegation  --  No items presented.
Action Required
(47)     K. Loughlin, Strataco Management Ltd. for Esker Lane Strata, January 31, 2008, regarding Metered Utility Statement Water Delivery Tax Arrears
Referred to the Director of Finance for consideration and response.
(48)     February 01, 2008, regarding Dock Construction at West Vancouver Yacht Club
Referred to the Director of Planning, Lands & Permits for consideration and response.
 No Action Required (receipt only)
(49)     Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
(a)       North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues - November 29, 2007
(50)     I. Chong, Minister of Community Services and Minister Responsible for Seniors' and Women's Issues, February 04, 2008, regarding Local Government Twinning/Sister City Opportunities with China
(51)     February 04, 2008, regarding District Budget: Fire Department Raising Its Own Funds
(52)     G. Knight, Hollyburn Heritage Society, February 05, 2008, regarding 2007 Annual Report
(53)     February 07, 2008, regarding RCMP Priorities on Policing
(54)     February 08, 2008, regarding Fire Department Budget Cuts
(55)     February 08, 2008, regarding Fire Department Budget Cuts
(56)     February 09, 2008, regarding Proposed 2008 Budget
(57)     February 09, 2008, regarding 2008 Budget
(58)     February 10, 2008, regarding Proposed 2008 Budget
(59)     M. Nikpay, February 11, 2008, regarding Proposed 2008 Budget (submitted On-Table at Feb 11 Council Workshop)
(60)     K. Steig, February 11, 2008, regarding Proposed 2008 Budget (submitted On-Table at Feb 11 Council Workshop)
(61)     D. Roach, February 11, 2008, regarding Proposed 2008 Budget (submitted On-Table at Feb 11 Council Workshop)
Responses to Correspondence  --  No items presented
Responses to Questions in Question Period = ; --  No items presented.
                Excerpts from the ADRA AGM Notice/Newsletter February 2008 {with updates}
Ambleside Business District Still Under Attack
ADRA directors appeared before Council on December 10th to report on the ADRA membership survey regarding proposed developments in the Ambleside business district. (See the boxed summary of the survey.)
We can report that staff retreated somewhat from their proposals to allow four-storey buildings throughout Ambleside.  Indeed, they suggested during the discussion that building height would be limited in the future to three storeys.  Unfortunately, their written presentation suggests something quite different.  Staff favours:
     o   [Having] three-storey height throughout the area with some situations permitting four storeys;
     o   Allowing consideration of four-storey proposals on sites that do not qualify for four.
     o   Permitting an FAR of more than 1.75 on three large sites, with no upper limit.
It seems that staff said one thing and wrote something quite different.  We've grown accustomed to this kind of "confusion", unfortunately.
They will deliver their policy documents in the next couple of months. ADRA will be watching.
The reality is that densifying the Ambleside business district [apparently] remains a major focus for developers and staff.  Given the very clear position adopted by ADRA members, this represents a major confrontation with the values our members support.
 Your ADRA board perceives two main problems:
     o   Municipal Hall is not neutral in the development process; they constantly seem to actively support developers and higher density in our business district.
     o   the Ambleside business district has been classified a Development Permit Zone; each individual project must be reviewed individually.
We anticipate an unending series of applications for four-storey buildings in the Ambleside business district.  This will require attention by developers, as well as District staff, Council and the public for the foreseeable future.  Frankly, your directors consider this to be an inappropriate use of resources for all concerned, particularly public resources.
ADRA believes that debate over the height and density of the Ambleside business district is appropriate but not on an unending basis.  We think the debate should properly occur in the context of an OCP review, not whenever a developer comes forward with a new idea.
We are not confident that we can trust the planning department staff to reflect the wishes of the residents of Ambleside who oppose significant increases in building heights in the Ambleside business district. We think a more appropriate stance by Council would be to overturn the Development Permit Zone concept, establish firm policy limits in the OCP and then refuse to hear exceptions to the OCP.
        {NB: Ccl cannot legally refuse to accept an application.}
Your directors will continue to press for changes to these procedures.
        {The ADRA Survey results appeared in WVM2007-40 on website www.westvan.org}
Transition Zone II: West Vancouver's "Housing Dilemma"
Do you remember the "Transition Zone" struggle?  In 2002, the Planning Department called for re-zoning almost all of Ambleside as a "Transition Zone" that would have effectively ended single-family housing in the area.
 Were you aware that planners think West Vancouver has a dilemma in housing?  Well, they do.  And if they could they would change the nature and character of our various single family neighbourhoods permanently as a means of solving this dilemma.  They're re-visiting the issue of the massive changes to Ambleside proposed by our planners four years ago.
The community rose up and said "NO!" then.  But guess what? They're b a a c k=8A
These folks believe in densifying our neighbourhoods through reduced lot size, town homes, more apartment buildings, secondary suites, and infill buildings on existing lots.Your directors believe this would destroy the character of West Vancouver's single family neighbourhoods.
Council has had a working group discussing this issue for the past year; an ADRA board member sits on it.  It would be fair to conclude that he is a lonely voice defending the continued existence of single family neighbourhoods throughout West Vancouver.
        {The Neighbourhood Character and Housing Dialogue WG is now referred to as the Cmnty Dialogue WG.}
This group held a "community dialogue" public meeting on the January 30th at the Kay Meek Centre.  ADRA is cautious about changes to our neighbourhoods. 
We hope that others who oppose the destruction of our neighbourhood character will present themselves and speak up on this issue. We think this should be a major issue in this year's municipal election campaign.
2008 BUDGET 
Last year public pressure induced Council to budget on a zero tax rate increase. This year, while the departments have planned for a 6% increase in revenue, taxpayers are being presented with a 3% tax rate increase and 3% to come from increased fees and charges [and other sources of revenue]. There are significant amounts requested by departments that are not included, such as an additional $500,000 for the Police Dept, $250,000 for the Fire Dept, and $250,000 for half of the first year's operating costs of the new community centre.   The budget document is available at the District Hall and may be downloaded from the District's website. Please come to the AGM and make your views known to Council Members who will be in attendance. 
 Feb 11  Budget 2008 Workshop, Council Chambers 7:00 p.m. 
{UPDATE: the Mayor has announced input and budget discussion will continue for about five weeks}
Council meetings will now be held on the first and third Mondays and a workshop or public hearing on the second Monday (with holiday adjustments). Council meetings can be watched on Channel 4 on Tuesdays at 9 pm. They can also be viewed on the District's website.
{And of course transcripts are in the newsletter West Van Matters, and later put on the www.westvan.org website.  A report on the removal of Correspondence for the second time in about a year was removed from the ADRA newsletter b/c it was restored just before going to print.}
Please note the 2008 membership fees are now due.  Please submit your comments and suggestions on matters of concern to you.
The Ambleside and Dundarave Ratepayers' Association Board 2007 {To write to the ADRA Board:  board@adra.westvan.org}
President: Elaine Fonseca, 926 6686; Vice President: Keith Pople; Treasurer: Ray Richards
Directors: David Stephenson, Roff Johannson, Carolanne Reynolds, [Nan Thomas, resigned]
West Vancouver, BC     POSTAL CODE:
Telephone:                                  Email Address:
o  I wd like to receive notices and information via email.  The annual fee is $5 and includes a couple at the same address.
o  I wd like to receive notices and information via postal mail.  The annual fee is $15 and includes a couple at the same address.
Pls send the application together with your cheque to: ADRA Treasurer, 2336 Marine Dr, WV V7V 1K8
======   HERITAGE  WEEK= Feb 18 - 24   ======
*** 2008 West Vancouver Heritage Achievement Awards  (Feb 18)
The awards are presented in honour of individuals, groups and businesses that have made a significant contribution towards ensuring our collective heritage is preserved. This year, seven awards will be presented:
o  Mrs. Carlile and Mrs. Bernard, two original members of the Creeks Conservation Society, for their work in protecting creeks from being culverted.
o  Peter Miller and Nancy Smith, North Shore Heritage Preservation Society, for their efforts to raise heritage awareness in West Vancouver and the wider North Shore community.
o  Paul Berlinguette (NS Wetland Partners) and Randall Lewis (Environmental Coordinator for the Squamish Nation) for the restoration of a West Vancouver Creek (formerly Pound Creek) to its Skwxwu7mesh name, Sway'wey.
o  Nicky Morgan and Dave Tupper for their sensitive renovation of an important home of the Modern Movement in West Vancouver, the Gerson House at 1040 Aubeneau Crescent.
o  Tom Houg, for his extensive renovation of 144 Stephens Drive, an excellent example of 'West Coast Modern' architecture.
o  Elspeth Bradbury, for her nine years of inspired dedication, hard work and perseverance in the writing and publication of her book, "West Vancouver - A View Through the Trees".
o  Padra and Sarah Farhangi, for their restoration of the 1924 Arts & Crafts Bungalow style home at 2367 Marine Drive.
***Heritage Week Snowshoe Tour & BBQ  (Feb 24)
Enjoy an informative snowshoe trek through the snowy mountain forests and meadows on Hollyburn Ridge at Cypress Mountain's Nordic Area.  Included in the tour will be a stop at historic Hollyburn Lodge for a BBQ.  Tour information:
                              February 24th  Sunday  3:30 - 5:30pm  Please check in at 3pm.
Children eight and older are welcome when accompanied by an adult.
Booking/cancellation information: Pre-booking is required.  Please call the Snowshoe Coordinator at 604 913 2573 to reserve your place.  Spaces are limited and will be booked on a 'first come first served' basis. If you book and cannot make it please inform the snowshoe coordinator at least 24 hours before the tour.
Participant information Be prepared for changing weather conditions.  Wear waterproof hiking boots with ankle support, layered outerwear, water repellent jacket and pants, a toque, and gloves.
Please check in at the Cross Country ticket office a half hour before tour begins.  All tours leave at the scheduled departure time, any latecomers will be unable to participate.  Call Cypress Snow Phone @ 604 419 7669, for the latest weather and road conditions.
WEBSITE: www.cypressmountain.com
*** Heritage Week Events

*** Heritage Week Events