Ccl NOTES Mar 3
AGENDA Mar 10th
Calendar to Mar 20th

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

First, Happy International Women's Day (Saturday, Mar 8); see Section below.
Happy St Patrick's Day March 17, then spring -- Mar 19 - 21 depending on your calculations, Nowruz Mobarak
Main Items Mar 10th: Evelyn Dr DP (for Apr 7); Finance Cmte TofRef revisions; 2008 Budget discussion (again info to be provided! how can we discuss something we haven't seen???); Correspondence includes new recycling program, dog-walking access, BC Cultural Crawl, EcoDensity, Smart Growth, parking tix (answer from staff)
International Women's Day; The Editor's Week; UPDATES (Marine Dr Gateway, Cmte Apptmts, WV characteristics); DANCEWATCH (Russian Dervishes); BOOKWATCH (Fortune Cookies, The Second World) 
=  CALENDAR to Mar 20th
=  Mar 3rd Ccl Mtg NOTES:  WV Ch of Commerce; DVPs for 2710 Rosebery, 5517 Ocean Place; Chief Election Officer; Apptmts to Finance Cmte (named!); Bldg Bylaw Amendment; Devt Applications (status list); CORRESPONDENCE: Budget; Waste Pickup Regs; CEC minutes; Fire and Rescue Fees; budget presentations: Fire/Rescue Services WG and Budget 2008 Capital Budget; then PQP on non-notice of DRC mtg on Ev Dr, setting record straight re Wetmore, banners banned, late five-yr capital plan second revision no public input without answer (interrupted), lawsuit and DWV.
=  Mar 10th Ccl Sp Mtg AGENDA; Int'l Women's Day Cont'd (Suffrage, PQ women in 1940; Iraqi Women Crisis)
=  Heritage Week 2008 Quiz Answers (out of 25!); Language (Acronyms); Quotations (WFB, Sesquipedalian)

*** IWD  -- 15,000 women marched through New York City in 1908 demanding shorter hours, better pay and voting rights. 100 years on, the pertinence of this event is honoured through IWD's 2008 global theme 'Shaping Progress'.  There are currently 522 IWD 2008 events listed from 47 different countries !!  In just three years time, 2011 will see IWD's Centenary - 100 years of women's united action for global equality and change. Organizations around the world have already commenced planning for their IWD Centenary celebrations. The first International Women's Day was launched on 8 March 1911 in Copenhagen by Clara Zetkin, Leader of the 'Women's Office' for the Social Democratic Party in Germany. This followed many years of women's campaigning dating back to British MP, John Stuart Mill, the first person in Parliament calling for women's right to vote. On 19 September 1893 New Zealand became the first self-governing nation in the world to give women the right to vote.
*** Canadian human rights activist and singer Nazanin Afshin-Jam who will speak at VPL Mar 12 (see Calendar) is a tireless advocate for victims of human rights abuses worldwide, particularly in relation to women and children in Iran and the Middle East.
***  Dr Ethlyn Trapp was born in New Westminster on July 18, 1891. She attended McGill University, graduating in 1913 with an arts degree. She was the first head of the BC Medical Assn.  It is she who donated Klee Wyck to WV. [see aabc.bc.ca/aabc/bcma/bio_ETrapp.html]
***  Carolanne Reynolds was the first woman to run for Mayor of WV; Pat Boname was the first woman mayor; Pamela Goldsmith-Jones is the second. Who'll be next/third?
*** Licence to lie for Italian women: Italy's highest appeal court says that married Italian women who commit adultery can lie about it in legal cases. < http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/em/fr/-/2/hi/europe/7284134.stm >
*** Rachel Corrie -- http://www.ifamericansknew.org/about_us/rc-cards.html
As March 16th approaches, many of us feel committed to telling people about this tragic loss -- both because heroism deserves to be honoured, and because informing Americans about Rachel helps to open eyes about what their tax money is doing to Palestinians. When people finally learn this, the majority will demand change.
***  B*tch is the New Black (from SNL): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHnL8mUbopw
TINA FEY: ...[P]eople say that Hillary is a b*tch. Let me say something about that: Yeah, she is. And so am I and so is this one. (pointing to Amy Poehler)
POEHLER: Yeah, deal with it.
FEY: Know what? B*tches get stuff done.
*** CNN pundit/analyst: sexism trumps racism.
***  Iranian Saint: first woman in Iran to remove the burqa did it in 1842 and was killed the next day.

===   DANCEWATCH   ===
Russian Dervish Riverdance The New Show -- A colleague saw them at the Schubert theatre in Boston last year; this has some new ones: http://youtube.com/watch?v=8rxf7D8--Jo

===   UPDATES   ===
***  Marine Drive Gateway update That and the sewer work still go into April  For info see DWV website:  http://www.westvancouver.ca/article.asp?a=5460&c=880 don't you just love their URLs?
***  Finance Cmte: see item 7 in Ccl mtg notes below; first mtg Mar 12.
***  Inaugural Board for the new Cmnty Ctr: see Item 7 in Ccl mtg notes below
***   Understanding West Van's Characteristics
West Vancouverites are a little older, a little more educated, more likely to be married, and more likely to have a higher income than the average for the region. And, we have the same number of 10- to 19-year-olds at home as everywhere else in Metro Vancouver. Understanding the characteristics of our community raises important questions for us as private individuals, good neighbours, and public citizens.
Taken together, age, education and income provide insight into community needs.
[Mayor Goldsmith-Jones's penned article for the NS News.  Part of a five-week, "Chains of Office" NS News series.  See rest of article at: http://www.westvancouver.ca/article.asp?a=5603&c=694]
***  ADRA Board 2008: Prez Elaine Fonseca (926 6686), VP Keith Pople, Secy-Treas Ray Richards, Directors: Frank Rutter, David Stephenson, Chuck Walker, Gordon Ward-Hall (and Past Prez Carolanne Reynolds).  To write to the whole board: board@adra.westvan.org and email mbrship is $5.

===   The Editor's Week  = ; ===
Most surprising news -- planning for a Museum of Art, Architecture, and Design.
Most disappointing news -- Technical Cmtes have staff, but neither Ccl nor public presence, and they can take the place of WGs wch replaced Ccl-appointed cmtes wch had to abide by the Cmnty Charter; and you know how much time and effort last year to make sure WGs required notification and to be open.
*  Design Review Cmte Shenanigans: meetings require Sherlock Holmes to find out when and what's on them, and they started Mar 4 mtg as 'closed', clearly not permitted under Cmnty Carter. Wrong Ccl liaison on DWV website.  Then uncovered fact mtgs were on EVELYN DRIVE devt, major issue at last election.  Is Ccl serious about openness?  Not from this experience!
*  Somewhat of a relief -- the Ev Dr Devt Permit at Design Rev Cmte Mar 4 will be considered later in public; Ev Dr Masterplan Phase 2 will be on Mar 12 agenda.
*  Rather overloaded -- Tuesday had three WG/Cmte mtgs about the same time in the afternoon with one that continued into the same evening period when there were THREE opening receptions.
*  Great news!  Finance Cmte off and running.  Mirabile dictu, their webpage now has a mtg Wed Mar 12 at 5pm!  (For more go to the totally intuitive URL of http://www.westvancouver.ca/article.asp?c=975)
*  Puzzling re Finance Cmte: Revisions (points 3 and 5) to Terms of Ref on agenda.  No problem increasing the mbrs from five to six (3); but perhaps over-particular (in 5) to change chairman to chairperson (irrelevant); then what's missing is puzzling.  The webpage has a staff liaison named but these revised TofRef say the staff liaison is to be determined by the cmte -- that's not identified as a change!
* Conflicting statements: Five-Yr Capital Plan Version 2 introduced at Mar 3rd ccl mtg as "first discussion", cclr says "no motion" and "received for info", then passed as presented!  See Ccl mtg notes Mar 3 below.  Then Mar 10th ccl mtg again has info to be provided for Budget 2008 discussion -- why on earth isn't it on and part of the agenda/ccl package???  Well, hope it's given to Finance Cmte at least.
*  WETMORE (sorry, can't help it):  See ccl mtg notes for Mar 3 below for details.  Three cclrs spoke eloquently about this, a fourth said an RFP had been called for so he'd go along with selling; the Dir/Finance said it cd be delayed and need not be rushed as part of the five-yr capital plan.  So at least three and three, or maybe three for keeping, two against, and one reluctantly for.  Even if three and three, maybe, just maybe, the Mayor will recognize the division and seek some sort of compromise.  As I said at Monday's mtg (and I'm sure others have as well), it's crazy/silly/unwise/imprudent to sell an asset that will appreciate, grow in value, to pay for a building that will depreciate, lose value.  May saner beancounter heads prevail.

===   BOOKWATCH   ===  Book Reviews from NYT
***  The Fortune Cookie Chronicles by Jennifer 8 Lee
Fascinating review; she visited 43 countries, best Chinese restaurant outside China in Richmond (says VSun).  Fortune cookies:  "They originated in 19th-century Japan and were sold in Japanese confectionery shops in San Francisco until World War II, when Japanese-Americans were interned, at which point Chinese entrepreneurs took over the business."  See the whole review at:
***  The Second World by Parag Khanna
According to reviewer William Grimes: In this sweeping, often audacious survey of contemporary geopolitics, Parag Khanna argues that the United States, the European Union, and China are imperial powers busy reshaping the globe to suit their interests.
He entitles his review:A Game Where Resources Dwindle and Partners Shift, and starts: "In the 21st century the empires strike back. The United States, the European Union and China dare not call themselves imperial powers, Parag Khanna argues in "The Second World," his sweeping, often audacious survey of contemporary geopolitics, but they are busy reshaping the globe to suit their interests. The game is afoot, with the natural resources and potential wealth of countries like Ukraine, Turkey and Brazil as the prize.... http://www.nytimes.com/2008/03/05/books/05grim.html?8bu&emc=bu
Then there's a (long) essay but (for me) utterly fascinating; it assesses present, talks about future -- in global terms -- Sunday Magazine: An Essay Adapted From 'The Second World'

===  CALENDAR to Mar 20th  === [M Hall unless otherwise noted; confi= rm no changes]
==  Sat Mar 8th ~ 9:30am - 2:30pm ~ Neighbourhood Character Workshop (Lawn Bowling Club)
                        [will be a second Workshop Mar 15 on Housing Issues and Options]
Community Dialogue Workshops
The Community Dialogue on Neighbourhood Character and Housing Working Group is hosting two all-day workshops (at the WV Lawn Bowling Club, 650 - 20th St) for more in-depth discussion of neighbourhood character and housing issues, and possible new housing types.  Participation is free (a light lunch is included), but space is limited, so pre-registration is required. Please call 925 7055 for more information or to register.  Watch for a newsletter with more information delivered to all West Vancouver homes, or visit westvancouver.ca/communitydialogue
== MONDAY MARCH 10th Ccl BUDGET Workshop ==
==  Tues Mar 11th              
        ~ 4pm ~ Fire & Rescue WG
        ~ 7pm ~ Cmnty Grants WG at Fulton House, 1538 Fulton
==  Wed Mar 12th               
        ~ 5pm ~ Finance Cmte (first mtg of the new, expanded, reconstituted Cmte)
        ~ 7pm ~ Cmnty Sport WG
*  Victim Services Volunteer Information Night
It can be challenging and very rewarding and it could be your opportunity to provide an important service to the community.  West Vancouver Police are hosting an information open house for people interested in joining our excellent team of Victim Services Volunteers.  Victim Service volunteers do not offer counselling; instead, they refer victims to agencies that can provide these services.  The volunteers do provide emotional support and reassurance, practical assistance, and information about the police investigation, other community support services, crime prevention, and the Criminal Justice System.
The Victim Services program deals primarily in English, however those who can provide specific language skills, particularly Korean, Hindi, Punjabi, Farsi, and Mandarin, are encouraged to apply.
Anyone interested in attending the Victim Services volunteer meeting or learning more about the program is asked to contact WVPD Victim Services Program Manager Bunny Brown @ 925 7468. The information session will be held: Wed, March 12 at 7pm; WV Police Dept, 1330 Marine.  Please RSVP to 925 7468 or BunnyBrown@wvpd.ca
Canadian human rights activist and singer Nazanin Afshin-Jam will be a presenter at Opera Speaks @ VPL on March 12. The former Miss Canada and Miss World 1st runner-up is a tireless advocate for victims of human rights abuses worldwide, particularly in relation to women and children in Iran and the Middle East.  Nazanin will join UBC political science professor Michael Byers, scholar and human rights activist Derek Evans, and BC Civil Liberties policy director Michael Vonn in exploring the plight of political prisoners throughout the world. The Moderator will be Vancouver Sun columnist and editorial board member Peter McKnight. Opera Speaks @ VPL is a free public forum in preparation for VO's March 22-29, 2008 production of Beethoven's Fidelio.
Wednesday, March 12, 2008, 7:30 - 9:30pm; Alice MacKay Room, VPL Central Branch
Admission is free.  (Please arrive early; seating is limited.)  Learn more about Nazinin.  Click here.

==  Thurs Mar 13th ~ 4:30pm ~ Design Review Cmte: Ev Dr Ph 2 Masterplan (UPDATE says BACK ON!)
==  Sat Mar 15th = Second Cmnty Dialogue Workshop: Housing Issues and Options (see Mar 8)
WV School District Spring Break Mar 17 to 30
==  Tues Mar 18th
        ~ 4pm ~ Fire and Rescue WG
        ~ 6 - 10pm ~ Norwuz-Iranian New Year celebration in Ambleside Park
==  Wed Mar 19th
        ~ 7pm ~ Bd of Variance; and in the Library, the Library Board.
but in the morning:
~ 7:30am ~ WV Chamber of Commerce Breakfast, Hollyburn Country Club (950 Crosscreek)
SPEAKER:  Constable Kash Heed, Police Chief for West Vancouver
        TOPIC: WVPD 2008 - 10 Strategic Plan
RSVP by noon Mar 14: website www.westvanchamber.com or phone 926 6614; $35 (mbrs $25)
==  Thurs Mar 20th  ~ 6pm ~ NSh Youth/Justice Cmte, DNV M Hall
  * Thurs Mar 20th ~ 7:30pm ~ WV STREAMKEEPERS, at St Stephen's *
Mr Readshaw is an engineering adviser to the Green Shores Technical Advisory team.  He is a Professional Engineer and has worked on shoreline erosion and restoration projects throughout BC, the US, and the world, including assignments with the Asian Development Bank and the United Nations.  His talk will be of particular interest to WV Streamkeepers and their close associate, Shoreline Preservation Society who have worked diligently to revitalize WV's extensive shoreline and the many creeks and streams entering English Bay and Howe Sound.  The Green Shores project, which is the subject of John Readshaw's presentation, promotes sustainable use of coastal ecosystems through planning and design that recognize ecological features and functions of coastal systems.
+++  "SIX" -- mixed media; March 4 - 16
Women Artists from Vancouver's eastside: Val Arnzten, Stefany Hemming, Eri Ishi, Dori Luthy, Sharon Petty, Arleigh Wood
+++  "Celebrando la Vida" -- mixed media; March 18 - April 6
John Dowler, Paula Fodchuk, June Harman, Neda Mardkar, Gordon Montgomery, Albarosa Simonetti
OPENING RECEPTION: 6 - 8pm Tues, Mar 18; ARTISTS IN ATTENDANCE: 2 - 3pm  Sat. Mar  22

+++  WV MUSEUM +++  see http://www.wvma.net/
Duncan McNab -  Modern In Sight  ~  March 4 to May 31
WV architect; full description in last issue
+++ SILK PURSE (1570 Argyle)
= Tuesday, March 4 - Sunday, March 16
Ireland is the third largest island in Europe and the twentieth largest island in the world. Japanese-Canadian artist Bob Yoshisuke Araki has been fascinated by the countryside of Ireland, Scotland, and the United Kingdom since his arrival in Canada. Known for his outstanding landscapes of Scotland, he brings us his new collection in oils, of the landscapes of Ireland.
= Many events, see www.silkpurse.ca for info.  Irish Pub Night is Thurs Mar 13 ($10).
= Tuesday, March 18 - Sunday, March 30  -- "Ciao Bella" --
Opening Reception: Tuesday, March 18th from 6 - 8pm
Marco Polo, a Venetian trader and explorer who gained fame for his worldwide travels, was one of the first Westerners to travel the Silk Road. Along his journey he saw many beautiful and unique works of art but his beginnings in Italy were culturally diverse and rich as well. We celebrate the masters of Italy with an exhibition featuring the art renderings of local artists influenced by their travels and experiences in Italy. Artists include: Irena Eacott, Charlotte Grundig, Lani Jeffrey, Louisa Leibmann, Ruth Lewis, John Moir, Mardsan Samii, and Betty Woo.

+++  WV MEMORIAL LIBRARY +++ see www.westvanlib.org
Tuesday 11 -- Author Visit - Robert Ward  ~ 7 - 9 pm
The author of All the Good Pilgrims: Tales of the Camino de Santiago will discuss why this pilgrimage route in Northern Spain has lured him back five times!
Thursday 13 -- Friends of the Library Booksale ~ 6:30 - 8:30pm
        Presale for Members only. Memberships available at the door - Adults $10, Youth $5.
Friday 14  Friends of the Library Booksale 10am - 5pm.
Tuesday 18 --  The Irish Theatre: Sean O'Casey ~ 10:30am - 12:30pm
        Discussion series is open to all. info 925 7405.
Thursday 20 -- Movies at the Library presents: Chocolat -- 6pm
Based on the book by Joanne Harris. Discussion to follow. No registration required. Info 925 7405.
+++ Don't forget to check out www.kaymeekcentre.com

=== COUNCIL MTG NOTES Mar 3= rd ===  [best efforts] ===
1.  APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Amended: Renumbering 17 and 18 as 8.1 and 8.2 respectively; adding to Item 7, Bd of Directors of new Cmnty Ctr.
2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES: Feb 11 Council Workshop Minutes, Feb 18, Regular Council Minutes
3.         H. Alexander, West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce, regarding West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce Annual Report
Holly Alexander: Prez of WV Chamber of Commerce, here with Exec Dir, Tom Young.
2007 and Framework of our strategic objectives for 2008
[presentation with slides]
cmnty integration and partnership; focus on mbrship and value; networking opps
liaison/partnered with Library; ski event (freestyle World Cup)
Amb revitalization -- one of our directors was part of WG
Move to Partner Ctr; 175 at opening! WV Chamber has agreed to take on the operations management of the bldg at 1846 MDr
350+ mbrs; values: financial, networking, info conduit
Cap College email of appreciation
mbr-to-mbr discount program; recent one in HBay
25 events; 1500 attendees; most events sold out. Planning for future, 2010
Thank Ccl, 2007 a successful year.
Sop: how has the ctr helped you financially
HA: don't have the financial data, not readily av
being the hub of activity, can bounce ideas off; able to get new mbrs on site
Tom Young: successful, storefront, synergy of partners, financially and long term
Sop: think there'll ever be a day for those of us semi-sleep-deprived that your breakfast mtgs will be other than 7:30 in the morning?
HA to laughter: I love your feedback. I'll take that away; we have had a couple of evening presentations and I'll make sure you're the first on my list next time.
Mayor: good opp to advertise your next speaker who I think is Chief Heed
HA: Absolutely, great opp, have our looking forward to Chief Kash Heed
TY: Mar 19, breakfast 7:30am, posters just outside the door here you can take with you to remind you
HA: great day to start the first day of spring as well.
Mayor: thank you and congratulations on a successful year
4.         Development Variance Permit Application 07-049 (2710 Rosebery Avenue)
At the Feb 18 meeting, Council received the report dated Feb 5 from the Planning Assistant
Stuart Howes, Architect for project: here to answer any questions
working on it for a number of years, at first on addition to house, now new owner (bought several months ago); two frontages on Rosebery -- two front yards and one side year b/c triangular.
proposal does meet intent of the bylaw
Sop: driveway looks level and wide; appears to be some concrete -- driveway in past?
Ans: not sure what that was, there for 20 years; maybe permit and used as de facto parking
Sop: logical place for a garage but your proposal is to go underground for a storage area.
going to rip that up?
Ans: yes
Alan Shapiro, homeowner: grew up here since age of one went to school here
fortunate to be able to bring up my ppl here
three and a half and two, another on the way; find it difficult loading our kids; at least visible
support from nbrs
RD moved: all written and verbal submissions ... be received for information.
then THAT the DVP application, which would allow for the construction of a detached garage (with a floor for storage below) with a variance to the required Front Yard, be approved.
5.         Development Variance Permit Application 07-042 (5517 Ocean Place)
At the Feb 18 meeting, Council received the report dated Feb 11 from the Community Planner
SJN: extremely steep site; change of sideyard definitions, similar with height
withdrawn b/c nbr opposed to previous proposal, mtg, now revised
Robert Burgers, the architect yes [that's what happened]; just here to say hello
still below allowable; if blasting, v v minimal -- 56 cu metres
Sop: pages x, 5, and 10; house height stays the same and structure moves down the slope
cd you pls explain those measurements, x. 22. x. and bylaw 12ft
RB: tough one
SJN: difficult to explain that; not allowed over 22ft from ground and 45 degrees, don't know if...
b/c of slope, allowed to go over
wd be no other way of building it; part controlled not being altered
RB: v confusing and elaborate bylaw
top of the roof does not change; basement, suddenly the lowest part of building face is lower so av height of house drops...
the original house complied
SJN: don't have to go far and it drops; swimming pool is an accessory structure...
{WAS received for information; then the DVP, which would allow for a basement addition that results in variances to siting, height and highest building face and a new pool with a variance to accessory building height, was approved.}
6.         Appointment of Chief Election Officer and Deputy Chief Election Officer for 2008 General Local Elections
1.          S. Scholes, Municipal Clerk, be appointed Chief Election Officer and
M. Chan, Deputy Municipal Clerk, be appointed Deputy Chief Election Officer for the 2008 General Local Elections (WV), in accordance with s.41(1) of the Local Government Act;
2.          the Chief Election Officer be authorized to enter into service agreements as may be necessary in respect of the 2008 local elections, with School District 45 (WV), Bowen Island Municipality, Village of Lions Bay, and Metro Vancouver.
7.         Appointments to Finance Committee (File: 0116-20-FC)
This item was deferred from the February 18, 2008 Council Meeting. Information to be provided.
MS: Nancy Farran for a one-yr term ending April 9; Michael Lewis for one-yr, Ashley Morgan-Dann for two-yr term ending April 2010; [two-yr terms:] Paul Tutsch, David Ayriss, Robert Paterson; with Cclrs Smith and Clark as Ccl liaisons I'm happy to report for a one-yr term.
Mayor: is there something further?
MS: also I'd like to-- ah, I don't know what I'd like to do
Mayor: Ms Scholes?
SSch: added to the agenda were  apptmts to new bd of directions, Cmnty Ctr Bd
Mayor: that wd be 7.1
SSch: second part of 7, apptmts
Mayor: apptmts to Finance
MS: plsd to announce, recommend following to inaugural WV Cmnty Ctr bd of directors.  I understand [you] and Cclr Sop and I think Ferguson--
Mayor: --Cclr Clark
MS: Cclr Clark have worked with Barbara Brink and a nominating cmte to come up with this v impressive list of names: [Barbara Brink, Chair,] Jane Baynham, Ron Erdman, Susan Evans, Judy Jansen, Jennifer Hatton, Bill Ireland, Andy Krawczyk, Liz Leduc, Joanne McKenna, Doug Murphy, Taleeb Noormohamed, Mary Peck, Al Thompson, Shannon Walker, and a representative to be named from Vancouver Coastal Health, and myself as the District Ccl rep
Mayor: seconder or motion to confirm?
SSch: motion to confirm
Sop: staff position on that bd?
KP: advisory; sev ppl assigned; do not have a position...
Sop: no liaison from staff?
KP: certainly will be, Josie Chuback start off, myself on occasions and Sue Kettler
ample staff; we'll be choosing who's likely to be there [as liaison/support]
Sop: doesn't state that
KP: ....
Mayor: like Library Bd
Sop: how communicate?  we have a ccl liaison, staff shd know what they're saying
KP: if you want to direct a mbr of staff be there on a regular basis, all right
wd not be no one on staff
in third and fourth year, directly resp will be present
so imp, want to be sure successful, we'll have a number of staff present, just as we did in the leadup
Sop: know it is imp; mbrs/directors terrific; if giving direction, really shd be a place on that board
Mayor: Mar 25th first mtg, maybe ask Cclr Smith to report back to us
don't want to pressure anybody, will be together ev step of the way
Sop: doesn't say; just curious
MS: I sit on the Srs' Bd, mbrs of Pike's staff always there
am sure with Ms Brink as chairman on this board will be more than anxious to ....
8.         Change to March 10, 2008 Council Meeting Schedule (File:  0120-01)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT a Special Council Meeting be scheduled for Monday, March 10 at 7pm in the Municipal Hall Council Chamber, immediately prior to the Council Workshop.
VV: move replace the Workshop
*** [MOVED UP -- AGENDA CHANGE and renumbered; this is original number but mtg order]
17.      Fire/Rescue Services Review Working Group Report (File: 0117-20-FRS/0860-01) Info to be provided.
D Carlson, WG CHAIR: listed mbrs; good will; Terms of Ref
focus of first interim report, submitted to Ccl Feb 29; current challenges wrt 2008 budget
costs have been rising; partly b/c of sick leave and long-term sick leave; others on training...
discussed three per truck or closing a hall
a lot of discussion re Work/Safe BC; Nat'l Fire Protection Assn, a standard across N Am
concern is that precious time cd be lost; see this as increased risk of injuries, prop damage, delays increased risks, sanctions from WorkSafe BC
alternative of closing a Hall wd exacerbate a prob we already have, of providing service in a timely manner according to Standards; other fire and rescue ...
neither of those proposals
recommended hiring firefighters
wrt Capital Budget -- addressing reno requirements of Hall No 4 in Brit Prop b/c lacks co-ed facilities; strongly recommend funding for that
thank Mr Laing, came to our mtg last week provided background
wd like to spend more time discussing that at coming mtgs; hopeful able to identify other opps revenue-generating
demographics; clarity needed; wrt medical services, another area of discussion
next steps, training, rolling stock, service expectations, firehall infrastructure, emergencies/preparedness; opp to discuss role of Fire Dept as valued element of our cmnty; thank you for being able to give quick summary of our deliberations to date
Look forward to questions and feedback
Mayor: Fire Chief Oates is here as well; perhaps you'd like to join Ms Clausen for questions
VV: the radio communication system of the Fire Dept is not E-Comm, it's a different system, and I'm wondering if the WG has concerns about the lack of, sort of, full compatibility on the communications side
Chair: we've had some, we've had some discussion; and, and that--, in particular, ah, the particular focus there that I mentioned was on this, the management of the dispatch of the ambulance and the Fire Dept to medical aid calls is a key, a key concern; area I expect we'll be discussing further in terms of what's happened so far, in terms of changes, and, and, in going forward from here, and I'd ask Fire Chief Oates if he'd like to add to that.
Fire Chief Oates: That's correct, we haven't spoken too much about that, but that's on the agenda.  We're interested in E-Comm and we realize it's a large capital expense.  Police just went to E-Comm last year.  We'll probably have a recommendation in the next few years for the Fire Dept to go to E-Comm too.
VV: then it's still about $1M? the estimate for the capital cost for the Fire Dept to go to E-Comm?
Oates: yeah

{interesting... the cost for E-Comm for the Police was roughly five million, amortised...wonder why the Fire Dept will only have to pay one million?}

Mayor: any other questions?
Sop: thank you for taking on role; how many other Ms in the Lower Mainland, prov, are on three men on a truck?
Oates: not sure of prov b/c of volunteer, but know in LM not including Langley not sure about Langley -- Coq, Delta, NV, Vancouver, Bby, Rmd, all four[-man trucks] except for one truck in New Westminster, so the standard is four throughout the region, except for one truck
Sop: also for WG consideration -- is the overtime issue only WV?
Oates: Rmd Fire Dept, twice as big as ours, about 200 ppl and their O/T budget is about $1.8M, ours is $206K.  In CNV, getting a little more O/T in the last little while, increased sickness too; it's a prob throughout the region but maybe not to the extent of WV, b/c I don't have enough ppl to move around to cover O/T.
MS: appreciate work WG has done but if we're going to talk about Fire and Rescue Services, the subject on the table; can't remember anything that's been so misconstrued as cuts and proposed cuts to the Fire & Rescue Services
never heard any mbr of this Ccl make recommendation fees be charged for jaws of life, nor have we recommended closing firehalls, or even the number of firefighters on staff, in the meantime we seem to have heart-tugging letters to the editor being written suggesting that unless you have a bank letter of credit, you won't receive service from the Fire Dept.  You shd keep your visa card stapled to your forehead so that we can process your payment before we pull you out of your burning car.

{as I point out in PQP later/below, the decision to charge for jaws of life was made during the previous Ccl; wonder why being brought up this year.....}

This nonsense that has been blown about, all as a direct result of the fact that we have a real issue with the Fire Dept; we have a problem with costing
The blunt reality is that the budget has gone up 23% over the past three years; last year we had to pass a bylaw in November for an additional $500K that the Dept was overspent.
I don't see how we can be proper and prudent custodians of the public purse if we just continue to ignore the fact that we have a real issue.  It's just unfortunate that in our attempt to come up with some system that allows us to have adequate, proper, in fact more than adequate, Fire and Rescue facilities and services available to our citizens, that we can't have an intelligent discussion how we can do that within the limited resources the cmnty has.
hope as WG moves forward, we can address these issues, all agree that we need, within budget levels, otherwise might as well not have any budgets; otherwise spend [whatever] and end of year just add up the bills and that's the budget.  To me that's not an acceptable way of doing biz in the M.  We have to find a better solution than the way we have been doing it.

{As Cclr S says, they've been spending whatever, last year went half a mil over budget and that overage was simply passed at the end of the year to cover.  Clearly, as he points out, can't go on like that -- that's neither planning nor budgeting.  Looks like they can spend whatever they want.  Keep in mind that $500K represents more than 1% of the taxes -- watch your tax rate increase go up.  And wasn't it another $500K overage for the Police Dept?}

challenge for WG and the Chief and our firefighters
somehow have to find a system that allows us to adequately staff the trucks, firehalls, in a way that controls O/T, that keeps the money spent within the budgeted amt.
Wish you luck as you go forward searching for those solns.
Oates: all fees proposed for this year's budget went by Ccl and Ccl saw them before
Also the 23% the budget has risen; part of that reason is b/c we've increased staffing starting in 2001 one hall at a time; some b/c increased staffing by three, four, firefighters in the last couple of years to staff up Hall 4 in the British Properties, wch was the last firehall to be staffed
part of reason over budget is I don't have enough firefighters to do what I've been asked to do
There are three reasons I'm over budget: increased sickness for sure; lack of flexibility to move staff around -- that wd only be the case if I had more staff -- in the current situation I don't have enough staff to move around, but if I was [sic] lucky enough to get more staff in this budget year, I wd work with the union to come up with an agreement to provide me more flexibility to move staff around; and the other reason is that we haven't hired enough firefighters to do the job.  We estimated in 2001 it wd take 15, we've hired nine, so we just don't have enough staff.
Mayor: Cclr Sop, I'd just like to make a couple of comments and then over to you
I think the concomitant question goes with the four-man standard on the truck wch certainly Cclrs Clark, myself, Day, and Sop were a big part of getting to that level, and we're continuing with that is, the flexibility of scheduling, so perhaps you cd also let us know wch Fire Depts in the LM provide that
Oates: have the flexibility? I can't name them all.  DNV does, I believe Delta does, I know Abbotsford does, not sure, more than than, can't name them, but quite a number in the LM have the flexibility.
Mayor: plsd to see that recognition in the WG report b/c it's going to take all of us working together to achieve that; that's why I think Ccl has raised this question. It's going to require all of us to do our part.  My belief is that we're more than willing to do that.
Sop: my hopes are final WB report, recommendations, won't say innovative or unique ideas but looking for some lead in future; read master plan and it has a lot of merit to it
I have a difficulty in one area, and Cclr Smith this is your first year, and you're--
Mayor: second; time flies
Sop: I mean first term
this issue has been going on for almost three or four terms
we voted for a four-man truck; through complications of budgeting this arose
if we are the only M, saving New Westminster not doing that, WorkSafe instructions, then we shd be doing that first and foremost
if budgeting issue is around a budgeting method, then we have to look at ways altering that budgeting method in future
went away from what stated to you, consideration looking at money priority and budgeting brought new interest but I wish I hadn't done that in relationship to the rules set down for the safety and protection of our citizens; no matter what the future... this is fundamental requirement for safety of the citizens; that's where it shd be
Madam Mayor, we have sat with the Chief, Mr Laing, and worked through a lot of things; think through WG recommendations can solve this in future
I'm not going to support going away from a three-man [sic] truck
Mayor: what we're doing right now is receiving the WG's interim report
JF: I too wd like to thank Ms Carlson and all the WG; know it wasn't easy
One of my concerns is that I receive calls and comments who believe as a consequence of the publicity that the firefighters not safe, they're compromising their safety, rushing into burning bldgs when they shdn't, contravene the requirements for WorkSafe BC
They also are concerned about the safety of the cmnty might be in jeopardy as a consequence
I just wonder if, Fire Chief Oates, you'd like to speak to that, b/c I don't believe either of those  is correct
Oates: No [they aren't], I mean, we've been staffing trucks with four at all the firehalls for a couple of years; and so they wdn't have the opp to run in with three, so that is strictly a rumour.
I don't know what wd happen if a truck showed up with three; ... hasn't happened yet
JF: when you there is a call, b/c a house fire, do you send one truck?
Ans: Try to keep to Nat'l Fire Protection Assn standards too wch is 14, so we send three trucks, [that is] three engines, and a ladder truck or a rescue truck, depending on what kind of structure it is
We try to meet the standards; no, we don't dispatch one truck
JF: so wd always be, maybe a minute late, be the add'l firefighters required to comply with WorkSafe BC's regulations
Ans:  Yes, we'd send them all at the same time; all dispatched at same time if it's a confirmed structure fire -- it's three engines and a rescue truck or three engines and a ladder
but depends on where it is how long delay
up by Sunset Marina takes a little while, four, five, six minutes before the next engine arrives
depends on location, sometimes no delay if in middle of two firehalls, and sometimes it cd be six, eight minutes
JF: did call Fire Dept some years back for a chimney fire in my house.  I live in a small cul de sac and I'm embarrassed to say the three trucks cdn't get in
it was a humbling experience
we were not left feeling at risk, more firefighters there than we needed; were prompt and efficient; we were v grateful
Oates: in the case that if those trucks were tied up in a structure fire, we have one truck left, it sits at Westmount and covers the whole M until we can get another crew or a truck from NV to come over and stand by with us.
Mayor: Cclr Sop has a correction to make, I think
Sop: I may have [misspoken], I'm supporting four men on a truck, what I meant to say, not three; pls understand that
Mayor: receive report with thanks
JC: move that; wd like to point out that they probably put in something in excess 250 manhours, and we're about half way there
Mayor: person hours

18.      2008 Capital Budget (File: 0865-01) Information to be provided.

Mayor: moving to our FIRST discussion of our five-yr capital plan

{NB: this is the FIRST discussion of the five-yr plan.  The agenda in the lobby has info to be provided; there are no copies of this plan.  We are sitting in the dark as we listen.  No wonder no one had signed up to speak.  How cd they if they hadn't read it or didn't know it was available?}

MS: happy to lead off; recall Mr Laing presented a first draft on Feb 4th and he noted at that time there were signif shortfalls in the resources we need to meet the proposed plan, so staff have redrafted the five-yr cap plan so it is now balanced
no insignif undertaking, credit to Mr L and rest of team balanced plan wch you have before you
shd be noted, 2008 cap plan driven by fact completing cmnty ctr, last part of RFMP; a major investment $38.8M; it will be completed and paid for in 2008
not a lot of wriggle room left to do other things
2008 plan is in front of you, along with 2009 to 2012 plans
the Gleneagles Grt Hall and Golf Services bldg $2M for both aspects included in plan
some adjustments; infrastructure reduced by $500K
we'll still spend over $7M in 2008 on renewing infrastructure; rest well outlined by Mr L
turn over to Mr L; sure he's anxious to answer questions
RL: since tabling of the first draft of the plan; comments received from mbrs of public and some mbrs of Ccl, been in three main areas
first is golf facilities; first plan tabled, only one of the two golf projects had been provided for and subsequent to the tabling of that plan, Ccl has had many discussions about those facilities and have resolved both facilities together to go forward, as Cclr Smith indicated and both provided for in this plan
comment from one mbr of public, that the proposed 2008 increase to our infrastructure envelope, that entire amt, be cut, largely driven as a suggestion to help in balancing the general fund budget
what we have done in this plan is rather than cut the entire $795K, we did cut $500K out of that envelope
I had some ongoing discussions with one resident in particular, who is rather keen for us to recognise in light of current economic conditions and construction pricing generally in the leadup to the 2010 Olympics; there's a strong recommendation that projects be deferred wherever possible so we get past the overheated construction market
three or four intensive mtgs, as a result the version you have in front of you much reduced from first draft on 4th
benefit of some of our thinking how approached
emphasis on capital comments for 2008 in particular and a v few selected high priorities thereafter; feel consistent with recognition 2008 final year of RFMP implementation and the consequent impact on resource balances, and by that I mean finishing Cmnty Ctr.  We've known for quite some time that the final year of that project that our reserve balances wd be fairly well depleted as we pay for that project on a pay-as-you-go basis
2008 and part of 2009, also consistent with new capital visioning framework exercise, later on this year, and that wd be undertaken during 2008 for implementation in 2009
know Cclr Sop keen shall I say to undertake that, and we envision new Finance Cmte will be quite involved
This final draft reflects a limited package of what we consider to be committed and high priority projects for the near term; don't believe we've put any of our infrastructure at risk in doing that.
Our objective is to leave maximum flexibility going forward to a new planning framework
I shd point out there are signif resources that will go forward into the next five-yr plan and that includes the Endowment Fund threshold in excess of $20M; within this plan there's about $3.6M of other capital reserve funds that are left on the table, and we've minimized our long-term borrowings that we're committing to these plans
Some of the projects that were reduced or deferred -- we shd also realize one of the emphases that we're starting to develop, and wdn't say totally scoped out yet or they're as firm as we'd like them to be -- but we're certainly getting involved in a more diverse form of funding for projects; starting to emphasize amenity contributions, sponsorships, partnership support, and in some cases, the specifics of those funding sources not necessarily firmed up yet, but it's clearly our intention for specific projects to be pursuing that style of funding so not just District resources that we're relying on.

{hm.  Is this counting funding chickens not yet hatched?}

Gleneagles Grt Hall / Golf Services bldg now provided for, a sgl project $2M, and that's within the Golf Fund
Infrastructure envelope as Cclr Smith indicated, reduced by $500K
fire training ground tower has been eliminated
Srs' Ctr bldg envelope has bn extended over two years, rather than one year
Amb Park Plan improvement prog of $1M annually commencing 2010,  has for the moment been eliminated, plan requires revisiting and more discussion before we commit to a particular version of that plan
a number of ongoing progs deferred, starting in 2009 rather than 2008
childcare hubs, previously two projects but scaled back to match up with grant applications that we have out there
Hugo Ray Park, previously some $1.5M of District funds eliminated on the basis we provided for planning funds, need to see how cmnty and grant fund-raising plays out before we commit District resources
Gordon Area improvements now span a three-yr period rather than two in previous plan
Mayor: now begins our discussion
Sop: I can only speak twice, and the third time if you let me?
Mayor: right
Sop: appreciate your efforts going back a second time; signif is $500K reduction in infrastructure prog; other things pleasing
WADR, is deferral a true method of efficiency for 2008?
to 2009, are we just moving our problem further along?
RL: we're being more disciplined about what we're actually committed to; being more disciplined about possible projects, more discussion and scoping out before onto a plan
wd say fair bit of what we tried to do
also tried not to necessarily anticipate what next five years visioning wd look like, not use up all resources currently available; we need to hear more from Ccl wrt long-term projects
Sop: two areas I want to talk about
if we embark on a feasibility study and renovation for Police Bldg, that shd allow Police Bldg to last another three years; why without major Ccl discussion look at $18M for a new Police Bldg in 2009/10?
if there was a plan, if we found a good deal down there and through amenities from a large land devpr, and all these things worked, it wd seem logical, but when put in for 2009 and we haven't had discussions to give you concrete direction, why wd you leave it in plan for 2009?
RL: that's there on a placeholder basis, certainly not committing; committing in 2008 certain renovations, and $100K for planning for new facility
$9M in 2009 and again 2010, on a placeholder basis; remains to be seen when and how much that project or the scope of that project might be
Sop: and that's my next topic
if discussing, budgeted for, and it has a life
we've come a long way with Cmnty Ctr but our reserves are down; to me, we'd better go back to basics and build those funds back up, wd be realistic
you even said in 2009, can change the five-yr budget ev year if we want; time for new innovative concepts in how we're financing this cmnty,...
[RL nodding in favour]
comes to what really irks me, coming to reality now, and that is that the final amt paying for Cmnty Ctr will come from, land sales, and part of that will be the sale of Wetmore
Some time ago Ccl I guess decided to instruct staff, what is the word Mr Nicholls?
Mayor and SJN: call for proposals
Sop: wch is serious
but it intimated then we wd make a decision at that time whether all of us on Ccl had a different thought
my expectation was that that unique piece of land wch is level and flat, you'll never get back, was going to sit there till we built Cmty Ctr, and we had then a decision to make sometime down the road.
we have not looked at all our holdings of our lands wch there are other pieces that have value
and in order to make this work, my thoughts go around two other areas.  One is borrowing, or the threshold wch will be at $20M cd be lowered to meet the cost, only one time cost of the Cmnty Ctr
Leave the Wetmore property alone until we have a master plan of all our lands and set out a long-term future plan of our holdings
and I've asked that over and over and over
in my view, it is the wrong decision at this point in time when we need, I don't know what the exact amt is Mr Laing, but it's up there a little bit
I know the property is valuable, and I know we have to pay under the threshold back for it
even in a proposal we don't know what's going to go there; we've heard diff things, we've had no major discussion on that, that leaves me in that dilemma.
I think you've done some good work here but that's where I wd ask Ccl to seriously consider lowering the threshold or borrowing the monies for future generations to pay it
that's my first go-round
Mayor: wrt Rec Ctr, what you're disputing is the funding stream or source for paying for the Cmnty Ctr
Sop: one portion of it, I understand
Mayor: the budget right now reflects that comes from the Endowment Fund (EF) wch is the policy Ccl has been working with for years.
that's good we've got that, we've noted that
Sop: the only question I wanted to analyze, in the $32M that's down here for the EF, a portion of that is $6.9M from land sales out west
so really in the EF wd be $32M less almost $7M; we're down to about $25, 24M
RL: not sure of the math of these numbers
Sop: just want to clarify --  if $32M is the EF as it is today, but it isn't, it has another $6.9M, that's part of $32M, right?
RL: this capital plan, wch includes completion of the Cmnty Ctr, anticipates Wetmore will be sold in 2008, and proceeds of that sale go into the EF, and those funds will be used to pay for the Cmnty Ctr
that's what this plan anticipates and is consistent with the way that transaction has been structured
we've had many discussions along the lines Cclr Sop is pursuing right now, but the latest Ccl decision is still unchanged and that is formally how that transaction is structured
Sop: that didn't answer my question. I asked if the threshold is around $20M and if we have $32M in the Fund today, and we're looking for X number of dollars to fund the Cmnty Ctr, do we have $12M in the fund that is over and above $6.9M from land sales?
the land out west was $6.9M and it was transferred or assumed wd be part of the $32M?  Is it part of it or is it not?
RL: are you looking at the last page of the five-yr plan?
the last page indicates the resources that are flowing through the EF and also the capital facilities fund
It's true it does have an opening balance of $32M; there's land sales and some other net rentals aggregating some $7.6M, wch does include the gain on the sale of the Wetmore property; we have to keep in mind the Wetmore prop was originally acquired from within threshold so that has to be repaid.
Then we're anticipating $19M being spent on current projects in 2008
Sop: from this I wd draw that the opening of $32M and that the $7.6M is a comb of $6.9M from one land area and $2.5M from another land area, bringing it to $7.6M, correct?
then we see interest earned, then we see a balance coming in from capital, and expenditure
what I'm asking, in the opening balance is the $7.6M within $32M
RL: being added to the $32M
Sop: on top of; that's what I wanted to clarify; so what did you put down here needed as sale of Wetmore to make this work?
RL: I'm going to ask Mr Nicholls assistance here b/c we've had discussion as to whether or not this prejudices how we might set a selling price in future
[Mayor speaks but away from mic]
SJN: haven't identified specific figures b/c if you go out for a call for proposals, don't want ppl making the proposals to know how much you anticipate their proposals being
but I do know, what we calculate wch is common is that the total land sales wd repay the $5.6M wch came out of the EF's threshold; it is not in threshold, but it has to go back in the threshold; plus an additional amt of money on top of the threshold to help pay for the Rec Ctr.
I do not believe the $5.6M being received initially has got anything to do with the Rec Ctr under this current budget, it is not, so it's $5.6M, and the amt going toward the Rec Ctr is over and above the $5.6M
Sop: without discussing figures, sensitive, I understand that fully, I want to get a grasp on the amount, wch takes me to the decision that we can make.  Mr Laing, when is it made, to look seriously at the original threshold of the EF.  It started around $15M and grew to roughly $20M.
if the consideration of a one-time payment for the balance needed for that Cmnty Ctr, cd it not come from a one-time payment and lower the threshold from whatever that amt is?
RL: consideration of lowering the threshold, borrowing long-term funds, is all within Ccl's purview, not mine
Mayor: believe those issues are precisely what we wish to discuss in forming our new long-term capital mgmt plan
this budget is viewed as the consolidation and narrowing to execute the RFMP
shdn't be considering any other major capital projects until we have an approach that addresses these various funding opportunities
fair game to introduce that to the capital budget debate, but that's not anticipated as part of the recommendations before us
Sop: My point.  So if we look at it as part of budget debate for 2009 for change and innovative ways, then what you're saying is that 2008 we're stuck with selling Wetmore, and I object to that.
Mayor: Well, that's the majority view of Ccl is that while
Sop: I don't think so
Mayor: yes it is; we've voted on that.
Sop: We voted Madam Mayor to get an appraisal or proposals in; we didn't vote to sell it

{he's absolutely right}

Mayor: Ccl Sop, cd I just finish
the plan for funding the Cmnty Ctr for years has included the sale or long-term lease of Wetmore lands, we're pursuing that and asking for a proposal

{grr!  no it hasn't.}

not ev mbr of Ccl agrees with that; I think part of what informs that is an opp at that location for housing that the cmnty is demanding, so it's more than just the revenue, however I understand that's not your view, and certainly exploring the threshold level of the EF has been outstanding for years, and of interest to mbrs of Ccl
VV: my comment on that Wetmore matter as well
I think I agree we shdn't feel committed to sell the Wetmore land b/c that introduces new complications as to what kind of devt wd go there
an area already signif traffic probs, so that wd hv to be studied more carefully
lowering the threshold in the EF is a much more preferred route to go
did have some questions, perhaps Mr Laing or Mr Barth can help me with; same I had when I first came to the Ccl
where do we really stand with our capital deficit b/c we have the report from the FCM, well published, from Feb this year, saying collectively in Canada the Ms have a infrastructure deficit of $123B, that's with a B, and just by pro-rating comes out at over $100M for WV
looked at Fiscal Sust Task Force report and they also commented that they had counted up $100M worth of projects, not that were specifically in our plans, but were variously talked about, laid out; the obvious renovations we have to do to all our bldgs
so I really wonder, even as Cclr Day mentioned, we don't have to be alarmist about this, we can sell to begin with the Wetmore land, the police bldg land, but even if we did sell land we wdn't come anywhere near meeting the capital requirements that will hit us over the next perhaps 20, 30 year b/c we've got nothing like that
and I'm just wondering, my view, FSTF view, seems to be it's got to be $100M
We've got $18M here for Police Bldg, that means $80M to go; has an exercise been done to find out where we stand with this.  What is our share of this national $123B M infrastructure deficit?
RL: will ask Mr Barth to help me
first of all the numbers the TF came up with was a rather ad hoc adding up of potential high profile projects for the future
if you look at what was in that list, a number of discretionary type, so wdn't be alarmed with $100M
do know our infrastructure fund, envelope, our way trying to demonstrate that we're staying as current as we can with existing infrastructure
don't know necessarily spending enough, that's why trying to increase those envelopes ev year going forward; know Dir of Engg says we need more for roads but we manage to beat him back
we're attempting to do same envelope approach with sewers and water, again those amts to be proved up; assessing condition of that infrastructure
rec facilities, after Cmnty Ctr, facilities are brand new or recently renovated
probably at that point some high profile civic facilities, possibly this bldg, certainly a public safety bldg, potentially some firehalls, I don't know that I'm particularly alarmed at what we don't know
we are positioning ourselves with this plan, just take on as few high profile projects as possible and making sure that we've got the resources forward to
Dir/Engg: I'd like some more money
seriously I agree with ev Mr L said; generally not spending enough, however situation was much worse long before I arrived here and Mr L has had foresight and has been increasing amts annually
don't think shortfalls alarming, not worried about our infrastructure suddenly collapsing or failing but look closer once past crunch with Cmthy Ctr can look at upping funds
Mr L has increased
we're engaged in utility area, doing detailed inventory of infrastructure, lot of it buried under the ground, a lot of info we had about it, drawings done by contractor, and have to say quite honestly, it's true of a lot of Ms, didn't have a really good handle on what their infrastructure was
first step inventory so we know what we have, now assessing condition it's in
pipes, soil conditions make a diff how long last
with that we can do detailed analysis, how much money we need but wisest way to spend that money
can make diff decisions about how to do repairs to road wch might forestall more signif expenditure in the future
yes, we cd use more money; we're working toward that and as we devp better information of what we need, clear I've got support to make that work
VV: Cd Mr Barth estimate how much more he'd need per year to feel comfortable and confident about the infrastructure
EB, Dir/Eng: be reluctant, at this point to put a number out there b/c that's part of the work to get real hard data, may not be accurate, hope to do that within the next year
VV: but order of magnitude, $1M or $5M?
EB: not in multiples of millions, probably in multiples of hundreds of thousands
RL: we did trim $500K out of the infrastructure envelope; prepared to do that for this year given bit of a tough budget balancing year; wd rather not have cut that; our intention to revisit
JF: thank staff for all of hard work done
app your determination to prioritize, draw in, look at diff ways to address to be more efficient, meet needs in future
prepared to accept that in spite of some regard wrt deferring maintenance to the point we cost ourselves more money; something most homeowners familiar with -- put off dealing with a leak, cost more than in first place
concern wrt Sr Ctr, we've deferred before; a little skeptical about your confidences but prepared to accept b/c put a huge amt of effort into this
if looking at depending on amenity, don't come without giving something in return
we know what that is, not without variance --devprs want more FAR, more density in order to provide amenity; comes with a different kind of price tag
building in sponsorships, partnerships, to achieve our capital ends; mostly require matching grants
money not for free, want it from outside, have to be prepared to show some willingness to be part of a picture and provide money at the outset
those are the kinds of things lose track of; looks so easy, partnerships, easy can get amenity
bonusing when frankly WV does little to get that kind of bonusing, we're not building 40-storey towers in WV, those major benefits, go into this a sense of caution
one year, diff processes for next five; must ensure looked at so not in same position next year at this time
JC: I too congratulate staff in creating Version 2, looking forward to Version 3
two items that have been raised; echo Cclr Sop but don't echo, I've been saying from outset wrt Wetmore site, shd not sell or not be in a rush to sell Wetmore; there are other properties we hv identified that wd satisfy same need
for simple reason, frankly recommendation of the Adv Planning Cmte, to hold on for as long a possible v unique piece of land -- flat, rare; proximity to other M functions
to be clear on that, sounds like I'm one of three not wanting to sell Wetmore
other issue
we seem to have a tendency that once we start talking about projects they take root and take a life of their own and I venture to say the new Public Safety bldg falls into that category
such a substantial number, Mr L not falling into overheated market...
looking to spend $400K bringing that bldg up to snuff and then immediately thereafter, spending another $9M on, for, space when in fact our own Chief, and I support his position personally on formation of a subregional North Shore force
spoke to a service group last week, apart from a few questions as to how it wd work, there was support for the concept and implementation
a lot of ppl out there, yet we're rushing here to spend $18M over next two years, in five-yr capital plan
I stress caution in those two areas
I do not support rush to sell Wetmore and I do not support rush to replace that Police Bldg
Mayor: not sure anyone want to address the Police bldg, really is just out there
the research that happens this year is critical, as is the NSh Policing Review, as is an awful lot of public discussion about the outcomes, may well take more than a year to do that
corollary to Amb renewal plan, is centrality of that block to that plan; part of next five years
not require capital in under 12 months
JC: I find it strange all focusing on Amb renewal, south side of 1300 M Dr where a third of that property subject to envtal assessment to move forward on it, and our own prop there
in fact at least one, if not more, parcels of roughly that size, one of wch an owner I know anxious to get started, cd be used as a catalyst and a trigger to get this Amb off the ground
Mayor: numerous sites, numerous things; first of wch is bringing the bylaws to Ccl
MS: wandering all over the place here, talks hundreds of billions or trillions of dollars infrastructure shortfalls, Police bldg, and ev else, when what we shd be talking about is this capital plan
we're talking about a 2008 cap plan
police bldg may or may not unfold in future, not contemplating spending money on it in 2008
what I find personally annoying, even if I, and I often don't, agree with what was done, I close ranks; at least I try to.
Ev Dr being a prime example; I voted against it and the next week I began supporting it b/c decision made; ev has to pull on the same oar
bottom line with Wetmore prop, no rush to sell, it was bought to be repaid in two or three years
all talking about now, Ccl made a decision to call for proposals until we see what makes sense, like what's going in there, if we think M getting signif uplift, and a win win all around, get something built there besides a car lot, producing no tax revenue, and enhancing no one
fact is decision was made; ppl making proposals, don't think we shd ev week revisiting decision
we shd confine our discussion decision to 2008 cap plan; been worked on v hard by staff; either approve it or not approve it
B/c of decision made previously by Ccls, this plan relies on two basic things: 1)  Cmnty Ctr has to be built on budget, $38.8M; now just a shell, cd cause probs, has to be brought in on budget; 2) second is we have to repay EF for Wetmore purchase, use uplift and capital gain to pay rest of the bills for the Cmnty Ctr; that's what this 2008 is built on
shd close ranks and support good work staff has done
RD: Cclr Smith is right, was not on Ccl when decision to build Cmnty Ctr was made I know it was connected to purchase of Wetmore; always part of the plan

{No, it wasn't! If not on Ccl, maybe that's what someone's been telling you.}

as far as I'm concerned if we can find other land to sell, I have no desire to sell Wetmore but my reading of our assets, any of those assets we hv wd not bring as much as Wetmore
selling those might be controversial, might be lengthy process
if we're going to meet the costs of the Civic Ctr; might have to sell or lease Wetmore land, don't see too much of an alternative myself
if we were to lower threshold cd be possibility, I don't know, we cd have to face that challenge; might lead to lowering of threshold
frankly pragmatic about it
we have to find the money; can see lowering threshold, can see selling Wetmore, and since Wetmore always part of plan

{NO!  When it was done and questions asked, Mayor Wood said there'd be widespread consultation with the public as to what to do with the property, and documents did not show that selling Wetmore was to fund the Cmnty Ctr.}  

and that there'd be some social benefits we might be able to obtain such as seniors' housing, gallery space; we have to make a decision, go that route

{Yes, for the public to discuss and let Ccl know what they prefer.}

think Mr L has done a v good job
have to finish this debate sooner or later; Cclr Smith makes sense and I support that position
Sop: funnily enough, this is a five-yr cap plan, not 2008 capital plan; in it a host of new ideas
looked at financing in diff ways 2009, my thoughts we wd embark and look at our holdings, in millions, and look at Police Stn if it pans out; we've got all these buildings, this, museum, and other places
never had a master plan what we cd do over 50 years, acquiring, selling off land
seen other Ms sell off land for short-term gain, were in trouble
sensibly if original threshold was $15M, and it's worked over time up to $20M, why wdn't we sensibly at this point in time say we wd use about the threshold, or lower the threshold or use those monies
gives us excellent opp to look at Wetmore and decide what best b/c we assume when looking for appraisals, didn't have discussion of what it cd be; that's yet to be; took life of its own; never get land back; how best serve cmtny .... never been discussed
propose amendment to this, we in fact lower threshold one-time to cover the cost of the Cmnty Ctr
Mayor: not sure that's an amendment
RB: any threshold amt wd have to be through bylaw... can't deal with it tonight
Sop: this is for information tonight, going to be ongoing discussion not voting on this tonight
Mayor: but this informs staff b/c they're wishing to bring forth budget bylaws
Sop: this is nothing but to be received; for info; for discussion only no motion, so staff can't

{Well.  Mayor says first time discussing.  Sop says it has for discussion only and no motion.  And, guess what!  I'll spoil the suspense.  They do make a motion and they DO pass this five-yr capital plan.  So much for public input or ccl discussion.  In any case plan only av now.}

Mayor: if you wish to lower threshold; work for staff, if Ccl wants them to go off to do that...
so wd be appropriate for Cclr Sop to make a motion b/c staff work
Sop: wd make motion; wd like some discussion on that; look at logically; we have the best credit rating, triple A
haven't considered long-term borrowing
RL: the way this plan is structured, consistent with discussions
one way or the other, the EF is the source of paying for the Cmty Ctr, so it seems to me we cd defer until later this year whether lower threshold or follow RFP Mr N brings forward
one way or the other from EF, as long as we still have that as an understanding; scenario you're thinking of cd play out later in year
Sop: I want to see this completed, but how is worthy to talk about; don't think rush to judgement.
Mayor: we're acting in a biz-like manner, with the cmnty that's going to respond
oblig to follow that through and go forward; don't think at all wise to move away from that
wrt EF, imp to recognize this is for 2008
five-yr emphasizing 2008, with a few priorities scoped in for remaining four years; kind of substantive debates will begin under Finance Cmte; borrowing is not something this Ccl has ever discussed, pay-as-you-go has always been the plan and we're seeing that through
wd like to add briefly on infrastructure side, a lot has been done at the fed level wrt this deficit situation, estimated that half of infrastructure in country within M purview
WV shd be concerned with TransLink, the scale and scope of the projects proposed there
with the Min of Transportation who, by edict, says you can access property taxes and we're not part of that
I consider that a huge liability and an issue we're going to bump up against over and over and over with ev capital expenditure of TransLink
yes, there's a need wrt infrastructure, how we pay for it shd be paramount concern to this Ccl
Lions' Gate sewage plan, seems to be consensus, needs to move up ahead of Iona, as soon as 2020, 100s of millions of dollars is going to be required there and we will have our portion as one of the three Ms
thirdly, solid waste mgmt plan wch you've heard about
so those are major, infrastructure, they're regional matters
certainly WV b/c of its high assessments and also b/c of requiring solid/liquid waste mgmt so I do want to do work on that in med to long term planning way
our engrs v involved with Metro V, quite high profile
time for Ccl to start working, planning stuff so far
how we succeed with those things has ev to do with our fed and prov govt relations
not us taking $10K from a minor prog not minor to somebody, has to do with partnerships
certainly WV has an application with the fed govt under the Building Canada infrastructure plan for Taylor Way and MDr, and types of recommendations that came out from Ralph Sultan's report
working on multiple levels; shd provide some confidence for Cclr V b/c you're right about the issues we're facing
wrt our own infrastructure, proactive things we're doing, stormwater mgmt, easing off on what we require of our infrastructure
roads question is going to be a big one, the bulging out, curbs, nbrhd character, concern about traffic, runoff
probably want to look at that and how your decisions are made
wrt this, Mr Laing, what do you need from Ccl to bring the bylaws forward?
RL: any concrete changes you want to this plan bearing in mind 2008 and not prepared to wait for a visioning exercise later this year
we're working toward putting this into bylaw format, planning numbers
Sop: any possibility in lead up to bylaws there'll be room for discussion on what we had talked about tonight in relationship to alternate methods of paying for CCtr? on lead up to budget bylaws?

{Good luck, Sop.  Ruddy little chance now; bylaws are being drawn up as soon as this mtg is over!  And not a peep from the public on this five-yr capital plan budget 'Release 2'.}

RL: not trying to cap discussion, trying to be realistic, take a new approach to the EF; talk about bylaws that govern that fund
might include our new Finance Cmte and those kinds of issues; that's more along lines I'm considering
Sop: for this five-yr plan when bylaws come through, from what I'm gathering, will be status quo, we'll sell Wetmore
RL: when through, the five-yr capital will still be ten lines and the EF will be the signif source of payment for the CCtr
won't say anything about sale of Wetmore site or threshold level
Sop: I understand that.  If you're to break that down it's landsales cuz it all goes to the EF; wd say Wetmore to make this work
what I'm saying is no breakdown, but where is discussion re alternate source of funding
Mayor: not exactly sure what you're talking about.  Are you talking about selling a diff piece of land? b/c that wd still go to the EF
if you're talking about lowering the threshold, that wd still flow through the EF
only thing wdn't accommodate is borrowing
Sop: okay if we went with the idea of looking at the EF, I think there's ongoing discussion about what Wetmore truly cd be used for
If we sit down, cd come up with strategic methods to look at that property in the future
good asset to WV, but we have not really had any serious talk about what really shd go there
Mayor: numerous debates wch have resulted in a course of action that our staff have taken
we have to follow through on that and that will be returned to us for what we wish to do in public interest next
Sop: so bylaw will come through the EF
Mayor: in general
Sop: and that's it.  When is that coming?
RL: in parallel when you give us instructions as to what the operating portion of the budget bylaw shd look like
Mayor: next Monday, most, entire mtg to the debate on the operating
our goal bylaws Mar 17 for first reading; opens up back up for public discussion at second reading
unless too cramped for Ccl but that's what we're shooting for, okay?
Ms Scholes, what form of motion to conclude this discussion?
SSch: to Mr L, what direction you need from Ccl?
Mayor: accept five-yr capital plan as presented?
Sop: indeed not
Mayor: purposes; we have to have a bylaw in front of us to debate.

{so the intention was this to be accepted?  this started differently it seems.}

Sop: we are waiting for bylaws, that's when we make a decision, we're still talking
Mayor: but Mr L has to draft the bylaws based on some direction from Ccl
MS: Sometimes I just-- sometimes I don't know how Mr Laing can sit there
at some point we have to think about running the M in some vague shape of organization
how can make decisions and expect staff carry it out when ev week change; no wonder nothing ever gets done -- that's not fair
if I worked here I'd just sit there and smile and say well next week we'll go in a different direction so I'll wait a month-- you know, north south east and west
we made a decision, Mr L is looking for direction; Ccl made a decision to call for proposals for Wetmore, haven't made a decision to sell it, he's looking for feedback on 2008
staff have prepared cap plan based on direction Ccl has provided to them
and we're wandering all over the place
I don't know! sometimes I scratch my head that it can't possibly get any worse, and it does
Mayor: I think we will entertain that motion
RL: if Ccl can confirm for me these are the projects, this is how we're going to spend our money, then I'll bring forward a draft five-yr cap bylaw that on a funding source side will be acceptable to Cclr Sop
Mayor: all mbrs of Ccl, actually
JF: I move staff bring forth bylaws based on version 2
VV: just committed to what goes on in 2008 simpler, but if five years, then I wd have preferred discussion on long-term borrowing for the Police bldg
for every $5M we borrow the taxes go up a per cent and this is a $9M of long-term borrowing in that year; prop taxes go up perhaps normal 3% then add 2% on top, and I certainly wdn't be supporting that; and the other half presumes sale of land Police bldg on and we still haven't decided that
if we haven't decided Wetmore, we certainly haven't decided that?
how complicated is Mr L's situation if he's not confident of how Ccl will regard the funding of the Police bldg?
RL guess I wd look for direction how you'd like to change Police Bldg
Mayor: so many unknowns -- how come together, where it cd be
can't answer till 2008 settled; must it be there in 2009?
RL: do you want it removed?  to be scoped out during review and planning for 2008?
RB: five-yr capital plan is a statutory requirement, so bylaw has to be adopted however what is being approved is the 2008 budget, and there's flexibility with future years, can change that
some projects have bn earmarked within that for Ccl's consideration
discussions over next months and years will identify more specifically those projects
Ccl cd change any allocations from year 2 to 5
Mayor: realistically to me it doesn't seem we'll be building Police stn next year
an awful lot of things that have to happen in Ambleside and Police services before we cd decide something like that
RB: practical point; quite correct
Mayor: I don't want to be disingenuous by pretending this doesn't exist; it's something on the horizon for the cmnty
where is the best place to place that and how best to reflect an unknown wrt funding sources
RL: I cd move it one year, show built over 2010-2011, might be more consistent on how we view the construction market and those kinds of things
Mayor: if we don't put it in the five yr, can we put it in when we're ready to?
RL: absolutely
Mayor: make more sense, Ccl?
JC: year two of this plan is year one of next five-yr capital plan so this can be moved and positioned anywhere along that sliding scale
Mayor: we've got the feasibility planning budgeted for, obviously implies something's coming next -- make more sense take it out?
VV: don't know how we can have a five-yr plan with no money shown to spend to build that bldg; was hoping Mr L might find an alternate source, if there's really going to be zero in the EF, that wd be a problem
still potentially cd be removing threshold in EF then wd be enough for the police bldg
don't think we shd be asked to commit ourselves to long-term borrowing that the taxpayer has to pay for
different from borrowing for Health Auth, they'll make payments
departure from our previous principles; if Mr Laing can find another way finding the money other than long-term borrowing or selling land, EF, other land, land police bldg sitting on might be possible
just think if looking for support, wdn't if borrowing
1300block? does Mr L have any other place he can get money from here?
[someone into mic, God!]
RL: does not commit us to building in those years or funding in those ways
on a placeholder basis; looking out today most reasonable
Mayor: IOW, not committed to borrowing money by virtue if in budget
RL: not committed to borrowing but being realistic about going forward that pay-as-you-go for last five years, our resources really are quite depleted other than EF
if framework other than pay as you go; need to talk about it
JF: imp to leave Police Bldg in plan so on ccl agenda
stn or force, regional or otherwise, will have to be housed somewhere; obliged to provide something
keeps it on the burner; will talk about it; may not happen next year but in everyone's consciousness and that's extremely imp
RL: might make sense to move it one year
JF: fear if move one year, then ev will sit around and say we don't have to talk about it; don't have to make any plans; don't have to think about long term; this isn't committing us to spending or borrowing, but to talk about it
RD: can talk about it if 2010/11; leave it there; going to happen, bldg not in good shape
know not going to do it in 2009; 2010 after Olympics hope bldg costs taper off a bit
look at various ways to finance, going to take some doing to find money, can with time
keep in but 2010, Mr L suggested
JC: exactly the kind of thing I was saying earlier -- these things take on a life once on paper;
take it off piece of paper; let Chief and his supporters go on with discussion about a subregional force
there is a bldg at 14th and St Georges that likely wd become hdqtrs for the N Shore, and at that point we don't need a $20M building in WV
Mayor: can hardly sit here without proper informed debate about regional police services
Cclr F is right, there will be a presence here
shd tell Ccl that the Police Bd told the the Chief at the mtg last week to move ahead with a Police Fdn
quite a bit of interest in the cmnty.  It is with the view to what substantive capital requirements this cmnty is facing; a lot of ground work, only beginning
Sop: feasibility plan for new $100K for police stn, not going to go away
don't see why you have to have a bracket of 9 or 10, can discuss it in future
we have some major discussions to have as Ccl, with staff, committed to feasibility, cd start instantly
like Cclr Clark, takes a life of its own; have some decisions to make; serious collaboration
we're committed to planning, not just going to put it on shelf
contrary to Cclr Smith's echoing of going all over the place; specifically I refer to another area and that is the Wetmore site, another deliberation we cd have for the best use
Yes, Mr L, its tough for you, but I'm not satisfied we've come to the right answer here yet.
Mayor: I think you made a motion wrt the Police Stn remaining?
JF: not thinking any more than I said; if anyone wishes to make an amendment I suggest they do so, b/c I won't.
RD: I don't care; as long as stays in budget; we're not going to do it in 2009, but if you want to leave it there
MS: the tragedy is if you get out the booklet, 2003 for three-yr biz plan, Staying the Course, to 2005; it has the bldg of the new police bldg
these things can sit in a plan for five or ten years, at least they stay on the radar screen
we're talking about a 2008 capital plan!
Mr Beauchamp, Mr Laing, Cclr Smith, and everybody else, and every intelligent voice is trying to keep the debate to something sensible
Sop: hey!
Mayor: in defence of the substantial work of this Ccl, the last two years on Amb and Policing have taken us a long long way towards those goals we were stuck on before; everybody deserves some thanks for that amt of effort
Cclr F your motion is to look at capital plan the way it's presented.
JF: absolutely
Mayor: I'll call the question.
[Sop and VV opposed]
Mayor: on that basis, the bylaws will come forward and we'll have this debate again at second reading of the bylaw; tyvm; good job
9.         Building Bylaw No. 4400, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4542, 2008 (File: 1610-20-4542)
10.      Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
11.       Delegation request:  Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society of Canada regarding Super Cities Walk for MS
RECOMMENDED: THAT ... to appear before Council at the April 7, 2008 meeting be approved.
12.      Delegation request:  P. Lock regarding a request to allow sale of electricity from generators, upgrade infrastructure to support grid buffering, and incentive systems for funding sustainable projects
RECOMMENDED: be approved
Mayor: a deep green home; outside our purview; interested in exploring
VV: wd be interested to hear
Sop: envtal side; worthwhile to listen
Mayor: I cd follow that up
13.      Development Applications Status List
CORRESPONDENCE LIST FOR CONSENT AGENDA [complete list in previous issue]
14.       Correspondence List
Mayor asks what to remove from Correspondence:
Sop: 1, 12, 14 in Corres
VV: 3 and 18
RD: 12 shd be revised; shd be received, not approved (12 above)
(1)       February 07, 2008, regarding Unpaid Parking Tickets
Referred to the Director of Administrative Services for consideration and response.
Sop: remember with Mr S re streetcleaning; phone call? cd be some back up?
Mayor: longstanding issue
RB: longstanding issue, tix have been paid; policy related to streetwsweeping; numerous corresp; gone to but not aware of discussion
Mayor: enormous amt of staff time
(3)       S.B. Hean, February 12, 2008, regarding February 11, 2008 Council Workshop - Budget
Referred to the Director of Finance for consideration and response.
VV: the letter writer objected staff lobbying, rather than [public input]
shd not allow that sort of forum that we set up for public
think some time in future, shd discuss proper; general
Mayor: unusual, chose to allow it, not sure it helped staff; v difficult not to allow freedom of speech
KP: Mr Schramm, not an employee, with [WV] Employee Assn
(12)     February 11, 2008, regarding Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) Program Elimination - Budget
Sop: elimination of DARE; says Ccl responsible and that's not true
DARE took fair amt of dollars to get, to be put in place, four years
that youngster having an awareness put in front of them; think it has served well; $13M -- out the door with nothing to replace it?  seems a bit odd to me
we didn't make that decision
Mayor: happy to reply as I have to many letters; been going to PAC mtgs; not a Ccl decision; not a decision the Police Bd made either
dollars put into DARE prog, Police Chief says can to go a lot farther
teen issues, parties, excessive drinking, property damage, out of control, force that has to be used
wrt our chn want to address; spread those same resources more safely
wd like to be in classrooms, not just re drugs
wd like all his officers go through whether in Gr 2 or 9 for other reasons
part of a process working with Police Bd and Sch Bd to improve safety of our chn; will report back to you
much loved prog; even LA where started has now abandoned; info from both sides wrt efficacy
at core, parents and teacher belief in importance of our police officers being known as protectors and friends
JF: as Chair of Police Bd, hope you might make enquiry on behalf of Ccl that there might be a diff process for interaction with young ppl
from my perspective I wd encourage Police Bd and Chief to have discussions with parents' ccl and District
Mayor: that's what we're doing; and the sch bd chair and I hv been working collaboratively on that over a couple of months.  Item 14
(14)     S. Bell-Irving Gray and P. Gravett - Kay Meek Centre, February 11, 2008, regarding Thank You for the Opportunity to Report on Kay Meek Centre Activities on February 04, 2008
Sop: quickly; I think this was answered for me; KMC looking for amenities from one source; think broken down by Mr Nicholls.
(18)     February 11, 2008, regarding February 11, 2008 Council Workshop - Budget
VV: same as No 3; handled



CR: Good evening.  Carolanne Reynolds, Editor of West Van Matters.  Pls forgive me, I've just been taking down notes while you've been discussing so this is not going to be in a logical order, it's not even going to be in an order of what's trivial to what's really important, but as I wrote down.
Mayor: try to focus on the really important
CR:  I'll just start with-- my notes are here.  Thank you for changing the agenda for the budget.
{by email I'd asked that PQP and budget items be reversed so PQP cd come after Fire WG and Budget so ppl cd then comment on what they'd heard.  As you saw above, that change was made during approval of the agenda.}
I understand the jaws of life [fee], though, that [fee] was decided in 2005, so I don't even think it was [done by this Ccl].
The minor things first b/c they'll--
There are three Design Review Cmte mtgs coming up, but we can't find out [on what] b/c the agenda is not on the District website, to find why they have an extra mtg tomorrow Mar 4th, another one on the 6th, but you can't see the agenda.  That's one question.
{the Feb 28th one was cancelled}
Secondly, the motion at the beginning of this mtg was to replace the workshop mtg with a ccl mtg and that threw me b/c I thought it was a budget workshop next week and then you said it was a budget workshop, so if you cd clarify that, that wd be helpful.
And maybe wrt the budget, you're having three ccl mtgs [a month], that saves you time and maybe we can have some cost savings with that too, might save some staff time if you only have three mtgs so I don't know if that's going to be considered.
{For 2008, it has been changed to a ccl mtg on the first and third Mondays of the month with the possibility of a workshop or Public Hearing on the second Monday.  That reduces mtg prep by about a quarter, no?}

The Finance Cmte.  Glad to see that's been appointed.  Wonder if we know when it will next meet b/c of course now if we're starting with bylaws they wd want to discuss that so I'd like to know when that next mtg wd be.
{This was not answered but I subsequently found out the first one will be Mar 12; see Calendar above}
The next thing is -- just some background.  I'm sorry, I have to apologize I'm bringing up Wetmore but Cclr Clark was correct that the Planning Cmte and many others said that we shdn't sell it b/c it's an asset.  Mayor Wood at the time, made a grand pronouncement, and I have the tape, that any disposition of Wetmore wd be a WIDE, WIDESPREAD discussion with the public on what to do with it.  Some of the comments were: that it seems foolish to sell a permanent asset (wch is what land is) for a cmnty ctr wch is a building (wch will deteriorate).  So one of the things that-- so I think there's more to be said on that-- I'm glad that the Director of Finance mentioned if it's put in there's still some flexibility.  Obviously-- one of the things [at the time was said] I suggested ppl wanted to do was a combination, lease part of it but keep ownership b/c it is a municipal asset.  It doesn't mean it can't be used and we can't get money from it, but it doesn't mean we have to sell it to get money from it, and I think that's the important thing that shd be kept in mind in your discussions on Wetmore.

{and you saw during the discussion earlier three cclrs (JC, Sop, VV) said they did not want to sell it.  It was NOT stated during the decision to purchase it that it was for the Cmnty Ctr.}

Oh, and a minor thing.
Last week as a director of Streamkeepers, I went to reserve a space for the banners over the overpass wch we've done over the past few years on Adopt-a-Fish in April to be told that Ccl had passed a bylaw last fall that starting January this year, no banners are to be allowed to be on the overpass.  I called a few cclrs and they weren't aware of it either, so that's another question.
I can't read the rest of this so while you answer that I'll try to read this.
Mayor: I don't know about the Design Cmte mtgs. Mr Nicholls?
SJN: the Design Cmte's meeting to discuss the Evelyn Drive project.
CR, meaningfully: Ah...
Mayor: March 4th, but I don't know about a series of mtgs.
CR: what-- but also--
SJN: if they were not able to deal with it, they'd also have another mtg if they cdn't deal with it in one.
CR: but it says there's an extra mtg tomorrow at 5 o'clock, and then there's a continuation of the mtg on Thursday, and so -- but we cdn't find out what the subject was, so thank you v much.  It's Evelyn Drive, v important for us to know that.

{especially since that was a major issue in the last election!
wonder why they wanted to keep it under wraps and not inform the public???}

Mayor: We're scheduling a ccl mtg next Monday b/c we have to set a date wrt I believe Ev Dr and need a ccl mtg in order to do that, and then it seemed logical to continue with our budget discussion and then Ccl can also give direction to the Dir/Fin
CR: that's what I understood your agenda to say.  When I heard the motion read that it wd replace it [workshop], that's what alarmed me.  Now I understand.  Thank you for clearing it up.
Mayor: thank you
CR: what about the banners?
Mayor: Mr, uh, who's, I'm aware of this-- [who can] inform us a little more?
RB: It's my understanding, Your Worship, that last year as part of the sign bylaw review, our solicitors informed us we didn't have the authority to issue permits over the arterial highway.  At that time, we, staff, started phasing out the permits.  Now whether the Min of Transportation have picked that up,  and will allow it, I really cdn't comment on that, but we certainly can check into that.

{er, um.  Why not when you found out?  why no warning to Ccl/public this wd affect them?
Since notices are there from FBG exhibitions to Library book sales to Boy Scouts, does no one on staff of Ccl realize it affects the cmnty and thinks to advise them in advance?  Why later?  Why do residents have to point these things out when it's a municipal matter they shd have in hand -- whether warning or explaining?
Why didn't Ccl know?
and if they knew why didn't they tell the public?
and if they didn't agree why didn't they seek clarification or some accommodation with the MofT before the prohibition?
Some ppl have commented that it looks as if the tail is wagging the dog.
not quite in this case.
It's not that the tail is wagging a dog they've blindfolded, it's more akin to the dog walking with its eyes closed.......
Ccl also claimed not to know the dog bylaw fine was increased to $165.........}

Mayor: wd that be Mr Barth's Dept?
RB: currently being issued under the Bldg Dept.
Mayor: well, it certainly is a loss to our cmnty flavour.  I wonder if you cd follow up on that.
Ans: yes, Madam Mayor.

{but why not before??? wdn't need to bring to Ccl in public.  Why only now when permission given for several years has been denied?}

CR: That wd be appreciated.  One of the things staff said to me is that they thought it might be an insurance or liability issue.  What I was going to suggest to that, is that when you issue the permit, this is what's done in many places, is that it is 'at your own risk' rather than putting the District at risk, if that's one of the things--
Mayor: --do things like that--
CR: your five-yr budget [capital] plan was 'to be provided', so we cdn't see this.  Are we able to provide input to the five-yr capital plan next Monday? b/c on the agenda, as you see, it says "information to be provided", so nobody in the public cd see the five-yr capital plan that you in fact discussed thoroughly tonight without our having the benefit of seeing it.
Mayor: Mr Laing? Ms Scholes?
SSch: We received that report {looking askance} -- Thursday? {nod} -- Thursday afternoon, and it was posted on the website Th afternoon with a link directly from that item and it was sent to the Library at that time.
Mayor: thank you
CR, holding up the ccl mtg agenda from the foyer: but the agenda just says "information to be provided", as does the agenda out there in the lobby
Mayor: on the website, wch is where it all happens
CR: Right, except that if you pick up an agenda as you come in tonight saying "information to be provided"--
Mayor, interrupting: I'm going to move to the next speaker.  Thank you.

Guess the Mayor can't answer how someone wd think the info was available when the agenda handed out at the actual ccl mtg says 'info to be provided'.  And she can't really pursue that it all happens on the website, when the agenda for the DRC wasn't accessible on the website either wch is why I had to ask what the subject was.
And I didn't even touch the fact that the DRC (and it has happened for other mtgs as well) agenda was not posted outside the M Hall door, the only place by law it is required (and I tried to get it to be a requirement in the Ccl Procedures but they said they cdn't, if you recall, in case the website was down.  Guess they expect not to be able to keep it up most of the time so are prepared.  I don't see why they can't say 'best efforts' for the website, or 'outside of website/system crashes' to cover that.  So now when we say it's not on the website they say it's posted, and if it's not posted they say it's on the website.
How conveeeeenient.}

Mayor: Mr McTavish; I have your request here but Ccl is not, Mr McTavish, Mr McTavish? we're not prepared to discuss
Sir?  Mr McT, can you hear me?  can you hear me? can you hear me?
DMT: keep trying
Mayor: we're not able to discuss an outstanding lawsuit, so I'm not sure what the nature of your
DMT: I will be asking questions; you don't have to reply, that is your choice and I understand that
however as I told you at the last mtg, I've secured some of the best wisdom in western Canada relative to the rights of individuals to ask questions in a forum such as this.
Mayor: I'm going to
DMT: I'm going to proceed
Mayor: I'm going to ask our acting CAO for his advice on this
RB: important that we clarify what Mr McT's questions are of Ccl.  If they're pertaining to any form of pending litigation, then staff or Ccl wd not be in a position to comment on that.   If there is any clarification required, certainly we'd be prepared to meet with Mr McT.
Mayor: and I did write you based on the questions from last time.  Are these different questions?
DMT: I have not seen any response
Mayor: that letter-- I know I signed it.
RB: sent letter out on Friday, and emailed; and put in mail; maybe not received yet
DMT: there was a letter that essentially said nothing, if that's the one you're referring to
RB: it said
DMT: nothing, sir
RB: that's your observation; you did receive a letter
DMT: that is correct.
Mayor: good; think we've done our best
DMT: I'd like to proceed.  Madam Mayor and Ccl, as you are aware, I was literally dumped as joint project mgr for the Aquatic Ctr expansion--
Mayor: now you're on to another matter
DMT: same
Mayor: either you're mixing
DMT: Madam, you're gobbling up my three minutes
Mayor: I'm not sure it's appropriate; what you may be talking about is a contract matter, with somebody, not even--
DMT: Okay, I'll forget the contract matter; I will go on to questions I asked back on 18th
do you recall that?
Mayor: that's the letter I wrote you
DMT: it was a two-page
Mayor: I'm listening to your question
DMT: I left copies of a spreadsheet in each of your boxes on Feb 26
Why is Ccl and staff shielding the operations and conduct of M operations from scrutiny?
Taxpayers fund the millions spent per year on our operating budget for the running of the M.  Are we the taxpayers not entitled to info on how that money is spent?
are our elected representatives and certain staff hiding behind the "we can't answer or produce this info b/c it is before the courts"?  What do they fear about disclosure?
We the taxpayers are also paying for these runaway legal fees so these answers may never come out.
why are we the taxpayers defending ourselves and against what in this dispute.
How much have we paid over the past five years in legal fees?
do we know?  do you know?
what member of our WV staff is representing the taxpayers in this dispute?
we don't know
Mayor: actually, neither do we
DMT: how much have we paid--
Mayor: --nothing
DMT:--over the past five years in legal fees? How can we the taxpayers understand or accept any info regarding new budgets, if we do not have all the answers and info required?
Are the ppl we have placed in positions of authority on our behalf concealing inefficiency, incompetence, and indifference?
Notwithstanding the constraints of "can't answer b/c it's before the courts" we do not believe that the ppl we have placed in positions of authority to represent us shd withhold info about their operations from the public.
I do not believe that these ppl who we have placed in positions of authority have any reason or rights to withhold info from the taxpayers.
in my opinion, we the taxpayers of WV are entitled to any info regarding decisions made on our behalf by elected officials or staff.
In conclusion, Madam Mayor, do you or any mbrs of Ccl have any comments?
Mayor: I've written you the letter; that's my comment.  I'm not sure if you're talking about a bunch of issues, all v vague to me
DMT: pardon?
Mayor: v vague what you're stating
DMT: what is vague? I'll try to clarify
Mayor: you've got my letter; we've got your questions; I'm happy to meet with you, said that to you numerous times; wanted to get the letter to you first.
Mr Pike, have you anything to add?
KP: the letter sent out from Mr Beauchamp on the question that arose before is the reply to the question.  We state v clearly, and it isn't nothing, where this matter is at present, before the court, and matters before the court are not dealt with in this kind of manner.
DMT: WADR, that is a BS, teflon-coated answer
Mayor: and that changes the tenor of this discussion.  I think I'll call for
DMT: I have one more thing
[voice: Adjourn]
DMT: I have one more thing to say before you cut me off
copy of letter and questionnaire will be sent to you and to my MLA Ralph Sultan tomorrow.
You can expect action
Mayor: excellent.  Thank you I'll be happy
DMT: with the provincial govt--
Mayor: to take this up with our MLA.
===   COUNCIL Special Ccl Mtg AGENDA  Mar 10th   ===
1.  APPROVAL OF (Special Ccl Mtg) AGENDA
2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES -- no items scheduled
3.         Evelyn Drive - Development Permit Applications for the first four buildings in proposed Phase 1 Development (880 and 950 Keith Road; 800 and 880 Evelyn Drive)
1.                  The report dated February 29, 2008 from the Manager of Community Planning entitled "Evelyn Drive - Development Permit Applications for the first four buildings in proposed Phase 1 Development (880 and 950 Keith Road; 800 and 880 Evelyn Drive)" be received for information;
2.                  April 7, 2008 be set as the date for Council consideration of the Evelyn Drive - Development Permit Applications for 880 and 950 Keith Road, and 800 and 880 Evelyn Drive; and
3.                  Public notification for the Evelyn Drive - Development Permit Applications for 880 and 950 Keith Road, and 800 and 880 Evelyn Drive be expanded and cover the lands shown on the Map identified as Appendix B to the February 29, 2008 report from the Manager of Community Planning.
4.         Revisions to Finance Committee Terms of Reference (0116-20-FC)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the Finance Committee Terms of Reference as revised in sections 3.0 and 5.0 be approved.
5.         Appointment of Council Liaison to Design Review Committee  (File:  0116-20-DRC)
RECOMMENDED: THAT Councillor Day be appointed as the Council liaison to the Design Review Committee for 2008.
6.         2008 Budget Discussion (File:  0860-01) Information to be provided.
7.         Correspondence List (File:  0120?24) -- to be received for info
Requests for Delegation  --  No items presented.
Action Required
(1)       February 25, 2008, regarding Building Plan for New House
Referred to the Director of Planning, Lands & Permits for consideration and response.
(2)       February 26, 2008, regarding New Recycling Program - Garden Refuse
Referred to the Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
(3)       February 26, 2008, regarding Dog Walking Access
Referred to the Director of Parks & Community Services for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(4)       Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
(a)       West Vancouver Memorial Library Board - January 16, 2008
(b)       Board of Variance - January 16, 2008
(5)       J. Desnoyers, British Columbia Cultural Crawl, Arts and Cultural Guide to British Columbia, February, 2008, regarding British Columbia Cultural Crawl Founder Takes Home Top Tourism Award
(6)       February 22, 2008, regarding Increasing Ferry Fares and Subsidies
(7)       February 24, 2008, regarding Eco Density
(8)       G. Cusbert, Principal, Mulgrave Junior School, February 28, 2008, regarding Thank You for Sponsoring the Water Conservation Play, "A2Z of H2O"
(9)       C. Ho, Smart Growth British Columbia, February 27, 2008, regarding Report: Innovative Infrastructure Financing Mechanisms for Smart Growth
Attachment available for viewing in the Legislative Services Department.
(10)     R. Thorpe, Minister of Small Business and Revenue and Minister Responsible for Regulatory Reform, February 12, 2008, regarding Okanagan-Similkameen Mobile Business Licence Pilot Project
Responses to Correspondence
(11)     R. Beauchamp, Acting Chief Administrative Officer, February 21, 2008, reply regarding Unpaid Parking Tickets - Street Cleaning
Responses to Questions in Question Period --  No items presented.

=== International Women's Day - Continued ===
***  WOMEN'S SUFFRAGE -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women's_suffrage
Various places, some.  Then 1838, women got the vote on Pitcairn Island, in the kingdom of Tavolara in 1886 (until annexed by Italy in 1899).  There are other short-lived and qualified franchise stories.  The first country to have universal women's suffrage was New Zealand in 1893 (but cdn't initially stand for election).  The first woman parliamentarian was in Finland in 1907.
In the years before the First World War, Norway (1913) and Denmark also gave women the vote, and it was extended throughout the remaining Australian states. Canada granted the right in 1917 (except in Quebec, where it was postponed until 1940), as did Soviet Russia. British women over 30 and all German and Polish women had the vote in 1918, Dutch women in 1919, and American women in states that had previously denied them suffrage were allowed the vote in 1920. Women in Turkey were granted voting rights in 1926. In 1928, suffrage was extended to all British women on the same terms as men i.e. over 21.
Women still cannot vote in many countries and aren't even allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia.
Then there's the matter of arranged marriages as young as ten and 12 in many countries.
Women's literacy in Afghanistan is only 2%.
***  'National crisis' for Iraqi women
The situation for women in Iraq has become a "national crisis" since the US-led invasion in 2003, a report by an international women's group has warned.
Women for Women International said they had had relative autonomy and security, but now faced violence, controversial leadership and poor infrastructure.
Almost two-thirds of the 1,500 women questioned for the national survey said violence against them had increased.
The report was issued ahead of International Women's Day on Saturday.
'Focus lost'
According to Women for Women's 2008 Iraq Report, shortly before the US-led invasion, "women's rights and gender equity were mentioned as symbolic issues for Iraq's new national agenda".
"However, as the overall situation in Iraq began to deteriorate after the invasion, the focus on women was lost in the problems and violence facing the country as a whole," it said.
"Present-day Iraq is plagued by insecurity, a lack of infrastructure and controversial leadership, transforming the situation for women from one of relative autonomy and security before the war into a national crisis," it added.
A similar survey undertaken by the organisation in 2004 found that despite the fact that none of the women felt their families' most basic needs were entirely met, 90.6% were optimistic about the future.
But in late 2007, the nationwide poll of 1,513 Iraqi women found only 26.9% continued to be optimistic about the situation in their country.
According to the report, 63.9% or those questioned said violence against women was increasing.
26.9% optimistic about the situation in Iraq
63.9% said violence against them had increased
76.2% said girls in their family were not allowed to attend school
68.3% described the availability of jobs as "bad"
70.5% said their family cannot afford to pay for the necessities
43.6% did not think that the circumstances of women were considered by decision-makers
"When asked why, respondents most commonly said that there is less respect for women's rights than before, that women are thought of as possessions, and that the economy has gotten worse," it said.
Some 76.2% said girls in their families were forbidden from attending school, while 68.3% described the availability of jobs for women as "bad".
More than 40% of did not think that the circumstances of women were being considered by those making decisions about Iraq's future.
Iraq's new draft constitution, which has yet to be approved by parliament, contains an article under which family law would be replaced with a new system determined according to the religion or sect of those involved.
"It has been five years since the American invasion of Iraq and while the mistakes made there continue to accumulate still no-one has stopped to listen to what this critical mass of the population, women, have to say about solving the problems," said Zainab Salbi, Women for Women's CEO.
Story from BBC NEWS:  http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/pr/fr/-/2/hi/middle_east/7282064.stm
Published: 2008/03/06 17:32:40 GMT    =A9 BBC MMVIII

=====  Heritage 2008 Quiz *<= b> ANSWERS [out of 25]  =====

1   (two points)       
When was West Vancouver's first council meeting (year and month)?
April 1912 from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/West_Vancouver,_British_Columbia
...  The Municipality of West Vancouver was incorporated on March 15, 1912, after separating from the District of North Vancouver. The first municipal election was held on April 6, 1912.
Is Park Royal on Squamish Band (First Nations) territory?  part of it is
When did Park Royal open?  1950
How many parks are there in WV?  about 140
What year was the first celebration of heritage in WV?  February 1989
What's the population of WV?
        between 42 - 46,000 depending on whether or not the Squamish reserve is included
When was the original Point Atkinson lighthouse built?
The original lighthouse at Point Atkinson was built in 1874.  It was replaced by the current hexagonal concrete structure in 1910.
8   (two points)       
Name the oldest house in WV and the year it was built.  Navvy Jack House, 1868
9   (three points)
a)  When was the Lions' Gate Bridge completed and opened to traffic?
1938 -- according to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lions_Gate_Bridge it opened to traffic on November 14, 1938.
Here's what the BPP website says:
The centre 200 feet of the bridge was to have a clearance of 200 feet regardless of tide, temperature or load. July 7, 1936 saw the turning of the first sod and on November 11, 1938 a Caulfield resident, R.F. Hearns, had the honour of being the first to cross the completed bridge. The official opening was done in grand style with Their Majesties King George VI and Queen Elizabeth travelling from the British Properties guest house to and across the bridge, stopping at the south end to cut a ceremonial ribbon. At long last the First Narrows had been crossed and the future assured for West Vancouver. Today, twin stone Lions, representing the majestic twin peaks of the same name in the mountains behind them, stand guard at the south entrance to the bridge. A duplicate set was commissioned and stood at A.J. Taylor's driveway for years and are now located at the North Vancouver Museum. They are also representative of the lion-hearted pioneers who established West Vancouver and are the centrepiece of British Properties' corporate logo.
b)  When was the official opening and by whom?  1939, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth
10   (three points)
What do the Squamish call the two mountain peaks called the Lions?
        Two Sisters, representing Peace and Brotherhood (also translated as Harmony)
11   (two points)
Name the first two buildings designated as heritage in WV.
        The Ferry Building Gallery and the Gertrude Lawson House (the West Van Museum)
12   (two points)
Name the home/building in WV that has been named a national historical site and when it was built.       B C Binning House, 1941
When was the Upper Levels highway built?
1957 for WV, 1958 to Britannia Beach (there already was a road from Squamish to Britannia Beach)
..."In 1957, the northern end of Highway 99 was moved from downtown Vancouver, across the Lions' Gate Bridge and west to the village of Horseshoe Bay, following Marine Drive through West Vancouver. Highway 99 was re-aligned to the Upper Levels Highway and extended to Britannia Beach one year later, being extended further to Squamish in 1959, and then to Pemberton in 1966. Finally, in 1992, the just-paved Duffey Lake Road between Pemberton and Lillooet was made part of Highway 99, and the section of Highway 12 between Lillooet and Highway 97, was re-numbered 99."
What's the name of the famous house on an 'unbuildable lot' on the waterfront designed by Arthur Erickson that was demolished last year?       the Graham House
Hugo Ray Park is home to one of Canada's most beautiful cricket pitches.  Who was Hugo Ray?
A West Vancouver reeve (1953 - 1954); Reeve was the name given to the position we now call Mayor
What is the new name of Pound Creek (east side of Park Royal)?
        Sway'wey Creek, meaning 'place where people fish for smelt'
Dr Ethlyn Trapp donated her estate on the banks of the Capilano River to West Vancouver.  What is the name of this park?       Klee Wyck

============ ========  Score out of 25  ==================

===   LANGUAGEWATCH -- ACRONYMS&nb= sp; ===

        DP      Development Permit
        DVP     Development Variance Permit
        IMO     In My Opinion (IMHO In My Humble Opinion)
        M       Municipality
        WADR    With All Due Respect

===   QUOTATIONS   === A Famous Sesquipedalian

"I won't insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said."

The sesquipedalian William F. Buckley Jr died in February.(1925 - 2008).  Young William absorbed his family's conservatism along with its deep Roman Catholicism. At 14, he followed his brothers to the Millbrook School, a preparatory school 15 miles across the New York line from Sharon.  In his spare time at Millbrook, young Bill typed schoolmates' papers for them, charging $1 a paper, with a 25-cent surcharge for correcting the grammar.  Read more: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/02/28/business/media/28buckley.html?pagewanted=2&8bu&emc=bu