Ccl NOTES Mar 10
Calendar to Apr 7th

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Let's combine Ireland with Iran and wear green to jump fires signalling the 'new day'?
Spring officially starts Thursday (20th)
Main Items Mar 17th: NSh Wetland Partners; Helmet Safety; Aquatic Ctr, Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr; Gleneagles Golf Bldg project (heritage elements to be reflected in renovation); Update on Heritage Register; Rodgers Crk Overview (workshop April 10); RFID request for Library at $650,000; OCP/Zoning bylaw for townhouses (where Pat's was) for consideration Apr 21; Eagle Lake Plan; 6pm Ccl Workshop Apr 10, ccl mtg Apr 14; Almondel Bridge and Road Construction $3M + GST; 1528 Argyle Acquisition (cdn't find price); Correspondence.
Vive le Canada (Commonwealth Day; 160th anniversary of democracy in Canada); The Editor's Week (Budget Info/Bylaws)
=  CALENDAR to Mar 31st/Apr 7; NEWSWATCH (financial woes; oil)
=  Mar 10th Ccl Mtg NOTES: Evelyn Dr DP (for Apr 7); Finance Cmte TofRef revisions; 2008 Budget discussion (again info to be provided! how can we discuss something we haven't seen???); PQP: zero-based budgeting? Information Technology Dept info?
= Ccl Agenda Mar 17th; Some IT Dept Info (salaries 9% increase); Celtic Festival Limerick; Quotations

=== Vive le Canada ===
> MARCH 10  Commonwealth Day
is the annual celebration of the Commonwealth of Nations held on the second Monday in March, and marked by a multi-faith service in Westminster Abbey, normally attended by Queen Elizabeth II, Head of the Commonwealth, with the Commonwealth Secretary-General and Commonwealth High Commissioners in London. While it has a certain official status, Commonwealth Day is not a public holiday in most Commonwealth countries and there is little public awareness of it.
> MARCH 11  160th anniversary of democracy on Canada
March 11 - Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine and Robert Baldwin become the first Prime Ministers of the Province of Canada to be democratically elected under a system of responsible government.

===   The Editor's Week   ===
Most confounding news -- email program not only crashed Wed/Th or so, my outbox when it came back was scrambled so text of messages not with the corresponding subject or TO line.  Not only that, I can't tell what I've sent or not sent.  [insert silent scream here]
Most disappointing news -- the new Finance Cmte met without notification or on Cmnty Calendar -- secret mtg if it walks like a duck
*  Most cheering news -- purple heads of the first crocuses
*  Not surprising news since consistent: Five-Yr Capital Plan Version 2 introduced at Mar 3rd ccl mtg as "first discussion", cclr says "no motion" and "received for info", then motion passed to draft bylaws (minor adjustment), then 2008 Operating Budget appeared 'on-table' Monday night Mar 10 and motion passed unchanged to draft bylaws for Mar 17th.  Also not surprising that Cclrs Sop and VV opposed motion same night for bylaws to be drafted.  If you want a say about the present allocation of $55M (check this number!) to be spent this year in the Five-Year Capital Plan or how the 3.5% your tax rate increase, get the information Monday night and study them for the following ccl mtg not until Apr 7th.
Budget 2008  --  The Proposed 2008 Budget and Five Year Capital Plan are available on-line

===  CALENDAR to Mar 31st / Apr 7  === [M Hall unless otherwise noted; confirm no changes]
School Break Mar 17th to 30th
==  Tues Mar 18th
        ~ 4pm ~ Fire and Rescue WG
        ~ 6 - 10pm ~ Norwuz-Iranian New Year celebration in Ambleside Park
==  Wed Mar 19th
        ~ 7pm ~ Bd of Variance; and in the Library, the Library Board.
but in the morning:
~ 7:30am ~ WV Chamber of Commerce Breakfast, Hollyburn Country Club (950 Crosscreek)
SPEAKER:  Constable Kash Heed, Police Chief for West Vancouver
        TOPIC: WVPD 2008 - 10 Strategic Plan
RSVP by noon Mar 14: website www.westvanchamber.com or phone 926 6614; $35 (mbrs $25)
==  Thurs Mar 20th  ~ 6pm ~ NSh Youth/Justice Cmte, DNV M Hall

  * Thurs Mar 20th ~ 7:30pm ~ WV STREAMKEEPERS, at St Stephen's *
Mr Readshaw is an engineering adviser to the Green Shores Technical Advisory team.  He is a Professional Engineer and has worked on shoreline erosion and restoration projects throughout BC, the US, and the world, including assignments with the Asian Development Bank and the United Nations.  His talk will be of particular interest to WV Streamkeepers and their close associate, Shoreline Preservation Society who have worked diligently to revitalize WV's extensive shoreline and the many creeks and streams entering English Bay and Howe Sound.  The Green Shores project, which is the subject of John Readshaw's presentation, promotes sustainable use of coastal ecosystems through planning and design that recognize ecological features and functions of coastal systems.
==  Good Friday Mar 21st
        ~ 8am - noon ~ Southern Straits Race Kickoff, Dundarave Pier
==  Sat Mar 22nd
        ~ 11am - 1pm ~ Dundarave Easter Hunt, 2400 Block Marine Drive
==  Easter Sunday Mar 23rd
        ~ noon to 2pm ~ Lions Club Easter Egg Hunt, John Lawson Park
==  Thurs Mar 27th
        ~ 5pm ~ NASCDI, DNV M Hall)
        ~ 5:30pm ~ Police Bd mtg in Police Dept Boardroom
==  Sun Mar 30th
        ~ 10am - 6pm ~ Iranian Family Picnic in Ambleside Park
APRIL   Tues 1st:  Fire/Rescue WG 4pm; Cmnty Dialogue WG (Nbrhd Character) 6:30pm
        Sat 5th: Srs' Flea Market 9am - 2pm at WV Arena

+++ FERRY BUILDING GALLERY  "Celebrando la Vida" -- mixed media; Mar 18 - Apr 6
John Dowler, Paula Fodchuk, June Harman, Neda Mardkar, Gordon Montgomery, Albarosa Simonetti
OPENING RECEPTION: 6 - 8pm Tues, Mar 18; ARTISTS IN ATTENDANCE: 2 - 3pm  Sat. Mar  22

+++  WV MUSEUM +++  see http://www.wvma.net/
Duncan McNab -  Modern In Sight  ~  March 4 to May 31 [WV architect]
+++ SILK PURSE   = Tuesday, March 18 - Sunday, March 30  -- "Ciao Bella" --
Opening Reception: Tuesday, March 18th from 6 - 8pm
Marco Polo, a Venetian trader and explorer who gained fame for his worldwide travels, was one of the first Westerners to travel the Silk Road. Along his journey he saw many beautiful and unique works of art but his beginnings in Italy were culturally diverse and rich as well. We celebrate the masters of Italy with an exhibition featuring the art renderings of local artists influenced by their travels and experiences in Italy. Artists include: Irena Eacott, Charlotte Grundig, Lani Jeffrey, Louisa Leibmann, Ruth Lewis, John Moir, Mardsan Samii, and Betty Woo.

+++  WV MEMORIAL LIBRARY +++ see www.westvanlib.org
Tuesday 18 --  The Irish Theatre: Sean O'Casey ~ 10:30am - 12:30pm
Discussion series is open to all. info 925 7405.
Thursday 20 -- Movies at the Library presents: Chocolat -- 6pm
Based on the book by Joanne Harris. Discussion to follow. No registration required. Info 925 7405.
Wednesday 26 -- Book Talk: In Your Good Name Identity Theft: A Canadian Perspective  Author George Greenwood will discuss how to reduce your risk & decrease your vulnerability of becoming a victim of identity abuse by changing your habits. 7 pm.
Friday 28  --  Philosopher's Cafe  -- Thinking About Thinking? What is a thought?
$5 admission, everyone welcome. 10:30am - 12:30pm.
Monday 31  --  An Evening with Elizabeth Gilbert
WV Memorial Library Foundation presents the author of Eat, Pray, Love. Kay Meek Ctr. This event is Sold Out.
Tuesday 1  --  The Irish Theatre: Denis Johnston -- 10:30am - 12:30pm
Discussion series open to all.  For more info call the Reference Dept., 925 7405.
Thursday 3 --  Movies at the Library presents: An Inconvenient Truth -- 6pm
Discussion to follow. No registration required. For more information, call 925 7405.
Saturday 5 -- Global Warming: The Science & the Complexity
With guest speaker Sheila Ross, M.Sc., of Capilano College. Sponsored by the Lighthouse Park Preservation Society. Meeting begins at 2 pm followed by the talk at 2:30pm. Everyone is welcome.
 +++ Don't forget to check out www.kaymeekcentre.com

===   NEWSWATCH   ===  [the mortgage crisis and the cost of oil]
Citigroup: $18bn
Merrill Lynch: $14.1bn
UBS: $13.5bn
Morgan Stanley $9.4bn
HSBC: $3.4bn
Bear Stearns: $3.2bn
Deutsche Bank: $3.2bn
Bank of America: $3bn
Barclays: $2.6bn
Royal Bank of Scotland: $2.6bn
Freddie Mac: $2bn
JP Morgan Chase: $3.2bn
Credit Suisse: $1bn
Wachovia: $1.1bn
IKB: $2.6bn
Paribas: $197m
And if it's true that the TD bank in Canada didn't touch sub-primes "b/c they didn't understand them", I'm really impressed.  How anyone cd think such a scheme wd work puzzles me.  Where were the US regulatory bodies?  Canadian caution protects!

>>>  PRICE OF GAS AROUND THE WORLD                                  
Prices are quoted in US dollars per gallon for regular unleaded (from Internet, unverified):     
Oslo, Norway $ 6.82;   Hong Kong $ 6.25;   Brussels, Belgium $ 6.16                                                   
        London, UK $ 5.96; Rome, Italy $ 5.80; Tokyo, Japan $ 5.25                                                   
                Sao Paulo, Brazil $ 4.42    (Vancouver ~US$4.42/US Gal)                                             
New Delhi, India $ 3.71; Sydney, Australia $ 3.42; Johannesburg, South Africa $ 3.39                                                   
        New York $3.40; Mexico City $ 2.22; Buenos Aires, Argentina $ 2.09                                                   
 ... YOU'RE GONNA LOVE THIS ....                         
                Riyadh , Saudi Arabia $ 0.91; Kuwait  $0.78; Caracas , Venezuela $ 0.12                                                   

===   COUNCIL Mtg NOTES  Mar 10th   ===[best efforts] ===
1.  APPROVAL OF (Special Ccl Mtg) AGENDA
2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES -- no items scheduled
Mayor: before reports, important night -- marks end of an era; Steve Nicholls, Dir/Planning, ends 29 years -- three decades of work that defines WV today.
purchase of three blocks of Argyle
Caulfeild Shopping Ctr, land use decision that went all the way to the Supreme Court; but well-used now, b/c I see him there every day
Seaview Walk another imp acquisition
Upper Lands of 2001, visionary document; four main principles, form base for Rodgers Crk
320 Taylor Way, controversial, Endowment Fund, lease paid for RFMP

{er, a bit of an exaggeration; part of tax increases were for the new rec facilities}

revitalization of Amb, Dund, HBay back to Amb
refining our zoning bylaw
protect distinct character and setting
bring subtle change to WV, putting ppl first, nbrhds, spectacular setting, public trust
devoting last two years to new team
SJN: v happy to join WV in 1979, out from Toronto, wonderful experience
worked with 13 Councils now, an unlucky number so will probably be here for 14
countless volunteers
my passion has always been nbrhd character, environment, involvement in Cmnty and involvement of cmnty, and working with a staff motivated by excellence
WV is a unique cmnty and wonderful one to live in; lived here since 1985
hope to work with some of the bylaws over the coming year
heartfelt thanks working with you and previous ccls and really really have enjoyed it.
RD: can hardly believe 29 years; I've been on six councils
worked with him planning, design,
hv come a long way; Steve devpd Planning Dept into what it is today
Upper Lands; informed how we approached Rodgers Crk
although Ccl drew up the last OCP; Steve a lot of influence
nbrhd character and envmt; contributed greatly
try to make houses to fit on site; big houses, but cd hv been a lot worse; restrictions, but have made a lot of progress
not only a colleague a good friend
encyclopedia of knowledge, need him, no one else has it; stored away in that marvellous mind of his
Sop: concur; found you to be an exemplary employee; your knowledge incredible; giving us information
fire coming out of my head, your calm way, reasonable way to conclusion
excellence of cmnty owed to you, your expertise
huge thank you for your years of service, and you'll be missed; appreciation; glad you're still here with us for a little while
JF: thank also; think of planners as building and design but planners are all about ppl and cmnties
how to get what they need; shows in his passion of nbrhd character
enjoyed working with him on OCP review; gentle disarming sense of humour, manages to diffuse some ccl debate
VV: too bad arriving as retiring
Dir of Personnel has pointed out 65 is legal, after a few years of retirement; possible you might feel like coming right back
SJN: actually 77 years old!
Mayor: nbrhd character, here we come; can't think of a better person to be in charge than that
3.         Evelyn Drive - Development Permit Applications for the first four buildings in proposed Phase 1 Development (880 and 950 Keith Road; 800 and 880 Evelyn Drive)
1.                  The report dated February 29, 2008 from the Manager of Community Planning entitled "Evelyn Drive - Development Permit Applications for the first four buildings in proposed Phase 1 Development (880 and 950 Keith Road; 800 and 880 Evelyn Drive)" be received for information;
2.                  April 7, 2008 be set as the date for Council consideration of the Evelyn Drive - Development Permit Applications for 880 and 950 Keith Road, and 800 and 880 Evelyn Drive; and
3.                  Public notification for the Evelyn Drive - Development Permit Applications for 880 and 950 Keith Road, and 800 and 880 Evelyn Drive be expanded and cover the lands shown on the Map identified as Appendix B to the February 29, 2008 report from the Manager of Community Planning.
4.         Revisions to Finance Committee Terms of Reference (0116-20-FC)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the Finance Committee Terms of Reference as revised in sections 3.0 and 5.0 be approved.
{The change from five to six mbrs is valid; changing Chair to Chairperson was laughable.}
5.         Appointment of Council Liaison to Design Review Committee  (File:  0116-20-DRC)
RECOMMENDED: THAT Councillor Day be appointed as the Council liaison to the Design Review Cmte for 2008.
6.         2008 Budget Discussion (File:  0860-01) Information to be provided.
Mayor: Ccl's first opp to debate the 2008 Operating budget; make sense Mr Laing introduce? Cclr Smith?
MS: Mr Laing introduce and suggesting public input then debate?
Mayor: can't have public input once we start debate, so before worthwhile to bring ev up to speed as to where we are right now, then I'll turn it over to you
RL: Hand out for residents on back table there
explains what has happened since the budget booklet produced
suggest where staff has taken this
final assessment auth numbers have been received, 2007 rates, so add'l $65K
since newsletter; new numbers
since budget book; arbitration awarded for Police and Fire for 2008; rethink labour settlements therefore reducing Police salaries and benefits by ~$77K, and Fire by $95K
Capital Plan: reduce infrastructure $790K reduced to $500K
fees and charges by WVFD that were included, a lot of comments, specifically jaws, and alarm system and proposing $150K not be implemented
three or four other requirements
$22K rev ...   net resources $610K from inc rev, reduce rev, reduce expenditures
range of options in newsletter
base tax increase of 3%; none of the options
if all three implemented, wd have required 5.1%
staff are recommending 3.5% increase
rationale; starting with 3% base; removed, reinstated that half a per cent in revenue [?]
$850K toward consideration of items in newsletter
Cmnty Ctr $250K considered [now] at $200K; Fire staffing $250K at full amt; Police $508K, Fin Cmte of Police Bd reconsidered and reduced req of ccl to $335K
> Gareth X:  increase 8 to 10% in some!
cost per resident is more than 50% than in Metro
concerned around tax increase rather than limiting expense; restore fiscal discipline
one suggestion as a formal sr mgr myself
assertions about what's inside unless insider
Library budget ~$1M meant to go up $200K increase -- why with such a higher Cdn dollar? a lot from US whether influence on
observation; summary pages in the budget 4 and 6 refer to a 3.7% increase in the Fire budget but p 25, it's 8.4%; wch is the right number?
> Marley: really a 6% increase; what operating expense is related to the 3.5%
compliment Ccl on reconstitution of Finance Cmte and guidelines; Ccl deserves compliments for that
what time will be made av to enquire into this year's budget before Ccl finally votes?
what exactly is the direction from Ccl to the cmte wrt enquiring into this year's budget?
> Michael Lewis of Finance Cmte: statement of remuneration is a doc, take great delight in seeing each year, when expected to be made public this year?
> Alan Orr-Ewing (sp?): getting a little bit upset by the focus here
bothers me don't understand where base 3% came from when it was really 6%; why it wasn't zero or -5%, don't understand why this number was arrived at; base scenario that really has no basis that I can find; concerns me
use term loosely, ev time I start looking for information on the 'net or talking to ppl, I end up with kind of a {unintelligible} smoke screen
not sure what's going on; is there any kind of risk managemt going on?
a lot of talk of Police, Fire Services
when I try to get into the data to do any sort of simplistic risk analysis, I can't find
Fire issue huge; all deal with that; risk to ourselves
can only find for Fire Dept, latest 2003 for BC; asked for it and didn't get it
how can I as a voter recommend what to be done, I don't know; I don't the risk
The Police, a bit better;  2006 -- biggest crime is vandalism
find upsetting; a lot of terms flashed around (don't think intended to be misleading) and no one questions them
one of them is the Nat'l Fire Protection Assn -- I checked their website; it's a US-based advocacy group, not a Cdn standard for fire protection
can't get what their standards are b/c I have to become a mbr and pay
went to WorkSafe BC [website]; in my interpretation, find not exactly what's being presented by staff, ccl, or by other ppl, and that bothers me a little bit
are ppl aware? has anyone else read the regulations? or ppl just assume what told is correct?

{RESEARCH wrt 3 vs 4:
Dear Readers.  We were curious about this so also checked the WorkSafe BC, and it is clear that it's four for a truck (and the second truck shd arrive within ten minutes).  Perhaps he only read the regulations (Section 31.23) wch suggest you can get away with three firefighters to enter a bldg.  The guidelines however make it clear that if the bldg is burning you must have four.
See   http://www2.worksafebc.com/Publications/OHSRegulation/GuidelinePart31.asp }

third thing.  I actually read the report presented by cmte on emergency response -- is that the correct title?
{think he means WG's interim report}
I actually read it; I cdn't find any basis, any data on wch recommendations were based
very nice, am sure ppl spent a lot of time, and well-intentioned, but when I read it, all I can see is the answer -- I've got no idea of how they arrived at it, and I suspect since we're dealing with risk mgmt very severely, there shd be some data behind it; whether that's intentional or not, I don't know
as a mbr of public limited to three minutes, is there any limit for Ccl?
Mayor: There is.  It's just Bill we're working on.
Alan: is it less or more?
Mayor: I think it's five minutes once, and three minutes a second time.
Alan: oh, I'd recommend two minutes the first time
Mayor: I'm with you
Alan: I went to each dept's budget, trying to pull information out b/c I can't get the real information, I guess the Fin Cmte will get that,

{in your dreams!  that was the intention but there'll be some reason they can't -- so that this budget will sail through with the minimum of ripples, let alone waves.  Just watch.}

and I was looking at duplication of overhead services across the board in the various depts.  My v quick calculations, ev dept seems to have an overhead independently of 15 -25% irrespective of the general overhead of the Ccl and of the city.  That's a little bit hard to take, quite frankly.
The other thing is that nowhere in the budget do I see any analysis of substitute costs.  If running a park done by staff (and I'm not picking on Parks particularly) costs so much, what is the substitution cost of having it done by outsourcing?
How do we know we're getting good value for the money that we're spending?
Nowhere in the information there is the justification of WHY it's a good deal.  I can find lots of aspects -- and it really bothers me, the number of email msgs that ppl get is an aspect of performance efficiency, I find this a little bit inane.
My comments.
Final comment.  I wd suggest Ccl consider reducing operating costs by -5% from 2007.
> CR: trying to read my notes
thank you for the information that has been put/presented out there; of course we'll have more comments once we've been able to read them.

{hope that wasn't too subtle for you, Dear Readers.  Not only was the Five-Yr Capital Plan 'info to be provided' last week, but also for the 2008 Operating Budget, it's 'on-table' so NO ONE cd hv read it and reviewed before this item was on the agenda to be able to provide any meaningful input!
Again, how conveeeeeeenient.}

a couple of questions wrt Ev Dr and the budget.
first of all, shd say thank you to Steve Nicholls who of course was here when I was on the interim heritage cmte in 1979

{NO NO NO NO NO! that's incorrect! I must hv still bn thinking of when he first came; that cmte was in 1987!  Sorry about that!  He moved to WV in 1985 and I moved to WV in 1986.}

and he's always been most pleasant to deal with
wrt the Marine Dr Gateway, some of the money from Ev Dr is being used, I wanted to know how much and was that part of the Devt Permit or part of the Cmnty Benefits, and who made the decision to do that.

{This question was not answered.}

The next thing is the the Dir/Fin said some weeks ago that he was preparing some info on the IT Dept, so then I wd like to know when that wd be available,

{I'd asked for this Feb 4th (last year I asked some weeks before budget debate and when it still was not provided by budget time, I asked and was told he didn't know what questions I had, so I wanted to be sure to ask early enough this time).  I replied that if he didn't know what questions, why didn't he ask what I wanted?
UPDATE: Well, I asked again at the Fin Cmte mtg Mar 12 and was given a sheet with a few lines of info.  I asked for a bit more information like the positions of the nine employees, but still nothing by Friday 14th so asked that at least that sheet be faxed to me.  I've put it in the UPDATE at the beginning of this newsletter.  I will ask for the info again.
As you know cclrs have complained about not getting info they've asked for and so has an earlier speaker.  It's an old ruse.
FYI: DNV has double popn of DWV and their IT budget is only ~10% higher than DWV's.}
and as well, I'd like to know when the binder wd be available, that the ratepayer groups used to get all the time, when that wd be av b/c I'd asked for that as well.

{LATER: Dir/Fin when asked after the Fin Cmte mtg Mar 12th gave me a vehement NO, and claimed there's no copy in Finance's files of the binders we used to get.  I'll try to get one as an example.}

Mayor: can you focus on the 2008 operating budget
CR: that binder has all the information such as that
and that's what made me think of it b/c furnishings, you might make do with a chair a bit longer
also wrt the flat 3%, I think about the fact, you've reduced from four mtgs a month to three, is that translated into a savings in staff or cost, and can that be applied somewhere else?
The other thing you might consider, is that instead of a flat 3%, to give you more flexibility and direction, perhaps you cd consider that the average is 3% but you actually give staff something between 1% and 5% so that you can reward ppl who are doing extra good [work], but keep it to the 3% so that you have some way of rewarding the ppl, and there are many staff who go way out of their way to help so that can be rewarded.
Also, if we don't have money in the Fire Dept budget, I understand we'd like to know how many fires there were last year and how many medical calls.  And that's another one of these things about outsourcing or making it another dept.

{The Fire Chief answers about the proportion, roughly 40% and 60% respectively.}

Thank you for the information put out and I understand we'll be having some more time, now that that's just been presented tonight, some more time to look at it and comment?
Mayor: yes
CR: when will be the next time?
Mayor: let's see where the debate goes tonight.  It may result in direction to staff to draft a first reading then of course that goes to second reading and further debate, and further public input.  It may not.  There's Finance cmte mtgs as well, so we need to have our discussion.
CR one more question: I understand that a consultant has been hired to redo the website.  I'd like to know what the amt of that contract is.

{This was not answered either.}

Mayor: Ccl, we've received quite a bit of background on these questions.
one of the things to recognize is that for ten years WV has been second lowest in the region
Ccl has essentially underfunded for ten years, so we have always assumed the depts wd be doing the same or more with less, effectively than the year before.
here's an example: asphalt has gone up 21% this year, driven purely by the price of oil, and 16% last year; that's two years, and that's got everything to do with maintaining our roads
road salt 40% this year; gravel went up 32% last year
we have lists like this we're happy to share.

{Well, why wasn't it?  That was the sort of thing that was or cd be in the binder.  We need the relevant information so that we can make concrete (pardon the pun) recommendations not then dismissed b/c contributing factors were omitted.}

that has a lot to do with risk mgmt as well
wd like our Police Chief and Fire Chief first off to respond first of all to risk mgmt, b/c in many ways that's all our directors do; in particular how do you measure the efficacy of a Police Dept by its crime rate.
Kash Heed, Police Chief: on managing accountability and risks, that's one of the key priorities in our strategic plan over the next three years.
professional standards section, my obligation to ensure we investigate complaints against police officers, just one aspect of it
discussed with Ccl, Mayor, how to manage complaints about police ofcrs
going over all policies and agreemts; most effective and efficient
success shd be measured on absence of crime, not on number of ofcrs
most effective and accountable
Mayor: stats to Ccl violent up 186 to 202...; property crime up
when Police website redone, will it be
KH: yes, apples to apples
those stats are from police services; have in raw form; downswing now
comstat process; want to make sure on track
Mayor: trying to get through public's questions; risk mgmt; ppl interested in nature of calls
Chief Jeff Oates [JO]: 60% medical calls, cross the street 2100 calls a year, highest on NSh
amt of prop protected, v gd
250 fires of all nature and 29 structure fires
fire dept section in there --
NFPA is int'l based in States but many orgs follow
NFPA 17- 10 and can make it available in my office
WorkSafe BD we are interpreting it correctly, four; oxygen deficiency; have put their own interpretation and it clearly states four
Mayor: Mr Barth wd you like to address Engg
EBarth [Dir/Engg]: almost ev we do is risk assessment
utilities and to determine and most reasonable
outsourcing: perception our own forces, a v lg proportion of our work is outsourcing; only when our staff particularly with what's happening in construction right now
.... and windstorms, that wd be the case in Mr Pike's
KP: somewhat less than that; infra and cap budget at least half are contracted out wch is why we're concerned those budgets get confirmed as early as possible in the year
food services, outsourced, outdoor washrooms contracted
no question we are looking for opps
don't just staff up for emergs and they do; staff are often trained in other functions
fire crew trained, horticulture, trail maintenance who'll attend when needed
Mayor: cost containment and what staff have done; where now?
KP: a bit more difficult; a lot has been b/c of direct requirement
over last number of years funded at less than CPI, pulling back ev where we can; materials recycling,
purchasing engring, rock materials; help save signif dollars over purchasing
on Cmnty Services side, revs are an imp way to reduce cost; make progs more attractive, bringing more rev in; eff way of keeping costs down; without those increases in rev, seeing demand higher...
Mayor: lower levels of horticulture; focusing on high use parks, ...
we're also hearing from the public that they've noticed; what to portray what the consequences are
Mayor: Chief Libn about 20% increase
AG [Ch Libn]: in fact acq of materials no new $ since I arrived; $375K rec'd a year
in terms of overall budget, in line with ev other lib in LM
have been increases, fundraising, $75K donations from the public by Fdn
tax support, has been no increase in past 11 years
I have my biz card here, happy to talk
lib building, one of the largest in M; cost for utilities been increasing; half of CPI to handle those increases; in past five years, half to 3/4, heating and lighting of the bldg
can spread around; most of inc in past five years, utilities
into contracts, we have four diff heat and ventilating systems b/c of way bldg's been added onto
elevator contracts, comp syst increases

{hm.  no mention of request for $650K for RFID on Monday's agenda (17th)?}

Mayor: percentage related to 3.5%; when statement of remuneration?
RL: have run sev scenarios for Mr Marley will do in morning; stmt of remuneration within two weeks
Mayor: review where base case of 3% came from
RL: at an initial mtg between staff and former F&A cmte, discussed at what CPI looks like
index of how prices change
over 80% labour related so looked at projections at what our labour costs, base costs, looked like going into 2008
Pol Fire upwards of 4%; CPI for indivs 2.2% on non labour items
came up with 3% to accommodate mix of our services, basic service levels
Mayor: ccl policy to pay our exempt, our mgmt staff, 1 to 2% above av in the region; policy passed in Nov 2002

{most interesting date -- that was the election month so that was put through just before the next Ccl came in in Dec 2002.}

as a result of that, there were corrections that had to be made; many of the staff were below that, and needed to be brought up to that point; was phased in so not too dramatic
as well exempt staff salaries connected to labour settlement for the WVMEA, about 3%
in spite of that moderate range, still trying to catch up
has allowed us to contain costs; as percentage looks like out of whack but trying to keep us in the middle
today's labour market, cd be that we're losing our competitive advantage b/c it's extremely competitive and staff are moving all over the place now, to Ms that have money, generous salaries that they can offer.
Cclr Smith, over to you to kick off budget debate -- [may want to start with] role of Fin Cmte over next few weeks
MS: reality is that our first real mtg is scheduled for Wed and four of six, new to process

{such careful wording -- note the word 'real' (wonder if the Cmnty Charter defines real vs unreal mtgs?) -- in fact they met the previous week.  They tried to say it was informal, introductions, handing out material, deciding when to meet -- as if that doesn't count as a mtg.
When will this Ccl take not just the Cmnty Charter (wch is the law after all) but also it's vaunted verbal claims of "openness"?}

not easy to sit down and have an intimate knowledge of the District's finances.

{didn't anyone know that when they appointed them?  if intent was to look at this year's budget, it's only common sense to appoint ppl who cd! -- or make sure at least half and the others either keeners to get up to speed quickly or to have their contributions phased in.
What were they thinking???
emasculate the Fin Cmte?}

wdn't be fair to ask them to play a meaningful role in this year's budget b/c they haven't the background, they haven't yet attended their first full working mtg
where cmte can play a vital role this year is as we unfold 2008 budget and review quarterly results; cmte mbrs at that time will have the background nec to provide some direction to staff if in fact the ship looks like going off course in any of its expense or revenue lines
in summary, cmte's not going to play a big role, or really any role, in passing this budget, it will play a big role as year unfolds

{so from starting out most saying this Finance Cmte shd look at 2008 budget, as you recall said explicitly at last ccl mtg, looks like the diversion has started even before the first mtg!}

hope that answers the question -- even if you don't agree with it
budget process this year has been v meaningful and fruitful
newsletter and budget forum, 47 responses just on amt of increase of budget, others on Fire/Police; I've read all the responses myself; received lots of emails and letters
first draft budget just to maintain services projected 5.1%, did not meet last year's Fin Cmte and Ccl's target of 3%; staff have worked v hard to bring tax increase to something the cmnty can support
This paper that Mr Laing has distributed tonight calls for 3.5%, that's a $15 increase on the 3%; means the av household of $1.4M wd pay less than $100 more in tax than in 2008, so think it's a responsible budget
the way it handles the three outstanding items: police enhancements, fire staffing and O/T, and Cmnty Ctr add'l costs
$200K for CmCtr up and running in Sept; $250K for fire staffing O/T -- clearly have a prob in the Fire Dept; can't continue to fund; can't pretend not employees of M have to be treated same as other depts are treated, RL, ...
last year half a million dollars out in Fire Dept
put $250K in saying to Fire Ch and staff, sit down with Fire Dept Union
hire some; sickness and vacation schedules without overspending; hope doesn't happen put money in
recommend Mr L and his staff to prepare bylaws, think budget responsible; to maintain and enhance our services, one of the lowest in the Metro Region
happy to put it on floor; wd like to participate actively in the debate
Sop: Ccl Smith you don't give yourself much credit, a lot of common sense; there's also Mr Lewis
think you're giving us a little bit of a wrong steer here as to taking advice from the FinCmte that cd sit down with their knowledge, and go ahead and look at what we have facing us
Document we received tonight was presented to us 'on table'; suddenly we're supposed to get into a large debate and saw off with some motion tonight to get into a reading.  I don't think we shd shortchange ourselves, in any rush to judgement, in relationship to having a good common sense discussion by Fin Cmte on 3.5% to Ccl wch gives input to this new scenario
having said that, like to maybe go back if in fact we had a discussion somewhere down the road -- and the gentleman brought it up, why always 3% why not zero -- we go through this ev time
there are costs -- the first is union contract brings it up from zero to 3%
that means last year's actual, plus 3%, plus supplementation of what we need
question the consideration of the index; we chose b/c quote: "others do it"
explained to me but what does the index really mean in having to meet it.
is it based solely on wage costs? construction costs and material costs? certain depts facing regardless?
why not taken into consideration at zero and start from there?
we'll be back again next year with 3%, will we not? and it will go on and on and on
take 3%, you're going look at depts, Mr L, and explain [to public]
Mr L you worked v hard to get these numbers down -- when I look at it, the biggest one is $500K out of the infrastructure budget wch hits all the depts, merit to your and staff side to do that -- squeaking going to burst
but you did go and find some new monies, to get percentages down again, if you tried harder, cd you bring it lower than 3.5%?
RL: I think we have described to Ccl the process by wch we achieved 3% in the first place
gap of $1.5M addressed; went to depts diff, identifying new rev sources
in terms of the 3%; approved target to maintain existing service levels, first F&A cmte and secondly indicating where those increases come from; can't project zero when I know what settlements will be
I don't walk on water
Sop: on the infra $500K reduction, we don't know how efficient? more than 1%
RL: $500K spread over five or six
talked about... true we didn't identify projects but spread across six categories
infrastructure reduced by $500K what efficiencies found if averaged out? in ev dept
EB: misconception if we sat down
we simply gave up $100K from road capital fund
acknowledge this yr a challenging year so decided just to do less work...
already underfunded in this year; gave up add'l $100K; not efficiencies
Sop: ...
EB: done on contract basis; still need same staff to admin a $2.1M or a $3.9M contract
Sop: not being nice to you
JC: don't have a prob if ppl well paid; reason I get up, if doing job
do have a problem -- there is an email flying around town that talks about our staff one for ev 39, not a M, a cruise ship!
if we're going to make any sense ... future ... look where we spend most dollars, not fewest
where 80% -- that 1 to 39 may be ..... and tolerable; that's where I'll go over next few weeks
KP: have worked here, with SJN going, I may be the oldest
{I think he means longest -- he's certainly not the oldest unless he's Dorian Gray!}
I live in CNV; has one fire hall; cdn't cover WV with one firehall, same for police, roads, engg, hills, waterpumping
cmnty of fairly low density; numbers of staff not whole story; don't know how to measure
Mayor: not sure where that number, what based on
RL: we've made some comparisons and we can share them
we have issues; transit; Police Force in this M as opposed to RCMP not counted; own Parks Rec, in NV a Rec Comm
number of differences, apples to apples, takes drilling down; do have some prelim numbers we can share
{share? why isn't the info out there? why do we have to ask?}
Mayor: we do know Parks & Cmnty Services, Golf Superintendent, cut; Park Planner, cut; Human Resources and Payroll Services, and we had to contract an electrician b/c we cdn't hire someone and the cut costs were doubled; due to sev employees being on long term disability, we contracted out truckdrivers to keep the teams working, at double the cost; we're currently paying O/T to rec facilities clerks, kitchen staff, Aquatic staff b/c we can't hire into these positions; in transit first time in history, Blue Bus had to cancel a run b/c they did not have enough ppl.
We are doing without, and we're are expecting existing staff to pick up the slack
This is the reality for the Corporation
what this means, I agree with you Cclr Sop, we're not going to keep going over and over and driving us crazy, year in year out
this is the end of a particular way of budgeting and providing revenue and accounting to the ppl
This is why we've set up a new Cmnty Ctr Board, non-profit society; make better use of talent in cmnty; why Police Chief establishing a Cmnty Fdn
multiple things like that; why hired a partnership mgr who raised all the money for WinterSong this year, no M funds
when you say why spending on arts, we're not, it's money we've gone out and hustled; these make cmnty better; shows cost of things and doesn't show rev stream funding those
we've worked v hard on relationships with Prov and infrastructure applic right now with Fed govt -- go well beyond prop taxes b/c we know ppl cannot nec afford it
Faced with real disparity 1400 ppl who live on v little money and for many for whom money is no concern
prop taxes in WV so we've got to come up with a new way of doing things.

{well, other ccls may have said this too so it's not a new refrain, but maybe this Ccl will actually be a chorus to sing from the same hymnbook and really in fact do things differently.  That remains to be seen -- the 2008 budget is pretty well decided, it's at draft bylaw stage, and this Ccl has little more than half a year left (come to think of it, if it takes two and a half years to come up to speed on the District's budget, how reasonable was it to allow days for the Finance Cmte? but I digress.....)
the Mayor's statement about the disparity is really significant.
What that says is that 1400 ppl are squeezed and feel the cuts and the increases in fees, but the majority here are well off and either don't care or for whom it's irrelevant since they're members of private clubs.}

VV: wd like to get back to figures from the Interested Taxpayers' Cmte
staff to residents actually pretty accurate b/c we have something over 600 FTEs and 400 in summer, with about 43K popn, you just about get that ratio, 1 to 40, or 1 to 39, depending on number but pretty well accurate
question on permanent employees, had email from that cmte saying we had 675, and I remembered 640, and in annual report we have 640; have we gone up by 35? accurate number?
RL: hasn't gone up by that many, may be diffs in way we count FTEs ea time we report
service depts; garage for example, not counted as a division, allocated to depts, so FTEs get lost in that fashion
Susan Ney, Dir/HR [SN]: accurate; he and I had discussion over FTEs, think we're had a slight increase tis year; had as result some regularizations of temps to perm, a few; we tend to use 675 but the number is actually lower than that; think it's about 640, but we can get that number for you.
{so why did staff tell Marley's group it was 675?}
VV: ...  when we publish 640 for 2006 and then it's 675, it appears we've increased our number of staff, and if 80% of our operating costs are staff salaries and benefits then it's a critical matter, maybe we shd be monitoring that, increases our costs
not going to belabour
but when we came into this Ccl in 2006 ... seemed to be on right track with Fiscal Sust Task Force and they told us what to do to change to be fiscally sustainable; Ccl isn't doing what they said.
they wanted us to set hard targets for tax increases in advance; they gave us an example of COL and they don't really do it that way
They also felt we had to look at how we charge our fees, and not sustainable in terms of recreational fees
looked at fees, all up, not willingness to pay more in prop tax or rec fees; so I looked and lot of complaints; FSTF talked about trying to break even on operations
and proposal for 2008 going from subsidizing cmnty recreation at $3,164,000 to $3,372,000 so we're going to spend more on the subsidies to the tune of $208,000.
numbers that needed to go down are going up; looked at per cent recovered 67.1% 2007 and for 2008 65.3% {maybe that was 2006?}, so how long wd it take it to break even?  at .2% a year {2%?}, wd take 170 years {misheard or whatever, anyway, we get the point}
just afraid we're trying to do it, recognizing the problem; we've increased fees but nowhere addresses the fiscal situation we're in
Cclr Sop talks about doing things differently, but we're not doing it significantly enough
last chance to do it or to map out a course; need to think outside the box
ev time I ask, we need all our staff to do time sheets, weekly time sheets, as others do, not Police, Fire, bus drivers, or anyone whose job we know, mean those who have discretionary; goes to wch project, WGs; we can't tell where we might focus or refocus b/c we don't know what we're spending or what we're getting for the money
EB: don't want Mr L's comment to convey our staffing inflated
while there's a TransLink/transit levy not entirely funded by TransLink, not a part of our direct taxation.  If we look at transit alone, that's 111 employees alone
don't know police, signif
ppl we're talking about... windstorms, nothing but praise; calls
one of the biggest probs in...  snow, not sure able to staff it
can't divorce ourselves from what ppl are ....
SN: Police 83, 88, 96; close to the 640 we're speaking of
Mayor: sources of great cmty pride
JF: thrilled with number of ppl; can remember five or six years ago; lib three wd show up; virtually no one wd show up
healthy; makes us work harder
what Sop likes to call efficiencies, are cuts; if not cutting we're deferring and been doing as long as I can remember
diff in an election year to provide the money for services they and cmnty feel they shd have
we are never short of requests for services
... we have new, cmnty services
try to cut Fire Dept, cmnty says no no, even though a deficit
cutting service in Pol , same response for burglar alarms, in Van, no police attends; the company has a security contract drives by; when you come home find out someone's been in; in WV police come in
happy to pay, grumble but when it affects their.... their parks, their library, ...
know there are some diffs ...
v interesting topography; increase in cost of fuels
in last ten years, I've been on Ccl for eight and a half years
increased blvds and roads by 18%; a log of asphalt and ...
interesting choices about what we want to be; cmnty doesn't want industry, and commercial areas small; not exactly thriving, wch is why Amb
so difficult; it is the resident who has to bear the costs
not something Ccl isn't conscious of, we're homeowners as well
we're now at the point dependent up on donors for .....
cmnty ctr, double the space, double utilities; to optimize use ... probably more of the cmnty in there, the seamless ... spent on them ... without having to leave it
imp to quality of life; like parks like to use parks and ....
motherhood and apple pie maybe that's what we need
a little less of the mean-spirited thoughts I hear at budget time
not what you hear from most; hear from a few
while I see some things missing
3.5%, more than prudent, careful so much to get back what we've lost
RD:  think it's good that we have ppl keeping an eye on the budget
good to have ppl active on...
we have a 1000 volunteers, such as yourselves
yes, you put pressure on us but it's good
careful on figs thrown out; 1 in 39 I thought high and then thought it was pretty good
M employees I know ... of 600, about 300 in police and fire
difficult M to serve ...
we have a major forest; costs a lot to keep an eye on that forest
expensive beaches, creeks to be maintained  ...  cost of fuel
our Library, we have a fantastic Lib.... love it books, concerts, ...
we are so well served -- seniors' ctr, art gallery -- we have more volunteers than employees; they wdn't come out if ....
employees, rather pay someone well than not paid well

{I think here's where he set up a false dichotomy -- and Cclr Day knows better, must be to shorten time -- it's not a case of pay well and get good employees, pay poorly and get poor employees.  We all know of cases in wch someone is paid well and does a poor job, while someone is paid poorly or not so well and does a good job.  That's why I suggested a range of increases for staff, not an automatic one regardless of qualifications, competence, or performance/productivity.  Earn, not an elevator.}
accentuate the positive; 3.5% right in line with salaries
VV: motherhood and apple pie, well those who don't have, will eventually run out of pies
JF: let them eat cake
MS: Cclr F always prepared to bake us an apple pie
torn between two camps
do have a lot of sympathy who like to think govt can do things more efficiently and effectively
no better example than two leftwingers Campbell and Taylor mailing out $100
prob has always been the demand for more services
as long as open theatres, .... build rec ctrs, like western rec costs $600K [a year], dismissal of Police Chief cost $500K with no discussion where it's going to come from,
if adding a prog, think about what you're going to cut out
last moment cut out half a per cent and nowhere -- throw to staff to figure out
abrogation of our duty as Ccl
boat, build a bigger boat, then pump some water out
that's the challenge, feel sorry for staff to hear paid too much

{Really, Cclr Smith?  Many have said to me, and on the basis of the 2006 salaries (you can see some in WVM2007-25, last fall) wch ranged from $110K to almost $200K -- then ADD 30% for benefits -- that some much higher than the private sector -- and we still don't know what they made for 2007, and we're discussing at least an automatic increase of another 3%!
I'd suspect that the thousands of ppl in WV on fixed incomes/pensions do NOT feel sorry for staff, and a few of them might think overpaid so concerned about automatic increases.
Anyway, that's one reason I feel Ccl shd use discretion and reward those who are exceptional, and those fulfilling their position adequately, the COL wch may be around 1.3%.
Perhaps I misunderstand.  Taking the boat analogy, maybe you're suggesting getting rid of some staff to bring the costs down and efficiency up?}

Ccl sets staff, sets levels; buck stops there
Sop: I was almost in tears there about apple pie
enjoyed fruits of staff ...
when we talk about efficiencies and mean-spirited to ... we have made efficiencies, ie to water system; more water from Eagle Lake now we had to buy less from GVRD
great credit to Engg Dept; money for sewer systems
when I say to Pol Chief if crime going down, wd there be a need to increase the budget
if you see results of crime, if we see diminishing, do we have to constantly add on to the budget?
new and better way; not called efficiencies, in the eyes of some called cuts
how meet demands of a cmnty virtually no growth, 50K by 2050?
folks, here's what we see and what we need
five new ppl, here's next level, draw together and we're going to need certain things a certain way
golf, cemetery, ... each dept is its own biz case, if that be the case ... efficiencies
do we have to increase this year? know it's tougher for you to lay it out on paper, maybe this is the time to do so
RL: there was a couple of mbrs of the new Fin Cmte about not doing/describing
bn here nine years ... same with same number of staff
in my dept, increased work same staff, technology paying off now

{that wd be interesting -- comparing the millions spent on technology vs numbers of staff
(no, I'm not suggesting we not use technology)}

found ways; understand what Cclr Sop is saying; shd be alert to opps; dozens of stories like that; appreciate
RD: you tabled with us earlier this evening a table; over last three years second lowest in LM
in this year third lowest b/c Vanc saved money from strike ... all the others.....
from 2003, modest ev year
don't quite know where the criticism comes from that not under control; don't see evidence here...
we may be cutting b/c behind; are we cutting services?
RL: taxes in WV are high to begin with; primarily residential cmnty, not access to a biz tax base
our job is to manage the rate, those taxes increase, since year 2000, compound as been under 2%
the survey ..., plagiarized from Vanc
sort tax rates, WV is third within GVRD, second Langley City and they have a casino; Vanc strike savings
over last 3 years ... exceptional b/c lowest growth in GVRD ... Whistler
Mayor: exception in Lib use, parks use, rec use, and citizen engagement, taken to new level in province and there is a cost; we believe in return able to tackle tough policy questions; go out to cmnty and asking leaders to help us ... and we've seen great success there
some of our labour is intensely spent on cmnty and ppl who live here, something to be proud of; also a bottom line to watch
comment about measuring outcomes, really imp; for me a priority for Fin Cmte, coupled with long range cap plan
talk and demonstrate outcome, ppl surprised
see staff at evening mtgs out of our tiny Planning Dept; they are connection between citizens and Ccl
extraordinary, not like that in other cmnties; ask a lot of staff, stretching it a little bit
some of the drivers in this year's budget that we asked the whole cmte to participate in beginning with policing: need for prof standards position is exactly wrt risk mgmt; complaints, Josiah Wood's report -- putting more pressure on our staff, that is our obligation
training in WVPD, for av police ofcr receives $1400 in training per year, ours receive $400, neglected for decades proposed to bring up to $800, so you cd say it's barely half
police responsible for, high risk, high speed chase, discharge of a firearm; law changing quickly; ppl know their rights; a dept ready and hungry for that challenge, has been asking for that for a long time
we are in a bit of a catchup position; not to do this speaks to directly to further risk; don't want to go there;  feel we've been acting responsibly
wrt Fire staffing: intent to maintain four men on a truck, but we expect to be met halfway
I'm not sure how many Fire Depts don't have this, but Coquitlam, Delta, Surrey, Vanc, New Westminster, Nanaimo, Kamloops, Prince George, and NV all have flexible staffing in place so they don't see the same kind of O/T costs we face
in spirit of working with staff and supporting our Fire mgmt, makes sense for us to say on behalf of the taxpayer, here's an amt we can justify to finally get to that four men on a truck standard, what is the dept prepared to do to be flexible with its staffing to meet us halfway?
I've been dealing with this for five years and I expect to see closure and to see a better functioning Police Dept providing first-class service to our cmnty.
wrt cmnty ctr an example we are changing how we deliver services; diff approach; putting highly motivated experinced cmnty ppl in charge and accountable; takes it outside M Hall for those who believe in smaller govt, outside govt; not biz as usual
Police something overdue; Fire exposed -- O/T budget is just ludicrous; want to work together to serve the public
Cmnty Ctr, basically reinvented it
wrt ideas of further cutting; v difficult to be the mayor and see what staff asked to do without asking don't do that any more, b/c they're so stretched
if Ccl don't want to support 3.5% they'll have to be specific; last year cut another half per cent at adoption, created chaos and it's poor decision-making
Sop: new Police Chief, done a great job, talked to policemen ... pleased with what he's doing
equipment; quality police force since I've been on Ccl; served us well over years
new chief and benefit even more, been best force in BC, Canada, what's diff?
what necessitates this great change within police force other than done now
where suddenly open up doors? how go further?  except realization our staff feel Chief brought some new good things
if efficient to certain point and the cmnty says we feel safe, how far does it go?
Mayor: until I became Chair of the Police Bd, we'd lost 40% of our force in the five to six years before; direct result of things like poor equipment, lack of attn to training, lack of focus, lack of a strategic plan that drilled down into each mbr
we are at risk and we are working as quickly as we can to bring over 300 policies up to date, some over 20 years out of date, we know, b/c of drinking at the police stn
numerous; staff working flat out, few at ev bd mtg and great relief finally beginning
I addressed the police complaint process and what is expected of ev police ofcr; intensive, a lot of work and a lot of edu; the Chief may wish to address this further, but we were in a dept that was in another era, is moving quickly to catch up and we may be leading, motivated
got far behind but the biggest single indicator is that our ofcrs staying in WV, costing so much after training them; leaving; standing joke in region; thanks WV for supplying young, hungry, trained police officers -- VPD loved it; now we're attracting them to us, and that's how it shd be
Sop: you ask we shd be submitting efficiencies or finding new ways
my suggestion being we received this document on table tonight, well presented and has some merit to it, and I'm at a loss as to why we wdn't allow the public to absorb this till next week and ask Fin Cmte meeting Wed at least to look at it and to report back to Ccl some of their findings on it; we have no rush here, and it seems more talking, more sense and sensibility starting to come out of this; so talking efficiencies let's take a look at this for a week or so
I will vote against if going to first reading, I'm not going to support that till we get down to an absolute final blow in relationship to this document, b/c it's changed
each time it changes it shd have an exercise with the public
and we shd have time to think about it, not four or five hours from when we received it.
{as you point out, Sop, no time for either Ccl or public to read/digest let alone come up with ideas for efficiencies when the document just appeared at the mtg tonight.
Great suggestion more time, but on basis of what said at Fin Mtg Mar 12th (last week) -- they may not meet for a few weeks since no ccl mtg from Monday 17th to April 7th, so slim chance -- however if keen and dedicated, they may be able to have some constructive comments.  Mainly talked about having a course in Municipal Finance 101 and overviews from the dept heads.
This is why I encourage residents who want to serve on cmtes or WGs to attend some of the mtgs before, or at least after, applying so that they can contribute right from the beginning.  Otherwise some watch and wait three months before getting involved.  For this year that means precious little of the Ccl's time left on top of 2008's budget having been passed.}

MS: my motion is merely to direct staff to begin preparing the bylaw and bring forward for further public input and public discussion
we have to start the process while allowing more time for input and debate
Mayor: that is the motion on the floor, and at second reading customarily we get further public input and debate
idea of Fin Cmte is a good one and shd address it with a followup motion
motion on floor allows Dir/Finance to draw up bylaws
what is your expectation if we don't give you this direction tonight?
earliest direction then is Mar 17th and then first reading first week of April
trying to get budget passed earlier than in years past
doesn't mean we've passed the bylaw by any means, just means we're working within bylaws and notification and that process
so thing to do is call the question and see where that leads us
Sop: basing on what, 3.5%?
Mayor: 3.5% on 17th and then that's the debate
PASSED with VV and Sop opposed
Mayor: is it reasonable to have draft bylaws Mar 17
Mayor: not a lot of time, or on part of mbrs
Sop: give them; make some suggestions
can have it back; for more deliberation
not saying 3.5%; use citizenry and Fin [cmte]
Mayor: on your agenda this week
MS: no it isn't; it's to come up with an action plan
Operating budget is; not going to be able to get much input from the mbrs; won't say anything more; I provided Mr L with the benefit of my modest advice on the subject; where the cmte will be able to have input is the 2008 capital budget
then the expense side; will quickly send it out to cmte on Wed
Sop: basis there, philosophy there
Mayor: doesn't get any better than this

7.         Correspondence List received for info


Mayor: usage of public facilities; successful Rotary fundraiser for LGH hospice last week, hv raised $6.5M of $7.5M goal already
big fundraiser with Jann Arden hosted by Vicky Gabereau at the KMC; that's how far this cmnty has taken arts and culture in WV in a short space of time with relatively little tax dollars
Congratulate students at Rockridge Elem over weekend who ran a 24hr cyclothon, raised $60K for juvenile diabetes by putting 30 teams together and turning on loud music
we know that our cmnty spaces are well utilized
Earth Day coming up; expecting 2500 at Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr; partnering with Metro Vanc to focus on reducing waste; Panasonic is going to be sponsoring an e-waste drop off, one of Al Gore's Climate Change Warriors is going to be speaking
more stuff going on and everywhere you go
Duncan McNab show that opened last week -- 200 ppl showed up at the museum; ppl who are leading lights in architecture were there
pleased to be part of what's imp in WV and in the country
enthusiasm in cmnty is only getting stronger and stronger around things we value
such a joy to be able to be part of all of this on behalf of the cmnty
RD: same reception; well worth seeing; hope cmnty will show up; was a big crowd there as you say
hope continues b/c the exhibit will be there for a while
WV [was] the centre of Cdn modernism back in the 50s and 60s and McNab was one of the architects, one of the leading mbrs of that whole modernist school, so it's well worth attending that exhibit.

CR [Carolanne Reynolds, Editor, West Van Matters]: just a few more questions
some things about the budget since you're going to be thinking about it for the coming week.
I was alarmed, about the roads, the salt, and things -- obviously someone's budget, if their costs go up that shd just be automatically added.
Some years ago I proposed a zero-based budget, and it might be time to do that so you can get the basis and justification for these things.
Someone mentioned about email, well, your website has helped an awful lot answering questions, and it actually takes less time to refer someone to the website or answer an email than to talk on the phone.
There was talk about the Fin Cmte were fairly new the Dir Finance said when he spoke to them.
I have two questions about the Fin Cmte.
First of all, on the website it says the staff liaison will be Barbara Wood and yet when you passed a revision to the T of Ref tonight it just said to be chosen. Or maybe that's--
Mayor: the T of Ref wdn't have the name of a person I don't believe

{UPDATE, at the Fin Cmte mtg there were four staff mbrs and when I asked who the liaison was, I was just told they had access to all.  Am sure that will change -- why pay four mbrs of staff to attend the same mtg?  and why did they have a mtg without notification last week?  de facto secret/in camera?
Openness anyone?
or just dressing?
... for election time.......}

CR: okay; and the T4s, that's really great news, b/c they're out so we're going to get those.
In Sept when I went to a Fin & Audit Cmte mtg, there was a v ambitious timeline laid out that actually these things wd come to the public in Nov.  I imagine this delay in time means we can get more information so I'm grateful for that.
There is a policy wrt executives that is well known, if you ever get material to be decided at a mtg, you shd never make a decision on the day that you get it, you shd always at least a day have to think about it so I hope the bylaw drafters are prepared to amend them, as some ppl have said they want some changes.
Gleneagles is costing $600K of subsidization a year.  That might be something we cd look at to see if maybe some outsourcing or leasing or whatever for that.
As for this, looking at the 2008 budget, wch we were all hoping the new Fin Cmte wd do.  I'm then surprised that some ppl were chosen who wdn't be able to jump into it since that was one of the purposes of starting it so early, but even if they can't and they're trying hard to catch up, there are a few on that cmte who are up to speed, who can.
So I'm glad to see the 2008 budget will be looked at as well.
{faint hope as it turns out}
The [operating/staffing] budget for the new cmnty ctr was put in at $250K and I don't know whether that was based on starting in April or July for half the year but if the cmnty ctr isn't going to open till the fall, that might be another place that some money can be cut.
Mayor: it's at $200K now, that's the recommendation
CR: that's not proportionate
Mayor: I know, but just correcting that
CR thank you v much.
{FOOTNOTE: during the plans for the new cmnty ctr, we were told the operating costs were going to be $250K a year.  To be fair, that might have been before the second gym was added, wch some residents insisted on.}
Mayor: anything further?
CR: will try to read the rest of this -- oh, it wasn't mentioned when I wd get the IT info
Mayor: oh, right
CR:  and the binder
RL: I will provide the IT info in the morning, I have it; and there is no such thing as a binder, a binder document
{Well, it wasn't.  I asked for it again at the Fin Cmte mtg on Wed and got a few lines -- I've asked for more info, but will see.}
CR: What I was referring to is what the ratepayer groups got regularly up until a few years ago and since that was prepared then, and when it was asked for I think two years ago it was produced; it's something that the ratepayer groups find v useful; and we were asking that it be provided again since we understand that work is already done, it's just a question of putting it together the way they have in the past.
Mayor: I'm not sure what that is
RL: it has not existed for ten years, Your Worship, that document
Mayor: what our intent wd be, wd be to provide info, probably the standard is higher now I wd think and it may be that you can access that some way.  If it's a question of not being able to access information, we'd like to know why you can't do that.
CR: thank you
Mayor: it may not be in the exact form as years ago
CR: thank you for saying that.  What it used to be was the FTEs per dept and so you got to see how much for the salaries and how much for equipment
Mayor: that's available I believe
CR: it's a question of accessing it, but thank you very much.
Mayor: Motion to adjourn
10. ADJOURNMENT [before 9:24]

===   COUNCIL AGENDA  Mar 17th   ===
2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES of Mar ccl mtg 3rd
3.         P. Berlinguette, North Shore Wetland Partners, regarding Wetland and Amphibian Conservation Efforts
RECOMMENDED: THAT Council thanks [sic] P. Berlinguette, North Shore Wetland Partners, for the delegation
 4.         R. Kinar, regarding Helmet Safety Standards (File:  0120-01)
RECOMMENDED: THAT Council thanks [sic] R. Kinar for the delegation
5.         2008 Budget Bylaws (File: 0860-01/0865-01)  Information to be provided 
6.         West Vancouver Aquatic Centre / Gleneagles Community Centre - Recognition and Awards
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated February 29, 2008 from the Director of Parks and Community Services ... be received for information.
7.         Gleneagles Golf Building Project - Construction Approval (File: 2160-05-GGC01)
            1.         Approval be given for construction of a Golf Service Building and renovation of the "Great Hall" as an integrated project for a total cost of $2,000,000, as currently reflected in the draft [Five-Year] Capital Plan.
            2.         The Gleneagles Golf Fund, [Five-Year] Projection, including the annual transfer adjustment plan be received for information and for support of the project.
            3.         The "Gleneagles Clubhouse and Great Hall Statement of Significance", confirming the building's heritage value, be received for information and the elements be reflected in renovation design and construction.
8.         Update on Community Heritage Register (File:  2585-01)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report from the Senior Community Planner dated March 4, 2008, ... be received for information.
9.         Rodgers Creek Area Development Plan (File: 0117-20-RCAP)
1.       The report dated March 11, 2008 from the Rodgers Creek Area Plan Working Group (the "Working Group Report") and the Rodgers Creek Area Development Plan, Overview Report dated March 7, 2008 (the "Overview Report") be considered at a Council Workshop on Thursday, April 10th, 2008 at 6:00 p.m. in the Municipal Hall Council Chamber;
2.       Staff bring forward for the April 10th, 2008 Council Workshop a Rodgers Creek Traffic Impact Study, Fiscal Impact Study and community benefit package; and 
3.       The public be invited to review the Overview Report, the Working Group Report and background information and studies related to the Overview Report.
10.       Early Approval for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Capital Budget Request from the West Vancouver Memorial Library (File:  1900-01/0865-01)
RECOMMENDED: THAT approval be given for the Library to proceed with purchase and installation of an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) materials handling system for $650,000. 
11.       Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4541, 2007 and Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4540, 2007 and Development Permit No. 07-027 (445 -13th Street)
1.         The opportunities for consultation on a proposed Official Community Plan amendment, with persons, organizations and authorities, as outlined in the report from the Sr. Community Planner dated March 7, 2008, be endorsed as sufficient consultation for the purposes of Section 879 of the Local Government Act;
2.         Official Community Plan ... Amendment Bylaw, as attached to the report from the Sr. Community Planner dated March 7, 2008, be introduced and read a first time in short form;
3.         [since] OCP Amendment Bylaw has been considered in conjunction with the District's most recent financial plan and the regional waste management plan[, it be included];
4.         Zoning Amendment Bylaw, as attached to the report from the Sr. Community Planner dated March 7, 2008, be introduced and read a first time in short form;
5.         Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4541, 2007, Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4540, 2007, and Development Permit No. 07-027, all dealing with 445 - 13th Street, be considered at a concurrent Public Hearing and Public Meeting to be held on Monday, April 21, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. in the Municipal Hall Council Chamber.
12.       Eagle Lake Development Plan Update (File:  1815-35)
1.             the Eagle Lake Development Plan be amended, as detailed in the report dated March 4, 2008 from the Manager, Utilities entitled, "Eagle Lake Development Plan Update"; and
2.             amendments to the Eagle Lake Development Plan be reflected in the Five-Year Financial Plan of the Water Utility Fund.
13.       Council Workshop on Thursday, April 10, 2008 (File: 0120-01)
RECOMMENDED: THAT a Council Workshop be held on Thursday, April 10, 2008 at 6pm
14.       Change to April 14, 2008 Council Meeting Schedule (File: 0120-01)
RECOMMENDED: THAT a Sp Ccl Mtg be scheduled for Apr 14 at 7pm; replace the Council Workshop.
15.      Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
16.       Request for Order of Non-Enforcement of Sign Bylaw No. 4499, 2007 for Use of Re/Max Hot Air Balloon May 10, 2008
1.       Council approve the request from Mark Chernoff of Re/Max Masters Realty of 200 - 1455 Bellevue Avenue for an Order of Non Enforcement of section 7.2.2 of Sign Bylaw No. 4499, 2007 for one day May 10, 2008 to allow the use of their hot air balloon at Ridgeview Elementary School's "Mayfair" special event to be held on the school property at 1250 Mathers Avenue.
2.       Council authorize staff to waive the required $150.00 fee under the Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005 for processing Orders of Non-Enforcement of regulatory bylaws with work/project time frames of two weeks or less.
17.       Almondel Bridge and Road Construction (File:  1795-20-04)
RECOMMENDED: THAT Council approve the award of the contract for the Almondel Bridge and Road Construction in the amount of $3,004,121.70 plus GST to Neelco Construction Inc. as per the 2008 Capital Budget.
18.       Local Government Infrastructure Planning Grant Program (File:  1815-38)
RECOMMENDED: THAT Council [authorize] submission of an application for the 2007 Water Loss Audit Study project under the Provincial Local Government Infrastructure Planning Grant Program.
19.       1528 Argyle Avenue - Land Acquisition (File:  1815-38)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated Feb 29 from the Land/Property Agent ... be received for information. 
20.       Correspondence List
Requests for Delegation -- No items presented.  /  Action Required -- No items presented.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(1)       Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
        (a)       North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues - January 24, 2008
        (b)       West Vancouver Police Board - January 24, 2008
(2)       S.E. Dowey, City of North Vancouver, February 26, 2008, regarding 2008 Canada Day Burrard Inlet Fireworks Show
Attachments available for viewing in the Legislative Services Department.
(3)       S. Ozkaya, Vishwa Nirmala Dharma Educational Society, March 03, 2008, regarding Invitation to Attend: Premiere Screening of "Freedom and Liberation"
(4)       March 03, 2008, regarding Collingwood School Newsletter - Traffic Management Improvements
(5)       City of Kingston, Ontario, March 04, 2008, regarding World Malaria Day
(6)       K. Weilbacher, Metro Vancouver, March 07, 2008, regarding Cache Creek Landfill Replacement Process
Responses to Correspondence and Responses to Questions in Question Period -- No items presented.

===   SOME IT DEPT INFO   === [asked for Feb 4th, and later; asked again Mar 12th]
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DEPT: Category, then 2007 budget and 2008 budget
1  Salaries and Benefits, 9 FTEs:   from  $ 671,764   to   $ 731,453
2  Software Maintenance:  $ 448,000   to   $ 458,246
3  Other Contracts/Outsourcing:  $65,000 to $60,000
4  Small Equipment Purchases:  $ 11,000 to $15,000
5  Facility Telephones:  $ 284,495  to  $ 275,000
6  Data Line Fees:  $ 180,000 to $ 190,000
7  Other Costs and Expenses:  $ 69,280 to $ 81,400
                                TOTALS:  $ 1,729,539 to  $1,811,099
Initial comments b/c just received late Friday before finishing this newsletter:
With nine staff the av salary in 2007 was $ 74,640 going to $ 81,273 in 2008
If the budget increase of 3% is based on 3% salary increase, why is IT's almost a 9% increase?
FYI, the IT budget in DNV (twice our popn) in 2007 was $1,885,000 going to $2,003,000
That's all for now; hope to have more info for next newsletter.

This week and weekend is the fifth annual Celtic Festival.  Cdn't help going on the Literary Pub Crawl -- walking to three pubs (Doolin's, Atlantic Trap and Gill, Johnny Fox's) with recitations of poetry by Dylan Thomas, W B Yeats, and Robbie Burns; ending up at Ceilidh's for more poetry and audience limericks.  The limericks were funny or raunchy, but mine was rather conservative
                        There once was a lady named Haley
                        who escaped from London's Old Bailey
                        eager was she
                        happy to flee
                        and now she's sings at Vancouver's ceilidh
===   QUOTATIONS   ===

He who conceals a useful truth is equally guilty with the propagator of an injurious falsehood."
                                -- Saint Augustine
Falsehood is never so successful as when she baits her hook with truth.
                                        -- Charles Caleb Colton
No one is ever warmed by wool pulled over his eyes.
                                        --  Marcelene Cox
Falsehoods not only disagree with truths, but usually quarrel among themselves.
                                        -- Daniel Webster
People always overdo the matter when they attempt deception.
                                        -- Charles Dudley Warner
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