Mar 17th NOTES
Calendar to Apr 16th

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

hope you enjoyed Easter -- the earliest for another 220 years! -- now spring, bring it on!
Main Item Apr 7th: mtg agenda not available yet but we know the budget will be on for second reading; the agenda is made public late afternoon on Thursdays before ccl mtgs
Vive le Canada; ...from the Editor (bit of CULTUREWATCH); UPDATES (New Dir/Planning, More Budget, Marine Dr Gateway); CATWATCH; BOOKWATCH (more fortune cookies); Pi Day and Ten Things We Didn't Know; NEWSWATCH (Iraq then and now); A CORRESPONDENT'S CORNER (WVPD's DARE; Library's RFID)
=  CALENDAR to Apr 16th (check for changes and updates)
=  Mar 17th Ccl Mtg NOTES: Helmet Safety; NSh Wetland Partners; Awards for Aquatic Ctr, Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr; Gleneagles Golf Bldg project (heritage elements to be reflected in renovation); Update on Heritage Register; Rodgers Crk Overview; RFID request for Library at $650,000; OCP/Zoning bylaw for townhouses (where Pat's was) for consideration Apr 21; Eagle Lake Plan; 6pm Ccl Workshop on Rodgers Crk Apr 10, sp ccl mtg Apr 14; Almondel Bridge and Road Construction $3M + GST; 1528 Argyle Acquisition ($3.5M)
= Save the CBC Radio Orchestra!; Spring Haiku and Tanka; Quotations

=== Vive le Canada ===
Prime Minister Harper made several announcements March 10 in Yellowknife on his Northern Strategy including: the procurement of a new Polar class icebreaker; carrying out comprehensive mapping of our Arctic and Atlantic seabed in support of Canada's submission to the United Nations Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf; a commercial harbour to be built in Pangnirtung; support for geological mapping, primarily focused in Canada's North.
===   . . . from the Editor &= nbsp; === and a bit of CULTUREWATCH
>  There are a lot of cultural events under the banner of the Olympics in 2010.  An unusual one I really enjoyed was "Mined over Matter", classical music at the BC Museum of Mining (Britannia Beach, March 16).  Flute, voice, piano, and clarinet in the mechanics shop, a walk through some tunnels, and more music in the historic 1923 gravity-fed concentrator mill.  The mill is a National Historic Site and Provincial Historic Landmark.
>  Enjoyed Beethoven's sole opera, Fidelio (to Mar 29); wish we cd go to all nine symphonies by VSO on now
Here's what I wrote as soon as I heard about it -- compromise and to try to please everyone:
May I propose a Canadian solution?
We have Georgia Strait and also the Juan de Fuca Strait.
Why not call the combined Straits, the Salish Sea -- then everyone's happy!
>  FOR YOUR AMUSEMENT (beancounters and subprime mortgages)
Clarke and Dawe: the comic duo you can bank on; Australian Broadcasting Corp Broadcast: 14/03/2008
Reporter: John Clarke and Bryan Dawe; Watch video: Broadband version
John Clarke and Bryan Dawe on the intricacies of the sub prime mortgage crisis.
>  May the Easter holiday mark the rebirth of hope and love as an approach to the tasks ahead here and around the world.
===   UPDATES   ===
>>>  Don't forget Budget 2008 -- The Proposed 2008 Budget and Five Year Capital Plan are available on-line: http://www.westvancouver.ca/article.asp?a=5520&c=911  with second reading on agenda for Apr 7th
>>> Marine Drive Gateway project
Yes, there's an update on the DWV website, but for some reason the cost of the whole project is not there.
>>>  The District Welcomes New Director of Planning, Lands, & Permits
Bob Sokol -- March 12th --  http://www.westvancouver.ca/article.asp?a=5614&c=677
===   CATWATCH   ===
        An amusing collection for cat lovers:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wvo-g_JvURI
===   BOOKWATCH   ===
Last issue had a review of the Fortune Cookie Chronicles.  Since then Jennifer 8 Lee has been twice in the VSun, on TV, and CBC radio on Jian Ghomeshi's Q.  The 'greatest' Chinese restaurant outside China turns out to be in Richmond.  Zen Fine Chinese Cuisine in Richmond has gone from no one coming, so down to the owner and his wife, that now it's doing really well.  Several write-ups in the VSun too.

===   Pi DAY   === 2008 Mar 14 [no room in last WVM wch was almost finished when I saw this]
from BBC wch at http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/magazinemonitor/ has:
Ten things we didn't know last week
        *       Posted Friday, 14 March 2008 at 17:48 UK time
Snippets from the week's news, sliced, diced, and processed for your convenience.
1. The Duchess of Cornwall once watched Bob Marley in concert. More details
2. Archimedes was murdered over pi. More details
3. Forty years after colour TV was introduced to the UK there are still 34,700 people with black and white television licences. More details
4. Late running trains cost the country 14 million minutes last year. More details
5. A 4cm hole in the heart is not necessarily fatal. More details
6. Short men are more likely to be jealous. More details
7. Toasters are banned in Cuba. More details
8. Yasmin Le Bon is an anti-counterfeit campaigner. More details
9. Dolphins can communicate with whales. More details
10. The difference between vines within France's Champagne region and those just outside is 995,000 euros. More details
------  so of course, I clicked on pi (no 2) -- here's the URL: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/magazine/7296224.stm
btw, the dolphin story is precious (no 9); and was curious about Cuba (7) b/c didn't notice they were banned whenever we visited.
===   NEWSWATCH   ===  BBC
The Iraq decision -- The men who argued for - and against - war, five years ago
Iraq key players, then and now
The world was divided in 2003 into countries that supported or opposed the Iraq war. The UN was in the middle. Here we recount the arguments for and against made by eight key players, and where they stand now.
http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/7297592.stm -- Friday, 14 March 2008, 21:19 GMT

===  A CORRESPONDENT'S CORNER  === Received re WVPD's DARE and Library's RFID
     There has been considerable concern about the announced plan to terminate the DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program in West Vancouver schools. Police Chief Kash Heed made it clear shortly after he was appointed that he felt that the DARE program was ineffectual and that it would be better to develop a replacement program that maintained the critically important police presence in the schools but incorporated more grades than the DARE program. He made the decision to terminate the program effective the end of the 2007/2008 school year and embarked on an aggressive program to develop a replacement to be in place for September 2008. During the early stages of developing the replacement program, the School District [No 45, WV] made it clear that they wanted to develop and deliver the replacement program, but that they did not have resources available to have this program ready for September.
     So it would appear that unless the Mayor is able to resolve this turf war, there will be no organised program to put police officers in the schools this fall. One can only wonder at the wisdom of announcing the termination of the DARE program before having all stakeholders signed on to the replacement.
*  Library's RFID and PROCESS
    The WV Memorial Library recently asked for (and received) early approval for $650,000 for the "purchase and installation of an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) materials handling system".  The memo (little more than two pages) justified the purchase because it will allow the Library to handle items "much more efficiently" without any quantitative information from other libraries to back up this assertion.  It went on to claim, also without any supporting evidence, "improved security" and the ability to reassign staff to other "high demand areas".
     The lack of any substance in this memo caused Cclr Vaughan to ask for information on the Return on Investment (ROI) analysis to which Paul Tutsch, Library Board Vice Chair, bafflegabbed and avoided the question by saying there are things more important than ROI (true, but one would hope you could also justify a $650K expenditure on more than arm waving and good feelings, but apparently not). The Chief Librarian, Ann Goodhart, when pushed by Cclr Vaughan, admitted she did not have any hard numbers on the efficiencies that might accrue from this purchase but offered to work them up (after the purchase is approved, of course). Truly amazing that no one in Finance had thought to ask last year when this request was first added to the budget.
     Also disappointing was the total lack of any mention of the serious privacy concerns that many have about RFID in libraries. One has merely to google "library RFID privacy" to find literally thousands of articles on the very real concerns and issues surrounding the use of RFID technology in public libraries. One might have hoped that if our Library had done its homework it would have anticipated this might be a concern and put at least one paragraph in their memo reassuring us that they understood the risks but no such luck.
{Editor's Note: the exchange at the Mar 17th ccl mtg is recorded in the notes below, Item 10.} 

===  CALENDAR to Apr 16th  === [M Hall unless otherwise noted; pls confirm to make sure no changes]
==  Wed Mar 27th ~ 7pm ~ WVHS: Fish in WV Creeks (50s and 60s) by Roger Fox at the Srs' Ctr
==  Thurs Mar 27th ~ National Theatre Day! (it's Theatre Week)
        ~ 5pm ~ NASCDI, DNV M Hall
        ~ 5:30pm ~ Police Bd mtg in Police Dept Boardroom
==  Sun Mar 30th  ~ 10am - 6pm ~ Iranian Family Picnic in Ambleside Park
        ~ 2:30pm ~ Pacific Baroque Orchestra, WV United (21st): Thoroughly Modern Mozart
== Tues Apr 1st ~ 4pm ~ Fire/Rescue WG
                ~ 6:30pm ~ Cmnty Dialogue WG (Nbrhd Character and Housing)
== Thurs Apr 3rd        ~ 5:30pm ~ Rodgers Crk WG; and also  ~ 5:30pm ~ Cmnty Sport WG
== Sat Apr 5th
~ 9am - 2pm ~ Srs' Flea Market at WV Arena {and see below, in Vancouver a ginko walk}
The Lighthouse Park Preservation Society at the Library
~ 2pm ~ Members' Meeting
~ 2:30pm ~ Talk on Global Warming by Sheila Ross, M.Sc., who has been teaching weather and climate, landforms, and environmental geography, at Capilano College for the last twenty years. She is currently on leave to
write a Weather and Climate textbook.
== Tues Apr 8th         ~ 4pm ~ Fire & Rescue WG
                ~ 6:30pm ~ Cmnty Dialogue WG (Nbrhd Character and Housing)
== Wed Apr 9th&= nbsp; ~ 10am ~ Cmnty Engagement Cmte
                ~ 5pm ~ Finance Cmte
                ~ 7pm ~ Cmnty Sport WG
== Thurs Apr 10th ~ 6pm ~ COUNCIL WORKSHOP (on Rodgers Crk Devt Plan)
        Then there'll be a sp ccl mtg Mon Apr 14, with another Wed 16th at 9am.
In fact, April 16th starts with the COHO AGM at the Chamber of Commerce breakfast at 7:30am, the sp ccl mtg at 9am, then the Library Board at 7pm at the Library and the Bd of Variance at 7pm in Ccl Chambers.

+++  WV MEMORIAL LIBRARY +++ see www.westvanlib.org
Monday 31  --  An Evening with Elizabeth Gilbert
WV Memorial Library Foundation presents the author of Eat, Pray, Love. Kay Meek Ctr. This event is Sold Out.
Tuesday 1  --  The Irish Theatre: Denis Johnston -- 10:30am - 12:30pm
Discussion series open to all.  For more info call the Reference Dept., 925 7405.
Thursday 3 --  Movies at the Library presents: An Inconvenient Truth -- 6pm
Discussion to follow. No registration required. For more information, call 925 7405.
Saturday 5 -- Global Warming: The Science & the Complexity
With guest speaker Sheila Ross, M.Sc., of Capilano College. Sponsored by the Lighthouse Park Preservation Society. Meeting begins at 2 pm followed by the talk at 2:30pm. Everyone is welcome.
Friday 11 --  To Arms! Everything You Wanted to Know About Heraldry But Were Afraid to Ask
Robert Watt, retired Chief Herald of Canada, slays the myth of the "family crest" and explains how to find real heraldry. Call 925 7405 for more info.  10am - 12 noon, Peters Room.

+++  "Celebrando la Vida" -- mixed media; March 18 - April 6
John Dowler, Paula Fodchuk, June Harman, Neda Mardkar, Gordon Montgomery, Albarosa Simonetti
+++  "The Artists' Salon" -- mixed media; Apr 8 - 20
Group exhibition of artists from Arts Connection Networking Salon
OPENING RECEPTION: 6 - 8pm Tues April 8; ARTISTS IN ATTENDANCE:  2 - 3pm Sat April 12

+++ SILK PURSE (1570 Argyle) www.silkpurse.ca
= Tuesday April 1 - Sunday April 13, 2008  -- "Kebabey: Unity of Cultures" --
Opening Reception: TUESDAY April 1st from 6 - 8pm
The Ottoman Empire or Kebabey, as it was known by its contemporaries, was a multi-ethnic and multi-religious state. At the height of its power during the 16th and 17th centuries, it spanned three continents. The empire was at the centre of interactions between the Eastern and Western worlds for six centuries. Join us for a look at the distinct ethnic art of eight talented local artists: Fariba Dashtaray, Lani Jeffrey, Jeanne Krabbendan, Carrie Lazareff, Louisa Leibman, Laleh Nafarieh, Nina Salehpoor, and Mardsan Samii.
=== There are many concerts, check out the Silk Purse website for the whole list; here's one:
Tuesday, April 1, 2008 10:30 am -- "Armenian Rhapsody"--
Armenian composer Komitas was considered the founder of modern classical Armenian music. He travelled through the Armenian highlands and collected over 3,000 folk tunes. Vancouver's premier pianist Eugene Skovorodnikov performs a program of Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich along with guest, Armenian violinist Elvira Voskan performing the folk music of Komitas.  Tix $10

+++  WV MUSEUM +++  see http://www.wvma.net/
Duncan McNab -  Modern In Sight  --  to May 31
=Sat Apr 12 ~ 1:30pm ~ Talk on Architecture: Duncan McNab and West Coast Modernism
Duncan McNab became well-known in BC for his residential and institutional designs.  This talk highlights McNab's role in the devt of a regionally distinct West Coast Modern architecture.
>>> Guest Speaker Series: Architecture and Green Building Practices
Wednesday April 2 from 7-8:30pm, $ 5
Darryl Condon, Principal at Hughes Condon Marler: Architects will be discussing his philosophy and approach to designing community facilities with a focus on the key role these facilities play in building a sustainable community. The presentation will include case studies of recent public building completed by his firm, including the new Whistler Public Library and the upcoming West Vancouver Community Centre, which is currently under construction.

 +++ Don't forget to check out www.kaymeekcentre.com +++

+++ Cherry Blossom Zen  Features two events held at Seasons Hilltop Bistro Caf=E9 in Queen Elizabeth Park
Saturday, Apr 5th
~ 10:30 - 11:30 ~ Vancouver Ikebana
The Vancouver Ikebana Association will demonstrate how to bring the outside inside.
~ 1 - 3:30pm ~ Haiku Walk
Join members of Pacifi-kana for a haiku walk, or ginko, in beautiful Queen Elizabeth Park. There will be a brief introduction to writing haiku, then a walk in the springtime gardens. A pen and notebook is all that is required for recording your observations and inspirations. After the walk, enjoy tea and sharing poems in honour of the cherry blossom season. (Free)

===   COUNCIL Mtg NOTES  Mar 17th   ===[best efforts] ===
CALL TO ORDER [Cclr Smith absent]
1.  APPROVAL OF AGENDA -- Item 14.1 added (sp ccl mtg Apr 16)
2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES -- Mar 3rd ccl mtg adopted.
Mayor: Before we start, wd like to welcome a new face to the corporate team
Bob Sokol, our new Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits
originally from NY, educated at Columbia and Tufts, in Engg and Urban Planning
moved to the West Coast at the beginning of the 90s
pleasure to welcome you to WV
you've joined the organization at a time when we're looking at a really ambitious agenda in this spring wrt renewal in Ambleside, Ev Dr Devt Permits, the Rodgers Crk Devt Plan, the Heritage Registry
{I think we're calling it a Register but I've heard both}
 -- these are things that the cmnty has been working on for couple of years coming to fruition under your leadership.
Sokol: thank you; excited and thrilled to be here; looking forward to working with the Ccl and the WV cmnty to help make those plans a reality and I know a lot of good work has gone into them; move forward to the next step.  Thank you.
Mayor: heavy agenda tonight, wch I will be timing to ten minutes, beginning with Paul Berlinguette and Wetland Partners.  Not here yet? Then switch order and go to 4, Helmets.
4. [7:06]   R. Kinar, regarding Helmet Safety Standards (File:  0120-01)
        RECOMMENDED: THAT Council thanks [sic] R. Kinar for the delegation
RKinar:  successful to FCM and wrt helmets, safety
injuries, $14.7B a year (cost to taxpayers for all preventable); mathematically predictable so preventable, going relatively unaddressed
hope this Ccl wd ask (by resolution) fed govt to devp a Nat'l Injury Prevention Strategy for Youth
resoln that WV took to FCM re standards for ski and snowboard helmets was heard so loudly across this country; Ccl cd take a leadership role again
BC statistics, lose over 2000 ppl ea yr; cost of preventable injuries
bottom; more die than all other causes
discussion as to whether or not to go to FCM in May
cd be a late recommendation
Kinar: national strategy; hope FCM issue; when WV last took to FCM went to H of Commons
60K chn; becoming active
being ignored, trying to reduce risk in chn; talking about preventable injuries
{This item was covered well in NSNews.}
3.  [7:13]  P. Berlinguette, North Shore Wetland Partners, regarding Wetland and Amphibian Conservation Efforts
        RECOMMENDED: THAT Council thanks [sic] P. Berlinguette, NSWP, for the delegation
Mayor: after 3
[slides] {nope, they didn't appear, but that's another story (bureaucratic)}
Jeff Anderson:  since 2004; www.nswetlandpartners.com
brochure for everyone...
started with purple martin project; grassroots stewardship projects, NV; WV Sway'wey, Larson Crk and other Sea to Sky projects, workshops and public fairs
share love
Year of the Frog; perhaps next year you'll consider a small $$$
Paul B: unfortunately just lost the Amb Youth Ctr
help us track frogs and amphibians across the NSh; mapping
hope kids will help us; talk at ecology ctr and kids v knowledgeable where frogs are
just heard about working with youth, salmon cmnties around the world through schools
first school back in Japan
in school system now and starting to work with First Nations
you always get 'invites'; app help; look forward to year
A green FROG got up to speak: St Patrick's day; drove snakes out of Ireland
recognize frogs today and remember we don't want to drive them out of our cmnties
JC: understand the African hog frog, nuisance, replacing rats, carrying a fungus, dries the skin; apparently transferring to salamanders and any wet-skinned amphibian -- has this turned up on NSh
PB: just heard about it from Aquarium; no reason why in BC
JC: working with Aquarium?
PF not yet; they're taking 60 endangered species; breeding prog
when fungus runs its course will be able to go back to habitat
Mayor: and thank you for your work on Sway'wey Creek.

5. [7:21] 2008 Budget Bylaws (File: 0860-01/0865-01)  Information to be provided 
RECOMMENDED: THAT "5 Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 4549, 2008" be introduced and read a first time.
Mayor: Five-Yr Financial plan bylaw is before us for first reading only
RL: Ccl will recall last mtg updated numbers for base budget 2008
increase to final assessment role, Police, Fire; reduction of $500K to infrastructure mntnce
proposed a budget scenario for Ccl to consider; a 3.5% tax increase
selected service improvements as follows: new Cmnty Ctr add'l costs of $200K; $250K for increased Fire staffing; provide Police enhancements at $395K
add up and produced balanced budget at 3.5%; Ccl asked staff to bring forward and that's what's before you.

CR: Sorry, I thought there'd be hordes again.  Carolanne Reynolds, Editor of West Van Matters.  I have four questions.
Will the Cmnty Benefits from the Ev Dr devt be reported before the Apr 7 ccl mtg?  My question was wrt the money toward the Marine Drive Gateway.  That has not been reported and it wd probably be part of the budget.
Is there a policy of going to competitive tender for any project over $100K?
When will there be a list of WV's land holdings so that residents can have input into what is to be sold to finish paying for the Cmnty Ctr so that we're not necessarily forced to sell Wetmore?
Mayor G-J, thank you for saying last week that the information I sought Feb 4th from the IT Dept, the information in general I sought, was available but not, perhaps not, perhaps in different places or in another form, format.  I am-- there is somebody in the  cmnty who's going to give a copy so I can bring that so you can see what it is and we can find out where it is elsewhere. 
I did ask for the IT information Feb 4th; I did get something late Friday.  I looked at the top line.  It only has about seven items listed.  The first line indicates the salary increase from 2007 to 2008 of about 9% [that's the average].  I asked some ccl mbrs and I don't think they were aware of that increase, and I think most of us felt that the base of the increased budget was 3% based on salary negotiations so it was a bit of a surprise to find that in this particular case that I looked, it was 9%.  I haven't had time to look at the other costs that were there, but I hope I can ask for those in the coming week, and the information will be provided -- before Apr 7th.
Mayor: it's good to have the questions before the debate at second reading.
CR: and when's the debate on second reading?
Mayor: I believe Apr 7th
CR: the information is in West Van Matters, my newsletter, on the IT Dept.  I hope to have other information in a future newsletter.
Mayor: thank you
CR: will you be answering these now?
Mayor: No.  We'll have them ready for the debate; this is just introduction and first reading; and then the public have a few weeks to mull this over before Ccl will debate it.

{but that's the point -- if that information is only supplied at the Apr 7th mtg, just as this was tonight for first reading, there will not be weeks to mull over that information.  It cd be down to minutes or hours, not even a week!}

JC: since second reading is for discussion I will move this tonight.
Mayor: you wanted to comment at first reading?
Sop: result of mtg of Fin Cmte re consideration of 3.5% increase and the five-yr plan here?
Mayor: Mr Clark?
JC: Mr Laing
RL: sorry, cd you repeat question
Sop repeats: as reflected here
RL: the newly appointed cmte did not look forward to commenting on this budget b/c didn't feel they had a background, but did look forward to, after receiving info later in April, getting involved debriefing;  and looked forward to being involved right from the start for 2009; but in terms of commenting on 2008 budget, didn't feel qualified to do that

{hm.  Well, I was at that mtg (as were a couple of others) and, shall I say, there was no encouragement or even the mention that Ccl had hoped for some 'advice' from the Finance Cmte....... delayed info, late material, documents on-table for motion the same night..... you draw your own conclusions.}

Sop: will remuneration of District staff be in front of us prior to conclusion of the Op Budget wch is reflected in this five-yr capital plan, financial plan?
Mayor: remuneration of staff
RL: The so-called FIA schedule is being actively worked on; at the stage of being circulated to confirm expense portion, but I wd remind Ccl and resident and those interested in report, that that is not an accurate reflection of what salary levels are in WV, there's a lot of extraneous material in there and cannot be relied on to analyze staff salaries year over year

{Astonishing! so what can we rely on wrt salaries year over year -- esp since we've heard reports of increases of over 20%? shdn't we know what's included then?
hm.  The legislation requires that total remuneration be reported.  What's the problem?  Why not compare total remuneration year over year?}

Sop: just a couple of summations, then I'll be satisfied; well, I won't be satisfied but I'll attempt to understand it.
what really bothers me is tools of process, one of wch was the year-long info that we received from the last few years from cmte [Finance], b/c gave us valuable advice, and then within last four months they've disappeared, and at this v difficult time of summation, they're not available

{he's referring to the fact the Finance & Audit Cmte was terminated the end of last year (Dec 2007), and then the decision was made to split them into two cmtes.  Delays meant that the 'reconstituted' Finance Cmte was not appointed until March.  With that, and the fact some new mbrs, it is no surprise to be told not looking at 2008 budget getting second reading in April.
One is left wondering -- incompetence or intentional to make it difficult or impossible for advice from the 'experts' appointed?}

same in exhausting by staff ways and means to look at bringing the budget level down, the area that was not looked at was salaries, and you have stated a doc not to be looked at and draw any conclusions from
what I'm interpreting from that, Mr L, if in fact we're going to be looking at reasonable 3%, union negotiations, and similar for non-exempt staff, then that's going to be every year, if a doc stating certain rises in income, where wd we ever know whether salaries at 3% or higher? or if they are higher, what makes them higher; that type of information really shd be before us while we're determining, not only the five-yr wch is part of the consideration of the
RL: salaries are a result of contractual negotiations with unions, and as those negotiations reach a conclusion, Ccl approves what salary increases are.  The policy in WV is that exempt staff get the same increases as unionized staff.  As those increases are determined, as they're ratified, it's Ccl that approves them.

{Boy, do they ever have Ccl (and taxpayers) snookered.
Is he saying that Ccl is handed the negotiated contracts, played no role in the negotiations, but then asserts Ccl ratified and approved the raises/increases implying they had any choice?
Rather intriguing that staff set -- well, negotiate -- their own salaries.
Maybe, just maybe, it's time to review that policy!
To add insult to injury, then arrange that cclrs get less than a sixth of the division heads.
To spend an appreciable amount of time to become informed and productive (rather than just agree with what handed) pretty well means being retired provides time.  Obviously someone who has a full-time job or home responsibilities hasn't the time to monitor if setting policy is not sufficient to a guarantee that they'll be adhered to.}

Sop: why increases higher than 3% if norm 3%? what formula is there for exempt staff that results in over 3%?
RL: are you going by FIA reports or what's in financial plan?
the financial plan includes what our estimate is that future salary settlements will be

{nice arrangement, so that pretty well ensures continuous annual increases, and at 3% that's higher than inflation -- how does that sit with residents on fixed incomes who pay those salaries?
the good news, but not likely admittedly unless spines suddenly stiffen, is that Ccl can simply say, sorry no 3% increase this year.
You'll recall I had suggested also that even if 3% accepted as the average but have some performance reviews so that salary increases then can vary from 1% to 5% so those exceptional rewarded. }

and within the region there is a five-yr model in front of us that has been approved by most municipalities
{hm.  same method???}
It also includes provision for fringe benefit increases, those kinds of things
also includes this year in particular for annualization of items that happened partway through 2007
Sop: app that; feeling is that that decision shd come before public and this Ccl -- what are the determiners? increased in salaried staff other than the 3%?
what makes it diff, salaries that go higher or lower -- we're not aware of that
not talked about it in past; how do we get there? How do we answer when a salary portion gets higher?
we know certain steps taken and that's the part missing in the equation
I have another point
Mayor: may I suggest we come prepared to debate that on Apr 7th
obviously that's the bulk of what our Op Budget is comprised of, v important
the objective right now is to introduce and get first reading in front of us; helpful to know what those pressing issues are for you, Cclr Sop.
{but when????}
Sop: app that, my point is that if these procedural tools in front of us, makes it  our job easier to understand; I've said we want to look at new directions/diff procedures in future
final part for me in acceptance of this bylaw is the necessity to pay off Cmnty Ctr, wch I'm supportive of; acceptance of this means we're obligated to sell Wetmore site, and my position is we have alternates viable; we already have, Mr Sokol, word is out for requests of interest; find ourselves in a bit of a bind b/c, I guess [is] taking prime M property owned by the citizens and funding a depreciating building over a period of time, yet we have not looked at our other valuable assets, look for investments or selling in future
I ask this Ccl to be aware of this on basis, if this goes through we're almost obligated here
not looked at, realistic
Let's look at Endowment Fund [EF], lower threshold, finish the Cmnty Ctr
take a v hard look at Wetmore in another context; this is a rush to judgement
absolutely opposed to looking at a biz plan without looking at all the other options; we have an example right across the street from us, a tremendous asset that we haven't look at
Mayor: with the exception of borrowing.... any sale of land, or reducing of the EF threshold wd flow through the EF and that's what this Financial Plan commits us to, doesn't say actually wch vehicle, just says EF in general, and I think we went over that before
Sop: I was asking about land sales, it includes $4.9M from prov, other land sales, fire hall sales out west, other land sales wch cd include sale of Wetmore prop.
That's what I was led to believe was going to happen; a big bite of money needed -- is that what is true or not?  I don't like double standards
told sell, now told all within confines of EF, wch is true?
RL: five-yr cap plan talks about the Cmnty Ctr being paid for by EF; in background it talks about resources flowing in and out; talks about certain land sales, may be Wetmore, firehall site; there's also discussion of some mbrs of Ccl maybe altering amt of threshold; was a lot of discussion about that; for the moment this bylaw is silent on the particular source, just says EF will pay for the Cmnty Ctr; not committed to any land sales, a background discussion
Sop: what I heard, a strong background of selling Wetmore; that was the only source
RL: just a staff recommendation that that proceed
Mayor: Cclr Sop the other mbrs of ccl showing great restraint in not diving into this debate; may we have this discussion in full force at second reading Apr 7?
Sop: I'll start all over again, sure.
PASSED with Sop and VV opposed
6.         West Vancouver Aquatic Centre / Gleneagles Community Centre - Recognition and Awards
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated February 29, 2008 from the Director of Parks and Community Services ... be received for information.
KP: report outlines three awards; awards in past but these in particular in 2007 -- the architect for the Aq Ctr attended a mtg in Germany of the Int'l Facilities Assn to two awards for Aq Ctr: one from the Olympic Cmte and the Facilities Assn for exemplary design and function of a sport and leisure facility; the second from Int'l Paralympic Assn and the Facilities Assn for a sport facility suitable for ppl with disabilities
particularly proud of these
the third is interesting as well b/c several years ago both were featured in a gallery presentation on sustainable architecture in Cambridge ON
that booklet, presentation, exhibit, selected to be shown at Venice Bienniale of Architecture in the latter part of this year and will be a candidate for entry
particularly pleased with both of these; sustainable examples of architecture being given an award
provided that info to you; something this cmnty can be particularly proud of
Mayor: regionally....; locally....;  quite an accomplishment
7.         Gleneagles Golf Building Project - Construction Approval (File: 2160-05-GGC01)
            1.         Approval be given for construction of a Golf Service Building and renovation of the "Great Hall" as an integrated project for a total cost of $2,000,000, as currently reflected in the draft [Five-Year] Capital Plan.
            2.         The Gleneagles Golf Fund, [Five-Year] Projection, including the annual transfer adjustment plan be received for information and for support of the project.
            3.         The "Gleneagles Clubhouse and Great Hall Statement of Significance", confirming the building's heritage value, be received for information and the elements be reflected in renovation design and construction.
Aline Brown [text from email]:
Madam Mayor and Members of Council,
I would like to thank you for all your patience and hard work with the Gleneagles Golf Course Project.  Tonight's motions, once passed, will ensure that the project moves ahead.  The golfers will then have their much-deserved facilities and the Great Hall will again be an important venue for the social and civic life of West Vancouver.  Thank You
However, we are disappointed that the motions do no make any provision for continuing public involvement with the project.  The motions of March 12, 2007 were clear that the Men's and Women's Golf Clubs and the Western Residents' Association would have a consultative position with regard to the project.
It seems that in the long and involved discussions at your previous meeting on February 18, 2008, the need for continuing public involvement was overlooked.  As a result of this oversight, we now have no idea what is happening with the project nor do we have any way of finding out about it in the future.  As an example, we don't know the time frame for the beginning and completion of the Great Hall rehabilitation.
As you are aware, members of our community have been working to save the Great Hall for over a decade.  Many of our members feel that, without our persistence, there would have been no Great Hall to rehabilitate.
I hope you will agree that the best way of ensuring a transparent process in any public project is with public participation.  If this to be effective, we need clear and specific direction from the Mayor and Council about the nature and form this participation should take.
Thank You     
Ross McColman [sp?]: happy finally going forward; like former speaker, continually asking each other what's going on
golfing ev week, see bldg being gutted but nobody sure; didn't plan on speaking tonight
some questions; particularly re mtg room
one of the drawings, 300sf; another one looks like 440sf?
all along asked for a min of 600sf; b/c former site used for many years' have up to 50 players a day four times a week, particularly in summer season
not sure what's going in that room--- chairs, computers, records,...
host ppl from other clubs not able to; not too many keen to come b/c of facility
if suitable wd do that (invite)
3 - 400 ft not much room; particularly for catering
understand not just for golfers, don't intend for golfers only but also feel a larger area wd serve other ppl using the area as well
can the south wall be moved 15 to 20ft into the dance area wch currently has over 1000sf
don't know how movable, and if it is, then 600sf, used five times a week or more, that cd be its main position and move us back when a big dance party shows up
also see if some assurance these requests will be given some assurance
don't know if finalized; keep us posted; keen on providing input on design and location; ready willing and able
KP: Mr Leavers, and we have Mr Tom Bowen here, the architect on the project
DL: since we last met, Ccl asked staff to provide three things
fin plan, funding, new construction
you'll see in the report the Fin Dept has provided info from five-yr cap plan, expansion can .... one project....
second to look at H Conservation plan; with Heritage Register Project, worked with cmnty and consultant to write a SOS for the Grt Hall wch attests to the H values that will be protected at this facility
don't think it's a secret we worked v closely with golf and residents in planning
to last Thursday, design that met the budget, a key driver in this ...
in this last moment I called the two reps to my office men's and women's golf to my office to make sure satisfied..... for so
massaged sev design options
always been v v cognizant of both golfers and cmnty in this facility
didn't get a hint of any dissatisfaction since that last mtg, nor any ph calls
and was proceeding with a bit of a smile on my face so disappointing to hear those comments tonight
wrt the wall, shown as a sliding wall and does open and reveals the entire Grt Hall -- tournaments, turns into larger space, ...
this again was discussed with reps of the Club
Mayor: on process; really labyrinthine; pull together
... Cmnty is looking for that articulated from Ccl... that's what's taken some time
before motion on the floor
VV: have been told completed in spring 2009
when see some implementation of work on site? what expect to see month by month?
enjoy seeing finally progress
wondering if that's the case; going to be implementing immed?
DL: considerable done already; inside removed
have had money in devt fund; tying two projects as one
removal of drywall, utilities; not open to public now
investigation foundation and under knapsack {? I must've misheard}
... reuse those
investigation of the roof; any who have seen it -- fenced off, demolition bins
workers there for last week; been holding them off
get info back to Ccl tonight so we can proceed at full speed
VV: can we receive brief monthly reports on this?
DL: certainly
Sop: staff report, excellent
Ccl's decision...  true if hadn't... ev congratulated
ask Mr Laing on financial side, what is considered under administration fees?
RL: to Parks and Cmnty Services Division b/c of mgmt ...
Sop: does it have to be that high?
RL: judgement
helps us to service; debt going to take on
Sop: golf then ...  looking at Golf as sep entity?
RL: yes
Sop: then rev to 2010 - 12; not go to gen fund but to ?
RL: for [X] years have operated as a sep fund
segregated and as a golf devt fine, source for Grt Hall
JC: the motion passed Feb 18
asked wrt Great Hall, prep of biz plan and budget wch I don't see; no cashflow projection
in the five-yr, MFA loan over ten years, who chose the number?
throughout Metro, a min of 15 was used
RL: I set that term; we cd consider 15 years; we were trying to present as conservative a case as we cd
number of rounds
our starting point to demonstrate to ourselves we cd proceed in that fashion
JC: expressed concern in Feb
there are 40 seats in report, and 48 on the plan; one of the busiest restaurants in Amb is 50 seats
{actually he said 60 at prev ccl mtg, but the point is still there}
they go hell-bent
really think this as blue sky; want the project to go forward; rushing
did not .. immediately on restoration
concern build too big a restaurant and it'll sit there
DL: we relied on prev studies, there've been sev
depending on recommendations of ppl in the biz and the golf pro who has background experience in this area
to make a year-round facility work, all I've been told, at least 40 seats
new rec ctr , provides quite a few patrons when food service moves to this location
don't have a specific number; highly speculative
JF: the Grt Hall and the historical significance, is there potential to receive funding?
DL: yes, there definitely is
Steve Mikicich has identified two or three funds; some $10 to $25K to what this is called is a rehabilitation of the bldg; will be on our H Register, used for the assessment of grant applic
some av only once a year, some can be applied to sev times a year
make sure they go in as soon as we can
always be things to ... whether displays...  history of golf devt
adornments, lighting, windows that cd mt H aspects
JF: have you given thought how to keep the user groups, golf, WRA, apprised as you go forward?
DL: certainly; pace to get this to Ccl this week might have precluded those mtgs; happy to meet again wrt timing schedule
contractor documenting a lot as he's taking it apart; can only see that continuing
JF: great; certainly it was a grass roots
to see it renewed; anxious to be abreast and be of assistance
they may apply for grants themselves
Sop: viable you'll approach ...
space is what is leased and operator will suggest what he can do to make it viable
DL: correct
Sop: you still have to make sure a v gd biz case good for all
DL: any operator doing it will be asked for a req for proposal...
JC: glad to hear that, about RFPs, don't you think a better idea to put out to see what's required before...
doesn't take much time
DL: some months ago, expression of interest some months ago so we cd do that
timing we were facing
exp with our own golf pro provided us with ample info without going to that step
that's on e ot he more immed next steps
if opp to work with whoever comes in
as we proceed with design-build wd be great...
JC: restaurant most volatile ...
relying on out-dated studies and a golf pro, I mean, my goodness -- we can do better than that
DL opp to create some flexibility
generate its demand through opps that are there; golfing and cmnty rec fac
or through location and increasing demand for restaurant facilities in that area
if a keen op can do that ... that's what we wd look to
Mayor: think Ccl is
DL: wd really like to get an RFP out ... to plan that space accordingly ...
Mayor: drivers for this project...  heritage... and golfers
really Ccl here to serve
been long...think we've got the best of all possible worlds
8.         Update on Community Heritage Register (File:  2585-01)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report from the Senior Community Planner dated March 4, 2008, ... be received for information.
Tom Wardell, Chair of Heritage WG [text supplied]:  Thank you, Madam Mayor
On behalf of the Heritage Working Group, I would like to provide a brief overview of our accomplishments on the Community Heritage Register.  As outlined in the staff report this evening,
The initial time-line for completion of the Register was March 31st, which was dictated by the terms of the District's funding agreements with the BC Heritage Branch.
Staff have negotiated an extension of these contracts beyond March 31st, to enable us to develop a more comprehensive document, and complete our public involvement program
Our work to date has included:
  o  Preparation of an information newsletter, which was distributed to all West Vancouver households in November
  o  Information displays at various community events and venues
  o  An introductory workshop on Community Heritage Registers and Statements of Significance in December
  o  A follow-up workshop on Writing Statements of Significance in February
  o  A call for public nominations for the Register
We have developed a thematic framework and selection criteria (which are included as appendices A and B to the staff report).   Together with a heritage context statement (which is currently being prepared), these documents will provide the context and framework for understanding West Vancouver's heritage resources, and will provide a formal introduction to the Heritage Register document.
The Register itself will be a 'list' of officially recognized heritage resources, supported by a series of Statements of Significance (SOSs) for a number of individual resources.  This list is being compiled by updating our existing inventories and adding additional nominations from the public.
While the District is contractually obligated to produce 15 Statements of Significance as part of this project, we are hoping to produce 25 or 30 SOSs - through the combined efforts of the Working Group, community volunteers, consultant, and staff.
The Next Steps in this process will involve:
  o  Finalizing the draft list of resources for the Register (March)
  o  Preparing additional Statements of Significance (March - April)
  o  Hosting a Public Information Display (April)
We thank you for this opportunity, and look forward to:
  o  Presenting the completed Register at a Council Workshop (targeted for May 12th); and
  o  Council's consideration for adoption of the Register (targeted for May 26th)
Mayor: questions?
JF: want to thank the HWG; found report absolutely thorough and even I understood it; looking forward to implement
TW: thank you
RD: work over years; been a long process, back to 1990s when we started it; thx, Tom, Steve
TW: Stephen has done all of the hard work
9.         Rodgers Creek Area Development Plan (File: 0117-20-RCAP)
1.       The report dated March 11, 2008 from the Rodgers Creek Area Plan Working Group (the "Working Group Report") and the Rodgers Creek Area Development Plan, Overview Report dated March 7, 2008 (the "Overview Report") be considered at a Council Workshop on Thursday, April 10th, 2008 at 6:00 p.m. in the Municipal Hall Council Chamber;
2.       Staff bring forward for the April 10th, 2008 Council Workshop a Rodgers Creek Traffic Impact Study, Fiscal Impact Study and community benefit package; and 
3.       The public be invited to review the Overview Report, the Working Group Report and background information and studies related to the Overview Report.
Mayor: Cclr Day
RD: hear from staff, Geri Boyle first
GB: not doing a presentation; saving up
what you have is a proposal from the proponents; advocacy of the WG
my report just sets out process from now on
you'll be getting studies (fiscal, traffic impact) and Cmnty Benefits package
will have in time for Apr 10th, a special date; brought you this at this time so it can get out
public will be invited to comment; if you have any process questions, be happy to answer them
RD: thx for all the hard work; Rodgers Crk devt plan goes back to around 2000 Upper Lands Report by Planning Dept, and OCP 2004 necessity of area devt plans for above the Upper Levels hwy -- the first such devt area is Rodgers Crk, 215 acres.  The OCP put great emphasis on strong and diverse cmnties; on sensitivity to the natural environment, esp the mountainside; thirdly on environmental and economic sustainability
WG est'd Jan 2007; nine mbrs professionals and residents of WV
guided by one and only one interest, and that is the well-being and betterment of the WV cmnty
BPP started, exhaustive; draining, etc, did a sieve analysis; tremendously detailed study of the terrain
led to unprecedented cooperation, staff, BPP, and WG
55% will remain natural, green; 45% devpd, footprint smaller than sgl fam
mountain pathway wch will link all six RCrk areas; village ctr will be built just west of the RCrk area, wch we are planning already; encourage pedestrians, bicycle traffic, facilities, shopping,  in the area so ppl won't have to drive down the hill
discuss in workshop Apr 10, two options: A: 538 units at 2.5upa; and B: 736 units but on same footprint; IOW same size either way
A: units wd be larger, averaging 2255sf; B: smaller ~1600sf
In B, slight more density to enable pathway, village ctr, and so forth and it wd probably be envtally more sustainable as well, but that's up for public discussion as well; up to public

{Excuse me?  how does more density enable the pathway?
the village ctr will be built to the west of the RCr Area under discussion and planning}

RD makes three-part MOTION as above:  Thurs Apr 10
Mayor: discussion?
Sop: I'd like to make stmt; reviewed doc and watched process
worked on Whitby four years, think we learned; in those days thought progress from previous devt
recognized were looking at much steeper terrain, lot of water movement
didn't want to see massive clear cutting
not necessarily sgl fam any more, wanted mix of housing
got to see what cd be done with three towers, although from my point of view a little high, did see smaller footprint; and contrib back to green
listened to WG from time to time; paid attn to some areas of concern to me; save questions to workshop
excellent job paid to envmt, creeks; booklet has a lot of merit
still a little puzzling; if we go through with this and Ev Dr, what number of units for delivery in first five years
if you build it they'll come, and I'm sure they will
if you take a ride up the hill, it's a nbrhd; many want to live there, many have moved up from below
see quality; homes beautifully done
hope in these layouts, WYSIWYG; wrt clearing, truly green rather than [artist rendering] as we saw before
do see there's space; layout of roofs, not only great effort front to back but east to west
will save comments on benefits and so on till day of mtg so in support of moving forward
JF: once again a WG that's just done an enormous amt of hard back-breaking work, and so have BPP
worked so well and hard together although coming from different perspectives
recommendations are provocative, plan exciting and dynamic, looking forward to public's comments
Mayor: process question; will Apr 10th be the reporting out of the WG?
GB: that's the plan; the WG's view of the plan;  also a presentation on the traffic impact and the fiscal impact study by consultants and presentation of Cmnty/Amenity Benefits pkg
Ccl will receive those ahead of time; focusing on key
Mayor: wkshop Ccl's opp to learn, then will come back to Ccl for decision and direction, so bit of a process
10.  [8:30]   Early Approval for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Capital Budget Request from the West Vancouver Memorial Library (File:  1900-01/0865-01)
RECOMMENDED: THAT approval be given for the Library to proceed with purchase and installation of an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) materials handling system for $650,000. 
Mayor: special request of the Lib
Ann Goodhart: ... have been moving forward; key is implementation is RFID; first step in entire plan; worked closely with DNV and CNV
almost a year ago the District went out for RFP, then CNV and DWV worked with us
feel we have the best provider of that ...  three working together ... WV last ...
we will be the last ppl in line to get this
the District has implemented in their new building and CNV has signed contract; good through Nov
I secured first extn to Jan, second to Feb, third ext to discount guarantee to end of March
it's worth about $53K to make that timeline; ask for approval to contract with that company

{good there's a discount, and wise to get extension, but one wd think that that was done to allow time for this considerable amt of money, $650,000, for the public to be informed and have input.  Instead, with a deadline of the end of March and with this as the last ccl mtg in March, it's like being cornered without a choice.}

RD: introduce motion and thank Ann Goodhart, and Harry Greenwood and Paul Tutsch; Harry is the Chair of the Library Bd, and Paul is the vice-chair
Mayor: and chair of Fdn as well
RD: chair of Fdn as well; v fortunate volunteers in this cmnty; dedication, ability, can't say too much about them
60% being paid by the Library Fdn, 60% is $1M; $400K is already budgeted saving $53K, so we're only looking at about $275K of add'l funding for what is going to save us a lot of money over the years.
{so this really is an expenditure of $1.6M.....?}
The RFID technology is going to be more efficient, better use of personnel we have, and it also means going to have downstairs, a small concert hall downstairs that can be divided into mtg rooms, extremely convenient.  Reading room will be upstairs, the old Peters Room; and all the facilities the public uses will be centralized right near the desk
much more convenient as well as for personnel, nothing but progress; library going to be even better than it was, on this happy note [makes MOTION]
VV: have a question in line with our new attitude to fiscal responsibility
what's the payback period for that $650K investment; normally positive, but you save staff time
how long wd it take to save staff time to a value of $650K
AG: we plan to employ staff in other ways; we won't be laying off
library services have been expanding over last decade; we're stretched
in terms of actual payback, number of studies from other libraries, and cd devp that fig for you
potential number of staff moved into other services; happy to do that
VV: app that; normal in ev other industry I'm familiar with, when someone lays out capital for the sake of an annual saving; the first question is what's the payback period on that
normally a policy that will give us a payback in two or three years, maybe move to a four or five; just a key number that makes a biz case
wd like us to be in habit of seeing it; a step forward to mechanize
Paul Tutsch: Ccl V, I'd like to answer that question as best I might, having come from a biz background; no question you want to see a return
also like to say, to surpass the expectations of our clients in this case users of the library
we know internally what that means; toll that takes on staff we have
we're really trying to stay ahead of our clients, demands, of residents of this cmnty, wch is more service, bigger collns, more of everything; trying to do that, a demanding clientele
not always ROI; a straight ROI doesn't nec give a better service to your client base
the taxpayers who pay a majority; that's what they're asking for
Sop: Ms Goodhart, along with larger room construction cost; you won't be coming back to Ccl for more money
AG: when Bd and I drew up the budget; the contingencies on construction will all be borne by Fdn
11.  [8:41]  Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4541, 2007; Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4540, 2007; Development Permit No. 07-027 (445 -13th St)
1.         The opportunities for consultation on a proposed Official Community Plan amendment, with persons, organizations, and authorities, as outlined in the report from the Sr. Community Planner dated March 7, 2008, be endorsed as sufficient consultation for the purposes of Section 879 of the Local Government Act;
2.         Official Community Plan ... Amendment Bylaw, as attached to the report from the Sr. Community Planner dated March 7, 2008, be introduced and read a first time in short form;
3.         OCP Amendment Bylaw [will have] been considered in conjunction with the District's most recent financial plan and the regional waste management plan;
4.         Zoning Amendment Bylaw, as attached to the report from the Sr. Community Planner dated March 7, 2008, be introduced and read a first time in short form;
5.         Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4541, 2007, Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4540, 2007, and Development Permit No. 07-027, all dealing with 445 - 13th Street, be considered at a concurrent Public Hearing and Public Meeting to be held on Monday, April 21 at 7pm in the Municipal Hall Council Chamber.
Karl Gustavson (applicant/architect for owner/dvpr): hope referring this to Public Hearing
good bit of diligence with public; four units on Pat's restaurant site

{as far as we can tell, one mtg with nbrs/residents and only 19 present! -- how can that be sufficient consultation according to the LGA???}

consideration of height and adjacent nbrs to north down the lane; Design Panel gave great referral
we were ready to come before you in Dec of last year, held off for this referral b/c of wanting to understand Amenity contribution policy
this four-unit project is the guinea pig, what policy is about
do want to remind Ccl other projects in this cmnty we've done have had benefits though may not be directly tangible to the cmnty at large, but tangible as a long-term vision
this project's features: green, thermal heating
b/c of concern of Cmnty Amenity contribution, Public Benefit, public art on site
had discussion with staff well before Dec; what we do in NV is 3% for public art, contribution guideline thought reasonable, then we backed off
we let staff move forward with an analysis of the uplift value of this particular site
uplift value based on a number of factors, outside consultant
conclusion they came to, believe correct on these v small sites, 1.25FAR, four units, most based on above-ground density, storage etc. some spaces not included 7300sf, 1000 is actually underground for storage; look of it, so really less than 1.25
b/c of difficulty of small sites, coming up with comparable value, cd be less, cd be less or more than you can build in this site

{hm.  somewhat of a familiar refrain.  Less???  He also argued changing from the Capilano West restaurant at 24th and Marine to 15 live-work units had no Uplift.
Oh dear, can't do that!  Heavens, to do that might mean taxpayers might want to share that increase in value.}

basically doing what intended for site; 3% is a good guideline, agree, support that for these small projects
Sop: b/c of the site and the limitations on number of units, and gas stn in front of you
why wd you advance this early when cd be a larger bldg in front of you in future
KG: good question; I approached my client, who is here, we have to understand a wall in front of us
cd be bldg, accept that possibility
excellent location for a family-type devt; close to transit, schools, services; that's why we decided to proceed; what today will not be there tomorrow
Sop: support, but where is a child going to play? on some grass? going to play in lane
not viable to chn; laneway, busy street, patio nothing
KG: half a block from the park; shd debate at PH
VV: I have a question -- can we estimate prop taxes for this? we know for RCrk Devt, shd that devt be built
scribbled out a comparison; got no conclusion in that
did for 15-unit proposal before
looked at annual report for 2006; looked at number of staff -- 30 households for one M employee
averaging $80K then 40K for ofc, car, equipment
so if we want to maintain quality, maintain ratio of staff to residents
keep ratio to residents for services or staff stretched thin
.1 unit of staff wch is about $12K
are we going to get more that $12K for those four units? .... approx each?
don't know what current price for dwellings in that area but have you tested this formula yourself yourself?
KG: increase in density, and use, and as a result tax increase
that base, factor into as well, contribution other benefits; gateway concept; sidewalks, watermain; all have to be factored in; have to look at broader picture
Mayor: good questions for PH; tonight setting date
Sop: Mr Sokol, if you don't want to answer--
lacking public amenity; when we come to the public hearing, look at assessment before, then after; if that private for some reasons then we in camera shd be given
{in PQP, I challenge the fact that anyone wd say the assessments wd be private; it's public info! and we need that info so the public can get a rightful share!}
reasoning behind, look at delivery -- forget the word, but all sites not going to be same; public amenity is going to vary
said in previous devt at 24th, I asked assmt beforehand and after for uplift so we on Ccl know; staff have come up with a solution, but we don't truly know what uplift is in dollars and cents
I'm asking Mr Sokol how formulas will work in future; this is still ahead of Amb plan, be valuable for us; if that's not too tough a question for the first time around
Sokol: I will take advantage of the opportunity to respond; I want to add that the proposed Ambleside bylaw amendment will be coming forward in parallel with the Public Hearing on this.
Mayor: there's a fair body of work on cmnty amenities in there, wd expect to be able to apply that thinking in this
[JF MADE MOTION "with pleasure"]
Sop: point of order; to be considered separately
Mayor: yes, we were advised to consider separately
Sop: why? when going to a public mtg, outline of a report, why accepting that this is sufficient for LGA in this document?
{right; how is 19 ppl sufficient???}
Sokol: not familiar with Section 879 of LGA; in this report it lays out that a number of opps for consultation, some already done, some for future; and once all done in total, sufficient opp for consultation with the public
Sop: Mr Sokol,  I've never seen this type of interpretation, is it new?
Mayor: I haven't either.  Ms Scholes, will you comment on Section 879 and this wording?
SSch: I was just going to look for Geri Boyle
GB: not sure what the questions is
Mayor: wording that Ccl hasn't seen before
GB: this specific wording, actually we have used it in recent years, but it's quite irregular
usually things are exactly as per the OCP
This wording has been used in two projects since I've been here: one was Ev Dr project, where we had to change the OCP, zoning change; secondly in conjunction 24th and Dundarave
{in wch K Gustavson was also the architect/applicant}
to ensure no confusion; if ppl wanted to debate whether or not within OCP, we felt best to say we had a lot of consultation and feel approp
{by what definition is 19 ppl at one mtg a lot? the popn of WV is over 40K}
Sop: so can't argue we haven't consulted on OCP, statement? -- there b/c of confusion?
GB: statement; the LGA does talk about the requirement to consult on OCP changes, number one
type -- doesn't tell you what you have to do
big project, probably ideally more consult
but leaves it up to M&Ccl to decide if approp to question at hand
{a little birdie tells me they learned of the requirement during/after the Deer Ridge project}
Mayor: going into PH, public mtg, ample opp; first motion on floor
JF second part
third part
Sop: what is reference to financial plan?
RL: it is reflected in the current fin plan; one-line item; changes in detail but not in total
Sop: combination of infrastructure that wd be needed
RB: standard requirement for OCP amendments; assure been
make sure sufficient dollars; that has been confirmed
waste mgmt, safeguard
Sop: then DCC charges?
RB: those are sep from this requirement
JF: first time in short form
12. [9:01]      Eagle Lake Development Plan Update (File:  1815-35)
1.  the Eagle Lake Development Plan be amended, as detailed in the report dated March 4, 2008 from the Manager, Utilities entitled, "Eagle Lake Development Plan Update"; and
2.  amendments to the Eagle Lake Development Plan be reflected in the Five-Year Financial Plan of the Water Utility Fund.
Raymond Fung: Plan is regularly reviewed; current priorities and issues; identified that priorities in our plan need to be adjusted
This is in response to two issues that have come up; one, in respect to the two water reservoirs in our distribution system, and the second the treatment plant that is currently under construction.
before details on each, the revised plan doesn't increase the total budget, so no impact on borrowing or on utility rates
first, external cracks were observed at Bonnymuir reservoir, determined not imminent threat of collapse
its twin, Craigmore reservoir, same design and age, consultant recommended both these structures be replaced at $2M
The second relates to the Eagle Lake membrane filtration facility
goal here is to optimize use of Eagle Lake water
treating own water cheaper than purchasing from Metro V and provides some redundancy in our system so we have backup
Medical Health Office permit on condition we meet new anticipated standards coming out
attention to pH adjustment and corrosion control, as well as concerns identified by public to be imp
cost-benefit analysis showed plant economically viable up to a max cost of $19M and plant capacity of 21M litres per day.
last time to Ccl approved $15.5M budget, however have seen some drastic increases in material and construction costs, specifically the membranes themselves and pH facility
staff propose budget increased by $800K
original increase proposed was in excess of this amt; major efforts by staff, reduced to amt currently being suggested tonight
cross-country main extension imp to Eagle Lake, allows more distributed by gravity; imp but not critical to filtration plant
at this point, staff suggest we look to alternative funding sources; in negotiation with devprs wrt possible cost-share project, or possible cmnty amenity benefit project
we're suggesting a change in the funding formula, able to offset first two items so we can accomplish those two projects.
recommend this be endorsed and incorporated into five-yr plan
Sop: this year alone reduction of water bought from Metro Vancouver
work on Lake for capacity, to serve more, to buy less
bygone days you presented a time we'd saw off on this?  cost-effectiveness will be at $18M, by the time we're done with this -- at $23.4M now -- how long do you think before a payback to the cmnty by buying less water?
RF: cost benefit analysis of up to $19M was just for viability of the treatment plant; the entire plan still stands
we broke that down into looking at each component separately, so I just want to clarify this case just for the treatment plant
in terms of payback is what you compare it to; the price of treated bulk water from MetroV is going up as a result of the $600M Seymour Capilano Treatment Plant
if not proceeded with Eagle Lake, we'd just accept all increases from MetroV and they've been higher than was first envisioned, and since then they've also implemented seasonal pricing
want to make it clear that payback not necessarily that at some point suddenly expenditures decreasing, but it's comparing what we wd have had to pay if we hadn't proceeded with project
Sop: want assured on right track; finalization of Seymour/Capilano, think water costs will ever go down? where does that leave us with buying less water?
RF: don't think for foreseeable future price of water will go down; also affected by drinking water mgmt plan; see a plateauing of increases in future as cost to underwrite Seymour/Cap plan tapers off
Sop: if looking at cross-country main extension, is by contribution in this plan?
RF: yes, looking at alternate funding strategy and that cd be a combination of the devpr cost-shared project; perhaps wd be a v good candidate for some infrastructure grant program that is, the Build Canada program is about to be announced.  We've received some interest from BPP as we talk about the Cmnty Benefits package.  That might also be a project they'd be interested in participating on.
JC: move the plan be amended as outlined...
Mayor: first class job, Mr Fung, from managing the whole package from the installation of the water meters to the Eagle Lake and the membrane and the-- don't forget, when Vancouver experienced the worst in years during the storm last year, our Eagle Lake water was perfectly fine, so being charge of your own water supply may become increasingly important, so thank you
13.  [9:12]  Council Workshop on Thursday, April 10, 2008 (File: 0120-01)
RECOMMENDED: THAT a Council Workshop be held on Thursday, April 10, 2008 at 6pm
14.       Change to April 14, 2008 Council Meeting Schedule (File: 0120-01)
RECOMMENDED: THAT a Special Council Meeting be scheduled for April 14, 2008 at 7pm, which will replace the Council Workshop.
14.1. [item added to agenda]
        APPROVED sp ccl mtg 9am Wed Apr 16
15.      Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence [items 16 - 20 all approved]
16.       Request for Order of Non-Enforcement of Sign Bylaw No. 4499, 2007 for Use of Re/Max Hot Air Balloon May 10, 2008
1.       Council approve the request from Mark Chernoff of Re/Max Masters Realty of 200 - 1455 Bellevue Avenue for an Order of Non Enforcement of section 7.2.2 of Sign Bylaw No. 4499, 2007 for one day May 10, 2008 to allow the use of their hot air balloon at Ridgeview Elementary School's "Mayfair" special event to be held on the school property at 1250 Mathers Avenue.
2.       Council authorize staff to waive the required $150.00 fee under the Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005 for processing Orders of Non-Enforcement of regulatory bylaws with work/project time frames of two weeks or less.
17.       Almondel Bridge and Road Construction (File:  1795-20-04)
RECOMMENDED: THAT Council approve the award of the contract for the Almondel Bridge and Road Construction in the amount of $3,004,121.70 plus GST to Neelco Construction Inc. as per the 2008 Capital Budget.
18.       Local Government Infrastructure Planning Grant Program (File:  1815-38)
RECOMMENDED: THAT Council [authorize] submission of an application for the 2007 Water Loss Audit Study project under the Provincial Local Government Infrastructure Planning Grant Program.
Sop: pay consultant to say leaky -- $15K to tell us what we already know?
RF: est non-rev water
flushing reservoir cleaning; leaking mains; amt of water leaking on services as well
till metering was an unknown qty; during metering process some of that came to light
how best to address each of those components

19.       1528 Argyle Avenue - Land Acquisition (File:  1815-38)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated February 29, 2008 from the Land and Property Agent ...  be received for information
{this just sailed through with nary a murmur. 
The Consent Agenda is not discussed at all, just 'received for information' as it says, and a cclr had to ask it be excluded for discussion.  Reports and Correspondence are in the Consent Agenda wch is why sometimes someone will identify wch number to discuss.  In this ccl mtg's reports, Sop as you see above, called for no 18, Infrastructure Planning, for discussion or to have some questions answered.
No 19, just above, is a purchase of a waterfront lot.  It's not that I'm against it -- great public now owns that block of waterfront -- but it is a disservice to the public not to mention that DWV, that is YOU, Dear Reader, have just paid $3.5M for property assessed in 2007 for $2.8M.
Must find out where it is in the Five-Year Capital Plan.}
20.       Correspondence List  [in previous newsletter]

CR: Just a couple of quick questions.
Will answers to some of the queries about budget info be av before Apr 7th so that on Apr 7th it's not handed to us 'ontable', and we have to discuss it?
Will, if it's on Apr 7th, we still have some time to discuss it b/c I wondered if the Apr 16th mtg had to do with the budget or not.
Mayor: Apr 16th is just for adoption
CR: of what?
Mayor: of fourth reading of the tax rate bylaws, but well after the discussion, so second reading is Apr 7th
so what I wd propose is that we get you those answers, you know, this week, and that Ccl also be provided with the responses.  You already heard a reference to cmnty benefits.
Obviously land assets is going to figure prominently in our ccl debate, I wd think.

{NOTE: as of March 25th, more than a week later, the info has not yet been supplied.  It has been noted that the good intentions and pronouncements by the Mayor are not always fulfilled by staff.  This is an instance of a critical matter -- budget info.
When you recall that public consultation had originally been in November in the timeline handed out to the Finance and Audit Cmte in September, it's incredible to contemplate the delay(s).}

I've got your question about public tenders over $100K, and the question about whatever that book is, that you--
CR: {unintelligible} and so the third reading, if that were April 14th, you cd still adopt the budget in May.  I'm just wondering why the 16th mtg.
Mayor: Well, I don't know what's going to happen.  We're going for Apr 7th for second reading

{Adoption has to be by May 15th so it is not imperative from a time point of view to adopt April 16th -- there's still another month.  They've delayed the information for so long, surely there ought to be some time for the public to receive and review material.}

CR: and the second question was -- Cclr Sop said something about assessed values or appraisals and that it might be private or not to be public, but assessed values or appraisals wd be public, so I just want to know; was worried when I heard that b/c of I've heard of mtgs being closed when they really shd be open, so maybe you can explain that later.
The third thing is, the workshop on Apr 10 on Rodgers Crk, will be v v important as I heard the presentations are going to be made then, so I know a lot of the public will be interested but might not all be able to attend, so I wondered if that was going to be televised.
SSch: it will be videostreamed, so the livestreaming will be available on the website.  We're also speaking with Shaw TV about having them come in to record.
CR: oh, that's really great.  In the meantime, have a great spring break and holiday.
Thank you.
Mayor: motion to adjourn, Cclr V
VV: Yes; I'm not sure if there's an individual signing up to speak or if I shd make the motion to adjourn.
{mumblings about adjourn; JC seconds}
Mayor: mtg is adjourned
{and that means Mr McT was too late!}
23. ADJOURNMENT [9:19]

Received a plea for help.  It is shocking that they plan to cancel the CBC Radio Orchestra!  We went to the "Love Lost, Love Found", the Valentine's concert at the Chan in February and it was great.  How cd they cancel it when they used it in their presentation re Olympics?
Dear Sirs:
re Cancellation of the CBC Radio Orchestra
It is with great alarm and disappointment I learned of the pending cancellation of CBCRO so I hasten to write and request that this be reconsidered and that the CBCRO continue after November.
The cost it is said, is to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and surely this could be addressed, if finances are uppermost in Mr Steinmetz's and the Corporation's minds, by raising revenue.  Let us explore ways to do this.  Perhaps used elsewhere? on other programmes? rented? Welcome public input as to ways to raise revenue, or even trim other areas with minimal effect -- the costs of the orchestra must be a small part of the CBC's overall budget.
The CBC is a defining element of Canadian society.  So is its radio orchestra -- for over 70 years and the only one in North America.  Part of our heritage!
Yours truly,  Carolanne Reynolds  ------------ call CBC or write to cbcinput@cbc.ca ---------------

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