Apr 14 Ccl Mtg NOTES
Apr 21 AGENDAs
Calendar to April 30+

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Main Items Apr 21st: Public Hearing on Pat's Restaurant site (445 - 23th); Ambleside Village Town Ctr's Proposed OCP for first reading May 26; first reading of Collingwood (Wentworth) Zoning Amendment, Devt Permit, then Public Hearing May 28; Measuring Up Initiative
Vive le Canada (100 years ago); from the EDITOR'S DESK (Bash-Free, WatchLabradoodle, CBs, Spam, Free Speech/Press); AMIMALWATCH (otters, ribboned sea dragons); UPDATES (DWV Salaries, Sport Award Winners); NEWSWATCH (Child brides at ten, Nablus dream house)
=  CALENDAR to Apr 30th (check for changes and updates); bit of May
=  Apr 14th Ccl NOTES: RODGERS Crk DEVT PLAN; Fire & Rescue WG report; Old Growth Conservancy Strategy for Protection; Apr 16 sp ccl mtg moved to May 1; FINANCIAL INFORMATION ACT REPORT (2007 Salaries and Expenses); Five-Yr Financial Plan (Budget 2008) colourful rescind or adopt debate; PQP on Hugo Ray Park (MRIF grant application denied), on $800K CB, my request for a Bash-Free Zone and attempt to find out how/who find out about contracts/tendering/bids......
=  Apr 21st Ccl AGENDAs
=  Correspondents' Corner (Global Warming; WRA -- WVPD and Gleneagles); HERITAGEWATCH (Sidmouth, UK); Language (Word Connoisseur Dies; Long Live the Semicolon!); Haiku; Quotations
=== Vive le Canada === 100 years ago
    1908: January Royal Cdn Mint opens; March, founding of UBC; September, founding of U of Alberta.
===   ANIMALWATCH   ===
=  otters holding hands: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epUk3T2Kfno
=  new creature at the Vancouver Aquarium: leafy sea dragon, weedy sea dragon. ribboned sea dragon?
===..... from the EDITOR'S DESK
>>>  Council Chambers shd be a 'bash-free' zone.  My recommendation after hearing one cclr's accusations during the mtg of bashing staff, a couple of cclrs insult other cclrs and 'experts', at least two cclrs feel insulted.
>>>  Cclr Clark stated that cclrs shd be watchdogs for the public and spending their money -- but keep in mind, I'm a labradoodle!
>>>  Speak up if you want a say in what the money we get from Cmnty Benefits is spent on -- it only took me about 20 years to get Ccls to accept the concept of Uplift, then to have a policy and hope for 75% of increased in value we as residents 'give' to devprs, so that mention made for Ev Dr and 24th and Marine, so now we're focused on 13th & Marine (not much change) and Rodgers Drk -- from 160 or 375 units to 538 or 736 units PLUS uncounted accessory stes/bldgs -- HUMONGOUS increase in value....
>>> SPAM
You must have a spam filter, as we do.
We restricted it so much at one point that even our customers cdn't get through.  It's been throttled back but it still means 90% of the many hundreds of email I get daily are spam and have to be deleted.  As a result of some questions, discovered that our spam filter is deleting over 10K email msgs per day that we don't even see!
Impersonation is the other spam that bugs me.  Especially when it purports to come from me!  The first time it happened I was utterly shocked   Now you just have to shrug it off.  This is, however, my warning to you if you haven't already experienced it yourself.  If you get something from someone you know and it appears strange, if you look carefully, it's likely spam under an assumed name.  Best to check.
>>>  at PEN talk: Free Speech, Free Press in Canada? http://www.seriouslyfreespeech.ca/
===   NEWSWATCH   === from BBC
~ Child brides 'sold' in Afghanistan -- Jenny Cuffe looks at claims that child marriages are on the rise, due to poverty in Northern Afghanistan.   A small excerpt:
"A nine or 10-year-old - you give her away for wheat and two cows."...
... A midwife in the village of Khordakhan, Hanufa Mah, agrees that alleviating poverty is key.
She says she tries to teach parents not to marry their girls too young but some feel they have no choice.
One girl she helped through labour was only 10 years old.
"The girl was so small. I held her in my lap until the child was born," she says.
Rest on the website: http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/em/fr/-/2/hi/programmes/7342902.stm
~  The curse of the Nablus dream house by Aleem Maqbool  BBC News, Nablus
Six years ago, Abdul-Latif Nasif and his two brothers built their family home on one of the hills over-looking the West Bank city of Nablus.  Rest at http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/7309082.stm
===   UPDATES   ===
>>> REMUNERATION AND EXPENDITURES on DWV website: http://www.westvancouver.ca/upload/documents/council_agendas/2008/april/apr14/7.pdf 
Keep in mind: amts are for 2007 so at least 3% more just been passed for this year; some remuneration amts include taxable benefits, etc but benefits are roughly 30% of the base salary.  Nice elevator.
>>> North Shore Sport Award Winners
The North Shore Sport Awards is a celebration of sport achievement at all levels; community, high school, provincial, and international. The awards also include categories for coaching and officiating.
On April 8th, Park Royal hosted the Ninth Annual North Shore Sport Awards. It was an evening full of great stories and recognition to those who have excelled in community sport.  Congratulations to:
Youth Female - Jessica Smith; Youth Male - Dakota Srigley; Coach - John Haar; Athlete with a Disability - Kristina Tammark and DJ Gilbert; Master Female - Olga Kotelko; Open Female - Maelle Ricker; Open Male - Drew Neilson; Comeback - Mark Shorter, Travis Booth, & Sinziana Chis; Master Male - John Hawkins; Youth Leadership - Bo Palmer; Official - Mike Rockwell; Team - WVSS Girls Field Hockey; Fair Play - Chris Weafer; Community Sport Volunteer - Nancy Antonio; Distinguished Achievement - Mike Mahood and Paul Wettlaufer; Lifetime Contribution to Community Sport - Larry Wilson; Spirit of 2010 - Liam Firus 

===  CALENDAR to Apr 30th+  === [at Hall unless otherwise noted; pls confirm to make sure no changes]
On Wednesday, CBC did some filming of our shoreline and creeks.
CBC will run this feature on Sunday night (20th) on the 11pm news on Channel 3 This show will likely be repeated during the noon news on Monday 21st, also on Channel 3.
You might see school children with their teachers on the beach at Lawson Park looking at intertidal life. There will be some shots of Streamkeepers and Shoreliners at the mouth of Lawson Creek and other scenes of Streamkeepers working in Lawson Creek.
We are sure that whatever CBC has selected will be of interest to all of us in West Vancouver who are interested in our shoreline, our creeks, and our salmon. 
WV Streamkeepers would like to thank Bob Nixon and his film crew from CBC who put this all together 
        streamkeepers@westvan.org 604 628 1123 www.streamkeepers.westvan.org      

== WEEK April 19th - 26th:  North Shore Writers Festival in North Shore Libraries
== Sat April 19th
WEST VANCOUVER STREAMKEEPERS -- The Adopt-a-Fish Event is held in Memorial Park in conjunction with Coho Society of the North Shore and with assistance from the Memorial Library from 10am to 1pm. Everyone is welcome to this family event.
== Sun April 20th
        ~ 10am - 3pm ~ Earth Day & Outdoor Celebration at Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr
        ~ 2:30pm ~ Film: "Arthur Erickson, Concrete Poetry" at Roundhouse Cmnty Ctr (Davie & Pacific)
== Tues April 22nd
~ 6pm ~ Metro Vancouver Public Consultation meeting on Waste Management
Metro Vancouver will be holding public meetings to invite comments on the strategies for updating the Liquid Waste and Solid Waste Management Plans.
North Shore Meeting: Sportsplex at Capilano College, 2055 Purcell Way, North Vancouver
Registration will begin at 6:00 p.m. and the meeting will be from 6:30 - 9:00 p.m.
In the first half of the meeting, Metro Vancouver staff will introduce and explain the strategies for the LWMP, followed by a break. The second half will focus on the SWMP strategies. Following each presentation, participants will be invited to ask questions and provide input.
This phase of consultation will build on progress made to date through working relationships with member municipalities and residents in the community who have a specific interest in issues related to liquid and solid waste management.  Further information on the public consultation program and copies of the strategies are available on the Metro Vancouver web site at: www.metrovancouver.org/managementplans

== Wed April 23rd ~ 5pm ~ Finance Cmte [Peters Room in Library]
OR you might want to go to the Chamber's Showcase from 5 - 7pm at Cafe Trafiq
Free but RSVP to Chamber required for appetizer preparation (926 6614)
== Thurs April 24th
        ~ 4 - 10pm ~ YPAC Family Carnival in Ambleside Park (also 25th, 26th, 27th)
        ~ 4:30pm ~ Design Review Cmte
        ~ 5pm ~ NSACDI at DNV M Hall
        ~ 5:30pm ~ Police Bd Mtg in Police Dept Boardroom
== Fri April 25th
        ~ 4 - 11pm ~ YPAC Family Carnival in Ambleside Park    
        ~ 4pm ~ Fire & Rescue WG (check to see if mtg still on after reporting to Ccl)
== Sat April 26th
        ~ 4 - 11pm ~ YPAC Family Carnival in Ambleside Park    
== Sun April 27th
        ~ 10am - noon ~ Super Cities WALK/Run for MS in Ambleside Park 
        ~ 4 - 11pm ~ YPAC Family Carnival in Ambleside Park
== Tues April 29th
        ~ 5pm ~ Heritage WG
== Wed April 30th
        ~ 6:30pm ~ Cmnty Sport Forum -- Hosted by Cmnty Sport WG at Sentinel School Library
        ~ Check to see if there's a ChildCare Forum
The West Vancouver Police Department is proud to be once again hosting the annual Block Watch Captains Meeting on April 30th at Sentinel High School.
As usual we have secured the services of two especially gifted speakers. The first speaker is a local resident and recently retired senior officer from New Scotland Yard. This speaker comes with a world-class resume. He and his company are sought after by business and industry professionals as well as being contracted for advice by national and international governments. He speaks candidly as an authority on security and safety issues, his talk is sure to leave you enlightened and educated.  We are pleased to have the opportunity to bring a speaker of this magnitude to West Vancouver.
The second speaker is a serving Vancouver Police Officer who has developed a unique tool* that will assist the police in getting stolen property returned to the rightful owner. By his own merits he has brought his idea to fruition while simultaneously bringing on board some of the most influential names in Vancouver, not to mention a former Prime Minister.
This message is a request to have Captains, Co-Captains area coordinators and Block Watch residents join us for this very special event. This event will be well attended so please arrive early. We will have to close the doors when we reach capacity.
        {*Wearing my Heritage Hat, this was on display during Heritage Week, called PropertyCop.}
Youth Wk May 1 - 7; BOOKTopia at Memorial Library May 2 - 12
May 3 BC Sp Olympics, NSh Walkathon 10am to noon, Ambleside Park Start
May 7 Finance Cmte 5pm

+++  WV MEMORIAL LIBRARY +++ see www.westvanlib.org
*** North Shore Writers Festival starts Apr 20: See Festival Website.
Writer-in-Residence: Michael Thoma. To book a session (10am - 4pm) call 925-7402.
> Mon 21 -- Spinning Stories: Mary Novik, Jen Sookfong Lee & June Hutton. 7:30pm
> Tues 22 -- Earth Day -- Take a look at our Displays!
> Wed 23 -- Travel Photography Tips & Techniques
David Smith will share tips, techniques, & adventure stories. Bring your camera & manual. David will cover the use of point-and-shoot & SLR cameras, as well as ways to share your travel images.  7:30 - 9pm
> Thurs 24 -- Justice in The Hague: the War Crimes Trials of Slobodan Milosevic & Charles Taylor
Hear Iain Reid, Case Manager of the UN International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. 7:30pm
> Friday 25
*** North Shore Writers Festival Event
Laughing at Ourselves: Arthur Black & Mike McCardell. 1:30pm Festival Website.
-- Philosopher's Cafe: Are our individual environmental steps worthwhile?
With Earth Day just having been held, is it a suitable time to look at what our individual actions can do to support and sustain the Earth? $5 admission. 10:30am - 12:30pm
> Tuesday 29 -- The Irish Theatre: Brian Friel
    Discussion series open to all. 10:30am - 12:30pm, Peters Room. For more info 925-7405.
"The Artists' Salon" -- mixed media; Apr 8 - 20
        Group exhibition of artists from Arts Connection Networking Salon
A North Shore tradition -- students in the IDEA (Industrial Design and Engineering Arts) program at Capilano College add entrepreneurship to their artistic talent to design, create, produce, and sell quality calendars. Proceeds from this project fund a marvellous field trip to view and prowl the fabulous galleries, studios, and ateliers of New York for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 
Come and support the next generation of artists and designers in our midst. 
Opening Reception:  6 - 8pm on April 22;  Artists' Talks: 2pm on Saturday, April 26

+++ SILK PURSE (1570 Argyle) www.silkpurse.ca
April 15 - 27, 2008  "Hand-Hooked Rugs - the Journey Begins"
Rug hooking and carpet weaving is an essential part of Persian art and culture dates back to the ancient Persia but has a long history in Canada. This fiber art exhibit represents the work of over 20 talented Vancouver Rug Hookers who live around the Lower Mainland. It is a collection of hooked rugs, with a harmonious blend of art and function that reflect both creative passion and personal expression celebrating the past and inspired by life experiences.
                Free Rug Hooking Demo: Saturday, April 19th from 12- 4 pm

+++  WV MUSEUM +++ www.wvma.net  +++ Duncan McNab: Modern In Sight -- to May 31

 +++ Don't forget to check out www.kaymeekcentre.com +++

 ===   COUNCIL MEETING NOTES  Apr 14th   ===
o  Added to Item 3 - report from the Manager of Community Planning titled "Rodgers Creek-Proposed Community Benefits and Public Amenities"
o  Title changed for Item 4 to Fire and Rescue Services Working Group Report and memo in Item 4 replaced with the revised memo from the Fire Chief titled "Fire Working Group";
o  Added Correspondence List items (13.1) to (13.3)
[SScholes also said correspondence on old-growth had just been added.]
3.  Rodgers Creek Area Development Plan --  Information to be provided.
{no surprise b/c it wasn't all available at the wkshop Thursday but I wish they'd stop doing this (giving info/docs/reports 'on-table' the night of the mtg so hard for cclrs and impossible for the public -- why not delay the dang mtg until after info is available for public to review -- and for Ccl too!  Ccl even said they hadn't got some of the info until about an hour before the wkshop! and more to come!}  
Mayor: successful workshop last week.
RD: WG has made recommendations; overview report; established Jan 2007, nine mbrs
Planning Dept did Upper Lands Report in 2007; BPP did sieve analysis
landscape shd inform plan; strong cmnty; envmtal, sustainable
~ 55 % of 215 acres remain green; six distinct and separate devt areas, ~1.875M sq ft
{doesn't mention what that figure is but I recognize it as an figure they decided to use as "built", as you'll see later.}
either 538 units as Option A, or 736 housing units as Option B
total sq ftg will remain the same but smaller more available, more moderate, in price
{interesting -- no reference to accessory buildings that won't be counted as units so maybe not in the sq ftg/footprint.  Sop asks about it later.}
mtn pathway and trail network envisioned connecting areas to each other and village and Cypress Village to the west
nine provisions, public places, activity nodes,... diversity, sustainability, ....

The WG having received the overview report made nine recommendations; idea wd be Ccl direct to draw up bylaws; page and a half, perhaps I'll summarize; maybe I shd just read them.
1 - WG commends owners and staff for adhering to direction set out in OCP
2 - WG recommends timely delivery of the mtn path and trail network along with the many and diverse activity nodes along it
3 - WG encourages planning of future village just outside area
4 - WG comfortable with retaining option for Mulgrave School facilities other than a full-sized sports field to be located on all or part of the five acres immediately north; recommends RCrk Area Plan bylaw make provision for such an opportunity; wd have to get a rezoning permit and DP; any school expansion require sensitivity to envmt, impact of traffic, loss of small-lot housing
5 - WG strongly supports Chippendale Rd extension to upper rather than lower Cypress Bowl Rd
6 - WG strongly recommends Option B as it conforms substantially better to the social, envmtal, and economic perspective
7 - WG fully supports encouraging and enabling accessory housing, including by not counting an accessory unit as a housing unit for purposes of density calculation, as the plan conforms better as to social sustainability

{Alarm bells!  so how many over 736 does this mean?  is it not even limited???}

8 - WG strongly supports all sustainability initiatives set out in report and importance of ensuring delivery of green initiatives and encouraging other initiatives over time
9 - WG fully supports the road standards proposed in the report and encourages ongoing diligence that implementation does not stray from the concepts set out.

Add'l recommendations in the Oct 29 wkshop with Ccl
= be permitted to proceed with Areas 1 and 2, eastern side, based on the Rodgers Crk Devt Plan Overview Report dated Mar 7, 2008 wch sets out devt proposals 1 and 2 based on current RS7 zoning on the lands, and
= prior to adoption of amendment bylaw, implementing the proposed Rodgers Crk Area Devt Plan
= subject to Ccl issuance of permits wch include provision for routing of truck traffic to Cypress Bowl Rd
Public Amenity Report we will be receiving this evening from Mgr Cmnty Planning dated Apr 9 is preliminary and requires more work

{Absolutely!  what's the Uplift?  is it realistic or preferential? how much for the cmnty???  hope we'll be consulted about the CBs, not just what but also the amt.}

Sop: one of the better devts in BC; first class
not had enough conversation between staff and BPP on CBs and Public Amenities
we are not partners but going to have ongoing relationship with this dvpr and other opps with this devpr going West
don't think the public amenities anything like what we were expecting
not only for RCrk but for the future
I know BPP money set aside for village concept
requirements for amenities; nbrs, fantastic walkway
village concept in future
impact overall, entire cmnty
RCrk fiscal impact report last week and shd be digested by Ccl, good look by staff and Ccl
number 2 have to sit down -- where are we going with these public amenities?
little bit lowball, not in a mean way -- when you look at it it's low
500 to 700 units --  4000 units in buildout of OCP
need more clarification and understanding
Fiscal Impact Report -- is it beneficial for 700+?
to move along and arbitrarily say, not there yet; shd move, rapid speed, but some homework WE have to do
certainty I've heard from BPP, there will be a traffic mgmt plan, alternate road network for Phase 1 and 2
JC: share kudos to WG; tremendous piece of work; thoughtful, diligent, buy-in from staff, generally from Ccl but some small concerns; quite a unique situation; haven't seen such completeness in my time here; this consultative type of work proven fruitful
one concern I have, and Cclr Sop referred to it, is the connection to Cypress Bowl Rd
so many concerned about traffic, trucks, noise; paramount when connection remain -- trucks out of ppl's line of sight and earshot
a few things, massage themselves out; great piece of work so far
VV: app good work, but they have terms of reference took their attention within 209-acre area; way modern ppl live their lives; they had insightful things to say
our job to take the frame and look at effect this devt as they recommend it wd hv on wider cmnty; didn't, fair enough, not their TofRef
ppl below, we don't mind a new cmnty up there, but want to know what happens to us -- taxes, about our quality of life
Sussex Report re Fiscal Impact answers a lot of that
devt will pay its way, if you don't count the costs of the fifth firehall, I believe that this devt will ultimately trigger
if we ask do we need for this devt, think we will pushed to b/c of liability
takes time to read impact report, really hope public take time to read it
firehall $6M to build and $1.6M to operate, $2.2M on operating basis if paying loan for capital
taxpayers out of pocket about $1M a year; every time we add $400K you add 1% to the tax bill, at least 2% per year more b/c of firehall requirement
will cost rest of cmnty more
what happens to quality of life, down streets, looking for parking spots around Library, Aq Ctr, etc; same per capita use as popn using them; means add'l users, depending option 375 and 736 new households
traffic study says not much difference but I think the ppl living around there wd be quite skeptical
18,000 households we already have; yes, taxes will go up; amenities will be more crowded; public has to be aware of that; not saying shdn't build, saying public wants the facts
add one more category to what I said, from a mbr of public who said if we go from 375 units without increasing density, that predicts the popn increase; but if going to more than double, b/c proposal there of allowing secondary suites; looking at perhaps 900 or more households
OCP topping at 50K and we're at 43 or 44K now; First Nations, their devt cd add thousands
if we add three or four more times expected, perhaps instead of finishing at 50K cd be looking at 10K if we regard this increase in units in the Upper Lands as precedent-setting
do it on this 200-acre parcel but there are four more 200-acre parcels to go
so a mbr of the public raised it, yes if these 700 or so units, allow the increased density on this parcel but don't let it set a precedent, subtract the amt we allow extra here from the balance of the land BPP owns up there; that's v significant; BPP might think twice about what it can afford to do here, if ev extra unit in this devt will be subtracted from the allowable devt on the other parcels -- direct effect on the value of that remaining land
public has to see this, shd look at documents we've been shown that the public hasn't received yet; can't start before public has had time to look at all this, come to terms, think about it....
not that shdn't build, think they'll be nice up there; friends and family might want to buy
the opp to buy is constrained to a third or so of popn b/c of price point -- av price $1-2M and a lot of them over $3M
if now $1.3M median house, ppl wd have to put more money into housing to move up there
so much to digest, to take in; gets confusing with too many numbers or statistics
hope we will defer any bylaws to give public a lot of time to think about all these points
Mayor: not bylaws tonight; just big questions any cclr has immediately
MS: agree with many of the comments said, don't think we shd rush approval even though creative and interesting plan
traffic; can't see you can build 736 residences/units and not have impact on 15th, 21st, and TWay; needs to be addressed
person at Workshop living near Rodgers Crk, 100 trucks a day going past her door; see in paper nearly half not safe; address how construction materials get into the site                               
economic; not exactly a state secret WV's been slow off the mark on Cmnty Benefits [CBs] in rezoning, now have policy public share in enhanced zoning, b/c public creating zoning that's creating the value
On this project we're going from 375 to 736 units, with increase in assessed value from $725M to $895M, that's $175M extra value created by this rezoning

{just a minute -- 375 to 736 units, almost double, and the increase in $ value is only up about a quarter?}

if you use our 75% rule, that's a fairly substantial cheque that shd be accompanying the application
need to hear from staff how these numbers, um, pulling numbers out of hat, uh, these numbers don't add up; b/c clearly significant advantage to the devprs by upzoning number of units from 375 to 736; as said by other cclrs
WV needs definitely to share in that increased value, so that's my short comments
JF: agree with many comments made so far; looking forward to answers from staff and perhaps devpr
have difficulty agreeing with vast majority: prob with no 7
[accessory/secondary] allow rental thereby increasing number of residents and mortgage helper
most of the examples wd happen in post-secondary student popn
take advantage of small lock-off rooms
we don't have that public facility above
wd like some further thought wrt secondary accessibility -- types? only sgl fam, or sq ftg
construction mgmt plan, shuttling workers up
Areas 1 and 2 good; future residents are going to use amenities; service deliveries, fire, police; nice to have some facts to support that, if cd be found; well-known aspect of densification
RD: interesting to hear Ccl's views; wd like to reply to a few points made; not necly for staff report but for discussion purposes
I understand that BPP has asked permission to build a road for the trucks to solve the prob with trucking going through residential areas; think that application is pending; BPP does have a plan
Remind you BPP does own the land, so there will be devt, question is what kind of houses; if continue to build sgl-fam dwellings on that increasingly steep terrain, you'll have an envmtal and visual disaster

{oh, that's a threat.  Italy and Switzerland build on steep terrain without disasters.  (This does not mean I'm opposed to cluster housing or townhouses there, just that I don't accept that argument.) Apparently brought up to dissuade us from sgl fam.}

we're told the zoning mandates 375 units and that's true but also the OCP makes provision for 2.5upa, so far all the recent devts, Whitby, Canterbury, and so forth are all 2.5upa so if the devpr were to apply for sgl-fam dwellings wch he has the right to do and provide certain amenities consistent with the OCP, he cd probably get 2.5upa, quite possible, so the WG operated on the assumption, Option A 538 units per acre, was equivalent to the number of sgl-fam dwellings, detached houses

{Ccl allowed it in past so assumed in future......  and how can 538 units be equivalent to 375 sgl-fam units?  It does need a bit more explanation.  Anyway, I don't think he meant upa, he just meant 538 units, and we all understood that.  What's harder to comprehend, however, is how 375 allowed became 538.  Clever rationale to start at a much higher number.  WG encouraged to operate on that assumption?  No one on the WG referring to 375? or didn't they know about it?  I never heard that figure at the mtgs I went to.  The whole time it was 536 as 2.5upa, not the information Cclr V brought up a part 1.5upa so not 375, really 163 -- must check into those calculations.}

they were thinking in terms of 538 units,

{of course -- the higher the beginning number the higher they can go; v good negotiating tactic}

wch is probably what dvpr/owner cd get as opposed to 375, so you have to understand that, that the 375 is an absolute minimum, the dvpr might be able to get more by complying with certain aspects of the OCP

{The first mtg I went to had a presentation by BPP of 538 as 2.5upa 'allowed'.}

why Option B if BPP willing to build Option A, if not more dense than existing housing across mtn?
OCP mentions envmtal sustainability, consistent with mtnside terrain, don't want flat Saskatchewan-type housing on a mtnside

{but we don't have flat Sask-type housing in the rest of WV, do we?  so why here?  strange comment.}

advantage of A and B is that this kind of mainly multifam devt is consistent with the mtnside; densify in certain areas, remainder green; has to do with shopping; if you don't want traffic coming down the mtn you probably shd densify, that makes possible a shopping ctr, planned for the area just west, the Cypress Village; that and mtn pathway tends to keep the traffic up on the mtn where it belongs

{at the workshop I floated the idea of starting on the shopping village in tandem, phased in to relieve pressure on 15th and 21st wch as you all must know are already congested.}

secondly, if more density, public transit becomes more possible; also possible multifam buildings better heat retention, geothermal heating
Option B, more affordable housing b/c smaller units on the same footprint, as low as 800sf, thus more affordable; going to be fewer cars than with sgl fam detached housing

{this is hard to understand b/c one wd think a couple wd hv the same number of cars regardless of the size of their unit however it's said that smaller units and older couples might have one instead of two cars.}

existing lot sizes quite large up there, 5000 sqft being allowed on 15Ksf lots, and if you have smaller units, 800sf instead of 5K you're not going to have more cars, even if you have more units.

{of course that still assumes a 5Ksf house -- and they cd be varied!}

environmental advantages
and return to devpr is not as great as many think; a dvpr is not going to make as much on an 800sf unit as on a unit 5K or 2500sf

{not on one, but if you double the number that more than makes up for it, doesn't it?}

and many of the Option A townhouses and aptmts are 2500sf, most of them
the average is much higher in Option A than in B
so there are advantages to Option B and to A as opposed to sgl-fam dwellings

{especially for the devpr}

take a choice; Option A or B perfectly acceptable to devpr, will build either; Ccl's going to have to decide
units going to be more expensive, more cars, and less density wd make shopping facilities and amenities and public transit less possible
VV: interested in getting to the bottom of the numbers as Cclr Day has presented them b/c my reading of our OCP, 2.5upa as an absolute max that might be reached under conditions with suitable terrain and the agreement of Ccl
The applicant, British Properties, lists these parcels 1 and 2,  between them 50 acres, as currently zoned are indeed 2.5upa; but parcels 3, 4, 5, and 6, totalling between them about 155 acres, are currently zoned 1.5upa,  so interpreting the OCP as I've been given to understand, that really means per buildable acre, and when you look at what we have here, only 43% built on, so apply that factor to this 300 and some units that we're getting when in reality it comes out to more like 160 units and anything above that based on agreement of Ccl
seems to me that's the basic legal entitlement to build in those lands; anything above that wd be based on Ccl agreeing in exchange for CBs or recommendations of the WG or whatever
when we look at the CBs in exchange for upzoning, the base case shd more like 160 units than something over 300 wrt Uplift
so I don't know if Cclr Day is technically correct or I am but I've got the OCP here, hv read what is zoned what on the submission; we shd get that number clear before we proceed further
RD: gross acres? Whitby, Canterbury based on 2.5upa gross acre
Mayor: based on 1938
RD: he cd apply if able to demonstrate it fills certain goals of OCP
my understanding and WG's; based its assumptions Option A roughly same number of units as existing OCP combination
{you mean accepted those assumptions}
MS: have to admit I share Cclr V's point
I was curious myself; the old part of Brit Props, didn't count unbuildable terrain, creeks and roads, so I went to Mr Stuart before he left for a fair and candid opinion from him.  I posed a hypothetical question and said if he had a 20-acre site that was zoned two houses per acre, and it had a ten-acre  lake on it, does that mean you can build four units on the remaining ten acres
and he said, no, there's absolutely no obligation of Ccl to transfer the zoning of the unbuildable land onto the buildable
this is an important question Cclr V raises, and it's worth getting a proper opinion on it
RD: old part of Brit  Prop, talking about present plans
Mayor: basic that Ccl share this understanding.  Ms Boyle, wd you like to explain what upa means.
GB: variety of answers; based on actual zoning and what does it say today
RS7 talks about min lot size, but has unique provision est'd at 2.5 so you can move that density around on that site; I can see that both answers right -- the one from the former MMgr, but that's not based on the RS7 zone
The RS7 zone wd allow 375 across, and that's combination of the RS7 and RS8 zones, so 1.5 and 2.5; bit unusual
In the RS2 zone, we don't talk about upa or gross acre, but about min lot size instead; to allow variation, a recognition of the difficult terrain in the area
Mayor: does that help? I think a lake is an extreme example, a steep slope different; v imp understanding
VV: we need a legal opinion b/c significant b/c it alters the value of the land and potentially the CBs we might ask for substantially
what we do traditionally is not the same  we're obliged to do legally
need our legal baseline obligations rather than make assumptions that might to the detriment of the value on behalf of residents
RD: wdn't hurt to clarify some of these points
mustn't just talk about upa, I agree with what Ms Boyle said; you can't put sgl-fam detached housing on that steep terrain is just not desirable
you've got to look at some kind of concentrated housing and density transfer and then you have to look at a greater number of units b/c you can't ask a landowner to, v difficult if it doesn't produce the income and profit so he'll walk away

{how likely is that????  be serious!
anyway some wd say fine, we're in no hurry to grow just now.  Keep in mind the dvpr is coming to us to ask.  Our/Ccl's task is to determine what is optimal and if more than current zoning, what cmnty will get in exchange.  Fairly straightforward.  It ought to be expected that a devpr will try to get as much/many as possible -- indeed wd not be a good businessowner if that were not the aim.  That doesn't mean can't agree on CBs that wd actually enhance the nbrhd and at least not be a drain on the rest of the cmnty.}
multifam housing in that area from an envtal point of view and diverse housing and ideas makes much more sense
going to have smaller units, so probably need more of them to provide number of ppl for public transit, shopping facilities, fewer cars
other reasons for encouraging this type of mtnside devt; number of units not the central point, good planning is
Sop: when we worked on Whitby Estates we were asking for change then, asking for alternate lot sizes, asking for parks, for tree maintenance not removing all, proper storm drain mgmt, and on and on; took better part of four years to get there
then better than what happened in Chartwell
BPP came to us quite some time ago about RCrk, and we said you had better look at entire area, complete picture, so Rodgers Crk was born and framework and laid out in overview report
my feeling was that as we moved west, we wd look at basic 2.5upa and systematically allow for devt innovative on steep slope, taking care of envmt, within reason look at number of units that wd foster along with OCP so much popn ev year -- watch devt grow and popn control as we go
we've had spotzoning but we're careful if big and what expectations are
a small unit in that devt, the way it's finished, presented, will not be inexpensive, even the small ones
so what are we actually trying to do
this front, then go around the corner a village so ppl move east west rather than north south
hope will continue that; next devt, number of units and it's right around the corner
staff have to give us a report back truly looking at change from 500 to 700 units, haven't been convinced that's the way to go yet, needs more dialogue in chamber, maybe more input from devpr if they see something we're missing
based on what we have before us, no rush to judgement, have some v positive steps here that shd be acknowledged and the info lacking on the report that Cclr V referred to and I did as well, impacts on the cmnty; that shd be entertained by staff and we shd broaden our horizon in those areas and that will come down to some conclusions
said tonight valuable; get that fair straight talk to BPP as far as amenities are concerned, and all that goes with it, and we can move as long as we get those things answered and the sooner the better
Mayor: recognize the WG for taking us from the 1930s to the 21st century; WG feels adheres to OCP
OCP is of these times; going a long way in a short space of time; good job
WG is saying there are some basics we haven't really had before
integrated nbrhd; paths; working with nbrhd, strengthening the nbrd, moving road, housing alternatives (able to flesh out when Cclr Clark's Housing WG reports in a couple of weeks), green initiatives and sustainability want to consider for ev we do
Ccl has asked for more info: staff summary of fiscal report, I read only cost emergency preparedness, future will
need better understanding of upa and what our baseline obligation is; what buildout looks like
if we're shooting for no more 50K if that's what we can sustain; what will it look like; road network, traffic impact, construction
CBs and amenities, and Ccl's straining to say, will you consider yourselves as part of whole cmnty; it's us, not separate; for betterment of this and cmnty as a whole
Cclr V, we may not feel we're ready but this is long overdue; thanks to WG, they dealt with big questions most want us to think of
back to you, enough for you to think of, Ms Boyle
GB: question of accessory units
Sop: not been defined enough, a) the no of units b) lot size apply to c) sep unit to house d) impact and what cd it be, rental unit or inlaw suite or whatever, density increase -- you're talking to another 100 units; there's a happy meeting place somewhere, can't quite put my finger on it
devpr wd say we can do everything for you; next devt in ten years will have another demand
how many units are truly going to be out there on the final round? haven't got enough
Mayor: Wd Ccl consider referring this to Cmnty Dialogue as well b/c you're digging a little deeper into those issues?
{Great idea, Mayor!}
JC: yes
JF: no 7?
Mayor: in particular, but the whole thing
JC: the whole plan shd be considered by the Housing Dialogue WG
Mayor: okay
VV: agree with what Cclr Sop said, wrt putting secondary suites
we can't go ahead and do that in Upper Lands and not simultaneous the rest; can't make the distinction; look as a whole
two households, not nec two families, and only prop tax for one; that creates all sorts of difficulty, providing subsidized services
need ev to be paying prop tax, one dwelling unit not two, so one prop tax not two; again challenges ability to finance all these services; significant thing to consider
RD moved: Ccl request a staff report, refer report to HDial Cmte, and CB report
shd we have a date?
Sokol: I have a concern about forwarding the entire report to the Housing Dialogue Cmte; they have a fairly full plate and what we're essentially doing is referring one WG report that met 20 times to another; my request to focus that charge down a little bit
{oh-oh; worrisome sign for one of the first recommendations from the new Dir/Planning..... limiting}
Mayor: 7?
JC: if I may, I think I disagree with Mr Sokol, the WG wd not necly comment on the quality of this report but cd extract what's germane to their studies, so to shorten extract from report before giving to them wd be a disservice
Mayor: thank you, consider that as we move forth
RD: staff report wrt questions raised; May 5th too soon?
GB: wd report by May 5th, staff report
CARRIED then RD moved: refer report to Housing Dialogue WG
agree with Sokol, we've studied this 14 mos and 20 mtgs; lay ppl will have to deal with this, obviously public; will take months; read sieve analysis, analysis of terrain, go back to Upper Lands report in 2000; overview report in March -- a lot of reading; can't do overnight; unless semi-informed opinion, worries me
Mayor: that's whole idea
Sop: Housing Dialogue WG, will be valuable recommendations from this WG
I look forward to what this group will say
other things associated with report we have in front of us
give to another WG to thrash around -- what did they find out about infill?
might recommend proper way to go, maybe all right in RCrk but....
but not to challenge them to go through this
spent an inordinate amt of time to get to this doc; v good pieces here; wd like report and if it takes two weeks, so be it
MS: maybe forward report and specifically comment on rec 7
Mayor: wd you consider that a friendly amendment
JF: against this proposed motion; will surprise Cclr Sop but I agree with him
Dialogue WG will inform; imp we get opinion wrt item 7; bylaw may be amended later to whatever we decide
RD: I'll vote for this, Housing Dialogue can give good...
shd mention the accessory housing idea came from some enthusiastic mbrs of the WG, not central, throw it out, what's central is Option A and B, acceptable to WG and dvprs; HDialogue re A or B
Mayor: getting similar recommendations from completely diff WGs
v interested to know this recommendation arose here, might help their thinking, enquiring
similarly the HWG, explore smaller bldgs in order to preserve a heritage house
not about changing ev sgl-fam lot, it's supportable
Cclr Clark, you can let the Housing WG know
JC: not going to take it apart piece by piece, giving odd pages or even!
RD: Ccl refer to WG, look at 6 and 7
GB: staff report, not to WG
JC: let it work itself through; the RCrk continue its good work
take this report to Housing WG and get view over next few weeks
Sop: only 6 and 7, don't want to get it tied up; all I wanted was about accessory bldgs
JC: about all you get
Sop: back in a week
RD: reports received for info
Mayor: and much more to come on this
Sop: we will go through discussion and this picture will enlighten us with BPP
to a broader report? hoping we're going to get that back
Mayor: in first motion
4.   [Update on Fire Dept Shared Services Review WITHDRAWN] Fire and Rescue Services Working Group Report
RECOMMENDED: be received for information and that staff review the recommendations in the Working Group Report and report back to Council
JC: met almost weekly; did an amazing job
Chair: brief overview;
fire response standards and regulations
significant for us, aspects of WV affect -- long narrow stretch, sea level to 1200ft; difficult small narrow roads
O/T costs high in recent years
we recommend four halls and four crew per truck be maintained
add four more firefighters, currently 88 analyzed shifts
hand in hand is our request to increase staff flexibility to reduce O/T; measurable; contingent on achieving this reduction of O/T
28% sick leave and WorkSafe
{v high number off work wch of course means a lot of O/T if not given flexibility in shifts.}
quicker access to diagnostics and treatment
study to compare; expedited private health care
potential add'l sources of revenue; get portion of new carbon tax b/c of hwy
expand, provide better info for new homes so safer for firefighters in a new dwelling
2008 renovations at Hall No 4 for Co-Ed facilities, recommend 2009 completion
E-Comm merits further consideration
signif future costs: vehicles, replace firetrucks, mntnce, expectations; seismic upgrades 3 of 4 halls
annual add's to reserve acct; seeking contributions from devpr and prov govt -- hwy and ferries
WV has an ageing popn, likely higher number of calls for medical aid, that's why a smaller response vehicle
F&R better cooperation with BC Ambulance; share services where efficient
wd not be a good? use of time
Concluding comments {Please see report attached to this item on the agenda}
Sop: logical, some of the recommendations
never were addressed; outside union negotiations
need new training ground or any of the cost factors, cd come by way of a really good biz plan
Report back to Ccl
5.         Old Growth Conservancy 'Strategy for Protection' - Recommended Courses of Action            RECOMMENDED THAT:
1.                Approval be granted for the retention of Trail "A" in the southeast corner of the Old Growth Conservancy, as shown in the Appendix attached to the report from the Park Programs Manager dated April 2
2.                  Staff work in partnership with the Old Growth Conservancy Society and the North Shore Mountain Bike Association to clarify the route of Trail "A" and safeguard conservation objectives established by Council for the Old Growth Conservancy.
[Corinne Ambor and Alan Bardsley]
CA: June 2006 old growth strategy approved
trails removed and replace by a new trail [slides]
Society formed to help with mgmt, done Dec 2006
many cmnty events, will see them on Earth Day, Sunday
met ev month; success story of conservation
discussions insightful and passionate; learning and sharing of ideas; breaking new ground
rerouting of rec trail
took over a year of discussion, site visits, exchange of information
recreation, lure of mtn biking
decided to keep trail where it is, Trail "A"; result of some v thorough discussion
two interests: recreation and conservation; managed to work together
ongoing education of the public; opens door to grant applications
been a privilege and learning experience to work with such a diverse and X group
AB: tremendous opp; opened up lines of communication
Corinne has done a superb job bringing these two groups together
onsite reviews with OGCS, DWV staff, Mtn Bikers
first considered a new trail outside the conservancy and made no sense to move the trail wrt impact
best to position Trail A to accommodate and decommission B, skid road
trail cd be used for education; approved by Board but not unanimously; discussed at AGM in January
Sop: why permit use of?
CA: been in use for 15 years; staging area; use exists; cd block off but same forest so why duplicate impact some meters away and no guarantee it wd be used
past practice has shown that when you decommission, if you station someone there
AB: basically there b/c of parking lot, or it wdn't be there
Sop: trails and education; bottom almost touching bike area -- too steep or?
CA: cd be done, but cost
Sop: been accepted? anxious to see what plans you have for this beautiful area
CA: keeping this trail as a recreational area does .... opportunities
JC: short of someone at each end of the trail, how does it work?
CA: if you give a viable alternative; Trail A is already the alternative; B is already growing in
if A filled in; parking lot 5 provides ....
JC: take their mind off it and they'll go through
[Sop made motion]
JF: can imagine amt of focus; concessions; how rewarding to learn other side's perspective and the awareness; will be best for old growth in the long term
how we can continue to strengthen relationship with the mtn bikers
RD: plsd with motion and how reached; Ms A and Mr B attended some of the RCrk WG mtgs and the mtn bikers have been conscientious.
mention Streamkeepers active with Rodgers Crk, wrt streams and mtn bikes
Mayor: I want to thank Corinne Ambor; many have thanked you for being involved

6.         Cancellation of April 16 Special Council Mtg and Scheduling of May 1, 2008 Special Council Mtg  -- Sp Mtg scheduled for Thurs, May 1 at 10am

7.         Financial Information Act Reports 2007 (File:  0907-01)
RECOMMENDED: THAT Council approve the schedules and statements included in the Statement of Financial Information for 2007, as attached.
JC: expenditures, salaries, funds to suppliers
great anxiety on part of some to see these
Sop: based on prov instructions, Police remuneration indefinitely suspended?
RL: not under the regulations, not to be published
Sop: new?
RL: think this is the third year, at least two years
Sop: salaries not lead us anywhere to understanding; picture of process
in delivery of non-exempt staff, gross paid and includes salaries, payouts and entitlements
what criteria have you provided to us re exempt staff re yearly increases?
any data in relationship to performance monitoring and the like?
how we see the growth of salaries, hv bn a matter of concern for several ppl and wd be helpful to me
RB: wrt exempt staff separate from this; exempt is followed by policy and reported out on an annual basis
Sop: when we next approach, whatever form it takes, we can find out how taken place
RB: at time salaries are considered
Sop: great grand look at budget, this is not pertinent? we have to wait once a year to hear this?
RL: point we tried to make last week; impact on budget, this is not a good one to do that
retro payment for 2006; not a good place to find the info

{so where is the good place to find the info???  This finally arrives on table at adoption and it's not indicative? not what had been asked for?}

Sop: I want to know what doc cd be given to me, so better understand situation
Susan Ney: I actually provided a history in Feb and can... 2002
when passed, we'll bring that back before for 2008
right for 2006, one is retroactive, 2005, found behind the market, adjustments not made until 2006, a number of positions got a marked increase
specifics for the directors were provided in camera given personal
thought we had provided what you were looking for
Sop: is the only information I can receive as to how increases put forth is in camera mtgs
SN: given personal, yes, in camera
exempt follow the inside/outside lift and market review ev three years; next fall of 2008
review in Coq and we've fallen behind again,  and behind the two other NSh Ms
attraction and retention concern for us; we are paying 60% percentile, basically the average, is 1 to 2% above the average
City of Vancouver and City of Richmond and others are starting to move towards 75% percentile b/c difficulty attracting mgmt staff
Sop: my concern not whether low or high, what I want is how you get an interpretation of a growth, what you use as stepping stones, shd be put in front of the taxpayer b/c they're footing the bill
to say that's privy to in camera, I don't-- when you/we have negotiations, Ms Ney, we know what they are; to the mtgs and spelled out there's percentage to 2011
SN: and those were in camera
JF: in camera
Mayor: you are beginning to talk about things that are in camera
if performance measures, this Ccl v keen to make a priority when the new CAO starts as is he
Ccl direct role; we help CAO to evaluate the directors; directors conduct performance reviews/assessments of their staff
in all of our collective experience, benefits to be linked to biz/corp plan
for now, this report somewhat flawed, b/c you can't exactly tell salaries, includes other things
Sop: I understand what you're saying but I'm not buying it for one minute -- why does process have to be in camera?
SN: every time, external review
if Ccl resolution holds steady a market review; no implementation or changes until 2009
process to date with full support of Ccl; moving forward with other things you might need.

8.         5 Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 4549, 2008             
            This bylaw received first reading at the March 17, 2008 Council meeting.  At the April 7, 2008 Council meeting the bylaw was amended, read a second time, as amended and read a third time.
RECOMMENDED: THAT "[Five-]Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 4549, 2008" be adopted.
[PLEASE DEFER!  Cclr V just back and we need not only to get all the information we've been asking for, but at least a week to review it!!! Cclrs Clark and Sop wanted a deferral Apr 7, and am sure Cclr V wd have too, so now we have to depend on the Mayor -- and her commitment to the public to give more time -- there's still more than a month till the deadline.]
George Pajari: tyvm, Your Worship, Mbrs of Ccl
at a past mtg to discuss the budget there was a backgrounder circulated that our staffing levels are 16% higher on a per capita basis than our nbring Ms and it was explained, Your Worship [YW], some of the reasons for that, but I was wondering, if YW cd explain given that we have 16% more staff, why our HR Dept is 70% larger on a per capita basis than our nbring Ms.
SN: our dept only one that also includes payroll and only one on NSh to have six collective agreements responsible for: we have Transit, we have Rec Services wch the other two don't, and our own Police Services.
surprised to hear you say that we're larger; if you take payroll out, cuz we did do a review when we were encouraging [?] we cd hire an HR assistant and in that review found we were quite low and actually when we looked right across Metro Vancouver, we're probably a third the size of other HR teams, and many don't do payroll as well, so wd be interested where you got your info from
GP: understand significant FTEs assigned to payroll; other Ms outsourced and show up in other depts?
SN: not my understanding; we've certainly got timekeepers;
{we in gallery listening didn't quite understand payroll --> timekeepers}
peppered throughout the organization; our payroll team is two fulltime and one casual employee, handling 650 FTEs and probably another 400 casuals and temps
GP: other Ms wd have payroll teams, are you saying--
Mayor: I think we've provided a v good answer--
GP: you have--
Mayor: the danger in making comparisons without understanding what makes up those different categories
{so this means needs a whole lot of interpretation just as the remuneration does???  Looks like we're not just dealing with apples and oranges, rather a whole fruit basket!!!}
GP: I understand--
SN: those payroll depts are typically covered under Finance, so wd show up under Finance FTEs.  My apologies, I shd hv answered through the Chair.
GP: thank you, YW, and through you to the Dir/Finance, has the M received a GFOA award for the budget booklet as opposed to the annual report?
Mayor: no, you know that it's for the annual report and Cclr Ferguson made that error and she meant to say, the annual report in the debate last week.
JF: no, I didn't.  I just simply made an error, wch I discovered later.
Mayor: thank you
GP: well, I was also concerned when, perhaps, for whatever reason, a statement during the budget process is made, that is false, when staff realizes this has happened, why a correction isn't made at that time.
Mayor: I did make that correction, and I also referred to the budget wch we wd like to be award-winning for in the future, and I think I mentioned we'd won the award two years in a row for the annual report
GP: right, but you hadn't mentioned that we had not won the award for the budget booklet
Mayor: I said that it was the annual report
GP: so when Cclr F stated that--

{...An incensed G clarifies: The Mayor made no such correction. She did say that DWV had won two GFOA awards for its annual reports, which is true, but she let stand Cclr F's false statement that DWV had won awards for budget reports. Not only is it frustrating the Mayor would claim to have corrected the false stmt when she had not, it was more frustrating that during last week's discussion in which a member of the public said the budget document was deficient, Cclr F dismissed that complaint by asserting (falsely) that the budget documents had won awards (to support her position they were stellar). When deficiencies in reporting are countered by a Cclr making up awards/qualities to support her argument and the Mayor and staff, who know the Cclr's counterclaim is false, say nothing to correct the impression, one is left wondering what other misleading claims/statements have been made without anyone knowing or making the effort to set the record straight for the public.
...Your Editor muses: maybe there shd be an accepted procedure for clarifying what someone says -- our prev CAO often jumped in to set the record straight.}

Mayor: excuse me, is this to do with our Five-Yr Financial Plan, your next question?
GP: yes, my next question is to the Five-Yr Fin Plan process, maybe not this year b/c it's too late, but the statement was made last week that one of the cclrs cdn't imagine any way it cd be improved, and I assume since we now know that the budget booklet has not won any awards, that maybe there are some ways the budget process cd be improved, and that cclr is now aware of these ways.
JF: but still, none that I cd imagine.  I'm sure there are better minds than mine that cd.
Mayor: mbrs of Ccl are entitled to making their own statements, making their own mistakes, wch they usually admit, and I wd say that we are always trying to improve our process
GP: so may we expect that next year's budget booklet might try to achieve the minimum recommendations of the GFOA
Mayor: well, you heard us say last week that we're keen to get going on that.  I don't know what the minimum recommendations of the GFOA are. Mr Laing?
RL: that's typically a multi-year process in terms of the resources that are required to get that in place.  We are, we actually did get a start in some respects for 2008 but in terms of, ah, I guess having a budget doc that we felt was in any kind of shape to send off to GFOA for judging, we're definitely not there yet.  Our annual report took three years of work each year improving and adding to it, and it did qualify.  Am expecting similarly, the budget doc will take the same.  It requires significant staff resources to put those [kinds] of docs together, v significant--
GP: thank you
Carolanne Reynolds: tyvm.  Well, if we had/find the binder, we cd have some idea, more [info/details] of course.
{The Finance Dept told me they have NO copies in their files of the budget binders the ratepayer groups used to get.  Hm.}
I first of all want to update and thank the Dir/Engg and Mr Sokol for providing me with the list of the M-owned land; it's v much appreciated and thank you v much.
Secondly, want to thank Mr Laing for having provided me with an answer to a question I'd asked before, the CB amt from Millennium [$2.5M from Ev Dr Devt].
One answer I still don't have is how much will the MDr Gateway cost.  We now have the answer that $1M of it is coming from Millennium. 
The second question I had was that, that was answered, that I didn't even know what had been the question, was that $800K of the Millennium CB apparently has been given to the Youth Band portion of the Cmnty Ctr.  So it's gone to fund -- the Youth Band's great -- but it's gone to fund part of the Cmnty Ctr, and are they going to pay that back b/c they were supposed to raise the funds? but more importantly, when the CBs for Ev Dr came up, the understanding, it was implicit, there'd be cmnty input, at least you wd hear opinions from the public as to what to put [use] that money for.  And I asked some ppl and nobody said they had recommended it go to the MDr Gateway or to the Cmnty Ctr, so I wonder about the process, not just about what has happened, but what about the rest of the money?  will the public have some say how the CB money is spent?
Mayor: first of all ask Mr Barth about the MDr Gateway
EB: budget for that project, appeared in the capital plan info that was circulated to Mayor&Ccl and the public, is $1.3M and maybe some change,
{I saw much higher figures at PRAC mtgs; maybe this doesn't include the landscaping portion; will check.}
and the difference between what we're getting from the amenity contribution is being made up from other contributions such as TransLink and some of the work on the storm sewer is being funded through the utility.
Mayor: wrt our budget, globally, revenue that comes in and then how it is prioritized, Mr Laing?
RL: wrt amenity contributions?  Arose in the difficulty exercise in balancing the Five-Yr Capital Plan and that Plan, as Ccl will remember, was initially circulated on Feb 4th, presented in Chambers, and was circulated to the public for their info.  That plan did not balance notwithstanding that a $1M of the Millennium contribution was proposed to be offset against the Amb Gateway project.  We did further work on that plan, received comments from the public essentially around the golf facilities.  Staff continued to work on the plan, came up with a set of principles by wch we balanced it, we talked about deferring signif projects forward to a five-yr exercise later on this year, and one of the aspects that did get finalized in the interim was the funding around the Youth Band space in the Cmnty Ctr, and when we came back to Ccl with Version 2 of the capital plan, proposing how it might be balanced at that time -- that was Mar 3rd -- then again in Ccl we did provide V2 of the capital plan.  We talked in detail about all of the revisions that had been made to the previous plan, and one of those revisions was the details of the Youth Band space and that $800K of that funding was now coming from the amenity contributions.  That was all fairly clear in all of our dealings in the final--

{quite apart from being expected to read the whole Version 2 wch was on-table so during a ccl mtg, the point is there was NO public discussion by Ccl or any request for input on the Community Benefit (CB) money from the Ev Dr devt.}

Mayor: if you--
CR: tyvm to Mr Laing b/c I did receive that information this afternoon--
Mayor: --then you knew that answer
CR: No, no, not ALL of that, and I meant the $800K was to the Cmnty Ctr,
{a fact I was not aware of; it was included in the memo to me I guess b/c another part of the CB spent/allocated -- means we only have $700K left unless they've already earmarked that without consultation or our knowledge.}
but that's not my question.
My question is, for Cmnty Benefits (CBs), isn't there supposed to be some sort of public involvement wrt what the CB is spent for/on, and that's why we wanted to know how much was Millennium's [CB], how much has been used, how much is left, and will there be an opportunity for the public to make suggestions or give you input as to what you decide.
RL: these are the only two allocations of CB money so far
CR: and that's why concerned.  Do you think the rest will be discussed in public?
Mayor: I think I wd like to conclude this discussion by suggesting the budget is where Ccl in concert with the cmnty sets priorities and allocates money,

{but seems the conductor is leading a blinkered orchestra for part of the concert....}

so I don't foresee as we move into an era of enhanced CBs and enhanced cmnty amenities, going through a process other than the very public budget process for allocating money.  That's not to say that suggestions might not arise in Ccl's debate as we saw tonight with Rodgers Crk, but I think it wd be perhaps unwise to attach commitments right off the bat and not view CBs as broad and as intended to benefit the general cmnty; but right now I'm going to return to our motion--

{I didn't say "attach commitments right off the bat" or that CBs weren't to be broad or for the general cmnty, indeed what I'm urging is in fact the the cmnty be involved in deciding where to spend CB money!  Staff negotiated $2.5M wch many thought was rather low in the first place when going from 56 sgl-fam homes to 349 dwelling units and now it appears staff had allocated most of it.  Ccl just accepted it without comment or alerting the public or making them aware any choices. }

CR: I agree that--
Mayor: --have this discussion again another time--
CR: I agree it's broad, I just wanted to maintain [ascertain] that when you are considering Community Benefits, that the public [cmnty] is involved
The other questions I have, I'll wait till PQP.
Mayor: all right; moving then to item No 8
{that's the item we're on; MS moved motion}
VV: I'd prefer to move an amendment that we rescind third reading so we can discuss it
Mayor: is there a seconder for rescinding the budget bylaw?
Sop: second
VV: haven't allowed sufficient opp to discuss this, not normal to do second and third reading on the same occasion and I think it's been done in advance of releasing this financial information just released this to public this evening under the previous item 7 and there shd be at least week before going to third reading; haven't got process in logical order, need to allow at least a week to adopting this bylaw
MS: I cannot see any possible reason why the info as to what a fourth year firefighter got paid last year, benefits and holiday pay, is going to open up the light to economic salvation
{again exaggeration; variation on a theme -- last week was magic bullet}
one of the reasons I think this budget has to be passed.  Last year, like a bolt form the blue cut half a per cent, 2.95 to 2.45 but made no change in the way the District operated.  Didn't direct staff to cut anything; continued to roll along, stumble along really so the inevitable happened.  In Nov, had to pass a bylaw for three times as much as the tax cut and it had to come out of reserves

{well, perhaps referring to the Fire Dept with its hundreds of thousands of dollars of overtime since about 30% of firefighters off for various reasons and the beleaguered Chief not given flexibility of scheduling to mitigate, but half a mil was wrt the termination of the Police Chief and not all of that was in the budget passed so wdn't have mattered what percentage.}

that is not a budget process.  I'll be damned, I'll take that back, I'll be darned if I'm going to sit and acquiesce while the same thing happens again
so let's go over process we've been on
first of all Fiscal Task Force recommended 3% increase based on CPI

{yes, recommendation.  Not a must.  As Cclr Clark pointed out last week, and as the Mayor points out at the end of the mtg.  Quite apart from the fact, Ccl can do what it wants and even can change its mind.  It's a free country.  Some mbrs of Ccl might not like to be just a rubber stamp.}

a long time ago; Ccl agreed, staff brought in a budget of 3%; three areas not covered -- add'l resources for police, fire, and for parks and rec to fund new cmnty ctr
staff correctly said we need direction as to how you want to handle that
Ccl properly went out said if you have some idea we'd like to hear them
had public mtgs, met with staff, delivered msg if we funded those services, wd be 5.1%; wasn't going to fly
so staff found 80% of the savings; not fat, legitimately need to be funded
now to a budget that allows for a tax increase of 3.5% or $8 a month for the av home
question is not the $8 month, it's where do we go from here
reality is clear; prev Ccl, elected to have their own police dept -- higher staffing than nbring districts; we've gone from a volunteer Fire Dept to one with 107 employees, own bus system, a parks and rec dept, built state of the art facility in Gleneagles, building one in new cmnty ctr, wonderfully used srs' ctr and library; music and arts festivals and I'm not speaking against any of these; somebody's got to pay for them
incumbent on those who don't want to vote for this budget, put hand up and here's what we want to cut; that's why I get exercised b/c I don't think anyone can rationally argue the budget process has not been long, laborious, open, and eminently fair

{well, there just happens to be this tiny itty-bitty niggling fact that information intended to be provided last fall was not available -- as Cclr Smith v well knows b/c that's why many Fin&Audit Cmte mtgs were cancelled.  Then material this year has had to be asked for over and over.  Still not all supplied or all answers given.  Sometimes info on-table making it rather difficult for Ccl and staff to review to come up with suggestions of where to cut.  Even tonight -- at adoption! -- more info!  Some even on Ccl want more explanation of salary steps and increases -- and that cd affect 2008.  I suggested if you're committed to 3%, make it an average and then based on performance/productivity give senior staff raises between 1% and 5% so average is 3%.  The way it is now, staff just ride the escalator up with little or no accountability along with a guaranteed increase.....}

I come back to if you want to make change, no doubt there are inefficiencies, it's well over a $100M org and there's no org in the world one-tenth of the size that doesn't have inefficiencies, that goes with the territory
We have a new CAO who was Secy Treas in a large Sch District, and if Ccl feels there are inefficiencies, then we can ask the new CAO to look into it, deliver a report, and have a debate, but to just fly from the hip, not pass this bylaw without making any alternatives, doesn't fly, makes no sense
JF: in opposition to rescinding; ask if normal pass second and third reading at same mtg, it's common in my experience
I agree with everything Cclr Smith has said
Sop: surprisingly enough this is the year, it's enlightenment for me; shd be for everybody on the basis of generous application of thought to the budget process, and it has been
my position is not necly the percentages so much about process and how we do biz this year
great smarts in this cmnty and staff to present us with a budgeting process; saw concern higher percentage and staff came back finding areas where they cd meet demand
one in infrastructure, from $7.5M down to $7M off infrastructure budget
2009, that will be $7.8M and so back and so budget will go on
Mr Laing is aware of the regulations coming up; have to adopt new principles; am sure you're going to do that
when Cclr Smith says stand up and find spots, v difficult to find consideration for me when we don't have the material and the breakdown based on a system for the infrastructure
all changes but can't accept how done process up to now; hasn't give us complete picture; we have not had the tools to go ahead and make those sound decisions that we need to do for now and the future, b/c we are facing each year, a significant increase and over inflation
to sustain it, how? process has to change; to say this is the only process, it is not
in my books, staff in all due diligence shd go back to the drawing board and you shd look at 3.5 and if we put a hammer down here and look at a new method, we can surprise not only this Ccl, this taxpayer, throughout BC and they'll start looking at the new process, the way they in fact budget
always this is the wrong thing to do; I think differently and I'm not going to support
VV: this was connected with a motion to rescind third reading so it wd be possible to discuss the budget back at second reading but ev discussing it anyway, make my remarks here or do I leave it?
Mayor: wd hv to be pretty compelling reason so that's why discussion
VV: that's the point, rescind so we can recommend
don't think we have a mandate for this tax increase; 30% say can't afford any prop tax increase, reluctantly service cuts, that's 5000 households
next 60% said will not pay more for enhanced services but some increase only if nec maintain services they have.
That doesn't sound like a popn ready to put out more than a cost of living increase and I don't see as their trustees that we have the right to do it, so that's from the point of view of representing the public
so what to be cut out?  this comes up ev time; also been suggested we don't have any ideas
looked at Fiscal Sust Task Force a year ago and they listed 40 things we shd do, and we've done about half of them underway
we can't make good mgmt decisions b/c we don't measure properly; mgmt staff don't do timesheets -- we don't know what we're buying for this amt of money and salaries and benefits are 80%.  Can't solve this if we don't know what they're doing; what activities doing, what cost
I've asked us before, what do our WGs cost in staff time; no answer
what does it cost to maintain Whytecliff Park? well, we don't do the acctg like that
staff time on issue such as Hugo Ray Park? we don't know
never any answers; if you can't measure it, you can't manage it
can't make good mgmt decisions if we don't have the info; we don't know what to cut out if we don't know what things cost
my reason for not supporting the budget or any budget that doesn't have as the underlying basis, adequate information, particularly the timesheet issue.  I was in govt 30 years ago when it was new to introduce timesheets.  This is tired, old, routine that ev in biz, govt, or otherwise does, but for some reason we haven't got there yet.
want to say to public I just don't think we've justified the taxes we collect as they are now, when we can't look at what spent on
Mayor: it's disappointing to me we wd expect so much staff time, so many public opps, and following up on a survey, and then act this evening as if we don't have any info

{pardon us; it's not that we haven't any info, it's that we haven't ALL the info or particular info requested}

I've been diligent in following up with liaisons WGs, those WG have mobilized, dollars returned to us
when I ask staff leaders giving up evenings, they say they cannot do it without the cmnty
signif improvement; stretching the taxpayers' investment

{do we know if staff count their time at cmte/WG mtgs in the evenings and on Saturdays?  I've been told they do (and a few don't).  Is that O/T? banked time?  who knows? where's it reported?}

Mr Barth leaves this mtg and prepares his own reports
you have to say wch roads you don't want maintained, wch swimming lessons cancelled
if you want to put WV on the map, work with new TransLink Bd
we're the canary, b/c tax on prop; if do right thing, five year plan to get us out of prop tax
pressure from regional govts
if anything we shd be fiercely clinging to the level of service to the cmnty
more powerful groups that will be taking more...
no question we have a hardworking staff, need to know they are valued, and what I hear from the public, they are
JF: can't help asking question
timesheets 30 years ago, reason govt so efficient with its money?
don't see similar effect on M govt, I'd say, heaven help us

{cheap shot; see Footnote attached to my comments at PQP.  Anyway, not just that Ccl V worked in govt, perhaps Cclr F forgets that if we then generalize, politicians hardly have a higher reputation for efficiency than bureaucrats.}

Sop: find it rather difficult, b/c one looks at a budget and wants to do best to reduce for the public that that in some way interprets that we do not have a v qualified staff.  I fail to find that connection.
I know and have experience over my 12 years; utmost great pleasure working with great staff not the issue
do we have the ability to look at a new way of financing or continually 3% forever more?
not going to stay at 3%
is this the right method? I think we can do better
next year going in a new direction...
here's a new direction folks, not about their ability
Mayor: need concrete; you and I know how willing staff are to understand where staff are coming from.
RD: talked about his last week and again tonight
get the impression, small well-financed v vocal groups who seem to have privileged access to the press bashing away at staff and Ccl and this and that; somehow Ccl's helpless; find it all absurd
If we introduce timesheets, half our staff wd leave, given labour market right now, hard to get/hire any back in

{'bashing' above referred to in PQP, another Footnote.
as to staff leaving, that's outrageous!  Not that I'm suggesting for our staff but I've run a consulting company and that's just normal practice (as VV rightly points out later) for billing and if done throughout the day wd not likely add more than a minute or two.
Do keep in mind that some said when the prov govt wanted to cut hospital workers' rates by 10 to 15% b/c higher than rest of Canada, the fear was put out that they'd leave.  Hardly any did.}

we have lowest tax increase in the Lower Mainland; Vancouver a little lower b/c strike so saved money, and Langley lower b/c casino; NV had 4.5% a full percentage higher than we did
getting good value; see it all the time, dedicated, good hard-working staff, nothing's perfect never total efficiency; you can't quantify and stand over ppl and measure everything they do; ppl won't work that way, you have to trust them to work hard, sure you do measure to some extent, and you do have performance evaluations but you have to have situation make decisions, ppl can follow their own judgement; not constantly supervised
WGs are the biggest bargains in the history of WV
WGs able ppl, Rodgers Crk sitting with ppl normally paid tons of money, and they're working for free
RCrk, Amb, Fire WGs, Childcare, they're going to change face of WV
helping us to plan WV and work for future, make it more outstanding
most realize we have good staff, conscientious Ccl, facilities envy of the world; they're well maintained and well supervised
JC: last week I made a motion to defer this discussion until late Apr, early May, in light of offered two extremely fine financial minds to aid in the discovery, hope, tax reduction methods, areas of improvement -- that motion failed
Cclr Smith was quoted in NSNews -- and speaking of the NSNews, my last name's Clark, no E {some laughter}, first name John -- the qtn in the paper was from Cclr Smith that Cclr Sop and I who voted in favour of that motion, we were accused of political posturing.  Frankly, I take great exception to that, I feel what we were trying to do last week and what I expect we're trying to do again this week is exactly what we were put here for in the first place, to look after public funds, to be the watchdog,

{join the ranks, Clark!  I'm a labradoodle myself.}

to ride herd on staff, or whatever it takes, that's what we're here for; we're representing the public, the ppl who pay.  I don't see that as political posturing at all
The other thing is, the word irresponsible was introduced into the discussion last week -- again, roughly the same answer -- not to pass this budget until ev rock has been turned over and examined what's underneath it, in the hopes that there's something there that will save a few bucks, that we cd do something a little differently, and again like Cclr Sop, I'm not criticizing staff -- we've got some of the best staff, I'm sure, in the biz.  No doubt about it.  But.  There's always the chance that you can do something different, do something better, do something cheaper, and we're denying these ppl, who say they probably have some answers, the opportunity to present them.  What kind of sense does that make?  and we've got time to do it.
if they can't find any answers, we can still go back to 3.5!  in a heartbeat.  Thank you.
VV: not sure if I was asked a question through you by Cclr F or not; but having heard Cclr Day's remarks on the matter of timesheets that if we asked our staff to tell us how long a particular task takes, we shd presume they will simply leave, I find that extraordinary, b/c the ordinary biz professional in the commercial world always rates, hourly rates.  Anyone wanting to hire a plumber or lawyer, you certainly learn what an hourly rate is all about.  I just find it extraordinary that we shd insist on remaining in some kind of isolated bubble, away from the financial reality of the ordinary work-a-day world.  I'm a little bit baffled we shd insist on this isolation from financial reality in terms of the time value of money,
{she means money value of time (not interest)}
so if it amuses Cclr F so be it, but I just want us to move along in the world in a biz-like way as everybody else
MS: don't want to get into a debate with Cclr Clark; genuinely sorry he took issue with my remarks, but, frankly I stand by them.  To suggest that two mbrs of the public -- I frankly find it insulting, you know I spent eight years on Sch Bd, 40 in biz, all of them in finance, budgeting, and management, and I successfully run my own businesses and I'm happy to rate my track record of success in biz with anybody on the fiscal interested taxpayers' cmte -- to suggest that two mbrs of the public can come up in three weeks, knowing absolutely nothing about this M's finances and find millions of dollars in savings--  Cclr Clark's been on this Ccl for, this is his ninth year, if that simple why hasn't he done it before now?  It's frankly insulting.  I've worked damn hard here for the past two and a half years, and I'm not going to sit idly by while someone suggests that somebody who hasn't got a clue what he's talking about, come up and in three weeks refloat the Titanic.

{Footnote again, No 3.  Makes me think of the Hindenburg.
Cclr Smith finds it insulting? what about the residents, bankers with JP Morgan, etc as 'not having a clue'?  Insults aside, why not welcome any help you/we can get?  Why weren't more of the FSTF recommendations followed?  why weren't things changed last year? why did your F&A Cmte not meet its target of documentation/info/material last fall so public consultation in November as their timeline at the F&ACmte mtg in September indicated?
Maybe some unavoidable things happened and it had to be delayed, but it doesn't mean you throw offers of help in faces!
Be gracious about the offer, say we can look into how they cd be of help since the cmte has already, no, make that finally, been appointed.
There are subcmtes, you know.
and the FinCmte is hardly exhibiting signs of a sense of urgency by meeting once a month (met in Mar and may have two mtgs in Apr).
It's not what ppl say, it's what ppl do..............}

That's just not on.  I'm sorry you take offence to my remarks; I frankly take offence to the suggestion that somebody who doesn't have a clue about the finances of this M can find millions of dollars in savings from a standing start in three weeks
RD: suggestion was we bring in a couple of bankers, volunteering to put things right; I'm sure they're v competent.  I cdn't help thinking that the economy of the world right now is reeling, and moving into a depression b/c of the follies of bankers and financial experts, and if that's the case, how are they going to save WV?
{bit of laughter and applause; but footnote another bash, alas}
Mayor: important to recognize we have a process for appointing mbrs to a cmte, all mbrs of Ccl look at those
we have six fine mbrs of the cmnty on the Finance Cmte
we have to honour the process and who is serving in that capacity
if there's been one thing that has consumed staff time, it has been this budget
we are criticizing staff if we say at this point, the effort wasn't good enough, b/c it was excruciating, and it goes from the Director right down
all of their suggestions came forward this year; we are trying quite a few new things, and we have stopped doing some things; we have rolled four positions into two
we've cut at least a million dollars from this year's budget and cut $1M last year
v challenging; we're trying to diversify, precisely by appointing a non-profit society to run the Cmnty Ctr so we'll see quite a different financial picture, I hope, for Parks and Cmnty Services within a few years
similarly in the Police Dept; they know a Police Fdn will make a big difference
similarly Fire Services WG, we're trying to take the long view of the costs coming to us in Fire
I think predictable and open manner and in concert with the cmnty
wd like to thank staff for time they've put in, they've tried their best to respond
to get msgs from Ccl at this stage in the game that that wasn't good enough, is soul-destroying
and so if there are clear things any mbr of Ccl wd like staff to explore, they will, so we're looking for that at this point.
Otherwise that's why we're looking at adoption on the agenda.
I'll call the question
RD: on rescinding
Mayor: sorry, thank you, on rescinding
Call on adoption
Sop: polled vote
VV, JC, Sop opposed; JF, RD, MS, and Mayor in favour of adoption.

9.         Correspondence List for Consent Agenda [full list in previous WVM]
Answers/comments -- wrt Amb
JC: Esso site; linked to; wasting time; when well aware just as big and chomping at the bit
Mayor: numerous owners; coming forward in April; type of devt prepared
JC: wd like to see more rubber on road
Sokol: Amb bylaws next week, going out to public, so early public comment and then have first reading end of May
Mayor: compliment KMC, successful fundraiser, Jann Arden and Vicky Gabereau
met re TransLink with Dale Parker; really positioned ourselves as a subregion, improved bus service
good job retrofitting what we've got
really pushing property tax issue, not sustainable at all
Sop: when board appointed not elected, when TransLink first started
Mayor: need $18M; were going to prop and biz, and backed off; we made point illegitimate
a third relies on prop taxes, increases significantly over next ten years, cannot stand that
they've chosen to listen; constant pressure, ev mayor never going to let that go, we had no choice
together serve public in good way
real estate branch estimated to be able to drive revenue, maybe $30M a year; they get $256M a year in prop taxes, not any kind of magic bullet
wishing to set up partnerships with Ms about rebuilding around transit stations
v tricky b/c we've always upheld an arm's length approach to rezoning b/c both TransLink and the Ms want to benefit from Uplift
lots on the go, but plsd to see NSh coming together and working with them
JC: rumour you've been practising your putting
Mayor: you're talking about the NSh mayors' golf tournament?
JC: I thought you wd
Mayor: when's that coming up?  May? I'll do that next week
JC:  move extend the mtg if necessary
Mayor: thank you
JC: till 10:30
Mayor: no
JC: till the end of biz
Mayor: no, we have a few mbrs of the public wishing to comment
to close of biz
Dave Lust: surrounds Hugo Ray Park
had opp to speak with one of the staff, Corinne Ambor, she called to advise me that there was a likelihood the Hugo Ray Park Society wd be denied
she was hoping an opp to meet with Mr Pike; looking to find a spot to meet
can you tell us at this time if grant denied
Mayor: Mr Pike Friday?
KP: yes, letter arrived at end of last week
Mayor: next steps; continuing to work on this and with the Society
met with Cricket Club; Society AGM 28th of Apr; regroup and looking how/where to go next
Robert Barr: HRPark Area Residents' Group
now that MRIF confirmed as cancelled; what is Ccl's position then re motion of Ccl Feb 2007 wch was passed given a large number of qualifications pertinent to fundraising
Mayor: that's why report back; they've raised $2M; all will be in a public report
RBarr: $2M slung around but understand qualified pledges based on MRIF
Mayor: that's subject of the report
RBarr: what position wrt $1M re traffic and improvement; undefined costs
Mayor: same; all will be in report
KP: re funding, the five-yr capital does not have funding in there; Ccl may choose to come back
at the moment not there for 2008, identified as monies to be fundraised
Mr Pike's report will result this Ccl a new motion reconsidering the option from last year
Mayor: Ccl wishes to take where we left off; residents; Cricket; where funding pledges are; bring closure to this issue
RBarr: wd like to see his report perhaps consider some unfolding action that is going to take place this week between Cricket and residents.  Thank you
Mayor: thank you
(11)     Petition (6) Names, March 30, 2008, regarding Ambleside Park - Noisy Events
re letter above Elaine Fonseca: comment and question
as a resident above Amb Park, plsed to hear going address concerns of residents wrt to noise level; with special events, they're really getting out of control; really do appreciate something will be done about this
my question is about the $800K of the Ev Dr Amenity Fund going to the new Cmnty Ctr.  This is supposed to be for the Youth Band facility.  My understanding was $1M was promised by the WV Band for costs for their new facility at the new rec ctr
when we were going through the process was promised when Cmnty Ctr being built, then I see from $800K from Ev Dr fund, so there seems to be a lack of organization, here
$800K from one fund, what happened to $1M promised
KP: the WVYB in evaluating its own ability to raise funds in the amts determined earlier, not able to raise those dollars
{I haven't had time to research this but I do recall when it comes to fundraising for various things -- someone on Ccl has usually asked what Ccl wd do if the funding fell through; was that not done in this case?
Good thing to put into budgeting procedures, hm?
Anyway, rental and available to many rather than being on the exclusive side does mean it's more 'cmnty'}
we went back into negotiations and now a rental arrangement, not a capital contribution, $30K a year, based on use on certain number of hours
Mayor: many more tenants now, broader not proprietary to YB, and our mgr of partnerships is working on other corporate partnerships there b/c we have to drive revenue out of that space, so quite a diff use
Ccl ev step of the way; wish to continue seeing that music hall in that facility; rental piece significant; part of making capital cost work, but it is a change in direction
EF: my understanding at the time was that it was not going to be the YB to come up with the $1M it was supposed to be the WV Band, wch is an adult group organization, wasn't aware it was the YB that was coming up with $1M; at the mtgs we went to it was adult groups that came forward and said they'd be contributing this money
KP: definitely the Youth Band
EF: thank you
KP: note the other users are some of the adult bands and orchestras that do work in this cmnty, and they will be using this area on a rental basis as well
Mayor: and last to Carolanne Reynolds
{FOOTNOTES: 'bashing' earlier in the mtg, so marked for reference, attracted my attention to comment here.}
CR:  sorry, I thought I saw some other names there
first of all, I wd like to echo your thanks, Mayor G-J, I've also found that Corinne Ambor was an absolute delight to work with, and I've said thanks and complimented other staff in the past, so I certainly do not want to be in any way thought to be in the category of bashing staff, but when I think about that, nobody shd be the category of bashing the public, and nobody shd be in the category of bashing other cclrs, either, b/c we're all in this together and I think it shd be understood that we might have differences of opinion but I think we are all trying hard to cope with the situation the M is in, and the continuing, growing, number of ppl -- as the Mayor pointed out, there are 1400 ppl on fixed incomes and can't afford this, and I think this is what some of us are trying to answer to.
I also just don't understand -- I think Cclr Clark was right in saying give the RCrk info to the Housing WG.  They might not look at it all, but why keep information away from ppl?  That's what I just don't understand.  Give it to them.  If they only want to look at one part, that's fine.  If they don't have time, that's fine, but you've given them the opportunity.
And that was the same attitude when I said, give the Finance Cmte whatever they want, or try to come up with something.  They cd prove Cclr Smith right that they can't do anything, and he'll be really happy, but if they come up with something, he shd be happy too.  So it shd be a win-win.
Now, the other thing I wanted to ask about is I had asked if there was a limit on the amount when there's a project that it goes out to tender, and I still have not got that answer.
RL: our policy is to get competitive bids on any project over $50K
CR: $50K?
RL: there are exceptions to that, but the norm wd be that's what we'd normally do.
CR: and what sort of things wd be an exception, Mayor, b/c I was wondering if any exceptions -- what exceptions wd we go to tender with over $50K, and does it mean that anything over $50K, wch is quite low, wd have to come to Ccl, or is it just tender and staff only?  when does it come to Ccl?
RL: YW, our practice has been, our policy is, only v large contract awards come to Ccl.  In terms of exceptions to tendering on those over $50K, there are many circumstances, for example, where we might do a select tender, we might negotiate directly with ppl we know are qualified to do the work,
there are any number of reasons why we might not do a competitive bid, but that wd be the norm.
CR: and wd Ccl be informed of any projects that go ahead without tender?
RL: not necessarily, no
CR: and what is a large one?  does Ccl get to see the large tender amts?
RL: this is getting v detailed at this point, probably
CR: just give a ballpark figure for large
RL: I'll consult with my staff and bring back some add'l info
CR: do you ever get to see the tenders or just get to see the final decision?
Mayor: we get an awful lot for information; Ccl and staff, actually we can ask for any information we like and staff are always v forthcoming.  We also have a professional staff, and so we don't get into details every week
CR: no, but you wd not--
The other thing that some ppl were saying that it was unfortunate that the FinCmte cd not look at 2008, and that it was assumed that the ppl who were picked wd able to, but maybe the break in the link of the chain was that they were not aware that they were going to be doing it, so we just have a little break, so we all have to concentrate on 2009 for that little miscommunication.  Thank you.
Mayor: the budget is definitely partly a product of the work of the FinCmte in 2007.  I also think it's important to note that the recommendations of the Fiscal Sust Task Force are really suggestions.
{I had not mentioned the FSTF but cclrs had earlier}
Mayor:  Ccl never adopted anything; they were wide-ranging and so to refer to the FSTF as though it is a set of recommendations Ccl has adopted, is not quite right.  It is, things we shd be looking at if we care to; we'll always be referring to that
CR: and that's why the FinCmte's also recommendations to Ccl, as Cclr Clark pointed out. Thank you.

After the meeting:
Among comments made to your lowly scribe were that it was good I reminded everyone not to bash, needed to be said, and astonishment was expressed that Ccl apparently did not know about tender amounts, staff had to answer, large amts not defined, etc.
There'll be more on this.
Wonder if I shd arrive at the M Hall with a 'Bash-Free Zone' sign.............

===   COUNCIL AGENDAS  Apr 21st   ===
            OFFICIAL COMMUNITY PLAN BYLAW NO. 4360, 2004, AMENDMENT BYLAW NO. 4541, 2007; ZONING BYLAW NO. 2200, 1968, AMENDMENT BYLAW NO. 4540, 2007; AND DEVELOPMENT PERMIT APPLICATION NO. 07-027 (445-13th Street)
DEVELOPMENT PERMIT APPLICATION NO. 07-027 (re 445-13th Street) (File: 1010-20-07-027)
Planning Staff will describe the subject application with respect to the proposed bylaws and development permit application as listed above:
Applicant:  Irca Enterprises Ltd.
Subject Lands:  445 - 13th Street (Lot A, Block 15, District Lot 237, Plan 7625)
Purpose:  To provide for [four] two-storey townhouse units, with [eight] parking spaces under the building.  The parking would be accessed from 13th Street.
Proposed Official Community Plan Amendment:  To amend Policy LE 2 to enable consideration of a rezoning of this mixed commercial-residential zoned property to allow a residential-only use.
Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment:  To rezone the subject lands from C2 (Commercial Zone) to a new R.M.L. 20 (Multiple Dwelling Zone (Low Density)).
Proposed Development Permit:  To regulate the form and character of development to build upon the Town Centre character of Ambleside.

2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES -- April 7, 2008 Regular Council Meeting.
        {skeletal -- compare with transcript in the last WVM}
3.         Ambleside Village Town Centre - Draft Official Community Plan Bylaw
No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4543, 2008 and Zoning Bylaw
No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4544, 2008 (File:  1610-20-4544/1610-20-4543)
1.  the proposed bylaws that would implement the direction set out in the Ambleside Town Centre Strategy, be brought forward for first reading at the May 26, 2008 Council meeting; and
2.  information on the proposed bylaws be made available to the public through Tidings and the District webpage to allow for comment at the draft stage, prior to formal introduction and public hearing.
4.  Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4550, 2008 and Development Permit 08-012 for 2560 Wentworth Avenue (Collingwood Wentworth Campus) (File: 1010-20-08-012/1610-20-4550)
RECOMMENDED:  ...be introduced and read a first time in short form.
RECOMMENDED:  ...be considered at a concurrent Public Hearing / Public Meeting to be held on Wednesday, May 28, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. in the Municipal Hall Council Chamber.
5.         Scheduling of May 28, 2008 Public Hearing/Public Meeting (File:  0120-01)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT a Public Hearing/Public Meeting ... be scheduled for Wednesday, May 28, 2008 ...
6.         Communities of Accessibility and Inclusion:  Measuring Up Initiative (File:  0175-20-LGNOW)
RECOMMENDED:  ... support the implementation
7.         Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
=B7        Item 8 - Appointment to Community Centre Board of Directors
=B7        Item 9 - Correspondence List.
8.         Appointment to Community Centre Board of Directors
RECOMMENDED: THAT G. Fauquier be confirmed as an appointee to the West Vancouver Community Centre Board of Directors to replace R. Erdman who has stepped down.
9.         Correspondence List (File:  0120?24)
Requests for Delegation -- No items presented.
Action Required
(1)       S.N. McPhail - Inspector, Sea to Sky Regional Police Services (RCMP), April 04, 2008, regarding Sea to Sky Traffic Services Proposal
Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response.
(2)       C. Wyse, MLA Cariboo South, Opposition Critic, April 09, 2008, regarding Bill 7, Changes to the Electoral Law Governing Civic Elections
Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response.
(3)       April 10, 2008, regarding In Home Voting for Municipal Elections
Referred to the Director of Administrative Services for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(4)       Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
(a)       Federation of Canadian Municipalities - Local Joint Committee on Community Corrections - March 19, 2008
(5)       April 06, 2008, regarding Dog Regulations
(6)       M. Rosen, April 08, 2008, regarding Meeting Notice: Collingwood School - Wentworth Campus Meeting - Rezoning Application
Previously distributed due to timing of event.
(7)       D. Parker, Chair - TransLink, April 10, 2008, regarding TransLink's New Real Estate Division (8)       April 10, 2008, regarding Temporary Release of Newly Arrested Individuals (File: 0055?01)
Responses to Correspondence
(9)       Mayor P. Goldsmith-Jones, April 08, 2008, reply to A. Boothroyd, Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada regarding Request for Proclamation of Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month (File: 0285?01)
Responses to Questions in Question Period -- No items presented.

===   CORRESPONDENTS' CORNER   === [two submissions[
Report on Western Residents' Assn meeting, Apr 15th at St. Monica's
     Chief Heed was introduced to the 25 or so attendees and mentioned that he had just received notice Monday that he has been appointed an Adjunct Professor at SFU. The Chief gave an overview of his strategic plan for the department and spoke about the importance of managing police resources effectively since one will never have as many police officers as one might like; about managing risk and accountability as well as empowering his officers from the rank of inspector down to the constable on patrol. He talked about some of the changes he had brought to the department including what he characterised as the "easy decision" to purchase new uniforms and equipment that has contributed in part to higher morale and lower staff. Most telling, he talked about the police force he wants to turn over to the next "chief a few years down the road". He mentioned that there is still a struggle to change the day-to-day culture within some areas of the department and also about his desire to see the Police Board operate at a more strategic level.
     The Chief spoke about his desire to have a view of police protection that is broader than just the municipal boundaries, reminding the audience that criminals pay no attention to boundaries and asking the question, does his responsibility to protect West Vancouver residents only apply while they are in West Vancouver? He reassured WRA members that even if the closest patrol officer is at the Police station, he can be in Horseshoe Bay in seven and a half minutes if necessary.
     He wanted to counter the "fear-mongering and miscommunication" that he said had led some to fear that integration or amalgamation would lead to reduced police services in West Vancouver stating that "you can determine the level of policing in your community". He said there are economies of scale and elimination of duplication of services that would accrue from integration. Several audience members were skeptical and repeatedly asked questions about how West Vancouver would continue to enjoy a level of service markedly higher than neighbouring municipalities if there were integration or amalgamation.
     Other audience members recounted problems they had experienced with the Department's failure to follow up or keep victims of crime informed of progress on investigations (prior to Heed's appointment), and Chief Heed said this was not acceptable and told people they could call the Department to get status updates or to escalate concerns to supervisors if they had questions. Others complained about a recent highway incident that routed all Hwy 99 northbound traffic through Horseshoe Bay for a period, making it impossible for residents to get out (and the risk should an ambulance have been trapped). Inconclusive response and no explanation why all northbound Hwy 99 traffic was not simply stopped until the Hwy 99 exit was cleared rather than being diverted through Horseshoe Bay.
     Residents brought up other issues such as loud motorcycles along Marine Drive (now have noise measuring equipment and officers trained in its use, looking into this with the Integrated Road Safety Unit), police first aid training (no first aid training any more but CPR and automatic defibrillators in every patrol car), WVPD/WVFD relationship (best Chief has seen of the three municipalities he is familiar with), integrated public safety force (i.e. police/fire -- has not been successful elsewhere so unlikely), problems policing the Upper Levels Highway (agreed, unfortunately our responsibility, trying to get Prov help), the Eagleridge protests (Heed confirmed that civil disobedience is legitimate), DARE (ineffectual so cancelled, want to replace with more comprehensive police presence in schools K-12, but school board insists on taking lead so hands tied -- no idea when replacement program will be ready), compression brakes on trucks in residential areas (inconclusive discussion), grow-ops (we go after them), crystal meth (not as prevalent as marijuana, fortunately), police officers on the beat (thing of the past).
     Next, DWV staff displayed the proposed floor plans for the new golf facility and Great Hall restoration project, explained some the design decisions, and addressed questions regarding plans. One resident asked if the funding was $1M for the golf facility and $1M for the Great Hall or $2M for a combined project, expressing fears that if the latter, the new golf facility might take funds away from the restoration. Doug Leavers confirmed that it was Council's direction to treat this as a single project. Staff are also looking for possible partnership/sponsorship opportunities as well as space rental during the 2010 Olympics to augment what is an "economy version" budget (i.e. the building will be ducted for air conditioning but there is no budget for the air conditioning equipment itself). Mr Leavers committed to work with the WRA in the drafting of the RFI or RFP for the food services operator. The District retained the services of an experienced home renovation company reasoning that if they could restore the Great Hall, the new golf facility ought not to pose a challenge. There is almost daily news from the site reporting new finds of materials that can be recycled and incorporated into the new structure.  One exciting find was the solid oak floor underneath the lino in the golf pro shop; it will be refinished and put in the lobby of the Great Hall. The mystery of the "sprung" dance floor has also been revealed -- the floor was laid directly on top of the soil which provided the "spring".
GLOBAL WARMING - Lighthouse Park Preservation Society, Sat Apr 5 at the Library
Talk on Global Warming by Sheila Ross, M.Sc., who has been teaching weather and climate, landforms, and environmental geography, at Capilano College for the last twenty years. She is currently on leave to write a Weather and Climate textbook.
Anecdotal Report from an Observer
     Regarding the Saturday presentation (Talk on Global Warming by Sheila Ross, M.Sc.) at the Library, the speaker, Ms Ross, presented one or two interesting factual pieces (such as the geological temperature record going back to 4.3 billion years from the present in which it was shown that the Earth's atmospheric temperature is decidedly colder than it has been during earlier epochs, and that in the current epoch the Earth's temperature has demonstrated considerable variation but has remained below the geological average or mean temperature).  Ms Ross explained that the early atmosphere was composed in large measure of carbon dioxide ("CO2") and yet there was life during that period.  By a process of dissolving the CO2 in rain, not unlike the process that we experience here in great measure throughout the year, the atmospheric carbon dioxide was washed out of the atmosphere and is apparently now held largely in carbonate sediments (limestones, dolomites, marble, sea shells, plaster, etc.)
     Ms Ross also pointed to agriculture as one cause for the increase in so-called "green-house gas" emissions.  The agricultural sources being ruminants ("cows"), rice paddy cultivation ("paddies"), and fertilizer ("NOx" from nitrate fertilizer application).  Since the expansion of agriculture is linked to the expanding population of the Earth, the connection to agriculture source "green-house gas" emissions is ultimately about population increase, and efforts to curtail agricultural source "GHG" emissions must eventually curtail population growth, though Ms Ross was not inclined to draw that conclusion directly herself.
     There was the usual obligatory reference to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the now often heard conclusion that society is now "more aware" than ever about the dread "Climate Change" scenario.  But what was fascinating for one who as a technologist must deal with the measurement of physical quantities such as temperature and physico-chemical concentration with real-world instruments with their inaccuracies and uncertainties, was the very high precision that Ms Ross's figures on the "average global temperature" implied.  Here we are talking about increases in average global temperature of 0.75 degrees Centigrade, figured on a global basis without qualification as to the level of uncertainty or confidence in the figures being expressed.  We are usually hard pressed to tune our instruments to achieve such precision under the best of circumstances over any practical range of measurement, and then only in a laboratory setting.  The notion of an "average global temperature" is whim and fancy, more of a political notion than a scientific fact, this observer suspects.  The Earth's atmosphere is constantly being stirred, and yet the local temperature seldom remains stationary long enough except on those exceptionally cold evenings here under a clear winter sky.  It is not unlike attempting to achieve consensus with a covey of wranglers intent on a debating prize -- the rules may be agreed to, but as for the rest it can only be decided on the toss.
-- The talk went on a little longer than your intrepid commentator had time allotted for it, and the ending was left in suspense though not in doubt.

===   HERITAGEWATCH   ===  BBC on Sidmouth and Canadian benefactor
Page last updated at 13:31 GMT, Wednesday, 9 April 2008 14:31 UK
> Resort given =A31.5m in man's will  --  Sidmouth's main street has kept its independent shops
The Devon resort of Sidmouth has been given a =A31.5m bequest from a wealthy businessman - to stay the way it is.
Keith Owen, 69, who holidayed in the town, said he liked it because it had not changed over the years.
So he left the money to the local civic group, the Sid Vale Association, which monitors local developments.
The group has helped Sidmouth to retain bowling greens, independent shops and campaigned against the development of amusement arcades.
Planting projects
Mr Owen, who had lung cancer, died in Sidmouth Hospital in December on what was his last visit to the town, where he had a flat.
He was born in Totnes, Devon, and went to school in Paignton and Canford public school in Dorset.
He became a squadron leader in the RAF before moving to Ottawa, becoming a Canadian citizen, and making his fortune in investment banking.
The Reverend Handel Bennett, chairman of the Sid Vale Association of which Mr Owen was a member, said the former banker loved Sidmouth as it represented "England as it used to be".
"He thought the way the association maintained Sidmouth, the surrounding valley and coast was absolutely great, and he wanted young people and children to become involved in planting projects," Mr Bennett said.
He said the legacy, which will give the association interest of about =A360,000 a year, would play a "significant part" in the group's future.
+ The above report is from the website below and it has a photo of the main street of you're interesting in seeing it.  http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/devon/7338799.stm
+ There's a picture of the beach on this website:
There is more of a description and more of the history in this article.  Amazing it's so much warmer than London and has less rainfall than the other south-coast resorts.  Its setting played a role in preventing sprawl.
> Sidmouth is so worth saving  --  Last Updated: 12:01am BST 10/04/2008
Thanks to a generous legacy from one of its many admirers, the south-coast resort will never lose its 'timeless charm'. Candida Lycett Green is delighted
Yesterday I read something that would have delighted my father, the late Poet Laureate Sir John Betjeman. Keith Owen, an investment banker from Ottawa who died from cancer, has left most of his fortune to the seaside resort of Sidmouth in Devon because he believed it was just how England used to be and exactly how it should be.
Sidmouth: jewels of seaside architecture
My father felt that, too. He loved Sidmouth, describing it as a town "caught still in a timeless charm". And I am sure he would have agreed that Mr Owen, who was born in Devon but became a Canadian citizen, has done a wonderful thing in helping to preserve it for future generations to enjoy.
As for me, a regular visitor to its sleepy shoreline, I love it all - the long sweep of shingle on Jacob's Ladder beach, the flamboyant bedding plants in Connaught Gardens, the esplanade with its Regency terraces, wacky bow-fronted houses and elaborate balconies. The walk along the coastal path up Salcombe Hill is sublime and flush with primroses now, too.
This may sound like the stuff of many other well-preserved seaside resorts - but Sidmouth is better. On my first visit there, via a trickle of a road from nearby Otterton, the weather was balmy. A path led up and up to the thick line of beech woods on Peak Hill, and then suddenly out into the bright light - 500 feet above the sea.
The first sight of the town below and the slow, arched shoreline between towering red cliffs took my breath away.
It is, of course, quintessentially British, but Sidmouth must also be the nearest thing to the Italian Riviera we possess. The climate is remarkably mild. The tree-clad hills form an enfolding and protective horse shoe-shaped bowl, rising higher than the cliffs, around the town. In winter, Sidmouth is six degrees warmer than London and has less rainfall than any other south-coast resort.
Its dramatic natural setting has prevented too much unplanned and ugly suburban sprawl, and dotted around its slopes are some of the greatest jewels of seaside architecture you will find. In the past, its safe distance from London kept day-trippers at bay. This might account for the settled - even recherch=E9 - atmosphere Sidmouth retains, which many other Regency resorts have long since squandered.
Just as Keith Owen was inspired in wanting to retain and enhance this atmosphere, so also was Emmanuel Lousada, who founded the resort. The Jewish businessman recognised the physical beauty and potential of what was then a small port nestling on the mouth of the River Sid.
He bought up as much land as he could in the late 1700s and set about developing a genteel, yet exotic holiday venue. He built the first cottage orn=E9 - a large house dressed up as a cottage and often thatched with pretty bargeboards, which appealed to the holidaying aristocracy of the day.
Lousada was a brilliant publicist and attracted an ever- widening circle of grandees to build their own holiday houses a little above and away from the sea. They now form the best collection of cottages orn=E9s in the country.
When the Duke and Duchess of Kent, with their baby daughter Victoria, the future Queen, took Woolbrook Cottage for their holiday, it sealed Sidmouth's status in social and architectural terms.
But for me this was not Sidmouth's heyday - that time is now. The grandees may have forsaken it for the south of France 150 years ago, but they have bequeathed us their architectural legacy. My father immortalised Sidmouth in his poetry. Keith Owen's legacy is just as important - to preserve it in real life.

===  LANGUAGE  === 

+++ Eugene Ehrlich, 85, Word Connoisseur, Dies   by DOUGLAS MARTIN  Published: April 15, 2008
Eugene Ehrlich, a self-educated lexicographer who wrote 40 dictionaries, thesauruses and phrase books for the "extraordinarily literate", not to mention people just hoping to sound that way, died on April 5 at his home in Mamaroneck, N.Y. He was 85.
His son Henry confirmed the death, saying he had been ill for some time.
Mr. Ehrlich's works included "The Highly Selective Thesaurus for the Extraordinarily Literate" (1994). Another book in 1997 substituted "Dictionary" for "Thesaurus" and kept all the other words in the title in the same order. Another substituted "Dictionary of Golden Adjectives" (2002).
Mr. Ehrlich - who wrote from three million to five million words about words - made it clear that he thought defining everyday words with familiar meanings was a waste of time. In his preface to the "extraordinarily literate" dictionary, he said his higher mission was being the antidote to the "effects wrought by the forces of linguistic darkness".
He also liked the respect linguistic agility could bring. "He loved how it made him sound authoritative," Henry Ehrlich said. So just as Winston Churchill mobilized the English language and sent it into battle, in Edward R. Murrow's phrase, Mr. Ehrlich could be said to have armed the average guy with rare words, piquant phrases, Latin expressions, and French witticisms to astound, confuse ,and bore acquaintances at cocktail parties and water coolers.
http://www.nytimes.com/2008/04/15/books/15ehrlich.html?_r=1&ex=1365912000&en=16109e4a8ad80703&oref=slogin for the rest

+++ Long live the semicolon!
The end of the line?
An unlikely row has erupted in France over suggestions that the semicolon's days are numbered; worse, the growing influence of English is apparently to blame. Jon Henley reports on the uncertain fate of this most subtle and misused of punctuation marks. Aida Edemariam discovers which writers love it - and which would be glad to see it disappear
        * Jon Henley  *  The Guardian, Friday April 4 2008   * Article history
It is a debate you could only really have in a country that accords its intellectuals the kind of status other nations - to name no names - tend to reserve for footballers, footballers' wives or (if they're lucky) rock stars; a place where structuralists and relativists and postmodernists, rather than skulk shamefacedly in the shadows, get invited on to primetime TV; a culture in which even today it is considered entirely acceptable, indeed laudable, to state one's profession as "thinker".
That country is France, which is currently preoccupied with the fate of its ailing semicolon.
{The article is serious and for grammar groupies (or shd I say those aware of a semicolon?) but has an amusing approach as you see.}

===  HAIKU  === 2008 Apr 19 along Upper Levels

                moon cocooned in cotton wool
                                set in grey-blue sky
                                        of early evening
===   QUOTATIONS   ===
A Reader sent this (attribution given as Anon) as reflections on John Les (ICBC, Mulroney, Conrad, etc.)
The law doth punish man or woman
That steals the goose from off the common,
But lets the greater felon loose
That steals the common off the goose.

There are only two ways of telling the complete truth: anonymously and posthumously.
                        -- Thomas Sowell, American economist, political writer (b 1930)
Whenever anyone has offended me, I try to raise my soul so high that the offence cannot reach it.
               -- Rene Descartes, French philosopher, mathematician, scientist, writer (1596 - 1650)