Ccl NOTES Apr 21/May 1
Calendar to May 15

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

In spite of snow elsewhere, 18 inches Apr 27 in Minnesota, here May 1st daffodils fading and tulips out......
Main Items Ccl Mtg May 5th: BC Srs Games; RODGERS CRK DEVT; DOGWALKING; Nbrhd Character/Housing; May 12 Ccl Mtg 6pm; 2008 Tax Rates; Correspondence (Marine & 11th, Safety in H Bay, TILMA, Noise Bylaw)
Vive le Canada; from the EDITOR'S DESK (Uplift/Windfall/CBs, Rodgers Crk Upzoning, Amb Town Ctr); NATUREWATCH (Bees, Dogs, Birds); BUDGETWATCH (Muffins, Salaries); CULTUREWATCH (Opera, Theatre); UPDATES (Streamkeepers, Heritage Register, North Shore Police Services Review, Arts Facilities WG)
=  CALENDAR to May 15th (check for changes and updates)
=  Apr 21st Ccl NOTES: Pat's Restaurant (445 - 13th); Ambleside Town Ctr's Bylaws, Comments by May 12th, first reading May 26; Collingwood (Wentworth) Zoning with PH May 28; Measuring Up Initiative
=  May 1st Ccl AGENDA / Mtg NOTES (Setting mill rate); May 5th Ccl mtg AGENDA
=  NEWSWATCH (Carter; Women/Saudi Arabia); WEBWATCH (Year of Potato, Exercise); Scots; Haiku; Quotations
=== Vive le Canada === for the ladies...... (see NEWSWATCH below too)
from Vancouver Sun Apr 24, pB1  ...  It was on April 24, 1928, that women were told by the Supreme Court of Canada that they were not "qualified persons" under the law, and, therefore, not entitled to the same rights and freedoms as men.
..... from the EDITOR'S DESK
What is UPLIFT I hear some ask?  Difference between what land is worth at present and increased value if upzoned/increased density.  Americans more accurately call it WINDFALL.  In exchange for the higher value, for cmnty to get a share is both right and fair (called Cmnty Benefits).  Many advocate at least 75%.  The profit from what's built is entirely the devprs; residents through Ccl grant, agree to, the new zoning (done with the stroke of a pen) and deserve to be compensated.  (In UK, Windfall is P Gain Supplement.)
*** MAJOR ISSUES for Ccl end of May.  Pls be informed and give Ccl your views: a strategy for the Ambleside town centre and the devt of over 200 acres above the Upper Levels (called Rodgers Creek, zoned for 375 units but more than 736 units recommended by the WG, plus an uncertain add'l number b/c the proposal provides for an UNCOUNTED number of units as 'accessory' buildings).   An accurate calculation of the Uplift is critically important so the public share, Cmnty Benefits, can actually be given back to the residents.
***  VOLUNTEERS: a Canadian tradition, part of our heritage enriching our society.  Pleasantly surprised to receive a call from the North Shore News b/c they were doing a feature on Volunteers so answered questions.  Sure to find me at M Hall so they took a photo just before the Apr 21st ccl mtg.  How kind of them to include me.  May I hasten to say that Heritage West Van is in the Cmnty Day parade, we don't organize it (but do for Heritage Week and RoyalTea-by-the-Sea).  Here's what the reporter wrote from our conversation (Sunday's edition April 27): http://www.canada.com/northshorenews/news/specialsection/story.html?id=c4fea0d0-8e9a-4c46-abdb-7bf374fd7e90
===   NATUREWATCH   ===
BEES -- We love animal programs on TV -- and science ones too.  Many of you have heard of the serious problems with bees, so essential for pollination and our fruit, etc.  There's also a mite and/or disease so studies and measures are being taken.  One is artificial insemination of bees.  Talk about precise work!
DOGS -- Then there's "Scuba Pooch": http://www.cbc.ca/photogallery/news/1221/
BIRDS -- You've heard of the lyrebird of Australia; was just sent this clip.  In it David Attenborough describes its range mimicking sounds. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHkBWPOHYIs
===   BUDGETWATCH   ===
>  MUFFINS     Well, the goodies some volunteers get to munch on during cmte and WG mtgs is pittance compared with the time those residents, many professionals as well as cmnty-minded citizens, put in offering their expertise, advice, and time to help define topics and offer recommendations and solutions to Ccl for their consideration.  This doesn't mean we can't come up with another way of providing nummies.  Restaurants and caterers have budgets for advertising.  Why not have them in rotation (by month or so) supply the goodies free in return for the good PR and recognition by DWV -- in Tidings or wherever?
> SALARIES (otherwise known as 'Remuneration' so you don't really know the salaries)
In any case, that's how much money they got:  http://www.westvancouver.ca/upload/documents/council_agendas/2008/april/apr14/7.pdf
:-(  It's maddening not just for info to be delayed, but also to be told oh yes, we'll give you the remuneration information but you still won't know what the salaries.
:-(  It's frustrating not to know there are steps as well as increases or how it works (as you heard mbrs of Ccl complain and ask for the 'step/level' salary increases).
:-(  It's apoplectic-making to be led to believe the increase is 3% when the graph the Marley Group has sent out shows that senior management has had an increase of almost 8% in both 2006 and 2007!!!
:-(  How much bargaining power does DWV have when they haven't started or are negotiating with the unions AFTER having passed a budget with a 3% increase, openly stating that 3% is for the anticipated salary increase?
:-|  That's why I said, if stuck with another "3%", then why not grant a range, not flat, from 1% to 5% -- that provides a way to reward good performance and maybe even look at accountability.
:-(  Still no explanation of why the AVERAGE salary increase in the IT Dept was 9% -- 9%! that's three times the increase we've been told it wd be, not to mention the amounts higher than that so that 9% is an average.
===   CULTUREWATCH   ===  Opera and Theatre
> Hoping to find time to go to LA BOHEME, Vancouver Opera, on till Tues May 6.
> Missed yet another variation of Romeo and Juliet and also sorry to have missed POSTER BOYS at the QE but did get to see Ben Jonson's VOLPONE, a black comedy written in 1606, at the Jericho Arts Ctr.  The off-the-wall element is unexpected considering Ben Jonson was a satirist and a contemporary of Shakespeare.  This adaptation is set in 1898 Venice, already anachronistic, and then injected are some echoes of John Cleese's Ministry of Funny Walks and some bits that for me were Monty Pythonesque.  The couple of musical interludes are hilarious.
The talented director, John Murphy, even put in a couple of Canadian references.  Indeed, one of the actors has a line complaining that John Murphy is a megalomaniac!  (He'll be at Bard on the Beach this summer so look forward to seeing him.)  It was fun, and had a few pearls of wisdom as observations on life/society.
> :-) :-) :-) Was fortunate though to attend Antony Holland's 88th birthday on Granville Island.  What an extraordinary evening with some of Vancouver's exceptional actors performing short scenes superbly -- some touching, some dramatic, some humorous, and even a song from Jacque Brel (I think that was the longest running musical in Vancouver's history).  The great news is that TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE returns to the Arts Club on Granville Island for the month of May -- so you have another chance to see Antony Holland on stage and soon!
===   UPDATES   ===
>>> WV  STREAMKEEPERS hv bn so active helping and transporting smolts, fish, etc.  Watch a clip of a recent project: http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=-5325923232770846994&hl=en-CA
>>>  Information on the HERITAGE REGISTER will be on display at the Library and at the WV Partners' office during May.  The Heritage WG's first presentation to Ccl will be made at 6pm on Monday May 12th, prior to the Youth Council wch starts at 7pm.
>>>  North Shore Police Services Review
DWV, together with City/District of NV, are inviting N Sh residents to participate in a public survey that will assist in facilitating a review of police services across all three Ms.  In Feb 2008, the three Ms retained a consultant to lead a multi-phase review of N Sh police services, one that aims to enhance the quality of public safety.  The consulting firm of Perivale & Taylor will conduct a comprehensive background review of all N Sh police services. Phase I of the review, which is anticipated to take four months to complete, includes: 
*  A focus on operational, facility, management, administrative and governance issues 
*  An analysis of the significant financial issues that impact service delivery 
*  An initial consultation with municipal Councils, First Nations Councils, the WV Police Board, RCMP, North and West Vancouver School Boards, and other community stakeholders 
*  Identification of the service delivery models that are available 
*  Recommendations regarding the next steps to be taken
The review will be managed by a steering committee comprised of the Chief Administrative Officers from all three North Shore municipalities, the WV Police Chief, the NV RCMP, and representatives of the Squamish and Tsleil Waututh First Nations. Following completion of Phase I of the study, the three North Shore municipal Councils will consider the next steps. The survey is an opportunity for residents to participate in a public consultative process to evaluate how police services are delivered on the North Shore. WV residents are encouraged to share their opinions and views by completing a short online survey.  Copies of the survey are also available at Municipal Hall, Memorial Library, and Community Services Facilities. The survey closes May 31st.
>>> Volunteers Wanted for the Arts Facilities Working Group
West Vancouver is seeking the advice and expertise of residents who will help shape the future of Arts Facility development for the District.  The Working Group will develop a Facilities Master Plan for Arts, Culture, and Heritage, supported by a Business Plan, for approval by Council. The two plans will:
*  Develop a vision for the District's Arts, Culture, and Heritage facilities, which will accommodate anticipated demand in the years ahead; 
*  Consider options and make recommendations for capital funding and for sustainable financial operating models.
The Working Group will be guided by the findings and recommendations of several recent studies and documents on the District's arts, cultural, and heritage facilities. These are summarized in "Arts and Culture - Background & Context".  If you are a West Vancouver resident and would like to volunteer to serve on this working group, please call Cathy Matheson, Manager of Cultural Services at 604-925-7224 for more information.

===  CALENDAR to May 15th  === [at Hall unless otherwise noted; pls confirm to make sure no changes]
o  The Market for Walkable Urban Development  -- Friday, April 25, 7 pm
Speaker Christopher B. Leinberger, Metropolitan Land Strategist and Developer, The Brookings Institution, Washington DC Panelists include Jim Cox, President, VanCity Enterprises; Blake Hudema, Vice President -
Pacific Region, Genstar Development Company.  In a series of FREE LECTURES.  See www.sfu.ca/city/PDFs/ShiftingGears_lec2_3.pdf
Interspiritual Blessing of the Salmon: SUNDAY April 27 on False Creek (Vanier Park) as they head to the sea. Honour the spirit of the salmon that used to live in the streams that flowed into English Bay, remember a lost salmon stream. In addition to the blessing, entertainment, crafts, food, storytelling, an environmental fair, and wooden-boat building.  For more information, contact False Creek Watershed Society's Celia Brauer at info@falsecreekwatershed.org.
===  YOUTH WEEK EVENTS  ===  May 1st - 7th  ===
== Thurs May 1st ==
~ 10am ~ Special Ccl Mtg
~ 4:30pm ~ Design Review Cmte Mtg (last one was cancelled so was this one)
===  BOOKTOPIA May 2 - 12 at WV Memorial Library  ===
== Sat May 3rd ==
~ 10am - noon ~ BC Special Olympics, NSh Walkathon, Ambleside Park Start
~ 2pm ~ The West Vancouver Shoreline Preservation Society (WVSPS) Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held at the WV Memorial Library, to commence at 2pm and conclude no later than 4:30pm.  The Directors of the Society look forward to your attendance so they may share with you the positive initiatives that the Society has participated in during 2007 and 2008 to date.  The President, Ray Richards, will share with you the Society's vision for the future, not only for the coming year but also for many years to come.
== Wed May 7th ==
        ~ 5pm ~ Finance Cmte
== Thurs May 8th ==
        ~ 5pm ~ NSh Substance Abuse WG
== Sat May 10th == Dundarave Farmers' Markets start ev Sat 10am - 4pm
~ 9am to noon ~ Lighthouse Park Broom Pull -- Scotch Broom removal
The Lighthouse Park Preservation Society will be removing broom from the West Beach so please join us if you have an hour or two to help. Just wear old clothes and work gloves, and bring clippers or loppers if you have them. Otherwise we will supply tools.  Meet at the upper kiosk in the parking lot at 9:00 am
Scotch Broom was introduced to this province in the mid-1800s, and has spread so much that it has become a destructive weed. Broom, a member of the "pea" family, takes over sunny bluffs, crowding out native shrubs like the Nootka Rose and Spirea, and alters the soil composition so that native wild flowers cannot survive. Learn more about this plant at the May 10th broom pull.

== Mon May 12th  ==  Ccl Workshop 6 to 7pm; Youth Ccl Mtg 7 to 9pm
Wed May 14th: 10am Cmnty Engagement Cmte; 5pm Finance Cmte (confirm); 7pm Cmnty Sport WG
Thurs May 15th: 5:30pm Police Bd (Police Dept Bdroom); 6pm NSh Family Court/Youth Justice Cmte at DNV M Hall; 7:30pm WV Streamkeeper Society Public Mtg at St Stephen's

+++  WV MEMORIAL LIBRARY +++ see www.westvanlib.org
Friday May 2 --  BOOKtopia Launch Party
Please join us for the BOOKtopia Launch Party opening reception and BOOKtopia launch party! 6:30 - 8pm. Reception hosted by the Friends of the Library. Everyone welcome.
BOOKtopia, the WV Children's Literature Festival, is an annual festival of children's literature intended to promote literacy, celebrate language arts, and cultivate creative thought.
Tuesday May 6  -- The Irish Theatre: Brian Friel
Discussion series open to all. 10:30am - 12:30pm. For more info call 925-7405.
Reflections Vancouver '09 -- April 22 - May 11, 2008
Once again, students in Capilano College's three-year IDEA (Illustration/Design: Elements & Applications) program have created a series of original paintings celebrating the colours of our city.  Each student, inspired by an artist of his or her choice, painted an iconic Vancouver scene, resulting in a synthesis of unique artistic visions.
+++ SILK PURSE (1570 Argyle) www.silkpurse.ca
Tuesday, May 13, 2008 - 10:30 am "One Hundred Years of Music"
Jean Coulthard demonstrated that a woman could be a successful composer, whose music was, and still is, played extensively in concert halls across Canada and the world. Join co-authors of a new book celebrating the 100th anniversary and life of Jean Coulthard. William Bruneau, UBC Professor Emeritus and Jean Coulthard friend for over 30 years, and David Gordon Duke, composer, educator, writer, and Jean Coulthard student. Join us for a morning of reminisce, music and a slide show of rare photographs.  Tix $10 mbrs; $12 non-mbrs.
+++  WV MUSEUM +++  Duncan McNab: Modern In Sight -- to May 31
        FOR  MORE INFO: http://www.westvanmuseum.blogspot.com/
+  Wednesday, April 30, 7 - 8:30pm  -- Topic: Sustainability at Home
Guest Speaker: Dr. Freda Pagani, Architect and a Fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, Founding Director of UBC Campus Sustainability Office
+  Wednesday, May 14, 7 - 8:30pm -- Topic: Designing Of the Hill, Not On the Hill
Guest Speakers: Kim Smith and Bo Helliwell of Blue Sky Architecture

+++ Don't forget to check out www.kaymeekcentre.com +++

===   NOTES COUNCIL MTG Apr 21st   ===
1.                  CALL TO ORDER
2.                  PUBLIC HEARING
Bob Sokol requested Geri Boyle speak: site known as Pat's Restaurant
driveway examined by Mgr of Transportation and Roads, comfortable with four units
reports submitted to Ccl wrt CBs, $50K equivalent to 3% of construction costs
problem with pro forma work where not a lot of comparables -- spread in uplift: loss of $800K (!!!) to Uplift of $1M; report made available on Web on Friday
DEVELOPMENT PERMIT APPLICATION NO. 07-027 (re 445-13th Street) (File: 1010-20-07-027)
Planning Staff will describe the subject application with respect to the proposed bylaws and development permit application as listed above:
Applicant:  Irca Enterprises Ltd.
Subject Lands:  445 - 13th Street (Lot A, Block 15, District Lot 237, Plan 7625)
Purpose:  To provide for four two-storey townhouse units, with eight parking spaces under the building.  The parking would be accessed from 13th Street.
Proposed Official Community Plan Amendment:  To amend Policy LE 2 to enable consideration of a rezoning of this mixed commercial-residential zoned property to allow a residential-only use.
Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment:  To rezone the subject lands from C2 (Commercial Zone) to a new R.M.L. 20 (Multiple Dwelling Zone (Low Density)).
Proposed Development Permit:  To regulate the form and character of development to build upon the Town Centre character of Ambleside.
1)         Reports to Council received up to April 18, 2008:
S. Mikicich, Sr. Community Planner March 7, 2008, March 17, 2008 R-1
S. Mikicich, Sr. Community Planner, April 18, 2008 - R-2
2)         Correspondence received up to April 18, 2008:
J. Robertson, V. Johnson, R & C Ash (one letter), Undated, April 15, 2008  C-1
E.D. Harper April 3, 2008, April 7, 2008  C-2
{These are items that only appear at the ccl mtg.  After the mtg the only way to access them is by going to the agenda and looking for the notice "ON TABLE".  Click on it and up come the late items.  Here's what there was for this ccl mtg item.  The letter from the lawyer, R Wilson is interesting.} 
R-2      Report from Sr. Community Planner titled:  OCP Amendment, Rezoning and Development Permit Application 07-027 (445-13th Street)
C-3      K. Parker, April 20, 2008
C-4     R. Wilson, April 21, 2008
C-5     J. Rothwell, April 21, 2008
Mayor: function tonight not to debate.  Ccl may ask questions of Applicant. Public Input, list can be obtained from Clerk's
[Clerk noted other submissions]
Karl Gustavson, Architect, with slides: joined by landscape architect
My client resident in cmnty for 25 years
project consistent with Amb Strategy Plan; v small in nature, ~ 7300+sf for total of four units, 1.25FAR 
understand will be devt on Shell site in front of us so no expectation of long-term views
two public mtgs at Pat's and comments from Design Panel but didn't take their recommendation of roof decks
[slides re height and impact]
re Cmnty Benefit (CB) -- social and economic benefit, provides excellent option for housing variety; four with full basements, ~1800sf, close to schools, park, playing fields, family-oriented (not seniors b/c stairs), watermain upgrade, enhancement of sidewalk, sustainability (committed to "built-green certified" bldg similar to LEED; geothermal heating)
when first talking about this with staff we were talking about CBs, trying to be pro-active we suggested public art in corridor down 13th, wch led into sustainable design.
key is trying to understand CB; Geri explained from staff 3% typical of what's done in DNV; small prop, hard to fit in; we're not changing sqftg or height

{Explanation needed.  CB vs Public Amenity (wch is another term or can be part of the CB)
CB often is a percentage of Uplift whereas in this case public amenity being referred to is 3% of construction costs.  In this case, certainly preferable from a devpr's point of view -- City of Vancouver gets 75 - 98% of Uplift wch is the increase in land value since an upzoning or increased density increases value of land so some benefit ought to be given in return to cmnty (as CBs), ie share in the windfall.}

not changing ht or sq ftage, public amenity 3% of construction cost, based on cost per sq ft; changing daily and if building costs $275 sq ft $61K, or if $300 wd be $66K; based on real estimate
impact of project wrt infrastructure -- this four-unit bldg no bigger than C2;
C2 cd have residential on top of comm: the commercial ground floor cd be slightly under 4K, say 3500sf, cd be two commercial units, same thing for the residential on top, say about 1200sf units, say 1500sf units easily on top, two of them quite simply, or maybe smaller, so you cd have four units, two comm, two resid, four units.  What we're suggesting is four units.  Guess you cd discuss the impact of all comm vs all residential. 

{Interesting that the staff report on uplift used very different FSR numbers than those above from the architect -- numbers that made the uplift appear to be less than if the architect's numbers are used. Hmmmm.}

My point is I don't think any impact or added cost in terms of M infrastructure and servicing and ongoing administrative with this project than current zoning.
{Not quite: C2 = two residential units; proposed: four residential units -- won't that generate more demand for rec ctr, aquatic ctr, library, etc.?}
The biggest cost of this project and we've been struggling with, is that we've been in this process, this CB discussion, for four and a half months, in limbo of public amenity contribution that staff has produced a 42-page report on.  Great work, forerunner of the Amb Strategy Plan and trying to come up with the right analysis in terms of the Uplift values.  Unfortunately our little project has been caught in the middle of that.  Those are the key issues, basic package..
open to ideas, if Ccl agreeable to 3%, open to public amenity art on site or whatever Ccl chooses to do
Mayor: any questions, Ccl?
7.         PUBLIC INPUT
Janet Rothwell: live at NE corner of Clyde Ave and 13th; right now from living roomI look across Pat's place
loss of view I have enjoyed for 18 years of Kitsilano Sailing Club and the arrival and departure of cruise ships...... loss of parking; remaining parking restricted to two hours; if guests, will seeking parking on our nbrhd street; 1300 block of Clyde is choked with cars of apt dwellers, 1200 block of Clyde, unique, lots only 33ft wide, addresses on one-way Keith Rd with no parking
Keith Rd residents must find parking on Clyde; challenge
have to cope with overflow,  boats, boat trailer; regular parking in front of my place
Ccl hasn't made provision for more parking; this project only has potential to make it worse
Devpr will make a profit on sale of four townhomes and increase in density will do little for our nbrhd quality of life

George Pajari: I am not speaking to the merits of the devt itself, rather to the process that has brought us here and in particular speaking to the public amenity contribution aspect of this project, and the process.  I'm certainly sympathetic to the devpr's lament that they are getting caught up as being one of the first projects to be reviewed under the new amenity contribution policy, and that is unfortunate.  And it's also true that this is perhaps not a great devt to use as a test case in working through the various aspects of the amenity contribution, but be that as it may.  I also do want to compliment and commend Ccl again for bringing this public amenity contribution policy forward in December, and to start working out devts in view of this policy, so we move away from what has characterized many rezonings, as being something closer to a Lottery 6/49 episode, and [to] something that benefits the cmnty as a whole.
Mayor: wd you pls focus on the
GP: I'll get there, Yr Worship.
[some titters in the gallery]
I'd also like to thank staff, if I cd have a moment, b/c this I believe is the first project when we've seen pro formas that have calculated the Uplift value or possible Uplift value of a devt, and I hope that is something that we will come to see with all devts.  So I very much wd like to commend staff for having provided that information for the first time as far as I know in the history of the M.  The problem I have, however, with this document is that the pro formas were calculated in February, there was a staff report in early March that made reference to those pro formas, but the actual information was not provided to the public until late on Friday
{Editor's note: G asked for that information on the Wednesday and it appeared on the website on the Friday.}
Giving us 40 pages of pro forma information to go through over the weekend is [fair neither] to the public nor the staff.  Staff unfortunately came in this morning to an email from me with six questions related to the pro formas.  I commend Ms Boyle in getting a response to me before the end of day today, but I think that was an unfair burden to have to place on her, and I'd like to think it's an unfair burden on the public to only have the weekend to review 40 pages of pro forma information.  To get to the pro formas themselves, it's interesting to note, ah, I shd mention my goal here is not to criticize the process, it's to truly try to find out what is fair for the M, for the devpr, and for the residents of this cmnty.
Mayor: wrt this project
GP: wrt this project.  What is the Uplift in this project?  Is there any Uplift in this project? and if there is Uplift, is it significant enough that it shd influence Ccl's decision on how much cmnty amenity benefit is appropriate.   Staff retained the services of a consultant who came back with a first set of pro formas, and said the Uplift is $900K. 
Now, Ccl does not have a fixed figure in mind of what fraction of Uplift is appropriate for Cmnty Benefit [CB], but other Ms use 75%, so if we look at the consultant's first report, we're looking at a CB on the order of $700K as opposed to the ~$60K that's being suggested by the devpr.
Staff thought this value possibly misrepresented the Uplift and asked the consultant to develop other pro formas, so they played with the numbers, and among the other pro formas they came up with, there's one that showed that the property had no value whatsoever.

{Dear Readers: I thought G had misspoken and that he meant 'no Uplift value' but he's confirmed that they put the value of the land at nothing -- it's in the staff report!}

So, I'm suggesting if you've got an economic model that shows that this lot, developed under C2 zoning has zero residual value, that your model doesn't pass the Laugh-Out-Loud [LOL] test.
Ms Boyle hinted at the difficulties of this model, but it appears having shown that the model is inadequate to predict Uplift, nothing more was done.  It appears as if ppl just threw up hands, [said] we cannot possibly calculate Uplift, and so we'll just use the 3% figure [of construction costs].
{Editor's clarification: That's where the $60K figure came from.}
So I'm concerned, Your Worship, that even in a situation that might be difficult, that other approaches to looking at possible Uplift values were not taken.
Let me just pick one.
I'm not a devpr, I am not a planner, but if we look at assessed values, assessed values have a tenuous but they do have some relationship to property value.
This property currently has an assessed value of $1.1M.  If we take a look at the assessed value of similar townhouses in WV, we find they have about a land assessed value of $330 per sq ft, wch wd put this devt around $2.4M for land value, wch is approximately a $1.3M Uplift.
Mayor:  All right; five minutes
GP: Thank you
Mayor: so I'll see if there are any other ppl
GP: I'm going to wrap up
Mayor: you can wrap up if you're v brief
GP: I'll be 15 seconds.  So I applaud having the pro formas.  I think in future we'd like more time to analyze them.  And I wd suggest that an Uplift value closer to the original $1M produced by your consultant is possibly accurate.
Thank you, YW.
Mayor: Thank you.  Any further ppl wishing to provide public input?  I haven't anybody on my list
If there is no further public input,  RECOMMENDED: THAT all written and verbal submissions ... be received.
JF made secondary motion: in consideration of a secondary report that just appeared this evening and proposed Amb bylaws, as well as late receipt of the paper on assessed values and Uplift, to allow Ccl; furthermore opportunity to allow consideration in concert/context with Amb Town Strategy, and staff papers on public amenities, that PH be adjourned to July 21st
MS: for architect, curious; in view of the comments of the resident at 13th and Clyde, did you consider guest parking in the layout of the public land
KG: no, limited; less impact than comm; met parking req one per 900sf
Sop: always felt this project a little ahead of its time in view of Amb Strategy not being finalized
wonder if we shd be straying from C2 zoning to resid, though understanding importance of resid in Amb
caution to owner, haven't really passed strategy for Amb; until we truly know what we want to see finally
we had Shell stn wanting to change things, we didn't allow that to happen
Future of Gateway might present a whole new scenario
in fairness to all, you present a well-designed, but seems we're squeezing four residents into a little--
Mayor: --really the question is whether to adjourn PH or not, then we come back to all of this
Sop: we're talking about C2 zoning to be changed, and that's what I'm referring to
JF: we're talking about adjournment
Mayor: the motion on the floor is whether adjourning PH to July
Sop: but the reason we're doing that is that we haven't accepted the Amb Strategy
Mayor: that's right
Sop: correct.  Within that strategy many configurations is whether comm, some resid above, keep C2, to do with C2 zoning; that's exactly what I'm talking about
Mayor: and that's on the upcoming--
Sop: so in consideration of speaking to this, that's what I'm trying to exercise here, in a democratic way, in a venue I was elected to to make these stmts, if I don't make them here, where do I make them?
Mayor: the public agenda that's next, I wd suggest, where we're talking about Amb
Sop: if you're saying voting adjourning to July so we get a real picture, I'm explaining why I want to do that in fairness to the devpr and everybody else
I think it's quite logical, it's talking to the issue, not foreign to the issue
based on that consideration, we don't know where we're going with all this is; in Amb, might accept change to that zone but right now it's ahead of its game; whatever happens on that corner
I agree put off to July, we'll learn more about other things amenities, final decision on Amb and exactly where we're going.  To not do that is wrong; so call the question
Mayor: well, Cclr V has something to contribute
VV: a little concerned, we have no sense whether feeling of ccl mbrs we wd not approve this
disappointing to have the applicant come back in July, only to find at that point that we vote against it.
A little awkward; from what we've heard, there are reasons we wd not approve this; wd be better for everybody if we reached that decision this evening.  That wd give applicant a chance to rethink and come back with something else in July; if simply do this, just lose a lot of time, get feeling public not keen, parking and considerations Cclr Sop has made
unfortunate if we just postpone it applicant hasn't any sense that it's ever going to get approved anyway.
Mayor: cd close it; don't typically make decision on heels of PH
adjourn in order to consider whether the Amb Town Ctr adequate guiding; if that fails, return to you
vote on adjournment
2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES -- April 7, 2008 Regular Council Meeting.
3.         Ambleside Village Town Centre - Draft Official Community Plan Bylaw 
No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4543, 2008 and Zoning Bylaw 
No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4544, 2008 
1.     the proposed Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4543, 2008 and Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4544, 2008, that would implement the direction set out in the Ambleside Town Centre Strategy, be brought forward for first reading at the May 26, 2008 Council meeting; and
2.                  information on the proposed bylaws be made available to the public through Tidings and the District webpage to allow for comment at the draft stage, prior to formal introduction and public hearing.
Sokol: no staff presentation tonight; put out to public; comment back by May 12 so bylaw to Ccl May 26
JF: will the bylaws and some of the recommendations be av at the Partnership Ctr as well so ppl can go and look at them?
Sokol: great idea, will do that
4.         Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4550, 2008 and Development Permit 08-012 for 2560 Wentworth Avenue (Collingwood Wentworth Campus) 
RECOMMENDED: THAT Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4550, 2008 be introduced and read a first time in short form.
RECOMMENDED: THAT Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4550, 2008 and Development Permit 08-012, both dealing with the re-development of 2560 Wentworth Avenue (Collingwood Wentworth Campus) be considered at a concurrent Public Hearing / Public Meeting to be held on Wednesday, May 28, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. in the Municipal Hall Council Chamber.
Sop: I do understand since I have a grandchild at the school I have a conflict of interest; that's how tight the laws are therefore I have to excuse myself
JC: merely for setting a date so move PH May 28, and concurrent public mtg
Mayor: why is the date set so far out from where we are today
GB: we did quite of planning of the Planning Dept's projects from now to end of June
we coordinated it with our Clerk's Dept and their times to do notification
5.         Scheduling of May 28, 2008 Public Hearing/Public Meeting 
RECOMMENDED:  THAT a Public Hearing/Public Meeting regarding Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4550, 2008 and Development Permit 08-012 for 2560 Wentworth Ave (Collingwood Wentworth Campus) be scheduled for Wednesday, May 28 at 7pm in the Municipal Hall Council Chamber.
[VV made this motion; passes] 
6.         Communities of Accessibility and Inclusion:  Measuring Up Initiative 
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the District of West Vancouver support the implementation of the Measuring Up Initiative to assess and increase accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities.
JF: WG being put together; $20K grant from 2010 Legacies group to look at this, better integrate ppl with disab, improve quality of life
JC: exclusive to WV?
JF: to the two NVs; essential ea cmnty use money independently
KP: over 100 cmnties in BC who have expressed interest in this prog and 59 grants of this amt of money have gone out so far; and one requirement is a cmte or WG be formed to oversee the process
JC: we have jointly with the two NVs, a fantastic adv cmte on Disab Issues, makes sense so much experience and they tend to look at three Ms individually as well as collectively; wdn't make sense to put the money into this group
JF: ACDI discussions, so we initially thought; will find ways for them to participate but conditions of the grant do not allow us to work together on this except through WGs
Mayor: drives ACDI agenda; there's more money, totally supportive, know they will provide background and guidance
JF: expectation more public persona to that cmte
7.         Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
Discuss: Letters 1 and 7
8.         Appointment to Community Centre Board of Directors (File:  0117-20-CCG)
G. Fauquier confirmed as an appointee to the West Vancouver Community Centre Board of Directors to replace R. Erdman who has stepped down.
[DONE later]
9.         Correspondence List (File:  0120?24)
Action Required
(1)       S.N. McPhail - Inspector, Sea to Sky Regional Police Services (RCMP), April 04, 2008, regarding Sea to Sky Traffic Services Proposal
        Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response.
Sop: in completion of Sea to Sky, aware of many things happening in the region
are you aware of any initiatives in future, police costs? joint.... increase in liabilities ..... traffic in corridor....  portion of carbon tax? so we can find ways to offset any potential areas wrt increased traffic in particular TWay and M Dr and corridor; going to impact us in future ....  wonder talked about that in MetroV or to anybody in prov govt
Mayor: well, a lot of questions; led by Mayor Sullivan lined up to speak to Minister Les and then that changed
we are aggressively looking at fed govt commitment for add'l policing, has gone to Police Bd and letter has gone to Minister b/c our understanding is that on StoSky hwy actual deaths from car accidents down; injury and non-injury collisions are up; real concern, drawing attention to that; part attributable to construction itself and confusion
wrt carbon tax, Mr Laing, not sure what's happening there
RL: not aware of what's happening there
Mayor: everyone's talking about it
Sop: not position to put pressure on but this Ccl shd put pressure on; shd do it now
Mayor: begin with letter to our two MLAs and Min of Finance
Sop: will we get report back to Ccl?
Mayor: will make sure.  Letter No 7
(7)       D. Parker, Chair - TransLink, April 10, 2008, regarding TransLink's New Real Estate Division
VV: don't like others getting ahead
TransLink launching new real estate division, this prop acquisition and devt so don't have to rely so heavily on increased fares and prop taxes; given we've been talking about bylaws, Amb; been talking about a mid-block opening; no reason we shdn't have our own pro-active real estate prog, why we shdn't buy an individ prop right where we want the mid-block opening and create it.
Nothing magical or unheard of for a M authority any less than a TransLink authority to get into in a creative way, a positive way, into the real estate biz to the betterment of the cmnty.  That's the point I wish to make.
Mayor: motion to receive Correspondence items 1 and 7
VV: Cclr F pointed out I shd have made the apptmt motion separately from the Consent Agenda
Sop: before CEC?
Mayor: no, it's Ccl in camera
Sop:  attended Earth Day Sunday, Ccl did a great job
citizens at these booths extolling the wonderful things about the environment
different initiatives in this cmnty puts us far ahead of others
the dog was in the pond trying to find frogs; tries to lift up all the rocks and look for movement
ppl out with family; display of our hydrogen car, bus; well-attended
Mayor: thank you for barbecuing the salmon
MS: Childcare WG is having a Forum on Apr 30th; will be well-attended by healthcare providers; hope Ccl have time to drop in
JF: Saturday morning Ccl of Ccl mtgs in Richmond
Metro V staff made a presentation on disposal of solid waste
panel discussion; burning solid waste; public mtg Apr 22
Mayor: tomorrow night
JF: at Cap College, ppl go
we'll no longer be trucking our waste; if we shd get an incinerator built; we don't know anything about costs, how levied, between amongst; what it means to North Shore or Metro V; when we find out, make our decision more complicated; look into this tomorrow night
JC: last Thursday I attended the monthly mtg of the GVRD Finance Cmte; received consolidated stmts from the four bodies that operate under MetroV; that's the regional district itself, water and sewage, drainage dist, water dist, and the Vanc Housing Corporation
these have all been in place for some 60 or 70 years, the GVTA was added to that group a number of years ago;  recently all borrowing has been done through GVRD, through MFA
the other shoe: toward the end of 2007, and nobody around the table had heard this, we only picked it up from notes to the financial stmts, that prov govt has formed a new body called the South Coast BC Transportation Authority (SCBCTA), through an act in Dec, establishing as a successor to the GVTA wch is commonly known as TransLink.  So the Regional District is no longer the borrowing conduit for this new entity, however, under the terms of the SCBCTA, and the Ms in the Transportation Service region are jointly and severally liable for obligations arising under security issues by this new body to the MFA of BC
IOW, this body can now go out independently on its own and borrow money from wherever, in particular the MFA and the corporations, districts, within the umbrella of the GVRD are to be held jointly and severally liable.
question leaping off the page for me
TransLink can go through money as if free
if we have a proportion as a liability, effect on our books cd be enormous
cd go out and borrow $1B without any difficulty whatsoever and our proportion, share, whatever it might be is a lot more ....
wanted to share that with you; that was my Thursday morning
RL: the same obligations were true under TransLink, not really any change
under GVTA we were jointly and severally liable
we actually, formally four years ago raised that with the GVTA auditors and the answer we brought back, as their operations unfolded, and they recovered sufficient revenue year by year to cover their budgets, there really was nothing for concern back in those days, even though more reason for concern than today
a real stretch to imagine that we wd be called upon to come up with our pro rata share of what TransLink's debt is
guess it's also interesting more a creature of the prov than in past
to find out more maybe I'll take it up with GVTS and GVRD auditors b/c they have same concerns we have
JC: what you're saying is news to me, and news to the other mbrs of the Finance Cmte
not a lot of ppl know about it, perhaps Finance directors do
RL did formally raise it with former Mayor Ron Wood; and with auditors KPMG, got assurances; but I'll pursue that again
JC: appreciate it; this is also KPMG and the way they've written it, it is new
Mayor: I'll take it up with Mayors' Ccl, yet another issue that has to do with representation
JC: and liability
Mayor: and liability
Sop: on work you've been doing shd it not be a responsibility of Ccl to ask our MLAs to come to us to explain this ongoing web being created by prov govt, this pressure on our taxation (property tax) based on the common principle, taxation without representation
know you're strong; we have to make a stmt somewhere; we shd be out there first, saying this absolutely no representation by the public
new initiative, we have to have a public display of displeasure; have them come here and explain what is happening with prov govt budget that they're constantly putting pressure.....  we know over and above that...  we're taking some measures, if ripe old apple plucked from the tree every time we're not going to get anywhere in the future; a stranglehold on tax forevermore.  It's wrong and we have to do something about it
Mayor: are you focusing on TransLink?
Sop: that and they other group, anything on prop tax we're not accepting that
stmt to prov govt shd come here and be accountable to us as to why happening
no public representation in any of those venues except behind the door scenes and you know what it's all about, increasing the prop tax forevermore, going to get worse
stranglehold on the taxpayers and on Ms' own budgets
how dare they say we have to be open and accountable and transparent when we're going our budgets and why they aren't doing the same thing.
in 2009 Mr Laing has got a new direction from the prov govt and here they are behind closed doors making decisions on our property tax.
they can dictate to us and the public has no area to go except to us
we're elected to look after the purse strings, and we shd be making  strong statement -- that's my opening stmt, at least have MLAs come here, as elected officials, why aren't you doing something about it?
Mayor: certainly on TransLink they backed off on resid prop tax class; we were pushing hard with that, half a step forward
clear to the board that the Mayors will be opposed to any more incursions into the prop tax base, however the longterm plan certainly does anticipate increasing burden from TransLink
wrt MetroV we shd be even more concerned about the capital costs coming to us over next ten to 20, 30 years
at Waste Cmte mtg last week, we recommended the Finance and Waste Cmte meet together b/c looking at signif shifts on the NSh wrt sewage treatment, and with solid waste
my goal to put together a picture of what metro costs and transit costs are going to be, and it's going to be staggering, that will put real wind in the sails of your argument
Sop: when? and say to public and others we're not accepting this, and what other ways? gotta be better
Mayor: we want the info, the DFOs, CAOs all concerned, pulling together; accountable wrt staff
that will be coming; got Cclr Clark on Finance that and that's excellent; think joint mtg coming up
Raymond Fung: joint workshop with CAOs, Finance Directors, and Regional Engrs in May to discuss the scope, portability (?) of all these combined plans
Mayor: maybe a report here, that wd be a start
Sop: May, June, then take some action?
Mayor: we need the data.
Dolly Cartwright:  Volunteer recognition Week
many organizations on the NSh, holding afternoon teas, open house
you're welcome at any and all of them volunteers on NSh are many; senior mbrs, mostly women, most retired, all of us; we volunteer for WGs, I belong to five diff non-profit org
all holding an aft tea; having an open house 2 to 4
Michael Evison: can Ccl or staff take the initiative, improve safety and traffic flow by eliminating four-way stops in favour of roundabouts
driving increasing frustrating; [cars/traffic from] bottom of Capilano Rd went all the way back to Home Depot; one going east; for sake of single roundabout that congestion cd hv bn eliminated; feel strongly about that; drove recently from London to Newcastle and [fewer] stop signs than from here to Second Narrows bridge
frustration culminated yesterday at quarter past 9 in morning, to police cars, four policemen on overtime
Mayor: how cd they be on overtime?
ME: sgl time's enough
police ticketing ppl coming down 22nd turning right onto Queens
in terms of deployment of valuable resources, frankly a waste of time; had there been a roundabout there, I think traffic wd hv flowed much more successfully and wd not have to bother with ticketing
pls, somebody, initiative can take?
Mayor: putting one in at Keith and Caulfeild Drive; another at Fulton and 21st; plan for Mathers and 21st but not budgeted in 2008
RF: we take these comments under advisement; staff are supportive of roundabouts taking into consideration the geometrics of existing intersections, slopes, sightlines; constrained by resources
try to give, take some action on high priority as we can afford them; several underway
ME: resources; nobody cd deny cost, take a look at Moodyville in NV and 16th; they've just modified a roundabout there and it can't have cost more than $200 to put it in
Mayor: had that suggestion before; there's different levels of construction.
12.  ADJOURNMENT  8:15

===   NOTES COUNCIL MTG May 1st   ===
2. ADOPTION OF MINUTES  -- No items scheduled.
3.         2008 Annual Tax Rates Bylaw No. 4557, 2008 (File:  1610-20-4557)
RECOMMENDED:  introduced and read a first, second and third time.
MS moved, Sop second
RL: budget adopted Apr 14; 3.5% tax increase reflected in this bylaw
received requisitions from other utilities, TransLink, school, etc also included in this
Sop: HOGrant status been raised? we wrote asking it be fair
RL: prov is sticking with percentage of homeowners overall that qualify, so have maintained same amount
Kerry Won: been raised to $1.050M, otherwise not other adjustments
Sop: isn't it incumbent on us to have equitable throughout the prov?
foolish to exempt a few out of this scenario; it's wrong and govt shd know that
assessments went high; we shd request and break off even
95% get a break in assessment
Mayor: if you wish to make a sep motion that's fine; break out in motion
Sop: secondly, the TransLink cost $800+ specifically to WV; do we know other two NV Ms?
RL: can find that out
Mayor: this is ours
Sop: assume right amt; have you asked -- this is taxation without representation!
Mayor: consistent with Mayors' Ccl
Sop: with this info
Mayor: other taxation authorities
RL: these other taxation authorities establish within their own org; forward on to us their approved levies
approved tax rate, approved dollar level and we convert
these numbers are straightforward, no opp to change them or challenge them in any way; we incorporate them in our bylaws
VV: note the number $1.582M pay to GVRD, have seen diff numbers
is this a comprehensive number, water, sewer, etc?
RL: sep levy for sewer, pay for water on per cu m basis
this is park functions, labour functions, I think 911 costs included; administrative effort of GVRD
utilities separate
also solid waste; also per tonnage fee; do on a NShwide basis
VV: this money we pay to GVRD, no legal opportunity to withdraw if we don't think we're getting enough for what we pay
RL: GVRD budget, pay according to theirs; governance issues larger and not within any of my reports
Sop: other regional levies, water, sewer?
RL: no
Sop: on average [increase] of $150.63 plus water and sewer
RL: water and sewer rates were passed in Dec on user pay basis based on consumption
can't speak how much up b/c not flat rate, based on consumption
not possible to pick one number for water or sewer going up b/c depends on consumption
Mayor: call question
4.         2008 Specified Area, Parcel Tax and Local Area Service Parcel Tax Bylaws
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the following bylaws be introduced and read a first, second and third time:
(a) Specified Area Tax Rates Bylaw No. 4553, 2008; (b) Parcel Tax (Garrow Bay) Bylaw No. 4554, 2008; (c)  Parcel Tax (Eagle Harbour) Bylaw No. 4555, 2008; (d) Local Area Service Parcel Tax (1360-1376 Jefferson Avenue and 1341-1395 Inglewood Avenue and 1160 14th Street) Bylaw No. 4556, 2008.

===   AGENDA COUNCIL MTG May 5th   ===
MONDAY, MAY 5, 2008
April 14 Sp Ccl Mtg; April 21 Reg Ccl Mtg; and April 21 Public Hearing/Public Meeting, AND that the April 10 Council Workshop Minutes be received for information.
3.         J. Birchall, regarding British Columbia Seniors Games (File:  3080-01)
4.         Rodgers Creek Area Development Plan (File:  0117-20-RCAP)
(a)           Report dated April 28, 2008 from the Manager of Community Planning titled "Rodgers Creek Area Development Plan - Additional Information"
RECOMMENDED:  ... be received for information.
(b)          Report dated April 25, 2008 from the Manager of Roads and Transportation titled "Rodgers Creek Truck Traffic Routing Plan"
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the construction of a truck traffic route from Chippendale Road to Cypress Bowl Road for purposes of managing truck traffic in Whitby and Taylor's Lookout [be] endorsed and the requirement for a development permit for this work be waived.
5.         Regulating Recreational Dog Walking in West Vancouver Parks
(1)              The West Vancouver Parks Regulation Bylaw and the Animal Control and Licence Bylaw be revised to allow access to local parks by dogs on-leash accompanied by their owners or guardians for personal, non-commercial purposes of recreation and enjoyment.
(2)              The Animal Control and Licence Bylaw be revised to clearly define specific parks or areas of parks where use for dog walking is prohibited.
(3)              The revisions proposed in Recommendation #2 be based on clear and easy to understand Public Health & Safety, Environmental and Societal criteria.
(4)              A new signage system be created to support the revised bylaws that is clear, friendly, and enforceable.
(5)              $30,000.00 be allocated from the Reserve Fund to provide a community liaison officer / ranger patrol during the summer 2008 season.
(6)              Staff report back to Council after December 31st with an assessment of these recommendations.
6.         Community Dialogue on Neighbourhood Character and Housing - Phase II Report             RECOMMENDED:  ... Phase II Report", dated April 25, 2008, be received for information.
7.         Change to May 12, 2008 Council Meeting Schedule (File:  0120-01)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the start time for the May 12, 2008 Council Workshop be changed to
6pm in order to allow time for the Youth Council Meeting scheduled at 7pm.
BYLAWS for Adoption (received three readings May 1)
8.         2008 Annual Tax Rates Bylaw No. 4557, 2008 (File:  1610-20-4557)
9.         2008 Specified Area, Parcel Tax and Local Area Service Parcel Tax Bylaws
(a) Specified Area Tax Rates Bylaw No. 4553, 2008; (b) Parcel Tax (Garrow Bay) Bylaw No. 4554, 2008; (c) Parcel Tax (Eagle Harbour) Bylaw No. 4555, 2008; (d) Local Area Service Parcel Tax (1360-1376 Jefferson Avenue and  1341-1395 Inglewood Avenue and 1160 14th Street) Bylaw No. 4556, 2008.
10.      Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
11.       Development Applications Status List for information
12.       Correspondence List (File:  0120?24)
> Correspondence received up to April 18, 2008
Requests for Delegation  --  No items presented.
Action Required
(1)       April 14, 2008, regarding Pressures on Our Ambleside Neighbourhood - Special Events
        Referred to the Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(2)       Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
(a) Community Engagement Committee - Feb 13, 2008 (b) Community Engagement Committee - Mar 5, 2008
(3)       March 28, 2008, regarding 2008 Budget
(4)       April 13, 2008, regarding Olympic Games
(5)       G. F. Evens, Council Animal Advocacy (CLAW), April 14, 2008, regarding Animal Relations Programs/Animal Welfare for Municipalities
(6)       April 16, 2008, regarding Provincial Justice System
(7)       April 16, 2008, regarding Benefits of Wind Transmission
Responses to Correspondence
(8)       E. Barth, Director of Engineering and Transportation, April 14, 2008, reply regarding Construction on 11th Street
(9)       K. Pike, Director of Parks and Community Services, April 14, 2008, reply regarding Ambleside Special Events - Smoke, Traffic, and Neighbourhood Impacts
Responses to Questions in Question Period  --  No items presented.
>  Correspondence received up to April 25, 2008
Requests for Delegation  --  No items presented.
Action Required
(10)     Undated, regarding Work in Progress at Ambleside and Marine Drive
Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
(11)     D. Patrick and M. Bayes, Horseshoe Bay Residents Association, April 18, 2008, regarding Safety Issues in Horseshoe Bay
        Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
(12)     April 19, 2008, regarding Turf Field at Ambleside Park
            Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
(13)     Mayor Mussatto, City of North Vancouver, April 22, 2008, regarding Spirit Trail April 2008 Draft Report
Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.  Attachments available for viewing in Legislative Services Department.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(14)     Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
(a)       West Vancouver Memorial Library Board - March 19, 2008
(15)     L.E. Jackson, Chair of Metro Vancouver Board, April 9, 2008, regarding Future of the Region Sustainability Dialogues Report titled:  Regional Economy-The World is Watching
Attachments available for viewing in Legislative Services Department.
(16)     C. Pickard, Council of Canadians, April 14, 2008, regarding Trade, Investment, and Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA) negotiations
(17)     R. Sultan, MLA, April 15, 2008, regarding Environmental Carcinogens
            Attachments available for viewing in Legislative Services Department.
(18)     R. Thorpe, Minister of Small Business and Revenue and Minister Responsible for Regulatory Reform, April 17, 2008, regarding implementation of BizPal Program
(19)     T. Negreiff, North Shore Neighbourhood House, April 21, 2008, regarding North Shore Neighbourhood House Annual Report
(20)     April 23, 2008, regarding Renewable Energy
            Attachments available for viewing in Legislative Services Department.
Responses to Correspondence
(21)     Mayor Goldsmith-Jones, April 17, 2008, reply to F.K. Spratt, Canadian Hard of Hearing Association, regarding May as National Hearing Awareness Month
(22)     E.S. Holitzki, Manager of Bylaw and Licencing [sic] Services, April 18, 2008, reply regarding Noise Bylaw Regulations
Responses to Questions in Question Period  --  No items presented.

===   NEWSWATCH   ===
>>>  At 6:16 PM +0100 4/21/08, Newsnight wrote re PRESIDENT CARTER:
The former US President, Jimmy Carter - who met last week with the top Hamas leaders in Syria - says Hamas is prepared to accept Israel's right to live as a neighbour in peace. He said even if Mahmoud Abbas and Ehud Olmert negotiated for the full recognition of Israel, Hamas would accept it, as long as it was approved in a Palestinian referendum. He tells us that Hamas is prepared to stick to a mutual ceasefire.  His exclusive interview is the BBC website.
>>> HOPE?  A student studying at Pearson College near Victoria; he's Palestinian and his roommate is Israeli -- starts with some stories and ends with hope. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RBeyKat7YIs
>>>  WOMEN -- Page last updated at 10:37 GMT, Monday, 21 April 2008 11:37 UK
Saudi women 'kept in childhood'  http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/7358448.stm
Women cannot make even simple decisions on children, the report says
Saudi women are being kept in perpetual childhood so male relatives can exercise "guardianship" over them, the Human Rights Watch group has said.
>>>  CBC Almanac Apr 25:
-  80% of the food consumed on Vancouver Island used to be produced there, today it is 3%
-  It takes more than a gallon of oil/gas to produce a gallon of ethanol

=   History of the potato  http://www.economist.com/opinion/displaystory.cfm?story_id=10759072
Propitious Esculent: The Potato in World History; by John Reader.
Wonder-food   Feb 28th 2008   From The Economist print edition
ON THE face of it, John Reader's new biography of the potato seems to have a silly title-"propitious esculent" is just a fancy way to say "helpful food"-and an even sillier subtitle. But that is because the virtues of the world's fourth biggest food crop (after maize, wheat and rice) and its influence on world history are easily overlooked. "I used to take potatoes for granted," the author writes. His aim is to discourage readers from doing likewise.
The key to the potato's value lies in its high yield and its almost perfect balance of nutrients. Potatoes can produce more energy per unit area per day than any other crop, and it is possible (though tedious) to subsist on a diet of spuds and very little else.
First domesticated in the Andes, the potato was carried to Europe in the 16th century. At first Europeans were suspicious: the potato was variously thought to be an aphrodisiac, to cause leprosy or to be poisonous. But it slowly caught on as its merits in times of famine and war became apparent (it is more reliable than grain and remains hidden underground until harvested). By the late 18th century it was being hailed as a wonder-food-for the poor, at least. Marie Antoinette promoted potatoes by wearing their flowers in her hair.
People then started to worry that the potato was too popular, and that its abundance was causing an unsustainable increase in population. Exhibit A was Ireland, where the booming population subsisted almost entirely on potatoes. The danger of such dependency was starkly revealed by the Irish potato famine of 1845: at least a million people died, and another million emigrated.
Mr Reader's tale ends with the modern efforts to understand the genetics of the potato, which could lead to more disease-resistant varieties. The propitious esculent, he explains, is likely to feature in the diets of space-farers who will have to grow their own food.
The all-potato diet will not appeal to all readers, but this accessible account embraces the latest scholarship and addresses the failings of previous works on the subject. Indeed the book, like the tuber it describes, fills a void: the spud now has the biography it deserves.
From The Economist 2008
   In praise of the potato  Feb 28; Potatoes in Peru  Feb 28th (and  Potato industry in trouble Mar 23rd 2006)
===   EXERCISE   (with potato sacks, sent by colleague)  ===
I think you should try the new exercise regime that is all the rage.  It will be good for your health and mental well-being:
Begin by standing on a comfortable surface, where you have plenty of room at each side. With a five-lb potato sack in each hand, extend your arms straight out from your sides and hold them there as long as you can.  
Try to reach a full minute, and then relax.  
Each day you'll find that you can hold this position for just a bit longer. 
After a couple of weeks, move up to ten-lb potato sacks.  
Then try 50-lb potato sacks and then eventually try to get to where you can lift a 100-lb potato sack in each hand and hold your arms straight for more than a full minute. (***I'm at this level.) 
After you feel confident at that level put a potato in each of the sacks.

===  SCOTS  ===
Question:  Is it true Nero played the bagpipes, not the violin, while Rome burned?
   Answer:  That was July 16, 64AD, violin was invented about 1600 years later; a type of bagpipe tibia trucularius
Question:  What's the difference between a bagpipe and an onion?
   Answer:  No one cries when you cut up a bagpipe.
Scottish Short Joke:
A bloke walks into a Glasgow public library and demands a book on how to commit suicide.
The librarian yells at him, "Clear away off -- you'll no bring it back."

===  HAIKU  ===   2008 April 25

        teens see no borders
                need to be guided, stopped, steered --
                                        so do some adults.....

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Thx to Dr Mardy Grothe who sent this one:
Niccolo Machiavelli (1469 - 1527) was born in Florence, Italy.  He was brought up in the impoverished branch of a distinguished family, and had an up-and-down career as a government functionary and diplomat.  Even though he showed some talent as a poet, musician, and playwright, his name is remembered to history primarily because of his 1532 book "The Prince", which described the methods a ruler should use to gain and maintain power.  While "Machiavellian" has become a synonym for calculated manipulation and cynical cunning, the eponym is now regarded as an inaccurate oversimplification of his core beliefs.  Many of his observations have an honoured place in political and military history:
     "The first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him."
{Interesting but IMO it goes both ways!}

"We are aware of the suffering of the people of Gaza but, in our eyes, the suffering of the residents of communities that border on that area and those of the Israeli army count more," said Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak.
                -- reporting by Matthew Fisher in article in Vancouver Sun, 2008 Apr 17, p A 13
Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you.
                        -- Pericles (430 B.C.)
What molting time is to the birds, so adversity or misfortune is to us humans.
                        -- Vincent van Gogh, Dutch painter (1853 - 1890)
Women's total instinct for gambling has been satisfied by marriage.
                        -- Gloria Steinem, American (b. 1934)
I think it's about time we voted for senators with breasts. After all, we've been voting for boobs long enough.
    -- Arizona politician Claire Sargent, in the 1992 senatorial campaign. She failed to unseat John McCain.

Right now I'm having amnesia and deja vu at the same time.  I think I've forgotten this before.
                        -- Steven Wright, comedian (b. 1955)