Ccl NOTES May 5
Calendar to May 29

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

In the past our cherry tree usually is a mass of double blooms starting from April 9 or 16 -- this year only started about May 9th -- very late this year
Main Items May 12th ccl mtg agenda: 6pm start: Cmnty Heritage Register
Youth Ccl items (7pm start): Rotary Presentation; Debate on who shd pay for rec services; Youth Appreciation Awards; reception follows
Vive le Canada; from the EDITOR'S DESK (Uplift/WINDFALL/PGS/CBs); UPDATE (Heritage Register); CULTUREWATCH; WEBWATCH ($$$House); GENDERWATCH
=  CALENDAR to May 29th (check for changes and updates)
=  Ccl NOTES May 5th:  RODGERS CRK DEVT; DOGWALKING; Nbrhd Character/Housing; PQP: more on Rodgers Crk; Envmt WG
=  AGENDAS May 12th; NEW SECTION: "ON TABLE" Apr 7, 14, 21, May 5 (These items do not appear on agendas!)
=  Seriously Free Speech; NEWSWATCH (London's New Mayor); Update on Hebron Orphanages; Language (Roget's Thesaurus/Beatles; Crazy English); Quotations

=== Vive le Canada ===  100th anniversary of Anne of Green Gables (published 1908!)

..... from the EDITOR'S DESK -- Uplift, WINDFALL, PGS
So many residents of WV are puzzled by the term Uplift and its significance for them.
Since the next WVM will have a v short ccl mtg to report, my notes originally in this one will be in the next one.
Briefly, what we call Uplift, in the US isn Windfall and in the UK is the Planning Gain Supplement.
It is the difference between what land is worth under present zoning and and the higher value with upzoning and increased density.
It is the cmnty's to give through its decision to change the zoning and increase permitted density.
The value of the land, therefore, can be higher at the stroke of the pen, granted by the citizens (through Ccl) and the reasoning is that it's only fair for the cmnty to get a share of the increase.  After all, the owner did nothing to earn the higher value and the increased density affects the community's quality of life.  What an owner does with the land afterward is entirely the owner's, ie all profit is his.
Some jurisdictions treat this as a sale and the whole difference, 100%, is allocated to cmnty projects, called cmnty benefits or amenities.
In spite of this well-known practice it took me about 15 years for such a thing as Uplift to be admitted (Vancouver gets 75% and even has got 98% for a project over $100M).  Once recognized, it took several years to get a draft Cmnty Benefits Policy.  Finally it was somewhat applied with Evelyn Drive and sort of with 24th & Marine.
The big issues now are the Rodgers Crk Area Devt and the Ambleside Town Ctr Strategy.
Stay tuned.
It's YOUR cmnty.

===   UPDATE   ===
Information on the Cmnty Heritage Register:  http://www.westvancouver.ca/article.asp?a=5274&c=1021
===   CULTUREWATCH   ===
Too little time to see the plays on this side but Martin Millerchip's excellent report in the NSNews will bring you up to date: "Break a leg!" http://www.canada.com/northshorenews/...
===   WEBWATCH   ===
Date: Mon, 5 May 2008  / Subject: Inside The World's First Billion-Dollar Home -2 billion dollars?
===   GENDERWATCH   ===  http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/7375230.stma
Diverging paths on gender equality
Italy's new Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi joked that his Spanish counterpart's cabinet line-up looked "too pink" for his liking. The Italian cabinet includes four women but they will have a tough task on their hands, says David Willey in Rome.
It could not be more different in Spain. Danny Wood reports that Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero is at the very forefront of the struggle to achieve gender equality in politics.
Excerpts: ...Surveys show that, proportionally, more women die as a result of domestic violence in the UK and Germany than in Spain... More than 70 women were killed by their husbands, boyfriends or ex-partners in 2007. ... The difference in Spain is that the government is taking more dramatic steps to deal with the problem. ...A new law attempts to protect women with specialist judges, legal services and restraining orders on violent men within hours.
And, of course, she points out, domestic violence is still a problem.
"That horrible maxim: 'I killed her because she was mine' is still something you hear."

===  CALENDAR to May 29th  === [at Hall unless otherwise noted; pls confirm to make sure no changes]
===  BOOKTOPIA May 2 - 12 at WV Memorial Library  ===
== Sat May 10th == Dundarave Farmers' Markets start; every Sat 10am - 4pm
~ 9am to noon ~ Lighthouse Park Broom Pull -- Scotch Broom removal
The Lighthouse Park Preservation Society will be removing broom from the West Beach so please join us if you have an hour or two to help. Just wear old clothes and work gloves, and bring clippers or loppers if you have them. Otherwise we will supply tools.  Meet at the upper kiosk in the parking lot at 9:00 am
Scotch Broom was introduced to this province in the mid-1800s, and has spread so much that it has become a destructive weed. Broom, a member of the "pea" family, takes over sunny bluffs, crowding out native shrubs like the Nootka Rose and Spirea, and alters the soil composition so that native wild flowers cannot survive. Learn more about this plant at the May 10th broom pull.
~~~  HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY Sunday May 11th ~~~
== Mon May 12th  ==  Ccl Workshop 6 pm; Youth Ccl Mtg 7pm followed by reception
== Wed May 14th  ==
        ~ 10am ~ Cmnty Engagement Cmte
        ~ 5pm ~ Finance Cmte [moved to May 21st to Library and maybe a 4 or 4:30pm start]
        ~ 5pm ~ Child Care WG [moved to May 21st]
        ~ 7pm Cmnty Sport WG
== Thurs May 15th ==
        ~ 5:30pm ~ Police Bd (Police Dept Bdroom);
        ~ 6pm ~ NSh Family Court/Youth Justice Cmte at DNV M Hall;
~ 7:30pm ~ Mtg at St Stephen's, 885 - 22nd
West Vancouver Streamkeepers 7:30pm Public Meeting
Speaker: Chad Brealey, Director of Communications, Pacific Salmon Foundation
Presentation: Recent Innovative Projects in Salmon Enhancement
There will be a short break after the presentation followed by a discussion agenda including reports from earlier mtgs, updates on creeks and activities, followed by announcements.
The next mtg will be the Streamkeepers' AGM Sept 18th. (Before that, you can see us at our booth during Cmnty Day, June 7.)
== Wed May 21st  ==
        ~ 5pm ~ Finance Cmte [maybe an earlier start b/c at Library followed by Library Bd mtg]
        ~ 6:30pm ~ Child Care WG at Fulton House
        ~ 7pm ~ Bd of Variance at M Hall;  Library Bd at Library
== Thurs May 22nd == ~ 4:30pm ~ Design Review Cmte mtg CANCELLED
== Sat May 24th ==
        ~ 9am - 10pm ~ Gleneagles Garage Sale at the Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr
        ~ 10am - 5pm ~ Car Wash for BC Children's Hospital at 13th & Bellevue
== Sun May 25th ==
        ~ 7:30 - 11am ~ WV Rotary Seawalk Run: The Village at Park Royal start
        ~ 9am - noon ~ Westie Walk Dog Walk at Lighthouse Park
== Tues May 27th == ~ 4 - 6pm ~ Envmtal WG at Operations Ctr, 3755 Cypress Bowl Rd
== Wed May 28th == ~ 7pm ~ Public Hearing Collingwood School
but in the morning
7:30am WV Chamber of Commerce Breakfast at Hollyburn Country Club
Speaker Panelists: Mark Startup -  President & CEO Retail BC; Ian Tostenson - President & CEO B.C. Restaurant & Foodservices Assn; Ian Robertson - Executive Director, Corporate Communications & Public Affairs Armstrong Group (Rocky Mountaineer Vacations)
Mbrs $25; non-mbrs $35; Info at  www.westvanchamber.com or phone 926 6614 to RSVP by May 23rd

===  SFU Harbourside on Envmt  ===  www.sfu.ca/city
+ May 16 - 17 + Tackling Climate Change - Going Carbon Neutral and Beyond -- Course Details
A practical overview of steps to go carbon neutral and strategies for adapting to climate change impacts.
Instructors:  Boyd Cohen, SFU professor of sustainability and entrepreneurship; Guy Dauncey, author of "Stormy Weather: 101 Solutions to Global Climate Change"; Rob Safrata, Novex Couriers and an Al Gore Ambassador; Alex Boston, Holland Barrs climate services sector
LECTURES  (7pm, free)
+ May 15 + Cycling for Everyone: Lessons from the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany: John Pucher, Rutgers University -- www.sfu.ca/city/fpl10popup.htm
+ May 16 +  The Affordable City: Municipal Support for Community Land Trusts John Davis, Vermont www.sfu.ca/city/fpl9popup.htm
+ May 22 +  Our Transportation Future -- www.sfu.ca/city/PDFs/ShiftingGears_lec2_3.pdf

+++  WV MEMORIAL LIBRARY +++ see www.westvanlib.org
Join Neil Ritchie, producer of CBC Radio's Hot Air for two sessions (with recorded music & video) on the history of jazz. No registration required -- come to one or both talks!
        Thursday, May 15 -- The Roots of Jazz  //  Thursday, May 29 -- The Big Bands
+ RAFE MAIR'S BOOK LAUNCH -- 7:30 - 9pm Thursday May 22
Lawyer, politician, radio broadcaster - and crusader! That's Rafe Mair. Please join us for the launch of his new book What the Bleep is Going On Here? There are sparks flying from the pages of this book as he invites his readers to be "happy in agreement with him and angry as hell in disagreement".
+ Friday 23rd --  Philosopher's Cafe: Diverse multicultural expressions - fuse or refuse?
Does ethno-fusion hold out hope for something richer and stronger, or simply the contamination of original cultural expressions? Open to all, $5 admission. 10:30am - 12:30pm
4 - 6pm -- Pamela Proctor, a lifelong teacher in the Vancouver School system, shares her insights into the vital differences between nurturing learning and coercive education. For teachers and parents of children ages three to nine.

Opening Reception: 6 - 8 pm Tuesday May 13  //  Artists in Attendance:  2 - 3pm Saturday May 17

+++ SILK PURSE (1570 Argyle) www.silkpurse.ca
+ Tuesday, May 13, 2008 - 10:30 am "One Hundred Years of Music"
Jean Coulthard demonstrated that a woman could be a successful composer, whose music was, and still is, played extensively in concert halls across Canada and the world. Join co-authors of a new book celebrating the 100th anniversary and life of Jean Coulthard. William Bruneau, UBC Professor Emeritus and Jean Coulthard friend for over 30 years, and David Gordon Duke, composer, educator, writer, and Jean Coulthard student. Join us for a morning of reminisce, music and a slide show of rare photographs.  Tix $10 mbrs; $12 non-mbrs.
+ Thursday, May 22, 2008 - 7:30 pm  "Tibetan/Tuvan Journey"
Members of the Tibetan Cultural Society -- Children's Music Ensemble join us for an evening of music with traditional instruments as well as stories from the Silk Road. Featured musician & storyteller Kira Van Dusen will perform her "Tuvan Tales". All tix $10
+ Tuesday, May 27, 2008 - 10:30 am  "Russian Portrait"
Back by popular demand, internationally acclaimed Russian born classical pianist with his inspirational musical interpretations, Dr. Boris Konovalov, a world-class performer throughout North America, Europe, and the Soviet Union joins us for an all-Russian program of music.  Tix: mbrs $10; non-mbrs $12
Tickets: $10.00 MEMBERS $12.00 NON-MEMBERS
+ Thursday, May 29, 2008 - 10:30 am  Murchie's Thursday - "East-West Fusion"
Well-known Vancouver pianist Karen Lee Morlang joins friends for an exotic Asian musical performance on erhu, zither, vocals, and piano blending the traditional music of the East and the classical music of the West.  Tix: mbrs $10; non-mbrs $12

+++  WV MUSEUM +++  Duncan McNab: Modern In Sight -- to May 31
        FOR  MORE INFO: http://www.westvanmuseum.blogspot.com/
+  Wednesday, May 14, 7 - 8:30pm -- Topic: Designing Of the Hill, Not On the Hill
Guest Speakers: Kim Smith and Bo Helliwell of Blue Sky Architecture

+++ Don't forget to check out www.kaymeekcentre.com +++

===   COUNCIL MTG May 5th NOTES   ===   Cclr Ferguson absent
Mayor announced National Emergency Preparedness Week across the country; emphasis individual preparedness; good shape b/c of Seascapes over a year ago...  ofc, www.nsemo.org and a new director Dorrit Mason (sp?)... great add'n to the team
Sop: at workyard when winds came that day...  looked at devastation; got ppl to cmnty ctr
sat on Emerg bd over there; 24 to 48 hours on own, get a kit, etc if big shake, let's be prepared -- can we exist for 18 hours on our own? enough water? hope will not happen
Amended by replacing Apr 10 Wkshop minutes with a revised version; withdraw Item 3; adding Item 4, recommendations of the Rodgers Crk WG;
{VERY INTERESTING: that means the recommendations are ON TABLE, were not in ccl mtg pkg nor on website when agenda came out.}
replacing G in Item 5, regulating Recreational DogWalking with revised apex (?) G; and adding to Correspondence List, 20.1 and 20.2
SSch: also a late correspondence item re RCrk, 20.3
April 14 Sp Ccl Mtg; April 21 Reg Ccl Mtg; and April 21 Public Hearing/Public Meeting AND that the April 10 Council Workshop Minutes be received for information.
3.         J. Birchall, regarding British Columbia Seniors Games (File:  3080-01)  -- WITHDRAWN
4.         Rodgers Creek Area Development Plan (File:  0117-20-RCAP)
(a)           Report dated April 28, 2008 from the Manager of Community Planning titled "Rodgers Creek Area Development Plan - Additional Information"
GB: re density, amenity; management of truck traffic (Brent Dozzi, separate report)
clarified zoning, split out; current zoning in 1980, allows clustering of zoning
large section of OCP deals with Upper Lands; Policy UL for future nbrhds
secondly review methods envtally sensitive and cmnty housing objectives
laid ground work for WG for Option B
WG felt v strongly, shd look at density differently from 2.5
sticking with 2.5 not with overall goals
traffic impact study was done; conclusion is we have capacity in our roads for Option A or B
high level analysis -- 21st, 15th, TWay
no capacity problem but some operational problems, but there are some solutions
regulate by stop signs, introduction of lights 15th; roundabout at 21st and Queens already planned for further down
CB side, some changes, now $16M, half things going on within planning area and the other half broadly WV area, ~ $6M
one -- McGavin Field to rough in grade status
        {OOOOOO -- the field promised with Deer Ridge West rezoning......}
$250K operational issues on 15th street; traffic calming
do have heavier presentation on traffic so turn over to Brent
(b)          Report dated April 25, 2008 from the Manager of Roads and Transportation titled "Rodgers Creek Truck Traffic Routing Plan"
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the construction of a truck traffic route from Chippendale Road to Cypress Bowl Road for purposes of managing truck traffic in Whitby and Taylor's Lookout [be] endorsed and the requirement for a development permit for this work be waived.
Brent Dozzi: to reduce traffic [slide of area put up]; ongoing construction activity
no other option but to allow heavy vehicles to move up and down
loaded is cause for more wear and use of the brakes; our experience has been some of the operators haven't been as diligent as they shd be throughout day and as a result some truck crashes
2004, start of Whitby; traffic plan but BPP didn't have means to reduce throughout area
wrt Rodgers, staff devpd a temporary route by water storage facility
requires some improvement to come down [pointing to slide]
BPP plans to have some in place by June so cd deflect 50% of their truck traffic, reining in, not to subdevpr.
second phase is waiving of the Devt Permit to allow BPP to reconstruct the bottom alignment so from 24% to 17-18%
90% of all their traffic cd be routed to Cypress Bowl Rd and cd be done by end of August this year
eliminate from Chartwell
three nbrhd mtgs; concerned about trucks in front of their homes and going downhill
Sop: wd this plan allow for entire RCrk project have trucks use Chippendale connector
and not see any trucks through Folkestone Way or Collingwood School?
BD: plan is to substantially reduce; secondary traffic; some independent devt occurring
BPP has estimated 90% in and out of truck traffic cd be diverted to this route
once Chippendale Connector, 100% of downhill traffic cd be routed out of the nbrhds
Sop: so still trucks uphill in this area?
BD: yes
Sop: up to Cypress Bowl Road, safe and harmless this District; understand BPP hire trucks good so brake problem not from them
BD: certainly BPP has acted in good way, removing vehicle from their service
haven't had control over other devprs who hire from independents
all devt in Rodgers Crk, some assurance, not ev sgl truck, but majority managed by them
Sop: you did not mention accessory bldgs? decided not to move forward
GB: did include and was recommended; small component, they cd proceed with or without; we're proceeding
now Cmnty Dialogue; cd be put on back burner until Housing dialogue; BPP wd proceed without
George Pajari: I wish to ask some questions and speak to the Cmnty Benefit part of this report and also make reference to Apr 9th memo also from Ms Boyle about the proposed CB.  In the calculations of the increased value attributable to the increased number of units, Ms Boyle uses a figure of $101K per unit in her Apr 9th memo wch is referred to in tonight's memo.
She says this is based upon the value that the prov reimbursed the M when they expropriated the lands.  I was wondering if Ms Boyle might explain how that number was arrived at, and was that the amt of money the prov offered or the amt of money we asked for.
Mayor: do you have several questions b/c this isn't going to be a question and answer; we'd like your input, and then get the answers.
GP: In the Apr 9th memo, Ms Boyle says the Uplift associated with Option B has not been calculated as the bldg sq ft is the same as Option A.  Yet Option A has the same sq ftg as the base existing zoning.  So if you're calculating Uplift b/c of an increased number of units for Option A, why not calculate it for Option B.  Since all three options have the same sq ftg, Note 1 wd seem not to apply, and so if we take Ms Boyle's figure of $101K -- wch I'm not accepting but I'll use for the purposes of calculations -- and apply it to Option B, wch does not appear in her memo, by my calculations we have an Uplift of $36M attributable in Option B.  If we use the 75% to the District figure, that suggests that using Ms Boyle's figure for Option B, the CBs for the cmnty shd be $27,300,000.  Then so by my calculations the $16M that's been offered is short at least $11M, again using Ms Boyle's figures
I was wondering about the $101K figure so I ran my own model based on some rezonings that happened in the M using assessed values, and came up in my model with a land value per unit of $138K per unit.  I'd be happy to provide those figures to Ms Boyle.  But if you apply those numbers to Option B, I calculate the Uplift at $50M, and the amt that the M might reasonably request at the 75% figure, at $37M, putting the amt currently being discussed at least $21M short, so I'd appreciate Ms Boyle's explaining how she arrived at her numbers and why she didn't calculate the Uplift associated with Option B.
GB: in terms of not doing Option B, it's simply b/c they were all using the same sq ftg, and we were basing this as a, as a sort of a-- it's, it's, it's an arguable point, if you like, I'm not saying it's black and white.  There's an argument that says, you're just carving up same sq ftg a diff way, so you shdn't have to use a different unit value.

{Sorry, but that doesn't answer the question. The suggestion is not to use a different unit value.  The question was why the same unit value used in Option A was not used in Option B (actually in WG's recommendation).}

We were also providing these as benchmarks, to judge the proposal, not as necessarily as absolutes b/c we were dealing with apples and apples.  That's the hard thing, is our coming up with apples and apples as true comparables.  V v difficult.  We haven't been able to find them, and so we're using on my [Apr] 9th report-- these were really set up and provided to Ccl and cmnty as benchmarks, so if you use that benchmark, this is how it wd come out.  We also used Ev Dr, talked about how it came out.  I wd be interested in just maybe going over with George how his $138K and all the way through on that.

{Still doesn't answer the question. Anyway, this inability to get a straight answer to either straight question forced Mr. Pajari to do more research and to write a follow-up letter which you can download and read at http://docs.pajari.ca/dwvrc/mc20080512.pdf -- but to summarise, there are several errors in Ms Boyle's reports and a more accurate figure for the Windfall that will result from the proposed "Option B" rezoning is on the order of $132 million and not the $16 million Ms Boyle suggests in her report, nor the $50 million mentioned in these remarks made at Council by Mr Pajari.}

CR: Good evening.  Editor of West Van Matters
I was rather excited when Cclr Smith the other week said he saw a $200M increase, so I thought we'd really be getting a lot so I'm not going to touch the calculation b/c I trust that you'll come up with an accurate appraised value by an outside consultant, whatever.  And I'm not going to comment on the number of units except that I hope that the calculations will be accurate and fair.
When I looked at the Cmnty Benefits, I had this eerie feeling of deja vu.  The upzoning of British Pacific Properties' Deer Ridge West some years ago, included this v same playing field.  Staff said it wd take about ten to 15 years to build but BPP in their presentation at a Public Hearing said it wd take two to three years.  During that PH, I discovered a staff memo saying there'd be a field but no changerooms, or washrooms, or provisions for parking, or anything like that, wch wd cost the M at least $750K to put and use.  So, while I'm glad to see there is money in this field to make it really usable, it's a pity that that Ccl didn't make the provision then, so that when they got the upzoning, it certainly shd hv included making the field playable and usable
{It's not regulation size}
wrt the truck, the road that's being done, I do hope that extra care will be taken with stream and creek setbacks [while] they're doing this, b/c it's a v sensitive area, so I hope that will be looked at closely.
If we go to the CBs, I hope this time that you will have wide public input into what to put the money, whether it's $16M, $36M, or Cclr Smith's most optimistic figure [of $200M].  I believe we have to have a list.

{The staff memo has creek enhancement about $500K, mtn pathway ~$5M, and so on; see memo.}

I suppose, I mean the obvious thing is to the Cmnty Ctr, wch is where we need money.  OTOH, we might not be able to get our hands on this money in enough time, so I don't know how that cd be done, but there's an obvious place that if we can put things off or do whatever we can hv it for that.
Among the other things that cd be suggested-- What I wd like to recommend for your consideration is that just as right now we have a rule of thumb of 75% of the Uplift is for Cmnty Benefit, perhaps you cd consider that there be a rule of thumb of funds, foundations.  And I'm suggesting three different funds, each with 5 to 10% each. 
The first perhaps wd be an Envmtal Fdn.
We've already had the report from the Envmt WG, wch made some good recommendations.  If we had an Envmtal Fund, so that wd be a couple of million, if we're doing 5 to 10% -- a few million dollars for that; and that wd be ongoing work that wd involve not just streams, but also the wetlands and the shoreline.
The second fund -- Heritage
so that you'd have some funds in there to, ah, the [Heritage] Incentives Report is coming next week, and so you'll be seeing that (I'm Chair of that), so there's lots of suggestions how that can be done, so there'd be funds for maintenance of bldgs for heritage
and the third fund, for Arts and Culture
b/c I know you're planning things like that
{Some have been talking about a Museum of Art, Architecture, and Design and more facilities down on the waterfront.  As you know the Arts Facilities WG is just being formed.}
So my suggestion is, pls throw the CBs--  I hope you'll assess them fairly, put them out to the public for suggestions, try to have a formula.  Maybe these three funds wd help satisfy those needs, and then you've got [other/more for, ie the 70% left] where it's needed and I'm sure you want some amenities in the new Ambleside Town Strategy, so there might be some money towards that, but please welcome input from the public before you make a decision.
RD: The question of CBs is a v important one, and we're going to continue to look carefully at that; we're also keeping in mind what we have before us, a signif planning exercise wch wd lead to a v different approach above the Upper Levels, envmtally more sustainable and aesthetically preferable
It wd leave about 55% of the land green, in a natural state, and it wd concentrate devt in a few more suitable areas.
A devt envmtally and economically more sustainable; a trend toward thoughtful hillside devt that hasn't been done; tendency has been to build flatland devt on hills and that's been mistake, and we all realize that and need to approach in a more innovative and creative way
motion I'm going to make is Option B; same sq ftg as Option A but involves rather smaller units; wd be somewhat more units but the overall sq ftg wd remain the same
if land left as is and continued with sgl detached housing, the land wd still be devpd but it wd be devpd as it has been. B/c of the steepness of the terrain if we put sgl detached housing there, we wd have complete clearcutting and all kinds of problems.
     {This is a touchy issue. Some cutting has been done, so far mainly for pipes and roads.}
The existing sgl fam housing isn't going to work on that land
going to move Option B
reason is if voted for Option A can't go to B -- wd hv to start process all over again, but if B can go to A; will continue to look at CBs
        {Good news, Cclr Day.}
Mayor: but first we have to receive the report
RD: move [4a] be received for information.
Mayor: any discussion on report itself?
VV: the report really quite interesting
ev time this has come up I've raised the issue  of basic allowed 1.5upa for 150 acres and 2.5upa for 50 acres does not really comply with the correct interpretation wch is 2.5 units per gross buildable acre; as Cclr Day reminded us, this is going to be built on perhaps half or less than half of the land so we shd be reducing accordingly.
{Actually it turns out from research that nowhere does it say buildable, but it did in former OCP.}
although this report quite correctly says subject to Ccl approval can be done at 2.5upa and if more than that then we have to change the OCP
this is going ahead as if Ccl has approved it but Ccl has not approved it
we shd be seeing a little spreadsheet, not just Option A and B; shd be seeing the base case, without Ccl approval, something closer to 200
wrt CB, v imp aspect, calc shd be from that original base case, more like 200 units, not starting at 538 or 300 and some, an intermediate number
at this moment there is not approval from Ccl shd see correct numbers
Sentence here says District is looking to have a popn of 50K in 2021
projection for providing framework of policy, not a popn target, nor a popn maximum
think mbrs of public wd be surprised b/c if not back to public for changes to OCP, wd assume we're developing at a rate that wd bring these numbers into existence at that time; at the rate we're going we'll well exceed that
think needs greater attention and public needs to be aware
Mayor: further comment?
Sop: on receipt?
Mayor: yes; Ms Boyle wd like to confirm once and for all: per buildable acre or gross
GB: reference here has been to current zoning, the practice has been, to start out with 2.5, have ten acres wd show how 25 units cd appear on the site; variations hv bn looked at that by Ccl, but that wd be the upper limit with variation policy, so that's how it has been proven out
eg Taylor's Lookout has some cluster housing, some sgl fam both standard and smaller lots
drawing showing how you cd achieve 60 units as standard sgl fam rather than go to the two Aerie sites wch are cluster housing and wd involve the protection of creeks
has been practice to do it; v lengthy exercise in order to do it
to do over RCrk area where the direction is to come up with an area plan
direction of OCP has been to look at overall plan that really looks sustainability
MS: not sure we got answer to question; not trying to embarrass Ms Boyle; let's assume flat in Langley, and part for 1.5 and part 2.5, in answer to Cclr V's question, how many units on that 215 acre site under existing zoning?
GB: if flat, zoning 2.5 wd be the upper limit
MS: some zoned 1.5upa
GB: sorry, you'd look at  area 1.5 and 2.5 and do that; you'd look at base case in existing zoning if flat land
MS: that's my question then, what is the total then? have we ever done that calculation?
GB: yes, apologies [shuffles papers], 360, no it's 375
MS: thank you

{NOPE, see inserted note below}

VV: then we have to subtract the unbuildable part, steep parts  and creeks
if flat 375 but given you can't build on half of that so that brings me to something around 200, shd be, not 375, that's what I'm trying to clarify
GB: historically lands with creeks watercourses not dedicated to public, in private land with covenants; diff scenario, protected, this will be dedicated so not part of lot area in the Rodgers plan
if standard in past, wd be able to include in lot area, that's how come up with 375 units
VV: hope I'm correct in reading this; all of this is subject to approval of Ccl, not presumption of entitlement to do this; if Ccl is going to consider approving it; Ccl wants to see some CB relative to it, without prejudice to the number of units approved, Ccl must have case laid out b/c the base from wch we calculate CBs
point I'm making, it's still missing and shdn't be missing
Mayor: where confusion arises b/c I'm reading in OCP 2.5upa per gross acre
GB: that's the policy but not the zoning regulations; the base case is regulated by the zoning regulation of the prop, split -- some 2.5 some 1.5
Mayor: I understand that, but building vs gross area; it's fundamental
GB: gross area is 215 acres; that's the multiplication
Mayor: clear on that?  I'm not
MS: bottom line is we shd just let Cclr V keep doing the math till we get down to one house on the site
Mayor: this is the process of Ccl debate; I wd like us to have some common understanding of rudimentary aspects otherwise not fruitful discussion
so I'm going to ask one more time, some zoned 1.5, some 2.5, question is, is that calculated on gross area or on what's feasibly buildable
GB: haven't a calculator with me--
VV: allow a few minutes, I'll read from OCP p 97
in most circumstances, the gross density wd be achieved only in a nbrhd with a variety of dwelling types and sizes with envtal considerations that fit with the terrain, etc
essence of my point but this applicant or Planning Dept on behalf presume Ccl will approve 2.5upa gross b/c will have earned Ccl's consideration/approval, but we haven't actually done that, we haven't approved it but we're proceeding as if we had; at what point is there a presumption they will actually to have ask us to approve it and when we are officially asked, we'll want to know what's the CB attached to doing it
really important to get this clear once and for all
Mayor: on Cclr Day's next motion
GB: 51.88 acres with max 2.5upa yield of 129.5 so 130 units; remaining 163.3 acres has zoning today 1.5upa wch works out to 245 so together 375 units under current zoning

{That calculation is probably incorrect. Further research indicates that the zoning bylaw states that density can only be transferred to "other developable land in the ownership of the same owner". In other words, it would appear that the 1.5/2.5 units per acre figure must be calculated on each block of land under separate ownership, rounded down to the nearest whole unit, and then added together. Since there are at least six blocks of land, one cannot simply calculate 1.5 times the total number of acres zoned 1.5 + 2.5 times the total number of acres zoned 2.5 as Ms Boyle has done above. Also the zoning bylaws require that lots be laid out with certain limits on minimum site area, width, depth, and layout. It is not at all clear, that in a steep area with as many streams as this area contains, that anything close to 370 units could be laid out in conformance with the current zoning bylaws. While it may be that we do not want to see such a development, the fact remains that the existing zoning, with all of its restrictions, does set the baseline from which any proposal must be measured for the purposes of calculating Uplift and the appropriate community benefits. If the number and size of the houses permitted currently is over-estimated, as it appears to have been, then the Uplift will be reduced, and with it the community benefits.
Editor's Note:
The object of this exercise is to make sure the cmnty receives its share.  If staff do not make sure, then Ccl has the obligation and responsibility to be the stewards of residents' interests.
Neither Mr Pajari nor I stated a preference for base, A, or B (but both think all units ought to be counted, ie no uncounted units as recommended by WG b/c it affects the value of the land), and generally think the area plan is a good one.}

Sop: understand Cclr V's concern
Whitby Estates was to take ten years and sold out in seven or less
proposal put to us by BPP to look at Rodgers, we said we don't want to look at anything unless whole
they went away and didn't come back for the better part of two years or more
guess by that time work had begun by them, staff
b/c steepness of slope, creeks, tributaries, wdn't necessarily clearcut, provide an alternate form of housing, use the road networks
b/c steep and ephemeral creeks, not accept old method of devt
over a year ago formed a WG, gone through a lengthy process
Mayor: Cclr Sop--
Sop: I have to say this--
Mayor: --I want you to say this but wd like you to be part of the debate; we'll just receive the report, and then you can speak
Sop: --you asked me if there was anything we wanted to say, and the conversation kept going and you didn't ask for a vote on receipt so I assumed we were in the conversation
if you want to vote on receipt I'll do that and I'll start up again on the second portion.
Mayor:  that wd be the appropriate place
Sop: okay, I'll be quiet for a minute
RD: spoke on receipt.  Till now Ccl has always spoken of 2.5upa per gross acre, don't know of any exceptions so there's considerable precedent for that, per gross acre, been that way across the mountain

{NO! it changed with this latest OCP -- was buildable before this one.}

the other point I want to make whether 375 or 530 sgl fam units under present zoning, it's really unworkable
steep; can't put 375 big dwellings -- look at Whitby, look at size of houses; apt-sized houses with three or four ppl in them
in each of these cases, you clearcut the entire site, and then you put these big houses and there's nobody in them

{how did he get from three or four ppl to none??? isn't this a bit more than exaggeration?}
envmtally and economically unsustainable; so owners and staff and Ccl have seen this and have to approach mtnside devt  in a different way
owners cd make more money probably on 375 units, cuz a lot of money, than on apt-type bldgs

{er, um...maybe he hasn't a calculator with him either.....}

can't build 375 apt-type bldgs, there's going to have to be more density if they're going to leave half of land free and green, there's no way around that
what we have to decide, densify if you're going to leave half the area open, green.
so I'll move that staff draw up bylaw based on Option B and to work further on a CB package.
JC: second
Mayor: Cclr Sop, sorry for interruption
Sop: probly everybody now, after Cclr Day, has lost what I was saying, however
RD: you'll find yourself.  I want to belabour on this; sat here for many years, have devpd scenario of building above the Upper Levels; evident from unseen work of staff and BPP, and the true and unequivocal answers from Envmtal Coordinator and Streamkeepers,

{Streamkeepers' objectives were accepted by the WG; our primary role on the WG and wch we appreciated very much.}

that this company, along with our staff, have stepped up to the plate when it comes to the envmt wrt creeks and streams and everything that will be done to ensure that we have sustainable operation.
If this had been not with a WG to this point of time, I think we'd be in a long long process but we've gone through, we've had the public come forth, qualified ppl have bn on that cmte, now we see some value -- see this map here, green; see outline, see Whitby where clearcut
nodes cleared, less road interruption, as I understand from BPP/staff, see here outside node will be green terrain, not manmade terrain, imp re upkeep and future cost to District
concern of Cclr V, myself, Smith, and Ccl in general; we're not quite sure, need answers
also not quite sure about amenities package
when first talked about RCrk and Whitby, talked about field and school site -- prov govt demanded it
didn't really approach amenity package as we do today
now final stage of bylaw, let's assume that we find these answers; and where's happy medium that shd be here our expectations for the public in CB and amenities, not only for this devt but for future devt around the corner
hope it evolves so we get truly benefits out of this maybe laid down by Ms Boyle
need more information, not hold it up, think it shd proceed along but need more conversation with them
so find serious area, fine compromise between devt and what we receive back
don't think it stops with RCrk, has to be a dialogue for sustainability for the next devt wch shd include a small shopping ctr, fire hall, housing no views so benefit price-wise; lots of things in the future; talked about riding academy and things looked at things for years
don't think it's cut and dried for all the amenities; somewhere we have to come down to, based on Cclr V's concerns about density, what's true amenities public benefit package, we're going to get; we've got some work to do there.  How does it sit?  we've got some work to do there; sure staff can address that, am sure Mr Laing will address this, Ms Boyle get it settled.  All I have to say now.
VV: have some questions about the Traffic Report
public quite surprised about traffic, few cars for instance Option A Taylor Way.  Number going to LGB is only 37, then 736 possibly housing more than one family b/c of idea of secondary suites, so cd hv over 800 households, and we'll only add about, -- sorry wrong number 538, only 24 cars going down TW in rush hour and is 34 with 736
spent considerable time trying to see how this happened b/c out of step with Ev Dr
the Engg Report, makes reference to a report for prov for LG bridgehead, and take %age to bridgehead at 25%, but while I think they made an error of judgement using that study on what comes along Hwy 1 Sq, Pemb, Ferry traffic travelling through; 25% out of houses heading to Bridge, whereas NDLea who did a similar estimate for Ev Dr re south on TWay, has 50% so if we take a more sensible opinion that NDLea has that half traffic, tricky but basically, if you take suburban homes, about one third will leave and about half leave for LGBridgehead -- so I'd say that wd be the characteristic for RCrk, much more comparable with Ev Dr rather than with UL Hwy
so if I apply correction wd have to add 75 vehicles to 34 to Option B, and 60 or so to Option A so way short on vehicles on TWay, need to see consequences of delay, need calculation of costs to alleviate delay
look at figures again by our own traffic engrs, at least to resolve the anomaly why one set for Ev Dr and only half as much for RCrk
think public astonished to see these low numbers of vehicles down TWay from these huge numbers of residents up in RCrk.
MS: clarification, so this motion wd direct staff to prepare bylaws for Option B so wd come back and PH for public hearing
Mayor: bylaws wd come back to us for first reading to set PH
MS: and then to PH for public input
WG has done good work, reality is if we want to have enough ppl living on the hillside that we have a viable cmnty, Option B does make sense, but issues around traffic, traffic during construction,  traffic on 15th,  21st, legitimate concerns
plsd to see proposed solutions to those
wrt CBs, near and dear to my heart, District has virtually depleted all our capital reserves in recent years b/c of the Recreation Facilities Master Plan (RFMP), so badly need to start rebuilding our reserves
while I said earlier a viable cmnty, those ppl, 700 some-odd, going to come down and use our waterfront; need funds for remaining lands on Argyle waterfront, projects require capital funding, master plan for Amb Park never end for capital
have full confidence BPP and other owners of these lands will surprise us all by stepping up to the plate with a v handsome and increased CB package than what we've seen here tonight
staff work with them and bring forward in due time for consideration
JC: wholeheartedly agree with Cclr Smith and Sop wrt CB pkg
I completely reject seeing items like sidewalks and walking trails and so on as a CB, those are enhancements to the marketing package of any devpr, any more than advertising a house without hot water tank; these are amenities provided to the homeowner when they purchase so they can get to and from the building.  Having said that, this is without question this is the most sensitive approach to our hillside
will be bulldozers up there, but won't be clear cut, great deal of land preserved in natural state, enhanced
no one has mentioned the one word that has screamed at us -- affordability
if this plan goes, these units, whatever that means; relative to M what it means in WV
v happy and impressed to see rerouting of vehicular traffic; a safety concern, more convenient
as Mr Dozzi pointed out not entirely restrictive wd be others up there
Connector and the timeline -- the end of June -- constructed is a blessing to everybody
talk about traffic of 50 to 60 cars a day
BC Ferries put on a new boat that when it disgorges it's two lanes of bumper to bumper traffic from ferry terminal all the way to TWay that's traffic! hundreds and hundreds of vehicles and all come out at same time; so 50 or 60 cars over the buildout period of years not exactly intimidating
Sop: share Cclr V's concern over traffic; look at it from the perspective of the buildout, take seven years or a little more, no comparison
here's the rub: we concern ourselves with a ribbon of traffic that's going to increase
I want to take a whack at prov, study at TWay cost $800K looking at cross-over, Capilano Rd, Sq Nation, some things to alleviate; maybe you'd still have to wait for bridge but.... including trucks coming down TWay
so scenario almost $1M and other recommendation was, well, WV you do it yourself
Mayor: I think Brent, sorry Mr Dozzi, can provide more info that, although I don't want to get too off topic
Sop: don't want to put him on spot
Mayor: he's happy to talk about it
Sop: why aren't we raising the underpass coming off the bridge and allow trucks to come down Capilano Road instead of steep TWay when concern about brakes; flat from Cap Rd along MDrive, can't get under underpass
things we're all going to be faced with in future want to get on the case; going to see incredible growth Sea to Sky and prov govt's initiative to provide alternate means -- another crossing, tunnel or whatever; otherwise as Cclr Clark says, taken all that land from HBay, handle 8M a year; we're on the road to a jam up and there's no way out of it
when we develop on the hillside; reasonable want to say not a major factor; conclusion from Cclr V; adds to bigger picture; what are we doing to make noise in Victoria?  spent $800K of taxpayers' money and came up with nothing; where is that report, did we ever get it?
RD: look, under existing zoning, the owners can build at least 375+ units; 375 min probably negotiate more under OCP

{that's probably what he's been told but actually, that's approximate -- it's probably 370 and that's a generous interpretation, but not a big difference.}

they can be built, no way that can be stopped; if you look at McMansions lately, four ppl, four cars or three -- go take a look if you don't believe me, take a look -- sometimes five or six

{hm, just a bit confused.  Earlier he said big houses with no one in them (see above).}

We once had a family come to us, they wanted a seven-car garage b/c they had five chn and two parents -- seven ppl, need seven cars; we turned them down
Now, Option B calls for units that are not 5-6-7Ksf, the way an individual McMansion is, about 800, 1K, 1200sf; two cars per unit, right? so if you take 375 x 3 or 4, 1200 cars
Take Option B about 720 units x 2 you get 1400 cars roughly, so almost the same, maybe a few more

{hm.  Option B is 736 units PLUS an uncounted number of 'accessory' units, the reason Cclr V used 800 as a round figure but cd be more, so then by his formula, that wd be 1600 or a third more.  If you multiply 375 x 2 then 750 cars; if you multiply 800 x 2 that 1600 cars, ie more than double.  There's no doubt that some units/homes will have one car and others will have three so two has to be thought of as a rough average more or less but more credible than exaggerating the equation in one sense and undercounting in another.  Anyway, we get the point.
The bigger issue though is that realistically, traffic is going to grow whether it's the Rodgers Creek devt or all the other devts and we have to deal with traffic regardless of this devt.  My concern is not just TWay but the congestion on 15th and 21st, as I say later.
This devt can go ahead on its own merits and shd not be tainted by slanted representations needlessly obfuscating careful consideration.}

but Option B, we have a mtn pathway wch encourages pedestrian traffic, bikes, skateboards, you have a shopping ctr to west wch internalizes traffic, so you wd probably have less traffic than you wd with the existing sgl-fam zoning wch they can build anyway, they have the right to do it.  In fact traffic will be better under Option B than under existing zoning; that's the key point, it certainly isn't going to be worse.

{Methinks the gentleman doth protest too much ....... maybe trying too hard...
wrt the mtn pathway (skateboards on gravel???), a great feature, in PQP I point out it's in Option A as well -- it doesn't have to be Option B.
And while I refer to the shopping ctr also, it is NOT in this plan, is not part of this proposal.  There has to be a whole new process to develop the area west of the Rodgers Crk devt.  So you can't count on it lessening traffic yet, but it is the reason I suggested giving a head start to the shopping ctr -- phase it with what's needed most for residents up there so they don't have to go down and they might even be able to walk to shop (and not buy too much to carry home unless they have a cart or a handsome hunk to help them).
There are many good features in this plan overall, but trying to convert those questioning can make some wary b/c of lacking credibility.}

Mayor: Mr Dozzi, wd you like to comment on LGB and Transportation Plan?
Brent Dozzi: The LGB to Hwy 1 Connector study did identify several improvements to TWay, one being a third lane south-bound TWay, improvements to the blue bridge, widening of the blue bridge, and widening of the south bridge; the Min of Transportation has indicated willingness to advance some of those projects on the condition that that add'l capacity is dedicated to transit.  We are working with TransLink to develop a transit corridor lane on MDr wch wd link into add'l capacity on the blue bridge and the south bridge over the Capilano River
Mayor: the other was Transportation Plan funded in our 2008 budget
BD: yes, dedicated monies in 2008 budget; District key objective how to do more with existing roads, looking at developing other modes of transportation, as BPP has done, by introducing upper trail, connecting cmnties by walking, introducing add'l transit service; those sorts of initiatives rather than adding add'l asphalt to our road network; so that will be focus of plan this year
Mayor; anything add'l? in favour?
[PASSED with Cclr V opposed]
so means coming back to us for first reading, likely in?
GB: try to come back for May 26, lot to do, but more likely v beginning of June
Mayor: now long-awaited
RD: move 4b re truck traffic route construction from Chippendale Rd to Cypress Bowl Rd for purposes of managing traffic in Whitby and Taylor's Lookout -- endorsed; and requirements for Devt Permit for this work be waived
Mayor: sure nbrs glad about that
5.         Regulating Recreational Dog Walking in West Vancouver Parks
Doug Leavers (slides): identifying the issues; current bylaw; cmnty context; recent experience; ......
Proposed Approach: imp recreational activity, positive relationships; adopt principles for managing dogs in parks
Amb oldest off-lease park in Lower Mainland
Principle on sound criteria; heard a lot of emotion, staff have stepped back to look at it as logically clearly as possible
That by adopting these simple mgmt principles the majority of issues will be resolved
Proposed Bylaw Revisions
WV Parks Regs; Animal Control and Licensing; Criteria for Decision-Making
health and safety impacts -- Calgary uses 5m distance
social impacts -- congested; incompatible, eg cemetery; environmental impacts
Parks Closed to Dog-walking:
Old Growth Conservancy, Irwin Park, JLawson Park, Dund Park, Eagle Hbr Park, Hugo Ray, more more more
enforcement and education, four months -- $30K; Parks capital budget have already set aside $20K for signs more clarity where dogs can and cannot go [slide has the three signs green yellow red]
Sop: where dogs not allowed, cd you bring that up again?
DL: the list of parks?
Sop: yes.  An individ on an outing cd get out of car and take dog on leash to off-leash area so free of violating any bylaw?
DL: in Sept Ccl passed certain routes to be used and done that for last six months; success
Liz Holitzki (staff): yes, so far it's been successful, leaves access to parks
Mayor: ask Cclr Sop to wait, and have public input, Ann Hubbard [sp?] and her cmte
AH: first introduce you to ICARE, a group Informed Citizens Advocating for Responsibility and Enforcement, group of dog owners and non dog owners; want ev to enjoy; last year was on the Dog Strategy Task Force
Mayor: that was in Vancouver
AH: yes, and want to learn from them and Calgary; relied on education rather than enforcement; ten years later complaints; 60% problems with an off-leash dog; didn't work
so adopted Calgary; 90% licensed; proven, it works; shd be drawing more on this report
responsible dog ownership, licensing and public edu and enforcement Calgary Model (Licensing also Situation Analysis)
5.5 each month, Calgary 120 enforce; bylaws year-round; just as with parking ticket, bylaws, imagine how many wd follow [if no ticketing]
not paid in Licences.....
licensing condition for responsible dog ownership
best way to have more dog areas is to have better dogs, better owners
dogs bite 460 Cdns annually; 107 dog attacks reported in 2007
Mayor: right?
Answer: yes, reported, two per week
AH: some more found aggressive
for Calgary year-round enforcement is essential part of Calgary's success
not enforcement left with lots of problems
report shows tiny % of park space no dogs
Calgary has 38.....[?]   3400ha park space no dog
the majority of WV citizens don't have dogs; ppl with allergies
Park Criteria
5m is not sufficient for chn or picnic areas; leashes longer
my own daughter was attacked; not a good mix where small kids play, sit, and run
even when picked up some round worms, remnants remain
right now we have wonderful safe areas for kids; shdn't take them away
some families with dogs also want parks without dogs b/c they have chn
invite Bill Bruce to discuss Calgary's model; year-round ticketing paid though licensing
choose two appropriate parks when licensing reaches 65% and monitor results -- that comes from Calgary
Need more rigorous health and safety and envtal criteria
respect school walking routes, no dogs
ppl sit on the grass in Whyteciff
if you blur the boundaries, diff to enforce and for ppl to follow; leads to more conflict
dog access from streams
hope we don't have a repeat of Tantalus -- almost dogs and then daycare there
can improve off leash areas
coladog.org in Seattle
make sure nbrhds not just consulted but supportive; maybe another planning group like Ambleside
join iCare: www.icarevancouver.org
eventually you have to bite the bullet and enforce; iCare wd like to work with the District to resolve
Mayor: I allowed a bit more time b/c you had requested a delegation; and we had a delegation tonight that was cancelled
Mayor: anyone else?  Linda Wong
LW: one question wrt park Amb and Dund
the seniors who cannot drive or get to Amb Park; what parks can they use -- notice most not allowed
little park with clock.....   so where can the seniors go?
Doug Leavers: what's being proposed tonight wd allow dogs on leash to visit some
Mayor: ?
DL: proposal includes walking on leash to ... along JLawson, but can't go to areas where playgrounds, picnic, beach
LW: but why not sit on those park benches?
DL: under those you wd
Rebecca Black: A, we're not Calgary, 1M we have 40K
different demography, Calgary has ranch background, diff dogs from the pampered dogs you see in WV
am aware of the new regime in Calgary and it probly works well for Calgary
group a bit out of touch with reality; av family at least one dog
not many veterinarians...... chn generally live with dogs
keeping them away from dogs breeds fear, leads to ...
some who don't raise dogs properly, shd be ticketed, taken away; they're the exception not the rule
down to parks, joyous places; wonderful for
most v fastidious pick up after dogs, ....
dogs are not a threat in our cmnty; can't speak for other jurisdictions
rest of MetroV has dogs on leash and working nicely; always a few dirty
I spend a lot of time Jericho, Kits, 99% dogs under control having a good time
Mr Leavers's approach good, good beginning
out of touch with our reality
Dr Boothroyd: from the info I received this evening, you've convinced me I don't want to live in Calgary
second wrt fecal bacteria from dogs, true; ppl shd not for same reason, kiss

{some raised eyebrows and titter; obviously rather unusual kissing practices!}

about dog position -- not recognizing some dogs, most dogs, well-behaved so they do not need to be leashed
I have never leashed my dog, my dog will come to heel, not a nuisance to other ppl
I don't want to leash it; not fair to trained dogs; encourage ppl to train dogs
if dog cd pass a test, shd be allowed to run loose with their owners off leash; if a dog is not trained then rules fair enough
not trying to kill off the popn by having dogs bite ppl; trying to be reasonable for trained dogs
Hans Streth: Mathers; concern I have, pros and cons no, first and foremost is licensing
heard about how dogs in cmnty; what %age complying with licensing? why is so low?
they're breaking the law; and for the dogs themselves
for Ccl, why aren't we identifying why not licensing and who not licensing?
not to do with off leash
Mayor: that's one of the elements, there are many in this report
Sop made motion:
(1)  The West Vancouver Parks Regulation Bylaw and the Animal Control and Licence Bylaw be revised to allow access to local parks by dogs on-leash accompanied by their owners or guardians for personal, non-commercial purposes of recreation and enjoyment.
(2)   The Animal Control and Licence Bylaw be revised to clearly define specific parks or areas of parks where use for dog walking is prohibited.
(3)   The revisions proposed in Recommendation #2 be based on clear and easy to understand Public Health & Safety, Environmental and Societal criteria.
(4)   A new signage system be created to support the revised bylaws that is clear, friendly, and enforceable.
(5)   $30,000.00 be allocated from the Reserve Fund to provide a community liaison officer / ranger patrol during the summer 2008 season.
(6)    Staff report back to Council after December 31st with an assessment of these recommendations.
Sop: last year; evident we didn't go far enough; in this proposal .... we will look watch and see
Calgary took ten years to get to their scenario; we'll watch and learn
same as gentleman, I asked why aren't more of our dogs licensed
what will come through is responsibility of owners
other side, have to balance out
in the audience is an envtally concerned lady I go to once in a while to invigorate my view on the envmt
in park one day we were standing talking about the green heron who comes and raises babies once a year in the pond, and there were two ladies with a dog on the pathway by the pond, who allowed the dog to jump in pond and swim after ducks and you know how many ducks are there.  My friend's hair stood on end, I was aghast that here were two supposedly nice ladies who without thinking allowed their dog to jump in and chase the ducks all over the place.
is this a responsible owner?
The question was, Madam, what are you doing? -- Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize it
will happen time and time again; how are we going to enforce?  able everything? never? have to have a system of responsibility
in the iCare group, some areas a concern to me
hope we'll see that unfold; if staff can devise a method to look at this licensing then maybe a fund.
think right way to go at this time
Rebecca Black face a fine -- walking to park and got a fine, how ridiculous!
VV: represents progress from situation we had; don't know at point anyone anywhere can walk
shdn't drive a car solely to take dog for a walk to a place
hope improving on that
as to how many have dogs-- heard a third 18,000 homes so 6000 or more houses with dogs
good step forward, sure not final, shd be able to do better after this in place
Mayor: thank everybody for work on this
sitting in townhall mtgs with Cclrs JF, Day, and VV , really appreciate
need to control dangerous dogs; most of all want to be fair
Ccl did not know realize that you cdn't take your dog into the public realm in WV, bylaw written backwards; you had to be given express permission
{who wrote it? who approved it? did anyone read it? did it go for public input before coming to Ccl?}
think this policy goes a long way
hire someone this summer someone who understands; like a park ranger; more access
we had some terrible incidents over weekend.... v difficult to...
hope this is successful, good luck in hiring the right person; call question
6.         Community Dialogue on Neighbourhood Character and Housing - Phase II Report
RECOMMENDED:  ... Phase II Report", dated April 25, 2008, be received for information.
SMik: plsed second report; also here from WG: Christine Banham and Krawczyk
Jan 30 Public Forum Changes & Choices WV Housing Dilemma Jan 30th; in spite of weather over 200 ppl [to hear Panel]
video av for viewing [on DWV website]
WVSS Student Project; Ecole Cedardale, Grade 3, featured at Nbrhds Fayre
now working with Gr 11, Baccalaureate; hope to be presenting to WG
in Feb our second newsletter -- update on dialogue; to promote workshops in March
March 8th first all-day wkshop; small group exercises, what they most value in nbrhd, what concerned about; what top three characteristics; in afternoon, addressing a set of key issues
next Sat housing issues and option (Mar 15)
key housing needs or gaps; tell us about other nbrhd features and amenities to support new housing options
key msgs for WG to take to Ccl
Christine Banham: recap and highlights of report by Stephen; recommend you read it thoroughly, more detail
our cmnty is changing -- hear, need to keep up with demographic changes so fit evolving needs of WV residents; we're talking about the right size and type of housing
come from sgl families and large; have become empty nesters, younger families with smaller families and in addition extended families and one size does not fit all.
Andy Krawczyk: nbrhds changing; concern not nec about change but how done
can you somehow manage what is happening so we can maintain our character [along] with things we know need to happen
CB: ppl hv bn telling us let's have a vision for the future; opp to build for social, evntal, econ as well; new devt designed forward looking
AK: excellent turnout; weekend workshops; continuing to have dialogue
housing gaps: issues right size and type for aging popn? for assisted living and closer to amenities? housing to attract new families, cycling of families and housing
affordability -- near amenities, inflexibility of current housing stock to meet those hanging needs
CB: Nbrhd Character Issue
size and scale of sgl fam replacement housing -- big vs what's already there
has to do with size replacing
comes to apparent size, some not any bigger and appear to be larger -- built out surfaces and landscaping, paved walkways, retaining walls, gates, perimeter walls, dense/high hedges
sometimes style
rural character WV admires so greatly
apparently large house effect on views and sunlight as well as changing nbrhd
disruption during construction; permanent alteration of the landscape
want houses designed in forward looking manner and meet cmnty sustainability objectives
AK: quality of nbrhds; concerned maintaining a sense of cmnty; now taking away
social isolation -- no reason with size of homes to get out and about and learn about own nbrhd b/c of sense of privacy these homes come with
safety/security issues -- distance, traffic barriers isn't a sense of flow there was; again heard about access to amenities; need to have them close, eg litre of milk
CB: we asked how wd you change
answer common: let's try it out!  desire for pilot projects v strong
attitude and certainty pilot in advance of sweeping changes
mgmt of new devt; alt rather than letter of law; min landscape alteration
sustainability: landscape mgmt, eco footprint, footprint during construction, manage debris to landfill? not comfortable; rather than demolished why not retrofitted to more with what we've got
award points
AK: housing gaps
suggestions: recognize secondary suites exist, have as cmnty; land use changes, coach houses or lane houses, in short, infilling; expanding the present 'light footprint' idea around duplexes, triplexes, and townhouses, perhaps moving to have a greater number, greater frequency of those; in particular any one of those; specifically looking at the concept of capacity, as far as looking at the total sq ftg and having multiple houses on one lot; on this overhead shows what this family wants to do: two modest, smaller houses on one lot; again building to capacity of present sq ftg; another suggestion expansion of mixed use devt; successful examples in Dundarave; look at those successful models
CB: ideas for enhancing our nbrhds
put new housing near existing cmnty services -- in Amb but know it's getting chokeful
maybe getting amenities into nbrhds; then nodal devts
Caulfeild a good example, Village shopping ctr there, go within nbrhd don't have to go to Amb/Pk R
want walkways so we can get there, don't have to drive
try where already established like fire hall, a school, not a whole new piece of land
imp is the transportation links, little shuttles biweekly shopping trip
node opp to get out and mix with ppl in on nbrhd, mix and enjoy own nbrhd
mixed use devt good but try it out by adding on
SMik: WG is in process of finalizing questions, a survey, report back to you
during June, group will be working on final recommendations; land use, nbrhds, .... zoning
scheduled to come back to Ccl July 14 final report and recommendations
CB: in all of our dialogue with residents of WV; we've had lots of talk, lots of study, ready to go into action; desiring change; strong backing way we've engaged
next time we meet with you we expect to be able to bring ideas soundly backed by citizens of WV
hope Ccl will take this opp to do what residents want them to do
VV: curious how many secondary suites we have
asked in 2007, based on 2001 census, 435, ppl knowledgeable said add a zero, more like 4000; simply b/c if asking for more, we might have a substantial number of rental units
SMik: recognition sec stes play a quiet role
CB: not the mandate of our WG to survey how many sec stes rather how do ppl feel about ppl having them; whether having more formalized, legitimized; whether think an imp part of an affordable housing choice in WV
AK: recog that in fact it goes on; probly best way to deal with it if it goes on, best to deal with it
in place, move to recognizing them; make part of housing stock
VV: perhaps I misunderstood, recommending sec stes, then that wd bring on many more rental units
but they're already there; exists already; no consequence b/c simply there?
CB: speculative to say whether legitimize; offer; we can't say at this time
MS: nbrhd character, something ev in cmnty concerned about
has WG given any thought to, we've had numerous delegations from nbrs, upset and rightly so when you see some of these residences, drive by 26th and Ottawa; was enjoying home, now living next door
one of the really big issues, diff between house built by owner who wants to live there and get along with his nbrs, and the spec builders, build what they built before, big boxes, biggest the lot will take; how we measure basements, decks enclosed on three sides don't count, holes in our bylaws builders have found

{regulations now permit basement areas and decks lacking a fourth wall NOT to be counted in sq ftg/FAR, so in fact some houses back to large for lot even though FAR was lowered.  As if writers or 'enforcers' cdn't anticipate that.  That's why some of us (DNbrhdAssn) advocated last fall that the bylaws be adhered to as to the intention of the bylaw/reduction, not interpreting in such as was as allowing larger.}

my daughter just bought a house in 2400 block of Lawson, still basically the way the street was 20 years ago; haven't had demolishing and rebuilding on that street but two blocks along and look at north side of Lawson: all these huge houses, with two massive covered decks reaching out to the road with no lawns; exactly what you're talking about with hard landscaping, obviously built by spec builders instead of by homeowners
one of the big issues is how do we differentiate bought a lot want to build in concert with nbrs and someone see opp to demolish house and wants to build biggest he can?
{exactly, Mike; something I've been struggling with quite apart from taste.}
SMik: one of the things that came out was human respect and nbrliness; a bit of social science, be more nbrly whether speculative or not; consider privacy; respecting each other and building cmnty; taking that and applying it
Mayor: Dir/Planning
Sokol: currently working on a discussion paper, bringing forward in next two months; what's included not included
Sop: thx to group; overall great info piece to us; recommendations motivation for action
RD: thank you also; don't hesitate to move ahead
two houses below our house -- one awful and one nice
generally agree with Cclr Smith; difficult one; good you've gone out to get cmnty input; 54% want strong action
CB: think that's the tree issue; doubt cmnty-wide b/c divisive, geog specific
RD: can see reluctance
CB: we are working on the survey, all of WV, taking place in May
{was at WG mtg and decision now to hire survey company rather than District-wide questionnaire b/c of cost.  One of my suggestions was more nuance wrt trees.  Avoid yes/no re trees implying view or no view.  AFAIK, M policy is not to top (kills the tree), rather to window -- keeps tree and view.  Trees for oxygen (and some want for privacy) and to prevent erosion, flooding, etc.  My mantra has always been the view is through the trees or framed by the trees.  Also, WV is considered a park-like cmnty.}

results from that will form basis of report bringing back to you in July; so foundation, basis
RD: you are finding the majority in favour of action of some sort?
CB: absolutely
AK: "if we want to remain the same we need to change"
we've moved here b/c we like the cmnty; to keep it that way, specific recommendations to change in order to do that; guiding, challenge back to you, Ccl, to whatever form you feel proper.
Mayor: real challenge; sgl fam home, basis of cmnty; think perhaps adapt
first class process; when est'd didn't know if stewards of process rather than working on a project
another success been to some of the sessions, engendered v sophisticated discussion in the cmnty, wch is a direct result of the OCP and a credit to this Ccl if we can accomplish that this term, grateful
JC: what you're seeing is reaction to request or suggestion that Ccl receive headsup type info through the process so not real surprises, or a 65-80page doc that we have to wade through in prep for one mtg.  It's really fundamental info that we're getting; terrific stuff, keep coming and coming, the input from public amazing
Just so aware, tomorrow May 6th WG mtg at 6:30pm in this building.  Two other mbrs here this evening is Jacquie Gjissen and Keith Pople
Move received with great thx -- see you tomorrow night
7.         Change to May 12, 2008 Council Meeting Schedule (File:  0120-01)
-- the start time for the May 12, 2008 Council Workshop be changed to 6pm in order to allow time for the Youth Council Meeting scheduled at 7pm.
BYLAWS for Adoption (received three readings May 1) -- ALL ADOPTED
8.         2008 Annual Tax Rates Bylaw No. 4557, 2008 (File:  1610-20-4557)
9.         2008 Specified Area, Parcel Tax and Local Area Service Parcel Tax Bylaws
(a) Specified Area Tax Rates Bylaw No. 4553, 2008; (b) Parcel Tax (Garrow Bay) Bylaw No. 4554, 2008; (c) Parcel Tax (Eagle Harbour) Bylaw No. 4555, 2008; (d) Local Area Service Parcel Tax (1360-1376 Jefferson Avenue and  1341-1395 Inglewood Avenue and 1160 14th Street) Bylaw No. 4556, 2008.
withdrawn for discussion: Sop corresp (12), Clark (10)
11.  REPORTS FOR CONSENT AGENDA  Development Applications Status List for information
(10)     Undated, regarding Work in Progress at Ambleside and Marine Drive
Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
JC: letter from senior north side of MDr, recommendation that we provide a ramp access in add'n to stairs across 11th St -- don't think grt deal of money? wheelchair access? added?
BDozzi: design as proposed eliminates all stairs and replaces them with ramps at 11th and Xth
(12)     April 19, 2008, regarding Turf Field at Ambleside Park
            Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
Sop: to Mr Pike -- reports re artificial turf, exposure to lead
KP: spotted this in news coming from news in U:S, came from NJ; colour fixant green
older fields ten years and beyond; research may or not be the case
but our fields not nylon, they're polyethelene or blend {I might be a few syllables out}
infill material is not recycled, not from car tires, all brand new, ecofill and chosen for that purpose
working with Van Coastal Health
Mayor: WGs?
MS: last Wed had a childcare forum in the hall here; gathered feedback and will be going into final report
Sop: Envmt WG is meeting this week; Social services met week ago
VV: HWG met last Wed; excellent presentation by consultant, v successful
Mayor: and the Heritage Workshop will be next week {Ccl mtg May 12}

CR:  Editor, West Van Matters
was madly writing down questions as you spoke, so I'm going through this v quickly b/c know we're at the end.
Even if the devt has the same sq ftg, when you increase the [number of] units you increase the value, so pls don't be fooled by [some] saying, oh it's the same sq ftg.  So that's one thing to keep in mind
{did they say it three times so ppl believed it???  apologies to Goering.}
Secondly, to do with the CBs, the staff report did not come until the ccl mtg, as you know, it was 'on table'.  Streamkeepers are having a bd mtg this week b/c they were not quite sure about the significance.  The Streamkeepers mandate has been to protect the creeks and they weren't really au courant with what density and that meant--
Mayor: Actually I'd like to remind everybody that a mbr of Streamkeepers was on the--
CR: --yes, I know, yes, yes, but he was not, he was not, that part about CBs came after and it was not clear so it's coming to the board to look at that.
{can't this woman count???}
Cclr Day said that Option B meant that there wd be a pathway with the implication that with Option A there wdn't be; and I was under the impression there wd be a pathway with either one.
RD: yes, either
CR: that's what I thought
{wanted to make sure b/c clearly the implication was that it only be with B yet staff memo did calcs for CBs with A.  You sure have to pay attention!}
{that proves it; she really can't count  :-) }
one thing that I had suggested at the workshop wrt RCrk to try to address the travel and traffic was that perhaps an early start, a minimal phase cd be made on the cmnty shopping ctr next to it, so that we do that in tandem; as it develops you have a bit of the commercial there to try to take the load off going down the [hill, ie 15th, 21st].  That's something that might be considered.
It says that the devt permit that is happening wd be waived for that road, so I hope the stream protection will be in there.
{yup; pretty wise not to try to keep count....; and not well expressed but it means no need for a DP for the road.}
when you're talking about the dogs, I think we need to bring Stanley Coren here -- he's just marvellous.  He wd be a great asset.
The next thing,
{yup, no number, v wise; and now wrt Housing WG}
about the houses are being built with the same [size], they aren't.  They are being built larger.  And it is precisely as Cclr Smith and Cclr Day brought up and as part of the Dundarave Nbrhd Assn [presentation] last fall, what we tried to ask is that the intention of the OCP to limit [size be followed where choices/interpretation], b/c what's happening is by not including decks with three sides (in the FAR), we are getting these really large houses [overpowering the lot, ie out of proportion].  And that was supposed to be looked at last fall, so I'm glad to see it's coming through.
{had been told clarification or amendment coming soon to Ccl}
Cclr Day will know b/c it goes back to 1988; we wanted heritage areas then for nbrhd character so this has been going on for 20 years that Cclr Day and I have been urging it.  And I think with your Housing Dialogue you can't have one size fits all, it's going to have to be areas.
Some ppl want no trees, some ppl want trees, and some in between. 
I'm glad Cclr Clark mentioned the [Housing WG mtg] b/c I was going to.  Tomorrow night they're going to be working on the questions and questionnaire.
And Cclr Sop mentioned there's an Envmt WG meeting this week, but when I looked at the [DWV] Cmnty Calendar [for] this week, the mtg wasn't there so maybe he cd tell us when it is.
Mayor: Cclr Sop?
Sop: I will get back to you, Madam Mayor.
Mayor: okay
CR: everyone shd look to see?
Mayor: Ms Scholes might be able to help with that, as well.  Thank you v much
CR: tvvm
The Bad News: the Envmt WG was not on the DWV Cmnty Calendar.  I asked Cclr Sop the next day and was first told May 29th.  Further checking on my part revealed it was actually that very day, Tuesday, May 6th, at the Worksyard at 4pm!  How cd no one on Ccl/staff at the mtg know if it was the v next day???  Why isn't the Cmnty Calendar up to date?
The Good News: actually talked to the secy for the WG who was v nice and helpful.  Apparently they send the info to Admin and someone in Admin puts it up so it appears there's the bottleneck resulting in some mtgs not there.  In fact she's taken it upon herself to take that extra step and check after she's sent the notice to see if it's up.  True to her word, the next mtg, May 27, decided at that mtg May 6th, is already on the Cmnty Calendar -- great to have some good conscientious staff, much appreciated.
REPORT: Both Ccl Sop and the Mayor were at the next day's mtg (Tues, May 6th) -- wonder how they found out??? -- and the main item was an assessment of DWV's carbon footprint.}

1.                  INTRODUCTION
2.                  COMMUNITY HERITAGE REGISTER  Report from Senior Community Planner dated May 1, 2008
3.                  PUBLIC COMMENTS   4.  DISCUSSION   5.  ADJOURNMENT
 ===   YOUTH COUNCIL AGENDA - 7pm   ===
1.         CALL TO ORDER
6.         REPORTS FROM YOUTH MAYOR/YOUTH COUNCILLORS  --   report on activities and events of Youth Week.
YOUTH APPRECIATION AWARDS PRESENTATION  Mayor Goldsmith-Jones and Youth Mayor Shannon will present

===   AGENDAS -- On Table Items  ===
Ccl Mtg agendas come out Thursday afternoon before the Monday night mtg and are put up on the DWV website.  The agendas that appear in my newsletter are copy and pasted from the DWV website.
Dave Stuart, the former CAO, tried to stop items and information being added late b/c then it wd not appear.  Obviously we don't know about it and can't read it in advance of the mtg if it comes out later -- and sometimes it arrives just before the ccl mtg so Ccl has barely had time to read it.  Sometimes these are extremely important items -- as you see with the CBs for the Rodgers Crk devt.
As for a Public Hearing, this is normal to have submissions at any time, up to and during the PH mtg itself so those are here just for your info.
It is my hope, however, that late items, except for emergencies, will not be the practice.  Sometimes the report or whatever is something that wd attract public comment if known or available.  You'll see here also some interesting letters.  The link is there in case you want to read some.

+ MONDAY, APRIL 7, 2008: http://www.westvancouver.ca/upload/pcdocsdocuments//6MZX01!.htm
Item 5  Correspondence:  J. Heddinger, April 6, 2008, regarding Evelyn Drive Concerns
Item 6  -  Report from the Director of Finance titled: "5 Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 4549, 2008 - Amendment"
-   Table submitted by A. Orr-Ewing regarding Departmental Expenditure
-   Correspondence:  D.O. Marley, Interested Taxpayers' Action Committee, April 7, 2008, regarding District's Proposed Operating Budget for 2008 and Budget Process
Item 12 - Correspondence List
(26.1)              K. Glynn-Morris, April 5, 2008, regarding 2008 Budget (File: 0860-01)
(51.1)              March 29, 2008, regarding 2008 Municipal Budget (File: 0860?01)
(51.2)              March 31, 2008, regarding Tax Increase (File: 0860?01)
(51.3)              March 31, 2008, regarding 2008 Budget (File: 0860?01)
(51.4)              April 1, 2008, regarding Proposed Operating Budget for 2008 (File: 0860?01)
(51.5)              April 1, 2008, regarding 6% Operating Budget (File: 0860?01)
(51.6)              April 4, 2008, regarding 2008 Budget Increase (File: 0860?01)
(51.7)              March 31, 2008, regarding 2008 Budget Increase (File: 0860?01)
(51.8)              April 5, 2008, regarding 2008 Budget (File: 0860-01)
(51.9)              April 2, 2008, regarding 2008 Budget (File: 0860-01)
+ MONDAY, APRIL 14, 2008:  http://www.westvancouver.ca/upload/pcdocsdocuments//6NJ01!.htm
Item 3 Report from the Director of Community Planning titled:  Rodgers Creek - Proposed Community Benefits and Public Amenities
Item 4     Revised memo from Fire Chief, April 7, 2008, regarding Fire Working Group (File:  0117-20-FRS)
Item 13 - Correspondence List
(13.1)     April 8, 2008, regarding Rodgers Creek Development Plan
(13.2)     April 8, 2008, regarding Bus 256 and 2008 Budget
(13.3)     March 25, 2008, regarding Upcoming Budget (File:  0860-01)
(13.4)     April 14, 2008, regarding Strategy for Protection - Old Growth Conservancy (File:  2175-20-OGPK1)
+ MONDAY, APRIL 21, 2008: http://www.westvancouver.ca/upload/pcdocsdocuments//6_4701!.htm
R-2      Report from Sr. Community Planner titled:  OCP Amendment, Rezoning and Development Permit Application 07-027 (445-13th Street)
C-3      K. Parker, April 20, 2008; C-4     R. Wilson, April 21, 2008; C-5     J. Rothwell, April 21, 2008
+ MONDAY, MAY 5, 2008: http://www.westvancouver.ca/upload/pcdocsdocuments//6P5W01!.htm
Item 2       Adoption of Council Meeting Minutes and Receipt of Council Workshop Minutes:
=B7        April 10, 2008 Council Workshop Minutes
Item 4  Rodgers Creek Area Development Plan - Additional Information: Recommendations of the Rodgers Creek Area Plan WG
Item 5       Regulating Recreational Dog Walking in West Vancouver Parks - Additional Information: Revised Appendix G
Item 13 - Correspondence List
(20.1)        May 2, 2008, regarding Rodgers Creek and Water Diversion - Truck Traffic Routing
(20.2)        May 5, 2008, regarding Temporary Chippendale Truck Connector Proposal
(20.3)        May 5, 2008, regarding Support for Comments regarding - Rodgers Creek and Water Diversion - Truck Traffic Routing
(20.4)        May 5, 2008, regarding Dogs in West Vancouver

        7 pm Wednesday, May 14 SFU Harbour Centre 515 West Hastings 7pm
Mordecai Briemberg: Activist being sued by CanWest for 'conspiracy to produce & distribute' a Vancouver Sun parody
Leo McGrady, QC: Legal counsel for Mordecai against media giant CanWest
Murray Dobbin: Journalist, author and researcher for Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Martha Roth: Speaking for Jews for a Just Peace and Alliance of Concerned Jewish Canadians
7 pm Wednesday, May 14 SFU Harbour Centre 515 West Hastings 7pm
MORE INFO: www.seriouslyfreespeech.ca

===  NEWSWATCH -- London's New Mayor  ===
This Boris Johnson looks as if he's going to be v entertaining!
Some info on him.... this one: http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2007/sep/16/london.media
and this one:
http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/politics/7376621.stm Page last updated 09:45 GMT, Sat, 3 May 2008 10:45 UK
The Boris Johnson story
by Brian Wheeler, Political reporter, BBC News
In an age of on-message machine politicians, Boris Johnson - who has just been elected mayor of London - is a one-off.
Often described as a buffoon, even by his admirers, his bumbling, self-deprecating persona has long made him one of the best known politicians through his appearances on TV chat shows.
He has the typical upper class English background of Eton public school, Oxford University and a father who is a Conservative politician.
But he is no stereotypical aristocrat - he was born in New York and was a US citizen until recently, his early schooling was in Brussels, he is descended from a minister in the Ottoman Empire and his children are, as he put it, a quarter Indian.
Nothing about the 43-year-old now given huge powers over one of the world's great cities is as straightforward as it appears.
His academic records prove him to have powerful intellect, while colleagues and friends attest to an equally powerful sense of ambition.
And yet he has also had an unerring ability to sabotage his own career with his sense of fun - and apparent refusal to take things too seriously - proving his undoing on more than one occasion.
Idyllic childhood
Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson (he is still known to family members as Al) was born in New York to English parents in 1964 and was, until recently, an American citizen.
He is of Turkish descent. His great-grandfather, Ali Kemal, a Turkish journalist, was briefly interior minister in the government of Ahmed Tevfik Pasha, Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire.
and more on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boris_Johnson

===  UPDATE on HEBRON ORPHANAGES  ===  involves about 7000 chn
CPTnet 10 May 2008
HEBRON: International NGOs rally to rescue Hebron orphanages
Representatives from CPT, UNICEF, UNOCHA, Save the Children UK, Defense for Children International, the YMCA, Relief International, and other human rights organizations met in Hebron on 8 May 2008 to help Hebron's orphans and students now living with the fear that the Israeli military will close their homes and schools. The representatives selected a core group of Palestinian and International NGO's (Non-Governmental Organizations) to halt the Israeli attack against Islamic Charitable Society (ICS) orphanages and schools. The core group will also develop programs to ease the anxiety that has been part of the children's lives since the Israeli military stated its intent to shut down the facilities.
Since issuing closure and confiscation orders against the ICS on 26 February 2008, the Israeli army raided its central warehouse, taking away school buses, clothing, food, stationery, equipment, and other supplies intended to fill the needs of the children and their families. Soldiers have welded shut the gates of the nearly completed $2,000,000 Al-Huda girls' school, raided and looted bakeries that provided bread to the orphanages and on 1 April, raided the sewing workshop in the girls' orphanage, carting away sewing and processing machines, fabric, finished garments and office equipment-all of which they brought to the city dump.
Responding to an appeal filed by Jawad Boulos, attorney for the ICS, an Israeli general said that regarding the schools, orphanages and kindergartens, he "gives himself the complete right to take all necessary measures...if they continue to work in these facilities."

===  LANGUAGE  ===
Roget's Thesaurus a la Beatles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHDn7_pmRug
The national scramble to learn a new language before the Olympics.
by Evan Osnos  APRIL 28, 2008 [The New Yorker magazine]
"Conquer English to Make China Stronger!" Li Yang's cosmology ties the ability to speak English to personal strength, and personal strength to national power.
Accompanied by his photographer and his personal assistant, Li Yang stepped into a Beijing classroom and shouted, "Hello, everyone!" The students applauded. Li, the founder, head teacher, and editor-in-chief of Li Yang Crazy English, wore a dove-gray turtleneck and a black car coat. His hair was set off by a faint silver streak. It was January, and Day Five of China's first official English-language intensive-training camp for volunteers to the 2008 Summer Olympics, and Li was making the rounds.

===   QUOTATIONS   ===
In words are seen the state of mind and character and disposition of the speaker.
                        -- Plutarch, biographer and philosopher (circa 46-120)
Man is a goal-seeking animal.  His life only has meaning if he is reaching out and striving for his goals.
                                -- Aristotle, Greek philosopher (384 - 322BC)
Establishing goals is all right if you don't let them deprive you of interesting detours.
                                -- Doug Larson, English racer  (1902 - 1981)

If you rest, you rust.  -- Helen Hayes, American actress (1900 - 1993)

On May 4, 1824 Joseph Joubert died a few days before his 70th birthday.  He was a shy, bookwormish man and preferred the peacefulness of his study to the hustle-bustle of the Parisian world in which he lived.  He published nothing in his lifetime, but for many decades recorded his thoughts and ideas on small scraps of paper.  After his death, the papers were assembled by his widow and given to the French writer Rene de Chateaubriand.  Chateaubriand was so impressed that in 1838 he privately published them as "The Collected Thoughts of Mr. Joubert".  Very shortly, people began to marvel at Joubert's keen mind and elegant style, often comparing him to such great French aphorists as Montaigne and la Rochefoucauld.  He authored some of [Dr Mardy Grothe's] all-time favourite quotations:
     "To teach is to learn twice."
     "Never cut what you can untie."
     "It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it."
     "Children are more in need of models than of critics."