Ccl NOTES May 26, PH 28
Calendar to Jun 18

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

.........is this an on-and-off spring or a sputtering summer start?
MAIN ITEMS at June 2nd Ccl Mtg: Tree and Drainage issues next to Martin Corp Lands (Caulfeild Plateau); Adoption of Animal Control and Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaws; Correspondence: many letters re Hugo Ray Park including one from lawyer for residents (has DWV still not provided the FOI material?);  Spirit Trail
Vive le Canada (designation of Cdn of National Historic Significance and Hockey); from the EDITOR'S DESK (Uplift vs CBs); ANIMALWATCH (leopards); UPDATES (Sprinkling Restrictions; WVPD); ARTWATCH (Michael Kluckner); WEBWATCH (bridal model photo)
=  CALENDAR to June 18th  (check for changes and updates)
=  Ccl NOTES May 26th: Proposed Ambleside Bylaw; Animal Control and Licence Bylaw (DOGS); Cmnty Grants WG recommendations to Ccl ($100K+); Resoln re FOI for UBCM; Correspondence (including letter 29 re Calculation of Uplift for Rodgers Crk Plan and letter 32 to Finance Cmte re Budget Process); Reports ($200K+ from prov for Childcare spaces; Finance Cmte's three goals wrt BUDGET); and PQP (hope Grant recommendations to Ccl, over $100K, will be in public in future as it was in past but was not done this year; plea for Amb Town Ctr 'upzoning' to be fair and equitable to all property owners, not more for those with large holdings; FOI shd not have cost as discouragement for legitimate enquiries; resignation from Finance Cmte but will not be replaced)
=  Ccl NOTES May 28th Public Hearing (Collingwood) on parking lot for Wentworth campus
 =  Ccl AGENDA June 2nd
=  THEATREWATCH (Bard; Tuesdays/Morrie; Where the Blood Mixes); NEWSWATCH (Zimbabwe, Status of Afghanistan, Wandering Palestinians); LANGUAGE (Spelling Bee); Haiku for May; Quotations, etc

=== Vive le Canada ===   hockey since it's Stanley Cup time.....
~~~ May 22, 2008 - Montreal  ~~~  Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced James George Aylwin Creighton, the "father" of organized ice hockey, will be honoured as a Canadian of National Historic Significance.  "The evolution of hockey, ...  an incremental process, and James Creighton deserves recognition because he formalized the game, bringing it indoors, establishing fixed teams (originally nine players a side) and helping create the first written code, from which today's rulebook is descended," said Prime Minister Harper.  Creighton is credited with organizing the world's first indoor hockey game at Montreal's famed Victoria Skating Rink on March 3, 1875. ...
"I want to thank the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada for approving the designation of James George Aylwin Creighton as a historic person," said the Prime Minister....
Canada's system of national historic sites now includes 937 national historic sites, 611 national historic persons, and 391 national historic events. The majority of national historic sites are owned and operated by private individuals, not-for-profit groups, and corporations. Parks Canada protects and presents 157 of these special places on behalf of Canadians.
.... from the EDITOR'S DESK
Running late so will limit myself to clarifying Uplift (Windfall, Planning Gain) and Cmnty Benefits (CBs) since some still seem to conflate the two.  Uplift is the difference between present zoning of the land and proposed zoning.  Then Ccl, one hopes after consultation with the public, decides what proportion/projects/amenities are appropriate for the cmnty.  IOW, Ccl is increasing the value of the land for the owner and in exchange (increased density for example will increase use of infrastructure, recreation, etc) some compensation/benefits shd accrue to the cmnty.  All the profit from the buildings goes to owners.  It's zoning that is the cmnty's to grant.
===   ANIMALWATCH   ===
*  The rare Amur leopard a few months ago and now adorably cute just on BBC news:
*  Leopard spotted in house Page last updated at 07:27 GMT, Saturday, 31 May 2008 08:27 UK
A 20-day-old leopard cub has wandered into a house in eastern Orissa, India after being abandoned by its mother.  http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/7428955.stm
*   Earlier, a Zoo shows off snow leopard cubs: http://video.aol.com/video-detail/zoo-shows-off-snow-leopard-cubs/3247834278

===   UPDATES   ===
>   Water Sprinkling Restrictions On Again
Every year from June 1 to September 30, the GVRD implements restrictions to lawn sprinkling. These measures help us manage our water use through the summer in order to avoid even further restrictions during the drier months.  Water sprinkling regulations:
Sprinkling allowed between 4 - 9am or 7 - 10pm
Even-numbered addresses: Wed & Sat; Odd-numbered addresses: Thurs & Sun
Hand watering and sprinkling of vegetable gardens, shrubs, and flowers are all unrestricted. Violations carry fines of up to $100. West Vancouver enforces sprinkling regulations under the Waterworks Bylaw.
Aiming to be the Safest Community  --  Friday, May 23, 2008
"The West Vancouver Police Department is committed to keeping the peace and making the community the safest jurisdiction in Canada by 2011, instilling a new level of confidence and security for residents."
                                -- WVPD Strategic Plan 2007
So, how is our police department serving the community better than it was two years ago?
From 1999 to 2005, the department lost more than one-third of its officers. Some retired, but most went to other police departments. We were in a cycle of providing experienced officers and promising new recruits to everyone else -- a significant loss, and cost, to us.
Getting and keeping good people has everything to do with internal and external confidence in our police force, and in mitigating risk. The police board at the time recognized this exodus as a major issue, sought to understand the underlying reasons, and produced the department's first strategic plan.
Read the entire NS News Article (Canada.com)

===   ARTWATCH   ===  Michael Kluckner
*  ~ 7:30pm ~ Tuesday May 27 ~
Illustrated lecture: Len Norris & the Vancouver Imagination; Vancouver Public Library, downtown.
*  Michael and Christine moved to Australia about a year ago, but Michael is here for a visit -- lectures, awards, etc.  Michael is a watercolourist extraordinaire and I met him through his interest in heritage (he's done several books on Vancouver).  Of course we went to his talk at the VPL (as my enotice said).  Oh, those Norris cartoons of WV -- Amblesnide and Tiddly Cove, West Vancouverites with one leg shorter than the other!  Here's a link is to all his talks while he's here: http://www.michaelkluckner.com/indlecturepopup.html   Local ones still to come:
*  ~ 7:30 ~ Thursday June 5 ~
Cedar Series Lecture, VanDusen Gardens, Vancouver: illustrated lecture on Vancouver Remembered, focusing on the west side of the city and the historical coincidences that have preserved iconic spaces like the VanDusen Gardens.  See the VanDusen calendar
* ~ 10:30am ~ Tuesday June 10
Illustrated lecture on Vancouver Remembered at Brock House, Vancouver.

===   WEBWATCH   ===  http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/in_pictures/7423503.stm
Unfortunately it's not possible to give you the URL for the one picture I thought was interesting.  When you click on this you'll get seven numbered photos, pls click on No. 4 (model wearing a bridal gown, unusual composition).

===  CALENDAR to June 18th  === [at Hall unless otherwise noted; pls confirm to make sure no changes]
Remember the Farmers' Markets: Dundarave on Saturdays and Ambleside on Sundays.....
ADDITIONS to WVM16 (missing from original)
+++ SILK PURSE +++  (1570 Argyle) www.silkpurse.ca
May 27 - June 8, 2008  --  "Kubilai Khan in Clay"
Opening Reception: TUESDAY May 27th from 6 - 8pm
Kubilai Khan's court was a mix of Byzantine officials, mystical Chinese dragons, nomadic fortunetellers, veiled Persian ladies, Syrian jugglers, and masked Venetian merchants. Masks have long been used as cultural and spiritual expressions in many lands. Nobility and commoners alike wore masks during the Carnival season to conceal their identities. The masks served to equalize everyone and alleviate class tensions. We celebrate the 'mask' with an exhibition by leading BC Clay Artists & Cap College Alumni.
Free Clay Mask Demo: Saturday, May 31st from 1- 2 pm  -- Everyone Welcome
== Sat May 31st ==
~  noon - 5pm ~ North Van Cmnty Arts Ccl: Art in the Garden Tour (by donation; call 988 6844); also on Sunday June 1st.
== Sun June 1st == [led by David Cook, LPPS]
Nature/geology walk to celebrate the beginning of Environment Week.
A one- to two-hour walk along the trails of Lighthouse Park.  Meet in the parking lot at 11:00am.
This will be followed by a walk in Caulfeild Park to look at the ecology and geology there, meeting in the Lighthouse Park parking lot at 1pm or at the Caulfeild Park anchor at 1:30pm.
~ NOON on CBC RADIO TWO 105.7FM, "Inside the Music", the WV opera The Dream Healer will be one discussed (topic, Madness in Opera), repeated 8pm on Radio One, 690AM.
== Tues June 3rd ==  ~ 4:30 pm ~ Fin Cmte moved to June 5
== Wed June 4th ==
~ 5pm ~  West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce AGM at Partners Centre (1846 Marine)
Election of new Directors to the Board for the term of 2008-2009.  The Nomination Form for Directors of the Board will be available in May newsletter on-line at www.westvanchamber.com and at office.  Please RSVP on-line or phone 926 6614; pls reserve your spot for this event.
== Thurs June 5th ==  ~ 5pm ~ Finance Cmte
==  June 5th - 7th == Thurs - Sat == LECTURES
o June 5 -- VIA Architecture Urban Design Lecture: www.sfu.ca/city/fpl15popup.htm
                Featuring Toronto Star's architectural and urban critic, Christopher Hume
o June 5 - 7 -- Urban Design Studio II, Synthesis of Urban Form;  Venue: SFU Surrey
If you missed a lecture, there are LECTURE RECORDINGS:
SFU City Program videos:  http://www.sfu.ca/city/city_pgm_videos.htm and audio-recorded lectures here: http://www.sfu.ca/city/city_pgm_mp3.htm
*** Saturday June 7th * Spirit of Green * Community Day ***
*** Parade in morning; afternoon activities in Ambleside Park ***
== Sun June 8th ==      ~ 11am - 5pm ~ Oceans Day at Whytecliff Park  -- learn, eat, listen!
                All day in Ambleside Park, Rich Hansen Wheels in Motion
== Tues June 10th ==
        ~ 2:30pm ~ Cmnty Engagement Cmte [CEC], to be confirmed
        ~ 7pm ~ Cmnty Grants/Social Services WG
== Wed June 11th == 
~ 10am ~ Cmnty Engagement Cmte [moved to June 10th]
~ 5pm ~ Finance Cmte (moved to June 18th)
~ 6:30pm ~ Child Care Services WG at Fulton House
~ 6pm Cocktails, 7pm Dinner ~  WV Chamber of Commerce
                   PRESIDENT'S DINNER, Auction, & Biz Excellence Awards at CGCC (ph 926 6614)
        ~ 7pm ~ Cmnty Sport WG
~ 7pm ~ WV Citizens for Good Govt, Srs' Ctr (election of directors; M election planning)
ALSO --  Public Forum with Dr. Dahlia Wasfi: "The Cost of War: Human, Environment, Economic"
Doors: 7pm, starts: 7:30pm; at Canadian Memorial United Church, 1806 W. 15th Ave. at Burrard
Dahlia Wasfi was born in 1971 and spent her early childhood in Saddam Hussein's Iraq, until she returned with her family to the United States in 1977. Dr. Wasfi graduated from Swarthmore College in 1993 with a B.A. in Biology, and in 1997 graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.  In February/March of 2004, after years of separation, Wasfi visited Iraq to see her family in Basrah and Baghdad. She journeyed to Iraq again for a three-month visit in 2006. Based on her experiences, she is speaking out against the negative impact of the U.S. invasion on the Iraqi people and the need to end the occupation. For more info see: http://www.globalexchange.org/getInvolved/speakers/124.htmlDahlia
== Thurs June 12th ==  ~ 4:30pm ~ Design Review Cmte [replaces June 26th mtg that's been cancelled]
== Sun June 15th ==   Dundarave Porsche Show and Ride -- All Day in Dundarave
== Tues June 17th == ~ 6:30pm ~ Cmnty Dialogue (Housing) WG
== Wed June 18th ==
        ~ 4:30pm ~ Finance Cmte Mtg (check to see if in Library)
        ~ 7pm ~ Library Bd at Library and Bd of Variance at M Hall

+++  WV MEMORIAL LIBRARY +++ see www.westvanlib.org
Gallery at the Library presents...   June 2 to July 31
        Photographs: Recent work by Rob Will, Laura Clark, Michelle Demers, and Roman Kralovic.
+ Tues June 3 -- Best Weekend Getaways from Vancouver at 7:30pm
Join writer-broadcaster Jack Christie for the launch of his new book: Best Weekend Getaways from Vancouver. Jack will offer many road-tested tips for summer adventuring throughout South-Western B.C. Bring your travel questions and uncover some hidden gems, unique outings, and heavenly places to rest your head.
+ Thurs June 5 -- Movie Night at 6pm: Into the Wild. Based on the book by Jon Krakauer.
Saturday 7 -- West Vancouver Community Day
In the "Spirit of Green", our teen volunteers will walk, scooter, or skateboard in the parade. Afterwards, join us in Ambleside Park for Storytimes at 12:30 and 1:30pm.
***  THE WEST VAN GRAD SHOW 2008 -- May 27 to June 8
A Mixed Media Exhibition featuring the artworks of graduating students of Collingwood School, Mulgrave, Rockridge, Sentinel Secondary School, & WV Secondary School
***  "Gone To the Birds"  ~ 6pm ~ Saturday June 7
A dinner and unique art auction adventure to benefit the FBG at an exclusive private residence on Eagle Island, WV The auction will include art from the best artists in Vancouver, as well as experiences, dinners, cruises, jewellery, and much more=8A..  The intention of this event is to raise funds for the ongoing support of exhibitions at the gallery. The funds assist in maintaining the gallery's standard of excellence in the service, events, and opportunities it provides to artists, both emerging and established, and to the community of the North Shore.  Only 100 tickets will be sold.  For information please call Mary at 925.7290
West Vancouver Cultural Services; Tel: 925 7290   Fax: 925 5913; gallery@westvancouver.ca
***  The Art of Nick Bantock, the friendly pocket version; prints and original paintings; June 10 - 15
+++ SILK PURSE (1570 Argyle) www.silkpurse.ca
May 27 - June 8, 2008  --  "Kubilai Khan in Clay" [See above, beginning of Calendar, for details]

+++  WV MUSEUM +++  Visit: http://www.westvanmuseum.blogspot.com/

+++ Don't forget to check out www.kaymeekcentre.com +++
                See review of Where the Blood Mixes in THEATREWATCH below

==========  CCL MTG NOTES May 26    ===============
1.   APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Added to Correspondence
2.   ADOPTED:  May 1 Sp Ccl Mtg; and May 5 Reg Ccl Mtg; AND May 12 Ccl Workshop Minutes received for information.
Mayor: before delegations wd like to welcome new CAO, Grant McRadu
introduced in the Youth Ccl mtg, has come to us from Delta School Bd
Grant: struck by energy in this cmnty; thank you for letting me come here; attended lots of mtgs
one of the things I enjoyed with Delta Sch Bd, was its singular focus on student achievement, how does this improve student achievement
one thing pleased with and I honoured when working with the Sch Bd is that prior to [our] making any recommendations to the board or to the cmnty, we always stopped and asked ourselves how does this improve student achievement
and one of the things I want to bring to this cmnty, in particularly with staff, is that prior to [our] making any recommendations to Ccl or the cmnty, is that as staff we always stop and ask ourselves the questions, how does this bylaw or this recommendation improve the quality of life for our citizens here in WV; and that's what I'm going to continue to speak with with staff.
I've thoroughly enjoyed time I've been here
what struck me is the entrepreneurial initiative, innovation; will commit to communicate, and to communicate as often as I can to cmnty, staff, and Ccl
do what I can to earn trust of cmnty
as CAO truly believe in cmnty partnerships; look forward to transparency and accountability; certainly heard that from Finance Cmte; looking forward to working with them and with staff
Mayor: tyvm and welcome
3.         P. Lock, regarding Towards Zero-Impact (Economic and Environmental Benefits)
Mayor: re zero-impact family homes
PLock, with slides: now widely understood we're releasing ancient underground CO2 through burning fossil fuels; assume we have long time to fix it
ancient CO2 stored in... but rarely consider these deposits were laid down over 65M years
65 years, less surprising ice caps melting
have improved 17% cut but increased over 30%
suspend use of CO2
fortunately simple and robust solutions are at hand.
budget for keeping water out of house, other in; heat out, heat in; economy at large; reduce antagonisms
net meters av from BC Hydro
114K detached houses built in BC in 2007 -- will produce 82% of demand
reduce by simply installing 5 kilowatts; voltaic panels
growing BC Hydro's capacity will cost at least $5B
benefits if reduced transmission corridors; electric cars (grid buffering); only used supper hour, gas turbines
changes (listed); slide of Suggested Changes
Corporate/staff will present resistance; political, effective action will win the day
Sop: did you make your presentation to prov govt?
PL: no, starting small
Sop: take your thoughts but shd start hammering on those doors first.
4.         I. Smith, Smart Growth BC, regarding Sea-to-Sky Greenbelt
Mayor: following on that theme, more macro
LS [slides]: vision and goals of greenbelt in Sea-to-Sky context
nonprofit founded in 1999; ten principles
WV to D'Arcy; concerned might be unchecked growth; prevent sprawl
Sq Regional District final review right now; gap analysis study
event in Brackendale and Pemberton this year; defined growth boundary and outside pristine
believe WV well-positioned, nbrhd plans; seen assessments of areas
11 new conservancies were named by prov, 44,800ha; existing prov parks also (over 300Kha)
2009 implementation strategies; Timeline to 2010; Mapping; media attention
wd like to co-host a public workshop this fall with WV; Partners and Funders
Sop: terrific idea; did you analyze from a watershed perspective? stand of green we want to strive to protect; need strict rules to preserve
we've sought out as much info as we can, hope prov look at this area
see those green mountains when out in a boat, nothing more beautiful in world
RD: think Smart Growth has done a good job; that hwy shd hv bn declared a scenic hwy as done in California
Ccl have heard me gripe about that interchange at HBay; Smart Growth can't stop that but whatever you can do with prov; devprs are swooping in
not a scenic hwy, think it will be a mess but shd start now
beautiful area right near sea; unfortunately being turned into an LA-style freeway
Mayor: thank you for your work; spent last week in Victoria....  biggest issue is integration; will report on that later; will be looking at our approach to climate change; make sense for you to come back; things changing quickly and want to be part of that
Perhaps Cclr V you can refer this to the Planning Dept
5.         Proposed Ambleside Bylaws - Official Community Plan Bylaw
No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4543, 2008 and Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4544, 2008
Mike MacCallum: note you're having a public mtg on the 18th of June so probably best said then
I'm with [strata ccl/bldg in area]; we are concerned about the proposed devts not included in the bylaw changes
three major sites that may become highrises; in add'n to that, one that is on a special basis, the Masonic Hall wch has a provision to become five storeys rather than the three to four within the Amb Plan.
you've spent a lot of money on the waterfront and to put further highrises along the waterfront, a mistake; wd like to see the three to four [storeys] as now
Mayor: there is no proposal for any highrises; so far the trend is village scale
it's important for cmnty to know this is not about highrises in the cmnty
Mike MacCallum: the bylaw itself is v devpr-friendly; included highrises, of necessity pat of that; by exclusion you're allowing someone to come along whereas if you take a positive approach, new zoning, makes it more difficult to do.  You've allowed Masonic Hall five storeys and that's a mistake.
Sokol: Ccl directed staff to prepare these bylaws; culmination of three/four years of work, probably more; 25 or so public mtgs; 13 mtgs of Amb T Ctr WG in 2007 alone
balanced approach; recognizing future and existing scale of Amb T Ctr; while much of attention on zoning; some on FAR, then design b/c of OCP require Devt Permits; ways of influencing devt; Staff plan to make full presentation Jun 18
Mayor: Cclr F
Sop: question?
Mayor: have during debate
JF: read motion
Sop: point of information; has been a lot of work on this; if that is sufficient consultation, what limitations does it put on public re PH as to what is being heard; you can go through years of deliberations then to here; are you saying no need for more consultation?
Sokol: LGA lists [gave applicable portions]
Mayor: what we're saying that our lengthy process will be enough consultation then go to PH
no idea what will come out of that
VV: wondering what consultation means; public asked lots of questions and never answered
Marine westward, Bellevue eastward; lady said it was previous plan; shd have seen...
when we say consult, do we not have to answer?
40 groups, do we need to answer? mtgs but not the answers; not properly consulted if we haven't answered; wd like something that gives much better answers; wd like them before going to PH
JF: quite happy with sorts of consultation taken place to date' at the conclusion of PH, Ccl will have opp to provide answers, staff bring them back to Ccl; anxious to hear what public has to say; have been revised slightly and am anxious to hear what public has to say and what my colleagues have to say.
MOVED THAT the opportunities provided for consultation on a proposed Ambleside Official Community Plan amendment, with persons, organizations and authorities as outlined in the May 16, 2008 report from the Associate Director of Major Projects, be endorsed as sufficient consultation for the purposes of Section 879 of the Local Government Act.
JF: MOVED THAT OCP Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4543, 2008, as attached to the report from the Associate Director of Major Projects dated May 16, be introduced and read a first time in short form.
VV: ......    main items, we had a traffic study done by Bunt & Associates and said shd do this first
ppl tend not to want to go around the back and look for a parking spot
if we org parking better, from lane at back, we'd double
desire was to have more ppl on the street....  prob seems to be ppl don't find ........
thought traffic wd be addressed first and now we have this without the parking
improvements but can't understand what rationale to do first; think premature
MS: in this instance I happen to agree with Cclr V
when first elected I read it over summer; traffic study good and we haven't implemented any
hear has to be incorporated in; makes sense; question why we have to wait three, four years
... like left-turn lane
I do agree that when we have a report we pay for, I don't think we shd wait, we shd make the changes
Mayor: Acting Dir/Engg
RFung: forgive me, I can follow up with B Dozzi and E Barth but we have done bulges so not as if we haven't been doing anything; improvements down 15th, along Bellevue
Mayor: acting is what we must do
I read a report today from 1995 needing to improve entrance; putting this to a PH, numerous things, given cmnty something to think about; the last thing we shd be saying is that it's premature, it's long overdue; we're the group tackling; modest proposal, questions around major sites and can be WGs
to wait wasting time  .....  11 zones in Amb and this gets it down to two
JF moved: THAT OCP Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4543, 2008 [be] considered in conjunction with the District's most recent financial plan and the regional waste management plan.

{for the linguistically curious.....
I chose to put BE rather than [sic] wch indicates printing a mistake, not an introduced one.
You may ask what was there before.  Well, it was HAS BEEN.
There's a verb sequence problem.  As you see in the rest of the motions, it is correctly stated:
You will readily see that it is not correct to say: recommended that it has been.
It's not clear what was meant (and query to Hall last week, and a few weeks ago when the same incorrect construction appeared, were not graced with a reply).  I asked if the intent was that:
it be considered in conjunction [now] OR  it will have been considered in conjunction [already done].
You see I guessed that the recommendation was that it be considered in conjunction, ie at the same time.  B/c the DWV agenda had that the recommendation 'has been' considered, I wondered if what was desired was that the consideration of the plans will already have been done.
if I ever find out, I'll let you know.}

JF moved:  Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4544, 2008, as attached to the report from the Associate Director of Major Projects dated May 16, 2008, be introduced and read a first time in short form.
Sop: why?
Sokol: go together; gross issues; OCP DP guidelines, allow more active role
Sop: take some examples -- along 19th; why do we have to alter down to two? lose control over entire area; I think amendment bylaws shdn't go through
push for amenities -- like we're going to solve ...  with amenities ....  as we've been going, a solid way
this amenity biz; remember child care ...  one was a childcare site it's ........
then we get down to sq ftg; we're looking for a village concept, developing one piece at a time .... fall under devt process
just two zones?  we've had a system working v well.  I don't think that part shd go to PH
Mayor: opp for housing in 1800block; need for housing
piecemeal approach has got us what we've got; empty bldgs, almost derelict look
read what recommending -- no bldg shall exceed three storeys, 37ft
modest proposal; biz cmnty says doesn't go far enough but cmnty doesn't want to go further...
Sop: 19th and Marine, seven units?  ... handsome bldg; these have bn done ...
wants to do some housing; we don't have that many buildings; most don't have sq ftg to have that upzoning, uplifting
B of Mtl, ... did a nice job, looks terrific; wasn't tied up for years; done right; don't think we've done enough study on this ....
JF: wrt Cclr Sop's concerns, Ccl has asked staff to come forward with these bylaws in written form so that public and Ccl can debate; let's hear what public has to say the have the Ccl debate
VV: agree with Cclr Sop; if we don't proceed, we are not preventing any owner from coming forward; not preventing any innovative idea, architecture
as to hearing what ppl believe we've had letters and ADRA ....
don't want ...  south side, most two storeys; so good opinion from the public already
don't think we're going to learn much....
nothing stops us, not even common sense; wd like to defer this long enough to discuss parking; .... haven't got ducks in a row, got wrong duck in front
Mayor: are you moving deferral?
VV: if support?  wd it just be the zoning bylaw?  traffic and parking support
Sop: second
Mayor: Ms Scholes, debate possible?
SSch: yes
MS: will vote against deferral but want debate
{various comments by cclrs}
Mayor: I'm certainly opposed deferral; this is Ccls opp to act and make a decision
Mayor: return to speaking order
JC: this evening moving forward after about five years of discussion; greatly involved public each stage of the way
idea of this is moving it into public realm; I know there are aspects here some not happy with, great, we'd ike to hear what they are; can't get to that stage without these steps
what Cclr V and Sop taking about is what got us here in the first place; study everything to death and do nothing ...
MS: I certainly support revitalizing Amb
grew up as a boy here, when Amb was the heart of the cmnty and PkRNorth was a strip mall and PkRSouth didn't exist.....  village full of small restaurants and cafes; we had movie theatres, bowling alleys and pool halls; there was a real life to the village; sad, life has been squeezed out; desperately needs to be revitalized;  how do we do that?
all for Cmnty Plan and new devt but have some concerns about the zoning bylaw; how do we know what rezoning will look like; scratch my head, rezone until see it
wrt childcare space, might be a project devpr prepared to commit to childcare space; how do that if a fixed formula for public benefit?

{hm, do hope it isn't a fixed formula; must read!
hope for fairness and accuracy in the calculations; it is going to be complicated but I really think we all want revitalization and most of us want to keep the village character as well.
will have to be some massaging........}

a lot of questions; don't have any objection to going to PH
in the zoning bylaw to my horror I read that 'excluded use' is 'liquor primary use' for the service of liquor as opposed to food is the primary focus of the biz.
why on earth we wd preclude ourselves from having wine bars, and Irish pubs, bistros, and jazz bars and the like in Amb when we all admit the place is like a tomb when you walk through there
scratch my head in disbelief -- prev ccls shd be held accountable for this; this puritanical attitude has squeezed the life out of what shd be the heart of our cmnty; voted down everything that we cd possibly be put in there that anybody wd go in and use in the evening; totally opposed to that aspect of this zoning bylaw; might vote go to PH, but if this clause is in I won't be supporting it
Mayor: opp for excluding uses?
Sokol: Ccl can do at anytime
{erp! bzzt; not so -- see later}
RD: shd go ahead; been at this for five years
zoning based on argument can outline what you want ... make decisions on a site-specific basis
shd look at further in the PH; one has to remember this is a DP area so we are going to be looking carefully...  look at each site specifically, roll out ...
Ccl is going to be looking carefully, let public speak; look at rezoning amendments, what we like and what we don't
Sop: my hat's off to citizens, WG, all that time, that's not where I'm coming from
what I've seen over past 12 years there have been some well-done handsome bldgs
small, we can ease process for -- why are we altering the zoning?  done well.  There is excitement from landowners; recog we want something done and well done
we'll be behind concentrated owner, something of value for cmnty, breezeways,......; don't need to alter zoning to do it; go to PH same process as now..... Plans can go ahead
VV: interested in what Cclr Sop had to say; but want to hear ... MS said ... growing up here
ice cream ...  think ... wd bring back the old days
in 1976 the most typical resident of WV was 17 and now a 72-yr-old
we can rejuvenate -- Amb will never feel 17 again!!

{alas, neither will most of us........}

JF: WG changes wd be to provide some predictability; have sat through some rezonings and can say unpredictable ...  owners ...  attempt ... huge amt of time and money and ...  ppl who want to come
always divisive, and is on Ccl as well
one of the reasons to put this zoning in place is to allow ... everyone some understanding what the likely outcome might be; can still modify, change, Ccl ask
but whole objective was to try to motivate some change, bring about a better shopping ctr, to meet in to shop in; if we don't change anything, ...... will be minimal; at some point carpet will be rolled up on Marine Dr and ppl go elsewhere and WV won't have a town Ctr; having some predictability is a benefit
Sokol: ask if this does move forward to PH, perhaps provide staff with questions and concerns so can answer in our presentations
I had commented you can change the uses -- I misspoke, that is not a change you can make without going through the PH process again (advertising, etc)
Mayor: so change of permitted uses has to be made now at first reading?
Sokol: yes
MS: my wish to remove this scandalous excluded use for liquor as a primary use, but an equally important point is this staff report says CB says can be changed after the PH, is that not the case?
Sokol: the CB is something we specifically asked solicitor b/c concerned cdn't change; can change as we go through PH process
there's a list of things you can and cannot change, use was one you cannot, density is another thing
MS: then I move an amendment, p79, we remove every excluded use between massage parlour and escort service
Mayor: you're not serious
MS: I'm totally serious!
Mayor: every one?
MS: free enterprise! if someone wants to open an amusement arcade, wd you not allow to consider that?
Mayor: I'm not going to support a casino in Amb no matter how much I want revitalization.
MS: everything has to be individually approved, so wdn't be
Mayor: easier to have casino on excluded list
MS: same WV Ccl nanny society had for 20 to 30 years, big brother knows best instead of opening it up to the free enterprise cmnty some of us wd like to see here; however will only ask that the liquor part be removed
Mayor: this is what's going out to public
JF moved: OCP Amendment Bylaw No. 4543, 2008 and Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4544, 2008 be presented at a Public Hearing on Wednesday, June 18, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. in the Municipal Hall Council Chamber.
MS: was going to vote against; why PH on a Wed night?   ...  discriminates against working ppl ...
I carefully check Cmnty Calendar; made sure here for 2nd, 9th, and 16th so planned a trip accordingly, now find I'm not going to be here through no fault of my own
Mayor: from my point of view June 16 wd hv bn ideal; from point of view of Planning Dept, or notification, possible Ms Scholes?
SSch: just barely
Mayor: Cclr Smith,
MS: be pleased
JF: I'd be quite happy to rescind my original motion to change the date
{exchanges about speaking and who had hand up...}
Sop: amend no 5 to have words zoning xxx be deleted
Mayor: contrary to intent of motion so if motion fails come back; not considered an amendment
SSch: correct
Sop: but you gotta read what's happening there you asked in 4 for the zoning bylaw to go forth and now in 5 you're asking for both the OCP bylaw and zoning bylaw to go to a PH
Mayor: that's right, that's the motion, to change the PH to 16th
SSch: friendly amendment and she's rescinded
JC: I believe 18th chosen to allow full time including if going over to another night; if 16th, shd leave 18th if more
SSch: at end of 16th cd adjourn to a future date, and that cd be 18th.
JF: notification of the Public Hearing on "Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4543, 2008 and Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4544, 2008" be provided to owners and occupiers of lots shown on Attachment A to the report dated May 16, 2008 from the Associate Director of Major Projects.
Mayor: Oh, I'm sorry; I have one mbr of the public wishing to speak.
Mike MacCallum: does that change date of PH?
Mayor: yes, to 16th; maybe you can come now.
{I think he said no}
6.         Animal Control and Licence Bylaw No. 4545, 2008 and Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw No. 4368, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4559, 2008
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the report dated May 12, 2008 from the Manager of Bylaw & Licencing [sic] Services regarding Animal Control and Licence Bylaw No. 4545, 2008 be received for information.
RECOMMENDED: Bylaw be given 1st, 2nd, and 3rd readings.
RECOMMENDED: Bylaw Notice Enforcement Amendment Bylaw be given 1st, 2nd and 3rd readings.
Paul Hundal: on table item; only managed to read it today; everyone had a chance to read what I sent in today.  My concern is about the environmental definition; Doug Leavers said yes, gave comfort, but added items
Do my walking in off-leash; run into three ppl and have dogs; remote areas; dogs can run and socialize; away from congested areas
exclude them and .......  except for walking trails...  as I explained in my letter, lead to destination points....
stay on trail; generally good reflection of cmnty, don't have problems others have
but when you put in ... what happens when I get to Jack Pine Point -- get to bluffs, sit down, dog sits down, and it's a beautiful area, been doing it for 40 years
to suggest this is an environmental ... is an extreme view
with SPEC for 18 years
going too far ... to suggest dogs going to stir up sediment, heavy rain more
Mayor: for this in Upper Lands areas ...
PH: Nelson Canyon Park a key access part; looks as if off the prohibited list but ...
RB: we have a staff mbr who can answer questions, Liz Holitzki is here; may have been some confusion; ask her to clarify
LH: no changes to Lighthouse Park; wrt in Nelson Crk canyon, were always prohibited but now allowed in trails; nine in new bylaw on and off leash
old bylaw, dogs not in creeks, now in new bylaw permitted
dogs still prohibited in oldgrowth park, has to do with groundnesting birds
Mayor: tyvm, good clarification
7.         Arts and Culture Grant Recommendations 2008
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the Arts and Culture Working Group recommendations for Arts and Culture Grants, be approved as follows:
Ambleside Orchestra             $  500
British Columbia Boys' Choir            2,000
Chor Leoni Men's Choir          750
Deep Cove Chamber Soloists Society      750
Hollyburn Heritage Society      750
JP Fell Pipe Band                       500
Laudate Singers Society         500
North Shore Film Festival               2,250
North Shore Heritage [Preservation] Society             500
North Shore Light Opera Society         2,000
Theatre West Van                3,250      
O'Shihan Cultural Organization          500
Pacific Baroque Orchestra               1,500
Pandora's Vox                   2,650
Presentation House Cultural Society/Theatre             2,000
Sinfonia Orchestra of the North Shore           3,000
Summer Pops Orchestra           1,250
Vetta Chamber Music             500
West Vancouver Adult Community Band Association         500
West Vancouver Adult Concert Band       600
West Vancouver Historical Society               1,000
West Vancouver Youth Band               5,000
         {Editor's Note: there was no total given for this, but to save you the time, it's $32,250.}
JF moved as printed and presented; Sop seconded -- CARRIED
8.         Grant Recommendations:  Social Services and Community Services
RECOMMENDED:   THAT the Social Services Grants as recommended by the Community Grants/Social Services Review Working Group (CGSSWG) be approved as follows:
1.1 Commencing a [three-year] funding cycle (2008-2010):  Annual Grant ($)
a)  Specialized Social Services
BC Paraplegic Association       $  500
Canadian Hard of Hearing Association    600
Lions Gate Hospice      1,000
NS Disability Society - Adults at Risk  1,000
NS Women's Centre               1,500
NS Stroke Recovery Centre       1,300
Red Cross Respect Ed            700
                        Subtotal        $  6,600
b)  Family Support Social Services
Family Services of the North Shore      $ 14,500
Living Systems          500
NS Community Resources Society          12,000
NS Restorative Justice          5,000
NS Multicultural Society                3,000
West Vancouver Family Place Society             4,000
                        Subtotal        $ 39,000
c)  Seniors Support Social Services
Capilano Community Services Society     $ 1,300
Lionsview Seniors Planning Society              2,000
Lionsview Seniors Planning Society - Seniors' Coalition         1,300
NS Meals on Wheels Society              1,500
NS Volunteers for Seniors               3,500
NS Keep Well Society            2,000
NS Neighbourhood House - Seniors Peer Support           1,300
                        Subtotal        $ 12,900
1.2  In 3rd year of a three-year funding cycle (2006-2008):  Annual Grant
Autism Society of BC            1,500
Canadian Mental Health Association              2,000
Crisis Intervention & Suicide Prevention Centre of BC           1,000
Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society         750
Harvest Project         2,500
Lookout North Shore Emergency Aid Shelter               3,000
NS Association for the Mentally Handicapped             1,000
NS Crisis Services Society      10,500
NS Disability Resource Centre                   1,400
NS Project Society for Low Income and Handicapped               5,000
NS Schizophrenia Society, North Shore Branch            1,500
West Coast Alternatives Society                 5,000
                        Subtotal        $  35,150
        Total Social Services Grants for 2008   $93,650
        2008 Approved Budget  $82,500    ---      2008 Shortfall  ($11,150)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the Community Services Grants as recommended by the Community Grants/Social Services Review Working Group be approved as follows:
2.1  Commencing a three-year funding cycle (2008-2010):   Annual Grant
Coho Society -- Operating Grant; -- Bus Transportation  $ 5,000 +  1,250
NS Lifeboat Society     2,500
NS Safety Council               1,000
525 Pathfinder Squadron (Air Cadet League of Canada)            900
                        Subtotal        $  10,650
2.2  In 3rd year of a [three-year] funding cycle (2006-2008):  Annual Grant
Third West Vancouver Scout Group - Property Tax                 $  500
                        Subtotal        $     500
        Total Community Services Grants For 2008        $11,150
        2008 Approved Budget  $27,900   ---     2008 Surplus  $16,750
{Erica Crilly had just come to listen}
Sop: asked here; this process has been thoroughly gone through
thank you Erica for all your hard work; will see you in presentation of Social Services WG, coming forth soon; comment on philosophy and presentation
Mayor: you're coming wrt overview in a few weeks
Erica: yes
Mayor: plsd funds for justice
don't want to press charges; suits our cmnty; sch dist
Sop: b/c of Erica's work; when WG report comes forward will see ......
1.                 The shortfall of $11,150 in the Social Services Grants Budget is offset by the surplus of $16,750 in the Community Services Grants Budget.
2.                  The amount of $5,600 (being the balance remaining between the shortfall of $11,150 in the Social Services Grants Budget offset by the surplus of $16,750 in the Community Services Grants Budget), be retained for any additional and deserving requests over the balance of 2008.
9.         Metro Vancouver Solid Waste Management Plan (1995) - Revision Process (File:  1775-01)
RECOMMENDED: received for information
RF gave some background: ...and Al lynch is here
Mayor: Mr Bates
Bates: how will unfold a 50% diversion rate to a 70% diversion rate, one of highest in NAmerica
originally a July timeframe, date may slip
second round of consultation, late summer more likely the fall
staff raised overall affordability; overall householder imp Ccl when more advanced
Mayor: as vice chair of the waste cmte; we face signif challenges in the region
had plan started with acquisition of Ashcroft ranch; no long tenable and fact we will have to face; proposals that came to us the only thing you can do in the time required ship garbage to Washington State and not likely you'll be able to do any of the landfilling proposals in front of us.
has put a lot of pressure on MetroV; accept some of the challenges
last week in Victoria a report came out, integrating liquid and solid waste together; capturing energy; lots of questions about that; came out of Gaining Ground Conference (GGC); can see where prov is coming from; interested in recapturing energy, I wd say
tackle that our responsibility; things in blue box that shdn't be there, shd be taking back to store and producer shd be responsible for b/c taxpayer pays for what's in blue box
our responsibility or of whoever who created that waste in first place? shd be doing a better job of recycling; how tackle moving from 52% recovery rate right now to 70% is significant
things shdn't be in waste stream at all; organic and wood waste
don't really have facility for getting them out of waste stream; biggest question of all is cost
our staff, MetroV staff and cmtes looking at scope and scale of infrastructure projects coming our way; only a matter of time no longer able to operate a sewage treatment plant that only has primary treatment
Victoria a bit ahead of us as you know; working together; prov govt v interested in working with us
was asked to speak on this; MetroV has to step up and do a better job of working on this, has to step up; achieve funding, goals of sustainability, ... look at waste as a resource and not excess
hope lies with our ability as a region on the NSh, working together; clear that's our intent
JF: when I attended with you a month ago in Richmond, plan for solid waste; found it v interesting; seemed few options, seemed affordable but am concerned with costs involved, public education program vast
my question of you is has there been discussion how funded; assess prop value, perhaps paying larger share; wondered if any other solution brought up
Mayor: reason they're concerned with their costs as well, sewage treatment cost
Bates: based on a user fee, per household; indications present tipping fee won't support new initiatives; tipping fee is part of what we pay in terms of user fees, probably about half of solid waste utility; likely to rise, don't think there's much we can do about that
JF: as long as user-pay and not general funding of GVRD
Sop: what does it say about us if we ship our garbage to another country?  MetroV shd have stepped up years ago
Mr Bates, Mr Fung, make Victoria step up and start funding; absolutely incredible 2009 and we haven't made and prepared; we've talked about it here; we've got to stop talking and do something
Mayor: agree, have a mtg with Minister Penner this week, to try to understand where he's coming from; want to thank RFung and EBarth, good relationship with Victoria, but have been v challenged by MetroV.  They're not as good at collaborating as they shd be; they're not as forceful around polluter-pay as they shd be b/c the property taxpayer shd not be paying for the boom in the construction industry, and the fact it has foreshortened our own landfill; numerous examples
we need to support one another, support Min of Env and Min of Cmnty Services on [their visions]
VV: we spoke of NSh, primary only; filtering out of solids?
all of sewage from WV going out into the sea
RF: the effluent is chlorinated before discharge but your point is essentially correct
Mayor: ... much of long term plan
10.       North Shore Designate for E-Comm Board of Directors 2008-09
        Mayor Goldsmith-Jones designated as the North Shore representative
11.       Resolution regarding Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act for 2008 UBCM Annual Convention
MS: will move but will add two words: to provide "the option"; not our intent to prevent; just to discourage fishing expeditions, so left it so wd be an option.  I move
THAT the following resolution be forwarded to the Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) for consideration at the 2008 Annual Convention:
WHEREAS the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act allows for only limited recovery for request processing costs;
AND WHEREAS many local governments continue to bear unreasonable costs for processing Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act requests;
AND WHEREAS the lack of cost recovery for local government resources required to process these requests impacts their budgets and reduces service levels in respect of other areas of local government service to the public;
NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Province be requested to consider amending the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act to provide THE OPTION for recovery of actual request processing costs.
The reason I add that is I don't think it is our intent to penalize
Mayor: the option, is that what you added?
MS: 'the option' b/c it's not our intent, I don't think, to unfairly penalize a legitimate request we have from a mbr of the public; that's just the cost of doing biz, our staff have to respond.  I think what this motion is trying to get at is the mischief-makers who tie up countless hours of staff time on fishing expeditions that are significant costs to the taxpayer, so I left it so we wd have the motion
Sop (guess he's thinking of an amendment): Madam Mayor, friendly?
Mayor: Well, it's his motion.
MS: it's v friendly
Mayor: he's making it, that's his prerogative; is there a seconder?
JC: second
Mayor: thank you; discussion?
Sop: does it alter the motion?
Mayor: Well, he's putting the motion on the floor in the first instance.  If we had a change subsequently then we wd hv discussed if it was friendly or not, but this is his motion, so that's fine.  If you're concerned about those words, you can make a motion to take them out.
Sop: just process
VV: last sentence about provision of recovery, doesn't say from whom -- from person who requested info? from prov? doesn't necessarily have to come from the mbr of the public asking for the information
Mayor: that's an excellent point b/c it's their legislation and it puts significant costs on us.
SSch: under existing legislation, the prov has established a fee schedule for request processing wch does provide for cost recovery of some components, but not all.  This motion wd request the prov to consider increasing the recovery for processing costs and those costs are borne by the applicant when they apply, in some cases but not all, and in the cases where the applicant does not bear the cost, the M does bear all the costs
Mayor: for the applicant
Mayor: to go to UBCM where it will be debated by mayors and councillors of the province
12.       Changes to Council Meeting Schedule (File: 0120-01)
RD: Speaking of the UBCM, three of us going to FCM
{fyi: RD, JF, JC; and Federation of Canadian Municipalities will be meeting in Quebec City this year.}
so move
1.   the June 2, 2008 Regular Council meeting be cancelled;
2.   the June 9 Council Workshop be changed to a Special Regular meeting to be held at 7pm in the M Hall Ccl Chamber; and
3.   a Public Hearing regarding OCP Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4543, 2008 and Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4544, 2008 be scheduled for Wednesday, June 18, -- I think that'll be Monday June 16 --
Mayor: that's right
RD continues: at 7pm in the Municipal Hall Council Chamber.
MS: I refer to my earlier comments, I consider the Cmnty Calendar as my Bible in scheduling my life and in there it was clearly stated there's a regular ccl mtg on June 2nd so I see no reason why we wdn't carry on with the ppl's biz on June 2nd.  I guess we cd have a separate debate about the efficacy of attending a convention in Quebec City.  I noticed that last year when in Calgary or Winnipeg or something, I don't think anybody went.  It wd seem to me it's all about a trip to Quebec City so I think we shd carry on.  As long as we have a quorum, why defer it?
Mayor: think we shd separate these
wrt June 2nd knowing three mbrs of ccl wd not be here, it didn't seem appropriate to schedule something someone's been working on for years.  We cd hold mtg June 2nd for adopting bylaws and minor housekeeping things
JC: I will be back on June 2nd
Mayor: so two won't be here
MS: trying to think; don't know how I can tactfully bring this up; considerable expense to chase all the way across the country to Quebec City and if in fact mbrs of Ccl feel that's a prudent and proper and necessary thing to do; my reaction wd be think they shd pay for it themselves; a third of our Ccl stipend is tax-free for our expenses; won't call them boondoggles, can't think of another word right now; if you paid for them yourself, you'd better evaluate the value received for the money.
As a new cclr, went to UBCM in Victoria, paid for it myself; airfare, hotel, meals and cost $1000; looked back if value for money -- on two days, basically consisted of going to cocktail parties and eating canapes, paid for by the govt, the taxpayers of BC -- I concluded better things to do with my time and money.  I'm opposed to these trips.  It's obvious last year, unfriendly environment, nobody went
if so worthwhile, why didn't anybody go last year when in Calgary or Winnipeg? wd anybody go if in Sudbury instead of Quebec City?
Sop: Calgary is unfriendly?
Mayor: Ms Scholes, believe Ccl policy, UBCM and FCM considered standard if cclrs wish to go, just in case Cclr Smith is wishing to revisit that policy, wch in that case is fine.
SSch: yes; general policy, traditionally attended by cclrs; tradition to attend, don't know if specific policy but policy for conference attendance
VV: for those mbrs of public who might be quite baffled by this, from my point of view, I have been to one each of these conferences, b/c they are actually an exercise in democracy where we actually add up to something b/c we're joined together with other Ms.
In case of the UBCM, all Ms send their reps as voting delegates; there is an agenda, things we want the provincial govt to do; they take seriously, Premier comes at the end and tells us wch of things they're going to spend money on and pay attention to.
It's the one time in our existence that I with others from other Ms can be asking something from the province that they actually say yes, we're going to focus on these issues.
Homelessness was the one in the occasion I was attending, they announced $80M to tackle the problem.  We're there as voting delegates as participants in the democratic process.
I don't know how Cclr missed those.  I missed the canapes but perhaps Cclr Smith missed the voting sessions, so that's what it's all about.
{much laughter}
RD: this surprises me; I agree that all seven mbrs shd not go;  I've been on ccl 16 years and I think I've gone to three FCMs.  There are a lot of sessions, learn a great deal about various issues that concern Ms all over Canada; you go and you work, you go to mtgs, exchange ideas, part of what we do as cclrs, always gone to BC fedn and national fedn mtgs, not every time but we go, it's part of our job.  Expenses are paid but anything beyond that we pay ourselves.
It's important we go to Quebec, this is a country that has known many divisions in the past.
In my case I am French-speaking, I've visited Quebec before and lived in France
I can assure you there's a personal dimension that's very helpful and useful; Quebecois are always amazed somebody from BC can express themselves in French; creates a lot of goodwill; you can exchange ideas in their language and not ours; the main reason we go to these mtgs is not social, is professional; our way is paid but only our basic expenses
in future, if we want to change this, retreat to an isolationist policy, where we exist and live only for WV, indifferent to what goes on in prov or country, we can do so but it's perfectly legitimate for us to attend these conferences, in fact it's useful and enriching in a variety of ways.
For me, I'm a Pacific Rimmer, I'm not that familiar with the eastern part of Canada; helpful for me to learn more about Canadians from other parts of the country, and more about the Ms and what they're doing in other parts of the country
learning what others doing; haven't gone to many, only three I've gone to in 16 years found v useful and v helpful.  Just can't imagine we'd be denied the opp to attend mtgs in our own field
MS: don't want to bore you with this; honestly think unassailable logic
think better conference if ppl attending paid for it themselves; person putting on conference wd have to make sure pretty meaty agenda, otherwise ppl paying for it wdn't come; troubles me taking a third of our stipend is tax-free; clearly looks like double-dipping, taking a third free and then submitting expenses; makes no sense to me.
Then again I often make no sense, I admit that.
Mayor: as it sits right now, is a prerogative of Ccl
a number of ppl who've said to me are you going to be in Quebec City b/c a lot of other mtgs happening; I'm not going; it's where a lot of ppl are in the same place at one time and you can get an awful lot done b/c of thatl  I chose to go to Gaining Ground (GGC) last week instead b/c directly related to what we're working on in WV; not just working with other elected officials, it's working with staff in ministries; has everything to do with our ability to succeed -- that's the commitment I made to the cmnty.
wrt June 2nd; Ccl Smith is right; must have been an oversight, we usually plan b/c ppl go
RD: normally we don't meet on the fifth; so argument was let's meet on the last Monday but not the first b/c a lot of ppl will be away.

{reasoning doesn't quite work however b/c the Cmnty Calendar has no mtg on the fourth and fifth Mondays! so that wd mean mtgs only on the 9th and 16th during the whole month!)

Mayor: last Monday is the night before Canada Day, and that's going to be a four-day weekend in WV, sure
RD: certainly we can withdraw it; not my motion, just my name, not behind it particularly
Mayor: shall we divide these?  Separate ideas.  Wd you like to make the motion?
RD: I've already made that motion
Mayor: yes
First one is then, that we cancel the June 2nd mtg, all in favour?
[Bill and Rod vote for the motion, and Mike, Pam, John, Jeanie, and Vivian vote against]
Mayor: opposed? Motion CARRIES, SO THAT MEANS WE WILL HAVE A JUNE 2nd Ccl mtg
{Well, Dear Readers, not a peep from anyone but clearly the motion to cancel the June 2nd mtg FAILED, wch is why the Mayor said there'd be a June 2nd mtg right after saying the motion had carried.}
We've already looked at the types of items that will be on there; and they just allow us to keep moving through the legislative agenda; it's mostly adoption of bylaws.
Item No 2: workshop June 9 changed to public ccl mtg. Item No 3: June 16 Public Hearing date
13.      Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
14.       Development Variance Permit Application 08-008 (2590 Chippendale Road)
        (Report dated April 10)  DVP Application received for consideration on June 9, 2008.
15.       Appointment to Community Centre Board of Directors
        Jess Ketchum confirmed as an appointee to provide expertise in communications.
16.       Appointment to North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues of Robert Norcross for the term January 1, 2008 to December 31, 2009 approved.
17.       Correspondence List [complete list in previous issue]
(2)       April 27, 2008, regarding Ambleside Town Centre Rezoning
        Referred to Director of Planning, Lands & Permits for consideration and response.
VV: interesting letter from mbr of public; last paragraph about Amb Town Ctr and writer talks about traffic studies done on behalf of devprs, goes on and think speaking wrt Rodgers Crk; think we shd hire and have devpr pay rather than have devpr hire.  Valid. We shd hire. Thought a v gd technical point.  In future we shd implement that.
(10)     M.P. Villaveces, Green Municipal Fund, Federation of Canadian Municipalities, April 11, 2008, regarding Raymond Fung's appointment to Green Municipal Fund Peer Review Committee
Mayor: congratulate Raymond Fung, for national awards/grants; an honour; speaks to his expertise
(15)     D. Lust, President, Hugo Ray Park Area Residents Group and J. Richards, President, West Vancouver Cricket Club, April 30, 2008, regarding Hugo Ray Park
        Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
VV: from residents still quite upset; thought come to an end; grant applied for not provided; deal we had between Cricket and Field Hockey not really in existence any more; now Cricket not part of it, funds not collected, so obligation of Ccl to spend $1M and Hockey didn't raise $4M so doesn't work any more.  Thought that ended previous arrangement and we'd start from scratch again.  Doesn't seem to be the case b/c we have letters from residents that this still seems to be going on.  I'm puzzled.  Why are we continuing as if we have an arrangement that alive and in effect and ongoing.
Mayor: don't know anything about deals or arrangements but I think we're expecting a ccl report June 9th and Ccl can go in whatever direction it wishes.
KPike: That's correct.  It is a changed society now, it has made a proposal and that will be coming back to Ccl June 9; essentially half the project: one field project rather than two.  The letter you see here will be included as an attachment to that report, and the proposal from the Hugo Ray Society will also be attached to that report.
VV: We will then defer questions until June 9
Mayor: that wd make sense.
(21)     A. Lorentsen, Acting Deputy City Clerk, City of Burnaby, April 29, 2008, regarding Use and Disposal of Plastic Grocery Bags
JF: re plastic grocery bags in BBy; request we support MetroV work for unified policy; I'd like to propose that we do so
Mayor: Okay; easiest is for me to take that back to the Waste Cmte.  I don't know what Ccl's view on plastic bags is.  GVRD Waste Cmte has been around this many many times; our belief is social pressure cheap and effective, but to focus on plastic bags instead of other major things, and not as substantive as some of the major, major, issues we face
OTOH, what can we do about social pressure and education
JF: it's one piece of the puzzle
Mayor: but it's the smallest piece we cd fine; that's the main concern of the Waste Cmte, is that we get distracted with something that isn't as crucial as some of the significant issues we face, but we've never discussed as a Ccl, so now's the time
Sop: agree through education but the plastic bags sit around in that landfill for years
Mayor: less than 1% of what's in the landfill
Sop: who told you that?
Mayor: I'm on the Waste Cmte; 30% of what's in our household waste is organic.  What is the percentage of woodwaste in the waste stream?
Sop: Well, what are all these bags you see thrown into these bins I see picked up? is that not plastic?
so concerned yet we don't educate ourselves well enough to go ahead -- do we really have to put all this garbage in a bag that's going to go into the landfill
Mayor: I think--
Sop: --it's the mentality of it that I find difficult to understand
{but Bill, if you think of what's in the plastic bag, you will quickly realize that the thin outside layer of plastic of the bag is a v small part of the garbage!}
and the philosophy of what we're going to do about these little things
the way I see many ppl shopping now, have a cloth bag, a reusable bag, a paper bag; if we're going to make some change in the world we gotta start somewhere
Mayor: and ppl are; the question is, does the govt get involved with a big banning program, or do we see what's happening already in retail, wch is that the stores themselves are taking responsibility, and we're putting social pressure on one another to do the right thing
JF: all I'm suggesting is supporting this to go forward to MetroV and we request a response
Mayor: motion seconded; happy to take that forward
RD: the bags are a problem but everything is wrapped in plastic, that's the problem; it's true that the bags themselves are probably about 1%
demolition of buildings/houses accounts for 30-40% in landfill, and that's something that has to be controlled
In WV we shd charge a much higher demolition fee, wd help to protect heritage houses but it wd also landfills; too much demolishing and not enough renovating goes on but getting back to plastic.  The problem is much deeper than plastic bags, everything you buy, take home, is plastic and that's where percentage, where it gets scary; much harder to control, industry wd have to find another way to wrap up goods and that wd probably be hard
Mayor: that's the challenge; call the question refer to MetroV?
{UPDATE: China banned plastic bags June 1st; ~3B bags a day! but concern also the oil used to make the plastic.}
(29)     G. Pajari, May 15, 2008, regarding Community Benefits with respect to the Rodgers Creek Development
        Referred to Director of Planning, Lands and Permits for consideration and response.
(33)     May 7, 2008, regarding Rodgers Creek Report
VV: Item 29 and 33 both on subject of Uplift.
To start with Item 33 is the repeat of a position sent to us previously on a simple matter that the public wd like to see two appraisals done by an appraiser retained by the M, not the devpr, although we will pass the cost to the devpr: an appraisal of the land under current zoning and a separate one under the upzoned land and compare the two as the starting point for working out Cmnty Benefits
{To clarify: Really, it's to determine the Uplift and then the CBs are a portion of the Uplift.}
We don't seem to do that, and I think the public wd like to see it.
In terms of No 29, an extraordinary kind of standard has been set in calculating CBs.  This has been done by a mbr of the public.  The calculations are done; I think it is a definitive standard set and wd like to have this method laid out here adopted by our staff, and I don't know how I cd go about having that done.
Sokol: On this particular item, staff is reviewing this letter and will have a response prepared for both the person who sent it and Ccl, once staff has had a chance to review it and comment on it, we cd move forward with perhaps considering it.
Mayor: and the notion of an appraisal cd be included in that?
VV: Yes, thank you, Madam Mayor; just thought this effort that was made by this mbr of the public did set a new standard worthy of adoption by us and I wd like to see us take it up and improve the way we deal with this subject.
Mayor: Let's get the staff report first; that's in motion.

{Dear Readers, fyi, HERE'S THE INTRO/SUMMARY OF THE LETTER dated 2008 May 15:
Dear Mayor and Council:
        re   Community Benefits with respect to the Rodgers Creek Development
The staff reports dated April 9th and April 28th suggest that the community benefits of $16 million offered in return for the increased density being requested are appropriate based on staff's estimated value of the increased density of $16,463,000. This letter points out some inconsistencies and omissions from these reports and suggests that a more accurate estimate of the value of the increased density is on the order of $135 million and therefore the offered community benefits are insignificant in view of the magnitude of the density increase being proposed and the size of the development (around one billion dollars). There is no reason this development cannot be clustered, varied, and environmentally sensitive within the density permitted under the existing zoning. The many negative impacts of increased density are well documented and the paltry compensation being proposed is wholly insufficient to offset them.
Therefore if this development is to be considered by Council, Council must protect the interests of the community by:
1. obtaining a proper independent professional appraisal of the incremental land value associated with the "Option B" upzoning (starting with an accurate calculation of the permitted density under the current ownership and zoning); and
2. rejecting the rezoning unless the proposal, including a vastly improved benefits package, meets the test of being in the best interests of the community. Even if a specific requirement for community benefits is ultra vires, Council has the right, indeed the obligation, to reject any rezoning and development proposal that, taken in its entirety, does not serve the public interest. The current proposal with such minimal community benefits is certainly not in the public interest and therefore must be rejected by Council.
[For the rest of the letter (four pages), see http://docs.pajari.ca/dwvrc/mc20080512.pdf.]
{The above just gives you an overview of the principles involved, and the main figures, calculations.}
(32)     C. Reynolds, WV Matters, May 16, 2008, regarding Finance Committee and Budget 2009 Process
        Referred to Director of Finance for consideration and response.
Here's the letter: Date: Fri, 16 May 2008 10:55:21 -0700 // To: mayorandcouncil@westvancouver.ca
re    Budget 2009 Process / Finance Cmte
        It is appreciated that Council has established an expanded Finance Committee.  While disappointing that steps recommended, anticipated, and offered were not taken for the review of the 2008 Budget earlier this year, it was heartening to hear at the Finance Cmte's Apr 23rd meeting that work on the 2009 budget will start soon.
        The Finance Cmte, I was told, did not accept information and clarification sent to provide a record of what was said (and not in the minutes); correspondence wd be a more appropriate vehicle so this letter is to Mayor and Council copied to the Finance Cmte.  At the end of the April 23rd mtg, there wasn't much time so it wd have been virtually impossible for staff to put it all down in the minutes, possibly the same for the May 7th mtg.  Perhaps some questions are more appropriately answered by Council for those not done during the meeting.  This is a combination of questions, answered and unanswered, as well as background information.
        The good news is that the Finance Cmte is already starting on a workplan for 2009 and the 2009 budget and are so keen they're going to meet more than once a month.  A timeline will be produced soon and we look forward to their deliberations and recommendations.
A  Questions, Answers, Comments from the April 23rd meeting.
It was stated that the Finance and Audit Cmte had asked for a list of the land owned by the Municipality and didn't get it.  ADRA asked for it at our AGM in February, I asked for it several times since then, and during the budget discussions, and now I have a copy so if the cmte hasn't one or can't get one, happy to provide a copy.  This is important b/c many feel that the Wetmore property, wch will appreciate in value, shd not be sold to help pay for a structure (the new Cmnty Ctr) wch will depreciate.   Selling property cd be justified to buy other property (such as Argyle waterfront), but carefully selected.
Some years ago when there was a ~$40M Ten-Year Capital Plan "set in stone", when I asked where the rest of the money was coming from, the answer was "street ends".  Probably most wd not disagree with that, they cd be viewed as expendable.  WV may now be in the position that that has to be considered -- after all the present Five-Year Plan I saw was ~$40M.   There's been debate about how to pay for the new Cmnty Ctr, a large portion of that.
In addressing the budget, obviously revenue sources are looked at, not just cuts.  I'm not part of the muffin mania but for example, rather than cut the muffin fund, get local restaurants/caterers to supply the goodies in rotation maybe for a month at a time and as part of their advertising budget.  Sponsorships can be negotiated whether for small or large items as appropriate.  What's the saying?  Watch the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves?
Some years ago a mayor from the US told us about how their Engg Dept got efficiencies.  They put projects out for bid, and both outside companies as well as staff cd bid.  It motivated staff to be efficient and boosted their morale doing things better and cheaper than a private company -- quite a challenge!  Leads both outside and inside to try to be as lean and efficient as possible to win the work.
Statements have been made that you shdn't criticize unless you run for Ccl.  IMHO, criticisms gain credibility if improvements, solutions, other methods/ways are given.  You don't have to be on Ccl!  And I'm sure mbrs of the Finance Cmte will have many good ideas -- sensitive ppl might think proposed changes are implicit criticism!  Advisable, however, to grab as many good ideas as we can get.
The Police Dept budget (monthly status -- and footnoted if under or over) is presented at the board mtgs.  No reason the Hall's divisions can't.  As for seasonal variations (an excuse given for not preparing monthly reports), the amount shd just be noted with reasons for under/overage as is done for the Police Board currently.  Or the budget instead of being divided into 12 equal amounts shd have the monthly variations indicated.  It's not a reason not to have a monthly status report.
Govts move slowly.  Progress has been made.  The first budget I saw was in 1988 and it was only the capital budget.  When I asked about the Operating Budget I was told no need to see it, it was already cut to the bone.   The good news is that we see more now.
Also, I advocated zero-based budgeting.  Eyes glazed over.  I still think it shd be done from time to time so hope this new Finance Cmte and Ccl will consider it.  More information was supplied with the 'binders' but then discontinued.  Although the Mayor said all that info was there but in different formats and it wd be supplied, it hasn't.  Let's hope that will be done, in whatever manner, for the 2009 Budget -- and for the Finance Cmte.
As a mbr commented, there are some gaps in the Fire/Rescue WG's report.  Don't know if the Finance Cmte will be able to review it.  First of all, if the Fire Chief cd be given some flexibility in assignments, overtime wd be reduced.  More importantly, if a fourth man is required (but he's just there holding the hose and doesn't have to be full trained as a firefighter), on those few occasions attending a fire, a policeman on duty cd go to the scene.  Let's think outside the box (or the Union, as the case may be).
If a dept is told to cut and doesn't want to, often a most outrageous example will be given -- eg closing the Cmnty Ctr on alternate days.  This is an old tactic, not to be taken seriously, but it is a reason for more information on manpower and responsibilities.  It amazes me that some can be bamboozled by the blatant strategy of a spectacular cut clearly offered guaranteeing it will not be made so no cut.  Divisions have many aspects and responsibilities, not just those that if cut affect primarily the public and adversely.
Several times I have asked for the policy on tendering, such as amounts for competitive bids, etc.  The circumstances and procedures are not clearcut and Ccl apparently is not always informed.  The Cmte may want to look at the fact that large contracts have been awarded without a competitive bid and without Ccl approval.  Savings there, no doubt.  This might be resolved with a procedure that is followed and monitored.
It was stated the 2008 Budget had to go up 3% b/c that was the salary increase anticipated.  As you know that's 80% of the budget.  Pls note that this certainly ties the hands of the Municipality in negotiations since it is now public the funds are there to pay for the raise.  I suggested if accepting 3%, to use that as an average and award between 1 and 5% depending on performance, etc.  That wd give Ccl some control over Division Heads and introduce some accountability.
It might be interesting to have an explanation for the average salary increase of 9%, three times the figure given, in the IT Dept.
Staff evaluation was mentioned and a report on how and when that's done shd be provided for information.  There's no doubt we have good staff, but a few years ago someone was found guilty of embezzlement in the Finance Dept (before present Finance Director's time).
The 2008 budget process was drawn out with tidbits of information sporadically provided and some not till adoption.  The timeline presented to the Finance and Audit Cmte last September was not followed.   If a solid timeline cd be set with material needed identified with assurances it will be provided so that all the info is in the Cmte's and public's hands, it wd make it easier and more likely the timeline will be followed.
B  Questions, Answers, Comments from the May 7th meeting.
There may be more accountability if a CAO is on contract rather than on staff.  Our previous one was on contract, before that on staff.  My question as to wch for our new one was not answered; unsure.
Comments were made that Community Surveys show residents want to maintain services, some even to raise taxes to do so.  For the next Community Survey, as I've commented to Council in the past, there shd be a range -- most will say yes but there ought to be a limit otherwise it's taken as a blank cheque and a justification to continue with current staffing and their salary increases (across the board, without variation for performance as far as we can tell).
A budget process timeline was handed out by staff.  One member asked the very two questions top of my list when I saw it:
- A - Few will be focused on the budget in November this year b/c of the election.  Perhaps there cd be a draft 2009 Budget and then candidates can give their views and public have a choice on budget priorities.
- B - What were the causes for delays last year and others, ie the same causes or different each year?  It wd be helpful to have a report on this along with how to prevent or avoid delays this year.
- C - Reference was made that some complained about not getting all the information so perhaps, may I suggest, that what was in the 'binder' be provided -- there were no complaints then!  In fact, some might have complained about how much information -- but that's a better position to be in.  They can't say they've been stonewalled or feel deprived of material that's public.  It's the higher unassailable road.
- D - Evidently some budget expenditures escape public scrutiny and maybe even Council debate, such as an extra FTE in administration, traffic calming bulges (in spite of some residents who wd be happy to cut them from the budget).
Councillors during the 2008 budget discussions and a member at this cmte meeting asked about depreciation and infrastructure.  Whereas one might have envisioned that an infrastructure fund cd have been built up so that the funds for replacing the recreation centre wd have been there, it appears not just that they weren't, but also the replacement will be much grander.  No Finance Dept can plan for the vagaries and vicissitudes of various Councils' flights of fancy.

Thank you for your consideration of these matters

Yours thoughtfully,
        Carolanne Reynolds * Editor, West Van Matters; t 926 8649, f 484 5992; www.westvan.org
cc:   Finance Cmte
{AFAIK, not given to them}
MS: two quick items; pleased to report had our MLA Ralph Sultan present a cheque for over $200K to the M for childcare initiatives; two of our sites have been awarded funding for creating childcare spaces: the Gordon House at 21st and Gordon, and the Ambleside Adventure bldg adjacent to the Par 3 golf course.  We shd point out two mbrs of staff, Anne Mooi (Mr Pike's staff) and Leanne Sexsmith (Mr Sokol's staff) were instrumental in submitting the application, a tight timeline, and received a lot of support from all of the depts of the M, construction drawings, financial proposals, funding issues, etc.  An example of how our staff can pull together and effect signif funding from senior govts on a prog we shd and did take advantage of.  That's a real step forward for the Childcare WG.
Second is our Finance Cmte; Cclr Clark and I are the reps on that cmte; and we've had several mtgs, trying to get grounding the workplan for 2008; assisted by Dir/Fin (and couple mbrs of his staff), and at last mtg new CAO.
The motion passed at last mtg wanted to make Ccl aware of where we outlined three goals for the cmte for our workplan for 2008.  One is to become GFOA compliant over the next two budget cycles -- Mr Laing will be v pleased, I'm sure, to answer any questions about what that entails.  The second one is to improve the accuracy and clarity of deptal budgets.  The third is to prepare a clear and concise plan for managing the devt of the budget.
I think the intent of the Cmte is we want to really spiff up our process so that we can go to the public earlier with complete and detailed information about expenses, deptal expenses, financial plans, capital plans, etc., and really encourage enlightened feedback from the public rather than just comments about how many muffins we buy.  We really want to have a dialogue from the public where they see the priorities for spending taxpayers' money.  Significant cost to the taxpayer to run this M, and we shd, you know, there's some important decisions have to be made.
Cmte is determined to help Ccl and staff go to the public with the best and most complete and clearest info we can.  I wanted to bring those three goals up for Ccl and if there are any serious issues about where we're heading, I'm sure Cclr Clark wd be happy to answer any questions anybody has.
JC to laughter: Well, thanks.
On Friday morning on your behalf I attended the board mtg of the GVRD, MetroV; a three-hour agenda, most relative housekeeping issues, juicy part was closed and in camera, can't tell you
WV resident Eleanor Sprye finished first in her category in the Sun Run
This was the 19th year that Eleanor has participated in Sun Run and finished first every year and this year she turned 93
{to surprised chuckles of admiration}
started in her early 70s; just bought new running shoes last June; quite the lady.
Mayor: Mayors' golf tournament, first ever one; held on Friday, huge success, raised in one day $125K for the NSh Lookout Shelter; v well-supported by local businesses; I'd like to thank the Washington Marine Group for being the title sponsor. They are the largest employer on the NShore.  Good to see them involved in such a cmnty event.  Former mayor Mark Sager and I from WV and four mayors from the District of NV and Darrell Mussatto from CNV.
{must mean former mayors!}
Good first start, think we will continue with that, and vary the charities that benefit but we're trying to pick the ones that sometimes have a tough time.
Youth Band held its big band gala on Saturday in the Ice Arena.  Speaking of the old days, like the old May Day Ball; packed with ppl of all ages, doubled numbers from last year; Colin James, the famous Cdn blues guitar player, was playing and supported by the huge symphonic band; went all night; so much excitement and energy around this new cmnty music hall.  I met a lot of ppl who said we came b/c our son played in the band 30 years ago; we came b/c, wow, Colin James is now playing with our youth band.  It's wonderful to have had Diana Krall endorse them in the local paper, and they are just getting better and better, and they appreciate Ccl's support
{Let's hope so.  Since they were not successful in raising the funds they said they wd for the special space in the new Cmnty Ctr, $800K from the CB fund from the Ev Dr devt was allocated to it.}
I spent half of the week last week at the Gaining Ground Conference, as I mentioned, in an effort to pull together what our Climate Change Strategy shd be.  There's an awful lot we're doing from the work on the foreshore to our water conservation strategy to our Rodgers Crk devt plan.  We'll be bringing a report to Ccl via the Envmtal WG, thank you Cclr Soprovich.  There's a lot of respect for what WV is doing in the Min of Cmnty Services in particular.
We are well on our way, I believe, to partnering with the prov, and continuing with the success we've had with funding from the prov, and with building a sustainable cmnty.
That was good; thank staff and Ccl for taking over while I was gone.
CR: Editor, West Van Matters
First of all, I wd like to -- I've just taken [some notes madly] -- I wd like to welcome the new CAO.  I think it's great we have a new one, and he sounded great tonight.
Secondly, wrt the grants, they're all really worthy groups but I hope that in future, the criteria will be made public, and the mtgs will be held in public as they have been in the past [previously].
{It wasn't this year.}
Thirdly, I thought it was v interesting that Cclr V brought up about answers to the Amb Town Ctr [questions re proposals].
One of the questions I had, and I was hoping that wd be considered when doing the bylaws -- and I spoke to, ah, it was brought up at the ADRA mtg last March, March last year, and I brought it up with the Mayor personally, and I can perhaps bring it up with the new Dir/Planning b/c it's v difficult to explain here, but my main point was that I wanted to see that any change that was made, whether a blanket increase in FAR or whatever it is, wd be FAIR [equitable to all], so that if someone's on a small lot and they can't use it, that's not really fair.  You're giving an advantage to ppl who have large lots, who get the automatic [upzoning].
so I can explain it, just as long as it's fair, so that everybody gets the same, and that the ppl who are on too small they can maybe--
Mayor: --the PH wd be a good place for that
CR: yes, and cd transfer.  But. What we'd have to do is that
I wanted to say now from the point of view that staff shd be aware that that's something that's going to be mentioned b/c it might be something that they wd like to think about before it comes to the PH, and wd hv an answer then.  That's the reason I'm bringing it up now.
The next thing is Freedom of Information.
I'm glad Cclr Smith brought in 'option' but I think perhaps it also shd be for example I recall that the Hugo Ray Park Society, residents or whatever, when they asked for under FOI, I only know from what I heard in Ccl, so, I'm going by that; what they said was that they had to pay $1000 or $1500 or whatever and all that they had received was Ccl minutes and the NSNews report [article], both things they had received were available through the public process already, so this will need a lot of qualification b/c they shdn't have to pay for things that are public, and I don't know how you're going to work it out, but it does need massaging of some sort.  If it's the prov legislation, I think that's where the responsibility shd lie for payment.
The next thing is
I noticed that there's been a resignation from the Finance Cmte some time ago, and I wondered when that person wd be replaced b/c I know that the Finance Cmte seems really keen as Cclr Smith mentioned, to work on this and they probably need all the [...] mbrs they can have to help them with so I'm wondering when that replacement wd be made.
Mayor: either Cclr Smith or Mr Laing?
MS: Well, I think I briefly discussed this with yourself and Mr Laing, and we decided as we were well into the year session on the cmte, that either we wd not replace anybody b/c it really wdn't be fair to somebody coming in b/c they'd be behind everybody else in knowledge of the matters being discussed, so I think we have a really good cmte with the mbrs we have there now, and they're representative of the cmnty, and think the intent is we're just going to continue with what we have.
Mayor: had six good candidates and varied the criteria from [five to six], and now five, and then ironically one just cd not make the time commitment and so now we're back down to five and that seems fine
CR: but there might be somebody up to the challenge.  I just wondered, that's all.
Thank you very much.
Mayor: thank you.  Motion to adjourn.
==========  PUBLIC HEARING NOTES May 28    =========
1.                  CALL TO ORDER
Mayor: Cclr Sop not present b/c of conflict of interest, his grandchildren go to Collingwood
2.                  PUBLIC HEARING
Applicant:  Michael Rosen and Associates for the owners.
Affected Lands:  North Part of 2560 Wentworth; legally described as Lot 2, Block 4, District Lot 815, Plan 4565.
Purpose:  To provide for an additional parking lot for Collingwood School.
Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment:  To rezone the Subject Lands from RS7 Single Family Residential Zone 7 to PA1 Public Assembly Zone 1 (Schools), with a Section 219 covenant restricting the use of the PA1 zoned area to a parking lot.
Proposed Development Permit:  To allow site clearing, re-grading of the land and construction of the parking lot.
1)         Reports to Council received up to May 26:  G. Boyle, Manager, Community Planning: April 11; April 21
2)         Correspondence received up to May 26, 2008:  D. Murray: May 22, 2008; May 23, 2008
On April 21, 2008 Council set the date for the Public Hearing and Public Meeting.  On May 9, 2008, 197 Notices were mailed to owners/occupiers within 100 metres of the subject site.  The statutory notice of Public Hearing and Public Meeting appeared in the North Shore News on May 21 and 23, 2008.  The Municipal Clerk will note written submissions received for the May 28, 2008 Public Hearing/Public Meeting.
Staff (Geri Boyle) gave background.  MRosen gave more background and said Collingwood was donating $15K toward a traffic Circle at bottom of Chairlift.  PJoyce of Bunt & Associates described sidewalks, ~40 parking spots, revised pickup/dropoff configuration.
JC: has school considered staggering start times in the morning?
PJ: some thought but more extracurricular
JC: pretty dramatic in the morning.
JP: agreed
Fred (didn't catch last name), Webster Engg, described the parking lot, gravel, flow to stormwater channel.
RD: a lot of trees and nearby dwellings seen from overhead; letter concerned
Ans: 50 metres
VV: since positioned least interference with topography but cd it be moved east to address concern of homeowner closest?
Ans: grades severe, wd require a lot of cutting and filling
Ans: not just cost but also disturbance
VV: alternate location, same difficulty?
Ans: this is the one that best fits the terrain there.
MRosen: involved in an open dialogue and process with residents; one letter of opposition, new to us; dialogue resulted in support from nbrhd and hope PH will bear that out.
JF: been v impressed the consultation process; I wd like assurance an ongoing process
Collingwood has a stellar reputation as a school but not as a good nbr; concern some process ongoing consultation between parents, schol, nbrs wrt any concerns arise.
MR: also raised by some of the nbrs we've been engaged with.  My client clearly see that dialogue has clearly been
if not formal, there'll be informal discussions; have set up a WG; will spend time on issues.
7.         PUBLIC INPUT   
Lady: wonder why here again today as last year; wonder if more and more expansion.
dropped off my chn to school don't in parking lots and if you go you'll see that.
Lots, will buy more.  Tiny school -- we fought expansion and here we are again.
Checked planning
noise, pollution come from a parking lot.  All of these properties in this area are going to deteriorate.  Nbrs shd be protected.  Parents don't live in nbrhd.  If you go and check zoning, sgl fam, count on Ccl protecting homeowners.  How many times do we have to fight this?  This is just the next step.
Man: Here to support parking lot.  A neighbour, impressed with school's efforts, this will ease problems, congestion.  Reviewed the reports and think lot will further ease congestion on Chairlift Rd.  Thank school, consultants, etc.  This proposal has my support.
Rick Malkin: live on west side of Chairlift.  Many of my concerns, like my nbr here.  We've been through this before.  Debated school expansion year before.  Here we are again. Thin edge of wedge of expansion.  Marr Crk, Rodgers Crk, Chippendale, Chairlift, small area, less than a sq km of land with just two points of entry and egress, no other way to get into that part of WV. Having a school a major effect on traffic, affects us all.  Values will be affected greatly.  Wd like to ask School what plans are.  We shd find out.  This expansion is being made on land purchased subsequent to original bldg of school; obviously purchased with thought of future, what they can do with it to expand the school.  Now is the time to ask about future plans  My wife and I are v pro-educations and have heard good reports about this school.  If they can come up with their plans and openly discuss that with Ccl; they have been starting with the local ppl.  Maybe we can find some compatible road we can go along and pull together.  Right now we seem to be pushed into corners, or a time limit; we don't know what their plans are.  This is based on preserving the residential value of homes there, ppl have invested in that area.  Go forward as to what the big picture shd be.
Mr Meredith: Deputy Headmaster; been here for nine years, an education degree, not a traffic degree.  Happy in past year meeting with nbrs; solved a lot of problems.  Solved problems at Morven campus too.  We are here for the long term; we will have open mtgs, regularly scheduled mtgs.  Tried staggered start but it failed miserably.  We've started having a daycare at 7:30 and asked parents to drop kids off at that time.  Also started a busing system.  Traffic circle will allow older students to walk to school.  Thanks to Ccl.  Been a good process
Barbara Baird: just a few words, both parent and resident.  Started as a parent driving from Vancouver then was able to buy a house.  Saw traffic.  Meeting nbrs tonight.  My dropoff is noon so I've seen the traffic; this gets traffic off the street.  Living in nbrhd heard about things that didn't pass.  Hope consultation will continue.  Maybe we've made a mistake but we can make suggestions.  Property value increases around a school if it's done right.  Collingwood has purchased a lot of land so opp to have parks, walkways,.... so can be an enhancement for all.  Think parking lot a good idea and want to work with WGs.  Walk my dog; opp to meet.  I'm a parent and looking to live here for 14 years, thrilled now to be a resident of WV.
First Lady again: v narrow, v steep, ppl aren't going to walk up.  Why did Collingwood buy this property unless it intends to expand the school.  Been here before.  It's about expansion.  Talk about traffic.  If you let them in, you're destroying a promise to me that this area was sgl-fam.  You're giving them the right, we want this bit and this bit.  It will never go back to sgl-fam.  That's what we fought last year.  Too narrow, too dangerous.  Must go somewhere else.  Parents not being affected by the noise and pollution.  I'd welcome three or four homes on this property, they aren't noisy.
If they want to be bigger they need to go elsewhere as Mulgrave did.  Who's going to say Collingwood didn't buy this to expand.  We fought in the fall against expansion.
JC: what's lifecycle of Section 219? in perpetuity
GB: in perpetuity [depends on Ccl]
JC moved receipt of information and closure of PH.
Mayor: Understand Mr Rosen wanted to speak, sorry didn't see your hand.
MR: sorry, was was waiting for first, second
Mayor: already done that
MR: this proposal is nothing about expansion of the school, just existing traffic
if expansion, Collingwood has to go through a process with Ccl, staff, nbrhd.  Opps to expand, anticipate an elaborate process; here tonight dealing with an existing situation.
Mayor: anyone further wishing to speak?
Man: why was this lot selected to put the parking lot on rather than the west side of the bldg; it's partially parking lot now and wd take this easily and wdn't involve getting into these two lots, half the blacktop is there; right now it's in scrub grass, etc
GB: will ask parking consultant; believe partially used now; wd compromise that.
Ans: west side adjacent to Chairlift Rd?  It's a v steep hillside.  The location of this lot, one of the benefits, for those early arriving parents, will be able to join the back of the queue from this.
Andrew X: this mtg is not for the parking lot it's for what the school is going to do over the next few years.  Going to be gravel so minimum amt of money for the parking lot and school will ask for further relaxation, and then the whole problem will be brought up again on a six-monthly basis.  Still going to be the same number of ppl coming.
Mayor: all those in favour? {JC had moved receipt for info and closure of PH]

=== CCL AGENDA June 2nd === 
2.   ADOPTION OF MINUTES  --  No items scheduled.
3.                  Tree and Drainage Issues Adjacent to Martin Corporation Lands
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report of the Associate Director be received for information.
4.                  Nickel Bros. House Moving Ltd. - Request for an Order of Non-Enforcement of Noise Control Bylaw - House at 2295 Inglewood Avenue
RECOMMENDED:  THAT Council approve the request for an Order of Non-Enforcement of Section 6.1.2 (a)(iii) of Noise Control Bylaw No. 4404, 2005 from 11pm June 22 to 12 midnight June 23 to allow for the moving of the house to Ambleside Park to be loaded onto a barge for transport to Vancouver Island. 
ADOPTION of BYLAWS (three readings May 26)
5.   Animal Control and Licence Bylaw No. 4545, 2008
6.   Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw No. 4368, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4559, 2008
7.   CONSENT AGENDA ITEMS  -- Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
8.         Development Variance Permit Application 08-007 (5040, 5046, 5056 and 5060 The Byway) RECOMMENDED: the report dated May 16, 2008, be scheduled for consideration on July 7, 2008.
9.         Development Applications Status List -- received for information.
Requests for Delegation  -- No items presented.
Action Required
(1)   M. A. Lakhani, Lakhani & Company, May 20, 2008, regarding Hugo Ray Park
        Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(2)   Light House Sustainable Building Centre, May 23, 2008, regarding Two Energy Modelling Workshops
(3)   L. Erickson, President, North Shore Amateur Radio Club (NSARC), May 19, 2008, regarding Invitation to NSARC Field Day 2008
(4)   R. Engle, Council President, Edgewater, May 13, 2008, regarding Concerns about Spirit Trail
(5)   M. Lenzen, Chairman, Northshore Supercities WALK for MS Planning Cmte, May 12, regarding Thanks for DWV's Support
(6)   Fourteen E-mails/letters regarding Hugo Ray Park (6.1 to 6.14)
Responses to Correspondence
(7)   B.A. Dozzi, Manager, Roads and Transportation, May 21, 2008, reply regarding Spirit Trail
            Attachments available for viewing in Legislative Services Department.
Responses to Questions in Question Period  --  No items presented.

===   THEATREWATCH   ===
***  Bard on the Beach is in preview now; Opening Night is Thursday, Jun 5th with Twelfth Night; see www.bardonthebeach.org
***  "Tuesdays with Morrie" has become a well-loved classic, just as Antony Holland has.  Such a coincidence Morrie loved La Boheme and that was the last opera of the Vancouver Opera season wch just closed
***  Thursday, May 29, saw "Where the Blood Mixes" at the Kay Meek Ctr -- blown away by this play!  This is the first time for a Playhouse production to perform at KMC (Thursday to Saturday).  Then it goes to Toronto.
Incredible for a first play by a writer (Kevin Loring from Lytton, graduate of Studio 58).
Took notes during the play.  Excellent performances -- if this is a preview, the world premiere in Toronto at the Luminato International Arts Festival will wow them -- such talent, so close in the intimate studio theatre.  It comes back to Vancouver to the Roundhouse June 11.
Emotional, dramatic, moving, a story that keeps you interested.  Yes, it's a serious topic but there is humour.  Reminded me of Ibsen's expression in Peer Gynt -- "peeling the onion" as we slowly find out about Anna.
Realistic, credible, topical, takes place in Lytton (right here in BC!); geographic symbolism........
where the blood mixes.....
the clear blue Thompson meets the silty brown Fraser
the native mixes with the newcomers
the mix can be destructive, can be a rescue and constructive
the sturgeon is another powerful symbol -- and foreshadowing
so glad it's not black and white or preaching and blaming -- it's stories of lives true to today
Where the Blood Mixes, a Playhouse Theatre Company Production at KMC
                by Kevin Loring; directed by Glynis Leyshon
Where the Blood Mixes is the deeply moving story of survival and reconciliation about a family and a community that must find a way to heal.  Playwright Kevin Loring, powerfully articulate and drawing on his own storytelling traditions, creates a highly personal and deeply engaging account of three people from the N'lakapmux nation of Kumsheen (Lytton, B.C.).  Where the Blood Mixes speaks about the emptiness we desperately try to fill in our hearts, our longing
for love, and our return to a place within ourselves that we can call home.
May 29, 30, 31 (8pm)  special preview presentation at KMC.  Where the Blood Mixes was co-commissioned by Luminato, Toronto's Festival of Arts and Creativity, and will premiere at the Factory Theatre in Toronto, June 7-8.  Where the Blood Mixes will also be presented in association with The Savage Society at the Magnetic North Festival, June 11 - 14 at the Roundhouse Theatre.

===   NEWSWATCH   ===
***  May 24: Zimbabwe's inflation is now over 1M%
***  Briefing -- Afghanistan -- A war of money as well as bullets
May 22nd 2008 | JALALABAD and LASHKAR GAH  From The Economist print edition
The Americans are learning the tricks of the Great Game quicker than the British, who invented it. But a weak and corrupt Afghan government is hobbling them.  Read the whole article: http://www.economist.com/displaystory.cfm?story_id=11402695
***  Briefing --  The Palestinians  -- The wandering Palestinian
May 8th 2008 | NABLUS AND NAHR AL-BARED  From The Economist print edition
Whether they be in Nahr al-Bared..., Nazareth, or Nablus, Palestinians are united by loss and by hope.
{The article is mostly about Lebanon, and it is true that the discrimination against Palestinians in Arab countries is incredible -- such as not allowed to buy/own land or practise some professions.  Anyway I'm also learning more of the history b/c of Israel's 60th Anniversary.  Noted in this article The Economist omits the 'blessing' of the Lebanese Christians at Sabra and Shatila.  Most do know that the UN in 1947 roughly divided Palestine, a British mandate territory in half: Israel and Palestine (Christians and Muslims), and then through conquest Israel expanded so that Palestinians were down to 22% and then with Israel's planned Six-Day War of 1967, Israel took over the rest.  Please note that the Arab League has accepted Israel in the pre-1967 borders (as had Arafat earlier), itself an enormous concession since means down to 22% from almost half.  In the late 70s Israel promised Prez Carter they wdn't expand the settlements, then about 10-20,000, but they're now about 400,000.  I'd heard the Wall was taking another 10%, I think of the 22%.  I knew demolitions were continuing while permits for Palestinians to build were being refused, but this statement shocked me:}
In the West Bank, Israeli settlements and military zones take up 40% of the land  In response to the second Palestinian intifada, or uprising, that began in 2000, Israel laced the territory with walls, fences and checkpoints that box its 2.5m Palestinian residents into dozens of largely separate enclaves...
The 1.1m Palestinians inside Israel are far better off, though they have long suffered legal and economic discrimination. They are increasingly isolated from their brethren. Israel bars them, as its citizens, from travelling to Gaza or to most Arab countries, and their cousins in the occupied territories are unable to visit them since Israel, to keep suicide bombers out, has cancelled most permits....
The whole article:http://www.economist.com/opinion/displaystory.cfm?story_id=11332217
{The article says peace negotiations collapsed at Camp David 2 in 2000 but that's not true, they almost came to an agreement at Taba in January 2001 but then it was clear Barak was going to lose his position as PM so cd not continue.  Annapolis last fall was a hopeful if illusive sign and recent reports of negotiations between Israel and Syria light another spark of optimism.
CBC (May 30) had an interview with an Israeli and a Palestinian visiting Canada advocating peace.  Another good sign.
Archbishop Desmond Tutu recently visited Gaza (called the world's largest concentration camp; 1.5M ppl) and called on the international cmnty not to remain silent in the face of such a dreadful situation and loss of human rights.}

===  LANGUAGE  ===  Spelling Bee  updated 9:36 a.m. EDT, Sat May 31, 2008
'Guerdon' wins spelling bee for Sameer Mishra
Winner is four-time participant in Scripps National Spelling Bee.  He's a 13-year-old from West Lafayette, Indiana.  He says parents told him to "stay calm, cool and collected".
WASHINGTON (AP) -- As it turned out, Sameer Mishra provided more than just comic relief at the 2008 Scripps National Spelling Bee. He won the title.
For the whole article:  http://www.cnn.com/2008/US/05/30/spelling.bee.ap/index.html
Canadians usually do better (second last year); quite a contest!  Another excerpt (heritage!):
Among the spectators was 94-year-old Frank Neuhauser, the winner of the first national bee in 1925. ....  Neuhauser's prize was $500 in $20 gold pieces. He also was feted with a parade through his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

===  HAIKU for May  ===   2008 May 24, West Vancouver

                night scent of lilacs
                        through bedroom window
                                reminds me a year has passed

===   QUOTATIONS   ===
In words are seen the state of mind and character and disposition of the speaker.
                        -- Plutarch, biographer and philosopher (circa 46-120)
It is an ironic habit of human beings to run faster when we have lost our way.
                        -- Rollo May, psychologist (1909-1994)
Of the events of the war, I have not ventured to speak from any chance information, nor according to any notion of my own; I have described nothing but what I either saw myself, or learned from others of whom I made the most careful and particular enquiry.  The task was a laborious one...
                        -- Thucydides, History of the Peloponnesian War, 404BC
Quotation from Michael Kluckner's website:
And to have them go, not in some violent cataclysm, an act of God, or under the fury of bombardment, but in the quiet way of our generation: by council ordinance and bylaw, through shady land deals; in the name of order and progress, and in contempt (or is it small-town embarrassment?) of all that is untidy and shabbily individual.
   -- David Malouf, writing about his home-town, Brisbane, in the Review, Weekend Australian, 2007 Sept 8-9
~  I was enamoured with the famous Paris art museum. It was Louvre at first site.
~  A rubber band pistol was confiscated from algebra class because it was a weapon of math disruption.
Will this computer last five years?
GARDENWATCH     ~~~     When the plums dry on your tree, it's time to prune.
                ~~~     When kissing flowers, tulips are better than one.
   ~  Ralph Waldo Emerson:  Language is the archives of history.
   ~   Samuel Johnson:  Language is the dress of thought.
   ~  Virginia Woolf:  Language is wine upon the lips.
   ~  Mark Amidon:  Language is the means of getting an idea from my brain into yours without surgery.
   ~  Dorothy Parker:  That woman speaks eight languages and can't say no in any of them.
How many existentialists does it take to change a light bulb?
Two. One to screw it in and one to observe how the light bulb itself symbolized a single incandescent beacon of subjective reality in a netherworld of endless absurdity reaching toward a maudlin cosmos of nothingness.