June 16/19 NOTES
AGENDA July 7th
Calendar to 16th

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

CANADA DAY!  We are so fortunate compared with others, be grateful and continue your contributions making Canada better and better..... -- BC, a great place to be!!!
MAIN ITEMS July 7th: Public Hearing on changes to the Ambleside Town Ctr; DVP 5040-60 of The Byway; Framework for a Social Action Plan; RODGERS CRK OCP Bylaws etc first or second readings with PH set for July 28th AND it says "Report to be provided"!;  CEC Status Report; DVP 6460 Rosebery for July 21; Grand Nat'l Trail CBRL licence extension
Vive le Canada; ANIMALWATCH; from the EDITOR'S DESK; HERITAGEWATCH; THEATREWATCH (GBS; Bard; Jessies); GENDERWATCH; UPDATES (VANOC; Spirit Trail; HRPark; Amb T Ctr; Housing; Gleneagles Golf Course; Fisherman's Cove Fuel; Almondel Bridge; Chamber Awards); WEBWATCH (US/Iraq Intelligence); NEWSWATCH
=  CALENDAR to July 16th (check for changes and updates); BOOKWATCH (Palestinian Walks)
=  Ccl NOTES June 16/19th: Annual Report 2007 (and budget bylaws); Cmnty Ctr Qtrly Update; Firehall (6500 Marine) site rezoning; Finance Cmte Work Plan; PQP re staff vs Ccl power/approval; Lower Caulfeild
=  Ccl AGENDA July 7th
=  ARTWATCH (Sculpture in the Gardens); Taxes, Assessments, and YOU!; JULY 1st (HERE and THERE with poetry and quotations/reflections); Silly Section/Question

=== Vive le Canada ===
ORDER OF CANADA -- Info and Background: http://www.gg.ca/honours/nat-ord/oc/index_e.asp and http://www.canada.com/topics/news/national/news/national/story.html?id=58d0d6dd-dd02-49e0-8570-a2e63dc178ff
Full list awarded 2008 (July 1st): http://www.nationalpost.com/news/story.html?id=625368
Prime Minister's Statement for Canada Day: http://www.pm.gc.ca/eng/media.asp?id=2175 and alas also:
July 1, 2008 -- Prime Minister Stephen Harper issued the following statement on the death of Arthur "Art" Ryan Smith O.C., A.O.E., D.F.C., LL.D.: "I was very saddened to hear of the passing of Art Smith. An Officer of the Order of Canada, decorated Canadian veteran of the Second World War, successful businessman and an elected representative at all levels of government, Art was a great Calgarian, a great Albertan, and a great Canadian...."
        BC celebrates becoming a Crown Colony 150 years ago (See Calendar below July 5)
July 1st -- Canada founded 141 years ago (1867); Dominion Day became Canada Day in 1982 (July 9th)
July 2nd -- Simon Fraser down the Fraser to Vancouver 200 years ago (1808)
July 3rd -- Samuel de Champlain founded Quebec City 400 years ago (1608)
===   ANIMALWATCH   ===  They weren't that cute IMO, but close:
.... from the EDITOR'S DESK
+  Make sure you have your say wrt the proposals for the Ambleside Town Ctr July 7th.  My comments will be wrt to equal treatment for all (not a few getting an upzoning boost) with cmnty benefits as a share of this Uplift.  It goes without saying we want the village character maintained.  Just want the heart of the cmnty beating faster?
+  Still awaiting more info wrt process in response to a letter in NSN from a neighbour who was shocked a tree where eagles perched (but was on M property) was removed but without notification and she was next door.
+  And awaiting more info on the case of a staff telling a builder even though overheight continue b/c Ccl wd approve the variance.  A situation that also alarmed Cclrs VV and Sop and my concern to this as a precedent is expressed in my comments at PQP June 16.
+ Taxes were due July 2nd; you may be interested in a reader's research wrt fairness in the Property Assessment and Taxation below.
+  The ninth annual RoyalTea-by-the-Sea will be held at Dundarave Park from 2 to 4pm on Saturday Aug 2nd.  For those who want to reserve or help/donate/offer prizes or whatever, anyway enjoy -- pls call 922 4400.
===   HERITAGEWATCH   ===  Architecture/DOCOMOMO
Arthur Erickson was honoured for his poetry in concrete recently in London -- DOCOMOMO-UK, one of over 40 national groups of the international working party for the documentation and conservation of buildings, sites and neighbourhoods of the modern movement which was formed in the Netherlands in 1989.
===   THEATREWATCH   ===
* GBS's You Never Can Tell ended June 30 at the Jericho Arts Ctr; good example of 'period theatre'.
* Bard on the Beach has started: Twelfth Night is amusing rollicking fun (book now! already tix going two weeks in advance), King Lear is an unusual interpretation -- both on the main stage.  See www.bardonthebeach.org or call 739 0559.
On the Studio Stage, Meg Roe's THE TEMPEST's Opening Night was July 2nd and we were all blown away -- standing ovation!  Tix will soon be hard to get.  And it was her first time directing!  (at 20-something!)  Allan Morgan's imposing entrance (Prospero) spurred me to a haiku written within five minutes of the beginning of the play.  Alessandro Juliani's music was understated and enhancing (I asked him if I cd buy the CD, and he says they probably will make one in August, will be called The Tempest Suite).  Jennifer Lines's singing is beautiful (a prancing Ariel zapping magic).  The scrumptious Bob Frazer provides some beefcake as Caliban; Colleen Wheeler's facial expressions having her feet licked lasciviously are hilarious.  The costumes are exceptional.  How cd (plain) Miranda not fall on sight for a tall handsome blue-eyed young man (Ferdinand) dressed in blue velvet looking at her adoringly?  An all-round thoroughly enjoyable and memorable evening of theatre.  As Christopher Gaze said, we'll remember we were there at this special moment (of art in this special place). 
The Gods were with us thinking tempest too -- there was a short thunderstorm adding to the atmosphere.......  Stunning.
The bloody gory Titus Andronicus opens July 11th.
* Will try to see The Producers before it ends b/c Jay Brazeau is in it.  We saw it in NY with Matthew Broderick but Jay is so exceptional (his performance in UrineTown was better than the one in NY).
* The Jessies were given out Monday June 30th, see: http://www.jessies.ca/ for the whole list; no surprise many to Bard and some of our favourite actors: Bob Frazer (Taming of Shrew, the western), Lois Anderson (the role of nurse in Romeo and Juliet will never be the same), Kerry Sandomirsky (How It Works), David Marr (His Greatness), and Jay Brazeau (The Goat in NV).

===   GENDERWATCH   ===
The Jerusalem Centre for Women at Jericho workshop

===   UPDATES   ===
+++  VANOC -- WV a Venue City for 2010!
West Vancouver Leadership Team Will Raise Funds
DWV and the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC) announced that West Vancouver has become a Venue City for the 2010 Winter Games.
West Vancouver's participation as a Venue City was secured by a Leadership Team who has guaranteed the initial $1 million dollars required by VANOC.  The Team is encouraging others in the community to get involved to meet this initial target as well as raise funds for a community activation program.
"The West Vancouver Leadership Team consists of community-minded citizens with fundraising experience who are dedicating their valuable time to assist West Vancouver," says Mayor Pamela Goldsmith-Jones.
Residents and businesses who are interested in contributing towards West Vancouver's 2010 Winter Games participation may contact the office of Grant McRadu, Chief Administrative Officer at 604 925 7008.
+++  North Shore Spirit Trail
Come to a Open House: Wednesday, July 9th from 7 to 9pm at Seniors' Activity Centre
The District of West Vancouver is implementing the first phase of the Spirit Trail greenway, a key feature of the District's Cycling Network and Greenway Plan, adopted by Council in 2007.  The Plan was developed with community participation and input, and is a key component of the District's Transportation and Mobility goals in the Official Community Plan.  See http://www.westvancouver.ca/article.asp?a=5629&c=880
+++  Hugo Ray Park  Proposed Playing Field Upgrade
A Staff Report went to Council on June 9th; more info at http://www.westvancouver.ca/article.asp?a=5703&c=853
+++  Ambleside Town Centre Strategy
Public Hearing July 7; info at http://www.westvancouver.ca/article.asp?a=3838&c=875
+++  Cmnty Dialogue on Nbrhd Character and Housing WG
Results of Survey http://www.westvancouver.ca/article.asp?c=1021; next mtg 6:30pm July 8th see also http://www.westvancouver.ca/article.asp?a=5178&c=896
+++  Gleneagles Golf Course Improvements
The Gleneagles Golf Course will soon be sporting a refurbished Historic Banquet Hall and Golf Facility.
The building which is currently under re-construction is scheduled to re-open in the spring of 2009. When completed, the 10,500 square foot building will include the original banquet hall in addition to a new wing with a bistro, kitchen and golf pro-shop.  More: http://www.westvancouver.ca/article.asp?a=5761&c=867
+++  Fisherman's Cove Fuel Dock Information Brochure
Esso, the long time provider of fuel, has made a business decision to cease all of its marine fueling operations in western Canada, including Fisherman's Cove. Esso will not allow a new supplier to use the site until they have completed decommissioning of the site, which will include a detailed environmental analysis of both the uplands and the sediments underneath the fuel float. The purpose of this study is so that Esso can minimize their liability should contamination be found in the future after another supplier has operated in this location. It is estimated that this process will take several months to complete.
West Vancouver has been trying to get Esso to proceed with this study for many months, but they have refused until they establish their corporate procedures for decommissioning the site.
Download the Brochure for further details * Fisherman's Cove Fuel Dock Information
+++  Almondel Bridge Construction
The contract for the demolition of the old bridge and design of a new structure was awarded to EarthTech Inc.  The contract for construction of the new bridge was awarded to Neelco Construction (1986) Inc.
Bus Routes have also been modified. Visit www.westvancouver.ca/bluebus for updated schedule information or call 925 7157.  School bus routes #302, #303, and #306 have been modified. Students will continue to be picked up, but times will be affected. Visit www.sd45.bc.ca for more information on school bus routes.  For rest of info, update on project, see http://www.westvancouver.ca/article.asp?a=4701&c=880
Gary and Misti Mussatto are the owners of Toy Jungle, which is located in Park Royal Shopping Mall South.   The Toy Jungle has been a member of the Neighbourhood Toy Stores of Canada, which has their own "toy-testing council", rating toys on safety, education, and play value.
In 2006 the Toy Jungle was the recipient of "Retailer of the Year" by Canadian Toy Magazine "Toys and Games". This was the first time this award had been presented to a store in Western Canada. Misti and Gary have written articles on toy safety, new product lines, and hot toys for Christmas, and have appeared on Breakfast Television educating parents travelling with children.  There are many ways that Toy Jungle helps out in the community.
Paul Gravett is the Executive Director for the Kay Meek Centre, and has been there for two years.   During this time period, Paul has taken an empty building with seats and stages, and turned it into a reputation that is generating buzz regionally and nationally, a theatre that has written into its mission statement both passion and excellence in the arts.

===   WEBWATCH   ===  US Senate Intelligence Cmte Report
On The Daily Show, Jon Stewart some weeks ago had a clip with Rockefeller speaking about the cmte's findings but somehow I never heard about it in the general media.  Someone recently sent me this with more info:
Senate Hits Bush, Cheney on Iraq Intelligence by Jason Leopold  -- June 5, 2008
President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney knowingly lied to Congress and the public about the threat that Iraq posed to the United States in the months leading up to the March 2003 invasion, according to a long-awaited report from the Senate Intelligence Committee.
Separately, a second report said former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld set up an intelligence office within the Defense Department known as the Office of Special Plans "without the knowledge of the Intelligence Community or the State Department" to promote alleged links between Iraq and al-Qaeda and cooked intelligence about Iraq's weapons cache.  The Office of Special Plans was headed by Douglas Feith, former Undersecretary of Defense for Policy and a chief architect of the Iraq War.
Rest of article at: http://www.consortiumnews.com/2008/060508c.html
===   NEWSWATCH   ===
Zimbabwe's inflation now 9 million per cent (VSun 2008 July 4 pF4); can of Coke 58 billion Zdollars; kilo of beef Z$370 billion; one night's accommodation at a local hotel 5 trillion Zdollars; -- and I think there's 80% unemployment.  Many African countries are bumping along but it appears Zimbabwe epitomizes the fear many had: African democracy means one man, one vote, one time.  Mugabe has been in power since independence in 1980.
o  China demolishes mosque for not supporting Olympics: group - WashingtonPost.com
o  France's Sarkozy offers in Israel to broker peace - WashingtonPost.com
o  Jerusalem subjected to comprehensive process to Judaize the land, rights, and sanctities

===  CALENDAR to July 16th  === [at Hall unless otherwise noted; pls confirm to make sure no changes]
Ongoing: Farmers' Markets: Dundarave on Saturdays and Ambleside on Sundays; Concerts by the Sea Sunday evenings
== Sat July 5th == Vintage steam locomotive at Ambleside Park
This summer we are celebrating British Columbia's 150th birthday!
Pulled by a vintage steam locomotive, the CP Spirit of B.C. Train is coming to Ambleside Park on Saturday  July 5 at 9:45am!  It will be parked on the train tracks until 2pm, open to the public. Bring your families.  Climb aboard for a condensed tour of the Royal B.C. Museum history of our province.  See a stage show and a band concert  Take pictures of the RCMP in their red serge uniforms and dignitaries in 1858 costumes.  As a bonus, a display of vintage automobiles.  It will be fun and it's free!
== Sun July 6th ==  ~ 9:30am - 4pm ~ PADDLEFEST at Ambleside Beach
== Tues July 8th == ~ 6:30pm ~ Cmnty Dialogue [Housing] WG at Library (Musto Room)
== Wed July 9th ==
        ~ 10am ~ Cmnty Engagement Cmte (was cancelled but request in for a mtg; check)
        ~ 7pm ~ Cmnty Sport WG [CANCELLED]
        ~ 7pm ~ Spirit Trail Open House at the Srs' Ctr (see Updates above for details)
== Thurs July 10th at 5pm== NSh Substance Abuse WG (MHall); Finance Cmte (Cmnty Ofc 1846 Marine)
== Sat July 12th ==  Start of Sculpture in the Gardens at VanDusen (see Artwatch below)
== Wed July 16th == ~ 6pm ~ Library Bd at the Library; ~ 7pm ~ Bd of Variance
+++  WV MEMORIAL LIBRARY +++  JULY +++ see www.westvanlib.org
        The Library is closed Sundays July through Labour Day.
Gallery at the Library presents...   June 2 to July 31
        Photographs: Recent work by Rob Will, Laura Clark, Michelle Demers, and Roman Kralovic.
Friday 4th -- 10:30 - noon -- English Corner
Practise English conversation. Every Friday, from now until August 30. Elizabeth Musto Room. For info call: Fariba Rocker, 604 506 6616.
 +++  FERRY BUILDING GALLERY  +++  June 24 - July 27
MOVE OVER, LEONARDO !  --  John Martin Gilbert  --  Fine Art, Fine Fun
Kinetic sculptures, inventions, fountains, Expo 86 projects, TV ads, home-brew experiments, zany demo tapes, and even a naughty book!
+++ SILK PURSE +++  (1570 Argyle) www.silkpurse.ca
July 8 - 27, 2008 -- "Purse-suit of Hattiness"
Opening Reception: TUESDAY July 8th from 6-8 pm
It's hard to imagine how the West Vancouver Community Arts Council - Silk Purse is celebrating their 40th anniversary but that is exactly what we intend to do with our innovative exhibition of hats and purses! One way in particular to celebrate was to feature art with a nostalgic theme presented by some of the North Shore's leading artists, Bonnie Adie, Nell Burns, Ruth Casselman, Irena Eacott, Louisa Leibman, Connee Little, Susie Morris, Judy Oke, Pauline Sherry, Michelle Sirois-Silver, Liz Smily, Carolyn Thorpe, and Anne Vuillamy.
+++  WV MUSEUM +++  Visit: http://www.westvanmuseum.blogspot.com/
Selwyn Pullan -- Position the New -- Photographs from 1945 -1975
This retrospective demonstrates the photographer's intimate connection to the development of modernism on the West Coast of Canada and highlights the social, economic, and cultural forces that changed the face of Vancouver and the region during the post-war boom.  Exhibit June 24 to Sept 20.
+++ Don't forget to check out www.kaymeekcentre.com +++
===   BOOKWATCH   === 
Lost land -- Walking in Palestine -- Jun 12th 2008  from The Economist print edition
A sad and beautiful account of a much changed landscape
IT IS something of an irony that a land whose timeless beauty has survived basically unchanged since biblical times is being transformed by a people who base their claim to it on biblical history. Ugly, ever-expanding Israeli settlements sprawl on the West Bank's hilltops; great roads splice their way through its undulating, terraced hills; wildernesses have become national parks that are barred to Palestinians; and Arab villages that once blended organically into the landscape are little more than besieged ghettos.
Raja Shehadeh, a lawyer and writer living in Ramallah, used international and Israeli law to fight Israel's seizure of land belonging to Palestinians. He struggled tirelessly in the courts for years even while recognising that successive Israeli governments, determined to establish possession of vital parts of East Jerusalem and the West Bank, were not listening. In the end it was his own people who forced him to acknowledge defeat: the 1993 Oslo accords, he believes, gave the game away. He argues that in signing those accords Yasser Arafat put the principles of recognition and a possible two-state solution ahead of the need to stop the process of Israeli colonisation which was shredding one of those two states to ribbons. In his words, "the hollow language of peace" ran on as "our land was being transformed before our eyes."
Mr Shehadeh's delight at all times of stress was to ramble in the wild countryside. "Palestinian Walks", a short, superbly written book, recounts six such walks taken between 1978 and 2006. It was published last year in Britain (but only this month in the United States) and recently won the Orwell prize, an award for political writing.

=== CCL NOTES June 16th === 
***  SPECIAL COUNCIL MTG * 6:45pm *
1.   APPROVAL OF AGENDA   ~ 6:51pm
2.         Proposed Ambleside Bylaw - Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4543, 2008
Deferred from the June 9, 2008 Council Meeting.
RECOMMENDED: THAT the following Council resolutions of May 26, 2008 be rescinded:
"THAT the opportunities provided for consultation on a proposed Ambleside Official Community Plan amendment, with persons, organizations and authorities as outlined in the May 16, 2008 report from the Associate Director of Major Projects, be endorsed as sufficient consultation for the purposes of Section 879 of the Local Government Act.
THAT Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4543, 2008, as attached to the report from the Associate Director of Major Projects dated May 16, 2008, be introduced and read a first time in short form.
THAT OCP Bylaw No. ... has been [sic] considered in conjunction with the District's most recent financial plan and the regional waste management plan.
THAT OCP Bylaw No. ... and Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4544, 2008 be presented at a Public Hearing on Monday, June 16, 2008...."
RECOMMENDED: THAT opportunities provided for consultation on a proposed Ambleside Official Community Plan amendment, with persons, organizations, and authorities as outlined in the May 16, 2008 report from the Associate Director of Major Projects be endorsed as sufficient consultation for the purposes of Section 879 of the Local Government Act.
RECOMMENDED: THAT Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw  No. 4543, 2008, as attached to the report from the Director, Planning, Lands, and Permits dated June 5, 2008 be introduced and read a first time in short form.
RECOMMENDED: THAT OCP Amendment Bylaw... as attached to the report from the Director, Planning, Lands and Permits dated June 5, 2008 has been [sic] considered in conjunction with the District's most recent financial plan and the regional waste management plan.
RECOMMENDED: THAT OCP Amendment Bylaw... be presented at a Public Hearing to be held Monday, July 7 at 7pm.
RECOMMENDED: THAT Notification of the Monday, July 7, 2008 Public Hearing ... be provided by way of:
(a)       publishing the notice pursuant to Section 892 of the Local Government Act; and
(b)       additional notice also being provided to owners and occupiers of lots shown on Attachment A to the report dated June 5, 2008 from the Director, Planning, Lands and Permits.
Mayor: administrative mistake that was made
Sokol: staff regrets mistake it made; extremely sorry
on June 4, putting together packets for Library, website; three pages were missing; b/c of that and all the imp work; all ... hold ourselves to high standards; giving public time to comment; advice from our solicitors, cancel and reschedule wd be best; in conjunction, Ccl reviewing process; so not repeated in future
revised complete bylaws represent same plus added missing pages, pp 21 through 23
happy to answer any questions
[JF made motions above]
Apologize to public; error has been made
VV: the whole rationale is to be technically, legally above reproach later on
won't be anyway b/c last week received CEC status report
and said must comply with LGA, ..... and conflict of interest bylaw...v document
requested specifically have three landowners
by definition.... much more glaring incongruity
group on whom this Ccl relies
in trying to get correct, not correct; save time and not rescind; section 879 has not happened in accordance with any legal doc...  disqualified b/c .....
Mayor: in WG Guidelines say what conflict of interest is.....
needed ppl with expertise; not making any decisions; public policy
those WG outcomes all come to Ccl, Ccl makes decisions, Ccl can accept or reject
Cmnty Charter; from my point of view, of course we meet those standards
other substantive... in here
getting to PH; and then debate; anything further from Ccl?
JF: mbrs of the WG asked that there be a conflict of interest clause; they abided
they didn't craft the recommendations, they responded to staff proposals; many years of work by staff; differences that were proposed were not accepted by staff; dealing with original staff proposals
JF: 4543, has attached dated June; has been considered
Sop: before 4 and 5 read, may the recommendation be split
OCP and secondly zoning bylaw as they're two diff bylaws as I'm not accepting zoning
Mayor: discussion we had before
Sop: not meaning to interrupt.....; not wishing
Sokol: suppose we cd split
Sop: I want to support OCP but not supporting one size fits all for this area
not convinced Ccl will have any say; want to be sure totally on side
Mayor: Cclr F split?
JF: yes ... be presented
VV: want to be sure my understanding correct; nothing here has anything to do with parking
the $1M for parking has not been placed in the budget
this is going ahead purely to allow larger bldgs with nothing of the ....
Sokol: there are not specific overall strategies, but as go in provisions, requirements for more parking
Mayor: purely to provide oversize bldgs
by going to Planning Dept, not to xxx... at all
allows three storeys; public spaces; the idea is to get this to a PH so we can get to all of these
back to Ccl for second reading; for all I know Ccl won't
happy to support going wrt OCP; OCP Amendment Bylaw going to PH July 7
JF: move re zoning bylaw
Sop: I fully understand what this plan wd allow, guidelines
OCP five or six years old, due to start again
what we're asking for this area
we certainly want those, appetite for village-like character
want certain things, give certain things; not willing overall when we've given nice buildings, nice to look at; shd analyze fully what this bylaws mean
JF: support this; seems to me we've had a great deal of discussion; faith public speak to plan
if at conclusion of PH, Ccl wishes to propose amendments that's fine
Mayor: call question on Zoning Bylaw
CARRIES with Sop opposed
JF: notification
Sop: point of order, divided b/c two different documents
SSch, MClk: Ccl did pass ...  so advertising wd be for both bylaws
Mayor: so won't be dividing since Ccl voted
JF: since I was interrupted...
Sop: point of order; if I don't want ,,,  so I have the right to support the OCP bylaw but go against the zoning bylaw?  shdn't I have that right?
Mayor: it's notification; you can vote against
MS: Clerk's already ruled
JF moved .....by way of a) and b)
3.  ADJOURNMENT  [7:11]
Sokol: based on sp ccl mtg, been asked to read this into the agenda
due to an oversight... lacked three pages... new PH for July 7; staff and our M solicitors, all submissions must be received at July 7, not tonight
write and/or present your comments; rep to speak on your behalf
Amendment to agenda to add new item 10.1, workplan.
2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES  --  June 2, 2008 Regular Council Minutes
3.         P. Baxter regarding Keep Well Society of the North Shore (File:  0120-01)
PB:  three kinds of seniors: frail not out of home -- no-go seniors; frail do go out -- slow-go; robust -- go-go seniors
our focus is this third; we operate eight sites on NSh; funded mainly by Vancouver Coastal Health, xxx , and three NShMs
DWV $1K per year, understand will receive $2K in each of next three years
300 ppl per week; donate, tax credit; 20% are men; wish more; have translated some of our materials into Farsi
one hour of exercise, half an hour on feet, and half an hour on chairs; active, fall less
not opp to touch so at end big circle and group hug
blood pressure check; hand massagers; tab on weight after over, coffee, tea, laugh
once a month participants bring in food to share
at most of sites we have a speaker; this slide a pharmacist about anti-inflammatory education
160 volunteers [slides]
sponges for isometric exercises; 39 nurse volunteers, we call them health coaches
last month man came with such low blood pressure nurses took him immediately to a clinic; he's with us today
hand massage, foot massage; volunteers come from countries not qualified/working here, some retired
education: photo of Nurses' Forum in March, re hypertension, panel cardiologist and nursing professor
eight morning programs across the NShore; phone 988 7115 x 27, email: keepwell@telus.net
help make us more visible, need ambassadors, need more volunteers, more retirees
any questions, plsd to answer
Mayor: will make sure your delegation will be given to Anne Mooi [staff]
4.         Annual Report 2007 and Related Bylaws
RECOMMENDED: THAT Council receive for approval the printed Annual Report for the year ended
December 31, 2007.
RECOMMENDED: THAT "2007 Annual Budget Amendment Bylaw No. 4561, 2008" be introduced
and read a first, second, and third time.
RECOMMENDED: THAT "Endowment Reserve Fund Expenditure Bylaw No. 4562, 2008" be introduced and read a first, second, and third time.
RECOMMENDED: THAT "Youth Activity Reserve Fund Expenditure Bylaw No. 4563, 2008" be introduced and read a first, second, and third time.
Barbara Wood: in accordance with Audit Cmte, comprised of all mbrs of Ccl
mtg on May 27... Dunwoody... include audited statements
[gave amounts for gen fund net rev, utility fund, cemetery; consolidated; acc surplus]
pleased to report award; second year we've received this
the 2007 actual results; expenditure of Youth related to Youth Strategy
JC: make separately?
RECOMMENDED: THAT Council receive for approval the printed Annual Report for the year ended
December 31, 2007.
Sop: taking words of wisdom, went through a budget process for 2008 and will be doing 2009
talked to the MMgr
on p 31 it says devp a long-term.....designing a new approach... hasn't really engaged
CAO: we're working with the Finance Cmte; starting to look at how we can prepare the budget doc; quite excited dvping a number of these progs; a number of our capital programs need to be revised; will be bringing to Ccl; will take probably a good fiscal year
Sop: on p 78, financing sources, a graph
DCCs in 2007, quite minimal; asks for a review of DCC byaw and other things
of late, had a conversation Madam Mayor
find funding sources; under DCC yet the funding seems to be rather low
are some fundings coming in I'm not aware of?  wonder if putting too much pressure on DCC funding
CAO: not able to answer that right now; can't continue to rely on DCC charges
Sop: we had this Financial Sust Task Cmte; anxious to get going; if we don't do in 2009; going to have to get serious
VV: looking at p 35 of this report and was hoping wdn't have this misleading
...bar chart
from cmnty survey, value for taxes paid; 86%  believe get good or v good ....
but if you go back to Synovate, 20% good, while 60% somewhat good
to lump those together leads you to believe.... hope colours diff so distinct
just wish we wdn't do that peculiar
misleading; not a reason to vote against this report but xxxxx
CAO: what you'll receive at next Ccl mtg, you'll receive a response from survey of Ipsos Reid
will be coming next week
{a little difficult since no mtg -- is it on July 7th's agenda?}
wrt Finance Cmte: goal is to devp this doc into something better received by cmnty
looking forward to doing what; best light and easily understood by our taxpayers
RD: too bad use the word 'somewhat', usually good, v good, average; think they wd mean 'good' when marking somewhat; somewhat shdn't be in there
next year, suggest we do that; majority find good or v good and that's v good
Mayor:.... crime rate down... library circ up, visits up  ...  that's the measure
VV: my point was value for services
discussed....  the other is satisfaction with
VV: I voted against the tax increases b/c ...
won't be supporting it b/c of the amt of the tax increase
PASSES with VV and Sop opposed   ...
JC: lastly youth exp three readings
5.         Community Centre Quarterly Update - Volume VII - May 23, 2008 (File:  3002-04)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report from the Deputy Director, Parks & Community Services be received for information.
CAO: will hand this over to Dir of Parks and Rec
as Cmnty is aware, this is the largest.... we have undertaken
rampant throughout BC; overruns, indicative of a number of projects taking place
v pleased and proud, brought in our construction mgmt team, have been able to .....
this project has not been without its challenges
inflation 1.5% per month; material shortages; cost of petroleum gone up, affected steel, etc; labour shortages
now down to last few months of project, delays b/c of weather, labour; have delayed this opening, looking to open it within the next few months; going to be over budget between 1 and 2.5 %
in this climate ...  also feel we have a number of ways of addressing that
diligence, negotiations, project one we'll be v proud of; think be pleased with
KP: this is our seventh quarterly report; Josie Chuback normally gives this report but she is away
Basil Davis, David Lord [of?] Scott also happens to be a WV resident
wanted them to come and speak of construction climate; updates on budget, schedule; this brings us up to March 30th
most closing this bldg in, glazing; struggled acquiring materials; budget strained; paying close attention to options and delays; still looking at early fall; being cautious, not being more specific than that.
David Lord: heard some things about how our industry has been affected, struggling with
escalation is unprecedented in history of last 30 years, unusual
committed to contracts, seen xxxx; seeing more bankruptcies than ever before
has not affected trades we have dealt with
the surprising thing of late; while not expecting 2008 inflation but in first three months of 2008, cost of raw steel increase by 30% in three months
many of the contractors, steel in contract, they will not supply a lump sum, will provide a unit price
your project won't face that
at beginning we put strategy together, bought at early stage so not hit by this
challenges; project team met them; increased supervision on site; taken longer, trade contractors; good commitment, quality remain high, from designers, residents of WV
Basil Davis: seventh report coming out quarterly
after this one, figures coming out for April will comment in general
if you look at the actual schedule in the status report, shows estimate to complete shows contingency of $300K but since then, in April figures that came out, able to give ccl mbrs, into contingency and came down dramatically, changeovers ...
under instructions from Ccl; looked re savings, things that cd be deferred
want to assure Ccl, public, not cutting into muscle; items that cd come in subseq budgets, like landscaping, finish that later, won't have affected bldg
any of the drastic changes to original scope, had to bring back $5M worth of savings; recognizing the inflation from earlier budgets, $38.8M had increased in six or seven months to $43M, pulled back to $38.8M so you see that as the budget figure
originally set up, reconfirmed in Jan 2007; after big exercise of reduction
March 31st, $300K, yes, gone down, yes pullback, ... none structural
we will exceed the budget figure, hope stay within 1-2%
trying to get as close to Sept for functional use of the bldg; were opting to finish bulk of const by end of July; bulk of main construction end of August, cleanup and deficiencies into Sept
also a change in the gameplan just so we can stay with gameplan
an arrangement of partial occupancy; while bldg has to comply with fire and safety; some of the tenancies, such as VCH, brought this point up with them many months ago, they were concerned coming into an operational bldg rather than under const; anticipate they'll come in in Nov; other tenants at back of the schedule
DWV areas to be followed by other areas; atrium, spine, and gymnasium being ready in Sept; ground floor will be opening to the activities of the District; and on second floor, be brought on asap after that.  Any further questions?
MS: ... construction mgmt -- budget was $2.3M now $3.3M
BD: mgmt on the site itself; related to Scott having a xxx
MS: so Scott's fee going to be 50% more than original?
BD: when you go...  separate from mgmt and general conditions
Scott get no percentage fee on change orders, no markup; only thing we have to cover is general conditions, labour for their own ppl
MS: still at a loss -- budget of $2.3 to $3.3M?
BD: six months; fees have not changed; categories shifted around
first qtrly report, those were the figures; can easily present those but will have to go back and find them
Mayor: we are having another item wrt this budget on July 7?
{is it on the July 7th agenda???}
VV: to be clear about $5M; when we first approved this project, $38.8M including $5M contingency; evidently that contingency is gone; 2.5% looks like another million; used up the $5-6M, another million...
were there quality reductions?  in addition to contingency, had furniture removed? landscaping? want to know full amt
BD: when $5M anticipated, best guess inflation costs wd go; all change orders at inflated prices
most imp, anticipate where diff schematic tender set and 'for construction' drawings with far more detail
I'm saying here, if we're going over, change-orders taken us over the $5M???  1 to 2.5 %
VV: how does the value relate to this?
if furniture won't go in, landscaping; actual condition of the bldg we'll get, without built-in furniture
amt can be identified?
BD: category, furniture, fixtures, and xxx; started at $1.8, now at $1.55M that's one of the areas of the pullback; bldg will be functional but not loaded up as anticipated by staff, eg storage area for stacking chairs, enough in ev room but now brought back to $450K; feel the moving around not a [crippling?] factor
sports prog, more items so just cut back; cut back on shopping list, cut back so still functional
Sop: ...  where's the money going to come from?  a million here, a million there, it's a tough ride
going to be able to find some method of paying for this
CAO: we will be bringing forward borrowing bylaws; do have agreement with Coastal Health; overage, feel we can; I believe on July 14
MS: did have a followup point after approving report
MS: part of RFMP; with a view to profiting
do this every time we have a .....
think we shd have a group of citizens to look at the entire project, not to point fingers and blame; to see how to do things differently
this project has raised a lot of Qs in the cmnty and we owe it to them to review the project, how it went, how might do more effectively in future
following completion of Cmnty Ctr, appoint a TF or WG to look at entire project and offer recommendations at to how may be improved upon
Sop: second
think there's merit; want to assure everyone that Ccl's decision to bring on a project mgr....
can't imagine where we'd be without Mr Davis; you're to be commended for your hard work
JC: I second that b/c quite frankly the entire RFMP, the genesis for Gleneagles, Amb playing fields, reno of arena, aquatic ctr, and now Cmnty Ctr
actually was born from a cmnty group; brought it to this day
have another cmnty group to look back; how we came through all those recommendations....

{Oh, the RFMP.  Dear Readers, that Recreational Facilities Master Plan did have a list of facilities that were to be renovated, expanded, rebuilt, etc. HOWEVER as an example, one was the Aquatic Ctr at $2.5M -- but by the time they'd finished it was over $8M -- and some said $10M adding in some other expenses.  CSAG wanted the Cmnty Ctr to be built before the Gleneagles Ctr, thus more money still in kitty, but the previous Ccl demolished the old rec ctr weeks before the election therefore it cdn't be an election choice/issue.}

CAO: think that's an excellent idea  ...... considering where other projects are in this prov; think we'll come back with a glowing report; always can improve; look forward to working with that group
Mayor: wording? shd staff come back with it?
CAO: sure
Mayor: been having qtrly, cd we have monthly now?
CAO: now with Dir/Fin meeting weekly, in fact some meeting daily; wd like to get down to monthly
we're now into July, need to bring something forward in next couple of weeks
in Sept hope to have a happy....
6.         Future Use of Fire Hall No. 2 Site (Lots 2, 3 & 4 - 6520 & 6540 Marine Drive) (File:  0510-18)
RECOMMENDED: THAT Council direct staff to prepare zoning bylaws to allow for the construction of three single family homes, with design controls and limited floor area, at Lots 2, 3 & 4 - 6520 and 6540 Marine Drive.
Bruce McArthur: my prop is directly adjacent to this; just got this report this aft
three small lots a correct appraisal, and not greater than 3.5 as [???]; these suit v small units on them
I wd hope under recommendations, talking about design control and xxx areas
hope some thought for conforming setback requirements
concern about how these situated; on soil contamination and remediation
4 o'clock this afternoon received notification removal of some contamination
Ccl be apprised after removal; sounds like after testing, so concerned wrong way of doing biz
in report talks of heavy metals; in notification this aft, materials aren't dangerous, just removing them b/c expedient thing to do; actual removals and report shd mesh
wd like to know what the actual materials are, what contaminant, how I can be assured as a nbr that the subsurface not xxx
Sokol: was going to inform Ccl tonight; notice to nbrs adjacent; was going to Ccl; will be removing this week; heavy metal contamination, result of some flame retardants (years operating as a fire hall)
hyper carbons xxx... a peatbog, that's been outgassing; ... vapour barriers, $20-40K for removal, hydrocarbon vapours $26K total; savings thought we'd move forward
Liz Byrd:...congratulate you all on support of Olympics announced at FBG
unfortunately, I was away when the mtg was held in March
thinking has been in the box, not at all creative; cookie cutter house; don't reflect the landscape and character... if you remember; was almost evenly split
hope you will not support change to sgl fam
first shrinking popn of schools, you know schools...
here's opp...  for families and for seniors...  smaller townhouses, designed to look as sgl fam; parking underground; green space
NV doing successfully ...  spot-zoning
luckily your prob, not mine, tough prog
I have something completely diff
I'm amazed to see WVFD over $1M more than WVPD; always equal ten years ago, always equal
I think you'll see that grow; have to find ...
Mayor: have to
LB: I'm coming to it
build a complex on this site, for rental only to firefighters; all live a long way away and not available; for panic; firefighters cd be called back; two in home; wd avoid horrendous wages while firefighters sleep all night; Whistler is doing that.  I know you probly think I'm off the wall
Mayor: thank you
LB: did come to the point
Aline Brown: speaking this evening as a private citizen
really concerned if this is going ahead; been talking about the site long; the only thing that hasn't changed is the sgl fam; lost opp
WV survey quite clear, about what they want; a lot of seniors occupying large fam homes b/c nowhere else to go; stay or move out of District; most of us want to stay
WG is conducting a survey and alternate housing is what major
M needs to have a prototype of housing to show what nbrhd housing cd be
it's larger than 24th and Marine, not suggesting 15 units; must be something between three sgl fam and 15 units; what ppl want and need
my chn went to Gleneagles --  300 [pupils], and now 250
my daughter's 29, not that long ago
close to transp, school there, church there, close to HBay; perfect
need to be honest about what's going to happen on that site; have provision for some suite almost a... going to be three sgl fam with at least one suite for each, if like rest of DWV
Ccl show some leadership; do something creative that the citizens of WV say they want
[JF made motion; Sop seconded]
JC: the Housing Dialogue and Nbrhd Character WG has been looking at this site
they recommended Ccl hold a charrette; was done a couple of months ago
{it was suggested but sorry; no, they didn't.}
group meets tomorrow evening; interim report in early July; this site will be greatly contested; what shd or cd be on that site; wd move deferral until receive info on that from WG
Sokol: some background for Ccl; this is something SJN was working on; when he originally gave it to me, I was skeptical...  discussions, became a bit more aware, strange shape, angle, roundabout
b/c of constraints, came to...  setting up as a prototype, must make sure good, other xxx for xxx
JC: once dug,....  they're there for the 50 years fire hall; we've got a few weeks; back from cmte; give ourselves a chance to make a decision..
JF: interesting situation b/c certainly I'm an advocate of easy access to schools
we have a scarcity and need; sure ev nbrhd cd
excited by multifam but began to realize may not be the right site; poor prototype and precedent
bearing that in mind can't see dealing until WG has had a look at it; at least then know ...
MS: as Cclr Clark said, probably divided
at least two years; three sgl fam that was deferred, multifam, presumably been looked at, they come back, no three sgl fam lots, best use of that M asset
here we are two years later not capable of dealing with the issue
got in our budget $12 to $15M from land sales, and I don't think we've sold anything
look at all the options, make a decision; much as I sympathize; wait for report, half will say three lot; ten lot whatever
we've got a recom; Mr McA when he bought, thought not firehall, same
Sop: prepared to move along with this; right thing to do on that site
wait for Cclr Clark's cmte recomm on character, things of that nature; reminded how we made some decisions; task sustainability; due diligence in financial world; look at land sales
went ahead and fire bldg; always sell whatever we cd get with that site; time to do this; understand is and shd be to look at future decisions; in current market, have market to deal with; what we want; will be up there pricewise; proper thing to do
RD: agree with what's been said; normally looking at town homes; small irregular shaped lots; wait two more weeks, don't think it matters
will the WG recommending on this site?
JC: been talking about it; shd listen to their recommendation
VV: be v surprised can do other than three; two years, two weeks; as a procedural courtesy; allow them to be heard
Mayor: already deferred this; based on charrette cmnty took comfort design controls
{whoops, no, not done, but suggested and discussed}
legalization of secondary suites; we've got report
surely can't be such a disconnect your staff and work with WG
is this out of order? will we be better off in two weeks?
Sokol: know it's not on agenda; doesn't preclude, not a great loss
staff had looked at it; one slight change wd be looking at allowing secondary suites as a way of looking at making more affordable
Mayor: good news cmnty is talking about this; deferral to July 7
CAO: not sure when report coming
Sokol: will be reporting back on survey
JC: final report, this is another interim report in early report; more than...
Mayor: indicated on agenda tomorrow
JC: defer until WG has had a look at this; report, whether this decision or other
Mayor: need a date
JC: July 8
SSch: July 21st
7.         Solid Waste Bylaw No. 4118, 1998, Amendment Bylaw No. 4511, 2008 - Bear Abatement Measures
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated May 23, 2008 from the Manager of Parks & Environment and the Manager of Bylaw & Licencing [sic] Services regarding Solid Waste Bylaw No. 4118, 1998, Amendment Bylaw No. 4511, 2008 be received for information.
Doug Leavers: dates back to xxx bear popn increased
household and commercial garbage, in 2005, BearSmart Cmnty
since solid waste; depts been integrating experience for workable soln, in this amendment
other forms of encouragement have failed; enclosure, primarily garbage but other -- foods for birds and other animals; roadside containers prior to 5am; foraging by bears at night and then my phone rings all morning; bylaw dept recommends a warning period two warnings then bylaw ticket; sometimes it takes enforcement of bylaw for xxx
RECOMMENDED: THAT Solid Waste Bylaw No. 4118, 1998, Amendment Bylaw No. 4511, 2008 be read a first, second, and third time.
RD: I don't like this option.  I live in a nbrhd and we don't have any bears in our nbrhd.  Lots of seniors don't get up between 5:30am and 7:30am
maybe where we have problems, do this but why Big Bro
won't be get...  we compost, we freeze bones; there are other ways of doing this
and then, $150, 300 b/c put out night before; can do a lot through education
if bears or raccoons get into our garbage you take care of it; such a lousy mess, not going to do it again; going to come down hard for some ppl in the cmnty
JF: perhaps amend; ppl know about what time it occurs.  I know mine is early, some don't get theirs picked up till noon; leave after 5:30, not later
Mayor: efficacy and acceptability of this in other cmnties?
DL: NSh Bear Society has been quite active
to encourage and enforce the garbage bylaw and it as been adopted; pilot project last year, bear-proof
Mayor: if you have a bearproof garbage can, can you put it out any time you want
RD: we live ....
we have lots of crows; I know Cclr F has bears and maybe we will soon; don't think ppl will go out ev week and clean up garbage cans; look at this a bit
if I had bears in my nbrhd I'd do something
collectors come around 8:30am, sometimes come early, holiday
VV: I think Cclr F's suggestion: get it regularly at 11am, just leave not before 5am, no grounds for complaint; don't see why ev had to put out by 7:30am b/c of collection round
Cclr F, good suggestion -- not before 5am
Mayor: looking at recom, don't
JC: ppl who leave for work before 5am -- before 5am do we have bylaw officers on the road?
DL: current bylaw did talk about before 7:30, if not come till 11, that point's fine [?]
re RD; some... on known bear areas
study, tendencies for roving bears; repeat offenders, baiting a bear, perhaps killed, perhaps relocated; our aim is conservation within; good relations between humans and bears
all bylaws applied with discretion of officer; no reason to ticket
Mayor: no ... ppl calling
also had our own; experience; trying to do this for public and bear; maybe pilot this and get ppl on board?
DL: been piloting it since xxx; staff going door to door; bear brochures, leading us to BearSmart certification; final step is having bylaw in place that wd allow repeat offenders to ....   [fine] $150 - 300 for not putting garbage out
[I think RD spoke here but not sure]: what are we doing in this cmnty?
heavy, heavy, fines; seniors going to be hurt with this; hard time with these fines, see terrorized; stay out of these things
Sop: efforts of Society to make sure bears moved to other areas not killing them; we're devping areas in their network so now ...
key is educating ppl, what to do if you have this encounter; volunteers worked v hard; some direction for future, save the bears; one of the most logical things we can do is "don't put your garbage out too soon, early; put in proper bin"
just logical; not intent for hardship; logical steps; enforcement maybe a little overzealous with [fines?]
garbage is what draws bears to nbrhd; don't have to make it complicated, difficult
make bears safe; best not to have food out
JF: doing the best to protect the bears and public; Cclr Day right bylaw officers not going to be out
but ... if someone ....   that we put this in place
move amendment to part 3 point 1b, remove prior to 7:30am on page 80 of our agenda
Mayor: what about enforcement aspect?
is there a way to structure this so targeted to residents who can't seem to help out in the nbrhd?
DL: with more info of bear containments; not sure of logistics of how moved; bears v mobile; as to this area can't do this or that and then bear moves over to another nbrhd; difficult how that wd work
RD: suggest lowering fine to $50
Mayor: on fourth offence
DL: most commonly above UL Hwy
JC: fit under Gd Nbr Bylaw
Mayor: debating; don't want to defeat; not success; bring this back
MClk: refer back to staff
8.         Road Closure and Removal of Highway Dedication Bylaw No. 4548, 2008 adjacent to 3580 Westmount Court
RECOMMENDED:  read a first, second, and third time.
RECOMMENDED: THAT Council direct staff to issue notice of Road Closure and Removal of Highway Dedication Bylaw No. 4548, 2008 setting July 21, 2008 as the deadline for written and oral submissions.
9.         Bill 7 - Local Government Statutes Amendment Act 2008 regarding Amendments to Election Provisions in the Local Government Act
RECOMMENDED: THAT Staff prepare amendments to the General Local Elections Regulations Bylaw to:
(a)              establish mail ballot voting;
(b)              establish additional public access to nomination documents;
(c)              establish additional public access to campaign financing disclosures;
(d)              change one of the advance voting opportunities to be held on the fifth day, instead of the fourth day, before general voting day.

10.       Change to Council Meeting Schedule (File:  0120-01)
1. a Special Council Meeting be scheduled for Wednesday, June 18, 2008 at 9am
2. the July 14, 2008 Council Workshop be changed to a Special Council meeting
*** b/c the Agenda on the screen (instead of above as on DWV website Thurs when released) had this:
10.       Change to Council Meeting Schedule (File:  0120-01)
1.    a Special Council Meeting be scheduled for Thursday, June 19, 2008 at 9am in the Municipal Hall Council Chamber;
2.    the July 14, 2008 Council Workshop be changed to a Special Council meeting to be held at 7pm
Sop moved THURSDAY, JUNE 19
--> ADDED to Agenda:
10.1    Finance Committee - Recommended Work Plan 2008 (File:  0116-20-FIN)
RECOMMENDED: THAT Council approve the proposed 2008 work plan for the Finance Committee, consisting of the following elements:
1. To review and provide advice on the District's annual Budget Document, and content and timing of the public component of the annual Budget Process. The goals of this element are:
=B7  to design a budget document consistent with the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) best practices guidelines, and that will qualify by 2010 for the GFOA Distinguished Budget Presentation Award
=B7  to improve clarity of departmental budget information and descriptions, so that financial and statistical information is consistently disclosed and aligns with organizational aggregations and bylaw presentation
=B7  to ensure that all participants in the budget process are clear on the steps and timing required to carry out this complex task, and the roles and responsibilities of each participant.
2. To collaborate with District staff in researching and implementing an appropriate Performance Management framework.
MS: Recommended Work Plan 2008
reason I added the part about the budget; a lot of criticism b/c Finance Cmte not in place long enough to look at budget; think expectation if wish to make recom to Mr McRadu and staff
consistent with Tof Ref [reads]
so I think adding the word budget and budget doc, .... Tof Ref
Sop: wasn't this written from your chairman? as is? accepted budget docs wd be transparent?
all things?  not splitting hairs here
all have vision we're going to ... new methods and new models; makeup of that cmte, intelligent, finance....
recoms made to Ccl; whether we choose to accept them or not
as far as authority....look at them providing valuable advice; not one group making determinations
how diff from what was stated in cmte; that's how laid out by staff?
MS: sometimes it's good to split hairs; all we're trying to do is to tie this action plan with the approved T of Ref; don't understand where your comments were going
JC: I seconded the motion; if the Cmte is looking at the budget looking at budget doc
splitting hairs, good, I'd have more hair!
Mayor: I think it's wonderful; no doubt GFOA compliance; Ccl has been wishing to see a good  .....
know our CAO an advocate of that and has experience; know looking to fall, going there
Sop: we have many facets of finance, going into future; last year and year before
[9pm: MS looks at watch]
collective force of staff Ccl public
looking for the right model is extremely important; I don't want anyone to make any decisions for me until I see  ...  won't take any recom until that cmte has worked with staff and public; that was my... when I said a new model
Mayor: seems to me improve process
......3... establish; ensure public clear.... how get there
CAO: the change proposed is in the spirit of the cmte
mtgs I've attended, all working cmtes we've had, pleased, awestruck; impressed with the dedication and experience; if belief not as transparent as we ought to be, then xxx
mtg, ..... that
how we work together; mbrs of FCmte are keen; we are too, xxx
10.2    Update regarding Fisherman's Cove and Esso Gas Barge (File:  2105-01)
Mayor: update on gas barge
CAO: a number of concerns from public; misinfo out there as to role of M
gas barge and implications of Esso leaving and secondly, the tanks on upland portion; asked Mr Sokol to speak
Sokol: well-known that marine fuel is no longer being provided in Fisherman's Cove
all marine fueling xxx
at time Esso made decision didn't plan how to exit or ...... wrt safety and envtal impacts
b/c of this, been closed for maybe five or six months, still trying to figure out what process to decommission and wd have to before someone else cd provide
as of this date, still haven't and hope to by end of month... unclear
staff became aware of ..... this winter; Esso said let someone else as long as DWV provided an exit letter; staff concerned, pulling in longtime liability
before considering wd be to conduct a baseline study; then decide limit Esso's liability; felt uncomfortable taking that respo
Esso wanted to do study on its own to...  eliminate/limit? liability of their shareholders
We recog an imp issue for cmnty; trying to identify ..... from a fuel barge long existing wd not be
obtained verbal approval of DFO somewhere else in
met with marinas in xxx
working with marinas, do it from a fuel pumping boat; that work is ongoing; doing an envtal analysis of its own; then cd determine
Esso stated wd not allow District to come on site to do study; solicitor says they can't represent us from xxx ; once started wd take a couple of weeks; urge them to move forward now; wd like to work with an alternative provider at float site
once resolved.....  alerting other fuel providers of increased demand ...
temporary smallscale facilities WVYC approached us with ..... operations through summer
make sure safe for gen public, boating public, envmt; need to ensure in compliance with BC Fire codes; happy to answer any questions
CAO: we have Fire Captain Martin Ernst in audience been here since 7pm
had mtg today to try to come up with a soln; trying to respond, decision made by Esso
we have Div chief has met with applicant, working with them
Sop: envmtal issue a big one; Mr Sokol, the matter of safety is paramount
don't know if Fire Dept; precautions shd rule, not going to have problems later on
Mayor: communicated with cmnty?
Sokol: printed 1500 brochures and distributed to marinas, will put info on website and in Tidings
{was done}
Mayor: pls keep us apprised
11.       Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4550, 2008; and Development Permit Application No. 08-012 (2560 Wentworth Avenue - Collingwood School Wentworth Campus)
This bylaw received first reading on April 21, 2008 and second and third readings on June 9, 2008.  The Public Hearing closed on May 28, 2008.
RECOMMENDED:  bylaw be adopted. // RECOMMENDED:  Devt Permit be issued.
Mayor: someone wants to speak to this but the PH is closed
MS makes motion, surface be gravel
12.      Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
13.       Right of Way for Greater Vancouver Water District Water Mains over Municipal and Capilano View Cemetery Lands; Deferred from the June 9, 2008 Council Meeting.
RECOMMENDED:  THAT Council approve and authorize execution by the Mayor and Clerk.
14.       Appointment of Acting Mayor for June 18, 2008 - July 2, 2008  Deferred from the June 9, 2008 Council Meeting.
RECOMMENDED:  THAT Councillor Day be appointed Acting Mayor for June 18, 2008 - July 2, 2008.
CORRESPONDENCE LIST FOR CONSENT AGENDA [full list in previous issue of WVM]
15.       Correspondence List
All PASSED, but this one exempted for discussion:
(7)               10 Letters regarding West Vancouver Police Department Amalgamation (7.1 - 7.10)
VV: think the public wd be interested in clarification; anxiety; haven't met any mbrs of public in favour of amalgamation; they're commenting on new black and white colour scheme, if connected, how much cost
Mayor: I haven't encountered any proposals for amalg; not purview
certainly have approved the study; gaps, working together, that will come out in Sept; essentially status quo; CNV and DNV concerned about loss of RCMP; have written to all these
re painting, Chief wanted to do and officers support; heard both in cmnty; ev I speak with Chief , he said...... get lots of compliments; painting has nothing to do with policing or structure; I stay on top of that as I'm sure
VV: makes them match with other cars other jurisdictions; removes distinction
Mayor: if Ccl wishes to forward that to Police Bd
Sop: always imp to receive constructive
from quality; will never support amalg; seen a safe cmnty for many many years
whether our chief thinks it's a good idea; a couple of things paramount
RD: [painting?]
Mayor:... painting as needed
RD: haven't seen; don't like idea
JC: understand it's cost-saving
RD: makes it looks like all other ...; makes us look like American cops
Mayor: cohesion and pride in the force; lost almost a third ....
your feedback is welcome, perfectly; I'll take it
RD: I don't often disagree
Mayor: improve
RD: xxx
16. REPORTS from Mayor/Cclrs
Mayor [re VANOC and WV]: thanks for mtg this morning
cmnty volunteering; path; restoring Hollyburn Lodge
JC: don't think we shd just let that go
congratulations due you; diligence you've shown over years; this morning
picked the ball up; thru your contacts, indivs came forward; raising money as we speak
great hand in this; admired and....
Mayor: thank you to our CAO too
RD: as one there this morning; v nice, v stimulating ceremony
wonderful manage to collect so much money so quickly, your role imp
hope a little of the money, generosity for the Hollyburn Ski Lodge as well; restore; let's keep up the good work
Mayor: this is the beginning; lots of opp for mbrs of cmnty to contribute time, money how small
[not just?] wealthy families; broad range in cmnty; individs strength
heartening cross section; heritage ppl, school bd
schools, opps for all schools; chn said call us anytime
JC: a dozen and half six-year-olds; bouncing around space cadet said, wonder if they're ticklish


CR: Editor of West Van Matters Good evening.  I have some prepared questions but before, I also wanted to extend my congratulations for what happened this morning.
I have two quick questions [however, beforehand].
I cdn't understand the rationale of keeping it three sgl-fam.  If you want money for the Cmnty Ctr b/c a multi-fam wd of course bring in more money than a sgl-fam [lot].
{This reference is to the former firehall property in Horseshoe Bay discussed earlier.}
Another question was, I wrote a letter, I think May 16th, and it was referred for reply, and I just wondered if there cd be some guideline as to when responses to Correspondence and Questions.
{Last year there was a comment that they shd be within a month but I haven't received a reply and there's been none in the Correspondence List under Responses to PQP.}
You can answer that later but I think there shd be some guidelines, so we know.
Last week I cd have spoken to a couple of items
{Since Heritage and the CEC were agenda items and I'm a mbr of both; as mtg was running late and since I felt comments on the apparent de facto approval given by staff to a builder whose roof exceeded the plans was a more important issue I decided to wait; b/c cdn't  speak at that ccl mtg, here it comes!}
but I was saving it for PQP and it got cancelled, but I do want to--
Mayor:  --I'd like to say, it was totally my fault, we had a v busy, v v late ccl mtg, and I neglected to call for PQP, and I think I apologized to you--
CR: Yes, and I appreciate that, but that's the whole reason I hadn't spoken at the earlier ones, cuz you were in such a [it was going late]
Anyway, I want to thank you all for recognizing heritage in WV; but there was a serious question I wanted to ask last week, so here it comes.
It's wrt to process and variances
Last week it was revealed that when staff (building inspection) discovered an overheight building under construction (at variance with the plan submitted and the bylaw) the builder/owner/devpr was told to continue b/c Ccl wd approve the variance.
This is simply astonishing.
The choices wd seem to be to conform or to go to Ccl for the variance.
Instead, building continued and resulted in an overheight structure -- and only then did the variance come to Ccl for a decision.
Makes a mockery of our bylaws.  Makes a mockery of process.  Makes a mockery of Ccl's power.
This is election year.
Voters will be looking for accountability.
Mayor: I'm sorry.  I really must interrupt you.  In that report, it's my understanding that both the architect and builder and our staff, discovered that error after the fact.  Mr Sokol?  And having discovered that, it's available for them, the owner, to come to Ccl and seek a variance.  I wd like to be v clear what our staff's role and direction in that particular instance was.
Sokol: Yes, I had misspoken when I commented at that mtg.  The role was, it was identified by staff, in those situations they ask, we have a discussion obviously with the builder; and there was some discussion as to what staff wd recommend to Ccl; they were told that staff wd recommend approval.  Ppl have an option to move forward or not, knowing that shd they move forward and Ccl not approve it they wd hv to go back and remediate it.
Mayor: was the house built? not built?
Sokol: work continued
Mayor: it was underway
Sokol: yes
CR: I have the transcript here so maybe if there's a mistake, this will alter what said
Mayor: the report makes it clear
CR: Anyway, Cclr Soprovich expressed concern and voted against approving the variance -- his courage to signal our bylaws shd be adhered to deserves to be applauded.
Just where is the accountability?
Ccl's to approve?
Staff's to approve?
Why shd builders adhere to height limitations or necessity of Ccl's decision before proceeding?
Mayor: do you have a--
CR: Can everyone go a little bit over and not worry about it b/c assured by staff?
Who takes responsibility for this?
Mayor: I think assured is the wrong word, and I think you're mischaracterizing this.  The report makes it very clear; so if you have a question, we wd be happy to entertain it, or you can forward this to our staff
CR:  Is there any will on Ccl to make sure we have reasonable bylaws and procedures and that they are respected?
What about the liability this exposed the Municipality to?  If Council had turned down the variance could the builder not sue since he had been told by staff the variance would be granted and proceeded [based on staff's ultra vires undertaking]?
Mayor: --he was not told by staff--
CR: --this is what was initially--
Mayor: No, I think you can conclude your remarks now, and I'm going to go to--
CR:  What steps is Council going to take [to ensure not repeated]?
Mayor: We'll take your questions to our staff, pls, b/c if you're going to misconstrue the report, it makes it v difficult to have a conversation, but, we do have an issue b/c of, I believe, measurements that are taken, difference between as-built and at grade
{nope; but I didn't comment on this; builder done something different -- higher -- than plans submitted}
and ah, plans b/c our staff do not go out to every single site and measure, and that is causing some, but we're attuned to that now, we know that, but it has caused some discrepancy in terms of inches, so that's going to conclude your questions b/c we're--
CR: Well, I wd appreciate the clarification b/c, and I appreciate the clarification now,
Mayor: there's someone else waiting
CR: b/c what was said was misleading, so that clarification wd be really important to have.  Will that be in writing? or verbally?
Mayor: Pls pass that over to our Dir/Planning.  Mr Gabriel.

o  Had noted how 'perturbed' the Mayor was, so I went up to her to apologize.  I tried to explain that my questions and comments were based on what was said at the last mtg -- the builder said he was told to continue [see the transcript in WVM19] -- and that if I had that impression certainly others who heard (or viewed) the mtg wd hv had the same impression; and indeed Cclrs Vaughan and Soprovich had expressed the same concerns.
o  I also spoke to Dir/Planning (Sokol) to point out that my comments were based on what was said at the last mtg and by bringing it up at PQP it cd be clarified or corrected, and failing that, making it public might stop it from happening again or being a precedent.  I told him about someone in the gallery near me at the mtg harrumphing that a few years ago he'd gone two inches over, ie less that the three and a half in this case, and he'd been made to remove/redo.  I offered to put in further clarification/information by Mr Sokol if he wd send it to me to put in the newsletter.  Keep in mind that the ccl mtg was June 16; as of July 5 nothing had been received.
o  This is a serious issue of staff approval when it's Ccl's purview, if that's actually what happened as it seems from the comments made by the builder, and we all hope that developers will adhere to our regulations and bylaws -- if not, let's hope more than two councillors disapprove.}
Tony Gabriel [text supplied]:  << Good evening Madam Mayor and Councillors.
My name is Simon Gabriel and I live at 4716 South Piccadilly Road in Lower Caulfeild, which is the only Historic Conservation Area so designated in West Vancouver.
Two years ago -- almost to the day -- Item 6.4 on the June 19th Council Agenda was the Heritage Strategic Plan which -- to your endless credit -- was adopted and passed at that meeting.  Later in that council meeting I addressed you regarding the issue of Lower Caulfeild, its historic nature, and its threat from developers who wished to turn it into some ambivalent range of structures such as they have done to Clovelly Walk -- about which you are well aware.  I asked you to consider a moratorium on the demolishing of older structures until such time as a heritage list of homes could be pieced together, but this was not to be. I did also ask that the Lower Caulfeild Guidelines be reviewed, renovated, and re-issued which was agreed and was expected to be done "within a year".
In 2006, a group of neighbours in Lower Caulfeild were trying to deal with the issue of a developer demolishing a 1924 residence on The Highway and replacing it with a modern, out of context building.  This brought us to Council many times -- one of which was October 16th, 2006.   At that time I again revisited the issue of "revised guidelines", and there was a lot of positive comment by members of Council such that it was deemed to be something that should be done without delay.  Back here again on November 6th, 2006 when Council directed Staff to report back on how to expedite a review of the Lower Caulfeild Heritage Conservation Area.
The next meeting we attended was January 8th 2007 but that was put over to January 15th and Item 3 on that agenda was the Alteration Permit for 4769 the Highway.  During the presentations made by residents, I again raised the issue of the revised, renovated Lower Caulfeild Guidelines and in Council's debate on the issue they were referred to again as being of importance as this is West Vancouver's ONLY Heritage Conservation Area=8A as were bylaws regarding blasting about which there was much neighbourhood opposition to blasting on the Highway site  and which were to be subject to revision as well. (You may well remember the fracas that resulted from the developer overblasting by 100%.)
Our last visit to these hallowed halls was on June 18th 2007 -- a year ago less two days -- to attend the "process for review of the Lower Caulfeild Designation Guidelines".  Several neighbours attended this meeting at which some councillors agreed it should be the Guidelines and not designation that was to be reviewed.  One Councillor voiced concerns about "the timelines we're taking with these studies" and "the need to speed up the process for people to preserve their neighbourhoods".  "The process" was set out in black and white with dates for Terms of Reference, Neighbourhood meetings, selection of a consultant, etc and advice that there was C$25,000 available to fund the project.
The timeline started in June 2007 and ended in December -- 2007 -- when a finalized report would be presented to Council.
Madam Mayor and Councillors, two years ago I requested a review of the Lower Caulfeild Guidelines.  One year ago a report was accepted by Council with funding approved to set this review in motion =8A=8A and one year later not a single thing has been done.                       
During those two years, numerous houses have been demolished in West Vancouver -- not all will be missed -- but such as Arthur Erickson's Graham House -- one of the top five in Canada --  demolished last December by an absentee foreign land owner -- will remain as a stain on this community for years to come.
Two years and counting in West Vancouver's ONLY Heritage Conservation Area.
How long must it be before we get some action. ???  >>
Mayor: you're quite right wrt that commitment made by Planning Dept, and I think Mr McRadu is aware of that, and-- but it simply is not true that not a single thing has been done.  We have a Heritage Register now.  We are working with incentives ppl can take advantage of.  I'm not sure how many in the Lower Caulfeild area have signed up for the H Register, that's their prerogative.  Mr Sokol, you might wish to update us on the zoning bylaw rewrite wch there are numerous aspects of and wch I think--
Sokol: this actually--
Mayor: wd just like to say there are some broad policy statements underway wch are for everybody; they don't address what you're talking about, and I think we can all agree that's been frustrating, but the bigger picture is actually one that's pretty good news, not good enough, but the work is underway.  I'd just like Mr Sokol to comment on the status of certainly the zoning issue
Sokol: staff will be presenting Ccl during the month of July with a report outlining a strategy for moving forward with the zoning bylaw rewrite.  It will include timelines, it will include, probably stretched out over a period of time, that will include specific benchmarks for various products that we hope to bring forward to Ccl over the coming months.  At the same time we'll be bringing forward an zoning bylaw amendment relating to blasting.  So that is one thing we hope to bring forward during the month of July
Regarding the Lower Caulfeild guidelines, that is an item I am aware of, been on the Planning Dept work items for a lengthy period of time, and it's something that I'm working with my staff to figure out a timeline, how we can implement it.  We'll get back to Ccl on that.
Mayor: and Mr Gabriel.  Thank you.  I don't have anyone else wishing to speak.  Cclr Day, motion to adjourn.
RD: I move--
Mayor: Oh, I'm sorry.  No, I don't. OH!
Bruce McArthur: just say a few comments about the Police Dept. I've sort of had relationships on both sides of the fence with the Police Dept.  I did attend this mtg on amalgamation as one of the citizen advisers.
Mayor: the 'mtg on amalgamation' is not the term
BMcA: well, discussion for a report to be--
Mayor: --Police Services Review
BMcA: Police Services Review, thank you.  I came out of it with a feeling, b/c I was the only WV person in this session that I was with, that the other districts wd like our level of service at their cost, and I don't see it as a practical solution. 
Black and white police cars.  We had the Police Chief come out to the WRA.  He was warmly received.  His explanation that satisfied me, was that it was a good way to identify the police services vehicles apart from being like a security car, a security service.  I accepted that.  I like the black and white police cars and I like our police force.  Thank you.
Mayor:  Thank you.  That's a v good point you make.  On a per capita basis, WV pays about $220 into the police services, it's about $130 in CNV.  So that disparity has a lot to do with the level of services we expect, and the gap between the two cmnties. We are certainly not going to lower our level of service, in fact this year we increased it wrt the bottom line, and that does set us apart.
Meeting's adjourned.
=== CCL NOTES June 19th Thursday 9am === 
2.         2007 Annual Budget Amendment Bylaw No. 4561, 2008 (File:  1610-20-4561)
        This bylaw received three readings at the June 16, 2008 Regular Council Meeting.           
3.         Endowment Reserve Fund Expenditure Bylaw No. 4562, 2008
4.         Youth Activity Reserve Fund Expenditure Bylaw No. 4563, 2008
=== CCL AGENDAS July 7th ===

The Public Hearing will commence at 7pm.  The Ccl Mtg will commence immediately following the PH.
1.         CALL TO ORDER
            Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4543, 2008; and Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4544, 2008 (File:  1610-20-4543/4544)
            Planning Staff will describe the proposed bylaws.
The District of West Vancouver initiated the Ambleside Town Centre Strategy project following the adoption of the Official Community Plan (OCP) in 2004. The District is now proposing to update the Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw in accordance with the policy direction arrived at through the Ambleside Town Centre Strategy project discussions and debates.
Your only opportunity to comment on these proposed bylaws is during the Public Hearing.  Members of Council are not permitted to receive further submissions after the Public Hearing is closed....
4.         REPORTS/CORRESPONDENCE  [listed]
     1)         Reports to Council received up to July 3, 2008:
S. Nicholls, Associate Director of Major Projects; May 16, 2008, May 26, 2008 - R-1
B. Sokol, Director of Planning, Lands and Permits; June 5, 2008, June 16, 2008 - R-2
B. Sokol, Director of Planning, Lands and Permits; June 27, 2008, July 7, 2008 - R-3
     2)         Correspondence received up to July 3, 2008:
5.         PUBLIC INPUT -- Mayor Goldsmith-Jones will call for Public Input.
If there is no further public input and Council does not wish to have a further staff report, then: RECOMMENDED: THAT all written and verbal submissions... be received and that the Public Hearing be closed.
If Council wishes a further staff report, then:  RECOMMENDED: THAT staff report back to Council and that the Public Hearing be adjourned to ______________________at 7pm.
2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES:  June 9, 16, and 19, 2008 Council Minutes
3.         Development Variance Permit Application No. 08-007 (5040, 5046, 5056 and 5060 The Byway)
Additional Information Report regarding Proposed DVP No. 08-007 (5040, 5046, 5056 and 5060 The Byway)
Staff report received for information; call for public input; staff report back or approval of DVP which would allow for the exemption of two lots from the minimum frontage requirements of the Local Government Act and a variance on the site width and lot depth requirements of Zoning Bylaw.
4.         Community Grants/Social Services Working Group Recommendations:  Strengthening Social Support Systems in West Vancouver - "Blueprint for Social Responsibility and Change - A Framework for a Social Action Plan"
1.              Staff be directed to bring forward a Social Action Plan using the "Blueprint for Social Responsibility and Change - A Framework for a Social Action Plan", developed by the Community Grants/Social Services Working Group.
2.              Staff be directed to implement improvements to the community grants application and adjudication process, using the recommendations from this report.
5.         Rodgers Creek Area:
Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4567, 2008; Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4568, 2008; and Phased Development Agreement Authorization Bylaw No. 4569 (Rodgers Creek Area), 2008
Report to be provided.  :-(
RECOMMENDED:  :-( THAT opportunities provided for consultation on a proposed Rodgers Creek Official Community Plan amendment, with persons, organizations and authorities as outlined in the June 30, 2008 report from the Manager, Community Planning be endorsed as sufficient consultation for the purposes of Section 879 of the Local Government Act.
{How can that be so when there's info we haven't even got yet???}
RECOMMENDED:  THAT Official Community Plan Bylaw ... Amendment Bylaw, as attached to the report from the Manager, Community Planning dated June 30, 2008 be introduced and read a first time.
RECOMMENDED: THAT Official Community Plan Bylaw, Amendment Bylaw etc... be read a second time.
RECOMMENDED: THAT Official Community Plan Bylaw ... Amendment Bylaw, as attached to the report from the Manager, Community Planning dated June 30, 2008 has been [sic] considered in conjunction with the District's most recent financial plan and the regional waste management plan.
{hm; thought they wd hv corrected this verb tense error when I pointed it out trying to find out what was meant -- do they mean it is recommended that it be considered in conjunction (as in rest, recommended be read, be adopted, be introduced etc), or are they recommending it will have been considered (ie, already done)?  You can't recommend that something 'has been'.  Sheesh!}
RECOMMENDED: THAT Zoning Bylaw  Amendment Bylaw, as attached to the report from the Manager, Community Planning dated June 30, 2008 be introduced and read a first time.
RECOMMENDED: THAT Zoning Bylaw Amendment Bylaw, ... be read a second time.
RECOMMENDED: THAT Phased Development Agreement Authorization Bylaw No. 4569 (Rodgers Creek Area), 2008, as attached to the report from the Manager, Community Planning dated June 30, 2008 be introduced and read a first time.
RECOMMENDED: THAT Phased Development Agreement Authorization Bylaw ... be read a second time.
RECOMMENDED: THAT the Municipal Clerk be directed to give statutory notice that a Public Hearing regarding [all above] ... is scheduled for Monday, July 28 at 7pm.
RECOMMENDED: THAT statutory notice be expanded beyond 100m of the lands proposed for rezoning and include the lands shown on the map in Appendix A attached to the report from the Manager, Community Planning dated June 30, 2008.
{:-) but really the whole cmnty ought to know about this}
6.         Community Engagement Committee - Status Report (deferred from the June 9, 2008 Council meeting)
1.              Council approve the amended Working Group Guidelines as attached, and
2.              Council direct the Community Engagement Committee to report back by October 2008 with a recommended approach regarding the following:
-     Working Group Orientation Process
-     How to evaluate and budget accordingly for adequate staff resources to support Working Groups, including distinguishing between senior staff facilitation and clerical staff administrative support
-     Meeting space requirements for Working Groups and subgroups
[3.]            Council clarify the role of elected trustee and School District 45 staff in the Working Group Guidelines
[4.]              Council amend the Community Engagement Committee Terms of Reference to include the Chief Administrative Officer or his designate to the Committee.
7.         UBCM Local Planning Grant Application to Update the North Shore Emergency Social Services Plan
RECOMMENDED: THAT DWV submit an Emergency Planning Grant application to the UBCM to update the North Shore Emergency Social Services (ESS) Plan and to provide familiarization workshops for volunteers and staff ESS Team.
8. Consent Agenda Items - Reports/Correspondence (may be considered separately or in one recommendation).
9.         Development Variance Permit Application 08-019 (6460 Rosebery Avenue)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated June 27 [entitled] DVP Application be scheduled for consideration on July 21
10.      Grand National Trail - Use by Cypress Bowl Recreations Limited Partnership for Cross Country Ski Purposes - Licence Extension
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated June 20 ... be received.
11.       Vancouver Port Authority - Lease Extension for use of rock groynes at Ambleside/Capilano River Mouth
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated June 23 entitled "Vancouver Port Authority... be received.
12.       Correspondence List (File:  0120?24)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the Correspondence List be received for information.
+  Correspondence received up to June 13, 2008
Requests for Delegation  -- No items presented.
Action Required
(1)    June 11, 2008, regarding Dog Bylaws
        Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
(2)    June 9, 2008, regarding request for 4-Way Stop Signs
        Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(3)    G. Bohn, Metro Vancouver, June 12, 2008, media release regarding input on the Future of the Region
(4)   P. Scarlett, North Shore Community Foundation, June 6, 2008, regarding grant made by Union Board of Health - Legacy Fund to North Shore Keep Well Society
(5)   June 6, 2008, regarding Ambleside Bylaw Changes, also (6)
(7)   June 11, 2008, regarding Hugo Ray Park, also (8) and (9)
(10) N. Salkus, June 11, 2008, regarding North Shore Beach Volleyball Recreational Tournament
        Previously distributed due to timing of event.
(11) K.A. Stephens, June 8, regarding comments on North Shore News Article regarding Municipal Spending
Responses to Correspondence
(12)          G. Boyle, June 13, 2008, reply regarding Ambleside Town Centre Bylaws
{explaining to someone that b/c of an "administrative oversight" some pages were omitted so the PH had to be rescheduled}
Responses to Questions in Question Period -- No items presented.
+ Correspondence received up to June 20, 2008
Requests for Delegation -- No items presented.
Action Required
(13) R. Thorpe, Minister of Small Business and Revenue and Minister Responsible for Regulatory Reform, June 10, 2008, regarding Straightforward BC -Regulatory Reform
        Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response. Attachments available for viewing in Legislative Services Department.
(14) June 15, 2008, regarding Amalgamation of West Vancouver and Vancouver Police Departments
        Referred to Chief Constable for consideration and response. 
(15) June 13, 2008, regarding Availability of Ice Time for Local Hockey Teams
        Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response. 
(16) June 15, 2008, regarding Noise Levels from Construction and Landscaping
        Referred to Director of Administrative Services for consideration and response.
(17) June 16, 2008, regarding Unkept Gardens and Lawns
        Referred to Director of Administrative Services for consideration and response.
(18) June 1, 2008, regarding Gravel Shoulder on Hadden Drive and Traffic Safety
        Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(19) Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
a)          Design Review Committee - March 4, 2008
b)         Design Review Committee - March 13, 2008
c)          West Vancouver Memorial Library Board - May 21, 2008
(20) 11 Letters regarding Ambleside Bylaw Changes (20.1 - 20.11)
(21) June 15, 2008, regarding Proposed Ambleside Bylaws
(22) Letter with 10 signatures, undated, regarding Ambleside Town Centre Strategy
(23) June 13, 2008, regarding Spirit Trail Location
(24) UBCM, June 16, 2008, Emergency Planning Grant for Local Governments
(25) I. Chong, Minister of Community Services and Minister Responsible for Seniors' and Women's Issues, June 16, 2008, regarding Traffic Fine Revenue-Sharing Grant Program
(26) June 15, 2008, regarding Noxious Weed Control Board
(27) June 15, 2008, regarding Hugo Ray Park
(28) FCM, June 18, 2008, regarding Municipal Partnership Program - Cambodia
(29) O. Dickie, Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (BC), June 16, 2008, regarding the Association's Activities
(30) M. Johnston, June 19, 2008, regarding Trams and Congestion
(31) June 16, 2008, regarding Condition of Bear Lane Street
(32) June 17, 2008, regarding Thanks for Assistance with Collingwood School Parking Lot
(33) June 17, 2008, regarding Amendment to Noise Bylaw
(34) June 18, 2008, regarding Hugo Ray Park
(35) I. Chong, June 6, 2008, Minister of Community Services and Minister Responsible for Seniors' and Women's Issues, June 6, 2008, regarding Grant for Infrastructure Planning
(36) C. Fair, Chief Executive Officer, BC Assessment, June 10, 2008, regarding Partnership with the District
(37) M. Ewan, WV Adult Concert Band, June 14, 2008, regarding WV Arts and Culture Community Grants
Responses to Correspondence
(38) Mayor Goldsmith-Jones, June 17, 2008, reply regarding Use and Disposal of Plastic Grocery Bags
(39) Mayor Goldsmith-Jones, June 17, 2008, reply regarding Learn at Work Week
Responses to Questions in Question Period -- No items presented.
+ Correspondence received up to June 27, 2008
Requests for Delegation -- No items presented.
Action Required
(40) June 22, 2008, regarding Globe and Mail article on Cricket
        Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
(41) I. Chong, Minister of Community Services, June 2, 2008, regarding Local Motion and Towns for Tomorrow Initiatives
        Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(42) June 20, 2008, regarding Field Hockey Tournament
(43) June 22, 2008, regarding Spirit Trail
(44) June 22, 2008, regarding West Van Community Centre Costs
(45) June 23, 2008, regarding Cricket at Hugo Ray Park
(46) L. E. Jackson, Chair, Metro Vancouver Board, June 13, 2008, regarding Future of the Region Sustainability Dialogues Report: Waste Management
(47) P. Sanderson, City of North Vancouver, June 18, 2008, regarding CNV - Economic Development Strategy
            Attachments available for viewing in Legislative Services Department.
(48) June 20, 2008, regarding Spirit Trail
(49) June 6, 2008, regarding Ambleside Bylaw Changes
(50) June 21, 2008, regarding Municipal Spending
(51) June 24, 2008, regarding Hugo Ray Park
(52) A. Grove-White, Minister's Council on Employment for Persons with Disabilities, June 24, regarding Community Forum
        Previously distributed due to timing of event.
(53) K. A. Stephens, June 27, 2008, regarding Community Dialogue on Neighbourhood Character and Housing
(54) G. F. Lee, June 25, 2008, regarding Search for Chancellor
(55) Undated, regarding Proposed Ambleside Bylaws
(56) June 26, 2008, regarding Proposed Ambleside Bylaws
(57) June 26, 2008, regarding Hugo Ray Park
(58) June 25, 2008, regarding Spirit Trail
Responses to Correspondence -- No items presented.
Responses to Questions in Question Period  --  No items presented.

===   ARTWATCH   ===  See www.ssbc.ca
Sculpture in the Gardens!
        July 11 at noon, July 12- July 20, open from 10am - 9 pm daily
        VanDusen Botanical Garden, 5251 Oak Street, Vancouver
Contact:        Louise Solecki Weir phone: 604 224 8697 email: louisaweir@gmail.com
        Georgia Hunter phone: 604 682 7654 email: georgia_hunter@shaw.ca
Come and experience the works of some of Canada's top sculptors amongst the glorious summer blooms of VanDusen Botanical Gardens.  The Sculptors' Society, inaugurated by Group of Seven Founder Lawren Harris, has continued to foster excellence amongst the professional juried membership which included such luminaries as the late David Marshall and Carmen Arguelles-Lasley, who died last month and to whom this exhibition is dedicated for her years promoting fine art in BC.

    Early each year, during the property assessment appeal window, the BC Assessment agency makes available to the public all properties sold between January and October of the previous year. The data includes the sales price of the property, its assessment value, date of sale, and address.  This year West Vancouver resident Garrett Polman prepared an analysis comparing sales prices with the assessment values, and was surprised by the results.  Of the 100 properties on BC Assessment's website (selected across West Vancouver at random by their system), 32% had an assessment value between 10% and 36% lower than the sales value. 
     Only three houses (3%) that were sold had a higher assessment value (by 10% or more of the sales price).  Polman had eliminated all cases where the difference was less than 10% because, admittedly assessment, at the margins, is an art not a science, and he wanted to eliminate any "noise".  What concerned Polman about the analysis was the significant downward reduction of a large proportion of the sales prices for assessment purposes in a consistently uptrend market.  The results seemed counter-intuitive.
     Property tax is a zero-sum game -- the mill rate is set after the budget is approved so everyone pays a certain amount (the same) per $1000 of assessed value.  Therefore the reduction of assessment values of a sizeable proportion of houses sold in the community means that someone whose assessment is below market is paying less than his fair share.  Even if you were satisfied with the BC Assessment of your own house, as Polman was, there was still the concern that the BC Assessment system results in an inequitable distribution of taxes.
     Polman contacted BC Assessment and was told that "some people overpay" when they buy a house.  Well, no doubt some.  But 32%?  In West Vancouver?  In an upward trending market?  Not a very illuminating and satisfying answer.
     In January Polman sent the full analysis to the BC Assessment office.   No response.  Eventually the Vancouver Sun took up the cudgels and published a summary of Polman's analysis on June 24 by Don Cayo in the Business /section.  Within days a senior official of BC Assessment called Polman.  He had explanations for some of the results.  He said that last year 289 houses were sold in West Vancouver, but that on the website no more than 100 could be printed, and for reasons he could not explain, the 100 available to Polman included a disproportionate number of reductions.  Polman's view was that if the first 100 had a disproportionate 32 reductions, say there might be only 20-25 in the remaining 189, you would still have some 20% of houses sold with significantly reduced assessments.
     The official also indicated that because BC Assessment values were pegged at July 1st values (to create a level playing field), houses sold in the fall would generally be taken down and houses sold in the spring would be taken higher (in an uptrend market).  Polman was aware of that but pointed out that nearly half of the 32 reductions occurred with houses sold in the spring, which didn't accord with that explanation.
     The official also mentioned that for houses under construction and sold after July 1, prices would be brought back to the level of their construction-value on July 1.  The official also agreed that several of the reductions on their website and included in the list of 100 were odd.  In some cases, he explained, BC Assessment had made an error and in a few other cases they were still investigating.
     Fair enough.  While some of these explanations hold water, some do not.  Not having access to the full database of 289 houses, it is not possible for the public to get a comprehensive sense of the situation.  This leaves Polman with the concern that BC Assessment, which is supposed to assess properties at market rates (adjusted to a July 1 date), may be inappropriately overriding sales prices downwards in 15% to 20% of sales.

{Editor: Taxes were due July 2nd so being equitable and fair is uppermost in our minds as we pay. Will keep you posted and hope there's a more level playing field for next year.}


CPTnet -- 1 July 2008
BEIT UMMAR: IDF fatally shoots seventeen-year-old Palestinian youth in Beit Ummar; CPTers assaulted
   On Friday, 27 June around 11pm, an Israeli soldier in Beit Ummar, a village north of Hebron, shot and killed a 17-year-old Palestinian youth, Mohammad Al-Alameh, member of a family with whom the Christian Peacemaker Teams has had frequent contact over the years.
   The shooting occurred minutes after local contacts in Beit Ummar made a call to the Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) in Hebron, saying that the Israeli soldiers were entering homes and detaining civilians. Two CPTers, Tarek Abuata and Marius van Hoogstraten, rushed to the village by taxi, accompanied by Nathan Harrington, a visitor to CPT, who was on crutches.
   When the team arrived half an hour later, rocks littered the main street. Israeli soldiers marched up and down the block with assault rifles held in a firing position, amid clusters of Palestinian men huddled in quiet shock.
   Abuata attempted to photograph the troops, but was tackled to the ground without warning by an Israeli soldier. Another soldier knocked Harrington off his crutches when he approached to help Abuata. While Abuata and Harrington sat on the pavement, a third soldier threatened Van Hoogstraten and demanded his video camera. He removed the tape before returning the camera to Van Hoogstraten.
   Abuata rose and confronted the soldiers, saying, "You killed a 17-year-old boy tonight. Why? His blood is on your hands." The soldier nearest to him smiled, and Abuata asked, "Why are you smiling? Do you have no conscience? Will you do anything the government orders you to do? Are you not accountable to God?"
   More troops emerged from jeeps and advanced up the street. The assembled men of the village did not respond. CPTers followed the soldiers and Abuata continued: "What you are doing is wrong. Why are your fingers on the trigger? How would you feel if a foreign army came to your city with guns drawn? This is an illegal occupation!"
   The soldiers finally climbed into their jeeps and raced off, throwing a sound bomb that caused several Beit Ummar villagers and the CPTers to hit the pavement.
   The following morning, Van Hoogstraten and Abuata accompanied the Al-Alameh family and a large crowd to bring the body from the hospital in Hebron to the family's house, and then to the mosque. Two armored vehicles parked between the watchtower at the entrance to the village and the cemetery gate. Soldiers stood nearby, including the officer who claimed to have shot the youth.
   Community leaders kept young men away from the soldiers, but eventually someone lobbed a stone at one of the jeeps. Though an officer responded by shooting live ammunition, no one was injured.
   As the throng returned after the conclusion of burial, the army followed them into the village. Over the next hour, CPTers witnessed intermittent exchanges of stones and gunfire and heard reports that one man from Beit Ummar sustained a head injury and another an injury to the shoulder.
A link to video showing Abuata engaging the soldiers is available at http://www.youtube.com/user/cpthebron .

===  "I COME FROM THERE" -- POETRY of M Darwish  ===

*  June 28th: 28.06.08 - 13:56:  Mahmoud Darwish wins poetry prize in Morocco
Morocco / PNN - The luminous Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish has won the International Park Award from the Moroccan House of Poetry.  No Palestinian is translated into more languages than Darwish. His poems are political, are true to life and reality, and are deeply emotional without being sentimental.
A Chinese poet won the prize in 2002 and a Moroccan poet in 2004.
This year's panel of judges included distinguished critics, scholars, and poets themselves.
Mahmoud Darwish was born in 1941 during the British Mandate in Palestine in the village of Al Birwah. One of his most well-known poems is "I Come from There", and one of the most impressive examples of his political resistance is "State of Siege".
More info on him: http://www.suite101.com/article.cfm/arab_culture_and_identity/28915 and

July 1st: 01.07.08 - 13:19:  Israeli authorities prevent young musicians from entering Jerusalem for Marcel Khalife Competition
Hiba Lama / PNN - On Tuesday morning musicians slated to participate in the prestigious annual Marcel Khalife Competition were denied entry into Jerusalem. Khalife is most famous for songs adapted from the poetry of Mahmoud Darwish.
The musicians, aged 6 to 15 years, were required by the Israeli authorities to have specific permits to enter the city, in addition to general travel permits.  Several were unable to compete because the Israelis would not grant them the permits.
The competition, presented by the Palestinian Conservatory of Music, is a major event, including several categories such as Eastern, Piano, Strings, and Guitar...   Some participants had registered for the competition as early as March.
Khalife lives in Paris, but is actually a Lebanese composer, singer, and oud player, but is widely considered to be Palestinian. He taught music at the Beirut Conservatory between 1970 and 1975. The next year he formed the Al Mayadeen Ensemble.  He is most well know for his songs such as Jawaz Al Safr (Passport), ... based on the the luminous poetry of Palestinian Mahmoud Darwish.
In 1999 he was granted the Palestine Award for Music. In turn, he contributed the financial portion of the award to the National Conservatory of Music at Birzeit University in Palestine. In 2005, Khalife was named the UNESCO "Artist for Peace."

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===   QUOTATION/REFLECTIONS July 1st   ===

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