July 7 NOTES
July 14 AGENDA
Calendar to July 25th

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

:-)  Summer at last!  :-)
MAIN ITEMS July 14th: Survey on Qualify of Life and Financial Planning in DWV; Housing Dialogue (Status) Report; Cmnty Ctr Society -- Principles for Operation (listed); Gordon Ave Traffic Implementation Plan; MetroV's Transportation Strategy (DWV concern about possible property tax);  Greenhouse Gas Research and BC Climate Action Charter; Bear Abatement Measures, Solid Waste Utility Bylaws (three readings); Water Utility Loan Authorization Bylaw (three readings); Community Centre Loan Authorization Bylaw  (item 11, three readings); Bylaws re local election; Lease extension mouth of Capilano River; Cypress Bowl Trail Licence Extension; Deferred Correspondence and oodles more on the Spirit Trail
Vive le Canada (Queen Victoria); ANIMALWATCH (for walrus fans); from the EDITOR'S DESK; UPDATES (Spirit Trail, Police Colours, Water Restrictions); THEATREWATCH (Bard, Bard, Bard)
=  CALENDAR to July 25th (check for changes and updates); ARTWATCH (Sculpture in the Garden)
=  Ccl NOTES July 7th:  Ambleside Town Ctr; DVP 5040-60 of The Byway; Framework for a Social Action Plan; RODGERS CRK OCP Bylaws, PH set for July 28th (new info: current zoning permits only 308 units and 736 are proposed);  CEC Status Report (reconfirmed WGs cannot have closed mtgs); DVP 6460 Rosebery for July 21; rest of agenda and all correspondence deferred to July 14th b/c it was 11:20pm!
=  Ccl AGENDA July 14th
=  Israel-Palestine Quiz (I failed; bet you will too!); Police Blotter; Quotations (some for Engineers) and Question

=== Vive le Canada ===
Queen Victoria's name was really Alexandrina.  More complicated info on her story:
===   ANIMALWATCH   ===
Some years ago we were captivated by a short film on a walrus clearly in love with her trainer and wd come into his office.  Now here's a short clip of one doing a dance routine with a trainer!
.... from the EDITOR'S DESK
*  Good decision to have a WG look at the Spirit Trail (see Updates to apply).  Let's hope more decisions are first explored by residents first (with of course staff and Ccl liaisons).
*   Great that the Mayor reconfirmed her commitment to openness by restating clearly when the WG Guidelines came to Ccl that ALL WG mtgs are OPEN and cannot be closed.  That way you're sure you know about WG deliberations.  Of course if the topic is one that might require in camera sessions, then Ccl ought to choose a cmte or task force instead of a WG.
 ===   THEATREWATCH   ===
*  Well, you already have my rave reviews on Mel Brooks's The Producers at the Stanley (by Arts Club), now ended.  Music, dance, satire, and laughter (how else wd you describe putting on a play called Springtime for Hitler -- wch the producers were sure wd flop).  Hope it's revived or brought back.
*  Then there's our cultural jewel, Bard at the Beach -- a funny Twelfth Night and a daring, creative, humorous Tempest with classical/contemporary accompaniment (inspired a bard-ku).  King Lear is for those who'll brave an unusual interpretation, and gory Titus Andronicus opened Friday 11th.  Earlier issues have my comments on the first three plays so now it's Titus's turn.  We had seen the brave production at the Jericho Arts Ctr two years ago and knew how bloody and depressing a play it was (Shakespeare wrote it in his 20s, I think), so went with some apprehension.  It turns out, no need.  Kim Collier's productions has some elements that remove total depression and horror but do not detract from the core.  Jennifer Lines is striking as Queen Tamora.  The original music by Peter Allen accompanies the performance well (recorded).
The website is www.bardonthebeach.org, the ph no is 739 0559, or if you want to buy tix (and many performances are already sold out, then go to: https://tickets.bardonthebeach.org/TheatreManager/1/online?btnGetEventList&line=1&month=0&year=0&event=0&venue=0&search=

===   UPDATES   ===
Overflow mtg at the Srs' Ctr.  The route between 19th and 24th, including both sides of the tracks is no longer being considered.  The trail will go somewhere else, and a process for planning the route will begin in the fall - a working group will likely be established.  Send your name if you're interested to Pascal Cuk, Executive Assistant to the Mayor (t 925 7012, f 925-5999, pcuk@westvancouver.ca).
Motorists and residents alike should note West Vancouver Police Motorcycles now bear the new 'Black and White' colour scheme being phased in for all West Vancouver Police vehicles.  The distinctive new look for marked West Vancouver Police vehicles enhances both visibility and recognition of police vehicles.  The Black and White scheme is being phased in to the full fleet of 18 marked police vehicles in West Vancouver as part of the normal replacement of older Patrol vehicles.  Approximately 50 per cent of marked WVPD vehicles will be converted to the new scheme by the end of this summer, with the conversion program expected to be completed over the next year.
{There's gold too! -- Editor}
> Water Sprinkling Restrictions On Again
Every year from June 1 to September 30, the GVRD implements restrictions to lawn sprinkling. These measures help us manage our water use through the summer in order to avoid even further restrictions during the dryer months.
Water sprinkling regulations:   Sprinkling allowed between 4 - 9am or 7 - 10pm
                                Even-numbered addresses: Wednesday & Saturday
                                Odd-numbered addresses: Thursday & Sunday
Hand watering and sprinkling of vegetable gardens, shrubs and flowers are all unrestricted. Violations carry fines of up to $100. West Vancouver enforces sprinkling regulations under the Waterworks Bylaw.
For details about the sprinkling regulations, contact the RCBC Recycling Hotline at 604 732 9253.

===  CALENDAR to July 25th  === [at Hall unless otherwise noted; pls confirm to make sure no changes]
Farmers' Markets: Dundarave on Sat, Ambleside on Sun; Concerts by the Sea Sunday evenings Amb Landing
== Wed July 16th == ~ 6pm ~ Library Bd at the Library; ~ 7pm ~ Bd of Variance
== Thurs July 17th ==   ~ 10:30am ~ Cmnty Engagement Cmte
                        ~ 6pm ~ NShFamily Court/Youth Justice Cmte, DNV M Hall
== Sat July 19th == Parks Day Celebration ALL DAY at Lighthouse Park
***   Reconvened Public Hearings (445 - 13th and Ambleside Ctr) Mon July 21  ***
== Tues July 22nd ==
        ~ 5pm ~ Finance Cmte   
        ~ 5:30pm ~ Measuring Up WG (possibly in Peters Room, Library)
== Wed July 23rd ==  ~ 5pm ~ Environment WG in Peters Room, Library
== Thurs July 24th ==   ~ 4:30pm ~ Design Review Cmte
                        ~ 5:30pm ~ Police Bd mtg (Police Dept Boardroom)       

***  Don't forget RoyalTea-by-the-Sea Dundarave Park Sat 2pm Aug 2nd (922 4400)  ***
+++  WV MEMORIAL LIBRARY +++  see www.westvanlib.org
        The Library is closed Sundays July through Labour Day.
Gallery at the Library presents...   June 2 to July 31
        Photographs: Recent work by Rob Will, Laura Clark, Michelle Demers, and Roman Kralovic.
Fridays -- 10:30 - noon -- English Corner -- Practise English conversation. Every Friday, from now until August 30. Elizabeth Musto Room. For info call: Fariba Rocker, 604 506 6616.
 +++  FERRY BUILDING GALLERY  +++  June 24 - July 27
MOVE OVER, LEONARDO !  --  John Martin Gilbert  --  Fine Art, Fine Fun  --  Kinetic sculptures, inventions, fountains, Expo 86 projects, TV ads, home-brew experiments, zany demo tapes, and even a naughty book!
+++ SILK PURSE +++  (1570 Argyle) www.silkpurse.ca
July 8 - 27, 2008 -- "Purse-suit of Hattiness"
WVCAC: Silk Purse is celebrating their 40th anniversary with an innovative exhibition of hats and purses by some of the North Shore's leading artists, Bonnie Adie, Nell Burns, Ruth Casselman, Irena Eacott, Louisa Leibman, Connee Little, Susie Morris, Judy Oke, Pauline Sherry, Michelle Sirois-Silver, Liz Smily, Carolyn Thorpe, and Anne Vuillamy.
+++  WV MUSEUM +++  Visit: http://www.westvanmuseum.blogspot.com/
Selwyn Pullan -- Position the New -- Photographs from 1945 -1975 [CLOSES Sept 20]
This retrospective demonstrates the photographer's intimate connection to the development of modernism on the West Coast of Canada and highlights the social, economic, and cultural forces that changed the face of Vancouver and the region during the post-war boom.

+++ Don't forget to check out www.kaymeekcentre.com +++

===   ARTWATCH   ===  See www.ssbc.ca [details in last issue]
Sculpture in the Gardens!
to July 20, open from 10am - 9 pm daily; VanDusen Botanical Garden, 5251 Oak Street, Vancouver
Those sculptures in the garden are delightful in a lovely setting: a large vertebrae of translucent blue lead glass, intriguing figure "individustrialism", a bear, a crouching rabbit, Beethoven, etc.

=== CCL NOTES July 7th ===
{pls keep in mind I type while they speak so lots of gaps (send me the rest to put in if you like!) and misspelled names}
1.         CALL TO ORDER
JC: on Friday afternoon, it was raised since I have a biz in Amb I might be in conflict of interest; solicitor's advice this afternoon and whereas it wd take a court challenge, probably appropriate I remove myself since this is important and needs to go ahead, not held up.
{Cclr Clark withdrew and returned at the start of the regular ccl mtg.}
            Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4543, 2008; and Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4544, 2008
Your only opportunity to comment on these proposed bylaws is during the Public Hearing.  Members of Council are not permitted to receive further submissions after the Public Hearing is closed....
Sokol: several years and one of the things that brought me here
OCP and zoning only part, there's ABCDE; part of an overall strategy
Colette and I will share presentation
three special sites: celebration square, sufficiency of public notice -- has been a v public process and judging by turnout, bn v successful (two notices in public newspaper), that was accomplished, but also mailed out over 3K notices, bn several articles in NSNews, were some concerns not up but when sgl site goes up but in a large area cd be confusing if a sign went out
will be a proposed amendment wrt 1800-block of MDr
Colette Parsons: started in 2004
what lacking, what does it need; vision of area with arts and culture, Amb Park vision
2007, WG, unanimous recommendations
now developed OCP guidelines and Zoning bylaws
Sokol: OCP bylaw focuses on overall revit policy approved last year
compact commercial area; requires second-storey offices on second storey for supply of offices
widening sidewalks; improve pedestrian experience and automobile access to area then become pedestrians
A Biz Improvement Area
increase predictability
hope to diversify the uses in the Amb area; want to increase number of residents in area
residences in 1300 and 1800 blocks; enhance and add to our cultural assets
national status gallery and museum in Amb
in country, even in world!!!!
Square for events, want to provide multiple areas -- 14th or 17th between Marine and Bellevue, temporary
support sustainability; public gathering places; envmt -- live, work, and play
new bldgs with green bldg design
improve movement to and through the area
1300 south side 1400N and 1600 S -- to be treated specially; proposing not to rezone them, will have to come forward to a special process, come before Ccl
person will have to show what wd be on AC1 and put their proposal next to it -- public be able to judge whether getting.... art gallery, public parking
secure CB -- will be a formula: basic services, pay for mitigative measures, also contribute toward cmnty amenities; will not require renovations to pay cmnty benefit
CP: on screen is a chart with existing zoning
current ht allows for two storeys at 35ft, can get a three-storey if meritorious design under current zoning (still under that ht)
we're proposing three storeys outright at 37ft, intended to address ground floor retail needing higher ceiling
introducing a possibility of a fourth storey, sp conditions 120ft.... 14Ksf ??? and grade change
to meet fourth storey have to meet parking and setbacks
under current zoning, no front setback, example 15th and Marine NE corner
want to set back bldgs as they move up
looking for ways to get light and open space for upper residential units
30ft from ctr of lane, means 20ft from prop line
when 1968 zoning came into effect, parking at rear of prop, not underground, but as land values increased parking put underground
seen rear yard setback to 4ft from prop line wch is achievable under our current zoning
more of a wall, done in the last 25 years, proposing an improvement to last 25 years -- move away from frontages
common sense approach to allow light down to street, terrace bldgs, outdoor space [slide of side view]
3ft setback allows us to widen sidewalks
fourth storey set back a min of 30ft
keeping 4ft setback at lane but each storey up an add'l 10ft
relaxed second storey from 100??? to 200??? sf ofc?
re parking, diff between AC 1 and AC2 -- differ in use AC 1 mixed use commercial 14th to 18th
for 1300 and 1800 be flexible and allow for both mixed use or primarily residential
FAR -- we do not define that currently; under proposed trying to give some predictability as to what they can build to; some have reached 1.75FAR, eg Van City and Hollyburn Med at 17th & M
See opp to take some sq ftg and move it up to a fourth storey for a portion of the site for interesting bldg forms and break up massing of Amb in general
these changes reflect incremental change
In Devt Permit process, ev bldg has to go through; comply with OCP, DP process, will have to hold a public info mtg with staff mbr present; Ccl approval nec for all devts
Rezoning process -- tonight we're holding a PH, so same
One amendment we'd like to make in what we're considering tonight
block in 1800 N of Commercial, between Marine and Duchess
parking at main grade level; main living space a few feet above main level.  We're recommending to increase at lane level from 4ft to 8ft to get a landscape buffer
b/c not a change in use or density, Ccl can include this in the proposed bylaws
overall vision of Amb area; holistic approach; on balance hope you see positive aspects
Mayor: questions of staff?
Sop: yes; bldg hts 35 to 47 [sic]; measure from?

{During Colette's presentation she gave 37ft as the height; Sop continues, as you see when you read on, to say 47ft, and at one point even Colette says 47ft, but at the end it seems to go back to 37ft.  Since height an important factor, shd be verified.}
CP: we take an average along the site, from the frontage at one side 1ft and other 10ft so take average (5ft)
Sop: N South viewing from front -- looking at 47ft measured from ctr of lot
CP: along frontage line, not NS line; so if site... up 47ft...
Sop: addition of eight ft
CP: taking from frontage and taking it straight back; ....  more in ctr of site
Sop: explanation of lowest 37ft and then 47ft, clarify diff; where measuring front
CP: from front face of the bldg
Sop: on a sloped site, N side, four storey and 47ft that the 47ft, measure from MDr -- no higher anywhere on site from MDr
CP: within setbacks
Mayor: can you make it short?
Sop: why?
Mayor: b/c we have many
Sop: you're actually going up 24ft before angling in
..... how wrt shadowing M Dr
CP: under current zoning you can build even a two-storey bldg at 35ft; this third storey set back an add'l 9ft
I have more but will leave it
JF: received an enquiry tonight, why three public lots not included in AC1 zoning change 7:38
Sokol: parking lot is tied in with one of the special sites and tied in with a ????
4.         REPORTS/CORRESPONDENCE  [listed]
     1)         Reports to Council received up to July 3, 2008:
S. Nicholls, Associate Director of Major Projects; May 16, 2008, May 26, 2008 - R-1
B. Sokol, Director of Planning, Lands and Permits; June 5, 2008, June 16, 2008 - R-2
B. Sokol, Director of Planning, Lands and Permits; June 27, 2008, July 7, 2008 - R-3
     2)         Correspondence received up to July 3, 2008:
5.         PUBLIC INPUT 7:41
Brenda Sweeney: family-owned property 1590 Bellevue for 40 years; participate in renewal
in proposal our prop was missed, provides a strategic opp for cmnty to align it with long-term vision for the cmnty.  Set the zoning as AC2 from C2 (slide shows it is a medical bldg).  Currently we are the only bldg from 13th to 26th without residential zoning.
[slide showing area]
Our goal to align with vision: housing, increase residential presence, customers to support commercial presence; increase resid in periphery
believe some signif benefits for these changes; remove anomaly
buffer between green space on Argyle and commercial so think three benefits 7:46
Mike McCallum: Prez of Wedgewood Terrace 1370 Duchess, owned by owner-occupiers; letters received and a number here this evening
most measures to be applauded but some
believe shd be kept free of tall bldgs; the whole area between 13th to 19th and Argyle to N of MDr shd be zoned AC1 or AC2.  One of the cclrs at the mtg I attended in May, a cclr said village concept but to my mind a highrise doesn't fit.
Safeway site will affect our views
bldgs shd be between three and four storeys; exclude 1600block S
Masonic Hall site hasn't been mentioned and it calls for a bldg of five storeys and a mystery to me no reference made to this site; shd just be incorporated into AC1 or AC2.
District has spent so much time waterfront lands preserved, a shame to hem them in with canyon-like
you say to reduce parking reqmts for second storey -- residents have problems as it is so to make it less stringent troubling.  Shdn't you be bringing in resident parking permits up to Esquimalt?
agree 4ft to 8ft re lane, have a son there with two chn; need to be speed bumps too
wrt 1590 Bellevue, better off to be purchased by the City, torn down, and incorporated into plan south of the tracks.
look forward to boundaries being changed so no more high rises
Chuck Walker: 1455 Bellevue commercial enterprise; wd like to add biz thoughts; sat on cmte of ten from 17 to 84 and believe it or not unanimity, get on with changes and beautification
to correct Mr Sokol, this commenced over 15 years ago; satisfied pursued to this level; devt will take about 20 years to complete
look around room, got three to four years; given I'm the only one who's immortal  :-)
Don Dunbar: live on Duchess -- 1800; my views and those of the two next are those of the area as a whole
cd impinge on our privacy; replace views with concrete walls; met with staff and most cclrs
Mem Park to West and Lawson Crk to East; limited access; spacious yards, closeknit nbrhd; resisted selling and Transition Zone
fully support spirit and objectives of OCP but unique character of our nbrhd deserves
unanimous in our nbrhd, see from list, AC2 will drastically reduce our ...
goal to ensure enhance, occur in manner pre...
we hope Ccl and the Mayor take this to heart
Carl Hunter: want projector for transparencies; 19th St; Mem Park enclave
aim to show impact and AC3
shd make statement 13th and 18th entrance
to preserve this small nbrhd, gentle transition
S side of Duchess homes oriented to S for sun, light, view; lose privacy and light with proposed bylaws
potential for three storeys on MDr wd severely affect 1800, more than 1300
[slide example of two storeys, impact from second floor of residence]
we therefore recommend a special AC3 zoning -- three storeys on MDr and two storeys
set back
third that landscaping in that area for an appropriate visual transition
maintain sgl-fam environment
Linda Sherwood: 1800 Duchess; speaking on behalf of this area known as the Memorial Park enclave
only block where sgl-fam homes share block/lane with commercial
magical area; amazed such a beautiful area exists so close to MDr/Comm area
character lies in the original homes built in the 1920s and 30s -- well-maintained and show our pride in nbrhd.  Spirit shows -- cmnty within cmnty summer barbecue and Christmas party
most supportive nbrhd we've ever lived in
in your visits to our nbrhd last week, you saw what we experience ev day
we have documented the effects on the nbrhd
we think our area wd be an excellent transition to the new Amb
sense of arrival, maintain interest, goals of Amb TCtr strategy
strongly feel plan will have a negative effect on our nbrhd as a whole but also on strategy
make sure we not lose, once lost, cannot be brought back again
Frank Rutter [text supplied]:
Your worship; members of Council.  I am Frank Rutter of 740 Burley Drive and a West Vancouver resident for 35 years.  Thank you for the opportunity to express my opinions on Ambleside redevelopment. I am very worried about it.  I am most concerned about the impact on the heart and soul of our community.  Ambleside is our heritage and one reason I am concerned is that West Vancouver district has not always, if you will pardon me for saying so, adequately protected our heritage in the past.  I am also concerned that the proposed bylaws and guidelines are too permissive -- too willing to accept excess density and especially excess height of buildings.
I completely agree that Ambleside should be considered primarily a pedestrian-friendly area.  But this means a diminution of traffic which I believe has not been adequately addressed in any of these proposals. There should be less traffic, not more in Ambleside.  It should move slower to accommodate pedestrians, with many crosswalks and more restrictions. If necessary, this means rerouting some traffic. It also means restricting parking and moving it away from the core of the pedestrian area.
I do not believe it is necessary to pack Ambleside with new upmarket and expensive business premises.  Ambleside is our community gathering place and shopping space. The sort of businesses needed in Ambleside are not those already located in Park Royal but services for the community that are easy to access and answer our needs -- like the drugstore, the bank, the supermarket, the florist, the shoe repairer, the bookstore, the hardware store, the paint store, the cafe and the restaurant, legal and insurance services, and so on.  Yes, a theatre -- desperately needed.  Definitely not a hotel (more traffic of course).  And not exclusive upmarket premises. One of the reasons why the so-called revitalization of Ambleside is perceived as needed is that landlords have driven out small businesses by raising rents above reasonable levels -- not that businesses have failed or been discouraged because of lack of customers or inadequate premises.
Ambleside definitely does NOT need big buildings. These bylaws allow bigger buildings than we now have. They allow much bigger buildings than perhaps many people in West Vancouver realize.They allow three storeys where two would be sufficient. They allow four storeys where three would be a desirable absolute maximum -- and if you look closely at these bylaws -- they allow FIVE storeys and even more in some areas.
This is totally wrong in my view. It would destroy the ambience, the flavour, the community spirit and character that is an essential part of the Ambleside heritage. There should be firm and universal rules regarding development or redevelopment. Fixed limits on height and density. Maybe a single zone. The extent of flexibility in these bylaws is a recipe for disaster, for future rule-breaking, and for a completely different Ambleside.
As I said Ambleside is our heritage. I urge you to consider our heritage and I urge you to realize that what you do to it is your legacy.
Dennis Meares: speaking on behalf of strata Bellevue Landing and nearby bldg
I moved here 50 years ago and some of my nbrs even longer
thank you for the work you've done over the years maintaining the beauty and livability
been a nice place to live; recog things change
public discussion v important, you're aware Mr John Seddon attended most of the WG mtgs
made our views known
our most serious concern, that is to close occasionally 14th St on MDr and Bellevue; those on last Ccl we were opposed to farmers' market and was moved to another area
some of us have patios: noise, garbage, and toilet needs serious
our front door is halfway down that block; access by fire ambulance
festival visitors don't tend to shop in high end stores
revitalization is going to need boutique-type outlets so having cmnty events doesn't match
pleased to see streets wd remain open except for occasional events but says might include longer events such as farmers' markets and Harmony Arts
Checked with staff and they said decision Ccl shd make
14th a special role; respectfully request de-emphasizing a festival street concept rather as easy open link between MDr and Bellevue as view corridor; maybe limit to two or three days a year, such as Cmnty Day.
appreciate visit and if anyone else wants to come, pls do
Dolly Cartwright: must be the longest-serving resident present tonight
1281 Clyde Ave since 1927; still here, still alive,still taking part in cmnty affairs
hv seen WV from a small village with cows in Amb Park, to soldiers who built houses there up on stilts; seen many many changes; it's a wonderful place to live, but change is inevitable.
We cannot go back to the days of the cows and the pigs, must go forward to become a vital area to live work and play
marvellous, can go down to beach; Sunday had tribes
along MDr, all go down to waterfront; change is inevitable; can't leave 13th to 18th
admire Ccl and Group; yes, we need change, and keep some of the good things
we're dying otherwise, we can't do that, not as long as I'm alive
Name (Man): express my support for Mr Meares
one thing that cd greatly enhance, wd be to bury ugly overhead wires; make an impact
Brenda Marco: merchants at Bellevue Landing
in retail mgmt for over 30 years; festival traffic -- vandalism, fighting, etc; fewer customers
our own niche market 14th to 17th; enhance 13th; small boutique hotel
our ofc also manages 17th & Bellevue -- detergent dumps in fountain, quite challenging
Mayor: is Carolanne Reynolds here?
CR: Editor, WVM Sorry, bit of an obstacle course to get up here!
Good evening.
It took several years to get to this stage -- thanks to Ccl, staff, and citizens.  All agree that it is time again for revitalization of Ambleside.
It is always beneficial to update and improve, and having a concept or agreed vision is desirable in seeking to address the needs and wishes of business and residents in this case in the heart of the cmnty.
While in my opinion more concentration of the commercial area, provision of integrated residential units, and retention of the village character in Ambleside is the goal, it can be stated in principle in the OCP.
This is where I take Cclr Sop's point that there's no need for a blanket upzoning.  And tonight I've heard there's a variation of that.  When I wrote this, I hadn't heard the presentation of course.
Everyone wd know the range of possibilities for the area and then each application can be addressed in that context -- as has been done for years -- and that gives us (and Ccl) all the maximum input and flexibility.
And I think that's the point Colette Parsons made about Devt Permits.
This wd assure the business cmnty that rejuvenation and devt will be welcome as well as assuring residents that they will have their say.
Traffic, parking, view corridors, pedestrian-friendly sidewalks/streets/lanes and connections to the waterfront can be foreseen in the plan.
With real estate prices so high not just the large companies but also the variety of little stores, as found in villages, ought to be enabled to remain.
70% of WV's popn lives in the eastern half; 40% of WV's popn lives in multifamily.  Most ppl I speak with are not in favour of expansion of the highrise area.  'Human-scale' surroundings provide comfort.  The survey by ADRA, with results given to Ccl, indicates that residents do not even want five storeys as indicated permitted in this town ctr proposal.  Already two storeys are allowed and a third with aesthetic merit -- height limits shd be kept but there can be other reasons for having a third storey -- rental or smaller units addressing the dilemma of more affordable housing -- and eager local customers!
With a blanket upzoning, please explain how it will be fair to all property owners, instead of just advantageous to those with larger properties or devprs who can buy to assemble property to qualify for increased density.
Next, but certainly a priority, any increase in value of the land shd be calculated, ie Uplift, and then the Cmnty Benefit Policy applied for the residents'/cmnty's share.  There appears to be a formula proposed by staff wrt amenities and it wd be appreciated if this cd be fully explained and demonstrated how it fits with the Cmnty Benefit Policy and respecting the goal of not just gifts to business and devprs but also adhering to sharing them with the rest of the cmnty realizing that commercial must be judged differently from residential for encouragement.
Lastly, in view of the fact some documents/information were just made public recently and tonight, it is requested that this PH be adjourned to allow time for us to review all the material.
? Bradley: more time; upzoning in guise of improvement; and not usually in benefit; sometimes to detriment of homeowners
did have hotel, want to know if feasible again; dense; area overloaded with cars
wd like to understand -- 1300block, police moving
1300 blk of MDr had a boulevard and was removed b/c considered a traffic hazard

{how handy; use hazard excuse to remove and then put back in???}

nbrhd is a treasure; historic ctr of WV; improvements have not always...
if need more residents...  money required; tail wagging the dog
concerns other residents have stated; I work, not listed...
have another public mtg; have another when residents can participate
Seenery (?) Slater: three zoning variances have been allowed that affected our views
I have not experienced any improvements
our concerns were registered for these ...
towers at three special sites; too high a price; surely improvements without that high a price
enhance livability; for benefit of all, biz, residents ... alike
Ruth X: 565 17th St, directly behind Royal Bank, kittycorner from Safeway
I see changes in 15 years, have lived in this cmnty for 45 years
bldgs have gone up on both side of us
degree of inclination going up 17th from MDr  us on west side, to newest one; close to same incline
how come it sits so much higher than our bldg -- is that a zoning thing or not?
had a parking lot, another bldg went up, has to be roughly the same inclination, midblock 17th and 18th
reason I know that is that Mitch (?) and I live on top floor and even if you include the pyramids, the skylights, we're now sitting as high as those two
since we have a low ceiling, our three-storey concept had been changed to be quite higher
what it means to us, have our view, spent dollars for some years ago, ...
in front CIBC and further down Masonic -- is all of that going to be four storeys?
being zoned with some ambiguity to it; going to be put aside for further devt?
seem some flexibility we shdn't be entertaining; resent what's going on around us
must think rather the same on some things, the view part
want to know what planned for Safeway; four storeys wd obliterate
look out the window here and see what four storeys is --
need to be explicit; applies to ppl who live up 18th, 19th, etc
know about Safeway -- I really want to know
extremely important to be explicit; reply wd be appreciated
Gail Colmar: three sites definitely opposed to being exempted, shd be included in zoning
retain village and.... to leave these sites to future....
Duncan Pearce: lived here for 33 years, biz for nine years, own a comm prop in area
congratulate getting this far; Amb needs help; support most of the proposals
to enjoy more; languishes from vacancies and ....
more and varied forms of ......
Kerrisdale, can work here too
not just about ppl who live here now but who will be here in future
increasing the economic certainty before taking risks in devt prop
completing process quickly; time for action
not much of discussion wrt cmnty amenities; Carolanne Reynolds spoke to this
to a small prop owner, cd make difference; opposite to very things trying to achieve
what's wrong with helping, well occurs with DCC
Cmnty amenity ....
redevpd site.... strongly urge you to remove this disincentive
re four-five storeys -- makes sense b/c anything above four diminishes village atmosphere but those three left ....
consider all of the views of this nbrhd
Bill? Callaghan: had privilege of working with Amb Group
personal opinion, cd hv taken it to further, think group saw balance and ...
some small steps to kind of place we want to live in
As Dolly said, young to old; get going, with Chuck on that
Mayor: Andrew King can follow you
Mary Sherrett: run a home-based music teaching
Amb has amazing potential but yet to reach it
my relatives felt sorry we lived in Ambleside, offered money, hadn't looked; so took a long slow walk,Amb lacks child and pet-friendly spaces; quaint little walk-throughs, more of a village feel
wd be great to attract more unique shops, galleries, and cafes
definitely need a new design, don't know how we got so ...
like Dundarave
more housing; back from street so more ambience
awnings -- Park Royal Village dropped the ball
wonderful to have a foot ferry to downtown
little ...  wonderful to see it thrive to its potential; recognize for ppl who hv lived here a long time, it's scary but ....
Aileen McManaman (?); Haywood; keep watch over Ccl, thank you for work you do
I too served on Amb Grp, [ages] did range from 17 to 83
some of us did work, 12, 14-hr days
biz cmnty, rec, arts ...
not 18-storeys, look at doc, not there; wanted to come and say, relax; a lot of thought
seen so many of the strong ...
as a biz person, the objectives and look at tactics; it will not happen and continue to walk past a dozen nail salons and not much else
Kerrisdale is moving ahead faster than we are, Gastown
might be a bit of garbage in fountains, we'll clean it up; noise, we'll deal with that
sustain a roll-over of new families
Alan Shapiro: 2710 Rosebery; support this initiative; love WV ...see chances to improve
density staff talking about isn't more than can be built; think baby steps
here as voice of many; don't have time to come out
Elaine Fonseca: speaking as a resident, not as President of ADRA: I'll make another presentation later this evening.
As a resident, I noted this PH was scheduled for June 16; b/c of staff oversight; missing three pages; now being held on a summer evening in July, when many away on holidays
this hearing reflects and ..   the whole cmnty
for whole cmnty; future of Dund and residents
I believe all PHs shd be banned during the months of July and August and scheduled for other times of the year; Hearing such as this, in a proper public venue for seating for all
when I came at 7pm there were ppl standing; have it at a proper time
Linda Kowalski: moved to WV a year and a half ago from West End -- you guys live in paradise
I live in an apt also a dream 14th and ...  can see Stanley Park and Siwash
however if they put ... I will lose my view, value drop $50K ...
higher around 13th and 14th as long as not 18th; -- don't put them anywhere
densification; lived in West End for 18 years; [was] lovely village, then dense; Robsonification; nobody cd afford; homeless, pubs; appalled about densification
more coming over bridge; good for businesses but ...
Elaine Fonseca: Prez of ADRA [reading excerpt of letter to Mr Sokol]
{Here's the full letter wch is one of the submissions for the PH:}
"ADRA agrees that Ambleside Village would benefit from revitalization, but  we have serious concerns, especially regarding building height and densification.
An ADRA survey, conducted last Fall,  shows:
=B7      85 per cent of our members oppose the density proposed in the Council Report for the Ambleside business district;
=B7      82 per cent say traffic and parking are problems and 88 per cent want additional parking;
=B7      90 per cent want to limit north side development to three storeys but 45 per cent  would prefer two storeys;
=B7      94 per cent would limit south side development to three storeys but 66 per cent would prefer two storeys.
These views were discussed at ADRA's most recent directors' meeting, at which it was agreed that buildings of the height and density proposed in the Council Report would radically and adversely change the character of our seaside Village. Buildings on the south side of Marine Drive should be limited to two storeys, important to avoid sunlight deprivation. Buildings on the north side of Marine Drive should be limited to three storeys.  We also believe that development should be conducted under regulations that apply to the area as a whole, not subject  to variations for individual projects.
There are many vibrant and successful business areas in Greater Vancouver with building heights and density less than recommended in staff's report. For example, the highest building in North Vancouver's Edgemont Village, often cited as a model for Ambleside, is three storeys, and most buildings there are single storey.
We sincerely hope you will consider these views, which represent the concerns of the people who actually live in the area affected, as well as the Municipality as a whole, because Ambleside is the heritage and the heart of our community."
=  regulations as a whole, not subject to variations such as Safeway, Police Stn
=  understand West Van Florist up for sale, what height there?
=  let's not forget the increased density of Ev Dr and of Rodgers Crk
=  pls take [into consideration?[; v imp for our cmnty hope you respect all mbrs in it
David Thomas: Monteverdi; realtor for 30 years; not really providing any more density than what currently exists but does allow rules clearly written out; no increased density, no wall of bldgs going to block anybody's view; projects well thought out tiered and will benefit whole cmnty
we're a cmnty of 45K who desperately need a core
sometimes wonder if we're looking at the same doc
as I work with ppl seeking ofc space, and not any in Amb; means medical services/profs haven't a place to operate out of
look at entire not how view may be affected by nbrs to north of these bldgs
Lady:  37 years, live with parent
some vandalism ... I'm a cancer survivor... car accident at 14th and.... injured; cd hv bn killed
my concern is density and traffic; afraid
how friendly are you going to be to traffic?
safety can't be put at expense; definite issue
Mr Roden: 30 prop owners, we have a concern; special assignment, right in front of us, 14th & Clyde parking -- in hands of owners
what we're concerned about is what is not on paper
we can't; nothing but C2 and it's not going to stay that way
ask Planners to assign a zoning; so critical info to review
Mayor: have a recommendation?
Ans: wd like to see; if C3 or C4; devprs sitting there waiting then go for 5 or 6
but we have no idea; need a designation we can understand that fits in with this plan for the future.
Rob Harrington: served on WG; both myself and my wife were born in WV
own West Van Florist, purchased from Dad, dad from uncle
definitely finding it a struggle to pay our taxes
Simpson's up for sale; Tools & Techniques will not be renewing its lease
BIA badly needed; really need your help
as current zoning, can't understand what all arguing is about
allowed 35ft high, measured from ctr of prop; 35/37ft
also large enough to build from street to lane; can put in adequate parking without putting in ... probably achieve 1.75 is only one storey and 3/4 of the next
some of the bldgs built new v interesting and new
don't need a big box we currently cd build and that wd not be beneficial
this is why I've supported this initiative even though we're going to have to set back, giving extra width to sidewalk, all more important that great big bldg on prop
build one, right step in right direction
Mayor: anyone want to speak? seats here,
Craig Cameron: moved back to the cmnty a couple of years ago, grew up here
struck by the generational divide, some exceptions, my age or under under 40 see a prob with vitality
vote with their feet to go shopping be entertained, they leave or go to Park Royal
one: is there a problem?  yes -- Amb is moribund; this is the least vital area I've lived in
if prob what shd be done about it?
measures proposed maybe don't go far enough; you don't get vitality by the status quo
invite more ppl, economically and environmentally is to have growth concentrated
glomming onto this principle; find it strange ppl wd find this threatening; -- we cd even go farther
Linda X?: live on Esq. Feb 2007 letter published in NSN to M&Ccl
lived off and on for 47 years by choice, lovely
don't see my place as a place to sell to the world to come and shop
tourists and money; commercial anywhere in NAm
did not elect Mayor .... for profit
keep our beaches; run a tight budget.... rents too high; don't need Rodeo Dr
before we find we've sold our sanctuary
[Lady] Robbie: you've sent three notices for PH
an OCP is a wishlist of what you want to see; ev four to six years look at it and change
District will assist.... promote the area, attractive mix of ...
came back to WV 2.5 years ago and hasn't changed in 15 years
then flip over AC1 and AC2; ev time a devpr wants to do something you do it, have 73 zones
AC2 means for resident only
then look at map, 1300 you want to rezone to AC2 -- cd be high level condos
can't see how improve biz
10 to 15 biz, where are they going to go?  how are you going to help them?
again expensive condos
biz -- where are they going to go
Mayor: sorry we didn't get your name
Lady: hearing biz don't have enough customers
I live on Clyde; mother at 15th and Duchess
park and ride; caregivers, plumbers, ....
have to drive around the block 15 times to find a place to park
Edgemont, Dunbar, ... traffic two hours to keep them moving
Mayor: anyone else wanting to speak?
Trudy Adair: just wanted to read something
searching around Internet: "welcome to quaint Ambleside by the Sea; wonderful cafes, shopping, and restaurants, ... , etc.  Come, discover, experience, and enjoy"
if we put four-storey bldgs along M Dr; no one will be able to see
as I live behind Hollyburn; assured three but turned out to be four then five with the structures on roof
passionate about Ambleside Village
Karl Gustavson: resident for 25 years
involved both professionally, soccer coach, Design Panel, also on cmte for Amb Plan
ppl shd understand opportunity to talk as it goes forward
look at 19th and Marine, Delany's, Pat's restaurant
not suddenly four storeys, earn, each site will create different options
opps for small scale; barber shop, lawn mower
incredible plan to move forward
a lot sitting around waiting for something to happen; a lot waiting to see where this will go
Amb will stay stagnant unless we move forward on a positive; say to cmnty, don't be afraid
look at views, individ basis,...
Mayor: anyone wishing to speak? anyone for a second time?
Chuck Walker: the design of the bldgs, two: density in downtown Amb if you think sufficient, walk the street at 10 o'clock at night, unless ... club with your
not a pleasant place to walk at night
it's a destination to get through
density has to be improved in downtown core; biz to support it
evenings a terrible situation
unfortunately price of land, anyone who owns a house is a millionaire
for somebody to risk their own prop without  ...  ridiculous
question apparent surveys: most enlightening to see surveys, what who and how many were done
surveys done by the city, well in excess of 80% in favour of something to go
threw a red balloon up [restaurant/marina]; 90% letters, when can I move my boat here?
loggerheads at TransLink, need watertaxis; hope new head [better]
thank you; enjoyed last year
Marion Ward-Hall: v interested in the redevt of Amb but as I listen to this presentation about these three sp locations ..
Mayor: old MacDonald's site
M W-H: important we shd hv some idea if relocating the Police Stn, where you plan to relocate it.  Right now it doesn't impact v many ppl; if you take it out of commercial area, going to put in a residential area?
by avoiding the issue, now have a timebomb waiting to explode somewhere; at least shd know what is going to happen
Pearce? danger this shd be viewed a pro-biz only
work together; biz serves residents and ......
don't think there's a sgl person who wants to walk past for sale signs
you can build 1.75 on many sites right now
allow ppl to move into nbrhd; Amb is a ghost town from 7pm
if you want to go out and do anything, echo gentleman, go somewhere else
why not some nice restaurants as in Dundarave? they won't survive if no residences; where housing supply going to come from; progress; means redevt
MS: in view of comments; staff report
Mayor: helpfully if you
MS: Cclr Sop
Sop: heard a lot tonight; impressed; clarification on bldg height
passion to do a certain amt of that; where it sits right now
this mtg shd be left open; staff, give me some certainty; incorporate Sweeney Prop
Mayor: 1500 Bellevue
Sop: amending ... parking analysis and scope; what has been done to date
if bldgs expanded, parking at back will disappear
like to see a shadow impact study of bldgs along MDr
setbacks as well as ht of 37ft
layover of new hts -- cd be done by computer
14th, part of Macdonald's; commercial/residential ... to bottom
come back; ultimately we're going to get a win-win
wdn't vote to support b/c too many unknowns
JF: have no problem adjourning for another week for staff
some questions hv bn answered by staff; no problem again
threes sites; some ... about
why they are not being rezoned at present
simply not understanding is not ....
underground wires, Masonic Hall -- why diff, not same as other
wd urge Ccl to not delay this too long; stores are closing and shutting down
mtg with 18th St residents at 5pm then to Trafique
5:30 on a Friday night, you'd imagine hustle and bustle; ppl going, stores staying open
remember coming to Ccl extending biz hours... cd
hardware store, thrown out at 6pm b/c they wanted to go home
all stores were closed, -- clothing, antique [none open] till 711; this is our biz area
VV: hv spoken previously on the parking and composition of WG
most crucial sentence in study by Bunt in 2005; a shared parking supply important
supply 104/70 [???} stalls, not as effective b/c as shared, only 46% not
stores on South side, customer-only parking; not shared
need to know where are, breezeways midblock; there in Dund, breezeways
Village took ribbing but they do much better than Amb
honestly think way parking is av in Amb; elsewhere
Mayor: parking is critical but we're trying to come up with what staff to [report]
VV: our failure to set aside $1M [for parking?]
[Sop's amendments?].... say yes  ... say yes
and it's not in front of us and haven't the money set aside
my preconditions is doing this elsewhere won't succeed
agree with those sp sites
separately stated by our staff and in NSNews
we need a museum and art gallery in Amb to [???]
why close the possibility locating in one of those blocks?
to residential only' owners will maximize and go for all resid; then art gallery, museum
oh dear, we've excluded them
before we close the doors on residential
absolutely not ready to vote; don't think it will vitalize unless we get all of these pieces...
Mayor: ...sounding like adjourning; for you shared parking -- that's in the proposal
museum of art and design

{We keep hearing about this new museum -- I first heard murmurs last fall and when I asked some mbrs of Ccl they knew nothing about it; also a WG has been established to look at Arts & Culture facilities.  Maybe I've missed it, but I don't see the new museum in the proposed bylaw.  Pls let me know if you see/find it.  There was almost a full page in the NSNews on the new museum.  Maybe this means the staff report is to come back with where one shd be???
As you know I'm on the CEC so when it was agreed that there be a WG on Arts & Culture Facilities, we included first an inventory of what we have, and then a biz plan attached to their recommendations.}

RD: willing to adjourn, Ccl moving in that direction
particularly the ppl in Mem Park nbrhd; their suggestions quite reasonable; three on MDr, two at back; precious nbrhd; only nbrhd not scarred by monster housing; 40s houses; gardens
what WV used to be -- maybe heritage designation
think Sokol shd accept, know he's written and think he shd go further
causes insecurity no height on that; maybe four or five storeys; model Hollyburn and IGA visually three
if we cd build more like those wd solve our problems
agree with Cclr F; ...
I like Amb, go down there all the time; my wife doesn't want to see any changes at all, but I'd like  to....
echo what KG said, only a set of guidelines; no strict regulations, a set of guidelines ...
do need another report from Planning; hear more from public than get back to ...
Mayor: the report says wd have to demonstrate why anything more than AC1
if it wd be better to have AC1, why not do that
I know WG felt beyond their mandate to get into those props without...
Police Stn a long way from quantifying, let alone siting; so premature
so if this idea of setting three sites has introduced instability, opposite, ...
celebration square on 14th, wrong thing; take it out entirely
to close a street,  ... think we shd take that out
heritage couple of blocks, excellent
two on lane what Ccl wd like to see
v important that these proposals attempt to improve upon Amb
there's really no way to provide beautiful bldgs
with exception of ...
no industrial zones uses that are current
no surprise focused on height
stepping back as Sop says needs to be ...
VV:  ...re parking we don't know what we have right now
MS: staff direction
...  site as special; ev piece of prop is special
don't see how you can take three and say sp; they shd be included in the zoning for the entire area; staff shd include that
no way Ccl can start [designation or designing?]  ... slur on ...
Sop: if the three put in ...
now, calls for PH, same thing we're going though tonight
cd have a cap on it
RD: extend PH past 10pm; then I'll move ccl mtg till end of biz
Sop: ...
MS: just to hear you continue talking Cclr Sop, I'll vote for it
Sop: maybe not understood ...
Mayor: maybe
Sop: all zones going into one; set back 35ft now 37ft
do that in a prezoning; ev will have an opp to do that
come before us as a DP
what will be the opp for public input? same as rezoning? no, it is not
look at bldg at 19th; 17th little high but well done
Mayor: trying to provide direction to staff; then a PH
Sop: maybe
Mayor: adjourn to a date
Sokol: cd I get some clarification
some of the items wd be lengthy, take time to get back
some wd require renotification b/c change of xxx and use
Sweeney prop, pretty clear 1800 Duchess, parking analysis/issues, three sp sites, overhead wires, Masonic Hall site, 14th & Clyde parking lot, sp sites why not zoned AC1, celebration sq, re 18th Heritage designation, shadow impact study and overlay
Sop: time?
Sokol: believe wd take time
Sop: maybe not need
Sokol: not in your package for next week so 21st
MClk: there's already a PH on July 21st at 7pm so for another wd hv to have another time
Mayor: it was to be after this
MClk: 8 o'clock
Mayor: 7:30
VV: we've heard difficult to get; after Labour Day and in Srs' Ctr where everyone can sit down
JF: staff report back; July 21st at 7:30pm
Sop: have it; to after Labour Day so be it; better to get it right
Mayor: readjourn on July 21st;
{someone corrects that to "reconvene"}
staff to report back to Council and that the Public Hearing be adjourned to July 21st at 7pm.
        {As you see above, delayed to 7:30pm}
[10:14] RD moved mtg to extend to end of biz
Mayor:  3, 4, etc must be done tonight; ppl been here
VV: staff been here
Mayor: let's try to get through by 11pm
JC: re Rodgers Crk [add'l info]
2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES:  June 9, 16, and 19, 2008 Council Minutes
3.         Development Variance Permit Application No. 08-007 (5040, 5046, 5056 and 5060 The Byway)
Additional Information Report regarding Proposed DVP No. 08-007 (5040, 5046, 5056 and 5060 The Byway)
Staff report received for information;
call for public input
Mayor: no one here signed up; someone here?
Bill Chapman: here as applicant
MS moved: approval of DVP which would allow for the exemption of two lots from the minimum frontage requirements of the Local Government Act and a variance on the site width and lot depth requirements of Zoning Bylaw.
Sop: moved all add'l info as well?
MClk: yes; MS made that motion
Mayor: Ms Scholes; two motions; on receipt?
[PASSED and on verbal submissions?]
4.         Community Grants/Social Services Working Group Recommendations:  Strengthening Social Support Systems in West Vancouver - "Blueprint for Social Responsibility and Change - A Framework for a Social Action Plan"
Anne Mooi (staff liaison): Group's final recommendation and report
two mbrs will present specific recommendations: Blueprint .... Recomms on Cmnty Grants
Most of the mbrs are here tonight: Erica Crilly, Andy Krawczyk, Cecil Scantland, Darya Niknamian, Sonja Sanguinetti, Zarrin Sadeghi, Greg Fleck, and Pattie Donnelly
[text supplied]
July 7, 2008 Community Grants/Social Services Working Group Presentation to Council
Good Evening Madame Mayor and Members of Council:
Tonight this report brings forward recommendations on strengthening social support systems in the District of West Vancouver. This is the Working Groups final presentation and report.
A Community Grants/Social Services Working Group was established by Council last spring and over the past year the Working Group has worked to address its key task (as identified as a priority in the Corporate Business Plan under the heading of social sustainability) - to strengthen social support systems and ensure that social issues are considered an integral part of long term planning for sustainability in West Vancouver.
This group of citizens of West Vancouver has worked tirelessly, meeting every month with many sub group meetings in between, in addition to giving up a Saturday of a long weekend ~ to develop a vision and direction for West Vancouver that would strengthen social support systems for our community for today and the future.
Everyone on the working group has contributed above and beyond to this evening's presentation which reflects a community vision for social sustainability.
The Group was guided by the vision of Councillor Soprovich who was a leader in keeping the focus on the need to constantly think of the future while planning for today. Councillor Soprovich encouraged the Working Group to embrace the values of equity, diversity, inclusion, security, and adaptability in planning for the future and encouraged the Group to develop short and long term strategies -- keeping the importance of community social services always as the focus of dialogue.
There will be one presentation tonight relating to the content of this staff report which has been put together by members of the community Grants/Social Services Working Group.
Two members of the CG/SSWG will be presenting the recommendations of the Working Group which are specifically related to a:
proposed action plan titled "Blue Print for Social Responsibility and Change - a Framework for a Social Action Plan"; recommendations on community grants.
I would like to begin by introducing the community members of the Community Grants/Social Services Working Group to Council. Some of the members are here tonight and I ask that you stand when your name is announced.
Community Members: Erica Crilly, Andy Krawczyk, Ces [sic] Scantland, Darya Niknamian, Sonya [sic] Sanguinetti, Zarrin Sadeghi; Council Liaison: Councillor Soprovich
Unable to attend this meeting and sending regrets: Greg Fleck, Pattie Donnelly
I would now like to ask both Erica Crilly and Andy Krawczyk to come forward to provide an overview of the Community Grants/Social Services Working Group's recommendations.  Thank you
Erica and Andy to present overview of WG's recommendations
Strengthening social Support Systems in WV
Erica: companion to copy you already have
[see slide presentation for what these speakers are reading from and referring to]
revised grant application
Andy:  all parts just as will
$75K median income; $25K higher than MetroV; 20% over 80; 1/3 srs live alone; 12% families lone parent
22.6% ?
28% English not first; 26% difficulties
Erica: success story WV-based: NSh Volunteers for Seniors est'd in 1961
outreach -- over 100 volunteers; partnerships; av age of clients they serve is 85
Andy:  maximize for benefit of cmnty
Vision; Guiding Principles; innovative and flexible
Blueprint: nine guiding principles
recog as a priority; distributed meaningful; resource ctr; best mechanisms; build existing capacity; prudent use of resources; communicate with fed and prov govts; work with orgs receive Permissive Tax Exemp; work with existing groups, fdns
Cmnty Grants: simplified; info session done this year and successful; Overall Recommendations
Andy: we're not experts; modest recommendations; focus WV needs; use work of our WG; change and emphasis
Action for Cmnty: get involved; proactive cmte is a healthy cmnty, integral to sust
ask Ccl to act on these recommendations; remember that social well-being does mean a sust cmnty
thank Ccl
Andy: delightful Anne and Bill
Sop: thank you for all that; some of us hv bn on WGs; give their.... brilliance
these ppl introduced tonight; my vision and took a lot from these folks; in report not hand out for dollar; may come; hope won't it stay on shelf... take credit, one bright star, many bright stars
Anne Mooi  -- on ChildCare; guides us through; great credit to ....
Mayor: any Qs?  I have one; conclude? ongoing?
Andy: told to look at grants, vision; if going forward, wd leave to Ccl's wisdom; some evolved form of WG to do that
Mayor: commend you on report; outward-looking; our WGs have been successful in raising funds, ChildCare and ...
Sop moved: THAT
1.              Staff be directed to bring forward a Social Action Plan using the "Blueprint for Social Responsibility and Change - A Framework for a Social Action Plan", developed by the Community Grants/Social Services Working Group.
2.              Staff be directed to implement improvements to the community grants application and adjudication process, using the recommendations from this report.
5.         Rodgers Creek Area:
Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4567, 2008; Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4568, 2008; and Phased Development Agreement Authorization Bylaw No. 4569 (Rodgers Creek Area), 2008
CAO: plsd to intoduce; mbrs; first time Streamkeepers on
{well, he hasn't even been here two months; possibly not aware that there was a Streamkeeper position on PRAC that looked at the previous BPP devt -- the complaint from all of PRAC was that it was too late in the process, so it is an improvement that at least Streamkeepers were included in the WG mbrship, so at least at that stage.}
sev years; landowners, technical experts; benefit package will be discussed by Ccl
letting landscape inform plan; determine devt ..   truly become a model for others in NAm
Geri Boyle: Grant has done a wonderful job of describing this
on May 5th Ccl directed staff to come back
... have described; in report; been a long process; WG; history before that; going back over ten years; direction of Upper Lands; 2007, completed work in Apr this year
{I think the WG stopped in March but there was a ccl workshop for the public Apr 10 with the nine recommendations plus a fiscal report, a traffic report, and a CB report.}
two Open Houses; cmnty invited to come forward at workshop held earlier this year
resoln whether considered with ...  plan and waste mgmt
fiscal study presented at Apr 10 workshop
v positive impact on Cmnty financially... doesn't have any negative impacts; give bylaws first and second readings, then public hearing; need not give second reading, can wait until after PH
final comment on my report, have included an expanded public notification distance
will also be notification in newspaper, standard
RD: wd like to point out again, as CAO pointed out -- outstanding unanimous support of plan
including Streamkeepers' prez here this evening

{and I'll point out again that Streamkeepers were v pleased that their objectives and principles were accepted and incorporated into the plan but they were not involved in nor voted on the units/density or the cmnty benefit package (it came after the WG stopped meeting as did the fiscal report).}

move THAT opportunities provided for consultation on a proposed Rodgers Creek Official Community Plan amendment, with persons, organizations and authorities as outlined in the June 30, 2008 report from the Manager, Community Planning be endorsed as sufficient consultation for the purposes of Section 879 of the Local Government Act.
{How can that be so when there's info we haven't even got yet???}
VV: surprised about haste going through
just got info wrt units per acre; been asking for a year and only got on Friday [308 units according to current zoning]
wd not be 129, wd be 69...; big difference; that means the fiscal impact was done with 300+
.... told original applic goes back to 1995
cdn't; proposal 2006; asked questions in 2007; answer just last week; suddenly tonight goes critical
needs to be postponed b/c no one has
308 base case units
Mayor: motion on floor is....  consultation
VV: need given time; different data; I'm suggesting at least a week, not years; reasonable time for new information
Sop: to set a date
Mayor: not there yet; another
Sop: Q on that
RD moved: THAT Official Community Plan Bylaw ... Amendment Bylaw, as attached to the report from the Manager, Community Planning dated June 30, 2008 be introduced and read a first time.
RD moved: THAT Official Community Plan Bylaw ... Amendment Bylaw, as attached to the report from the Manager, Community Planning dated June 30, 2008 has been [sic] considered in conjunction with the District's most recent financial plan and the regional waste management plan.
{hm; thought they wd hv corrected this verb tense error when I pointed it out trying to find out what was meant -- do they mean it is recommended that it be considered in conjunction (as in rest, recommended be read, be adopted, be introduced etc), or are they recommending it will have been considered (ie, already done)?  You can't recommend that something 'has been'.  Sheesh!}
RD moved: THAT Zoning Bylaw  Amendment Bylaw, as attached to the report from the Manager, Community Planning dated June 30, 2008 be introduced and read a first time.
Sop: we're going to go through much at PH.
Mayor: PH is intended for all material, that's why first reading; felt wait for second
Sop: have stated over the years; I'd like to proceed to a PH and then proceed to where it is
VV: if not solve the problems; interesting PH; didn't get anywhere
not enough of main questions cd be answered; get hung up in the Hearings
RD: move THAT Phased Development Agreement Authorization Bylaw No. 4569 (Rodgers Creek Area), 2008, as attached to the report from the Manager, Community Planning dated June 30, 2008 be introduced and read a first time.
RD: move THAT the Municipal Clerk be directed to give statutory notice that a Public Hearing regarding [all above] ... is scheduled for Monday, July 28 at 7pm.
VV: same; public don't appreciate in summer so move to Sept
Mayor: one problem travel plans; here in July; it's only second PH on 28th
given tremendous amt of work by working group; not knowing...
RD: move THAT statutory notice be expanded beyond 100m of the lands proposed for rezoning and include the lands shown on the map in Appendix A attached to the report from the Manager, Community Planning dated June 30, 2008.
{:-) but really the whole cmnty ought to know about this}
Mayor: VV no
VV: move [didn't quite catch -- deferral???]
Mayor: given two mbrs of cmte here
6.         Community Engagement Committee - Status Report (deferred from the June 9, 2008 Council meeting)
JF moved: THAT
1.              Council approve the amended Working Group Guidelines as attached, and
2.              Council direct the Community Engagement Committee to report back by October 2008 with a recommended approach regarding the following:
-     Working Group Orientation Process
-     How to evaluate and budget accordingly for adequate staff resources to support Working Groups, including distinguishing between senior staff facilitation and clerical staff administrative support
-     Meeting space requirements for Working Groups and subgroups
[3.]            Council clarify the role of [an elected trustee] and School District 45 staff in the Working Group Guidelines
[4.]              Council amend the Community Engagement Committee Terms of Reference to include the Chief Administrative Officer or his designate to the Committee.
Mayor: further amendment to 4.5 re closed sessions [removal]
{that section just had a definition of what in camera was, not intended to be used b/c all WG mtgs were to be open, as stated in 6.1 so to avoid someone wondering why that was even mentioned, decision to remove entirely.}
intent not to allow for closed sessions; there will be no closed mtgs; not always been the case throughout the year
secondly 6.2 (conflict of interest) shall declare nature to the group
suggest taking out that paragraph [4.5 removed]
VV: been unable to distinguish diff between a Select Cmte and a WG; except as to who takes notes; unable to find any substantive diff and now under Cmnty Charter, conflict of interest
never discovered diff in cost; spending a lot of time reinventing the wheel; simply revert
Sop: have had opp to work on three; watched citizens come together, engage, provide expertise
blown away by the expertise of these with no consultant
well-recognized; WG need guidelines; transparency, engaging the public
citizens being involved; making recommendations to this Ccl; quite a process and a very good one
we had an adv commission process; got too heavy, laid down, just stopped working
{will not take the time to explain here but there's been good and not so good in adv cmtes and WGs -- we're dealing with ppl after all -- one system is not better than the other per se, the key is wch is appropriate, and Ccl is to decide that.}
not bothered whether Select Cmte or WG, but did we get valuable feedback by the public
and I think we have
where I do draw the line? I don't think the WGs shd to in camera ever
why not -- do not have to keep msg to themselves
secondly, when in a situation as Cclr Clk had this evening
I've had...  finite,... no minutes, don't vote so how conflict really?
JF: having worked on both Select Cmtes and WGs; entered into WG process rather skeptical; like VV, frankly not much
three Cclrs on ea of the Select Cmttes so strong push; WG, only one cclr, really have to sell
cclr doesn't have to b/c WG does; was cclrs; gave diff feeling; think WG is better in that sense
staff find it considerably less onerous; posting, minutes being adopted; v time consuming; allowing us to do more work; v gd change

{Well, it's not quite the case that less work.  A forum of the staff liaisons resulted in their requesting another staff mbr.  Maybe Cclr JF thinks less onerous b/c her Arts & Culture WG met for almost a year and posted NO NOTES of their mtgs, ie did not operate according to the WG Guidelines -- that's one way to get staff to say less work!  And Cclr JF is on the CEC that drew up the WG Guidelines!!!}

JC: agree with Cclr JF.  Biggest and strongest diff I've noticed, tone of those mtgs
ppl arrive with intent; staff more engaged; better situation than with Select Cmtes
as to 4.5 the Housing WG; we encountered a situation there was information that cd hv been used against a mbr of the public and a mbr of staff; we did go into closed session
folks around that table were adult, mature, enough did not leave that room
v sensitive info; somewhere along the line owe it to public and staff; to maintain this closure

{Sorry, doesn't wash.  There is NO mechanism for a WG to go in camera or be closed -- by design.  As Cclr Sop said, they have no undertaking to keep anything private.   WGs don't vote.  To have something in camera, it has to be noted on the agenda, the section of the LGA cited, then a vote taken.  Not only were none of these things done, as you heard, WGs don't vote.  They do get consensus, however.  As to Cclr JC's remark that all were mature and adult, then that wd apply to any resident present -- children rarely attend, if ever!  Even so, if something wd have been critical of two ppl, that doesn't mean the item on the agenda shd be closed as well.  That was a no-no whichever way you look at it.}

Mayor: I don't agree with that

{Great.  Mayor is staying true to her word.  She's also chair of the CEC.  Come to think of it, Ccl VV shd realize that Select Cmtes, etc., can all go in camera.  WGs are intended as open and focused.  The ideal is there; the hope is that those involved with WGs will honour the intent of this experiment in informality and transparency.}

can be dealt with [other ways?]
lot of work from Alex, Patti, Carolanne
{the three citizen mbrs of CEC}
was a happy surprise; WGs picked up by Whistler and DNV
all to the good, and this report suggests where to improve; excellent process
VV: [Cclr F said about mbrs] Standing having three, but Select has one mbr of Ccl
none precluded in Select Cmt structure
everything described cd be happening; seems to have been a change without any substance or ...
as distinct from Select Cmte
JC: Select Cmte were not ...
wd go on and on; at least WGs are focused... turning out; a year, sometimes three months
MS: the National Safety Code; not allowed to work more than 15 hours a day; CAO with a 30-mile drive.
{MS always gets antsy, even as it approaches 9pm and now it's after 11pm.  Now, I haven't checked to see the ramifications of how long a day for staff, however esp to avoid paying overtime, maybe staff shd only come to work at 2pm on Mondays, or maybe get the extra hours off the next morning, the next day, or spread over the rest of the week.  Mainly, however, ccl mtgs are how the public find out what Ccl talks about or decides, and is the only time residents can speak directly to all of Ccl.
In fact, I think having an opportunity for the public to speak in the first five or ten minutes of the ccl mtg shd be reinstated.  Sometimes residents wait all evening then sometimes don't get to speak or sometimes they leave b/c they don't want to wait so long.
It does mystify me on occasion when it appears that sometimes Ccl or staff don't think of citizens as their customers -- what successful company is rude to or disregards customers?}
7.         UBCM Local Planning Grant Application to Update the North Shore Emergency Social Services Plan
VV moved (I think, since things started to get rushed here, after 11:10pm): THAT DWV submit an Emergency Planning Grant application to the UBCM to update the North Shore Emergency Social Services (ESS) Plan and to provide familiarization workshops for volunteers and staff ESS Team.
{I think this passed quickly and then the Mayor asked what else had to be done to comply with regulations}
MClk: Item 9
8. Consent Agenda Items - Reports/Correspondence (may be considered separately or in one recommendation).
9.         Development Variance Permit Application 08-019 (6460 Rosebery Avenue)
MS move THAT the report dated June 27 [entitled] DVP Application be scheduled for consideration on July 21
VV: my understanding can't rule on something already ruled on by Bd of Variance, so not clear
entitled subseq entitled to come to us
have to go for judicial review; they went to Bd of Variance; don't understand we can entertain this.  I'll leave it at that.
Mayor: certainly they may come to Ccl as a recourse, and Mr Sokol, as Dir of Planning, wd not be writing this report if it were something that Ccl were not able to entertain, wch is separate from what everybody's opinion may be wrt the substance of the report.
So the question is to set the date for July 21st.
All those in favour? opposed?  Carries.
Motion to adjourn?  second?
{And so endeth the lesson, er um, mtg at about 11:20pm HOWEVER, Cclr Sop reminded the Mayor about PQP.  I was disconcerted b/c I'd signed the Speakers' List for PQP.  At Sop's reminder the Mayor put her hands to her head b/c it was the second time PQP had been missed in a few weeks.  I did manage to say, though, that my question was to ask if we'd have PQP at the next mtg, and the Mayor said of course.}

=== CCL AGENDA July 14th === 
3.         Ipsos Reid Public Affairs Survey - Quality of Life and Financial Planning in the District of West Vancouver
Presentation from C. Knaus, Ipsos Reid Public Affairs, to be received for information.
4.         Community Dialogue on Neighbourhood Character and Housing - Phase III Report
Report from the Senior Community Planner ... dated June 26, 2008, to be received for information.
5.         Community Centre Society - Principles for Operation
1.              Council endorse the concept of community recreation facilities operated jointly by the District and a non-profit Society on a collaborative basis, and that the initial scope, encompass the Community Centre and the Aquatic Centre at the Civic Centre site.
2.              In collaboration with the interim Board, a staff person be assigned by the District with responsibility to operate the facilities, reporting to both the District and the Society.
3.              The Society role be emphasized as adding value to the operation, and the definition of governance in the agreement cover strategic direction and policy, focusing on community services programs including program provision, space allocation, communications, marketing and fund raising.
4.              The Society participate in development of the facility financial plans and in oversight of the approved budget for the facilities.
5.              The initial term of the agreement between the two parties be set at two years with successive renewal terms of 5 years based on the satisfaction of both.
6.              The agreement between the two parties include provision for the Society role to expand to other community recreation facilities and functions over time based on consultation on and approval by Council.
7.              The scheduled 'transition work plan' be approved outlining the activities of the Board and leading to implementation of the society's function in the fall of 2009.
8.              The interim Board be advised that Council supports the incorporation of a society for the governance of the new Community Centre.
9.              Staff be directed to bring forward in September of 2008, the draft Joint Operating Agreement.
6.         Gordon Avenue and Neighbourhood Area Traffic and Streetscape Study - Implementation Plan Phase 2
        RECOMMENDED: THAT Council direct staff to proceed with implementation of Phase 2
7.         Transport 2040 (A Transportation Strategy for Metro Vancouver, Now and in the Future)
RECOMMENDED: THAT Council advise TransLink that they are concerned with the affordability of the Transport 2040 plan and that they are particularly concerned about the continued and possible increased reliance on property tax as a funding source.
8.         Greenhouse Gas Emissions Research in West Vancouver and the British Columbia Climate Action Charter
1.              Council approve ratification by the District of West Vancouver of the British Columbia Climate Action Charter.
2.              Council encourage staff to continue with the exploration of projects designed to mitigate the effects of climate change.
9.         Bear Abatement Measures - Solid Waste Utility Bylaw No. 4118, 1998, Amendment Bylaw No. 4511, 2008
RECOMMENDED: ... be read a first, second, and third time.
10.       Water Utility Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 4570, 2008
        RECOMMENDED:  ...  be read a first, second, and third time.
11.       Community Centre Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 4573, 2008
        RECOMMENDED:    ...  be read a first, second, and third time.
12.       General Local Elections Regulations Bylaw No. 4447, 2005, Amendment Bylaw No. 4571, 2008; and Automated Vote Counting System Authorization and Procedure Bylaw No. 4139, 1999, Amendment Bylaw No. 4572, 2008
RECOMMENDED:  be read a first, second, and third time.
13.       Special Meeting on July 28, 2008 (File:  0120-01)
RECOMMENDED: ... be held immediately after the Public Hearing (which commences at 7pm).
14.      Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
15.       Vancouver Port Authority - Lease Extension for use of rock groynes at Ambleside/Capilano River Mouth
This item was deferred from the July 7, 2008 Council Meeting.
RECOMMENDED:  be received.
16.       Grand National Trail - Use by Cypress Bowl Recreations Limited Partnership for Cross Country Ski Purposes - Licence Extension
This item was deferred from the July 7, 2008 Council Meeting.  RECOMMENDED: ... be received.

17.       Correspondence List -- RECOMMENDED: be received for information.
+  Correspondence received up to June 13, 2008
+  Correspondence received up to June 20, 2008
+  Correspondence received up to June 27, 2008
        (Deferred from the July 7, 2008 Council Meeting)  {Full list in previous WVM}
+  Correspondence received up to July 4, 2008
Requests for Delegation -- No items presented.
Action Required
(59)          July 3, 2008, regarding Wildlife and Garbage Collection
            Referred to Director of Administrative Services for consideration and response.
(60)          July 2, 2008, regarding Spirit Trail
            Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(61)          July 5, 2008, regarding Hugo Ray Park
(62)          36 signatures, undated, regarding Spirit Trail
(63 - 69)   July 1, 2008, regarding Spirit Trail [and some undated]
(70)          July 3, 2008, letter with 52 signatures in relation to Proposed Development at 4360 and 4370 Marine Drive
Responses to Correspondence -- No items presented.
Responses to Questions in Question Period -- No items presented.

===  Can You Pass The Israel-Palestine Quiz?
by Jeffrey Rudolph
22/06/08 "ICH" -- - The Israel-Palestine conflict resonates deeply with many people. Opinions are sharply divided and generally unchangeable. However, as a member of a mainstream Israeli peace group, I often encounter opinionated people who are ignorant of many basic facts. And, while much concerning the conflict remains disputed, there are important, undisputed facts which must underlie any coherent opinion.
Therefore, in the spirit of Senator Daniel Moynihan of New York, who used to remind people that "Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts," I have designed the below quiz which may lead some to reexamine their misconceived opinions. (Indeed, I will deem the quiz a success if it merely reduces the number of times I hear the common refrains of: "the land was empty before the Jews came" and "Barak made a generous offer at Camp David.")
While it is undoubtedly true that carefully selected facts alone do not constitute an informed opinion, answers to the following questions should not be ignored if one is to understand the Israel-Palestine conflict. And, while a strong commitment to a cause can blind some people to contrary facts, I appeal to such people through the words of the famous British economist, John Maynard Keynes: "When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?"
For quiz: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article20152.htm
{There are 25 questions and I only got nine right and even that was by giving myself credit for approximate numbers and percentages if close.}


These Police Comments were taken off actual police car videos around the country. Thank goodness, in spite of the perils of the job, they still have a sense of humor! [no U b/c forwarded from US]
1.  "You know, stop lights don't come any redder than the one you just went through."
2.  "Relax, the handcuffs are tight because they're new. They'll stretch after you wear them a while."
3.  "If you take your hands off the car, I'll make your birth certificate a worthless document."
4.  "If you run, you'll only go to jail tired."
5.  "Can you run faster than 1200 feet per second?  Because that's the speed of the bullet that'll be  chasing you."
6.  "You don't know how fast you were going? I guess that means I can write anything I want to on the  ticket, huh?"
7.  "Yes, sir, you can talk to the shift supervisor, but I don't think it will help. Oh, did I mention that I'm the shift supervisor?"
8.  "Warning! You want a warning? O.K, I'm warning you not to do that again or I'll give you another ticket."
9.  "The answer to this last question will determine whether you are drunk or not. Was Mickey Mouse a cat or a dog?"
10.  "Fair? You want me to be fair? Listen, fair is a place where you go to ride on rides, eat cotton candy and corn dogs, and step in monkey poop."
11.  "Yeah, we have a quota. Two more tickets and my wife gets a toaster oven."
12.  "In God we trust, all others we run through NCIC."
13.  "How big were those 'two beers' you say you had?"
14.   "No sir, we don't have quotas anymore. We used to, but now we're allowed to write as many tickets as we can."
15.  "I'm glad to hear that the Chief (of Police) is a personal friend of yours. So you know someone who can  post your bail."
16.  "You didn't think we give pretty women tickets? You're right, we don't. Sign here."

>  Michael Jordan: If you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up.  Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.
>  Adlai Stevenson: Man is a strange animal.  He generally cannot read the handwriting on the wall until his back is up against it.
>  Albert Einstein: We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.
You know you're an engineer if you have no life and can prove it mathematically.
Alcohol and calculus don't mix. Never drink & derive.
Blessed are the Geeks, for they shall internet the earth.
>  Zen saying: There is no God and you were invented by him.
>  As Dave Barry said: You can only be young once but you can be immature forever.
>  How do you kill a Circus?
                Er, you go for the Juggler.....
QUESTION:  If a turtle doesn't have a shell, is he homeless or naked?