NOTES July 21
Calendar to Aug 5th+

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Saturday August 2nd in Dundarave Park 2 - 4pm
Bring memorabilia; sip tea to the music of the pipes; Reservations 922 4400; See www.royaltea.ca
NB: Thursday night and Friday morning, I'd got the agendas from the DWV website but there were no links; after that I was too busy to complete the agendas let alone the newsletter.
MAIN ITEMS July 28th: Rodgers Crk PH and then to third reading during ccl mtg that follows (bet there'll be another mtg to adopt if the PH is closed!); NB: calculation re Uplift and CBs rather controversial -- who believes that one unit is worth the same as two units even if same sq ftg???; Amb as well as 445 13th Bylaws for adoption; Wetmore site possibilities, according to Planning Dept; Motions aka workplan for Finance Cmte; lots of Correspondence........
=  CALENDAR to August 5th and a bit later (check for changes and updates)
=  Ccl NOTES July 21st: PUBLIC HEARINGS: 445-13th 7pm; Ambleside Town Ctr 7:30pm [Hearings closed]; Ccl Mtg: Amb Town Ctr; DVP 6460 Rosebery; Cmnty Sport WG Interim Report; HBay Firehall Site; Park Exchange Caulfeild Plateau (Martin Corp) -- you have to write to object!; Cmnty Ctr Loan Authorization (info supplied only at mtg); Fees and Charges for Fire and Rescue Permits and Services; Bylaws for Adoption (Solid Waste Utility; Election; Voting; Water Utility Loan Authorization; Road Closure (nbr buys M land for $200K); Ambulance Stn 1542 Fulton; Correspondence (Traffic Safety; see letter 5 re sale of M land figs; Ambleside; Spirit Trail)
=  Ccl AGENDA July 28th
=  Haiku; Quotations; look for RoyalTea-by-the-Sea (attached or separate)

=== Vive le Canada ===
July 27 marks the 55th anniversary of the Korean War Armistice.  Canadian troops were part of the UN force.
.... from the EDITOR'S DESK
...the old order changeth yielding place to new, and God fulfils himself in many ways.....
ah, yes, cdn't help thinking of Tennyson writing about King Arthur....
An exciting time for WV -- A new Dir/Planning, Bob Sokol, in March; a new CAO, Grant McRadu in May; the Fire Chief, Jeff Oates, leaves the end of July; Rick Beauchamp, Dir/Admin Services leaves in August; and Kevin Pike, Dir/Parks, at end of year -- not to mention an election in November.
===   FOODWATCH   ===
A Catalonian chef, Ferran Adia, is considered the world's or Europe's best chef and now is challenged:
...one dish ... is a gently liquefied tea soup, with tiny jasmine and eucalyptus flowers floating on it, like water lilies.   {-- but rice krispies paella???}
===   THEATREWATCH   ===  Shakespeare -- who else in the summer???
+  From the NYT, here's a review of Jess Winfield's book called, Will I am (publishing date July 27).
An excerpt:
What a piece of work! But there's no need to strain the quality of mercy: as one of Willie's acquaintances proclaims, "iamb what iamb!" There's a word for this sort of relentless horseplay, and Winfield has coined it: "irritainment".
Reading the review led me to watch Hamlet (done in under a minute, clickable in the article
and from there I watched R & J in thirty seconds, Othello done in Rap, and all 16 of Shakespeare's comedies done as one on an IKEA ferry.
Bardheads -- Enjoy!
+  Speaking of the Bard, tix to Bard on the Beach going fast.  C's potted guide: The Tempest tops b/c of creativity, acting, and original composition (Tempest Trio, live on stage); Twelfth Night nudging Tempest b/c v funny;  the rarely performed Titus Andronicus for those not afraid of gore lifted from total depression; and then King Lear for an unusual interpretation.
===   UPDATES   ===
o  Ambleside Concession
A Reader enquired about the uncertain status of the Ambleside concession.   The Director of Parks has indicated that complications related to the transition from the previous concessionaire to an interim operator pending future plans for the Ambleside concession/restaurant facility unfortunately delayed the opening. Parks says it is now open.
o  Request for Proposal for Engineering/Consulting Services for Hugo Ray Park
        For the design of an artificial turf field for Hugo Ray Park in West Vancouver
o  Artist Brian Romer Displays Works at Municipal Hall
Update on Fisherman's Cove Fuel Distribution Float
Forest Fire Danger Rating: The warmer weather is moving the Forest Fire Danger Rating to High
o DWV's Parks Dept's Plant/Garden Nursery makes a profit:
Marine Drive Gateway Project: Paving Marine Drive by Park Royal July 23 - 27, and more
===   WEBWATCH   ===
** US man charged for shooting mower **  A man in the US state of Wisconsin is arrested after shooting his lawn mower because it would not start. <http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/em/fr/-/2/hi/americas/7526628.stm >
{Your Editor wonders how long his computer will last.}
===   NEWSWATCH   ===
+  NASA's 50th anniversary July 27  +  Zimbabwe's inflation over 2.2M%?  +

===  CALENDAR to Aug 5th+  === [at Hall unless otherwise noted; pls confirm to make sure no changes]
Farmers' Markets: Dundarave Sat, Ambleside Sun; Concerts by the Sea Sunday evenings, Ambleside Landing

***  HARMONY ARTS FESTIVAL AUG 1 - 10  *** http://www.harmonyarts.ca/ongoing_events.htm

 ~ RoyalTea-by-the-Sea Dundarave Park Sat 2pm Aug 2nd ~
+++  WV MEMORIAL LIBRARY +++  The Library is closed Sundays July through Labour Day.
Gallery at the Library presents...   June 2 to July 31
        Photographs: Recent work by Rob Will, Laura Clark, Michelle Demers, and Roman Kralovic.
Thursday August 7 -- Movie Night at the Library
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. {Cdn spelling is Travelling}Based on the novel by Ann Brashares. 6 pm, details.
Fridays -- 10:30 - noon -- English Corner -- Practise English conversation. Every Friday, from now until August 30. Elizabeth Musto Room. For info call: Fariba Rocker, 604 506 6616.
Harmony Showcase Exhibition --  August 1 - 17 --  Mixed Media Exhibition; 30 artists
OPENING NIGHT: Friday August 1st from 6 to 8pm
+++ SILK PURSE +++  (1570 Argyle) www.silkpurse.ca
August 1 - 10, 2008  "Harmony Arts Festival"
A mixed multi-media exhibit throughout the ten-day Harmony Arts Festival featuring two and three dimensional mixed-media art by local North Shore Artists.
Opening Reception: FRIDAY -- August 1st from 5 to 9pm
+++  WV MUSEUM +++  Visit: http://www.westvanmuseum.blogspot.com/
Selwyn Pullan -- Position the New -- Photographs from 1945 -1975 [CLOSES Sept 20]
This retrospective demonstrates the photographer's intimate connection to the development of modernism on the West Coast of Canada and highlights the social, economic, and cultural forces that changed the face of Vancouver and the region during the post-war boom.

+++ Don't forget to check out www.kaymeekcentre.com +++
You now can book online and pay by credit card!
Fiona Spalding-Smith presents in the BC Museum of Mining's Machine Shop an art exhibit called Buddha's Eye -- Reflections on the Rocks of Hornby Island. This is a collection of 31 abstract photographs of the coastal rocks of British Columbia. Fiona says "I've always thought of rocks as ancient architecture of the world. Natural structures have been here since time immemorial and as our oldest witnesses they have a lot to say. Rock formations have always fascinated me and since childhood I have been on an endless quest to find new discoveries in stone.
Copper & Fire will "showcase dynamic treasures of the earth" through interactive exhibits and art demonstrations such as copper sculpting, glass shaping, pottery, jewellery making, blacksmithing -- all activities that require fire or metal to create fine treasures. Event sponsorship includes EPCOR, AMEBC and Northwest Landscape and Stone Supply plus grant support from the SLRD and Department of Canadian Heritage.
This year, The Men of the Deeps the world-renowned choir of working and retired Cape Breton, Nova Scotia coal miners will perform at the BC Museum of Mining in the historic Mill #3 building after Copper and Fire. The concert is made possible through BC150 and Teck Cominco.
"BC150 is about celebrating all of the things that set British Columbia apart -- our cultural diversity, achievement and the strength of our communities -- and this chorus of coal miners is a fitting addition to BC150," said Tourism, Sport, and the Arts Minister Stan Hagen. "From coal mines to copper mines, large-scale operations to historical mining communities, British Columbia's mining industry is an important part of our collective history and deserves to be remembered and celebrated."
The Vancouver-based diversified mining company Teck Cominco is matching the Province's $50,000 in funding for the Men of the Deeps tour. Teck Cominco is also funding the production of a video, Mining in British Columbia: Its History and Its Future, which will precede each performance, offering audiences a glimpse into the contributions the mining industry has made to British Columbia's history and how the industry is moving forward in a community-focused, sustainable manner.
For Tickets call 1-604-815-4073 or Toll Free 1-866-640-9881
Adults/Seniors $35.00; Students (16 and Under) $20.00; Tix are available at the BC Museum of Mining Gift Shop

=== CCL PH/MTG NOTES July 21st ===
{PLEASE NOTE: The mtg jumped between PH and ccl mtg back to PH, then again to ccl mtg; there was applause after speakers but that is not noted this time.  Also, b/c of the jumping around and incompleteness of my notes, timestamps are put in so you can watch that part of the mtg to find out exactly what was said.  Will have to check the DWV minutes b/c I can't always see and without a polled vote, can't always tell who voted against but know VV and Sop did a few times.} 
                7pm (Adjourned from April 21, 2008 Public Hearing/Public Meeting)
1.                  CALL TO ORDER 
            OFFICIAL COMMUNITY PLAN BYLAW NO. 4360, 2004, AMENDMENT BYLAW NO. 4541, 2007; ZONING BYLAW NO. 2200, 1968, AMENDMENT BYLAW NO. 4540, 2007; AND DEVELOPMENT PERMIT APPLICATION NO. 07-027 (regarding 445-13th Street)
DEVELOPMENT PERMIT APPLICATION NO. 07-027 (re 445-13th Street)
Planning Staff will describe the subject application with respect to the proposed bylaws and development permit application as listed above:
Applicant:  Irca Enterprises Ltd.
Subject Lands:  445 - 13th Street (Lot A, Block 15, District Lot 237, Plan 7625)
Purpose:  To provide for [four] two-storey townhouse units, with [eight] parking spaces under the building.  The parking would be accessed from 13th Street.
Proposed Official Community Plan Amendment:  To amend Policy LE 2 to enable consideration of a rezoning of this mixed commercial-residential zoned property to allow a residential-only use.
Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment:  To rezone the subject lands from C2 (Commercial Zone) to a new R.M.L. 20 (Multiple Dwelling Zone (Low Density)).
Proposed Development Permit:  To regulate the form and character of development to build upon the Town Centre character of Ambleside.
1)         Reports to Council received up to July 17, 2008:
S. Mikicich, Sr. Community Planner: March 7, 2008, March 17, 2008
S. Mikicich, Sr. Community Planner: April 18, 2008, April 21, 2008
2)         Correspondence received up to July 17, 2008:
J. Robertson, V. Johnson, R & C Ash (one letter); E.D. Harper; K. Parker; R. Wilson; J. Rothwell; J. Derham-Reid
The Public Hearing/Public Meeting was held on April 21, 2008 and adjourned to July 21, 2008.
7.         PUBLIC INPUT -- Mayor Goldsmith-Jones will call for Public Input.
Mayor: no one on sign-up list; anyone in gallery wishing to speak? [Called three times; no one]
{MS deferred; Mayor said you're the one who wants to move things along and then asked Cclr Clark to move closure}
Sop: adjourn?
Mayor: thought to close...
Sop: wd seem prudent to adjourn on basis of Amb, go ahead or not; other info to listen to; wd think not right to close it at this time
Mayor: okay, thank you
VV: I agree with Cclr Soprovich; public have drawn to our attention that we shdn't really hold PHs in July and August when so many are away, so if we open at this time of year, we shd offer courtesy and  leave it open till Labour Day so time to consider it.  Adjourn rather than close.
MS: we've had two PHs on this; no one stepping forward with new; applicant anxious to close and go ahead with another project so I agree with Cclr Clark's motion to close.
Mayor: anything further?
Sop: whatever direction we end up with in Amb; this concept has had an interplay with what we do in Amb; if it is a devt going ahead of the Amb devt; we can close it off but then we can receive not further info, it's a dead issue.  Residents after seeing what we're doing in Amb might, will say, I want to renew my emphasis on this particular structure or others.  If you close it off you can't receive any further information from anybody.
RD: we've had considerable public input on this already; it's farily small; wd still fit in with modified Amb plan; think we shd close
Mayor: debate after closing PH.
[CARRIES with VV and Sop opposed; 7:11]
Mayor (b/c next PH won't start until 7:30): we've got 20 minutes before the next PH; let's move to the ccl mtg
{Go to Ccl Mtg, Items 1 - 3, 12 - 16}
RD: adding to 4 and 5, and 6; item 10 LoanAuth Bylaw; new item  11.1; item 13, 19.1 to Corresp List
2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES: July 7, 2008 Regular Council Meeting; and July 7, 2008 Public Hearing.
3.         Dr. K. McLeod & M. Naruki-van Velzen, regarding Healthy Living Program (File:  0120-01)
Dr K McL:... info about this program; NV, want to bring to WV
as a doctor saw 30 patients wrt heart over weekend
ppl count on medication but need to improve fitness; fat doesn't mean not fit
link with rec ctrs; hope funding neutral
NV hired kinesiologist for $50K but recouped $45K so cost was about $2500 each for CNV and DNV; and we cd get that down
not asking for a specific dollar; if support this sort of programming, if DWV staff receptive as other Ms, wd be support to do that
want to get some Ccl mbrs to come through for their own assessmts.
[VV moved thanks]
Mayor: refer to Mr Pike's staff
JF: and to new Cmnty Ctr
Mayor: move to Item 12
BYLAWS for Adoption
12.       Solid Waste Utility Bylaw No. 4118, 1998, Amendment Bylaw No. 4511, 2008  DONE
13.       General Local Elections Regulations Bylaw No. 4447, 2005, Amendment Bylaw No. 4571, 2008 
RD: move this be rescinded; move further amended according to report July 18 xxxx
then third reading of amended bylaw
14.       Automated Vote Counting System Authorization and Procedure Bylaw No. 4139, 1999, Amendment Bylaw No. 4572, 2008 DONE
15.       Water Utility Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 4570, 2008 DONE
16.       Road Closure and Removal of Highway Dedication Bylaw No. 4548, 2008 
Add'l Information Report: Road Closure/Removal of Highway Dedication Bylaw -- 3580 Westmount Court
VV: moved adoption
Mayor: adjourn ccl mtg to be reconvened after PH on Amb

                7:30pm (Adjourned from July 7, 2008 Public Hearing)
                The Council Meeting will commence immediately following the Public Hearing.
1.         CALL TO ORDER
7:30: Cclr Clark withdrew b/c of perceived conflict of interest
            Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4543, 2008; and Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4544, 2008 (File:  1610-20-4543/4544)
            Planning Staff will describe the proposed bylaws.
The District of West Vancouver initiated the Ambleside Town Centre Strategy project following the adoption of the Official Community Plan (OCP) in 2004. The District is now proposing to update the Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw in accordance with the policy direction arrived at through the Ambleside Town Centre Strategy project discussions and debates.
1)         Reports to Council received up to July 17, 2008:
S. Nicholls, Associate Director of Major Projects: May 16, 2008, May 26, 2008
B. Sokol, Director of Planning, Lands and Permits: June 5, 2008, June 16, 2008
B. Sokol, Director of Planning, Lands and Permits: June 27, 2008, July 7, 2008
C. Parsons, Urban Design Planner: July 11, 2008, July 21, 2008
2)         Correspondence received up to July 17, 2008: [long list including from ADRA]
        The Public Hearing was held on July 7, 2008 and adjourned to July 21, 2008.
Sokol: Ccl requested further information[slide with nine points]; hand over to Colette Parsons
CP: 14th and Clyde parking lot
Village Sq: retain parking lot to ensure continuous parking for VSq.
Masonic is CU4 zone now, can be cmnty use, daycare, etc; one to west is a 12-storey tower, and across, a power station.  Real challenge.  Felt Ccl might consider five storeys; at Ccl's discretion cd accept or reject when time came asking for rezoning; recommend a view analysis.
ppl spoke from Wedgewood Terrace on Duchess and there's quite a grade drop, 35ft, so cd be 55ft so cd accommodate; proposed we reconfirm BFC4.10 and view analysis.
Town Square in first concept but through discussions and with adjacent nbrs, withdrew it.
The proposed OCP bylaws read in June did not include any mention of a town square
Ccl reaffirm that a town square not be included at 14th and Marine
Parking was brought up [slide v hard to read]; did some work with Bunt & Assoc as to what we need for the area; wanted to ensure in street design, items specific to parking.  This is BFC4.8 last three bullets (but they don't come out v clearly).
Special Sites -- will turn over to Bob
Sokol: three; confusion about these
chosen for three reasons: 60Ksf or larger; strategic positions; under one ownership or one xxx
80Ksf is C2Commercial CR2Commercial -- former gas stn, police stn
60Ksf, C2Comm larger the Village Sq
1600block 60Ksf, zoned C2 Comm -- existing Safeway store; zoning will remain until someone comes forward; anyone who came forward wd hv to go through a DP process; staff is not aware of any plans for these sites; BFC4 process -- have to come forward wrt 1.75 being proposed for Amb.
what is proposed, amenities, parking; gallery space; Ccl wd decide whether or not to move forward.
xxx in sync with public receiving
public amenities wd be negotiated
take up to a year to complete; public notice min of 100 metres; public input
CP: 1590 Bellevue; owner requested a change from Comm to AC2 zone wch allows for greater residential, in fact all residential.  When considering this we fell back on our old OCP policies.  One was to strengthen the connections between waterfront and comm; keep comm on xxx that we don't have enough of
John Lawson Park to west, then Silk Purse and Music Box
Staff saw opp for commercial xxx; reaffirm
Height: some concern expressed July 7
where is four-storey possible? limited situations; we have certain criteria 120ft wide front 14400sf or greater and a grade change from front to back, min of 8ft
looked at all sites and cd only find one that fitted[sic] that description
currently only one that fits; aware cd consolidate to meet that criteria
small sites with a lot of small owners; not nec consolidate quickly but anticipate some
2004 when OCP brought fwd, concern about providing certainty to cmnty; biz and prop owners
some came out of Hollyburn Med Bldg
looking at updating regulations; providing certainty for residents and owner
Design: we're looking for great bldgs in Amb, last into future, so felt some flexibility in height
open terraced bldgs, open decks; by allowing a little bit more height, step them back, privacy and view issues; more slender bldgs rather than squat shallower bldgs; allows more variability in design.
Our existing OCP zoning allows for two-storey bldgs with a provision for three; we're talking about incremental change -- three with possibility for four, criteria to be met
[7:50pm]  two conditions: typical two to three storey (slides showing side view)
even if bldgs meet criteria still need to meet parking requirements
Overhead Wires: concern; clarified with gentleman who made comment
really along rlwy track; in 1988 with beautification most were underground, some initial work by Engg wrt cost.  It's about $1000 a metre to underground, it's really a transmission line, 3/4km so that's $750K
consider a modification to the policy C 4.8 add a bullet ensure that future devts consider the issue of undergrounding as part of a benefit package.  That wd be a change
Lastly, the 1800block
kind of unique street; sgl fam resid abut immediately across the lane
even-numbered houses on south side of Duchess; main floor 3 or 4ft above lane level except at eastern end where it's 8ft
views are already impacted by waterfront resid towers part of the high rise area; they get peekaboo views; they were requesting some things from Ccl
This [slide] is of the area; alternative proposal to setback from lane
add'l setback of 4ft; when residents came in they requested 10ft at the land first and 20ft at the second storey; staff is supportive of that
modify the rear setback, to 10ft at first storey and 20ft at second -- so staff recommends that
There's a minor error -- slide shows corrected to four storeys on Marine and three storeys on the lane
Sop: why not concession in the 13, 14, 15, 1600 blocks -- those are residents, why not same consideration of reduction
Sokol: in general ground floor living space, in multifam lobby, parking
Sop: that's debatable
Mayor: but not with staff
JF: wrt increase in setbacks, but that doesn't change FAR?
CP: yes, stays same; when looking at concept brought fwd by residents, one concern b/c density not changing, someone might try to maximize density on lane frontage; under zoning cd build zero lot line to zero lot line, cd; so felt better to push mass a bit higher, then deal with view issues
5.         PUBLIC INPUT [8:03]
Rob Harrington (owner of West Van Florist): am going to read my submission
a little bit of misinformation -- mentioned that WVF is for sale, it is not.
still in a little shock that after all the input, WG, reports, studies, still have to defend to Ccl.
mandates to create sustainable nbrhds
WV Ccl does not...  look out
urban sprawl is out, sustainability is in
balance between nature, ppl, and the economy; can't be sustained without all these three
hoping for a new beginning; four-storey bldgs an absolute minimum
need for far more density; yet July 7 xxxxxx
not a time to play politics, need to .... best for cmnty
little change for decades;  plan...  need a home....  ppl are the cornerstone of .....
Amb shd have it all but it doesn't; b/c it lacks customers
49500sf the north side is .... road to revit;  homes and amenities for
urge Ccl to vote yes; any result downzoning vehemently opposed
> Randy Wong of Vancouver: {biz} 1849 Marine
need high quality ...tenants not just PkR; Amb on Pk R; old tired and worn out....
ev currently leaves, for shopping, noise,.... pollution air noise congestion 8:10
walk increase health, better cmnty see each other more
join 21st century; needs quality stuck back in I love Lucy, ..... and My Favourite Martian
if views, nothing wd be built, including homes
M Hall built here affected the view of nbring residents
apts complain but they block others' views so not reasonable for them to complain
revit core, create a sense of cmnty; self-sustaining; is Amb?  No
don't provide quality and depth of goods Amb required
current 1950s quality .... financially unattractive, revit won't happen
1300 to 1800 do not serve Amb fully so downsizing to 1500/1700 serve them less
ask AC2 zoning for 1800 block be passed unchanged
> David Thomas: live at Monteverdi; four storeys where appropriate like my friend Randy, some props from Perry Mason
[puts lumber on table in centre of horseshoe and looks/speaks toward gallery as audience]
Mayor: you're addressing Ccl actually
DT, laying out 2 by 4s, varying lengths: this is the ground floor -- a wood bldg by the way, this is the second floor
one bldg on one side, and one on the other
Mayor: excuse me, you're addressing Ccl
DT: pardon me.  [Thud, bump, thud. Moving wood pieces]  So you have a three-storey bldg, lane to lane [more bldg blocks, stepping up]
instead of have gardens here and here and view corridors, so bldg looks better; light and private space
Cclr Sop asked if effect on view and shadowing and if I cd point out -- on this slide you can see 12-storey bldg, this is on Google earth, shadow on lane, and this four-storey bldg hardly seen crosses the lane
get a better looking bldg and virtually little shadowing or view
> Alan Shapiro:  realtor, here wrt Hollyburn Funeral Home
expressing objections; it's a downzoning of their prop and even though not looking to redevt wd affect relocating; North side of 1800 shd not be treated differently from
> Linda Sherwood: live on Duchess; presentation on behalf of myself and two nbrs
feel uncomfortable responding on this on behalf of nbrs.....
am requesting this portion of the agenda be postponed to Sept so nbrs can comment
we are in support of revit of Amb
consideration of surrounding residents as well
app the time and flexibility Ccl and staff have shown in consideration of Duchess and XXXX nbrhd
pleased wrt setback N side of MDrive as requested
refers to Hollyburn Medical xxx ;  wd hv bn unacceptable
secondly accept analysis wrt FAR and sloping sites, box-like wd not be tolerable to us nor wd it be aesthetically plsing to rest of cmnty
pg 8 of see [C?] section A
to assure .... whether superior design been achieved.... views strategic views
we have been assured today by DWV staff that xxx
assume Option 2 will include a reference to .... criteria, BFC4.1
our main concern: light and privacy not dealt with in xxx shd be included in the evaluation criterion
further we want to be included.... in future design mtgs wrt 1800, landscaping on lane, structures on roof, etc
> Peter Morley: live on Duchess; speak in support of Linda's request delay until rest of residents have heard, why four wd be better than three for residents
loss of privacy and looming bldgs
a number of ppl were away and I was away until 4pm this afternoon; another resident is in France an back next week; delay until at least Colette Parsons cd meet, not particularly against but wd like to understand it
> Mary Sherrett: live on Fulton; wd like to summarize my letter
wd like to adjourn to Sept; shd WV shut down b/c ppl go away in summer?
info available for some time
completely nec to postpone all biz b/c summer; thank you for
interested in opinions last Monday
value character and charm -- look at my 1940s home to
to maintain need to xxxx
sometimes a fresh start needed; not a Rodeo Drive
in current state has failed to reach potential; clear improvement on existing bylaws
> Keith Pople: Director of ADRA and PWV but the comments tonight are my own.
Amb Village a key component of our cmnty; low profile bldgs, [sunlit] streets, proximity to waterfront; distinguishes it from rest of GVRD.
favoured location for many civic events; bldgs showing their age and something shd be done to revit the area; remember we've got something v special, shd be done with grt deal of care
The OCP recommendations are approp; reduce vacancy rates, etc however rezoning recommendations appear to permit zoning wch wd radically alter sunlight, low profile of the village' these cd allow even larger than those across from Cap Mall; visualize these lining both sides of street from 13th to 18th
ADRA's mbrship survey; had many mtgs; conclusion, bldg height shd be limited to two storeys on S side and three on N (not three on S and four on N as allowed in proposed amendments).
Many successful biz areas with these limitations, such as Cornwall, Robson, Edgemont av one and a half).  Openness and sunlight.  Monster bldgs like monster houses are inhospitable.
One, two, and occasional three in above areas, surely we don't need four in Amb.
Zoning amendment shd be amended to two on S and three on N; and make sure adeq parking for add'l residential anticipated.
> Dr Rob Scott:  need for a multidisciplinary ctr n WV and we're looking for a location.
Romanow Commission recommendation pooling resources of medical talent in one location.
BC Ministry of Health went further, IHNs -- Integrated Health Networks
A group of us as family doctors have interest in a WV Medical Ctr, all family doctors and wd include specialists, a men's health clinic, a women's health clinic, a skin care clinic; a PET-scan group interested; a private MRI interested; maybe an OR; problem trying to address, getting together to deal with chronic disease mgmt.
> CR: Editor, West Van Matters
{Chairs blocked way} Difficult to get up here; will try to read my notes.
Mayor: address?
CR (of WVM): Ste 300, 1497 Marine Dr
Please accept my request for more information
What I'd like more clarification on please, is it a blanket rezoning, an FAR increase.
Will it be fair? -- IOW so that it isn't the case that those with larger properties or those who can assemble properties will be allowed more FAR, more density, or whatever; and I'd like that clarified pls
{but they don't}
wrt the policy of cmnty benefits and amenities, will this always be applied, even if they have that blanket upzoning from the base?
It wd be appreciated if there cd be a clear and complete presentation on how this policy wd promote village character, encourage keeping our small shops, be pedestrian-friendly, faciliate views and pathways to the waterfront.
{No answer to this either}
Will there always be public input for every redevt as we have now?  I don't think we want to lose that.
{No answer to this either}
WRT the south side of Bellevue, in the 1500 block, some years ago -- and Cclr Day will remember this -- that property along there was purchased from BCR specifically for public parking, so if you're going to change it now you might want to look into what arrangement was made and under what condition that land was released from BCR.
On the Safeway site, if I heard correctly from Colette Parsons, it said what they have to do above 1.75, and that's what made me think about... are they already going to be given this higher FAR and then it's only cmnty benefits above that? or do we ask for some sort of cmnty benefits/amenities to go from what they are now, up to this 1.75? hence the importance of asking about the blanket rezoning and that.  We want to encourage the small businesses and shops, but we also want to have some CBs from that.
The other thing is, I really do join and agree with everybody who wishes this cd hv bn over by now.  It is long overdue, and it is unfortunate that govts, by their v nature move slowly, and I know that we all wish that the revitalization wd hv bn finished by now, but that's just one of those things.
When somebody mentions there've been lots of reports... Yes, there have, but the nature of public business is, that many ppl, many residents, are only now with the PH, starting to be aware of what's going on and the possibilities.  So whereas the information and opportunities hv bn there for a long time, many ppl really haven't availed themselves of that until now, and it's b/c of that although I do agree that we want this to move as quickly as possible, I do agree with those who want it adjourned to September for more time and more ideas, and addressing these things.
Thank you v much for your consideration.
> Frank Rutter [text supplied]:
Thank you, Madam Mayor, members of Council, Ladies & Gentlemen. I am  Frank Rutter of 740 Burley Drive. And I am  disappointed with the report from staff we have tonight. I believe staff have not properly considered major concerns expressed on July 7 and certainly not acted on them. The changes proposed in the report --  there are really only two -- are minuscule tinkering. No major change is suggested. The two big concerns in Ambleside in my opinion are height of buildings   and traffic management. Neither is adequately addressed. There remain three select sites plus the Masonic Hall excluded from general zoning provisions. There remain loopholes big enough to drive a five-storey building through - maybe even much bigger. The only suggestion - not a recommendation -  from staff is that maybe a 4-storey allowance be removed from the zoning bylaw and put in the OCP  -  that's worse! - even more flexible, meaning potentially even more exceptions. Staff  assert they know of no proposals to consolidate building sites - but there jolly well soon will be I can assure you and I know of one.  As for traffic in my opinion there should be a moratorium on any major development until there is a sensible, comprehensive and environmentally sound traffic plan. I also believe   that it would be better  to have a single zone with fully defined rules that will not be altered to suit any applicant for redevelopment or any site for nonconformity. We must have a coherent, friendly, community core where people come first and history and heritage are preserved. Thank you.
> Elaine Fonseca: overflowing crowd at last Hearing; more than 40 speakers; care and passionate abou cmnty
those speakers concerned most height, density, and disappearing village atmosphere
heard we must grow, we must change -- says who?  devprs? architects who do biz, want more density, that's who
Amb is not dead; it's a myth; I'm in the village most days
Tools and Techniques was mentioned going out of biz, hinted b/c of less traffic
owner told me she has been there for 25 years at same location,25 years is a success story
same, Chez Michel, Carmelo's 25 years, full house most nights; Flight Ctr there b/c of all the foot traffic
coffee shops busy, so are veggie stores, so are banks
good stores/biz stay and the not-so-good ones go
and for those who need a bit more action in the evening, go across town; or the Silk Purse on Argyle has wonderful concerts, local talent most Tues or Thurs evenings; Saltaire has jazz as does the Ocean by the Black Tower
Amb is not dead -- maybe a bit sleepy, but it's not dead, and maybe that's the way we want it.
>Sarah Baker: came into this late b/c
lived here for six years in 1990s, on Bowen came back as many do when chn go to high school
v involved Ferry Bldg, Harmony Arts
in NSNews, nothing mentioned in amenity package about diversity .....
[on Bowen] I started an affordable housing.... we were becoming West Van Lite, wch is not looked well upon; social diversity
when these sites get developed, new
was convinced, persuaded that three and four storeys way to go but add density; increase density if you're going to go up
amenity of affordable housing, not social, more affordable  ... diversity
not healthy
social sustainability, all ages, all incomes, all ....; make room for everyone of all incomes
> Karen Schuler: representing Millennium Devts; own three properties on MDr
more flexibility sust socially and environmentally; help revitalize the corridor
> Andrew Pottinger [~8:50]: representing WV Chamber of Commerce in 1800 block MDr
dedicated to enhancing  biz, with 300 mbrs, leading; promote healthy climate
view of the directors critical.....
[On WG] Chamber was represented; well thought out mix
town ctr not performing as it shd; will lose more biz if more not done without ....
past useful life; unsuitable for many .... biz; growing prob of relevance
looking forward, like the plans as an asset; pedestrian-friendly links
add'l foot traffic; multifaceted biz experience
wrt BIA proposal, good track record therefore support this as long as biz agree to support
ongoing to support renewal; upgrade and improve street fronts
planning guidelines .... risk ....
clear from number of ..... there are impediments
limit to three and four storeys with offices on second and residences on third and fourth ..... improve viability of customer base
one of our directors.... financially feasible; many businesses will be start-up
wrt larger scale devt on larger sites, new focal points
height not nec a bad thing; carefully....;     views never guaranteed; seems quite sensitive to
Chamber supports capturing CBs
these calculations shd be carefully ...
asking and hoping ..... taking risks
approach conservative, approp to slower economic times as well as
real parallel with Clyde east of TW had deteriorated; Ccl wisely decided to  xxx
as a result, this area is transforming; v high quality businesses
socially envmtally,  ...
urge endorse plan and more forward -- plan July 7, have not had time to consider recommendations from staff
Mayor: no one further on the list; anyone wishing to speak; can't see down hallway.
Mayor: Cclr F
JF: [mumble mumble]
Mayor: wd you speak into the microphone, I can't hear you.
JF moved submissions be received and hearing closed
Mayor: wd be approp to have questions now b/c if closed
Sop: OCP and Zoning amendments; starting with recommendations that are parts of
Mayor: debating whether to close and then discuss in reg
Mayor: close wdn't say that
Mayor: ask Dir/Planning ....
Sokol: ask yourselves if sufficient info to close, report or answer questions now?
Mayor: not sure ....
RD: as one of the speakers said, statement of fact, if this plan goes ahead be like area around Capilano Mall; hunch is you'll say can't b/c 1.75
Sokol: not 100% familiar with area, but max wd be 1.75, some four if sloping site
RD: most cases three-storey bldgs and you're okay with that
Sokol: yes consistent with over years and WG
RD: four
Sokol: sites with over 120ft of frontage
CP: 14,400sf
Sokol: only one site close; bldgs not four storeys without a lot of props aggregating
sure it wd not happen to ev parcel
RD: with land assembled, higher than four storeys
Sokol: up to four storeys
RD: if land assembled and apply for four stores, considerable public inout?
Sokol: public input, devt permit
VV: wrt parking study by Bunt & Assoc 2005; wd cost ~ $1M to ....
is that the amt of money that wd be involved? am I correct no such money in our budget?
CP: I looked for clarification on it; went back to document and did word search
there was no money associated with the Bunt report
not a number we're familiar with; can't verify where amt came from; never worked with any numbers; worked with Engg Dept

{Perhaps a better use of staff time, and wd take less time, simply to call Bunt & Assoc and ask if they put a figure to their traffic study.  And if not, why didn't Ccl (or staff) ask for one at the time.  A report without costing might be regarded as incomplete, no?}

VV: focusing on reorganizing the parking already there
shd be a multistorey parking structure
just confirming in a situation no study really done or sum set aside
rather like a report, not been done
wait for a new bldg to come and then follow the formula; all just sort of biz as usual with no strategy; just want to be clear that's where we are
Mayor: further questions for staff?
Sop: looking at smaller sites, setback from lane
if want to go up two storeys, give ability to have space for parking?
CP: it is a requirement -- must meet parking requirements on site
have provided for some of the smaller able to increase a nominal amt say 10% ...
if have to have it at grade, have to make work within site
Sop: if within present zoning wd hv to make application to rezone; wd have to have public hearing and a process; what are they allowed to build on those sites today?
Sokol: depends
CP: under current zoning for C2, two storeys with possibility of three storeys ... parking stalls ...
Mayor: given one example where four storeys possible; state three have to ...
you'd have to .... [9:08] give that suggestion
Sokol: specific changes to bylaw amendments; change to xxxx
changing language -- if good design
wd have to be in OCP fourth storey if good design
Mayor: can we?
Sokol: as Ccl...... you cd ask, density wd stay same as 1.75
{No one cd speak after Ccl started debating but I cdn't help wondering and may ask: good design in whose opinion?  will there be a process or cmte for that???}

***  (BACK TO) REGULAR COUNCIL AGENDA -- 9:09 (after PH closed)
4. Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4543, 2008 - Ambleside Town Centre
        Information to be provided.
JF: you'd like us to deal with each of these separately?
Mayor: on floor, one at a time
JF: it has been a long time; been planning thinking for many years
cmnty has been involved ev step of the way and public has been heard
bylaws before us excellent; great deal of support throughout the cmnty
from an environmental POV, green bldgs
improved financial impact once proposal come to light
WVites need to know and understand; tax base; most borne by residential
enormous amt to strengthen cmnty, social interaction
kinds of expectations from design guidelines; what wd accommodate views
imp to keep in mind wrt height it's only 2ft higher than present 35ft, will be 37ft
more positive
doesn't answer ev single aspect wrt parking....
allow cmnty interaction expect ..... bode well for kind of acceptance and support will bring
will support and encourage others to do the same
RD: do support recommendations; in cases where you might go to four storeys, wd like to put under item 7, Design Panel; we have now from 2 to 3 then from 3 to 4
Sokol: bylaw to 4 with design
RD: CIBC 1.75, one-storey bldg but flat, slopes you might consider a fourth storey
not going to be huge like Cap Mall
considering like Hollyburn Medical Ctr, IGA; good design, xxx
if you like HMC you'll like what we're doing here
smaller lots will remain two to three and can do that today
we do have Devt Permits; each will be adequately reviewed by the public; continue to have public input
in terms of 18th St lot, have a lot of sympathy with the residents there
I have no objections to three storeys on N side
.... wd allow for better views
personally go to three storeys fine with me four xxx
like thing Mem Park, get away from lane; a lot of discussion, input, ......xxx
funky Amb, my wife and I have enjoyed it for 42 years
don't think you'll see a lot of change; wd not like to do anything to damage Amb, I love Amb v much
that's what I have in mind
VV: tried to follow logic of what ev presented
efforts to revit been going on for a long time; what does it mean? more ppl, more cars?
well, more foot ... [9:20]...  can't get more on sidewalk if can't park
anyone.... when I approach ...
don't need to know how much xxx
depends on how attractive and availability of .... and .... prices
rents higher, so potential value for money won't be as good
see a lot of disconnect from objectives
and methods
mbrs of public in signif numbers not happy with opposition of WG and said so on many occasions
reside only ...
lose the chance, a medical complex
haven't got a location for an art gallery or museum, but closing the door b/c xxx
interested in what Chamber says, and xxx
well, going to have residences on top so more....  shop till they drop
thousands already there -- ten, 20 or 50 more won't make a signif diff
wd like to see Amb revitalized, but I don't see what's in front of me is going to accomplish that
think it's too bad we're not doing things .....;  think worth achieving
Mayor: Cclr Sop
Sop: well I wanted to be last
MS: you're never last at anything
Sop: if we go ahead with some of these progs
see an instant recall of new bldgs and reconstituted seven or eight block area
one wonders why biz owners haven't come forward to date 9:24
and not my concern owner can't make money off his bldg
my daily routine as a shopper
to have an ambiance, streetscape, plentiful we refer to Dund
.... installed new lights, hanging baskets, many things over the years
b/c of the smaller bldgs and there are many of them
one storey, a lot of character
who owns these bldgs? will they ever do anything?
... wd that invigorate them?
are we going to provide...... parking will we truly do that?
with a 30ft setback, you do have sunny and parking areas; concerned about going up too high, it's the massing that does it
get to the back your 4ft, and xxx
if you continue all down the street wd it block the sunlight
have looked from 16th down to Police Stn and most of the bldgs, there's an evenness out there, some height lower but not v much
some bldgs have gone ahead of late, processes, built and appreciated xxx
...what's before us
a couple of other things, any amenities owner have to acquire, whether all uplift or %age of construction cost, he's going to [shove? throw?] that through to the renter, going to be passed on; to the ppl renting the premises
as Cclr V said, are we going to bring magic to this area....
area I have concern with 15th and Bellevue, 14th and Marine -- Walker bldg, I 've appreciated design; some living upstairs
I'm a realist and I don't see any of these accommodations as inexpensive
high-priced real estate, that's okay, I don't have any prob with that
I don't want to see more than three storeys on N side so I'm not going to support that
S side, see some sameness in bldgs now three storeys
right, preserve your commercial space now and forever more
won't support resid to bottom floor; couple of storeys on top...
process now PH  ... nothing wrong with that
go ahead with AC2;  going to be an acceptance locked in place
go by way of a Devt Permit -- come to Ccl and already said and done; nothing to discuss?
only formal process on those three sites; can't go that route
MS: my family moved to WV in 1955 an at that time Pk Royal S didn't exist and PkR N was a strip mall....
Amb was the village; theatre.....; had paper route, coffee shops,... ; village was alive, heart of the cmnty
don't know whether just sleepy, certainly no life there in the evening
go to cmnty ctr for a workout, walk to the village....  they'd go all the way to Pk R [9:33]
demographic trends; there are more bedrooms than xxx ; no chn; popn ageing, demand smaller place they can lock up; close to shopping, library, srs' ctr; tremendous need for that xxx
ideally in Amb
I must admit I sort of changed my mind 15 times, like Keith Pople; don't want concrete bunkers in Amb and height was a real concern to me
listening to the WG, sitting through hearings and listening to prof staff
really don't have ...
my real limitations, see Mr Karl Gustavson; better design bldgs or better if Mike Smith did it
have to defer to ppl  more xxx
as to height, in Appendix A, fourth storey only if superior design
as Cclrs Day and Sop, wd be attracted by option of three storeys, makes no sense to enshrine three storeys when the guidelines are clear fourth wd have to be superior and xxx... so why limit to three storeys?
in a rambling way I've come full circle three times; time WG and planning staff so I'm going to support these changes
JF: response to some of the comments made by some of my colleagues; understand difficult to comprehend
how going to work, sure?  we can't; except for Cclr Clark none of us involved in commercial in Amb; that's why we hired professionals
go up and down streets talk to residents, biz
genesis; minor critic; but those were xxx
in order to have a viable industry
and some of them were residents and all of them got up at the last mtg and spoke in support
those who work and build on a daily basis
wd it be successful? wd it motivate to update?
fine line between ht and motivating; feel we came down on conservative side
know 1800 block don't understand ...... than if these proposals didn't go through
confident planning staff will spend time with those residents
sure what we've asked for, landscapes; paying for improvements to streets
this ccl and subsequent ccls will ensure done; things like this happen slowly
saw Spamalot the other night, slowly -- he said, not dead yet but by the end of the song he was b/c someone whacked him on the head; time to whack this on the head
VV: props were changing hands at prices higher than renters cd pay
said bldgs rundown ...  yet props changing at higher
the only way buying his way is that Ccl wd give them a capital gain upzoning
aren't we generating an incentive all over the world
being old isn't a problem, it's how it's maintained; shdn't reward them with capital gains; keep up rather than run down
beneficial to resist the .... upzoning
recogn they have to have rents reasonable
no reason to rebuild just to have a xxx
Mayor: status quo got us nowhere
consensus; ppl support; over three and four storeys
that while the HMBldg now a model, it was a disaster as a process
when I got onto Ccl, was over then...
local architect [involved] left WV; lost one of our best planners
Cclr Smith, glad you talked about xxx
a proper village is where you have to get out of your car; happily walk a couple of blocks
of course about building as.....
a modest proposal; take courage, lots of courage,......do better
wd like to congratulate Ccl wherever you are
part of plan; tasked .....
without putting pressure on sgl fam
good article in Globe in Mail last year, is it even possible an???? more to have Village
still wd like to know about 1800block; garden entrance; eastern end; signalling that you're here
sure you've spent a lot of time
Fred Kent said Amb functioning about 40% but privately he said 20% but didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings
calls re litter; not up to xxx; this is toned down
two zones instead of 13; organizes us and focuses on design
will be a response but not a flood of calls
thank the staff for a lot of work on that
when No 7 will ask about four storeys don't want destabilizing force b/c all about stability.
Mayor: 1 re parking PASSED
2 BF-4.10 PASSED
3 no TSq at 14th and Marine PASSED
VV can I add amendment; parking addressed but not adequately
CP: was not overlooked; we do have a parking strategy
Mayor: if we were to highlight; how wd Ccl  ...?
Sokol: as we go into budget process that Ccl set aside some money or implement more intensive strategies
6 AC1 zone for AC1 Zone for 1590
Sop opposed
7 wrt height
JF: read a second time
Mayor: an amendment can go to second reading
JF: amended by modifying along Bellevue consider issue undergrounding
Mayor: agree friendly amendment so -- oh, this is where I call for debate; so seeing none, question on second reading
Sop opposed
JF: OCP Amendment third time
CARRIES, Sop opposed [9:53]
5.         Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4544, 2008 - Ambleside Town Centre
        Information to be provided
Mayor: setbacks in 1800
JF: moved with amendments
MS: again want to reiterate that if you read right from the doc, fourth storey only if superior design
wrt your reference to the west entrance to Amb
can't be stated any more succinctly than that; wd have to demonstrate benefit to cmnty
has to be something that's an asset to the cmnty otherwise three storeys
Mayor: residence
Sokol: merit design
MS: when superior design
CP: that kind of language is in OCP and what we're talking about right now is zoning
but you've just passed second and third reading in OCP
JF: also in the design guidelines
CP: OCP does incorporate design guidelines
Sop: whether ....
always been great desire to have good design; to just assume just do that to get another storey; that's taking place
so to think left with third storey, xxx
Mayor: we're on the --
Sop: digress like Cclr Smith
Mayor: so as amended; Cclr F, consider a friendly amendmt; Cclr Sop, this is the

RD: move mtg to conclusion of biz
VV: staff; shdn't have an indefinite extension; check ev half hour

{if not to end of biz as done in past, then perhaps prioritize the items left, but no, not done; virtual guarantee mtg wd not complete all on agenda. WRT Staff, they shd start later on Mondays if that's a concern, or start later on Tues to make up.}

Sokol: on large sites can have four sites [storeys?], the ones over 120ft, 8ft grade change
Mayor: report
Sokol: on [those?] four storeys wd allow as a right, not based on good design, but wd have to xxx
Sop: may I have my say now? that's why I'm not supporting... manoeuvring
massing down the street, going to destroy the ambiance of Amb
there are bldgs now three storeys TWO???? residents like living there
proper size of store; five gas stns take up corners, four banks; some have 30yr leases
are you going to change?  pressure's going to come down to little stores, and demand on the N side
we had a fight, lot of input when we did 17th and Marine; [then] the air conditioning and [added] on top
learned a few things over the years; look at the bldg where going to be; sensible, well-designed
think we're going to ... I don't see that
MS: I'm v sensitive to height too; key is this 1.75; probably can meet it in two storeys, certainly three
only reason for fourth, is to come up with a superior bldg
still max at the back, not a complete four-storey bldg; if not for fact 1.75 enshrined; will support height restriction; also long as don't
RD: saying same thing; 37ft limit and at present 35, so not much
among the biz ppl favouring this legislation; success not failure, sudden influx of
WVF progressive ppl in Amb
Mayor: zoning as amended
CARRIES with Sop opposed
Third Reading carries too
10:05  Cclr Clark returns
6.         Development Variance Permit Application 08-019 (6460 Rosebery Avenue)
At the July 7, 2008 meeting, Council received the report dated June 27, 2008 from the Planning Dept
If Council wishes a further staff report, then RECOMMENDED: THAT Staff report back to Council
THAT DVP Application No. 08-019 which would allow for a variance on the Height of Building requirements be approved.
{how much is the height variance??? usually what's asked for is given in the motion!!!}
Sokol: Cclr V's concern wrt Bd of Variance, discussed with solicitor and Ccl can
VV: I brought my ..... says it can't; don't know how
Sokol: apologize said similar; it's lower than the 9 inches that was at the Bd of Variance
VV: had legal advice on this; not in writing
anyone at Bd of Variance change by an inch or two, can come back; not a good precedence
Mayor: have similar question; understand vote was 2 -2 and two felt it shd go to Ccl
Sokol: I wasn't at the mtg
SSch: application was xxx
Mayor: we wdn't be operating in contravention of our legal advice
GBoyle: Bd of V has very limited
must be ...... and hardship; Ccl doesn't
this is a separate application not an appeal
certainly a Bd's decision is final and you cannot appeal it; this is separate

{this wd be of interest to some residents out in Caulfeild when a few years ago the BofV, most agreed, made a decision thought not qualified/permitted to do; they were told they had to go to court to overturn the approval so decided not to spend the money.}

Mayor: Mr Sokol introduce this?
Sokol: in doc and applicant's here
Mayor: then there'll be public input
Applicant (didn't catch name): wrt Bd of V; never had any intention of going to Bd of V
when two ppl said; had this dome two years ago; difficult for anyone to ...  topography and hardship
we wanted to do  simple renovation and as little impact on nbr and our family; unfort'ly that didn't occur
had we realized topography; lot nonconforming end of street
I'm a nurse; deferred to experts whether error in calculations; turn it over to my husband
Man: thank you for giving us the opp to .... thank you in advance for xxx
6460 lived there fore over 20 years, youngest 12, goes to Gleneagles, live on same street as elementary school
great location, love our nbrhd and have fantastic nbrs; probably have the best nbrs anyone can ask for
has really come out, process -- been a learning process -- at BofV, in prep for that and it even goes back to planning, input from nbrs, clear what we felt, our home needed
our house one of first built on street, fdn 45 years old, rebuilt sev times; we had a flat roof, continual leakage
cd change, cd modify, decided to take on a renovation, first doing so
Wife: may be our last
Husband: planned by seeking out advice from nbrs, done b/c like our nbrs and like our nbrhd, done b/c plan to live there another 20 years
Cclr Smith made a point during ... Amb plan, feel appropriate to us, and Maureen tried to make this point; we're not architects and we're not builders
wanted to make changes to our home, went out and interviewed architects on N Sh, chose one who has an ofc in Amb and put our trust in our architect, builder, prof land surveyor
discovered this extra 5 and a half inches was never accounted for in any plans for renovating, goes back to 1985 when second floor put in
this whole situation has been a tremendous learning experience for us; countless hours with all the stakeholders wd cd think of, nbrs, staff, appreciate amt of time WV staff has put into this
Wife: add one more thing; had permit builder built roof, appeared 6" too tall, unknown to us to builder
 5. inches done in 1985
Mayor: wd like to call for public input; 16 letters of support; no one to speak?
RD: unfortunate this sort of thing happens to a nice family; have a good night's sleep the first time in a number of years
move received for information
VV: why did they go to BofV?
Wife: ppl of Building Dept said go to Bof V it will be approved
{HM????????  This is the second case in about a month in wch staff tell a builder or owner that something will be approved when they are not in that position -- before it was Ccl's decision and here it's not just second-guessing but telling owners variances wd be approved!}

VV: ordinary ppl do perfectly normal things
just hope we cannot go through; if we know what went wrong;
RD: move be approved
Sop: curious, in Feb if this prob found out, framing inspection; wd our staff say you're overheight and fix it
Sokol: said overheight, fix it
roof too flat then same prob as before; maybe tearing off roof
therefore think that made most sense was to go to BofV

{b/c likely approval but in fact told owners wd be approved however it wasn't!!!}

Applicants/Owners: THANK YOU SO MUCH; we are the Cleavers, Ward and June
7.         Community Sport Working Group - Interim Report (File:  0117-20-CS)
...  dated July 8, 2008 from the Manager of Park Programs ...  received for information.
XXX: Thank you for creating this WG; lots of headway working together
concerns of the sports fields roups: fees, usage, improvements
looked at other places; created a sports forum to hear concerns
preliminary recommendations wch will go back to sports groups for comments
Man: common theme: everybody wanted more opp for dialogue; among sports groups and staff; promote collaboration in the District, volunteers
one of the recommendations is to find some way to ingrain in the culture a continuation of this collaboration
start small, field users, then expand to all cmnty sports orgs
virtually all Ms in Lower Mainland seems to have 10:25
at our fact-finding forum; make sure get their input
finally, Sherry and I wd like to thank Corinne Ambor, Doug Leavers; and Cclr F for some of the baked goods
JF: my appreciation; these are mostly working ppl and serving, volunteering
want something done, ask busy ppl
don't know how cd squeeze something else in but the did
competitive nature but by halfway through, particularly at forum, all started to hear what other groups' problems were; see empathy that arose
capacity to do some sharing, facilities and equipment; been positive outcome; Ccl shd take a look at continuing
Sop: always a task; from other WG's exp
looking at fees and charges and how xxx
will you consider area around parks as to impact in the future; that wd be an asset to have in the report; know what I'm talking about?
Mayor: take that up
RD: move extend mtg to 11pm
JF: Report received
8.         Horseshoe Bay Fire Hall Site (File:  0510-18/0117-20-CDNCH)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the memo dated June 26, 2008 from C. Banham, Chair of the Community
Mayor: sorry, Bruce McArthur
BMcA: nbr and cochair of WRA
you are asked to receive a memo that says... mbrs of the WRA continue to express concerns that the only land use option currently under consideration for the site is subdivision into sgl-fam lots.  Only some.  I'd like to caution Ccl that at the present time this is not a consensus opinion of the WRA, and that I think it is inappropriate for a WG to imply that a request for changes to the existing character of a nbrhd is being made by a local assn.
Mayor: thank you for the clarification
MOTION: Dialogue on Neighbourhood Character and Housing Working Group ... be received for information.
Mayor: not sure if this is in the spirit of a memo
Sokol: a leaking underground storage tank discovered on site, oil on site and bring prop so timeline putting this up for sale in fall probably not going to happen
Ccl receive this report and during month of August staff wd consider this and report in Sept
JC: works well for me, just don't want this left
Mayor: so staff will come back
9.         Park Exchange (Martin Corporation - Caulfield Plateau) Bylaw No. 4558, 2008 and Land Use Contract Approval Bylaw No. 2745, 1978, Amendment Bylaw No. 4566, 2008
RECOMMENDED: THAT "Park Exchange (Martin Corporation - Caulfield [sic] Plateau) Bylaw No. 4558, 2008" (the "Park Exchange Bylaw") be read a first, second and third time.
RECOMMENDED: THAT "Land Use Contract Approval Bylaw... (the "LUC Amendment Bylaw") be read a first and second time.
RECOMMENDED: THAT whereas section 27 of the Community Charter stipulates that Council may only adopt the Park Exchange Bylaw with the approval of the electors, be it further resolved that:
(a)       Council authorizes and directs that an alternative approval process shall be provided in relation to the Bylaw in accordance with section 86 of the Community Charter;
(b)       Elector responses shall be substantially in the form set out in Appendix 5 to the Council Report dated July 10, 2008 entitled "Park Exchange (Martin Corporation - [Caulfeild] Plateau) Bylaw No. 4558, 2008 and Land Use Contract Approval Bylaw No. 2745, 1978, Amendment Bylaw No. 4566, 2008";
(c)       The deadline for the submission of elector response forms shall be 4:00 p.m. on September 3, 2008 (the "Deadline");
(d)       The Municipal Clerk is authorized to prepare an Alternate Approval Process Notice, which notice must be published once each week for two consecutive weeks with the second publication being at least 30 days before the Deadline;
(e)       A fair determination of the total number of electors of the District of West Vancouver is 34,357.
RECOMMENDED: THAT whereas the amendments contemplated in the LUC Amendment Bylaw are consistent with the District's Official Community Plan, be it further resolved that the holding of a public hearing on the LUC Amendment Bylaw is waived.
RECOMMENDED: THAT notice be mailed to all owners of property within 100 metres of the lands proposed to be exchanged, with any correspondence received being provided to Council prior to consideration of adoption of the bylaws.
RECOMMENDED: THAT the Municipal Clerk certify the results of the alternative approval process and report back to Council after the Deadline.
RECOMMENDED: THAT the Mayor and Clerk be authorized to execute a Park Exchange Agreement in the form attached as Appendix 6 (the "Park Exchange Agreement") after the required statutory notice of disposition has been filed pursuant to section 26 of the Community Charter.
Sokol: staff to bring forward a bylaw so will be brief
MS: there's a page and a half here, read it all?
Mayor: as printed?  Short ones you can read and long ones, as printed
Sop: do understand what's taking place
bottom, take off a portion of nine lots to add to existing park
portion we gave as park to devpr allowed the devpr to expand lots from 9 to 16Ksf
Sokol: not sure of size; land being given exceeds land; generally the lots are begging shallower and longer?
Sop: offset by ... an equality
Sokol: we're getting more park land
Sop: strip wide existing park vs a closed park -- no trees on it
allowing that to go forward, even though removal from lots on top side
fair to say allowing to be wider, probably the same assessment value
Sokol: can't say one for one; arborist has looked and thinks better land for park; trees more park value; also more valuable to the District
Mayor: what's the value of the ....
Sop: always think there's a gain somewhere; to park if hadn't then xxx
[MS moved A to G and all passed]

{This is a strange one.  If you object you have to write in by Sept 3; there's a form.  If fewer than about 3300 eligible voters object then it goes through.  This is the process chosen rather than a public hearing/mtg.  Hm. }
10.       Community Centre Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 4573, 2008
                Information to be provided.
RL: think Mr Pike will want to talk
MS: we have a motion to 11 and I will not vote to go past 11 so are there any things must be done tonight and do next week
Mayor to adopt; 11.1, and someone's been waiting a long time
KP: an excellent project, VCHA
presentation tonight is what we're doing with Vancouver Coastal Health and proud of that
Mr Laing?
RL: albeit not distributed to you until today, same as one on July 14th
where that project stands today
two components: site servicing and underground; funded from internal resources, and in Endowment fund
then third party spaces: Coastal health, band space, and internal medicine
always that funded by borrowing
they'd make payments
$38.8M; challenging come in at 2.5% over budget
directly allocated to the VH space and that will be financed by Coastal Health....
will be covered under Vanc Coastal Health....
will be wrt taxpayer
consistent from strategy of project in 2005
Mayor: thank you and thank you for your [neg?] with V Coastal Health and what you've achieved
Sop moved: three readings
MS: wd like to ask Mr Laing, regarding the money over and above this borrowed money
can we pay without violating threshold; if we don't sell the Wetmore prop?
RL: resources from with reserve and endowment fund
and resources assume sale of HBay firehall site and Wetmore site
if Ccl decides to make a different  decision
I'll be asking for a different source where those funds from
MS: where do we sit on the sale of the Wetmore prop?
Sokol: staff will be coming to Ccl next week; request for submittal
Mayor: confirmed three  ..... in a row
and Endowment as a source of funding
VV: we're familiar with the theory of the borrowing
$10M, and that taxpayers wd not be paying, that $10M is still written here but added to it is $2.97M
we're being asked to countenance this extra $3M
back in ..... I firmly believed budget without xxx
but we didn't balance our budget; wd like us to cut our costs; if we don't...
real learning process
15 years Amb; Rodgers Crk since 1995
cut our processes by 50%
when we see we have a prob cutting expenditures
won't worry taxpayer; fiddle it so Coastal... ; we'd be xxx
not going to accept, support hit; support $10M not $3M
Mayor: wd y like to comment on millions cut to be on budget
RL: don't know if Mr Pike wants to talk about
original talks about $10M to Coastal Health and ...
there was a contingency of $5M and knew it was going to be used up, funded according to constituent part
the $13M   ... asking for $970K of wch $320K always been provided for
$650K can be accommodated within b/c of interest rates
never was $10M it was always $10M plus ancillary places plus what Van Coastal
KPike: we've been building within the highest construct costs in
had to cut the orig project by $5M; scrutinizing carefully b/c knew in a difficult time
this has come in b/c allowed for contingency; construction manager, v short pencils
        Darwin Construction [Exemption from] Noise bylaw
MS: reports says intends to close three out of four lanes on a Friday
if Ccl allowing three out of four shd be on a Sunday, not on a Friday night; does not make sense
one alternating lane of traffic for 15 hours
Karl Gustavson: Sunday other issues will come forward, wanting quiet time
by putting the crane up shorten construction by a month
shortening ... 24th [10:56]; most adjacent nbrs in support
Mayor: nobody wants to support this but nobody wants to support something worse
Sop: one lane of traffic
KG: fire, police, all looked at can't be done otherwise b/c of height; stop and go traffic; signal
RD: down to Bellevue? detour sign?
KG: Traffic Mgmt Cmte has approved this; part of Emergency Support Group
RD: suggest to Mr Fung; suggest detour signs; can easily
Mayor: in advance
RD: wd help a lot
KG: any flagging/signing to alleviate, fine
Mayor: at expense of devpr
KG: yes
Mayor: back to Item 11
11.       Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005, Amendment Bylaw No. 4564, 2008 - Fire and Rescue Permits and Services -- Read a first, second, and third time.}
All deferred except letter 19 in Item 20 Correspondence:
(19)          July 9, 2008, regarding Spirit Trail
Lady: how dangerous that part of Keith Rd; speeding for young drivers
sent letter about an accident that occurred July 2nd; not first time gone that way; perhaps cd slow down that
nbrhd is v young; walk my son along ev day to Hollyburn; long way from TWay down to 11th
nbrs cutting bushes but that doesn't slow them down
Mayor: will deal with at Police Bd mtg, refer to traffic.
Rest of agenda items deferred as knife/guillotine fell ADJOURNMENT 11pm!
Mayor said PQP next time!
=== CCL AGENDAS July 28th ===
The Council Meeting will commence immediately following the Public Hearing.
1.         CALL TO ORDER
            Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4567, 2008; Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4568, 2008; and Phased Development Agreement Authorization Bylaw No. 4569 (Rodgers Creek Area), 2008 (File:  1610-20-4567/4568/4569)
            Planning Staff will describe the proposed bylaws.
Applicant:  British Pacific Properties, for the owners.
Subject Lands:  Rodgers Creek Area of the Upper Lands.
Purpose:  To revise the Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw to allow for the development of the Rodgers Creek Area consistent with Option B (maximum 1,875,600 sq. ft. of residential building area consisting of 736 dwelling units) of the proposed Rodgers Creek Area Development Plan, Overview Report dated March 7, 2008 and to secure a variety of associated amenities and development features through the Phased Development Agreement mechanism of the Local Government Act, Section 905.1.
Proposed Official Community Plan (OCP) Amendment: The proposed OCP amendment would revise the policies for the Upper Lands:
1.        to allow the Rodgers Creek Area to be developed to a maximum 1,875,600 square feet of residential building area consisting of a maximum 736 dwelling units;
2.        by adding Rodgers Creek Area Development Policies and Development Permit Guidelines; and
3.        by making consequential amendments to the OCP such as realigning the 1,000 foot connector so that it extends northwest from Chippendale Road to connect to upper Cypress Bowl Road.
Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment: The proposed zoning bylaw amendment would:
1.        create the Comprehensive Development Zone Three (CD3) which would provide for development consistent with Option B of the proposed Rodgers Creek Area Development Plan, Overview Report dated March 7, 2008; and
2.         rezone the specified lands:
from:  R.S.7 Single Family Zone 7 and R.S.8 Single Family Zone 8
to:  Comprehensive Development Zone Three (CD3).
Proposed Phased Development Agreement (PDA): The proposed PDA secures a variety of amenities for West Vancouver including:
=B7    the extension of Chippendale Road to Cypress Bowl Road;
=B7    $500,000 for restoration and enhancement of environmentally sensitive areas;
=B7    various public realm elements of the Rodgers Creek Area Development Plan set out in the Overview Report, including mountain bike and hiking trails;
=B7    the green building and building accessibility standards set out in the Overview Report;
=B7    integrated storm water management plans for Pipe, Westmount and Cave Creeks watersheds;
=B7    a wildland fire management plan;
=B7    a serviced site for District use in Area 6; and
=B7    a $7,940,000 cash contribution to a District reserve fund to be used for projects determined by Council.
In exchange for these amenities and features of the development, the land use and density provisions of the proposed CD3 zone would not change for 10 years without the owners' approval.  In addition the applicant will provide $250,000 for traffic improvements at 15th Street and Mathers Avenue and on 21st Street (between Inglewood Avenue and Highway No. 1) prior to adoption of the zoning amendment bylaw.
{without discussing at least three different Uplift figures presented to Ccl, how many of the measures above wd benefit the devt rather or more than the cmnty as a whole?}

3.         PUBLIC HEARING PROCEDURE [Explained by Mayor]
1)         Reports received up to July 24, 2008:
            TITLE [with date received or to be received omitted from this list]
Rodgers Creek Proposed Bylaws - Additional Component of the Proposed Community Benefits Package [R-1]
Rodgers Creek Area: OCP, Zoning and Phased Development Bylaws [R-2]
Rodgers Creek Area Development Plan - Additional Information [R-3]
Rodgers Creek - Proposed Community Benefits and Public Amenities [R-4]
Rodgers Creek Area Development Plan [R-5]
Rodgers Creek Truck Traffic Routing Plan [R-6]
Rodgers Creek Area Plan Working Group Report to Council [R-7]
Rodgers Creek Fiscal Impact Report [R-8]
Environmental Setback Summary [R-9]
Rodgers Creek Tailed Frog Survey Summary Upper Lands, District of West Vancouver [R-10]
Rodgers Creek Area Development Plan - Sustainability Review and Evaluation [R-11]
Rodgers Creek Area Development Plan - Overview Report [R-12]
Rodgers Creek Traffic Impact Study [R-13]
2)         Correspondence [numbered 1 to 13] received up to July 24, 2008:
G. Ward Hall, Resident, Resident, Resident, Resident, Resident, Resident, G. Pajari, Resident, E. Fonseca, President, Ambleside Dundarave Ratepayers' Association, R. Griffiths, D. Baxter, J. and M. Hoyle
On July 7, 2008, Council set the date for the Public Hearing.  On July 11, 2008, 863 Notices were mailed to owners/occupiers within the notification area specified in the map in Appendix A attached to the report from the Manager, Community Planning dated June 30, 2008.  The statutory notice of Public Hearing appeared in the North Shore News on Sunday, July 20, 2008 and Wednesday, July 23, 2008.  The Municipal Clerk will note written submissions received for the July 28, 2008 Public Hearing.
5.         PUBLIC INPUT -- Mayor Goldsmith-Jones will call for Public Input.
If there is no further public input and Council does not wish to have a further staff report, then:
            THAT all written and verbal submissions ... be received and that the Public Hearing be closed.
If Council wishes a further staff report, then: RECOMMENDED:
            THAT staff report back to Council regarding the July 28, 2008 Public Hearing ... and that the Public Hearing be adjourned to__________________ at 7pm.
Members of Council are not permitted to receive further submissions once the Public Hearing is closed.
2.         Adoption of July 21, 2008 Reconvened Public Hearing Minutes and July 14, 2008 Special Council Minutes  (To be provided on-table)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the following Minutes be adopted as circulated:
=B7                    July 21, 2008 Reconvened Public Hearing Minutes (445 - 13th Street);
=B7                    July 21, 2008 Reconvened Public Hearing Minutes (proposed Ambleside Bylaws); and
=B7                    July 14, 2008 Special Council Meeting.
3.         Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4543, 2008 - Ambleside Town Centre
     This bylaw received second and third readings at the July 21, 2008 Regular Council meeting.
NOTE:  Each reading of this bylaw must receive an affirmative vote of a majority of all Council members (four members) in order to proceed (Local Government Act, s. 882).
RECOMMENDED: ... be adopted.
4.         Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4544, 2008 - Ambleside Town Centre
     This bylaw received second and third readings at the July 21, 2008 Regular Council meeting.
RECOMMENDED:... be adopted.
5.         Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4541, 2007 - 445 13th Street (File:  1610-20-4541)
     This bylaw received first reading at the March 17, 2008 Regular Council meeting.
RECOMMENDED: ... be read a second and third time.
6.         Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4540, 2007 - 445 13th Street  
     This bylaw received first reading at the March 17, 2008 Regular Council meeting.
RECOMMENDED:.. be read a second and third time.
7.         Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4567, 2008 - Rodgers Creek Area
     This bylaw received first reading at the July 7, 2008 Regular Council meeting.
RECOMMENDED:.. be read a second and third time.
8.         Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4568, 2008 - Rodgers Creek Area
     This bylaw received first reading at the July 7, 2008 Regular Council meeting.
RECOMMENDED: ... be read a second and third time.
9.         Phased Development Agreement Authorization Bylaw No. 4569, 2008 - Rodgers Creek Area
     This bylaw received first reading at the July 7, 2008 Regular Council meeting.
RECOMMENDED: ... be read a second and third time.
10.       Recommendations for Amendments to Zoning Bylaw Regulations for Child Care
RECOMMENDED:  THAT Staff bring forward zoning bylaw amendments for child care uses based on recommendations from the Child Care Services Working Group outlined in their memo of July 7, 2008.
11.       Wetmore Site - Requests for Proposals (File:  0510-16)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT Staff be authorized to issue a Request for Proposals for the Wetmore Lands, as described in the July 21, 2008 report of the Associate Director - Major Projects.
12.       Finance Committee - Activities Update and Recommendations
RECOMMENDED:  THAT Council instruct staff to:
a)        Work towards qualifying for the GFOA budget award with the District budget of 2010;
b)        Develop the 2009 budget using the best practices described in the attached "District Budget Information";
c)        Hire, on an interim basis, the additional financial resources required to assist with the necessary budgeting, accounting and reporting system upgrades;
AND THAT Council include as part of its direction to staff regarding the 2009 budget, the assumptions that staff should make regarding issues as brought forward from the Finance Committee in this report.
13.       WinterSong Festival
        Information to be provided.
14.       Terasen Gas - Energy Efficiency and Conservation Application
        Information to be provided.
15.       4259 Rockbank Place - Excess Rock Removal
RECOMMENDED:    {Assume that means approval? why? precedent?}
THAT the July 16, 2008 report "4259 Rockbank Place - Excess Rock Removal" from the Director of Planning, Lands and Permits be received for information.
        {Assume that means approval? why? precedent?}
Bylaws are passed by a simple majority affirmative vote unless otherwise noted.
16.       Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005, Amendment Bylaw No. 4564, 2008
     This bylaw received three readings at the July 21, 2008 Regular Council Meeting.
RECOMMENDED:...  be adopted.
17.       General Local Elections Regulations Bylaw No. 4447, 2005, Amendment Bylaw No. 4571, 2008       
     This bylaw received third reading at the July 21, 2008 Regular Council Meeting.
RECOMMENDED:...  be adopted.
18.      Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
The following Consent Agenda items may be considered separately or in one recommendation.
RECOMMENDED: THAT the Consent Agenda items as follows be approved:
=B7        Item 19 - Ambulance Station at 1542 Fulton Avenue
=B7        Item 20 - Development Applications Status List
=B7        Item 21 - Local Government Infrastructure Planning Grant Program - Water Infrastructure Asset Valuation and Water Infrastructure Capital Renewal Plan
=B7        Item 22 - Local Government Infrastructure Planning Grant Program - Options for Greenhouse Gas Reduction Study
=B7        Item 23 - Community Engagement Committee Report
=B7        Item 24 - Appointment to Municipal Insurance Association
=B7        Item 25 - Correspondence List.
19.       Ambulance Station at 1542 Fulton Avenue (File:  1145-02)
     This item was deferred from the July 21, 2008 Regular Council Meeting.
RECOMMENDED: ... be received for information.
20.       Development Applications Status List (File:  1010-01)
     This item was deferred from the July 21, 2008 Regular Council Meeting.
RECOMMENDED: ... be received for information.
21.       Local Government Infrastructure Planning Grant Program - Water Infrastructure Asset Valuation and Water Infrastructure Capital Renewal Plan
RECOMMENDED:  THAT Council [authorize] submission of an application for the Water Infrastructure Asset Valuation and the Water Infrastructure Capital Renewal Plan projects under the Provincial Local Government Infrastructure Planning Grant Program.
22.       Local Government Infrastructure Planning Grant Program - Options for Greenhouse Gas Reduction Study
RECOMMENDED: THAT Council [uthorize] submission of an application for the Options for Greenhouse Gas Reduction Study project under the Provincial Local Government Infrastructure Planning Grant Program.
23.       Community Engagement Committee Report (File:  0116-20-CEC)
THAT the memorandum from Mayor Goldsmith-Jones regarding Community Engagement Committee Report be received for information;
AND THAT Council confirm the Community Engagement Committee recommendation to establish a Climate Action Working Group.
24.       Appointment to Municipal Insurance Association
RECOMMENDED: THAT G. McRadu, Chief Administrative Officer, be appointed as the alternate District representative for 2008 for the Municipal Insurance Association.
25.       Correspondence List (File:  0120?24)
        RECOMMENDED: THAT the Correspondence List be received for information.
>> Correspondence received up to July 21, 2008  (Deferred from July 21, 2008 Council Meeting)
Requests for Delegation  --  No items presented.
Action Required
(1)               J. R. Happer, 39 Combat Engineer Regiment, July 10, 2008, regarding Financial Support
Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
(2)               M. M. Nikpay, British Properties Area Homeowners Association, July 7, 2008, regarding Traffic Safety around Chartwell and Sentinel Schools
Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
(3)               Federation of Canadian Municipalities and The Canadian Red Cross Society, undated, regarding the Auxiliary Role Project
Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(4)               D. Lust, Hugo Ray Park Area Resident's Group, July 11, 2008, regarding Hugo Ray Park
(5)               July 10, 2008, regarding Road Closure and Disposition of Municipal Land Bylaw No. 4548, 2008 and Community Centre Expansion
*** Writer does the calculations to show that this is a 'gift' b/c the assessed value of the nbr's land is $1.87M, ie $98.73 per sq ft, and is paying $200K for M land, ie $27.25 per sq ft.
Was Ccl asleep? Will they wake up and rescind third reading to try to get something closer to the real value???
(6)               July 11, 2008, regarding Stop Sign Change at Esquimalt Avenue and 14th Street
(7)               July 11, 2008, regarding Slowing Down Drivers on Keith Road (previously dealt with during July 21 Regular Council meeting)
(8)               July 14, 2008, regarding Proposed Ambleside Bylaws (included in July 21, 2008 Reconvened Public Hearing correspondence)
(9)               July 14, 2008, regarding Public Hearing and Proposed Ambleside Bylaws (included in July 21, 2008 Reconvened Public Hearing correspondence)
(10)          July 8, 2008, regarding Ambleside Revitalization Plan and Recent Public Hearing (included in July 21, 2008 Reconvened Public Hearing correspondence)
(11)          P. Walton, Owners of Strata Plan VR 2440, July 4, 2008, regarding Spirit Trail
(12)          G. W. Powell, Provincial Health Services Authority, June 25, 2008, regarding Progress Report
Attachments available for viewing in Legislative Services Department.
(13)          July 3, 2008, regarding Parking Bylaw Notice
(14)          K. A. Ray, Strata Corporation VR 1928, July 7, 2008, regarding Letter with 30 Signatures in relation to Spirit Trail
(15)          July 4, 2008, regarding Spirit Trail
(16)          July 10, 2008, regarding Spirit Trail
(17)          July 10, 2008, regarding Spirit Trail
(18)          E. Fonseca, Ambleside and Dundarave Ratepayers' Association, July 8, 2008, regarding Uplift and Community Benefits (included in July 21, 2008 Reconvened Public Hearing correspondence)
(19)          July 9, 2008, regarding Spirit Trail
(19.1)    Letter with 4 signatures, July 17, 2008, regarding Request for an Order of Non-Enforcement of Noise Control Bylaw - Construction Tower Crane at 2388 Marine Drive
Responses to Correspondence  --  No items presented.
Responses to Questions in Question Period  --  No items presented.
>>  Correspondence received up to July 21, 2008
Requests for Delegation  --  No items presented.
Action Required
(20)             D. Kerr, Metro Vancouver Homelessness Secretariat, July 16, 2008, regarding Metro Vancouver's Third Homelessness Action Week
Referred to the Municipal Clerk for response.
(21)             D. Lemelin, Canadian Union of Postal Workers, June 2008, regarding Urgent Request for Submissions to Save Universal, Public Postal Services
Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(22)  C. Reynolds, WV Matters, July 18, 2008, regarding Council Meeting Minutes
(23)             July 15, 2008, regarding Rodgers Creek Public Hearing (included in July 21, 2008 Reconvened Public Hearing correspondence)
(24)             Undated, Letter with 16 Signatures from the Owners and Residents of 2090 Argyle regarding Spirit Trail
(25)             C. Ciok and C. Ho, Smart Growth BC, July 16, 2008, regarding Annual Report and Invitation to join 1,000 Friends of BC
Attachments available for viewing in Legislative Services Department.
(26)             C. Neill, Edgewater, July 11, 2008, regarding Spirit Trail
(27)             K. Stephens, Green Infrastructure Partnership Steering Committee, July 15, 2008, regarding New Chair of the Green Infrastructure Partnership
(28)             S. E. Dowey, City of North Vancouver, July 10, 2008, regarding Community Safety Initiative Grant Recommendation: RCMP Anti-Graffiti Conference 2008
(29)             July 9, 2008, regarding Spirit Trail
Responses to Correspondence  --  No items presented.
Responses to Questions in Question Period  --  No items presented.

 ===   HAIKU   ===
seen 2008 July 15 seen, written 16/17; former staff visiting for fireworks pointed out this scene from balcony on Beach Avenue; moon hung between two highrises

                diffused sunset pink
                        then mid swathe of mauve
                                sits silvery white half-moon
===  QUOTATIONS  ===

* Doug Larson, English racer (1902 - 1981):
   o   Instead of giving a politician the keys to the city, it might be better to change the locks.
   o   To err is human; to admit it, superhuman.
* Thomas Berger, American writer (b 1924)
   o   The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge.
   o   No matter what side of the argument you are on, you always find people on your side that you wish were on the other.
   o   Why do writers write?  Because it isn't there.
* Mae West:  I speak two languages, Body and English.

If the English language made any sense,
        o   lackadaisical would have something to do with a shortage of flowers.
        o   a catastrophe would be an apostrophe with fur.
                        -- Doug Larson, English racer (1902 - 1981)
Words, like eyeglasses, obscure everything they do not make clear.
                        -- Joseph Joubert, moralist and essayist (1754 - 1824)
So difficult it is to show the various meanings and imperfections of words when we have nothing else but words to do it with.
                        -- John Locke (1632 - 1704)
Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.
                        -- Aldous Huxley (1894 - 1963)
The solution of every problem is another problem.
                        -- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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