July 28 NOTES
Calendar to Aug 31 +

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Full summer heat!  August means sun, Harmony Arts, Abbotsford airshow, TUTS, the PNE...!
AUGUST, THE (eclectic) SUMMER EDITION:                             [NB: The next ccl mtg is Sept 8]
Vive le Canada (The Last 100 Days; National Peacekeepers' Day; English settlement in NL; Acadian Day); Juggler Extraordinaire; from the EDITOR'S DESK (Rodgers Crk, Zoning, loss of Philip Tattersfield); Heritage/RoyalTea; GENDERWATCH; UPDATES (DWV MidYear Report; Marine Dr Gateway; WVML Leader in Early Literacy; Outlook by email); POLICE BD JULY MTG REPORT
=  CALENDAR to August 31st (check for changes/updates); then Coho Festival first weekend in Sept
=   THEATREWATCH (Bard and Grimm); BOOKWATCH NYT (Cultural Crossroads of the Levant; Vietnam; Walks); NEWSWATCH (almost, as in Jon Stewart's The Daily Show and in the humour of Randy Cassingham's amusing news); WEBWATCH (BBC re computer use and chn's brains; appalling news from Iraq; FISKWATCH brimming with rumours starting in Dubai; Middle East Watch; PNN; Arabicnews.com selection)
=  Ccl NOTES July 28th quasi-transcript: Rodgers Crk PH (devt good; calcs/CBs confusing and virtually no public input; see speaker 11 re calcs, 14 re watercourse changes); then Amb as well as 445 13th Bylaws adopted; Wetmore site (suggestions not to sell); ChildCare WG (success/plan); Finance Cmte (good recommendations); lots of Correspondence; PQP (Rodgers Crk, Wetmore, RoyalTea-by-the-Sea); mtg July 30th am last for summer
=  FIREWORKS! (watch on web); Hanan Ashrawi (daughters); Palestinian Poet Mahmoud Darwish; Hadrian's Wall/British Museum; Language (New Word from Olympics; AWAD Apostrophes); Computer Problems; Domain Names (websites); Bard-ku; Quotations/Puns/Question

=== Vive le Canada === Statements by PM Harper
August 8
This year, on November 11, Canada will mark the 90th anniversary of the end of the First World War.
More than 100,000 Canadians were at the forefront of many of the great battles in the final days of the war. This period, from August 8 to the signing of the armistice on November 11, is now known as "The Last Hundred Days".
Canadians are right to be proud at what those heroes in the Canadian Corps accomplished. Over =93The Last Hundred Days=94, Canadian soldiers advanced 130 km and 30 Canadians and Newfoundlanders earned the Victorian Cross....
Those who served, and continue to serve, represent the very best of what it means to be Canadian.  We are eternally grateful.
Lest we forget.
Today we honour those Canadians who have served as peacekeepers around the world.
It was Canadians who invented peacekeeping. For decades members of the Canadian Forces have been the most enthusiastic participants in, and experienced leaders of, peacekeeping operations around the world. Peacekeeping is part of Canada=92s strong military tradition. It is also a symbol of our country=92s commitment to building a more safe and secure world...
On this day, I encourage all Canadians to say "thank you" to all of those who have served our country as peacekeepers. They, like everyone else who serves our country in uniform, continue to make their fellow Canadians proud.
"The people of Cupids, NL will have the opportunity to stage a larger celebration marking the 400th anniversary of English settlement in Canada...  2010 will be a historic year for Newfoundlanders and Labradorians..."
"Today all Canadians have the opportunity to appreciate the history and achievements of Canada=92s Acadians...  Acadia's history has helped shape that of Canada. The French presence in North America owes much to those early Acadian settlers who showed an unwavering commitment to pass on their culture, language, and traditions to their children... have a memorable Acadian Day."

and now for something completely different......
the most incredible juggling I've ever seen -- and done to Beatles music:

..... from the EDITOR'S DESK
The proposed bylaw had three readings but has not yet been adopted.  Anyway, no surprise most of the speakers applauded the devt; deserved but distraction b/c in my view that was almost a given; what was critical but uncertain and for wch information required was Uplift, needed to determine Cmnty Benefits (CBs) wch ought to have started from credible land values then public input as to what taxpayers/residents favour for their share.
 ***  ZONING
The VSun Friday July 18th issue pD3 mentioned that in Vancouver impervious/impermeable surfaces (asphalt driveways, concrete for parking, etc) are included in site coverage calculations.  My enquiry to DWV staff confirmed that they are NOT in WV.
The zoning bylaws are being reviewed.  Pls request that impervious surfaces be included in site coverage calculations and limited for the sake of our environment -- and our nbrhd character.
Without substantial pervious areas, it lessens the amount of water absorbed and retained on the hillside, in the ground, as well as requiring the additional costs for drainage.  This is turn means that the streams and creeks have to cope with surges from the pipes and/or contaminants in the system.
We trust that the commitment to include decks will also be coming forward (ridiculous not to include them if only three walls).
***  PASSING: Philip Tattersfield
So sorry to learn of the recent passing of Philip Tattersfield, whom I'd met some years ago when he gave us the benefit of his expertise on trees while we were trying to keep the trees planted in front of the M Hall in 1936 by the Boy Scouts.  He was rightly proud of his mbrship No. 1:
In 1964 I had initiated the process whereby a Chapter of the American Institute of Landscape Architects was established in British Columbia. This resulted in the Provincial proclamation of a first Canadian Landscape Architects Act in 1968. My official stamp bears the number 1: the membership to date is 347.
To write something about him, I googled and got http://www.tattersfield.net/TFWFtree3.html and then if you scroll down to 7. PHILIP WALTER TATTERSFIELD (1917-) AND FAMILY, Vancouver, Canada (excerpt above) you can read about his life.  Remarkable.  Even includes an attack by the Italian Cavalry in Africa, and buying a lot in WV about 1960 for $250.  We've lost a memorable part of WV heritage.
Just getting better and better -- hope you took in a lot of the events and enjoyed the crafts, art, music, etc.
=== HERITAGE: RoyalTea-by-the-Sea in Dundarave Park ===
Thanks for a Saturday that cleared (Aug 2nd) and to the piper (photo in NSNews Aug 13 p42 with a bedecked Cclr Vaughan) et al; pix of hat winners will be on website www.royaltea.ca soon.  BTW, we really enjoyed the Jubilee Tea supplied by Murchie's and we look forward to tasting Peach Nectar, their special for July -- will try it as iced tea.

===   GENDERWATCH   ===  Wed 30 July 22.30 BST - BBC TWO - Quotation for the Day:
"If we had no sexual harassment we would have no children"
-- An unnamed Russian judge, dismissing a case of sexual harassment, ruling that employers were obliged to make passes at female staff to ensure the survival of the human race.

===   UPDATES   ===
o  Mid-Year Operating Review
This segment includes a detailed review of actual results to June 30 with commentary on work plans and highlights and issues.  The focus is on ensuring Divisions will complete their work programs within their approved budgets by the year-end.
2008 Mid-Year Operating Review http://www.westvancouver.ca/article.asp?a=5813&c=809
o  Marine Drive Gateway Project
Crews completed the re-paving of Marine Drive by Park Royal ahead of schedule in July. Crews are now building a centre median, and new sidewalks and retaining walls, which will be followed by new lights and landscaping.
The following tentative schedule outlines all the remaining work to be done for this project:
Week of July 28th: Centre median curb and apron; North boulevard sidewalk and retaining wall.
Week of August 5th: Street light poles and fixtures; Marine Drive traffic signal upgrade; Topsoil placement; Landscaping contract tender.
Week of August 12th: Substantial completion of all civil work.
Week of August 19th: Landscaping contract award; Landscaping will be installed based on current weather conditions to ensure optimum survival of all plant species.
Note: Conduit for undergrounding overhead utilities has been installed however the exact timing of work by BC Hydro has yet to be finalized.
West Vancouver Memorial Library a Leader in Early Literacy
What if you discovered that from 'day one' each little word, every nursery rhyme, whimsical sing song, or colourful picture book played a crucial role in laying down the bones of literacy? What if it was also revealed that the issue of literacy transcended socioeconomic status? Would it be a call to action? Julia Hedley, Head of the Youth Department at West Vancouver Memorial Library, hopes so. So much so, that she's taken up the cause with a tireless campaign to ensure each and every local child has the advantage of early literacy.
Read the rest at:  http://www.westvancouver.ca/article.asp?a=5807&c=677   
o  North Shore Outlook by email!  Just write to editor@northshoreoutlook.com to get on e-list.

===  WVPD  ===  from our Police Bd Correspondent
West Vancouver Police Board Meeting July 24th
- aggressive motorcycle driving continues to be a problem; one driver was stopped after passing vehicles on Highway 99 on the shoulder at 195kph.
- while property crimes rose slightly in the most recent reporting period, the long-term trend is downward; violent crimes are up marginally
- a 32-year-old Vancouver resident with an outstanding Sask arrest warrant for cocaine trafficking was detained with 1 kilo ($40,000) worth of coke in his trunk. Sask police flew out that evening to return him to Sask.
- a Caulfeild resident was rescued from forcible confinement by her ex-boyfriend after using her alarm system's panic button to summon police (her ex having disabled the phones in the house) -- a police service dog located the ex hiding in a closet
- an estranged husband with a court order not to contact his ex, hanged himself from the porch deck
- the Ocean Club continues to receive regular visits under Operation Safeguard and known gang associates were escorted from the premises
- an attempted theft of $100,000 worth of jewellery from the Bay was stopped and a suspect detained
- the department's budget is on track for the most part, with overages in "dry-cleaning, cell phones and pagers, sundry (ammunition), building and grounds maintenance, and natural gas" because of "actual costs being higher than anticipated when the budget was formulated"
The Police Board continues its abuse of Section 69 of the Police Act.  The claim that discussing some matters in public would impair public security does not pass the laugh-out-loud test. For example: committee appointments (Council does this in public, why not the Police Board?); a letter from the Canadian Association of Police Boards asking who from the WVPB will attend the 2008 Conference; and an invitation from the Police Services Division for the Board to attend a training session (one wonders if any part of the training will cover the Police Board's obligations under the Police Act?)

===  CALENDAR to Aug 31st+  === [at Hall unless otherwise noted; pls confirm to make sure no changes]
Farmers' Markets: Dundarave Sat, Ambleside Sun; Concerts by the Sea Sunday evenings, Ambleside Landing
== Wed Aug 13
~ 5:30pm ~ Play Active Challenge BBQ, Lawson Park; ~ 7pm ~ Cmnty Sport WG CANCELLED
== Thurs Aug 14 ~ 5:30pm ~ Measuring Up WG at Srs' Ctr (alas, belatedly posted)
== Tues Aug 19 ~ 6:30pm ~ Cmnty Dialogue WG (Housing) at Library
== Thurs Aug 21 ~ NSh Family/Youth Justice Cmte CANCELLED
== Thurs Aug 28 ~ 5pm ~ NSACDI at DNV M Hall
The DWV website's Cmnty Calendar has a Design Review Cmte mtg Sept 4 but if you go to the cmte's webpage, it says CANCELLED.
Now you have some idea why my campaign for over a year to have someone responsible for this since told several involved.  Difficult to engage the cmnty when uncertain, changing, and conflicting information.  The CEC may recommend a job description assigned to a position to clarify this.

*** COHO FESTIVAL SUNDAY SEPT 7th in Ambleside Park! ***  

+++  WV MEMORIAL LIBRARY +++  The Library is closed Sundays July through Labour Day.
Fridays -- 10:30 - noon -- English Corner -- Practise English conversation. Every Friday, from now until August 30. Elizabeth Musto Room. For info call: Fariba Rocker, 604 506 6616.

Harmony Showcase Exhibition --  August 1 - 17 --  Mixed Media Exhibition; 30 artists
Aug 19 - 31: Wild & Sacred -- Paintings by Leslie Gould & Evelyn Kirkaldy
Opening Reception:  Tues Aug 19 from 6 to 8pm  --  Artists' Talk:  Sat Aug 23 at 2pm

+++ SILK PURSE +++  (1570 Argyle) www.silkpurse.ca
>  August 12 - 24, 2008 -- "Threshold"
Photographic artist Chris MacKenzie, based in Vancouver, is an exclusively film-based photographer who uses no digital manipulation in his work. He has images in private collections all across Canada, the United States and various countries in Europe.
Opening: 6 to 8pm TUES Aug 12
ARTIST TALK & DEMO:  2 to 3pm SAT Aug 16
Photographer and UBC History Professor Chris MacKenzie leads an afternoon talk/demo on quick tips for the budding and new photographer. FREE---- EVERYONE WELCOME!!
August 26 - September 7, 2008 -- "Nature's Reflections"
All of us are profoundly affected by the landscapes we inhabit. It gives us a sense of who we are as individuals, communities and nations. Join BC Lower Mainland artists Gary Eder, Eileen Fong, Maria Josenhans, Carrie Lazareff, Gordon Oliver and Althea Rowe, as we celebrate our natural surroundings in a mixed media exhibit of watercolours, acrylics, oils and photography.
Opening: 6 to 8pm TUESDAY August 26th

+++  WV MUSEUM +++  Visit: http://www.westvanmuseum.blogspot.com/
Selwyn Pullan -- Position the New -- Photographs from 1945 -1975 [CLOSES Sept 20]
This retrospective demonstrates the photographer's intimate connection to the development of modernism on the West Coast of Canada and highlights the social, economic, and cultural forces that changed the face of Vancouver and the region during the post-war boom.

Saturday  August 23rd ~ Kay Meek Salutes the Extraordinary Contribution of its Volunteers!
    Annual BBQ -- 11:30am -- 1700 Mathers 
Paul Gravett, Executive Director, invites anyone who is interested in joining a great team of arts-loving, community- minded volunteers. Come as you are  -- we look forward to meeting you!
= To see the electronic newsletter, the address is http://kaymeekcentre.weebly.com.  Getting onto the mail list: the simplest method is to call the box office (604 913 3634) or email tickets@kaymeekcentre.com.
===   THEATREWATCH   ===
TUTs is over but Bard continues till Sept 27.  The Tempest is sold out (you cd hope for a cancellation or no show! -- it is fantastic); the amusing Twelfth Night is 90% sold out; Titus Andronicus (more than gore) and the unusual King Lear selling too.  Go to www.bardonthebeach.org to check on ticket availability or phone 739 0559.  Peter Birnie's comments on all four are a good guide (VSun Aug 14 pD7 see: http://digital.vancouversun.com/epaper/showlink.aspx?bookmarkid=LBD3WMH2J5Q8&preview=article&linkid=bdd14d99-e5e7-454c-9cc6-de255d5e64a6&pdaffid=UoK07CXP%2f31q4jcr2uiPsg%3d%3d).
[Bard-ku inspired by Tempest and Titus at end of this newsletter.]
===   BOOKWATCH   ===  NYT: an essay then two reviews
***  Cultural Crossoads of the Levant by RACHEL DONADIO  Published: June 29
From the war in Iraq to the rumblings in Iran to the heightening tensions between Israelis and Palestinians, there are few bright spots in the Middle East these days. But one boutique Jerusalem press has cleared a space for conversation in a contentious region. Started in 1998 by a husband-and-wife team, Ibis Editions has published English translations of works in Hebrew, Arabic, Greek, French, German, and Judeo-Spanish - all relating to the Levant.
Read this essay about Ibis Editions: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/06/29/books/review/Donadio-t.html?pagewanted=1&8bu&emc=bub1
***  From the NYT review of THE EAVES OF HEAVEN A Life in Three Wars by Andrew X. Pham: Few books have combined the historical scope and the literary skill to give the foreign reader a sense of events from a Vietnamese perspective.
Rest of review: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/13/books/review/Steinglass-t.html?_r=1&8bu&emc=bua2&oref=slogin
*** Roaming Freely in a Land of Restraints
 Roaming Freely in a Land of Restraints by Abby Aguirre, published: August 12          
The bucolic landscape of the West Bank was the prevailing impression Raja Shehadeh had in mind when he wrote the book "Palestinian Walks: Forays Into a Vanishing Landscape."          
RAMALLAH, West Bank - There is an Arabic word for Raja Shehadeh's pastime.  "Sarha is to roam freely, at will, without restraint," he writes in "Palestinian Walks: Forays Into a Vanishing Landscape", an account of six walks in the West Bank, which won this year's Orwell Prize, Britain's pre-eminent award for political writing, and was published by Scribner in the United States in June. "A man going on a sarha wanders aimlessly, not restricted by time and place."
The review also has Multimedia, an audio slide show and a video.  See: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/08/13/books/13walks.html?8bu&emc=bub2
{I managed to buy this book at the great little bookstore 32 Books in Edgemont so hope to read it soon.}

===   ALMOST NEWSWATCH   ===  for fans of The Daily Show....
Is Jon Stewart the Most Trusted Man in America? by MICHIKO KAKUTANI; Published: August 15
IT'S been more than eight years since "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" made its first foray into presidential politics with the presciently named Indecision 2000, and the difference in the show's approach to its coverage then and now provides a tongue-in-cheek measure of the show's striking evolution.
Jon Stewart describes the morning meeting as "a gathering of curmudgeons expressing frustration and upset."   For more on this sardonic approach to news, see:
===   NEWSWATCH   ===
=  VSun, Aug 15
   pA10: photo of a self-pouring teapot circa 1886
   pA13: NASA needs Russian Soyuz!
US space shuttles will be retired in 2010 and funding for replacements are being considered by the Congress but even with it, none will be ready till at least 2015.  That's why the Americans are negotiating for Soyuz to fill the gap.
{hm -- will they still be friends after Ossetia skirmish???}
=  In discussing deportation of an American deserter, CBC made the contrast with the 100,000 who came up during the Vietnam War.
=  Requested permission from Randy Cassingham for these snippets:
+  GOT A LIGHT?  Scientists in Argentina say methane holds in 23 times more heat than carbon dioxide, and is a neglected culprit in global warming.  To try to quantify how much the country's 55 million head of cattle contribute to the problem, the researchers have mounted fart collection tanks on the backs of cows to measure the gas they emit (no, really!).  Early results from the Argentine National Institute of Agricultural Technology and the Argentine National Council of Scientific and Technical Investigations show that the average cow blows out 800 to 1,000 liters of the flammable gas per day, and that feeding them clover and alfalfa instead of grain reduces emissions by about 25%.
        (London Telegraph) ...So the mythical cow didn't so much "jump over the moon" as it was rocket propelled.
+  IF ONLY SOMEONE HAD...: "Fire Destroys Truck Full of Extinguishers" --
        Lancaster (Penn.) Intelligencer Journal headline
+  YOU HAVE *GOT* TO SEE the photos of the gas collection tanks on the cows!  (Third story.) The photos are so funny I made it the featured video story this week: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNLOPnpk5wU
+  MISS MARY JANE, PLEASE PICK UP THE WHITE COURTESY TELEPHONE FOR AN URGENT MESSAGE: A Japanese customs officer exercising his sniffer dog at Tokyo's Narita airport put a 142g (5 oz) bag of marijuana into an unsuspecting traveler's suitcase after it arrived from Hong Kong. "The dog couldn't find it," a customs spokeswoman admitted. Worse, "the officer also forgot which bag he put it in" and it was delivered to baggage claim. Using a real customer's luggage to train drug dogs is against regulations, the spokeswoman explained, and the officer has been reprimanded. "If by some chance passengers find it in their suitcase, we're asking them to return it," she added. Customs officials valued the missing pot at 1 million yen (US$9,500).
        (London Times) ...$2,000 an ounce? The cops always have the best stuff.
===   WEBWATCH   ===
***  Is computer use changing children?
Distinguished neuroscientist Baroness Greenfield wonders what computers are doing to the children who use them a lot.
"...The brain, says the distinguished neuroscientist, changes all the time - but it is very sensitive to the environment [it's] in, and so it might be affected by the continual use of computers..."
See: < http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/em/fr/-/2/hi/technology/7564152.stm >
***  APPALLING NEWSWATCH -- fallout of war......
The tragic last moments of Margaret Hassan [Brit in Iraq] -- Thursday, 7 August 2008
... She stands in the empty room, a deplorable, terrible, pitiful sight. Is it Margaret Hassan? Her family believe so, even though she is blindfolded. I'm not sure if videos like this should ever be seen ? or perhaps the word is endured ? but they are part of the dark history of Iraq, and staff of the Arab Al Jazeera satellite channel have grown used to watching some truly atrocious acts on their screens.
***  FISKWATCH  --  Saturday, 16 August 2008
Robert Fisk's World: A region boiling with tales of kings, gangs, and war
The tag line has: "Two groups from Moscow fought it out with Kalashnikovs amid Dubai's architectural masterpieces", but there's far more in these tales of rumours in the Middle East from Doha to Tehran to the Pisgah Mtns in the US -- Petraeus and the missing king of Morocco along the way.  See: http://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/commentators/fisk/robert-fisks-world-a-region-boiling-with-tales-of-kings-gangs-and-war-899000.html
***  Nonviolent resistance:  http://english.pnn.ps/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=3323&Itemid=1
Subscribe to PNN: <http://la.mef-la.org/mailman/listinfo/newsletter>,<mailto:newsletter-request@la.mef-la.org?subject=subscribe>
This is from June but I think some got to go: http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/63778
*** Int'l Federation of Human Rights
Boat attempting to go to Gaza: http://english.pnn.ps/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=3354&Itemid=1
with articles from LATimes, Washington Post, NYT, Christian Science Monitor, etc., eg:
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2008 19:21:49 -0700 (PDT)
Algeria's president on visit to Iran
Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad today officially welcomed his Algerian counterpart, President Abdelaziz Bouteflika.
Iraqi parliament fails to finish election law
Gallegos said "We continue to urge the Council of Representatives to seek a compromise that can be adopted promptly"
Egyptian Internet measures criticized as censorship
Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) said that the Egyptian government has imposed a new measure obliging Internet caf=E9s to gather and keep certain personal information from visitors who use their services
Syrian government critic released from prison
Syria's release of prominent activist Aref Dalila on August 7, 2008, after seven years in detention, was welcomed, but the government did not free dozens of more detainees being held for non-violent political activities
Palestinians mourn poet Darwish's death
Palestinians yesterday mourned the death of Mahmoud Darwish, one of the Arab world's greatest modern poets.
Gulf name controversy: Arabian or Persian, Iranian uses music in support
Iranian music band 'Shams' will symbolically perform a concert in protest against what is regarded officially by Iran as a distortion of the name of the Persian Gulf, the manager of Tehran's Saadabad Palace said.
Palestinan President Mahmoud Abbas received on Sunday Israeli Member of Knesset and former Meretz chairman Yossi Beilin in the West Bank City of Ramallah on the latest developments in the Palestinian territory as well as the efforts made to push the peace process forward. Go
The joint United Nations-African Union (AU) peacekeeping mission in Darfur (UNAMID) reported today that one of its helicopters came under fire in West Darfur. Go
News from around the web:
Egyptian Judge Sentences Exiled Dissident to Prison for Writings in 'Foreign Press' - WashingtonPost.com
Palestinian negotiator considers binational state - WashingtonPost.com
Iraqi Army Is Willing, but Not Ready, to Fight - NY Times
Easy-listening West Bank station goes off air - WashingtonPost.com
Tigers make a fresh start in Baghdad - LA Times
Bears chill out as Cairo zoo reforms - WashingtonPost.com

=== CCL PH/MTG NOTES July 28th ===


1.         CALL TO ORDER
            Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4567, 2008; Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4568, 2008; and Phased Development Agreement Authorization Bylaw No. 4569 (Rodgers Creek Area), 2008
            Planning Staff will describe the proposed bylaws.
Applicant:  British Pacific Properties, for the owners.
Subject Lands:  Rodgers Creek Area of the Upper Lands.
Purpose:  To revise the Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw to allow for the development of the Rodgers Creek Area consistent with Option B (maximum 1,875,600 sq. ft. of residential building area consisting of 736 dwelling units) of the proposed Rodgers Creek Area Development Plan, Overview Report dated March 7, 2008 and to secure a variety of associated amenities and development features through the Phased Development Agreement mechanism of the Local Government Act, Section 905.1.
Proposed Official Community Plan (OCP) Amendment: The proposed OCP amendment would revise the policies for the Upper Lands:
1.        to allow the Rodgers Creek Area to be developed to a maximum 1,875,600 square feet of residential building area consisting of a maximum 736 dwelling units;
2.        by adding Rodgers Creek Area Development Policies and Development Permit Guidelines; and
3.        by making consequential amendments to the OCP such as realigning the 1,000 foot connector so that it extends northwest from Chippendale Road to connect to upper Cypress Bowl Road.
Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment: The proposed zoning bylaw amendment would:
1.        create the Comprehensive Development Zone Three (CD3) which would provide for development consistent with Option B of the proposed Rodgers Creek Area Development Plan, Overview Report dated March 7, 2008; and
2.         rezone the specified lands:
from:  R.S.7 Single Family Zone 7 and R.S.8 Single Family Zone 8
to:  Comprehensive Development Zone Three (CD3).
Proposed Phased Development Agreement (PDA): The proposed PDA secures a variety of amenities for West Vancouver including:
=B7    the extension of Chippendale Road to Cypress Bowl Road;
=B7    $500,000 for restoration and enhancement of environmentally sensitive areas;
=B7    various public realm elements of the Rodgers Creek Area Development Plan set out in the Overview Report, including mountain bike and hiking trails;
=B7    the green building and building accessibility standards set out in the Overview Report;
=B7    integrated storm water management plans for Pipe, Westmount, and Cave Creeks watersheds;
=B7    a wildland fire management plan;
=B7    a serviced site for District use in Area 6; and
=B7    a $7,940,000 cash contribution to a District reserve fund to be used for projects determined by Council.
In exchange for these amenities and features of the development, the land use and density provisions of the proposed CD3 zone would not change for [ten] years without the owners' approval.  In addition the applicant will provide $250,000 for traffic improvements at 15th Street and Mathers Avenue and on 21st Street (between Inglewood Avenue and Highway No. 1) prior to adoption of the zoning amendment bylaw.
{without discussing at least three different Uplift figures presented to Ccl, how many of the measures above wd benefit the devt rather or more than the cmnty as a whole?  What's the total?
Not only that, it appears from the presentation by staff that there will be add'l accessory bldgs that will NOT count in the FAR }
3.         PUBLIC HEARING PROCEDURE [Explained by Mayor]
1)         Reports received up to July 24, 2008:
TITLE [with date received or to be received omitted from this list]
Rodgers Creek Proposed Bylaws - Additional Component of the Proposed Community Benefits Package [R-1]
Rodgers Creek Area: OCP, Zoning and Phased Development Bylaws [R-2]
Rodgers Creek Area Development Plan - Additional Information [R-3]
Rodgers Creek - Proposed Community Benefits and Public Amenities [R-4]
Rodgers Creek Area Development Plan [R-5]
Rodgers Creek Truck Traffic Routing Plan [R-6]
Rodgers Creek Area Plan Working Group Report to Council [R-7]
Rodgers Creek Fiscal Impact Report [R-8]
Environmental Setback Summary [R-9]
Rodgers Creek Tailed Frog Survey Summary Upper Lands, District of West Vancouver [R-10]
Rodgers Creek Area Development Plan - Sustainability Review and Evaluation [R-11]
Rodgers Creek Area Development Plan - Overview Report [R-12]
Rodgers Creek Traffic Impact Study [R-13]
2)         Correspondence [numbered 1 to 13] received up to July 24, 2008:
G. Ward Hall, Resident, Resident, Resident, Resident, Resident, Resident, G. Pajari, Resident, E. Fonseca, President, Ambleside Dundarave Ratepayers' Association, R. Griffiths, D. Baxter, J. and M. Hoyle
On July 7, 2008, Council set the date for the Public Hearing.  On July 11, 2008, 863 Notices were mailed to owners/occupiers within the notification area specified in the map in Appendix A attached to the report from the Manager, Community Planning dated June 30, 2008.  The statutory notice of Public Hearing appeared in the North Shore News on Sunday, July 20, 2008 and Wednesday, July 23, 2008.  The Municipal Clerk will note written submissions received for the July 28, 2008 Public Hearing.
Geri Boyle, Planning staff:  [on slide: four cmnty building principles, then continues:]
Respecting envtal resources; let the landscape inform; science-based approach;
McHarg's Design with nature: concept on ecological planning
Sieve Analysis Map identified 30 riparian areas; from this planning areas and conservation areas
Mtn Pathway -- probably from BPP's envisioning notebook
Future Cypress Village to the west; Locating density in proximity to amenities
Confident the envmt protected -- 55% of the land area remains undeveloped, riparian and steep slopes, so large contiguous areas of green space
six residential clusters; 1.875Msf of residential floor area
bldgs will fit landscape and have an architectural character approp to the mtnside location.....
Housing Diversity: 736 -- so 13% sgl fam; 3% duplex/triplex; 14% townhomes; 70% apts, at least 30% of wch under 1000 sf in size
cmnty-based plan; collaborative process; public process; WG
Leading Age Process and Leading Age Plan
PLAN basis for bylaws; three are subject to tonight's PH
Key elements: amends UL policies to 1.875Msf and 736 dwelling units -- at present 2.5upa
Allows Mulgrave School to use land to the north of its site for school facilities other five - eight acres land than a sports field
update sev maps to show the new Chippendale alignment to Cypress Bowl Rd
extending SW, now to [NW?]
Second bylaw represents Option B -- one exception is no provision for accessory housing, is in recommendation by WG; felt more approp Housing Dialogue report and provide some consistency
one zone for entire area CD3 (213 acres)
how FAR is treated: different elsewhere in cmnty; eliminated
440 sf for car parking...
if you build 6000sf, aren't exclusions such as basement
pretty close to what bylaw will permit accessory bldgs up to 240sf excluded
mechanical rooms in basements
open balconies beneath roof overhangs to the extent less than 6% of total FAR up to 300sf
Final bylaw not called CB bylaw, called Phased Devt Agreement
land use and density wd not change for ten years

{You've probably heard that you can't fetter a Ccl's discretion.
Apparently there is now legislation that a municipality can set zoning for ten years, for 20 it requires provincial approval.}

$7.9M in five instalments
extension of Chippendale to Cypress Bowl within 18 months
$500K for restoration and enhancement of environmentally sensitive areas
bridge over Rodgers, over and above [?]
public realm elements of the Area Plan get implemented; grades, activity nodes
Green building
Integrated storm water mgmt for Pipe, Westmount, and Cave Creek watersheds
a wildland fire mgmt plan
a service site ~.8 acres in Area 6 transferred to DWV, use as District sees fit -- 55Ksf, 55 units, for District to decide ...
Working with the District to achieve artificial turfing of McGavin Field -- field under construction

{ah yes.  BPP shd hv finished it as part of what the arrangement when they got the zoning for Deer Ridge West.  So now it's part of the Rodgers Crk devt.  It's not a regulation competition field, unfortunately I've been told, but I do hope this time they'll provide for washrooms and parking!
why the money (whose?) for artificial turf?  to be used by whom?}

$250K for traffic improvements on 15th and 21st.
Concluding Remarks:
best efforts consistent with Overview Report and WG; feel whole planning, grounded in directions set out by OCP; exemplary mtnside devt, will become the standard; expect devt over five to ten years, BPP can speak to that, really b/c of market.
Sop: have a memo from you that CD3 wd give certainty to owners for a period of ten years from the date of adoption.  What happens after ten years?
GB: say Area 6 is not devpd.  If Ccl of day wants a different zoning, cd do it.
PDA only deals with zoning not the OCP or DP guidelines -- land use and density

5.         PUBLIC INPUT {as always, best guesses for names; typed as they spoke}
SSch: Ccl has received 23 from public and 13 reports
>1 Holly Alexander: of WV Ch of Commerce; compliment on progress; spent weekend reading through it, a delight...
often stopped by biz owners, when can put theirs in this new devt
this will also offer rec
WV Ch of Commerce supports sust; this devt encourages foot; hope Ccl give speedy approval
>2 Dol Mingay (?): lived in WV for past nine years; last home in Chelsea, currently in Taylor's Lookout
Option B offers choice; esp attractive -- mix of accommodation; traffic diversion
BPP to build, that encourages good design; looks its best
keeps look of our natural heritage; wholeheartedly support it
>3 Phil Aldrich: I represent the 21st Area Residents, about 45 owners; took time to talk to them
Here's a short letter I'd like to read out:
Duchess to Queens, applaud thoughtful planning; new mode of devt thinking, bodes well for more socially sust nbrhds
at the same time 736 units will have an impact on traffic; volumes on 21st already a serious prob; grown over the years to 400 vehicles per hour and while not at capacity will make situation worse
35 houses facing the road; srs' cmnty, elem school, day care, cmnty ctr, ...
never designed as a .....
this less than progressive planning from another era
never designed for his kind of use; loss of safety, reduction in quality of life and .....
A short history: in 1967 Ccl, 21st along with closure at 26th, no measures to compensate for this
1977 Library enlarged,  ..., srs' ctr, ice arena, Kiwanis, PJ, etc
Seawall in 1988; Deer Ridge; Aq ctr; KMC; yet to come new Cmnty Ctr to open early in 2009
each has added a little to the prob, some more than others
first met many Ccl mbrs midNov 2005; Nov 20 '05, Jan '06; supported traffic-calming
Traffic mgr worked with us, similar to Bellevue and Mathers unanimous support
unfort'ly, lack of funding; only something at xxx and roundabout at Queens; none for the ...
we believe RCrk, opp -- increasing $7.9M or separating capital spending
perfectly good unanimously endorsed xxx plan
funding now; then can share in the quality of life for everyone
Mayor: must have practised for five minutes
PA: had an egg-timer
Mayor: former cclr Liz Byrd
>4 LB: joined longrange planning in 1989 -- this is what the future of WV shd be about
talking to Jim McLean --  Mayor Soprovich
Mayor: that's twice you called him Mayor Soprovich
Sop: thanks
LB: sorry;  [prev tried to keep/protect?] trees, weren't successful
Whitby not a success compared with what we have on the table
I'm reaching the age where I've got to move into one
wd suggest some of the CBs wd be directed toward the Arts, you know where I come from
support it 100%
>5 Mark Ballard: moved to WV in 1977, serving in real estate industry, mbr of Ch of Comm and on parish ccl of St F in the Woods
My focus is how Option A and B meet;  Option B greater number of smaller and more affordable units
some might say relatively unaffordable in today's market but provided you with a booklet (spreadsheet of all homes in WV, HBay to Capilano sold this year av $738 per sf; know BPP is using $750 per sf; I've used $900; also provided you with active listings Water's Edge, over IGA, Galleries on the Bay, and Stonecliff and that come? 878$ per sf
Young Families; purchase price of $827K; requires 25% from family, $75 comes to $621, rule of thumb $500 per # of loan, comes to $3100/mo, requires income of $125K
one $67K and the other $45K so basically a v affordable humanly sustainable
Mayor: wind it up
MB: come at end
>6 Pamela MacGregor: speaking on behalf of ...
Mayor: name of person you're speaking on behalf of
PM: raised on Vancouver's west side...
cmnty info mtg earlier this year; v impressed with plan itself but also with process
will be a wonderful cmnty for all, natural landscape, healthy outdoor lifestyle
linking; making a complete cmnty; shopping, eliminating trip to Amb and Dund nec today
most will shop at Caulfeild V; note flood control to respect residents lower down
plan has my full support
>7 Sharon Bayer: live in NV; here representing the mtn biking cmnty; started riding here in 1972
interrupted by a cul de sac, ...
no until altered forever
thank you, Mdm Mayor for this process
in 2000, draft mtg bike plan; Biking Assn spoke to OCP
RCrk to forefront b/c ...
land mgrs engaging biking cmnty; value these trails, Fromme and Seymour
app work done to accommodate [thank staff]
importance of integrating rec into plan; app BPP ...
Mtn Bike Cmnty looks forward to a future
trails known for; educating
>8 Allan Bardsley: been here for more than 20 years
in March of 2007 first got involved with planning for RCrk
impressed with breadth of WG; one thing was missing -- recreational interests
in June last year when came out ... Cclr Day ...; thank you Madam Mayor for such an open process
how well envmtal issues have been addressed; consultative process works
who'd have known ...
agreement BPP and DWV for permanent trails
current free-for-all can evolve into a managed plan .... so impact of bikes can be controlled
technically challenging trails as we enjoy today
a step closer to that goal thank you [named staff and BPP ppl]
once settled, look forward to Cypress V ...
when is the [trail?] going to close instead when is the pub going to open
>9 Max Nikpay: Prez of BPAHA; prepared a little letter in support
followed plan over years; bd of directors had a detailed private briefing in April
believe results extremely gratifying and all participants to be congratulated
such a thorough and independent process; complexity and sensitivity
Our assn over 700 homeowners, sgl fam area
different stages, enabling us who want to downsize
completion of Chippendale also tremendous enhancement to life in our nbrhd
connector relieve 90% of truck traffic -- UL Hwy; this has been a serious concern
traffic concerns for everyone today; hopeful some of the mitigation funds adeq re N/S ...
understand future village will become an alternative, making life above Hwy even more desirable than today
>10 Todd Hannah: lived on Glenmore for four years
mtn biking my wife and I shared passion, v imp to us; WV offered this to us
thank BPP and DWV for working together; nice my interests being considered
expert level trails imp part of this network; world-renown; preserve for future generations and tourism
current trail network wd be maintained and leveraged
>11 George Pajari:
I wish to speak to the community benefit and amenity contribution calculations, in particular how they compare compare with uplift to determine if this is an equitable proposal. I have no comments on any other aspects of the plan.
The first problem I have is with the process.
It appears that the proper calculation of the Uplift, Uplift being the increase or possible increase in the land value accruing from the proposed rezoning, that the proper calculation of the Uplift was an afterthought. The Working Group dissolved before any of the reports, from the fiscal impact consultant, on the community benefits, and uplift calculations, were written. I and I'm sure Council would liked to have had the benefit of the WG's opinion on the community benefits [CB] package and its calculation.
Second, problems with the raw data.
To determine the change in the land value from the existing zoning to the proposed zoning, we need to know accurately what is permitted today -- but almost every report has a different description of what is permitted: there's one set of numbers in staff reports; there's another set of different numbers in Fiscal Impact report; and yet another set in the most recent BGS report. Even more incredibly, the BGS report has two different figures as to what is permitted on the same page.
I ask you, how can you proceed if not only do your expert consultants not agree with each other, in one case one of your experts does not even agree with herself!
Third -- we have a problem with trying to move the public process ahead during the summer. Many speakers at a previous Public Hearing as well as some councillors have pointed out the problems with people being away during July and August.
Here we have a critical report from an outside consultant, who I understand gave a secret briefing to Council explaining her report and then left on vacation shortly thereafter and has been unable to address the many questions that have come up with respect to her report. Other consultants who made reports to Council, the Fiscal Impact report and others, made public presentations, so it raises the question of why Council did not feel it appropriate to have that briefing in public. How can we proceed when we still have significant questions about a key aspect of this proposal -- questions that appear not to be able to be resolved at this time?
A fourth problem is that I have not received a response to my letter of May 15th pointing out numerous flaws in the staff reports on uplift calculations and suggesting an uplift of between $81M and $135M might be an appropriate calculation.
The BGS report confirms many of the flaws in the staff report but does not point out any problems with the alternative model I propose.
My model could certainly be flawed but I have not received a response, the BGS report does not point out any flaws, and we have not received a staff report to reconcile these discrepancies
A fifth problem is that the model used by BGS, the land residual value or subdivision model, is renowned for being inaccurate.
You will recall during the Pat's Restaurant discussion a similar model was developed that showed on a two-million-dollar property the value could either go up by a million or down by $800,000 depending on which numbers you used.
Tony Sevlka, writing in the Canadian Appraiser, "A Review of the Subdivision Development Method", wrote that "the [residual land value approach], in addition to being very complex, time-consuming, and costly to prepare, when used on its own without an abundance of reliable market data, can be the least accurate raw land valuation technique. Many reasons have been advanced as to why the [model] fails to qualify as an acceptable valuation model in estimating the market value of raw land.."
So we have a model which is known to be inaccurate that published literature says must be validated against actual market data, and yet the report from the consultant has no actual market data, and no validation of the report.
I would suggest without any disrespect intended to the author that a report that suggests increasing the density from 308 units to 736 units would cause the land value to plummet by $84 million is somewhat hard to believe without market data to back up the conclusion.
Is there anyone in the room who would suggest that if their own house [on] their lot were subdivided into two or three lots with three houses no larger than the existing house [in total], that their land value would drop? Of course not! So I would ask Council to adjourn this public hearing until they can receive a staff report that reconciles the contradictions and the many questions that exist with respect to these reports so that we can be confident that this is not another gift from the West Van rezoning tooth fairy.
>12 Barry Ferguson: support of a letter written to Ccl
Coho Society, volunteer org; BPP has been one of the founding sponsors; participated with BPP, found streams to be lacking; 29 yrs ago realized a prob; some of the solutions hard to get to
the Hadden Crk brought salmon back first time in 40 yrs
Streamkeeper on WG; sensitivity in plan to habitat
mtn bikers ...; commend handed over to District as a public amenity...; mtn pathway; enhancement to salmon ...; job of society to continue to monitor this area; compliment sust
 >13 Donald Kirkwood: Chair of Mulgrave School Directors
signif long term impact on school; past ...
express our support; reflection of ...; goes beyond better to best; sp thx to WG; plsd final Chippendale road alignment; recommend support bylaws, job well done
prior to [motion?] we request that Sched 1 para H be amended cd use all or part of area xxx rather than just the five acres presently referred to
Mayor: provide that
>14 Valerie Abramson: lived in WV since 1964; bkground of hwy devt as it affects me
had a small creek and two years it stopped running
phoned staff, had diverted creek and xxx back; it did, and again [disappeared]
want to find where the missing water went; McGavin field or new sidewalk culverted
bring to your notice b/c of all the assurances
creeks not there
do have pictures
two creeks that ran into
Mayor: appreciate that and we'll follow up
>15 Trish Panz: bn involved in many envmtal initiatives: PRAC and chair of Envmt WG; my own personal views
produced a well thought out plan, in spirit of cooperation
set a new standard for inclusive planning; comments speak to the goodwill behind that process
process looked at envmt first -- where devt shd not go
fragmentation xxx
min ecological footprint; commitment to a future mtnside village
imp shift from traditional sgl fam homes to broader choices,  xxx recent surveys
coming Nbrhd Character [WG report]
footprint -- WG has demonstrated flexibility of thinking
challenge for the future
green bldgs and infrastructure
>16 Doug Saxon
[Mayor called, no one came]
>17 Michael Evison: lived in WV for about 40 years
already submitted a letter; read one or two parts
...... from exclusive Canterbury...., Whitby Estates,  ... evolution continues with Taylor's Lookout
eightplexes; sophisticated approach...
deliver more in the way of public benefits and amenities than prev examples
pathway; 55% [green?]
imp in a smaller subdiv; with my landscape background and interest; seen progress east to west
enlightening, trust Ccl will follow through
Mayor: Saxon?
[still no one came forth -- but must hv put name on Speaker List]
>18 Wilf Wassesleben: live in Chippendale, lived in Props for over 25 years, continue to move west
seen mistakes in planning taken place in many areas
Whitby has attn to detail shd strive;
controlled home design, protection of views; prot of green space; area can be proud of
buildout plan -- learned from Whitby Estates
plsd BPP will build more.... major issue Whitby, incomplete ... shoddy
hi quality design, considerate of nbrs
wrt devt, looking forward to xxx
multiple nbrhds, diff needs; protecting over 50% of
close to future village; compliment; cmnty living above the hwy, recommend approve
>19 Carolanne Reynolds: Your second former councillor tonight!
Anyway I'm here as Editor of West Van Matters; I'm going to try to speak v quickly.
This has been very interesting and the housing variety and diversity proposed is in keeping with that aspect of the OCP guidelines.  We're glad of course that half is green and trails.
And of course most of your comments you have heard hv bn complimenting the diversity and the plans, and not much has been about the cmnty benefits b/c of course we didn't find out about that until much later, and after the plans.
The confusion is over the present value of the land, zoned for about 300 units, and the increase in land value for 736 units {ie Uplift} -- and btw I saw on the slides something about some accessory bldgs, so I'm not sure if that's included in your calculations for the Uplift b/c of course they wd hv value.  The increase is called the Uplift.
The Cmnty Benefits [CBs] policy's goal is for a portion [of the increased value wch the owner has not paid for] to go back to the cmnty for this upzoning, so that not just a gift to the owners.  The higher value is shared b/c developers are not buying this land, and this upzoning is given to them, and this permits increased density.  Many cmnties seek about two thirds or three quarters of the Uplift, and that's why it's important to find out what that amount truly is.

{Allow me to expand on this, wch I didn't do when speaking.  One City of Vancouver planner is particularly proud of getting 98% on one upzoning (I think it was a $200M change so that's still $4M for the owners/devprs); keep in mind that this is only about the zoning, the value of the land.  All the profit of whatever is built is of course for owners.}

Every enquiry I made, every realtor, said more units result in higher value.  If one unit is 3000sqft for example, two units of 1500sf each is worth more.  The upzoning, Uplift, is not clear from the reports that have been given, including the most recent one.

{If you read the most recent, incredibly you'll see an argument for saying the land drops in value with more units!}

One report uses 5000sf per unit at 2.5upa (presently allowed) and another has 6Ksf [for] each.  No wonder sometimes the sqftg given is 1.6Msf and others 1.8M.

Mayor: It's 1.875

{The Mayor is quite right as far as what is in the motion but that is not the point I was trying to make however rather than debate that, I continued with my presentation.}

CR: thank you. The Uplift stated varies from nothing -- unbelievable! -- to $16M to $37M to even higher.

{See letter dated May 15 from G Pajari, in WVM2008-17, discussion on Correspondence:
(29)     G. Pajari, May 15, 2008, regarding Community Benefits with respect to the Rodgers Creek Development
        Referred to Director of Planning, Lands and Permits for consideration and response.
(33)     May 7, 2008, regarding Rodgers Creek Report
VV: Item 29 and 33 both on subject of Uplift.
NB: As GP said when he spoke earlier this evening, you'll see his letter was referred to the Dir/Planning for response but no response/reply has yet been received.
Come to think of it, no reply to my letter dated May 16 referred to Dir/Finance on financial points -- that's why I've asked a couple of times at PQP what the guideline is for lapsed time until answers.}

Some of the amenities, such as a road, as Cclr Clark and others have said, are benefits to the devt, not to the whole cmnty.  I'm not saying they aren't good, they're really good but there's a shared benefit.
There shd be widespread public input to determine CBs, our share.  Maybe a WG?
The figures or amounts given shd be examined thoroughly and explained, b/c it's v confusing, the various numbers we've been given.
[There have been so many versions] Maybe Rodgers Crk shd be like a Stanley Cup, best of seven! for the cmnty, that is.

{oh groan.  Was trying to introduce some humour but that was rather weak.  Sorry.}
Anyway, for the cmnty share we shd hv widespread input and it shd be a win-win, and not just winner take all.
{And this isn't, b/c there are some CBs.}

When it comes to the CB part, as I mentioned in the past, I thought that 10% of the funding

{Awkwardly said, apologies.  Pls allow me to clarify.  What I meant is 10% of the Uplift, and that shd in cash (or kind) so there's a formula in place to fund these areas.  Ccl, maybe with an adv cmte making recommendations, wd make the decisions as to what project(s) the funds are applied to. }

shd be [given] to each group: to the Environment -- there shd be an Envmt Fund started --, an Arts & Cultural Fund,  and a Heritage Fund.

{IOW, start three funds with money given to each of them from every upzoning.  That ensures these areas have money in place and are not subject to sudden cancellations or lack of funding during budget deliberations.}

We had an excellent report from the Envmt WG earlier this year.  They only asked for about $30K, and it was cancelled during the budget deliberations.  If we built up, just 10%, for these three funds, there wd be a fund there that your WG and Ccl cd draw on, and it wdn't be subject to budget cuts when they're necessary.
So please allow time for the cmnty to have its say wrt its share of the CBs.  The devt is lovely and I'm sure it's desired, but there's too much confusion over the Uplift, and there hasn't been much input as to what CBs the public wd like from this increase in value.
Thank you very much.
>20 Ashley Morgan-Dann: in reference to this proposal; watched many mtgs on TV; against
partly against b/c another 700 to 1000 cars; still struggling to envision that; hope work done to make that feasible
positive aspect as we have many young families and attract many
also many young families splitting and cannot continue to live unless affordable housing
have one parent remain in home and the other in a smaller; as part of social circle; support that side
as far as CBs, we have been before you, mentioned
continue to look for rec activities; plsd mtnbikers so happy; anything that allows us to reap, is positive
have add'l rec activities; lost our movie theatres, our driving range
option for our young families
hope you have another look at the CBs, get land for rec use; understand other groups, not just equestrian; fairly compete for use of that land; in that same tone; pls do consider McGavin field, artif turf, we have 32 fields in WV
part of the CBs of this
>21 NAME [?]: 3246 xxx
moved there in 1974; professional realtor; no biz relationship with any of the owners
after attending an info mtg wrt the plan
shd work for a wide range of .... in WV
informal mtgs, phone calls; most requested email copies
app fact a new direction; like large style planning rather than subdiv by subdiv; like concept of Upper Lands as a cmnty; Dundarave above the hwy with a mtn feel; sgl fam format to a blending of homes, reflect modern realities
maintenance/maintaining? 1200sf?
will fit with landscape; imp that BPP has begun planning for this village ctr as soon as approved
cmnty shuttles to get to or from when don't wish to walk or cycle
exciting architectural design and ...
>22 Heinz ????: letter to read to you; resident in WV for 27 years
following this project, attended mtgs; served on board of homeowners' assn
in general commend this project; stuff done by Ccl, Engg, -- diff and right direction; job well done
a fifth fire hall in the area? wd like to know where/when going to be built; hope in first phase
congratulations, how progressing
Mayor: no one else wishing to speak
so then Mark Bower/Ballard (sp?) another brief opportunity
>23 (spoke as 5 earlier) MB: to finish my previous discussion
re young family affordability; one partner $67K, other at $45K per year -- allows M employees and teachers to live in our nbrhd
Option B 920sf, $900sf more affordable at $750 [?????]
av home for downsizing home for senior is $1.5M, wd allow investment of $670K [???]
selling at 65 and you're living to 90
$1K pr month income; $2255 per unit; sell av home, borrow $500K
when ppl say WV is affordable; my parents live in a 5Ksf home and my mother talking about moving to 1500sf
my sons are in 20s, thinking of living in WV; without these small units, they're talking about NV
???  we've moved a woman out, lived here last 40 years
[8:43, some laughter] Mayor: anyone further wishing to speak? questions for staff before closing or adjourning?
Sop: where do we stand in relationship to the accessory bldgs, on other?
Sokol: no accessory bldgs allowed
report from Cmnty Dialogue WG , will have some recomm re accessory bldg units

{still trying to find out about this; Sop was right to ask.  The slides by Geri Boyle referred to bldgs under 240sf not being counted, so that's something we shd look at closely -- cd increase both FAR as well as site coverage.
Then if the CD/Housing WG (meeting Aug 19) sends a recommendation to Ccl wrt legalizing secondary suites and other housing potential, eg infill or granny suites, this will also affect FAR, etc.  This may therefore mean that Ccl cd rescind third reading and amend.  Then the tricky bit will be to decide if it wd then require re-opening the PH.}

Sop: Mulgrave?
GB: school owns the prop; outside boundary
[pointing to map on west side of chamber so those of us on the west/left side cannot see map or what she's pointing to, let alone those out in foyer]
can expand but do hv to come to Ccl
perhaps a small school for childcare; cd be all or part of this area
wdn't compromise any riparian areas; applic wd hv to come before Ccl
small lot sgl fam housing;  xxx and ..... housing
VV: wd like to understand the finances wrt land not built on
that land as we understand it is to be donated to M at conclusion of construction
GB: majority of it; green space left natural, to Ccl, some of it by covenant
VV: have we done a comparison, financial?
if accepts...
first of all no longer receive prop taxes yet resp for upkeep; why not entirely in hands of devpr or new owners?
have we done that comparison?
GB: analysis has not been done; but analysis of Option A and B; clearly indicated Option B wd bring in more
VV: wasn't able to distinguish that


RD: move all written and verbal submissions be received and that PH be closed

{pretty confident; usually receipt first, and then some questions/discussion on whether or not to adjourn or close the hearing.  Decided in the mtg Ccl had from 4:30pm leading up to the ccl mtg?   Surprise no one asked to split.}

VV: think it wd be premature; a lot of ppl wd xxx
we are the only ppl who can take care of financial as a whole
taxes going up and xxx quality go down
BPP's own booklet says value of this will be $1B
we'll get 2.5M only; $8M is only minuscule
Mayor: so you're arguing for adjourning or finding out something further?
VV: a number of [speakers?] wd say ... until much better answers
matter of Uplift and land coming to us and matter of fifth firehall
have a serious impact on financial
shd hv these matters dealt with in this way
can't close this PH until we've taken that next step*
{PH is closed}
{PLEASE NOTE: the CBs, presented in the form of the Phased Devt Agreement, only appeared ON TABLE at the mtg -- so how cd the public have had time to read it, review it, express an opinion on what they wd like in return for this gift of increased land/zoning value?}


Mayor: tonight is the last mtg for two mbrs of staff
Rick Beauchamp 40 years in public service; in Aug
improving relationship with Sq Nation; as well coordinated three Ms in bylaw adjudication; adopted throughout  BC, won award
editor for 20 years of pubn; thank you and for your broad contrib to public... in general
RB: thank you for those kind words; been a pleasure serving a sp cmnty; seems like yesterday first mtg
over years; been v fortunate, bldg state of the art facilities; partnerships, ... nbrs, DNV and CNV
certainly have enjoyed my staff: WV not reached its peak, best is yet to come
thank staff who have supported me and xxx
Mayor: moving up the ladder, so to speak, Fire Chief worked here for 30 years; xxx Chair, VP of Gr
major accomplishments
Jeff Oates: 22 years; ccl reports and budgeting; all been good and challenging
believe I leave you with .... highly regarded in cmnty and provincially
time for a break; a few months before I enter M politics -- just joking
closest, getting to watch you as I sip a gin and tonic.
Cclr Clark: still laughing at that -- didn't think a firefighter wd be dumb enough to get into M politics
July 28, 2008 Special Council agenda amended by:
=B7                     Adding to Item 2:  Minutes for July 14 and July 21, 2008 meetings;
=B7                     Adding to item 9:  memorandum regarding Phased Development Agreement Authorization Bylaw No. 4569 (Rodgers Creek Area), 2008;
=B7                     withdrawing Item 13 regarding WinterSong Festival;
=B7                     adding to Item 14:  report regarding Terasen Gas Energy Efficiency and Conservation Application;
=B7                     adding to the Correspondence List:  items (19.2), (21.1), and (29.1);
MINUTES (Item 2)
July 14, 2008 Regular Council Minutes
July 21, 2008 Reconvened Public Hearing/Public Meeting Minutes (re: 445 13th street)
July 21, 2008 Reconvened Public Hearing Minutes (re: Ambleside Town Centre)
Item 9:            Memorandum from the Manager of Community Planning regarding Rodgers Creek Area - Phased Development Agreement Authorization Bylaw No. 4569 (Rodgers Creek Area), 2008
Item 14:          Report from Manager of Building Construction and Contracts titled "Terasen Utilities Energy Efficiency and Conservation (EEC) Application"
Item (19.2):    D. Lang, Lang Motors, regarding Request for Delegation
Item (21.1):    July 22, 2008, regarding Sunset Avenue Thoroughfare Nightmare
Item (29.1):    D. Marley, July 27, 2008, regarding Finance Committee Report
2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES {see above, on table}
Mayor: public can speak except for PH items, closed
JC: must excuse myself for items 3 and 4
3.         Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4543, 2008 - Ambleside Town Centre
     This bylaw received second and third readings at the July 21, 2008 Regular Council meeting.
ADOPTED with Sop opposed
4.         Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4544, 2008 - Ambleside Town Centre
     This bylaw received second and third readings at the July 21, 2008 Regular Council meeting.
ADOPTED with Sop opposed
5.         Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4541, 2007 - 445 13th Street
     This bylaw received first reading at the March 17, 2008 Regular Council meeting.
RECOMMENDED: ... be read a second and third time.
[9:02] Mayor: someone ask Cclr Clark to rejoin us
JF: maybe he didn't know I was a fast reader
Sop: maybe he's having a gin and tonic
MS: move second reading; had plenty of discussion on this, let builder get on with it and substantial tax revenue to District
JF: think it's an excellent plan; brings multi-fam, used by young fams, close to school, beach, public transport
Sop: no doubt from design of bldg, well done
not supporting, don't think residential shd go on ground level; on Marine Corridor be reserved for commercial
my only concern is that if in future years, some amenity to gas stn, what will happen to residents in this bldg when something in front of them completely
no green, no play area for chn; v busy road
guess in some areas, close quarters, but we really have to look at what entire areas is going to bring
I'm not supporting residential in that area
VV: I agree, wd like to see commercial or at least mixed comm/resid
Mayor: think zoning we just passed is zoning
Sop: we didn't
Mayor: we just did
Sop: sorry, think
Mayor: so we begin; this is a modest proposal; as good for renewal in Amb
believe we'll see... improve...
[CARRIED with Sop opposed; same for third reading] 9:07
6.         Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4540, 2007 - 445 13th Street  
     This bylaw received first reading at the March 17, 2008 Regular Council meeting.
RECOMMENDED:.. be read a second and third time.
PASSES with Sop and VV opposed
7.         Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4567, 2008 - Rodgers Creek Area
     This bylaw received first reading at the July 7, 2008 Regular Council meeting.
RECOMMENDED:.. be read a second and third time.
Mayor: we've had presentation by staff
RD: have already spoken on this so just want to thank Geri Boyle and BPP; also want to...
Streamkeepers who supported this plan... and mtnbikers... pioneering mtnside... all of NAm
thorough analysis of the landscape; geography, drainage, affordable housing, diverse
considerable public amenities; ... grants

{As I said, most support the plan ie 55% green, variety/diversity; the problems swept under the rug is that the Fiscal Report came after the WG stopped meeting, the Uplift calculations varied, new CBs at the mtg tonight, and NO consultation either with the WG or the public wrt the CBs!}

.... 21st, considerable public amenities as well; goes back many years for me
Liz Byrd mentioned..... I was part of those discussions in 1995; BPP has done an enormous amt of research
Mayor: second reading
[RD moved second reading seconded by JF]
Mayor: Ccl will make an amendment at this point
RD: amended in section 1... deleting the following words... five acres ... replacing re Mulgrave school
[Amendment Mulgrave asked for made]
Mayor: any debate or friendly amendment?
SSch: amendment motion shd hv vote called itself
Mayor: in response to earlier request
Mayor: now second reading as amended
SSch: have a mover and seconder; if agreement, then as amended
Mayor: now in position to debate; Cclr Day, wanting further to say?
Sop: remember going back a few years.. if I knew more than I did
opp to look at Whitby Estates; through course of time; took approx four years
I wanted to do diligence, walked corner to corner and diagonally; alder trees, and top of bank
wanted certain things in those days; we didn't have CBs ... we did finally get less impervious surfaces
paid considerable attn, thought we got things valuable
advanced from prev devt; thought we did a reasonable job
shortly after that, BPP presented us with an artist's concept -- theirs for us to look at RCrk
said don't come back until entire RCrk; they went away for a long time; lo and behold, present
one was v diverse housing; close attn to creeks and storm mgmt and xxx
one key is Chippendale connector truck mgmt plan allow them to use Cypress Bowl Rd and not enter Chartwell
also a road network, clusters of devt, less road network and impervious than we saw in Whitby, narrow roads
now what we have entertained here
I know BPP will never stand for xxx
amt of envmtal work done on that hillside; our needs and needs of cmnty; look at greening around nodes
when you cut a footprint for a devt outside
no groomed areas; if you groom you've got maintenance costs; natural state, we won't have to service
all in all come a long way
in my view when this goes forth probably have one of the finest hillside devts in NAm
have watched this closely; compliments to WG
assessments probably take ten years
also as I understand have $1M set aside to look at acquisition for a small shopping ctr in next phase to complete cmnty
VV: the one thing I do recognize as Cclr Sop reminded us
long time ago ... bad the long time our applics take
area two presumably, all they need is approval so they can get to work
wd not be adverse to allowing that .....
commits us for ten years; for next three ccls, nothing they can do, hands tied
the only thing we need to commit ourselves to is Area 2, progressing
ev keen on these small xxx
even Option B, xxx have to take of
costs, there are easier ways of getting 155 smaller units
all of the statements re village, shopping, all depends on our land; competition for that land; Parks shows as a future park
maybe public wd like to comment on park or shopping there
shd hv looked at Cmnty Charter and looked at some sort of partnership so some financial benefits
short end of the stick primarily b/c fifth firehall
may wait for next stage but Fire WG said this year, and recent; said under immediate recommendation
not leaving it
as we learn from fiscal impact report, this will cost $2.5M per year in combine capital and operations; then we're $1M in the hole a year from what we see
can't do this without taxes going up and ...  Fiscal Report tells us
nothing ... shared xxx
all same; but going to be getting usage by popn increase by about 3%
all ways affect quality of life
xxx don't understand xxx ? when we don't understand
doesn't accept traffic study and only 50 more cars at LGB at rush hour
... we shd let them [BPP] go ahead, but just Area 2
need to see where we stand, CBs; shopping area
hasn't been worked out from ... POV
trustees of public purse if we simply leave it as this ... as one of the ...
[otherwise?] giving another gift from the [WV rezoning] tooth fairy
... we're not doing our homework properly
MS: Public Hearing said it all, overwhelming support
either cut down all the trees, build large sgl fam; down 21st

{false dichotomy -- no one suggested that!  and given large sgl-fam homes not selling now, but condos are, doubt that wd be the choice or desire
TO BE CLEAR: support for the plan, NOT support for the (choices, low value of) CBs!}

or do sensible thing; create a mtnside cmnty out there
pubs, note I said that in plural; amenities; a place where ppl want to live
demand is switching from large houses to smaller; downsizing latter part of life
.... wch we require
winner on all sides; addressing traffic, housing needs, services close to their home
enthusiastically approve it watch it unfold, watch with pride and sense of achievement
JF: speaking in support; involved in this report for years, was on Sch Bd and served on that cmte
worked with an environmental planner from Vancouver (lived in WV)
huge number of ppl on that cmte; at outset no idea of how
did lead to a v good set of recomms; OCP renewal steering cmte, also comprised with ppl fam
a commendable public process
this group familiar with devt, planning, a group of visionaries
no fear of commitment, put into action for next ten years
with BPP, change can occur and if benefit to both parties, can....
{Again, no discussion re CBs}
JC: I support this application, this devt; wd like to say v fortunate in WV we have the quality and residents come to the table ... when
bring expertise, caring attitude, diligence; also fortunate to have a dvpr, a landowner, supportive for many years, will continue to do so; WV residents here
can think of many situations around Lower Mainland, nightmare for staff
and we get nothing but cooperation
what Cclr Smith said and Mayor Sop
think we shd just get on with the job
Mayor: while this process took ten years; not b/c of lack of vision; ... no need
last year, streamkeepers, mtnbikers, ...... bring cmnty together
signif that citizens step forward; tonight heard from cmnty
certainly we've never had better studies from .......
that goes a long way to a ....  understandable
keeping urban footprint small; these are imp values in WV
future, particularly in Upper Lands; dialogue on housing; not easy for us
highly supportable; there is no other alternative in our view
terms out there in Motel Six, chicken coops, xxx
beautiful homes there; gratifying when wish to see cmnty evolve diff from our past
wd like to acknowledge about $1.3M to our revenues
never seen such a comprehensive
b/c this Ccl put CB policy in place
further comments?
[Second Reading carries, as does Third; VV opposed to both] 9:35
8.         Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4568, 2008 - Rodgers Creek Area
     This bylaw received first reading at the July 7, 2008 Regular Council meeting.
RECOMMENDED: ... be read a second and third time.
CARRIES with VV opposed
9.         Phased Development Agreement Authorization Bylaw No. 4569, 2008 - Rodgers Creek Area
     This bylaw received first reading at the July 7, 2008 Regular Council meeting.
RECOMMENDED: ... be read a second and third time.
Mayor: proposed amendment
RD: amended as further draft; provided on table, at July 28th ccl mtg

{a PH shd involve citizen input that the public have had an opportunity to read -- not the case with this.  Just shoved through.  It might be great but virtually no chance to see it!!!}

Mayor: just a blackline copy, slight changes to phased agreement

{but we don't know that!  and how much time have we had even to read the whole PDA let alone consider or offer other recommendations?}

[Amendment CARRIES with VV opposed]
Mayor: call with amendment
[Second reading passes as does third; VV opposed] 9:38
10.       Recommendations for Amendments to Zoning Bylaw Regulations for Child Care
RECOMMENDED:  THAT Staff bring forward zoning bylaw amendments for child care uses based on recommendations from the Child Care Services Working Group outlined in their memo of July 7, 2008.
MS: plsd to introduce this report; will just wait a few seconds here
[ppl leaving]
plsd to introduce; undertaking a review; WG est'd Mar 2007; need of chn and fams in nbrhds
Mayor: xxx
MS: haven't even got there yet  --  [I'm?] peddling, Cclr F!
intent to encourage childcare primarily in church and school; place in resid zones
wd like to ask ... Joanne McKenna to provide context to this report
and Anne Mooi and Leanne Sexsmith staff wd be pleased to answer any questions too
JMcK: thank you for inviting us here; chair for almost a year; plsd to be sitting here with report put together for/with staff for you
seven basic tasks; needs assmt, zoning changes, opps for facilities (completed re sites; in new devts); will come back [with?] guidelines; reviewed cutbacks; issues raised by closing Cedardale
this WG and the DWV has been successful in securing two prov grants -- great kudos to staff here
secondly Childcare learning Ctr has found a new.. opening that in Sept this year; wonderful news
raising profile of how imp childcare is; esp to working parent like myself
Ccl progressive outlook
and to reiterate, took a lot of the info ... on a needs assmt
mbrs of public, two diff forums; valuable info; how best to facilitate; priority for overall strategy
new childcare spaces, inverted triangle; at end looks at comm areas and then lastly residential areas
just one component
one strategy alone will not meet all childcare needs; a more responsive childcare syst; proud to have been part of this WG; creative partnerships, with staff, licensing, parents, grandparents; great success story
we are seeking your endorsement at the conceptual level; there will be further opp to review these and there will be a public process
happy to respond to any questions; invite Leanne
Sop: tyvm for all your hard work; leading us through
first heard about this by way of increase in nbrhd; in laying this out done a v good job
only question in area, in 16, allowing away from schools and churches, a DVP, wd that come to Ccl?
Sokol: yes
Mayor: right
Sop: if understood, excellent layout
JC: this was discussed last year at the Finance Cmte
suggestion under xxx Assembly
exemption we offer to churches and we ask for nothing in return
often in churches; obvious place, room there six days a week
in deliberations, look at some obligations, where it makes sense; opp for more
VV: understand Gordon House has a grant from the prov
does that mean the capacity will go up?
Leanne Smith: child xxx will move to Cmnty Ctr; with grant money will create a childcare facility at Gordon house, function
MS: thanks; nice to see this bubble up to surface
VV: do have reservations in resid nbrhd but in favour of good childcare; will vote in favour and then will look at bylaw wrt around resid
JF: I too want to thank ev; thorough research; took time to come to terms with needs; wonderful to see; came from a year ago stressful circumstances; think we shd all be delighted
{Yes, this is a great success story and even got grants from the prov of hundreds of thousands of dollars.}
11.       Wetmore Site - Requests for Proposals (File:  0510-16)
MS moved: that Staff be authorized to issue a Request for Proposals for the Wetmore Lands, as described in the July 21, 2008 report of the Associate Director - Major Projects.
Mayor: Mr Sokol, introduction?
Sokol: Staff's recommendation is included in the report, but I wd like to add that Ccl directed staff to prepare the RFP; staff has met with several proponents for projects, coming with clarification, providing some flexibility to enable broader response when it does go out.
Mayor: two mbrs of public wishing to speak: George Pajari and Carolanne Reynolds and we're pushing up to 10pm so Mr Chan, just time the three minutes, that wd be great.
GP: tyvm, Your Worship, Ccl.
I understand that one of the primary motivations of considering the sale of the Wetmore property is the financial demands on the cmnty b/c of various capital projects, and not b/c Ccl has brought forward an integrated plan on the disposition of its real estate holdings in general.  And so wd like to ask through you, Madam Chair, Mr Laing as I understand it, by selling the Wetmore property, the Endowment Fund will be reimbursed the original purchase price, and the funds received in excess of the purchase price are therefore above-threshold funds that can be used for other purposes.   And if that analysis is correct, cd not the same fiscal impact on the M be achieved by notionally selling Wetmore back to ourselves?  By that I mean Ccl passing a bylaw wch deems the Wetmore property to be held in the Endowment Fund at its current market value, and not its purchase price, thereby releasing funds above the threshold value without you having to either touch {change} the threshold value or in any other way act contrary to the spirit of the Endowment Fund.
Mayor: thank you for your question.  Mr Laing.
RL: the five-year capital plan of the M did take account of the market value of the Wetmore site, and it did anticipate that on disposition, that the entire market proceeds wd go into the Endowment Fund.  That has already been taken into acct in quantifying what the needs for the cmnty ctr were, and what wd happen with the Wetmore funds.
GP: I understand that to be the case.  My question is, wd re-evaluating, from an acctg perspective only, the Wetmore property at its current market value not have the same effect of freeing up funds that an actual sale wd have?
RL: I guess it begs the question where this alternative funding source wd come from with the District's existing resources.
Mayor: as well as where does this leave the OCP policy wrt the Wetmore site, biz plan wrt the Wetmore site, and its actual use.

{G comments:
Two attempts at asking the same question and two non-answers. Why can't I get a straight answer to a straight question? Who said anything about an alternative funding source? The Endowment Fund has two types of investments: bonds/notes and the Wetmore property. They can't cash in the bonds/notes as that would drop the fund below the threshold which is not permitted. But if they accounted for the Wetmore investment at its current value and not its purchase price, the fund would then total more than the threshold and they could cash in the investments above the threshold value -- the same net result as selling the property. Yet two attempts to get Laing to admit this fail. What are they hiding and why?
CR, Your Editor, adds to GP's comments:
If not hiding or unaware, maybe rather it was that GP's point was not understood.  In any case, since Ccl can pretty well put whatever zoning it wants on that site wch it owns, it can upzone it to something worth $50M or more -- highrise or whatever.  DWV paid about $5.5M for the property, a realtor told me a couple of years ago that it had already increased in value to $15 or 20M.  So you can see why many of us want to keep it and do not want the property sold -- especially since there are ways to fulfil the requirements of the investment and the threshold and the Endowment Fund without selling.  It's a v valuable municipal asset!
And it's adjacent to the civic ctr so logical for some sort of at least partial cmnty use.}

Next, Carolanne Reynolds.
CR: As the Planning Cmte and others have said -- it is unwise to sell assets that will appreciate (such as land) for bldgs that will depreciate, as the cmty ctr [will].  Surely the Finance Cmte, a Task Force, or a Select Cmte or WG cd study this.
If determined to sell the land [as Ccl's] only option, for example, if you have to sell land, here's a list of all the M-owned property
[holds up many pages listing M-owned land]
Surely there are some street ends or lanes or something that cd be sold, rather than such a valuable site.
{all are expendable}
I'm sure other ppl wd come up with better ideas than I cd to keep Wetmore but still fulfil the obligations, and that wd be what my hope wd be.

{This is misinterpreted later so I clarify in PQP.  Of course properties listed are more than these little bits; I just named some that wd be no great loss to the cmnty -- and wch nbrs often are happy to purchase, just like the one on the agenda June 16, in issues WVM2008-19 and 20. @@@
Unfortunately I see that I didn't read out this part of what I'd written to say -- maybe b/c it gives an actual explanation in figures to what GP was saying but it may have made things clearer to ppl trying to follow what was being proposed:
Can we sell Wetmore to ourselves for what we paid for it, about $5M, and then have it listed at what it's worth with new zoning, maybe $20M, in our Endowment Fund affecting threshold?}

Ccl mbrs are stewards of our assets.  Pls take good care of them and make wise and positive choices.

Sop: process, for sale?
Sokol: section, page five, option of 99-year lease; preferred
Sop: have ... before, have a long list of holdings
long term visioning have not set forth with any plan for our holdings
whether or not this is the right site to sell at this time
know Mr Laing wants threshold come back
talked about lowering or borrowing
always felt in this flat piece of land, not the right thing to do is to sell
at least what options, at least a lease option then if lease option
might see a second 320TWay see an [ever-growing?] Endowment Fund
we haven't done enough study wrt our holdings for that piece, let alone all of them
there wd be under threshold; pay for Cmnty Ctr as well
when you come back to us with proposals, take to heart; I don't want to support selling that
VV: I agree with Cclr Sop
not enough xxx
think of next few years, ten, 20; to solve problems that may arise
strategic of that
shd keep that land; far more valuable to [possess?] that land than a few more dollars in a bank acct; other ways of solving our problems around the cmnty ctr
[from gallery: hear hear!]
MS: first step in
calling for proposal don't have to accept them
if they make sense
we need to examine our options
generating v little in terms of [income?] ... no taxes
cmnty has strong needs for srs' housing
staff to encourage go on the site; really no downside to call for proposals
makes no biz sense; b/c bldg depreciates
10K cranes; nobody wd devp anything, clearly

{is this intentionally distorting what was said? or maybe he didn't hear or doesn't understand that value of land increases and value of bldgs decreases....... infrastructure ages and needs repairs then replacement}

shd pass, look at motions; see if acceptable to public
JF: recall at time, two possible
add on to civic ctr site -- cmnty group looking into site, determined land wasn't nec

{and some cmtes advised against selling site!  ask mbrs of prev Planning Adv Cmte!}

second, to be sold for cmnty use ... then enhance
cmnty use being proposed serious; long waiting list; for ppl who are xxx
JC: been opposed to selling land
will propose, does make sense
fear in doing that... staff assume ... automatic segue into
will support [to see options?]
RD: agree; might decide not to do anything at all
bought 2001, idea wd be reimbursed
cmnty ctr
not fair to say rushing; bought in 2001, we've made a lot of money on it
a lot of social useful ....
than just sitting on empty land; certain economic benefits
[10:05] think back to 320TWay when Ccl decided to sell that; faced enormous opposition
$8M lease, added $2M grew to $30M
investments, bonds, ... made $30 - 32M

{Absolutely critical to recall what was involved and is missing from these comments.
First of all here was a referendum to sell/lease and it FAILED.  So it was not ethical or moral to go against the results of a referendum after campaigning to honour it.
As for the money, if Ccl had looked at Uplift and had had a Cmnty Benefit policy for every upzoning/increased density that was actually put into practice, DWV wd have had easily more than ten times that amt in its coffers over the last 20 years.}

all ...  Aq Ctr renos to Ice Rink, soccer field, Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr
ctr from lease not sell
we wdn't just invest the money
social ... certainly worth looking into ... an idea of what might be possible
Sop: my view is a bit diff; feel there are options; for disposition of our lands
feel were moving ahead a little too quickly; the recomm does state a RFP on Wetmore lands
call for proposal preference is a 99-yr lease
all bids must indicate
not consider a purchase option, shd not be included
looking at a 99-yr lease; so why put out a proposal to sell? still not supporting it
have to do more work wrt our lands and holding
not an opportune time to
no matter what used for in future
Mayor: OCP Policy H3; one of the v few for alternative resid housing; the more pervasive argument
not put citizens on a lane end or

{lane end?  what a joke! astonishing comment/misinterpretation (intentional?) by the Mayor!  who ever suggested or wd suggest that?  Nothing I heard (or said).  Drawing a strawman to knock down? not allowed to speak at this point so I can only refute this misstatement at PQP.}

am sure you're all ... stopped
doubt anyone wd accept 12 storeys; rather three to six storeys
explore all our options
right now the dribble in for pennies, unbiz-like
we're here to serve ppl of the cmnty, crying need for srs'  housing; couple with rec and health
already put a lot of time; fully supportive of finding out what's possible
SSch: seconder?
Carries with Sop opposed  10:10
12.       Finance Committee - Activities Update and Recommendations
RECOMMENDED:  THAT Council instruct staff to:
a)        Work towards qualifying for the GFOA budget award with the District budget of 2010;
b)        Develop the 2009 budget using the best practices described in the attached "District Budget Information";
c)        Hire, on an interim basis, the additional financial resources required to assist with the necessary budgeting, accounting and reporting system upgrades;
AND THAT Council include as part of its direction to staff regarding the 2009 budget, the assumptions that staff should make regarding issues as brought forward from the Finance Committee in this report.
MS made motion: staff, cmnty, and Ccl want to be the pacemaker
working with Mr Laing and Mr McRadu; cmte feel a a first step, a-b-c of this work plan
a more transparent and accountable process; allow us to move to next step; measuring progress of how we're doing
see how sr staff are doing; how Ccl and overall org are doing; take first step; budget process; lead us to a more vibrant process in future and plsd to say where we're doing has support of staff
commend them
JC: nothing to add; steals my motion, says it all
Sop: these three steps clear; info and descriptions come out; applaud cmte coming out with these
we're now July, away in August, buy time in Sept, election in Nov
where will we be in budget process, Mr L?
RL: staff will be working diligently throughout month of Aug
anticipate we'll have draft documents for this Ccl to look at prior to this election
signif review and possible change once election; we'll do that work as required
CAO: more on the FCmte, not budget so now or later
Mayor: now
CAO: want to thank cmte; discussed what role of FCmte
what want to see; residents want to see clean....  what are the good docs out there
good doc to date, good readership; residents, a number v experienced in financial matters
asked them to look at xxx ... not with that with a fever
looked at Ms both BC, across Canada, and in NAm
financial acctg and reporting; pull all material together; we believe able to pull together a doc
not only GFOA compliant, but by 2010, those Ms will be looking at best practices will be looking at WV
Sop: a year to get underway -- 2010?
CAO: disc with FCmte, our target date is 2010, two budget cycles
{My compliments at PQP}  10:18
13.       WinterSong Festival -- Information to be provided.  WITHDRAWN
14.       Terasen Gas - Energy Efficiency and Conservation Application -- Information to be provided.
VV made motion; CARRIED
15.       4259 Rockbank Place - Excess Rock Removal
RECOMMENDED THAT the July 16, 2008 report "4259 Rockbank Place - Excess Rock Removal" from the Director of Planning, Lands and Permits be received for information.
        {Assume that means approval? why? precedent?}
16.       Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005, Amendment Bylaw No. 4564, 2008
     This bylaw received three readings at the July 21, 2008 Regular Council Meeting.
RECOMMENDED:...  be adopted.
JC: last week I read this; literally at 11th hour; slipped my mind; recomm picked up but not number
size of homes automatically fall under examination; in here at 6K and WG recommended 4K; reason anxious to bring up; size of homes going into future smaller; fewer of them; less revenue, fewer homes
wd like to amend this sq ftg number
Mayor: need to rescind third reading
[JC moved/Sop seconded]
JC: amendment from 6 to 4Ksf
Sokol: I wd suggest rather than amending, put it in place now; then as we move forward making amendments; next year
Fire Dept made recomm; deemed to be sufficient; bldg permits we're seeing now
once bylaw; right not 6K good number
Mayor: Mr Sokol believes it's working
Martin Ernst, Fire Dept: wrt 6Ksf for now, sufficient b/c also includes commercial; Cclr Clark on point for future
JC: I'll withdraw
Mayor: plan working well; back to adoption
SSch: no, third reading; put forward again with no changes
[ADOPTION CARRIES then withdrawn!]
we'll come back
{This marks beginning of debate about procedure b/c third reading passed then rescinded; can't adopt a bylaw at same time as third reading; law requires a day between.}
17.       General Local Elections Regulations Bylaw No. 4447, 2005, Amendment Bylaw No. 4571, 2008       
     This bylaw received third reading at the July 21, 2008 Regular Council Meeting.
18.      Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
The following Consent Agenda items may be considered separately or in one recommendation.
RECOMMENDED: THAT the Consent Agenda items as follows be approved:
=B7        Item 19 - Ambulance Station at 1542 Fulton Avenue
=B7        Item 20 - Development Applications Status List
=B7        Item 21 - Local Government Infrastructure Planning Grant Program - Water Infrastructure Asset Valuation and Water Infrastructure Capital Renewal Plan
=B7        Item 22 - Local Government Infrastructure Planning Grant Program - Options for Greenhouse Gas Reduction Study
=B7        Item 23 - Community Engagement Committee Report
=B7        Item 24 - Appointment to Municipal Insurance Association
=B7        Item 25 - Correspondence List [complete list in previous issue of WVM]
        (22)  C. Reynolds, WV Matters, July 18, 2008, regarding Council Meeting Minutes
26. REPORTS from MAYOR/CCLRS  10:24
Mayor: while Ms Scholes is checking; Harmony Arts opens; Odlum Brown at Hollyburn Ctry Club
Sop: will staff miss us during month of August

CR: Before what I really came for -- didn't want ppl to get the wrong impression about two things that were said.
One is that I think most ppl do agree that the Rodgers Crk devt is good; I don't think that was in doubt.  It's just that the CBs weren't known until later, so nobody was criticizing that the WG did a great job on all the rest of that.
{keep in mind the WG and the public didn't review the CBs let alone the report received tonight}
The second thing -- wrt Wetmore perhaps Cclr Smith, perhaps two ppl, misinterpreted I guess perhaps what I said.  I certainly wasn't thinking of street ends and lanes for seniors' residences, and one of my suggestions when we bought Wetmore was that the bottom -- one, two, three floors -- be for cmnty use, such as an art gallery or something like that.  And the upper -- second, third, or fourth floors -- be for seniors' residences.  So there is a way to combine; I just didn't want to take up the time earlier.  There is a way of combining, keeping that, having cmnty use and having it as a residence for seniors, and that's why I suggested we shd look out for [that].
Secondly, I think that's great.
{bizarre -- either that or can't count!} 
I have observed some of the Finance Cmte mtgs and I think that's really great, the progress they've made, and these recommendations, and they shd be commended for what they've done.  So that's really great,
what I was really here for is that it's RoyalTea-by-the-Sea time on Saturday, from 2 to 4.  This is our ninth annual RoyalTea-by-the-Sea, so wear a fancy hat.  The piper will be there piping, and it's a $5 donation, and there'll be remarks I guess around 3 o'clock.
{oh dear.  Forgot to say it's at Dundarave Park and how to reserve.  Oh well, it's over now and though weather threatening in the morning, it was a sunny afternoon.  Cclr Vaughan was there in tea attire (and a photograph of her with the piper was in the NSN Aug 13), and Bill Vaughan was there in a top hat!}
I hope you can all come.  I hope it will be fun.  It's the ninth annual, and I'm really excited it's lasted so long, and been so great, and I hope to see all of you there.  The men cd wear top hats, if they don't want to wear....  So.  Thank you very much and I wish you all a happy summer.
[10:28] Mayor: still waiting
[am guessing it's wrt passing third reading and when adoption can be]
wrt adoption of fees and charges
when we decided to third reading; implicit; we are getting together workshop Wed morning 9am July 30th
[10:30] motion to adjourn...  hm?
Ssch: looking at calendar
Mayor: made a decision, does that not deal with the issue? able to deal with it Wed at 9am?
SSch: third reading; third reading has been rescinded
Mayor: then we had third reading
SSch: Wed at 9am
Sop: hope all mbrs have a great month off; look forward to seeing you all in Sept.

***  FIREWORKS!  --  CELEBRATION OF LIGHT in English Bay.......
Aren't those fireworks a highlight of the year!
This year there was Canada with The Attack, US with Love, and China with The Power of the Dream.
Canada's theme turned me off but had to admit it deserved marks as the first to have a story (started off with the red lights and sirens), so that was an innovation.  Also the synchronization was about the best we've ever seen/heard.
The US started with the outline of red hearts, had a flourish at the end of the third 'movement', and ended with the outline of stars.  With so many great American artists, it was curious that singers chosen were Andrea Bocelli (Italian), Bryn Terfel (Welsh), and Rod Stewart (English).
China had a great variety: 2008, the Olympic rings, flowers, happy faces, many bursts going very high.
This year had three very different sets of fireworks, so a range of experience.
The finale was about the best ever -- it was longer this year b/c the provincial govt put on eight minutes at the beginning celebrating BC's 150th anniversary to a brief commentary on our history.  This time Canada's segment was impressive.
What is so special watching it as we do from Beach Avenue in front of the barge, is seeing the height overhead along with the rainfall effect sometimes off the barge, and especially the fireworks that skip in front of the barge as well as those that come right out of the water and then change colours.
We thought China was spectacular but wondered who wd win b/c we knew that there were marks for synchronicity and Canada definitely had that.
I've just checked to see what the judges said (see http://www.celebration-of-light.com/_pdf/Media%20Release%20-%20August%203.pdf) and they had a tie too -- Canada and China!  (one of the seven judges was ill)  Tiko Kerr broke the tie and chose Canada (his reasons are outlined in the media release if you click on above) while China won the People's Choice by one per cent.
Anyway, now I've found out that it's marked out of 100, with 20 marks for each category: general concept, colour, originality, quality of production, and correlation of music.
Planning for 2009 starts in September so please contact them to keep it in English Bay -- someone mentioned they might move it to Canada Place and for Canada Day and while I obviously want to celebrate Canada Day and at Canada Place, more ppl can see the fireworks when it's in English Bay.  That's why over a million!
Don't want to wish my life away but really looking forward to Fireworks 2009!
PS -- just found out a few minutes of each can be seen at http://strutta.com/fireworks

===  HANAN ASHRAWI  ===  Passport Games
You may have seen the well-educated and well-spoken Hanan Ashrawi interviewed on CNN.  She is an elected mbr of Parliament (and is Christian).  A couple of years ago someone said he had met one of her daughters in Vancouver.  There's another daughter (b 1981) living in the US at the moment.  She recently tried to return home for a visit and entered a Catch-22 world:
===  MAHMOUD DARWISH, Palestinian Poet  (1941 - 2008) ===
---  from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahmoud_Darwish
Mahmoud Darwish (13 March 1941 - 9 August 2008) was a respected Palestinian poet and author who won numerous awards for his literary output and was regarded as the Palestinian national poet.[1] In his work, Palestine became a metaphor for the loss of Eden, birth and resurrection, and the anguish of dispossession and exile.[2][3] The poet Naomi Shihab Nye has commented about Darwish's work,
"Darwish is the Essential Breath of the Palestinian people, the eloquent witness of exile and belonging...."[4]......
Darwish quotation:  "I will continue to humanise even the enemy... The first teacher who taught me Hebrew was a Jew. The first love affair in my life was with a Jewish girl. The first judge who sent me to prison was a Jewish woman. So from the beginning, I didn't see Jews as devils or angels but as human beings." Several poems are to Jewish lovers. "These poems take the side of love not war,"[3]
---  from: http://www.sakakini.org/literature/mdarwish.htm
Mahmoud Darwish is considered to be the most important contemporary Arab poet working today. He was born ... in the village of Barweh in the Galilee, which was razed to the ground by the Israelis in 1948...
Darwish was a member of the Executive Committee of the PLO and lived in exile between Beirut and Paris until his return in 1996 to Palestine.
His poems are known throughout the Arab world, and several of them have been put to music. His poetry has gained great sophistication over the years, and has enjoyed international fame for a long time...
...  In 2000 he published Jidariyya (Mural) a book consisting of one poem about his near death experience in 1997. He published his book of poetry "Stage of Siege" in 2002. In 1997 a documentary was produced about him by French TV directed by noted French-Israeli director Simone Bitton.
[Here you'll find his poem Without exile, who am I? wch starts:
Stranger on the bank, like the river . . . tied up to your
name by water. Nothing will bring me back from my free
distance to my palm tree: not peace, nor war.]
---  Update: Days of mourning declared, and burial in Ramallah with hope moved to near home/birthplace in Galilee; memorial in Vancouver Aug 16.
=== HADRIAN'S WALL/BRITISH MUSEUM === (BBC July 18 presented by John Wilson)
HADRIAN -- I've never visited Hadrian's wall but earlier this year I became one of the first people in nearly two millennia to see Hadrian's loo. The Imperial lavatory recently emerged amidst excavations of Villa Adriana, Hadrian's sprawling hillside retreat at Tivoli. Archaeologists have also discovered what they think may be a mausoleum for Hadrian's lover -- a Greek boy called Antinous. The private life of Hadrian -- along with his cultural and military pursuits -- is explored in a new exhibition at The British Museum . We have a preview.
Hadrian's first political decision as Emperor was to order a military withdrawal from territory now known as Iraq, the historical resonance of which will not be lost on my guests - David Aaronovitch, Marina Hyde and Simon Sebag Montefiore -- as they discuss Erroll Morris's new documentary.
ERROL MORRIS -- In Standard Operating Procedure, Director Errol Morris talks to the US Army soldiers who were photographed abusing prisoners in Abu Ghraib jail. Their jokey snapshots became criminal evidence. I'll be asking the panel whether Morris was right to portray the soldiers as scapegoats in a global political scandal.

===  LANGUAGE  ===  bocog and apostrophes
***  NEW WORD: bocog
In VSun Aug 16 pG1, Miro Cernetig introduces a new verb coined in Beijing during the Olympics: bocog, as in having been bocogged.  It's from Beijing Organizing Cmte for the Olympic Games.  It means to be blindsided or stymied by BOCOG with rules and regulations you never saw coming.  He gives examples of what's been done to companies, sponsors, BC/Cdn govt re pavilion, journalists, etc., and even the IOC.
Some of you know that I'm involved with AWAD (A Word A Day) that goes out to over 600,000 subscribers in over 200 countries.  Recently, in AWADmail (a selection of email received on the week's words) wch comes out at the end of the week, there were some amusing responses wrt apostrophes, that much maligned little mark.  Sometimes it appears some ppl scatter them around like sprinkles on cupcakes.  For a while I toyed with the idea of having a website apostropheinfo.org but we let it expire and my plans are to do some more work on grammarinfo.org (if I ever find time).
Anyway, here are some of the responses from AWADmail -- http://wordsmith.org/awad/awadmail313.html -- reproduced here with Anu Garg's permission.
+  Many years ago, my sister was regularly finding a small, black cat on her porch. The cat was friendly and affectionate so she assumed it was someone's pet. Enquiries around the neighbourhood, however, did not turn up an owner, just others who were also feeding the cat whenever it appeared. One rainy evening, my sister brought the cat in and decided she was going to keep it. Holding the cat aloft and looking it in the eye she mused aloud, "What am I going to call you?"
Her husband responded. "Call it Apostrophe."
"Apostrophe!! Why?"
"'Cause it's small and black... and somebody left it out."
Princess Apostrophe (known as 'Triffy') became a much cherished member of the family.
        - Nancy M
+  I often see apostrophes inserted in ad copy in newspapers and flyers, and that's when my patience runs out. I made up a fake organization called the "American Association Against Apostrophe Abuse" (AAAA) and I send a "citation" letter to the abuser. Here is an example:
You are hereby cited for apostrophe abuse. This dangerous predilection to use apostrophes to make plural forms of singular common nouns and even proper names is rending asunder the very fabric of civilized American society. Unless we take a stand against these flagrant, senseless, and random acts of apostrophe insertion, our children will grow up to be ignorant of the power of words and the rule of grammatical law as we know it.
        - Ken B
+++  Mary M:
I'm conservative (grammatically)
and what gives me fits is
the proliferation of apostrophes
in plurals and itses.
+  Jeff Deck, founder of the Typo Elimination Advancement League, completed a coast-to-coast circuit of the US five weeks ago, correcting hundreds of misplaced apostrophes on public notices. You may like to read a story I wrote about his commendable crusade, published by the South Korean citizen reporters' journal OhmyNewsInternational: http://tinyurl.com/47nrwv
        - Eric S
+  My dad was an old-school grammarian who often lamented the misuse of punctuation among other abuses of the language. He would have loved the term "greengrocer's apostrophe" as shown by one of his favorite stories:
Back in the days when grocery stores advertised their sales with large writing right on the store windows, he noticed with dismay a grocer's big sale of "DUCK'S! CHICKEN'S! TURKEY'S!" Another passerby, quite inebriated, had also taken note -- and offense! -- and, swaying and staring fixedly at the abomination, the man crossed the street, took out his handkerchief and carefully wiped off all the apostrophes. "I could have kissed him!" was the way my dad always ended the tale.
        - Laurie K
+++  Among several apostrophe sites and blogs out there, this one features photos of the mangled signage and other public notices out there with misplaced squiggles: http://www.apostropheabuse.com
        - Larry R
+++  I have been so annoyed about this that I have written a poem:
        (to the meter of "Trees", with apologies to Joyce Kilmer)
 I think that I shall never again see
 a properly used apostrophe.
 The glyph that floats high in the air
 falls to the word, but who knows where?
 Poems are made by fools like me, but
 Only God seems to know how to use the apostrophe.
        - Jan M
+  The same phenomenon exists in German, too. It occurs in native German as well as English since many words and expressions in advertisements, banners, etc. are (wrongly) taken over from English. There's a whole bunch of websites collecting photos of Deppenapostrophen (fool's apostrophes). A meta-link to the collections is http://www.deppenapostroph.de
        - Ulrich S
+  Imagine my horror when I realized I had married a man who, although very well read, absolutely could not grasp the proper use of an apostrophe. Not only that, but he assumed that a comma was interchangeable with an apostrophe. To make things worse, he often made the sale signs that his retail store used!  It wasn't uncommon to see "carpet,s for sale". I always knew when he'd been
on the job!
        - LaRonda B
+++  The misuse of the apostrophe has been a pet peeve for many years. In fact, while I was teaching in high school, I wrote my own epitaph:
Here lies Sue,
She didn't die from disease,
She died while teaching
The apostrophes!
        - Susan F

I was having trouble with my computer. So I called Eric, the 11-year-old next door. Eric clicked a couple of buttons and solved the problem.
As he was walking away, I called after him, 'So, what was wrong? He replied, 'It was an ID ten T error.'
I didn't want to appear stupid, but nonetheless enquired, 'An, ID ten T error? What's that? In case I need to fix it again.'
Eric grinned... 'Haven't you ever heard of an ID ten T error before?'
'No,' I replied. 'Write it down,' he said, 'and I think you'll figure it out.'
[Answer at end of Domain Names so you can see if you figured it out.]

===   DOMAIN NAMES / URLs/WEBSITES  ===  from a subscriber.....
All of these are legitimate companies that didn't spend quite enough time considering how their online names might appear ... and be misread.  These are not made up.  Check them out yourself!
1.  'Who Represents' is where you can find the name of the agent that represents any celebrity. Their website is www.whorepresents.com
2.  Experts Exchange is a knowledge base where programmers can exchange advice and views at  www.expertsexchange.com
3.  Looking for a pen? Look no further than Pen Island at www.penisland.net
4.  Need a therapist? Try Therapist Finder at www.therapistfinder.com
5.  There's the Italian Power Generator company, www.powergenitalia.com
6.  And don't forget the Mole Station Native Nursery in New South Wales, www.molestationnursery.com
7.  If you're looking for IP computer software, there's always www.ipanywhere.com
8.  The First Cumming Methodist Church website is www.cummingfirst.com
9.  And the designers at Speed of Art await you at their wacky web site, www.speedofart.com
[Answer to computer problem: did you write down I D 1 0 T ?]
===  BARD-KU  ===  (as supporters of Bard on the Beach we attend opening nights)

- THE TEMPEST - written 2008 July 2nd 8:05pm

        voluminous cape
                green, marine, umber ~~
                        pale sky-blue eyes survey scene

Opening scene.
Read twice, slowly, pausing after each line and a little longer after 'umber'; haiku are supposed to seize the moment and this was the effect of the absolutely unforgettable entrance by Allan Morgan as Prospero at the very start of the play -- he came/rose from behind and loomed.  Did the green/marine/scene make you think of the sea?  and umber the land (island)? then the sky as the lights made us focus on his pale blue eyes like beacons.....
I was simply spellbound.
And then the magical play unfolded with music, singing, and acrobatics....

- TITUS ANDRONICUS - written 2008 July 12th, the next day, about 5pm

        Shakespeare provides skeleton;
                        director, organs;
                                and the actors, skin.

Kim Collier's interpretation is brilliant, lifting a bloody, vengeful, depressing play from its gory gloom.

===  QUOTATIONS  ===

My psychological inertia is nothing compared to the quivering invertebracy of these Labour plotters.
        -- London Mayor Boris Johnson on the plight of Prime Minister Gordon Brown.
Benjamin Disraeli: No government can be long secure without a formidable opposition
 "A monk asks a superior if it is permissible to smoke while praying.
  The superior says certainly not.
  Next day, the monk asks . . . if it is permissible to pray while smoking.
  That, says the superior, is not merely permissible, it is admirable.
  The moral of the story is that much depends on how a thing is presented."
                                -- George F Will (b 1941)
        {Reminds me of the Jesuit saying: better to ask forgiveness than permission.}
You may have noticed I've recently discovered Doug Larson, English Racer (1902 - 1981) and have been putting in some of his sayings.  Here are more:
  o   A lot of people mistake a short memory for a clear conscience.
  o   A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill except for learning how to grow in rows.
  o   There must be a happy medium somewhere between being totally informed and blissfully unaware.
o  The best place for a mathematician is behind a counter.
o  OLYMPICS:  One of the first things you'll notice at the Beijing airport is a whole lot of Chinese checkers.
o  POLITICS:  Why are the White House Staffers a sad lot? Because after being Bushed for eight years, they can now look forward to being either Baracked or Cained.
o  I was enamoured with the famous Paris art museum. It was Louvre at first site.

An elderly gent was invited to an old friend's home for dinner one evening. He was impressed by the way his buddy preceded every request to his wife with endearing terms such as: Pretty Girl, Honey, My Love, Darling, Sweetheart, Pumpkin, Baby, etc. The couple had been married almost 70 years and clearly they were still very much in love.
While the wife was in the kitchen, the man leaned over and said to his host: "I think it's wonderful that, after all these years, you still call your wife those loving pet names."
The old man hung his head. "I have to tell you the truth," he said, "Her name slipped my mind about ten years ago and I'm scared to death to ask her what it is!"

CARTOON:   A beggar holding out his hat, with a sign saying 'Unemployed poofreader'.
QUESTION:   Would a Mormon working for the Postal Service be a Letter Day Saint?