Sept 22 NOTES
Sept 29 AGENDA
Calendar to Oct 10

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Welcome to autumn and bring on Indian Summer!
IN THIS ISSUE:                            
Main Items Sept 29th:  Interim Devt Bylaw Amendments: Zoning, and Soil Removal and Deposit Regulation (for PH Oct 20); Estmt of WV 2010 Leadership Cmte; Bylaws for Adoption: Soil and Solid Waste Utilities, Park Exchange with Martin Corp/Caulfeild Plateau; Correspondence on Tree Butchery, Hugo Ray Park, Run of River Power, WVSD Report, Drinking Water Quality Report, Traffic Safety, Scooter Ways, Unity in Diversity Awards, Impervious Site Coverage, Homelessness.
=  Vive le Canada (Viva BC!); from the EDITOR'S DESK (Site Coverage); GARDENWATCH; ANIMALWATCH (Talented Dog; tiger cubs and piglets; sea urchins); UPDATES (Site Coverage; Salmon and Lice)
=  THEATREWATCH (JAC; Pinter's Briefs; Fringe's The Shakespeare Show; Bard on the Beach; Film Cannes and VIFF); GENDERWATCH; WATERWATCH
=  The SHA Survey (results have been sent to Ccl; echoes what surveys and the WG said and we all know -- nbrhd character is tops in WV's concerns wanting to keep sgl-fam areas); its findings are remarkably similar to other surveys, and that of the Cmnty Dialogue WG and their report is in the Sept 22nd ccl mtg notes
=  Sept 22 Ccl Mtg Notes:  BC Climate Action Charter Presentation; Nbrhd Character WG Recommendations now for public input (Excellent; watch ccl mtg video or get report; my notes don't really do it justice cuz cdn't write it all but a thorough basis to plan WV's future homes); Solid Waste Utility (Bear) Bylaw; Park Exchange (Martin Corp/Caulfeild Plateau); Rodgers Crk Area, Zoning, and Phased Agreement Bylaws adopted; PQP had two ppl re Hugo Ray Park and area
=  Sept 29th Special Ccl Mtg AGENDA (abbreviated)
=  South Sea Bubble, DotCom Bomb, Trillion-Dollar Baby; NERDWATCH; EARTHWATCH; WORDWATCH (is the English language full?); Politi-ku; Quotations
=== Vive le Canada ===  Viva BC !
..... from the EDITOR'S DESK -- Site Coverage
Good to see now on Planning's/Ccl's radar.  I've been advocating including impervious surfaces in calculations for many years -- not in last OCP revision (but had heard staff were sympathetic to the idea and wd encourage it).  A letter from WVM last week, letter from ADRA this week, and letter from WV Streamkeepers soon.  Will keep you updated but have just received an update from Bob Sokol, Dir/Planning (see WATERWATCH).
===   GARDENWATCH   ===
Just learned about the third annual apple festival on Saltspring on Sunday Sept 28th; hoping to have over 300 types of apples and all organic!  See the red-flesh apples at http://www.appleluscious.com/
===   ANIMALWATCH   ===
***  Subject: This dog dances! and then some! This will put a smile on your face. It is exceptional. It's from Britain's Got Talent. <http://www.familytiez.com/video/gin.htm>
***  This is just unusual.  Two  instances: tiger cubs suckling a pig and piglets suckling a tiger.
***  Noisy Eaters Are Cause of Mysterious Ocean Sounds
If noisy chewing bothers you, never date a sea urchin.  New Zealand scientists say they have confirmed that the spiny sea creatures are responsible for a mysterious, twice-daily uproar heard underwater.  http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2008/08/080818-noisy-urchins.html

===   UPDATES   ===
An attendee at UBCM reported Thursday Sept 25:
There has been an interesting shift at UBCM this year. Not only did the delegates vote to hear from any party with 5% or more of popular vote thus enabling the BC Green Party leader to address the convention (which she did earlier today), there seems to be a paradigm shift in the thinking of the elected officials in BC. For example, the members supported a number of resolutions: to ban the use of cosmetic pesticides; to augment watershed protection; to implement accessible battery recycling; to provide carbon calculators to munis; to address species and ecosystem protection; to have recycling requirements for special events; to ban 15-litre PET non-refillable water containers; and, wait for it, after three years of trying, to ban thin film plastic shopping bags!!! -- among other "green" resolutions. And to boot, the debate was fairly one-sided on issues that in the past have been a struggle.
+PRESS RELEASE  -- Salmon versus Sea Lice Goes to Court
Contact: Jonn Matsen, 604 839 9056; drjonnmatsen@shaw.ca
Fraser River sockeye have been the lifeblood of the south coast and interior Native communities for over 10,000 years, supported a $100,000,000 a year commercial fishery for over 100 years and a burgeoning sports fishery for over 20 years. This year the once might Fraser River sockeye run collapsed, while the Alaskan and Russian sockeye runs thrived.
   The Georgia Strait chum salmon run which had been the most consistent of the salmon runs dropped drastically last year. Brackendale eagle counts that had been in the thousands, plummeted to hundreds this year.
   Coho runs which had long been the core of the Georgia Strait sports fishery have declined steadily over the last decade in spite of millions of dollars and thousands of hours of stream improvements. Yet the coho runs on the west side of Vancouver Island thrive.
   What's wrong with the Fraser River and Georgia Strait that they can't produce the salmon that they could 20 years ago? Perhaps Alexandra Morton has an answer. She has already proved conclusively that the once mighty Broughton Archipelago pink salmon run has been decimated by sea lice from Atlantic salmon raised in nearby farms.
   Now she has proof that the dozens of salmon farms lining Johnstone Strait produce swarms of sea lice that have been attacking and destroying young sockeye salmon on their way north to their ancestral feeding grounds.
   Alex is in Vancouver from Sunday, Sept. 29 to Thursday, Oct. 02 in B.C. Supreme Court to ask a judge to decide if the provincial government of British Columbia has the right to license fish farms. With tourism operators and commercial fishermen, Morton's lawyer will argue that the fish farm leases in BC are invalid as the province did not have the right to site the fish farms. Furthermore, he will argue the Province is not in the business of protecting wild fish and thus has managed fish farms to the detriment of the public's wild fish. If they win, the fish farm leases in BC become invalid.
Alex will be available for interviews and photos at the River's Day festivities at Vanier Park and may also be available for in studio interviews in mornings and late afternoon during her court days Monday to Thursday.

TO BE ELECTED, each for a three-year term:
Nominations of qualified candidates will be received at the of=DEce of the Chief Election Officer commencing at 9am Tuesday, September 30 until 4pm Friday, October 10
Election Information Meeting: Wednesday, October 1, Council Chamber 6 to 8pm
For the benefit of prospective candidates and voters, an election information meeting will be held to provide detailed information on the election process.
604 842 1547, 925 7045; election@westvancouver.ca & www.westvancouver.ca/election.aspx
Also:  http://www.westvancouver.ca/Government/Level3.aspx?id=130

===  CALENDAR to Oct 10th  ===  [at Hall unless otherwise noted; pls confirm to make sure no changes]
Farmers' Markets: Dundarave Saturdays, Ambleside Sundays
[just keeping track: Child Care WG at 6:30pm at Fulton House (1538 Fulton) Sept 24 was NOT on the DWV website calendar when WVM went out Friday Sept 19; sorry]
== Saturday Sept 27 == Morten Creek ~ 11am - 3pm ~
Come and help us celebrate 20 successful years of Salmon Enhancement on the North Shore!
Where: North end of Inter River Park, North Vancouver
Who: Morten Creek Salmon Enhancement and the North Shore Streamkeepers with displays from Fisheries and Oceans Canada, North Shore Black Bear Society, and Seymour Salmonid Society.
== Sunday Sept 28 == RIVERS DAY in Vanier Park; NOON to 4:30pm; Parade begins at 1pm
The False Creek Watershed Society presents the fifth annual: SALMON CELEBRATION (details in last issue)
"Remembering Our History, Celebrating the Living"  For pre-event workshops and more information, please check: http://www.falsecreekwatershed.org
== Thursday Oct 2       ~ 5pm ~ Finance Cmte
                        ~ 5:30pm ~ Measuring Up WG at Srs' Ctr
~ 7:30pm ~ Donald Luxton: Heritage Architecture and Sustainability (Surrey Art Gallery, 13750 - 88 Ave)
==  Friday Oct 3  ==
  ~ OPENING OF EAGLE LAKE MEMBRANE FILTRATION FACILITY (3 pm Ribbon-cutting; guests and media only)
  ~ 11am ~ HWG http://www.westvancouver.ca/Government/Level3.aspx?id=2892
  ~ 7pm ~ FREE PUBLIC LECTURE in Paradise Makers Series
at SFU Harbour Centre, 515 W Hastings; reservations required; Email cstudies@sfu.ca or call 778 782 5100.
As we head into the municipal campaign season, join the SFU City Program on the first Friday evening of each month at Harbour Centre. On Sept 5 and Oct 3, we'll be bringing back politicians from City Councils past to share their perspectives not only on the times when they were in office but the challenges that face the city and region today. And then, as a lead-in to the election, we'll have our campaign showdown on November 7 -- a new and entertaining way to hear from the candidates without the usual constraints. You simply won't know what matters or who to vote for unless you're there.
Speakers: October 3: Greg Halsey-Brandt, David Driscoll, Darlene Marzari
==  Wednesday Oct 8  ==  ~ 9am ~ CEC

*  Let's Speak English!  Join the group, make new friends and practise your English conversation skills at the Library every Friday in September from 10:30am -12noon.  No registration required.  For info 925 7402.
Philosophers' Cafe -- Friday Sept 26 -- 10:30am - 12:30pm
Aid or band-aid? Don Cayo, Moderator. Admission $5; every fourth Friday, see Philosophers' Cafe website.
Join Joe Ronsley for readings & discussion of the works of one of the best poets of the 20th century.
Tues mornings:  Oct 7, 21, Nov 4, 18, 25, and Dec 2. 10:30 - 12:30pm.  No registration required, drop-ins welcome. 
FALL 2008 MOVIE SERIES -- Virginia Woolf on Film ~ 6pm ~
Oct 1  Mrs. Dalloway - based on the novel by Virginia Woolf; Rated G - Nudity
Oct 2  The Hours - based on the novel by Michael Cunningham; Rated PG - Theme of suicide; Coarse language
 +++  FERRY BUILDING GALLERY  +++  Sept 16 to Oct 5 -- mixed media
"Driven To Abstraction" -- Farnaz Abed, Andrea Argyros, Sande Waters, Todd Clark, Rohana Laing, Ruth Leithal,  Jose Francisco Rabasso
+++ SILK PURSE +++  (1570 Argyle) www.silkpurse.ca
Sept. 23 - October 5, 2008 -- "Black & White"
Black-and-white media often has a "nostalgic" or historic feel to it. Despite its apparent simplicity, it can be a versatile and highly expressive medium. This exhibit features photography, ink on paper and metallic paper works by Lower Mainland artists Laura Clark, Lani Jeffrey, and Bronwyn Williams.
+++  WV MUSEUM +++  Visit: http://www.westvanmuseum.blogspot.com/
The Prints of Alistair Bell
Tuesday, October 7, 2008 to February 7, 2009
Canadian master printmaker Alistair Bell produced some 300 prints over the span of 62 years. Impressions of Nature: The Prints of Alistair Bell examines the contemplative prints and drawings that Bell created in his home studio in West Vancouver until he passed away in 1997. Bell's main interests eschew the human in favour of solitary animals and birds, as well as atypical landscapes and vegetation, boats and harbour scenes. All of these subjects attracted Bell with their strong, often linear or angular form, and are rendered with a striking clarity and expressiveness. His remarkable ability to capture the inner essence of his subjects -- achieved through a meticulous process of observation and abstraction -- sets Bell's graphic images apart, as they have us see the world intimately and unexpectedly anew
Please join us for the opening reception    *   7 - 9 pm Tuesday, October 7   *
West Vancouver Museum [Gertrude Lawson House], 680 - 17th Street * 925 7295
To see the electronic newsletter, the address is http://kaymeekcentre.weebly.com.  Getting onto the mail list: the simplest method is to call the box office (604 913 3634) or email tickets@kaymeekcentre.com
Find out what's happening by visiting: http://www.westvan60.com/newsletter.html
or http://www.westvan60.com/Images/The%20Torch%20Newsletter%20-%20Fall-2008.pdf
Branch 60 will be having a steak dinner on Saturday, September 27th at 7pm upstairs in the Memorial Hall.  It will be a full sit-down dinner, and is being catered by Bette Geddes of the Lynn Valley Legion, Branch 114.  If you attended the Robbie Burns Supper in January, Bette catered that event.  Wasn't the roast beef meal wonderful?!  $28 per person; tix will be pre-sold, and are available now behind the bar until Monday, Sept 22nd, the cutoff date.
===   THEATREWATCH   ===
*  Unfortunately we only saw the last night (Sept 28) of Coram Boy at the Jericho Arts Ctr so not able to let you know it was an extraordinary production.  Very creative solution to the many scenes and cast of 40.  Set in late 1700s; written by Jamila Gaving adapted by Helen Edmundson. Directed by Bernard Cuffling (www.jerichoartscentre.com)
*  Do see Pinter's Briefs if you appreciate Absurdist theatre; ended Sat Sept 27 at Presentation House but then goes to Studio 16 (1555 W 7th) from Oct 8 to 16); see http://www.blackbirdtheatre.ca/upcoming.html
* The Shakespeare Show, one of the Fringe hits, will be at the JAC Oct 2 (7pm) and 5 (9pm) -- quite a giggle.  Moves very quickly and you have to listen carefully to catch all the references
Great closing night (Sept 27) and party at Bard on the Beach, the 19th season!   Attendance was 96%!  Another great successful season!  (Twelfth Night, King Lear, The Tempest, Titus Andronicus)
It will go up on the Bard website (www.bardonthebeach.org) on Monday but you'll be about the first to find out the names of the plays for next summer.
MAIN STAGE:  Dean Paul Gibson will do Othello, David Mackay will do Comedy of Errors
STUDIO STAGE:  Rachel Ditor will do All's Well That Ends Well, and Christopher Weddell will do Richard II
In 2010 and 2011 Bard will be doing a cycle of the 'Kings' and combining some, eg Henry IV and V in 2010 and Henry VI Pt 1 and 2 as War of the Roses in 2011.
How fortunate we are to have Bard on the Beach in Vancouver -- and Christopher Gaze, the Artistic Director (plus the whole Bard family: staff and volunteers).
The sword of venerable English actor Edmund Kean was passed this year to David Marr.
Here's some info on Edmund Kean for you (what wd we do without Google???):
Edmund Kean - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Edmund Kean (March 17, 1789 - May 15, 1833) was an English actor, regarded in his time as the greatest ever....
Here's the Canadian connection:
Second American visit  A second visit to America in 1825 was largely a repetition of the persecution which he had suffered in England. Some cities showed him a spirit of charity; many audiences submitted him to insults and even violence. In Quebec he was much impressed with the kindness of some Huron Indians who attended his performances, and he was purportedly made an honorary chief of the tribe, receiving the name Alanienouidet.[citation needed]. Kean's last appearance in New York was on December 5, 1826 in Richard III, the role in which he was first seen in America.
+  This short film (four minutes) that won the Cannes 2008 online short film competition.
+  VIFF will be showing Waltz with Bashir (Israel/Germany 2008) Thurs Oct 2 (9:30pm) and Sunday Oct 5 (1pm). See: http://www.viff.org/tixSYS/2008/filmguide/eventnote.php?notepg=1&EventNumber=1039
Not nearly as funny as the clip in the last issue, but more on Sarah Palin:
===   WATERWATCH   === dba Site Coverage
We all know water is a precious resource.  It is particularly important on mountainsides where it forms creeks (and unchecked can cause erosion and floods).  We must be aware of the role of water and treat it with sensitivity and carry out the goal of environmental sustainability enshrined in our OCP.
The VSun had an article in July pointing out that Vancouver includes the calculation of impervious/impermeable surfaces in site coverage -- and Vancouver's not even primarily on a hillside -- and I learned that WV hasn't.  I'm grateful to the Director of Planning for replying to my questions (and if you've read the transcript of the Sept 8 ccl mtg you'll see that Mr Sokol acknowledged the gap in WV's zoning.  The good news as you see in these updates from August and September is that Planning will be addressing this issue.  Note that a (building) footprint may be different from site coverage, as Mr Sokol makes clear:
The max. site coverage varies depending on the zoning district.  Some of the lower density districts have maximums of 30-40%, while others do not have stated maximums.  As you can imagine in some of the commercial zones (Ambleside area, for instance), you can understand that the site coverage may approach 100% (though it won't reach 100% because of required setbacks).
Site coverage according to our bylaw is calculated based on structures -- buildings, decks, etc.  It does not include other impermeable surfaces such as driveways.
I do need to clarify my response regarding impervious surfaces, however.  Most of the older zoning districts do not regulate impervious surfaces, but solely the building as I stated.  A closer review of the bylaw indicates that the more recent districts (the CD zones, the proposed zoning for Rodgers Creek, Evelyn Drive, and the zoning created for more recent phases of  British Properties) do regulate impervious surfaces. In general, the newer zoning districts are where the vast majority of the new development is taking place in the District.   Nonetheless, the review of the zoning bylaw will include reviewing this issue and ensuring that all of our zoning districts are up to date regarding the regulation of impervious surfaces.
C  [the latest, just received Sept 25 wrt special ccl mtg Sept 29 b/c Zoning Bylaw is on agenda]
Thank you for your e-mail.  In the staff report on the zoning bylaw amendments, staff outlines the process for the review and update of the zoning bylaw in total. In late October, staff will present to Council a technical rewrite of the zoning bylaw (legally and stylistically updating the 1968 bylaw to 2008 standards) and a list of issues that will move forward on separate but parallel tracks.  The impervious surface issue will be one of those parallel tracks.  This process will involve significant public consultation and discussion.
Bob Sokol, AICP, Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits

===  SURVEYS, plus SHA Survey Deconstructed ===
As my newsletter said, no one wd say who was behind the SHA.  The results have been sent to Mayor and Ccl I understand so let's look at it.
First, I read the DWV letter, from Mr Sokol I think, in NSN and on DWV website saying the survey was inaccurate.  I've read the DWV letter, however in my opinion it wd be more helpful to say what was wrong rather than the vague claim there were inaccuracies b/c it still leaves ppl guessing.
DWV's answer to the SHA survey: http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=10620
The Sentinel Hill Alliance's survey, IMO, produced some valuable and helpful results for all to take into consideration.  Some of these statistics will be useful for the CDWG, Ccl, and staff b/c over 1000 returned.  I've asked where distributed to see if it's a local area.  Ppl I've asked in Dundarave and west didn't get one (and we didn't in Dundarave).
As well, if residents want Ccl and staff to be open shdn't SHA be open with who they are, and better still have an open meeting?  They cd also be effective coming to speak at Ccl with their views.
Anyway this has some credibility as a survey and my guess is that it's meant to be compared with the survey done by the CDWG.  (btw, with their questions and figures made public that wd help in making a comparison.)
When you read some of these questions it is obvious what answer is wanted.  (That's been true of some DWV surveys too, notably the cmnty satisfaction ones, so this is not a unique occurrence, in fact quite tempting for whatever group has a goal.)
Frighten a resident by saying high rises? -- that's designed to elicit a flat NO.  This survey, the WG, and anyone who asks some ppl in some neighbourhoods, no surprise what the answer wd be.  Instead however if a survey asked wrt three storeys, six storeys, ten storeys or more, that wd be more meaningful.
Just as DWV surveys ask if taxes shd be raised to maintain services -- then they report YES so they in effect get a blank cheque approval.  The question shd be are you willing to raise taxes by for example 2%, 4%, 10% (or whatever range, eg 1%, 3%, 5% for example) to maintain services?  Cd ask about efficiencies or reductions to keep taxation at same level, or zero, or even reduced 5%.
Anyway, let's look at the questionnaire copy and pasted with my remarks in italics.  It has some valuable information for Ccl and planners to take into consideration.

Sentinel Hill Alliance -- Opinion Poll Results
          {Linguistic note: American spelling of favour and neighbourhood, and incorrect spelling of Rodgers Crk.}
1. Are you in favor of permitting duplexes or secondary suites throughout your neighborhood?
YES 39%  NO 61%
Message for Ccl: planning and localization, plus consult the area
Clearly, using the red flag word "throughout" is intended to obtain a high NO response but in any case the WG wd find the same, except for qualifications.
2. Do you agree that zoning should be amended to permit higher density development such as townhouses and triplexes in your neighborhood?
YES 28  NO 72%
same message
3. Proposed Zoning for Rogers Creek Area
a. If available, would you be in favor of the recall and removal of council members who voted in favor of this public hearing in late July for an enormous increase in population and density?
YES 66% NO 34%
huge leap!  well, if enough ppl want recall legislation, it cd be brought about; at present, the option is only not to re-elect.
Again, the red flag word, "enormous" another word intended to provoke a certain response
b.  If West Van used the Swiss democratic system would you vote in a ballot to retain mostly single Family Units in this area?
YES 80%  NO 20%
this area is Sentinel Hill? a map with this survey wd help
most areas wd prefer sgl-fam units but they also want not to go far for shopping and amenities -- a circle to be squared.
Again, planning and localization -- probably Ccl wd accept a majority in a nbrhd wanting to keep sgl-fam
c. Retain the great majority of this steep land with trees and free from development as required by the previous OCP?
YES 87%  NO 13%
the previous OCP? review, revise when next one up to what you want (or fight to amend to this now)
4. Ambleside Village
a. Are you in favour of changing the character of the Ambleside business district from a village character (as it has been in all Official Community Plans in the past) to a high density, high rise Town Centre?
YES 22%  NO 78%
Of course everyone wants to keep the Amb Biz district's village character, that's not in dispute.   How much change before character changes?  can see the response wd be different if a limit of three storeys was given or a limit of six (or higher) storeys.  High density and high rise shd be defined to see where citizens place limit.
b. West Vancouver Council alienated a large percentage of the public when they allowed the Park Royal Hotel to be replaced by high density apartments.  Should we permit any further loss of the remaining commercial zoning in the
Ambleside District?
YES 19%  NO 81%
Valuable question.  There is v little commercial zoning in WV and the Ch of Commerce wd not like any to be lost either.  In fact, the 'nodes' might provide other convenient locations and wd be accepted by nearby residents for convenience (and not put there if majority object).
c. Are you in favour of the Mayor and Council's pushing for rapid redevelopment in Ambleside which will eliminate the affordable sites for the service industry, i.e. fish stores, vegetable shops, shoe repair, coffee shops,
YES 18%  NO 82%
Key words to elicit emotional response: rapid, elimination
What about redevt to ensure retention of the quaint small shops in Ambleside?
If customers being lured to the Village at Park Royal, something has to be done to preserve and revitalize Ambleside.  Having affordable small units/residences above the shops wd supply customers who may prefer to shop locally and walk home.
d The proposed new Bylaws would greatly increase the peak hour traffic in the Ambleside District. Would the increased density and traffic be a benefit to West Vancouver?
YES 13%  NO 87%
This is akin to asking: when did you stop beating your wife?  who in their right mind wd say yes to more traffic?
e Do you wish to retain the quaint village character of the Ambleside District?
YES 90%  NO 10%
another slam-dunk! no doubt most wd want to keep it, and staff, WG, and Ccl know that already
c. [sic] Should West Vancouver Council do everything that is reasonable to maintain the present commercial amenities in the Ambleside district - which simply would be a firm policy statement that there will be no increase in zoning density?
YES 80%  NO 20%
How much density is not defined so of course ppl wd tend to say no out of fear.
My suggestion: use the zoning we have now (it's not yet built out, and then when done, see where suitable to have infill, amenities, maybe an upperfloor of affordable small rental residential units).
Notes:1162 replies received todate
Approximately 3% of ballots not marked or completed. Percentages rounded to nearest integer. 12 Sept.2008.
Roughly speaking we now have cmnty surveys, WG surveys, and this residential survey all confirming in general that nbrhd character and village character are paramount to residents.  Had green space and our park-like setting been in the SHA, that wd hv come out at the top too.
So, Ccl and staff, respect our residential nbrhds.  Go slow on any changes, especially in densification and height, and definitely survey the area first!

===  COUNCIL MTG NOTES Sept 22  ===
{just a reminder that I type while they speak hence gaps, names probably misspelled (apologies), etc but more than happy to include a clarification or update in a subsequent issue}
VV: move be amended by adding info to Item 4 re 2010 but isn't this to be withdrawn?
SSch: that's correct
VV: excuse me, will read that again.
move be amended by adding new item 7.1 regarding Ccl's mtg schedule, adding to Correspondence 8.1, 8.2, 12.1; and that Item 4 be withdrawn
1.1 British Columbia Climate Action Charter - Presentation (File: 0055 20 UBCM1)
Mayor referred to various persons, starting with
Mr Whitmarsh: appreciate opportunity to be here, the evening you're signing
Charter example we can make significant progress; climate registry; 65 jurisdictions in NAm
NAm now in a reporting scheme
24 in Cap and Trade; K to 12 prog
Charter is for local govt; with great pleasure add WV to the list
[7:07 start of slides] showing temperature ranges rising, here twice global average
pine beetle costs, costing maybe $6B to fix; storms
nine climate bills this year in BC; eight others Cap and Trade; other pieces of legislation
we're 73% way to our 2020 target; plan's on website
Public Outreach and Engagement
Top ten economic opportunities -- used this slide at UBCM this morning
Mayor: Stephen Sheppard from UBC School of Architecture and a WV resident
SS: a resident as well as a professor at UBC fortunate to be invited; describe the course we're introducing for the next 13 weeks, above the Upper Levels; www.calp.forestry.ubc.ca
hope to come back and show you what students have done, with help of your staff
[7:18 slides] Studio goals; students to gain experience in new planning processes
changes to get down by 2050 or 2100
Cmnty Survey: 68% concerned about changing character, 54% support tighter restrictions on size
get to know, expose options, slide with snowpack
students will go through a long process for the next 13 weeks; will end up with conceptual designs for Brit Props and hillsides above, hope reduce carbon footprint; student working with Bby to tap renewable energy
Mayor: our Envtal Coordinator wd like to present what DWV has been doing
slides: Addressing Climate Change
Mr Sheppard, when googling, in competition with Al Gore re presentations!
working with other staff [named]
Thank Ccl for last Sept not stepping up and signing charter, hard thing to do, but it's made us take a good look at what we're doing.
What is WV doing about climate change?
corporate operations, cmnty another beast
Inventory, Mitigation, Adaptation, Education and Awareness
most Ms signed at UBCM, we didn't and gave us a chance to do an inventory
Geo-exchange in Geneagles and Aq Ctr; Cmnty Ctr ready for solar; Heat exchange with Ice Rink
Fleet: 5% bio-diesel and now 20 bio-diesel, some buses, some vehicles; trying out a hydrogen van
cycling plan, Spirit Trail; integrated design for Marine Drive Gateway [slide of wetland]
Energy: Eagle Lake an award-winning independent clean energy project; water meters reduction of 16%
Nbrhd Character ppl here tonight, leaps and bounds ahead; Rodgers Crk, staff pushing devprs
Cost of stormwater on the hillside, see it in diversion systems, if we get increased waterfall, will cost to deal with it
Adaptation: seawall, cutting edge work being done down there, DFO has allowed pilot projects -- changed profile of beach by two feet.
Reputation can be built on what you say you're going to do; great opps to keep going; other cmnties can come here and learn from us.
Envmt WG as morphed into the Climate Action WG
Cool North Shores, pilot cafe on Sept 24th to explain Climate Change -- started in NY, the low-carbon diet; at ParkGate, staff and residents
We're building partnerships, Shoreline, Stephen Sheppard at UBC, rented Elizabeth out to DNV, doubled the price to Dave Stuart.
Get a call a day about recycling, etc
Slide of seawall in front of a property; we explained benefit of getting rid of hard linear surface so one of first to tear it out.
What is Next? setting targets, implementing, monitor and verify, support partnerships
Thanks Ccl for your support and others.......
appropriate now if the Mayor and Graham wd come up and sign the charter [7:43]
2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES: September 8, 2008 Regular Council Meeting.
3. Community Dialogue on Neighbourhood Character and Housing -- Working Group Recommendations (File: 2515-23)
Mayor: have mbrs of the public who want to speak but think that wd be approp after the presentation
JC: about a year and a half, possibly more input than OCP
growing awareness, driven by changing demographics, lifestyle changes; tremendous protectiveness of nbrhds; 20 recommendations
strongly recommend Ccl endorse this and allow staff to get on with this
I'll introduce mbrs of the WG, read the bios so Ccl and public get a good sense of the ppl bringing this.
{JC also gave the impressive backgrounds and it took about 15 minutes; for names, see http://www.westvancouver.ca/Government/Level3.aspx?id=2944 but checking the WG's webpage Monday morning, Sept 29, showed that the last mtg listed is Aug 19 but I know they met the week before this Sept 22 ccl mtg to go over the final report/recommendations.  Then Stephen Mikicich, staff, turned it over to Christine and Andy for presentation.}
Christine Banham, Chair: openness and cooperation
ppl had difficulty articulating; turned into something we cd analyze and take to cmnty for possible solutions
[slides] be decisive, take action, do not let report languish
Voice of WV, many personal stories [slide up of some].
Each story unique but same story over and over.  WV is unique and they want to stay even though their needs change over time
home, nbrhd, cmnty, house and garden; the sgl-detached home still most, with garden around it
but want a smaller house on a smaller lot with a more manageable garden
residents recognize nbrhds changing but want to keep some things
They respect nature; key part of Design with Nature that came out of the Dialogue
guided by OCP, a sustainable cmnty; balancing economic, envtal, and social issues
think about low footprint
social sustainability: multi-generational
Andy Krawcyzk, Vice Chair: Key Themes
change is constant and one size no longer fits all; we need to change to stay the same; need to make changes to keep the things we value
Policy Challenges: how to achieve right size and type of housing? more affordable housing? how enable ageing in place as needs change? how keep rural character?
Report already given to Ccl; also on agenda on website, and webpage will be updated
Brief Overview of those recommendations
CB: leadership and vision -- all about sustainability; make the changes to policy to enable
pro-active steps: demonstration programs, new policy and regulatory tools for new housing types; stronger measures to protect nbrhd character
AK: Nbrhd character highly valued; encourage statement diff types of nbrhds, start with review of sgl-fam area review, and new housing -- FAR, height, massing, .... possible reduction of site coverage; views and sunlight
Construction of new houses in established nbrhds can be disruptive; bylaws concerning these matters
semi-rural ... walkways ... review of the blvd bylaw, encroachment, maintenance ...
CB: extensive landform alteration -- ...  guidelines or incentives to encourage natural features...
blasting, clearcutting of trees, and rainwater management
HERITAGE: WV has already a strategic plan and recently a H Register
incentive tools -- cd be done easily and quickly; legislation is in place and tools are there
Housing Choice & Affordability
recommending amending OCP to enable new housing types; survey now have a better idea of types desired
a vast majority of WVites support secondary suites; many already in place; easy fix to go at it right away; OCP zoning changes for sec suites, coaches
legitimizing ...
approp mechanisms for addressing these
During Cmnty Dialogue identified housing gaps: young families, sgl-parent families, ageing in place, and others
coach houses, infill, ...  Policies and criteria under wch infill housing will be suitable
cmnty want opportunities to try things out; recommend a pilot project
AK: affordability -- encourage DWV to enable increase in
shelters to ..... for rent or
young families, first-time owners, fixed-income seniors
1000 to 1500sf range a priority so recommend DWV tie these together
market and nonmarket housing alternatives ...
secondary suites; working project with other govts, ...
leasing District-owned lands; utilizing surplus District-owned Lands
when considering disposition of any D-owned prop
heard about green
65% of our survey wd support pilot projects, 56% incentives for green practices
CB: Cmnty: Future Nbrhd Planning
creating 'village nodes'; enhance those we already have; services lacking in many areas
70% support ...
Transportation: reduce reliance on private automobile; choices
pedestrian, cycling paths, cmnty shuttle buses
AK: we suggest you not end the dialogue
dialogue sparked enthusiasm; real need; eagerness to learn terms; provide ongoing opp for ongoing education and provide for tools they need for their future needs
online discussion forum, ... learning ...
CB: believe a robust and thorough process and that our report conveys the key msgs from our residents; thoughtful and ...
20 recommendations, Ccl can use with present legislation and tools under the Cmnty Charter
respectfully request Ccl accept this report in principle; can choose to lead the direction in
do not let the voice of WVites languish
Harry Brock?: congratulate the cmte on the report and it's fantastic
now in Vancouver but still work in WV as a realtor
changes to zoning Fulton, Bellevue, and ...
have reached the point that large home no longer ... want small
as a long-time WV realtor how little
these are far from services, library, srs' ctr
sad day when my wife and I learned we had to leave ...; study recommendations, make zoning changes, allow ...
urge you to be pro-active and choose Option B; pls do not sit on your hands
Hilary Barker: speak as a resident of WV my entire life; my family has been in WV for four generations
2816 Bellevue [house now] $8 to $9M
house at end of Radcliffe; up at 13th and Palmerston
am designer, chn grown; recently rented a home near cmnty ctr; wd be wonderful if a smaller home for me to live in
really enjoyed green space around me; accessibility; wonderful catch bus easily, close to amenities
excited to hear what was presented by WG; encourage Ccl to
wd love to buy a home here; one in the 800sf or less; as I get older no desire to leave WV
Judy White: 3223 MDr realtor for 23 years ...
ppl of WV shd hv choices, alternative to the large homes; don't want to leave WV for NV or White Rock
if ever an opp that shd be seized, there is one in the heart of our cmnty
2200 block of Esquimalt; ..... lose to large ...
WG has done an excellent job; this wd be a perfect pilot project
Adrian Rahbar: 2331 Queens, I'm a third year geog major in UBC, planner; graduated from WVSS
living to WV offers
a large number of univ graduates; unfortunately not give opp or choose not to due to lack of entertainment ...
this brain drain is detrimental to our cmnty's fabric
facing future challenges: av cost of prop $1M and lack of ...
driving to cmnties; professional wages have not increased accordingly
young adults have been excluded from ... ; lead to my departure and against my wishes
social and envtal sustainability
JC: move received for information
VV: the beginning what I'm used to hearing, like nbrhd, nature......; don't want change
then the stories, elderly couple want to have two small houses so chn can live on prop
I heard an architect during the Kay Meek Ctr panel
breezeway, one is an office and one a residence
if that's legal and possible, why does report sound as if not possible?
breezeway, two on lot, we have what we need to solve that
that was my first query, doesn't seem to be discussed
other, basic; when I get a report I look at data
Collier Int'l Study of July 2007 given by BPP for Rodgers Crk, but when I look at growth rate, doesn't look high
some years 300...  why look at sec stes? by allowing ev sgl-fam house to have a sec ste -- subject to garbage, etc, but that's the impression I get
CB: believe breezeway is a design issue
SM: are permitted a family ste within the bldg but cannot have a detached
does not have to be in basement; cd do fam ste within bylaw; must be fam bylaw and connected
VV: breezeway?
SM: more than a breezeway
Sokol: more than a breezeway
VV: is this a statistical matter.  In round numbers we have about 12,000 sgl-fam
640 sec stes; we'd be legalizing potentially 11K homes
looking for thousands ...?
contradiction a cmnty wants heritage, character and yet wants thousands of ...
CB: we haven't made any recommendation as to number of units; limited to housing types and not saying where they shd be
Leanne Sexsmith, staff: ... 9800 sgl detached homes 640 sec stes
other cmnties that have legalized sec stes for some time, NV estimates 20%, varies from cmnty to cmnty
VV: quite a lot here; this cd hit the cmnty like a bombshell; huge rates
looking toward what meaning
MS: I'm totally confused -- the motion is are we going to receive a report we've already received
Sop: I want to take the time to congratulate the cmnty; v gd performance, a year's worth of tough work
have heard that nbrhds are changing and changing rapidly, seeing masses of houses
great pride own a home great nbrhd and reflect what they do, lane to garden or sitting outside
pride of trees, sunlight, all important, and slowly this has eroded
biggest is the loss of the sgl-fam little cmnties, disappeared by spot-zoning,

{er, um, Cclr Sop.  Spot-zoning has to be approved by Ccl so that's Ccl's fault/decision.}

large houses
see a lot of value of what you have done; in second and third recommendation, an awful lot of work to be done; shd look at it systematically; staff we want to talk to you about what's pertinent and viable; then go back to cmnty
not saying staff shd come back recommending implementation, it's too early
I'd be satisfied just to receive this; we're not going to let it sit on shelf
JF: like to thank work of WG; app task and residents who came out
huge service in validating what we heard during the cmnty review
some doubted, hope they will no longer, hope they buy into it
read the stories, if we do sit on our hands we'll continue to lose ppl we value
if older ppl leave we're losing our history
for young ppl not able to come back and live here unfortunate
we now have ppl from Vancouver driving over here to go to school here
here to go to school here, more envtal
look forward to staff's suggestions; that's the time for real Ccl debate and cmnty will be able to respond if recommendations meet their needs
RD: struck by all the credentials Cclr Clark read off; congratulate you, lucky with volunteers and dedication
two problems, McMansion monster problems; design control for multifam but not for sgl-fam; nevertheless can through zoning can cut down on size
large houses intrude on nbrhd and not v many ppl -- 10Ksf, three ppl, and five cars
think we need to get going on this; think Planner's going to come to us on 29th
real need for smaller units while protecting nbrhds
Ccl doesn't want to intrude on nbrhds particularly when builders/devprs ...
... the ingenious lie
another case, a studio, a breezeway, is a dance studio; mystified too how they can get so much space
smaller units -- a problem, Ccl does not want to build in nbrhds, rather along MDrive
This cmte has made suggestions, that's why pilot projects, try one in nbrhds
knock over ...
same sq ftg, allows 4500 or 5000 -- one or two 2500? try; good ideas
Ccl will decide what; wd like third recommendation altered a bit.
MS: think you shd explain, Madam Mayor, the motion is to receive the report we received 45 minutes ago
Mayor: important to hear what Ccl has to say
MS: some
Mayor: ... how we're going to tackle how to preserve nbrhd character
integrating new homes; construction process more nbrly, designing with nature, ...
we shd all be pulling on the same oar on this one; try a pilot
v comforting, small scale, original idea, addresses a gap, nbrhd support and involved in it
Not radical, it's incremental; if we can't try one thing then we've failed you
we're being asked is to accept this report and put out for public comment; ask staff to report back
we'll be receiving a report next week wrt sec stes, ev who ran for Ccl, at Gleneagles three years ago, said wd support legitimizing sec stes, maybe b/c it's a real need
Some maybe b/c it brings regulations; some maybe b/c it's a real need; some maybe b/c the Fire Dept says we're really almost negligent not to
many, many reasons for acknowledging what's already in our nbrhd and helps us do a better job; better off... to discuss them as a result
Will call the question:
[1. The recommendations of the Community Dialogue Working Group, which are presented in the report titled Community Dialogue on Neighbourhood Character and Housing: Working Group Report and Recommendations, dated September 2008, included in Appendix A to the report from the Sr. Community Planner, dated September 15, 2008, be received for information.]
JC moved:  2.  The Working Group report and recommendations be made available for further public review and comment.
Mayor: in favour? opposed?oh, I'm sorry
Sop: no doubt going back to public; we haven't really looked at; premature before looked at after sit-down with staff who can say: Ccl, what do you think? and what direction are we goinghere?
{hm; is that referring to the closed workshops they have???}
JC: Madam Mayor, can I remind--
Sop: --I haven't finished, I haven't finished--
JC: --Well, I think you have--
Sop: No, I haven't finished
Mayor: Cclr Sop has the floor, you're next
Sop: you just take things in a logical, sensible order
Mayor: okay, Ccl Clark
JC: this report is to be made available to the public.  It already is available to the public.  It's just confirming what we've done tonight, it's on the website for crying out loud.
Sop: then you don't have go to the public with it, then do you
Mayor: I'm going to call question.  In favour? opposed? Carries unanimously.
JC:  And lastly Madam Mayor, let's see what happens with this one:
3.  Staff report back to Council with recommendations for implementing the directions outlined in the Working Group's report, as part of the District's 2009 work program.
And if I may mention, Madam Mayor, before somebody else jumps in, any recommendations that come back from anybody are subject to Ccl's discussion and approval or rejection, so just looking for ideas.
MS: we finally have a motion I can speak to!  this is the crux of the matter; WG is clear
Everybody wants to see some action, this Ccl has been here for two and a half years and other than forming a WG, can't really see what tangible steps we've been doing in terms of addressing some of the things that can be addressed
reading through this excellent report; think we shd have staff come forth with recommendations, priorities, and timelines; some worthy goals, nbrhd character, meaty subjects
then others integrating new houses, construction process more nbrly, ... those we can address and shd address quickly
tighten up this third motion, get staff come how we can attack, get things done on a priority basis so we can start showing some results
Staff get back, priorities and timeframes, get some of these excellent recommendations
Sokol: perhaps not worded specifically enough, but that was our intention
taking doc, hearing what Ccl had to say, recommending priorities, looking at staff resources, what we can move forward with in the next year
Mayor: so maybe it shd read "for prioritizing the directions outlined"
MS: helpful addition
Sop: I accept that
RD: a bit taken back with this 2009 work program; makes me uneasy b/c I won't be here
[murmurs/laughter; several "run again"]
Mayor: you have till Oct 10th to decide
RD: for some reason I doubt it; and if I don't, my wife does, so there
It has been a long time and wd like to see; do hope Planner will talk about this next week; be nice to hear from you and how you respond to this report; what your priorities wd be; get that clear before this Ccl disappears, it will help the next Ccl
Goodness knows we've tried hard enough; we've been seven to nothing for years, pushing along these lines, need some legislation; can't wait for 2009; Nbrhd Character has done a good job; hope you'll talk to us next time, not just bylaw but this report as well.
{Question for you.  If 7 to 0 that's more than enough to pass a bylaw of whatever kind, so how to explain the hold up?}
Sokol: to clarify, what we intend to do next week is some proposed amendments looking at FAR exclusions, particularly covered decks on second floors;
{only on second floors???}
attached accessory structures; blasting; retaining walls
looking at our schedule; not implementation, hoping Oct 6
VV: don't think I'll be able to support this third motion; next week premature
better answers wrt proceeding on growth statistics... not go ahead until I have better sense of consequence
Sop: one of the things...  affordability, we've seen assessments stagger the mind
change, always highs and lows in the real estate world, seem to have flattened out
haven't truly addressed affordability to a specific site
what ownership wd be? how many units? what wd rent be? how wd we do it? who wd do it?
always on shelf; been there somewhere but not absolute look; difficult challenge
look at through this process
timely that we look at that; look at Kiwanis, Rotary by Capilano Rugby, quality of life for seniors in some places, expanding space at Kiwanis and may have to look even more
dialogue, our own land holdings look at; glad Ms White brought that up; hope dialogue and some success
Mayor: I'll support, friendly amendment?
SSch: yes, if mover and seconder agree
Sop: with that change I accept
Mayor: 81% support a pilot project
heard from WG learn ppl wish to learn, moved beyond fear; but in WV always caution; worthy goal; main reason housing for seniors, out of respect for our families; needed -- that's the imperative and that doesn't mean easy
look forward hearing staff's view; remind any change must be undertaken according to our public process.  Call the question.
Sop: wording pls?
[SSch read with 'priorities' in
PASSED to applause and congratulations]
Sokol: clarify something; think if I were sitting closer to my staff my shin wd be pretty sore from the kick I got from promising Oct 6th but we will report back and let Ccl know--
Mayor: this Ccl wd like to see--
Sokol: yes, it will come quickly, but Oct 6th might be optimistic
[9:10 - 9:13: little break while about half gallery left]
4. WV 2010 Leadership Team Delegation Bylaw No. 4580, 2008 (File: 1610-20-4580)
        Information to be provided.
{Last issue asked, Why not delay this item until info available?  why spring this on us?  why does this link not work?
and Item has been withdrawn so let's hope complete info for when it comes back (unless they're going to approve it without coming to Ccl).  Wonder how many $$$ involved...}
5. Solid Waste Utility Bylaw No. 4118, 1998, Amendment Bylaw No. 4578, 2008 (The Bear Bylaw) (File: 1605-01/1610-20-4578)
JC: won't make motion b/c I don't support it
MS made motion: RECOMMENDED: ...read a first, second and third time
JC: categorically opposed.
Mayor: Question?
6. Park Exchange (Martin Corporation=92 Caulfeild Plateau) Bylaw No. 4558, 2008 and Land Use Contract Approval Bylaw No. 2745, 1978, Amendment Bylaw No. 4566, 2008 (File:  2540-06/1610-20-4558/4566)
Report from S. Scholes - Alternate Approval Process re Park Exchange (Martin Corporation=92 Caulfeild Plateau) Bylaw No. 4558, 2008=92 Certification of Results (File:  1610-20-4558/4566)
Report from S. Nicholls - Land Use Contract Approval Bylaw No. 2745, 1978, Amendment Bylaw No. 4566, 2008 (File:  2540-06/1610-20-4566)
Park Exchange (Martin Corporation=92 Caulfeild Plateau) Bylaw No. 4558, 2008 received 1st, 2nd, and 3rd readings at the July 21, 2008 Regular Council Meeting.
MS moved:
1. The report dated September 10, 2008 from the Municipal Clerk regarding Alternative Approval Process re Park Exchange (Martin Corporation=92 Caulfeild Plateau) Bylaw No. 4558, 2008 -- Certification of Results be received for information.
MS moved:
2. Following adoption of Park Exchange (Martin Corporation=92 Caulfeild Plateau) Bylaw No. 4558, 2008, Staff be authorized to finalize the park exchange process
Land Use Contract Approval Bylaw No. 2745, 1978 Amendment Bylaw No. 4566, 2008 received 1st and 2nd readings at the July 21, 2008 Regular Council Meeting.
Sop: had a phone call from some citizens; didn't quite understand diagram
wanted to reiterate what this plan was
this land extends into land we received; lots were shortened; parts we're exchanging then makes lot one large enough to be a lot ... and then on the diagram ... exchange from
Sop: so each lot a little wider
Sokol: each lot was longer and by shortening them and taking that part at the southern end of the park, made wider
Sop: equally proportional all the way up
Sokol: in general; lots 1, 2, and 3, the others are staying about the same width
Sop: the ppl's question was, if one is only partial, and if we're adding the park to create lot one.....
Sokol: no, what's showing on that diagram is the final layout, being shifted; always were nine lots but becoming shorter
MS moved that: be read a third time.
Then MS moved that: 2. Staff be directed to bring back for adoption October 6, 2008.
SSch: if Ccl will have a mtg Sept 29 cd be changed to Sept 29
Mayor: okay that's when Sokol will bring planning so change
7. Rodgers Creek Area: Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4567, 2008; Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4568, 2008; and Phased Development Agreement Authorization Bylaw No. 4569 (Rodgers Creek Area), 2008
These bylaws received third reading at the July 28, 2008 Special Council meeting.
RD: with pleasure move [all be adopted]
VV: permissible to rescind third reading?
Mayor: can rescind if there's a seconder
Sop: what was the question
Mayor: can't.  Seconder to rescind? none

7.1 ADDED ITEM re Ccl Mtg Schedule
Mayor: ccl mtg be scheduled for Sept 29
CARRIED  [9:20 under ten left in gallery]

Mayor: Exempt some letters
8. Correspondence List
(3) September 3, 2008, regarding Truck and Traffic Noise
        Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
Sop: going to be?
Staff: assume fencing
Sop: has there been a demand that take place
Ans: not aware of any letters
Mayor: ask staff to follow up; ongoing conversation with Ministry of Hwys without a satisfactory outcome; huge issue in Eagle Harbour nbrhd
VV: re traffic circle; any time to consider it further?
ANS: planning to start tomorrow
Sop: met with Mr McRadu and ...... talked about options
being provided at that intersection, best of safety concerns
speed bumps; narrow; must slow down
this control most logical; not done on spur of the moment
folks started to understand after we explained on site
VV: is it the intent of this design that road wide enough at Skilift Place wide enough for SUV and with boat; so can pass without difficulty
ANS: haven't seen design but
school buses that come down hill can [go around] the traffic circle
CAO: actually had turnaround painted on asphalt; had firetrucks go and drive around
it is a raised turnaround; intent to slow traffic down; ppl with large trucks will be forced to slow down; can go over it but have to slow down
one resident's vehicle, if driven slowly can make it around the turnaround and same as in other locations
JC: one side is totally convinced this option will work; the residents are bent out of shape, lack of notification, doubts roundabout work
why not simply borrow or rent, temporary roundabouts in NV, put one up there and prove to ourselves once and for all put one up and see it works
wd make it a motion, install it for a month
Mayor: a seconder?
I've talked to ppl in the nbrhd; decision has been made and was subject of a Public Hearing
if Ccl wishing to postpone, Ccl hasn't the cost
tonight is the opp to
VV: I'll second
Mayor: a temp roundabout
MS: point out the obvious; no mbr of Ccl I'm aware of is a traffic expert
our staff have looked at the site, put in budget, ready to start tomorrow
have enough faith in Sop who'd visited the site
Cclr Sop has looked at site; and he feels staff's option the best
how can we vote don't know costs of delaying; makes no sense to
Mayor: in favour? opposed?
No Action Required (receipt only)...
(11)  B. O'Neill, President, Canadian Union of Public Employees, September 3, 2008, regarding Trade Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA)
RD: I've spoken about this before, takes away M power
will read from letter "..."
restricting fish farming, ...remove power...transit away from; taxing powers to an unelected Board
govt without [rep]
took land around Jordan River; again without consultation; real estate devt
I mention this b/c earlier we talked about green
forest; only access these areas by car; makes complete hypocrites of govt b/c only by car
Sop: Lawson Creek bridge on waterfront
work done on stream by our staff and Foreshore group absolutely incredible
kids taken down there
Mayor: congratulations to WV staff and Foreshore Preservation Society
the interest from the Lanskail fund of Cmnty Fdn
10. Public Questions/Comments  [HUGO RAY PARK]
Howard Mishell: here to ask some questions about Hugo Ray Park
14' diff will the new fields be filled or excavated?
study effects?
is it true that the District is or has paid a fine for the leachate flowing into HRay?
KPike: consulting firm with HR Park to put costs for one artif turf field plus parking
just started, expect work to be done by Oct 27; will know then
DFO is aware and Engg has dealt with it for some time, leachate from that dump
by special drainage been intercepted
have heard of a fine being paid but I'm unaware
Mayor any further questions?
HM: what's...  unaware of ... hwy; approval not given by MoT
Brent Dozzi said not in interest of Ministry; don't want any egress between Cap Hwy and T Way
recent event a few weeks ago 3rd and Mathers, [truck taking] rocks and fill out of quarry behind HRay Park
questioned him how he got in b/c I hadn't seen going in
told me coming in from Keith b/c boss told him to
If it's good enough for District to use, why not [use it and] save millions of dollars on a frontage road that may not get permission
KP:... frontage road is not access onto the hwy; that's what's being favourably looked at
wrt lower HR, looked at access from both sides, the use of that site is not frequent
looking for places, alternate sites, to store some of this bulk material
you saw some of those on Steve Jenkins's slides tonight; rocks, kinds of things, stored, taken to foreshore but try to avoid bringing trucks into this nbrhd and we are looking for another site
KM: another question
Mayor: well, try to limit to three min; but you shd know when coming back
KM: will design be done by then?
KP: not sure; when we get material will meet with nbrhd
Mayor: next Stephen Given
SG: live at corner of 3rd and Mathers
did staff ever consider other sites for field hockey? if not, why not? end of cul de sac, difficult
Mayor: all sorts of issues
KP: that site has been used for field hockey and cricket for over 40 years
no place two fields side by side let alone four, certainly not five
that site offers two fields side by side that field hockey is looking for
we certainly know all of the sites in this cmnty where fields can be used
one being constructed right now opposite Operations site on Cypress Bowl Rd; site for size needed not available
SG: were sites outside WV considered?
two thirds of field hockey mbrs are not in WV, approx 60% reside in NV
According to the MRIF grant application and the numbers I've seen from the field hockey club -- 20 years ago when I moved into our current house there were about 500 mbrs.  There are now over 2000.  The MRIF grant talks about, refers to, 8400 possible users for this facility.
Mayor: I don't think that's what's being entertained at all; that's not what this Ccl is exploring
SG: Well, that is what's being entertained by the field hockey club
Mayor: Well, this Ccl is considering one artificial turf field
SG: thin edge of the wedge
Mayor: and I believe it's about 800 WV players, I may be wrong about that
this will come back to this Ccl in about a month, that's the time when we have a report in front of us and the public can engage in that.
11. Adjournment 9:47

3. Interim Development Bylaw Amendments: Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4581, 2008 and Soil Removal and Deposit Regulation Bylaw No. 3786, 1992, Amendment Bylaw No. 4582, 2008 (File:  1610-20-4581/4582)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the interim development bylaw amendments proposed in the September 19, 2008 report of the Associate Director be endorsed in principle for further consideration.
RECOMMENDED:  THAT Zoning Amendment Bylaw as attached to the Sept 19 report of the Associate Director be read a first time.
RECOMMENDED:  THAT Soil Removal and Deposit Regulation Amendment Bylaw as attached to the Sept 19 report of the Associate Director be read a first time.
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the Municipal Clerk be directed to give notice of a Public Hearing to consider the Zoning Amendment Bylaw scheduled for Monday, Oct 20 at 7pm.
RECOMMENDED:  THAT Zoning Amendment Bylaw and Soil Removal and Deposit Regulation Amendment Bylaw be referred to the Design Review Committee for comment.
4. District of West Vancouver Delegation Bylaw No. 4580, 2008 to Establish West Vancouver 2010 Leadership Committee (File: 1610-20-4580)
RECOMMENDED: read a first, second, and third time.
5. Solid Waste Utility Bylaw No. 4118, 1998, Amendment Bylaw No. 4578, 2008
6. Park Exchange (Martin Corporation - Caulfeild Plateau) Bylaw No. 4558, 2008 and Land Use Contract Approval Bylaw No. 2745, 1978, Amendment Bylaw No. 4566, 2008 (File:  2540-06/1610-20-4558/4566)
7. Correspondence List Correspondence received up to September 19, 2008 (with exceptions for time sensitive items)
Requests for Delegation  --  No items presented.
Action Required
1.  September 14, 2008, regarding Tree Trimming
        Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
2.  September 18, 2008, regarding Hugo Ray Park and Keith Road Extension
        Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
3.  C. Pickard, The Council of Canadians, September 9, 2008, regarding Privatization of Rivers and Public Power Through Run of River Projects
        Attachments available for viewing in Legislative Services Department.
4.  L. Reynolds, North Shore Crisis Services Society, September 11, 2008, regarding Thanks for Financial Support
        Attachments available for viewing in Legislative Services Department.
5.   September 15, 2008, regarding Proposed Turning Circle at Skilift Road and Chairlift Road
6.  M. Booth, West Vancouver School District, August 25, 2008, regarding Report to the Community - 2008
        Attachments available for viewing in Legislative Services Department.
7.  B. A. O'Connor, Vancouver Coastal Health, September 10, 2008, regarding 2007 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report
8.  Union of British Columbia Municipalities, September 10, 2008, regarding Funding Available for 2008/2009 Community to Community Program - Fall
9.  September 17, 2008, regarding Traffic Safety Project at Skilift Road and Chairlift Road
10.  September 15, 2008, regarding Scooter Ways
11.  The Unity in Diversity Committee, West Vancouver Baha'i Community, September 2008, regarding Eleventh Annual Unity in Diversity Awards
12.  September 19, 2008, regarding Signage on Highway
13.  Hon. T. Christensen, Minister of Children and Family Development, September 16, 2008, regarding Foster Family Month
14.  E. Fonseca, President of Ambleside and Dundarave Ratepayers' Association, September 16, 2008, regarding Impervious Site Coverage Calculations
15.  Greater Vancouver Regional Steering Committee on Homelessness, September 16, 2008, Executive Summary, Backgrounder and Final Report titled "Still on our streets=8A Results of the 2008 Metro Vancouver Homeless Count"
        Attachments for Final Report available for viewing in Legislative Services Department.
Responses to Correspondence  --  No items presented.
Responses to Questions in Question Period  --  No items presented.

BUTTONWOOD in The Economist
2007:  Credit and blame to the agencies  Sep 6th 2007   From The Economist print edition
AS OSCAR WILDE might have said, it is the unspeakable in pursuit of the unrateable. America's Congress is holding hearings on the subprime-mortgage shambles and the losses that have resulted. The firms that must be feeling most nervous about the outcome are Standard & Poor's (S&P), Moody's and Fitch.
Those rating agencies have earned huge sums in the past ten years offering opinions on the creditworthiness of an alphabet soup of mortgage-related securities created by over-eager banks. As the market blossomed, so did the agencies' profits. Moody's net income rose from $289m in 2002 to $754m last year. But did the fat fees lead to a drop in standards? =8A
Rest: http://www.economist.com/finance/displaystory.cfm?story_id=9769471
2008:  Credit and blame to the agencies  Sep 11th 2008  From The Economist print edition
A must-read on the origins of the crisis
ANOTHER week, another drama...
The crunch has lasted long enough to spawn its own publishing mini-boom, as authors have raced to give their diagnoses in print. George Cooper, a strategist at JPMorgan, an investment bank, has produced by far the best so far*, skewering both academic orthodoxy and central-bank policy in the process.
The problem, says Mr Cooper, is that central banks have subscribed to one economic philosophy in an expanding economy and quite another when the economy is contracting. When things are going well, central banks leave the markets alone. But at the merest hint of crisis, central bankers have responded by cutting interest rates to stimulate their economies and prevent asset prices from falling. Tongue firmly in cheek, Mr Cooper describes this as "pre-emptive asymmetric monetary policy"...
Central-bank intervention... creates problems...  The first is that consumers (and companies) are encouraged to borrow, not save, thanks to the low level of interest rates and a belief that central banks and governments will always rescue them if things go wrong. But as Mr Cooper writes: "A depressed savings rate leaves the economy precariously positioned to deal with future adverse shocks."
The second danger is that the system becomes progressively less stable as risk-taking is encouraged. Instead, central banks should permit some short-term cyclicality in order to purge the system of excesses. They can do this, Mr Cooper argues, by preventing excessive credit creation (which he defines as credit growth far ahead of economic growth)...
Alas, the author does not see an easy way out of today's mess, in effect arguing that we "shouldn't start from here". Letting the markets have their way would risk a repeat of the 1930s, and the Fannie and Freddie rescue shows the authorities are desperate to avoid that. But the danger is that central banks inflate another credit bubble, saving the economy from disaster in the short term but raising the stakes still further when the next crisis comes around. The Fannie and Freddie rescue, though unavoidable, suggests the world is heading in that direction.  The entire article is at: http://www.economist.com/finance/displaystory.cfm?story_id=12209655&fsrc=rss
===  EARTHWATCH  === VSun Sept 26 pA9
Oldest Rocks in the World Found on Barren Quebec Shore  Hudson Bay site once at bottom of primordial sea. ...Rocks sitting on windswept barren shore in northern Quebec...  Researchers report in the journal Science that rock found on the remote eastern shore of HBay is 4.28B years old.
"This wd make them the oldest rocks ever found on the surface of the earth."  ...
The Earth is said to have formed from a cloud of dust and debris about 4.567B years ago.  Until now weathered granite in the Northwest Territories dating back about 4B years has held the title of the world's oldest rock.  The HBay rocks appear to be about 300M years older and scientists say they shd provide clues about not just early geological processes, but also Earth's early atmosphere, and perhaps even the microbes that are thought to have interacted with iron in the early oceans to create rusty sediments.  The outcropping is on Inuit land, ..., south of Inukjuak.
===   NERDWATCH   ===
"Washington DC judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly announced during the ongoing Microsoft antitrust hearings that their documentation is unfit for US Consumption. This is relevant in an antitrust hearing as poor documentation on how to inter-operate with Microsoft's products is seen as an unfair barrier to entry for companies who compete with Microsoft. Others see this as yet another example of their crumbling hegemony or indolence as their empire burns."...from http://entertainment.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=08/09/26/1933216
===  WORDWATCH  ===
It shd come as no surprise to you, Dear Readers, that I subscribe to World Wide Words by Michael Quinion of the UK.  With a title like "Is the English language full?" clicking on the link was irresistible.  The article was by Alex Beam in the Boston Globe on Sept 23 (http://wwwords.org?IELF).

===  POLITI-KU  ===  2008 September 27 after McCain/Obama debate

        man's capacity
                for self-delusion
                        boundless -- expands to country
===  QUOTATIONS  ===
Our dilemma is that we hate change and love it at the same time; what we really want is for things to remain the same but get better.
                -- Sydney J Harris (1917 - 1986)
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about the answers.
                -- Thomas Pynchon, American (b 1937)
If you fear making anyone mad, then you ultimately probe for the lowest common denominator of human achievement.
                        -- Jimmy Carter
If you just set out to be liked, you would be prepared to compromise on anything at any time, and you would achieve nothing.
                        -- Margaret Thatcher
If in the last few years you haven't discarded a major opinion or acquired a new one, check your pulse.  You may be dead.
                -- Gellett Burgess (1866 - 1951)
If you think you're too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito.  -- Anita Roddick (1942 - 2007)
If one voice can change a room, then it can change a city.
And if it can change a city, then it can change a state.
And if it can change a state, then it can change a nation.
And if it can change a nation, then it can change the world.
This was one of Barack Obama's most effective oratorical riffs during the 2008 presidential campaign.  He often introduced it by saying "One voice can change a room" and concluded with, "Your voice can change the world."