Ccl Mtg NOTES Dec 8
Calendar to 24th

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Count down with snow and Christmas bells on!
MAIN ITEMS Dec 15th:  WV Family Place Society; 2009 Ccl Mtg Schedule (two mtgs per month!); Lottery Home in HBay; WVSPCA Agreement; Heritage Awards Cmte; (new) NSh Waterfront Liaison Cmte; letters including Cypress Park Society (newsletter), NSh Crisis Services Society Annual Report, etc AND reply re 21st and Fulton.
=  Vive le Canada (Proroguing/Constitution); from the EDITOR'S DESK (Abstaining counts as YES); SCIENCEWATCH (spider spinning in Space): UPDATES (North Shore Spirit of BC; Heritage Nominations)
=  CALENDAR to Dec 24th: AFAIK -- the Design Review Cmte on Tuesday Dec 16 has the old Capers site in Dundarave (to be a Shoppers Drug Mart) and Rodgers Crk Area 1 on its agenda.
=  Ccl Mtg NOTES Dec 8th: Annual Report of SAC with video (good!); DPA 1434 Marine; Bylaws for three readings on Waterworks Regulation and Sewer/Drainage Utility Rates; Ccl Apptmts; DVP 610 -11th for Jan 12th; Lots of Correspondence -- Property Assessment Freeze, Hugo Ray Park, Cmnty Ctr, and NOTE Letter 12 about a public mtg at the Library on Dec 2nd wrt a Shoppers Drug Mart proposed for the Capers site in Dundarave; PQP re notification of public of devts for input as intended.
=  CCL MTG AGENDA Dec 15th
=  AGEWATCH (100+); ANIMALWATCH (walruses); Jerusalem Mayor's First Day; BOOKWATCH (best according to The Economist, the Guardian, the NYT, Guardian); VCHF Contest and Haiku (Campaigns/Elections; Voting; The Sixties & Now; Tanka for Silverman; Recent death of American Haiku Poet); QUOTATIONS

===  Vive le Canada  === Given current political tempest and uncertainty
Interesting: Studio 4 with Fanny Kiefer on Shaw  TUESDAY DECEMBER 9
Constitutional and International Law Expert Edward McWhinney Crisis in Ottawa Explained

===  from the EDITOR'S DESK  ===  Abstaining means you're voting YES!
CLARIFICATION: There was an inaccurate statement in Friday's NSN in the article on 1434 Marine Drive (for the BC liquor store).  It stated that Cclr Walker had 'abstained' b/c of conflict of interest.  Her conflict of interest was declared at the beginning of the item and she correctly left the Chamber.  Any ccl mbr at a ccl mtg who abstains is deemed to have voted in the affirmative (according to BC legislation).  So, abstaining means voting yes, absence from the Chamber is the practice for those in conflict of interest.

Spider spinning web in zero gravity / space

===  UPDATES  ===
* North Shore Spirit of BC Cmte
The North Shore Spirit of BC Committee falls under the mandate of 2010 Legacies Now.  We are one of over 95 such communities province wide.  Our goal is to ignite community pride across the North Shore and to maximize our communities' social and economic benefits from hosting the 2010 Games.  The North Shore is uniquely poised to benefit from the upcoming Games in a number of ways: we have an Olympic venue with events to be seen around the world; we are at the centre of activity between Vancouver and Whistler; and with our spectacular setting, the world will remember Vancouver for its stunning mountains, sea, and hospitality.
Our Committee is working hard to achieve our goals, with community engagement projects, events, an Ambassador program, local and sustainable merchandise, and support for our legacy project the Spirit Trail.
For more info: please visit our website www.northshorespiritofbc.ca
*  HERITAGE ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS: 2009 Nominations (deadline Jan 23)
Info: http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=1136 (Don't you just love the URLs that DWV has!)

===  CALENDAR to Dec 24th  ===
= Mon Dec 8 ~ CEC mtg at 9:30 without notification and was closed [more on this later]
= Wed Dec 10
        ~ 9am ~ CEC mtg
        ~ 6pm ~ Library Board (in Library)
= Thurs Dec 11  ~ 4:30pm ~ Design Review Cmte [moved to Dec 16]
                ~ 7:30pm ~ Fundraiser-cum-Christmas party at heritage Vinson House
                        See www.conservancy.bc.ca for info
= Fri Dec 12 ~ 8:15am ~ 2010 Leadership Cmte Mtg
= Tues Dec 16 ~ 4:30pm ~ Design Review (Shoppers replacing Capers; Rodgers Crk Area 1
= Wed Dec 17
        ~ 1:30pm ~ Arts and Culture Facilities WG
        ~ 6pm ~ Child Care WG
= Thurs Dec 18 ~ 9am ~ CEC

= Wed Dec 24 ~ end of sales of Christmas Trees by Howe Sound Lions Club in Ambleside Park

+ Third Annual Photography Group Competition/Exhibition 2008
This Competition is held in North Vancouver and it is open to the all individual photographers in Canada and worldwide; Professional and Amateur photographers, and who are interested in photography and take photos!
Subject: Close Up
Prizes: $1000 cash / CAPA Medals / CPC Mentions /  Deadline: December 31
More details:  www.CarounPhotoClub.com  or  www.Caroun.com/News/Exhibitions.html

+++  WV MEMORIAL LIBRARY +++  See: http://www.westvanlib.org/
Join us for vibrant discussions on burning issues of the day.We meet from 10:30 am - 12:30 pm one Friday each month (usually the 4th Friday).
Enjoy the snacks and coffee hospitably provided. Everyone welcome. Registration not required. Admission $5. Co-sponsored by S.F.U. 
Moderator: Randall MacKinnon has a Masters in Social Policy and Planning. He is an IDEASage with MackINNOVATION, a service consultancy.
December 19: Beyond merry to meaningful
December is a special time of celebration and ritual for many religions and cultures. Ironically what we individually celebrate at this time may serve to further highlight our differences. How can those who wish to bridge these differences and increase understanding meet this challenge?
Tuesday, December 16th 11:00 - 11:20 am
Wednesday, December 17th 2:30 - 3:00 pm
Thursday, December 18th 1:00 - 1:20 pm and 4:00 - 4:20 pm
Friday, December 19th 1:00 - 1:20 pm

+++  FERRY BUILDING GALLERY  +++ Special shopping hours to 8pm on Fridays!
=  Great Stuff 2008  --  Christmas Gift & Art Sale - ends Dec 20
        See: http://ferrybuildinggallery.com/exhibitions/upcoming_exhibition

+++ SILK PURSE +++  (1570 Argyle)  www.silkpurse.ca
December 2 - 18, 2008 -- "Rediscover Photography"
The word "photography" comes from the French photographie which is based on the Greek words for "light" and "drawing", together meaning "drawing with light". Explore the world of light and photography with works of acrylic Giclee on canvas, chromium ink photos, and digital photography by artists Richard Alm, Laura Clark, Michelle Demers, and Sheryl Smith.

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        The Prints of Alistair Bell  to February 7, 2009

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Best regards,
Janice Mackay-Smith, The Torch

B.C. Binning Residence: The Next Step
by Tamsin Baker, Lower Mainland Regional Manager
   West Vancouver's B.C. Binning House was designed in 1941 by artist Bertram Charles Binning.  The home is considered to be a prototype of modern west coast design - one that shaped Vancouver's current architecture, and inspired other (now) famous Canadian architects, like Arthur Erickson.
   Though a National Historic Site, concerns about the long-term conservation of the house arose in 2007 when Jessie Binning, the widow of B.C. Binning, passed away at the age of 101 with no direct heirs.  Her will, however, outlined her desire for the house and furnishings to be preserved for historical purposes through a foundation or other organization and, as a result of TLC's experience in protecting heritage properties like the Historic Joy Kogawa House in Vancouver and Arthur Erickson's Baldwin House in Burnaby, TLC has been approached to help.
   To successfully take over the long-term maintenance and restoration of the 1,540 sq. ft. bungalow, however, TLC has determined that an endowment fund of $300,000 will be required.  If this amount can be raised from public donations by the end of 2008, the long-term protection of the residence will be assured.
   TLC has placed a permanent caretaker in the house and has hosted several successful awareness-raising events.  The long-term vision for the house is to allow it to be viewed and enjoyed by members of the public, with a focus on artists and architects.  This would be accomplished by private and public tours, workshops, and small events at the house.  TLC looks forward to working in concert with the District of West Vancouver, local heritage organizations, interested members of the community, and local neighbours to make this vision a reality.
   To view this special place for yourself, watch for future public events at the B.C. Binning House, or contact TLC's Lower Mainland office to arrange a special tour.
Make your donation to the B.C. Binning endowment fund by calling 1-877-485-2422 or visit www.conservancy.bc.ca.  For a tour, please contact TLC's Lower Mainland Regional office at (604) 733-2313 or see vancouver@conservancy.bc.ca.

The Thing about Men at Presentation House was great fun.  I knew Stephen Aberle wd be good but the others were too.  Do hear that it may go to another venue so watch for it.

===  NEWSWATCH  ===
Guardian Weekly 2008 Dec 10 -- Quotation of the week
"Laos was hit by an average of one B-52 bomb-load every eight minutes between 1964 and 1973. US planes dropped more ordnance on Laos than was dropped during the whole of the second world war," Ian MacKinnon writes in his article about Laos, the most cluster-bombed country in the world, on page 3.
John Robertson, an independent economist in Zimbabwe, estimates that it has now surged to an
astounding 8 quintillion per cent - that is an 8 followed by 18 zeros.
Sameh Habeeb, Palestinian Peace activist based in Gaza (www.gazatoday.blogspot.com), was on radio here in Vancouver recently.  See how the fourth Free Gaza boat was received by the Palestinian people

===  CCL MTG NOTES Dec 8  ===
Amended by: replacing 6 with a revised version of the bylaw; item 7, adding 2008/2009 list of ccl cmte apptmts; adding to Correspondence 19.1 and 25.1 and 26.
2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES  -- November 17, 2008 Special Council Meeting.
3. E. Collins, Chair, West Vancouver Seniors' Activity Centre Advisory Board regarding Annual Financial Contribution and Achievements of 2008 (File:  0115-20-SACA1)
Mayor: Welcome Ed Collins of the SAC board.
EC:  almost exactly a year ago, Chris Lee who chaired the adv bd cmte spoke to you and told you as much as he cd about the workings of the srs' ctr.  Chris was an incredible advocate of the ctr and he spoke of the ctr as a v special place.  We all think it's a sp place.  I'll just tell you a bit about the Ctr.  It's sad that Chris is no longer with us.  We'll be attending his funeral this Thursday.  He left behind a legacy of interest and hard work at the Ctr and really that's the hallmark of our Ctr.
{Yes, so sad.  I had the highest respect for Chris -- and he came to the RoyalTea-by-the-Sea -- so even though not well I attended the funeral; St Stephen's was overflowing.  Such a great gentleman.  Such a loss.} 
I have a short presentation to make and video made by Ctr mbrs.
WVSAC, we accentuate the word Activity, not a place where old ppl go to vegetate.
We have currently 3200 mbrs, 24 of them are WV residents
{he must mean 2400}
25% of WV seniors over the age of 65 are mbrs of the Ctr
Our mbrship begins at 60 so add'l mbrs are part of the 3200
vast majority fall into the 70 to 89 year range and we have ten mbrs over the age of 96, one of whom is running around the Ctr every day and none of us can keep up with him.
{that's gotta be Fred Titcomb!}
More than 20 of our volunteers are over 85
We, bd mbrs, are advocates for the Ctr; want to focus on new initiatives, provide info to staff
Cclr Smith is our connection to the Ccl and he attends all of our mtgs, and we are v pleased with that association.
Volunteer prog, core component, with many benefits; this current year, over 58K hours of volunteered service contributed by mbrs; translate that at minimum wage, it's $500K
programs wide-ranging; our last newsletter listed programs M - F, v v busy; some on Sat, Sun
good cafeteria and food service prog, two evening meals a week
for heath, social connections; they make new friends; recently outreach progs for frail
those alone, prog go to them and bring them to Ctr, they get healthier and stronger
initiated a shuttle bus b/c not enough parking in the area; service is growing and excited about continuing to continue it
do a lot of fundraising; not looking for handouts, looking for ways to sustain our progs
flea market once a year; last year's flea market, spring, raised over $40K
we contribute to Ccl, $25K mbrs' annual commitment, wch you return to us in the budget
clubs, agencies raise money -- to purchasing a piano, a deep freeze, automated doors, etc
Trust accts contributed $76K to operation of various things
one of the big challenges is to find a way to operate seven days a week
right now, operate five days a week really, open Sat and Sun
we devp progs; programs at first not self-sustaining, fees build up, then can develop more programs
new things going on all the time
maintain spirit of seniors in this cmnty
challenge: need to hire weekend programmers to devp progs
when you're a senior and retired you don't know Saturday from Wednesday -- and I'm a senior too
continued operation of the Shuttle Bus (can volunteer payment; hoping will become self-funding), perhaps through next year -- have struck a fundraising cmte to make it perpetual; proud of it
the other challenge is weekend programming
Two things I want to highlight tonight are: WEEKEND PROGRAMS AND SHUTTLE BUS
have put in an application to you for supplementary assistance -- not full-time or weekend perhaps .4, not full-time.
we have a video to show you, produced by Stan who's here and a few years; it's short
[7:14 VERY GOOD! 7:20]
Mayor: any questions?
ME: re weekends and shuttle bus -- wd you give us idea about parking challenges?
EC: Ralph Ferstay is working with us, some add'l spots, it's improving; affects mbrship wch suffered, dropped maybe 6 - 700 and we attribute that to parking difficulty; ppl have said they've come but cdn't find parking so went home; we're going to make a real effort to try to encourage them to come again but we have a lot of ppl at the Ctr each day, nonetheless.
Mayor: before going to Cclr Sop, I wd like to also extend our sympathy to Chris Lee.  He brought energy, a positive outlook, and a booming voice -- everything he participated in.  I have a great respect for him. I've sent a letter on behalf of all mbrs of Ccl to Mary and his family.  Unfortunately, we're engaged on the day of his memorial service or else we wd be there.  Thank you very much for recognizing him, Citizen at Large.
EC: Thank you v much; I appreciate the opp to come here....
last tune, give a little, take a little; hope you'll hear our plea.
Sop: to you and board; Srs' Ctr is flagship of social well-being
incredible volunteerism makes it work; you have stepped up many times on behalf of taxpayers, renewal and additions
this is what makes this cmnty just a great place to live; your efforts, hundreds of men and women
social well-being; ppl who are isolated have a chance to improve their health coming over to the Ctr
4. Development Permit Application No. 08-026 for 1434 Marine Drive (File:  1010-20-08-026)
        At the Nov 17 ccl mtg, Ccl considered this DPA and asked Staff to report back.
Mayor: before moving to 4, to Cclr Walker
SW: will have to remove myself b/c of biz and location
Robert Thibodeau [sp?]: have brought some changes as result of discussion last mg
staff look favourably on our changes
three: meet Amb Devt objectives, improve features, esp lane area
Mayor: try to limit your comments to three minutes
RT: [slide] re windowscape, plan to bring in graphics, extended awning; plantings to be hung, adding lighting; garbage to be kept inside none outside; concerns about kiosk -- beware don't park within 3.3m; re ramp and parking space, clients have elected to follow your staff's recommendation, pavers not asphalt and spaced parking, at least 3ft wide.
think we've reached the goal of Planning and improvement to nbrhd
MS: moved: THAT all written and verbal submissions ... be received for information.
MS then moved: THAT
1.  DPA, which would allow for internal and external tenant improvements to an existing building, be approved.
Mayor: shall we deal with this one at a time?
Sop: second
MS: what we're dealing with here is not what we'd like to see but what owner wants.  Reality is we have a petition from all merchants, three vacant sites; merchants difficult; IMO this Ccl shd be encouraging biz and rights of owner and tenant to get on with biz that fully complies with all the bylaws.
Sop: I went down Sunday and checked what all the bizes thought; I worked there for a while.  Nothing worse than a dead street.  When opp for foot-traffic, sends a good msg.  I know for a fact rents in WV horrendous, always have been.  Here we have an older bldg and owner wants to lease it out, we're obligated to say, are they enhancing, etc -- this is a lessor/leasee, shd move along; if go to Design Panel looking at awning, certain colour, sq ftg changes brings in a whole new ball game; we don't have a position on Ccl to deny ...; just if complies
I'm going to support
TP: I have some concerns about form and function of this bldg; first to come forward after work on Amb Ctr report; wd like to refer to Design to make sure
Mayor: Ms Scholes, [possible?]
no seconder?  am I able to second?
so continue
TP: a couple of questions, my concern to have it go to Design Cmte wch won't do now; is this the minimum now? impact on what we see in front of us.
ME: I didn't second that motion b/c we're limited in the options we do have that we can request; the original Amb revit plan did anticipate that all props wd embellish awnings.  This bldg has awnings over one third -- it has offended one of the intents of the origin Amb revit plan.  Cd this be considered?
Some of us are concerned about the graphics -- the appropriateness is important and the maintenance b/c they can deteriorate rapidly.
Sokol: wd like to refer the question re awning and front to Colette Parsons, Urban Design Planner
CP: yes, the applicant; we did request look at full coverage of bldg but for various reasons they chose not to pursue that option; cost issues related not able to meet, also concerned about the look of the awning cuz can't put with a canopy
Mayor: wrt graphics
CP: always our intent have to meet standards; want them to work with staff
ME: surely awning wd be identical to one there
CP: yes
ME: we have design so wish to install it
Mayor: you cd make an amendment
RT: my client has just given me approval to extend the awning in the front
MS: find this a bizarre way to do biz; spend hours, what colour of umbrella stand to have outside [???]
staff report, have an application, suggest deal with it
request put awning on, you can attach that as a separate letter.
Sokol: wd suggest if Ccl's interest in seeing that it be part of devt project, shd state that.
Mayor: I agree so formal or friendly amendment?
MS: prefer friendly
ML: only so much we can do with that bldg; never going to make it an architectural marvel
if new bldg, and time
given the concessions since the first consideration of this and the awning across complete front of the bldg, I'm inclined to accept this and vote in favour
Mayor: wd like to add b/c Amb strategy so important, I think, to this whole Ccl
thank you for adding some of the criteria that are in there
not opposed to the enterprise or the traffic, or the need for an anchor
but to me, this is disappointing, it's a loss opportunity
the awning is absolutely one thing, but so is the interest in the building, so is the signage
a standard BC Liquor store sign is not at all what we've ever entertained in Ambleside
McDonald's, Chevron, etc all had to come up with something unique
lots of cues in the strategy to talk about that
the picture of large martini glasses on the front of the bldg makes no sense at all
so I look forward to a proper proposal for public art or something that enhances the pedestrian experience
shared parking came up in the strategy; shd get going on
ev single application, we shd ask ourselves are we starting to open up parking in the back, rather than for exclusive use b/c we know parking is an issue
I feel the proposal disappoints in ways that wd hv bn really simple to answer given the constraints
we can ask about BofM in Dundarave, where they added a storey and added one little unit of housing
{Hollingsworth's office and he lives above?}
Ccl's msg, I believe, shd be that we're really interested in enhancing Ambleside with every sgl opportunity and that we're not standing in the way of good clients like this who have an opportunity that really will only roll around once ever ten or 20 years to do something positive
I feel I have to put a stake in the ground and not support the application but understand that you've heard us, and that this application is going to be better as a result of tonight's discussion b/c I think I can see where the vote's going to go
in future, from the point of view of our staff, let's hold in relief all those things the Amb strategy WG worked so hard on
hope we're going to see more applications and more opportunity for renewal in Ambleside
MS moves that:  2.  Staff explore the addition of [handicapped] stalls in strategic locations within Ambleside as part of the implementation of a parking strategy for the area.
3.  Staff explore restricting access to the lane for trucks greater than 38 feet.
Sop: may I second?
Mayor: Cclr Smith, anything further?
MS: think we've talked enough about this
Sop: apply to all trucks not just liquor?
Sokol: yes, and before in place work with all merchants that do-able
Mayor: anything further on parking? wdn't mind asking more about parking in lane
already working on that in Dund
Sokol: asking if priv prop owners use for parking
Mayor: on weekends or.... perhaps cd be explored
TP: in relation to parking, cd I have a policy on bike racks in AMb
Sokol: policy is that each block shd hv bike racks
KP: xxx
Sokol: I'll get back to Cclr Panz on that
Mayor: not a one-off
[PASSES; Cclr SW back]
5. Waterworks Regulation Bylaw No. 4490, 2006, Amendment Bylaw No. 4587, 2008 (File:  1610-20-4587)
Ray Fung: Staff decided to make presentation; given new cclrs more context round discussion
[SLIDES -- prior resolutions and history; water and sewer rate features; 2008 bill impacts]
.....reduce reliance on GVRD, meters basis for fair billing.......
treatment costs driving the cost of water
$23.1M capital expenditures [listed]
slide of bulk water rate (graph); seasonal rates so play premium in summer; still much higher than initial projections
More slides:
NPV Analysis
Water Conservation Strategy (adopted in 2002); Metering: delivered on time and on budget
Water Rate Structure; Sewer Rate Structure (sewer is not metered, based on how much water consumed; storm drainage cost included but is flat component) -- Base Charge and Volume Charge for indoor use not outdoor water use so approximated [explained]
Challenges/Complexities: Weather; support for conservation; transition to universal metering (Transition to universal metering; new devt not part, when we had only 2600 not as much knowledge as we have now, quite a bit of discrepancy so now trying to bring to a level playing field); revenue increase does not equal rate increase
This year experience revenue shortfalls b/c of higher conservation so had to raise some rates.
Look at Schedule A, you'll see actual rates; have to look at peak flows, land use, different-sized connections; some rates have gone up, some gone up more, and some down.
2009 Bill Impacts:
comparison with median sgl-fam bill a little over last year (now $405, was $398)
prior flat rates in 2006, $363 to $496
Median SF sewers bill $408 over $362; prior flat rate in 2007 was [$?????? 413?]
Sop moved: THAT water user rates for 2009 be approved at amounts set out in the schedules
        [for three readings]
Mayor: any discussion?
Sop: posed to me, not that I'm that picky; what was the reason for the increase -- about restricted access to lake so ..... pushed xxx
RF: variance...
higher amt from Vanc than originally projected
had to isolate system, membrane filtrations, xxx during that time cd not use any of Eagle Lake water so one-time blip not expected to continue in future
Sop: when we embarked; we saw increase in Vanc costs
made investment, and think well done; opening in summer of plant; good
pls explain Schedule B, we go through costs ...... public metered; from using in excess of [800??? m]
a couple of areas to answer
why isn't everyone charged the same rate?
larger prop, beautified; straightforward xxx paying 52% more
if a large area,...
Mayor: answer the question
RF: reason for differential for highest block to account for higher peaking costs
when that higher demand is required for sprinkling
the cost of providing that utility meeting peak demands higher than av day demand
so reflect cost of higher at peak demand
also to encourage water conservation
Sop: what if Fire Dept asks you to water your underbrush b/c long hot summer?  that was an example I was given
RF: during drought of 2003, some residents felt they wd need to continue to water growth and underbrush
from my discussion with Fire Dept, that is not a requirement they'd place on a resident
diff from the Kelowna fires, circumstances diff
Sop: one more
Mayor: we're going to have to time in January
Sop: an administration cost of $144K, admin $164K, $133K
when we went into this were we aware of these costs xxx? the real gain
RF: unfortunate it has that word admin
$144K is really a pay-back for services provided like IT support billing, finance charges
admin in system operating: staff training, staff tools, not easily captured under xxx
sep line for operations ctr share, for facility itself, share to operate that bldg
Sop: 60cu m of water, how much is that?
RF: median amt of SF usage in a xxx for a normal quarter
{think the abbreviation used on the charts, SF, means sgl fam}
TP: we're in a transition phase; want to commend you on taking the long view on conservation
one thing not, if we're in a ...
build on this strategy as much as we can
Mayor: a real true gain
[Sop moves three readings -- CARRIES]
6. Sewer and Drainage Utility Fee Bylaw No. 4538, 2007, Amendment Bylaw No. 4588, 2008 (File:  1610-20-4588)
RECOMMENDED: THAT sewer user rates for 2009 be approved at amounts set out in the schedules
        [for three readings]  CARRIES
7. Council Appointments (File:  0115-01) --  To be provided.
Mayor: more next week
TP: I move as printed except an alternate, Cclr Lewis

{but but but but but it was not printed on the agenda available, picked up in the lobby, unfortunately; so they passed a motion we did nor hear.  It was on the overhead but the item passed too quickly to be read.  Anyway, the agenda on the DWV website now has the list so I've copy and pasted it here (and added the apostrophe missing from Srs' Activity Ctr).}
SSch: there were three
Mayor: not
SSch: if intent
TP: was

{TP made one motion, SSch said there were three (see below); TP then said was intent to move all.  Anyway a bit of a muddle but here they all are -- we in the audience unfortunately did not get to see these beforehand and not on the agendas available to us to pick up on way in.  Little blip.  Trust this will be ironed out in future.  Here's the info that subsequently appeared on the DWV website:}

RECOMMENDED  THAT the following Council appointments to boards and committees be approved:
Councillor Trish Panz:  Howe Sound Forum
Councillor Michael Lewis: Finance Cmte; North Shore Advisory Cmte on Disability Issues; North Shore Substance Abuse Task Force; Design Review Cmte (alternate)
Councillor Shannon Walker: Library Board; Design Review Cmte; Community Engagement Cmte
Councillor Mike Smith: School Traffic Safety Cmte; Finance Cmte; Community Centre Board
Councillor Michael Evison: Lower Caulfeild Adv Cmte; Family Court and Youth Justice Cmte; Chamber of Commerce; North Shore Emergency Management Office
Councillor Bill Soprovich: [Seniors'] Activity Centre Board; Community Engagement Cmte
Mayor Pamela Goldsmith-Jones: 2010 Leadership Team; Community Engagement Cmte
Audit Committee:  All members of Council
Parcel Tax Roll Review Panel:  Councillors Panz, Smith, and Walker.
RECOMMENDED: THAT the following Metro Vancouver cmte apptmt recommendations be forwarded:
Councillor Trish Panz: MetroV Parks Cmte; MetroV Sustainable Region Initiative Cmte
Councillor Michael Lewis: MetroV Finance Cmte
Councillor Michael Evison: MetroV Land Use Planning Cmte
Councillor Bill Soprovich: MetroVEnvironment Cmte
Mayor Pamela Goldsmith-Jones: MetroV Waste Cmte.
RECOMMENDED: THAT the following appointment be made to the Metro Vancouver Board of Directors:
Councillor Michael Lewis (as Alternate).

8. Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005, Amendment Bylaw No. 4586, 2008 (File:  1610-20-4586)
        This bylaw received three readings at the November 17, 2008 Council Meeting.
9. Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw No. 4368, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4583, 2008 (File:  1610-20-4583)
        This bylaw received three readings at the November 17, 2008 Council Meeting.
10. Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
        --> Asked withdrawn for discussion: 21, 25 1, 12
12. Chief Election Officer's Report regarding 2008 General Local Election  (File:  1645-01)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the report dated November 28, 2008 be received for information.
{Cclr Lewis said 12 and the Mayor logically thought Correspondence, as the others were, but not so, he meant Item 12; those comments then follow (1), below.}
CORRESPONDENCE LIST FOR CONSENT AGENDA  [Complete list was in the previous issue of WVM]
14. Correspondence List (File:  0120 24)
Correspondence received up to November 14, 2008...
No Action Required (receipt only)
(1)  A. Brown, Western Residents' Association of West Vancouver, November 8, 2008, regarding Use of 'The Gallery' Suite as BC Children's Hospital Grand Prize Home
TP: want to acknowledge this for Horseshoe Bay
Mayor: believe a Ccl Report is coming
CAO: next week
Mayor: made a mistake; Cclr Lewis wants to discuss Item 12, not Correspondence 12
ML: want to commend staff, stellar
really impressed election day, how well run it was; Chief Election Ofcr went through with me what happened wrt a problem with one of the voting machines
want to comment due diligence
(12)  K. Gustavson, Karl Gustavson Architect Inc., November 17, 2008, regarding Development Information Meeting for 2490-2496 Marine Drive
(21)  November 26, 2008, regarding Aquatic [Centre] and Intersection at Fulton and 21st
RF: at time brought to attention
hadn't quite finished; signage put up set back from circle; proper signage now
(25) Mayor P. Goldsmith-Jones, November 27, 2008, regarding Capilano Road Improvement Project
Sop: met with residents; money for improvements; this will be a great move
Mayor: I think so
15.  REPORTS from MAYOR/CCLRS  [8:23]
ME: last week attended seminar put by Metro Vancouver on affordable housing
will speak for Cclr Lewis, we on behalf of Ccl, attended lunch for elderly seniors, entertained by chn from Mulgrave; ev had a splendid lunch
Mayor: anything further? Cclr Sop sent me a note he'd be away
light up on Xmas trees [Dec 7]; raised $21K for Lookout Shelter
indiv families have contributed; complimented me on District staff; not connected with Beach House any more
Lookout will not allow anyone to sleep outside
chq for $3K

Mayor: I must forewarn you that in January we're going to have a clock that's going to be ticking down everybody's time, including mbrs of Ccl.
CR: I always try to be less than three minutes, but I have a couple of questions.
One, but before my question, b/c it was wrt Item 12 wch I thought you were going to discuss,
{I meant Correspondence item 12, the same confusion between the Mayor and Cclr Lewis}
on the agenda when you have the apptmts, only a couple were mentioned verbally, and you had them there but they're not on the agenda that was out in the lobby and they weren't on the agenda, so I presume those are going to be put up on the website right away?
{Well, that's a rather rambling way of saying that sitting there we had no idea who was appointed to what, only managed to catch a couple.  The agenda on the website didn't have the list, the agenda in the lobby didn't have it either.  Although it was on the screen, as you saw above, it was a long list that you cdn't possibly have read in that time.}
Mayor: Absolutely; we're in the public business.
{So I had to hold back and not ask why they hadn't printed copies for out in the lobby.  Ccl mbrs must have had the list, is it too much trouble to make a few photocopies for the public?  They only put out a few on the table at the entrance to the Chamber.  Oh well.  Maybe next time, hm?}
CR: great, great.  And also, No 12 in the Correspondence was a question that I had and I thought was going to be dealt with.  It mentions a public mtg wrt the prop that Capers was in [to be] Shoppers Drug Mart, and it said that there [wd be a] public mtg at the Library, but I live in the Dundarave area and I know other ppl [who] do and they didn't know anything about the public mtg.  I think it's really good that you're having a public mtg, but it wasn't anywhere--
Mayor: It's not us having the public mtg, the proponent held a public mtg
CR: Right, but doesn't staff insist that they do, and I thought there wd be some guidelines as to how they wd let the public know about a public mtg.  I mean I realize the proponent has to do it, and I really approve and applaud you for the new way of doing that, but there shd be some way to ensure the public find out about the public mtg; that's all I'm saying.
{IOW, what's the good of a public mtg about a large devt in their nbrhd if they don't know about it???}
Mayor: I'm not sure who wd wish to comment on this.
It took the long route to get to us as well.
CR: I realize that.
Mayor: got lost a little bit... I don't know.  Ms Scholes?
Sokol: If I cd, what happened was, this was put forward and wd hv bn put in the Ccl Correspondence but b/c several mtgs were cancelled once it arrived, it didn't appear on your agenda until now.  Obviously we need to, um, for some of the items, rather than sending it through the Correspondence. We need to identify those and send them to Ccl directly as opposed to holding them back for the agenda.
{who'd hold them back seeing the date of the mtg and the date it wd be on the ccl agenda (ie AFTER the public mtg)???}
Mayor: Well, and email's probably better than fax, it's just, you know.... the proponent's out there...
So, I apologize for that.  I don't know if there's a second mtg, but this is, I believe, going to the Design Panel next?
{Gracious of the Mayor to apologize when she obviously wd not have known; in fact the Dir/Planning might not have either but presume he'll give firm directions to his staff for future.}
Sokol: yes, it's going to the Design Panel, I believe, on the 16th of this month
Mayor: that's the next
CR: I realize it was inadvertent and unintentional but I felt it was important that there be a public mtg, and that the public know about it.
{As you see above, no 12 of the Correspondence, the letter was dated Nov 17 so wd hv arrived shortly after and the public mtg referred to in the letter was for Dec 2nd.  The next ccl mtg from the date of the letter was the swearing-in on Dec 1st and it wasn't announced there.  I did not want to continue speaking but while it's an improvement that there are now public mtgs wrt devts, obviously the purpose is defeated if the public are unaware of the mtg!  Surely staff cd ensure the principle/policy Ccl set is followed in fact.  Is the answer specifying that in the procedures?  It's common sense but maybe some applicants won't pay attention to the reason for the public mtg.  If insufficient public notice, why can't staff request renotification and holding another mtg?
The Design Review Cmte's agenda has the stipulation the public can ask about process and disposition only, something that I thought had been removed for cmtes/WGs, but will check.
I have confirmed that the Design mtg will be Tu Dec 16 at 4:30 and will have Capers/Shoppers as well as Rodgers Crk Devt Area 1.}
Otherwise, it's all really great at the B C Binning and I'll let you talk about that.
Mayor: I was unable to attend but I believe this is the third event that the B C Binning House has held to generate interest and raise funds for the ongoing maintenance of a national treasure.
{under the auspices of The Land Conservancy}
CR: that's really great; thank you very much
Mayor: thank you
17.  ADJOURNMENT [before 8:29]

===  CCL MTG AGENDA Dec 15th ===
2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES:  December 1, 2008 Inaugural Council Meeting.
K. Erdman and F. Jones, West Vancouver Family Place Society, regarding an Update on the Society and its Activities (File:  0120-01/0055-01)
4. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Licence and Operating Agreement - Alternative Approval Process (File:  1145-06)  To be provided on-table.
5. Council Meeting Schedule for 2009 (File:  0120-01)
6. Application from Primex Developments for Lottery Home - B.C. Children's Hospital Home Lottery - Penthouse Unit #3 - 6688 Royal Avenue Horseshoe Bay (File:  1605-01)
1.  the request from Primex Developments with respect to their property at #3 - 6688 Royal Avenue being provided as a prize home in the 2009 B.C. Children's Hospital fund-raising lottery campaign, be approved with exceptions, in accordance with the Regulations for the Operation of Home Lotteries for Charitable Organizations policy, and
2.  exceptions to sections 2.4 and 2.5 of the policy to permit Primex Developments to conduct the following activities, be approved:
public viewings of their property at #3 - 6688 Royal Avenue as a prize home for the 2009 B.C. Children's Hospital fund-raising lottery campaign, from January to April 2009, with the exception that public viewings will not be permitted during the Easter long weekend April 10th - 13th 2009 inclusive; and on site ticket sales.
7. 2009 Heritage Achievement Awards Committee (File:  2585-11/0115-01)
1.  a Council committee be established for a period of three months, to review nominations and select recipients for the 2009 District of West Vancouver Heritage Achievement Awards; and
2.  members of the former Heritage Strategic Plan Implementation Working Group be appointed to serve on this committee through February 2009.
8. Council Appointments (File: 0115-01)
RECOMMENDED: THAT Councillor Panz be appointed as the Council liaison to the 2009 Heritage Achievement Awards Committee.
9. North Shore Waterfront Liaison Committee (File:  0115-01)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated December 8, 2008 from the Chief Administrative Officer titled "North Shore Waterfront Liaison Committee" be received for information.
BYLAWS for Adoption
10. Waterworks Regulation Bylaw No. 4490, 2006, Amendment Bylaw No. 4587, 2008 (File: 1610-20-4587)
        This bylaw received three readings at the December 8, 2008 Council meeting.
11. Sewer and Drainage Utility Fee Bylaw No. 4538, 2007, Amendment Bylaw No. 4588, 2008 (File:  1610-20-4588)
        This bylaw received three readings at the December 8, 2008 Council meeting.
12. Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
13. Development Variance Permit Application No. 08-044 for 1350 Ottaburn Road (File:  1010-20-08-044)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the Municipal Clerk give notice that Development Variance Permit Application No. 08-044 for 1350 Ottaburn Road, which would provide for a subdivision creating two lots with a variance to the minimum site width requirement for proposed Lot 2 and a variation to the front yard requirement on proposed Lot 1, will be considered on Monday, January 12, 2009.
14. Development Applications Status List (File:  1010-01) (received for information)
15. Correspondence List (File:  0120 24)
Requests for Delegation  --  No items presented.
Action Required
1.  November 29, 2008, regarding Community Centre Completion Date
No Action Required (receipt only)
2.  Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
        (a) North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues, October 30, 2008
3.  K. Steig, Friends of Cypress Provincial Park Society, December 5, 2008, regarding Funding Levels for Cypress Park and November 2008 Newsletter
4.  D. McKee, BC Sustainable Energy Association, December 4, 2008, regarding the Climate Change Showdown Program
5.  A. Van Eden, North Shore Family Court/Youth Justice Committee,
December 4, 2008, regarding Membership Recommendations for 2009
6.  D. Welch, Union of British Columbia Municipalities, November 26, 2008, regarding Completion of 2008 Community Health Promotion Fund Project
7.  M. Pattenaude, North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues, November 26, 2008, regarding Proposed Provincial Adaptable Housing Standards
8.  Hon. K. Krueger, Minister of Small Business and Revenue, November 19, 2008, regarding Mobile Business Licence Project
9.  L. Reynolds, North Shore Crisis Services Society, November 20, 2008, regarding North Shore Crisis Services Society Annual Report
10.  S. E. Dowey, City of North Vancouver, December 2, 2008, regarding Appointment to North Shore 2010 Leadership Committee
11.  B. Dewar, 2010 Legacies Now and R. MacKenzie, Volunteer Canada, December 5, 2008, regarding Selection of West Vancouver as Celebration Community for Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch Relay
Responses to Correspondence
12.  B. Dozzi, Manager of Roads and Transportation, December 4, 2008, response regarding Pedestrian Crossing at 21st Street and Fulton Avenue
Responses to Questions in Question Period  --  No items presented.

===  AGEWATCH  ===  Supercentenarians Share Same Birthday
Two men from UK, US, both born 112 years ago
By a strange coincidence, Britain's oldest man, Henry Allingham, and America's oldest man, George Francis, were born on the same day - June 6, 1896. That means they are 112 years and six months old this week.  Read the rest: http://english.ohmynews.com/articleview/article_view.asp?at_code=436146&no=384362&rel_no=1

===  MAYOR'S FIRST DAY IN OFFICE  ===  how lucky we're not in Jerusalem
First day in office new Jerusalem mayor orders Silwan demolition
04.12.08 - 09:44
Jerusalem / Maisa Abu Ghazaleh - The first day in office for the new Jerusalem Mayor who pledged earlier to "make more houses for Jews in East Jerusalem," demolished the Shuqair family property in Silwan.
The East Jerusalem neighbourhood has seen numerous Israeli incursions and demolitions in the past weeks, added to Wednesday by an assault by police and border guards.
It was early morning when the Israelis forced 15 people out of their homes, including an 84-year-old who was thrown to the ground while trying to defend herself. The woman was rushed to the hospital via ambulance while suffering complications due to heart disease and high blood pressure.
Police also severely beat 43-year-old Jamil Shuqair who now has bruises on his face and stomach, with bleeding from his mouth. He was detained for several hours in the Russian Compound. Upon release Shuqair was hospitalized for his injuries. His brother, 39-year-old Khalid Shuqair was strangled while trying to help their mother. He now has scratches and bruising on his neck.
Dr. Samir Shuqair told PNN, "During the demolition, the forces pointed their arms at our faces. They threatened me and attacked my brothers."
Neighbours, supporters, and the press were all prevented from reaching the area during demolition.
Israeli forces demolished the second floor balcony and a 25-square-meter room of the Shuqair family home. Dr. Shuqair said that the Israeli Municipality says that he must demolish himself the concrete pillars below within three weeks. "The cost of demolition by the Municipality is 100,000 shekels and it is known that the cost of demolition lies with the owner of the house."
He explained that his mother's two-storey house was built in the nineteen-fifties. After the death of his father in 2004 his mother built a balcony while the family received several warnings about the construction.
A Fateh spokesperson in Jerusalem commented on the Judaization of the city by saying, "This abuse reflects the hatred and barbarism the occupation uses to destroy homes."

===  ANIMALWATCH  ===  walruses!
December 05, 2008
Pictures of the Week  Sara the walrus and her Russian trainer Sergiy perform during a show at Dolphinarium in Istanbul.  You'll find this in "Pictures of the Week" down the middle on the right of this:
PICTURES OF THE WEEK  A selection of the best images from around the world
Slide Show  Sara is the ninth of the ten photos.

*  WCH LED ME TO THIS (if you only have time for one, watch this one) :
see her 'play' the saxophone, then do the tango with her trainer!!!

to see Sara playing the saxophone
*  AND THIS from some time ago:
From The Times  --  September 29, 2007
What do you call a 20st baby walrus?  The public are being given the chance to choose one of four possible names from the Siberian Yupik language for the Pacific walrus born at the New York Aquarium in Brooklyn in June, seen above with its mother, Kulusiq.  The baby walrus weighed just over eight stone (52kg) when it was born and is now about 20 stone. Robert Cook, of the Wildlife Conservation Society, which runs the aquarium, said: "He has already started to develop a personality, exploring, playing, calling to Kulu." This is the aquarium's first birth of a Pacific walrus in its 111-year history. (AP)

===  BOOKWATCH  ===  Best of 2008
THE ECONOMIST... for the uberserious.  Books of the year
Pick of the pile  Dec 4th 2008  From The Economist print edition
The best books of 2008 covered the Iraq war, Chinese capitalism, Mississippi blues, fishing in Sweden, ayatollahs, human waste, and the secret life of words
The list is at: http://www.economist.com/books/displaystory.cfm?story_id=12719711
The Secret Life of Words is one I hope to buy.  WVM subscribers will recognize Palestinian Walks b/c of my reviews in WVM and it even inspired me to write a haiku.  Raja Shehadeh also won the Orwell Prize for this book.
THE GUARDIAN  ....here's a selection others have chosen
Season's readings  A novel about cricket in New York, interviews with a Nobel poet, and a Hollywood memoir by a chimp . . . writers and politicians pick the best of 2008.  See: http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2008/nov/29/best-books-year-2008-review
The 10 Best Books of 2008  Published: December 3, 2008
The editors of the Book Review have selected these titles from the list of 100 Notable Books of 2008.
100 Notable Books of 2008
The Book Review has selected this list from books reviewed since Dec. 2, 2007, when we published our previous Notables list.  See: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/12/07/books/review/100Notable-t.html

===  HAIKU  === 
+ VCBF Contest
Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Contest entry deadline is Dec 19.  See www.vcbf.ca for info and http://www.vcbf.ca/submithaiku for the entry form.

+ Poetry -- elections, terrorism, pianist Silverman, and a poet's passing.....

Electoral Campaigns (three in Oct/Nov)
=  Speeches
                molecules of meaningless
                        wrapped in platitudes
                                sparkle to attract
=  Voters
                luxury to be
                        blissfully oblivious
                                     --  but time limited
                most people remain
                        blissfully oblivious
                                     until it's too late

[Remember that the Nazis got in with little more than 30% of the vote; we ignore politics at our peril.  The politi-ku above are two sides of the same coin.  Low voter turnout in M elections, and wasn't it the lowest ever in a federal election on Oct 14?  If you don't vote you're saying 'any of the above', more serious than "I don't care."]

...... haiku ......  maiku  .......   politi-ku .......   philoso-ku .........
Comparing Decades:  the 1960s vs the 21st Century with its fanatics and terrorism
After reading 2008 December 10 NCCAR No 13, a book review by Mearsheimer of The Holocaust Is Over; We Must Rise From its Ashes by Avraham Burg

        the milk of human kindness
                        now curdled by clots
        blood-warmth coursed the world
                        with joy, peace, and love
                                now rabid clots threaten strokes
His intros and playing sparked poetry and I wrote some haiku and tanka while listening to Robert Silverman play at our Library Fri Dec 5.  This is the one he liked most (it's a tanka).

        piano paints sounds
        lines of rhythm intertwine
        notes filigree strokes
                an arc of trilled keys arches
                over, between, chord pillars
=  A Poet Passes.....
Last month a giant in American haiku died, Bill Higginson, whom we knew from Haiku North America conferences we've attended for many years.  This was my tribute sent to Penny but I'm sure many of you will relate to this thinking of others who have passed....

                a haiku candle
                        sputters and is gone ~~~
                                now that light is in the stars

===  QUOTATIONS   ===   .....but first, a question: Why won't oysters share?

If a nation expects to be ignorant and free,... it expects what never was and never will be.
                -- THOMAS JEFFERSON, letter to Colonel Charles Yancey, 6 January 1816.
Businessman (speaking on the phone in his private office with a cityscape view): Right now I think the wisest strategy is to diversify among your mattresses.
                -- ROBERT MANKOFF, cartoon caption, New Yorker, 3 November 2008.
If you think marriage is going to be perfect, you're probably still at your reception.
                -- MARTHA BOLTON, American author/writer
The truth that makes men free is for the most part the truth which men prefer not to hear.
                -- Herbert Sebastian Agar, American journalist (1897 -1980)
Falsehood is never so successful as when she baits her hook with truth.
                        -- Charles Caleb Colton, an English cleric, writer, and collector (1780 - 1832)
To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved.
        -- George MacDonald, Scottish author, poet, and Christian minister  (1824 - 1905)
Problems worthy of attack prove their worth by fighting back.
        -- Piet Hein, Danish scientist, mathematician, inventor, author, and poet (1905 - 1996)
I have yet to see any problem, however complicated, which, when you looked at it in the right way, did not become still more complicated.
                -- Poul Anderson, American science fiction author (1926 - 2001)
We are continually faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems.
        -- John W. Gardner, American, President of Carnegie Corp, Secy of HEW, etc (1912 - 2002)
Some problems are so complex that you have to be highly intelligent and well-informed just to be undecided about them.
                -- Dr. Laurence J. Peter (born in Vancouver!) educator and 'hierarchiologist' (1919 - 1990)
Language is, without a doubt, the most momentous and at the same time the most mysterious product of the human mind.
                -- Susanne K Langer, US philosopher (1895 - 1985)

ANSWER: because they're shellfish.....