Ccl Mtg NOTES Feb 16
Calendar to Mar 28

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Eid Shoma Mobarak! (Mar 20 but 17th in WV)
MAIN ITEMS Ccl Mtg Mar 2nd (NB: next ccl mtg is Mar 23, so happy springbreak):
Both good news until you see that it's marked "information to be provided"!  They've had this long and the ccl mtg agenda material's still not ready to be public???  COMPSTAT cd be at the next ccl mtg, and the draft goshdang budget shd have been made public in early January, if not December wch is often the stated aim.
THEN: Recreational Dog Walking in Parks; BC Liquor Store's awning, 1434 Marine; Zoning Bylaw Rewrite (public input; good but why NOT open? ALL shd be)
=  Vive le Canada (Canada's Monarchy); ANIMALWATCH (artistic elephant); WEBWATCH (watch time fly by); from the EDITOR'S DESK (Double-paying for publicity and info?; WVPD; Summer Fireworks?); INFObits (WV/BC Achievement Award; VSun; Water); UPDATES (2009 Budget; Cmnty Ctr)
=  CALENDAR to Mar 28th-- AFAIK
=  CULTUREWATCH (plays, opera, etc)
=  Ccl Mtg NOTES Feb 16th: 2009 HERITAGE AWARDS; PUBIC INPUT re Devt Permit for Capers site and Alteration Permit 4700-block The Highway (Lower Caulfeild); Fees and Charges Review and Amendments
=  Ccl Mtg AGENDA Mar 2nd
=  NEWSWATCH (Iraq Museum reopens); HERITAGE AWARD WINNERS' INFO; LANGUAGEWATCH (SPOGG; National Grammar Day! Spelling Snobs); WORDWATCH (Norwuz? Norooz?); QUOTATIONS / Riddle

+  RIDDLE   --  What's black and white and red all over? (nope; no points for saying newspaper)
===  Vive le Canada  ===
Apparently few realize that Her Majesty's Queen Elizabeth II is Canada's head of state.  The Governor General, Michaele Jean, is HM's representative in Canada.  For representation in the provinces, that's the role of the Lieutenant Governors. Australia and New Zealand also have GGs.
The British Monarchy is well into the 21st Century.  The Queen texts her grandchildren.  To see the latest (and the past), the website is: www.Royal.gov.uk
===  ANIMALWATCH  ===  Elephant as artist:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=He7Ge7Sogrk
===  WEBWATCH  ===  what time is it?  watch time run!
        Forwarded from a correspondent: http://home.tiscali.nl/annejan/swf/timeline.swf
===  from the EDITOR'S DESK  ===
+ DWV Press Releases -- who pays and how much?
As you know, DWV has a Communications Dept and you can register to receive notices, so it looked odd that the new Cmnty Ctrs Services Society (see UPDATES) apparently has paid an outside firm to do the press release and handle media enquiries about the Society!  Hope to update this story.  It's budget time, after all.
You'll recall how upset I was that notice of the January bd mtg was nowhere to be found.  Absolutely delighted to let you know that their meetings will again be on the DWV Calendar from now on.
After the WVPB mtg (Feb 26), I requested more information from Acting Chief Almas for WVM.  Herewith his remarks wch he kindly allowed me to pass on to Readers:
   It was quite a surprise to all of us at the West Vancouver Police Department to hear the news that Chief Constable Heed was resigning.  Chief Constable Heed has provided us with solid leadership, and has left the West Vancouver Police Department in great shape.  We have a phenomenal Strategic Plan in place, with a vision to make West Vancouver the safest jurisdiction in Canada by 2011.  Our plan has instilled a level of confidence among the members in shaping our Department into a professional, accountable, and effective police service that will be sustainable for years to come.  The bar for accountability has been set high within the police department, and we have no intention of lowering that bar.
   I am proud to say that we have strong leadership throughout the organization, from top to bottom, and a Police Board that is supportive, committed, and dedicated in serving this community.  As the Acting Chief Constable, I can assure the community that I have absolute confidence in the fine men and women of the WVPD, and that we will continue to serve with honour and keep West Vancouver safe.
+ Summer Fireworks  ?  Can we save them after all? 
[Herewith below my entire letter to the Editor; their (better) edited version, printed Feb 26 pA14, introduced a tiny mistake.  Their title was: "Shall we pass the hat to save the fireworks?"]
Dear Sirs:
re    Article in VSun 2009 Feb 5 pA8
Let's see.
Is the article correct factually?
The economic impact is $37M.  The [Vancouver Fireworks] Society needed to raise $1.5M but has fallen short by only $400,000 so it's being cancelled.
Is this good economics?
Why wasn't there publicity that $400K was needed so that the community could be given an opportunity to step up to the plate?
Let's do it!
Only 400 Vancouverites need to come up with $1000 (or 800 with $500) -- surely that many could be found in Vancouver.
I'll put the first $500 in trust.  Any more of you out there willing to contribute?
Take up the fireworks challenge!
Regards,  Carolanne Reynolds
===  INFObits  ===
+  BC Achievement Award Notice
We are delighted to advise you that Jim MacCarthy is the recipient of a 2009 B.C. Achievement Award.  The formal presentation will take place on March 10th at Government House
+ Vancouver Sun Photos and "Hits"
The V Sun now puts up photos for the day.  You can see them by clicking on: http://www.vancouversun.com/news/photos/Gallery+Best+photos/1019203/story.html
        The VSun website got over 10M hits in February!
+  Water Conservation.
The proceedings report from the November 21, 2008 MCC workshop Strengthening Marine and Freshwater Conservation in BC is now available on the MCC website at http://www.mccpacific.org/mccworkshop2008.htm.  Thank you to everyone who participated in this workshop.  This meeting was an important first step and we will be working to keep you up to date as we move forward based on the feedback received at this meeting.  Please feel free to share this link and report with others.
Cheers, Trish Hall, Secretariat, Marine Conservation Caucus
Cell: 604 512 9782 * Email: hall@watershed-watch.org * Web: www.mccpacific.org  
===  UPDATES  ===
{DWV's Finance Cmte continues not to give hints about mtgs -- will pursue this b/c it's important.}
+  2009 Budget
The District of West Vancouver has developed a disciplined 2009 Budget that reflects the economic challenges and financial circumstances that our community faces.
A detailed 2009 Proposed Budget document will be posted here on Monday, March 2nd.  This document will also be available for viewing at the Finance Department at Municipal Hall.
Council is seeking your input on the 2009 Proposed Budget through the following opportunities:
        Attend the Regular Council Meeting on Monday, March 2nd, Municipal Hall Council Chamber, 7pm
        Attend the Public Meeting on Wednesday, March 4th, Municipal Hall Council Chamber, 7pm
        Post a comment within the online Community Forum by visiting westvancouver.ca/forums 
        Email your comments to budget@westvancouver.ca
For more information, please contact the District of West Vancouver at 604-925-7000.
{for another of those incomprehensible URLs DWV uses, it's http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=16354 }
+ WV Community Centres Services Society Initiates Membership Drive
WEST VANCOUVER, B.C. - West Vancouver residents are invited to become members of the West Vancouver Community Centres Services Society (WVCCSS) starting on March 4th. Members will have the opportunity to participate in the future of community services in West Vancouver by becoming a member of the Society and its committees. The Society will help develop Community Centre programs, policies, services, and events; and as a member you will enjoy voting privileges at the WVCCSS Annual General Meeting.
"Membership in the Society is an excellent way for anyone who lives in West Vancouver to help decide the direction of this fantastic new facility," says WVCCSS chair Barbara Brink. "It's an inclusive, grassroots approach to developing community services."
WVCCSS membership includes free lectures and guest speaker events, an advance email copy of the Leisure Guide, and two complimentary drop-in passes per year for either swimming, skating, group exercise, or weight room. Anyone aged 16 years and older, who lives in WV or owns property in the community, is invited to join. The cost to join the WVCCSS is $10 per year.
The WVCCSS will support the following:
          Program and facility improvements
               Enhanced consultation with facility users
               Purchase of new equipment and supplies
          Enhancement of accessibility opportunities through partnerships with community organizations
                Annual recognition events for Community Centre volunteers
                Child, youth, and family-focused events
"There is a very strong role for the community to play in how the Community Centre works," says Mayor Pamela Goldsmith-Jones.  "Our residents are our best resource and we expect the Community Centre to be better off as a result."
For an overview of the West Vancouver Community Centre Services Society and information on how to join, please visit www.westvancouver.ca/wvccss. 
- 30 - Media Inquiries: Victoria Noble, Noble Communications; 604 987 5781
+ Rec Program Registration Experiences Record Highs
Excitement over the opening of our new facilities was never more evident than when the volume of program registrants overwhelmed the District's internet registration system
Within a 3.5 hour period we registered the same volume as on the first full day of registration last year and that was even with the system problem. 
We apologize for the inconvenience experienced and are working to ensure we know exactly what happened and that it does not occur again. 
We also wish to thank you for your patience and understanding and we do look forward to your continued patronage.

===  CALENDAR to March 28th  ===
[Pls note a) that all mtgs are at M Hall unless indicated otherwise and b) with such a long gap between ccl mtgs and WVMs along with often no or v short notice of mtgs on the DWV website, this section, while hoping to be, cannot possibly be complete.  Please check wrt cmtes and WGs that are of interest to you.]
=  Tues Feb 24th ~ 7pm ~ WVSPCA AGM at the shelter (1020 Marine)
=  Wed Feb 25th
      ~ 1:30pm ~ Arts and Cultural Facilities WG
      ~ 3pm ~ Heritage Achievement Awards Cmte [Moved to 4:45pm Fri Mar 6]
      ~ 5pm ~ Design Review Cmte {was not on DWV Calendar when I sent info out so was missing}
      ~ 7pm ~ WV Historical Society general mtg at Srs' Ctr
        Topic: Slumach's Gold -- In Search of a Legend (possibly Canada's greatest lost mine story)
        Speaker: Brian Antonson (one of the three authors of the book)
=  Thurs Feb 26th      
      ~ 4:30pm ~ Design Review Cmte moved to Feb 19
          (then cancelled on that date but suddenly snuck in on the 25th! am guessing it was Capers)
      ~ 5pm ~ NSh Adv Cmte on Disability Issues at DNV M Hall
      ~ 5:30pm ~ WV Police Board mtg in the Police boardroom
*** Wed Mar 4th is NATIONAL GRAMMAR DAY [see Language Section at end] ***
=  Thurs Mar 5th ~ 5:15pm ~ Measuring Up WG
=  Fri Mar 6th  ~ 4:45pm ~ Heritage Achievement Awards Cmte
*** Sun Mar 8th is INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY = [see KMC below] ***
=  Mon Mar 9th ~ 2pm ~ BOOKTOPIA at the Library
=  Wed Mar 11th
~ 4:30 or 5pm? ~ Rumour has it there might be a Finance Cmte mtg
            -- check (it's not on the DWV website calendar nor is it on the Finance Cmte's webpage)
~ 6:30pm ~ Liquid Waste Mgmt Plan Biennial Report  -- PUBLIC INPUT
A Special Meeting of the Waste Management Committee will be held to hear presentations by delegations. The meeting will take place at Metro Vancouver, 2nd Floor Boardroom, 4330 Kingsway, Burnaby.
Marie Griggs, Public Involvement Division Manager, Engineering & Construction Department, MetroV
Tel: 604 436 6826   Fax: 604 432 6399   Email: marie.griggs@metrovancouver.org
=  Thurs Mar 12th
       ~ 5pm ~ TransLink Public Consultation (Norgate Elem School, 1295 Sowden, NV)
           re Marine Drive Bus Priority Lane Project, Glenaire to Tatlow in NV
       ~ 7pm ~ Free Public Lecture at SFU Harbourside (778 782 5254, www.sfu.ca/city)
           China and the Urbanism of Ambition: Thomas Campanella, U of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)
=  Sat Mar 14th
        BC Museum of Mining springbreak: http://www.bcmuseumofmining.org/whatsnew.asp
=  Tues Mar 17th ~ 6 - 10pm ~  NORWUZ: Iranian New Year; Ambleside Park (see WORDWATCH) =
=  Wed Mar 18th ~ both at 7pm: Bd of Variance at MHall; Library Bd in Library

= Thurs Mar 19th ~ 7:30pm ~ WV Streamkeeper Society Public Mtg at St Stephen's (885 - 22nd)
The Story of Lawson Creek Yesterday and Today
Presentation and Panel Discussion:
Hugh Johnston, Past VP and Director, West Vancouver Historical Society
Mona Carlile, Co-founder of the Creek Conservation  Society
Rob Bell-Irving, Community Adviser, Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Ray Fung, Director of Engineering, The District of West Vancouver
Stephen Jenkins, Manager, Environment and Sustainability, The District of West Vancouver
John Barker, Director, West Vancouver Streamkeeper Society
The presenters will profile Lawson Creek from its early days as a watershed, logged for cedar trees, to the rehabilitated stream it is today, once again providing habitat for salmon and cutthroat trout.
Q & A followed by reception, refreshments.

= Wed Mar 25th ~ 1:30pm ~ Arts/Cultural Facilities WG -- CANCELLED
= Thurs Mar 26th
        ~ 4:30pm ~ Design Review Cmte
        ~ 5pm ~  NSh Adv Cmte on Disability Issues (DNV M Hall)
        ~ 5:30pm ~ WV Police Board mtg (in Police Boardroom)
= Sat Mar 28th ~ 11am - 4pm ~ WV Cmnty Ctr Opening Celebration ***  Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival (www.vcbf.ca):
* VSO Celebrates Haiku Invitational (Saturday, March 28th)
The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra announces the winning 2009 international Haiku Invitational poems at their Musically Speaking Concert.  For one night only the interactive Haiku Cherry Tree Installations by Bing Thom Architects will be on special exhibit in the lobby of the Orpheum Theatre.  
* Opening At VanDusen Botanical Garden (Sat Mar 28th & Sun, Mar 29th)
Put on your Pink and come celebrate Spring and our cherry blossoms with Sakura Days and Under the Cherry Tree.  Featuring: Haiku Cherry Tree Installations by Designers from Bing Thom Architects; Cherry Artisan Crafts; Cultural Arts of Japan
*  Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival haiku table
Pacifi-kana will host a haiku table March 28th and 29th at VanDusen Gardens in conjunction with the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Sakura Days events.  Members hope to lead short ginkos into the gardens, encourage writing haiku on the spot, and pass out brochures on haiku "how to" resources.  Carole MacRury will be teaching haiku to elementary school classes during the week associated with the Sakura Day Events.  See the VCBF website for all the events.
+++  North Shore GardenSmart Workshops for March & April  +++
The snow is finally melting, spring is on its way, and more people than ever are ready to get their hands into the soil to reap the rewards of their very own organic vegetable garden. For residents interested in growing vegetables in a sustainable way or creating an organic garden of any kind, the GardenSmart Workshop series is an accessible, hands-on, practical and effective learning experience.
The 2009 GardenSmart Workshops will include 18 free introductory gardening workshops on topics ranging from vegetable gardening to composting. Workshops are all under two hours long, free of charge, and run on weekends and weekday evenings - perfect for the busy novice gardener. Visit gardensmart.ca for dates and locations, or call 604.984.9730 for information. Admission is free but space is limited; register at 604-990-3755. 
Here is a partial list of upcoming workshops this season:
   o    Garden Preparation:  Waking up your Garden for Spring:  Saturday, March 7
   o    Home-Grown Veggies:  No-Fail Foods for First-Time Urban Farmers:  Wednesday, March 25
   o    Patio Veggies:  Growing Food in Small Spaces:  Saturday, April 4
   o    Seed Starting:  Sowing for Your Summer Veggie Garden:  Saturday, April 4
   o    Backyard Composting:  Making Black Gold for Your Garden:  Saturday, April 18

- for Events and Programs: http://www.westvanlibrary.ca/index.php?page=5
- for Event Calendar: http://www.westvanlibrary.ca/event/calendar.php
= Thurs Mar 5 - Teen Movie Night  ~ 7pm ~ Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist (PG 13)
He's committed to bringing classical guitar to the attention of audiences everywhere.  Daniel Bolshoy's performances include music festivals as well as solo and chamber music recitals. He has performed in Canada's most prestigious venues including the Toronto Centre for the Performing Arts, the National Arts Centre, and Vancouver's Chan Centre.
        Friday February 27  -- Concert starts at 7:30 pm, doors open at 7 pm.
        Seating is limited so come early and enjoy refreshments by the Friends of the Library.
+ Philosophers' Cafe: Foreign Aid (Admission $5) ~ 10:30am (usually fourth Thursday)
   o Thursday Feb 26
How do internal wars and military expenditures in poorer countries affect our willingness to help? With guest Conrad Hadland.
   o Thursday Mar 26 -- If you were the Auditor General for 2009 what would you audit?
+  Fridays -- English Corner 10 - 11:30am practise English conversation

 +++  WV MUSEUM  +++  Visit:  http://www.westvanmuseum.blogspot.com/
North Star: The Art of Lyle Wilson  [March 4 to May 30]
Opening Reception on March 3 at 7pm
Presented with the Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad
The West Vancouver Museum is pleased to showcase North Star: The Art of Lyle Wilson featuring the evocative and meticulously rendered artwork of Haisla artist Lyle Wilson.
Lyle Wilson has been an important figure on the Canadian art scene for more than two decades. He is from Kitamaat Village in northern British Columbia. For many years, Wilson maintained his studio in West Vancouver, producing extraordinary works on commission and for sale, as well as for the benefit of his home community. The focus of this retrospective exhibition is on Wilson's diverse artistic practice with an emphasis on his labour-intensive paintings and carvings, which explore various themes and imagery.

===  February 24 - March 15  --  "STRINGS ATTACHED"
A juried mixed-media exhibition on the theme of APRONS.
Evening Reception: Tuesday, February 24th, 6 - 8pm
Artists in Attendance:  Saturday, February 28th, 2pm
===  Monday March 2nd, 7pm
                               An Evening with ROBERT GENN
Join internationally renowned artist and author, Robert Genn, for a talk on art, the artist's life, and tips for excelling in your art career. Time for questions and answers. Robert's latest books "Love Letters To Art" and "Painter's Keys" will be available for purchase and signing.
www.robertgenn.com  and <http://www.painterskeys.com/>
===  Jan 8 to Mar 8 in DWV's M Hall's Lobby: Paintings by Jill Royall
Royall works with images from the visible world transformed through the action of imagination on colour and form, to create autonomous paintings on canvas that offer their discovery to viewers.
===  March 15 to April 5
     featuring the work of Ali Shahidi -- paintings, ceramics, sculpture, inlay, and coins.
Evening Reception: Tuesday, March 17th, 6 - 8pm
Artist in Attendance: Saturday, March 21st, 2pm
An evening of  Persian Poetry and Music: Tuesday March 31st, 7 - 9:30pm
+++ SILK PURSE +++  www.silkpurse.ca
--  7pm Thurs, February 26th  --  Books, Readings, Signings
In conjunction with 32 Books and Random House Canada, the Silk Purse is pleased to present readings and book-signing by Canadian authors: Alan Bradley "Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie"; Hannah Holborn "Fierce"; and Andrea Gunraj "The Sudden Disappearance of Seetha".  Free; everyone welcome.  Poster: http://www.32books.com/silkPurse.html
--  February 17 - March 1  -- "Super Natural BC"
Vern Montgomery is a well-known Vancouver artist. He is partial to capturing scenes from the past such as old streets of Vancouver that have long since gone. His paintings show his strong desire to communicate and tell stories of what he sees around him as well as some local history. He has a positive outlook on life, and enjoys making people smile with his art.
--  March 3 - March 15  --  "Top of the World"
This mixed-media exhibition by 30 Lower Mainland artists features and honours the rich cultures of the countries bordering the North Sea and the Baltic Sea -- Brussels, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia and Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, The Netherlands, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and the United Kingdom.
Opening Reception: TUESDAY March 3rd from 6 - 8pm
--  March 17 - March 29  --  "Fire Dance"
Iran's multi-ethnic and multi-religiosity are its most striking cultural features -- it pervades all aspects of life, even art. Iranian art favours the non-representational, the derivative, and the stylized. Join us for a look at the distinct ethnic art of three talented local Iranian artists: Fariba Dashtaray, Simin Iranmanesh, and Ali Safiyari, as we celebrate Narooz at the opening reception and Iranian art for this special two-week exhibit.
Opening Reception: TUESDAY March 17th from 5 - 9pm

To see a list of events: http://kaymeekcentre.com/on_stage/events_calendar
To see the electronic newsletter: http://kaymeekcentre.weebly.com.  Getting onto the mail list: the simplest method is to call the box office (604 913 3634) or email tickets@kaymeekcentre.com
        Special Event:  International Women's Day -- 7pm Sunday March 8
= Tues Mar 10 = 7pm Arts and Culture Symposium (FREE):
        Do arts and culture provide a social return on investment?
        Is culture at the heart of all cmnties?
= Fri Mar 13 ===        1:30pm  --  Musically Speaking: Chopin Polonaises
                7:30pm  --  Catrina Centanni - Through It all

See: http://www.westvan60.com/Images/The%20Torch%20Newsletter%20-%20Winter%202008.pdf
We're celebrating St. Patrick's Day in the Branch 60 lounge on Tuesday, March 17th!
~ 4 -  8pm ~ Kick up your heels to live music, and enjoy a lovely Guinness stew for $5 a bowl, served at 6pm. 

+++  WV Chamber of Commerce  +++
=== 7 - 10pm ~ Tues March 10th
Capilano University School of Business
Creating Connections 2009 / Business Networking Reception & Career Fair
Park Royal Shopping Centre (South)
Creating Connections 2009 is the premier networking event and reception connecting the business community with Capilano University's business students and special guests.  Creating Connections enables businesses, recruiters, and professionals a chance to meet and promote their organizations/services to over 400 guests including approximately 200 Third and Fourth year BBA students, graduating with specialties in accounting, business administration, human resources management, international business, marketing & sales, and business technology.
KEYNOTE: Join us for this formal and fun networking reception and a chance to listen to this year's key-note speakers:
Michael Campbell, Host of Money Talks and Senior Business Commentator for Global BCTV News
Doug Smith, Chair of the Spirit of BC for the North Shore and Vice President of Corporate Affairs for North Shore Credit Union.
Take advantage of this great opportunity to connect with your community and showcase your organization. We look forward to seeing you there!
Door Prize: Two Vancouver 2010 Olympic Tickets to Men's Halfpipe Competition
For more information & Booth Registration contact Sarah Sharp, Career Development Officer at 604-990-7872 or ssharp@capilanou.ca .  For Network Reception Tickets contact Sarah Walker at 778-888-5996 or creatingconnections@capilanou.ca .

===  7:30am ~ Friday March 13th
Guest Speaker:           Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon
Sponsor:                      TransLink
        Hollyburn Country Club, 950 Crosscreek Rd;    Cost: $25 member & non-members $35
Topic:  An update on the Sea-to-Sky Highway and other provincial transportation initiatives.
Honourable Kevin Falcon was re-appointed Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure on June 16, 2005.   He previously served as Minister of State for Deregulation.
Before his election to the Legislative Assembly, Mr. Falcon was president of the Access Group, a corporate communications firm he formed in 1998. He has also worked in the real estate development industry and was vice-president of Northwest Investment Properties. Prior to attending university, Mr. Falcon spent five years working in the general insurance industry.
Mr. Falcon has been vice-president of the Cloverdale District Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Surrey Museum and Archives advisory board, as well as belonging to the Cloverdale Rotary and Elks clubs. He was also a director of the Vancouver Sea Festival, president of the Vancouver Junior Chamber of Commerce and a volunteer with the Cloverdale RCMP Bike Patrol.
~ RSVP INFO ~  Please RSVP by the  deadline of 5pm Monday March 9th, by calling 926 6614, or pay on our secure website ww.westvanchamber.com and click on Events Calendar.  Kindly pre-pay to ensure your breakfast and seat are reserved.  Please also note that we are unable to give a refund without 48 hours' notification; however a delegate substitution is welcome at any time.

= Oh, you missed an elegant production of Somerset Maugham's "The Constant Wife" at the Arts Club's Stanley Theatre.  All-white set so the actors clearly identified. 
= Pity if you also missed John (Rumpole of the Bailey) Mortimer's amusing "Bells of Hell" at Hendry Hall
= Superb was "Three Viewings" -- three monologues performed to perfection, directed by Jay Brazeau at Presentation House.  Plan to see Alan Ayckbourn's Relatively Speaking wch follows and ends March 14
=  Deep Cove Shaw Theatre is doing the comedy "Same Time Next Year" and is worth seeing if you didn't when it came out years ago.
Verdi's Opera "Falstaff" at Chan (UBC) Mar 5 - 8 (Sunday 3pm).  Then Verdi's "Rigoletto" is Vancouver Opera's offering in March (7, 10, 12, 14, 17).  The talk "Karma of Comedy" at the VPL (prep for Rigoletto) Feb 19 was enlightening and amusing; great to see Bob Robertson again.
Shakespeare's Coriolanus, directed by Jack Paterson, is at the Jericho Arts Ctr until Mar 14 -- v well acted, but serious so for aficionados; last performed in Vancouver in the 19th century.
= Lots on our radar to see:
   -  The Academy of Ancient Music's performance of all six of Bach's Brandenburg Concertos at the Orpheum on Mar 11th
   -  8pm Saturday Mar 14th hear the Vancouver Bach Choir singing Larry Nickel's Requiem for Peace (concert also includes Amir Koushkani's Echo); the symposium on this concert is Mar 10 at 7:30pm at Christ Church Cathedral
   -  "The Real Thing" is at the Arts Club now -- and Tom Stoppard is among the best living English playwrights (to April 4)
   -  maybe Blackbird, a new play at the Cultch?
= Tickets for Bard on the Beach go on sale March 14th!

===  Ccl Mtg NOTES February 16th ===
Mayor: Good evening, everybody; wd like to call the mtg to order, a v exciting night.
1.  APPROVAL OF AGENDA -- Amended by adding to Correspondence 18.1, 20.2, and 20.3
2 ADOPTION OF MINUTES: February 2, 2009 Regular Council Meeting
3. 2009 Heritage Achievement Awards (File: 2585-11)
{Here only are the brief summaries of the awards and acceptance remarks.  The full description and background for the award is printed in a separate section of the newsletter titled, Heritage Award Winner Info.}

Mayor: First of all, we're here tonight to celebrate heritage.  Ask Ccl to move around to front so we may honour the recipients.
Pleased to announce it's heritage week in West Vancouver and across the province.....
The theme throughout BC is A Legacy of Learning, the Heritage of Education, but for us tonight in WV, our award recipients are joining 74 others before them.  The recipients tonight are v well-known and v well-respected ppl in WV.  They represent a wide range of cultural, spiritual, environmental, and built heritage.  They are at the heart of their cmnty within our cmnty and we're v grateful [for] their contribution to WV's social fabric and understanding of who we are.
I'd like to begin by welcoming Cclr Panz, our liaison to the Heritage Cmte, to lead off.

[The awards are presented in honour of individuals, groups, and businesses that have made significant contributions towards ensuring our collective heritage is preserved.  Seven awards for 2009.]

[1 = Hugh Hamilton, in recognition of his advocacy and inspirational leadership in the restoration of our natural heritage over many years.]
TP: Hugh Hamilton
HH:  for a lot of us who work v hard in the environment and do a lot of things, in our natural heritage areas all throughout WV.... we're trying to protect and enhance... I'm v happy to achieve this award b/c I so much enjoy that work...
fortunately we have our creeks, foreshore, forests, alpine areas, parks, all contribute to our natural heritage that we are celebrating tonight
one other thing important to me is Streamkeepers' work with schools and kids
all of us try to reach out to chn, youth, all ages in cmnty, and try to show them and teach them about the envmt
make them aware, we don't think sometimes enough ppl aware [of environment, of what ppl are doing]
awareness tremendously important to me
we're going to reach out, will continue through Streamkeepers, already in schools
b/c through awareness one way ensure, ppl know what's going on
they can say, yes, we know about it, we DO want that area protected b/c they know about it
task is important
In Streamkeepers last few years, work with a team, a team approach, that works v well, a bunch of dedicated ppl
I give a lot of credit to the team, and these things are a team, and I think this team has worked v well.  I shdn't spend any longer, I know I'm only allowed one minute

[2 = Dugal Purdie and Lynda Wrigley, in recognition of their sensitive rehabilitation of the 1958 "Dawson House" to accommodate contemporary living requirements, while ensuring the building's long-term conservation in keeping with the original Ron Thom design.]
MS: Dugal Purdie and Lynda Wrigley
Mayor: time?
[presented and thanks]

[3 = Elinor Martin (Author) & Margaret Ramsay (Editor) in recognition of their book, "Celebrating Seventy Years of Ministry 1933-2003: A History of the Parish of St. Christopher."]
SW: Elinor Martin and Margaret Ramsay
Elinor: on behalf of St Christopher's church v plsd to accept this award
For Margaret and me it was a labour of love, three and a half years of piles of files, endless scripts, rewrites, and certainly a great many pictures to sort
hope you get a chance to look at the book, Margaret has copies
v happy to be here on behalf of St Christopher's

[4 = The Toby Family, in recognition of their efforts in maintaining the 1962 Toby House in meticulous condition, and for conserving the exterior and interior features of this architecturally-significant house.] 
ML: The Toby Family
[photo in gallery since Mrs Toby in wheelchair]

[5 = Francis Mansbridge, in recognition of the publication of his book, "Hollyburn: The Mountain and the City" which makes a significant contribution to the preservation of West Vancouver's heritage.]
Sop: Francis Mansbridge
FM: like to acknowledge and thank the many who made this book possible, far too many to mention here but some of them are here.  Certainly, the Hollyburn Heritage Society has special recognition for the work that they did. Don Grant is here, who's done tremendous work for heritage in this project and many others.  Thanks to Don and everyone else who made this book, I think, a great success.

[6 = The Land Conservancy of BC, Adrian Archambault, and the Executors of the Binning Estate (Geoffrey Massey, Everhard van Lidth de Jeude, Ronald Patrick Walsh), in recognition of their joint efforts in facilitating the long-term conservation of Binning House through transfer of ownership to the TLC, and the establishment of an endowment fund, to enable its operation as a heritage site for public education and awareness.] 
ME: The Land Conservancy
GM: The credit for all of this shd really be to Bert and Jessie Binning, who built house themselves in 1941.  It's their efforts and their artistic endeavours that made it all possible.
XX: on behalf TLC, we'd like to thank the Mayor and Ccl for this award and we're really honoured to be a part of your cmnty now and for the future.

[7 = Lorne Rubinoff, in recognition of his faithful stewardship of the architecturally-renowned "Merrick House" over the past 25 years; his respect for the spirit of the house and its natural setting; and for openly sharing his home with others as a work of art and a valuable teaching tool.]
TP: Lorne Rubinoff
LR: All I did was love where I live in!
Mayor: Very well said.  Congratulations to all seven who love where they live and by wch we benefit greatly.  I'd like everyone to thank the seven recipients tonight for being such a strong part of WV's heritage, also the strong foundation that we build our future on.  Congratulations.
Finally I'd like to thank the Heritage Awards Cmte who are all here tonight, I think, pls stand: Lori Cameron, Aline Brown, Patricia Jarvis, Marny Peirson, Carolanne Reynolds, Tom Wardell, and Cclr Trish Panz.  Wonderful job.
The Cmte wd like to invite everybody tomorrow night to the Srs' Ctr at 7 o'clock in the Marine Room for a party.
4.  Development Permit Application No. 08-042 for 2490-2496 Marine Drive (former Capers Food Store site) (File: 1010-20-08-042)
At the January 19, 2009 meeting, Council received the report dated January 9, 2009 from the Senior Urban Design Planner titled "Development Permit No. 08-042 for 2490-2496 Marine Drive (former Capers Food Store site)", a copy of which is attached for reference.
Sokol: interior and exterior for a Shoppers Drug Mart [SDM]
[slides] views and elevations
mtg; applicant made some changes to design; staff report in front of you; revisions
for this mtg, a broader notification area
Dundarave Village Ctr [guidelines]: preserve village commercial character; upgrading of facades; promote and enhance; promote design; and no 5 facilitate pedestrian access through and down to waterfront; staff does not believe meets this objective
former parking at rear
this does not provide....; cd be achieved ingress egress; for a limited time during the day
if that ingress/egress, signage be provided
SDM provides parking, NV (two) and Amb, all three
Karl Gustavson, architect: [slides]
Andrew is architect; me b/c of my local experience; he has exp with SDM in Alberta
not larger; redefining interior space
[wall] mural; Russell Precious commissioned that some years ago
providing more stone; carved detail; not a typical SDM
have engaged ..... Peach & Co, beautiful carved sign; stained cedar backdrop, lit by xxx lights on front
Bob Heaslip and I designed those guidelines; did give it up on the IGA site wch I was disappointed about and I'm asking you to give it up here.
know Lynn Valley mall -- those are mall locations; this is not a mall; owner doesn't want to provide this access; hope not a requirement
fabric -- area deteriorated substantially since Capers left
District created more mess [slides]
we fix by levelling, adding stairs, maintaining level
low lighting, bike racks
also as Planning was suggesting, moved the loading access from 25th to lane, restricted from 7:30 to 9am
large operation so can manage that
tried to minimize rooftop equipment
overhead service -- tried to take it off but always subject to BC Hydro approval, not coming off b/c BCH doesn't allow us to do that; discussed with Planning and think way to go
25th St elevation numerous wires, junk; all excess stuff comes off and one masthead stays, telephone stays underground
nbrhd consultation, concerned, good turnout, good discussion; as a result meeting tomorrow with Planning and Dund Merchants' Assn to get all tenants to open up their parking
trying to get them to open the door
Sop: know you're doing a lot to clean up 25th
actual sidewalk to Dund Park only room for one to go up and down -- why not widen sidewalk
KG: 5.6, District regulation and they put in
xxx but we do have 5ft 6 all the way down the edge of the site
as part of that travel path you have options [pointing to slide], do agree difficult for three walking abreast but no problem for wheelchair
ME: three questions: hours?
KG: same as IGA, no midnight or 24-hr opening
ME: if required to put access in rear, where wd it go and wch six hours wd be selected?
KG: [points]  architecturally simple, just a sign
six hours was just a number thrown out; wd really encourage Ccl to ask the applicant, Shoppers, to do that, see if they can work it out, not make it requirement
want project to be successful, Shoppers to be successful...
difficult; said no from the beginning
Mayor: you have three questions or only two
ME: I'll make one up then...     at beginning some sympathy...
open up laneway, parking, that certainly suggests that somewhat demands there is an entry at rear
KG: have addressed it as to where entrance is
developed a little stair, signage at back corner, nasty asphalt hill, ...
what we're talking of, develop a master parking plan
these stalls av from 9 to 10, waterfront, xxx; mews av.....
that's the bigger plan; actual accessibility
Mayor: one signed up to speak
Gail Leitch: and have lived here since 1952; know I don't look it
worried about light pollution; constant glow ....
... stairs down side; handicapped ramp
Mayor:... plus stairs have been added
GL: much... than on stairs... handicapped parking
Sokol: being handled throughout Dund as a whole
two .... and on south side; separate from this project
Mayor:  ..... whole process around that
GL: ppl running into store all the time
Mayor: our bylaw officers do their best
GL: can they make the sign a bit smaller, it's garish
Mayor: that'll be part of Ccl's discussion
GL: is that .....
b/c we have enough on the cmnty ctr
Peter Miller: Prez of NSh Heritage Preservation Society
a group of ppl who came in to the Library, prepared to do battle, frankly
a number of things: passionate about preserving the mural; keen to keep the look of Dundarave
gone through by Karl G this evening, a round of applause
on behalf of our group; material, lighting, use of landscaping to feature the mural; wd like to add my support to that
Wm Goldfield: prop owner in the Dund area
questions, hope answers so I can return
as a prop owner in this area; alter policy so that radius wider
going to the small area is not really adequate though I understand signs on the bldg
on MDr frontage, have Shoppers sign then awnings eastern side -- free of lettering?
Mayor: Dir/Planning
Sokol: ask applicant
Mayor: sev questions
WG: total sq ft?  see it as a renovation within a shell; in a new shell wd req a certain amt of parking; wd like to know parking [required by bylaw] v imp
second is windows; not a customer of Shoppers but their windows are simply windows; allow ppl to look in and to look out -- is that going to be the format?
any attempt part of streetscape?
in my consultation with cmnty mbrs, there was a proposal might be a post office and I think that wd be a valuable add'n, so wd like to know
Mayor: ask Mr Gustavson to come to the mike; window displays and post office
KG: no lettering on the awnings, 7600+ basement 4500sqft not v valuable 2000sf crawl space
of record, not adding
doesn't add parking if not changing zoning
it does not comply with parking -- 70 = 19pkg [?], basement more, 13; clearly we don't conform, can't expect that

{if demolished, new devt wd hv to comply with parking requirements; by just renovating being short of parking is status quo/grandfathered; saves space and money!
btw, opposite of IGA -- they had more parking than required so with new devt just had to provide what bylaw said wch was fewer (they did put in more than required but not as many extra as they had previously)-- so looks like Dundarave loses on both sides.}

Mayor: windows and display
KG: taken great pains, opp for display in the windows -- haven't done drawings....
Mayor: post office
KG: brought up with great passion at public consultation
Shoppers has pursued it with Canada Post
SDM at Amb, two plus the Post Office, and one at Caulfeild
send letter to Canada post, if they'll let us, we will do it
Bill Robertson: former resident of Dund and just moved back; living right across the street
attended mtg at Library, talked with merchants; seems to me they're delighted; feel exactly what is needed; all v worried traffic has fallen off since prev operation closed
if we don't get Shoppers in there we'll get something worse; shd do ev we can to get SDM in there
Mary Southerst, Southerst Gallery: Dund Biz Assn, delighted Shoppers going to go ahead, saying we really need the post office
Leila Radich: next to garage
when Capers left -- we need a drugstore there and I didn't realize he had contacted Shoppers and two other drugstores, heard Shoppers, were absolutely delighted; plsd with design; beautiful...
a lot of trouble with vandalism in the summer in that corner; has to have approp lighting to discourage youngsters
another thing, we need the post office
shop that sells walking aids...
WG: come back
maximum support for a post office
tremendous add'n to Dundarave
we have blandness; nothing on awnings and ... on west; have an attractive post office frontage, wdn't necessarily have to be a separate shop
add a little bit more to streetscape; traded for back access; don't think a deal-breaker
KG: took three years to get post office...
Mayor: certainly
ML: RECOMMENDED:  THAT all written and verbal submissions be received for information.
ML moved: THAT the DPA which would allow for:
interior and exterior building renovations, and
with the added provision that ingress/egress from the lane be provided at least 6 consecutive hours each day, with the specific hours identified by the applicant based on the best business operating practices and that additional signage accompany this ingress/egress
be approved.
TP as seconder: commend Shoppers for doing such a tremendous job of fitting in
wish this had been part of the Amb liq store as well
Sop: last part of motion?
ML: encouragement of a post office
Mayor: looking for any support they can get
Sop: funnily enough, best service Shoppers on Amb
guilty parking in their pkg lot -- didn't abuse it; Shoppers kept it open and free; going to be successful
but you folks in Dund, got to adopt a new .... for parking
why can't all of Dund get together; only common sense; if you want biz to strive
Shoppers is a quick in and out; wonderful add'n to that cmnty
as for PO, one in Shoppers, xxx, and on Bellevue wch is main
benefit to ask PO to say logically three don't have to be in Amb; logical to be in Dund
the other area is -- when staff go parking, in area
wd we adopt some principle of signage, resident only?
Sokol: may have to ask Raymond Fung, not familiar with policy
RF: cd I ask Cclr Sop to repeat the question
Sop: everyone has to park somewhere; on the south side this will be an active corner
Haywood -- small petition where cars are close to corners
if we have this addn, can we not look at these offsets -- new signage or beefing up bylaws
RF: staff can consider special, resident parking
commit to working with bylaws where restrictions; look for enforcing the bylaw
wrt this applic, staff can follow up with letterwriters, and work with residents to address their situation
MS: I do not support -- first of all echo what Cclr Panz says and work Mr Gustavson has done; desperately need a tenant in that corner
I am opposed to encouraging a biz like Shoppers to watch their profits walk out the door for six hours a day
I've spent over 30 years operating my own biz in a variety of bizes in retail and wholesale game, and I can assure this Ccl that inventory loss is a v real concern, and when you run your own biz, it's a lawless society.
I had two of my offices broken into last weekend, on the same weekend, and I get my 20 seconds with the RCMP to file my report, get my file numbers so I can file my insurance claims; all the RCMP tell you to do is put bars on the windows b/c even though the bldgs are alarmed, these ppl are in and out in five minutes and they can't respond that quickly -- even if they cd and caught the person, under our ridiculous court system, they'd be back out and able to hit you the next night.
Mayor: Ccl Smith, are you proposing an amendment?
MS: I am suggesting we have no right, Ccl has no right, to force a biz to offer, ah, I can see encouraging ingress; that back door was put there for [Capers] restaurant, wch is a different biz [from] SDM
Harder to walk out with a French baguette and a watermelon under your arm than a bottle of pills in your pocket and walk out the door
I'm opposed to this Ccl going down the socialist route telling bizes how to run their biz.
I think we shd scrub this encouraging--
Mayor: Wd like to ask Clk how to deal with this, separate?
SSch: separate
MS: hope Ccl hears strongly this is the wrong approach; sustain a loss for six hours a day is absurd
ME: was thinking that before you mentioned it; I support what you're saying
wd like to ask applicant, my question is whether this wd prove to be undue hardship if we did impose that requirement
Mayor: really don't like to involve applicant in debate once we're having it
My understanding is that it's possible from a design POV but not desirable from a biz security and safety POV.  That's the applicant's view, is that correct?
SW: first of all I commend Mr G, excited when I saw the design; preserve nbrhd characters; hope goes in Amb; aesthetic and village character
I'm on both sides, Cclr Lewis and Cclr Smith, and not up to us to tell Shoppers how to run their biz
first thought when I saw felt onerous on a drugstore, small items and walking out the back door; however encouragement amendment is fair, if over the years if redeveloping or looking at other options, opportunity for back entrance, consider it but don't think it shd be an reqmt of this going forward.  Shoppers will be massive enhancement to the nbrhd
Initially, though, have to say I was v disappointed cuz I saw a great life-style store or restaurant with a terrace, but the economic reality is that Shoppers will do v well in the nbrhd, so I think we shd go forward with them
Mayor: Did you want to comment again Cclr Sop?
Sop: I have a family mbr who is a loss prevention officer; working for companies that do go into stores; v successful
Without forcing the issue, Cclr Smith, park at the back and walk uphill to the front door?
one entrance so not going both ways
monies spent today to prevent loss is HUGE; all over the city; know firsthand; one of the company expenses they have to look at
don't disagree for one second; if putting parking at back put access through that; the hardware store down here, go up steps and back the same way; same with bizes in Amb, enter through the lane, doesn't seem to be a real major problem
MS: solution might be an amendment
can see entrance from parking lot, maybe a one-way door, a variety of ways you cd do it; ingress makes some sense, but don't see any sense in encouraging egress, a non-starter
Mayor: amendment?
MS: move we strike out the egress
Mayor: ingress be encouraged; amend; basically to remove egress from motion -- discussion on amendment?
Sop: go in, then meet by the front and walk all the way around; what if they have one of those push bars?  lots of methods to get around some of these--
Mayor: Question is in favour or opposed [to amendment]?
Sop: haven't decided yet
Mayor: well, I'm going to call the question if there's no further discussion, so amendment is that ingress to be encouraged, from the lane, then rest of motion
ME [?]: encouraged
Sop: from the lane
ML: I think it was my motion
it was an encouragement to look at the possibilities of coming in and out through the back of the bldg.  Don't think there was any sense of directing Shoppers that they had to do X or Y, but in course of this discussion, certainly there shd be some consideration of desirability of being able to enter bldg through rear, consistent with encouragement to move street traffic through the lane as opposed to Bellevue Ave or Marine Dr
don't think we were suggesting without ingress/egress we'd deny the application just encouragement to be consistent with what I heard as desires of Ccl and cmnty
Mayor: call question on the amended motion, that ingress be encouraged from the lane
{MOTION fails}
so main motion is just ingress and egress be encouraged
going to be voting separately on those
Mayor: I'm going to make a couple of comments
I think applic exceptional; it improves Dundarave, no question about that
speaking as Chair of Police Bd, I'm opposed to the staff proposal of ingress and egress
We spend a lot of time encouraging bizes to be safe and secure and I know it's ideal but those other bizes in Dund where you can come in the back door, you can see the back and the front door from the cash desk,
{don't think this is true in all cases, unnamed so shoplifters won't be encouraged!}
or from most of the places in the store
We have to also know where our limits wrt design.
we'll pursue the PO, that'll be interesting
Ms Scholes, will you read the three parts separately and we'll vote each time.
SSch: interior and exterior building renovations be approved
SSch: wch wd allow for the encouragement of providing ingress/egress from the lane be provided at least six consecutive hours each day, with the specific hours identified by the applicant based on the best business operating practices and that additional signage accompany this ingress/egress
Mayor: in favour?
and thirdly
SSch: DVP wch wd allow for the pursuit of establishing a postal office outlet be approved
Mayor: be encouraged? be pursued? hoping to achieve that.  All those in favour?
Post Office went through with flying colours!
5. Alteration Permit No. 08-047 for 4768 and 4772 The Highway, Lower Caulfeild (File: 1010-20-08-047)
At the January 19, 2009 meeting, Council received the report dated January 6, 2009 from the Senior Urban Design Planner titled "4768 and 4772 The Highway, Lower Caulfeild", a copy of which is attached for reference.
Sokol: I've been Dir of Planning for 11 mos; working on this project
staff studying projects going back to 1996; where we can improve on guidelines
Mayor: this is a motion from the prev cmnty ccl??? ....  tyvm
Sokol: this is for a simple lot line adjustment
elsewhere in District wd be handled by staff but because part of LCAC has to go to Ccl
SLIDE -- 4772 is lot 1 4768 is lot 2
enlarges Lot 1 to 16K and Lot 2 to 26K???
increase yard in Lot 1, also some rock outcropping; just to increase size of usable yard area
staff believes this meets guidelines of LCAC in OCP
natural envmt; construction; bldgs and....  ; maintain and enhance; that last objective doesn't apply to this
staff feels this project meets these three objectives so recommends approval
Eric Nelson: applicant; also willing to answer any Qs as well
ML: this recutting of the boundaries
does this make Lot 1 more valuable
Sokol: cd build a larger house but wd hv to come to Ccl b/c of LCAC
ML: ... new worth more than?
Sokol: value of Lot 1 goes up and Lot 2 goes down
Mayor: ?
Eric Nelson: as a police friend once said to me no fish ever got caught by keeping its mouth closed. xxx
TP: getting familiar with process, has this gone before LCAC?
Sokol: for minor projects, staff can decide and go to Ccl...  xxx
Mayor: and nbrs were notified
=  all written and verbal submissions received for information.
=  approval of the Alteration Permit Application which would allow for a lot line adjustment between two lots in the Lower Caufeild Heritage Conservation Area
6. Fees & Charges Review and Proposed Bylaw Amendments - Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005, Amendment Bylaw No. 4589, 2009 (File:  1610-20-4589)
        RECOMMENDED:  be read a first, second and third time.
RL: our annual review of all our fees and charges
been abolished, partly our FSTF and partly Ccl
generally evolution along lines of user pay
when we review we take into consideration, costs involved, increase over past year; extent we might subsidise; sp consideration for youth and seniors
look at competitive rates in nbring Ms
rec fees and charges hv been increased 4% {? check this}
super senior rate, for over 75s, from 15% to 20%
recommendations of sports field user group been increased
a regime of new fees, xxx, monitoring prevention services
fire safety planning; registration fee; fuel oil storage tank monitoring fee
overall, increase District revenue $300K over 2008
otherwise wd increase; an increase in prop taxation
MS: report is an excellent one
fees ... don't capture the full cost of the service
this is where we always have a difficult time, how to set these fees
shd hv a clear {way/method/formula?} how to set these; perhaps a WG
have to have a better ...
another, I've mentioned before, Ccl has chosen to ignore; have to consider resident vs non-resident
look over in NV, houses going up like mad -- where are they going to use -- our beaches, Aq Ctr, Cmnty Ctr, SAC -- can we afford to be a mecca for the N Shore?
Mayor: maybe sent to Cmnty Ctr board to ???
Sop: on p 77; there's an increase alt permits and right below it, Bd of Variance lesser increase and lesser price
if you come to Ccl or Bd of V; I know where one wd go all the time; know where I wd if cheaper
Sokol: Variance .... to Ccl to Bd
just to recoup our costs; to get copies to Ccl.....; cost is just higher than Bd of V
going to Ccl or BoV is not entirely applicant's decision
Sop: that's changed over the years; abundance BoV, that's slowed down
ML: wd like to follow up wt subsidies; we really need to understand the magnitude of the subsidies
esp as we go into next year's budget planning schedule
really wd like to have a much better sense of the subsidy on a per program basis xxx so there's some consistency
prior to the 2010 budget; a methodology has to be agreed upon and xxxxx
don't know how to go there ... but ...  shooting in the dark
wrt costs and value, whether subsidising one group more than others
if you don't understand the cost, pretty difficult
CAO: that's a philosophical discussion that Cclr Lewis and I have
with Bd
what is the cost of a $2 swim?  cost of bldg, labour, footprint
a question he has posed
when you subsidize one prog, you do another
question is a proposal ... Cmnty Ctr Bd had to grapple with
take to staff to see if other Ms have had to wrestle that to the ground
SW: if you're going to make an amendment
go back to bd; look at pre-registration; as the mother of two young chn have to get up
be inclusive but have first rights
Mayor: one hour?
AM: one hour preregistration for WV residents
Sop: wrt trickle-down economics some think works
Srs' Ctr alone, thousands of hours of volunteer
encouraged ppl time and time again to get out of homes and come
not just about {$?}
next thing we'll be putting gate up on our mnty
for all on a general even keel, balance
if we don't get bottom line right
planning for strategic for xxx {years?}
sit down with Ms Mooi
what we're providing for what they pay
one of the most beautiful cmtny ctrs; beyond dreams xxxxx; have to be flexible; not all rich in this cmnty
we have to take up the slack; be v v careful
constantly raise the fees; not going to be okay in the long run
see the ageing popn, see how many -- want health care, want to get out of their homes
you know exactly, how xxx
that makes it great
been here 12 years; six years to do fees and charges; not one answer to it
you know what, they'll go to NV; I know what Cclr Smith is saying
Mayor: I'd like to commend Ccl
working...; users of field, right balance; better for over 75
has incentivized lowering fuel xxx
residents not as straightforward,,,   Library [arrangement]
wd not be able to offer progs with our numbers
capital .... judicious
spoke to NV; prepared to take same approach
drive ...      where we can; see results
MS: xxx
Sop: if you're coming back at me, it better be good
MS: speech xxx ...  didn't know Cclr Sop a devotee of trickle-down economics
Cclr Lewis.....  just if you're dealing with the public ... xxx
didn't realize it wd be such an inflammatory statement
your statement about Library good one, why not do same thing as with Lib?
if subsidy $500K Srs' Ctr, $150K from NV and xxxxx
can't see why not use it
staff telling us 30% up to 50%
Amb Park ...  used ... has to be some rationale
Mayor: strategic planning exercise; anyone?
Sop: I don't dare
7. 2009 Metro Vancouver Sustainability Report (File: 0185-02)
CAO: plsd MetroV has brought forward
fiscal agmt target on p150; it reads.....
we all know the costs of services increasing to residents, transportation increasing
we need to take a hard look how our services being provided and paid for
we've now engaged a jt cmte of Dir of Finance MetroV looking at xxxxxxx
must have a strong understanding of what our costs are
v exciting
starting to take a hard look; what sustainability means
we'll never see the density other Ms have; we define here a complete cmnty
going to be a v exciting year as we define what sustainability is for WV
TP moved: THAT the 2009 Metro Vancouver Sustainability Report be received by Council for information.
in reading this report, challenges we face and opportunities
projected growth 3.2M by 2040; still working with resources we have at hand
this report speaks to this; having to be v careful how w uses them
speaks to our natural capital
Eagle Lake filtration, ...to prev Ccl, xxxx
ppl have a choice; water has to be conserved, only so much
commended for leading, metering
ask Dir Engg how climate change affect our water
what is xxx to expand that to future
RF: wrt Climate Change issue, region is looking at this, what sort of mitigation and xxx steps
wrt water supply in WV, one of the effects a reduced snowpack, wetter ... ; ... and drier summers
we've taken steps....  resiliency [???]
esp through non-peak periods; we can supplement our water with MetroV
many other Ms having the ability to ... own water source
TP: in this report, it sets Green House targets-- municipal level?
RF: don't know if I'm the best person Climate Action charter
decision ... to see how our own ....taking steps, lift stns, pump stns
help reach its carbon neutral targets
Sop: guess this is about the fourth in the process here
under financial mgmt; estimating the impact on the av household in V
solid waste, drinking water, .....xxx nth degree, higher than taxes
sewer, xxx and parks; seen ..... grow
when we fight and have discussions; keeping it under a certain percentage
ten years said to us wd increase [X%]
water filtration and monitoring to adjust to their ever-increasing xxx
on top of that TransLink; give credit to GVRD to sewer and .... water
but somewhere along the line, going to put us in the poor house
every adjustment we make is reaction to their costs, we take the hit
credit to our Engg dept -- we'll have the best drinking water in BC, and buy less and less
you sit on a few boards there, I.. you know how it operates
are they truly looking at sustainability, costs from 2006 - 2013?
they don't give breakdown how it affects WV; we take it ev year
F Cmte, Mr Laing, faced with this every year, far greater than ever we can raise with prop tax
financial/strategic planning or we're in trouble; that's my advertisement for the day
ML: two quick points
I attended my first mtg of Finance Cmte of MetroV about week ago
in water, conservation, and sustainability, we're way ahead of everybody else; virtually ev home, biz, being metered
v surprising to other areas how far ahead [we are]
as a result our request to borrow to support initiative approved without any question
as to growth of other levels of govt; clearly a concern; made commitment to represent WV but you shd know their operating budget for 2009 is close to $540M; virtually all of that goes to infrastructure replacements, things like Seymour River, filtration, tunnels, those sorts of things
cost of maintaining infrastructure; local level, look at it at a regional level those are indeed staggering costs
Mayor: I don't think it's quite as bad, Cclr Sop, in terms of from WV's POV; water filtration plant and metering examples of being proactive, not reactive, and in the long run we've positioned WV taxpayers much better
Our next challenge is solid and liquid waste, no question that the Lions' Gate sewage treatment plant is nearing the end of its life -- what will we do? will we be innovative, and act, wch I think we shd, as the North Shore as a subregion with or without MetroV is a big question, how open will we be converting waste to energy, both solid and liquid.
we're living in innovative times
we've demonstrated wrt water innovative and entrepreneurial; for me a major focus
another is the zero-waste challenge
MetroV has chosen not to rush into how it's going to deal with its solid waste, but to think v carefully, try to encourage the broad cmnty to divert from the waste stream and to challenge us to do that; we need to work with prov on that
if anything I wd fault MetroV for, it wd be the collaborative approach with prov govt, or lack of
I've spent a lot of time working on that myself
I don't think the Bd of Directors, or even senior staff sometimes, do as good of a job as they can, b/c we're in this together
comparatively speaking the region provides v good services and good utilities at a relatively low cost compared to other places on the continent
the fact they're looking at sustainability -- it was painful getting to this point; I didn't think we'd see the day; it's a start, and it's going to help us with our strategic thinking, too, b/c we have major questions particularly on liquid and solid waste
Sop: we can play good cop bad cop
Mayor: okay
Sop: the reason I said what I said
WV residents pay their taxes, they want services they pay for it but there's been an escalation
Cclr Lewis is going to have to raise his voice a bit to get the point over in that domain
Mayor: have to give credit to our CAO and Dave Stuart--
Sop: --our staff--
Mayor: --already--
Sop: -- to what they've said
Mr Fung, they said to us we'd have a 80% increase in water costs over a ten-year period plus sewer costs and ev else
we've built in programs ... finally got to this water situation; I think it's fantastic what we've done; we've been proactive but we're reacting to what they've told us; these added costs
somewhere, Madam Mayor, through your good work there and Cclr Lewis, maybe they'll get the msg; we like to be heard
I had my tongue in my cheek a little bit but somewhere this msg has got to get out there
all that growth, we end up paying the worst for it, b/c of our higher assessments, we know that
Mayor: Vanc av household $650K per capita, for sure at least double that for the av household in WV
8. Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
9. Local Government Infrastructure Planning Grant Program: Sanitary Sewer Infrastructure - Asset Management Plan and Storm Sewer Infrastructure - Asset Management Plan (File: 0160-04)
THAT Council authorizes submission of an application for the Sanitary Sewer Infrastructure - Asset Management Plan and the Storm Sewer Infrastructure - Asset Management Plan projects under the Provincial Local Government Infrastructure Planning Grant Program.
10. Spirit Trail Mark (File: 1785-19-01)
11. Appointment to Municipal Insurance Association (File:  0115 01/0055 20MIAB1)
G. McRadu, CAO, appointed as the alternate District representative for 2009 for the Municipal Insurance Assn.
12. Correspondence List (File:  0120 24) [full list in prev WVM]
Sop: at Spirit Trail unveiling ... in front of ... outstanding!  when get a glimpse HBay to Deep Cove
one small step working together for future; the mark for the signage is there
maybe Cclr Evison can speak; forget what they called it; extremely well done
can hardly wait until our end gets going
attended with you Feb 12, stage; kids; delightful afternoon
ME: I promised Cclr Sop that I wd limit my remarks to 27 min
Arts and Culture, met twice; tremendous
one of the early challenges -- introduce a new museum into the cmnty; long way from it but look forward to ....
Mayor: thank Cclr Smith for as acting mayor standing in for me
... about a third of what's in the ... stream; regardless on its way
thank Barbara Brink for including us in their first planning session [WVCCS]
v successful week in the countdown to 2010, proud...  own way
CR: Good evening.  Before I speak about Heritage Week though, I just want to add my support for the Shoppers Drug Mart in Dundarave, but I wd like to make two suggestions.  One, I agree with the person who said to expand the notification; it wasn't very--
Mayor: --it was expanded, but apparently not expanded enough
CR: --but also the notice the Library didn't get out for some [unintelligible syllables]--
{how dreadfully mangled!  The point I was trying to make was that the 'public' mtg held at the Library by the devpr was only known about by most AFTER the mtg.}
--just giving a word [?] to expand it.  And also for the post office, so if there's anything we can do to help, cuz we used to have a post office in Dundarave; and so if it requires -- I think, I understand the Ccl's going to write requesting that -- but if it requires say, some local cmnty assns to support Ccl in that request or to have other ppl do that, pls let me know b/c we can help you in trying to tell them we need a post office there.
The other thing is, of course, it's Heritage Week so thank you very much.  That was great to have the presentations tonight, and you know tomorrow night is the Heritage Recognition [Reception] so the Heritage [Award] winners will be there, and then there will be four authors who have written books on WV who will be making some remarks about their books on WV,  There'll be a Q & A period so if ppl want to, and then there'll be a reception; so if ppl want to speak to the authors of the books and the heritage award recipients, that's a great opportunity -- 7 o'clock at the Srs' Ctr.
There's the Astronomy Talk at the Library on Thursday at 7pm; Saturday the Museum has Donald Grant [of] the Hollyburn Heritage Society with a film and a talk on Diamond Head Chalet, A Family's Journey, and some of the descendants of the Brandvolds will be there.
And on Sunday, there's the Heritage Fayre with some groups, there'll be some displays, the heritage award winners, and there'll be a display both by Park Royal and the Heritage Dept -- and the piper will be there at 2:30pm.
And then of course Sunday also is the free snowshoe and barbecue [at Cypress].
So, again, this is something that is across Canada, Heritage Week, so I hope everybody will come, enjoy themselves, and have lots of fun.
Thank you very much.
Mayor: thank you for all your work in heritage.
15. ADJOURNMENT [9:20]

===  Ccl Mtg AGENDA March 2nd ===
2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES -- February 16, 2009 Regular Council Minutes
3. West Vancouver Police Department: COMPSTAT (Comparative Statistics) Program (File:  2900-01)
        Information to be provided.
4. Draft 2009 Proposed Budget Presentation (File:  0860-01)  --  Information to be provided.
5. Recreational Dog Walking in Parks - Follow-Up Report (File:  2365-00)
1.  Council receive the report from the Acting Manager of Parks dated March 2, 2009 as an assessment and follow-up to the recommendations approved on May 5, 2008 entitled "Regulating Recreational Dog Walking in West Vancouver Parks";
2.  The Park Ranger position be approved in the 2009 Budget and funded;
3.  The Park Ranger position include bylaw enforcement capability;
4.  Council direct staff to continue to work with local residents who are interested in forming a "Responsible Dog Owners Group".
6. Consideration of Awning at 1434 Marine Drive - BC Liquor Store (File:  1010-20-08-026)
        Information to be provided.
7. Zoning Bylaw Rewrite - Creating a Contemporary Bylaw (File: 2515-24)
THAT Council endorse the recommended public consultation process for undertaking a comprehensive update of the Zoning Bylaw governing land use, as described in the February 23, 2009 report of the Director of Planning, Lands and Permits and summarized as follows:
Specific dates/times will be set aside in April for interested residents and building industry members to meet with staff to review the draft bylaw. Meetings during those times could be scheduled with staff in advance or members of the public can "drop in". The format of the meetings will not be an open house, but will provide opportunities for various individuals or small groups to hold focused meetings with staff to identify issues, answer questions, or address areas of concern. The draft bylaw will be ready for Council review in June.
8. Ethics and Integrity Policy Adoption and Delegation Bylaw No. 4580, 2008, Amendment Bylaw No. 4591, 2009 (File:  3085-01/1610-20-4591)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT Council adopt the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Ethics and Integrity Policy (Appendix A) attached to the February 23, 2009 report from the Chief Administrative Officer.
RECOMMENDED: THAT Delegation Bylaw No. 4580, 2008, Amendment Bylaw No. 4591, 2009 (to establish a West Vancouver 2010 Olympic Fundraising subcommittee) be read a first, second, and third time.
9. Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005, Amendment Bylaw No. 4589, 2009 (File:  1610-20-4589)
        This bylaw received three readings at the February 16, 2009 meeting.
10. Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
11. Development Applications Status List (File:  1010-01) -- to be received for information
12. Appointments to Design Review Committee and West Vancouver Memorial Library Board (File:  0116-20-DRC / 1905-04)
1. Stuart Hood be appointed to the Design Review Cmte for the term ending January 31, 2010; and
2. Rod Day be appointed to the WV Memorial Library Board to fill the second year of the term vacated by Nicole Brown, ending December 31, 2009.
13. Correspondence List (File:  0120 24) to be received for information.
Correspondence received up to February 13, 2009
Requests for Delegation  --  No items presented.
Action Required
1.   N. Proach, Route 101 Society, February 9, 2009, re Support for Extending Route 101
        Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
2.   February 10, 2009, regarding Crime Issues
3.   O. Dickie, Feb 6, Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (BC), re Support for Licensing of Property Inspectors
Correspondence received up to February 20, 2009
Requests for Delegation  --  No items presented.
Action Required
4.   V. MacGregor, The Royal Canadian Legion, Feb 12, re Application for Permissive Tax Exemption
        Referred to Director of Finance for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
5.   B. O'Neill, Canadian Union of Public Employees - BC, Feb 17, regarding Public Private Partnerships
        Attachments available for viewing in Legislative Services Department.
6.   A. Van Eden, North Shore Family Court/Youth Justice Cmte, Feb 9, re Membership Recommendation for 2009
Responses to Correspondence  --  No items presented.
Responses to Questions in Question Period  --  No items presented.
14.  REPORTS FROM MAYOR AND COUNCILLORS (Including updates on working groups)

===  NEWSWATCH  ===
Complete in Christian Science Monitor: http://www.csmonitor.com/2009/0223/p04s01-wome.html
The PNN snippet had:
       A brief window opens into rarely seen Iraq Museum - CS Monitor
and I found the end of the article particularly interesting:
What it lacks in funds, it makes up for in the passion of its staff, who treat the museum like a beloved family member.
"We've all studied together and worked together for years," says cuneiform expert Mahdi Rahim, who repaired and sold air conditioners to support himself as an archaeologist during the lean years of sanctions against Iraq in the 1990s.
On Saturday, Haji Abed Atiya al-Chameri, an elderly man in a long blue work coat and white head scarf, brought glasses of tea to Edan, the director. Earlier, he had been pushing a floor cleaner, showing up for work every day as he has for more than half a century - even though he retired last year and is no longer paid.
"He is the history of the museum - he just cannot imagine himself out of the museum," says Edan.
Mr. Atiya knew personally all the great archaeologists of the 1940s and 1950s, including Max Mallowan, who excavated Nineveh and married Agatha Christie. "Saddam was a madman," says the father of 11. "All those wars."
Atiya was at the museum when it was looted in 2003. "I felt very sad," he says. "I couldn't stop the terrorists - they were carrying machine guns."


Apart from his family priorities, Hugh Hamilton's principal focus over the past many years has been the protection and enhancement of West Vancouver's natural heritage.
Hugh Hamilton is one of those rare individuals who, depending on the circumstances, can be a leader or a supportive follower.  To him, the important thing is the result, not who gets the credit.  Hugh's approach is very simple:  Define broad environmental objectives, identify and understand specific problem areas, and get capable people actively involved in finding practical solutions! 
With his enthusiasm and interpersonal skills, Hugh is a master at brining people together in a common cause.  Always the gentleman, he can be firm when firmness is required, or conciliatory when compromise is needed to bring about a fair resolution.
Hugh has previously served as president of West Vancouver Streamkeepers, a volunteer organization committed to protecting and revitalizing local salmon streams.  By developing close working relationships with municipal, provincial and federal agencies, developers, business organizations, and other environmental partners, Hugh and his Streemkeeper colleagues have been successful in bringing several once-neglected West Vancouver streams back to life - with salmon returning to spawn for the first time in 40 years.
Hugh is also a much-valued Director of both the Old Growth Conservancy and the Shoreline Preservation Society, and somehow finds time to actively contribute to the Coho Festival, Community Day, Rivers Day, and the Vancouver Natural History Society.  His past community service includes the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee, the Environmental Working Group, and the Altamont Community Association - where he worked to protect the character and heritage of Altamont.
This evening, Hugh Hamilton is being recognized for his inspired & inspiring leadership in the restoration of our natural heritage and for his various advocacy roles.
The "Dawson House" at 4170 Rose Crescent was originally designed by renowned Canadian architect Ron Thom, and was built in 1958 for Bob and Rose Dawson.  The house is constructed of wood, glass, and stone (indigenous West Coast materials).  The cedar shingled roof with its wide eave overhangs, and the projecting balconies, accent the building's horizontality.  An unusual design feature is the incorporation of a large natural rock formation into the ground floor deck design.
Second owners, Dugal Purdie and Lynda Wrigley retained architect Russell Hollingsworth to help them restore this significant house, and to update it for the family's contemporary needs, including a minor addition.  The end result is a sensitive rehabilitation of Dawson House, which preserves the integrity of the original architectural design and unique features including the stone fireplace, interior wood work, and original furnishings designed by Ron Thom.
The rehabilitated Dawson House was photographed by Barry Downs, and featured in the highly successful "Poetics of West Coast Modernism" exhibition in 2005 [at the Ferry Building Gallery], where it was presented as "Organic House".  it was described in the following words:
"This house reveals an ambience of comfort and serenity achieved through organic planning, embracing the garden and the forest setting, and the use of natural wood.  White plaster walls serve as a counterpoint, capturing exterior light and enervating inner cave-like spaces.  All are focused on the grand central hearth, the spirited centrepiece of this open family house. "
In 2001, the Church Committee of the Parish of St. Christopher identified the need for a Church Archivist to file and preserve church records.  It then seemed prudent to prepare a formal church history, while early parishioners were available to contribute their recollections.
Elinor Martin and Margaret Ramsay set out to document and tell the story of St. Christopher's.  Margaret arranged files, conducted research, scanned photographs, edited text, and pulled together an Appendix.  Meanwhile, Elinor conducted interviews with parishioners, organized the information, and wrote the text. 
The result of their joint efforts is the book:  "Celebrating Seventy Years of Ministry, 1933 - 2003: A History of the Parish of St. Christopher".  The book chronicles the history of St. Christopher's as an institution, a building, and a community of people.  It describes significant events in the lives of church parishioners.  It also documents the development of the church property at 11th and Inglewood - starting with the dedication of the Mission Sunday School in October 1933, and including the design and construction of the landmark A-frame church building in the mid-1950s. 
This book presents a valuable history of an important West Vancouver institution, and the people who built it and created a community around it over the past 75 years.  Reading through the pages of this book, the story of West Vancouver unfolds through the lives of pioneer families such as the Nesbitts and the Dickinsons, and many individuals active in the community over several decades. 
The church building will be added to the West Vancouver Community Heritage Register in 2009.  Its heritage value lies in its architectural merit, but also in the rich cultural history of this parish, as told by Elinor and Margaret.
Architect Ray L. Toby designed and built this house at 2055 Queens Avenue for his own family in 1962.  This was shortly after his firm, Toby Russell Buckwell Architects, won the contract for the design of the new District of West Vancouver Municipal Hall.  The Toby House is considered a pioneer of the West Coast Style, and embodies many of the defining elements of that style.
The house was sited with little alteration to the natural landform and minimal tree removal. The large floor-to-ceiling windows blur the line between interior and exterior space. The garden has been developed to emphasize the native species and natural topography of the site. Non-native plantings of maples and rhododendrons are limited to the area immediately adjacent to the house. On the west side, the site slopes steeply to a creek that has been kept in its natural course and is surrounded by native cedars, ferns, mosses, and salal.
This style of gardening, where non-native species are limited and large portions of the found landscape are retained, is a common and appropriate landscaping for West Coast Style buildings. It reflects the importance of retaining the integrity of the site and the connection to the natural world.             
The Toby House is significant because it was the first time that glue-laminated wood beams were used in local residential architecture.  Here they are used to provide very wide flaring eaves that appear to hover above the articulated pavilions of this house.  The roofline and glazing give the exterior a light and floating look.  On the interior, clerestory windows provide natural light from all directions.  The open-plan layout and partial height walls allow for integration of living areas.
The Toby House epitomizes the design aesthetic and lifestyle of the mid-century modern period, and stands as an excellent example of a building perfectly integrated with its site. 
The house has been occupied by the Toby family for all of its 46 years, and has been maintained in immaculate original condition.  They are being recognized tonight for their ongoing stewardship of this architecturally-significant heritage building. 
In 1998 the Hollyburn Heritage Society began to collect information on the history and heritage of Hollyburn Mountain.  As the collection grew, the seed was planted.  The Society foresaw a book in this volume of information, but wondered who would write it.
Following his presentation to the Hollyburn Ridge Association in 2003, Don Grant (Archivist for the Hollyburn Heritage Society) was approached by cabin owners Ronald and Veronica Hatch as to whether the society had considered writing a book about Hollyburn Mountain.  Ronald also happened to be the owner of Ronsdale Press
In 2004, Francis Mansbridge and Lois Enns (both archivists) approached Don with their idea of writing a book on hiking on the North Shore mountains.  Don indicated that there were already some very good books published on the topic, and asked if they would be interested in writing a book on the history and heritage of Hollyburn Mountain.
Francis Mansbridge agreed, and dedicated the next four years towards this project - including considerable research, writing, and re-writing.  The result of his efforts became "Hollyburn: The Mountain and The City".  The book is dedicated "to the pioneers of Hollyburn, who created a place of enduring value which remains for all to enjoy.  It was published and launched by Ronsdale Press in November 2008.
Francis Mansbridge has made a significant contribution to preserving the history of the North Shore over a period of many years.  He has worked as an archivist in both North and West Vancouver, and has worked with the West Vancouver Historical Society on a special project to preserve the graduating class photographs from Hillside Secondary School.  Francis Mansbridge is also the author of "Launching History, The Saga of Burrard Dry Dock".
"Hollyburn: the Mountain & the City" brings to life the rich history of Hollyburn Mountain - the people, the community, and the key events that have shaped its legacy.
"The story of the Binning House is crystallized in a vintage photograph from 1945, taken a few years after its construction.  Glass doors are flung open to a swathe of giant conifers, while on the terrace, a man and a woman seem to be both outside and inside; even the living-room carpet, mottled by sunlight and speared with the shadow of leaves, reads like moss-cover in a forest.  The image is a luminous vignette of post-war Modernism."
"B.C. Binning's 1941 bungalow, designed by the artist himself, has become one of the most iconic houses in Canadian history.  In its pioneering role as demonstration house for the once-new Modern idea, it is an object of near reverence for the heritage and design communities.  Its renown has grown over the ensuing decades as successive generations of historians, students, and visiting architects make their pilgrimages to the House."
The Binning House "has stood serenely in this leafy slope of West Vancouver for the past sixty-five years, even as the neighbourhood transforms =8Aaround it.  Its future longevity owes something to the conferral of official heritage status in 2000=8A  But the preservation of the House to date is due to the steadfast care of Jessie Binning=8A"
When the community learned of Jessie Binning's passing in 2007, concerns were raised about the future of the house, and whether her wish to have it preserved as a residence for visiting artists and scholars would be realized.
During the Fall 2007 civic event, Mayor Goldsmith-Jones was pleased to announce that, after months of behind-the-scenes work, the Executors of the Estate of Jessie Binning reached an agreement with The Land Conservancy of British Columbia (TLC) to assume ownership of the property, and to manage it as a heritage site.  
Note:  Excerpts taken from the book, "B.C. Binning", by Abraham Rogatnick, Ian Thom, and Adele Weder, 2006 (section by Adele Weder)=8A
A whole generation of post-war architects found in West Vancouver a laboratory and incubator for developing what has become known as the West Coast Style.  Among them was a young Paul Merrick.
Merrick House at 5762 Larson Place is the product of an architect designing and building his own home - with limited financial means, but with the freedom to test out and develop new design concepts and construction methods.  The design of the house was informed by the site itself, and responds to the property's topography, orientation, and natural site features. 
Merrick House, built in two phases (1974 and 1981), was sited on a solid rock foundation on the highest point of land, and nestled within a private forest of over 65 trees, without any rock blasting or tree removal.  It is perhaps best described as part 'medieval wooden castle' built atop a rocky promontory, and part 'tree house' in a private forest.
The legacy of this house is a physical embodiment of living in harmony with nature.  It is a 'spiritual place' which connects mankind with nature through the blurring of indoor and outdoor, the sensitive siting of a building within a forest, and creating a sense of transparency with abundant natural light and framed views through the trees.
For over 25 years, Lorne Rubinoff (second owner) has been a faithful steward of this architecturally-renowned house, and has maintained the property in its original condition.  He continues to demonstrate his respect for the spirit of the house and its natural setting, and openly shares his home with others as a timeless work of art, and a valuable teaching tool.

***   The Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar: http://spogg.org/
***   March 4th is National Grammar Day:  http://nationalgrammarday.com/
National Grammar Day Silliness  --  Meanwhile, John McIntyre at the Baltimore Sun has been having a good time.  Perhaps you'll enjoy his grammarnoir, which can be found on his blog, "You Don't Say."  It starts out:
Down those mean sentences I walk alone
I was sitting at my desk in the old Intelligencer-Argus building the day she walked in. It was late afternoon on a rainy day, and my hand had strayed more than once toward the dictionary in the bottom desk drawer. I heard footsteps approaching, and when I looked up, there she was. She was - lissome.....  To continue: http://weblogs.baltimoresun.com/news/mcintyre/blog/2009/02/down_those_mean_sentences_i_walk_alone.html
***  Snippets from http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/28900351/  {I'll correct the mistakes below in nest issue}
Fastidious spelling snobs pushed over the edge
Books, blogs and obsessiveness mark a brand-new war of the words
By Diane Mapes  msnbc.com contributor  updated 4:56 a.m. PT, Tues., Feb. 3, 2009
Some people avoid Krispy Kreme because of the calories. Angela Nickerson won't go there because of the Ks.
"I confess, I'm a spelling, grammar and punctuation snob," says the 35-year-old travel writer from Sacramento, Calif. "And I won't patronize businesses with misspelled signs. It's like hearing fingernails running down a chalkboard."
Life isn't easy for language lovers such as Nickerson. Over the past decade, her beloved mother tongue has been mashed, mangled and mistreated by everyone from a sitting president to a squadron of texting preteens. Misspelled menus have become the stuff of bad dreams. (Try our Sweat and Sour Chicken!) Punctuation is not only hit-and-miss, it's potentially hazardous. (Employees must "wash hands.") .....
.....  But while blunders and bloopers have ever exasperated the spelling snobs and grammar grunions of the world, our recent woes - housing foreclosures, massive layoffs, rising debt and war - may be ratcheting up the pressure some feel to seize control of something (anything!), even if it's just a properly placed comma.
"Hanging on to some kind of rule might be comforting to people," says Bethany Keeley, a grad student from Athens, Ga., who runs The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks. "People are looking for something they can control and 'What should we do about our foreign policy?' is a lot more complicated a question than 'Should the period go inside or outside the quotation mark?' "
.....   "Our brains are wired to notice what's different and when you're sure of the right way and the wrong way, you notice mistakes more," says Wallin, who admits to dropping out of an exercise class because the instructor kept misusing the word "lay."
Revenge of the nerds
Regardless of the reasons we make mistakes - or feel the urge to correct the ones we observe in others - word nerds have definitely decided it's time to kick adverbs and take names.
The past few years have seen a dramatic increase in books, broadcasts and puckish blogs that poke fun at common gaffes and proffer usage tips for those not in the know. Language love is celebrated via T-shirts, Facebook pages and shiny new holidays such as National Grammar Day. Even Oprah's gotten in on the style and usage scene by asking Grammar Girl Mignon Fogarty to clear up confusion about compound possessives.
But these newly hip word warriors are doing more than writing odes to apostrophes and posting tips for people who don't know their like or as from a hole in the ground.
The 350,000-member Facebook group "I Judge You When You Use Poor Grammar" encourages its members to "seek out the infidels (grammar offenders) and =8A document their acts of terror. Take pictures and post them in this group to serve as examples to all."
Self-proclaimed grammar vandal Kate McCulley took up her standard - or rather her Sharpie pen and sheath of press-on commas - a year and a half ago, determined to fix the pesky punctuation errors she encountered along the streets of her native Boston.
"I don't go out and do this every day, but if there's something exceptionally bad, I can't resist," says the 24-year-old marketing analyst, who also posts pictures of badly punctuated birthday cakes and misspelled billboards on her blog, The Grammar Vandal.
.....   Christopher Kenton, chief executive of a social media software company from Fairfax, Calif., says his late father, a former New York Times editor, simply could not let a mistake go uncorrected.
"He carried five pens in his pocket at all times and would edit his morning paper at the breakfast table," Kenton says. "My worst embarrassment was when he corrected someone's bumper sticker in a public parking lot with passers-by staring."
Spyro Poulos, a 39-year-old associate publisher from Brooklyn, N.Y., says he's encountered grammar cops as well, including a few who act as if they're on "some superhero mission to save society from the evils of an erroneous double negative."
Misplaced motives?
How can you tell if your love of language is driving you to verbal (not to mention adverbial) abuse? Wallin advises a close look at your motivation for correcting others.
"If it's to show how smart you are, it will probably backfire, especially if the other person feels embarrassed," she says. "However, if you want to help your spouse or child present themselves well on a job application or school assignment, then it's OK to correct them. But even here, make sure that you don't come across as condescending or critical. Focus on the misspelled word rather than on the person's lack of spelling skill."
Luckily, many of today's word nerds opt for gentle humor - as opposed to a usage guide up alongside the head - to help get their message across.
"The Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar doesn't walk around with a pen correcting signs," Brockenbrough says. "[But] we do write funny, tongue-in-cheek letters to grammar offenders. Think of it this way: If you were walking around with your zipper down, wouldn't you feel grateful to the person who kindly pointed that out?"

===  WORDWATCH  ===  Happy New Year [See also http://www.norooz.ca/ ]
Nowruz  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Nowr?z  Also spelled: Norouz, Narooz, Nowruz, Nawruz, Newroz, Newruz, Nauruz, Nawroz, Noruz, Novruz, Nauroz, Navroz, Naw-R=FAz, Nowroj, Navroj, Nevruz, Neyruz ??????, Navruz, Navrez, Nooruz, Nauryz, or Nowrouz
Observed by  Iran, Afghanistan, Kurds, Kurds in Iraq,Kurds in Turkey, Caucasus, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Tajikistan, Albania, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, as well as among various Iranian people everywhere.
Significance -- New year holiday; Date  -  March 20th, 21st or 22nd. Some communities celebrate on the actual Spring Equinox. Others celebrated on a fixed day every year.  2009 date  --  Friday, March 20, 2009 at 11:44 UTC *
Celebrations -- The Haftsin setting, Chah=E2rshanbe S=FBr=EE, Sizdah Bedar, etc.
Nowr?z (Persian: =CA=CB-=CB" /no?ruz/ ? [no??u?z]; Kurdish: Newroz; with various local pronunciations and spellings, meaning 'New Day') is the traditional Iranian new year holiday celebrated by Iranian and many other peoples in West Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, Northwestern China, the Caucasus, the Crimea, and in Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, and the Republic of Macedonia.
Nowruz marks the first day of spring and the beginning of the Iranian year. It is celebrated on the day of the astronomical vernal equinox (the start of spring in the northern hemisphere), which usually occurs on March 21 or the previous/following day depending on where it is observed. As well as being a Zoroastrian holiday, it is also a holy day for adherents of the Bah=E1'=ED Faith.[1] In Iran it is also referred to as an Eid festival, although it is not an Islamic feast. Alawites[2] and Nizari Ismaili Muslims[3] also celebrate Nowruz.
The term Nowruz first appeared in Persian records in the second century AD, but it was also an important day during the time of the Achaemenids (c. 648-330 BC), where kings from different nations under the Persian empire used to bring gifts to the emperor (Shahanshah) of Persia on Nowruz.[4]

===  QUOTATIONS  ===
A bank is a place where they lend you an umbrella in fair weather and ask for it back when it begins to rain.
                        -- Robert Frost, American poet (1874-1963)
Our heads are round so that thoughts can change direction.  -- Francis Picabia, painter/poet (1879-1953)
{Who is he? I hear you ask.  Well, cdn't help googling and got this from Wikipedia:
(born in Paris, Fran=E7ois Marie Martinez Picabia, 22 January 1879 - 30 November 1953), a well-known painter and poet born of a French mother and a Spanish-Cuban father, an attach=E9 at the Cuban legation in Paris.  [He was] financially independent, studied .... at the =C9cole des Arts Decoratifs... In 1894, Picabia financed his stamp collection by copying a collection of Spanish paintings that belonged to his father, and switched the originals for the copies, without his father's knowledge, and sold the originals.}
It is one thing to show a man that he is in error, and another to put him in possession of the truth.          
                        -- John Locke, English philosopher (1632-1704)
When people who are honestly mistaken learn the truth, they either cease being mistaken or they cease being honest!
                        -- Anonymous
Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots.  So far, the Universe is winning.
                        -- Rich Cook, American computer "Wiz" (b 1949)
What is success?  It is a toy balloon among children armed with pins.     --  Gene Fowler, (1890 - 1960)
In the email subscriber update, the riddle was: What's black and white and red all over?  and at the end of the email: No, it's not a newspaper, and sorry, you'll have to wait for the next WVM for the answer(s).
To my astonishment, even though the riddle went out about 3:20am, an answer arrived within a few hours!
Well, the first one was 'an embarrassed nun'; another guessed a book.
Here are other answers: a sunburned penguin, a zebra painted red, and an embarrassed skunk.