Ccl NOTES Mar 23
Calendar to Apr 9

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Thanks to Ccl for arranging a mtg for us to comment on the budget -- Monday 30th!
MAIN ITEMS Ccl Mtg Mar 30th: Five-Year Financial Plan Bylaw (BUDGET 2009); Federal Infrastructure Funds
Vive le Canada (Commonwealth, cont'd); ANIMALWATCH (engineers and dogs); from the EDITOR'S DESK; UPDATE (WVPD Bd mtg report)
=  CALENDAR to April 9th
=  CULTUREWATCH (Opera, Theatre); INFObits (Award for Gordon Smith; BC's Endangered Rivers)
=  Ccl Mtg NOTES Mar 23rd: UBC Landscape Architecture Studio Partnership; Five-Year Financial Plan Bylaw (draft 2009 Budget) to second reading; Special Ccl Mtg March 30th (for citizen input on budget -- come and have you say, or keep quiet when you get your tax bill!; Strategic Vision Planning Outline; DVP Applications: Rodgers Crk Area 2, 2600 Chippendale; Mulgrave School; Delegation Bylaw (establishment of WV 2010 Olympic Fundraising Subcmte); (Some) Apptmts to WGs; Correspondence; Budget Comments at PQP.
=  Questions to Mayor and Ccl re Budget arising from comment during ccl mtg
=  Sp Ccl Mtg AGENDA Mar 30th: Please read the budget and see where we can be more efficient or get revenue to avoid tax increase: http://www.westvancouver.ca/budget/2009/2009.Draft.Budget.Document.pdf

===  Vive le Canada  === (Commonwealth, cont'd from previous issue, WVM6)
The Commonwealth is not a political union, but an intergovernmental organisation through which countries with diverse social, political, and economic backgrounds are regarded as equal in status. Its activities are carried out through the permanent Commonwealth Secretariat, headed by the Secretary-General; biennial Meetings between Commonwealth Heads of Government; and the Commonwealth Foundation, which facilitates activities of non-governmental organisations in the so-called 'Commonwealth Family'. The symbol of this free association is the Head of the Commonwealth, which is a ceremonial position currently held by Queen Elizabeth II.
Elizabeth II is also the monarch, separately, of sixteen members of the Commonwealth, collectively called the Commonwealth realms. As each realm is an independent kingdom, Elizabeth II, as monarch, holds a distinct title for each, though, by a Prime Ministers' Conference in 1952, all include the style Head of the Commonwealth at the end; for example: Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, Queen of Australia and of Her other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth. Beyond the realms, the majority of the members of the Commonwealth have separate heads of state: thirty-two members are republics, and five members have distinct monarchs: the Sultan of Brunei; the King of Lesotho; the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (or King) of Malaysia; the King of Swaziland; and the King of Tonga.
===  ANIMALWATCH  ===  When engineers own a dog: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMISRVCAOfg

===  from the EDITOR'S DESK  ===
+ WVPD -- Went to the bd mtg but learned more later; fuller report in Update just below.
Recently some email addresses on the ebroadcast bounced.  They were to AOL but in any case WVM6 is up on the website.
*  Some musing.....  about the budget; see Budget Letters section.
===  UPDATE  ===  WV POLICE BD MTG Mar 26 highlights from WVM correspondent:
       COMPSTAT report shows violent crimes down in February over January but still together, these two months are running higher than the same period last year. Property crimes are way up (up Feb over Jan; up 2009 over 2008 YTD). Violent crimes are almost entirely confined to four locations on the Reserve and one at the Ocean Club so stepped up patrols in those areas, along with a planned ID scanner for the Ocean Club, ought to further improve the COMPSTAT violent crime numbers.
       The glimmer of good news is that arrests are up.
       Two alert officers on their way to a coffee break, arrested a known B&E artist whose probation prohibited him from being in West Vancouver (where he has been plying his trade for over 20 years). He had B&E tools in his possession.
       Even more impressive police work resulted in the arrest of two drug debt collectors from the Hells Angels just as they were "about to visit" (and possibly abduct) a West Vancouver resident. The resident is not cooperating with police.
       The main budget challenge facing the Dept this year is that they are short-staffed and have to use overtime to fill shifts. Even though the department is actively recruiting, it is expected that they will exceed their O/T budget this year (starting to sound like our fire dept.)
       After more than five years of complaints that the Police Board's discussions of financial matters in camera violated Section 69 of the Police Act, the board has finally decided to open some such discussions to the public. Tentatively the public Finance Committee meetings will be held April 20th, July 20th, and Oct. 19th @1530h (check website for updates). We are hopeful that some of the other committees will follow suit.
       The ill-planned -- let me re-phrase that -- the completely unplanned dumping of the DARE program without a replacement in place, and the resulting dearth of police presence amongst our school children, is planned to end later this year. The final draft of the WVPD's proposed youth services initiative is about to be circulated amongst major stakeholders including the School Board and Coastal Health. Once they have signed off on it the target date to release the report to the public is May 15th.
       During last month's meeting, Trevor Lautens (columnist with the NSNews) asked how long Kash Heed would remain on the payroll. The answer was that he would remain until March 6th and that the Board had waived the requirement for three months' notice.  Subsequently, media reports surfaced that he would be paid into May (was given two dates).  My followup questions this month revealed that the March 6th answer was incomplete therefore misleading.  More of the story is that while the board waived its right to require Heed to work through his three-month notice period, it was still required to pay for those three months {to our surprise}.
       Why did the board decide to spend roughly $35K rather than have Heed work through the notice period? After wasting over half a million dollars to dump the previous Chief, in times of financial strain, one has to wonder at the wisdom of flushing another $35K down the tubes.
       Even if the board had thought it inappropriate to have Heed continue as Chief, what about a consulting arrangement similar to the one DWV used with the recently departed Director of Planning?  We're told that the Police Dept's Policy and Procedures manual is decades out of date and in desperate need of urgent updating (wch is underway).  Just as the former Dir/Planning spearheaded the updating of our decades-old zoning bylaws, why not keep Kash on board to help with that? Heck, put him on patrol -- we're blowing the overtime budget because we haven't enough officers for regular shifts and yet we're giving away $35K. It seems our police board is no more concerned about wasting money in the Chief Constable office this year than in years past.

===  CALENDAR to April 9th  ===
[Pls note a) that all mtgs are at M Hall unless indicated otherwise and b) with such a long gap between ccl mtgs and WVMs along with often no or v short notice of mtgs on the DWV website, this section, while hoping to be, cannot possibly be complete.  Please check wrt cmtes and WGs that are of interest to you.]
= Thurs Mar 19th ~ 4pm ~ Climate Action WG at Operations Ctr Conference Room
Questions:  This is from the DWV Calendar but why is no address given and why meeting before appointed by Ccl Mar 23?
= Wed Mar 25th
~ 5pm ~ Finance Cmte? only mtg in 2009 so far Feb 11 and briefly saw Mar 11 on DWV website, then heard next mtg set for 26th, but corrected to Mar 25 however CANCELLED in any case.  Hoped a mtg, so they cd see/review draft 2009 budget and comment but they haven't! why have the cmte?  Now DWV website has a mtg Apr 8th -- but (as of Mar 27 morning) the FCmte webpage still has Cclr Clark as a ccl liaison and Michael Lewis as a mbr!  That changed about four months ago!
= Thurs Mar 26th
   ~ 4:30pm ~ Design Review Cmte
   ~ 5pm ~  NSh Adv Cmte on Disability Issues (DNV M Hall)  UPDATE: CANCELLED
   ~ 5:30pm ~ WV Police Board mtg (in Police Boardroom)
   ~  11am? ~ 2009 Future of the Region Sustainability Dialogues at Hollyburn Country Club
***  Saturday Mar 28th Cmnty Ctr Grand Opening 11am to 4pm  ***
= Mon Mar 30th
~ 5:15pm ~ Measuring Up WG {CHECK; location may change b/c special ccl mtg on 30th}
~  7pm ~ A Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival event:  Michael Dylan Welch will be giving Hands On Haiku presentation at the Vancouver Public Library Central Branch in the Alice Mackay Room.  This event is free.
 = Tues Mar 31st  ~ 7pm ~ Field Sports Users Forum WG
+++  North Shore GardenSmart Workshops for March & April  +++
[Full description in previous two WVM issues]
        =B7        Patio Veggies:  Growing Food in Small Spaces:  Saturday, April 4
        =B7        Seed Starting:  Sowing for Your Summer Veggie Garden:  Saturday, April 4
        =B7        Backyard Composting:  Making Black Gold for Your Garden:  Saturday, April 18
= Thurs Apr 2nd
        ~ 5pm ~ Spirit Trail WG
~ 7:30pm at KMC ~
The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society [www.cpawsbc.org] and WWF-Canada present Alanna Mitchell, author of Sea Sick {BOOKWATCH below}: a talk with Oceans Book Club special guest Alanna Mitchell on the status of ocean health and the implications for BC's coast.  For questions regarding the event, please contact bookclub@marinemysteries.ca or call 685 7445 x 33.

= Friday Apr 3rd, Saturday Apr 4
        CYCLEBETES: The 24-hour Spin-a-Thon to Raise Money For Juvenile Diabetes Is Back!
In November 2007, an idea came to a group of Grade 11 Rockridge Secondary students who decided to make a difference. Inspired by the epic bike race, Halifax2Vancouver (H2V) that raised money to find a cure for Juvenile Diabetes, the students developed a vision. Teaming up with local bike shop, John Henry Bikes, the group took on the plan to hold a 24-hour spin-a-thon in their school gym; it would be called Cyclebetes.
On March 7th and 8th, 2008, with an ambitious goal of raising $50,000, 35 teams of 1-12 members took turns keeping their stationary bike wheels turning for 24 hours. The teams gathered pledges with a target goal of $1,000 that accumulated as the event wore on. Cyclebetes was a massive success, raising over $80,000.
This year, Cyclebetes has become the legacy of their inspiration, H2V, spiralling into an international event. The name Cyclebetes now branches off into numerous spin-a-thon and lap-a-thon events across Canada, as well as epic rides across the United States and Australia. Cyclebetes not only raises money, but also spreads awareness, and builds on the themes of community and promise, but it also builds on leadership and responsibility.
On April 3rd and 4th, Rockridge Secondary will hold their second annual spin-a-thon event from 4pm Friday to 4pm Saturday. Join a team, donate, or just spread awareness. Spin for the cure of Juvenile Diabetes.
Cyclebetes Media Contact:
Francesca McDowell, Rockridge Secondary Grade 12 Student
francesca.mcdowell@gmail.com    604-926-4124   www.cyclebetes.com
= Saturday Apr 4th
==  Seniors' Centre Flea Market  ==
The Flea market at the Seniors' Centre is an annual treasure hunt! Find great bargains on sporting and outdoor goods, electronics, furniture, children's items, clothing, books, kitchenware, jewellery, household items, and much more!
Flea market takes place Saturday, April 4th from 9am to 3pm, at the WV Arena, 786 - 22nd St.
Donations gladly acceptedDrop off donations March 24th to April 1st, 9am - 4pm, at the 22nd Street entrance of the Arena.
Note: We cannot accept: mattresses, computers, TVs, rugs, old ski equipment, older heavy couches, children's car seats and cribs, or large appliances such as: washers/dryers and dishwashers.  To arrange for pick up of larger items, please call 925 7280.
= Sunday Apr 5th
~ 2 - 3pm ~ Under Heaven's Dome will present the world premiere of Leslie Uyeda's composition of haiku from the 2008 VCBF Haiku Invitational winners, sung by Heather Pawsey, soprano and Barbara Towell, mezzo-soprano. Pacifi-kana member Elehna de Sousa's cherry blossom haiku is among those chosen for this project. This takes place in the Bloedel Conservatory in Queen Elizabeth Park.

- for Events and Programs: http://www.westvanlibrary.ca/index.php?page=5
- for Event Calendar: http://www.westvanlibrary.ca/event/calendar.php
Stay up to date with what's going on at the Library - Register now for our Monthly eNewsletter!
= Thurs Apr 2 - Teen Movie Night
        Twilight  ~ 6:30pm - 8:30pm.  Free drinks and popcorn.
Friday April 3 -- Concert starts at 7:30 pm, doors open at 7 pm.
Seating is limited so come early and enjoy refreshments by the Friends of the Library.  Vancouver Opera's young Canadian singers bring opera to a young audience. in Jack Pine, Jack and his friends explore myths, legends, and facts of Canada's vast forests. Jack Pine is an enchanting blend of story, music, and botany that will engage and delight children and opera lovers of all ages.
+  Fridays English Corner 10 - 11:30am practise English conversation [Apr 3rd and 17th]

 +++  WV MUSEUM  +++  Visit:  http://www.westvanmuseum.blogspot.com/
North Star: The Art of Lyle Wilson  [March 4 to May 30]
The West Vancouver Museum is pleased to showcase North Star: The Art of Lyle Wilson featuring the evocative and meticulously rendered artwork of Haisla artist Lyle Wilson.  Lyle Wilson has been an important figure on the Canadian art scene for more than two decades. He is from Kitamaat Village in northern British Columbia. For many years, Wilson maintained his studio in West Vancouver, producing extraordinary works on commission and for sale, as well as for the benefit of his home community. The focus of this retrospective exhibition is on Wilson's diverse artistic practice with an emphasis on his labour-intensive paintings and carvings, which explore various themes and imagery.

=  March 15 to April 5
     featuring the work of Ali Shahidi -- paintings, ceramics, sculpture, inlay, and coins.
An evening of  Persian Poetry and Music: Tuesday March 31st, 7 - 9:30pm
=  March 16 to May 8 -- The woven tapestries on linen of Hanna Haapasalo; display at M Hall

+++ SILK PURSE +++  www.silkpurse.ca -- March 31-April 12, 2009
"Portraits of Power"
To be able to capture a moment in time that is never going to come again is simply fantastic. Some artists focus on clothing, body language, and expression as they portray people in a realistic style. Parvis Djamtorki's primary focus is on portraiture, using a minimal background to showcase his model, with a special overlay to enhance the mystery and magic of each individual portrait. This is what art is in our culture -- something that feels valid and special to the artist.
Opening Reception: TUESDAY March 31st from 6 - 8pm

To see a list of events: http://kaymeekcentre.com/on_stage/events_calendar
To see the electronic newsletter, the address is http://kaymeekcentre.weebly.com.
Getting onto the mail list: the simplest method is to call the box office (604 913 3634) or email tickets@kaymeekcentre.com
WVSS Presents LoveBites  April 1-3, 7:30pm
Harmony House presents Ensemble Showcase  Friday, April 3 & Saturday, April 4 (7pm)
Movies at the Meek: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly  April 6 & 7, 7:30pm

+++ ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION BRANCH 60, West Vancouver +++
See: http://www.westvan60.com/Images/The%20Torch%20Newsletter%20-%20Winter%202008.pdf
***  The Spring-Summer issue of "The Torch" is now available via Branch 60's website: to view the newsletter, just click the following link for direct access: http://www.westvan60.com/Images/The%20Torch%20Newsletter%20-%20Spring-Summer%202009.pdf
The newsletter is available to any non-member who is interested.  To sign up, please fill in the form at the bottom of the webpage, http://www.westvan60.com/newsletter.html  Please email me at thetorch60@telus.net, if you would like to submit an article, or if you have any questions or comments.
Thank you for your interest.
Best regards,  Janice Mackay-Smith, The Torch

+++ CAROUN PHOTO CLUB +++  Judging: Sat Apr 4
Caroun Photo Club Third Annual Photography Competition 2008
- Allen Bergen: Vice-President of the "Canadian Association for Photographic Art" (CAPA)/President of Richmond Photo Club (RPC)
- Val Davison: Past-President of the "Canadian Association for Photographic Art" (CAPA)
- Betty Andres: Past-President of the "North Shore Photographic Society" (NSPS)
Presentation House Gallery (Anne MacDonald Studio), 333 Chesterfield Ave
This is open to the public; all CPC members are expected to attend.  Three volunteers are needed for the judging.  Please be there at 1pm.
Best regards, Masoud Soheili * www.CarounPhotoClub.com
CAPA: www.CAPAcanada.ca / RPC: www.CAPApac.org/RichmondPC.htm / NSPS: www.nsps.ca
Presentation House Gallery: www.PresentationHouseGall.com
OPERA -- Opera Pro Cantantini at The Cambrian Hall (Welsh Society), 215 E 17th, Vancouver
~ 3pm ~ Sunday Apr 5 - An afternoon of arias and duets from the 19th Century Italian repertoire
Vancouver's only repertoire opera company; see www.operacantini.com and tix are PAY WHAT YOU CAN !
*  BLACKBIRD -- absolutely stunning performances by Russell Roberts and Jennifer Mawhinney -- the most impressive seen so far this year.  Virtually just the two for about an hour and 40 minutes while Mawhinney goes through an incredible range of emotions -- she grimaces, she pleads, she recounts, she cries, she questions, completely in character the whole time.  A gut-wrenching play by David Harrower that has won many awards.  Not one to go to for enjoyment or entertainment.
* Arts Club's The Real Thing ends soon but we love Tom Stoppard's work and there's another, a Canadian premiere, The Invention of Love, at the Jericho Arts Centre, starting April 3rd, Thursday through Sunday, at 8pm.  Tix $12 - $16 with Preview:  Thur April 2nd tickets $6; and Thursday April 9th - Talk back session after the show.  ONLINE RESERVATIONS  or 604 224 8007, ext. 2
.* The Full Monty at the Norman Rothstein Theatre ends this weekend too (950 West 41st Ave at Oak) 604 257 5111.

===  INFObits  ===
+ WV's Gordon Smith wins GG Award
On March 25th, Goveror-General Michaelle Jean presented Gordon Smith with the Governor-General's Award in Visual and Media Arts at Rideau Hall.  Smith turns 90 in June.  Two years ago he won BC's Audain Prize for Lifetime Achievement in recognition of his accomplishments in a career spanning more than 60 years as a painter, sculptor, and printmaker.
Smith will be back on Saturday Mar 28th for the official opening of the new cmnty ctr wch includes a mural installation he made from driftwood, called Beach Tangle.
*  BC RIVERS  (Endangered)
Each year, the Outdoor Recreation Council solicits nominations for BC's Most Endangered Rivers from its member groups, which total close to 100,000 members, as well as from the general public and resource managers from across the province. Submissions are reviewed by a panel of some of BC's best-known river conservationists.
For more detailed information on the twelve rivers listed, please see the endangered rivers backgrounder at www.orcbc.ca
BC's Most Endangered Rivers of 2008;
1.      Flathead River - (proposed coal mine, coalbed methane development)
2.      Kettle River (water extraction, development, power project proposal)
3.      Glacier/Howser Creeks (power project proposal)
4.      Fraser River - (urbanization, industrial development, pollution)
5.      Brohm River (new development, excessive water extraction)
6.      Peace River (hydro-electric dam proposal)
7.      Coquitlam River (excessive sedimentation, urbanization)
8.      Bute Inlet rivers and streams (massive multi-river power project proposal)
9.      Coldwater River and other Thompson River Plateau streams (water extraction, development)
10.     Klinaklini River (power project proposal)
11.     Somass River (prone to drought and low flows)
12.     Elk River (development, increasing selenium levels, wildlife migration issues)
Backgrounder details on each river is found at www.orcbc.ca
For more info, pls contact: Mark Angelo - 604 432 8270; Outdoor Recreation Council - 873-5546

===  Ccl Mtg NOTES March 23rd  ===
Mayor: Welcome.... before approving agenda, invite chair of WV Cmnty Ctrs Service Society, Barbara Brink.
BB: Thank you.  I promised to be back to say what the opening was going to be like, wch of course is in five days.  Recognize close to 5000 ppl there throughout the day.
{outlined events, activities, including opening of the time capsule and new one will be planted.}
Long time coming; looking forward; hope to seeing you all there.
Mayor: Thank you.  Remind you we celebrate Earth Hour Saturday Mar 28, can join millions by turning off lights at 8:30 for at least an hour, light the candles, stay home, support climate change.
We've signed the Climate Action Charter; committed to prov mandate to be Carbon Neutral by 2012.
Move Item 9 to new item 3.1; add to Item 7 report re amended; moving item 10 of Rodgers Crk and item 11 Mulgrave to Consent Agenda as 17.1 and 17.2; and adding to Correspondence item 7.1 and 21.1
SSch: late add'ns to agenda: Correspondence 16.1, and revised B to Bylaw (Five-Financial Bylaw)
2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES  --  March 2, 2009 Regular Council Meeting.
Mayor: I have a small correction on page M (N?) 3, item 4, comments I made about the budget "all of wch have reflect", just cross out "have"; with that correction
3. D. Bickford and J. Morningstar, regarding Spuraway Bus Service  (File:  3294-01)
DB: bus service enormous help; pleasant travelling on a small cmnty bus; helpful when heavy snow
M to F and wondering if possible to have it run on weekends and holidays
Whitby Estates route and Lions Bay route run weekend also
3K live in Woodcroft area; during Olympics wd relieve congestion
Thank you.
JM: on behalf of Spuraway strata ccl here to thank you
started Dec 11 2008 cdn't have been better with heavy snow
taking bus instead of driving, opp to talk with nbrs; service so pleasant
service only during the week and not permanent, wd like permanent and extended to holidays and weekends
events often open on weekends
Spuraway has 350 residents; encourage them to ride bus, growing with devt of Ev Drive; avoid congestion
thank you for the cmnty Spuraway bus service
Mayor: a lot of credit to staff; for shuttle
Sop: thanks and staff, bring back a report
2010 Winter games Strategic Transportation Plan
Brent Dozzi: have brief presentation; planning for two years
so athletes not stuck in traffic
[SLIDES]  Key Strategies {lack of parallelism: integrate reduce provide manage significant}
Plan released to public Mar 11 by VANOC
Slide: Know Before You Go  {//ism NO -- sentence sentence, noun, noun
Slide: West Vancouver's Role {//ism -- great!!!}
3600 vehicle reduction on ULHwy by closing private schools - imagine with public
more frequent transit/bus service
bus priority
Spirit Trail we hope will be completed by end of summer so ppl can ride bikes or walk from LGB
carpool, outside athlete travel hours
WV's Plan //
Sop: give days a week up on Cypress
how 20K+ ppl will go back and forth? ppl meet downtown or in WV
BD: believe Cypress will be operating from the day after the opening to the day before closing, so 12 days
the athletes, media, etc up before we wake up -- coming from SFU and Cap College
Marshalling limited so only two access points
Sop: ticketed and WVites wd hv to have a ticket?
BD: correct
CARRIED (rec'd for information)
4. University of British Columbia [Master's] of Landscape Architecture Studio Partnership (File:  2190-01)
Mayor: an entire class, turning over to Stephen Sheppard and Stephen Jenkins
SJ: a lot of work by students, I'll be time warden
SLIDES  "Retrofitting the Brit Prop for Climate Change"
Landscape Planning for climate solutions in hillside Cmnty
SS: I'm the first instructor; also here, Ellen Pond; Maryam Kashani representing students
17 grad students, cmnty-based studio; help from staff and BPP
in throes of final report, want to show you some highlights
focused on existing built-out area; Rodgers Crk lower
how adapt?
Why Retrofit? [slide] {lack of //ism}
reduce carbon footprints; challenge 80% cut -- how survive that?
How? test for students to figure out "you guys figure it out"
shift in attitudes; engage the cmnty
Local climate change visioning [slide, picture google earth view around Apr 1st -- snowpack for LM].  Shows how it shrinks: 2020
will there ever be another Olympics at Whistler?
Why BPP, quite apart from I live there; many also want to live there
STUDIO GOALS -- lo CAR, Low Carbon
Ellen Pond: run through this quickly, huge work so just a taste
energy transport food and waste, water character; three alternate scenarios for 2050
indiv projects
Slide on Energy Usage -- v high in WV and esp Brit Prop
comparison of carbon emissions
renewable energy -- solar photovoltaics already there red dots
Traffic Pattern, cars in and out of BP -- 92% single-occupancy vehicles
mapping deadends looking at mobility -- hard to get across
large carbon footprint from top of BP to Park Royal
Looked at food origins; looked at where waste is going
food emissions by distance; imported lamb from NZ 14 kilos, less by ship
looked at agricultural opportunities
outdoor pools of the BP; counted ev pool -- ..... {fascinating slide, ~7:40} ... water storage
Micro-hydro: looked at fish habitat areas, potential conflict
Character Zones of the British Property [sic]
looked at private space, streetscapes
looked at areas suitable for infill housing, carriage houses without affecting character of nbrhd
character supported mitigation opportunities -- infill, panels on roof
risks to character due to climate change -- manicured landscapes, water shortage
three scenarios
three strategic plans: complete cmnty (looked at density -- looked at golf course
2) high tech hi performance bldgs, electric cars; resilient -- sacred spaces golf courses and [7:43]
energy cocktail; mix of energy sources; different cocktails for diff nbrhds
$100K Tesla electric sports car
Indiv Projects [described]; Low density dial
a few townhouses, some carriage houses, support better transportation
Maryam Kashani will talk briefly about their house what they shd do for their house
MK: on Palmerston, 3500sf, three residents, father mother and brother
renewable energy sources; in general solar panels, green roofs; future electric
other they can do XXX
overall calculation of carbon footprint
carbon footprint -- travel to Iran once a year three trips a year  reduction 7.5 tons only re travel
normally ppl renovate after 25 yrs; but retrofits pay themselves back
one person looked at a funicular -- [only have to purchase] two props, no houses
SJ: nice to be a student and think outside the box
v gd underground solutions; view of what's possible -- go up 15th
slides of map -- found corridors -- pretty fast funicular
my head's full every time I get together with students; wd hv cost a tone of money; all digital now, good use for planning; can't thank Stephen and students enough, xxxx
Mayor: thx, your efforts
TP: can I recommend sent to Climate Action Group?
SS (Prof): shd have some material by late April
Sop: want to thank you personally, did a little bit of work on CACmte last year
education; problem with tonnage, I have some around my middle
WVites are aware
a couple of things: had to leave props to get back in, not true, there's alignment thx to BPP and we on Ccl recognize this
summation 2012 to meet some expectations, how close are we?
SJ: 2012 is for corporate operations, vehicles, our bldgs, finished inventory last year, will be back later in 2009; FCM partners for XXXX ; hard to get to zero
Sop: all of this shd channel somewhere
Mayor: wd you like
Mayor: motion and then add
TP: Evison
Mayor ME make motion; THAT
1.  Council receive for information the report dated February 24, 2009 from the Manager of Environment and Sustainability and presentation material regarding the findings of the UBC graduate students;
2.  Council request staff to consider the findings and recommendations of the studio for implementation where feasible; and
3.  Council support similar partnerships with academic institutions.
Mayor: and fourthly, refer to Climate Action Cmte
ME: splendid report; privilege to sit in on some projects students were doing
study, ability to look outside the box
what's important is that we capture the info, now use it; one challenge infill housing
Mr Jenkins, you mentioned we may require new bylaws, cd you give an example?
SJ: bldgs required with lower footprints, installation of energy efficient
ME: but that's new construction
SJ: cd do with renovation; Mr Sokol is looking at xxxxx; landscaping another
5. [Five-]Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 4592, 2009 (File: 1610-20-4592/0860-01)
        RECOMMENDED: be introduced and read a first, second, and third time.
{Do hope that more time will be given for the public to read the document -- about 70 pages -- so that it can be reviewed and meaningful comment provided a PUBLIC mtgs.  How about it Council?  Have we four who want to give us time for input?  It doesn't have to be adopted until May 15th so we have more than a month!}
Mayor: I don't have anyone wishing to speak but I may not have the list yet....
David Marley: ... here for this item, fascinated to see Max Nikpay, prez of Brit Prop Homeowners
b/c I'm living near 15th so interested in the funicular
asked Mark to hand out letter submitted today; just want to make reference to some numbers
{Letter presented to Ccl, my bolding; same in subsequent:}
March 23, 2009
Re: DWV operating budget proposed for 2009
...Having taken a temporary leave from the board of the Interested Taxpayers' Action Committee ["ITAC"], I make this submission as an unaffiliated resident-taxpayer of West Vancouver. I do, however, fully subscribe to the views put forward by ITAC representatives here this evening.
You will no doubt recall that during the recent municipal election campaign in West Vancouver there was a great deal of concern expressed by voters (at all candidates' forums, in letters to the editor of our two community newspapers and elsewhere) over the year-after-year continuing increase in the costs associated with operating our District government. On election day, November 15th last, the great majority of voters cast their ballot for one or another candidate who had expressed their sympathy with this concern and their willingness to do something to get these costs under control.
It is no wonder people were, and remain, deeply concerned about the seemingly never-ending rise in the operating costs of government, at all levels, and the concomitant increase in taxes.  According to StatsCan, during the twenty-five years between 1980 and 2005, the median income of Canadians has remained stagnant, at $41,400 [in 2005 constant dollars], while, since 1990, average Canadian household debt has increased by 71%, growing at a rate six times faster than income. During these years, the median income of our poorest residents, mostly senior citizens, apparently fell by in excess of 20%.  All the while, property and other taxes continued to climb as governments failed to get their operating costs under control.
As you will be well aware, in recent months the Western world has been experiencing an economic crisis of a magnitude not seen for many decades, one in which retirement savings for a great many have been decimated, unemployment threatens many more, and businesses, both large and small, are going bankrupt at a fast pace. Informed opinion-makers agree that this situation is likely to get a lot worse before it begins to improve. Given this worrisome economic climate, it is especially incumbent on governments to restrain their spending. However, following historically discredited practice, the federal and provincial governments have each recently chosen to do the opposite. Where does this leave the beleaguered West Vancouver taxpayer?
I understand that the property tax increase proposed by the District of West Vancouver for 2009 is just shy of 3% and, as such, is the lowest among Metro Vancouver municipalities. While this is a good beginning, it does not go far enough in our current straitened circumstances. To my mind, the number to focus on is the District's proposed 4% increase in operating costs. I am reliably informed that this amount is in excess of the District's average increase in operating costs over the past three years. If so, this is a "status quo" budget, not one that acknowledges the reality which faces those who must carry the financial burden.
Apparently, at a meeting held last March 4th, the District's director of finance advised that in order to keep West Vancouver property taxes from increasing this year, some $1.5 million would have to be trimmed from the proposed budget for 2009. I understand that the operating portion of the proposed budget is $61,442,294. If this be so, a reduction of $1.5 million represents less than 2.5% of the proposed budget.  Any senior manager worthy of the title ought to be able to find such cost-savings.
Many, if not most, resident-taxpayers of West Vancouver are facing a much greater reduction in their family's "operating budget" this year, and perhaps for a number of years to come. I respectfully suggest that Council acknowledge this fact and instruct municipal staff to revise the District's proposed operating budget downward such that no property tax increase will take effect this year. Not only will such action demonstrate empathy with the plight of the taxpayers, it will show leadership to others in government and will be consistent with the will of the West Vancouver electors, as clearly expressed last November 15th.
Yours sincerely,
David O. Marley
Mayor: next is Mr Orr Ewing
AE: My name is Alecker [sp? that's what I heard; maybe Allister] Ewing
here to present an overview on proposed capital spending plan on behalf of ITAC
signif changes in the economic world wch the proposed budget and capital plan [seem not] to recognize
refer to article in VSun by Henry Enchin Thurs Mar 19 on civic budgets stresses five major points: cut spending; introduce zero-based budgeting; use benchmarks; keep taxes low, and encourage investment
of particular interest is that the CAO and Dir/Finance stated all of these impossible at Mar 2nd mtg
suggest Ccl and voters pay particular attention to consolidated reports of the proposed budget, in particular pages 62 to 99, the 2009 work programs section
A brief view wd suggest over 60% of the items that staff wd progress with during 2009 are non-core services or potential make-work programs, that are totally out of sync with the severe economic downturn
For example {almost unintelligible but sounded like some words with byway quotes at end}, reality such as the growing skill shortage -- I don't think that exists -- quote: a new prog to encourage employee retention -- I wd strongly suggest that anyone who has a job right now, particularly in the city is going to keep it.
wrt the capital plan going from $31M in 2009 to $25M in 2010 and $13M in 2011
as there are no contingency budgets for revenue shortfall, I wd suggest that smoothing out the capital spending prog until the economic climate is more predictable wd be a wise thing to do.
This has two potential benefits: larger cash reserve for emergency spending, assuming the funding elements are not also reduced, and it indicates to the taxpayers and voters there's some recognition by staff to the economics of 2009 and potentially in the future
As an example, and there are many to choose from, spending on computers and ofc equipment -- within a five-year time period, taxpayers will have paid out $7,500 per employee, that includes temporary workers, to update computers and new ofc furnishings
A further example is that of replacing vehicles.  The present budget identifies three hybrid and one biodiesel vehicle.  This is exemplary and I'm sure will win many awards for staff and Council, however a quick review of Auto Trader and newspaper advertisements will show cost savings of 30 - 50% are available if conventional vehicles are purchased.  If the awards put aside, other options become available.  The most viable one is use of employee-owned vehicles on a mileage or daily [basis], leasing or buying all vehicles from a common supplier.
In summary,
I wd submit the statement Mar 4 by the CAO and I quote: "the 2009 budget has been cut to the bone, there is no fat left" is patently untrue and basically is irresponsible.
I wd strongly suggest that staff research the definition of both fat and bone, and perhaps skin as well.
Thank you.
Garrett Polman:  from ITAC; Scott Hean sends his regrets
Your Worship, Councillors and Staff, good evening.  I am Garrett Polman [...]. 
Thank you for this opportunity for ITAC, the Interested Taxpayers' Action Committee, to present its views.  Unfortunately Scott Hean, our president who was going to make our presentation, was called away on urgent business and sends his regrets.  
ITAC is an advocacy group of professionals with significant managerial and financial experience.  Our objectives are to foster public awareness of the District's financial issues and to provide advice to Council in its complex fiscal role.
We are in the worst economic crisis since the 1930s.  We see construction cutbacks everywhere and shuttered shops in Ambleside and Dundarave.  Even before the current economic crisis median income of our seniors plummeted by 30%.  The wealth destruction of pensions, houses and investments affects people's ability to pay.  Governments and corporations the world over are responding to revenue losses by reducing expenses.  Victoria is sharply paring back its executive staff, and school boards, and BC Hydro were told to shave 3% off their administrative expenses.
But how is West Vancouver responding?
The 2009 Budget (on p. 32) states, and I quote: "The short-term impact of the recession on District finances may be relatively minor=8A."   It then goes on to say that, "restraint...in spending...is warranted."
Both statements are extraordinary.  The first assumes a short recession followed by a robust recovery.  This is contrary to virtually all economic forecasts which call for a slow, multi-year recovery, in which case the impact on the District is NOT going to be minor and is NOT going to be short-term.  Secondly, if expense restraint is warranted, where is it?  The budget projects an INCREASE of 5.33% including a 4% increase for operating expenses.  That is HIGHER than the average budget increases over the last four years. 
In West Vancouver we suffer from a [Lamborghini] syndrome.  We have the highest per capita costs in Metro Vancouver and the highest ratio of staff to residents.  Two major core services cost 35% or more per capita compared to our North Shore neighbours.  Our Library is 50% more expensive.  And why does it need a 7% increase when its major output-items in circulation-is virtually flat over the last five years?   Yet staff say our expenses are already shaved to the bone and that savings are unrealistic.  But when you drive a Lamborghini and claim you cannot find savings=8A..well, of course you can find a less expensive car.  Anyone with experience in budgeting will tell you that if you're off the charts, you can always find savings. 
ITAC recommends the following:
First, reduce expenses so as to effect a ZERO increase in property taxes and a ZERO increase in user fees.
Second, implement a firm staffing freeze and take a tougher line with remuneration of non-contract staff.
Third, adopt a zero-based budget approach for 2010.  We need benchmarks for core services and use those to determine where we can become more efficient.  Why does it take nine months to do a budget that much larger organizations complete in five?
Fourth, test the revenue projections.  For example, several recent budgets have projected too much tax income.  Our budget assumes a 25% decline in developers' fees.  But the city of Vancouver is experiencing a 60% decline.  Furthermore, is our interest income projection right when short-term rates are near zero?   And is a 10% increase in fee income realistic when people are cutting back?
In last fall's campaign all members of this Council ran on platforms that included more fiscal responsibility.   [Sixty per cent] of voters voted for mayoral candidates who had made fiscal restraint their key issue.  We had a wide open election with multiple choices and healthy public debates.  We need Council to push for what you promised during the election.   When the [Lamborghini] guys tell you No we can't, tell them YES WE CAN.
Thank you. 
CR: Thank you for this opportunity.  Sorry, I didn't get time to type things out -- family obligations; Carolanne Reynolds, Editor of West Van Matters -- but I've jotted down a few things that I hope you will consider.
It is a challenge to go to zero per cent but I know last year the Finance Cmte was talking about a budget with the scenario that was minus 5% and minus 10% to see what wd happen.  Unfortunately at the input mtg, or the Mar 2nd mtg, they [meaning staff or Ccl] said they cdn't do that.  It might take too much time to do the zero, five, and ten, but perhaps you cd do zero and 5%.  The cost of living I understand right now is just over 1%, so we wonder about a 3% increase that you've got here and for some salaries.  I never did get an answer to my question last May of why in the IT Dept, the average increase in salaries was 9%.
I also -- there are some other things we want more details -- I also noticed that at the Cmnty Ctr announcement, and we have an excellent Communications Dept, was outsourced and a private company was paid to do the press release.  Why was this?
{why not use inhouse? why pay extra? and I forgot to ask then, how much the private company was paid.}
I asked last year also if there were guidelines for the tendering process, so that you cd make sure that you got a competitive bid.  We know of some xx things that went out for bid that were for about a $1M, but they didn't go out for tendering.
{clumsily said; what is meant that some contracts have been awarded that did not go out to tender to get competitive bids with the obvious risk of overpaying.}
So I think looking at the tendering policies wd help lower your costs.
The CAO mentioned re-organization and that it wd be explained.  Really great, but it wd be really appreciated if the CAO cd make that explanation [about] re-organization perhaps at a ccl mtg so we can all hear it-- and perhaps putting it on the web[site].
I spent a lot of time on Friday trying to find the budget on the web[site].  You have to go through several clicks before you can even find it.
{UPDATE: Budget 2009 must have been put on the DWV homepage Monday Mar 23, b/c I saw when checking after the mtg}
ah I also asked last year and wd like to ask again this year for the salaries that are reported.  I know they don't have to be reported till June but b/c the T4s have to be in the end of February, you shd hv an idea of the salaries for 2008 to see how they're comparing now.
{For the salaries for 2007, pls see WVM2008-25 on www.westvan.org}
So I think I support the other ppl who said that zero-based budgeting -- I've been asking for that for many years, and ...time... you don't have to do that every year but you shd at least do it at one point so that you get that base to go on from.
So my main question is, I think we shd be given more opportunity and time, it's a 70-page booklet {budget}.  It's a lot to look at, and I think the citizens wd v much appreciate more time for looking it over and reviewing it, and helping you, giving some ideas and recommendations to try to keep the taxes down.  I know that there are many ppl on fixed incomes now, and they've talked to me.  It's not just that their pensions are fixed while other ppl's incomes go up, but a lot of ppl in this cmnty have invested their money to supplement their pensions and with the loss of stocks and bonds, there are many ppl suffering who wdn't even have thought about asking.  I've also had ppl say, "I don't want to get up and speak and make it look as if I can't afford to pay my taxes, wd you pls do it."
Thank you.
{See my comments and further questions at PQP at end of mtg re the budget b/c the public is not allowed to speak once Ccl starts to discuss an item.}
Mayor: All right.  No further mbrs of public wishing to speak. I'll turn this over to the CAO for some introductory comments.
CAO:  You have a budget before you reflecting 1.57% increase in operating costs of the budget year 2008
We have accommodated contractual salary increases to our Police, Fire, and other civic workers wch on average is over 3.5%
This budget also takes into account the $1.2M overexpenditure for snow removal no one had predicted for this year
In less than a year, City [sic] Hall has experienced an almost total change in its senior mgmt staffing.  We have a new Fire Chief, a new Police Chief, a new Dir/Planning, a new Dir/Parks, a new Dir/Engg, a new Deputy, a new CAO
{the Deputy CAO is not only new, it's a new position}
We do have a new way of operating [Municipal] Hall.
We are moving in a different direction and we certainly taking a hard look at how we prepare our budgets and how moving forward and we operate
tell you v clearly we do have a new way of looking; moving in a new direction
clearly demonstrate biz acumen to run this org efficiently
Such changes in normal circumstances wd hv an enormous impact on productivity; staff worked hard to cut; congratulate staff -- lowest in region
saving achieved by changes Ccl approved last fall, .....  in late fall Ccl approved these changes to reduce costs of administration
currently all discretionary spending has been severely curtailed, xxx
other cost cutting and savings...
staff freeze; hirings personally reviewed by [me]
snow removal a challenge; known to Fire Chief directed to stay within his budget
staff have risen to the challenge, budget to reflect hard fiscal realities of today
Over the past two months, staff have worked hard and long hours of Ccl reviewing this budget
{that's what he said, heard word OF, cdn't quite make it a sentence}
and I am pleased to say ev mbr of Ccl has stated their support of this budget during those meetings

does this mean Ccl held closed mtgs on the budget???
If Ccl supports this budget, are the public's views therefore irrelevant and extraneous?
No wonder at the introduction of the budget it was said three readings wd be at the next ccl mtg!  We're not really needed.  or wanted?
Why allow those pesky residents time to look over the material and suggest cuts and efficiencies?
One subscriber told me there are cuts but in some areas operating costs up over 6%.
We do need the month of April to go over the information so that practical recommendations can be made.
What's the harm?  Only beneficial if cuts can be implemented -- or, as I say, more sources of revenue found.  The news reports all companies/organizations tightening their belts.  Another notch wd help.
What about ITAC/Ewing's examples?
Cclr Lewis was a mbr of ITAC and I understand backed by them -- what cuts/efficiencies has he suggested and/or was he ignored?}

but more importantly, this budget reflects an ongoing strategy wch will move this District into a much more accountable org with performance management
{great part of the booklet -- aims, record of what achieved}
will be accomplished through Strategic Planning process
now embarking on a structured strategic planning initiative; will engage our cmnty and hold both Ccl and staff accountable
method we will be implementing the balanced score card; performance measurements, financial outcomes and human issues; more comprehensive view of an org, helps act in best long-term interest
such measurements will include creation of biz plans for all new initiatives to drive strategy and execution
will clarify, make strategy operational; identify and align, link budget with strategy
will where warranted we will take a look at zero-based budgeting where applicable,
{good, but warranted everywhere!}
conduct annual strategic performance reviews to learn about improved strategy
budget reflects austere times; world has changed, this budget demonstrates our action to rein in spending
over years District sound fiscal mgmt, congratulate past staff and past Ccls for this; our M is virtually unique in BC having no property tax supported debt
a prime beneficiary of this foresightedness by both prev Ccls nd Staff, has been the construction of our new cmnty ctr, built entirely through combination of reserve funds and lease with Vancouver Coastal Health
We have changed...2009 sets the stage for wch M will move forward in an efficient and comprehensive manner, and cmnty will have trust in the biz and financial acumen of the M and staff and we will be able to bring to our cmnty, common vision together as we continue to address challenges we face.
Mayor: intro before turning it over to Cclr Sop to move...
this is Ccl's first budget.  We've invested hours as a group, working with staff and with one another

{but apparently NOT with the Finance Cmte, nor with the ratepayer/cmnty groups or public.....}

 to teambuild but also to bring forward a 2.95% increase for public debate and consideration
This budget process has enabled Ccl to learn about the organization and staff to hear Ccl's common expectation that the Corp needs to be ready to partner, need to leverage dollars from senior levels of govt, all need to be ready to change the way we do biz; know first job is to create a strategic plan...
all cclrs ... wch are: reducing energy use and solid waste: developing taxpayer-owned properties to increase revenue, relocation of museum to play a stronger role in the economy of Ambleside, piloting alternative forms of housing, partnering in policy initiatives,

{when did you hear about the relocation of the museum? and on the priority list?}

without being able to test those, brought forward a barebones budget wch assumes strategic plan (beginning in April) informs the next budget
way we see future of WV, not past
have taken immediate action to restructure the Corp.... better performance
we have required Fire Dept to manage its overtime budget
have kept rec fees current but introduced a super seniors' fee for those over 75
have made signif cuts but stopped short of closing facilities; cd go there if beyond what we're proposing
targeting investment senior govts, matching dollars for child care spaces, Amb sewer upgrade, Montizambert Crk filtration
at lunch with the the Premier today, he talked about necessity for long-term planning and challenges for politicians, not getting sidetracked by short-term fixes
I believe in this Ccl, the executive team, and I believe in our common desire to plan for the long term
First quarter achievement for this Ccl, in Lower Mainland we're coming in with the lowest increase
treat local govt as biz units and having performance measures in place by fall; we meet twice a month instead of every Monday to maximize staff efficiency
We're keen to diversify our tax base
WGs are focused
want to plan for next hundred years; what we need to let go of
tonight we're tackling assumptions local govt has been founded upon
don't think it's easy; turn over to Sop to introduce the budget bylaw
Sop: thank you... in light of submissions this evening wch came on table
bright minds, aid in making decisions
I wd ask and move introduced a first and second time
Sop: info from public v imp to all of us; ran on financial stability and visioning
some years v tough, saw ups and downs
this year quite different; new mgr taken issue with restructuring; firm understanding of close to the line this year; major impact sust and tax and other things
for my part, envision our opps, in line with ITAC and others who want to see us do due diligence; certainly going to be motivated Apr at Wosk Ctr to bring in ... at least to 2021, long beyond my time; realistic fundamentals
I don't discount anything ITAC or any other individ in this audience has presented
I want time to see if we can accomplish what was said
this year $86, $7 a month might be difficult for some as a tax increase; assure you it's the philosophy around it, how we do it year to year
this year I've seen more openness by staff in the delivery of what they need
seen Ccl attitude far more interested than in past
resiliency to say we have strategic planning... want opp
can't be done overnight cutting here and there
want to read; info submitted will have an opp another mtg before third reading for final remarks
ME: what Madam Mayor and what our CAO said, reflects what I felt since on Ccl
we've been v diligent; a lot of time, effort, and thought
appreciate comments ITAC has made, I'll take opp to read through; may be some I agree with and some I don't agree with
v easy to be clinical when you're sitting with the budget -- diff between gen public and us, we're able to be much more subjective, also looking staff in eye, instead of piece of paper of line of figures
allowed me to fully support comments made, and not to be critical of comments ITAC made, but we've been able to join clinical with subjective
came up with fair and lowest in MetroVancouver
TP: want to support what Cclr Ev and Sop have already stated
interesting process to go through
there are some things I'm just not prepared to do if we have to keep cutting: have Library closed, rec facilities closed, impacts on srs' ctr,

{you believe that?? as if the only choices!  Maybe she hasn't listened to budget discussions in past -- they always bring up closing the Library, etc, wch no one has suggested and no one wants to do.
It's the regular 'budget blackmail'.}

until we have gone through a long range strategic plan; then we'll have a much better idea of what this cmnty prepared to pay for and not
just come to conclusion of ten-year recreational master plan, fabulous, wch I feel cmnty supported -- with no debt remarkable
that does and will affect our operating budget, need to be looking at that
{yup; and we kept asking but the projects went far over plan's estimates as did the operating budgets; at ADRA's insistence got confirmation of estimate of op costs of new cmnty ctr as $250K but now we learn it's at least twice that at est $500K.}
imp we understand ramification of the life cycle cost of those facilities
looking at energy efficiency and management -- an area I ran on in the campaign
interesting for me, the Aq Ctr, highly valued, in this year requires a quarter mill ($) a year just to create the energy to keep that bldg going, that's what cmnty wants -- maybe look at how change that.  It also produces 40% of the greenhouse gas emissions and those are issues we need to be addressing; we need to save energy
opp to save energy; build on what past Ccls have done in providing facilities
am sure there'll be opps; we do have to have a balanced budget
I believe this is a responsible budget
not prepared to look at any cuts in infrastructure, wd be short term; also not decreasing small amt of money we give to cmnty groups, Streamkeepers, Foreshore Preservation, Old Growth Conservancy -- what they do to leverage and build partnerships and have things like have salmon return to a creek like Lawson and haven't seen it in 40 years, or to build up a beach and restore it -- already adaptation for climate change
{As if anyone wd suggest cutting to those groups wch do volunteer work we don't have to pay for!}
ML: my first formal budget as a cclr; as mbr of FCmte had opp to go through the budget cycle last year
like many others I ran on a platform that included fiscal responsibility and oversight
won't pretend to be naive enough to think that we wd get to where I believe we need to be in one year
had some expectations and goals; simply I phrased it as wanted to look my nbr in the eye and say you're getting the best value you can for your tax dollar
irrespective of the service suite that we offer, that's a decision for the citizenry to make
want delivery in most cost-effective manner possible
we have made steps, compared with my involvement in FCmte prev year
believe do need to have some things in place to get where we need to be
am v strong proponent of zero-based budgeting or equiv system
needs to be inherent motivation to look for efficiencies
really find incremental approach that traditionally govt budgets upon doesn't foster that
plsd to hear, we've had lots of discussion, CAO and I, we're moving in that direction, certainly other jurisdictions have embarked on this recently with some success; City of Edmonton moving in that direction
This budget cycle needs to be such so that in place and approved in Dec and if not, early January
We're sitting here in March, darn near a third of the year is gone

{As he says, he was on the FCmte last year and the stated aim around June was that -- approval aimed for end of December -- so why did it not happen?  If not accountable, wdn't an explanation be helpful?  b/c we're hearing the same this year and maybe if we learn what went wrong last year, those delays/barriers to hitting the target might be avoided for the 2010 budget--

incremental impact staggering -- looking at an eight- or nine-month implementation as opposed to full twelve months
Another: engagement of Ccl in this budgetary; Ccl must be more pro-active so that when staff is working on the budget not sort of trying to come back with what they think Ccl wants to hear but really are responding to the direction Ccl are providing to staff
think we can do a much better job of that in the June timeframe in getting info to staff
other things I see that personally bothered me, this Ccl inherited pre-made decisions around certain labour costs going into 2009, that we really didn't have an opp to have input to
found that disappointing, unavoidable
another thing really critical, on a monthly basis, I really believe I wd like to see our DirFin briefly do a verbal report on the state of the budget, actual to forecast, any deviations beyond a certain agreed to percentage, and what remedial actions might be taken; that wd go a long way to showing diligence toward the budget process
think we're going to get key performance indicators and service capacity reviews
can't look at strategic planning as a panacea around budgeting and fiscal mgmt, but think it will provide direction
the underlying tenets for creating and managing respective of.... strategically
MS: I think the stewardship of public money is the essence of what this Ccl shd be doing; something I feel strongly about
want to sound positive; have a great deal of faith in Mr McRadu not just b/c sitting beside me and he might kick me, but he and his new team, exciting, a positive step forward
have some cautionary points I think need to be made
As Cclr Lewis said, we've tried to get this early budget wrapped up by the end of the year; my fourth budget, still haven't got anywhere
my concern, think we're putting a lot of faith strategic plan, something magical is going to happen between now and the fall, lead us to promised land of budgeting
four years and we haven't been able to get there; and a lot of storm clouds on horizon, economic situation going to get worse before better
our biggest costs Police and Fire; in last ten years Vancouver CPI has gone up 20% and yet Police labour costs have gone up 34.5%, and Fire labour costs 35.6%
my concern here is that we can't control those
under 1995 Police and Fire Services Collective Bargaining Act, can't negotiate an agreement, automatically goes to arbitration, a recipe for continuing increasing costs
ev M faces that; we have to try to be a leader in finding a path through the maze, otherwise increases above inflation as they have been for last ten years
The budget calls for an increase 5.3% in spending
what's action plan addressing that for 2010 budget?
spent a lot of time on Fiscal Tax Force and FCmte and asked repeatedly to review these progs and services, don't want to drill down how many boxes of paper clips
but think each dept head shd come before this Ccl and explain the money they need to run the progs and services in their dept so Ccl can approve budget ev year
there is more than $1.3M for cultural services, don't think anybody on Ccl's got a clue where that money is going
who measures who decides what's politically correct to get funding -- need to know;  no idea decision criteria
new revenue sources we have to find; one thing is real estate and in four years we haven't been able; can't even get rid of firehall prop in HBay; potential source of revenue
$31M of capital expenditure being approved this year and given lip service at best to reviewing those projects
and we've got $3.2M coming out of the Endowment Fund and $3.1M out of the capital facilities funds --  how can anybody approve those till you see how much money is in the fund?
does $3.2M take us below the threshold?
we need those facts on the table; need to review capital projects with a real magnifying glass -- a lot of money, $31M in 2010; so anyway glad we're taking more time on this budget, rushed
it's number 5 on a 21-item agenda
to me important issue; think it deserves an evening of debate on its own, strictly by itself
SW: last to speak, reiterating; an inordinate of work by staff, with four new cclrs and mostly all new senior staff, pretty steep learning curve for all of us
found pretty collaborative and refreshing; think we're pretty well all on the same path
in an ideal world, fabulous zero-based budget coming in
with newness of all of us, I look at this as a transitional budget; have to engage in strategic plan and figure out where we're going; where priorities; do have to look at alternative sources of revenue
have to look at densification, at attracting biz to our cmnty, and educational facilities
can't have burden primarily on prop owner, unrealistic
hoping through strategic planning process hope not road to nowhere,
hope so Sept and pass in December
can't imagine in my biz passing in April when already gone through first quarter
also difficult when four new cclrs in December and first ccl mtg Dec 15 to get anything accomplished
excited about this, a zero-based budget -- do we want to close the Lib and the cmnty ctr on stat holidays; intrinsic questions to residents
small percentage increase we're proposing think ppl wd rather have access than see those things closed

{a) think she means zero-increase budget and that that wd mean closing the Library, etc; both incorrect}

Mayor: not unusual to go round a second time
Sop: hear what Cclr and others have said
don't discount we're not aware have to take some issues how we receive info and procedures we go through
fact is we're doing steps here; we have concerned citizens
can't discount before us except for Mr Laing and Ms Scholes an entire new body of ppl v intent on bringing to us some change
oh, I'm sorry Mr Fung, you've been around for some time as well
intent on some change; Mr McRadu restructuring; going to be impact
guarantee in strategic planning find efficiencies, direct impact
am sure cost efficiencies wch will have an impact
you two on the Finance Cmte -- never received it before
don't recall a report before from Finance Cmte that ever gave us some solid direction; want to peruse what others have said here
MS: want to point out to Cclr Sop has access to my wisdom at ev ccl mtg
Sop: and it's v good I might add
ME: not to contradict Cclr Smith, whatever detail I wanted on part of budget, always made available; prepared to spend time
if I asked Dir/Fin or Dir/Engg; always available to me and all mbrs of Ccl
I'm not pretending I've been through ev sgl line and I can answer ev question; issues I knew a little about; went to source info was there and shared freely

{maybe they're different topics.  ME is a landscaper, had a landscaping biz, so maybe that's his interest.  Some cclrs and citizens have complained to me about not getting info.  I've asked questions and not received the info as you read from what I said above.  It took a couple of years to get a list of all municipally-owned property and finally it was given to me by the former Dir of Engg.  Some cclrs didn't have a copy!}

Mayor: staff credit for attacking three main depts that drive this budget: Police, Fire, and Parks/CmntyServices
we're the only cmnty WV and two NVs to have commissioned an overview of Police, in camera to be made public in spring; precisely to understand efficiencies b/c of imperatives from sr levels of govt
we've been grappling Fire, with O/T and Ccl has said must manage within budget set
wrt Cmnty Ctr we've devolved to a non-profit society; smaller govt and good govt
leading in those three key areas
not entirely fair to say not got there with strategic plan b/c didn't have the will on prev Ccls never got there, in spite of feeling of some of it; we did talk about housing, parks/cmnty services, making headway
point of strategic Plan citizen-driven beliefs to do a better job; will mean govt looks diff
cmnty can see diff points of view
hope see v cmnty-minded ppl, stewardship of dollars, cmnty value of what those dollars representive
massive change, carefully, prudently
think we take more time next Monday to think about what we've heard from one another and hear from cmnty
tyvm, good beginning
6. Special Council Meeting
Special Council Meeting be scheduled for Monday, March 30 at 7pm
7. Remedial Action for Excavation at 856 Anderson Crescent (File: 1605-07)
RECOMMENDED/MOVED: THAT Council [consider] that the excavation located on the Property at 856 Anderson Crescent, West Vancouver, and legally described as Lot 5, block 3, DL 1048, Plan 6735 (the "Property") creates an unsafe condition that poses a significant risk to the safety of both person on the Property and to person on adjoining properties;
AND THAT Council therefore [resolve] that within 30 days of receiving a copy of this resolution, the owner of the Property is required to:
1.  Extend the existing Lock Block wall into the northwest corner of the excavation and backfill with excavated soil. The soil backfill should extend from the top of the Lock Block wall to the top of the scarp at a slope angle not greater than 1V:1H(45=BA);
2.  Remove the remnant piece of rock and concrete wall resting on the gas line. Provide protection to the exposed portion of the gas line as recommended by Terasen Gas;
3.  Extend existing portions of the soil backfill up to the base of the concrete staircase;
4.  On the north wall of the excavation, cut back the slope in the soil above the very dense, grey till-like soil horizon to not greater than 1V:1H (45=BA);
5.  Completely cover the west, north and east walls of the excavation with polyethylene sheeting;
6.  Install suitable works to intercept and collect surface water flowing down the driveway at 866 Anderson Crescent such that it cannot flow into the excavation;
7.  Position the existing steel fence such that it is setback a minimum of 1 metre from the crest (top of scarp) of the excavation;
8.  Maintain the existing lighting and signage;
9.  Block pedestrian access to the concrete staircase;
10.   [Hire a] registered professional geotechnical engineer [to monitor] the stability of the excavation on a biweekly basis.
{Let's hope those reports have to provided to the District biweekly as well.  Nope, not added.}
8. March 23, 2009 Strategic Planning Update (File: 0270-07)
RECOMMENDED: THAT Council support the outline of deliverables and attendant schedule for Strategic Planning as presented in the Deputy CAO's report of March 23, 2009.
{Important for residents to read this.}
BL, Dep/CAO: Slide of End to End process; outline of where we're going
[SW made motion]
Sop: when mission and goal are set
wd it foster townhall mtgs or strictly online form feedback?
BL: key goals May, June, Wosk and in the cmnty
committed to a stringent timeframe but don't want to shortchange
if need to have four mtgs with public we'll do that
in discussions with Mayor, all looked at how busy we all are; spirit of dialogue
we're watching a generation; moving to a much more interactive
high level of goals or move down to strategies
moving to survey xxx, not a couple of hundred, a thousand
exchange and dynamic; bring it into their homes
high level financial plan
two of the.. raised tonight
as biz-like as possible
Sop: shows in profiling that the five-yr cap and three-yr op in Dec
we'll be looking for initiatives through strategic plan to aid us
bridging for Dec; say to Mr Laing -- going to be missing a whole year?
BL: idea wd b ... into next year already; better be tucked away by Sept
Sop: after set goals, Mr Laing will have opp
BL: well before
ML: I'm concerned we're excluding a large section on the Web; ppl who don't participate electronically
BL: through CEC cmte; heavy consultation, heavy delivery phase
will continue to invent how to get out to cmnty
Mayor: housing and dog
if ... enough ppl participate
huge proponent of e-govt
huge success with e-policing easy way to become informed
want to drive this, doesn't mean exclusively
coming out of Wosk; WG mbrs and all xxx
if six good questions, sure cmnty will respond
TP: with public outreach July and August you will be going out but a lot of ppl will not be here
BL: I'll travel anywhere
9. 2010 Olympic Games Transportation Plan (File: 0155-07) -- update be received for information.

10. Development Permit Application No. 09-008 for Area 2 of Rodgers Creek (2600 block Chippendale Road) (File: 1010-20-09-008)
-- received for information.
11. Development Permit Application No. 09-010, 2330 Cypress Bowl Lane (Mulgrave School, Early Learning Centre) (File: 1010-20-09-010)
     Council Report from the Senior Urban Design Planner, dated March 10, received for information.

Mayor: 9 dealt with; 10 and 11 on Consent Agenda

12.  Update on Terms of Reference for a Social Action Plan Working Group  (File: 0117-20-CGNS/0117-20-SOCA)
1.  The development of a Terms of Reference for the Social Action Plan Working Group be deferred to 2010 pending completion of the District's Strategic Planning process in 2009;
2.  The "Blueprint for Social Responsibility and Change" be included as background in the District's Strategic Planning Process.
Sop: over a year's worth of work; Ms Mooi, wch I sat on; good work
not prudent unless some strategic planning along with it
social initiatives extremely important; how foster sustainability
we do have needs in this cmnty; if prov govt falls short then incumbent upon us that domain
Mayor: not only about delivering social services; also special spaces
plsd will inform dialogue on Apr 1st
we're sort of doing that
Srs fighting for bus -- know M will provide bus, they have to provide $200K
digging up lawn  :-)
huge xxxx
see how far it takes us
ME: for greater emphasis; great blueprint, commend you; a lot of recommendations; between now and WG; a lot can and shd be done; encourage following through on those points
13. North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues Review of 2008 Committee Work and 2009 Workplan and Budget (File: 0180-18-06)
1.  The North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues 2009 Workplan be approved; and
2.  The budget request for a one third share ($4,200) of the total budget ($12,600) be approved utilizing existing funds within the Grants in Aid budget (the funds of which have already been provisionally allocated in the draft 2009 Budget).
ME: I serve on this cmte, v operational cmte, gets out into the cmnty looks...at shops, street crossings, etc terrific work, v active group; just completed 2009 workplan
14. Management of Single-Use/Disposable Shopping Bags (File:  0190-09-01)
1.  Council informs [sic] the Ministry of Environment and Metro Vancouver that the District of West Vancouver supports an Extended Producer Responsibility program for the management of disposable shopping bags; and
2.  whereas the Retail industry has voluntarily committed to a 50% reduction in the use of disposable shopping bags over the next 5 years, Council supports Metro Vancouver's education and outreach initiatives designed to encourage this goal.
TP: wd like to support producer responsibility and back on consumer b/c has choice
get away from disposable society we live in
Cdns ev year; 55M plastic bags; keep out of landfills
Sop: 600,000 tons to Cache Crk; to Washington State?
new ways of doing things
I use them for garbage -- get a cloth bag, why cost to taxpayer
govt say here's alternatives; at least put initiatives
have to be cautious about these tings
my mother rolls them up and puts them in a drawer and when I'm there making dinner ...
Mayor: major demolition and woodwaste
RF: Vancouver thinking of zero-waste challenge
woodwaste, demolitions and landclearing, organics as well
WV will be participating; go out to public
if Ccl wants a staff report, plsd to do so
15. Delegation Bylaw No. 4580, 2008, Amendment Bylaw No. 4591, 2009 (File:  1610-20-4591)
        This bylaw received three readings at the March 2, 2009 meeting.
16. Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
17. 2009 Appointments to Working Groups (File: 0117-01) -- received for information.
{Unfortunately DWV has put this up in a way that I can't copy and paste but since I think you'd like to know, I'll type them in here for you:
Climate Action: Matt Alexander, Nora Gambiola, Malcolm Metcalfe, Freda Pagani, Michael Rosen, Adrian Rowland, Stephen Sheppard, Walter Thorneloe
Field Sports Forum: Mary Jo Campbell, Bill Drake, Ken McGovern, Doug Quinville, Leesa Reid, Sheri Shepard, Mark Steven
Measuring Up: Frank Kurucz
Spirit Trail: Sue Bunten, Rick Gregory, Caroline Helbig, David Jardine, Alissa Reder, William Miles, Alan Smith, Bart Copeland}
{Mayor asked what to be withdrawn from Consent Agenda
Others named 17.1 for area two of RCrk; 17.2 DPA Mulgrave}
Mayor: and item 18?
ME: item 18
Mayor: so 1 and 2, 10, 14, and 15
ME: 17.1 for discussion
as far as landscaping is concerned; perhaps BPP take responsibility for the installation the landscaping of boulevards and creekside, and the public areas that are the resp of the devpr, as opposed to what happened in past; indiv resp for some
Mayor: Mr Sokol re process
Sokol: info item, staff received this application; staff reviewing, public, coming back to Ccl
Mayor: will Cclr Ev have opp to address his concern then?
Sokol: absolutely
Mayor: item 17.2
Sop: 17.1
It's my understanding, process here, seen presentations by BPP, tremendous amt of work on roadways and blvds, second to none, as far as I can remember back
we all want perfection and move along with that
BPP never left owners to do that road network on the side; always done it, above and beyond the call of duty
{er, um}
Mayor: 17.2
SW: have to recuse myself for conflict; my daughter at Montessori
Sop: again will come to us as Devt Permit?
Sokol: yes; simply an info item; will go for  public mtg, then bck to Ccl
Sop: a school cdn't go forward elsewhere, a pre-school initiative, part of our child care?
Mayor: Montessori losing space in one location, partnering with Mulgrave; accept that since Cclr Walker out of room
18. Correspondence List (File:  0120 24)
Correspondence received up to February 27, 2009
1.  February 21, 2009, regarding West Vancouver Police Department
        Referred to Acting Chief Constable for consideration and response.
{This is an interesting letter.  Look forward to the answer when it appears in "Responses to Questions" soon.}
(10) Undated, regarding Concerns about Property Development
        Referred to Director of Planning, Lands. and Permits for consideration and response.
{Again, awaiting for answer in Responses and wd be interesting to know where this was, all trees removed leaving mounds of rocks.}
ME: a lady concerned about trees, rock; may have address so I can look at it
Mayor: so you can look at it yourself?
(11) March 4, 2009, regarding Policing Costs and Effectiveness
{Hm.  Well, IMO, this merits a response so don't understand why for "receipt only" unless they decide to forward it to the WVPD for reply.  The writer quotes the Globe and Mail, Feb 28 pS3: "according to these figures, the NV RCMP produced a lower crime rate in 2007 at 44% of the per capita cost of the WV Police."}
(14) B. Sokol, Director of Planning, Lands and Permits, February 27, 2009, regarding Update on the Status of the Fisherman's Cove Fuel Barge
TP: still in holding pattern?
Sokol: yes, expecting report this week and add'l report in April so we can determine current status
reviewing info of someone willing to provide fuelling
hope final agreement with Imperial Oil so can provide...
he's having problems with current owner
(15) A. Mooi, Director of Parks and Community Services, March 6, 2009, regarding Trees and Invasive Species
{Interesting reply.}
TP: can you elaborate on the policy?
AM: currently not a policy on invasive ivy
{so I asked for text and the policy wch was kindly provided just below}
Invasive Species -  Ivy
The District of West Vancouver does not have a bylaw or policy specifically on ivy. The Good Neighbour Bylaw specifies noxious weeds as: Canada Thistle, Morning Glory, Couchgrass, Purple Loosestrife, and Giant Hogweed.
Staff removes ivy as part of regular maintenance where possible.  When Parks fixes or rebuilds or replants an area, we remove ivy and other invasive species.  We do not plant ivy in any of our garden beds or landscaped areas.
Removing ivy is very labour-intensive because it spreads quickly and easily, it can root from a small piece of the plant, and nothing eats it.  There is a difference between an ivy management approach, and an ivy eradication program.  We're the former category, although it is not presently a policy or standard.
The Municipality enthusiastically supports community groups who take on the task of invasive species removal (often focused on ivy and broom in parks like Lighthouse and Caulfeild), as a part of their commitment to the environment and their community.  These community groups are supported by the Parks Department by taking away the removed species, supplying general supervision and oversight, provision of refreshments, and generous "thank you"s.  Among these groups are:
*       Lighthouse Park Preservation Society
*       West Vancouver Streamkeeper Society
*       Friends of Whytecliff Park
*       Old Growth Conservancy Society
*       Friends of Ambleside Pond
*       North Shore Wetland Partners
*       Environmental Protection Network student club at WV Secondary School.
(For more information, please contact Corinne Ambor, Acting Manager, Parks, at 925 7138, cambor@westvancouver.ca.)

19. REPORTS FROM MAYOR AND COUNCILLORS (Including updates on working groups)

Sop: a few years aback, a citizen concern about helmets, Kinnar
start an initiative about the value of safety wrt activities bicycles, roller blades, Ccl [agreed/pursued], we were first in Canada to do that, with Hedy Fry, priv mbr's bill in ... now
in accident last week result tragic death
ever-increasing costs to brain-stem trauma, millions of dollars a year
bill re safety of helmets, no standard in Canada
she has asked approve, in light of tragedy a week ago; faced with Olympics
we passed first bylaw any moving vehicle
ski outfits say nobody wants to put a helmet on
if you were to wear a helmet you might save yourself; we are leaders
wonderful if our legacy through Olympics ... when skiing
Mayor: and have a standard
Sop: met with him
Mayor: and her
{MP Hedy Fry}
Sop: and her, sorry; health and dollars saved
Mayor: we're working with Minister Lund in connection with 2010
Sop: any pressure you can bring to bear?
Mayor: good initiative; have to comeback to Ccl
TP: CAC had first mtg, pretty dynamic group; will report back
ME: three cultural activities to draw to public's attention
went to WVYouth Band's concert; splendid, first class; have concert end of May
symphony 90 strong, finest heard for a long time
a couple of weeks ago you Madam Mayor and I went to opening of exhibition Lyle Wilson at Museum
finally, another exhibition last week, Ali Shahidi, again a wonderful exhibition
try to take advantage...  lucky to have in this cmnty
Mayor: in middle of Nowruz, happy nowruz, happy spring


CR:  Thank you.  Just a few questions based on what I heard during the discussion if you don't mind.
It was brought up that there was $31M for the capital budget without much information.  Will we have that information before March 30th?
Also, someone made reference to the Recreation Facilities Master Plan (RFMP) that was ten years in the making.  Yes, but what was accepted was at a much lower budgeted dollar amount than what happened.  And every time ADRA asked for the operating costs for the Ctr, we were told $250K.

{For instance, the RFMP had the Aquatic Ctr as $2.5M and it cost at least $8M; the Cmnty Ctr was to be $13M.  Last info we had on the operating costs for the Cmnty Ctr is $500K, ie twice what we were told.}

As for monthly deptal budget reports, the Police Dept does that every month, and they do an excellent job;   That is really well done.  Madam Mayor, I know you're chair of it [the Bd], but that's very well done, and that cd be a model for other depts.
There seemed to be some confusion  in some minds when they say [zero] -- there's a difference between a zero increase in the tax rate and a zero-based budget.  A zero increase is something we'll have to look at for efficiencies and getting other revenue; but a zero-based means you start at the bottom

{a cclr spoke as if latter same as former, so I was worried maybe some watching/listening wd too}

and take a look at what you're going to spend and justify it all the way up.  And that's what's been recommended and, and that's why I said you don't necessarily have to do it every year but you have to do it at some point to get the base.
There's a, um, ah.  No one seriously wants to cut back our dear Library, or our facilities, and so I don't think that shd  be put as a boogeyman for not looking at the budget, but there are, for example, we were told [there's] land, road ends and lanes, that cd be looked at and they can be sold to the nearby property owner, who'd be happy to have it.  We cd look at that.
{My example as revenue, not just cutting, to lower the increase.}
Mayor: We are.
CR: yes, good; that's good, thank you.
Now, I think everyone who's serious about running for Ccl will have looked at budgets before they're elected, so I don't really think that's a reason for not keeping the same time table, and having ppl come forward with constructive suggestions.
Now, as to the place if you're going to have, as someone else mentioned not everyone's on the Web
{Of course I meant a lot of ppl don't use computers, have them at home, and surf the Web.}
 -- may I suggest that you have some facility for ppl to comment, say at the Library, Srs' Ctr,--
Mayor: and the cmnty ctr
CR: yes, at the cmnty ctrs.  I think that wd get around that b/c some ppl don't like that [using computers]
Also, I understand the Finance Cmte did not get to see the draft budget before it went to the March 2nd ccl mtg.  Will they have seen it for the Mar 30th mtg, next Monday night?  Will we have the benefit of their comments that night?
So that's several questions.
Otherwise, thank you v much for the Strategic Planning Initiative that you're doing.  Thank you very much for scheduling a mtg on Monday night for more input.  That's v much appreciated.  We look forward to that.
Mayor: Thank you
CR: the two questions: when will they be answered?
Mayor: not sure that there were two
CR: main ones
Mayor: the main one, on the Finance Cmte, Mr McRadu, do you want to update us on that?
CAO: There will not be a FCmte mtg prior to next Monday.
Mayor: That answers that question.
CR: so that means the FCmte did not get to see the budget to comment.
Now the last I heard was that it was perhaps going to be a FCmte mtg on Thursday this week
{no, it was to be the 25th, not the 26th as I'd thought, but had I been more combative I wd hv asked why not!}
Mayor: The Terms of Ref of the FCmte have never included, I don't believe, comments on the budget. It's more to do with the process.  Is that right?  we've got two mbrs of the FCmte right here.

{er, um.  As I wrote in an earlier msg:
On the Finance Cmte webpage: http://www.westvancouver.ca/Government/Level3.aspx?id=2884
How wd you interpret:
The Finance Committee provides recommendations regarding the budget, financial policy and process issues to Council.
Committee members may review and comment on annual and long-term budgets, and quarterly financial reports, as referred to them by Council.}

Mayor: and I think we're going to be bringing a report forward to Ccl for how the FCmte is going to operate in 2009, and that's a reflection of a couple of things: Ccl's own budget process

{ah...  indicative of the public and cmte still being left out?}

and also some questions it has that a WG cd work on, so we may split into two different aspects of dealing with our budget process.
What was your other question?
CR: no, b/c I know the Fiscal Sustainability Task Force had made recommendations and so did the FCmte--

{was interrupted but I know last year when the FCmte was appointed it was said it was too late for them to look at Budget 2008 but they cd look at Budget 2009.  So what happened?  Always a reason for the FCmte 'experts' not to review the draft budget?}

Mayor: I'd like to know what your other question is
CR: are we going to get some more details of the $31M of the capital projects?
Mayor: that's the 2010 capital project, I believe.  In 2009, we have really got v little in there and so it's maybe skewed the 2010 budget a little bit
CR: but whatever's in it you'll tell us?
Mayor: Mr McRadu, do you have anything further on that?
CAO: any information that you want, certainly our Dir/Finance can walk you through it.
CR: no, I think everyone is interested in what the capital budget is going to be spent on.
Thank you very much.
Mayor: sure; thank you.

+ QUESTIONS sent to MAYOR/CCL and DIR/FINANCE from my remarks at mtg
a.  Wd it be possible to reduce each dept by 3% (so zero increase) or wd it be preferable to have an average of 3% reduction (so that some depts stay the same as in the draft and others have higher reductions)?
b.  Can any adjustments be made now since inflation/cost of living is now around 1%?
c.   Is it possible to get the information wrt the Information Technology Dept salary increases 2007 to 2008, and now 2008 to 2009?
a.  Why wasn't inhouse expertise used?
b.  Was the contract put out to tender, for competitive bids?
c.  How much was paid to Noble Communications?
3.  What is the tendering policy?
        including what amounts decided by staff and how much for Ccl.
4.  Where can a description of the new re-organization be found?
5.  Will you release the salary info completed in February for the Mar 30 mtg, and if not how soon after?
6.  If zero-based budgeting not done for this year, will it be done for next year's budget?
7.  Will more time be allowed for public input? more public mtgs? Mtgs during the month of April (b/c Budget has until May 15 to be adopted)?
This wd also give time for the Finance Cmte to see the budget since their next mtg is scheduled for April 8.
9.  Will depts start giving monthly budget reports, following the Police Dept's excellent example/practice?
a.  Will the public be informed of what's being considered to be sold before the final decision?
b.  How much will be sold this year (anticipated revenue) and wch parcels?
11.  Last year and this, many expected the FCmte with mbrs selected for expertise, so will the FCmte mtg be given the draft 2009 Budget before the Apr 8 mtg thus giving us the benefit of their knowledge?
12.  When? for 2010, presumably and/or as a result of the Strategic Vision Planning
13. Capital spending projects info for both 2009 and 2010 wd be appreciated.
14. At the Mar 4th Budget mtg a request was made to have notes from the meeting showing the answers given to the questions asked.  Will these be submitted to Ccl to form part of the ccl mtg package and/or will they be put on the DWV webpage?

===  Special Ccl Mtg AGENDA March 30th  ===
2. [Five-]Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 4592, 2009 (File:  1610-20-4592)
This bylaw received first and second readings at the March 23, 2009 meeting.
RECOMMENDED:  THAT [Five-]Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 4592, 2009 be read a third time.
3. Federal Infrastructure Funds (File:  1765-14/1815-05)
THAT Council authorizes [sic] submission of the following applications under the Building Canada Fund - Communities Component: the Ambleside Sewer Rehabilitation Project and the Montizambert Creek Water Treatment Project, as the municipality's first and second priorities, respectively.

===  WEBWATCH  ===
Israeli Army T-Shirts Mock Gaza Killings
3:45pm UK, Friday March 20, 2009
Dominic Waghorn, Middle East correspondent
The Israeli army is at the centre of a second controversy over the moral conduct of its soldiers in as many days...

===  NEWSWATCH  ===  Embarrassment for Canada
Even the VSun felt it was a question of free speech!
How cd we ban him from entering Canada???
UK MP George Galloway was interviewed on As It Happens on CBC and clarified that he was not a supporter of Hamas, but was part of a convoy to deliver ambulances, food, etc to the ppl of Gaza.  He is a peace activist who has spoken out against the war in Afghanistan and in Iraq.  A security threat??? He's speaking in the US just now! and isn't banned from visiting Israel!
Galloway is infamous in the UK and simply razor sharp.  Here's the first part of his compelling statements in January 2008 to the US Senate: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyyGoPerzWc entitled: George Galloway at the US Senate Part 1.  His statement to the US Senate in 2005 about Iraq (oil-for-food): George Galloway vs. U.S Senate (5/17/05) is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrdFFCnYtbk
Here's the commentary of the brilliant Conrad Black (a master of language who has a great sense of humour) on the banning of Galloway:
I don't always agree with all that Black says either but I enjoy reading his point of view too.  Curious, I read the Wiki entry for Galloway http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Galloway and found he was an anti-Trotskyite but not a Marxist as Black claims.  Also, when in the Labour Party Galloway was not part of the far-left group.
It is pretty rich that he was expelled b/c of bringing the Labour Party into disrepute b/c he opposed the invasion of Iraq.  (Millions agreed with him; many demonstrated in London in March 2003.)
Let's hope the courts overturn the Border Agency's decision since Immigration Jason Kenney apparently won't.  But then the Conservatives did back the war in Iraq, and several Jewish groups don't want Galloway in to speak.

===  BOOKWATCH  ===  Sea Sick
About Sea Sick: All life - whether on land or in the sea - depends on the oceans for two things: Oxygen and climate control. Sea Sick is the first book to examine the current state of the world's oceans - the great unexamined ecological crisis of the planet - and the fact that we are altering everything about them; temperature, salinity, acidity, ice cover, volume, circulation, and, of course, the life within them.
Alanna Mitchell was the science and environment reporter at The Globe and Mail for fourteen years, until she left daily journalism to devote herself to writing on science. In 2000, she was named the best environmental reporter in the world by the Reuters Foundation.

===  MAIKU  ===  Spring 2009

                clear iridescent droplet
                        shimmers on green leaf
                                sunshine through spring rain
===  QUOTATIONS  ===
I am having an out of money experience.      -- Author Unknown
The love of money is the root of all evil.       -- Bible, 1 Timothy 6:10
Lack of money is the root of all evil.       -- George Bernard Shaw, Irish writer (1856 - 1950)
Inflation is when you pay fifteen dollars for the ten-dollar haircut you used to get for five dollars when you had hair.
                        -~ Sam Ewing, American humorist (b 1921?)
If the nation's economists were laid end to end, they would point in all directions.
                        -- Arthur H. Motley, American publisher (1900 - 1984)
We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.
                                -- Albert Einstein, German scientist (1879 - 1955)
What is the robbing of a bank compared to the FOUNDING of a bank?'
                        -- Bertolt Brecht, German playwright (1898 - 1956)
Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping.
                        -- Bo Derek, American actress (b1956)
I'm living so far beyond my income that we may almost be said to be living apart.
                        -- E E Cummings (not e e), American poet (1894 - 1962)
...from the Police Files:
It was the end of the day when I parked my police van in front of the station. As I gathered my equipment, my K-9 partner, Jake, was barking, and I saw a little boy staring in at me. 'Is that a dog you got back there?' he asked.
"It sure is," I replied.
Puzzled, the boy looked at me and then towards the back of the van. Finally he said, 'What'd he do?'