Ccl Mtg NOTES Apr 6
Calendar to May 7th

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

-- pesach sameach! -- No, I didn't pass over Passover -- Chag sameach! --
        and Happy Orthodox Easter too
MAIN ITEMS Ccl Mtg Apr 20th: Spirit Trail Signing; Keeping Poultry; Royal Hudson Whistle; Youth Safe House; Cmnty Grants Cmte apptmts; Correspondence including query re removal of Yoga from passes (3), snow-clearing answers (6), WV cricketer chosen for Canada's world cup team! (10), ramifications of add'l playing field in Ambleside (12), ITAC's concerns re drop in District's revenue and repercussions (13)   
= Talent! -- Susan Boyle; Vive le Canada (Govt: Six Nations); ANIMALWATCH (Eagle nest/chicks); from the EDITOR'S DESK; UPDATES (Strategic Vision Planning; Hwy bypass opened)
=  CALENDAR to May 7th; CULTUREWATCH (Theatre; Music; Opera; Bard)
=  Ccl Mtg NOTES Apr 6th:  Hugo Ray Park Status and Update (Field Hockey going to be at Ambleside instead?) and Nbrhd Visioning process for a 48-unit devt on the Unitarian Church site there; Update on Heritage Strategic Plan and St Christopher's added to Heritage Register; Five-Year Financial Plan aka Budget 2009 Bylaw adopted
=  Ccl Mtg AGENDA Apr 20th; INFObits (Life Expectancy, Housing, Beer, Gaza)
=  BLOCKWATCH; NEWSWATCH (Conrad Black); WEBWATCH (Incredible Mayor); CREEKWATCH (Lawson, WV Streamkeepers); BOOKWATCH (Pubs); LANGUAGEWATCH (Punnishment); MAIKU (spring); QUOTATIONS

***  BUT FIRST, I cdn't resist -- BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT!
Within days of getting three yeses, Susan Boyle singing "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Miserables had had 30M, yes that's M hits!  You've probably heard it already -- it was on BBC, CBC, CTV, CNN, radio, etc.  When she walked out on the stage, ppl hardly suppressed their laughter but they were standing clapping within a few notes!  She's an unmarried (never been kissed), unemployed 47-year-old, youngest of nine.  And such an exceptional personality too.  She'd stayed home to look after her elderly parents and the interviewer on CBC NewsWorld sort of asked about what sort of burden that had been and she said in effect not at all it had been a privilege/pleasure.  When told she was special, her reply was that you and everyone out there is special too.  If you haven't watched/heard it, click on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lp0IWv8QZY

===  Vive le Canada  ===  Oldest Living Participatory Democracy on Earth
The people of the Six Nations, also known by the French term, Iroquois Confederacy, call themselves the Hau de no sau nee (ho dee noe sho nee) meaning People Building a Long House. Located in the northeastern region of North America, originally the Six Nations was five and included the Mohawks, Oneidas, Onondagas, Cayugas, and Senecas. The sixth nation, the Tuscaroras, migrated into Iroquois country in the early eighteenth century. Together these peoples comprise the oldest living participatory democracy on earth. Their story, and governance truly based on the consent of the governed, contains a great deal of life-promoting intelligence for those of us not familiar with this area of American history. The original United States representative democracy, fashioned by such central authors as Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, drew much inspiration from this confederacy of nations. In our present day, we can benefit immensely, in our quest to establish anew a government truly dedicated to all life's liberty and happiness much as has been practised by the Six Nations for over 800 hundred years.
from http://www.ratical.org/many_worlds/6Nations/
Live webcam -- three (when usually they lay two) chicks in bald eagle nest near Victoria (others too):
===  from the EDITOR'S DESK  ===
As we tumble into spring, vacillating cold and warm, life gets busier and busier.  No time for comments this (late) issue -- maybe next time!  Happy gardening, everyone!
===  UPDATES  ===  Starting with projects/plans for this year in WV.....
+  Community Focus Overview (dated Jan 19)
The Community Focus Overview is a compendium of 39 topics presented to Council December 2008.  The outline found here presents, in one- or two-page summaries, status and direction projects and processes of particular interest to the District at this time.  Community Focus Overview - 2009  See:  http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=13450
+  Cmnty Ctr
Opening on March 28th was a grand success.  Beautiful, airy, open; certain to be a jewel and centre of activity.
ART -- Tangled Beach / Beach Tangle
If you haven't seen Gordon Smith's mural Beach Tangle high on the wall in 'Spirit Square' the foyer/atrium.  Most intriguing.  For more info, see
His series of prints, Tangled Beach, went on sale after the Opening (and the first ones are under $1000).  More info: http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=16818
and available from the Museum: http://westvancouvermuseum.ca/museum_shop
+  Developing a Strategic Plan for West Vancouver's Future (Apr 6)
West Vancouver is a community with high aspirations, yet we are challenged by an economy in recession. We have worked together to construct the Official Community Plan, and benefited from citizens volunteering their time and expertise to Working Groups. We have an abundance of potential initiatives, but limited resources to execute them. We all value the social and environmental qualities that make West Vancouver unique.
To bring the community's realities into focus, a vision needs to be articulated and goals need to be set. Throughout 2009, the District will be developing a community-based Strategic Plan, expecting to achieve:
                A long-term Vision for the Community
                Clarity of Mission for the District
                A set of long-term community goals
                A Financial Plan that enables those goals
                A measurement system to ensure the District is achieving those goals
Public Consultation  --  We want to hear from you. There will be a number of opportunities for the community to contribute to and participate in the development of the Strategic Plan. For details,visit westvancouver.ca/strategicplan
Public Consultation - Next Steps  [Invitation April 16]
As friends of the strategic planning process, we would like to ask that you encourage your friends and associates to attend the next Open Space Meeting at the WV Memorial Library on Saturday, April 25th from 9 to 4pm.  Please let them know this will be a fun and relevant investment of their time.  Community engagement is critically important to us!
Please have interested parties register by sending an email to strategicplan@westvancouver.ca or simply call me direct at: 925 7003.
Thanks & regards, Brent
+  Almondel Bridge Opened April 9th
On Thursday April 9th at 5pm, Mayor Pamela Goldsmith-Jones officially opened the recently completed Almondel Bridge which connects Almondel Road at Cypress Creek in the Cypress Park neighbourhood.
        More info:  http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=17454
+  Horseshoe Bay bypass on Sea to Sky Hwy now completed and open
Officially called the Eagleridge Interchange (south) and North Junction.
Directions to Gleneagles Community Centre
As a result of the Sea-to Sky Highway Improvement Project construction, residents and visitors travelling west on the Upper Levels Highway are encouraged to exit at Eagleridge Drive (Exit #2) to access the Gleneagles Community Centre. Motorists travelling east on the Sea to Sky Highway should take Exit #1 to Marine Drive or Eagleridge Drive (Exit #2).
{I don't know about you but we drove it and you do really have to watch and read the signs!  While driving that hwy with all the barrels and pylons weaving in and out I get the feeling I'm a marble rolling down tunnel maze.}

===  CALENDAR to May 7th  ===  Mtgs at MHall unless noted otherwise
        Mtgs listed in last issue but cancelled: Finance Cmte Apr 8; Design Review Apr 16.
= Sat Apr 18th
~ 9am to noon ~ Native Plant Restoration
Please join the Lighthouse Park Preservation Society for a restoration planting of native plants along Beacon Trail in Lighthouse Park.  You are welcome to join us to add more plants and to spread bark mulch.   Bring work gloves, a shovel, a large bucket, or wheelbarrow if possible.  DWV will provide tools for those who do not have their own, along with snacks and juice for our break time.  Walk along Beacon Trail until you find us!
~ 2 - 4pm ~ Official Opening of Ralph Sultan's WV-Capilano campaign office 1578 Marine
   Entertainment by the Ambleside Orchestra and Caulfeild Quartet; Add'l info 604 785 5835
= Sun Apr 19th
~ noon - 4pm ~ Earth Day at Cmnty Ctr: Climate Change - Taking Action Close to Home
The Climate Action Fair will feature:
"Keep Cool!", a Climate Change play 12:30pm; Mayor's Award Ceremony 1:15pm;
Kids' Games & Activities - 1:30 - 4pm; Tours of the Centre's Green Building Features - 1:30 - 4pm
Visit over 45 information booths showcasing simple solutions to lower your carbon footprint and green your life!  Concession hosted by the Ethical Kitchen; bring your household batteries to be recharged or recycled at the Solar Power Roadshow! For more info: 604 925 7194
~ 2pm ~ Dr Stanley Coren, UBC professor of psychology (not psychiatry as on poster) and writer
        speaks at NVDPL, Capilano Branch, on "The Intelligence of Dogs"
        His latest book is The Modern Dog (and I enjoyed watching him on TV prog, "Good Dog")
        For more info on the North Shore Writers Festival: http://www.northshorewritersfestival.ca/
~ 3pm ~ Concert: "In an English Garden" at St Francis in the Wood, 4773 South Piccadilly
        with Tracy Neff, Voice, and Jerri Lee Mercer, Piano
        (Details went out to WVM email subscribers 6:21am Fri Apr 17)
        $15 at the door; refreshments included; 922 3531 www.stfrancisinthewood.ca
= Mon Apr 20th ~ 7:30pm ~ the story house IN WVML Steven Galloway - The Cellist of Sarajevo
        Hear a "precocious writer of astonishing talent and creative imagination".
= Tues Apr 21st
~ 7pm ~ Tour of the Gleneagles Clubhouse by WRA followed by Q&A at the Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr
~ 7pm ~  Friends of Cypress Provincial Park Society AGM at St Stephen's (885 22nd)
See: http://www.cypresspark.bc.ca/ for info.  Registration =96 Membership Renewals; Approval of agenda & minutes of April 29, 2008 AGM; Reports from President & Treasurer; Discussion/Announcements; Election of 2009 Directors
8pm Guest Speaker: Paul Berlinguette "Developing a Watershed Plan for Cypress Creek"
Paul is the coordinator of North Shore Wetland Partners.  His presentation will focus on the background and rationale for developing a comprehensive watershed plan to protect Cypress Creek.
= Wed Apr 22nd  ~ 1:30pm ~ Arts and Cultural Facilities WG
                ~ 7:15pm ~ Field Sports Forum mtg
= Thurs Apr 23rd ~ 5:30pm ~ WVPBd mtg at Police boardroom
        WVPD - S. W. A. T. Apr 23rd to 26th at Ambleside Park
= Fri Apr 24th ~ SFU City Series -- Details: http://www.sfu.ca/city/fpl5popup.htm
~ 7pm ~ Active Transportation in Portland:  Sam Adams, Mayor of Portland
Venue: UBC Robson Square, 800 Robson
Admission is free, reservations are required. Email cstudies@sfu.ca or call 778 782 5100.
Shifting Gears II - Lectures on transportation, health, and the built environment. Sponsored by the Bombardier Foundation and the Active Transport Lab at UBC and BC Recreation and Parks Association. {See Apr 30 also}
= Fri/Sat/Sun Apr 24th to 26th
        The West Vancouver Home Show in the Ice Arena, 22nd and Gordon
        Fri 5 - 9pm; Sat 10am - 6pm; Sun 11am - 5pm
= Sat Apr 25th
Please attend the community visioning session at the WV Memorial Library.  Brent Leigh, Deputy CAO says: We want to hear from you. There will be a number of opportunities for the community to contribute to and participate in the development of the Strategic Plan. For details, visit westvancouver.ca/strategicplan for the background.  As friends of the strategic planning process, we would like to ask that you encourage your friends and associates to attend this next Open Space Meeting. Please let them know this will be a fun and relevant investment of their time.  Community engagement is critically important to us!  Please have interested parties register by sending an email to strategicplan@westvancouver.ca, visiting http://www.westvancouver.ca/strategicplan.aspx, or simply call me at: 604-925-7003. -- Brent Leigh
~ 10am to noon ~ ADOPT-A-FISH: Release salmon fry into the creek in Memorial Park arranged by the WV Streamkeeper Society
~ 2 - 4pm ~ "Marbled Murrelets - Seabirds of the Forest"; talk in Lighthouse Park
The Lighthouse Park Preservation Society invites you to a free public talk by Monica Mather, M.Sc., at the Sk'iwitsut Hut in Lighthouse Park, at the foot of Beacon Trail.  As a Wildlife Habitat Area (WHA) Biologist with the Ministry of Environment, Monica is responsible for locating and establishing protected habitat for forest dependent Species-at-Risk on Vancouver Island and the South Central Coast of B.C.  Red-legged frogs, cormorants, herons, and bats are just some of the subjects of her research.  Monica is a member of the Marbled Murrelet Habitat Implementation Group, who help locate and quantify the distribution and abundance of nesting habitat for this "forest seabird" throughout their range in Coastal B.C.
= Thurs Apr 30th
        ~ 9:30am ~ Measuring Up WG
        ~ 5pm ~ NSh Adv Cmte on Disability Issues, DNV Cmte Room
        ~ 7pm ~ SFU City Series at Harbour Centre
        Shifting Gears II -- Details: http://www.sfu.ca/city/fpl5popup.htm
        The Life and Death of Cities: Accounting for Environmental and Social Sustainability
        Paul James, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University

===  May 1st marks beginning of Youth Week  ===

= Fri May 1st ~ 6:30pm ~   BOOKtopia - ART EXHIBITION | OPENING RECEPTION; WV Memorial Library
                        See: http://www.booktopia.ca/index.html

~~~  May 1 to 22   ~~~   ZERO WASTE CHALLENGE
Please find attached a schedule of upcoming public meetings regarding Zero Waste Challenge, Liquid Waste Management and Regional Growth Strategy.  If you would like to provide feedback and are unable to attend a meeting please send us your comments.
Deadlines for feedback are:     Zero Waste Challenge - May 01
                                                Liquid Waste Management - May 15; Regional Growth Strategy - May 22
Your feedback can be sent via:  Email: icentre@metrovancouver.org or Fax: 604 432 6399
Mail:  Metro Vancouver, Corporate Relations, 4330 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 4G8
Further information is available online at: www.metrovancouver.org.

= Sun May 3rd ~ 2 - 4pm ~
The Canadian Federation of University Women West Vancouver presents  a unique opportunity
The B.C. Binning House and Gardens, A National Historic Site
Speakers: Adele Weder: "The House"; Abraham Rogatnick: Remembering the Binnings;  Darrin Morrison, Curator, WV Museum; Flautist: Dorothy Fairholm; Hors d'oeuvres, wine, tea, and coffee
Limited tickets: $ 75; Tax Receipts issued
Proceeds shared equally between The Land Conservancy of B.C.- Binning House Endowment Fund and CFUW W V Educational Trust - Architecture or Design Student Award
For information call 925 8445 or email: cfuw.westvan@gmail.com
The home, designed and built in 1941 by pre-eminent artist B.C. Binning, is prized by architects as a leading example of early West Coast modernism.

= Wed May 6th ~ WV Chamber of Commerce ~ 3 - 6pm ~  Open House - Information Session
Do you live in the Sea to Sky corridor or on metro Vancouver's North Shore?
Would you like to be part of the Games but don't know how?
More than 1,000 volunteers from across Canada and around the world are required at Whistler venues in support of an extraordinary 2010 Winter Games.
If you are able to provide accommodation for one or more of these volunteers, then you can be part of the Games and showcase the warmth and hospitality of British Columbians to the world.  VANOC will recognize your contribution as a Host on the North Shore by providing you with complimentary tickets to Olympic Victory Ceremonies.
Find out more by attending the Open House Information Session.  Join us at the West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce and Partner Centre, located at 1846 Marine.
Meet the VANOC Homestay Team, The WV Chamber of Commerce, Spirit of BC, WV Community Foundation, COHO Society and the WV 2010 team.
Treats from Café TrafiQ and coffee sponsored by VANOC.  No RSVP necessary.  Just show up!

===  National Emergency Preparedness (EP) Week - May 3 - 9  ===
EP Week is an annual national event to build public awareness of risks and how to plan and be prepared for any type of emergency or disaster. Check out the national Get Ready website for additional information. Take our Preparedness Challenge and see if you and your family are ready!
We would like to hear how you and your family put together your emergency kit; an emergency meal plan you  have put together or how your supplies came in handy during an emergency situation. Submit your stories to nsemo@cnv.org prior to May 9th and your story could be posted on our website!  http://www.nsemo.org/   This year's EP Week message is to:
Know the risks specific to our community to help you prepare. 
Prepare a kit as emergencies will require basic supplies. Remember you may not have power or water!
Make a plan to help you to know what to do when disaster strikes. Our preparedness workshops will help.
- for Events and Programs: http://www.westvanlibrary.ca/index.php?page=5
- for Event Calendar: http://www.westvanlibrary.ca/event/calendar.php
*  BC Book Week April 18-24
"BC Book and Magazine Week highlights the BC publishing industry by promoting the diverse and high-calibre work of the publishers and writers in BC." Check out a BC book this week, we have many BC authors to choose from... try Red Dog, Red Dog by Patrick Lane or What is America?: A Short History of The New World Order by Ronald Wright.
*  Earth Week at the Library, April 18 - 25
Come by the Library to check out our Earth Week displays and peruse the wide range of books and DVDs concerned with everything from sustainable design and global warming to eating locally and reducing your environmental footprint. Special Kids Activity Day Saturday April 25th. Interested in Earth Week activities and events? find out more...
*  North Shore Writers Festival -- Apr 18 to 25
Our tenth annual festival of readings by Canadian authors is brought to you by your North Shore Public Libraries, with the assistance of the B.C.Writers in Libraries program of the Public Library Services Branch, the Writers Union of Canada, the Friends of the Libraries, North Shore News, North Vancouver City, North Vancouver District, West Vancouver District, and 32 Books.  Enter our Short-Story Contest and Win a gift certificate for $100 from 32 Books.
Contest information is available at your library or go to http://www.northshorewritersfestival.ca/
Please note: all events are free, however, seating is limited
Listen to Dr. Stanley Coren, Steven Galloway, Lawrence Hill, Maria Coffey, Bill Richardsom, Dave Duncan, and Holly Phillips read and discuss their books.  Are you a writer? Enter our Short-Story Contest or book a consultation with Mary Novik, Writer in Residence.
Friday May 1st ~ 6:30pm ~ Booktopia Opening & Youth Works Art Reception
All are welcome. Refreshments will be served by the Friends of the Library. The exhibition will be ongoing to May 31.  See http://www.booktopia.ca/index.html
*  This month's Philosophers' Café: "A Grand Passion"
~ 10:30am ~ Thursday, April 23rd  --  Is it possible to identify the ultimate "love of your life" while you still have love and life to live?  Enjoy the snacks and coffee hospitably provided. Everyone welcome. Registration not required. Admission $5. Co-sponsored by S.F.U.  Moderator: Randall MacKinnon has a Master's in Social Policy and Planning. He is an IDEASage with MackINNOVATION, a service consultancy.
+  Fridays English Corner ~ 10 - 11:30am ~ practise English conversation [Apr  24, May 1]

=  Apr 7 to 19 = LAND - ESCAPES -- Bill Hoopes
An exhibition of recent oil paintings depicting the fragile soul and precarious nature of the landscape.
=  Apr 21 to May 3 = Reflections Vancouver 2010
Capilano University; ILLUSTRATION & DESIGN -- Original Paintings & Calendar Launch
Opening Reception: Tuesday April 21 from 6pm - 8pm
=  March 16 to May 8 -- The woven tapestries on linen of Hanna Haapasalo; display at M Hall

+++ SILK PURSE +++  www.silkpurse.ca
-- March 31 - April 12 -- "Portraits of Power"
To be able to capture a moment in time that is never going to come again is simply fantastic. Some artists focus on clothing, body language, and expression as they portray people in a realistic style. Parvis Djamtorki's primary focus is on portraiture, using a minimal background to showcase his model, with a special overlay to enhance the mystery and magic of each individual portrait. This is what art is in our culture -- something that feels valid and special to the artist.
Opening Reception: TUESDAY March 31st from 6 - 8pm
-- April 14 - 26 --  "Stepping Into Abstraction"
Abstract art uses a visual language of form, colour, and line to create a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references. Join talented North Shore artists Lori Bagneres, Catherine Fields, Therese Joseph, Mena Martin, and Sara Morison as they show alternative ways of describing the visual experience with their unique creations.
Opening Reception: TUESDAY April 14th from 6 - 8pm
-- April 27 - May 3 --"A Riot of Colour"
Floral and botanical artworks range in style from structurally correct fine art photos of wide open blooms, to wild abstract and surreal art composed of smatterings of colour in oils and acrylics. Join us as we celebrate spring with an acrylic exhibition of floral colour with West Vancouver artists Ann Mitchell and Julie McDowell.  Floral Art is Always in Bloom, Never Needs Watering!
Opening Reception: TUESDAY April 27th from 6-8 pm
To see a list of events: http://kaymeekcentre.com/on_stage/events_calendar
To see the electronic newsletter, the address is http://kaymeekcentre.weebly.com.
Getting onto the mail list: the simplest method is to call the box office (604 913 3634) or email tickets@kaymeekcentre.com
Theatre West Vancouver returns to Kay Meek Centre with TABLE MANNERS
                A British comedy by Alan Ayckbourn, directed by Alison Jopson
Friday, April 17 (preview); Saturday, April 18; April 22 - 25; April 29 - May 2 (8pm Wednesdays to Saturdays)
Ticket prices are $18 adults, $16 seniors/18 and under ($12 preview).  Group rates available.  Buy tickets online
Table Manners is part of the delightful comic trilogy The Norman Conquests, which are ingeniously structured to allow each play to be enjoyed independently.  Annie, the Cinderella of the family, still lives in the old family house and takes care of mother.  Her brother Reg and his wife Sarah come for the weekend so that Annie can go away for a rest.
They think she is going with Tom, the local vet with whom she has had a friendly relationship for some years, but in fact it is Norman, her sister Ruth's husband, that she is planning to meet.  All does not go as planned.  Ruth is summoned and the com-bination of too little food, too much alcohol and too many secrets creates a hilarious and fascinating puzzle.
Ayckbourn reveals the frustration and disappointments which bubble beneath the surface of a family's relationships and brings to light their thoughts on sex, marriage, love and loneliness.

+++ ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION BRANCH 60, West Vancouver +++
See: http://www.westvan60.com/Images/The%20Torch%20Newsletter%20-%20Winter%202008.pdf
***  The Spring-Summer issue of "The Torch" is now available via Branch 60's website: to view the newsletter, just click the following link for direct access: http://www.westvan60.com/Images/The%20Torch%20Newsletter%20-%20Spring-Summer%202009.pdf
The newsletter is available to any non-member who is interested.

 +++  WV MUSEUM  +++  Visit:  http://www.westvanmuseum.blogspot.com/
North Star: The Art of Lyle Wilson  [March 4 to May 30]
ARTIST'S TALK  -- Saturday, April 18, 1:30pm - 3pm
Please join us for a talk with acclaimed artist Lyle Wilson, who will present an overview of his art, focusing largely on his work in the North Star exhibition. Wilson emerged on the NWC art scene after graduating from the Emily Carr College of Art and Design in 1986. Since then, Wilson has produced art for private, public, and corporate collectors as well as for his home community in Kitamaat. Wilson explores Haisla tradition and his western urban experiences through his work and will share the creative inspiration and the process behind his meticulously detailed artwork. 

The BC Museum of Mining is open seven days a week from March 14 to October 13.
We've been awarded a grant from the BC150 Heritage Legacy Fund for our new Gateways to Our Past Project which to be completed by the end of March! To celebrate heritage in British Columbia, this project brings history to life by increasing the access and attractiveness of our two most important heritage buildings, the Mill and the Machine Shop (100 years old). New hands-on multilingual audio guides will give visitors greater access to the stories of the people that lived, worked and played here over the last 100 years.
Visit the "What's New" section on our website, or click HERE!
May 2 is our annual Clean up Day! Come out and show your support by volunteering at the BC Museum of Mining. Volunteers of all ages and skills wanted. Gardening, power washing, painting, cleaning, and more. A few hours of your time will make a world of difference for the Museum. This is a fun event each year where so much is accomplished.  Lunch will be provided! Please call to volunteer and sign up: 1 800 896 4044 x227

We love Tom Stoppard's work and there's another, a Canadian premiere, The Invention of Love, at the Jericho Arts Centre (1675 Discovery), Thursday through Sunday, at 8pm to Apr 26th.   ONLINE RESERVATIONS  or 604 224 8007, ext. 2
*  Two subscribers recommended Eadweard Muybridge's Studies in Motion at the Playhouse; hope to go.
MUSIC ~~ an embarras de(s) richesse(s)!
*  Friday April 17 alone has renowned English violinist Joshua Bell at the Orpheum, a North American premiere of Gamelan at the Evergreen Cultural Ctr, BACH Clarinet at the Chan, and musica intima at Christ Church Cathedral
*  tick...tick...BOOM! at the Jericho Arts Centre; April 6 - 22, Monday through Wednesday, at 8pm; Tix $15 - $25  ONLINE RESERVATIONS  or 604 224 8007, ext. 3
*  G&S's Iolanthe is on at Presentation House in NV Wed to Sun until 25th (990 3474)
*  Vancouver Opera's Salome by Strauss starts May 2nd (ph 683 0222)
*  BARD on the BEACH -- tix went on sale last month; great that the fireworks have been revived.
Always a sell-out, Bard-B-Q & Fireworks is a joint fundraiser for Bard on the Beach and the HR MacMillan Space Centre. Bard-B-Q & Fireworks tickets are $98.00, which includes a $25 tax receipt.  Order on-line or through the Bard Box Office: 604-739-0559.
Please visit www.bardonthebeach.org for more information on the rest of our 2009 season:
Othello; The Comedy of Errors; All's Well That Ends Well; Richard II; our new Lecture Series; Bard-B-Q & Fireworks; Celebrating Red & White; and Opera & Arias - Cos=EC fan tutte.

===  Ccl Mtg NOTES April 6th  ===
[7:08] Mayor: apologize we're a little late
Amended by adding to Item 8, by adding Next Steps for Strategic Vision Planning; pt 1 sgl fam in resid zones; add 18.1 to Correspondence
March 23, 2009 Regular Council Meeting; March 30, 2009 Special Council Meeting
A. Hetherington, Canadian Cancer Society, regarding North Shore Relay for Life - June 13, 2009 (File:  0055-20-CCS01)
AH: Signature fund-raising event; hoping to have nine relays, $1.6M target
10am to 10pm; Survivors' breakfast with piping; at Mahon Park
live music, activities, crafts, bocce tournament; yoga, healthy life styles
Night -- luminaries, lighted as sun sets
celebrate cancer survivors and those gone -- June 13 currently 42 teams hoping to raise $300K
hoping to see you there
ML: congratulate, it's a rare family untouched by cancer.
Metro Vancouver re: Regional/Municipal Solid Waste Update (File: 0185-20) -- to be provided.
PB: Phil Bates with Fred Nenninger and Al Lynch; new solid waste mgmt plan, subcmte of REAC
Mayor: wch is the Regional Engineers Advisory Ccl
PB: [slides] two streams, diverted and disposed; Challenge wrt diversion
encourage re mtg Apr 8th and consultation 22nd
diversion -- we have been at 55%, future 70%
FN: at 55% we're well above rest of Canada at around 30%, rest of world around 60-65%
The 5Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle, recover, residuals
A zero-waste economy is beyond 70%
27 actions with new progs, hope 70% by 2015
beyond -- no cities; we'd have to manufacture things differently
0% of ppl recycling 70% of waste results in a 50% recycling rate
Aggressive Change: organics/Food Waste; Eco-Centres; Multi-family and Commercial; Woodwaste
Next, AL? continued speaking to slides: ZWC (Zero Waste Challenge)
Stickiest facing on NSh is food waste; looking at veggies and fruit, can be mixed with but restaurant needs treatment for odour
Sop: Cache Crk, Washington State, don't know where site will be; all disjointed...
comfortable shipping to state when our resp on our prov?.....
Mayor: do you have a question
Sop; where
FN: two stages.  First confirm conversion target then determine tonnage involved
currently no identified landfill sites, that's why application for Washington State
material that can be converted; mtg in June
Sop: complete overall costs cd be taken up by user-fee in WV? one way or another taxpayer's going to get it.  Whole cost? why not contracting out?
Ans: we do contract out yard trimmings and garbage for example
user-fees have not increased since 1988 in WV
have a small reserve to offset some of impact of this
amt of garbage going down so some offsetting
if we pull organics out of waste stream, some indication fee to process that going to be lower
importance of getting diversion rate up
important to get diversion rate up; difficult to site, extend their life
Sop: inflationary; jobs going south
Mayor: debate will be on Item 5
ME: commend prog but concerned when I read about impacts on M and construction demolition and providing inspection services, do we know what we're really letting ourselves in for and the consequences?
Ans: look to offset by fee we wd collect for enforcement; devprs, builder taking down a house
ME: really thought through the enormity of that exercise? a lot of material, trucks, big inspection
Ans: a lot unregulated now--
ME: --ALL unregulated--
Ans:  yeah
TP: I need to understand what consequences if just status quo
FN: see what we've seen in last decade; prov two new programs every year or so; expand electronic waste prog; slow progess, next decade 55 to 60%; tend to flatline
TP: we have a bit of a challenge in front of us.
Mayor: perhaps you cd stick around for our discussion
5. Regional/Municipal Solid Waste Update (Zero Waste Challenge)  (File:  0185-20)
1.      Council receives [sic] for information, the report entitled "Regional/Municipal Solid Waste Update";
2.      Council encourages [sic] the public to attend and to provide feedback on the Zero Waste Challenge at one of the two upcoming Metro Vancouver meetings for North Shore residents.
Mayor: maybe I'll introduce b/c I've been sitting on it for five years
Cache Crk out of room
looking at if burning as in Bby and controversial
third to Washington State; but Michigan said you can't as did Quebec
hope Ccl will endorse 70%, not look at it as status quo, move to user-pay
take-back progs, pressure on prov
do ev we can, think about what we put in garbage can
exciting but means fundamental shift; I've been vocal, concerned status quo even as an option
TP moved 1 and 2, plus 3
3.      Council endorses [sic] Metro Vancouver's Zero Waste Challenge and the 70% target for diversion of wastes from disposal, on the principle that increased costs associated with achieving the target be borne by those who generate wastes.
{then continues}: we have to do a better job with organic and wood waste
garbage expensive to deal with; we shd use all kinds of tools
as citizens we shd make approp choices when we purchase
think we've already committed with blue box; must deal with this, only going to get worse
resources on planet finite; must do better job of handling it
Sop: find it fascinating go through this excellent prep to deal with it yet manufactures more and more ways difficult but no penalty
seen that plastic, you can't get into it without a magical knife
comes down to NSh citizens who've responded v well
if going further want assurance Metro's going to go further and not ship it out
6. Hugo Ray Park Status Report and Options (File:  2160-03-HRAY1)
1.      The report dated April 6, 2009 from the Acting Manager of Parks titled Hugo Ray Park Status Report and Options be received for information;
2.     The proposed Artificial Turf Field project at Hugo Ray Park as outlined in the June 9, 2008 Report to Council not proceed;
3.      Approval be given to staff to investigate the feasibility of Artificial Turf designed for field hockey located at Ambleside Park on the existing "A" Field, using funds provisionally allocated in the draft 2009 Budget for this purpose;
4.      Approval be given to staff to consult with the neighbourhood in the area of Ambleside Park "A" Field about Artificial Turf on "A" field, and also to consult with all field sport groups regarding this location in accordance with the Neighbourhood Consultation Strategy outlined in Appendix D;
5.      Staff report back to Council regarding recommendations based on estimated costs, availability of funding and results of community consultation;
6.      Authorization be given for the submission of an immediate application under the Recreation Infrastructure Canada (RInC) Fund for an artificial turf field designed for field hockey.
Mayor: presentation first
AM: brief history then hand over to Corinne Ambor; 2008 start, study, now report recommends not going ahead at HRay and instead in Ambleside
CA: $2.9M cost per R F Binning report
main reason existing geotechnical situation at the site
artif turf can tolerate v little settlement [slide]; requires more plus retaining wall and access not ideal
therefore we are recommending not going forth with this
there is a demand for a field, identified in RFMP
other sites considered, one is A field in Amb Park and is an existing all-weather field with lights, excellent service by transit; opps for partnerships with others already take place
revitalize the existing gravel field and enhance, greater spectrum of sports
consult with nbrhd; planned; discussions with sports groups
asking for approval for funding through RinC funding; designed for field hockey on A field
one third funding from WV
applying does not commit District however if successful costs do not rest solely with DWV
groups want to raise funds for clubhouse [slide of what's there now]
Patricia McLeod: Chair of Field Hockey and Hugo Ray Society
My objective is not to attend ccl mtgs any more, this is year five for me
mbrs looking forward to not getting up at 5am, shuffling between Bby, Vanc, ....
Application will allow us to explore options, solution that will benefit all sports groups; this wd be the third artif turf field in WV
allow us to invest in this cmnty; strongly support these recommendations
Elaine Fonseca: and I live above Amb Park
v interested to hear the sports groups to be consulted
what about residents? are they going to be consulted?
the playing field we have now was objected to by a lot of our nbrs
Cclr Sop, Cclr G-Jones at the time, and others were standing on the decks; and we complained about height and mass of the lights glaring until 10pm -- and no one there at times!
we've complained to Ccl and to Hall, not exactly powersmart -- trying to save energy
no one on field; so when I hear being used to capacity, I beg to differ
impact lights now; what when massive -- asked they be lowered; in living room, obstruct our views; what when many more?
will nbrs be consulted, not just the sports groups?
Mayor: will ask motion be put on floor then have our debate
Sop moved recommended motion, pt 2 twice!, then: guess a lot under the bridge
favour that we look ahead; can we afford to supply open space to special interest groups?
we have youth in this cmnty who have said lack of areas to do sports; if we provide fields for specific use, can't play on them
joint, care for school fields but they're underutilized; grounds basically owned by taxpayer, do not fulfill potential, lack of space
Mayor: ask the mgr to address a) single use and b) partnering with the sch dist
CAO: primarily field hockey but other sports, intent; primary use by field hockey but will be able to be used by other sports
wrt School District having ongoing discussions; joint we strongly believe in; moving closer
Sop: appetite for public consultation
think a lot of issues faced in past cd hv been solved by proper consultation
do remember overlooking lights, degree of frustration many had; a lot of steamy ppl; did resolve by glare position got right and moved on
assuming staff will do a large circle, not just a little here and there
not just Amb turf, it's about a lot of things, straightening MDrive, and don't forget baseball
CAO: going to ask use of wch field as well as lights even though v preliminary though we've had discussions at staff level
CA: A currently has lights on it, shine horizontally; better technology may be able to improve
D and E cd look at existing height and look at lighting technology wch has improved since installed
ML: can you describe the funding process?  when I became aware there was a sizable funding from sports group - still in place?
AM: wd look to groups to enhance services, clubhouse, enhancements to field
ML: my recollection was that they wd pay for field and now looking at fixing up a clubhouse?
AM: apply for funding we understand wd provide up to $1M with matching prov funding, then be required to match remaining $1M; intention to build ourselves and groups enhancements
ML: why wd we hv changed direction from the funding mix perspective and obligation?
AM: groups not able to achieve given economic climate, so looking elsewhere
ME: the motion that we may adopt, under item 4 stresses nbrhd and 5 the cmnty
we indeed the cmnty to be consulted, not only the sports groups
perhaps cd look at use -- are they underutilized? when I go by see someone there
are fields left unused at night? take a look at that.
Mayor: yes, we will
MS: I'd be v excited about this report and enthusiastically endorse it b/c opp to acquire artif turf on gravel field, more use from artif field; two thirds cost spent by other levels so we shd jump on and grab our share
Makes sense field hockey at Amb; building a disgrace in 1960s, when I showered there years ago playing rugby it was a dump then and that was 40 years ago
sports groups get together and fundraise with our help, for something we're proud of
all in favour of this report; nbrhd will be consulted, field A underused; lights already there, lighting technology marches on; adverse lighting for the nbrs is something can be addressed as we go
enthusiastically voting for this
CAO: clarification; at this point talking about a vision; as to funding, looking for two thirds from prov/fed govts; the actual funding for the field we still believe coming from the primary user, the actual formula for that still to be discussed and negotiated
re Cclr Smith, when we had initial discussions with field hockey about four months ago, replacing the clubhouse, excited about bringing other users in; looking at it, still field hockey raising money; still negotiations that's when excited about others coming in
SW: obvious need for artif turf field; sitting on Sports Forum WG; believe 38 groups
CA: yes
SW: Amb revitalization; driving more into Amb, biz; parents park, go to Crema, get coffee at Bean, etc
makes the most sense to be looking at Amb
TP: two points: Spirit Trail will be accessible, buses; field hockey has been extraordinarily patient in this.  wrt 5, do we have a timeline
CA: appendix D, outlines go out this month; work, then go back out with what we come out with
hope wrapped up June or Sept; then recommendation to go forward or not
a couple of other things we have to check out
Sop: when decision to go with field A, consideration more cars; what about field B?
CA: 'A' field significant use Sept through March, that's soccer season; put artif turf, more use throughout the year, need to consult with Engg, traffic analyses; will come back with info in fall
Sop: visioning for Amb Park perhaps remove signif amt of roadway such as parking?
look at future restaurant and combined services?
increase of another turf field...  availability of parking... decrease... is that a good plan?
Mayor: not sure Amb Plan adopted by Ccl
CA: 2006
Mayor: not fair if other cclrs haven't report in front of them
Sop: draws a lot of ppl and where are they going to park?
Mayor: part of consultation
7. Official Community Plan Amendment, Rezoning and Development Permit Application No. 1010-20-08-014 for property located at 370/380 Mathers Avenue (File:  1010-20-08-014)
1.      Staff hold a Neighbourhood Visioning Workshop to solicit neighbourhood comment on:
(a) neighbourhood strengths, issues, character and vision of the future; and
(b) the proposed development application for 370/380 Mathers Avenue;
2.      Following the Workshop, staff report back to Council on what the neighbourhood said at the Workshop and with a complete review of Development Application No. 1010-20-08-014; and
3.      The public notification area for the Neighbourhood Visioning Workshop be as outlined on Appendix D to the March 26, 2009 report from the Manager, Community Planning, along with advertisements for the public meeting listed on the District website.
Geri Boyle: zoned PA 2 but also allows for sgl fam housing
Unitarian Church wishes to sell; devpr wants 48 units, av 1400 sf.
directed dvpr to consult
last five years we had Ev Dr and Chinese Rest in Dund????; v few
cmnty has bn quite heavily involved
we're suggesting to Ccl that given the history that before we jump in and ask what they think of this devt, that we step back and ask nbrhd what their vision is for their nbrhd; at same time get comments on this application; think shd get their views first.
start process beginning in May
have owners of the property in audience as well as the applicant if you want to hear from them before public
Applicant John Villasucci (sp?): on Bd of Trustees and Devt Task Force
Chair flying to Holland where her son is getting married
cmnty of over 400 ppl, 250 registered mbrs plus chn plus adults reg attenders
been in this nbrhd since mid-80s, bought from another church; building approx 40 years old
probs wrestling with
as bldg has aged, diff to work in; sanctuary holds 150 limitation on growth and often over pack it
inaccessible to handicapped and parking not adequate, 49 parking spaces and we overflow
location: not near transit or near congregants; disadvantageous for a church, have to have a car to be a mbr, can't have concerts, many shortcomings
about four years ago found ourselves facing major need to do repairs to windows, roof, seismic upgrading, $250K wch we didn't have; cd be tip of iceberg, boiler, etc
investigate alternatives: tearing down but even fixing the bldg still not a good location for us
looked into selling to a church, but price not enough for us to buy prop elsewhere and build
explored selling land as sgl-fam lots, still not enough $$$
sell to devpr more money and more compatible with nbrhd
in 2007 hired CB Richard Ellis to have a competition; had five bids and three were in our price range
top bidder was Heinz; they came v highly recommended
concerned what we live behind suitable for nbrhd
recommendation proved good working with Heinz, and Heinz with staff good relnship; expands housing, 1400sf restricted size for WV
plsd to be here, thank you for opp to give some background
Mayor: from applicant?  former mayor Mark Sager
Sager: introduce team: Fritz DeVries, architect; Steve Heinz, lives in Brit Prop is a nbr; and his son Ben Heinz, here in case the process takes a few years; -- and I second Cclr Smith, I remember using that washroom too and I feel like making a donation tonight -- Brent Liljefors, Brian Oliver, and Michael Rosen, the planners; and the Church, thank for opp to work with them
nbrs, generously invited us into homes, mtgs, cmnty assn; a great nbrhd
remiss if I didn't thank staff Geri Boyle and Mr Sokol; look forward to working through this and we support the recommendation before Ccl tonight.
Mayor: Dave Lust
DL: nice to be back
had church all time we've lived; good nbrs; my wife makes money shovelling the sidewalks
what we appreciated, from the start, a consultative process; opp to speak to this
know there are going to be changes, we know that; want to be a part of that
Mayor: we'd like you to be a part of that too
ML: visioning workshop
[made motion]
I too hope that Ben is not the one; he has a few years but based on past performance
learned HRay ...  encouraged ...
devpr, church, nbrhd; look forward to process unfold
ME: likewise; reading through didn't realize nbrhd consultation to this point
options for a new church, two figures you quoted -- occupy 27Ksf p 95, then ref to 54Ksf
ME: appendix B
GB: backgrounder prepared by Michael Rosen
GB: we're going from
Mr de Vries, architect: 27K foot print and floor space second floor 54K
Mayor: makes sense
Sop: wd think extremely imp, Ms Boyle, that the entire area be included for public information including all the way down Mathers and Hadden Dr
longstanding problems; about time we stepped up to the plate and had open dialogue -- think we missed here, not a great feeling for the nbrs -- no citizen shd have to get into a car to walk their baby
using park will see new devt; big circle of notification
cmnty amenities part of devt, can't let this go on; up there for many mtgs, something has to come to that cmnty for what they've been through in the last five years.
GB: placed the map on the screen [slide]; all the way up to Stevens Dr
Mayor: a lot of work has been done by corinne Ambor and Mike Miller, traffic-calming, etc
GB: absolutely
Sop: a safety area for the benefit of the residents in the area
we've missed for too long, time we start paying attn to the area
TP: I don't think we have to worry about the nbrhd being engaged in this
8. Strategic Planning - Next Steps (File:  0270-07)
                Information to be provided.
Brent Leigh: ... overview ...
first was Wosk kickoff for Open Space, main goals for subsequent processes, called cafes
John Pappas was good enough to put together a videoclip
[you can watch this clip; it has excellent comments made during the Wosk Dialogue]
commonalities from this morning
diverse housing; need to connect to one another by design
pick out the ppl you know!  while the camera pans
Mayor: actual strategic plan will go out to public in the fall
in order to make right spending decisions; need longterm vision to do that
end of fall, tied to performance measurement and management
it's evolving
end of 2009 have a st plan that drives a budget and is measurable
BL: cameo of mayor but only way cd condense it
next an open invitation to the public Apr 25; lower level of Lib going through renovation; if not school bd anxious in assisting us
large goals recast as question
world cafes look to strategies to fulfill
moving this along at a brisk space
out reporting from Apr 1st mtg
two mtgs on same basis, have to be collated, hope by May 1st report to Ccl conclusion on these Open Space mtgs
move forward to the cafe phase
Sop: that was a great exercise; a lot of sameness in ppl's vision
next process, how do you get from where we are now to strategic plan dialogue?
BL: we received v gd material, some new and familiar
acknowledge WV ccls have done a lot of work; WGs offered a lot of ....
this is more in prioritizing ...
yes, we will be able in the two open space mtgs move to strategy... late May
TP: a little bit of a report back
heard from some ppl, thrilled and some not always that positive so good; am sure broader cmnty will be coming forward and
BL: encourage ppl to come and if they know it'll be fun, will help
9. Status of Heritage Strategic Plan Implementation (File:  2585-01)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the priorities for implementation of the Heritage Strategic Plan during
2009-2010, as outlined in the report from the Sr. Community Planner dated February 2, 2009 be endorsed.
Mayor: brief presentation from Mr Mikicich, accomplished a lot in the last few years
SM: from one strategic plan to another
slide: Accomplishments: 2006 - 2008
38 listed resources; 25 SOSs (SOS = Statement of Significance), ... [get info from slide; about 8:52]
excellent working relationship with BC H Branch, $50K in funding H Register and two conservation studies
Engaging Public
H Achievement Awards, since 1995, honoured 80 to date including 7 this past Feb
Museum Progs: tours, special events;West Coast Modernism Home and Garden Tour a v popular annual event...
Cultural Heritage
Projects: conservation of Gleneagles Great Hall, BC Binning to TLC, Hollyburn Lodge
Priorities 2009-10
A: Cultural Affairs & Partnerships; B: Parks; C: Planning, Lands, and Permits
exhibitions, conservation Hollyburn Lodge; interpretive prog for Grt Hall
B -- conservation study for Pt Atkinson Light Station, radio room repairs
heritage interpretive signage and Cap River walk
continue to support .. Old Growth, Streamkeepers, LPPS,
C -- incentives, early may report to  Ccl; Lower Caulfeild; Cmnty H Register -- on to District website
do envision further additions to Register
hope this morning add another resource to the Register
in 2009 the Achievement Awards; need to formalize for 2010
working with prop owner, HRA process/incentive tools
one under review, anticipate two more this year
revise OCP H policy section
ME made motion then: thrilled come as far
sat on original HAC six years ago; taken this report and followed it through
a couple of specific items
one concerns Lower Caulfeild, refers to a review, update guidelines
wd ask that we incorporate into that review from a group of residents in that area dealing not only with heritage issues but planning, goes beyond H
shd be addressed
Parks has been addressed but not as much as I think
something dealing with heritage trees? brought to floor
landscapes, don't think we're doing enough, re parks, eg blvds
under incentives, you've listed a number but wd one include some form of tax incentive?
SM: two types of incentives, monetary and non-monetary
key under monetary are grant programs and tax incentives; will report to Ccl
protected heritage props are eligible for consideration for tax exemptions so part of the discussion
TP: just looking at the strategy; created a Register
looking at inventory of signif natural resources; great interest in this kind of inventory
SM: medium priority
one of the challenges; with the H legislation what cd we manage and protect
true natural we cdn't, they're environmental
modified resources
two classifications
left as an inventory, identified also as a Parks initiative
parts of that inventory already exist; maybe a first step to pull some together.
CA: we do have a background document,  ...  list of natural resources
Mayor: for my own part, the idea of our natural capital
comes up
whether with heritage, ... parks, even in context of change  ...
think it is the way forward for sensitive change in WV
perhaps Planning and Parks can ...
trying to get something ...
ME: does that mean I can get my bylaw on heritage trees
CAO: we can come back with some sort of recommendation
10. Addition of 1068 Inglewood Avenue (St. Christopher's Anglican Church) to West Vancouver Community Heritage Register (File:  13-2585-03-04)
RECOMMENDED:  be added, pursuant to Section 954 of the Local Government Act.
SM: secondary resource
in June 2008, the HWG evaluated and St Christopher's was one of 171 nominated
since then staff met; wanted to understand what being on Register is about
they've indicated support for nomination
[ML made motion]
Mayor: wd just like to add out of respect for one of the leaders in the cmnty, that we shd also note the social heritage of the Church and the Venerable Lou Rivers, Archdeacon of Capilano
I'm not a mbr of St Christopher's Church but he is the heart and soul of this parish, well beyond the walls of the Church to ppl who aren't mbrs as well as mbrs of course of his own congregation, and he's known as a v open-minded, joyful person
coming out of our day at Wosk Ctr and moving into the future, it's so important to recognize what individs contribute and he certainly does, and it seems appropriate to mention that at this time.
ML: SOS sounds interesting, wondering when coming forward
SM: first step, two-three pages, speaks to heritage values, it's v much cultural and architectural
as future planning
congregation looking to do conservation...
by adding, eligible to .... funds for its efforts
11. Development Variance Permit Application 08-017 (3371 Marine Drive) (File:  1010-20-08-017)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT Development Variance Permit Application 08-017 (3371 Marine Drive), which provides for retaining an illegally constructed second accessory building (exercise room), be denied.
Archie Woodworth: resided here for 49 years
architect Wiedeman and also Bill Chapman who's done some work
Architect: some words wrt appeal
under zoning of day FSR wd comply
last Nov puts house (?) over 50 ft; been on site for sev years
wrt setbacks, have spoken to all stakeholders; letters from all adjacent nbrs, unanimous support for application to move forward; spoken with BC Rail, support; wd like to note, ah reasons for this, re densification on site
bring them mass
smaller than minimum allowable under FS4
dwelling...  way of building a  ...  and meet ...  under new bylaw
drawn into situation now 50sf whereas 250sf
Mayor: you mentioned hardship, did you go to the BofVariance?
Ans: no, primarily on BC Rail lands so they cdn't rule on
ME: have read report and staff have followed guidelines wrt
Mayor: do you have a question b/c otherwise part of debate
ML: did you apply for a building permit?
Ans: no
Sop: why did you not apply for a bldg permit
having the encroachment agreement with BCR, ad then CN, thought it was all under for the 50ft in general, then we got updated letters from then; good relation over years, long-term resident
.... on my part but thought that was the case
about ten years ago did a major renovation; triangular lot, hardship with design
Sop: when you built the shed, did you apply for a building permit
Ans: yes, dealt with staff at that time; had my whole lot resurveyed
called on Mr Chapman and they did the survey to put ev in place
SW: confirm use of secondary bldg -- gym or secondary residence?
Ans: mini gym with storage
went to doctor, hey -- shd drop 30 pounds, do put gym in; storage and gym equipment
TP: can we get a clarification on whether this wd hv bn given a permit prior
Sokol: the applicant made the suggestion wd hv bn approved but only if applied for a DVP
can't tell wd hv been approved winter 2006/2007
one comment about unique size of lot; one of ... our recognizes ...
2551sf wch is more than .35FAR in zoning bylaw
staff  ...  b/c allowing too much FAR
specifically, add'l floor area ppl squeezing in....  recommendation for denial
SW made motion: this is a bit of a puzzling one
the intent of the new zoning spoke to different scenarios than this one
support of nbrs and CN wd lead me to allow, however proper procedures not followed so think compensation paid to M .....
to demolish the bldg, just talked about ZWC,
Mayor: penalty for not following procedures
Sokol: if allowed, go through process
double permit fees
SW: that's the only? add'l staff time?
Sop: this is unfortunate.  Find it a little odd.  An owner deals with professionals and expects professionals to tell them what to do
expect to get permit; architects do that all the time
now to position with staff -- where are we if we cast off what staff are telling us?
don't think mixed msgs, ... years ago approved after built
last year extension of a balcony to be removed and they did; shave off a corner so wdn't have to remove
been allowed to stand in past, why denied now? solely on sq ftg?
any remedy -- keep but pay penalty?
somebody has to understand rules and bylaws for a reason
Sokol: on a regular basis we see adjustments such as sideyard, rear yard setbacks, staff will look at them and make recommendations that make sense
we view v critically however FAR a flashpoint in cmnty, this is one;looking at critically; recent policy change, so recommending it be denied
Sop: if it was not denied and bldg allowed to stay, what penalty or position cd staff take?
wd bldg hv to be taken down if passed?
wd it have to come down or is there any leeway?
Sokol: wd hv to take bldg down; likely work out a signed agreement re timing and how
Sop: if applicant reapplied and passed all the inspections and paid signif penalty cd stay?
Mayor: bldg can stay if Ccl grants a variance, that's what's before us
if you vote for, goes; vote against, then do we have to state in positive
Sokol: tonight Ccl can only make a decision on whether the DVP wd be considered, in wch case you cd not approve, you'd have to look at option 3.1c -- on May 4th paper work for DVP
ME: staff clearly have done what is required BUT if ever an instance and case it's this
old part of WV; doesn't conform in many respects; never seen a bldg on BCR land
... extinguished on a moment's notice
no complaint from nbrs
passed last year re bulk is irrelevant b/c at back of bldg
in one of the oldest parts of WV; offended many of the rules and regulations we go by
small part sliced away; 96% with permission on BC Rail land
ML: having a little bit of a problem
this is a house that has bn renovated; bldg permits approved inspections done
this exercise room is hardly something you pick up at Home Depot
problem -- a bit like asking for forgiveness rather than permission
we have rules to be followed
on BCR prop is neither here nor there
renovation, approved, inspected, ... doing it all after the fact, the horse is clearly out of the barn on this one
MS: reading the report, the owner in 1997 did go before the B of V for a variance for the first bldg, the existing shed as it's called, so he knows the process but not followed in this case
Report goes on to say there were actually three tickets issued before the owner actually applied for a DVP
to Cclr Sop's point, we have to insist our bylaws adhered to and obeyed
only fly in ointment is BCR land
if 3/4 on lot not on BCR, wd agree bldg permit denied and bldg shd come down
I wd suggest, in the report, take option b, defer and ask staff to come back with other options
Might be an option that bldg can stay but when/if sold, register on title that bldg has to be removed prior to the sale taking place
other options staff can explore
Mayor: wd you like to make a deferral motion?
MS: option b,  I move deferral
SW: agree with; this is an illegally .... bldg
I do think we don't want to set precedence  .... okay just pay double the permit
set a bad...
nice cabanas on the prop
Mayor: is deferral debatable?
SSch: has been done
Mayor: some so that staff know what to come back with
TP: I'm not sure what more information I need in front of me; not an easy decision
more inclined, lean toward more options for May 9th
Mayor: one of the options cd be to consider a DVP; two steps or one?
Sokol: cd do it as one; potential other options: approval but, denial but...
Mayor: Ccl expressing some concern

Mayor: Item 11.1, the evening's entertainment
[general chuckles all round]
ME: don't leave
ML: this is the good part
ME: I give notice that at the April 20th ccl mtg I will move to provide a motion as follows: staff report to permit keeping of poultry in a sgl-fam residential zone be brought forward for Ccl's consideration
ML: let the feathers fly
Mayor: and don't chicken out
{more laughter}
12. 5-Year Financial Plan Bylaw 4592, 2009 (File:  1610 20 4592/0860-01)
This bylaw received first and second readings at the Mar 23 Ccl Mtg, and third reading on March 30.
Sop moved adoption
13. Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
14. Active Development Applications to March 27, 2009 (File:  1010-01) -- rec'd for information
15. Correspondence List (File:  0120 24)
(17) R. Hobson, President, Union of British Columbia Municipalities, regarding Access Awareness Day
   Referred to Mayor and Council for response.  Attachments available for viewing in Legislative Services Dept.
AM: policy will be going to Ccl June 1st; awareness week fits in
10 by 10 challenge; Measuring Up group....
ML: Nancy Henderson, exec dir of SPARC, recommending we give that
Mayor: Ccl doesn't do proclamations
16. Oral Reports from Mayor and Councillors (Including updates on working groups)
Mayor: we've been busy
> Sop: opening of cmnty ctr; absolutely jammed; great sense of well-being
v delighted after a long hard journey; great feeling
Secondly, also had our strategic planning, magnificent day
processes that start like that, they do evolve; probly will pan out, sameness in thoughts
if we prioritize, guarantee ... cd sense
plus sev mtgs in between; probly busiest two weeks
> ML: congrat of opening of time capsule
understand he [Sop] was there for the planting
> TP: open house for first LEED in BC and it's here in WV
where we can take green bldg design; gold level; all kinds of amazing things in this house
65% more energy efficient, decreasing XXX 85%
pilot project in WV and shows us where we can go
> ME: to expand our horizons, or perhaps my own ...of the region
waterfront forum; progress CNV making wrt Spirit Trail
we have a little bit to catch up with
> Mayor: with MFA, speaker Kevin Page, review of Harper's budget
I sat with him at lunch; still triple A credit rating
hardly anything else is, shares with govt of Canada
Canada's banks strongest in world and so is prov
Canada has come under huge pressure to deregulate
for local govt we can take credit; we move slowly and that serves us well sometimes
Our councils met with some of the TransLink board last week and their senior staff to talk about their vision for future, exciting; in my view they've got a great exec team and v gd board, and a v big problem wrt how they're going to fund that plan, not the least of wch is their entitlement through prov legislation to prop taxes
The mayors met with Minister Falcon, all confidential, another signif problem for the mayors in the region
On our Apr 20 agenda, Ccl may wish to come up with its own position wrt prop taxation and our inability to represent the taxpayer, and so that's an ongoing major issue for us.
sheer joy [cmnty ctr opening], one person had the courage to say something negative later
by afternoon she emailed and apologized what a wonderful day
Max Nikpay: one question on behalf of some of our mbrs, BPAHA
put things out and ppl driving around and pick up their recycled bottles
they called city; city cd not provide course of action, solutions, so called me
kind of unhappy into their driveways and picking up blue boxes recyclables
What [can we do?]
RF: blue box meant to take OUT of the waste stream; part extended responsibility for producers
when you look at wine bottles and beverage containers
those products supposed to go back, so not part of the blue box prog, actually banned from going into the blue box, into the waste stream
best solution is for them to return those bottles at those places where they purchased those beverages
in future there may be a diff solution, ecocentres, one-stop shopping
best way to stop ppl rummaging through their blue box is to take them away and return them appropriately
Mayor: that's the first step
MN: definitely, thank you
Sop: why wdn't we set up a system where deposit wd be part of the entourage {yes, that's the word he used} of recycling for the benefit of the recycler?
added money, why not grab that and say part of recycling for benefit of newfound money?
RF: the way Blue Box recyclables processed, not done by hand in terms of returning refundable containers, with mechanized process not able to take that out
Mayor: contaminates the quality of the commodity wch is v important as to what we recapture as a result

===  Ccl Mtg AGENDA April 20th  ===
Signing Ceremony: Spirit Trail Greenway Statement of Cooperation
2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES -- April 6, 2009 Regular Council Meeting.
3.  K. Ferguson, Ecojustice, regarding proposed Species and Ecosystem Protection Act (SEPA) for the Province of British Columbia (File:  0055-01)
4.  Notice of Motion regarding Keeping Poultry in Single Family Residential Zones (File: 1610-20-4545/1610-20-2200)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT a staff report be brought forward for Council's consideration.
5.  Marine Drive Transfer Priority Project (Over Capilano River)  (File:  0175-20-TRAN3)
        Information to be provided.
6.  Remedial Action for Removal of Piles of Household items, Other Objects and Materials at 960 Sentinel Drive (File:  1605-01)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT Council consider and pass the following resolution:
Council considers that the piles of household items, materials and other objects (the "Piles") located on the Property at 960 Sentinel Drive, West Vancouver, British Columbia, and legally described as PID: 007-375-573, Lot 2, Block 4, North 3=8E4 of District Lot 1049, Plan 6634 (the "Property") which is owned by Henry Alexander Smood and Irene Grace Smood (the "Owners") [create] an unsafe condition that poses a significant risk to the safety of firefighters and interferes with their access and ability to effectively respond to a fire on the Property or on neighbouring parcels, all of which increases the danger of fire.
Council also considers that there is a danger to people living on or visiting the Property, especially wandering children due to the likelihood of the Piles collapsing.
Council therefore resolves that within 40 days of receiving a copy of this resolution, the Owners of the Property are required to:
1.  Disassemble the Piles and relocate or dispose of the Piles' contents in accordance with the Firefighter Access Requirements set out in Fire Inspectors Report attached as "Appendix 1" to the Report entitled "Remedial Action for Removal of Piles of Household items, Other Objects and Materials at 960 Sentinel Drive" dated April 6, 2009 (the "Staff Report")
2.  Accurately and clearly label all containers with unidentified liquids. Remove all hazardous or flammable liquids in accordance with Federal, Provincial and local environmental regulations.
(Collectively the "Remedial Action Requirement")
In the event the Owners have not performed all or part of the Remedial Action Requirement within 40 days after notice of this resolution is delivered to the Owners, the District may, by its own forces or those of a contractor engaged by the District, enter the Property and perform the Remedial Action Requirement.
In the event the District takes the above referenced action the District may recover the expense from the Owner, together with costs and interest, in the same manner as municipal taxes in accordance with sections 17, 258 and 259 of the Community Charter.
7.  Request for Exemption from No Whistle Bylaw for Royal Hudson Steam Train (April 26, May 12, and September 19, 2009) (File: 1610-20-1684)
        Information to be provided.
8. Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
        RECOMMENDED: THAT the Consent Agenda items as follows be approved:
9. Youth Safe House - Update (File:  2630-07-02) -- received for information.
10.  West Vancouver Community Grants Committee Appointments (File: 0116-20-CGC1 / 0920-07-02)
THAT the following appointments to the Community Grants Committee be approved:
From the Community Grants / Social Services Review Working Group
        Pattie Donnelly, Zarrin Sadeghi, Cecil Scantland, Sonja Sanguinetti
From the Arts & Culture Strategy Implementation Working Group
        Ieva Cornford, Bryony Reid, Coral Winfield
From the Seniors' Activity Centre Advisory Board -- Ed Collins
From the Museum Advisory Committee -- Karen Duffek
As the Community Member at Large (Youth) -- Julianne Yeager
AND THAT the Community Grants Committee Terms of Reference be revised in section 4.1 (Membership) to delete the requirement for one member from the West Vancouver Community Centres Services Society Board.
11.  Appointment of Council Representatives (File:  0116-20-CGC1/0920-07-02/0055-20-CSNS1)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the following appointments for Council Representatives approved for the term ending December 31, 2009:
Coho Festival Society of the North Shore: Councillor Soprovich
Community Grants Committee: (Information to be provided)
12. Correspondence List (File:  0120 24)
Correspondence received up to April 3, 2009
Requests for Delegation  --  No items presented.
Action Required  --  No items presented.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(1) Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
        (a) West Vancouver Design Review Committee - February 25, 2009
(2) Riverview Preservation Society, March 23, 2009, regarding Request for Support to Preserve Riverview Lands
(3) Letter signed by 54 residents Mar 27 regarding Removal of Yoga Stretch from the "Fitness/Wave" Passes
(4) D. Corrigan, Mayor, City of Burnaby, Mar 24, regarding Six Storey Wood-Frame Residential Buildings
(5) BC Non Profit Housing Association, April 2, 2009, regarding Call for Proposals - BCNPHA 17th Annual Conference on November 16, 17 and 18, 2009
Responses to Correspondence
(6) B. Dozzi, Manager of Roads and Transportation, March 23, 2009, regarding DWV Snow Clearing Program
(7) B. Dozzi, Manager of Roads and Transportation, March 27, 2009, regarding Pedestrian Sidewalk on 2400 Block of Marine Drive
Responses to Questions in Question Period  --  No items presented.
Correspondence received up to April 15, 2009
Requests for Delegation  --  No items presented.
Action Required
(8) P. Jones, Integrated Land Management Bureau, Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, April 2, 2009, regarding Proposed New Provincial Initiative Consultation and Engagement Between First Nations and Provincial Agencies
        Referred to Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for consideration and response.
(9) April 6, 2009, regarding Ambleside Park Noise Complaint
        Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(10) R. Collins, West Vancouver Cricket Club, April 13, 2009, regarding West Vancouver Cricket Club Member Playing for Canada - World Cup Qualifying Campaign
(11) Mayor J. Perrault, Federation of Canadian Municipalities, and Hon. J. Baird, Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, April 3, 2009, regarding Update on Federal Infrastructure Funding
(12) April 11, 2009, regarding Proposed Additional Playing Field in Ambleside
(13) S. Hean, Interested Taxpayers Action Committee, Apr 9, regarding Revenues to the District
(14) D. Turje, Office of the Registrar, April 8, 2009, regarding British Columbia Youth Parliament
(15) M. Booth, WV Board of Education, Apr 2, regarding Appreciation for Winter Snow Clearing
(16) D. Corrigan, Mayor, City of Burnaby, April 7, 2009, regarding Metro Vancouver Regional Growth Strategy Request for Municipal Comment
(17) S. Dowey, City of NV, Apr 8, regarding E-Comm Board of Directors Designate for 2009/2010
Responses to Correspondence  --  No items presented.
Responses to Questions in Question Period  --  No items presented.
13. Oral Reports from Mayor and Councillors (Including updates on working groups)

===  INFObits  ===
+  VSun Thurs Apr 9
- Life Expectancy pB3 -- in Canada: 80.3; in US 78.6
- BC Housing Starts pC1 down 70% across Canada in March compared with last March but in WV down 92% -- did our budget reflect that much of a decrease in revenue?
Just watching CNN and there's a short bit on 'bio-beer'.  Seems they aim to put the healthy molecule (resveratrol) found in red wine into this bio-beer.  They say it also fights cancer.  Now if they can prove it helps with climate change, think we've really got a winner.....
Will see if our resident beer judge has a comment......
+  GAZA [from the news on the 'net; you won't see in VSun]
Israel is the occupying power in the Gaza Strip. In 2005, as part of what it termed "disengagement" from Gaza, Israel removed its settlements and settlers. Yet despite the redeployment of its troops in 2005, the Israeli army has retained effective control over the Gaza Strip. Israel maintains sole control of Gaza's airspace and territorial waters and does not allow any movement of people or goods in or out of Gaza via air or sea. Israel also continues to exercise a degree of control over Gaza's border with Egypt and Israeli officials have repeatedly made it clear that this border can only be reopened within the framework of a joint agreement with the Palestinian Authority and Egypt.  Israel also continues to control electricity, water and telecommunications in Gaza. It has regularly conducted raids in Gaza, often arresting "wanted" men; and carrying out so-called "targeted killings", in air strikes which have claimed a high toll on civilians.

===  BLOCKWATCH  === www.wvpd.ca/become-involved/block-watch
Welcome to Spring Everyone!  
Well, it's time to start planning those Block Parties & BBQs!
If you check out the Block Watch website and look at the Safe Communities Grant section, you may apply for one before the end of May.
The grant is for $100 and if you have a crime prevention type theme for your block party, you may be eligible for the grant! Perhaps a few streets would like to join together and have a gathering. Corporal Fred Harding, Constable Jeff Palmer, and I would gladly attend and bring some crime prevention material for you, if we are available.
[The Block Watch Society April newsletter is on the website.]  Also, if you have friends or family on West Van. streets that are not in Block Watch, please ask them to contact me and we'll get them going!
Remember to lock your cars, take all your valuables out, and don't leave an extra key inside!
Feel free to email Fred, Jeff, or me if you have any questions or concerns.
Enjoy the beautiful weather and Happy Spring!
Anne Russell, WVPD, Block Watch Coordinator, Community Services Unit, 925 7363

===  NEWSWATCH  ===  in this case BLACKWATCH (re economic meltdown)
Of course Conrad Black flamed against Galloway but he did say it was foolish of Kenney/Canada to ban his entry.  We concur.  As I stated in WVM7, Conrad Black has some interesting comments on banks and the crisis in our economy, and I found his remarks interesting.
Here they are (my bolding):
Self-firing arquebuses such as George Galloway noisily come and go, but people of clear and reliable foresight in these days of upheaval are rare. One aspect of the current economic problems that has appalled me is how terribly and completely let down the United States has been by its leadership elites, corporate, political, regulatory, professional and academic economists and the financial media. Persevering readers will recall some of my 2008-era philippics about the US$800-billion current-account deficit, the trade imbalance with China and the potential black hole of hedge funds. I will admit that I knew nothing of the trillions of dollars of vulnerable real estate assets.
Paul Volcker, though he expressed some general concerns, and Larry Summers, weren't warning anyone of this either. Nor was Warren Buffett, now such a ubiquitous media pundit one wonders if he is starting to drink his own bathwater. (No one disputes that Warren Buffett has had a brilliant career as an investor, financial strategist and manager and business personality, but in the last 15 months, he has probably lost more money than any other individual in the world. Doubtless he will recoup, but not by talking.)
It has been a little like Britain and France in the 1930s. The leaderships of those countries made terrible mistakes that imperilled civilization, but at least they had Winston Churchill and Charles de Gaulle, who led their countries through the crisis and back to greatness. When the U.S. northeastern establishment lost its nerve after the Vietnam debacle, Californians Ronald Reagan, George Shultz, Caspar Weinberger, and others were there to pick up the torch and win the Cold War. Now there is no one.
But that is not quite true in Canada. Almost six years ago, I invited the redoubtable Anthony Smithson (Tony) Fell, long-time head of RBC Dominion Securities, to a Bilderberg meeting at Versailles, of about 140 prominent public and business figures, senior journalists and public policy intellectuals from North America and Europe. He said nothing at the general sessions for the first two days and then intervened to predict almost everything that has since afflicted the world's economy: too little saving, a glut of housing and  questionable mortgage debt in the United States, severe imbalances of money flows, inaction on oil imports, the torpor of Europe and serious uncertainties in Russia and China. He predicted a severe reversal, of the proportions that has occurred, culminating in deflation (which still seems unlikely because of the U.S. Federal Reserve's wise inundation of the monetary base, an activity now sheltering under the splendid jargonistic parasol of "quantitative easing," i.e. an expanded money supply).
Tony Fell is a pretty sober and businesslike man to have his name bandied about in such company and circumstances, and his remarks were received at Versailles with incredulity and a little bemusement. But in an eminent international forum with several central bankers, prominent lending bankers, finance ministers and senior politicians, including Stephen Harper (then the leader of the Opposition), Tony Fell was the only person who predicted the greatest international economic crisis in seventy years.
Not all prophets look and sound like casting-studio choices for the role, and Canadians tend not to be flamboyant when there are a lot of powerful Americans and Europeans around. I have known Tony Fell for 55 years and he has never been a scene-stealer. When I sent him an e-mail a couple of months ago reminding him of his prescience, he graciously replied, taking no credit for himself. But in the last 30 years, his economic and commercial opinions have almost always been proved accurate.  Tony Fell almost always deserves, but has almost never sought, an audience.
National Post / cbletters@gmail.com
from: http://communities.canada.com/shareit/blogs/news/archive/2009/03/28/conrad-black-the-magnificent-absurdity-of-george-galloway.aspx

===  WEBWATCH  ===  Mississauga Mayor -- Msg forwarded to me:
Just when you are convinced there isn't a single competent politician, up pops one.  This lady is unbelievable!  Who says we have to lose it all as we get older?  See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fY79KbCptTo

===  CREEKWATCH  ===  History of Lawson Crk "Flumes, Fallers, and Fish"
WV Streamkeepers' mtg March 19 had a full house to listen to the panel (chaired by Director Barrie Adams).
*  Hugh Johnson showed slides so we got to see early days and the shingle-bolt flumes 1916 to 1926.
Mona Carlisle told us about the early days growing up on Sinclair Street (from 1947).  With Norma Sorenson and others formed the Creek Conservation Society.  An incident with the Flood Protection plan made them view Rupert Harrison (M Clerk) as their hero.
*  Rob Bell-Irving (DFO) first fished in Lawson in 1957.  Then culverts made streams impassable.  Stormwater different (more) today than 100 years ago b/c of change in pervious and tree cover.  In some places salmon back after 40 to 50 years.
*  Steve Jenkins (DWV, Environmental Coordinator) had slides, "A Baffling Project": three and a half years of work; 47 baffles privately funded.
*  Ray Fung (DWV, Engg) went to PJ school.  He explained the District's Six-Creek Diversion scheme/plan.  Better for creeks without pipes/culverts (or special design).  Today some terms have changed: no longer called Stormwater Management (ISWM), now Rainwater Management -- retaining, putting water back into ground, tree canopy and root system, sponge of organic layer.  Rainwater management as a resource.
{As Paul Berlinguette, now of Wetlands Partners, explained some time ago, it isn't just runoff we must be concerned with, it's absorption and retention.}

**  The presentation by John Barker (Director), printed here, provides an excellent overview of WV Streamkeepers, activities and goals:
I would now like to present the Streamkeepers' perspective.
What are our objectives? 
How do we measure success? 
What is our role in the community? 
And, what is our vision for the future?
Firstly - Streamkeepers are all volunteers and we are there to protect our natural stream heritage and improve it where possible.
Objectives - High on our priority list are:
Protecting our watercourses
Enhancing our watercourses where appropriate
Raising public awareness in the community - at all age levels - adults, students and children
Measuring Success:  Clean, natural flowing streams, fed by slow release of rain water.  In other words, good habitat for all aquatic species including cutthroat trout and juvenile salmon.  Good survival rates of juvenile salmon -- remembering coho will live in the stream for a year before going to sea.  And, lastly, the return of adult salmon.
Our Role in the Community:
Public awareness - we have several annual initiatives: [Heritage Week], Adopt-a-Fish, Earth Day, Community Day, Coho Festival, Rivers Day
Now, some words about Lawson Creek:
Stephen has outlined the considerable work undertaken to install some 50 baffles and two fish ladders between the mouth of the stream and the area behind the Legion where Lawson Creek becomes day-lighted again.
In addition, the mouth of Lawson Creek was changed in 2006 and 2007 making it more fish friendly than years ago.  The West Vancouver Shoreline Preservation Society, headed by Ray Richards, working with his volunteer group along with Stephen Jenkins and municipal consultants, devised a plan to place large rock at the mouth of Lawson Creek to minimize further erosion of the foreshore. 
This effectively created a new estuary for Lawson Creek - one that entered the ocean in a gentle, curving nature to the east and then back to the west -- instead of the old estuary, where the stream dropped directly onto the beach from a concrete sill.  Salmon can now access the stream (and safety) through a much broader range of tides.
In conjunction with this activity, Streamkeepers were releasing both coho and chum fry into Lawson Creek -- in not insignificant numbers -- between 10,000 and 15,000 per year.
Now, a measure of success, of course, after providing certain enhancements, is the return of adult salmon to spawn in the stream.
Let's look historically.  In 2006 there were four adult salmon reported - one was a female coho and three were chum - all died in the lower reaches due to the inability to reach suitable spawning habitat. 
The following year, in the fall of 2007, the baffle program, initiated by Stephen [DWV Environmental Coordinator], was underway but far from completed.  To avoid loss of salmon as experienced in the prior year, Rob Bell-Irving [DFO] encouraged us to attempt a rescue and relocation program. 
Our expectations were not considerably high since only four salmon were reported in the prior year.
To raise community awareness the Municipality prepared a notice that was posted on the railing on Argyle Avenue near the big stainless steel fish that arches across Lawson Creek.  That sign had a request to the public to call Streamkeepers if salmon were observed in the creek. 
Well, on October the 10th the telephone started ringing and didn't stop until just after Christmas. 
With a new estuary available to returning salmon, coho and chum started appearing.  With Fisheries authorization, fellow Streamkeeper Jim Torry and I went to work in an attempt to save any returning salmon. 
With assistance from students from West Vancouver Secondary's EPN and other Streamkeepers' volunteers, we were able to rescue 51 salmon (there were 47 coho and 4 chum).  Using sports fishing nets and a big tote, we were able to capture salmon with relative ease, place them in a tote and drive them to suitable habitat higher on Lawson Creek. 
Most were captured in the culverted area between Bellevue Avenue and the mouth of Lawson Creek and occasionally underground, in the culvert, above Bellevue toward Marine Drive.  Most of these salmon were re-located upstream to an area at Esquimalt Avenue as well as just below and above Fulton Avenue. 
As evidence of the success of this operation -- last Spring, in May 2008, there were hundreds of coho fry observed in these locations -- the progeny of those salmon that were transported upstream.
Further, Rob Bell-Irving did a trapping in September to check the survival and health of these fish.  Survival rates appeared to be strong and the growth rates were excellent - lending strong evidence to the quality of Lawson Creek. 
The Municipality then made the commitment to complete the baffle and fish ladder program -- which was done. 
The number of returning salmon last year was below 2007.  There were 12 chum salmon that returned and only one coho observed - strangely enough.  But salmon can now reach the higher spawning and rearing habitat and it will be interesting to see how far they do progress.  Fulton Avenue may be a challenge for them where the stream runs down a concrete slope on the north side, however, the culvert under Inglewood is expected to be passable.
2009 should prove to be an interesting year with the baffles and fish ladders completed - plus the curving nature of the estuary which has drawn in, not only Lawson Creek salmon, but stray coho from the Capilano Hatchery.  We can hope for improving numbers in the years to come.
Future work on Lawson Creek:
Ensure the baffle and fish ladder system is working by observing salmon that have made it beyond the Legion.
Be prepared to tweak the system as necessary to allow easier passage for salmon.
Consider creating spawning habitat below Bellevue Avenue -- chum often prefer habitat closer to the ocean -- this could be achieved by constructing a side channel or by increasing the amount of gravel between the baffles that could be used by chum for spawning.
And, consider a fish ladder at Fulton to ensure ease of access to the stretch of habitat between Fulton and Inglewood.
And Residents - how can you help:
Number one - keep pollutants and any foreign or garden debris out of the stream - not only yours but encourage your neighbours to do likewise.
Number two - leave native vegetation as it is - the stream needs this -- to ensure cool summer temperatures, to provide cover to protect juvenile salmon from predators, to provide a food source, to maintain the stability of the stream banks and the retention of rain water.
Number three - contact Fisheries and Oceans Canada, the Municipality or Streamkeepers if something is happening that will damage the creek or foul the water.  We need to know.  There are yellow pamphlets available on the table over there - and these pamphlets include the emergency telephone numbers of those agencies.
Number four - let Streamkeepers know if you observe a salmon in the stream.  I have put some of my business cards on the table and they contain my contact information.  Please call if you have something you wish to share about Lawson Creek.
Now, I would be remiss if I did not mention some of the Streamkeeper partnerships.
Firstly, no stream work may proceed without the support and authorization of Fisheries and Oceans Canada.  Rob Bell-Irving is our Community Adviser and he works with us continuously in our endeavours.
Secondly, the Municipality has long been a supporter of our efforts.  Our staff point guy is Stephen Jenkins.  He always has time for fish and habitat and we meet with Stephen [almost] every second week on these matters.  We also have great rapport with other departments as they touch on our projects.  In addition, mayor and council have been very supportive of our initiatives.
Thirdly, our other aquatic volunteer groups - West Vancouver Shoreline Preservation Society, headed by Ray Richards and North Shore Wetland Partners, headed by Paul Berlinguette - both work closely with Streamkeepers for improved habitat.
And, fourthly, are the funding sources that provide the financial capability to make our projects come to life.  In addition to funding by the Municipality, we have to thank the Coho Society of the North Shore (Jim MacCarthy, Barry Ferguson, and Heather Dunsford), the Pacific Salmon Foundation, corporate supporters such as British Pacific Properties, Park Royal Shopping Centre, and the North Shore News, as well as individual donors who live in the community.
And lastly, our Vision - salmon in all the streams in West Vancouver. Well, that may be a bit ambitious.  But of the 25 streams in the community, not counting tributaries, many of these are deemed suitable salmon habitat and many supported salmon before our road systems and storm water culverts were constructed.  Today, we have salmon in the following streams - Brothers Creek, West Brothers Creek, Hadden Creek, Lawson Creek, McDonald Creek, Rodgers Creek, Claymore Creek, Cypress Creek, Nelson Creek, Eagle Creek, and Wood Creek.
Salmon populations tend to be small by the very nature of the size of these streams and the available spawning habitat.  Our salmon populations are mostly chum and coho, although pinks and chinook have been observed from time to time.
Streamkeepers are motivated to keep these watercourses in a healthy condition and suitable for returning salmon.  Of all the challenges that salmon face after they leave the stream for a life at sea - if they don't have spawning habitat to return to, then we are in deep trouble. 
This is the role of Streamkeepers - to ensure that this habitat exists and is protected for the years ahead.

*  The panel guests were presented with copies of Francis Mansbridge's book, Hollyburn.  (FM was in the audience and he'd just received a WV Heritage Award for the book in February).
{to contact WV Streamkeepers, ph 604 628 1123; see www.streamkeepers.westvan.org or write to the board executive: streamkeepers@westvan.org.}

===  BOOKWATCH  ===  Beer again; NYT Book review
Cheers by JAMES OLIVER CURY  Published: March 12, 2009
If you close your eyes and imagine an old-fashioned Irish pub, you might think of worn wood floors, bric-a-brac on the walls and gents in flat caps...
The rest of the NYT review: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/03/15/books/review/Cury-t.html
        A PINT OF PLAIN: Tradition, Change, and the Fate of the Irish Pub by Bill Barich

===  LANGUAGEWATCH  === Attention, gluttons for punnishment!
        Pun for the Ages: The New York Times at http://www.nytimes.com/2009/03/28/opinion/28Tartakovsky.html

===  MAIKU  ===  spring transition -- a maiku and senryu (read aloud)
2009 Apr 12
                twitters, towhee calls
                        trills, taps of drumming raindrops
                                        my morning music
2009 Apr 14
                a buzzing flower?
                        see fuzzy bumble bee bum
                                    nose busy deep in nectar
===  QUOTATIONS  ===
Life is a play. It's not its length, but its performance that counts.
                        -- Lucius Annaeus Seneca, Roman philosopher, writer (4BC - AD65)
Ah! what a divine religion might be found out if charity were really made the principle of it instead of faith.
                        -- Percy Bysshe Shelley, English poet (1792 - 1822)
In the old days a man who saved money was a miser; nowadays he's a wonder.
                        -- Author Unknown
Those who live by numbers can also perish by them and it is a terrifying thing to have an adding machine write an epitaph, either way.
                        -- George J.W. Goodman, The Money Game
What we've lost is not nearly as important as what we do with what's left.
        Atheism is a non-prophet organization.
                        -- Both anonymous/unattributed
The solution of every problem is another problem.
                                -- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money. 
                        -- Cree Indian Proverb
If money is your hope for independence you will never have it.  The only real security that a man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability.
                        -- Henry Ford
I've been married three times - and each time I married the right person.
                        -- Margaret Mead, American cultural anthropologist (1901 - 1978)
Books will be the salvation of Mankind. -- Voltaire, French philosopher, writer (1694 - 1778)
All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism.
The easiest way to find something lost around the house is to buy a replacement.
There are two kinds of pedestrians: the quick and the dead.
Two silk worms had a race. They ended up in a tie.
A chicken crossing the road is poultry in motion.  (It is Poetry Month after all.)