Ccl NOTES May 25
Calendar to June 18

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

West Vancouver celebrates itself Saturday June 6th
Parade starts at Ambleside Park and ends up at the civic ctr with lots of info and booths
Then honour our Veterans -- 65th anniversary of D-Day
=  MAIN ITEMS June 1st after Public Hearing on Child Care Regulations: WV Cmnty Fdn; 960 Sentinel Dr; Process re Redevt Upland of Sewell's Marina; FINANCE CMTE Terms of Reference (Info to be provided!); Accommodation during the Olympics; Garbage Collection Contract (already awarded so just for info); Bear Smart; WGs; Ccl Rep for Value for Services; 2451 Palmerston; Correspondence: Nelson/Eagle Creek area as park; Bury Lane; Pasco Rd Sewer; Cmnty Ctr Sports Gym (answer); Drinking Water Quality
Riddle; Vive le Canada (D-Day + 65); DANCEWATCH; ANIMALWATCH (Loving lions, man mbr of pride); from the EDITOR'S DESK; UPDATES (Watering Rules, Bearwatch, Strategic Planning)
=  CALENDAR to June 18th; CULTUREWATCH (Music and Theatre)
=  Mtg NOTES May 25th: MetroV Draft Regional Growth Strategy/Consultation; MetroV Draft Liquid Waste Mgmt Plan; Ccl gives conditional support to both; Public Hearings June 15 for 5775 Marine, 2330 Cypress Bowl Lane, 567/571 Craigmohr; 2451 Palmerston; addn of ccl mtg June 22; Correspondence discussion re parking
=  Ccl Mtg AGENDAs June 1st
Subscriber Updates/Alerts: Wetmore site's future; Arts/Culture plans new Museum; CEC disengaged?; Finance Cmte (no info! and passed?); Cmnty Grants (mtgs not on Calendar, postponed, etc);
=  NEWSWATCH (Checkpoint hope?); BOOKWATCH (NYT/Photography: doctors without borders in Afghanistan); MAIKU; QUOTATIONS (some on committees)

~~~  RIDDLE:   If you die drunk, do you stay tipsy for eternity?
                                        Clue: literary answer
===  Vive le Canada  ===  65th Anniversary of D-Day, the 'turning point' of the war.....
D-DAY  in EUROPE -- Significant ceremonies are taking place D-Day in Normandy on June 6th, the 65th Anniversary.  That day in 1944 is considered a turning point in the war -- 215,000 Allied casualties.
A monument will be unveiled next to the Juno Beach Centre in Normandy to commemorate the role of the Royal Canadian Navy in the D-Day landing.  Veteran Affairs Minister Greg Thompson said Canada's naval contribution far exceeded what anyone might have expected from a country of only 12 million people at the time.  And on that morning 65 years ago our navy had rightfully earned its place along side the seven other allied nations.
Even before D-Day, Canadian sailors in both the navy and merchant marine were involved in convoys that kept open the supply lines across the Atlantic during the war.
D-Day: The allied invasion of Normandy
     The CBC website will have a lot of information (the article as well as topics to link to):                

===  DANCEWATCH  ===  Ah, yes, Britain's got talent.
        This time, Flatley a la grecque: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Tu0PAbW75A
... sent to me by a subscriber -- love and a feline fix: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wso13n4kHZ4

===  from the EDITOR'S DESK  === 
Of course, even with a week between issues -- let alone more --, with omissions, changes/additions of cmte/WG mtgs re the WVM Calendar, hard to keep up.  Subscribers get a headsup from time to time.  See some in Subscriber section near end to provide you with more info.
===  UPDATES  ===
>  Lawn Sprinkling Regulations
Lawn sprinkling regulations are in effect from June 1 to September 30.
Sprinkling is permitted between:  4am - 9am & 7pm - 10pm
Even-numbered addresses: Wednesday & Saturday
Odd-numbered addresses: Thursday & Sunday
From June until September, the demand for water in Metro Vancouver almost doubles. But, in these summer months when the region receives the least amount of rainfall, there is less water in the reservoirs.  Help conserve water by reducing outdoor water consumption and by complying with summertime sprinkling regulations.  Saving every drop begins with YOU!  More Information Outdoor Water Conservation
If you see a bear in a residential area, call 604 990 BEAR (2327), or 925 7129.  For more information, visit www.westvancouver.ca/bears
>  Residents Encouraged to Participate in Strategic Planning Input Sessions
The District of West Vancouver encourages all residents to help Council and staff shape WV's future by participating in the Strategic Planning process.
Residents are invited to attend one of the two upcoming "World Cafe" dynamic public input sessions:
*   Wednesday, June 3rd from 6 - 9pm at the West Vancouver Community Centre
*   Friday, June 5th from 6 - 9pm at the Gleneagles Community Centre
Key topics for discussion will be:
*   Environmental Stewardship
*   Community Vibrancy
*   Diverse Population Needs
*   Housing & Neighbourhoods
*   Infrastructure & Services
*   Economic Stability
Residents can register to participate in either the June 3rd or June 5th session by sending an email to strategicplan@westvancouver.ca, or by calling Brent Leigh, Deputy CAO at 925 7003.  For more information, residents can visit www.westvancouver.ca/strategicplan.
Even if residents can't participate in a public input session, they can still get involved online by signing up to receive a WebAlert when new content is posted to the website, or by posting a response to questions within the Strategic Planning Online Community Forum.

===  CALENDAR to June 18th  ===
Dundarave Farmers' Market Saturdays 10 to 4pm
Ambleside Farmers' Market (13th & Bellevue) Sundays 10 to 3pm
[Pls note a) that all mtgs are at M Hall unless indicated otherwise and b) with such a long gap between ccl mtgs and WVMs along with often no or v short notice of mtgs on the DWV website, this section, while hoping to be, cannot possibly be complete.  Please check wrt cmtes and WGs that are of interest to you.]
Last minute changes on the DWV Calendar: May 28th WV Police Bd mtg advanced to May 20th!
Also added for Thurs May 28th:
11am Cmnty Grants Cmte mtg (apparently set at the mtg late Tues 26th wch still wasn't even on the Calendar on Wed 27th!) and 4pm Climate Action WG.  (LATEFLASH: Then more fun and games as June 2nd mtg cancelled and mtg on June 8th not posted on WV Calendar until 2 1/2 hours before scheduled mtg for 6:30pm.)
More late info:
7pm Wednesday May 27 at Srs' Ctr: WV Historical Society mtg
Jim Taylor presentation
Jim's fascinating story behind his new book:THE LEGEND AND ICON: MR DAL RICHARDS
Jim Taylor, well-known sports writer and biographer, will speak about the book he is preparing for the fall on Dal Richards.  Dal, an icon of big band music since his early days at the PNE as a teenager, through his years at "The Roof" in the Hotel Vancouver up to today, where he performs each summer at the Harmony Arts Festival at John Lawson Park.  Jim tried to persuade Dal to let him write his biography for a number of years before he finally agreed last fall.  Dal is in his 90s, so Jim's research and work with Dal will preserve the fond memories many of us have of Dal and his music.
--  Jim Taylor, now 71, had a career that has lasted 50 years, through 7,500 columns, three times as many radio reports, lots of television, and a dozen books.

= Sat May 30th ~ 9am to 1pm ~ Garage Sale at Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr
~ 7:30pm ~ Dal Richards performs at the Big Band Cabaret at the WV ice arena
Dal is the special guest with the West Vancouver Youth Band as well as the Salsa band Tanga. There will be great food, drinks, and dancing.  Tickets ($50) are available through the Rec Centre, on the West Vancouver Youth Band website http://www.westvanyouthband.ca/ or by phone 778-228-1041.  All proceeds go to supporting music instruction for kids.
= Sun May 31st 
        ~ 9am to noon ~ Westie Walk Dog Walk at Lighthouse Park
        ~ 10am to 2pm ~ Motorcycle Ride for Dad in Ambleside Park
        ~ 10am to 2pm ~ Eagle Harbour 5km Fun Run in Parc Verdun       
~ 7:30 - 11am ~ WV Rotary Seawalk Run at The Village at Park Royal
This year the beneficiary will be Canuck Place Children's Hospice, and they have donated two amazing prizes in addition to the numerous other draw prizes that participants can win:
* The runner who raises the most money will receive a hockey stick signed by the entire Canucks team
* The team that raises the most money will receive a flag signed by the entire Canucks team
The course of the Rotary Sea Walk Run covers some of the most beautiful scenery in British Columbia and I hope you can join us this year. Please also pass this message on to your friends and encourage them to support a worthy cause.  To sign up on line for the Run click on : http://www.eventsonline.ca/events/seawalkrun/
Breakfast: A runner's breakfast will be waiting for you at the finish line
Run Gear: An original design T-shirt is included in your race package.
Awards: Awards will be presented from 8:45 onwards
        For more information on the Run visit www.seawalkrun.com
June 1st -- start of Access Awareness Week
= Tues June 2nd ~ 6:30pm ~ Cmnty Grants Cmte mtg at WV Cmnty Ctr -- CANCELLED
= Wed June 3rd
   ~ 4 - 6pm ~ Cmnty Stakeholders Mtg at Sentinel re Integrated Stormwater Mgmt Plan for Pipe, Westmount, Cave, Turner, and Godman Creeks.  (See full notice below.)
   ~ 5pm ~ WV Chamber of Commerce AGM at the Partner Ctr to elect new directors.  (See below.)
   ~ 6pm - 9pm ~ Visioning/Strategic Planning "World Cafe" at the new Cmnty Ctr -- HAVE YOUR SAY!
= Thurs June 4th                ~  5:30pm ~ Spirit Trail WG
                        ~  6:30pm ~ Field Sports Forum Input mtg at Cmnty Ctr, Cedar Room
= Sat June 6th  ~ 8am ~ Masters Mile Race, WV Srs' Ctr
*  COMMUNITY DAY -- 9:45am - 4pm -- PARADE/DISPLAYS  *
                Theme: Everything Old is New Again; info ph 925 7194
Details on the DWV website: http://www.westvancouver.ca/residents/level3.aspx?id=13836
=  Mon June 8th
   ~ 6:30pm ~ Cmnty Grants Cmte (not on DWV Calendar as of June 7, so check)
=  Wed June 10th 
   ~ 6:30pm ~ Lower Caulfeild Heritage Conservation Area Review, Srs' Ctr
   ~ 7:15pm ~ Field Sports Forum, Cmnty Ctr
=  Thurs June 11th 
   ~ 4pm ~ Climate Action WG, Cmnty Ctr
   ~ 5:30pm ~ Spirit Trail WG
=  Sat June 13th  ~ 10pm ~ Strides for Strokes 35th Anniversary, Lawson Park
=  Mon June 15th  ~ 3:30pm ~ WVPB Finance Cmte mtg in WVPD Boardroom
=  Wed June 17th 
        ~ 6pm ~ Child Care WG
        ~  6:30pm ~ Nbrhd Visioning Workshop and Consultation at Srs' Ctr
        ~  7pm ~ Bd of Variance
        ~  7pm ~ Library Board (at Library)
= Thurs June 18th       ~ 4:30pm ~ Design Review Cmte
                        ~ 5:30pm ~ Spirit Trail WG
                        ~ 6pm ~ NSh Family/Youth Justice Cmte at DNV M Hall

- for Events and Programs: http://www.westvanlibrary.ca/index.php?page=5
- for Event Calendar: http://www.westvanlibrary.ca/event/calendar.php
>  Fridays English Corner ~ 10 - 11:30am ~ practise English conversation [June 5, 12, 19, 26]
+  CHANGES AT THE LIBRARY: We have been busy reorganising and relocating some of our services and collections to better suit your needs. This month the fireplace has been installed to the Peter J Peters Reading Room on the main floor and our new Community Computing Centre on the lower level is open for business - please drop in.
>  Community Day is Saturday June 6th and the theme for this year's festivities is "Everything Old is New Again".  For more information on Community Day visit the District of West Vancouver website.
>  Youth Programs at the Library
COMMUNITY DAY 2009 Join us at the new WV Community Centre for a puppet show and songs on Community Day. (Saturday, June 6 at noon & 1 pm)
>  Summer Reading Club -- Registration for Summer Reading Clubs begins June 8th.
+  Friends of the Library
Owing to renovations, the Friends of the Library are not planning their annual spring book sale. They are, however, very busy stocking and restocking the newly expanded Book Cart (located near the Bojangles coffee shop on the main floor) in order to make sure that there are always new titles for you to purchase (for next to nothing prices!). The Friends use this money to support library programs and events. Please stop by the Book Cart and have a look.  If you're interested in learning more about the Friends, visit the Friends of the Library web page.
+  West Vancouver Library Foundation
        2009 Mallet Masters Croquet Tournament
An exclusive fundraiser for the West Vancouver Memorial Library Foundation
Friday, June 19th, 2 pm at the Ambleside Greens Golf Course.
Hampton's White Dress Code * Welcome Reception * Live Music * Championship Cocktail Party * White Glove Dinner Service * Silent & Live Auction

*** PAINTERS' LANDING -- every Saturday & Sunday through October 4 from 9am-5pm
Artists and photographers creating and selling art outdoors on Ambleside Landing, foot of 14th Street, next to the Ferry Building gallery
=  May 19 - June 7 =   "From the Same Earth"
Pottery by Ray and Bev Niebergall, Tim Niebergall, Carlie Sanford; Paintings by Jane Armstrong and Lil Chrzan
Artists' Talk: Saturday, May 23rd at 2pm
=  June 9 - 28 =   "I Am More Than My Day Job"
a mixed media exhibition of art by District of West Vancouver Employees
Opening Reception: June 9 Tuesday 6 - 8pm
Artists in Attendance: June 13 Saturday 2pm
+++ SILK PURSE +++  www.silkpurse.ca
=  June 2 - 14  "Grey Matter"
Join us for the first solo exhibit of talented self-taught Vancouver figurative artist Charles Keillor. His strengths include precise draftsmanship, a direct sense of design, and the ability to capture both likeness and character within a portrait. There is a quality of stillness found in many of his drawings, and they are done in a monochromatic graphite medium.
Opening Reception: TUESDAY June 2nd from 6 - 8pm
=  June 16 - 28  "Landscapes Clear & Radiant"
Landscape art depicts scenery such as mountains, valleys, trees, rivers, and forests. Sky is almost always included in the view, and weather usually is an element of the composition. Landscape painting was the chief artistic creation of the nineteenth century and today continues to be highly sought after for the art viewer and collector. Join watercolour artists Enda Bardell, Vicki Canada, Peggy Shannon, and Carole Wilson to view their landscape collection.
Opening Reception: TUESDAY June 16th from 6 - 8pm
= CAROUN PHOTO CLUB from 7 to 9pm Wednesday June 17
        Photos from "Africa" by Allen Bargen, CAPA Vice President / RPC President
        (CPC monthly meetings: Each third Wednesday of the month during the year at Silk Purse Gallery)
+++ ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION BRANCH 60, West Vancouver +++
***  The Spring-Summer issue of "The Torch" is now available via Branch 60's website: to view the newsletter, just click the following link for direct access: http://www.westvan60.com/Images/The%20Torch%20Newsletter%20-%20Spring-Summer%202009.pdf
The newsletter is available to any non-member who is interested.  Please contact Legion for info 922 3587
Please join us in the Branch Lounge this Saturday, June 6th at 5pm for
A Commemoration of the 65th Anniversary of the D-Day Landing
A tribute will be made to our Veterans with "one minute of silence", a few brief speeches, and a Memorabilia Display

+++  WV MUSEUM  +++  Visit:  http://www.westvanmuseum.blogspot.com/
COMING EXHIBITION: Simon Scott, Architecture of Photography
Opening reception 7pm June 23; Exhibition runs from June 24 to August 22

o  To see a list of events: http://kaymeekcentre.com/on_stage/events_calendar
o  To see the electronic newsletter, the address is http://kaymeekcentre.weebly.com.
o  Getting onto the mail list: the simplest method is to call the box office (604 913 3634) or email tickets@kaymeekcentre.com

LAST CALL for our Annual 2009
President's Dinner and Business Excellence Awards
Wednesday June 10th from 6 to 11pm         
Come celebrate with our record breaking number of nominees and us
Capilano Golf & Country Club -- Presentation Ceremony, Silent Auction and Dinner
Tickets $95 each.  Fantastic dinner buffet, wine and tax included.  Tix can be purchased on our secure website www.westvanchamber.com under Events Calendar.  Our host, Capilano Golf and Country Club, requires advance numbers for set up and food preparation.  Thank you to all our sponsors for over 70 Silent Auction Items.
RSVP INFO: We ask that you kindly pre-pay by the deadline of 5pm on Monday June 8th, 2009.

+  VSO always great -- Mahler's 6th Saturday June 6th; and they'll be doing Carmina Burana June 13 and 15!  See http://www.vancouversymphony.ca/index.php
And in the June issue of BBC Music Magazine p89 has Bramwell Tovey's new CD "Maestro" on p89. The cover article is "Ten Child Prodigies" rated.
+  MAGI presents Dido and Aeneas on June 13th (8pm) and 14th (3pm) at WV United Church.
Dido, Queen of Carthage and Aeneas, Prince of Troy bound in love yet torn apart by the dark magic of
a coven of witches. A story of love enflamed, doused, rekindled, and burned.
[Sorry, no contact info on notice sent; perhaps call the Church]
+  It's now Bard on the Beach season -- previews started Thurs May 28 (Othello) and opening night Thurs June 4 -- see www.bardonthebeach.org and/or phone 739 0559.  Comedy of Errors opens June 13.
One of our companies is a corporate partner of Bard on the Beach so we were at opening night of Othello.  Such a stunning performance by Bob Frazer that I commented afterward that they shd change the play's name to Iago!  Jennifer Lines was excellent in her scenes as Emilia (Iago's wife and lady attendant to Desdemona).  The set is elegant.   The costumes are remarkable (except Desdemona's dress) -- more on Brabantio's white gown later........
+  "Seven Jewish Children" [it may have been on radio here but heard about it and found following]
Watch Jennie Stoller perform Caryl Churchill's (ten-minute) play, which was written in response to the situation in Gaza in January this year at: http://www.guardian.co.uk/stage/video/2009/apr/25/seven-jewish-children-caryl-churchill
for text, see: http://graphics8.nytimes.com/packages/pdf/world/SevenJewishChildren.pdf
+ Went to see Palace of the End, ending Saturday June 6th.  It's not a play to go to for 'enjoyment'.  It is really three one-act plays without an intermission, three character studies.  First is Lynndie England one of the US soldiers who took the fall for Abu Ghraib -- a fast-food server who joined the military being patriotic.  Russell Roberts then conveys the conflict of Dr David Kelly, British UN weapons inspector who finally told the truth on BBC about 'sexing up the reports' and committed suicide.  (His story of a friend in Baghdad who was v learned and had a bookstore was moving for me, another avid reader...)  Third is an Iraqi writer who opposed Saddam and then had to deal with the American assault.  PAL Theatre (581 Cardero). Tix: $16-26; 684 2787 or www.ticketstonight.ca. Info: www.touchstonetheatre.com.
+  More on Les Miz (see it if you haven't but it's a long run) and The Soldiers' Fortune previews June 4, opens June 5; running Thur to Sun at 8pm at the Jericho Arts Ctr (1675 Discovery).

===  Ccl Mtg NOTES May 25th ===
[7:03] Acting Mayor = A/Mayor: Cclr Lewis in Chair (Mayor is absent, part of MetroV trip to Sweden)
        May 11 workshop notes; report for 5775 Marine; withdrawing Item 14 for Palmerston
May 4, 2009 Regular Council Meeting; May 11, 2009 Special Council Meeting for adoption;  May 11, 2009 Council Workshop notes received for information.
        TP Moved; no discussion; carried {will discuss this in next issue as "Mulroney Minutes"}
3. J. Carline, Chief Administrative Officer, Metro Vancouver, regarding Metro Vancouver Draft Regional Growth Strategy and Consultation Program (File:  0185-01)
        PowerPoint to be provided.
JCarline: congratulations on election and re-election
Stress this is a draft plan; purpose to seek further feedback
Planning, looking at regional issues
need a strong diversified economy and last plan didn't include an economic policy
protect natural assets, productive agricultural lands; flood security
housing a perpetual problem; efficient affordable transportation; energy questions; tackle housing issues; institutional framework
Growth Strategy has five goals: create compact urban area; support sustainable economy; protect region's natural assets; devp complete and resilient cmnties; devp sustainable transportation choices
establishment of urban containment boundary -- identify limit to growth; outside this area forbidding urban services (eg sewer, transit)
[slide with centres -- urban, light commercial; conservation recreation area; food security land use strategy; rural areas with large lots outside urban services such as sewer and transit]
[slide showing review process; getting cmnties to vote; all comments in by start of June; Ms need 120 days to ratify by year's end; may slow down process slightly with further refinements; this is official timeframe]
[slide with map; time in next go-round to sort out]
ME: you've described the growth strategy and one of the components is transportation but it's like being with an 800-lb gorilla b/c we have little control.
Carline: try my best; without land use will fail and with transp will fails so critical we work together
magnificent irony, split politically work more closely now; recognition that we have common interests
from a land use POV biggest is dispersal of employment
in last 15 years 40% downtown, 15% ctrs, and 50% not served by transit
put them in locations can be served by transit will reinforce their performance so they have an interest if wanting property taxes; great prob promising cmnties served but then not b/c didn't have the money.
designate areas with sufficient high density then can commit to service -- 15 min
if cmnty doesn't make commitment, TransLink doesn't either and vice versa
Sop: good to see you again, after 13 years
our roles pretty limited; when you make suggestions of increasing units, ev M different; what about limited growth?
Carline: good question: two things driving -- the market and supply of money
some influence on market and only 8% of the money; we can play supportive role
planning ideas from elsewhere; planning instruments that make more affordable
when, where, how, the Ms; and they may not be able to meet them; without tools
Sop: how do you think MetroV can make a target of density in relationship to any ctr that's not urban
when we want strategic sustainable future, we have ctrs, how can Metro dictate densities for a particular area when everybody so different?
Carline: plan is not intended to be a dictatorial document
we set out the goals and needs; know we need to go beyond aspiration
we've drawn some conceptual lines on a map, these are the things we think you shd do; industrial/commercial area; all the lines on the map are for you to determine in your regional context
For WV will be in your OCP
The region approve or does not approve the goals -- areas reasonably protected and encourage but you put the line
three lines: urban containment, agricultural boundary, and environmental boundary
can still be amended by 2/3 majority
we've put as much flexibility in as we cd without doing a magazine article
some want more certainty; we think this is the right compromise
TP: pls elaborate on the urban containment category? green zone? ours under consideration
deeper what that wd mean, included in green zone
Carline: not using green zone, using conservation/recreation agriculture/rural
boundary beyond wch not supposed to do urban devt -- sewer typically the critical one; can't use septic
understand here you had quite an extent of land you haven't quite made up your mind -- looks like it's outside the urban area, doesn't look like where you want extending sewers
your feedback -- think the right density?
no plan is forever; more dynamic than last one
moved from rigid, from 100% from each M
only requires 2/3 support; local M must initiate those changes
Sop: I quote "general policy........cannot support" -- assumption 2600 ha,  no devt except for use if recreational policy in place for some time in WV, staff taking a diff tack?
Sokol: we're saying previously it was under M consideration; the one time addressed was six or seven years ago and Ccl said didn't want these lands added to the green zone
we're not saying necessarily in green zone -- we want this Ccl to make a determination as to what our long-term policy will be
Sop: Mr Carline, clear from years ago not going to green zone?
Carline: in that designation, you were likely there forever, 100% so onerous no attempts made to amend under that legislation
we've brought forward a plan to get an amendment, straightforward shd District say I've changed my mind
under new legislation we have already had five props removed from green zone
Sop: when doc complete, some designation other legalese Ms so different, diverse
what are the legalities of this strategy? won't be able to change and be flexible?
how far does it go? and what's the requirement after the selection and passing of this by the Metro board?
Carline: rules set out in the Growth Strategy section of the Local Govt  Act [LGA]
has to be ratified by all mbrs and if all attempts fail, then third party resoln
once plan in place and ev agreed it one way or another, then Ms have two years -- regional context, doesn't govern OCP or Regional Context Stmt -- moving to compliance or is not in compliance and Board has to accept that and if not, go into dispute resoln who will say okay or not
wd only occur if egregious
CAO: if I may, one question before Mr Carline leaves
if ask for a change, what's process for this Ccl and what wd Metro staff do?
Carline: this is our second round of consultation and if Ccl passed a resoln wch to change a designation we wd receive it at a staff level and wd come out and sit down with staff to try to work it out; take it back
here's what our draft plan says, went out and discussed it, consensus is; planning cmte wd make a recommendation to the board, expect acceptance but if competing and difficult picking sides or finding middle ground
4. F. Nenninger, Metro Vancouver, regarding Metro Vancouver Draft Liquid Waste Management Plan (File: 0185-08-07)
        PowerPoint to be provided.
FN: approved by Min of Envmt
2008 Update, drafted new plan and adopted, and been consulting on that
many of the programs not completed will continue ....., Iona by 2020, ......, stormwater, ..... groups,
important new directions: in Feb with this year Canada-wide standards wrt waste water treatment plants so are aligning our plans with that
new actions; climate change strategies; supports a sust region
Goal: to protect public health and environment; ... reduce pollutants
Goal: affordable and effective -- reinvest, be innovative, recover, monitor, build adaptable systems
Major Reinvestments: upgrade treatment on NShore $400M -- Vancouver over $1B
MetroV cost implications: ~$150 in region
four sewer regions: Fraser, Iona, Lions' Gate, Lulu Island
separated physically and financially; signif diff in sewage levy
[slide re funding with/without sr govts]
until end of month continuing to receive comments
final plan to board in July; to Ministry in fall
ME: you said in last slide b/c new liquid waste treatment plant in NSh costs wd go up
why not a universal waste cost structure, believe with water; why not same?
FN: has been raised in past; sewer system enacted in 1950s, was a debate in 1990s when we were upgrading Annacis Island about not having four but nevertheless Bd continued with the four systems
ME: doesn't satisfy us on NSh time to come
FN: based on physically separated; nothing to do with Fraser area or combined
each sewage area deals with its sewage issues
Sop: motherhood issues -- looking after our liquid solid waste something we have to do, important
on financial side, you have a situation, what's classified as 'rate-smoothing'? and approp financial strategies?
I went through this and another has other steps
want our staff to go through
know facing -- know what we're acting wrt long-term goals
is b/c Lions' Gate plant, rather than Metro overall, now we're on our own to the tune of $400M
do planning when that might be moved in 20 years
not right -- $1B to Metro, to Vancouver -- how are we going to sustain it?
facing a losing battle
how is Metro going to constitute a list of rules for next 25 years and afford it? not going to happen?  how? property tax? based on assessments?  assessments in WV extremely high; can't face high staff costs, costs, not blaming facing some serious problems
Carline: yes, v serious probs; faced in 90s
said to region, you have no choice, must upgrade or you'll be fined and senior officials go to jail....xxx
so Vanc and NSh assisted Lulu Island and Fraser to upgrade; we did get some fed funding
now we're in situation shoe on other foot; the prov minister insert into the plan deadlines for upgrading Iona 2020 and Lions' Gate 2030
pressure from Fisheries for sooner; believe we have no choice for envmtal considerations and fed law
this time Fraser Ms and Richmond will be contributing to Vanc and NSh
the timing depends on the prov/fed govts when they come to the table with money
hope wd come through with 2/3 assistance
this time round NSh escaped but even with 2/3 cost sharing between now and 2/3
determined by waste flow
flat-rate levy sometimes used; not like on basis of assessments where WV has a concern, reasonable
this is more on a user-pay basis
Sop: deadline end of June or July, is there a way, Mr Mgr, that we ask for a staff report back to Ccl for our final analysis, not stated in recommendation tonight
CAO: certainly you can add a bullet or addendum
from the info this evening, requires a more detailed analysis
TP: maybe you cd explain to me the diff between secondary and primary
FN: primary use a physical processor and the secondary dissolved in water and they do it biologically; the secondary portions is the cost that is shared on the formula; 70% of secondary shared regionally among all
TP: noticed that some of the toxicity testing has been failing
FN: in Lions' Gate, do end of pipe toxicity test -- probably due to ammonia, olfactants {did I mishear this word?}, detergents, some failures of those tests
no envmtal impacts but indicators that have to be followed up on
TP: one of our core values in WV .....
really do believe have to take it to next level; overall health of our waters; do need to take ownership of this
5. Comments on Metro Draft Regional Growth Strategy (File: 0185-01)
Sokol: in general staff supports; five basic goals; generally consistent with goals and policies of OCP
Concerns however, this Ccl needs some time wrt approach re Upper Lands to come up with something consistent; can do in next month or so.  Can get back to Metro
primary concern how apply to WV; some comes down to definition
other places might consider low density
most of WV in general urban category -- what does MetroV see?
right now all in WV is Amb Town Ctr, Park Royal is not designated as a ctr and what does that mean when it's so major
another point, how are First Nations taken into account?
know they're looking at devt and that can have major implications -- higher coordination with First Nations wd be appropriate
major: how some defined;
see how implemented and how it will affect our ability re future growth
survey of other Ms and see what comments
have heard back from eight Ms; in general all providing feedback but reserving comment, hoping Metro will step back a bit and incorporate into draft
[original motion] RECOMMENDED: THAT
1.  Council [affirm] that the District supports the foundation and the policy directions of the February 2009 Metro Draft Regional Growth Strategy, but does not support adoption of the Strategy at this time, unless the key issues identified by the District can be satisfactorily addressed.
2.  Council direct staff to submit the letter to Metro on key issues affecting West Vancouver from the February 2009 Metro Draft Regional Growth Strategy as outlined in the May 13, 2009 report from the Director of Planning, Lands and Permits entitled, "Comments on Metro Draft Regional Growth Strategy".
Revised motion put before you this evening  rewording of NO 1
1.    Council [affirm] that the District supports the foundation and the policy directions of the February 2009 Metro Draft Regional Growth Strategy, but requests that the next draft of the Regional Growth Strategy be reviewed by member municipalities prior to Metro Board initiation of the formal regional plan approval process of public hearing, concurrence, and possible dispute resolution -- with the goal of preparing a draft regional growth strategy that will start its formal adoption process being both effective and partnership-based.
2.    Council direct staff to submit the letter to Metro on key issues affecting West Vancouver from the February 2009 Metro Draft Regional Growth Strategy as outlined in the May 13, 2009 report from the Director of Planning, Lands and Permits entitled, "Comments on Metro Draft Regional Growth Strategy."
[Sop made motion]
in the letter, is there or wd there be signif concerns?  another way
Mr Carline, wd our letter showing concerns be signif so some sort of arbitration? in fighting position? what result if we don't want?
A/Mayor ML: not ...  to staff
Sokol: most of our comments consistent with other Ms so believe regional dialogue... xxx
one point unique, is refining approach to Upper Lands
once we have a picture where we want to go
MS: wd like to vote on these two separately; two is straightforward for my brain, but one, apart from verbose, it's.... contradictory and if haven't run out of breath "......
contradicts first two statements ..... effective....
only way can interpret it saying not effective and partnership-based
don't understand whole sentence, shd go back to drawing board and just pass 2
Sokol: if I can provide clarity; supportive of goals but think there shd be some refinements and part is to process; one way board can move fwd, M comments, then ....
formal adoption process ...  this says once....
to prepare the next growth strategy and once that done move forward with formal adoption process
A/M ML: if we were to break? what are we doing now?
SSch: call for the vote on clause 1 then clause 2 ; can make amendments as appropriate
A/Mayor ML: in favour; opposed MS
SSch: carries with MS opposed
A/Mayor ML: clause 2; all in favour
TS: can I add a comment here?
...  I think this plan in front of us; speak in detail about Upper Lands; need to have that conversation in this cmnty; l look at it and preserve it for its ecological value
6. Metro Vancouver Liquid Waste Management Plan (LWMP) (File:  0185-08-07)
        PowerPoint presentation to be provided.
RF: won't repeat Mr Nenninger
wrt WV, timing for Lions' Gate LWMP, the advancement of the scenarios so LG prior to Vanc; we'd only support advancement of LG plan if we receive cost-sharing from other govts
re being innovative
the three NSh mayors keen exploring concerns on NSh, encourage MetroV to undertake a scan on NSh; take an integrated view -- energy and solid/liquid waste
my third point, Ms SSS has been following that, tying land devt and its impact with rainwater mgmt to minimize impact on creeks and drainage
lastly wrt aging infrastructure, extensive discussion inflows into our sewers, from laterals, a signif involvement for the Ms; wd encourage for us to get involved, not able now b/c of limitations in the legislation; encourage MetroV to work with prov govt to allow Ms some sort of regulation, aging pipes on private side that affect flow
wrt Cclr Sop amending third clause re cost implications, fine with that; wrt overall process now draft for consultation/comment; MetroV wants comment by end of month; appreciate coming to explain
plan finalized has to come back to Board then back to Ms before ratification
a number of staff bodies -- regional admin cmte and regional finance bodies
signif investments in drinkable water so for this not lost on staff so meeting; can include that in staff report; can look at M actions wrt sewer utility modelling
Sop: Mr Fung, the second recommendation states sr govt cost-sharing grants
who knows what that's to be?  fully funded? major costs? prov? what going to be put on shoulders of taxpayers of WV?
RF: as Mr Carline has said, we are mandated to upgrade Lions' Gate at some point, no choice
also a desire to advance that; wrt that slide, huge costs.
in NSh area huge increases; even with 2/3 funding 80% and without 240% [8:26]
don't know cost-sharing: worst zero, best 2/3; regardless, mandate to proceed
LWMP that timeline is for 2030; if without cost-sharing wd be practical for us to defer into future to build up our reserves to prepare for them
Sop: Engg Dept to exercise some initiatives, namely water
in first question, have to look to future, but how can we support if we don't have cost implications?
still have to wait for final draft?
may say this is fine but why support? not final layout and cost implications
RF: the MetroV LWMP process was described wrt overview of all the work to date; it's the MetroV Board, elected, been pushing to complete this plan
desire to turn around this plan mandated legislated obligation for this fall; to comply we're trying to be as cooperative as possible, trying to mitigate the costs as much as we can
A/Mayor ML: if further discussion shd hv motion on the table
TP moved: THAT
1. The draft Liquid Waste Management Plan for Metro Vancouver and member municipalities, dated March 2009 be supported; and
2.  Further that:
the District [support] advancement of the Lions Gate Wastewater Treatment Plant secondary upgrade by 2020, only on the condition that Metro Vancouver [receive] senior government cost-sharing grants;
Metro Vancouver [undertake] an Integrated Resource Management Study on the North Shore as soon as possible, in cooperation with the three North Shore municipalities;
the District continue to complete Integrated Stormwater Management Plans for remaining watersheds within the municipality; and
Metro Vancouver be encouraged to work with the Province to obtain legislative authority for municipalities to address infiltration from aging, private property sanitary sewer service connections.
+ with addition of receiving staff report on cost implications
7. Strategic Planning Update (File:  0270-07)
        Verbal report to be provided.
A/Mayor ML: unfortunately Deputy CAO not able to make it so I'll announce next mtgs June 3 and 5;
encourage you come out.
8. Request for Order of Non-Enforcement of Sign Bylaw No. 4499, 2007 the Canadian Snowboard Federation - Free Standing Sign - 1538 Fulton Avenue (File:  1605-18)
SW moved  THAT
1.  Council approve the request from the Canadian Snowboard Federation who are leasing Fulton House at 1538 Fulton for an Order of Non-Enforcement until June 1, 2010 to permit a maximum 2 square foot free standing sign at 1538 Fulton advertising their office location.
2.  Council authorize staff to waive the required $250.00 fee under the Fees and Charges Bylaw for processing Orders of Non-Enforcement of regulatory bylaws with work/project time frames of more than two weeks.

{interesting they use feet in the description; also one reader cdn't help wondering if the sign really is 2sf, wch is quite small, or a sign two feet square wch wd be more legible when driving by.}

9. Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4602, 2009 (5775 Marine Drive) (File:  1610-20-2200)
        Information to be provided.
ME: move Zoning Bylaw ... be read a first time.
Sop: why, Mr Sokol, a first reading before PH?
Sokol: usu first reading, then for public review
ME moved: THAT the M Clerk be directed to give notice of a Public Hearing on Monday, June 15.
Sop: don't know if I can ask this; how many times has this come to Ccl in past five years
CAO: in a diff form over years
Sokol: third time; in 2001 this same request was denied
10. Changes to the 2009 Council Meeting Schedule (File: 0120-01)
MS: I'm sure everyone is delighted to hear an additional Meeting of Council be scheduled for Monday, June 22
11. Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
RECOMMENDED: THAT the Consent Agenda items as follows be approved:
Item 12 - Devt Permit Application No. 09-010, 2330 Cypress Bowl Lane (Mulgrave School) (to set consideration date for June 15, 2009)
Item 13 - DPA No. 08-038 for 567 and 571 Craigmohr Dr (to allow subdivision of difficult terrain and provide for watercourse protection) (to set consideration date for June 15, 2009)
Item 14 - DPA No. 08-002 for 2451 Palmerston Ave (to set consideration date for June 15, 2009)
Item 15 - Correspondence List.
A/Mayor: anyone wish to comment on the Consent Agenda?
MS: Corresp items 8, 16, and one more, letter from Ed Collins on parking at Cmnty Ctr, where is it?
[voice: 6]
ME: I want to comment on the same and we'll jostle for speaking order
MS: I'm bigger than you are, Cclr Evison.

{Here it gets a little confusing.  They jump to Correspondence and then come back to the Reports (12, 13, 14).  So from here the numbering will be confusing; I'll leave in the time info but move the items to the order in wch they were discussed.}

A/Mayor: so 6, 8, 16, no other items, so motion from Cclr Sop
Sop: move Consent Agenda Items be approved as follows [he reads 12 and 13]
and Correspondence List, 15, and before you ask for the vote, seconder, I want to comment on 13.
A/Mayor: Cclr Walker seconder; in favour?
motion carries.
{MOTION CARRIES??? they'd already withdrawn Corresp 6, 8, and 16 for discussion so they ought not to have passed the whole Consent Agenda.  They need to say approve all EXCEPT those Corresp items.  In fact, b/c Sop wants to talk about Item 13, they shd exempt that too.}
Reports for Consent Agenda
CAO: no, you need to consider now, items, 6, 8,...
A/Mayor: oh, we do those first?
MS: in the interests of time...
{Go to below Item 15, see just before 8:39, and pick up the discussion there}

{So here the jump to the Correspondence items named; but later you see that A/Mayor thinks they were on 11, but weren't ever really b/c it just introduces Reports and Correspondence.}

15. Correspondence List (File:  0120 24)
(6) E. Collins, Advisory Board of the Seniors' Activity Centre, May 6, 2009, regarding Continuing Parking Issues at the Civic Site
        Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
(8) R. Carder, Dundarave Terrace Strata Council, May 4, 2009, regarding Dundarave Traffic and Parking
        Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
Correspondence received up to May 15, 2009
(16) R. Carder, Dundarave Terrace Strata Council, May 13, regarding Dundarave Traffic and Parking
        Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
MS: I can speak to all three items at once, all three are about traffic and parking
[8:39] four years ago we had two studies paid for by the taxpayers and to my knowledge nothing been done
put on shelf and ignored; cost; taxpayers pockets picked again, only way you can describe it
and parking study in 2005
before new one built; we had a parking issue, that one was ignored as well
I wd like to ask staff to give this Ccl report what's being done with those two studies that were paid for; ppl along MDr waiting for three and four lights to get through some of these intersections
supposed to be parking changes made, supposed to be no left turn signs considered and left turn lanes provided -- I hear all these things
at 15th and Marine you see ppl roar through the gas stations to avoid being stuck in the traffic jam of the lights
we have to address these basic meat and potatoes issues
I'll make the motion whenever you give me the high sign with your breadth of experience in the chair
I move that we ask for a staff report on the two studies that were done in 2005 and ask for an update on traffic and parking issues in Amb and Dund and around cmnty ctr
and what we're going to do to address those issues
Cclr Panz I'm sure is going to second the motion
A/Mayor: seconder?
ME: seconder
A/Mayor: discussion or is this a straight referral? cross deptal, I guess question go best to Mr McRadu
CAO: [8:41]  we were in process of dusting those off and looking at those again
think Cclr Evison has a comment then we'll come back
ME: Cclr Smith has already said; opp to take an aggressive review of our parking requirements
when Wetmore devpd we'll lose 15 parking sites
know we have some major issues
striping, parking stalls, ineffective and inadequate; generally encourage staff to take a v aggressive position
Sop: ...sort of disagree with some of the statements made here ... extreme position
we have taken some... adequate in certain areas
knew in cmnty ctr 400 going in and coming out found demand greater
where going to find adequate position?
can't pull out of the air ... limited space and certain direction
Ambleside, on that cmte; tyvm things working all right including adjust the lights
I'm not convinced going in the direction burden on staff when we know we have limited space and usage not determined; we put up a cmnty ctr going to last 50 years phenomenal
here's direction we have to go
the other report that come out of Traffic and Planning, don't take out, want all traffic by our stores; not a major major problem both our two cclrs referring to
SW: Actually I am going to concur with Cclr Smith and Evison b/c at Library Board mtg last Wed, a lot of discussion wrt parking and extreme need for it; letter going to Mr Fung, to talk about some of the suggestions and requirements of the Library mbrship
Sop: assume from added space for Library don't want to walk, want to park close beside bldg but that's not reality in this cmnty; factual
where are you going to manufacture the space?  have certain rules
ME: Indeed we have limited space; that's all the more reason to be aggressive in trying to use the space we have for better effect.
A/Mayor: any further discussion? call the question
A/Mayor: Cclr Sop, Item 13?
{Now back to reports on the Consent Agenda. Correspondence was 15, they did it ahead of time, now they skip 12 b/c date set and go to 13}
12. Development Permit Application No. 09-010, 2330 Cypress Bowl Lane (Mulgrave School) (File:  1010-20-09-010)
Sop moved THAT
1.  The Municipal Clerk give notice that the Devt Permit Application No. 09-010 for 2330 Cypress Bowl Lane, which provides for an Early Learning Centre at the Mulgrave School Site will be considered on Monday, June 15, 2009; and
2.  The notice of Devt Permit Application No. 08-042 be expanded, beyond the 100 m set out in the Devt Procedures Bylaw, to include all owners and occupiers within the area shown on the map attached as Appendix B to the May 15, 2009 report from the Senior Planner, Urban Design.
{v confusing, not sure what was said.
Sop said he wanted to comment?
Mayor took vote?  CAO said need to... to you....}
13. Development Permit Application No. 08-038 for 567 and 571 Craigmohr Drive (to allow subdivision of difficult terrain and provide for watercourse protection) (File:  1010-20-08-038)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated May 15, 2009 from the Manager, Community Planning ... be received for consideration on Monday June 15, 2009.
A/Mayor: Cclr Sop, now item 13
Sop: just looking through the Craigmohr subdivision; from report dividing two lots into three, Mr Sokol
[8:46] looks like going to realign, creek in other direction
thought if dry or ephemeral thought we weren't going to alter; every dry stream considered a creek under policy of WV
every stream considered a creek; example, resident left side of property creek falling in, wanted to fill in and we said no; so we don't
don't alter to give advantage of third lot
Sokol: I'm not familiar with that issue; happy to look into it and report
in this case, the Envmtal Protection Officer finds it does comply with OCP guidelines that it provides stream protection; can go into more detail on it
ME: are we at this moment going to debate the options as laid out on p170?
A/Mayor: don't think we've got to that, we're on Item 11 if I'm not mistaken; then 12 and 13
{Well, as you can see were were not on 11, we'd skipped 12 and this item is 13.}
SSch: the motion Ccl passed wrt DPA Craigmohr was to set date for Ccl consideration after public notification
ME: setting date, no discussion
Sop: reason I brought it up is that report is there and I was querying about going into a creek for a third lot; point of clarification
ME: I've got lots of questions on that
A/Mayor: so that's the Consent Agenda; we're onto Item 12, if I'm not mistaken, Madam Clerk?
CAO: that's correct
{Rather confusing b/c Craigmohr is Item 13}
A/Mayor: I think Cclr Walker wants to speak to before--?
SW: are actually debating anything? we're just setting dates
{Voice: item 12 has already been approved.}
SSch: Yes, those dates were set for June 15
A/Mayor: So we have no further discussion on Item 12 or 13 this evening other than setting dates.
Item 14?  It has been withdrawn
14. Development Permit Application No. 08-002 for 2451 Palmerston Avenue (File:  1010-20-08-002)
        Information to be provided.  WITHDRAWN  [8:50]
SSch: So, Mr Mayor, we are now moving to Item 16, Reports from Mayor/Cclrs b/c the previous items have been dealt with.  [8:51]
ME: not so much a report, a request
following that serious accident on Upper Levels I was interviewed on CTV and raised a number of questions with staff, understood our MLA (Sultan) was going to bring this safety issue up with the prov
if we're going to go further, suggest we assist Ralph Sultan if that's the right way; at least endorse what he's doing
firm position; that stretch shd be diligently reviewed and dealt with v quickly
CAO: not within our jurisdiction, if we want to take a hard look, wd hv to bring in engineers
b/c prov resp, encourage our MLA to find what the issue is, whether engineering prob or Ministry of Transportation problem wrt the posted speed
I believe Cclr Evison is asking for is support, a letter to go to our MLA asking him to proceed trying to find a soln in that particular area
ME: well said
CAO: if that's the wish, can draft, forward that letter
A/Mayor: need a motion?
CAO: no motion nec, can take that under advisement and get that letter out.
18. ADJOURNMENT -- MS: I move the ... mtg of Ccl be mercifully adjourned. [8:55]

===  Ccl AGENDAs June 1st  ===

The Council Meeting will commence immediately following the Public Hearing
Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4579, 2009 (regarding child care regulations); Business Licence Bylaw No. 4455, 2005, Amendment Bylaw No. 4596, 2009 (regarding child care operation requirements) and Proposed Development Variance Permit Policy (regarding guidelines for evaluating applications for development variance permits for child care facilities in residential zones) (File:  1610-20-4579 /1610-20-4596 / 2620-08)
The Director of Planning, Lands and Permits will describe the subject application.
Applicant: The District of West Vancouver
Affected Lands: The proposed regulations regarding child care uses apply to residential, commercial, mixed use, public assembly and community use zones.
Purpose: The proposed Zoning Bylaw amendment updates regulations for child care uses in West Vancouver.
Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment:
Definitions for child care and related uses are updated and streamlined, and consequential amendments are made to the Zoning Bylaw and inconsistencies removed.
For residential areas, the proposed bylaw reduces the maximum number of children allowed in a child care facility in a single family home from 20 (existing bylaw) to 16 (proposed). The following requirements are also added for Child Care facilities of [nine] to 16 children in single family homes:
(a) on residential lots that are abutting or directly across the street from a community facility site (school, park, community centre, or place of worship):
One off-street parking space for every six child care spaces; and
Outdoor play structures and equipment for a child care facility must be sited a minimum of four feet from all lot lines in all single family (R.S.) and duplex (R.T.) zones.
(b) on all other residential lots:
One off-street parking space for every four child care spaces;
The child care facility must be located a minimum distance of 600 feet from any other existing child care facility of more than eight children in a single family home;
The single family home in which the child care facility is operated must be occupied by the operator or a staff person of the child care facility; and
Outdoor play structures and equipment for the child care facility must be sited a minimum of four feet from all lot lines in all single family (R.S.) and duplex (R.T.) zones.
For commercial areas, the proposed bylaw provides for child care as an allowed use in commercial areas (not currently allowed in the existing Zoning Bylaw).
The proposed bylaw also:
allows child care as a use in the common amenity spaces of multifamily buildings;
updates regulations for child care in public assembly and community use zones and provides consistency across community use zones where child care facilities are allowed.
While not required as part of the public hearing process:
for convenience as the bylaw amendments are related, all persons who wish to provide comment on the Business Licence Bylaw No. 4455, 2005 Amendment Bylaw No. 4596, 2009 (which requires neighbour notification and submission of a traffic management plan prior to receiving a business licence for a child care operation of more than [eight] children in a single family home) will be given an opportunity to be heard; and
all persons who wish to provide comment on the proposed Development Variance Permit Policy for child care uses (which provides guidelines for Council consideration of variances to requirements for parking and siting of outdoor play equipment for child care uses of over [eight] children in a single family home) will be given an opportunity to be heard.
3. Public Hearing Procedure
        Acting Mayor Walker will describe the procedure for the Public Hearing....
1) Reports received up to May 28, 2009:
West Vancouver Child Care Regulations - Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4579, 2009, Proposed Development Variance Permit Policy, and Business Licence Bylaw No. 4455, 2005 Amendment Bylaw No. 4596, 2009; April 14, 2009 (rec'd May 4)
2) Correspondence received up to May 28, 2009: none.

On May 4, 2009 Council set the date for the Public Hearing. The statutory notice of Public Hearing was published in the North Shore News on May 24 and May 27, 2009. The Municipal Clerk will note written submissions received for the June 1, 2009 Public Hearing.
        Acting Mayor Walker will call for public input.
If there is no further public input and Council does not wish to request a further staff report, then:
THAT all written and verbal submissions ... be received and that the Public Hearing be closed.
OR  If Council wishes a further staff report, then:
THAT staff report back to Council ... and that the Public Hearing be adjourned to _________________ at 7pm
Members of Council are not permitted to receive further submissions regarding the Zoning Amendment Bylaw once the Public Hearing is closed.

+  Ccl MTG AGENDA  +
2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES  --   No items presented.
3. H. Vanee, Chair, WV Community Foundation, regarding WV Cmnty Fdn Update (File: 0055-20- WVCF1)
4. Reconsideration of Remedial Action Order 960 Sentinel Drive (File:  1605 01)
                Information to be provided.
5. Revised Public Consultation Process for Proposed OCP Amendment for the redevelopment of the upland portion Sewell's Marina (6695 Nelson Avenue) in Horseshoe Bay (File:  1010-20-09-015)
THAT the District lead proposed public consultation process for redevelopment of 6695 Nelson Avenue in Horseshoe Bay described in the May 20, 2009 report ... be approved.
6. Finance Committee Terms of Reference (File:  0116-20-FIN)
                Information to be provided.
7. 2010 Winter Games - Non-Enforcement of Zoning Bylaw Regulations for Temporary Residential Accommodation (File: 1605-01)
1. Council receive the report titled 2010 Winter Games - Non-Enforcement of Zoning Bylaw Regulations for Temporary Residential Accommodation for consideration.
2. Council provide staff with direction to prepare the necessary Bylaw amendments to the Business Licence Bylaw No. 4545, 2005 to provide for temporary accommodation in residential zones.
3. Council provide staff with direction to prepare a report recommending an Order of Non-enforcement of Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1068, section 110, amending the definition of "Lodger" to permit stays of [fewer] than 29 days.
8. Award of Contract for Garbage and Organics Collection Services (File:  1775-01)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated May 28, 2009 from the Director, Engineering & Transportation ...  be received for information.
9. Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
RECOMMENDED: THAT the Consent Agenda items as follows be approved:
Item 10 - Bear Smart Program Update
Item 11 - Update on New Working Groups: Strategic Planning; Strategic Transportation Plan; and Value for Services
Item 12 - Appointment of Council Representative to the Value for Services Working Group
Item 13 - Development Permit Application No. 08-002 for 2451 Palmerston Avenue (to provide for watercourse protection and allow for a variance to the zoning bylaw) (to set date for consideration on June 27, 2009)  {This must be a mistake; Monday is June 22!}
Item 14 - Correspondence List.
10. Bear Smart Program Update (File:  2150-24): report from the Community Forester for info.
11. Update on New Working Groups: Strategic Planning; Strategic Transportation Plan; and Value for Services (File:  0117-01)
                Information to be provided.
12. Appointment of Council Representative to the Value for Services WG (File:  0117-01)
                RECOMMENDED: THAT Councillor Lewis be appointed
13. Development Permit Application No. 08-002 for 2451 Palmerston Avenue (to provide for watercourse protection and allow for a variance to the zoning bylaw) (File: 1010-20-08-002)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated May 22, 2009 from the Director of Planning, Lands and Permits ... (to provide for watercourse protection and allow for a variance to the zoning bylaw)" be received for consideration on Monday June 22, 2009.
                {that's a much more likely date!}
14. Correspondence List (File:  0120 24)
Correspondence received up to May 22, 2009
Requests for Delegation
(1) P. Hundal, Society Promoting Environmental Conservation, May 24, 2009, regarding Proposal to Amend OCP to Designate Nelson Creek/Eagle Creek Area as a Park
                Referred to Municipal Clerk for response.
Action Required
(2) May 14, 2009, regarding Matters of Ditch Maintenance and Dangerous Trees on Bury Lane
        Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(3)  Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
        (a) West Vancouver Memorial Library Board - April 15, 2009
(4) May 18, 2009, regarding Grant from Federal Government for Sewer on Pasco Road
Responses to Correspondence
(5) S. Ketler, Mgr of Cmnty Services/Director of Operations, May 19, re WV Community Centre Sports Gym
Responses to Questions in Question Period  --  No items presented.
Correspondence received up to May 27, 2009
Requests for Delegation  --  No items presented.
Action Required  --  No items presented.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(6) B. O'Connor, Vancouver Coastal Health, May 20, regarding DWV - 2008 Drinking Water Quality Report
(7) D. Corbett, E-Comm 9-1-1, May 21, 2009, regarding Invitiation to E Comm's Annual General Meeting
Responses to Correspondence  --  No items presented.
Responses to Questions in Question Period  --  No items presented.
        Oral Reports from Mayor and Councillors (Including updates on working groups)


You may recall Mayor Wood's commitment to full/wide public consultation as to what to do with this site.  Mayor G-J and Ccl I think nixed that last year but there still might be hope (some amendments or refinement if you will).
This is partly a fiscal matter for your consideration.
We all wd agree with housing -- the GL House is zoned high-rise -- but there cd be a modified plan.
Since the property is adjacent to the civic ctr site it wd be convenient for srs' accommodation.
My suggestion is to have whatever number of storeys the cmnty and Ccl decide on, but have the bottom two floors for municipal use.
For example there cd be a museum/art gallery on the bottom floor and perhaps the second or share the second with related staff since the M Hall is bursting at the seams.
It says public consultation as to "design and form".
DWV controls the zoning so increased density cd be given and cmnty benefits according to residents' wishes.
Among possibilities, the adjacent park cd be incorporated beautifully into the devt and make it more accessible/usable by citizens than it is now.
Bring your ideas -- this shd be win-win!
Subject: MEDIA RELEASE: Update on West Vancouver's Wetmore Motors Site
Date: Wed, 27 May 2009 09:00:38 -0700
For Immediate Release Wednesday May 27                                                      
DWV Considers Developers for the Wetmore Motors Site
West Vancouver, BC:  Council expects to select the developer for the municipally-owned Wetmore Motors site by June 2009.  Once the developer is selected, a public consultation process will be outlined which will ensure public input into the design and form of the development to occur at this key location.
In October 2008, seven responses were received to a Request for Proposals (RFP) that was issued in August 2008.  The RFP outlined the option for a 99-year lease, or a potential sale of the property for the construction of a seniors-oriented housing project utilizing state of the art green building design and energy conservation systems, as well as rental housing and community amenities.  Council has reviewed the proposals and has reduced the list of potential developers to two teams - one led by Concert Properties and one team from Pacific Arbour Retirement Communities.  Both teams have significant experience in constructing and operating seniors-oriented housing.
The Wetmore site was acquired by an agreement approved in February 2001 at a price of $5.56 million, paid over three years.  Acquisition was intended to allow Council full control of the future use of the land, in consideration of community needs and the site's relationship to adjacent civic uses, and to provide the possible realization of financial benefits from rezoning.  After the purchase, Council studied potential future uses for the site.  Reviews of the Civic Site indicated that it was capable of meeting the District's long term recreation needs as a main centre.  Further study and public review indicated that a seniors-oriented development with assistance and services would best meet long term community needs.
The Wetmore Motors site is located at the corner of 22nd Street and Marine Drive, directly across the street from the Aquatic Centre and the newly opened Community Centre.  The site is approximately 52,000 square feet and includes Wetmore Motors, an existing residence, and a temporary parking lot for the civic centre complex.


Just when you think you've had your fill of surprises, along comes another one.
Tonight again checking about mtgs just to make sure for tomorrow.
What to my wondering eyes shd appear but two new mtgs for Thurs May 28th.

One is the Climate Action WG at 4pm at the Cmnty Ctr.

The two topics for the Design Review Cmte (4:30 at Hall) are the Hollyburn Country Club and an addn to a commercial building at 1431/1437 Clyde.

It was the Cmnty Grants Cmte, however, that provided multiple surprises.
Read on if you're interested in grants and a new museum.
Intrigued to see a mtg for tomorrow morning (11am Thurs May 28th)
Went to their webpage to see what was on the agenda but there was no agenda.  There was, however, an agenda for Tues May 26th.  But wait a minute.  Back to the DWV Calendar.  No mtg there for Tues.  And when I looked at the bulletin board outside the M Hall door Monday night, no mention of a Cmnty Grants Cmte mtg.  That's funny.  By legislation, isn't the requirement that agendas of mtgs be posted at the M Hall 48 hours beforehand?  It's still not there.
In the grip of curiosity, had to see what was on that agenda Tuesday:
Cedar Room - Community Centre (3rd Floor) 2121 Marine Drive
6:30pm - 8:30pm, Tuesday, May 26, 2009  (sandwiches will be served)
1. Welcome & Introductions
2. Overview of Grants Review Process
 3. Breakout to Arts & Culture (Cathy Matheson) and Community Grants (Anne Mooi & Leanne Sexsmith)
 4. Next Meeting - May 28, 2009 (11:00am - 1:00pm)
Note Arts and Culture (grants not A&C Facilities WG) on the agenda.  Cmnty Grants of all sorts are about $200K and they are mainly for non-profit volunteer groups (the list is made public).

ARTS & CULTURE WG -- museum plans

I'd been told lots of staff go to the Arts and Culture WG and was told to look at the Jan 28th mtg minutes.  So off I went to:

Many have asked me about rumours of a new museum down on the waterfront.  Evidently the A/C WG is discussing it -- here are the minutes from January:
"Katherine Tong asked how the Museum Study fits into this process. Cathy Matheson noted that the Museum study is one consideration for future planning.  We also have the upcoming Charette exercise with the UBC School of Architecture.
Design Charette: UBC School of Architecture
Colette Parsons explained that the District was approached by the UBC School of Architecture looking for a project.  With background from the Ambleside strategy, students will look at two separate sites - the 1300 and 1600 block, and actually design a Museum.  This project builds on what the District has been doing with the Museum Study, and maybe at the end we'll have some ideas that will engage the public on what this Museum can be.  It keeps the Museum out there in public eye.  The students have just started, and Darrin Morrison [DWV curator?] has met them on site.  This is a term project that will conclude in April.  Council members will be invited to the final critique.
Colette Parsons observed that this group's task is to look at facilities and provide recommendations to council, one of which could be that a larger community engagement process is needed.
Cathy Matheson suggested that one approach the Working Group could take is to provide Council with what currently "is" for debate, and could suggest funding for an Arts Facilities Master Plan that could shape what a dialogue with the community would be.  It would be best to go out to the community with a blueprint in place. " 

The ccl agenda does have REPORTS from Cclr mbrs and even stipulates also from cmtes and WGs.  Why don't we know more about a new museum? when do we get to have a look-in and input?  or will it be a case of fait accompli too late?  Pls put us in the loop -- I even wonder if the rest of Ccl is aware of all this!

MEETINGS??? -- v late Monday June 1st
Still running late.  News on those two critical cmtes (spending your money) -- Finance Cmte and Cmnty Grants in this update, plus a query wrt the ghost of CEC.
My continuing campaign for adherence to the Cmnty Charter and the vaunted policy of OPENNESS.
The Cmnty Grants Cmte will meet Tues June 4th at 6:30pm at the WV Cmnty Ctr -- just learned today (grant recommendations; see agenda -- probably will have changed again by the time you read this! -- mtg June 8?).

Not only that, the agenda for a mtg of the Cmnty Engagement mtg held June 1, but if you go to the DWV website (see the CEC webpage http://www.westvancouver.ca/Government/Level3.aspx?id=2886 ) and you'll see the mtgs for Jan and Feb were cancelled; and of course today's was not on the DWV Calendar.  So two cclrs met as CEC to make WG appointments b/c the Mayor who is chair was away?  What's going on?
Is everything falling apart b/c the Mayor's been away for a couple of weeks???
If no cclr is making sure that democratic and M procedures are followed, does it then fall to the CAO?
The Mayor talks about open doors and windows and others close them?
While glad at last a Finance Cmte was established at the ccl mtg tonight there was NO information provided to the public as stated in the agenda.  I've just checked the FCmte's webpage and there's no info.  It just says the FCmte is being reconstituted so maybe it will be updated b/c the item passed tonight.  Since who was on the cmte and what the terms of reference are was not uttered tonight, we'll have to wait and see.  The only tidbit we have is a comment made during the ccl mtg that Cclr Walker is the chair.  Stay tuned.  Can't wait to see what they're going to allow this FCmte to do (or not do)!  In spite of voiced intentions, no FCmte has been able to review the budget.
What is worrying however, is that the terms of reference for the Finance cmte was on the CEC's closed mtg agenda Monday morning.  Discussing the TofRef of a cmte does NOT qualify to be in camera.
Not only that, by not having it on the agenda that went out Thursday, or what we saw Monday night at the mtg, residents are mere bystanders completely in the dark only watching Ccl pass a motion establishing a Finance Cmte and its TofRef with absolutely no idea what the terms are nor who is on the cmte.  Is this what you call transparency?
Why didn't even the cclrs who campaigned on openness and transparency speak up to ensure the public, even if they can't have input or make changes, is informed?
Second surprise of the evening.  I always check the bulletin board as I leave the ccl mtg b/c by law (Cmnty Charter/LGA/Bylaw) it is a requirement that cmte mtgs be posted two days in advance.  (There have been recommendations that it be two biz days and also four days; keep in mind that mbrs of most cmtes/groups usually are informed a lot sooner b/c of their schedules and the need for quorum.)
Last week this cmte's Tuesday mtg did not meet the notification requirement "b/c of a clerical error", and then mirabile dictu, Thursday's 'mtg' was not a mtg b/c it was "two separate groups".  Again, that does NOT qualify as an in camera item/subject.
Under the old advisory cmte system they didn't go in camera to discuss the tens of thousands of dollars being doled out to various cmnty groups.  Why this backward step?
Don't get me wrong.  I totally support grants to these deserving groups -- amounts vary -- but it shd be done in public.  (The only amendment to this that Ccl shd consider, as an accountant pointed out, is how to address the tax issue, since it's after tax money and not tax deductible.  That's a nut for the beancounters to crack, to mix a metaphor.)
Cmnty Centre (3rd Floor)  6:30 - 7:30pm, Tues, June 2 (sandwiches will be served)
1. Welcome 
2. Appointment of a Committee Chair (or co-Chairs)
3. Report back from task groups (Arts and Culture Task Group and Social Services / Community Services Task Group) on Grants Recommendations
4. Endorsement from the Committee as a whole on Recommendations.
5. Next Steps

UPDATE:  This June 2nd mtg was cancelled. Another mtg was set for June 8 but as of wee hours of June 8 the mtg did NOT appear on the DWV Calendar.  I checked the cmte's webpage and found a DIFFERENT agenda for the mtg on June 8 at 6:30pm at the Cmnty Ctr.

===  NEWSWATCH  === a bit of good news?
The Palestinian Authority and Israeli forces agree on some checkpoint removal and more "security" - 08.06.09 - 15:18 -  Ramallah / PNN - The Israeli administration says it will lift some of the bans on movement it has imposed in the occupied West Bank.  Article/report at: http://english.pnn.ps/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=5670&Itemid=

===  BOOKWATCH  ===  NYT Review of Books on 'The Photographer'
A harrowing account of a Doctors Without Borders mission to Afghanistan; part photojournalism, part graphic memoir.  To read review, go to: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/05/24/books/review/Hedges-t.html?_r=1&8bu&emc=bua2

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my parents
made lots of mistakes
I've made a lot more.
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