Ccl NOTES June 15
AGENDA June 22
Calendar to July 9

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Celebrate summer solstice, Father's Day, and then Canada's 142nd birthday July 1st!
=   Main Items June 22nd: Report entitled A Vision for Ambleside: WV Museum Art - Architecture - Design {great idea but shocked it is for endorsement by Council before the Cmnty has had time to review it and comment}; Dundarave Biz Assn; Youth Strategy Presentation (info to be provided!); DPA 2451 Palmerston (involves watercourse and variance); ANNUAL REPORT 2008 and FINANCIAL INFO ACT; Cmnty GRANTS Recommendations 2009 ($32,250 + $109,400); Public Hearing for Rezoning of 6520/6540 Marine Dr (Firehall site) set for July 6; Animal Control/Licensing Bylaw (dogs); Zoning re Takumi Restaurant 5775 Marine; Adoption of Child Care Bylaw and Biz Licence Bylaw; Proposed Child Care DVP process; CEC Apptmts; Correspondence and DWV Reply re Dundarave Parking/Traffic.
Vive le Canada (BC and Confederation); ANIMALWATCH (octopus vs shark); from the EDITOR'S DESK; UPDATES (Strategic Planning/WV Input; missing word in Child Care PH transcript in WVM14); POLICEBLOTTER (Youth Strategy)
=  CALENDAR to July 9th; NATUREWATCH (field trips); CULTUREWATCH (Music and Theatre)
PH re 5775 Marine (Takumi Restaurant opposite Thunderbird Marina) to increase seating from 40 to 60
CCL MTG: Spirit Trail WG mid-term Report; DPA for 2330 Cypress Bowl Lane (Mulgrave School); DPA 567/571 Craigmohr Dr (subdivision, watercourse change); Heritage Conservation Incentives; Zoning bylaws for Child Care regulations and biz licence bylaws; Proposed Heritage Revitalization Agreement, 5762 Larson Place;
=  Special Ccl Mtg AGENDA June 22nd'
=  NEWSWATCH (Obama, Carter); INFObits (Women, Pakistan and Iran); WORDWATCH (everything you ever wanted to know about spelling yogurt); Why we love children; TANKA Question; QUOTATIONS

===  Vive le Canada  === BC info before Confederation info
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Colony of British Columbia  --  British colony  --  1858-1866
The Colony of British Columbia was a crown colony in British North America from 1858 until 1871. At its creation, it physically constituted approximately half the present day Canadian province of British Columbia, since it did not include the Colony of Vancouver Island, the vast and still largely-uninhabited regions north of the Nass and Finlay Rivers, the regions east of the Rocky Mountains, or any of the coastal islands. The Colony of the Queen Charlotte Islands and the Stikine Territory were merged with it in 1863, and it was amalgamated in 1866 with the Colony of Vancouver Island to form a further colonial entity named British Columbia, but unofficially known as the United Colonies of Vancouver Island and British Columbia to avoid confusion.
British North American Act = 1867 Confederation of Canada July 1st
1867 -- birth of Canada with four provinces: Upper and Lower Canada (Ontario, Quebec), Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick (the rest was Rupert's Land/British North America).
1870 -- Northwest Territories (but written NWT); a bit of Manitoba (more in 1885 and later)
1871 -- BC joins Confederation
1873 -- Prince Edward Island
1898 -- Yukon (as territory)
1905 -- Saskatchewan, Alberta
1912 -- Quebec gets Ungava added
1949 -- Newfoundland (later called Newfoundland and Labrador)
1999 -- Nunavut

===  ANIMALWATCH  === Octopus vs Shark
                who will win?  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PaOWJxEr3U0
===  from the EDITOR'S DESK  ===
BBC has just quoted Obama: Suppressing ideas never succeeds in making them go away.
*  Vancouver: The little sprinkling overnight June 16/17 was the first rain since May 26th!
Our gardens needed it and more though...........

===  UPDATES  ===
You can now go to the DWV website and register to comment on their cmnty forums.
        Have your say: http://www.westvancouver.ca/council/community%5Fforum/
***  Child Care Bylaw; Public Input; J Rohrick
the bylaw is illegal b/c decision in hands of nbrs
did NOT fix fundamental flaw
severing the notice requirement merely replaced one improper delegate, nbr, for another, itself.
Reducing number of chn from 20 to 16 is not going to fix that problem
same problem: institutional use in middle of nbrhd
Severing nbrs' approval did not fix, made it worse
.....whole thing shd hv been struck, shd hv gone back to drawing board
a daycare with 20 chn is not a residential use in a sgl-fam nbrhd
inconsistent with what adjacent property owners wd reasonably expect
changes shd not be imposed on a nbrhd arbitrarily.....
entire existing bylaw invalid
NB: it is in complete in the later printed run of WVM14, and it is also correct on the website.
If you read that part it is clear the intention is NOT, however that word was unfortunately inadvertently left out.

West Vancouver Police Youth Initiative [to be] Unveiled At WV Council
Date: 2009 June 19 Contact: Cst. Jeff Palmer - Community Services Unit                 Telephone:  604-925-7348    
After extensive review and community consultation, West Vancouver Police will publicly unveil a report Monday evening on future direction for youth programs of the department.
Interim Chief Constable Jim Almas will officially present "Reaching Out, West Vancouver Police and Youth" to Mayor Pamela Goldsmith-Jones and West Vancouver Council Monday June 22/.
Interim Chief Almas will be joined by the report's author, Cst. Lisa Wanless of the WVPD Community Services Unit.
Interested members of the public and media are invited to attend. It is anticipated the presentation to council will begin at approximately 7:30pm.
A Media Availability will be held on the front steps of WV District Hall after the presentation to Council is concluded at approximately 8pm.
===  CALENDAR to July 9th  ===
Dundarave Farmers' Market Saturdays 10 to 4pm
Ambleside Farmers' Market (13th & Bellevue) Sundays 10 to 3pm
[Pls note a) that all mtgs are at M Hall unless indicated otherwise and b) with such a long gap between ccl mtgs and WVMs along with often no or v short notice of mtgs on the DWV website, this section, while hoping to be, cannot possibly be complete.  Please check wrt cmtes and WGs that are of interest to you.]
Late on DWV's so missing from last Calendar: Wed June 10 Strategic Planning WG at 5pm
=  Mon June 22nd        ~ 4pm ~ Finance Cmte mtg
                ~ 6 - 6:30pm ~ Child Care WG at M Hall in Dir/Parks ofc (2nd floor)
=  Tues June 23rd  ~ 5:30pm ~ Value for Services WG

=  Wed June 24th
        ~ 1:30pm ~  Arts and Cultural Facilities WG
~ 6:30pm ~ Composting in Bear Country: Coexisting on the Edge of a Rainforest
Join popular compost expert Ryan Nassichuk and Bear Aware's Christine Miller at M Hall to learn simple things you can do to create compost without attracting bears.  You will get an overview of bear behaviour, bear attractants, and human-bear conflict prevention, AND learn to create healthy, odourless compost without attracting bears. 
Admission is free but space is limited; register at 604 990 3755. The GardenSmart Workshop Series is jointly presented by the Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre, the North Shore Edible Garden Project, and the North Shore Recycling Program.  Visit gardensmart.ca for details. 
~ 7pm ~  Forest/Urban Interface Fire Open House (from Tidings)
In West Vancouver, we live in a forested environment. The forest/urban interface is the point where the forest meets urban development. In the interface, buildings, and vegetation are close enough that a wildfire may spread to structures, or a structural fire may spread into the forest.
We continue to build further into forested areas and we suspect that climate change is beginning to create a higher seasonal risk of fire in our parks, forests, or residential areas of the North Shore. That means we need more diligence in preventing these fires by taking preventative action.
Fire preparedness is crucial in the safeguarding of both residential property and our precious forest land - rich in ecological diversity and recreational opportunities.
Please join WV Fire & Rescue and the WV Parks Department for a special presentation that will show you how to use prevention tactics to reduce the risk of wildfire.
Find out how certain building materials, combined with fire prevention strategies, can reduce the fire risk to homes or the vegetation surrounding them. Learn how the District prepares for structural or wildland fires.
7 to 8:30pm at WV Municipal Hall.

=  Thurs June 25th
        ~ 4pm ~ Climate Action WG
        ~ 5pm ~ NSh Adv Cmte on Disability Issues at DNV M Hall
        ~ 5:30pm ~ Spirit Trail WG
        ~ 5:30pm ~ WV Police Board mtg at WV Police Boardroom
*** The Strategic Planning WG agenda refers to a mtg at Capilano Golf and Country Club, but was told, it's a closed mtg.  This is strange b/c the WG guidelines do not provide for in camera mtgs; also previous Strategic Planning mtgs have been open.   Hoping for clarification -- along with respect for and adherence to the principle of openness much vaunted during the election campaign....***
=  Sat June 28th
        ~ 10am to 2pm ~ 18th Annual Walk the World for Schizophrenia, John Lawson Park
* Wed July 1st Canada Day Celebration * Red and White Picnic * 5 - 10pm *
Dress up in our national colours and join us at John Lawson Park to celebrate our nation's birthday.  Bring your own picnic basket, or enjoy salmon on a bun by the Coho Festival Society, gourmet sausages and hamburgers by the Blackforest Deli, or a whole fruit bar frozen treat by Maxfrut. 
Family activities will include face painting, tattoos, and high-flying red and white kites by Windrush Kites.
In the evening, enjoy  your favourite songs performed by the West Vancouver Youth Band. Sing along to "Oh Canada" under a giant Canadian flag, followed by birthday cupcakes.
For more info: http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=13852
=  Thurs July 2nd  -- PROPERTY TAXES DUE! :-(
        ~ 5:30pm ~ Spirit Trail WG
= July 4th and 5th  --  Saturday and Sunday  --  10am to 6pm at Ambleside Park
        Squamish Nation War Canoe Races -- Come for two exciting days of racing
=  Mon July 6th  -- BC Marine Mammal Response Network
        ~ 2 - 4pm ~ DFO's WV Lab (4160 Marine Dr) by invitation
        ~ 7 - 9pm ~ PUBLIC TALK: NV Delbrook Cmnty Ctr  (600 W Queens)
=  Wed July 8th ~ 7:15pm ~ Field Sports Forum

- for Events and Programs: http://www.westvanlibrary.ca/index.php?page=5
- for Event Calendar: http://www.westvanlibrary.ca/event/calendar.php
>  Fridays English Corner ~ 10 - 11:30am ~ practise English conversation [June 19, 26]
+ Thurs June 25 Philosophers' Café: Friendship
How intentional and transparent could and should you be in selecting friends? 10:30am-12:30pm in the Elizabeth Musto Room.  Admission: $5
 +  June 26  + Free Friday Night Concert
The West Vancouver Memorial Library is pleased to host the Red Stick Ramblers for this year's Vancouver International Jazz Festival performance at the library.  Hailing from Baton Rouge Louisiana, this eclectic five-piece mixes up traditional Cajun, western swing, zydeco, blues, and old-school jazz. Seating is limited so come early and enjoy refreshments by the Friends of the Library.  Doors open at 7pm, show at 7:30.
For more information: www.westvanlibrary.ca or call 925 7402

*** SALSA BY THE SEA with LatinDanceForYou
June 25 to August 27 on Thursdays 6:30  to 8:30pm
Open to All Ages  --  You will learn Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Cha Cha Cha, and Cumbia"
- $5 Drop in -  behind Ferry Building Gallery (weather permitting); Information: 925-7290
Every Saturday & Sunday through October 4 from 9am - 5pm
Artists and photographers creating and selling art outdoors on Ambleside Landing, foot of 14th Street, next to the Ferry Building gallery
=  June 9 - 28 =   "I Am More Than My Day Job"
        a mixed media exhibition of art by District of West Vancouver Employees
=  June 30 - July 26 = "A Passion For Plein Air"
Watercolour, acrylic, and oil paintings by Robert Genn, Bob McMurray, Kiff Holland, Brian Romer, Barrie Chadwick, Alfonso Tejada
Opening Reception: Tuesday, June 30 from 6 - 8pm
Artist in Attendance: Saturday, July 4 at 2pm
+++ SILK PURSE +++  http://www.silkpurse.ca/
=  June 16 - 28  "Landscapes Clear & Radiant"
Landscape art depicts scenery such as mountains, valleys, trees, rivers, and forests. Sky is almost always included in the view, and weather usually is an element of the composition. Landscape painting was the chief artistic creation of the nineteenth century and today continues to be highly sought after for the art viewer and collector. Join watercolour artists Enda Bardell, Vicki Canada, Peggy Shannon, and Carole Wilson to view their landscape collection.
Opening Reception: TUESDAY June 16th from 6 - 8pm
June 30 - July 12  "Tripping The Light Fantastic"
Well-known acrylic artist Olivia Creighton displays her whimsical Chagall style acrylic works, which showcase her unique creativity, folkloric images, and her Celtic roots. Olivia studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Montreal, under Arthur Lismer of the Group of Seven and received diplomas from the Vancouver School of Art and Emily Carr Institute of Art. Everyone is Welcome!!
Opening Reception: TUESDAY June 30th from 6 - 8 pm
+++  WV MUSEUM  +++  Visit:  http://westvancouvermuseum.ca/
Simon Scott  ---  The Architecture of Photography
Opening reception June 23 from 7pm -- Exhibition runs from June 24 to August 22
This exhibition profiles the photography of Simon Scott, who studied architecture and graphic design in England before emigrating to Canada in the 1960s. Over the last three decades he photographed numerous buildings, homes and interiors, including the work of renowned Canadian architect Arthur Erickson and more recently the B.C. Binning house, for books and international magazines. This first solo exhibition of Scott's photography showcases the region's rich, innovative and iconic built-forms.
o  To see a list of events: http://kaymeekcentre.com/on_stage/events_calendar
o  To see the electronic newsletter, the address is http://kaymeekcentre.weebly.com.
o  Getting onto the mail list: the simplest method is to call the box office (604 913 3634) or email tickets@kaymeekcentre.com

+++ ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION BRANCH 60, West Vancouver +++
***  The Spring-Summer issue of "The Torch" is now available via Branch 60's website: to view the newsletter, just click the following link for direct access: http://www.westvan60.com/Images/The%20Torch%20Newsletter%20-%20Spring-Summer%202009.pdf
The newsletter is available to any non-member who is interested.  Please contact Legion for info 922 3587
We hope you will be able to come on down to the WV Legion on Saturday, June 27th for a Western-Themed Fundraiser for The Weekend to End Breast Cancer.  Both live and silent auctions, a barbecued dinner in the lounge, and live music and dancing are all part of the festivities!  Please dress in western apparel!
Tix are now available for sale behind the bar.  The deadline for purchase is Monday, June 22nd at 6pm.

+++  WV CHAMBER OF COMMERCE  +++ http://www.westvanchamber.com/
From the WVCC:
Congratulations to the winners of the Business of Excellence Awards. 
Our selection committee had the daunting task of narrowing the winners down from 22 outstanding nominees.
This year's winner for Business of the Year is: Delany's Coffee House:
Robin and Jennifer Delany and been in the coffee business for 15 years and have grown their business to five stores, including their West Vancouver locations in Dundarave and the Village at Park Royal. Their Village location is the highest grossing independent coffee house in British Columbia.  As a family-owned business, they have strong ties to the community; sponsoring and fund-raising for 50+ events each year on the North Shore and in West Vancouver. Robin has volunteered his time serving as the Vice President of the Dundarave Merchants Association for the past six years.
The winner for Business Person of the Year is: Linda Swain of Cypress Mountain:
Linda Swain is the General Manager of Cypress Mountain, one of the largest employers on the North Shore.  Linda has been instrumental in the growth of Cypress Mountain taking the local ski area with 80,000 visits in 1984 to 500,000 in 2008. Linda Swain is a lead liaison with VANOC and has been very involved in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics games from the Bid.  She is one of only three female general managers in the ski industry in North America and has been involved in the growth of skiing as a viable and profitable business on the North Shore.  Linda is also a member of the Vancouver Tourism Foundation working group and the West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce.
The winner for Young Entrepreneur is: Megan Sewell of Sewell's Marina
Megan Sewell is the General Manager of Sewell's Marina and has taken a long-standing family business to new endeavours through diversification of the Sewell's Marina products offered to their customers.  Megan has incorporated business dealings with numerous organizations such as BC Ferries, Department of Fisheries Canada, Microsoft, Intrawest, and many large product suppliers to help push the business into substantial growth and increase development opportunities.   Megan is active in giving back to the community, speaking to university students, making charitable differences to young people in the community, and volunteering her time serving on the Chamber's Board of Directors.
The winner for Most Green Business of the Year is: Park Royal Shopping Centre
Park Royal has begun a sustainability journey to operate on an economically prudent basis with regard for the environment and the community.  Several changes have already been made including: washroom renovations with reduced water consumption; low-voltage electric currents; recycling programs with new bins throughout the malls; organic waste pilot program with seven tenants; retrofitting 3,000 parking lot lights; having tenants and customers to recycle soft plastics including bags.  A green roof will soon appear on the south mall and by April 2011 plastic bags will be eliminated at Park Royal.

===  NATUREWATCH  ===  "Reconnecting with Nature"
NATURAL HISTORY FIELD TRIPS June and July with David Cook
                ... for more info, contact David Cook 924 0147, cookeco2@yahoo.com
+  Saturday June 27th -- Sea-to-Sky Geology bus tour
An event for the West Vancouver Museum & Archives.
Rediscover the east side of North America's southernmost fjord, Howe Sound.
See 100 million year-old granitic rocks and features left by the glaciers that once covered the area to a depth of nearly two kilometers.
We will stop at Lions Bay, Porteau Cove, Shannon Falls, Britannia Beach, and other locations of geological interest along the Sea-to-Sky Highway.
If the weather behaves, we will experience spectacular views of the jagged peaks of the Tantalus Range that were once the only peaks that poked above the ice sheet and we may also see the dissected cone of Mt Garibaldi, our area's most recently active volcano.
To register: Call (604)925-7270 and quote Course Code No. 630117; Cost: $40.
Sunday June 28th -- Cypress Falls Park: Oldgrowth trees & falls
Join me for a natural history hike along the trails of Cypress Falls Park in West Vancouver and the adjoining Cypress Provincial Park.
Meet at 0930 hours at McDonald's, Park Royal, for car-pooling and for those travelling by bus that require a lift to the trail head. Alternatively, meet in the parking lot at the end of Woodgreen Place off Woodgreen Drive at 1000 hours.
The field trip area contains one of the North Shore's oases of oldgrowth forest with two waterfalls in a pocket canyon formed by Cypress Creek.
The trails are poorly defined and poorly maintained in many places. Caution is required where there are steep drop-offs into the Cypress Creek canyon. As with all my walks there are rough and slippery sections of trail and hiking boots with deep tread and ankle support are essential. Bring lunch and water and dress for changes in weather.
Estimated time of return: mid-afternoon.  Elevation gain about 150 metres.
This event is organized by Nature Vancouver (Vancouver Natural History Society).
Membership in Nature Vancouver and prior registration are not required.
Sunday July 5th -- Wonderful Wetlands
Walk the circuit path of Beaver Lake in Stanley Park and discover how wetlands with their high biodiversity of species are a vital link between upland and lowland ecosystems.
Learn how both the native and introduced species of this wetland mosaic interact to create a viable eco-system.
This two-hour walk is for the Discovery Walks Programme of the Stanley Park Ecology Society (SPES).
Meet at 1300 hours at the entrance to the offices of SPES in the Stanley Park Dining Pavilion which is south of the bus loop/terminus and the Miniature Railway.
Cost: $5 for SPES members and students, and $10 for non-members.  Registration is not required.

*  MUSIC -- Gamelan Alligator Joy: Vancouver gamelan ensemble performs new works by Andreas Kahre, Michael O'Neill, Mark Parlett, Gary McFarlane, and Sam Salmon.  VanDusen Botanical Garden, 9pm June 21st (ph 737 1632)
*   At the Deep Cove Stage, Everything in the Garden by Edward Albee June 11 - 27 (tix 929 3200).
+  Bard on the Beach in the big tent -- see www.bardonthebeach.org and/or phone 739 0559. 
Othello and Comedy of Errors on now. All's Well That Ends Well opens July 2nd.
Bob Frazer as Iago dominates Othello. The creative imagination and off-the-wall sense of fun and silliness is in full flower in David Mackay's direction of Comedy of Errors.  Ryan Biel (one of the Dromios) is the actor to watch.  Funny first half, resolution in second, song and dance end.  FUN!  Get your tix asap b/c it's sure to sell out quickly just as Twelfth Night did last summer.
Les Miz is at the Stanley until at least July 19 (tix 687 1644); and United Players' The Soldiers' Fortune runs Thurs to Sun at the Jericho Arts Ctr (1675 Discovery) to June 28 (224 8007, tix $12 - $16)

===  Ccl NOTES June 15th  ===

{Cclr Smith ABSENT}
NB: This is time-consuming so in the interests of time, there are some gaps but with the timestamps, the approximate time said is given for those who wish to watch the item on the video of the ccl mtg to get everything that was said.}
Mayor: Call the PH to order and ask the MClk to introduce the subject, then, report by Dir/Planning, but before, an announcement from Cclr Evison.
ME: wrt the PH, I wish to declare a mbr of my family, although not me personally, owns property within the area of notification, but further, I feel there will be no pecuniary benefit resulting from Ccl's vote either for or against the zoning bylaw amendment.
Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4602, 2009 (5775 Marine Drive, Takumi Japanese Restaurant) (File: 1010 20 06 007)
The Director of Planning, Lands and Permits will describe the subject application:
Applicant: Takumi Japanese Restaurant.
Affected Lands: 5775 Marine Drive (Lot 1, Block 15, District Lot 772, Plan 12573)
Purpose: To amend the MU5 Zone for the property to:
Allow restaurants as a permitted use and;
To increase the seating and patron capacity permitted for any combination of bakeshops, confectionaries, and/or restaurants under the current zoning from 40 to 60.
Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment: To amend the existing zoning of MU5 in the manner described above.
1) Reports received up to June 11, 2009:
Rezoning Application No. REZ06-007 (5775 Marine Dr - Takumi Japanese Restaurant) May 15 / May 25 / 01
2) Correspondence received up to June 11, 2009: NAME / DATE / DATE RECEIVED / NO.
                J. Chalmers / June 4, 2009 / June 4, 2009 / C-1
On May 25, 2009 Council set the date for the Public Hearing. On May 29, ninety-one Notices were mailed to owners/occupiers within the notification area. The statutory notice of Public Hearing was published in the North Shore News on June 7 and June 10. The M Clerk will note written submissions received for the June 15 Public Hearing.
{After the MClk's info, the Dir/Planning gave background}
Sokol: some confusion about 75 seats but it is for 60; previous bylaw just said 'seats' (did not specify restaurant); peak use evenings and weekends.
Nbrs have expressed concerns re noise but staff feel not significantly more than at present.
Sop: what wd be different wrt zoning/bylaws if 60 rather than 40?  what wd it allow that prop to do?
Sokol: currently limited to 40 seats, so add'l 20 seats
Sop: that's not what I'm asking.  What if anything beyond what they're doing now?
Sokol: nothing more than go up to 60
Sop: your report, p9, says beneficial to formalize private use of blvd to an encroachment permit; part of the 28 spots in fact, it doesn't all belong to them, public land being used?
Sokol: correct
Sop: you're suggesting what?
Sokol: wd be beneficial to the District to formalize the agreement, written out by solicitors
Mark Sager: here as a nbr and also representing Stephen Hynes, the owner
In 1996 I was sitting on your side of the table when we rezoned this prop from gas stn to office, bakery, and cafe
This young fellow came up with this crazy idea to put this in our quiet nbrhd; you'd think an atomic bomb was going to go off -- nbrs thought wd be a pub, or even worse, an Earl's, and the nbrhd wd be overrun
For whatever crazy reason, I thought he had a vision and an idea
the bldg he has created there, I think reflects real dedication; probably represents nicest bldg in our cmnty
Ccl of day was split, on personal rather than practical reasons, a four-three decision and I as mayor asked mbrs of Ccl to compromise, and to ensure to the cmnty that it was not going to become a pub or an Earl's we put a restriction of 40 seats on the bakery/cafe.
Stephen opened his bicycle shop, not a Harley-Davidson, and over the years the biz did not survive as a bakery/cafe and as we all know, it's changed hands a number of times
a few years ago an extremely successful WV family ran a noisy, boisterous French restaurant, I happened to love it but if I lived behind it I don't think I wd hv
b/c they were noisy and v popular, and parking was a bit of an issue; and they never ran it with 40 seats, let's be honest; they probably had far more.
19 ms ago, our nbrhd had the incredible good fortune to have Kathy and her family who is with us tonight take over as that restaurant as Takumi
The cmnty has come to love this family, and I think their dedication is evident
Stephen has also taken a real shine to these ppl and wants them to succeed; they have expressed their desire to buy their part of the building and to do that Stephen has agreed to stratify the bldg so those who operate the office side cd own or buy their side and Kathy cd own her side.

{Omission? I'll be asking where the uplift is given in the staff report (obviously increasing the seating capacity, not just stratification, increase the value of the property).  This information, I understood, was to be part of every application so maybe I've missed it.  Then of course Ccl can determine what there wd be in cmnty benefits, perhaps 75% of the Uplift or some amenity,  This is part of the process so I'll ask the Dir/Planning where it is to be found or if it was omitted.}

You have the opp to vote on a bylaw that is what you see is what you will get
wonderful family, potential they cd be long term owners and stop the revolving door
while I know I do not speak for all of my nbrs, who may not have been happy with me after we passed the bylaw allowing the rezoning, all of those who spoke to me after the rezoning are happy today.
Walk there, don't need a car
btw, the largest parking lot outside of Park Royal is across the street
on busiest summer day more than enough parking in the area
I speak for all of my immediate nbrs, we want this restaurant to succeed
no chance it will succeed with 40 seats; if they squeeze they can put 60 in today -- want to do what's legal, want to legalize
hope Ccl has received petition, 360 this time in favour; will pass to Madam Clerk
Mayor: don't think we've received that yet
Kathy Akaike (sp?): nothing till next ... Tadashi Akaike, husband owner
been 19 mos since we moved our biz to this location; purchased restaurant, loved location of the bldg; ran into trouble with seating capacity
really need 20 seats for the patio and 40 for the dining room
many customers in nbrhd enjoy dining on the patio
really struggling for 19 mos but all customers' support, helped us to hang on till now
if this prob can be resolved really want to be part of the cmnty
wonderful, peaceful, envmt perfect for us, a family-operated biz
Mayor: does this increase in seats make a diff serving inside or outside
Ans: patio only short time in summertime; inside strictly enforce 40 inside
had special occasion asking 45 seats or 48 but I can't allow
Sop: do you plan, if add'l seating of 20, catering?
Ans: having a tough time, losing staff, my husband and my son, family mbr
don't have staff to do catering but wish to in future
Sop: if you want to take stratification, wd you then look to other resources to be successful -- asking for clarification
other things to make it viable -- still a restaurant in future
MSager: restaurant but some ppl do take 'take out'
Don Lane: presentation on behalf of myself and my wife
surprised arisen again when [X] years ago ... ; disappointed coming up again
hope we don't have to do this every five years
in several occasions in 2007 we've had to asked restaurant to lower noise
note, noise levels at current 40-seat limit -- a 50% increase in seating, increase in noise
despite diff owners in 2007
noise at this locn amplified b/c of xxx
do not understand reasoning for expansion -- we've often walked by the restaurant
[Saturday?] 13 outside and 6 inside -- not even half existing capacity
are they just trying to increase the size for the benefit of Stephen Hynes?
heard tonight private functions
French restaurant xxx
from our POV worst can happen
[staff report says] review of complaints no complaints except for powerwashing in 2006
we took our complaints to restaurant -- who else at 9pm?
do not agree as we heard that won't make any diff increasing 50%
If there is no further public input and Council does not wish to request a further staff report, then:
SW moved: THAT all written and verbal submissions ... be received and that the Public Hearing ... be closed.
{ME seconded.}
Sop: I wd prefer that we kept this open; haven't received the petition; have an issue with parking, covenant not fully explained -- has to be looked into; concerns of two letters that came in today; leads me to leave open
ML: is it appropriate to ask staff?
erection of glass fence along patio been discussed?
Sokol: was some discussion of that at the public mtg and applicant had suggested wd erect one but it's not included in this
ML: is there an agreement re overflow parking with Thunderbird Marina?
Sokol: not a formal arrangement but believe can be worked out
Sop: motion
Mayor: already on floor
Sop: move adjourn
Mayor: motion on floor
MCk: correct
Mayor: question about leaving open
CAO: we wd require specific questions to respond to
at this point heard only two: parking and noise, erection of glass wall
perhaps applicant can answer right now...
Sop: there were three: petition of 300 names we haven't seen them; not seen parking plans in relationship to public lands, haven't discussed any of this; shd be discussed before closed off; if closed can't get any more info
Mayor: all information will be in Planning report that will come to us for a decision; not a decision tonight
Sop: I know we're not making a decision, but we can't receive those 300 letters
Mayor: received tonight in PH
MClk: not time to photocopy that
Mayor: wd they not be part of our submission
MClk: yes, b/c part of PH

{CLARIFICATION:  The Mayor is correct that they were submitted before the PH was closed so Ccl can see them before making a decision.  Cclr Sop is correct wanting to have seen/read them BEFORE closing the PH.  What is implicit, but he did not say exactly, is that if any cclr shd hv a question about something said or asked in the letters, or if someone wants to query the validity of some names, for example, this cd NOT be done b/c NO NEW information may be given to Ccl once the PH is closed.}

Mayor: anything further?  Mr Sager?
MSager: noise, public info mtg; do want to confirm nbrs who were there, commitment was made to them that this glass partition wall wd be erected on east side
right now no diff for outside; right now 20 inside and 20 outside, won't make a difference that's all the outside patio can legally hold
owner ready/happy to enter into a covenant about parking on the blvd; been in existence longer than I've lived here, since about 1976, early 70s
Mayor: info, public aware; will call question and if that doesn't pass, then Cclr Sop's motion.
PH has been closed; this will be on a future ccl mtg for a decision. Ms Scholes?
MClk: can be scheduled for June 22
Sokol: the report you're looking for, Staff cannot prepare add'l info if PH closed
Mayor: well, we voted on closing the PH
Sop: what about info on stratified? in light of some explanation by applicant's lawyer wd that be included in Mr Sokol's report to us?
this is a new scenario; haven't an issue with it but wd like to know what impact that has in relationship to what we have on hand
Mayor: approp avenue for that debate, discussion, is when this is on our ccl agenda; doesn't mean we're going to make a decision
Sop: understand that, but I'm asking wd the info presented by Mr Sager tonight be in the info Sokol gives us wrt stratification? wd it be in or wdn't it?
Sokol: b/c PH is closed, staff cannot provide a report to Ccl with substantive new info, just summarize the info you've already received
Mayor: Ccl's discussion may illuminate things we wish to see and go from there

{but this doesn't answer Cclr Sop's question -- and indeed sounds contradictory. Sokol has just said he cannot provide new info and the Mayor says the later discussion might "illuminate" the new information we wish to see (but, as Sokol says, cannot have), which is why Sop does not want to close the meeting.  Is there some need for haste to get this through before complete information?
For my part, surely all the information shd be provided before a PH is closed and Ccl debates.  The 50% increase in seats wd increase the value of the property -- wd the stratification also?  Then, has the Uplift amount been provided to Ccl?  Knowing that, they can then discuss how much or what shd be for cmnty benefit in exchange for this gift enabling the property to be sold for a higher amount.....}
{Members of Council are not permitted to receive further submissions once the Public Hearing is closed.}
{Omission? I'll be asking where the uplift is given in the staff report (obviously increasing the seating capacity, not just stratification, increase the value of the property.  This information, I understood, was to be part of every application so maybe I've missed it.  Then of course Ccl can determine what there wd be in cmnty benefits, perhaps 75% of the Uplift or some amenity,  This is part of the process so I'll ask the Dir/Planning where it is to be found or if it was omitted.}


Mayor: begin by thanking Cclrs Lewis and Walker, acting mayors in my absence, understand you both did an outstanding job, and Ccl really pulled together
wd like to introduce my new assistant, Stephanie Kiernan, not sure if she's in the gallery.
Pascal Cuk, my former assistant, is pursuing his interest in the Clerk's Dept, and the vault, and filing.
Stephanie's been with us on various temporary assignments; great to have you with us, Stephanie
And now before we begin the agenda, I'm opening a letter to the Reeve and Ccl, put in a time capsule in our old cmnty ctr in 1958.  Literally I haven't opened it, don't know what it says, risky
postmarked June 17 1958
It says:
"to the finder of this capsule, greetings -- contents our bequest in the year of its discovery
our wish papers, documents, photographs, coins be delivered to the governing body and if it please governing body, be placed in archives suitable to be displayed for and inspection by the citizens of this M
hope interesting and informative to future citizens, to whom we wish health, happiness and prosperity.
Reeve R J G Richards on behalf of our citizens ...1958"
So the language has changed but sentiments have not
Sop: when Mr Ferstay and I opened, found a quarter and someone said fee for paid parking!
Mayor: hasn't happened
        ML: addn of Item 13.1, approval of recent decision re recycling contract
        MClk: also addn to Item 6, add'l correspondence re Craigmohr
2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES: May 25, 2009 Regular Council Meeting; June 1, 2009 Public Hearing; and June 1, 2009 Regular Council Meeting.
3. Spirit Trail Working Group Mid-term Report (File: 1785-19/0117-20-STRL)
Raymond Fung, Engg: pleased to introduce WG
mandate framework for this project; Rick Gregory the Chair will be making the report
{pointed out rest of WG}
RG: thx for this opp to present our midterm report
Duties -- FOUR: identify core values for cmnty (two: one for trail segments and the other engagement strategy; trail segments; Consultation Options; Report
Core Values: Multi-use (wheelchair, etc); safety; connectivity; sustainability; cmnty
Cmnty Engagement Core Values: transparency; inclusiveness; objectivity; urgency; continuous improvement
Trail Segments: done it several times, took notes, came up with a series of 13 segments [slide of map, showing segments but not trails themselves] with subsections
broken down by character of trail and cmnty travelling through
Consultations: best practices studies being used
Report: just wanted to say we're still on track for mtg July 20
[slides of some pictures, breaking of ground behind Park Royal so already started, and photo of Mosquito Creek Spirit Trail to show what it looks like]
ME: commend you for what you've done so far
report coming to Ccl 20th of July but sometimes reports come as late as Thurs, Fri, or Sat
note you've walked it
not speaking for other mbrs of Ccl, maybe a 3/4 report so maybe not walk ev inch of trail but opp to
RF: cd try to produce a prelim draft of report as soon as group willing to do so
this group anxious to comply; 75% done, will try to do so
maybe cd organize a trip or walk now, already.
what's coming to Ccl is the route for consultation
report will not have ultimate design; just proceed in dialogue
each segment may have diff circumstances around it
Group sensitive to different characteristics around it
ME: I'd settle for your suggestion, maybe not walk whole trail
Sop: emphasize not final route, ....
this group looking at how to engage the public
looks attractive, wonderful thing to be in our cmnty
seems to be along the lower cmnty but it is from the water to the mountaintop so may have to go north-south, higher
bring a consulting process
TP: is there any sense that you're going to prioritize this, easier; obviously there are more an less challenging sections
RG: it's the engaging... maybe address the more challenging first, don't know
Mayor: thank you for approaching as values .... as a success; short-term implementation step by step
RG: apologize most leave now
Mayor; you're meeting weekly -- that's more than us!
Sop: RECOMMENDED: THAT Council receive [the report from the Chair] for information
I'm not biased but I am the liaison; see the WG come together -- no anticipation within two months these smart individuals together, walked the trails, countless online across NAm; incredible what they've accomplished in two months; personal congratulations for their work
4. Climate Action Working Group - Presentation (File: 0117 20-CLMA)
        Presentation to be provided.
TP: quite quickly ...  Alex will present a small.... overview
Alex: A Climate of Change at City Hall
xxx [slides]
not best practices, best processes IMO
take a voyage through these small and in towns
why important to address challenge
wisdom of cmnties throughout NAm
cmnties on a collision course with climate change [slide]
biggest owner of infrastructure is local govt -- internationally and in BC
by 2015 shd have 85% reduction; haven't had so much CO2 since xxx
[slides]  Climate Action Charter, Green Cmnties Act, etc seeing incredible building codes
by 2025 75% new power from conservation and efficiency, eg Eagle Creek
nowhere else come together so much
Local Govts in the Driver's Seat
largest part of pie is road transportation, our inconvenient truth
bit of a shame Al Gore has spoken about this; benefits huge of decommission reductions
controlling congestion, addressing air quality
Waypoints of Wisdom
climate change shdn't be framed around Greenhouse gas emissions, most ppl don't care about polar bears
good climate action plans resonate within cmnty
90% of xxx leaves
Social Priorities -- Metro Portland has managed to bring down to 90% levels, not all about climate change
cd be environmental  -- not just big cities; in Revelstoke X% on bike b/c compact downtown area, innovative relationship with mill for wood waste from that mill ...
integrated and well-constructed plan
Calgary will by 2012 reduced by ...
retrofit and manage bldgs, renewable  ....
look at their corporate operations
don't think globally, think locally and operate locally
need to start integrating with other initiatives like the Spirit Trail
civic bldgs, shave off initial capital costs, 8%
... savings reinvested, revolving funds, ....
breakthrough innovative financing; "land use' policies are also financial policies
[8:08] Engagement is another step on our journey
energy and emission mapping going on in NV; policies and actions out to 2050, signif reduction
often too much planning and not enough action...
integrate over initiate; Minneapolis have only two staff working on sustainability, integrate into line depts; integrate DP into ...
focus on service rather than delivery, had expensive fleet and now use a car-share for entire fleet and saved $6M since 2004  {Saanich???} ......
Mayor: are you getting close?
Alex: sure am -- see it's 16 minutes so one minute over
you opened up a time capsule -- health, happiness, prosperity...
On spaceship earth, there are no passengers.  We are all crew. -- Buckminster Fuller
Good luck on journey
Sop: observation -- you didn't mention WV as one of the leading, some of things we've done
Alex: was asked to look outside and bring them in
recognize green bldgs a real area of leadership
one of the few Ms in BC generating electricity through Eagle
Sop: ... always hit with ... heavy duty price tag ...
Brent Leigh, Dep CAO: wd like to mention mbrs of this WG here tonight [introduced them]
also reporting July 20; complex
WV has done a lot; moving beyond; interim report is to look at suite of opps
Mayor: thank you for giving Ccl an overview; look fwd to report
{Cclr Walker excused herself for this item b/c her daughter will be attending Mulgrave.}
5. Development Permit Application No. 09-010, 2330 Cypress Bowl Lane (Mulgrave School) (File: 1010-20-09-010)
At the May 25, 2009 meeting Council received the report dated May 15, 2009 from the Senior Planner, Urban Design regarding DPA ... and set the date of June 15, 2009 for consideration.
Reports received up to June 11, 2009:
DPA, 2330 Cypress Bowl Lane (Mulgrave School), from Senior Planner, Urban Design / May 15, 2009 / May 25, 2009
Correspondence received up to June 11, 2009: (None received to date)
Mayor: presentation from Dir/Planning.
Sokol: proposal for an early learning ctr, fancy name for preschool xxx ...
[slides] area previously disturbed first devt; in DP area
for 4250sf bldg on two floors -- classrooms, deck, outdoor play area
Tues Apr 21st public info mtg at school and three ppl attended
happy to answer any questions
John Scott, Architect: here and ..... happy to answer questions
ML -- this bit a bit confusing:
RECOMMENDED: THAT all written and verbal submissions ... be received for information.
If Council wishes a further staff report, then:
RECOMMENDED: THAT Staff report back to Council regarding submissions received ... to allow Council to make a determination
OR  RECOMMENDED: THAT the proposed DPA be approved.
Mayor: Ms Scholes, submissions fist?
MClk: yes
Mayor to ML: go to top of page
{Receipt, then Mayor picks up}
back to motion on floor, approved; discussion:
Sop: not overpowering; certain age group, want to foster that
ME: plsd to see this move forward.  Is this the old Montessori school?
plsd to see parking issues being addressed -- p19 re left outward movements, cd you shed some light on that
Sokol: at the intersection, just going to be putting markers in the street as to where traffic going in and out
TP: an awful lot of green bldg and I commend you
is there an opportunity within school to discuss carpooling; at certain times can get a little difficult with traffic off hwy to private school; parking spaces can be accommodated but
Headmaster: something we promote actively
requires parents to follow up; bonus for teachers; for parents on website, use postal codes re nbrs, and encourage them to pursue that
wd hesitate to say I control my parents, I don't
Mayor: whole-hearted support; thank Rodgers Crk WG for being the ones, where really a lot of these issues worked out and the participation of Mulgrave
WV Montessori celebrated 45-year anniversary, big party on Friday
Mulgrave had its roots in parents from WV Montessori; I happened to be on DNV Ccl when they came to us to start in the NSh Winter Club, now hv built their wonderful school here in WV
after all that WV Montessori now joining the school they were really the initiators of
know not the same school, but plan to welcome all families whether going to Mulgrave or not
for many families, chn go to both
v comprehensive outcome -- for families rooted in the cmnty; pleasure to have it in front of us
8:27  {SW returned}
6. Development Permit Application No. 08-038 for 567 and 571 Craigmohr Drive (to allow subdivision of difficult terrain and provide for watercourse protection) (File: 1010-20-08-038)
At the May 25, 2009 meeting Council received the report dated May 15, 2009 from the Manager, Community Planning ... and set the date of June 15, 2009 for consideration.
Reports received up to June 11, 2009: NAME / DATE / DATE RECEIVED
DPA 08-038, 567 & 571 Craigmohr Drive, from Manager, Community Planning / May 15, 2009 / May 25, 2009
Correspondence received up to June 11, 2009: NAME / DATE / DATE RECEIVED
D. MacLeod with petition / June 8, 2009 / June 9, 2009
D. MacLeod & D. MacLeod / June 9, 2009 / June 10, 2009
A. Kazemi re: 512 and 530 Ballantree Place / May 28, 2009 / June 11, 2009
{MClk reviewed process; Geri Boyle made presentation}
GB: [slides] proposing to subdivide two lots into three
comes to Ccl for two reasons; two lots have a non-permanent watercourse and new lot includes slopes that exceed 35%
not common in all Ms but here all applications to subdivide go to Approving Ofcr selected by Ccl; so concurrent authority in this case
if Ccl doesn't approve, the Approving Ofcr can't approve but if it does approve, App Ofcr can approve but may be other restrictions or considerations
the Permit you have before you also has a driveway, it goes across part of the M ROW; grade 15%, max is 20%
Bldg envelope includes specific location for the garage
DP also provides for the watercourse to be relocated -- look at it as daylighting b/c now it's pipe under District bylaws, culverting is prohibited but daylighting is encouraged
revegetation along the watercourse

{but is there requirement to absorb and retain what previous vegetation, as in trees as a resident mentions below -- and how determined, enforced, monitored?}

alongside 571 Craigmohr, when rebuilt pond removed and restored to natural -- xxx not at this time
blasting bylaw down to 80%
449 cu m, 340 cu m to 350
Correspondence re drainage in the area
we're looking for post-devt flows no greater than current flows
so engr did calcs, nothing 9.3% increase; parameters expect to bring down to zero so no change
driveway on M ROW so wd require an encroachment agreement
Ccl may issue the DP as presented, with specific recommendations, request more xxx; or cd reject with reasons -- cd come back with another proposal
Penny Grohm (sp?): we appreciate being notified this time of the impending applic
somebody put forward this 15 years ago, fortunately turned down but only learned of it after the fact ....
drainage ... my prop is at the lowest ... large rainfall, big worry but not summer ... runoff, sometimes down garden ... down ... almost overflowed ... erosion ...
who's going to be responsible for any flood damage?
xxx ... most of the residents have steep driveways so most park on road
snow plough
how deal with this in future if even more cars and nowhere to put snow
blasting ... most built in 1960s ...
who's going to be responsible for cracks in walls and xxx?
privacy; 20 years ago....
erroneously believed no subdivisions allowed; adj nbrs in particular, will have privacy completely destroyed
does not seem fair for, am speaking of McLeods
ev owner on Ballantree is a resident there
we do welcome new nbrs to the cul de sac; have nbrs from Uganda, Hong Kong, England, Iran, Turkey, mainland China, as well as myself and the McLeods
but the present owner of 567/571 does not live in either of his houses and I believe doesn't even live in WV
We are asking Ccl to deny this permit so that we can keep our nbrhd in its present state ...

{that's why defining the characteristics of your delineated nbrhd is an important step to preserving them -- as Heritage Conservation Area, or nbrhd assn.}

[8:41] Dorothy McLeod: 526 Ballantree Place
I am against this proposed subdivision; my concerns v similar to the last speaker
drainage from stream that runs between the two lots down to a culvert near our driveway
the introductory speaker said that culverts were not allowed but when we were first in our house we were told by the city that a culvert needed to be built and that the city wd build it.  And b/c they had no money we paid for it
From our [unintelligible, sounded like term, not point] of view, a culvert was necessary
until this basin was put in we had serious water problems during the rainy seasons
notice from the Sartori report he'd been here in Aug 2007 and found no water; there's always a little water, even in the summer, but in the winter and other rainy seasons there is a large flow, wch fills the catch basin, and at times almost overflows before it goes along Ballantree Place ditch.
water is constantly running down from the area above us and eroding the land under our house and property; this is in addn to the stream
my understanding is the stream will be rerouted along the upper side of the new driveway on the proposed prop and it will be an open ditch, and I wonder what will happen if filled with weeds or other plants and then overflows across the new driveway and down onto Ballantree Place
A stream has a natural course, you cannot easily force it to go into another direction
Plan B and p 182 according to Sartori Report, the new driveway will start at the edge of 536, wd be on far right side (see on large map)
spoke to Mr See (sp?) of the City Engg Dept.  He said he wd not approve any other location for the driveway.  It wd cross the whole lot and the present stream
however on p10 in the Sartori report, the drive wd be from near the culvert next to my house
Mr Chapman also indicated the drive cd be started from that point
so wch point will it be started from?
we don't really know; there's two suggestions and according to Mr See, he'll only approve the one on that plan
Have there ever been any detailed studies done by the City wrt these drainage problems?
with trees cut down and with new bldgs, what will be the consequences of the stream and drainage?
I, next door, v concerned about this problem
two other comments: one is rock blasting to make the driveway, garage, and basement of the new house
I live just below, next to where the new house will be located
my house is over 40 years old, wood frame
afraid blasting may cause cracks and damage to the building; why shd I have to suffer this possible damage and who will pay for repairs?
my final problem is that of the snow
all driveways v steep, and cars parked on road during the snowfall; everyone parks on one side of the street, and the end of turnaround, and that leaves room for cars to get down the street and the snowplough to clear the street
they leave the snow on empty side of turnaround wch is where the new drive and house will be; with prob'ly more cars from new house, possibly also parked on the street
this will leave little room for anyone to turn around, for fire or garbage trucks, etc

{so why is this subdiv application including Municipal Right-of-Way (ROW) in its devt?}

this year was exceptional for snow in WV
at this elevation we often have snow when no one else does; we will have snow, and two blocks below us it will be raining
plough comes, clears, and often snow eight to ten ft high at side of turnaround
wd appreciate answers to my main concern of the water drainage
but to solve all these problems, my greatest happiness wd be if Ccl wd deny this permit
[8:47] Donald McLeod: I'm 81 years old and lived here for 46 years, 36 years at this address
I'm opposed to this subdivision
This morning I counted 15 large trees and four small trees within five feet of the watercourse on the 571 Craigmohr prop
Also counted eight and possibly nine large trees and three small trees wch may have to be completely removed to build the garage and driveway
what happens to the surface and subsurface water when some trees are removed?
The SE corner of the garage is 11ft from the sewer line
drilling and blasting will have to go about 10ft deep in bedrock for the floor of the garage
sewer line is approx 40 years old , who will be liable if the sewer line collapses two or three years from now and we get raw sewage running across our property?
blasting cd easily cause this to happen
approx 20 years ago we had to replace our concrete carport b/c undermined by subsurface water and it collapsed
so at same time, had to have SE corner of our house raised and supported by a steel post b/c of subsurface water
since then trees have grown substantially on the Craigmohr prop and we have installed considerable drainage around our house
we have had no flood problems for past ten years
the stream below still overflows at times without any add'l water from 571 Craigmohr
there's a separate stream that starts below our house and runs down the hill toward St Andrews
we live in a tropical rainforest on a mountainside, an average rainfall each year of 100inches; that's a lot of rain, comes in heavy rainfalls at times
I've heard talk that this is not a permanent creek -- it's been there for 40 years at least, how permanent does it have to be?
and when it flows, it rages at times
it's not a little trickle, it's not a little dribble down the side of the hill, it's a raging torrent of water down that hillside.
catchbasin can barely hold it
Mayor: that's about three minutes, try to stick to but allow flexibility
DMcL: finally, some questions
why no measurements on the relationship to the road and the driveway?
nothing showing how far driveway from road
what is the distance from the road to the driveway?
how long is the driveway?
how much blasting for the driveway?
the Sartori report talks about blasting for the house, limit blasting for house within 80%; say nothing about blasting for driveway and garage
how many trees on the watercourse will have to be removed?
my understanding is trees cannot be cut on a watercourse, and this is a natural watercourse
I believe these are serious questions that need to be answered
this same proposal exactly was put to Ccl, when Mr Humphreys was mayor and it was rejected; I wd request you continue what Mr Humphreys did and reject this
[8:53] Mayor: next is Mark [sounded like Kluklu], sorry if I said that wrong
Mark Karchalu (sp? Mayor cdn't read it and I cdn't hear it): representing my parents
want to reiterate the seriousness of this construction
we as residents of the cul de sac
damage our foundations, might be issues we'll have to deal with
drainage, unpredictable as nature always does; change nature of cul de sac
moved in....  the home that's going to be built will overlook our homes
concern to [us and] our nbrs
nature of subdiv, understand it's completely profit-driven, not a home
think of care; we're reviewed other homes devped and not satisfied with the upkeep
concern about drainage and maintenance
we do get a lot of snow -- when snowplough comes barely room for us
way more traffic
in summary, severe concern
89 notices about 100 yards -- petition
hope Ccl addresses those concerns and denies the application
John Farley (sp?): 575 Craigmohr Dr thx for opp to raise concerns; ... like previous speakers
next door needless to say I wd be affected
when we moved into the area in 1991 thought we'd done our homework; liked the place, nice sanctuary; green space, trees, spoke to nbrs, advised us that there was a prev permit  [applic] and it was turned down
went to City Hall, said no applic and they said unlikely
on that basis, bought, we moved in, enjoyed it, truly a sanctuary
blasting is blasting -- 90% or 80% is still blasting
my nine-year-old son was born there, he came to see civic action in play; he said he wanted to speak but then got bashful; while sitting at the back he wrote this, wch I'd like to present
Basically it's entitled "Birds in My Backyard"
Mayor: what's his name?
JF: Gerald?/ Joe Raul?/ Farley (sp?) and he says, signed, Grade Four, nine years old, and says -- this is my future
birds in my backyard
Since he was growing up he's taken an affinity to the birds, to the way of life
in fact if you want to learn about birds, speak to Gerald  (sp?)
I'm a physician -- he says, Daddy, I'm never going to be a doctor, I'm going to be an ornithologist
it all started in 575
He says, for my sake, don't take my future away
agree with prev speakers
six, seven years ago approached by my then nbr to subdivide my prop, taking some of my lot for a subdivision and I said entirely out of the question, that's why I bought into here
three years ago called by a real estate agent purporting to speak on his behalf and again I said thx but no thx, we're not interested; it was basically the way of life
quite concerned as you see we're going to have two nbrs [pointing to map]
not only that, just around here clump of trees and these will have to be taken
have heard before all assurances from diff projects about blasting and how mucking around with the envmt not going to make any diff, and we have lived to regret such decisions
in their wisdom 20 yrs ago this was turned down
draw your attention to one of the earlier speakers: one of the inconvenient truths we have here is what is the motivating decision -- is our cmnty going to be benefiting?  I have heard no compelling reason that tells me our cmnty needs this project
All we've heard is that it will likely negatively impact
I'm all for anyone bettering themselves and not against that, but am opposed to one wanting to impose one's values, whatever they are, on a cmnty, and our cmnty values are that we like the sanctuary and wd love it to remain like that
Mayor: are you just about ready to--?
JF: just about; wdn't not want to reiterate, but share
about seven years ago, one of the concerns Mr McLeod raised, actually happened whatever work doing next door, caused damage to water lines wch flooded my house; work going on in nbrhd -- I live here [pointing] -- I live here; there was a broken main and that entailed signif amt of work and coverage by my insurance
there were assurances that ev was going to be okay, I presume b/c we were never consulted before but Sunday morning we were awakened by a call, pls check your garage, water is coming down
thx for this opp; did receive letter two/three weeks ago
opp, to think globally and act locally to make a great impact we're talking about
here is one backyard where we can say we are thinking green; encourage you to think in that direction
thank you for opp again
Mayor: don't have anyone else signed up to speak; anyone wishing to speak? yes? and then Mr Chapman.   Give your name and address.
?S: My name is Safapour, I live at 522 Ballantree Place; I make a note here; want to explain; but my nbr.... add something to that ... remember last year, Millstream, it had a fire, wider than our street, also has a walkway both sides
the city did also cleaning over there but firefighters cdn't reach and bldg completely destroyed
if this subdivision gets permission, going to see this kind of combination and subdivision in the nbrhd in the future; and I don't want to repeat driveways, most city cdn't reach for cleaning and gathering garbage
maybe somebody want to make easy money, leave nbrhd and put their problems for others
others came here for existing situation, I come to this nbrhd just like the other guys, and did homework and we study a lot; v quiet, friendly nbrhd; that's what attract all of us
in this cul de sac we have newborn baby up to 90  years old -- imagine during cold days if something happen, firefighters can't reach; had problem last year
call from my nbr cdn't get to hospital so I took them
I made a note but repeating all
Mayor: Bill Chapman? you're representing the applicant, I understand?
Bill Chapman, surveyor: yes, Madam Mayor
Mayor: wd hv bn helpful to have that at the beginning, but we're glad you're here
Sop: we've already had a proposal from--
Mayor: it's all right
Sop: --from staff.  Is this an add'l proposal?
BCh: I'm just making a few comments and you requested comments from the gallery first
Mayor: well, applicant is somewhat different; I think everyone wd hv liked to hear that at the beginning and wd hv appreciated it at first

{Enough to make one fall off one's chair.  V gracious of the Mayor.  As if after over 30 years of dealing with the M often more than once a year, it is inconceivable that Mr Ch wd not know that the process is always staff introduction, applicant information, then public input.
It is, however a great psychological and procedural advantage to speak last thus countering everything said before with the result that a citizen wd have to get up again.  Rather awkward.
Not only that perceiving to hv bn overlooked has rarely prevented someone who knows the process from speaking up.}
BCh: here with Mr Alex Sartori, our envmtal consultant, and Dr and Mrs Kazemi tonight.  They live at 2257 Mathers
I apologize for not addressing you earlier, I was just going by direction from the chair.
I put the maps up, and anyhow
We held nbrhd mtg a week ago Saturday; only had one couple come out, but notified ev within 50 m of the subdiv
We have submitted letters from 21 of the nbrs notified that they have no objection or approve the subdiv in addn to the petition you have of nine nbrs opposed
This subdiv creating these lots was prepared by my office in 1964 by my father at a time when no sewers in WV, therefore big lots left over where some rock, not profitable or economical at that time to put in a septic field
have been enquiries about this subdiv over the years, not familiar with the one 15 years ago; I am familiar with two or three years
A single prop by itself did not have enough area to subdiv; this is the first owner who's obtained the two props allowing him to subdivide under the bylaws
since purchased the property however have steep slope bylaw and envmtal protection bylaw wch we're dealing with tonight
we've dealt with staff since 9 Aug 2007, and made formal application on 28 Aug 2008
we've accommodated the req of the steep slope bylaw as pointed out by Planning staff earlier
blasting been reduced to 80% of that permitted and that does include the driveway, garage, and dwelling -- majority is for the garage
staff also requested we take the driveway out that wrapped around the house on the south and west side in order to mitigate impact on nbr on south
to do that it drops the garage down, and we also drop the grade down to 15% from 20%

{Dear Readers: it is my understanding that the M is not allowed to have a street with a grade greater than 15%, steeper is allowed for residents, but still -- this is ski time!}

so majority of blasting is for the garage -- 213 cu m of the total 339 cu m is for the garage

{one comment sotto voce-- is this a bomb shelter?  murmuring it's 20 truckloads (I haven't checked that).}

on the environmental side, Alex Sartori worked with your Envmtal Protection Officer, Andrew vanderHelm, AND with Streamkeepers in order to work out a positive mitigation for moving the culvert to the ditch location of this stream, so there's just a v short piece of stream that comes to the culvert that gets relocated then the culvert running from here across to here gets replaced with the open stream on the north side of the proposed driveway

{This caught my attention.  This has been in progress since Aug 2007? about two years?  When this subdiv came to Ccl on June 1st, since I'm on the board of Streamkeepers, I asked directors directly involved with looking at creeks and no one had heard of this application.  That means they only had the last week or so to look at what was proposed.  I have not seen a written report from them but any contact was only v recent, nowhere near the years this has been underway.  During the (v gd) Watercourse Bylaw discussions it was hoped that Streamkeepers wd be informed of such devts in the planning stages, not only after they come to Ccl.  This is expected and normally done but for some reason not this one.}

The design improvements to mitigate impact on nbr to south reducing blasting to 80%; the sideyard was 10ft along sanitary sewer, we've moved the bldg envelope for the home back to 18ft so that no home can be closer than 18ft, plus it sets it back about 8ft from the top of the bank so looking from below camouflages a portion of the home
The garage is set back 13.7 ft so further from sewer so not problem with blasting
concern with blasting raised, but you have a v extensive blasting bylaw and a pre-blast survey done of all adjacent homes in order to ensure that no damage is done to those homes.

{er, not quite.  Photos taken so insurance companies can determine if the crack was in that wall before the blasting or after.  Unfortunately another problem is that sometimes after blasting it takes a while for houses to settle and the cracks appear later.  The survey is NOT to ensure no damage done, rather it's to determine what damage if any HAS BEEN done.  Funny turn of phrase, that.  :-)}

we also eliminated the basement floor so no blasting near NW corner; Mr Farley's house over 150 ft away from proposed house
House on drawing is maximum that can be put someone can achieve so you can see worst case scenario wd result in
A question on the driveway -- only one location on the driveway as shown on the plan and map, to achieve 15% mandated by the Devt Permit
have done everything we can to maintain privacy of adjoining homes
the greenbelt alongside stream and planting on north side will screen the homes to E and SE
a number of trees along southern boundary and many more on McLeod prop; the McLeod house is about 75 ft away
trees on west side and many to the rear of Mr Farley's house
roof is seven stories; I show view looking down
happy to answer or Mr Sartori
Mayor: heard from you once; anyone else: this is the dilemma with having the applicant speak last.  Anyone who hasn't provided public input? you haven't
EM: my name is Elaine Moleensangh (sp?) and I live at 516 Ballantree Place
if I heard correctly -- 20 other nbrs agreed, but there are only seven houses on Ballantree Place and most of us disagree with the subdiv and I'm here to support all my nbrs who spoke before me and they covered all the points I was going to talk about
Go to the cul de sac and look at it -- you put a house in there you destroy the spirit of WV, it's just not WV; that's why I live here
If the decision is imposed on us by ppl who don't live in the cul de sac, we're the ones that live with the consequences and that really angers me
and I'm really v concerned.  tyvm
Mayor: got an agenda ahead of us, interested into getting into discussion; going to ask your view as to whether hear from ppl who have already spoken, or if you're ready to begin our debate
{Cclr asked how many more}
Mayor: see Mr Farley has his hand up and Ms McLeod--  think probably ev mbr of Ccl has been to the site; we've spent quite a bit time talking to Mrs McLeod over the last couple of weeks so I think we shd move to the agenda item.
So thank you for your participation this evening applicant and Planning
[RECEIVED for information]
Mayor: make another motion -- opp for another report or to approve or -- up to you
ME: move another staff report
frame some of my comments if this subdiv proceeds
some issues I'm going to raise may help us decide what we shd do
make significant effort to mitigate issues been raised
what none of us wants to see if shd go ahead, project commenced, clearcut then stops excavating then stops
have seen too many devts left too long without any proper and further devt
think we need to recog .025 of an acre on M land and includes most of the turnaround
need to address driveway/building issues before we start; determine the new watercourse is in place before we start --  currently Devt Permit only refers to sediment and erosion control
likewise concerned about the watercourse and whilst I won't argue with the engg, believe it needs to be tested
believe we need recognize the blasting must occur to locate the new watercourse before any devt undertaken
believe we need predetermined timelines for installation of habitat and compensation
need improved field reports if this is to go ahead
IMO, the general standards proposed for this devt are not as rigorous as the ones we approved for the Mulgrave school
need landscape plan for M lands in advance of any undertakings
need plans in advance for retaining walls if to go ahead, recognizing all of the driveway and much of the turnaround is on M land
some retaining walls are 5 and a half, nearly 6ft
need to recognize some blasting will be nec on the driveway and Mr Chapman has covered that point
need to clearly describe materials to be used for retaining walls -- eg large boulders? blasted rock? imitation rock? or what?
only a few of the points and I cd collaborate more
given many of these concerns
small point but suggest $10K deposit is totally inadequate

{SIMPLY MAGNIFICENT, Cclr Evison!  It was breathtaking.  In fact, it can be used as a checklist for applicants, staff, streamkeepers, residents to use when reviewing any application!}
may come as no surprise that I'm going to request we have a further report from staff
Sop: that was interesting what Ccl Evison presented; think a lot wd be in the DP if it went that far
ev has a right to step up to Ccl and devp something; rights to that indiv, same as to nbrs; way of democracy
we have set bylaws; proposal comes along, we do our due diligence
been up there three times, latest Sunday
I viewed a few things
No 1, the creek has water in it and it hasn't rained for quite some time

{Right, Sop. Well, anyone knows -- just look at the Capilano River levels -- for anyone purporting to be doing an environmental review of creek flow, to go in August is designed to report low or no flow.  Doesn't take long living here to get to know monsoon season is Nov to Feb and the dry season is June to September.}

spoke to McLeods saw work they'd done re water transfer
what struck me -- beautiful parklike scenario and a quiet reserve
a cmnty that has been etched out of time -- there are some new houses on the old existing footprints, a bit larger and smaller
but ambiance gives ea house an incredible amt of privacy, a pride of nbrhd is what I saw
looking at from M land I stood on, don't stand on priv prop, saw placement of ribbons for garage
area to be mitigated, 5m from creek
applicant other than 5m from creek cd remove trees if he chose to, but can't remove within the riparian zone
I came to the conclusion if we were to allow this subdiv it wd be precedent-setting to the entire nbrhd
inasmuch as we are going through some changes and some WGs have stated might entertain smaller houses on lots, haven't come to any conclusion one way or the other re subdiv of larger lots
has occurred and gone through, some have gained and some not
my feeling at this time, be denied
TP: I know all of the Housing WG recommendations have been approved in principle
a common concern expressed was considerable changes to landform alteration, may involve tree removal, rock blasting, retaining walls, and alteration of drainage patterns
the notion of design with nature is strongly supported by WV
with this applic have serious concerns about drainage
blasting even with good job, impact on prop, trees..... no guarantee
have seen blasting in past with significant impact to nbrs on either side
personally I've thought long and hard; concerns with amt of blasting on the steep terrain and concerns with watercourse, particularly the one between two above and that won't be addressed until future
will have an impact even if watercourse improved lower down.
at this stage I'm not prepared to--
Mayor: --ask for a further report
TP: ask for a further report
SW: completely concur with Cclrs Ev, Sop, and Panz; difficult site
concern of nbrs and how it will disrupt the whole feeling of the nbrhd
chose the area for a specific reason to alter the landscape
I'm all for doing biz and creative devt but not in with what WV nbrhds, those on Ballantree want
ML: I'd like some clarity
we have a Devt application, valid concerns heard we share
changing our bylaws in the future is one thing, we have an existing set of blaws
not liking blasting, a fine goal but allowed to do it
I think we need more info; not quite sure how we proceed or not
understand watercourse concerns valid
I live below Marine Dr, all I have to have is a sprinkler turned on above me for my backyard to get wet wch in view of metered water, I'm quite appreciative of
what happens down the road, up the road, from a creek perspective
I really do believe additional clarity on this before making up mind one way or the other
Mayor: in terms of report?
ML: in support of Evison
Mayor: the only reason this is in front of us is b/c steep slope and watercourse -- v tricky
we're asked to add value to this on behalf of citizens to WV
what the Housing Dialogue has done -- though not passed yet, it says look at things like this when added social value
looked at b/c suite, Heritage, when you can improve environment
site dictates house has to be shoved up in corner; if those lots were level cd do more sensitive siting
this in my view is insensitive in many ways
I'm prepared to not only not ask for the further report but deny the application

{My heart is positively leaping at this point!}

applicant wd need to come back with the public value as well as the private value in mind
we've given all kinds of cmnty input on what that shd and cd look like; important to be sensitive to that
unusual to present worst case scenario; we're in the biz of the best case scenario
call the question; those in favour of a further report
ME: that's the motion?
Mayor: so if you're in favour, vote for that and then I'll ask who's opposed, and then I believe Cclr Sop has a followup motion, pending on what happens
in favour of a staff report?
[only ME and ML in favour so FAILS]
Sop: move that proposed applic be denied
7. Implementation of Heritage Conservation Incentives (File: 2585-01)
Stephen Mikicich: Heritage Planner
high priority actions
[gave background and enumerated the staff recommendations below]
THAT Staff utilize the following guidelines in the application of heritage conservation tools and incentives, which are enabled under the Local Government Act and Community Charter:
(a) Properties that are formally recognized for their heritage value via listing on West Vancouver's Community Heritage Register are considered eligible for municipal conservation incentives.
(b) 'Non-monetary' and other 'supportive' incentives be made available for conservation of privately-owned heritage properties.
(c) Heritage Revitalization Agreements (HRAs) will be used as the legal framework for drafting conservation agreements between the District and the owner of a heritage property, including the application of incentive tools.
(d) Heritage Designation bylaws will be used in tandem with HRAs to provide for ongoing legal protection of heritage resources.
Sop: know at this time not monetary now
where does money from prov go?
SM: one of the challenges under current, nothing av from prov for a priv prop owner in conserving
there are some props not privately owned, not-for-profit such as churches, some funds eligibility under Legacy Fund joint initiative of the Land Conservancy and Heritage Society to support conservation planning and work
was also a federal Historical Places Initiatives prog, money in past to preserve commercial props
change over time, working with prov to identify that need
Mayor: you'll notice a HRA en route on our Consent Agenda
ME: lovely to see we've got this far -- have we got staff resources to assist, implement, monitor this as we'd like?
Sokol: Let me, Madam Mayor, the answer is no; we are doing our best to implement the H Strategic Plan as best we can; haven't resources to do it all; work with prop owners
doing our best re HRA, working with H orgs and partnering with them to leverage our resources
ME: not intended as a criticism; this is a cornerstone of what we wd like to do and achieve in WV
at some stage we need to pay serious attention to our ability to follow through
Mayor: right; expect it to be collaboartive, helping themselves; cmnty interest
how staff can help
Bob Parliament v helpful in Victoria, we can direct ppl to
BYLAWS [9:43]
8. Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4579, 2009 (Child care regulations) (File:  1610 20-2200/4579)
This bylaw received first reading at the May 4, 2009 Council meeting, and was the subject of the Public Hearing, held and closed on June 1, 2009.
        Second and Third Readings RECOMMENDED
Mayor: gather Ccl held a PH
SW made motion: lot of hard work, exciting, 30 new spots
LS: 36
SW: these bylaws will enable more to look at daycares b/c of need
ME: grandfathering?
Sokol: if established legally under existing can continue in spite of change
ME: section wrt DVP, can be issued for parking and for outdoor play equipment/facilities
in the WG report, we shd hv the facility ability to bring back to Ccl more, perhaps up to 20 as a variance
LS: one option the WG explored; when took for legal advice, recommended not to b/c variances cannot be used to vary density and that cd be used to increase density
TP: wonderful...
{too bad Cclr Smith not present to bask in the glow!}
9. Business Licence Bylaw No. 4455, 2005, Amendment Bylaw No. 4596, 2009 (Child care facilities) (File: 1610 20 4545)
This bylaw received first reading at the May 4, 2009 Council meeting, and was included the Public Hearing, held and closed on June 1, 2009.
        Second and Third Readings RECOMMENDED
Mayor: with our thanks
10. Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
The following Consent Agenda items may be considered separately or in one recommendation.
Sop moved THAT the Consent Agenda items as follows be approved:
Item 11 - Proposed Heritage Revitalization Agreement for 5762 Larson Place
Item 12 - Appointment of Roger Romses to Board of Variance
Item 13 - Development Applications Status List
Item 14 - Correspondence List.
Mayor: and that includes 13.1 re garbage/recycling?
[re removal: Sop: when you bring up 13.1; TP: 11; ME: 3]
11. Proposed Heritage Revitalization Agreement for 5762 Larson Place (File:  1010 20-007)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the report from the Sr. Community Planner titled "Proposed Heritage Revitalization Agreement for 5762 Larson Place", dated May 26, 2009 be received for information.
TP [9:49]: excited to see this come forward
Mayor: wait for final decision
(11) S. Dowey, City of North Vancouver, June 4, 2009, regarding North Shore Multi-Material Recycling - Award of Contract
Sop: ?
Mayor: understand award has been made
CAO: finished; waste management $4.6M annually, with City and Dist of NV
even though costs up considerably; great movement with NSh Ms working together
up considerably but unfortunately affects economy today
RFung: item 11 in Corresp list is the same
ea M needs to ratify the decision
Item 11 shows NV in agreement
12. Appointment of Roger Romses to Board of Variance (File: 2310-04)
        RECOMMENDED: for a three year term commencing June 17, 2009.
13. Development Applications Status List (File: 1010-01)
        RECOMMENDED: received for information.
14. Correspondence List (File: 0120 24)
Correspondence received up to June 8, 2009
(3) A. Hanet and J. Dyson, BC Coalition of People with Disabilities, May 28, 2009, regarding Use of Cell Phones and Other Handheld Devices while Operating a Motor Vehicle
        Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response.
[9:51] ME: is this an area we can [do anything]?
Mayor: handheld
ME: not nec we shd but asking if beyond [control/jurisdiction]
Mayor: whose jurisdiction?
CAO: assume Motor Vehicle; will get back to you
15.  REPORTS FROM MAYOR AND COUNCILLORS (Including updates on working groups)
Sop: tremendous day; route was changed; 1:30pm no room; great success
Mayor: been away, three weeks of explaining to; appreciate how hard ev work
thank MetroV, app opp to go to Sweden; we thought we were on a waste to energy tour but more; have named our report re Sweden's Approach to Energy, the Environment, and the Economy
truly enlightening
done one spot on CKNW a week ago and Marvin Hunt and I will be this Fri morn
working hard for report to Ccl of Ccls on June 27 and open our discussion; how we move from an economy based on consumption to throwing out to one feeding back, liquid and solid wastes; not what I set out to do when I ran for Ccl seven years ago but feel responsible; solid waste in particular
Also want to congratulate Gordon Smith on his 90th birthday
Doug Coupland and I were asked to make the presentation to him at the fundraiser; Gordon and Marion have established --  artists for kids trust
going read a couple of sentiments b/c it relates to what we're working on
Gordon is a humanitarian
proof of this is his respect for chn and young ppl
commitment to formal informal edu, freeflow exchange of ideas, and nbrs' chn in his house
from a belief it's the next generation not the one that went before us we have the most to learn from .-- and that is West Coast Modern
What's truly great about the Smith house is the Smiths
apart from the elegance of the bldg design and the beautiful and minimal and useful things inside
listening to him speak of his dear friend, Arthur; ideas that went between them is what is real, original, life-affirming, and WV
for those of us not knowing about Arthur, we know from Gordon
we know of his loyalty to his friends; expressed on behalf of cmnty our sorrow for Gordon's loss and also Arthur's
and I attended Arthur Erickson's memorial service yesterday
quite most beautiful, referential, and inspiring I've ever been to
truly Vancouver at its best, many from WV residents predominantly in the field of art and architecture were there
Abe Rogatnick's speech is the best ever heard
Arthur the poet is gone but his poetry lives on
Peter Elliott, Dean of Christ Church Cathedral, asks us all to think of our creativity and our conscience not just in our words but in our deeds in realizing what Arthur Erickson's legacy and hopes wd be, and that is that we design with nature, and we certainly hear that here and WV has always been a place where that has been fostered and Arthur Erickson was a big, big part of that
v timely we were discussing our HRA tonight and maybe even decision we made wrt subdiv
think tide is turning and we're hoping to do a better job.

{well said and well done}

seem to hv bn v busy
all day Saturday Police Bd met to work on strategic plan; like to thank Board for its commitment to public service and an accountable and continuously improving Police Dept; and also congratulate Kash Heed on being appointed Solicitor General
that is really a testament to our cmnty as well as his leadership
if he's listening, he will learn quickly about the leadership of the premier as well, am really looking forward to working with both of them and with this new cabinet
those are my reports
if Ccl interested in a more formal report on Sweden but let me practise on entire region first
Sop: beg to differ; we in WV, b/c you took initiative to go there, want to be first and foremost in our delivery of a newfound method of proceeding; wd like some info prior to going to board, tell them WV is far ahead
Mayor: I will schedule a five-minute presentation on a ccl agenda; we really learned a lot
I'll end with my joke about the Swedes
there were eight ppl stranded on a desert island; two Danes, two Norwegians, two Finns, and two Swedes
After a month they were discovered -- the two Danes had set up a commune; the two Norwegians had built a boat; Finns were fighting each with knives; the Swedes were still waiting to be introduced
that's what we have in common with the Swedes
v polite, v respectful, and on this issue of solid waste we cannot stand around waiting to be introduced
It's time for Greater Vancouver to deal with this; I'm happy to be part of it.
Mayor: now, my favourite part; it's 10 o'clock, I suggest a motion to extend for five minutes
{Sop moved; Panz seconded}
Mayor: need a unanimous resolution, so good thing Ccl Smith is away.
{Laughter and it carried}
Mayor: any public questions?  Carolanne Reynolds?
CR: Thanks.  I saw Bruce so I thought he'd signed up; I hadn't signed up, but I do want to say that I have lots of ideas to start a Heritage Fund so that we can have money to help those places that you are trying to keep for the cmnty.
And I think that was a great decision about Craigmohr.  I'm not against subdivision [when done] sensitively either but if we keep Erickson's legacy and design with nature, maybe we can lower the amount of blasting that can be done in this cmnty permanently by bylaw.  tyvm
Mayor: thank you
CR: glad you had a great trip
Mayor: thank you.
ME: In Cclr Smith's absence I feel v privileged you've given me the honour and responsibility and I've ben practising during the evening and paying attention.  I have my glasses so I'm ... with a bit of luck the camera will focus on me so Cclr Smith can actually watch this happening.
Madam Mayor, I move that the June 15th mtg of Ccl be adjourned.
Mayor: thank you

===  SPECIAL CCL MTG AGENDA June 22nd  ===

PLEASE NOTE: When the Agenda came out Thursday, Item 8 ended with:
THAT the Community Grants Committee recommendations for Social Services and Community Services Grants, be approved as follows:
IOW, it was blank.  Friday or Saturday the rest appeared but I was not able to copy and paste so I typed it in personally but of course the tabs/columns aren't aligned in the email.  Another helpful person sent me text. Two helpful subscribers cdn't get it from the DWV website either.

2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES  --  No items presented.
3. AVision for Ambleside: West Vancouver Museum; Art - Architecture - Design (File: 3012-01)
1. Council endorse in [principle] the Museum Vision Report ("West Vancouver Museum: A Vision for Ambleside" and compendium "Design Brief") by Urban Arts Architecture, June, 2009; and
2. Council approve in principle the 1300 block between Marine Drive and Bellevue Avenue and the waterfront precinct as the location of choice for the new Museum; and
3. Council approve in principle the inclusion of the Museum Vision Report in an overall strategy to be approved by Council for District facilities; and
4. Council direct staff to make this study available to potential partners, donors, and sponsors to support our vision of Ambleside; and
5. Council direct staff to actively pursue and store collections to support the new facility.
4. M. Southerst, Dundarave Business Association (File:  0055 20 DMAS1)
5. Youth Strategy Presentation (File: 2910-01)
                Information to be provided.  -- {WVPD????}
6. Development Permit Application No. 08-002 for 2451 Palmerston Avenue (to provide for watercourse protection and allow for a variance to the zoning bylaw) (File:  1010-20-08-002)
At the June 1, 2009 meeting Council received the report dated May 22, 2009 from the Director of Planning, Lands and Permits regarding Development Permit Application No. 08-002 for 2451 Palmerston Avenue and set the date for consideration for June 22, 2009.
Reports received up to June 18, 2009:
Development Permit Application No. 08-002 for 2451 Palmerston Avenue (to provide for watercourse protection and allow for a variance to the zoning bylaw) / May 22, 2009 / June 1, 2009
Correspondence received up to June 18, 2009:  (None received to date)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT all written and verbal submissions ... be received for information.
If Council wishes a further staff report, then:
RECOMMENDED: THAT Staff report back to Council
OR      RECOMMENDED: THAT the proposed DPA ... be approved.
7. Annual Report 2008 (File:  0300-01/1610-20-4597/4600)
1. Council receive the printed Annual Report for the year ended December 31, 2008, as attached.
2. "2008 Annual Budget Amendment Bylaw No 4597, 2009" be introduced and read a first, second and third time.
3. "2008 Capital Facility Reserve Fund Expenditure Bylaw No 4600, 2009" be introduced and read a first, second and third time.
4. "Financial Information Act 2008 Reports" be approved, as attached.
8. Community Grants Recommendations 2009 (File:  0920 07 01/0116 CGC1 2009)
THAT the Community Grants Committee recommendations for Arts and Culture Grants, be approved as follows:
Community (Professional Standard or Staff)
British Columbia [Boys] Choir   $2,000
Summer Pops Orchestra   $1,250
                                                        Subtotal $3,250
Community Arts Organizations (Amateur with Membership)
        Ambleside Orchestra     $500
        North Shore Light Opera Society         $500
        O'Shihan Cultural Organization          $500
        Theatre West Van $3,250
        West Vancouver Adult Community Band Association $500
        Hollyburn Heritage Society      $750
        Deep Cove Chamber Soloists Society      $750
        West Vancouver Historical Society               $1,000
                                                        Subtotal $8,750
Community (Professional Standard & Staff)
        Chor Leoni Men's Choir  $750
        Laudate Singers Society $500
        Pacific Baroque Orchestra       $1,500
        Pandora's Vox           $2,500
        Presentation House Cultural Society/Theatre     $1,500
        Sinfonia Orchestra of the North Shore           $3,000
        JP Fell Pipe Band               $500
        North Shore Film Festival       $2,000
        Vetta Chamber Music             $500
        West Vancouver Youth Band               $5,000
                                                        Subtotal $17,750
New Applicants
        JP Fell Armoury $500
        North Shore Chorus              $500
        Presentation House Gallery              $1,000
        WV Fire Service $500
                                                        Subtotal $2,500
                                        Total - All 2009 Arts & Culture Grants $32,250
THAT the Cmnty Grants Committee recommendations for Social/Community Services Grants, be approved as follows:
Annual Grant
In the second year of a three-year funding cycle (2008-2010):
BC Paraplegic Association               $500
Canadian Hard of Hearing Association            $600
Lions Gate Hospice              $1,000
NS Disability Resource Centre - Adults at Risk          $1,000
NS Women's Centre               $1,500
NS Stroke Recovery Centre - Seniors Peer Group          $1,300
Red Cross Respect Ed            $700
                                        Subtotal        $6,600
Commencing a three-year funding cycle (2009-2011):
Avalon Recovery Society         $800
(BC) Canadian Paraplegic Assoc.         $500
Canadian Mental Health Association              $500
Crisis Intervention & Suicide Prevention Centre of BC           $1,000
Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society         $750
Harvest Project         $2,500
Lookout NS Emergency Aid Shelter                $3,000
NS Assc. for the Mentally Handicapped - NS Connexions Society           $1,000
NS Disability Resource Centre - Children's Summer Program               $2,500
NS Project Society for Low Income & Handicapped         $5,000
NS Schizophrenia Society NS Branch              $2,000
West Coast Alternatives         $5,000
NS Stroke Recovery - Young Stroke Survivors             $1,000
                                        Subtotal        $25,550
In the second year of a three-year funding cycle (2008-2010):
Family Services of the North Shore              $14,500
Living Systems          $500
NS Community Resources Society  $12,000
NS Restorative Justice          $5,000
NS Multicultural Society                $3,000
West Vancouver Family Place Society             $4,000
                                                Subtotal   $39,000
Commencing a three-year funding cycle (2009-2011):
Autism Society of BC            $1,500
Big Brothers            $500
Big Sisters             $500
Highlands United Church $500
NS Crisis Services Society              $10,000
NS Neighbourhood House - Learning Together              $1,000
                                                Subtotal   $14,000
In the second year of a three-year funding cycle (2008-2010):
Capilano Community Services Society             $1,300
Lionsview Seniors Planning Society              $2,000
Lionsview Seniors Planning Society - Seniors' Coalition         $1,300
NS Meals on Wheels Society              $1,500
NS Volunteers for Seniors               $3,500
NS Keep Well Society            $2,000
NS Neighbourhood House - Seniors Peer Support   $1,300
                                                Subtotal   $12,900
In the second year of a three-year funding cycle (2008-2010):
Coho Society - Operating Grant  $5,000
Coho Society - Bus Transportation       $1,250
NS Lifeboat Society                     $2,500
NS Safety Council                       $1,000
525 Pathfinder Squadron (Air Cadet League of Canada)    $900
                                                Subtotal   $10,650
Commencing a three-year funding cycle (2009-2011):
Third West Vancouver Scout Group - Property Tax         $700
                                                Subtotal   $700

                TOTAL Social Services and Community Services Grants     $109,400

9. Brenta Construction Inc. - Request for an Order of Non-Enforcement of Noise Control Bylaw - Removal of Construction Tower Crane from 2388 Marine Drive (File: 1605-15)
        THAT Council approve the request...  from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday June 24
10. Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4608, 2009 for 6520 and 6540 Marine Drive (former Fire Hall No. 2 site) (File:  0510 18/1610 20 4608)
1. Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4608, 2009, as attached to the report from the Manager, Community Planning dated June 12 be introduced and read a first time in short form;
2. Zoning Bylaw No. ... be presented at a Public Hearing on Monday July 6 at 7pm ... ;
3. The Municipal Clerk be directed to give Statutory Notice...
4. The proposed green building requirements for new development on District property at the former Fire Hall No. 2 be received for information to allow public comment to be received on these requirements at the July 6 Public Hearing; and
5. The proposed building and site design guidelines (to be distributed on-table on Monday June 22, 2009) be received for information to allow public comment to be received on these requirements at the July 6, 2009 Public Hearing.
11. Zoning Bylaw Amendment - Home Craft, Occupation or Business (File:  1610-20-2200/4603)
1. Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4603, 2009 be introduced and read in short form.
2. Zoning Bylaw ... be presented at Public hearing to be held on Monday, July 6 at 7pm;
3. The Municipal Clerk give notice that a Public Hearing to consider Zoning Bylaw No. 2200 is scheduled for Monday, July 6, 2009 at 7:00 pm in the Municipal Hall Council Chamber.
12. Animal Control and Licencing [sic] Bylaw No. 4545, 2008 Amendment Bylaw No. 4605, 2009 (aggressive dog and dangerous animal signs) (File:  1610 20-4605)
RECOMMENDED: [THAT Animal Control and Licence Bylaw No. 4545 be introduced and read a first, second, and third time.
13. Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4602, 2009 (5775 Marine Drive, Takumi Japanese Restaurant) (File: 1010-20-06-007)
This bylaw received first reading and was the subject of the Public Hearing held and closed on June 15, 2009.
RECOMMENDED: THAT "Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4602, 2009" be read a second and third time.
14. Update - Remedial Action Order 960 Sentinel Dr (File:  1605-01)  Information to be provided.
BYLAWS for Adoption (15 and 16)
15. Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4579, 2009 (Child care regulations) (File: 1610-20-4579)
16. Business Licence Bylaw No. 4455, 2005, Amendment Bylaw No. 4596, 2009 (Child care facilities) (File: 1610-20-4596)
17. Proposed Child Care Development Variance Permit Policy (File:  1010-01)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the proposed DVP Policy for Child Care Uses in Residential Zones be approved.
18. Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
RECOMMENDED: THAT the Consent Agenda items as follows be approved:
Item 19 - Appointments to the Community Engagement Committee
Item 20 - Correspondence List.
19. Appointments to the Community Engagement Committee (File:  0116 20 CEC)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the following citizens be appointed to the Community Engagement Committee for the term ending December 31, 2009: John Almond, Patricia Bolton, David Crilly, Kirsty Pappas, Sara Dubois-Phillips, and Carolanne Reynolds.
20. Correspondence List (File:  0120 24) -- Correspondence received up to June 17, 2009
Requests for Delegation  --  No items presented.
Action Required
(1) May 26, 2009, regarding recycling of fluorescent light ballasts
        Referred to the Director of Engineering Services for consideration and response.
(2) June 9, 2009, regarding Power lines constructed along Argyle Avenue
        Referred to the Director of Engineering Services for consideration and response.
(3) J. Cressy, Polaris Institute & C. Ferris, Toxic Free Canada, June 9, re Public Water and Waste Reduction
        Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response.
(4) June 10, 2009, regarding Westmount Road
        Referred to the Director of Engineering Services for consideration and response.
(5) June 12, 2009, regarding Property Tax Prepayment
        Referred to Director of Finance for consideration and response.
(6) June 13, 2009, regarding 895 Highland Drive
        Referred to the Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(7) Metro Vancouver, June 9, 2009, regarding 2009 Port Cities Conference (previously distributed due to timing of event)
Responses to Correspondence
(8) B. Dozzi, Mgr of Roads and Transportation, June 2, regarding Dundarave Parking and Traffic Study
Responses to Questions in Question Period  --  No items presented.
21.  REPORTS FROM MAYOR AND COUNCILLORS (Including updates on working groups)

===  NEWSWATCH  ===
+  President Obama's remarkable speech in Cairo June 4:
in wch he said: Suppressing ideas never succeeds in making them go away.
+  Meanwhile back to the sandbox as the Palestinians squabble:
Carter from the Gaza Strip: Palestinian unity will come through reconstruction and end to suffering  16.06.09 - 15:43
Gaza / PNN - Former US President Jimmy Carter visited the Gaza Strip on Tuesday to call for unity in the Palestinian ranks so they can combine efforts in establishing an independent state.
The rest: http://english.pnn.ps/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=5787&Itemid=
===  INFObits  ===
*  33% of national and provincial legislators in Pakistan are women, according to the consul-general of Pakistan in Vancouver.
+  63% of university students in Iran are women!  and don't you just know they supported Mous(s)avi who said he wd disband the Morality Police? just contemplating no longer having to cover and wear head scarfs must have been enough to send them delirious with anticipation of a bit of freedom.........
+ Three fifths of Iran's population are under 30, wch means AFTER the overthrow of the Shah, the  revolution of 1979.
+  BBC/CNN reported late Saturday that women were calling men who refused to come out and demonstrate 'cowards' -- guess why!
NOTE: This will have changed undoubtedly by the time you read this.  A Cdn journalist was beaten by the Basiji; a BBC correspondent was asked to leave Iran; there are reports of ppl trying to leave the country; since the govt controls the news, it's coming from ppl's cells so reports of 20 or 40 or more killed are impossible to verify.

=== WORDWATCH === "Storm in a Yogurt Pot" by Michael Quinion (World Wide Words)
A reporter from the Daily Mail contacted me on Monday, canvassing my views on how to spell "yogurt".
   This turned out to be a follow-up to a letter in the current issue of The Grocer, the UK magazine for food and drink retailers. The letter came from Clare Cheney, director general of the Provision Trade Federation, the trade body that represents food companies in Britain, including importers. She suggested The Grocer should bring itself up to date by leaving the "h" out, since its manufacturers have now standardised on "yogurt".
   At this point Americans may be puzzled, as they have for more than a century spelled the word without an "h" and probably regard the spelling "yoghurt" as a curious Britishism, let alone "yoghourt", another once-common form. Both were based on the Turkish word they come from. This is written as "yogurt" in modern Turkish but with a hacek over the "g" to mark a guttural consonant that doesn't exist in English {see footnote below*}. This was transliterated as "gh" when it appeared in English in the early seventeenth century. Spellings with the "h" were still usual when the product began to appear widely in Britain in the 1960s. The Times wrote in April 1967: "Fruity yoghourt is enjoying a market boom unparalleled by any other dairy product in existence." Most Commonwealth countries still seem to prefer the form with the "h", though Canadians have the hybrid "yogourt", presumably under the influence of French.
   The evidence from dictionaries, newspapers and books is that the spelling "yogurt" has become the most common form in the UK but that "yoghurt" is also still very much around ("yoghourt" is now
rare). Interestingly, even The Grocer uses "yogurt" a lot of the time - a search of its Web site found 1376 examples of "yogurt" as against 678 of "yoghurt" (none of "yoghourt").
Following Ms Cheney's letter, Food Manufacture, another magazine, said it was going to standardise on "yogurt". It would seem that "yoghurt" is threatened in its homeland.
   The Daily Mail, I suspect, was hoping I would denounce the creeping insidious influence of American English and argue that this was another example of the individuality of our native tongue being lost. Good heavens, no. I suggested, on the basis of a hunch rather than firm evidence, that the change might not have been through American influence at all, but an example of "spell-as-you-speak" working on an unfamiliar word, which was presumably how Americans came by their spelling.
In my item on this word in the issue of 30 May, I said that a letter in the Turkish original was a g with a hacek accent above it; several readers told me that it's actually the rather similar breve. Brian Hudson noted, "There are a few Turkish dialects where the letter is voiced but, for most speakers, it's a silent letter which stresses the preceding vowel." Alain Gottcheiner pointed out that this explains why the most common French spelling is "yaourt", without the consonant.
--------  World Wide Words is copyright (c) Michael Quinion 2009. All rights reserved. The Words Web site is at http://www.worldwidewords.org .

I was driving with my three young children one warm summer evening when a woman in the convertible ahead of us stood up and waved. She was stark naked! As I was reeling from the shock, I heard my five-year-old shout from the back seat, 'Mom, that lady isn't wearing a seat belt!'
On the first day of school, a first-grader handed his teacher a note from his mother. The note read, "The opinions expressed by this child are not necessarily those of his parents."
A woman was trying hard to get the ketchup out of the jar. During her struggle the phone rang so she asked her four-year-old daughter to answer the phone. "Mommy can't come to the phone to talk to you right now. She's hitting the bottle."
A little boy got lost at the YMCA and found himself in the women's locker room. When he was spotted, the room burst into shrieks, with ladies grabbing towels and running for cover. The little boy watched in amazement and then asked, 'What's the matter, haven't you ever seen a little boy before?'
A little girl was watching her parents dress for a party. When she saw her dad donning his tuxedo, she warned, "Daddy, you shouldn't wear that suit."
"And why not, darling?"
"You know that it always gives you a headache the next morning."
A little boy opened the big family Bible. He was fascinated as he fingered through the old pages. Suddenly, something fell out of the Bible. He picked up the object and looked at it. What he saw was an old leaf that had been pressed in between the pages. "Mama, look what I found," the boy called out. 
"What have you got there, dear?" 
With astonishment in the young boy's voice, he answered, 'I think it's Adam's underwear!'
While working for an organization that delivers lunches to elderly shut-ins, I used to take my four-year-old daughter on my afternoon rounds. She was unfailingly intrigued by the various appliances of old age, particularly the canes, walkers, and wheelchairs. One day I found her staring at a pair of false teeth soaking in a glass. As I braced myself for the inevitable barrage of questions, she merely turned and whispered, "The tooth fairy will never believe this!"

===  TANKA Question  ===
        we seek dignity
        overwhelmed by two giants
        please grant us our wish
                         to be distinct, different;
                                not pale copies, our own selves

[ June 4, sparked by a word heard in Bard's Othello, and I'd never expect you to guess but who or what is between the two giants?  Reply to tankaQ@westvan.org]

===  QUOTATIONS  ===
The door of a bigoted mind opens outwards so that the only result of the pressure of facts upon it is to close it more snugly.
                                   -- Ogden Nash, American author (1902-1971)
Meetings are indispensable when you don't want to do anything.
                                   -- John Kenneth Galbraith, Canadian economist (1908 - 2006)
I admire people with gentle manners who treat other people as human beings. I abhor quarrelsome people.
I despise toadies who suck up to their bosses; they are generally the same people who bully their subordinates.
                                   -- David Oglivy, English advertising executive (1911 - 1999)
Hegel was right when he said that we learn from history that man can never learn anything from history.
                                   -- George Bernard Shaw, Irish playwright (1856 - 1950)
Life is like a dog-sled team.  If you ain't the lead dog, the scenery never changes.
                                   -- Lewis Grizzard, American writer (1946 - 1994)
People who enjoy meetings should not be in charge of anything.
                                   -- Thomas Sowell, American economist (b 1940)
I don't believe a committee can write a book.  It can, oh, govern a country, perhaps, but I don't believe it can write a book.
                                   -- Arnold Joseph Toynbee, British historian (1889 - 1975)
The sad duty of politics is to establish justice in a sinful world.
                                   -- Reinhold Niebuhr, American theologian (1892 - 1971)
Life is like a cobweb, not an organization chart.    -- Ross Perot, American businessman (b 1930)
They are the devil's vegetable.
-- Royal Navy Captain Wayne Keble, who has reportedly banned brussels sprouts aboard HMS Bulwark.  {Reminds us of Bush Sr when he said to Barbara that he was Prez of the US and he didn't have to eat broccoli!}