Ccl NOTES Sept 14
AGENDA Sept 21
Calendar to Oct 8

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

"Shana Tova" = Happy New Year
 In 2009 Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) begins at sundown Fri Sept 18, ends at nightfall Sun Sept 20
=  Main items Ccl mtg Sept 21st: North Shore Police Services Review; DP amendment Mulgrave School; Home Biz Zoning bylaw; Solid Waste Utility fees/charges re-alignment; Town Hall Mtg Wed Oct 7 [re Secondary Suites]
Vive le Canada (1759; 1909); from the EDITOR'S DESK; PROPERTIES for sale (unpaid taxes); UPDATES (Sec Suites; WV Streamkeepers' new board) with CAO at WRA (Capilano Crossing; Gleneagles Clubhouse; Sea-to-Sky $$; Fire Protection) and FOOD SCRAPS Pilot Project
=  CALENDAR to October 8th; CULTUREWATCH (Theatre, Music)
=  Ccl Mtg NOTES Sept 14th: Ev Dr; DVPs for 6080 Blink Bonnie and 3751 MDr; Town Hall Mtg Oct 6 (withdrawn); Devt Applications Status
=  Ccl Mtg Agenda Sept 21st
=  INFObit (Afghanistan: 97% Taliban); WOMANWATCH (My Dreams are Gone); Breaking News (Fish; Chn's Fair); LANGUAGEWATCH (Words for Jewish New Year); Acronyms/Abbreviations; MAIKU; Quotations/Pun

===  Vive le Canada  ===
Plains of Abraham, Quebec in 1759:  Sept 13 marked the 250th anniversary of the pivotal battle that tipped the continent to become British North America but the French had their revenge in 1776 by providing navy, support, etc for the American Revolution so after getting the French colony they lost the American colonies.  The History Channel had an excellent prog entitled "Wolfe - Montcalm".
Delta: Fly-over Boundary Bay Sunday Sept 20 celebrating 100 years of flight.

===  from the EDITOR'S DESK  ===
*  1909 Car in last issue (20); see a tin Lizzie at the Royal BC Museum! (not part of British Treasures obviously, from early days in Victoria; but an intriguing teapot from England in the 1870s is in that exhibition -- take advantage of the tour Sept 24 organized by the FBG)
*  Additions/Update to the Acronyms/Abbreviations (Ac/Ab) in that section below
*  ROUNDABOUTS: G loves the one at 21st and Fulton, can't wait for more at other bottleneck stops.

=== PROPERTIES for Sale (unpaid taxes) === 10am Monday Sept 28
The following properties will be included in the Sale unless delinquent taxes, plus interest, are paid before that time. List subject to alteration.
                8885 Lawrence Way - PLAN 1802 DIST. LOT 2361 LOT 1
                2508 Lawson Avenue - PLAN 2261 DIST. LOT 555 BLOCK 18 LOT 10 & 11 NORTH 1/2
                1913 22nd Street - PLAN 22534 BLOCK 4 LOT A EAST 1/2 OF DIST. LOT 783
                202 2135 Argyle Avenue - STRATA LOT 10 DIST. LOT 775 STRATA PLAN VR. 93
                885 Keith Road - PLAN 7673 DIST. LOT 1041 BLOCK 1 LOT 5
                1142 Gordon Avenue - PLAN 5813 SOUTH EAST 1/4 LOT 16 DISTRICT LOT 1051 AM
                424 Gordon Avenue - PLAN LMP28470 DISTRICT LOT 1044 LOT 6
                385 Keith Place - PLAN VAP23093 SOUTH WEST 1/4 DIST. LOT 1043 LOT 7
                254 Onslow Place - PLAN 6652 DIST. LOT CE BLOCK 8 LOT 12
                790 St Andrews Road - PLAN 9043 DIST. LOT CE BLOCK 31 LOT 2
                640 Ballantree Road - PLAN 11621 DIST. LOTS 806 AND 866 BLOCK 3  LOT 15
                590 Craigmohr Drive - PLAN 11789 DIST. LOT 866 BLOCK 7 LOT 3
                2608 Finch Hill - PLAN LMP10005 DIST. LOT 1104 LOT 4
                2662 Finch Hill - PLAN LMP18680 DIST. LOT 1104 LOT 32
Read More: http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=20974
For more information, please call the Tax Department at 604-925-7032, or visit westvancouver.ca/propertyinfo

===  UPDATES  ===
*  Secondary Suites http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=20326
        If passed at ccl mtg 21s, the town hall mtg on Wed Oct 7th will be on Secondary Suites.
Secondary Suite Program Proposed for West Vancouver
Thursday, July 30  --  A Secondary Suite is a separate residential unit typically within a single family home, generally located in the basement, and significantly smaller than the dwelling in which it is located. Currently, secondary suites are only allowed in West Vancouver if a family member lives in the suite. 
Surveys of West Vancouver residents (2007 Community Survey, and a 2008 survey conducted by the Community Dialogue on Neighbourhood Character and Housing Working Group) indicate that 75% support opening up secondary suites to non-family members.  
A discussion paper has been prepared which addresses how the community might benefit from allowing secondary suites, identifies potential issues raised by allowing secondary suites, and includes a potential program for permitting secondary suites in West Vancouver.
We want to know what you think. Your comments on this issue will be collected and reported back to Council in October, along with a draft Bylaw allowing for new secondary suites and a program addressing the issue of existing suites. A Town Hall Meeting on this topic will be held in the Fall (date to be determined) to enable residents to learn more and speak directly to Council.
Send us your comments:
Email us at: secondarysuites@westvancouver.ca Write to us at: Planning Department, District of West Vancouver
*  WV Streamkeeper Society
The new board elected the Sept 17 AGM (they will then choose the officers/executive): Jeff Anderson, Paul Berlinguette, Bill Chapman, Hugh Hamilton, Elizabeth Hardy, Bill McAllister, Bruce McArthur, Carolanne Reynolds, Michael Ritter.
*  Dundarave: the new Shoppers Drugmart is now open.
*  Strategic Planning Update
Very important, $75K and counting; fruitful gathering views from WGs, etc; residents pls give them your ideas.  What's your vision for WV?  See http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=17440
*  CAO at WRA - Some highlights from Grant McRadu's talk at the Western Residents' Assn mtg Sept 15.
= Location and construction schedule on the new crossing of the Capilano River
     Construction of the new bridge will begin in Spring 2010. During construction, traffic will cross the Capilano River using the existing bridge on a temporary detour alignment just a few meters north of the current crossing.
    The bridge will be physically moved to the detour alignment in a weekend operation in April 2010, following the Winter Olympic Games. Preparatory work, such as the construction of a temporary pier on the island in the middle of the river, as well as abutments on both riverbanks, will begin in August 2009. Once the new bridge is completed and in service, the old bridge will be removed and the area will be rehabilitated.
= Update on the plans for the Gleneagles Clubhouse Project 
    The project management team, with private sector expertise utilized at strategic points in the process, developed a short list of two proponents with the process to select the operator expected to be completed by the mid October.
    The official opening celebrations are being planned with the WRA and the Golf Society and will take place officially when the bistro/restaurant is opened.
    The renovated Clubhouse will be an exceptional facility for the community. The proximity of the Clubhouse, the Golf Course, and the Gleneagles Community Centre will integrate activities and services around what will be our new 'western civic site'. Staff will be undertaking enhancements of the landscaping and pathways connecting the three facilities together to further support this concept.
=  Disbursements of the payments for the Sea-to-Sky Project 
Have we received all or any of the money yet?  Is West Vancouver still in a legal dispute about the size of the reimbursement?
The District of West Vancouver has received payment from the Province of $6.9 million for the Sea to Sky project and the District is currently disputing the amount.  The trial date is set for late 2010.  Staff are continuing to prepare information and will pursue a settlement on alternative value of the property.
    There has been considerable press about fire trucks being taken out of service because of excessive overtime. This seems to be a continuing problem.
    Council, with the support of the taxpayer, has taken several steps to ensure that fire safety for West Vancouver residents is not compromised in any manner.  In fact, we have increased fire staffing by adding an additional eleven firefighters over the past seven years to meet industry standards recommended by the National Fire Protection Association.
    We continue to strive to achieve a balance between providing the right amount of fire rescue services versus maintaining fiscal responsibility.
Q: Is there any reason to be fearful that Insurance Underwriters will see the possibility of added risk because of equipment being out of service and require increased Insurance premiums?
     Based on the temporary nature of equipment being taken out of service, there is no reason for concern regarding a change in Fire Insurance ratings.  The following information may provide more clarity to the methodology used in determining insurance ratings.
Fire Underwriters Surveys consider a number of issues including: 
    Conducting a survey of the Municipality, examining the water supply facilities, storage facilities and distribution system, and performing hydrant flow testing.
    Surveying the fire department to assess its administration, training programs and facilities, fire stations equipment (including testing and maintenance programs), personal communications, and fire prevention programs;
    Making fire-flow calculations throughout the municipality, including all flow-test locations -- these calculations determine the amount of water necessary to combat a major fire in those areas, as well as the number of fire fighting companies, personnel, and types of apparatus required.
(Source: Fire Underwriters Survey)
Q:  Why are West Van's staffing levels not adequate to look after manning, at straight time rates, the equipment that is normally in service?
    We actually maintain a minimum of 18 firefighters on duty on a normal basis but there have been occasional periods in February and August where we've had to operate within tight budgetary parameters with regards to overtime staffing.   In conjunction with their commitment to fund the cost of the additional firefighters, Council directed that a flexibility agreement be reached with the Union to ensure the efficient use of taxpayer funds by limiting the need for overtime. Flexibility agreements have been incorporated by a number of municipalities and have proven to be an effective measure in reducing the need for overtime.
Q:  What is the status of the exploration of combining the North Shore Fire Departments into one unit?
    The three North Shore Fire Chiefs have been directed, by their respective Councils, to ensure that fire and rescue services cooperate where necessary to provide effective services to the public.  The three North Shore fire departments regularly cross jurisdictional boundaries to provide direct assistance at serious incidents or provide standby coverage for additional calls for service when the resources of one municipality are unavailable.  In essence, the North Shore fire departments are committed to assisting each other when and where a need arises.
*  Caulfeild residents participate in MetroV Food Recycling Pilot Project
September 18, 2009  West Vancouver, BC:  West Vancouver is partnering with Metro Vancouver to conduct a curbside food scrap recycling demonstration project this fall.  Five hundred homes in the western Caulfield neighbourhood make up the test area in WV.  Delta, Township of Langley, and Coquitlam have also signed on to participate in Metro Vancouver's pilot.
     Mayor Goldsmith-Jones, who also serves on the region's Waste Management Committee, supports the collaborative waste reduction effort.  "Just like the blue box in the early days, West Van is pioneering again in diverting food scraps from the waste stream.  This is the biggest single thing a household can do to reduce the amount of garbage we produce," says the Mayor.
     The demonstration project will run for six months, beginning October 6.  During this time, food scraps - including vegetables, fruits, bread, dairy, meat, fish, bones, and food-soiled paper - will be picked up weekly with yard trimmings.  The combined organic material will be picked up in the morning to minimize animal attractants and taken to a regional composting facility; garbage will be picked up in the afternoon.
     Compostable organics can make up to 50% of household garbage.  Removing these organics from the waste stream provides the opportunity to move beyond current WV's recycling rate of 50% to the 70% diversion rate needed to meet the region's Zero Waste Challenge.  Additional environmental benefits include producing a valuable soil amendment and the opportunity to reduce greenhouse gases produced when organics are landfilled.
     WV's input will assist the evaluation of the demonstration project for the municipality and the region as a whole.  Metro Vancouver will partner with District staff to collect feedback from residents and assess program participation.  Western Caulfield residents have been notified by letter, and are invited to a September 22 Open House.  Participating households will also receive an information package and a 'kitchen catcher' container through a door-to-door drop-off.
    WV and MetroV will jointly host the September 22 Open House from 5 - 7pm at the Caulfeild Village Mall Parking Area.  The event is designed to provide western Caulfeild residents with more information about the food recycling demonstration program.  Poster displays will be accompanied by hands-on activities to show what types of additional compostable materials can be added to the yard trimmings container by participating households during the pilot.  A bear aware display, hosted by the North Shore Bear Society and the North Shore Recycling Program, will also be featured.
For more information, visit www.metrovancouver.org/foodrecycling.

=====  CALENDAR to October 8th  =====
Farmers' Markets: Dundarave Saturdays 10 - 4pm; Ambleside (13th & Bellevue) Sundays 10 - 3pm
[Pls note that all mtgs are at M Hall (usually in the MFCR, Main Floor Conference Room, but sometimes in the chamber) unless indicated otherwise.  Additions and changes can occur at any time so best to check the DWV website calendar wrt cmtes and WGs that are of interest to you.]
The Value for Services WG was meeting weekly on Tuesdays; pls check their webpage http://www.westvancouver.ca/Government/Level3.aspx?id=18742 for next mtg; a survey questionnaire is being prepared -- let Ccl know if you want taxes to decrease, stay the same, or increase; pls say how and where!
***  North Shore Heritage Weekend Friday Sept 18 to Sunday Sept 20 -- many lectures, tours, etc  ***
Brochures and see www.dnv.org and www.heritage.westvan.org for info.
= Saturday, Sept 19th
~ 9am - noon ~  LPPS Invasive Species Removal: ivy pull -- Call Alexandra for location, 922 1485
~ 11am - 1pm ~ TAKE PART in the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-up
Wear old clothes, bring gloves and your own drinking water, and meet at the foot of 17th St, beach access.  For more info call Kim Vogt at 922 1359.
= Monday, Sept 21st
~ 7:30pm ~ Nbrhd Info mtg for Marr Crk Court Residents re Collingwood Expansion (in Wentworth Lib)
= Tuesday, Sept 22
~ 7pm ~ WV Historical Society -- Early Dundarave
Meeting of people with pictures and/or documents on the early days in Dundarave.  This meeting will be held in the Atrium of the Seniors' Centre.  Coffee will be served.  We are hoping to discover some new and interesting material to be included in our book celebrating the Centennial of West Vancouver in 2012.  At the same time, if the pictures can be given to the West Vancouver Archives they will be preserved for the following generations.
= Wednesday, Sept 23
~ 5pm ~ Strategic Transportation Plan mtg in Cedar Room, WVCC
~ 5:30pm ~ CEC mtg
 ~ 7pm ~ WV Historical Society
General meeting of the WVHS at the Seniors' Centre.  Author Lisa Smedman will do a presentation on her book 'Vancouver - Stories of a City: A history of Vancouver's Neighbourhoods and the People who built them'.  All are welcome.
= Thursday, Sept 24th
        ~ 7:30am ~ Field Sports Forum WG
        ~ 4pm ~ Climate Action WG
        ~ 5pm ~ NSACDI at DNV M Hall
        ~ 5:30pm ~ Housing Pilot Prog WG, Mountain Room, WVCC
        ~ 5:30pm ~ WV Police Bd mtg at WVLibrary (Musto Rm)            
~ 7pm ~ PlanTalk - Issues and implications of six-storey wood frame construction
Boon or boondoggle? Building codes will allow for the construction of six-storey woodframe buildings. Is this good news for planners who want to densify cities, developers who want floor space, and residents who want affordable housing? Our expert panel will analyse and discuss. Speakers: Dr. Guido Wimmers, Equilibrium Consulting Inc.; Dave Ramslie, Cascadia Region Green Building Council; Murray Frank, Constructive Home Solutions Inc.
$10, Students $5, SFU Harbour Centre; Lecture Details and Reservations
= Saturday, Sept 26
~ 9am - noon ~  LPPS Invasive Species Removal: ivy pull -- Call Alexandra for location, 922 1485
~ noon - 4pm ~ Shop the Nifty Thrifty's First Fall Sale!
The Nifty Thrifty Shop at St. Monica's Church Hall accepts donations every Tuesday between 5 - 7pm.  Please ensure that donations are clean and in good condition. Large items cannot be accepted
Rivers Day
~ 9am - 1pm ~ Metro Vancouver Watershed Keepers
        Contact: Ficus Chan; watershed.ed@metrovancouver.org  604 451 6506
Habitat enhancement at Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve; meet at Rice Lake Gate - 4900 Lillooet Rd, NV.  We will be conducting habitat maintenance of the Homestead Fisheries Enhancement site situated next to the Fisherman Trail and the Seymour River; clear clogged channels, pick up litter, and put down new gravel to enhance the site for spawning and rearing of coho salmon. We will also conduct a vegetation survey of the area. Tools, equipment and BBQ provided for volunteers. Please dress appropriately and call or email in advanced to let us know that you are coming.
See also http://www.cnv.org/apps/commevent/details.aspx?id=1461
+ Mackay Crk in NV 10am to 4pm; see nssk.ca
= Sunday, Sept 27 (also Rivers Day -- verify days/dates)
+ Vanier Park -- BC Rivers Day; NS Wetland Partners will have a table at Vanier Park
The False Creek Watershed Society presents:
SALMON CELEBRATION  --  "Remembering Our History, Celebrating the Living"
The Sixth annual "Salmon Celebration" will take place on BC Rivers Day, NOON to 4:30pm Sept 27th in Vanier Park, near the Vancouver Maritime Museum.
The Salmon Celebration is a FREE EARTH AND WATER FESTIVAL AND PARADE for all ages to:
- honour the spirit of the salmon that historically lived in the streams that flowed into Eastern False Creek
- connect the urban public with local groups who study salmon, save wilderness, and encourage urban sustainability
Entertainment, Food, Crafts, Storytelling, Environmental Fair, First Nations Participation. We are also proud to be part of Wild Salmon Month in Vancouver. During September we have community tables, craft workshops, and Lost Streams walks. For details http://www.falsecreekwatershed.org and for pre-event workshops/info -- Contact: C. Brauer at info@falsecreekwatershed.org

=  Thursday, Oct 1
~ 6pm ~ Open House/Workshop - Sewell's Marina Redevt Proposal, Gleneagles Cmnty Centre
~ 7:30pm ~ Artland Versus Sculpture Park: Choices facing Public Art
Reservations: Admission is free; reservations are required. Call 778 782 5100 or email cstudies@sfu.ca
        Venue: SFU at Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings, Vancouver, Room 1900
Charles Jencks will be giving his first public lecture in Vancouver: "Living in the Art Land," as part of the Vancouver Biennale on October 1 in partnership with Simon Fraser University's City Program.
Charles Jencks is an influential architectural theorist, landscape architect, and designer whose name is synonymous with the concept of the Post-modern in architecture. He was the first to extend those ideas into architectural discourse with his book 'The Language of Post-Modern Architecture'.
His latest book, 'The Iconic Building', examines the phenomenon of the icon in contemporary architecture and the meaning of signature buildings in today's world of hyper trendiness and celebrity. His recent work includes fractal designs of buildings and furniture, as well as extensive landscape designs based on complexity theory, waves, and solutions. These themes are expanded in his own private garden, the Garden of Cosmic Speculation, at Portrack House near Dumfries.
Jencks is famous for his innovative garden designs. In 2004 the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art won the Gulbenkian Prize as Museum of the Year for his dramatic and radical landscape project titled Landform. Those who visit the site describe it as a transforming experience.
Charles Jencks was born 1939 in Baltimore. He first studied English Literature at Harvard University, later gaining an MA in architecture from the Graduate School of Design in 1965. He also has a PhD in Architectural History from University College. Jencks has lectured at over forty universities throughout the world.....
"Artland Verses Sculpture Park: Choices Facing Public Art" is first two talks in the series "Living in the Art Land." Charles Jencks will also give an illustrated talk titled "The Garden of Cosmic Speculation: Nature Talking to Nature" on October 3, 2009, as part of the Vancouver Institute fall speakers series (see www.vaninst.ca for details). Another talk in the "Living In the Art-land" series will be by 'sandman' Jim Denevan and will take place in June, 2010.....
With the theme of "in-transit-ion", the 2009-2011 Vancouver Biennale will install over 40 works by artists with international reputations. With major sculptural works in Vancouver's City parks and on beaches, the Biennale is also installing public art at the Vancouver International Airport Arrivals Terminal (YVR), in Richmond, the Translink rapid-transit Stations, on buses, at Telus Science World and the UBC Botanical Gardens.
Sponsored by Vancouver Biennale, Shangri-La Hotel Vancouver, Vancouver Institute, Paul Sangha Ltd., SFU City Program.

=  Saturday, Oct 3  -- {plus Children's Connection WVCC, see Breaking News at end}
~ 9am ~ TRAIL RESTORATION (LPPS) -- Beacon Trail; includes adding native plants; if you wd like to know more about our propagation group, pls call 926 9390
=  Sunday, Oct 4
~ 9am ~ Lighthouse Park Preservation Society: monthly birdcounts, first Sunday of month; call 926 9040
=  Wednesday, Oct 7
~ 5:30pm ~ Strategic Planning WG mtg
~ 7pm ~ Town Hall Meeting re Secondary Suites at Srs' Ctr

- for Events and Programs: http://www.westvanlibrary.ca/index.php?page=5
- for Event Calendar: http://www.westvanlibrary.ca/event/calendar.php
The Library is excited to announce that we are issuing a new 2010 Olympics-themed library card. Come in and get yours!
= Friday Sept 25  Headwater: Friday Night Concert Series
Vancouver acoustic folk and roots quartet Headwater!  Doors open at 7pm. Show starts at 7:30. Refreshments provided by the Friends of the Library.
Fridays English Corner ~ 10 - 11:30am ~  Practise English conversation, discuss interesting topics, make new friends. Sept 25, Oct 2.

+++  FERRY BUILDING GALLERY  +++ http://ferrybuildinggallery.com/
*  7am - 8pm ~ Thursday Sept 24 * TREASURES OF THE BRITISH MUSEUM *
FBG has arranged a great day visit to Victoria that includes transportation and tix to this exhibition at the Royal BC Museum (www.royalbcmuseum.bc.ca) -- only $95!  Call 925 7270 to register; for more info, 925 7290
Art & Culture at its finest!  It's been years in the making (about 1.5 million in fact).  But it's finally here:  The Royal BC Museum is proud to present the North American premiere of Treasures:  The World's Cultures from the British Museum.
This Art Tour is coordinated by the Ferry Building Gallery and is a full-day of wonder, exploration and inspiration!  Lunch in Victoria (not included in the cost of the tour).  HURRY TO RESERVE!
{G and I saw the exhibition and it's an incredible selection from Man's earliest days and cultures up to today.}
*  Sept 8 - Sept 27  --  ZOLTAN KISS  --  New Works: pottery and paintings
*  Sept 29 - Oct 18
"A Common Surface": Works on Paper
        Taiga Chiba, Ingunn Kemble, Mi-Hyang Kim,Stephanie Imhoff, Roger Watt
Opening Reception: Tuesday Sept 29 from 6 - 8pm
Artist in Attendance: Saturday, Oct 3, from 2 - 3pm
Every Saturday & Sunday through October 4 from 9am - 5pm
Artists and photographers creating and selling art outdoors on Ambleside Landing
+++ SILK PURSE +++  http://www.silkpurse.ca/
+  September 8 - 20  --  "Meander"
This watercolour and egg tempera painting exhibition by artists Mong Yen and Lorenzo Leung exudes serenity and quietude. Their works reflect the curious, tranquil nature of the great outdoors along the Fraser River Delta area and the Lower Mainland, often reminiscent of their homelands in Asia.
+  September 22 - October 4  --  "InScape"
The term inscape has been applied to stylistically diverse artworks, surreal art, abstracts, and fantastic art. It usually conveys a representation of the artist's psyche as a kind of interior landscape. North Shore artists
Sarah Mousseau and Janny Thompson share their inscapes with us through their distinctive contemporary acrylic works.
Opening Reception: TUESDAY Sept 22nd from 6 - 8pm
+ October 6 - 18  --  "We Belong To the Earth"
Xwa Lack Tun (Rick Harry) is an artist whose works are recognized internationally. Xwa Lack Tun, along with his talented wife Jada Harry, present a unique exhibition of art in many different mediums. Healing and Growth have become a central theme around the art work Xwa Lack Tun and Jada create. The giving out of positive energy and the spirit of love are pervasive throughout their work, whether it be working with glass, wood, metal, jewelry, textiles, or photography.
Opening Reception: TUESDAY Oct 6th from 6 - 8pm
+++  WV MUSEUM  +++  Visit:  http://westvancouvermuseum.ca/
Sept 9 to Oct 31 -- Joan Balzar 1960+
Since the 1960s, Joan Balzar has experimented with industrial materials such as neon light and vivid colour to create sensory experiences through her large scale paintings. Her abstract designs are executed through the careful arrangement of colour and strict configuration of form. Balzar, a long-time resident of West Vancouver, is recognized as an important figure in the development of abstract painting on the West Coast.
o  To see a list of events: http://kaymeekcentre.com/on_stage/events_calendar
o  To see the electronic newsletter, the address is http://kaymeekcentre.weebly.com.
o  To get onto the mail list: the simplest method is to call the box office (604 913 3634) or email tickets@kaymeekcentre.com
Save in September!  Are you new to Kay Meek Centre?
As a special "welcome" we will give you a 15% discount on your first ticket order. Call the box office for more information: 604-913-3634.
Returning for more great entertainment?  We are giving away $20 and $30 gift certificates to welcome you to a new season. Click here to find out how you can claim your gift.
Restrictions apply; please call the box office for details.
Movies at the Meek  Proudly sponsored by origin.ih.constantcon/2264BFA6
+  Food, Inc -- Friday, September 25 at 7:30pm  Tickets start at $7.50!
Call Kay Meek Centre's Box Office to book discounted series tickets: 604 913 3634. Or purchase full-price tickets online.

+++ ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION BRANCH 60, West Vancouver +++
The Summer-Fall issue of "The Torch" is now available.
To view the newsletter, just click the following link for direct access:
The newsletter is available to any non-member who is interested.  To sign up, please fill in the form at the bottom of the webpage, http://www.westvan60.com/newsletter.html
The next newsletter will be going out in early December.  Please email me at thetorch60@telus.net, if you would like to submit an article, or if you have any questions or comments.
Thank you for your interest.
Best regards,  Janice Mackay-Smith, The Torch

+++  WV CHAMBER OF COMMERCE  +++ http://www.westvanchamber.com/
        Great celebration for the fifth anniversary of The Village at Park Royal on Sept 17.

+  Bard on the Beach -- www.bardonthebeach.org or ph 739 0559 CLOSING NIGHT is Sept 26.
This is Bard's 20th season and they welcomed their millionth audience mbr on July 28th.
+  Fringe Festival www.vancouverfringe.com and Pick of the Fringe at Waterfront Theatre Sept 24 - 27
+  Sept 10 to 26 in NV:
  -  Doubt by John Patrick Shanley is at Hendry Hall; North Van Players (983 2633 for tix).  We saw it on the 19th and it was superb.  We were blown away.  We asked others there who'd seen the movie and the play put on by the Arts Club last fall and all agreed at least as good.  It's in one-act, well-written, and v well acted.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
  -  The Veil at Presentation House: an adaptation by Shahin Sayadi of Masoud Behnoud's epic novel Khanoon at Presentation House Sept 24 to Oct 3 (990 3474); staged by Nova Scotia's Onelight Theatre
+ The Arts Club -- Peter Shaffer's Black Comedy at the Stanley now playing to Oct 11 (687 1644)
+ At the JAC (224 8007):
  -  Sharing Shakespeare under the umbrella of veteran actor Antony Holland, Sept 21 to 23
  -  Restoration Comedy,The Way of the World by Congreve performed by United Players Sept 4 to 27
Join us for the opening concert of Early Music Vancouver's 2009-2010 Winter Season, and tune in for an upcoming broadcast of Purcell's 'The Faerie Queene' on CBC Radio Two!
Early Music Vancouver's 2009-10 Winter Main Series opens with:
"Haydn Trios for the Esterházys":
Baryton Trios & Fortepiano Trios
Sunday matinée, September 27, 2009 at 3:00pm (pre-concert introduction at 2:15pm)
Unity Church, 5840 Oak Street at West 42nd Avenue
Don't miss the Vancouver premiere of The Esterházy Machine, one of the resident ensembles at the Smithsonian Institution. This concert will offer Vancouver audiences a unique opportunity to hear some of Haydn's rarely-performed music for the 'baryton': a bowed string instrument in the viol family with a range of sympathetic strings that can also be plucked. It was the favourite instrument of the wealthy Prince Nikolaus Esterházy "The Magnificent", a member of the Hungarian Esterházy family who was a patron of Haydn for nearly 30 years. In this concert, The Esterházy Machine will share some of the 123 rarely-performed trios which Haydn wrote for this instrument, as well as some of his fortepiano trios.
The Esterházy Machine
Kenneth Slowik, baryton & fortepiano; Steven Dann, violin & viola; Myron Lutzke, violoncello
For complete concert details:  www.earlymusic.bc.ca/CM1-Esterhazy.html
Tickets at $33 ($30 for students & seniors) are on sale through the office of Early Music Vancouver (732 1610) or at the door, and are available in person at Sikora's Classical Records and Kestrel Books, and via Tickets Tonight: in person at the Tourism Vancouver Visitor Centre and the Vancouver Art Gallery Kiosk; by phone at 684 2787 (phone surcharge applies); or online at: www.ticketstonight.ca/ticketstonight/event.details.php?id=2506
Series subscriptions for our six-concert Main Series at $168 for adults ($153 for students & seniors) are available through the Early Music Vancouver office at 732 1610. For more information about the Main Series, please visit: www.earlymusic.bc.ca/CM0-Overview.html
Rush seats for students with valid ID on sale for $10, at the door only, from 2pm on the afternoon of the concert.
This concert is included in our "Bring a Youth for Free" programme; please contact our office for details and ticket orders.
Radio Broadcast of 'The Faerie Queene'
Don't miss another chance to hear a radio broadcast of Early Music Vancouver's Festival presentation of Purcell's 'The Faerie Queene'!
Sunday, September 27 at 11am
CBC Radio Two - 105.7 FM in Vancouver  --  In Concert, with host Bill Richardson
A special concert that was performed on August 6th at the Chan Centre, in celebration of the 350th Anniversary of Purcell's birth, and featuring a stunning ensemble of the finest musicians from Canada and England with Early Music Vancouver's Baroque Festival Orchestra Alexander Weimann, directing from the keyboard
A co-presentation with MusicFest Vancouver
For more info please visit: www.earlymusic.bc.ca/CF6-TheFaerieQueene.html

===  Ccl MTG NOTES Sept 14th  ===
Mayor: Welcome back after the summer
first some announcements after the summer [text supplied]
Summary of What We've Been Working On Over the Summer
Chief Peter Lepine
On behalf of the West Vancouver Police Board and our Council, it is with great pleasure that I introduce the community to our new Chief of Police, Peter Lepine.  Peter comes to us with 30 years of experience with the RCMP, having just served as the Officer in Charge of the Coquitlam Detachment where he reported to four municipal Councils.  His passion and his experience [lie] in community policing, and we know that his strengths will enable him to meet West Vancouver's expectation that he will develop strong, supportive relationships between our Police Department, Council, the School Board, and the tremendous network of community groups and agencies that are our partners in public safety.
Fire & Rescue Overtime, Recent Media Coverage
Council, Management, and the Union have demonstrated their commitment to public safety over the past seven years by adding 11 additional firefighters to our staff.   The taxpayer has supported these improvements by adding $2.6 million to the Fire Department budget since 2002, in order to achieve industry standards.
As we all continue to work hard to meet the safety needs of our residents, we need to take a collaborative approach.  Flexibility in staffing is imperative so we can maintain service levels within available resources.
Together with Council and our Executive Team, we encourage the Union to meet with Fire Chief Cook to establish a staffing flexibility agreement that will enable us to operate effectively and efficiently in service to the public and our safety.
Provincial Budget
The most immediate concern affecting our budget was potential cuts to library services.  Along with other Mayors, I was part of advocating to keep our funding, and also to thank the Premier for his leadership on literacy.  Our MLA Joan McIntyre also advocated for us.  Chief Librarians and Boards from all over BC worked hard to retain library grants.  In West Van, our per capita grant was cut from $92,000 to $85,000.  Several other smaller grants were cut, and one was eliminated - this equals about a 25% cut overall from the funding we receive from the Province. We have adjusted expenditures to meet that reduction in funding.
There are still unknowns about the impact of this provincial budget on municipal finances.  I understand that the School Board may be using its reserves to cover some of its capital requirements this summer.
We will keep you informed as we know more.
Marine Fuel Dock at Fisherman's Cove
Talks have been ongoing and very productive with Esso.  We have kept the community informed, and are meeting next week with the Yacht Club Commodores to report on our progress.
Working Groups
Times must be changing because the Value for Services, Strategic Planning, Transportation, and the early stages of the Housing Pilot Working Groups met throughout the summer.  We will be hearing from all of these shortly at our Council meetings.
Gleneagles Golf Clubhouse
Construction is nearing completion, and our staff are in the process of selecting an operator.  Meetings with community leaders are underway as we figure out what role community groups will play to ensure the success of the reopened clubhouse.
Summer Sessions
This weekend was transformative for West Vancouver.  The entire community enjoyed incredible weather and the talent, compassion, and vision of Sarah McLachlan and the Sarah McLachlan Outreach Foundation.  I spent Saturday and Sunday in Ambleside Park talking to people, and have received a steady stream of congratulations to our staff, Council, and the community leaders who made this possible.  Her foundation has benefited tremendously, as have we.  Apart from funding which has gone to our community music programs for children at the community centre, we have experienced a level of energy at a community event like we've never seen before.  And of course, our established traditions like the Coho Festival, the Paws for a Cause walk, and the Terry Fox Run were also big successes, ensuring that our world class rock concert with Sheryl Crow, Neil Young, and Sarah McLachlan was an extraordinary day in Ambleside. 

Many thanks and appreciation to Councillor Evison, Acting Mayor for August and September.

by adding to item 2 July 20 ccl mtg minutes, moving item 10 to be considered as new item 7.1, withdrawing items 6 and 7
July 20 Regular Council Meeting; July 27 Special Council Meeting; and July 30, 2009 Special Council Meeting.
Sop removed himself for Item 3 (b/c his son is selling those units) and said he had from the beginning of Ev Dr devt process
3. Road Closure and Removal of Highway Dedication Bylaw 4551, 2009 - Evelyn Drive Development Area (File:  1050-20-09-004)
Geri Boyle, Planning Staff: elements needed for it to proceed in accordance with the Master Plan; to achieve road plan (pointing to part on slide) and walkways, have to close some roads and open new ones.  Delay b/c of 9th St.
  1.  ... be introduced and read a first, second, and third time in short form; and
  2. Staff be authorized to take the necessary actions to give effect to the bylaw.
4. Development Variance Permit Application No. 09-002 (6080 Blink Bonnie Road) (File:  1010-20-09-002)
At the July 6 meeting Council received the report dated June 23 from the Manager of Community Planning and set the date for consideration for September 14, 2009.
Reports received up to September 10, 2009: NAME / DATE / DATE RECEIVED
   DVP Application No. 09-002 (6080 Blink Bonnie Road) / June 23, 2009 / July 6, 2009
Correspondence received up to September 10, 2009: NAME / DATE / DATE RECEIVED
   W. R. Chapman / September 4, 2009 / September 10, 2009
Geri Boyle again, gave background: this is an amendment; house major renovation early 2008 [slide].
Variances are three: proposed covered BBQ (to make it rainproof); proposed Covered Front Entry (our report says it's covered but it actually isn't, trellis); Glass Deck Guard Rail [slides of trellis, etc].
Sideyard variance -- none, right on property line, nbr has a hedge there.
Stop Work Order when about to put glass on
Variance to front and sideyards.
part of front area, variance in plans but not flagged in the DVP.
Another variance deals with existing construction [slide of deck with guard rail]; roof structure is cantilevered so deck is actually roof.  Can have overhang but can't put railing.  This is already constructed but staff is in favour, the others are minor; feel visual impact v small.
Concerned dealing with after the fact but can see similar to other aspects of the bldg.
Letters from six adjacent owners with no objections.
Applicant and nearby owners present.
        Bill Chapman: happy to answer any questions.
Sop moved: THAT all written and verbal submissions be received for information.
Sop moved: THAT the proposed DPA, which provides for a reduced front yard, side yard, combined side yard and waterfront yard which will allow the retention of a constructed glass guard rail on the roof of an accessory building and a covered front entry and the installation of glass roof panels on a trellis covering a BBQ, be approved.
Sop: Ms Boyle, re glass guard rails, hv seen on many homes.  This any different?
GB: fact b/c [already] constructed; if they asked us we wd not condone it; it's along waterfront and little to gain
Sokol: not whether guard rail, it's the location whether or not set back foot or two
MS: why wd we care if on edge or set back?
Sokol: has to do with size of the deck this makes it larger than wd be allowed
Mayor: whether common sense
ME: visited the site today, wrt to where it shd hv bn, a ridiculous feature, notwithstanding the technical requirement
5.  Development Variance Permit Application No. 09-016 (3751 Marine Drive) (File:  1010-20-09-016)
At the July 27 meeting Council received the report dated July 15 from the Manager of Community Planning and set the date for consideration for September 14, 2009.
Reports received up to September 10, 2009: NAME / DATE / DATE RECEIVED
   DVP Application No. 09-016 (3751 Marine Drive) / July 15, 2009 / July 27, 2009
Correspondence received up to September 10, 2009: NAME / DATE / DATE RECEIVED: None to date.
GB: to access you have to come down Sunset Lane but a do-able place to put a driveway
this place is STEEP; 2200sf in size .....; owned the prop for xxx, demolished it in 2008
home they're proposing is about 6400sf in size, less than permitted FSR for this prop, they're at .24 and allowed .35FSR
site coverage is also less than permitted
in plan for site, applicants attempting to achieve architectural excellence
want to be sensitive to terrain and design with site; wanted to see some privacy [slide of proposed House with Annex]
The building on the screen does require two variances, height (25ft allowed and going to 27ft b/c curved but a peaked roof wd fit in) [points to slide, and flagged in red, areas that do not comply]
On the main house bldg face envelope [slide; points]
The applicant and the owner are present and they have a brief presentation
Don Gurney (sp?): principal with Openspace Architecture; I'm here with Alan Kovacs [one of the owners] and Eric Pettit, my associate who has dedicated two years of his life to this project
[powerpoint, moving, showing locations area, etc drawing]  Will let this play for about a minute
This project, wanted to scale down wrt views from above; number of green aspects, part and parcel with design these days; upper level one storey, down slope two storeys
Man: wd like you guys to know
near Park; no houses.... BCR
two adj show in model, this house here and two up at back only ones wd be affected; infinitesimal from where they sit
TP moved: THAT all written and verbal submissions be received for information.
TP then moved:THAT the proposed DPA, which provides for a dwelling to be constructed exceeding the maximum permitted height and Highest Building Face Envelope, be approved.
ML: Ms Boyle, can you tell me if there's been any response from nbrs
GB: one nbr came by to see design; he's a professional so wanted to see model b/c he understands these things...
ML: no response from nbrs
GB: not to staff; think to east
ML: out to prop today and it's spectacular, don't see how devt has any impact
Sop: coloured photo, small circles, trees?
GB: yes
from gallery: yes--
Mayor: excuse me, Ccl is directing questions to staff
Sop: those--
GB: I'm sorry I don't have the colour version, so
from gallery again, trying to answer b/c Geri appealed to him: only four trees--
Mayor: excuse me; sorry our staff doesn't know but prepared to let you contribute
[he comes up to consult with staff]
GB: white dots existing, little dots trees being removed
only one I can see beside bldg envelope have to work carefully to retain
Sop: looked at site and think [architects] shd be commended .....
b/c of topography
house will not be viewed from behind; speak volumes when owner and architect come forward not going to blast
the only concern I have is the length of time for construction
Sunset Lane v narrow, consideration of nbrs, so our chief doesn't have to go out -- complications when construction length of time with trucks, vehicles all over the road; hope contractor aware of these concerns
Mayor: in the past we've asked for a traffic mgmt plan
re lane, worked out
GB: can be worked out as part of the bldg permit process

Mayor: Items 6 and 7 have been withdrawn
6. Update for Remedial Action Order regarding 2558 Garden Court (File:  1605-01)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the verbal update for Remedial Action Order regarding 2558 Garden Court be received for information.
7. Motion to schedule a Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday, October 6, 2009 (File:  0120-01)
RECOMMENDED: THAT a Town Hall Meeting be scheduled for Tuesday, October 6, 2009.

CONSENT AGENDA ITEMS (rec'd for information)
8. Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
Item 9 - Active Development Applications Status List
Item 10 - Food Scraps Collection Demonstration Project
Item 11 - Correspondence List.
9. Active Development Applications Status List (File:  1010-01)
10. Food Scraps Collection Demonstration Project (File:  1776-03)
{See press release in UPDATES above}
        Report dated Sept 3 from the Director, Engineering & Transportation
Phil Bates, Engg Staff: ... by moving the ..... we can lower our disposal needs
presented with an opp to partner with MetroV and three other Ms
identified an area in Caulfeild to do a six-month project on
.... diversion,.... and rolling this out universally
with UBC students ... and Rockridge Secondary School ... an interesting six months
ML: this is the Tuesday Garbage Route -- will those ppl be excluded?
PB: taking the normal Tues route and dividing it into two, only upper part
ML: then I'm not interested
Mayor:  my understanding this nbrhd picked b/c of ease colln and likelihood of success
ME: in favour of but cd you carefully define what food scraps are?
PB: in the report defined and will pass out; meat, small bits of grease, vegetable cuttings, all you'd put in backyard composter plus things they tell you not to; so meat...
ME: we've been through major issues with bears; pleased to read no bears been killed in NSh and none relocated; most successful, but bylaw states garbage will not be put out before 5:30am but surely some do.  Surely meat will be a tremendous attractant to bears, coyotes, etc
PB: no doubt; trial; hope bears not too much of an issue
WV and Coq, doing some testing with bear-proof containers
collection change, food first thing in the morning; hope we can do this demonstration before we have issues
ME: trust the case not too high a price for the experiment
Sop: another step in [inaudible here, microphone too faint]
cans and other things mixed in; biggest one is soiled paper plates
that's going to be the key to future
[hard to hear in this section]
many have incinerators, so down the sink
put it in organic compost; another scenario long sustainable future; all about education
Mayor: I'd like to congratulate, oh sorry
TP: wd like to make a point re meat, it goes out with our garbage already
bigger question is not to put out the night before, get accustomed; still a bear attractant
fortunate last week, to host a bear composting party as a pilot project through the NSh Recycling at my home
composting at home is still viable; ppl in my nbrhd who attended, so thrilled to learn and be part how to do a better job
fantastic opp and I commend staff for working quickly; happy to have in WV
excellent location b/c kids at Rockridge School really on top of this and enthusiastic and way to support work done at Rockridge School
Mayor: Rockridge School won an award from MetroV last year for their work on this
pleased WV doing a pilot so we can get good information
way to do it properly
no doubt organics have to come out of waste stream or no way to get from 55% rate to 70% wch our solid waste prog is predicated upon
big stretch; biggest bang for our buck
expect WV will rise to the occasion; presume most mbrs of Ccl wd like to be part of that
ME: move that report received for information
Mayor: oh sorry
MS: not questioning project
just how does it fit into our budgeting process $15K
to my simple mind how do we approve if not in budget so that wd be Question No 1
will let these two to my left finish their conversation--
Mayor: just trying to get answer to your question
MS: I'll just roll along
worthwhile -- pilot project in three other Ms; wonder why we don't just ask them how effective it is before we spend the money ourselves
reality we're spending $2M more in 2009 than 2008 to just operate our operating divisions, why spending $15K
can get carried away with these worthwhile projects and lose tract of the fact we have to make choices -- this $15K shd be part of the budget process, shd come forward for debate re part of next year's budget
don't understand why just receiving a report rather than actually approving the expenditure of $15K
PB: this $15K is part of the Solid Waste Utility; within those budgets we already have approved we can find room for this pilot
we were considering doing this ourselves next year, at quite a considerable cost; by us getting involved somewhat late, we are involved; able to get a project highly subsidized by MetroV; they've hired a consultant to produce most of the results; working in conjunction with three other Ms some benefit in being involved in it at this stage.
MS: Now I'm really confused; hearing in all our divisions we have at least $15K elasticity if we want to spend $15K, no problem?
can take this money out without... totally confused; perhaps Mr McRadu can help us out
Mayor: or Dir/Finance
[voice: they're looking at me]
Mayor: think Cclr Smith is asking a broader question
PB: User fees for solid waste on your quarterly bill are what's funding these endeavours, not really part of the divisional budget, it's part of the Solid Waste utility and there are budgets in there every year to conduct pilot projects.  NSh Recycling conducts educational work they do; really a matter of fitting into that and that's what we've done

{so it's not budget so here just to inform where/when this particular pilot project?
My question wd be, how much is the budget for pilot projects? spent every year?}

Mayor: so you've actually reprioritized this b/c we know we've got to deal with this?
opportune, effective, and efficient to take advantage of this pilot opportunity
ML: we've just renegotiated our garbage pickup contract, correct?
is this built in to them on a going forward basis or if we're going to go, ah, I just don't have an idea of the incremental costs might be in the future
PB: No; as a demonstration project, at the end we'd be looking at the logistics, evaluating the costs to assess whether we'd consider rolling out universally
ML: so perhaps have to look at an increase and the contracted fee for garbage pickup based on implementation of this?
Ans: Correct
ML: we're picking the stuff up anyway, all we're asking ppl to do is to put compostable organics in with leaves, the brown bag; we know positive impact with the success or we wdn't be shipping to Cache Creek, why not just do it? why the study?
PB: with ev change, add'l logistics, other things to consider, bear issue, add'l costs transporting further --these  why a demonstration
ML: do we really need to demonstrate, why not just do it? if economic sense
Mayor: as a mbr of the Solid Waste Cmte, think it's v important to test our assumption that ppl will really do this
signif plan, hundreds of millions of dollars that we can get organics out of the waste stream
will ppl really do that
different challenge for ev cmnty; need to understand ours
MetroV has to decide to move to waste energy or go with incineration; we want organics out of there; everything to do with burning temperature
For me, a $15K investment allows us to make a decision wch serves WV well as well as the region
I think it's the right thing to do, particularly given that it's staff's opinion we'd have to test it [anyway]; next year it's going to cost us more; I'm supportive
there is a letter going to go out, assuming Ccl's support
if wait will cost us more
If Ccl wants more information or isn't supportive now's the time to say that b/c we wd need to bring this back.
MS: guess ppl not grasping the point I'm trying to make
we have a project, letter prepared, schoolkids ready to get involved, looks like it's a done deal yet there's a $15K cost not budgeted for, hasn't been approved by Ccl, not in budget process
I repeat again, what kind of a budget process do we have?
why not a simple request for authority?  somebody can say we're requesting $15K from taxpayers so that the residents of Caulfeild will throw the last bite of his hamburger in a separate bag so we can recycle
I know waste is near and dear to your heart; taxes and taxpayer dollars are near and dear to my heart
don't think we're following a proper process here; this $15K shd be vetted through the normal budget process
all your points about wd cost us more to do it on our own if not part of MetroV, have to do it anyway, none of that in the report, so how do we know?
Mayor: going to ask Mr Laing to respond if you can
RL: we have a standalone Solid Waste utility wch does provide service to residents, pickup/recycling; it is a standalone utility; it's all billed to residents
Utility has obligations under prov regulations; regional objectives re diverting waste from landfill, those sorts of things
my understanding that within the current [Engg] budget they're not asking for add'l funds, they can  implement this pilot from within existing resources, and as the Mayor mentioned it's viewed as a useful investment; not asking for add'l funds and will not distort existing budgets, and this is how it shd be handled
Mayor: a third time Cclr Smith? highly unusual
MS: I speak v little at these ccl mtgs
if we're going to pass this and everybody thinks this is a wonderful idea, fair enough, room for diversity of opinion around this table, horseshoe as it's called, then can I ask the Dir/Fin to bring us a report, hope by the next mtg, how much extra money there is in all these dept budgets so we know what we're dealing with when it comes to budget time -- $15K in solid waste utility budget, slush money, how much in other depts, Parks and Rec, and I think we need to hear this?
SW: I usually agree with you, Cclr Smith
wd hope we can trust in depts to extent they can manipulate their budgets, can move money around, if they see an opp to save money
if ev $15K decision has to come to Ccl we'll be here to midnight ev single time
RL: this is a utility with an overall budget of about $2M; intent to bring this forth as another example of WV leading the pack doing good things and we're not looking for extra money
SSch: just confirm seconder
Mayor: Evison and Panz; then motion wrt to report afterward perfectly willing to entertain but keep staff time in mind
CARRIED with Cclr MS and ML opposed
Mayor: followup motion?
MS: beaten it to death {so no report}
11. Correspondence List (File:  0120 24)
Action Required
(1) R. Sleath and H. McCain, Access Transit, July 23, 2009, re Increase in Accessible Bus Stops in WV
   Referred to the Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
Mayor: re trip funding and to make more of our bus stops accessible
ML: make sure our Mgr of Transp is cognisant of the concerns of this group, part of the Measuring Up WG, if funds available shd certainly take advantage
(3) August 1, 2009, regarding Extreme Traffic Congestion at Exit 3 of the Upper Levels Highway
   Referred to the Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
(21) B. Dozzi, Manager of Roads/Transportation, August 7, re Extreme Traffic Congestion at Exit 3
Sop: 3 and 21 are similar wrt Exit 3; some 12 or 13 years ago I was v vocal; BC Ferries wanted to grab a signif portion of our land to increase their holding for [30?] days a year for Hwy overload
through process they have commanded eight lanes up hill, commanded a ticket booth area with eight or nine lanes, and up and around the corner, a signif portion for the name of safety
Of late, cars are starting to pile up on the hwy again, find that unconscionable
we now have this new crossover; entrance to ferry area and the village wch for the most part for the traveller not from area finding massive confusion plus the fact that the eight lanes down below never full, through gates never full, yet still stacking up on the hwy
We shd send a letter to BC Ferries: no 1 shd be proper signage, still confusing for the av traveller, and we've given them considerable room for holding bay given this huge area and still piling up on hwy
They made decision to go with that overland, mistake but they made it anyway, wrong decision in my view, but it's there
So in the name of safety now, you have to go to the right, go to left and over the top to .... these are confusing issues; no backup on that hwy shd be of concern to us after the amt of land they have and number of lanes they have
Mayor: recommend two things so CAO and I shd meet with Hahn, we do that annually and proved fruitful esp around sealing off the ferry terminal
we have a mtg not with Min of Trans but Deputy Min at the UBCM and we'll put that on this agenda
(14) R. Fung, Director of Engineering/Transportation, July 28, re Power Lines Constructed Along Argyle
SW: re BC lines underground, is there opp to go to BC Hydro for funds or any consideration given to getting funding? applying for grant?
Sokol: have not at this issue however I will have discussion with Dir/Engg
Mayor: resident concerned; since v successful to entrance to Ambl, shd absolutely look at that issue
shd look at as part of Build Canada, stimulus package for fed govt infrastructure funding but was not on top six or seven priorities of Ccl, but it has not been forgotten, critical part of improving Amb, so thx
SW: think deadline is Oct 1
Mayor: thank you
(25) N. McKinnon, August 12, 2009, regarding Sea to Sky Ride on September 11, 2010
   Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response.
ME: proposed marathon ride, Vanc to Whistler 2011; seems exciting project, req to endorse, letter allowing them to pass through the cmnty
Mayor: our staff will endorse that unless there's a role for us, wch we wd certainly do
says action required, and we will do that
ME: but also says referred to M&Ccl, so presumably for us
{man in gallery put hand up; was not acknowledged}
Mayor: we'll do that, assume all right with Ccl
(34) C. Wilkes, Translink, August 25, 2009, regarding Ride-Share Week 2009
   Referred to the Municipal Clerk for response.
Sop: similar lines; proclaim Oct 6 to 9 Ride-Share Wk; excellent wrt carbon emissions; have to start somewhere; we provide even in our short distance an HOV lane to the bridge; save three, four minutes in a lineup, to go downtown, wdn't have to pay parking, gasoline expense; opportune time to start; WG working diligently; one of the things working on good time
Mayor: think we have something planned for the agenda that week
(39) E. Waugh, BC Hydro August 25, 2009, regarding Funding Available for Electric Beautification Projects
SW: already covered that with BC Hydro grants
12.  REPORTS FROM MAYOR AND COUNCILLORS (Including updates on working groups)
> Sop: excellent opp; 20K ppl; 300 artists followed up by the Terry Fox Run, Paws for a Cause, Coho Fest
met new Police Chief; many walking along the seawall
unfortunate for us 30th anniv [of Coho Festival] working till 3am for set up and 6am back
all volunteers, four of five of us, av age 62; setup group moved all the tents and heavy stuff
thx to all the ... and the mgr
v special day, raised money for salmon enhancement
get a bit of a smile seeing ...
as for my part of liaison of Transp WG; mtg ev week and will be giving a presentation to Ccl
wrt to groups and opp to speak out
Cclr Panz came by, had the Climate Action Group there
> TP: our Climate Action WG is back meeting again looking at interim report making sure in line with Transp; app staff coming to our first mtg in Sept to say what were doing
Sports Field back meeting, prob'ly a mtg mid October
thank Cclr Sop for his work on Sunday, Coho Festival, putting that corn in
ev want to make.... re concert
honour capacity of staff; on ..... way; lovely way to end the summer.
CR (YT):  Good evening, hope you all had a great summer
I'm here b/c the coming weekend is the NSh Heritage Weekend, Sept 18, 19, and 20.
There'll be lots of things; these brochures I think are already throughout the M [holds up].
There's a talk on Friday night, Simon Scott on the Architecture of Arthur Erickson; there's an antique roadshow; there's a free harbour tour from NV; there's a Heritage infobooth for WV heritage groups on Saturday between 2 and 4 outside the FBG; there's a home tour on Sunday, only $10 and one of the houses is the Merrick house in WV, as you know a really unusual treehouse, and the B C Binning house is on it as well and there are about three houses in NV.
{oh dear!  I forgot to mention the home tour tix include entrance to Capilano Suspension Bridge, etc}
There are things on at the NV Museum and Archives as well
What else can I tell you -- take a look, there are lots of things
The brochure is on the NV website and on www.heritage.westvan.org and the easiest number to remember for info is 922 4400; there are numbers for NV as well.
Hope to see you at at least one of two events, and have fun! Thank you.
Mayor: thank you
Dolly Cartwright:  just like to bring to you attention -- I know the Mayor has talked about the cuts that have come to the Library.
There are between 50 and 60 nonprofit orgs on the NSh who do many things; one of the big ones is Keep Well, work from Dollarton to HBay
We have the NSh Volunteers for Seniors down on 21st; a lot of other nonprofit orgs that hv been cut from funding from gaming and the Ms and from the Health Region
Some of us have survived and will continue doing what we're doing but Keep Well is one of the big ones that has been cut drastically; they have lost their funding from Vancouver Coastal Health; they're going to be scrambling to keep their progs going for seniors in all areas on the NSh.
Some other ones still being cut, haven't heard all the bad news; want to assure you we'll keep going.
We'll keep fundraising any way we can, and if I happen to bring a cake into this ofc, and put on somebody's desk I'm going to put my hand out and say, pls pay, b/c we're going to be doing all sorts of things like that
Just wanted you to be aware the non-profit orgs on NSh are going to suffer, some are going to close
if we come with our hands out, pls cross our palms and we'll come back and cross yours. Thanks
Mayor: Thank you
One of the things CAO and I have discussed is that it's hard to know from the [prov] budget speech what the repercussions will be and so we appreciate the feedback from the cmnty
These are going to be v challenging times for all of us, but the first step is to understand exactly what's going on, so this will continue to unfold over the fall as we realize just what we're facing.
DC: thank you
14.  ADJOURNMENT [8:20]

===  Ccl MTG AGENDA Sept 21st  ===
2. North Shore Police Services Review (File:  2900-01) -- Information to be provided.
3. Street Naming Request for Area 1 of Rodgers Creek Development: Highgrove Court (File:  0115-20-SNC01)
THAT the new cul-de-sac servicing Area 1 of the Rodgers Creek Area be named "Highgrove Court".
4. Development Permit 09-010 Amendment, 2330 Cypress Bowl Lane (Mulgrave School) (File:  1010-20-09-010)
1.  The requirement for a Public Meeting for an amendment be waived and no further notification be required; and
2.   The amendment attached as Appendix B, to the September 8, 2009 report of the Senior Planner - Urban Design, be approved.
5. Zoning Bylaw Amendment - Home Craft, Occupation or Business (Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4603, 2009) (File:  1605-20-4603)
1.  Zoning ... be read a first time.
2.  Zoning Amendment Bylaw be presented at a Public Hearing to be held on Monday, October 5.
3.  The MClerk give notice that a Public Hearing is scheduled for Monday, October 5.
6. Solid Waste Utility Fees - Realignment of Charges (Solid Waste Utility Bylaw No. 4118, 1998, Amendment Bylaw No. 4609, 2009) (File:  1775-01/1610-20-4609)
1.  Solid Waste utility fees for 2009 be amended for the fall and winter quarters at amounts set out in Schedule A of Bylaw No. 4609 as attached;
2.  "Solid Waste Utility Bylaw ... be introduced and read a first, second, and third time.

7. Motion to schedule a Town Hall Meeting on Wednesday, October 7, 2009 (File:  0120-01)

8. Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
9. Correspondence List (File:  0120 24)
Requests for Delegation -- No items presented.
Action Required
(1) September 10, 2009, regarding De-Staffing Fire Apparatus
        Referred to Fire Chief for consideration and response.
No Action Required
(2) R. Wright, Collingwood School, September 9, 2009, regarding School Expansion Project - Impact Upon Marr Creek Court Residents
(3) September 10, 2009, regarding Proposed Secondary Suites Bylaw
(4) August 13, 2009, regarding Passenger Service to Ambleside Landing
Responses to Correspondence
(5) J. McMahon, Manager of Utilities, September 8, 2009, regarding Servicing Requirements of Development Applications
Responses to Questions in Question Period -- No items presented.

===  INFObit  ===  AFGHANISTAN
On CBC radio (Dispatches) Sept 20: reporting from Kabul, Taliban now in control of 80% of Afghanistan with 17% mostly under their control.
===  WOMANWATCH  ===
Check out this Globe and Mail article "'My dreams are gone'" at http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/world/behind-the-veil/my-dreams-are-gone/article1287246/?service=email.

 ===  BREAKING NEWS  === Fish & Chn's Fair
*  Thanks to Hugh Hamilton, Streamkeeper Extraordinaire: report just in that pinks are spawning in Cypress Crk!
*  Children's Connection Fair  ~ 12:30 - 4pm ~ Saturday, October 3
The Children's Connection Fair is a place for parents to find out about child care resources at the Civic Centre site. There will be free, fun activities for young children and opportunities to meet Community Centre partners:
                New Child Care Centre at Gordon House
                Vancouver Coastal Health
                West Vancouver Family Place 
                West Vancouver Memorial Library
                West Vancouver Community Centre
Find out about all the programs and services available for families with young children at the West Vancouver Community Centre.  Information and Resource tables will be in the Atrium and the children's activities will be in the Spirit Room.  For more info pls contact: Laura Lee Kent, Child Care Hub Coordinator, 921 3403.
From: http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=21014

===  LANGUAGEWATCH  === Jewish New Year -- Rosh Hashanah Vocabulary
Rosh Hashanah: Rosh Hashanah, which literally means "head of the year", is the Jewish New Year.
High Holy Days (High Holidays): The Jewish High Holidays are Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.
Chet: Chet is the Hebrew word for sin. On 'Rosh HaShana' Jews ask God to forgive them for their sins.
Teshuvah: Teshuva, which literally means "returning", is the term for repentance. On Rosh Hashanah Jews do teshuva, which means they repent for their sins.


Well, GHG (= Green House Gases) was caught just after ebroadcast of WVM20 went out but was put on website version.
Typing away doing the transcript of the ccl mtg I cdn't believe one of the most important acronyms had been omitted!!!
OCP = Official Community Plan -- the blueprint for the municipality's zoning........
Then more came to mind:
av = average or available
BCR = BC Rail
CRA = in past Cedardale Ratepayer Assn or Caulfeild Ratepayer Assn (but no news for a while)
ev = every
GVRD = see MetroV
IM = Instant Messaging
MFCR = Main Floor Conference Room (at Municipal Hall)
mph = miles per hour (obsolete :-), but not for us oldies; same for ft/feet still referred to)
NSFC-YJ = North Shore Family Court - Youth Justice (Cmte)
mtn = mountain
prev = previous
qtn = quotation
ttyl = talk to you later
WVMEA = WV Municipal Employees Assn
This entry: NShHWeek = North Shore Heritage Week (always starts third Monday in February)
next to NSHW is incorrect (must have just continued) and has been replace by
HWk = Heritage Week (across Canada; always starts third Monday in February)

Pls let me know if you think of another one to add!

===  MAIKU  === 2009 Sept 5  West Vancouver

                Good and Bad = mirage
                        meaningless, egocentric
                                        everything just is
===  QUOTATIONS  ===

What you cannot enforce, do not command.
                -- Sophocles, Greek dramatist (495? - 406 BCE)
If a book be false in its facts, disprove them; if false in its reasoning, refute it. But for God's sake, let us freely hear both sides if we choose.
                -- Thomas Jefferson, third US president, architect, and author (1743-1826)
Failure is just another way to learn how to do something right.
                        -- Marian Wright Edelman, American activist for rights of chn (b 1939)
Almost every great change in expanding the dimensions of human freedom has come from very small original beginnings -- somebody said no.
--  Steve Cary (chairman of the American Friends Committee and president of Haverford College, Pennsylvania, 1916-2002), interview in Judith Ehrlich and Rick Tejeda-Flores, The Good War and Those Who Refused to Fight It,=94 television documentary, PBS, March 2009.
Last night, I kept dreaming that I had written Lord of the Rings. The wife said I'd been tolkien in my sleep.