Ccl NOTES Oct 5
Calendar to Nov 5

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Happy Diwali and a Prosperous New Year!
Diwali, the Festival of Lights, is celebrated with joviality and passion throughout India.
=  Main items Ccl mtg Oct 19th: BC Envtal Award for Eagle Lake Membrane Filtration Facility; Recreation Dog-Walking in Parks Update and 2010 Budget to consider $30K for seasonal park ranger; Vision/Mission and Tools for Strategic Plan {with editorial comment}; Field Sport Forum WG Expansion of Mandate; Sport Field Master Plan; Ferry Service from 14th to Coal Harbour; Proposed Fish and Chips concession foot of 14th; among Correspondence: 21st St roundabout; intergovtal adv cmte for regional growth; US protectionism; arts funding; billboards; WVSD45 re UBCM and disposition of school prop (v important, no 10); BARSTA's research into TransLink Expansion costs (no 17)
Q&As; Vive le Canada (Oct 18: PET; Women became persons!); ANIMALWATCH (lionfish; raccoons and other cute critters); from the EDITOR'S DESK; WVPD (BlockWatch); UPDATES (V4S; BPAHA AGM; Sec Stes Town Hall Mtg notes); OLYMPICSWATCH -- Here comes 2010!
=  CALENDAR to Nov 5th (see Legion's Poppy Campaign info); CULTUREWATCH (Theatre, Music)
= Ccl Mtg NOTES Oct 5th: Gordon Smith honoured as Freeman of the Municipality; PUBLIC HEARING on amendments to Home-Based Biz Bylaw; then CCL MTG: Strategic Planning WG Vision and Mission; Value for Services; TransLink Ten-Year Plan; Awards Cmte; Street-Naming; OCP Amendment (upzoning) in 2000-block Esquimalt (increased density as spot-zoning or piecemeal planning? staff to provide more info and prepare bylaw); Solid Waste Utility Bylaw; Measuring Up Initiatives (excellent!)
= Ccl Mtg Agenda Oct 19th
= INFObits ($$$War; Cumberland Delta; Balanced Scorecard); NEWSWATCH (Military Rabbis; Settlements; Israeli Teenagers); Even More Acronyms/Abbreviations; Quotations/Puns with Q&As

>  Questions  :-)  sent to subscribers for their weekend mental exercise and amusement
1: Why did the chicken cross the road?
        2: Why did the chicken cross the road?
3: Why did the chicken cross the road twice?
        4: Why did the Iraqi chicken cross the road?
5: Why did the chicken cross the playground?
        6: Why did the chicken cross the beach?
7: Why did the dinosaur cross the road?

===  Vive le Canada  === 90 years ago and 80 years ago
1919 Oct 18 Pierre Elliot Trudeau was born.
1929 October 18 the Privy Ccl ruled that Women were persons; they didn't all get the vote until 1960!

===  ANIMALWATCH  ===  The benefits of eating lionfish
Conservation and cookery
Eat for the ecosystem  Oct 15th 2009  --  From The Economist print edition
A heartening tale of business and the environment
RED lionfish are pretty, but they are also greedy.
Read all about them: http://www.economist.com/displaystory.cfm?story_id=14637325
Saw a clip about Critter Care in Langley -- they take care of native animals and release them.  Thought I'd look at their website and on the store page, the pix on their cards have some adorable photos: http://www.crittercarewildlife.org/store/index.htm

===  from the EDITOR'S DESK  ===
*  Running late as usual hence there are more gaps than usual in the transcript.  In any case, if it's an item you're interested in, suggest you watch the video!  The minutes only give the motions (with the votes) and if anyone speaks they only list the topics the person spoke about, not actually what was said or the points made.
Some of the remarks made at the Town Hall Mtg on Sec Stes can be found below in Updates.  I challenge you to compare my brief notes with what Ccl's Oct 7 minutes say.  Let me know.  In any case, pls do make your views known to Planning b/c staff are working on drafting the bylaw to present to Ccl.
*  Acronyms/Abbreviations (Ac/Abb) even more still! in that section below; updated list can be found at www.westvan.org/acronyms

===  WVPD  ===  
West Vancouver is the first community in Canada to bring ePolicing technology to its citizens. This powerful web technology puts relevant information on current crime trends directly into the hands of the police department's most important stakeholders, its citizens. To sign up to receive up to date bulletins, please go to the West Vancouver Police Department website www.wvpd.ca
Community Policing: 925 7353
Block Watch Update  by Anne Russell
Block Watch has been steadily growing in West Vancouver over the past few years. We have gone from 193 streets in 2005, to 264 streets to date (September 2009). This includes the entire Capilano Reserve. As you may already know, there was a significant increase in Break & Enters this summer, especially in the British Properties. The B&Es occurred during the weekdays, between 9am and 4pm. Most of the residences were entered through the back door or windows... If you see any suspicious people,vehicles, or activities, take note of the description and licence plate number, and call the West Vancouver Police immediately. If you see or suspect a B&E in progress, call 911!!
The success of the Block Watch Program relies on the prompt reporting of all suspicious activities. Many neighbourhood crimes have been prevented because alert neighbours have made a call to the police. Is your Block Watch list and map up to date? If you are not in the Block Watch Program, or you know of a street that isn't, please contact Anne Russell at 925 7363 or email at annerussell@wvpd.ca. Block Watch is about neighbours knowing and watching out for each other.
The Fall-Winter BlockWatch newsletter is now out.
===  UPDATES  ===
*  Value for Services 
See: http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=20862
Read their newsletter, fill in the questionnaire (DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION IS MONDAY OCT 19) Next V4S WG mtg Nov 3
*  BPAHA AGM (Oct 14)
Great mtg with Awards for worthy citizens and groups; MP John Weston; new Police Chief Constable Lepine; slides/remarks by Andrea Holmes, Paralympian; Charlene Warrington with a presentation on the exciting things planned for 2010 (more at the Oct 22 Event), and Grant McRadu, our CAO.  Congratulations and good luck to the new Board of Directors
The directors until January 2010:  M. Max Nikpay (Pres), Alan Whitehead (VP), Tricia McIver (Treas), Mary Lou Tindle (Sec'y), Annette Denk (Past President), Andrew Gibbins, Frances Zago Schmitt, Heidi Inman, Renate Griffiths, Fariba Farjam, Angela Vertone, Reza Rafi, Claus Jensen, and Caroline Beaton.
In January 2010 after an internal (Board of Directors office) election, Annette Denk's term is over so she will no longer be with us, Max becomes Past President, Mary Lou Tindle will be president, and Caroline Beaton  will be secretary.
Strategic Planning Update
For details, visit westvancouver.ca/strategicplan Approval of their report is on the agenda Oct 19.
*  Secondary Suites
Great that Ccl had a Town Hall Mtg on this topic.  In-law suites are legal in WV but secondary suites aren't -- however there are thousands of them!
The Discussion Paper is a comprehensive background, see http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=20326
After you read it, send your comments to secondarysuites@westvancouver.ca
One lady said if she bought a place in a sgl-fam area and it turned into all "doubles", it wd affect quality of life b/c it wd change the nbrhd.  Obviously there wd be extra traffic, parking, noise, etc.  One of my concerns is a result of difficulties expressed to me about emergency vehicles' passage and manoeuvrability.  Requiring onsite parking will help but I wondered if there cd be a bylaw allowing parking on one side of the street only (to be fair, maybe even side one day and odd the next?) since some streets now are virtually one-lane one-way.
Another issue is where.  Throughout the whole M?  have zones? 
        They said in the whole M.
I wondered if that meant in every home therefore a block cd have a sec ste in every home, likely changing the character (and crowding), or if a limit per block, eg four.
        The answer was a question as to how to control that -- first come first served?
Remember we without suites, in sgl-fam houses, are in effect subsidizing what is in effect a commercial, revenue-generating property.  If they are made legal and are counted there are at least two benefits: the higher assessment means they pay the right amount when it comes to the mill rate (and of course the occupants use the services and recreation facilities, so they really ought to pay their share); and the per capita funding DWV gets will be higher if they're counted.
Staff are now working on the proposed bylaw, so if you have ideas, pls let them know, and a draft shd be out in January. 
Many thanks to staff for the comprehensive study/facts, and to Ccl for having a town hall mtg so that many of ppl's questions cd be answered in preparation for writing a more detailed bylaw addressing what was brought up.

===  OLYMPICSWATCH -- West Van 2010  ===
+  Get Involved   http://www.westvancouver.ca/Residents/Level3.aspx?id=12716
Have you dreamed of being part of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games?
As the 2010 Olympic Winter Games rapidly approach, communities across the country are preparing for this once-in-a-lifetime event. West Vancouver 2010 is looking for passionate, driven, and hard-working individuals to be part of the team.
Application Forms
o  Performer -- Interested in performing during West Vancouver's celebrations in February 2010?...please fill out the Performing Artist Application.
o  Supplier --  Do you or your company provide services or supplies that would benefit the West Vancouver celebrations in 2010? If you are interested in offering your service or supplies, please fill out the Supplier Application Form.
Vendor --  Are you a local business or vendor, looking to get involved in the West Vancouver 2010 celebrations; get exposure and showcase your merchandise, company product or service? Then fill out the Vendor Application Form.
More Information Volunteer - West Vancouver 2010 * Careers - West Vancouver 2010 * Sponsorship and Fundraising * Games Client Property Program
+  Contact West Vancouver 2010 http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=1313
The West Vancouver 2010 office is open to the public and media. We invite you to visit us and find out more information about the 2010 Winter Games. The office has a lounge area, free internet access, computers, and up-to-date information.
Office Hours:  Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm; Location: 1846 Marine Drive, West Vancouver, BC  V7V 1J6
Contact Us:  General Enquiries | Main: 923 2010 | Fax: 913 2700
        Charlene Warrington, West Vancouver 2010; M: 923 2012
        Megan Williams, Event Coordinator, West Vancouver 2010; W: 923 2029; M: 778 318 7810
        Priscilla Sharun, Project Manager, West Vancouver 2010; M:  778 928 5818

=====  CALENDAR to November 5th  =====
Random Acts of Poetry Week in Canada Oct 5 - 11 http://national-random-acts-of-poetry.blogspot.com/
Pls note that ALL mtgs are at M Hall (usually in the MFCR, Main Floor Conference Room, but sometimes in the chamber) unless indicated otherwise.  Additions and changes can occur at any time so best to check the DWV website calendar wrt cmtes and WGs that are of interest to you.  Often cmte/WG mtgs are not posted or confirmed until a couple of days beforehand so this is a moving target!]
Ambleside Farmers' Market, 13th and Bellevue, Saturdays all October, 10am - 3pm
MEMO received just before WVM came out: V4S WG presentation at Ccl Oct 5, next mtg Nov 3.
Obviously reconsidered b/c Oct 9 got notice tht indeed a mtg will be held 4pm Tu Oct 13 -- proves you have to keep checking the DWV Calendar.

*  Meetings NOT in last WVM are here for the record (rest in small font were)

=  Wednesday, Oct 7
NOT on DWV CALENDAR till day before --> 9am a Finance Cmte mtg with Solid Waste on agenda and then in camera looks like about Annual Report wch is strange b/c that came out for 2008 in June 2009>
        ~ 5pm ~ Strategic Transportation Plan WG at Srs' Ctr (Marine Room)
~ 5:30pm ~ Strategic Planning WG mtg [CANCELLED]
~ 7pm ~ Town Hall Meeting re Secondary Suites at Srs' Ctr
***   HAPPY THANKSGIVING  Monday Oct 12  We have so much to be thankful for!   ***
=  Tuesday, Oct 13 ~ 4pm ~ Value for Services WG
=  Wednesday, Oct 14
~ 5pm ~ Strategic Transportation Plan WG at Srs' Ctr
~ 5:30pm ~ Housing PP WG
~ 7:30pm ~ Mark Dangelo, multimedia presentation, Wild Water, Wild Earth, spanning seven continents; at the Stanley (604 629 8849)
=  Thursday, Oct 15
        ~ 4pm ~ Climate Action WG, Mtn Room (WVCC)
        ~ 4:30pm ~ Design Review Cmte in Ccl Chamber (CANCELLED)                                       
        ~ 5:30pm ~ Cmnty Engagement Cmte
        ~ 6pm ~ NSh Family Court / Youth Justice Cmte mtg at DNV M Hall
        ~ 8pm ~ Wade Davis gives the 2009 CBC Massey Lecture at the Chan Ctr -- SOLD OUT!
            based on his book The Wayfinders, why ancient wisdom matters in the modern world
=  Friday, Oct 16
~ 2 - 2:30pm ~ MP John Weston Infrastructure announcement at M Hall
~ 8pm ~ Wen Wei, 8pm at the KMC
This event is sponsored by the Opera, the BCArts Council, and Canadian Heritage.  A not to be missed event.  Wen Wei is a modern ballet dancer and since we do not have BC Ballet this season, this will be one of our only dance events.  The story is about foot-binding and the ballet is called "Unbound".  Paul Gravett says it is very good!  {--Thx, Liz}
=  Saturday, Oct 17
~ 7pm ~ Brian denHertog in concert with Jill Russell
                at St. Monica's Church (at the roundabout)
Folk Roots Songwriter, Brian denHertog will be performing in concert with special guest Jill Russell. Both are Horseshoe Bay residents and well known locally.
Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at Starfire Gallery, 6607 Royal Ave, Horseshoe Bay, or by phoning Dave at 921 1956 or at the door.  Refreshments included.


=  Sunday, Oct 18
~ 2 -4pm ~ MUSHROOM WALK with Terry Taylor in Lighthouse Park [LPPS]
Terry Taylor is a naturalist who has been intimately studying the inter-connected workings of West Coast rainforests for many years, especially the role fungi and mushrooms play. Meet Terry at the upper kiosk in the parking lot to join him on an interesting walk.
~ 3pm ~ Third Sunday at Three Community Concerts; St Francis in the Wood (4773 S Piccadilly Rd)
Dr. Boris Konovalov, Russian Classical Concert Pianist
$15 at the door, includes refreshments; Season Five Subscriptions available now by phone 922 3531
=  Monday, Oct 19 ~ 7pm ~
+  Francis Mansbridge will be giving a presentation at the Vancouver Public Library (vanDusen Room) based on his recent book "Hollyburn:  The Mountain and the City".  This book recounts the rich history of this area from the retreat of the glaciers to the approach of the Olympics.  Admission is free.
+  Shifting Gears Free Public Lectures
Sponsored by the Bombardier Foundation and the Active Transport Lab at UBC and the BC Recreation and Parks Assn. Free admission - reservations required. Call 778 782 5100 or email cstudies@sfu.ca
o  Learning from New York -- Jeanette Sadik Khan, NYC Traffic Commissioner
Venue: Room 8 and 15, East Building (under the sails), Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre
Janette Sadik-Khan is a transportation superstar in North America. As New York City's Transportation Commissioner, she helped introduce protected bike lanes, pedestrian plazas, sustainable street designs and, most dramatically, closed five blocks of Broadway in Times Square to vehicles - while improving traffic flow! Find out how she transformed New York and how that could affect us, our health, and our urban environments.
Additional sponsorship for Jeanette Sadik-Khan's lecture provided by TransLink.
This is a shoulder event to the Gaining Ground/Resilient Cities conference on October 20-22, 2009.
=  Tuesday, Oct 20
~ 7:30pm ~ Open WRA Directors' Meeting in the Gleneagles Golf Club Cmnty Room
Please join us and have your first peek at the new Community Room!
The purpose of this meeting will be to discuss a number of issues relevant to our association including the agreement covering our use of the new Gleneagles Golf Club Community room and a presentation by the Gleneagles PAC regarding a joint fund-raising venture.
Because we have a lot of ground to cover, the directors felt that discussion of the Sewell project should be postponed and given time at a "stand-alone" meeting later in the year.  For those of you who did not attend the municipal presentation/workshop on this project at the Gleneagles Community Centre, directors will be giving a short overview of the meeting.
Anyone who would like to discuss the project further with us is welcome to attend this meeting.
WRA also reminds us:
Homeless Awareness Week - October 12 - 22
The Horseshoe Bay Business Association would like to remind you that the "Stuff the Bus" initiative is running from now until October 22nd.  If you have blankets and warm clothing that you can contribute to the cause, please bring them to Sewell's Marina or Starfire Studio.
All donations will be "stuffed" into a bus and given to Vancouver Transitional Housing Shelters (operated by St. James Community Service Society). The FOX, Georgia Straight, and Landsea Tours (the bus company doing the stuffing) will be presenting a benefit concert on October 22 @ 8:00 pm at Venus (881 Granville Street). All proceeds will go to the St. James Community Service Society. Tickets are $15 and can be obtained at www.clubzone.com.
=  Wednesday, Oct 21
        ~ 5:30pm ~ Strategic Transportation Plan WG at Srs' Ctr (A-V Rm)
        ~ 6pm ~ Child Care WG at Srs' Ctr (A-V Room)
        ~ 7pm ~ Board of Variance in Ccl Chamber AND Library Board at Library
=  Thursday, Oct 22
        ~ 6:15pm ~ WV Cmnty Ctrs Services Society AGM in WVCC gym -- and MORE:
Discover West Vancouver 2010
7pm - Cathy Priestner Allinger
Join WV resident, Olympic medalist, and Olympic executive Cathy Priestner Allinger for a presentation titled, "How a village can raise an athlete." Cathy competed in both the 1972 and 1976 Olympic Winter Games, and in 1976 won the silver medal in the 500-metre race, becoming the first Canadian woman to win an Olympic medal in speed skating. Cathy is a member of the VANOC Leadership Team as Executive Vice President of Sport and Games Operations Division and Technology Division which makes her responsible for the overall operations of the Games.
7:30pm - Discover West Vancouver 2010
Discover West Vancouver 2010 with Mayor Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, WVCommunity Centre Services Society Board Chair Barbara Brink, and the 2010 Team for an unveiling of the Olympic plans in our cmnty. The Olympic spirit is truly alive in our cmnty and this presentation will showcase the many programs, events, exhibitions, and opportunities for WV children, youth, adults, and seniors.
=  Friday, Oct 23  ~ noon to 2pm ~ Youth 2010 Fair at WV Cmnty Ct
~ 7:30pm at the Central Branch of the VPL (Lower Level)
Is Criticizing Israel Antisemitic?
A Talk by Alan Sears, Professor of Sociology, Ryerson University, Member, Faculty 4 Palestine
Free, followed by a Round-table Audience Discussion
Organized by the Seriously Free Speech Committee (SFSC) and Sponsored by Canada Palestine Network (CanPalNet), Independent Jewish Voices (IJV) and NECEF
=  Saturday, Oct 24
        ~ 9am to noon ~ LPPS Invasive Species Removal Ivy Pulls Oct 24 and Nov 7th
        ~ 9am to 1pm ~ Garage Sale at Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr
        ~ 11:30am - 12:30pm ~ Swearing-In Ceremony of WV Police Chief Constable Lepine
        ~ noon ~ Veterans' Lunch at Srs' Ctr ($20)
Welcome to all who took part in the 1939 - 46 wars. Bring along your spouse or friend. Call 925 7280 to register, limited seating, sign up early.
        ~ 7 - 10pm ~  Rotary Wine Festival at Park Royal
The proceeds are for the Youth Safe House on the North Shore. Tickets are available at all your favourite wine stores on the North Shore.
=  Monday, Oct 26
        ~ 9am ~ Finance Cmte
=  Wednesday, Oct 28
        ~ 9am ~ Finance Cmte
        ~ 5:30pm ~ Housing PP WG
=  Thursday, Oct 29
        ~ 4 - 6pm ~ Hallowe'en Hoot at the Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr
        ~ 5pm ~ NShACDI at DNV M Hall
        ~ 5:30pm ~ Police Bd mtg in WVPD boardroom
=  Saturday, Oct 31  ~ 2 - 4pm ~ LPPS Talk
"Vancouver.....Eagle Capital of the World" with David Hancock, Presbyterian Church, 2893 MDr
David is a biologist, film-maker, writer, publisher, and the founder of the Hancock Wildlife Foundation which promotes the conservation of wildlife and its habitats through science, education, and stewardship. David's illustrated talk will cover his extensive experience and research with bald eagles in B.C.
        ~ 8am ~ Meet at the upper kiosk in the parking lot on the first Sunday of every month
=  Tuesday, Nov 3
~ 5pm ~ V4S WG -- report on survey results probably
~ 6 to 8pm ~ OPEN HOUSE  The Game Plan for 2010
With less than six months to go to the 2010 Games, you may have questions about how the Games venues will operate on a day-to-day basis; how long it will take for a venue to return to its normal operations after the Games; what legacies will be left behind; and what it means for you as a resident, neighbour, facility user, or business.
Come to an Open House and find out Games-related information and updates on Games planning, including transportation and venue specific operations information, designed to assist you in creating your 2010 Games plan.
Vancouver 2010's Operations Engagement Team has launched a webpage where you can find information specific to the operations of the 2010 Winter Games, such as venue and transportation details, upcoming open houses and "2010 Winter Games Myth Busters" at vancouver2010.com/gameplan. You can also subscribe for email updates about games activities in your neighbourhood.
There will be a Game Plan 2009 Meeting held on the North Shore later in the Fall. Watch this space for an announcement of date and location.  You can also follow us on twitter.
- for Events and Programs: http://www.westvanlibrary.ca/index.php?page=5
- for Event Calendar: http://www.westvanlibrary.ca/event/calendar.php
Join us for vibrant discussions on burning issues of the day. We meet from 10:30am - 12:30pm one Thursday each month (usually the fourth Thursday).  Enjoy the snacks and coffee hospitably provided. Everyone welcome. Registration not required. Elizabeth Musto Room. Admission $5. Co-sponsored by S.F.U.   Moderator: Randall MacKinnon has a Master's degree in Social Policy and Planning. He is an IDEASage with MackINNOVATION, a service consultancy.
Thursday October 22
What would happen if marriage licences expired every ten years, but could then be renewed?
*  Free Friday Night Concert Series  -- Music at the Library
Friday Oct 23 ~ 7:30pm ~
The West Vancouver Memorial Library is excited to welcome the The Caulfeild Ensemble.  The Caulfeild Ensemble will perform classical and modern chamber music -- duos, trios, quartets -- that combine woodwinds and strings. Their program at the Library will include works by C.P.E. Bach, Haydn, Beethoven, Gebauer, and Villa Lobos. Seating is limited so come early - doors open at 7 pm.
Members of the Ensemble, all of whom are residents on the North Shore, include; Dorothy Fairholm (bassoon and flute), Nancy Riecken (flute), Marc Kaiser (cello), and David Carter (violin). They are members of the local Ambleside Orchestra.
This concert is funded by the generous bequest of Robert Leslie Welsh.
~ 10 - 11:30am ~  Practise English conversation, discuss interesting topics, make new friends.  Oct 30, Nov 6.

+++  FERRY BUILDING GALLERY  +++ http://ferrybuildinggallery.com/
*  Sept 29 - Oct 18  --  "A Common Surface": Works on Paper
        Taiga Chiba, Ingunn Kemble, Mi-Hyang Kim, Stephanie Imhoff, Roger Watt
*  Oct 20 - 25  --  Carole Arnston: oil paintings -- "Out in the Open"
a landscape series of water, wind, and west coast flora
Opening Reception: Tuesday Oct 20 from 6 - 8pm
Artist in Attendance: Saturday Oct 24 at 2pm
*  Oct 27 - Nov 15  --  Jurors' Choice group exhibition  --  26 artists
  Opening Reception: Tuesday Oct 27 from 6 - 8pm
Artists in Attendance: Saturday Oct 31 from 2pm - 3pm
+++ SILK PURSE +++  http://www.silkpurse.ca/
+ October 6 - 18  --  "We Belong To the Earth"
Xwa Lack Tun (Rick Harry) is an artist whose works are recognized internationally. Xwa Lack Tun, along with his talented wife Jada Harry, present a unique exhibition of art in many different mediums. Healing and Growth have become a central theme around the art work Xwa Lack Tun and Jada create. The giving out of positive energy and the spirit of love are pervasive throughout their work, whether it be working with glass, wood, metal, jewelry, textiles, or photography.
October 20 - November 1  --  "Charred - The Mind and Soul Expressed in Charcoal"
Join us for a solo exhibit by Vancouver artist Fae Lukacs. Do you ever wonder about who is the master of your body, your senses, your mind, and your intellect? Everyone is welcome to join us at the Silk Purse for this thought-provoking, unique exhibit in charcoal reflecting the spiritual journey of the artist and workings of the mind; its wanderings, artistic achievements, sensations, and enlightened spirituality.
Opening Reception: TUESDAY October 20th from 6 - 8pm
+++  WV MUSEUM  +++  Visit:  http://westvancouvermuseum.ca/
Sept 9 to Oct 31 -- Joan Balzar 1960+
Since the 1960s, Joan Balzar has experimented with industrial materials such as neon light and vivid colour to create sensory experiences through her large scale paintings. Her abstract designs are executed through the careful arrangement of colour and strict configuration of form. Balzar, a long-time resident of West Vancouver, is recognized as an important figure in the development of abstract painting on the West Coast.

o  To see a list of events: http://kaymeekcentre.com/on_stage/events_calendar
o  To see the electronic newsletter, the address is http://kaymeekcentre.weebly.com.
o  To get onto the mail list: the simplest method is to call the box office (604 913 3634) or email tickets@kaymeekcentre.com
=  "Early Music in West Vancouver" Series, a stellar trio of concerts jointly presented with the Kay Meek Centre; first will be Sunday Oct 18 at 3pm (see CULTUREWATCH below under Music).
MARIATU KAMARA  ~ 7:30pm Wednesday, October 21
=   JUAN MARTIN: FLAMENCO!   ~ 8pm Friday, October 23
=   WOZA 2009: TRIBUTE TO MIRIAM MAKEBA  ~ 7:30pm Saturday, October 24
=   ARTS CLUB ON TOUR: THE THING ABOUT MEN   ~ 8pm Monday, October 26
=   MOVIES AT THE MEEK: TULPAN    ~ 7:30pm Friday, October 30

+++ ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION BRANCH 60, West Vancouver +++
The Summer-Fall issue of "The Torch" is now available.
To view the newsletter, just click the following link for direct access:
http://www.westvan60.com/Images/The%20Torch%20Newsletter%20-%20Summer-Fall%202009.pdf  The newsletter is available to any non-member who is interested.  To sign up, please fill in the form at the bottom of the webpage, http://www.westvan60.com/newsletter.html
The next newsletter will be going out in early December.  Please email me at thetorch60@telus.net, if you would like to submit an article, or if you have any questions or comments.
Thank you for your interest.
        Best regards,  Janice Mackay-Smith, The Torch
= Friday, Oct 23 ~ 7 - 11pm ~
Entertainer Greg Hampson will be at playing in the Branch Lounge.  This is a "special" feature performance for those of you who enjoy Greg's music....one night only!
September 25, 2009
To all members of Branch 60, their families and our Community friends:
As members of The Royal Canadian Legion we are all aware of our oath and commitment to this great organization. Assistance of our Veterans in need is our priority and our sole reason for existence.
This year we honour and respectfully remember the 65th Anniversary of D-Day, and those Canadians who made the ultimate sacrifice, which gave us the great country we live in today. Veterans Week, November 5 - 11 is a time to reflect on all Veterans, past, present, and those currently serving in our Canadian Armed Forces.
As we approach our most important Fundraising event of the year, I am writing to you to express our urgent need for persons to assist with our 2009 Poppy Campaign. Our campaign this year takes place on Nov 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th. On those days we have volunteers at different sites in West Vancouver, tagging poppies and accepting donations to our Poppy Trust Fund.
The shifts for tagging are 10-12noon; 12 - 2pm; 2 - 4pm; 4 - 6pm. Locations include Park Royal Shopping Centre, Caulfeild Village Shopping Centre, Ambleside and Dundarave business districts.
Our tagging board will be prominently displayed on the east wall of our Lounge, and may be accessed daily during Lounge opening hours starting October 1st.
Please show your respect for our Veterans, by signing up for a tagging shift. For those unable to tag, any and all donations to our Poppy Trust fund will be gratefully accepted.
I thank you in advance, for your support of our Poppy Campaign and our Veterans.
Jeremy Woodham,, Branch President & Poppy Campaign Chair.
REMEMBRANCE -- Poppies, Wreaths
September 28, 2009
To:  Our Community Friends:
   With Remembrance Day a little way off, we are preparing for our Poppy Campaign, 2009. This year we are asking local West Vancouver merchants, retailers, businesses, schools, and voluntary organizations to join us in our fund raising drive, which ends on Remembrance Day.
   As you are probably aware, the funds we raise go directly to support our Veterans in need, and their families. In addition, your local West Vancouver Legion "Branch 60", supports students with bursaries and scholarships as well as other local charities and organizations.
There are a few ways you can make a contribution:
=B7 Place a mini collection box with poppies in your office
=B7 Buy a wreath to display in your establishment.
=B7 Support our Legion "Poppy Taggers" on November 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th.
=B7 Come to the Remembrance Day Service and Parade
=B7 Lay a wreath at the Memorial Arch in West Vancouver, on Remembrance Day.
See the order form. Please indicate your wishes by returning the forms to Valerie MacGregor or Sharon Bliss at Email: legionbranch60@gmail.com or Fax to: 922 2659.
Thanking you in advance for your participation.
Yours sincerely,
Jeremy Woodham,  President & Poppy Campaign Chair.
Poppy Trays:
Please indicate how many Poppy Trays you would like. They come in two sizes: Large and Small.
Schools, please indicate if you require a Veteran to speak at your Remembrance Day Service.
If so, please provide the details. Mrs. Rosemarie Block will confirm by telephone.
Attachment converted: Macintosh HD:Wreath2.jpg (JPEG/=ABIC=BB) (002445FD)
HALLOWEEN DANCE ~ 8pm Saturday Oct 31
Live Music: Steve Hillis; Prizes for Best Costumes; Finger food provided
(Donations to the Poppy Fund appreciated)
West Vancouver Legion-Branch 60; 580 - 18th Street; Lounge: 604-922-1920
"Where Volunteers make the difference." Chartered November 17th, 1926
+++  WV CHAMBER OF COMMERCE  +++ http://www.westvanchamber.com/
~ 7:30 am ~ Wednesday October 28th                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
What you NEED to Know to Maximize your 2010 Business Opportunities and Logistics during the Games                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Guest Speakers: Charles Gauthier, Executive Director, Downtown Business Improvement Association; Brent Dozzi, Manager, Roads and Transportation, DWV; Councillor Michael Evison; Charlene Warrington, WV 2010 Committee
Location: WV Cmnty Ctr; Cost: $25 mbrs & $35 non-mbrs; Reserve by 5pm Friday, October 16.
~ 3 - 5pm ~ Saturday Oct 17th -- Harvest Project Open House
                Harvest Project Open House and Food Drive Kick Off, 201 Bewicke Ave, NV
The Harvest Project is hosting an Open House event and WV Ch of Commerce mbrs are invited to drop by for a visit and take a tour of the facility.  Staff and volunteers will be on hand to explain their services and explain how you can become a volunteer or how your business, or you personally, can support your neighbours in need.  A&W root beer floats will be made available for a $1 donation and each guest can enter for a door prize so bring the kids!  They will welcome donations of food, clothing, or financial contribution For more details, call Harvest Project at 983 9488.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

+  Metro Theatre: Arsenic and Old Lace, Oct 3 to 31st (266 7191)
=  A Picasso is next Presentation House and stars one of our favourite actors, Andrew Wheeler, whom we know from Bard on the Beach.  The play is set in 1941 Paris, Oct 16th to 31st -- at 8pm Tu to Sat, and 4pm Sat and 2pm Sun.  Tix 990 3474
=  The Arts Club on Tour with a Presentation House production:THE THING ABOUT MEN,
A musical look at what we do for love, Oct 10 to Nov 7.  The show, once simply called Men, is based on the German filmmaker Doris D=F6rrie's 1985 movie M=E4nner ("Men").  The show, winner of the 2004 Outer Critics Circle Award for Outstanding Off-Broadway Musical, ran for more than 200 performances.
Stars include Stephen Aberle as Tom, and Annabel Kershaw as Lucy.  Tour dates include the North Shore: Oct 10 at Capilano Performing Arts Theatre (990 7810) and Oct 26 at the Kay Meek Ctr (913 3634).
=  Oct 20 to 31  --  Hurlyburly by David Rabe focuses on the intersecting lives of several low- to mid-level Hollywood players in the 1980s. Fueled by massive amounts of drugs, they attempt to find some meaning in their isolated, empty lives by engaging in endless discussions laced with misogyny. The central character Eddie's oft-repeated apathetic question "How does it pertain to me?" sums up his spiritual agony as he heads for catharsis. A quick-witted, intelligent, highly humorous, and deeply dark play. "What happens to men when they are set adrift from women" (David Rabe) This show is intended for an adult audience.  Cross the Line Productions  ONLINE TICKETS
Don't miss the 2009-2010 "Early Music in West Vancouver" Series, a stellar trio of concerts jointly presented with the Kay Meek Centre. The launch of this Series:
"La Follia and the Gypsies" -- Ensemble Caprice (Montreal)
Sunday afternoon, October 18 at 3pm (pre-concert introduction at 2:15pm)
Matthias Maute, recorder and baroque flute, director
Sophie Larivi=E8re, recorder and baroque flute
Olivier Brault, violin; Susie Napper, viola da gamba; David Jacques, baroque guitar; Ziya Tabassian, percussion
The JUNO award-winning Ensemble Caprice, led by North America's leading recorder virtuoso Mattias Maute, visits the West Coast for the first time with a unique programme of music from 18th-century Slovakia, and works by Telemann and other baroque composers who were captivated by gypsy music.
For more details, please visit:  www.earlymusic.bc.ca/CWV1-Caprice.html
*  VSO
Please forgive me for not noting all their wonderful music -- too much for this newsletter.  See www.vancouversymphony.ca

=====  CCL NOTES Oct 5th  =====
Gordon Smith honoured as "Freeman of the Municipality"
For details, see http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=21258
[from text provided:
Gordon Smith, Freedom of the District of West Vancouver, October 5, 2009
Tonight it is our Council's privilege to bestow upon Gordon Smith our highest honour, Freedom of the District of West Vancouver.  Tonight Gordon becomes a Freeman of the Municipality for his service to West Vancouver as a citizen.  He is the ninth person in our history to receive this award.
Gordon is one of Canada's most prominent and prolific artists.  His works are represented in national and international collections including the National Gallery of Art in Ottawa, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, among others.  One of his main sources of inspiration comes from right here at home, the extraordinary beauty of West Vancouver's forests and beaches.  Gordon inspires us to see, the magnificent in the ordinary, the beautiful in the natural, the abundance of sharing, and the wonder of living here, where he and his wife of 69 years, Marion, have lived since 1953.  Their home is a significant example of Arthur Erickson's work and was recognized by the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada's 100th anniversary prize, given for the home's "enduring excellence and national significance to Canadian Architecture".
What makes the Smith House a home, of course, is the Smiths.  The elegance of the building design, and the beautiful, minimal and useful things inside create the space for ideas to flow, be explored and be realized both as a solitary pursuit in the act of painting, and socially between their many friends.
As E M Forster said, our one task in life is to "only connect".  Gordon and Marion's generosity of spirit is tangible.  They are good neighbours, they love the children who come to visit, they connect people, and they help those who meet them to believe in themselves.
The Smith House resonates with possibility.
Gordon is a humanitarian and a venerable educator.  The proof of this is his respect for children and young people.  His personal commitment to formal education at the Vancouver School of Art (now Emily Carr University of Art and Design), UBC, and our Artists for Kids Trust, and to the free exchange of ideas, comes from a belief, I think, that it is the next generation not the one that went before us,from whom we have the most to learn.   He has defined west coast modern - timeless and open-ended.
Service above self is the ultimate measure of a good life.  This year we celebrated the 65th anniversary of the Normandy invasion in France.  Gordon's service to our country in the Canadian Army during WW ll is another measure of what he has contributed to the peace and social equality of Canadians and beyond our borders.   Gordon has received numerous awards and honours.  First prize at the Biennial of Canadian Art, 1955; a Senior Fellowship from the Canada Council, 1960; Honorary Doctorates from SFU and Emily Carr University; the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada's Allied Arts Medal, 1980; Professor Emeritus from UBC, 1983; the Order of Canada, 1996; the Order of British Columbia, 2000; Laureate of the Governor General's Awards in the Visual and Media Arts, 2009.
When we opened our community centre we unveiled Gordon's largest piece of public sculpture, Beach Tangle, which he made from what washes on to our shores, and from the love he has for West Vancouver.  It may seem a simple thing considering all of Gordon's accomplishments, but what we recognize tonight, by conferring Freedom of the District of West Vancouver to Gordon Smith, is our deep respect and appreciation that he has stayed close to home, that he has given of himself to his community, and that his personal commitment to West Van, has strengthened our own.]
It is my great honour to present you with this -- you don't need to stand [inaudible]
he can use the frame
we had this made especially for you --
by resolution of Ccl, this 5th day of October 2009, the freedom of the District of West Vancouver, is hereby conferred upon Gordon Smith, in recognition of his unique contribution towards our understanding of where we live through his art, his teaching, and his time.  Congratulations
Gordon Smith: first to thank you, the Mayor and Ccl, for what you've been doing to make our lives so much better
I've stood on the shoulders of giants of WV
attracted these ...  Sarah McLachlan, Diana Krall, Douglas Coupland, b c binning, ...
wish Jessie and Bert Binning, they shd have had this, they shd be here
inherited from past; just love this country; went sailing up Howe Sound last Sunday
walking sea wall; shopping
I don't want to die right now...; thank you for supporting the arts, thank you, you're doing that.
thank you for coming
Mayor: adjourn the regular ccl mtg and call the PH to order

Mayor: b/c I went to WV HS reunion, I'm losing my voice so will ask the Clerk to read the presentation
Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4603, 2009 (File:  1610-20-4603)
The Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits will describe the subject application.
Applicant: District of West Vancouver
Affected Lands: The proposed regulations regarding Home Craft, Occupation or Business uses apply to residential zones
Purpose: The proposed Zoning Bylaw amendment updates regulations (Section 31.105) for Home Craft, Occupation, or Business uses in West Vancouver.
Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment: The Provisions for a Home Craft, Occupation, or Business are amended to:
1.  Allow home based business operators to have clients attend their business sites provided no more than one client attends the property at any one time.
2.  Remove the current restriction on the wholesale dollar value of the "stock-in-trade", materials, supplies, or goods that can be stored or kept on the property.
3.  [Prohibit] the following types of businesses from being operated as home occupations:
A beauty salon or barber shop;
Schools or recital areas;
Orchestra or band training;
A restaurant;
Stables or kennels for the boarding and breeding of animals;
Places of public assembly;
Retail sales directly from the site;
Real estate office;
The salvage or repair, or both, of motor vehicles;
4.  Require that all client parking [be] provided off-street.
        A presentation will be provided on the proposed amendment bylaw.
1) Reports received up to Oct 1: Zoning Bylaw Amendment - Home Craft, Occupation, or Business
2) Correspondence received up to Oct 1: [none]
On Sept 21, Ccl set the date for the PH. The statutory notice of PH was published in the NSN on Sept 27 and Sept 30, 2009. The MClerk will note written submissions received for the Oct 5 PH.
Mayor: call J Levine; oh sorry--
Sokol: actually Liz Holitzki will be making a presentation
LH, Mgr of Permits, Inspections, and Bylaws: tough act to follow!
main focus to allow a client or customer come to home; at present only infrequent or occasional visits
Sometimes ofcrs discover a biz operating without a licence, have to ask them to relocate
off-site parking will be required; is a bit of a problem
some biz not conducive to home-based [see above]
no retail sales from the home; must be clear distinction between HBB and commercial
change to one-to-one shd make a difference to the character of the nbrhd
Sokol: one of the questions a cclr asked re one client or person so definition will include family, ie mbrs of one family.
Sop: wd the law of HBB apply to the house and all the accessory bldgs?
LH: unless prohibited, cd be in bldg...
Sop: what was the significance of dropping the sum of biz on site; obvious some change
LH: the $1K is obviously outdated, a computer obviously over $1K; we have jewellery and their obviously worth more
didn't make sense, was volume not value of good
Sop: cd be millions, jewellery or other, nbrs danger re robbery
LH: hasn't been a problem in other Ms, area the main question.
Mayor:  First person, no? next person on list, Julie Parker
JP: you have listed types of biz not allowed; the list seems to be defined except place of public assembly -- XXXX
skin care products; clothing company, tupperware, and purchase
weekly in home to hear a biz opportunity
also a book club that meets in our home
weekly quilting bee; purchase
weekly bridge club; bible study club; five pastors said over 518 with over 1000 meeting a week
other groups; political candidates, meeting; arts shows open to public
Mayor: wd you like to answer, Mr Sokol, or put on list to come back with?
Jay Levine? no? so Misha Taylor
MT: I sent this letter on Sept 28 but not listed in your correspondence so I'll read it.
Saw bylaw in NSN.....
wd force to drive outside WV for piano lessons; students come to my [place]...
backyard swimming lessons in pool?
my husband, a musician, a jazz combo, so not able to practise?
are you aware no legal time for anyone to practise in this District?
Mayor: get all that, Mr Sokol?  Next, Mr?
Ans: [here for] no 9
Mayor: another item on agenda, Carol Ducklow (sp?)
CD: registered marriage and [xxx] therapist
in my home until April this year; told in violation of bylaw wch states "..... "
eight clients per week; max in any week is 12; small practice b/c I also teach at university and with conferences as big as it will be
ofc downstairs with sep entrance
the cul de sac has now been changed to no parking
in last couple of weeks have put in a private parking pad so they won't be parking on street
wd be happy to get back to work
Mr Sokol has addressed one concern, a couple or a family one client -- mother with child?  one bill, usually come in one car.
Mayor: anyone wishing to speak?
Sandra Morrison: lived here for 16 years
experience of last months; rock band back of my house
intolerable; clients ev 55 minutes, drop off and pick up
six days, amplified guitar, drums; also singing lessons; slamming of car doors, beeping; litter, cars parked all over the boulevard; parents having chitchat, can't get up and down street
More than one teacher, two sometimes three teachers meeting at the house
v disruptive for many hours, many days a week, damaging boulevard, even a hydro pole tel pole knocked into my hedge
if there is these extra businesses in homes, what about how late it can go, how many days a week, how many mtgs bringing families of students together, other teachers coming to discuss an upcoming performance -- just an idea of what I've been experiencing for last 11 months
Tracey Dobell: something's happening on Fox Street, a couple of other nbrs here
I'm going to ask -- I'm opposed to it -- Mrs Ducklow mentioned for the last couple of years, her biz is small, it hasn't always been small, it is b/c we asked, and parking removed b/c we asked it
Cars come in and back out
Mayor: xxxx
TD: xxxx
The Ducklows are lovely but xxx
what if apptmt late?  really a problem; backs onto Gleneagles School, xxx
any restrictions how late, how many a day?
states 'normal', what's normal?
a lot of traffic on my street all day long
any restriction on location?
automatically given a licence? wd there be a location not suitable?
any situation wdn't be a match in an area xxxxx
who can ask park in a certain area; client been asked to park in a certain area and they don't b/c don't want to xxx
finally what criteria to determine suitability?
you cd have add'l ones that are not suitable for a nbrhd
the rest is in my submission; I apologize for using a name
Dianne Vowles (sp?): lived 20 years; my husband is a senior and needs care; went back to school, holistic medicine
aim to work at home and be able to look after my husband
v small biz; plan on seeing no more than five clients a week
the strata ccl is not opposed; there's parking av; given the study that's been done; most of the Lower Mainland changed the bylaws many years ago.
Jonathan Levine/Lavine?: apologize meant to be earlier
came here as an entrepreneur X years ago
difficult; trouble finding a place
ppl talking down to me; 5Ksf, I only wanted 2Ksf
absenteeism landlordism -- don't even live in Vancouver; agents take three or four days to get back to say no xxx
a small HBB, travel, ... everyone started somewhere
prob is if you haven't got a base....xxx
brilliant bylaws, protect everyone
xxx parking a valid one, take up too much space
ev home a parking space; can't have someone else come to your home
ppl have to start from somewhere, so many good reasons
capitalism and free spirit in Canada, what it's all about
Mayor: for third time? No one? shall turn over to
MClk: Sept 28, Sept ... one item; and rec'd two this evening
        {Receipt of info and PH closed or adjourned for a staff report}
Mayor: close hearing or adjourn and ask staff to come back, second night of PH so full information?
[ML moved adjournment]
Sokol next week wd be fine
Mayor: really heavy agenda on Oct 19, so Nov 2?
ML: think then will be in better position to make a decision
Sop: some years ago and someone said to me, opening a can of worms
re public assembly we're infringing on private assembling in homes
how do you define one visit per person and ppl getting together for common good
staff to look at serious side, not just a few amendments; we want success with this
introducing commercialism into quiet nbrhds; not a simply case of amending a bylaw
Mayor: quite right
MS: not in favour of adjourning  xxx
haven't heard anything about not inviting ppl over for a game of bridge
off-street parking
shd be encouraging it to move ahead
ev has to be adjourned, and adjourned and nothing gets done
[heard: hear, hear]
Mayor: you're not talking about this Ccl
wish we had our strategic plan -- we can't legislate everything
ME: in favour; a lot of valid questions; since issues aired publicly, give public opp to hear those answers
MClk: staff will report back to Ccl about PH; adjourned PH to Nov 2

+  COUNCIL MEETING NOTES  +  [Mtg reconvened 7:49]
Mayor: Before we get to the agenda
It is with sadness and a sense of fondness that we recognize that our former mayor, Peter Jones, Mayor of WV from 1975 to 1978, alderman from 1971 - 1973, passed away on Sept 30.
He received the Freedom of the M in 1995; served on numerous boards and cmtes, and notably was one of the founders of Cap College, and I think quite fittingly was given their first honorary degree when it became Cap U, just earlier in this year.  He provided over 20 years of public service as alderman and mayor, and I don't know anybody who didn't think extremely highly of him, and I know he continued his commitment to the cmnty through the Srs' Ctr, particularly with their outdoor program b/c he was an avid outdoorsman.  His memorial service will be held this Thursday at St Catherine's church in Edgemont Village at 1:30.  I look forward to seeing lots of friends and nbrs there.
Secondly, it's ride-share week; promoting awareness of the environment, ...., reduce GHG emissions, encourage everyone to participate ride.share.com
adding 12.1 HPP apptmts and adding Correspondence items 18 and 19
MClk: excuse me, receive v late corresp so wd be 18, 19, and 20
2.   ADOPTION OF MINUTES: Sept 14 and 21
3. Strategic Planning Working Group Submission of Vision and Mission - Post Public Consultation (File:  0117-20-STPLN)
1.  Council receive the Strategic Planning Working Group's deliberations and second draft of West Vancouver's Vision and Mission; and further
2.  [Council move] this draft through the organization for ratification; and advise the Working Group of any changes so they can continue the work laid out in their terms of reference.
Mayor: believe co-chairs here: Maggie Pappas and Christine Banham
CB: [SLIDE PRESENTATION -- VISION :-(  MISSION :-) as in agenda]
MP: congratulate
Cclr Sop has often referenced; revising our Vision and Mission
revised so City Hall wd be inspired by.....
with as much flexibility as possible so it won't restrict...
as recently as last week we had a conversation with a facilitator we had at beginning
he said the best ..... xxx
unique; can draw on xxx
regarding changes in vision; no change to first sentence but to second collaboration enhanced "personal civic commitment" xxxx in order to advance
at the suggestion of everyone who advised us, the third [group]; Ccl who legislates and staff.... and
social contract comes out of elementary school primers
when our WG distilled all the .... treasured  ...   one element was our quality of life
surviving crises while keeping our quality of life intact
changes to Mission are as follows:
first draft nowhere near enough
open up our thinking history and future
full living heritage in order to make the lines separating our .... solitudes
a bold goal
repeatedly reminded WV is a bold and forward-looking cmnty
xxx is weak; WGs reminded us to lead by example
addition of the word defend xxx
also added ###  Ccl has enforcement powers .... and can use them
Christine to speak to next three
CB: why specific in mentioning housing while rest general
houses ....connection, opened up to land use ---
have included roads and transp, fibre-optic cable, and ###
Cmnty, roundly criticize xxx
the general WG advice, need arts, learning, xxxx, and physical activity so these are identified
Economy: they also advised to be bolder
now suggesting we maximize it
main component of WV delivers, budgeting process about to enter
MP: have added words and discarded some; clarity over brevity
unique strength, courage, and boldness
not a V and M stmt that we brazenly state we want to be best in world

{but brazenly states that WV will inspire excellence!}

getting our cmnty into future while retaining quality of life
CB: so V and M has been developed in a v public process, core to....
on behalf... thank Ccl to hv bn asked to engage
taken your trust seriously and tried to match your courage
SPWG asks that Ccl ratifies [sic]
thank mbrs; open to any questions
Sop: given a task piece of paper and a pen; simple stmt; my thank you; five pillars to embark on
if to be successful, Mr Leigh, get into details looking to 2025 and beyond?
that's where the meat of this is going to be
BL: this is a milestone; true all through the long spring
bedrock of those five
clarity of those statements v much what we will do
Ccl has bn working with us
even if words change, topics will remain the same
overall strategy, laying out of work plans cascades from that mission
springing from public consultation uniquely WV, a long time inspired excellence, place and ppl
this Ccl and this govt has said let's be effective through our relationships
back to strengthen and codify
in next couple of weeks will be tabling a Balanced Scorecard that.....
Mayor: a couple of comments b/c on the SPWG
took first draft to a Mgr's workshop

{Cmte and WG mtgs are supposed to be open -- and many on this Ccl were elected spouting not just openness but also transparency.  When I learned about mgr's workshops, I said they shd be open since just another name for a mtg, but was told it was a workshop.  A rose is a rose is not a rose.  Will also explore the quacking of the workshop duck.
btw, those are some sort of special mtgs held an hour or more leading up to the ccl mtgs.
bug the fly on the wall if the legislation and promises not kept???}

Only one that xxxxx
recommendation this come back to Ccl 19th; Mr Leigh will have the underpinning and Balance Scorecard

{Well you might ask what this is.  I wondered so googled and you'll find it later in the INFObits section of this newsletter}

five pieces have been clear for some months
thank you for meeting weekly all summer
can be demanding; got the best from process that you led
SW: thank you for working all summer; cdn't have been a worse
first mtg of Finance cmte on Wednesday so ....

{So glad she mentioned this -- it had not been on the DWV Calendar.  You'll have to check to find when they are.}

Sop: states Ccl will consider the final
we will then...  to get down to detail planning? how long steps?
BL: intention Ccl have opp to discuss and come back on 19th and that will conclude process
corporate plan
Sop: use WG after that?
BL: when Corporate Plan completed, WG will reconvene
secondly, put into accountability deliverables into the future
tangible way in the future; move on
TP: to reiterate, absolutely all about social civic responsibility

{Yeah, right, but the citizens have to know when mtgs are and then if they take the time and trouble to turn up ought to be welcomed and allowed to speak -- some WGs are spectacularly great, a few are unpleasant.  Shd ccl or staff liaison take responsiblity and encourage?}

extremely difficult task and you've risen to the occasion
ME: echo what Cclr Walker has eloquently said and will save my comments to Oct 19
Mayor: thank you and see you on the 19th!

4. Value for Services Working Group (File:  0117-20-VALSR)
        Presentation to be provided and received for information
Membership --  Council Member - Michael Lewis;  Citizen Members - Alex Tunner, Gordon Lancaster, Graham Nicolls, Patrick Shannon, Paul Tutsch, Robert Armstrong, Steve Wilson
Staff Liaison - Grant McRadu (CAO), Richard Laing (Dir/Finance), Barbara Wood (Mgr/Financial Reporting), Pascal Cuk (Legislative Services Clerk)}
Mayor: and not to be outdone, V4S and hand over to Cclr Lewis
ML: as ccl liaison to V4S and mbrs--
I can't see everybody; can you introduce
Steve Wilson: Rob Armstrong, Graham Nicolls, Alex Tunner, and Paul Tutsch; not here: Gordon Lancaster and Patrick Shannon.
brief wrt item 5 in your mission statement
our group's mandate: formulate a resident questionnaire; deliberations, efficiencies and xxxx
inform, provide feedback
mbrs, staff liaison; had a representative from Synovate; will accumulate and analyze responses
met each Tu night, June 1, 23, July 14, Sept 21; objective to have in hands of public so to Ccl by Nov 16
invested more time than anticipated; various meetings at coffee
give great deal of credit to Alex Tunner who delved into the huge database of financial information both at the District and provincial levels, and his data gave the WG a great deal of food for thought, as we and staff developed the brochure and questionnaire
thanks to Laing for giving us training in how M finance works, and to Patricia Leslie ... turning into comprehensive mailout
broader than we thought; do public believe getting value for money?
of value to Ccl in its budget deliberations
think likely sponsor future surveys
provide staff with some high level direction
where to from here?
next steps: newsletter and questionnaire with Canada Post; web went live yesterday
adding to V4S ...
survey return boxes at Library, City Hall, and.....
hope get a great response; any questions
Mayor: Cclr Lewis, any further comments?
ML: so impressed residents so...    to share expertise
right through summer, ev Tu, hard slog, back and forth, up and down
v impressed with ...  looking forward to feedback
citizens wanting to make a diff in their cmnty ...
not finished yet, gentlemen ...
Sop: thank you for doing this; did you as a cmte come up with the questions?
SWil: yes, some of the questions same as asked previously for continuity and guided by Synovate as to if left to us the questionnaire wd be 16 pages long
Sop: in term of long-term goals, how are we going to be economically stable when ...
take us through next 20 to 25 years, going to have a price tag
fit wrt efficiencies in depts?
SWil: long-term
what you have here is a tactic; feedback right away; help when you have to make decisions re next year
you'll have to employ other tactics like this
need more public feedback; don't know if I've answered your question
Sop: ??
Mayor: think the survey gets to things we haven't before; user-fees, rocky about others
working or not working?
value for money can get some good public feedback
Q 10 have you served.... that gets directly to our [goal joint?] as to xxx the District
serves ... timely ...
a lot has changed in last few weeks; know touch and go a few weeks ago, ###
V4S doesn't care about our feelings, want to know what we think.
5. [TransLink Ten-Year] Plan - Briefing Report (File:  1785-00)
Report from the Manager of Roads and Transportation entitled be received for information.
Mayor: Mayors Ccl vote end of Oct
we don't really have a lot of say wrt TransLink but we believe in it
RFung, Dir/Engg: mtg on 23rd of Oct, asked to make some decisions wrt budget
three mbrs from .... with us here tonight; turn it over to them
Mayor: thanks for being here
TransLink No1: [slides] Planning framework, ten-year plan required, part of 30-year strategy
regional dialogue was carried out
ten-year planning process is a rolling ten-year plan
last year was to get our sea legs; this ten-year includes a base plan -- what we can do with no revenue beyond inflation
Next year we will also be producing a plan for following ten years.
goals closely aligned with the regional growth strategy
compact urban area, sustainable economy and transportation, etc
reduction in GHG; trips by transit, cycling, etc
want to make sure xxx
make early investments; safe and secure transp system; diverse portfolio of rev sources
TL No 2 (Brian?): [slide re process with timeline] to be concluded Oct 31st
Revenue sources: three plans -- fuel tax, parking sales tax, transit fares, prop tax, hydro levy advertising, real estate (prov govt for capital and fed govt for capital substantial capital contributions)
Total realistic potential $275M [broken down on slide]
parking sales tax is at 7%, suggest increase to 14 - 21%
transp improvement fee is allowed in our legislation, an annual fee on the use of an automobile when you register your vehicle $65 to $165 based on fuel efficiency or a $120 flat fee
prop tax allowed to increase at 3% for inflation and regional growth
[slide showing the three plans approved by TransLink Board and submitted to Mayors' Ccl and Commissioner]
Gap between $450M needed and $275M (amt to maintain and upgrade existing system)
TransLink -- exceed revenue so if no add'l rev, forced to cut back to match revenue
Drastic Cuts Base Plan $0 Default plan if no supplement is approved
Funding Stabilization needed of $130M
{8:40 slide of revenue options}
some rev sources at rate of inflation and some more, etc, no prop taxes above 3% inflation
{Further explanations with slides, basically what or what not for how much}
Back to Mike
Mike: signif investment needed
demands fiscal prudence; stabilization plans enables avoid signif cut to services and to continue pursue a long-term soln
Mayor: have you made this to other Ms?
Ans: yes
Mayor: much of this has not been public so appreciate your being here
Ans: have made presentations if asked
Mayor: board and Mayors' Ccl have tried ###
MS: we are in a public forum here and taking advantage of three TransLink [staff]
on behalf of citizens, ... perfectly good ferry system as I used to fuel them
other place
our citizens wd like to know what WV is getting out of TransLink -- see parking tax, prop tax and ????
some of your ###, some ferries that was interesting
asked about that and told a clerical error
hope you wd elucidate benefits to WV from TransLink
major road network as well, to improve what's in place, queue-jumping lane for Blue Bus so more effectively get onto
enhancing seabus service, third vessel so giving other two ...
growth survey, adoption and opp; a number of other opps as well
Brian: one of the major strategies interested in, move ahead with frequent traffic network
hi quality service corridors in region
intend in growth plan to define that freq traffic network -- where do you see as areas of devt, land use, and transp; resources are there
Ans: whether $130M or signif growth scenario; will be pursuing the NSh transit plan; working with you as we work ahead to transit planning improvements
Sop: thank you for being here gentlemen.  Canada Line will prove to be an absolute winner to meeting our sust envmt, that's all the honey you'll get from me tonight
on p 11: TransLink must find ways..... finance.... to ensure not continue to live beyond its means
when we look at our prop you xxx M
Mayor: these are staff
Sop: these are planners
solidly look at the facts, include alternate forms; say to folks in region, find alternate means of transport
get upset when see ...... cuts..... a new vehicle levy --  signif amt of money
one's means ... know it's a tough job;
Cclr Smith
devt to 21st, thank you for 13th but moving forward, tied to finances, we're not going to ... we're going to keep it right out front, open and won't spend beyond our means
look at supplement one, assuming stabilization process -- and you want to cut funding of that by 50% no relnship to Ms and what they're doing?
as a result going down a road to a terrible  ###
Mayor: all things mayors struggle with b/c ####
don't have...; without governance structure going to have trouble ...
ML: wd be v curious about your current funding sources
what does that take out of WV? negative? positive?
sitting on the metroV Finance Cmte, financial plans, looking at yours, the av is going to be paying more to metroV and TransLink that to WV!
know it's not you guys; not rocket science who got us into ...
goals realistic, in right time frames?
no one disagrees with target -- 2040? maybe 2060
Brian?: re drastic cuts, we don't relish this plan either; required to lay out if no new funding sources, what wd happen
decisions made in past
facing a drastic cut scenario; also tasked with going out with a plan with all of the needs of the region including regional transit plan; also had a price tag so ppl cd understand
landed with this funding stabilization plan to keep buses running, ...
some cuts but that's where we landed; turn it over to Brian
Brian: value for taxation this cmnty gets; v difficult question b/c regional system so benefits are regional.  Ppl may benefit from roads City of Van transit to ...
recognizing the regional character, seek a basket of sources -- prop tax b/c ev gets a general benefit, user tax, bus fares
one of the conversations we expect to have is to balance that with road pricing -- use of road based on transparent and equitable means distance or time of day.
not part of this plan but will engage these conversations going through
ME: one of the rev sources is transit fares, one of the criticisms I've heard is that your colln system is v porous.
any plans to improve the colln of transit fares?
Ans: moving ahead with smartcards and faregates; tied with some prov funding;
specificity, fair products
SW: wrt recent
$400K per year to $9M in a mere decade and don't know whether ppl recognize that
our contribution much more
$500 per house b/c $1.4M elsewhere [houses] $600K
getting a faster lane onto LGB is great but ....  hydro levy -- increase?
Ans: around for many years, lies untouched, one of the areas to be looked at, broader discussion on user fees
SW: one of those hidden fees many of us never look at when we get our hydro bill; maybe general public wants to be aware of
Mayor: anybody who gives Commissioner's report close reading, it points out the challenges that we face as well.  One of them, and he states it v well, the proposed cuts if made today wd be much less so if TransLink had not, over the last several years, expanded service and invested in capital projects that it knew to be unaffordable under its existing funding constraints; and that speaks as well to the dilemma we face with the Evergreen Line.  The prov govt has secured $800M of capital funding for that, but no plan for its operating, and yet I know how much the prov govt wd like to see this.
the Mayors' Ccl feels that that is not something we cd accommodate unless we were to approve a $450M plan wch the Commissioner has rejected b/c it's not funded
So that's a real dilemma but the Commissioner found that the Board and the Mayor's Ccl are correct in making the Evergreen Line a secondary consideration to the core services we provide; confronting that issue of how to afford its operating costs
He also talks about what TransLink has done is build and assume will attract ppl to public transit and that's just not the case ... we actually have an overcapacity now and we will never be successful in relieving congestion and contributing to the improved economy as a result of that congestion without looking at demand mgmt or road pricing or some combination of a bunch of levers
There [seems not] to be an available option to us, but the Mayors feel that we need to keep the system afloat, just, in order to deal with tough issues and they are going to be tough issues
Further, the lack of a governance system that can accommodate how we're going to deal with these challenges is a fundamental question
Cclr Smith and Sop made excellent points about the fact that TransLink isn't really tied at all in this plan to an integrated approach to roads, bridges, and cycling wch happens at our local planning level, nor to its responsibility for economic growth and goods movement, wch is perhaps the way WV cd see their interests being served, b/c of key biz interests we represent
For my part, we cannot abandon ppl who rely on system we have so means shd support the $130M sustaining kind of approach, and then opportunity to articulate what the significant concerns are  ... hope buys us some time to get some attention on that and collaboration from prov govt
think it will be the position of the majority of mayors, don't know, but I'm also looking for Ccl's direction on that as well
think public expects us to speak up and not give up; that another reason to support the $130M rather than throw up our hands, and say we can't do this.  Certainly cannot continue.  I don't think ppl really realize -- where it says drastic cuts?  that's not a threat, that's a result of a previous Board's decisions that have been drawing down on our reserves to the point that if we don't put at least $130M of new money in, we're losing 40% of the service that we have.  So it's an astonishing position to be in, but I don't think we can abdicate trying to figure our way out of it
Sop: move report received for information and secondly support supplemental option No 1, funding stabilization for ten-year plan
Mayor:  put in $130M stabilization -- that's what recommendation is in the report, shd be in the motion

{well said}

Sop: in light of Mayors' group, they ask you, what are your, Commissioners, plan re engagement and inclusiveness? re land use how move ppl around?
Ans: been working with metroV closely; mass transit wrt growth; existing need, corridors, through WV; we have a real estate devt arm
6. Proposal for Awards Committee - Environment, Heritage, and Youth Awards (File:  0115-01)
1.   The Chief Administrative Officer's report dated September 25, 2009 be received and the proposal for an Awards Committee be endorsed; and
2.   The Committee establishment, appointments and Terms of Reference be made in October 2009.
CR, not expecting public input right away: Sorry, I thought there'd be an introduction.
I think it's a really great idea.  Some of us have wanted it for some time, but there's one group of ppl who've been left out!  We suggested there shd be awards for staff, so I respectfully suggest that the next include awards for staff -- b/c we have some unsung heroes, and had some ppl do some really great things, and they've got other awards, but I think they shd hv their own special award, so please add that to your stable of awards.
Mayor: okay, tyvm
CAO: mbrs; will be coming back to Ccl with TofRef, be coming back to Ccl later in Oct
{TP made motion}
MS: second
TP: this was one of the first assignments I had with HAAC

{OOOh!  Fascinating.  I'm on this cmte (HAAC) wch has not met since spring and did not see even a draft of this!!!  Oh well, appreciate being mentioned at least.}

also involved with Envmt awards, the purpose behind this to elevate the awards in the cmnty and to pull them together... streamline it and really...
Mayor: celebrate
TP: celebrate,....
7. Street Naming Request for Area 1 of Rodgers Creek Development: Highgrove Place (File:  0115-20-SNC01)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the new cul-de-sac servicing Area 1 of the Rodgers Creek Area be named "Highgrove Place".
8. Official Community Plan Amendment, Rezoning and Development Permit Application No. 08-041 for Property located at 2031/2047/2063 Esquimalt Avenue (File: 1010-20-08-041)
1.   Official Community Plan Amendment, Rezoning and Development Permit Application No. 08-041 be given further consideration in the context of an OCP amendment for the whole block bounded by Esquimalt Ave, 20th St, Fulton Ave, and 21st St;
2.   Staff be directed to prepare the following draft bylaws for Council's consideration, upon completion of a detailed review of Development Application No. 08-041:
1.   OCP amendment for the block bounded by Esquimalt Ave, 20th St, Fulton Ave, and 21st St to permit consideration of infill housing development; and
2.   Rezoning of the properties located at 2031, 2047, and 2063 Esquimalt.
Mayor: Mr Sokol has a presentation and the applicant is here
Sokol: met in May [gave background]
Consultation mtg held June 17; some said against any changes but a number not opposed to new housing types and supported increase
opposed, spot rezoning, not comfortable wd not see changes here and there so character of entire nbrhd wd change
others on the block wanted the option as well
duplexes, triplexes, carriage houses, etc
define an area for land use change; within those boundaries
reported back to applicant to see if cd handle those concerns
over summer applicant met with other prop owners in the block and they wanted to be included with increased
recommendation be given further consideration for whole block

{No doubt!  why shd only three lots in the block benefit from the bonanza of increased value to their properties???}

draft bylaw for whole block OCP amendment and rezoning
potential rezoning of rest of block on a case-by-case basis

{based on pleading or favouritism or ?  Are there set criteria?}

MS: direct my question to Mr Sokol -- prefer deferment
Cmnty Benefits [CBs] wd apply -- whether rezone; thought wd come forth as any rezoning
don't know how we can see what benefits are
Sokol: we're not asking ccl to approve rezoning, asking staff to work with applicant for rezoning, new zoning designation
some sort of analysis
Mayor: for the three lots; another alternative approach, whole block
MS: need to know?
Sop: in light of constant dialogue re change
wdn't support on own look at as a block initiative
good part of the block -- project for the area...
haven't accepted get this...
Mayor: keep to questions
Sop: I second deferral; time?
Mayor: are you moving that? Clk?
MS: defer to other ppl wanting to speak
Mayor: come back to
ME: I find this quite
direction we're taking; need to understand; staff to proceed
Basil Davis: 2678 Ottawa, main purpose is to support idea of staff recommendation to Ccl, rezoning offers an opp for smaller housing options

{er, um.  BD owns the property; of course he wants upzoning!}

at least advance identifying this and other
infill opps
in general majority of WV residents recognize ageing popn; remaining in their large houses not happy
feeling losing their character with replacement of monster houses

*******  {and higher density on three sgl-fam lots with small homes wd/cd not be a monster?  Nearby, three lots were turned into ten units; devpr smiled on way to bank especially when three lots assessed at $2.9M became worth $6.7M.}  *******

reduce allocated cost of area
my reason for support is a personal nature; we own the prop next to this proposed devt and in discussion we wd support going ahead

{glad he admitted it}

about 15, 16 years ago listening to CBC and heard about a devt in Delta, three couples, empty-nesters, got permission to put up a quadruplex -- three cd go into keeping fourth cd have a nurse, own independent
appealed to my wife and I [sic]
going to be in that particular position; sitting here in a monster house 5500 sq feet with four kids rattling around so downsized to a 50-year-old house and now found it too big at 2400sf
so we bought the first of those two little houses and feel cd be a perfect house, put in a triplex, senior-oriented

{you mean a triplex on the sgl-fam lot now with a small house?  senior-oriented the Open Sesame?}

make it amenable to living in that location
talking about v small housing
like to [do?] a good test run; further opps, smaller houses with gardens
esp the sr citizens, thank you for the opportunity
Mayor: we ask everyone to keep to three minutes -- BD was exactly
CR: I will not attempt to have the eloquence of Basil Davis.  He is the owner of the property and I wd say, a monster house cd be three houses combined in one, but anyway --
I'm not going to speak for or against, I just want to put out a few thoughts.
If it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, it's a duck.
This the first instance we have that looks like the Transition Zone, Step One.
Now, since it addresses upzoning, there'd be very few residents who wd not want to upzone their lot to increase density, sell it, and then go live somewhere else.
So this is v desirable from a monetary point of view, and that's probably why, as Mr Sokol commented, there was a fear from some of the ppl that there'd be spot-zoning, b/c if you can do it here, you cd do it anywhere.
So then we come to, and then Cclr Smith's point, if you're going to do this, then the information that we're given shd hv the Uplift mentioned, b/c when you see the Uplift, then we can see -- I thought that was part of our planning process anyway -- it's after that, and the Cmnty Benefits are separate from the cmnty benefits that Cclr Smith was speaking of.
But if we are going to do this, I think it's something the Housing WG shd look at, b/c you shd have an overall plan; ppl will be concerned b/c since it is financially lucrative, there'll be lots of blocks who'll say, we want our block to be that way.
Certainly they cd all agree and make a lot of money [out] of it.
So, that's where we need a plan, the WG can do it.
Also, the other suggestion is, this block cd be a pilot project, one of the pilot projects that you're thinking of, so that ppl won't think it's everywhere, will think this is some place we think there shd be a pilot project.
So those are the many things -- what happened to Cclr Soprovich? {disappeared from seat} -- I agree with his thought that some more thought shd go into it; I've given you some things that I think it shd-- needs a lot of careful thought b/c of the fear many residents have that that will happen everywhere.  You know the resistance to the Transition Zone.
OTOH, we need pilot projects so I can see the benefit with that, and I agree with Cclr Smith we shd see the Uplift and the Cmnty Benefits.
Thank you.
Bram Solloway (sp?):  resident for past 21 years; participate actively
founding parent of Mulgrave School, one of the top in BC
shared capital
NSh Jewish cmnty; only synagogue on NSh; El Har
definitely want to remain in this cmnty
changed; New Year's Eve had massive stroke; told might not walk again but proved them wrong
during this horrible journey; my housing needs changed
no longer able to manage stairs; moved from Panorama to Bellevue so can be close to Aq Ctr hours each day in therapy; critical at this stage of recovery; had no idea how many in same
notwithstanding Davis
happen to be in my 50s; don't want to stay in rental unit rest of my life
want to live in proximity to seawalk; close to my doctor and shopping
look for housing meeting my ... needs; ... elevators
this proposal for rezoning for 2000blk in Esq wd be ideal
vote in favour; pilot projects like this
not only for sr citizens for ppl who want something like this
thx for your time, can go home and go to sleep
Mayor: Chester Spink
CS: number 9!
Mayor: sorry; Robert Smith
RS: just wanted to say, what been said by last two speakers pretty well what I want to say
will be retiring in a few years; wd like to downsize in to a smaller space
location v important, this locn great, access without having to use a car on a daily basis
Mary Warner: 2568 Marine.  My husband and I own a house on the block
a lot dealing with mother in her 90s and husband hip replacement and mobility
invested in rental prop see close to cmnty ctr and library
Robin Barker: 2040 Fulton; these properties are right across the alley; see backyard
like to see pilot project ... same in time
reasons: houses v old 50s, see something new, up value of our prop
not as old as those guys but see elevators
Mayor: no one else to speak; either defer or motion on the floor
MS: if I move a deferral motion may I speak to it?
Mayor: yes; Mdm Clerk, is debate allowed?
MClk: comment, not debate

{Whoops!  maybe not so!
We thought this was unusual so checked the info on the DWV website:
Council Procedure
Bylaw No. 4483, 2006 -- Excerpts from  Schedule A, Page 28
Motion:  Postpone a matter indefinitely
        Is the Motion Debatable?: Yes; debate can go into main question
Motion: Postpone a matter to a certain time
        Is the Motion Debatable?: Yes
So now we know for future reference.  They went on to talk about it anyway....}

MS: not that we don't support alternate housing; it's about process
cannot ask staff to prepare bylaws when not all the facts on the table
benefit of rezoning whole block or just three houses
makes sense to have Housing PPWG comment before it comes back
Mayor: seconder?
Sop: may I comment?
Mayor: comment
Sop: later this evening mentions a pilot project; mentions ......
I went by the house today, flat {land}, probably best scenario for
when look at entire block  --  same through the entire area?
new initiatives that might alter this devt?
I'm supportive of alternative housing types but want to see all the processes before we make decision and don't want it to sit on a shelf
answers back in a period of time, can make an informed decision
Mayor: ... don't think Ccl is avoiding this; get it right; rezoning block vs three lots
ME: I see this as being a pilot project; staff recommending within context of whole block
have nod from all but one in whole block
believe in process, staff
being asked to vote either for or against the project, we're being asked to proceed with the project; as i read it, think there's enough info to proceed and what we're lacking staff will come up with as we've requested them to
ML: unclear as to wch motion
Mayor: motion on agenda, but we're agreed entire block a good candidate for rezoning; where we lack clarity is to rezone three lots or whole block; whole thing, want to be able to compare that
SW: support Cclr Evison; this has come before us and is in Design Review right now and Design Review challenged applicant to come back with different massing and better use of outside space as well positioning of the decks.  They're well entrenched.  We've all seen it over the last few months.

{Oh???  Well, excuuuuse me!  Ccl hasn't approved this even to have staff prepare bylaw for Public Hearing and Ccl decision and it's been to Design?  So, if it's to get the best design possible as negotiated with staff and applicant, can that be altered as a result of PH and new bylaw?  Seems to me needs a bit of clarification as to procedure and steps......}

speaks to character dialogue of two years ago; speaks to what we know coming out of the Strategic Plan, ppl wanting alternative housing
CBs will be negotiated along...; CB cd be spoken to each lot as each individual one comes
wrt Cclr Smith, Housing WG may not be able to come to us till next spring; it's the appropriate block for this kind of Pilot Housing to happen, close to Srs' Ctr, Library, Cmnty Ctr, ...

{Pardon?  appropriate for pilot project wch the Housing Pilot Program WG has just called for with expressions of interest deadline Oct 20th, yet says that WG may not come till next spring, and also says not a pilot project b/c they only do sgl lots??? reversed? at least, confusing.}
staff can come back with draft bylaws, can debate then; the applicant's under design review right now and Design Review Panel gave them challenges; ground-breaking for the nbrhd
go for draft bylaw
Mayor: so, speaking against the deferral.
SW: yes
Mayor: now we're in a debate, Ccl, but fair enough; almost 10 o'clock and difficult to make decisions
TP: there is momentum and flexibility, need in cmnty
in deferring it for a month; what kind of timeframe? none of us want[s] to see this drag on, but important in right process; if comes in month, are we in a better position than the information we have in front of us tonight?
Sokol: through you Mme Mayor to all cclrs, I think, if there are a few things I can clarify.
the Pilot Project WG is working at new types of housing on sgl lots, that's one distinction; this project came in months ago under policy H3; Ccl and staff had some concerns whether or not H3 applies to this b/c there weren't clear boundaries

{Right.  WG report says single lots and this application is for three lots or a block!  Secondly there's supposed to be a boundary around, separating from rest and the only boundary discernible is composed of street and lane, hence almost any lot wd then qualify!}

by working with adjacent property owners and identifying clear boundaries for the OCP amendment
H3 can indeed apply to this site; have identified clear boundaries and concerns such as, is there going to be creep, v clear boundaries.
Also this proposal does not meet criteria for housing pilot initiative
recommend this go forward
CBs? staff is not asking Ccl vote; wd be very difficult how much wd receive; if on one lot or three

{maybe ask a realtor; they make those Uplift calculations every day.}

DEFERRAL motion defeated
ME: motion for whole block
Sop: see we're going to look into any diff re pilot project
have we made final decision on xxx
we wd look and come to a conclusion; this is a cart before the horse
nbrhd is not just that block where's the safeguard for those who don't want?
balance; those who want to stay in sgl fam
As it was nearing 10pm, Mayor: move extension of ccl mtg
ML: to end of biz
ME: if incomplete then we can critique it
MS: reality is why that block -- why not the next block?
Cclr Sop is right we're making housing policy decisions on the fly
don't have complete reports, staff rationale
sure it's flat, so is next block
all these important discussions
opposed while not all info in front of us
Mayor: to address Cclr Smith's concern; add as third bullet: staff outline rezoning of rest of block
{good move}
in housing dialogue, cmnty felt strongly happen in nbrhds where they want it to happen
process for rezoning import
bylaw themselves have to be on a strong footing
broader nbrhd, give entire cmnty, even though looking at three lots, understand where we're going for whole block
ME: to partly rebut; you say why not next block and next block
we have an opportunity for this block
Sop: it's not completely said and done, three didn't
others across the street want to make sure encased in that one block
sets our future
let's take a step back; positive light, transparent get some answers
Mayor: we've done that
ML: the proposed third bullet
Mayor: outline
Sop: exactly what we've been looking
if new positive
without...  we need some pertinent info ... precedent; info we need before final decision
MClk: believe motion is clause one
Mayor: so not even there yet!  thank you; so on OCP amendment
{MOTION CARRIES, now 2 moved by ME at 10:02}
Mayor: now rezoning of the three props
MS: you're voting to rezone three properties, in violation of our policy? with CBs?
Mayor: we're voting on... wch I understand is not complete
will that info accompany the bylaws?
{good question; assurance}
Sokol: process
Mayor: CBs?
Sokol: as best
Mayor: specific for three lots being rezoned and then likely apply to others: 2 a and b
{helpful clarification/requirement}
Mayor: item no 3
Mayor: when can we expect this to come to Ccl?
Sokol: probably a few months; gone to Design Review Cmte, applicant responds back to DRC then back; staff re CB; December at earliest
Mayor: wd it be appropriate to have an interim report addressing concerns we raised, not so much the draft bylaws, but in order that this get on the right footing
Sokol: Certainly

{full marks to the Mayor: A for asking for complete info and up to an A+ by asking for an interim report so we can see what's involved.  It also gives Ccl the opp to confirm, clarify, refine, redirect.}

9. 2010 Permissive Tax Exemptions - Tax Exemption Bylaw No. 4614, 2009 (File:  1610-20-4614)
        RECOMMENDED: introduced and read a first, second and third time.
To laughter, Mayor: Item no 9, Mr Spink
Chester Spink: Folkestone Way.  Am asking you tonight not to recommend granting $129K in permissive tax exemptions to religious organizations that own prop in our M
These tax exemptions, IMO, represent a tithe on all of our cmnty and tithes to churches etc disappeared along with the feudal barons.
wd take $129K from our budget; what true cmnty projects are to be taxed to achieve this; what true orgs cd benefit from that $129K?
Good Govt demands Church and State be totally divorced
urge my representatives to vote no to this outdated idea that the cmnty at large shd support such divisive orgs
if mbrs do have mbrships in any of these 15 religious orgs, and they are voting to give them money, cd I ask them, they wd have a conflict of interest and shd refrain from voting
Kerry Wong of Finance Dept: you have it before you; seeking Ccl's approval Section 224 of Cmnty Charter; always at discretion of Ccl
application was received from Branch 60 (Legion) this year however staff is not recommending the application as the request does not fall within Ccl policy.
approval only: categories sr citizen housing projects; 224H; non-profit groups sch bldgs; land surrounding places of worship
need legislation; Legion does not follow
advertised in two issues, done; details of the exemptions
for 2010, just under $278K, $286K for 2011, $295K for 2012; again these are estimates and subject to the actual tax rates for the year; recommend the tax exemptions be maintained and bylaw be introduced and read
ML: Mme Mayor through to Kerry
26 to 28 props, I find it odd that total of taxation only $277K ? -- when I look at an av house tax being $5 - 8K
KW: but on M portion only; based on assessed value from BC Assessment Rolls
ML: so a piece of prop like St Stephen's church or St Christopher's church is assessed a residential prop or?
KW: no, there's a non-profit class, 8, I believe it is
ML: so it is a substantially under-valued asset
KW: it's based on use of the property
ML: I understand
MS: have to move a deferral motion
have a letter from Royal Cdn Legion; have been granted by CNV and DNV over there
a lot in this letter, services Legion performs both ways
with exempt them from taxes or pay them for their services
Nov 11, ....  many veterans
I wd like to defer this motion and defer back to staff and change policy so Branch 60 exempt
Mayor: not sure of timing issue
CAO: we have to have this bylaw by Oct 31st
advertise; assume cd make timing; Oct 19, next ccl mtg Nov 2 so we'd hv to have a special mtg
reason is that Legion doesn't meet the policy; have been advising certain groups don't, so chosen not to apply
wd need a couple of sp mtgs; not sure
if support the Legion, look at a grant
Mayor: maybe in 2010 something we will consider
CAO: if that's the direction; revision to policy
need another way; equivalent dollars
Mayor: are you prepared to move this
MS: why do we have to have this done by Oct 31st, Halloween
KW: bylaw; for BC Assessment
Mayor:  xxx
MS: at this staggering late hour
we're saying we can't exempt but prepared to entertain for services rendered
at least partially .....
Mayor: ... something Ccl sympathetic toward
Mayor: [wd like to] comment on public input tonight
these churches are where many many services take place; alcoholics, streamkeepers
without understanding what I meant
can afford to be there
we went down that path once before
can't judge by whether a church or synagogue
ME re Legion tax for exemption: what's the amt?
CAO: $5600
MS: followup motion, review current ccl policy on current to exemptions how apply to Legion or other such groups
PASSED I think
10. Solid Waste Utility Bylaw No. 4118, 1998, Amendment Bylaw No. 4609, 2009 (File:  1610-20-4609)
Mayor: not aware why it says presentation; Mr Fung?
11. Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
Item 12 - Measuring Up - Recognition and Cmnty Support for WV's Access and Inclusion Initiatives
12.1 Housing Pilot Project WG apptmts
Item 13 - Correspondence List.
ME: Pull out 12 and 13.10
12. Measuring Up - Recognition and Community Support for West Vancouver's Access and Inclusion Initiatives (File:  2620-10)
Report from the Cmnty Planner of Social Services dated Sept 16, to be received for information.
{from Text Supplied:
Recognition and Community Support for Access and Inclusion
Measuring Up Working Group -  Update on Recent Recognition and Achievements
Within our own community, and throughout the Lower Mainland, West Vancouver's MUWG has put the District at the forefront in responding to broad issues of access and inclusion which reflect the increasing social and cultural diversity of our communities, as well as the continuing importance of disability issues.
The Advisory Committee on Disability Issues (ACDI) discussed West Vancouver's Measuring up Initiative at their September meeting and believes the District's new Access and Inclusion Policy is key to future implementation of accessibility initiatives across the North Shore and recommended that it be used as a model for future policies in the City and District of North Vancouver. They passed a motion requesting that Staff from the District and City of North Vancouver present the District
of West Vancouver's Measuring-Up Program to their respective Councils.
West Vancouver has been referred to by 2010 Legacies Now as an "exemplary model of excellence" and our work on Measuring Up will be featured in their upcoming provincial newsletter.
In addition, the District's "Access and Inclusion" policy will be used as a "best practice" for the development of a provincial guide on "Age Friendly and Disability Friendly Official Community Plans".  This resource is being developed by a working group of representatives from the Union of BC Municipalities, the 2010 Legacies Now Measuring Up program, Measuring Up the North, SmartGrowth BC, and the Ministry of Healthy Living and Sport.  The group is collaborating to develop a set of guidelines to support local governments to consider aging and disability issues and to take action on them in their Official Community Plans.
The District was contacted by the Vice Chair of the Access Transit Users Advisory Committee and Executive Director of Citizens for Accessible Neighbourhoods.  She had been informed by the Provincial Coordinator of Measuring Up that West Vancouver "really got it right" in regard to the
accomplishments of the Working Group.
District staff was recently contacted by a member of our community who is legally blind, and who has been a longstanding advocate for accessibility initiatives.  He extended his congratulations on the Working Group's efforts and will be meeting with staff to discuss our next steps on these initiatives.
The Executive Director of the WV Chamber of Commerce has contacted the District regarding the Chamber's interest in the "Accessibility Means Business" brochure, and District staff looks forward to arranging a presentation on this work for their members.
A number of recent beach access improvements have now been completed.  Improved beach access is one of several initiatives that came out of the Measuring Up work.  A number of upgrades at John Lawson Park have now been completed and have been very well received in the community. These include installation of automatic door openers in the washrooms and a beautiful extension of the naturalistic beach front path between the John Lawson pier and the new Lawson Creek Bridge.  Path improvements include beach-view seating areas, appropriate drainage, hard-packed surfaces, and smooth transitions into other park areas. Recent access improvements to the water have also been initiated at Eagle Harbour Beach, through a simple, cost effective initiative by the Parks Dept.
The July 20th MUWG presentation to Council was recorded on video and staff are currently in the process of working with the videographer to develop a five-minute short form version for future communications about the District's access and inclusion initiatives.
This video will be shared with Council, staff and the broader community as we move forward with an implementation strategy for the newly updated "Access and Inclusion" policy.
Staff will be reporting back to Council on the strategy this fall and will be incorporating it into the Social Action Plan that will be developed in 2010.}
Mayor: appreciate followup
Sop: concept of WG
ME: when I asked to speak to this -- uncanny
13. Correspondence List (File:  0120 24)
Correspondence Received Up to September 18, 2009
(10) September 16, 2009, regarding Parking Violations
        Referred to Director of Planning, Lands and Permits for consideration and response.
ME: over-regulated and intolerant; did have an oral report from staff earlier in the day; we may be able to find a middle ground for concerns expressed
Given late hour, Mayor (re UBCM) and Sop said they'd report at the next mtg.

CR:  First of all, that was a great report from the Measuring-Up WG; they've done fantastic work, that's just such a pleasure.
To do with the pilot project, I just wanted to say wrt that Esquimalt thing, that I'm sure that the Housing Pilot Project group wd be flexible enough to not limit themselves just to one house, so that cd still be a pilot project; and it might even then move it faster, b/c they're asking for it right now,

{let's be open and flexible, not rigid and fixed to one lot when an opportunity presents itself!}

than if it went through the situation that you're going through.
Did I miss the ccl liaison to the HPP WG being appointed b/c they haven't got one/
Mayor: that was on the Consent Agenda, and it's Cclr Evison
CR: thank you, ... I didn't hear it.
{In fact item 12.1 was added to the agenda so did not appear on the agendas we had, and Cclr Lewis just moved receipt of the Consent Agenda with 12.1 so no name was said.}
As to process, one other question.
I understand when they do these things, in the middle of Esquimalt, that the policy says there's supposed to be greenery and a boundary, and someone said to me there's only a lane, so you'd look at that.
Next thing.  I heard it had gone to the Design Review Cmte.  I'm just wondering in the process why it wd go to the Design Review Cmte before it had come to you to go ahead.
And then when it comes to the Legion, what happened with grants for, the taxes being exempt, what happened a few years ago was that b/c there were so many worthy groups, what they did is they asked that these groups enumerate the various cmnty functions, as you mentioned, Mme Mayor, of what they did so that gave comfort to the ppl who saw they were being exempt[ed] b/c of the many, many, many services they provided and the volunteer services.  So, [tax exemption] and going the grant route wd also be v good, so there are several ways of justifying that and going ahead with it.      tyvm.
16.  ADJOURNMENT 10:30
=====  CCL MTG AGENDA Oct 19th  =====
2.  Adoption of Minutes:
October 5, 2009 Public Hearing; October 5, 2009 Regular Council Meeting; and
October 7, 2009 Town Hall Council Meeting.
3. Notice of Award: Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia Environmental Award of Excellence for Eagle Lake Membrane Filtration Facility (File:  1815-03)
                A presentation will be provided.
4. Recreational Dog Walking in Parks Update (File:  2365-00)
1.  The report dated October 19th, 2009 from the Parks Program Manager be received for information;
2.  The seasonal Park Ranger position be considered in the 2010 Budget process in the amount of $30,000; and
3.  Council direct staff to continue to collaborate with the West Vancouver Dog Association.
5. M. Charette, West Vancouver Dog Association regarding Recreational Dog Walking (File: 0055-01)
        A PowerPoint presentation will be provided. RECOMMENDED Council thank M. Charette...
6. Final Draft Vision/Mission and Tools Completing Strategic Plan (File:  0117-20-STPLN)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT Council adopt the following Vision and Mission:
West Vancouver will inspire excellence and lead by example. 

{Editorial Note:  The rest of this (continued below) is great, a tribute to a lot of hard work by the WG and others.
My problem is two-fold for that first sentence above.  Next to its arrogance, and WV shd be sensitive to the negative perception WV has with its airs of superiority, is the fact that 'will inspire' is simple future, NOT a vision.  It wd be if modified to read: Vision -- for West Vancouver to inspire...
It will rain tomorrow is not a vision, it's a statement of fact and involves no intent or striving on our part but a Vision is something for us to strive for, something we can see in the future to try to achieve.
To say WV will inspire indicates that's what will happen, no effort on our part.
Cd also be:
West Vancouver aims for excellence and to lead by example
for West Vancouver to be a place inspiring/facilitating excellence.....
for West Vancouver to put enhancing residents' daily lives as a top priority

Put the goal and then how it will be achieved.
The Mission list is comprehensive and since it recommends the Balanced Scorecard, let's hope Dep CO will explain that to us.}

Collaborative government and a spirit of personal civic commitment will power

{The above sentence can be left if the action is the subject:
Facilitating collaborative govt and a spirit of personal civic commitment will power}

the innovations that shape our shared future. The strength of this relationship will secure our treasured quality of life and will be the measure of our success as a community.
We champion the opportunities that demonstrate our deep commitment to:
Foster a sense of shared and individual responsibility for community well being, inclusion, social unity and respect for our full heritage.
Protect, restore, and defend our natural environment; legislate efforts to effect positive change.
Encourage diversity in housing, land use, and innovative infrastructure within our distinct neighbourhoods to meet changing needs.
Enrich community vitality, health and understanding through integrating arts, learning, inter-cultural experiences and physical activity into our daily lives.
Maximize the potential of our economic base and services, balancing the effective, long-term use of resources for current and future generations.
AND further support the implementation of the Balanced Scorecard management system to ensure deliverables over a multi-year budget.
7. Field Sport Forum Working Group Expansion of Mandate and Sport Field Master Plan (File:  0117-20-FSF1)
        PowerPoint presentation to be provided.  RECOMMENDED: THAT:
1.  The report dated October 19, 2009 from the Park Programs Manager be received for information;
2.  Support be given to expand the mandate for the Field Sport Forum to include the development of a Sport Field Master Plan; and
3.  A collaborative funding model for a Sport Field Master Plan be investigated with the Field Sport Forum Working Group and the field sport groups. This model will be brought back to Council in the New Year for approval.
8. Ferry Service from 14th Street Pier to Coal Harbour, Vancouver (File:  2520-02-05)
1.  The report dated October 8 be received for information; and
2.  The District enter into a licence agreement to allow Coastal Link Ferries Limited, a private ferry operator, to provide a commuter service (Mondays to Fridays, mornings and afternoons) for a [six-month] pilot project operating from the 14th Street Pier to the Bute Street Dock in Coal Harbour, Vancouver.
9. Proposed Fish and Chips Concession at Foot of 14th Street (File:  2520-02-04)
1.  The report dated October 8, 2009 be received for information; and
2.  The District issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) for an operator for the Fish and Chips concession at 14th Street.
10. 2010 Permissive Tax Exemptions - Tax Exemption Bylaw No. 4614, 2009 (File:  1610-20-4614)
Bylaw No. 4614, 2009 received three readings at the October 5, 2009 Council Meeting.
11. Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
REPORTS FOR CONSENT AGENDA  --  No items presented.
12. Correspondence List (File:  0120 24)
Correspondence Received up to October 2, 2009
Requests for Delegation  --  No items presented.
Action Required
(1) September 27, 2009, regarding 21st Street Traffic Calming Project
       Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
(2) L. Jackson, Metro Vancouver, September 25, 2009, regarding Metro Vancouver's Regional Growth Strategy and Establishment of Intergovernmental Advisory Committee
       Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response.
No Action Required
(3) Committee and Board Meeting Minutes:
        (a) North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues - September 2, 2009
(4) C. Hiebert, IPEX Management Inc., September 17, 2009, regarding US Protectionism - Buy American Program
(5) September 30, 2009, regarding Arts Funding
(6) September 25, 2009, regarding Squamish First Nation Billboards
(7) September 27, 2009, regarding 2010 Tax Exemptions
(8) J. McIntyre, MLA, re Official Rept of Debates (Legislative Assembly) on Sarah McLachlan Fdn Concert
Responses to Correspondence  --  No items presented.
Responses to Questions in Question Period  --  No items presented.
Correspondence Received up to October 14, 2009
Requests for Delegation
(9)   D. Peters, October 5, 2009, regarding Future Work of the North Shore Housing Forum
       Referred to Municipal Clerk for response.
Action Required
(10) M. Booth, Chairperson, West Vancouver School District, September 24, 2009, regarding UBCM Annual Conference
       Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response.
(11) Mayor Drew, Chair, Lower Mainland Treaty Advisory Committee, September 28, 2009, regarding Request for Provincial Funding Support to LMTAC
       Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response.
(12) J. Ranking, Prez, WV Masonic Hall Society, Sept 30, requesting Property Tax Exemption for Masonic Hall
       Referred to Director of Finance for consideration and response.
(13) October 9, 2009, regarding West Vancouver Alternative Housing Pilot
       Referred to Director of Planning, Lands and Permits for consideration and response.
(14) September 25, 2009, regarding Dog Barking at the SPCA
       Referred to Director of Planning, Lands and Permits for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(15) M. Van Steinburg, Canadian Labour Congress, September 30, 2009, regarding 16th Annual Labour Appreciation Night to be held December 3, 2009
(16) Hon. Polak, Minister, Ministry of Children and Family Development and Minister Responsible for Child Care, September 21, 2009, regarding Foster Family Month in British Columbia
(17) Business & Residents for Sustainable Transit Alternatives, October 14, 2009, regarding Translink Rapid Transit Expansion, Excessive Cost Estimates and Metro Vancouver's Regional Growth Strategy
Responses to Correspondence  --  No items presented.
Responses to Questions in Question Period  --  No items presented.
13.  REPORTS from Mayor/Cclrs  14. Public Questions/Comments  15.  ADJOURNMENT

===  INFObits  ===
+  THE COST OF WAR (VSun Oct 17)
=  Since September 2009, the US has spent about $227 Billion on the war in Afghanistan.  By the end of 2009 there are expected to be as many 68,000 -- more than double the number when President Bush left office.
=  Since the fall of 2002, the US has spent $683 Billion on the war in Iraq ($2,225 per American).
Knowledge Network has a series called "Landscape as Muse" and had one on the Cumberland Delta in Saskatchewan.  The artist said it was the second largest freshwater delta in the world, so I googled and found:
        1.      CBC - bold - Programs - Landscape as Muse - Saskatchewan's Cumberland Delta is one of the largest freshwater delta systems in the world. Originally molded by ancient glaciers, today it is continually ...
        2.      www.cbc.ca/bold/program-show_landscapeasmuse.html - Cached - Similar -
--> Do you know the name of the largest?       
+ Balanced scorecard
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The balanced scorecard (BSC) is a strategic performance management tool for measuring whether the smaller-scale operational activities of a company are aligned with its larger-scale objectives in terms of vision and strategy.
By focusing not only on financial outcomes but also on the operational, marketing and developmental inputs to these, the Balanced Scorecard helps provide a more comprehensive view of a business, which in turn helps organizations act in their best long-term interests. This tool is also being used to address business response to climate change and greenhouse gas emissions.
Organizations were encouraged to measure, in addition to financial outputs, those factors which influenced the financial outputs. For example, process performance, market share / penetration, long term learning and skills development, and so on.
The underlying rationale is that organizations cannot directly influence financial outcomes, as these are "lag" measures, and that the use of financial measures alone to inform the strategic control of the firm is unwise. Organizations should instead also measure those areas where direct management intervention is possible. In so doing, the early versions of the Balanced Scorecard helped organizations achieve a degree of "balance" in selection of performance measures. In practice, early Scorecards achieved this balance by encouraging managers to select measures from three additional categories or perspectives: "Customer", "Internal Business Processes", and "Learning and Growth".

===  NEWSWATCH  ===
*  Military Rabbis
Israel's army is changing. Once proudly secular, its combat units are now filling with those who believe Israel's wars are "God's wars". ...
In previous wars rabbis had to stay far from the front, he says. In Gaza, they were ordered to accompany the fighters.
Our job was to boost the fighting spirit of the soldiers. The eternal Jewish spirit from Bible times to the coming of the Messiah
"Our job was to boost the fighting spirit of the soldiers. The eternal Jewish spirit from Bible times to the coming of the Messiah."
Before his unit went into Gaza, Rabbi Kaufman said their commander told him to blow the ram's horn: "Like (biblical) Joshua when he conquered the land of Israel. It makes the war holier."
Rabbis handed out hundreds of religious pamphlets during the Gaza war. ...
They believe it is their religious duty to protect the citizens of Israel, the Jewish state. The Lord commands it, they said.
The students' seminary is built in a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank.
If President Barack Obama gets his way, Israel will eventually evacuate most settlements.
They are illegal under international law and Palestinians claim the territory as part of their future state. But for the religious soldiers the West Bank is part of land given to the Jews by God.
Gal Einav thinks many soldiers will refuse to close settlements down.
Read the whole BBC article: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/programmes/newsnight/8232340.stm

*  Settlement Interview:  http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/8268543.stm
*  Israeli teenagers face prison sentences for refusing military service: demonstration in Bilin

===  EVEN MORE ACRONYMS/ABBREVIATIONS  --  Can't believe still more!
blvd = boulevard
dbl = double
EfW = Energy from Waste
locn = location
[ADDED to PkR) = PkR-S (South), PkR-N (North)
qty = quantity
rev = revenue (going to need this discussing Budget 2010)
sep = separate
soln = solution (hope we find a lot!)
T&M = Time and Materials (term used in consulting, rather than fixed price)
VPL = Vancouver Public Library

===  QUOTATIONS and PUNS  ===
I love all men who think, even those who think otherwise than myself.
                -- Victor Hugo, French poet, novelist, and dramatist (1802 - 1885)
Never, never be afraid to do what's right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society's punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.
                -- Martin Luther King Jr., American civil-rights leader (1929 - 1968)

At 3:51 PM +0000 10/14/09, The Guardian Weekly wrote:  Quote [sic] of the week
An English-language statement issued by the Taliban: "We did not have any agenda to harm other countries including Europe nor [have we] such agenda today. Still, if you want to turn the country of the proud and pious Afghans into a colony, then know that we have an unwavering determination and have braced for a prolonged war."

Not ignorance, but ignorance of ignorance is the death of knowledge.
                --  Alfred North Whitehead, English mathematician and philosopher (1861 - 1947)
Fiction was invented the day Jonah arrived home and told his wife that he was three days late because he had been swallowed by a whale.
                --  Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Colombian journalist and novelist (b 1927)
PUNS -- for musicians/travellers, TransLink, entomologists, and others..........
o  The violinist spent the night in a vile inn.
o  Our Lady of Perpetual Motion Convent received a government subsidy for their fleet of minivans because they qualified as a mass transit system.
What part of an ant loves to play tic tac toe? The X O skeleton.
When I bought some fruit trees the nursery owner gave me some insects to help with pollination. They were free bees.
o  Why didn't the little boy ask the flight attendant for a snack? He didn't have the nuts.
>  Questions and Answers
1: Why did the chicken cross the road?
                A: To show the armadillo that it was possible.
2: Why did the chicken cross the road?
                A: To get away from Colonel Sanders!
3: Why did the chicken cross the road twice?
                A: Because it was a double-crosser.
4: Why did the Iraqi chicken cross the road?
                A: To take over the other side.
5: Why did the chicken cross the playground?
                A: To get to the other slide.
6: Why did the chicken cross the beach?
                A: To get to the other tide.
7: Why did the dinosaur cross the road?
                        A: Chickens hadn't evolved yet.