Jan 11 & 18 Ccl NOTES
Calendar to Feb 5

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Countdown to 2010 Budget and Olympics -- wch is more exciting???
Main Items on Agenda Jan 25th: DVP App 4726 Woodvalley Place; [WV Streamkeeper/EPN] Student Salmon Survey; Sport Field Master Plan; Five-Year Financial Plan Bylaw / Draft Budget 2010 Bylaw {Version 6 to be presented, introduced, and staff recommend to second reading}; Impacts of the Economic Downturn on Local Social Service Agencies; Correspondence including Cmnty Grants Cmte minutes of June 8 last year {at last -- maybe b/c of changes and as a result of my questions?}, flooding on Cranley, fine for feeding birds {???}, Theme for Heritage Week Feb 15 - 21 Sport and Recreation {fits in with Olympics!}; reply re loan from Endowment Fund but not legal opinion requested. 
BUDGET 2010! Facts/Info; Vive le Canada (Harper & Bob Rae: RMR's ProrogueVacations.com); ANIMALWATCH (Octopi; Cat Riddles); from the EDITOR'S DESK
=  CALENDAR to Feb 5th; CULTUREWATCH (Theatre, Music)
=  Ccl Mtg NOTES Jan 11th: Subscriber Summary; MP John Weston, RinC ($200K+ for WV); Mayor's Intro Remarks on Year and Budget; DVP 'Applications' (6165 Gleneagles, 1313 Fulton); V4S WG Final Report; Strategic Plan and BSC; Five-Year Financial Plan; Apptmts
=  Finance Cmte NOTES Jan 18th: Brief Deptal Presentations; a few comments
=  INFObit (Our Costs in Afghanistan); BIZWATCH (red tape); BEERWATCH (Grizzly Brown Ale); NEWSWATCH (Nigeria, Norway, Afghan Bribes, Israel, Palestine); LANGUAGEWATCH (Misplaced Modifier and Typo); QUOTATIONS/PUNS/RIDDLE ANSWERS
        10am WEDNESDAY JANUARY 27
Council has asked staff for scenarios of zero, 0.5, and 1.0%; bylaws to come to Ccl Monday Feb 1st
- 80% of the budget is for salaries and benefits (staff)
- WV Residential assessments declined an average of -8.96%
- The average assessment for 2010 is $1,305,290 (2009 was $1,421,135).
- Housing starts 2009 were 56, down 66% from 2008 (as compared with a drop of 57% MetroV as a whole) [VSun].
- According to WV 2010 assessments, 8,770 are valued more than $1M; 2009 it was 10,652 and in 2008 it was 10,685 [VSun].
- The utilities/fees/charges were passed in December with an average increase of $238 per household.
- Ccl defeated staff's proposed budget of 2.43% increase (Jan 25) and now says will consider lower: above, below, or at zero, for 2010.
2010 Budget   Tuesday, January 12 [from DWV website]
The District of West Vancouver has developed a disciplined 2010 Budget that reflects the economic challenges and financial circumstances that our community faces.
Public Meetings
At the January 11th Council Meeting, the proposed [Five-]Year Financial Plan was introduced.On January 18th, the Finance Committee discussed the 2010 Budget.
Further opportunities for public comment will be available at:
the Regular Council meeting to be held on Monday, January 25, at 7pm in the Municipal Hall Council Chamber.
Public feedback at this meeting is welcomed.
More Information
        5 Year Draft Financial Plan 
        2010 Budget (Presentation) | Regular Meeting of Council (January 11)
        Preparing For The Road Ahead (Presentation) | Finance Committee Budget Meeting (January 18)
        Strategic Plan Balanced Scorecard 
        Value for Services Survey 
        Contact the District at 604-925-7000
Strategic Plan Balanced Scorecard
The Mayor introduced the Balanced Scorecard at the January 11th Council meeting
http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=17440   more
Value for Services Survey
Value for Services Working Group Final Report was presented to Council January 11, 2010
http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=20862  more
The DWV employs more than 875 employees and provides services to more than 44,000 residents and 3,200 businesses.
                Office of the Chief Administrative Officer 
                Office of the Deputy CAO 
                Engineering and Transportation 
                Financial Services 
                Fire & Rescue Services 
                Human Resources & Payroll Services 
                Legislative Services
                Memorial Library 
                Parks & Community Services 
                Planning, Lands & Permits 

===  Vive le Canada  ===  Harper and Rae
+  Only in Canada: Harper's prorogation is a Canadian thing
Take a look around the world.
Go searching for the last time a Westminster-style parliament was shut down to free its leaders from unwanted censure or scrutiny - and you'll end right back in Canada, where you started.
It turns out, no other English-speaking nation with a system of government like ours - not Britain, Australia or New Zealand - has ever had its parliament prorogued in modern times, so that its ruling party could avoid an investigation, or a vote of confidence, by other elected legislators.
Only three times has this happened, all in Canada - first in 1873, when Sir John A. Macdonald asked the governor general to prorogue Parliament, in order to halt a House of Commons probe into the Pacific Scandal. Lord Dufferin gave in to the demand, but when Parliament reconvened Macdonald was forced to resign.
No prime minister dared use prorogation to such effect again, until Stephen Harper convinced Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean to suspend Parliament in 2008, so the Conservatives could evade a confidence vote.
About 12 months later, he did it again. Harper claims he shut down Parliament to "recalibrate" his government, but his critics say.....
The short-term nature of most MPs' careers in Canada - and their poor, institutional understanding of the House of Commons - allows powerful party leaders to exert more control over backbenchers, partly because so many MPs lack the security of safe, local ridings. The result is a weaker Parliament......
      FROM: http://www.montrealgazette.com/news/Only+Canada+Harper+prorogation+Canadian+thing/2448571/story.html
+ Bob Rae, King of proroguing
        from: http://m.torontosun.com/12577221.1?fullscreen#news  by Christina Blizzard
Let me tell you about the biggest rogue who's a pro when it comes to prorogation.
Stephen Harper, you say?
Absolutely not.
I give you Bob Rae, King of the Prorogues.
Yep, that Bob Rae. Remember when he was premier? Sure, he was a preachy New Democrat back then. Now, he's a preachy Liberal and part of the cabal slamming Harper for his so-called assault on democracy.....
As premier, he prorogued this Legislature not once, not twice but three times. And for much longer than Harper has prorogued the federal Parliament......

===  ANIMALWATCH  === Octopi and Silly Cats
+  What happens when you put an octopus in a tank with a shark?
www.FreeScienceLectures.com The giant octopus is extremely common throughout the Pacific North West and they held a regular spot on display of the ...  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFOEZh1Lbbg
+  Wow! Giant octopus - extreme animals - BBC wildlife:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwAqhThd_EQ
+  Octopus attacks Alligator!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yN_B23JLEE8&NR=1
*  CAT RIDDLES: Q: How do you know if your cat's got a bad cold?
                Q: What is cleverer than a talking cat?
                Q: What do you get if you cross a cat with a bottle of vinegar?

===  from the EDITOR'S DESK  ===
Delays b/c too much to do, but did take advantage of some good weather to take my mother to Whistler since seems from Jan 29 a permit is needed.  G discovered the Brewpub had an unusual ale (see Beerwatch).

===  CALENDAR to Feb 5th  ===
[Pls note a) that all mtgs are at M Hall unless indicated otherwise and b) with such a long gap between ccl mtgs and WVMs along with often no or v short notice of mtgs on the DWV website, this section, while hoping to, cannot possibly, be complete.  Please check DWV website wrt cmtes and WGs that are of interest to you.]
Some mtgs without description or missing from last issue or posted late on DWV Calendar:
= Monday Jan 18
        ~ 4pm ~ Strategic Transportation Planning WG
                at Works Yard Conference Rm, DWV Operations Ctr (Cypress)
= Thursday Jan 21
        ~ 5:30pm ~ Strategic Planning WG
and ~ 7:30pm ~ WV Streamkeeper Public Mtg St Stephen's (885 - 22nd)
1. Call to order; Introductions
2. Approval of Agenda
3. Adoption of the Minutes of the Public Meeting of November 19th 2009 [deferred]
4. Matters arising from the Minutes
5. Reports:
        a. Final Spawner Survey reports and updates from creek coordinators
        b. Hatchery update
        c. Report from Community Adviser - Rob Bell-Irving [DFO; regrets]
        d. Report from [the DWV] Environmental Coordinator - Steve Jenkins [DWV; regrets]
        e. West Vancouver Shoreline Preservation Society - Ray Richards [regrets]
        f.  North Shore Wetland Partners - Paul Berlinguette
6. Other Business: This is an opportunity for members to bring concerns, issues, suggestions for activities, general direction and other topics to the meeting.
[Provincial Update from MLA Ralph Sultan]
7. Adjournment
This is an open meeting so please feel free to bring your friends and advise others who you may feel are interested in Streamkeeping.  It's only $10 to become a mbr!
Contact information: Co-chairs -- Elizabeth Hardy and Michael Ritter
* See www.streamkeepers.westvan.org * Write streamkeeprs@westvan.org * Phone 628 1123 *
= Tuesday Jan 26
~ 7:30pm ~ Iran's Fight for Democracy -- do we have a role? (at the Library; details in previous issue)
= Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday Jan 25/26/27  ~ 3 - 7pm ~ Energy Fair, Cmnty Ctr Atrium =
                = Wednesday Jan 27  ~ 7pm ~ Energy Forum =
= Thursday Jan 28
        ~ 5pm ~ NSh Adv Cmte on Disability Issues at DNV M Hall
        ~ 5:30pm ~ Cmnty Engagement Cmte
= Friday Jan 29th from 6:30 to 9:30pm Wood 2 at UBC
Eyes in Gaza -- Dr. Mads Gilbert
Reserve  your tickets NOW at:
or call: 778-997-6548; Organized by: The Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights
SPHR-UBC is proud to bring you Dr. Mads Gilbert, Norwegian doctor and political activist who will be speaking on UBC campus on January 29th, 2010 as part of his North American tour. Dr. Mads Gilbert is part of Norwac, Norwegian Aid Committee, which is a humanitarian organization that works primarily with health care issues. Dr. Gilbert will be speaking about his experiences in the Gaza strip during "Operation Cast Lead" which left more than 1300 Palestinians dead, many of which were women and children.
About Dr. Gilbert:
After having received his PhD at the University of Iowa and specialised in anaesthesiology and emergency medicine, Dr. Gilbert has also taken an active role in the occupied territories.
Dr. Gilbert took part in an emergency assignment for the Norwegian Aid Committee (NORWAC) to provide emergency healthcare at al-Shifa Hospital during the 2008-2009 Israel-Gaza onslaught, when foreign journalists were denied entry into the Gaza Strip.
In a report to a medical journal, Dr. Gilbert along with surgeon Dr. Erik Fosse described the Gaza situation as a "nightmarish havoc", one in which he had "witnessed the most horrific war injuries in men, women, and children of all ages in numbers almost too large to comprehend."
He is currently a leader of the emergency medicine department of University Hospital of North Norway, and has been a professor of emergency medicine at the University of Troms=F8 since 1995.
TICKETS: $10  For tix, contact: Dina el-Kassaby - UBC @ 778-834-7633; Omar Shaban - Surrey @ 778 997 6548; Fatemah Meghji - Richmond @ 778 668 1451; Radwa Saad - Coquitlam @ 778 883 8324; Remie Farrage - Downtown Vancouver @ 778 889 9035; Mehran Najafi - Vancouver @ 604 725 2321; Nader Khattab - Burnaby @ 604 512 7436  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email SPHR at sphr.ubc@gmail.com. You can also reach SPHR President, Omar Shaban at 778 997 6548.
= Saturday Jan 30
-  OGC Event
Annual Snowshoe hike in the conservancy.  Please email abardsle@yahoo.com or katharine@steig.com if you will be coming.
-  WRA -- Next Nifty Thrifty Sale -- Saturday from noon to 4pm
Donations can be dropped of at St Monica's church hall  Friday, January 29th from 5 to 7pm
= Sunday Jan 31 at 3pm
Telling Strings is a one-hour documentary produced by Anne-Marie Haller in Switzerland. She writes: "What is necessary so that a culture =96 stuck in the threatening environment of the Israeli State =96 may continue to develop itself?"
Enter the world of the Jubran family, all lovers of music, and enjoy amazing performances. The father, Elias, is an instrument maker; his elder son, Khaled, heads a music school; his daughter, Kamilya, is a professional singer; his younger son, Rabea's passion is the bouzouq. The mother, Nuhad, worships at the orthodox church and aspired to be a singer. Their family home, where the parents still live, is in the Palestinian village of al-Rameh, the Galilee - north Israel. 
Kamilya has returned from Paris. Reunited, these "citizens" of Israel share intimate memories and daily experience, from the Nakba (Catastrophe) of 1948, when Elias was 15, to working for Intel in Jerusalem, as Rabea does today.
In the words of a Swiss trauma-psychoanalyst: "I was deeply touched by the portrait of the Jubran family, the survival strategies of Kamilya, her father and mother, the two brothers. It's not only survival -- it's also life quality, creativity, solidarity, love."
The film will be followed by discussion, led by two Palestinians, Marwan Hassan and Sobhi al Zobaidi, both with a connection to the Jubran family.
Marwan Hassan, born and raised in Nazareth, grew up in the same region and under the same conditions of imposed citizenship as Kamilya Jubran, the singer featured in 'Telling Strings". Marwan was educated in Nazareth and Jerusalem, and now is a professor of hydrology at UBC, specializing in water science and water conflicts, including those in Palestine.
Sobhi al-Zobaidi, a Palestinian filmmaker, artist. and scholar, has produced a number of award-winning documentaries, short fiction, art videos, and multi-media installations. An active member of the new and independent film movement in occupied Palestine, he writes for the Swiss weekly WOZ on Palestinian culture and politics. After cinema studies at NYU, he is completing doctoral research at SFU on dispossession and memory. Sobhi has written lyrics for Kamilya Jubran.
= Tuesday Feb 2
        ~5:30pm ~ Housing Pilot Prog WG
= Wednesday Feb 3
        ~ 6:30pm ~ Lower Caulfeild Nbrhd Review at St Francis in the Wood Church
= Thursday Feb 4
~ 7:30am ~ Field Sports Forum WG; Worksyard Conference Rm, Operations Ctr, 3755 Cypress Bowl Rd.

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+  The Great Museum of the Sea
Join author, storyteller, television host and undersea archaeologist James Delgado as he takes us on a three-thousand-year tour of the sunken past in the "Great Museum of the Sea". This is an event for curious adventurers of all ages. Saturday, January 23, 2pm in the new Welsh Hall.
Don't Forget!
The Friends of the West Vancouver Memorial Library AGM will be held at 1:30 on Wednesday, January 27th in the Welsh Hall.
+  Adult Programs at the Library
English Corner:  Practise English conversation, discuss interesting topics, make new friends. Come to English Corner Fridays (January 22, 29)  from 10 to 11:30am in the Welsh Hall.  Find out more...
+  Celebrate BC's Family Literacy Week
What better way to observe Family Literacy Week (January 25-31) than a trip to your favourite Library? Come in to browse our new books or catch a storytime (schedule here) We always love to see you!
+  Music at the Library
Free Friday Night Concert Series
Come to your Library to see local band Van Django perform on January 29th at 7:30pm. Van Django is an acoustic string ensemble whose music is well-rooted in the gypsy jazz of 1930s Paris.  The group, formed in 1998, has toured extensively in Canada, and more recently in the United States and internationally. They have twice been guests of the Seattle Symphony Orchestra and have been featured regularly on CBC.  This concert is FREE and open to all. Refreshment provided by the Friends of the Library. Find out more...
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Truly exceptional at WVML.
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 +++  WV MUSEUM  +++  Visit:  http://www.westvanmuseum.blogspot.com/
The next exhibition is Monster, presented with the Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad with the support of the Audain Foundation, opening February 4

+++  FERRY BUILDING GALLERY  +++  http://ferrybuildinggallery.com/
In The Abstract -- Jan 26 -  Feb 7
Mixed media: Michael Jeffery, Eric Goldstein, Maria Gyssen
Opening Reception: Tuesday January 26 from 6 - 8pm
 Artist in Attendance: Saturday from January 30 from 2 - 3pm
+++ SILK PURSE +++  www.silkpurse.ca
January 19- January 31  --  "Hand-Hooked Rugs: Sense & Sensibility"
This hand-hooked rug exhibition explores the application of contemporary west coast sensibility to a craft form with roots in Eastern Canada. The exhibit consists of thirty hand-hooked rugs. The designs and vibrant colour applications are informed by their physical environment and the day-to-day lives of the rug-hooking artists who create them. Rug Artists include: Michelle Sirois-Silver, Linda Spence, Georgia Exworth, Freda Jackson, Tanya Graham, Katie Rainwater, Donna Roald, Fran Moore, Lee Stevens, Michelle Watters, Judy Schick, and Anne Vuilliamy.
Opening Reception: SATURDAY January 23rd from 2-4 pm
FREE DEMO  --  SATURDAY January 23rd from 12-4 pm  --  Everyone is Welcome!!
     Many of the contributors will be available to demonstrate their craft and meet with the public during this FREE demonstration. Several of the rugmakers are certified instructors and are available to teach workshops.
     Hand-Hooked Rugs: The art of rug-hooking is centuries old, although just how old is debatable. Theories abound on just where or when the craft started. Some historians believe that descendants of the ancient Egyptians made the first hand-hooked rugs, while others believe the craft began in China or Europe.
     We know for certain that the resurgence of interest in the mid-19th century began in New England and the maritime provinces of Canada, created originally out of necessity but in the 1940s it became a major fashion statement and a most popular way to make a creative statement. These rugs hang in art galleries across the country, and the Silk Purse takes great pleasure in displaying these unique works of art presented by the Vancouver Rug Hookers Association.
Come out to see this intricate, one-of-a-kind collection of works and learn for yourself the age-old art of Rug-Hooking.  Free of Charge!
*  RUG-HOOKING WORKSHOP  --  Saturday, January 30, 2010 ~10 am - 3 pm
        FEE: $65 per participant.  MUST REGISTER!!  CALL 925 7292
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The Winter Issue of "The Torch" is available.
To view the newsletter, just click the following link for direct access:
As well, here is the link to the Military Service Recognition Book Submission Form mentioned in Peter Cherry's Memorabilia Report. Page 1 - http://www.westvan60.com/Images/scan0013.jpg  Page 2 - http://www.westvan60.com/Images/scan0014.jpg
The newsletter is available to any non-member who is interested.  To sign up, please fill in the form at the bottom of the webpage, http://www.westvan60.com/newsletter.html
Please email me at thetorch60@telus.net, if you would like to submit an article, or if you have any questions or comments.  Thank you for your interest.
        Best regards,  Janice Mackay-Smith, The Torch
***  One of the Legion's most popular entertainers, Greg Hampson, will be singing here for your listening and/or dance pleasure on Saturday, February 6th.  As weekend dance music is now limited to Special Events, you may enjoy coming down and seeing Greg.  He will be playing from 7 to 11pm.  He plays wonderful music, he is great to dance to, and he takes requests!
+++  WV CHAMBER OF COMMERCE  +++ http://www.westvanchamber.com
CHAMBER BREAKFAST Jan 20 with the Mayor was sold out.  Speech in next issue!
The Edward Curtis Project makes its World Premiere! Jan 21 - 31
The Cultural Olympiad and the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival join us in presenting the much anticipated Edward Curtis Project.  Join us for the show that has been in development here for over two years.  [Full Details in a previous issue]
        All shows are at 8pm, with additional matinees on Saturdays at 4pm, and Sundays at 2pm.
Tickets $24 to $28 For more info, or to book, call 990 3474, or click here to order online.
+  THE ARTS CLUB (687 1644)
- Mrs. Dexter and Her Daily -- January 7 - February 7 -- Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage
        by Joanna McClelland Glass, directed by Marti Maraden
        Starring Nicola Cavendish and Fiona Reid
A world premiere co-production with Canada's National Arts Centre English Theatre
Friendship, Maid to Order  --  A finely crafted portrait of Mrs. D and Peggy, whose longstanding employer-servant relationship may be coming to an end. The women cross class and cultural boundaries in this tale of love and loss and loyalty, set in Toronto. http://www.artsclub.com/20092010/plays/mrs-dexter-and-her-daily.htm
- NEVERMORE: The Imaginary Life and Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe
        Production conceived by Jonathan Christenson and Bretta Gerecke
Presented with the Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad -- Jan 21 - Feb 6 -- Granville Island Stage
A Catalyst Theatre production, presented with The Cultch and the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival
A Musical Fable for Adults -- "All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream." So wrote Poe nearly two hundred years ago. His lingering myths are fused with music in this enthralling, fantastical rendering of the Gothic dreamscape of his life, revealing the psychology of the man whose haunting, darkly comic writings resonate in each of our tell-tale hearts. http://www.artsclub.com/20092010/plays/nevermore.htm
+  VANCOUVER PLAYHOUSE  --  tix 873 3311
Beyond Eden -- world premiere, part of the 2010 Cultural Olympiad  -- Jan 16 to Feb 6
In the abandoned Haida village of Ninstints stand totem poles. They have stood there for decades. Lewis Wilson and his long-time friend and colleague Max Tomson are on an expedition to rescue these totem poles and save them from their waterlogged, beetle-infested, and fragile condition. On their journey both men struggle: Wilson with his authority and resistance to removing the poles; Max to find his place between the white world and his Haida ancestry.
+  Jericho Arts Centre, 1675 Discovery  --  224 8007 -- Ivanov by Chekhov Jan 22 to Feb 14
        New translation by Tom Stoppard
+  VSO -- See www.vancouversymphony.ca --  Mahler's Symphony No 8 of a Thousand, Jan 30th and Feb 1st at QE; part of Cultural Olympiad; marks the 100th anniversary of its first performance; 876 3434.

===  COUNCIL on Jan 11th   ===
SUBSCRIBER SUMMARY -- sent Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2010 00:49:33
What happened?
=  Opening remarks by John Weston, MP and The Year in Review by the Mayor
=  V4S WG Report: all eight recommendations approved by Ccl (7:33 - 7:52)
=  Highlight of evening: Strategic Plan and BSC presentation by CAO (until about 8:35)
22 slides; staff proposes 2.68% Budget increase ($81 on an average assessment of $1.303M); exempt staff to get 2% less than proposed salary increase (laudable surprise) but rest of staff will get 4% {started Jan 1st!!!}; a new Dir/Finance will be found b/c RL is on sick leave and when he comes back will be given another position; WVPD budget presentation by Chief Lepine; other depts = Jan 18; first and second reading Jan 25, Feb 1st third reading intention to adopt budget Feb 8
- also planned: establishment of a Land Devt Fund.
- in musing about low inflation and maybe even negative, MS stressed that Ccl might decide differently from the 2.68% increase proposed by staff
-  ML urged the public to come to the FCmte mtg next Monday to listen to the detailed deptal reviews b/c Ccl needs to hear their views.
=  wrt Five-Year Financial Plan Bylaw, SW said deptal budget presentations will be presented at the Finance Cmte mtg next Monday (Jan 18), chaired by SW
=  Apptmts to Bd of Variance, Awards Cmte, CEC, and Cmnty Grants
=  Correspondence: discussion wrt Annual Fire Inspection fees
=  Reports: TP -- Bill 27 (?) prov deadline May 31st

===  Ccl Mtg NOTES Jan 11th   ===
2. RECOMMENDED:  THAT in the public interest, members of the public be excluded from part of the January 11, 2010 regular Council Meeting on the basis of matters to be considered under the following section of the Community Charter:
90. (1) A part of a council meeting may be closed to the public if the subject matter being considered relates to or is one or more of the following:
1. personal information about an identifiable individual who holds or is being considered for a position as an officer, employee or agent of the municipality or another position appointed by the municipality.
        At 7pm, following conclusion of the closed session, the following items will be considered:
Mayor: introduce our MP, John Weston
John Weston, MP: over $200M
worked hard; unprecedented cooperation
all three levels of govt hard at work; shrunk distance to Ottawa
Cabinet Ministers here -- John Baird, Stephen Fletcher, Jason Kenny, Jim Flaherty, 450 ppl
fiscal stimulus plan is working
ten months into the plan 97% across country already committed to
on NSh, able to fund $1.7M Montizambert sewer... Trail
Cclr Panz worked with  --- $1.5M fed fund matched from DWV and BC
... $9.9M ...a
today, pleased to announce the govt $201K RinC projects - infrastructure including backstops

{Hard to get all this juicy information down -- over $200K.  The press release starts:
Federal Funding for Recreational Facilities Delivered for West Vancouver
Government of Canada Invests in Key West Vancouver Recreational Centres
(January 11, 2010) West Vancouver, BC - John Weston, Member of Parliament for West Vancouver- Sunshine Coast Sea-to-Sky Country, on behalf of the Honourable Lynne Yelich, Minister of State for Western Economic Diversification, today announced today federal funding to improve recreational facilities and to strengthen economic opportunities in West Vancouver. Funding for this investment is being provided under the Recreational Infrastructure Canada (RInC) program, a major job creating investment from Canada's Economic Action Plan.
For whole press release, see:
http://www.johnweston.ca/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=210%3Afederal-funding-for-recreational-facilities-delivered-for-west-vancouver&catid=38%3Apress-releases&Itemid=59&lang=en  }

bleachers in Glenmore field; upgrade to Aquatic Centre; playground area in ... Park $66K
$80K to build a covered walkway to between the two senior xxx
your hard work
over $200K make sure priorities well known
Sop: thank you
one of my concerns funding Coastal Health cut re social progs
looking at less monies?
JW: close cooperation between --- don't think we've seen that in a generation
Campbell was only premier in house when budget...
one of the best prov govts to work with
hope the cooperation and communication will continue
Mayor: thank you
a bit risky coming to a ccl mtg, questions, but interested in working together
JW: great to be with friends and nbrs
Mayor: Heart and Stroke Fdn
2010 Olympic
a bit diff approach b/c of the Games
reduce death and disability b/c of heart attacks and stroke
continue commitment even though other things going on
5.  APPROVAL OF AGENDA -- January 11, 2010 Regular Council Meeting Agenda
Add: updating V4S report, first page
SSch: replacement of Appendix C
6. Adoption of December 7, December 14, and December 18, 2009 Council Minutes
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the following Minutes be adopted as circulated:
December 7, 2009 Regular Council Meeting;
December 14, 2009 Regular Council Meeting; and
December 18, 2009 Special Council Meetings.
Mayor: one question re final page
says Lewis on Awards cmte in minutes but not Panz
TP: think what we discussed but...
Welcome to the New Year, and to the introduction of Council's strategic plan.  As the Strategic Plan Working Group wrote and rewrote the Vision and Mission statements over the summer and into the fall, they asked themselves "Will these aspirations hold true in ten or twenty years from now?" They took to heart the community's desire to take the long view, and perhaps a more challenging path.
Before I go a little deeper into the strategic plan, I would like to comment on the first year of accomplishments of this Council.  When we were first elected just over a year ago, we achieved consensus that we would do the following:
*  that we would demonstrate the power of our ability to work together by setting a long-term vision and long term goals
*  that we would optimize the potential of the community's asset base, in recognition of the burden of property taxation and the economic situation we are in
*  that we would fulfill the Ambleside Plan including a strong role for the arts
*  that we would demonstrate the value of municipal services
*  that we would improve housing choice and focus on maintaining the character of the community
*  that we would reflect the impact of climate change on local government
*  that we would focus on childcare
*  that we would support the Spirit Trail cycling path and a transportation plan
That was our first day.  Some of the highlights of 2009 are that we completed the North Shore Police Services Review and put together a plan for celebrating the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.  We have been very successful in attracting federal Build Canada and Recreation infrastructure dollars as well as receiving significant provincial government investment in the Capilano River Bridge replacement and the Spirit Trail cycling path.  We succeeded in becoming part of Metro Vancouver's pilot to collect organics at the curb.  We replaced the Almondel Bridge and won national and provincial professional awards for the Eagle Lake Membrane Filtration Plant.
We opened the Community Centre and it is filled to capacity, we finally approved funding to fix the seniors' centre building envelope, we passed a childcare zoning bylaw and are about to open to new childcare facilities, largely funded by provincial dollars.  We are building a third artificial turf field at Ambleside - funded 2/3rds by senior levels of government.  We are about to open the renovated Gleneagles Golf Clubhouse.
We legalized secondary suites, and brought the home based business zoning bylaw up to date.  Two housing pilot projects are approved, with an approach to support more in the future.  We have selected a developer for the Wetmore site, for seniors housing.  We purchased another waterfront lot on Argyle - and only have six lots to go to fulfill an over 30-year process of acquisition.
The library installed its RFID technology for checking books in and out, moved the reading room upstairs and built a little theatre space downstairs.  The Kay Meek Centre had its most successful year ever.  The Police Board watched as our previous Chief became Solicitor General, and we swore in our new Police Chief.  Our partnership approach resulted in the stellar Sarah McLachlan concert in September, which shows how we can bring first class events to West Vancouver, with no burden to the taxpayer, just the drive to collaborate and succeed.
And while staff and Council were executing this business on behalf of so many interests in the community, our working groups continued to develop policy on Housing, Childcare, the Spirit Trail, Transportation, Value for Services, Climate Change, Field Sports, and Access and Inclusion and of course, this Strategic Plan.
Apart from the importance of recognizing what we've done, I cannot stress enough how far the cohesion and focus of this Council goes towards enabling our staff to deliver on such an ambitious agenda and towards encouraging citizens to contribute their precious time - staff and the community see that Council is sincere in its direction.
The key goals of the strategic plan reflect the strong foundations laid by all of our working groups over the past three years, and confirmed by the community as the Strategic Plan Working Group tested these goals.
I try to begin things the way in which I plan to finish them.  Last year was our beginning as a Council, and its hallmarks have been cooperation, clarity, comprehensiveness and focus.  The Strategic Plan enshrines this way of working.  It is much more than a list of priorities - it expects that municipal departments will be integrated, it expects that Council will offer clear rationales for new initiatives, including budget implications, it commits to biannual reporting by staff on our progress, and it places community engagement at the heart of its success.  The Community Engagement Committee is being appointed tonight.  I hope Council will support its renewed mandate to ignite the relationship between the community and this plan.
It is a breakthrough for this Council -- and unique amongst municipal governments - to be in a position to introduce a draft budget that is driven by the strategic plan and laid out over multiple years by the Balanced Scorecard.  The big picture work of the Strategic Plan working group proceeded as the Value for Services working group worked on its recommendations for how we could achieve our aspirations within a sound financial framework.
Staff has spent this fall creating the Balanced Scorecard precisely in order to bring financial and management discipline to our community goals.  The Executive Team have worked incredibility hard this fall to prepare the Balanced Scorecard at the same time as manage their departments and produce a draft budget.  On behalf of Council, thank you for providing this strong foundation for our future decision making.
There are significant goals laid out in the Strategic Plan which require Council to take on real challenges.  The five key goals are:  Civic Responsibility; the Environment; Land Use, Housing and Transportation; Community Life and Economic Stability.  West Vancouver's future relies on staff, Council and the community working together.  We heard over and over that community life here could and should be more vibrant, and that people wish to be more inclusive and better connected.  A big part of that is to ensure a better balance in housing choice, a more bicycle and pedestrian friendly approach, defence of the natural environment and better use of the land-based assets the taxpayer owns so that we are in the strongest possible financial position.
The Balanced Scorecard has translated these goals into some immediate challenges for us.  They are:
*  The need for a long overdue Parks Plan, which has been neglected since the [1970s].
*  A Land Development Trust to oversee the redevelopment of the 1300 block of Marine Drive, moving the Police Station to right here beside City Hall, and additional development of taxpayer-owned assets.
*  Attention to intergovernmental relations, especially working with our MLAs and MP, the Squamish Nation, and North Vancouver City and District.  We have been served well by our proactive approach and if we are to manage properly, we need to be ready for legislative change and prepared to coordinate and perhaps amalgamate services.
*  Enhanced civic engagement.  Our working groups work, and Council's success will rely increasingly on this and other meaningful ways of having our citizens work with us on these challenges.
*  Long term infrastructure management.  All municipalities face massive costs for infrastructure replacement.  West Vancouver is perhaps the first to figure out the cost, tell the public, and create the financial plan to manage.
*  A new budget process which we see the beginning of, tonight.
I continue to be completely committed to each member of Council for your independence, your representative role and your outstanding ability to work together.  You have succeeded in setting a positive tone which is not always the case amongst Councils.  This enables us to tackle difficult decisions, and to keep our discussions focused on policy.
2010 is an extraordinary year for us.  West Vancouver residents will be so proud of our community when the Olympic torch comes through town and is lit here on February 10th, and when the Atrium at the community centre is transformed into our living room for the Games.  Everyone is welcome, free of charge, anytime, to watch the 11' x 20' screen where we will have the CTV live feed of all the events.  Most evenings there is a concert or dance, there will be beer and wine and good food available.  Our partners, Nunavut and the Yukon, and the Canadian Space Agency are here in West Van to make this Canada's Games.
We are beginning 2010 by laying out the community's long-term thinking about itself.  We are also beginning the year in full recognition that the relationship between Council leadership and staff's financial and management expertise, in complete collaboration with the community is how we will succeed.  That is how we will inspire excellence and lead by example.  Thank you Council, for your vision in service to the people of West Vancouver.
Sop: and thank you for your leadership as well.
Mayor: copies to you, our MP, NV, and Sq Nation
7. Development Variance Permit Application No. 09-003 (6165 Gleneagles Drive) (File:  1010-20-09-003)
At the December 7, 2009 regular meeting Council received the report dated November 16, 2009 from the Community Planner regarding Development Variance Permit Application No. 09-003 for 6165 Gleneagles Drive and set the date for consideration for January 11, 2010.
= Reports received up to January 7, 2010:  NAME: / DATE: / FOR COUNCIL CONSIDERATION:
Development Variance Permit Application No. 09-003 (6165 Gleneagles Drive) / Nov 16 / Dec 7
= Correspondence received up to January 7, 2010 for Ccl Consideration Jan 11:
F. van Mulligen / Dec / Jan 11; L. & R. Boehm / Dec 6; M. & B. Palacios / Nov 21; N. Moffatt / Dec 14; B. & L. Kootchin / Jan 4; J. Earle / Dec 20; B. Amer & A. Raso Amer / Dec 15
Geri Boyle, Staff: purpose is to vary sev .. of bylaw to allow retention of same
SLIDE -- pointing to rear elev, view of deck and X
when originally purchased in '70s, the front entry and the dormer, built without bldg permit; they want to add and need to bring into compliance
Mayor: sev letters of support from nbrs
Bill Chapman, Surveyor: I'm representing the owners, have ... here tonight
believe quite straightforward; our clients bought the house believe was conforming, found out wasn't and dealing with it last few months
asking permission for variances so life can carry on.
Sop: covered deck area is really canvas, not a full deck? was out there Sunday so not a deck
understand from owners staff requested a report about what was built before buying
Bill Ch: inside the house
GB: on-table item you received; it had two typing errors
notice that went out; somehow typing errors in draft permit
{Received for information, then}
TP moved: THAT the proposed DVP which would provide for an existing dwelling with a third storey and covered deck to be retained, be approved.
8. Development Variance Permit Application No. 09-038 (1313 Fulton Avenue) (File:  1010-20-09-038)
At the Dec 14 regular meeting Council received the report dated Decr 8 from the Cmnty Planner and the Mgr of Cmnty Planning regarding the DVP Applic for 1313 Fulton Avenue and set the date for consideration for Jan 11.
= Reports received up to January 7, 2010:  NAME: / DATE: / FOR COUNCIL CONSIDERATION:
Development Variance Permit Application No. 09-038 (1313 Fulton Avenue) / Dec 8 / Dec 14
= Correspondence received up to January 7, 2010: / DATE: / FOR COUNCIL CONSIDERATION:
No items received to date.
GB: this too
actual variance, a main floor and basement addition
applic came to District after a stopwork order
the dormer extension placed them over the FAR
the dormer extension has been .... with reduction elsewhere so not subject
the variance SLIDE is here -- not been able to date that
deals with front yards on Fulton and 13th
contemporary survey
Mayor: is applicant wishing to?
GB: present if there are questions
{PASSED: received for information}
MS moved:THAT the proposed DVP which would vary the maximum Floor Area Ratio to allow an existing dwelling with an addition to the main floor and basement to be retained, be approved.
Sop: sometime between 1979 and 2003 added to without [permit?]
certain standards we expect in WV
when permit add-ons not to standard we want
effect on area residents
if anyone has a desire to do anything, a simple call to this Hall, a permit needed for what you want to do, and save yu money
I'm going to support what staff recommended
not saying in this case
but if you do without permit, takes staff time, costly, and no penalty
seen over the years
Mayor: is this related to the motion?
Sop: there is, it's all here if you read it
took staff, no penalty
how do we go from 1979 to 2003 addns put on and nobody knows about it?
Mayor: I know of three cases we've made xxxxx
waste of time
do it properly the first time, will save you a ton
9. Value for Services Working Group - Final Report (File:  0117-20-VALSR)
1. Council accept for information the following recommendations of the Value for Services Working Group which have been incorporated into the DWV Strategic Plan, specifically the Balanced Scorecard where performance measurements for accomplishing these initiatives can be monitored.
2. The Survey results (attached as Appendix A) and the information provided to Council by the Value for Services Working Group (attached as Appendix C) be received and considered.
3. Council accept that within the Strategic Plan there is a strong commitment to financial restraint and that employee performance measurement indicators are contained within the Balanced Scorecard.
4. Council's approval of capital expenditures and service level enhancements [always] be subject to careful review to determine if they are in the public interest and respond to documented resident demand.
5. Since labour costs are the largest component of expenditures and expenditure increases, a focused [effort be] placed on increasing efficiencies through:
        i. alternative delivery methods; and
        ii. increased employee productivity.
6. A comprehensive review of user fees be undertaken in 2010.
7. A review of all leases to the private sector or private individuals of municipal lands or assets be undertaken, with a view to moving to market rates.
8. Staff analyze and address the apparent discrepancy of resident satisfaction for various District services.
ML: my pleasure and Graham Nicholl
wd like to acknowledge
Alex Tunner pls stand -- you're taller than most....... [gave names of WG]
want to congratulate
spent most of summer, lots of time
in NSN Friday note NV going to embark on
once again WV leads the pack
ask Graham if he'd come forward
thank? with? acknowledge participation of staff, CAO, RL, Barb Wood, Pascal Cuk clerical
Graham Nicholl: thank you for the opp to report
[PowerPoint] just go ahead without
this is our final report that completes our responsibilities
afraid don't have..... perhaps go ahead without the PowerPoint
WG -- three objectives identity
1) provide info on costs 2) taxpayer input 3) recommendations for 2010 process
seven taxpaying residents plus Cclr Lewis; also supported by mbrs of staff
although approved June 1st wasn't until July 14th met
realistically how get it done; decided to meet ev Tues
remember that? summer weather
complicated by August holidays, staff breaks
When we appeared Sept 14th decided
devpd a survey doc; four pages of info and a two-page questionnaire
add'l info added to WV website
tight timeframe
three months, strangers, get to know each other
sat through valuable info from staff; decide what to put in the four pages of info for residents and what to put on DWV website, consult with Synovate, mail out, understand survey results.
You have the Ccl report prepared by CAO
much included in .... and BSC
a lot of ?? work
challenging but happy with outcome
thanks to staff, Synovate, and to you, Ccl, for entrusting us
Sop: thank you for all your work; support some new ....
3.4% return on survey not really indicative of all the citizens of WV
how did you come to conclusion as all out rather than directive?
3.4% you don't get a good handle on ????
GN: to a certain point self-selective; not statistically valid
but can be compared with previous surveys and you cd see a fair amt of congruence
in a number of cases, a bit more critical -- indicates greater motivation
having acknowledged not a scientific, .... gave us some comfort
Sop: fair enough, your recommendations are serious and going to accept some of them
Engg, if not happy on a road
not a good enough job of telling a good story
a good load of pluses, Engg getting a whack and not deserving ????
MS: while might not be scientific, the bottom line is that ev resident has an opp to participate, the old story if you don't want to play you can't complain about the results
although small, the info that came out is relevant
the results reasonably close to other surveys so don't want to give impression wash? under b/c only 3.4% -- there were some good learnings that came out of the survey
Mayor: I agree
good work in a short period of time
{ML made motion as printed}
ML: think the work is directional, consistent with Strategic Plan and BSC; comes as no surprise; in light of time, v pleased; sound footing to move forward; who knows in 2010; the eight recommendations [recs] are mirrored in the Strategic Plan reflects that
TP: was going to say the same thing
all eight recommendations if you look at BSC, pretty well embedded in what comes next
commend time and energy and commitment; this cmnty amazes me, makes it such a wonderful place to live
MS: many of these recs, xxxx, the point that needs to be made, these really mirror the Fiscal Sust Task Force, discussed in the Finance Cmte mtgs of the last couple of years; have to move from making the same suggestions to implementing these things b/c they are important
nothing wrong with user fees; if not make a biz case for not
here four years later still not there
move beyond recs and actually doing
SW: I'm not going to say much b/c I don't like it when others repeat what others say ....
Sop: if I dare put a couple of words in
decided not to entertain it, the cost we collect and pass on, ever-increasing
equal to our M tax
wonder why not addressed in V4S, Cclr Lewis
ML: think you're referring to TransLink, .....
Mayor: and School Board
ML: fair to say participation and on MetroV board, xxx will be addressed, you're quite correct those fees will likely exceed our taxes
Mayor: fundamental diff between Task Force and this
provide BSC, take these recs and act on them
take this and not worry about scoring points off one another and &&&
not news
I do think we are pushing user fees, you don't get as many emails as I do
have to be cognizant of ...   fairness
best way to bring this forward is budget and strat plan? and BSC
10. Strategic Plan and Balanced Scorecard (File:  0280-03)
1. Council receive the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) as the 2010 District Staff Work Plan as directed by Council through the West Vancouver Strategic Plan and forward to the January 18th Finance Committee meeting; and that
2. Updates to the Strategic Initiatives shown within the Balanced Scorecard be published twice annually to acknowledge progress on community goals.
CAO: hard to follow your presentation; will hit this at a 10,000ft level
as stated previously, when we met with V4S; xxx went round expertise impressed
almost a culmination
Public will be seeing Strat Plan and BSC; will walk you through it; setting a new ...
encourage public to get involved
challenge we've accepted is to set a long-term goal, not just three but ten, 20, 100 years
where we want to move forward
SLIDE re Guiding principles flowing from our vision and mission:
        innovation, Fiscal Sust, performance measuring,
can't improve what you can't measure
SLIDE A solid plan and responsible approach takes planning to a new level
identify longer term goals
WV residents want to feel confident they are getting the best value for their tax dollars
SLIDE: What is your Municipality Doing:  --  Qs and As
SLIDE: Why the Balanced Scorecard
        The Balanced Scorecard is a strategic planning and management system.
        This system is used extensively in the business industry, and in government and nonprofit organizations worldwide to align business activities to the vision and strategy of the organization. This improves internal and external communications, and monitors organizational performance against strategic goals.
SLIDE: number of Challenges currently facing the DWV
Salaries; set the bar through arbitrated talk about IFF, Police, don't have CUPE, we deal with WVMEA
make sure we understand some of the challenges
There Are A Number Of Challenges  Currently Facing The District Of West Vancouver
A declining economy
Zero growth of the residential tax base and aging infrastructure 
Increases in charges from outside agencies (Metro Vancouver/Translink) including regional sewer costs, water treatment, and waste removal
Additional budget pressures include arbitrated Union salary increases negotiated from other municipalities and awarded across the Province
Preserving our quality of life and prioritizing for the future impacts of both the 2010 budget and beyond - the raison d'etre of the Strategic Plan.
15 Initiatives from the BSC *****
Big initiatives won't speak to all but will take 15
Focusing on performance measurements and performance metrics
Continuing to examine current and future cost-drivers
Moving towards a stronger focus on user-fees
[Using] Alternative service delivery models (contracting services, where possible)
Undertaking a comprehensive Master Plan for the District's Parks and Open Space
Reviewing salaries to retain and attract qualified professionals reflective of market and private sector salaries
Utilizing public and private partnerships for capital projects
Investigating and implementing the appropriate governance model, such as a Lands Trust to maximize District-owned lands.
Embarking on the long-awaited Ambleside Village Centre Strategy and the Arts, Culture, and Heritage Facility Study through the redevelopment of the 1300 Block Marine Drive and the City Hall/Public Safety Precinct 
Enhancing the role of volunteers
Raising of revenues through sponsorship activity
Partnering with the North Shore municipalities, Squamish Nation, RCMP, and investigating the contracting of SD #45 business services
Reviewing and enhancing our appropriate role in Metro Vancouver
Pursuing the use of new technologies and technology accelerators to support E-Government and enhance communication
Exploring entrepreneurial initiatives to offset the reliance on residential taxation
Focusing on improving our annual cycle of budgeting and reporting and continuing to determine the value our citizens place on the services they receive
purchased 26 of 32 homes on Argyle
I'll be taking a review of Financial Services; our Dir/Fin is on sick leave, hiring a new one and he'll be coming back in a new role
Recommend 2010 budget 2.68%, $81 of av assessment of $1,303M.
ongoing Core Service levels 1.27:
infra maintenance .57%
BSC initiatives .84%
What's included
Fire 2.5%; Police .875; 3.5%; WVMEA 4% effective Jan 1 2010
I have proposed: most have received 4%; exempt 2% reduction of proposed salary
savings to District $215K
staffing changes
increased anticipated revenue
most signif reductions: Parks and Cmnty Services and Fire Dept
bring leases to leasing market rate
support WGs and CEC
improve financial recording and material; financial control and reporting
quick review; wd like to turn over to Acting Dir/Finance, Ms Wood
BW: $19.4M  and ....
major: Spirit Trail; MDr; McGavin {see text}
work at Library -- windows, etc
$3.5M for another prop
upgrade to phone system $284K serves all major facilities -- feel time to redo that
servers need to be replaced; phones will stay
remove some glitches, believe can get some functionality
turn now to infrastructure -- $9.2M, $1.1M computers, etc
Technology 457 PCs 70 laptops, fifth year equipment, time to refresh
for op to continue smoothly, need to.... in 2010
ten servers on a rotating schedule beyond their warranty
other items we need to deal with
....Annual Roads program ... 21s at Queens, 15th at Mathers, and xxs
CAO: re land devt fund; we do have a number of assets District owns, need to have an implementation plan for both devt and redevt of MDr 1300 block
need to move quickly, correct ppl in to manage that; creating a Land Devt Fund, move into a Lands Trust -- a cmte of Ccl, staff, mbrs of cmnty
high level of BSC
what we've been doing and what we're proposing to do
understand a FCmte next Monday -- will be making further presentations
debate from Ccl, xxxxx
Wd like to invite Police Chief Lepine to make a presentation re their budget
Mayor: Chief is here as well as Doug Murphy chair of Finance Cmte of Police Bd; Ccl plsed aligns with Ccl
PL: pleased to present 2010 Budget; thank CAO for presentation this evening b/c it will align the Police Dept's strat plan along with BSC
acknowledge tremendous support of the Ccl for the men and women of the WVPD
standards ...  high degree of citizen support
CAO said increase of 2.??%
Budget increase 3.83% -- there are two third-party costs: $45K automated finger printing and privacy xxx; levied against all including RCMP; increase of E-Comm levy, all depts $5K
this $50K means 3.83%; 2.78% high than the 2.68% by CAO
2010 is a year of Realignment for us
Police Bd committed to working with team and committed to status quo for this year [?]
CAO: appreciated; need to reiterate what Mayor said
believe this in line with direction Ccl has given and WGs
cdn't get where we are today without the strong support of Ccl and WGs
in particular want to thank Brent Leigh --  and Strat Plan WG
thank Ccl; executive team
Mayor: just so we're clear about the budget process; know Ccl eager to get into it
Public needs to know; FCmte mtg next Monday Jan 18, chaired by SW, opportunity for public
Jan 25 first and second reading, and beginning of Ccl discussion
Feb 1st is clear for third reading; intention to adopt budget Feb 8
info tonight but many mtgs for budget discussion
{many? three is many? and only one with full final info? we're getting new docs next week!}
SW: notice a letter from Prez of E-Comm today, states a cost reduction from 2009 so where does the levy come from????
PL: suspect that's the case
Mayor: per police officer? shifting dispatch and ?? charges
and he probably hasn't added the two together
I'm on that page as well
MS: to follow up on your comments re process; make clear to the public 2.68% is a proposed increase by staff not necessarily that of Ccl so not to rush from room that it will be a 2.68% increase
glad staff will answer next Monday
will throw out question: 4.64% and everything I've read no inflation, rather deflation; need to hear from staff where belt-tightening
... about four times, I've heard
ML: really the only point I wd like to make is that we're looking at a three- to four-week timeframe
wd encourage ev to attend next Monday for detailed dept reviews; Ccl needs to hear from the public
dropped an awful info this evening, out with calculators
Sop: finance is item 11; don't want to take away from the Strat Plan and BSC -- mtgs prior to going to Wosk Ctr, Brent and Grant, to WG
been from the early stages, wonderment as to how wd all end up to what we have tonight
congratulations to effort put forth by staff
thanks to Mr Leigh for presenting to us, a few years ago we wdn't even have thought of
progression even over this first year, embarking on something profound effect 20 to 30 years from now
thank them v much
Mayor: quite right, CAO felt presenting the Strat Plan, BSC, and budget together
means we shd move quickly though No 11
when we have debate able see what that does to budget and directions
{Sop made motion (above)}
TP: just want to make sure cmnty has access to scorecard; going to be on website?
DepCAO: current draft of BSC on line this evening
Mayor: withholding comment, a lot to say about this package but think I share that with everyone on Ccl; v v strong beginning; all prepared for lots of debate
11. [Five-]Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 4628, 2010 (File:  1610-20-4628)
        RECOMMENDED: THAT [Five-]Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 4628, 2010 be read a first time.
Mayor: Mr McRadu?
CAO: nothing; will speak next week.
12. Appointments to Boards and Committees (File:  0115-01)  -- Information to be provided.
Mayor: made in camera, now released to public
TP: will apologize up front if I mispronounce someone's name
Bd of Variance; Awards Cmte; Cmnty Engagement Cmte: ending Dec 31st; last three reapptmts
Cmnty Grants Cmte for two-year term ending Dec 2011
{See their webpages for details}
Mayor: wd like to thank very much the commitment over the past couple of years Carolanne Reynolds and Patti Bolton; as well with Alex an original mbr, those three instrumental [earlier] in laying the foundations for WGs that have been so successful....
that spirit have all sorts of new ppl sitting on these cmte
thank that solid commitment and vision who were the original mbrs
along with myself Cclr Sop, Walker, and who before?
Sop: Ferguson
13. Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
Item 14 - Correspondence List.
SW: item 13
14. Correspondence List (File:  0120 24) -- to be received for information. [Complete list in WVM01]
Correspondence received up to December 23, 2009
(13) B. G. Hlynsky, B. Gordon Hlynsky Architect Inc., December 1, 2009, regarding Annual Inspection Fee for Fire Service
SW: another issue wd like to address over next 12 months
something wrt space ...  700 sf .....
I just signed a chq for $1000 for a biz licence ...  take a look at
Mayor: review of user fees
see if we can refine anything at this point
important part of public input
Sop: I had calls...
SW: inspection fees specifically and refused to pay, referred to landlords upstairs
Sop: when we look at ...  long hard haul for biz cmnty
Mayor: so give Chief Cook a headsup for mtg next Monday
SW: re e-govt, biz licences, look at more effective ways of delivering
TP: Bill 27
pass this out as an invitation; extensive advertising; mailed to ev resident in cmnty
public consultation is a legal requirement; first off, another after Olympics; May 31st 2010
Energy Fair and Forum Jan 25-27; Cmnty Ctr, engaging ppl in outreach
encourage fellow residents to come
will be in Tidings; you'll be getting a card in the mail
teamed up with the Climate Action WG as well
Sop: extremely supportive of CAWG; info I have is there's no deadline
will prove that to you no deadline and will present this to you during week
Mayor: no?
Sop: not as stated here
Mayor: CAO? re greenhouse reduction
CAO: will bring
17. ADJOURNMENT  [8:45]

===  FINANCE CMTE NOTES Jan 18th   ===
Ccl Jan 18: FCmte mtg -- deptal overviews so high level you keep reaching for the mouse to zoom in (or out, depending on how enthralled you are).  It was version 5 of the budget and the next version will be presented Monday 25th.  Revision 5 has decreased the increase to 2.43%.  At end ppl were encouraged to write to acting Dir/Finance Barb Wood or to Ccl.  Debate shd be interesting next week there will be presentations -- more than the four at this mtg, we hope.
{SW in Chair; starts mtg}
CAO: overview of BSC
early in mandate 2010 year moving from studying to implementation
biz, not biz as usual
last year 2.95%, lowest -- NV ......
cancelled, moved, no new staff; nothing without my signoff, needs to be explained why this position cannot be contracted out; examine all travel, phone, expenses, etc
cost savings not hurt delivery; all depts had to absorb; decrease xxx
seeking ways to partner -- city, sch bd, xxx
work prog within BSC
at end we'll be recommending 2.68% be further reduced to 2.43%
overview, not detail dept ....
not all 45min you've given us, a v high level presentation
a new level of accountability
quality of life and prioritizing our future
accountability and transparency; resp for cmnty values
wch appropriate benchmarking
understanding wch our cmnty values
this is a doc that has been used by other groups
SLIDE yes/no
are we partnering
Sokol: Amb town Ctr Strategy  SLIDES
prelim design police stn -- number of sites, ...  MHall precinct strong -- signif savings
unlock value of 1300block
Land Devt Fund
Brent, DepCAO, BL: Implement Arts, Culture, and Heritage Strategy
{that was the title but when speaking though he left out heritage]
culture fits, enhance make it real; museum study
include Museum Vision report
Anne Mooi, Dir/Parks: artificial turf; appreciate support from MLAs ...
$3M Build Canada Grant
soccer and field hockey $1.5M Ccl has approved moving forward
multi-purpose artificial field {gave more details}
timeline completed by March 2011
enhanced facilities for WV
Parks and Open Space Master Plan slide
Brent: GHG
Sokol: Housing Dialogue; pilot projects
R Rung, Dir/Engg: Spirit Trail Greenway
CAO: Regional and NSh planning
Chief Lepine: Police Dept:; policing review
dept has been missing [staff] for last number of years but plan to moved ahead
needs fresh discussion to see what cmnty needs wants to see
five-year strat plan will present in second half of this year
gone within five years; replacement
Fire Chief Cook?: re Fire Dept, less attention to boundaries; partnerships: calls, XXXX
working with NSEMO and Wildfire
Brent: friends and nbrs, Sq Nation; forthcoming new legislations, devt of their lands
legislative harmony; collaboration; not expected to move quickly look forward
SSch, Clerk's: expansion of e-govt services
devp an xxx mngmt [?] plan; expand service beyond
electronic delivery ......; $13 per action, whereas internet $1; optimal use
respond FOI requests
h/ware and s/ware upgrades are requested
Barb Wood, Finance Dept: asset mgmt
Three initiatives: full life-cycle mgmt plans for each class of District assets; integrate life-cycle mgmt best practices within multi-year capital plans; devp and implement a comprehensive framework for asset mgmt that balances needs of long-term capital plan
will ...... will ...... will complete inventory
RFung, Dir/Engg: utility rates
need for renewal; $2.3M need to ramp up $12M over coming years, ageing infrastructure
Ccl made a commitment to ramping that up in 2011, Ccl will be consulting public in ways to address this
utility budget adopted before end of year
this methodology can be applied to other xxx
road rehabilitation
        road matrix s/w;
integrate above ground with below ground
staff will be bring to Ccl in coming months -- read???? circulated earlier
Gordon Ave Streetscape Improvements -- in the capital plan; approved in 2006
leads into .....
roundabout Cross Creek and Chartwell Drive; Sentinel Sec driveway; Kings Ave around Hollyburn Sch;
West Bay, sidewalk upgrades; Marine Drive Barrier improvements
following a safety audit; wd cost $2M west of Dundarave
doesn't meet safety standards SLIDE
$315K has been spent; have had to defer; revised approach, reduce amt to $100K for next four years starting in 2010
then look at rest of road section as rehabilitated
rlwy Xing safety
anti-whistling since 1958, can maintain as long as safety met
in 2008 sale to CN had to adhere to Transport Canada regs so considering gates 11, 14, 15, 16 and 24 {check to see if right ones}
subject to future review
bridges [slide]
$500K current; replacement of Sandy Cove, and Keith Place resurfacing and painting
replacement of Nelson Crk in 2014
fleet mgmt/replacement; reviewed by external party in 2006 already had best practices but some recommendations implemented
garage, rental; look carefully meet reqmts
consider carbon footprint considerations
ten-yr projection of needs; $1M envelope sufficient to keep up or will get $3M behind
facilities and buildings turn over to police chief then library
Lepine: inevitability of having to deal with the roof
study by DWV experts, roof v poor, for at least ten years, repairs postponed b/c anticipation of new bldg
discussion with CAO, will occupy for at least five years
roof needs replacement to wait that long, continues to leak
concerned about air circulation; required modifications to our cells
airborne lead, some remediation
CAO: Chief Librarian
Ann Goodhart: orig bldg 1950, currently experience signif repair
major and minor leaks, HVAC system
Lib Bd dealing with this assets, they had a representation on carbon footprint and earn 2nd largest carbon foot print of all District's facilities
they commissioned a report and bldg envelope assessment
Clay Nelson has been involved throughout process
a number of areas past life, eg roofs, skylights and doors, .... walls
inefficient heating and air systems
based on these reports, five-yr capital to deal with some of these ageing areas
carbon credits looming in our future
CAO: acting Dir of Fin Services
Barb Wood: 2.68% increase is $81 increase for $1.3M average assessment
1.46 ongoing; .84 BSC init; .38 infrastructure mntnce reserve transfers
fourth version of our budget [7:52 slide]
increased revenue:
fees and charges $95K
V4S: more user fees than taxation
Hollyburn Cabins $131K
bldg permits $120
sec stes $150K
budget reduce cost xxx
Parks savings of $200K; increased recovery 52% this year
exempt wages curtailed from 4% now 2% saving $215K
Fire $150K, two positions will not be filled
transfer of land agent to Land Trust $120K
Divisional Operating Expenses [slide 7:55]
Divisions --  $2.6M wages
WVMEA runs to 2012 -- 4% this year
Fire till 2009 so now out of contract .... 2% April 1st
Police 8.75% increase xxxxx
staffing changes
ADD: three for sec stes; .25 for childcare offset by add'l revenues; 3.67 staff positions for BSC [SLIDE] -- a leasing agent, an admin support person for WGs for ongoing collaboration with the public, and one staff position in Finance to monitor spending and fiscal restraint
redeploying resources; look for opps for transfers; year over year comparisons
two from Parks to Admin, mgr for corporate initiatives and one to communications group to work more collaboratively
General Fund Capital: infrastructure maintenance $9.2M  [SLIDE]
Major Capital $10.1M:
Signif infrastructure: $1.1M for info technology, including $866K for hardware primarily, upgrades to that h/w replacements and $255K for s/w upgrades and enhancements
Major all mixed up
Recommended Revisions Version 5 = Operating budget 2.43%
renovation to Srs' Ctr and add'n to playing field.....
$3.5M for another waterfront property acquisition
$284K for an upgrade to our district-wide tel system
work intended for future years including Spirit Trail and those details will be included in the next version of the budget
cd reduce 2.68% to 2.43% reduce infrastructure maintenance by $130K
cd split computer refresh cycle over two years; split replacement tel system over two years
artificial turf project not in this b/c didn't have time/info, so will be in next version
Next Steps
invite the public -- email me so Ccl up to speed with
Version 5 will be ready; be drawing bylaws for perhaps second reading Jan 25th
CAO: lot of work; transparency and accountability
SW: now PUBLIC; we have no speakers' list
Garrett Polman: ITAC will make presentation next week; a few comments
Preliminary Questions re the 2010 Budget
West Vancouver Council Finance committee Meeting  January 18, 2010
Members of the Finance Committee, good evening.  I'm Garrett Polman and live at 2635 Westhill Way.  I'm a member of ITAC, the Interested Taxpayers' Action Committee.  We will be making a presentation next week, but we thought tonight we would just listen to the presentations, ask some questions and make just a few comments.
One of the documents we would love to see is the Staffing Summary that is produced annually as part of the budget documents with the number of staff for each department.  I know the staff proposal is to add positions for some additional functions.  We would like to see the base.  Can someone post this on the website?
The presentation material makes reference to the decline in revenues and the impact of the recession.  However, then the draft budget seeks a 4.64% increase in expenditures for the operating departments which is almost identical to the average over the last four years.  There is an obvious disconnect here.  If municipal revenues are down and West Vancouver house assessments are down 9% according to the BC Assessment Authority, it seems to us it's entirely inappropriate to seek a 4.64% increase in expense.  Something has to give.  Many jurisdictions are cutting way back.  The province of NB identified $182 million in administrative savings, cut 700 positions and froze salaries.  The City of Vancouver cut $61 million from its operating budget.  The Richmond School district is considering ways of dealing with a massive deficit.   We appreciate that staff the world over always seek what they think they need.  That's in the nature of things.  However, we, the taxpayers, look to you as mayor and councillors to balance this with the economic realities that affect our community and the ability of taxpayers to pay for increases.
The draft budget documents make repeated reference to a "decision" that was taken to "relocate the police building to the municipal hall precinct."  This is presumably a $10 or $20 million project.  Will there be more information about this?  Are you planning to hold a referendum on this item?
Finally, in going through the Balanced Scorecard's financial impact document, we noted there are an additional $665,000 in expenses listed plus several with unspecified amounts.  These include resources to prepare terms of reference for various projects, deal with development applications for Evelyn Drive and other development projects, develop a framework for long term growth and sustainability, add more resources to the Finance Dept. to strengthen their coordination capability, $100,000 to ensure new leases are in conformity with market trends, achieve in-depth reviews of service levels, etc.    I was stunned to read this.  Aren't all of these what we expect existing staff to carry out?  Are staff telling you they lack the capacity to carry out their normal work including processing development applications?  In over 20 years of dealing with budgets at the federal Treasury Board and in a large public company with 250,000 employees I have never come across a request like this.  This is a 1% increase in the operating budgets.  We appeal to you to take this out of the budget. 
CAO: next week
Ray Richards: one thing we've been looking for is a year end financial statements wd be most helpful
wd like to see user fees and how they compare with the operating costs for those facilities
still only 50 to 60% are we hoping???
... getting some of the capital costs back wch is what we shd be doing
for years WV has been charging less than half, and that's not right
show us the figures pls
Sec Stes -- not going to be charging the flat charge for water, sewer, and drainage
I live in a duplex on a sgl-fam lot
most duplexes where I live are occupied by one or sometimes two, have to pay flat
if sec stes -- only one sewage, water, garbage flat charge, not being fair
get a lot more out of them charging same as duplex
SW: Mr Fung want to reply?
RF: based on sgl fam one connection one meter so simplest to maintain
at present sec stes being contemplated as diff from a duplex
CR: Good evening and happy new year.  Carolanne Reynolds, Editor of West Van Matters and I'm going to be bringing up some comments I have and some questions that hv bn written to me as editor.
We appreciate a lot of work has bn done, however since we only got some of it last week, some of it this week, and we're getting more, I understand -- a new version -- next week, I really understand how eager you are to pass it so early but I'm sure no one wd fault you for having a break for us to celebrate the Olympics, and come back to this after the Olympics, with more time.
Now, I have some questions.
= The Police Station -- I had some questions on that and I see that you have replied to some of that -- so I understand there's going to be public consultation as to where it's going to go, etc, and I understand, heard, that the CAO said it wd be at least five years, so we have got time to look at that.
It was, btw, it seemed to several ppl who wrote to me that you had already decided so it's a relief to find out that there's going to be [public] input on that.
= The new Vision statement specified leading by example so it was impressive to read that the exempt staff are suggesting that they get 2% less than their proposed increase, so that was a good sign, leading by example.  But some ppl said to me why the 4%
        {it was stated that staff got a 4% increase effective January 1st, 2010}
it was explained a little earlier that it had already been agreed.  And that's what I had said to ppl and I think that had already been decided.  What came back is that when there are negotiations there shd be provisions in there for some changes in the economy.  For example, the inflation [rate] has gone up less than 2% for several years and even down.  When you negotiate the contracts, try to have some clauses that allow you to address current situations.  Most ppl will not be getting a 4% increase.
(trying to read my scribbling)
=  Tendering -- I did ask some time ago for the guidelines on tendering and I'd like a formal statement on that, if you wdn't mind.  And I'd like to know wch projects and contracts you have let without tendering b/c I understand there have been some.  So I think it wd be good to know what your guidelines are for tender and wch ones that hv bn done without tender so we cd look at those for future reference.
=  Grants -- To my surprise, I recently was told that there wd be no applications for cmnty grants this year; the deadline is usually Jan 31st or Feb something.  Last year I pointed out that the WG had incorrectly had some closed mtgs
{cmtes may go in camera but WGs never as they are not creatures of Ccl and there are no provisions for confidentiality}
b/c when it was the Cmnty Services Adv Cmte, even so they never had closed mtgs.  To the comment that it was b/c it was personnel/personal, that's not valid either b/c we only give grants to non-profit groups or organizations, we don't give any grants to people, I'm glad to say.  The other guideline that was in was that grants outside of groups, things, that go on like North Shore Family Services and that, I understand that they want a guaranteed amt all the time.  That can be done going forward, but some of, some smaller grants that were done through the WG and the cmte, it was specifically designed that the grants wd only be for projects, and wd never be for an operating budget b/c Ccls did not want to be in a position of [their] saying, "if you don't give us this grant then, you know, we're not going to provide the service, so it's supposed to be for--
Now, there are some, as I said, that are ongoing and we all really appreciate all the volunteers and work -- there are hundreds and hundreds of volunteers that do this work and it's providing services plus cultural; but I mean NSh Family Services, the Chamber of Commerce, the WV Historical Society, those are all ongoing things, no doubt, and the choirs and the heart-and-stroke health, a lot of those things, but if you don't have a review, if you don't have monitoring, how do we know this is going on, how do we allow for new groups that come along that want to offer something?  And are these groups having a different project that is being reviewed every year?
SW: Carolanne, is this a budget-related question or is it a process and policy question related to the grants?
CR: well, it's going to have to be approved by Ccl as to how much the grants are.  Are they going to stay the same?  If they are going to stay the same, what is the process that it's going to be?
{I'd asked this informally when I'd been told no applications so appreciate that staff prepared to answer.}
SW: Ms Mooi, do you want to respond?
AM: Our Mgr of Social Services is here, Leanne Sexsmith, and she's prepared to speak to this question.
SW: do you want to have the answer right now or wait to the end?
CR: whatever you prefer
SW: why don't we answer right now.
LS: thank you.  Three-year funding recommendations do provide more consistent, stable funding and reduce administrative costs for both applicants and the District.  They've been strongly supported by the cmnty.  Our cmnty grants process allows for three-year funding cycles as well as one-year project applications, and we welcome those.
{but not this year? ongoing how much? and how much money for the one-year projects?}
Under our current program as we move towards the three-year funding opportunity was to stagger the grant applications so that each year some three-year cycles wd be ending and then new opportunities wd be created each year.  We are still working towards that, to get that staggered in a balanced way.

{First of all,  when I asked them, a couple of cclrs were not aware either of three-year funding or of no applications this year.  That may be the reason the minutes from the June 8th Cmnty Grants Cmte are on the Jan 25th agenda.  It still doesn't explain that if there wd still be some one-year project applications, there aren't going to be any this year, or an announcement to the cmnty there wdn't be.  Will the various categories total $200K?} 

Right now we have two three-year funding cycles based on our historical grant budget.  For 2010, we have recommended that b/c there's existing recommendations, um, that allocate all the historical budgets for cmnty grants, we have recommended a shift in the overall grants-in-aid budget to move some money that was previously allocated for the Substance Abuse WG for the NShore to the Cmnty Grants budget.

{who approved this and who knows this was done or wd be done?}

This wd free up some money for 2010 grants, however until that budget is approved and until we've reviewed all the accountability forms for the grants within the existing three-year funding cycles, we wanted to hold off on announcing cmnty grant applications for 2010 so that the cmnty cd hv a sense of the total budget.

{Well, we're back to budget again but not knowing how much.  Rather confusing.  Told no applications this year (for the first time b/c there've always been annual grants) and now with a possible transfer of funds there may be funds.  Apparently the accountability forms are to be in by Dec 15 so when will they be reviewed and reported so Ccl -- and the public -- know if any money for any new groups this year, or some variation in funds to various groups?}

CR: oh, so then it's a delay in the applications; I was told that nothing was going to be done and things [already] decided, so that's good news, tyvm.
= The only other thing that I wd say is I'd make a plea, if someone else asks for the form that we used to have the budget [in], if you cd go back and have those.  They were v helpful and we used to have roundtables of ratepayer groups who cd make valid suggestions that were not, high level -- I know it's great to have high level, but I think sometimes ppl like practical suggestions, and so that's what I wd recommend.
Scott Hean: live in beautiful bay of Horseshoe Bay; dedication Mr McRadu working out at Gleneagles
thank staff; wd like to ask one question -- is the slide presentation tonight going to be available? tremendous amt of information
SW: assume will be
CAO: yes
ML: useful for residents wd be a summary of taxation and the impact on the average assessed home as well as the utility rates, so easier to do an apples to apples comparison
CAO: we have it now.
SW: thank you for public comment
ME: first speaker a number of questions
ask staff when available to staff and gen public
BW: tomorrow
ME: a few other
SW: projected financial stmts ... there are quite a few
Mr McRadu, have it ready for next mtg?
CAO: give some thought; prior to any public presentation provide responses
ME: projected year end; know too much to expect for this year
is that something staff has budgeted against?
last year's cd be xxx
BW: normally we're earlier on
our auditors arrive beginning of April; not sure can be done by Monday
ME: too difficult but in future years considered comparative?
CAO: necessity of getting budget adopted as early as possible so public know
v ambitious... set out for us
the earlier we get approvals or direction from you; some v complex
consultation; you're wanting to see an early move on this; during the year
quarterly reviews -- that was a discussion a former FCmte had
SW: wanted to get the budget passed by Dec
to Ms Reynolds's questions?
out there soliciting; diff for Library when I was on Library
still committed to trying to pass this asap
CAO: do have new Police Chief and new FChair
SW: anyone else?
Sop: dare I start?
the direction Mr McRadu has taken has put WV ahead of many Ms
I'm an invasive species being on so long!
this last term
salute this Ccl as well endeavour xxx
if we take Strategic Services
financial restraint
tax increase core inflation or as the maximum
when are we going to start to do this when? how?
we cd set a standard for the entire province
our sincere commitment we readjust our scorecard, our philosophies, how in fact draw these together
we can in fact move forward on a balanced budget
I'm asking we seriously consider not a 2.43% b/c to me if you want to boil it down we're living beyond our means; has to be  way to find monies needed in dept; using all the strategies in the BSC; incredible start if we go in that direction
MS: wdn't want to not follow up on those remarks; I think Cclr Sop is heading in the right direction
mystifies me how ppl can think times have not changed
American Fed deficit for month of Dec $90B, our fed over $50B, and the prov deficits over $40B
not a minor economic recession, a major restructuring following 50 years of too much govt, too much spending, too much debt; Cclr Sop is right on
can hope Harper and Campbell can find solutions, will lead us to the promised land, any fantasies you like
this is arguably the best residential cmnty in Canada, why shd be able to lead? why not start locally?
we're the best residential cmnty in Canada and we shd lead
don't think it fair to say to staff to save without guidance; we have to give direction
inflation is 1%, that's acceptable to me
there are things we can do more effectively
good representation of Police and Fire but gone up double the rate of inflation, and double CUPE
Fire Dept, their contract expired, got an increase of 2.5% in Dec
what's reason for salary increases?  inflation?  there is none in reality
ability to recruit? no prob recruiting and hiring staff in Fire Dept!
not falling behind in salaries
If we can't say to the Fire Dept, you had 2.5% increase in Dec, more than inflation and we're not going to budget a further increase in 2010 -- if we can't do it this year, then when can we ever do it
I say it's time to say to Police and Fire; we'll live up to contractual commitment but can't go above that
if you go to arbitration, and get an increase, then we'll have to reduce staff by the amt of the increase, or find the efficiencies internally
prov govt is targeting a zero increase for staff and I don't see why we shdn't be following along behind
Librarian talked about $250K for door and window replacement but haven't seen biz plan -- how much are going to save if we spend the $250K? save $25K a year in heating costs? save $2K a year?
before we spend, got to have biz plans and we don't have biz plans for what we spend
trucks have to be hybrid, do it with their own money! -- $38K on a pickup truck b/c have to be politically correct
that crowd, why not do it with their own money?
as a society we can't continue to function with a private and public sector out of step
drive along Marine Drive and ask yourself -- how much [time] sick days, holidays, paid vacations does the average storekeeper have?
reality is, they don't; private sector wage increases are a thing of the past
ppl are working 15 days a year without pay, or taking 15 days without getting paid; ppl are finding ways to work smarter
watch ad for Toyota - list price of a Corolla same price as ten years ago -- how have they done that?  had to compete with Korea and hd to absorb cost
why can't we as an organization improve our delivery of services and control costs
nothing wrong with stretching ourselves as an employee; pushing is good
what's wrong with challenging ourselves
I don't mind when I'm pushed myself, to perform better; I think we can perform better as an organization
we can lead by example other Ms can follow
the only excuse I get for 4.6% increase in our operating budget is b/c other Ms are increasing
others are doing it
increasing taxes b/c everybody else is; I don't agree with that
don't think it's acceptable; time we found a diff way of operating
SW: thank you
Mayor: I love stretching and this is the time to do that
in order to ensure going in the right direction, we need to put some resources to that
find out what we're not doing instead
pushing our expectations that public can serve itself, dog permits, email policy, and the Clerk's $1 email and $13; huge success in Library
one example
another, the charge to make land assets work more and it's not really the expertise we have
devping the Wetmore site is all about making our assets work harder for us
choosing not to do things, carefully, so not costing more
Smith and Sop, go though score card and crossing off
... changing ...  hope debate ... challenging targets
ML: going to be brief this evening
align completely with Cclr Sop and Smith
as a M we have core responsibilities and unfortunately many locked up in the infrastructure
sewers and potholes, fundamental
v concerned not allocating sufficient resources -- Mr Fung's presentation showed it again
we're putting away less than 20% a year needed to replace them
Engg good analysis of xxx
pushing to next generation; really afraid
if any increase, to infrastructure
new cmnty ctr -- it's going to last maybe 75 years need replacing; and no money, going to cost more than $40M
taxpayers  xxx
things nice to have and must have; we've let the pendulum slide to the nice to have
TP: looking at BSC, opps that might be lost if we don't
if we don't have the expertise
if no tax increase, what's at risk?
I need to be clear on that
we have no park zoning in this cmnty
seen with Old Growth and Eagleridge, hasn't been reviewed for 33 years
one of the core values of this cmnty, look after this
Parks is a core service of this cmnty
look at what we're delivering
hope ev looks to that BSC and add'l funding
ME: need to be v careful when we talk about a zero increase
our increase has three components: operational, infrastructure, new initiatives
if zero you wd eliminate we'd have to address to a greater extent
the infrastructure allowances are totally inadequate
cutting, we're going backwards
the Mayor mentioned new initiatives, need to embark on new initiatives we can generate income
zero to me, I don't see that as being a totally realistic approach
re salaries, zero or whatever, re staff increases -- we were looking at a 4% increase and now looking at 2%; close line between setting a trend if all Ms agree but for WV to blaze that trail, we're at risk of punishing staff when in many cases they're the solution not the problem.
Sop: my turn again?
the pot is full ev year, in the millions
we deliberate with the same philosophy
if we don't have an increase things are going to fall apart and I don't buy that any more
hv seen CAO and Dep CAO long-term plans, will necessitate money, they'll find ways and means, a pay as you go, take care of any capital ventures
this precinct here -- when staff present I'm sure we'll see covering costs, police stn, and money in the bank
let's be real
what will we need when we have a 1.4% increase in popn, we're not exploding, and we have no industry
on the back of the taxpayer and they've been generous
let's adopt a process so we don't have to come back year after year and not come in with summations {that's what I heard but think he might have said 'supplementals'}
following BSC
financial restraint has come to roost in WV; let's get smart and do it this year
MS: some of the remarks need to be clarified
no one's suggesting we're not funding the infrastructure, we increased water/sewer/utility fees by $238 to start replacing the pipes and infrastructure in the ground; that represents a 4.4% tax increase for citizens and that has already been done
no one's suggesting staff not get a pay increase with WVMEA, 4% this year and I'm supporting funding that b/c a contractual obligation; supporting our exempt staff who have budgeted a 2% increase for themselves; Police and Fire have had an increase wch was effective in Dec, IMO will cover them for 2010.
so no one's suggesting thrown out in the street in some Dickens scenario, rags for clothes, that's nonsense.
This general fund is $77M, another $11M of major capital projects; nearly $90M that doesn't include water, sewer, cemetery, golf, and all these other funds we have
I'm saying clearly, we've got nearly $90M, if we're able to find less than one per cent then we can drop tax increase for 2.something to less than 2% and I think, in fact i know we can do that: smarter, be creative, innovative, stretch ourselves as an organization -- nothing wrong with that, it's exciting
SW: I do think it's possible to find another 1% to cut
first place, salary freeze for mayor and ccl; we're paid minuscule amt so won't make a difference
2% is nominal; sets the bar
willing to make that commitment to the District, shd go and do that
staff has spent an inordinate amt of time, amazing amt of work
time we've spent with ccl; more than with past Ccls; hope so b/c we spent a lot of time
Sop: I can attest to that
SW: can do better than nbrs, I don't subscribe NV's doing this, etc, think we can do better
Gleneagles; lots of opps for creating new revenues; BSC, reallocate the dollars
hope the challenge to staff
come back next week ....
hope the public gives input to Barbara, Grant, Ccl
Mayor has said up to public to take resp
the more you get engaged the better you can ....
Mayor: not really fair to staff, other than being innovative
incumbent on Ccl
building on WGs, .....
can't have everything and in one year
to take to heart
being conservative; have to say to cmnty this is not going to happen and you're not going to see it
go through BSC
be honest
staff have been here both days past weekend and before
hope budget and BSC come together; v prepared
Thank staff
The windstorm -- Police, Fire, on ground at 6:15am, must
when ask staff what's min level of service have to take their expertise to heart
ME: clearly the Mayor has committed us to work this weekend
know I was away last mtg
there are some sgl items, I have a long list, we can readdress; will give you one as an example
bit of a problem replacing the prisoner transport vehicle for $62K; maybe not have coffee cup holders, is that a problem or?
SW: Chief Lepine, want to answer?
Brian Travis: Biz Mgr [for Police Dept]
25 vehicles only replacing two; one was written off last year
two a year not bad; mileage high
have to keep patrol vehicles up to scratch
miles they put on high; way driven
this is one of two vehicles we're replacing the third...
ME: think in wrong mindset; doesn't matter
SW: any other comments?
Motion to adjourn 9pm
===  Ccl Mtg AGENDA Jan 25th   ===
Note: At 6:00 pm the regular Council Meeting will commence in open session (in the main floor conference room), and will be immediately followed by a motion to exclude the public in order to hold a closed session, pursuant to section 90 of the Community Charter. At 7:00 pm the open session will reconvene (in the Council Chamber) for consideration of the scheduled agenda items.
6:00 PM
RECOMMENDED: THAT in the public interest, members of the public be excluded from part of the January 25, 2010 regular Council Meeting on the basis of matters to be considered under the following section of the Community Charter:
90. (1) A part of a council meeting may be closed to the public if the subject matter being considered relates to or is one or more of the following:
(a) personal information about an identifiable individual who holds or is being considered for a position as an officer, employee or agent of the municipality or another position appointed by the municipality;
2.  personal information about an identifiable individual who is being considered for a municipal award or honour, or who has offered to provide a gift to the municipality on condition of anonymity;
4.  the acquisition, disposition or expropriation of land or improvements, if the council considers that disclosure could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality;
5.  the security of the property of the municipality;
3. ADJOURN TO CLOSED SESSION -- Council will then proceed with the closed session.
7:00 PM
At 7:00 pm, following conclusion of the closed session, the following items will be considered:
... as circulated: January 11, 2010 Regular Ccl Meeting; and January 18, 2010 Special Ccl Mtg.
W. Kim and J. McDaniel regarding Student Salmon Surveys (File:  1015-01)
        PowerPoint presentation to be provided.
8. Development Variance Permit Application No. 09-029 (4726 Woodvalley Place) (File:  1010-20-09-029)
At the Dec 14 reg mtg Ccl received the report dated Dec 1 from the Cmnty Planner and set the date for consideration for Jan 25.
{The report on the application received but no correspondence.}
RECOMMENDED: THAT all written and verbal submissions be received for information.
{Then Council may ask for a further staff report or}
MOVE THAT the proposed DVP App which would provide for an existing dwelling with a third storey and covered deck to be retained, be approved.
{How did it get built without approval?}
9. Sport Field Master Plan Terms of Reference and Collaborative Funding Model (File:  0117-20-FSF1)
1.  The report dated January 25, 2010 from the Park Programs Manager titled, be received;
2.  The Draft Terms of Reference attached as Appendix A be approved;
3.  The Collaborative Funding Model in this report be approved, and that Working Group and staff be directed to proceed.
10. [Five-]Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 4628 - 2010 Draft Budget Bylaw (File:  1610-20-4628)
        Information to be provided.
RECOMMENDED:  THAT "[Five-]Year Financial Plan Bylaw" be read a first and second time.
11. Oil Tank Presentation (File:  1802-06)
        PowerPoint presentation to be provided.
        RECOMMENDED: THAT the presentation from the Fire Chief be received for information.
12. Impacts of the Economic Downturn on Local Social Service Agencies (File:  0920-07-01/ 0116-CGC1)
1.  The report on "Impacts of the Economic Downturn on Local Social Service Agencies" dated January 14, from the Mgr of Social Services be forwarded to the Cmnty Grants Cmte of Ccl, the NSh Substance Abuse WG, the WV Community Centres Services Society Board, and the WV Memorial Library Board for information;
2.   Copies of this report be forwarded to the North Shore Members of Parliament and Members of the Legislature for information, and to the agencies who responded to the recent City of North Vancouver survey thanking them for their involvement; and
3.   Staff work with the other North Shore municipalities, non-profit agencies, and our relevant committees, working groups and boards to continue to monitor the situation and to explore strategies for community based responses.
13. Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
RECOMMENDED: THAT the Consent Agenda items be approved: Item 14 - Correspondence List.
14. Correspondence List (File:  0120 24)
        THAT the Correspondence List be received for information.
Correspondence received up to January 11, 2010
Requests for Delegation  --  No items presented.
Action Required
(1) January 9, 2010, regarding Roundabout at Fulton and 21st, Intersection of 14th and Duchess, Litter
        Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(2) Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
        (a) Community Grants Committee - June 8, 2009
        {Better late than never!}
(3) H. Nyce, President and Chair, Union of British Columbia Municipalities, January 8, 2010, regarding The Canadian Federation of Independent Business Red Tape Awareness Report
Responses to Correspondence  --  No items presented.
Responses to Questions in Question Period -- No items presented.
Correspondence received up to January 18, 2010
Requests for Delegation
(4) M. Markwick, Executive Director, Dundarave Festival of Lights Society, January 13, 2010, regarding Request for Delegation - Updates of the 2009 Season
        Referred to Municipal Clerk for response.
(5) P. Simpson, Executive Director, SAFERhome Standards Society, January 14, 2010, regarding Request for Delegation - SAFERhome Standards Program
        Referred to Municipal Clerk for response.
Action Required
(6) January 13, 2010, regarding Parking Restrictions during the Olympics
        Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
(7) January 11, 2010, regarding Flooding of Nelson Creek and Ongoing Drainage Issues at Cranley Drive
        Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
No Action Required (receipt only)
(8) January 11, 2010, regarding Fine for Feeding Birds
(9) L. Foster, President, Heritage BC, January 11, re Heritage Week 2010: February 15-21
(10) January 17, 2010, regarding Proposed Municipal Budget
(11) Hon. K. Krueger, Minister of Tourism, Culture and the Arts, January 11, 2010, regarding Funding for National Maritime Centre
(12) Mayor Jackson, Chair, Metro Vancouver Board, January 19, 2010, regarding Metro Vancouver Committee Appointments
Responses to Correspondence  --  No Items presented.
Responses to Questions in Question Period
(13) G. McRadu, Chief Administrative Officer, December 18, 2009, reply to G. Pajari regarding the Endowment Fund
{Reply to letter/question asked in September; now awaiting reply to letter/question in December}

===  INFObit  ===
It costs taxpayers about $525,000 a year to keep one Canadian soldier in Afghanistan, according to the simplest calculation possible, which is to divide the approximately $1.5-billion cost of the mission for the 2009/2010 fiscal year by the 2,850 troops who are part of it.
For more on this story, as well as the latest national and international news, visit www.vancouversun.com  2-1- Jan 8
===  BIZWATCH  ===
We all too often forget about what small and medium-sized businesses do for us as Canadians. They employ us, contribute to our communities and drive our economy. CFIB sent this to help remind us all what small business owners do for us day in and day out, year after year.
===  NEWSWATCH  ===
+  'Scores dead' in Nigeria clashes  --  http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/8468456.stm
At least 149 people die in two days of clashes between Christian and Muslim gangs in the Nigerian city of Jos, officials say.
+  "Norwegian minister under fire for praise of Cast Lead book"       http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1139216.html
+  Afghans 'paid $2.5bn in bribes' -- http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/8466915.stm
Afghans paid out the equivalent of almost one quarter of legitimate GDP in bribes last year, a UN report suggests.
+  New Israeli demand complicates US peace mission
        By AMY TEIBEL  The Associated Press  Thursday, January 21, 2010; 6:24 AM
JERUSALEM -- Washington's Middle East envoy faced a new obstacle Thursday as he launched his latest attempt to revive Israeli-Palestinian peace talks: Israel wants to keep troops on the West Bank's border with Jordan even if a deal is reached.....
Israel, which captured both areas in 1967, has slowed settlement construction in the West Bank, but has applied no restrictions in east Jerusalem, which Netanyahu hopes to retain.
Israel also says negotiations should begin immediately with no conditions, but the Palestinians accuse Israel of heaping plenty of conditions of its own, including the demilitarization of a future Palestinian state, the retention of east Jerusalem and now, a military presence along Jordan's border.
To stake out these positions "and then tell us, come negotiate: Negotiate on what, Mr. Netanyahu? You left nothing to negotiate," Erekat fumed....
+  "PALESTINE'  Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2010 09:01:30 +0200 (IST) Subj: [cpthebron] AT-TUWANI RELEASE:
Palestinian Olive Grove Destroyed in the Night
AT-TUWANI: In the afternoon of 14 January Palestinians discovered that a family owned olive grove in Khoruba valley had been recently destroyed. Twenty mature olive trees were broken at their trunks. The family believes that Israeli settlers from the Ma'on settlement and Havot Ma'on outpost are responsible for the vandalism.
A Palestinian farmer informed internationals who documented the destruction that this was the fifth time since 1997 that settlers have destroyed the olive trees in this grove. He also stated that the trees would not be able to bear olives for at least three years.
This most recent attack on Palestinian agriculture follows a month of Israeli settler violence and harassment aimed at preventing Palestinian farmers from plowing their fields and thus earning their livelihoods.
For photos of the destroyed olive grove visit:

===  BEERWATCH  === Whistler Brewpub
The BREWHOUSE had a rare treat.  The brewer has produced a delightful Girzzly Brown Ale served using nitrogen for a deliciously creamy head.

from: Michael Quinion's WORLD WIDE WORDS         ISSUE 674         Saturday 23 January 2010
Section 5. Sic!
Gregory Haines was stopped dead by the opening paragraph of a story in the Sydney Daily Telegraph on 20 January: "A couple were left red-faced during a late-night dash for a takeaway when they were pulled up by RBT police wearing nothing but their undies."
{That'll teach you to misplace a modifier! -- at least it's not a dangling modifier!}
The week before (Issue 673) Michael Quinion wrote in the Sic! section:
Your Freudian slip is showing: a medical item on the Times Web site dated 9 January pleased Pete Jones because of a delightful error in spelling: "Viagra takes half an hour to work and the effects last for only four hours. Cialis takes 15 minutes to work and the effects last thirty-sex hours."

===  QUOTATIONS  ===
Thought is not free if the profession of certain opinions makes it impossible to earn a living.... Thought is not free if all the arguments on one side of a controversy are perpetually presented as attractively as possible, while the arguments on the other side can only be discovered by diligent search....
Thought is free when it is exposed to free competition among beliefs, i.e., when all beliefs are able to state their case, and no legal or pecuniary advantages or disadvantages attach to beliefs.
                -- Bertrand Russell, English mathematician and philosopher (1872 - 1970)
It is a trick among the dishonest to offer sacrifices that are not needed, or not possible, to avoid making those that are required.
                        -- Ivan Goncharov, Russian novelist (1812 - 1891)
 It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!
                        -- Upton Sinclair, American author (1878 - 1968)
Even worse, [the proposed amendment] is a deception because it amounts to nothing more than a precatory expression of pious hope.
        -- Robert C. Byrd, longest serving US senator (b 1917); A Hollow and Dangerous Promise; Washington Post; Oct 31, 1993.
The value of education lies less in answering questions than it does in questioning answers.
                                        -- Dr. Mardy Grothe, American writer (still writing!)
For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.
                                        -- H. L. Mencken, American journalist (1880 - 1956)
Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.
                                -- Robert Frost, American poet (1874 - 1963)
If a little knowledge is dangerous, where is the man who has so much as to be out of danger?
                                -- T. G. Huxley, English biologist (1825 - 1895)
o Professional rock climbers, the only people paid to get high.
o There is rarely a sale on beer because the demand is always high so there's no need to create a buzz.
o A hole has been found in the nudist camp wall. The police are looking into it.

Q: How do you know if your cat's got a bad cold?                A: He has cat-arrh!
Q: What is cleverer than a talking cat?                 A: A spelling bee!
Q: What do you get if you cross a cat with a bottle of vinegar? A: A sourpuss!