May 31 Ccl NOTES
Calendar to June 24

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Cmnty Day Saturday June 5 info at westvancouver.ca/communityday or tel 925 7194 -- ENJOY!
MAIN ITEMS on June 7th Agendas: Correspondence still in limbo!
Reconvened PH on GHG; Old-Growth Conservancy Society Report; DPA Rodgers Crk Area 2; Three Readings of GHG bylaw if PH closed; HST; Date for DVP 3113 Marine Dr; Remedial Action 6379 Argyle;  MetroV Liquid Waste and Resource Mgmt Plan (today $181pa, $911 by 2020 if no funding from other govt levels!)
= Pls help resuscitate Correspondence -- List of letters, pls! wd take five seconds to do!
= Vive le Canada (D Day; Police); ANIMALWATCH (solenodon; Canada geese protected in Canada); from the EDITOR'S DESK (VAG; Finances Directorless? Importance of staff -- insurance risk?; Activism boost?); UPDATES (Sprinkling regs in effect -- yeah, really!; Access Awareness, NSh Cycling)
=  CALENDAR to June 24th (well, best efforts!); CULTUREWATCH (Theatre, Art, Music, Opera -- Madama Butterfly fabulous production and artistic)
=  Ccl Mtg NOTES May 31st: Library Facility Bldg Assessment Report and LEED Certification; Decommissioning of Boat Ramp next to HSC rescinded!; Devt Applic and OCP Amendment for block (Esquimalt/20th/Fulton/21st) with recommended process for future rezoning; Ambleside Artificial Turf Field Update; Sp Ccl Mtgs added (June 28/30, July 26); Draft Terms of Ref for Parks Master Plan WG
=  Ccl Mtg AGENDAs June 7th
=  NEWSWATCH (Pirates of the Mediterranean; Anniversary; Tent of Nations); ANIMALWATCH (cont'd); HERITAGEWATCH (first BC park); WEBWATCH (dancing gals in 1944) and WOMENWATCH (Saudi women don't want equality); MONEYWATCH (world collapse? :-)); FISHWATCH (Father's Day); ENVIROWATCH (Invasive Plants); BOOKWATCH (what we miss); LANGUAGEWATCH (Chinese/English); MAIKU (zenryu); QUOTATIONS/PUNS/etc

MYSTERY: Letters discussed during ccl mtg -- why not on ccl mtg agenda?  Release/Expose the list!!!

===  Vive le CANADA  ===
D-DAY:  June 6, the 66th Anniversary!  See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Normandy_landings  *
o  Canada has 195 police officers per 100K ppl, the lowest ratio in the 25 major developed nations.
o  In 2006, the average amongst BC's independent police depts was 183 officers per 100K and WV's ratio is 169 per 100K, whereas the average for those cmnties with the RCMP is around 130.  The cmnty in BC with the lowest ratio is Spallumacheen with 52 (and it has the lowest crime rate in the prov with Coldstream close).  The highest ratio is Whistler with 240!
Apparently Whistler has a crime rate twice the average and the second highest.  The highest crime rate is in Williams Lake.
o  Get involved in your nbrhd. Info at www.blockwatch.com and contact WVPD's Block Watch Coordinator: annerussell@wvpd.ca or 925 7363.

===  ANIMALWATCH  ===  See more on the solenodon in ANIMALWATCH (cont'd) at the end
>  Close encounter with a bizarre venomous beast
Page last updated at 6:10 GMT, Wednesday, 2 June 2010 7:10 UK
By Rebecca Morelle, Science reporter, BBC News, Sierra de Bahoruco, Dominican Republic
Conservationists are in the Dominican Republic to save one of the world's strangest and most ancient mammals - the Hispaniolan solenodon.
For the whole story plus videos: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science_and_environment/10149148.stm
>  Richmond hotel destroys Canada geese nest, eggs: Report
                By TODD COYNE, Vancouver Sun May 21, 2010
METRO VANCOUVER -- Environment Canada is investigating reports of an incident at a Richmond hotel in which a nest of Canada geese eggs in the hotel's parkade was destroyed by an employee, a federal offence punishable with a fine of up to $1,000,000 or three years' imprisonment, or both....
A Richmond newspaper reported that staff at the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel claimed that they, like many Canadians, were not aware that disturbing the nest of a Canada goose is a federal crime....  The Migratory Birds Convention Act protects bird populations that migrate between Canada and the U.S., making it illegal to harm, handle, sell or even scare Canada geese without a written permit from Canadian Wildlife Services.
Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/technology/Richmond+hotel+destroys+Canada+geese+nest+eggs/3058331/story.html

===  from the EDITOR'S DESK  == salmagundi
This newsletter was scheduled to come out June 4!......Various thoughts.......
AGAIN, nowhere to be seen on the agenda!!!
here's the link for letters for past week:
As expected dog-walking, boat ramp, devt at Esq & 20th/21st, The Dale, and letters from LMTAC and other Ms.  Why on earth do they make it difficult?  Let's just ask Ccl at least to put the list of letters on the Agenda!  The M Hall is 925 7000 but I'll try to work behind the scenes hoping for some accommodation of the public's time and info by Monday night.
Self-guided Vancouver Home Tour Sunday June 5 from 10 to 5pm;
                see www.vancouverheritagefoundation.org or tel 264 9642.
+  ALEXANDRA MORTON -- save the salmon!
Simon Fraser University is honouring Alexandra Morton with a Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa) on June 16th.  See: http://www.alexandramorton.ca/about
+  VAG
With all the events on at the same time last week, I was sorry that I cdn't get to the panel discussing whether or not a new art gallery.  Luckily, Pete McMartin wrote a column on it and I needn't have gone -- he reported superbly.  Not only that it was a delight to read:
The Vancouver Art Gallery debate is a blank canvas
At 7 p.m. on Thursday, a two-hour symposium was held in the subterranean Robson Square theatre to discuss the burning civic question of, Whither the Vancouver Art Gallery? Two mind-numbing concept-filled hours later, nothing had been settled except I definitely had a headache. For this, I missed 30 Rock.
Here's an important fact about that evening:
It was exactly 46 minutes into the proceedings before one of the five panellists deigned to mention the issue of money, and then only in passing -- which was odd because, as we all know, art is about money.
The rest: http://www.vancouversun.com/travel/Vancouver+Gallery+debate+blank+canvas/3060330/story.html
Hm: given how much the new art gallery will cost, no surprise not mentioned much.  Speaking of money......
+  DWV Finances
Since the Dir/Finance left some months ago and the Acting Dir then left a couple of weeks ago, it was somewhat disconcerting to receive this from DWV WebAlerts only on Friday May 28!:
Date: Fri, 28 May 2010 16:43:23 -0700
Career Opportunities
Director of Finance  --  http://www.westvancouver.ca/Careers.aspx?id=27850
2010 05 28 This Place, This Team, And You... Reporting directly to the Chief Administrative Officer, the Director of Finance is responsible for leading the financial services functions for the District of West Vancouver.For more detailed information on this career
And yes, it stopped right there at 'career' but the weblink is at the beginning. I can't help wondering why they're only advertising now!
+ City's Insurance Pulled by Ruben Vives, Los Angeles Times -- June 6 2010
Insurance agency pulls Maywood's coverage
With no permanent city manager and a historically troubled police department, the city is too high-risk, insurer says. The department is being investigated in two officer-involved shootings this year.
Citing the city's failure to hire a new city manager as well as recent officer-involved shootings, Maywood's insurance agency has terminated coverage because it views the municipality as too high a risk, according to city officials.  The complete article can be viewed at:
+  Activism
A subscriber, David Marley, a political animal himself, sent this along as a very interesting article.
Feeling blue? Take up political activism, psychologists say
 Fewer people are bothering to vote in Canada, and a new psychological study suggests the trend is bad for our emotional health...
There is something about social activism itself that is beneficial for well-being,...
People who are politically active have better relationships, more purpose in life and like themselves better, according to the studies, some of which were published in the journal Political Psychology....
But as Klassen says: "Our results suggest that it might also be worthwhile to highlight the internal rewards citizens can obtain from being politically engaged: A sense of satisfaction, the experience of pleasant emotions and of connection with others, and a feeling of aliveness."...
The psychologists are persuasive when they recommend one of the best things anyone who is down in the dumps can do to feel happier is to simply get out and get involved.
The entire article:  http://www.vancouversun.com/health/Feeling+blue+Take+political+activism+psychologists/3081512/story.html#ixzz0pIq7cJA0
Well, I think being involved gives ppl a sense of purpose and energy, not necessarily political activism as Todd concludes.  I don't know about you, and I don't know what planet Klassen is on, but how many of you experience pleasant emotions and connection with others in politics.  Yes, it may have its rewards but it wd be difficult for me to describe it as experiencing pleasant emotions, though on the few occasions things go well, there is some satisfaction.  Fighting to restore Correspondence to our ccl agendas has not created any emotions of the pleasant sort..........

===   UPDATES   ===
>  Lawn Sprinkling Regulations  Monday, May 31, 2010
During summer months when the region receives the least amount of rainfall, there is less water in the reservoirs. Help conserve water by keeping outdoor sprinkling to a minimum.  Lawn sprinkling regulations are in effect from June 1 to September 30.
Sprinkling is permitted between: 4 - 9 am and 7 - 10 pm
                                Even-numbered addresses: Wednesday & Saturday
                                Odd-numbered addresses: Thursday & Sunday
From June until September, the demand for water in Metro Vancouver almost doubles, and water usage in July was at an all-time high.  Saving every drop beings with YOU!  More Information  Outdoor Water Conservation 
>  Access Awareness Day - Saturday June 5  Did you know:
o  15% of WV's population experiences a physical, mental, or health condition that limits their daily activities?
o  23% of the West Vancouver's population is age 65+?
o  28% of West Vancouver's population has a first language that is not English?
o  23% of West Vancouver's population are visible minorities?
o  37% of West Vancouver's total population are immigrants (not born in Canada)?
                        More info:  http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=27910
>  NSh Cycling Coalition
Vancouver, Canada - June 7, 2010 - The Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition (VACC) announced today the formation of a renewed North Shore Committee. The initial group consists of approximately sixteen citizens from West Vancouver, North Vancouver District and North Vancouver City. The mandate of the North Shore Committee - Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition is to promote the implementation of safe city biking, in particular through safe bicycle commuter routes across the entire North Shore.....
The North Shore Committee of the VACC advocates for improved infrastructure for city biking in North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Bowen Island, and Lions Bay. Volunteer members participate in promotion, advocacy, education and government relations to make bicycle commuting a safe and viable transportation option across the entire North Shore. Meetings are held at 6:00 p.m. the first Thursday of each month at West Vancouver library and all are welcome......
The VACC, formed in 1998, advocates for better conditions for cyclists and the removal of barriers to cycling in the Vancouver area. The VACC represents the basic community need for sustainable and appropriate urban transportation. The objectives of the VACC are consistent with the Liveable Region Strategic Plan and consistent with cities that have aspirations to be the model for progressive urban development in the 21st Century......  For more info and to join, visit vacc.bc.ca.

===  CALENDAR to June 24th  ===
All mtgs are at M Hall unless indicated otherwise.  NOTE: shown are mtgs known at this date; often there are additions, changes, cancellations after WVM goes out.  Notices/mtgs/changes too late for the last WVM are sent to subscribers as updates.  Check the DWV Calendar: http://www.westvancouver.ca/Calendar.aspx
Dundarave (Saturdays) and Ambleside (Sundays) Farmers' Markets are back!
= Wednesday June 9  ~ 7:15pm ~ Field Sports Forum WG -- CANCELLED
= Wednesday June 16
        ~ 6 - 8:30pm ~ Infill Housing Project Esquimalt & 21st Nbrhd Mtg at Srs' Ctr
                Full details at: http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=27980
        ~ 7pm ~ Bd of Variance at M Hall and at same time Library Bd at Library (Welsh Hall)
= Thursday June 17
        ~ 4:30pm ~ Design Review Cmte
        ~ 6pm ~ NSh Family Court / Youth Justice Cmte at DNV M Hall
        ~ 6:30pm ~ Sport Field Master Plan Input Session at Sentinel Secondary Library
        ~ 7pm ~ Lower Caulfeild Area Review Workshop at St Francis in the Wood
= Thursday June 24  ~ 5pm ~ NSh Adv Cmte on Disability Issues, DNV M Hall
Event Calendar: http://www.westvanlibrary.ca/event/calendar.php
Stay up to date with what's going on at the Library - Register now for our Monthly eNewsletter!
This award-winning 2008 documentary tells how thousands of ordinary, Muslim and Christian women banded together to bring peace to their wartorn country. 7 pm, Welsh Hall. (Graphic nature of the film makes it not suitable for children.)  Presented by Kelly Van Unen of the Universal Outreach Fdn. Poster
+  ENGLISH CORNER in the Welsh Hall from 10 to 11:30am
Come and practise English conversation at the Library  Friday June 11
Requirement: able to read English.  Info: Fariba Rocker (604 506 6616). Facilitated by WV Baha'i Cmnty.
+  Friday 7pm June 11
You are invited to join us for a Retirement Farewell for our Director of Library Services, Ann Goodhart, who has been with us since 1997.  Pls RSVP by June 4th to lbreen@westvanlibrary.ca or call Lori Breen 925 7410.  See http://www.westvanlibrary.ca/pdf/annfarewell.pdf
What gifts or incentives should drug manufacturers be permitted to bestow on prescribing physicians? When would it be reasonable to give items that will remind the physician of the name of the pharmaceutical and its use?
10:30 am - 12pm, Welsh Hall East. No registration is required. Admission is $5.
+  Mallet Masters Croquet
On Friday, June 18, the West Vancouver Memorial Library Foundation is hosting the 14th Annual Mallet Masters Croquet Tournament.  The Mallet Masters is an outdoor, white glove affair at the beautiful Ambleside Greens Golf Course.  The theme is "Hampton's White Party" featuring a Champagne Welcome Reception, dynamic steel drum band, martini bar, live auction and full dinner service catered by the Glowbal Restaurant Group.  Please contact Diana Matrick at foundation@westvanlibrary.ca or 925 7425 for more info.
+ Tuesday June 22  --  Author Visit: Judy Norbury
Don't miss this fascinating account of life as a post-Raj Memsahib, 7:30pm in Welsh Hall. FREE and open to all.
+ Wednesday June 23 --  AUTHOR VISIT: HEATHER SPEARS
Currently residing in Denmark, Canadian writer and artist Heather Spears, author of Stranger than a Wolf, is on tour in Canada this summer. In texts and images, Heather Spears presents her book-in-progress, showing the process of modelling a human head from skull to completion. Her poems emphasize the strangeness of the human head, central to art in all times and cultures.  7:30 - 9 pm, Welsh Hall.
We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts and the League of Canadian Poets.

 +++  WV MUSEUM  +++  Visit:  http://www.westvanmuseum.blogspot.com/

***  MASTER OF THE INSTANT   ~~ June 8 - August 28
Cartier-Bresson Photographs from the National Gallery of Canada & Lionel Thomas - Abstractions 1949 - 1990
Opening Reception: Tuesday June 8th from 7 to 9pm

>  Cartier-Bresson Photographs from the National Gallery of Canada
Henri Cartier-Bresson, born in 1908 in Chanteloupen-Brie, stood to inherit his family's prosperous textile [manufacturing company], but instead took up drawing and painting. He travelled to Africa in 1931, where he worked and stalked game before falling ill with malaria. It was when he returned to France to convalesce in Marseilles that he began taking candid photographs with his new lightweight, hand-held Leica. Throughout the next decade and beyond, Cartier-Bresson travelled to Spain and Italy, to Mexico and the United States, photographing ordinary and extraordinary people, capturing their spontaneous gestures and revealing the subtleties of the human condition.
This exhibition will show twenty-five of Cartier-Bresson's gelatin silver prints from the National Gallery's permanent collection, all dating from the 1930s and 1940s. Some of his most memorable images are included in the show: Behind Gare St. Lazare (1932), with its early-morning puddle-jumper; Valencia, Spain (1933), showing a boy rubbing against a peeling wall; Jean-Paul Sartre, Paris (1945), in which the philosopher's pipe and furrowed brow reveal his weighty intellect; and At the Coronation Parade of George VI, Trafalgar Square, London (1938), in which the artist focuses his lens on the droll spectators.
The legendary French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson is widely regarded as the founding father of photojournalism and one of the most important figures in early twentieth century art.  With his famous Leica, Cartier-Bresson was able to capture life in motion with visual wit and a keen eye for geometrical composition. In coining the term "the decisive moment", he summed up his approach to photography as the interaction of mind, body and instinct.
>  Lionel Thomas -- Abstractions 1949 - 1990
Lionel Thomas (1915 - 2005), a pioneer of West Coast abstraction and proponent of the modern movement, helped transform the region though his art and practice. Thomas's extant public artworks include Symbols of the Cuneiforms (c. 1960), an illuminated sculpture on the fa=E7ade of the former Vancouver Public Library. This exhibition profiles Thomas's rarely seen non-objective paintings inspired by nature. Thomas lived in West Vancouver and taught at the University of British Columbia from 1950 until 1981.

***  West Vancouver's Suburban Woodland Walking Tours
            Saturday June 19, 10am to 12pm, program code: 699419, $ 10
The trees that line our streets and grace our parks have become a familiar and well-loved part of our lives. Join Elspeth Bradbury for a stroll from Dundarave to Ambleside and learn more about the trees of our suburban woodland. The walk will start at the globe in Dundarave Park (at the foot of 25th Street) and will end at Memorial Park (20th Street).
A few of the trees Elspeth will discuss in her tours include:   
     the walnut by the toddler playground in Dundarave Park, the catalpa by the concession building in Dundarave Park
     the whitebeam on the Dundarave sidewalk
     the two Japanese snowbells on the corner of 25th
     the weeping giant redwood 2234 Marine Drive, the white mulberry at 2381 Marine Drive
ELSPETH BRADBURY is a retired architect and landscape architect who has lived in Caulfeild for twenty years. As a board member of the Lighthouse Park Preservation Society, she heads up their restoration efforts and organizes a group to propagate native plants. She is the author of West Vancouver: A View Through The Trees.
To register for these walks, please call 925 7270 or visit webreg.westvancouver.ca.
+++  FERRY BUILDING GALLERY  +++  http://ferrybuildinggallery.com/  925 7290
Say It with Photography ~~  June 1 - 20
Fred Hume, Adrian Cunningham, Emma Milley, Francine Drouin, Ella Morton
Opening Reception: Tuesday, June 1 from 6 to 8pm
 Artists in Attendance: Saturday, June 5 at 2pm
Interpreting the Landscape ~~ June 22 - July 11
Artists: Sharalee Regehr, Victor Vipond, Gigi Hoeller,  Warren Goodman
Opening Reception: Tuesday June 22 from 6 to 8pm
Artists in Attendance: Saturday June 26 from 2 to 3pm
+++ SILK PURSE +++  www.silkpurse.ca  925 7292
+  June 1 - 13  ~~ Unforgettable Northern England
Japanese-Canadian artist Bob Yoshisuke Araki has been fascinated by the countryside of Ireland, Scotland, and the United Kingdom since his arrival in Canada. {Editor's Note -- must have taken a trip then!}  Let him fire your imagination and refresh your spirit with his new collection in oils, of the unforgettable scenery of North East England! Explore the great heritage cities of York and Chester and the Lake District. Relive the drama of Hadrian's Wall and the lofty castles and humble fishing villages of the Heritage Coastline. Slip into the Northern way of art -- English style!
Opening Reception: TUESDAY June 1st from 6 - 8pm
Tuesday, June 8 - 7:30 pm -- 'English Pub Night'
There are approximately 53,500 pubs in the UK, but none as intimate as the Silk Purse! A warm welcome awaits you here as we give you a little taste of British hospitality, with music by The Londoners. Discover humour, sing-alongs, solos, a crackling fire, and a fascinating collection of paintings of Northern England. Join us for a pint or two!  All tix $10.
+  June 15 - 27  ~~ "All That Jazz"
Join artist
Lori Bagneres for her first solo show at the Silk Purse. She graduated from L'Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts de Grenoble, France in 1993. Her contemporary music-related works are influenced by the modernist tradition of European and American Abstraction. Her compositions reveal texture, fragmented words, partial images, and frayed geometric forms that achieve contrast and atmospheric depth.
Opening Reception: TUESDAY June 15th from 6 to 8pm
Complete list of events: http://kaymeekcentre.com/on_stage/events_calendar
Electronic newsletter: http://kaymeekcentre.weebly.com
Simplest way to get on email list, call 913 3634 or email tickets@kaymeekcentre.com

+++ ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION BRANCH 60, West Vancouver +++
The Spring Issue of "The Torch" is now available; just click the following link for direct access: http://www.westvan60.com/Images/The%20Torch%20Newsletter%20-%20Spring%202010.pdf
The newsletter is available to any interested non-member.  Pls fill in the form on the webpage, http://www.westvan60.com/newsletter.html  Pls contact Janice Mackay-Smith to submit articles, questions, comments for The Torch.
Come on down to the Legion Lounge on Saturday, June 19th at 7pm to relive a blast from the past!  Cheryl is putting on a Disco Night!!  Wear flared pants, funky shirt, afro wig, lots of glitter, or do your best impression of John Travolta or Donna Summer.....anything from the disco era!
There will be a DJ who will play all the favourites, so lots of dancing to be had.  A light meal is included for the price of only $20.00. Tickets are on sale behind the bar.  We hope to see you there!
Special Events Committee

+++  WV CHAMBER OF COMMERCE  +++ http://www.westvanchamber.com
President's Dinner and Biz Excellence Awards Thursday June 17; Reserve 926 6614
Live music, cocktails, live and silent auction, fantastic dinner with wine, and the Business Excellence Awards Presentation.  Tix $99 for mbr/nonmbrs + tax
~ 6 to 11pm ~ at the NEW GLENEAGLES CLUBHOUSE, 6190 Marine Drive

+++  RECONNECTING WITH NATURE  +++  David Cook 924 0147
Saturday 12th June
        Where the Fraser Lowlands Meet the Mountains; a Geological Overview: A Bus Trip
        An event for the West Vancouver Museum, 680 - 17th; cost $40
Meet at the Museum at 9am (estimated time of return is 5pm); Trip Leader: David Cook
Join me on a guided bus tour along the northern margin of the Fraser River lowlands. We will stop at many sites along the route to view geological and glacial features. Learn how the present landscape was formed by the forces of crustal plate movements, ice, and water.  This is an all-day event, so be sure to bring lunch and water. Wear appropriate footwear as there is a half hour hike along a well-groomed trail at one stop.
Please register well in advance of June 12th by calling 925 7270 and quoting program code 699421.
>  Sunday 13th June
        The Perfect Storm: A walk  --  A Discovery Walk for the Stanley Park Ecology Society.
Meet at 1pm at the parking lot behind Third Beach kiosk. Turn right at Sequoia Grill to enter parking lot.  Duration: Approximately 2 hours.  Cost: $5 mbrs & under 18; $10 non-mbrs.
We will walk through the forest of Stanley Park where the effects of the storm of 2006 were most destructive and see how it is recovering after four years of natural regeneration and human management. We will discuss how such natural events are beneficial to the long term ecology of a forest. We will see how we as managers can influence the pace of forest recovery as well as guide it towards what we require as users of the forest.  Registration not required.
>  Sunday 20th June
        Mosquito Creek Old Growth forest: A slow interpretive hike in mountainous terrain.
        An event for Nature Vancouver.
Meet at 10am at the top of Skyline Drive, NV. Skyline Drive is off Montroyal Boulevard. Duration: About five hours.  Elevation gain: Approximately 300 metres.
Terrain: Rough and steep along many sections. Deep-tread hiking boots with ankle support are essential. Do not wear sneakers. Wooden cross ties on skid roads can be very slippery and dangerous if wet. This field trip is for hikers experienced with rough terrain. Walking poles recommended.
Join me for a hike up the south-east slopes of Grouse Mountain to see the Mosquito Creek old growth redcedar forest. This forest of dozens of old growth redcedar up to 3 metres in diameter is the largest remaining fragment of old growth redcedar in the Vancouver area. The hike up to this forest takes two to three hours along skid roads with many stops. The elevation gain from the Skyline Drive parking area to the old growth redcedar is about 300 meters. Other highlights will be a separate patch of old growth Douglas-firs and a forest of Pacific yew trees, some of which are old growth.
Bring lunch and water and prepare for changes in weather.

Oh dear.  The season opening has been delayed b/c a section of the tent has to be replaced.  Previews now will be June 10th and 11th with Opening Night moved to Saturday June 12th -- Much Ado About Nothing. Tel 739 0559 www.bardonthebeach.org
+  Deep Cove Shaw Theatre --  tix 929 9456
Storm Warning by Norm Foster (most performed contemporary Cdn playwright and had one play on at the Playhouse and another at the Metro Theatre at the same time a few weeks ago, both v amusing) until June 12
+  Hendry Hall
The Fourth Wall by A R Gurney -- May 28 to June 12 --Tel 983 2633 -- www.northvanplayers.ca
This comedy pushes boundaries between the actor and audience and concerns a middle-aged wife who rebels against her friends, marriage, and even her furniture.
+ Arts Club (tel 687 1644)
   - Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story at the Stanley Stage to July 11th
+ Jericho Arts Centre
United Players proudly presents THE WORLD PREMIERE OF The Misanthrope, a new version by Tony Harrison, directed by C.W. Marshall -- June 4 - 27 -- http://www.unitedplayers.com/
Harrison sets the play in Washington DC, 2006. Dubya is in the White House, and the war in Iraq is being spun by spin doctors to be palatable. In this world, Al (Moliere's Alc=E8ste) works as a journalist, exposing the lies and corruption of Washington society.  And he has determined that he will be frank in all things: call things like they are, whatever the consequences to him. Al is in love with Sally Mann (Celim=E8ne), a TV personality who seems as superficial as she is attractive. He finds himself caught up with a host of other suitors, all of whom exhibit the shallowness of the era. Can Al's love survive along with his principles?
+  Metro Theatre  tel 266 7191
And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie ends June 5.
Twentieth Century, adapted by Ken Ludwig, June 19 to July 17.
*  ART -- VAG -- JUNE 5 - SEPTEMBER 6, 2010
The first drawing exhibition ever to travel from the Musée d'Orsay brings works from the world's finest collection of 19th-century French art to Vancouver. Presented are nearly 100 works by celebrated French artists such as Daumier, Degas, Gauguin, Manet, Pissaro, Renoir, Rodin, Toulouse-Lautrec, Seurat, Vuillard, and others.
Tel 662 4700 and visit http://www.vanartgallery.bc.ca/
Can't wait to see how 'modern' a woman is/was in those years!  Kevin Griffin's review: http://www.vancouversun.com/travel/Modern+Women+Vancouver+Gallery+Masters+depict+female+form+19th+century+France/3103897/story.html
{NB: I copy and pasted dates from June E-Glance, the VAG mbr newsletter but have now verified, it's Sept 2010 and I've notified them of their typo.}
+ Premiere Concert of CANTORIA at The Cultch 7:30pm June 10.
This concert features the entire Cantoria ensemble, PLUS ...
~ a string quartet from the VSO,
~ an opening performance of Baha'i sacred chants by VICO (Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra), ...
~ PLUS some very special musical surprises including some giant Tibetan singing bowls performed by Pepe Danza and graciously provided by Crystalworks!
+  Premiere of two of Lloyd Burritt's song cycles 8pm Sunday June 13th at WV United Church as part of a BC Birthdays concert celebration to mark the milestone birthdays of Steve Chatman, Ramona Luengen, and Lloyd Burritt (his 70th birthday in fact).
The premieres are:
- The Woman I Am, based on poems by Canada's Dorothy Livesay, commissioned (2009) and performed by Martha Guth, soprano & Erika Switzer, piano.
- Yellow the Sweet Ache, based on poems by SFU faculty poet Betsy Warland, commissioned (2000) by the CMC and performed by Lynne McMurtry, mezzo soprano & Alison d'Amato, piano.
These, and more, outstanding VISI faculty/artists will be joined by the Phoenix Chamber Choir and the Lyric Singers.
I hope you can join us for the concert and meet me afterwards for a piece of birthday cake!
Warmly yours,  Lloyd   www.songinstitute.ca
+ VSO -- http://www.vancouversymphony.ca/ for more events and info Orpheum
        Invitation To The Dance
 2pm Thursday June 10 -- Tea & Trumpets -- Bramwell Tovey and Christopher Gaze
Epic Masterpieces: Rite Of Spring And Scheherazade
8pm Saturday June 12 and Monday June 14 (preconcert talk at 7:05)
 *  VANCOUVER OPERA http://www.vancouveropera.ca
~ ~  MADAMA BUTTERFLY  ~ 7:30pm May 29, June 1, 3, 5, 8, 10 ~  tix 683 0222 ~ ~
                        Puccini's gorgeous masterpiece of love, honour, and betrayal
In Nagasaki, a pleasure-seeking American naval officer leases a house and "marries" a young geisha. He is briefly enchanted with his "Butterfly", but she gives herself wholly to the marriage. When he abandons her and then returns to claim their child, Butterfly is devastated and dishonoured. In a supreme act of devotion to her ancestors, she ends her life.
Saw it Th Jun 4 -- what an evening! What a Madama Butterfly! Three performances left; tix 683 0222
Here are clips and comments from the audience:
Not just extended applause for Un Bel Di (Japanese soprano Mihoko Kinoshita) but also a stunning set (Japanese-American sculptor and artist Jun Kaneko) and costumes that were an art experience (on top of enjoying the music and the singing).  Your eyes were exploring and drinking in the changing tableaux while your ears soaked up the sounds.  No wonder it's referred to as a 'designer-opera'.
Needs a lot of work but my zenryu scribbled at the end of this newsletter was triggered. 
Origin of the tale from Pierre Loti's Madame Chrysantheme, to a play written in San Francisco and seen by Puccini in London in 1900 according to the programme.
Background/story:  http://www.vancouversun.com/entertainment/theatre-listings/Take+exotic+story+some+music+Result+Pure+Gold/3084612/story.html#ixzz0pseadPTy
Here's David Gordon Duke's review:

=== SPECIAL CCL MTG -- May 31st ===

*  Subscriber SUMMARY  SENT: Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2010 06:47:42 -0700
=  Cclr Michael Smith still absent
Library Facility Building Assessment presentation for information (>$2M)
=  Removal of Boat Ramp resoln RESCINDED!  Ccl listened to public input and will incorporate it into Waterfront Plan wch will come back in September.  Considerable debate.  Don't forget to give them your views!
Rezoning of Esquimalt and 20th Block delayed, PH in June cancelled.  Again Ccl listened to the submissions.  That's not to say flatly that it or some variation is not desirable, rather -- and the Mayor was right -- need more time for input and information to gain approval/acceptance so this will come back in the fall.  Bring the public along, don't force.
IMO, can't see how anyone wd be against housing diversity however it mystifies me to hear claims of 'affordable' housing when well over $1M.  The remaining little old homes dotted throughout WV are much cheaper and ppl can fix them up to their own taste.  Anyway let's see what happens.  My main objection is about a provision in the OCP wch states that a condition required for different zoning is separation, fine, but that separation can be a road!  That raises fears that any block in WV can be rezoned/upzoned using a road as one of the qualifications!  Let's hope that loophole in the OCP H3 will be plugged, along with not counting basements (if any part above ground) in the FAR thus facilitating larger houses than the intended minimum of .35 FAR.
While I'm at it, I'm so sick and tired of not only having some devprs threaten a monster house if they don't get their way (has happened MANY times) but also residents and even Ccl believing them or being cowed by the blackmail.  Ccl, if you want to reduce the size of houses (it's not that they're monster really, they just look big b/c out of proportion for the size of the lot), CHANGE THE RUDDY BYLAW so they're not possible.  In the last Ccl the uncounted deck space they took advantage of was closed.  Basements next!
Ambleside Artificial Turf field update.  Sop asked the right question as to what happens if the sports group don't raise the promised $1.5M to wch staff said they'd only do what they had funds for.  The unasked question I silently screamed, and no one asked, was that since one condition for receiving the $3M govt grant was that it be completed March 2011, what if no funds by then?  Forfeit the grant?  NO.  Top up from what they raised?  And if they know that, how much incentive to raise all the funds?  Remember the WV Youth Band promised $1M or more for a special sound room in the Cmnty Ctr and didn't raise it so DWV (aka taxpayers) paid for it.  DWV trying to recoup some money by renting.
Two special ccl mtgs scheduled instead of three (June 28, July 26)
=  Reference made to Correspondence but since no list of letters, have to guess.  Mention of invasive species and Dir/Parks said report next week.
=  Draft Terms of Reference for the Parks Master Plan WG with a bit of discussion about dropping "Open Spaces".
=  Reports re Housing Forum, Meals on Wheels AGM, LGB ceremony
MINI RANT cuz NIGGLED  [DWV Calendar and Letters :-(]
Too bad the Garage Sale at the Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr wasn't on the DWV Calendar so it wasn't on mine.  As I said, the Ambleside Waterfront Plan Open House wasn't either so will have to find out what's on and off.  Bit of a pain having to look elsewhere and not knowing where or how many places.
It's again one of those 'improvements' wch is less useful.  The Calendar webpage used to have that Calendar but also a column on the right with a chronological list by day with mtgs/events.
Maybe we shd ask for that back as well.  (I did, but gave up.)
That's not, however, nearly as important as getting the list of letters back on the ccl agenda.  No, I haven't given up.  It's simply outrageous.  Backward step, and I don't think Ccl's intention, so we have to
encourage them to keep their commitment to openness and transparency.  Keep West Van in the forefront!
*  Subscriber HEADSUP (partial)  SENT: Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2010 16:22:21 -0700
AGAIN, nowhere to be seen on the agenda!!!
Here's the link for letters for past week:
As expected dog-walking, boat ramp, devt at Esq & 20th/21st, The Dale, and letters from LMTAC and other Ms.
Why on earth do they make it difficult?  Let's just ask Ccl at least to put the list of letters on the Agenda!  The M Hall is 925 7000 but I'll try to work behind the scenes hoping for some accommodation of the public's time and info by Monday night.

*  CCL MTG NOTES/partial transcript / May 31st
NB:These notes are typed primarily during the mtg as quickly as my digits can click therefore many gaps, citizens' names probably misspelled, lots of abbreviations, etc (see www.westvan.org/acronyms for the glossary); corrections, clarifications, comments/additions welcome.
6pm in M HALL MAIN FLOOR CONFERENCE ROOM; 7pm in the M Hall Ccl Chamber
Note: At 6pm the Special Council Meeting will commence in open session, and will be immediately followed by a motion to exclude the public in order to hold a closed session, pursuant to section 90 of the Community Charter. At 7pm the open session will reconvene.
{What a strange coincidence that they always seem to have an hour of items that all qualify as in camera..........}
6:00 PM in main floor conference room
THAT in the public interest, members of the public be excluded from part of the May 31 Special Council Meeting on the basis of matters to be considered under the following section of the Community Charter:
90. (1) A part of a council meeting MAY be closed to the public if the subject matter being considered relates to or is one or more of the following:
(a) personal information about an identifiable individual who holds or is being considered for a position as an officer, employee or agent of the municipality or another position appointed by the municipality;
(e) the acquisition, disposition, or expropriation of land or improvements, if the council considers that disclosure could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality;
(g) litigation or potential litigation affecting the municipality.
{I draw your attention to the word MAY.  Many are not aware that just b/c it's a certain topic, doesn't mean the item or discussion has to be done behind closed doors.  Remember: MAY.  Then we come down to how committed ccl mbrs are to openness.  Some items of course wd qualify -- but this number, this long, this often?  Unlikely.  IF, that is, you value openness and transparency.}
3.  Council will then proceed with the closed session.
7:00 PM in Ccl Chamber
Mayor: Welcome to our ccl mtg -- and our inner circle, Mr Vaughan. :-)
4.  RECOMMENDED: THAT the open session ... be reconvened.
ML: I recommend approval of the, uh, May 31st special ccl mtg agenda....
Mayor:  and that it be amended by--
ML: and that it be amended by adding item 11.1 to 11.3 regarding correspondence to the Other Items section, and that the agenda be approved as amended.
Mayor: does that cover our additions?
SSch: That's it.
Mayor: all right.

{wonder if she was asking b/c Cclr L said 'recommend' when it shd be 'move' to make a motion, so guess there is some slack}

RECOMMENDED:  THAT the following Minutes be adopted as circulated:
May 17, 2010 Public Hearing regarding Zoning ..., Amendment Bylaw No. 4634, 2010;
May 17, 2010 Public Hearing regarding Official Community Plan Bylaw
No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4625, 2010;
May 17, 2010 Regular Council Meeting.
7. Library Facility Building Assessment Report and LEED Certification (File:  1905-01)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated May 17 from Ann Goodhart, Director of Library Services, with concurrence from Board Chair Paul Tutsch, regarding the asset maintenance plan for the Library and LEED certificate application be received for information.
Paul Tutsch: v exciting; before presentation something special
Chief Librarian Ann Goodhart is retiring the end of June; she's dedicated the last dozen years; many devts xxx .....!
to celebrate, party in her honour 7pm June 11; encourage WV users and from other Ms; RSVP Lori Breen
Bd of Trustees v grateful; as she moves on to the next chapter of her life
brochure at your table; changes over the past five years
hope the BSC is as successful as our strategic plan was in bringing... to the cmnty; Bd of Trustees pleased with results
Renovation/Innovation project, complete and under budget, from Fdn $739K
RFID; opening of Welsh Hall; Fdn also contributed $445K
"Manage Resources Wisely"
Ann Goodhart: two new cmnty ctrs and two new libraries, Bd expressed concern Library had second largest carbon footprint of an M building
wonderful building and much loved
active staff Green Team; application for LEED status; silver
regional experts in how to run a green library
upgrade bldg mntnance: lots of classes on how to manage collns but few on bldg envelopes!
[introduced some staff with special tasks]
SHAPE recommended three work groups -- finally into five
addressed all elements of the bldg, eg don't replace boiler until you've replaced single-pane windows
based on recent library construction full replacement cost for this library wd be $30M
cost of asset mtnance plan less than $2M
TP (Library liaison): Library set the bar high again
agree, the greenest bldg is the one that is already built
congratulations for creating that culture in the Library; staff pumped about this prog
wd love to see that culture embrace more here at M Hall
SW: thank you for the report; after being on the Lib Bd and liaison last year; cherish what you've done, one of my chn's favourite places to go to
leave your legacy on -- the croquet tournament is June 18th (2pm at Amb greens) big fundraiser for the Library; go to the WV Lib website and sign up for it
PT: plsd to see how many will be there trying to win the mallet
ML: I too will thank you for your presentation
basically this is a pitch for what you need to make these goals come true
you talk about a three- and five-year time frame
looking at Budget 2010, are you comfortable if we follow along that we're okay?  world's not coming to an end, the roof won't cave in?
if this is the prog, want to have level of comfort we'll be able to maintain and enhance the facility
PT: quite confident; was when looking at same prog in three years; driven home leaks just recently and have had to delay the roof to next year
extending to five years, I'd rather and the Bd wd, three years as wd our consultants
b/c of the constraints we went back and asked consultants to stretch it out to five
one system is well past its 30-year due date cd crash tomorrow, but we just don't know
perhaps we cd get a more technical answer for you if you wish.
Wd like Ccl to be clear as a three-year project rather than five and wd remove some of the risk
Sop: Well, Ann, thank you for your years; great job heading up the Library; thx chairman
if roof a necessity, why not top of list as priority? we've just put a roof on srs' ctr
do you have pots in some of the rooms?
PT: just about; wear your raincoat when you go into the chn's dept
Someone: good idea!
Sop: think in right direction
fairly high contingency and soft costs are $365K
Alex who?: specifically b/c when you break into a bldg see a lot of things
decided to have a conservative number
as part of replacing the systems, identify opps for energy efficiencies; ... skylights, etc......
main hall not just replace roof but add membrane that wd lower [heating?] costs
PT: why are we waiting with the roof?
Alex: priority no 1
Sop: once they took off the cladding mould (srs' ctr); any indicators at library?
Alec: not done testing; cladding system on library resilient, few built up lend themselves to degradation
Ev: echo Ccl Panz's introductory comments; thx for depth of this report
receiving for info so more before commitments made
wd like to thank Ann for her huge contribution to this cmnty; enjoyed her enthusiasm
re croquet tournament, I still don't have a partner
PT: yes you do.  I'll give you the info when we're alone!
Mayor: thank you, [Ann has served under three mayors:] Boname, Wood, and me, eight bd chairs, 39 trustees
Ann is a quiet leader; in WV, the change that we respect
Lib changed -- hosting concerts to checking in and out, to Welsh, etc, etc
significantly improved relnship with the Fdn; transformative strategic plan; has trust of CAO
tremendous legacy
AG: a moment to say how much I've enjoyed this time
a wonderful opp for me; terrible thing to say but I've had so much FUN during the past 13 years and I hope I've made a difference, the only thing I desire
Mayor: you have; and we look forward to a glass of wine
REPORTS  [7:35]
8. District Boat Ramp next to Hollyburn Sailing Club (File: 2515-21)
                Information to be provided.
RECOMMENDED: THAT section 3 of the resolution regarding 2010 Waterfront Implementation Initiatives - Phase 1, passed at the April 12 regular Council meeting as follows, be rescinded:
District Boat Ramp next to Hollyburn Sailing Club
The District boat ramp next to the Hollyburn Sailing Club be decommissioned for motorized boats and boats requiring trailers this spring to coincide with the construction start date of the Ambleside artificial field.
Mayor: [Ccl] made decision in April but then a PH and I've exercised my prerogative as Mayor to bring this back
{she has that right; wise.}
Ev read previous motion and made this motion, then said: plsd to move this; partly as a result of the rezoning of that particular lot
we heard from a large number of the public; became v clear to me that the ramp had a serious purpose in WV, so rescinding
hope in the long term; hope staff wd revisit details around the ramp, length, purpose, longevity, etc
Sop: I think we shd keep the ramp going until staff, serious look, can give us some alternatives
initiatives with the HSC; look at their lands and desires, might be a surprise there for all of us
second is, Spirit Trail and devt on south side of MDr, we have some time before impacts
been getting busier but cars going by and not a major prob
waterfront cd be many things
when you take one area out you threaten what's natural and good
are there alternates? yes there, are and shd hv looked at them before
Open House last week, sure many there; many look at that area as their own backyard
amble your way along, to walk, in solitude if you choose; that's the way it's been
had a proposal at the other end where the concession stand is but too expensive and never went any further--
Mayor: let's focus on the boat-launch
Sop: Well, I'm trying to give a picture as to what we're doing here and why we shd not do anything more but to let things simmer down and look at alternates; one being the concession -- looking for anchor, restaurant or something, maybe that shd be revisited.
The other issue we haven't dealt with and will have to deal with, when Spirit Trail comes along, have to look at parking and the cars.  How far away that is, I don't know.
in meantime shd allow the boats to come in
possibly when it comes to charging, a fee, it cd have a biz return, and it cd be even improved.
Someone from Gallery: so
[the mike did not pick up what was said]
Mayor: excuse me; I don't think we'll be asking for a conversation with the gallery; we're having a debate amongst ourselves
Sop: I was trying to figure out if it was a heckler or a--
Mayor: that was thumbs up or down?
[other remarks from gallery]
are you finished?
Sop: No. Well I'm allowed five minutes, not going to take all that time.
I lived there for a while I know what ppl think of that area and ambience, don't know why want to destroy or change things at this point in time
going to be time to look at it all; so that's my position
ML: I've been a boater virtually my whole life; and that boat-launch is probably absolutely the worst example of a lake boat-launch, I've ever seen.  To consider it a saltwater boat-launch is really inappropriate
I'm not suggesting a boat-launch is an inappropriate use of District lands but this may not be the right place for it, there may be better place in the Ambleside area where it cd be accommodated with appropriate breakwater, with an appropriate launch tie-up dock.
I have serious concerns wrt safety of this boat-launch
In a swell, launching any boat on a trailer, I think is dangerous; certainly larger than 15/16-foot runabout is a recipe for disaster and liability
I'm concerned--
[voice speaking from gallery]
Mayor: Excuse me.  If we can't have--
[continued remarks from gallery]
Excuse me, Mr James, I wd ask that you respect the ppl who are serving the public, and, we are redebating an issue b/c we--
[so it's Mr James I guess, who then says: "I'm afraid I can't respect this nonsense"]
Mayor: then that wd be gracious of you to leave, thank you
[he strides out saying "very sad day"]
ML, laughing: I guess I can't count on his vote
I am concerned that the Spirit Trail is now there empties onto 13th St, increased traffic; closing the old dirt field in favour of the artif turf so parking of trailers is going to become an issue
concerned like Cclr Sop that no fee to use the boat-launch
I have a question around the zoning.  That is a piece of prop we had considerable discussion about, zoned residential, and I'm sort of curious how you can have a boat-launch in a residential lot when that doesn't appear to be an allowable use of land anywhere else in the cmnty; I'm not sure this whole discussion about whether that piece of property shd be zoned residential or commercial is done

{oh, ho ho.  Remember last week?  when asked why no sign posted at the site about a proposed devt as required it was revealed that the M doesn't have to put up a sign so they didn't, hence my comment about one law for Ccl/DWV and another for the public.  Surely even though not strictly required Ccl ought to abide by the same notification regulations.  After all, it's to inform the public.  Not to put one up smacks of fear of opposition so limiting the possibility.
Ccl doesn't have to abide by the sign/notice, and they don't have to abide by zoning.
Let's encourage mbrs of Ccl to follow the same rules whether required or not -- surely a mark of not just ethics but also of respect for the residents.}

I do think we need to be cognizant of the safety factor.
{absolutely! irresponsible not to.}
The boat-launch is a fine idea; probably better somewhat further east in Amb Park close to the existing breakwaters that have already been built; think there's an opp there
like to see staff do more analysis; in the interim at v minimum I think shd restrict the size of the trailer in that water
simply b/c trailer with 17, 18, 20ft boat in a swell is putting us, severely, at a liability and dangerous
TP: I'd like to support the notion of a restriction on the size of the trailer that is launched there.  I don't know the span or how big the boats are, but wise decision if the ramp is here for the future, I'm keen on looking at approp alternatives
do have a question, slight concern why we're decommissioning it in anticipation of artif turf field being constructed, and on that tight timeline, do we have a plan for in place for that if the boat-launch remains for the near future?
AM: if the boat-launch remains, parking will obviously be compromised with the artif turf field construction -- have to park elsewhere or on the streets
{IOW, to answer Cclr Panz's question, no plans}
SW: I'm not going reiterate what Cclr Lewis said, but in concurrence
exceptional amt of work done by staff and a lot of past WGs, that made recommendations for the Amb Waterfront and it includes diversified use of the waterfront
I agree that a boat-launch is approp for WV, perhaps the area it is in right now is not approp.
and it's not approp with the plan that calls for some commercialization, arts and cultural facilities, the Silk Purse to be part of that Amb Walk,
{another assurance to squelch the rumour of demolition of the Silk Purse}
and I think it does a disservice to ppl of WGs who've done work for the past ten years who've made recommendations to offer diversified enhancement of the waterfront
{a tiny point, but WGs have been in place for under five years.}
want us to be looking at the larger picture of what we're trying to do
and the boat-launch is an inappropriate boat-launch, and I even was out with friends this weekend who had not only the boat and the trailer but their truck stuck in the water, and you know limiting it to 16ft for the short term might be an alternative, the user-pay system is definitely something that has to be considered wherever it ends up
and utilizing the Hollyburn Sailing [Club] launch may be an alternative for right now, but the parking is an issue
and suggestions of parking the trailers on Bellevue is not approp, the retailers wd have a, um, it wd not be great for their biz

{er, um, skating on thin ice......  her father's company is on Bellevue and they have tenants in their building there so parking in front of and near their building wd not be in their biz interest...  Does this constitute a conflict......?
Remember last year, Cclr Lewis even removed himself from the discussions of Cmnty Grants b/c he's involved with the Boys' Choir and that's only an association, surely no thought of pecuniary interest for him.}

then, thinking of the trailers going up to 14th and Duchess, and parking in residential areas, is going to create an issue for nbrs as well
so I think we have to think about the nbrhd and its entity, and figure out where is an approp place for  smaller boats to launch in WV b/c where the Spirit Trail and Ambleside all come together is not the place.  It is supposed to be our commercial core running north south up to Clyde. I think we have to think about the bigger picture.
also think ultimately have to respect staff and WGs who are encouraging diversified use of the waterfront
also wish Cclr Smith cd be here for this discussion b/c was a unanimous decision to decommission the boat-launch; unfortunate he can't be here to share in this conversation.
{think Sop muttered "polled vote"}
Mayor: I shd make it clear that Cclr Smith is away on a holiday and we agreed with him that we carry on with the ppl's biz.
{brilliant wording and spin}
I'm going to speak on this, Cclr Sop, and then go to you
I'm in favour of rescinding b/c -- the status quo is fine for now -- as we develop what is the waterfront plan, it's intended to be practical and inclusive; and we're never going to get there without taking into consideration how to make it better for the ppl using it now.
I think it was an oversight and I take responsibility for not working with the boaters and the Sailing Club for what other alternatives there are, b/c we know we've got challenges and we know the best ppl to address those are the users who are so interested.
And I really felt at the Public Hearing that it was really affirming for WV about the role the waterfront and boating plays in ppl's lives, and we all know that and I know that we all respect that.
I think  we can make a better decision and I do think the boat-launch as it exists right now isn't good enough
for a time we need to sit down with the cmnty who care about that and work with them to come up with something better
So that's why I'm voting for the status quo wch is a reversal from decision we made in April,

{Brave Lady.  Showing sensitivity and accountability.}

and perhaps I cd call the question on that and see if Ccl has a followup motion for going forward
ML: friendly amendment? after?
Mayor: easier to be clean just rescinding our decision, then we're at square one. Unless, Ms Scholes, wd you think more straightforward?
MClk: agree; much simpler and clear process if this was [sic] voted on
SW: only issue, I don't know what the friendly amendment wd be
Mayor: tinkering with what was passed, gets confusing
in favour of rescission?
you have a suggestion?
Sop: respect what you're saying, Cclr Walker, but when you look at alternate methods, ways, you are looking at the bigger picture, moved along on this--
Mayor: --don't want to redebate it, I'd like to know if you've got a course of action
Sop: what the motion is.
Mayor: okay
Sop: so everybody else verbalizes but I can't?
Mayor: everyone took one turn
{some submerged mirth in the gallery}
Sop: with all respect, Madam Mayor.
I wd move that staff prepare a report to Ccl looking at alternate sites including HSC and sites east, and report back to Ccl in timelines I don't have
Mayor: pardon me?
Sop: time lines I don't have; earliest convenience?
Mayor: seconder? seconder?
{no one, so, obligingly, she does}
I'll second that
ML: I'd feel more comfortable if we put a size of the boat?
barring contrary info from staff, 16ft?
staff examine logistics for setting a fee
Sop: you're putting restrictions already? just a staff report
Mayor: ask
CAO: this is not going to be an easy report; discussions with DFO, etc to do justice to this issue
we have v full BSC
will have a discussion with staff and come back with a proposal but will not be any time soon
Ev: has amendment been seconded?
before it is, pity if we put in 16ft; I'm completely incompetent to make a decision 14, 16, 20 ft
TP: when are we expecting feedback from Waterfront strategy b/c that's where it belongs
Sokol: we received 58 comments from Open House; will leave comment open on website for weeks so probably coming back in Sept.
ML: do you believe we're exposed to any liability in view of its current condition?
Sokol: not qualified to reply
Mayor: been there for years; report coming back
SW: only issue to having a report back is that it has to be in context with Waterfront
not till Sept, make work; trying to come up with size of boat and fee not approp -- defer till we have Waterfront Plan
Mayor: do?
[or it's American pronunciation and she meant due?}
MClk: motion but amendment
Mayor: no amendment
MClk: deferral takes precedence
Mayor: thought so
TP: wise; feedback from Waterfront Plan will help us focus
Sept; suppose means ramp usable for summer
Ev: SW reading my notes so agree deferral
Sop: so no study; CAO says next year?
you talk about two steps forward and one back!
looking at boat ramp and alternatives -- v simple process, I'll tell you.
Mayor: I'm going to speak in favour of deferral b/c I think it allows us to collect the information that's going to inform the report, and the majority of Ccl has voted to have the boat-launch and the status quo continue for now wch is going to be satisfactory, so I'll call the question.
[CARRIES with Sop opposed]
9. Official Community Plan Amendment for Block Bounded by Esquimalt Avenue, 20th Street, Fulton Avenue, and 21st Street; and Rezoning of 2031, 2047 and 2063 Esquimalt Avenue (Development Application No. 08-041); and Recommended Process for Future Rezoning(s) (File:  1010-20-08-041/1610-20-4619/1610-20-4620)
THAT the opportunities for consultation on a proposed OCP amendment, with persons, organizations, and authorities, as outlined in the report from the Sr Community Planner dated May 17, 2010, be endorsed as sufficient consultation for the purposes of Section 879 of the Local Government Act;
THAT ... be introduced and read a first time in short form;
THAT OCP Amendment Bylaw [will have] been considered in conjunction with the District's most recent financial plan and the regional waste management plan;
THAT "OCP/Zoning Amendment Bylaw" and Devt Permit Applic ... all dealing with 2031, 2047, and 2063 Esquimalt be considered at a concurrent Public Hearing and Public Meeting to be held on Monday, June 21 at 7:15pm...
THAT the recommended process for rezoning the remainder of properties in the block bounded by Esquimalt Avenue, 20th Street, Fulton Avenue, and 21st Street, as outlined in the report from the Sr. Community Planner dated May 17, 2010, be endorsed by Council.
Steve Mikicich, Planning, gave background with slides: H3 policy site; infill housing identified by Housing WG; diff from what was proposed in 2006; all units two levels; 1200sf for coach houses 1400 for five and 1700 for one; FAR .62; one parking space per unit; one visitor for another unit.
Public mtg general agreement; some owners asked if they cd as well
2009 update letter to those in area; staff asked to prepare draft bylaw for block.
OCP Amendment; land-use designation, infill housing bridging gap between sgl-fam home and apartment
Staff to come back with process for rezoning of other lots in block; two-phased approach [described with slides]
look at a public amenity contribution permitted under the Act
looking at an open house on June 16 for residents to understand the approach and provide input
working towards a PH in June; if Ccl feels need for more consultation, staff cd add a further public mtg
Wendy Duke: live in block; speaking to you as someone v plsd with the process
last year was vocal in opposition; what spot-zoning might mean to me in the middle of the block; 2006, the size of the devt at that time, still a bit too big b/c I'm directly across the lane
between the Planning Dept and the devpr, Mr Slone, all complaints taken care of, now sit in support to the amendment to the OCP
Planning Dept has been responsive and Mr Slone too
thank you for fixing the roundabout at 21st and Fulton
Mayor: thank you; sometimes it takes two kicks at the can
Lyn Broman (sp?): here with my wife; lived on the same prop in 1200-block Haywood for 40 years
drawn to this mtg by a flyer with no apparent author

{I knew nothing of this nor had I seen one but someone sitting near me showed it to me.  Strange.  After its POV, at bottom it just advised ppl to contact the Hall.
Shades of the low-growth mystery person/group?
if the intent of the flyer was to encourage citizens to this mtg, certainly successful for Judith and me
think authors have misread the wish of citizens
if intent was to suggest some ominous action was to be undertaken by Ccl that wd destroy the area, I think the authors have misread the majority of WV citizens and wish to stir up unrest against sensible planning and progress
WV is beautiful,  ocean front, sloping sides; within cmnty, precious areas, waterfront, parks, schools, ... cmnty ctr.... in 2100block
transportation and shopping also an asset
near these, too important to have sgl-fam occupied entire lot
we've already begun to surround the area around the 2100 block with multiplex -- Stonethro,  Hollyburn House, Kiwanis devt, ..... Rose Garden apts, and they all deserve to be close to the cmnty health care ctr
hope Wetmore and adjacent will be devpd for multifamily
certainly in favour of projects such as the one proposed here
no one disputes monetary value of prop near important cmnty sites; it is a wise cmnty and a wise Ccl that appreciates the tremendous social value of such sites and will over time transition from sgl-fam to multifam complexes
may be radical thought but makes sense cmnty be given notice now and over next 20 - 30 years, precious land will not be zoned for sgl-fam zonings
irony in opinion that multi-occupation in sgl-fam nbrhd will destroy the nbrhd.  We already have multi-occupations albeit unregistered
in NSN and pamphlets estimate of multi v conservative by my observation, if my nbrhd is typical
the irony is, of course, that some citizens don't seem to mind multiple occupation, just so long as it is under the table, what they object to is above-board multiple occupation
second irony is the loss of view.  We're too late to correct most of the damage already done and it wd take sev decades to undo.  Our precious area from Marine Dr down to the water is dotted by view-blocking highrises
some consolation, same error made by most cities around the world
disheartening part, poor land use has been allowed in spite of asvice of cmnty designers of early 1900s: cautioned those fortunate to live near water with a sloping geography shd leave the water edge for public space, place the shortest bldgs at the lowest elevation and and tallest buildings on the highest points of land
increased density goes hand in hand with popn growth
no longer the unlimited wild west; always politically dangerous for Ccl to do something, make changes
Some time ago a bold, important, and yes dangerous, decision was made to acquire waterfront prop;  v expensive land, needed tax dollars, this plan was long term; not making that decision wd probably have bn much easier for the Ccl but far less wise
Other WV sites need the same foresight.  To do nothing wd be easier
Mayor: I--
LB: --but to do so wd not be wise.  Thank you for your time.
Judy White: been a licensed realtor for 33 years ........ charity, place to call home (affordable, for low-income) [lists other groups mbr of].....
In add'n Panellist on forum 2009; made mention of 20th and Esq but unaware of ownership
my opinion has not wavered, near....; Lionsview AGM last week and speaker stressed importance of social capital being connected to friends, family, civic engagement, to their general well-being.
Lionsview has a housing cmte
This enables seniors living in own cmnty and younger ppl; stay and live here; enable those who built this cmnty; affordable for young families to help build here
this will make affordable, close to families........

{Many speakers spoke of affordable places to live -- do the know about the $1M and higher price tags? and they think young couples can afford that?  as opposed to an old fixer-upper? -- there are some dotted throughout WV and certainly lend character.  Quaint.  As Cclr Panz said earlier, the greenest house/building is the one that's already built.}

Gordon Ward Hall, Prez ADRA:  [text supplied]
     ADRA is concerned with the content of the report on the rezoning of the whole block at 20th and Esquimalt.
     In it the floor area comparisons chart on Page 7 is really a numbers game.   In order to maximize the floor area of a fictitious single-family house it assumes an unrealistic, oversized, below-ground basement that is 85% of the allowable above ground floor area.  This takes advantage of the fact that West Vancouver does not include below ground basements in the F.A.R. calculation. The result is a house of unacceptable proportions with 46% of the living space in a completely underground basement.   A more likely plan for someone who wanted to take advantage of the above bylaw would be to build a two-storey house with a full underground basement, with equal floor areas for all three levels.   The result for the lot at 2031 Esquimalt would be a house with a total living area of 3828 sq. ft. (not 4711 sq. ft.) compared with 3975 sq. ft. of living area for the proposed three units.
   The report gives an average selling price of $575 -$590 per sq. ft. in order to calculate the "uplift".   This appears to be low when compared with recent sale prices in West Vancouver.   Apartment/Condos at both 1891 Marine Drive and 2388 Marine Drive have recently sold at $1128 to $1302 per sq. ft.   Probably a more realistic comparison would be the average asking price of $850 to $900 per sq. ft. for the mid and ground floor units of the above developments.  Even at $750/sq.ft. the average purchase price of each of the nine units would be over $1 million - not affordable for the target group.
     In order to gain their approval the developer of the three properties appears to have convinced some of the residents to agree to rezone the block by stating that otherwise he would build three monster houses that would have a more negative effect than his proposed development.  It is not clear whether the block owners fully understand all the implications of what they have signed.  For example, are they aware that if they chose to rezone their property to multi-family they could be assessed a public amenity contribution, similar to the main development, of 75% of the land "uplift" resulting from the rezoning.  They should be advised of the consequences of signing this consent.
     ADRA's main concern is that the sole justification for the re-zoning of the whole block is the interpretation of Policy H3 of the O.C.P. that states, "the site would provide a degree of physical separation (e.g. a road etc.)" It appears that nobody in Planning or on Council has checked with those who were responsible for drafting the O.C.P.  to verify the intent of this wording.  A Councillor who was on the committee that drafted the O.C.P. has told us that he did not know how the words "a road" were included.    He advised us to encourage Council to delete "a road" from Policy H3 of the O.C.P. because of the possible ramifications of this wording.   
   The Planning Department has interpreted that "a degree of separation of a road" would allow rezoning of a whole block with the concurrence of the block residents.   We believe that it is not possible that this was the intent of the O.C.P. because if it was it would mean that the drafters of the O.C.P. intended that every single-family block in West Vancouver could be rezoned with the agreement of the residents of the block.   This would have the potential to change the character of neighbourhoods even more than the Transition Zone, proposed in 2002, which resulted in public outrage.
    Council members could argue that they would control which blocks they would allow to be developed as well as the extent of multi-family development.   But if the present rezoning application of the total block is approved it would set a precedent that developers would use to pressure the present or future Councils into further full-block developments anywhere in West Vancouver. 
     Therefore we encourage Council to proceed with their present plans for the provision of diverse affordable housing to meet the needs of seniors and young couples while maintaining the integrity and character of single-family neighbourhoods.  But we strongly urge Council to reject the proposal for rezoning the whole block at 20th and Esquimalt.  This rezoning would seriously affect the immediate neighbourhood and also set a precedent that has the potential to negatively affect the essential character of all the neighbourhoods in West Vancouver.
ADRA Board of Directors [May 31st, 2010]
Mary Warner: impressed with Mr Slone's plans; dealing with a husband losing ability and a parent who is elderly
Heather Mersey: owner of a home built in 1928, moved in in 1983 xxx
since living in that spot; quite a bit of densification around us -- Hollyburn House, xxx
tonight we're faced with another proposal xxx
will mark the beginning of the end of one of our historical nbrhds
said gentle densification but it will xxx
new sales in our nbrhd, young families
create a lot of traffic
why invest so much on traffic-calming and then increase cars?
three times
other places; you've got Wetmore, Safeway site lease up in a year, DFO on Marine Dr, Sq Nations Amb Park plans
where density
since 1912, our forefathers had a vision
look after; open season on sgl-fam; forever changing
[Didn't catch name]: 2065 Fulton
came from a city with high density, Glasgow; four-bdrm apt, raise six chn
moved WV, graduate of WV High
opposed to the OCP plan thought it had gone away
moved to 2065 Fulton and found myself in the xxx
I have seen devt
my nbrs stand to benefit financially as will devprs
if this goes through, my block cd be next, face xxx
you don't know who lives in this nbrhd
multicultural, China, Iran, want their chn to live in space; they're prepared to pay for this precious land
one block alone, Fulton, 12 chn
one X chn Pauline Johnson they walk to school and not afraid to do so
eight homes all in elementary
chn to Ecole PJ and they walk there
traffic issues -- calm down 21st and you cannot get a parking spot for love or money
three hours ahead of moving van'
kids playing in the lanes just as they did in '50s, Leave it to Beaver
no guarantee seniors
age, that I don't want to go up and down stairs; elevators
this is not startup housing
young, buy tired house and fix it up; not only for land value
is this entry level? not unless great divorce settlement!
schooling ... fortune ... don't believe in high density in a sgl-fam nbrhd
doesn't have to be right in the heart of the matter
may I quote our Mayor:  xxx
we want to change gently and with respect xxx
don't jump xxx
bad decisions xxx
Mayor: also want to thank you for your service to Lib Bd
?? [8:31]: xxx
b/c of calibre of our nbrhds and xxx
Mayor: Malcolm Pitches?  not here? if he comes back fine.  Then Chris Short.
Chris Short: personally not in favour nor are my family, friends
went to mtg and heard devpr talk about green xxx [ppl in favour]
wd like to see a number to that -- the only person who was in favour was from Vancouver
tone, quality of nbrhd -- traffic, ....
during the workshop the devpr told about the effort Planning had put in xxx
utility bill has doubled
appreciate govts have in creating a balance
basic infrastructure and XXX rather than rezoning
here two weeks ago about a rezoning apparently no one wanted
make sure resources
[Sorry, again didn't catch name (names are in the adopted minutes)]: 6262 St Georges
moved up here from Seattle and did a lot of work on infill and cottages
v impressed with work WV is doing
am in favour of what's called the 'missing middle'; great need for diversity of housing
there's some receptivity here to the idea
maybe rezoning a whole block is too much
efforts to get ppl
feel it wd work but scary whole block; what happens? leapfrog effect
as an architect xxx
buildings and places in 2050 and if lucky, loved
the challenges here are many; lovely streetscape, makes sense, xxx
wonder shd go through same process as other pilot projects
know devprs working on this for ages; lot can be done
with three lots you have common space and green and a park in the ctr if you want
what kind of example is this going to set?
then the courage to carry it out
don't know what to say in favour or not; important decision
feel it shd be studied the way the other projects
Elaine Fonseca: First, Keith Pople has asked me to read this letter; I live in the block down from him
[text supplied]
Presentation to Mayor & Council - Esquimalt Development Application
     I am supportive of our OCP housing policy objective to "encourage a variety of housing types, forms, sizes, and densities that meet diverse needs " and resident Work Group investigations regarding pilot housing projects in West Vancouver. This work should continue until completed to the satisfaction of Council and our OCP Housing Policies are modified to incorporate these requirements. These OCP modifications should indicate what types and how much infill housing is appropriate in our various neighbourhoods.                 
     However, I do not believe the Esquimalt development proposal under consideration tonight should be endorsed as it may well establish a precedent that we would not like to see replicated in other West Vancouver single family neighbourhoods. 
     At the present time there are several projects under construction or in the planning stage which provide alternative housing choices for people seeking this type of accommodation:
- Evelyn Drive  - 350 homes (apartments, cluster, duplex and single family)
- [Rodgers] Creek  - 736 homes (apartments, town houses, duplex and single family)
- Ambleside Town Centre - residential buildings in the 1300 and 1800 blocks on Marine Drive
- Wetmore Development - seniors' accommodation, and as we all know
- First Nations Development plans in Ambleside - possibly thousands of homes
There is no current shortage of housing options in West Vancouver. Please reject this Development Application.
from Keith Pople
Elaine then makes her own remarks: I wd hv a short submission for myself
I do not support this change to our OCP.  This is spot-zoning.  This change will set a precedent for more infill in other WV nbrhds.
Affordable housing is a myth unless you consider $1M+ homes to be affordable, and that's generally land cost in WV.
We've heard a lot about affordable housing.  Well, today I happened to look through some of the affordable housing on Marine Dr, 2200block.  Two-bedroom apts, condos, $1M+; I hardly think that is affordable.  Surprisingly, across the street from me we have two new families who have moved in, both with chn, on both sides.  One house three chn, so we're seeing families come to our nbrhd.  In my nbrhd, I'm proud to say that the chn still play in the back lane, and still get to ride their bicycles and tricycles up and down the lane.
So I wd encourage that we try to retain this WV that we all love.  And, do not change our OCP.  Retain it as it is.
Susan Anderson: live directly across from devt, lived there for 29 yrs
right time right place right xxx; 84% feel we need a greater range; xxx; 1000 to 1500sf range as proposed
this block is ideally located, half a block from the srs' ctr, block from xxx
if we miss this opp, it will be a real loss for our cmnty
Mayor: no one else on list but did Malcolm Pitches return?  No? then Cclr Lewis put motion on floor.  Maybe a bit of discussion first; a lot of dialogue and want to
ML: happy to start with discussion
Concern: I hear v mixed messages about this devt
evolving from a sgl-fam; was when I grew up in 50s
how do you do densification that honours the nbrhd?
unresolved issues that came out of our dialogue on Housing
whether spot or block or... need to identify the character
don't have a sense of that
85% in favour but all like them, [however way] OVER that way
what works in eastern Ambleside is diff from Brit Prop from where I live out in Cypress
one fit doesn't fit all but that's part of the beauty
got to respect nbrhds
evolve in xxx
evils of spot-zoning but changing one or two lots in a block is probably preferable to a whole block
Changing a whole block starts affecting the blocks north, south, east
don't feel comfortable xxx
need to make an effort, what is the distinct character of this nbrhd
block zoning? nbrhd zoning?
haven't done the courtesy xxxxx
nobody can tell me what's different from what's different from xxx
TP: worthwhile to note, looking at OCP, a report in 1991 suggested variety in existing nbrhds
this has been happening for a long time
taking the issue out of OCP in 2004 to have that dialogue
look at a housing pilot prog, 3.4 in ctr
like that term, missing middle, b/c that's what we're trying to
concern, we have a fine process in place and not sure why this not a pilot project
there's enough information, process moving forward
we need to demonstrate to the cmnty that we can be successful
start small, build trust, then xxx
in Seattle, started ten years ago and looking at a successful implementation but took a long way to get there
how move opp? lose opp? fairly robust public  cons?
looking forward to Ccl's comments and debate to follow
Mayor: Ccl Lewis, a recommendation re xxx
ML: move staff carry out further public consultation prior to bylaws
mtg with owners in block, all those whose props cd be rezoned
ask Housing Dialogue as to a pilot proj as a three-lot or block rezoning
staff report back in Sept
Mayor: add?
ML: nothing
Sop: may I have a couple of minutes for preamble then talk?
or she'll cut me off
ML: timer!
Sop: OCP, predictability; preserve and enhance nbrhds -- all in Housing Dialogue
when dialogue started, struck us have to look at alternate housing
found pilot and thought that was good
Mayor, you were at KMC and your words were to be cautious
Mr Slone has been at it for a while
my first thought was take a sgl-fam house on a lot and seriously look at a lane house so family or kids
Mr Slone's is a strata, not a rental
guess when you develop you try to get the best, don't have a prob with that
moving the envelope too far; went through this a few years ago
ppl who buy their homes; spent day pruning, wife brought out tea
look at this can't find where I'd put tomatoes
not meaning to be humorous but xxx
can't say don't want change, just hope something a little less dense
town hall mtg where minutes taken
sit down, have serious talk about where we're going
come to some firm understanding where we're going
Mayor: where you're going? support Cclr Lewis
Sop: I am. I seconded it.
Mayor: but, you knew
SW: need to xxx
small area for a garden; two mtgs with Design Review; extending the public consultation xxx; block too intimidating
to Ms Fonseca's point, some devt coming but over ten years
can't look to those in a nbrhd that supports it
close to .....  shopping, etc. biking
want to keep families in our cmnty -- old not to move downtown ...  crime
we tend to invite ppl
support Cclr Lewis and importance of this in our nbrhd
and those who want to come into our nbrhd and not have big ????
Ev: if xxx engage in some balanced discussions
all v well say prefer to have three sgl-fam houses or anywhere else but we don't have control over those houses but afraid to say we have too many monster houses

{If Ccl hasn't control, who has???
1) a question of proportion (a large house on small lot looks like a monster but wd not if on a bigger lot)
2) that proportion is controlled by our zoning and building bylaws
Anyone who thinks monster houses are being built now, shd look at why.  One reason is that loopholes in the legislation have permitted this so cclrs on their own and/or urged by the public shd plug the loopholes that result in these 'monster' houses.
A few years ago, Ccl plugged the deck loophole (area not counted in FAR if one side not enclosed), the basement loophole shd be next.
Another 'monster' was permitted b/c a house of .34 (.35FAR is the max in this area) was approved to .43 (about a quarter over intended limit!) just only months ago b/c apparently some cclrs did not fully understand that it meant an increase and shd hv taken into account the original FAR.  The owners had been denied before but succeeded on their second attempt with this Ccl.  Staff had even noted the situation and issued a stop-work order earlier!}
although it's xxx
to me, that's not a WV character house
that's not necessarily to speak for or against; some spoke of three times density
4000sf, 4700; agree that wd be a rancher
sq ftg of conventional wd be 4200sf
we speak of sgl-fam but today it's a sgl-fam plus a sec ste
wd say that any house that wd go on this site it wd be two families but this wd be three families, so not much diff
Mayor: focus on the motion
Ev: will vote in favour but ask staff what the alternatives are then make a value judgement
TP: think we're on right track in terms of what we're doing; opp to learn more; support this motion
Sop: one of the things extremely imp for us to look at in terms of the Housing Dialogue ... present in future ... in light of pilot prog ... is to look at public amenity and cmnty benefit
look in that direction; sgl lot going into three, there is a significant Uplift
in the report; had a consulting firm look at it, stated not much there to give us in amenity, but you can shift the figures to whatever you want in this world
not saying wrong but think we shd hv something from staff in relationship to how we look at public amenity and the Uplifts
We do it with commercial so no reason not be doing it with residential
{It has been and IS done with residential -- cf Evelyn Drive}
Mayor: little bit of a separate matter, but the ongoing public consultation will allow us to flesh out some of these ideas
Ev: motion stands at moment calls for further public consultation -- are there any timelines?
Mayor: report back to Ccl in Sept; rather than set a date for a PH wch is the motion that was printed
Ev: so the first public consultation will be on the 17th of June?
Mayor: that's right, wch is set
{NOPE!  must have been changed subsequently}
Ev: does it anticipate that there will be further public consultations?
Mayor: the motion asks for consultation with the actual owners, every single owner on that block, as well as the broader cmnty, and also makes reference to the Housing Dialogue and the pilot projects that we are committed to and that process that has been well-vetted in the cmnty and by the WG.

{another good move, Mayor! UPDATE -- mtg already set for June 16:
"A Neighbourhood Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 16th from 6:00 to 8:30pm at the West Vancouver Senior's Activity centre - to provide an opportunity for the public to view plans and provide comment on:"
See rest at http://www.westvancouver.ca/Residents/Level3.aspx?id=27980.}

MClk: The motion is that staff carry out further public consultation for the draft OCP amendment and rezoning for 2031/47/63 Esquimalt prior to further consideration by Ccl; public consultation program is to include a mtg with owners and residents of the block to specifically identify the views of all those whose props cd be potentially rezoned, in keeping with our Housing Dialogue that the public provide its views on this proposal as a pilot proj as either a three-lot rezoning or a one-lot rezoning, and that staff report back to Ccl in Sept 2010.
Mayor: So that's the motion on the floor; further to add, Cclr Ev? Okay.
I'm going to support the motion b/c I think we've come so far with our process.
I'd like to just go over quickly for the benefit of Ccl -- Seattle's pilot process took five years to have five successful pilots.
The, Planning too a look at what all they learned, and how cmnties cd respond better, and at the end of ten years, I think they have 15, much like the gentleman who talked of the long-term view of acquiring the waterfront.  We're on to something.
It's being supported in the cmnty, and I might be wrong, but it was a disappointing brochure that was sent around the cmnty in terms of its broad brush strokes that bear no resemblance to the hard work of this Ccl, sev WGs, and the OCP wrt this Housing Dialogue, and those who called me FAVOUR the pilot projs, and have confidence that nobody is talking about any kind of rezoning in sgl-fam nbrhds, OUTSIDE of two pilot projects b/c we want to learn from them, and we want to do it right.
We want to find that missing middle and to respond to homes that fit us and fit in, according to that last week's dialogue.
The risk is getting off track b/c we're on track.
If we cd do a more refined job, can look at this again in fall.
I think moving to a PH right away is going to put too much pressure on ppl who just don't know.
I think we want to build on support and certainty, and that is always in a good process.
and so there's more work to do.
10. Ambleside A Field, Artificial Turf and Ancillary Services Project Update (File:  3002-09)
1. The report dated May 21 ... be received for information;
2. Approval be given to staff to proceed ...  based on the Proposed Phasing Plan, as set out in Appendix C of the report dated May 21.
Mayor: those who have been waiting patiently, field hockey and soccer......
Moving to Ambleside A field
AM described: designed for field hockey but usable by soccer, includes warmup area and fieldhouses
wonderful news DWV had received a Build-Canada Grant of $3M; condition match with $1.5M and provision completed by March 2011
Sports Reps Bill Sparling, Pat MacLeod, Ian Baggott
both groups have committed to raising $1.5M
they already have $375K and will be deposited prior to June 14, ground-breaking ceremony
two groups, joint fund-raising
this report outlines plan, as funds deposited and public consultation process, outlined in Appendix
Pat MacLeod: Prez of WV Field Hockey Facility Society
we're on track, working closely with Parks Dept and Soccer Club
benefit thousands; lifelong participation; thanks for continued support; look forward to opening in 2011
SW: great to see field hockey and soccer get together, well done; collaboration
TP: exciting personally b/c a tremendous amt of work for cmnty mbrs; my thx to cmnty groups
commend Andrew Banks b/c he stepped into this and he's done an admirable job.
Sop: let's hope that the $1.5M commitment will be intact over time
how's fundraising going?  if they don't meet, who will be responsible to make up difference?
Andrew Banks: we're proceeding with project on the basis of how much funding available, so nothing without funding in place

{no one asked the next obvious question: but funding condition is must be finished by March 2011, so what happens if delayed so that it won't meet that deadline???}

Mayor: has been a long road and exciting to be this close to beginning construction; thank you to everybody involved
CARRIES  [9:16]
{Chamber empty, except one person other than me}
11. Change to Council Meeting Schedule (File: 0120-01)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT Special Council Meetings [at 7pm] be scheduled for:
Monday, June 28; Wednesday, June 30; and Monday, July 26
to be held in the Municipal Hall Council Chamber.
Sop: changed to June 18 and July 26
Mayor: we have a few items of correspondence to discuss

{ Do tell! not that we know about.  No list on the agenda.  Nothing put up on the screen.  No one reads it out.  Need to make best guesses as to wch letter will be discussed and what it will say....}

Ev: cd Planning comment on the letter we received wrt the Hycroft pilot proj
Mayor: most imp thing when coming to Ccl
Sokol: Letter from nbr (re Hycroft PP); staff well aware of his concerns with the proj moving foward is preparing a report that will be on your desk next week
Mayor: there will be public input at that time
and wrt invasive species
said to CAO, good to bring back the numerous staff reports requesting funding for this, been consistently turned down by Ccls in numerous budget debates
if Ccl's interested, Ms Mooi, costs and plan
AM: can provide that info
Mayor: think it's ready; Ccl ready to entertain a staff report on the matter
Sop: so move
Mayor: think that's where we left our last conversation, staff will bring forward
AM: if I cd just update you on the work we're doing
[text supplied]
We have met with the Lighthouse Park Preservation Society regarding invasive species and particularly the pilot project for stem injection of knotweed.
We are researching costs for this pilot ~ proposed to take place at Caulfeild Park and possibly at a location in Ambleside Park based on work other mainland municipalities have undertaken.
At the same time, we are reviewing our Pesticide Use Control bylaw to ensure what is proposed meets the Bylaw. With regard to the other requests, they will be considered via the Parks Master Plan process.
We have identified the need to develop an inventory and a map of invasive species in District parks in support of the development of an invasive species policy. This is identified in the Balanced Scorecard Strategic Initiative 1.2.5a under a 2011 Milestone.
Currently, most of our invasive plant removal in West Vancouver is done by volunteer groups and our Parks Department has gratefully supported these groups for years. Once invasive plant species are established, they are extremely challenging to remove and we will continue to work with our fabulous volunteer groups.
ML: driving along MDr, I see hogweed and it looks painted?
Mayor: green?
ML: herbicide?
TP: presume labelled b/c it spreads
Mayor: funding for 2011 or xxx
Sop: this isn't the first; policy in past
Mayor: but we've fallen behind
TP: key is consistency; requires a policy and prog funded properly
Sop: what happens when Dept of Hwys decides not to fund?
Mayor: have a report so all on same page
     {See ENVIROWATCH on invasive species at end of newsletter}
12. Consent Agenda Items
RECOMMENDED: THAT the Consent Agenda item as follows be approved:
   Item 13 - Draft Terms of Reference for new Parks Master Plan Working Group.
13. Draft Terms of Reference for new Parks Master Plan Working Group (File:  0117-20-PMP1)
1. The report dated May 21 from the Director/Parks/Cmnty Services ... be received for info;
2. The Draft Terms of Reference, attached as Appendix A, be approved.
ML: question; still unclear as to definition as to what open spaces mean; policy 2.1
WG will establish TofRef
don't have clarity; don't know what a park is or an open space -- a road end or a millennium clock open space not designated park
Mayor: to CEC; these go to the WG to xxx
looking for "open spaces" can't find, we left it out; maybe an amorphous term so left out
expect WG once in place usually comes back if change; certain Cclr Panz will come back
Sop: by bylaw or no bylaw for park
others are open space, no law for it
cd be anywhere, higher up?
TP: it's a landscaping word; pulled it out; take or not have it in at all
Mayor: it's Yosemite open park....
> Ev: Housing Forum; success
> SW:  meals for wheels AGM, great for my grandmother; need volunteers, looking for drivers and cooks; imp org on N SH
Sop: did you volunteer?
> TP: Eagle Hbr fun run, fourth year from 100 to 350 participants; getting better and better every year; funds to better their cmnty, wonderful partnership
> Mayor: Cclr Lewis is asking me to comment on LGB, site of national historic significance -- this book
took place in middle of long weekend; asked to open the formal prog
I'll read my first comments
{In last newsletter; the full text of her remarks can be read at: http://www.scribd.com/doc/32146122}
will be posted on website
thx to Cclrs Ev, Sop, Lewis; it is a true cmnty servant who comes Sunday at 1pm in the middle of a long weekend
Ev: in the rain
Mayor: in the rain
thank Cclr Walker for two months of being Acting Mayor; app all the work
and looking forward to Cclr Lewis to doing the same the next two months
been supported by MetroV to go to Quebec City for a week starting tomorrow on their behalf on Housing, on sustainable housing, green building, and alternative housing, and I thought that wd be a good use of my time b/c it wd benefit WV as well, and MetroV is picking up the expenses for that.
That's my report.

===  CCL MTG AGENDAs June 7th ===
        ...with no hint at all any residents have written to Ccl! :-(
6pm in MHall Main Floor Conference Room; 7pm Reconvened PH followed by ccl mtg
At 6pm the regular Council Meeting will commence in open session (in the main floor conference room), and will be immediately followed by a motion to exclude the public in order to hold a closed session, pursuant to section 90 of the Community Charter.
At 7pm the Reconvened Public Hearing regarding Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4625, 2010 regarding Community Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets and Policies will be held in the Council Chamber.
Immediately following the Reconvened Public Hearing the regular Council Meeting will reconvene in open session in the Council Chamber.
6:00 PM
RECOMMENDED: THAT in the public interest, members of the public be excluded from part of the Monday June 7 regular Council Meeting on the basis of matters to be considered under the following section of the Community Charter:
90. (1) A part of a council meeting may be closed to the public if the subject matter being considered relates to or is one or more of the following:
3.  labour relations or other employee relations;
7.  litigation or potential litigation affecting the municipality;
11.  negotiations and related discussions respecting the proposed provision of a municipal service that are at their preliminary stages and that, in the view of the council, could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality if they were held in public.
7:00 PM
(At 7pm the Reconvened PH regarding OCP Amendment Bylaw will be held. The open session of the Ccl Mtg will reconvene immediately after.)
Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4625, 2010 regarding Community Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets and Policies (File:  1610-20-4625)
The Public Hearing opened on May 17, 2010 and was adjourned to  June 7, 2010.
The Director of Planning, Lands and Permits will describe the proposed amendment bylaw.
Applicant: The District of West Vancouver
Affected Lands: The proposed Official Community Plan (OCP) Bylaw amendments apply to all lands in the municipality of West Vancouver.
Purpose: The proposed Official Community Plan (OCP) Bylaw amendments will set community greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets for West Vancouver and establish policies that will help the community achieve the targets, as required by the provincial government's Local Government (Green Communities) Statutes Amendment Act (Bill 27). Details are provided below.
Proposed OCP Bylaw Amendments:
A GHG reduction target for the District of West Vancouver is set as follows:
- Become carbon neutral with respect to municipal operations by 2012; and
- Reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by at least 33% below 2007 levels by 2020 and at least 80% below 2007 levels by 2050.
To achieve these targets, existing OCP policies are updated and new policies added. The key climate action policies are listed as follows:
Council will include home energy performance as a criterion in the consideration of development applications and in the disposition of surplus municipal lands;
The District will:
Encourage more energy efficient buildings that help to reduce community greenhouse gas emissions, including the promotion of home energy audits;
Collaborate with other levels of government, utilities, and non-government organizations to: raise awareness and build community-wide appreciation and support for climate change mitigation and adaptation; explore policy tools to affect improved energy performance of residential buildings; explore innovative, low carbon solutions for the Capilano sewage treatment plant; and to meet the "Zero Waste Challenge";
Support neighbourhood and multi-family retrofit projects intended to reduce community GHG emissions; and other community-based environmental initiatives to sequester carbon, beautify public spaces and make the built environment greener and healthier; and
Strive to reduce community GHG emissions resulting from vehicle trips through the development of policies and programs that encourage the use of alternative forms of transportation and provide increased transportation-related non-vehicular facilities throughout the community.
Mayor Goldsmith-Jones will describe the procedure for the Reconvened Public Hearing......
3.  Please limit your remarks to 5 minutes (a bell will sound with 15 seconds to go) and  ...
4.  After everyone has spoken once, you will have an opportunity to speak again if you wish.
1) Reports received up to June 3, 2010:
OCP Amendment Bylaw No. 4625: Community Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets and Policies
o  Comments at the May 17, 2010 Public Hearing on Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4625, 2010: Community Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets and Policies
2) Written Submissions received up to June 3, 2010:
o  Metro Vancouver, Regional Planning Committee and Environment and Energy Committee
o  List of References regarding Council Report dated April 15, 2010 and proposed OCP Amendment Bylaw No. 4625
o  F. Bowyer
On April 26, Ccl set the date for the PH. The statutory notice of PH was published in the NSN on May 9 and May 12. The PH opened on May 17 and was adjourned to June 7. The MClk will note reports and written submissions received.
If there is no further public input and Council does not request a further staff report, then:
RECOMMENDED: THAT all written and verbal submissions regarding OCP Amendment Bylaw up to and including June 7 be received and that the PH be closed.
OR If Council requests a further staff report, then:
RECOMMENDED: THAT staff report back re the June 7 Reconvened PH regarding OCP Amendment Bylaw and that the Reconvened PH be adjourned to ____________________.
Mbrs of Ccl are not permitted to receive further submissions once the Reconvened PH is closed.
Following conclusion of the Reconvened Public Hearing the following items will be considered:
6.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES --   No items.
7. B. McArthur and A. Bardsley, re Old Growth Conservancy Society Update (File:  0120-01)
8. Development Permit Application No. 09-008 for Area 2 of the Rodgers Creek Area (located north of Chippendale Road and the Chelsea subdivision) (File: 1010-20-09-008)
At the May 17 regular meeting Council received the report dated May 7 from the Manager of Community Planning ... and set the date for consideration for June 7, 2010.
Reports received up to June 3, 2010:
NO Written Submissions received up to June 3, 2010:
RECOMMENDED: THAT all written and verbal submissions. ..be received for information.
If Council wishes a further staff report, then:
RECOMMENDED:  THAT staff report back to Council
9. Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4625, 2010 (Community Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets and Policies) (File:  1610-10-4625)
If the Reconvened PH has closed, second and third reading of the bylaw may be considered.
1.  OCP Amendment Bylaw be revised as set out in Appendix A of the report dated May 28, 2010 regarding Comments at the May 17 Public Hearing
2.  OCP Amendment Bylaw, as amended, be read a second time; and
3.  OCP  Amendment Bylaw be read a third time.
10. Official Community Plan Amendment for Housing Pilot Program (Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4643, 2010)
(File:  2515-00/1610-20-4643)
1.  The opportunities for consultation on a proposed OCP amendment, with persons, organizations, and authorities, as outlined in the report from the Mgr of Cmnty Planning and Sr Cmnty Planner dated May 27, be endorsed as sufficient consultation for the purposes of Section 879 of the Local Government Act;
{Do you think so?}
2.  OCP Amendment Bylaw, be introduced and read a first time in short form;
3.  OCP, Amendment Bylaw has been considered in conjunction with the District's most recent financial plan and the regional waste management plan; and
4.  OCP Amendment Bylaw be considered at a PH to be held on Monday, June 28 at 7pm
11. Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) Update Report and Fees and Charges Proposed Bylaw Amendment - Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005, Amendment Bylaw No. 4648, 2010 (File: 1610-20-4648)
1.  The Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) Update Report to Ccl be received for info and;
2. "Fees and Charges Amendment Bylaw" be read a first, second, and third time.
12. Rodgers Creek Area 2 - Road Closure and Removal of Highway Dedication Bylaw No. 4647, 2010 - Opportunity for Public Input  (File:  0510-05/1610-20-4647)
This bylaw received three readings at the May 17, 2010 Council Meeting.
Call for Public Input
RECOMMENDED: ...  be adopted.
13.  OTHER ITEMS  -- No items
14. Consent Agenda Items
The following Consent Agenda items may be considered separately or in one motion:
RECOMMENDED: THAT the recommendations listed within the Consent Agenda as follows be approved:
Item 14.1 - DVP Application (3313 Marine Drive) (to set date for consideration);
Item 14.2 - Remedial Action Requirements - 6379 Argyle Ave - Unsafe Structure and Property;
Item 14.3 - MetroV report regarding Integrated Liquid Waste and Resource Management Plan Secondary Treatment Timelines.
{ $$$$$ ! }
14.1. Development Variance Permit Application No. 10-007 (3313 Marine Drive) (to set date for consideration) (File:  1010-20-10-007)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT  DVP for 3313 Marine Drive, to vary the Zoning Bylaw to allow construction of a new garage with rooftop deck, will be considered on Monday, June 21, 2010.
14.2. Remedial Action Requirements - 6379 Argyle Avenue - Unsafe Structure and Property (File: 1605-01)
-  Council [consider] that the single family dwelling, accessory structures, piles of discarded materials and rodents on the property at 6379 Argyle Ave (the "Property") which is owned by Daryoush Yousefi and Hamid Reza Moinzadeh (the "Owners') creates an unsafe condition where the structures and property are so dilapidated and unclean as to be offensive and pose a nuisance in the community; and
-  Council also [consider] that there is a danger to people adjacent to or visiting the Property, especially children due to the likelihood of harm or personal injury; and
-  Council therefore [resolve] that within 15 days of receiving a copy of this resolution, the Owners of the Property are required to:
1.  Demolish the single family dwelling, remove the foundation and accessory structures, remove all the discarded materials and separately remove all rodents on the property, and level the property so standing water does not occur;
2.  The rodents must be disposed of in a manner acceptable to the Vancouver Coastal Health Department and written verification of such disposal must be provided to the District.
In the event the Owners have not performed all of the Remedial Action Requirement within 15 days after notice of this resolution is delivered to the Owners, the District may, by its own forces or those of a contractor engaged by the District, enter the Property and perform the Remedial Action Requirements.
In the event the District takes the above referenced action the District may recover the expense from the Owner, together with costs and interest, in the same manner as municipal taxes in accordance with sections 17, 258 and 259 of the Community Charter.
If a person with notice of this resolution wishes to request reconsideration of these requirements by Council, written notice of this request must be provided to the Municipal Clerk within three (3) business days of that person receiving notice of this resolution.
14.3. Metro Vancouver report regarding The Integrated Liquid Waste and Resource Management Plan Secondary Treatment Timelines (File:  0185-08)
RECOMMENDED: ...  received for information.
{SHOCKING AMOUNTS so do read the whole report (how paid for? by whom?)
With no sr govt cost-sharing:
North Shore -- 2010  is $181; 2015 is $348; 2020 is $911; 2015 is $1,168; 2030 is $1,391. }
15.  REPORTS from MAYOR/CCLRS  16.  Public Questions/Comments   17.  Adjournment

===  NEWSWATCH  ===  Pirates of the Mediterranean; Anniversary; Tent of Nations (good news)
News coming fast and furious -- the killing of nine Turks by Israeli Forces aboard one of the aid flotilla ships to Gaza May 31; Rachel Corrie peacefully boarded; June 7 IDF kills four Palestinian divers in boat (two missing?) not far offshore.  Hope this will be sorted out by next WVM!
A glossary wd help.  To set the record straight, Netanyahu's claims that they won't recognize Israel is not true -- Arafat did in 1988 and so does Fatah, but NOT as a theocratic/Jewish state and Arab League says within 1967 borders (but all realize some adjustments have to be made) and WITH shared Jerusalem, one of the UN conditions for establishment.  Israel has already negotiated with Hamas -- they had a ceasefire in 2008 but Israel broke it by going into Gaza and killing six (the day of the US presidential election so not reported).  Israel says will pass on anything not banned.  No one has a problem with Israel banning weapons, but they've banned cement, pampers, pencils, paper, coriander, etc
From: http://ceedee.co.uk/details-of-goods-banned-in-gaza-blockade-reve
GOODS ALLOWED INTO GAZA: Canned meat and tuna but not canned fruit; Mineral water, but not fruit juice; Sesame paste (tahini) but not jam; Tea and coffee but not chocolate; ...
June 5 marked the 43rd anniversary of the Israeli occupation of Gaza and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem.  With the occupation, Israel seized land and established settlements considered illegal by the UN and internationally.  The illegal settlers now number 500K even though Israel promised Prez Carter in 1978 that it wd not increase them.  At that time there were ~20K.  Israel controls ~80% of the water on the West Bank.  Palestinians have to pay for water.  There are ~5-600 road blocks, highways Palestinians are not allowed to drive on, and even streets Palestinians are not allowed to walk on (Hebron).
This family has been offered millions for their farm but consistently refused to sell.  With the demolition orders a letter-writing campaign was started.
Dear Prime Minister Harper:
re  Justice and Peace in the Middle East
It is with great sadness I learned that the Israeli civil authorities are threatening to demolish buildings and shelters at the "Tent of Nations", a 100-acre farm near Bethlehem in the West Bank. The extended Christian family on this farm has lived there for about 90 years and has undisputed title to the land (from Ottoman times).
This farm has welcomed people of different cultures and faiths to build friendships and bridges of peace.  Their important work is outlined on their website (http://www.tentofnations.org/) and is admired and supported by Rabbi Brant Rosen (see http://rabbibrant.com/2010/05/28/help-tent-of-nations-fight-demolition/).  There is more background and information on Rabbi Lerner's website as well (http://www.tikkun.org/article.php/20100316100704359) and in the Christian Peacemaker Team's report http://www.cpt.org/cptnet/2010/05/20/palestine-urgent-action-demand-israel-revoke-new-military-orders-deporting-palesti
Please make whatever and all representations to the Israeli government, courts, and authorities to rescind these illegal and unjust demolition orders as soon as possible not only to leave the Nasser family in peace to prosper undisturbed and unthreatened but also as an example of Israel's commitment to peaceful coexistence with Palestinians or whatever religion.  Indeed, upholding the rule of law and honouring those who promote peace would only be positive for the the region but for Israel itself and its international reputation.
The CBC had a news piece on Harper as the most pro-Israel Prime Minister Canada has ever had.  I'm sure you've heard comments.  The Economist even had an article on Canada and Israel (datelined May 27): http://www.economist.com/node/16231462
(From: http://rabbibrant.com/2010/06/03/update-good-news-from-tent-of-nations/)
Dear Friends of Tent of Nations all over the world,
Our Lawyer appealed to the Israeli Supreme Court to stop the demolishing of our renovations which is planned to take place this coming Sunday or Monday. I believe, because of all the pressure and the reactions from all of you through writing letters to your governments and to the Israeli officers, the Supreme Court of Israel granted an injunction to stop the military from taking any demolishing actions until the Supreme Court takes a decision. The military authority was given 60 days' time to send their objection to the Supreme Court. This means that we will have to go for a trial in the Supreme Court.
We, and with all your prayers and support and with the help of your advocacy letters, managed to freeze the demolishing orders and to bring this case to the Supreme Court. It is a victory for justice even if it is a small one for now but it is a victory.
I want to thank you for all your prayers, for the many E-mails  we received from you and for the solidarity visits. I will keep you updated about the development of this case in front of the Supreme court.
Our efforts together made a difference.
Thank you for your friendship.
Blessings and Salaam,

===  ANIMALWATCH  === The Solenodon (cont'd)
Close encounter with a bizarre venomous beast
Conservationists are in the Dominican Republic to save one of the world's strangest and most ancient mammals - the Hispaniolan solenodon.
After days of searching, the team finally tracks down one of the bizarre beasts...
It is hard to believe that the animal I am holding would probably have looked more or less the same when it shared this land with the dinosaurs, 76 million years ago.
The team I am with, made up of scientists from Jersey's Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), the Hispaniolan Ornithological Society (SOH), have embarked on a project called The Last Survivors.
They say that this scheme, which is funded by the UK Government's Darwin Initiative, and is supported by the Dominican Republic's national zoo and environment ministry, could be our last chance to save the solenodon...
As we drive along the aptly named International Road - a bumpy track that at some points, marks the border between the two countries - the differences are clear.
Where the Dominican side is mostly lush, green and vegetation covered, Haiti is dry and brown, with barely a tree in sight. And this does not just occur in the border area. While about 25% of the Dominican Republic is covered with forest, only 1% of Haiti is.
Jorge Brocca, director of the SOH, says: "It's probably impossible for the solenodons to survive in that kind of habitat."
He says that in some ways, the problems caused by deforestation in Haiti, such as the soil degradation that has left the country flash-flood prone, serve as a stark warning to the Dominican Republic - and to the rest of the world....
As we trek through the dense vegetation, we frequently come across patches that have been cleared of trees, the wood burnt in a pit covered with earth to create charcoal.
The SOH's Pedro Martinez tells me: "This has always happened, but we've been finding more and more of these since the earthquake in Haiti."
Poor Haitians, displaced by the earthquake, he says, are coming across the border into the Dominican Republic's tree-rich forests to make charcoal to take back Haiti to sell.
He explains: "They have no trees left in Haiti, so they come here."...
For the whole story plus videos: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science_and_environment/10149148.stm

=== HERITAGEWATCH === Tours and Parks
+ First, Vancouver:
        Vancouver's self-guided tour is Sunday June 6.  See www.vancouverheritage.org
+ Secondly, BC's first provincial park:
Price Ellison's expedition to Crown Mountain was the genesis of B.C.'s provincial park system
Adventurers visited B.C.'s 'bad country' and began the birth of a national treasure
           by STEPHEN HUME, VANCOUVER SUN  -- MAY 29, 2010
A breeze ruffled Victoria's Inner Harbour and a red sun rolled down the dark rim of the Sooke Hills on the fine July evening in 1910 when Speaker David McEwen Eberts bustled down from the British Columbia legislature to the CPR steamship terminal.
Eberts was bidding bon voyage to a party led by Conservative cabinet minister Price Ellison. They awaited the night sailing of the S.S. Queen City to Vancouver, where they would pick up supplies before venturing into some of B.C.'s wildest country to assess its suitability for a new provincial park.
===  WEBWATCH  ===  1944 America's Got Talent
Sender tells me most extraordinary thing, "Yoga, eat your heart out!"
This is a video of an act from 1944 -- a sister act called the Ross Sisters.  The song they sing is about 45 seconds long but its what they do next........
(Watch past the first 60 seconds or so, then whoa! look out!) Click your mouse here:  1944 America's Got Talent
===  WOMENWATCH  === in contrast to the women above
Women's Rights in Saudi Arabia -- there's a campaign for more freedom and equality as well as a campaign for keeping it the same.  One woman who campaigned for the right to drive got death threats.  They also have no right to vote and are not supposed to go out without a guardian.
===  MONEYWATCH  ===  World Collapse......
John Clarke and Brian Dawe discuss the EU bailout of Greece etc :-)
===  FISHWATCH / Father's Day  ===  June 19/20
Folks, it is once again time to celebrate recreational fishing and encourage families and children to take up the sport.  This year, the Federal Government had enacted legislation to allow for the licence free weekend to also take place in tidal waters. Information on this will be available on the DFO's Recreational Fishing internet site shortly. 
During BC's Family Fishing Weekend (Friday 18th, Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th of June 2010), Father's Day Weekend, there are many free-to-attend special Community Fishing Events taking place around British Columbia. These events offer an opportunity to learn how to fish and provide lots of useful educational information in a fun and supervised environment. There are knowledgeable volunteers present to show you the tricks of the trade and help you on your way to catching your first lunker!
I encourage you and your families to attend one of the many events.  Hopefully in 2011 we will have some salt water events.  See the link for the event nearest you.  http://www.bcfamilyfishing.com/events/index.htm
Debra Sneddon, Fisheries Manager, Recreational Fisheries, ph: 604 666 6509  fax: 666 7112
From: Crystal Klym <cklym@invasiveplantcouncilbc.ca>  --  Subject: Invasive Plants
There are a couple of initiatives that you may find helpful:
Details pertaining to these programs are provided on our website, and can be easily accessed by clicking on the above links.  I also encourage you to contact Tasha Murray, the Great Vancouver Invasive Plant Council's coordinator to get involved in local activities. Your knowledge and experience would be a great asset!  Tasha's contact info is:  604 880 8358  www.gvipc.ca
Let me know if I can be of further assistance. Have a wonderful day. -- Cheers, Crystal
===  BOOKWATCH  === What we miss
The zero-sum nature of attention: 'The Invisible Gorilla'
An exploration of human illusions related to perception, memory, and knowledge, with vivid examples of the problems they cause.
Guest-Teaching Chinese, and Learning America
===  MAIKU  ===  ZENRYU*
May 19/20

        even though we learn
                from parents' mistakes
                        still we make our very own
June 1

        from others' complaints
                we learn more about ourselves
                                than from flattery
June 3
Vancouver Opera June 3rd: scribbled on programme while enthralled with Madama Butterfly's sights and sounds........  Of course permutations of this after the first several words are still rattling around in my head, but here's what it is at the moment:

        stripes, circles, striped circles, strips,
                        polka dots, blocks, lines,
                                well-defined;  ......   love's not

*  just as not all my haiku are not in the 'classic' sense hence maiku, so for senryu.

 ===  QUOTATIONS / MATHWATCH/NerdAlert / PUNS  ===  mixed
What is the use of fighting for a vote if we have not got a country to vote in?
 -- Emmeline Pankhurst, English activist and Suffragette (support of war effort in WWI) (1858 - 1928)
It's always too early to quit.
                     -- Norman Vincent Peale, American preacher and author (1898 - 1993)
In every community, there is work to do be done.
In every nation, there are wounds to heal.
In every heart, there is the power to do it.
                -- Marianne Williamson, spiritual activist, author, and lecturer (b 1952)
Patriotism is proud of a country's virtues and eager to correct its deficiencies; it also acknowledges the legitimate patriotism of other countries, with their own specific virtues. The pride of nationalism, however, trumpets its country's virtues and denies its deficiencies, while it is contemptuous toward the virtues of other countries. It wants to be, and proclaims itself to be, "the greatest", but greatness is not required of a country; only goodness is.
                        -- Sydney J. Harris, US journalist and author (1917-1986)
The only difference between stumbling blocks and steppingstones is the way in which we use them.
                                -- Unknown
How far that little candle shows his beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world.
                       -- William Shakespeare, English poet and playwright (baptised 1564 - 1616)
x  The little old woman who lived in a shoe wasn't the sole owner -- there were strings attached.
x  When women enter middle age, it gives men a pause.
x  The dessert chef was very smart.  He graduated Pie Baker Kappa.
o  Lebanese-American Khalil Gibran said: The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.
o  As former President John F. Kennedy once said: Those who make peaceful change impossible make violent change inevitable.
o  Miguel de Unamuno y Jugo (1864 - 1936), an essayist, novelist, poet, playwright, and philosopher from Bilbao, Biscay, ... said: The spiritual miserliness of those who, knowing something, do not endeavour to transmit this knowledge, is detestable.
o  Someone on a math website wrote:
For a good prime call: 555.793.7319 -- (I don't know if that is a prime number or not)
so my resident geek checked and it is NOT a prime number however 604 123 4567 is!
                Today  was  tomorrow  yesterday  so  don't  inhale.
Scripta manent, verba volant: What is written remains, what is spoken vanishes into air.