June 7 Ccl NOTES, June 21 AGENDA
Calendar to June 30

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Midsummer Night's Eve (Sunday June 20th)
        Summer Solstice (Monday June 21st)
PUBLIC INFO/INPUT Mtg for WV residents 7pm Thurs June 24 at Library
MAIN ITEMS on June 21st Agenda (only one item on the June 18 sp ccl mtg on remedial action for 6379 Argyle): Black Bear Society; DVP Applic 3313 Marine Dr; MetroV's Draft Integrated Solid Waste and Resource Management Plan; CMNTY GRANTS ~$140K {listed in agenda below}; HST Report/Bylaw Amendment; GHG Bylaw Adoption; DVP Applic 2972 Park Lane; TransLink Customer Service Report: Parks Master Plan WG Apptmts; Cmnty Grants Report
= THE BURIED CORRESPONDENCE -- well, it is in a shallow grave but removed from previous location; some mbrs of Ccl want Public Correspondence returned to the agenda -- no reference on Agenda (and ONLY to June 11 so we have no idea about any letters a mbr of Ccl will refer to to discuss at the ccl mtg!); some letters of interest and helpful/informative answers to residents' questions by Brent Dozzi, Engg.  See Cclr Sop's comments at end of ccl mtg -- thanks, Bill, good try!
= Vive le Canada (and WOMENWATCH); INFObits (prov public servants $100K+ up 22%); from the EDITOR'S DESK; UPDATES (Hycroft pilot proj cancelled; Planning Fraud)
=  CALENDAR to June 30th; CULTUREWATCH (Theatre, Art, Music)
=  Ccl Mtg NOTES June 7th:  Reconvened PH on GHG; Old-Growth Conservancy Society Report; DPA Rodgers Crk Area 2; Three Readings of GHG bylaw if PH closed; HST; Date for DVP 3113 Marine Dr; Remedial Action 6379 Argyle;  MetroV Liquid Waste and Resource Mgmt Plan (today $181pa, $911 by 2020 if no funding from other govt levels!)
=  Ccl Mtg AGENDA June 21st
=  ANIMALWATCH (golden retriever, catios, dog and cat, grizzlies); NEWSWATCH (Papua); WINEWATCH (no corkscrew); BEERWATCH (favourite); SCIENCEWATCH (the oil spill; rat livers); BOOKWATCH (Icarus); MAIKU (drama-ku); Imponderables/QUOTATIONS/Thoughts/PUNS


WVM PUBLIC INFO/INPUT MTG: Thursday June 24 at the Library (Welsh Hall).

   7 - 7:25pm ~ Presentation by Dir/Engg wrt infrastructure plans, utility rate increases
   7:25 - 7:45pm ~ Questions and Answers; 7:45 - 8pm ~ coffee break
   8 - 9pm ~ Updates and Information on DWV Issues + Your Input/Feedback
        PANEL: Cclrs Lewis and Soprovich; ADRA Director, maybe DWV staff rep, CR Chair
UPDATE on Waterfront, Nbrhd character, Infill, dogwalking, and more, then Q&As. 
Cclr Evison will also be in attendance.  Bring your ideas, comments; provide input; get the latest about what's going on and planned in WV; ask about your nbrhd (what do you want to see?), preserve/enhance your quality of life, get involved and make a difference!


===  Vive le CANADA  === and WOMENWATCH -- 135 years ago.....  1875 May 25
Grace Annie Lockhart graduated from Mount Allison University (NB), becoming the first woman in the British Empire to earn a university degree.
===  INFObits  ===
o  BP is about 40% US-owned and 40% British-owned
o Our HST is 12% :-); the UK is upping their VAT from 17.5% to 20% ! :-(
=95  Number of public servants earning more than $100,000 jumps 22 per cent in two years
        Exclusive Vancouver Sun database reveals pay of 48,000 public-sector employees
        By Chad Skelton and Lori Culbert, Vancouver Sun June 21, 2010
 The number of B.C. public servants earning more than $100,000 a year jumped 22 per cent in just two years, according to an exclusive database of government pay compiled by The Vancouver Sun.
In all, among those agencies analyzed, more than 2,000 public-sector employees joined the six-figure-salary club between 2007 and 2009.
This at a time when the province was suffering through a recession and many companies in the private sector were freezing salaries and laying off staff.
In fact, statistics suggest that at the same time that six-figure salaries were on the rise in the public sector, they were going down among B.C. residents as a whole.
Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/technology/Number+public+servants+earning+more+than+jumps+cent+years/3172773/story.html

===  from the EDITOR'S DESK  ==
re CALENDAR: Sorry some of the events are now over -- for various reasons, the intended ebroadcast for Friday June 18 was delayed but subscribers got the June 21 agenda at least.

===  UPDATES  ===
*** The pilot project for 6800block Hycroft has been withdrawn by the applicant, so June 22 nbrhd mtg cancelled.
+  Former [Surrey] planner investigated for alleged fraud
Hundreds of thousands of dollars are at the centre of police probe and KPMG audit
                        BY KELLY SINOSKI, VANCOUVER SUN MAY 28, 2010
 A former Surrey city planner accused of defrauding the city of hundreds of thousands of dollars remains at the centre of a probe by the city and local RCMP.  And Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts said the investigation will be extended to include developers and everyone else involved in the development applications in question in a bid to "to recover the money that has been taken."
The employee, who will not be named unless charges are laid, had been with the city for more than ten years before being fired with cause, Watts said. She wouldn't say what the cause was.
Read more:  http://www.vancouversun.com/news/Former+planner+investigated+alleged+fraud/3081509/story.html

===  CALENDAR to June 24th  ===
All mtgs are at M Hall unless indicated otherwise.  NOTE: shown are mtgs known at this date; often there are additions, changes, cancellations after WVM goes out.  Notices/mtgs/changes too late for the last WVM are sent to subscribers as updates.  Check the DWV Calendar: http://www.westvancouver.ca/Calendar.aspx
Dundarave (Saturdays) and Ambleside (Sundays) Farmers' Markets are back!
= Monday June 14
        ~ 3pm ~ Groundbreaking for Ambleside 'A' Turf Field
                For info, see http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=28112
= Tuesday June 15
        ~ 9am ~ Audit Cmte 9am; then 11am ~ Finance Cmte mtg
        -- WRA mtg (check to see if still on or moved to June 22) --
= Wednesday June 16
        ~ 6pm ~ Child Care Services WG mtg; Cmnty Ctr, Cedar Room
        ~ 6pm ~ Public Mtg for Infill Housing Proposal at 21st & Esquimalt in Srs' Ctr
               This involves a 'block' but find out if this densification can be throughout WV
               One troubling item is interpreting the OCP (a road provides a barrier hence anywhere)
               No doubt diverse housing desired; where? how? what kinds? keeping nbrhd character?
               Get information; Planning staff will be there, as will nbrs and ADRA wrt this proposal
                Full details at: http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=27980
        ~ 7pm ~ Bd of Variance at M Hall and at same time Library Bd at Library (Welsh Hall)
= Thursday June 17
        ~ 4:30pm ~ Design Review Cmte
        ~ 6pm ~ NSh Family Court / Youth Justice Cmte at DNV M Hall
        ~ 6:30pm ~ Sport Field Master Plan Input Session at Sentinel Secondary Library
        ~ 7pm ~ Lower Caulfeild Area Review Workshop, St Francis in the Wood, 4773 Piccadilly S)
= Friday June 18
~  Mallet Masters Croquet
The West Vancouver Memorial Library Foundation is hosting the 14th Annual Mallet Masters Croquet Tournament.  The Mallet Masters is an outdoor, white glove affair at the beautiful Ambleside Greens Golf Course.  The theme is "Hampton's White Party" featuring a Champagne Welcome Reception, dynamic steel drum band, martini bar, live auction, and full dinner service catered by the Glowbal Restaurant Group.  Please contact Diana Matrick at foundation@westvanlibrary.ca or 925 7425 for more information.
~ 7pm ~  Kevin Neish who was on the Flotilla to Gaza speaks at Vancouver Public Library
= Tuesday June 22
           ~ 5:30pm ~ Nbrhd Mtg on Pilot 6801/3 Hycroft Rd at Gleneagles Clubhouse -- CANCELLED
= Wednesday June 23  ~ 9am ~ Finance Cmte mtg
= Thursday June 24
        ~ 7:30am ~ Field Sport Forum WG at Operations Ctr
        ~ 5pm ~ NSh Adv Cmte on Disability Issues, DNV M Hall
~ 7pm ~ West Van Matters: Public Info/Input Mtg at the Library
           Presentation on Infrastructure, Utility Fees 7 - 8pm; Panel on Waterfront, Nbrhds, etc 8 - 9pm
~ 7 - 7:25pm ~ PRESENTATION: Utilities Infrastructure Management Plan for DWV 
by Director of Engineering, Raymond Fung, DWV staff
Every time you pour a glass of drinking water from your tap, flush your toilet, or see rain water flowing into a catch basin, you benefit from West Vancouver's utility infrastructure. Maintaining and replacing this infrastructure is self-funded through utility user fees. As the systems age and need replacement, the current budget is not sufficient to do the job. Ultimately, utility rates will need to be increased to address the aging infrastructure and safeguard the quality of life for future generations, or levels of service will be significantly reduced.       
The District has take the first steps in a long-term "asset management" approach by determining what we own, its worth and condition, when it needs replacement, and ultimately, how much money will be needed at that time. By developing a long-term Infrastructure Management Plan and seeking support from senior governments, the District's goal is to address future needs in an efficient and cost-effective manner.
At this time, the Engineering Division is seeking resident input on the draft District's Infrastructure Management Plan as it relates to the Utility systems.  Staff will be making a presentation at the WVM Public Information meeting in Welsh Hall/West.
WV residents and members from cmnty organizations are all invited to join this session. 
~ 7:25 - 7:45pm ~ Everyone welcome to ask questions and learn about this challenge facing WV.
For more info,  2010 Utilities Brochure; for questions re public consultation, pls contact Tamara Shulman, Education, and Outreach Coordinator, at tshulman@westvancouver.ca or 921 2178.
~ 7:45 - 8pm ~ Coffee break
~ 8 - 9pm ~  >>>  PANEL ON WEST VAN MATTERS/ISSUES!  <<<
        Cclrs Soprovich and Lewis; DWV and ADRA reps; Carolanne Reynolds, Chair (Editor)
Cclr Evison will also be present.  All welcome.  You choose the topics -- Budgets? Parks?      
UPDATES on Waterfront Plans/Possibilities ~ Pier? Restaurant(s), seafood stands? Focal points? Pedestrian-friendly?  What about nbrhd character, Infill, dogwalking, parking? Bring your ideas, find out what's new, ask questions, provide input, make a difference!
= Sunday June 27th
        ~ 11am - 3pm ~ WV SPCA dog wash; $20 per dog.
        Owners can enjoy free coffee and a tour of the shelter while their dogs get cleaned up!
= Wednesday June 30
~ 7:30pm ~ "It's All About Land.  How Can Justice be Brought About?"
Reporting on a visit with Palestinians and Israeli activists in May.  Please invite anyone who you think might be interested.  Pictures and stories.  At the end I want some discussion about what we can do to share this information with others and to take action.
                Marianna Harris (at St. Andrew's United Church, 1044 St. George's, NV)
*  Lots on CANADA DAY -- Celebrations in WV, Lilith, B C Binning house  *

Event Calendar: http://www.westvanlibrary.ca/event/calendar.php
+ Tuesday June 22  --  Author Visit: Judy Norbury
Don't miss this fascinating account of life as a post-Raj Memsahib, 7:30pm in Welsh Hall. FREE and open to all.
+ Wednesday June 23
--  Friends of the Library Strawberry Tea & Meeting   12:30 - 2pm, Welsh Hall.
Currently residing in Denmark, Canadian writer and artist Heather Spears, author of Stranger than a Wolf, is on tour in Canada this summer. In texts and images, Heather Spears presents her book-in-progress, showing the process of modelling a human head from skull to completion. Her poems emphasize the strangeness of the human head, central to art in all times and cultures.  7:30 - 9pm, Welsh Hall.
We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts and the League of Canadian Poets.
+ Friday June 25 -- North Shore Jazz
The Dirk Powell Band combines deep-running roots in rural American traditions with a broad artistic vision that speaks poignantly to audiences of today.  Concert begins at 7:30 pm. Doors open at 7pm. Refreshments by the Friends of the Library. This concert is FREE and open to all, but seating is limited.
+  ENGLISH CORNER in the Welsh Hall from 10 to 11:30am
Come and practise English conversation at the Library  Friday June 18 and 25 (last till Sept 10)
Requirement: able to read English.  Info: Fariba Rocker (604 506 6616). Facilitated by WV Baha'i Cmnty.

 +++  WV MUSEUM  +++  Visit:  http://www.westvanmuseum.blogspot.com/

***  MASTER OF THE INSTANT   ~~ June 8 - August 28
Cartier-Bresson Photographs from the National Gallery of Canada & Lionel Thomas - Abstractions 1949 - 1990
>  Cartier-Bresson Photographs from the National Gallery of Canada
Henri Cartier-Bresson, born in 1908 in Chanteloupen-Brie, stood to inherit his family's prosperous textile [manufacturing company], but instead took up drawing and painting. He travelled to Africa in 1931, where he worked and stalked game before falling ill with malaria. It was when he returned to France to convalesce in Marseilles that he began taking candid photographs with his new lightweight, hand-held Leica. Throughout the next decade and beyond, Cartier-Bresson travelled to Spain and Italy, to Mexico and the United States, photographing ordinary and extraordinary people, capturing their spontaneous gestures and revealing the subtleties of the human condition.
This exhibition will show twenty-five of Cartier-Bresson's gelatin silver prints from the National Gallery's permanent collection, all dating from the 1930s and 1940s. Some of his most memorable images are included in the show: Behind Gare St. Lazare (1932), with its early-morning puddle-jumper; Valencia, Spain (1933), showing a boy rubbing against a peeling wall; Jean-Paul Sartre, Paris (1945), in which the philosopher's pipe and furrowed brow reveal his weighty intellect; and At the Coronation Parade of George VI, Trafalgar Square, London (1938), in which the artist focuses his lens on the droll spectators.
The legendary French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson is widely regarded as the founding father of photojournalism and one of the most important figures in early twentieth century art.  With his famous Leica, Cartier-Bresson was able to capture life in motion with visual wit and a keen eye for geometrical composition. In coining the term "the decisive moment", he summed up his approach to photography as the interaction of mind, body and instinct.
>  Lionel Thomas -- Abstractions 1949 - 1990
Lionel Thomas (1915 - 2005), a pioneer of West Coast abstraction and proponent of the modern movement, helped transform the region though his art and practice. Thomas's extant public artworks include Symbols of the Cuneiforms (c. 1960), an illuminated sculpture on the fa=E7ade of the former Vancouver Public Library. This exhibition profiles Thomas's rarely seen non-objective paintings inspired by nature. Thomas lived in West Vancouver and taught at the University of British Columbia from 1950 until 1981.
***  West Vancouver's Suburban Woodland Walking Tours
            Saturday June 19, 10am to 12pm, program code: 699419, $ 10
The trees that line our streets and grace our parks have become a familiar and well-loved part of our lives. Join Elspeth Bradbury for a stroll from Dundarave to Ambleside and learn more about the trees of our suburban woodland. The walk will start at the globe in Dundarave Park (at the foot of 25th) and will end at Memorial Park (20th).
A few of the trees Elspeth will discuss in her tours include:   
     the walnut by the toddler playground in Dundarave Park, the catalpa by the concession building in Dundarave Park
     the whitebeam on the Dundarave sidewalk
     the two Japanese snowbells on the corner of 25th
     the weeping giant redwood 2234 Marine Drive, the white mulberry at 2381 Marine Drive
ELSPETH BRADBURY is a retired architect and landscape architect who has lived in Caulfeild for twenty years. As a board member of the Lighthouse Park Preservation Society, she heads up their restoration efforts and organizes a group to propagate native plants. She is the author of West Vancouver: A View Through The Trees.
To register for these walks, please call 925 7270 or visit webreg.westvancouver.ca.
 +++  FERRY BUILDING GALLERY  +++  http://ferrybuildinggallery.com/  925 7290
Interpreting the Landscape ~~ June 22 - July 11
Artists: Sharalee Regehr, Victor Vipond, Gigi Hoeller,  Warren Goodman
Opening Reception: Tuesday June 22 from 6 to 8pm
Artists in Attendance: Saturday June 26 from 2 to 3pm
+++ SILK PURSE +++  www.silkpurse.ca  925 7292
+  June 15 - 27  ~~ "All That Jazz"
Join artist Lori Bagneres for her first solo show at the Silk Purse. She graduated from L'Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts de Grenoble, France in 1993. Her contemporary music-related works are influenced by the modernist tradition of European and American Abstraction. Her compositions reveal texture, fragmented words, partial images, and frayed geometric forms that achieve contrast and atmospheric depth.
Complete list of events: http://kaymeekcentre.com/on_stage/events_calendar
Electronic newsletter: http://kaymeekcentre.weebly.com
Simplest way to get on email list, call 913 3634 or email tickets@kaymeekcentre.com
+++ ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION BRANCH 60, West Vancouver +++
The Spring Issue of "The Torch" is now available; just click the following link for direct access: http://www.westvan60.com/Images/The%20Torch%20Newsletter%20-%20Spring%202010.pdf
The newsletter is available to any interested non-member.  Pls fill in the form on the webpage, http://www.westvan60.com/newsletter.html  Pls contact Janice Mackay-Smith to submit articles, questions, comments for The Torch.
Come on down to the Legion Lounge on Saturday, June 19th at 7pm to relive a blast from the past!  Cheryl is putting on a Disco Night!!  Wear flared pants, funky shirt, afro wig, lots of glitter, or do your best impression of John Travolta or Donna Summer.....anything from the disco era!
There will be a DJ who will play all the favourites, so lots of dancing to be had.  A light meal is included for the price of only $20.00. Tickets are on sale behind the bar.  We hope to see you there!
Special Events Committee
ALSO: Come down to Branch 60 on Canada Day, Thursday, July 1st for a late-afternoon barbecue.  If you can wear red and white, all the better!
+++  WV CHAMBER OF COMMERCE  +++ http://www.westvanchamber.com
June 17 President's Dinner and Biz Excellence Awards -- Awards in next issue!
 +++  RECONNECTING WITH NATURE  +++  David Cook 924 0147
Sunday 27th June
        Lynn Canyon Park geology & forest ecology: A slow walk.  An event for Nature Vancouver
Meeting: 10am, Parking lot of Lynn Canyon Park near Ecology Centre, North Vancouver.
Terrain: Well groomed trails but with some rooty, rocky, and muddy sections. Board walks over the wetland areas and some steep stairways. Suspension bridge to cross twice.
Duration: Approximately 4 hours.  Elevation gain: Apart from the stairs, insignificant.
Accompany me on a geology and forest ecology interpretive walk through sections of Lynn Canyon Park, the largest piece of natural parkland in DNV. The park follows the valley of Lynn Creek and is a major wildlife corridor. We will see how Lynn Creek has cut a deep canyon down into hard granitic rocks in the relatively short time since the ice receded from the area. We will see other artifacts of the area's recent past such as 33,000 to 48,000-year-old peat beds, a giant glacial erratic, glacial lake deposits, and raised sea-level benches. We will be able to view a pristine flood-plain forest which contains the largest population of Sitka spruce on the North Shore and some old growth Pacific yew trees.
Bring lunch and water and dress for changes in weather.
+ BARD ON THE BEACH ~~ Tel 739 0559 ~~ www.bardonthebeach.org
Much Ado About Nothing opened June 12 and Antony and Cleopatra opened June 19.
-  Much Ado's fun with a touch of flamenco in Dean Paul Gibson's production.  John Murphy's timing is so good and funny (reminds me a bit of John Cleese), and Jennifer Lines is suitably adamant against marriage as well.
-  A&C is an absolute tour de force!  Gripping.  Jennifer Lines is brilliant (see Maiku), Andrew Wheeler tortured by choices, Simon Bradbury dramatic (after clowning in Ado).
-  Exploring the Plays: Lecture Series -- Shakespeare 101
June 26: Antony and Cleopatra
Join Dr Paul Budra as he shares his insights into each of this season's plays. These lectures are scheduled so you can opt to attend the corresponding play that afternoon at 3pm.  Lectures are held on site in the Bard performance tents, Saturdays at 10:30am. $10 each
+  Deep Cove Shaw Theatre  929 3200
        A Chorus of Disapproval by Alan Ayckbourn, June 25 - July 10
+  Hendry Hall - 983 2633
  Three Days of Rain by Richard Greenberg, Theatre BC North Shore Zone winner.  June 24 and 25
+ Arts Club (tel 687 1644)
   - Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story at the Stanley Stage to July 11th
   - The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee by William Finn, Granville Island Stage June 17 to July 31
+ Jericho Arts Centre
United Players proudly presents THE WORLD PREMIERE OF The Misanthrope by Tony Harrison, directed by C.W. Marshall -- June 4 - 27 -- http://www.unitedplayers.com/
Harrison sets the play in Washington DC, 2006. Dubya is in the White House, and the war in Iraq is being spun by spin doctors to be palatable. In this world, Al (Moliere's Alc=E8ste) works as a journalist, exposing the lies and corruption of Washington society.  And he has determined that he will be frank in all things: call things like they are, whatever the consequences to him. Al is in love with Sally Mann (Celim=E8ne), a TV personality who seems as superficial as she is attractive. He finds himself caught up with a host of other suitors, all of whom exhibit the shallowness of the era. Can Al's love survive along with his principles?
+  Dr Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden - 662 3207
        China Tea Deal presented by Seven Tyrants Theatre, 7:30pm June 19 - Aug 29
+  Metro Theatre  tel 266 7191
Twentieth Century, adapted by Ken Ludwig, June 19 to July 17.
*  ART
+ VAG -- JUNE 5 - SEPTEMBER 6, 2010
The first drawing exhibition ever to travel from the Musée d'Orsay brings works from the world's finest collection of 19th-century French art to Vancouver. Presented are nearly 100 works by celebrated French artists such as Daumier, Degas, Gauguin, Manet, Pissaro, Renoir, Rodin, Toulouse-Lautrec, Seurat, Vuillard, and others.
Tel 662 4700 and visit http://www.vanartgallery.bc.ca/
Can't wait to see how 'modern' a woman is/was in those years!  Kevin Griffin's review: http://www.vancouversun.com/travel/Modern+Women+Vancouver+Gallery+Masters+depict+female+form+19th+century+France/3103897/story.html
{NB: I copy and pasted dates from June E-Glance, the VAG mbr newsletter but have now verified, it's Sept 2010 and I've notified them of their typo.}
+ DALI in Florida
They're building a new museum/gallery to house the largest collection of Dali art.
Call for Artists: Submissions -- Caroun Art Gallery announced the following submissions. Artists worldwide can bring max five works in June 2010 for the exhibitions.  The date of the exhibition will be announced.  Detailed info available on the web.  www.Caroun.net  1-778-372-0765
Themes: 1) Painting: Abstract; 2) Painting: Old Schools & Styles Painting (Not Realism); 3) Photography: Open

===  CCL MTG NOTES June 7th ===
NB:These notes are typed primarily during the mtg as quickly as my digits can click therefore many gaps, citizens' names probably misspelled, lots of abbreviations, etc (see www.westvan.org/acronyms for the glossary); corrections, clarifications, comments/additions welcome.
6pm in MHall Main Floor Conference Room; 7pm Reconvened PH followed by ccl mtg
        ...yet again no hint at all any residents have written to Ccl! :-(
At 6pm the regular Ccl Mtg will commence in open session, immediately followed by a motion to exclude the public in order to hold a closed session, pursuant to section 90 of the Cmnty Charter; at 7pm the Reconvened PH.
6:00 PM
RECOMMENDED: THAT in the public interest, members of the public be excluded from part of the Monday June 7 regular Council Meeting on the basis of matters to be considered under the following section of the Community Charter:
90. (1) A part of a council meeting may be closed to the public if the subject matter being considered relates to or is one or more of the following:
3.  labour relations or other employee relations;
7.  litigation or potential litigation affecting the municipality;
11.  negotiations and related discussions respecting the proposed provision of a municipal service that are at their preliminary stages and that, in the view of the council, could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality if they were held in public.
7:00 PM
(At 7pm the Reconvened PH will be held. The open session of the Ccl Mtg will reconvene immediately after.)
1. CALL TO ORDER by Mayor
Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4625, 2010 regarding Community Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets and Policies (File:  1610-20-4625)
The Public Hearing opened on May 17, 2010 and was adjourned to  June 7, 2010.
The Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits will describe the proposed amendment bylaw.
Applicant: The District of West Vancouver
Affected Lands: The proposed Official Community Plan (OCP) Bylaw amendments apply to all lands in the municipality of West Vancouver.
Purpose: The proposed OCP Bylaw amendments will set community greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets for WV and establish policies that will help the community achieve the targets, as required by the provincial government's Local Government (Green Communities) Statutes Amendment Act (Bill 27). Details are provided below.
Proposed OCP Bylaw Amendments:
A GHG reduction target for the District of West Vancouver is set as follows:
- Become carbon neutral with respect to municipal operations by 2012; and
- Reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by at least 33% below 2007 levels by 2020 and at least 80% below 2007 levels by 2050.
To achieve these targets, existing OCP policies are updated and new policies added. The key climate action policies are listed as follows:
Council will include home energy performance as a criterion in the consideration of development applications and in the disposition of surplus municipal lands;
The District will:
Encourage more energy efficient buildings that help to reduce community greenhouse gas emissions, including the promotion of home energy audits;
Collaborate with other levels of government, utilities, and non-government organizations to: raise awareness and build community-wide appreciation and support for climate change mitigation and adaptation; explore policy tools to affect improved energy performance of residential buildings; explore innovative, low carbon solutions for the Capilano sewage treatment plant; and to meet the "Zero Waste Challenge";
Support neighbourhood and multi-family retrofit projects intended to reduce community GHG emissions; and other community-based environmental initiatives to sequester carbon, beautify public spaces and make the built environment greener and healthier; and
Strive to reduce community GHG emissions resulting from vehicle trips through the development of policies and programs that encourage the use of alternative forms of transportation and provide increased transportation-related non-vehicular facilities throughout the community.
Sokol gave background, brought back with answers to Cclr Sop's questions and some amendments.  Result of Bill 27 and work of Climate Action WG.
Mayor: any questions?
Sop: I'm missing my blue sheet, Madam Clerk, with a letter attached.
[rustling of papers; dealt with]
my questions been addressed?
Sokol: staff believe we had; one recommendation is a lower target; some intended to be goals and aspirational; prov set some high, ambitious goals; this is consistent with those prov goals and those of MetroV, also set by other Ms.
Bill 27 not meant to be punitive, rather a cohesive approach.
4. PUBLIC HEARING PROCEDURE  described by the Mayor
1) Reports received up to June 3, 2010:
OCP Amendment Bylaw No. 4625: Community Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets and Policies
o  Comments at the May 17, 2010 Public Hearing on Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4625, 2010: Community Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets and Policies
2) Written Submissions received up to June 3, 2010:
o  Metro Vancouver, Regional Planning Committee and Environment and Energy Committee
o  List of References regarding Council Report dated April 15, 2010 and proposed OCP Amendment Bylaw No. 4625
o  F. Bowyer
On April 26, Ccl set the date for the PH; notice published in the NSN on May 9 and May 12. The PH opened on May 17 and was adjourned to June 7. The MClk noted reports (two) and written submissions (five, one this afternoon) received.
Fred Boyer: WV; submitted a doc to Ccl with Qs.  A few observations.
In the appendix, inventories of CO2 were provided by the prov.
No info on some date, est re residential, transportation,...
Your 2007 Inventory, expressed to "accuracy to six signif figures" is an estimate, nothing but an estimate, and you have no idea what your margin of error is.
In the CCAP, does not specify how you will measure how CO2 reductions will be achieved.
Page 8, you state, pt 4, consider mandatory policy measures, 2015 if retrofits are not meeting targets.  Your CO2 targets -- estimates... interested how you have any right to establish mandatory policy regulations when you don't know where you started, you don't know how far you've come.
Rather difficult to accept when stipulates mandatory.
Mayor: Mr Sokol, wd you like to address mandatory?
Sokol: the language re mandatory targets has bn removed; and target policy tools hv bn removed
Mayor: Freda Pagani, from CAWG
FP: not speaking on behalf of the WG although I was co-chair, speaking as a resident
urge Ccl to adopt these aspirational targets
ways of measuring are not related to absolute, eg number of houses [retrofitted]
worked hard on smart targets; targets important on unleashing creativity in reaching
Yogi Berra said if you don't know where you're going, you certainly won't get there.
idea of targets is to help cmnty figure out how to reach
need this b/c of climate change
faster to avoid irreversible climate change, and that's a scientific POV, not an opinion.
these are a benefit, not onerous for homeowners
I've put on an energy retrofit in place and achieved a 30% reduction in GHG from my house
capital outlay will be paid back in eight years and after that I will be saving money
sr govts regulations to make transportation more efficient; take bus or cycle two days a week you will achieve a 30% reduction
urge to support these targets
Janet Ververka (sp?): not here to make a speech
Mayor: don't have to
JV: here to support cmnty and totally support the bylaw amendment and the process
Juliet Jones: a good friend v involved in what's going on in Eagle Island -- wd like to see it done in other areas of the District
Terra Stafford:  Eagle Island
hv trouble seeing any reason why anyone wd not support this amendment; internet
like analogy that of being on a plane and 95% of the qualified mechanics told me the plane was going to crash, and 5% told me everything was fine and I shd trust them, I just think it wd be prudent to get off the plane.
have three young chn and wd rather be safe than sorry.
other ppl say too difficult, the status quo got us into trouble in the first place
they are aspirational, not hard, targets but shd try
have reduced energy consumption by 30% in last two years and cost me v little to that; my gas bills are generally under $50 a month now
My nbrhd has 2/3 houses have had energy audits; all working for retrofits
at one point thought helpful to make mandatory but with help from District, wasn't difficult at all to get ppl motivated; no coercion, all been enjoying the process
this will enable WV to become leaders and devp a positive vision for the future of cmnty
Camilla Metzler: I too am a firm believer that we are leaders in this country in this District; prudent to go forward, better air quality and quality of life; better envmt for our chn; most beneficial
Stuart Bethune (sp?): here also to support the GHG targets; no speech, just support
If there is no further public input and Council does not request a further staff report, then:
RECOMMENDED: THAT all written and verbal submissions regarding OCP Amendment Bylaw up to and including June 7 be received and that the PH be closed.
[ML made above motion.]
Sop: favourable comments; concern about levels; once closed, ability to amend anything?
Mayor: debate wd follow but not amend at this time
Sop: targets?
Mayor: that's the debate
Sokol: as long as Ccl debate consistent with report and comments heard tonight
Mayor: ...
ML: when might that transpire?
Sokol: believe later this evening
Amended by: withdrawing Item 11 re HST; adding 13.1 re Correspondence (but not on agenda so no idea what this is about); adding 14.1 proposed Devt Permit for 3313 Marine be amended to max garage ht to 14.5ft
6.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES --   No items.
7. B. McArthur and A. Bardsley, re Old Growth Conservancy Society Update (File:  0120-01)
BMcA: [text provided]
Good evening Mayor and Council.
I, Bruce McArthur, am the current president of the Old Growth Conservancy Society. I am pleased to be here in that capacity.
The Society is dedicated to protecting the ecological integrity and increasing public appreciation of the Old Growth Conservancy. Our 11 Directors represent a range of conservation and recreational interests, including naturalists, mountain bikers, and hikers. Corinne Ambor, West Vancouver's Park Programs Manager, is also a member of our board and her advice and enthusiasm [are] welcome and necessary.
We all share a common interest in protecting the exceptional natural features and recreational assets of the West Vancouver mountainside and we encourage others to become Municipal mountain missionaries by joining the Old Growth Conservancy Society.
Alan Bardsley, our past president, will now update you on our activities.
Alan Bardsley gave background on "how we got there":
SLIDES  [ see slides at http://www.scribd.com/doc/33344882 ]
1974 park and sat there; passed in 2006 mgmt of the area; 2007 OGCS was formed
2008 Ccl amendment to leave mtn bike trail where it was
zip-lined all the materials down to the park
2009 monitoring prog launched
Slide of Recent Activities: display at public events, educational hikes
Slide of before and after (muddy to light gravel -- geotextile? -- 'crush' path)
not typical type of trail for mtn bikers b/c they don't usually ride on crushed gravel
donation from the Eagleridge Bluffs grp, ....., grant from Whole Foods for website devt
challenge to promote an area you don't want ppl to go
slide of 2009 snowshoe hike -- didn't need snowshoes for this year's!
hikes, wch you're all welcome to; thx to staff
Mayor: and so have you, xxxx
stewards of the environment; Cclr Panz one of the founding mbrs
a few years weren't talking to each other and now hikers and bikers working together
TP; incredible how far come; fortunate to have old-growth forests here
Sop: can remember with Katharine Steig Cypress Bowl looking
also all trails in NV......
any prob with restoration re 2010
AB: fairly heavy use of the parking area; bit of garbage, almost all removed
Sop: doesn't impact?
AB: more runoff than anything else.
8. Development Permit Application No. 09-008 for Area 2 of the Rodgers Creek Area (located north of Chippendale Road and the Chelsea subdivision) (File: 1010-20-09-008)
At the May 17 regular meeting Council received the report dated May 7 from the Manager of Community Planning ... and set the date for consideration for June 7, 2010.
Reports received up to June 3, 2010; NO Written Submissions received up to June 3, 2010:
Geri Boyle, Planning Staff: above the subdiv Chelsea, Chippendale
35.3 acres; 22.3 63% becomes public space
environmentally sensitive lands
SLIDE: drawing of AREA 2, permit; retaining walls for sites can build on
you'll see a recreated forest in that area
16 sgl-fam lots and cluster housing each with 12 units
mtn path along Chippendale
will continue secondary trail; will have a pedestrian path from Chippendale up to here
sustainability measures
Area 2, as with Area 1: first is retaining walls, higher than permitted in the bylaw but forest in front of them
Walls necessary if line from Chippendale to first; %age grade of 46%
you've driven down 22nd and that grade is 18%
45-46% down to 30%; still v steep
Zoning bylaw also variances in yards
variance wrt ht, applicant wanted 35 instead of 25ft and we settled on 30ft
we don't accept lots with grades above 20%
since only 13 lots
learned how to build on steep slopes
I'm av to answer questions as is the applicant
public mtg last week at Collingwood School; only seven ppl but some across from this devt
Ev: 63% --what is the capacity of our Parks Dept for mgmt and mtnce?

{good question, Ev; now awaiting answer/costs; anybody hear $$$ taxpayers pay?  Pls let me know}

wild areas don't require anything but some embankments and boulevards that do?
shared costs? or how?
GB: way back, doing the overview study; important component of the overall plan
fiscal impact analysis done; increased services, xxx, ... -- positive
low-mtnce park; less best b/c so sensitive; secondary trails, linkage between area 1 and 2
hi quality of construction -- arrangement between BPP and our Parks Dept
our crews will be constructing these trails; we'll do, they'll pay; building good quality

{Great to hear BPP paying for that, but still: how much cost? how much staff time (wch is also cost)?}

Mayor: no presentation by applicant?
        {no need?  :-)  done by staff......}
Mayor: No public input?
[moved all written and verbal submissions. ..be received for information.]
SW: somewhat a propos since before OCP re XXX fortunate doing it in tandem
Sop: new way of devt in WV
we did ask BPP to steer clear of ... paths;   xxxxx
GB: riddled with creeks; do not want X and trees cut
Mayor: and thank you to the WG, some mbts here tonight
SSch: PH closed; if Ccl; so wishes can do this
9. Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4625, 2010 (Community Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets and Policies) (File:  1610-10-4625)
If the Reconvened PH has closed, second and third reading of the bylaw may be considered.
1.  OCP Amendment Bylaw be revised as set out in Appendix A of the report dated May 28, 2010 regarding Comments at the May 17 Public Hearing
2.  OCP Amendment Bylaw, as amended, be read a second time; and
3.  OCP  Amendment Bylaw be read a third time.
TP: amended as you see in front of you
SW: ... have to comment work our WGs do; ... aspirational goals
ML: will support but challenge of misconception
legislated on xxx
apparently we haven't won over all the hearts and minds
that we clearly indicate what this means to meeting our targets; meet ...
Sop:... clearly heard from an individ tonight, initials after his name and xxx
if we have stated no monetary in OCP and lots of ...
we're well on our way; we'll challenge; 80% reduction from 2050
Mayor :-): on Ccl then?
Sop: I won't be there!
no conceivable (?); ... if not mandatory; you are forcing ... all of them
"not legally binding and no legal effect"
got to take a serious look at 2020 -- way out of our grasp
Mayor: okay
Sop: in OCP not mandatory but binding
TP: OCP amendments can always be amended
Cclr Sop you're always telling us to think long-term
when I went to school there was no such thing as the Internet and that was 40 years ago
{oh no! say it isn't so!  Trish is over 45?????  surprise.....}
changing rapidly
Empire State Bldg $400M (???)  38% reduction savings of $4M
I'm in midst of renovation, goal to get there
spending on renovation, and my payback is going to be forever
just as we have energy appliances today
May 27 2010, Prov xxx,  first in NAm, we're first; we're leading
already go to multiple listing and see ...
already pay a carbon tax
here, obviously aspirational; maybe things haven't dreamed of
Sop: don't know how you can say 80% by 2050; xxx
go out and do; replace gas, solid good edu
a target as high; xxx
how make a statement in an OCP and can't measure it?
MS: doc says target; nothing requires putting in an extra target
just wish we cd harness the wind power
Mayor: we're going to be xxx; nothing forced about it
but just having come from Quebec City for MetroV; out there v positive
not govt; but nbrs xxx
sq m is, when purchasing a house
it's the insulation, Stupid.
all about increasing xxxx
can heat with a candle; that's where consumer is going; we're well on our way
I'd be sorry if this seen as coercive ...
Ev: can't match the colourful language of my colleagues
will vote in favour and Panz ......
Sop: ?
Mayor: everyone's spoken three times, but if Ccl agrees
Sop: amendment find X humour
33%, not 80%; gives us flexibility; looking for a seconder
Mayor: don't see one; sorry if I was xxx; but we laugh at your jokes too
Sop: I took it xxx
TP: but that was
Mayor: question on second reading
[Third Reading passes too]
Mayor: passes unanimously; thx to WG and the public helping to refine
10. Official Community Plan Amendment for Housing Pilot Program (Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4643, 2010)
(File:  2515-00/1610-20-4643)
1.  The opportunities for consultation on a proposed OCP amendment, with persons, organizations, and authorities, as outlined in the report from the Mgr of Cmnty Planning and Sr Cmnty Planner dated May 27, be endorsed as sufficient consultation for the purposes of Section 879 of the Local Government Act;
{Do you think so?}
2.  OCP Amendment Bylaw, be introduced and read a first time in short form;
3.  OCP, Amendment Bylaw has been considered in conjunction with the District's most recent financial plan and the regional waste management plan; and
4.  OCP Amendment Bylaw be considered at a PH to be held on Monday, June 28 at 7pm
Sokol: imp component of Housing WG is the housing pilot proj prog, the objective is to allow for the examination of new housing types, consistent with cmnty's desire for improved housing choice, housing sympathetic to as site's natural features and minimizing site alteration, housing design to fit with nbrhd character
Staff recommends forwarding OCP amendment as policy; Ccl approve policy/procedure
separate from two initial pilot projects: 2614 Ottawa and 6801/3 Hycroft
mtgs will be held to provide input; no mtg yet for Ottawa b/c in prelim design stage; for Hycroft nbrhd mtg Tues June 22 from 4 to 9pm at Gleneagles clubhouse for 6801 Hycroft
Ccl to establish policy/process
{UPDATE: this mtg has been cancelled}
MS:  approx how many hours do you think staff have spent on these two pilot projects?
Sokol: cdn't say, 100 to 200 hours, been v intensive

{ROFLWTIME -- silently of course}

MS: other comments but I'll talk later.
Sop: SW and X (nbr) went to visit nbr concerned about house being built
GB: the prop you were referring to was the Hycroft project, scheduled as Dir has indicated
still working to resolve those issues; peeling back the issues; so win-win, trying to achieve objectives of prog
Ev: mtg June 28th, nbrs 22nd, will that give enough time for staff?
Sokol: on Jun 22th, to Hycroft, on June 28 is for pilot proj
Ev: when will Hycroft likely come back?
Sokol: staff will report back ... and then
Mayor: planning our agendas -- Ms Scholes, know when?
Sokol: July
Mayor: likely July 5th
ML: discussion wrt nbrhd character, last year Esquimalt
don't see how built that up yet
trouble talking about OCP, xxx
Sokol: housing pilot proj will look at a specific house; how fits in with surrounding nrhd
Ccl's being asked just to evaluate having a housing pilot project prog
Mayor: don't have motion on the floor yet
Sop: I'm at a loss as Mr Lewis
if a proposal to go ahead with a pilot proj; impact on xxx
or have an open house and discuss it then?
Sokol: what we're asking Ccl to consider this evening ...
BSC; give first reading to an amendment; enable us to evaluate specific; evaluation on a one by one basis
Sop: why evaluate when we've barely xxx
Mayor: perhaps debate when motion on the floor; overall, in general
[Ev made motion]
MS: my concerns not dissimilar to Ccl Lewis's
had a WG, the reading I got, concern on nbrhd character, xxx, size, actions of the builder
haven't seen anything addressing these concerns
after all these years Ottawa, owner doesn't seem to move ahead
Hycroft cd be sued for loss of view
why asked Dir Sokol xxx
think we've gone off the rails here
consultation -- none about Uplift, selling second house on lot
where's cmnty benefit?
think we've gone off the rails on the housing pilot proj
SW: think there's a bit of confusion; I was too; approving; in fact approving policy going forward
unfortunate last week, cd hv bn pilot
{the Esq 20/21 block}
to move forward; approve this amendment reads: xxxxxx
        selection process by Ccl
It's establishing a framework to evaluate specific projects
b/c way written and these two here, a bit confusing
Mayor: I understand Cclr Smith's concern
this amendment taking dual concerns, being able to pursue pilot projects and deal with the loss of natural features and characters by putting it in the OCP
and Cclr Walker's comments ... that... intensive
Seattle they call backyard cottages and we call pilot projects ...  they only did five in five years but enough information to inform
couple of years to streamline....
pace picked up and streamlining; cmnty wants us to do that; housing, provide our own solns; hoping staff is keeping track so much smoother
concerned making onerous for homeowners with good projects and support in their nbrhd
what we're basing this amendment on is putting the meat of the dialogue into OCP and give that sort of momentum
ML: app your perspective; not sure we need an OCP amendment for trials and projects ...
not sure sufficient consultation; mtgs all in favour of housing forms, but experiment "over that way", not in my nbrhd
not getting this consistency
we're suggesting doing trials in existing nbrhds, without defining nbrhd where more logical on District-owned land
not trying to push them in without defining nbrhd character, not sure right path
Sop: project last week
want to project with caution; support but want to see complete
approve policy then pilot; draw conclusions, xxx
we haven't had a good ol' townhall mtg
public mtg far too early
TP: framework, just signing it up for a discussion; moving forward?
doesn't mean housing pilot projects everywhere
last week's debate clear, we're going to be cautious
in OCP good, been having for some time
how have discussion on nbrhd character if nothing to form it around
Ev: pilot houses, fairly complex -- we've set up some mechanical
over last two years or so
what I'm seeing and believing, if I heard Sokol, a step to get us to next step
reading OCP certainly a surprise
but I'm accepting it as a framework to get to the next step
put together
part of this exercise is to learn as we go
with the two we have, there are lessons to learn
allows Ccl to move to second, third, and fourth stage
if these two pilot projs are rejected there is a process to take us beyond these two
if I understand Dir/Planning correctly, if we don't move fwd with this we're going to can all the work we've done to date, correct?
Sokol: the M cannot approve a zoning ... without adopting a ...
can't adopt a carriage house without a ...
this OCP amendment allows limited situation
pilot project program
enhancing  ..... sympathetic to features
we can't approve a project unless this OCP amendment is in place
MS: ... have to look at this logically
if we're going to hold staff accountable; spraying in all directions ...
after all these months and years; owner hasn't come forward
other the nbr vehemently opposed
haven't even consider Uplift, etc
in the meantime 700 alternate housing in Rodgers Crk [listed projects]
hope tangible results and this is where we shd be focusing our efforts
not going on a goose chase
said all can have sec stes, that's xxx, can have a carriage house, xxx
way too much time and way too much xxx
Mayor: cdn't disagree more
panel a few weeks ago xxx
this is us looking after ourselves
this amendment to OCP states: [READS] ... protect character with xxx, loss, what whole xxx
This kind of bulletin went around [READS]
must be attacked, countered
change, but slow, this is WV
to say a departure of xxx, fully understand
we're learning; think we can ??
Cclr Lewis? oh sorry Cclr Sop
Sop: you want to go first?
ML:  xxx  can't say in keeping xxx
where we don't have a definition of the character
think we ... if nothing else we shd be doing that in Gleneagles with Hycroft; already had some interesting
2/3? majority plus one?
Sop: last week we did speak of town hall mtg
Mayor:  you mean/can
Sop: know/don't know
consider what we don't already know
take our time; we're not against pilot proj, just
housing dialogue; haven't had that
Sokol: implement the housing pilot proj
betting near to bringing them to Ccl; we need this OCP framework
taking into consideration how fit in with character of nbrhd
Ev: this allows us to consider nbrhd characters [sic]
beyond, not just to pilot projs
if we defeat, we won't go where we want to go
SW: we committed to this pilot proj and to xxx
to stop it now, xxx; can be defined, doesn't negate xxx
we as a Ccl need to move this forward
Mayor: vote on Item No 1
Cclr Smith, a long time with staff in a xxx
[CARRIES with Sop opposed]
Mayor: vote on Item No 2
[Motion carries]
Motion 3...   ...long
Mayor: fourth
Mayor: if we do not do this, moot.
Sop: two nearly finished, xxx ??????
vote and think it's going to be dead but it's not
having one
Mayor: desire for housing choice
MS: going to vote in favour of this hearing
ask Mr Sokol to bring ...; the amt of staff hours..... to decide who
focus of staff ... opposed to protect nbrhds but xxx
[Carries with Sop opposed]
Mayor:  ?
11. Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) Update Report and Fees and Charges Proposed Bylaw Amendment - Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005, Amendment Bylaw No. 4648, 2010 (File: 1610-20-4648)
1.  The Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) Update Report to Ccl be received for info and;
2. "Fees and Charges Amendment Bylaw" be read a first, second, and third time.
12. Rodgers Creek Area 2 - Road Closure and Removal of Highway Dedication Bylaw No. 4647, 2010 - Opportunity for Public Input  (File:  0510-05/1610-20-4647)
This bylaw received three readings at the May 17, 2010 Council Meeting.  Call for Public Input
SSch b/c we  18. 1 {???}
13.  OTHER ITEMS  -- No items
MS: asked this be put on the agenda
calls and petitions dogs; seawall, our most treasured asset
can't make any change without clear consensus of change
not allow dogs
we've got a Parks WG, dogs, x, and ev else
owe it to them, so no more letters and petitions
surgical strike; no dogs on the seawall; think cmnty looking for that decision
Mayor: matter slotted for July 5
viral survey; expectation to be debated by us
AM: online
May 10 to 31st; 200+ mbrs; 149 ... numbers
2755 responses to this issue; responded to all; bringing back to Ccl July 5
Mayor: public expecting that on both sides of the issue
public expecting to engage with us
MS: didn't realize it was coming back July 5
public pretty upset; common sense; ... twist in the wind
huge amt of pushback about dogs on seawall; if wish of Ccl will wait
ML: when this first came up xxx
put the process in place, let it run its course
Mayor: that's how you earn your stripes
Sop: agree with Cclr Smith, but let it run its course; only be a month then done with it
hope rec go to Parks Plan; future park and uses
Mayor: Centennial sea walk; piloting some things in Amb; expecting a lively July 5th Ccl mtg
14. Consent Agenda Items
The following Consent Agenda items may be considered separately or in one motion:
RECOMMENDED: THAT the recommendations listed within the Consent Agenda as follows be approved:
Item 14.1 - DVP Application (3313 Marine Drive) (to set date for consideration);
Item 14.2 - Remedial Action Requirements - 6379 Argyle Ave - Unsafe Structure and Property;
Item 14.3 - MetroV report regarding Integrated Liquid Waste and Resource Management Plan Secondary Treatment Timelines.
{ $$$$$ ! }
ML: moved approved with exception of 14.3 that I think you want to speak to
14.1. Development Variance Permit Application No. 10-007 (3313 Marine Drive) (to set date for consideration) (File:  1010-20-10-007)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT  DVP for 3313 Marine Drive, to vary the Zoning Bylaw to allow construction of a new garage with rooftop deck, will be considered on Monday, June 21, 2010.
14.2. Remedial Action Requirements - 6379 Argyle Avenue - Unsafe Structure and Property (File: 1605-01)
-  Council [consider] that the single family dwelling, accessory structures, piles of discarded materials and rodents on the property at 6379 Argyle Ave (the "Property") which is owned by Daryoush Yousefi and Hamid Reza Moinzadeh (the "Owners') creates an unsafe condition where the structures and property are so dilapidated and unclean as to be offensive and pose a nuisance in the community; and
-  Council also [consider] that there is a danger to people adjacent to or visiting the Property, especially children due to the likelihood of harm or personal injury; and
-  Council therefore [resolve] that within 15 days of receiving a copy of this resolution, the Owners of the Property are required to:
1.  Demolish the single family dwelling, remove the foundation and accessory structures, remove all the discarded materials and separately remove all rodents on the property, and level the property so standing water does not occur;
2.  The rodents must be disposed of in a manner acceptable to the Vancouver Coastal Health Department and written verification of such disposal must be provided to the District.
In the event the Owners have not performed all of the Remedial Action Requirement within 15 days after notice of this resolution is delivered to the Owners, the District may, by its own forces or those of a contractor engaged by the District, enter the Property and perform the Remedial Action Requirements.
In the event the District takes the above referenced action the District may recover the expense from the Owner, together with costs and interest, in the same manner as municipal taxes in accordance with sections 17, 258 and 259 of the Community Charter.
If a person with notice of this resolution wishes to request reconsideration of these requirements by Council, written notice of this request must be provided to the Municipal Clerk within three (3) business days of that person receiving notice of this resolution.
{UPDATE: Ccl held a special mtg 9am Friday June 18 with this on the agenda.}

14.3. Metro Vancouver report regarding The Integrated Liquid Waste and Resource Management Plan Secondary Treatment Timelines (File:  0185-08)
RECOMMENDED: ...  received for information.
{SHOCKING AMOUNTS so do read the whole report (how paid for? by whom?)
With no sr govt cost-sharing:
North Shore -- 2010  is $181; 2015 is $348; 2020 is $911; 2015 is $1,168; 2030 is $1,391. }
Mayor: point out to Ccl
MetroV, costs astronomical
wd like them to be verified; not support without that; incredible hike to bill
MetroV itself shd be doing some serious belt tightening
xxxx; know NV agrees with us
staff bring forward this report; this is serious serious undertaking
ML: does merit talking about scenarios
Iona, LGB, mandated directive, $1.4B
depended upon how that is funded traditionally 1/3 1/3 1/3
is no commitment from other levels of govt
what that wd mean to av NSh homeowner -- WV need to double
NSh by 2030, just to this component, $1391 going from $181 it is today -- not quite a ten-fold increase
citizens of WV pay out to other bodies is going to exceed what they pay to their own M govt
gets better
but shd look at alternative technologies
going to have equal, similar numbers, when talking about solid waste -- dump, burying, biodegrading ...  staggering
CAO: a year and a half ago we challenged the X re the cost formulas
[reports? studies?]
gave us a lot of good info
so what? what are we going to do?
met last week, then challenged ourselves, next steps; look at fiscal gap
reexamine projects with open-minded xxx approach
we're recommending a fiscal challenges task force
regional xxx; so we can challenge
looking at $1.4B, huge challenge we're facing and have to look at alternatives
Mayor: imp to know -- 1/3 1/3 1/3, a myth
with treatment and Annacis not
govts said shd not have that expectation; good brought out; pull together, three Ms on NSh
Sop: thank you but fact remains whether or not that treatment ctr shd be there or MetroV shd take a look at themselves
need a friend ???
spending these incredible amts; somewhere along the line something's going to break
you've been challenging but not consistent with other Ms
reality; we've got to do something

MS: away, got back late Monday; walk early Tues walk along sea wall to look at new seawall
compliment, terrific improvement, and done at reasonable cost
yesterday -- most using waterfront path rather than walk along Argyle
Second, Wed attended WVSSC first mtg of new board
Barbara Brink reelected as chair, congratulate all bd mbs on election, re election
Mayor: tyvm and welcome home, we missed you
Sop: wonderful day on Cmnty Day, maybe not as many
Ctr sensational; grounds jammed; great lawn and back; organized confusion but so well loved; a couple of probs, can be discussed later
when can I ask a question in relationship about ccl procedure? is this the point?
without delaying anybody? Just want to ask a question
Mayor: May we have the Reports and come back to you?
Sop: certainly
Ev: Cmnty Day excellent, weather great; might have bn a couple of glitches but I didn't see any; thank staff; great day, went off pretty well without a hitch
Mayor: wd like to report, having been in Quebec City at the Cdn Renewable Housing Assn conference on behalf of MetroV.
really good background for us in green building and in housing, what BC Housing is doing, also in WV and also First Nations' initiatives across the country.  I was the only politician there.  It's always interesting to be in a different environment, and I learned an awful lot.  I appreciate everybody holding down the fort at home.
I got one email for one person who said I was missed at Cmnty Day
Sop: yes, you were missed
Mayor: back to you Cclr Sop for your question
Sop: This is just to Ms Scholes
when the home page now has a heading, Ccl Correspondence, and it's new, that won't stay there forever, I'm assuming, not always on the home page
so, how will one know to go to the selected direction we have to go through to get to the, for the public to get to the Ccl's correspondence?
SSch: there is a search field on the home page of the website and all one has to do is type in the word correspondence and it will take them directly to that page
Sop: Okay.  As a useful tool, wd there be any way in wch you cd, like the Calendar at the bottom, just click on it and you're there?
Ssch: We cd certainly look at that option as well.
Sop: I don't want to create any extra work for you, I just thought that, if the heading that's on the page now, that will eventually go away on the home page
Mayor: the fact that it's news
Sop: Yeah, that it's new; that'll disappear, so then one has to start looking where, you know and that's the confusion some ppl said to me
The second point is, that is it a true imposition to not at least list the correspondence by heading on the agenda, or is that something that is not of value in your mind?
SSch: We've not received any direction from Ccl to do so at this point.
{So let's give them the direction!}
Mayor: scroll quickly
so, that's a great idea just to have that quick click, cuz it's something we're v proud of, something we've received a lots of positive feedback from, and so we want to make sure that stays front and centre.

You can, but we can't!
Maybe that's the stumbling blocks -- mbrs of Ccl don't understand the frustration since they don't feel it and they don't know that what is easy for them doesn't even exist for us!
We can't even scroll, let alone quickly!
Ccl GETS the correspondence with their mtg material (agenda and attachments to items).
The public goes to the agenda BUT there not only is NO item labelled Correspondence to click on, there is NOTHING on the agenda webpage to click on to get Correspondence.  It is totally absent so that one might think there is no correspondence.
Listening to the Mayor's comments makes me think Ccl doesn't realize we can't access it there, and maybe once they find out it will be rectified.  Scrolling down doesn't help.  There's NO correspondence there at all, not even the word!  Probably just on Ccl's email and they can scroll down not knowing we can't.  And nothing tells us there is such a thing let alone where to go to find letters.
Most I've asked can't guess on what webpage it's on.  Even when you do find it what you click on is "posted weekly".
Anyway, I'm encouraged by what the Mayor said b/c I'm sure once she finds out it's not easy for us, she'll address it (and with the help of Cclrs Sop and Smith who have expressed support for return, and as Sop has just said above).
That's access, as in openness and transparency -- something this Ccl says it supports and wch are fundamental to an inclusive democracy.
On top of that, logically, why not have Correspondence on the agenda since -- lucky Ccl who have read the letters and can bring one to the table for discussion while we languish in the dark (not in the binder in the lobby either) -- Correspondence forms part of the ccl mtg???
It shd not be on a separate, and one might argue, unrelated page!
I've spoken to cclrs and even staff, so now I'm hoping that this will be understood -- the unnecessary censorship by its absence but with minimal effort and cost, corrected by having at least the subjects of the letters.
Just having the list of letters under Correspondence in the Consent Agenda lets residents know what others are thinking, lets them see letters from other Ms and levels of govt, lets them read staff answers to questions, and lots of other information. Before there was a link for every letter -- not asking for that, just the one click for all the letters, however only the list printed on the agenda, still with the same single link.
From this recent backward step, let's hope for a leap forward!}

Mayor: Carolanne Reynolds.  Welcome
CR: Thank you.  Of course I'm sure you were missed during Cmnty Day!
[Editor,] West Van Matters
We can discuss this later.  It's not the place b/c I think it might need more discussion.
I understand, uh, I didn't quite understand what you said, so I hope that the discussion is going to mean that the LIST of letters will go on the agenda, and the thing you click on wch is there now will be moved there so that you have a list and then you just click on; stays the same.
B/c, one of the reasons for that is you do discuss correspondence during the mtg and so it makes sense to have the link right on the agenda.  The same link you have now, but just copy and paste the list that's ALREADY there, put it there and have the same link.  That wd solve it, b/c as Cclr Sop said, everybody's been used to the letters being on the agenda, and right now-- I've asked ppl, go and find it, and they can't find it.
Mayor: we want to make sure ppl can find it.
{Oh dear, I shd hv said great and tyvm -- Sorry, Mayor G-J!}
CR: and since you discuss it on the agenda, that's why I thought--, that wd be-- and just the list, not all the links.
So thank you for reconsidering that;  I appreciate it.
{my fingers are crossed -- my toes wd be too but too difficult to walk then..........}
Mayor: thank you.  Anything further?  Bruce McArthur.
Bruce McArthur: This is a piece of information, a request for information, on behalf of the Western Residents' Assn.  I just got confirmation today that Engg was going to come out our way on the 22nd of June for a presentation on infrastructure improvements.  Just wondering if we have a conflict with this other mtg on carriage houses, and I'm not sure of dates and times for that.
I think you mentioned 22nd of June for the Hycroft mtg and I'm wondering about a conflict.
Mayor: is this something we cd resolve--
BMcA: cd you tell me the time of the Hycroft mtg and how that notice gets out into the cmnty, and whether the WRA wd be notified on it.
Sokol: the notice will be sent out to the nbrs of the project and will be sent to the WRA, as the resident assn in the area and the planned time is 4 to 9pm.*
BMcA: just one other comment -- when you sit here, all these things go through my mind
I was at mtg with BC Ferries once, and I was told that the Ferries put their effluent off the ferries into our system b/c it goes through to Lions' Gate cheaper with the primary treatment it gets there than the tertiary treatment they even have to produce on the ferry system itself.  Just a thought.
Mayor: Mr Fung
RF: although BC Ferries have approached MetroV and the District in the past about pumping their effluent from the ships through the M to Lions' Gate, that is not currently happening right now, exactly b/c the shipping requirements for treatment are actually higher than the M treatment standards right now so that is not an option that's being currently considered.
Mayor: thank you -- is this v brief?
CR: v brief; in case there's some confusion, I heard Mr McArthur say-- The Dept of Engg has been v v kind, they've been going around to try to explain the infrastructure, the utilities and all this, and so ADRA is having mtg on June 24th,** not the mtg date that you said, and we're inviting other groups to it; so I didn't want ppl to think there'd be confusing
and for Cclr Smith, as a former mayor said, you get the most calls about dogs and trees.
Mayor: thank you  --  17.  Adjournment
* This Hycroft nbrhd mtg has now been cancelled b/c the applicant has withdrawn the application
** This mtg is being put on by West Van Matters, and it will have the Engg presentation (by DWV staff) at the beginning and then a panel (including cclrs) to answer residents' questions in general about DWV issues (waterfront, density, etc).  Some ADRA mbrs will be there as well as mbrs of other groups, and of course all residents are welcome.

===  CCL MTG AGENDA June 21st ===
6pm in MHall Main Floor Conference Room; 7pm ccl mtg in chamber
Note:  At 6pm the reg Cci Mtg will commence in open session and will be immediately followed by a motion to exclude the public in order to hold a closed session, pursuant to section 90 of the Cmnty Charter.
6:00 PM
RECOMMENDED: THAT in the public interest, members of the public be excluded from part of the June 21, 2010 regular Council Meeting on the basis of matters to be considered under the following section of the Community Charter:
90. (1) A part of a council meeting may be closed to the public if the subject matter being considered relates to or is one or more of the following:
(b) personal information about an identifiable individual who is being considered for a municipal award or honour, or who has offered to provide a gift to the municipality on condition of anonymity;
3.    labour relations or other employee relations;
11.  negotiations and related discussions respecting the proposed provision of a municipal service that are at their preliminary stages and that, in the view of the council, could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality if they were held in public.
3. Council will then proceed with the closed session.
7:00 PM
May 31 Special Council Meeting; June 7 Reconvened PH; and June 7 Regular Council Meeting.
               West Vancouver Community Centre Awards (File:  0050-01) [Information to be provided.]
A. Davis and C. Miller, North Shore Black Bear Society (File:  0055-01)
        {Great!  click on this and you see their slides and report!}
9 Development Variance Permit Application No. 10-007 (3313 Marine Drive) (File:  1010-20-10-007)
June 7, Council received the report dated May 26 from the Community Planner and set the date for consideration for June 21.  As of June 17, Reports received May 26 and June 7; no written submissions received.
        RECOMMENDED: received for information
If Council wishes a further staff report, then:
RECOMMENDED: THAT staff report back, OR
RECOMMENDED: THAT  the DVP for a new garage with rooftop deck, be approved.
10. Municipal Consultation Regarding Metro Vancouver's Draft Integrated Solid Waste and Resource Management Plan (File:  0185-20)
THAT Council provide the following municipal comments to Metro Vancouver regarding the Draft Integrated Solid Waste and Resource Management Plan:
Further to Council's endorsement of the Zero-Waste Challenge, the 70% diversion target and actions expressed within Goals 1 and 2 are supported;
Considerations of any increases beyond the 70% diversion rate should only be made following the establishment of organics diversion throughout the region, and implementation of mandatory recycling in the Institutional, Commercial, and Industrial Sector and the Demolition, Land-Clearing, and Construction Sector;
Metro Vancouver should strengthen its discussions with the Province to accelerate expansion of the Extended Producer Responsibility Programs to include packaging materials;
The Eco-Centre concept should be further studied and evaluated due to concerns about municipal equity, cost, and ramifications for existing stewardship group business arrangements;
Council supports the concept of extracting energy from waste where financially and environmentally appropriate;
Further study and financial modeling are needed to determine the appropriate ownership and business model governing any new Waste-to-Energy facility; and
Metro Vancouver needs to provide a robust site-specific business case for Waste-to-Energy (WTE) in comparison to other disposal options.

11. Community Grants Recommendations: Arts and Culture Grants 2010 (File:  0920-07-02/0116-20-CGC)
THAT the Community Grants Committee recommendations for Arts and Culture Grants, be approved as follows:
Community (Professional Standard or Staff)
        British Columbia [Boys'] Choir $2,000
Sub total $2,000
Community Arts Organizations (Amateur with Membership)
Ambleside Orchestra                             $500
North Shore Light Opera Society                 $1,000
O'Shihan Cultural Organization                  $500
Theatre West Van                                        $3,250
West Vancouver Adult Community Band Association $500
Hollyburn Heritage Society                              $750   
Deep Cove Chamber Soloists Society                      $750
West Vancouver Historical Society                       $2,000
WV Fire Service                                 $500
Sub total $9,750
Community (Professional Standard & Staff)
        Chor Leoni Men's Choir                          $750
        Laudate Singers Society                         $500
        Pacific Baroque Orchestra                               $1,500
        Pandora's Vox                                   $2,000
        Presentation House Cultural Society/Theatre             $1,500
        Sinfonia Orchestra of the North Shore                   $1,500
        Vetta Chamber Music                             $500
        West Vancouver Youth Band                       $7,125
        North Shore Chorus                              $500
        North Shore Chamber Music Society                       $1,000
Sub total $16,875
New Applicants
        Seacoast Theatre Centre Society         $3,625
Sub total $3,625
Total - All 2010 Arts & Culture Grants $32,250
12. 2010 Community Grants Recommendations: Community and Social Services Grants (File:  0920-07-02/0116-20-CGC)
+ 1.   
The Community Grants Committee recommendations for Community and Social Services Grants, for repeat funding for 2010 be approved as follows:
Specialized Support Services:
In the 3rd year of a [three-]year funding cycle (2008-2010)
BC Paraplegic Association Peer Support           $500
Canadian Hard of Hearing Association            $600
Lions Gate Hospice                             $1,000
NS Disability Resource Centre - Adults at Risk        $1,000
NS Women's Centre                            $1,500
NS Stroke Recovery Centre - Seniors Peer Group      $1,300
Red Cross RespectED                         $700
                                                Sub total $6,600
In the 2nd year of a [three-]year funding cycle (2009-2011)
Avalon Recovery Society                    $800
(BC) Canadian Paraplegic Association - Transition Services      $500
Canadian Mental Health Association                $500
Crisis Intervention & Suicide Prevention Centre of BC               $1,000
Friend to Friend Social Learning Society           $750
Harvest Project                                 $2,500
Lookout NS Emergency Aid Shelter                  $3,000
NS Association for the Mentally Handicapped-NS Connexions Society        $1,000
NS Disability Resource Centre - Children's Summer Program           $2,500
NS Project Society for Low Income & Handicapped            $5,000
NS Schizophrenia Society NS Branch                $2,000
NS Stroke Recovery - Young Stroke Survivors                   $1,000
                                                Sub total $20,550
Family Support Services:
In the 3rd year of a [three-]year funding cycle (2008-2010)
Family Services of the North Shore              $14,500
Living Systems - Access Counselling             $500
NS Community Resources Society          $12,000
NS Restorative Justice                  $5,000
NS Multicultural Society                        $3,000
West Vancouver Family Place Society             $4,000                                 
                                                Sub total $39,000
In the 2nd year of a [three-]year funding cycle (2009-2011)
Autism Society of BC            $1,500
Big Brothers                    $500
Big Sisters                     $500
Highlands United Church         $500
NS Crisis Services Society                      $10,000
NS Neighbourhood House - Learning Together      $1,000
                                                Sub total $14,000
Seniors Support Services:
In the 3rd year of a [three-]year funding cycle (2008-2010)
Capilano Community Services Society             $1,300
Lionsview Seniors Planning Society              $2,000
Lionsview Seniors Planning Society - Seniors' Coalition $1,300
NS Meals on Wheels Society                      $1,500
NS Volunteers for Seniors                       $3,500
NS Keep Well Society                    $2,000
NS Neighbourhood House - Seniors Peer Support          $1,300
                                                       Sub total $12,900
Community Services:
In the 3rd year of a [three-]year funding cycle (2008-2010)
Coho Society - Operating Grant          $5,000
Coho Society Bus Transportation         $1,250
NS Lifeboat Society                             $2,500
NS Safety Council                               $1,000
525 Pathfinder Squadron (Air Cadet League of Canada)    $900
                                               Sub total $10,650
In the 2nd year of a [three-]year funding cycle (2009-2011)
                Third West Vancouver Scout Group       $400
                                                       Sub total $400 
TOTAL Social and Community Services Grants $104,100
+ 2.   
An application and adjudication process for remaining one time grant funding in the amount of $21,500 from the Grants in Aid budget for 2010 be initiated; and
+ 3.   
Longer term budget options for the Community Grants program, including improved staggering of grant funding within the three-year funding cycle, be brought back for Council's consideration in the Fall as part of the Community Grants Committee's 2010 Work Plan.
13. 2010 Community Grants Recommendations: Youth Competition and Recognition Fund Grants (File:  0920-07-02/0116-20-CGC)
THAT the Community Grants Committee recommendations for Youth Competition and Recognition Fund Grants be approved as follows:
$ 200 -- Emma Currie (BC Female PeeWee A Championships - March 2010)
$ 200 -- Alexandra Larson (PeeWee Provincial Female Ice Hockey Championships - March 2010)
$ 200 -- Andre Matheusik (K1 Provincial Slalom and GS Ski Series - March 2009)
$ 200 -- Andre Matheusik ( K2 Provincial Slalom and GS Ski Series - March 2010)
$ 100 -- Bridgitte Matheusik (BC Provincial High School Cross Country Running Championship - November 2009)
$ 100 -- Bridgitte Matheusik (BC Provincial high School Tennis Championships - May 2009)
$ 1000 -- Cypress Ski Club (Provincial K1 and K2 Alpine Races - March 2010)
Total current recommendations   $2000
14. Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) Update Report and Proposed Bylaw Amendment (Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005, Amendment Bylaw No. 4648, 2010) (File: 1610-20-4648)
1.  the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) Update Report dated June 14 be received for information and;
2.  [the] "Fees and Charges ... Amendment Bylaw..." be read a first, second, and third time.
15. Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw
No. 4625, 2010 (Community Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets and Policies - Bill 27) (File:  1610-20-4625)
This bylaw received first reading at the April 26 Ccl mtg; was the subject of a PH held May 17 and a Reconvened PH held June 7 and was amended and received second and third readings at the June 7 Reg Ccl Mtg.
16. Consent Agenda Items
        RECOMMENDED:  THAT the Consent Agenda items as follows be approved:
16.1. Development Variance Permit Application No. 10-018 (2972 Park Lane)
(File:  1010-20-10-018)
RECOMMENDED: that DVP Applic to vary the Zoning Bylaw to allow construction of a new house, pool deck, accessory building, and landscape walls, [be] considered on Monday, July 19.
16.2. TransLink Customer Service Performance Report for Quarter 1, 2010 (File:  1305-05)
        RECOMMENDED: be received for information.
16.3. Community Engagement Committee Appointments to Parks Master Plan Working Group (File:  0117-20-PMP1)
RECOMMENDED received for information:
Allan Bardsley; Rebecca Buchanan; Margaret Corbett; Rod Day; Kelley Korbin; Mick Matheusik; Graham Nicholls; Sue Rowan; and Trent Walsh
16.4. Community Grants Committee 2009 Annual Report and 2010 Work Plan (File:  0116-20-CGC1)
        RECOMMENDED:  received for information.
17.  OTHER ITEMS -- No items.

===  ANIMALWATCH  === golden retriever, cats, dog and cat, and grizzlies
+  Breakfast at Ginger's: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaAVZ2yXDBo and if you want a bit more,
           Wine-tasting with Ginger: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBUA8YB_MNs&feature=channel
           Wasabi and Ginger: http://www.youtube.com/user/sawith65#p/c/CFDBAB87BCE3AD48/1/0hAKSviJy_E
           Ginger's late-night snack: http://www.youtube.com/user/sawith65
+  'Catios' Bring Cats Outdoors: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/06/17/garden/17catio.html?src=me&ref=homepage
        {so your eyes not polluted, here are three corrections: cat-sized, room-sized, aesthetics}
+ Dog and Cat: http://www.flixxy.com/dog-loves-cat.htm
Grizzly charge captured by B.C. filmmaker
-- CBC News -- A B.C. filmmaker says he's lucky to be alive after narrowly avoiding a grizzly attack while filming in the Robson Valley, southeast of Prince George.  Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/story/2010/06/20/bc-grizzly-charge-leon-lorenz.html#ixzz0rWtMpaGf

===  NEWSWATCH  === from Le Monde diplomatique; by Philippe Pataud Celerier
'Indonesian democracy stops in papua' -- Autonomy isn't independence
Indonesian nationalists deny all ethnic and religious claims for separatism in the vast archipelago that makes up their country. But in Papua, people feel exploited, and threatened with cultural, and demographic, annihilation
Linus, from Papua, said: "It doesn't matter who the leader is, the dice are loaded against us." For him, as for many others, the re-election in July 2009 of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (known as SBY) as Indonesian president was no surprise. Linus and his friend Agus are from Jayapura, the provincial capital of Papua, the western part of the island of New Guinea (1). They are studying to be civil servants in the city of Surabaya in eastern Java.
"Instead of independence we have 'special' autonomy," said Agus. That status was won in January 2002. "It is so special nobody trusts it. All I know is I will at last get a job in a new district in the south of Papua. To separatist Papuans, I am a traitor. To most of our Javanese teachers, I am a monkey they are trying to lure down from the trees. I just want to feed my family."
Read the rest: http://mondediplo.com/2010/06/14indonesia
===  WINEWATCH  === up the creek without a corkscrew?
Comment ouvrir une bouteille de vin sans tire-bouchon -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0o7-JBsZKyE
===  BEERWATCH  ===
G, a qualified beer judge (as a hobby), when asked what his favourite beer was, wd answer "the next one", however we've just heard a better reply: "an open one".
===  SCIENCEWATCH  === the oil spill
As New Scientist went to press, estimates of the volume of crude so far ejected into the waters of the Gulf ranged from 90 to 195 million litres - http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn19016-gulf-leak-biggest-spill-may-not-be-biggest-disaster.html
Gulf leak: biggest spill may not be biggest disaster
                16:14 09 June 2010 by Peter Aldhous , Phil McKenna and Caitlin Stier
THE Deepwater Horizon blowout is the largest oil spill in US history, but its ecological impact need not be the worst. It all hinges on the amount and composition of the oil that reaches the Gulf of Mexico's most sensitive habitat: its coastal marshes. If they can be protected, the region could bounce back in just a few years.
As New Scientist went to press, estimates of the volume of crude so far ejected into the waters of the Gulf ranged from 90 to 195 million litres - dwarfing the Exxon Valdez's 40-million-litre spill in 1989. But the aftermath of previous spills shows that it is not the volume that matters most.
"Very large spills have had minimal impact and small spills have had a devastating impact," says Judy McDowell of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, one of the authors of a 2003 National Research Council report that reviewed lessons from previous incidents.
Consider three vastly different spills (see timeline, right). In 1979, the Ixtoc I well off Mexico's Gulf coast spewed 530 million litres of oil into shallow waters - three times the worst current estimates for Deepwater Horizon. Five years later, "we had to look hard to see any lasting effects", says Arne Jarnel=F6v of the Institute for Futures Studies in Stockholm, Sweden, who led a UN team sent to monitor the area. ...
The Exxon Valdez spilled far less, 40 million litres, yet Alaska's Prince William Sound is still recovering. And 700,000 litres spilled by the oil barge Florida at West Falmouth on Cape Cod is still affecting species 40 years on. Why such variation? It all comes down to the type of oil and the habitats involved.
The spill could be disastrous for the endangered bluefin tuna - it coincided with the spawning season and there are fears that up to 20 per cent of this year's larvae may die.
Among coastal habitats, marshes are by far the biggest worry. They are both a crucial wildlife habitat and an important buffer between New Orleans and the hurricane-prone Gulf. The marshes are already eroding at an alarming rate, as a consequence of engineering projects that have constrained the wandering Mississippi and carved out navigation channels. ...
            Louisiana's salt marshes are both a crucial wildlife habitat and a buffer against hurricanes
+  Refashioned rat livers could boost transplants --    14:23 14 June 2010 by Andy Coghlan
Livers stripped bare of their original tissue then recoated with new cells have been successfully transplanted into rats for the first time.
===  FISHWATCH / Father's Day  ===  June 19/20
Folks, it is once again time to celebrate recreational fishing and encourage families and children to take up the sport.  This year, the Federal Government had enacted legislation to allow for the licence-free weekend to also take place in tidal waters. Information on this will be available on the DFO's Recreational Fishing internet site shortly. 
During BC's Family Fishing Weekend (Friday 18th, Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th of June 2010), Father's Day Weekend, there are many free-to-attend special Community Fishing Events taking place around British Columbia. These events offer an opportunity to learn how to fish and provide lots of useful educational information in a fun and supervised environment. There are knowledgeable volunteers present to show you the tricks of the trade and help you on your way to catching your first lunker!
I encourage you and your families to attend one of the many events.  Hopefully in 2011 we will have some salt water events.  See the link for the event nearest you.  http://www.bcfamilyfishing.com/events/index.htm
Debra Sneddon, Fisheries Manager, Recreational Fisheries, ph: 604 666 6509  fax: 666 7112
===  BOOKWATCH  ===  The Icarus Syndrome: The Economist; Haaretz; NYT
20th-century America
Then and now:  Two new books on America's ambitious dreams and their consequences
May 27th 2010 | From The Economist print edition
WHEN the present is perplexing and the future looks bleak, people often seek wisdom in the lessons of the past. That is certainly true of America today as it struggles to cope with economic stagnation, enervating foreign wars, and waning self-confidence. Unfortunately, the lessons that the past teaches are seldom precise and are often deceptive. Indeed, they can be downright dangerous.
That is the theme of "The Icarus Syndrome", one of two impressive new histories of modern America. Peter Beinart, the author, is one of the chastened liberals who supported the 2003 invasion of Iraq and wonders how America could have been so wrong. His answer, to simplify a subtle argument, is that it routinely lets itself be carried away by its successes. Victories, however narrow, beget overreaching ambition. America comes to believe that it has wings. Then, Icarus-like, it soars too close to the sun and the wings melt.
The rest: http://www.economist.com/books/displayStory.cfm?story_id=16213968
~~ Then googled Peter Beinart and found this interview he gave to Haaretz:
Writer Peter Beinart has raised a storm among the American Jewish establishment by accusing it of sacrificing its liberal values in favor of support for Israel at any price.
Here's the link for the rest:
~~ Here's what the New York Times reviewer Leslie H. Gelb wrote:
'The Icarus Syndrome'  by PETER BEINART --  a history of the American desire to remake the world.
In Our Image  published June 3 
For all their daily efforts to disembowel one another, American foreign policy experts agree on one thing: the United States needs a new, coherent, and practical strategy for the 21st century. Peter Beinart's "Icarus Syndrome: A History of American Hubris" doesn't attain this policy nirvana. Still, it's a highly readable and useful hundred-year account of American ventures abroad that can serve as a path to understanding past failures and uncovering why policy renewal is now proving so elusive.
The whole review: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/06/13/books/review/Gelb-t.html

===  MAIKU / DRAMA-KU  ===  Bard's Antony and Cleopatra June 19 -- powerful performance

                          regal, magnificent mien
                                                 fierce Cleopatra
                                                                         by love and fate cursed

Those with poetic curiosity welcome to have what I scribbled on my programme and the subsequent six versions to comment and express preferences.

= No weapons/guns found on the Gaza flotilla so why did the VSun print a letter saying there were?
= Israeli forces rappelled down in middle of night with guns, shooting and killing nine, injuring 30 -- how does the IDF response accord with requirements for a proportional response to an unarmed vessel?
=  When the Israeli Ambassador to the US states Israel allows 30 trucks of aid into Gaza daily, why does no one point out that that's woefully inadequate for 1.5M ppl, or is that obvious to most?
=  One can see the reasoning to restrict weapons but what are the reasons for banning paper and pencils? canned fruit and fruit juice?  jam and chocolate? coriander? pampers?
= What changed so that tea and coffee were allowed in in October 2009?  baby wipes, black pepper, and blankets in November, also canned goods but not tinned fruit? olives, unfertilized eggs, and potatoes were allowed in in December? mineral water in February 2010? combs, hairbrushes, clothes, and shoes in March? kitchenware in April?
=  In the comment section to a news report: What's the difference between a Master Race and a Chosen People?
UPDATE: Instead of only letting in what Israel allows (bizarre prohibitions such as paper), latest announcement is that it has been changed to a list of what it won't allow. If the case, no problem prohibiting weapons.  The next thing to watch is how many trucks a day will be permitted to go in b/c at times it was fewer than 10% prior to the blockade.
It's actually in Israel's best interests to try to start to be reasonable thus gaining more support and lessening resistance from those occupied.
Our aim is peaceful coexistence and through compromise and encouraging the moderates, we must keep going forward even if only by inches (or millimeters).
Let us hope and pray for progress with mutual respect and good will.

If Israelis don't want to stand accused of being Nazis they should simply stop acting like Nazis.
                -- Norman G. Finkelstein
who's he you ask (American, Holocaust survivor parents):
        1.      Norman G. Finkelstein Comment, analysis, news on the Israel-Palestine conflict; Holocaust studies; the human rights situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.
        2.      www.normanfinkelstein.com/ - 7 hours ago - Cached - Similar
        3.      Norman Finkelstein - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaNorman Gary Finkelstein (born December 8, 1953) is an American political scientist and author, whose primary fields of research are the Israeli- Palestinian ...
        4.      en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norman_Finkelstein - Cached - Similar
        5.      MuzzleWatch =BB Norman Finkelstein booted, again24 Mar 2010 ... Norman Finkelstein may be a curmudgeon who can barely contain his contempt for institutions he feels have violated the public trust. ...
        6.      www.muzzlewatch.com/2010/03/.../norman-finklestein-booted-again/ - Cached
My motto was always to keep swinging.
        -- Hank Aaron, American baseball player (b 1934)
Our heads are round so that thoughts can change direction.
                          -- Francis Picabia, French painter and poet (1879 - 1953)
The greatest height of heroism to which an individual, like a people, can attain is to know how to face ridicule.
      -- Miguel de Unamuno y Jugo, Spanish, novelist, poet, playwright, and philosopher (1864 - 1936)
There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.
                -- Edith Wharton, American novelist (1862 - 1937)
When the heart grieves over what it has lost, the spirit rejoices over what it has left.
                -- Sufi epigram
Ideas are more powerful than guns.  We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas?
                          -- Joseph Stalin, Georgian-Russian leader of the Soviet Union (1878 - 1953)
o  Everyone in the family knew that they had to join the spy agency. It was a clan destine operation.
o  Did you hear about the new bamboo trees at the zoo? It was pandamonium out there!
o  Why did the dairy churn? The less said, the butter .
o  The IRS left a message on my cell phone that I owed them more money. It was a taxed message.
o  I wrote a song about small, burrowing animals. I decided it was time to gopher baroque.
Those who are going nowhere are never late.
                -- Leonard Roy Frank, American editor (b 1932)
                  {ah, so now I understand -- I'm always late b/c I'm going somewhere!}
Q: What do you get when you cross a parrot with a centipede?
        A: A walkie-talkie, of course.
What is the world's longest song?  -- "Aleph-nought Bottles of Beer on the Wall."