June 28 NOTES
Calendar to July 23

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Is summer finally here? Please?
MAIN ITEMS July 5th: Dogs on-leash; 2385 Haywood and 5618 Westport add'ns to H Register; OCP Amendment for Housing Pilot Prog (to third reading); Sec Stes Annual Fees (three readings); 2900block Rosebery paving bylaw: HRA for 2055 Queens
= Vive le Canada (Queen in Canada); from the EDITOR'S DESK (I&I; CBC Radio: Dispatches); DWV FINANCE, Annual Report (WV popn static; not counting the Police Dept, 29 staff over $100K in 2008; up to 65 in 2009)
=  CALENDAR to July 9th; CULTUREWATCH (Theatre, Art, Music)
=  Ccl Mtg NOTES June 28th: PH re OCP Amendment for housing pilot prog (submissions + different approach suggested); DVP 3113 Marine; Mid-Year BSC Update; Climate Action Plan Report; Extension of Devt Permits for Evelyn Dr lots; Lane-paving bylaw 2900 Rosebery Intro; Devt Applic Status Report; DVP Applics 925 Sentinel, 1395 Haywood; at PQP: Cost of WGs; no CAWG Notes since Oct; hope that Ccl now realizes public doesn't see the correspondence as they do but part of the discussion involved staff making bizarre comments/suggestions that totally miss the point and if done wd still have letters in some other place, not on the agenda where they shd be b/c can be referred to (quite apart from informing residents about prov/UBCM resolns, other views and concerns).  Your editor is still hopeful, clinging to a thin silken thread.
=  Ccl Mtg AGENDA July 5th
=  ANIMALWATCH (fawn, cat, deer, dog; leopard seal love); INFObits (Housing Choices); INFO & INPUT Mtg (Engg Infrastructure/Taxes); MONEYWATCH (raise taxes or cut and borrow?); NEWSWATCH (Lieberman's 'solution'; Jerusalem City Ccl); WEBWATCH (Insanities of Occupation); SCIENCEWATCH (frazil ice; BP's kill well; Interview :-)); LANGUAGEWATCH (JWT ad); MAIKU (Canada Day); QUOTATIONS/PUNS

===  Vive le CANADA  ===
Her Majesty's first visit to Canada was in 1951, and has been here 22 times.  HM is 84; HRH Prince Philip is 89.  On Canada Day, the Queen said she has watched as Canada has "grown and matured, remaining true to its history, its distinctive character, and its values."
HM Elizabeth II, Queen of 16 countries, has known 11 UK Prime Ministers, starting with Winston Churchill and 11 Canadian Prime Ministers from Louis St Laurent.  HM has known many US Presidents and it is said that Reagan even sought her counsel.  The Queen leaves Canada for NY on Monday July 5th and will address the UN.
===  from the EDITOR'S DESK  ===
Most grateful to the Engg Dept for their presentation at the WVM Info & Input mtg last Thursday.  Their posters (URL) and some remarks are in a section below.  Info was given about the possibilities in front of us, the costly replacement of our infrastructure esp since much was built around the same time so will need replacement about the same time.  Do we set aside money now or borrow then?  Or some combination?
Well, I enjoy The Debaters, v funny, but I also like Dispatches with stories from many different parts of the world.  Recently there was a fascinating bit on Paul Nicklen's visit to Antarctica. It's even emotional.  Here's the link: http://www.cbc.ca/dispatches for the program June 24 (the story of the huge leopard seal is about halfway). There are several stories of interest in the one June 24.  Two I found interesting were ( http://podcast.cbc.ca/mp3/dispatches_20100624_34249.mp3 ):
=  Paul Nicklen's polar obsession. He wanted to save the leopard seal's Arctic environment. Then it took his head in its jaws.  [There's a link for a videoclip of this in ANIMALWATCH below.]
=  Afghan interpreters are being offered a fast-track into Canada. So why the skepticism about Ottawa's intentions?

===  FINANCES, 2009 ANNUAL REPORT  === IOW, what's Ccl/staff done with your money?
Your homework to prepare to comment to Ccl on July 19.
Here are Updates sent as the information came out (my bolding):
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2010 06:27:20 -0700
TO: WVM Email List / From: Carolanne Reynolds <EditorWVM@WestVan.org>
Subject: Updates: Finance/Report
perhaps b/c of staff vacancies?
Anyway, alerting you to info just released and they are asking for your comments and feedback.
SOFI report still missing (Statement of Financial Information required by the FI Act to be approved by Council and released by June 30), since it was not on last Monday's agenda, it's going to be late (and DWV in apparent violation of the financial reporting requirements of the FIA).
The Annual Report is supposed to be out at least two weeks before June 29th so that the annual mtg to discuss the Annual Report can be held before the end of June with the public having had at least two weeks to review it. So this is also going to be late (and DWV in apparent violation of the financial reporting and consultation requirements of the Community Charter).
some good news, the Annual Report is now out (this is from the DWV homepage dated June 30).
some bad news, look at the increase in debt, p87 (more than three-fold since 2005?)
Captured from the DWV website:http://www.westvancouver.ca/Government/Level3.aspx?id=28804
Annual Report 2009
Wednesday, June 30, 2010  The 2009 Annual Report is now available online.
A public meeting will be held on July 19th, 2010 at 7:00 pm in the Council Chamber to present the Annual Report and to receive comment from interested residents.
The Annual Report will also be available for inspection at the Finance Department in Municipal Hall.
                2009 Annual Report (PDF, 4.5 MB) 
-----------------------  My suggestion wd be to have a copy at the Library!
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2010 21:55:58 -0700
From: Carolanne Reynolds <EditorWVM@WestVan.org>
Subject: Agendabit; FINANCES
Agenda later -- great staff work that it's already up! -- the OCP Amendment re Pilot Projs is on to third reading, so are dogleash regs, but no Correspondence yet; have to see if added Fri or on-table Monday.  Hope springs eternal in this editor's heart.......
Now it's public! Popn (steady) and Salaries (UP) below;
and gotta have some qtns (behaviourists and drinkers), so echoing the Mayor's words, "scroll down"!
                                plus enjoy Canada Day!
DWV website -- they've just added 2009 Financial Information Act Report (PDF, 659 KB) 
Here's the URL to click on:
Fascinating info re popn estimates -- we even decreased in 2007!:
2005 - 43,967 (1.43%);
               2006 - 44,272 (0.69%);
                              2007 - 44,097 (-0.40%);
                                             2008 - 44,452 (0.81%);
                                                              2009 - 44,452 (0.00%)
        Again you can only see it in the Finance Dept at the M Hall (for those without computers, that is), and unfortunately I cannot copy and paste parts for you here b/c they've put it up in a way that it cannot be done.  Will ask on Friday if they will put it up in a way to allow C&P.  The agendas are put up so they can be C&Pd wch is why I can put them in the newsletter.  There may not be a procedure at the Hall so I'll check -- maybe they can address this, let's hope so.
As you know, I've always said Ccl is underpaid and I still hold that view.  Including expenses, for 2009 it was $236,512.53.
That's for all our seven politicians put together -- and it's only a bit more than what one mbr of staff is paid.
For the amount of time taken by mbrs of Ccl and the expertise and responsibilities/obligations expected, they definitely ought to be paid more than little over $20K -- a travesty and grossly unfair -- and the mayor's position ought to have a salary of more than $70K, especially when you consider the staff equivalent gets paid three times more!
The seven answer to us; the ~600 staff through the CAO answer to Ccl.
We vote for Ccl to carry out our wishes and their promises (check them off as the term progresses).
The CAO is to make sure staff carry out Ccl's wishes (and provides Ccl with advice/expertise/experience).
The Report has some charts showing organization, helpful.
The info has remuneration for all employees over $75K (it used to be $50K but list too long so upped it; it still runs several pages and includes the Fire Dept but not the Police).
In 2008 about 30 staff made over $100K,
in 2009 it was more than double, about 65
        -- wanna make bets on the numbers for 2010???
The highest was $209K.
The total remuneration (Ccl, Fire, Police) is ~$57M.
 ...and they won't even put your letters back on the agenda..... :-(
anyway, I've been told this will be resolved on Friday, so stay tuned. hoping :-) :-)
Now, you have till July 19 to digest the financial information for the District -- get busy, read the report, and come ask questions and make comments on how this Council managed the District's affairs in 2009.  You might even make positive constructive suggestions for this year.
On receipt of this financial information,
there's no doubt in my mind, the numbercrunchers, beancounters, MBAs, etc, and of course the Marley Group, will be going over this and enlightening us on where to expand, where to cut back, how to become more efficient, where to get revenue, etc.
Residents will no doubt be thinking about 'value for services'.
If you want more services, what do you want to budget for and how much more to pay whether taxes or user fees?
If you want fewer services, is it cutting a service or lowering number of participants?  or number of times offered? or keeping by increasing charges?
It's time for a roundtable or townhall mtg with the depts broken down into divisions and costs plus recovery and revenue.
Some depts do generate revenue and efficiency varies between depts.
Some depts are essential and most have 'luxury' items.

===  CALENDAR to July 23rd  ===
All mtgs are at M Hall unless indicated otherwise.  NOTE: shown are mtgs known at this date; often there are additions, changes, cancellations after WVM goes out.  Notices/mtgs/changes too late for the last WVM are sent to subscribers as updates.  Check the DWV Calendar: http://www.westvancouver.ca/Calendar.aspx
Dundarave (Saturdays) and Ambleside (Sundays) Farmers' Markets are back!
== Sat July 10 ~ 6am to 4pm ~ Horseshoe Bay to Deep Cove
21st Knee Knackering North Shore Trail Run -- This challenging 30-mile foot race along the Baden-Powell Centennial Trail from Horseshoe Bay to Deep Cove provides runners with magnificent city, mountain, and ocean views.  Info: www.kneeknacker.com
== Wed July 14  ~ 7pm ~ Library Board mtg at Library
== Thurs July 15
               ~ 6pm ~ NSh Family Court / Youth Justice Cmte mtg at DNV M Hall
               ~ 7pm ~ Parks Master Plan WG (but no place given and no webpage yet)
== Fri July 16
               ~ 8:30am ~ Cmnty Grants Cmte mtg, Cedar Rm in Cmnty Ctr
== Wed July 21 at 7pm
               Bd of Variance in Ccl Chamber (but Library Bd mtg CANCELLED, see July 14)
-- Thurs July 22
               ~ 4:30pm ~ Design Review Cmte

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The Library is closed Sundays in July and August.
        Mon - Thurs 10am - 9pm; Fri - 10am - 6pm; Saturday - 10am - 5pm
MUSIC at the Library
Thursday, July 8, 1:30 - 2:30pm  ~~  Instrument Petting Zoo (Grades 2 - 6)
Oompah! Toot! Zing! Blow a horn, test a tuba, and bow a violin.  Discover how different instruments make the sounds they do and try them out for yourself.  Presented by Long & McQuade Ltd.
+++  WV MUSEUM  +++  Visit:  http://www.westvanmuseum.blogspot.com/
***  MASTER OF THE INSTANT   ~~ to August 28
Cartier-Bresson Photographs from the National Gallery of Canada & Lionel Thomas - Abstractions 1949 - 1990
 +++  FERRY BUILDING GALLERY  +++  http://ferrybuildinggallery.com/  925 7290
Interpreting the Landscape ~~ June 22 - July 11
Artists: Sharalee Regehr, Victor Vipond, Gigi Hoeller, Warren Goodman
North Shore Artists' Guild "paints" ~~ July 11 to 25 -- Mixed Media Exhibition
Opening Reception: Tues July 13 from 6 to 8pm; Artists in Attendance: Sat July 17 at 2pm
+++ SILK PURSE +++  www.silkpurse.ca  925 7292
July 13 - 25  --  "Up Up and Away"
Over 14 professional Lower Mainland artists generate dozens of new works related to astronomy and the space theme. Various media will include acrylic, oils, pastels, watercolour, graphite, and/or textiles, exploring the territory where science and art overlap -- depicting scenes which are at present beyond the range of human eyes, they communicate a binding dream of adventure and exploration!
Opening Reception: TUESDAY July 13th from 6 - 8pm
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+++  RECONNECTING WITH NATURE  +++  David Cook 924 0147
>  Sunday July 11th
        Bald Eagle Nests of the North Shore: A car tour.
10am ~ Meet at entrance to Safeway, Parkgate Village Shopping Centre at the corner of Mt. Seymour Parkway and Seymour Road in North Vancouver for car pooling.
Duration of tour: about five hours.
Have you ever wondered how many bald eagles nests there are on the North Shore or ever been interested to learn more about their biology and behaviour? Come on a car tour across the North Shore to see as many active bald eagle nest sites as time will allow.  At this time of year, the bald eagle chicks will be near to fully grown and getting ready for their first flight, so we hope to see some interesting behaviour. Some nest sites must be accessed by short hikes along trails, while others are visible from roads.
Registration is not required.
Closer to the date, I will know which nests are active and the route we will take.
For information on the Bald Eagles of the North Shore see my article in Discovery for Spring 2008 (Volume 37: No. 1) and the North Shore News Friday July 2nd., 2010.
Sunday July 18
        Geology and forest ecology of Lighthouse & Caulfeild Parks.
10am ~ Meet at the parking lot of Lighthouse Park.
Duration: About four hours; Terrain: Low, hilly; Elevation Gain: Insignificant.
We will first walk some of the trails of Lighthouse Park to view highlights of this old growth forest fragment. Then we will walk or drive to Caulfeild Park where the glacially smoothed rocks of the coastal bluffs clearly illustrate how 400 million-year-old metamorphic rocks underwent granitization. Geologists consider this site of great value in illustrating some of the processes that took place during the formation of granitic rocks. This value has now been recognized by the recent designation of the Park as a Heritage Place.
We will also have an opportunity to study and compare what remains of Coastal Bluff ecology in both parks

+ BARD ON THE BEACH ~~ Tel 739 0559 ~~ www.bardonthebeach.org
- Much Ado About Nothing -- fun with a touch of flamenco in Dean Paul Gibson's production.  John Murphy's timing is so good and funny (reminds me a bit of John Cleese), and Jennifer Lines is suitably adamant against marriage as well.
Antony and Cleopatra is an absolute tour de force!  Gripping.  Jennifer Lines is brilliant (see Maiku), Andrew Wheeler tortured by choices, Simon Bradbury dramatic (after clowning in Ado).  Clean, clear direction by Scott Bellis.
- FALSTAFF (Henry IV, Parts I and II) previews July 1, Opening Night Wed July 7
Preview tickets still available only $23.50! 
He's a rogue, but you can't help but love him! He's Shakespeare's most endearing and brilliant comedic scoundrel -- FALSTAFF.
Bard's exciting new adaptation, which distils the essential Falstaff story from Shakespeare's Henry IV, Parts I&II, begins July 1st at Bard on the Beach in the Studio Stage tent, and promises to be a run away hit.
Errol Durbach summarizes the adaptation as follows:
"I have extracted a play from the mass of material in the two parts of Shakespeare's Henry IV and shaped it thematically into a central focus: the tug-of-war between two fathers (the King and Falstaff - the ruler and the anarchist) for the allegiance of the Prince of Wales."
        Directed by Glynis Leyshon * Dean Paul Gibson as Falstaff
Into an England ripped apart by civil war strides the gigantic figure of Sir John Falstaff, Shakespeare's most endearing and brilliantly comedic rogue. In this exciting new adaptation of Henry IV, Parts I & II by Errol Durbach, we follow Sir John as he leads the young Prince Hal in a series of wild adventures. As Hal's father, Henry IV, fights a deadly battle to retain control of the English throne, the King and Falstaff engage in an unforgettable struggle for the heart and mind of the future Henry V. Friendship or honour, pleasure or duty, loyalty or betrayal - which path will Hal choose?
- Exploring the Plays: Lecture Series
Sat July 17 at 10:30am - Much Ado About Nothing.  Join Dr. Budra as he shares his insights into each of this season's plays. These lectures are scheduled so you can opt to attend the corresponding play that afternoon at 3pm. Lectures are held on site in the Bard performance tents,. Tix: $10 .each
+  Deep Cove Shaw Theatre  929 3200
        A Chorus of Disapproval by Alan Ayckbourn, June 25 - July 10
+ Arts Club (tel 687 1644)
    - Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story at the Stanley Stage to July 11th
    - The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee by William Finn, Granville Island Stage to July 31
+ Jericho Arts Centre
Alas, the world premiere of Tony Harrison's modern adaptation of Moliere's Le Misanthrope is now over and regret we didn't see it sooner to recommend this hidden gem in Vancouver's theatre crown.  It well acted and the brilliance of the language was captivating.  The play was first performed in 1666; this version takes place in Washington DC during the GWB era.  As you know the play is written in poetry (as done in Shakespeare's era) and Harrison's play uses American English and expressions along with rhymes (but with good acting the rhyming does not intrude or distract).  The manipulation of language is simply ingenious.  Had we not seen it on the last night I'd have gone again.  The rhymes were unexpected and apt so while you are carried along with the premise of the play (being completely honest doesn't work in society; there are some sage observations), I cdn't help marvelling at the clever insinuation of sounds that made you realize it was actually a play written in poetry.
In fact, one line was v funny b/c the word that rhymed was not said  -- referring to a woman who was rich, and she was a total ____.
-- Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare, directed by Tariq Leslie, July 2 - 24
Wednesday through Sundays, at 8 pm; Tickets $15 - $20
Previews June 30 & July 1 Pay-What-You-Will; Wednesdays Pay-What-You-Will
Matinee Tuesday July 6th at 2pm  For reservations call 604 224 8007, ext 3 (or see website)
+  Dr Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden - 662 3207
        China Tea Deal presented by Seven Tyrants Theatre, 7:30pm June 19 - Aug 29
+  Metro Theatre  tel 266 7191
Twentieth Century, adapted by Ken Ludwig, June 19 to July 17.
+  Theatre Under the Stars (TUTS)
Previews July 9 - 12; opens July 13, to Aug 20.  Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat and Singin' in the Rain; ph 734-1917
+ Vancouver Art Gallery -- JUNE 5 - SEPTEMBER 6
THE MODERN WOMAN: Drawings by DEGAS, RENOIR, TOULOUSE-LAUTREC, and other masterpieces from the Musee d'Orsay.  Tel 662 4700; visit http://www.vanartgallery.bc.ca/
+  Exhibition at SFU Harbour Ctr, to Oct 29
Muslims Helping Jews, a photography collection by Norman Gershman, documenting Muslims who saved Jews from Nazis during WW2
===  SP CCL MTG NOTES June 28th ===
6pm in MHall Main Floor Conference Room; 7pm ccl mtg in chamber
Note:  At 6pm the reg Cci Mtg will commence in open session and will be immediately followed by a motion to exclude the public in order to hold a closed session, pursuant to section 90 of the Cmnty Charter.
6:00 PM
RECOMMENDED: THAT in the public interest, members of the public be excluded from part of the June 28, regular Council Meeting on the basis of matters to be considered under the following section of the Community Charter:
90. (1) A part of a council meeting may be closed to the public if the subject matter being considered relates to or is one or more of the following:
(d)  the security of the property of the municipality;
(i) the receipt of advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose;
(k) negotiations and related discussions respecting the proposed provision of a municipal service that are at their preliminary stages and that, in the view of the council, could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality if they were held in public.
3. Council will then proceed with the closed session.
Note: At 7pm the PH will commence in the Chamber. The Cci Mtg will commence immediately following.
7:00 PM
Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4643, 2010 (File:  1610-20-4643)
The Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits will describe the proposed Bylaw amendments.
Applicant: The District of West Vancouver
Subject Lands: The proposed Official Community Plan (OCP) Bylaw amendments apply to all lands in the municipality of West Vancouver.
Purpose: The proposed Official Community Plan (OCP) Bylaw amendments will:
incorporate key policy directions of the Community Dialogue on Neighbourhood Character and Housing, which was undertaken in 2007-2008 in accordance with OCP Policy H 1; and establish the policy framework to "allow for the examination of new housing prototypes in Existing Neighbourhoods through a DWV-led housing pilot program."
Proposed OCP Bylaw Amendments: A new subsection titled "The Community Dialogue on Neighbourhood Character and Housing" would be added. This subsection would make current the OCP's 2004 direction to undertake a dialogue on housing, and discuss the key findings of the Community Dialogue.
A new Policy H 4.1 would be added to provide policy for the District's Housing Pilot Program. As envisioned by the Community Dialogue on Neighbourhood Character and Housing Working Group, in its report of September 2008, pilot projects:
"would allow for new housing prototypes consistent with the community's desire for improved housing choice, for housing that is sympathetic to a site's natural features and minimizes site alteration, and for housing designed to fit with established neighbourhood character;
would involve the selection of project(s) by Council following a formal open selection process;
would include a formal evaluation of projects upon completion of construction to understand the effectiveness of a project in meeting community objectives and to inform the development of policies, regulations and processes related to housing and neighbourhood character;
may include projects which require a rezoning, development permit, and/or variance permit, in which case the approval process provided for in the Local Government Act shall apply and no amendment of this OCP shall be required; and
provide opportunities for public involvement including, but not limited to, access to project information, site tours upon completion, and participation in the evaluation process."
1) Reports received up to June 24:
        OCP Amendment for Housing Pilot Program --  May 27, 2010
2) Written submissions received up to June 24: None received to date.
On June 7 Council set the date for the PH and statutory notice was published on June 23 and 24. The MClerk will note written submissions received for the June 28 PH.
Mayor: Mr Sokol or Mr Mikicich?
Stephen Mikicich (Planning Staff): add'n of new section, Cmnty Dialogue.
Identify the intent and provide a policy framework; pilot projs chosen by Ccl
{Mayor described PH procedure; MClk referred to submissions}
{FYI, I'll put *** before each person speaking who was on the Housing WG; the rest are residents who've come to the mtg, having read the 'small' ad on p 15 of the NSN as one speaker said. BTW, previously if a cmte had made a report and recommendations to Ccl, no mbr was supposed to speak to the item/issue.  It was felt they had had their say (and unlikely to disagree).  Maybe this Ccl is not aware of that convention.}
***  Maggie Pappas: nonstrata semidetached at Sahalee -- so few like Sahalee and hope to move closer in into a carriage house
permits us to add info; allows us to build, and to review; does
this is a careful cmnty; we have an excellent executive and staff, and one wd argue, the most effective mayor and ccl ever elected
{gulp -- anyone blushing?}
our residents are well-educated but they're not getting any younger
{is anyone?}
and they're looking for downsized, diverse housing
seniors forced out of their cmnty b/c they can't afford it
all understand we can't control the market but can innovate our existing land tax base to allow for alternative accommodation so those who have always lived here can continue to do so without facing economic distress
support for dialogue strong; all want to know what change looks like
broadening housing base with lengthy public discussion
passing this is just allowing us to continue to talk, learn, and see; decisions are for later
also understand all talking, learning, etc so far has been a waste of your time, our time, and our money
if we don't want to throw the baby out with the bathwater, get on with it so we can proceed legally and correctly
> R James: sad day that I have to be here
looks like the precedent has already been set; three addresses in WV have had sep houses built on them
economics of two houses or alternate houses is a delusion
land alone is $1.2M, by the time you build two, tear down one, that's not cheap housing
I moved from a v busy cmnty to WV so I wd be left alone, quietly, enjoy aspects of a huge garden I have: I don't want to be involved. If multi-zoning were effective and cheap it wd be a diff matter, but this real estate with the Asian invasion is v expensive, there is no cheap property.
it's not a situation where you're going to be able to buy it cheaply.
same price as a sgl-fam dwelling
what irritates me is the fact that there are three or more locations where there are two houses on one lot.
one on Inglewood built recently
what goes on?  Why are we here? You've already set a precedent
what you're doing now is trying to legalize it
we got 700 units going in above the UL Hwy, so why take an area peaceful and quiet and make that multihousing, you think it's going to stop with just two houses on a lot?  Not so.
The land is too valuable, you'll have to get four or five units to make it economically viable.
Or, you can sell those two houses, gotta be damn near the price you pay for a standard house now.
*** Jacquie Gijssen: former chair of the Housing Pilot Prog and prev Cmnty Dialogue
been working for a few years, this is an imp administrative piece of work; updates work to date
the housing pilot projs and the Cmnty Dialogue have been underway for three years.
we hv bn working under your direction for three years to address issues raised in the OCP
bit concerned not earlier, introduced
out of context leads one to wonder what it's about; creates confusion all around; causes anxiety for citizens where not really needed; or confusion as to what's really being spoken about here.
what projs are being talked about here, and it's not about any specific proj and that's so imp for the cmnty to understand
we want to ensure no confusion
a critical step, an administrative function to ensure pilot projs can go forward now and in future
hundreds consulted through nbrhd fairs, workshops, public forums, etc, Synovate Survey, four newsletters over three-year period
want to enable the preservation of nbrhd character, and the diversification of housing options
{isn't that somewhat contradictory?}
81% of your citizens support pilot projs, with new housing forms

{ah, that impressive 81%.  We'll hear that again and again.
Yes, but the question that was missing was do you want housing options/density/pilots "IN YOUR nbrhd".
Theoretically and ideally we can all say choice is desirable.
It did not ask the question of WHERE.
There's the rub.
Easy to say yes if not affected.  That's why the fear now.
I'm happy where I am, folks, but you can put those pilot projects elsewhere, that'll be fine.
Once spectre of their being close, then the fear and confusion.
IMO needs nbrhd acceptance FIRST, not cmnty acceptance of the idea and then plunked in a quiet nbrhd to their surprise.
(I make that point later.)}

we have reported out to you. WGs, eight times, and asked to move forward
this is the outcome; the work has won awards and kudos
working with cmnty, listening to concerns, a made-in-WV soln
the amendment does not do anything beyond create a policy framework for pilot projects
all of wch still have to come before Ccl for their various devt approvals
public has opp to engage
safeguards are in place so pilot projs evaluated, understand what goals trying to achieve
we look to our elected officials to lead for the greater good of the cmnty, not just for the singular interests, but we must also create opps where the public has a chance to express those interests and those concerns, and I understand that there are some ppl who think this is specific to a project they're concerned about.  It is not.  But we must make sure they have the opp to be engaged in that proj they're concerned about.  You have a role to play here.  The OCP named housing the most imp issue, the dialogue and housing work on your direction worked out a series of recommendations to address that.
Now you need to undertake some work and approve this amendment
it is within your strategic plan, your BSC, you goals for sustainable cmnties, and we have give you 81% public support.  Don't think there's anything else we cd have done.
hope the confusion is dispersed and a sense of the opp this is moving forward
administrative task and imp take that action after work over three years, and move forward.
R James walks out: a set up!
> Norah Coates: three of us here tonight from Tudor Gardens, not sure of what it means; will it affect Wetmore Motors?
tiny almost miniature notice in the newspaper
Mayor: no, ask Mr Sokol re timeline for
Sokol: sometime in the next month, fall public outreach and consultation, bylaw OCP amendments
Mayor: make sure you know; off the topic; know you weren't sure
N Coates: hope notified; all affected
> Ron Fossil: arrived here 1962, leafy, hope [remains]
said not a specific project but I see what's proposed for a lot next to me
greenery wd disappear, gardens diminished, not the kind of cmnty we hv enjoyed so much
prev spkr said 81% approved proposal for lane houses, second houses, don't know where that came from or canvassed
for that 2614 Ottawa, the range is from vehemently against to moderately against
not making anyone happy character if area wd change
in block a lot of $ gone into upgrading replacing old with new houses;
the other fear is spot-zoning -- where are you safe so can live in a nbrhd so no anxiety?
there is a lot... can have a nbr on each side or on both sides, or... lost your privacy
realize a lot of support for us old ppl want to get down and live in smaller houses?
look around our nbrhd, most have gone, and we are enjoying the extra room!
when we depart hope in a box
> Gordon Ward Hall: ADRA Prez  [text supplied]
Council has already revised the OCP to include a Pilot Program for "alternative housing forms" in single-family neighbourhoods.
The further Housing Policy Program Policy H4.1 is not needed nor should it be introduced until Council has determined the parameters for "Infill Housing" for West Vancouver's different neighbourhoods in consultation with residents.
At present there is considerable controversy on the Lane Housing being introduced in Vancouver with questions as to invasion of privacy of adjacent properties;  security;  need for lighting in lanes;  etc.
It is precipitous to introduce further Pilot Program policies to the OCP before setting the parameters for the number and kind of infill housing allowed in each of the many neighbourhoods and clarifying matters such as division and ownership of property, municipal tax on the infill housing, etc.
ADRA urges Council to postpone introducing further OCP amendments on the Pilot Program until they have conferred with West Vancouver residents and set the conditions and parameters for Infill Housing in single-family neighbourhoods throughout West Vancouver.  The essential single-family character of  these neighbourhoods is too important and fragile.
Gordon Ward Hall,  President of ADRA
                1449 Fulton Ave., 2010 June 27th.
***  Bev Pitman: have a doctorate in urban and regional planning
for last three years, mbr of Cmnty Dialogue/Housing Character WG...
exceptional group of ppl, impressed with Ccl's intention to carry through
residents concerned about housing choices, ... size and scale, ... how new devts affect nbrhds from blasting....
2004 OCP called for a cmnty dialogue [listed some measures]
81% of 800 sampled concerned about future housing affordability
81% wanted to see a housing pilot prog and 68% concerned the character of their nbrhd was changing.
Today a housing pilot prog is underway and needs to be put into a policy framework and needs to continue
next step BSC
wish to age in place iwith chn and grandchn close by in possible in housing they can afford, I urge Ccl to adopt this to allow this imp work to continue.
> Nancy Beattie: over 40 years here
when you left the mtg May 31st re 2000 block Esq, left the impression this wd not come up till this fall
Tonight pretty obvious from make up of audience here, ppl want; have been informed
tonight's the night
those who've written about Esq, none of their material is included
moving forward with 80% -- that is not so
ppl of WV vote, v few, but they vote; each time they vote, last seven elections, they've voted against infill housing and voted out of ofc ppl who support infill housing
        {hm; pls name one}
distinctly different to say but when I heard what these speakers said, we've been set up
we cd have 300 ppl onside, like we had for the Transition Zone
all this talk!
how having this mtg tonight, in the summer, as the person from Tudor Manor mentioned, only notification, NSN, hard to read tiny font p 15 [holds up newspaper], that's the size, no indication how important, or you have to be tuned in online and check every Friday to see first holiday weekend is now, schools empty, then we'll hold it in the summer
highly objectionable; if such a good idea, make yourselves available to consider it when ppl are home
since talked about since 2004, don't think have to make a decision tonight
the only letter you've included in your package was my letter to the the Senior Planner
listing 14, 15 housing options available within seven blocks of here
about the only option we don't have is a trailer park,
{whoops!  we do, and it's by LGB}
camp ground, and we do have them close, and some ppl chose them for family mbrs
we don't have lofts in warehouses, converted churches into condos
we have primarily sgl-fam dwellings and that is the preference of ppl who live here and the ppl who live in the tiniest lots in those sgl-fam dwellings such as myself
multifam; destroy someone else's nbrhd and call it choice
WV is NOT and entry-level housing market
demographics fuelled that we're all getting older irrelevant
80-year-olds, seniors, here are the most staunchly independent ppl in Canada
gentleman said he wants to stay here and take him out in a box; my mother stayed in my house and left at 94; that's ageing in place
implement in hasty way, only ppl informed the ppl who want it to go through
you are taking that option away from ppl, taking away small home
what you will build in its place, as Mr James, said, and he has worked for this M, something as big as my house but doesn't give a person dominion over the house b/c it will be strata, it will not be a sgl detached home.  For that you have to level a whole block and produce bungalows but you don't have any area in WV where you can do that, so--
Mayor: wrap up but can come back
Wd like to clarify on list of written submissions received, two from N Beattie, one from N Spooner, and one from C Short wch were all in the package, and all we've received so far.
I'm not going to debate this
NB: you only included those who knew about the mtg tonight
ppl who wrote about 2000 block not included b/c you haven't let ppl know
Mayor: As well, this is about the Housing Pilot Proj, re Esq 20th will come back in the fall
this is about change; broad change; a lot more cmnty consultation coming
***  Susan Andersen: also mbr of Cmnty Dialogue / Housing WG, won't repeat what Jacquie and Bev said
thx for the fireworks Canada Day celebration
>  Colyn Clay: 540 Southborough; in support; appreciate cmnty involvement
lived here for 40 years; wd not like to leave
quality of cmnty ctr best in Canada and xxx
wd like to move out of our home and move closer
this Ccl has done a wonderful job; all wd like to live closer and not use our car
no financial interest in any resid prop in WV
friends in our nbrhd all in 70s, + or - get closer to facilities
>  Tish Davis: on Ottawa, have submitted my letter
Mayor's letter NSN 2008; fundamentally about the ppl who live here
cmnty's changing xxx ... to effect that change
this amendment so Ccl has tools
>  Christine Cassidy: on Fulton; directly affected by infill housing
recog character changing; wd like to stay in nbrhd
recog and recog fact First Nations, considerable housing -- stay in nbrhd, by seawall, pitch and putt
Wetmore six-storey building, Rodgers Crk devt, 333 units Evelyn...
19th and Marine, 24th and Marine not selling well...
recently a flyer about a devt in NV; props 1200sf $1,295,000; second sizing, 1400sf and they're priced at $1,320,000; hardly affordable
affordable housing in WV is an oxymoron
duplexes going up and down stairs, seniors don't want to; expensive to put in and maintain elevators
other housing can be used to supply those needs
this is a sgl-fam nbrhd, multicultural Iran/China -- dense and love land space around them
my block, five chn go to PJ
pain in the posterior of trying to find a parking spot -- impossible most days of the week
M spent small fortune to calm traffic on 21st and now increase it?
... character and now you're going to change it
I feel sorry for the ppl who live far away in Sahalee; pay more living closer in, a fact of life
Globe and Mail article -- laneway palaces causing complaints; McMansions
we don't need to destroy a sgl-fam nbrhd when cannot prove necessary
> Mike Ameery: Keith; long-time resident and fitness owner
WV hope to my other family mbrs who live in Amb and Dund
other engagements, they cannot come here but I can name them; I support the amendment
concerned about social, environmental; more choice of housing for seniors and chn in WV
can see how many biz in Amb closing, families already moved from WV due to lack of alternative housing
strongly urge Ccl to support the OCP amendment; show leadership
> ? Mossadegh: resident for past 14 years; know a little about architecture and form of housing
changes, can't do anything; something has to be done
my kid has grown up; wd like her to stay with us, but she has to live separately
other countries, denser and more affordable, esp in Eng
friends; density has to change; if ev stays the same and nothing changes -- destroy the cmnty
diff for younger gen to sty in same area
wd like Ccl to vote for amendment for more sustainable and accommodating cmnty in WV
> ? Mirzeh: support OCP amendment to have a more sustainable cmnty
not exclude ourselves from the rest of the world; more affordable, younger popn
help our businesses to do better in Amb; present and future of WV
> Heather Johnston: St Georges; support the amendment to allow consideration of
beautiful lively cmnty
things continue, nothing static; not nec growing bigger
over the years have lost some diversity in housing stock
sustainable economically imp builds cmnty
work of the WG all fit into whole idea, this beautiful seaside cmnty

> CR: Carolanne Reynolds, Editor of West Van Matters
First of all, congratulations to Ccl for having the wisdom and courage to consider various housing types in order to address the call for diverse housing.  Appreciation to staff and the working group for the first attempts -- a learning process.
Whether or not an OCP amendment is needed is not clear, though obviously some steps are necessary to codify.
Please allow me to repeat a different approach I mentioned last year (however the previous process had just started), for your consideration.
It's a question of horse and cart.
Draw up a list of the types of housing that wd fit into WV.
This can be done by planning staff, architects, and so on, plus some from the WG discussions.
Number them, say one to five or to ten but not necessarily in priority order.
Drawings can help residents see the range and possibilities -- not fearing a monster structure next to them..
AND we cd have the price range of those things (the units) so that ppl are sure; that wd be helpful and they wd know that it IS affordable, b/c right now things that are over $1M, described as affordable, are misleading according to quite a few ppl.
Circulate the list to cmnty and nbrhd assns.
Then the local area residents themselves can let Ccl know wch types they'd consider [or wd like] IN THEIR AREA.
As several on Ccl have said -- at workshops ppl think have housing choices are great, but "OVER THERE", you know, not in my nbrhd [a version of NIMBY], we've heard several of you say that.  Yes, I like it, but not next to me.
So if you get the nbrhd to accept and be happy first, it makes the residents happy and removes obstacles and headaches for Ccl.
Ccl doesn't want to battle or to be seen to be at odds with residents.
Your two pilot projects -- the applicant has withdrawn one [Hycroft], and the other one [Ottawa], as you heard, nbrs are against.
So if we take this approach--
Oh, and one other thing,
In the meantime, I understand that there's a present case [meaning in the current bylaw], is that  there's a condition, there has to be some sort of division [required], and that allowing a road to fulfil that condition surely was not the intent of the OCP, b/c if you allow a road to be some sort of division between types of nbrhds, then of course EVERY place in WV is at risk of qualifying to have a separate devt there.  So I think it has to be clear to have this local consultation and approval first.
Also, about ppl needing a place to stay.
If you build them, they will come!
We can build them and they won't necessarily be filled by WV residents who want to live [stay] here.  They'll be filled by ppl from across Canada.  This is the best place in Canada to live.  We all know that.  That's why I suggested years ago that if we do this and we have these special houses and even if we have some multifam housing, that it be drawn up as a list that WV residents can sign up to reserve a unit, and put down their range of size and the amt they want to pay.
Then we wd be answering the needs of our WV residents.  We're not supplying affordable housing for everybody who wants to come to WV.

{What I'm trying to say here is that if it is not initiated and driven by residents and nbrhds, the result is more likely to be housing devts pushed by devprs and owners with $$s in their eyes and as motivation rather than something that fits in with the nbrhd and its character and that is welcomed and accepted by the residents nearby and in the area -- and meets the needs of WV residents. ie built FOR WV residents and 'guaranteed' will be for WV residents.  No doubt there wd be many many buyers for affordable housing in WV!  Watch the stampede -- realtors and devprs wd have to beat them off!}
Anyway, we all know that having some housing diversity is desirable, and Ccl wants to answer these public needs and requests.
So, let's get the ppl on board first, and then build and work together.
thank you very much.

*** Christine Banham: remind you what we worked on for two years
desire of cmnty, let's try it out; administrative step; some may not like what's been built but let's try
most WVites don't want to be told what to do and what cannot do; so let's try it out
keep that in mind; ppl want to live in their own cmnty; want ability to live in place; want to try out diff ways
not everybody has the good fortune to suffer a heart attack and be carried out to the WV cemetery; know it's not good fortune but I hear that's the best way to go
Instead a lot suffer degenerative diseases and want to stay near friends and family; accommodate that fellow nbrs; let's have a big heart; let's try it out
some won't like but for the 81% who said, let's try out pilot projs, give them a chance
pls consider that when debating this amendment.
> Eleanor Cordingly: wasn't going to speak
what's wrong with the way we have it now?
lots of new projs come into WV since I've lived here the last 25 years
zoned, dvprs come in and built two or three homes
adjusted, kind of fitted in
so why blanket the whole District with this -- what's wrong with the way we have it now?
a lot of opposition?
these coach houses -- I used to live on Ottawa, worst place to put it, a covenant on that house that changes
where are the millions of ppl?
not that someone can't come in and buy one
I go into Lighthouse Park all the time, someone just built one, sitting there not bothering anybody
keep it the way we have it now
if I want to collect six houses, shd just go the process
went to the Housing forum, excellent, freehold townhouse in a row, but I'm not going to be building it
don't think we shd blanket this whole M
keep it.
> Colleen Luthy: affected by the remaining proj on 2614, my lane at the end and I use it all the time
agreement of having the option, Planning Dept looking at applications
if older homeowner wants to be in a smaller -- those proposals can be brought to Planning
but if this allows it to be affected but the only remaining pilot proj is on the back lane, steep, no one is going to be able to walk to cmnty ctr so if for elder to walk to facilities, that's not
the other proposal has been withdrawn
all the work the cmte mbrs, wonderful; b/c of that ccl is being pressured into this
if approved just go ahead with that?
Mayor: today, putting framework in the OCP; those pilot proj, a whole lot of criteria; just a process; not any particular project tonight
> Jamie Wark: 2009 Fulton; no intention of speaking
both sides; 15 years; two chn at PJ
I am concerned about the idea that the only reason I knew of this mtg is that I'm directly affected
only reason I knew about this mtg
not confident you have approp representation tonight of those who have concerns
this is not representative of ppl, more of ppl who have known about this mtg, like myself the other attended two weeks ago concerning the triplex on Esq
that wd be my concern, why on June 28 put forward a vote
I am in favour of diversity of housing, not opposed
not feeling, not confidence in that
Mayor: if we were to adjourn the PH, can to any actual date; not deciding tonight; will see what Ccl decides.
anyone else? if you wish to speak again
Nancy Beattie: reiterate what my nbr Janie said; keep hearing 80% in a survey ...
are ppl ... no effort to reach them ... newspaper ad ???
ev who spoke part of the Dialogue
in seeking  ..... mtg with housing groups
create concern, only a smidgen tonight; had I not seen p 15 in NSN on Wed and I don't always get it -- called ppl tonight
no urgency
houses they want to see are the small houses we live in
hv never seen boarded up houses b/c devprs just waiting for Ccl to give blanket permission to explore alternative housing
don't have to adjourn
Mayor: adjourn wd not mean closed
further consultation on Esq this fall
anyone further to speak?
TP: opp to close? just get it on Ccl for debate?
{yes, so she made motion to close}
Mayor: anything further
TP: if we don't have this amendment, stop the process we have now?
Sokol: individ pilot projs cannot be approved and go further without this amendment
ML: not sure; I've seen this Ccl do variances, etc
are you saying alternates can't go in?
Sokol: doesn't make allowances for density
allowing for laneway house, sgl-fam house -- needs amendment to OCP
Sop: there hv bn before us, maybe not alt housing forms, but we've had two....... question for Mr Sokol
looking for a road to allow a different way to the way we've been doing it to date
what's Planning doing about that
Sokol: one of the things Planning is trying to do is to find ways to have pilot projs
so can evaluate; get some solid projs on the ground so that when cmnty looks at projs looking at same things
to not allow them or not
ML: I look at the proposed bylaw and it talks about min site alteration and fit with nbrhd character
the housing pilot proj, the WG, never defined Nbrhd Character
Don't know how Ccl can go through without knowing
Mayor: xxx
ML: when will it be done?
Sokol: nbrhd char is diff depending on wch nbrhd you're in
if Ccl wd like we cd spend the next several years, staff working what every [area's character]
nbrhd basis, part of the analysis is what is the character of that nbrhd; Ccl can decide if meets character of that nbrhd
hope help staff and Ccl define what character
ML: cannot do that without modifying the OCP?
gets us to the same point
Sop: we have had small houses on lots
in one case 4K [inaudible] two lots; another case three houses on two 50-ft and one 47-ft lot
we've seen this happen time and time again; required a devt process, zoning change
cart before the house scenario
just a simple concern; zoning hasn't been changed; we don't know kind of lots we're going to be looking at
the FAR in present zoning still allows for a small large house on a small lot
{yup, that's what he said}
and you see them all over the place since they've been built
seen side by side, enormous in their massing
if we'd allowed that in the devt zoning process, how in fact wd we look at it from the perspective of OCP for alternate housing
why an OCP needed when already have before us examples?
Mayor: question?
Sop: food for thought
Ev: need to get away from specifics and look at general direction
give ourselves--
Mayor: --question? b/c not able to debate it
Ev: then to address closing the PH
heard strongly both ppl in favour and opposed; but not sure extending the PH wd add to that discussion
can hear both sides; I've reached the stage move forward so we can debate specific rather than general
TP: did hear concerns, blanket throughout whole cmnty, heard in City of Vanc
is this diff from Vanc more background so we can address?
Sokol: what this amendment wd do wd be to allow pilot projects, Ccl can select; open selection process; not that anyone can come off the street to Planning
v public process; depending on type of project PH or at least public consultation and Ccl selection;
not blanket whole place; slow, assess and move from
Mayor: motion?
[CLOSED; carried unanimously]
not to be debated on this agenda; make sure advertised well
ANNOUNCEMENT: our annual report will be available June 30 and Ccl will consider it at our July 19th mtg
6.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES -- No items.
REPORTS [8:24]
7. Development Variance Permit Application No. 10-007 (3313 Marine Drive) (File:  1010-20-10-007)
On June 21 further consideration of this application was deferred to June 28 pending receipt of additional information.
Reports received up to June 24, 2010:
Development Variance Permit No. 10-007 (3313 Marine Drive)  May 26
Development Variance Permit No. 10-007 (3313 Marine Drive)  June 7
Development Variance Permit Application No. 10-007 (3313 Marine Drive)  June 23
Written Submissions received up to June 24:  None to date.
RECOMMENDED: THAT the DVP Application, attached to the staff report dated June 23, 2010, which provides for a new garage with rooftop deck, be approved.
Mayor: anyone wishing to speak?  No one? then motion, Cclr Evison -- oh he's gone! -- I have him to make the motion
Ev, walking back in: my apologies
8. Mid-Year Balanced Scorecard Update (File:  0280-06-03)
RECOMMENDED: THAT Council receive the Mid-Year BSC update as presented with the June 15 report from the Executive Management Team.
Mayor: is there a presentation?
BL, DepCAO: not a formal presentation; 56 strategic initiatives over 110 milestones embedded
can't really present this b/c not just executives but all mgmt
as briefly covered in the report; both cochairs in audience tonight; know they'd be checking up on me if not delivering the mid-year report as promised
BSC tracking going well; CAO driving us hard to stay on BSC
tried to arrange it so seen at a glance; you don't think ppl make the world go round, look at this
shortages in financial area, trying to get caught up; most areas tracking well
Mayor: as a result of our budget discussions, we are underfunding a little bit, admin support to WGs, and there's a note about this on p53
is there work that's being held up or are we managing to apportion support?
BL: admit my notetaking skills limited; some cmtes may suffer b/c of that
one of the items wanted, trying to get awards cmte before end of this month
hope tracking as best
Sop: commend staff on following this
diff; variables; look at what it's cost us; prepare for future, needed
on track with many of the milestones; well done to date
TP: worthwhile noting 1.4.9 carry out successful Olympics, well done; remarkable experience
second 4.2.3a, complete documentation of tangible capital assets, inventories, and ongoing  procedures
CAO: as you can see in the doc, where it shows green and yellow; wch accomplished
committed, will bring twice a year, again this fall, so clear to Ccl and cmnty
if not tracking will give you a headsup and explain, perhaps Oct

{In PQP I bring up funding for WGs plus lack of notes reporting on the Climate Action WG, next item on agenda; and the dilemma of not being able to follow this b/c no doc and no slides so we have no idea what they're seeing.}

9. Community Climate Action Plan Report Card - Mid Year 2010
(File:  2150-01-01)
1.   Council accept this report and attached "Climate Action Report Card" dated June 10, 2010 for information.
2.   Council instruct staff to report back at the end of 2010 with a second Climate Action Report Card.
Steve Jenkins:  ...  measure, manage, and report
thx to Ccl, WG, residents; work in last six months
want to circulate; report card at a macro scale
report back in Dec; helping shape workplan, have to come back ev six months and answer to you guys; thank staff
Sop: want to be enlightened
you say we'll meet re carbon submissions -- have you an instrument to measure, around a house?
SJ: a gallon of gasoline or kilowatt of electricity, specific to each
our footprint and actual; measurement
Mayor: xxx
Sop: don't know any other way? what about in air?
SJ: global challenge, absorbed in atmosphere
my grandsons will be seniors in 2050 -- they'll have to pay X% or xxx
        yet charter says not binding
SJ: one that wd be debated if we ever got to that
what's encouraging is ppl are taking this on; not forceful
Mayor: we're moving into a carbon constrained world
Ev: how did you grade Bs and C+s, perhaps if someone else had been grading, not As?
MS: go back to first slide?
who came up with toward "fossil-free freedom"?
SJ: that's WG's saying
Mayor: and Ccl approved it
MS: we're saying goodbye to oil industry, plastics, etc.
going back to caves?
Mayor: wd hv bn really good when discussing the doc
MS: must have been asleep
TP: places in Sweden doing that
transparent, shows what we've done and where we want to go; is there a timeline?
SJ: inventory/emissions work this year; submitting reports each month; by end of year another inventory completed
10. Extension of Development Permits for Lots 1, 2, 5, and 7 of the Evelyn (Millennium) Drive Project (File:  1010-20-07-055/07-056/07-057/07-058)
        {Sop left as in past: b/c of possibility son wd be selling units}
THAT the request for a two-year extension of approved Development Permit Nos. 07-055 (for proposed Lot 1), 07-056 (for proposed Lot 2), 07-057 (for proposed Lot 5) and 07-058 (for proposed Lot 7) of the Phase 1 lots of the Evelyn Drive redevelopment project be approved.
GBoyle: subdivision aspects
9th Rd issue; took 17 mos to resolve that issue; plsd we're at signing stage
Mayor: Mr Jasper
Jasper: a bit of history and update, five to seven minutes; general mgr of Millennium Devts
Mayor: fine
Jasper: acquired in 2004; quick history
two-yr history; two recused themselves; supermajority of four so OCP defeated
then Planning Cmte chaired by Ray Spaxman
July 2007 ...  2008
discovered District did not own 9th St
prov insisted on consultation, process took great deal of work by Millennium and Planning
16mos but I'll go by Geri's 17
just concluded some of the most complex land ngegs I've ever been involved in
these extensions will not affect the cmnty amenity at all
all contributions paid for; public work and X ... xxx
not able to confirm creation of new lots that wd have allowed us presales of Phase One
Able to sell this year, sales ctr opened Ev and TWay and going well
unfortunately crisis, lending ... have to exceed by 20%...
achieve presales benchmarks
Ev Dr has been a long ... tenacity and integrity
honoured its commitments for 40 years around the world
Millennium Water, recently donated to Vanc and VANOC for use by athletes; best athlete village ever
ack by Globe; Canada's most sust cmnty; NAm's most sust cmnty
the extensions will allow us to continue
Milkovich and Franko with Arthur Erickson proud he was where it began WV homes in WV
thank you for ... wonderful ...  Canada's most beautiful and livable cmnty
Ev: clarification -- extension on lots 1, 2, 5, and 7 -- wch is Phase one
what's with 3, 4, 6? phase two?
Jasper: Parcel 7 will probably run into Phase two; currently 1, 2, 5; 7 is apt bldg
Ev: ... originally?
Jasper: originally going to include 7, the apt, but decided to restrict to one apt bldg, parcel 5
Ev: wdn't make it conditional but if no devt for next 18 mos or so, cd we receive some assurance in clean and orderly manner
Jasper: your staff have anticipated that and registered on title
Geri: co-author...
MS made motions
11. Lane Paving 2900 Block Rosebery Avenue (Local Area Service Lane Paving Construction Bylaw No. 4635, 2010) (File:  1610-20-4635)
        Introduced and read a first, second, and third time.
12. Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005, Amendment Bylaw No. 4648, 2010 (Harmonized Sales Tax) (File:  1610-20-4648)
13.1. Development Application Status Report up to June 18, 2010 (File:  1010-01)
        Received for information.
13.2. Development Variance Permit Application No. 10-039 (925 Sentinel Drive) (File:  1010-20-10-039)
THAT the MClerk give notice that the DVP Applic to vary the Zoning Bylaw to allow construction of a new dwelling, will be considered on Monday, July 19, 2010.
13.3. Development Variance Permit Application No. 09-032 (1395 Haywood Ave) (File: 1010-20-09-032)
THAT the MClerk give notice that the DVP Applic to vary the Zoning Bylaw to allow construction of a new house and detached garage, will be considered on Monday, July 19, 2010.
14.  OTHER ITEMS  --  No items.
This is where a ccl mbr can introduce something from the Correspondence List wch Ccl is given and wch does not appear on the agenda or even on the ccl mtg page.
ML: attend last Thurs
cultural journey launch in Whistler; signs in shape of paddle; info booths, native woven hat
ctr itself spectacular -- displays, movies, joined by MLA Joan McIntyre
called as a witness to the event -- come and present you with gifts, unexpected
celebration of a renovation of Hollyburn House -- residents and ppl on waitlist
met some friends of Cclr Smith; Dr Art Hister talked
Sop: attended with Cclr Ev TransLink in DNV Hall; prop tax
did hear by others that this Mayors Cmte never has any say but listens to board
bit of a diff picture; reminded me of 30 years going to Arizona, seeing orange and then yellow clouds
four lanes ten miles long
thx to rapid transit; carbon footprint and emissions
Minister was there, said I had to go to a function, chose Cambie St, under six months but by car 47min
second, on your behalf with Acting Mayor Lewis, opp throw out ceremonial pitch Wed last
Mayor: get over?
Sop: yes -- and there's the baseball
{handed it to her}
Mayor: Wonderful.
MS: got a phone call from a citizen who shall remain nameless about our correspondence policy, and I looked at how it comes electronically to us via a v helpful link Ms Scholes sends us, and I was just thinking that it appears, it shdn't be that difficult to take that link and delete the names and addresses on that link so ppl wd hv some privacy,

{NB: Ccl has always received the letters as sent; the letters that were on the agendas until March had the names and addresses removed, and have had for some time.  That's not being debated.  The issue is putting the list of letters on the agenda so the public can see the topics.  Cclr Smith goes on to make that point.}

but then at least allow public when our agenda comes out electronically to go on and access that link and see the nature of correspondence to Ccl.  I can't see why we wdn't favour what seems to be a relatively simple fix
and allow that nameless resident to have some peace of mind knowing that Ccl Correspondence can be accessed by mbrs of the cmnty.
Mayor: that's our intent;
        {oh goodie!}
don't think we shd decide that now
        {why not???}
if you wd like to take that up with Ms Scholes and bring it back--
        {ooooh! that's an invitation let's hope Cclr Smith takes advantage of!}
Sop: we did, in fact a couple of weeks back, bring this forward, and I see that--
Mayor: --I thought our policy, I thought it works quite well, our whole intent is for ppl to be able to read the correspondence

{more good news, so let's just put it on the agenda where we've seen it for ages, at least list the letters!  We can read, let's put it where it belongs and is going to be discussed.
Some apparently keep missing this point but let's hope it's the Mayor's intent, at least now we know it exists an step forward from its complete removal in March.}

Sop: you know on the home page, says new Correspondence, when that goes away, have to investigate the linkage then
Mayor: okay
Sop: we know where to go but don't think the public does
        {BINGO!  got it, Bill -- tyvm}
Mayor: we'll pick up that thread for you, one more time
MS: I wd certainly appreciate that, Madam Mayor
and I saved you from getting a phone call possibly from that citizen
Mayor: oh, I doubt it; I doubt that v much
        {much mirth}
MetroBd mtg went on for over five hours, TransLink; followed the Thurs sessions
Minister Bond and her Dep Minister Peter Milburn, mtg with Ian Jarvis CEO, and Mayor Peter Fassbender, Mayors Ccl Chair
met in M&Ccls in region had a reasonable idea, same info to ev so can agree to the basics; how meet 2011; not much exchange
mayors let it rip; further pressure on prop taxes
serious commitment to Evergreen Line; secure the $400M they have and need another $400M, and think they'll be coming to the Ms for that; long-term plans supported, always going to boil down to the money
I asked CEO of TransLInk; he suggested get together but Mayors don't have much authority at the Mayors Ccl and they have the full authority of their ofc
v strange two different persons in those two mtgs
want to invite the whole cmnty to John Lawson Park; Canada Day; fair on Thurs; great day for WV, meant for ev
Sop: wd you consider with two other NSh mayors? wd you think about NSh-wide transp cmte some time ago no appetite for it
talk out some of these probs; Min was trying to say let's start engaging in conversation; don't like prop tax scenario.  I brought up car levy wch Cclr Smith wdn't like?
Mayor: all sorts of diff funding models
NShTransp Plan process will be led by TransLink with NSh mayors, begin this fall
CAO: correct
Mayor: we're trying to stay positive
public is concerned about investing any more; cd be at a base plan level until 2013
expect all sorts of public input and consternation over Evergreen LIne, the first thing
Sop: you mentioned the concert?
Mayor: I did; were you not listening?
Sop: I heard John Lawson...

CR:  Good evening again.  Just a couple of questions from what was said earlier.
With the Basic Score Card, um--
Mayor: Balanced Scorecard
CR: sorry, thank you very much, the Balanced Scorecard, there were no slides with that report so how-- are we going to see that on the Web? is that? b/c of course there was nothing up there, nobody walked us through it.
Mayor: wd you like my copy?
CR: that wd be v kind of you, thank you, but others wd probably want to see it.--
Another thing that was said--
Mayor: is this not on the website?
DepCAO: The BSC is.  We can post the midyear review, if you like
it is of course in the ccl package today, on the Web tomorrow if you like.
CR: on the Web tomorrow; tyvm
It's just I'm sure it's all marvellous but we cdn't follow it with nothing up there.
The other thing--
Someone was mentioning about supply of funds for the WG -- WGs I know great, innovation
So I wonder -- there are two things  about the WGs that I'm asking
First is, do you think then we cd have a report of how much each WG has cost so that we get some idea of what to budget?  I know they vary in cost, but maybe when we're reviewing WGs it wd be beneficial to know how much they cost.  I know with one of them, Strategic Planning, when at one point when they said $75K had been spent so far and I was aghast at that, I was told although those things were done and mentioned at the Strategic Plan WG, it wasn't from their WG budget, so it's coming from diff budgets.  Just a bit of information and clarity on that wd be appreciated.  They're all doing good work, I'm not commenting on that but it wd be handy when we're budgeting to know how much.
As you know when they started off, I suggested that each WG be given $5K as a base, and that they wd have to apply for anything more than that.  Some wd qualify and some wdn't, but at least we'd have some idea in budgeting.
The next thing is
        the Climate Action WG.  I just looked at their website while I was-- all praise, they've done a lot of good work.  The last notes that are up on the website are for Oct 29.  There are no notes for Nov 12, Nov 26, Jan 4, Feb 4, and Mar 4.  And I'm sure they've done an awful lot of great work.  In the meantime it wd be helpful to know about it.
Now, before I thank Cclrs Sop and Lewis, I can't possibly disappoint Cclr Smith, but I have to say that there are many ppl who ask me about the Public Correspondence.  I'm not the only one asking, and they've left it in my hands, many of them.
What you said in the June 7th mtg, Madam Mayor, seemed to imply that you didn't realize that we cdn't see them, b/c your words exactly were "just scroll down".
Well, I have to tell you if we go to the agenda and we scroll down, we see nothing.
If we go to the ccl mtg page, we see nothing about letters.  We see nothing about Correspondence.
Mayor: You can't, don't see the Correspondence?
CR: No!  and that's what-- I realized, when I saw, when I quoted you, what you were saying: just scroll down, I realized that you had no idea that it wasn't there.
Mayor: I'm going to ask Ms Scholes to comment on that.
MClk/SSch: The correspondence webpage was created a number of weeks ago and staff worked to get all the correspondence back to January 2010 of this year posted.

{Yes, when Ccl found out there was no longer Correspondence on the website, they asked it be put up.  I'd mentioned back to when stopped.  Staff then, as said above, worked on putting it all up, separated weekly.
That was a good start.}

Additionally, there's a link from the Agenda and Minutes page to that page

{{{Sorry, but no, there isn't at this date (July 4th)!
Bring up homepage, click on Government, then click on Agenda and Minutes.
This will get you to: http://www.westvancouver.ca/government/level2.aspx?id=3204
wch has:
Agendas and Minutes
Council welcomes community input and participation and encourages the public to attend Council meetings.
Regular Meeting of Council (Current Month)
Agendas for Monday Council meetings are posted on the Thursday prior the meeting.
Meeting Date    Meeting Type    Agenda          Minutes
July 5          Regular Meeting ? PDF | DOC

And if you click on the Agenda (PDF), you'll see there's NO word Coreespondence or letters, NO item Correspondence, and NO link to letters/correspondence.
Evidently what Ccl gets has Correspondence, perhaps in a separate part, but it's not there, and if you look at the agendas in June, same thing -- absolutely nothing about letters or correspondence.}}}

and we're currently exploring the possibility of implementing a link from the Ccl Calendar to the page as well.

{the Calendar? why the Calendar?  Who wd go to the Calendar looking for Correspondence???
The Correspondence has always been on the agenda as its own item and the last few years as a named item in the Consent Agenda section..  Cclrs select letters they want to discuss during the mtg.  Doesn't make any sense to put it on the Calendar!  what a bizarre thing to say/suggest.  Where'd that come from?}

And the link from the homepage will continue for some months as well.

{AGAIN, it's part of the ccl mtg and discussed during the ccl mtg -- why not put it back on the ccl mtg agenda?  why put it in other strange places that not only are not logical but also where no one cd reasonably be expected to look???????}

Mayor: all right; so let us take a look at that--
CR:  Well, I'd have to see that b/c I tested--
Mayor: I'd just like to say, I think our intent is very clear.
CR: that's what I realized--
Mayor: --and so we will pursue and deliver on that.
CR: right; I realized you didn't know when I heard your comment, that it's not there.
Mayor: whatever I'm clicking works just great
CR: Right! but that's not we WE get.
Mayor: fair enough, all right
CR: when you said that, I realized you didn't know what we were talking about, and you thought we were making a fuss over nothing
Mayor: heaven
CR: and it wd be had it worked!  I hope that'll be working for next Monday.
So the last thing
     is to give my thanks to Cclr Sop and Cclr Lewis for attending the Info and Input mtg Thursday night at the Library.  I'm sorry Cclr Evison cdn't come, and the rest of you cdn't come either, but I'm very glad they came.
and we got an excellent presentation -- oh, he's not here! -- an excellent presentation by Director of Engg, Raymond Fung.  It was v good, v good questions, [and during the second part, freeflow info/questions, we were right in the middle in full swing] when the power went out in the Library and we were asked to leave, so we have to pick it up again.
thank you very much.
17.  ADJOURNMENT [9:22]

===  CCL MTG AGENDA July 5th ===
6pm in MHall Main Floor Conference Room; 7pm ccl mtg in chamber
Note:  At 6pm the reg Cci Mtg will commence in open session and will be immediately followed by a motion to exclude the public in order to hold a closed session, pursuant to section 90 of the Cmnty Charter.
6:00 PM
RECOMMENDED: THAT in the public interest, members of the public be excluded from part of the July 5 reg Ccl Mtg on the basis of matters to be considered under the following section of the Community Charter:
90. (1) A part of a ccl mtg may be closed to the public if the subject matter being considered relates to or is one or more of the following:
b.  personal information about an identifiable individual who is being considered for a municipal award or honour, or who has offered to provide a gift to the municipality on condition of anonymity;
c.   labour relations or other employee relations;
d.   the security of the property of the municipality;
g.   litigation or potential litigation affecting the municipality;
i.    the receipt of advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose;
(k) negotiations and related discussions respecting the proposed provision of a municipal service that are at their preliminary stages and that, in the view of the council, could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality if they were held in public.
3. Council will then proceed with the closed session.  At its conclusion, the ccl mtg follows.
7:00 PM
         RECOMMENDED be adopted as circulated: June 21, 2010 Regular Ccl Mtg; and June 28, 2010 PH.
7. Results of Community Consultation Process: Proposal to Permit Dogs On-Leash on the Seawalk (File:  2150-06)
1. the report dated June 29, 2010 titled "Results of Community Consultation Process: Proposal to Permit Dogs On-Leash on the Seawalk" be received for information; and
2. based on the results of the public consultation, no changes be made to the Animal Control Bylaw from 13th Street west to Dundarave Park;
3. Council direct Staff to bring forward an amendment to the Animal Control Bylaw to allow dogs to be on leash along designated routes through Ambleside Park set out in the report dated June 29, 2010 from the Senior Manager of Parks and as indicated in the map attached to the report as Appendix A;
4. that appropriate signage be erected to clearly identify the areas where dogs on-leash and off-leash are permitted in Ambleside Park and along the Seawalk and that an appropriate communication strategy be undertaken.
8. Addition of 2385 Haywood Avenue ("Young House") and 5616 Westport Place ("Sykes House") to the Community Heritage Register (File:  2585-03-04)
RECOMMENDED:  be added to the WV Community Heritage Register, pursuant to Section 954 of the LGA
9. Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4643, 2010 (Official Community Plan Amendment for Housing Pilot Program) (File:  1610-20-4643)
This bylaw received first reading at the June 7, 2010 regular Council Meeting and was the subject of a Public Hearing which closed on June 28, 2010.
        RECOMMENDED: be read a second and third time.
10. Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005, Amendment Bylaw No. 4650, 2010 for Secondary Suites Annual Fee (File:  1610-20-4650)
1. The report dated June 23, 2010 be received for information; and
2. "Fees and Charges Amendment Bylaw" be read a first, second and third time.
11. Local Area Service Lane Paving Construction (2900 Block Rosebery Avenue) Bylaw No. 4635, 2010 (File:  1610-20-4635)
This bylaw received three readings at the June 28, 2010 Special Council Meeting.
RECOMMENDED: be adopted.
12. Consent Agenda Items
        RECOMMENDED:  be approved:
12.1. Proposed Heritage Revitalization Agreement for 2055 Queens Av (File:  1010-20-10-011)
       RECOMMENDED: THAT the report from the Sr Cmnty Planner dated June 18 be received for info.
13.  OTHER ITEMS  --   No items.

o  A fawn, a cat, a deer, a dog:  http://www.youtube.com/user/fsubra
o  Encounter with a loving leopard seal (they're huge!): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zxa6P73Awcg
===  INFObits  === Housing Choices
Wealthy Chinese Put House-Hunting on Vancouver Vacation Itinerary
VSun, Monday Jun 28 p F1
...  Even without specific tours, Tom Gradecak, owner of Westside Tom Gradecak Realty, said about 80% of showings for his west-side Vancouver listings are to Chinese buyers, and the majority of sales are within that demographic.
"When [prices] are getting over $2.5M to $3M, then predominantly that's our market," Gradecak said.  "Over [$4M -$6M], they're almost the entire market."...
To date, Dan Scarrow [VP of Strategy for Macdonald Realty] said, the preference for Mainland Chinese immigrating to Canada have ranged to Coal Harbour condominiums to single-family homes in Vancouver's leafier enclaves of Shaughnessy, Dunbar, and Point Grey.

===  INFO/INPUT Mtg / Infrastructure Plans, Utility Fees  ===
Excellent presentation by Dir/Engg at Info/Input mtg held June 24 at the Library.
Infrastructure Management Plan
The need to replace infrastructure is a challenge facing all municipalities, and West Vancouver is no exception. By developing a long-term Infrastructure Management Plan, the District will be able to address future needs in an efficient, cost-effective manner.  As the planning process continues in 2010, public input will be sought. Regular updates will be posted online as they become available.
For further information on the Infrastructure Management Plan, please contact the Engineering & Transportation Division at 604.925.7039.Technical Reports  and  Infrastructure Information Panels, June 2010 (27.4 MB)
Also see: http://www.westvancouver.ca/Residents/Level2.aspx?id=26824
A WVM subscriber and attendee writes (with some editing):
The points Raymond made were the following:
   #1   Needs approximately $12 Million (constant 2009 dollars) per year for 100 years to meet estimated capital cost of replacement of all utilities (water, sewer, drainage).
   #2   Utility fund can accumulate a capital reserve in anticipation of future funding requirements (i.e., increase fees now to fund spending at some indefinite point in the future).
   #3   The District management can set up a separate capital reserve fund for holding these excess or surplus monies until they are needed.
   #4   The reserve funds can't be used for any other purpose.
Points one through three are non-controversial.  The District management with Council's concurrence can do all of these things.
Point four raised some questions.
The fact is that, as we have seen this year with the Endowment Fund and the Capital Facilities Fund (both capital reserve funds), a council can make a declaration without proof that all or part of the funds in a first capital reserve fund are surplus to the needs for which the first fund was established and it may then transfer those surplus funds to a second capital reserve fund to be used for the purpose of the second capital reserve fund.  The only stipulation is that the second capital reserve fund must reimburse the first capital reserve fund when the first capital reserve fund requires the monies.  This is permitted under the Community Charter.
[This was] characterized as "borrowing" from the one fund to pay out to another fund.  This is not [necessarily] the case.  The determination of when monies in a capital reserve fund are surplus to the fund's needs is entirely at the discretion of the council.  Likewise, determination of when and if the first capital reserve needs the monies taken from it originally is also a decision that is entirely at Council's discretion.  In other words, the utility fund can be used as a means of raising capital for building a museum or an art gallery or for paying for a fire engine, or Glock pistols or any other "capital purpose" or object.  Because the capital reserve funds for building a museum or gallery or buying a fire engine or Glock pistols, have no means of generating money to repay "borrowed" monies owing to a utility capital reserve fund, the "borrowing" is hypothetical.  The monies "borrowed" [may] never ever be repaid.
An attendee queried believing representations of "good intentions" made by management, mayor or council, concerning the use of monies in a capital reserve fund because they can be "borrowed" and never repaid.
One resident felt that the only assured method of funding the utility capital programme is to provide only that sum of money which the utility can utilize immediately for a specific and well-defined capital expenditure in the year in which the money is raised.  Specifically,
         i)   Do not raise more money than can be spent in a given year by the utility for a capital purpose.
        ii)   Do not establish a capital reserve fund for holding surplus funds of any utility.
        iii)  Never allow the surplus in any utility fund to rise above $1 - $2 million in any given year.
The utility capital renewal program can be undertaken in such a way that the replacement of capital assets is conducted with minimum cost and disruption if it is wel- planned and engineered.
The second point
raised was that in the case of the water utility, the initial replacement should focus on the cast iron water mains where the utility was experiencing the greatest frequency of water main breaks.  This would address the greatest risk first and help reduce non-revenue water loss and unscheduled maintenance actions both of which add to the operating cost of the utility which impacts the utility fee.  The thin-walled cast iron water mains, along with the galvanized steel water mains, are shown in the consultant's report to have the highest frequence of breaks, so [it was suggested that Engg] tackle those first.  The cost of replacing these sections is $71 million (2009 constant dollars) at an average cost per metre of line of $544, based on the data in the consultant's report.
The third point
made was that the chart which seems to have grabbed everyone's attention is simply an average of an average based on the consultant's estimated service life values of the utility assets, but this does not represent an optimum or engineered programme for replacement/renewal.
Furthermore, an attendee held that the use of constant 2009 dollars as the basis of the projections is misleading.  The construction dollar is inflating at a rate approximating 5% per annum, and may be higher in some years.  The best rate of interest on savings is 3% at the present time.  The net increase is 2 pct points per year in the cost of replacement, and it will likely be greater.  So we need to be aware that even if we build up a utility capital reserve fund and that fund is held sacrosanct (which it won't be), we can never get ahead of the cost of construction in this way, except in the early years.  But this is not the best way of tackling this challenge.
The fourth point
pertains to the process of determining water, sewer, and drainage rates.  The routine followed by this and previous councils is to jam the rate decision into the last and second-to-last council meetings of the year and provide very little in the way of time to examine the proposed rate increases before they are debated (if there is a debate, and there usually is no debate by council) and adopted.  It is suggested not rushing to a decision this year but allowing for the decision on the capital component of the rate to follow a longer public process to ensure buy-in.  This is necessary because the dollar amounts are such that the rates will more than double (i.e., the increase will be greater than 100% of the existing utility rates) if council decides to jump in and make a "Gordon Campbell" decision ("my mind is made up, don't confuse me the alternatives").
One of the councillors vehemently disagreed with the observations made.
[We are facing a costly situation and some serious decisions to make.]
So it is up to the public to hold both management and council to a high standard of performance before assenting to the required rate increases.  Now we both know that that can only come about if the public is informed and council is demonstrated to be failing its duty. {watch 'em, folks!}
[The writer came to these] propositions:
1.)   No accumulation of reserves beyond that needed to meet the capital renewal programme for the then current year;
2.)   No separate utility capital reserve fund;
3.)   The capital renewal programme must be planned and executed as planned;
4.)   The capital renewal programme must achieve the lowest cost to ratepayers commensurate with good engineering practice and reliable utility operations;
5.)   Borrowing for capital objects which are long-lived (except in-street utilities) should be the preferred means of funding capital renewal;
6.)   Short-lived capital asset (pumps, valves, hydrants, etc.) replacement should be funded within the existing $1 million annual capital renewal programme;
7.)   The capital renewal programme should seek the best available technology at the lowest practicable life-cycle cost to minimize rates and fees to ratepayers;
8.)   The programme should be presented to the public with sufficient time and resources allotted to allow the public to review, debate, and comment on it prior to the programme being formally presented to council for debate and adoption.
The present utility rates combined amount to approximately $500 per household per year excluding variable water use charges.  If the consultant's proposed $12 million average annual renewal revenue adder is adopted by council, the rates will jump to $1300 per household per year (excl. variable water charges).  This is an increase of 170%.  There are a couple of observations to note here:
a)   The baseline utility rates will continue to rise at 5% to 15% going forward to pay for GVWD and GVWS&D capital programmes and operating costs;
b)   The NS secondary-treatment facility will eventually be required to meet higher standards necessitating a further capital project to attain tertiary-treatment capability;
c)   Utility fees are not avoidable and cannot be deferred like property taxes -- this is especially of concern to residents on fixed incomes.
Thus, it is imperative that residents engage with management and council on this issue to ensure that the outcomes are tailored to our requirements, and not just left to councillors to decide according to their own lights.
Cheers!  [A Subscriber]

===  MONEYWATCH  === taxes, debt, pensions, education, etc
{IOW what happens when ppl vote for lower taxes so services, etc no longer funded}
Illinois Stops Paying Its Bills, but Can't Stop Digging Hole by MICHAEL POWELL  Published: July 2, 2010
        Illinois Comptroller Daniel W. Hynes. The state faces a deficit of at least $12 billion.
CHICAGO - Even by the standards of this deficit-ridden state, Illinois's comptroller, Daniel W. Hynes, faces an ugly balance sheet. Precisely how ugly becomes clear when he beckons you into his office to examine his daily briefing memo.
He picks the papers off his desk and points to a figure in red: $5.01 billion.
"This is what the state owes right now to schools, rehabilitation centers, child care, the state university - and it's getting worse every single day," he says in his downtown office....
Public colleges and universities occupy a fiscal sickbed all their own. This year they muddled through without $668 million expected from the state; the University of Illinois has yet to receive 45 percent of its state appropriation. Legislators made no pretense of promising to pay this bill soon. Instead they authorized colleges to borrow against the expected state payments....
The state's last elected governor, Rod R. Blagojevich, is on trial for racketeering and extortion. But in 2003, he persuaded the legislature to let him float $10 billion in 30-year bonds and use the proceeds for two years of pension payments.
That gamble backfired and wound up costing the state many billions of dollars. Illinois reports that it has $62.4 billion in unfunded pension liabilities, although many experts place that liability tens of billions of dollars higher.
Legislators this year raised the retirement age and slashed benefits. Though changes apply only to future employees, the legislature claimed immediate savings.
"Savings upfront and reforms down the road," said Mr. Hynes, the state comptroller. "It's just bad habits and bad practices."...
More broadly, Illinois is caught between blue state convictions about social safety nets and a red state aversion to taxes. For years, the Democratic-controlled legislature has passed budgets that are, in effect, in deficit. Lawmakers routinely skip around the state's balanced-budget law, with few consequences. (Republicans are near monolithic in voting against any tax increases and borrowings. When one broke ranks to try to keep the pension solvent, he was stripped of a committee position, reducing his pay and pension.)...
As comptroller, Mr. Hynes has trained his attention on the public and nonprofit agencies that rely on state money; he tends to roll his eyes at the notion that slashing alone is a solution.
"Only the most delusional people think you can solve this without raising taxes," he said.
The legislature has a different instinct: to borrow. In good times, that leads to unsightly imbalances. In bad times, it becomes catastrophic. This year, leaders gave the governor authority to move money around and left town to campaign. ...
For now, Illinois spends a minor fortune papering over its budget holes. Last year, the comptroller's office paid $55.3 million just in interest on two short-term borrowings to pay the state's bills.
The  whole article: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/07/03/business/economy/03illinois.html?pagewanted=1&_r=1&ref=general&src=me
===  NEWSWATCH  === a blueprint and demolitions
+  The National -  25 June 2010
Avigdor Lieberman, Israel's far-right foreign minister, set out this week what he called a "blueprint for a resolution to the conflict" with the Palestinians that demands most of the country's large Palestinian minority be stripped of citizenship and relocated outside Israel's future borders.
Mr Lieberman said that Israel faced growing diplomatic pressure for a full withdrawal to the Green Line, the pre-1967 border, and if such a partition were implemented, "the conflict will inevitably pass beyond those borders and into Israel".
{Rest: http://www.thenational.ae/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20100626/FOREIGN/706259818/1135/commentary }
Jerusalem City Council OKs demolition of 22 Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem
The OK, which threatens to renew friction between Israel and the U.S., clears the way for an archaeological park and shopping center. Palestinian Authority officials call the move 'unacceptable.'
by Edmund Sanders, Los Angeles Times  June 22, 2010
Reporting from Jerusalem - The Jerusalem City Council on Monday approved a divisive redevelopment plan to demolish 22 Palestinian homes in Arab-dominated East Jerusalem, potentially reigniting a debate over Israeli construction on land it seized in 1967....
Palestinian residents and activists, who protested the City Council meeting Monday, called the project the latest example of Israel's "fast-track Judaization" of East Jerusalem. They said the city brushed aside an alternative plan they had proposed that would have avoided house demolitions.
===  WEBWATCH  ===
Date: Tue 27 Apr 2010 10:45  Subject: [cpt] Hebron Reflection: "25 Insanities of the Israeli Occupation in Palestine.
25 Insanities of the Israeli Occupation in Palestine  26 April 2010 --  Paulette Schroeder
"That's insane!" I often insist as Palestinian friends meet one more restriction in their daily lives.  The following list I have compiled mentions some of the insanities I see enforced  regularly on our Palestinian friends in this land we call "holy".
1.  In Bethlehem workers arrive at the Gilo checkpoint to go to East Jerusalem a few hours ahead of time in order to get to their work on the other side of the checkpoint on time.
2.  A 15-yr-old neighbour boy from the Old City, Hebron, accused of throwing a stone, is now serving a sentence in prison and will carry that record for his life.
3.  On the first day of school twelve teachers from the boys' school in Hebron were detained for one hour on their way to school.
4.  Adam is an elderly blind Palestinian man who gropes his way through the turnstile and beeper checkpoint. When he finally gets through the beeping machine, he must search to find all of the belongings he is forced to take out of his pockets.
5.   After folding up his wheelchair, a disabled man struggles to navigate both himself and his wheelchair through the checkpoint turnstiles.
6.   The U.S. government allocates $11,000,000/DAY to Israel to support its oppressive system on the Palestinians and at the same time insists that Israel stop building illegal settlements.
7.   A 25-foot "security wall" stretches more than 200 miles around Palestine. It is topped with razor blade rolls of wire and reads "made in USA".
8.   A young Israeli soldier from Cleveland, Ohio, names the 300+ children killed in Gaza during Cast Lead "collateral damage".
9.   While using scissors to cut the rags off the razor blade wire in their front yard, a CPTer is checked by a soldier for carrying a weapon.
10.   Every Saturday eight to 12 Israeli soldiers lead a group of Israeli visitors through Hebron's Old City to see homes where Jews lived before 1929; yet Palestinians have never been allowed to revisit their homes in present Israel.
11.   Every day little Palestinian children have their bags searched at checkpoints for weapons as they travel to school.
12.   Israeli soldiers "advance Israeli security" by detaining numerous young Palestinian men at checkpoints for prolonged periods of time.
13.   A young Russian Israeli soldier has a chance to save a Palestinian boy and his father from going to jail.  He refuses to tattle on his colleagues who started the row between the soldiers and the two Palestinians.
14.   A new Israeli brigade often presses young Palestinian men against the wall, handling them roughly and searching them as a part of their practice drills.
15.   CPT's neighbour must enter her house, carrying groceries, first up a ladder, over the roof entrance, down into her home.  She is one of many Palestinians who are not able to use their front doors because  their front doors are facing a  now settler-only street.
16.   A Palestinian mother tells a group of soldiers that settlers are throwing stones at her house. The soldiers respond by arresting her thirteen-year-old daughter for interrogation.
17.   The sign on the military side of the huge checkpoint from Bethlehem to Jerusalem reads "Peace be with you".
18.   Inside the notorious Gilo checkpoint, where my friend recently queued with Palestinians for 1.5 hours, an Israeli poster reads "Feel the Glory".
19.   In an ancient Palestinian pastoral village located near a huge Jewish settlement since the 1980s, the Israeli military and settlers have now installed four different roadblocks and barriers across the Palestinian road to provide security for the settlers in the illegal settlement.
20. The sight of a settler holding a baby and sporting an M-16 on his side or back.
21 .The ideological settlers living in Hebron using religion and God to justify their acts  of violence toward our Palestinian neighbours.
22. The 25 ft. cement security WALL around much of Palestine replaces hundreds of thousand-yr-old olive trees.
23. Soldiers lead a blindfolded child playing with/throwing stones behind a military gate, putting a dog near him to breathe down his neck.
24. The Palestinians accused of stealing water for their crops from the nearby illegal settlements. The truth is that these illegal settlements were built as recently as 1980.
25. The Israeli military taking orders from the settlers.
PS: These insanities are driving this CPTer insane; also as you can observe by my sending without pasting, several times now.
Background re Hebron: www.humanitarianinfo.org/opt/docs/UN/OCHA/ochaHU0705_En.pdf

===  SCIENCEWATCH  === Frazil Ice; BP kill drill for Nerds; Interview re spill (SATIRE :-))
+  About seven and a half minutes; at Yosemite; snowcone just after four minutes, and horsetail falls at seven minutes: http://www.wimp.com/frazilice/
+  NERD ALERT (serious): Shows exactly what BP's planning. http://bp.concerts.com/gom/kwellsreliefwells062710.htm
+ SATIRE :-): An 'engineer' being interviewed on the oil spill...  http://www.wimp.com/clarkedawe/  

===  LANGUAGEWATCH  === advertising :-)
JWT for Huggies: I've Got Chic in My Pants -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydWMY8cYPUU

===  MAIKU  === 2010 July 1
                                                  a royal Canada Day
                                                                  full of rainbow smiles
                                                                                         celebrate ourselves!

I am only a person who limits myself to raising a stone to check underneath. It isn't my fault monsters appear every now and then.
                  -- Jose Saramago, Nobel-laureate Portuguese playwright, novelist, and journalist (1922 - 2010 June 18)
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The person who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.
                                               -- Chinese proverb
You must have long-range goals to keep you from being frustrated by short-range failures.
                                               -- Charles C Noble, American (dates?)
Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan, "Press on," has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.
                                               -- Calvin Coolidge, 30th American president (1872 - 1933)
"Bell, Bark, and Kennel", a novel by Ivan Pavlov, chronicles the birth of the Salivation Army.
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