Ccl NOTES Oct 18
Calendar to Nov 19

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Lest we forget..............
MAIN ITEMS Ccl Mtg Nov 1st: Of course at the beginning, a presentation by our local Legion, Branch 60, for Veterans' Week; Delegation re Norouz festivities at Ambleside; DVP 1119 Keith; Road Closure/Removal 23rd and Ottawa; DWV, MetroV, and ISWRMP ($$$); Final 2010 Cmnty Grants; Ambleside Arts on Argyle Facilities ($$$); NO PUBLIC CORRESPONDENCE -- let's hope Sop and other cclrs ask for it to be on the agenda as done (and appeared) at the last ccl mtg.
RIDDLES; Vive le Canada; from the EDITOR'S DESK (Game: Spot the Correspondence); UPDATES & INFO (Corresp; Cmnty Ctr Award; Wetmore; Cmnty Survey; Cmte/Bd/WG volunteers, apply by Nov 12)
=  CALENDAR to Nov 19th; CULTUREWATCH (Theatre; Art; Music, Photography) and CULTUREWATCHED
=  UPDATES a, b, c, sent after WVM23 (partial; entire was sent to subscribers)
=  Ccl Mtg NOTES Oct 18th: Wetmore; traffic light for Park Royal along Marine Dr; Metro Regional Growth Strategy; Sec Stes Update/Report; Rezoning/Devt 1305 Marine Dr (Shell Stn); 2011 Tax Exemptions; Date for 1220 Duchess DVP; Proposed Wireless Tower 26th & Upper Levels; Devt Applications; STILL NO LIST OF LETTERS but have been promised an update; during Reports, interesting report by the Mayor on changes to the Police Complaints Act.
=  Ccl Mtg AGENDA Nov 1st
=  ANIMALWATCH (walrus workout; lion cub swimming; tigers/lynx & pumpkins; Crow); INFObits (800lb+ pumpkin; Simon Fraser's sig); NEWSWATCH (Salutin; Israeli war hero's son); GAZAWATCH (Ccn Boat to Gaza); LOVEWATCH (1/5sec to fall in love); WEBWATCH ("It gets better"); CPTWATCH (Olive grove battle; Hebron house Oct 30); TRAVELWATCH (world cities); HERITAGEWATCH (cabinet shuffle; SFU lecture: Heritage and Sustainability Nexus); MAIKU (November); QUOTATIONS/THOUGHTS/PUNS + riddle answers and blessing

===  RIDDLES for Halloween  ===
1. If you worked in a mortuary, what would you call your free time?
2. What is a vampire's favourite fruit?
3. When is it bad luck to meet a black cat?
===  Vive le CANADA  ===
Date:         Fri, 22 Oct 2010 19:48:22 -0400    From:  PMO <pm@PM.GC.CA>
From the Prime Minister's Web Site (http://www.pm.gc.ca/)
PM congratulates Canada's new Governor General -- October 1, 2010 --  Ottawa, ON CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY
Professor Johnston, on behalf of the Government of Canada, and of all Canadians, it is my honour and privilege to express our heartfelt congratulations. In a few moments, when you have been formally sworn in, you will hold our country's highest and oldest office, which dates back to that held by Governor Samuel de Champlain on behalf of the Crown that he represented in Quebec City, over 400 years ago.
Canada has always been a monarchy, and it has always had a Governor, styled Governor General since Confederation. For Canada's Monarch today, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Professor Johnston you will become her 11th Governor General, just as I am her 11th Prime Minister and Madame McLachlin is her 9th Chief Justice...

===  from the EDITOR'S DESK  ===
Let's start with DWV's latest game, "Spot the Correspondence" Here's what I wrote to some DWV staff and a few intrigued residents:
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2010 14:33:34 -0700
To: brent, etc
From: Carolanne Reynolds <EditorWVM@WestVan.org>
Subject: Spot the Correspondence!

a new game for WV residents!
changes nearly every week.
never a dull moment.
Vancouver after all is one of the centres for computer games.  Is there a revenue potential?  Dollar a click? refunded if search ends in under three?

Update Oct 19:
= click on DWV website
= no reference to correspondence on home page
= go to govt pages, click
= click on agenda and minutes
= corresp not on agenda but at the very bottom of the page it says it's available
= click on corresp available
= and there you are at how to send letters to Mayor and Ccl.  How quaint.
but wait a minute -- I don't want to know how or what to do to write, I want to see letters.  Where are they?  This is where I was sent.  Oh.  There's a line at the v bottom of the page saying 2010 Ccl Corresp.  Good thing I didn't give up and read the whole page.  Thoroughness and persistence pays.
= click on bottom of page
= a page with weekly dates appears
= no way to know wch week's or weeks' correspondence is on/for wch agenda.
= click on Oct 12 to 15 the most recent.
= Tra la! try to copy and paste.  Possible in September so hopes up.  Nope; no can do. Stymied again

Oh, those sophisticated West Vancouverites.  Who knew that after 30 years or more of having the letters listed right there, on the very agenda for the public mtg during wch Ccl cd discuss them (and -- horrors! -- the public cd see the topics, get announcements from MetroV, TransLink, etc as well as staff answers to queries at PQP about traffic and parking for example), they disappeared in March 2010.  What progress.

And of course, they were removed with NO public discussion or even warning.  No motion at a ccl mtg.
What openness.  What transparency.  What progress.

When cclrs found out from a mbr of the public after a couple of weeks that correspondence was no longer on the website, they made the enlightened request to put the letters back on the website.
Then the game was on!
Cdn't find it!
Not, naturally, where they were before or even close, put on the Mayor and Council page -- where you go to find out who's on council.
Good diagonal move.
No, it's not chess though.
Mercifully I'll leave out the other moves but have been changes till today, given the latest.

A couple of years ago when Corresp was removed and the citizens wanted it back, it was put right back the way it was.  Other municipalities have correspondence on their agendas (and without even excising names).
What's the difference now?
We've said even just the list wd be enough so we know what's on the table and can go on the hunt ourselves separately.
This Ccl doesn't listen? doesn't understand? likes obstacle races?
Has Pharaoh hardened their hearts? or only some of their hearts?
where's the leadership?  commitment to openness and improvements?

Can residents melt the concrete carapace of concealment of correspondence from Ccl's shell?
Will residents be treated as 'customers' and given the service they deserve (a slogan given to staff)?
Value for services?
Will DWV continue to inspire with the excellence of subterfuge and impediments to residents' ease of access to prov/MetroV information and announcements as well as the thoughts/concerns of their fellow residents?
Will the fog be lifted from DWV's Vision?
How can WV 'lead by example' when going in reverse?
Will communication be open again one day?

Stay tuned for the next instalment
        as the stomach churns
hope is still alive even though being smothered
cd spring to life again with a breath of fresh air -- restoration.
strength to start to climb the ladder of progress again
go even higher!

Keep the faith.
UPDATE:  Looked at the last I cd find: Oct 18 - 22.  One letter gets the prize for the longest subject (taken from the subject line of the email) ever seen:
"October 22, 2010 regarding FW: I believe you would do WV residents a real disservice by allowing Park Royal to have another traffic light on Marine Dr. installed nr MacDonald's (in lieu of maintaining their 2 aging crossovers)"

===  UPDATES & INFO  ===
>>>  BEHIND THE CURTAIN  re Correspondence
See Letter 18 to find out about the resolutions passed at UBCM in Sept.
Interesting bits like moving M elections to third Saturday in Oct for inauguration Nov 1st.  Fascinating to read B109 "Marijuana Grow-Ops: Endorsed", B140 "Tar Sands Oil: Endorsed", and "Medical Cannabis: Endorsed", among others...........
>>> West Vancouver Community Centre Wins Another Award
Monday, October 18  The District of West Vancouver is pleased to announce that the WV Cmnty Ctr has received the award of excellence in the community facility category from the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) Commercial Building Awards 2010.
The REBGV presented the inaugural awards to honour the owners, builders, developers, architects/designers, and financiers who work together to build and renovate commercial, industrial, hospitality, and community facilities in our communities. The WVCC was recognized by the jury [because]:
o  Geo-thermal energy [is] created on-site and shared symbiotically amongst all buildings on the Civic Site;
o  89 per cent of the previous building was re-used in the new facility, including wood decking, structural beams, crushed concrete, and masonry;
o  A circulation spine, running the length of the building, allows the entrance of natural light and ventilation. 
The WVCC, opened in March 2009, was conceived as a replacement for the previous facility dating [from] the 1950s. Hughes, Condon, Marler Architects designed the building  to meet sustainability, recreational, and aesthetic priorities, and was designed to meet LEED Gold design standards. The project introduced the first vertically bored ground source heat recovery system in BC, providing 40 per cent of energy requirements for the complex. The Cmnty Ctr provides a comprehensive mix of community recreation programs and services, and community health functions in a unique facility with high quality architectural design.
Other awards the WVCC has been honoured with in 2010 include:
        Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia Merit Awards for Architecture
        Sustainable Architecture and Building (SAB) Canadian Green Building Award
        British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA) Facility Excellence Award 
>>>  Pacific Arbour Project on Former Wetmore Motors Site
Updated: October 20  On Monday, October 18 Council considered a staff report on the community consultations on Pacific Arbour's development proposal for the former Wetmore Motors site. Council directed that the project advance in the development approval process. In completing its proposal for the property, Pacific Arbour is to consider the following (for further details, read the staff report): http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=30204
>>> Community Survey 2010 Underway
Wednesday, October 27: Synovate Ltd. (formerly "MarkTrend Research Inc.") has been commissioned to conduct a community survey of WV residents to gather opinions about District services and issues. The Community Survey has been conducted on a tri-annual basis since 2001, although similar surveys date back as far as 1978.
The 2010 Community Survey polls residents regarding tax levels, services, and funding alternatives, as well as attitudes towards current issues.
Households will be randomly selected and asked to participate. This District encourages those selected to participate. By taking the time to respond to the survey, your views will be used to plan services and future directions. Polling will begin the week of October 25, and the survey will take place over a three-week period, with results available in December.
For more information, email communications@westvancouver.ca or call 925 7168.
>>>  Community Engagement - Volunteers Wanted
Thursday, October 28 --  West Vancouver has expanded how it seeks advice and taps into the expertise of residents wishing to work on Council policies and projects.  As community leaders and volunteers we value your time and have adapted our structure to better meet your ability to contribute.  Working groups are created on specific issues, each with a Councillor and staff lead, and will ensure priorities identified by Council will receive focused attention, resulting in real progress in 2011. At this time there are no vacancies on current working groups, however, new groups may be established in 2011. 
If you are a West Vancouver resident and would like to volunteer to serve on a board, committee or working group, opportunities are currently available. See http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=31124 for more information and how to apply.  Apply by 4:30 pm on November 12, 2010. Application for Community Involvement (PDF 169 KB)

===  CALENDAR to Nov 19th  ===
All mtgs are at M Hall unless indicated otherwise.  NOTE: shown are mtgs known at this date; often there are additions, changes, cancellations after WVM goes out.  Check the DWV Calendar: http://www.westvancouver.ca/Calendar.aspx  .   Notices/mtgs/changes too late for the last WVM or too early for the next one are sent to subscribers as updates.  They then, unfortunately later, appear in the newsletter.
UPDATES sent to subscribers (but with details); this is summary, more below before NOTES:
A:      Finance Cmte mtg at 7pm Monday Oct 25!  (but no ccl mtg)
Presentation by the Director of Financial Services (Reports: Initial Impressions of the District of WV;  Future Challenges and Opportunities within the Context of MetroV; The 2011 Budget Process) followed by Public Question Period.
{UPDATE: next Finance Cmte Mtg Nov 8, Budget 2011, Public Input}
B:      Bridge Traffic Oct 25 - 30; Jt Water Use; Malalai Joya
        NB: The Finance Cmte mtg 9am Tu 12th was cancelled.
C:      LPPS events; AVAAZ: Save the Whales    

ONGOING:  LPPS: The Phyl Munday Nature Hut in LIghthouse Park is open Sundays from 2 to 4pm.

==  North Shore Winter Bike to Work
Celebration Stations Offer Refreshments and Prizes
The North Shore Committee of the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition (www.vacc.bc.ca t 878 8222) announced today the kickoff for Bike to Work week on the North Shore. Starting Monday, Nov 1, Bike to Work is a program that encourages workplaces and workers to champion cycling as a healthy mode of transportation to get to work. Teams from workplaces compete to log the most kilometers during the week and last year teams from over 50 North Shore companies logged a total of 11,349 km.
Bike to Work Week has recorded a growth of 163% in the number of cyclists counted at commuter stations since 2007. To sign up, or to find a map of locations, visit http://www.biketoworkmetrovan.ca/
== Wednesday Nov 3 ~ 6pm ~ DNV M Hall
Pathways to a Peaceful Community Forum
North Shore residents are invited to attend the North Shore Family Court and Youth Justice Committee's "Pathways to a Peaceful Community" forum on:
The forum will include a keynote speech on social inclusion from Neonology, an organization that challenges youth to make their communities more welcoming and inclusive. The speaker will be Jian Pablico, a Youth Development Worker with the North Shore Multicultural Society. Following the keynote speech there will be breakout sessions covering the following topics:
        Substance Use/Misuse with Kerry Watt
        Court/Legal Process with Tina McCabe L.L.B./Surjeet Sidhu
        Mental Health with Siri Brown, M.A., CCC Canadian Mental Health, North and West Vancouver Branch
Bullying and Social Inclusion with Dr. Brenda Morrison, SFU Criminology professor and author of Restoring Safe School Communities: A Whole School Response to Bullying, Violence and Alienation.
All members of the public are welcome to attend this free event. Doors open at 6:00 p.m. and residents will have the opportunity to visit the stakeholder and service agency information booths. The keynote speech will take place from 6:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m., with break-out sessions to follow from 7:10 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Each break-out session will include a question and answer period.
The North Shore Family Court and Youth Justice Committee provides a link between the community and the justice system in the Family Court, Youth Court, and Criminal Court (domestic violence), and works to improve the services in these areas. This committee includes representatives from the District of North Vancouver, the City of North Vancouver, and the District of West Vancouver.  For more information contact: Pej Pirgheibi 604-417-7095.
==  Thursday Nov 4, Friday Nov 5
VANCOUVER: --  Heritage & Sustainability Nexus
A public education program addressing the cultural, economic and environmental sustainability of older buildings.  There is a free public lecture Renewal + Transformation with Carl Elefante, FAIA, plus a one day sumposium focusing on sustainable design in the rehabilitation and retrofit of older buildings.
See:  www.vancouverheritagefoundation.ca
***  VETERANS' WEEK NOV 5 to 11  ***
== Friday Nov 5 ~ 1:30 - 5:30pm ~   at WV Cmnty Ctr
Table Matters...a North Shore Discussion about Food Security and Urban Agriculture
Please specify to your readers that we are asking for registration either by phone (see number below) or the EventBrite website address.
Food systems issues are enough of a priority that all five North Shore Mayors are coming to speak at this event. I hope you or a representative can join municipal staff, politicians, non-profit organizations, businesses, and interested community members in discussing this important issue.  To register, pls phone Dawn Lavender at 604 904 6200 ext. 4167 and leave a message or email dawn.lavender@vch.ca with the name, email address, organization, title, and phone number of your representative(s) and she will register them.
          Sincerely,  Margaret Broughton, Community Nutritionist, Vancouver Coastal Health, 604 904 6482
== Friday Nov 5, Saturday Nov 6
Concerts will be presented in the newly renovated auditorium in Vancouver Technical School at 8pm on Friday, Nov 5th, the Kay Meek Theatre at 2pm on Saturday, Nov 6th, and in the ACT Theatre in Maple Ridge at 1:30pm on Sunday, Nov 7th. The concerts are guaranteed to offer musical selections to satisfy everyone, from dances and movie music to military marches and swingin' big band tunes.
The Band of the Fifteenth Field Regiment, Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery, is the only professional concert band in Vancouver. In addition to supporting regimental and brigade functions, the band performs throughout Canada, the United States, Europe, and Asia as representatives of the 39 Canadian Brigade Group. Since 1985, the band has gained an international following and is now widely recognized as the best band in Canada's Army Reserve. Recordings of the band are eagerly sought after by collectors of military music and the general public.
The BC Military Music Society, in partnership with the Royal Canadian Legion Foundation, and the BC Mainland Military Family Resource Centre is proud to present this concert series. All funds raised will support serving soldiers, military families, and veterans in British Columbia.
== Sunday Nov 7  -- 
~ 9am ~ LPPS  Monthly Bird Count at Lighthouse Park; meet at the upper kiosk in the parking lot.
        Contact Suann Hosie at 926 9094 if you wd like to participate.
~ 2pm ~ Music Not to Forget
A choral/orchestral acknowledgement to our Veterans and Armed Forces members, past and present
featuring Rutter's Requiem with orchestra, and Remembrance Day choral works with the
Pacific Spirit Choir & Orchestra and the Pacific Spirit Children's Choir --  Gerald van Wyck, conductor; W V United Church, 2062 Esquimalt -- Tix $25 & $22; tel 922 9171
== Monday Nov 8
    FINANCE Cmte mtg 7pm re Budget 2011 ~ public input/questions
== Wednesday Nov 10 ~ 9am
Meeting of the Water Committee
Public input welcomed on the Progress Report for the Drinking Water Management Plan

Metro Vancouver - 2nd floor Boardroom, 4330 Kingsway, Burnaby

In accordance with the Drinking Water Management Plan (DWMP), Metro Vancouver has prepared a Progress Report summarizing Metro Vancouver's and its members' progress in implementing the DWMP. You are welcome to attend this meeting to provide your comments on the Progress Report to the Water Committee.
To speak to Metro Vancouver's Water Committee, please apply (before November 1st) by:
Please include the following information:
If you miss the Nov 1 application deadline, you may still apply to speak by bringing your written request to the meeting for the Committee's consideration.
If you cannot attend the meeting, provide your input by email to icentre@metrovancouver.org, or write to the Public Involvement Division at the above address.  View the DWMP Progress Report
For more information or to receive a copy of the report, please phone the MetroV Information Centre at 604 432 6200.  Deadline for feedback: November 26.
== Tuesday Nov 9  ~ 7pm ~ Parks Master Plan WG

*** Thursday Nov 11 REMEMBRANCE DAY ***
10am at Memorial Arch followed by reception at Memorial Library

== Tuesday Nov 16 ~ 7:30pm ~ WRA AGM at Gleneagles Clubhouse
If you have a motion to bring forward, pls provide notice in writing, seven days beforehand (Nov 10), to Barbara Pettit, at 6222 St. George's Avenue, WV or pettit@portal.ca.
== Wednesday Nov 17
        ~ 7pm ~ Board of Variance mtg CANCELLED [moved to Wed 24th]
        ~ 7pm ~ Library Bd mtg at Library in Welsh Room
== Thursday Nov 18
        ~ 4:30pm ~ Design Review Cmte
        ~ 6pm~ NSh Family Court/Youth Justice Cmte at DNV M Hall
        ~ 7pm ~ WV Streamkeeper Society mtg CANCELLED (no mtg till Jan 20)
== Friday Nov 19  ~ 9am ~ Cmnty Grants Cmte
+  Nov 20 OGC celebrates the 20th anniversary of the referendum that saved old growth.
+  Nov 22 Former UK MP George Galloway, previously stopped by Cdn govt from speaking in Canada (though he had before) speaks in Vancouver: Free Palestine, Free Afghanistan, Free Speech

+++  WV MEMORIAL LIBRARY +++  www.westvanlibrary.ca/event/calendar.php
=  ONGOING Fridays, Nov 5, 19  --  English Corner  --  10 - 11:30am
        Come practise English Conversation! Free, no registration required.
Wednesday Nov  3
 --  The German Operas of Mozart, Beethoven, and Weber  ~ 10:30am - 12:30pm ~
Nicolas Krusek is back with a new five-morning series of music talks. Welsh Hall. No registration required, just drop in and enjoy!
--  A Merchant Mariner's War   ~ 7:30pm ~
Explore the Battle of the Atlantic, D-Day, and the aftermath of the war as gleaned from letters written home (1940-1946) by former West Vancouver resident Geoffrey Burnett. Welsh Hall. Find out more...
Saturday Nov  6
Travel Photography Today: Travelling with Your Digital Camera  ~ 2:30 - 4pm ~
Join local photographer, travel writer, and guest lecturer David Smith for this informative lecture.  Find out more...
Monday Nov  8    ~ 6 - 9pm ~
Harry Potter Movie Night: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Welsh Hall.  All Muggles welcome! Drop-in, but space is limited. Find out more...
Remembrance Day
The Library will be open for WV citizens to view the Book of Remembrance on November 11th. Join us for tea and music hosted by the Friends of the Library. Tea immediately follows the Memorial Park Remembrance Day Ceremony (10am).
ALSO 1950 - 2010 It's Our Diamond Anniversary!
The West Vancouver Memorial Library celebrates its 60th anniversary November 11. Take in our photo exhibit and displays, come in to share memories of the past 60 years.
Friday Nov  19
~ 10:30am to noon ~  Philosophers' Cafe
Throw the Book at Us! Make a case for BC's greatest book(s) - as you would define it. Join guests Linda L. Richards and David Middleton (Greatest Books of British Columbia) for this discussion in the Welsh Hall East. No registration is required. Admission is $5.00.
~ 7:30pm ~  Free Friday Night Concert Series: Genticorum
Firmly rooted in the soil of their native land, Genticorum incorporates the dynamism of traditional Quebecois music with European and North American Folk cultures by blending flute, fiddle, acoustic guitar, jaw harp, bass, and foot percussion with strong vocal harmonies.  Find out more...
+++  SFU CITY PROGRAM  +++  www.sfu.ca/city  --  See HERITAGEWATCH

+++  WV MUSEUM  +++  Visit:  http://www.westvanmuseum.blogspot.com/
KAO TANABE  --  October 26 to December 23
Takao Tanabe is one of Canada's most respected artists with a career spanning over six decades. This exhibition profiles a series of new watercolour paintings of the Rocky Mountains in winter alongside a selection of earlier works from the artist's own collection.  For more info about this exhibition pls visit the Museum website or call 925 7295

+++  FERRY BUILDING GALLERY  +++ http://ferrybuildinggallery.com ~ 925 7290
+  October 22 - November 14
        A CELEBRATION OF THE DAY OF THE DEAD -- works by Jose Antonio Madrazo
                                An exhibition of mixed media folk art from Mexico
The Ferry Building Gallery is honoured to present new folk art by Jose Antonio Madraza of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, a whimsical mixed media exhibition just in time for the Halloween season.
The focus of the art is Day of the Dead (el Dia de los Muertos), a national celebration in Mexico and other Latin American countries which honours those who have passed on.
Madrazo's folk art is made from hand-forged metal, wooden figures, ceramics, and popular Mexican sayings, adorned with elegant hues and electric colours.  Each piece is unique.  His works are shown in galleries, museums, and folk art shops around the globe: the Peabody Museum, Gilcrease Museum, Denver Art Museum, Brooklyn Museum, and the Epcot Centre.  Others are part of private collections including those of comedian Garry Shandling, musicians Keith Richards and Adam Ant, actor Eric Idle, and Spike Lee, to name a few.
The exhibition is generously sponsored by the Mexican Consulate General of Vancouver. The artist will be present for the Opening Reception and Artist in Attendance.
The public is warmly invited to attend all events and receptions and admission is free.
+  Nov 19 - Dec 19  --  Great Stuff  --  Christmas Gift & Art Sale
Jewellery, Pottery, Textiles, Cards, Paintings, Prints, Mosaics, and much more...created by 43 local artisans.  One of a kind items just in time for the Christmas shopper!
Great Stuff Hours: Tues - Sun 10am - 6pm; Fridays 10am - 8pm
 +++ SILK PURSE +++  www.silkpurse.ca
November 2 - 14  -- "In the Image of..."
What is identity for a woman? As women, we have been told through feminist theory, that there is no difference between men and women. Obviously this cannot be true. Women are unique. Author Simone de Beauvoir claims "one is not born a woman" but rather becomes one. Artist Sharalee Regehr has developed a series of paintings that deal with the historical examples of who we are as women, based on what we have done. Though familiar and unfamiliar stories of successful women, we can assess our values and expectations. In doing this we can come to our own understanding of what it means to be a woman.
Opening Reception:  TUESDAY November 2nd from 6 - 8pm
November 16 - 28  -- "Contemporary Transformation"
A contemporary exhibition inspired by the natural beauty of our world, reflecting the diversity of our planet, expressing a moment in time and blending it with an artistic approach by artists Jim Gladden, Dene Rossouw, and Octavia Tosi. You are invited to view the world with wonderment, to take action, or get hooked into a dialogue with the image for this unique exhibit.
Opening: TUESDAY November 16th from 6 - 8pm
Complete list of events: http://kaymeekcentre.com/on_stage/events_calendar
Electronic newsletter: http://kaymeekcentre.weebly.com
Simplest way to get on email list, call 913 3634 or email tickets@kaymeekcentre.com
        Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky (Monday November 1)
        BABIES  7:30pm Tuesday November 16
> The Honourable Senator Romeo Dallaire -- 7:30pm Thursday November 11: SOLD OUT
        Senator Dallaire brings his new book and compelling message to Kay Meek Centre.
> Peter Karp and Sue Foley : He Said - She Said -- 8pm Friday November 12
> Arts Club --  A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline -- 8pm Monday, Nov 15 SOLD OUT
> Barra MacNeils  8pm Wednesday November 17
These Canadian Celtic ambassadors bring to the Kay Meek stage their favourite vocal and instrumental pieces along with selections from their popular Christmas CDs. This is family entertainment at its highest level. Buy tickets online.
> Fryderyk Chopin, The Greatness That Will Never Be Again  --  6:30pm Saturday Nov 20

+++ ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION BRANCH 60, West Vancouver +++
Website: http://www.westvan60.com/  --  ofc: 922 3587; lounge: 922 1920
"Where Volunteers make the difference." Chartered November 17th, 1926
The Summer-Autumn Issue of "The Torch" is now available
To view the newsletter: http://www.westvan60.com/Images/The%20Torch%20-%20Autumn%202010.pdf
The newsletter is available to any non-member who is interested. To sign up, please fill in the form at the bottom of the webpage, http://www.westvan60.com/newsletter.html
Pls email me at thetorch60@telus.net -- if you wd like to submit a article, or if you have any questions or comments.  Thank you for your interest.  /  Best regards,  Janice Mackay-Smith, The Torch
= HALLOWEEN DANCE 8pm Saturday Oct 30; $10; hors d'oeuvres, prizes, music by Greg Hampson
{full letter in last issue of WVM}
Veterans Week, November 5 - 11 is a time to reflect on all Veterans, past, present, and those currently serving in our Canadian Armed Forces.
Our Poppy Tagging Board is up in the Lounge, ready to be filled in.
The dates for tagging this year are Wednesday, November 3rd to Saturday, November 6th, inclusive.  There are two-hour spots to be filled as follows:  10 - noon, noon - 2, 2 - 4, 4 - 6 on all four days, with an additional 6 - 8pm slot on Thursday, November 4th.  There are 22 venues, and 17 timeslots, for a total of 374 spots to be filled!
Put down your name for at least one two-hour time slot.  That's not a lot of time to spare.  For your time and effort, soup and a sandwich will be waiting for you upstairs in Memorial Hall following your shift.
 Your support for the poppy campaign is very much appreciated!  Thank you to those who have already signed-up!
=  See Calendar Nov 6 above for the Band of the Fifteenth Field Regiment
= SUNDAY 2pm Nov 7
In Honour of all Those who Served In the Cause of Peace and Freedom West Vancouver, Branch 60 of The Royal Canadian Legion, extends an invitation to Branch Members, their families, and our Community Friends to join with us in paying tribute to our Veterans.  Veterans and Members who wish to be on parade, please report to the Sgt. at Arms prior to 1:40pm.  All in attendance are invited to a reception at Branch 60, Memorial Hall, immediately following the service.
+++  WV CHAMBER OF COMMERCE  +++ http://www.westvanchamber.com
YA YA's RESTAURANT NOVEMBER SOCIAL  --  Ya Ya's Restaurant and Bar, located in Horseshoe Bay, will host a speed networking social on Tuesday, Nov 9 from 5 - 7pm.  Tix include appetizers and one domestic beer or a glass of house wine.  Bring your business cards!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Cost: $25 mbrs, $35 for future mbrs; Pls RSVP by paying on our website or by phone 926 6614.

BARD ON THE BEACH Update   --  See www.bardonthebeach.org
Vancouver Park Board Approves Bard Expansion
These are exciting times at Bard on the Beach and many changes will be taking place in 2011.
As you may have heard on Monday, October 18th, the Vancouver Park Board "approved the Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival's expansion of tent capacity to accommodate an audience increase of up to 390 additional visitors to the two main tents combined."
The Mainstage tent seating will increase by 230 in 2011 (from 520 to 750), and Studio Stage tent by 160 in 2012 (from 240 to 400). This will allow Bard to meet current unfulfilled demand for tickets, and to allow for gradual growth over the next two decades.
Parking and site access are concerns that will continue to be addressed. Before the end of the season Bard engaged an independent traffic consultant firm, which will deliver a proposed parking and traffic plan based on current and predicted impacts on the neighbourhood.  In addition to implementing the recommendations, we will continue to encourage alternate forms of transportation and will explore other green initiatives.
"We are truly delighted to have received unanimous Park Board support for our plans to build a bigger and better home for Bard on the Beach," says Artistic Director Christopher Gaze. "We are ushering a new era for the Festival, both artistically and for the audience experience. Our new tented theatre facility will be iconic; there will be nothing like it in Canada. We have created a greatly loved experience for Vancouver and now we are looking to the future with a revitalized Bard site."
+  KMC  913 3634
Living Together, a comedy by Alan Ayckbourn presented by Theatre West Van and directed by Alison Jopson -- Cleverly designed so that they can also be enjoyed on their own, Alan Ayckbourn's trilogy, The Norman Conquests, consists of three plays taking place at the same time, with the same people, in different parts of the same house. Last April we saw the family in the dining room in the multi-award winning production of Table Manners.
In Living Together we visit them in the living room. Norman is sulking as his intended weekend with Annie has been cancelled, due to interference by Sarah.  Reg just wants a quiet weekend to test his new game and Tom is trying to figure out what is going on. Things reach a new level when Norman's wife Ruth arrives.  This is Ayckbourn at his best - a witty comedy with serious undertones highlighting different aspects of human relationships.
From Nov 5 - 20 (Weds to Sats), in the Studio Theatre. Learn more.
+ Hendry Hall  983 2633
        Death by Chocolate, murder mystery Oct 21 - Nov 6
+ Vancouver Playhouse -- www.vancouverplayhouse.com
~ The Musical The Fantasticks (Oct 2 - 23) has Christopher Gaze and Jeff Hyslop; the longest running production of any kind in American theatre.  HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO OCT 30! [See below]
+ Arts Club (tel 687 1644)
~  39 Steps, Stanley Stage  Oct 21 - Nov 21
   Comedic adaptation of Hitchcock's 1935 film; four actors play all 150 roles; Dean Paul Gibson directs
+ Jericho Arts Centre
United Players proudly presents Mrs Klein by Nicholas Wright --  Nov. 12 - Dec 5
WHO WAS MRS. KLEIN?  Melanie Klein was an important figure in the history of psychoanalysis.  As a  divorced, self-supporting, professional woman in the 1920s, she was a formidable example of female strength and independence.  More than that, she was a major thinker, making important contributions that continue to affect the course of discussions at major international conferences, even though she had no medical, or even undergraduate, degree. Just this October, the seventh in a series of annual conferences is being held in Seattle to discuss her ideas -- 50 years after her death.  In other words, she was a brilliant, powerful, self-confident woman who used her considerable gifts to offer the world a deeper understanding of what it is to be a human being.  For more on the Story, the Staging, etc....
Thursday through Sunday, at 8 pm; Tix: $14 - $18
Preview:  Thursday Nov 11th - all tickets $8; Thursday, Nov 18th - Talk-back session after the show.
Reservations, website or call 604 224 8007, x 2; REST-OF-SEASON TICKETS still av from $48 for 4 plays
+ Presentation House  http://www.phtheatre.org/thirdstreet/feature1/  990 3464
Dinner and a Show at a GREAT Price   --  We have teamed up with one of our local fine dining establishments to offer a wonderful evening out at a terrific value.  For only $50 you can purchase a ticket for a three-course dinner at Bistro Chez Michel and a performance from the Third Street Theatre Series.
=  Trudeau Stories --  A co-presentation by Ruby Slippers and PHT by Brooke Johnson
November 9 - 13 @ 8pm Tues - Sat and 4pm Sat
The enigma of Pierre Elliott Trudeau is a bug Canadians will never fully get out of our system. His presence redefined a somewhat dowdy country in the eyes of the world, leaving us with a collective anxiety about whether we quite measured up. Brooke Johnson has captured this strange ambivalence in a beautiful one-woman show about her friendship with the just-retired PM when she was only 23.
Trudeau Stories opens Tuesday, November 9 at 8pm. It then continues nightly until November 13.  There will also be a pay-what-you-can matinee at 4pm on November 13.  Tickets are $24-28 in advance.
=  Damien  --  A Stagelight Productions presentation by Aldyth Morris
November 16 - 28 @ 8pm Tues - Sat and 4pm Sat, 2pm on Sun
A heart-wrenching story of love and compassion about Father Damien de Veuster who lived among the lepers on Molokai Island. The play confronts his challenges of self-doubt and undying compassion towards what he originally describes as a dumping place for human beings.
Tix are $24-28 in advance.  The preview on Nov 16 is $12 and the 4pm show on Nov 20 is pay-what-you-can. 
    Calendar of Events: http://www.vanartgallery.bc.ca/events_and_programs/calendar_of_events.html
Also:  http://www.vanartgallery.bc.ca/e-glance/eglance_sept10.html
-  VAG PUBLIC PROGRAMS  --  All Programs free for Members.
NOW SHOWING: July 1, 2010 - January 3, 2011
IN DIALOGUE WITH CARR: Douglas Coupland, Evan Lee, Liz Magor, Marianne Nicolson
This exhibition strategically pairs the work of Emily Carr with key contemporary BC artists to draw out a dialogue between Carr's legacy and the myriad ways in which artists respond to it.
For more information on the Gallery's relocation campaign, visit our new relocation website at www.newvanartgallery.com. You can also join the discussion on our Facebook page.
+ MUSIC at the VAG -- Eine Kleine Lunch Musik on Fridays
+ Masks, Music, and Magic -- fundraiser for Sinfonia 7pm Sat Oct 30 at Mulgrave
+  World Music Concert for Peace  
7pm Sunday Nov 7, St. Andrew's United Church, 1044 St. Georges, North Vancouver.
Featuring an Encore performance of Cantoria with Mark Fenster and Zoe Fenster;  Pepe Danza's Ocean of Sound; Wendy Stuart's solo KOTO performance... PLUS some wonderful and very special musical guests from the Vancouver Opera Orchestra and the VSO!  PLUS, a very special surprise from Angelic Voices!
Tickets $20.  All profits support those in need on the downtown east side. Tix and Info: St. Andrew's  ~ .985.0408; St. David's  ~ 922.3961; Capilano ~ 980.8059; NV Arts Council ~ 988.6844 Read about Cantoria at http://www.autumnstudios.ca/
+  VSO
There are just so many great things, pls go to the Vancouver Symphony Orchstra's website: http://www.vancouversymphony.ca/ and choose from all those magic musical offerings.
Tuesday 8pm November 9th Orpheum
Anne-Sophie Mutter performs with Yuri Bashmet and Lynn Harrell
The VSO presents the Mutter-Bashmet-Harrell Trio.  --  Three of the world's greatest musicians come together to grace the Orpheum stage in a recital of Beethoven Trios. Led by the extraordinary Anne-Sophie Mutter, the Mutter-Bashmet-Harrell Trio also features Yuri Bashmet, one of the world's top violists and chamber musicians; and Lynn Harrell, among the world's greatest cellists for over three decades. Don't miss this unique and special opportunity to see and hear three legendary musicians at the peak of their powers performing together in recital - one night only!
>  Saturday & Monday 8pm  November 13th & 15th Orpheum
Verdi's Requiem!
An epic choral masterpiece, and one of the greatest choral works ever written, Verdi's Requiem is brought to life on the Orpheum stage in two breathtaking performances. This monumental work ranks with the Requiem Masses of Mozart, Berlioz and Brahms, and hearing it live with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, the Vancouver Bach Choir, and four outstanding vocal soloists is an experience you will never forget. Conducted by Maestro Bramwell Tovey, Verdi's Requiem will be a major highlight of the VSO's 2010/2011 Season. Don't miss this extraordinary concert experience.
The two above from: http://www.vancouversymphony.ca/enews/201010VSO-B.html
+ EARLY MUSIC VANCOUVER --  40th Anniversary Season
For more information, please visit: http://www.earlymusic.bc.ca/CM2-Brisk.html
Series subscriptions are still available!  If you're interested in seeing several of our concerts, we have a number of series options available this season! There are series subscriptions available for concerts at the KMC, for our concerts at the Chan Centre, for our brand new Marc Destrubé and Friends series -- and more!  For more info, pls visit: http://www.earlymusic.bc.ca/CA-AllSeriesOverview0910.html
Early Music Vancouver -- 1254 West 7th Avenue Vancouver BC   V6H 1B6
T: 604 732-1610  F: 604 732-1602  E: staff@earlymusic.bc.ca  W: www.earlymusic.bc.ca
* PHOTOGRAPHY  Caroun Art Gallery (CAG), www.Caroun.net
Exhibitions 2010:  http://www.caroun.com/CarounArtGallery/Exhibitions/00-Exhibitions.html
o  "Qajar Style Painting", Jahan Inanloo
        -- November 1 - 15 -- Reception: November 6, 2010, 4-9pm
        Different sizes of framed paintings by water colour on paper and board and oil on Canvas
A workshop on "Techniques of Traditional Painting" will be held on November 13, 2 - 5pm; it is open (and free) to public.
Jahan Inanloo was born in Orumieh, Iran, to Turkish parents in the northwest part of the country. She studied archaeology at the University of Tehran.
She is an accomplished artist, art historian, critic, and writer, having written "Historical Persian Art" (1995), publishing in three editions.  She worked as a curator at "Razavi Museum" in Meshed. There she's illustrated and illuminated holy script and has restored historical artworks. Later, she worked at the "Malek Museum" in Tehran.
As a lover of traditional art, Jahan sought out many artists who were unknown, and learned their fascinating and complex techniques that she described in "Historical Persian Art". She admires the purity of their stories, and her artwork recalls traditional Persian ceremonies, and the subject matter of marriage, love, and everyday life.
She's participated in more than ten group exhibitions in Meshed, as well as some at the "Zaferanieh Gallery" in Tehran.
Fourth CPC Annual Photography Print Salon 2010  --  November 16 - 30
                Reception:  4 - 9pm Saturday November 20
Subject: Travel Photography  --  Prizes: CAPA Medals, CPC [Honourable] Mentions
It will be exhibited at "Caroun Art Gallery", North Vancouver, BC, Canada.
*  CULTUREWATCH MISSED in last WVM (but in Updates)
o  Vancouver Int'l Writers and Readers Festival, various venues to Oct 24; www.writersfest.bc.ca 628 8849
o  Gwynne Dyer talking about his latest book, Crawling from the Wreckage, at Capilano University Theatre, Monday Oct 25 (990 7810)
== Wednesday Oct 20 ~ 7pm ~
What happens when Yo-Yo Ma forgets his socks? A lively conversation with Leila Getz, artistic director of Vancouver Recital Society.  This free event takes place at the West Vancouver Seniors' Activity Centre [SAC].
== Saturday Oct 23 ~ 11am ~
So you want to put on a musical. Now what? A behind-the-scenes look at the theatre with Shane Snow, director of A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline (Arts Club Theatre).  This free event takes place at the SAC.
==  MORE from KMC:
=  VANCOUVER OPERA -- Lillian Alling  --  683 0222 -- http://www.vancouveropera.ca/
We really enjoyed our locally written and produced opera (composer Estacio and librettist John Murrell). It is true that the first part is on the long side, the last ties up all the loose ends.  Moving.
A couple of the pieces had a tinge of Broadway musical Liked the photos in the background, the special effects showing the passing train, and the rousing chorus at the end of the first part.
Interesting, some of it takes place in Vancouver.  We can be proud of this local production, a world premiere of this VO-commissioned opera, the true story of a young woman's quest into the wilds of BC
Had not intended to go but how cd anyone not want to go and see Christopher Gaze hamming it up.  And ham it up he does with Simon Bradbury (also a Bard actor, his comic talents as Dogberry this past summer got boisterous applause).  They have a short skit in Act One, and a few in Act Two.
It starts with the lovely song, Try to Remember, sung lyrically by Steve Maddock (teaches voice at Cap U) who also sang at the opening and closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics.
Canadian treasure Jeff Hyslop was a mime.
Musicals aren't top of my list (except for Andrew Lloyd Webber) and this is a v light Broadway musical; it has a few laughs and some philosophical quips slipped in.
If you go, listen for Christopher Gaze's pun on the Romanoffs (Tsars).
The Fantasticks is in the Guinness World of Records as the world's longest running musical (1960 - 2002).  It has been seen in 67 countries, as the programme says, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, and been translated into more than 20 languages.
The Fantasticks was written by Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt who were students at the U of Texas in the 1950s.  They were intrigued by the French playwright, Edmond Rostand (1868 - 1918).
The play was held over to Oct 30.  As a Bard-groupie, IMO, it's worth more than the price of the ticket to watch Christopher Gaze, especially the irony and contrast as he spouts some Shakespeare..........
A gem, a Canadian gem.  This comedy ended Oct 30 at the Firehall Arts Ctr. Will be next put on in March and Winnipeg.  The two v talented aboriginal actors truly enjoyed themselves as well -- Lorne Cardinale you've seen in Corner Gas and Craig Lauzon from Royal Canadian Air Farce.  So much so, in fact, that they switch roles, taking turns playing one then the other character.  They play journalists, and even Chretien is referred to in this play by Kenneth T Williams.  Standing ovation amid chuckles, appreciation, and admiration.

+++  UPDATES a, b, c, sent after WVM 23
=  Much has already been inserted in this WVM.  Some bits remain.
=  Malalai Joya, the incredibly brave Afghan female MP visited.  She has bodyguards and doesn't sleep in the same house consecutive nights.  Peter Mansbridge's One-on-One interview a few days ago can be seen on CBC.
= Salmon and Alexandra Morton [New Oct 26: We began assembling at the canoes in the dark. An ex- salmon farmer gave Global TV a live interview about the secrecy over disease in the salmon feedlots. Mayor Gregor Robertson and his wife arrived to paddle with us. Despite the storm enough people assembled on the beach to fill the canoes.  See http://alexandramorton.typepad.com/ ]
= The Lighthouse Park Preservation Society
Mushroom Walk with Terry Taylor Sunday Oct 17 from 2 to 4pm and
at the Library at 7pm Wed Oct 27
       Andy Lamb: The Fishes Remain the Same While the World Around Them Changes
Andy Lamb is a scuba diver who has worked as the chief collector/aquarist for the Vancouver Aquarium and a fish culturist for the Dept of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO).  The co-author of two books on West Coast fishes.  Andy will talk about the fish species of the Pacific Northwest, their endurance in the face of a changing world, and our relationships with them
=  AVAAZ has a petition to Save the Whales to be sent to a conference in Japan:

===  CCL MTG NOTES Oct 18th ===
6pm in MHall Main Floor Conference Room; 7pm ccl mtg in chamber
Note:  At 6pm the reg Cci Mtg will commence in open session and will be immediately followed by a motion to exclude the public in order to hold a closed session, pursuant to section 90 of the Cmnty Charter.
6:00 PM
In the public interest, members of the public excluded from part of the October 18 regular Council Meeting on the basis of matters to be considered under the following section of the Community Charter:
90. (1) A part of a council meeting may be closed to the public if the subject matter being considered relates to or is one or more of the following:
(e) the acquisition, disposition or expropriation of land or improvements, if the council considers that disclosure could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality;
(k) negotiations and related discussions respecting the proposed provision of a municipal service that are at their preliminary stages and that, in the view of the council, could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality if they were held in public.
7:00 PM
5.  APPROVAL OF AGENDA -- Add 16.1 to 16.8
{what to my wond'ring eyes did appear? the list of letters! but "on table" meaning tonight, however now we have to get it on the agenda when they come out about 4:30 on Thursdays so we know in advance!  Help push us over the top!}
Mayor: Before we get into the agenda itself, like to thank Cclr Panz as Acting Mayor at the last ccl mtg....appreciate that, will report later why I was away....
b/c of letter from Engg Dept re removing parking spaces at 15th and Marine, don't know how many here for that issue, if here re that parking -- Ccl wishing to withdraw that proposal; far greater importance to all of us is renewal in Ambleside, and that will be coming, we hope, to the broad cmnty in November.  Absolutely the support of merchants is crucial to our success in that regard and it's not time to do anything at all until we're on the same page wrt improvements in Ambleside.  Fundamentally that has to do with pedestrian movement and a strong retail component, and so, you'll receive a letter, I hope tomorrow from me and the Dir/Engg, to say that proposal will be abandoned
...and so everybody who doesn't wish to hear the rest of our ccl mtg--
Mark Sager: --on behalf of my colleagues in Ambleside, we thank mbrs of Ccl v much for their consideration
I was really hoping that they wd all come and see how much fun it is at a ccl mtg--
Mayor: thank you for your input.
6.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES as circulated:
October 4, 2010 Regular Council Meeting; and October 7, 2010 Special Council Meeting.
7. E. Minish, Collingwood School, Renovations and Student Enrolment (File:  0195-01)
EM: going to have Larry S.... vice chair of Collingwood School Society
LS: activities
not-for-profit school operated for over 25 years xxx
lack of adequate facilities, esp at Morven Campus
mgmt teams... to upgrade our facilities, not been an easy process; involved nbrs, Ccl, staff
attempts to upgrade our Wentworth Campus, subject sev times before Ccl
learned we cd hv done a better job with our nbrs, took that to heart, worked with nbrs around Morven and Wentworth, many mtgs, WGs
feedback quite blunt
as women will always tell us, relationships take a lot of work
we have been listening; nbrs frank giving us feedback; know staff have been at some of our mtgs
one of the issues of keen concern, esp Morven -- over the number permitted for a number of years
apparently a misunderstanding

{that may have been what he was told.
I was on Ccl when Collingwood was approved (and I supported there being a school) but the conditions were explicit and one was 600 pupils a compromise b/c higher than nbrhd wanted and lower than school hoped for.  Unfortunately, perhaps excited and driven by success, they soon exceeded that number, even to 750.  Another compromise was to give them a couple of years to comply.  Good that they did.}

718, down to 600 by 2010 accomplished that on time
reduced the amt of traffic around the nbrhd, bn appreciated
at Wentworth, heard we needed to find ways to reduce traffic congestion around school times
built new parking lots and on our own lands
traffic efficiencies worked on by refinements
new addn to Wentworth -- Grade Six so get numbers down at Morven
broke ground in June 2009, Telford Wing
houses our proud new Gr 6 classes
with .......   xxx pride in our progress over the years
appreciate; nothing else to say
Mayor: tyvm for fulfilling that commitment
better and processes xxx
thank you for including me in the opening of the Telford Wing
Sop: really have to recuse myself, my grandchildren go there; no chance
Mayor: now's your chance
Sop: can't, they still go
MS: think back to 1983 when I negotiated ... Nick Geer for initial campus
Collingwood's become a focal point for the cmnty
changes, head from nbrs, much welcome
TP: thank you EMinish and Larry S
learning that nothing is easy; appreciate info tonight.
8. M. Atkinson, Request to Designate Wild Pacific Salmon as the Official Provincial Fish (File:  0150-01)
        RECOMMENDED: THAT Council thank re a request to urge Premier Campbell to designate....
MA: ...fellow citizens, write to the Premier
endorsed by PSF etc
know BCians passionate about our salmon
indicator of envmtal health
I'm a volunteer director of Coho Society
PSF, also Wetland support

{surprised no mention of WV Streamkeepers; will ask if they support and will write the Premier also.}

cd you also challenge other Ms to support/write as well
Sop: I too was surprised by the return of 100M  this year

{well, it was 35M for the sockeye; guess he's adding other runs?}

the wonderment of it all is b/c of the return of 100s of million of salmon so think there's hope for the coho
staff make declaration of support tonight; thank you for the delegation
as provincial fish and ...............
Mayor: thank you for your presentation and the matter will return to Ccl
9. Official Community Plan Amendment, Rezoning and Design/development Approval for land, at the northwest corner of Marine Drive and 22nd Street, known as the Wetmore site (2203 Marine Drive and 787, 793 and 815 22nd Street) (File:  1010-20-10-040)
Sokol gave background, context, etc.: ...shift the prop line slightly [slides]
buffer Tudor Gdns and provide linkage
126 rental; 8Ksf cmnty space; 76ft tall
        {He gave stats/figures; see Updates above with a link to the report that has them.}
91 underground parking stalls, eight for DWV use
$500K to DWV for redesign of Richardson Pk and $12K annually for maintenance
Public consultation mtgs
Stratford Court -- meeting with them on Thursday evening
v broad support for use of site for seniors' housing
safety issues, affordability; Design Cmte generally supportive
we're v much at the start of the review process
shd it get built, will have to adopt four bylaws: ...........  DVP
throughout opps for formal ... input
staff recommends, as in staff report;  XXX is here to answer
Sop: two pieces of correspondence pulled out, consultation rather thin
if xxx, how do you expect us to approve?
Sokol: not recommending approval, but to direct staff to prepare bylaws
Stratford can participate throughout xxx
Ev: we're being asked to do precisely (?) what you mentioned
a number of modifications to be considered, five points a - e
have these points generally been discussed with the proponents?
Eric Fusse(?): Stratford -- we do have a mtg scheduled with Pacific Arbour
couple of add'l points
reviewed traffic study; encouraging results but study failed to address the loss of the 50 parking spaces there now, heavily used
also, process for considering an amendment OCP H3 xxxx sites shd meet -- referring to Evelyn and Clyde -- comparison, "shd hv minimal impact"
realize minimal hard to define
seven storeys minimum???
if Hollyburn House can operate a profitable biz with three
Mayor: Gordon Ward Hall
GWH: sorry, not that one
Mayor: 9 and
Ross Curtis: reside at Tudor Gdns (TG), resident for over 40 years, last ten at TG
improvement of ice arena, beautified
swimming pool, Aquatic Ctr, new Cmnty Ctr, all these tremendous improvements for that area, now a big change, the Wetmore Motors site
many mtgs, public mtgs, wch you have supported and help us; wd like to thank you for that
certain, the usual concerns: height of bldg, already mentioned, massive
looks like an institution
been some other changes -- concerned b/c the buffer between the new bldg and ourselves was the parking lot and it's now been taken over
not sure how close
if five- or seven-storey bldg either going to move out or make a deal
the garden situation; we've won quite a few awards over the years on our garden and xxx...
realtors, some don't have sense to take them to back, beautiful garden, and we'd like to maintain that
most of the other complaints, possibility going in
Pacific Arbour, nice, and continue to work
underground parking, got to be v careful b/c everyone parks lets kids out, xxx...
coming out, you can't see what's coming down, only a matter of time before someone gets hurt
thank you for the time to give our side
it's a good thing that's going in, the old garage there; when I think of the alternative, am shocked what might go in there, including some M things
wd like to spend a few more years at TG
Mayor: thank you for your continuing conversations with xxx us and Pacific Arbour
MS moved: THAT
1.      Development application 10-040 by Pacific Arbour Retirement Communities for land, at the northwest corner of Marine Drive and 22nd Street, known as the Wetmore site, advance in the development approval process; and
2.      Staff bring forward draft bylaws and a design/development package for Council consideration, with the proposed plans for the northwest corner of Marine Drive and 22nd Street site further detailed after the following modifications are considered:
(a) The relationship of the proposed development with the proposed new east-west section of public park and Tudor Gardens be improved through measures such as increasing the at grade building setbacks and/or increasing the stepping of the two upper storeys of the building at the north end;
(b) [The reduction of] the long massing length (approximately 350 feet) and scale of the curved building fa=E7ade (the south and west sides) from the 2nd and 5th storey levels;
(c) [Further steps] to reduce the 'institutional' character of the building, including limiting the use of brick masonry on the east and north fa=E7ades and the base ground floor storey, and using wall facing materials for the residential floors that have a stronger residential character;
(d) [Further detail and development of] the ground fa=E7ade from the scooter entrance to 22nd Street, ensuring that the sidewalk and the retail floor function as one plane and that the window well and the greenhouse do not crowd the sidewalk and the garden character of Marine Drive; and
(e) [Measures to ensure] that the proposed new east-west park section is not simply a walkthrough by incorporating plantings that reinforce the 'garden' concept while remaining opaque.
MS: minimal revenue, used car lot; conclusion was best use wd be sr housing
received proposals; met with short list
after long process with staff, process all along the line
chose Pacific Arbour for the devpr of the site
advantage, substantial financial return for the District -- revenue
deemed better rather than wall to wall
99% of citizens never go in that park
will maintain; good corp citizen
sort of devt WV will be proud of
ML: echo comments; impressed with the consultative process since Day One
excellent, continues; think we can all take some pride
Sop: took a serious look at this some time ago; taxpayer did well out of this exchange
have to ask on behalf of those concerned about this: how did we go from six storeys to seven b/c of slope?
Sokol: will appear seven from Marine, bottom below, so six from north
Sop: seven with one in ground, so why didn't you start on five at back so six in front?
want to see how got there
Sokol: this is what .....  and Pacific Arbour came forth with for review and consideration
Sop: have to digest that for a couple of minutes
Ev: maybe I can provide the two minutes
think we shd go ahead, asking staff to consider those five ...
institutional colour -- a bit confused that brick is institutional colour
take with a grain of salt; in parts of England red the only brick ...  xxx
so often this is referred to as a seven-storey bldg and can't argue on Marine
on 22nd consider a four-storey bldg with a two-storey setback
seven storeys on MDr is not the length of the bldg
overall four-storey bld with a two-storey setback
SW: v much in favour and sit on Design Review Cmte
first time in a year and a half to see the cmte so excited about going forward
maybe looks a bit intimidating will...
TP: recognize we're in early stages; opp for public to continue consultation
need clarification on the park; the cmnty will decide, not by the dvpr
Mayor: Mr Sokol?
Sokol: yes, v public;  months ago, got some ideas for the park
have Pacific Arbour further design, then have public xxx ...
TP: how is that timeline fitting in
Sokol: will be moving forward in parallel
Sop: am sure a good corporate citizen
but we did ask for 20 parking spaces instead of eight -- why not?
Sokol: District wd be able to purchase spaces

{purchase? purchase? who's negotiating on behalf of the District???}

they came forward with giving eight
cmnty concerns of lack of parking in that area
Pacific Arbour for a slight increase in the width of the building might be willing to give another 12

{well, they know how to bargain!}

Mayor: five inches around the periphery?  xxx
congratulate Ccl on its work
wch is why I think it shd go to PH xxx
addresses real need in the cmnty
makes that asset work harder
P Arbour is supporting  xxx ...
P Arbour has demonstrated ...
become more and more refined; expect as a result of the PH, we'll do even better.
estimate when first reading?
Sokol: probably early Feb
reason it will take that long, need to bring forth lane closure, approval process for park and that's a mandatory two- to three-month process
10. Proposed Signalized Intersection on Marine Drive at Main Street, Park Royal (File: 1785-01/0200-20-PRSC1)
RF: the reason item here tonight, on heels of some biz of ccl mtg of July 26; staff seeking endorsement of a bus [priority] lane project on MDr on condition that the at-grade intersection proposal be approved at the same time; while Ccl decided to support the bus priority lane, it felt consideration of the intersection shd be a separate order
just intersection here tonight
PkR has come forth with an applic to replace their westerly vehicular overpass and also a pedestrian overpass with an at-grade signalized intersection
Pk Royal is here with a consultant team who will explain and go through an analysis
point out that this is supported by our OCP as well as our Strategic Transportation Plan in the sense that those plans look forward to the concept of a low level road connector ...bridge, and into DNV
advancing that through the intersection is a piece of the puzzle
NSh Trade Area study also points to need of lower level extension; proposal consistent
other benefits: from a safety, access, and transit perspective
first responders: fire and police, waiting for overpass with light reduce access time
from an accessibility perspective on the west side, where the Village is, there isn't a ped facility that's utilized, the ped overpass there largely ignored, not accessible for ppl with scooters, etc
the Blue Buses and Coast Mtn buses use that overpass to loop around, westerly to easterly, causes some time, cumbersome; layover and looping more easily facilitated by at-grade intersection
wrt PkR devt, from a planning perspective, some lack of certainty along that corridor
impact of such devt on MDr is v important so at this point wd like to turn it over to Dir/Planning before PkR and consulting team
Sokol: MDr near PkR first impression many have of WV; intersection with TWay
great importance -- impression ppl who come and who live here
largely determined by others
Staff feel a three-way partnership: staff, PkR, and SqNation
so WV's needs can be met and recognize Sq Nation's holdings
Rick Amantea: 6411 Argyle, here presenting PkR Shopping Ctr
[10/18/2010 -- text supplied]
Good evening, Madam Mayor and members of council,
I would like to start off by commending staff on their report to council on the proposed intersection on Marine Drive at park royal.  The report not only shows the merits of the intersection from a West Vancouver policy standpoint but addresses the operational enhancements from a police, fire, and community perspective particularly as it relates to pedestrians and those individuals with physical challenges.
When I was last in front of council there was a question of Park Royal's continued support and collaboration on the approved Marine Drive bus priority lane and I want to take this opportunity to assure you Park Royal remains committed to this project and share with council the vision for improved public transportation to and from West Vancouver.
Park Royal has a history of working collaboratively with the West Vancouver community and we are serious about our role as a good corporate citizen.  Whether it's the Spirit Trail, the bridge across sawyee [Sway-wey?] creek connecting the West Vancouver playing fields to the Village at Park Royal or the community space we make available free of charge to community and not-for-profit groups, we continue to recognize and try to do what is right for West Vancouver. .
The role Park Royal plays as the major public transportation hub in West  Vancouver is no less important than our other responsibilities.   We are the only business from the private sector in West Vancouver providing park and ride facilities facilities for transit users.  On average 60 buses a day use our overpasses and property to either loop or layover and as noted in the Bunt Report,  the intersection affords some much needed improvements and efficiencies in this regard.
We also know the traffic we generate at times compounds the congestion experienced at Marine Drive & Taylor Way and that is why during the busy pre-Christmas days in December Park Royal organizes and funds the West Vancouver police officers who endeavour   to maintain some semblance of traffic control at Marine Drive and Taylor Way by directing the heavy volumes of traffic generated by the Sea-to-Sky highway, the ferries, the West Vancouver community and of course, Park Royal shoppers.  We do our part in trying to mitigate traffic issues and believe the recent Marine Drive bus priority and the proposed intersection fall in line with this objective.
Park Royal is not a typical shopping centre.  Our role in the community goes beyond that of our competitors particularly as it relates to non -shopping vehicular traffic on our property.  Many of us use Park Royal's internal roadways and connections to either Taylor Way or the lower level road as a means to circumvent the Marine Drive Taylor Way intersection and in addition to the technical and operational merits associated with the intersection.  It is important for council to consider the proposed intersection as part of the overall road network serving West Vancouver and how it contributes to more efficient use for both shopping and non-shopping traffic.
At the July 26, 2010 council meeting Park Royal was asked to provide more technical information on the proposed intersection and we went away and developed traffic engineering & modelling from Pound Road to Taylor Way including traffic movements connected to the approved bus priority lane.  Among other things the modelling shows how the proposed new intersection allows for the recapture of valuable signal time given away to the advanced bus light at Taylor Way which will be critical in order maintain existing conditions. 
The traffic modelling also addresses existing and future needs including incremental growth for future development like cinemas, restaurants, retail, and residential which is outlined our traffic consultant's report.
In addition to traffic, council asked that we come back with more details on the improvements and beautification to Marine Drive and while this is still a work in progress requiring further staff input, we can show how the intersection lends itself to connecting neighbourhoods and provides for a more inviting gateway experience to West Vancouver .
Public consultation was the other item council wanted addressed and in addition to the policy and planning work already done by West Vancouver, Park Royal consulted with the community on the intersection at the September 2nd and 4th public information meetings held by TransLink.  The results from the questionnaires filled out during the public information presentations show, two thirds of respondents supporting the intersection as outlined in staff's report to council.
We have consulted with the West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce and their board of directors provided mayor & council with a letter of support for the intersection from a West Vancouver business perspective.
Additionally, staff consulted with the North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues and they have approved in principle the new intersection and requested input into the final design.
There is however, one item that Park Royal is not in a position to address and that's the staff recommendation on consultation with the District's Design Review Committee and council with respect to future development on Park Royal South lands that forms part of the recommendations in front of council this evening.  This is a matter for the two governments to agree on and although Park Royal is supportive of a design review process that represents the interests of both jurisdictions, we have no authority to agree or bind either the Squamish Nation or West Vancouver to such an undertaking.  We believe this matter is best handled as part of your government to government relationship and understand the Squamish Nation and West Vancouver are both inclined to advance this process.
In closing, we trust council will consider the proposed intersection not only on its technical and operational merits but also in the context of Park Royal's role in West Vancouver's road network and connectivity to our adjacent neighbours, the Spirit Trail, and a more seamless urban transition to Ambleside.
As you wish Madam Mayor, I am happy to answer any questions council might have or turn the microphone over to Peter Joyce from Bunt & Associates for his report on the traffic engineering.
{One tiny note: in the penultimate paragraph there is reference to binding the SqN but this was never mentioned or referred to; just binding PkR}
Peter Joyce: principal with Bunt and Associates; do have slides
ev familiar with west overpass; the east overpass remains
SLIDES full left-turn lanes
why change? over 700/hr and that number is growing
narrow sidewalks; substandard and unsafe

{hm, I had heard that the overpass was getting old and needed to be replaced; that might cost millions.
A crosswalk with signal is MUCH cheaper!}

transit constrained by ... and storage,
particularly ...... best for two buses at best; won't be able to accommodate
benefits: travel from S have to mix in
        multiple intersections, single-land overpass, xxx ...
intersection has the ability to draw left-turn traffic away
often back up and restricts movement
direct access instead use intersection rather than overpass
imp b/c with bus priority phase, will take add'l green time from MDr and TW
so providing more flexibility at intersection
... possible at crossing grade
sidewalk crossing with benefit of traffic signal
less congestion for emergency vehicles
slide showing routing

{watching animation of cars moving; impressively smooth -- just marvellous that there's a gap just as a car wants to turn left.  They'll make a fortune selling those wands!}

increase by half a minute; little change eastbound
av vehicle queue during peak traffic periods both east- and west-bound
went beyond conventional traffic analysis; ... east through the 11th St
simulation model includes peak, Sept back to school period
did do Aug, back-to-school shopping traffic
factored 15% up from Aug
video of how we expect intersection to work through to 11th including bus
intersection not entirely coordinated to TW, there will be times the platoon will xxx and that gives increase of half a minute
can answer questions or can hand over to Mark Vaughn re landscaping
MV: of Vaughn Landscape designs
ped access and beautification of MDr
as Mr Fung pointed out not well used xxx
confusing traffic xxx
look at same ped network for mobility-challenged
there is no network for them to cross
makes unmanageably long walk to shop (for groceries)

{as pointed out to me, someone having trouble walking is NOT going to walk across to shop let alone manage to carry groceries back as well....  however no doubt those on motorized wheelchairs can do so.}

... get quite a nice rhythm and flow
Ev Dr, Spirit Trail crossing
goal to create a rich crossing experience connect to PkR towers
safety and improving quality of life, healthy lifestyle; this intersection brings many opps
redo the blvd and remove the chainlink fence
xxx fence; proper tree (??) xxx
planting right into...; entrance into...
another blockage of view -- getting rid of overpass, better view
to create a shorter block; studies show safer, slows down cars, better sense of cmnty in that space
ped corridor depends on this xxx
as a cyclist if you take the low road you always have to take that overpass; b/c of steepness have to have speed and blind corner
creating better cmnty driving force
Mayor: ten mbrs of public; know Ccl eager to get into this
Gordon Ward Hall, sorry I called you for the wrong item earlier
GWH: not going to discuss the traffic probs
one thing I have problem with this, is that the bylaw limits approval to staff
don't think any Ccl shd xxx
it's not part of the bylaws, to limit approvals in their area
Eleanor Minish: prop owner of WV, in construction, at present living in NV
in favour of the proposed intersection
like many spend a lot of time shopping at PkR, maybe too much
a little archaic only xxx
give sq ft
PkR manages the traffic v well, however it will get worse
will help burden on the intersection
safety no 1 priority; gives better access to all in the mall; this alone gives credence
xxx greater if extended to PkR
finally allow us to remove the less than attractive than the chainlink fence
my chn encourage to use bus lane
with current.... great opp PkR off MDr; perhaps eliminate bottleneck going into PkR-S
really need a better intersection and I believe an alternating one wd be better
Bill Park: in favour of intersection
history with PkR, with team until 1995, moved back to Vancouver from Boston to be involved
four years
active bystander, really admire communication with WV, bit xxx at that time
just speaking as a mbr of the WV cmnty
glad to see it proceeding; thought it wd ten years ago; needed addition
Gary Mussatto: reside in NV; wd like to read into the record; the 2010 board letter
Mayor: whose 2010 Board?
GM: 2010 Board of Directors of the WV Chamber of Commerce

{letter read out; he's Prez of WVChamber; one way to handle this -- letters not listed and no Public Correspondence section so read out the letter!}

support, endorsed by Board
the intersection offers safer, more efficient deliveries, etc than current overpass
reduction of use of MDr by buses that cannot use the overpass
enhances biz in WV
Sammy Sign (Singh?): Dir of Roads with TransLink; few comments then can answer
thank you for partnering with us; looking forward to completion of construction  [bridge]
we support; any major change we review; as Dir/Fung said, signif benefits for our buses and wd like to see this happen
from a longer perspective, added redundancy good low level road
Mayor: thank you for being here tonight
Paige Skol (???): lived in WV for 47 years and driven Blue Buses for 31 years
looking at both sides, looks like a win-win
going to have much better ped movement; got ppl trying to break through the chainlink...
PkR complimented on how financing; not going to cost the taxpayer a dime
Dorothy Pearson: live at PkRoyal Towers; v much in favour of the removal of the overpass
wondered why not more accidents at that junction
better for both cars and walkers; the present overpass is not convenient...
residents of the Towers will be pleased to have a crosswalk to the Village, been asking for for years
overpass takes long time for fire dept to reach
{v nice lady, went back to her seat walking with a cane.  A resident commented to me that it's unlikely seniors "mobility-challenged" as an earlier speaker said wd walk that far for groceries let alone be able carry them back.}
Ray Richards: live on MDr; wonder if they'd considered an underpass
don't see these lights, with all due respect to traffic consultants; heard all this before about follow better on bridge; can see surface crossing for peds with all these lights
think you shd look at an underpass for peds
David Thomas: 1480 Duchess
like to applaud PkR for ..... this initiative and for bearing the financial resp
sev times a week pleasure of visiting Whole Foods and the displeasure for going back to go home
xxx much quicker than anticipate
support this traffic signal where this spaghetti
Sheryl Panfoo: was a resident mgr of Park Royal Towers for [four?] years
grew to know some of the 1000 residents
what my nbrs wd say four years?
dangers and difficulties daily; affect all the deliveries and visitors; seniors and families with chn
the only crosswalk two or three blocks away is an eight-block walk to doctor
80-yr-old holding umbrella to stop traffic
turning left is ... xxx extremely confusing traffic pattern to say the least
not a day went by without hearing brakes; anxious driver to make turn....
rolling over sev times after impact
wd be infinitely better from this POV
whenever congestion on MDr, use the overpass
traffic clogs up overpass, making diff to cross
understand some drivers irritated to make an extra stop but benefits far more outweigh
therefore I support the intersection
Phil Boname: 3666 MDr, here to strongly endorse the recommendations of your staff
40 yrs of experience driving east-west on MDr to go downtown
over 1000 projects in Canada throughout NAm and abroad
frequent patron of PkR so familiar with how public walk/park
hope you all have had a chance to review the staff report in detail, esp the net benefits
limit my remarks to four general improvements
surprised a freq use, not more accidents; due to the politeness and courtesy of the drivers
will be increased xxx safety
secondly: increased traffic flows across MDr; I speak not only for my son who is disabled but for xxx
thirdly, shd lead to a more orderly.... expansions
urban and aesthetically looking
cannot speak strongly enough of the importance for the X and planning
final soln, east-west lower road intersect with MDr
improve to xxx
Sop: will make a motion then speak if I get a seconder
I'm going to move that the parties get together govt to govt
mutual forms
2 the report recommending be returned to Ccl
Mayor: is there a seconder?
SW: I'll second
Sop: a lot of what ifs
certainly ppl with experience and don't have a prob with that
the bridge over Cap is not finished so don't know what traffic pattern will be
don't know what will ensue from 12000
{referring to SqN devt of highrises on their land, east side of PkR?}
not a xxx
the MDr corridor, the responsibility, is on the shoulders of PkR
some within PkR need shaping up
I sat at McDonald's and counted 800 cars
Mayor: believe you shd be speaking to govt to govt
Sop: speaking to need for
something that works xxx
wdn't.... Bunt and Associates
look rather intriguing but traffic as much as we see today
in order to get around this, we shd look at the entire area from the bridgehead including another crossing
through all this discussion come up with a serious plan for 20 to 25 years
rather than isolating to a traffic light to immediate needs
can't veto PkR or Sq but we can over MDr
sit down, look at overall schematics and drawing
my opening
SW: I appreciate all the presentations, .... and informative
imp that PkR, District, and SqN come together
south; involved in north now
xxx safety and xxx POV; so many issues wrt xxx
I was on the north side of the mall, let's get into the south and my seven-year-old said let's walk ...
did and took three minutes; good but in ??? way
Ev: I too wd like to comment PkR
the modelling has not been before Ccl before IOW we haven't been privy to
consultation but lacking, a bit lacking for me
specific question for Mr Joyce
in the model you carefully pointed out traffic along MDr but there are two pinchpoints, the two crossroads immediately south of the intersection
they're pretty chaotic at the best of times
your model didn't appear to engage traffic through those pinchpoints
Mr Joyce: certainly
wanted to bring out xxx and the bus lane
we recog fully the four-way stop adjacent to McD is not suitably configured close to a signal
so a stop sign; remove the one there now and one of other three; don't want to stop going south
presently xxx
we believe that side shd be right turns in and out only, you won't be able to turn left
that wd be routed further south, or to backside of the shopping ctr
by Home Depot and Starbucks a victim of its own success; peds are actually controlling the intersection; takes one ped to hold up the traffic
exploring ways
contemplating another signal; provide some control over when peds move
think these are things that are coming forward
you're quite right they do need attention, and will be coming forward
MS: will again start by talking about process
applic, work with staff, report to us, recommending approval
spoken in favour of plans
one about weird working xxx
Richards about underpass
had TransLink, nbrs, xxx
all in favour of this project and now come up with govt to govt
we do need to
need to attack the federal deficit
wd like to see us confine our discussion to intersection
approve it
need to tweak some of the wording
Mr Dozzi, if we decide to take out the traffic light at 24th and Marine
presume we'd have a right to do?
nod? take that as a yes
all we need is to take parts of this
down the road if not working out, Ccl of the day, cd make a different decision
looking at this, can see no reason not to approve it
Mayor: if motion is defeated can look at recommendation
wd not recommend Pt b
TP: transit ridership had increased by 21% ... and x by X%
essential; trend is we need better access to that transit wch this does
new transportation plan presented to us and this puts ppl first
bikes and buses; third movement of goods, and sgl-occ vehicle
when Amb gateway project done some issue with bike riders using that -- how transition that
dedicated bike lane and buses, not sure they work well together
P Joyce: guess wd view the signalized intersection as the first step
replacement of the steep grade overpasses, cyclists east-west instead of having to negotiate driveways, gaps, that will be regulated, good for peds and cyclists
what do you do with cyclists on MDr?
does provide in east direction; less [sic] than 30 buses an hour during peak
cyclists almost enjoy a lane to themselves
this intersection is the first step; moving forward improve for cyclists in years to come
TP: seven main themes: to success need to foster stronger partnerships with all of our cmnty mbrs
wrt Sop's motion, not sure but in future must be in long-term visioning
ML: I'm feeling a bit managed this evening
prob with the true implications of the devt by the Sq Nation, what that's going to mean
alternate transp route, where enter
don't know if the right place on MDr, certainly facilitates devt on the south side of PkR for xxx
most of this can be done whether an overpass or not
replacing chainlink with metal not a big?? xxx
this intersection is not that far west of the existing one
when I walk along MDr want to branch out -- to Village on right, to London Drugs on left
any alternate east-west route
next to Home Depot and xxx, doesn't make any logical sense to me
not Pound Road?
xxx crossing, crossing,
my word, starting to look a bit like Kingsway
not sure this is the entrance to WV residents are looking for
Sop's suggestion
not even sure a ground crossing is xxx
Mayor: I think your replacement is supportable
but in PkR
do that first or to SqN
either way, Ccl has to make a definitive decision; have to recognize how far we've come
replacement of the Cap bridge, the main complaint since I've been mayor
Falcon said DWV wd hv to pay 1/3
xxx and this is the third piece, connection with the low level road
tremendous effort, more by NV
more for WV to be able to circumvent that intersection
no jurisdiction over SqN; just as working with NV and fed govt; for Ccl this is a major policy decision and way to make decision
the Bunt report, xxx decision, cinema and xxx
certainly better relations after our mtg last week, with SqN
Harold Callan reads: xxx
reciprocal devt...  Shoppers ... not redundant
a lot of work has gone into this and shd have been
$2M investment by PkR
certainly not Kingsway, more like 11th to 13th
if Sop's defeated, and go to Smith's wd still insert "xxx"
doesn't matter deciding tonight or in two weeks
don't want anyone to think we're opposed xxx
Sop: Cclr Smith was totally opposed!
MS: but listened to the public
Sop, perplexed/frustrated: go figure!
growth; add'l police force; flow in and around
nothing has been put down and explained to Ccl where all this traffic and how going to flow
no public process with diff scenarios; xxx
then WV citizens, never the twain have met
point out one intersection to have it an absolute necessity, a false premise
I ask you to look at the seriousness, under this new fed legislation with Sq N
prov govt wants the local govts to be informed
close the regulatory gap, playing field
prov will ask anticipated popn growth, add'l demands on xxx
info on any consultation?  and the outcome?
we cannot veto, prov cannot veto; if large expansion look at xxx
not a traffic light to solve all the probs
gridlock; remember we still have three-lane bridge
some think it will go away with a light
SW: Q for Mr Dozzi; if we approve tonight will the District still have some input on the design?
BDozzi: we have committed to come back through Planning Dept and ACDI
Mayor: just reading part 2
staff sign off?
SW: xxx
Ev: adding to that, we don't appear to have adequately modelled those other two intersections
be part of design proposal
Mayor: stick with motion on the floor, depending on how that goes ...
Dep CAO: part a and b are not enforceable
1 and the majority of 2 proceed
and Cclr So's more conciliatory
therefore wd read instead of condition, opportunity
a and b
MS: call Q on Sop's
Mayor: trying to see where we'll go
Ev: read
Mayor: mutual forms:
we may add that as part three if fails
following; be returned to Ccl
Sop's motion defeated; and will go to Ccl Smith for motion
1.   Consistent with the District's Official Community Plan (OCP), Strategic Transportation Plan, and the federal North Shore Trade Area Study, Council [approve] in principle a street level crossing from Park Royal Shopping Centre South to Park Royal Shopping Centre North across the DWV's dedicated highway known as Marine Drive, subject to the following:
(a) negotiation and making of a [licence] of occupation agreement to permit the level crossing over Marine Drive under Part 3 of the Community Charter; and
(b) a condition of the continuation of the [licence] of occupation being that all future development of Park Royal Shopping Centre South be subject to:
(i) consistency with the District's OCP development permit guidelines for built form and neighbourhood character for Park Royal Shopping Centre; and
(ii) [ ] consultation with the District's Design Review Committee and Council as appropriate, but not approved by the Design Review Committee or Council.; and
2. With agreement on such a [licence] of occupation, Council [authorize] staff to approve detailed design drawings for the intersection, including landscaping and signalization design, subject to conformance to District standards and requirements.
safety; no one's spoken in the negative
SW: think it's a logical addn to PkR
Ev: ask Mr Dozzi whether mine shd be included re discussions
BDozzi: imp part of the puzzle
so don't impact intersection on MDr; have done some analysis
don't think we need to add it to the model
commit to Ccl that those improvements will be contingent on the project xxx
Sop: what about consultation with SqN? gridlock?
some semblance of sanity
Mayor: invitation from Chief Gibby....
PASSES with Lewis and Sop opposed
[half left Chamber]
11. Comments on Draft Metro Regional Growth Strategy (File:  0185-01)
Sokol gave background: work on many drafts
in general Ms more flexibility in reaching goals, meet local needs and issues of regional importance
will jump to some history
SLIDES regional strategy was adopted 1996?
identified above 1200 ft below Cypress Park under M's jurisdiction
Upper Lands Study 2001
most in green zone, now recreation conservation
restrict devt but may allow devt if xxx features
2010 Growth meets
2800 conservation/recreation, and below 1200ft urban; up to Ms to designate
MetroV had indicated to NV that a hotel on Grouse Mtn wd be consistent with recreation use
illustration of flexibility Ms have
WV has two years to decide how to manage
last piece of flexibility given, not have to be consistent, hv to be generally consistent
meet our goals
Mayor: just as your rep on the Board; WV is asking for two years to align our.... with regional
so this buys us time
question is whether this Ccl best to manage xxx
my experience, when M comes and says this better, Board has supported but this cd change with the Bd
We need two years to work on this and Board understands and supports this
Ev moved: THAT
1.  Ccl [affirm] that the District supports the Sept 3 Draft Metro Regional Growth Strategy and recommends adoption of the Strategy by the Metro Board.
2.  Ccl direct staff to submit the letter to Metro on WV's comments on the Sept 3 Draft Metro Regional Growth Strategy as outlined in the Oct 8 report from the Director of Planning, Lands and Permits entitled, "Comments on Draft Metro Regional Growth Strategy".
TP: always been interest in Upper Lands xxx
Parks WG doing an exceptional job; they'll have the xxx
Sop: we've done an excellent job protecting these lands and don't think we need the MetroV to tell us what to do
have never and will never support devt above 1200ft
may go down 6 to 1 again but
we have a history looking after this area
no ... with GVRD; thank you v much, Metro
Mayor: we have minimal, if not backwards, popn growth
insurance ...  they don't understand that we're not ...... and smaller footprint; but that's b/c xxx
12. Secondary Suites - October 2010 Report (File:  1605-20)
Sokol: third quarter report
200? and 96 approved; bit of rush at end of Sept
signif lower than sec stes in cmnty, we estimated 6 - 700 so ...

{v funny; some realtors think 6000 sec stes in WV (even if half, still signif); some residents tell me that all new houses have a sec ste in the basement AND the basement is designed such that its area is not included in the calculation for the FAR.  Looks like we still have a way to go to close that loophole; we closed the one on some decks/balconies not being included so why not this?  or at least some modification to reduce 'monster' appearance, not to mention regulations needed for safety plus quality of life re traffic and parking.  Heard recently but not verified that NV requires percentage/addition of park land if such an increase in density/popn.  Worth exploring.  In the meantime, there are streets now that are one-lane b/c of parking on both sides of the street.  That needs to be addressed.  Parking on odd dates odd sides and even dates even side?}

DNV 390 est another 4K CNV 69 approved and not sure of how many not registered
with all these why not registering?
many not seeing the advantage, what if I don't save on fee
possibility a large number of those stes are not in dwellings that are owner-occupied, represents a significant number
trying to address these issues.
in order to ... bring forward
get them to come without full upgrade to safety codes xxx
until Mar 2011 and if they don't come, then will have to .... BC Bldg code
Second change is to amend for non-occupier sec stes as along as local contacts
some hv bn here for five and ten years, here b/c no one's been complaining
in past didn't go out if no one complaining
we fully believe sec stes not affordable but source of less expensive housing
staff will provide quarterly reports and make recommended changes
if not enough coming forward, will not allow
if too many non-owner-occupied stes
recognize so can inspect so safe and good place for ppl to live
ones that came forward non-conforming xxx allowed
[explained more re recommendations 3 and 4]
Mayor: I know Ccl doesn't want to go past 10pm  --  so brief
MS: pay attention Cclr Sop
Gordon Ward Hall: against non-owner occupied suites
making money one, two, three
chalk and cheese
you've mentioned benefits, owner in the home with the sec ste
I believe these other places shd be regarded as a sep bylaw, not sec stes, don't believe they are
there are two in our area
read what Planning put in, lack of prop maintenance is a gen concern......
the worst kept home in our nbrhd is one of these; owner hasn't been around for years, at least two stes
going to happen; shd be a sep bylaw
the sec ste bylaw we have now good
non-owners they are rental properties, boarding houses
don't include them in this bylaw, you're weakening it ...
Ray Richards: MDr, in amongst the block with duplexes
one non-owner occupied three units
rat's nest trying to keep away
these things shdn't be allowed
a duplex two units on a sgl lot 55ft wide usu and where I live each unit is occupied by a sr couple but five, or
[text supplied:]
I wish to describe to you how the District taxes DUPLEX UNITS. And compare this to how I understand the District proposes to tax a second dwelling unit on a residential lot I.E a suite.
     A Duplex Building is a single building housing two residential units, usually side-by-side but sometimes one above the other, on a single lot that is usually 16.76 meters, 55 feet, wide. Where I live each unit is occupied by a senior couple, however, 5 of the 10 nearby units are occupied by a single senior.   The so-called secondary suites are also a second residential unit on a single residential lot, they are essentially a duplex..
     Each unit of a duplex building is taxed as a single family residence with a separate assessment for land and for the portion of the building allotted to that unit. A secondary suite is not separately taxed. Why not?
     Each duplex unit must have a separate water meter and each one was charged $600 for the meter.   A secondary suite is not required to have a separate water meter. Why not?
     Each duplex unit, even if there is only one senior residing in it, must pay the minimum quarterly charge for water for a single family residence.  A secondary suite is not required to pay the minimum quarterly charge for water. Why not?
     Each duplex unit must pay the base sewer minimum quarterly charge for a single family residence.  A secondary suite does not pay the base sewer charge. Why not?
     Each duplex unit must pay the base drainage levy for a single family residence even though it takes up only =BD of a normal lot with about =BD of the roof area. A secondary suite does not pay the base drainage levy. Why not?
     Each duplex unit must pay the quarterly waste charge for a single family residence even though the unit might not be occupied for much of the year or occupied by a single senior who does not usually have even one-half a can of garbage.  A secondary suite does not pay the quarterly waste charge even though it creates additional waste. Why not?
     Each duplex unit must pay the quarterly recycling fee applicable to a single family residence. A secondary suite does not pay the quarterly recycling fee. Why not?
     Each duplex unit must have a natural gas meter and pay a basic monthly charge plus the commodity charge. A secondary suite is not required to have a natural gas meter and thus escapes other additional charges. Why not?
     Each duplex unit must have an electricity meter and pay a basic charge in addition to the usage charge and the daily regional transit levy. A secondary suite does not have an electricity meter and thus escapes the basic charge and the transit levy. Why?
   It is quite apparent that all residential taxpayers not living in secondary suites will be subsidizing the owners and occupiers of secondary suites.  The District has been asked to explain why they have made this distinction and so far have not replied.
Aiden? Campbell: thank all of you for your concern and compassion in re-examining sec stes, esp where non-owner
been curious as to how many complaints in past months, years
don't think there've been many
urge you to support No 1
many wrote to you after my letter to you in Aug; efforts in revolving this unintended problem
Mayor: motion?
ML moved: think one by one.
Mayor: read them all then we'll vote separately
ML moved: THAT
1.   Council direct staff to prepare a zoning bylaw amendment to remove the owner occupancy requirement for homes with secondary suites, but to require that non-owner occupied suites must have a designated local contact who is managing the rental and will facilitate resolution of any issues that arise.
2.   Council direct staff to not enforce the owner occupancy requirement for secondary suites -- as per Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, Section 31-109.1(4) until a final Council decision is made regarding the zoning bylaw amendment pertaining to the owner occupancy requirement for homes with secondary suites.
3.   Council direct staff to prepare a building bylaw amendment to formally establish the alternative life safety standards for existing secondary suites and to set March 31, 2011 as the date by which a secondary suite application must be filed for an existing suite to qualify for application of the alternative life safety standards.
4.   Council direct staff to prepare an amendment to the Fees and Charges bylaw to establish an annual fee of $450 for a non-owner occupied dwelling with a secondary suite to cover the additional administrative costs of monitoring such suites.
Mayor: No 1?
Ev: how do we define contact? someone who lives on the NShore?
Sokol: someone we can reach on the phone somewhere in the Lower Mainland.
Sop: what is the legal requirement of a designated local contact wrt legal responsibility?
rental agent resp for a grow-op now so contact legally bound?
Sokol: as part of the bylaw will draw out responsibilities
Mayor: have a Sec Ste, adapting as we learn; we have a good-nbr policy
in our experience, always been against owner-occupied
Sokol: want to point out this is not the bylaw this is approving
Mayor: 2 CARRIES
wrt 3, I have a question; understand it's an incentive; if we get 300, can't process by March, be reasonable?
Sokol: not approved [by March], the date is based on application
Ev: maybe one reason, you may smile
a lot of sec stes out there -- do they know what it is?
brochure, web, provide to anyone who walks in?
cd make av to public, make xxx
make clearer to the public
Mayor: 4th $100 more if non-owner occupied?
Sokol: yes, recommendation of staff
13. Rezoning and Development Permit Application 10-035 for 1305 Marine Drive (Shell Gas Station) (File:  1010-20-10-035)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report from the Senior Community Planner and the Manager of Community Planning dated October 7 be received for information.
Mayor: is this being approved by staff?
Sokol: it's a rezoning so it will come back to Ccl
Sop: this was turned down a couple of years ago
this stn is valuable; many ppl use it; some elderly they always help them, will they all be out of work?
Mayor: changing?
Sop: yes tearing it down and putting pumps
putting in a market and pumps 'fabulous' gateway to WV
turned it down in past
if Shell smart, world-class scenario, look at what we're dong
but to put ppl out of work and send to NV, is disgusting
Geri Boyle: applic is not to have the repair component, just fuel dispensing and the store
Mayor: Cclr Smith, c'mon!
MS: I have to admit I can't think of anything nicer at the entrance to the cmnty
go over in my mind, can think of seven have closed and put pressure
ESSO and this Shell the largest
a lot want us to bike and live by candle light but most of us like to drive a car
exciting, self-serve store, upgraded to ...
Mayor: I voted against it b/c it was ugly red, yellow
and they came back no more chairs bolted into
envmtal upgrades; water-oil separator; LEED standard; biofuel; and they said no head office wdn't but now they will
wrt redo of 13th/Amb is a xxx
this proposal much better than two years ago
call the q
Sop: two yeas ago
what is magnificent about pumps????
new direction for WV invigorating and stylish
Mayor: this--
Sop: if they wanted to do something right
Mayor: can't wait for Smith
Sop: he's in the biz he shd know
Mayor: xxx
14. Tax Exemption Bylaw No. 4660, 2010 (2011 Permissive Tax Exemption) (File:  1610-20-4660)
                Adopted; This Bylaw received three readings at the October 4, Council Meeting.
15. Consent Agenda Items
The following [listed] Consent Agenda items may be considered separately or in one recommendation.
RECOMMENDED: be approved:
SW moved all:
15.1. Development Variance Permit Application No. 10-043 (1220 Duchess Avenue) (to set date for consideration) (File:  1010-20-10-043)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the M Clerk give notice that the DVP Application to allow floor area within the attic of an existing house to be retained, will be considered on Monday, November 15
15.2. Proposal by Data and Audio Visual Enterprises (DAVE) Wireless to Install a Wireless Tower on Highway Right-of-Way near 26th Street (File:  0135-03)
1. The report dated October 5 from the Community Planner and the Manager Community Planning regarding the proposal to install a wireless pole and antenna near 26th street and the Upper Levels highway be received for information; and
2. Staff prepare for Council consideration by mid December 2010, and public review in January 2011, an updated Personal Communications System (PCS) Antennae Site Approval Process Policy.
15.3. TransLink Customer Service Performance Report for Quarter 2, 2010 (File:  1305-05)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated Oct 8 from the Transit Manager be received for information.
15.4. Development Application Status Report to October 8, 2010 (File:  1010-01)
RECOMMENDED: be received for information.
Mayor: Sop 15.2 and Ev 15.3
Sop: re cell towers; I know Cclr Lewis works for BC Tel and knows more
shd be attached to already existing posts so don't have to come up with xxx
years ago made clear we don't want these near residences
remote areas but this is top of 26th so staff take serious look
ML: why not co-locate, why need for their own?
Geri Boyle: it's a financial arrangement
diff services if I'm a company and I have a pole, can they reach an agreement on price for another
ML: not convinced another company then we have a proliferation of cell towers
we have them in place now
GB: think it's a valid concern, we have raised the idea of colocation
they say they have talked to some of the other companies but not getting a warm fuzzy feeling; surprising number of companies licences, getting into market place
see xxx
Mayor: move extend mtg till close of biz
MS: till?
Mayor: know there are ppl in gallery wanting to speak
MS: 10:20
Mayor: okay
Sokol: 10pm
Mayor: see
policy, will application come back to Ccl
GB: we've taken will be
is that jurisdictional issue
Ev: 15.3 shd mention this report, excellent and give credit to the service
{Thought Bubble: Why didn't/doesn't DWV give permission for poles/cell towers only if shared thus avoiding proliferation.}
16. No items.  This place reserved for Correspondence!
Bizarrely, the letters on the DWV website have been moved yet again.  I checked the last five weeks and found one week that can be copy and pasted (other weeks there in way they can't be), so here's one:
Action Required
(1) September 14, 2010, regarding Lot 4, 5 and 15 Block B and Extension of Electrical Power to Cabin
        (Referred to Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits for consideration and response)
(2) Amalgamated Transit Union, September 1, 2010, regarding Support in Recognizing the Vulnerability of Transit Workers
        (Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for report)
For Information
(3) Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
        (a) Board of Variance Hearing Minutes - July 21, 2010
        (b) Design Review Committee Minutes - July 22, 2010
(4) September 15, 2010, regarding Parking Restrictions at John Lawson Park
(5) Union of British Columbia Municipalities, September 10, 2010, regarding RCMP Contract Update - Background Information
(6) BC Hydro, September 3, 2010, regarding Funding Available for Electric Beautification Projects
(7) August 27, 2010, regarding Secondary Suites (Loss of Affordable Housing due to implementation of Secondary Suites bylaw)
(8) Metro Vancouver, September 3, 2010, Request for Comments on Draft Regional Growth Strategy (September 2010)
(9) Forrest Marine Ltd., undated, regarding Fraser River Hall of Fame Gala Dinner
(10) Columbia Institute, September 7, 2010, regarding Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)
(11) 4 submissions regarding Sunset Point and Sea to Sky Highway Traffic Noise
(The following correspondence was submitted at the September 13, 2010 Council Meeting)
(a) September 13, 2010
(b) September 13, 2010
(c) Petition original, September 10, 2010 (with attached letters)
(d) Petition for Highway Noise Complaints, September 10, 2010 (with attached letters)
Responses to Correspondence  --  No items.
{THE LATEST: Oct 4 - 8: Wetmore, Taylorwood; 21st St calming; Library refit schedule; list of resolutions passed by UBCM; Oct 12 - 15: Of course more letters on Wetmore and Taylorwood, also one from DNV re Integrated Liquid Waste Water and Resource Mgmt plan saying they passed it.}
Mayor: just go down the list (of correspondence)
Ev: xxx re mosquitoes
slippery slope; need to examine issue quite thoroughly; pest control of that nature
DepCAO: I have the pleasure
strong issue x years ago
your own catch basin standing
UBC ...  effects ... can look at site-specific issue
not where we feel shd be focused
Mayor: and if it were. Health wd notify us
Sop: on 16.4, we passed a Devt Permit with a sec ste
nbr concerned about trees in the blvd
question re trees had to be there, staff said they had to be
where's the policy planting trees 25 to 30 ft where in bylaw?
Sokol: in general policy planting trees in blvd
looked at; originally a 20ft tree; looked at with arborist so 15ft and that's what was included
Sop: policy to plant tees in blvds
block their view
16.2 support Panz
re China's and India's energy policies
shipping coal to these agencies
we're trying to meet a deadline of X% emissions, those who don't voluntarily cut back -- xxx
is there legislation that requires mandatory
thought not
CO2 prog in place nobody forced
Eagle Island take on themselves to do
around us, US, what are we going to end up with?
in our little world here with prevailing winds, xxx
Mayor: xxx and my Montreal, report back
nothing onerous but report back; thank you for reminding us about that
SW: moved to receive correspondence as written
Mayor: speed reporting!
Ev: v successful heritage and harvest day Sunday and dedication to Peter Jones for wonderful work he did some years ago
perhaps you'd like to report about Wed First Nations
Mayor: Eleanor Jones, his wife, situated the plaque this morning where she wished to see it, family v happy; really great day
re UBCM conference of a couple of weeks ago, two v gd mtgs, one with Minister Penner wrt Lions' Gate sewage treatment plant and the amt of work we have to do there and the amt we wish to do with NV, the Sq Nation, Metro, the prov and fed govts and the commitment of dep ministers, both in the Cmnty Services ministry and the Min of the Envmt to work with us and they're plsed to see the leadership role the local govts are taking on the NShore
Secondly with Minister Abbott particularly wrt our relnship with the SqN and the changes the First Nations Commercial and Industrial Devt Act will bring
think he was surprised we've been following along and trying to build our relnship with the SqN
re the TransLink Mayors Ccl: two mtgs; one Cclr Ev was with me at, more general, kind of an interesting presentation by the TransLink Bd saying to the mayors that their existing sources of revenue completely tapped out so need to go into a public consultation process around property taxation and the vehicle levy in order to raise the funding in order to pay for the borrowing for the Evergreen Line
The MFA's largest source of debt is TransLink yet we as those responsible for prop taxes don't even have any authority, so they're using our great credit rating without [our] really getting to have v much say about policy or priorities
so Mayors were v clear
we had a subsequent mtg, just the mayors; decided to give a msg v clearly to the Bd that we wd not support their public consultation process on prop taxation
in spite of that that's what they're going to do, so it's frustrating but we are united in that regard; there will be more to come
wrt our Sq N Forum last week, hosted by UBC, really good hosted by Mark Forsythe [CBC]
over 400 ppl, largest attendance UBC has ever had for one of its Dialogues
feedback been v good
trying to allow our cmnty to learn about SqN and where they're going
think the devt first going to happen on SqN land will be at Burrard St bridge, Vancouver will deal with that; we have time as leaders on the NSh to learn how this will affect this and put together a proper way of working together in place
did ask Chief Jacob how this was going to work b/c legislation drafted and passed by all parties at the fed level
through Victoria now and all eyes in the country are on the SqN both from the local govt perspective and the First Nations perspective
all we can do is work together on the ground; and Minister Abbott said the irony is you really had no say in any of it but it will be happening, and it will work based on your relnship with the SqN
think we're off to a good start and we've got a lot to learn
Finally spent Sat in Vic learning about changes to the Police Act
b/c we have been so affected in WV by a poorly written Complaints Section of the Police Act, it's important to us to understand how there are broader, less formal, ways for ppl to make complaints about a Police Dept.  Means will increase expenses b/c will have to train ppl better, require hire probably more legal counsel; all local can expect to be running a little bit more expensive Police Depts but there's a mandatory mediation component now for minor complaints -- those get dealt with and don't turn into big investigations wch is good
We were affected by this in WV and you'll be pleased to know if there's a complaint against you as a police ofcr, resigning doesn't get you out of it; you will still be investigated and it will go on your service record
the other thing, been tricky for me, is that the board chair is the discipline authority if there's a complaint against the chief
I asked when I was in the situation if we cd pls appoint a special prosecutor, thought it wd be better for the process
Those weren't the rules, but they allowed us to do that, and now that's a matter of course
we've had an impact through some of our v tough lessons
The other piece is that the Police Complaints Commissioner and the Dept doing the investigation will be providing something called contemporaneous oversight, only a bureaucracy cd think that up, but it means they're talking to one another as it goes
Before, the Police Complaints Commissioner wd say, here's the issue and not weigh in until the end, and that sometimes confusing, so I think the good communication throughout is much better
sorry I missed that one mtg but been doing things on cmnty's behalf on other levels of govt and I think that's good for the cmnty.
Any further reports?
MS: opening of the Amb child care ctr, funded by three levels of govt
congratulate our staff who pulled that together, wishing the Amb  child care ctr the best of luck in the future
Mayor: for sure, absolutely beautiful, and it's great that the chn have such a first class facility
Mayor:  Public Questions and Comments. Mr John McPhail
Sop:  May I preamble just a second or two
Mayor: no; just don't want to take away from the public's precious time then we'll go to you afterwards
Sop: his letter's lengthy so--
Mayor: then let's turn it over to him
JMcPh: re noise; we've joined the petition
frustration with the District trying to get sewers on Pasco Rd
dealing ... only without xxx ... one of our residents has
last issue
was going to read a letter we've addressed to Min of Transport
level of frustration
ppl out; to get resolved; ask come down, walk with us, see
Mayor: one question for Mr Fung
RF: two
Mayor: one is sewer
RF: met a couple of times, Finance and staff to explain process to get
last time ...  might have bn misunderstanding how to
wiling to go over v carefully so residents can
so can be considered a local improvement on their side
re Local Improvement Bylaw by staff, the bylaw hasn't been updated since 1992
since don't come up often
doesn't allow local sewer to qualify
so staff have come work to allow
Mayor: need five minutes
RF: wrt noise Ministry, had mtg with Ansell
Min has committed to undertaking another noise study
when prev readings taken in contrast with what District staff took
Mayor Pasco included?
RF: no
Mayor: have them together
Cclr Sop to xxx
appreciate your being here; not sure how far we'll get
when Ansell Place residents...  good
JMcPh: appreciate your concern
Mayor:  [thx]
19.  ADJOURNMENT  [~ 10:23]

===  CCL MTG AGENDA Nov 1st ===
6pm in MHall Main Floor Conference Room; 7pm ccl mtg in chamber
Note:  At 6pm the reg Cci Mtg will commence in open session and will be immediately followed by a motion to exclude the public in order to hold a closed session, pursuant to section 90 of the Cmnty Charter.
6:00 PM
RECOMMENDED:  THAT in the public interest, members of the public be excluded from part of the October 18 regular Council Meeting on the basis of matters to be considered under the following section of the Community Charter:
90. (1) A part of a council meeting may be closed to the public if the subject matter being considered relates to or is one or more of the following:
(e) the acquisition, disposition or expropriation of land or improvements, if the council considers that disclosure could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality;
(g) litigation or potential litigation affecting the municipality; and
(i) the receipt of advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose.
7:00 PM
R. Block, President, West Vancouver Branch 60, Royal Canadian Legion, regarding Veterans' Week November 5-11, 2010 (File:  0055 20 RCLE1)
6.  APPROVAL OF AGENDA for November 1
7.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES for October 18, 2010 Regular Council Meeting.
D. Ghavami, President, Iranian Canadian Congress of Canada, regarding support of Norouz festivities at Ambleside (File:  2180-02)
9. Development Variance Permit Application No. 10-046 (1119 Keith Road) (File:  1010-20-10-046)
At the Oct 4 regular meeting Council received the report dated September 8 from the Cmnty Planner regarding DVP for 1119 Keith Road and set the date for consideration for November 1, 2010.
=  Reports received up to October 28, 2010:
        G. Boyle and J. Allan September 8  FOR COUNCIL CONSIDERATION:  October 4, 2010
=  Written Submissions received up to October 28, 2010  NONE:
RECOMMENDED:  THAT all written and verbal submissions be received for information.
If Council wishes a further staff report, then: RECOMMENDED:  THAT staff report back
RECOMMENDED: THAT the DVP Application to vary the Zoning Bylaw to allow construction of a new main floor deck, be approved.
{Why does it not state whether or not the permitted site coverage and/or FAR are exceeded? or is there another reason for needing a DVP?}
10. Road Closure and Removal of Highway Dedication Bylaw No. 4633, 2010, located at 23rd and Ottawa Avenue - Opportunity for Public Input and Adoption (File:  1610-20-4633/0510-04-23-Ottawa)
This bylaw received three readings at the March 1, 2010 regular Council Meeting.
1. Ccl adopt Road Closure and Removal of the Hwy Dedication Bylaw
2. For the purposes of addressing concerns raised by neighbourhood residents, Council direct staff to take all steps necessary to:
a. rededicate as highway those areas shown on the plan attached as Appendix B; and
b. place conditions and restrictions on development of the resulting closed road parcel as set out in section 3.1 of the report from the Land and Property Agent dated Oct 20.
3. Council direct staff to publish a notice of intention to dispose of the resulting closed road parcel for use as a single family dwelling building lot.
11. Metro Vancouver's Integrated Solid Waste Resource Management Plan - Endorsement of Municipal Actions (File:  1775-01)
1.  The municipal actions identified in Metro Vancouver's Integrated Solid Waste and Resource Management Plan (ISWRMP) be endorsed with the following comments:
(a)  Whereas the ISWRMP contains municipal obligations expressed with phrases such as "Partner with Metro on...", "Assist Metro with...", "Work with Metro on...", and "In collaboration with Metro...,"
i.  Clarification from Metro Vancouver is required as to the extent of municipal responsibility specific to the delivery of public and business information and education programs; and
ii.  Clarification from Metro Vancouver is required as to the extent of municipal expectation specific to the diversion of organics from the multi-family and ICI sectors;
(b)  Whereas the ultimate success in attaining the goals in the ISWRMP is subject, in part, to a test of municipal affordability, such as the District's ability to raise annual fees and generate new fees from residents and businesses to fund the programs contained within,
i.  An understanding is needed from Metro Vancouver that the level of municipal effort is tempered by local affordability; and
ii. Flexibility with respect to target timelines and municipal actions may be required;
2.  A copy of the above resolution be forwarded to Metro Vancouver, the City of North Vancouver and the District of North Vancouver for their information; and
3.  Staff be directed to prepare 2011 Solid Waste Utility rates and bylaw on the basis of ISWRMP endorsement.
12. Final 2010 Community Grants Recommendations (File:  0920-07-02/0116-20-CGC)
1. The Community Grants Committee recommendations for "One Time Only" 2010 Community and Social Services Grants be approved as follows, Total: $15,500:
Hollyburn Family Services Society - Dinosaur Social Skills $1000
Lions View Senior Planning - Eviction Reduction Program $700
North Shore Building Connections/LINKS - Silver Harbour $800
North Shore Community Resources - Seniors One Stop $1000
North Shore Connexions $2000
North Shore Keep Well Society $1000
North Shore Restorative Justice Society $500
Pets and Friends $1000
Senior Citizens Special Services Society - Shuttle $4000
West Vancouver Track & Field $2000
2. The Community Grants Committee recommendation for a Youth Competition and Recognition Fund Grant be approved as follows:  West Vancouver Soccer Club - U17 Spuraways Team $1000
13. Ambleside: Arts on Argyle Cultural Facilities (File:  0545-02/3006-11)
1. The report dated Nov 1 from the Manager of Cultural Affairs and Partnerships be received for information;
2. Council support the capital budgets proposed within the framework to be advanced to the 2011 budget process;
3. Council support the allocation, not exceeding $200,000, from the Amenities Fund for upgrades to 1756-1758 Argyle Street to enable programs to transfer from Klee Wyck by May, 2011.
{All costs shd be identified clearly.  Money from the Amenities Fund is supposed to be allocated after public consultation for a ccl decision.}
14. Zoning for Arts Facilities on Argyle Avenue (File:  1060-01/3006-01)
WHEREAS Division 7 of Part 26 of the Local Government Act authorizes Council to enact a zoning bylaw through which it may regulate, among other things the use of land;
WHEREAS the District is planning to substantially revise, amend or re-enact its Zoning Bylaw within the next five years;
AND WHEREAS it has come to Council's attention that some District-owned properties located on Argyle Avenue that Council believes serve valuable public functions and provide publicly accessible space for arts and cultural uses currently do not conform to the District's Zoning Bylaw;
NOW THEREFORE, the Council of the District of West Vancouver, in open meeting assembled, resolves as follows:
1. THAT Council hereby [consider] that the provision of space and facilities for public arts, culture and non-profit uses [ ] a valuable public use that Council would like to maintain or increase on particular District-owned properties;
2. THAT Council [understand] that the following District-owned properties are currently not in compliance with the District's Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, as amended, (the "Zoning Bylaw");
1564 Argyle Avenue (Music Box on Argyle);
1570 Argyle Avenue (Silk Purse Arts Centre); and
1756/1758 Argyle Avenue (currently a vacant building), collectively, the "Properties".
3. THAT Council [affirm] that to further its policy of providing space and facilities for public arts, culture, and non-profit uses including limited art sales on District-owned properties, the District [ ] not enforce the Zoning Bylaw in relation to the uses and parking provisions of the Properties and may not enforce the Zoning Bylaw with respect to any other relevant regulations for the Properties for five years from the date of this resolution or until the District [shd enact] a substantially amended and revised Zoning Bylaw addressing these issues, whichever is sooner.
15.  CONSENT AGENDA ITEMS  --  No items.
16.  OTHER ITEMS  --   No items.
{Oh, groan.  Rumour had it that Public Correspondence wd be here -- will it be like last time, requested by Cclr Sop, and we have to wait till the next ccl mtg for restoration of the 'public' correspondence?
Among the letters there's one from ADRA wrt the devt 20th and Esquimalt, one from the UBCM re RCMP costs and accountability, letters re the proposed intersection/crosswalk for PkR on MDrive.
Oct 29 the letters for that week appeared including one from UBC re "Opportunity to comment on Proposed Changes to the Ultimate Limitation Period", OGC's invitation re 20th Anniversary and Opening of the Conservancy Crossing Trail, and another long subject line:  "October 22, 2010, regarding I think WV councillors Evison, Panz, Smith and Walker's approval Oct 18 of a NEW signalized crossing for Park Royal on Marine and Main St,, based on a hurried flawed consutant [sic] report in Aug, could cause GRIDLOCK for eastbound Marine Dr traffic flow!"
wrt the Limitations Act letter, comments are to be sent to the Justice Services Dept in Victoria by Nov 15 -- How will WV residents find out about this to give their views to Ccl to pass on???

===  ANIMALWATCH  === Walrus, lion cubs, Crow, Big Cats and Pumpkins....
1.  Walrus workout video -- they're adorable and so social!
2.  Photos: Lion cubs take first swim - and other animals - at the National Zoo in Washington
The staff at the Smithsonian Institution's National Zoo is conducting swim tests on four cubs, placing the cubs one at a time into the water, to ensure that the cubs can safely maneuver the moat before they are let out into the yard with their mother later this year.
OCTOBER 26, 2010  Read more:
3.  Bathtime for the crow!  http://www.maniacworld.com/giving-a-crow-a-bath.html
4.  Happy Halloween!  Unusual -- tigers, lions, etc with pumpkins!  whodathunk it! just-made video for 2010 -- cat playtime with pumpkins http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcT4paZfflg&feature=fvwk

===  INFObits  === from VSun
o  Thurs Oct 21 pA10: photo of 808-lb pumpkin grown in NV by Glenn Dixon
o  Fri Oct 22: A signature etched in red ochre on the rocky shore of a B.C. lake was almost certainly left 200 years ago by the famed explorer Simon Fraser, two Parks Canada archaeologists have confirmed after a detailed probe of the mysterious scrawl.

===  NEWSWATCH  ===
= 1= 
re Rick Salutin, formerly of Globe and Mail
Salutin told The Canadian Charger that he had known for two or three weeks his column would end, but otherwise had no comment. The official explanation is that Salutin had had a long run, 20 years, and that his removal was simply part of the redesign. Though this excuse has superficially plausibility, it doesn't hold water.
If it were simply a matter of replacing an old voice with a new one, one would have expected Salutin to be replaced by a columnist of a similar calibre and political view.
After all, providing a variety of opinion shows respect for readers and is the hallmark of a good newspaper. The kind of incisive honesty Salutin brought to the Globe and Mail can be seen in the beginning to his June 4 column: 
"Israel's claim this week that its soldiers killed nine civilians in self-defence on an aid-to-Gaza flotilla it had boarded is at best tone deaf. It strains credibility. You attack unarmed ships at sea and when people resist, shoot them and then blame them. It's beyond Orwellian."
= 2 =
>  This link http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article26662.htm sent to me starts:
"Zionism and Peace are Incompatible"
by Alan Hart  October 21, 2010 "Information Clearing House" --  At last somebody has said it in the most explicit way possible. The somebody also said: "The problem is Zionism and the solution is dismantling the Zionist framework and instituting a secular democracy that does not discriminate between Israelis and Palestinians."
The somebody was Miko Peled, a Jewish peace activist who was born in Israel and lives in America.
He is the son of an Israeli war hero, Matti Peled, who was a young officer in the war of 1948 and a general in the war of 1967. After that war, General Peled signalled his own commitment to truth by rubbishing Zionism's version of events. He did so with the statement that there was not a threat to Israel's existence and that it was a war of Israeli choice (i.e. aggression not self-defense). General Peled was also one of a number of prominent Jews who called soon after the 1967 war for the immediate establishment of a Palestinian state on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
In his latest article from which my headline for this piece was extracted, Miko says that the two-state solution was clearly viable 40 years ago, but today...? He writes (my emphasis added):  [etc]
> So I wanted to read the actual comments of Miko Peled, son of an IDF general, so here's the URL:

===  GAZAWATCH  ===
7pm  Friday November 12 at Unitarian Church, 949 W. 49th (at Oak), Vancouver
Vancouver Premiere:  SEVEN DAYS FROM A GAZA DIARY --  A riveting personal account of the first seven days of Israel's 2008-09 military assault on Gaza, written by a young woman living under the bombing. The first part of 27-year-old Khulood Ghanem's diary has been adapted for reading performance by Seattle playwright Edward Mast.
Also: Victoria activist & Mavi Marmara survivor, Kevin Neish
This is your chance to concretely help the people of Gaza. Commemorate the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinians by supporting this people-to-people project.
Admission:$10 (limited income) and $15 (reg.)  Door prizes, Silent Auction. All monies collected will go to the Canadian Boat to Gaza http://canadaboatgaza.org  --  Sponsored by Canada Palestine Association  www.cpavancouver.org  and Social Justice Committee, Unitarian Church of Vancouver

===  LOVEWATCH  ===
Falling in love takes a fifth of a second
ZOSIA BIELSKI in the Globe and Mail Update -- Posted on Monday, October 25, 2010 3:43PM EDT
People who "fall in love at first sight" take less than a second to tumble, says a new meta-analysis on love from Syracuse University.
Infatuation causes 12 areas of the brain to go haywire, producing dopamine and adrenaline as well as the bonding chemicals oxytocin and vasopressin. The goopy first stages of love also toy with the cognitive functions that shape our body image.
from: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/the-hot-button/falling-in-love-takes-a-fifth-of-a-second/article1772034/

===  WEBWATCH  ===  truly inspiring -- hope for youth, for all
Houston,TX Cclr Joel Burns's talk "It gets better": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ax96cghOnY4

===  CPTWATCH  === Olive harvest, NOT; Illegal Settlement Growth
Uneven Struggle for their own land:
See the clip from The National on Friday Oct 22 to get some idea of the destruction of Palestinian property and the great lengths taken to ruin economic viability -- survival even.  Many view this as ethnic cleansing.  Note even the Rabbis for Human Rights try to protect the poor farmers.
Olive grove battlefield  October 22, 2010  News > TV Shows > The National
Palestinian farmers blame Jewish settlers for trying to destroy olive groves that they rely on for a living, the CBC's Margaret Evans report: http://www.cbc.ca/video/#/News/TV_Shows/The_National
+ Destruction of Homes Continues  --  This just in:
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2010 12:50:01 +0200
Subject: [cpthebron] Israeli military occupy Palestinian house fom CPT Al Khalil (Hebron)  30/10/2010
Israeli military occupy Palestinian house
On Thursday 28th October, Israeli soldiers occupied a Palestinian house in the Baqa'a Valley, north east of Hebron. The house is located next to Route 60, across from the illegal settlement of Havot Harsina. It is the third time in less than two months that the house has been occupied.
 When CPTers arrived they were met by seven soldiers on the steps of the house, who refused to allow them to enter. Members of the family came out and told CPTers that their father had collapsed when he tried to prevent soldiers from entering. He had been taken to hospital by ambulance. A month ago, when the house was occupied for the second time, his wife had a heart attack and died later in hospital.
15 people live in the house, of whom five are minors under 16.
A son told CPTers that there were a total of 17 soldiers in and around the house, and that military vehicles were positioned behind the house, invisible from the road.
A spokesman for the occupation forces came out and told CPTers that they could not go into the house, where the third floor and roof of the house were being occupied. He added that the occupation would be for 48 hours. (CPTers have learned that the military occupied two more Palestinian houses in the vicinity: part of a security operation to protect Israeli visitors to Hebron commemorating the death and burial of Sarah).The house is strategically located, with views in all directions. There is no other obvious reason for the occupation.
A neighbor told CPTers that he had heard screams, cries and shots from the house and therefore called for an ambulance. The soldiers had fired tear gas before they entered the house
When CPTers left, the military were installing floodlights, and had covered part of the roof with camourflage netting. The Israeli flag was flying from the roof-top

Some of the videos are better than others! After you click on this website, just click on the city at the left of the page that you want to view!   CLICK HERE: http://www.jcdurand.ca/Monde/Tour.html

Subject: Pique newsmagazine | Whistler, CANADA : Sockeye spawning in One Mile Lake
"This is a pretty rare occurrence, I haven't seen this many in all the years I've been here. I haven't seen that many sockeye in the system."
The fish end up in Pemberton waters by way of Harrison Lake and the Lillooet River. They swim up through Lillooet Lake, then into the river, make a turn at Airport Road, take a left into Pemberton Creek and then find their way into One Mile Creek and the lake.
Woodruff said the fish have also been seen at Samson and Railroad Creeks in the upper Lillooet area, downstream from the site of the Aug. 6 landslide that brought silt and debris into Meager Creek and some connecting channels.
The fish, according to Naylor, seem to be resisting the turbid waters.
Rest: http://www.piquenewsmagazine.com/pique/index.php?cat=C_News&content=Sockeye+1743

http://www.heritagebc.ca/events/  Provincial Cabinet Shuffle Includes Big Changes for Heritage
The Liberal government today announced major changes to the cabinet and restructuring of several ministries.  The former Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts, which included heritage, has been dismantled.  Heritage is now part of the Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Investment, under the Hon. Margaret MacDiarmid.  The Deputy Minister is Martyn Brown. The Arts Council, Royal B.C. Museum, and arts and culture programs are in a different ministry, Community Sport and Cultural Development.  Archaeology has been moved to another new ministry, Natural Resource Operations.

www.sfu.ca/city  NEW PROGRAM: 
Register Online at: http://www.vancouverheritagefoundation.org/
Lecture Details: http://www.sfu.ca/city/PDFs/HeritageSustainabilityNexus.pdf
              What is the cultural, economic, environmental sustainability of older buildings?
>  Free Public lecture, 7pm Thurs Nov 4, with Carl Elefante, Director Sustainable Design Qunin Evans Architects, Wash. D.C. "Renewal + Transformation". Heritage conservation practice integrated with the quest for a sustainable way of life.
>  Symposium, 9am - 5pm Friday Nov 5, for the public, related professionals in the design and construction industries, and city officials, will focus on sustainable design in the rehabilitation and retrofit of older buildings.
Heritage and Sustainability Nexus is organized by The Vancouver Heritage Foundation.

===  MAIKU  ===  2010 Nov 1 

                                Now, preparing for winter,
                                                         the November rains
                                                                            sate the soil for sleep

===  QUOTATIONS/THOUGHTS/PUNS  === and riddle answers

It is within the power of writers and artists to do much more: to defeat the lie!
               -- Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, Russian novelist, dramatist, and historian (1918 - 2008)
When I was young, I admired clever people. Now that I am old, I admire kind people.
Abraham Joshua Heschel (1907 - 1972) was a Warsaw-born American rabbi and one of the leading Jewish theologians and Jewish philosophers of the 20th century.
After the game, the king and pawn go into the same box.       -- Italian Proverb
The most difficult thing I have ever had to do is follow the guidance I prayed for.
     -- Albert Schweitzer, Franco-German (Alsatian) theologian, organist, philosopher, physician (1875 - 1965)
Don't regret what you weren't capable of, rather what you would've been able to and not wanted to.
                  -- Mao Zedong, Han Chinese revolutionary, political theorist, communist (1893 - 1976)                                                                
What we must decide is how we are valuable rather than how valuable we are.
                                -- Edgar Z. Friedenberg, American prof taught in Canada (1921 - 2000)
Under capitalism, man exploits man.  Under communism, it's just the opposite.
                                -- John Kenneth Galbraith, Cdn-born economist (1908 - 2006)
You can preach a better sermon with your life than with your lips.
                                -- Oliver Goldsmith, English writer and physician (1730 - 1774)
Words are loaded pistols.
                        -- Jean-Paul Sartre, French writer and philosopher (1905-1980)
The arts are not somehow apart from our national life, the arts are the heart of our national life.
                                -- Barack Obama, 2009
The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful.
                                 -- E.E. Cummings, American poet and painter (1894 - 1962)
After Junior swallowed the watch he had to wait to pass the time.
Puns about monorails always make for decent one-liners.
   Thinking of G's accident:
        He drove his expensive car into a tree and found out how the Mercedes bends.
   Thinking of Hollywood star seeking refugee status in Canada last week:
His brief Hollywood career came to an end, when he was arrested for armed robbery. He proved to be a shooting star.
   Thinking of Halloween coming:
        An elevator makes ghosts happy because it lifts the spirits.
   This one for mathematicians, and since it's Halloween:  The average ghost is mean spirited.

1. A coffin break
2. Neck-tarines
3. When you're a mouse

May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the rain fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.
                                                                                                           ~~ Irish blessing