Dec 13 NOTES
Calendar to Dec 31 +

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

STILL MORE FINANCE and BUDGET, and will continue January 10, oh frabjous joy!
MAIN ITEMS on Ccl AGENDA: Dec 15th mtg cancelled; Dec 20th 4pm CLOSED: Land/Legal Matters; at Library
Riddles; Vive le Canada; BUDGET 2011!; MORE from the EDITOR'S DESK (BUDGET - facts, not fear fiction); UPDATES & INFO (Christmas trees; Operation Red Nose)
=  CALENDAR to Dec 31st+; CULTUREWATCH (Theatre; Art; Music, Opera, Ballet, Photography)
=  Ccl Mtg NOTES Dec 13th:  Zoning Amendment Bylaw Public Hearing (adjourned); then Ccl Mtg: 2011 Budget (adjourned); Wetmore ($14.5M and Alternative Approval Process); Child Care Plan; Strategic Transportation Plan; Lower Caulfeild Heritage Conservation Area; Revised Terms for Awards Cmte; Fees and Charges, Biz Licence Bylaws; Apptmts to Bds and Cmtes; Lease for Wetmore site; Update re 370/380 Mathers (quasi-rejected); Devt Applic Status Report Dec 3; Correspondence List (wrt budget: four letters wanting 'zero' and nine out of ten letters previous week for 'zero')
=  Ccl Mtg AGENDAs Dec 15th (cancelled), 20th (closed); Correspondence though
=  ANIMALWATCH (walking pets forbidden); INFObits (Ageing); NEWSWATCH (Christians attacked); CPTWATCH (Ethnic Cleansing); GAZAWATCH (Jews for a Just Peace: Boat); HERITAGEWATCH (unfunded); LANGUAGEWATCH ([sic] expressions); MAIKU; QUOTATIONS/THOUGHTS/PUNS/RIDDLE ANSWERS

RIDDLES             o  What is green, covered with tinsel, and says, "Ribbit, ribbit"?
                                         o  What is a parent's favourite Christmas carol?
                                                    o  What would you get if you ate the Christmas decorations?
                                                               o  What do you call people who are afraid of Santa Claus?
                                                                             o  What do lions sing at Christmas?
                                                                                              o  Where do polar bears vote?
===  Vive le CANADA  ===
December 23, 1983 --  Jeanne Sauvé was appointed as the Governor General of Canada, marking the first time that a woman had been named to the post. Mrs. Sauvé, who was installed as the 23rd Governor General and Commander-in-Chief of Canada in the spring of 1984, noted that this was "a magnificent breakthrough for women".

>>>  BUDGET 2011  <<<
Taxpayers do NOT want to pay higher taxes.  Enough is enough.  KEEP SAME TAX RATE PLS!
The majority have given this msg to Ccl over and over again these past weeks -- and we don't NEED to.
Taxes are high enough already and and most willing to pay the same tax rate as the last two years, even though relatively high and residents' incomes have gone down.  Citizens must live within their means and expect Ccl to as well.
Ccl remuneration is a pitiful ~$25K a year but over 80% of the Operating Budget is staff remuneration and the list of those earning over $100K in 2009 can be found in WVM17 -- plus the collective agreements gave them 4% for this year and another 4% for 2011.
No surprise the cmnty expects quality service -- it's certainly paying for it!
Even with the tax rate remaining the same, ie NO (ie, zero) tax RATE INCREASE, the budget $$$ will go up, the amt of money collected will be higher, b/c of devt making total assessments for the District higher.
The increases for the utilities -- 5-7%, 11%, and 13% -- have already been approved so known we're paying more for those for 2011.


===  MORE from the EDITOR'S DESK  ===  BUDGET!  JUST THE FACTS, Ma'am!
Frustrating and upsetting that both Outlook and the NSNews had reports saying most favoured a tax hike when that was NOT the case, I wrote to both and also took the opportunity to explain again that ppl are mistakenly/misleadingly referring to a 'zero budget' (wch perpetuates the misperception) when it's actually that many want a zero increase in our tax rate.  Keeping our tax rate, as done last year (also called zero b/c referring to no rise in the tax rate) still means more money is collected b/c of devt so the total assessments in the District grow (and we even had a surplus).  What taxpayers want is not a tax rate going ever and ever higher, we want it to stay as it has been the last two years.  IOW, we want Ccl to ensure the budget stays within its means.  Increasing the tax rate yearly is clearly not realistic or desirable, esp in this economic climate -- cclrs have given stats such as decreases in incomes: 9% for individuals to 30% for seniors.  We have to stay within our means, why doesn't Ccl (and staff) exercise the same discipline?
Here is what I sent to the newspapers:
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2010 03:16:57 -0800
To: editor
From: Carolanne Reynolds <EditorWVM@WestVan.org>
Subject: Letter to the Editor re 2011 Budget -- Facts!

To the media:

Much appreciated that there is coverage of the budget discussions to help inform the public.
Great and necessary service.
Pls allow me to set the record straight on a couple of points that I hope will assist in grappling with this important issue.
The first task is to try to replace the unfortunate misnomer.
Zero is not zero!
That's misleading and alarmed many ppl and diverted/complicated the situation.
Several cclrs have confirmed many things ppl fear losing are not even being considered when looking where/how to reduce the Operating Budget.
Also, may I suggest a more positive headline such as:
Now to the letter; will append footnotes to substantiate what I'm saying and to provide information.

Dear Editor:

Zero is not zero!
At least when it comes to the current discussion of the 2011 Budget.
Last year WV decided to keep the current tax rate (misleadingly called zero, but it means the tax rate wd not be raised for 2010) and the result of the good work by Ccl and staff was an increase in revenue of $1M and a surplus of $500K.
Some have been frightened by claims that are not applicable.  It won't affect garbage collection -- the utility fees are charged separately and increases of 5 to 13% (water, sewer, solid waste) have already been approved for 2011.  They are usage based whereas the tax rate is applied to property assessments.
The present discussion is whether to keep our present tax rate that we've had for the past two years (keeping it means no increase so that's why called zero but it refers to not raising the RATE, not the dollar amount of the budget) or to raise our tax rate.
Council passed Cclr Smith's motion of raising the tax rate 1.1% in spite of Cclr Soprovich's continued plea for no rise in our tax rate (called zero, also supported by Cclr Lewis; Cclr Walker was absent).
The Budget bylaw will come back January 10th and more public input will be possible then.  Does anyone think 1.1% of $77M can't be found?
Salaries went up 4% in 2010 and will be 4% for 2011 and comprise over 80% of the Operating Budget.  That's unsustainable even if it weren't unconscionable given the income of many residents' has decreased.
To read what residents actually said urging Council not to raise the tax rate, please visit www.westvan.org in issues WVM2010-27 and WVM2010-28.
(Contrary to articles in the North Shore News and in Outlook, the majority of the speakers did not favour a tax hike; in the past week all four letters said no to higher, and nine out of the ten letters under submissions in Public Correspondence also did not want the tax rate to be higher.)
Yours truly,
Carolanne Reynolds, Editor, West Van Matters

Subject: RE: Utility Fees/Charges
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2010 11:59:15 -0800  /  From: "Raymond Fung" <rfung@westvancouver.ca>
To: "Carolanne Reynolds" <EditorWVM@WestVan.org>
>From the staff Council Reports, the water utility requires a revenue increase of 13% or a 10% projected increase to the median single family charge; the sewer utility requires a revenue increase of 11% or a 10% projected increase to the median single family charge; and the solid waste utility requires a revenue increase of 5%, which translates to a 7% increase to the total combined garbage and recycling/yard trimmings charges for a single family residence.  Totalling the single family utility charges up for 2010 and comparing 2011, I get a 9% increase all in.
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2010 15:07:22 -0800
From: "Nina Leemhuis" <nleemhuis@westvancouver.ca>
To: "Carolanne Reynolds" <EditorWVM@WestVan.org>
... The average assessment for West Vancouver is $1,498,616 and
the median assessment is $1,061,400
The current tax rate is 2.0551 (per 1,000); the proposed tax rate equates to 2.1034 (per 1,000)
{NB wrt her msg, this of course is the 2.35% increase to the tax rate, so ppl can do their own calculations to see how much more they'll be paying.
Keep in mind that's on top of the substantial increase to what we're going to pay for utilities.
Up to you if you want to include this information or perhaps a sidebar with these stats.}
Find out more about the depts; for information by division:
Happy to say my letter appeared Dec 16/17, both different b/c they were slightly edited by the newspaper:
          Thursday's Outlook: http://www.bclocalnews.com/greater_vancouver/northshoreoutlook/opinion/111958804.html
          Friday's NSN: http://www.nsnews.com/news/When+zero+doesn+mean+zero/3992598/story.html
Also, Friday's NSN had a report by Tessa Holloway of the Dec 13th ccl mtg and, happy to say what this reporter wrote was true (Cclr Smith moved 1.1% wch passed but still to be debated Jan 10 b/c some still in favour of no increase plus Cclr Walker absent).

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===  COUNCIL MTG NOTES Dec 13th ===
This partial transcript is typed during the ccl mtg while ppl speak hence many abbreviations and gaps.  It is helpful if text is supplied by the speaker.  Clarifications/additions are welcome and may be included in a future issue -- all with the aim of informing residents of the issues facing our cmnty.}
5pm in MHall Main Floor Conference Room; 7pm ccl mtg in chamber
At 5pm the reg cci mtg will commence in open session and be immediately followed by a motion to exclude the public .
NB:  Originally was on the DWV website calendar; changed and now shows one added earlier:

4:00pm Special Council Meeting Closed Session

5:00pm Council Meeting Closed Session
Location:Council Chamber  Start:5:00 PM  End:7:00 PM
5:00pm Council Meeting Closed Session
5:00 PM
RECOMMENDED: In the public interest, members of the public excluded from part of the Dec 13th reg Ccl Mtg on the basis of matters to be considered under the following section of the Community Charter:
90. (1) A part of a council meeting may be closed to the public if the subject matter being considered relates to or is one or more of the following:
(a)  personal information about an identifiable individual who holds or is being considered for a position as an officer, employee or agent of the municipality or another position appointed by the municipality;
(c) labour relations or other employee relations;
(e) the acquisition, disposition or expropriation of land or improvements, if the council considers that disclosure could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality;
(i) the receipt of advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose; and
(k) negotiations and related discussions respecting the proposed provision of a municipal service that are at their preliminary stages and that, in the view of the council, could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality if they were held in public.
7:00 PM
Mayor: Mr Sokol will introduce the subject
Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010 (File:  1610-20-4662)
The Director of Planning, Lands and Permits will describe the proposed Bylaw.
Applicant: The District of West Vancouver
Affected Lands: The proposed Zoning Bylaw applies to all lands in the District of West Vancouver.
Purpose: To repeal Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, and to replace it with a new zoning bylaw that is a "technical re-write" which aims to improve clarity by standardizing and updating the wording, minimizing redundancy and reducing the potential for ambiguity.
A consequence of this proposed new zoning bylaw is proposed Subdivision Control Bylaw No. 1504, 1955, Amendment Bylaw No. 4668, 2010. The current subdivision bylaw includes minimum lot size provisions for certain lands currently zoned R.S.2. Under the proposed new zoning bylaw these lot size provisions are integrated into the proposed new zoning bylaw. Consequently, the current regulation regarding the minimum lot size for certain R.S.2 zoned lands would be redundant. Proposed Subdivision Control Bylaw No. 1504, 1955, Amendment Bylaw No. 4668, 2010 removes these lot size provisions and is to be considered concurrently with consideration of the new zoning bylaw. Further, while not required as part of the Public Hearing process, the public will be given an opportunity to provide comment on the proposed subdivision control bylaw amendment at the Public Hearing for the proposed new zoning bylaw.
Sokol: as I was said at the first reading, a long time in coming
thought I'd say thrilled to be presenting this, then v exciting, realized something's gone awry; so I'm happy to be here presenting this.
why need to rewrite?  current bylaw 42 years old
this Thursday it was adopted on Dec 16 in 1968
numerous amendments, approx 200
[SLIDES] complex, repetitive, antiquated wording and formatting, lack of clarity, sections without current legal authority -- references to M Act instead of LGA and Cmnty Charter
2004 District commissioned the Stantec Report -- overall devt process review: prepare a new zoning bylaw through a comprehensive consultative process
then staff and solicitor work; dropped for a few years
2008/9 work picked up again
approach used, realized exciting policy issues cmnty and Ccl wanted us to be working on such as housing variety and affordability, envtal regs, housing bulk and site devt, nbrhd character issues, but we felt before we address these issues, really important to take a look at the overall bylaw, modernize it, compartmentalize it.
we're focusing on updating the current bylaw, clarifying it, reorganizing it, and adding graphics to make it more understandable.
At the same time, we're moving forward on a parallel track going forward on the policy issues.
Some are going forward now, staff working on it now, some will be ready once this bylaw is adopted to move forward on some of these policies; other policy issues will move forward after bylaw adopted.
what are some of the changes?  [SLIDE ~ 7:05]
formatting, making it clearer, changing terminology (to 2011); removing redundancies, updating to current prov regs (eg Cmnty Care Act), ultra vires sections, definitions, gen regs (clearer), renumbering, individ zones (some renaming; Comprehensive Devt Zone Sections), maps (new names), and last, converting to metric
Mayor: [something unintelligible] rush into it!
Sokol: WV in Imperial units, and most jurisdictions have made this transition years ago and proposing to do it with this.
[SLIDE] Consultation process to date:
draft prepared over a number of years, brought to Ccl in March 2009; Ccl directed us to work with affected bylaw users Apr/June 2009; bldg industry and interested residents; informal mtgs with those parties
Add'l staff review Apr 2009 to Nov 2010.
M Solicitor June to Oct 2010
two public mtgs: Dec 7th last week and tonight 13th

{hm, technically correct but not really in the past.
As others said, 7th not publicized that much.  There was no presentation but staff were there to answer questions.  Tonight, therefore, is the first presentation the public is hearing about this comprehensive, over 300-page, bylaw.  No, Dear Readers, I have not read it all.  One in attendance on Tuesday 7th indeed had and had tabs all the way through referring to omissions and contradictions, truly impressive; there are some who are not entirely comfortable that the rewrite will not introduce changes.  My guess wd be that the intention is there so differences wd probably be inadvertent, maybe in the category of unintended consequences.}

Doing Subdivision Amendment Bylaw in parallel b/c the lot sizes of some properties are currently regulated through the Subdivision Bylaw; those regulations are now proposed to be removed and are integrated into the Zoning Bylaw
Present creates some confusion b/c within current RS2 zones some lots are a min of 10Ksf and others 12Ksf depending on whether the Subdiv Bylaw treats them differently.
We've split that RS2 zone into two separate zones, and we've removed those provisions
so lot size is regulated in the zoning bylaw where it belongs
lastly, provided a list of amendments:
reason we're proposing these is that these are comments we've received from the public over the last two weeks and we think those changes are things that actually improve the bylaw.
some places where metric conversions -- we may have rounded wrong digits
these are changes staff wishes Ccl consider as part of the bylaw tonight
part of the public record and can be incorporated in second reading if Ccl deems approp
Sop: on table series of amendments
how am I to respond if I haven't had opp to see what response is
Sokol: ppl speak this evening and will probably speak; I will address
some will respond to letters
purpose is to get these on record so Ccl can consider these as part of the PH
Sop: re metric; most residential here in Imperial
Retailers starting to see the light and responding in both metric and Imperial today
gives some real satisfaction to majority of shoppers who can now read what a pound is in comparison to kilograms and the associated price.
I go to by a two by four, no problem pulling out a calculator,  so many centimetres--
Mayor: this isn't the debate
Sop: I'm getting to my point
not a law so much as an administrative decision to put metric in this zoning bylaw
not required by law
when all residential is under Imperial, we don't nec have to have it there; Imperial here
we're not followers, we're leaders
second response is that if we do that, or if you can't do that, why not have Imperial in brackets
Sokol: wd like to put out the BC Bldg Code is entirely in metric
all subdiv plans, all land plans that go to the Land Title Office need to be in metric system
consistency in metric, has to be recorded at the LTO
Cclr Sop is correct, no reqmt that we go the metric system but we are the only M in Lower Mainland and perhaps all of BC that still uses Imperial
Mayor: so that's the rationale
Sop: cd I ask then, if not required then why is it in the bylaw?
Mayor: he's just told you
Sop: well
{ripple of chuckles}
Mayor: so that's what going out for public consultation, then we will return this to Ccl debate after the PH is closed wch may be tonight or later.  Any other questions?    I'll move into procedure.
1) Reports received up to December 9, 2010:
Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010 - Creating an Updated Zoning Bylaw; Subdivision Bylaw No. 1504, 1955, Amendment Bylaw No. 4668, 2010  /  Oct 29  /  Nov 15 and Dec 13  /  R-1
2) Written submissions received up to December 9, 2010:
R. Harrington  /  December 6, 2010  /  December 13, 2010  /  C-1
On Nov 15 Council set the date for the Public Hearing. The statutory notice of Public Hearing was published in the NSh News on Sunday Dec 5 and Wednesday Dec 8. The M Clerk will note written submissions received for the Dec 13 PH.
6. PUBLIC INPUT  [remarks limited to five minutes]
MClk: we've received four written submissions: one from R Harrington, two from British Pacific Props, and one from U Kummel presented on table this evening.
[7:15] Mayor: first of speakers
Michael Rosen: Best of the season
I learned something tonight -- I'm the same age as this bylaw
Mayor to chuckles: not so sure about that!
MR: I wish!
Here representing Collingwood School [listed names: principal; Mrs Minish; others present]
All schools zoned PA1
Morven is not, specific zoning CU9 moved to CD 27; we agree
why limited to sgl-fam height and not same as other schools?
believe housekeeping measure
will provide written
Bill McAllister: on behalf of WV Streamkeepers
has this proposed bylaw been referred to Envtal staff for their recommendations?
Sokol: yes
BMcA: is there a report and can it be be made public?
Sokol: no
Mayor: xxx
BMcA: request
Sokol: from time bylaw orig
power to identify envtal devt permits
from zoning permits to envtal permits -- referred where we make sure
Mayor: within that rather than the zoning bylaw
Ursula Kummel: Dec 7 I expressed my concern to staff and particularly to public
technical and language changes
also learned, no black line copy proposed is available
assuming that independent legal counsel will review and issue a written opinion as to tech and changes in accordance with orig intent
the updating is a monumental task ad has placed considerable resp on staff
we all make mistakes
inaccuracies, diff in meaning inadvertently change intent
you are accountable to the public and undoubtedly will seek a comfort letter from an independent counsel
propose a copy, ..... requesting grant a time extension of six months for further review before adopting, and repeal
shd Ccl not agree, I hereby req that the resolution be issued that no signif changes .... as a result and that that bylaw form part of the bylaw
where signif changes been made including its definitions and def
that the orig intent will prevail in questions of dispute
Cathy Palmer: [TEXT SUPPLIED] (Presentation during Open to Public Session to Mayor and Council December 13, 2010)
... My concerns are simple: 
1.  Council needs to address a 325-page document that by staff's own admission is too complicated to highlight the number of changes.
2.  Staff are incorporating over 40 years' worth of amendments into this new document including subdivision language.
3.  The layout of the document is completely changing, with whole sections being moved, deleted, or substantively changed.
I bring forward these concerns not with the intention of vilifying staff, who have had their own challenges with simplifying this document, but to highlight when you have a process as complicated as this one, it is easy to make mistakes, easy for new interpretations to become permanent and it is particularly challenging for due diligence to be carried out by objective third parties before this document is ratified.
The North Shore News notice talked about incorporating subdivision language into the new document, minimum lot size provisions for lands zoned RS2...  and, "if you believe you will be affected by the proposed bylaws then you can come and talk about it".   If it is just a technical rewrite, why would anyone's interests be affected - shouldn't the new zoning and subdivision intent be the same as existing language?  And, who by the way lives in an RS2 zone?  Is that common knowledge? Information such as this is very confusing to a layman.
My question then is, what is the process if an error, omission, or misinterpretation has occurred after the document is ratified that could negatively affect our zoning and subdivision bylaws for the future?   I'm not a fan of this so called 'spot zoning concept' that has been bandied about.  I don't want to wake up to a triplex on one side of my home one day and a condominium at the end of my street because I wasn't 'clever' enough to recognize and act upon potential changes in my local area zoning.
I would however like to take the opportunity to offer my gratitude to those councillors who have taken the time to read through this large and technical document.  Particularly of note are Councillors Soprovich and Lewis who have willingly taken on the challenge of this onerous task.
I am also very grateful to the residents of our community (especially those serving on the [Ambleside and Dundarave Ratepayers'] Association) who have likewise taken responsibility for assisting district staff in ensuring there are no untoward errors that would leave residents vulnerable to changes unknown to them.
It was very disappointing to learn that there are councillors amongst you who did not feel as obliged to familiarize themselves with this document and yet, they are expected not only to understand the contents, but to make an informed vote to enact this rewrite.  The comment of  "I'm no expert, I leave it to staff' shows a lack of due diligence [that is] unacceptable.
Thank you too also to staff for the open house last week and the opportunity to discuss residents' concerns. Was it just me that noticed that less than a dozen people out of the thousands residing in our community attended?
As I mentioned to staff the other evening, I don't believe the current process of notifying the community about key activities or issues that directly affect neighbourhoods is successful and I believe that both Council and staff are missing a valuable opportunity to engage more of the community's opinions.  It can't be left to our retired citizens to carry the burden for the rest of us.
Going forward, I challenge Council to find new ways to both highlight council agendas - and to open dialogue -- particularly with younger families who will be building their future within our community.  They are the busy - yes - but when approached directly they have a lot to say.  Please though, find a new author for your questionnaires, they tend to be biased and leading - you will not receive the objective opinions you are seeking.  Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts.
last note: since opp to look at questionnaires in past, somewhat leading therefore biased
Mayor: Sokol, can you affirm nothing to do with local area zoning?
Sokol: LAZ, referring to spot zoning?
Mayor: diff kind of use?
Sokol: have v stringently gone through; not changed substantively
1968 terminology to 2010
not changed for a zoning District
Bill Chapman, Heritage Surveyor Extraordinaire: not here when written in 1968 but have attended Ccl for the 210 amendments
app tech rewrite, worked with staff to catch as many as I can
two where not Technical Rewrite
section 5 under bylaw interpretation
covers off most of my concerns but since new, have trouble coming to grips with it
Section 105 does not deal with that so add 13, doesn't provide so allow BdofVar, Devt permit, or xxx
this is so rigid not able to do what we've been doing for 40 some years
{and that's a bad thing?  :)}
the other is grade, re undisturbed existing grade; not aware of and don't now when built
can't determine where natural grade is
new bylaw, def has been shortened, doesn't provide for homes built years ago XXX7:39
Section XXX, how inspector will determine, where can't be determined and been significantly altered, know there've been problems
explicit, must go by elevation around
50 things today
make 4 and 33 agree with each other; on 17 didn't put a def sq ft -- metres; def out of alphabetical order, that's ...
CR, West Van Matters: Thank you v much
Thx for embarking on the enormous task that staff did in Planning.  That was really great for them to take that on, but over 300 pages -- I means it's sort of a lot to go through at Christmastime.
At the mtg I went to on Tuesday night, when they said they cdn't identify what the changes were, b/c if they crossed it out you wd think it was gone forever, so my suggestion was that they either put a wavy line under those things that are going to stay but elsewhere, or put a colour highlight so we know they're not gone, they're just somewhere else, you don't have to look through it.
Also, we brought up creek preservation, and I think that was also done -- the definition's been removed.  I think it wd be good to verify where that is, have a reference to it, and wd like to know if it still includes a reference to covenants and enforcement, b/c there has been some debate over that in the past.  If the covenant is there and whether or not it's been enforced, and what measures we can take if it's not enforced.
There's a reference to 20Ksf, lots being divided into 10Ksf as well as reference to accessory bldgs.  How can we be assured that these changes will not affect nbrhd character, wch is a major concern?
Also the reference just made about bldg grade, that's really a great one, I hope that's tightened up b/c there've been a lot of instances in wch nbrs have complained about games being played with grade so they have higher bldgs than they anticipated next to them.
I also asked who was consulted during this monumental thing, and I was told, "staff, previous staff, devprs," and things like this, and "a few residents".  May I say -- don't know whether this CAO has, but I know prev MMgr said the residents of this cmnty shd be considered as the customers, they're the ones we shd consult first or foremost.   So I was a bit concerned when I heard that.   So I wd suggest that it wd be helpful, when you get -- I know that, at least I understood from what I've just heard that there are going to be some amendments and things made.
When you have the new one out, that it then be sent to ratepayer and cmnty groups so that the local area ppl can see if anything's going to apply to their particular nbrhd.
I've always encouraged nbrhds to come up with their own character guidelines to try to help staff and Ccl.  I hope they will be encouraged to do so now, but at least until they've done it -- some have and some haven't -- until they've done it, if they can look this over and see if there's anything that might affect their area, and that I think wd be v helpful, wd address many residents' concenr, and tyvm.
Mayor: thank you; anyone further?
Rob Harrington: owner of 1821 MDr
had requested a small change to the Technical Rewrite; I'd like to withdraw that at this point
I think that it goes beyond just a small change, so I think it wd be appropriate to bring it forward again to another venue.
Mayor: thank you for bringing that item to our attention, and recognizing it's outside the scope of the technical rewrite.
good questions tonight; if coming back may be good to adjourn
Sop: xxx
Ev: clearly others have been written in the world
what's the general rule if an error is found?
do we all have to go back and revisit?
Sokol: depends; depends on error and how it gets discovered
with any law, monitor and bring to Ccl's attn
devt applic under a certain .... again can go out and amend it
I'm committed to constantly monitoring, updating
[7:47 ]Mayor: adjourn to when?
MClk: first mtg Jan 10
Sokol: if you are adjourning it, need direction
Mayor: ht, creek preservation; Chapman; Mr Croll of BPP; six-month extension, more about process did have, xxx, rationale about metric system
Sop: although a few ppl at that mtg; focus group having ppl ask Qs; those groups asking Qs for two hours valuable
one of those issues brought fwd; wordsmithing
know it's 350 pages; responses, whether you cd have the comparison, a real indicator re meaning and intent
enough to give us be satisfied
later areas for change in Caulfeild, v valuable
Mayor: good pt, what came out of public info mtg; mbrs of Ccl not there
...staff report back to Council and that the Public Hearing be adjourned to ____________________.
MClk: confirm adjourned to Monday Jan 10
        16.6 changes to Ccl re schedule; No 9 and 10 be withdrawn [7:52]
6.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES  -- December 6, 2010 Regular Council Meeting
7. Proposed 2011 Budget (File:  0865-01) --  Information to be provided.
Mayor: continuing discussion on our budget
left off with unprecedented amt of participation by the cmnty as well with a wide range of excellent suggestions for further tailoring of the budget by mbrs of the public and all mbrs of Ccl.
I think that's a measure of success.
but before I outline where our discussion is at, I do want to address the headline in the NShNews about custom furniture and landscaping budget draw criticism.

{And that's only what caught attention enough to bring up publicly at this mtg?
Isn't it much more important that a headline said most approved of a tax hike when the opposite is true?
Not only that, that most who spoke and who wrote opposed the tax increase were verifiable right at that mtg simply by counting -- no need to go back and check.
Furniture (something from the past) and landscaping (less than $50K in 2011 budget) may be worth mentioning but pale in comparison with reporting the public's opinion to be the opposite of what was heard at the mtg.
Perspective and context are important considerations in these discussions over budget and whether or not to raise the tax rate, esp if dependent upon finding efficiencies and savings so taxpayers pay at the same rate as the past two years rather than an ever-increasing tax rate.}

First of all, a budget drawing criticism is a fine thing, we're here to listen to constructive criticism and work with that.
No one on our library staff or board who've worked for the District for years and years has any idea what that custom furniture reference is to, we've gone back in our history.
What the Library is representative of is an extraordinarily well-supported library, particularly by its Foundation.
And there [is] a higher level of service that is provided b/c of that Fdn.
And that is not tax dollars.
but I'm concerned that on a lack of fact-checking by the media, we are entirely available to answer the questions to the media at any time, and we wd never wish to curtail public thoughts and input, but I think it's really important for the sake of all of us, who are committed to this process to make sure we agree on verifiable information.

{hm.  Criticizing the newspaper for not fact-checking but didn't contact the speaker to see where his facts came from?  double standard?
Don't get me wrong.  Incumbent on all to present verifiable information but when questioning, go to the source.}

As well, we just had a cmnty survey that will come to Ccl in January and the Library has a 98% approval rating by the general public.
You know, we cd improve, by 2%.

{Flippant remark for effect but pls notice it misses the mark.
I think the Library is great and I know we all love the Library.
Isn't the survey question about how much we love it?  and we'd all, well almost all -- and I sure don't know any of that 2% -- love the Library.
How many of us however know what its budget is or how the money is spent.  I sure don't.
How many when answering if satisfied with the Library wd think of budgeting and allocation of money?
Maybe that 2%.
IMO, anyway, orthogonal.
I have no idea, and I'd guess most wdn't nor give it a second thought.
So, wdn't that approval be separate from expenditures?
I do know a few years ago they decided to upgrade the library cards to have the colours of the stained glass in the memorial window, at a greater cost than what they had since more.  Pretty.  Wd guess some wd approve the extra expense and others wdn't.  A matter of opinion, and maybe not much money.
They have newer library cards now so maybe less costly.}

Tonight we met in camera as we said we wd, to discuss sensitive issues relating to staffing, and ev other aspect of this budget is going to be debated in public beginning this evening.
As I said to Ccl on numerous occasions, I listen intently to each one of you, and the staff can testify, I represent your views even when they may not be my own, and I think that that commitment to all of us is really important to remember and I take that v seriously.
Staff have worked solidly over the past few months on the budget, and over the past several weekends to respond to our questions and those of the public, and challenging as this must be for staff, it is our prerogative as representatives of the public to challenge them and it's our responsibility.
OTOH, the challenge to Ccl is to come to the mtgs prepared, asking good questions -- wch you do --, and also be prepared to make a decision.
So hopefully [sic] tonight's discussion will drive us towards concluding the direction we need to give our staff so that so that in January we can debate the budget bylaws themselves.
Grant and Nina have taken all and turned into possibilities for our consideration and we greatly appreciate that.
Tonight I'm going to ask Nina give us some feedback questions on staffing and salary levels; Grant is going to outline some further refinements we can make to our objectives to the BSC and from the capital and operating budget, and then approp to hear further public input; that way have the benefit of the work that's happened in the last week.
[7:57] NL: biz units had not recorded their FTEs
inconsistent treatment of FTEs
transit increased 32 FTEs, increase in services; wholly coverd by TransLink; now be recorded
Fire and Rescue, inc reqmt for resourcing
Four FTEs back to Ccl approved by Ccl
Fin/Services inc of five, reorg increase of service levels in IT
procurement areas
Police increased by five FTEs
mainly ... xxx bylaw sec stes
this report will be made public
re number of employees greater than $100K, from 30 to 65 ...
in 2009 salaries retroactive skews reporting
Sop: xxx?
Mayor: Mr Schmaltz
Sop: how long to wait?
Nina: next two days
CAO: had FCmte; this year 15 cmte mtgs
constantly looking, within efficiency
reorg looking at
how we can move forward
as possibly can
having discussions re Fire with other two Ms
taken lead in Metro how to address major costs
five trains coming down tracks -- Kitchen Report
looking at long term, replacement of assets
how fwd with budget defensible
what we can defend
even though from a prof opinion 2.35% is what we believe cmnty asking for to keep services they currently receive, we recognize there are items that can be postponed or cut out of the budget
and so, what we did at staff level, looked to target a budget at 1.5%
what we did, looked at a number of items Ccl and public questioning so what we did, we actually were able to reduce down to .8%.
strong prof caution to go down that low, IMO reserves dangerously low for an org this size; have not set aside for any type of asset replacement and wrt to utilities
need to address asset replacement for all of our facilities and believe relying on surpluses and revs will not address shortfall
recommendations that will not affect tax rate but were in the BSC:
reduce the Sr Planner that was requested at $120K remove entirely
do know signif number of applications for devt coming to the M and will ask applicants to cover those costs
Upper Lands study/project will need to be undertaken some time in future, if Ccl thinks not needed in 2011, that's a reduction of $30K
pay-parking in parks, $50K heard Ccl -- taken out
Mayor: to clarify Parks WG is funded
CAO: yes
Mayor: didn't want to upset ppl
CAO: strongly recommend it stay in
ecic viability study for $20K, recommend can be reduced
WG reduced; focus on Amb and that shd be funded through its own source, that's $215K reduction, it doesn't affect tax rate, but can go into the Operating Surplus
What will affect the tax rate and staff are recommending Ccl cd consider in order to reduce it even further to .8, is we're recommending the Memorial [Park] vegetation even though invasive species in that area, can be reduced if Ccl wishes, but we do believe we need to begin some action, and that's $25K
The western civic site landscaping, reconfig of parking, and some lighting, we originally recommended $57K, believe $30K can be pulled out of that
The portable burn unit, we believe strong need, had in there for $45K, however if disc with two NSh Ms, perhaps cd collectively look at a portable burn unit, so recommending at this time it be taken out
door separation, a req of Work Safe and human rights, $45K can come out for that particular fire hall
have for 2011 a fund we need to start as a reserve for replacement of a fire truck; do need another truck; M does not have a reserve for their fire vehicles; strongly recommend, sharing, b/c deferred from last year $335K; looking with two NSh Ms so recommend reserve fund be continued, of $363K we're requesting suggest $163K taken out leaving $200K
This building does not have any emergency power, so if any major power outage, this bldg wd remain in the dark -- some ppl, ah, so there's a debate--
however looked at health and safety first; tough one for me not to support, it's a risk, moving forward; if major earthquake wdn't be standing anyway, but if ice storm or windstorm, wd allow this bldg to be operational, so take $242K out
rlwy crossing, Capital Facilities Reserve, $250K, long-term proj, funding over many years; first investment in next couple, three years, ongoing disc with CN, hope they and Transport Canada understand our fiscal challenges, affects tax rate -- $800K taken out, that
takes down to .8 but as a professional and as a CAO, I do not think we shd be going down to .8
strongly recommend we go back to what Fiscal Task Force talked about, CPI
bring up, our recommendation is 1.5; reduce the 2.35 to 1.5
[8:15] take dollars out of 2011 Budget and put into a reserve for future infrastructure
Ccl needs to look at asset replacement and in 2011 look how we operate this M
even though 1.5 or 1.8 isn't CPI, think it's a v defensible budget
hope Ccl understand we've worked extremely hard what we believe is v professional and justifiable budget, but we've also heard the comments and we also realize the impact this will have on our tax base.
Mayor: your rec, increase, what is it?
CAO: 1.5 on the condition that; er, no condition
Mayor: stop right there
ML: to clarify 1.5 of wch 1% will go to some sort of infrastructure reserve fund -- replace cmnty ctr in 100 years or the srs' ctr or that sort.
.5% going toward the Op Budget
CAO: correct
Sop: based on new vision finding more -- reduce %age increase
recog infrastructure needs
in light of the push and pull down to 1.5 rather than zero; where will be the change, financial reform
for this District
always be an increase, from assessments
Mayor: get Ccl's ideas then disc
Sop: you
Mayor: narrow
Sop: it's narrow
Mayor: all Ccl will want to engage in
good Qs; three minutes, opp for further debate
[8:20] Alex Tunner:
trying to focus on ... OP costs too high, about 30% grad process of  reduction
Mr Fung -- systemic crept in
culture way of doing things costing too much; staff like frog in boiling water still thinks comfortable
%ages too high
benchmarking: came out of V4S, GVRD, Tax Fed, and others
no structure reserve -- wrong, there's actually $31K for sure wd go a long way
major impediments gone
financing -- peculiar 100% into xxxx and none in infra...  utilities to what you use
user pay good for op costs but not for capital costs
[TEXT SUPPLIED]  West Vancouver Council - Mon. Dec. 13, 2010 /  Alex Tunner, P.Eng.
{For Mr Tunner's full presentations including tables and graphs, see http://www.scribd.com/doc/45656871 and
?   IT'S THE SYSTEM ... OVER TIME, CULTURE  ...  (Boiling Frog)
PROPERTY TAX:   100% "GENERAL";   0% INFRA   -   WHY ??
?  NEW, IN 2011 BUDGET
Tackle the Fundamental Financial Challenges Facing W-Van
Mayor: going to get hammered from Ccl [?]
AT: v diff
Carolanne's Hansard; roundtables discussing budget issues; suggest be instituted
Mayor: thank you; way more participation since those days of roundtables, didn't get v many ppl at the table

{that's not true of the ratepayer roundtables -- none of wch she attended (I went to all starting in 1990) -- but I think she's thinking about the mtgs former Dir/Fin Laing had wch were mtgs at the Library and Srs' Ctr open to all, but with hardly any of the information in a binder by divisions that we used to get.}

and that's b/c Ccl is doing this entirely in public in this forum.
{the Mayor may have also forgotten that I said this was good too and shd hv both; they served different purposes.  I speak to this later to clarify.}

Alec Orr-Ewing: was really hoping I wdn't have to speak this year but after last week, I felt I had to
one comment I wd make that when budget revisions are made, it wd nice to have it on your website so we cd look at some of the data prior, b/c what I'm saying is related to last week
I'd like to respond to a couple of speakers from the prev mtg
first there's the "let them eat cake" reference on WV terms, $100 is merely a dinner out, I presume for two
found this statement rather flippant and also rather crass
suggest the speaker, Ccl mbrs, and approp staff take a short tour/poll of those who use the cafeteria at Srs' Ctr; strongly suggest that use of $100 wd not be on their list for dinner
note in dated numbers, minor increases of $100 amt to $1000
wch I presume wd include a taxi ride home and a tip
secondly, an item of $360K for desktop recycling; based on the number of FTEs, this $660 per employee.  I'm not an IT person but I strongly recommend the use of larger memory chips be explored, a two-megabyte chip is around $35
{While WVM's IT person confirms that most PCs would benefit from more memory (RAM), he has no idea what the speaker is referring to when he mentions memory "chips" and two megabytes for $35. RAM for PCs has not been sold as "chips" for more than a decade.}
thirdly, issue of strong defence of ev line in the budget
I work in forest industry and, trust me, ev budget can be reduced
anyway I digress a bit
I compared the number of FTE employees but used 2009 to the proposal 2011
2009 basically before ITAC had any huge attack or effect on the budget hence life in WV must hv bn v idyllic
many dinners were forgone but life was good
interesting -- there'll be six more employees in 2011 than 2009, at a cost of $300K
cost is low, but based on two presumptions
one that the Depts that have lower staff than 2009 remain at the present level
and two, that the base salary of $60K, what a clerk in the Fire Dept wd earn is being used ... that number
interesting if 11 diff vacant positions, comes to $660K cd be saved immediately just by not filling, wch wd be a v good way to start
Second is wage increases for salaried staff, includes both step rate increases and fringe rate changes; for 2011 a total of $437K, with $600K that's close to $1M; this is not affecting anything, merely status quo
if we existed without 11 positions for most of the year, suspect you can now
since I love these $60K trucks; went on to Auto Trader, and for $25 to $30K I found over 230 SUVs and pickups up to two years old, nd less than 30Kkm on them.
The reason I included pickups is b/c I also found a mansion-style doghouse, wch wd be suitable for WV, cd be put in the back of the pickup for $400 and for an add'l $550, a portable air conditioner and heating unit, cd be added to the doghouse, so I think there are substantial savings can be looked at
Mayor: does that conclude your remarks? three minutes.
O-E: one last comment: unless spending is controlled my future image of WV is a M filled with thrift shops and portapotties
Christie Farquharson, Lib Bd mbr: raised in WV raising two sons
budget for 2011; diff perspective
two things invest money and time
choice to invest savings in prop in WV; my home's sgl largest investment I've made
raising two little boys by myself
facilities ... xxx since WV, where I invest my most precious and valuable commodity -- TIME
Lib Bd, Ridgeview, Strat planning, poppies, ..... the list goes on
like most, most of my savings and personal time in this cmnty
best investments I have ...
Ccl not balance my chequebook, future, safeguard, and enhance our cmnty
communal vision, ... long term ... made WV our choice in first place ...  fix bldgs
simply b/c of those who don't want tax increase at any cost
{pardon, who said at any cost?}
parents not here b/c busy at ice rink, etc
listen to prof voice of staff, increase taxes
prop and cmnty
Maggie Pappas: 2nd VP of Ch of Comm and partially speaking on their behalf
disc xxx; Ch proposing once 2011 budget passed that Chamber hold series to explain finance/budget
[DESCRIPTION 8:34]  initial resp strong
we as leading biz cmnty to demystify; propose to begin monthly mtgs starting in spring still 2012 passed next fall
argument disrespective and xxx
as mbr of public, at end of an era a somewhat dated manner, .... priorities
proposing staff recommended budget
challenge staff and exec in new year...  new efficient  ... recreate a new way of doing biz ..  how we can reinvent
CR: thank you. Carolanne Reynolds, Editor of West Van Matters, referred to earlier as "the Hansard".
Your point is well taken about the press.
I was concerned about what I thought was misleading in both the NSNews and the Outlook and some misstatements, so I called them and I will be writing to them.

{UPDATE: and they were both good enough to print their edited version of my letter:
hope this helps clarify.
See from the Editor's Desk, above}

and it is good to check.  They said that ppl were in favour of the increase and yet most of the speakers -- and I have the record of the speakers -- were against the increase, and nine out of ten letters in the Correspondence were against it as well.
As for the statements about the Library, when I heard that, I think that if someone disagreed they [sic] shd hv called the speaker to find out where that information was so that the onus was on the speaker to prove it.

{In case this was too subtle for some, the point I was making was that if anyone was going to criticize the press for writing something they hadn't checked, then same about calling the speaker to check before criticizing.  Guess we haven't heard the end of this yet.  Can't wait for the mystery to be solved.}

Now, I adore the Library, I think it's absolutely fabulous, and I asked about that, and that was the experience and observation of something, and it can be documented.
All I can say to that is that I hope that was in the past, and that those things won't be done in the future--
Mayor: --wasn't done in the first place--
{has that speaker been asked?  I will then or ask he explain at next budget mtg.  Give a person to defend himself at least!}
CR: Well, I think that we shd, I'm waiting to find out where it came from b/c I understood it was done and I'd like to see the proof.
So, anyway, the other thing I want to mention is, there are lots of ppl who are worried about the budget being zero b/c, and I've asked sev ppl, they think the budget's static and doesn't grow, but really what you're talking about is the rate increase, so really it shd be viewed that we want to pay the same tax rate as before, not increase the tax rate, and I think that wd resolve some ppl['s fears] who then make the mistaken, have the mistaken idea, that the garbage won't be collected b/c the garbage being collected is part of the utilities, not part of this Operating Costs budget that we're talking about, at all, wch some ppl have said. 
Also, 2010 was 'zero', whatever we want to call zero, and as I said last time, there was a $1M surplus [as in more received], so $1M more in revenue and there was a $500K surplus.
So, the zero doesn't refer to the budget being the same number of dollars, it refers to the rate of tax we want to pay and I understand that will be going up.

{awkwardly said, but my point is that even with no tax rate increase, the amt of money received for the budget will be higher than the previous year.  The extra comes from new, add'l devt, thus increasing the total assessment of the District.}

Now, as to the roundtable discussions wch you said not many turned out to, that was probably before your time of going to them, but in fact--
Mayor: not sure about that either
CR, laughing: well--
Mayor: I'm a thousand years old!
CR: you went in the 80s then? but anyway--
Mayor: --I did.  I remember when you ran.

{Rather a tangential comment -- that doesn't really apply to citizen budget mtgs, does it.
I chose not to expound on this.  The first time I ran for Ccl, I was elected, and that was 1989 (I'm really referring to mtgs in the 90s as well).  Although I'd been appointed to a Heritage group the previous year, I didn't go to budget mtgs, and had only been to a couple of ccl mtgs.  Like many residents, I had a main interest and didn't think ccl mtgs were that important (ho ho ho). 
(An aside: I achieved my goal of establishing a heritage element and made sure there's been an annual celebration of heritage ever since.  Just over a decade ago the District started giving heritage awards and they were awarded during Heritage Week.  There wasn't one this year b/c in the middle of the Olympics and it's not clear about 2011 yet.)  
From then on of course I did go to ccl mtgs -- and have only missed about ten ccl mtgs since then -- and went to budget mtgs.  I can't say whether or not the Mayor went to any of the public mtgs but can say for certain that she never attended any of those small roundtable mtgs -- they had reps from local cmnty groups, all of whom I knew.}

CR: well, what we had was, not just  -- there shd be a combination, as I said before, a combination of the public mtgs when I said both you and the speaker was right, mtgs, but as Cclr Sop mentioned about the info mtg on the zoning, when there was a roundtable, it's not there were a lot of ppl at the roundtable, but the onus was on those ppl at the roundtable 15 to 20 who represented  the British Homeowners [Assn] was there, ADRA was there, lots of things,

{'things' a strange word -- anyway at that time, another assn, the Gleneagles Rate Payers Group, known as GARPA, was there; think it's been superseded by the WRA.}

and they were supposed to have read it all so that when they came to that table they cd make factual constructive suggestions.
Mayor: thank you
CR: to end, what I'd say, I think that the idea that the Ch of Commerce has is really great.  That wd be a new beginning, and I support that as well.
Mayor: thank you v much
CR: thank you
Christine Farquharson, Lib Bd mbr: comment last week and in NSN, did today some extensive investigation at the Library
looking at our bd minutes and records of what has been approved over last four to five years; also talked with our long-standing dept heads, some who've been at the Library for 30 years; cd find no information whatsoever on a $40K purchase made for custom furniture; I cd make no reference to any inlaid veneer custom furniture that exists in the Library, no one has any knowledge of that whatsoever to put this matter to rest please
Mayor: tyvm; that concludes; prepared to put rec on the floor
MS: do I speak first or make rec?
Mayor: move.....
MS: move Ccl bring in budget bylaws on Jan 10 to reflect 1.1%
Mayor: seconder?
ML: what per cent?
Mayor and MS: 1.1
Mayor: and if he has seconder, he can speak
Sop: was it mentioned, 1.5
Mayor: CAO 1.5, MS 1.1
Seconded by Cclr Ev
MS: agree with last gentleman who spoke, point is, what process are you going to use; ev budget can be cut
middle of Dec; going around for month and a half at least
telling, the cuts, virtually all below the line
below the list of the gen fund where operating divisions accounted for
all we're doing is doing exactly what we did last year, we froze taxes and continued spending at 5% in the gen fund
this year, we cd cut to tax increase to zero just by cutting reroofing the ice arena for example for $400K; we've postponed it for the last couple of years so again pat ourselves on our backs
problem is that's a M asset that needs to be maintained, and we cannot keep cutting infrastructure way we've been doing
if you want to cut the gen fund wch again is going to increase by 5% this year, almost all of it, well more 80% is salaries, and dealing with 4% negotiated before crunch and got another year
faced with that
how do we reduce those operating division expenses
most encouraging info we've had is from our new Dir/Fin, completely agree with her, only way look at budgeting year round
look at ea dept, what are we doing, why are we doing it, how doing it, how can we do it differently and perhaps more cost effectively
only way to reduce op divs
only other way is to throw dart at the wall and pick where the reduction is going to come
prefer more established, rational, problem-solving methodology, dart board not it
mid Dec with no concrete info where cut from gen fund
without that info and without facts, no choice but take the .8% Mr McR has worked the budget down to, and and if we increase to, gives us $170K reserve wch is skinny but if we start doing what I outlined, look at on ongoing annual basis we can start effecting some cosst savings early next year
.3% on top of the .8 give us reserves, for snow clearing and whatever hit with
up to us if we need more, savings throughout the year
might not please everybody, maybe not anybody, but I think 1.1% a good number to pass
Ev, seconder: what we have to recog and we have had discussions
concur with most of what Cclr Sm has said
I'm not going to preside over poor mgmt decision
in two years I've been on Ccl, made enormous strides (roads?) what/how we do
seen a lot of efficiencies
pity to jeopardize....   progress we can make
but that close to presenting M that provides services pretty well efficient
room for improvement, of course
kinds of decisions need to be made contemplative, not one minute to midnight wch is what we're up against now
prepared to go to next year
said to Ccl, said to some extent by Ms Pappas
our budget process needs to start in two weeks' time
is that too fast?
Mayor: for Christmas?
Ev: believe collectively we can come up with form and framework for 2012 wch will be v different
think most mbrs, Ccl, staff will be plsd with that
Sop: Q to CAO or DirFin
bearing in mind the efforts wrt your proposal, looking for efficiencies, bringing down to a lower level tonight
see a financial reform as to how we do biz
CAO: don't think in a few short words
doing a number of things WV shd be proud of
have introduced and signed a new X agreement with WV Cmnty Ctr
bring in to help this xxxx bringing the ppl who live in this cmnty
bringing role residents few other cmnties have
city mgr, Lewis on Fin Cmte on Metro
cap costs, we're leading that
as talked about don't operate in a static environment
in your role challenging us
how we can provide better service; move staff around, ensure we move this org from a good to a great org
looking at areas, shd look at legislative areas
Fire, Emergency, continue to put our heads and thoughts toward
going to be unique; provide this cmnty with service cost-effective
look at better efficiencies and economies of scale
we have provided great leadership; as we continue dialogue with Ch and FinCmte
tried with V4S, need to continue
many things this Ccl is leading in
[8:54] Sop: ... xxx
even at zero tax increase ... look at collected
carry on -- you see the gradual increase
Metro, what you see, it's out of control; $400M on NSh for sewer
Mayor: remind you that it's on 1.1%
Sop: never thought it was so negative to want to pay less money!
Mayor: you're addressing Ccl
Sop: where shd I look?? down at papers?
Mayor: don't want to put you in the doghouse
Sop: a lot with experience
saw 2003 those making over $100K went from 14 to 65 in 2009
$1.7M  in 2003 to $7.5M in 2009 dramatic increase
op budget increased by 44%

{thought bubble -- does anyone have the salaries for 2010?
if preparing budget, wd guess they cd give us estimates of salaries for 2011.

imp numbers wrt sustainability
staff pushed back
I am relying on the staff, particularly Ms Neemhuis
take her directives and go at whole new method
if we do go down that road; leaders in BC and rest of Canada; no other M has taken it on
I have a positioning, even at 1.1%, want to see zero
want to know when I can put on floor
TP: just want to thank Cclr Sm for getting a number on the floor; and xxx at last mtg
at 1.1%, my only concern is for the reserve
prefer 1.5%, when? can we debate that in Jan?
Mayor: direction to staff, it will be around that, however, subject to ccl debate at second reading
MS: when comes back Jan 10; specific change wrt more or less and if has four votes can change it
TP: so at this point prepared to support it
ML: looks as if we're about to end 2010 with a surplus ... with zero .. not mean
DOES increase b/c assessments went up xxx
look at this; years on Finance and two on Ccl
not more info; plsd Dir/Fin going to get xxx
interesting got to get down from 2.35 to 1.5% with no impact
not terribly effectively before going into xxx
going to cut the Mem Park from $50K to $25K, great struggle but $15 an hour is 42 person weeks -- do while summer
those are the sorts of things put in front of Ccl
wish we were at the point cd tell nbr [how prudently spending his tax money?]
Nina taking us
1.5% am sure we cd go further
infra; wish we were going down
at some point we have to look at salaries
at one point look at 4%
having a problem, not reflective of real world
think we're moving in right direction, think we have a way to go
Mayor: re surplus think it's about Police Dept position not filled
Chief Lepine: particularly wrt the Police Dept surplus, majority came from WVPD
not from lack of planning
prior to our submission, budget set for full salary from beginning of year
as ppl on leave, rent our staff out, long-term illness -- in case of 2010 did occur
four assigned to xxx re Olympics
two on maternity leave, one long term, and one to Integrated unit
hired to supplement some of those vacancies; two ofcrs left
this is where $400K came from
Mayor: expect for next year?
Chief Lepine: no
Mayor: re salaries; exceptional year; cause for concern
wrt 35 employees wrt expanded, ppl using our shuttles primarily students and seniors; incredibly successful
so costs gone up but reimbursed
two three years are: youth services, transit, and envmt
able to defer Upper Lands Study, b/c Parks WG taking lead on that
understand concern high
compensation review asked for last year and will come in new year
so; xxx need time
to Ev, this isn't the 11th hour; first time in my xxx, direction before end of year
hard as this has been this fall; best we've ever been; hope next year much better
also supporting 1.1% b/c gigantic compromise -- probably no one satisfied except for Cclr Sm
xxx get things we don't believe in
shd be putting more into our capital and facilities reserves
Cclr Walker was expected to be here tonight but something unexpected came up so not here
Sop: when can I?
Mayor: but a motion's on the floor -- amendment or?
Sop: my suggestion is a zero increase
Mayor: separate
Sop: when?
Mayor: vote on motion, Cclr Sm, pls reread the motion
MS: 1.1% wd cost $33 av assessed home
Mayor: in favour? opposed?
back Jan 10, can bring it up at that time
Sop: xxx?
Mayor: if unsuccessful can bring up again  [9:12]
8. Pacific Arbour Retirement Communities' proposal for development at the northwest corner of Marine Drive and 22nd Street - Alternative Approval Processes related to the contingent liabilities of the proposed lease and to Miscellaneous Parks Dedication Bylaw No. 1091, 1945, Amendment Bylaw No. 4670, 2010 repealing the park dedication of John Richardson Park (File:  1010-20-10-040) {WETMORE}
dealing with John Richardson park, sounds signif but it's about changing its shape if process approved; allow us to correct incorrect inadequate filing of docs for MDr
size same but shape change
AAP is formal local process, carried out by M Clk
process about park and approval bylaw
if agreement approved, has xxxxx; our solicitor has advised run concurrently for efficiency
scheduled for next year; first reading today and give approval fr AAP
specific response form, rather like a ballot
if passes tonight, start in Jan and public info mtg, tentatively scheduled that for Thursday Jan 13 in the Library
Geri Boyle, Planning: no slides b/c dealing with approval  xxxx
Mayor: no need to read all the whereases?
Sop made motion: THAT
A. The District has entered into an agreement (the "Agreement to Lease") with Pacific Arbour Retirement Communities Inc. to lease District-owned land (the "Proposed Development Site") shown outlined in bold on the plan attached as Appendix "A" to the staff report to Council dated December 6, 2010;
B. The term of the proposed lease is 125 years and the rent for the term will be $14,500,000 to be paid in full on the commencement date of the proposed lease (the "Basic Rent");
C. Under the terms of the proposed lease, the District will incur two contingent capital liabilities (the "Contingent Liabilities") as follows:
(a) the District must return to Pacific Arbour $13,050,000 of the basic rent to be initially paid by Pacific Arbour under the lease (in the amount of $14,500,000) if the District terminates the lease as a result of a failure by Pacific Arbour to commence construction of its proposed development on the Proposed Development Site within 12 months of the commencement date of the lease (the balance of the basic rent in the amount of $1,450,000 will be retained by the District as liquidated damages); and
(b) the District must pay to Pacific Arbour 75% of the net proceeds that it receives when it leases the Proposed Devt Site to another developer if the District re-enters the Proposed Devt Site as a result of a failure by Pacific Arbour to meet any of the other construction milestones in the lease, but the District will retain all of the basic rent (in the amount of $14,500,000).

{A couple of residents express serious concerns about this.
While (a) seems fair, what is the possible justification for handing over 75% of the District's net proceeds if Pacific Arbour defaults and the District has to find another developer for the site, especially as the amount is not limited? If property values spike, Pacific Arbour could even make a profit by defaulting on the lease.
***  DEAR READERS: pls let me hear from you and tell me what you think about this.}

D. Pursuant to section 175 of the Community Charter, Council may incur a liability under an agreement for more than 5 years only with approval of the electors by elector assent or by alternative approval process under section 86 of the Community Charter;
E. The District is the registered owner in fee simple of land known as John Richardson Park legally described as parcel identifier 012-809-829, Lot 19, Block 4, East part of District Lot 554, Plan 3522;
F. The District intends to reconfigure John Richardson Park (the "Reconfiguration") for the purpose of:
(a) facilitating the creation of the Proposed Development Site without changing the size of the Park;
(b) creating park access from 22nd Street; and
(c) correcting an anomaly in the configuration of the dedicated corridor for Marine Drive, all as shown on the plans attached as Appendix "A" and "B" to the staff report to Council dated December 6, 2010;
G. John Richardson Park is dedicated for park purposes pursuant to Miscellaneous Parks Dedication Bylaw No. 1091, 1945, and the proposed Reconfiguration requires that this park dedication be removed (the reconfigured park will then be rededicated by subdivision plan under section 107 of the Land Title Act);
H. Pursuant to section 30 of the Community Charter, Council may remove the park dedication only with approval of the electors by elector assent or by alternative approval process under section 86 of the Community Charter;
I. The Agreement to Lease is expressly subject to the outcome of alternative approval processes such that:
(a) if 10% of the electors sign and submit elector response forms by the Deadline (defined below) in relation to the Contingent Liabilities, the Agreement to Lease will terminate and the proposed lease under which the District would incur the Contingent Liabilities will not be granted by the District; and
(b) if 10% of the electors sign and submit elector response forms by the Deadline in relation to the removal of the park dedication, the Agreement to Lease will terminate and Miscellaneous Parks Dedication Bylaw No. 1091, 1945, Amending Bylaw No. 4670, 2010 (the "Bylaw") will not be adopted by Council (without the assent of the electors by way of referendum); and
J. The District Clerk will make available to the public during regular business hours copies of the Agreement to Lease, the Bylaw, and records relating to them as of the date of the first notice of alternative approval processes published pursuant to section 86 of the Community Charter;
NOW THEREFORE Council resolves as follows:
1. Miscellaneous Parks Dedication Bylaw No. 1091, 1945, Amendment Bylaw No. 4670, 2010 (the "Bylaw") be read a first, second, and third time;
2. Alternative approval processes be provided in relation to the Contingent Liabilities and the Bylaw;
3. Elector responses shall be in the form set out in Appendix "C" and Appendix "D" to the staff report to Council dated December 6, 2010;
4. The deadline for submission of elector response forms shall be 4:00 pm on Friday, February 11, 2011 (the "Deadline");
5. The M Clerk is authorized to prepare and publish a Notice of Alternative Approval Processes, which must be published once each week for two consecutive weeks with the second notice being at least 30 days before the Deadline;
6. A fair determination of the total number of eligible electors of the District of West Vancouver is 32,556;
7. District staff hold a Public Information Meeting on the two Alternate Approval Processes and in relation to the proposed plans for the new John Richardson Park; and
8. Subject to the outcome of the alternative approval process in relation to the Bylaw, the Mayor and M Clerk are authorized to sign a subdivision plan for the Reconfiguration of John Richardson Park, generally as shown on the sketch plan attached as Appendix "B" to the staff report to Council dated December 6, 2010.
Sop: ... about approval; they don't want to do that
part and parcel I approve
TP: ... annual mtnce fee ... how managing?
---  WITHDRAWN  ------------
9. Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010 (File:  1610-20-4662)
To view Draft Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010 please click here.
This bylaw received first reading at the November 15, 2010 regular Council Meeting.
Proposed Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010 was the subject of a Public Hearing held earlier this evening. If the Public Hearing has closed, second and third reading of the bylaw may be considered.
RECOMMENDED:  THAT "Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010" be read a second time.
RECOMMENDED:  THAT "Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010" be read a third time.
10. Subdivision Control Bylaw No. 1504, 1955, Amendment Bylaw No. 4668, 2010 (to remove lot size provisions for certain lands currently zoned R.S.2) (File:  1610-20-1504/4668)
This bylaw received first reading at the November 15, 2010 regular Council Meeting.
RECOMMENDED:  THAT "Subdivision Amendment Bylaw" be read a second and third time.
11. West Vancouver Child Care Plan (File:  2620-08/0117-20-CCS)
AM: v pleased to intro this; concludes work of the WG; results
MS: heard you were coming on ... Chair
Joanne McKenna, Chair: non controversial and good news
Dist got involved in child care issues, I was one of them a number of years ago
not enough
WG task was to come forward with updated policies; will present this to you; incredible collaborative experience
CCSWG mbrs [named plus liaisons]
don't know if he knew what he was getting into with a room of women
Mayor: he knew!
JM: don't know whether he turned us or we turned him
v app; three years, had support from Ccl
WV was seen as a bit of a laggard; now completely changed and seen as a leader, sought after
kudos; pass this over to Leanne
Leanne Sexsmith, staff: some of the accomplishments; updating of M bylaws and policies -- done last year, with support of Ccl
grant applications to sr govt levels [listed and slides showed accomplishments; and consultation]
[Slide re Leadership] Moving Forward -- a Child Care Plan
Vision: A cmnty with high-quality child care services that respond and adapt to diverse needs
plan focuses on improving and enhancing; quality child care services
key goals: slide; Plan implementation slide
best approach is a collaborative approach; thank the chair, mbrs, Cclr Smith
Mayor: go to you first
MS: actually don't have any questions!
lot of fun; we are a cmnty; child care imp part of having chn
in conjunction with churches, schools, other agencies
continue down that road working together
Leanne Sexsmith and Anne Mooi -- words fail me; strong, easy to work with; they deserve the lion's share; they worked hard, I sat back, towers of strength
and with Joanne as chairperson
Mayor: and not wanting to let go
three years ...  had made blueprint for social sust Cclr Sop worked on
ev we do wrt chn, supports WV, and you're proving it
see chn in this ...  like us ... had dropped that ball
thank you to your leadership, Joanne
Sop: may I look into the audience?
remember competing with wanting to have houses across from each other
amazing what you did; full marks, and don't look for any payback Cclr Smith
remarkable what we've achieved to date
TP: having the cmnty come forward with a xxx and work together for a solution
so xxx ... the power of WGs to take on
congratulations; lucky we're not laggards anymore; thx to Cclr Sm as well
MS: move Ccl adopt the WV Child Care Plan, and conclude the work of the WG.
[9:36] CARRIED
{yes, this WG is an absolutely spectacular success}
12. Strategic Transportation Plan - Three Year Implementation Plan (File:  1700 08)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report from the Manager, Roads and Transportation dated December 3, 2010, be received for information.
Sop: xxx
RFung: xxx more attention to the Spirit Trail
comes from the xxx
we don't have a line item for WG support; any efforts in 2011, costs are relatively small in comparison to xxx, LGB, Lower Level Road; cd support a modest amt from budget
Mayor: continue; some engagement from out west
ML: come to CEC
{hm? terms end Dec 31st -- defunct as far as I can tell}
Mayor: no, not a WG
Sop: the year we spent on how we'd engage the public, really well done
laid out a sensible plan, go into nbrhds where problem, not leave anybody questioning
Fung, a masterpiece of work ... there for
TP: process  [9:40]
13. Status Report on Lower Caulfeild Heritage Conservation Area Review (File:  2540-08)
Mayor: this is my nbrhd so advised by solicitor may not participate in this:
{LEAVES; Sop in chair as Acting Mayor}
GBoyle: not sure if this Ccl has dealt
est in 1996; originally about maintaining nbrhd character
but some of the tools we had in 1996 diff from today; then to
14 approved, 19 applications
last application, concerns raised with Ccl; broad range of concerns
this is a status report
objectives of the review to articulate values; intent of designation, clarity of the guidelines and that they truly relate; H alterations
might be other concerns so disc on nbrhd related issues
to date, held five nbrhd workshops LCAC to get their take on weaknesses and direction to go
first couple to initiate the dialogue
don't have a WG or advisory group, invite all in nbrhd
have 56 lots, and most know each other; b/c lived there a long time, often have more info than staff have
get nbrs tell us their concerns
in June last year took time to step back -- are we going the wrong way?  told us we were
wanted to make sure direction we were going in was right
wanted to confirm to the cmnty not b/c staff wanted to do a study, but b/c they'd asked
basically, we sent out a questionnaire to ev prop owner
changing FAR, lot coverage, rock removal, NOT supported by the cmnty, had heard
supported looking at the guidelines, rock removal through the process
met with residents in Nov, late b/c new staff; v rough draft how to clearly relate to H values
took out to mtg; distributed to all residents so totally engaging all
early Jan, take them; revise them; next step to go back for final workshop mid Feb
...  hear back from residents will be ale to report to Ccl, anticipate in April
for your receipt and your endorsement of this review
Sop/AMayor: Ccl, any questions?
Anyone in chamber wish to speak?
Ev moved: THAT
1. The report from the Manager of Community Planning and the Senior Community Planner titled "Status Report on Lower Caulfeild Heritage Conservation Area Review", dated December 3, 2010 be received for information; and
2. Council endorse the "next steps" for completion of the LCHCA Review, which include:
a. Holding a sixth and potentially final neighbourhood workshop in mid-February 2011; and
b. Reporting to Council on the completion of the review process, including any recommendations for amendments to the guidelines or process by April 2011.
A/M Sop: Panz seconded.  Cclr Ev?
Ev: attended mtgs, liaison ...
watch, encourage from staff who were perhaps modest
process, v fine; think mbrs gained from it; think in end true consensus and XX happy for that
A/M Sop: ask Mayor to come back; that was my stint as mayor  [9:49]
14. Awards Committee: Revised Terms of Reference and Work Plan (File:  0116-20-CGC1)
ML moved: THAT the revised terms of reference to the Awards Committee, as proposed in the report dated November 29, 2010 titled "Awards Committee: Revised Terms of Reference and Work Plan" be approved.
CARRIED  [9:50]
15. Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005, Amendment Bylaw No. 4669, 2010; Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005, Amendment Bylaw No. 4661, 2010; Business Licence Bylaw No. 4455, 2005, Amendment Bylaw No. 4656, 2010
These bylaws received three readings at the December 6, 2010 regular Council meeting.
RECOMMENDED: THAT the following bylaws be adopted:
Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005, Amendment Bylaw No. 4669, 2010
Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005, Amendment Bylaw No. 4661, 2010
Business Licence Bylaw No. 4455, 2005, Amendment Bylaw No. 4656, 2010.
Mayor: make motion
ML: wd like a polled [pulled?]
Mayor: xxx
ML: pull 16.4 // MS: 16.4 // Sop: 16.4
16. Consent Agenda Items
16.1 Appointments to Boards and Committees (File:  0115 01)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the following appointments and reappointments to boards and committees for 2011 be approved as follows:
Board of Variance: (for a three-year term) -- Jim Turpin
Awards Committee: (for a one-year term) -- Harry Greenwood
Community Grants Committee: (for a two year term) -- Nicole Garton-Jones
Memorial Library Board: (for a two-year term)
                   Marcia Bergen, Christie [Kirsty?] Farquharson, Rosalind Foucault, Ann Hamilton, Jerome Holland, Joanne McKenna, Jan Pezzaro
North Shore Family Court and Youth Justice Committee
   New Appointments
      1. William Lougheed, DWV, Member at Large; 2. Susan Wilcockson, DWV, Member at Large
1. Alana Abramson (Restorative Justice Society)
2. Pejman Pirgheibi (Capilano Youth Outreach Services)
3. Trustee Holly Back (SD#44)
4. Trustee David Stevenson (SD#45)
5. Andrew Van Eden (Tsleil Waututh First Nation)
6. Andrea Kiesser (Canadian Mental Health Association)
7. Cst. Tara Gueulette (RCMP)
8. Cst. Tammy Kharrom (West Vancouver Police)
Member at Large: -- Lynne Block (DWV)
Lower Mainland Treaty Advisory Committee -- Councillor Michael Evison
16.2 Agreement to Lease to Pacific Arbour for the former Wetmore Motors Site (File:  1010-20-10-040)
    RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated Dec 8 from Director/Planning be received for information.
16.3 Development Application Status Report to December 3, 2010 (File:  1010-01)
                ... be received for information.
16.4 Project Status Update for Official Community Plan Amendment, Rezoning and Development Permit Application No. 1010-20-08-014 for property located at 370/380 Mathers Avenue (File:  1010-20-08-014)
           RECOMMENDED:  THAT Ccl receive for information the Report from the Dir/Planning
ML: isn't there another option, ie not just receive for info or reject?
find it a bit odd
Sokol: purpose just to update Ccl
Apr 6 2009, coming up on a year and 3/4 ago; considerable amt of work staff, devprs, cmnty
just to inform you progress has been made
revisions made; intend to bring forth ....  whether
ML: why are you asking?  why not asking to accept
Sokol: on first page
MS: concerns; first, why part of consent agenda?
thought we had a process in WV
this is six sgl-fam lots and for 33 units -- and cmnty benefit $1M !!!
where can you get for less than $40K
the report has no staff analysis -- $1M -- no comment as to adequacy, no appraisal attached
goes on to say devpr and nbrs wd like to see the $1M spent in nbrhd
opposite of what our Cmnty Benefit policy is supposed to be about -- they use parks, library, Argyle waterfront lands,  etc, child care
want to make sure public doesn't think the devprs and the nbrs get to decide what happens with our cmnty money
once a report comes forward
once this $1M figure is established, comes forward, cast in concrete; becomes the number
and everybody thinks that's the number
and in this case, clearly not the number; has as much chance as my getting the lead in the next perf of the Swan Lake ballet
guess I have a real issue with process, no explanation of where this figure came from
not devpr and nbrs decide where money spent
with all due respect to Mr Sokol, the whole report, fraught with irregularities from the normal process
I hope we just reject the report and go back to square one
Mayor: Cclr Sop you have some concerns as well
Sop: I--
Mayor: --sorry to interrupt, need motion to extend to end of biz
Sop: Ccl made a decision want to be informed about certain issues
my conclusions v similar to Cclr Smith in Consent rather than regular as an information piece
true picture given to nbrs and devpr
much to the point also, in rlnship if devpr wd look at this as a finality of $1M, I look at it as a starting point
part that bothers me, talk about CBs later on
Mayor: I'll take responsibility; taken for information, not a decision
Planning Dept has been working, staff knows; formal piece will be coming forward
Sokol: needs to go to Design Review
Mayor: at that point wide open; taken quite a while; waiting for info from applicant
Ev: agree with Cclr Sm, came all of a sudden; maybe a stage
not unlike Taylorwood, somewhat out of the blue
Sokol: Ccl Apr 2009
two cmnty mtgs within last few months; public in nbrhd been aware
concerned some Ccl might have
prepared full report with analysis
Mayor: expect
MS: xxx to not accept for information
the process is not acceptable, flawed; I'd say no more work done until CBs are nailed down
clearly hasn't been
dead duck ... scrap ... till all ducks in row
see what DRC says, ...... say here's appraisal
my motion is that we not accept this report
[Sop seconded]
[10:03] Sop: I'll accept that
I like reports ahead of time; but specifics to follow the same process
and not receive it
Mayor: I'll speak against it
not that xxx; not heavy-handed
either MS can amend or I can come forth with another if this is defeated

{oooooooo! rather unusual to direct so fully and forcefully!}

MS: accept? don't accept for info and back  xxxx
Mayor: I'll accept refer back to staff
TP: ... I'm happy to know what's coming forward
new year, just giving us facts; happy with it and appreciate it
Mayor: and we have opp to have our input
in favour?
Mayor: may I make an alternative motion that report be referred back to staff for further work on the Cmnty Amenity
this will come back to us but saying that piece will be further developed
Sop: to Cclr Sm's concerns, is staff going to take this report that we've accepted
Mayor: we haven't accepted; we're referring it back for further work
motion was defeated
Sop: staff take work with what is written
received for info
Mayor: no, we have not received
Sop: staff going to take and put in garbage? no
take report and work with it?
Mayor: if we refer this to you. what will you do with it?
Sokol: will continue to work with proposal as it stands now b/c what devpr has prepared and what nbrhd has accepted
and will do more work on refining Cmnty Amenity contrib piece, including providing Ccl with the full report, Uplift and show how calculated
Mayor: and as Cclr Sm suggested, report/review from Design Panel and will go from there; lengthy process
MS: don't want to belabour this
imp ppl understand this Cmnty Benefit/Amenity is not a wishlist, to Santa
hear some thing devpr can't or won't b/c pay too much for the land
break cycle when owners and devprs know that the Cmnty Amenity policy is cast in stone and we are going to insist it be complied with.
if we'd spelled out what we wanted ... benefit pkg ... wdn't be spinning our wheels
clear up front
if we continue ...... and end of day don't go through ..... waste of staff time
Mayor: don't know what's gone through without CB
{er um, have to check if none but certainly some have gone through with low amts -- wch is what Cclr Sm said}
Sokol: $1M based on report, what the Uplift was on the prop, and represents 75% of the Uplift
can bring forward and can dissect it; that's the info staff has and happy to bring it forward.
{pardon me but that doesn't pass the LOL test -- can't wait to see; no surprise not with this report!}
MS: why is that info not in the report?
Mayor: will be
16.5 Correspondence List (see link on electronic agenda) -- November 29 - December 3   [full list in WVM28]
Referred for Action
(1) November 30, 2010, re Budget Devt Inquiry  (Referred to Director/Financial Services for consideration and response)
{NB: this writer refers to a "0% budget increase" -- that's NOT what's being asked for! it's 0% tax RATE increase. Understandable those who think zero worried; pity most don't know the terms and facts.  Among other speakers, see my comments -- last year's 0% tax rate increase resulted in about $1M higher and ~$500K surplus!}
Received for Information...
(10) 10 submissions, dated November 22 - December 3, 2010 regarding Proposed 2011 Budget
                  {nine out of the ten support either ITAC or 0%}
17.  OTHER ITEMS none
Sop: drove for Op Red Nose
TP: comment following 20th anniv on top [Cypress]
outreach  ... final
WVSS in partnership with Streamkeepers
will be looking forward to coming to Ccl with report
Ev: congratulate you [Mayor] being appointed vice chair of Mayors' Ccl re TransLink
Mayor: I stood for that position b/c of MOU
got a long way to go to devp strong relnships
also wrote; totally opposed to.... stated position
speaking from the interests of WV, good opp to work with Strahl, Bond, TransLink
glad passed tonight Fund
Sop: congratulations on that; any likelihood TransLink will listen? this wasn't evident a few years ago...
Mayor: think all parties have realized two years of sparring, not good enough
MOU signed xxx
b/c Mayors don't attend TransLink bd mtgs, no way without more consultation, info
mtg with execs next week; all we can do is try; represented ev step of the year
food ... January is its worst month ... leave hamper in Cmnty Ctr
Family ... included Anne Mooi and [me]...  300 donors
MS: receive this award [Cmnty Ctr] ... leading resource
Mayor: sixth award in 2010; well done
Sop: is there no end?
AM: lovely way to end year
Mayor: saw you walked in after budget disc ended
if you want to speak now, Mr McTavish
DMcT: severe leak at my house and had two days to fix it
busy, other things; phoned four times and no reply
30th Nov to pay my reg utilities, mentioned this notice
clerk looked up water consumption per month -- 15 cu m of water
wd be the low, Aug/Sept might reach 50 -- over past few years
shocked to learn from the clerk that the Oct billing wd be 462 cu m charged to me
further stunned when I went out Tues, and told 991 cu m, cubic metres!
can you imagine? wd fill this chamber!
Mayor: I don't know, sounds a lot
MT: xxx
Mayor: wd like to talk in morning
McT: length of the creek wd hv to be 1.3km; long way from my house; from my house to cmnty ctr
Mayor: understand concern; you're challenging this
McT: told meter doesn't lie; water goes under my house
Mayor: ...  sorry not ...
McT: they did come last Friday; they fixed the prob with the meter; the piping leading into the meter
Mayor: we'll deal with this in the morning
McT: xxx
Mayor: I have your number
McT: a jelly coming your way
Maggie Pappas: am I able to add info to what I said before
Mayor: 3 min
MP: re budget 101, Lib willing to provide mtg space throughout the year
20. ADJOURNMENT [10:23]
===  CCL MTG Wed Dec 15 ===  8am / closed -- CANCELLED
Land matters: security of the property of the M; acquisition, disposition, or expropriation of land or improvements
For Correspondence, see: http://www.westvancouver.ca/uploadedFiles/Your_Government/Council_Correspondence/2010/December/10Dec13-17.pdf

===  ANIMALWATCH  ===  Saudi police to enforce pet curbs
Dog walking is a fairly rare pursuit in the Saudi Arabian capital
The Saudi religious police have reportedly vowed to strictly enforce a ban on the sale of pet cats and dogs in Riyadh and walking animals in public.
A senior official said it was to stop a rising trend of people trying to evade strict rules on sex segregation.
The claim is that men were using their pets as an excuse to meet women, which is banned in places like restaurants and cafes between non-married people.
              Previous bans in other cities have been widely ignored, correspondents say.  Rest at http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/7537307.stm
===  INFObits  ===  hope you're not 46!
The U-bend of life 
Why, beyond middle age, people get happier as they get older
Age and happiness  Dec 16th 2010 | from PRINT EDITION
People are least happy in their 40s and early 50s. They reach a nadir at a global average of 46
===  NEWSWATCH  ===
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2010 03:28:52 -0800
Subject: VSun: Attacks on Christians increasing across the Middle East
18 Dec 2010 | The Vancouver Sun | C5 | TIM RUTTEN | Los Angeles Times
   As much of the world once more prepares to celebrate the birth of Christ, it is a melancholy fact that many of the most ancient churches established in his name are being pushed to the brink of oblivion across the region where their faith was born.
   The culprits are Salafist Islam's increasingly virulent intolerance, the West's convenient indifference and, in the case of Iraq, America's failure to make responsible provisions to protect minorities from the violent disorder that has persisted since the United States-led invasion in 2003.
   When America intervened to overthrow Saddam Hussein, Iraq's Christians - mostly Chaldeans and Assyrians - numbered about 1.4 million, or about three per cent of the population. Over the last seven years, more than half have fled the country and, as the New York Times recently reported, a wave of targeted killings, including the Oct. 31 slaying of 51 worshippers and two priests during mass at one of Baghdad's largest churches, has sent many more Christians fleeing. Despite Prime Minister Nouri Maliki's promises to increase security, many believe the Christians are being targeted not only by al-Qaida in Iraq, which has instructed its fighters "to kill Christians wherever they can reach them," but also by complicit elements within the government's security services.
   The U. S., meanwhile, does nothing - as it did nothing four years ago, when Father Boulos Iskander was kidnapped, beheaded and dismembered; or three years ago, when Father Ragheed Ganni was shot dead at the altar of this church; or two years ago, when Chaldean Catholic Archbishop Paulos Faraj Rahho was kidnapped and murdered; as it has done nothing about all the church bombings and assassinations of lay Christians that have become commonplace over the last seven years.
   The human tragedy of all this is compounded by the historic one. The churches of the Middle East preserve the traditions of the Apostolic era in ways no other Christian rites or denominations do. The followers of Jesus were first called Christians in Antioch Syria, and it was there that the Gospels first were written down in Koine Greek. For 1,000 years, the churches of Iraq and Syria were great centres of Christian thought and art. Today, the Christian population is declining in every majority Muslim country in the region and is under increasingly severe pressure even in Lebanon, where it still constitutes 35 per cent of the population.
{Before 1970 Christians were said to be over 50% of the popn.}
   Putting aside America's particular culpability in Iraq, the West as a community of nations has long turned a blind eye to the intolerance of the Middle East's Muslim states, an intolerance that has intensified with the spread of Salafism, Islam's brand of militant fundamentalism. Our ally Saudi Arabia is the great financial and ideological backer of this hatred. In fact, when it comes to religion, the kingdom and North Korea are the most criminally intolerant countries in the world.
   Oil and geopolitics prevent the U. S. and Western European countries from speaking out against what amounts to genocide, though something more sinister than self-interest also is at work. The soft bigotry of minimal expectation is in play, an unspoken presumption that Muslim societies simply can't be held to the same standards of humane, rational and decent conduct that govern the affairs of other nations.
   Paradoxically, the one country in the Middle East whose Christian population has grown in recent years is Israel, where more than 150,000 Christians enjoy religious freedom. That lends a particular pathos to the way in which the current persecution of Christians mirrors that which destroyed most of the region's ancient Jewish communities following Israel's establishment in 1948.
   Iraq, for example, was home to one of the Mideast's largest and most vibrant Jewish populations, one that predated Christianity by many centuries.
   It was in the great Jewish academies along the Euphrates that the more authoritative of the two Talmuds was argued out and compiled after the Second Temple's destruction. All that was swept away in a wave of hatred, as were all but vestiges of the equally ancient Jewish communities in Morocco, Egypt, Yemen, Syria and, more recently, Iran.
 {Actually, the Jews of Morocco have a v special position/status; the rest do have small Jewish popns.}
   As one of the recent Christian refugees from Baghdad told the New York Times this week, "It's exactly what happened to the Jews."
   A world still dazed and distracted by a world war's aftermath stood by and did nothing then. The West has no such excuse now.
                     {This article also omits the lot of Christian Palestinian, esp on the (occupied) West Bank.}
===  CPTWATCH  === ethnic cleansing continues and West still silent (night)
Very little water in the occupied territories of the West Bank; illegal settlements get most of the water, Palestinians have to pay.
In 1978 Israel promised not to expand settlements and there were 20K settlers.  That commitment made at Oslo and other peace mtgs/accords.  Today there are 500K.  Now you know why Palestinians what settlement construction to stop before they'll agree to meet to make further concessions.  They've already made compromises in negotiations but Israel has broken its promises.  Why give in more when previous major promises broken?  They've already retreated from the 45% of Palestine (condition of UN partition) down to just 22% and Irael continues to take more -- the Wall takes another 10% of the West Bank.
Bethlehem was at least 60% Christian when I was there; been told it's now under 15%.
May one of your Christmas wishes be for more justice in the Holy Land.
To be shared fairly and with respect for all.
   [Addn received from From: CPT Tuwani <cpttuwani@cpt.org>  Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2010 11:53:08 +0200
   Subject: [cpthebron] At-Tuwani: Israeli Military Demolishes Water Wells and Cisterns, in the hilly and arid South Hebron Hills.]
To: cptnet@mailman.cpt.org
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2010 13:18:59 -0500 (EST)
From: "CPTnet: the news service of CPT" <cptnet@mailman.cpt.org>
Subject: [CPTnet] SOUTH HEBRON HILLS: Israeli military demolishes three cisterns and two wells in arid region.
To view the on-line version click here.
CPTnet  --  17 December 2010
SOUTH HEBRON HILLS: Israeli military demolishes three cisterns and two wells in arid region.
[Occupied West Bank] - On 14 December 2010, the Israeli military demolished three water cisterns and two wells in the arid and hilly Khashem Ad Daraj/Hathaleen region, 26km southeast of Hebron/al-Khalil on Tuesday.  The military gave no reason for the destruction of the wells and cisterns.
   The demolitions follow a pattern of destruction of Palestinian property by the Israeli military in the Oslo Accords-defined Area C.  The Israeli army failed to deliver demolition orders to the residents of the villages in the area and instead left them under a stone two days earlier for the residents to find.
   The demolished cisterns and wells supplied drinking water to the villagers as well as their sheep and goats-the primary sources of food and income for the villages in the area.  The wells were up to 300 meters deep and over 70 years old, pre-dating the 1967 occupation of the Palestinian Territories.  The Israeli military claims that it does not destroy structures created before 1967.
   [The villages are in the southern West Bank, less than 15 km from the Dead Sea, and are approximately 10 km east of At-Tuwani and 26km south-east of Hebron/Al-Khalil. This hilly region is arid.]  The region receives an average yearly rainfall of between 150 - 250 mm.*
[Shepherding of sheep & goats is the primary source of food and income for the villages in this area. The destruction of the water wells &
cisterns directly impacts their livelihood.]
   * UN - OCHA; Applied Research Institute - Jerusalem & UN World Food Programme. Feb 2010 Report.
===  GAZAWATCH  ===
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2010 13:33:38 -0800
Subject: [JJP] 'Tis the season to... GIVE A GIFT TO GAZA
We, the Jews for a Just Peace Working Group, strongly support the Canadian Boat to Gaza project and encourage you to donate as generously as possible. We thank those who have already donated.  Please send this message around to your friends and contacts.
'Tis the season to...     GIVE A GIFT TO GAZA  http://canadaboatgaza.org/
What if you could bring real comfort and joy to the people of Palestine? And what if you could do it with the click of a button? 
The Palestinians of Gaza are suffering through the fourth year of a blockade, which violates international law because it inflicts collective punishment on a civilian population, as expressly forbidden by the Fourth Geneva Convention. The Canadian government however refuses to call for an end to Israel's illegal blockade. So instead, a growing coalition of community activists, peace supporters, trade unionists, faith groups from Christian, Jewish, Muslim and other backgrounds are taking the initiative of actively opposing the blockade. 
In just a few short months, the Canadian Boat to Gaza will join countries from around the world in the next International Flotilla to challenge this illegal blockade of Gaza. And you don't need to be on the boat to be a part of this historic event.  
We are building momentum and support for our project from coast to coast to coast.  Our boat will truly belong to all Canadians of conscience.  
We have raised close to half of the $300,000 necessary to reach our goal to have a Canadian boat in the spring flotilla and with your help we are confident we will succeed.  We will challenge the blockade as well as the Harper government=92s unjustified support of Israel s violations of international law.
This holiday season, will you consider giving the gift of justice?  Rather than buying a gift at a store, please consider making a donation to the Canadian Boat to Gaza in a loved one's name.
Simply go to http://canadaboatgaza.org and use our easy PayPal button.  Then print off a gift card for your recipient.
The Canadian Boat to Gaza is making headlines, and facing the predictable attacks of those who oppose justice in the Middle East.  Our campaign welcomes the generous donation from the University of British Columbia Social Justice Centre, which was ratified overwhelmingly in a 26-10 vote by the Alma Mater Society (AMS) council on December 1st. Despite this expressed will of their own elected council, the AMS executive has however since taken it on themselves to investigate whether this donation would be made to a group that was linked to terrorist activity .
   As the AMS is fully aware, the Canadian Boat to Gaza raises funds through a registered Canadian NGO (Alternatives.ca) for a registered non-profit organization, Turtle Island Humanitarian Aid, which will purchase and register a vessel to help break the illegal siege of Gaza. As the Canadian Federal Court recently ruled in the George Galloway case, humanitarian aid to Gaza cannot be construed in any way as aiding terrorism . In short, there is nothing to investigate here except perhaps the political motivations of student leaders who fail to listen to their own constituents.
   This recent slander highlights the lengths to which Israel's apologists will go to discredit legitimate humanitarian aid, and why your support is needed now more than ever to send the Canadian Boat to Gaza.
   By contributing to this project, you will be part of the international coordinated effort of civil society to end this illegal siege and bring hope to the people, and children, of Gaza. By matching the donation from the AMS you can show Canadians and the world that this movement will not be intimidated, and that every effort to stop us will only make us stronger and more determined. ...
...Not only will our Canadian ship bring needed supplies to Gaza, we will also bring export goods out from Gaza to the world to support the local economy. The amounts moved in both directions will naturally be symbolic compared to the scale of the need, but the crucial point is of course that as part of the international Free Gaza flotilla movement, we will be helping challenge Israel's illegal blockade.
   The vital support we need for this project will only happen if we continue to work together as civil society in Canada in partnership with civil society in Gaza.  Together we can achieve justice for Palestine and break the siege on Gaza.
   As one of the Greek flotilla captains replied when ordered to identify his ship's course before it was violently boarded in May: Our course is the conscience of humanity.
Together, we can break the siege!
          Sincerely,   Canadian Boat to Gaza
P.S. No donation is too large or too small to make a difference. You can donate to the Canadian Boat to Gaza today, by simply going to http://canadaboatgaza.org/ and clicking the Donate button.
You can also make out a cheque to ALTERNATIVES (3720 avenue du Parc, bureau 300, Montreal, Québec, H2X 2J1), specifying in the "memo" line Canadian Boat to Gaza.
B.C. Residents: please follow the instructions above about making your cheque payable to ALTERNATIVES but instead mail it to:
Canadian Boat to Gaza-B.C., Box 179, 101 -  1184 Denman St, Vancouver B.C.  V6G 2M9
===  HERITAGEWATCH  ===  Heritage BC: NEWS RELEASE 2010 December 15
 Last Saturday's announcement that the provincial government will spend $8.7 million at two of its historic sites does nothing to address B.C.'s much broader scope of urgent heritage priorities, said Heritage BC today.
 "While we support the government's commitment to Barkerville and Fort Steele", said HBC President, Larry Foster of Kelowna, "we are disappointed by the continued lack of response to a number of other critical issues that we have been pressing the government on for more than a year.  We agree that heritage is very important to B.C.'s tourism economy -- we are a member of the B.C. Heritage Tourism Alliance.  And we are very pleased to hear government say it is committed to preserving our irreplaceable heritage, but you can't do that by limiting investment exclusively to the very small number of sites that are government owned.  This is putting all your eggs in one small basket."
 The province began contracting out management of its government-owned heritage properties to local managers in 2002.  Since then, over $28 million has flowed to these 11 sites.  At the same time, heritage funding for communities, programs, and agencies such as Heritage BC has dwindled down to almost zero.
 Earlier this year, Heritage BC released "A Call to Renew British Columbia's Heritage Program" which detailed how B.C.'s once excellent heritage program has unraveled over the years.  "We have been trying to make the government understand that things have reached a point of crisis", said Mr. Foster, "but the narrow scope of this latest announcement only confirms that we have made no impression."
 "We have communities approaching us continually for assistance and funding", said Rick Goodacre, HBC executive director.  "We have 170 member organizations around the province. This week alone we have been approached by five municipalities seeking help.  Our ability to respond to them in any meaningful way is very limited.  We have had no funding to offer communities since May, and our own funding continues to decline.  By next year, when Heritage BC should be celebrating its 30th anniversary, we will more likely be going out of business unless something happens soon."
                      Read "A Call to Renew British Columbia's Heritage Program" online:  www.heritagebc.ca
===  LANGUAGEWATCH  === [sic] expressions......
=  hopefully -- to clarify and distinguish:
hopefully means to be full of hope, NOT to hope
eg, she was sitting by the telephone hopefully -- means she was sitting there full of hope (that her boyfriend wd call)
        she looked at him hopefully
        she walked into the room hopefully but her face fell when she saw it was empty
otherwise, say
        Let's hope tonight's discussion...  //  I/We hope tonight's discussion...
=  Pronouns -- correct wd be:
if someone disagreed, he shd...
can't use they b/c it's third person plural and someone is considered a third person singular and he is considered the neutral pronoun; eg, to each his own.

===  MAIKU  ===   2010 December 16

                                          silver and red, green and gold
                                                                              singing, bells ringing
                                                                                                    with warm candle glow

(with apologies for prosaic/cliched; obviously was having a Hallmark moment)

A bend in the road is not the end of the road...unless you fail to make the turn.    -- Unknown
Celebrate what you've accomplished, but raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed.
                          -- Mia Hamm, retired American soccer player (b 1972)
Governments tend not to solve problems, only to rearrange them.   -- Ronald Reagan, US president (1911 - 2004)
Angels fly because they take themselves lightly.
-- Jean Maurice Eug=E8ne Clément Cocteau, French poet, novelist, dramatist, designer, boxing manager, playwright, artist, and filmmaker (1889 - 1963)

                            Mistletoad / Silent Night / Tinselitis / Claustrophobic / JungleBells / The North Poll