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by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Tuesday March 8th
 Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras: "Laissez les bons temps rouler!"
International Women's Day -- guess we make the pancakes.....

MAIN ITEMS on Ccl AGENDA Mar 7th: WVPD 2010 Crime States Update; Further info on 2317 Haywood DVP; DVP 2667 Haywood; OCP Amendment for Wetmore site readings for adoption with motion stating no further consultation needed based on process to date (do read list of recommendations re rezoning, parks, etc); MetroV RGS (keep 1200ft level!); Fire Services Review; 21st & Gordon calming, permeable parking; Non-owner occupied homes with sec stes; Design Review Cmte apptmts: Devt Application Status Report; Correspondence Feb 14 to 25: MDr overpass; Day of the Honey Bee (yay!); RGS misinformation and response; Elliott Commons; Evelyn Drive (deposit but sales ofc closed); Rabbits; Mtg minutes from Lib Bd, Grants Cmte, Bd of Variance (Gene Quan, Chair; allowed b/c of undue hardships re garages???); Hynes Devt reply re Elliott Commons (AOOGAH! accepting the cmnty amenity amt wch surely shd not be finalized until AFTER calcs shown, public consulted, and THEN decision!); GFOA Financial Reporting Award
=  Vive le Canada (Interculturalism); from the EDITOR'S DESK (RIP; LIBRARY SAGA: Significance and Future);  UPDATES and INFO (Mardi Gras; Shrove Tuesday); SUBSCRIBER HEADSUP
=  CALENDAR to Mar 24th; CULTUREWATCH (Theatre; Art; Music); NATUREWATCH (Old Growth; Dolphins)
=  Ccl Mtg NOTES Feb 21st: Public Hearing on non-owner occupied Sec Stes (closed); Ccl Mtg: Chamber of Comm Delegation (promo video); DVP 2317 Haywood (referred to staff); Parks Master Plan WG Interim Report; MetroV Regional Growth Strategy (staff report requested); Endowment Fund Summary; Wetmore Certification of Elector Approval; Magic -- Item 12.1 called/discussed (but it was not on the agenda and agenda wasn't amended!); Correspondence (power outages)
=  Ccl Mtg AGENDA Mar 7th
=  ANIMALWATCH (penguin, dog, leafy sea dragon, rats); TRAVELWATCH (airport security cartoons; huge holes); PEACEWATCH (KAIROS); HERITAGEWATCH (HFayre, Poster; Bridge; famous Cdn scientist, Bill Ricker in fisheries); COUNTRYWATCH (interculturalism, cont'd); LANGUAGEWATCH (:-) Luddite language; pronunciation); WORDWATCH (tergiversation); MAIKU (you); QUOTATIONS/THOUGHTS/PUNS

===  Vive le CANADA  === Interculturalism (I highly recommend)
The Canadian Press  Date: Sunday Mar. 6, 2011 7:25 AM ET
MONTREAL - Amid increasingly strident criticisms of multiculturalism, both in Canada and abroad, a group of Quebec intellectuals is proposing an alternative that could save an idea that has become part of the national fabric.
Interculturalism is being branded as a new model for integration and a solution to some of the anti-immigrant backlash that has accompanied the debate in Quebec over the accommodation of minorities.
Interculturalism takes for granted the centrality of francophone culture. From there it works to integrate other minorities into a common public culture, all while respecting their diversity.
Its backers say it can also help multiculturalism weather some of the attacks it has suffered recently.
Those attacks have been most acute in Quebec, where a member of the Opposition Parti Quebecois bluntly declared last month that "multiculturalism is not a Quebec value."
More of this article is at the end under COUNTRYWATCH; read the whole article in

===  from the EDITOR'S DESK  ===
+  First of all, condolences to Marjorie Williams and family for the recent passing of former MLA, Attorney-General, and DWV cclr, Allan Williams.
+ PM Harper today issued the following statement on the occasion of International Women's Day:
"Our Government is proud to join Canadians in observing the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day, a worldwide celebration of women and their outstanding achievements.
"This year's theme, Girls' Rights Matter, embodies cherished Canadian values, such as equality and opportunity, and serves to empower girls and young women to achieve success......."

+  LIBRARY TALES -- its own section below (amalgamating several email msgs) plus affecting agenda. 
THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE LIBRARY per se. It involves the Library Board and the Library Foundation Board.
Please note that we have high praise for the Library and its services.  It appears, however, that some actions of the two boards are, shall we say, hard to understand.  IMVHO at this moment, as I see it, I consider the actions in the past but the Chairs' handling of this matter to be reprehensible -- not fair to a citizen, the Mayor, the Council, or senior staff (Grant and Nina in Item 12.1).  Or the public.
Tergiversation has moved this from a mere $40K to something larger, calling into question the Library's expenditures, fiscal abilities, and truthfulness.
And how are the directors appointed and by whom?

= UPDATE re Library Saga
=  G's budget submission (re $40K; $1M; $20M in Dec; and only the ~$40K purchase by the Library was denied and challenged) was proved/documented in his response at Ccl Jan 10 b/c his credibility had been called into question: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_p87lVEjQls
{for those curious about names/origins, Pajari is a Finnish name; his mother's name was Spencer.}
=  Surprised seeing in NSN Jan 26 "allegations to the contrary", thus demanding proof the assertions were indeed true; G's response in NSN  Friday Feb 4.
= Apparently Global found out about G's performance proving his remarks were facts as he waved evidence during his defence.  They asked to interview him as part of their series on funding in Ms.  They did and it was aired Friday Feb 18.  It can be viewed on  Global TV News; if you click on http://v.gd/georgeontv , he's at the end, starting at 2:30 minutes.
CityCaucus has now picked up G's case:
Correspondence dated Jan 24 from Chair of Lib Bd and Chair of Lib Fdn.  Again, no choice.  G gave his letter in response to that last (outrageous) letter from the chairs to Clerk's Dept late on Friday (Mar 4th; no idea how long it takes them to process and circulate M&C Correspondence after receipt), but you can view it on-line at: http://www.scribd.com/doc/50074800 [Warning: read letter or first couple of pages, the rest documents to prove what G said; thoroughly researched and stated to clarify actual statements made and remove doubts as to the veracity of his presentation -- what else wd you expect from a scientist!]
Am warning you re glazed eyes factor...  He is a geek after all so documentation up the wahzootie.
{While I was aware of items two and three of his budget submission, I was not re the Library expenditure on custom furniture, so I was interested in seeing the facts -- esp since the Library said they'd gone back 30 years and found nothing.  Picking the smallest amount was not anticipated, thus I learned about the 'bicycle shed factor' (see Parkinson's Law of Triviality).  It has now become a case of how residents are treated, whether or not volunteers are accountable for their decisions, and how staff ought to respond to 'queries'.}
> NSN Feb 18, Lautens's Column
"he said/we said"
Pardon me?  George made statements, his credibility was, to put it euphemistically, questioned, he did the research and documented his claims.
Surely that's conclusively 'he said', no?
eg re custom furniture:
Library said they went back 30 years and found nothing vs George with email from the manufacturer saying it was custom.  And G held up proof from the manufacturer it was 'custom'.
(btw, the carpet it was to match has since been replaced)
Not to mention that a photograph was in the Library's Annual Report.
wrt other claims, the Library -- takes one's breath away -- said G had not given them his documents, and even more astonishing/ludicrous, that they weren't able to contact/find him.
(He's the only George Pajari in any telephone book in Canada.)
If one is charitable one might believe the Library was unaware that the MClerk puts that info in the minutes.
The CAO going to straighten things out?
From some points of view the Library is separate from the District (i.e. separate statutory body under the Library Act, and, of course, the Library Foundation is completely independent of both) so not clear what he cd do.  Of course, perhaps the CAO and Dir/Fin might offer expertise and/or help?
To be sure Ccl and the community have to be alarmed that the CRA worries about any claim of overhead/costs being more than 35% when costs to donations (NOT investment income received) are over 100%.
At the Feb 21 ccl mtg, totally out of the blue, an Item 12.1 was announced by the Mayor, just after Item 12 on Wetmore.
a) it had nothing to do with 12.
b) 12.1 was not on the agenda put up on the DWV website (Feb 18).*
c) it was not on the agenda I picked up in the lobby on the way in to the ccl chamber (Feb 21).
d) it was not added during approval of the agenda -- Approval of Agenda was moved and approved "as written", not amended.  (Strange, hm; surprise 12.1 was about the Library?)
Much to my amazement on Monday Mar 7 I looked at the Feb 21 minutes to be approved and there are THREE amendment/items added to the Feb 21st agenda!
*  So I had to look at the District website to see what it had on the Feb 21 agenda, and what to my wond'ring eyes shd appear? but those very three items had now been put on that agenda! and they weren't there previously when the agenda came out and put in the last WVM (and not on the agenda at the Hall), so the agenda must have been retroactively changed -- why wd they go back and add those items?
{IMO, if items or reports or whatever are added to an agenda it shd be updated with the date done so citizens are clear at least on the timeline.}
        (see transcript of Feb 21 ccl mtg below) 
peculiar? you betcha.
-- does not follow agenda/ccl mtg procedures -- sprung on us, and hm, about the Library.  Why?  and when I went up at PQP at the end of the mtg, the screen on the laptop on the desk had the Library carrels (the very ones engraved to match the previous carpet......).
The v brief report starts with saying the CAO and Dir/Fin were "directed" to go to the Library.  There was no such resolution or motion at a ccl mtg.  Who directed them?  Clearly Grant's indicating not his (or her) decision -- but dutifully went.
Grant's intelligent, possibly feeling uncomfortable (justifiably), and so his 'report' is somewhat ambiguous and holds as much water as a sieve besides referring to things different from G's points.
Sorry that Nina was dragged into this.
Note, however, that Grant was considerate and careful -- he said "I" so this assessment is his, not necessarily Nina's as her evaluation is not specifically given.
Am sure the Mayor is discomfited by this since, quite reasonably, she simply accepted the initial denial given to her by the "Library".  A grave disservice to the Mayor (and to the Library per se).
By involving staff to support the insupportable risks tainting them with incompetence also.
Give them benefit of the doubt that the implication is that there's proper oversight now.
No problem thanking citizens for service; polite, appreciative.  Given 2009 (the latest year figures available for), however, "outstanding" is a bit of clearly over-the-top compliment -- exaggeration to put it into perspective?
Great the Endowment has grown -- that was not the area G was referring to at all!
clever curve ball.
Why wd staff jeopardize credibility and competence by fulsome praise in the face of glaring irresponsibility or incompetence?
laid on pretty thick to say considerable add'l work.......
Why wd Ccl put them in that awkward position?
No wonder some words were a bit difficult to get out.
did they just believe whatever the Library chairs told them?
If so, then they risk being viewed as, at best, naive.
To be thorough doing the research, one wd have to go back to G to compare, see if past procedures have been improved, make sure any identified problems have been rectified, and announce great plans for the future.
Actually, to be gracious -- and smooth everything over to come across as mature, responsible, and positive/forward-looking -- thank G for bringing this to their attention.
We all make mistakes, praise for Lib recognizing areas needing improvement -- we all win.
G and I both have praised the Library and its services.  That's not the issue, nor was it meant to denigrate the Library.  Furthermore, we realize the Director of Library Services has only recently arrived so wd not expect her to be familiar yet with all aspects, let alone events in previous years (though she may hv bn involved in the decisions as to how this matter was managed).
During budget discussions, many residents bring up areas where money can be saved or better spent.  Surely that's helpful.

Has a problem with oversight, procedures, accountability been uncovered?
let's concentrate on fixing!  water under the bridge but get busy on a better bridge!
We think this has gone on too long.  I didn't know what this item was all about when it started (I was aware of points two and three -- the $1M and $20M -- he made) wch is why I was so disconcerted when I heard the denial at the ccl mtg, not knowing the incident or particulars; see my letter of Feb on Ccl Correspondence).
As for its not deserving of our attention, my hope wd be that it results in more honesty and accountability, IOW, a lesson for better behaviour in future.
We shd be able to assume competence and trust response from staff (and appointed board -- maybe look at the appointment procedures and what to do if performance not up to snuff?), just as the Mayor initially did.
Once shown not dependable as demonstrated in this case, what's Ccl going to do about it?
So it doesn't happen again
if so, that there are consequences.
who's responsible?
does it make Ccl complicit?
What does it say about Ccl if they accept such dissembling?
or if they send staff to whitewash others' insupportable actions thus dragging them down when the puck stops at board or Ccl level?
We've all got better things to so, and so has G if it were only a question of $50K.
This does, however, go to the core of governance, good governance, that is.  Yes, boards have the freedom to do whatever, clearly boundaries must be set, and somebody -- whether the CAO, and failing that, Ccl -- has to make sure they don't go overboard or think they have a blank cheque.  Boards are the first line in overseeing prudent expenditures.
Whose role to control reckless or unwise/frivolous spending?
Mayor and/or Ccl -- who chooses directors? ascertains competence and time?
Over to you, ladies and gentlemen.
And, btw, there's the matter of respect and how residents are treated when they speak at Ccl.
It's just that this time when, frankly, countered with falsehoods, thus affecting G's reputation and credibility, I fully supported G's determination to prove his facts once challenged.  He shdn't have had to spend the time and energy to do so.  Don't tangle with a tiger (or a computer scientist or a Scorpio).
My hope is for something good to come of this -- more attention thus more integrity.......
What is reprehensible is their defence of the indefensible
and worse --
not saying/seeing anything wrong with the decisions made
it leads one to believe if/when such a profligate (or whatever) decision shd be made in the future, likely Ccl/CAO will not be told the truth thus exposing Ccl........
...letting down/betraying the public trust as well
...to put the CAO in such an untenable position literally forced to whitewash or praise waste of money was embarrassing -- but not to Ccl b/c they went along with it?
When the CAO reported (12.1) he was "completely satisfied", given the background, the first obvious question is what were they told?
Given that the Library had misled the Mayor, had made twisted and untrue comments to her and the press, plus in their letter to Ccl, who knows what they told you two when you went to see them?
Furthermore, with that open shameful record, why believe them?
Why not call G to see if the stories/facts line up?
Wasn't this all started, rather than being quickly buried and touted plans of going forward improved, b/c of ludicrous comments by the Library?
Now, we'd like to know what the CAO and Dir/Fin were told.
What if told things about the carrels (the custom furniture) had features non-custom haven't, was that accepted without comparison with non-custom?  (the range for non-custom is about $400 to $1100 so a lot of options can be included; these custom carrels were over $2000 each).
That's why the latest story shd hv been checked.
The extra was for the engraving and the shape, surely superfluous and both to match a carpet now replaced.  Don't know if they chose more expensive wood but wd be surprised.
No doubt the carrels at half the price wd also last.
No doubt the engraving and custom/special shape are not factors in the longevity of the carrels.
The truth when still in 'circle the wagons' mode?
Why on the other hand wd the CAO think G's statements (proved and documented) were not true -- esp when claims by the LibBd/Fdn chairs turned out not to be true?
Next quandary and eager ears await, if CAO misled (as the Mayor was earlier) will it be admitted? and/or what will be done about it?
Yes, this has affected the Library's reputation and possibly its ability to fundraise now -- why didn't the Library consider that?
Those chairs have also damaged their own reputation -- and for what? to defend custom carpet insets and furniture to match?
Why try to hoodwink Ccl and staff? and drag them down too?
Wdn't it be more productive to work together on a win-win plan?
We both think this has gone on too long.
As for its not deserving of our attention, my hope wd be that it results in more honesty and accountability, IOW, a lesson for better behaviour in future.
We shd be able to assume competence and trust response from staff, just as the Mayor initially did.
Once shown not possible as demonstrated in this case, what's Ccl going to do about it?
So it doesn't happen again
if so, that there are consequences.
who's responsible?
What does it say about Ccl if they accept such dissembling?
or if they send staff to whitewash others' insupportable actions thus dragging them down when the puck stops at board or Ccl level?

My hope is for something good to come of this -- more attention thus more integrity.......
What is reprehensible is defending the indefensible
and worse --
not saying/seeing anything wrong with the decisions made
it leads one to believe if/when such a profligate (or whatever) decision shd be made in the future, likely Ccl/CAO will not be told the truth thus exposing Ccl........
letting down/betraying the public trust as well
to put the CAO in such an untenable position literally forced to whitewash or praise waste of money was embarrassing -- but not to Ccl b/c they went along with it?

                      ...........time for a new day, a new dawn......... and a better future..........

+  Dolphins and Orcas
This just in [Tue, 8 Mar 2011 21:09:41] from Jack Cooley of Squamish Streamkeepers:
Lawrence Ruskin of Lions' Bay reports that about 20 dolphins and two orcas are now cavorting in lower Howe Sound.
+ Mardi Gras
"Fat Tuesday", the beginning of Lent.  Big celebrations in New Orleans and Rio de Janeiro. "Laissez les bons temps rouler" is Cajun French (hence debate re its grammar) for "Let the good times roll."
English: Shrove Tuesday (followed by Ash Wednesday).
+  Shrove: Wikipedia says:
The word shrove is the past participle of the English verb to shrive, which means to obtain absolution for one's sins by way of confession and doing penance. During the week before Lent, sometimes called Shrovetide in English, Christians were expected to go to confession in preparation for the penitential season of turning to God. Shrove Tuesday was the last day before the beginning of Lent on Ash Wednesday, and noted in histories dating back to 1000 AD.
+ When Is Shrove Tuesday in 2011? - 8th of March
Remember that it's Easter that fixes the date for Shrove Tuesday.  Therefore working backwards, we have Lent with its 40 days of fasting before we get to Easter.  Now Lent starts on Ash Wednesday, so the day before is when cooks use up all the 'naughty foods'. In the olden days two 'naughty foods', which are not allowed in Lent, would be butter and eggs - ideal for making pancakes.  Hence Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Day.
Curiously, when calculating Lent, Sundays don't count, hence Shrove Tuesday is actually 47 days before Easter Sunday.
+ Iranian New Year
In an Update, I asked:
Help Wanted: have received notices from DWV (different sources) with the Iranian New Year spelled: Norouz, Norooz, Nowruz, etc.  I realize it's transliteration so it can vary.  Pls let me know wch is the preferred spelling.
So I googled: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nowruz
Also spelled Norouz, Norooz, Narooz, Nawruz, Newroz, Newruz, Nauruz, Nawroz, Noruz, Novruz, Nauroz, Navroz, Naw-R=FAz, Nowroj, Navroj, Nevruz, Navruz, Navrez, Nooruz, Nauryz, Nevruz, Nowrouz,
Illumination of the Earth by the Sun on the day of equinox (ignoring twilight).
The first day on the Iranian calendar falls on the March equinox, the first day of spring. At the time of the equinox, the sun is observed to be directly over the equator, and the north and south poles of the Earth lie along the solar terminator; sunlight is evenly divided between the north and south hemispheres.
Vancouver: Sunday March 20, 2011, 16:20:45 PM*
Update info sent included in this issue.  Subscribers get the agenda soon after it goes out so no need to wait.
       S  (Normal)  Editor, WVM    Friday, 6:08 AM      26      AGENDA March 7

=======  CALENDAR to Mar 24th  =======
All mtgs are at M Hall unless indicated otherwise.  NOTE: shown are mtgs known at this date; often there are additions, changes, cancellations after WVM goes out.  Check the DWV Calendar: http://www.westvancouver.ca/Calendar.aspx  .   Notices/mtgs/changes too late for an issue or too early for the next are sent to subscribers as updates.  They then appear in the next newsletter.
== Tuesday Mar 1   ~ 7pm ~ Parks Master Plan WG
== Tuesday Mar 8 ~ International Day of Women (100th Anniversary) 
        ~ Mardi Gras! start of Lent --   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mardi_Gras
                         Also known as Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Tuesday [see Updates/Info above]
== Wednesday Mar 9  ~ 7pm ~  Field Sport Forum WG
== Thursday Mar 10
        ~ 6:30pm ~ Safeway Site Redvt mtg -- Public Consultation (Srs' Ctr)
http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=32562  1650 Marine Drive (Safeway site)
7pm Presentation & Discussion  --  Overview
More Information Proponent's presentation to Council on February 7, 2011; Staff report dated January 27, 2011 
Revised notification map approved by Council Feb 7, 2011
== Friday Mar 11
~ 1:30pm ~ Parks Master Plan WG site visit, Western West Van (meet at Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr parking lot)
~ 4 - 6pm ~ at Library-- Town Hall Meeting of the Fisheries Roundtable
John Weston, MP for West Vancouver - Sunshine Coast - Sea-to-Sky Country, cordially invites you to participate in a town hall meeting to Update on proposed Habitat Projects for the Squamish River System
Cohen Inquiry update: Discuss and give feedback to the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, Gail Shea, on the allocation of recreational and commercial Pacific Halibut quotas.
This is an excellent opportunity to share your thoughts and concerns with your Member of Parliament and provide feedback on the status of Pacific Halibut fishing in British Columbia
~ 7pm ~ INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY, Kay Meek Ctr (913 3634)
== Saturday Mar 12
                 Meet at 10am; hike will last about three hours.  [See details in NATUREWATCH below]
== Sunday Mar 13 ~ 7 - 8:30pm ~
LECTURE & SLIDE SHOW by Dr. Jonn Matsen in Lions' Bay Village Hall
Presented by the Squamish Streamkeepers [See details in NATUREWATCH below]
== Monday Mar 14  ~ 4pm ~  FINANCE CMTE (on DWV Calendar but NO Agenda yet)
== Tuesday Mar 15
        ~ 7pm ~ Parks Master Plan WG
~ 6 to 10pm ~ Ambleside Park ~ Norouz - Iranian New Year  [Nowruz]
This 2,500-year-old festival brings family and friends together to welcome the New Year. Everyone is invited to this free festive evening. Pls car pool or use public transit.  For info pls call 726 1650. [be prepared for 'fire-jumping!]
Wednesday Mar 16
~ 7pm ~  Bd of Variance in Ccl Chamber; and Library Bd in Welsh Hall
~ 7pm ~ WVHS mtg at Srs' Ctr -- Saving the Bridge
The West Vancouver Historical Society is holding a public meeting on saving the old 'blue' bridge across the Capilano River.  Our speaker will be Michael Roberts, a professional engineer, who is a strong believer in saving old bridges for new uses.  Mr. Roberts has some unique, creative, and thought-provoking ideas on the future of the Capilano Bridge.
The Society is still looking for donors to assist with the publication of  'Cottages to Community' our book being prepared for fall publication to celebrate our Centennial in 2012.  You can phone our number at 778 279-2235 or you can visit our web site for more information at wvhs.ca.
~ 7:30pm ~  A Taste of Peace / Zatoun / KAIROS
                St Andrew's United Church, 1044 St George's, NV [see details at end]
== Thursday Mar 17
                   St. Patrick's Potluck Social -- Come out and enjoy good food and dancing at this potluck social!
                   6:30 to 8:30pm at Gleneagles Community Centre  Info: 604-925-7270
~ 7:30 to 9:30pm West Vancouver Streamkeepers Mtg/Social; Hollybun Sailing Club (1326 Argyle)
Members and Friends of West Vancouver Streamkeepers:
   This is an informal get together of members, directors, volunteers, and others who are interested in Streamkeepers and our activities.
    Feel free to drop by.  This will be an opportunity to meet and chat, or perhaps to discuss a Streamkeeper issue of particular interest to you.  But above all, it is intended to be an opportunity to spend a relaxing hour or two with others like yourself, who share an interest in our local streams and their habitat.  There will be wine and cheese, as well as other light refreshments, on hand.
    We hope it will be an enjoyable evening for everyone.  I personally look forward to chatting with many of you on the 17th.  I hope you can make it.
          Best regards,
          John Barker, President, West Vancouver Streamkeepers Society; 628 1123
                              jrbarker@shaw.ca  or streamkeepers@westvan.org
== Friday Mar 18
~ 5:30 - 7:30pm ~ Night Quest Lantern-making Workshop
Location: Pacific Spirit Regional Park - St. Anselm's Anglican Church - 5210 University Blvd
Fee: $2/lantern for materials (please bring exact change) Let your imagination light up the night! Come out to this hands-on workshop and learn how to build your own fantastic lantern to showcase at Night Quest. Presented in partnership with Catching the Spirit. Registration is limited, please call 604 224 5739. Accessible by #17 & #99 buses
       Thanks again, Vanessa Lee, Park Interpretation Leader, MetroV Regional Parks www.metrovancouver.org (search "education")
== Sunday Mar 20 ~~~  Nowruz: Vancouver: 2011 Sunday March 20, 16:20:45pm  ~~~
== Monday Mar 21
Seniors' Activity Centre Flea Market is April 3 -- http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=32860
                Donations accepted - with thanks - March 21 - 31
                Please drop off your donations at the 22nd St entrance of the Arena
Spring Cleaning? We'll happily take items in good/saleable condition that you don't need. We're looking for:
                      clothing, antiques, collectibles, artwork, kitchenware, jewellery, furniture, toys, books, odds & ends
Need Pick Up? If you have larger items and unable to drop off your donations, pls call 925 7280 to arrange for pick up.

+++  WV MEMORIAL LIBRARY +++  http://www.westvanlibrary.ca/event/calendar.php
+  Thursday Mar 3 -- AUTHOR VISIT: RUSSELL SMITH~~ 7 - 8:30pm, Welsh Hall.
Russell Smith reads from his most recent and insightful novel, Girl Crazy, a darker work with thriller elements that was called hot, steamy, ruthlessly lucid by Barbara Gowdy and chatty, funny, sex-loving by David Gilmour.
Friday Mar 4  ~~ 7:30pm (doors open at 7pm)
What could be better than a fairy tale told in song? This opera, an English adaptation of Rossini's La Cenerentola, is full of lively tunes, fast-paced fun and comical characters, and is perfect for young audiences.
+  Saturday 2 - 4pm Mar 12  THANK A BEE
Dr. Elizabeth Elle, Associate Professor in the Dept. of Biological Sciences at Simon Fraser University, will speak about our native bees and their impact on pollinator biodiversity and conservation as well as how our land-use practices impact and even enhance pollination. She will speak about the natural history of our wild pollinators -- we may have as many as 500 species of native bees in BC! -- what is known about pollinator declines, and the role of gardeners, like you, in conserving pollinator biodiversity.
+  Fridays Mar 11, 18  --   ENGLISH CORNER  ~ 10 - 11:30am, Welsh Hall
Come and practise English conversation at the Library. English Corner is facilitated by the Baha'i Community of West Vancouver in partnership with the Library. Requirement: able to read English. For info call Fariba Rocker, 604 506 6616
+  Friday Mar 18 +   PHILOSOPHERS' CAFE: LEARNING  ~ 10:30am - noon
What is the difference between being educated and being trained? Which is more important today and tomorrow?
No registration is required. Admission is $5.
+  Wednesday 7:30 - 9pm Mar 23  ~  AUTHORS IN OUR COMMUNITY: MARGREET DIETZ
Running Shoes Are a Girl's Best Friend author Margreet Dietz shares stories and experiences that will inspire anyone. She's a 3:07 marathoner, five-time Ironman triathlon finisher and recently ran 50-mile and 100-mile races.
+++  WV MUSEUM  +++  Visit:  http://www.westvanmuseum.blogspot.com/
BIG IDEAS: Responding to Public Art  -- March 8 -- March 26 (on website)
Opening Reception: Friday March 11 from 6 to 8pm
BIG IDEAS is a West Vancouver (Grade 10 - 12) student art exhibition showcasing their conceptual responses to the Vancouver Biennale's public art installations.  BIG IDEAS explores current topics inspired by the Vancouver Biennale art installations.  This school outreach program challenged students to use public art as a stimulus for creating and learning in other curriculum areas.
+++  FERRY BUILDING GALLERY  +++ http://ferrybuildinggallery.com ~ 925 7290
BIG IDEAS: Responding to Public Art  -- March 8 -- March 27 (on poster)
Opening Reception: Friday March 11 from 6 to 8pm
+++ SILK PURSE +++   http://www.silkpurse.ca/gallery2.html
BIG IDEAS: Responding to Public Art  -- March 8 -- March 26
Opening Reception: Friday March 11 from 6 to 8pm
March 8 - 20th " Simorgh"  
In conjunction with the celebration of Iranian new year, this exhibition of  images by artist Ali Shahidi.  Representing the mythical Holy bird, who represents the persona of women and whose mission is to protect the environment of Mother Earth. Iranian legends consider the bird so old that it had seen the destruction of the World three times over. The Simorgh learned so much by living so long that it is thought to possess the knowledge of all the Ages. The Simorgh was considered to purify the land and waters and hence bestow fertility.
Opening reception March 8 Tuesday 6 - 8pm
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o  International Women's Day  --  7pm Friday March 11
o  Vancouver Youth Symphony Concerto Winners Concert -- 7:30pm Saturday March 12
o  Pacific Symphonic Wind Ensemble: Brooklyn Bridge  --  7:30pm Sunday March 13
o  Movies at the Meek: Incendies  --  7:30pm Tuesday March 15
o  Enjoying the Geriatric Journey  --  7:30pm Wednesday March 16
o  Saint Thomas Aquinas High School presents Charlotte's Web -- 730pm
                                              Thursday March 17, Friday March 18; 2pm Saturday March 19
o  Richard Margison, tenor  --  8pm Thursday March 17
o  Songs of Sinatra, a tribute  --  8pm Saturday March 19
o  Martin Helmchen, Piano  --  3pm Sunday March 20

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Sponsored by the WV Chamber of Commerce Space is limited for this event, pls RSVP asap.

+ Arts Club (687 1644) www.artsclub.com
- Granville Island Stage: Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf by Edward Albee (Feb 10 to Mar 12 with a 7:30 start)
+  Revue Stage on Granville Island, Mar 2 to 19
The Story of My Life is a delightful piece of musical theatre produced by Best Friends Theatre Co-op and features Stephen Aberle & Jonathan Holmes as Thomas Weaver and Alvin Kelby. It tells the story of two childhood friends and how their friendship profoundly defined their lives.
Thomas Weaver is a best-selling, award-winning author. Alvin Kelby was his best friend 40 years. But time can test the bonds of friendship, and when it does, Thomas calls on the only resource he has -- his stories of Alvin - to learn where things went wrong.
This richly melodic musical is a soaring tribute to the power of friendship and the people who change our lives forever.
Tix at www.vancouvertix.com or by phone 604-629-8849.
+ Jericho Arts Centre  (1675 Discovery)
        The Pillowman by Martin McDonagh, a Wild Geese Co-op production; Feb 17 to Mar 6
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Simone On Simone -- Wednesday Mar 9 -- Orpheum Theatre
A Romantic Spanish Celebration -- Saturday, Mar 12 --  Monday Mar 14
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The Magnificent Music Of Bach And Mozart
           Friday, Mar 18 and Saturday, Mar 19 --  Bach & Beyond  -- Chan Centre
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          Sat 12 March ~ 2:15pm - Nicolas Krusek: The Unity of Words and Music in Bach's "St John Passion"
          Sat 19 March ~ 2:15 pm - Stephen Stubbs & Gilbert Blin: Handel's "Acis and Galatea"
          "Early Music in Context" Lectures at the summer Vancouver Early Music Programme & Festival

== Saturday Mar 12
   The Directors of the Old Growth Conservancy Society are organizing this season's second snowshoe hike. Winter hikes enable us to visit the Conservancy without impact to the forest floor. Our March 12th trip will take us to an area that we have not hiked in before.
   Hugh Hamilton will lead this hike. We plan to go down the Conservancy Crossing Trail, over to the Skid Road, and then into the relatively flat forest to the northwest to see some of the Conservancy's different-aged forest stands that reflect a complex history of logging and fire disturbance. There are many noteworthy trees in this area, both living and dead, including one we have named Jaws. We may also reach the large trees in the Conservancy's apex.
   Meet us at 10am at Hi-View Lookout (second switchback on the Cypress Bowl Road) for car-pooling, or at 10:30am in Parking Lot #5.
   The hike will last around two and a half to three hours. Bring some food and a beverage. Water-resistant outerwear over layered winter clothing is recommended, as are sturdy water-resistant boots. On past hikes, footwear has varied from boots to snowshoes to crampons. Hiking or ski poles are advised.
   Snowshoes can be rented at Mountain Equipment Co-op for $12/per day. Reservations should be made well ahead. NV store: 1341 Main St., 604 990 4417
   Please email us at ogcs.wv@gmail.com if you plan to join us. We will send out a weather/snow conditions report the afternoon before the trip.
                                  Bruce McArthur, President, Old Growth Conservancy Society
== Sunday Mar 13
Howe Sound Dolphins Are Back!
   Cd Lions' Bay soon be called "The Dolphin Capital of Canada"?  For two years in a row residents of this small community just north of Vancouver have been amazed by schools of hundreds of white-sided dolphins frolicking in front of their ocean front properties. Skiers returning from Whistler have pulled off to the side of Highway 99 to watch the spectacle. Where did these dolphins come from so suddenly and why are they here now when nobody can recall seeing dolphins here in the past?
   On Sunday, March 13 the answer to those questions will be given at the Lions' Bay Community Hall (above Hwy 99) through a colourful slide show presentation that will show that the Howe Sound herring run is back!  In the 1960s up to 2000 tons of herring spawned in the shelter of the Squamish boat harbour and this mass of herring in turn fed the fishes, birds, sea mammals, and humans of Howe Sound.  Industrial development of their spawning area from the 1960s into the 1970s caused a collapse of this herring run followed soon after by collapse of the animals that depended on them for food.
   In 2006 the Squamish Streamkeepers stumbled onto a remnant of this once mighty herring run that had been spawning around the Squamish Terminals docks.  A few spawned successfully on bladder wrack, but the majority of eggs were laid on dock pilings that killed their eggs. The Streamkeepers experimented with various wrappings of these dangerous pilings and the hundreds of dolphins are proof that the herring are indeed back. The Streamkeepers are still expanding their work and expect the herring runs to increase in size much more in the near future but there are still obstacles to their full recovery.
   The Squamish Streamkeepers are a curious group and have found other parts of Georgia Strait, Puget Sound, and Johnstone Strait that have experienced similar declines in herring stocks that together account for some of dramatic declines seen in local salmon stocks over the last 40 years. Their spectacular slide show will take you above and below Howe Sound and throughout Georgia Strait to show how helping the herring runs could play a key role in bringing back the salmon stocks of Howe Sound and Georgia Strait. Just ask the dolphins!
-- by donation
===  CCL MTG NOTES February 21st  ===
Note: At 6pm the regular Council Meeting will commence in open session in the MFCR and will be immediately followed by a motion to exclude the public in order to hold a closed session,...
6:00 PM
RECOMMENDED: THAT in the public interest, members of the public be excluded from part of the February 21, 2011 regular Council Meeting on the basis of matters to be considered under the following section of the Community Charter:
90. (1) A part of a council meeting may be closed to the public if the subject matter being considered relates to or is one or more of the following:
1.  personal information about an identifiable individual who holds or is being considered for a position as an officer, employee, or agent of the municipality or another position appointed by the municipality;
(d) the security of the property of the municipality;
(g) litigation or potential litigation affecting the municipality;
(i) the receipt of advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose; and
(k) negotiations and related discussions respecting the proposed provision of a municipal service that are at their preliminary stages and that, in the view of the council, could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality if they were held in public.
(At 7pm the PH regarding the Zoning Amendment Bylaw will be held. The open session of the Ccl Mtg will be reconvened immediately following the PH.)  Following conclusion of the PH, the following items will be considered:
7:00 PM
1. CALL TO ORDER  [~7:07]
Mayor: Sorry, we're a few minutes late.  Before moving to the PH, just comment on the fact that all mbrs of Ccl and staff are wearing pink to celebrate Pink Shirt Day, our national anti-bullying initiative, promoting positive healthy supportive relationships, just like our Ccl does with one another.  :-)
WV is celebrating at the Cmnty Ctr on Wednesday ...
And our Blue Bus drivers are wearing pink
pleasure for us to participate.....
Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4672, 2011 (File:  1610-20-4662/4672)
The Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits will describe the proposed amendment Bylaw.
Applicant: The District of West Vancouver
Subject Lands: The proposed Zoning Bylaw amendment would apply to lands within most Single Family Dwelling and Duplex Dwelling Zones, Multiple Dwelling Zone 4 and 5, Public Assembly Zone 2 (Places of Worship), and Comprehensive Development Zones: CD3 (Rodgers Creek), CD4 (6520 and 6540 Marine Drive), CD10 (Folkestone Way), CD41 (Garrow Bay), and CD42 (Telegraph Hill), which are located throughout the municipality.
Purpose: The proposed Zoning Bylaw amendment is to permit secondary suites in non-owner occupied homes.
The proposed Zoning Bylaw amendment would replace Section 130.05(1)(d), "Secondary Suites" with the following:
d) the registered owner of the lot must occupy, as his/her principal place of residence, either the Principal Dwelling Unit or the Secondary
Suite, or alternatively must:
i) identify a property manager with an address within the District of WV or within the City or District of NV to manage tenancies of the Principal Dwelling Unit and the Secondary Suite;
ii) authorize the property manager to deal with the complaints of neighbours or the District arising from the occupancy of the Principal Dwelling Unit or Secondary Suite including the parking of motor vehicles by the occupants; and
iii) provide to the District the name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address of the property manager, and provide written authorization to the District to contact the property manager in the event of such complaints.
Additionally, an amendment to Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005 is proposed to establish an annual licence fee of $450.00 for secondary suites in non-owner occupied homes. While not required as part of the public hearing process, all persons who wish to provide comment on proposed Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005, Amendment Bylaw No. 4673, 2011 will be given an opportunity to be heard and to provide written submissions on the proposed amendment bylaw at the Public Hearing for proposed Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4672, 2011.
3. PUBLIC HEARING PROCEDURE -- Mayor Goldsmith-Jones will describe the procedure
1) Reports received up to February 17, 2011:
Non-Owner Occupied Secondary Suites - Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4672, 2011 and Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005, Amendment Bylaw No. 4673, 2011 /
       January 24, 2011  /  February 7, 2011 /  February 21, 2011  /  R-1
2) Written submissions received up to February 17, 2011:
T. and D. Sullivan  /  February 16, 2011  /  February 21, 2011  /  C-1
On February 7, 2011, Council set the date for the Public Hearing. The statutory notice of Public Hearing was published in the North Shore News on February 13 and February 16, 2011. The Municipal Clerk will note written submissions received for the February 21, 2011 Public Hearing.
Sokol gave background: 230 legalized to date
stes relatively affordable housing; more than typical housing in WV
registered wd allow staff inspections, thus safe
MClk spoke re Corresp received
Gordon Ward Hall: [NOTES SUPPLIED]
I do not consider that non-owner-occupied suites shd be included in the sec ste program.
The sec ste program was established to benefit the owners living in the house, to subsidize the costs of mortgages, taxes, maintenance, upgrades, etc.
To modify the program to include rental houses run on a solely business basis will only dilute the intent of the sec ste program.
An absentee landlord is renting his house as a money-making business and whether it is subdivided into one, two, or more areas, it is basically a rooming house, and a smaller living area does not qualify or meet the description of a sec ste.
These rental houses may provide relatively inexpensive accommodation that will enable young families or young adults to move into West Vancouver, but there shd be a separate bylaw for the rental of suites in these houses.  They are businesses, not owner-occupied houses with secondary stes.
We have a good sec ste bylaw that originally excluded the rental of stes in absentee-owner houses.  The reason for their exclusion from this specific bylaw has not changed.
It is recommended that a new bylaw be established to cover the rental of suites in houses not occupied  by their owners so as not to dilute or upset the present workable sec ste bylaw.
Bruce McArthur: No particular problem with this sec ste bylaw amendment proposed
a couple of questions re parking and how that wd be handled, and think I've had them answered by the person I happen to be seated next to in the audience here
{some chuckles}
a little concerned about upkeep but think assurances of Bob Sokol will successfully look after these doubts.
Eleanor Cordingly: nothing written out
if I may, correct Mr Sokol's letter or prog he mentioned; got here early so able to read it
I am one of those ppl who objected sev times, must be record in ofc somewhere wrt suite near me; ste based on two things, need and greed; I've never met anybody who wd ever close down, or even complain about a ste in WV, if we knew the nbr and knew the circumstance; ppl wd say go for it
but now we're talking about a whole different thing
I phoned about this ad for one in Dund
well, it's owned by company: two bedroom ste with an in-law ste with a sep ste
asked cd that be rented out? oh yes, certainly
$3500 + utilities, some little place, wdn't be v large
so that's what they're telling ppl when they phone
my second complaint is that I came to mtg re sec stes, and the basic principle, the owner wd be in the house; I said shut them all down, it's not enforceable, and this admin is never ever going to go through the courts and shut anybody down; it's just not true
so I think you shd face up to that, and so to bring in another whole group
they cd be anybody; cd be money-laundering from drugs; businesses, off-shore, whatever; global economy, ... just think it's wrong
sold my home in Lower Caulfeild got so fed up
in area where may be next to be torn down
don't want to wake up one morning and see some humungous house next to us, lots fairly big
there's not just two stes, some ppl have a basement suite
let's get real about this; it's just wrong
if someone builds a house and wants a ste, I can go with a sec ste now but the owner has to be in some part of that house; it's just not fair, I don't think.
Mayor: no one further on list; anyone else?
Ingun Kemble: lived here for 40 years
if owner lives in nbrhd and no complaints for a long time
don't see any reason if someone responsible
call someone, problem
why if no problem for many years, not right to toss them out
Mayor: anyone?
Dave Thompson: 1215 Esquimalt; came upon this recently but lived here for a long time
okay, you've got your house rented ... ste ....
why different if renting whole thing? don't understand it
ev house in WV cd be a duplex, how does that differ from a single rented house?
why? [7:24] ...  I don't get it
Mayor: to Cclr SW
SW: be received and that the Public Hearing be closed.
Sop: what about local owner?
agent? grow op?
owner cd be anywhere and all the responsibility the agent so bypassing the person who owns the home
Sokol: ultimate resp still with homeowner
idea is that staff can be contacted immediately
if prob when comes up, will be decommissioned
Sop: where in bylaw?
Sokol: doesn't need to be in this; another bylaw
Sop: operate by complaint?
Sokol: bylaw ofcrs will respond as they do with any other issue
Sop: cd person renting rent to another?
care? who has control? if landlord not there, a free-for-all
Sokol: a sec ste is not allowed to be where there are lodgers
the local contact will be staff's first approach and if can't, try for owner; other means such as non-renewal [when that comes up]
Sop: does a person who rents out his whole house have to pay a fee to rent?
Sokol: no, he doesn't
Mayor: motion on the floor is for closing
Sop: I'm asking questions
Mayor: if you think it shdn't
Sop: a reasonable question; I want to know his answer
Mayor: so debate when {when back or second reading???}
TP: can owner/contact live in WV

{hm? of course!!! WV is part of the North Shore}

Sokol: agent must live on NSh
ML: are there jurisdictions where is there a fee for renting a house?
Sokol: don't know, maybe in resort cmnties where common.
If there is no further public input and Council does not request a further staff report, then:
RECOMMENDED: ...be received and that the Public Hearing be closed.
Mayor: when will it return?
Sokol: next mtg, Mar 7

{er, um.  if closed, what's the difference between an answer and a report???}

ML: move as written.
{but it wasn't!!!
the agenda on the website had NO  Item 12.1, the agenda I picked up in the lobby on the way in had NO item 12.1.  Item 12 is on Wetmore.  Not only then was there no Item 12.1 on the agenda, but also totally illogical to attach/add an item on finances at the Library to the Wetmore agenda item.
why sprung on us!
go ahead and guess.
In any case, it is a violation of procedures to add an item not previously approved to be on the agenda.}
UPDATE: they've now changed the Feb 21 agenda -- retroactively! -- on the District's website!
6.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES  --  February 7, 2011 Regular Council Meeting.
7. A. Pottinger, Director, WV Chamber of Commerce, regarding 2010 Annual Report and Appreciation of District Support and Assistance regarding Climate Smart Program (File:  0055-20-WVCC1)
        Presentation to be provided.
Mayor: welcome Ch of Commerce as a delegation
Andrew Pottinger: here with...
two sections tonight: Climate Action and 2010 report
First to thank Ccl for this, re GHG
background the Ch tries to be a partner with the M
want to promote economic devt and health of cmnty
ClimateSmart; large companies can reduce GHG;
intermediate and small diff
Climate Smart approached MetroV -- training for sm and medium biz
first participants (SLIDE)
three classes; Megan can explain
Megan: staff incredible -- how to measure and track and how to reduce emissions and save money
AP: Examples.........
Megan: ..... really thank Ccl
AP: total cost about $1500, indiv biz paid about $500; worthwhile exercise and thank Ccl for supporting us
Mayor: Gary Mussatto (Prez) and Maggie Pappas (VP)
MP: bit of a misunderstanding
said left out, then told two diff, each with ten minutes so we'll go over
Dec 2010...... exceeded
[7:42] List of events including wildly successful sold out event
Christie Rosta, added to xxx
Budget 101 may change to Tax
six monthly sessions, first Mar 31st
ask remit the fee and renew agreement for 2011/2012; divided into xxx
major projects, students from Cap and elsewhere re website, etc
Cap U film dept; award-winning; able to complete a four-minute video
[7:45 video]
social media, marketing students at Cap College;  homebased
Grant -- where residents want their taxes to go to
Brent -- BSC
{APPLAUSE after video; you can see it on the WV Chamber of Commerce website}
Mayor: questions?
Sop: a year ago, asked if Ch to think outside the box
years ago, won't say how many not 100 as Smith says
MP: one of the hardest thing you can do, is new mbrs
in last few months mbrs have come to us
Mayor: Cclr Walker is our liaison
SW: moved thanks; went through prog, enlightening disconcerting (?); tyvm
[7:51] Mayor: look forward to working with you in the year ahead  ...
8. Development Variance Permit Application No. 10-055 (2317 Haywood Avenue) (File:  1010 20 10-055)
At the Jan 24 reg mtg Ccl received the report dated Jan 12 from Planning, Lands, and Permits
Reports received up to February 17, 2011:
        G. Boyle and J. Allan  /  January 12, 2011  /  January 24, 2011
J. Allan  /  February 10, 2011  /  February 21, 2011
Written Submissions received up to February 17, 2011:
        E. Jones & S. Ordonez  /  February 9, 2011  /  February 21, 2011
GB gave background and had slide showing the unusual shape and another showing the house:
trying to fit in with existing nbrhd
SLIDE with variances
discussions with staff re driveway
requires cutting of holly tree so wd hv to make application
applicant is present with architect
Sop: recently a house was removed on the waterfront, happened to live there
holly is an invasive species
it's Hollyburn!
[7:57 laughter}
Ev: what is the distance?
GB: approx 25ft from
Mayor: Applicant going to speak?
GB: here, can answer questions
R Pearson: thank you for the opp to speak
chose this lot b/c central and relatively xxx for WV
live here as a retirement home
smaller lot that doesn't fit the zoning hence the variance
met with staff, etc, a number of iterations and compromises
felt it was a hardship
took specific direction from WV Planning staff
months to arrive at this
allows a two-car garage reducing need to park on street and 8pm; xxx
house professionally designed, lower FSR and lower in height allowed
Sop: there was a time we encouraged driveways side
admire work; tremendous job; architecturally designed, xxx
talked to nbr across the street re driveway
RP: my wife and I went round and met
met with David van Seeters; emailed plan and reason driveway is in position it's in
Ev: elevation? how far into?
RP: 84 and house 82; diff garage and prop line is 7ft
Ev: so v little slope from Inglewood
RP: right
Mayor: anyone else?
Brian Murray: my house is to the north of Robert's prop and one to the east, our view S and SW
some objections to this: 1) small lot 4-5Ksf; an informed person shd hv known implication to build
[8:04]  ... 2K sf; only saw plan two weeks ago
17ft toward road, quite a bit from 25ft set back
I feel it's a compromise but feel quite a XXX
from perspective of my house, I see -- messy at the moment -- but green; will be intrusion
intrusion on the street; walked to 23rd, none that distance; b/c lots so small; most have hedges
respectfully, I'm opposed to this
Mayor: what's your preferred soln?
BM: agree it's a problem; impossible to build without some  xxx
A Mees: ask that the slide be put up (site)
agree good consultation, we're new to this location but 20 years here
[8:07]  house beautifully designed; like the envtal considerations
the orig drawings, until a couple of weeks ago showed a driveway going into the east
potential for a softer greener landscape rather than asphalt, paved corridor from our living space...... garage increases the impact from the 17ft variance
odd street, hard to understand the impact; encourage folks to take a look
Mayor: questions for staff?
think we're all familiar with this lot; any reason why Variance Devt Permit rather than Bd of ?
GB: we felt the variances were more than minor
Mayor: is it fair to characterize as a hardship situation
GB: an awkward one rather than hardship
MS: any comments on the last couple of submissions? or do you want to report back?
hard re maze
GB: certainly the driveway grade is
5% preferable to 9% wrt east or west side; west is 5%
like to see it turn sideways but also want to avoid hard surface
wd like to look at nbr NW; not sure how impact aesthetics from his front yard
ML: south side is a no-parking zone now
GB: b/c a church
ML: correct, no parking on the south side
those hedges -- are they on private prop?
GB: on M prop
[8:12 slide showing hedges; this tree on nbr's/M's prop]
special steps to make sure that tree is protected, have arborist look at it
ML: what assurance green there will stay for future
GB: on M prop but not 100%
Mayor: re driveway, what happened in last weeks
GB: had proposed parking as parallel
Planning staff looked at that and still variances; so in discussion with staff, plans changed
detailed staff review in fall, in Dec further refinement; variance to south side
was a larger one but nbr to west [here] concerned about the larger variance
Ev: xxx
Mayor: if not a question, receive; Cclr Smith?
Mayor: I'm guessing Ccl wd like more information
MS: xxx
Mayor: see what
MS: purpose of PH is to hear from public; need staff's answers
Mayor: wrt
Ev: although we're talking about a 17ft variance we have a huge blvd, 25ft, wch seems to mitigate
most wd not have that
configuration -- whole blvd xxx into the prop; well over 30 ft
Sop: 2600 sf home on a 4K sf lot
area is stunning; flat, great xxx
[8:18] it's a nbrhd; Dund, easy walk
the thing juts out and looked terrible for years
shd xxx so can boast about a beautiful area
this applicant ...  the only thing I can see is the driveway
when I drove around, many garage doors facing the street
give and take; that's what we're looking for
Mayor: that's what we're looking for
Sokol: maybe a bit difficult for the Mar 7th agenda, maybe the 21st
{bit of chitchat re seconder}
... all written and verbal submissions received for information.
... staff to report back to Council regarding submissions Mar 21
9. Parks Master Plan Working Group Interim Report (File:  0117-20-PMP1)
        PowerPoint presentation to be provided.
AM: Andrew Banks here to make the presentation.
AB: I'll introduce each mbr of the WG here [did so]
Rebecca and Lori, co-chairs, will give a presentation [SLIDES]
extend our thanks to Ccl for recognizing the need and funding a consultant
have resources -- protect and enhance ecosystems of WV
thank esp Cclr Panz for her efforts
team motivated by her xxx; draft terms of ref
{8:23; on WG's webpage}
protection promotion sustainability of green
mundane (washrooms) to xxx
linked to our heritage and identity
Stewardship Input Forum Jan 25
{and it was good!  HWV was invited to make a presentation and it can be found at http://www.heritage.westvan.org/HWV/Parks_Presentation.html}
informative monthly field trips to parks....
this first forum introduced the WG to the complexity and diversity
XX: going to continue with biweekly mtgs; xxx
cmnty consultation; nbrhd and ratepayer groups; elimination and control of invasive species
mgmt; sustainability issues; opps to make parks self-sufficient
will be getting down to drafting the plan
wish to invite Mayor, xxx, and public
come to one of our mtgs; tell us what you think
{statement 8:28}
Mayor: Wow, pretty quick to get that done ... and OCP
MS: curious about financial sustainability
perhaps Cclr Panz cd answer
Vancouver going toward pay-parking -- is it on the table for your group
ANS: deferring that to Mr Banks
AB: looking at pay-parking but not only; event-planning; recreational
look at all opportunities
Sop: is XXX sustainable?
AB: all parks will be looked at
redesign; what sorts of parks desirable
if all suitable for parks
Sop: 2600ha has? as a green park -- look at that as well
AB: District-owned lands?  yes; look at recreational use of these lands
Sop: will go if invite from Cclr Panz
Ev: is the 38km of foreshore considered parks?
AB: look at
cmnty parks, destination? xxx
will look at criteria; look at individually
ML: in addn to the parks we have a lot of green space a mix of functions
foreshore, have things like Silk Purse
are we looking at mixture of use?
my other question -- are you doing an inventory matches need and demand
AB: will be looking at all uses of parks
there to be enjoyed by the public
Music Box and Silk Purse bring vitality; repeat your second question pls?
ML: open space to demand
AB: a lot already been done in plan of 2006; will ask consultant to look at it and proceed from there
TP: ppl passionate about parks here; foreshore a piece of that
we're looking at a park zoning system
rich legacy and want to make sure sustainable for the future
interesting in the field trips is the infrastructure in the parks
interesting discussion wrt washroom facilities
vigour and robust
recognize task
Upper Lands definitely part of this
we deferred the UL study to 2012 and I supported that; this WG will lay the base
thank the WG and they keep me out of trouble
rec'd for information
{applause 8:37}
10. Metro Vancouver Regional Growth Strategy (File:  0185-01)
Mayor:  Metro Board approved to go out now; some comments as a director
Sokol: since 2005
all local govts must accept the strategy
one affects WV directly -- all the Upper Lands
slide shows livable region strategy
there's the 1200 contour line
Region said up to WV how they want to manage
UL strategy 2001, incorporated into OCP in 2004
also contained regional context stmt
1) work with GVRD to include most of 2800 acres in green zone -- largely M-owned lands
2)  continue to restrict 1700 acres use in return for envtal protection
also included at the time, in OCP, on p100 about how we wd like to see the 1200 contour land managed
This line here is 1200ft contour line
designated in this area, not sure how much area, wd consider allow protect in return for some xxx [8:41]
consider for inclusion in green zone
current designation -- here's 1200 contour line
shaded area designated as conservation recreation
potential inclusion of green zone -- in central area -- overlaps with area for 1200 ft variation
reason requested included in urban designation
if conservation/recreation wd mean wd hv to go to region to get approval, go to region and get approval of 2/3 of Ms in the region
felt too hard a xxx
Special Study Area; want to ensure local control
above xxx but below xxx so we can designate urban, re expansion of 1200 ft line
want it designated as a special xxx area
special as to how we want to xxx
concerns the urban actually part of Old-Growth Conservancy so [8:45]
Special Study Area be the entire area above 1200 ft
just b/c designated urban doesn't mean, has to be decided
and we have an official opinion from our solicitor
Mayor: thank you that provided some clarity
area is zoned that for us
Urban Containment Boundary (UCB)
our OCP from before says we'd work with XXXX re XXX
not only that conservancy below, eg Rodgers Crk plan
other things spelled out: public service infrastructure (our own xxx Eagle Lake; we may be the only one)
xxx; xxx; xxx; .........   wd buffer ..........
that's the path we've been on and more particularly -- working with BPP
Sokol; expand to above 1200 ft; special study for 2012
entire of OGC be included
assure the directors of MetroV
WV is not part of growth at all -- plan itself, impact urban way
see preserving the conservancy/recreation [cons/rec]
everyone seems to have overlooked - if and when First Nations ..
[8:49] shd ... respectful and xxx of each other.  That's where xxx
M: ?
Sokol: if response from Metro by Mar 7, can bring back Mar 21
R Helten: with MetroVan Watch
most imp document in 30 years; huge influence on area with 2M ppl
interesting most ppl in this region haven't heard of this
the Parks Master Plan -- were there considerations of the implication?
didn't have time to request for delegation, so three of us in a row
urge to decline xxxx
WV has an imp role; believe a lot of the cclrs not received enough info and xxx haven't
I live in Vanc and I haven't
against the Agri Land Commission Act; it DOES permit urban sprawl
not adv xxx
not really announced to public, only 80 to four
incorrect that legislation prevents public from contacting Ccl mbrs
wrong info
tried to speak but blocked by MetroV, not allowed to speak
info from three experts; listened; failure of checks and balances and xxx
Elizabeth Murphy: Blanca St in Vanc, tried to xxx
Mayor: Planning Cmte
EM: Metro Regional
to clarify some statements that were incorrect
Dir asked.... boundary consistent with 1200ft
ans by Metro staff, was approx to that
as you know, that's not actually the case
urban containment boundary (UCB) is above the 1200 ft, goes further
This slide is an overlay;
relevant to know diff between RGS, more of a bylaw; Livable Region had no urban designation
between 1200ft and UCB is actually designated urban with xxx
[8:57] quite diff
Mayor: xxx
EM: sharing our time
Mayor: we've got four more ppl
EM: diff between urban
if ever a change in the designation it doesn't need a PH
within the public study area a 50% plus one and no public vote
Mayor: don't know where we'd find reps of WV
EM: if no intention
Mayor: rezone cons/rec
EM: [slides] if this is your existing OCP
wd be preferable the RGS match think it wd be the intention of this Ccl
1200 clearly intended as the boundary
here's your OCP with RGS overlay; shows special study area
this is the area considered for transfer, goes up to 2625 elevation
Stephen Bohus: am an architecture student
potential build out of Spanish Banks so I can give further explanation
EM: one more slide
Mayor: I've got four more WV residents
A Stephone? who ?): danger of fragmentation danger if allowed
Bruce McArthur: will switch with Alan Bardsley
AB: thank for Panz and Sokol to explain the OGS; helpful
park is an acceptable use within urban
the RGS does not introduce anything new; doesn't force devt or restrict the possibility; does allow possibility of variation
control remains with this Ccl where it belongs
currently no formal proposal for a variation but we all know it's coming
{no doubt!}
opp to preserve large xxx albeit devt to the east [9:04]
OGC, have to be concerned, five-min walk away
protect large areas; avoid fragmentation
as a mtn-biker, potential of trails above the xxx; cd support local cafes and pubs
enough bike parts broken to keep
as I understand, how high up but not how far down
not concerned about RGS, about the [9:05]
Bruce McArthur: I'm cynical b/c of my SeatoSky experience when I thought protected by OCP; where are we?
<<< So where are we with the Regional Growth Strategy or Metro Vancouver's Board Game?
With the predecessor Livable Region Strategic Plan and the OCP, West Vancouver had shown the lands above the 1,200-foot line to be a Special Study Area. Now, without prior community discussion that study area has been partitioned. Council has approved that part of this Study Area should now become capable of development.
    All of these the lands should be preserved as Limited Use and Recreation to maintain the intent and spirit of the OCP. We are playing the wrong cards when we expect zoning or development permit controls to restrict development within the Urban Containment Zone.
    Under Limited Use and Recreation no infrastructure would be provided and there could be no expectation for development. The landowners have simply bought mountain land that cannot be developed.
    However when we imply development is possible but we wish to restrict it, these owners are going to look for compensation. The usual form of compensation has been density transfer and this council could be responsible for a significant change in how our community looks in the future.
"Concentrating density promotes the conservation of forested lands." Is a quote from the Rodgers Creek Area Development Plan. Density transfer from these 1,700 acres of private forested lands above the 1,200-foot line could result in an increase of an extra 4,250 units to be built on lands where development is currently approved or else a significant financial compensation in lieu could be demanded.
 A whole rethinking of the Urban Containment Boundary is necessary.
The RGS will have a major impact because it's about land management where development is the principal focus and the "Green Zone" preservation has slipped to a secondary role.
   The notion that we build and then protect is not the same as stating that we protect and then we can build. The difference is subtle but it defines our priorities.
As the President of the Old Growth Conservancy Society I'd like to also make the following statement.
"The RGS and any possibility of development near the Conservancy is a concern for the Directors of the Old Growth Conservancy Society. This has caused considerable discussion among Directors, staff, and Council members." >>>
Mayor {just before the 1700 acres comment above}: I disagree with that stmt entirely
McA: but that's how it appears to me
intent and dxxx; controls; no infrastructure expected; landowners bought land not to be
density transfer
[9:07] promotes quote from Rodgers; 1700 acres....
an extra 4250 units where approved or financial compensation in lieu
1200 ft limit is approp xxx; area around White Lake; RGS impact b/c land mgmt and; green zone to secondary role; protect then build... As prez of OGS, the RGS near OGS
Paul Hundal: want to read from bylaw [read it out]
gen urban areas, nbrhds shopping services; includes parks
doesn't mean putting whole area
from a clear reading ...  wd be primarily residential
against? what residents led to believe
moves the line way up the mtn; within UCB; make whole area a study area
terrific; then we're going back; we'd be maintaining that status
tight deadline
you've got till Mar 16 and so if you do nothing by then it will be deemed approved
need to reject it; explain what you want; then go into a mediation
if you don't formally reject it, the Bd will be deemed to have accepted it
they've already accepted it
if you want to change must be done in a certain way, by rejecting the RGS and then going into a dispute resolution process to work out changes
This plan covers the next 30 years.
Under legislation the RGS represents the highest level management plan out of three levels, OCP second, and must be generally consistent with the RGS; thirdly level is zoning and any zoning changes must be consistent with OCP.
Even if this Council doesn't decide to develop another Ccl might be more devt-oriented and they would have the mandate under the RGS to develop right up the mountain and be able to rightly say that Council previously approved this in 2011
Mayor: xxx  comments tonight do not resonate
undertake challenging public policy questions
really object to being lectured to by ppl who don't live here
[9:13] v best infrastructure; lifeblood of
we will xxx
will continue to
that's why we've said a sp study area
going to become more, increasingly refined
already Rodgers Crk cd be better
that's what we xxx
We will take our time, Metro knows we will
we will -- they always step up
help us
Sokol and/or Mayor: xxx; not passing; we're receive; xxx ...  xxx
expand sp area above the 1200 ft line
I have spent a lot of time
urban land use designation and non-urban designation
wrt OCP, reinforce agriculture, conservation, and rural areas
language doesn't xxx we're going to ensure it does
above the 1200ft line b/c the topography there is straightforward and where we want, is not
for WV, the status quo wrt OCP
2012... ; put Parks first... ; ...  forefront
thinks that's how MetroV views our role.
Mayor: Cclr Panz
Ev: ahem
Mayor: oh, your name!
1. Council receive the new MetroV Regional Growth Strategy entitled Metro Vancouver 2040 - Shaping our Future (Regional Growth Strategy Bylaw No. 1136, 2010); and
2. Council request clarification from Metro Vancouver regarding how the urban containment boundary concept applies to West Vancouver.
Sokol: ..... 1200ft and....
TP: been an incredible exercise; cmnty steps up
having been involved in Eagleridge know how xxx [9:18]
White Lake still viewed as a xxx
we've learned a lot from OGS, xxx, and thx to Paul, learned a lot
always have a lot of faith in; in favour of the third addn
it is a part already
my question to the Dir/Planning through Mayor is timeline
know this cmnty capable of a robust
Sokol: we'd have two years from adoption xxx
depends when gets final approval
TP: public needs to know
Sop: I didn't support [Eagleridge?]
Mayor: I didn't either
Sop: and I don't today
Rodgers Crk is a fine example; when you look at the prev devt
unfortunately got clearcut so told them to come back
will see less [sic] roads and xxx
closeness to our watershed; where we get our water
that's where the tradeoff shd be Eagle Lake spent $20M
my vital concern, stated by Mr Hundal.
what if we want to change
what guarantee within next two weeks? firm in our beliefs, no repercussions that wd affect WV in the future wrt urban containment
Sokol: included in the ccl report, letter; can ask for stronger support
concurring report from solicitor ... solicitor's report written
Sop: not here tonight
Sokol: not part of public record
Sop: from 1200 ft to top of lands no comeback
Mayor: Bd believes given WV add'l land
Mr Sokol, Mr McR, and I will say this is the area we need to study
will get back to you tomorrow
ML: to follow up; concerned about Mar 16 date
if response to clarification we're not happy with; reconvene Ccl or some other mechanism
keep in context
I see this simplistically; MetroV sticking their nose into WV's biz; and I don't like that, xxx
[9:25] suspicious of Metro's ab to do that; not another unelected body
need to look at RGS and what it's going to cost; a lot of expense associated on this
based on cost xxx; we'll be continuing ...
growth densification new tax not on NSh; disproportionately coming out of our high assessment values
shdn't lose sight of global issue
Mayor: reporting back maybe before next ccl mtg
Sop: if we're going to move on this; what's the timeline?
Mayor: Mar 7; important to let MetroV
{discussion re extensions]
1. Council receive the new MetroV Regional Growth Strategy entitled Metro Vancouver 2040 - Shaping our Future (Regional Growth Strategy Bylaw No. 1136, 2010); and
2. Council request clarification from Metro Vancouver regarding how the urban containment boundary concept applies to West Vancouver.
11. Endowment Fund Summary (File:  1610-20-4642/0910-11)
Nina (Dir/Finance): changes made to ...
two things were not contemplated: changes to use of funds and threshold value
worthy of a discussion now; make sure Ccl and cmnty on board
Mayor: Mr McR, want to add?
CAO: no
Mayor: confirms to cmnty that in ad[?] threshold; looks like an ongoing discussion
ML: current state?
$23M -- does it include recent $6M from expropriation of Bluffs
Nina: yes, it does, unaudited
Sop: received $13M
Nina: in two instalments
Sop: under?
$14M+ from 22nd and Marine
Nina: not there yet
Sop: shd know; a lot higher
Mayor: will be in 2011 it's {xxxxx 9:31}
Nina: certainly expect the funds from Wetmore
will be making a presentation reserve/capital funds sometime in future
Sop: my understanding was all monies were to pay back threshold and Endowment
and any money from court case wch wd bring it to over $30M, is that the case?
Nina: exactly right
Sop: we can anticipate regardless how we spend, EF is $30M not $23M
CAO: if you go to p5
EF $23.5M including Wetmore
that will come; at this point $23M, until receive not
Sop: suppose I don't know anything
Mayor: too good
Sop: bringing some humour here
MS: three good questions
Swiss cheese; must go forward and close, close
wise move in 90s
interest rates go up
used by Ccls of the day; when xxx
threshold was violated
any disbursements had to be done in public
not blame
share equal blame with xxx
make sure loophole closed
if you take it away we're left with $10M
Mayor: why take away?
MS: that was a windfall; we'd be way below the threshold
no point in going back; we clearly need a policy
here's the fund, in reality well thought out
above for current enjoyment
well thought-out fund; takes the balance on Dec 2000
lists all the disbursements for next X years
first we have to start with Jan 1 2005 to Dec 31
so it's clear what going in and out
then future Ccls, have to be done in public so public can see what's being done with their money
Ms Leemhuis has framed the questions
I'd like put down in concrete; guiding light so not violated by future Ccls
Ev: hope were going to have more vigorous debate about the threshold itself
maybe the fig we've been working with trying to enshrine; vig debate about amt
am a bit confused about a threshold
talking about creating another threshold
section xxx of the Cmnty Charter
notwithstanding, any Ccl can spend whatever they wish without regard of threshold
Nina: you're correct threshold is a barrier, so xxx
below {figures?} an internal loan, if above xxx
Ev: almost seems to defeat the purpose of a threshold
Mayor: wd not underestimate the power of the bully power of WV residents
SW: xxx
threshold, we can choose whatever we want; but it's xxx
talk about the five-year xxx; to sit here and talk...
maybe for Fin Cmte; in EF seem approp
Mayor: Cclr Lewis
Sop: I barely got going!
ML: I too think to Fin Cmte
Sop: as this grows -- it was up around $30M+; rec fac, grew
investment 22nd; fortunate re lands out west
Mayor: depends how you look at it
Sop: regardless ... rainy-day fund ...; then Charter says
many will look at this fund growth and sust for the future
this was the fund that was doing it
are we going to run into emergencies? probably
get it up to $40M $50M
no major tax increase; one day may have to use those funds
use it any time is a defeatist attitude
shd double in next ten years
MS: picking numbers out of the air, not at all
est threshold, said wd grow to $15M , then grow with COL
Sop was right on; fund coming from 320 TWay
don't have industries, or xxx
EF for current and future uses
well thought out; goes up by COL
this and future Ccls shd hv the jam and self-discipline to stay with xxx and protected this xxx [threshold?]
Mayor: motion referred to FinCmte
as part of the AmbNow looking at lands leased out or sold
better make sure purpose for
the report titled "Endowment Fund Summary" be received for information and as the basis for discussion on the future potential uses of the EF as well as a review and determination of the Threshold Value of the EF.
12. Certification of Elector Approval - Alternative Approval Processes - Pacific Arbour Retirement Communities' Proposal for Development at 22nd and Marine Drive (File:  1640-20-11-001)
ML moved THAT
1. The report dated February 14, 2011 from the Manager of Legislative Services regarding Certification of Elector Approval - Alternative Approval Processes - Pacific Arbour Retirement Communities' Proposal for Development at 22nd and Marine Drive, relative to Removal of Park Dedication of John Richardson Park and Contingent Liabilities of Lease for Pacific Arbour Retirement Communities Inc. be received; and
2. Staff be authorized to proceed with the next steps in the review process for the Pacific Arbour Retirement Communities' Proposal for Development at the Northwest Corner of Marine Drive and 22nd Street.

~~~~~~~~~ 2:40:35  STRANGE INSERTION; AGENDA (Item 5) WAS NOT AMENDED!  ~~~~~~~

Mayor: Item 12.1 is a v brief report from the CAO
CAO: As directed, Ms Leemhuis, Director of Pla--, uh, Finance, and I met with the chairs of both the Fdn and Lib Bd last week.

{directed by?  who? wasn't asked or moved at a ccl mtg.......}

and I am completely satisfied that they have, ah um, have the proper oversight and all the um other purchases in place, um
I've also done, ah, considerable add'l work in reviewing the um, the um, work, and I'd also like to thank the outstanding citizens who have served to, ah, and continue to serve in the past ten years, from the, um, on the Lib Fdn who have taken the Endowment from $250K to $3.2M in 2010.
{great -- was not the subject of the debate; maybe felt had to say something nice?}
Mayor: tyvm. Motion to receive.
Sop: move received for information

{with three bags full}
~~~~~~~~~~~~ see further commentary in from the Editor: LIBRARY SAGA ~~~~~~~~~~~~

13. Ambleside Revitalization Commission Bylaw No. 4674, 2011 (File:  1610 20 4674)
14. Consent Agenda Items
Ev: except letter 4, Feb 7 to 11
Mayor: re power outages?
14.1. Correspondence List (see link on electronic agenda)  [listed in previous WVM]
February 7 -11, 2011
Referred for Action
(3) B. McArthur, February 7, 2011, regarding WV's Upper Lands and Comments on Draft Metro Regional Growth Strategy (RGS)
        (Referred to Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits for consideration and response)
Received for Information
(4) January 20, 2011, regarding Power Outages
Ev: thought ... you, myself, another mbr of BCHydro
a number of assurances; experiences in last cpl of weeks
not occur with same frequency; put in new underground line and a new switch
RFung: my understanding that Mr X in Engg
bn working with Planning; plans well along its way; upgrading facility in future
Ev: after mtg with ...; ccl xxx ? more comfortable
better service in future; shdn't happen
(8) C. Reynolds, February 4, regarding Budget 2011 Remarks (Transcript with Comments)
Mayor: sep?
15.  OTHER ITEMS -- None .
Mayor: separate or shd that be included as well with the Consent Agenda
SSch: wd appreciate a separate motion
Mayor: thought you were going to say that
16. REPORTS from MAYOR/CCLRS  [9:52]
Sop: wd you start out with Rogers re tower
Mayor: constructive mtgs between myself [sic] and the corporation
will be embarking on a proper public process; for now, plans have been abandoned
will report back further; public process, think we can do much better.
Sop: same in NV
this past week Brent Dozzi and I met with folks in Ansell Place; at least some help
think from the conversation; new computer modelling and testing, think some mitigation for them
a real plus; thank you, Ccl
MS: just quickly; I'm sure Mr Leigh might want to embellish on this but, remind everybody Feb 21st to 27th is Heritage Week in WV and I see the cmte has activities on every day,

{v kind for Cclr Sm to mention this; also Heritage is in Planning, not under DepCAO; somewhere there was a reference to Arts, Culture, and Heritage with BL.}

so maybe Mr Leigh might advise citizens how they can find out exactly what's happening on any given day.
Mayor: Mr Leigh, do you want to add anything further?
BL, DepCAO: v sorry, Cclr Evison, I was not listening
Mayor: That's never happened before
MS: I always thought you hung on my every word
BL: thought you were closing the mtg
MS: perhaps Ms Reynolds might help us out
Mayor: she's at the ready; any more reports?
ML: just v quickly; not a report
I am in receipt of something generated by our local MLA, Mr Sultan, about childhood poverty in WV fact and fiction, will pass on to Parks & Cmnty Services
Mayor: yes interested to see what Mr Sultan is going to propose as a soln on behalf of the prov govt.
Ev: move receipt
CR:  Sorry, I'm not wearing pink, I'm wearing green b/c we're celebrating the centenary of parks, as I said last week.
{holding up poster} You'll find these throughout the cmnty.
You'll also find throughout the cmnty, this flyer
{long green flyer held up with events/etc for every day Feb 21 to 27; summary was at end of last WVM -- http://www.heritage.westvan.org/HWV/Heritage_Week_2011.html }
I'lI put them out
and as Cclr Sm said, there's something for every day.
Receptions at the Silk Purse and Ferry Bldg Gallery tomorrow
There's a Heritage Panel at the Srs' Ctr -- the first half is on the envmtal heritage, our natural heritage; the next half is on the built heritage and the Historical Society will be making a presentation;
then on Thursday at the Silk Purse there's the "Renaissance of Heritage Gardens"
then Friday of course, Bramwell Tovey is at the Library
Saturday there's the Heritage Fayre from 2 to 4 at PkR North
and some groups are still arranging to come; we have grps there
and then of course the snowshoe tour and burgers; that's now been confirmed
and there are two, one for the kids -- that's why it's called family --  and then there's the other one
it's great to see so many groups, cmtes, and places in the cmnty joining together
so that we can celebrate this whole week
I was hoping the Parks Dept wd say something b/c we're celebrating them
but we're celebrating all the parks for the centenary
The Heritage Dept is going to have a special coin and the awards for heritage are March 1st -- this is provincially
In my newsletter, West Van Matters
so tyvm, I hope you can come to some, if not all, of them and have a great time celebrating our cmnty; thank you again.
Mayor: thank you very much

===  CCL MTG AGENDA March 7th  ===
Note: At 6pm the reg Ccl Mtg will commence in open session (in the MFCR)), and will be immediately followed by a motion to exclude the public in order to hold a closed session.  At 7pm the open session will reconvene (in the Ccl Chamber).
6:00 PM
THAT in the public interest, members of the public be excluded from part of the March 7, 2011 regular Council Meeting on the basis of matters to be considered under the following section of the Community Charter:
90. (1) A part of a council meeting may be closed to the public if the subject matter being considered relates to or is one or more of the following:
a)  personal information about an identifiable individual who holds or is being considered for a position as an officer, employee, or agent of the municipality or another position appointed by the municipality;
c)  labour relations or other employee relations;
e)  the acquisition, disposition, or expropriation of land or improvements, if the council considers that disclosure could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality;
f)  law enforcement, if the council considers that disclosure could reasonably be expected to harm the conduct of an investigation under or enforcement of an enactment;
i)  the receipt of advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose; and
k)  negotiations and related discussions respecting the proposed provision of a municipal service that are at their preliminary stages and that, in the view of the council, could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality if they were held in public.
7:00 PM
          Following conclusion of the closed session, the following items will be considered:
February 21, 2011 Public Hearing; and February 21, 2011 Regular Council Meeting.
7. West Vancouver Police 2010 Crime Stats Update (File:  2900-01)
                                 Presentation to be provided.  To be received for information.
8. Further Information on Proposed Development Variance Permit Application No. 10-055 (2317 Haywood Avenue) (File:  1010-20-10-055)
At the Jan 24 regular meeting Council received the report dated Jan 12 1 regarding the DVP and set the date for consideration for Feb21.  At the Feb 21 reg mtg Ccl received the report dated Feb 10 and public input, and requested a further report.
Reports received up to March 3, 2011:
   DVP Application  /  January 12, 2011 /  January 24, 2011
   DVP Application  /  February 10, 2011  /  February 21, 2011
   Further Information on Proposed DVP  /  February 23, 2011  /  March 7, 2011
Written Submissions received up to March 3, 2011:
   E. Jones & S. Ordonez  /  February 9, 2011  /  February 21, 2011
   A. Mees  /  February 18, 2011  /  February 21, 2011
THAT all written and verbal submissions up to and including the Ccl Mtg held on March 7, 2011 be received for information.
If Council wishes a further staff report, then:
THAT staff report back to Council regarding submissions received at the March 7, 2011 Council Meeting to allow Council to make a determination on the DVP
THAT the revised proposed DVP attached to the report dated Feb 23, to allow a new dwelling with attached garage to be constructed, be approved.
9. Development Variance Permit Application No. 10-053 (2667 Haywood Avenue) (File:  1010-20-10-053)
Feb 7 Council received the report dated Jan 25 and set the date for consideration for March 7.
Reports received up to March 3, 2011:
   DVP (2667 Haywood Avenue  /  January 25, 2011  /  February 7, 2011
   DVP (2667 Haywood Avenue)  /  March 2, 2011  /  March 7, 2011
Written Submissions received up to March 3, 2011:
   E. & D. Bodie  /  February 27, 2011  /  March 7, 2011
   H. & F. Stegemann  /  March 1, 2011  /  March 7, 2011
THAT the Building Plans (date stamped Mar 2) attached to the report dated Mar 2 replace the plans previously attached to the proposed DVP in the report dated Jan 25.
THAT all written and verbal submissions regarding DVP Application for 2667 Haywood up to and including the Ccl Mtg held on March 7, 2011 be received for information.
If Council wishes a further staff report, then:
THAT staff report back re submissions received to make a determination on the DVP OR
THAT DVP, to allow a new two-storey dwelling with basement and a secondary suite to be constructed, be approved.
10. Pacific Arbour Retirement Communities' proposal for development at the northwest corner of Marine Drive and 22nd Street - Miscellaneous Parks Dedication Bylaw No. 1091, 1945, Amendment Bylaw No. 4670, 2010 repealing the park dedication of John Richardson Park (File:  1610-20-4670)
This bylaw received first, second, and third readings at the Dec 13 Ccl Mtg and received elector approval on Feb 11,.
         THAT Miscellaneous Parks Dedication, Amendment Bylaw No. 4670, 2010 be adopted.
11. Official Community Plan Amendment, Rezoning, and Design/development Approval for land, at the northwest corner of Marine Drive and 22nd Street, known as the Wetmore site (2203 Marine Drive and 787, 793 and 815 22nd Street) (File:  1010-20-10-040/1610-20-4676/1610-20-4677)
        Presentation to be provided.
THAT opportunities for consultation on a proposed Official Community Plan amendment, with persons, organizations, and authorities, as outlined in the report from the Manager of Community Planning dated Feb 24, be endorsed as sufficient consultation for the purposes of Section 879 of the Local Government Act.
THAT OCP Amendment Bylaw as attached to the report from the Mgr, Cmnty Planning dated Feb be read a first time.
THAT OCP Amendment Bylaw as attached to the report from the Mgr, Cmnty Planning dated Feb 24, has been considered [sic]* in conjunction with the District's most recent financial plan and the regional waste management plan.
THAT Zoning Amendment Bylaw for property located at the northwest corner of Marine and 22nd, as attached to the report from the Mgr, Cmnty Planning dated Feb 24, be read a first time.
THAT DWV, as owners of the lands proposed for rezoning to CD46 under Zoning Amendment Bylaw consents [sic]** to the use of the property proposed for rezoning to CD46 for special needs housing, as required under Section 904(3) of the LGA.
THAT the M Clerk be directed to give statutory notice that a Public Hearing re "OCP Amendment Bylaw"; and "Zoning Amendment Bylaw" is scheduled for 7pm Mon April 4.
THAT the proposed design devt package attached to the report from the Mgr, Cmnty Planning dated Feb 24 be considered concurrent with the OCP and Zoning Amendment Bylaws.
THAT the public be given an opportunity to provide comment on the proposed design devt package attached to the report from the Mgr, Cmnty Planning dated Feb 24, at the Public Hearing.
GRAMMAR NOTE: [sic] put b/c incorrect tense after 'recommended'; confusing:
* time line: does it mean be considered  OR  will have been considered ?
** shd be consent (cf Item 12, all in correct tense)
12. Report on Metro Vancouver Regional Growth Strategy (File:  0185-01)
1. Council accept the new MetroV Regional Growth Strategy entitled Metro Vancouver 2040 - Shaping our Future (Regional Growth Strategy Bylaw No. 1136, 2010);
2. Council request that the Metro Board amend the strategy to expand the Conservation recreation designation to ensure that the entire Old Growth Conservancy be designated as conservation/recreation; and
3. Council request that the special study area be expanded to include all lands above the 1200-foot contour line designated as general urban.
13. Fire Services Review (File:  2700-00)
1. The "Report on North Shore Fire/Rescue Service Cooperation" by Dugal Smith and Associates dated October 2010 be received; and
2. Ccl direct Staff to report back by no later than July 30 wrt the recommendations.
        {what about the public?}
14. 21st Street Traffic Calming Project and Gordon Avenue Parking Area (File:  1785-00)
THAT Council include the conversion of the gravel parking area on Gordon Avenue to permeable paving stones in the 2011 budget for the 21st Street Traffic Calming Project.
15. Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4672, 2011 (Non-Owner Occupied Secondary Suites) (File:  1610-20-4672)
This bylaw received first reading at the Feb 7 Ccl Mtg and was the subject of a PH closed on Feb 21. Council is not permitted to receive any further submissions on this bylaw.
      THAT "Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4672, 2011" be read a second time.
{This is when Ccl can make amendments; and my guess is they will. GWH's reasoning at the PH that if no owner in the house it's a business (not a home) is rather compelling.}
      THAT "Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4672, 2011" be read a third time.
16. Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005, Amendment Bylaw No. 4673, 2011 (File:  1610-20-4673)
This bylaw received first reading at the February 7, 2011 Council Meeting.
          RECOMMENDED: read a second and third time.
17. Consent Agenda Items
17.1. Design Review Committee 2011 - Remaining Appointments (File:  0116-20-DRC)
Ccl adopt the revised Terms of Reference for the Design Review Cmte as attached to the Feb 27 report from the Dir/Planning entitled, "Design Review Committee 2011 - Remaining Appointments;" and Council appoint Barbara Pettit and Cedric Burgers to the Design Review Committee for the term ending January 31, 2012.
17.2. Development Application Status Report (to February 25, 2011) (File: 1010-01)
17.3. Correspondence List (see link on electronic agenda)
        RECOMMENDED:  THAT the correspondence list be received for information.
February 14 - 18, 2011
Referred for Action
1.  M. Shulz, February 5, 2011, re Westerly Traffic Bridge over Marine Drive at Park Royal           
       (Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response)
2.  C. S. Ekdahl, February 7, 2011, regarding Day of the Honey Bee 2011
       (Referred to Municipal Clerk for response)
3.  R. Helten, CityHallWatch, Feb 16, re Request to Speak as a Delegation to Ccl Mtg, Feb 21, on RGS
       (Referred to Municipal Clerk for response)
Received for Information
4.  R. Helten, CityHallWatch, Feb 11, re Staff Misinformation before Jan 14 Board Vote on MetroV RGS
5.  M. Hynes, Multifaith Action Society, Feb 15, re Multifaith Event Invitation, Feb 22
6.  M. Booth, Chair, WV Board of Education, February 11, 2011, regarding Fraser Mustard Poster
7.  D. Laglagaron, Acting Chief Administrative Officer, Metro Vancouver, February 16, 2011, regarding Response to recent concerns regarding the Metro Vancouver Regional Growth Strategy
February 21 - 25, 2011
Referred for Action
1.  B. and H. Thomson, February 4, re Elliott Commons Proposed Devt, 370 Mathers Ave             
       (Referred to Director of Planning, Lands and Permits for consideration and response)
2.  S. Woods, Canadian Cancer Society, British Columbia & Yukon, February 15, 2011, regarding Request for Proclamation of Daffodil Day and Daffodil Month
       (Referred to Municipal Clerk for response)
3.  K. Blane, February 11, 2011, regarding Evelyn Drive Development
       (Referred to Director of Planning, Lands and Permits for consideration and response)
4.  C. Gooch, Rabbit Advocacy Group of BC, Feb 11, re Pet Habitat brings in more rabbits
       (Referred to Director of Planning, Lands and Permits for consideration and response)
Received for Information
5.  Committee and Board Meeting Minutes:
6.  Heart & Stroke Foundation of British Columbia & Yukon and The Lung Association of British Columbia, January 20, 2011, regarding Smoke-Free Outdoor Public Places
7.  R. Wyckham, February 15, 2011, regarding Ambleside Revitalization
8.  R. Helten, CityHallWatch, Feb 21, re WV Ccl, for 21-Feb-2011 (Regional Growth Strategy)
9.  S. Hynes, Hynes Developments Inc., February 21, 2011, regarding Elliot Commons
        {Method of Uplift Calculation shd be reviewed; in past they've given an unbelievable zero!}
10. R. Bayley, The Challenge Series, Feb 24, regarding Olympic Village One Year Anniversary: Challenge Series 2011
11. S. Gauthier, Government Finance Officers Association, December 30, 2010, regarding Canadian Award for Financial Reporting
12. A. Marzara, Urban Devt Institute, February 21, 2011, re Urban Devt
        (Attachments available for viewing in Legislative Services Department)
Responses to Correspondence
13.  A. Banks, Sr Mgr of Parks, Feb 21, response to P. Scholefield re Tennis Practice Wall at Ambleside Park

18.  OTHER ITEMS -- None

This 10-year-old King Penguin, La La, was rescued from a fisherman's line and then refused to leave. He was adopted by a family in a small town in Japan and is now a beloved pet who has his own personal air-conditioned room.  He walks to the fish store with his little backpack to shop for fresh fish every day.
+  DOG
Seeing my dog the day I got back from Afghanistan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysKAVyXi0J4
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Conservation status -- Near Threatened (IUCN 3.1)
The leafy sea dragon or Glauerts Seadragon,[1] Phycodurus eques, is a marine fish in the family Syngnathidae, which also includes the seahorses. It is the only member of the genus Phycodurus. It is found along the southern and western coasts of Australia.
A fabulous looking creature: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leafy_sea_dragon
Did you know that rats can laugh?
Rats communicate with each other using ultrasonic sounds beyond the range of human ears. One noise in particular is produced when rats are happy -- during playtime, as they wait to be fed or when someone is tickling them. Scientists have likened the sound to laughter in humans!
And then in the VSun I read that they're using rats to locate landmines -- better than dogs b/c they're so small they don't set off the mine.
Not only that, but saves on training b/c they train their offspring!

                  Airport Security Cartoons: http://dailybail.com/slideshows/tsa-airport-security-cartoons/7769626
                  Earth's huge holes: http://dailybail.com/slideshows/7-huge-holes/2777370

===  PEACEWATCH  ===
The Taste of Peace: From Palestine to Canada
           Speaker: Robert Massoud, founder of Zatoun fair trade products from Palestine
Join KAIROS local groups in the Vancouver area and Vancouver Island  for the story from Robert Massoud, founder of Zatoun. Followed by Q&A, conversation and tasting (where possible).  Learn about olive farming, the realities of farming under a military occupation, and how fair trade can contribute to a lasting peace. Discuss how you and your community can get involved.
Tour sponsors include KAIROS local groups in the Vancouver area and Vancouver Island; various faith communities, and the Barnard-Boecker Centre Foundation, Victoria.
NOTE: In its Economic Advocacy Measures discussion paper on peaceful solutions to the conflict in Palestine and Israel, KAIROS speaks to the importance of fair trade products from Palestine, including Zatoun. Zatoun is a not for profit education and cultural group which sells olive oil and other Palestinian fairly-traded products to Canadians through its own store, local volunteers, local merchants, and Ten Thousand Villages stores.  www.zatoun.com
The KAIROS paper is available at http://kairoscanada.org/fileadmin/fe/files/PDF/HRTrade/Pal-Isr/Paper_EconomicAdvocacyMeasures_Jan08.pdf       

What a great week with such a variety of events during Heritage Week Feb 21 - 27.  If you participated, thank you; if you attended, hope you had a good time.
I find it so fascinating with so much to learn.
Running late with this issue so will report more next issue -- plan to have info from the Heritage Panel and put some points/talks on www.heritage.westvan.org
in the meantime here's a fascinating tidbit from Heritage Fayre.
A man stopped by the HWk poster of Alexandra Bridge and said that's where Bill Ricker came up with a way to count fish.  (Intriguing for me since my father worked for DFO)  Had I heard of the Ricker model?
Who's Bill Ricker?  I'd never heard of him so had to find out.
So, below, info from the Heritage BC website about the bridge, and then info on our famous and v impressive scientist.
Alexandra Bridge Provincial Park
HISTORY -- Alexandra Bridge Provincial Park was established in 1984 because of its inherent natural, historical, and recreational attributes. The area has been used and inhabited by First Nations for over 9,500 years. The first European visit did not occur until Simon Fraser's expedition passed through the region in 1808. The first permanent trail, the Anderson Brigade trail, was then established in 1848 and subsequently, the original bridge was constructed in 1861 by Joseph W. Trutch and named after Princess Alexandra of Wales. To recover the $45,000 construction cost for the 90 metre bridge, a toll of $7.40 per ton was charged. Today a second bridge, built in 1926, sits on the site of the original which was dismantled in 1912.
CULTURAL HERITAGE  --  Alexandra Bridge Provincial Park and other areas along the Fraser River were traditional fishing grounds for the Halkomelum (Stalo) and Lower Thompson First Nations. The local native bands still use this area for traditional fishing.
CONSERVATION  --  The landscape is characterized by major low elevation valleys and the densely forested mountain slopes of a wet climate. Alexandra Bridge Provincial Park sits at the eastern border of the Western Hemlock forest subzone. As such, it contains many western hemlock, western red cedar, and Douglas-fir. Rising steeply on the east bank of the Fraser River, the site contains two well-defined glacio-fluvial benches.
WILDLIFE  -  The Fraser River is the largest fish producing water course in the province. Because of this, millions of Spring, Coho, Chum, Pink, and Sockeye salmon pass through the park on their way to spawning grounds every year.
Bill Ricker 
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Ricker
William Edwin (Bill) Ricker, OC, FRSC (Born August 11, 1908 in Waterdown, Ontario, Canada - Died September 8, 2001) is an important founder of fisheries science. He is best known for the Ricker model, which he developed in his studies of stock and recruitment in fisheries. The model can be used to predict the number of fish that will be present in a fishery.[1][2][3] He also had an international standing as an entomologist and a scientific editor. He published 296 papers and books, 238 translations, and 148 scientific or literary manuscripts.[4]
Ricker was an authority in the taxonomy of stoneflies, and evolved an elegant classification which his fellow entomologists praised as "a thing of beauty and simplicity that made evolutionary sense".[4]
In fisheries, he researched issues centred on Canadian fisheries and how to manage them. He is known particularly for his 1954 paper on recruitment and stock. He is also known for his Handbook of Computation for Biological Statistics of Fish Populations, published in 1958.[5] This 348-page handbook became the standard reference for students and professionals around the world. It is still used in China as the standard text for fisheries science.[4]
In 1950 Ricker became editor of the Journal of the Fisheries Research Board, and during his twelve-year tenure developed this into perhaps the most influential fisheries science journal in the world.[4]
In his 1969 paper, Food from the sea, he reasoned that the quantity of food that could be harvested from the sea would be 150-160 million tonnes or 2.5 times the level in 1968. He demonstrated that an estimate of 100 million tonnes was too low and an estimate of 200 million tonnes was too high.[6]
Ricker taught himself Russian so he could read the original papers of Feodor Baranov, a Russian fisheries scientist.[4] In 1973 he published a 428-page Russian-English dictionary on terminology in hydrobiological science for students of fisheries and aquatic biology (Ricker 1973). This dictionary remains the only specialized text on fisheries terminology.

===  COUNTRYWATCH ===  Interculturalism (cont'd)
The Canadian Press  Date: Sunday Mar. 6, 2011  [more excerpts]
...  Those attacks have been most acute in Quebec, where a member of the Opposition Parti Quebecois bluntly declared last month that "multiculturalism is not a Quebec value."
Even a scion of the family most closely associated with multiculturalism in Canada acknowledges interculturalism can make certain ideas about diversity more palatable in Quebec.
"The word multiculturalism has become synonymous in the mind of many Quebecers as being something that is imposed by English Canada," said Liberal MP Justin Trudeau, whose father -- former prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau -- made multiculturalism official government policy in 1971.
"For me (interculturalism) is more of a word we chose to use in Quebec that is acceptable when multiculturalism is beginning to be less so."
Trudeau's somewhat ambivalent endorsement speaks to the central problem interculturalism has faced so far: is it any different from multiculturalism?
Interculturalism's leading champion in Quebec argues the two are separate concepts, though he admits they also have some overlap.
Multiculturalism's founding assumption is that there is no dominant culture in Canada, says Gerard Bouchard, a sociologist best known to Quebecers for co-chairing a government commission into the accommodation of minorities.
"This is a non-starter in Quebec because everybody knows there is a majority culture in Quebec," he said. "it is the francophone culture.
"Any model to manage diversity in Quebec must take into account this major fact."
It is a model, says Bouchard, that can deliver a certain cohesion to a society that feels its identity is perpetually under threat.
"We have to protect, to shield ourselves from anything that looks like fragmentation," he said.
...  An interculturalism manifesto appeared in Quebec newspapers last week penned by Bouchard and other leading Quebec academics.
Bouchard has also been making the rounds of television talk shows. An international symposium on the topic will be held in Montreal in May.
...Last month, conservative French President Nicolas Sarkozy declared the policy had failed, saying newcomers should "accept to melt in a single community."
Similar comments have been made by his right-wing counterparts in the European Union, including British Prime Minister David Cameron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
In English Canada, multiculturalism has also faced repeated attacks from the right, where it is often equated with moral relativism or, worse, a creation of the federal Liberals aimed at securing the ethnic vote.
In Quebec, it is seen as a way of limiting the political influence of the country's francophones and has never been officially endorsed by the provincial government, in either its federalist or sovereigntist incarnations.
"We know very well why it was put in place," the PQ's Louise Beaudoin said during a recent debate in the provincial legislature.
"It was to dilute the fact, the concept, even the idea of two founding peoples in the... very foundation of Canada."
Multiculturalism's supporters make no quarter for such arguments.
"She's wrong," Trudeau said. "I'm sorry to see so much of the sovereigntist argument predicated on the fear of the English, fear of how vulnerable Quebec was."
He adds that the feeling of insecurity felt by many sovereigntists is why they have "always wanted to build up walls and keep others out."
But whereas Trudeau maintains this sense of insecurity is unnecessary, Bouchard says it simply comes with French being a minority language in North America.
It is interculturalism's ability to address that anxiety that Bouchard counts as its key advantage over multiculturalism.
"Any model that seeks to manage Quebec's ethno-cultural diversity effectively must take into account the existence of an ethno-cultural majority and the uncertainty that is associated with its future," he says.
Bouchard does not count himself among those who believe multiculturalism has failed in the rest of Canada.
"It makes sense on the anglophone side of the country," he says, pointing out that less than 30 per cent of Canada's population is of British origin.
But he adds that Canadian multiculturalism is far from a static concept, and has adapted to the criticism that it contributes to the fragmentation of the national identity.
"In the last few years it has been changing in a very interesting way," he says. "It is getting closer to interculturalism."
from: http://www.ctv.ca/CTVNews/Canada/20110306/quebec-interculturalism-110306/

+  from World Wide Words, Michael Quinion wrote:
The BBC News Magazine online has posted a list of linguistic creations contributed by readers to identify some of the less desirable aspects of the digital revolution. You may already know of SPAMNESIA, which has been used in the sense of forgetting to check your e-mail system for spam but which is reinterpreted as failing to reply to friends' e-mails because your computer has marked them as spam. MEANDERTHAL has also been around for a while, having been defined on the Urban Dictionary in 2006 as a person who talks on their mobile phone in public places, oblivious to their surroundings and getting in your way (this week, Urban Dictionary also records SMARTPHONE SHUFFLE for a similar situation). Perhaps the best of the set is a neutral term that has also been recorded previously on Urban Dictionary: INTERMET, a person one has met on the internet.
World Wide Words is copyright (c) Michael Quinion 2009. All rights reserved. The Words Web site is at http://www.worldwidewords.org
      Its importance and learning a language: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmOTpIVxji8   [40 seconds :-)]

===  WORDWATCH  ===   tergiversation
I know this word from French but it is in English too.  The Urban Dictionary has:
To continue ambiguously arguing your point even though you know you are incorrect (i.e. flat out wrong) and your opponent has even shown this in great detail (but you are somewhat sure the audience can't tell the difference). This is a great time to practice strawman arguments or simply let loose a deluge of ad hominem attacks.

===  MAIKU  ===  2011 mid Feb sometime -- politi-ku

        our community
                as ethical and kind
                        as each one of us


The first step towards the solution of any problem is optimism.
-- John Baines, Professor of Egyptology at the University of Oxford and a fellow of The Queen's College; author of multiple scholarly articles and publications relating to ancient Egyptian civilisation (b 1946)
Falsehoods not only disagree with truths, but usually quarrel among themselves.
                                                       -- Daniel Webster, American statesman (1782 - 1852)
In this world there are only two tragedies. One is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it. The last is much the worst.
                      -- Oscar (Fingal Flahertie Wills) Wilde, Irish writer and poet (1854-1900)
A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep.
                           -- Saul Bellow, Canadian-born (Jewish-)American writer (1915 - 2005)
                                  ~ Nobel Prize winner; five wives; fourth child born when he was 84
The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it.
                         -- George Bernard Shaw, Irish playwright, philosopher, and a co-founder of LSE (1856 - 1950)
Certainly no revolution was needed to teach the world that the extreme disproportion between fortunes is the source of many an evil and many a crime; nevertheless, our conviction that the equality of wealth is a chimera, has not weakened.                                                                         
     -- Maximilien Fran=E7ois Marie Isidore de Robespierre, influential figure of the French Revolution (1758 - 1794)
We can either overcome opposing ideas through discussion, or we have to let them be aired/heard. It is not possible to overcome such ideas by force as this prevents free development of our intelligence.                                                                             
     -- Ernesto "Che" Guevara, commonly known as El Che or simply Che;
 Argentine Marxist revolutionary, physician, author, intellectual, guerrilla leader, diplomat, and military theorist, a major figure of the Cuban Revolution (1928 - 1967)
No democratic theory calls into question the fact that one of the characteristics of a dictatorship is the monopoly of information.                                                                            
                                -- Giovanni Sartori, Italian political scientist in democracy and comparative politics (b 1924)

Wherever the TV glows, there sits someone who isn't reading.
                                      -- John Winslow Irving (born John Wallace Blunt, Jr.),
                                             ~ American novelist and Academy Award-winning screenwriter (b 1942).
*  PUNS  *
o  How could I trust the ceiling fan installer when I knew he was always screwing up.
o  My friend went on a date with a girl called 'Simile'.
    I asked him how it went.
    He said it wasn't serious, he just metaphor a coffee.
o  A noun and a verb were dating but they broke up because the noun was too possessive.
o  What did the young pancake say to the old burnt pancake?
    I don't like your flip side.
o  If you wear a blindfold at the shooting range, you won't know what you're missing.

>>>  St. Patrick's Day is coming up!
                   People have a happy time vacationing in Ireland because they are walking on Eire.