Mar 7 Ccl NOTES
Calendar to Apr 8

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

has spring sprung?
MAIN ITEMS on Ccl AGENDA Mar 21st: Kiwanis Srs' Housing Devt (21st St); Staff comments on DNV OCP (Lower Capilano-Marine Dr; Curling Rd; Rugby area, Klee Wyck); NSh Adv Cmte on Disability Issues Review/Budget; Non-owner-occupied stes Bylaw Adoption; Apptmt of Amb Revit Commission (why four devprs/real estate, one biz, and NO residents/ratepayer grps???); GCC Lease; Beach House renos; NSEMO; Correspondence including: BC Heritage prog (reminds me; no Ccl liaison for heritage or any heritage WG/Cmte in WV now, first since 1988); PkR at-grade intersection response; RGS; Wetmore site; NSh Cycling Map; (#16) detailed answers to Library/LibFdn boards' misleading statements/claims; Feb 21 Agenda and Minutes don't match -- what happened?; Evelyn Drive going into Receivership    
=  Vive le Canada (Commonwealth Day; Journee de la Francophonie); from the EDITOR'S DESK;  UPDATES/INFO (NSh Fire and Rescue Recommendations); SUBSCRIBER HEADSUP (Mar 10, 15, 16)
=  CALENDAR to Apr 8th; CULTUREWATCH (Theatre; Art; Music; Opera); NATUREWATCH (YVR Gateway Landscape)
=  Ccl Mtg NOTES Mar 7th:  WVPD 2010 Crime Stats Update; 2317 Haywood DVP (staff to report back); DVP 2667 Haywood (denied); OCP Amendment for Wetmore site next steps; MetroV RGS (debated); Fire Services Review; Non-owner occupied homes with sec stes (debate); 21st & Gordon calming, permeable parking; Non-owner-occupied homes with sec stes: Devt Application Status Report; Correspondence Feb 14 to 25: MDr overpass; Day of the Honey Bee (yay!); RGS misinformation and response; Elliott Commons; Evelyn Drive (paid deposit; sales ofc closed); Rabbits; Mtg minutes from Lib Bd, Grants Cmte, Bd of Variance (Gene Quan, Chair; Variance allowed b/c of undue hardships re garages???); Hynes Devt reply re Elliott Commons (AOOGAH! accepting the cmnty amenity amt wch surely shd not be finalized until AFTER calcs shown, public consulted, and THEN decision!); GFOA Financial Reporting Award
=  Ccl Mtg AGENDA Mar 21st
=  ANIMALWATCH (Leafy Sea Dragons; Weedy Sea Dragons; sand lances); INFObits (top ten earthquakes); OTTAWAWATCH (what's that Oda?); HOUSINGWATCH (top ten $$$; 1M Empty in FL; 64M unsold in China; BIZWATCH (Mining); PEACEWATCH (Iraq/Kurdistan -- White Ribbon; Vancouver Peace Group); WOMENWATCH (Human Rights; Streets; Childrenwatch); ROYALWATCH (Kate & Wills; St Andrew's 600th Anniversary); HERITAGEWATCH (Tiki Night; Art Deco); LANGUAGEWATCH (Senior Texting Code; Irish); HAIKU/HAIGA/MAIKU (Festival; Ginko walk; even a contest and comics); QUOTATIONS/THOUGHTS/PUNS

===  Vive le CANADA  === From the Prime Minister's Web Site (http://www.pm.gc.ca/)
Mar 14 Commonwealth Day
Prime Minister Stephen Harper issued the following statement today to mark Commonwealth Day:
"Today, Canada celebrates a long and rewarding history with our Commonwealth partners around the world. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada -- the head of the Organization -- remains a symbol of the free association of independent countries. Together, we share mutual goals in the areas of democracy, development, conflict prevention, and commerce, as well as a strong record of collaborating to find solutions to global challenges.
"More than 60 years after the rise of the modern Commonwealth, the relationship among its members remains strong. Canada is contributing in various ways -- sending observers to partner countries to help monitor democratic elections; sponsoring training to support conflict management, and media access and transparency in hostile environments; and providing leadership at Commonwealth summits aimed at developing a mutual understanding of international issues.
"Our historic links and close Commonwealth ties will again be evident during the upcoming tour of His Royal Highness Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton in July, and during celebrations marking the 60th anniversary of the accession of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada, in 2012. These tours and celebrations highlight the important legacy of the Commonwealth to Canada and Canadians -- providing inspiration to continue a strong role in this valued relationship."
Mar 20 La Journee de la Francophonie
PM Harper issued the following statement today to mark the Journée internationale de la Francophonie:
"I am delighted to celebrate the Journée internationale de la Francophonie with all Canadians, and with our friends throughout La Francophonie.
"In Canada, the French language represents far more than a means of communication. Spoken by more than 9.5 million Canadians, French is an integral part of our history, our identity, and our daily lives. It links us, not only to our fellow Canadians, but to French-speaking countries around the world.
"Our Government is proud of our country's bilingualism and cultural diversity, and is working hard to promote French both at home and abroad. In Canada, our Government has strengthened our Francophone identity by implementing the Roadmap for Canada's Linguistic Duality.
"Overseas, we support a number of agencies, such as the International Organization of La Francophonie, the TV5 worldwide television network, and the University Agency of La Francophonie. We also support the great family of La Francophonie in helping to rebuild Haiti.
"Today, as Canada celebrates our attachment to the French language, I would like to extend my best wishes for a happy Journée internationale de la Francophonie."

===  from the EDITOR'S DESK  ===
Never enough time!  This issue's not finished but want to get it out before the ccl mtg; there'll be leftovers in the next issue.  Happy Nowruz.  Spring is sprung but don't think the grass is riz.
Report on North Shore Fire and Rescue Services Recommends Formal Shared Services Agreement  http://www.westvancouver.ca/Residents/Level3.aspx?id=33024
>>> Update A  --  10:25 Mar 10
Meetings, Money, Malt, Music, and Mirth!
=  First, a change: MP Weston's Fisheries Roundtable mtg (4pm Fri Mar 11) moved from the Library to the Cmnty Ctr.
=  Second: the Finance Cmte mtg 4pm Monday Mar 14 appeared on the M website after WVM5 was finalized (and then sent by email) but before printing, so it was snuck into the distributed copies however there was no agenda.  The agenda has now appeared and it is appended below so now subscribers have the full information.
= Third:  Celtic Fest Mar 16 to 20  www.celticfestvancouver.com
Among the events (most free): Wed Mar 16 Doolin's hosts A Whisky* Kiss, scotch-tasting with Jameson ambassador Rory Sheridan; the Cellar hosts a Brewmaster's Dinner with a Molson Canada brewmaster to steer you through a three-course lamb dinner featuring the right ale for each course; and AfroCeltic Dance Party Fri Mar 19 with Toddish McWong on the bagpipes; and a parade on Sunday Mar 20
[* for the linguistically curious, Ireland and the US spell it whiskey (both rebels after all), while the UK and Canadians, United Empire Loyalists spell it whisky.  Vive la difference!
Gaelic saying at bottom.]
= Fourth:
The next update will have more missing items, however to get you a headsup asap:
-  Thursday Mar 17
Natural History talk on YVR's gateway landscape (David Cook; Coordinator, Botany Section, 924 0147)
Sunday Mar 20:
o  CYCLE4:Juvenile Diabetes
(Rockridge; for info Francesca McDowell, francesca.mcdowell@gmail.com and cell: 778.686.4124;
o  An evening of Opera with an Asian Twist!
Vancouver Opera brings Asian and western cultures together in Voices of the Pacific Rim, a recital of popular opera selections combined with traditional Asian songs.
= Fifth:  MUSIC
btw, Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez is one of my favourite pieces of music and it will be performed by the VSO at 8pm Sat Mar 12 at the Orpheum and Monday at the Centennial Theatre in NV.   Also like de Falla's Three-Cornered Hat and Chabrier's Espana included in the programme.
 = :-)  You deserve a smile, and I cdn't wait until the next WVM to send it, so that's at the end:
Senior Texting Code
3. ADOPTION OF MINUTES (November 22, 2010)
4.1 2011 Finance Committee Agenda Items
4.2 Legislative Calendar
4.3 Meeting Times and Locations
4.4 Finance Committee Terms of Reference
4.5 Director of Financial Services Annual Workplan
4.6 Policies for Review in 2011
4.7 Integration/Coordination of Functions
4.8 Community Survey
8. ADJOURNMENT         Queries: please contact Kristi Merilees 925 7008
IRISH TRIVIA QUIZ  @  2:30pm Sat Mar 19 at Tom Lee Music
                                                                                          { both moved to end of this newsletter }
>>> Update B  --  13:43 Mar 15
=  CANCELLED: Tonight's Parks Master Plan WG mtg (Mar 15)
       -  Ambleside Biz Assn says welcome to their mtg tonight (Mar 15):
Community Events Committee Meeting, Chair Christine Baracos - The Mensroom
Tuesday, March 15 at 5pm. 300-1455 Bellevue Avenue
       -  Tomorrow, 9am Wed Mar 16th Cmnty Grants Subcmte, Community Centre - Vista Room
               (Also added after WVM5 came out was their mtg 9am Friday Mar 11)
      -  at the Legion: March 17th  --  ST. PATRICK'S DAY
                Irish dancers, Irish Stew ($5 per bowl); Music by 'TIPPERARY'
>>> Update C  --  10:25 Mar 10
Subject: Evelyn Drive Going into Receivership
{Just back from seeing the Quebec film "Incendies" nominated for an Oscar at KMC -- fantastic, highly recommend the film.   It is at a couple of cinemas in Vancouver.}
Of more moment, however, is this news after many rumours, and a letter in the last ccl mtg's correspondence (as I noted) was a letter from a WV resident asking for information since the sales ofc was closed and she cdn't get through by telephone.
Details on the current status can be found on the District's website; click on the link given below. Millennium assures, says deposits are secure.
To: <EditorWVM@WestVan.org>
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2011 17:16:35
The District of West Vancouver has learned, through a B.C. Supreme Court decision, that the Evelyn Drive project will be going into receivership. In 2007, West Vancouver's Council approved a site master plan based on extensive community consultation.
                Read More: http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=33178

=======  CALENDAR to Apr 8th  =======
All mtgs are at M Hall unless indicated otherwise.  NOTE: shown are mtgs known at this date; often there are additions, changes, cancellations after WVM goes out.  Check the DWV Calendar: http://www.westvancouver.ca/Calendar.aspx  .   Notices/mtgs/changes too late for an issue or too early for the next are sent to subscribers as updates.  They then appear in the next newsletter.
== Monday Mar 21
Seniors' Activity Centre Flea Market is April 3 -- http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=32860
                Donations accepted - with thanks - March 21 - 31
                Please drop off your donations at the 22nd St entrance of the Arena
Spring Cleaning? We'll happily take items in good/saleable condition that you don't need. We're looking for:
                      clothing, antiques, collectables,* artwork, kitchenware, jewellery, furniture, toys, books, odds & ends
Need Pick Up? If you have larger items and unable to drop off your donations, pls call 925 7280 to arrange for pick up.
* collectible is the usual American spelling
== Tuesday Mar 22  --  World Water Day -- the theme this year is water for cities
        ~ 8am~ Arts and Culture Grants Subcmte at Cmnty Ctr - Vista Room
== Wednesday Mar 23
~ 5pm ~ ABA: Business Devt Cmte mtg; 300 - 1455 Bellevue
== Friday Mar 25
~ 3:15 - 4pm ~ Kwantlen Polytechnic University Percussion Ensemble directed by Bob Caldwell
The WV Community Centre and Pacific Arbour Retirement Communities presents the Community Concert Series in the Atrium of the WVCC.  The monthly performances feature musicians from around MetroV. All concerts in this series are free and open to the public.  See full schedule of performances in Community Concert Series.
== Tuesday Mar 29  ~ 7pm ~ Parks Master Plan WG
== Wednesday Mar 30
        ~ 6pm ~ Pacific Arbour Public Information mtg - Wetmore Motors site, at Srs' Ctr
== Thursday Mar 31
        ~ 4:30pm ~ Design Review Cmte
        ~ 5pm ~ NSh Adv Cmte on Disability Issues at DNV M Hall
        ~ 6:30pm ~ Jim Carter, President of the WV Historical Society
                Talk on 99 years of West Vancouver with Power Point display
==  Saturday Apr 2nd from 10am to 1pm and Sunday Apr 3rd from 1 to 3pm at Cmnty Ctr ==
1300 Block of Marine Drive IDEAS FAIR
Please join us in a visioning exercise on the future devt of the 1300 Block of Marine Drive -- one of the region's extraordinary waterfront sites. The District's OCP and AmblesideNOW initiative identify the 1300 Block as a special site for redevt in Ambleside Village. Revitalization can bring an array of community benefits including new life for Ambleside Village and a new post-disaster public safety facility.  The Ideas Fair is an artist-facilitated group discussion on uses, experiences, and character desired for the redevt.
Space is limited. Pls contact Julia Reimer: 731 9053 x101; jreimer@brookpooni.com to confirm your registration; www.amblesidewaterfront.com for details
== Sunday Apr 3 ~ 9am to 3pm ~
The Flea Market at the WV Arena.
Flea Market leftovers are all recycled -- clothes, shoes, housewares, linens, kids' stuff, and furniture are all picked up by agencies such as Big Brothers and Developmental Disability Association.  Electronics are taken to electronic recyclers and books to the Reading Tree.  When it's all over, relatively little goes to the landfill. Now that's sustainable!
== Tuesday Apr 5
~ 7pm ~ North Shore Sport Awards at Park Royal North
A one-of-a-kind celebration of sport achievement. This unique event salutes those who excel in all levels of sport and fosters pride in our North Shore sport community. The purpose of the Sport Awards is to raise the profile of the best of community sport. The stories that emerge from categories such as the Comeback Award and the Fair Play Award are a real testimony to the benefits of sport.
With the support of our founding sponsor, the North Shore News, the Sport Awards enjoys tremendous profile on the North Shore. The nomination process is extensively advertised in the North Shore News and throughout North & West Vancouver.
How to Get Involved:   If you want to be a part of this exciting and entertaining community celebration, contact us to find out about volunteer opportunities.  For more info about the sport awards pls visit: North Shore Sport Awards 

    ~~~   Wednesday April 6th  --  Vancouver's 125th Anniversary!   ~~~

+++  WV MEMORIAL LIBRARY +++  http://www.westvanlibrary.ca/event/calendar.php
+  Good news: Mobile device users can now find books, CDs and DVDs, place holds, check their accounts, renew items, browse library event listings, and contact their Library directly from their mobile device. The new mobile catalogue works with the Android, BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and any mobile phone with a web browser. Find out more...
+  Use your smartphone as your Library Card! Make your iPhone, iPod touch, Android, or Blackberry smartphone your library card with CardStar.  The CardStar app allows you to consolidate your reward and membership cards from libraries, grocery stores and others onto your smartphone.  It's FREE and can be setup in minutes! Find out more here.
+  Wednesday 7:30 - 9pm Mar 23  ~  AUTHORS IN OUR COMMUNITY: MARGREET DIETZ
Running Shoes Are a Girl's Best Friend author Margreet Dietz shares stories and experiences that will inspire anyone. She's a 3:07 marathoner, five-time Ironman triathlon finisher and recently ran 50-mile and 100-mile races.
+  Friday Mar 25  --   ENGLISH CORNER  ~ 10 - 11:30am, Welsh Hall
Come and practise English conversation at the Library. English Corner is facilitated by the Baha'i Cmnty of WV in partnership with the Library. Requirement: able to read English. For info call Fariba Rocker, 604 506 6616
+  Monday Mar 28  ~ 10:30am  ~  KAY MEEK CENTRE OFFSTAGE: TALKING BACH
          An illustrated discussion about Bach's violin sonatas with Marc Destrubé.
Wednesday Mar 30 ~ 7:30pm  ~  AUTHORS IN OUR COMMUNITY: M. J. MILNE
Strategies to create your world, your way! Milne's book, The 12 Golden Keys, is a powerful toolbox for tackling the challenges of a world in transition and a catalyst to re-ignite your spiritual quest.
Friends of the Library Book Sale!
-  Friday April 8 & Saturday April 9 ~ 10am - 5pm
-  PRE-SALE for Friends of the Library members, Thursday April 7 ~ 6:30 - 8:30pm
-  Admission with current card. Mbrships also available at the door: Adults $10, Youth $5.
Hardcovers, Paperbacks, Trade Paperbacks, "Red Dot Books", Videos, CDs, Cassettes, Puzzles, Kids Books.
+++  WV MUSEUM  +++  Visit:  http://www.westvanmuseum.blogspot.com/
BIG IDEAS: Responding to Public Art  -- March 8 -- March 26 (on website)
BIG IDEAS is a West Vancouver (Grade 10 - 12) student art exhibition showcasing their conceptual responses to the Vancouver Biennale's public art installations.  BIG IDEAS explores current topics inspired by the Vancouver Biennale art installations.  This school outreach program challenged students to use public art as a stimulus for creating and learning in other curriculum areas.
+++  FERRY BUILDING GALLERY  +++ http://ferrybuildinggallery.com ~ 925 7290
BIG IDEAS: Responding to Public Art  -- March 8 -- March 27 (on poster)
>>> Body and Soul  ~~  March 29 - April 17
Mario Armitano - sculpture; Georgina Farah - oil on canvas
Opening reception: Tuesday March 29 from 6 - 8pm
Artists' Talk Saturday April 2 from 2-3pm
+++ SILK PURSE +++   http://www.silkpurse.ca/gallery2.html
BIG IDEAS: Responding to Public Art  -- March 8 -- March 26
"Elemental Reflections" -- March 22 - April 3
Acrylic and watercolour images of the land, the sea, and the sky by artist Lauraine Russell.
Opening reception: Tuesday March 22 from 6 - 8pm
"A Textile Translation"  --  April 5 -17
works by the fibreEssence Textile Group. FibreEssence is a Vancouver collective of 14 textile artists. This show , in conjunction with the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival, will feature works made in a range of techniques from indigo to sashiko dyeing to fusing real blossom petals to quilted and painted surfaces. This third cherry blossom exhibition promises to delight with entries from BC, Alberta, and Japan. There is a Japanese legend that the cherry blossom generates positive energy. Come and experience the positive vibe at the Silk Purse.
Opening reception: Tuesday April 5th from 6 - 8pm
Complete list of events: http://kaymeekcentre.com/on_stage/events_calendar
Electronic newsletter: http://kaymeekcentre.weebly.com
Simplest way to get on email list, call 913 3634 (also for tix) or email tickets@kaymeekcentre.com
+  Masterclass with Martin Helmchen  --  Thursday, March 24 at 7pm
Discover first-hand the inspiring thoughts and hard work behind the performer. Vancouver Recital Society guest pianist Martin Helmchen offers a masterclass with talented young performers. This is a FREE event taking place in the Main Theatre.
                        Monday, March 28  ~ 10:30am  --  Free Event at the Library
OffStage with Marc Destrube -- Hear it from the master: Marc discusses and illustrates the exquisite Violin Sonatas by JS Bach. This FREE event takes place at the West Vancouver Memorial Library.
                        Tuesday, March 29  ~    7:30pm
                        Friday, April 1  ~  1:30pm  --  Music, Talks, Tea, and Treats
                        Saturday, April 2, 2011   10am
                        Sunday, April 3  ~  3pm  ~  Pre-performance talk at 2:15pm

+++ ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION BRANCH 60, West Vancouver +++
Website: http://www.westvan60.com/  --  ofc: 922 3587; lounge: 922 1920
"Where Volunteers make the difference." Chartered November 17th, 1926
The Winter Issue of "The Torch" is now available
 To view the newsletter, just click the following link for direct access:
 The newsletter is available to any non-member who is interested.  To sign up, please fill in the form at the bottom of the webpage, http://www.westvan60.com/newsletter.html
FUN DARTS  --  Thursday, March 10th
Drop in -- This fun night is for Branch members and guests
      March 20, 24, April 7, 21, May 5, 19, June 2, 16 & 30.  Info - call Kelvin Andrew - 604-921-9665.
      Sunday, March 13th, 2:00 pm in the Lounge  !!!!! PRIZES !!!!!
March 17th  --  ST. PATRICK'S DAY
      Irish dancers, Irish Stew ($5 per bowl)  Music by 'TIPPERARY'
March 25th  --  In the Lounge with Music
March 27th  --  Veterans' Afternoon - 2pm

+++  WV CHAMBER OF COMMERCE  +++ http://www.westvanchamber.com
Chamber Breakfast Club  Tuesday, March 29
Cafe TrafiQ 1860 Marine Drive West Vancouver, BC
Come to the next Breakfast Club on Tuesday, March 29th to discuss everything from the local economy to real estate and to network with your business community.  Establish key contacts!  The Breakfast Club will meet every other Tuesday.  Free for members.  Cafe TrafiQ offers a fine selection of continental breakfast choices for purchase.
For more information, contact facilitator and Board Director Mark Ballard, mark@markballard.ca

+ Arts Club (687 1644) www.artsclub.com
- Stanley Industrial Alliance
The Philanderer by George Bernard Shaw, in previews, opens Mar 23, on till Apr 17
Leonard will do anything to avoid commitment -- even get married!  Drawing room satire.  Quest to escape to happily ever after.
-  Revue Stage on Granville Island
Another Home Invasion by Joan MacLeod; Mar 31st to Apr 23; one-woman performance, facing life's challenges with humour and dignity. Tarragon Theatre
+ Vancouver Playhouse (873 3311)
     The Trespassers by Morris Panych, Mar 26 - Apr 16; Portrait of life, death, love, and family.
+ Jericho Arts Centre  (1675 Discovery)  224 8007
        Rosmersholm by Henrik Ibsen; Apr 1 - 24
+ Metro Theatre 266 7191  --   42nd Street by Michael Stewart and Mark Bramble; Apr 2 - 30
+ The Cultch  251 1363
        A new multimedia adaptation of Orwell's 1984; Mar 24 to Apr 3
+ Presentation House Theatre
     A Beautiful View by Daniel MacIvor; Apr 5 - 9; two women on a serial comic trek. 990 3474
+ Deep Cove Shaw Theatre 929 3200
     Biloxi Blues by Neil Simon; second of his semi-autobiographical trilogy. April 1 - 16
    Calendar of Events: http://www.vanartgallery.bc.ca/events_and_programs/calendar_of_events.html
~ VAG PUBLIC PROGRAMS  --  All Programs free for Members.
~  Out for Lunch -- Eine Kleine Lunch Musik  Select Fridays, 12:10 - 1pm
~  For more information on the Gallery's relocation campaign, visit the new relocation website at www.newvanartgallery.com. You can also join the discussion on the Facebook page.
+  Vancouver Opera  --  http://www.vancouveroperaguild.com/
Breaking News
If you're in Vancouver and would like to support the Vancouver Opera Guild, circle Monday, March 28th on your calendar for Pasta & Puccini, an evening of outstanding cuisine, opera and great prizes.
You'll be thrilled by performances by the opera stars of tomorrow, all from the renowned UBC Opera program under the direction of Nancy Hermiston. Your support will sponsor VO productions, provide awards and bursaries to young singers, and encourage student participation through programs like Vancouver Opera in the Schools and the Guild Adopts a School .
Pasta & Puccini  --  Monday, March 28th
        Don Francesco Ristorante , 860 Burrard Street.   The evening starts at 6pm, for dinner at 7pm.
        $160 per person. Limited seating!  Contact Susan Mair at 732 6931 or  by email.
+  Vancouver Symphony Orchestra
Many to choose from, pls go to the VSO website: http://www.vancouversymphony.ca/ 
Russian Classics
   Sat Mar 26 / Sun Mar 27 / Mon Mar 28 -- Masterworks Silver, Symphony Sundays, Orpheum Theatre
Sarah Chang With The VSO!
   Sat Apr 2 / Mon Apr 4  --  Masterworks Gold, Orpheum Theatre
Angela Gheorghiu With The VSO!
   Sunday, April 3rd, 7:30pm, Orpheum.
Hailed as one of history's greatest singing actresses, the extraordinary Angela Gheorghiu makes her long-awaited Vancouver debut, performing with Bramwell Tovey and the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. Don't miss this once-in-a lifetime evening with the VSO and one of the world's greatest sopranos.
+ Sinfonia Preview - Lecture and Music Excerpts ~ 1:30 - 3pm Monday, March 28
Come and listen to Clyde Mitchell's lecture about Mozart's last composition. Clyde will play excerpts on CD and discuss aspects of "Mozart's Requiem".   Seniors' Activity Centre, Audio Visual room  Drop-In: $2.25  Everyone Welcome
+ EARLY MUSIC VANCOUVER --  40th Anniversary Season --  http://www.earlymusic.bc.ca
Early Music Vancouver -- T: 732-1610  F: 732-1602  E: staff@earlymusic.bc.ca
Celebrate Bach's Birthday with:
JS Bach: "The St. John Passion"
Monday evening, March 21 at 8pm; No Pre-Concert Introduction
Chan Centre for the Performing Arts at UBC, 6265 Crescent Road
J.S. Bach's two surviving settings of the Passion story are pillars of Western art music. The emotional intensity and directness of Bach's setting of St. John the Evangelist's text has been the subject of much musicological discussion in recent years. As she did for her Grammy-nominated recording of Bach's Orchestral Suites, Monica Huggett will re-examine the original, more intimate scoring of this work, dating from 1724.  [Sponsored in part by CBC.]
For more details, please visit: http://www.earlymusic.bc.ca/CC2-StJohnPassion.html
Want more background on this performance? Our free "Early Music in Context" lecture series is a great place to start: http://www.earlymusic.bc.ca/W-Lectures-VPL.html
GF Handel: "Acis and Galatea"
The acclaimed Boston Early Music Festival staged production of Handel's pastoral opera
Sunday matinée, March 27 at 3pm; No Pre-Concert Introduction
Chan Centre for the Performing Arts at UBC
The Boston Early Music Festival's stunning period productions of baroque operas have become a must-see event for opera lovers from around the world. For its first appearance in Canada as part of the Early Music at the Chan series, the Festival presents the original 1718 chamber version of Handel's beloved pastoral opera Acis and Galatea.
A preview of scenes from this upcoming performance, recorded at Jordan Hall in Boston: http://www.youtube.com/user/bostonearly#p/a/u/2/iu_2nVJonqA
For more information, please visit: http://www.earlymusic.bc.ca/CC3-AcisGalatea.html
Want more background on this performance? Our free "Early Music in Context" lecture series is a great place to start: http://www.earlymusic.bc.ca/W-Lectures-VPL.html

PLS NOTE: Tix for these perfs at $63, $48, and $32 (students & srs $3 discount) including HST are only av at the Chan Centre Ticket Office, or through Ticketmaster: 1 855 985 ARTS (2787) or www.ticketmaster.ca. (Note: Surcharges apply to orders made through Ticketmaster).
Rush Seats for Students with valid ID on sale for $10, at the door only, from an hour before the concert (subject to availability).
Buy tickets for both concerts and save! Series Tickets, at $115, $85, and $58 (students & seniors $108, $80, and $52) are available in person at the Chan Centre Ticket Office, or from Early Music Vancouver at www.earlymusic.bc.ca or 604-732-1610.
These concerts are included in our "Bring a Youth for Free" programme.
SATURDAY, MARCH 26 -- 11am to 5pm  Enjoy the traditional music, dance, culture, and food
           H.R. MacMillan Space Centre, 1100 Chestnut Street, Vancouver  (Right below Burrard St. Bridge)
For questions and ticket sales, please contact us at info@adala.ca
Live performances by Sirwan; Ibrahim Hanna, Bashar& Firas Najm; Ishtar Folklore Dance Group Salma & Kurdu; and more Arabic Dancing.  Also, a Fashion Show by a local Moroccan designer, Salwa.
TIX*:  ADULTS (Over 19 yrs): $20; STUDENTS (13 - 19 yrs): $10; CHILDREN (7 =F1 12 yrs): $5**
* Ticket price does not include food cost; there will be a Mediterranean vendor on site
** Please note: children WILL NOT be allowed to attend some activities in the theatre
Facebook event page:http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=196204567064277
ADALA Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=341724246802
Adala -- Canadian Arab Justice Committee is a Vancouver-based advocacy organization working to build the capacity of interested Canadians to better respond to the media and policy makers and to promote fair coverage and balanced decision-making. Adala is a member organization of the Canadian Arab Federation.

Please note the following talk for the Botany Section of Nature Vancouver (also known as the Vancouver Natural History Society) -- David Cook, Coordinator, Botany Section, 924 0147
~  7:30pm Thursday, March 17; Title: YVR: A Gateway Landscape
                Speaker: Mike Enns  Location: Unity Church, 5840 Oak St., Vancouver
This powerpoint presentation will discuss the challenges and successes of major landscape enhancement works at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) over the last five years. The talk will focus on how sustainable building practices, ecological site design, and wildlife management all played a role in the transformation of an area on Sea Island, Richmond that covers over 3000 acres. The project was awarded a CSLA National Honour Award for Excellence in Landscape Architecture under Landscape Management in 2010.
Mike Enns received his Master's in Landscape Architecture at UBC. He has worked all over BC and the Pacific Northwest on projects ranging from urban and regional planning, to collaborative community parks, to detailed architectural design. He is the project manager for the YVR Landscape Master Plan and Enhancements.

===  CCL MTG NOTES March 7th  ===
Note: At 6pm the reg Ccl Mtg will commence in open session (in the MFCR)), and will be immediately followed by a motion to exclude the public in order to hold a closed session.  At 7pm the open session will reconvene (in the Ccl Chamber).
6:00 PM
RECOMMENDED: THAT in the public interest, members of the public be excluded from part of the March 7, 2011 regular Council Meeting on the basis of matters to be considered under the following section of the Community Charter:
90. (1) A part of a council meeting may be closed to the public if the subject matter being considered relates to or is one or more of the following:
a)  personal information about an identifiable individual who holds or is being considered for a position as an officer, employee, or agent of the municipality or another position appointed by the municipality;
c)  labour relations or other employee relations;
e)  the acquisition, disposition, or expropriation of land or improvements, if the council considers that disclosure could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality;
f)  law enforcement, if the council considers that disclosure could reasonably be expected to harm the conduct of an investigation under or enforcement of an enactment;
i)  the receipt of advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose; and
k)  negotiations and related discussions respecting the proposed provision of a municipal service that are at their preliminary stages and that, in the view of the council, could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality if they were held in public.
7:00 PM
          Following conclusion of the closed session, the following items will be considered:
[7:10] Mayor: sorry, little late; announcements:
it's social work week; asked to mention that b/c of how connected our cmnty is to one another
great pleasure to present to the Dir/Finance the Cdn award for reporting achievement; fifth year in a row, ev year I've been mayor.
hope next for the budget award
tribute to Allan Williams, [said] commit our lives to our families and our cmnty
to Cclr Sop about working with Mr Wms
Sop: avocation for preservation of this cmnty
two levels of govt and still come back to this cmnty
chairman of Rec Fac Master Plan -- referee;
one of best dealt with; gruff exterior but gentle; came by my store  ....
RECOMMENDED: THAT the March 7, 2011 Regular Council meeting agenda be amended by:
* adding to Item 8 six written submissions dated February 23 - March 6, 2011;
* adding to Item 9 two written submissions dated February 28 - March 3, 2011;
AND THAT the agenda be approved as amended
Feb 21 Public Hearing; and Feb 21 Regular Ccl Mtg adopted as circulated
REPORTS [7:18]
7. West Vancouver Police 2010 Crime Stats Update (File:  2900-01)
                                 Presentation to be provided.  To be received for information.
Chief Peter Lepine: success measured not by crime rates but by absence
Michelle Brander gave presentation:
property, violent, drug, collisions; decrease of...
property mischief, shoplifting, theft
GRAPH  --  all categories except shoplifting below five-year average, up ...
Chief: low rates not by chance
UFV conduct a research project on our crime model
this cmnty is facing a number of pressures; court disclosure is one; paperwork growing
seeing an increase in violent crime -- down last year from 2009 but up by 18% so far this year, trend upward; assault up 33%
gang upswing not in violence but in their presence; activities in other locations
electronic crime -- use of social media; frauds threats ....
ppl scanning MLS so pick house they want to steal from
good news in terms of prop crime; so able to reallocate resources
Sop: how will you look at ever-increasing traffic through our cmnty
seen gridlock -- how do you get out? or is it a problem at all in your eyes?
Chief: ev two weeks get to see our hot-spot report
Mayor: b/c of our compstat system, police out in front; see WVPD cars downtown, b/c trailing ppl
think the integration you've done has helped us a lot.  TYVM  [7:35]

Media Release:: http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=32990
Full 2010 Report:

8. Further Information on Proposed Development Variance Permit Application No. 10-055 (2317 Haywood Avenue) (File:  1010-20-10-055)
At the Jan 24 regular meeting Council received the report dated Jan 12 1 regarding the DVP and set the date for consideration for Feb 21.  At the Feb 21 reg mtg Ccl received the report dated Feb 10 and public input, and requested a further report.
Reports received up to March 3, 2011:
   DVP Application  /  January 12, 2011 /  January 24, 2011
   DVP Application  /  February 10, 2011  /  February 21, 2011
   Further Information on Proposed DVP  /  February 23, 2011  /  March 7, 2011
Written Submissions received up to March 3, 2011:
   E. Jones & S. Ordonez  /  February 9, 2011  /  February 21, 2011
   A. Mees  /  February 18, 2011  /  February 21, 2011
GB: issues that have arisen, from props on north side of the street and how view wd be altered
driveways 5.5m have reduced from 6m
SLIDE of view; SLIDE showing all the variances; driveway grade at 5%
Mayor: we've received some further submissions
MS: MOVED all written and verbal submissions received for information.
THAT the revised proposed DVP attached to the report dated Feb 23, to allow a new dwelling with attached garage to be constructed, be approved.
owners tried hard to accommodate; good; shd move on
9. Development Variance Permit Application No. 10-053 (2667 Haywood Avenue) (File:  1010-20-10-053)
Feb 7 Council received the report dated Jan 25 and set the date for consideration for March 7.
Reports received up to March 3, 2011:
   DVP (2667 Haywood Avenue  /  January 25, 2011  /  February 7, 2011
   DVP (2667 Haywood Avenue)  /  March 2, 2011  /  March 7, 2011
Written Submissions received up to March 3, 2011:
   E. & D. Bodie  /  February 27, 2011  /  March 7, 2011
   H. & F. Stegemann  /  March 1, 2011  /  March 7, 2011
GB: looks a lot alike
SLIDE of variances (sideyard and rearyard)
bylaw requires 30 ft and proposing 25 and 20
one nbr raised concerns about the height of the house and the owners have lowered
Sop: house appears large for the site
GB: quite a few variances; b/c of grade allowed to be exempt
ste wd hv light
SW: why is this house coming to us instead of Bd of V?
GB: BoV deals with ? or hardship; isn't actually hardship
SW: feel it's inappropriate for that nbrhd
Ev: I'd go one further and say this is the worst of the worst
acceding to these variances; no sensitivity at all for character
two-storey on one side and three-storey on other
by agreeing to these variances we're not doing as much as we shd or cd to come up with a proposal that bears some relationship or sensitivity
the landscape plans, for example, are inaccurate
two things: lawn and plants -- and that's not a plan
only indicated 10ft landscaped, not consistent
the blvd bylaw requires input from nbrs and not done
see a lot of flaws and some errors
prefer the owners go back and try to do something more sensitive to the District
TP: granted a BoV in 199x -- is that usual? [7:47]
they've had one shot at this
GB: this is new; that Variance to that building not new
Mayor: in prev Ccl we tightened up BoV, some going that shdn't have
Sop: if we reject this proposal, what are we looking for and what is the owner to do?
Mayor: it is up to this Ccl to change the bylaw wrt that ground floor (third) storey; not easy reopening that one
if not prepared to grant variance
don't have character guidelines -- keeps coming up, difficult to do
GB: a variance is discretionary and you have quite wide
you've pointed to some issues xxxx
better sensitivity and we've tried to deal
haven't dealt with size from south face
wd be reasonable for you to suggest owner consider nbrd character
SW: move be denied; reconsider design of the home wrt xxx
Sop: this goes from one street to the other
saw a unique house not far
two locations joined by walkway; good, place for nanny
maybe applicant take a look
GB: we will sit down with the applicant and talk about nbrhd character [7:52]
Mayor: apology
debating, motion on floor; yet two names for public input so go there now
apology, my mistake
Michael Kraftsman (?): as a prop owner who will be affected
make my concerns known ... xxxx
hardship and public good
living for over 30 years on the south side -- clearly visible from my living room
builder will probably begin by clear-cutting the lot
xxx quasi hotel-like structure; planned garden is xxx
stripped by ...     pave over remaining ground
further shattering the visual character of the nbrhd to say nothing of the ecological impact
seven xxx ...  gigantism xxx ...  to say nothing of [7:55]
violates our nbrhd's public good
re hardship: believe the owner knew what he was buying, and he knew it wd be difficult
rather than build on a larger lot; willfulness rather than hardship
opposed..... as well as... wall
..... preferably by removing the third storey
no objection to sec ste; don't impose my landscape xxx
Ed Lee: my remarks pre-empted by remarks of Cclr Ev
50 years we've lived in WV, variances we've xxx
sold as a tear-down house on a small lot
small variance, a family and that's why priced
seem to build as large a house as they cd talk you into
.... covered by concrete pavers and wall
not much to absorb the rain; upset the water table and we already have that on our street
the sec ste is a cave; a well and little help for escape.
couple look like empty nesters
xxx  flip
don't look as if they want to join our Irwin Park; they don't look like [7:59]
reduce the excavation; front forward, crawl space
have garage floor raised from 9ft to 8ft
pls disallow the iron gates
R Blomfeldt: nbr to west of this prop
second many comments from Mr Lee particularly size and excavation
size of the structure; other devts in nbrhd large but this goes beyond
TP moved: THAT the Building Plans (date stamped Mar 2) attached to the report dated Mar 2 replace the plans previously attached to the proposed DVP in the report dated Jan 25.
THAT all written and verbal submissions regarding DVP Application for 2667 Haywood up to and including the Ccl Mtg held on March 7, 2011 be received for information.
Mayor: to Cclr Walker ... think be denied
Sop: may I ask a Q
Mayor: yes
Sop: are the drawings part of the permit?
if sec ste, cd they walk away?
Mayor: stick to the motion
Sop: it is pertinent  xxxxx
in light of that, is it their ab of Devt Permit to walk away and sgl-fam home
GB: yes
Sop: cd put xxxxx
Mayor: really want to focus on the motion in front of us
then applicant can go from there
all those in favour of denial
motion carries unanimously [8:04]
THAT DVP, to allow a new two-storey dwelling with basement and a secondary suite to be constructed, be DENIED.
10. Pacific Arbour Retirement Communities' proposal for development at the northwest corner of Marine Drive and 22nd Street - Miscellaneous Parks Dedication Bylaw No. 1091, 1945, Amendment Bylaw No. 4670, 2010 repealing the park dedication of John Richardson Park (File:  1610-20-4670)
This bylaw received first, second, and third readings at the Dec 13 Ccl Mtg and received elector approval on Feb 11,.
Mayor: do have one wishing to speak
Bruce McArthur: just requesting info, rather than debate
been led to believe park dedication is highest we have and concerned how easy this appears to be to change/withdraw
Seems a transfer, zoned RS5 -- applicable to whole area or??
Mayor: still park.
GB will be ...  done by bylaw [8:06]
alternative process -- Clerk said less than 1% of voters said don't proceed
BMcA: all?
GB: the extension; bylaws for parks allowed anywhere
xxx can't do until Ccl passes this bylaw
Ev moved: THAT Miscellaneous Parks Dedication, Amendment Bylaw No. 4670, 2010 be adopted.
11. Official Community Plan Amendment, Rezoning, and Design/development Approval for land, at the northwest corner of Marine Drive and 22nd Street, known as the Wetmore site (2203 Marine Drive and 787, 793 and 815 22nd Street) (File:  1010-20-10-040/1610-20-4676/1610-20-4677)
        Presentation to be provided.
GB: SLIDE showing boundaries
CD46 zone; proposal, area in green park; main part of If Ccl xxxx Park is zoned RS5
re OCP, highest level; prov requires consultation; possible redevt site
brief summary of the consultations that have gone up
Feb 2004 Planning Adv Cmte; Feb 2010 some public mtgs
Sept of this year [sic] at Srs' Ctr; early input; mtgs held with indiv owners (Tudor Gdns and Stratford Court)
then Alternative Approval Process Feb 2011
contingent liabilities; only few returns; held public info mtg in January; late Jan went back to Design Rev Cmte
Design Devt Package, using our authority as landowner.
Today OCP Amendment -- If Ccl proceeds, public hearing Apr 4
Mayor: understand we have a brief presentation by Peter Gaskill and Ross Curtis
Peter Gaskill: thank you Ccl and thank staff for their hard work this year; made it better
we have two others, one in NV and one in Bby; third is xxx, fourth is xxx; we are a local company
our bldgs are like hotels; provide meals, transportation, cleaning
we don't provide care but they can contract with; like to think of ourselves as good nbrs
quite a need here, well-known
5300 residents in WV aged 75 and older; strong demand (had survey done)
in 2016, number of seniors in WV will rise rapidly
Walter Frankl architects; PWL landscape architects
fit on site and leave green space, be respectful to our nbrs
proposed to put retail on MDr; a cafe and an elder college campus
130 stes, mix of studios to two-bedroom and dens; studios so element of affordability
32 FTE jobs
traffic consultant study; this will create less traffic than prev on site
naturally occurring retirement cmnty; worth considering adding density
[SLIDE with list of mtgs]
height so stepped back the top two storeys so as appearance of four and to take back feeling of ht
parking, not on street; put college there and some landscaping
California laurel, a rare tree we learned was there so we altered so we cd keep it
had 52 public parking spots/spaces; proposing 40, under
       {loss of 12!!! however DWV put spots there b/c empty lot; now need 40 for residents?}
blocked park so what we've done is to make it pedestrian-friendly
kitchen smells so built exhaust so doesn't
view from Aquatic Ctr
Ross Curtis: currently prez of Tudor Gardens
most of what I was going to say Peter has said
a couple of months ago; had mtgs with X, Y, etc and your own staff, nothing but co-op with ev
all transparent and private to suggest you recommend Pacific Arbour
you'll see a lot of changes; Tudor Gardens proud of its gardens and won awards
hadn't been happy with hedge now able to speak with their landscaping ppl and we're delighted with what they've come up with
new hedging, parkways, new landscaping; whole thing going to look v good
we're v pleased; sev of us interested in what's going on there b/c might be applying
Mayor: Andrew Pottinger
Maggie Pappas (Ch of Commerce): unfortunately Andrew has not arrived yet but I've had mtgs so think I can speak on this
increase of local biz; arrival of new corp citizen, track record of benefiting local
no increase in parking
mtg re further density and height; learned they're providing 40 new parking spaces

{she hadn't arrived or has forgotten that in his presentation he said there had been 52 parking spaces so with 40, 12 hv bn lost.  What a slant/spin to instead say devpr is providing 40 NEW parking spaces!  OTOH parking put when Wetmore demolished. Is there a parking space for each unit? what's the formula? any for guests?}

as former chair of KMC
long  standing support, xxx of Harmony Arts Festival
Elder College; may be some new, participating residents
Chamber wd continue to support; you'll receive a letter shortly to that end.
Mayor: shd these each be moved individually?
MClk: yes
SW moved:
THAT opportunities for consultation on a proposed Official Community Plan amendment, with persons, organizations, and authorities, as outlined in the report from the Manager of Community Planning dated Feb 24, be endorsed as sufficient consultation for the purposes of Section 879 of the Local Government Act.
THAT OCP Amendment Bylaw as attached to the report from the Mgr, Cmnty Planning dated Feb 24 be read a first time.
THAT OCP Amendment Bylaw as attached to the report from the Mgr, Cmnty Planning dated Feb 24, has been considered [sic]* in conjunction with the District's most recent financial plan and the regional waste management plan.
THAT Zoning Amendment Bylaw for property located at the northwest corner of Marine and 22nd, as attached to the report from the Mgr, Cmnty Planning dated Feb 24, be read a first time.
THAT DWV, as owners of the lands proposed for rezoning to CD46 under Zoning Amendment Bylaw consents [sic]** to the use of the property proposed for rezoning to CD46 for special needs housing, as required under Section 904(3) of the LGA.
THAT the M Clerk be directed to give statutory notice that a Public Hearing re "OCP Amendment Bylaw"; and "Zoning Amendment Bylaw" is scheduled for 7pm Mon April 4.
THAT the proposed design devt package attached to the report from the Mgr, Cmnty Planning dated Feb 24 be considered concurrent with the OCP and Zoning Amendment Bylaws.
THAT the public be given an opportunity to provide comment on the proposed design devt package attached to the report from the Mgr, Cmnty Planning dated Feb 24, at the Public Hearing.
GRAMMAR NOTE: [sic]  put b/c incorrect tense after 'recommended' and the result is confusion, lack of clarity (concurrent or beforehand?):
* does it mean be considered? or will have been considered?
** shd be consent (cf Item 12, all correct tense)
{over half left Chamber}
12. Report on Metro Vancouver Regional Growth Strategy (File:  0185-01)
1. Council accept the new MetroV RGS entitled Metro Vancouver 2040 - Shaping our Future (Regional Growth Strategy Bylaw No. 1136, 2010);
2. Council request that the Metro Board amend the strategy to expand the Conservation recreation designation to ensure that the entire Old Growth Conservancy be designated as conservation/recreation; and
3. Council request that the special study area be expanded to include all lands above the 1200-foot contour line designated as general urban.
Mayor: several wishing to speak to this, but presentation first.
Sokol gave background: Richmond also accepting report and requesting exceptions.
{gave timeline, dates, MetroV ratify by July 29}
Mayor: thank you for that added piece; so this can be executed within a few months.  Several to speak.  Begin with John Anderson -- not here? well he can when he comes back
Bruce McArthur: I talked to MetroV this morning regarding these two requests.
They informed me not a clear procedure within the RGS to allow for these amendments after acceptance.
The reason for the uncertainty, take 3 wch is the strongest, where Ccl requests a Special Study Area to be expanded, within the RGS  "not to be expanded or new areas created"
I pointed this out and they admitted there was an anomaly in their document and cdn't advise me of a way around it.  Special Areas prior to adoption.  I see that as a problem.
The other problem I saw was the request to put the entire OGC into the designation as conservation and recreation.
Another problem created that wasn't considered by the person I talked to in Metro was that that required a boundary change wch was a Type 2 minor amendment.  I don't know that that is what the expectation is the way this worded.  Type 2 minor amendment requires a public hearing, of course.
I'm a little perturbed about the way this is presented right at the moment.  I think that there's some lacking in consultation for proposed changes above the 1200ft limit.  The OCP says that there shd be cmnty discussion of possible benefits for some devt above the 1200ft limit -- cmnty discussion of the advantages and disadvantages.  Even our new Cmnty Strategic Plan says that we shd complete plans for future devt of Upper Lands. 
I think the planning for Upper Lands and these devt proposals the way they're put together here are not adequate.  I think we shd reject this or request an extension until we get it right.
{Notes supplied:
Watching the RGS and OCP
West Vancouver's Official Community Plan describes "Upper Lands"? as the forested areas above the Upper Levels Highway up to the Cypress Park Boundary. These lands comprise of 1,760 acres that are below the 1,200-foot Elevation and 4,500 acres that are above. The OCP states that the lands above 1,200-ft will be "preserved as Limited Use and Recreation."? These lands are a mix of public and private?. Over 50% of the private holdings are above the 1,200-ft line. The Eagle Lake, Nelson Creek watersheds and the Old Growth Park are 2 Natural Areas? in the Upper Lands that have extra significance.
The Regional Growth Strategy has assigned new land use designations (General Urban and Conservation and Recreation) for West Vancouver. An Urban Containment Boundary? divides these designations. This re-defining has now moved the Urban Boundary up another 1,000 feet in elevation to the 2,200-ft level and there is a loss of 2,500 acres from the Limited Use and Recreation designation that is stated in the OCP. The remaining 2,000 acres above the Boundary now have a Conservation and Recreation designation but there are portions of the Eagle Lake, Larson Creek watersheds and the Old Growth Park that are not included in this designation.
This has created a discrepancy between the OCP and the RGS so Council has opted to have the Upper Lands designated as a Special Study Area.? The Special Study Area is where a municipality intends to alter the existing land use. The new Community Strategic Plan also confirms that development is planned in the Upper Lands.?
The Local Government Act required that Municipalities review the RGS in context with the current OCP before 3rd reading? and the OCP says that the existing land use will not be considered without public discussion.?
? OCP UPPER LANDS Policy Section 7 - page 95
? Upper Lands Report - Map - Land Ownership
? OCP Natural Environment Resources - page 87
? RGS D Regional Land Use Designations and Overlays
        6.10.1 Special Study areas are depicted prior to adoption.
        6.12.4 The areas for Special Study Areas...are not to be expanded nor are new areas to be created.
        A Type 3 minor amendment...is only permitted to delete Special Study Areas & may occur after the Regional Growth Strategy has been amended to change the regional land use designation of the Special Study Area or when a municipality                   extinguishes a Special Study Area.
? COMMUNITY STRATEGIC PLAN (BALANCED SCORECARD) - 1.2.5b 2011 Commence plan preparation for future of Upper Lands 2012 Complete plan for future development of Upper Lands
        Acceptance by affected local governments required,
        3) before 3rd reading the Board must submit to the Council of each Municipality                
        4) After receiving (Council's) review in context of OCP (both current and in preparation)
? OCP - Policy UL3 Variation in the 1,200-foot limit on development
        "Provide for community discussion of the possible benefits of some development above the 1,200-foot limit..."
        "...community discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of development above the 1,200' level."}
Mayor: Liz Byrd?  She phoned me to say she was coming from her book club.  Only in West Vancouver.  Next is Alan Bardsley.
AB: came to support Ccl passing RGS conditional on the amendments to extend the Sp Study Area down to 1200ft, and to congratulate Ccl on the possibility of protection of the mountainside, while keeping open the option to allow devt in exchange for better protection of the mtnside as a whole.
I've since found out about Item 6.12.4 wch raises doubt on the ab to expand the Sp Study Area.  Learning about this I wd urge Ccl to only pass the RGS once we're confident we're keeping open the option of long-term protection of the lands above 1200ft and the recreation and conservation land use designation within the RGS.
Knowing that little in life is assured, esp in MetroV, WV needs support from other Ms for amendments, I wd be interested in knowing who on Ccl will be shepherding this through the Metro Board.  Who will be reaching out to the other Ms for support for amendments, and what, if any, are the options for public input in the process.
Mayor: Elizabeth Murphy
EM: 1826 Blanca in Vancouver; I agree with WV resident Bruce McArthur as to passing this as proposed.
concerned it's not consistent with WV's OCP and will not result in protection of the Upper Lands -- objectives of Ccl and the public.
Pls consider striking and replacing the staff recommendations with the following changes:
1 - Ccl not accept the RGS and to request an extension under Section 857 of 4b of Pt 25 of the LGA.
This wd allow the proposed changes to be made before acceptance.
consistent with WV OCP, that MetroV Bd amend the RGS to expand the recreation and conservation designation to all lands above the 1200ft level, to be designated conservation and rec.
v concerned about urban being above the 1200ft; that underlying designation will take precedence.
also that the Urban Containment Boundary be lowered to at least the 1200ft line, and lower around the watershed after speaking to some residents, Paul Hundal, Bruce McA -- those lands wanting to be preserved so have UCB below it not above.
Also that Ccl request that the Study Area be removed altogether b/c it weakens the protection.
Might be a misunderstanding of what these Studies are b/c they allow lands to be taken out for devt easier
Paul Hundal:  Will my letter today be tabled?
Mayor: I have my copy.
PH: terrific.  Hope you've all seen Section 6.12.4 of the RGS clearly says you cannot enlarge the Sp Study Area therefore the suggestion by Metro staff that item 3 is an option simply to approve and the expand the area after is simply not possible b/c that wd be a major amendment to the document, not minor.
I have a copy for you.
For that reason, the motion by staff doesn't make any sense, and I'm v concerned that staff themselves have not brought this section to your attention and answered those concerns directly before the public.
explained in my letter the proper process of what is being presented, and that is to reject the RGS plan and that wd trigger a dispute resolution process, and that is the proper place for determining the changes that you want to make to the bylaw.
There are two options.
If a resoln can't be found, the Metro Bd has the option of letting WV opt out.(853.2)
BUT if you approve this now, with the hope it'll be changed later, you lose all the bargaining leverage -- you're totally dependent on the Bd to say yes or no.
and they can say, no, you can't expand the Study area b/c the doc doesn't allow you to.
The staff can't promise or guarantee what the Bd votes; they can set up the mtg but they cannot guarantee your vote
so if you have a concern, and I hope you do, and it sounds like some of you recognize the concerns, asking for the expansion of the St area, that the proper process is to reject the RGS bylaw and trigger that dispute resoln process
The suggestion by MetroV is not the right approach and I'm concerned that the Metro staff are leading you down a road where really they'll end up preserving the right to develop the Upper Lands, not allow you to preserve the UL.
Opting out option will only be available if you reject the RGS strategy b/c if you approve it you don't have that option after opting out.  You can only have that option if you reject.
hope you looked at Whyte Lake area comments; shd be included, underlying designation rec/cons, at the v least the M land shd be included in that b/c hope you wd all recognize a high conservation area.
Ppl treat it like a park right now -- two major trails: Baden-Powell and TransCanada, plus connector trail built by WV staff; tremendous asset to the cmnty
{TEXT SUPPLIED (not read):
Re: Regional Growth Strategy
I would like to state my opposition to the proposed Motion to approve the Regional Growth Strategy (RGS). As stated during my oral submissions on February 21, 2011, legally the RGS is the highest level management plan governing development under the Local Government Act and expresses a 30 year plan for the region. The Official Community Plan (OCP), which is the middle level management plan, must be made generally consistent with the RGS over time, in other words you can not make changes to the OCP over time that are in direct conflict with the RGS. Zoning, which is the ground level of planning must be consistent with the OCP.
My concern is that the RGS does not reflect the vision of this community for the Upper Lands, and I don't believe this statement is in dispute by anyone except maybe the planning department. Urban development right up the mountain to the old Growth Conservancy does not reflect the 30 year vision for this community so why on earth would you approve it. The suggestion by Metro Vancouver staff that you approve it now and apply to change it in July is not the right way to deal with this plan if you do not agree with it. There may be legal implications from private owners who may not like the change back. Also Metro staff can not promise or guarantee a positive vote by the Metro Board. They could rightly say that this plan was approved after a long process and it would be inappropriate to revisit it so soon. If you disagree with the plan, which I hope you do, then you should be following the process laid out by legislation as governed by s.857 (4) and (7) shown below (please see my bolded italics):
857 (4) After receiving a proposed regional growth strategy under subsection (3), each affected local government must
(a) review the regional growth strategy in the context of any official community plans and regional growth strategies for its jurisdiction, both those that are current and those that are in preparation, and in the context of any other matters that affect its jurisdiction, and
(b) subject to an extension under section 858 (3), within 60 days of receipt either
(i) accept the regional growth strategy, or
(ii) respond, by resolution, to the proposing board indicating that the local government refuses to accept the regional growth strategy.
(5) An acceptance under subsection (4) (b) becomes effective
(a) when all affected local governments have accepted the regional growth strategy, or
(b) at the end of the period for acceptance or refusal under that subsection if, at the end of that period, all affected local governments have not accepted the regional growth strategy.
(6) If an affected local government fails to act under subsection (4) (b) within the period for acceptance or refusal, the local government is deemed to have accepted the regional growth strategy.
(7) In the resolution under subsection (4) (b) (ii), the affected local government must indicate
(a) each provision to which it objects,
(b) the reasons for its objection, and
(c) whether it is willing that a provision to which it objects be included in the regional growth strategy on the basis that the provision will not apply to its jurisdiction, as referred to in section 853 (2).
(7.1) An affected local government is deemed to have accepted any provision of the regional growth strategy to which it does not indicate an objection under subsection (7).
(8) All affected local governments are entitled to participate in any non-binding resolution processes used to resolve an objection or anticipated objection by an affected local government.
Please note that an option also exists under 853(2) to opt out of provisions in the plan for our jurisdiction, which may be appropriate in West Vancouver since the fate of the Upper Lands is yet to be decided so we are not in a position to commit to a 30-year vision. The section is shown below:
853 (2) As an exception to subsection (1) (c), a regional growth strategy may be adopted without acceptance in relation to a specific provision if
(a) the provision is included on the basis that it is not binding on the jurisdiction of a local government that has refused to accept it, and
(b) the board considers that it is not essential to the regional growth strategy that the provision apply to that jurisdiction.
I would like to express concern at this point about the failure on the part of the planning reports to adequately advise you of your options. Some people have been told that if West Vancouver refuses to accept the RGS then the whole thing fails which as you can see in the legislation above is not true. You have the option under s. 857 (7)(c) to object on the basis that the provisions do not apply to West Vancouver. Having said that my overall concern is that in spite of statements by the mayor and others that they support preserving the Upper Lands, this plan is instead all about preserving the right to develop the Upper Lands.
I therefore ask Mayor and Council to reject the RGS on the basis that the designation for the lands above the 1200' elevation and Nelson Creek/Eagle Creek watershed (referred to below), be designated as Recreation Conservation lands and the area above the 1200" shown on the OCP as being considered for possible development be instead shown as a Special Study area as well as all the privately owned lands within the Nelson Creek/Eagle Creek watershed. I ask that the Urban Containment Line run along the 1200 ft elevation until you reach municipally owned lands within the Nelson Creek/Eagle Creek watershed and then be drawn to exclude all municipally owned land to the Upper Levels Highway within the Nelson Creek Eagle Creek drainage.
Two years ago I wrote to Mayor and Council asking to make a delegation presentation about setting aside the Nelson Creek/Eagle Creek watershed area including Whyte Lake as recreation/conservation lands. My request for a delegation was refused and I see now that this plan designates the whole area as General Urban which is defined as being primarily residential subdivision. I am sure this Council knows that this is a high value conservation and recreation area with two major trails (Baden Powell and TransCanada Trail) and the recently built connecting trail to Whyte Lake that joins the two major trails. There should be no doubt whatsoever that the municipally owned lands that cover this area and connect up as a corridor to Cypress Provincial park should have been outside the Urban Containment Line but it isn't. When I asked the Director of Planning two weeks ago about this at a meeting in his office, he said he has received no direction from Council to do this. That unfortunately is the crux of the problem. There has been a complete lack of leadership to preserve these lands. Right now these lands are both zoned for housing and are shown on the OCP as residential subdivision. If this Council has any interest in changing this then the right thing to do would be to show that on the RGS as recreation land which as I said at the beginning is the highest level management plan. Then over time the OCP can be changed from housing to recreation designation to be consistent with the RGS as provided for by legislation and zoning changes can follow. The private lands adjacent to the municipal land within the Nelson/Creek Eagle Creek watershed could be traded through density transfers to preserve the remaining high conservation value lands. If you support moving in this direction then you must show it in the Regional Growth Strategy as part of the 30-year plan. If you do not support this change then it becomes a political issue for the next election because I am convinced that the community of West Vancouver either already thinks that Whyte Lake and the Nelson Creek watershed area is a park or that it should be. At the very least the Nelson Creek/Eagle Creek watershed area including Whyte Lake should be included in the Special Study area with an underlying designation of Recreation Conservation.
I ask that you vote by resolution to reject the RGS on the basis that the Urban Containment Line and land designations for lands above the 1200' elevation and the Nelson Creek/Eagle Creek watersheds are not consistent with the vision of the community. I ask that you commence a non-binding resolution process under s.852(8) to determine what would be an appropriate plan in consultation with the community or ask that the land designations and Urban Containment Line in the RGS not apply to West Vancouver pursuant to s.853(2) of the Local Government Act.}
Mayor: thank you.  Next, saved by the bell, Liz Byrd
LB: ... go back to discussing the 1200ft level in this room
there was a double lot at the top of the properties; somebody built a wall slightly over the 1200ft level and it was enough to make Cclr Wms explode and they had to take the wall down.
says how important the 1200ft level is
Here on behalf of the WRA, mtg on Sat, to tell you we don't want any devt above the 1200ft level.
beautiful city, dependent on tourism, imp mtns and view are, and seeing wonderful wilderness attached to a city, this is an enormous mistake
don't know what you can do to persuade the planners at Metro to change their minds, but I wish you a lot of luck; we'll do anything to help you if that's what it takes.
Mayor: we know you will
Question for Mr Sokol.  Did you pursue with Metro what if we reject this?
Sokol: no, I haven't

{!!! er, um... shdn't staff have prepared info not just about what wd happen if passed but also if rejected, thus providing more complete information to help Ccl make a decision???  Even if assuming it wd pass, cd hv anticipated someone wd ask about ramifications of no, not just yes...}

that isn't the direction Ccl was, ah; Ccl discussion indicated receiving the report and the MetroV staff came forth with the recommendation of accepting, requesting changes, and that's the avenue I pursued.  I have had some v lengthy discussions with MetroV staff today, as this section 6.12.4 came to light and where they directed me, was to Section 6.3.4 wch talks about minor amendments to the RGS, and they referred me to sections C, G, I, and J, particularly J, wch specifies that all other amendments not identified in the other sections are minor amendments, wch only require a simple weighted majority vote, no regional Public Hearing.  That is what is being proposed here, and I do certainly agree with Mr Hundal that Metro staff cannot guarantee what the process will be, they can only guarantee that these items will be in front of the Bd and Metro Bd will consider them, and potentially vote on them, according to a certain schedule.
Mayor: this is tricky; there are ppl who are suspicious of MetroV's motives in ways that don't even apply to us, that have to do with the region as a whole, and so, we try to act in good faith with our partners, but we ultimately are really only accountable to WV residents, and getting this right and doing the sophisticated job we have done in the past few years anyway wrt the mountain.
Cclr Lewis, we'll agree to put the motion on the floor and we'll see where the debate takes us.
ML: can I modify the motion?
Mayor: certainly
ML: can we do this one at a time?
Mayor: yes, you're the mover
ML: I move that Ccl reject.....
This came up once before.  The question is not whether or not devt above the 1200ft level, the discussion is who decides -- the citizens of WV decide!
talked about this last time; I was vocal, hv not changed my mind and do not see assurance forthcoming from MetroV re queries we asked Mr Sokol to make
re comfort we control our own destiny; I think it absolutely critical that we do
Sop: don't think we shd put the destiny of our lands in anybody else's hands but ours.  Period.
If we were to reject and then resoln process; ....
want to remove ourselves completely so that it wdn't apply to WV at all
we then wd not have to concern ourselves with any of the lines; cd go through our own Study Areas and determine, as we have done in the past; with our private lands as well
work can be done on our own lands
not a need if we reject this and say to Metro we want opting out, no need to further consider
if we pass this motion, I don't want to be in that position
beautiful and we've kept green for years, old-growth forest
urban containment, wetlands for our water so ppl stay away
RGS for further up the valley
we have built out, we have one owner and will have devt in future
do not need Metro to tell us how to develop our lands, so just opt out.
MS: I must be confused. Maybe Mr Sokol can help me.  Is there any way that anybody outside the Ccl of WV can force us to issue a bldg permit for anything above the 1200ft line?
Mayor: or anywhere?
Sokol: no; the RGSes as the designation stand now give WV control as to what happens in the entire area above 1200ft.
MS: having heard that I'd vote against
we live in a region, agriculture, etc ppl need to have jobs; no one suggesting we have any devt above the 1200ft level, so we want to be good regional citizens, and I think we need to have enough faith and reassurance we got from staff that passing the recommended motion wd place the cmnty in any kind of jeopardy
{it is, however, prudent to verify some recommendations, esp when complicated and there are other interpretations, sometimes different or conflicting}
TP: ask if I'm looking at above the 1200ft line and it goes into Urban Containment, is there a restriction on how large a park we cd have in that designation?
Sokol: above 1200ft line now in Strategy it is designated in the draft strategy as General Urban.  The DWV still controls what the zoning is in that area, can make determinations what happens in that area: park space, low levels of devt, or urban devt.
Up to DWV Ccl to make those determinations
TP: I know great cmnty desire for 1200ft to be rigid, but I'm actually supportive of some kind of possible 1200 variation that is in the OCP for flexibility, b/c if we think about it if we're hard and fast on that 1200ft line below, we're dealing with BPP and there is zoning all the way out to Horseshoe Bay.
{"flexibility" rang alarm bells -- heralds losing it -- so spoke about the probable result at PQP}
So we have some serious issues in front of us and I want to get going....
also important to know in the past in the Sp Study Area that hasn't changed; we've been slow to put
those in a conservation zone.  In fact the Envmtal WG recommended in 2007 we look at that and we haven't done that
having it in Sp Study gets it on the table
the limited use, rec area, doesn't mean that's zoned for Park at the moment, an that is owned by other ppl than the M
If we were to put that into a rec/cons zoning rather than urban containment, that wd be the implications be to the landowners
complicated; we don't own it as a cmnty; has to be some sort of compensation
imp to know we don't own that land; doesn't mean it's zoned to stay that way

{toe in tent or thin edge of wedge}

Sokol: correct; what is important to note, devt rights are not a given from the RGS, devt rights are from the zoning that is applied by the M.  If we were to take land for devt and convert it to a park there wd be some issues we'd have to address with that prop owner.
Again, the designations as they stand in the draft RGS give us the flexibility to determine how those lands develop and give us the ab to work with the prop owners in those areas to do things like transfer density or transfer devt to desirable areas in order to protect other areas.
Ev: two questions
what wd the consequences be if we reject this?
secondly, unclear -- within the RGS, we have two years to put our plan together; how is that approved or not approved by MetroV?
are they bound to accept our plan?
Sokol: when we complete our Sp Area Plan, wd be submitted to the Metro Bd as part of our regional context statement.  The Regnl Context Stmt (RCS) gets reviewed by the Bd for general consistency with the RGS.  The normal standard is consistency; it's actually been reduced to general consistency and then it needs to be approved by a majority vote, 50% of the other mbr Ms.
Again, even if they don't accept the RCStmt, we still end up with the designations that are in the plan now, and we still have ultimate flexibility as to how those lands develop.
Again going back, even tho it says general urban in the RGS, does not mean we have to devp those lands for urban.
Ev: consequences?
Sokol: not ratifying or not accepting wd mean the entire RGS wd not get adopted and that wd hv implications throughout the region, perhaps not so much in WV as in other places where there are some Ms trying to devp agricultural lands and not necly doing things consistently with  what all the ms wd like throughout the region.
Mayor: what about the dispute resoln process?  If we don't vote for it, that's it.
Sokol: if we, or any M, do not accept the strategy, the strategy does not get adopted.  It then goes through a dispute resoln process wch wd take time to resolve through and then the Bd wd hv to go back, amend the plan, and hv to go through the same 60-day process of all the Ms' acceptance, v lengthy process.
Sop: fail to see where we'd have any notion to follow this strategy, Ccl Smith.
under LGA we can reject it; if we reject it, we can say we don't want anything to do with your plan
To Cclr Panz, it says we won't go above the 1200ft; we have those powers
A little blip there some years ago that we wd allow a little bit above for benefit further west
the 2600ha hv bn held tightly by us......
if our desire, why need to go along with a regional strategy that will face other Ms
?already built out....
are we going to obligate to go above..... urban destination {think he means designation}?   No.
Are we going to protect our lands? Yes, we are.
Why be part of a plan that calls for something different?
basic common sense
if we have to go resoln then do that.
Mr McRadu, does that make any sense to you?
why came forth to WV? wdn't be able to increase/extend Sp Area?
the underlay is the issue; got to solve that
not going to sell out the land above to someone else.  Period.
SW: one question, need defined; all so confusing
ultimately do we have final control of our lands if we agree?
who had control?
Sokol: with the designations shown in the draft RGS, we have the ultimate control as to what gets developed in our Upper Lands.
If, conversely, all was cons/rec, and we wanted to take advantage of our 1200ft variation, we wd not have control, we wd hv to go to the Region to get that option of implementing that component of our OCP.
as I said, give us control to determine the future of our Upper Lands
TP: to respond to Cclr Sop, paramount for me that we do the best job in those UL and that's why we have a Parks WG, and looking at an UL Study.
those are important pieces......
we follow on Cclr Sm, we are part of a larger region and we can't forget that.
a lot of what happens outside of WV does impact the whole lower Mainland
I think we need to consider that
to contain urban devt is imp
look at how those UCBs hv worked around City of Toronto, hv bn successful
do need to have a conversation about the UL, this is an opp
I'm supporting the RGS b/c we do need a bit of flexibility in that 1200ft line, in order to do the best job for the mtnside in the future
{another toe?}
Ev: can agree with some of the points Cclr Sop has covered
Equally imp is to app the process, have to understand
re consequences re rejecting, I interpret Mr Sokol that Metro wd come back a second time, have to go through a second time, and if that failed, reading between the lines, wd come back a third time until we get it right.
Mayor: think about this; think we're actually all agreeing; all saying we'll step up to do the right thing based on our OCP and BSC
after Parks WG finished, we turn to above the 1200ft
we know we have sophisticated process and an ethic; willing to make pragmatic changes with private landowners who are also willing to work with us to be flexible
{thin edge now a bit thicker}
think the RGS is a bit of a blunt instrument
Bd of Directors recognizes WV wants to do a better job re context stmt
shd be aware there are agendas out there just to sink the RGS
we might not get what we think we're going to get by rejecting this
wd like to ask Mr Sokol, you've been speaking to the Sr Planner at Metro, if you feel she will be able to expedite these amendments b/c I will obviously shepherd this through the Bd of Dir and they completely support WV's approach so far, and they don't look-- they look to us as a cmnty that never changes.
They're not thinking this is where growth is going to happen.
Sokol: I have a commitment from Metro staff that they will do it,
 {on agenda not enough; aren't MetroV decision made by the politicians on the Bd, not by staff?}
it is obvious something that to guarantee it.....  I think there wd need to be pressure from our elected officials and our CAO to Sr Metro staff to ensure it moves forward
Rmd is going through a similar two-step process of accepting the plan and requesting Metro make some amendments after that.  They'll also be asking move expeditiously through this process.
There may be a few others
perhaps critical Rmd to consider these add'l amendments.
Mayor: vote to reject? opposed?
[FAILS with ML and Sop in favour]
vote as written?
1. Council accept the new MetroV RGS entitled Metro Vancouver 2040 - Shaping our Future (Regional Growth Strategy Bylaw No. 1136, 2010);
Sop: polled vote
[DONE with ML and Sop opposed to acceptance]
ML: move
2. Council request that the Metro Board amend the strategy to expand the Conservation recreation designation to ensure that the entire Old Growth Conservancy be designated as conservation/recreation; and
3. Council request that the special study area be expanded to include all lands above the 1200-foot contour line designated as general urban.
Mayor: that reflects what's in our BSC
The fourth one, oh yes, thank you, Mr Sokol, is the next immediate steps to get agreement we want from Metro.  Wd you like to read it?
Sokol: Ccl request that the MetroV Bd consider the above asap after adoption of the RGS and ideally according to the following schedule:
- Strategy adoption by Bd Apr 29
- amendments to Regional Planning Cmte May 20
- MetroV Bd prepare bylaw for amendments May 27
- MetroV consider and ratify add'l amendments by July 29
ML: clarification -- at the beginning is asking if they wd do it; can we be more definitive around our expectations?
Maybe: require?
ML: yes
Mayor: sure, that's good
Sop: what do you think they're going to tell us? about our lands?
that we haven't done already?
I find this an incredible way to go, when we know what we've been doing all long
we have the right to give a Devt Permit, know the private landowner has a certain amt of work to do in future as we do....
why asking a body of bureaucrat how we can run and do on our own lands
can you answer Cclr Sm?
Mayor: why not?
MS: everybody in this room buys groceries, located on industrial land
city has to ave a variety of uses
agric, urban, cons, regional planning body
just b/c agreeing to a strategy doesn't mean we're surrendering our right to deal with our land in our own M
it's scare tactics by some
Mayor: I'll tell you what will happen
first, it's good that we've pointed out our commitment to the OGC.....
second, we're saying, and we're fortunate, we're going to take two years and our regional context stmt is going to be exactly expressing the values expressed tonight, and here's what it looks like and we're not accepting generalities
not ev cmnty is choosing to take another two yrs
already in our workplan...
this gives us more focus and I'll report back after the next bd mtg
word changed to 'require'
13. Fire Services Review (File: 2700-00)
1. The "Report on North Shore Fire/Rescue Service Cooperation" by Dugal Smith and Associates dated October 2010 be received; and
2. Ccl direct Staff to report back by no later than July 30 wrt the recommendations.
        {what about the public?}
Chief Cook: all agree essential to seek opps deliver services residents need, at lowest cost; balance risks..... not looking at amalgamation...  Terms of Ref
{see the press release:
...  The Chief notes that recommendations will be thoroughly discussed with members and the union prior to implementation.
...  The review recognizes that a great deal of cooperation among north shore fire departments already exists, and seeks to build on that success by formalizing it. 
... Collective savings for the three departments are estimated to be achievable in the amount of $513,000....
        The three municipalities should continue to align bylaws, policies, and programs
        Trucks should be dispatched on a "closest truck goes" basis
        Each department should provide agreed-upon specialty services on a north-shore-wide basis
        Large trucks such as aerial vehicles should be managed on a north-shore-wide basis
        Education and prevention services should be consolidated over time to be north-shore-wide
                                entire: http://www.westvancouver.ca/Residents/Level3.aspx?id=33024 }
Already high degree of cooperation; will bring back a report in July
Ev: Commend for work for integrating some of the benefits and working together
one question, a study item: if minor health issue, both ambulance and Fire attend medical calls wch are 50% and -- find unbelievable -- these calls make it difficult to keep to training schedules and other essential services.
can you give me some idea?
Chief: training is paramount to ev dept and takes signif amt of time and resources for ppl to get what they need.  Interruptions, and as you say, over 50% medical calls.  Hv to take a crew out for training.
The report says consider making training priority over minor medical calls.
TP: other Fire Depts doing this kind of work?
Chief: we're doing more than others in this region.  Some on Island, nbr cmnties volunteer
CAO to look further.  All three Ms said go away and be cooperative.
as a large grp more effective than three small
Mayor: motion on floor?
Sop: move received and report back no later than July 30
MS: I'm a little disappointed; read from Mr McRadu's report.  $513K split between three Ms so less thn 1% and spread over some years.
moving to higher levels of co-op essential
no one is leading for co-op change; no clear champion for increased co-operation.
chestnut we've been chasing for five years
receiving a report and another end of July.
Politicians and bureaucrats lagging behind
Firemen tell me, put three together, same number as Bby
right now we have three chiefs and three complete bureaucracies
CNV has chief and bureaucracy for one Hall.
City of Vancouver as if 20 Fire Chiefs, one for Pt Grey etc.
Not in best interest of taxpayers
Central command.... same training dept
Need to take decisive action; election coming up in Nov; ourselves vote for it, challenge NV, put it as a referendum question on the ballot: Do you favour an integrated Fire and Rescue service across he NSh, with undoubted better service levels and signif cost savings?
let the voters have their say b/c it's the only way it's going to happen
this makes no sense
can't argue that anyone wd lose autonomy.  Each M can decide how many halls, trucks, etc
but the point is that the efficiencies wd be undoubted from having one org; think we shd do it
if I have to serve notice of motion then that's fine
put on the ballot and say to NV; voter shd have a say; has to be addressed
even the firefighters realize cuts are coming and no bottomless pit of money
best efficiencies is one central bureaucracy
Sop: what do you put first -- efficiency or safety?
no guarantees combine going to be safety
let Chief and others have a good look at it and report back
daresay you won't find as many efficiencies as you think you're going to find
you're advocating amalgamation? of everything? ...
get there quickly, want that
SW: in response to Cclr Smith's, was going to say diatribe, but not uh Chief, the Chief in CNV asked specifically not to consider amalgamation or consolidation wrt this study?
too broad of a question at this time?
did you try to put it on the table?
Chief: it was initially put on the table and I won't answer for CNV why opposed; removed from report
CAO: there needs to be the three incorporated M on the NSh
wanted to report steps
the three CAOs are taking this report, want to see demonstrated efficiencies
three political units -- if Ccl wants to discuss with two other Ms, then they shd
at this point we hv achieved a great deal...
we were afraid if went too far, wdn't get anywhere
we will be able to demonstrate greater shared services
ML: Cclr Smith is absolutely correct; efficiencies and effectiveness from amalgamation evident; CAO's advice is sound
we shd pursue that at a political level with CNV/DNV
going to have to be forced even for fundamental analysis
MS: philosophically I can agree
I sat through a horrific experience of the MetroV Labour Bd Thursday morning.  We thought we were going to hear--
Mayor: --not sure if that was in camera--
MS: I'm not talking about what happened
you know, I think I can at least say that what we were expecting to happen did not happen b/c the politicians and the bureaucrats circle the wagons and block any kind of sensible change.
Clearly happens in ev case.
We can sit down with CNV and DNV and we can maybe get a fair hearing with the District, but does anyone think anything is going to happen with the City?
need to take it out of politicians' hands and go to the voters.
the facts are clear -- save a lot of money and hv a better Fire and Rescue Service, all trained the same way, all with common equipment,
as obvious as the nose on your face.....
think voters will
never going to happen unless pushed by the others
sat here for five yrs chairing? this around and even the firefighters are ready for change
let's start a diff approach
Mayor: I think some firefighters are ready for change, I can think of some that are not
some already railing against one prevention ofc wch makes eminent sense and cd probably execute quickly
difficult to generalize
from my POV we hv gotten somewhere; ameliorate some.....
Cclr Smith you have led on this and been clear but not sure we shd not pass this
[else] much more work in cmnty [first] xxx... obvious to some; be aware of dislocation...
feedback keep going; not dramatic change; maybe just disagreeing on approach
MS: so everybody's clear; you're approving a report that says $513K savings achievement in CAO's report attached says a long-term possibility -- how can you approve a report with that kind of stmt?
Mayor: receiving and asking come back in July
major cultural shift we're trying to initiate.
Ev: maybe I cd suggest between now speak to our cclrs in the District; maybe there is sentiment a Cclr Sm
Mayor: nothing precludes you coming forward with your own.
14. 21st Street Traffic Calming Project and Gordon Avenue Parking Area (File:  1785-00)
THAT Council include the conversion of the gravel parking area on Gordon Avenue to permeable paving stones in the 2011 budget for the 21st Street Traffic Calming Project.
P Stott from the strata ccl: authorized to express deep appreciation; hope solution before you will be approved.  Thankful to Dir/Engg, Mr Fung and his staff, for their patience.... for his cooperation in finding a creative soln wch we hope will be implemented before long.
Mayor: thank you and thank you for bringing forward the concerns of your nbrs.
MS moved motion gravel to permeable.
Ev: this motion simply for that area outside tennis courts or Arena as well?
RF: budget only for area in front of tennis courts
15. Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4672, 2011 (Non-Owner Occupied Secondary Suites) (File:  1610-20-4672)
This bylaw received first reading at the Feb 7 Ccl Mtg and was the subject of a PH closed on Feb 21. Council is not permitted to receive any further submissions on this bylaw.
TS moved: be read a second time.
MS: presentation from ADRA Prez that made a lot of sense to me.
originally was to allow a homeowner to live in house and if no longer needed entire area he cd hv a sec ste.
Couples or sgls to hold on to their principal residence
Big step to go from that to changing the nature of the nbrhd.
If living in Upper Dund where I live and the house beside me came on the market and somebody bought it and, reconfigured the house into two suites, rented both out, then the homeowner on the other side of me said, well, that looks like a good biz opp and I'm going to do the same, and sold it....
suddenly I'm living in a diff nbrhd
I feel wdn't like that to happen to my house; have to have respect for others who might feel the same way, so I'm a supporter of sec stes for ppl who live in the home, who stay, but having a non-owner occupied ste is not the way to go and it's going to change the nbrhd, and not in keeping the reason we started down the path for sec stes in the first place
SW: an interesting point, has some merit, but when you go to that next level and someone else brought up the point last week, are we going to start licensing sgl-fam homes that are being rented out, b/c there are numerous sgl-fam homes in our nbrhds that are being rented out
sometimes owned by the ppl down the street and sometimes across town
a fine line
if problems, met through the good nbr bylaw
hope nbrs will come forward and we can deal with it that way
Ev: will speak in favour; we don't exercise control over sgl-fam houses
can exercise more control by the bylaw; we can close the sec stes down
easier to exercise control than over a sgl-fam house
ML: Mr Sokol, what other fees and charges?
basically this has evolved into a biz: I buy a house and rent out stes
is there a reqmt to have a biz licence?
Sokol: need to register the stes; in this instance $450 a year
ML: that's it? no other approp charge
they're running a biz -- shd they have a biz licence?
Sokol: run into shd they also have a licence if renting out their home
that's an item Ccl cd discuss and debate sep from this issue
Sop: if we allow a house to be rented, we're not altering the nature of the nbrhd
or the character of the nbrhd as a sgl-fam home
With sec ste looked at a way [for families, indiv upstairs downstairs like a duplex], rent downstairs like duplex, now saying owner doesn't have to live there, so that completely changes the scenario that we originally stated and my good friend Cclr Smith alluded to that
what happens in relnship, we have allowed home-based biz and not had a problem
know there are many sec stes who have not come forward
ease, didn't require major construction .... like sep doorways/entrances, etc., kid gloves....
now from one indiv who found herself in a jam
when the 6000 out there we don't know about -- down the road, some years, will change the sgl-fam home into a duplex and I'm not supporting the project, period.
Mayor: I'm going to support sec stes b/c I didn't support them to force ppl out
We have long-term residents who have been living in a home that has a sec ste, and now, we've said, fine, take formal responsibility, let us know who you are, and let us know how to ensure the quality of life in your nbrhd; and I don't like the suggestion that there's something less good about ppl who are renting.
I don't usually talk about my personal life but we rented a little tiny house in WV with little kids and sometimes the owner's son, a student, was in the basement, and they lived across the street, so I guess that wd be not allowed to some mbrs of this Ccl.
The criteria for being able to rent the house was that you had to be involved in Student Ccl at West Van High.  That was actually the application.
That's the kind of attention we're trying to reinforce and support in the cmnty.
and I think we're coming together on this, that this bylaw anticipates.
Ppl deserve to be treated with respect and if we set the bar at that level, we'll get that.
so I'm going to support this -- we didn't anticipate it but we're open-minded
        {sorry, I don't see that respect comes into this at all; no mention; just assumed...}
and we're trying to improve the housing stock and the quality of accountability in the cmnty
Sop: b/c one votes against this, it doesn't mean that we do not support those ppl in the cmnty.
I think that's uncalled for, that b/c we go against something that we're not supporting ppl.
We all did that, supporting sec stes
Mayor: support some but not others and that's fair but I'm concerned about the ones it doesn't support
was MOVED:
      THAT "Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4672, 2011" be read a third time.
16. Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005, Amendment Bylaw No. 4673, 2011 (File:  1610-20-4673)
This bylaw received first reading at the February 7, 2011 Council Meeting.
          RECOMMENDED: read a second and third time.
17. Consent Agenda Items
17.1. Design Review Committee 2011 - Remaining Appointments (File:  0116-20-DRC)
Ccl adopt the revised Terms of Reference for the Design Review Cmte as attached to the Feb 27 report from the Dir/Planning entitled, "Design Review Committee 2011 - Remaining Appointments;" and Council appoint Barbara Pettit and Cedric Burgers to the Design Review Committee for the term ending January 31, 2012.
17.2. Development Application Status Report (to February 25, 2011) (File: 1010-01)
17.3. Correspondence List (see link on electronic agenda) -- received for information
February 14 - 18, 2011
Referred for Action
1.  M. Shulz, February 5, 2011, re Westerly Traffic Bridge over Marine Drive at Park Royal           
       (Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response)
2.  C. S. Ekdahl, February 7, 2011, regarding Day of the Honey Bee 2011
       (Referred to Municipal Clerk for response)
3.  R. Helten, CityHallWatch, Feb 16, re Request to Speak as a Delegation to Ccl Mtg, Feb 21, on RGS
       (Referred to Municipal Clerk for response)
Received for Information
4.  R. Helten, CityHallWatch, Feb 11, re Staff Misinformation before Jan 14 Board Vote on MetroV RGS
5.  M. Hynes, Multifaith Action Society, Feb 15, re Multifaith Event Invitation, Feb 22
6.  M. Booth, Chair, WV Board of Education, February 11, 2011, regarding Fraser Mustard Poster
7.  D. Laglagaron, Acting Chief Administrative Officer, Metro Vancouver, February 16, 2011, regarding Response to recent concerns regarding the Metro Vancouver Regional Growth Strategy
February 21 - 25, 2011
Referred for Action
1.  B. and H. Thomson, February 4, re Elliott Commons Proposed Devt, 370 Mathers Ave             
       (Referred to Director of Planning, Lands and Permits for consideration and response)
2.  S. Woods, Canadian Cancer Society, British Columbia & Yukon, February 15, 2011, regarding Request for Proclamation of Daffodil Day and Daffodil Month
       (Referred to Municipal Clerk for response)
3.  K. Blane, February 11, 2011, regarding Evelyn Drive Development
       (Referred to Director of Planning, Lands and Permits for consideration and response)
4.  C. Gooch, Rabbit Advocacy Group of BC, Feb 11, re Pet Habitat brings in more rabbits
       (Referred to Director of Planning, Lands and Permits for consideration and response)
Received for Information
5.  Committee and Board Meeting Minutes:
6.  Heart & Stroke Foundation of BC & Yukon and The Lung Association of BC, Jan 20, regarding Smoke-Free Outdoor Public Places
7.  R. Wyckham, February 15, 2011, regarding Ambleside Revitalization
8.  R. Helten, CityHallWatch, Feb 21, re WV Ccl, for 21-Feb-2011 (Regional Growth Strategy)
9.  S. Hynes, Hynes Developments Inc., February 21, 2011, regarding Elliot Commons
        {Method of Uplift Calculation shd be reviewed; in past they've given an unbelievable zero}
10. R. Bayley, The Challenge Series, February 24, 2011, regarding Olympic Village One Year Anniversary: Challenge Series 2011
11. S. Gauthier, Govt Finance Officers Assn, Dec 30, 2010, regarding Canadian Award for Financial Reporting
12. A. Marzara, Urban Devt Institute, February 21, 2011, re Urban Devt
        (Attachments available for viewing in Legislative Services Department)
Responses to Correspondence
13.  A. Banks, Sr Mgr of Parks, Feb 21, response to P. Scholefield re Tennis Practice Wall at Ambleside Park

18.  OTHER ITEMS -- None
MS: Focus Groups for the Youth Services Review started last week; the first one at Gleneagles; going on this week, under the capable leadership of Leanne Sexsmith and Director Anne Mooi and hope to have some recommendations for Ccl by the end of April.
CR: tyvm
three questions/comments here
one, of course, have to thank [you] for some support for Heritage Week, and I love that 100 Years 100 Seconds [video] of WV; it's just fantastic; it's heritage.
The first question I have is about [a recommended] motion [in Item] 11 on the Ccl Agenda tonight, it says it "is recommended that it has been considered" wch isn't, uh, can't understand the English.
Are you [staff] recommending that it be considered in conjunction?
are you asking [is staff recommending] that it will have been considered in conjunction?
so I'd like an answer to that.
The second thing I was thinking about, some years ago when I was president of ADRA, we sent out a questionnaire.  It was almost unanimous from the several hundred answers we got, not to touch the 1200ft level, so I thought I'd tell you -- I know you know that.
The NV height is 1000ft, so we're already 200 ft more
Mayor: in Seymour, it's 400
Sop: yup
{did some subsequent research on this and they are referring to the limit being lower in the Seymour area -- probably near Dam b/c of water supply.}
CR: we're quite up there anyway, but the, uh, when I heard the word 'flexibility', I got nervous b/c we already know that British Pacific Properties wants to swap some land above the 1200ft level and give us some land below the 1200ft level that's steep and can't be built on.... so when I heard the word 'flexibility' I got a little nervous and a little more nervous when this [item] was over an executive from BPP left so that's obviously what he was interested in and here for.

The next thing I have a question about is that at the last ccl mtg, Cclr Lewis -- and Cclr Lewis asked me to ask this tonight b/c he didn't have his laptop in front of him to answer it -- when it came to Approval of the Agenda, it [he] said "as written", and I had picked up an agenda as I walked in, I had an agenda from the District [web]site, and there were three, instead of amending the agenda, it just said as written, and then there were three things that were added.  Today I looked at that and thought this is v strange.  The agenda was not amended and they're there, doesn't say who moved or seconded.  Then I went back and looked at the [Feb] 21st agenda in the first place.  Lo and behold, it was different from what was put on the District's website on the Friday [Feb 18th].  It had those three things that were added to the agenda.
Now this is extremely misleading I have no problem if you update an agenda and you say you added this to the agenda, and you've got the date and all this, but have the agenda there for Feb 21st implying that it's already been amended and it was on the agenda when it wasn't, I find rather misleading.  I'm sure there's a way around it but, and I find it misleading to have an amended agenda when it was not formally amended at the mtg.  You don't have to answer now.  I just need to understand it cuz it's v confusing, misleading.
Mayor: okay; I think I know what you're talking about.
I'm not sure what the three items are so it wd be helpful if you cd give us the--
CR: I think one was Correspondence and something else, and the other was 12.1, wch is strange b/c item 12 is Wetmore and 12.1 was about the Library, so they weren't related, and if you're going put them {NO, I mean it, just 12.1} there, it wd hv made more sense in Other Items, wch is where I thought you wd put it if you do that.
The thing is that the three items were not moved with the Approval of the Agenda to be amended.
Mayor: and so, if you cd give me what the three items are, and then we'll get back to you at the next ccl mtg.
CR: I've sent it to--
Mayor: okay, then I can get it from Ms Scholes, is that what you're saying?
CR: right
Mayor: okay, good; tyvm
without know exactly the points being made this is hard to follow and I get some pronouns mixed up, so wd be helpful to give you a timeline.
a) The Feb 18th ccl mtg agenda goes up on the DWV website and I put it in my newsletter (WVM4) that goes out a few days later and is the same as the one for residents to pick up as they enter the Chamber for the mtg Feb 21.
b)  At "Approval of Agenda" Cclr Lewis moves the Agenda be approved "as written", seconded by Cclr Sop, and it passes.
c)  Later in the mtg, after Item 12, on Wetmore, the Mayor suddenly announces Item 12.1 -- NOT on the agenda and as pointed out above, the agenda was not amended, Cclr Lewis simply said "as written".  You can check and hear that on the video of the ccl mtg on the District website.
d) When finalizing my transcript for the next newsletter (WVM5), I looked at the Feb 21st ccl mtg minutes on the Mar 7 ccl mtg agenda.  To my amazement, under Approval of Agenda, it has amendments and they weren't made.  I then went to the DWV website to see the Feb 21st Agenda -- but it wasn't the same one that was there Feb 18th or in the lobby!  Those same amendments appear in the agenda so were added (but not noted as such) to the Feb 21st minutes, ie revised after the fact and the revision is something that was not said or moved.....
Has the website or Ccl gone into a time machine?
It's totally confusing, and as I said, misleading and misrepresents what happened.
Here are the facts/details:
The agenda put up Feb 18th and in the lobby Feb 21st (the original Feb 21st agenda):
6.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES  --  February 7, 2011 Regular Council Meeting.
Pls note there is nothing about any amendments.  Of course they are made at the actual mtg IF there are any.
The minutes of the Feb 21st Ccl mtg have, instead of moved as written, these amendments yet, if you listen, and you can click next to Item 5 (the Q sign saying 'real player') and you'll hear Cclr Lewis only say "move as written" BUT it lists amendments!:
5. Approval of February 21, 2011 Regular Council Meeting Agenda
MOVED by Lewis, Seconded by Soprovich:
THAT the February 21, 2011 Regular Council meeting agenda be amended by:
* adding to Item 8, a written submission dated February 18, 2011;
* adding new Item 12.1 regarding Chief Administrative Officer's Report
regarding West Vancouver Memorial Library;
* adding items 15.1 and 15.2 regarding correspondence to the Other Items section;
AND THAT the agenda be approved as amended.
BUT that didn't happen!  that wasn't said! Cclr Lewis only said "as written"!  so why is it in the minutes, and then since the agenda wasn't amended and that wasn't said,  why did Ccl approve the minutes???
So, after seeing the minutes were not what had happened, I went back to look at what was on the DWV website for the Feb 21st Agenda
February 21, 2011 COUNCIL AGENDA
(At 7:00 pm the Public Hearing regarding Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4672, 2011 will be held. The open session of the Council Meeting will be reconvened immediately following the Public Hearing.)
Following conclusion of the Public Hearing, the following items will be considered:
4. The open session of the February 21, 2011 regular Council Meeting will be reconvened.
5. Approval of February 21, 2011 Regular Council Meeting Agenda
RECOMMENDED: THAT the February 21, 2011 Regular Council meeting agenda be amended by:
* adding to Item 8, a written submission dated February 18, 2011;
* adding new Item 12.1 regarding Chief Administrative Officer's Report
regarding West Vancouver Memorial Library;
* adding items 15.1 and 15.2 regarding correspondence to the Other Items section;
AND THAT the agenda be approved as amended.
6. Adoption of February 7, 2011 Regular Council Meeting Minutes
AMAZING!  the Feb 21 agenda has had those amendments added.  Kind is updated rather than doctored, but why has the agenda and these amendments added retroactively?
The minutes are a legal document.
At the very least, how can amendments that were not made be listed as amendments?
Changing the original agenda and the one handed out at the ccl mtg is misleading.
These procedures must be clarified and followed.
Although it says added to "Other Items", if you check the video and the transcript, when it comes to Other Items, listed on the agenda, the Mayor says "none".
Residents ought to be able to depend on ccl mtg minutes as a true record of what transpired.  It's a matter of trust.

===  Ccl Mtg AGENDA March 21st  ===
6pm in conference room; 7pm in ccl chamber
Note: At 6pm the regular Cci Mtg will commence in open session, followed by a closed session. At 7pm the open session will reconvene for the scheduled agenda items.
6:00 PM
1.  Call to Order.
RECOMMENDED: THAT in the public interest, members of the public be excluded from part of the March 21 regular Council Meeting on the basis of matters to be considered under the following section of the Community Charter:
90. (1) A part of a council meeting may be closed to the public if the subject matter being considered relates to or is one or more of the following:
a) personal information about an identifiable individual who holds or is being considered for a position as an officer, employee or agent of the municipality or another position appointed by the municipality; and
e) the acquisition, disposition or expropriation of land or improvements, if the council considers that disclosure could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality.
7:00 PM  -- Following conclusion of the closed session:
               RECOMMENDED: be adopted as circulated:  March 7, 2011 Regular Council Meeting.
7. Official Community Plan Amendment, Rezoning and Development Permit Application 1010-20-11-005 for the 900 Block of 21st Street (Kiwanis Seniors' Housing Society of West Vancouver) (File:  1010-20-11-005)
1.  Staff consult with the cmnty on the devt proposal
2.  Cmnty consultation take the form of a public mtg with direct notification to the properties shown on the map attached as Appendix "B" to the staff report dated March 10, 2011, with a notice of the public mtg in the local newspapers and posted on the District website, and preliminary review by the Design Review Committee; and
3.  Following the cmnty consultation on the devt proposal, staff report back to Ccl with a report summarizing the findings and the suitability of the devt proposal for further consideration.
8. Staff Comments on District of North Vancouver's Draft Official Community Plan (File:  0190-07)
1.  DNV) be commended for its efforts to develop a new OCP as an Integrated Sustainable Community Plan, and thanked for the opportunity to provide input on the Draft OCP; and
2.  The comments outlined in this staff report be submitted to the DNV for consideration during its community and stakeholder consultation process.
9. North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues Review of 2010 Committee Work and 2011 Work Plan and Budget (File:  0180-18-06)
1.  The NSh Adv Cmte on Disability Issues 2011 Work Plan be approved; and
2.  The budget request for a one third share ($4467) of the total budget ($13,400) be approved utilizing existing funds within the Grants in Aid budget.
10. District Presentations to North American Conferences (File:  0145-01)
RECOMMENDED: THAT Council approve the [Mayor's] presenting at the International City and County [Managers'] Association and Alliance for Innovation Conference entitled: Making Magic - How BOLD Can Government Be? Case Study: Taking Collaboration to New Levels - A Paradigm Shift in Community Oversight and [Decision-Making] (West Vancouver Community Centre Board) AND at The Sixth United [Nations'] Global Forum on Human Settlements whose theme is Building Low-Carbon Cities: A Response to Climate Change (Eagle Island) at a cost of $4000.00 to be charged to Business Unit #154, Engagement.
11. Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4672, 2011 (Non-Owner Occupied Secondary Suites) (File:  1610-20-4672)
This bylaw received first reading Feb 7, was the subject of a Public Hearing that was held and closed on Feb 21, and received second and third readings at the Mar 7, Ccl Mtg. Council is not permitted to receive any further submissions on this bylaw after the PH has closed and before the bylaw is adopted.
                 RECOMMENDED:  be adopted.
12. Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005, Amendment Bylaw No. 4673, 2011 (File:  1610-20-4673)
This bylaw received first reading Feb 7 and received second and third readings at the Mar 7
                 RECOMMENDED: be adopted.
13. Consent Agenda Items
13.1. Appointments to Ambleside Revitalization Commission (File:  0115-20-ARC1)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the following appointments to the Ambleside Revitalization Commission for a [one-year] term be approved:
David Chard, Kirsty Farquharson, Joe Houssian, David Negrin, Howard Nemtin, Mayor, Cclr Smith.
{hm, sans Ccl, four devpr/real estate types -- one famous for TUB -- and a mbr of the Library Board who denied the now-proven claims about expenditures?  Of course we need devprs on the Commission, no problem, but why no resident or ratepayer voice?
DC = Chard Devts (Hollyburn Medical, etc); KF = Lib Bd; JH = was Intrawest; DN = Concord and/or Aquilini?; HN = real estate devpr, TransLink}
What does this say about consulting or listening to the residents and fiscal prudence?}  
13.2. Gleneagles Community Centre - Physiotherapy Lease (File:  1145-02-GLENPHYS)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated Feb 25 from the Land and Property Agent and Community Recreation Manager be received for information.
13.3. Beach House Restaurant - Modification Agreement and Option to Renew (File:  1145-02-BEACH)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated Feb 25 from the Land and Property Agent be received for information.
13.4. North Shore Emergency Management Office (NSEMO) Report regarding Summary of New Zealand Tsunami Exercise and Christchurch Earthquake (File:  0180-16)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated Feb 18 be received for information.
13.5. Correspondence List (see link on electronic agenda)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the correspondence list be received for information
February 28 - March 4, 2011
Received for Information
(1) City of Burnaby, February 17, 2011, regarding British Columbia's Heritage Program
{hope this wakes DWV up; they have no heritage WG/Cmte and no Ccl liaison for heritage -- the first time since 1988.  Sad.  Esp when coming up to 100th anniversary.}
(2) City of Burnaby, February 22, 2011, regarding Correspondence from Mr. Porter - Banning Smoking at Malls
(3) M. Enser, Urban Development Institute, Feb 25, re MetroV's RGS
        (Attachments available for viewing in Legislative Services Department)
(4) Union of BC Municipalities, March 2, regarding Provincial Mobilization Plan for Emergency Services
Responses to Correspondence
(5) R. Fung, Director of Engineering and Transportation, March 1, 2011, response to M. and R. Shulz regarding Proposed Park Royal At-Grade Intersection with Marine Drive
March 7-11, 2011
Referred for Action
(1) D. Close, March 2, 2011, regarding Savings to Consider for 2011
        (Referred to Municipal Clerk for response)
(2) B. McArthur, March 2, 2011, regarding Regional Growth Strategy Interpretation Requested
        (Referred to Director of Planning, Lands and Permits for consideration and response)
Received for Information
(3) Committee and Board Meeting Minutes: Design Review Committee, January 20, 2011
(4) M. Bottazzini, February 14, 2011, regarding Cascadia Tower Proposed Monopine / Highway 1 and 15th Street, West Vancouver
(5) G. and E. Lee, February 26, 2011, regarding Foot of 27th Street
(6) Three Submissions re Pacific Arbour Devt Proposal, dated February 28 to March 3, 2011
(7) BC Hydro, March 2, 2011, regarding Earth Hour 2011, March 26, 2011
(8) D. Mussatto, Chair, Metro Vancouver Port Cities Committee, March 2, 2011, regarding 2011 Municipal Appointment to Vancouver Fraser Port Authority Board of Directors
(9) City of North Vancouver, March 3, 2011, regarding North Shore Cycling Map
(10) BC Government and Service Employees' Union, March 4, 2011, regarding Community Social Services Awareness Month
(11) R. Helten, MetroVanWatch.ca, March 6, 2011, regarding Recommended Changes in Text Regarding Agenda Item for March 7 Council Meeting Agenda #12. Report on MetroV RGS
(12) P. Hundal, March 7, 2011, regarding Regional Growth Strategy
(13) Union of British Columbia Municipalities, March 9, 2011, regarding National Public Works Week and Local Government Awareness Week: May 15 - May 21, 2011
(14) Union of British Columbia Municipalities, March 10, 2011, regarding Consideration of a Two-Phase Campfire Prohibition
(15) L. Byrd, March 10, 2011, regarding Safeway Site/Ambleside Village
(16) G. Pajari, March 4, 2011, regarding Letter to Mayor and Council, 24 January 2011 "Summary of Findings for Council regarding Library Expenditures" from West Vancouver Memorial Library and West Vancouver Memorial Library Foundation (Addition: March 14, 2011)
Update to March 15, 2011
Referred for Action
(1) E-Comm 911, March 8, 2011, regarding E-Comm Board of Directors Designate - 2011/2012 Year                          
        (Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response)
(2) C. Reynolds, West Van Matters, March 11, 2011, regarding Agenda and Minutes PQP Feb 21st
        (Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response)
{This is the strange/misleading case of Ccl approving an agenda 'as written' and then not only do the minutes list amendments made, but also the original agenda put up Feb 18 retroactively changed with amendments added to it!}
Received for Information
(3) 11 Submissions and one Petition regarding Safeway Site, dated February 9 to March 15, 2011
(4) Premier G. Campbell, February 24, 2011, regarding Support for Designating British Columbia's Wild Pacific Salmon as a Provincial Symbol
(5) Five submissions regarding Pacific Arbour Development Proposal, dated March 7-11, 2011                             
        (Referred to Public Hearing, April 4, 2011)
(6) L. R. DeSpirt, March 9, 2011, regarding Temporary Restricted Parking on Marine Drive
(7) March 10, 2011, regarding Giant Redwood Tree on Lawson Avenue
(8) Multifaith Action Society, Mar 15, re Invitation to Multifaith Prayer for Japan, Mar 17th at 6:30pm
(9) Union of British Columbia Municipalities, March 14, 2011, regarding Appointment of Honourable Ida Chong as Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development
(10) Millennium Group, March 15, 2011, regarding Evelyn - Millennium News Release
        {notice of receivership}
(11) K. Stephens, Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia, March 11, 2011, regarding Recognition of West Vancouver District as a Water Balance Model Champion
Council has requested that the following correspondence be brought forward for discussion, and may propose a motion if Council considers that further action is required.
14.1 G. and E. Lee, February 26, 2011, regarding Foot of 27th Street (Received for information)
15.  Reports from Mayor/Cclrs  16.  PQP/Comments  17.  Adjournment

===  ANIMALWATCH  ===  well, sea life actually
VIDEOS of fantastic creatures
Leafy Sea Dragons -- documentary, scuba diving in S Australia (one leafy sea dragon couple together for six years; her name is Susan):  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DuI4ncViU4Y
Weedy Sea Dragons (courtship dance): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPbFsjuYrVA&feature=related
+++  Subject: RE: ( FYI ) - 2nd Squamish Herring report -- Restricted video: Spawning Sand lance.
Part of the SODC shore design is to create conditions on Nexen beach suitable for sand lance spawning.....which would involve placing medium to coarse sands in the shallow subtidal/intertidal zone.
I thought I'd share this link to an interesting video of sand lance spawning at Whidbey Island last fall.  Now you have to be a bit of a fish spawning enthusiast to watch all 16 minutes ....minutes 4-10 are the most interesting -- Brian
narrated sand lance spawning video  - have not watched all but looked at intro + 4:30-6:30 -- Jack

===  INFObits  ===  Sendai is now in a three-way tie for fourth b/c they say it was 9.0.
The Ten Largest Earthquakes Since 1900
Below is a list of the largest earthquakes on record in the world. Magnitude, date, and location are also given.
      Location                               Date               Magnitude
     1.     Chile                                       May 22, 1960            9.5
     2.     Prince William Sound, Alaska                        March 28, 1964         9.2
     3.     Andreanof Islands, Aleutian Islands         March 9, 1957               9.1
     4.     Kamchatka                                    Nov. 4, 1952       9.0
     5.     Off western coast of Sumatra, Indonesia     Dec. 26, 2004       9.0
     6.     Off the coast of Ecuador            Jan. 31, 1906             8.8
     7.     Offshore Maule, Chile                       Feb. 27, 2010       8.8
     8.     Rat Islands, Aleutian Islands               Feb. 4, 1965              8.7
     9.     Northern Sumatra, Indonesia         March 28, 2005      8.7
   10.      India-China border                  Aug. 15, 1950       8.6
Source: National Earthquake Information Center, U.S. Geological Survey.
Read more: The Ten Largest Earthquakes Since 1900 - Infoplease.com                                                                                             

=== OTTAWAWATCH  == the govt has a bad Oda?
G&M/Walkom: Bev Oda, free speech and Harper's fixation on Israel
                                from Globe and Mail; by Thomas Walkom National Affairs Columnist
The Bev Oda affair is about two things. It is about allegations that the International Cooperation Minister lied to Parliament. That's what the opposition parties focus on.
But it is also about the Conservative government's insistence on being more Israeli than Israelis themselves. That's what put this matter in motion.
Recall that this entire business began when Immigration Minister Jason Kenney bragged in Jerusalem that his government had cut off funding to the aid group Kairos for supporting a boycott of Israel.
In fact, Kenney's allegation wasn't true. But it was true that Kairos has supported Palestinian relief organizations deemed to be critical of Israel. It has also questioned Ottawa's decision to cut off aid to Hamas-led Gaza.
To the paranoid minds in Prime Minister Stephen Harper's regime, all of this was sufficient reason to overrule the government's official aid arm, the Canadian International Development Agency, and abruptly terminate Kairos funding.
Oda's problems came later when, after realizing that the original justification wasn't plausible, she tried to invent a new one. That's when the fibbing occurred.
Read rest: http://ijvcanada.org/il-pal/gmwalkom-bev-oda-free-speech-and-harper's-fixation-on-israel/

PRICE:   Vancouver not in top ten  ~  $5,673 per sq m; Moscow $18,000; HK $78,200
EMPTY:  18% of houses in Florida (over 1M homes)
UNSOLD: 64M apartments in China : http://www.sbs.com.au/dateline/story/watch/id/601007/n/China-s-Ghost-Cities

===  BIZWATCH  ===  Fraser Institute: Mining
~ 4:30pm ~ Tuesday Mar 29 ~ Fraser Institute at Four Seasons Hotel
            Global Mining Hot Spots: The Fraser Institute's Survey of Mining Companies 2010/2011
Fred McMahon  --  Where are the best and worst places in the world for mining investment? How do Canadian jurisdictions stack up in the view of the global mining industry? The Fraser Institute's annual Survey of Mining Companies has the answers, as international industry executives offer their take on the exploration and development attractiveness of nearly 80 mining jurisdictions worldwide.
Join Fred McMahon, Fraser Institute vice-president of international policy research, as he presents the results of the Fraser Institute's Survey of Mining Companies 2010/2011. McMahon's presentation will focus on key jurisdictions in the global rankings, as well as industry reactions to the worldwide economic turnaround.
Agenda: 4:30pm Registration & Reception; 5pm Presentation; 5:45pm Q&A; 6pm Adjournment
FREE event made possible by HudBay Minerals. Pre-registration is required 688 0221

===  PEACEWATCH  === Iraq/Kurdistan & Local
>>>  CPTnet -- 14 March 2011 -- IRAQ: The Great Wall peace community by Allan Slater
A long white ribbon has been stretched from lamppost to lamppost blocking off streets leading to the city centre here in Suleimaniya.   All along the ribbon stand people in white sashes facing into the square where thousands have gathered to speak publicly to their Kurdish Regional Government.   The ribbon and the people along it make up what one might call "the great white wall of peace", white being the colour that symbolizes peace in this culture.  The wall has created a space of calm between the protestors and the military further back on the streets.
Rest at: http://www.cpt.org/cptnet/2011/03/13/iraq-great-wall-peace-community
>>> Fundraiser for Peace
Outlook -- Canada's Progressive Jewish Magazine
~ 6pm ~  Sunday March 27  --  Ben Chud Auditorium, Peretz Centre, 6184 Ash St.
Outlook: Canada's Progressive Jewish Magazine has been publishing continuously since 1962. It offers a distinctive selection of political and cultural features, reflecting its distinct Jewish humanist view of the world. It upholds the values of peace, social justice, and democracy the world over.
For the intellect .... Micheal Vonn, Policy Director of the BC Civil Liberties Assn, will speak on "Threats to Civil Liberties and Free Speech"
For the soul ...  Vancouver actor Stephen Aberle will perform the satirical monologue, "At the Anarchists' Convention" 
And for the palate ... Our usual delicious Lasagna Supper! Cover charge $25 pp; pls indicate meat or vegetarian.
Free underground parking. Reservations or info: 604 324 5101; cjoutlook@telus.net / www.vcn.bc.ca/outlook
===  WOMENWATCH  ===
Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2011 14:02:24 +0200
Subject: [cpthebron] Palestine release: Palestinian women call for justice on International Women's Day
This article was originally published on Waging Nonviolence, written by Samuel Nichols. <http://wagingnonviolence.org/2011/03/palestinian-woman-call-for-justice-on-international-womens-day/>
All across the occupied Palestinian territories, women took to the streets on Tuesday [8th] in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day.
In Gaza city, an estimated 500 women marched through the city centre calling for national unity and an end to the rift between rival political factions, Fatah, which governs the West Bank, and Hamas, which governs the Gaza Strip. Women called for a unified Palestinian voice, while hoisting a 10-metre long Palestinian flag, as a necessary step in resisting Israel's expanding settlement project that includes the ongoing judaization of Jerusalem.
Palestinian women also led protests across the Israeli-occupied West Bank. In Beit Ummar, north of Hebron, dozens of women blocked an Israeli bypass road -- a crucial piece of the transportation infrastructure built to connect Israeli settlements, a transportation system to which Palestinians have limited access -- in protest of Israel's vast system of roadblocks that limit Palestinian movement.
At Qalandia checkpoint, a monstrosity of a checkpoint between Ramallah and Jerusalem, 150 Palestinian women demonstrators attempted to pass through to Jerusalem. Israeli border guards formed a human wall to prevent the women from proceeding through the checkpoint, demonstrating Israel's restriction of Palestinians' movement, including the denial of access to areas supposedly under Palestinian control such as East Jerusalem.
In Hebron, a broad swath of women's civil society, including representatives from non-governmental organizations, schools, labor unions, and women's cooperatives organized to distribute flowers to a large number of women across the city.
The Palestinian human rights organization, Al-Haq, released an excellent video for International Women's Day highlighting the ways that both the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli occupation are responsible for the suppression of Palestinian women's rights. Alongside the video, Al-Haq released a statement reminding the world that the "struggle for the fundamental human rights of Palestinian women" is severely jeopardized by a "belligerent and unrelenting occupation":
Throughout the OPT, women's access to educational institutions, places of employment and healthcare clinics is severely impeded by restrictions on Palestinians' right to freedom of movement. While the repressive and discriminatory policies exercised by Israel against the free movement of Palestinians have had a devastating effect on the entire population, the disproportionate impact on Palestinian women, who are denied the most basic economic and social rights guaranteed to them by international law, cannot be overstated.
Attending a protest in occupied East Jerusalem, Fadwa Khader, women's activist and member of the Palestinian People's Party, accentuated the point that women's rights are routinely trampled by the unrelenting Israeli occupation:
Today is a celebration of International Women's Day and the Palestinian women of Jerusalem are raising our voices and calling on the world to show solidarity with us and help us get rid of the Israeli occupation.
Part of the women's rights issue is the harm caused by the Israeli occupation. Can you imagine women being woken up and kicked out of their homes in the early morning so their homes can be demolished to make way for settlements?
We are talking about human rights and women's rights.
Too often we are quick to sound the alarm on the plight of women in the Arab world, often citing (by default) the role that Islamists play in the suppression of women's rights in the Middle East. We routinely fail to listen to Arab women -- in this case, Palestinian women -- who clearly identify the obstacles that stand between them and their rights. On March 8, across Gaza and the West Bank, Palestinian women identified the U.S.-supported Israeli occupation of their land and livelihood as the biggest impediment to the realization of their rights.
Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2011 13:39:49 +0200
Subject: [cpthebron] Hebron: Palestinians demand the opening of Shuhada Street (including video)
This article was published on Waging Nonviolence on 28 February 2011, written by Samuel Nichols. <http://wagingnonviolence.org/2011/02/palestinians-demand-the-opening-of-shuhada-street/>
An estimated one thousand Palestinians, joined by Israeli and international activists, took to the streets on Friday to demand the opening of Shuhada (Martyrs) Street, a former thoroughfare in the West Bank city of Hebron. Israeli occupying forces fired foam-tipped bullets, tear gas, and sound grenades resulting in the serious injury of nine protestors, in addition to the many who suffered the adverse effects of tear gas inhalation.
Protestors attempted to reach Shuhada Street but were intercepted by Israeli forces who formed human walls to prevent Palestinians from reaching the street that formerly hosted the city's main market. The protestors marched towards the line of soldiers, holding signs and chanting, "We don't want the settlers nor the occupation," and, "the people want Shuhada Street."
Israeli forces used riot dispersal methods at multiple locations when they were outnumbered by the protesters who had gathered. The use of these weapons effectively segmented the crowd that was forced to scatter to adjacent streets and alleys to avoid the incapacitating tear gas and the disorienting sound grenades. A small minority of Palestinian youth responded with stone-throwing only after Israeli forces had violently suppressed the protesters' assertion of their rights to free speech and freedom of movement. (I mention this for the sake of refuting the misleading articles and headlines which parroted the claims of Israeli military spokespersons, emphasizing the injury of five Israeli Border Police while dismissing the history and current political realities of Israel's colonization of Hebron).
Friday's protest marked the 17th anniversary of Baruch Goldstein's massacre of 29 Palestinians who were praying in Hebron's Ibrahimi Mosque. Following the 1994 massacre, Shuhada Street -- a main artery serving the Old City of Hebron as well as the Ibrahimi Mosque -- was closed to Palestinian traffic.  No Palestinian cars, nor Palestinian themselves are permitted on Shuhada Street; whereas, Israeli settlers are permitted to travel freely while under the protection of the Israeli military.  Many Palestinians whose homes are located on Shuhada Street are not able to use their front doors. Some residents of Shuhada Street are forced to use ladders connected to neighboring roofs in order to leave their homes.
As seen in in Hebron on Friday, the Israeli government continues to suppress Palestinian popular resistance and attempts to paint all Palestinians actively involved in the nonviolent struggle as deviant and violent individuals. The Israeli media predictably reported that stone-throwing troublemakers were seeking to gain access to the "Jewish Quarter" of Hebron, while in fact, the protestors were attempting to access a street, in the heart of an Arab city, from which they have been barred based on ethnic criteria. Contrary to Israeli hasbara (propaganda) claims, the Palestinians in Hebron, and all across the West Bank, who are daily struggling against Israeli's expanding colonial project are ordinary people, they are people who have been pushed to the brink by Israel's inhumane occupation.
        CPTnet  15 March 2011
AT-TUWANI: Traumatizing the children of the South Hebron Hills by Sam Nichols
Since 2004, Christian Peacemaker Teams and Operation Dove have documented more than 110 acts of settler aggression against Palestinian schoolchildren from Tuba and Maghayir al-Abeed villages in the South Hebron Hills [1]. The details of the attacks may vary, but the crux of every incident is the same: the Israeli military fails to arrive in order to escort the schoolchildren past Ma'on settlement and Havat Ma'on outpost; the children are forced to walk an indirect route without escort; settlers emerge from the outpost and chase or assault the children.
As I sat with the kids on 7 February 2011, they were becoming increasingly impatient. They ha
finished their two-week winter recess that provided a reprieve from the daily uncertainty of whether their journey home would be uneventful or dangerous. As the kids became increasingly eager to take the long way home, instead of waiting for the military escort, I became frustrated with their impatience - even though I knew my frustration was misplaced.
I had called the military dispatch office four times, encouraging them to send the escort. Twice they answered and told me they would send the soldiers. On my third call, they hung up. On the fourth call, the dispatcher informed me that the office had not even called the soldiers because the soldiers had more important duties to perform.
During the call, the kids were climbing on my arms and legs, trying to get their ears closer to phone to hear what the military personnel were saying. What did they say? Are the soldiers coming? I could not bear to tell them the truth, that the officers did not care what happened to them, so I lied. Yeah, they are on their way here; just wait a few more minutes.
Finally, the kids' patience ran out, and they set off on the longer path that skirts along the perimeter of Havat Ma'on outpost. Mere minutes after setting out on the sixty-minute journey over rough, rocky hills, the kids spotted a settler in the trees that obscure the outpost. The kids scrambled in retreat while I struggled to turn on my video camera as I ran backwards.  After getting a safe distance from the place where they saw the settler, the older kids in the group discussed our options and decided we should descend into the adjacent valley, to distance ourselves from the outpost, and continue heading towards Tuba and Maghayir Al-Abeed.
The older children were confident in their choice - they have made important decisions like this countless times before. The instant we started to head deeper into the valley, my colleague, who was watching from a nearby hilltop, called to say three settlers were moving down the valley in our direction. Before she finished speaking, I yelled to the kids, "Come back here, quickly, there are three settlers coming down the hill towards us; they are masked!" 
READ MORE: http://www.cpt.org/cptnet/2011/03/13/tuwani-traumatizing-children-south-hebron-hills

CTV EDMONTON  -- Prince William, Kate visit birthplace of their love
Prince William and Kate Middleton wave as they pass St. Salvator's halls, during a visit to St Andrew's University. in St. Andrew's, Scotland, on Friday, Feb. 25, 2011. (AP / Andrew Milligan)
Prince William and his fiance Kate Middleton react following a naming ceremony and Service dedication for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution's new Atlantic 85 Lifeboat, at Trearddur Bay Lifeboat Station in Anglesey, Wales, Thursday Feb. 24, 2011. (AP / Phil Noble, Pool)  Updated: Fri Feb. 25 2011  The Associated Press
The couple, who will be wed April 29 at Westminster Abbey, travelled to St. Andrew's to help their alma mater kick off a two-year celebration of its 600th anniversary.
...  The couple will attend a reception in the university quadrangle and view the Papal Bull, or decree, issued by Pope Benedict XIII to found the university in 1413.

o  An Evening of Tiki at the Waldorf
Wednesday, March 23, 2011 | Doors open 6pm, Talk 6:30pm, Tour 7:00pm
The Waldorf Hotel, 1489 East Hastings Street, Vancouver
Tix: Advance $25; Heritage Vancouver Mbrs $20; remaining tix at the door for $30;
Price includes, tour, talk, and a complimentary Mai Tai; Dinner may be purchased onsite
Polynesian splendour of the Tiki Rooms at the fabulous Waldorf Hotel. An Evening of Tiki is your opportunity to experience the tropical nostalgia of the 1950s, slip into your Hawaiian shirt, sip on a Mai Tai, and listen to exotica music amid palm trees, bamboo and a twinkling midnight sky.
The Waldorf, created at the very beginning of the Tiki craze of the 1950s, is one of the oldest surviving Tiki bars in North America, and one of the last original such establishments left outside of the Hawaiian Islands. A post-war phenomenon, Tiki culture was rooted partially in the nostalgic tropical memories of returned soldiers but also in the forbidden fantasies of a middle class fascinated by the exotic and the erotic. The Waldorf's fabulous Polynesian-themed rooms reflect an era when Polynesian ephemera adorned lounges, restaurants, hotels, and rumpus rooms. Exotica music was all the rage, and from Broadway musicals to Hollywood movies North Americans revelled in the allure of the South Pacific Isles. Return with us to a simpler time, of tropical fantasies and strong rum drinks.
Your nostalgic evening will begin in the Tiki room with a fascinating presentation on Polynesian Pop Culture by renowned expert, 'Dr Tiki' - our own Donald Luxton. Following this fun-filled exploration of the formative years of the Tiki movement and its social, cultural, and architectural impacts on North America, we will explore the newly renovated Tiki rooms on a guided tour. Your tropical journey will end at the Tiki Bar, where you will while away the evening sipping on a Mai Tai, enjoying music with a DJ and soaking up the retro atmosphere.
Tickets  * Online Payment: www.heritagevancouver.org/payments.html
Visit the Waldorf Hotel's site: www.waldorfhotel.com  Additional info info@heritagevancouver.org
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===  LANGUAGEWATCH  === Senior Texting Code
Since more and more seniors are texting and tweeting, there appears to be a need for an STC (Senior Texting Code). So, here it is - additions welcomed:
ATD:     At The Doctor's
BFF:     Best Friend Fainted
BTW:     Bring The Wheelchair
BYOT:      Bring Your Own Teeth
CBM:    Covered By Medicare
CUATSC:    See You At The Seniors' Centre
DWI:      Driving While Incontinent
FWB:   Friend With Beta Blockers
FWIW:    Forgot Where I Was
FYI:     Found Your Insulin
GGPBL:     Gotta Go, Pacemaker Battery Low!
GHA:      Got Heartburn Again
IMHO:      Is My Hearing-Aid On?
LMDO:    Laughing My Dentures Out
OMMR:     On My Massage Recliner
ROTFL... CGU:    Rolling On The Floor Laughing... And Can't Get Up
TTYL:      Talk To You Louder
WAITT:      Who Am I Talking To?
WTP:      Where's The Prunes?
WWNO:       Walker Wheels Need Oil
LMGA: Lost My Glasses Again
* SAYING from CelticFest *
IRISH TRIVIA QUIZ   --   Sat Mar 19 from 2:30pm at Tom Lee Music
The Irish language school Scoil Gaeilge Vancouver challenges you to test your Gaelic.  Maybe you'll meet a sweetie --
                                   Nil aon sean stoca nach bhfaigheann sean bhrog.
                                   There is no old stocking that doesn't find an old boot.

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Celebrate 125 Vancouver  --  March 26 to April 22
"The annual Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival is a popular tradition in our city, bringing people of all ages and backgrounds together to celebrate the quintessential symbol of spring. As we prepare for Vancouver's 125th anniversary, please join me in congratulating the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival on this year's celebration and the 3,000 new flowering Birthday Blossom cherry trees being made available to property owners throughout the city.These commemorative trees will serve as a legacy for Vancouver's residents and visitors to enjoy for the next 125 years."   -- Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson
o  Haiku Invitational 2011  --  Celebrate Vancouver 125 with your new haiku!
o  Buy your Birthday Blossoms Cherry Tree by March 29th for the Special Offer savings.  A cherry tree for everyone!
o  Enjoy a family-friendly Japanese Festival at VanDusen, April 2 & 3, 10am to 5pm.
o  Celebrate Spring! Thursday, March 31st, noon to 1:30pm, Burrard SkyTrain Station.
o  Like the blossoms VIOLINPOWER with Edmund Chung will take your breath away -- April 9, 5pm, CBC Studio 700.
o  Cherry Scouts send in reports from the neighbourhoods on what's in bloom now.  Check out their photos from some great viewing locations.
o  Check out the cherries in your neighbourhood!
o  Learn about our trees as you scout out our best viewing locations.
o  Register now for a chance to work with our amazing artists.
+  Ginko Walk
The Vancouver Haiku Group extends an invitation to all haiku poets and enthusiasts to join us for a ginko walk Saturday, March 26 starting at 10:30am.
 The International Buddhist Temple, 9160 Steveston (between No. 3 and No. 4 Roads), Richmond
$3 Donation (to be used towards services rendered to the communities)
The group will meet in the parking lot at 10:30am near the entrance to the Temple for a tour followed by a walk. Ginko walks provide a wealth of inspiration and encourage people to embrace the gift of experience through expression. Join us for this adventure that will surely produce great and memorable poetry.
 A virtual tour is available online with information and visuals on the architecture of the Temple, the classical Chinese garden, and the art and culture inspired by the Buddhist teachings http://www.buddhisttemple.ca/templetour/templetour.html.
 If you're interested in more information on The International Buddhist Society, click on the following link: http://www.buddhisttemple.ca/templetour/artsculture.php.
 In addition to the above, a reservation will be made for those who will be joining the group for lunch at Kisha Poppo Restaurant in Richmond located in the Ironwood Plaza at 1060 - 11660 Steveston Highway. For further information on prices and menu selections, preview the following website: http://www.kishapopporestaurant.com/.
+  Old Pond Comics   :-)
In February 2011, Jessica Tremblay took part in NaHaiWriMo (National Haiku Writing Month), a challenge created by Michael Dylan Welch on Facebook consisting of writing one haiku a day for a month.  Jessica created 28 haiku-comics in 28 days!
Read the hilarious comics at http://oldpond.voila.net/nahaiwrimo.html
Old Pond Comics features the adventures of Kaeru who becomes the apprentice of Master Kawazu (the frog who inspired Basho's famous haiku).

===  MAIKU  ===

+  2011 March 17

        wave follows earthquake
                Man, trees, swept away
                        before the cherry blossoms

{last word can be noun or verb, so two meanings}

+  2011 March 19
thinking of budget and possible election; you may wish to substitute your favourite funding/tax incentive/promise for the first line:

                stimulus package
                        takes Peter's money, pays Paul.
                                        My name is Peter.


There is nothing like desire for preventing the things one says from bearing any resemblance to what one has in one's mind.
                                               -- Marcel Proust, French novelist (1871-1922)
Idealism is what precedes experience; cynicism is what follows.
                                                               -- David T. Wolf, American (probably?) writer (b. 1943)
A bend in the road is not the end of the road...unless you fail to make the turn.
                                                               -- Unknown
Our wretched species is so made that those who walk on the well-trodden path always throw stones at those who are showing a new road.
                -- Voltaire, French writer, and historian, polemicist (1694 -1778)
It's much easier to suggest solutions when you don't know too much about the problem.
                                         -- Malcolm Forbes, American, editor of Forbes Magazine (1919 - 1990)
Only a fool would choose war over peace -- for in peace sons bury their fathers and in war fathers their sons.                                                 
                        -- Herodotus, Greek historian (c.?484 BC - c.?425 BC)
Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.
                        -- Dale Carnegie, American writer (1888 - 1955)
Angels fly because they take themselves lightly.
        -- Jean Cocteau, French poet, novelist, dramatist, artist, and filmmaker (1889 - 1963)

===  PUNS  ===
How Long is a Chinese man.
People in Ireland are walking on Eire.
The pharaohs of Egypt worked out the first pyramid scheme.
Biscuits and speeches are better when made with shortening.
Reassembling the skeletons of prehistoric mammals can be a mammoth undertaking.