Ccl Mtg NOTES Mar 21
Calendar to April 22

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Election -- let the games begin!
MAIN ITEMS on Ccl AGENDAs April 4th: Public Hearing on Wetmore, then Ccl Mtg: Library's Five-Yr Plan (2011 - 2015); RGS Acceptance Report; TransLink Customer Report; May 2nd ccl mtg changed to 6pm at Cmnty Ctr followed by Youth Ccl Mtg at 7pm (why on election day??? trust this zany decision will be changed); Devt Permit mtg for Highgrove (Rodgers Crk) May 2nd; Devt Applic Status Report to Mar 25; Hollyburn Cabin Permits (ten years); Corresp: Safeway site, Pacific Arbour, posting of letters/agendas, RCMP contract in AB, ...
=  Vive le Canada (election debates/stuff); from the EDITOR'S DESK (candidates); UPDATES & INFO (Cap River Bridge; Invitation to UN; RIP Benny and Liz); SUBSCRIBER HEADSUP (five!)
=  CALENDAR to Apr 22nd; CULTUREWATCH (Theatre; Art; Music; Opera); NATUREWATCH (OGS in Lighthouse Park; First Nations Jericho Park; Switzerland travels/photos)
=  Ccl Mtg NOTES Mar 21st: Kiwanis Srs' Housing Devt (21st St); Staff comments on DNV OCP (Lower Capilano-Marine Dr); Curling Rd; Rugby area, Klee Wyck); NSh Adv Cmte on Disability Issues Review/Budget; Sec Stes in Non-owner-occupied homes Bylaw Adoption; Apptmt of Amb Revit Commission (why four devprs/real estate, one biz, and NO residents/ratepayer grps???); GCC Lease; Beach House renos; NSEMO; Corresp: BC Heritage prog (reminds me; no Ccl liaison for heritage or any heritage WG/Cmte in WV now, first since 1988); PkR at-grade intersection response; RGS; Wetmore site; NSh Cycling Map; (#16) detailed answers to Library/LibFdn boards' misleading statements/claims; Feb 21 Agenda and Minutes don't match -- what happened?; Evelyn Drive going into Receivership    
=  Ccl Mtg AGENDAs Apr 4th
=  ANIMALWATCH (90% of fish gone?; BCSPCA; Toulouse Goose in love); INFObits (50th Anniversary Space; 23rd Halabja); FOODWATCH (blueberries; meat glue); OTTAWAWATCH (Down Under view of govt); HOUSINGWATCH (now you see it, now you don't); SCIENCEWATCH (Nuclear safer than fossil fuels); PEACEWATCH (Iraq/Kurdistan/White Group agenda; Itamar; Hebron Reflection; Unity Day; Itamar; olive trees); TREEWATCH (Forests; olive trees, sponsor one -- YMCA campaign); ROYALWATCH (Royal Wedding; prezzies for Kate & Will, Royal Cdn Mint); HERITAGEWATCH (Vancouver's Endangered Top Ten; cherry blossom trees); LANGUAGEWATCH ( I/me); MAIKU (Liz; elections/politi-ku); QUOTATIONS/THOUGHTS/PUNS

===  Vive le CANADA  ===  the panoply of attitudes...
Many countries right now with ppl demonstrating, even risking their lives rebelling, wanting democracy/votes, and we have ppl who don't want another election and resent being asked to vote again.
My political position is in the centre.  On some issues I agree ctr right and on others ctr left, so it's important to get information from both sides and then prioritize.  Still in research mode.
Surprised and disappointed to hear someone on CBC say the govt fell over the budget -- NOT the case!  It fell b/c a vote on loss of confidence in the govt b/c of contempt of Parliament passed.
If, on ethical grounds/values it is right to bring down a govt b/c of sponsorship scandals, shd it not also fall on contempt of Parliament?  Wd reward be a precedent so that future parliamentarians wd not take it seriously?
A subscriber sent me this:
Should the ignorant be urged to vote?
Yes, declining voter turnout is a troubling trend. But if you aren't aware of the issues, should you really be casting a ballot?  You can view this story at: http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/politics/article/972104--should-the-ignorant-be-urged-to-vote
Tues (12th) and Wed (13th) starting at 7pm Eastern time.
(that's 4pm PDT but check the TV guide  to verify)
LATE-BREAKING NEWS (but there may be even later breaking news):
VSun will broadcast a live video chat with May during the debate and she'll respond in real time to the questions (www.vancouversun.com).
7:30pm Sunday April 17--> ALL-CANDIDATES MEETING 
Federal Election All-Candidates Meeting for West Vancouver, Sunshine Coast, Sea-to-Sky Riding
Kay Meek Centre, 1700 Mathers. For more information call 913 3634.
More info needed -- maybe the debates will provide details?
 On CBC Cons MP James Moore said the Liberals signed the deal when they were in govt and paid $150M; Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh said that was not true; the Parliamentary Budget Officer said the amts cited were not right (too low, quoted below).
 U.S. expert says F-35 purchase is wrong deal for Canada
 By Greg Markey, Postmedia News April 5, 2011
OTTAWA - An American military expert says the Tory government's planned purchase of 65 F-35 fighter jets comes with an unrealistically low price tag for a plane that he says will not meet the country's needs.
"You're getting an underperforming airplane for a huge amount of money," said Winslow T. Wheeler, director of the Straus Military Reform Project of the Centre for Defense Information in Washington D.C.
Winslow, who was in Ottawa Tuesday, at the invitation of the Rideau Institute and Physicians for Global Survival, said the estimated price of $75 million per plane is too low.
"Nobody on this Earth is going to be buying F-35's in flyable condition at $75 million a copy. That's not in the cards," he said.
Winslow said $75 million may be the base price for the aircraft, but not the price to make it operable. In fact, he said that the government's estimate may not even include the engines.
Winslow said that the Parliamentary Budget Officer's price estimate, which was between $129 to $148 million per jet, is more accurate but suggested the real cost is closer to $146 million.
Calling the F-35 a "gigantic performance disappointment," Winslow said the aircraft has sluggish aerodynamics, and its performance as a bomber is average. He said Canada should pursue a "fly-before-you-buy" strategy, where several are aircraft are tested before a contract is signed....
Read more: http://www.canada.com/expert+says+purchase+wrong+deal+Canada/4564357/story.html#ixzz1JByNPtZV
Read more:

 ===  from the EDITOR'S DESK  ===
+  Being Canadian
Just fyi, I spent about 20 years living abroad and if anything, it made me a more fervent Canadian nationalist.  Makes one appreciate what we have, and on return to make sure it's preserved (and, if optimistic, improved).  In addition, there are some good ideas from elsewhere that cd be put to use here.
Absence makes the heart grow fonder?
+  Canadian Banks
They didn't take the wild risks Americans did.  Much thanks to control by our cautious, conservative, Scottish Presbyterian influence/tradition.
+  MP John Weston
Impressive, touching personal story, and sincere dedication.  You've received lots of his brochures.
+  Dan Veniez, candidate
No website, know nothing about him but found a Maclean's article from 2009:
        "Beer for Canada" (well, it rhymes)

+  Capilano River Bridge Traffic Updates
The construction of the new Capilano River West Bound Bridge is ongoing and the contractor, Neelco Construction expected hours of work for the project will be 7:30 am to 9:30 pm (14 hours/day), Monday through Saturday, for the next eight months.
    For the week of: April 11 - April 16
=  Monday April 11 to Friday April 15 between 10am and 2:30pm - Full closure of the west-bound inside lane on Marine Drive between Capilano Road and Highway 99, and the east-bound inside lane on Marine Drive between Taylor Way and Capilano Road.
=  Tuesday April 12 to Friday April 15 between 7am and 5pm - Full closure of traffic on 6th Street between Clyde Avenue and Bridge Street.
Please expect minor delays - allow extra travel time. Thank you, NEELCO CONSTRUCTION 
More Traffic Information -- New Bus-Only Lane on Marine Drive 
+ WV Invitation to UN re Climate Change
Mayor Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, Councillor Trish Panz, West Vancouver resident Tarah Stafford and Manager of Sustainability, Stephen Jenkins have been invited to present at the 6th Annual United Nations' Global Forum on Human Settlements on April 7 and 8 in New York.
Read More: http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=33292
West Vancouver Sustainability on the Global Stage
Tuesday, March 22, 2011 - Mayor Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, Councillor Trish Panz, West Vancouver resident Tarah Stafford and Manager of Sustainability, Stephen Jenkins have been invited to present at the 6th Annual United Nations' Global Forum on Human Settlements on April 7 and 8 in New York. The theme of the forum is Building Low-Carbon Cities: A Response to Climate Change. The forum will bring together participants from national and local governments, the private sector and community-based organizations to promote the realization of the UN's Habitat Agenda and the Millennium Development Goals.
+  Sad to see a Dundarave fixture and photographer pass recently.  Benny of Benny's Shoe Repair.
+  Elizabeth Taylor
A comet flashed across life's stage.
In London I was chatting with someone who worked at Shepperton Studios (as a set designer I think it was).  He said before he went on the set that day he was prepared to dislike her -- he'd met many actresses and of course Taylor's controversial reputation preceded her.
When he walked in and saw her, however, he was in spite of himself struck by how beautiful she was.  Her eyes have been described as violet, amethyst, lilac.  (Recently I read she had a double row of eyelashes.)  Then, when he talked to her he was completely in awe b/c she was v intelligent and one area she knew a lot about was art, his subject.
He also said he wd never forget the incredible way Liz and Burton looked at each other -- cd see the electricity.  The passion was palpable.  They wd fight and argue but wd make up.
It was said she had a good sense of humour too.  Rather endearing that her instructions for her funeral included that she shd arrive 15 minutes late.
{see Maiku}

> ONE -- March 29  --  Editor, WVM      Tuesday, 2:19 AM        10      WVM6r Update A
A revised issue came out after the subscriber edition -- it's now on the web and printed as WVM2011-06r (just had a bit of added information).
Changes/addns since then too.  Below is what WVM6 had re mtgs with what's new in red.
{NB: b/c rest in previous newsletter, I've removed them and what remains, the new, may no longer be red -- just plain old black.}
B/c disconcerted by IDEAS FAIR requesting reservations, I asked why not an open house with public welcome.  Did not get a definitive reply by the time of sending this out, however IMO any resident ought to be able to go, even made welcome, in spite of not having taken the time to reserve (or even know that was a requirement).  Of course, I think it's a great idea to welcome the cmnty's ideas (if that's what it will be), rather than being presented with final plans wch are hardly a choice.
== Wednesday Mar 30
        ~ 1pm ~ Cmnty Grants Subcmte mtg at Cmnty Ctr (Vista Room)...
== Thursday Mar 31
        ~ 5:30pm ~ Police Bd mtg in WVPD Boardroom
        ~ 6:30pm ~ Jim Carter, President of the WV Historical Society {was in last issue}
                   A Talk on 99 years of West Vancouver (with PowerPoint display) at Srs' Ctr
==  Friday Apr 1
        ~ 9am ~ Cmnty Grants Cmte at Cmnty Ctr (Cedar Rm)
==  Saturday Apr 2nd from 10am to 1pm and Sunday Apr 3rd from 1 to 4pm at Cmnty Ctr ==
1300 Block of Marine Drive IDEAS FAIR
{details were in last issue}
+ 21st Street Pedestrian Safety & Traffic Calming
After significant public input, the District has added traffic calming and streetscape measures along 21st Street between Palmerston and Inglewood to its 2011 Road and Utilities Capital Program. Over the next two years, ...
... the District will also undertake significant work to improve the existing water, storm, and sanitary utility infrastructure under the street. ...   Work is set to begin in late March and is expected to last until early September, with additional work scheduled for 2012.   ... work may cause disruptions to some nearby residents.
Key elements of the design include:
                Sidewalks along the west and east sides of 21st Street
          Parking bays servicing adjacent properties
                Pedestrian crossings at key intersections
                Curb extensions
                Rain gardens/landscaping as appropriate. 
Road Closures
Throughout the project sections of 21st Street will be closed to north-south traffic. Starting on March 21st traffic will be closed from the north-side of Inglewood to the south-side of Mathers, shortly after this an additional three blocks of 21st Street will be closed from Mathers to Palmerston. East-west traffic at major intersections will be maintained. Additional information regarding future road closures will be provided as it becomes available.
21st Street - Traffic Management Plan 
Thank you for your patience and co-operation. For more information email gwatt@westvancouver.ca or phone 925 7026.
Design Drawings  Design Drawings - 21st - Inglewood to Palmerston 
Read the entire press release: http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level2.aspx?id=33144
> TWO -- *      Editor, WVM     4:31 AM*        5       Ambleside Blue Trees
BLUE TREES in WV  [VSun Wed Mar 30 pF6]:
Konstantin Dimopoulos, an Australian artist, will be in West Vancouver this coming week "taking his paint brush to trees at Grosvenor Ambleside".  Not only will I want to look at these blue trees (there are some in Port Moody as well as part of the Vancouver Biennale), but also curious as to why Ambleside (or a section) is being referred to as Grosvenor.  We know they bought up property in the 1300block MDr before/during/after District planning for the area, but allowing/acquiescing being named after the developer???
Maybe all will be revealed at the Ideas Fair Sat and Sun.
from http://www.vancouversun.com/Artist+blue+period+puts+focus+deforestation/4526321/story.html
...The Blue Trees in Port Moody is one of the public-art projects in the Vancouver Biennale.
Earlier this month Dimopoulos was in Richmond trying to colour trees blue as rain kept falling and washing it off. This coming week he'll be in West Vancouver taking his paint brush to trees at Grosvenor Ambleside...
Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/Artist+blue+period+puts+focus+deforestation/4526321/story.html#ixzz1IApNbgHl
...It's all about raising awareness of deforestation around the world, whether it's the tropical forests of Thailand, the Amazon jungle in Brazil or the boreal forest in Canada.
"We are getting people stopping and asking what we're doing. I say, 'I'm glad you're asking.' It's those who pass by and don't ask that I worry about," he said.
"The reason we're doing it is not so much about urban trees but about raising consciousness about the huge deforestation issue. If we don't start looking after the old forests, we won't have them."
..."It's madness that we're cutting down trees," he said. "Who is more mad: me painting a tree blue or the guy that's cutting down a 400-year-old tree? I'd rather see every tree painted blue than have them cut down."
Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/Artist+paints+Metro+Vancouver+trees+blue/4523626/story.html#ixzz1IAqe4dAZ
Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/Artist+paints+Metro+Vancouver+trees+blue/4523626/story.html#ixzz1IAqMTXC3
> THREE    April 8 Friday, 4:14 PM 3 RGS Arbitration, was Fwd: News Alert: Metro V to p
MetroV has voted in favour of binding arbitration.
The last couple of DWV ccl mtgs have had debates/discussion and confusing/conflicting/complicated statements wrt the RGS and WV's preference for protection of its green or conservation or recreation areas as well as the 1200ft level.
This is an important devt -- how does or will it affect WV?
WV accepted the RGS, but at least for me, it is uncertain how the 'conditions' WV wants considered will be addressed.
What if MetroV won't allow any of the aspects WV requests?
If not clarified at the next ccl mtg, perhaps there cd be a press release or explanation on the DWV website.
From: "Vancouver Sun News Alert" <newsletters@lists.vancouversun.com>
To: Carolanne Reynolds <cr@carolanne.ca>
Subject: News Alert: Metro Vancouver to pursue arbitration on growth strategy
Date: Fri, 08 Apr 2011 16:45:30 -0400
Metro Vancouver has voted in favour of pursuing binding arbitration to force the city of Coquitlam to approve a proposed regional growth strategy, fearing the project would be derailed for years down the road. Metro chief administrative officer Johnny Carline recommended in a special meeting today that directors ask the provincial government to step in with binding arbitration, saying in a report that Metro had made extensive efforts to accommodate Coquitlam's demands and "a non-binding process would likely be costly, time consuming and futile." The long-awaited strategy, which aims to curb urban sprawl, build density around transit hubs and protect agricultural land for local food production, requires consensus from municipalities and TransLink.
For the latest local, national and international news, visit www.vancouversun.com 
> FOUR   Apr 9 Sat, 3:59 AM  3 Nature Walk 10am in Lighthouse Park (Old-Growth Conservancy
LIGHTHOUSE PARK FIELD TRIP  --  10am SATURDAY APRIL 9 at Parking Lot (top end)
{whole notice/info incorporated into this newsletter (below)}
> FIVE Apr 10 Sunday, 10:43 PM  4       Tomorrow FinCmte Mtg!
{whole notice/info incorporated into this newsletter (below)}

=======  CALENDAR to Apr 22nd  =======
All mtgs are at M Hall unless indicated otherwise.  NOTE: shown are mtgs known at this date; often there are additions, changes, cancellations after WVM goes out.  Check the DWV Calendar: http://www.westvancouver.ca/Calendar.aspx  .   Notices/mtgs/changes too late for an issue or too early for the next are sent to subscribers as updates (see just above).  They then appear in the next newsletter.
== Tuesday Apr 5
~ 7pm ~ North Shore Sport Awards at Park Royal North
A one-of-a-kind celebration of sport achievement. This unique event salutes those who excel in all levels of sport and fosters pride in our North Shore sport community. The purpose of the Sport Awards is to raise the profile of the best of community sport. The stories that emerge from categories such as the Comeback Award and the Fair Play Award are a real testimony to the benefits of sport.
With the support of our founding sponsor, the North Shore News, the Sport Awards enjoys tremendous profile on the North Shore. The nomination process is extensively advertised in the North Shore News and throughout North & West Vancouver.
How to Get Involved:   If you want to be a part of this exciting and entertaining community celebration, contact us to find out about volunteer opportunities.  For more info about the sport awards pls visit: North Shore Sport Awards 

    ~*~*~   Quasquicentennial Wednesday April 6th  --  Vancouver's 125th Anniversary!   ~*~*~

== Thursday Apr 7
~ 7pm ~  VIADUCTS -- SFU Harbour Centre Campus
                What's Up With the Viaducts? A Forum of Possibilities
What are the options for the Georgia and Dunsmuir Viaducts?  What would be the impacts if they were taken down -- and what are some of the opportunities that would result?  Get some of the answers at a Forum hosted by the SFU City Program.  You'll hear the results of a study initiated by City Council on the transportation issues.  And from the Board of Trade, a survey that showed how Vancouver has changed its travel patterns before and after the Olympics.  Architect Bing Thom and planner Larry Beasley will discuss how the area could be reconceived -- and the possibilities for the surrounding communities.  You'll have the opportunity to add your thoughts for consideration by the City before next steps are taken.  Others include Bernie Magnan, economist, and Dave Turner, transportation consultant.
                Reservations recommended as seating is limited. Visit: www.sfu.ca/reserve
== Monday April 11
        ~ 4pm ~ Finance Cmte Mtg at WVPD Boardroom
                Urban Design and Sustainable Community Development Certificate Programs
Venue: SFU Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, Room 1315
The City Program at Simon Fraser University is dedicated to understanding the city and how citizens can shape its future. Attend our free information session to learn about our two certificate programs that start September 2011. Participants work through the certificate program courses with a group of peers - a cohort - sharing experiences, knowledge and ideas in a multidisciplinary context. Eight intensive courses - six mandatory core and two electives - are completed sequentially within two years.
Space is limited.  To reserve a seat, visit www.sfu.ca/reserve

== Monday Apr 11 to Saturday Apr 16 ==
John Furlong, Grant Lawrence, Ryan Knighton, Timothy Taylor, Carline Adderson, Dianne Warren, Meeru Dhalwala.  For details: http://www.northshorewritersfestival.ca/
== Tuesday Apr 12 ~ 7pm ~ Parks Master Plan WG
== Thursday Apr 14 
   - 7:30pm ~ Hardwood Flooring in Heritage Building Presentation; John Braithwaite Cmnty Ctr, NV
              NSh Heritage Preservation Society * 926 6096 * www.northshoreheritage.org
GROSVENOR IDEAS FAIR II in the WV Cmnty Ctr Atrium     
        6 - 9pm Thurs Apr 14 and 10am - 1pm Sat Apr 16 (pls register with Julie Reimer, 731 9053)
OPEN HOUSE 1 - 4pm Sun Apr 17 (see all the ideas!) www.amblesidewaterfront.com
== Wednesday Apr 15
~ 1:30pm ~ Parks Master Plan Site Visit, large parks above Hwy; meet at Cypress Falls Park Parking
== Thursday Apr 14 to Sunday Apr 17 ==
West Vancouver Police Department - S.W.A.T. Family Carnival
The WV Student Work Advisory Team promises thrilling rides and novelty games for the whole family to enjoy at this exciting event. Tix for these West Coast amusement rides can be purchased on site.
Ambleside Park: Apr 14 = 4 - 10pm; Apr 15 = 4 - 11pm; Apr 16 = 11am - 11pm; Apr 17 = 11am - 6pm
in conjunction or has this been replaced/updated by:
The WV Police partners with The Park Royal Mall to host the Family Carnival
The WV Police in partnership with the Park Royal Mall have planned the West Vancouver Police Family Carnival this coming week.
The event will be hosted at the back of the Park Royal South Mall in behind Extra Foods. All families and youth are invited to attend and enjoy midway games, rides, and treats.
Partial proceeds from this event will go towards youth programs in West Vancouver. The dates and times for the event are as follows:
Thursday April 14 from 3pm to 10pm
Friday April 15 from 3pm  to 11pm
Saturday April 16 from 11am to 10pm and
Sunday April 17 from 11am to 6pm.
== Saturday Apr 16 and Sunday Apr 17 ==
North Shore Art Crawl Studio and Gallery  http://nsartcrawl.ca/maps
This is the first annual Art Crawl on the North Shore. 100 artists will exhibit their works in 40 locations.
The Caroun Art Gallery will exhibit the work of three artists:
- Photography, by "Masoud Soheili"
- Watercolor Painting on paper, by "Mohammad Kazem Rokni"
- Oil on Canvas Painting, by "Nazanin Khaledi"

 7:30pm Sunday April 17 --> ALL-CANDIDATES MEETING 
Federal Election All-Candidates Meeting for West Vancouver, Sunshine Coast, Sea-to-Sky Riding
Kay Meek Centre, 1700 Mathers. For more information call 913 3634.

== Tuesday Apr 19 ~ Western Residents' Assn mtg; re Cdn Coast Guard Aux Base Relocation

== Wednesday Apr 20  ~ 7pm ~ Library Board at Library and Bd of Variance in Ccl Chamber

Celebrated every April 22
Earth Day is the largest, most celebrated environmental event worldwide.
More than 6 million Canadians join 1 billion people in over 170 countries in staging events and projects to address local environmental issues. Nearly every school child in Canada takes part in an Earth Day activity.

***  HAPPY EASTER  ***
Palm Sunday is Apr 17
* then Good Friday Apr 22; Easter Sunday Apr 24; Easter Monday Apr 25 *

+++  WV MEMORIAL LIBRARY +++  http://www.westvanlibrary.ca/event/calendar.php
=  English Corner -- Fridays Apr 8 and 15 --  Practise English Conversation. 10 - 11:30am.
=  Philosophers' Cafe: Population -- 10:30am - noon Friday Apr 15 Admission $5
In honour of Earth Day, join in a conversation on how the Earth will sustain its ever-growing population.
Readings by Canadian authors take place in libraries in both West and North Vancouver. This year the North Shore Writers Festival welcomes authors Caroline Adderson, Meeru Dhalwala, John Furlong, Ryan Knighton, Grant Lawrence, Timothy Taylor, and Dianne Warren. Festival Website: http://www.northshorewritersfestival.ca/
Thursday Apr 14 ~ Author Visit: Timothy Taylor -- 7pm
Timothy Taylor is the winner of the Journey Prize, and has been finalist or runner-up for six other major national fiction prizes in Canada, including the prestigious Giller Prize. Timothy reads from his new book The Blue Light Project.
Saturday Apr 16 ~ Author Visit: Meeru Dhalwala -- 2pm
Meeru Dhalwala together with her husband, Vikram Vij, owns two of Vancouver's favourite Indian restaurants: Vij's and Rangoli. They have also penned two cookbooks. Join us to hear Meeru discuss her latest book Vij's at Home: Relax, Honey.
             Come to an egg-citing puppet show to get ready for Easter.  1:30pm Tues Apr 19. Drop-in, but space is limited.

+++  WV MUSEUM  +++  http://westvancouvermuseum.ca/exhibitions/current_exhibition
Sylvia Tait: A Classical Spirit ~ Apr 13 to May 21
Abstract painter Sylvia Tait studied at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts under Arthur Lismer, Jacques de Tonnancoeur, and Eldon Grier before settling on the West Coast. Her work is influenced by abstract expressionism with colour- infused forms clustered or linked together and migrating across the surfaces of her canvases. This exhibition features a broad survey of Tait's work from the early 1960s to the present.
Opening Reception with the artist in attendance: Tuesday April 12 from 7 - 9pm
+++  FERRY BUILDING GALLERY  +++ http://ferrybuildinggallery.com ~ 925 7290
April 19 - May 1 ~ Capilano University IDEA Program:
"REFLECTIONS 2012"  --  Original Paintings and 2012 Calendar launch
Opening Reception: Tuesday April 19 from 6 - 8pm
Artists in Attendance: Saturday April 23 from 2 -3pm
+++ SILK PURSE +++   http://www.silkpurse.ca/gallery2.html
"A Textile Translation"  --  April 5 - 17
             works by the fibreEssence Textile Group.
FibreEssence is a Vancouver collective of 14 textile artists. This show, in conjunction with the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival, will feature works made in a range of techniques from indigo to sashiko dyeing to fusing real blossom petals to quilted and painted surfaces. This third cherry blossom exhibition promises to delight with entries from BC, Alberta, and Japan. There is a Japanese legend that the cherry blossom generates positive energy. Come and experience the positive vibe at the Silk Purse.
Opening reception: Tuesday April 5th from 6 - 8pm
"Blossoming" April 19 - May 1
This duo show is a colourful celebration of floral beauty. Maryam Vancouver's art is always full of passion with vivid colour and bold compositions.  Fauvism Contemporary is the style she employs. Jennifer Lamb's deep affinity for flowers is evident in her bright macro photographs, which either reveal minute details or offer only a gesture of the bloom. She wants you to share in the delight of what she discovered along the garden path.
See a selection of Jennifer images: http://www.flickr.com/photos/beauty/sets/72157626110225039/
Opening reception Tuesday April 19th from 6 - 8pm
Complete list of events: http://kaymeekcentre.com/on_stage/events_calendar
Electronic newsletter: http://kaymeekcentre.weebly.com
Simplest way to get on email list, call 913 3634 (also for tix) or email tickets@kaymeekcentre.com
> I'M STILL HERE" FILM SCREENING AND Q AND A... -- Saturday, April 2, 2011   10am
                        Sunday, April 3  ~  3pm  ~  Pre-performance talk at 2:15pm
> Theatre West Van presents Caught In The Net
        ~ 8pm Saturday, April 16, Thurs 21, Fri 22, Sat 23, Fri 29, and Sat 30 at 2 and 8pm
> Pro Nova Ensemble  --  Sunday April 17, 3pm

+++ ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION BRANCH 60, West Vancouver +++
Website: http://www.westvan60.com/  --  ofc: 922 3587; lounge: 922 1920
"Where Volunteers make the difference." Chartered November 17th, 1926
The Winter Issue of "The Torch" is now available
 To view the newsletter, just click the following link for direct access:
 The newsletter is available to any non-member who is interested.  To sign up, please fill in the form at the bottom of the webpage, http://www.westvan60.com/newsletter.html
Drop in -- This fun night is for Branch members and guests
      March 20, 24, April 7, 21, May 5, 19, June 2, 16 & 30.  Info - call Kelvin Andrew - 921 9665.
Attachment converted: Macintosh HD:April Calendar of Events1.pdf (PDF /=ABIC=BB) (003F961C)
FUN DARTS - Drop in
This fun night is for Branch members and guests -- Thursdays - April 7th & 21st
Information - call Kelvin Andrew - 921 9665
Saturday, April 9th  --  Live Music in the Lounge
Saturday, April 16th
Special Meat draw for Easter "Turkeys and Hams" 4pm
Only one winner per person, no duplicate wins
Sunday April 17th  --  Veterans' Social In the Lounge - 2 - 4pm and Fun BINGO! In the Lounge - 4 - 6pm
Saturday April 23rd
Furry Creek Golf Tournament followed by dinner in the Hall. Sign up in the Lounge for this annual, fun event! Music by the "Die Hards"

+++ WV CHAMBER of COMMERCE + 926 6614 + http://www.westvanchamber.com
Apr 12 - Chamber Breakfast Club  --  Location: Cafe TrafiQ
The next Breakfast Club will be on Tuesday, April 12th. Establish key contacts! The Breakfast Club will meet every other Tuesday.  Member - 0.00 Register
Apr 19 - Zero-Waste Challenge: Accelerating Multi-Family Waste Diversion
Location: Hollyburn Country Club  --  The Metro Vancouver Board of Directors, in cooperation with the Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade, invite you to join them for a special series of Future of the Region Sustainability Dialogues on the Zero-Waste Challenge. Learn More

+  BARD ON THE BEACH http://www.bardonthebeach.org/ June 2nd to Sept 24
As You Like It: June 9th; grand opening celebration (by invitation only)
The Merchant of Venice opens Saturday June 18
Henry VI, Wars of the Roses, opens Wednesday July 6 
Richard III opens Saturday July 16.
     Tix: book online or call Box Office M-F 9am to 4pm, 739 0559; reserved seating this year.
o  Everything You Wanted To Know About Shakespeare  - April 20
Do you secretly find Shakespeare a little daunting and mystifying? Have no fear, Bard's Director of Education Mary Hartman is here. Mary brings her unique style and insight into the world of Shakespeare. Hear about life in Shakespeare's London, the playhouses, the staging and theatrical conventions of the period, and the vitality of Shakespeare's language. Mary breaks it all down with her extraordinary enthusiasm and wit.
         Free! (pre-registration required) 7pm Wednesday April 20; SFU Woodwards 149 W Hastings 
- Bill's Birthday Breakfast
Join us for Bill's Birthday Breakfast and meet the 2011 directors as they share their exclusive insights and artistic visions for Bard's 22nd Season.
~ 7:30 - 9am ~ Thursday May 5  / Place: Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre (1088 Burrard)
Tix: $40pp / Proceeds benefit Bard Education programs / http://www.bardonthebeach.org/breakfast
+ Arts Club (687 1644) www.artsclub.com
- Stanley Industrial Alliance
The Philanderer by George Bernard Shaw, in previews, opens Mar 23, on till Apr 17
The Arts Club Theatre Company's 500th production since its founding in 1964!
Leonard will do anything to avoid commitment -- even get married!  Drawing room satire.  Quest to escape to happily ever after.  (And it has some of our favourite Bard on the Beach actors: Scott Bellis, Bernard Cuffling, David Marr, and Kerry Sandomirsky.)
-  Revue Stage on Granville Island
Another Home Invasion by Joan MacLeod; Mar 31st to Apr 23; one-woman performance, facing life's challenges with humour and dignity. Tarragon Theatre
+ Vancouver Playhouse (873 3311)
     The Trespassers by Morris Panych, Mar 26 - Apr 16; Portrait of life, death, love, and family.
+ Jericho Arts Centre  (1675 Discovery)  224 8007
        Rosmersholm by Henrik Ibsen; Apr 1 - 24
+ Metro Theatre 266 7191  -- 42nd Street by Michael Stewart and Mark Bramble; Apr 2 - 30
+ The Cultch  251 1363
        ~ A new multimedia adaptation of Orwell's 1984; Mar 24 to Apr 3 [sold out]
        ~ When I was a kid, Shane Koyczan Apr 14, 15, 16
        ~ Basic Training by Khalil Ashanti,
        a one-hour autobiographical comedy of his time in US Air Force (also Apr 14, 15, 16)
        ~ Dress me up in Your Love -- stories about fashion from Apr 19 to 23
+ Presentation House Theatre
     A Beautiful View by Daniel MacIvor; Apr 5 - 9; two women on a serial comic trek. 990 3474
       The Yeoman of the Guard, NSh Light Opera Society presents Gilbert & Sullivan, Apr 15 - 30
+ Deep Cove Theatre
     Biloxi Blues by Neil Simon; second of his semi-autobiographical trilogy. Apr 1 to 16; 929 3200
+ Freddy Wood Theatre
     Wild Honey by Chekhov, a Michael Frayn adaptation; 822 3880 March 17 - 26 {sorry, late}
        UBC Dept of Theatre; well done; Chekov's first play (at 18!) but not performed till after his death
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In partnership with the Vancouver Public Library, Vancouver Opera presents its award-winning series of free public forums on themes and issues arising from the season's operas. In these fascinating and lively sessions, esteemed writers, academics, practitioners, artists, and other creative thinkers engage in penetrating discussion and dialogue that deepen the connections between the operas' stories and our lives.
All Opera Speaks events are 7 - 9pm in the Alice MacKay Room of the central branch of Vancouver Public Library. Admission is free. Seating is limited. Arrive early!
~ 7pm ~ Tuesday Apr 19 ~ A Feature Interview with Sir Jonathan Miller
Sir Jonathan Miller is one of the world's most fascinating and creative polymaths: opera and theatre director, neuropsychologist, writer, television presenter and humourist. He rose to fame 50 years ago as part of the influential British comedy show "Beyond the Fringe", with Dudley Moore, Peter Cook, and Alan Bennett. He is in Vancouver to direct La Traviata.
Bard on the Beach artistic director Christopher Gaze will engage Sir Jonathan in a feature-length interview about his work, his life, and his provocative ideas. An excerpt from La Traviata will be performed. Thanks to Bard on the Beach for their support!
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LIGHTHOUSE PARK FIELD TRIP  --  10am SATURDAY APRIL 9 at Parking Lot (top end)
Old Growth Conservancy Society Directors are organizing a field trip to Lighthouse Park on Saturday, April 9 as part of our mission to increase public appreciation of other West Vancouver old-growth areas.
Our trip will be led by David Cook and will follow a route described by Randy Stoltmann in his 1987 book, "Hiking Guide to the Big Trees of Southwestern BC".
We will explore the east side of the park, looking at giant Douglas-firs, western redcedars, western hemlocks, and other less dominant tree species. The trip will give us an opportunity to consider the characteristics of old-growth forests, the differences and similarities between Lighthouse Park and the Conservancy, and the future of the Lighthouse Park forest.
Meet us at 10am at the top end of the parking lot. Expect to be out until 2pm. Bring a lunch/beverage. Wear protective clothing for changing weather and hiking boots or sturdy shoes. A hiking stick is advised as the trails are rough/rooty/slippery in places.
Please email us at ogcs.wv@gmail.com if you plan to join us.
Bruce McArthur, President, Old Growth Conservancy Society
+  An Earth Day event for Nature Vancouver -- 1pm Saturday April 16
Title: First Nations history, natural history & geology of Jericho Beach Park and surrounding areas.
Meeting location: We will meet at the Nature Vancouver tent/booth which will be one of many tents/booths set up by environmental groups in Jericho Beach Park to celebrate Earth Day and the 20th anniversary of Evergreen BC. To find the Nature Vancouver tent/booth you will have to ask around e.g. at the Evergreen BC tent/booth or at the Jericho Stewardship Group tent/booth.
Access: Access and parking for Jericho Beach Park is either at the far west end of Pt Grey Road or the northern end of Discovery St.
Meeting time: 1pm. Duration of walk: 1 to 2 hours. Trip leader: David Cook (924 0147)
Description of event: We will walk the beach and trails of the park to view features representative of the geology and natural history of the area. Views across Burrard Inlet will reveal geomorphological features of the region. For further info contact David at 924 0147 or access the Nature Vancouver website www.naturevancouver.ca.
+ 7: 30pm Thursday, April 21
A free public lecture for the Botany section of Nature Vancouver.
Title: A floral and scenic tour through Switzerland's alpine meadows.
Speakers: Rosemary & Terry Taylor
Meeting location: Unity Church, 5840 Oak St, Vancouver.
Talk description: Botany and photography team up while wandering Switzerland's alpine meadows in early summer. Discover beautiful gentians, carpets of yellow rattle, and follow the goats through the main street of Zermatt, leading to iconic views of the Matterhorn. Join Rosemary and Terry Taylor on their travels in June and July, 2010.
Terry and Rosemary Taylor have given many presentations combining their botanical and photographic skills and knowledge, and are long-time members of Nature Vancouver.
For further info contact David at 924 0147 or consult the Nature Vancouver website www.naturevancouver.ca.

===  CCL MTG NOTES March 21st  ===
6pm in conference room; 7pm in ccl chamber
Note: At 6pm the regular Cci Mtg will commence in open session, followed by a closed session. At 7pm the open session will reconvene for the scheduled agenda items.
6:00 PM
1.  Call to Order.
RECOMMENDED: THAT in the public interest, members of the public be excluded from part of the March 21 regular Council Meeting on the basis of matters to be considered under the following section of the Community Charter:
90. (1) A part of a council meeting may be closed to the public if the subject matter being considered relates to or is one or more of the following:
a) personal information about an identifiable individual who holds or is being considered for a position as an officer, employee or agent of the municipality or another position appointed by the municipality; and
e) the acquisition, disposition or expropriation of land or improvements, if the council considers that disclosure could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality.
7:00 PM  -- Following conclusion of the closed session:
Mayor: Ask Cclr Lewis to make an announcement
ML: As many ppl know...
Autism: I was pleased to be able to advise our residents that in addition to my role on Council, I have the pleasure of being the President of the Autism Society of BC and the President of the Autism Society of Canada. I referenced the Proclamation from the LG that April is Autism Awareness month in BC and that April 2 is Autism Awareness Day. The proclamation identifies that the incidence of autism is now 1/110 births. In BC the estimate is in excess of 30,000 touched by ASD (autism spectrum disorder). In DWV, the Canucks Autism Network has organized school events such as 'walks' for Friday April 1 and there are various events scheduled throughout the province in April.
Mayor: thank you for your  work... and across the country.
        Amended by adding to Other Items, Correspondence 14.2
6.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES --   March 7, 2011 Regular Council Meeting.
7. Official Community Plan Amendment, Rezoning and Development Permit Application 1010-20-11-005 for the 900 Block of 21st Street (Kiwanis Seniors' Housing Society of West Vancouver) (File:  1010-20-11-005)
GB gave background: application by Kiwanis to change the zoning
proposing 140 addl housing units on the site
removing and replacing 51 v v old units
seeking approval to go out and consult with the cmnty
Bob Heaslip (previously in the Planning Dept): Prez of the Kiwanis Srs' Housing Society of WV
ppl away missing quite a few bd mbrs tonight
next proposal for the site; here seven years ago -- manor now opened
take down 51 units started in 40s and 50s,
Kiwanis has maintained low-cost housing
time now to provide for next 75 years
court at top picture facing is 86 units; bottom opened five years ago, 77 stes
present total 214 units and we intend to end up with 303 or 304
Charlene Kovacs [sp?] of Via Architects [?] will explain shortly
tonight the start; demographic challenge in the cmnty, and income
last use of our lands unless successful in getting the land next door, unknown at this time -- that delay has delayed us two years; time to get on with our own plan
next process -- look forward to review process
spent sev months with staff to this stage
invite all of Ccl to tour the site
CK: thx, Bob; proposing two new bldgs
did focus group; to determine what to do
three goals are for sustainability are social, economic, and envmtal
encouraging ageing in place...
demolitions, small building... no one will be displaced; moved into Kiwanis Court or Manor
two buildings: east four storeys 64 units; west five storeys 76 units
site accessible and secure
ped-friendly; Kiwanis identity; garden village; encouraging social interaction so can visit within and next (bldg)
Housing Society offices...
encourage walking loops ...tree-lined driveway... drop-off ... cmnty gardens (ppl plant vegetables and flowers) ... gazebos... Japanese garden and perennial garden
Kiwanis Garden Village
Bob H: av for Qs; project mgr is here as well
have already started working with our residents
ML: asking for increase 1.15 to 1.5 [FAR]
perfect spot, clearly -- have you thought of larger?
BH: did; two six-storey bldgs and even highrise
Vancouver Coastal Health we sold to them some years ago, also 1.5
considered it but strong financial position and didn't want to put ourselves too far behind
court 20 yrs ago debt free; manor fixed low mortgage
those two we can build with present funds and mortgage without remortgaging others
is 1.41 but 1.5 gives us flexibility
[7:20] ML: ever considered adding ppl with disabilities? we have a need
BH: our mandate is low-income seniors; independent-living...
hv worked with High Add [?] in NV so well aware with the probs...
maybe the site next door cd be one possibility
Ev: relative to lands to the West, in report there's a suggestion you may hv tried to reacquire
pity with the configuration/devt that all of the traffic goes to 21st, pity can't be split between 21st and 22nd; hammerhead as turnaround is really not the most satisfactory
if you acquired lands to the west cd it be reconfigured?
BH: a really good question; fraught with unknowns
with ... but we did not win b/c a land claim by sev First Nations
wasted some years time; in fortunate position, money in bank but we must spend b/c non -profit or CRA gets upset
if opened up again for rebidding we'd take another go at it
"shall be for complex care" not ours so cd partner; didn't complete a design at that time
Sop moved: THAT
1.  Staff consult with the cmnty on the devt proposal
2.  Cmnty consultation take the form of a public mtg with direct notification to the properties shown on the map attached as Appendix "B" to the staff report dated March 10, 2011, with a notice of the public mtg in the local newspapers and posted on the District website, and preliminary review by the Design Review Committee; and
3.  Following the cmnty consultation on the devt proposal, staff report back to Ccl with a report summarizing the findings and the suitability of the devt proposal for further consideration.
[7:25] Sop: from my 15 years on Ccl; land provided or Kiwanis wd not be doing this
now present to public; will understand need; low rental housing think will have positive results
TP: good timing; diversity; need for this in cmnty; nice presentation, well done
Mayor: honour for Cclr Sop and I [sic] {see LANGUAGEWATCH} to be part of phase one and phase two.  This is a little higher, perhaps, than the cmnty is expecting.  Nice to see your leadership, Cclr Lewis, pushing for a little farther b/c what a nice counterpoint to the high-end market opp Pacific Arbour likely to be, and also for us to be able to provide for all ppl in the cmnty
we wish this on its way; I particularly Cclr Ev's campaign sign on p6
what's that all about?
Anyway, good luck and we look forward to this coming back
8. Staff Comments on District of North Vancouver's Draft Official Community Plan (File:  0190-07)
Mayor: I worked on the last one! (NV)
Geri Boyle, Planning: don't have a PowerPoint; three comments; Stephen will review these
Stephen Mikicich, Planning: ambitious and forward-thinking plan
mixed use, sustainable cmnty
of particular concern/interest to WV is Lower Capilano; village plan will be prepared; we suggest we participate
redevt of Earl's restaurant site; other prop of interest is Klee Wyck
while future uses not determined, our OCP recommends artists
we own the prop but District runs through the prop and the house
Designation Park and Open Space
we're suggesting another classification for this site
hierarchy of plans; nbrhd infill plans; both cmnties looking at ageing
our own Cmnty Dialogue led to sec stes, coach houses
begun to use local character stmts; the DNV nbrhd infill plans may offer insight into local planning and we plan to observe that process
Sop: NV OCP in final stages; if WV bought prop in NV it wd have to follow NV's OCP
Klee Wyck likewise under NV's jurisdiction/OCP (southern part)
p74 of NV OCP draft it states specifically they want to challenge open space and trails unlike some of the things we're doing
if we have entitlement to encompass entire site, where's the jurisdiction based on the boundary?
GB: the piece of land we own, subject to rules of NV
can't force us; we are a prop owner and wd hv to agree
want to sit down with NV and work out consistent with both OCPs
Sop: shows a trail on eastern side of Cap; imaginary bridge and to trail
already bridge at Woodcroft -- use that and bypass so we can get on
don't like something bequested to us and then have to get fuzzy
it's ours though we cd talk about edges
if trails, do it on their side of the river
DepCAO: appropriate alert staff land disposition of concern
Mayor: has there been discussion around prop line adjustments
DepCAO: xxx
Mayor: does say here Ccl might want to take a stronger position
Ev: use of the word consideration not strong enough
Mayor: xxx
Ev: point 2 of the motion
Mayor: any other questions for our staff?
MS: Stephen Mikisich {sort of jokingly approximately what he said; btw, the c in Mikicich is pronounced as a T}, I always am [uncertain/confused] -- am I close?
recognizes... benefit of cooperating with xxx [7:37]
similar problem as ours, high rises; seem to be growing
wonder if approp or prudent to put a flag up now if NV interested in sitting down
potential tricky in future
unless xxx????  down, they're going to walk in our parks, on our seawall, up Grouse
not sure how
can't keep burying our head in the sand; issue we have to talk about
Sop: during the deliberation of the new bridge over the Cap River, any conversation with prov declaring an arterial road to take the pressure off Taylor Way
see here a large devt, coming onto Cap Rd; anything to ease the burden?
GB: to Dir/Engg related to our road connections
Sop: traffic patterns; large; Woodcroft; density there
if funnelling into WV down Cap Rd, significance of that growth
coming to WV, say exit down Cap Rd, good for WV, that's where the trucks shd be coming down
imp consideration
RF: my expectation is that Cap Rd is already designated as an arterial rd
think Cclr Sop is wondering if prov willing to consider jurisdiction over that road
my understanding re definition, it's up TWay to UL Hwy; not familiar with any discussion re that but cd discuss that with DNV
MS: move THAT
1.  DNV be commended for its efforts to develop a new OCP as an Integrated Sustainable Community Plan, and thanked for the opportunity to provide input on the Draft OCP; and
2.  The comments outlined in this staff report be submitted to the DNV for consideration during its community and stakeholder consultation process.
Mayor: focus on that; huge; FN devt
we want xxx; it's a shift; low density now
good pt about collaboration; good to have in our OCP; b/c speak as a region
want to look at the Klee Wyck boundary
a bit surprised how silent their OCP is about Squamish devt, so wd like to ask them about this
ours was 2004 so seven years earlier and didn't understand but wd be good for them
those are a bit more concrete, don't know if Ccl wd like to consider that
Sop: if we were to look ahead 15 to 20 years, the amt of density wd stagger; traffic
if we do not get a solid vision of our transp, going to have a gridlock scenario for a long time
They shd be looking at that
Squamish will be major players, hope we get a Lower Rd
only two [roads] coming in and three going out and a bridge for 25 to 30 years
we have ferry and Sea to Sky to contend with as well
bonus to get on it and collaborate
Mayor: that is how we achieved the bridge
Ms Boyle, did you get those points?
[GB read them back 7:48]
9. North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues Review of 2010 Committee Work and 2011 Work Plan and Budget (File:  0180-18-06)
ML: move THAT
1.  The NSh Adv Cmte on Disability Issues 2011 Work Plan be approved; and
2.  The budget request for a one third share ($4467) of the total budget ($13,400) be approved utilizing existing funds within the Grants in Aid budget.
They do excellent work; I'm the liaison; cmnties better off for them; continue to support their work
am I being dingled?
Sop: if it weren't for ACDI a lot of those challenged ppl wd not be there today
TP: them to come to Parks WG look at accessibility, so a piece of that
10. District Presentations to North American Conferences (File:  0145-01)
AM: proposal to speak on a conference WCDD and XXX
{btw, someone mentioned to me that they obviously knew a year ago there might be a trip when they proposed speaking, so why wd they not have put money in the budget to cover the trip?
My response was that we also shd know what the total is and from wch fund, not just told of this 'topping up' and at the last minute thus little time to seek outside funding or a sponsor.}
Last summer the District of West Vancouver submitted a proposal to speak at the 2011 Transforming Local Government Conference' on our innovative community governance model that exists with the WV Community Centres Society and the municipality - at our CC/AC
This conference is organized by the Alliance for Innovation - an international network of progressive governments and partners committed to transforming local government and to community excellence through the application of leading ideas and innovative practices.
The theme of this North American-wide conference is "Making Magic - How Bold can Government be?' and we felt our model was exemplary as it brings public involvement and decision-making to the forefront of community recreation service delivery.  The community is being engaged at a deeper level to ensure what we deliver reflects our community's wants and needs
This model:
~ raises the profile of community engagement in WV .....from the moment we established a governance working group through to the establishment of a non-profit society, maximizing the wealth of expertise in the community
due to significant volunteer leadership and community participation through the Board and related advisory groups, there is a sense of ownership by the community -- programs and services respond and reflect the demographics and diversity of the community,
~ also leverages municipal resources by solidifying the ground breaking partnership with VCH, to the ability of the non-profit society to access additional resources through the non-profit society status
After a fairly lengthy adjudication process, West Vancouver was selected (as 1 of 17 from a short list of 87 applications, across western Canada and western United States) to speak at this conference.
Attending this conference will be over 300 representatives, including mayors and councillors as well as local government professionals from across Canada and the United States.
The Mayor, and the Executive Director, Sue Ketler, will be the two delegates attending from West Vancouver to represent both council and society perspectives.
We are honoured to have been chosen and believe that this is a significant achievement for West Vancouver as it recognizes all the work that has been done by Council and the Society to strive for excellence and to truly lead by example.
Mayor: Mr Jenkins re our invitation to the UN
The Sixth Global Forum on Human Settlements. Theme: Building Low Carbon Cities: A response to Climate Change in NY city early April.
The opportunity came about through working with the community on Eagle Island home retrofits. Specifically, the lead resident, {by} Tarah Stafford who introduced this project to Noel Brown. Mr Brown is the ex-director of United Nations Environmental Programs and now the President of the Friends of United Nations. Mr Brown was excited by the work and believed it was an excellent fit for the conference April 7-8 in New York.
The work the District has been doing work on the implementation of the Community Climate Action Plan, which was a product of the Climate Action Working Group has focused efforts on retrofits of existing housing stock. This work has been gaining the attention of other municipalities as it has been resident driven and supported by Council and staff.
1.    This conference is organized by UNEP (United Nations Environmental Program) and the Friends of the United Nations
2.    The theme of this Sixth annual global conference is: Building Low Carbon Cities: A response to Climate Change.
3.    This opportunity:
=A7  raises the profile of how WV Ccl and staff is engaging and working with the community in a meaningful and way to achieve actions on global issues like Climate Change.
=A7  will help raise the profile of the retrofit initiative to the WV community and  businesses
=A7  shows the success of [the] working group model that council has embraced.
=A7  leverages municipal resources by utilizing the skill sets in the cmnty to progress on environmental initiatives
4.    Attendees include; global leaders on climate change issues as well as dignitaries from numerous countries.
5.    The Mayor, Cclr Panz, resident Tarah Stafford, and staff member Stephen Jenkins will be the delegates attending from West Vancouver to present council, staff, and community perspectives on energy use, buildings, and a local government experience.
6.    We are honoured to have been chosen and believe that this is a significant achievement for West Vancouver as it recognizes all the work that has been done by Council, residents, and staff to strive for local solutions to global issues.
ML: who able to answer question?
Mayor: Ms Mooi, Jenkins, Leigh?
ML: two to [first]; four to [second trip]
and going is to cost $4K or is that incrementally?
is Cmnty Ctrs' Society making a contribution or the Friends of the UN?
AM: wrt Cmnty Services Society, limited funds, we will be doing that
ML: previously budgeted?
AM: yes
BL: as has Mgr of Sust; incremental budget
Mayor: for my travel b/c I don't have a budget for this; wd have to seek Ccl approval
ML: yours, Panz's, ...?
Mayor: each of you has $3500; let's put motion on the floor and have a debate
Sop moved: THAT Council approve the [Mayor's] presenting at the International City and County [Managers'] Association and Alliance for Innovation Conference entitled: Making Magic - How BOLD Can Government Be? Case Study: Taking Collaboration to New Levels - A Paradigm Shift in Community Oversight and [Decision-Making] (WV Cmnty Centre Board) AND at The Sixth United [Nations'] Global Forum on Human Settlements whose theme is Building Low-Carbon Cities: A Response to Climate Change (Eagle Island) at a cost of $4000.00 to be charged to Business Unit #154, Engagement.

{Good question from Cclr L.  IOW, the $4K is needed in addn to how much budgeted for travel -- looks as if no one has asked what the trips actually will cost in total -- certainly a lot more than $4K.  Not that I'm objecting, rather that in the spirit of transparency the total cost shd be made public.
At time of writing I have no idea what 'Biz Unit #154, Engagement' is -- Engagement Cmte???
Help, pls}

go over the history of what I've seen; been a v strong advocate for the environment
planned a xxx trip up the hill and I took the lead; shouted at me so loud cd hear it down
today, last few years, things have opened up a bit
gratified an Envtal strategy here
give credit to xxx [8pm]
at first, how cd you quantify or measure it?  if we don't, when will we do it?
relates to Climate Action
looked, looked further........
those are two initiatives, those two awards
what do you say to that?  how often does a cmnty stand out?
we shd be v v proud of these efforts
these stories have to be told, S Jenkins on the waterfront
receiving rewards, one of many
ML: confused; travel?
why approve yours, Madam Mayor? just as we have, thought you wd
commend staff bring it forward
clearly it's budgeted already; it's not new money
Mayor: b/c the policy that governs the Mayor's  [8:03]
{So this wd appear to mean that the Mayor's travel expenses have already been spent hence this add'l amt needed and has come to Ccl for approval.  Right?}
that's how penurious we are
I don't go to FCM and don't go to UBCM either
if anyone's xxx
just a bit more
what happens when you turn your authority over to the cmnty
ppl coming to us, you're really doing it that way?
person who invited us; will be coming to Van, through private fdn money to SFU to present an evening workshop to the general public, and day-long session here with invited guests -- that is all money, not ours
coming to WV, b/c of WV's leadership; one of many benefits; will report back on both
MS: does nobody want to hear?
Mayor: we do!
MS: the voice of fiscal prudence over here
Sop: we all are
MS: have to differentiate between staff attending meant for staff professional devt
recognize world's changed b/c of Japan
grim reality; going to affect this cmnty
where's the money going to come from to rebuild?
all the western nations are buried in debt; Japanese hold nearly $1T of treasury bills and Americans can't pay them back
{US owes, and just in Treasury Bills -- actual figures:
        1) Mainland China $1.155T; 2) Japan $0.886T; 3) UK $.278T}
major, voice of gloom and doom,economic adjustment coming down; face that
is this the time for local politicians to travel outside the prov or shd we be showing some leadership? and trying to respect the fact -- only $4K, but some taxpayers work hard for that
need to respect ev tax dollar we receive
my final point, my same comment I make ev year, when remuneration comes up
a third of our salary is for expenses; I don't understand why you take a third of that tax-free for expenses and then we submit expense chits.
Wd point out to the Mayor and Cclr Panz with all due respect, opportunity both NY and Miami great cities to visit, cd look at this as a vacation, and look at it as a vacation
everyone can ignore that now
Sop: established not align with FCM not mbr for a while
backed up a bit; haven't been over-zealous in travelling
DNV going on to China and other places
we took an initiative and got an award for that; took leadership; think we've been v prudent
hotel and light costs covered by cclrs
with the overwhelming amt of money we receive as cclrs,

{some stifled mirth in audience since cclrs only make about $25K.; Mayor over $60K, and many staff over $100K (see WVM2010 - 17 for 2009 salaries)}

we shd dig into our pockets for our own wealth
if sizable stipend cd do that; many hv chosen not to go to FCM b/c of budget
Mayor has not been flaunting, end of her second term
it's for an award; think we have been prudent
Mayor: one day I'm going to quantify how much money we've brought in
$60K I get a year and what I bring in
{agreed; much more}
think less about govt and think more about partners and citizens
and I'm v proud of that
looking fwd to comment in NSN; I'm v proud of that
PASSED [8:11]
11. Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4672, 2011 (Non-Owner Occupied Secondary Suites) (File:  1610-20-4672)
This bylaw received first reading Feb 7, was the subject of a Public Hearing that was held and closed on Feb 21, and received second and third readings at the Mar 7, Ccl Mtg. Council is not permitted to receive any further submissions on this bylaw after the PH has closed and before the bylaw is adopted.
                 RECOMMENDED:  be adopted.
Sop: want it noted I'm opposed.
12. Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005, Amendment Bylaw No. 4673, 2011 (File:  1610-20-4673)
This bylaw received first reading Feb 7 and received second and third readings at the Mar 7
                 RECOMMENDED: be adopted.
Smith and Sop opposed
{PULLED OUT: 13.1, 13.4;  question called on remainder}
13. Consent Agenda Items
13.1. Appointments to Ambleside Revitalization Commission (File:  0115-20-ARC1)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the following appointments to the Ambleside Revitalization Commission for a [one-year] term be approved:
David Chard, Kirsty Farquharson, Joe Houssian, David Negrin, Howard Nemtin, Mayor, Cclr Smith.

{hm, sans Ccl, four devpr/real estate types -- one famous for TUB -- and a mbr of the Library Board who denied the now-proven claims about expenditures?  Of course we need devprs on the Commission, no problem, but why no resident or ratepayer voice?
DC = Chard Devts (Hollyburn Medical, etc); KF = Lib Bd; JH = was Intrawest; DN = Concord and/or Aquilini?; HN = real estate devpr, TransLink
What does this say about consulting or listening to the residents and fiscal prudence?}  

Mayor: plsd we are; goals of Amb
seven voting mbrs, five volunteers and two nonvoting Nina and Grant
experienced biz ppl
I have signed a non-binding agreement with Grosvenor; in keeping

{oh?  "I"? means the Mayor signed? [decision] in private obviously
behind closed doors?
no competition?
no public discussion
no discussion with Ccl?
no notice to public?  what was the process?
or just diktat?
more information needed.
Of serious concern is that it seems to be fait accompli with little inkling as to how this was decided.......}

IDEAS FAIR; Esso; landscaping to ...; inform ppl of the future of 1300block
Sop: large number in real estate and devt field
even though I supported it, why not have lay persons?
some talented ppl here; understand will interpret
Mayor: as you know, we advertised
Kirsty biz; volunteers here to support the public
we approved that, advertising and apptmt
strength in our corner to evaluate
scope of the Public Safety bldg
but that decision has been made and you supported it at the time

{er, um, pardon, but that doesn't mean Sop cdn't have thought about it further and decided to add representation from taxpayers! Sop, the ppl's prince/politician........}

Sop: ratepayer groups will have a say?
Mayor: completely; part of the applic process

{but the point is presence on the commission itself. Willful misinterpretation?}

we do not have this kind of expertise on staff, nor cd we afford it

{another diversionary remark.
NO ONE was suggesting not to have mbrs with expertise on the commission!}

Sop: one-year term, so disband?
Mayor: remains to be seen; question for a future Ccl

13.2. Gleneagles Community Centre - Physiotherapy Lease (File:  1145-02-GLENPHYS)
                received for information.
13.3. Beach House Restaurant - Modification Agreement and Option to Renew (File:  1145-02-BEACH)
                received for information.
Ev: Item 13.4
13.4. North Shore Emergency Management Office (NSEMO) Report regarding Summary of New Zealand Tsunami Exercise and Christchurch Earthquake (File:  0180-16)
                be received for information.
Ev: kind of thing we do in this cmnty
Director invited to go to NZ at the...
able to share experience and came back with a report we can gain from
thank her for that trip

13.5. Correspondence List (see link on electronic agenda)
        RECOMMENDED: THAT the correspondence list be received for information
February 28 - March 4, 2011
Received for Information
(1) City of Burnaby, February 17, 2011, regarding British Columbia's Heritage Program
{hope this wakes DWV up; they have no heritage WG/Cmte and no Ccl liaison for heritage -- the first time since 1988.  Sad.  Esp when coming up to 100th anniversary.}
(2) City of Burnaby, February 22, 2011, regarding Correspondence from Mr. Porter - Banning Smoking at Malls
(3) M. Enser, Urban Development Institute, Feb 25, re MetroV's RGS
        (Attachments available for viewing in Legislative Services Department)
(4) Union of BC Municipalities, March 2, regarding Provincial Mobilization Plan for Emergency Services
Responses to Correspondence
(5) R. Fung, Director of Engineering and Transportation, March 1, 2011, response to M. and R. Shulz regarding Proposed Park Royal At-Grade Intersection with Marine Drive
March 7-11, 2011
Referred for Action
(1) D. Close, March 2, 2011, regarding Savings to Consider for 2011
        (Referred to Municipal Clerk for response)
(2) B. McArthur, March 2, 2011, regarding Regional Growth Strategy Interpretation Requested
        (Referred to Director of Planning, Lands and Permits for consideration and response)
Received for Information
(3) Committee and Board Meeting Minutes: Design Review Committee, January 20, 2011
(4) M. Bottazzini, Feb 14, regarding Cascadia Tower Proposed Monopine / Highway 1 and 15th St, WV
(5) G. and E. Lee, February 26, 2011, regarding Foot of 27th Street
(6) Three Submissions re Pacific Arbour Devt Proposal, dated February 28 to March 3, 2011
(7) BC Hydro, March 2, 2011, regarding Earth Hour 2011, March 26, 2011
(8) D. Mussatto, Chair, Metro Vancouver Port Cities Committee, March 2, 2011, regarding 2011 Municipal Appointment to Vancouver Fraser Port Authority Board of Directors
(9) City of North Vancouver, March 3, 2011, regarding North Shore Cycling Map
(10) BC Government and Service Employees' Union, March 4, 2011, regarding Community Social Services Awareness Month
(11) R. Helten, MetroVanWatch.ca, March 6, 2011, regarding Recommended Changes in Text Regarding Agenda Item for March 7 Council Meeting Agenda #12. Report on MetroV RGS
(12) P. Hundal, March 7, 2011, regarding Regional Growth Strategy
(13) Union of British Columbia Municipalities, March 9, 2011, regarding National Public Works Week and Local Government Awareness Week: May 15 - May 21, 2011
(14) Union of British Columbia Municipalities, March 10, 2011, regarding Consideration of a Two-Phase Campfire Prohibition
(15) L. Byrd, March 10, 2011, regarding Safeway Site/Ambleside Village
(16) G. Pajari, March 4, 2011, regarding Letter to Mayor and Council, 24 January 2011 "Summary of Findings for Council regarding Library Expenditures" from West Vancouver Memorial Library and West Vancouver Memorial Library Foundation (Addition: March 14, 2011)
Update to March 15, 2011
Referred for Action
(1) E-Comm 911, March 8, 2011, regarding E-Comm Board of Directors Designate - 2011/2012 Year                          
        (Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response)
(2) C. Reynolds, West Van Matters, March 11, 2011, re Agenda and Minutes PQP Feb 21st
        (Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response)
{This is the strange/misleading case of Ccl approving an agenda 'as written' and then not only do the minutes list amendments made, but also the original agenda put up Feb 18 retroactively changed with amendments added to it!}
Received for Information
(3) 11 Submissions and one Petition regarding Safeway Site, dated February 9 to March 15, 2011
(4) Premier G. Campbell, February 24, 2011, regarding Support for Designating British Columbia's Wild Pacific Salmon as a Provincial Symbol
(5) Five submissions regarding Pacific Arbour Development Proposal, dated March 7-11, 2011                             
        (Referred to Public Hearing, April 4, 2011)
(6) L. R. DeSpirt, March 9, 2011, regarding Temporary Restricted Parking on Marine Drive
(7) March 10, 2011, regarding Giant Redwood Tree on Lawson Avenue
[8:29] NB: this became 14.2 and commented on later; see below
(8) Multifaith Action Society, Mar 15, re Invitation to Multifaith Prayer for Japan, Mar 17th at 6:30pm
(9) Union of British Columbia Municipalities, March 14, 2011, regarding Appointment of Honourable Ida Chong as Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development
(10) Millennium Group, March 15, 2011, regarding Evelyn - Millennium News Release
        {notice of receivership}
(11) K. Stephens, Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia, March 11, 2011, regarding Recognition of West Vancouver District as a Water Balance Model Champion
Council has requested that the following correspondence be brought forward for discussion, and may propose a motion if Council considers that further action is required.
14.1 G. and E. Lee, February 26, 2011, regarding Foot of 27th Street (Received for information)
ML: paving and curbing to discourage public access
wd like to understand the process
as a child, my grandmother lived 27th block Bellevue, used to all go to the beach -- terrific
attractive, however nowhere to get down to
one parking spot; to the west feel you're blocking the gate to the person's home
more to benefit of cojoining nbrs, not citizens
Sop: I walked down...
daylighting on westerly side; paving stones their right; trail down to beach and stream off to left
can understand leave them alone, blackberry, etc
if residents, side door, opp to enhance benefit for everyone
opening of creeks a lot of merit; Mr Jenkins is the one taking the lead in this
don't disagree a better understanding for newer cclrs; thought it to be a better policy
Mayor: tricky thing about discussing corresp

{sorry, but I don't understand what's tricky}

what is our policy about xxx ? ... imp ... Ms Mooi?
AM: think it wd be a collaborative approach
Ev: maybe if staff wd indicate kind of signage
MS: if staff report, interesting to get Mr Fung's mtnce costs
public street, private driveway -- something cmnty be responsible?
or an evergreen?
Sop: not a private driveway; been enhanced by the nbrs; envtal, open up creek; right thing to do
MS: not the question I asked; they're talking to Mr Jenkins
there's going to be signage there and say PUBLIC ACCESS, loud and clear
Mayor: Let's have the report back, then we can all focus on what's in the public interest
there is a really a good report written in the late 90s, or maybe mid-90s, the Roads Report wch talks about the value in WV, and Mr Fung and I debate this all the time, the natural -- probably what you're referring to having grown up here -- feel of the roads that ARE the character of WV vs a more highly landscaped and maybe slightly colder -- it's not really for everybody -- image that that portrays.
And I think what we're trying to do is strike a balance.
wd be nice to attach that Roads Report when it comes forward b/c I think it's really about the character of WV.
can we go to 14.2 yet?
Sop: just quickly; none of the work on these creeks wd hv bn done if it hadn't bn for some of the nbrs supplying the money to do that
fish-bearing streams in future; this is the avenue we chose
Mayor: right; going to move to 14.2, who?
Sop: I've got--
Mayor: Cclr Ev has his hand up
Sop: --14.2; I wanted to talk to it
Ev: I--
Mayor: -- I'll go to Cclr Ev; he did as well
Sop: oh, did you?  Okay, I'll give him that, I've talked too much tonight anyway
Mayor: there you go
Ev: at this point, I have to agree with you
Sop: all these funnies, Madam Mayor, allow them to... sense of humour
{Now 14.2 from Correspondence above}
Ev: I asked this to be brought forward simply b/c it's caused a little bit of grief, and I felt a quick resolution by staff wd solve the problem.  Wd look to Dir of Parks to
AM: Our Sr Mgr of Parks, Andrew Banks, and myself {[sic] shd be I b/c not reflexive} visited the prop today and reviewed the request.  We are planning to issue the tree permit to remove this giant redwood from the prop b/c it's going to grow excessively large on the site and will be out of character
do have 80% consent what we need; one who is objecting wd like to consult with him, have not been able to get hold of him; waiting to hear back and will advise Ccl as soon as we do
Ev: not sure I agree with that caveat; M land, it's a boulevard; to allow that species of tree on a blvd is totally inappropriate; got nothing to do with nbr consent
AM: considering asking resident to potentially replant with appropriate, smaller vegetation, wch is what we usually do
{do want to see this b/c this is relatively rare and cd be considered heritage -- maybe windowing wd help wrt view and then cd still be kept}
Mayor: that's our policy
15.  Reports from Mayor/Cclrs
Mayor: wd like to let cmnty know that after a v enthusiastic night on the Safeway site, the report will be returning to Ccl April 18th.  Wd welcome the cmnty to participate at that mtg and the debate will continue at that point
thank you Cclr Smith for concluding that evening in my absence.
TP: Bramwell Tovey; Lib 370 attendees; [Mayor played piano first]
also share Parks WG has hired a consultant, Catherine Berris; she did the background document in 2006
Sop: ongoing saga on Seascapes; ongoing with prov; the folks are anxious
we're looking and helping where we can; looking for mitigation
second thing has just slipped my mind, so will let someone else
Ev: how come I'm always back up?
Sop: that's the way life is!
Ev: attended Nowruz [on Mayor's behalf]; fire-jumping the enthusiasm was quite remarkable
hundreds of families; I stayed two hours and ppl still coming in; v v successful experience
Sop: I did think of it -- thx for your help and our MLA Sultan
received letter from Ms Bond before she left transportation; wd be a process, the govt has not and will not issue a permit for a cell tower at the top
Mayor: we'll be bringing that forward in a couple of weeks
{Sop, Mayor, G Boyle don't have letter}
Mayor: [re Tower ?] to us before grant to Rogers; always pays to keep the minister informed
...  Blair Lekstrom; and ... good to have relation with Min of Finance
{aha.  Now Falcon.  Remember Eagleridge??? Anyway, no doubt good step forward giving WV more say.}

16.  PQP/Comments
Mayor: Carolanne Reynolds.  I notice that you had Correspondence Items 13.1 and 3 down here, but not knowing what Ccl was going to do with those, I thought it wd work just as well under PQP.

{Well, yet again did not want to get into a debate but, as I go on to say, the first item I'd indicated was No 8 re plans on the boundary with NV wch is where Klee Wyck is. Item 8 is NOT part of Correspondence.  Neither were 13.1 and 3 part of Correspondence!  So why was the name for the agenda item not called as is usually done?
Whether Item or Correspondence or whatever, in any case the public is called BEFORE Ccl debate/discussion.
Doesn't make sense.
An arbitrary diversion from normal procedures?  Not the Mayor's usual practice.}

and I have two others also wishing to offer their comments.
CR: yes, tyvm, Madam Mayor.  I actually had No 8 down first b/c that item involves Klee Wyck, wch of course is on the Heritage Inventory.  It is unfortunate that this is the first time, the first year or two years or whatever, that I recall that there's been no ccl liaison for heritage, and no [M] heritage group, but I do think that it might be advisable to -- when that's being discussed -- if you haven't got a Heritage WG, Cmte, whatever, task force, whatever you want to call it they shd/wd probably want to contribute to that.

{Yes, as the first ccl liaison for heritage, I've hovered over heritage issues ever since and it's disappointing to me that there's been no heritage liaison and no M body now to deal with items to do with heritage. Moreover, there was no heritage or award ceremony this year during Heritage Week wch was done for many years.}

13.1 and 13.3 were not Correspondence, they're the Consent--
Mayor: --Consent Agenda
CR: Consent Agenda.  Yes, thank you.
Just as the Ambleside [Town Ctr] Cmte before had Ray Spaxman and when that was being done -- can't remember whether cmte or WG or whatever it was.  I'll also, I'll echo what Cclr Sop said, I think there shd be one or two residents, or one or two representatives from a ratepayer group.
{rather, ratepayer groups}
I'd thought-- Yes, of course you need the experts -- obviously that's needed -- but I had thought there was going to be a policy that the local residents and ratepayers wd be represented, and it was in the prev cmte, so I think it's disappointing there isn't at least one on this one.
{why depart from inclusion of resident representation???}
The other question is, ah, 13.5.  That's another somewhat designated building, the Beach House--
Mayor: --13.3
CR:  Sorry, 13.3.  Yes, I've got 13.3, I just misread it, I guess.  That's got a plaque as well, and I see in the notes that it's going to be updated inside.  I just wanted to be, uh, I have no problem, I'm not one of the purists, heritage views, that you can't change anything.  I think everybody wants to make things more modern and comfortable, and convenient inside, but I wanted some sort of assurance that the outside, wch is the heritage part, wd be kept.
Mayor: my understanding it's interior renovation, Ms Boyle?
GB: that is my understanding as well.
CR: Great.  I was just wanting to make sure; and tyvm
Mayor: thank you
Mayor: I thought that was you, former fire chief in DNV
GC: former Gary Calder :-)
yes, was; will wait while I pass these out
My name is Gary Calder of 1788 Gordon Ave; former Fire Chief of DNV
my professional designation: Int'l Chief Fire Ofcr, professional accreditation at that point in time, first Fire Ofcr in Canada to receive it; upon my retirement, I was the only fire ofcr in Canada to hold it.
Beyond that chaired many cmtes not the least of wch, Fire Services Medical Advisory Cmte,
in local media read report at Ccl so read the [Fire Services] report itself
Ccl remarks astute
found part re reduced attendance to minor medical emergencies troubling
p 17 of report, second line b/c sometimes can reach faster than ambulance b/c committed to other calls or b/c traffic problems intervene
this cd not be more incorrect.
I can't imagine how that was put in this report.  I phoned your Fire Chief to find out.  I'm surmising that somehow this was a discussion perhaps with CNV, it has an ambulance extremely close by fire station, almost across the street from each other -- in that case makes sense
will read what the Ambulance Services itself says in their latest resource allocation plan
medical priority dispatch service, their view
"for the highest acuity calls BC Amb Service is supported by our partner agencies that provide first responder services -- first responder means Fire Dept -- to give basic first aid while ambulance en route, usually located in heart of the cmnty and availability is high
good reason to provide this important service
think of yr cmnty (and DNV), a linear cmnty, where is the ambulance in Tiddly Cove, ..., HBay, ..., Brit Props?  They don't exist.  They're entirely reliant on firefighters.
what response time of fire truck and what of ambulance?
you'll find response of Fire Dept v timely; and amb for sure not as timely
that's the first point; this is v v dangerous proposition
Second point is what type of emergencies are we talking about -- D&E, most don't know what that is about
go over page -- code ranges from Echo and Delta calls, highest priority, immediately life-threatening; B and C, Bravo and Charlie calls, serious but not life-threatening; and finally Alpha and Omega
Fire Dept doesn't respond to A&O, none of them [does], v v few, but do respond to B and C
in info provided, it says these are minor calls -- two examples, ... wanted you to see what they considered minor in that report
Second last page at bottom; animal bites and attacks
attacked by one or more animals and in a possibly dangerous body area, head, eyes, neck, that's a B-Level call; suggested to you Fire Dept wd not respond
haemorrhaging, attacked by cougar, and you wd not call Fire Dept from Caulfeild? the recommendation?
this one is about falls, a 17B, Fire Dept wd go to, wd be considered a fall, minor
below that fall and bleeding seriously but HBay Fire Dept wd not respond, wd wait for ambulance to  come from 15th and Fulton
I'm just amazed
restriction of attendance by fire rescue services to medical emergencies identified by the BC Ambulance Medical Priority Dispatch System as recommending a fire-medical response is a grave and dangerous course of action
I respectfully suggest Ccl not allow the Fire Dept to stop responding to these identified calls
Mayor: what we did is we asked for a report back on that report, realized broad range some never consider and some we wd; so this has been v helpful
wd be a great cmnty service if you wd agree to look at the report; it's coming back to us
GC: I'd love to, and I do understand WV Fire Chief been asked to report back by end of 2011; not immediate but needs to be reviewed
Sop: may I ask?
Mayor: we have a question for you; wdn't be a normal night if Cclr Sop didn't have a question
Sop: thank you for your service over the years
your opinion maybe many not aware of this good service in all areas or was it the review that they weren't telling ev that they shd hv
had a nbr attended to recently and Fire Dept came long before Ambulance; had to push a door, haemorrhaging
GC: not that ppl in cmnty don't know it's av; even if you don't know, when you call 911, you'll get it whether you ask or not
If you asked for an ambulance, the Fire Dept will be automatically notified, so not the point; as I read it other things are essential activities: amazingly training, interface planning, xxx, xxx; those are good activities but can hardly think of any activities more imp than responding to haemorrhaging -- that and not stop teaching kids to stop, drop, and roll to go to their home to help them, I know what I'd be doing.
That's what the report seems to imply that there are other things that are more important than going to these medical emergencies, and I don't think that's correct
Mayor had stepped away so Acting Mayor Ev: We'll carry on; will accept your assistance in due course;  perhaps Cclr Sop can join in that conversation.
GC: thank you; my pleasure
A/Mayor: one more person on the Speakers' List
{Mayor returns and sits in Evison's chair}
Bruce McArthur: Madam, er oh
Madam Mayor and Councillors I feel compelled to comment on your acceptance of the new Metro Vancouver Regional Growth Strategy that occurred in this chamber at the last regular meeting of council.
I assure you that my only agenda is to assist you by highlighting some of the problems that I envision because of differing interpretations of the wording within the strategy. I'm using this opportunity because my questions to West Vancouver Council and staff have not been answered yet.
Some of my points of concern are:
the West Vancouver OCP clearly states (UL3) that there will be public discussion of possible benefits of some development above the 1200-foot limit. There is included in the RGS a 300-acre parcel of West Vancouver lands above 1200 feet that have a general urban land use designation. Most of Council seem to believe that there will eventually be adequate protection because of any development permits that will be required, but in the "application definition" of policy UL 9, some forms of development would not require a development permit. The RGS acceptance has pre-empted public discussion and it should have been accompanied by an amendment to the OCP.
At West Vancouver's request in February of 2010 the conservation and recreation regional land use designation was overlaid as a special study area. This is depicted on the RGS map 12. The special study area clause (6.10) says, "a municipality has expressed an intention to alter the existing land use, and is anticipating a regional land use amendment." The only alterations that would fit are:
general urban, which would move the urban containment boundary right up to the Cypress Park boundary, or rural where low density residential development is allowed.
For proposals that include development above the 1200-foot limit there should have been public discussion within West Vancouver.
included in the recommendation for the acceptance by Council were two requests to the Metro board. These requests can only be acted upon after the Metro board has accepted the RGS. There is no guarantee of acceptance of these requests and please remember that West Vancouver only has three votes of 125 because the voting system is weighted.                                                    (Type 2- 2/3 + regional public hearing, Type 3- 50%+1 & no hearing)
There was an opinion expressed that clause 6.3.4 j) would offer some ability for amendments to the special study area and it is anticipated that this would be a Type 3 minor amendment. If the amendment only had significance for changes to the urban designation, this would probably be correct, but there would be greater regional significance to any non-urban designations and that should be a Type 2 minor amendment (clause 6.1.1). There could also be an amendment requested to the actions under the protection strategy 3.1 of the environmental goal 3. This is also a Type 2 amendment (6.3.3 f).  
Acting Mayor is Evison A/Mayor: nearly concluded?
BMcA (continues):  At this time the special study area cannot be expanded or created (clause 6.12.4), and the development above 1200 feet is made possible.
Section 6 of the Regional Growth Strategy contains too many uncertainties and acceptance by this Council has the appearance that development above the 1200-foot level is appropriate and acceptable.
I urge you to get these items straightened out before Metro's final acceptance and let the community know where each of you stand on the protection of our Upper Lands.
thank you
A/Mayor Ev: obviously not the approp time to engage further in the debate in some of the points you've raised but I thank you for that and I don't know whether {turns to Mayor} Madam--
Mayor: -- Mayor, I think
for a while -- the clock is ticking
A/Mayor Ev: have any comments to add?
Mayor: based on the motion we made Ms Boyle will be reporting back on the requests we've made to MetroV, and also what it means b/c Port Moody has not agreed to the RGS wch changes things a bit as well, so that report will be coming back to Ccl.
17.  Adjournment
MS: Mr Mayor, I move that the Mar 21st ccl mtg be adjourned
Mayor: second

===  Ccl Mtg AGENDAs Apr 4th  ===
Note: At 6:00 pm the regular Council Meeting will commence in open session (in the main floor conference room), and will be immediately followed by a motion to exclude the public in order to hold a closed session, pursuant to section 90 of the Community Charter. The Council Meeting will reconvene in open session in the Council Chamber immediately following the Public Hearing/Public Meeting regarding Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4676, 2011; Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4677, 2011; and Design Development Package.
At 7:00 pm in the Council Chamber the Public Hearing/Public Meeting regarding Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4676, 2011; Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4677, 2011; and Design Development Package will be held. The Council Meeting will reconvene in open session in the Council Chamber immediately following the Public Hearing/Public Meeting.
6:00 PM
1. Call to Order.
THAT in the public interest, members of the public be excluded from part of the April 4, 2011 regular Council Meeting on the basis of matters to be considered under the following section of the Community Charter:
90. (1) A part of a council meeting may be closed to the public if the subject matter being considered relates to or is one or more of the following:
1.  personal information about an identifiable individual who holds or is being considered for a position as an officer, employee or agent of the municipality or another position appointed by the municipality;
(c) labour relations or other employee relations;
(e) the acquisition, disposition or expropriation of land or improvements, if the council considers that disclosure could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality; and
(k) negotiations and related discussions respecting the proposed provision of a municipal service that are at their preliminary stages and that, in the view of the council, could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality if they were held in public.
3. Council will then proceed with the closed session.
7:00 PM  -- Following conclusion of the closed session:
Note: At 7pm the Public Hearing/Public Meeting will commence in the Ccl Chamber. The Ccl Mtg will reconvene immediately following the PH/Public Mtg.
Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4676, 2011; Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4677, 2011; and Design Development Package (File:  1610 20 4676/4677
The Director of Planning, Lands and Permits will describe the subject application.
Applicant: Pacific Arbour Retirement Communities
Subject Lands: Northwest corner of Marine Drive and 22nd Street; all or part of the following lots: Lot 1 (Explanatory Plan 9507) Block A of Block 5 Plan 4532; Amended Lot D (see 540240L) of Lots 1 to 3 Block A of Block 5 Plan 4532; Lot E of Lots 1 to 3 Block A of Block 5 Plan 4532; Lot 4 of Lot A Block 5 Plan 2019; Lot 19 Block 4 Plan 3522; and portions of the closed lane between Fulton Avenue and Marine Drive; all of East Part of District Lot 554.
Purpose: To provide for the redevelopment of the subject lands as rental seniors housing with support services and limited commercial and institutional land uses not directly associated with the seniors housing, and to provide for zoning boundaries which would match those of a reconfigured John Richardson Park.
Proposed Official Community Plan Bylaw Amendment:
The proposed Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4630, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4676, 2011, if adopted, would amend the Official Community Plan by:
o  revising Policy BF-C8 to remove the property legally described as Lot 1, District Lot 554, Block A, Plan 4532 (2203 Marine Drive) from the existing local commercial designation and development permit area; and
o  adding a new Policy BF-D5 which provides for an approximately 4900 sq. m. site at the northwest corner of Marine Drive and 22nd Street to be: used as rental seniors housing with services, and limited commercial and institutional land uses not directly associated with the seniors housing; developed to a maximum 117,500 sq. ft. (10,916 sq. m.) of housing and a maximum 8,000 sq. ft. (744 sq. m.) of other permitted land uses; and developed with a maximum building height from Marine Drive of seven storeys, exclusive of roof-top development.
Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment: The proposed Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4677, 2011, if adopted, would amend the Zoning Bylaw by
Design Development Package:
The design devt package sets out the details of the proposed building and site devt, including the site plan, building design and height, building materials and finishing, and landscaping. If the OCP amendment bylaw and Zoning amendment bylaw described above are approved, the applicant will be required to construct the development in accordance with a design devt package approved by Council. All persons who wish to provide comment on the design devt package will be given an opportunity to be heard at the Public Hearing/Public Meeting.
1) Reports received up to March 31, 2011:
Official Community Plan Amendment, Rezoning and Design/development Approval for land, at the northwest corner of Marine Drive and 22nd Street, known as the Wetmore site (2203 Marine Dr. and 787, 793 and 815 22nd St.)  /  February 24, 2011  /  March 7 and April 4, 2011  /  R-1
2) Written submissions received up to March 31, 2011:
J. Crawford / March 7, 2011 / April 4, 2011 / C-1
B. and W. Sinclair  /  March 11, 2011  /  April 4, 2011  /  C-2
F. Johnstone  /  March 11, 2011  /  April 4, 2011  /  C-3
A. Wong  /  March 14, 2011  /  April 4, 2011  /  C-4
K. Trinh  /  March 15, 2011  /  April 4, 2011  /  C-5
J. Baxter  /  March 16, 2011  /  April 4, 2011  /  C-6
C. Sandwell, on behalf of Garden Group, Tudor Gardens  /  March 15, 2011  /  April 4, 2011  /  C-7
A. Walton  /  March 17, 2011  /  April 4, 2011  /  C-8
J. Kirstiuk  /  March 19, 2011  /  April 4, 2011  /  C-9
M. MacKenzie  /  March 21, 2011  /  April 4, 2011  /  C-10
A. Hoffman  /  March 24, 2011  /  April 4, 2011  /  C-11
V. Christison, Lionsview Seniors' Planning Society  /  March 24, 2011  /  April 4, 2011  /  C-12
S. Earle  /  March 28, 2011  /  April 4, 2011  /  C-13
C. Nemtin  /  March 28, 2011  /  April 4, 2011  /  C-14
I. Thompson  /  Undated.  /  April 4, 2011  /  C-15
B. and M. Anthony  /  March 29, 2011  /  April 4, 2011  /  C-16
R. Bertrand, Savoir Faire Design  /  March 23, 2011  /  April 4, 2011  /  C-17
P. Gaskill, Pacific Arbour Retirement Communities  /  March 24, 2011  /  April 4, 2011  /  C-18
A. Charette  /  February 28, 2011  /  April 4, 2011  /  C-19
R. Wood  /  March 2, 2011  /  April 4, 2011  /  C-20
C. Parker  /  March 3, 2011  /  April 4, 2011  /  C-21
On March 7, 2011, Council set the date for the Public Hearing/Public Meeting. The statutory notice of Public Hearing/Public Meeting was published in the North Shore News on March 27 and March 30, 2011. The Municipal Clerk will note written submissions received for the April 4, 2011 Public Hearing/Public Meeting.
If there is no further public input and Council does not request a further staff report, then:
RECOMMENDED: be received and PH closed
If Council requests a further staff report, then:
RECOMMENDED: be adjourned to ____________________ (date, time, location).
Members of Council are not permitted to receive further submissions once the Public Hearing/Public Meeting is closed.

===  REGULAR COUNCIL meeting AGENDA Monday April 4  ===
Following conclusion of the Public Hearing/Public Meeting, the following items will be considered:
6.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES  Adoption of March 21, 2011 Regular Council Meeting Minutes
7. 2011-2015 West Vancouver Memorial Library Strategic Plan (File:  1905-05) 
        PowerPoint presentation to be provided.  RECOMMENDED: be received for information.
8. Metro Vancouver Regional Growth Strategy Acceptance Process (File:  0185-01)
      RECOMMENDED: report dated March 28 from the Acting Dir/Planning be received for information.
9. TransLink Customer Service Performance Report for Quarter 4, 2010 (File:  0185-39-06)
     RECOMMENDED:  THAT the report dated March 7 from the Transit Mgr be received for information.
10. Consent Agenda Items
The following Consent Agenda items may be considered separately or in one recommendation.
RECOMMENDED: THAT the Consent Agenda items as follows be approved:
Item 10.1 - Change to Council Meeting Schedule;
Item 10.2 - Devt Permit Application No. 10-050 for Lot 12 on  Highgrove Place (in Area 1 of Rodgers Creek) (to set date for consideration);
Item 10.3 - Development Application Status Report (to March 25, 2011);
Item 10.4 - Hollyburn Cabin [Ten-Year] Permit to Occupy;
Item 10.5 - Correspondence List.
10.1. Change to Council Meeting Schedule (File: 0120-01)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the 2011 Council Meeting Schedule be amended by changing the time and location of the May 2 Ccl Mtg from 7pm in the M Hall Ccl Chamber, to 6pm in the Atrium at the Cmnty Ctr, with the Youth Ccl Meeting to follow at 7pm.  {shd be moved b/c of election}
10.2. Development Permit Application No. 10-050 for Lot 12 on Highgrove Place (in Area 1 of Rodgers Creek)(File:  1010-20-10-050)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the M Clerk give notice that DPA wch provides for devt of 18 cluster housing units will be considered at the meeting of Council on Monday, May 2, 2011.
10.3. Development Application Status Report to March 25, 2011 (File:  1010 01)
        received for information.
10.4. Hollyburn Cabin [Ten-Year] Permit to Occupy (File:  1145-04)
        RECOMMENDED:  THAT the report dated March 30 be received for information.
10.5. Correspondence List (see link on electronic agenda)
        RECOMMENDED:  THAT the correspondence list be received for information.
Council Correspondence March 16-18, 2011 (up to 12:00 Noon)
Referred for Action
(1) S. Slater, March 16, 2011, regarding Safeway Redevelopment
    (Referred to Dir/Planning for consideration and response)
Received for Information
(2) Committee and Board Meeting Minutes
  (a) Board of Variance - February 16, 2011
(3) Esker Lane "The Owners Strata Plan LMS 2681", March 8, re Proposed Cell Phone Tower at Taylor Way and Upper Levels Highway
(4) March 16, 2011, regarding Annual Noise Complaint
(5) Q. M. Slater, undated, regarding Safeway Redevelopment 1600 Marine Drive
(6) J. Baxter, March 16, regarding Pacific Arbour site at 22nd and Marine Drive (Referred to Public Hearing - April 4)
(7) C. Reynolds, West Van Matters, March 18, 2011, regarding Correspondence: Posting and Agenda
Council Correspondence up to March 25, 2011 (up to 12:00 Noon)
Referred for Action
(1) Eye Deal, March 12, 2011, regarding Automatic Traffic Signals and the Disabled
    (Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response)
(2) M. Burns, March 18, 2011, regarding Pellet Guns in West Vancouver
    (Referred to Director of Planning, Lands and Permits for consideration and response)
(3) J. Osborne, North Shore Adults Support Network and Lionsview Seniors Planning Society, March 25, 2011, regarding Delegation Request for District of West Vancouver Council
    (Referred to Mayor for consideration)
Received for Information
(4) Committee and Board Meeting Minutes - WV Memorial Library Board - February 16, 2011
(5) G. Pajari, March 13, 2011, regarding My Letter to Mayor and Council of March 4th
(6) Metro Vancouver Board, March 18, 2011, regarding Regional Food System Strategy
(7) MetroVanWatch (CityHallWatch), March 18, 2011, regarding West Vancouver Council's Acceptance of Regional Growth Strategy: Still time to do the right thing
(8) Three submissions regarding Safeway Redevelopment Proposal dated March 15-20
(9) West Vancouver Family Place (Hollyburn Family Services Society), March 21, 2011, regarding Early Intervention: An Early Parent/Child Development Framework for British Columbia
(10) Pacific Arbour Retirement Communities, March 21, 2011, regarding Pacific Arbour Public Information Meeting Notification (March 30, 2011)
(11) TELUS Corporation, March 22, 2011, regarding TELUS 2011 Capital and Community Investment in West Vancouver
(12) Seven submissions regarding Pacific Arbour Development dated March 15-25 (Referred to Public Hearing on April 4, 2011)
(13) E-Comm 9-1-1, March 25, 2011, regarding 2011 Winter 2011 E Communiqué now available
Council Correspondence up to March 29, 2011 (up to 4:30 pm)
Received for Information
(1) Four submissions regarding Pacific Arbour Development dated March 28 to March 29, 2011 (Referred to Public Hearing on April 4, 2011)
(2) City of North Vancouver, March 24, 2011, regarding North Shore Congress - Child and Family Friendly Community Charter
(3) Union of BC Municipalities, March 29 regarding RCMP Contract Negotiations - Alberta Endorses New RCMP Contract
11. OTHER ITEMS -- No items.

===  ANIMALWATCH  ===  Oceans; BCSPCA; Toulouse Goose in love 
Sylvia Earle: Oceans at risk because of 'luxury tastes'
The world renowned American oceanographer, Sylvia Earle, is convinced that our seas, and therefore our planet, are in grave peril. But how can she convince the world to take notice of a global threat which is invisible to most of us?
She spoke to Stephen Sackur at the Editorial Intelligence conference in Portmeirion, in North Wales.
BBC News - Hardtalk - Sylvia Earle: Oceans at risk because of ...16 Mar 2011 ... Deep sea explorer Sylvia Earle speaks about the threat to our seas from destructive fishing methods and the demand for shark fin and tuna.
        2.      www.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/.../hardtalk/9426475.stm - Cached - Add to iGoog
HARDtalk  Sylvia Earle - Oceanographer
Stephen Sackur talks to the world renowned American oceanographer, Sylvia Earle. Five decades of underwater exploration have left her convinced that our seas are in grave peril..     
BBC iPlayer - HARDtalk: Sylvia Earle - Oceanographer  Stephen Sackur talks to the world renowned American oceanographer, Sylvia Earle.
        2.      www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/.../HARDtalk_Sylvia_Earle_Oceanographer/ - Cached
        3.      More Programme Information
>  TWO  --  BC SPCA
The BC SPCA is considered a leader in animal welfare across North America - here's just a few of the many reasons why...
BCSPCA video: http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=wX9n5VVakxQ&vq=medium
>  THREE -- a Toulouse goose in love........   
The tale of a goose .... Enjoy!
  Click here:  Mother Goose: http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=61WkeY9Jcvw&vq=medium

===  INFObits  ===
+   Anniversaries
o  50th: Yuri Gagarin: first human to journey into outer space when his Vostok spacecraft completed an orbit of the Earth on April 12, 1961.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuri_Gagarin
o  23rd Kurd anniversary
CPTnet  26 March 2011
IRAQ REFLECTION: "I want everyone to hear this story" -- anniversary of chemical gas attack on Halabja
by Janelle Thiessen
March 16 was the anniversary of Saddam Hussein ordering the chemical bombing of Halabja, Iraqi Kurdistan, which killed more than 5000 people...
For the whole article, see the on-line version: http://www.cpt.org/cptnet/2011/03/28/iraq-reflection-i-want-everyone-hear-story-anniversary-chemical-gas-attack-halabja
===  FOODWATCH  ===  see any blueberries?  know about meat glue?
BLUEBERRIES: watch this, it's rather surprising -- look at package labels!
MEAT GLUE:  This is happening in Canada and the US.

=== OTTAWAWATCH  === from a subscriber -- the view from Down Under
Found this confusing and alarming printed in Oz, written by a prof from India teaching in Canada and Oz......always interesting to find out how others see you....

Hope this is of some interest to you.  regards Txxxx
This article appeared in The Australian written by a professor of political science from U of Waterloo. 
Thought you might be interested in what is being reported 'down under'.  Voting day is always important but this time it is critical.   
 --- Original Message -----
Canada Watches it's [sic] Democracy erode
ON Friday, the minority Stephen Harper government fell on a confidence motion by a 156-145 vote. Speaking to the motion, Opposition Leader Michael Ignatieff attacked the government for disrespecting Canadian democracy and treating parliament with contempt.
The myth of Canada being dull is captured in the apocryphal story that in an international competition for the most boring news headline of the year, the winning entry was "Yet another worthy Canadian initiative".
Edmund Burke noted that all that was necessary for evil to triumph was for good men to do nothing. Canadians are certainly good and worthy folks, but they suffer an excess of civil obedience, politeness, and lack of civic rage that could be harnessed to combat political atrophy. At a time when Arabs risk life and limb for political freedoms, Canadians seem largely apathetic about the erosion of their democracy.
The centralisation of power in the hands of the prime minister and political staffers -- with the resulting diminution of the role and status of cabinet, parliaments, and parliamentarians -- is common to Anglo-Saxon democracies in Australia, Britain, Canada, and the US, but the extent to which constitutional conventions, parliamentary etiquette, and civil institutions of good governance have been worn away in Canada is cause for concern.
for the rest: published 30/03/2011(http://www.theaustralian.com.au)

>  Israel to evict family from home in Jerusalem
West Bank, (Pal Telegraph)- The so-called evacuation department in Jerusalem approved Thursday the demolition of parts of a home belonged to a Palestinian family in the area of Ras El-Amoud, eastern the city to make way for Israelis .
The department claimed that  the family illegally constructed a room and surrounded the home with walls in a land that was purchased by the American Jewish [bizman?] Erwin Moskowitz.
Israeli authorities carried out daily demolition operations to dozens of Palestinian homes in Jerusalem aiming at Judaizing the holy city in preparation to implement terrorist plans, while Palestinians view Jerusalem as the future capital for their state.
Local sources confirmed that occupation municipality forced the owner to pay a fine in case he rejected to demolish the illegal parts by himself.
> More examples:.      
o  U.S. protests eviction of Arab family from East Jerusalem home ...25 Jul 2008 ... U.S. protests eviction of Arab family from East Jerusalem home. Official U.S. protest also demands Israel explain settlers' harassment of ...
  2. www.haaretz.com/.../u-s-protests-eviction-of-arab-family-from-east-jerusalem -home-1.250449 - Cached
o  Jewish settlers move into house after Israeli police evict ...23 Nov 2010 ... Jewish settlers today moved into a house in East Jerusalem after Israeli police evicted a Palestinian family of 14 and removed all their ...  www.guardian.co.uk/.../jewish-settlers-arab-area-palestinians-evicted - Cached - Similar
Recommend: This short video shows what's done and how.... helpless...
Home invasion East Jerusalem style - Palestinians evicted from own homes: Israeli settler society

===  SCIENCEWATCH  === nuclear safer than fossil fuels
>  STEPHEN HUME writes.......
... Put another way, the calculation of premature deaths per terawatt hour of energy production comes to this conclusion: for coal, 161; for oil, 36; for biofuels, 12; for natural gas, four; for nuclear, 0.04.
Let's by all means have a robust debate about the future of nuclear energy. Let's hear all the arguments for it and against it. Let's also keep things in perspective while we do.
Nuclear debate should include hazards of sticking with fossil fuel
Stephen Hume, Vancouver Sun. Published: Monday, March 21, 2011 ...
        2.      www2.canada.com/vancouversun/news/story.html?id=415df041... - Cached
> and from New Scientist........
Subject: Clean Energy ?  Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2011 23:46:03 +1100
This will stir some, worth a read anyway
Fossil fuels are far deadlier than nuclear power
 There is no question," says Joseph Romm, an energy expert at the Center for American Progress in Washington DC. "Nothing is worse than fossil fuels for killing people."

===  PEACEWATCH  === Iraq/Kurdistan & Local
From: "CPTnet: the news service of CPT" <cptnet@mailman.cpt.org>
To view the on-line version: http://www.cpt.org/cptnet/2011/03/10/iraq-letter-white-group-agenda
CPTnet  10 March 2011
IRAQ LETTER:  The White Group agenda
Dear all,
We are learning about the fluid nature of the White Group.  They have a network of members, who have been able to think quickly, act decisively, assess the situation, and adjust accordingly.
Following the 26 February 2011 incident, the White Group drafted the following statement:
After many conversations following the incident on Saturday, February 26, which resulted in injuries and death, we decided to make the following points regarding the future activities of the White Group:
1. After the shooting, the Peshmerga [military] forces that were surrounding the demonstration mixed with the people and the people welcomed them by clapping.  The work of the peace wall initially was to stop the interaction between the Peshmerga forces and the people.  Following the mix of forces and people in this good way, it was determined that the role of the peace wall was finished.  For this reason, the White Group is no longer necessary.  However, at any time the demonstrators feel the need for the White Group, we are ready as a group to re-establish the wall.
2. We will work to make pressure on the courts to stop the arrest of people without court orders and we will investigate those people who have made arrests without court orders.
3. We will make pressure on the judges not to limit any statements for publication especially during this time and current situation.  Many famous people have published statements and we want to pressure the courts to protect human rights for public interest.  We will also pressure the courts to protect the right to record criminal activity in these incidents.
4. We will prepare daily reports about activities in Suleimaniya city and send them out internationally.
5. We will follow up and document all the people who have been arrested and disappeared as well as visit jails, police and Asaish [Kurdish secret police].
6. We will collect videos and photos of the demonstrations to keep as a record and to preserve the truth.
7. We will bring in international and independent investigators and include them in the team of local investigators.
On 1 March 2011, the demonstrators officially requested that the White Group return and re-establish the peace wall.  This request was honored beginning on 2 March 2011 and CPT was invited to join members of the group
Peace, CPT-Iraq Team
Updated information; apparently now thought it was a Thai worker (int'l report).
do hope this lessens tensions (and blame) so that it softens Netanyahu's heart and leads to trying to have a mtg working on accommodation and peace.
From: "CPT Hebron" <cptheb@cpt.org>  Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2011 23:53:37 -0800
Hebron: An Eventful day in the West Bank - March 15, 2011
Inger Styrbjorn
   A horrible murder took place four days ago in the illegal settlement of Itamar near Nablus. Parents and three young children were stabbed to death, presumably in their sleep.
   The attack followed a week of countless attacks on the Palestinian people by the illegal settlers. Houses had been set on fire, trees cut down, and water sources destroyed.
   The Israeli government was quick to try to win political points from the attack. The funeral was a big deal and was transferred to Jerusalem. Virulent attacks and statements deluged the Palestinian population. Nablus and surrounding villages were subjected to the toughest possible restrictions =96 the hardest was the invasion of the nearest village of Awarta. The Israeli military went from house to house destroying everything they could.
   Yesterday, we read in the media that all foreign workers of Thai and Filipino origin had been interrogated about the crime. From our contacts with the ISM (International Solidarity Movement) we were told that it was a man from Thailand who carried out the attack. He had threatened to kill the family if he did not get his outstanding salary.
   The thing is, that three members of the ISM, two Swedes, and one woman from Norway, were in the village when it was closed by the military. This evening I spoke with one of the Swedes. They are OK, but cannot come out of the village yet. Last night, they believed the Army would lift the restrictions, but settlers forced their way into the village to harass villagers. The army drove them away and stayed.
   The Swedes said they could move fairly freely in the village, which has about 5,000 inhabitants. They documented the destruction. The devastation was enormous in most houses.  The soldiers became very careful in this rampage when they saw that there was an international presence. It is rumoured, according to the Swedes, that a Palestinian has been shot dead. They also believed that the army will leave the village this evening, No Palestinians have been found guilty of the terrible atrocity in Itamar.
   After all the accusations and threats, not least from the Israeli leadership, we expected to hear some form of apology and corrections. Instead, it was announced that 500 new settlement houses will be built as a punishment for the alleged offense. In fact, bos=E4ttarh=E5ll announced that a new settlement is already being built on Palestinian land, in memory of and in retaliation for the slain family. The information about the man from Thailand has been neither confirmed or denied.
   Large numbers of young people also gathered today across the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza, to manifest their desire for peace and a united Palestine. The young people have joined forces to put an end to years of disagreement and conflict, primarily among its leaders.
   In Hebron, we CPTers joined a crowd of about 800 Palestinians, around Manara Circle and Ebni Rushd. The slogans echoed: "Yes to a united Palestine", "Down with political disagreements", "Yes to national elections", "No to the Oslo Agreement" and "No to occupation".  There were many speakers and scores of Palestinian flags fluttered among the crowd. Palestinian police and security personnel oversaw the whole thing and directed traffic to other streets. Everything about it was calm and dignified. Of course, I was both touched and proud when I saw zeal and determination of the youth. A young Palestinian excitedly said to me: "Ever since my father died when I was five, I've had a bad life. Now we young people want to have a change!"
   We hear from Al Bweireh that the village is constantly exposed to attacks by the illegal settlers on a hill near the village. Two nights ago several cars in the village were damaged and stones were thrown at houses. Last night some ISMers stayed  with a family that was worried. During the day, settlers threatened the school children with guns and in the evening, once again, the illegal, hostile settlers attacked the house. We try to keep an international presence in Al Bweireh together with the other international peace organizations EAPPI and ISM.
Abbas: Palestinians are Blamed for Itamar Killings Before Truth is Known
Date : 16/3/2011   Time : 21:22
RAMALLAH, March 16, 2011 (WAFA) - President Mahmoud Abbas Wednesday said that Israel has blamed the Palestinians for the killing of a family of Israelis in Itamar settlement in the West Bank before the truth was even known.
He made this comment at the start of his speech at the opening session of the PLO's Central Council meeting in Ramallah.
"Regarding the family that was killed in the settlement of Itamar, we said it was an inhuman and immoral crime," said Abbas. "But there is insistence on blaming the Palestinian people before the investigation reveals the truth about who the killer was. I do not know why this persistence and why they insist on this position even though the facts are not yet known?" he said.
Abbas said he spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and told him he was ready to cooperate in the investigation to reach conclusions.
 "They are investigating now, but there is no news about who committed this crime," he said.
 However, Abbas added, "there are crimes committed daily by settlers. This does not justify that and it does not mean that if there are crimes there should crimes in the opposite. But we have to say, and the international community has to know, that our villages are being attacked on a daily basis, and so our mosques, our homes and our olive trees are cut down. The international community and the Israeli public should talk about these crimes and say these are crimes and the others are crimes."
Abbas said he was anxiously waiting for the results of the Israeli investigation to know who the murderer was "so that he can be punished for his inhuman and immoral act."
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2011 23:42:40 -0800
A Huge Palestinian Demonstration Marks "Unity Day" for Hebron
Paulette Schroeder
16 March 2011
At 12:00 noon, March 15, three CPTers witnessed a huge crowd of mostly young people calling for unity between Fatah and Hamas in the struggle of the Palestinians' liberation.  Numerous Palestinian flags waved throughout the crowd.  Children sat on the shoulders of their older brothers.  Young men danced jubilantly as smiles and exhilarating chants filled the street with excitement and hope.  A group of young women students chanted at the top of their lungs. One participant said he estimated that 3000 persons had participated in the demonstration from start to finish. Many Palestinian groups, including Youth against the Settlements, had helped organize the demonstration.  The Palestinian Authority Police fortunately worked WITH the people this time.  They kept traffic moving and people safe in the midst of traffic.
    After more than an hour, the large mass of people moved down the street to another square where they intended to set up tents for those wishing to sleep out in the street overnight.
For pictures of the demonstration see:  http://cpt.org/index.php?q=gallery&g2_itemId=22424
March 16, 2011
At-Tuwani, South Hebron Hills, West Bank Contact: Christian Peacemaker Teams: cpttuwani@cpt.org
Website: http://cpt.org/work/palestine
*Olive Trees Destroyed in West Bank village of At-Tuwani*
                *Link to Photos: http://cpt.org/index.php?q=gallery&g2_itemId=22442*
On the morning of March 16th , residents of the Palestinian village of At-Tuwani woke to discover that someone had destroyed six of their olive trees in the night. The villagers said that the perpetrators were almost certainly Israeli settlers from the nearby illegal outpost of Havat Ma'on. "Settlers did this ... they did this because of the settlers who were murdered near Nablus," said Fadil Ahmed Raba'i, referring to the recent murder of a family of five settlers inside the Israeli settlement
of Itamar, within the West Bank.
The destroyed trees were approximately 15 years old and would have produced olives in the fall harvest had they not been damaged. They were the property of four residents of At-Tuwani; Suleiman Jibreen Raba'i, 'Aisa Jibreen Raba'i, Mohammad Salaami Raba'i, and Musa Khalil Raba'i.
At-Tuwani has experienced frequent vandalism of olive groves since construction of the Ma'on Settlement in 1984. Most recently, on February 21, Raba'i reported that three mature olive trees in his family's grove had been damaged.
Since the mid-1980s Palestinians in Tuwani and the surrounding villages have faced frequent threats and acts of violence and intimidation from settlers, but remain committed to nonviolent resistance. Because villagers in the region are dependent on dry-land subsistence farming, aggression resulting in damage to trees or crops or denial of access to agricultural lands constitutes a significant threat to the communities.
[Note: According to the Geneva Conventions, the International Court of Justice in the Hague, and numerous United Nations resolutions, all Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories are illegal. Most settlement outposts are considered illegal under Israeli law.]
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2011 11:22:00 -0400 (EDT)
To view the on-line version http://www.cpt.org/cptnet/2011/03/18/tuwani-six-olive-trees-destroyed-night
CPTnet   18 March 2011
AT-TUWANI: Six olive trees destroyed in the night
   On the morning of 16 March 2011, residents of the Palestinian village of At-Tuwani discovered that someone had destroyed six of their olive trees in the night.  The villagers said that the perpetrators were almost certainly Israeli settlers from the nearby outpost of Havat Ma'on.  "Settlers did this ... they did this because of the settlers who were murdered near Nablus," said Fadil Ahmed Raba'i, referring to the recent murders of a settler family inside the northern West Bank settlement of Itamar
  The trees were approximately fifteen years old and would have produced olives in the fall harvest had they not been damaged.  They were the property of four residents of At-Tuwani: Suleiman Jibreen Raba'i, 'Aisa Jibreen Raba'i, Mohammad Salaami Raba'i, and Musa Khalil Raba'i.
  At-Tuwani has experienced frequent vandalism of olive groves since construction of the Ma'on Settlement in 1984.  Most recently, on 21 February, Raba'i reported that three mature olive trees in his family's grove had been damaged.
   Since the mid 1980s, Palestinians in Tuwani and the surrounding villages have faced frequent threats, acts of violence, and intimidation from settlers, but remain committed to nonviolent resistance.  Because villagers in the region are dependent on dry-land subsistence farming, aggression resulting in damage to trees or crops or denial of access to agricultural lands constitutes a significant threat to the communities.
Additional photos are available here.
Olive Trees Destroyed in Humra valley (At-Tuwani) http://cpt.org/index.php?q=gallery&g2_itemId=22442
CPT's MISSION: What would happen if Christians devoted the same discipline and sacrifice to nonviolent peacemaking that armies devote to war? Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) seeks to enlist the whole church in organized, nonviolent alternatives to war and places teams of trained peacemakers in regions of lethal conflict.
From: Tuwani Team <cpttuwani@cpt.org>
Village of At-Tuwani honors recent victim of stabbing
March 26, 2011  --  At-Tuwani, South Hebron Hills, West Bank
                            Link to photos: http://cpt.org/index.php?q=gallery&g2_itemId=22535
Residents of At-Tuwani held a peaceful vigil on the morning of March 26 to protest the recent stabbing of Mahmoud Ibrahim Ali Awad, a resident of nearby Tuba village. Soldiers responded to the vigil by declaring a closed military zone.
Villagers from At-Tuwani attempted to erect a small tent in honor of Awad on village land near the illegal outpost of Havat Ma'on, but Israeli soldiers prevented them from doing so by declaring the area a closed military zone. Soldiers ordered Palestinians and internationals out of the area, and forced shepherds who were grazing sheep and goats to leave. Women and children of the village then occupied the area for several hours in defiance of the order to leave.
On March 19, a settler from Havat Ma'on attacked and stabbed Awad on the outskirts of At-Tuwani. Awad was travelling by donkey to the city of Yatta for a medical appointment. A resident of the village saw the attack and ran towards the settler, who ran back into the outpost. Awad was transported to Alia Hospital in Hebron, where he is recovering from stab wounds to his head, arm, and chest.

+  World Forest Day
The United Nations General Assembly declared 2011 as the International Year of Forests to raise awareness on sustainable management, conservation and sustainable development of all types of forests. Moreover March 21 is World Forest Day.
Date : 16/3/2011   Time : 15:27
NABLUS, March 16, 2011 (WAFA) - Israeli bulldozers Wednesday uprooted and stole olive trees in Beit Dajan, a village east of Nablus, according to witnesses.
They said soldiers, with the assistance from the Israeli civil administration, raided the land of Jamal Abu Kanaan and started uprooting his trees.
More than seven military vehicles, a bulldozer, and a truck joined in the uprooting of  the olive trees and carrying them away, according to Nasser Abu Jaish, head of the village council.
He said that approximately 150 trees were uprooted.
This is the third time bulldozers [have raided] Abu Kanaan's land and uproot his trees.
+  Sponsor an Olive Tree
The Olive Tree Campaign seeks to replant trees in areas where they have been uprooted and destroyed or in areas where the fields are threatened to be confiscated by the Israeli Occupation Army or settlers. You can help by sponsoring an olive tree.
You can sponsor an olive tree(s) by sending an amount of $20 USD per tree in a check payable to:
The East Jerusalem YMCA, Olive Tree Campaign, POB 19023 East Jerusalem
Or money transfer with your name (entitled with the Olive Tree Campaign) to:
The East Jerusalem YMCA Rehabilitation Program
Name of Bank: Arab Bank PLC  /  Address: P.O. Box 537. Manager Str.
Place: Bethlehem  /  Country: Palestine
Account No. 719330/516 USD (574 for NIS)  /  Swift Code: ARABPS 22050
Please fill the
Online Sponsorship Form for the details of your sponsorship and for receiving further and future details about your sponsored tree(s), field, farmer, and general updated on olive trees in Palestine and attacks on lands and farmers
We thank you for helping us to KEEP HOPE ALIVE
The Olive Tree Campaign / Joint Advocacy Initiative / YWCA of Palestine
+ Three Arrested in Hebron, Troops Cut Down Olive Trees, Pile Waste near Bethlehem
16.03.11 - 15:01PNN - Palestine News Network
Hebron - PNN - On Wednesday morning, dawn raids conducted by the Israeli army ended with the arrests of three Palestinians, as settler attacks escalated and Israeli soldiers near Nablus cut down and confiscated Palestinian olive trees.
An Israeli bulldozer clearing Palestinian land (PNN Archive).
...Settlers in Hebron also threw stones and dirty water at Palestinian houses in the Old City, while Israeli troops fired live bullets at a passing Palestinian car leaving the village of Beni Na'im, bursting its tires...

+ CBC: http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/features/royal-wedding/index.html  and
+ CTV: http://shows.ctv.ca/RoyalWedding.aspx
+ BBC: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-11767495?s_kwcid=TC%7C22583%7Cthe%20royal%20wedding%7C%7CS%7Cp%7C9858388666
+ WEDDING PRESENTS:  Kate and Will wd like donations to charities as wedding gifts:
+ Royal wedding: Canada Mint unveils commemorative coins
The mint plans to release more royal coins ahead of the couple's visit to Canada in the summer
The Royal Canadian Mint has unveiled collectors' coins to mark the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.
A 20 Canadian dollar silver coin, which will cost about $105 (US$109; =A367), has a sapphire-coloured crystal inlay, to symbolise the bride's engagement ring.
And a 25-cent coin features a colour portrait of the couple...
Right here in WV!  Murchie's has mugs commemorating the coming wedding of Kate and Will.  Cdn't resist buying one.  Also bought Murchie's Wedding Blend tea in honour of the royal wedding -- delicious.

Prince of Wales Prize
The Heritage Canada Foundation is seeking nominations for the Prince of Wales Prize for Municipal Heritage Leadership. Under the patronage of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, this prize is awarded to a municipal government, large or small, rural or urban, which has demonstrated a strong and sustained commitment to the conservation of its historic places.
Victoria is the only B.C. community to have received this award to date, in 2001. The nomination deadline is April 30.
For further information:
Carolyn Quinn, Director of Communications, cquinn@heritagecanada.org
Telephone: 613-237-1066 ext. 229  =BB www.heritagecanada.org
{Alas, no chance for WV. This is the first time it's been without a heritage cmte or even a heritage ccl liaison.}
Mbrship for the Vancouver Haiku Group is open to all people who are interested in writing haiku.
 Meetings are held every third Sunday of the month. The next meeting is Sunday, April 17 from 2 to 4:30pm in Multipurpose Room 3, Mount Pleasant Community Centre, located at 1 Kingsway, Vancouver.  If you have any questions regarding membership, please contact me.
Thank you.
         Regards,  Angela J. Naccarato  angelan@telus.net  604 464 2551
> Release: 2011 Top Ten Endangered Sites
Read this bulletin from our website: www.heritagevancouver.org/bulletin/bulletin_20110221.html

Our 11th Annual Heritage Vancouver Society Top Ten Endangered Sites
   The situation with our historic schools has become so serious that our entire list could have been made up of landmark heritage schools.....
   Our other Top Ten sites for this year demonstrate a variety of issues, including ongoing difficulties associated with the Heritage Density Bank -- frozen since August 2007 -- as well as outdated City plans in many neighbourhoods that do not recognize current development pressures. Some heritage sites are also threatened by current city policies that try to wring maximum public benefits out of many sites through extra density - raising the question of 'how much is too much?' These ten sites represent the many challenges that we have in building a future for heritage in Vancouver..
You can also view our previous Top Ten sites from 2001 to 2010.
1. Vancouver Schools: Carleton (1896 to 1912)  >see full details
2. Vancouver Schools: Kitchener (1914/1924)
It appears that the decision has already been made to demolish the 1924 brick portion of Kitchener...  This wasteful and intrusive projects demonstrates what is wrong with the VSB's approach to its historic structures. Is this demolition necessary? >see full details
3. Vancouver Schools: Sexsmith (1912/1913)  >see full details
4. Shannon Estate (1915-1925)
Shannon Estate is one of Vancouver's premier heritage sites. >see full details
5. Strathcona North of Hastings
Strathcona north of Hastings continues to fall into neglect and no steps have been taken to protect the heritage of Vancouver's oldest neighbourhood in the past year. >see full details
6. Gordon T. Legg Residence (1899)
This very significant late Victorian-era estate house will be demolished unless the City approves an onsite density bonus of 26,000sf. The density cannot be transferred offsite as the Heritage Density Bank has been frozen since August 2007. Heritage Vancouver supports this proposal, but there is significant neighbourhood opposition. >see full details
7. Collingwood Library (1951)
This was the first example of Modernist architecture in the Vancouver Public Library system and has been serving the Collingwood community for 60 years.  >see full details
8. Lower Mount Pleasant
This historic neighbourhood, rich in residential, commercial and industrial heritage, continues to deteriorate. In the past year, two more of its heritage homes -- 302 and 304 West 6th -- were demolished. It will take swift action ...  >see full details
9. Granville Street (1888-forward)
The historic character of Granville Street continues to be threatened, and there is a distinct possibility that the older, smaller heritage buildings, which are unique to the area, will be destroyed in the name of "progress" and a desire to "clean up" the area...  >see full details
10. 2400 Motel (1946)  >see full details

Other Upcoming Events:
* Bulletins: Sign-up to receive, or view all previous bulletins at: www.heritagevancouver.org/bulletins.htmlFollow us at:

Heritage Vancouver Society,  PO Box 3336, Main Post Office, Vancouver, B.C. V6B 3Y3
604 254 9411 info@heritagevancouver.org

===  LANGUAGEWATCH  === I/subject; me/object
from the Mar 21st ccl mtg notes:
... honour for Cclr Sop and I [sic] {see LANGUAGEWATCH}
rather than just say what's correct, will try to explain
first person singular pronouns: I a subject pronoun, me an object pronoun.
Subject of a verb, or object of a verb or a preposition.
   I walked to the store; {Sop and} I went to the mtg; {many friends and} I love shopping
those were all subject and I is the subject pronoun -- you'd say it if others removed..
ME is the object
of a verb:
      Dad took me home; she gave {Sop and} me passes; they wanted {my friends and} me to stay.
of a preposition:
John went with me; he did it for {Mary and} me; they gave the flowers to {all the chn and} me.
You'd say with me, for me, to me, wdn't you.  Just b/c you add other ppl doesn't mean you change the pronoun from object to subject!
If you leave out everyone else in your sentence, you'll never make a mistake.
You wdn't say "me go" and you wdn't say "with I" or "for I".
Those who use I, wch sounds awkward, indicates being hypercorrect -- overdoing it.
The good news is that they're making an effort, they're trying, and that's a good sign.  In that case they might want to be correct and so will appreciate having it explained so that it is no longer a mystery; they won't be uncertain, and they will be right -- wch is what they were trying for in the first place!
                                                                 Questions?  write cr@grammarinfo.ca of ph 922 4400

===   HAIKUWATCH  ===
Celebrate 125 Vancouver  --  March 26 to April 22
o  Haiku Invitational 2011  --  Celebrate Vancouver 125 with your new haiku!
o  Cherry Scouts send in reports from the neighbourhoods on what's in bloom now.  Check out their photos from some great viewing locations.
o  Check out the cherries in your neighbourhood!
o  Learn about our trees as you scout out our best viewing locations.
o  Register now for a chance to work with our amazing artists.
Thanks to the David and Dorothy Lam Foundation the festival offers these Birthday Blossoms trees at a special offer of $40 to individuals, community organizations and businesses.  To quote our Blossom Benefactor, the late Honourable Dr. David C. Lam's belief, "the cherry tree brings joy; one's enjoyment of it brings invisible wealth."
Proceeds will help support the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival, a charitable non-profit society dedicated to the education, celebration and preservation of the 37,000 cherry trees that make our city unique, attracting admirers from around the world. 
For more information on how to plant and care for your new Birthday Blossom Cherry Tree, please go to Planting Tips and Cherry Care on this website.  In addition, a step-by-step video showing how to plant your cherry tree; hosted by noted horticulturalist, Douglas Justice, Associate Director and Curator of Collections at UBC Botanical Garden; can be found below as well as the Planting Tips page.
How to Plant a Cherry Blossom from Matthew Lawless on Vimeo.
Method of Payment
Thank you for your enthusiasm and support of Birthday Blossoms. In order to provide the best customer service of orders Birthday Blossoms will continue as designed, as an online promotion. Please select your cultivar and pick up location carefully and pay by credit card or PayPal as we do not have a "Change of Mind Policy". Unfortunately the Festival cannot handle refunds or changes to Birthday Blossoms orders. Thank you for understanding.
Birthday Blossoms are almost sold - out !! Please order by Pay Pal on-line to reserve your cherry tree and pick-up at one location only:
VanDusen Botanical Garden (Oak and 37th) Parking Lot by West exit Gate 2
Saturday April 16 - 9am to 5pm $45 (taxes in) and delivered for $60 per tree
As long as supplies last there will be  Cash and Carry Cherry - Birthday
Blossoms sale on a first come first served basis at VanDusen Botanical Garden on April 16th only.
Please call 604 379 8854 for delivery *Delivery within Vancouver only.   
Prunus Sato Zakura Group 'Kanzan' -- 'Kanzan'  is a fast growing cherry with a large, upright spreading crown. The huge, double pink flowers are produced in incredible profusion in late April or May...
Prunus pendula 'Yae-beni-shidare'  --  Yae-beni-shidare' is a double-flowered form of the Japanese Ito-zakura (thread cherry), with flowers in March or April that resemble, as they open, tiny, pendulous pink roses. The habit of this tree is more umbrella-like than many other weeping cultivars ...

===  MAIKU  === senryu followed by politi-ku

                        the light's extinguished
                                                  the life story ends
                                                                        the lady with lilac eyes

Federal Election May 2 so added politi-ku variations
+  2011 March 19
bailing out the banks, etc, thinking of budget and possible election; you may wish to substitute your favourite funding/tax incentive/promise for the first line:

                                      stimulus package
                                                            takes Peter's money, pays Paul.
                                                                                                           My name is Peter.
then later:
                              infrastructure funds
                                                            use Peter's money for Paul.
                                                                                              My name is Peter.

                     money for projects
                                                 pick Peter's pocket for Paul.
                                                                                    My name is Peter.
with election call, a variant:

                                   campaign promises ~~
                                                            Peter's money goes to Paul.
                                                                                                My name is Peter.

We can never be the better for our religion if our neighbour is the worse for it.  -- Unknown
Despots know how to solve every problem except the most serious: themselves.                                                                           
    -- Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, KG, OM, CH, TD, PC, DL, FRS, British statesman (1874 - 1965)
who also said:
A politician needs the ability to foretell what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year. And to have the ability afterwards to explain why it didn't happen.
Remember, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.
                                                               -- Dale Carnegie, American writer and lecturer (1888 - 1955)
Sometimes a man wants to be stupid if it lets him do a thing his cleverness forbids.
                                                     -- John Steinbeck, American novelist, Nobel laureate (1902 - 1968)
What the object of senile avarice may be I cannot conceive. For can there be anything more absurd than to seek more journey money, the less there remains of the journey?
                                          -- Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman statesman, orator, writer (106 - 43 BCE)
A dream will always triumph over reality, once it is given the chance.
                                       -- Stanislaw Jerzy Lec (born Baron Stanislaw Jerzy de Tusch-Letz),
                                                      poet and aphorist of Polish and Jewish noble origin (1909 - 1966)
When you are reluctant to change, think of the beauty of autumn.   -- Unknown
Too many spiders in your house can turn it into a no fly zone.
Having too many vowels is a consonant struggle in the game of Scrabble.
 As long as the imperial system is in place a ruler will be afoot.
I like the latest horror movie so much that I've arranged a private screaming.
Insulting an East Indian chef will bring you bad Korma.