Apr 4 Ccl NOTES
Calendar to May 13

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Passover, Vaisakhi, Easter, -- oh yes, and an election
MAIN ITEMS on Ccl Agenda Apr 18: Delegation: NSh Cmte re Cycling Coalition; Wetmore OCP and Zoning Bylaws second/third reading; Fisherman's Cove Fuel Dock; Non-Enforcement of Noise Control for BC Ferries on Wed Apr 20; 20th & Esquimalt OCP and Zoning Bylaws (consultation to date deemed sufficient) and DPA with PH May 16; Bylaw Enforcement Amendment Bylaw intro; DPA 2430 Russet; NSEMO Report; among Corresp: Taxes, Pacific Arbour, Safeway site; RGS, UN Trip accountability, Lynum's Garden, City of WV in Centenary?
=  Vive le Canada (being responsible); from the EDITOR'S DESK (WVM; crossroads); UPDATES & INFO (UN medal; rapid notify; RGS; Olympic Village; 2011 Census; WVPD CompStat Report; WRA Update)
=  CALENDAR to May 13th; CULTUREWATCH (Theatre; Art; Music; Opera); NATUREWATCH (Lynn Canyon); SUBSCRIBER HEADSUP (two IDEAS II mtgs plus an Open House and more opps coming!)
=  Ccl Mtg NOTES Apr 4th:  Public Hearing on Wetmore, then Ccl Mtg: Library's Five-Yr Plan (2011 - 2015); RGS Acceptance Report; TransLink Customer Report; May 2nd ccl mtg changed to 6pm at Cmnty Ctr followed by Youth Ccl Mtg at 7pm (thank gosh, moved to May 9th); Devt Permit mtg for Highgrove (Rodgers Crk) May 2nd; Devt Applic Status Report to Mar 25; Hollyburn Cabin Permits (ten years); Correspondence on Safeway site, Pacific Arbour (Wetmore), posting of letters/agendas, RCMP contract in AB, Fire/Emergency Services Comments
=  Ccl Mtg AGENDA Apr 18th
=  ANIMALWATCH (cat and dolphins; robins in spring!); OTTAWAWATCH/WOMANWATCH (far from equality at top in Canada?); HOUSINGWATCH (be grateful yours secure); PEACEWATCH (Kurds crumbling?); VOTEWATCH; TREEWATCH (UN Int'l Year of Forests); GAZA BOAT; ROYALWATCH (Kate's Village; Aristocratic Titles; Wedding Rehearsal); DRIVINGWATCH (DUI); LANGUAGEWATCH (I/me again); WORDWATCH (infandous); POLITICS & GOVERNMENT; MAIKU (obligation); QUOTATIONS/THOUGHTS/PUNS

===  Vive le CANADA  ===
When living in a country that can choose its leaders, the burden is particularly heavy.  What if you like the policies but not the leader or like the leader but not the policies.
Weigh your priorities, evaluate the possibilities, calculate the consequences.
Let us hope for the best.  A week is a long time in politics and we've got two!
Remember, our system is called "responsible" govt, IOW we are responsible for choosing the govt -- then we have to make sure they're made accountable.  We're responsible for choosing the next time too.
===  from the EDITOR'S DESK  ===
Subscribers get WVM first however a disadvantage is that sometimes additions and revisions are made.  The printed WVM therefore may not be the same as the email one.  Subscribers do, however, get updates.  If the difference is more than trivial, the hard copies will have an R or symbol after the number.  WVM is then put up on the website some time after that so it will always be the latest version.  With the recent problems am sure there are errors and omissions; pls bear with me and let me know about them asap.
Oh, Libran: 'balance' with the symbol of the scales, concerned with Justice.  We look at both sides and are often indecisive.  The choices this election are causing more thought than usual.  I'm in the middle.  To paraphrase a well-known saying, a capitalist with a human face.
We have to create a situation that biz can do well -- esp with competition from countries where the wages are a few dollars a day (and rather than supporting our companies, some "Canadians" buy products made elsewhere or go across the border to fill American coffers -- so they can be taxed for the social measures we want.
Yes, I wrote "Canadians" b/c surely it's death wish that some fight for higher wages, thus making it more difficult for a Cdn company to keep costs down and stay in biz, yet drive south of the border to buy things cheaper (where unions are not so strong and wages are lower).  Worse, they then appear on TV so pleased at how much less they paid for what they bought.  How do they expect Cdn biz to survive?  Or their own company that can't lower prices b/c paying them higher wages.
So much for patriotism.
And helping fellow Canadians.
In case you're curious, I'm in the centre -- on the right for some issues and slightly left for others.
Hence debating.
will set out the determining factors later.
Friday, April 08, 2011  http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=33620
Friday, April 8, 2011 - West Vancouver was honoured last night in New York City as a recipient of the Medal Certificate and recognized as a Global Green City by the United Nations. The Medal Certificate was presented by Mr. Lu Haifeng, Secretary General of Global Forum on Human Settlements. The West Vancouver delegation includes: Mayor Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, Councillor Trish Panz, community leader Tarah Stafford, and Manager of Sustainability Stephen Jenkins.
Mayor Pamela Goldsmith-Jones says, "The best protection of public and private assets happens when political leaders, professionals, and volunteer experts come together. West Vancouver's mission is to inspire excellence and lead by example. We are honoured to have been recognized for that."
West Vancouver's presentation to the Sixth Global Forum on Human Settlement, hosted by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), focused on West Vancouver's model for citizen engagement and key projects and initiatives which have resulted from citizen-led working groups. Such initiatives include: energy retro-fits of homes, water meter installation, and foreshore restoration.
In addition, West Vancouver's presentation focused on the policy framework at the provincial level, notably the Government of British Columbia's carbon tax. This underscores British Columbia and Metro Vancouver's immense potential to be the centre for green innovation and to build a green economy.
See: http://www.westvancouver.ca/uploadedFiles/News/Media_Releases/2011_Media_Releases/UN_PRESENTATION_FINALDRAFT.pdf
Subject: Register for Emergency Notifications  http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=33572
There is an important new tool on the North Shore to help keep you safe in the event of emergency.
The Rapid Notify system can send out mass notifications through e-mail, telephone, cell phone, SMS test message, and pagers. The messages can be used to warn people of potential hazards to health and safety, such as:
large fire
chemical spill
evacuation notice
severe weather conditions
missing person alert
police activity
Individuals may register their contact information to the system. When an alert is issued, registrants will be informed of the nature of the situation and given instructions on how to protect themselves.
How to register
Go to www.nsemo.org and click on the link on the right hand side of home page. This will allow you to set up your self-registration account.
Who should register
Anyone can self-register. Whether you live or work on the North Shore, it does not matter. All you need is a North Shore address to insert into the address field of the online form. This can be a residential or work address.
Metro Vancouver has voted in favour of pursuing binding arbitration to force the city of Coquitlam to approve a proposed regional growth strategy, fearing the project would be derailed for years down the road. Metro chief administrative officer Johnny Carline recommended in a special meeting that directors ask the provincial government to step in with binding arbitration, saying in a report that Metro had made extensive efforts to accommodate Coquitlam's demands and "a non-binding process would likely be costly, time consuming and futile." The long-awaited strategy, which aims to curb urban sprawl, build density around transit hubs, and protect agricultural land for local food production, requires consensus from municipalities and TransLink.
Vancouver officials estimated Friday the Olympic village will have a shortfall of between $40-50 million after all the units are sold and the construction loan paid off. That shortfall is the first concrete confirmation that the city will likely not recover all of the $578 million it is still owed by the former owner, Millennium Developments. But it is far better than initial estimates by Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson that the city could be "on the hook" for the entire cost of the $1 billion village. And it is better still than the potential $150 million shortfall estimated by some council members and development experts after the city forced Millennium into "voluntary" receivership.
The Integrated First Nations Unit of WV Police and the NV RCMP (IFNU) has added another important tool for the Unit's work with the Squamish and Tsleil Waututh First Nations.
IFNU is publicly announcing launch of the Integrated First Nations Unit website (http://ifnu.bc.rcmp.ca) and a companion page on Facebook.
IFNU was created in 2008 to provide enhanced First Nations policing services on the North Shore and in Squamish.  A key mandate of the Unit is to build communication and understanding between Police and members of the Tsleil Waututh and Squamish First Nations.
The IFNU website is intended to serve that goal by helping to fully inform community members about the Unit and its ongoing work, and to provide community members with information on working with police for community safety.
http://ifnu.bc.rcmp.ca includes:
-  Goals and Objectives of the Integrated First Nations Unit and the Police and Community Partnership that created IFNU.
-  Community Profiles of the Squamish and Tsleil Waututh First Nations served by IFNU with links to learn unique histories of their Peoples.
-  Integrated First Nations Unit News updating new developments and ongoing initiatives of IFNU.
Community Tips to provide information on protecting yourself against offences or other risks.
-  Events In Our Communities
Visit our Photo Gallery for a look back on events IFNU has taken part in.
All members of the Tsleil Waututh and Squamish First Nations and the General Public are invited to visit http://ifnu.bc.rcmp.ca and our companion page on Facebook(www.facebook.com - Search IFNU)
Starting May 2 all households in Canada will receive a yellow census package. The information it gathers is important for our community and is vital for planning services such as schools, daycare, police services, and fire protection.  Census jobs are still available in WV.  For more info, visit census2011.gc.ca 
...As part of their presentation, the WVPD crime analyst advised council that Break and Enters, as well as vehicle related crimes, were all down.  Specifically:
                Residential Break and Enters, down by 21%
               Theft of Vehicles, down by 37%
          Theft from Vehicles, down by 25%
                Commercial Break and Enters, down by 11%
Press Release:  http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=32990
Report:  https://wvpd.ca/images/stories/file/CompStat%202011/2010%20CompStat%20Year%20End%20Report_FINAL.pdf
o  Please be advised that solicitation for donations in support of the "Friends for Historical Piers Non-Profit League" is not sanctioned by the District of West Vancouver or the WRA.
o  As WRA did last month, we will be having a Nifty-Thrifty Outreach Draw at our meetings, so tuck a toonie or two in your pocket. As most of you know, part of the proceeds from the Nifty Thrifty Shop went to the less fortunate in our community. The 50/50 draw is a continuation of this program. Tix are one for $2, three for $5 and will be on sale at the door before the meeting (Apr 19).
o  Gleneagles School Intersection
Representatives from the WRA, the PAC, and the Rosebery block adjacent to the school met with Director of Engineering Ray Fung on April 13th to discuss issues with this intersection. The District will be hiring a consultant to look at a solution for the intersection with a preference for a roundabout. Funds have been set aside and the intent is to commence work as soon as school is out with a view to completion over the summer. Various aspects regarding safety for children were also discussed including the "walking schoolbus" program, the value of supervision at crosswalks, and so forth.

=======  CALENDAR to May 13th  =======
All mtgs are at M Hall unless indicated otherwise.  NOTE: shown are mtgs known at this date; often there are additions, changes, cancellations after WVM goes out.  Check the DWV Calendar: http://www.westvancouver.ca/Calendar.aspx  .   Notices/mtgs/changes too late for an issue or too early for the next are sent to subscribers as updates (see just above).  They then appear in the next newsletter.
NB:  b/c the next WVM isn't due until just before the next ccl mtg May 9th, three weeks from now, this list obviously will be missing subsequently scheduled mtgs and events.
== Monday Apr 18
Building Low-Carbon Cities: A Response to Climate Change
~ 7 to 9pm ~ SFU Harbour Ctr campus
== Tuesday Apr 19 ~ Western Residents' Assn; Information Meeting: Horseshoe Bay Wharf
         ~ 7:30pm ~ Gleneagles Clubhouse; (perhaps Anne Russell WVPD BlockWatch as well)
             Guests: Cdn Coast Guard Auxiliary; Anne Mooi, WV Dir/Parks; Andrew Banks, Sr Mgr, Parks
The topic of discussion will be the potential for relocation of the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary-P Station 1 to the wharf in Horseshoe Bay. We expect this meeting to be very lively and would encourage our members to participate, to learn from the Coast Guard and West Vancouver staff, and to add their comments regarding the use of the wharf in the context of the future of the Horseshoe Bay waterfront.
== Wednesday Apr 20  ~ 7pm ~ Library Board at Library and Bd of Variance in Ccl Chamber
== Thursday Apr 21  ~  Earth Day at Gleneagles  ~ noon - 5pm
Come ready to learn about the environment from local experts and discover how we can work together to keep our planet clean and healthy. This event will include a variety of activities and adventures, so please dress for the weather and be ready to learn.  Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr 
Celebrated every April 22
Earth Day is the largest, most celebrated environmental event worldwide.
More than 6 million Canadians join 1 billion people in over 170 countries in staging events and projects to address local environmental issues. Nearly every school child in Canada takes part in an Earth Day activity.
***  HAPPY EASTER  ***
* Good Friday Apr 22; Easter Sunday Apr 24; Easter Monday Apr 25 *
== Saturday Apr 23
~ 11am - 3pm~   Easter Craft Day at Park Royal
Are you and your family ready for the Easter Bunny? Join us at Park Royal South Centre Court for some family fun crafting activities.  We will assist your little ones in creating one-of-a-kind Easter Bunny Bags -- and no clean up at home necessary! Park Royal will do it all. These bags are perfect for collecting Easter eggs and are appropriate for children under 12 years old.  Note that children will be seated on a first come, first served basis and we will do our best to accommodate everyone.  See you there!
~ 1 - 4pm  ~  Egg-cellent Easter at the Aquatic Centre
          The Easter Bunny will be visiting the West Vancouver Aquatic Centre. Come enjoy the treats and games.

== Sunday Apr 24
~ 9:30am - 1pm ~  1st Annual North Shore 5km Earth Run 
Join thousands across Canada to raise awareness and funds for a healthy planet!
The 1st annual North Shore Earth Run takes place at Ambleside Park. There will be musical entertainment, a Green Expo, and plenty of family activities including a kids' run and an Easter egg hunt. So, spend time with family and friends, check out the new Spirit Trail, and show your support for the environment.   Money raised will go to the David Suzuki Foundation and West Vancouver Streamkeepers.  Run details and registration information can be found at www.earthrun.com
~ noon - 2pm ~ Lions Club Easter Egg Hunt
Hop on - 4 - down to John Lawson Park and join in the Lions Club Kids' Easter Egg Hunt. Easter Egg Hunt starts at 1pm.
4pm ~  St. Stephen's Anglican Church (885 - 22nd) invites you to its Jazz Vespers Service
The featured guests are City Soul Choir, directed by Brian Tate. The choir has established itself as a welcome addition to Vancouver's choral scene with its inspiring renditions of spirituals, gospel, and world music.
== Tuesday Apr 26  ~ 7pm~ Parks Master Plan WG [see workshop on Thurs 28]
== Wednesday Apr 27
~ 6:30pm Open House display; 7pm Cmnty Consultation Mtg (Kiwanis Seniors Housing Society proposal 900 Blk 21st St.) at Pauline Johnson Elementary School, gym, 1150 - 22nd St; to 10pm
                                            Read More: http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=33760
== Thursday Apr 28
        ~ 4:30pm ~ Design Review Cmte -- CANCELLED
        ~ 5pm ~ NShAdv Cmte on Disability Issues at DNV M Hall
        ~ 5:30pm ~ WVPD Board mtg in Police Boardroom
        ~ 6:30pm ~ Parks Master Plan Workshops start! (see end of this section)
== Friday Apr 29 -- Save the Frog Day?
== Saturday Apr 30
        ~ 1:30pm ~ Srs' Activity Ctr: Royal Wedding Tea Party - CANCELLED
~ 10am - 1pm ~ Adopt-A-Fish
Release your own baby salmon into McDonald Creek for its first swim as a wild fish! Join the West Vancouver Streamkeeper Society and the Coho Society for this free and fun event. Three years from now, your fish may return as an adult salmon to the same stream to continue the cycle of life.
Participants are asked to come to the Memorial Library to pick up their Salmon Release Certificate. After a short walk to Memorial Park (across the street), you will be given a bucket and your own baby salmon (maybe you want to name it!) from the Capilano Hatchery. You can observe and then release your salmon, carefully, into McDonald Creek, and say goodbye as it makes its way toward the ocean.
Refreshments and information about salmon will also be available at the event. This event is sponsored by Park Royal Shopping Centre and will take place rain or shine.  Place: WV Memorial Library and Memorial Park
~ 1 - 3pm ~ Fire Services Recruitment Information Session
N Sh Municipalities to host Fire Services Recruitment Information Session and Open House
District of North Vancouver Fire Training Centre, 900 St. Denis Avenue, North Vancouver
The Districts of North Vancouver and West Vancouver, and the City of North Vancouver will be accepting applications for firefighter positions from July 4 to July 27.
~ 5 - 10pm ~  Valborg Celebration
Join the Swedish Cultural Society in Ambleside Park at their annual family event with singing around the bonfire and a hotdog roast.  Info: 626 3999
== Thursday May 5   ~ 4:30pm ~ Design Review Cmte
== Tuesday May 10  ~ 7pm ~ Parks Master Plan WG

                complete info: http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=33846
Next Step - Community Workshops: The community at large is invited to attend a workshop and provide input.
Thursday, April 28 - West Vancouver Community Centre, 2121 Marine Drive (Dance and Fitness Studio, Second Floor)
Wednesday, May 4Sentinel School, 1250 Chartwell Drive, (School Library)
Monday, May 9 - West Vancouver Community Centre, 2121 Marine Drive (Cedar Room, Third Floor)
Tuesday, May 10Gleneagles Golf Clubhouse, 6190 Marine Drive (Great Hall)
Time: Each workshop's doors open at 6:30pm and the workshop begins at 7pm
At these workshops, you will be asked questions like: 
                What do you like most about West Vancouver's parks? 
                What aspects need attention? 
                What is your vision for the future of the District's parks?
We look forward to your participation in this dialogue and would be pleased to answer your questions.
Please email us or call the Parks Dept at 925 7130 if you would like to attend. Registration at the workshops is not required, but it is preferred.

+++  WV MEMORIAL LIBRARY +++  http://www.westvanlibrary.ca/event/calendar.php
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Come to an egg-citing puppet show to get ready for Easter.  1:30pm Tues Apr 19. Drop-in, but space is limited.
The Clean Bin Project  -- 1:30pm Tues Apr 26
Join us for a special documentary movie screening of The Clean Bin Project.  Partners Jen and Grant go head to head in a competition to see who can swear off consumerism and produce the least landfill garbage in an entire year. The Clean Bin Project presents the serious topic of waste reduction with optimism, humour, and inspiration for individual action.
o  Wednesday April 27 ~  Friends of the Library Meeting  ~ 12:30 - 2 pm
= BOOKtopia 2011
West Vancouver's Children's Literature Festival  --  April 28 - May 15
BOOKtopia is an annual festival of children's literature intended to promote literacy, celebrate language arts, and cultivate creative thought in West Vancouver. BOOKtopia offers a series of events for preschool, elementary, and secondary school students at the Kay Meek Centre and the West Vancouver Memorial Library. Events include author visits, illustrator's workshops, poetry readings, storytelling, poetry slams, and other spoken word events. A special part of this year's festival will include a presentation to of the winners of the Member of Parliament Award for Writing 2011.
For a list of all events, visit BOOKtopia.ca
BOOKtopia Bookmaking Workshop
Create a special BOOKtopia-themed art project! Make a T-shaped "self-identity" book. Finished books will be displayed as part of the BOOKtopia 2011's art exhibition. 4pm Thursday April 28, Storyhouse. Registration required but space is limited. Call 925 7408 to register. Registration begins Monday, April 4.
o  Join us for the BOOKtopia launch party and art reception. Enjoy cookies and juice, take in the artwork and celebrate the beginning of BOOKtopia 2011! 4pm Friday April 29
Cypress through the Seasons  ~ 2 - 4pm ~ Saturday Apr 30
Cypress Provincial Park, located in the mountains above West Vancouver, contains an exceptional number of beautiful subalpine flowering plants. Join the Lighthouse Park Preservation Society for a slide show presentation that will show the development of these plants through the seasons and the park's rich biological diversity.
= Monday May 2  May is Census Month
Libraries rely heavily on Statistics Canada's census data! If you have questions about the 2011 Census please see the Information Desk.
=  English Corner ~ Fridays Apr 29, May 6, 13 ~ Practise English Conversation 10 - 11:30am
                  For more information please call Fariba Rocker at 604 506 6616.

 +++  WV MUSEUM  +++  http://westvancouvermuseum.ca/exhibitions/current_exhibition
Sylvia Tait: A Classical Spirit ~ Apr 13 to May 21
Abstract painter Sylvia Tait studied at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts under Arthur Lismer, Jacques de Tonnancoeur, and Eldon Grier before settling on the West Coast. Her work is influenced by abstract expressionism with colour- infused forms clustered or linked together and migrating across the surfaces of her canvases. This exhibition features a broad survey of Tait's work from the early 1960s to the present.

+++  FERRY BUILDING GALLERY  +++ http://ferrybuildinggallery.com ~ 925 7290
April 19 - May 1 ~ Capilano University IDEA Program:
"REFLECTIONS 2012"  --  Original Paintings and 2012 Calendar launch
Opening Reception: Tuesday April 19 from 6 - 8pm
Artists in Attendance: Saturday April 23 from 2 -3pm
GRAD SHOW 2011  ~  May 3 - 15
Mixed Media exhibition of art by graduating students of Collingwood, Mulgrave, Rockridge, Sentinel, and West Vancouver Secondary.
Opening Reception: Friday May 6 from 5 - 8pm
+++ SILK PURSE +++   http://www.silkpurse.ca/gallery2.html
"Blossoming" April 19 - May 1
This duo show is a colourful celebration of floral beauty. Maryam Vancouver's art is always full of passion with vivid colour and bold compositions.  Fauvism Contemporary is the style she employs. Jennifer Lamb's deep affinity for flowers is evident in her bright macro photographs, which either reveal minute details or offer only a gesture of the bloom. She wants you to share in the delight of what she discovered along the garden path.
See a selection of Jennifer images: http://www.flickr.com/photos/beauty/sets/72157626110225039/
Opening reception Tuesday April 19th from 6 - 8pm
"Happiness Reigns"  May 3 - 15th
Paintings by Gordon Davis "I paint for leisure and enjoyment. I use lots of colour - no clouds or dull greys, and my theme is always happiness and joy." Most of Gordon's work is pleine aire and verges towards expressionism, pushing a little away from reality.
Opening reception will be held Tuesday May 3rd from 6 - 8pm
Complete list of events: http://kaymeekcentre.com/on_stage/events_calendar
Electronic newsletter: http://kaymeekcentre.weebly.com
Simplest way to get on email list, call 913 3634 (also for tix) or email tickets@kaymeekcentre.com
> Theatre West Van presents Caught In The Net
        ~ 8pm Saturday, April 16, Thurs 21, Fri 22, Sat 23, Fri 29, and Sat 30 at 2 and 8pm
>  RAHIM SHAHRIARI AND ARAZ IN CONCERT   --  8pm Saturday April 23
>  A SMALL ACT  --  7pm Wednesday April 27
Students from WV Secondary School travelled to the rural Kenyan village of Salabwek this past December where they built a classroom and learned about a new culture. While there, they realized how fortunate they are to have grown up in the prosperous community of West Vancouver. The underlying message that the students learned in Salabwek is that education can end the cycle of poverty that is prevalent throughout the world. When the students returned home from their trip they formed a club (Club Salabwek) dedicated to raising the funds to build a school in a developing country. 
The students' first major fundraiser is hosting a screening of A Small Act at West Vancouver's Kay Meek Centre.  Along with the screening of the film there will also be a silent auction.  Single tickets $20
                        Tuesday May 3 at 10:30am and 1:30pm;  Wednesday May 4 at 8:30am
                        Thursday May 5 at 10:30am and 1:30pm
>  IAN EDWARDS: IN THE PICTURE   --  8pm Friday May 6

+++ ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION BRANCH 60, West Vancouver +++
Website: http://www.westvan60.com/  --  ofc: 922 3587; lounge: 922 1920
"Where Volunteers make the difference." Chartered November 17th, 1926
The Winter Issue of "The Torch" is now available
 To view the newsletter, just click the following link for direct access:
 The newsletter is available to any non-member who is interested.  To sign up, please fill in the form at the bottom of the webpage, http://www.westvan60.com/newsletter.html
Drop in -- This fun night is for Branch members and guests
      ...April 21, May 5, 19, June 2, 16 & 30.  Info - call Kelvin Andrew - 921 9665.
FUN DARTS - Drop in
This fun night is for Branch members and guests -- Thursdays - April 7th & 21st
Information - call Kelvin Andrew - 921 9665
Saturday April 23rd
Furry Creek Golf Tournament followed by dinner in the Hall. Sign up in the Lounge for this annual, fun event! Music by the "Die Hards"
April 29th  --  Dinner in the Lounge with dancing.  Dinner $12 - Menu to be announced

+++ WV CHAMBER of COMMERCE + 926 6614 + http://www.westvanchamber.com
Apr 26 -- Zero-Waste Challenge: Accelerating Multi-Family Waste Diversion
Location: Hollyburn Country Club  --  The Metro Vancouver Board of Directors, in cooperation with the Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade, invite you to join them for a special series of Future of the Region Sustainability Dialogues on the Zero-Waste Challenge. Learn More
Apr 28 -- Horseshoe Bay's 4th Annual Taste of the Bay
Tickets for Taste of the Bay are $20 and will be available online and at Gleneagles Community Centre on April 1st! However, the Business Market is OPEN now! Tables are going quickly! To book your table and showcase your business, e-mail Events Coordinator, Jan Skelly, at jan@westvanchamber.com or call 926 6614. Call today!
Non-Profit Table - 150.00, Members' Table - 250.00, Non-Members Table - 300.00 Register

+  BARD ON THE BEACH http://www.bardonthebeach.org/ June 2nd to Sept 24
As You Like It: June 9th; grand opening celebration (by invitation only)
The Merchant of Venice opens Saturday June 18
Henry VI, Wars of the Roses, opens Wednesday July 6 
Richard III opens Saturday July 16.
     Tix: book online or call Box Office M-F 9am to 4pm, 739 0559; reserved seating this year.
o  Everything You Wanted To Know About Shakespeare  - April 20
Do you secretly find Shakespeare a little daunting and mystifying? Have no fear, Bard's Director of Education Mary Hartman is here. Mary brings her unique style and insight into the world of Shakespeare. Hear about life in Shakespeare's London, the playhouses, the staging and theatrical conventions of the period, and the vitality of Shakespeare's language. Mary breaks it all down with her extraordinary enthusiasm and wit.
         Free! (pre-registration required); 7pm Wednesday April 20; SFU Woodwards 149 W Hastings 
Do you secretly find Shakespeare a little daunting and mystifying? Have no fear, Bard's Director of Education Mary Hartman is here. Mary brings her unique style and insight into the world of Shakespeare. Hear about life in Shakespeare's London, the playhouses, the staging and theatrical conventions of the period and the vitality of Shakespeare's language. Mary breaks it all down with her extraordinary enthusiasm and wit.  Price: Free! (pre-registration required)
- Bill's Birthday Breakfast
Join us for Bill's Birthday Breakfast and meet the 2011 directors as they share their exclusive insights and artistic visions for Bard's 22nd Season.
~ 7:30 - 9am ~ Thursday May 5  / Place: Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre (1088 Burrard)
Tix: $40pp / Proceeds benefit Bard Education programs / http://www.bardonthebeach.org/breakfast
+ Arts Club (687 1644) www.artsclub.com
- Stanley Industrial Alliance  -- Hairspray starring Jay Brazeau May 7 to July 10
-  Revue Stage on Granville Island
Another Home Invasion by Joan MacLeod; Mar 31st to Apr 23; one-woman performance, facing life's challenges with humour and dignity. Tarragon Theatre
+ Jericho Arts Centre  (1675 Discovery)  224 8007
        - Rosmersholm by Henrik Ibsen; Apr 1 - 24
        - Spring Forward, created and directed by Joan Bryans; Apr 4 - 20
+ Metro Theatre 266 7191  -- 42nd Street by Michael Stewart and Mark Bramble; Apr 2 - 30
+ The Cultch  251 1363
        Dress me up in Your Love -- stories about fashion from Apr 19 to 23
+ Hendry Hall  983 2633
        If we are women by Cdn playwright Joanna McClelland Glass; Apr 8 to 23
+ Presentation House Theatre
        The Yeoman of the Guard, NSh Light Opera Society presents Gilbert & Sullivan, Apr 15 - 30
    Calendar of Events: http://www.vanartgallery.bc.ca/events_and_programs/calendar_of_events.html
~ VAG PUBLIC PROGRAMS  --  All Programs free for Members.
~  Out for Lunch -- Eine Kleine Lunch Musik  Select Fridays, 12:10 - 1pm
+  Vancouver Opera  --  http://www.vancouveropera.ca/
La Traviata: April 30, May 3, 5, 7, 10, 12 (all perfs at 7:30pm)
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Verdi's most popular opera is realized in a gorgeous new co-production deftly directed by the prodigiously talented Sir Jonathan Miller. Sumptuous parties, passionate encounters and intimate scenes of tragic tenderness, together with dramatic and vocal intensity from beginning to end, make this a wonderful opera experience.
This production of La Traviata is a co-production of Vancouver Opera and Glimmerglass Opera.
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All Opera Speaks events are 7 - 9pm in the Alice MacKay Room of the central branch of Vancouver Public Library. Admission is free. Seating is limited. Arrive early!
~ 7pm ~ Tuesday, April 19
        --  A Feature Interview With Sir Jonathan Miller
Sir Jonathan Miller is one of the world's most fascinating and creative polymaths: opera and theatre director, neuropsychologist, writer, television presenter and humourist. He rose to fame 50 years ago as part of the influential British comedy show "Beyond the Fringe", with Dudley Moore, Peter Cook, and Alan Bennett. He is in Vancouver to direct La Traviata.
Bard on the Beach artistic director Christopher Gaze will engage Sir Jonathan in a feature-length interview about his work, his life, and his provocative ideas. An excerpt from La Traviata will be performed. Thanks to Bard on the Beach for their support!
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o  Power & Beauty: Brahms & Sibelius
            Orpheum Theatre Saturday 8pm Apr 30, Sunday 2pm May 1, Monday 8pm May 2
       Kazuyoshi Akiyama, conductor Augustin Hadelich, Violin
       Louie: The Eternal Earth; Sibelius: Violin Concerto; Brahms: Symphony No. 1
Augustin Hadelich is an exciting young musician who makes his VSO debut performing the lyrical, brooding, and beautiful Sibelius Violin Concerto. This concert also features the magnificent First Symphony of Johannes Brahms.
o  Alessio Bax Plays Mozart
            Orpheum Theatre Saturday 8pm May 7, Monday 8pm May 9
         Kazuyoshi Akiyama, conductor; Alessio Bax, piano
Toru Takemitsu: Rain Coming; Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 27; Nielsen   Symphony No. 4, The Inextinguishable
Making his VSO debut, Italian pianist Alessio Bax performs a beautiful Mozart piano concerto. Bax is an Avery Fisher Career Grant winner, and a gifted interpreter of Classical piano works.
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Title: The Canyon Transformed: The forest above and the rocks below.
An interpretive geology/forest ecology walk for the Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre.
Meeting location: Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre in Lynn Canyon Park, District of North Vancouver
Access: At the end of Peters Road which is off Lynn Valley Road
Cost: $5; Pre-Registration: 990 3755; Meeting time: 1:00 pm; Duration: 1.5 hours.
Description of event: Walk with geologist/biologist David Cook along some of the trails of Lynn Canyon Park, the largest piece of natural parkland in the District of North Vancouver. The park follows the valley of Lynn Creek which has in places cut a deep canyon down into the hard granitic basement rocks in the relatively short time since the ice receded from the area about 12000 years ago. We will see features which will enable us to reconstruct the geological history of the area over the last 100 million years. You will gain an understanding of how the forest was established on these basement rocks and changes that it has undergone as the soils matured and climate varied since the ice left.
For further information about the Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre consult www.dnv.org/ecology/

Oh dear.  Into each life some rain must fall.
Saturday [Apr 2], primed to finish WVM07 at our downtown ofc, there was no internet connection -- apparently Telus had done something to our ADSL service and I, actually we, b/c it affected G's laptop too of course, so I cdn't receive or send email nor cd I surf the web.
WVM therefore stalled.
Back in WV to see the (v good) IDEAS FAIR for the 1300block of Marine Drive.
Home to work on WVM but whoops!  both laptops MIA.
Sorry folks.
Don't know if/when we'll get the laptops back or if my final draft of WVM7 will be able to be retrieved.&&
Fortunately, Friday I had bought a new laptop,  This means just now I've been able to access the DWV agendas for Monday night: Public Hearing on Wetmore and the regular ccl mtg -- so that's what I can offer you now.  Do hope it can be rescued -- a lot of work and info for you!
Before the agenda, a bit of a diversion.....
have you heard of them?  here's one that was at Park Royal in February!
Watch the video: "Let It Be" Flash Mob for United Girls of the World

===  Ccl Mtg NOTES Apr 4th  ===
Note: At 6pm the regular Ccl Mtg will commence in open session (in the main floor conference room), and will be immediately followed by a motion to exclude the public in order to hold a closed session, pursuant to section 90 of the Community Charter. The Council Meeting will reconvene in open session in the Council Chamber immediately following the Public Hearing/Public Meeting regarding Official Community Plan and Zoning Amendment Bylaws; and Design Devt Package.
At 7pm in the Council Chamber the Public Hearing/Public Meeting regarding [these three items] will be held. The Council Meeting will reconvene in open session in the Council Chamber immediately following.
6:00 PM
1. Call to Order.
2. RECOMMENDED: THAT in the public interest, members of the public be excluded from part of the April 4, 2011 regular Council Meeting on the basis of matters to be considered under the following section of the Community Charter:
90. (1) A part of a council meeting may be closed to the public if the subject matter being considered relates to or is one or more of the following:
1.  personal information about an identifiable individual who holds or is being considered for a position as an officer, employee or agent of the municipality or another position appointed by the municipality;
(c) labour relations or other employee relations;
(e) the acquisition, disposition or expropriation of land or improvements, if the council considers that disclosure could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality; and
(k) negotiations and related discussions respecting the proposed provision of a municipal service that are at their preliminary stages and that, in the view of the council, could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality if they were held in public.
7:00 PM  -- Following conclusion of the closed session:
Note: At 7pm the Public Hearing/Public Meeting will commence in the Ccl Chamber. The Ccl Mtg will reconvene immediately following the PH/Public Mtg.
Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4676, 2011; Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4677, 2011; and Design Development Package (File:  1610 20 4676/4677
The Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits will describe the subject application.
Applicant: Pacific Arbour Retirement Communities
Subject Lands: Northwest corner of Marine Dr and 22nd St; all or part of the following lots: Lot 1 (Explanatory Plan 9507) Block A of Block 5 Plan 4532; Amended Lot D (see 540240L) of Lots 1 to 3 Block A of Block 5 Plan 4532; Lot E of Lots 1 to 3 Block A of Block 5 Plan 4532; Lot 4 of Lot A Block 5 Plan 2019; Lot 19 Block 4 Plan 3522; and portions of the closed lane between Fulton Avenue and Marine Drive; all of East Part of District Lot 554.
Purpose: To provide for the redevelopment of the subject lands as rental seniors housing with support services and limited commercial and institutional land uses not directly associated with the seniors housing, and to provide for zoning boundaries which would match those of a reconfigured John Richardson Park.
Proposed Official Community Plan Bylaw Amendment:
The proposed OCP Amendment Bylaw, if adopted, would amend the OCP by:
o  revising Policy BF-C8 to remove the property legally described as...
o  adding a new Policy BF-D5 which provides for an approximately 4900 sq. m. site at the northwest corner of Marine Dr and 22nd St to be: used as rental seniors housing with services, and limited commercial and institutional land uses not directly associated with the seniors housing; developed to a maximum 117,500 sq. ft. (10,916 sq. m.) of housing and a maximum 8,000 sq. ft. (744 sq. m.) of other permitted land uses; and developed with a maximum building height from Marine Drive of seven storeys, exclusive of roof-top development.
Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment:
The proposed Zoning Amendment Bylaw, if adopted, would amend the Zoning Bylaw by
Design Development Package:
The design devt package sets out the details of the proposed building and site devt, including the site plan, building design and height, building materials and finishing, and landscaping. If the OCP amendment bylaw and Zoning amendment bylaw described above are approved, the applicant will be required to construct the devt in accordance with a design devt package approved by Council. All persons who wish to provide comment on the design devt package will be given an opportunity to be heard at the Public Hearing/Public Meeting.
1) Reports received up to March 31, 2011:
Official Community Plan Amendment, Rezoning and Design/development Approval for land, at the northwest corner of Marine Drive and 22nd Street, known as the Wetmore site (2203 Marine Dr. and 787, 793 and 815 22nd St.)  /  February 24, 2011  /  March 7 and April 4, 2011  /  R-1
2) Written submissions received up to March 31, 2011:
J. Crawford / March 7, 2011 / April 4, 2011 / C-1
B. and W. Sinclair  /  March 11, 2011  /  April 4, 2011  /  C-2
F. Johnstone  /  March 11, 2011  /  April 4, 2011  /  C-3
A. Wong  /  March 14, 2011  /  April 4, 2011  /  C-4
K. Trinh  /  March 15, 2011  /  April 4, 2011  /  C-5
J. Baxter  /  March 16, 2011  /  April 4, 2011  /  C-6
C. Sandwell, on behalf of Garden Group, Tudor Gardens  /  March 15, 2011  /  April 4, 2011  /  C-7
A. Walton  /  March 17, 2011  /  April 4, 2011  /  C-8
J. Kirstiuk  /  March 19, 2011  /  April 4, 2011  /  C-9
M. MacKenzie  /  March 21, 2011  /  April 4, 2011  /  C-10
A. Hoffman  /  March 24, 2011  /  April 4, 2011  /  C-11
V. Christison, Lionsview Seniors' Planning Society  /  March 24, 2011  /  April 4, 2011  /  C-12
S. Earle  /  March 28, 2011  /  April 4, 2011  /  C-13
C. Nemtin  /  March 28, 2011  /  April 4, 2011  /  C-14
I. Thompson  /  Undated.  /  April 4, 2011  /  C-15
B. and M. Anthony  /  March 29, 2011  /  April 4, 2011  /  C-16
R. Bertrand, Savoir Faire Design  /  March 23, 2011  /  April 4, 2011  /  C-17
P. Gaskill, Pacific Arbour Retirement Communities  /  March 24, 2011  /  April 4, 2011  /  C-18
A. Charette  /  February 28, 2011  /  April 4, 2011  /  C-19
R. Wood  /  March 2, 2011  /  April 4, 2011  /  C-20
C. Parker  /  March 3, 2011  /  April 4, 2011  /  C-21
On March 7, 2011, Council set the date for the Public Hearing/Public Meeting. The statutory notice of Public Hearing/Public Meeting was published in the North Shore News on March 27 and March 30, 2011. The Municipal Clerk will note written submissions received for the April 4, 2011 Public Hearing/Public Meeting.
Geri Boyle gave background, facts; slide: Pacific Arbour Retirement Communities Project; RS5 zoning
MClk gave the process to date, submissions.
Mayor described guidelines.
Rainer Muller: owner; 15 years became owner of bldg in Dundarave called Caper's
socially responsible; serving seniors for 15 years now
SLIDES units of a variety of sizes
20 wait-listed already
partnered with Cap College -- Eldercollege
link green spaces; revitalize MDr at 22nd
hoping for LEED GOLD
does not require M funding
will listen to the cmnty and act as a partner
ask president to present project
Peter Gaskill (Prez of Pacific Arbour): company growing and specializes in senior housing
model "independent living"; spacious suites with hotel-like amenities; hospitality services, transportation, and security
can contract for care in their suites
disproportionate number of seniors in WV; had a demographer study, will grow in 2016
already have 45 ppl from WV on our wait list; strong need
seven-storey bldg 5K retail space and 3K Eldercollege? ste
two-bedroom and den; employment; less traffic than former use
many seniors live nearby [7:17]
extensive public consultation process -- diverse group we've met with; residents service clubs
SLIDES showing progress as design changed, minimizing massing, stepping back top two floors
problem with public parking 12 public to 20 and now proposal is for 40
issue of affordability: entry $4K+ mo heard not attainable so worked had on that and got it down to $2900/mo
also heard need  as walking nbrhd
public space completely around the bldg, can walk around; extended green edge
Addressed concern of Tudor Gardens
rare tree, California laurel so redesigned site and managed to preserve that tree  [heritage tree on slide]
interested in more and cmnty mtg spaces -- cd be used or local and non-profit groups
independent life style stes wanted so built some larger ones and flexible meal plans
          {there was applause after every speaker}
Ed Kry (sp?): live in NV, speaking in favour; space for Eldercollege (EC), as Chair of the EC Board, will put WV on the map
brain exercises just as important as physical, possibly more so; EC fills that need; does not compete
I was born and grew up at 23rd and MDr, v intimate; drop by the Wetmore store before car; bought bread on way from/to school; let me steal a piece of bubble gum though sure he added a penny to the bread
delivered newspapers
project offers what us older ones want
father with Summerhill, raised his quality of living
2341 M Dr bought for $6K, sold a few years ago for $3M
live near Pacific Arbour in NV; entitled to work to 6pm and voluntarily stopped at 5pm
My parents chose WV so my brother and I cd go to WV High ... xxx
convenient, doctors' ofcs nearby
Amb is the village not that one at Pk R
Dolly Cartwright: been on Clyde since, won't tell you when!
Lionsview on 21st in support; org to support seniors; quality of life
met with Pacific Arbour; viable seniors' stes
130 stes; will complement our prog; driving service av; easy to access; independent living a natural progression
celebrating SPS anniversary in June
[7:33] Murdo Mackenzie: lived in a condo for nearly 20 years; am 88 so within the target; been looking after myself well for 25 years, also due to the gym
growing demand; Pacific Arbour fills that need
my name is on the waiting list
G Parkstrom: on behalf of Gail Johnson who cd not be here; live  2201 MDr
degree in gerontology; thesis, experience .... imp of to age in place
[7:36] positions ...  palliative care
as an owner and part of a strata, live directly south; sev mtgs; Pacific Arbour met with us; sincerity
can swallow height
they've worked hard
v supportive of the bldg design that compliments the civic bldgs to the east
must think of our elders who have shaped our cmnty; fear of losing cmnty; our resp to offer those choices
honoured to support, spectacular
Lynn Moran: live in Vanc, employed by Capilano U, on behalf.....
support, their support of Cap U [various] progs
55+ audience, programming
Carl Parker: here in favour
6445 Fox St and Mom resides at Summerhill at 15th and Lonsdale in NV
going to let Mom go first
Pat Parker: lived at Summerhill for six years; a really great decision; ev kind and helpful,  great deal of entertainment, two meals a day, one elegant dinner a month; bingo, card games,...........
a van takes 17 of us on trips; a car for apptmts
feel safe and looked after; my six chn know I'm safe and happy
free to do anything I wish; if need something someone will be there to help
Carl Parker: we have not coordinated this but all of us sons and daughters
in WV dealing with the largest bubble -- the boomers have arrived
I wd like to stay as long as I can; mother xxx
lived in West Bay, then xxx
1958 [7:41]
when Mom made her decision; we six kids didn't have to
when Mom is tucked in we're happy; when we go to Summerhill hear laughter
missed meal, they check
doctor's apptmt I don't have to go, they deal with that
truest definition of independent living at Summerhill
.... jewel in this cmnty for what it cd hv bn
brought my mother to say that to you
attitude is altitude
Brian Carpenter: Argyle, in favour of seniors in this location
my main concern is the length of the lease
secondly, whether comparable bids were had for 75 or 125 years
75 years is friendly, fire XXXXX
125 too long; economic life 75; maximize at 75, even 100
you're committing your chn, grandchn, and even grt-grandchn
devpr is buying 40 and 60 years beyond the life if this bldg [7:49]
and bldg will be substantially changed
process -- you're getting $15M for 125 years
accept XXXX 100 years and still be feasible
if such av, we're committing XXXXXX
in 65 years your successors, successors -- how cd they have done this for just this $2 - $3M
fee for 80yr or 100 yr lease
Viv Christison: Srs' Planning Society; accompanied by Dolly C. ... , Mel Clark, xxx
age will in their own cmnties; believe shd be able to do so regardless of income whether high or low
friendly to all ages, not just seniors
in support; recently LIonsview wrote -- does it fit well in cmnty? we believe yes
in 1920s and 30s, XXXX was called Weston
talk about context.  Both Wetmore and Kiwanis sites suitable
this is not a 55-restricted nbrhd -- schools, churches, etc an attractive location; lots of opp for socialization
outdoor space, accessible for ppl with disabilities; six affordable units
retail space cd be a corner cafe
wide range of services for maintaining health
Lionsview can't think of a better outcome
Gail Wilson: resident for past 35 years and work in senior industry
Pacific Arbour has a stellar reputation; I work in long-term care
if they wait too long, health concerns
dreaded term, extended care
participating in exercise, life extended
Pacific Arbour has bent over backwards; cdn't find a better location
do what you can to expedite the application
Andy Cleminson: live in WV, resident for 20 years, active in the cmnty now
idea of going into a retirement home never entered my mind; at least not soon
recently went to a restaurant
first car bought from Wetmore Motors in 1966, wife totalled it
[8pm]  xxx
in favour; no idea they existed till now
extraordinary company
don't want to finish my life in anywhere other than WV
some fear going into xxx old and doddery
went to Summerhill -- they've gone so far as to band....
spoke to one of the inmates; gym, therapist
helping in tender way
wd like to know I cd be here not Kamloops, Osoyoos, or Timbuktu
xxxx [8:02]
Barry Fenton: NV, here on behalf of my mother (lives in WV),  residents since 1958
Pacific Arbour, good reputation; opp for choice
involvement of Cap U and I'm a graduate of Cap College and my two sons going to Cap U
choices on NSh but not enough, this is an opp
Pacific Arb has listened
why lease not 125; City of Vanc has 60-yr leases and 30-yr; running probs False Crk
typically 99 years; enables owners to make investment so 125 best arrangement, may not be too long
approve this, benefit to entire cmnty
Bob Clark: live in WV; in favour and hope you are
for over ten years ev Thursday aft I drive the bus for isolated srs to ctr for activity
see them deteriorate and the houses too
also see they move to receive more mental exercise and social interaction; healthier diet; they rejuvenate
thought they'd end up in a nursing home but instead growing
sets a good example for younger ppl, can grow old and be active
recognize many here who were at the flea market yesterday
there's a move-in package to Peter Gaskill, mbrship
Julie Marzolf (sp?): asked by Ross Curtis of Tudor Gdns to read this letter into the record
Vanc the most desired
WV stellar part with ......
Carolanne Reynolds: Good evening, M&Ccl.  Carolanne Reynolds, Editor of West Van Matters
Mayor: may we have your address?
CR: [Ste 201] 1571 Bellevue Avenue
Certainly this devt will help fill the need for diverse and senior housing.
I was asked to bring up a recommendation made some years ago for your consideration.
Since adjacent to the civic centre, it makes sense as one of the cmnty benefits to have the bottom two floors as an art gallery and museum -- thus more space and updated.
Many have been advocating building new facilities on the waterfront.  Having them as part of this building means residents do not have to pay the millions this entails, esp since recent construction depleted the threshold of the Endowment Fund.
On the weekend at the IDEAS FAIR for the 1300block Marine Drive -- that was really great, btw; that was a great experience at the IDEAS FAIR -- some suggested an art centre on that block [in the 1300block].  The cmnty has to think about what it prefers: waterfront, biz area (reducing commercial zoning in the town ctr), [on] or adjacent to the civic ctr, or some other location.
While consultation is going on, in the meantime, these cultural facilities cd be accommodated on/at the Wetmore site.  This means they wd have expanded space much earlier than waiting for the Ambleside revitalization to be completed.  They might decide to stay or will have had time to find a place they find preferable.
It wd also give time to consider another use for those bottom floors after they move -- and the residents themselves might have ideas about what they want on the bottom floors.
So, cultural facilities earlier [and] maximum flexibility and choice.
Think about it.
Thank you.
Andy Pottinger: Ch of Commerce...
like Hollyburn House...  suport ...
leading voice of biz in WV...
Susanna Bell-Irving Grey: most of us live here for quality of life
gorgeous and also intelligent place to live
I'm a sandwich: 89-year-old Mom and a xxx son
never seen a soul in John Richardson Park; plans gorgeous, proud to live in a cmnty
re height; reviewed AmblesideNOW reminded that WV has changed dramatically
responds to needs of seniors
my chn adore seeing their grandmother in the cmnty; can pop in and see her
want to thank Pacific Arb personally for responsibility; amazing partners to some.... enriched our lives
Elaine Cordingly: live on Keith Rd; feel like I'm at a sales mtg
my name on list; my friend said don't bother, you won't get in
disturbed about the process -- exchanged for park prop
the brochure stated they were given criteria and it went up 12 storeys
then eroded onto parkland
met with a lady, driving by explaining to a 16-yr-old; was an 11-yr-old boy with a stick, all by himself having a great time
movie? don't see that anymore
xxx  a couple of years he'll be 13, some sport
where are all the other teenagers?  downtown, Kits, Main St, DTES; not that we don't have anything
overall atmosphere, gang of boys and they're almost suspect and they're not doing any harm
got to do more for all ages
we've got Kiwanis, this, another coming
they don't feel welcome in their own cmnty; not good enough
this will be a success, not doubting
but the park, what about the Memorial Park -- up for grabs once you start down the road
think it was a mistake
If there is no further public input and Council does not request a further staff report, then:
MS moved: be received and PH closed
Mayor: next agenda?
Sokol: Apr 18
Members of Council are not permitted to receive further submissions once the Public Hearing/Public Meeting is closed.
===  COUNCIL MTG NOTES April 4  ===
              Adding to Item 9
6.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES  Adoption of March 21, 2011 Regular Council Meeting Minutes
REPORTS [8:29]
7. 2011-2015 West Vancouver Memorial Library Strategic Plan (File:  1905-05)  PowerPoint presentation to be provided.
TP always a pleasure to introduce WG Chair, Paul Tutsch
Paul Tutsch: SLIDES   accomplishments over five years
cmnty computing ctr; wireless throughout the Lib:
awaiting LEED Silver; 7K items daily in and out of; improved website functionality??
downloadable material; province-wide recog for early childhood literacy
satisfaction 78%, 85% in 2010
in-dept collns SLIDE enumerating
98% satisfaction rating, in No 1 position for nearly a decade
with success, why plan; now have two new libraries, changes in technology and school
explosion of networking -- social media, ebooks, etc
over past five years visits to steady
visits to website tripled; emusic also not av five years ago
questions getting more complex; with no increase in staff
before devping Strategic Planning WG we had to do some surveys; interviews
four white papers address key [points/issues?]  xxxx
learned about successes and failures of other libraries; reviewed WV's strat plan
new mission stmt -- hasn't changed much
wanted to be recog as cornerstone, hence inclusion
Leader in navigating info and as a dynamic
      {8:30 good slide, didn't get to type it all here}
connection to knowledge and discovery
Our Values (SLIDE)
intellectual freedom; excellence; inclusiveness, integrity, sustainability
Strategic Priorities
"manage resources wisely"
all goals identified on website, you each have hard copies
shared with Ccl and Library Bd in Jan/Feb of this year and now Bd
in the form of an annual biz plan
dozen volunteers, all involved in strat plan
doc on our website
   {See: http://www.westvanlib.org/pdf/2011_2015_strategic_plan.pdf }
big thank you to all taxpayers who continue to support their Library
Mayor: thank you for an excellent job
thank you for the two sessions you spent with us; turn it to the liaison
TP: on website detail
trying to find nonusers difficult; through summer into fall; 1500 respondents to the inhouse survey
astounding how well loved this Lib is
leaders in gathering info; WV was the first library in Canada to have the kindle on loan
growing by leaps and bounds 68 at last
b/c I can't have my Blackberry in here [8:43] can navigate  xxx
annual booksale Apr 8 and 9 ....
[received for information]
Mayor: with our gratitude
8. Metro Vancouver Regional Growth Strategy Acceptance Process (File:  0185-01)
Bruce McArthur: don't know if corrections now
zone xxx  are those definitions synonymous? why limited use of rec and xxxx
second, on the balanced scorecard
the last item, 2.1 2c is dated differently -- been revised? and if they have, what is the process for changing
Sokol: dates made as a result of our budgeting process 2011
Mr McA is holding up dates from 2010
limited use "conservation recreation" Metro; we use limited use
McA: are they the same?
Sokol: similar, can't say identical
MS moved:  THAT the report dated March 28 from the Acting Dir/Planning be received for information.
think report speaks for itself
Sop: Port Coq has rejected; Port Moody says it might change its mind; Coq, criticism of many things
if they don't change their mind, will this proceed?
Sokol: on Apr 8 will be a report to the Board; if M doesn't accept, can enter into dispute resoln by prov
can be a binding or non-binding process and will be determined by the Ministry
xxx have to go back to all the local govts; wd make the changes we want them to
Sop: if local govt, go back [8:50]
Sokol: ... may be a binding process and wd depend on what the arbitrator comes up with
Mayor: the Minister wrote a clear
whoever it is makes a decision there
that process takes a few months, still governed by the LRSP
question I wd have is our questions wch wd be subsequent to this I guess
Sokol: correct; RGS will have to be changed and come back here
changes Metro Bd wd have to make
Sop: if Coq does not change position, is the plan still viable?
as I understand it is one rejects, no
Sokol: xxx ... whether RGS goes
Mayor: is it binding or not?  We don't know.
ML: from the letter appears the Min reserves the decision  xxx
Mayor: believe going to the board on Fri and Cclr Lewis is going in my place
9. TransLink Customer Service Performance Report for Quarter 4, 2010 (File:  0185-39-06)
Mayor: outstanding report
RF:  Mr Rowlands
Mayor: congratulations on another stellar year
Gareth Rowlands: plsd to report performance study for
SLIDES: WV tops in categories -- impressive [8:55]
fell down on one: not being overcrowded
after Olympics increase in ridership of 12%
commitment to maintenance ...... and WV Police
MS: agree buses and staff excellent in what they do
explanation for 12% increase after Olympics -- reason?
G Rowlands: believe 4000 service hours during Olympic period, even with BC Ferries able to handle 1100????
believe able to handle during Olympics presume pleased to continue to use
Mayor: only area we didn't perform the best is overcrowding -- we need add'l buses
GR: yes, wd ... peak ... ev bus on the road
able to handle mornings; afternoon rush biggest challenge for us
Sop moved: THAT the report dated March 7 from the Transit Manager be received for information.
deserve an Academy award, top in ten out of 11
courtesy; you and drivers to be commended
thank you for all that
understand why other Ms pointed to WV system
courteous and liked riding the bus
Mayor: congratulate the whole team for us
10. Consent Agenda Items
   The following Consent Agenda items may be considered separately or in one recommendation.
RECOMMENDED: THAT the Consent Agenda items as follows be approved:
Item 10.1 - Change to Council Meeting Schedule;
Item 10.2 - Devt Permit Application No. 10-050 for Lot 12 on  Highgrove Place (in Area 1 of Rodgers Creek) (to set date for consideration);
Item 10.3 - Development Application Status Report (to March 25, 2011);
Item 10.4 - Hollyburn Cabin [Ten-Year] Permit to Occupy;
Item 10.5 - Correspondence List.
ML: removal of 10.1
10.1. Change to Council Meeting Schedule (File: 0120-01)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the 2011 Council Meeting Schedule be amended by changing the time and location of the May 2 Ccl Mtg from 7pm in the M Hall Ccl Chamber, to 6pm in the Atrium at the Cmnty Ctr, with the Youth Ccl Meeting to follow at 7pm.
ML: change to May 9th
{MUCH MORE SENSIBLE -- who on earth even contemplated ccl mtg same day as election?}
10.2. Development Permit Application No. 10-050 for Lot 12 on Highgrove Place (in Area 1 of Rodgers Creek)(File:  1010-20-10-050)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the M Clerk give notice that DPA wch provides for devt of 18 cluster housing units will be considered at the meeting of Council on Monday, May 2, 2011.
        {Whoops! they shd hv referred to the fact this will have to be postponed to the 9th as well.}
10.3. Development Application Status Report to March 25, 2011 (File:  1010 01) received for information.
10.4. Hollyburn Cabin [Ten-Year] Permit to Occupy (File:  1145-04)
              report dated March 30 received for information.
10.5. Correspondence List (see link on electronic agenda)
   RECOMMENDED:  THAT the correspondence list be received for information.
Council Correspondence March 16-18, 2011 (up to12:00 Noon)
Referred for Action
(1) S. Slater, March 16, 2011, regarding Safeway Redevelopment
              (Referred to Dir/Planning for consideration and response)
Received for Information
(2) Committee and Board Meeting Minutes  --  (a) Board of Variance - February 16, 2011
(3) Esker Lane "The Owners Strata Plan LMS 2681", March 8, re Proposed Cell Phone Tower at Taylor Way and Upper Levels Highway
(4) March 16, 2011, regarding Annual Noise Complaint
(5) Q. M. Slater, undated, regarding Safeway Redevelopment 1600 Marine Drive
(6) J. Baxter, March 16, re Pacific Arbour site at 22nd and Marine Dr
             (Referred to Public Hearing - April 4)
(7) C. Reynolds, West Van Matters, March 18, re Correspondence: Posting and Agenda
Council Correspondence up to March 25, 2011 (up to 12:00 Noon)
Referred for Action
(1) Eye Deal, March 12, 2011, regarding Automatic Traffic Signals and the Disabled
          (Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response)
(2) M. Burns, March 18, 2011, regarding Pellet Guns in West Vancouver
          (Referred to Director of Planning, Lands and Permits for consideration and response)
(3) J. Osborne, North Shore Adults Support Network and Lionsview Seniors Planning Society, March 25, 2011, regarding Delegation Request for District of West Vancouver Council
          (Referred to Mayor for consideration)
Received for Information
(4) Committee and Board Meeting Minutes - West Vancouver Memorial Library Board - February 16, 2011
(5) G. Pajari, March 13, 2011, regarding My Letter to Mayor and Council of March 4th
(6) Metro Vancouver Board, March 18, 2011, regarding Regional Food System Strategy
(7) MetroVanWatch (CityHallWatch), March 18, 2011, regarding West Vancouver Council's Acceptance of Regional Growth Strategy: Still time to do the right thing
(8) Three submissions regarding Safeway Redevelopment Proposal dated March 15-20
(9) West Vancouver Family Place (Hollyburn Family Services Society), March 21, 2011, regarding Early Intervention: An Early Parent/Child Development Framework for British Columbia
(10) Pacific Arbour Retirement Communities, March 21, 2011, regarding Pacific Arbour Public Information Meeting Notification (March 30, 2011)
(11) TELUS Corporation, March 22, re TELUS 2011 Capital and Community Investment in WV
(12) Seven submissions regarding Pacific Arbour Development dated March 15-25
            (Referred to Public Hearing on April 4, 2011)
(13) E-Comm 9-1-1, March 25, 2011, regarding 2011 Winter 2011 E Communiqué now available
Council Correspondence up to March 29, 2011 (up to 4:30 pm)
Received for Information
(1) Four submissions regarding Pacific Arbour Development dated March 28 to March 29, 2011         
           (Referred to Public Hearing on April 4, 2011)
(2) City of North Vancouver, March 24, re North Shore Congress - Child and Family Friendly Cmnty Charter
(3) Union of BC Municipalities, March 29 re RCMP Contract Negotiations - Alberta Endorses New RCMP Contract
11. OTHER ITEMS [9pm] -- No items.  letter!!!!!
Ev: re sound problems during Nowruz; enormous enthusiasm
residents some concern; on Sunday, decibels; staff balance amt during day vs at night
BL: 7K ppl and 80 decibel noise; can look at
last week with 2K; excellent execution of the event
what we require; not registered at all
Mayor: exceptions to the noise bylaw used to come to Ccl
in 2005 to staff and they've always had the option to bring to Ccl -- Ms Mooi?
AM: complaints hv been declining; only had one or two this year
thank you for cooperation of the organizers also, sp time of year
Sop: we all want everybody to enjoy it; used to come to Ccl
why not a level all shd respond to and if going over they shd be told?
I was told no one wd go down to talk them
Mayor: not the case
Sop: it was; and Police wdn't go down
If we give a package to a group, shd have; understanding
to have five to six to seven hours, gets to you after a while
BL: next year; come to Ccl before and make sure Ccl satisfied
v successful; 7K ppl; worked well
Mayor: Christie Rosta was there; v successful; proven to be better each year
invite orgs to Ccl to talk about their culture, the opp
if you have a recomm, Cclr Sop, Ccl Lewis
Mayor: to Cclr Smith
MS: if Mr Leigh going to bring the report to us next year, he shd have a game plan, as to how someone's going to go down and advise them and tell 7K ppl -- how to advise them?
share Mayor's
no sense xxx [9:07] ...  7K, band, etc
don't see how you can go down and pull the plug on the amplifiers
Sop: fact is only a certain amt ppl can stand
prior to any of these functions, before meet with organizers and say xxx keep it; compromise
noise bylaw and holding it or not
compromise before anything starts that there is a law there
{letter (2):}
Ev: frankly xxx ... concern about pellet guns
send strange msg to staff, what I find ppl allowed to do not acceptable
Mayor: staff going to work with Police on this?
CAO: yes
Sop: wd Police not attend or confiscate b/c priv prop
if kid holding a make-believe pistol, wdn't that be traumatic for police if they come along?
air gun we all had as kids
not some consideration
Mayor: believe Police want a bylaw
Sop: ?
Mayor: they're coming back
TP: want to talk about blue trees
this is the UN Year of Forests
        {International Year of Forests; see some facts under TREEWATCH}
how much.... shd be cognisant of trees we have here ... work
fascinating for the mayor and I [sic] {see LANGUAGEWATCH} when we're in NY this year
protecting the mountainside
all this cmnty does, on a daily basis; timely and a fun event;  xxxx
Mayor: this is great; something happening in Ambleside
wd like to comment on blue ribbons we're wearing -- child abuse/protection month
Doris Paull {FN/Native on Sq Reserve}
Caring for our Youth Cmte
fearless in her work on the Reserve against abuse, child, drug
glad she asked us
Plecas came to us at Police Board last week; well known
....  came b/c WV has has a spectacular decline in crime
already low, drove it lower; has dropped
how do you make it lower?  non existent, close to in some categories
team; example for entire continent
ability to finalize ...
they trail offenders all over Lower Mainland
real partnerships with other agencies
accomplishments, xxx, and CompStat and report ev month
ask him to continue to report back to us
when crime rates are low do you really need; he gave compelling xxx
we have the lowest cost per officer in the region
he can give you the statistics; app that he came

===  COUNCIL MTG AGENDA April 18  ===
Note: At 6pm the reg Ccl Mtg will commence in open session (in the MFCR), and will be immediately followed by a motion to exclude the public in order to hold a closed session...  At 7pm the open session will reconvene (in the Ccl Ch) for consideration of the scheduled agenda items.
6:00 PM
RECOMMENDED:  THAT in the public interest, members of the public be excluded from part of the April 18, 2011 regular Council Meeting on the basis of matters to be considered under the following section of the Community Charter:
90. (1) A part of a council meeting may be closed to the public if the subject matter being considered relates to or is one or more of the following:
(a)  personal information about an identifiable individual who holds or is being considered for a position as an officer, employee or agent of the municipality or another position appointed by the municipality; and
(e) the acquisition, disposition or expropriation of land or improvements, if the council considers that disclosure could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality.
7:00 PM
        Following conclusion of the closed session, the following items will be considered:
6.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES  April 4, 2011 Reg Ccl Mtg; and April 4, 2011 Public Hearing/Public Mtg.
7. P. Scholefield regarding North Shore Committee of the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition (File:  0055-01)
                     Presentation to be provided.
8. Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4676, 2011 (for land, at the northwest corner of Marine Drive and 22nd Street, known as the Wetmore site, located at 2203 Marine Drive and 787, 793 and 815 22nd Street) (File:  1610-20-4676)
Bylaws are passed by a simple majority affirmative vote unless otherwise noted.
This bylaw received first reading at the March 7 Ccl Mtg and was the subject of a Public Hearing/Public Meeting that was held and closed on April 4. Council is not permitted to receive any further submissions on this bylaw.
NOTE: Each reading of an OCP bylaw must receive an affirmative vote of a majority of all Council members (4 members) in order to proceed (LGA).
        be read a second and a third time.
9. Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4677, 2011 (for land, at the northwest corner of Marine Drive and 22nd Street, known as the Wetmore site, located at 2203 Marine Drive and 787, 793 and 815 22nd Street) (File:  1610 20-4677)
Bylaws are passed by a simple majority affirmative vote unless otherwise noted.
This bylaw received first reading at the March 7 Council Meeting and was the subject of a Public Hearing/Public Meeting that was held and closed on April 4. Council is not permitted to receive any further submissions on this bylaw.
        be read a second and a third time.
10. Fisherman's Cove Fuel Dock - Release Document - Imperial Oil Ltd. (File: 2105-06)
           THAT the report dated April 11 from the Land and Property Agent be received for information.
11. BC Ferries Request for Order of Non-Enforcement of Noise Control Bylaw (Night Time Bridge Hoist After-hours)  (File:  0055-20- BCFS2/1605-15)
1. The report dated April 11 from the Mgr of Bylaw/Licensing Srvcs be received for information; and
2. Council approve the request: Wednesday, April 20 starting at 11pm for approx two hours, in order to have two pedestrian overpass walkway bridges hoisted into position from a crane parked in the BC Ferry Exit Lanes.
12. Official Community Plan Amendment for Block Bounded by Esquimalt Avenue, 20th Street, Fulton Avenue and 21st Street; and Rezoning of 2031, 2047 and 2063 Esquimalt Avenue (Development Permit Application No. 08 041) (File:  1010-20-08-041/1610-20-4619/4678)
Bylaws are passed by a simple majority vote unless otherwise noted.
NOTE: Each reading of an OCP bylaw must receive an affirmative vote of a majority of all ccl mbrs (4) to proceed.
THAT the opportunities for consultation as outlined in the report from the Sr Cmnty Planner dated April 7, be endorsed as sufficient consultation...
            THAT Amendment Bylaw 4619, 2011 be read a first time.
THAT Amendment Bylaw No. 4619, 2011 has been considered
{yet again, confusing b/c incorrect tense -- what is meant?
recommended be considered or will have been considered  ???
if it has been done, no need for a recommendation for Ccl to approve unless recommending it be done beforehand, so then where does 'in conjunction' come in?}
in conjunction with the District's most recent Financial Plan and the Regional Waste Management Plan.
RECOMMENDED: THAT Zoning Amendment Bylaw be read a first time.
THAT the MClerk be directed to give statutory notice that a Public Hearing (re OCP and Zoning) is scheduled for Monday, May 16 at 7pm in the M Hall Ccl Chamber.
       THAT proposed Devt Permit Applic be considered concurrently with Zoning Bylaw
THAT the public be given an opportunity to provide comment on proposed Devt Permit at a Public Meeting held concurrently with the Public Hearing
13. Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw No. 4368, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4681, 2011 (File: 1610-20-4681)
Bylaws are passed by a simple majority affirmative vote unless otherwise noted.
          RECOMMENDED: be read a first, second, and third time.
14. Consent Agenda Items [14.1 - 14.3]
14.1. Development Permit Application No. 10-056 (2430 Russet Place) (File:  1010 20-10-056)
THAT the M Clerk give notice that the DPA for 2430 Russet Place, to allow a new two-storey dwelling with basement within 15 metres of top of watercourse bank and with Zoning Bylaw variances to reduce the east side yard and increase building height, will be considered on Monday May 16.
14.2. 2010 North Shore Emergency Management Office (NSEMO) Annual Report (File:  0180-16)
        THAT the report dated February 17 from the Director, NSEMO be received for information.
14.3. Correspondence List (see link on electronic agenda)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the correspondence list be received for information.
Council Correspondence up to April 1, 2011 (up to 12:00 Noon)
Referred for Action
1)   N. Bowman, Mar 28, re Iranian New Year Celebration: Complaint of Noise
          (Referred to Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for consideration and response)
Received for Information
2)   [Five] submissions regarding Pacific Arbour Development dated March 28 to March 31, 2011
          (Referred to Public Hearing/Public Meeting on April 4, 2011)
3)  Hon. I. Chong, Minister of Community, Sport, and Cultural Devt, March 30, re Strategic Community Investment Fund Letter
Council Correspondence up to April 8, 2011 (up to 12:00 Noon)
Referred for Action
1)  April 1, 2011, regarding Squamish Nation Lands
          (Referred to Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for consideration and response)
2)  M. Carter, April 6, 2011, regarding Taxes
          (Referred to Director of Planning, Lands and Permits for consideration and response)
Received for Information
3)  13 submissions regarding Pacific Arbour Development dated March 30 to April 8, 2011
          (Previously received at April 4, 2011 Public Hearing/Public Meeting)
4)  Undated Petition with 13 Signatures regarding Safeway Site Redevelopment
5)  [Two] submissions dated April 2 and 4, 2011 regarding Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary - Station 1
6)  [Two] submissions dated April 6 and 7, re MetroV Regional Growth Strategy
7)  April 4, 2011, regarding United Nations Trip Accountability
8)  Canadian Cancer Society, April 1, re Appreciation for Support of Daffodil Day - April 27, 2011
9)  [Two] Submissions dated April 6 and 8, Union of BC Municipalities, re 2011 West Nile Virus Risk Reduction Initiative and Strategic Wildfire Prevention Initiative
Council Correspondence up to April 12, 2011 (up to 4:30 pm)
Referred for Action
1)  April 12, 2011, regarding Godfrey Lynum's Garden - 1528 Argyle Avenue
          (Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response)
2)  G. Pajari, April 12, 2011, regarding City of West Vancouver Anyone?
          (Referred to Mayor and Council for response).
15.  OTHER ITEMS --  No items.
16.  Reports from Mayor/Cclrs  17.  PQP/Comments  18.  Adjournment

===  ANIMALWATCH  ===  Cat and Dolphins; Robins mean spring!
+  Today's dose of the aaaaahs.  Cat and Dolphins playing together.
+ Amazing footage of robins showing how huge they are when they leave the nest.

=== OTTAWAWATCH / WOMANWATCH  ===  Helena and Bruce
er, pardon, excuse me.  Is it misogyny or just plain injustice?
Helena Guergis was not just kicked out of cabinet but out of caucus as well.  She was never told what she'd done wrong so she cd defend/explain herself, and now we find from the RCMP report the accusations/suspicions were unsubstantiated.
Aren't you innocent until proven guilty in Canada?
Looks like guilty even if proven innocent, no?
Then, Bruce Carson has a criminal record, five convictions, and he was hired by the PMO.  That record is not top secret and easy to check (if motivated to do so, however IMO care shd be taken for whoever has access to the PMO, arguably the nerve centre of our country).
The treatment of these two are in stark, sharp contrast.
Both cases are unjustified -- in opposite directions.
Not edifying and hardly operating in a fair manner Canadians want and expect.
How can those actions of the leader of the country be respected?
How can women feel entirely safe or confident treated on a par with men?
Settlers from Harsina Attack Palestinian Home
                         Paulette Schroeder  --  16 March 2011
On Monday March 14, fifteen settlers from Harsina Settlement attacked the Jabber home in Baqa=92a Valley.  The Jabber home sits at the bottom of the mountain housing the Harsina Settlement. The Jabber family consists of several families including 17 persons with 12 children.  At 2:30pm fifteen settlers from Harsina Settlement began throwing stones at the Jabber home, but were stopped by the Israeli Military.  They returned at 6:30pm and stoned the house for one hour with no interference from the Army.
One of the Jabber brothers who lives across the road from Harsina Settlement  said he was so afraid for his family that he wondered whether he should move his family to the home of one of his cousins.  He said he does not sleep until 1:30am or 2:30am each night.

===  PEACEWATCH  ===  Kurdistan
+  Things were more hopeful when news of The White Group promoting peace came out:
CPTnet  10 March 2011  IRAQ LETTER:  The White Group agenda
+  AND THEN  CPTnet  19 April 2011
IRAQ: "You broke the square, but you can't break us."  Day 61 of Demonstrations in Suleimaniya Iraq
    by Michele Naar-Obed
... A new song was playing on Iraqi Kurdistan radio yesterday, 18 April, 2011, which included the lines, "Don't kill this generation" and "don't kill the future."  While the song played, guns were blasting and tear gas filled the streets in both Suleimaniya and the KRG capital city, Hawler (Erbil)....
At 9:00 p.m., 200 young people went back to the square and were immediately surrounded by armed forces .  The young people chanted, "You broke the square, but you can't break us."  The Suleimaniya University students are planning to demonstrate in front of the courthouse tomorrow, 19 April, 2011....
+  CPTnet  19 April 2011
IRAQ: Seven thousand armed forces positioned throughout Suleimaniya City, Iraq; 1000 students detained by Asaish
Following 62 days of continuous protest in Suleimaniya Iraq against corruption within the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), the government has revoked legal permission for the protest, and a source within the armed Peshmerga Forces told CPTers that  forces received orders to shoot to kill any demonstrators today....
... the forces entered the square of about 1000 unarmed and nonviolent demonstrators, shooting tear gas and live bullets.  They also beat people with batons as they tried to clear square of all demonstrators.  At 6:30 p.m., 18 April, the armed forces burned down the stage and platform used by speakers at the demonstration....
...Nine people have died and close to 1000 have been injured since the demonstrations began on 17 February 2011.  Hundreds have been arrested and disappeared.  The independent television station, NRT was burned to the ground in February and the authorities have detained, beaten, kidnapped, and tortured hundreds of journalists....
Today, 19 April, at 11:00 a.m., the Asaish (secret police) took hostage approximately 1000 students from Suleimaniya University who were planning to demonstrate at the Suleimaniya Courthouse.
Seven thousand Peshmerga, Asaish, and Emergency Protection Force loyal to PUK party leaders are positioned throughout the city of Suleimaniya as of this morning,  19 April.

===  VOTEWATCH ===  www.danveniez.liberal.ca and www.johnweston.ca
[There were nine parties on the handout and seven there for the 'debate' at KMC; interesting but really the question is down to continue with this govt or give the others a turn to teach a lesson.]
to vote or not to vote
that might be easier than trying to make the right, wise, choice
In the muddled middle it takes a while to sort out priorities and decisions that will improve things for the future.....
Conservative with a social conscience.....
Liberals deserved to be tossed out b/c of the sponsorship scandal; Conservatives promised fiscal prudence.
Wait a minute.  When the Tories came in they had a surplus left to them by the Liberals and now we have about the largest deficit in Cdn history.
Don't know Dan Veniez; John Weston am sure is sincere but dedicated but in the handout at the ACM Sunday Apr 17 his blurb says he brought $180M in stimulus funding -- that's being prudent with our money?
CONFUSING  --  and also troubling:
- Minister Oda having a document's recommendation changed to NOT (reversed) but claiming she had not done it (done at Harper's direction?).
- The removal of a woman from caucus not just cabinet without saying why and with no reinstatement or apology after RCMP say charges unsubstantiated however hiring a man in the PMO with five criminal/fraud convictions.
- The refusal to release documents wrt the Afghan detainees and the actual costing of the F35s (esp since without tender).
-  Doing background checks on ppl coming to mtgs and in one case not permitting attendance b/c she had a photo of herself with Iggy on her Facebook!!! (and her father is a Tory).
-  Is it $50M spent for G8 pretty well all in Tony Clement's riding???
Why on earth wd John ask us if we wanted to have Gilles Duceppe as our Minister of Foreign Affairs???  (biggest boo of the night) Given that talking point by Harper?
Unnecessary election?  Well, Harper liked the power so much he got Parliament prorogued rather than having an election.  Had he been doing better and higher in the polls, no doubt he wd have caused an election to take advantage.
Now we come to the Tories' contempt of Parliament, first time in Cdn history.  The Opposition cd hv outvoted the Tories often but finally it got too much..
Do we want this precedent?  Re-electing a party that has acted in contempt?  No repercussions or sanctions?
Will politicians ignore this serious charge in future b/c no consequences?
And I won't touch on the fact that Canada's standing and reputation in the world has dropped over the last few years.
It's pretty well a maxim that any party once in power for a while has a few who go over the line.  Matters to what degree and whether or not you think they'll be stopped by the leader or continue to abuse the public trust.
IMO, we all make mistakes -- own up and apologize then compensate -- it's how they're handled and whether or not we think they'll happen again, more/less/ etc
Good luck.  I'm sure we're all working for a better Canada.
I was proud to be a Canadian when I lived outside for ~20 years and I'm sure our diplomatic staff abroad plus immigrants who've only lived here since getting Canadian citizenship hold Canada, our country, dear and all want it to be the best we can help it to be.
We believe.

=== TREEWATCH  ===  UN International Year of Forests
Forests are home to 300 million people around the world.
Forests cover 31% of total land area.
The livelihoods of over 1.6 billion people depend on forests.
Forests are home to 80% of our terrestrial biodiversity.
Trade in forest products was estimated at $327 billion in 2004.
30% of forests are used for production of wood and non-wood products.

===  Canadian Boat to Gaza Fundraiser  ~~ 7pm Saturday May 7
                       Confederation Community Centre, 4585 Albert Street, Burnaby
featuring Guest Speaker Monzo Zimmo, Palestinian-Canadian activist, born in Gaza
With an eye witness account from Kevin Neish, Human rights activist and survivor of the attack on the Mavi Marmara.  www.canadaboatgaza.ca and Independent Jewish Voices


*  STORY HIGHLIGHTS re Kate Middleton's village:
Right next to London, rural Berkshire feels a world away
West Berkshire is a very affluent, upper-middle-class part of England
Middletons live in large house down a private road in Chapel Row, West Berkshire
Queen's residence Windsor Castle and Prince William's school Eton College nearby
Bucklebury, England (CNN) -- A mere 45 minutes drive from London, the quiet country lanes and thatched roofs of rural Berkshire could be a world away.
Neat villages dot farmland filled with grazing horses and ancient hedgerows and the only traffic apart from tractors is the odd Porsche or Land Rover.
This is Kate Middleton country -- a green and pleasant land full of oak trees and public schools -- where the princess-in-waiting has lived most of her life.
Kate was born on January 9 1982 at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading and christened shortly after at the parish church of St Andrew's in Bradfield, an unspoilt village of red-brick houses that typifies this well-heeled, well-mannered part of the UK.
In Bradfield, there's no litter on the streets, no graffiti on the walls and the faces are almost exclusively white. Rosy-cheeked children from Bradfield College, the private school that dominates the village, carry hockey sticks on their way to the playing fields and men in tweed jackets walk dogs.
This is an England from a bygone time: a chocolate-box version that bears a closer resemblance to the upper-middle-class land conjured up by Richard Curtis in films like "Four Weddings and a Funeral" than the complex, multi-cultural reality of urban Britain today.
And that's what makes it such prime London commuter belt country. It's full of affluent people who want to escape the social problems and high prices of the UK's capital for a slower pace but remain within reach of the benefits of city living.

*  Royal Wedding guide to titles of the aristocracy
Rufus Smithies | Mar 31, 2011 @ 3:40am
If you happen to be rubbing shoulders with a Marchioness, a Marquis, or a baron on royal wedding day, how should they be addressed? To help you avoid any embarrassing social faux pas, we've put together a guide to aristicratic 'rank', below:
Duke / Duchess
The duke is the highest of the five grades of the peerage. If a duke is also a member of the armed forces, the clergy or an ambassador, their rank precedes their title. For example, "Major-General the Duke of...". The wife of a duke is always described as the duchess, or the Duchess of X when introduced. In legal documents, dukes are addressed as the Most Noble William Edward Duke of X.
*  Royal Wedding Rehearsal
Had hoped to get this to you earlier (when this newsletter was due out Apr 15/16) but now I've seen it on CBC< CTV, BBC, and CNN!  Well done:  Royal Wedding .
Just over two minutes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2Xtak-NDHU
Same but more watched: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kav0FEhtLug
{Spoiler: a spoof of the Kevin and Jill Heinz wedding dance video that went viral in 2009.}

An elderly man is stopped by the police around 1 am and is asked where he is going at this time of night.
The man replies, "I am going to a lecture about alcohol abuse and the effects it has on the human body."
The officer then asks, "Really? Who is giving that lecture at this time of night?"
The man replies, "My wife."
===  LANGUAGEWATCH  ===  I/me
Info was in last issue of WVM.  To recap, I is the subject pronoun and me is the object pronoun.  Say the sentence leaving out other ppl and you'll never make a mistake (eg, you'd never say with I or to I or for I, but ppl keep saying that if there's someone else's name in between!).  Those who say I in those cases maybe are not being pretentious or trying to show off they speak 'correctly', I prefer to think that they're making an effort to be correct but just missed the mark.  My hope is to help them aim.
===  WORDWATCH  ===  infandous  from  WORLD WIDE WORDS
2. Topical Words: Infandous  /In'fand@s/
The headline in the New York Times blog called The Lede on 20 March [2009] summed up the lexical situation: "Canada Bars 'Infandous' British Politician, Journalists Reach for Dictionaries". They would have had to heave down a really big one from the shelf. So far as I can discover the only one that contains the word is the mammoth Oxford English Dictionary, which reports that it's long obsolete.
The politician who has been stopped from entering Canada is George Galloway, a firebrand left-wing British MP for a minority party, Respect. Though Mr Galloway is a figure about whom controversies swirl, not least because he supports the Palestinian cause, Hamas in particular (a banned terrorist organisation in Canada), we have to wonder if it's appropriate to brand him with an epithet that the OED records being last used in 1708.
Alykhan Velshi, a spokesman for Canada's immigration minister, said Mr Galloway was an "infandous street-corner Cromwell". "Infandous" means "unspeakable" or "too odious to be expressed or mentioned" and comes from Latin "infandus", abominable. If he mined the waste tips of English for a year, it would be hard to uncover a stronger word with which to express disgust.
"Infandous" has never been popular. The first known user is another figure of controversy, James Howell. His accomplishments included acting as a Royalist spy in the 1630s; appropriately, in view of Mr Velshi's comment, Cromwell imprisoned him during the English Civil War. Howell wrote a letter to a friend from York in 1628: "This infandous custom of Swearing, I observe, reigns in England lately
more than any where else." The word appeared in 1693 in a work by Cotton Mather about the Salem Witch trials but after that it went into permanent decline. It was briefly resurrected in Dreams in The
Witch-House, a story by H P Lovecraft that was published in Weird Tales in 1933: "He found himself swaying to infandous rhythms said to pertain to the blackest ceremonies of the Sabbat." Nobody now is sure even how to say it (if it tempts you, the OED suggests the stress should be on the second syllable).
Mr Velshi might instead have unearthed another cast-off term with similar sense that also ultimately derives from Latin "fari", to speak - "nefandous", unmentionable, abominable, or atrocious, which was likewise first used by Howell. Several other English words can be traced to the same verb, if indirectly. He might have gone for "infamous" (could this have been what he was groping for?) since
for the Romans, as for us, fame meant you were being spoken about. To be fated signified that the sentence of the gods had been said over you; if you were affable in its original sense you were easy to speak to, while something ineffable is too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words.
Mr Velshi may be set for fame himself. His comment is a candidate to appear in future editions of books of modern quotations. His extraordinarily rare choice of word may even be enshrined in the
next edition of the Oxford English Dictionary.
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===  POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT  ===  [couldn't resist]
It is the duty of every citizen according to his best capacities to give validity to his convictions in political affairs.
                        Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955), 'Treasury for the Free World,' 1946
Politics, n. Strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles.
                        Ambrose Bierce (1842 - 1914), The Devil's Dictionary
Man is by nature a political animal.     ~ Aristotle (384 BC - 322 BC), Politics
I have come to the conclusion that politics are too serious a matter to be left to the politicians.
                        Charles De Gaulle (1890 - 1970)
Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy.
                        Ernest Benn
Being in politics is like being a football coach. You have to be smart enough to understand the game, and dumb enough to think it's important.
                        Eugene McCarthy (1916 - 2005)
When the political columnists say 'Every thinking man' they mean themselves, and when candidates appeal to 'Every intelligent voter' they mean everybody who is going to vote for them.
                        Franklin P. Adams (1881 - 1960), Nods and Becks (1944)
Most people assume the fights are going to be the left versus the right, but it always is the reasonable versus the jerks.
                        Jimmy Wales, Keynote Speech, SXSW 2006
Politics is not the art of the possible. It consists in choosing between the disastrous and the unpalatable.
                        John Kenneth Galbraith (1908 - 2006)
Politics is the skilled use of blunt objects.     ~ Lester B. Pearson (1897 - 1972)  {pens? -- CR}
Politics is war without bloodshed while war is politics with bloodshed.     ~ Mao Tse-Tung (1893 - 1976)
Politics has less to do with where you live than where your heart is.  ~ Margaret Cho, weblog, 01-18-04
Politics is the art of preventing people from taking part in affairs which properly concern them.
                        Paul Valery (1871 - 1945), Tel Quel 2 (1943)
Politics is perhaps the only profession for which no preparation is thought necessary.
                        Robert Louis Stevenson (1850 - 1894)
The more you read and observe about this Politics thing, you got to admit that each party is worse than the other. The one that's out always looks the best.
                Will Rogers (1879 - 1935), Illiterate Digest (1924), "Breaking into the Writing Game"
After two years in Washington, I often long for the realism and sincerity of Hollywood.
                        Fred Thompson, Speech before the Commonwealth Club of California

===   HAIKUWATCH  ===
          VANCOUVER CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL http://www.vcbf.ca/
Haiku Inspirations  --  Visit the Federation Gallery from Apr 12 to May 1 to view beautiful cherry blossom themed paintings.  Show your love for Japan and book your tix for this benefit concert now!

===  MAIKU  ===  2011 February 14  [thought: to be uninformed is to be unarmed]

        to be uninformed
                is to be unarmed --
                        whose responsibility?

                   to be uninformed
                                  is to be unarmed --
                                             shared responsibility

Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion, against injustice and lying and greed.
                                                                     -- William Faulkner, American writer (1897 - 1962)
+ There are a terrible lot of lies going about the world, and the worst of it is that half of them are true.
+ The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.
-- Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, KG, OM, CH, TD, PC, DL, FRS, British statesman (1874 - 1965)
Life begins when a person first realizes how soon it will end.
                                                                   --  Marcelene Cox, American humorist and writer (b 19xx)
Idealism is the noble toga that political gentlemen drape over their will to power.    
                                                                                     -- Aldous Huxley, English writer (1894 - 1963)                    
He who conceals a useful truth is equally guilty with the propagator of an injurious falsehood.
                        -- Saint Augustine, Bishop of Hippo Regius [present-day Annaba, Algeria] (354 - 430)
People always overdo the matter when they attempt deception.
-- Charles Dudley Warner, American essayist and novelist (1829 - 1900)
Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.
                                  --  John W. Gardner, American administrator and educator (1912 - 2002)
Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.
                                                                                         -- Carl Bard, American writer (b 1944)
Falsehood is never so successful as when she baits her hook with truth.   -- Unknown

In a speech on the economy, President Obama said, "We have to continue to spend our way out of the recession." Spending our way out of the recession? Isn't that like trying to drink your way out of alcoholism?    -- JAY LENO, on The Jay Leno Show, 9 December 2009.

        I'm a sap for tree jokes.
                         As long as the imperial system is in place a ruler will be afoot.
Tautology causes me to worry, stress out, and tense up.
I did a theatrical performance about puns. Really it was just a play on words.
I thought I'd found evidence to prove the existence of mythical creatures -- turned out to be another fairy tail.
An octopus exchanged his old tentacles for new ones. It was 'squid pro quo'.