Ccl NOTES June 6
AGENDA June 20
Calendar to July 8

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

 :-(  Vancouver -- Operation Restore Respect/Civility  :-)
MAIN ITEMS on the ccl mtg AGENDA June 20:
Pumpkin Fest Cmte; 2010 Annual Report; OCP Amendment/Rezoning for Safeway site (new proposal);  Cmnty Grants Cmte's grant recommendations and updated Policy Framework; Animal Control and Licence Bylaw Compliance; MetroV Labour Relations; Housekeeping Amendments to Zoning Bylaw; Water Shortage Response Plan; Water Utility Loan Authorization Bylaw; Policy Review -- Obsolete Policies FAC Terms of Ref and BC Ferries HBay; Devt Applic Status; Hollyburn Cabins (Permits); Correspondence includes: E-Comm AGM; more Hollyburn Mews PH submissions; Flood Control; Petting Zoo; Souvenir Album; some Responses; RGS Resolutions; Dogs and Bikes; UBCM: TLC (Canada Day Open House at B C Binning House).....
=  Vive le Canada (Public Services Awards; Prince Philip's 90th, Honorary Admiral in Cdn Armed Forces); from the EDITOR'S DESK (WVM; Hollyburn Mews Musing); UPDATES & INFO (2011 Prop Taxes due; Budget 2011 Book; Transit Services/Lane Opening; Fuel for Boaters; Centennial WG; WV Cmnty Ctr Grant; WV Cmnty Fdn Board; Sprinkling Regs; Engg Capital Projects; WRA)
=  CALENDAR to July 8th; CULTUREWATCH (Theatre; Art; Music); SUBSCRIBER HEADSUP (Updates A, B)
=  Ccl Mtg NOTES June 6th: Delegation from Rockridge Secondary; Hollyburn Mews Public Hearing and third reading; Liquor Licence for Larson Stn; AmblesideNOW $3M+ (and selling M prop); DWV Awards and Recognition; Update re UN Forum on Human Settlements; Animal Control (+ cost); Tax Exemption for National Historic Sites; MetroV Labour Relations Function; DVP date for 1403 Duchess; Climate Registry; Library, Grants (~$160K), CEC apptmts; Amendments to Grants Cmte T of Ref; Transit Shelters; Correspondence
=  AGENDA June 20th
=  ANIMALWATCH (snow leopard cubs); INFObits (Vancouver's Great Fire; Uprising Changes); LIBYAWATCH; GAZWATCH (Gas/Gaza); PEACEWATCH (American help needed); HERITAGE VANCOUVER (garden party; walking tour); HERITAGEWATCH (HWV in Parade); ROYALWATCH (Prince Harry "Spare"; Samantha Bee on Wm & Kate; Trooping the Colour; Order of the Garter: Prince Philip, 90 Gaffes and more); HUMOURWATCH (Home Remedies);  LANGUAGEWATCH (The American King's Speech); WORDWATCH (the Velluvial Matrix); MAIKU; QUOTATIONS/INSULTS/THOUGHTS/PUNS

===  Vive le CANADA  ===  From the Prime Minister's Web Site (http://www.pm.gc.ca/)
=A=  June 14, 2011     Ottawa, Ontario
Prime Minister Stephen Harper today issued the following statement to congratulate the 185 recipients of the 2011 Public Service Award of Excellence:
"On behalf of all Canadians, I would like to congratulate the recipients of this year's Public Service Award of Excellence.
"Each and every one of these remarkable individuals has shown excellence, professionalism and leadership in serving the public....
"I invite all public servants to work with our Government in the months ahead to continue to strengthen the Public Service and provide the principled, accountable leadership and good government that Canadians deserve."
The complete list of award recipients is available at http://www.tbs-sct.gc.ca/arp/aepe11-eng.asp.
Info about these Public Service Awards available at http://www.tbs-sct.gc.ca/arp/exc-eng.asp.
=B=  Prince Philip celebrates 90th birthday
'I want to enjoy myself now,' says the Queen's consort
CBC News Posted: Jun 10, 2011 1:52 AM ET Last Updated: Jun 10, 2011 10:21 PM ET  
The Duke of Edinburgh, husband of the Queen, celebrates his 90th birthday Friday, and Buckingham Palace is inviting people to send their best wishes via email.
In an interview with the BBC, Philip said he is "winding down" and reducing his workload as a member of the Royal Family.
"I reckon I've done my bit so I want to enjoy myself a bit now, with less responsibility, less frantic rushing about, less preparation, less trying to think of something to say," he said.
To mark Philip's milestone birthday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper appointed him as an honorary admiral and general in Her Majesty's Canadian Armed Forces.
It is the first time that such an honour has been granted at the highest level of the Canadian Armed Forces, which underscores its importance, Harper said in a news release.
Philip has had a close association with the Armed Forces since the Queen's coronation in 1953 and currently is Colonel-in-Chief of five Canadian regiments.
"On this important day, it is most appropriate for Canada to honour The Duke of Edinburgh for his outstanding record of service and dedication to the Canadian Armed Forces and to Canada over the past 58 years. He is truly an inspiration to us all," Harper said.
Philip will spend his birthday today hosting a Buckingham Palace event for the Royal National Institute for Deaf People, which is marking its centenary.
A 62-gun salute in his honour will be fired by the Honourable Artillery Company in the afternoon.
The Royal Mint is marking the occasion with a commemorative =A35 coin featuring a portrait of Prince Philip on one side and the Queen on the other. It's the first time a reigning monarch and consort have appeared on opposite sides of a U.K. coin.
from: http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/story/2011/06/10/prince-philip-90th.html rest in ROYALWATCH below

===  from the EDITOR'S DESK  === 
If you still have your father, hope you made it special for Father's Day.
+  WVM
Rushed amid other commitments but it's a best efforts plus E&OE.  B/c I type as ppl speak, of course I can't keep up hence many gaps and abbreviations.  Do not rely on the transcript; confirm by listening to the videotape of the ccl mtg (on the DWV website).  To assist, I've been putting timestamps in from time to time.  The glossary is at www.westvan.org/glossary and keep in mind ppl do not always read from their notes word for word.
+  Hollyburn Mews Musing
Slanted interpretations; look at the other half of the painting.
Seriously, I see three separate issues and most are only seeing it from two, and unfortunately two different points of view.
Some just 'want' it or think it's a good thing and completely ignore the fact that it's a nice-looking and needed devt (as I said) but it has unacceptable flaws.
The process (as even some on Ccl said) is inadequate/wrong AND it sets a precedent that means it cd be done anywhere, esp if when the residents in the nbrhd are upset and almost all against, it still is approved!
That makes a travesty of our system of govt.
If we can't count on the OCP and the Ccl following accepted procedures, what have we left?
As I said, the unPlanning Dept shd put together a plan for the whole M to prevent these devts popping up all over the place b/c a few prop owners get together and put densification in, subsequently moving elsewhere making off like bandits with the money.
B/c it's a logical place to put densification -- naturally all around a cmnty/civic ctr -- put in some gentle/gradual areas.
The residents are owed some respect wch is why I suggested if the majority in a block where they want or plan to have it cd veto it.  That gives them some rights wch, in my view, they are due and there's no doubt the applications for densification in the designated areas will come.
Ppl buy homes and choose areas counting on the predictability of the OCP -- not fair to take it away without notice.
Not considerate to impose it on residents who don't want it.
So I'm in favour but not that way.  Back to square one and get support, or put it somewhere else where it's wanted.
Not hard to predict planners, architects, devprs, realtors, etc will be in favour and ignore the locals.
So will ppl living in other parts of the M b/c it doesn't affect them (even so, some residents did try to support the residents' having this imposed on them).
The third issue wd be a joke were it not so sad and pathetic.
The PH May 16 was adjourned to June 6 b/c of confusing/conflicting info/calculations on the Cmnty Amenity Calculations/Benefits, right?
There was a staff report, but was it discussed on June 6?  Not really.  And G provided more info with add'l questions.
It's incredible reading staff reports giving $595K as Uplift and three wks later, $155K.
Epiphany or influence!
Who's looking out for the taxpayer so we get a portion of the increased land value resulting from the Upzoning we/Ccl granting???
And I found it outrageous that in lowering the Uplift further, one thing they said was that instead of going from three sgl-fam homes to nine units, b/c sec stes are now allowed it's only going from six to nine!
I'm not against devt but I want the right process and the right place with acceptance by the local residents -- not an upsetting intrusion.
Let's be open and fair, not be arbitrary or show favouritism
not to have it imposed or dictated in spite of the ppl's wishes.
There'd be less animosity and more trust/respect if a solution were reached addressing all sides' concerns -- wd avoid resentment too.
fyi, the Finance report just out indicates that 58% of the structures in WV are sgl-fam homes.
My PH submission at the last PH session and this one provide some suggestion of how to get us out of this chasm and address the main issues, principles, and concepts along with a solid rationale/foundation.

===  UPDATES & INFO  ===
1+ 2011 Property Taxes Due July 4
West Vancouver Property Taxes are due July 4, 2011 for the period January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2011. Any unpaid 2011 taxes will be subject to a five per cent penalty levied after July 4, 2011 and a further five per cent penalty levied after September 1, 2011.
Property tax notices were mailed at the end of May... [if not received], please call the Tax Department at 925 7032. Property owners are responsible for payment of property taxes whether or not a tax notice is received.
DWV does not accept Canada Post postmarks as a proof of on-time payment.
If remittances are sent by mail but do not arrive at the District before the deadline, regardless of whether the delay is due to a strike or for any other reason which may delay the postal service, a 5% penalty is applied to the unpaid due date balance.
For complete info: http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=2786
2+  Budget Book 2011
The District of West Vancouver's Budget Book 2011 includes the 2011 Annual Budget, as well as the Five Year Financial Plan for 2011 to 2015.
The report incorporates best practices recommended by the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) of the United States and Canada.
The report includes an overview of West Vancouver; economic and financial trends as well as information on the District's capital program, utility and other funds, general fund financial plan, and departmental operational highlights.
This document provides Mayor and Council, as well as staff, an outline for the financial and operating environment for 2011.
Budget Book 2011 (PDF, 3.44 MB) 
The FIA reports do not go out with the Budget book.  They were on that May 19th sp ccl mtg (Item 6) so you can see Ccl and Staff Remuneration near the beginning:
3a+  Transit Service is About to Get A Whole Lot Better
Starting June 20, new bus-only lanes from Marine Drive to the Lions' Gate Bridge will go into service, making transit service faster and more reliable.  Seven things you need to know:
1. There will be a new advance light for buses on Marine Drive at Taylor Way
2. No left turns from Marine Drive on to Garden and McGuire Avenues in either direction (North Vancouver)
3. The bus lanes are for TransLink buses only
4. Bus lanes are in effect 24/7
5. No vehicle lanes are lost
6. Cycle routes are clearly marked
7. You can still access businesses and residences by using the bus lane for right turns
The Marine Drive Transit Priority Project is funded by the Government of Canada, Province of BC, and TransLink. The Districts of West Vancouver and North Vancouver, as well as Park Royal Shopping Centre are partners in the project.
To learn more about transit priority and how it works, visit translink.ca/marinedrivetransitpriority.
3b+ On June 20th, 2011 from 0700 - 1100 hrs, the media are invited to join the West Vancouver Police Traffic Section for the opening of the new Bus Priority Lane at Taylor Way and Marine Drive.
Motorcycle officers will be on hand to educate the public regarding the use of the bus lane. Police will be handing out warning letters to most drivers found in the bus lane on Monday morning.
Any drivers found driving the full length of this bus lane to avoid backups may be ticketed under section 153 of the Motor Vehicle Act. The offence is described as 'Drive in a Bus Lane" and carries a $109 fine with no points.
The WV Police want to remind drivers that they may only proceed through an intersection when it is safe to do so, and must ensure that there is sufficient room for them to clear that intersection without stopping. Any driver found stopped or parked in an intersection may be issued a ticket under the Motor Vehicle Act.
For more information, please visit the WV Police website at wvpd.ca, or contact Cpl. Jag Johal, Media Relations, or Sgt. Tim Kravjanski, NCO i/c Traffic Section at 925 7300.
4+  Fuel to be Available to Boaters by Early July
The District of West Vancouver is pleased to confirm that permits for the Fisherman's Cove Fuel Dock have been issued to a new marine fuel supplier. The new operator, Bruce Falkins of Fisherman's Cove Marina Ltd., anticipates having fuel available by July 5.
...  Mr. Falkins is a West Vancouver resident and a longstanding member of the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary.  The new agreement will ensure there is a safe, consistent, long-term supply of fuel in Fisherman's Cove. There are approximately 1,000 boats moored in the immediate area. This new agreement will likely reduce water traffic to Horseshoe Bay and other fuel docks in Howe Sound. 
5+  Community Engagement - Volunteers Wanted
        Volunteers Wanted for Centennial Working Group
We are currently seeking volunteers for a Centennial Working Group.  West Vancouver turns 100 in 2012 - our Centennial represents an opportunity to reflect on the community's remarkable past and to establish legacy planning and projects for the future. The working group will develop an events promotional program plan in 2011 and support the implementation of the program plan in 2012.
If you are a West Vancouver resident and would like to volunteer to serve on the working group, application forms are available: on the District's website at westvancouver.ca  and at the WV Municipal Hall, Legislative Services Dept.
Applicants are requested to mail, fax (925 7006), e-mail to committees@westvancouver.ca, or deliver completed applications with a brief personal resume, to the Legislative Services Department.  Call 925 7004 for more information.   Apply by 4:30 pm on June 24, 2011.  Application for Community Involvement (PDF 169 KB)
                                Community Involvement Information Sheet 
6+ West Vancouver Community Centres Society Secures $110,000 Grant
The West Vancouver Community Centres Society (WVCCS) is the successful recipient of a $110,000 grant which will improve the daily lives of West Vancouver children. The grant is awarded by the United Way's 'Schools out Program'. 
more  http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=34690
June 16 - The Board of Directors of the West Vancouver Community Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of Peter Ackhurst, Mark Ballard, Geoff Jopson, and Nancy Farran to its Board of Directors.
Peter Ackhurst is the Manager of the Whistler Community Forest and Chair of the Board of Directors.  He has been involved with the Rotary for many years and was the Past President of the Community Foundation of Whistler.
Mark Ballard is one of the top real estate agents for Remax Western Canada.  He serves as a member of both the West and North Vancouver Chambers of Commerce and is a mentor to young business students at Capilano University.
Geoff Jopson is a long-time resident of the community.  He has recently retired as Superintendent of Schools in WV and is a director of the WV Memorial Library Foundation, a trustee of the WV Memorial Library Board, and a member of the BC School [Superintendents'] Assn.
Nancy Farran is [a] Vice President and Investment Adviser at RBC Dominion Securities.  Nancy currently sits on the board of St. Andrew's Hall and is the Past President of the Women's Committee at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club.
They all have proven records of commitment to the community and are welcome additions to the Board.
Continuing Directors include Gerry Humphries (Chair) Helen Vanee ( Past Chair), Fanny Patterson (Secretary), Ron Royston (Treasurer), Tom Allison, Bill Harvey, Kristin MacMillan, Valorie Pawson, Pat Shannon, Delaina Bell, Executive Director.
The WV Community Fdn is a non-govt, non-profit community foundation that was founded in 1979.  The Foundation assists individuals, families, corporations, and non-profit organizations to make donations in perpetuity to their community and thereby help shape its future. Gifts and donations are used to establish permanent, income-earning endowment funds. Earnings generated from these funds are used to meet and respond to evolving community needs.
For more information about the West Vancouver Community Foundation, please visit our website at www.westvanfoundation.com.
or contact: Delaina Bell, Executive Director, WVCF; t 925 8153; E delaina@westvanfoundation.com
8+  Minimize Lawn Sprinkling to Reduce Demand on Water System
Thursday, June 16, 2011  In summer, demand for water almost doubles in the Lower Mainland (mostly owing to outdoor use) at the same time that rainfall is the lowest.  Help conserve water by keeping outdoor sprinkling to a minimum. Lawn sprinkling regulations are in effect from June 1 to September 30. These restrictions help reduce the rate of water consumption and lower the risk of [depleting the reservoirs].
In 2011 MetroV introduced a change to the sprinkling schedule. WV Ccl will be considering and potentially adopting this new schedule in July 2011.
New Schedule for 2011
Sprinkling is permitted between:  4am - 9am (no more evening sprinkling)
Even-numbered addresses: Monday (NEW), Wednesday, and Saturday
Odd-numbered addresses: Tuesday (NEW), Thursday, and Sunday
Did you know that your lawn only needs one inch of water per week? Visit the Outdoor Water Conservation page to learn more tips for sustainable lawn and garden care.  Residents are encouraged to use water wisely at all times. Save every drop!
9+ Engineering Capital Projects Map
June 15 -- The Engineering Capital Projects Map provides a comprehensive overview of municipal construction projects. The map provides locations, descriptions, and links to a Capital Projects page that tracks projects and provides additional information.  http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=2775
10+ News from the western part of WV
The Westerner =A9  is published by: The Western Residents' Assn and The Horseshoe Bay Residents' Assn.
See www.thewesterner.ca

=======  CALENDAR to July 8th  ======= 
All mtgs are at M Hall unless indicated otherwise.  NOTE: shown are mtgs known at this date; often there are additions, changes, cancellations after WVM goes out.  Check the DWV Calendar: http://www.westvancouver.ca/Calendar.aspx  .  Notices/mtgs/changes too late for an issue or too early for the next are sent to subscribers as updates (see just above).  They then appear in the next newsletter.
== Saturday June 18
JUNE 2011
            6/15/2011    Full "Strawberry" moon rises at dusk tonight
        6/20/2011    Summer Solstice occurs at 10:16 a.m. PDT tomorrow
== Tuesday June 21
~ 6pm ~ Rogers Wireless Consultation at the Hollyburn Country Club
  ROGERS invites the cmnty to a public consultation mtg to find out about and comment on the alternative locations.
~ 7pm ~ Parks Master Plan WG
~ 7pm? ~ Annual WRA Pot Luck BBQ in the Community Use Room at Gleneagles Golf Course
== Wednesday June 22
        Library Board mtg at Library / MOVED from June 15
== Thursday June 23   ~ 4:30pm ~ Design Review Cmte MTG -- MOVED FROM JUNE 16
== Friday June 24
                ~ 2:30 - 3:30pm ~  Seniors' Activity Centre Turns 30 Years Young
                Celebrate 30 years of memories, enjoy a slice of cake and a cup of tea. Pls RSVP: 925 7280.
== Monday June 27    ~ 4pm ~ Finance Cmte Mtg
== Wednesday June 29
~ 7:30am ~ Field Sports WG
~ 7pm ~ Burley Park Playground Enhancement Meeting
Burley Park, located at Burley Drive and Mathers Avenue, will be getting a playground upgrade in 2011. Residents are invited to meet with DWV staff on-site to discuss the options for improvements, and share their preferences. See details: http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=34740
== Thursday June 30   ~ 5pm ~ NSh Adv Cmte on Disability Issues DNV M Hall

~~~ CANADA DAY -- Celebration and Fireworks  ~~~
Dress up in our national colours and join us for a picnic at John Lawson Park to celebrate our nation's birthday. 
~ 3 - 10:30pm ~ John Lawson Park. Following the picnic, the Canada Day fireworks show starts at 10:30pm.
Traffic, Street Closures, and Parking for Fireworks and Transit INFO:
== Tuesday July 5    ~ 7pm ~ Parks Master Plan WG

+++  WV MEMORIAL LIBRARY +++  http://www.westvanlibrary.ca/event/calendar.php
+ Wednesday June 22
Forty years before Darwin, 12-year-old Mary Anning found a huge skeleton in a cliff and turned the science of the day upside down. Joan Thomas's Scotia Bank Giller Prize nominated novel Curiosity tells Anning's story. The author will read from her novel and show pictures of the creatures that inspired the book.
Joan is also the author of Reading by Lightning , which won a 2008 Commonwealth Prize and the Amazon.ca First Novel Award.
+ Friday June 24  ~ 7:30pm ~ Rupa & the April Fishes
Come and enjoy this TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival Concert. Doors open at 7, concert starts at 7:30pm. Come early for best seating!
+ Saturday June 25  ~ 10:30am ~ Special Storytime with Mayor Pamela Goldsmith-Jones
=  English Corner ~ Fridays June 24, Jul ? ~ Practise English Conversation
~ 10 - 11:30am ~ Ability to read English is required.  For more information pls call Fariba Rocker at 604 506 6616.
=  SUMMER CINEMA:  Come out for an evening of film, Welsh Hall, 6:30 - 9pm.
Adventure, Romance, Royals and Dance:  The King's Speech - 5 July 6:30 - 9 pm, Welsh Hall West
{Excellent movie, won the Oscar; we even bought the DVD}
+++  WV MUSEUM +++ http://westvancouvermuseum.ca/exhibitions/current_exhibition
=  The Smith Collection  ~  June 9 to August 27
      A selection of works by leading Canadian artists from Gordon Smith's private collection
Immersed in the visual art world, West Vancouver artist Gordon Smith and his late wife Marion collected a number of interesting works by leading Canadian and international artists. The wealth of their art collection is evidence of the lives the Smiths touched and conversely those who influenced Gordon Smith's artistic practice. Through examining the Smiths' influence to the Canadian art world, this first exhibition of the Smith Collection includes works by Rodney Graham, Douglas Coupland, Jack Shadbolt, and Ann Kipling among many others.
West Vancouver artist Gordon Smith and his late wife Marion collected a diversity of artworks from leading Canadian artists over their decades-long immersion in the Canadian art world.
This exhibition includes important works selected by Ian Thom, Senior Curator, Vancouver Art Gallery.
=  west coast modernism at the Vogue Theatre (Vancouver)
   ~ 7 - 8:30pm ~ Thursday June 23
We are pleased to present Pecha Kucha Vancouver, Vol 17, Special Edition in partnership with Cause + Affect. We bring together twelve culturally minded architects, designers, writers, and artists whose works uniquely express an aesthetic that is found on the West Coast. 
Our exciting line up of speakers are:
Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, Mayor, West Vancouver
Mike Bernard and Gavin Froome, Filmmakers, Coast Modern Film
Bo Helliwell + Kim Smith, Architects, Blue Sky Architecture
Julian Pattison, Design Director, Landscape Architect, Considered Design Inc.
Marcia Crosby, Art Historian/Curator
Free Lee, Owner, Designer, Integrative Healer, fre(E)quency
David Scott, Architect, Peter Cardew Architect
Isaac Vanderhorst, Joyce Song, and Callum Kelpin, Education Coordinator and students, WV Museum
D'Arcy Jones, Designer, D'Arcy Jones Design
Cathy Church, Owner, Tartooful Design
John Fulker, Architectural Photographer
Adele Weder, Architecture Critic/Curator
Sean Pearson, Creative Director, RUF Project.
Tix are on sale.  More information is available: pechakuchanightvancouver.com.  
       {your editor wonders why affect (verb) instead of effect (noun); am sure there's a reason}

+++  FERRY BUILDING GALLERY  +++ http://ferrybuildinggallery.com ~ 925 7290
The Artists' Salon  ~ June 21 - July 3
Mixed media art by members of The Arts Connection Networking Salon for Artists
Opening Reception Tuesday June 21 from 6 to 8pm
Artists in Attendance Saturday June 25 at 2pm
+++ SILK PURSE +++   http://www.silkpurse.ca/gallery2.html
June 14 - 26th  --  "Fins and Skins"
Fish themed mixed media collage works of artist/writer/historian Katherine Freund-Hainsworth pair up with the whimsical and unique leather work creations, made for form and function, by emerging Vancouver artist Joren MacMillan.
Opening Reception Tuesday June 14th 6 to 8pm
June 28 - July 10  -- "Clay and Colour"
Often we categorize art by medium and style, not necessarily seeing how seemingly different forms of art can complement each other and share a spirit or narrative. Whether it is Sharon Mason's expressive paintings or Roohy Marandi's elegant sculpture, these works all speak of passion and dedication to one's craft.
Opening reception Tuesday June 28th from 6 to 8pm
Complete list of events: http://kaymeekcentre.com/on_stage/events_calendar
Electronic newsletter: http://kaymeekcentre.weebly.com
Simplest way to get on email list, call 913 3634 (also for tix) or email tickets@kaymeekcentre.com
+++ ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION BRANCH 60, West Vancouver +++
Website: http://www.westvan60.com/  --  ofc: 922 3587; lounge: 922 1920
"Where Volunteers make the difference." Chartered November 17th, 1926
The Winter Issue of "The Torch" is now available
 To view the newsletter, just click the following link for direct access:
 The newsletter is available to any non-member who is interested.  To sign up, please fill in the form at the bottom of the webpage, http://www.westvan60.com/newsletter.html
Drop in: This fun night is for Branch mbrs and guests June 30.  Info, call Kelvin Andrew - 921 9665.
Royal Canadian Legion Branch #60, WV.  To sign up for Facebook, follow the link below:
~  Saturday June 25th ~ Fifth Annual Branch 60 Women's Cancer FUNdraiser
Silent auction, Live auction, fun, fun, fun!!  Steak Dinner with all the trimmings...
Music by "John Shields" -- Tickets $20 each ($10 from each ticket goes to Cancer)
FUNdraiser and Western night at Branch 60. The silent auction begins Friday evening, the live auction will be after dinner there are some FABULOUS items to be had by the lucky bidder!  Dinner tickets are on sale behind the bar!  Any auction items can be left for Dianne Vowles or me for either auction at the Branch as well.  Please come out and support this cause!  Thank you in advance for your attendance, support and items for auction. I look forward to seeing you there!
Joan Thibault Davenport,  President, RC Legion Branch 60 (West Vancouver)
+++ WV CHAMBER of COMMERCE + 926 6614 + http://www.westvanchamber.com
June 21 - Chamber Breakfast Club
Location: Cafe TrafiQ  --  Have you attended one of the breakfasts? The networks are continuing to expand and grow! Please come to the next meeting.  For more info, contact facilitator and Board Director Mark Ballard, mark@markballard.ca
June 28 - Chamber Breakfast Club 2
Location: Delany's Coffee House | Dundarave Village
Breakfast Club 2 will meet on Tuesday, June 28th at Delany's Coffee House in Dundarave. This is a second Breakfast Club meeting group - everyone is welcome to join.
Business of the Year - Annabel St. John of Paperqueen.
A local West Vancouver International entrepreneurial success story. Over the past 15 years, Paperqueen has demonstrated the highest level of customer satisfaction by offering a  personalized stationery business. A leader in their industry, Paperqueen has been featured in In Style magazine, Elle, and Flare. Major high-end retailers such as Neiman Marcus and Holt Renfrew recently became clients of Paperqueen, in part as a result of their unique product offerings and impeccable service.  Strong supporters of local charities, owner Annabel Mackay St. John is proud to be involved with local West Vancouver schools, the North Shore Family Services, and the BC Cancer Foundation Inspiration Gala. The ultimate compliment was recently received when Paperqueen was chosen by Michael Buble to create the ultimate wedding celebration invitation. Congratulations on all of your entrepreneurial hard work.
Citizen of the Year goes to: Adrian Rowland
Adrian is a silent hero.  He stood out because of his long-term commitment in building partnerships that foster protection and sustainability of the District's natural assets. Specifically, Adrian has demonstrated his commitment to the West Vancouver Shoreline and continues to work with the municipality on other environmental initiatives including energy management and Green House Gas reduction strategies.
Green Business of the Year - Dr. Sara Kinnon of Bellevue Natural Health Clinic
Bellevue Natural Health Clinic has differentiated itself by designing its practice using environmentally friendly materials and offering organic products in its approach to holistic healing. The clinic was also one of the first in the Lower Mainland to carry reusable stainless steel water bottles, an alternative to plastic bottles containing the toxin BPA (bisphenol A) and to disposable plastic water bottles. Among the clinic's many contributions to local charities, it is a sponsor of North Shore Green Markets which is committed to providing access to healthy, fresh, local food, helping to increase recycling, and empowering residents through education and ideas.
Home-based Business of the Year - Anne Baird of Goddess Cards
Anne truly represents home-based business working out of her apartment; we can only imagine how [she] manages to have a studio to do art work [while] managing inventory, office space, etc.
She demonstrates innovation and initiative; selling directly to merchants and changing her business model to [a] more recent focus on ecards rather than print media.  She also creatively designs her own cards and develops the messaging inside the cards.  Anne's business acumen and surveying the strategic landscape by shifting her business model to eCards.
She is involved in the community as a lecturer and artist amongst other initiatives plus does charitable work assisting numerous women and children.
Young Entrepreneur of the Year - Rick Kim of Olive and Anchor in Horseshoe Bay
Rick has shown tremendous entrepreneurial spirit in risking it all by closing the successful Ya Ya's Oyster Bar in Horseshoe Bay in order to create the Olive & Anchor restaurant. He had the vision to see that a successful restaurant could be even better so he closed Ya Ya's, then remodeled and rebranded it to the new highly successful and very busy Olive & Anchor. In a business sector that has seen reduced sales over the last few years Rick beat the odds with his vision of a winning formula for great food and atmosphere at the Olive & Anchor and has enjoyed growing revenue and popularity.
+  BARD ON THE BEACH http://www.bardonthebeach.org/ June 2nd to Sept 24
As You Like It
Great acting by Lois Anderson, on stage nearly the whole time; and
The Merchant of Venice
a difficult play, an excellent production; even with humour: John Murphy and Ryan Beil
Henry VI, Wars of the Roses, opens Wednesday July 6 
Richard III opens Saturday July 16.
       Tix: book online or call Box Office M-F 9am to 4pm, 739 0559; reserved seating this year.
+  ARTS CLUB   687 1644
-  Stanley Industrial Alliance  -- Hairspray starring Jay Brazeau, to July 10
-  Revue Stage on Granville Island -- Mom's the Word: Remixed; now playing to July 23
-  Granville Island Stage -- A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline, to July 30
        Wicked, a musical June 1 to 26 (855 985 5000)
+ Jericho Arts Centre  (1675 Discovery)  224 8007
Our Class by Tadeusz Slobodzianek
        Poland 1925, children grow up as country torn apart June 3 - 26 (Th through Sunday)
The Reputation of Lady Mary by Charles Siegel June 6 - 27 (Mon to Wed except 20th)
+ Metro Theatre 266 7191
Harvey by Mary Chase; June 18 to July 16
+ The Cultch  251 1363
Yippies in Love (musical), June 22 - July 2
+ Deep Cove Shaw Theatre  --  Leading Ladies, two Shakespearean ladies; June 10 to 25
    Calendar of Events: http://www.vanartgallery.bc.ca/events_and_programs/calendar_of_events.html
~ VAG PUBLIC PROGRAMS  --  All Programs free for Members.
Current exhibition: "The Colour of my Dreams".........
~  Out for Lunch -- Eine Kleine Lunch Musik  Select Fridays, 12:10 - 1pm
+  Vancouver Symphony Orchestra  876 3434
                  Many to choose from, pls go to the VSO website: http://www.vancouversymphony.ca/ 
 + EARLY MUSIC VANCOUVER --  40th Anniversary Season --  http://www.earlymusic.bc.ca
Early Music Vancouver -- T: 732-1610  F: 732-1602  E: staff@earlymusic.bc.ca  Summer Festival tix on sale
See www.songfire.ca for more information about three weeks of CONCERTS, and more, at the SONGFIRE Festival of Song.
FRIDAY JUNE 24  That Way Goes the Game
What happens when Lady Macbeth, Ophelia, and the shrew Katherine find themselves in a graduate student's room one night? The only way out is to convince the sullen young man of their true nature, and he isn't buying it. They rant. They cajole. They sing! Three of Shakespeare's formidable females against one hapless student? It hardly seems fair, but "that way goes the game." Admission is free.
SATURDAY JUNE 25 Roy Barnett Recital Hall, UBC School of Music
~ 7:30pm ~  VISI Emerging Artist Gala  There's nothing quite like "Last Night" of a Song Festival to cause the roof to raise up with energy, intensity, and a "give-it-all-you've-got" attitude. Join the party! Admission free.
+ Festival d'ete  http://www.lecentreculturel.com/
GET READY...FOR THE 2011 FESTIVAL D'ÉTÉ!  June 16 to 24
Summer weather is on its way, with sunshine, the smell of cut grass... and to top it all off, the 22nd season of the Festival d'été!  Every year, the Festival has Vancouver rocking to the rhythm of francophone music. For our 22nd season, the Festival d'été has chosen to pay tribute to the rich diversity of the francophone community through an eclectic line-up of artists....
To purchase tickets or get more information about the artists, click on the name of the event in the table. You can also purchase tickets by phone at: 736 9806.

NB: Some of the info sent out to subscribers (below) have parts moved to the body of this WVM.
June 14 Tuesday, 3:55 AM
Mtgs and announcements keep coming even after the newsletter has gone out.
Playing catch-up.  Fingers crossed till Wednesday night. 
JUNE: in London it's Wimbledon and strawberries.......
Your $$$!
Remember at the May 16 ccl mtg there were some brief comments about having that May 19th, 5 or 5:30 but not a pip about what it was about.  Sorry I didn't examine it thoroughly to put more complete notes in the last WVM.  The minutes showed the mtg was only from 5pm to 5:04.  Wonder why it wasn't on a regular ccl agenda......changing terms? not wanting to bring attention to the fact that the 2010 salaries were at that mtg.
The good news is that this info is being made public earlier than ever -- the prev D/Fin didn't release until after June 30 (the deadline to the prov).
Here it is:
Council and M Employee Remuneration -- it's all there! for 2010, so it's more for this year......
Read and weep.
In this Update:
After Events, Details, then Home Remedies {in WVM}, RoyalWatch (the inimitable and utterly frank Prince Philip who turned 90 on Friday), Qtns/Thoughts/Insults/Puns {all in WVM below}
>  Wednesday June 15
+  Well, our Legion had a Canucks BBQ hamburger and fixings for $5 for the Monday night Stanley Cup playoffs -- so check if they'll do it again Wednesday here unless everyone will be home or downtown.  So glad ppl have been so well-behaved with hardly any arrests even though over 100K.  Pray will stay so wchever way it goes for the Cup.
+  Fraser Institute Dr. Harold Siebens Lecture: Dinner and Presentation at the Fairmont Hotel
    Gordon Campbell: Economic Reflections and Lessons for the Future
    Also receiving an award, introduced by Mike Harris
        Registration & Reception 5:30 - 6:30pm; Dinner & Presentation 6:30 - 9pm
                Tix $139; www.fraserinstitute.org t: 688 0221  Details below.*
>  Thursday June 16
+  Talk: Preserving Modernist Buildings in Vancouver - How well are we doing?
        ~ 6:45 to 9pm ~  Heritage Vancouver at The Museum of Vancouver, 1100 Chestnut St.
No advance registration required. Registration 6:45pm, Presentations 7pm; details below.**
Heritage Vancouver Members free; Non-members $5; tel 604 254 9411
Read this bulletin from our website: www.heritagevancouver.org/bulletin/bulletin_20110610.html
Jewish National Fund Gala Dinner with the Israeli Ambassador
        ~ 5 pm ~ Four Seasons Hotel (W. Georgia and Howe)
Some concerned funding is tax-deductible and the creation of "Canada Park" on the ruins of three Palestinian villages in the occupied West Bank.
A protest is being organized by the Canada Palestine Assn (President is Christian;  http://www.cpavancouver.org/ ), supported by Independent Jewish Voices, Canada Boat to Gaza, SPHR-UBC, etc.  One of the groups: http://www.stopthejnf.org
---  DETAILS  ---
*  Fraser Institute Dinner
Hon. Gordon Campbell   Under the leadership of former premier Gordon Campbell, BC's per capita growth went from being the slowest among Canadian provinces to the fastest until the global recession in 2008.
Through measures such as reducing taxes, eliminating debt, and decreasing the size of government, Campbell delivered economic prosperity to British Columbia, earning him the top ranking in the 2010 Fraser Institute study, Measuring the Fiscal Performance of Canada's Premiers, a comparison of the economic policies of 10 Canadian premiers.
Join us on June 15th, as Campbell reflects on the lessons he learned while in government and shares his recommendations on the policies needed to help build a stronger economic landscape.
Campbell will receive an award honouring his top ranking in the report and will be introduced by Mike Harris, former Ontario premier, who similarly rebuilt Ontario's economy between 1995 and 2002.
Heritage Vancouver welcomes guest speakers, UBC University Architect Gerry McGeough, Modernist Architecture Writer John Mendoza, and Internationally Known Artist Gregg Simpson, for two fascinating presentations on different approaches to the preservation of distinctive Modernist Architecture in Vancouver.
The evening begins with a presentation by Gregg Simpson and John Mendoza on the award-winning buildings, designed in the 1940s and 1950s by Gregg's father's office, Semmens and Simpson. We will find out why one of these buildings, the Collingwood Public Library, is on Heritage Vancouver's 2011 Top Ten Endangered List. We will also discover the impact of the unfortunate modifications to another Semmens and Simpson Modern Building, the former Main Library building in downtown Vancouver.
In contrast, Gerry McGeough in his presentation will outline some the successes in preserving and updating UBC's mid-century modern buildings in the context of the UBC Renew Program. This laudable UBC Program was recognized as one of Heritage Vancouver's Success Stories at last year's annual Garden Party.
                For further info, contact events@heritagevancouver.org
June 17 Friday, 2:59 AM
=  Main Items of June 20 ccl mtg {WVM}
=  9am Fri June 17 --  Lane Opening
=  Stanley Cub Playoffs -- Boston has more Cdn players! (see list below)
     It's Vancouver. Love is always in the air, even in the middle of a riot! (Link below for photo)
=  a Prince Philip gaffe; Question; Insult; Quotation/Thought; Pun {in WVM}
Main Items June 20 ccl mtg: in WVM}
Subject: North Shore Bus Lane
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2011 22:23:03 -0700
The biggest change to the Taylor Way and Marine Drive intersection in over 35 years
Please join the Govt of BC, the Govt of Canada, [TransLink], the West Vancouver Police and the Park Royal Shopping Centre for the opening of the of the North Shore Bus Only Lane on June 17th, 2011.
The above noted partners will be in the construction zone at the north end of the Lions Gate Bridge at 09:00 a.m. to field any questions.

Forwards (no Americans, only one NOT Canadian!  -- two from BC and from Vancouver)
Defensemen   (only two are American!)
Forwards  (two Americans!)
Defencemen  (three Americans)
Thought you would be interested in this story: Yes, Those People Are Literally Kissing, On The Ground, In The Street, Amid A Riot
Have now seen it on CNN and BBC as well as CBC and CTV -- love on wings around the world
certainly better image that cars on fire with windows being smashed for looting......
LATER: He's Australian and his girlfriend is Canadian -- they've now been interviewed on TV

===  COUNCIL MTG NOTES June 6th  ===
7:00 PM IN COUNCIL CHAMBER FOR Delegation from Rockridge SECONDARY school
Note: At 4pm the regular Council Meeting will commence in open session (MFCR), and will be immediately followed by a motion to exclude the public . At 7pm the Council Meeting will reconvene in open session in the Council Chamber for a delegation from Rockridge Secondary School, and then adjourn, to commence the Reconvened Public Hearing/Public Meeting. At 7:15 pm in the Council Chamber the Reconvened Public Hearing/Public Meeting will be held. The Council Meeting will reconvene in open session in the Council Chamber immediately following the Reconvened Public Hearing/Public Meeting.
4:00 PM
1.  Call to Order.
THAT in the public interest, members of the public be excluded from part of the June 6, 2011 regular Council Meeting on the basis of matters to be considered under the following section of the Community Charter:
90. (1) A part of a council meeting may be closed to the public if the subject matter being considered relates to or is one or more of the following:
(a) personal information about an identifiable individual who holds or is being considered for a position as an officer, employee or agent of the municipality or another position appointed by the municipality;
(c) labour relations or other employee relations;
(d) the security of the property of the municipality;
(e) the acquisition, disposition or expropriation of land or improvements, if the council considers that disclosure could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality;
(g) litigation or potential litigation affecting the municipality;
(i) the receipt of advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose; and
(k) negotiations and related discussions respecting the proposed provision of a municipal service that are at their preliminary stages and that, in the view of the council, could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality if they were held in public.
        3. Council will then proceed with the closed session.
7:00 PM
        Following conclusion of the closed session the following items will be considered:
5. Rockridge Secondary School Students, "The Ripple Effect" (making school and the community more sustainable) (File: 0055-01)
Presentation to be provided.
THAT Council thank Rockridge Secondary School Students Kelsey Dennison, Callum Kelpin, and Lisa Tejpar, for the delegation regarding The Ripple Effect.
The three students had slides and talked about getting a $20K grant they learned of from the NSN.  Solar panels for the school and hope their work will spread.  Well done, well presented.
6. Adjournment of the June 6, 2011 Council Meeting (to commence the Reconvened Public Hearing/Public Meeting)
THAT the June 6, 2011 Council Meeting be adjourned, to commence the Reconvened Public Hearing/Public Meeting scheduled for 7:15 pm.
Note: At 7:15pm the Reconvened PH/Public Meeting will commence in the Ccl Chamber. The Ccl Mtg will reconvene immediately following the Reconvened PH/PMtg.
7:15 PM
1. CALL TO ORDER   [7:12?]
Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4619, 2011 (2031, 2047, 2063, 2081, and 2091 Esquimalt Avenue; 711, 733, 761, and 789 20th Street; and 2030, 2040, 2074, 2078, and 2090 Fulton Avenue); Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4678, 2011 (2031, 2047, and 2063 Esquimalt Avenue); and Development Permit Application No. 08-041 (2031, 2047, and 2063 Esquimalt Avenue)
 (File: 1010-20-08-041/1610-20-4619/4678)
The Director of Planning, Lands and Permits will describe the subject application.
Applicant: Gellar [sic] Properties Ltd.
Subject Lands for OCP Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4619, 2011: Civic Addresses
Subject Lands for Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4678, 2011: Civic Addresses
Subject Lands for Development Permit Application No. 08-041: Civic Addresses
Proposed Official Community Plan Bylaw Amendment:
The proposed OCP Amendment Bylaw No. 4619, 2011, if adopted, would amend the Official Community Plan to allow future infill housing development on the subject lands, subject to rezoning. The proposed policies for infill housing development are:
Infill housing is to enhance the character of the local neighbourhood and meet a high quality of building and landscape design;
Infill housing is to be ground-oriented and may include: smaller single-family dwellings, coach houses, duplexes, triplexes, and/or combinations thereof;
An infill housing project may include consolidation of individual lots;
An infill housing development must not exceed a maximum Floor Area Ratio of 0.61; and
The subject lands are designated as Infill Housing Development Permit Area BF-B 13 under subsections 919.1 (1) (e), (h), (i), and (j) of the Local Government Act; the objectives of the designation and the guidelines that will govern the issuance of development permits for development in the area are specified.
Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment:
The proposed Zoning Amendment Bylaw would amend the Zoning Bylaw by:
Creating the CD47 Comprehensive Development Zone 47 (Hollyburn Mews) and rezone the lots located at 2031, 2047, and 2063 Esquimalt Avenue from RS5 Single Family Dwelling Zone 5 to CD47 Comprehensive Development Zone 47 (Hollyburn Mews).
Purpose: To provide for development of a nine-unit ground-oriented strata residential project with nine enclosed parking spaces.
Development Permit Application No. 08-041:
If the OCP Amendment and Zoning Amendment bylaws described above are approved, the applicant will be required to construct the development in accordance with a Devt Permit approved by Council. Proposed Devt Permit imposes requirements and conditions for the devt of the subject lands, including:
nine two-level plus basement strata units comprised of: six duplex units fronting Esquimalt Avenue, and three coach houses at the rear lane;
Floor areas (exclusive of basements) of 1,155 sq.ft. for each coach house; and duplex units ranging in size between 1,430 and 1,625 sq.ft.;
A floor area (to site area) ratio of 0.61, and maximum site coverage of 45%; and
Enclosed parking for nine cars, and driveways that can be used as four visitor parking spaces.
Sokol: help with PowerPoint
CAC, CBs; DP area for rest of block; draft character statement, green landscaping, undergrounding, etc
Uplift report, ideally based on comparables but this is difficult in this instance so based on land residual analysis.....
May 2011, two previous reports, new one; Sept 1 2010 ready to go forward then set as valuation date
$155K calculated as Uplift
{as opposed to $595K mentioned in the 2011 April 13 report}
and the devpr has agreed to pay $116K wch is approx 75% of the Uplift value.
Originally looking at just three lots but concern about spot zoning and occurring elsewhere so staff felt wd provide more predictability to do a whole block amendment;
{can you connect these dots?}
see block devt over time; majority of block owners in favour
{does he mean just the rest of that block? b/c statements at PH indicate majority of nbrs against.  See Christine Cassidy's comments below.}
whole block so we have some design control
Objective of Pilot Housing Prog to look at whole range and not meant to exclude other types
Hollyburn Mews not a formal pilot project but can be used as an example.
{[7:23] See R-6 for details: http://www.westvancouver.ca/uploadedFiles/Your_Government/Agendas_and_Minutes/2011/June/11jun6-R6.PDF }
1) Reports received up to June 2, 2011:
Reports received up to and including May 16, 2011 Public Hearing/Public Meeting
Community Amenity Contribution for Proposed Rezoning of 2031, 2047, and 2063 Esquimalt Avenue (Development Permit Application No. 08-041)
        May 10, 2011  /  May 16, 2011  /  R-1
Rationale for Proposed Official Community Plan Amendment for the Whole Block Bounded by Esquimalt Avenue, 20th Street, Fulton Avenue and 21st Street
        May 5, 2011  /  May 16, 2011  /  R-2
Official Community Plan Amendment for Block Bounded by Esquimalt Avenue, 20th Street, Fulton Avenue and 21st Street; and Rezoning of 2031, 2047 and 2063 Esquimalt Avenue (Development Permit Application No. 08 041)
        April 7, 2011  /   April 18, 2011/May 16, 2011  /  R-3
Additional Information: Assessment of Uplift From Proposed Rezoning of 2031, 2047 and 2063 Esquimalt Avenue
        April 15, 2011  /  April 18, 2011  /  R-4
2031, 2047 and 2063 Esquimalt Avenue - Current and Proposed Zoning
        April 18, 2011  /  April 18, 2011  /  R-5
Reports received May 16, 2011 - June 2, 2011
        None to date.   (Report to be provided)
{***  Reports received May 16, 2011 - June 2, 2011
Staff Response to Council's Request for Additional Information for Adjourned Public Hearing / Public Meeting on OCP Amendment Bylaw No. 4619, 2011 and Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 4678, 2011, and Devt Permit Application No. 08-041 (added June 3, 2011)
May 30, 2011    June 6, 2011    R-6   ***}
2) Written submissions received up to June 2, 2011:
To view all written submissions click here.
Here's the link:
Submissions received up to and including May 16, 2011 Public Hearing/Public Meeting
AUTHOR / DATE / DATE FOR CONSIDERATION / NO. {so many only putting name and Correspondence Number}
G. Hiscox  C-1; B. Pettit  C-2; G. Ward Hall, Ambleside and Dundarave [Ratepayers'] Association  C-3; L. & J. Broman  C-4; B. & D. Bell  C-5; A. & G. Simpson  C-6; P. Hill  C-7; F. Pagani  C-8; C. Hunter  C-9; C. Walker  C-10; K. Little  C-11; T. Partington  C-12; G. Polman  C-13; Lionsview Seniors' Planning Society  C-14; M. Carter  C-15; D. Weber  C-16; P. Cunliffe  C-17; P. Gooderham  C-18; J. Gibson  C-19; I. & J. Baggott  C-20; R. Brodie  C-21; K. Higgins  C-22; H. Spouge  C-23; P. Gaastra  C-24; A. Bhayani  C-25; H. Park  C-26; N. Stevenson  C-27; C. Cassidy  C-28; F. Baradarani  C-29; C. Mason  C-30; S. Bhayani  C-31; D. McConnell  C-32; F. & J. Parrott  C-33; F. Parrott  C-34; D. Spouge  C-35; M. Rostamabadi  C-36; M. Cairns  C-37; E. P. Eggert  C-38; F. Musson  C-39; S. Kaufman  C-40; A. Woronuik  C-41; T. Campbell  C-42; P. Ramsay  C-43; J. Wark  C-44; J. Wark  C-45; K. Kaufmann  C-46; J. Fitzgerald  C-47; C. Hall  C-48; A. Pahand  C-49; B. & M. Clark  C-50; A. & G. Simpson  C-51; B. Beale  C-52; W. Lunan  C-53; C. Lindberg  C-54; L. Weninger  C-55; M. Popatia  C-56; B. Berardino  C-57; M. & G. Barnes  C-58; F. Moseley  C-59; L. Spooner  C-60; M. Bassirat  C-61; A. Horsburgh  C-62; L. Green  C-63; G. & J. Marr  C-64; M. Goldberg  C-65; G. Sutherland  C-66; R. Campbell  C-67; J. Kewley  C-68; B. Ransford  C-69; D. Walter  C-70; S.C. & D. Heming  C-71; K. Bubbs  C-72; L. Hedalen  C-73; J. Timmer  C-74; M. Hiscox  C-75; G. Hiscox  C-76; J. Choo  C-77; C. Butterworth  C-78; C. & M. Hunter  C-79; K. McPhedran  C-80; N. Beatty  C-81; J. Griffiths  C-82; G. Butterworth  C-83; H. Weidner  C-84; R. Pellatt  C-85; J. Murphy  C-86; N. Newby  C-87; P. Kuzyk  C-88; J. Brown  C-89; P. Coté  C-90; G., J. & S. Shields  C-91; D., M. & J. Merritt  C-92; B. Phillips  C-93; B. & L. Sheaver  C-94; M. Hauptmeier  C-95; R. Salman  C-96; E. Reinsch  C-97; A. Read  C-98; L. Sherwood  C-99; B. Hann  C-100; R. & B. Blamey  C-101; P. Cain  C-102; C. Dodds  C-103; P. Budra  C-104; N. Beatty  C-105; L. O'Neill  C-106; A. Vertone  C-107; S. Duke  C-108; W. Duke  C-109; R. Barker  C-110; M. Turland  C-111; R. Spooner  C-112; Greater Vancouver Home Builders' Association  C-113; J. & A. Poulsson  C-114; J. Gibbons  C-115; C. Karpiuk  C-116; I. Gibbons/Carstens  C-117; K. Pople  C-118; C. Clay  C-119; J. Timmer  C-120; M. Amiri  C-121; G. Hiscox  C-122; R. Changizi; C-123; D. & J. O'Callaghan  C-124; C. Wright  C-125; L. Piper  C-126; M. Cunningham  C-127; J. & J. Olynyk  C-128; R. O'Callaghan  C-129; G. Pajari  C-130
Submissions received following the Adjournment of the May 16, 2011 Public Hearing/Public Meeting up to June 2, 2011
I. Wright  C-131; D. McGregor  C-132; T. Zimmerman  C-133; C. Gray  C-134; D. McConnell  C-135; C. Reynolds  C-136; S. Anderson  C-137; N. Beatty  C-138; J. Slone  C-139; B. & J. Longe  C-140; Resident {?}  C-141; G. Young  C-142; K. Glynn-Morris  C-143; J. Carruthers  C-144
On April 18, 2011, Council set the date for the Public Hearing/Public Meeting. The statutory notice of Public Hearing/Public Meeting was published in the North Shore News on May 8 and 11, 2011. The Public Hearing/Public Meeting opened on May 16, 2011 and was adjourned to June 6, 2011. The Municipal Clerk will note the reports and written submissions received.
Ssch:  Nos 131 to 153
Mayor: fulsome May 16
app concentrate on CACs and why looking at whole block; however whole thing open
{Mayor correctly says PH was adjourned to get more info on CAC but they didn't discuss that!}
> Christine Banham: reading letter from Maggie Pappas since she cd not be here
want to buy one, written to Mr Geller
followed devt since WG; Ccl unanimous in desire to see
first design, Mr Geller, needed some changes; better use of WV's expensive real estate
magic result, affordable by WV standards; fits perfectly etc
aware nostalgia for past
any real estate agent will tell you they can't sell large houses on large lots
new ways to meet today's issues
that is what majority wants; envmt and economy needs; see beyond a few naysayers -- pls lead!
> Christine Banham: I support b/c it supports families
grew up here family of six; new family I have is three
housing for what the new sgl-fam is; both work
cmnty ageing; sgl-fam, this is what we need
> Edward Von Dehn: near Gleneagles, frequenter of the cmnty ctr
grew up in Van, lived in Europe, moved back, chose NSh
good thing when densification in parts logical to be densified
came on another matter today so no prepared speech
supporter, thinking forward; haven't had chance to look at plans
positive step in right direction
> [7:34] John Gould: not sure I've ever been able to speak for less than five min
2600 block Nelson; don't know and xxx
large houses on our block and only four not large, mine is one
if it isn't changed will add to value to my house
less xxx.....no intention of moving
what wd be the alternative?  three giant houses?

{oh, that boogeyman! if you don't do this, you'll get a monster house.
(Well, maximum on two of the lots is 2550sf, the duplex without the coach house is 2280sf!)
The monster house is something that Ccl (and Planning) shd address -- fix the bylaws so homes in proportion. B/c our bylaws have so many loopholes we're still getting big houses is NOT a justification for densification anywhere!}

wd exclude ...  what has been the nature of WV
{PAUSE while looking at notes}
can only afford cheap glasses
north if the rec ctr is a xxx devt; short supply
> [7:39] Gordon Ward Hall:  [TEXT SUPPLIED, check against delivery]
There are two aspects of the proposed amendment I would like to address. Firstly the present proposal is counter to the Council's stated philosophy adopted 18 months ago that alternate housing in West Vancouver would be introduced gradually, with the approval of residents in each single family neighbourhood.   A pilot program was created to implement this idea.   Since then seventeen applications for alternate housing have been submitted and none was approved.   Only the one that is presently under review remains.
If the current proposal is adopted, the total of multi-family units and infill houses on the block would be six duplex units and three lane houses on the first three properties and in addition eight residents have stated that they would like to add infill housing to their properties.   All this development would be in one block in an existing single-family neighbourhood where over 20 of the immediate neighbours have submitted letters to Council stating their opposition to the proposal.   How does this fit with the stated idea  for the gradual, trial introduction of alternate housing into single-family neighbourhoods?
The second concern is the process that has been adopted in order for the three-lot development to meet OCP guidelines.   In March 2006 the proposed three-lot development was rejected as it did not meet the OCP Spot Rezoning guidelines.  In 2009 a revised development was proposed.  As this too did not meet the spot-zoning requirements the idea of full block development was introduced which overcame the Spot-Zoning problem.  This was backed by the residents within the block as they, apparently, would then be able to add infill housing on their own properties.
The Block Development Area was obviously proposed to circumvent the OCP Site Specific Zoning guidelines.  It is ironic that the original development project for ten townhouses with underground parking that was rejected has now morphed into a proposal that will have a greater negative effect on the adjoining single-family neighbourhood.
The concept of a Block Development Area within a single-family neighbourhood seems against both the spirit and intent of the OCP.   Is it not just an expanded Site Specific zoning?   If it is approved it will set a precedent that other developers will take advantage of and the block development concept will expand through this and other neighbourhoods in West Vancouver.
We recommend that the bylaw amendment to the OCP be rejected as it is presently proposed.   Furthermore that this and other proposals for multi-family development in existing single-family neighbourhoods be postponed until Council establishes an overall plan for alternate housing in each of West Vancouver's diverse neighbourhoods.
> Judith Hall: Chippendale, recently retired
looking to downsize; alternate to hi rise; much need
> [7:43] Keith Pople: [TEXT SUPPLIED, check against delivery]
As indicated in my May 16 letter and presentation to Council I do not believe that the infill development proposed in the OCP and zoning amendments under consideration tonight should be implemented until the appropriateness of infill housing in West Vancouver has been tested on a smaller scale.
I believe more alternative housing is needed in West Vancouver, and there are many appropriate options currently available or in the planning or construction stage.
I have reservations about the repetitious high density laneway housing concept under consideration tonight, such as:
- adjacent home owners are concerned about the impact it will have on their quality of life, and have not been suitably consulted, and
- it will establish a precedent that will be replicated in other single family neighbourhoods, and
- spot zoning to a density the 0.61 FAR in a single family area granted to Mr. Geller sets a precedent that other developers will seek to emulate.
I hope that before taking a position these amending bylaws our Council consider the following questions.
Does the development allowed in the proposed amendments offer a suitable life style for W.V. residents and
-  if so, in what neighbourhoods should they be allowed and would I like to see this provision incorporated in our OCP?
-  if not, why should this unsuitable form of development be permitted in the 2000 block Esquimalt?
If Council do decide to approve the proposed bylaws, please consider incorporating an amendment ensuring that the whole Permit Area {is} developed and the suitability of the concept {can be valuated} before {we consider any other} developments of this type.
> [7:46] Mary Warner: 2586 Marine Dr and own a house on the block in question
trying to think of all the reasons this shd be supported and I support it
and I ended up thinking of the ppl
Basil and Trish trying to plan for xxx
two sisters, insurmountable problems; trying to be responsible for themselves
a lot spoken about this is not going to be cheap housing
lucky enough to move into it still trying to be responsible for ourselves
don't give out willingly but enemy out there: time
shy about speaking June 6, 77th [sic] anniversary {of D-Day}
if they cd lose their lives and blood, I better do it
also like to say, no matter what happens
wd like to have the ppl close not view us as your enemies
trying to do best we can
we've been doing this for a long time; if we cd have an answer sooner rather than later
> [7:50] G Pajari: [TEXT supplied, check against delivery]  Good evening,...
You will recall that three weeks ago I raised a number of questions related to the calculation of Uplift with respect to this upzoning and the appropriate level of community amenity contributions.
Just before the Public Hearing was adjourned, several Council members requested staff provide a report providing additional information on how community amenity contributions were calculated because, as one councillor said, there were "so many inconsistencies".
Immediately after the Public Hearing I requested a meeting with Mr. Sokol, which he kindly obliged. At that meeting, and in a letter sent to him May 24th, I pointed out additional, major apparent inconsistencies in the calculation of the community amenity contribution.
To briefly summarize the two largest apparent inconsistencies that I had hoped would be clarified:
- in the latest report, staff and the consultant have reduced the uplift by $233,000 because it has taken longer than the developer expected to obtain his rezoning. Since Council normally does not compensate developers for delays in the rezoning process, it is not clear why staff recommends this unexpected and apparent generosity. It is not explained in either report, other than to say staff thinks it is fair.
- Secondly, while the consultant correctly increases the cost figures to account for the time value of money, thus further reducing uplift, the consultant does not similarly adjust the revenue to account for the same passage of time. This failure to treat both sides of the ledger the same appears to reduce the uplift by something between a million and a million and a half.
These points were made in detail in the letter sent to planning two weeks ago, but not a mention of these problems in the staff report either. Nor any response to my letter.
So I would ask Council to adjourn this public hearing again until the concerns raised by Council at the previous meeting are actually addressed by staff, and the major apparent inconsistencies I have identified in my letters have been explained. Given the importance of community amenities to Council's complete understanding of the net benefit of this development, taken in its entirety, it would seem to me to be premature to proceed when we still do not have an adequate explanation of why two uplift reports submitted less than three weeks apart, by the same consultant on the same development, differ by almost 300%. All the staff report says is "any uplift in land value from rezoning is very sensitive to prevailing market conditions, design changes, quality of constructions, and the assumptions made during the assessment process" and "Staff do consider the first two reports to be valid."
That's it.
No detailed explanation of why one set of assumptions is correct and the other wrong. Nothing really to address the inconsistencies raised in the first part of this public hearing or in my letter detailing unexplained reductions in the uplift calculation.
Even if we get explanations tonight, that will not be sufficient. We, the public, will not have the time needed to consider these complex mathematical models in light of this new information.
In short, I am, and I can only assume Council must also be, as unenlightened tonight as we all were three weeks ago. And that is not a position to be in when making such an important decision. So please adjourn and await a fuller, written, explanation from staff and your consultant.
(Attachment: Letter to Mr. Sokol, 2011-05-24; http://www.scribd.com/doc/58327552/20110524-EsqRezoning )
{Dear Readers:
Here's what the minutes have recording the above submission:
"G Pajari spoke in opposition to the proposed devt and spoke relative to the calculation of Uplift, Community Amenity Contributions, and queried relative to the information contained in the staff report dated May 30, 2011 regarding the Community Amenity Contribution value and reductions in Community Uplift, and recommended that Council adjourn the Public Hearing/Public Meeting to obtain further information from staff, and provided a written submission."}
> [7:55] Christine Cassidy: Received a letter from Jim Pattison, submitted today {READ it}:
Re:  Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment and OCCP Amendment for Proposed High Density Housing at 21st and Esquimalt - Public Hearing June 6 2011
I have reviewed documents on the above referenced proposal, including a submission to Council by Mr. W.S. Berardino for the May 16th public hearing.
I am in agreement with the position not only taken by Mr. Berardino, but also by the residents in the area who are opposed to the rezoning.  In particular, I support the points made as follows:
1)  The importance of the Official Community Plan, which is a solemn representation by the Municipality to the public, of the Municipality's intentions for property within its boundaries.
2)  That one-off piecemeal alterations to the Official Community Plan which would dramatically change and diminish the community character, should not be made.
3)  The proposal, if approved, would set a precedent for future development in West Vancouver that is driven by developers, regardless of community input.
4)  The current process pits neighbour against neighbour in place of building on community values and dialogue.
West Vancouver is a unique community requiring sensitivity to proposed changes that could negatively impact existing single family neighbourhoods.  The proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment and the proposed OCP Amendment should be rejected.
Respectfully submitted,
Jim Pattison
> CR:  TRANSCRIPT of Submission: Editor of West Van Matters
2011 June 6 -- PUBLIC HEARING re Hollyburn Mews
CR, with notes in hand: Good evening.
Before my remarks, I just want to say that when ppl bring up monster houses, that's totally separate from this devt.  The problem with monster houses is that the desire is there on your part, Ccl, I know, to close the loopholes that still allow them, so I urge you to do so.
{monster houses = boogeyman}
Anyway, Carolanne Reynolds, Editor, WVM
How do we square this circle?--
Mayor: May we have your address as well?
CR: it's 201, 1571 Bellevue
How do we square this circle?
 -- some observations and an attempt at some solutions for your consideration.
I've read all the letters and there are elements in almost every one that I agree with, and see the point -- however most seem to be looking at only a piece of the pie.
Roughly, though not all give their profession -- planners, architects, devprs, realtors, etc are all in favour.  This is to be expected b/c it's logical in planning to have density near a cmnty hub, and it's an attractive design, plus there are those who want to live there and some who wd like to increase the value of their property (and maybe move elsewhere).
A reason given for this as preferable is b/c it avoids the "tyranny of the strata ccl" when in fact it is strata.
A claim of not knowing the devpr when in fact a friend of an owner.
Devt professionals' praise vs resident solidarity.
As others have stated, it is unfortunate this lack of expected process has caused friction as friends line up on sides.
The piece of the pie missing in this, is the residents.
Some tout figures like 80% surveyed want housing choice but omit the fact that if you ask 'in your nbrhd' the majority don't.
Keep in mind already about half of WV's popn lives in multifamily; 70% of the popn in the eastern half -- configuration is key to our keeping our village ambience.
That's why planning is essential.
As representatives of the residents, Ccl, you have the unenviable task of melding these different responses.
We love our homes and the quality of life in our nbrhds -- of course we'll resist losing it.
Openness and transparency?
This spot-zoning has been turned down twice before and the way this is being done sets an alarming precedent b/c it cd be done anywhere in the M.
OTOH, it is attractive and has desirable features.
Many are for this devt but not at the price of weakening the predictability of the OCP, the zoning we chose to live in.
btw, I hope not to hear once more the quasi-zen koan "we have to change to stay the same" -- {in smooth salesman tones) you'll stay forever young if you drink this snake oil!
Moreover, I have serious concerns reading that staff now consider every sgl-fam house essentially a duplex (but this is another issue).
How do we make the best of this set of conflicting but valid views insofar as each goes?
1       Consider a process for public input of gentle densification, say in a two-block radius around the civic ctr, defined, and with the option for a whole block to reject if its majority is against.  Then it responds to the wishes of the residents.
2       As to NIMBY, letters extoll the affordability for young families (but they're over $1M!), and the need for downsizing.  There are so many that this devt apparently cd be sold many times over!
Let's look at that.
It's already designed.
Circulate the devt to the whole cmnty and with that many in favour, won't you have ppl clamouring to live in it?  Many cd be built to address this demand.
Call for areas that want this -- Geller cd franchise or copyright this and sell many, perhaps with slight variations adapting to the location.
Let's call this YIMBY -- YES, In My Backyard!
This is an exciting project -- and I'd recommended it be a pilot.
It is, I must admit, v disheartening that some, knowing these nbrs do not want it, override consideration of fellow residents with their personal desires (they live elsewhere!).
{selfish, insensitive}
Embark on a study and actual PLANNING rather than piecemeal wch makes ppl nervous.
This is serious -- ppl's lives and investments.
Look at the whole pie.
Take advantage of Mr Geller's hard work and good design so it's not wasted -- use it as a basis for providing these types of housing choices but let residents and nbrhds choose where.
Don't impose.
Cmnty involved in planning where gentle densification and give ppl veto powers if majority in area -- when they sell, the slow gradual change envisioned will occur without being forced.
There's time to adjust.
With so many wanting this, it shd be easy to find another spot for this devt.
Consider revising the OCP with this in mind and get wide cmnty input.
A key mantra of this Ccl is Cmnty Engagement.
We're positive, we're ready to BE engaged.
Bring it on!
{Dear Readers:
Here's what the June 6 minutes have for what I said above (btw, I'm opposed to the devt at this time and without due process resulting in resident approval and preventing precedence) :
"C Reynolds spoke in opposition to the proposed devt and spoke relative to public input, the proposed devt as a strata, residents' and nbrhd input, and provided suggestions regarding a public input process, regarding gentrle densification, circulation of the devt to the cmnty, and called for areas that want the devt, that it be pilot project, conduct a study of the potential for housing devts in individual nbrhds, and get cmnty input."}
Mayor: thank you
[some applause]
> [8:03] Michael Geller: applicant
if Mary Warner had been last I wdnt speak
hear call for gradual trial introduction, and think this is happening
as speakers have said, started as spot then amendment for the block, you will be able to control the timing
many think you're rezoning the whole block; look like from across Fulton; much like now
not correct in the middle of a sgl-fam nbrhd
on the edge, a fantastic location
as one of your former planners said to me, no other block that shares the features of this
no one shd tell you it is a precedent for elsewhere in the M

{and just why, pray tell, shdn't they if it's the case?
every (block) is unique, just as every person is unique?}

if you have questions re CAC, two of the city's appraisers in audience who can address
this is a v difficult thing
there's v little diff between this devt and three sgl-fam ... 4700sf
I've agreed to make the voluntary contrib, and pay the DCC

{Some puzzled about the drop from $450K to $116K in the reports submitted}

ultimately reflect a better devt
Sat we went to parade and looked at AmbNOW ...
foolishly said I was the applicant; worried about traffic and parking; wdn't believe ppl wd give xxx
change I did make is increase ... add ...
work with staff, wd add two more pkg spaces; visitor parking
spoke to a lady in the devt [?]; confessed she signed the letter opposing it
someone standing on doorstep saying you're the only one on the block opposed

{plus I've been told about misrepresentations made re the devt by proponents; perhaps rather complicated so it's v important everything clarified at the PH.  For example, increased parking new for tonight's PH.}

not nec; planning to be higher; might be like those duplexes on MDr
what is being proposed is exactly what will be built; won't be any inches taller; character as presented
Mayor: finished?
> MG: devpd in consultation w/ nbrs and xxx
if you approve, promise it will be lovely
> [8:09] Basil Davis, owns prop in the devt: wasn't going to speak but passed something
ADRA, always negative

{ad hominem attacks always lose! at least respect.
Not right to paint everyone in a category with a broad brush -- eg all devprs only interested in money and ignore residents.
That does not supply information that is helpful to the decision being made and the world is not absolutes.  As I said May 16, there are good and bad devprs and good and bad residents.
Important to focus on the issue(s) and the merits, advantages, etc.
Three of the ADRA directors who spoke were NOT negative about the devt, rather about process and precedent.
Many in favour just talked about the devt and did not address or comment on the process or the precedent.
ADRA and anyone in favour of any action or decision Ccl is making usually has no need to come to Ccl to give further support to something being done.
OTOH, ratepayer groups usually do listen to the residents in their area and represent them on matters in their purview}.

this thing started in 2001 and 2002; here's whole thing ... when I originally produced this for Steven (Nicholls)
if this is the amt of work has to be done to reclassify an area or a block
certainly I'm going to be dead
I do have the prop next to M Geller's but bought it 20 years ago hoping to be an old fart one day
cmte put together
ten-month period; brochures > -- is that gathering dust on the shelf?
recommended alternate housing
started 2001-7; now 2009; asked for a public mtg
a lot said they didn't like spot-zoning; whole block OCP amendment

{right; don't succeed with some lots, try to change definition and spot-zone whole block (or facilitate by amending the OCP.)

trying to achieve old OCP through H3; gone through ten years to get nowhere
somewhere down the way someone's got to come up with a solution for alternate housing
if this is passed over; we'll have nothing but monster houses

{ooooooo! that boogeyman again! hang the threat over everyone's head.
monster houses nothing to do with this devt; they're entirely another problem Ccl has not yet dealt with successfully b/c bylaws not strict enough.}

> [8:14] Kathleen Glynn-Morris: sat through mtgs for the OCP
when finished, obsolete and that's why up to Ccl with new info to make decisions
main reason I'm here -- fairness
if ppl buy a home in a sgl-fam nbrhd, not fair to change the atmosphere after
cmnties make this xxx [8:15]
Dundarave, xxx can walk to them
First Nations' lands are planning high densities
if you live in a sgl-fam
think the Gordon devt beautiful across from cmnty ctr
not sgl-fam; go into their garage; parking in driveway, mowing
I don't think that it's right
living where I am I know if all of a sudden zoning change, that's an atmosphere change as well
ppl talking to ppl; house is a major purchase
you know what kind of atmosphere you're moving into
> [8:17] Barbara Pettit [Planner]: some weeks ago spoke in favour Hollyburn Mews
stable for two centuries -- quite common
1000sf to 3500sf; evolved slowly over time; not by zoning but according to indiv needs
listen really hard to the ppl who have spoken in favour this evening
these are the kinds of things we heard consistently during Character Dialogue
ppl want to have

{no one doubts ppl want to have choices, that's not what we're talking about!
Some even think it's in the right place from a Planning POV, but are upset about the lack of process and fear the precedent set.
Did this come about through a proper process and in a way that it does not set a precedent so cd be done anywhere in the District?
There are bigger issues, more far-reaching than just this street.  That's what some are looking at.
This devt on this street may be the result AFTER proper process, then the rest of the M knows where they stand shd a devpr approach ppl in their area.
Make no mistake.  Many in WV feel living under siege.
One man said to me he thought it was downright cruel that they kept knocking on his 90-something father's door wanting to buy so they cd develop it.
Nbrs in another area banded together so no one sold prop in the block.
Too bad.
If a selling job needed to convince ppl of a zoning or density change, then do that and under the aegis of the Planning Dept, don't allow some devprs to pick off little areas, sometimes even harassing the residents.}

can't accommodate it -- bigger and bigger homes or apt
most of us on the Cmnty Dialogue beat the drums, keep coming and coming
{why not urge planning for the whole cmnty rather than coming and coming to deal with ad hoc proposals?}
> Christine Cassidy: speak on behalf of nbrs
[TEXT from notes, check against delivery]
At the May 16th meeting I delivered 20 signatures from the residents along Fulton Ave from the corner of 21st to 1820 Fulton or Sinclair Avenue. Since that meeting I have secured another seven signatures from the corner of 21st to 1820 Fulton who do not want this project.
We are living with the traffic and parking problems.
You know that there is plenty of supply coming, Safeway, 15th and Fulton, Kiwanis, Wetmore Motors, The First Nations, Rodgers Creek, for alternative housing..
I have been under the delusion that the entire 2000 block of Esquimalt and Fulton was in agreement. In point of fact that is not the case.  Of the five properties on Esquimalt, three are owned by Mr.Geller and the other two do not want the project.  On the north side of the block Fulton Avenue, there are five houses, of those five houses, two are opposed to the project.  Of the three remaining , two have a direct financial interest in the project, and the other lives here half time and I could not contact them. On 20th Avenue facing eastward three of the properties have a direct benefit should this project proceed, the 4th is a senior citizen who wishes to remain undisturbed.
You don't have block consensus and you do not have neighbourhood consensus.
No house wanted it, "on the south side" from 20th and Fulton to 1820 Fulton, nine homes, seven signed in opposition , two were unoccupied, being renovated. On the north side of "Fulton from 20th to Sinclair", there are seven homes, four were opposed, one undecided, one rental and one not home. Where is the neighbourhood agreement?
This is a "project that benefits the developer". Those who've spoken in favour do not live in the neighbourhood or are friends, associates and business acquaintances of Mr. Geller.
We don't have one coach house in West Vancouver and we'll have five in one block.
We're a neighbourhood of seniors and young families.  We don't want it and we don't need it.
What about the young families, new Canadians on that block attracted by the quality of schooling?
Five people want it.
[NB: opposed on the block with signed form letters submitted to Council on June 6th: 2081 and 2091 Esquimalt, 2090 and 2078 Fulton.  This is contrary to any claims of complete block agreement.  Also strange to hear the Mayor imply she'd ignore the opinions in 'form' letters.  On my block on the north side of Fulton of the six properties, four are opposed, one is unoccupied, and one is a realtor in favour.]
[8:24] Mayor: anybody further?
> Heather Mersey: wd like to read a letter from Jim Gibbons who worked for many years for IntraWest and is now retired
re OCP Amendment and Rezoning of certain properties between 20th and 21st Street, West Vancouver.
I have practised land development in Canada, the USA, and Mexico for the past 20 + years.
I have an understanding of the processes of the proper growth of Municipalities and Cities.
I am obviously generally a supporter of development when done in a responsible manner -- but not for the sake of development alone.
There are a number of issues that are disturbing to citizens of West Vancouver in the process being followed in this particular submission.
1-  Planning and Council as well as the developer continue to cite demand for "this type of housing" in our community. The residents of West Vancouver are entitled to see this STUDY.
A number of participants in the previous meetings have referred to "Single level", "Senior-friendly", and "ground-oriented" housing for West Vancouver residents who may wish to downsize.
The reality is that the proposal is for three level Town-Homes -- none of which would be suitable for Seniors or Downsizers.
As stated above I may stand corrected based on the exhaustive Study that must have been conducted prior to our respected Council considering such a proposal to amend something as important to all citizens as the OCP is.
2-  Assuming that the study above has indeed been conducted and a copy is available to the residents of West Vancouver then the citizens are also entitled to review the Study that has been conducted that proves that the site selected for this type of housing is the correct location and for what reasons.
Again, much has been made of the appropriateness based of the close proximity to the Seniors' Recreation Center??
This housing will not be occupied by Seniors.
I do not believe that these Studies have been conducted and if they have not then our Council is disrespectful of the value to the West Vancouver citizens of the OCP.
My concerns are not expressed as a dissident neighbour but as a seasoned participant in the development arena who values the processes that enable intelligent growth and development of cherished communities.
3-  Finally I must express my astonishment that this Council is considering such a proposal without having full knowledge about the financial benefits to the District of West Vancouver. This was very apparent at the last meeting of Council.
Council has no choice but to provide the appropriate evidence to support this amendment or to discontinue this process and enable the residents to believe in their protections provided by the OCP.
Jim Gibbons, West Vancouver
> [8:28] Craig Cameron: live in the nbrhd, not financially linked to Mr Geller
one of the ppl who doesn't exist
arguments against interorum [?] arguments; change will lead to ...
can't prove a negative; can't prove won't have a negative
like same-sex marriage -- lead to desecration of marriage etc; the arguments heard here are similar
Ccl retains discretion on ev single [8:29]
if horrible effects come about, am sure Ccl will note them
character of the nbrhd
as far as I understand, hi rises, two or three blocks away
if not approved, most likely monster houses; won't be room for more families in the nbrhd

{spectre of boogeyman again!
how so no room for families???}

creeping ....   can't afford a $2m  not welcome
no site better than this; no nbrhd better suited

{None?  really?  in whole cmnty?  methinks rather overstated........  there are other suitable sites......  as any devpr will tell you.}

canvass is attempt to kibosh

{Frankly, this statement leaves me shocked.
not advocating consulting the locals or nbrhd or the cmnty?
Instead maybe thinks/knows not supported so makes the wild claim that canvassing residents wd kibosh/kill the devt......
hm -- as a lawyer, not bothered cd be violation or not quite in keeping with the OCP or its intention?
Even more alarming, this person is a mbr of the Cmnty Engagement Cmte -- now, doesn't that just scream involving the cmnty and getting their views?
has he read the purpose/mandate of the cmte?
Why wd Ccl choose a mbr who is openly opposed to canvassing residents?
Perhaps his exclusionary view was not known when appointed or he didn't mention that on his application.
Maybe applications shd include some reference to views compatible with the aim of the group.}

Mr Geller has done a good job

{no one is referring to that or doubting it!}

> [8:32]  D Bell: time coming up; looking for something smaller
devt around Collingwood School; a lot of monster homes empty

{scream! this has nothing to do with monster homes and whether they're full or empty.
ppl who want to buy homes in WV as an investment can do so in this devt as well!}

when first heard about this quite relieved
library, seawalk ... declared whole area
> [8:34]  Richard Paisley: grew up on the NSh; mother worked for the M, sgl mom; xxx of Fulton
teach law at UBC
first re OCP: doc we all rely on, an imp one we shd all rely on
what they're trying to do on Fulton, not consistent with OCP; need to stick
see on Fulton ... in my kind ?time? as a lawyer
v v important that you stick with it; rather than special arrangements
grown up in this cmnty; have seen what I can see as monster houses; see whole nature of cmnty
hate to see anything a violation of due process
{me too!}
see nbrhd changing dramatically
devprs have taken over
dvpr as a bad word that's how they see
others have said it more articulately, eg Mr Berardino, xxx
Mayor: any further?
Sop: report does relate to CACs; heard from citizens and applicant, move it be closed

{does anyone think they answer the questions posed???
even apart from the questions raised tonight!}

Mayor: must read all?
SSch: yes
Sop; thought so
{read it}
MOVED:  THAT all written and verbal submissions be received and the PH/Public Mtg be closed.
Members of Council are not permitted to receive further submissions once the Reconvened Public Hearing/Public Meeting is closed.
Following conclusion of the Reconvened Public Hearing/Public Meeting, the following items will be considered:
Amend by:
Moving Item 13 to the Consent Agenda as new item 20.1 and renumbering the Consent Agenda items accordingly;
Replacing in Item 13 the draft 2010 Annual Report with an updated draft 2010 Annual Report;
Moving Item 14 to immediately follow Item 11
         May 16, 2011 Public Hearing/Public Meeting; May 16, 2011 Regular Council Meeting;
         and May 19, 2011 Special Council Meeting.
10. Official Community Plan Amendment for Block Bounded by Esquimalt Avenue, 20th Street,
Fulton Avenue and 21st Street; and Rezoning of 2031, 2047 and 2063 Esquimalt Avenue (Development Permit Application No. 08-041)
(File: 1010-20-08-041/1610-20-4619/4678)
These bylaws received first reading at the April 18, 2011 Council Meeting, were the subject of the Public Hearing/Public Meeting held and adjourned on May 16, 2011, and the subject of a Reconvened Public Hearing/Public Meeting held earlier this evening.
If the Reconvened Public Hearing/Public Meeting is closed, Council is not permitted to receive any further submissions on these bylaws, and second and third reading of the bylaws may be considered.
THAT Official Community Plan Amendment Bylaw be read a second time.
SW: fits in; lots of time
Panz: I too am going to be supporting this
heard a tremendous a lot, valuable; envision doc of 1991
missing middle; smaller unit with little bit of garden
here we are in 2011; Housing Dialogue did an outstanding job; and got an award

{For a WG to get an award is totally separate, orthogonal, to approving densification, a rezoning, an OCP amendment.  There'll be many proposed devts.  Does this mean b/c the Housing WG got an award they all shd be supported???}

latest cmnty survey:
        outstanding initiative
top prioirity envmt, chn, housing types
span of work that has been done; concern not been broad-based enough; we do amend the OCP when it makes sense
organic doc moving forward with the times

{The OCP is organic???  Yes, it shd be changed if need be with the times but there's a PROCESS for changing the OCP.  It's a document that ppl count on wrt the zoning in their nbrhds.  Then OCPs are reviewed every few years, and that's when there may be changes.  Drastic changes ought not to be made in between and the OCP shd not be ignored or not followed.}

enough desire to have this happen
nbrds don't nec want it in their nbrhd but if a good place
met with them

{not allowed between the PH mtgs!!!!!}

what they want to see happen
> ML: agree with two prev speakers
sorry if my comments around the OCP stem a bit to next motion
talk about it being a whole block
a lot of letters; ev in favour of this doesn't live close to it
three lots, three houses, alternative being duplexes and lane houses; not a demo
it's a land assembly and subdivisions......
something wrong with our process -- doesn't work
two and at end come with a consensus -- most recently Pacific Arbour
this is most divisive I've seen since on Ccl
talk about fixing
integrity of OCP -- didn't come down in tablets down from Moses
but substantial but it does define
changes to it can't be made lightly
process employing not giving the attention and diligence
I don't know that answer, and that's not a surprise
changes, shd go to referendum
didn't work, not to consensus; ... substantial divisive  xxx
have to say the interest of the nbrs in the area trump the interests of a real estate devt
[8:49] Sop: criss-crossed this cmnty in past 15 years
looking out for their interests, nbrhds, homes
amazing pride in this cmnty
we envisioned this great cmnty certain size of lot, ambience
get a cup of tea from wife after mowing the lawn; v nice 8:49
when we embarked on the intention -- knew change was coming
look at alternate forms of housing
diligently, chairman worked, here; enlightened up to look at this in a sensible way
devise a way to do a pilot project
allow for small house with small at back; initially as a rental; much like a sec ste
never went anywhere; didn't have legs
that might have been the start to look at two small homes on a larger lot
if this type of devt presented in a cautious way
predominantly for xxx ... common good ... master plan for the entire cmnty
even to the point of ... ask staff
even Mr Geller who cd aid us -- v smart designer and devpr
method we can have densification saying specifically where and what size
and enter into an agreement, for all of us
any other way not what I had in vision
sadness here is the divided cmnty have here
we want it for WV seniors -- we're not a gated cmnty
build it and they will come
affordability is market!
built, they will come

{and WV is so v desirable they're coming from everywhere -- rest of Canada and rest of world.  Will be difficult to restrict just to WV residents and there's an unlimited number who'd love to live in an 'affordable' unit in WV!}

what are we doing to Hollyburn nbrhd -- under siege for ten years!
ev has the right to age in home without something coming they don't like
Sokol said is not part of the pilot prog; that's v disappointing to me
District and this Ccl didn't embark at alt forms of housing in a bigger way
above the hwy 700+
X and who knows First Nations
nothing against wanting to live in a diff
we as a Ccl shd look at in a serious way
shd hv help, ask Mr Geller, ask this cmnty and this staff; present to Ccl a full-blown master plan
doing so, following the absolute right direction
a win-win for everyone
many like WV as it is today; we see the gaps and we know that something has to take place
not going to support the project
need a new plan re xxxxxxxxx
[8:55] MS: mixed like others; smaller in Amb & Dund
Lewis and Sop right
we've failed to address need; cmnty divided; shdn't make when 50-50 split
when like that, go back and look at the process
and he says
I can understand why they made it, not rocket science
in this case we haven't done that
the process has not been driven by Ccl or staff, by a devpr who bought three lots
buys house on street, another one, and immediately applying for xxxx
don't think we can allow that to happen
unique -- why more unique than 1900-block?
across from a park and a church, unique .. just
look at 2000blk Esq, nine residents on three lots
put nine, can't see xxx
Ccl commissioned a parking consultant -- you don't have enough parking even before you build the cmnty ctr
the list of black marks against
talk about CBs -- three different reports -- ev mtg, have a diff report?

{that's what's happened and why PH adjourned -- have you all agreed with wch report? latest? lowest for devpr? if so,why?}

like Lewis and Sop, have to reluctantly vote against ... need
Geller type of person who
don't think we need nine residences on three lots
go back to sq one
had this Pilot proj good on it
take some
and put ADRA reps b/c they're the ppl who live there
Amb Dund ppl who live
no one wants to see large monster houses!

{then, Dear Ccl, after hearing this refrain so often, when are you all starting on trying to address this?  The bylaws/regulations have to be changed!
Frustrating to keep hearing 'threat' and nothing done to remove it.
That means we accept whatever b/c otherwise a monster house?
how conveeeenient.}

demand is not for monster houses, have to find the path through the maze
I wd turn the whole thing to staff; leave the three lots
throw back to staff ... as an innovative and pilot proj
thought was the intention of the WG we commissioned years ago; dragged on too long
don't want to see three sgl fam houses; think we can do better
any time we see our cmnty split down the middle like this
have to get back on the rails
[9:02] Ev: this has two motions, Zoning and OCP; ppl have challenged
read Policy H3 -- allows this Ccl to allow this Ccl to xxxxx with ..... in general
what I see we're being asked to do is something wrt zoning
setting the stage without changing
I'm going to vote in favour b/c wd like to see a debate around the zoning after amending OCP
Mayor: I'm going to speak in favour of this
began with the adoption of the OCP; component of the Housing OCP; challenge to all ppl
if a failure at all
come to five ccl mtgs, five public mtgs; four mtgs with residents; never seen this split
to me, it's going to be three-four
all committed; put on purpose; we've had design controls but not sgl fam
know I've let down the cmnty by not being
letters saying bring back.....
like to have cottage; tremendous challenge xxxxx
been asked to take our job seriously
Cclr Sop and I fought against the Transition Zone, we with Cclr Day wrote H3
asked a ton of volunteers to meet a ton of ppl; ability to reflect to ourselves
[9:06] Ccl worked hard to understand that
affirm; field ppl to see what's going on
this becomes a project we are learning from

{but not being done as a project; since that recommendation didn't fly, do so by default?}

difficult, xxxxxx;  of course, xxx and learn from
sorry about that; knew we didn't have enough parking
a long process beyond this; shd stay the course b/c if we don't, back to 2004
I grew up on 20th -- remember Mathers Court, a cul de sac ppl horror, a detriment
40 years later beautiful place to live, bit simpler
parents lived to Caulfeild townhouses when we were in university
stable nbrhd
don't think this will be easy; ... second chance
not easy but worth trying
Sop: OCP supposed to give a sense of predictability; safety matter, safe haven; number of nbrhds, sites; limiting disruption of nbrhds, number of sites for densification, did that for a purpose
if any proposal came forth, shd have been put to cmnty
disappointing unfortunate with four-three split, got cmnty divided
[9:10] going to get a presentation? work done to now by WG
efforts into this cd hv bn put into our path; alternate forms of housing; haven't gone in that direction; we're on a slippery slope; going to be lots more coming
don't care what you say, Mr Geller and his friends will put forth
can't believe won't step back; ask cmnty; been for many years, been sgl-fam nbrhd
show me a plan and gladly accept alt housing forms; that's never been before us
aside from what Cclr Ev said, we deserve better
want to be leaders but we do it our way, not somebody else's; that's not happening here if this goes through
Mayor: not sure question or statement
Sop: statement
Mayor: just heard you ask Mr Sokol
[9:12] Sop: hope Mr Sokol will present us with some avenue in the future, so we know where we're going
or do I have to do a notice of motion to bring this Ccl to get something going, so we don't have what we have tonight, a split cmnty
have someone like Mr Geller come forth and we say yes, that's acceptable b/c went through a process, we know exactly where we're going
Mayor: Next Cclr Walker
SW: don't think nbrhd under siege and don't think to other nbrhds
small step, took a long time; don't think dvprs going to be banging down our doors b/c look at the process, they're not going to want to go through this
[some laughter]

{problem is, however, there's so much money to be made real estate and devt are arguably the largest biz in WV.  And if, as a report implied, time means a deduction in the CAC, the process will hardly dissuade those wanting to make money from densifying/rezoning their properties....}

re negative, discounted some of that
lunch with a client who signed a form who was led coming to his nbrhd

{This is extremely important.
This means she discussed the PH topic in private, ie outside the PH venue, and more alarmingly, is basing her vote/opinion at least in part, on this conversation!!!}

it is a small step; if this does proceed down zoning
creating a tighter cmnty, positive addn to cmnty
TP: hope we're not losing our Pilot proj; understand Ottawa [Ave], still moving that forward
slow, value for that
tried to get hold of Barb Wilson in Seattle and she was hopping on a plane to Copenhagen

{Pardon? but you're not allowed to consult others between the public sessions! -- not public, not staff, not fellow councillors.  Even to get clarification, ie from staff, it must be asked in public -- IOW, no private conversations whatsoever.  And that's why at the May 16 PH staff were asked to clarify and Sokol came back with a report (it was submitted in writing and given verbally during the PH tonight).
In a PH, Ccl is sitting as a quasi-judicial body.}

small project -- hasn't taken over, cautious and well-received
on balance a v progressive program
small but difficult step; in time we'll learn a lot from this
shd be keeping our eye on the process
[9:15] MS: we have to consider the wants of the nbrs in anything we do
we won't be able to come out with long-term proposals if nbrs don't embrace
to build on what Sop said; we do need a proper process; Ccl and Staff, look
not demands in Caulfeild
lot of Amb, Dund, replace with large monster homes or?


will look for alternatives with what will fit into the nbrhd
we all agree, seven votes --not the way to evaluate change in the nbrhd
Sop: polled vote
Mayor: second reading for the OCP
Cclr Walker introduces third reading
Sop: polled vote
[PASSES with Ev, SW, Mayor, TP in favour and Sop, ML, and MS opposed]
RECOMMENDED: THAT Zoning Amendment Bylaw be read a second time.
Mayor: now rezoning, ie the three lots
SW: evolved over five years xxx; number of times before Ccl
recognize trepidation and angst for nbrs
do think ... three xxxx sides ... near transit, near cmnty ctr
couple of friends just separated and split, difficult to find; want kids to stay in cmnty
small step and we can really analyze how fits in
chance to look not nec accept all
do think the process was somewhat flawed
think it's time and need to lead
[9:20] Ev: truly regret we're not going to be unanimous on the CCl, ....regret
met with mbrs of the cmnty and listened

{ooooooo! so now we have two confessions of having met with ppl over this but it's not permitted between PH mtgs!!!}

when we come down to principles, options
haven't heard of anything about tearing it up and going through another Ccl
what we're being asked to approve tonight is rezoning for three lots, that's all

{yes -- but it's spot-zoning!  was turned down previously b/c spot-zoning so decision made to amend OCP for whole block!   How much do you think putting nine units where three families lived next to you wd affect your ambience and life? esp if lots are 50ft, 50ft, and 60ft.}

rest of lots subject to xxx and Devt Permits
Ccl approve or not future zoning
Ccl in next month, any Ccl has the ability and scope and sensitivity
to look at in.... xxx
[9:22] opp to say enough, won't go..... so far
also say go through Design Review Panel -- you'll know it's a steep hill
there is another element that will ensure another.....
specific guideline; respect the interface and Fulton and 20th; essentially, sgl-fam character
this Ccl, future Ccl has the opp to review
in that sense it is a pilot prog but not calling it that

{so why didn't you (Ccl) do it as a pilot prog?
just b/c failed or process truncated or not followed doesn't automatically mean you can do it anyway!}

a disservice future Ccls not capable of looking at future rezoning and judge them on their merits at the time

{er, um.
then what's role of the OCP?
Ccl mbrs are not Zoning Tsars who can wave a magic wand over a spot or block!
Rights of the little residents and responsibility to follow procedures!
Those are systems in democratic govts to prevent arbitrariness and favouritism.}

believe they have that capacity
Sop: find it fascinating; ev listening
WG told us how, start small -- no one said we'd have 50ft, three; 25ft [9:25], v little space
not told about zero lot line
not told about sgl-fam into three and it's only three lane houses
idea was to start slowly and say to Mr Geller, wd you put a small house, lanehouse at the back, have someone rent out, that's one
here's another, larger lot, put two small homes on it -- that wd be our start, our plan
to leave it open, as now, this cmnty deserves better than what we're getting tonight
take a very hard look, Ccl;  xxxxx
ML: don't want to debate what's going to happen in the block
already had ppl saying they want -- the lady to the east...
too much in too small an area
more supportive if a sgl house with a lane house but three in a row, we're making a mistake unless we put in something to monitor, see impact as Ev
say, we're not prepared any others for a year till we see
too big a bite in this nbrhd

{interesting point.  Is there no limit on the number in a block that can be densified?  the whole block?  so if it comes to a nbrhd near you, be prepared for the whole block to go........}

to mitigate xxxx we have the obligation to do so
Mayor: apparently
sev applications a month for a carriage house
discuss.... have carriage house so more xxx  [9:29]
five to ten regns for legal stes a day
big question mark if we can do that, will this come back?
Sokol: you have the DP in front of you
after second/third reading, will come back
then have discussion on future {procedure????}
RECOMMENDED:  be read a third time.
Votes four to three: in favour: Ev, SW, Mayor, TP; against: Sop, ML, MS [9:31]
11. AmblesideNow: Accomplishments, 2011 Expenditures and Next Steps
(File:  0500-01)
         Presentation to be provided.
CAO: background; Amb Town Ctr Strat SLIDES
Many looked at
review of Public Safety bldg, studies wch is what this is about
Arts in Ambleside, non-binding MOU with Grosvenor
schools and cmnty ctr
Amb Revit Comm -- opened Amb 1408 MDr; successful booth at Cmnty Day
Nina: prev expenditures
first resoln $250K made in June of 2010, fully expended in 2010: feasibility studies; planning at high level
$175K expenditures from Dec to Feb 2011; professional expertise brought in
$413K for consultants to bring  further
Appendix 1
Mar to Dec
overhead for administration [9:36]
xxx to Public Safety bldg
reviewed expenditures in detail and recommend approval
$413K previously approved
plan funded from net proceeds from sales of District lands

{has that decision already been made? by whom? in camera?
didn't bring to cmnty's attention so there cd be public input?
selling property the public owns deserves wide discussion even if a Ccl not espousing openness and transparency!
These are rather truncated notes. Lots of numbers. Suggest listening to the video of the mtg and/or reading the reports.}

study for 1300 block xxxx
almost hired architect; shd be engaged and design done so can be costed

{don't we even have budgeted amt?
and haven't heard anywhere about the size, sf!}

SW: reiterating question at Fin Cmte
expenses to Nov; RP not on out yet
how can know? I know some retainers... perhaps
[9:41] budget Amb Revit has seen and approved
{who's seen? who knows? who approved when?}
budget 2012
have a budget to May 31st; spent $68K; Public at $16K; $31K for public lands?
SW: good
still feel it's exorbitant for six months
CAO: we're agreed Fin Cmte's looked through it, about a month behind
big issues, is Public Safety Bldg (PSB), incorporate the Fire
[9:43] great deal of work
how do we share space Pol/Fire; brought Cornerstone in
meet weekly with Mayor

{besides not open for public even rest of Ccl don't attend???  who decided to choose Cornerstone and how done?}

will meet more frequently in future; keep you up

{that admits haven't been}

ML: can or will?
{good question, ML!}
Nina: v true; "just in time" reporting; certainly can provide monthly reports
ML: we need a resolution?  unclear; ambiguity here
Nina: no ambiguity intended, most likely will provide monthly reports
Ev: public consultation -- $108K -- might give public better idea of how engage the public
Nina: the $108K relates to a number of diff things
budget originally devpd at beginning of year, scoping out size of entire proj
communications work plan from beginning
some of the results wd require a diff type of work plan; for a change in process
consult plan re M-owned lands
surveys, a communications consultant working for us for the next nine months
CAO: still in process of defining the public process

{shdn't that hv bn done at beginning? esp a Ccl "dedicated" to openness, transparency, and public engagement.}

asked today when input into design
how we're going to engage the public b/c we still don't know; how going to be paid for
for public to understand why a jt public safety bldg

{not really.  Everyone I've spoken with favours a joint bldg -- size, design, and cost are what the concerns are!}

Sop: work to date excellent
don't have a smoking gun; wd be called common sense
chicken and egg; money -- idea of size, cost, and how paid for
work in prog scenario; you're still doing space planning
architect, {he listed}
{approve, work} to less than $1M, rest is other, for entire AmbNOW
what is imp to me is get fix on costs to get a handle and go before public

{Sop is entirely reasonably suggesting not approving the whole $3M+, rather about $1M, see how much done with that and then get next funding (presumably with more hard figures/size/cost.}

we have to pay for it somehow
how quickly can we get
for public to say, you're in the right direction
admire work that's gone on
Ccl take steps being informed more often than not; monthly, Lewis
Mayor: and Cclr Walker
Sop: not finished
CAO: Ccl said wd set aside time weekly whether formal or informal

{and gave no instructions re open mtgs so public cd attend?}

your main project you asked to accomplish in your term in office
30 years of studies; Sop's questions v ones we'll be answering
v experienced devprs; good guess what wd cost, now have to prove that
public has to know what getting and how paid -- and there are options
what if not cost, will xxx [9:51]
size? want? recommend?

{all v good -- but WHEN? what options???}

add'l safety to our cmnty
Sop: along with space planning in relnship imagine an operating budget
fire police prot safety
this public will be new and costs associated
hvn't talked about operating budget
look at structural and mechanical
can you do with $1M until you run out -- you can come back in three months and get more?


CAO: budget for rest of year ...not spending
you will be walking, running, with us as it moves forward
has been vetted by yourselves and Fin Cmte
Mayor:  Grants
[9:53] GP: [from Notes] Good evening again, Mayor and Council. My name is George Pajari.
I have concerns about the AmblesideNOW process and funding.
First, I think too many decisions are being made behind closed doors under Community Charter exemptions intended to be used only in extenuating circumstances to protect the municipality.
Obviously certain land transactions need to be discussed in confidence -- but that legitimate exemption appears to be stretched to cover all manner of decisions to the point that, for example, when it comes to the police station all the major decisions have been made in secret -- such as the location.
I won't even get into the excuses the Police Board has used to keep these discussions out of the public eye but they simply do not pass the laugh-out-loud test as I have pointed out to the Board previously.
So I implore you to open the process and, to the extent possible, explain the rationale for the decisions already made in secret.
Secondly, I'm very concerned about the funding model.
Land should be sold only to buy land.
You may have heard the news last week of the 17-year-old in China, Xiao Cheng, who sold one of his kidneys for an Apple iPad.
In five years he'll need to replace the iPad and he won't have a kidney to sell.
I suggest to you that selling land or leasing it for 125 years to pay for office supplies and other soft costs for a building that might last 60 years is no better than selling a kidney for an iPad.
The only difference is the time it takes your mistake to come home to roost.
The true price of this funding fallacy won't affect you or me -- we'll be dead. It will fall to the Pathfinders you hosted last meeting -- the youth.
So if you truly think AmblesideNOW is right -- say so and make the hard decisions to fund it from my pocket and yours -- not from our youth and their children.
Thank you
{Dear Readers:
As you know this newsletter has a partial transcript.
Just so you know, here's what the June 6 Ccl minutes have for what GP said above:
"G Pajari spoke relative to concerns regarding the process, decisions, funding, expenditures, and sale of municipal land."}
Mayor: extend mtg
MS: reluctantly beyond 10 oclock
move what's spent and: THAT
1.   Council approve the proposed expenditures for March to December 2011 of $3,134,600 for AmblesideNow (of which $413,500 had been previously approved by Council) as recommended by both the Finance Committee and Ambleside Revitalization Commission; and
2.   the March to December 2011 proposed expenditures be funded by the net proceeds of sale from municipally-owned lands including: 2301 Ottawa Avenue; the Horseshoe Bay Fire Hall lots (6538 and 6528 Marine Drive, and 6385 Nelson Avenue); and the 1300 Block of Marine Drive (Police Building site, parking lot, and lane).
{Sale, not lease? losing permanent assets to pay for buildings that will only last a few decades?  When do residents have input into a) this decision, b) the locations? or is it fait accompli wanting a rubber stamp?
openness and transparency anyone???}
MS: briefly; we've had letters and ph calls from public and rightly so
Sop: just b/c we approve it doesn't mean we have to spend it
staff have to justify; Ccl wd bring a quick halt to the proj
Public Safety Bldg [PSB], total $2.2M majority
next phase for functional prog and xxx; Adv Body with xxxxx defining suitable planning assumptions
I am one of two ccl mbrs on that and have been to one mtg in six months
so factually incorrect
CAO to decide
re size and scope of building, I'm still not XXX [9:59]
got to recognize the Police Bd does not report to us
xxx of Police Chief and Fire chief decide size of bldg, for them larger
heard we're going to do it but not xxx
CAO: the arbitrator is Ccl; about what bldg will look like
steps leading up, different groups and different ppl
Police Chief..... nec for service Fire Dept, within their budget; how we provide services at Hall
Cornerstone is going to challenge those
if xxx floating up from start, we'll xxx that ourselves
sharing space not services
take to adv bd, Pol bd, Fire bd; will take group through
how bldg being crafted hope they'll be challenging this; do we really need this?
pair of eyes from Pol Bd and staff going through this
hope to continue to be challenged
may be things two chiefs and I don't agree with so then go to bd
bldg will take form; reg updates to
true not many mtgs, but just starting

{then you're starting late!}

Mayor: steps really
don't think we cd be more public

{with all due respect, then shd think again.....}

think we shd move to this site

{you do, but I'm not aware of any public mtg at wch the cmnty was asked their opinion on where the PSB shd bw (all agree shd be a joint building though.  Why not?
and why haven't taxpayers been asked if in favour of selling or leasing land to build it?}

xxx and how to fund Amb process
not going to get anywhere unless we xxx [10:03]
Sop has a good point
Next Police Bd mtg or in July, look at if we need our own jail, xxx, [10:04] and xxxxxx
if our cmnty ctr -- we took a lot of things out of that bldg without as much nice things; expect we'll be doing the same thing
numerous, larger projects
Sop: in that process we started years ago; Western Cmnty Ctr, ice arena, cmnty ctr itself; toward end tightened up
had to remove fair amt from budget
staff presented us with a proposal: one gym and said wd be filled with equipment that cdn't be moved out, badminton  wanted.....-- ended up with two gyms

{yet again, a result of not letting residents know the one gym wd have that equipment in place; they'd been playing badminton for many years and wd have voiced their concerns at beginning had they known.
OTOH, Parks probably knew having two gyms wd be too expensive and cut so leaving it to residents to complain wd have more success cuz harder for Ccl to refuse.............
also, at Western Cmnty Ctr but not regulation/competition size courts and with windows impaired view of shuttlecock (why not taken into consideration?), had to buy blinds that cost at least $10K.}

swimming pool $2.5M ended up $8.5M

{Well, at the end it was +/-$12M.
and that Ccl had the gall to say it had cmnty approval when what they'd seen and been in favour of was an upgrade to the Aquatic Ctr for $2.5M (as Sop said).........}

know these things inch upward and downward.  If need be doing it without
shd we use Endowment funds?  lowest rates in history, borrowing; have to know right off
CAO: recogn need a new Police bldg; sgl-use bldg days are gone
{I repeat, have heard no one opposed to the joint Safety building!}
enhance value of our lands

{in what way are you enhancing the value of our/M lands if they're sold or leased for 100 years and the building won't last half that time?  we've emptied the land piggy bank, so how finance future construction???}
Fire Hall No 1 has to be upgraded -- disaster ctr
decisions made, quite exciting

{and what exhilarating freedom when someone else is paying if not free of restraints at least with pots of money to play with.  As Cclr Walker said -- rather exorbitant.}

{NOTE:  Item 14 was inserted here so items went 11, 14, 12, 16, 17, 19, 15, 18, 20.  I'm not going to move all these below but shall leave them showing timestamps.}

12. Application for Patron Participation Endorsement Liquor Licence - Larson Station 6190 Marine Drive (File:  1605-14)
Sokol gave background
LCP patron participation endorsement
entertainment and dancing; cannot be a bar only selling liquor; 9am to midnight
Mayor: so late, H Eyers
HA: live close by; wife Hanika here
concern b/c a lack of transparency; I'm captain of BlockWatch
confusion about way it was presented
local residents also concerned about ppl directly in the area -- many of us not here
Mayor: what will affect? will there be a change?
not our purview but we can make statements
Sokol: hrs of op won't change; will be able to continue to do but no longer have to &&&
if catering events wd not be able to do without a patron participation endorsement
Mayor: been doing by getting permission each time?
Sokol: yes
HA: my recommendation
sitting here tonight; more clarity
I wasn't affected so didn't get notice, so confusion
Mayor: Next Mary Delaney
MD: Eastmont Dr one of the closest and one of the ones most concerned about noise and.......
loud music xxx noise to midnight
ppl who've imbibed too much, walking on our streets, looking for their cars
to avoid the kind of noise and disruptions anticipate summer months coming up
in recommendation to the board to maintain some sort of noise abatement
to try to avoid issues we fear
we understand operator needs to be successful, want to make sure nbrhd respected as well -- they have to go to bed, chn to get to sleep before midnight
rec operator be given strict guidelines noise abatement
[10:22] Mayor: next Fred Fuchs
FF: Eastmont Dr, live across the street from Mary Delaney but unfortunately not on map on p 3
public consult process seriously flawed
on [DATE]
I had a flyer put in my mailbox, not addressed to me, unfortunately didn't have time to look at it adequately b/c looking after my mother in a care home
went to second floor, said it was flawed, four or five times contacted but not, then a voicemail saying on agenda at last ccl mtg
on Appendix 3
topography; skate park; sound travels in xxx ways
basically Larson at base of amphitheatre
props greatly affected 25 and 40; not contacted by staff
shd be an independent acoustical engr re what effect will be
anticipated noise levels
in summer, when windows open; heat, high temperatures
I went to LStn two weeks ago to get sense, my first visit
wedding party ppl outside, shouting, positive xxx cd be heard
Mayor: more; understand your point, or more time
Sop: doesn't come often, legitimate concerns
FF: operator wasn't aware the noise being generated by guests
11pm cd hear thumping of the bass with windows closed; had to put radio on to muffle
party last year ... screaming
applicant on p 5; unaware, doesn't think noise; not true; endorsement wd xxx
allow establishment as designed to its full potential; was it designed?
live bands, 62 ppl on the patio
was an acoustical engr hired at that time? I'd say no.  I'm v close and I wasn't contacted
info communicated to residents then public mtg ... xxx
E Von Dehn: hello again; live across from Larson Stn; live on golf course
affected but support; two young chn, 5 and 7
youths noisy nearby; I was a youth myself
good; place ... need liquor
I was notified and if the prev speaker not, shd hv bn
enjoy the fact I can go out across the street for a drink, walk across and back, enjoy
can't say enough for this applic
1. The Council report dated May 5, 2011 from the Manager, Bylaw and Licensing Services regarding an application from Larson Station for a Patron Participation Endorsement Liquor Licence be received for information;
2. Council support the application by Larson Station for the Gleneagles Golf Course at 6190 Marine Drive for a Patron Participation Endorsement Liquor Licence based on the information contained in the Council report dated May 5, 2011 from the Manager, Bylaw and Licensing Services; and
3. A copy of the resolution be forwarded to the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch (LCLB) in accordance with the legislative requirements.
Ev: concern re enforcement
DWV leases the prop to the operator; are fairly strict clauses
as long as enforced we believed adequate safeguards -- so parties did not go beyond time
Police Chief read report and was reasonably satisfied
SW: supporting b/c need licence to survive
we've invested in that locality and ...
Police said had no calls
[10:35] Sokol: 68 calls from 2005 to 2011
most from Larson Bay Park
golf course not a problem for 25 years;   relatively....
Sop: my apology to Mr Fuchs and folks, I had my wedding there a few years back
I was singing so they closed all the doors and windows
if parking managed effectively no &&&
operator needs to monitor....... reads more
don't anticipate improper use of licence
not if it's enforced, the operator has to accept certain conditions as to what and how he's going to monitor
535 patrons 250 cars does he have resp to manage traffic and parking?
how much staff to look after consumption level
is 10pm to close doors and keep in
to Liq Control Bd
our responsibility to 22 in nbrhd, our resp
now embarking on an area you haven't been before -- now licence for weddings and parties
talked to Police chief -- 65... if one too ...
[10:39] give me your plan
monitoring parking and serving of drinks; only way it's going to be successful; not doing that not going to be successful
list of how he's going to monitor the problems?
Mayor: on p5 of report on noise: two paras, located in a residential nbrhd
revitalization of the clubhouse, bringing back the xxx
secondly the licence must cease selling of liquor at midnight
xxx set those two things out
is consistent with the agreement that we have
Sop: let's be proactive with owner, staff, and ppl who live there
and not create a situation with animosity
operator lead and if he does well xxx; we'll win in the end with them
some formal process for op to tell us how they're going to handle this
motion on the floor, do I have a seconder?
Mayor: there is one
Sop: an amendment
staff request the operator, Larson Stn, to submit a plan as to how he is going to mitigate concerns regarding noise, traffic, and parking.
outdoor balcony
TP: no problem with that
on p7, given history of compliance he is successfully
how are we monitoring?  process?
CAO: those are the questions that come to my mind; know intent but not sure how to handle
the motion before us is not allowing, it's just a recommendation
Sop: it is our duty as a M in referencing -- to LCB for this operator
As Cclr Panz says, today he might be a good example
as he grows his biz he shd give us how procure mitigate noise traffic anything else
he cd write it out and give it to us
Mayor: it's here, Mr Sokol
Sop: I'd--
Mayor: --wd like Mr Sokol to reply; it's getting late
Sop: I'm pretty sharp

{yep, he's a night owl!}

Sokol: in lease says...
more control over this than other biz
Sop: agree he has a lease; want a win situation; what about supplying plans?
Mayor: think we have enough of that POV, like Cclr Panz to speak on the amendment
TP: it's in the lease; effectively managed and monitored
Sop: tyvm
Mayor: it's in the lease -- on p7; using the report itself
14. District of West Vancouver Awards and Recognition Program
(File:  0116-20-AWARD)
        PowerPoint presentation to be provided.
Brent Leigh introduced chair:
Lori Cameron: [SLIDES] brief, outstanding .... and leadership
to better some aspect of our cmnty
model sustainable for the long term
purpose principles, comprehensive
existing, incorporating new and adding categories
developed criteria, geared up for nominations
clarified staff and financial resources to maintain
we brand the WV recog awards, district website and xxxxxx
part of the annual Civic Reception
Heritage and Envmt Awards 2011; adding Arts and Youth
missed this one
[10:11] recom be supported by staff as in June 6 Report
existing Earth Day and Cmnty Day
in Fall Gala, can &&&&
existing cmte has a two-year term
nominations for heritage and xxx now until
Sop: terrific time; years ago wasted time; great you got it in order
Mayor: Cclr Lewis to make motion
RECOMMENDED: THAT the DWV "Awards and Recognition Program", and the Awards Committee's revised work plan for 2011 - 2012 be approved.
Mayor: my only concern
history for 25 years has been everybody, xxx 3-400 ppl
does make sense to xxx; maybe refer this to ap cmte or sp events
make it fits well with a ... tradition; inclusive democratic and egalitarian
can think of lots of ways to do this, not a debate of Ccl but better to sit down with the group
Lori C: probably covering that in our next mtg
Mayor: thank you for the amt of work you've put into this
--> to civic party this year
{NB  Had hoped the report wd be on this Cmte's webpage:
so I cd refer you there for the report but at time of sending this out, not there yet.  You may want to check later.}
10:15 to No 12
15. Update on the Trip to the United Nations, "Sixth Global Forum on Human Settlements", April 6-9 2011 (File:  2150-01/0145-01)
THAT the report dated May 25 be received for information and staff be requested to report back on progress related to ongoing public outreach through the bi-annual report cards on climate change.
Mayor: -- some have been waiting
MS: more than enough
TP made motion:  we did have some pictures [SLIDES]
first time in history the majority will be living in cities
climate change top priority for Secy of UN; goals hardest to achieve
race for diff kind of world
young ppl tonight who we're wishing for; why we were there
our msg was our cmnty engagement approach; by letting citizens in
xxx a great deal of interest in our final remarks
one of five cities presented: NYC to small town in Kansas following a tornado that destroyed their cmty
citizens working together; raise profile of xxxx success of citizen innovation
Mr Chowdry
steering cmte with SFU; event followed
Noel Brown UN Envmtal prog -- he wasn't able to attend
large diverse group; focus on our home retrofit prog; provocative afternoon; citizen-led ideas and action  xxx   several
local to global back to local
... to be working with ... in last few years
Mayor: think Ccl and cmnty have benefited from your participation
Stafford here
Lou -- contacted me last week, wd like me to write an article
invited me to speak in Oct -- see if UN will fund b/c DWV won't
Sop: never know
Mayor:  formal forum ; haven't  participated in that before
16. Compliance with Animal Control and Licence Bylaw No. 4545, 2008 (File:  1610-20-4545)
1. Council adopt the draft Animal Control Compliance Policy attached as Appendix A to the report dated May 24, 2011 to assist staff with ensuring compliance with the District's Animal Control and Licence Bylaw No. 4545, 2008;
2. Council authorize staff to create a temporary Bylaw Officer 1 position on a six-month trial basis to enable the District to increase compliance with District's Animal Control and Licence Bylaw No. 4545, 2008; and
3. Council authorize an additional $42,000 to be added to the 2011 Operating Budget for the Planning, Lands, and Permits Division to fund this Bylaw Officer 1 position for the six-month trial period, to be funded through higher than anticipated building permit and bylaw licensing revenues received to date.
TP: refer to WVDog Assn
17. Request for Property Tax Exemption for 2968 Mathers Crescent (B.C. Binning House) (File:  2585-01)
1. The District's current policy for approval of requests for permissive tax exemptions be amended by adding "National Historic Sites" to the types of requests that may be approved; and
2. Consideration be given to a permissive tax exemption for 2968 Mathers Crescent (the B.C. Binning House) for the 2012 taxation year.
ML moved.
Ev: one question: only 2012 or onward
Sokol: not even approving, just that Ccl will approve in the fall
Mayor: debate at budget
18. Review of Metro Vancouver Labour Relations Function (by J. Dorsey) (File:  1200-01/0185-01)
        RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated June 1 be received for information.
        Deferred to June 20 ccl mtg
[10:50] Mayor: just setting a date?
Sokol: yes
19. Development Permit Application No. 11-003 for 1403 Duchess Avenue (to set date for consideration) (File:  1010-20-11-003)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the Municipal Clerk give notice that the DPA to allow five townhouse units with Zoning Bylaw variances to reduce certain yards and increase the site coverage be considered on Monday, July 4.
Sop: opposed
{wonder why}
20. Consent Agenda Items
The following Consent Agenda items may be considered separately or in one recommendation.
[10:59] Ev moved.
{Item 13 became 20.1 and all these shd be renumbered}
---  MOVED to the Consent Agenda as 20.1
13. Consideration of 2010 Annual Report (File:  0300-01)
1.   Pursuant to the Community Charter section 99 requirement, Council will consider the annual report and submissions and questions from the public, at the June 20 Ccl Mtg, at 7pm; and
2.   the 2010 Annual Report will be available for public inspection at the West Vancouver Municipal Hall and on the District's website.  ---
20.1. Mexico City Pact - Carbonn Cities Climate Registry (File: 0185-02)
1.   the correspondence dated May 20, 2011 from the Chair, MetroV Board, regarding the Mexico City Pact - "carbonn Cities Climate Registry" be received for information; and
2.   the addition of the DWV as a signatory to the Mexico City Pact - "carbonn Cities Climate Registry" be approved.
20.2 Appointments to Library Board, Community Grants Committee and Community Engagement Committee (File: 1905-04/0116-20-CEC/CGC1)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the following appointments and reappointments be approved:
Library Board (appointed for the term ending December 31, 2011):  Geoff Jopson
Community Engagement Committee (reappointed for the term ending December 31, 2011):
        Craig Cameron, Sara Dubois-Phillips, and Paul Gagnon
Community Grants Committee (reappointed for the term ending May 16, 2013):
Ed Collins, Ieva Cornford, Pattie Donnelly, Karen Duffek, Bryony Reid,
Cec Scantland, and Coral Winfield.
20.3. Community Grants Committee - Proposed Amendments to Terms of Reference (File:  0116-20-CGC1)
THAT the proposed amendments to the Community Grants Committee Terms of Reference in sections 3.0, 4.1 and 7.0 as set out in the report dated May 27 regarding Community Grants Committee - Proposed Amendments to Terms of Reference, be approved.
20.4. Proprietary Transit Shelter Management Service - Contract Approval
(File:  3295-01/1135-01)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated May 27, 2011 from the Director, Engineering and Transportation be received for information.

{why not a peep to public???????}

20.5. Correspondence List
        RECOMMENDED: THAT the correspondence list be received for information.
Council Correspondence Update to May 13, 2011 (Up to 12:00 Noon)
Received for Information
1.   39 Submissions dated May 6-13, 2011, regarding Hollyburn Mews Proposed Development
2.   Two Submissions dated May 12 and 13, regarding Proposed Devt Permit for 2430 Russet Place
        (Referred to May 16, 2011, Council consideration)
3.   Two Submissions dated May 12 re Gleneagles Golf Course (Larson Station) Liquor Licence Application
Council Correspondence update to May 20, 2011 (up to 12:00 Noon)
Referred for Action
1.   Westside Church, May 16, 2011, regarding Meeting Request
        (Referred to Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits for consideration and response)
Received for Information
2.   Committee and Board Meeting Minutes - West Vancouver Memorial Library Board - April 20, 2011
3.   D. Madill and C. Turner, May 16, 2011, regarding Proposed Development Permit No. 10-056 for 2430 Russet Place
        (Previously referred to May 16, 2011, Council consideration)
4.   R. Mason and L. Crittenden, May 16, re Gleneagles Golf Course (Larson Station) Liquor Licence Application
5.   Hon. I. Chong, Minister of Community, Sport, and Cultural Development, April 28, 2011, regarding Metro Vancouver Regional Growth Strategy Dispute Resolution
6.   Hon. I. Chong, Minister of Community, Sport, and Cultural Development, April 28, 2011, regarding Letter of Congratulations
7.   Two Submissions dated May 13-15, 2011, regarding Hollyburn Ridge Cabins
8.   Two Submissions dated May 16 and 17, 2011 from Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) regarding UBCM Releases Municipal Fiscal Management Study and Update: RCMP Contract Renewal Negotiations
9.   Two Submissions dated April 4-5, 2011 regarding Pacific Arbour Development
        (Received after the close of April 4, 2011 Public Hearing)
10.  75 Submissions dated May 6-16, 2011, regarding Hollyburn Mews Proposed Development
        (Previously referred to May 16, 2011 Public Hearing/Public Meeting)
11.  Four Submissions dated May 6-19, 2011, regarding Hollyburn Mews Proposed Development      
        (Referred to June 6, 2011 Reconvened Public Hearing/Public Meeting)
Council Correspondence update to May 27, 2011 (up to 12:00 Noon)
Referred for Action
1.   P. Ward, May 26, 2011, regarding Dog Leash Bylaw
        (Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response)
Received for Information
2.   Committee and Board Meeting Minutes - Board of Variance - April 20, 2011
3.   Hon. M. McNeil, Minister of Children and Family Development and Minister Responsible for Child Care, May 19, 2011, regarding 2011 Child Care Award of Excellence
4.   City of North Vancouver, May 10, 2011, regarding 2011 Canada Day Burrard Inlet Fireworks Show
5.   North Vancouver School District, May 9, 2011, regarding North Shore Congress - Child and Family Friendly Community Charter
6.   Metro Vancouver, May 24, 2011, regarding 2011 Metro Vancouver Homeless Count Finds Same Number of Homeless But More People Using Emergency Shelters
7.   Three Submissions dated May 16-17, 2011, regarding Hollyburn Mews Proposed Development            
        (Referred to June 6, 2011 Reconvened Public Hearing/Public Meeting)
8.   M. Howard, May 20, 2011, regarding Spirit Trail
Council Correspondence update to May 31, 2011 (up to 4:30 pm)
Referred for Action
1.   N. Beatty, May 28, 2011, regarding Still Demanding Inventory and Answers Regarding Esquimalt Ave (Hollyburn Mews Proposed Devt)                                                   
(Referred to Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits for consideration and response, and referred to June 6, 2011 Reconvened Public Hearing/Public Meeting)
Received for Information
2.   Three Submissions dated May 27-31, 2011, regarding Hollyburn Mews Proposed Development                                                                                                            
        (Referred to June 6, 2011 Reconvened Public Hearing/Public Meeting)
3.   Mayor R. McLean, Town of Princeton, May 9, re Princeton Regional Airport Presents 4th Annual Airshow
4.   Clean Air Coalition of B.C., May 31, re Help Us Spread the Word - The Five Warning Signs of Stroke.
21.  OTHER ITEMS  -- No items.
22.  REPORTS from Mayor/Cclrs
Mayor: I've got four but will leave

===  CCL MTG AGENDA(s) Monday June 20th  ===
Some unusual 'happenings' with the agendas this time.  The sp ccl mtg agenda is below -- this time it was separate (usually there's one and it starts with the closed mtg) and when enabled put it in as is.  Part of the regular ccl mtg agenda appeared either impossible or difficult in parts.  Fixed what I cd so there might be some mistakes, pls let me know.  It's not me, I just left what was there for sometimes subtotal and sometimes sub total.  At some point one just throws up one's hands.  Rest assured, though, I try my best so this is "best efforts" and, I shd add E&OE.
Note: At 4pm the special Council Meeting will commence in open session in the main floor conference room and will be immediately followed by a motion to exclude the public in order to hold a closed session. At 7pm the regular Council Meeting will commence in open session in the Council Chamber.
1.    Call to Order.
THAT in the public interest, members of the public be excluded from part of the June 20, 2011 special Council Meeting on the basis of matters to be considered under the following section of the Community Charter:
90. (1) A part of a council meeting may be closed to the public if the subject matter being considered relates to or is one or more of the following:
(d)     the security of the property of the municipality;
(e)    the acquisition, disposition or expropriation of land or improvements, if the council considers that disclosure could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality;
(i)      the receipt of advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose.
Purpose of meeting: to discuss legal and land matters.
3. Council will then proceed with the closed session.
7:00 PM
June 6, 2011 Reconvened Public Hearing/Public Meeting; and  June 6, 2011 Regular Council Meeting.
4. Pumpkin Fest Committee - Pumpkin Fest Event (File: 0055-01)
RECOMMENDED: event planned for October 2011.
5. 2010 Annual Report (File:  0300-01)  PowerPoint presentation to be provided.
RECOMMENDED: ... all written and verbal submissions be received.
6. Official Community Plan Amendment, Rezoning and Development Permit Application for 1650 Marine Drive (Safeway site) (File:  1010-20-10-061)
1. The specific redevelopment proposal for 1650 Marine Drive (the Safeway site) that was presented at a community consultation meeting on March 10, 2011 not be considered further; and
2. As redevelopment of the Safeway site would contribute to the revitalization of Ambleside Village Centre and as it appears that the public consultation demonstrates support for the redevelopment of the Safeway site, the owner is encouraged to:
(a) carry out a community engagement program that informs a revised development proposal;
(b) present a proposed community engagement program to the District for comment prior to initiating the program; and
(c) prepare a revised proposed redevelopment proposal, that is informed by the community engagement program, for District and community consideration.
7. 2011 Community Grants Recommendations: Community and Social Services Grants (File:  0920-07-02/0116-20-CGC)
THAT the Community Grants Committee recommendations for Community and Social Services Grant allocations for 2011 be approved as follows:
(BC) Canadian Paraplegic Assoc. Transition Services end of [three-year] cycle for 2011      $ 500
Avalon Recovery Society end of [three-year] cycle for 2011      $ 800
Canadian Mental Health Association - Program end of [three-year] cycle for 2011      $ 500
Crisis Intervention & Suicide Prevention Ctr of BC end of [three-year] cycle for 2011      $ 1,000
Friend to Friend Social Learning Society end of [three-year] cycle for 2011      $ 750
Harvest Project end of [three-year] cycle for 2011      $ 2,500
Lookout NS Emergency Aid Shelter end of [three-year] cycle for 2011      $ 3,000
NS Assoc. Mentally Handicapped - NS Connexions end of 3 year cycle for 2011      $ 1,000
NS Disability Resource Ctr - Children's Summer Program end of [three-year] cycle for 2011      $ 2,500
NS Project Society for Low Income & [Handicapped] end of [three-year] cycle for 2011      $ 5,000
NS Schizophrenia Society NS Branch end of [three-year] cycle for 2011      $ 2,000
NS Stroke Recovery - Young Survivors end of [three-year] cycle for 2011      $ 1,000
Subtotal $ 20,550
SPECIALIZED SUPPORT SERVICES - New cycle for previously funded programs
BC Paraplegic Assoc. Peer support begin [three-year] cycle for 2011      $ 500
Canadian Red Cross begin [three-year] cycle for 2011      $ 1,500
Lions Gate Hospice begin [three-year] cycle for 2011      $ 1,000
NS Disability Resource Centre Adults at Risk begin [three-year] cycle for 2011      $ 1,000
NS Women's Centre Society Operating begin [three-year] cycle for 2011      $ 1,500
Subtotal $ 5,500
Canadian Mental Health Association - Support Groups begin [two-year] cycle for 2011      $ 1,000
Multicultural Helping House Society [one-year] cycle for 2011      $ 1,000
NS Women's Centre - Society - single mother support begin [two-year] cycle for 2011      $ 500
Subtotal $ 2,500
Autism Society of BC end of [three-year] cycle for 2011      $ 1,500
Big Brothers end of [three-year] cycle for 2011      $ 500
Big Sisters end of [three-year] cycle for 2011      $ 500
Highlands Church - Lunch Program end of [three-year] cycle for 2011      $ 500
NS Crisis Services Society end of [three-year] cycle for 2011      $ 10,000
NS Neighbourhood House -Learning Together Prg end of [three-year] cycle for 2011      $ 1,000
Subtotal $ 14,000
FAMILY SUPPORT SERVICES - New cycle for previously funded programs
Family Services of the NS - Clinical Counselling begin [three-year] cycle for 2011      $ 14,500
Hollyburn Family Services / WV Family Place begin [two-year] cycle for 2011      $ 5,000
Living Systems - access counselling begin [three-year] cycle for 2011      $ 500
NS Community Resources Society begin [two-year] cycle for 2011      $ 14,500
NS Multicultural Society begin [three-year] cycle for 2011      $ 3,000
NS Restorative Justice - operating begin [three-year] cycle for 2011      $ 5,000
Subtotal $ 42,500
NS Neighbourhood House Edible Garden Project [one-year] cycle for 2011      $ 1,000
NS Multicultural Society - Community Bridging begin [two-year] cycle for 2011      $ 1,000
Subtotal $ 2,000
SENIORS' SUPPORT SERVICES - New cycle for previously funded programs
Capilano Community Services Society - Red Cross Health Equipment Loan Prg
                        begin [three-year] cycle for 2011      $ 2,000
Canadian Hard of Hearing begin [three-year] cycle for 2011      $ 1,000
Lionsview Seniors Planning Soc- Operating begin [three-year] cycle for 2011      $ 3,000
Lionsview Seniors Planning Soc- Srs' Coalition begin [three-year] cycle for 2011      $ 1,500
North Shore Keep Well- Operating Grant begin [three-year] cycle for 2011      $ 2,000
NS Meals on Wheels Society - Operating Grant begin [three-year] cycle for 2011      $ 1,500
NS Neighbourhood House - Seniors Peer Support begin [three-year] cycle for 2011      $ 1,300
NS Stroke Recovery Centre - [Srs'] Peer Support - Operating begin [three-year] cycle for 2011      $ 1 ,500
NS Volunteers for Seniors - Operating begin [three-year] cycle for 2011      $ 3,850
Subtotal $ 17,650
Lionsview Seniors Planning Society - Outreach for Seniors at Housing Risk
                        begin [two-year] cycle in 2011      $ 2,000
Lionsview Seniors Planning Society - NS News Column begin [two-year] cycle in 2011      $ 500
NS Keep Well Society - Emergency Medical Alert Card begin [two-year] cycle in 2011      $ 1,000
Pets and Friends begin [two-year] cycle in 2011      $ 2,000
Subtotal $ 5,500
3rd WV Scouts end of [three-year] cycle for 2011      $ 400
Subtotal $ 400
COMMUNITY SERVICES - New cycle for previously funded programs
NS Life Boat Society - Operating Grant begin [two-year] cycle in 2011      $ 2,500
NS Safety Council - Operating Grant begin [three-year] cycle in 2011      $ 1,000
Coho Society - Operating begin [two-year] cycle in 2011      $ 5,000
Subtotal $ 8,500
COMMUNITY SERVICES - New applications
NS Safety Council - Elmer Pedestrian and Cycle Safety begin [two-year] cycle in 2011      $ 1,600
North Shore Fruit Tree Project - Operating begin [two-year] cycle in 2011      $ 600
Canadian Federation of University Women one year grant in 2011      $ 500
Royal Canadian Legion begin [two-year] cycle in 2011      $ 2,000
Subtotal $ 4 ,700
8. Community Grants Recommendations: Arts and Culture Grants 2011 (File:  0920-07-02/0116-20-CGC)
British Columbia [Boys] Choir begin [three-year] cycle in 2011 $2,000
Sub total $2,000
Community Arts Organizations (Amateur with Membership)
Ambleside Orchestra begin [three-year] cycle in 2011 $500
North Shore Light Opera Society begin [two-year] cycle in 2011 $1,000
O'Shihan Cultural Organization begin [two-year] cycle in 2011 $500
Theatre West Van [one-year] funding cycle for 2011 $3,500
West Van Adult Community Band Assoc. [one-year] funding cycle for 2011 $500
Hollyburn Heritage Society begin [three-year] cycle in 2011 $750
Deep Cove Chamber Soloists Society begin [three-year] cycle in 2011 $750
West Vancouver Historical Society one time funding $4,000
WV Fire Service [one-year] funding cycle for 2011 $1,500
Sub total $13,000
Community (Professional Standard & Staff)
Chor Leoni Men's Choir one time funding $750
Laudate Singers Society begin [three-year] cycle in 2011 $1,000
Pandora's Vox begin [two-year] cycle in 2011 $1,500
Presentation House Cultural Society/Theatre begin [two-year] cycle in 2011 $1,500
Sinfonia Orchestra of the North Shore begin [two-year] cycle in 2011 $2,000
West Vancouver Youth Band [one-year] funding cycle for 2011 $7,500
North Shore Chorus begin [two-year] cycle in 2011 $750
North Shore Chamber Music Society begin [three-year] cycle in 2011 $750
Sub total $15,750
New Applicants
Pacific Spirit Choir [one-year] funding cycle for 2011 $1,000
6th Field Engineer Squadron Museum Assoc. [one-year] funding cycle for 2011 $500
Sub total $1,500
                                            Total - All 2011 Arts & Culture Grants $32,250
9. 2011 Youth Competition and Recognition Fund Grant Application (File:  0920-07-02/0116-20-CGC)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the Community Grants Committee recommendations for a Youth Competition and Recognition Fund Grant be approved as follows:
                Individual:   Brigitte Matheusik (BC Field Hockey Provincial Championships) - $200
10. Community Grants Program - Updated Policy Framework (File:  0920-07-02/0116-20-CGC)
        RECOMMENDED: be approved.
11. Compliance with Animal Control and Licence Bylaw No. 4545, 2008 (File:  1610-01)
1. Council adopt the draft Animal Control Compliance Policy attached as Appendix A to the report dated May 24, 2011 to assist staff with ensuring compliance with the District's Animal Control and Licence Bylaw. No. 4545, 2008;
2. Council authorize staff to create a temporary Bylaw Officer 1 position on a [six-month] trial basis to enable the District to increase compliance...
3. Council authorize an additional $42,000 to be added to the 2011 Operating Budget for the Planning, Lands, and Permits Division to fund this Bylaw Officer 1 position for the [six-month] trial period, to be funded through higher than anticipated building permit and bylaw licensing revenues received to date.
12. Review of Metro Vancouver Labour Relations Function (by J. Dorsey) (File:  1200-01/0185-01)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated June 1, 2011 entitled Review of Metro Vancouver Labour Relations Function (by J. Dorsey), be received for information.
13. Housekeeping Amendments to Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010 (File:  1815-13/1610-20-4679)
1.  "Zoning Amendment Bylaw" be read a first time;
2.  "Zoning Amendment Bylaw" be presented at a Public Hearing on Monday, July 4, 2011 at 7pm...
3.  The Municipal Clerk give notice of the Public Hearing...
14. Water Shortage Response Plan Bylaw Amendment (File:  1610-20-4690/1815-13)
        RECOMMENDED: be read a first, second and third time.
15. Water Utility Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 4691, 2011 (Eagle Lake Development Plan) (File:  1610-20-4691)
        RECOMMENDED: be read a first, second and third time.
16. Consent Agenda Items
The following Consent Agenda items may be considered separately or in one recommendation.
RECOMMENDED: THAT the Consent Agenda items as follows be approved:
Item 16.1 - Policy Review - Obsolete Policies: Finance Advisory Committee Terms of Reference and BC Ferries Horseshoe Bay;
Item 16.2 - Development Application Status List to June 10, 2011;
Item 16.3 - Hollyburn Cabins Long Term Permits - Permit to Occupy Approval;
Item 16.4 - Correspondence List. See: http://www.westvancouver.ca/Government/Level3.aspx?id=32102
16.1. Policy Review - Obsolete Policies: Finance Advisory Committee Terms of Reference and BC Ferries Horseshoe Bay (File:  0282-01)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the following obsolete policies, as described in the report dated June 3, 2011 from the Director of Financial Services, be rescinded:
* BC Ferries Horseshoe Bay Policy #02-10-12;
* Finance Advisory Committee Terms of Reference Policy #02-10-285.
16.2. Development Application Status List to June 10, 2011 (File:  1010-01)
        RECOMMENDED: be received for information.
16.3. Hollyburn Cabins Long Term Permits - Permit to Occupy Approval (File:  1145-04)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated June 14 from the Deputy CAO be received for information.
16.4. Correspondence List (see link on electronic agenda)
        RECOMMENDED:  THAT the correspondence list be received for information.
Council Correspondence Update to June 3, 2011 (up to 12:00 Noon)
Referred for Action
1.  R. Stewart, May 22, 2011, regarding 2011 Property Tax Notice
        (Referred to Director of Financial Services for consideration and response)
2.  S. Blundell, May 31, 2011, regarding BC Ferries - Horseshoe Bay
        (Referred to Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits for consideration and response)
3.  R. Beltz, June 1, 2011, regarding Hollyburn Cabins Draft Permit - June 6, 2011 Council Meeting
        (Referred to Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for consideration and response)
4.  E-Comm 911, May 27, re Invitation to the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of E-Comm
        (Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response)
Received for Information
5.  Six Submissions dated June 1-3 re Hollyburn Mews Proposed Development...
        (Referred to June 6, 2011 Reconvened Public Hearing/Public Meeting)
6.  Metro Vancouver, May 27, 2011, regarding Building Sustainable Financial Strategies
7.  Lower Mainland Local Government Association, June 2, 2011, regarding Member Release - Flood Control and River Management Committee
8.  K. Bunting, May 30, 2011, regarding Petting Zoo at Community Day
9.  P. Ward, May 18, 2011, regarding Souvenir Album of West Vancouver
Responses to Correspondence
10.  S. Mikicich, Senior Community Planner, June 2, 2011, response to N. Beatty regarding Still Demanding Inventory and Answers Regarding Esquimalt Avenue (Hollyburn Mews Proposed Development for 2031, 2047, and 2063 Esquimalt Avenue)
Council Correspondence Update to June 10, 2011 (up to 12:00 Noon)
Referred for Action
1.  L. Jackson, Metro Vancouver Board, June 2, 2011, regarding Regional Growth Strategy: Participation of Affected Local Governments in the Non-Binding Dispute Resolution Process between Metro Vancouver and Coquitlam
        (Referred to Director of Planning, Lands and Permits for consideration and response)
Received for Information
2.  P. Miller, June 3, 2011, regarding Dogs and Bikes
3.  Union of British Columbia Municipalities, June 6, 2011, regarding Federal Budget Highlights and UBCM Resolutions - Submission and Debate
4.  18 Submissions dated May 6 to June 6, 2011, regarding Hollyburn Mews Proposed Devt                         
        (Previously received at the June 6, 2011 Reconvened Public Hearing/Public Meeting)
5.  [The] Land Conservancy of BC, June 8, re Invitation to Canada Day Event - BC Binning Residence Open House
Council Correspondence Update to June 14, 2011 (up to 4:30 PM)
Referred for Action
(1)  C. McCormick, MyOwnSpace Housing Society, June 10, 2011, Request for Delegation regarding Creation of Semi-Independent Housing for Young Adult Children who are Developmentally Challenged
        (Referred to Mayor for consideration)
Received for Information
(2)  Committee and Board Meeting Minutes:
        Design Review Committee - February 24, 2011 and March 31, 2011;
        Community Grants Committee - April 1, 2011
(3)  C. Walker, June 7, 2011, regarding Ambleside Development
(4)  R. Helten, MetroVanWatch, June 13, 2011, regarding Metro Vancouver versus Coquitlam June 14 and June 16, dispute resolution on RGS (Regional Growth Strategy)
(5)  UBCM, June 14, 2011, regarding 2011 Strategic Wildfire Prevention Initiative.
18.  OTHER ITEMS  -- No items.

===  ANIMALWATCH  ===  snow leopard cubs 
Baby snow leopard triplets debut in Swiss zoo
June 16, 2011 -- Updated 1410 GMT (2210 HKT)
(CNN) -- A trio of rare Snow Leopard cubs have made their public debut at a zoo in Switzerland this week.
The as yet unnamed triplets, born in Basel Zoo eight weeks ago, were displayed on Wednesday with their proud parents.

===  INFObits  ===
+  1886 June 13 Great Fire of Vancouver -- 125th Anniversary!
hence the parade on Sunday June 12 
Uri Avnery's Column  -- A Villa in the Jungle?
05/02/11  WE ARE in the middle of a geological event. An earthquake of epoch-making dimensions is changing the landscape of our region. Mountains turn into valleys, islands emerge from the sea, volcanoes cover the land with lava.
People are afraid of change. When it happens, they tend to deny, ignore, pretend that nothing really important is happening.
Israelis are no exception. While in neighboring Egypt earth-shattering events were taking place, Israel was absorbed with a scandal in the army high command. The Minister of Defense abhors the incumbent Chief of Staff and makes no secret of it. The presumptive new chief was exposed as a liar and his appointment canceled. These were the headlines.
But what is happening now in Egypt will change our lives.
AS USUAL, nobody foresaw it. The much-feted Mossad was taken by surprise, as was the CIA and all the other celebrated services of this kind.
The Milk of Resistance
By KHALED MATTAWA  Published: April 26, 2011
Ann Arbor, Mich.  THOUGH Libyan government forces have killed and wounded hundreds of civilians in their siege of the western city of Misurata, one of the most telling examples of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi's wrath has been the bombing and destruction of a dairy plant there.
In just a few years the Naseem dairy plant, owned by a local family, had achieved what Colonel Qaddafi's regime could never do: provide Libyans with a decent glass of milk.
=== GAZWATCH  ===  Gaza Gas
Israel Authorises Mining of Natural Gas off Gaza Shore in Defiance of Palestinian Sovereignty   Global Research, June 14, 2011
Global Research Editor's Note
This is the real reason for the maritime blockade of Gaza: Gaza's offshore natural gas. Denying Palestine its rights over Gaza territorial waters is intent upon appropriating Gaza's extensive reserves of natural gas.
Michel Chossudovsky, June 13, 2011
Tel Aviv - PNN - The Israeli Ministry of Infrastructure has demanded permission from the gas company Nobel Energy to start working in developing the natural gas field that was found off the Gaza Strip shoreline, under the pretext that Israel fears gas shortages in the coming year.
In a press statement on Monday, the Israeli Ministry of Infrastructure said that it officially requested permission from Nobel Energy to submit a work programme to dig and develop gas fields by July.
The ministry explained that the reason official permission has been sought before digging the oil is because the field is close to the territorial waters of the Gaza Strip.
Israel gets natural gas from Egypt through an agreement in which Israel pays less than internationally recognised prices to Egypt. After the Egyptian uprising and the toppling of Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian people demanded that the channeling of gas to Israel would be stopped until a new agreement could be reached, so that the Egyptian people could benefit first from their natural resources.
A large concentration of natural gas was found off the Gaza shoreline, and the British Gas group along with Lebanese partners were given the right to dig there and sell the gas during an agreement that was signed in November 1999 with the Palestinian Authority.
The British company had already set up two gas wells called Gaza Marine 1 and Gaza Marine 2. According to the British Gas group, the natural reservoir off the Gaza shore is estimated at 1.5 trillion cubic meters, at a net worth of around $4 billion US dollars.
However, Chossudovsky, a Canadian economist, estimated that the amount of gas in Palestine is much more, adding that it could make the future Palestinian state as rich as Kuwait, due to the average population in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
Nobel Energy is a US based company based in New York that digs oil and natural gas internationally.
Dmitry Dliani, Fatah top official, commented on the Israeli Ministry of Infrastructure decision as a licence to steal the Gaza gas, as part of Israeli attacks on Palestinian rights. Dliani demanded international protection for the Palestinian natural gas reservoir off the Gaza shore.
===  PEACEWATCH  ===
An Israeli and Ta'ayush (an Israeli group) call for American help (bolded at bottom below).
To view the on-line version click here. http://www.cpt.org/cptnet/2011/06/17/beit-ummar-twenty-one-mature-grapevines-cut-near-beit-ummar
17 June 2011
BEIT UMMAR: Twenty-one mature grapevines cut near Beit Ummar
On 1 June 2011, during the night, twenty-one mature grape vines were cut in a Palestinian farmer's vineyards close to the Bat Ayin settlement near the Palestinian village of Beit Ummar.  Beit Ummar residents attributed the destruction to settlers from Bat Ayin, who have behave aggressively toward the farmers in the area.
Abu Mohammed (Issa), a Beit Ummar farmer who works for the farmers' safety told CPTers on 4 June that four settlements surround Beit Ummar, which has made agricultural work progressively more difficult for the farmers in the area.  The Bat Ayin settlement is expanding and creeping closer to the Palestinian village, making any work in the fields still more precarious.
Ta'ayush, an Israeli peace activist group, also had four members visiting on 4 June.  One member spoke about the ways that Israel has historically adopted to take increasing amounts of Palestinian land and claim it all as state land:
1.       Confiscate the grazing land by instituting the law that if the land is not worked for three years, it automatically becomes state land.
2.       Declare that all the mountains are state land, for security purposes.
3.       Declare that state lands are public lands also.  The Israeli government can then allot these public lands to groups that want to start a settlement.  (The Israeli government has allotted only one parcel of land since 1967 to Palestinians.)
Another Israeli activist spoke about the tremendous need she sees for Americans to take action-not only for the sake of the Palestinians but for the Israeli people as well.  "The Israelis are blind," she said.  "For the Americans to keep supporting Israel with $11,000,000/day to keep the settlements and the military strong here, it is like giving drugs to your girlfriend.  It's like putting a drunken person behind the wheel.  You must work with your government.  It is killing us."
More photos of the damage are available here.

+  Heritage Vancouver's 7th Annual Garden Party:
        A Special Fundraising Event on Behalf of Heritage Vancouver
5:30 to 7:30pm Thursday, June 23
Presentation by Mayor Gregor Robertson at 6:30pm
        Hosted by: Suzanne Anton, City Councillor
Location: At her home in Kerrisdale (directions forwarded upon ticket purchase)
Tickets: $100 donation to Heritage Vancouver Society.
Includes wine and hors d'oeuvres. (Tax receipts will be issued)
Join special guest Mayor Gregor Robertson, City Councillor Suzanne Anton and Heritage Vancouver in celebrating this year's Vancouver Heritage Success Stories.
Enjoy a spectacular evening of wine, hors d'oeuvres, and conversation in Councillor Anton's beautiful garden. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet and mix with elected officials, community leaders, and heritage supporters while at the same time demonstrating your support for the many worthwhile projects undertaken by Heritage Vancouver Society.
Thank you to the generous contribution of our community sponsors the Dunbar Liquor Boutique and Granville Entertainment. All proceeds will support Heritage Vancouver Society initiatives to encourage the preservation of Vancouver's built heritage.
> View the PDF invitation
Tickets (Tax receipts will be issued):
On-line: > via Paypal at heritagevancouver.org/payments.html
Cheque: made out to Heritage Vancouver Society and mailed to: Heritage Vancouver, PO Box 3336, Main Post Office, Vancouver, BC, V6B 3Y3. Please let us know if you've mailed a cheque at info@heritagevancouver.org.
* Bulletins: Sign-up to receive, or view all previous bulletins at: www.heritagevancouver.org/bulletins.html

+  Historic Walking Tour of Jewish Strathcona & Gastown
Presented by Heritage Vancouver and the Jewish Museum and Archives of BC
Sunday, June 26 10am - noon
Tour guide, Molly Winston  HVS mbrs $10;  non-mbrs $15 | Details & online payment

===  HERITAGEWATCH  ===  Heritage West Van in Parade
You can see George's photos of our entry in the parade at:

=A=  Prince Harry, the spare to the heir
By Monica Hesse, Published: April 21
LONDON - Around midnight at the cheeky tiki Mahiki nightclub, where Prince Harry hangs out when he feels like hanging out, the bottle service crew all agree on the appeal of their resident royal.
"He's much more attractive than Will," says Phoetini Kountouris. "He's a bad boy, but he's a prince."
=B=  William and Kate: It's Panic Time
Samantha Bee offers her 'tuppence' for the royal nuptials.
=C= TROOPING THE COLOUR (2011 June 11)
{The Queen's birthday is April 21 (1926) but it is celebrated every year with the Trooping the Colour.}
Stunning Kate Middleton celebrates 'Trooping the Colour' in regal style
By IBTimes Staff Reporter | Jun 13, 2011 02:16 AM EDT
Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, celebrated her first official "Trooping the Colour" celebrations on Saturday in regal style along with her husband, Prince William and the rest of the royal family.
The 29-year-old looked stunning in an Alexander McQueen coat and black hat, matching the mood of the occasion. Prince William, on the other hand, was dressed in the red Irish Guards uniform he wore at his wedding along with a traditional bearskin hat.
A long-celebrated tradition "Trooping the Colour" has been observed every year by the British and the Commonwealth armies since the 17th century. Held every second Saturday in June, the event also marks the official birthday of the British Sovereign and involves a Royal Procession by the Queen. Following the Royal Salute, the different troops of the Household Division are then inspected by the Queen herself. This basically involves over 1,300 soldiers who parade past and salute the Queen.
One of the Foot Guards regiments is then selected to troop their colour through the ranks of guards. Following the Royal Procession, the Queen the led the Royal Family onto the Buckingham Palace balcony for the traditional Royal Air Force flypast.
PHOTOS: http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/161644/20110613/kate-middleton-regal-style-trooping-the-colour-alexander-mcqueen-coat-buckingham-palace-balcony-offi.htm
=D= = ORDER OF THE GARTER (2011 June 13)
Kate Middleton in signature style at the 'Order of the Garter' service
By IBTimes Staff Reporter | Jun 14, 2011 02:23 AM EDT
When it comes to fashion, elegance and grace, Britain's royal favorite and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton never fails to impress her admirers.
At the recent 'Order of the Garter' service at Windsor Castle on Monday, the 29-year old looked stunning in a mid-sized Philip Treacy headpiece perched in a [slanting] manner on her open hair along with natural make-up; a look often referred to as the [Duchess's] "signature style".
Her light blue-grey dress was complimented with a matching coat, giving her a regal and elegant look.
Over 6,000 people were present to watch the pageantry of the Order of the Garter service. Founded in 1348, the Order of the Garter is the most senior and the oldest British Order of Chivalry. The Order, consisting of the King and twenty-five knights, honors those who have held public office, who have contributed in a particular way to national life or who have served the Sovereign personally.
At the service, every knight is required to display a banner of his arms in the Chapel, together with a helmet, crest, and sword and an enamelled stallplate. Upon his death, these are returned back to the Sovereign.
=E= Prince Philip
more quotes: http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Prince_Philip,_Duke_of_Edinburgh
slowing down:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-13722857
In one TV interview, Prince Philip said that he's starting to forget names.
+++  Ninety gaffes in ninety years  +++
From Papua New Guinea to Stoke-on-Trent, Prince Philip has left his mark around the world. As his 90th birthday looms, Hannah Ewan recalls the soundbites that could only have come from one man
Saturday, 28 May 2011
1. "Ghastly." Prince Philip's opinion of Beijing, during a 1986 tour of China.
2. "Ghastly." Prince Philip's opinion of Stoke-on-Trent, as offered to the city's Labour MP Joan Walley at Buckingham Palace in 1997.
3. "Deaf? If you're near there, no wonder you are deaf." Said to a group of deaf children standing near a Caribbean steel drum band in 2000.
4. "If you stay here much longer, you will go home with slitty eyes." To 21-year-old British student Simon Kerby during a visit to China in 1986.
5. "You managed not to get eaten then?" To a British student who had trekked in Papua New Guinea, during an official visit in 1998.
6. "You can't have been here that long -- you haven't got a pot belly." To a British tourist during a tour of Budapest in Hungary. 1993.
7. "How do you keep the natives off the booze long enough to pass the test?" Asked of a Scottish driving instructor in 1995.
8. "Damn fool question!" To BBC journalist Caroline Wyatt at a banquet at the Elysée Palace after she asked Queen Elizabeth if she was enjoying her stay in Paris in 2006.
9. "It looks as though it was put in by an Indian." The Prince's verdict of a fuse box during a tour of a Scottish factory in August 1999. He later clarified his comment: "I meant to say cowboys. "I just got my cowboys and Indians mixed up."
10. "People usually say that after a fire it is water damage that is the worst. We are still drying out Windsor Castle." To survivors of the Lockerbie bombings in 1993.
11. "We don't come here for our health. We can think of other ways of enjoying ourselves." During a trip to Canada in 1976.
12. "A few years ago, everybody was saying we must have more leisure, everyone's working too much. Now that everybody's got more leisure time they are complaining they are unemployed. People don't seem to make up their minds what they want." A man of the people shares insight into the recession that gripped Britain in 1981.
13. "British women can't cook." Winning the hearts of the Scottish Women's Institute in 1961.
14. "It was part of the fortunes of war. We didn't have counsellors rushing around every time somebody let off a gun, asking 'Are you all right - are you sure you don't have a ghastly problem?' You just got on with it!" On the issue of stress counselling for servicemen in a TV documentary marking the 50th Anniversary of V-J Day in 1995.
15. "What do you gargle with - pebbles?" To Tom Jones, after the Royal Variety Performance, 1969. He added the following day: "It is very difficult at all to see how it is possible to become immensely valuable by singing what I think are the most hideous songs."
16. "It's a vast waste of space." Philip entertained guests in 2000 at the reception of a new =A318m British Embassy in Berlin, which the Queen had just opened.
17. "There's a lot of your family in tonight." After glancing at business chief Atul Patel's name badge during a 2009 Buckingham Palace reception for 400 influential British Indians to meet the Royal couple.
18. "If it has four legs and it is not a chair, if it has got two wings and it flies but is not an aeroplane and if it swims and it is not a submarine, the Cantonese will eat it." Said to a World Wildlife Fund meeting in 1986.
19. "You ARE a woman, aren't you?" To a woman in Kenya in 1984, after accepting a gift.
20. "Do you know they have eating dogs for the anorexic now?" To a wheelchair-bound Susan Edwards, and her guide dog Natalie in 2002.
21. "Get me a beer. I don't care what kind it is, just get me a beer!" On being offered the finest Italian wines by PM Giuliano Amato at a dinner in Rome in 2000.
22. "I would like to go to Russia very much - although the bastards murdered half my family." In 1967, asked if he would like to visit the Soviet Union.
23. "If a cricketer, for instance, suddenly decided to go into a school and batter a lot of people to death with a cricket bat,which he could do very easily, I mean, are you going to ban cricket bats?" In a Radio 4 interview shortly after the Dunblane shootings in 1996. He said to the interviewer off-air afterwards: "That will really set the cat among the pigeons, won't it?"
24. "Oh, it's you that owns that ghastly car is it? We often see it when driving to Windsor Castle." To neighbour Elton John after hearing he had sold his Watford FC-themed Aston Martin in 2001.
25. "The problem with London is the tourists. They cause the congestion. If we could just stop the tourism, we could stop the congestion." At the opening of City Hall in 2002.
26. "A pissometer?" The Prince sees the renames the piezometer water gauge demonstrated by Australian farmer Steve Filelti in 2000.
27. "Don't feed your rabbits pawpaw fruit - it acts as a contraceptive. Then again, it might not work on rabbits." Giving advice to a Caribbean rabbit breeder in Anguilla in 1994.
28. "You must be out of your minds." To Solomon Islanders, on being told that their population growth was 5 per cent a year, in 1982.
29. "Young people are the same as they always were. They are just as ignorant." At the 50th anniversary of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards scheme.
30. "Your country is one of the most notorious centres of trading in endangered species." Accepting a conservation award in Thailand in 1991.
31. "Aren't most of you descended from pirates?" In the Cayman Islands, 1994.
32. "You bloody silly fool!" To an elderly car park attendant who made the mistake of not recognising him at Cambridge University in 1997.
33. "Oh! You are the people ruining the rivers and the environment." To three young employees of a Scottish fish farm at Holyrood Palace in 1999.
34. "If you travel as much as we do you appreciate the improvements in aircraft design of less noise and more comfort - provided you don't travel in something called economy class, which sounds ghastly." To the Aircraft Research Association in 2002.
35. "The French don't know how to cook breakfast." After a breakfast of bacon, eggs, smoked salmon, kedgeree, croissants and pain au chocolat - from Gallic chef Regis Crépy - in 2002.
36. "And what exotic part of the world do you come from?" Asked in 1999 of Tory politician Lord Taylor of Warwick, whose parents are Jamaican. He replied: "Birmingham."
37. "Oh no, I might catch some ghastly disease." On a visit to Australia in 1992, when asked if he wanted to stroke a koala bear.
38. "It doesn't look like much work goes on at this University." Overheard at Bristol University's engineering facility. It had been closed so that he and the Queen could officially open it in 2005.
39. "I wish he'd turn the microphone off!" The Prince expresses his opinion of Elton John's performance at the 73rd Royal Variety Show, 2001.
40. "Do you still throw spears at each other?" Prince Philip shocks Aboriginal leader William Brin at the Aboriginal Cultural Park in Queensland, 2002.
41. "Where's the Southern Comfort?" On being presented with a hamper of southern goods by the American ambassador in London in 1999.
42. "Were you here in the bad old days? ... That's why you can't read and write then!" To parents during a visit to Fir Vale Comprehensive School in Sheffield, which had suffered poor academic reputation.
43. "Ah you're the one who wrote the letter. So you can write then? Ha, ha! Well done." Meeting 14-year old George Barlow, whose invited to the Queen to visit Romford, Essex, in 2003.
44. "So who's on drugs here?... HE looks as if he's on drugs." To a 14-year-old member of a Bangladeshi youth club in 2002.
45. "You could do with losing a little bit of weight." To hopeful astronaut, 13-year-old Andrew Adams.
46. "You have mosquitoes. I have the Press." To the matron of a hospital in the Caribbean in 1966.
47. "The man who invented the red carpet needed his head examined." While hosts made effort to greet a state visit to Brazil, 1968.
48. "During the Blitz a lot of shops had their windows blown in and sometimes they put up notices saying, 'More open than usual.' I now declare this place more open than usual." Unveiling a plaque at the University of Hertfordshire's new Hatfield campus in November 2003.
49. Philip: "Who are you?"
Simon Kelner: "I'm the editor-in-chief of The Independent, Sir."
Philip: "What are you doing here?"
Kelner: "You invited me."
Philip: "Well, you didn't have to come!"
An exchange at a press reception to mark the Golden Jubilee in 2002.
50. "No, I would probably end up spitting it out over everybody." Prince Philip declines the offer of some fish from Rick Stein's seafood deli in 2000.
51. "Any bloody fool can lay a wreath at the thingamy." Discussing his role in an interview with Jeremy Paxman.
52. "Holidays are curious things, aren't they? You send children to school to get them out of your hair. Then they come back and make life difficult for parents. That is why holidays are set so they are just about the limit of your endurance." At the opening of a school in 2000.
53. "People think there's a rigid class system here, but dukes have even been known to marry chorus girls. Some have even married Americans." In 2000.
54. "Can you tell the difference between them?" On being told by President Obama that he'd had breakfast with the leaders of the UK, China, and Russia.
55. "I don't know how they are going to integrate in places like Glasgow and Sheffield." After meeting students from Brunei coming to Britain to study in 1998.
56. "Do people trip over you?" Meeting a wheelchair-bound nursing-home resident in 2002.
57. "That's a nice tie... Do you have any knickers in that material?" Discussing the tartan designed for the Papal visit with then-Scottish Tory leader Annabel Goldie last year.
58. "I have never been noticeably reticent about talking on subjects about which I know nothing." Addressing a group of industrialists in 1961.
59. "It's not a very big one, but at least it's dead and it took an awful lot of killing!" Speaking about a crocodile he shot in Gambia in 1957.
60. "Well, you didn't design your beard too well, did you? You really must try better with your beard." To a young fashion designer at a Buckingham Palace in 2009.
61. "So you're responsible for the kind of crap Channel Four produces!" Speaking to then chairman of the channel, Michael Bishop, in 1962.
62. "Dontopedalogy is the science of opening your mouth and putting your foot in it, a science which I have practiced for a good many years." Address to the General Dental Council, quoted in Time in 1960.
63. "Tolerance is the one essential ingredient ... You can take it from me that the Queen has the quality of tolerance in abundance." Advice for a successful marriage in 1997.
64. "I never see any home cooking - all I get is fancy stuff." Commiserating about the standard of Buckingham Palace cuisine in 1962.
65. "I suppose I would get in a lot of trouble if I were to melt them down." On being shown Nottingham Forest FC's trophy collection in 1999.
66. "It makes you all look like Dracula's daughters!" To pupils at Queen Anne's School in Reading, who wear blood-red uniforms, in 1998.
67. "I don't think a prostitute is more moral than a wife, but they are doing the same thing." Dismissing claims that those who sell slaughtered meat have greater moral authority than those who participate in blood sports, in 1988.
68. "Ah, so this is feminist corner then." Joining a group of female Labour MPs, who were wearing name badges reading "Ms", at a Buckingham Palace drinks party in 2000.
69. "Cats kill far more birds than men. Why don't you have a slogan: 'Kill a cat and save a bird?'" On being told of a project to protect turtle doves in Anguilla in 1965.
70. "All money nowadays seems to be produced with a natural homing instinct for the Treasury." Bemoaning the rate of British tax in 1963.
71. "It is my invariable custom to say something flattering to begin with so that I shall be excused if by any chance I put my foot in it later on." Full marks for honesty, from a speech in 1956.
72. "Why don't you go and live in a hostel to save cash?" Asked of a penniless student.
73. "In education, if in nothing else, the Scotsman knows what is best for him. Indeed, only a Scotsman can really survive a Scottish education." Said when he was made Chancellor of Edinburgh University in November 1953.
74. "If it doesn't fart or eat hay, she isn't interested." Of his daughter, Princess Anne.
75. "They're not mating are they?" Spotting two robots bumping in to one another at the Science Museum in 2000.
76. "I must be in the only person in Britain glad to see the back of that plane." Philip did not approve of the noise Concorde made while flying over the Buckingham Palace.
77. "The only active sport, which I follow, is polo - and most of the work's done by the pony!" 1965
78. "It looks like a tart's bedroom." On seeing plans for the Duke and then Duchess of York's house at Sunninghill Park.
79. "Reichskanzler." Prince Philip used Hitler's title to address German chancellor Helmut Kohl during a speech in Hanover in 1997.
80. "We go into the red next year... I shall probably have to give up polo." Comment on US television in 1969 about the Royal Family's finances.
81. "Bugger the table plan, give me my dinner!" Showing his impatience to be fed at a dinner party in 2004.
82. "I thought it was against the law these days for a woman to solicit." Said to a woman solicitor.
83. "You're just a silly little Whitehall twit: you don't trust me and I don't trust you." Said to Sir Rennie Maudslay, Keeper of the Privy Purse, in the 1970s.
84. "What about Tom Jones? He's made a million and he's a bloody awful singer." Response to a comment at a small-business lunch about how difficult it is in Britain to get rich.
85. "This could only happen in a technical college." On getting stuck in a lift between two floors at the Heriot Watt University, 1958.
86. "I'd much rather have stayed in the Navy, frankly." When asked what he felt about his life in 1992.
87. "It looks like the kind of thing my daughter would bring back from her school art lessons" On being shown "primitive" Ethiopian art in 1965.
88. "You're not wearing mink knickers, are you?" Philip charms fashion writer Serena French at a World Wildlife Fund gathering in 1993.
89. "My son...er...owns them." On being asked on a Canadian tour whether he knew the Scilly Isles.
90. "Well, that's more than you know about anything else then." Speaking, a touch condescendingly, to Michael Buerk, after being told by the BBC newsreader that he did know about the Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Awards in 2004.

a) humberestuary 1 week ago
        Many years ago, I took a temporary job as a Chauffeur driving the Chairman of a new company which Prince Philip agreed to formally open. I was selected to drive The Prince to the opening of this new company in Kent. At the last minute, and presumably for security reasons, The Duke of Kent with his car and Chauffeur were now to drive Prince Philip, whilst I was told to drive other notable dignitaries. On hearing of this last minute switch whilst we awaited the Dukes arrival by helicopter, I decided to vent my feelings about this matter with the Duke of Kent's Chauffeur, I said; "I have just spent one and a half bloody days polishing this Rolls only to be told, the Prince is now going with your boss, no offense mate, but his car is a filthy rusty load of old junk". I was only 21 and a bit naive, as I learned later, that the Chauffeur was in fact, Duke of Kent who related this episode to Prince Philip at the luncheon reception. Apparently Prince Philip nearly fell off his chair with laughter, and I nearly got the sack, but for one thing, I was told later the only reason I hadn't been sacked was that both the Duke of Kent and Prince Philip were very amused by the incident and the Prince had told the Chairman, "it was an innocent Gaff, nothing should happen to him" . I think Prince Philip is a one off with a great sense of humor, and so refreshing from the normal political correctness.
b) mustardpot 1 week ago
I've not mentioned this before but on a visit to Newcastle last year he thought it hilarious to say to a couple wearing the Arabic hijab with just eye slits - "Aah, we've met before haven't we?"
ANOTHER ARTICLE (10 June 2011):
Prince Philip turns 90 and vows to 'slow down'
The Duke of Edinburgh, who has turned 90, has told the BBC he is "winding down" and reducing his workload as a senior member of the royal family.
In an interview with the BBC's Fiona Bruce, the Queen's husband said: "I reckon I've done my bit."
ELSEWHERE I found more 'gaffes'.  I've renumbered them to put the most hilarious last.
12. To the President of Nigeria, dressed in traditional robes: "You look like you're ready for bed!"
13. Unknown: "If you see a man opening a car door for a woman, it means one of two things: it's either a new woman or a new car!"
4. To his wife, the Queen, after her coronation: "Where did you get the hat?"






===  LANGUAGEWATCH  ===    Elocution -- the US King's Speech
Sent to me with this intro, and yes, it helps if you know the film...
Very funny, especially for those of you who saw the film.
===  WORDWATCH  ===  Plagiarism = sincerest form of flattery
however, glad the U of A Dean of Medicine resigned his position.  Interesting speech though.
June 16, 2010  THE VELLUVIAL MATRIX   Posted by Atul Gawande
Atul Gawande gave the commencement speech at Stanford's School of Medicine last week. Here is what he told the graduating class.
Read more http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/newsdesk/2010/06/gawande-stanford-speech.html#ixzz1PkDs85Lx

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The length of this document defends it well against the risk of its being read.  -- Winston Churchill

In the pursuit of happiness, the difficulty lies in knowing when you have caught up.
-- R.H. Grenville, [Cdn? born 1917? }
Ours is a world in which knowledge accumulates and wisdom decays.
-- ALDOUS HUXLEY (English writer),
         "Censorship and Spoken Literature",
         Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Other Essays, 1956.
Where is the Life we have lost in living?
Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?
Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?
                            -- T.S. Eliot, poet (1888 - 1965)
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-- Gustave Flaubert, French writer (1821 - 1880)       
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-- Thomas Paine, intellectual and revolutionary (1737 - 1809)
The highest wisdom consisted in distinguishing between good and evil.
   -- SOCRATES (470? - 399 B.C.),
        paraphrased in Seneca the Younger (4? B.C. - 65 A.D.),"On the Supreme Good", Moral Letters to Lucilius.

A people living under the perpetual menace of war and invasion is very easy to govern. It demands no social reform. It does not haggle over expenditures for armaments and military equipment. It pays without discussion, it ruins itself, and that is an excellent thing for the syndicates of financiers and manufacturers for whom patriotic terrors are an abundant source of gain.
                - Anatole France, French novelist, essayist, Nobel laureate (1844 - 1924)

There is in the worst of fortune the best of chances for a happy change.           -- Euripides

A man bears the same relationship to a woman as a multiple-choice test does to an essay exam.
                                -- Dr Mardy Grothe, American psychologist and writer (b 1942)

He has Van Gogh's ear for music.       -- Billy Wilder
He is simply a shiver looking for a spine to run up.      -- Paul Keating
He has never been known to use a word that might send a reader to the dictionary. -- Faulkner (about Hemingway)
Thank you for sending me a copy of your book; I'll waste no time reading it.   -- Moses Hadas

At a pet store: 'buy one dog, get one flea'.
Sign on a broken perfume bottle, "Out of odour".
Once you've seen one shopping centre you've seen a mall.
I walked past a gang of youths yesterday and one of them threw a piece of cheese at me, which hit me on the back of the head. I turned round and shouted, "That's not very mature!"
A person who would make a banking joke is of no account.