Ccl NOTES Sept 19
Calendar to Oct 21

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

. . .  rosh hashanah * happy new year * shana tova . . .
MAIN ITEMS Monday Oct 3rd:
>  PUBLIC HEARING: Kiwanis Seniors Housing Society devt
>  CCL MTG: Civic Assn of Iranian Cdns; WVHS re Arts on Argyle; PSB; AmbNOW $$$; TransLink; (Wetmore) Pacific Arbour Revisions; Rezoning, Redevt 1305 Marine (Esso gas station); Park Royal at-grade intersection (taxpayers pay $20K?); Kiwanis; DVP 1365 28th; Correspondence: AmbNow; bus shelters; April (!!!) Fin Cmte minutes; Staff response re GLH; cat-licensing; CNV early child care & milk container deposits; RGS; LMTAC; Drinking Water Quality
=  Vive le Canada (CBC at 75; AB follows BC with lady premier; Creeping Control); from the EDITOR'S DESK (Proving a Negative; Density Disguised; Bus shelters); UPDATES & INFO (Way Out West; Cmnty Awards; LPPS; Spawner Salmon Surveys; Waterfront Petition; Election Dates; Hollyburn Mews clarification)
=  Subscriber EMailed Updates:
- Update A Fri Sept 23 (Bard; Taste of Market; Rivers Day; Autism Walk; Prop Tax Sale; VSO; Amira Hass; GWB Panel; Theatre; VCAC 65th Anniv Tea)
- Update B Tues Sept 27 (Cmnty Concert; Streamkeepers; Library; CBC; KMC; Pi Theatre; Motorcycle Toy Run; Iraqi Christians; Houses Vancouver E vs W)
- Update C Fri Sept 30 (Heritage Minister at HSBC; Ageing; Cypress Hill Climb; Dreaming of Recession)
=  CALENDAR to Oct 21st; CULTUREWATCH (Theatre; Art; Music; Ballet; Photography; Festivals)
= Ccl Mtg NOTES Sept 19: Publication of WVHS's book Cottages to Community;  DP Applic (21 sgl-fam lots) for Area 3 East of the Rodgers Creek Area (N of Mulgrave Sch); Sport Field Master Plan Final Report; Deposit Refund on Milk Containers; Zoning Amendment Bylaw re Sunset Lane (prop from BCR), PH Oct 17; AmbNOW Monthly Budget Report; Correspondence (Westport Nbrhd Assn, Opposition to AmbNOW proposals) 
=  ANIMALWATCH (Sunbathing; Unusual animal shots; polar bears w/ hard hats); INFObit (Rosh Hashanah); PEACEWATCH (FBI's own terror plots; Peace March Hebron); PHOTOWATCH (Past/Present BC Architecture; 40 most popular tourist attractions); MIDDLE EAST (Authors speak); MONEYWATCH; HOUSEWATCH (E vs W; Most $$$ Houses in World, $1B); FISHWATCH (herring); BEERWATCH (prayer); LANGUAGEWATCH (OTT); HERITAGEWATCH (BC, Vancouver; TLC);  WORDWATCH (opsimath); MAIKU; QUOTATIONS/THOUGHTS/PUNS

===  Vive le CANADA  ===
> On Oct 1st, the day after the death of her mother who inspired her, Alison Redford became the new leader of the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party, therefore becoming Premier-Designate.  {SK next for a lady premier?}
>  CBC is celebrating 75 years this year! See 75th anniversary celebrations: www.cbc.ca/75
> Creeping Control
It is disappointing that with Harper Canada has lost its reputation as an 'honest broker' and objective wrt Israel/Palestine.  More disappointing noting some control over newspapers favouring Israel. Crushed to learn that CTV removed an interview after B'Nai Brith objected.  Delighted today (Oct 2) therefore to learn it has been reversed!
Title of Piece: CTV posts Phyllis Bennis interview to its website
Hyperlink to Piece: http://www.ctv.ca/CTVNews/TopStories/20110923/israel-police-west-bank-110923
Comments of the Media Researcher:  Please thank CTV News Executive Producer John Buffone for reversing an earlier decision to remove an interview of Phyllis Bennis, a spokesperson with the Institute for Policy Studies and an expert on Middle Eastern affairs, from the CTV website. Following many complaints, CTV rightfully decided to put the interview back up on its site. The interview can be found by scrolling through the CTV News Video window on the right side of the page.

===  from the EDITOR'S DESK  ===
o  During the Hollyburn Mews PH (20th & Esq devt), a resident made the statement, "you can't prove a negative".  Well.  This was an irresistible challenge to my geek husband.  He said, of course you can!  So I said, if so, I'll put it in the newsletter.  And that's why in Updates & Info just below this section, there's the explanation (under Hollyburn Mews) showing that you can prove a negative.
o  Chutzpah? certainly creative euphemism.  To avoid saying increased density, in the Rodgers Crk devt, the term is -- wait for it -- intensive residential !!
o The number of complaints about the bus shelters has surprised me.  I shdn't have been though.  When it was brought up at Ccl some years ago, it was rejected and one reason was not wanting advertising, commercialization.  Guess that's why this time we only learned of it after the contract was signed -- a fait accompli.  The advertising is quite large, expansive.  Pattison [company] supplied the shelters and DWV gets paid for the advertising.  Sounds like a good deal but the lack of including residents in decision-making, or even 'warning', continues to disappoint me (and frustrate many).  Do think it shd have a had some notice and ppl's views sought.  Apparently some shelters appeared in front of some ppl's places as a surprise.  What next?
o  Am fascinated by textspeak; almost like a separate/new language, more than a dialect.  So when a subscriber wrote saying something Ccl had done was OTT.  Curious, had to google (answer in LANGUAGEWATCH).
o  fyi, both aging and ageing are correct (I just happen to prefer the latter).
o  Who was that blonde songstress at the civic reception?

===  UPDATES & INFO  ===
Interested in what's happening around Horseshoe Bay?  See their newsletter at www.thewesterner.ca out now.
+  It's Time to Recognize Community Contributors
West Vancouver is a special place where people contribute their time and talents to build a cherished community and quality of life. The District's Community Awards are one way to recognize the efforts of a few, and the commitment of so many. Awards this year are in the categories of Heritage and Environment.
Call for Nominations
Recognize and celebrate personal civic commitment, leadership, and engagement. If you know of an incredible individual or organization who gives time, energy, and commitment, consider nominating them for a community award. Please visit westvancouver.ca/awards for more information. Act soon, the deadline is October 4, 2011.
from the newsletter:
Our past president, Marja de Jong Westman was a founding member of our Society. She was honoured this spring by Nature Vancouver with the Frank Sanford Award for extraordinary achievement in community service.
David Cook, a former board member of our Society, was also honoured by Nature Vancouver with the Davidson Award for extraordinary achievement in conservation.
In June at our Annual General Meeting, our Society presented its first LPPS Youth Stewardship Award to Elliot Cowan for his remarkable commitment to removal of invasive plants and restoration efforts in several of the parks in our Six-Park Network, most notably in North Piccadilly Park.
To view videos of live herring larvae taken in March, 2011 by John Buchanan go to:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?y=1uFtxbzMzfo and  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjnGTzpEE6s
To view larval herring taken by Aquarium staff go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwZTXWuf7A
9am - Noon Saturday October 15th --  Caulfeild Park - Planting/Restoration
Meet at the anchor on Pilot House Road. Call Elspeth at 926 9390 for more information.
MONTHLY BIRD COUNTS  --  first Sunday of every month at 8:30am.
October 2nd, November 6th, December 4th, 2011; January 1st, February 5th, March 4th, 2012. Meet at the upper kiosk in the parking lot in Lighthouse Park Call Suann at 926 9094 for more information.
+  Spawner Salmon Surveys
Volunteer some of your time to count our returning salmon.  Learn the difference between a coho and a pink and a chum.  Some can already be seen in Brothers Creek from the viewing platform off Keith Road!
www.westvancouverstreamkeepers.ca  * 604 628 1123 * info@westvancouverstreamkeepers.ca
A petition against building on the Ambleside waterfront is being circulated and it has so far been signed by about 900 people. No one has said that they want an art gallery on our waterfront.
They support an art gallery, just not in our waterfront park which is for everyone's use.  An art gallery needs walls.  It and art studios do not need a view and should not take away a view.
West Vancouver bought the waterfront properties as a park and that is how they should be used.
[  For information please email joshuaws@shaw.ca  ]
o  Important Dates - 2011 Election  http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=35628
October 4:  at 9am the nomination period opens (nomination documents received by the chief election officer will be available for public inspection and will be posted on the District's website)
Oct 5:  at 6pm an Election Information Meeting will be held at the  MHall in the Ccl Chamber
Oct 14: at 4pm the nomination period closes and the declaration of candidates will be made
Oct 14: after 4pm the list of candidates will be posted on the District's website
Oct 19:  last day to meet the 30-day residency/property ownership requirement to be able to register on general voting day
Oct 21: at 4pm is the deadline for a candidate to withdraw
Oct 21: after 4pm the final list of candidates will be posted on the  District's website
Oct 24: 4pm declaration of election by voting will be made, and declaration of candidates elected by acclamation (if any)
+  HOLLYBURN MEWS -- clarification/updated information
In WVM12 during the PH there were a couple of terms used that deserve explanation.  A resident used the term in terrorem, and also said "you can't prove a negative".
1 =  in terrorem    [from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia]
In terrorem, Latin for "in [order to] frighten", is a legal term used to describe a warning, usually one given in hope of compelling someone to act without resorting to a lawsuit or criminal prosecution. For example, many intellectual property attorneys send in terrorem letters, which threaten litigation absent compliance with the written request, to persons that are violating their clients' trademark rights before resorting to court proceedings.
2 =  Subject: You can prove a negative!
A principle of folk logic is that one can't prove a negative. Dr. Nelson L. Price, a Georgia minister, writes on his website that 'one of the laws of logic is that you can't prove a negative.' Julian Noble, a physicist at the University of Virginia, agrees, writing in his 'Electric Blanket of Doom' talk that 'we can't prove a negative proposition.' University of California at Berkeley Professor of Epidemiology Patricia Buffler asserts that 'The reality is that we can never prove the negative, we can never prove the lack of effect, we can never prove that something is safe.' A quick search on Google or Lexis-Nexis will give a mountain of similar examples.
But there is one big, fat problem with all this. Among professional logicians, guess how many think that you can't prove a negative? That's right: zero. Yes, Virginia, you can prove a negative, and it's easy, too....

===  SUBSCRIBER eMAIL UPDATE A finalized Friday Sept 23  ===
Have a great weekend!
Some recent info and some missed; fyi. Amazing with a relatively recent WVM, more have come to light.
but first -- BREAKING NEWS!
+  Scientists think Einstein was wrong and E=mc2 is not true!  Their experiment showed neutrinos went faster than light (thought to be the fastest).  There'll be more tests.
+  Unverified Tweet says the rogue satellite has landed in Canada. {Later: nope; in Pacific}
Herewith (in chronological order):
LPPS/Ivy Pulls (Sept); Bard Award & Tour (Sept 24); Taste of the Market (Sept 24); Rivers Day (Sept 25); Walk for Autism (Sept 25); Annual Property Tax Sale (Sept 26); VSO Addns (Sept 26 +); Amira Hass (Sept 28); GWB Panel (Sept 29): Theatre (Sept 29, etc); Musical Extravaganza (Oct 2nd); VCAC 65th Anniversary Tea (Oct 2nd); BEARWATCH (Oct 3rd); Quotations/Thoughts/Puns {moved to end of WVM20}
For all volunteer Saturday events, please bring clippers if possible, and wear old clothes and work gloves.
= Saturday Sept 17th, 9am - Noon ~~ Lighthouse Park - Ivy Pull
Meet at the upper kiosk in the parking lot. Call Alexandra at 925 1485 for more information.
= Saturday Sept 24th, 10am - 2pm. North Piccadilly Park - Open House &  Ivy Pull.      
You are invited to meet our park steward, Richard Beard, to view educational displays, to join us for refreshments, and/or to help pull ivy. Meet at the junction of Piccadilly North & Clovelly Walk, north of the railway crossing.  Call Dick at 922 8407 for more information.
= Saturday October 1st, 9am - Noon ~~ Lighthouse Park - Ivy Pull
Meet at the upper kiosk in the parking lot. Call Alexandra at 604-922-1485 for more information
ooo  LPPS Newsletter
ooo  Bard Wins Best of Vancouver!
Thank you Vancouver!
We're thrilled to share the news that Bard has been voted the Best Local Performing Arts Festival by Georgia Straight readers in the annual Best of Vancouver awards. We're also the runner up in the Best Theatre Company or Production category.
View all the winners here!
ooo  Bard Mainstage Virtual Tour!   ENDS SEPT 24
Check out the cool new 360 video of our new Mainstage Theatre tent - and if you haven't seen the venue for yourself for real, this weekend is your last chance to check it out this season.
Click the image to take the tour
>  Taste of the Market  {more info}
Enjoy a Journey Through Global Flavours, Saturday, September 24 from 2 to 4pm in The Market at Park Royal South. We'll be sampling foods from the various shops including tasty organic pepperoni from Black Forest Deli, maple salmon nuggets from Waggott Seafood, lamb and mint sausages from Peter Black and Sons, and so much more. Visit ten retailers for a signature and enter for your chance to win a $150 Park Royal Gift Card!
>  Rivers Day -- Sunday Sept 25
=  World Rivers Day
10am to 2pm Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve; 604 451 6506 www.metrovancouver.org
Int'l celebration of rivers and the benefits they provide.  Learn about the importance of rivers and how to protect our waterways.
=  BC Rivers Day 
{additional information for an event}  This Sunday is Rivers Day, a day to celebrate the return of life to Britannia creek.  Location is Britannia Beach; starts at 11am; ends at 3pm.  At 11:15 dignitaries will speak.  We will have a table plus a fresh water aquarium we hope filled with fish from Thistle and Britannia creeks.  Grab your Streamkeeper caps and pay us a visit.
Jack, Squamish Streamkeepers
Fourth Annual BC Walk Now for Autism Speaks; Autism resource fair; various locations www.walknowforautismspeaks.ca
>  Annual Property Tax Sale
Monday, September 26, 2011
The Local Government Act requires the District to sell at tax sale all properties whose taxes are in a delinquent balance. The delinquent balance is comprised of outstanding property taxes of three years.
Properties that have current, arrears, and delinquent taxes as of the last Monday in September will be offered for public auction with the starting bid being the upset price. Three [years'] taxes must be outstanding before the property is offered at tax sale. All properties subject to the tax sale must be advertised in the newspaper before the public auction occurs. You do not have to pay all three [years'] worth of taxes to keep your property from being sold, but the delinquent taxes (the oldest) must be cleared up before the Property Tax Sale.
The 2011 Tax Sale will be held in the Council Chambers of the District of West Vancouver, 750 17th Street, West Vancouver, BC at 10am on Monday, September 26, 2011. The following properties will be included in the sale unless delinquent taxes, plus interest, are paid before that time. List subject to change.
1913 22nd Street                LOT A BL 4 EAST 1/2 OF DL 783 PL 22534
121 1363 Clyde Avenue   SL 9 DL 237 STRATA PL VR. 627
640 Ballantree Road             LOT 15 BL 3 DLS 806 AND 866 PL 11621
 Notice to Prospective Purchasers: Purchasers of tax sale properties should be aware that they will NOT have the right to receive title or possession until after one year following the date of the tax sale. During this period, the registered owner of the property has the right to redeem the property from the tax sale thus cancelling the sale. Properties sold at Tax Sale are subject to the Property Purchase Tax.
Prevent Tax Sale  /  Notice of Tax Sale  /  Tax Sale Process  /  Purchasing the Property  /  Redemption
For additional information, please contact the Property Tax Department 925 7032.
Note: All information in respect to Property Tax Sale is for general information purposes only and is not all inclusive. Please refer to the Local Government Act (Part 11) for the specific legislation.
>  VSO Update/additions  http://www.vancouversymphony.ca/  604 876 3434
=  The VSO's Opening Weekend with Jon Kimura Parker!
The VSO's blockbuster Opening Weekend features Vancouver's own Jon Kimura Parker, performing Rachmaninoff's beloved Piano Concerto No. 3. Completing a magnificent performance, Maestro Bramwell Tovey conducts Tchaikovsky's mighty Symphony No. 5.
Don't miss the VSO's Opening Weekend - Saturday night is sold out, but there are still seats available for Monday evening! And don't forget - subscribing to a series package makes sense. You save up to 25% over single concert tickets, get discounts on Special concerts, free and flexible ticket exchanges, lost ticket insurance, and more. Click here to browse all available subscription packages online.  > 8pm Monday September 26th Orpheum <
=  Lalo, Berlioz, & Ravel
Orpheum Theatre: 8pm Saturday Oct 1 and 2pm Sunday Oct 2
        Bramwell Tovey, conductor; Chad Hoopes, violin
Berlioz ~  Hungarian March; Lalo ~  Symphonie Espagnole for Violin and Orchestra;
Liszt ~  Mesphisto Waltz No. 1;  Enesco ~  Rumanian Rhapsody No. 1; Ravel ~  Boléro
Chad Hoopes has taken the classical world by storm, drawing comparisons to a young Joshua Bell and even Itzhak Perlman for his technical mastery and sweet, fluid tone. Come hear what all the fuss is about, as this prodigy makes his VSO debut performing Lalo's Symphonie Espagnole. You'll also hear one of the most famous pieces ever written - Ravel's Boléro.
>  Amira Hass, Israeli living in Palestine
Amira Hass: "Palestine / Israel: Fear of the Future"
7:30pm Wednesday September 28
UBC - The Hebb Theatre, 2045 East Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1
Come out to hear Ms. Hass, an award-winning writer and the only Israeli journalist living in the Occupied Palestinian Territories; bring an open mind and your questions.
Please note that space may be limited and you are encouraged to purchase in advance online if possible. The ticket price covers the expenses of the tour and is not a fundraiser.
Tickets are $15 for non-students and $10 for students (with ID). If you cannot pay, do not hesitate to tell the organisers at the door.
Tix: http://www.ticketweb.ca/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=3919385
For more information, please contact Julie Graham, Education and Campaigns Coordinator (Dignity and Rights) at KAIROS: 1 877 403 8933 x233 or jgraham@kairoscanada.org
>  G W BUSH Panel Discussion Sept 29
From: Matt Eisenbrandt  Subject:  Accountability for Torture: George W. Bush Visits B.C.
In his memoir, former U.S. president George W. Bush admits that when he was asked if men in U.S. custody should be waterboarded, he replied "Damn, right."  Despite admitting that he authorized torture, Bush has not been investigated or held accountable for his actions in the United States -- or by any judicial body elsewhere.  Bush has enjoyed global impunity for his role in the torture of detainees held in Guantánamo, Abu Ghraib, Bagram, and secret "black sites".
Bush is scheduled to speak in Surrey, B.C. on October 20th. Is there a case against Bush for torture? Should Canada investigate him? Will Canada prosecute Bush for torture?
Please join us for an expert panel to discuss Bush's responsibility for torture in the "war on terror" and the options for accountability in Canada.
Date:             Thursday, September 29, 2011   Time:            6:30 - 8:30 pm
Place:            UBC Robson Square   Room C180    (enter by the ice rink)
For directions, visit: http://robsonsquare.ubc.ca/find-us/
Matt Eisenbrandt, Legal Director, Canadian Centre for International Justice   
Katherine Gallagher, Senior Staff Attorney, Center for Constitutional Rights
Gail Davidson, Lawyers Against the War
Co-hosted by the New York-based Center for Constitutional Rights (www.ccrjustice.org) and the Canadian Centre for International Justice (www.ccij.ca).  For more information, please contact meisenbrandt@ccij.ca or 604-569-1778
+ Studio 58 -- 604 684 2787 Arthur Miller's The Crucible; Sept 29 - Oct 16
+ Deep Cove Shaw Theatre 929 3200
        Book of Days; dark comic mystery; 8pm from Sept 30 to Oct 15 www.deepcovestage.com
>  MUSIC for BARD on the BEACH
Dare to Dream:  
        A George Ryan Musical Retrospective
Holy Trinity Cathedral will host a musical extravaganza on October 2nd, celebrating fifty years of music written and composed by George Ryan, local composer extraordinaire and Holy Trinity's musical director. George will celebrate his seventieth birthday by conducting an augmented Holy Trinity Cathedral Choir, along with special guest soloists and instrumentalists in a performance guaranteed to surprise and delight audiences.
This exciting musical evening will include works written for Bard on the Beach over the course of George's long tenure here (1990-2001), excerpts from his Ovation Award-nominated musical Stump City Stories (written for New Westminster's 150th), several songs from the CBC's Timmy Telethon, stylistically diverse musical numbers that range from toe-tapping ragtime to New Zealand Maori-influenced chorales, and glorious paeans written for a Vancouver Symphony Fundraiser -- including Beautiful B.C, We Believe in Music, and Dare to Dream, the inspirational anthem that gives the evening its title and theme.
Sunday October 2nd @ 7pm  Holy Trinity Cathedral
514 Carnarvon Street, New Westminster (1/2 block from Columbia Skytrain station)
Tix: $20  Reservations email: hori41@yahoo.ca  or call Holy Trinity Cathedral's office: 604 521 2511
>  VCAC 65th Anniversary TEA Oct 2nd
A letter from our President, Michael Clague
We wish to invite you to the 65th anniversary celebration of the Community Arts Council of Vancouver. It will be held at the Vancouver Museum in the Joyce Walley Learning Centre from 3 to 5:30 pm on Sunday, October 2nd. A short program begins at 3:15 pm.
Vancouver's Arts Council was the first in North America. As such we have been closely connected to the development of arts organizations and public facilities including the Vancouver Centennial Museum, the Queen Elizabeth Theatre and Playhouse, the Bard on the Beach, the design of "Block 61" (the Erickson-Massey design for the Courthouse Building), the Vancouver Academy of Music, Roedde House Museum, Vancouver Civic Archives, and others.
Like the formation of the Arts Council itself, these have been pioneering initiatives. In the intervening years the Council has continued to provide leadership in the arts in this city. This is reflected in our current priorities -- the community arts  and community environmental arts. The former coincides with the launch of our new Community Arts Fund whose first priority is to provide support to organizations engaged in community arts activities in the Downtown Eastside, our home base.
Kindly click here to RSVP or send an email to anniversary@cacv.ca if you are able to attend. We look forward to your participation.
Michael Clague
>  BEARWATCH redux     
The bear habitat walk on Thursday Sept 22* was a roaring success in spite of the rain (we hardly noticed it). There were 13 participants (2 others did not make it because of hold-ups in traffic). There were also many cancellations because of perceptions about rain. To satisfy the fair weather hikers and a number of requests for another date I am going to test the reliability of the 14-day forecast and schedule one more identical field trip on a "no rain" day (October 3rd). I would have liked to do yet another trip on a week-end (which was also requested) but there would be a conflict with pre-arranged non-birding hikes on "no rain" days. Because of horrendous traffic even after 9:00 am these days, the meeting time will be advanced to 11:00 am so bring a snack. See below for more details.
David   924 0147
*  full description/details were in WVM19

===  SUBSCRIBER eMAIL UPDATE B finalized Tuesday Sept 27  ===
Things keep popping up, not in WVM19 or more info.  In chronological order:
Sept 27 (and 30): concert at cmnty ctr
Sept 29: WV Streamkeeper Society mtg
Sept 30:  Library (English practice and author visit)
Oct 1:  CBC 75th and Tour; KMC Culture Days; Pi Theatre Visit
Oct 2: Motorcycle Toy Run
     then:   Christians in Iraq; House Prices in Vancouver East and West; Quotations & Pun {see end}
This week municipal politicians are busy voting on resolutions at UBCM.  To RCMP or not to RCMP.  The Municipal Auditor General on the agenda too; feeling is it will pass.
                Update -- the satellite landed in the Pacific near Samoa.
Sep 27 - Community Concert Series
Location: West Vancouver Community Centre
The West Vancouver Community Centre and Pacific Arbour Retirement Communities presents the Community Concert Series in the Atrium of the West Vancouver Community Centre. The monthly performances feature musicians from around Metro Vancouver.
September's Concert: Friday, September 30 featuring Capilano University Jazz Program. Learn More
WV Streamkeepers --  Sept 29
7:30pm at St Stephen's (855 22nd)
On the agenda: Nelson Crk Hatchery; Student Outreach; 2011 Stream Temperature Report; Work Plan (update on projects); Spawner Salmon Surveys
Come and find out about volunteering and participating.  Each creek has a creek coordinator.  Surveys start early Oct and go to mid-Dec.  A large District map will be on display identifying all the creeks in the community. It can be fun just looking for and perhaps spotting salmon in our small urban streams.  Learn more about salmon, stream habitat and help us to locate and enumerate these wonderful fish.
LIBRARY --  Sept 30
English Corner
        Come practise English conversation! Free! 10 - 11:30am. No registration required.
Tales of a Persian Angeleno  -- 2 to 3:30pm
Hear author Porochista Khakpour.  Her Sons and Other Flammable Objects is a masterful tale of immigrant identity. This New York Times "Editor's Choice" and the winner of the 2007 California Book Award is a comedic and tragic modern coming-of-age story with a timeless resonance.
CBC -- Oct 1    www.cbc.ca/75
CBC/Radio-Canada is celebrating its 75th Anniversary as Canada's public broadcaster and the art of broadcasting! You are invited to join the celebration at CBC Prince George, CBC Victoria, and CBC Kelowna for CBC/Radio-Canada's 75th Anniversary Open House on Saturday Oct 1st.  This is your chance to meet your favourite on-air hosts and personalities, tour the studio, win prizes and learn about your local CBC station. 
CBC Vancouver Broadcast Centre Newsroom Tours
The CBC Vancouver Broadcast Centre is now open for tours. Our state-of-the-art integrated newsroom, home of CBC News Vancouver and CBC Radio, forms the cornerstone of a major redevelopment.
We are centrally located in the entertainment district of downtown Vancouver at 700 Hamilton Street (corner of Georgia).
CBC Vancouver has been a vibrant part of the Vancouver community since 1936 and now our beautifully redeveloped Broadcast Centre and Plaza have brought new life to the neighbourhood.
Book a tour
Tours are available Thursdays and Fridays at 10am and 11:30am and Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 9:30am and 1:30pm.  Tours last approximately one hour. Tour reservations are required. No food, drinks or video cameras are allowed in the newsroom.  http://www.cbc.ca/bc/communityspaces/newsroom-tours.html
KMC -- Oct 1
noon to 5pm Saturday October 1 ~~ Culture Days At Kay Meek Centre
Culture Days at Kay Meek Centre -- our fun and exciting celebration of the performing arts on Vancouver's North Shore.  With various youth and adult performers, representing different groups and offering multiple performances, this is a true showcase of our vibrant community performing arts scene.  Come join in on the family-friendly activities as Kay meek Centre is turned into a live site of performances taking place in the two theatres and throughout the lobbies.
Included on the program are local youth bands and singer/songwriters, Sinfonia, Pandora's Vox, and the always energetic Burstin' With Broadway.
It's all fun and free, and it's on Saturday October 1st.  Join in the celebration!
Schedule (subject to change)
12pm - doors open
1pm - local high school bands and singer/songwriters showcase their talents in the Studio Theatre
3pm - Sinfonia and Pandora's Vox, 16 singers and 34 orchestra perform together in the Main Theatre and end with a sing-a-long, so come prepared to sing!
4pm - grand finish with Burstin' with Broadway
                Call the box office for more information: 604 913 3634
Pi Theatre -- Oct 1
Share Your Vision of Vancouver 
Pi would like you to share your Vision of Vancouver with us. What is your favourite (or least favourite) thing about the city? Do you have a Vancouver moment you would like to share? As the city celebrates its 125th anniversary, what does it mean to be a Vancouverite today? Send us your photos, artwork, songs, stories, poems, videos and we'll share them with our audiences. Email your Visions to visionsofvancouver@pitheatre.com.
You can also come visit us during Culture Days on October 1st to share your Vision in person. We'll be opening up our rehearsal space at 1411 Cartwright Street from 9am - noon. Come by and tell us what Vancouver means to you. Everyone who participates will be entered in a draw for two tickets to opening night of Visions of Vancouver.
ph 604 872 1861 | news@pitheatre.com |                                  www.pitheatre.com
Oct 2 - Motorcycle Riding Santa Volunteers Needed For Toy Run
Ambleside Park
The Harley Davidson Baggers & Hawgs Den (the safety Santas) is looking for volunteers and Santa suits (by donation) for the traffic control volunteers for the 33rd Annual Toy Run on Oct 2nd 2011. The Toy Run ride will be from Coquitlam Centre to the PNE. Learn More
33rd Annual Children's Motorcycle Toy Run is happening on October 2nd 2011. We need Motorcycle Riding Santa volunteers and Santa Suits (by donation). If you ride and have a Santa suit of your own and would like to volunteer for traffic control (Barnet highway only), then join us in at the tail end for the ride from Coquitlam Centre to the PNE (anyone with a trailer decorated up is welcome too). Please sign up on the site for more details please contact:
Kat 604 466 2838, 604 465 3348     Email: kkkcarter@yahoo.ca     www.hawgsden.com
Saddam was secular; now Christians not safe, churches guarded
A = IRAQ: No place for Christian families, Part I
        CPTnet  20 September 2011      To view the on-line version click here.
B = IRAQ: No place for Christian families, Part II
             CPTnet  26 September 2011  by David Hovde     To view the on-line version click here.
     In April 2011, Bassam William and his family lived in a Shia neighborhood in Baghdad.  Some of their neighbours, who in the past had visited with them, eaten with them, and spent time with them in their house, later told William and his family that there was no place for Christians in that neighbourhood and that he and his family would have to leave the neighbourhood and the country.  On 17 April 2011, William found a note on his car from Kataa'ib Saraya Al Haq (Righteousness Brigade), a militia that broke away from the Mahdi Army.  Kataa'ib Saraya Al Haq receives training in Iran and targets Americans and Christians.  In the letter, they used profanity to threaten William's family.  The letter said that they had to leave this Muslim country immediately or they would kill all his family members, and that there was no place for Christians Baghdad.
     After two days, William and his family left Baghdad, leaving their house and furniture behind.  They heard that people could go to Syria and stay there for up to three years while applying for asylum in another country.  William went to Syria to try to apply for asylum.  He heard of people who had been there for three years, spent up all their money and had not been given asylum in another country.  He decided to move with his family to Suleimaniya in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.
     William and his family now live in Suleimaniya in a crowded apartment and sleep on the floor.  He does not have a job.  His wife, Maha Mashalla, sometimes travels all the way back to Baghdad to work.  Though his family receives some financial assistance, it is not enough to cover the rent.  They desperately want to find asylum in another country.
     William says there used to be 1,500,000 Christians in Iraq.  Now there are about 300,000.  The churches in Baghdad are guarded by troops or behind walls now.  William says that someday there may really be no more Christians in Iraq.
CPT's MISSION: What would happen if Christians devoted the same discipline and sacrifice to nonviolent peacemaking that armies devote to war? Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) seeks to enlist the whole church in organized, nonviolent alternatives to war and places teams of trained peacemakers in regions of lethal conflict.
COMMENTS: To ask questions or express concerns, criticisms and affirmations send messages to peacemakers@cpt.org.
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Vancouver real estate prices, East vs. West: September edition (photos)
Vancouver's home prices continue to differ greatly on either side of the Eastside-Westside boundary, as the September for-sale prices show.  --  SEPTEMBER 27, 2011 3:02 PM

===  SUBSCRIBER eMAIL UPDATE C finalized Sept 30  ===
Bits and pieces (numbered) before the agenda. Thought I'd let you know asap what was coming Monday since the full newsletter is not yet finished and you may want to read about some topics in case you have questions since next ccl mtg isn't until Oct 17.
>  First, the main items:
MAIN ITEMs Ccl Oct 3rd: PUBLIC HEARING re Kiwanis Seniors Housing Society devt; Civic Assn of Iranian Cdns; WV Historical Society re Arts Facilities on Argyle; PSB; AmbNOW Expenditures; TransLink; (Wetmore) Pacific Arbour Revisions; Rezoning, Redevt Permit Applic 1305 Marine (Esso gas station); Park Royal at-grade intersection; Kiwanis (second/third reading); DVP 1365 28th; Correspondence: AmbNow; bus shelters; April (!!!) Fin Cmte mtg minutes; Staff response re GLH; cat-licensing; CNV early child care and milk container deposits; amendments to RGS; LMTAC; Drinking Water Quality
>  TOPICS (details follow)
Presumably Ccl will report on the UBCM 2011 Convention Sept 26 to 30 some attended.
At the Heritage of Society of BC annual conference Sept 30 in Bby (wch I attended), there was an informative talk by [Heritage] Minister Steve Thomson [1] and then it was announced that a resolution in support of heritage had been passed at the UBCM.  The Heritage Society of BC turned 30 earlier this year.
UBCM also discussed ageing [2].
[3] Cypress Mountain Hill Climb! -- Rotary  {apologies; this was to go out Friday but with the heritage conference and the civic reception last night, delayed.  Here fyi.}
[4]  MONEYWATCH (dreaming of recession) -- I put this in my draft WVM20 on Tuesday when the news came out b/c it seemed so quirky.  Since then have heard of it in many places -- gone viral, v controversial.
         AGENDA Oct 3rd, BEERWATCH, and Qtn/Thought/Pun {moved to WVM, along with [4]}
Heritage Minister Speaks
The Honourable Steve Thomson, Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, spoke at the Heritage BC Annual Conference at 1pm on Friday, September 30. Mr. Thomson's ministry includes archaeology and heritage conservation. First elected to the legislature in 2009, Mr. Thomson has been responsible for heritage since March of this year.  He has served as a director of the Kelowna Museum, and his family has owned a heritage farm in Kelowna since 1896.
Rethink, Replace & Rejuvenate: The New 3 [Rs]
There is absolutely nothing to be said in favour of growing old. There ought to be legislation against it.
                                        -- Patrick Moore
Whether or not we embrace it, this is one of life's truths -- we are getting older. And as the workforce tips the scale toward retirement, local governments must adjust to accommodate this shift.
Local governments currently face increasing challenges with respect to aging populations, workforces and infrastructure. Emerging trends are presenting new challenges, and our ability to anticipate these challenges may determine our capacity to grow and adapt our communities, long-term.
The dynamics of our communities are changing.
more: http://ubcm.ca/EN/main/convention/2011_Convention/theme.html
Cypress Mountain Hill Climb! 
Join the Rotary Club of West Vancouver Sunrise and Innovative Fitness on Saturday, October 1st at 10am for a 15km bike ride up Cypress Bowl Road to raise funds for the North Shore Rescue and other Rotary projects. Ride starts at Mulgrave School entrance and finishes at Cypress Mountain Parking lot.  Be there early for complimentry Coffee from Bean Around the World and fresh muffins. Sign-in opens at 8:30am.
Riders must be 13 or older.  The registration fee is $25, and participants are asked to raise a minimum of $100 in pledges. Registrations will be taken on the day.  A Bicycle mechanic will be on hand to help with any last minute tune-ups, traffic will be stopped for a safe start at 10am and 3 rest stops will be on offer on your climb up the mountain.
Great prizes will be given to the top fundraisers, Including a two-night luxury hotel stay in Vancouver, Cypress Mountain day Ski Passes and be there at the top for your chance to win a Helicopter ride for four arranged by North Shore Rescue!  Tax receipts are available for pledges of $30 or more. 
And bring the whole family to festivities at the Cypress Mountain Parking Area from 11 am until 2 pm for kids bike races and decorating, Bouncy castle, BBQ, entertainment, and prizes.  Coffee is provided by Bean Around the World,  Waffles will kindly be served up afterwards by Patisserie Lebeau and Massages are on offer for riders by North Shore Orthopaedic & Sports Clinic.
Sign up today with your team or as an individual!  Click on "Register Now". Once registered, you can login to your account to customize your Personal & Team donation pages; send emails; manage offline pledges; and view the status of your Personal & Team fundraising efforts. 
Fundraising Proceeds:  100% of the funds raised through pledges will support the North Shore Rescue and other Rotary projects.  North Shore Rescue offers a variety of search and rescue services at no charge including mountain search and rescue; helicopter rescue; and public education. Funds from this event will be used to finance communications equipment. Learn more at www.northshorerescue.com. Rotary International is a global network of 1.2 million dedicated business and professional people who provide community and international service and help to build goodwill and peace in the world.  Learn more at www.rotary.org or www.rcwvs.org.

=======  CALENDAR to October 21st  =======     
All mtgs are at M Hall unless indicated otherwise.  NOTE: shown are mtgs known at this date; often there are additions, changes, cancellations after WVM goes out.  Check the DWV Calendar: http://www.westvancouver.ca/Calendar.aspx  .  Notices/mtgs/changes too late for an issue or too early for the next are sent to subscribers as updates (see above).  They then appear in the next newsletter.
== Monday Oct 3/4
Creating Places for People - The Melbourne Experience
Speaker: Rob Adams, architect and urban designer, Director of City Design at the City of Melbourne
October 3, 7 pm, SFU Surrey, Suite 250, 13450 102 Avenue, Surrey
October 4, 7 pm, SFU Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings Street, Vancouver
Admission is free, but reservations are required. Reserve seats at www.sfu.ca/reserve
Note: The same presentation will be delivered each evening.
The Metro Vancouver region has been noted for its ability to accommodate growth while maintaining good quality of life for residents. Still, Metro Vancouver faces challenges in advancing the goals of the recently approved Regional Growth Strategy to ensure regional land use patterns support transit, walking and cycling throughout the region.
Melbourne is considered one of the most livable cities in the world. It has garnered considerable recognition for its success in transforming over the last 25 years the centre of Melbourne from a car-oriented office core to a dynamic mixed-use community with a vibrant public realm. Come hear Rob Adams, the Director of City Design for Melbourne, share some of his experiences in leading this transformation and how Melbourne's success could be applied to development in Metro Vancouver's key centres.
Rob Adams is an architect and urban designer, Director of City Design at the City of Melbourne, Australia. He won multiple awards as the leader of the revitalization of the Melbourne City Centre and surrounds, helping to create a vibrant city streetscape with innovative design features. Since the mid1980s he has worked at the City of Melbourne. He is a regular lecturer at RMIT and at the University of Melbourne, where he has been a Professorial Fellow since 2004.
Frank Pacella, BA, LEED AP, Coordinator, SFU City Program
T. 778 782 5079 / Fax: 778 782 5098  E. citymgr@sfu.ca   www.sfu.ca/city
Pls join our email list: http://www.sfu.ca/city/email.htm Twitter: www.twitter.com/CS_SFU
== Monday Oct 3 - 5
NewCity Design Awards - recognizing excellence in architecture and urban design
The NewCity Design Awards will recognize Surrey's most significant accomplishments in city-building: architecture, landscape, urban design and infrastructure.  The awards will be decided by an independent jury, who will assign at least one "Award of Excellence" and optional "Awards of Merit" in each of the NewCity's eight categories. Anyone can suggest a worthy project. Actual submission packages will be submitted by the design/development team for each project.
Submissions close September 15.  Details: www.surrey.ca/city-government/8991.aspx
Walk 21 Metro Vancouver Conference 2011: The International Conference on Walking and Liveable Communities
"Transforming the automobile city: walking steps up!"
October 3 - 5
Conference Location: SFU Goldcorps Centre for the Arts, 149 W. Hastings Street, Vancouver
Web and email: www.walk21.com/vancouver; vancouver2011@walk21.com
In 2011 the International Walk21 Conference is being hosted by Metro Vancouver. The conference's metropolitan focus involves municipalities in the region, health authorities, Translink, the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University, as well as the regional government. Metro Vancouver has teamed together to create an innovative conference focusing on the best practices for urban design, transportation mobility, and health promotion to provide the best places to walk to and through. We invite you to join us in Metro Vancouver, Canada for the 2011 Walk21 Conference, Oct 3-5. Come and walk with us!
***  Enjoy Thanksgiving Monday October 10   ***
==  Saturday October 15
Mark your calendars and join the fun at the Pumpkin Fest Family Golf Tournament! Bring the whole crew to the family-friendly nine-hole Gleneagles Golf Course. The afternoon starts with lunch at the clubhouse at 11:30 am, shotgun start at 1pm and finishes with prizes and awards at 4pm.  Cost, including lunch, is $45 per adult and $30 for kids 14 years and under.
To register visit us online: webreg.westvancouver.net (barcode 799424); or phone 925 7475; or in person at the West Vancouver Community Centre or Gleneagles Community Centre. For more information, e-mail pumpkinfest@westvancouver.ca
==  Sat/Sun October 15/16
>>  Pumpkin Fest  --  Join the West Vancouver Community Centres Society (WVCCS) on October 15 - 16 for an old-fashioned community harvest festival at Pumpkin Fest 2011! 
Whether you love to dance, golf, garden, bake, knit, or craft, or simply enjoy hanging out with your family and neighbours taking in the entertainment and activities, there is truly something for everyone at West Vancouver's newest community festival. 
For more info, to register in workshops or the Fares and Wares competition, and to purchase tickets for the Family Golf Tournament at Gleneagles Golf Course and the Community Family Dance, please visit pumpkinfest2011.org.
>>  Pumpkin Bowl 2011
Pumpkin Bowl Regatta October 15 and 16.  Fee includes a regatta T-shirt, lunch both days of racing and a buffet dinner.  Extra dinner tickets are available for $17.50 per person and extra T-shirts are available for $20 each.
For more information please click on the links below
        *       Notice of Race
  *       Online Registration (Due October 13th 17:00)
    *       Alpha Course Results (Laser, Radial, 29er, 420)
*       Bravo Course Results (Optimist Blue, Red, White, Laser 4.7)
     *       Optimist Green Results
  *       Pumpkin Bowl Pictures
   *       Pumpkin Bowl Launching Video
        *       Billet Contact (Due before October 8): Susan Harney (604) 921-6343 or  harnco@shaw.ca
For more information contact our  Graeme Clendenan, Sailing Director.
OCTOBER 15th and 16th --  Presenting Sponsor: PARK ROYAL
Family-friendly Golf Tournament at Gleneagles Golf Club, 11:30am - 4pm
Girl Guide Campfire Singalong, 6pm; Family Dance, 7pm - 11:30pm
All day activities, 10am - 5pm
Join us in celebrating Fall with an old-fashioned community harvest festival at Pumpkin Fest! There are many family-friendly features and activities to enjoy including:
=B7      Community Dance featuring the Adam Woodall Band & Taste of Block 22 Restaurants
=B7      All Ages Golf Tournament at Gleneagles Golf Course
=B7      Peter Jones Memorial Pie Baking Contest
=B7      Pumpkin carving/scarecrow/vegetable growing competitions
=B7      Organic gardening and sustainability workshops
=B7      Family Activity Zone with crafts and games
=B7      Afternoon Tea with Symphonia
=B7      Pumpkin Patch and Pumpkin Path
=B7      Evening Campfire with the Girl Guides and Scouts
=B7      Pumpkin Swim and Pumpkin Skate
=B7      Variety of exhibitions and entertainment at the Community Centre Civic Site
There is truly something for everyone at Pumpkin Fest.  Whether you love to dance, golf, garden, bake or simply enjoy hanging out with your family and neighbours and taking in the entertainment and activities, we have something for you!
Don't leave home, mark the dates, and join us as we say good-bye to summer and hello to fall in style!
Pumpkin Fest is the inaugural, signature fundraising event for the West Vancouver Community Centres Services Society.
Link to Pumpkin Fest documents:  WVCCS_PUMPKIN_FEST_PROMOTION
==  Tuesday October 18
~ 7pm ~ WRA-sponsored all-candidates mtg; Gleneagles Golf Course Club House (MC David Thomas)
==  Wednesday October 19
        ~ 7pm ~ Library Bd at Library; and Bd of Variance at Ccl Chamber
==  Thursday October 20
        ~ 4:30pm ~ Design Review Cmte Mtg

+++  WV MEMORIAL LIBRARY +++  http://www.westvanlibrary.ca
The Library will be closed Sunday Oct. 9 and Monday Oct. 10. Happy Thanksgiving!
Come practise English conversation -- develop skills, learn vocabulary, participate in interesting discussions, and make new friends. Fridays, through December 16 (there will be no English Corner November 11).
Topics for October will be Poetry (Oct 7), Manners (Oct 14), Health: Body, Mind, and Spirit (Oct 21), and Superstition, Old Wives' Tales, and Sayings (Oct. 28).
Meet in the Welsh Hall West (Oct 14 meeting location is the Computer Training Room).
For more information please call Nadia Vargha Majzub at 604 922 5152.
English Corner is facilitated by the Bahai Community of West Vancouver in partnership with the Library.
Tuesdays September 27, October 4 and 11
~ 10:30 to 12:30pm ~   Today's Broadway
Spend three weeks with jazz specialist Neil Ritchie meeting some of the most successful Broadway songwriters: Kander & Ebb, Stephen Sondheim, and Andrew Lloyd Webber.
=  Saturday October 1
~ 1 - 2pm ~   BRAIN FITNESS
Dr. Justin Davis from Nognz will discuss brain fitness, with tips, games, and memory boosters to keep your brain healthy at any age.
Music Talks
Today's Broadway with Neil Ritchie (Former CBC Radio producer of Hot Air)
                Tuesday Oct 4 - Stephen Sondheim, 10:30am - 12:30pm, Welsh Hall
                Tuesday Oct 11 - Andrew Lloyd Webber, 10:30am - 12:30pm, Welsh Hall
Friends of the Library Booksale!
Find books, CDs, DVDs, and more in the Welsh Hall.
           Friends Presale - Oct 13 Thursday 6 - 8pm. Memberships available at the door.
           Main Booksale - Oct 14 and 15 Friday & Saturday 10am - 4pm.
           Interested in becoming a Friend of the Library? See our web page for details.
Philosophers' Café  ~ 10:30am - noon ~  Friday Oct 21
                The Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms with guest James LymBruner. Admission $5.
Friday Night Concert Series presents
~ 7:30pm Oct 21 --  Don Alder  --  Guitar Player Magazine's 2010 "Guitar Superstar". Discover the original deeply textured music of this local talent, who also works with the Rick Hansen Man in Motion Foundation.  Come early for best seats. Doors open at 7pm. See you there!
In the Gallery   --  Woven Inspiration
A selection of recent tapestries by members of The Tapestry Weavers Interest Group: Virginia Baldwin, Nina Chrzanowski, Traude Doelker, Vladimira Fillion, May Keller, Myrna Lindstrom, Robert Schinnour, and Linda Wiles.  This exhibition displays a wide variety of moods, images, and techniques available to the modern designer/weaver of tapestries.
                Showing Oct 3 - Nov 3. For exhibition details visit our Gallery web page.
West Vancouver Library Foundation
The West Vancouver Memorial Library Foundation is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year!
Learn more about the Foundation on our website.

+++  WV MUSEUM +++ http://westvancouvermuseum.ca/exhibitions/current_exhibition
Sonny Assu - Longing  ~~  September 14 to November 5
      Longing is an installation of innovative, new work by Vancouver-based artist Sonny Assu composed of sculptures and photographs. The sculptures are found objects now displayed conceptually as "masks". As found objects they provide the core focus of the investigation undertaken by the artist. Within this context, found is juxtaposed to lost, or an art and culture altered or displaced by conditions of colonialism and European settlement. The artist uses longing to suggest a history reexamined and reclaimed.
       The photographs show the "masks" in situ within three sites, which characterize the collecting and marketing of Northwest Coast art: as artifacts in the visible storage area of an ethnographic museum, as fine art in an exhibition of aesthetic objects in a commercial gallery, and the tourist shop emphasizing curiosities, souvenirs, or keepsakes to take home.
       Vancouver-based artist Sonny Assu is Laich-kwil-tach (Kwakwaka'wakw) of the Weka'yi  First Nation of Cape Mudge, Vancouver Island. Assu's work has been featured in several notable group exhibits over the past years, How Soon is Now?, Vancouver Art Gallery; Comic Relief, National Gallery of Canada; Challenging Traditions: Contemporary First Nations Art of the Northwest Coast; McMichael Canadian Art Collection, and Changing Hands: Art Without Reservation Part 2, Museum of Arts and Design in New York City. A recent solo exhibit, Sonny Assu: As Defined Within the Indian Act, was held at the Belkin Satellite Gallery, Vancouver. Assu's work is in the collection of the National Gallery, the Seattle Art Museum, the Museum of Anthropology at UBC, and in public and private collections across Canada and the United States. The artist is represented by the Equinox Gallery in Vancouver.
This exhibition is guest-curated by Petra Watson and made possible with financial support from the Audain Foundation.
Artist's Talk: Wednesday October 19 at 7pm
+++  FERRY BUILDING GALLERY  +++ http://ferrybuildinggallery.com ~ 925 7290
~~   Objective Reality: mixed media   ~~    September 27 - October 16
Richard Alm, lan D. Blair, Melanie Cossey, Lynn Pocklington, Julie Rudd
Opening Reception: Tuesday Sept 27 from 6 to 8pm
Artists in Attendance: Saturday Oct 1 from 2 to 3pm
Upcoming EXHIBITION -- Oct 18 - 30 -- Susanna Blunt, Sculpture & Paintings 

+++ SILK PURSE +++   http://www.silkpurse.ca/gallery2.html
~~  September 20 - October 2  ~~  "In Search of Colour"
Mother & daughter Krystyna & Elizabeth May explore individual expression & communication through art. Krystyna is an art therapist and Elizabeth lives with autism, which affects communication and interaction. Together they have discovered that a painting speaks louder than words.
~~  October 4 - 16  ~~ "Critters"
West Vancouver resident, Patricia Vaughan captures the iconography & imagery of a variety of animals; from barnyard chickens to noble zebras. Her spirited watercolour & mixed media paintings depict the essence of these creatures as well as the very human-like personalities of our feathered and furred friends.
Opening reception is Tuesday October 4th from 6 - 8pm
~~  October 18 - 30  ~~  "Intercontinental Inspirations"
Artist Shashi Kapoor's multimedia paintings depicting people and places of inspiration from India to Africa and beyond. Each work of art invites you into a conversation of reflection and celebration of those who encourage and motivate us in our lives.
Opening reception: Tuesday October 18th from 6 - 8pm
Complete list of events: http://kaymeekcentre.com/on_stage/events_calendar
Electronic newsletter: http://kaymeekcentre.weebly.com
Simplest way to get on email list, call 913 3634 (also for tix) or email tickets@kaymeekcentre.com
Early Music Vancouver, Mozart & Beethoven Quintets For Fortepiano and Winds -- 3pm Sunday Oct 2
Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story, Arts Club at KMC -- 8pm Mon Oct 3, and Tues Oct 4
John Hammond -- 8pm Tuesday October 11
Of Gods and Men  --  7:30pm Wednesday October 12
Reza Peyk: Just a Comic  --  8pm Friday October 14
Premiere screening of a new documentary on up and coming Vancouver comic Reza Peyk.  There will be a Q & A following the screening with Reza and others involved with the project. Purchase tickets online
Woza Afrika 2011 - Youth 4 Youth  --  7:30pm Saturday October 15
Maxim Rysanov, Vancouver Recital Society at Kay Meek Centre  --  3pm Sunday October 16
Rock'n'Roll Pianomen  --  8pm Friday October 21
Abra Cadabra  --  7:30pm Saturday October 22

+++ ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION BRANCH 60, West Vancouver +++
http://www.westvan60.com  ~~  ofc 922 3587; lounge 922 1920
"Where Volunteers make the difference." Chartered November 17th, 1926
The newsletter is available to any non-member who is interested.  To sign up, please fill in the form at the bottom of the webpage, http://www.westvan60.com/newsletter.html
        MEMBERSITE westvan60.com/membersite
For those of you who use Twitter, you can follow us, Tweet us and keep up to date with our events.
Follow us: @westvan60 -- Reid Anderson, Branch Secretary
Attachment converted: Macintosh HD:October Calendar of Events2.pdf (PDF /=ABIC=BB) (0017E155)
Saturday, October 1st MEAT DRAW
        Turkeys & Hams for Thanksgiving; No Duplicate Winners Bonus draw - gift basket
SIGN UP NOW FOR POPPY TAGGING  7pm Saturday October 15th In The Lounge

+++ WV CHAMBER of COMMERCE + 926 6614 + http://www.westvanchamber.com
o  Oct 4 Tues ~ The Power Hour  ~  8 - 9am
        Delany's Coffee House | Dundarave Village; 8 - 9am
o  Oct 11 Tues ~ Chamber Breakfast Club ~ 7:45 - 8:45am
          Cafe TrafiQ -- New members are encouraged -- a great opportunity to establish new contacts.
o  Oct 13 Thurs ~ All Candidates Meeting KMC 7pm
Come meet your future potential Mayor and Councillors.  Hear what they have to say about business in West Vancouver.  The event is free for public to attend.  Registration not necessary.
For more info, please call 926 6614 or email us at info@westvanchamber.com

+ BARD ON THE BEACH    http://www.bardonthebeach.org/
       ended Sept 24; the 2012 season starts May 31st
+  VANCOUVER PLAYHOUSE THEATRE  604 873 3311  vancouverplayhouse.com
Tosca Cafe -- Movement-theatre piece, starring Peter Anderson (Overcoat fame) and prima ballerina Sabina Allemann plus Dean Paul Gibson; Oct 8 - 29    
+  ARTS CLUB   687 1644   http://www.artsclub.com
~ Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage
        o  Next to Normal -- feel-everything musical from Broadway, to Oct 9
        o   Margaret Atwood's The Penelopiad with Meg Roe.  Oct 20 - Nov 20
The untold story of the original desperate housewife
A husband absent for twenty years, a sullen teenage son giving lip, tiffs with the mother-in-law-who wouldn't be desperate? From one of Canada's most acclaimed writers comes this fresh and witty retelling of The Odyssey myth. In Margaret Atwood's contemporary interpretation, Penelope, the long-suffering wife of the hero Odysseus, finally gets to tell her side of the story. TIX FROM $29
Granville Island Stage
        o  Circle Mirror Transformation  Sept 22 - Oct 22
Directing Circle Mirror Transformation is Nicola Cavendish, arguably one of Vancouver's most popular performers, who will bring her unique touch to the funny and poignant proceedings.
Bill Millerd, the Arts Club's Artistic Managing Director, says, "Nicola Cavendish, because of her many years as one of Canada's most inspired and empathetic performers, was the first person I thought of to direct the Canadian premiere of a piece that centres on the connections between individuals."
A sharply observed and warm-hearted comedy The LA Times called an "indie charmer", Circle Mirror Transformation is by young American playwright Annie Baker, a rising star in the theatre world. The play, premiering in 2009 to critical acclaim and winning the 2010 Obie Award for Best New American Play (her play Aliens, which premiered in 2010, shared the honour), has been winning over audiences across America. The New York Times dubbed Baker "one of the most promising new stage talents to emerge in the past decade."
Set designer David Roberts and costume designer Barbara Clayden have shared their visions for Circle Mirror Transformation on our blog. View the set model and character sketches for adult creative drama class instructor Marty (Donna White) and two class participants -- high-schooler Lauren (Emilee-Juliette Glyn-Jones) and the middle-aged divorcé Schultz (Brian Linds).
        ReACT: New Plays in Progress  ~~ 7pm Sunday Oct 2
See the creative process in action as the Arts Club takes a new work from script to stage. In partnership with Culture Days, the Arts Club will present a play reading of Henry and Alice: Into the Wild. This free public event is part of the company's ReACT: New Plays in Progress series and features local acting talents Andrew Wheeler and Susinn McFarlen.
+ Roedde House Museum   778 888 2435  itsazoo.org
Debts, written and directed by Mack Gordon; inspired by Edgar Allen Poe, blend of live theatre, haunted house, and radio play; eight actors, 15 seats -- book in advance! $19, $15 srs/students.  Oct 19 to 31
+ Jericho Arts Centre   604 224 8007
        A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, starts Oct 4 (to 23rd)
+ Metro Theatre 604 266 7191 metrotheatre.org
        Making a Killing by John Nassivera Oct 1 - 29
        Broadway playwright and actress wife fake his suicide to make sure his play succeeds
+ The Cultch (in VanCity Culture Lab)   604 251 1363  thecultch.com
        Wicked Shorts, from Fringe; Sept 21 - Oct 9
+  Hendry Hall  983 2633 The Woman in Black starts Oct 21
+  Deep Cove Stage  604 929 3200  deepcovestage.com
        Book of Days, a mystery Sept 30 - Oct 15
+  Presentation House  604 990 3474   phtheatre.org
KISMET one to one hundred -- interviews across Canada of 100 ppl aged 1 to 100 re fate and destiny; here from Magnetic North Theatre Festival in Ottawa.
+  Capilano Performing Arts Theatre 604 990 7810                                       
7 Stories by Morris Panych; fast-paced, sophisticated, and hilarious play, endlessly inventive
Oct 19 - 22   www.capilanou.ca/news-events/performingarts.html 
+  Studio 58   604 684 2787   www.langara.bc.ca/studio58
        The Crucible by Arthur Miller Sept 29 to Oct 16
+  Pi Theatre
Pi is incredibly proud to announce our team for Visions of Vancouver. Our formidable group of writers has been joined by a marvellous cast and production team. They'll be working together over the next four weeks preparing for the world premiere of these new short plays.
Visions of Vancouver:
The Dead Line by Dennis Foon; The Thin Veneer by Kevin Loring
The Bridge by Michele Riml and Michael St. John Smith; Elevate by Adrienne Wong
Directed by Richard Wolfe featuring Carmen Aguirre, Patrick Keating, Jennifer Mawhinny, Shaker Paleja
Show Times: 8pm Oct 5 Preview; 2pm Oct 6 Preview; Oct 6 - 8, 11 - 15 - 8pm; 4pm Oct 9, 15
CBC Studio 700 at the CBC building in downtown Vancouver (700 Hamilton Street).
Stay and chat with our artistic team at the free talkbacks after the shows on the 9th, 11th, and 13th.
Tickets start at just $10 and are on sale now at Vancouver Tix, or call 604.629.VTIX (8849).
+ Norman Rothstein Theatre
        Sept 15 to Oct 9   http://www.patrickstreetproductions.com/
The Light in the Piazza, Patrick Street Productions presents the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical
       ~ VAG PUBLIC PROGRAMS  --  All Programs free for Members.
           ~ Current exhibition: "The Colour of my Dreams"
        ~ Out for Lunch -- Eine Kleine Lunch Musik -- Select Fridays, 12:10 - 1pm
new 80th?
+ Equinox Gallery -- Gordon Smith
Sept 16 to Oct 29 ~~ During the past couple of decades, the esteemed West Vancouver-based painter -- who turned 92 in June -- has produced some of his finest work.  The master of colour and paint continues to explore and express new visions in a fresh, aggressive style.  This show of all new paintings features marvellous winter forest scenes, and dense, nocturnal abstractions.  604 736 2405
+  Vancouver Opera  http://www.vancouveropera.ca/
Tickets to all VO performances for the 2011/12 season are now available for purchase: West Side Story, Romeo et Juliette, Barber of Seville, and Aida.
The bassoon has been typecast as "the Rodney Dangerfield of music" - but it's fighting back! Find out more in this entertaining article from NPR.
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===  COUNCIL MTG NOTES Monday Sept 19  ===
Note: At 6pm the regular Ccl Mtg will commence in open session (in the main floor conference room), and will be immediately followed by a motion to exclude the public in order to hold a closed session,...  At 7pm the open session will reconvene...
6:00 PM
2. RECOMMENDED: THAT in the public interest, members of the public be excluded from part of the September 19, 2011 regular Council Meeting on the basis of matters to be considered under the following section of the Community Charter:
90. (1) A part of a council meeting may be closed to the public if the subject matter being considered relates to or is one or more of the following:
(e) the acquisition, disposition, or expropriation of land or improvements, if the council considers that disclosure could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality; and
(k) negotiations and related discussions respecting the proposed provision of a municipal service that are at their preliminary stages and that, in the view of the council, could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality if they were held in public.
7:00 PM
        Following conclusion of the closed session, the following items will be considered:
{NB: Obviously this is 'best efforts' since I type while ppl speak.  If unfamiliar with the abbreviations, acronyms, and initialisms, pls refer to www.westvan.org/glossary and if you want to check something or listen to the whole comment/speech/remarks being made, use the timestamp to find that place on the video of the ccl mtg (wch is on the DWV website).}
amended by adding to Item 8 (a written submission dated Sept 14), by adding recommendation to 12.1 re AmbNOW monthly budget report, and by adding new item, 12.3 re appointment of Chief Election Officer

{This is exceedingly strange.  Maybe someone can explain.
Sheila Scholes has been the Chief Election Officer for several preceding elections.  Did no one anticipate when the appointment wd hv to be made that it was not on an agenda and had to be added as an amendment???}

6.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES  --  No items
7. West Vancouver Historical Society, regarding Published Book "Cottages to Community" (File:  0055-20- WVMH1)
Mayor: pleasure to welcome the WVHS fresh after the opening Friday night
Jim Carter (former prez): four years of hard work; finally paid off, feel will become a best seller
sponsored by ....
with signif numbers to sell, must publicize
story to tell, string of cottages to modern cmnty today
Currently the book is available {gave list; in previous WVM and on www.wvhs.ca}
switch to images -- with apologies to the Mayor who saw this at the real estate session, earlier this year.
Mayor: really good; I don't mind
JC: I've only got ten minutes so this will be a lot shorter.  [SLIDES]
These are some of the ppl who have really had an influence on our cmnty.  I start with Fred Taylor (the person that put together the deal with Guinnesses and Ccl, built the bridge, ended up leaving BPP), here's Reeve Leyland (1934, signing the agreement that bailed WV out of near bankruptcy....).
Here's the bridge being built in 1938.  Great story on the bridge.  Guinnesses built the bridge for $6M in a year and a half -- incredible when you think about it.  Charged tolls right up until the time WAC Bennett purchased it, so WAC bought it, reimposed the [tolls] we paid another $6M and Guinnesses made double duty on that bargain.
Park Royal in the 1960s beginning to devt; cmnty up the hill really growing.
This is an interesting picture of waiting for the King and Queen to go up over the bridge, open the bridge, and go up to the British Properties, and Taylor over a dispute over the sizes of the pieces of land, ended up standing at the back of these crowds b/c everybody was mad at him for, some say, his stubbornness.
Here's Muriel May, killer salesperson for BPP -- renowned in her day.  1953 picture.
The West Coast Modern, many of you know have re-emerged, was popular in 1960s but felt out of favour to more eclectic designs, but it's returned in favour as a v interesting type of design and one was featured in the Museum's home show this year.  This is the interior, sparse.
This is a great story.  This is the story of what Fred Taylor had planned for the seven and a half acres he had reserved on the top of Sentinel Hill....
Here's the first Ccl -- and it gives me a great idea of where you can save money.
        LAUGHTER {at picture of Ccl in front of tent}
Reeve Charles Nelson, hat on his knee.
The first M Hall, three months later it was opened.  Same site where we are today.
This is Gertrude Lawson.  John Lawson with the hat passed away in 1954; Gertrude in 1989.
This is the way we used to do biz in WV: a real estate ofc, a bank, and a notary all in a bldg at the corner of 22nd and Marine -- different, smaller, and less grand.
Wonderful story surrounding the Clachan, today's Beach House  -- this was built by the brother of two Scottish sisters, the Stevenson sisters who ran the Clachan for a number of years.  They were dour but had great fun at the parties apparently....
This is the way you took your summer holidays in 1915.  Camp Minnehaha.  Ppl wd come over, right across the waterfront wd erect tents on a platform sometimes with sidewalls and they'd spend the full summer commuting back and forth to Vancouver, enjoying the amenities of WV.
In fact, many ppl actually squatted in tents on the waterfront in those years; standard practice.
Dundarave regatta in 1920 -- huge crowds, swimming competitions (ppl from across the Pacific Northwest).  This is the same regatta in 1950, leading the way was Maurice Gibbons who taught in WV, then SFU.  All rugby players and more injuries from these dives than rugby.
Great Northern Fish Cannery, 1941, thriving; now the Fisheries Research Station.
Here's the way ppl got to Caulfeild Cove before there was a rail line or a road, and before there was a ferry.
They came by the steamship Britannia in 1910...
Great shot of the Pt Atkinson Lighthouse with B T Rogers of sugar fame with his steam yacht cruising by.  That was our original lighthouse replaced by the one we know today.
Finally the Grafton family; story of the tragic death of the father of that family; fishing with dynamite and it went off in his hand and it killed him.
His son wrote in the journal: Father killed.  Fishing with dynamite.  Light westerly wind.
(routine report of weather conditions at site)
Going to turn over to our President, Ann.
Ann Brousson: Thx, Jim. ... Some of you have seen this {holding book}, a must-buy.
I've got the first copy that came off the press wch goes to Pam, to thank her for all of her support.
Mayor: thank you
AB: and we're donating two boxes plus two more, b/c only nine in a box, to the District on behalf of the Society so they can use it to give to dignitaries or whatever
{the list can be found on page 2 of WVM19 as well as wvhs.ca}
... a poster wch maybe you cd put up in the Hall, ... where book available....
Thank you again on behalf of the Historical Society for all the support you have given.
Mayor: this is a v v fitting kickoff to WV's 100th birthday in 2012 wch I know is your intent, and I think we will do our v best to support your marketing efforts and consider on our website ways where you can buy this book and celebrate the tremendous history and legacy of 100 years of pl before us, and our responsibility into the future.
With the book, A View Through the Trees -- my [pile's just run] out -- you shd know I tend to save those for ppl in the cmnty turning 90 or 100.  You'd be surprised how many there are.  They're always absolutely thrilled with this kind of memory for them, of course.
That's what I consider the Office of the Mayor to do with those books.
Thank you very much.
ML: I picked up my copy of the book on Saturday; that took of Sunday and most of this morning.
TYVM, it's absolutely magnificent and encourage every resident of WV to avail themselves of the opp to pick up a copy.  Tyvm to the Historical Society b/c I appreciate how much work and effort it was for you.
Ev: I wd certainly echo that.  What I found particularly interesting, it's not just simply a history of WV in the accepted sense, [one appendix] at the back gave the explanations and derivations of the roads of WV.  I live on Rose Crescent; interesting to find out where that name came from, and likewise many others we drive up and down....  there's a story and a history behind it and a very nice little add'l part to the book and I wd commend you for it.
Sop: Mr Carter, how long do you think I'll have to stay on Ccl so my name and my picture will appear in those books?

{Don't feel bad, Bill.
Many residents mention/listed, but not me, alas, even though I was the first Ccl liaison for heritage and made the motion for heritage designation for Gertrude Lawson house to be the museum and provide offices for the WV Historical Society.  Although my recommendation was for the house to be moved so that the hi-rise prop cd be leased and the money used to start a heritage fund (to purchase, restore, maintain other heritage properties to prevent loss through neglect), most wanted it to stay in place. All right for a first step -- at least it preserved the house and gave the WVHS an office, it was obviously too small for a museum, but these were our initial steps. 
I also was one of those who proofread/copyedited/reviewed the manuscript of the book.  Oh well, maybe in the second printing or second edition.
In any case, it's a great book and bound to be a thumping success.
Francis was kind enough to autograph my copy with "thanks for your editing help".}

JC: since 1934; Reeve Leyland made it.
Sop: well, you've done an excellent job and we're so thankful that we have dedicated folks like you that keep putting this before us.  Great keepsakes.  Haven't got my copy yet but I will; thank you v much.
TP: I'm wondering if I cd have my copy signed; it was so busy at the opening that I cdn't get near anyone.  I didn't ever know the history of the naming of the Silk Purse.  I feel somewhat delinquent on that.  There's so many charming stories in there and thank you for that.  If it's not something that's been passed down through your generation in WV, and I haven't always lived here, but it's just so incredible to read it and go: Oh, now I understand.  So thank you for all of that incredible effort.  It is just captivating.  Thank you again.
JC: one last comment
there were three ppl who made it so effective: the author, Francis Mansbridge, who really spent hours and hours beyond expectations; the photographer who took the {unintelligible word} pictures, and spent time gathering the archival photographs from all over BC; and the designer, Colleen Wood, who was superb (designed A View Through the Trees) -- that impressed us and we retained her to design this one.  Those were the co-workers, we were the supporters and the Board were v v supportive throughout, taking some risks -- we were afraid we might go broke at one stage, but help from many {cdn't make out word}
Mayor: may I say at my book club in Lower Caulfeild on Wednesday night, everyone's coming to buy their copy
SW: move thanks...
Mayor: seconded by Cclr Smith.  Motion carries with gratitude.
[7:20] REPORTS
8. Development Permit Application No. 09-025 for Area 3 East of the Rodgers Creek Area (located north of Mulgrave School) (File: 1010-20-09-025)
At the July 25, 2011 regular meeting Council received the report dated July 15, 2011 re this DPA and set the date for consideration for Sept 19.
Reports received up to September 15, 2011:
Development Permit Application    /   July 15, 2011   /   July 25, 2011/ September 19, 2011
Written Submissions received up to September 15, 2011:  None to date.    September 19, 2011
G Boyle of Planning gave background:  Map on screen, just shy of ten hectares
[SLIDE, points] diff ownership groups
Areas 1 and 2 already approved
One of the issues, attached, a delivery of a truck route b/c nbrhds had to suffe through 1000s of trucks delivering supplies, etc
Once Area 2 devpd, Chippendale roughed in -- way in for trucks only
Key features of Rodgers Crk 3 East
45 lots; 21 standard WV lots, 21 are smaller lots and will be subject to Devt Permits before they are built out; two cluster-housing sites and they will also be subject to a DP; and one apt site, again subject to a further DP for the form and character of the actual bldgs.
Five watercourses, all protected.  [7:23]
approx 33% will become publicly owned green space and with the five watercourses it's really about the protection of envmtally sensitive lands in this area.
will see continued extension of the mtn path, and the est of a trail-head
move from a mtn path by road to the forested section -- towards Area 5 and take on different characteristics
two new secondary trails and these will be called "connect nbrhds", connecting Areas 2 and 3 for example...
great group walking systems will be established here
finally, we have a narrow road cross-section, has become the norm in WV; approp response to terrain conditions; have less cut and fill to happen
a number of proposed zoning bylaw variances; going to highlight them
to create lots a number of retaining walls.....
retaining walls overheight and create forest in front to mask
starts with natural grade...
18 site-specific; beauty of variances, have clarity
21/42 standard 7.62 to 9.1m height increase
good driveway grades
Sop: how many?
GB: about Area 3 East; change in land use; standard and smaller lots
site for first apt bldg in Rodgers
Sop: in keeping with plan from outset, looking at mix
GB: correct
Sop: public owns the creeks
GB: yes
Sop: are they going to be groomed; foot and natural from there
GB: not going to be groomed; left in natural state; will be introducing a trail across
tributary L, a cross-section
Sop: type 2 wall, guess there are reasons; looking at 5m?
GB: think 4m in height
ANS: between 2 and 4m
Sop: 12 ft high
GB: yes and have to be constructed under engineering requirements
Sop: 4ft walls
GB: had a whole series, met the bylaw but cdn't plan
taller wall more area for planting; recreating the forest edge; replanting
Sop: done by devpr rather than the owner; drainage?
ANS: engineered walls; constructed on owner's land, by them
Sop: water pressure gone down in last six years, is he doing something wrong or?
GB: Cclr Sop is referring to a letter dated Sept 14
our engg crews hv gone out and tested water pressure
They confirmed that the water pressure is fine
plan is to contact the owner and do more explanation
water pressure doesn't see to be a problem, not just good, v good
TP: will ask some questions
there was a nbrhd mtg -- who was the staff leader? was Streamkeepers there?
[7:31] xxx of that, that's to do
b/c pockets up there so can maintain integrity of areas
what kind of covenants?
my concern is that as you go up mtn, trees, views; how dealt with
Mayor: five, got that?
GB: sorta got lost xxx
TP: xxx
GB: best attended, 16 residents; came from Stonecliffe and Deer Ridge; only two responses
likes how vision being carried out; mtg last weeek
Streamkeepers were part, from the beginning, with vision
Streamkeepers were up there today
John Barker, WVSk Prez: Sandi, Bill McA, Nora,  ... up there
on behalf of proponent; BPP gave overview
narrow, streams, setbacks, xxx
as was mentioned already
[7:34] to make sure; March 2008 honoured
found out, followed and actually followed; Streamkeepers quite satisfied
Mayor: who's xxx
GB: ev dept invited to come forward; eg Steve Jenkins was invited to come forward
document; re creek protection, probably the most detailed work done
land on lead planner's desk, in this, my desk
talking with Steve or Envmtal Protection ofcr [7:36]
make sure we carry out the vision of the overview doc
insist the top of the bank is shown easily on the drawing so it doesn't get lost
Mayor: two questions left from Cclr Panz
GB: the half million dollars is for creek enhancement, separate from xxx
boxed culvert; all work devpr has to do, nothing to do with the $500M
enhancing -- proper functioning conditions
restoration opportunities identified and that what the half mil dedicated to
xxxx that might inform where the half M; Jenkins get this.....
re covenanting re views, that issue has been raised by our Parks Dept; haven't got it all wrestled to ground

{why come before that's been wrestled and concluded, ie solved so can answer???}

don't want to be faced with walls in ten years of losing views
looking for comfort with that approach
Ev: two subjects: one concerns parks and open spaces
east; not looking gift horse in mouth
M getting bequeathed eight acres; had asked didn't get satisfactory ans
inheriting a lot of park land and trails, wonderful, enhances, makes more attractive proposal for devt, but there is a cost; will be considerable
how are these costs going to be addressed and whose responsibility?
GB: complex question -- can't simply say District's resp

{it's a GOOD question; can't expect cclrs to ask only simple questions..... or is it complex b/c there's either no simple answer like the devpr is responsible and pay the costs, or we haven't negotiated/finalized that so I'm not going to answer now.  Clearly, this shd hv bn decided before coming to Ccl or the public b/c it is a factor affecting approval.}

implementation to the Rodgers Plan
trying minimizing costs, have devt perform and achieve the vision
by performance I'm looking at....uh first large areas here have trails in them
first have trails built to satisfaction of District
neg with BPP so standards accepted by the District
Area 3 West, long road, Chippendale and most of frontage parks
first it's a restoration of the cut that was made
our Parks Dept is insisting on certain type of planting, low mntnance
we're in the midst of neg with BPP

{do before coming to Ccl or allowing!!!!! }

trying to look at how to minimize cost on Dist
impact study looked at revenue and cost
Rodgers, the simple came out a net to the District
Ev: wildlife corridors?
you've referenced Sartori report; referenced frogs
has it been seriously considered we have approp and correct wildlife corridors
GB: a bit beyond my expertise
we have a lot of xxx  [7:44]
over half of 250 acres will be preserved as habitat; did depend on Jenkins and Sartori and experts he brought in; so many tributaries so opp extensive for wildlife
Mayor: may I invite Richard Cook and Brent Murdoch to present
RC: v much alive
happy to be here and part of that application Area 3 East
will focus on our initial presentation, and as go forward
in 2007 here with essentially the same plan as tonight
context xxx
25 acres, half devpd, one third as open space, and rest as road dedication
owners BPP nine acres, three 5-ac parcels
here also with a team
Brent Murdoch site planning and landscaping; Alex Sartori, xxxx; Bill Chapman, expert in xxx; Webster Engg, specialists in hillside
working v hard last three years; Area devt plan the driving force
secondly at the point in the plan where the picture will come into reality
actually going into forest, forest envmt
through Area 1 to Area 3 to forested area; built on lessons from Areas 1 and 2
disregarded the ownership lines; reaffirmed District's open space
preserved, enhanced, and linked creek corridors; minimizing creek crossings; minimized road widths
enhancement of Travell?????
committed to dark sky principle; introduced to Rodgers Creek Area
vary between two and four m
xxx shotcrete type?
random granite stone face
met reqmt for ISWM
overall devt -- housing is not in place in other areas
21 standard lots up to 32Ksf generally 9 to 12, smaller [7:51] apt; cluster housing
future: devt permit areas; will be a building scheme also applied
in summary: public information held Sept 13 -- Andrew Pottinger running that and he can comment if you like
evmtal sustainable, riparian, wildlife [7:52]
first albino tailed frog in this area
Summary SLIDE [7:53]
secondary trail, to Mulgrave School
Sop: you wdn't be building 4, 6, and 12ft walls to back and make level lots, will you?
RC: this where we've done a lot of work 16 iterations coming up to Chippendale Rd
one of the areas, need for retaining walls, lots 2, 3, and 4
have there a series of terraced retaining walls
What determination in this xxx -- lots larger than what the white is
game being played
denotes the lot but doesn't denote the house
we want to make sure this devt doesn't make a massive devt
v serious about the enclaves we cd create, green
but looking at 12ft walls, going to create horizons significant as a visual
?RC: looked at it in a number of ways.  Brent Murdoch
BrentM: whole idea from beginning letting land determine the xxx
retaining walls are a natural evolution; past examples, Area 1 and 2
shotcrete walls
plant with significant material rather than small scale
multiple small walls we didn't feel we cd achieve
larger landscape areas; multiple walls best way we felt to meet
v few of 4m walls, mostly 2 and 3m
intimate one -- walking by wd enjoy; not overwhelming
Sop: when BPP came to us didn't ask for many variances
the av natural grade, series of lines [?] -- not ouija bd
notching into terrain, on stilts?
BrentM: done in detail with staff; determination of grade proved out for ev sgl lot
able to est a reasonable ht; balance of cut and fill; strategy throughout
won't have xxx flying in the air
Sop: how high apt?
BrentM: 5 to 6 storeys
ML: looks like a lot 45; v large piece of prop; sp purpose?
BrentM: yes, that is a larger lot, twice the size of any of the others
ML: no intention of cluster
BrentM: think BPP means as a show home for the area
Ev: come back to my original two questions; not entirely satisfied with the answer
BP has to come back maybe and these two questions, ans more thoroughly
there's no low-cost maintenance landscaping [8:01]
{rightly concerned!}
will come back to haunt us; have to take on add'l cost/staff
feel more correctly addressed when back to Ccl
coming back, Alex Sartori knows full well what is meant by wildlife corridors so no need to explain now
but wd encourage proponents when you do come back, address those questions more thoroughly
BrM: taking that as direction wrt going forward
Mayor: well, Cclr Ev has to check in with the whole of Ccl on that one

{hm.  why can't he ask whatever question he wants and/or make any suggestions he wants???
Even a yes, no, or maybe wd be helpful information for us plebes in the gallery.}

but he'd like an answer to the question and then we'll debate that
BrM: re tonight, partly take that as take back and report as to form and character [8:02]
re open space what Ms Boyle talked to, the fiscal analysis; Police/Fire, comprehensive study re net cost and revenue from entire devt; net conclusion net benefit to District

{taxes sep from maintenance??? better be a net benefit!}

wrt the area; was part of that discussion in working group
decision not to have playfields that wd be costly
55% park area of 210 acres, fairly modest, not a lot of play areas
secondary gravel-surface trails going through the forest
once devpd, that maintenance wd be fairly modest for the District but happy to bring that back, more detailed
re wildlife, if you want an answer tonight, can bring Alex Sartori
Mayor to Ev: do you have a question for Mr Sartori?
Ev: I'd just repeat the same question
Mayor: well, perhaps that's the best person to answer it then thank you
to be clear Ccl is being asked for further report or to approve
Sop: point of information--
Mayor: --Sartori to answer Ev first
Sop: doesn't matter whether he answers or not b/c--
Mayor: --just to be polite
Sop: well, what I'm trying to get at tonight is that it says that this recommendation is for 21 of the 42 sgl-fam lots
Mayor: let's have the question then let's put motion on floor and then see where we get; hard to tell.  Mr Sartori.
AS: just quickly--
{Sop unhappy squawk}: lots
AS: wildlife corridor retained both in NS and EW
culverts bisects, were supersized to allow both small mammals even large mammals to pass over Chippendale Rd without going over top
this devt achieves that
Ccl shd be commended for planning process, 55% allowing for green space
Mayor: tyvm; conclude your presentation?
AS: does
Mayor: and our questions for now
Sop: may I ask Ms Boyle a question?
Mayor: yes
Sop: rec says 21 of the 42 lots -- are we not passing the entire area that's being presented?
GB: staff's recommendation is that DP for entire area be approved
if approved tonight, can do subdivision, prep; 21 can go straight to Bldg Permit; remainder wd require a further DP, that's what this is trying to convey
Sop: have we done that before?
GB: first time since Taylor's Lookout where Devt Permits for smaller lots
Marr Crk Court required Devt Permit for...
Sokol: [8:08]  Area 1 included a DP, smaller lots then came back for cluster housing; this is a similar process
Mayor: need to clarify what's coming back
Sop: this wd make sense to me; 21 south of Chippendale
.... Mulgrave so is upper area coming back later?
GB: upper area wd not be coming back
sites coming back  -- [points], these two cluster sites and this apt site wd be coming back
all these small lots on the lower road wd be coming back b/c they are smaller and in the legislation referred to as "intensive residential"

{IMPRESSIVE linguistic creativity -- is this the new/euphemistic term for increased density???}

Sop: so why not 21 of 42, why in there?
GB: to allow site preparation, subdiv; just house construction over and above
these DPs about creek protection; absolutely defines the boundaries for creek protection
all of this area protected
first it allows you to clear the land and prepare the lot
then cluster/apt come back for form and character permits
ML: think what's confusing is the 21 of 42
19 and 20 cluster, 1 is the apt; being told all the smaller lots below Chippendale.... plus 2 through 18 above Chippendale we're approving tonight to go onto bldg permit
21 through 41 going to come back later, is that right?
GB: yes
Mayor: form, character, xxx right
but tonight, the main features of the Rodgers Plan
Sop: xxx
Sop moved:  THAT all written and verbal submissions be received for information.
MClk quite rightly interjected b/c there had been no call for public input: no one has signed up for this
Mayor: okay
Sop moved, ML seconded: THAT the DPA which would allow for site development, subdivision and single family house construction (on 21 of the 42 single-family lots), be approved.
I expect to see same excellence; proud building within a forest
will appreciate for next 200 years, will be long gone
up to us/we on Ccl; precious, pay attention to your surroundings and if you do that
ML to chuckles: in fact I expect Cclr Sop will be around
[8:14]  good...  xxx
Mayor: wd like to thank ...
last Ccl; creating this vision; think it's only going to get better
expect pressure from the cmnty re xxx, stormwater, aesthetic
housing diversity we're beginning to see
BPP and prop owners are xxxx
CARRIED [8:15]
9. Sport Field Master Plan Final Report - Field Sport Forum Working Group (File:  0117-20-FSF1)
PowerPoint presentation to be provided.
TP: thank xxx; introduced WG (named stand); Mary-Jo Campbell
16 mtgs since Jan 2010
sport fields, health and fitness
have a number of challenges: shortage; 5 to 8pm evenings and weekends
being used 2.5 times their capacity; sometimes three teams practising during any one hour; safety and playability
a higher amt of 'playnow' requires more xxx [8:20]
each sport seems to have a longer season
not just about chn
Overview of SFMP Recommendation slide [8:21]
recommended improvements with flexibility in how and when; readiness and adaptable
back to Ccl for approval before proceeding
retain all fields; some felt reduce fields and make some better; we reviewed this, limited land base, shd keep all in inventory
collaboration hs bn successful, ea of sports groups plus bd of education -- recommend continue
devp an implementation strategy
all sports groups support the plan; benefits of collaboration recognized; fuller understanding around the table of the needs of other...  [8:23]
Three-year implementation strategy; provide priority with costs, timing, and funding; facilitate continued input
Thank Ccl; want to personally thank the group; all the field sport groups
Mayor: Ms Ambor
CA: said it all!
Sop: thank you; quite a comprehensive report; glad you brought up future wrt costs
can have great plans for next 20, 25 years, but wd be our doc
some happen in year 1, 2, 6, -- money, and pay-as-you-go
ah -- I'd better wait till the question's on the floor
Mayor: public to speak
Keith Purchase (sp?): senior 16-year; prez of WV field hockey club; about 2K mbrs, 1K in WV
better relationship than ever before; played for 60 years
Coastal and Fraser Health; biggest, child obesity
v cheap to build; from cost per participant, invaluable
believe this plan, will start to reduce some of these issues
this generation first ever lower life expectancy than ourselves
xxx no timetable
if opp, grab it, sports groups will raise extra funds
v supportive of this process; continuing dialogue, ev six months
hopefully not new Ccl but if.....
Mayor: thank you for your work on Rutledge Field
TP moved: THAT
1. The Field Sport Forum Working Group continue in its role as liaison with field sport groups;
2. The Field Sport Forum Working Group develop a prioritized [three-year] implementation plan based on the recommendations of the Sports Field Master Plan as set out the report dated September 9
3. The prioritized [three-year] implementation plan be brought forward for Council consideration in 2012.
TP: can't emphasize three years not talking and now they do
MS: [8:30] get xxx
everybody pulling on the same oar; congratulate
Ev: the three-year task huge; have one question
imagine WG will be faced with xxx
all v well to consider the plan, enthusiasm, all things intend to do
is staff's intention to give guidelines re capital budgets cd be?
certainly not precise
{another good question; in fact, all recommendations shd come with price tags}
Andrew Banks; intent to work v closely
xxx and priority list; recognize a lot of work to be done
collaborative: with staff, sch good; what's feasible and what's not within budget.
ML: my xxx
process going forward
see an ongoing role being articulated, makes sense, but a WG or a cmte of Ccl or a forum?
embarking now on 2012 budget; miss a year?
an awful lot of info in this report
think the forum wd benefit receiving this, reflect on, xxx, .... then some guidance
example in 6.6 re funding, biz re naming and sign opps; not sure done deal
wd hate to see devping a budget based on naming

{to date, the official policy has been that nothing can be named after someone still living.  A notable exception is the field in the BPP devt -- Deer Ridge ? -- named after Gerald McGavin even though not competition size and was originally missing changerooms and parking expecting District to provide/build/pay for.}

Rutledge, ... let's rename John Richardson Park the Esso Centre, or something
don't want ppl to spin their wheels without direction from Ccl
Mayor: not sure a question
ML: perhaps we shd be receiving this as opposed to all three appropriate or perhaps add a fourth
Mayor: seems to me WG is asking for an expanded mandate then a different xxx [8:35], but that will be up to a future CCl
am I correct, want to do one more piece of work?
ANS: yes
Mayor: Is there a timeframe?
Banks: asap but a lot of work to be done; report comprehensive
staff, stakeholder, cost and funding models
approval before ???
Sop: I knew I shdn't have given up my mike xxx !
Mayor: every once in a while someone else has to go first
Sop: no doubt out away from computers xxx
consideration of priorities but if one with a large amt of money; we on Ccl shd know in advance, Ms Leemhuis; need to know where money coming from
when I went through this; tremendous amt, staggers the mind
cd prioritize some major projects and maybe some small
Mayor: is that everything?
SW: want to commend ev
was at the first, wondered how; to Panz's credit, xxx
look forward to next iteration
TP: when looking at an implementation plan; looking at budgets
presently ... Ccl has encouraged this group to continue on
been successful with this model, a hybrid between WG/Cmte [8:39]
been respectful of the limited funds they have in front of them
diff creative methods from moving forward
way forward addressed throughout this doc
mntnce, particularly around grass fields, just let go
rental fees, artif for replacement [8:40]
List for 2012 may be a bit ambitious; wd be interested in looking at extending it a bit longer
wd be reluctant to have that conversation too quickly
Mayor: so imp as to how local govt, how we do
est standards and be ready to xxx
90s, anticipatory govt; this work does that for us; going to require the cmnty to meet with us
quite a fundamental and precedent-setting work -- will be quite a lot of attention in country and already are
ML: recommendation section, 6, is staff confident without adding add'l resources?
can we be assured we can action these in approp time with resources?
my concern I don't want to approve everything and not be able to deliver
Banks: intention is
comprehensive doc, lot of recommendations; distance recogn we need to look at diff funding models and always seek Ccl approval
our attention was always to come back to ccl before proceeding with any recommendations
priorities can't be funded
we will proceed that way
Mayor: xxx, and that will come back to Ccl
10. Support for Deposit-Refund on Milk and Milk Substitute Containers (File:  1775-01)
Sop: if report not here cd we defer?
CAO: Mr Lynch is here
Mayor: from another ccl mtg?
AL: CNV dealt with it in camera

{and just how did they justify that???}

Mayor: why our Ccl being asked to support this
AL: no cost to local govt
no ... reasons been given
80% by 2020; av across Canada 41%
BC 79% for glass 93% for milk; voluntary return prog -- less than 10%
Alberta added in 2009 and now 62% for xxx
We're following up with the xxx
Mayor: UBCM been recommending since 2004
Sop: you mentioned only 10 to 11%
the litre and two-litre the most valuable and now as high as 70% by volunteer pickup
talking to the Dairy Ccl today
they made statement today, that milk carton.  ..... will be covered in the packaging  -- will provide much xxx
recovery rate of jugs show ... excellent ... curbside; milk cartons b/c not included
adding milk containers, with all disruption; inconvenience for the consumer
is there really a true justification when you're going to xxx
diff way of going to deliver their goods?
Mayor: let him answer?
AL: it is true that in 2014, packaging and papers will xxx
will be coming back in October
don't see it as a disruption[???]
mis...    xxxxxx right now cost to M
revenue $2M from newsprint
cost to process; don't know if any Ms get any revenue from xxx in bluebox system
they're buying milk now
ev retail store that sells beverage containers is resp
fam buys whether x or 711
milk: av fam purchases about six per month
$1.20 per milk jug over month; $150 per wk on groceries
goes back flat; inconvenience red herring
Sop: these milk jugs are fetching $5-600 ton
ev gets a piece of the action
what comes back, what's the reduction? from Metro or prov?
how we're saving dollars by doing this?  xxx
AL: milk cartons $97ton, $109 in 2012
plastic milk jugs we pay $49 ton fee
if we had a revenue-sharing, the net processing wd be higher
contractors want to make revenue
whether cartons or milk jugs a cost to M; can't tell you what it is
put it into system, that cost wd be removed
ML: pls clarify for us; most ppl don't take back for the nickel or dime; what happens?
AL: scavengers get; they're out there before the collector
ML: get there before; do they get $?
AL: yes; sep area they can get into; won't get into bin
company -- take a share
not a lot of money; we have a bit of a theft problem; hv to be careful about that
ML: we pay for xxx
AL: xxx
ML: v surprised 10% recovery rate for the milk; find it interesting they don't put in recycling garbage
AL: most put into garbage b/c ppl not aware
all three depots in the CNV; understand from Bay [sp?] not going into
MS: I'm a little confused -- what happens to milk cartons that go in blue box now?
AL: they don't
MS: do at our house
AL: xxx
MS: talking about plastic?
AL: yes; blue, yellow
MS: what happens when it gets to xxx ?
AL: xxx gets sold
MS: what happens if goes back to Safeway; same process? advantage?
AL: b/c it costs us ... xxx$ ...  if back to Safeway, nothing
Safeway takes it back as a service to their customers but it is a cost to them
a ton of plastic, a lot of milk jugs
cost bigger than [8:58]
MS: what about Harry's Mkt -- cost? storage?
AL: they do it now for xxx
SW: is the blue box a loss leader for you?
AL: we're not a biz, we're govt
SW: yellow bag and blue bag; you pay?
AL: we pay for xxx as well
this year our total processing $600K, rev $1.2M
other places paying more in processing xxx, other Ms not
we're in net gain, others not
bidders will look at what is in it for me
milk jugs, xxxx; glass; cost but not sold
getting to 70% diversionable
if saying tomorrow, blue box; destroy credibility
suddenly newspapers... went down
Ev: I can't understand why we're spending so much time on milk cartons; xxx
Mayor: if not in blue box wd you expect go up?
AL: yes
Mayor: ppl feel doing good
whereas if a deposit system; producer, seller, not a M issue any more
waste stream; big issue with solid waste
takes a little bit of burden off xxx, so why wdn't we shrink xxxx
SW moved: THAT
1. Council supports [sic] the inclusion of milk and milk substitute beverage containers in the provincial deposit-refund system.
2. A copy of this report and resolution be sent to the Minister of Environment, and to Metro Vancouver.
Sop: I think it's inflationary to the consumer and the biz
the new coming down will even it out; skimming process
someone's got their hand in there and I think it's Metro
not producing more, xxx; packaging; xxx
this is a quick fix; I'm not supporting it
Mayor: xxx definitely; partly from being on the Waste Cmte for six years
[9:03]  CARRIED with Sop opposed
11. Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4701, 2011 (Sunset Lane) (File: 1050-20-07-005/1610-20-4701)
Sokol: happy to be presenting this
when I first started overlapped with Mr Nicholls; drove around and one place was Sunset Lane; thought how cd this be difficult, thought I'd xxx {ie quickly}
here's 3 1/2 years later and still xxx
complicated; diff owners, diff issues, diff thoughts how addressed
some want to devp right away
BC rail properties
{Sager arrived}
residents unhappy with roadway
M somehow in the middle; residents want to devp and some don't; some maintaining lane
gets quite complicated and stayed on my to-do list for quite some time
working with Ccl [9:06], xxx, yyy, zzz
ended where I think District wanted to end up; course of action identified sev different steps
Zoning bylaw required; topography in area unique otherwise ev owner coming to Ccl re DVP
If Ccl approves, can be devpd
only can sell to adjacent prop owner
BCR pay $100K can make av; 2010 appraisal, increase
value of props reduced by 40%
BCR went a far way
also agreed to reduce purchase price by 10% if buying within three months
BCR lease $500yr plus taxes for 20 yrs; originally said lease to current owner only and now agreed owner can transfer the lease; come a long way, been reasonable.
will give more detailed Oct 17 if Ccl goes further
Ev: cost of road improvements $450K and BCR will contribute $150K, leaves $300K -- part of 2012 budget --is that a yes, no, or maybe?
approve that cost incurred in 2012
Sokol: cd be in 2012 or 2013, up to Ccl when to apply funds
Mark Sager: honour to be here this evening; to represent the 14 owners; thank Sokol
a problem since I've been alive, used to deliver newspapers
this will result in small lots in front of all the owners
BCR willing to lease and that will xxx
hope something more than a letter, go on lot so shd BCR change, owners wd be protected
still our hope at PH, to come forward, owners to buy one (?) of the lots
have a letter but BCR not willing to accept; maybe they will by the time of the PH
hope xxx
[9:13] Mayor: John Eaves again
John Eaves: not the first time, actually only once before
Grateful to xxx; read  zoning regs
my own POV as a prop owner
question and concerns in that regard
arduous four and a half years; applic for subdivision; been long , stressful, hope coming to an end
have a request
if I don't always seem on side; am appreciative of where we've come to today
hope this Ccl come to end resolved before election
Mayor: thank you for keeping your whole cmnty together, that made a big diff.
MS moved: THAT
1. Zoning Amendment Bylaw as attached to the report from the Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits dated Sept 13 be introduced and read a first time in short form;
2. Zoning Amendment Bylaw be presented at a PH on Mon Oct 17 at 7pm
3. The Municipal Clerk be directed to give Statutory Notice
[9:17]  Mayor: and thx to Mr Sokol for incredible work
ML: wd like to comment on 12.1, and 12.2 and 12.3
12. Consent Agenda Items
The following Consent Agenda items may be considered separately or in one recommendation.
RECOMMENDED: THAT the Consent Agenda items as follows be approved:
Item 12.1 - AmblesideNow Monthly Budget Report; and Item 12.2 - Correspondence List.
12.3  Appointment of Chief Election Officer.
12.1 AmblesideNow Monthly Budget Report (File:  0005-01/0860-01)
THAT the report as presented to the AmblNOW Revit Comm on Sept 6 be received for information.
ML: didn't want this to fly under the radar
Ccl did ask for a monthly report; want to flag, has been done, been produced
will be for agenda package for this evening; want to thank our DFO [sic?] for her prep of this doc

{NB; instead of Dir/Finance title has sometimes been said as CFO, Chief Financial Officer}

Sop: I concur with Cclr Smith
Mayor: Cclr Lewis
Sop: Cclr Lewis? who wd I direct this to?
Mayor: DFO [?]
Sop: been xxx of wch none has been spent
price of PSB, understand still way down the road
when we get xxx of the price of it
when we don't have a fixed price on the bldg
don't mean in a derogatory way but when will we see a price, concrete?
DFO [?]: wd like to pass this off to our CAO for a broader response
CAO: on Oct 3rd there'll be a complete ... on the PSB
xxx review of ARC and these costs
Cclr Sop asking about this budget; anticipation that we wd hv moved faster
engage xxx in 2011 that has not happened; budget will be amended
2012 budget, only after xxx and complete remove [9:21]
Mayor: so not getting ahead of ourselves ... 2012
full will come on Oct 3
Sop: but if you don't have logistics, at least ground work and engineer
how do you actually know? .. not know ...  ?
CAO: in any estimate you look at diff xxx; look at concept
start defining project more and more then Ccl feel comfortable
at that time you bring in an architect and quantity supervisor
we're confident what we've xxx will be within
as move forward, Ccl can bring in an architect  .....
Ccl will be clear not exceed; then Ccl can take ....
we'll be able to identify to last dollar; that will be taking place in January
Sop: ... public?
Mayor: Oct 3rd
will ask...  Ccl to begin the public consultation; believe begin Jan 2012
12.2 Correspondence List (see link on electronic agenda) (File:  0120-24)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the correspondence list be received for information.
{full list in last issue}
Council Correspondence Update to September 9, 2011 (up to 12:00 Noon)
Referred for Action
7.  P. and F. Hall, Sept 8, re Opposition to Recent Proposals by AmblesideNow and Related Advisory Groups
Council Correspondence Update to September 13, 2011 (4:30 PM)
Responses to Correspondence
(6) J. A. McMahon, Acting Mgr, Roads and Transportation, Sept 8, re Concerns Related to Water Main Break.

12.3    Appointment of Chief Election Officer (File: 1645-01) RECOMMENDED: THAT
1.      S. Scholes, Municipal Clerk, be appointed Chief Election Officer for the 2011 General Local Election pursuant to the Local Government Act section 41(1); and
2.      C. Amundsen, Election Coordinator be appointed as the primary Deputy Chief Election Officer and M. Connelly, Deputy Municipal Clerk be appointed as the Alternate Deputy Chief Election Officer; and
3.      the Chief Election Officer be authorized to enter into service agreements as may be necessary in respect of the 2011 General Local Election, with School District #45, Bowen Island Municipality, Village of Lions Bay, and Metro Vancouver (GVRD).
{This is done before every election; how can this be so unforeseen as to require it to be an item added to the agenda at the last minute so that it has to be an amendment???}
13. OTHER ITEMS --  No items.
14. REPORTS from Mayor/Cclrs [9:24]
MS: stood  for you for the Terry Fox Run raise over $550M and over $20M xxx
turnout disappointing; hope next year staff and xxx can get xxx
Pt Coq had 2000 out and we had 200; you can walk, you can wheel
Sop: did you?
MS: walked my 5km
Ev: shd mention [in your place] attended official opening of Montizambert; provides water for north of HBay
Mayor: thank Ccl for leadership
Surrey only one; discussions going much better; imp topic at UBCM next week
Cclr Sop xxx
16. ADJOURNMENT  [9:27]

===  COUNCIL MTG AGENDA Monday Oct 3rd  ===
Note: At 5:00 pm the regular Council Meeting will commence in open session (in the main floor conference room), and will be immediately followed by a motion to exclude the public.... At 7:00 pm in the Council Chamber the Public Hearing/Public Meeting regarding OCP Amendment Bylaw, Zoning Amendment Bylaw, Devt Cost Charge Waiver Bylaw, AND Devt Permit Applic for the 900 Block of 21st Street (Kiwanis Seniors Housing Society) will be held. The Council Meeting will reconvene in open session in the Council Chamber immediately following the PH/Public Meeting.
5:00 PM
THAT in the public interest, members of the public be excluded...under the following section of the Community Charter:
90. (1) A part of a council meeting may be closed to the public if the subject matter being considered relates to or is one or more of the following:
a.  personal information about an identifiable individual who holds or is being considered for a position as an officer, employee or agent of the municipality or another position appointed by the municipality;
e.  the acquisition, disposition, or expropriation of land or improvements, if the council considers that disclosure could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality;
g.  litigation or potential litigation affecting the municipality; and
k.  negotiations and related discussions respecting the proposed provision of a municipal service that are at their preliminary stages and that, in the view of the council, could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality if they were held in public.
3. Council will then proceed with the closed session.

Note: At 7pm the PH/Public Mtg will commence in the Ccl Chamber. The Ccl Mtg will reconvene immediately following the PH for consideration of the scheduled agenda items.
7:00 PM
Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4694, 2011; Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4689, 2011; Development Cost Charge Waiver Bylaw No. 4695, 2011; AND Development Permit Application No. 11-005 for the 900 Block of 21st Street (File:  1610-20-4694/4689/4695 and 1010-20-11-005)
The Director of Planning, Lands and Permits will describe the subject application.
Applicant: Kiwanis Seniors Housing Society of West Vancouver
Subject Lands: 900 Block 21st Street (Kiwanis Site)
Purpose: Kiwanis has applied to redevelop one of its three properties to provide seniors' low-cost housing. The proposal involves building two new apartment buildings that will include resident amenity space and gardens, new landscaping, and underground parking. The proposal requires an amendment to the Official Community Plan (OCP) and the Zoning Bylaw, which are described below.
Proposed OCP Bylaw Amendment: If adopted, Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4694, 2011 would amend Policy BF-B7 to allow for a care facility or seniors' low-cost housing to be developed at a maximum Floor Area Ratio of 1.5. The existing BF-B7 policy allows for a maximum Floor Area Ratio of 1.5 for a care facility and 1.15 for seniors' low-cost housing.
Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment: If adopted, Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4689, 2011 would amend the 'CD5-Comprehensive Development Zone 5' to divide the existing "Area 2" into "Area 2" and "Area 3".
The amendment would allow for the following within "Area 3":
* apartment buildings for seniors' low-cost housing;
* maximum Floor Area Ratio of 1.5;
* maximum Lot (site) Coverage of 45%; and
* maximum Building Height of 16.2 metres and up to five storeys.
Proposed Development Cost Charge Waiver Bylaw: If adopted, Development Cost Charge Waiver Bylaw No. 4695, 2011 would waive 100% of the District of West Vancouver Development Cost Charges (DCCs) payable pursuant to Development Cost Charge Bylaw No. 3801, 1993, for not-for-profit rental housing in the 900 Block of 21st Street by the Kiwanis Seniors Housing Society of West Vancouver.
Proposed Development Permit Application: If the Official Community Plan Amendment and Zoning Amendment bylaws described above are approved, the applicant will be required to construct the development in accordance with a Development Permit approved by Council. Proposed Development Permit No. 11-005 imposes requirements and conditions for the development of the subject lands, including:
* Two apartment buildings comprising of a four-storey building on the east side of the property and a five-storey building on the west side;
* Maximum Floor Area Ratio of 1.5 and maximum site coverage of 45%;
* 49 underground parking spaces and 8 surface parking spaces;
* Resident amenity spaces and gardens; and
* New landscaping.
Mayor Goldsmith-Jones will describe the procedure for the PH and Public Meeting as follows.......
1) Reports received up to and including September 29, 2011:
TITLE     /     DATE     /     DATE FOR CONSIDERATION     /     NO.
L. Berg and G. Boyle  /  September 1, 2011  /  September 12 and October 3, 2011  /  R-1
2) Written submissions received up to and including September 29, 2011:
To view all written submissions (including On-Table items) click here.
AUTHOR     /     DATE     /     DATE FOR CONSIDERATION     /     NO.
North Shore Volunteers for Seniors  /  September 14, 2011  /  October 3, 2011  /  C-1
H. Gaffney  /  September 12, 2011  /  October 3, 2011  /  C-2
J. and S. Bishop  /  September 18, 2011  /  October 3, 2011  /  C-3
A. Wood  /  September 20, 2011  /  October 3, 2011  /  C-4
E. Tischler and K. Masada  /  September 19, 2011  /  October 3, 2011  /  C-5
M. Brough  /  September 19, 2011  /  October 3, 2011  /  C-6
Homecare West  /  September 20, 2011  /  October 3, 2011  /  C-7
A. Morgan-Dann  /  September 19, 2011  /  October 3, 2011  /  C-8
R. Sultan, MLA West Vancouver-Capilano  /  September 21, 2011  /  October 3, 2011  /  C-9
A. Wong  /  September 24, 2011  /  October 3, 2011  /  C-10
B. Hanna  /  September 16, 2011  /  October 3, 2011  /  C-11
R. Ryan  /  September 26, 2011  /  October 3, 2011  /  C-12
E. Minish  /  September 26, 2011  /  October 3, 2011  /  C-13
The Rotary Club of West Vancouver  /  September 28, 2011  /  October 3, 2011  /  C-14
L. Anderson  /  September 23, 2011  /  October 3, 2011  /  C-15
G. Lynum  /  September 27, 2011  /  October 3, 2011  /  C-16
P. Doherty  /  September 22, 2011  /  October 3, 2011  /  C-17
D. Gilbert  /  September 28, 2011  /  October 3, 2011  /  C-18
On September 12, 2011, Council set the date for the Public Hearing/Public Meeting. On September 16, 2011 notices were mailed to owners/occupiers within the notification area. The statutory notice of Public Hearing/Public Meeting was published in the North Shore News on September 25 and September 28, 2011. The Municipal Clerk will note written submissions received for the October 3, 2011 Public Hearing/Public Meeting.
If there is no further public input and Council does not request a further staff report:
RECOMMENDED: ... be closed.
If Council requests a further staff report:
RECOMMENDED: ... be adjourned to ____________________. (date, time, and location)
Members of Council are not permitted to receive further submissions once the Public Hearing is closed.
Following conclusion of the PH/Public Mtg, the following items will be considered:
4.  RECONVENE OPEN SESSION of the October 3, 2011 regular Council Meeting
6.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES, September 12 and 19 Regular Council Meeting Minutes
Minutes to be provided on September 30, 2011.
RECOMMENDED: ... be adopted as circulated
                {you mean still not ready???  They used to be done weekly!}
Minutes provided on September 30, 2011.
RECOMMENDED: THAT the following Minutes be adopted as circulated:
=85  September 12, 2011 Regular Council Meeting; and =85  September 19, 2011 Regular Council Meeting.
7. M. Rahbar, regarding Civic Association of Iranian Canadians (File:  0055-01)
8. R. Day, West Vancouver Historical Society, regarding Arts Facilities on Argyle (File: 0055-20-WVMH1)
9. Good Neighbour Bylaw Enforcement Appeal - 3810 Marine Drive (File:  1605-12)
                Appeal to be presented.
1. The letter dated August 31, 2011 regarding "Notice to Comply - number 1605-12 letter dated August 24, 2011 - Notice of Appeal " from the registered owners of 3810 Marine Drive, being Michael John Moody and Carole Constance Xenia Moody, appealing an Order to Comply with the Good Neighbour Bylaw No. 4380, 2004 with respect to their property, be received;
2. Council considers that the derelict and uninsured vehicles located on the property at 3810 Marine Drive, legally described as Lot 10, except part in plan 11748, Block A west part of District Lot 558, Plan 6171 (the "Property"), as described in the report dated September 8, 2011 from the Manager, Bylaw and Licensing Services regarding "Good Neighbour Bylaw Enforcement Appeal - 3810 Marine Drive" contravene the Good Neighbour Bylaw No. 4380, 2004 and creates a nuisance; and
3. Council resolves that within 15 days of receiving a copy of this resolution, the owner of the property is required to remove the unlicensed vehicles and any vehicles that are not capable of movement under their own power from the Property.
10. Public Safety Building (File:  0500-01)
1. The report titled "Public Safety Building" be received for information; and
2. Staff bring back a public consultation process to Council in early 2012, including a Public Open House regarding the Public Safety Building project with questions for the community to consider including: size; scope; design; location; cost; funding sources; and time line.
11. AmblesideNow Expenditures to August 31, 2011 (File:  0500-01)
        RECOMMENDED: ...be received for information.
12. Development Variance Permit Application No. 11-025 for 1148 20th Street
(File:  1010-20-11-025)
At the September 12, 2011 regular meeting Council received the report dated
August 31, 2011 regarding Development Variance Permit Application No. 11-025 for 1148 20th Street and set the date for consideration for October 3, 2011.
Reports received up to and including September 29, 2011:
Devt Variance Permit #11-025 (1148 20th St)   August 31, 2011  September 12, 2011/October 3, 2011
Written Submissions received up to and including September 29, 2011:  None to date.
THAT all written and verbal submissions ...  be received for information.
If Council wishes a further staff report:
RECOMMENDED: THAT staff report back to Council ...
RECOMMENDED:  THAT DVP Application for 1148 20th St, which would allow for a new two-storey dwelling with basement to be constructed, be approved.
13. [TransLink] Presentation (File:  0185-39-06)
                Presentation to be provided.
        RECOMMENDED: be received for information.
14. Pacific Arbour Residences at 22nd Street and Marine Drive - proposed revisions to the Approved Design Development Package; and a request for an Order of Non-Enforcement of the Noise Control Bylaw to allow Section 6.1.2 during the concrete pour stage of construction (File:  1010-20-10-040)
1.  The proposed revisions to the May 16, 2011 approved design development package for the Pacific Arbour Residential Communities development, at the northwest corner of 22nd Street and Marine Drive, described in the September 19, 2011 report from the Manager of Community Planning, be approved;
2.  The request from Ventana Construction Corporation for an Order of Non-Enforcement of the Noise Control Bylaw No. 4404, 2005 Section 6.1.2 for certain work related to curing and finishing concrete construction of the Pacific Arbour Residence, as described in the September 19, 2011 report from the Manager of Community Planning, be approved as follows:
1.  on 4 occasions for saw cutting the P2 on-grade slab; and
2.  for finishing via power troweling until midnight from March 1, 2012 to May 31, 2012; and
3.  for finishing via power troweling until 10 pm from June 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012.
3.  Ventana Construction Corporation to notify the local area residents, 7 to 14 days prior to commencing the concrete pour phase of construction, that this phase is starting and that limited work outside normal working hours will take place.
15. Rezoning and Development Permit Application No. 1010-20-10-035 for 1305 Marine Drive (Shell Gas Station) (File:  1010-20-10-035)
1.  Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4680, 2011, for property located at 1305 Marine Drive (Shell Gas Station) attached to the report from the Senior Community Planner and the Manager of Community Planning dated Sept 22, be introduced and read a first time in short form;
2.  The M Clerk be directed to give statutory notice that a Public Hearing... is scheduled for Nov 7...;
3.  Proposed Devt Permit No. 10-035 attached to the report from the Sr Cmnty Planner and the Mgr of Cmnty Planning dated Sept 2 be considered concurrently with the Zoning Amendment Bylaw; and
4.  The public be given an opportunity to provide comment on the proposed Devt Permit attached to the report from the Sr Cmnty Planner and the Mgr of Cmnty Planning dated Sept 22 at a Public Meeting held concurrently with the PH on the Zoning Amendment Bylaw.
16. Proposed Park Royal At-Grade Intersection on Marine Drive (File:  1785-22)
-1. Council support a [District-led] process to review the proposal through a Multiple Accounts Evaluation (MAE);
-2. The creation of a Park Royal At-Grade Intersection Working Group be referred to the Cmnty Engagement Cmte; and
-3. A budget of $20,000 for this study be provided from 2011 surplus funds.
{surplus funds? surplus funds? how much is in that fund??? initially and now left?
Moreover, it's something PkR wants presumably to their benefit so why shd taxpayers pay?}
17.  Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4630, 2004, Amendment Bylaw
No. 4694, 2011 (Kiwanis Seniors Housing Society development application) (File: 1610-20-4694)
The proposed bylaw received first reading at the Sept 12 Ccl Mtg and was the subject of a Public Hearing/Public Meeting held on October 3. If the PH/PMtg was closed, Ccl may consider the following recommendations.
Note: Each reading of an Official Community Plan bylaw or bylaw amendment must receive an affirmative vote of a majority of all Council members (4 members) in order for the bylaw to proceed (Local Government Act, s.882).
RECOMMENDED: THAT proposed OCP Bylaw Amendment Bylaw be revised as follows:
That in the title of the bylaw "4630" be replaced with "4360" (so that the title reads "Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4694, 2011").
RECOMMENDED MOTION: be read a second time as revised.
RECOMMENDED MOTION: be read a third time.
18. Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4689, 2011 (Kiwanis Seniors Housing Society development application) (File: 1610-20-4689)
The proposed bylaw received first reading at the Sept 12 Ccl Mtg and was the subject of a Public Hearing/Public Meeting held on October 3. If the PH/PMtg was closed, Ccl may consider the following recommendations.
RECOMMENDED: be read a second time.
RECOMMENDED:  be read a third time.
19. Development Cost Charge Waiver Bylaw No. 4695, 2011 (Kiwanis Seniors Housing Society development application) (File:  1610-20-4695)
The proposed bylaw received first reading at the Sept 12 Ccl Mtg and was the subject of a Public Hearing/Public Meeting held on October 3. If the PH/PMtg was closed, Ccl may consider the following recommendations.
RECOMMENDED: be read a second time.
RECOMMENDED: be read a third time.
20. Consent Agenda Items
The following Consent Agenda items may be considered separately or in one recommendation.
RECOMMENDED: THAT the Consent Agenda items as follows be approved:
Item 20.1 - Development Variance Permit No. 11-038 (1365 28th Street); and
Item 20.2 - Correspondence List.
20.1. Development Variance Permit No. 11-038 (1365 28th Street) (File:  1010-20-11-038)
the M Clerk give notice that DVP No. 11-038 for 1365 28th St to allow a new two-storey dwelling to be constructed, will be considered on Monday, Nov 7.
20.2. Correspondence List (see link on electronic agenda) (File:  0120-24)
RECOMMENDED:  THAT the correspondence list be received for information.
Council Correspondence Update to Sept 16 (up to 12:00 Noon)
Referred for Action
(1) T. M. Zimmerman, September 9, regarding Ambleside Sidewalks (and bus shelters)
        (Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response)
(2) N. Cabot, September 9, 2011, regarding Emergency Preparedness
        (Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response)
(3) E. Lyman, September 12, 2011, regarding Smart Meters
        (Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response)
Received for Information
(4) Committee and Board Meeting Minutes - Finance Committee - April 11, 2011
        {the minutes appearing only now about five months later???}
(5) E. Claridge, September 7 and 11, 2011, regarding Proposed Building Plans for 2372 Bellevue Ave
(6) September 12, re Requesting to have Demolition Permits at the Site of Haywood and 21 Street, (Kiwanis) REVOKED until this matter is settled properly
(7) B. Meddings, Sept 13, re Recent Proposals by AmblesideNow and Related Advisory Groups
(8) North Shore Volunteers for Seniors, September 14, 2011, regarding Kiwanis Seniors Housing Society (Development Proposal 900 Block 21st Street) (Referred to October 3, 2011 Public Hearing/Public Meeting)
(9) C. Walker, September 14, 2011, regarding Ambleside Waterfront
(10) Recycling Council of British Columbia, September 15, 2011, regarding Extended Producer Responsibility for Post-Consumer Packaging and Printed Paper in BC
(11) K. Komatsu, September 14, 2011, regarding Proposed Development Permit No. 09-025 (Rodgers Creek Area 3 East) (Referred to September 19, 2011, Council Consideration)
Response to Correspondence
(12) B. Sokol, Director of Planning, Lands and Permits, September 14, 2011, response to West Vancouver Historical Society, regarding Gertrude Lawson House
Council Correspondence Update to September 23, 2011 (up to 12:00 Noon)
Referred for Action
1.  M. Gold, September 15, 2011, regarding Installation of Wireless Smart Meters
        (Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response)
2.  G. Madden, September 17, 2011, regarding West Vancouver Animal Bylaw Enforcement Action Violates Section 8 of the Canadian Charter of Rights
        (Referred to Director of Planning, Lands and Permits for consideration and response)
3.  T. M. Zimmerman, September 19, regarding Ambleside Sidewalks and Safe Public Passage
        (Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response)
Received for Information
4.  Committee and Board Meeting Minutes - Board of Variance - July 20, 2011
5.  Lionsview Seniors' Planning Society, August 25, regarding Appreciation for Community Grant
6.  8 Submissions dated Sept 13-22, re Recent Proposals by AmblesideNow and Related Advisory Groups
7.  C. and K. Morton, August 31, 2011, regarding Brian's Fruit Stand
8.  Pacific Animal Foundation, Sept 12, re Information on Trap-Neuter-Return Program and Cat Licensing
9.  North Shore Volunteers for Seniors, September 13, 2011, regarding Appreciation for Social Services and Community Services Grants 2011
10.  City of North Vancouver, September 15 and 22, regarding Community Plan for a Public System of Integrated Early Care and Learning, and Support for Deposit-Refund on Milk and Milk Substitute Containers
11.  7 Submissions dated September 18-21, 2011, regarding Kiwanis Seniors Housing Society (Development Proposal 900 Block 21st Street) (Referred to October 3, 2011 Public Hearing/Public Meeting)
12.  BCR Properties, September 19, 2011, regarding Sunset Lane Subdivision (Previously received at September 19, 2011 Council Meeting and referred to October 17, 2011 Public Hearing)
13.  K. Komatsu, September 14, 2011, regarding Proposed Development Permit No. 09-025 (Rodgers Creek Area 3 East) (Previously received at September 19, 2011 Council Meeting)
14.  United Way of the Lower Mainland, September 22, 2011, regarding Invitation to 18th Annual Labour Appreciation Night (December 8, 2011)
Council Correspondence Update to September 27, 2011 (up to 4:30 PM)
Referred for Action
(1) Metro Vancouver, Sept 23, re Notification of Proposed Amendments to the MetroV Regional Growth Strategy
        (Referred to Director of Planning, Lands and Permits for consideration and response)
(2) City of North Vancouver, September 22, 2011, regarding Living Wage
        (Referred to Deputy Chief Administration Officer for consideration and response)
Received for Information
(3) Committee and Board Meeting Minutes - Finance Committee - July 11, 2011
(4) Lower Mainland Treaty Advisory Committee (LMTAC), September 16, 2011, regarding LMTAC Discussion Paper - Local Government Service Agreements with First Nations: Recommendations and Considerations - 2011 Updated Edition
(5) North Shore Volunteers for Seniors, August 10, 2011, regarding Appreciation for Attendance at the North Shore Volunteers for Seniors 50th Anniversary
(6) City of North Vancouver, September 22, 2011, regarding Request for Support - Kiwanis Park and Tilford Gardens' Christmas Lights for Kids
(7) 3 submissions dated September 16-24, regarding Kiwanis Seniors Housing Society (Development Proposal 900 Block 21st Street) (Referred to October 3, 2011 Public Hearing/Public Meeting)
(8) Vancouver Coastal Health, Sept 20, re Report of the Medical Health Office - DWV- 2010 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report.
21.  OTHER ITEMS --  No items.

+  Sunbathing in Saanich: http://www.cbc.ca/bcalmanac/photogallery/#igImgId_15975
+  Unusual animal shots:
+  Gifts meet polar bear Walker's demand for hard hats
        23 September 2011 Last updated at 08:44 ET
... Staff said Walker "lights up" when he sees someone bringing him a hard hat.
Walker shared an enclosure at the Kincraig park with aged bear Mercedes until she was put to sleep in April.
Head keeper Una Richardson said: "Polar bears are naturally very playful animals and Walker is no exception.
{This photo is cute especially his feet: Walker relaxes in his pond with a hard hat}
"While he has many toys, including traffic cones and plastic barrels, he loves hard hats which he can pounce on and get a hold of with his jaw."
The head keeper first discovered Walker's affinity for the head gear when volunteers from the Royal Monmouthsire Regiment Territorial Army and the 73 Engineer Squadron Territorial Army visited the park to assist with construction projects.
Ms Richardson said: "Walker showed a huge interest in the volunteers' hard hats.
"He totally fixated on a hard hat one of the volunteers was holding, so we thought we would offer him one and see what he did with it."
She added: "Hard hats don't last very long once Walker's got a hold of them. After two days they are ruined so we are delighted to receive donations to keep up the supply."
The park is owned by the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland.
===  INFObits  ===  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Rosh Hashanah
Also called  Jewish New Year  Observed by  Judaism and Jews; Messianic Jews and Samaritans;
Observances  --  Praying in synagogue, hearing the shofar. Rosh Hashana people celebrate and share the same calendar because they celebrate the same thing.
Rosh Hashanah (Hebrew: ??? ?????), (literally "head of the year"), is the Jewish New Year. It is the first of the High Holidays or Yamim Noraim ("Days of Awe"), celebrated ten days before Yom Kippur. Rosh Hashanah is observed on the first two days of Tishrei, the seventh month of the Hebrew calendar.[1] It is described in the Torah as ??? ????? (Yom Teru'ah, a day of sounding [the Shofar]).[2]
Rosh Hashanah marks the start of a new year in the Hebrew calendar (one of four "new year" observances that define various legal "years" for different purposes as explained in the Mishnah and Talmud). It is the new year for people, animals, and legal contracts. The Mishnah also sets this day aside as the new year for calculating calendar years and sabbatical (shmita) and jubilee (yovel) years. Jews believe Rosh Hashanah represents either figuratively or literally the creation of the World, or Universe. However, according to one view in the Talmud, that of R. Eleazar, Rosh Hashanah commemorates the creation of man, which entails that five days earlier, the 25 of Elul, was the first day of creation of the Universe.[3]
The Mishnah, the core text of Judaism's oral Torah, contains the first known reference to Rosh Hashanah as the "day of judgment". In the Talmud tractate on Rosh Hashanah it states that three books of account are opened on Rosh Hashanah, wherein the fate of the wicked, the righteous, and those of an intermediate class are recorded. The names of the righteous are immediately inscribed in the book of life, and they are sealed "to live". The middle class are allowed a respite of ten days, until Yom Kippur, to repent and become righteous; the wicked are "blotted out of the book of the living forever".[4]
In Jewish liturgy Rosh Hashanah is described as "the day of judgment" (Yom ha-Din) and "the day of remembrance" (Yom ha-Zikkaron). Some midrashic descriptions depict God as sitting upon a throne, while books containing the deeds of all humanity are opened for review, and each person passing in front of Him for evaluation of his or her deeds. The Talmud provides three central ideas behind the day:
"The Holy One said, 'on Rosh Hashanah recite before Me [verses of] Sovereignty, Remembrance, and Shofar blasts (malchuyot, zichronot, shofrot): Sovereignty so that you should make Me your King; Remembrance so that your remembrance should rise up before Me. And through what? Through the Shofar.' (Rosh Hashanah 16a, 34b)"[5] This is reflected in the prayers composed by the classical rabbinic sages for Rosh Hashanah found in all machzorim where the theme of the prayers is the strongest theme is the "coronation" of God as King of the universe in preparation for the acceptance of judgments that will follow on that day, symbolized as "written" into a Divine book of judgments, that then hang in the balance for ten days waiting for all to repent, then they will be "sealed" on Yom Kippur. The assumption is that everyone was sealed for life and therefore the next festival is Sukkot (Tabernacles) that is referred to as "the time of our joy" (z'man simchateinu).
Rosh Hashanah will occur on the following days of the Gregorian calendar:
?       Jewish Year 5772: sunset September 28, 2011 - nightfall September 30, 2011
?       Jewish Year 5773: sunset September 16, 2012 - nightfall September 18, 2012
Although the Jewish calendar is based on the lunar cycle, so that the first day of each month originally began with the first sighting of a new moon, since the fourth century it has been arranged so that Rosh Hashanah never falls on a Wednesday, Friday, or Sunday.[12

===  PEACEWATCH  ===
= A = Subject: The FBI Again Thwarts Its Own Terror Plot
= B =
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2011 09:55:49 +0300
Subject: [cpthebron] SOUTH HEBRON HILLS RELEASE: Communities march to celebrate solidarity and nonviolence's power
South Hebron Hills, West Bank. - On the 25th of September, more than one hundred people from different communities of the South Hebron Hills walked on a peace march to celebrate the power of nonviolence and the resilient spirit of the people of the South Hebron Hills. They were renewing their commitment to a popular struggle to end the occupation and affirming a life of dignity and equal opportunity.
Schoolchildren, elders, students, farmers, shepherds, teachers, men, and women chanted and marched from At-Tuwani to Um Faggarah and then further south to the dwelling of Khallet At-Taba which in the past years, have endured the demolition of homes, outhouses, and other structures by the Israeli army but is still inhabited by six families.
In Khallet At-Taba, on a high lookout over the surrounding area, the Coordinator for Popular Struggle and other local leaders named communities that share the struggle: Jinba, Al Fakheit, Al Majaz, At Tabban, Magahaer Al Abeed, Tuba, and reaffirmed their commitment to mutual solidarity in the popular nonviolent struggle.
The march ended back in Tuwani with live Palestinian traditional music and several speeches. The governor's representative Farid Amar, Doctor Othman Abu Sabha of the Mubadara National Initiative, and Eyad Masri of Fatah underlined the importance of United Nation's acknowledgement of the Palestinian State and reiterated their support for the popular nonviolent resistant of the South Hebron Hills communities.
The Popular Struggle Committee for the South Hebron Hills organized the At-Tuwani peace march to coincide with the historical Perugia-Assisi peace march in Italy. The Popular Struggle Coordinator, Hafez Hereini, delivered a brief phone message to the 300 thousand people gathered in Assisi for the event.
Pictures of the event are available at: http://cpt.org/index.php?q=gallery&g2_itemId=24382
Operation Dove and Christian Peacemaker Teams have maintained an international presence in At-Tuwani and South Hebron Hills since 2004.
o  Operation Dove is an Italian peace group.
o  The State of Israel became mbr of UN about 1948.  Don't know why Palestine didn't at the same time -- probably no agreed borders, wch is the same case today.  A bit belated.  Southern Sudan got its mbrship v recently in 72 hours!
===  PHOTOWATCH  ===
+  past and present architecture is like in B.C. Share with us your B.C. architectural photos.
+  The 40 most popular tourist attractions in the world
According to Travel+Leisure, the two most visited tourist attraction in the world in 2010 can be found in the same city. (Total 2010 number of visitors per attraction included)
Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/health/most+popular+tourist+attractions+world/5464498/story.html#ixzz1ZCN7dFJS

===  MIDDLE EAST  ===  Sunday Oct 2nd
Prominent ex-Israelis to speak in Vancouver
Authors Zalman Amit and Daphna Levit will read from and discuss their new book, Israeli Rejectionism: A Hidden Agenda in the Middle East Peace Process (Pluto Press, 2011).
At the Rhizome Cafe, 317 East Broadway, Vancouver, BC, Coast Salish Territories (604 872 3166).
Sunday October 2nd at 6:30pm. Suggested donation - $10. (No one who will be turned away for inability to pay.)
The importance of their book:
The Palestine-Israel conflict is one of the longest running and intractable crises in the modern world. This book examines the 'peace process' to find out why so little progress has been made on the key issues. As Amit and Levit explain, the dominant perspective on what has gone wrong has been fundamentally flawed.
Israel had a partner for peace, but the Palestinians did not. The mainstream media's narrative of the failing peace process, 'Arab Rejection' has it all backwards: Israeli Rejectionism was the main enemy of the peace process.
Amit and Levit argue that regardless of the enormity of concessions made by Palestinian leaders, Israel's standard response has been that these offers were inadequate. The authors provide overwhelming evidence that, contrary to the prevailing view, it has been Israeli rejectionism that is the main cause for the parties' inability to achieve peace. They demonstrate that the Israeli leadership has always been against a fairly negotiated peace and that it has deliberately stalled negotiations. According to these two ex-Israelis, the motivations behind this rejectionist position have changed, as have the circumstances of the conflict, but the leadership of Israel's conclusion has remained consistent: that peace is not in its interest.
About the authors:
Zalman Amit was born in Palestine and grew up in a newly created Israel. He is Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Concordia University in Canada and is the author of four books and more than 300 articles.
Daphna Levit taught finance and economics at the Universities of Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion. She has edited and contributed to numerous books on Middle Eastern Politics.
Sponsored by  Independent Jewish Voices  www.independentjewishvoices.ca
Contact: Martha Roth 604 733 2237
===  MONEYWATCH  ===
BBC probes credentials of trader 'dreaming' of recession
CTVNews.ca Staff  Date: Tuesday Sep. 27, 2011 8:51 PM ET
A purported financial trader's claims that he has been dreaming of another worldwide recession have apparently spurred the BBC to investigate his personal credentials.
In an interview on Monday, Alessio Rastani suggested to a BBC interviewer that he had been eagerly awaiting the onset of another major recession.
"Personally, I have been dreaming of this moment for three years," Rastani told the BBC.
"I have a confession, which is, I go to bed every night, I dream of another recession. I dream of another moment like this."
Rastani went on to say that he believed this type of event held great potential for making money, provided that an individual was aware of the tactics necessary to cash in when the markets fall as he predicts. 
         rest with video: http://www.ctv.ca/CTVNews/World/20110927/bbc-recession-claims-trader-110927/
Goldman Sachs rules the world?
===  HOUSEWATCH  ===
>  Vancouver real estate prices, East vs. West: September edition
SEPTEMBER 27, 2011 3:02 PM Vancouver's home prices continue to differ greatly on either side of the Eastside-Westside boundary, as the September for-sale prices show.
Photos: Most expensive houses in the world
Subject: HOUSEWATCH: And you thought WV homes were expensive
The world's most expensive home is the first $1 billion home the planet has seen. The 27-story towering mansion in Mumbai is the home of the world's fifth richest man, Mukesh Ambani.
===  FISHWATCH  ===  herring  {copy and pasted; only EE6s links; trying to get the others}
HOWE SOUND HERRING REBOUND by Dr. Jeff Marliave & John Buchanan
To view videos of live herring larvae taken in March, 2011 by John Buchanan go to:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?y=1uFtxbzMzfo and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjnGTzpEE6s
To view larval herring taken by Aquarium staff go to:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwZTXWuf7A

===  BEERWATCH  === Email received:
At last - a Canadian post. I'm so proud. Almost brought a tear to my little eye. LOL
The Beer Prayer
        Our lager, wch art in barrels,
        Hallowed by thy drink.
        Thy will be drunk (I will be drunk),
        At home as in the tavern.
        Give us this day our foamy head,
        And forgive us our spillages,
        As we forgive those who spill against us.
        And lead us not into incarceration,
        But deliver us from hangovers,
        For thine is the beer, the bitter, and the lager.
                                Forever and ever, Barmen.

===  LANGUAGEWATCH  ===  OTT - Over The Top

+  HSBC  --  See latest at:  http://www.heritagebc.ca
14th INTO International Conference of National Trusts
Co-hosted by Heritage Canada Foundation (HCF) and The Land Conservancy of British Columbia (TLC)
Connecting People, Places and Stories: New Strategies for Conservation in a Changing World.
                        October 12 - 15  ---   The Fairmont Empress and Victoria Conference Centre
* Bulletins: Sign-up to receive, or view all previous bulletins at: www.heritagevancouver.org/bulletins.html
* All upcoming events at www.heritagevancouver.org
Fall Walking Tours: 2nd & 4th Fridays, Sept 9th - Nov 25th, noon - 1:30pm, $10 includes HST.
Explore the entire length of Historic Hastings Street in this two part tour with guide Maurice Guibord. 2nd Friday meet across from the Marine Building at NE Corner of Burrard & Hastings - 4th Friday meet at Victory Square at SW corner of Hastings & Cambie. Register for Fall walking tours >>
The Vancouver Heritage Foundation is a not-for-profit working to promote the preservation of the built environment in Vancouver and beyond. We depend on your support. Please make a tax-deductible donation by calling the Foundation or clicking here to go online to become a Friend of the Foundation.  Thank you.
Visit us at: www.vancouverheritagefoundation.org  604.264.9642
Get Out of Town to the Fraser Valley Sun Oct 16th, 8am - 5pm, $125 + HST.
This year we will visit the historic Fraser Valley - read more and  buy tickets >>
+  The Land Conservancy  http://blog.conservancy.bc.ca/
>>>  For a full event listing visit TLC's Event Calendar.
>>  Highlights from TLC's Annual General Meeting
On September 17, TLC Members and friends filled the reception centre at the UBC Botanical Gardens for the 2011 Annual General Meeting. This was the first time that the Annual Meeting had been held outside of the Victoria area, and organizers were delighted at the strong turnout, with members travelling from all across the Lower Mainland, from Vancouver Island, and from the Gulf Islands to attend.  Read more about TLC's AGM, including videos from the speakers...
> Spend an Evening with Dame Fiona Reynolds
Come learn about the National Trust movement, the beauty of its Special Places and the importance of the Trust's role in public engagement through this exclusive visual presentation.
Dame Fiona Reynolds, Director-General of the National Trust, will be hosting presenting at two locations: Monday, October 17 at VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver and Sunday, October 16 at St. Ann's Academy in Victoria.
> Writer-in-Residence at Kogawa House
TLC and the Historic Joy Kogawa House would like to welcome Toronto author Susan Crean as our 2011 writer-in-residence.
Susan Crean is a lifelong non-fiction author and journalist who will live at Historic Joy Kogawa House while working on a major new book of literary non-fiction that combines memoir, history, and social comment to tell the story, in part, of head-tax payer, Wong Dong Wong, who came to Canada in 1911.  Read more...

===  WORDWATCH  ===  opsimath from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An opsimath can refer to a person who begins, or continues, to study or learn late in life.
The word is derived from the Greek ??? (opse), meaning 'late' and ??????? (manthano), meaning 'learn'.
Opsimathy was once frowned upon, used as a put down with implications of laziness, and considered less effective by educators than early learning. The emergence of "opsimath clubs" has demonstrated that opsimathy has shed much of this negative connotation,[6] and that this approach may, in fact, be desirable.
Notable opsimaths include Sir Henry Rawlinson, the fictitious character Sir Henry Rawlinson, Grandma Moses, and Cato the Elder who learned Greek only at the age of 80.

===  MAIKU  ===  September 3  -- cd be your lucky day!

                               sad caterpillar
                                               ruing grubby life
                                                                   then, suddenly -- butterfly !

Faced with the choice between changing one's mind and proving that there is no need to do so, almost everyone gets busy on the proof.
                                                            -- John Kenneth Galbraith, Canadian economist (1908 - 2006)
When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.
                                                            -- Helen Keller, American author and lecturer (1880 - 1968)
The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.
                                                            -- William Arthur Ward, American writer (1921 - 1994)
If you ask me what I came into this life to do, I will tell you: I came to live out loud.
                                                            -- Emile Zola, French writer (1840 - 1902)
Experience is that marvellous thing that enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again.
                                                     -- Franklin P. Jones, American reporter and humorist (1908 - 1980)
Not learning from a mistake compounds the original error.
                                                                -- Mardy Grothe, American psychologist and writer (b 1942)

Wit is educated insolence.    -- Aristotle
The great merit of society is that it makes us appreciate solitude.     -- Charles Chincholles
Beware the barrenness of a busy life.      -- Socrates
Every path has its puddle.    -- English Proverb
Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.     -- Winston Churchill
I have had more trouble with myself than with any other man.     -- Dwight L. Moody
There's more than one way to look at a problem, and they all may be right. -- Norman Schwarzkopf
Be the master of your will and the slave of your conscience. -- Hasidic saying
The limits of my language are the limits of my world.  -- Ludwig Wittgenstein, Austrian philosopher (1889 - 1951)                      

That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons that history has to teach.
                                                                              -- Aldous Huxley, English writer (1894 - 1963)
It's hard to decide if TV makes morons out of everyone, or if it mirrors Americans who really are morons to begin with.
                                                                                                                                -- Martin Mull, American actor and painter (b 1943)
The closing night performance at Bard on the Beach was As You Like it, and this line always gets a laugh:  Do you not know I am a woman? when I think, I must speak.

I was studying in an apiary class. This resulted in my receiving a bee on my exam.
I had such a bad cold, I thought I was coffin to death.
I work in a sweater factory. It's a very clothes-knit community.
I've been called a rare commodity. I wonder if that makes me silver or gold? I guess I could be either ore.
A cardboard belt would be a waist of paper.
The raisin wined about how he couldn't achieve grapeness.
When the plums dry on your tree, it's time to prune.