2012 Ccl Mtg NOTES July 23rd
Calendar to August 31st+ (Sept 10?)

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

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~~~ Harmony Art s * Olympics * RoyalTea-by-the-Sea ~~~

= Next Ccl Mtg is Sept 10 -- enjoy your summer holidays!

= Vive le Canada (Dieppe 1942; Acadian Day); from the EDITOR'S DESK (Apologia; PSB Lease vs Sale; Celebration of Light; Westerner); WVPD Warnings; STREAMKEEPERS; BLACK CREEK UPDATES: UPDATES & INFO (PSB; TWay Intersection)

= CALENDAR to Aug 31/Sept 7; CULTUREWATCH (Theatre; Art; Music; Opera; Museums; Festivals); Nature Walks


15A -- July 23 ccl mtg summary; a bit on lease vs sale; mtg changes/addns/updates; details of some events; {ROYALWATCH (HM the Queen from 2 to 86); QTNS/PUNS -- all in this issue of WVM}

15B -- Early Music; Aug 8 WV Leisure Guide; Aug 10 MusicFest Vancouver (Gershwin); Aug 11 NASA and Mars Rover (our own rocket scientist); {TRAINWATCH (Boys' Toys); QTN/THOUGHT/PUN -- in WVM16 now}

15C -- Abbotsford Airshow; BIFF; Herpetology/Frogs; Copper & Fire {Olympic Bell/Rings in WVM now} PS Perseids

= Ccl Mtg July 23 NOTES: ADRA Survey Results; Devt Permit 975/977 Keith; Amb/Dund Parking; Wireless Facilities Policy; Alternative Approval Process re foreshore head lease; Kinder Morgan; Ice Allocation Review; Amb/Dund Waterfront Plans; Upper Lands Study; Heritage Register Addns; Noise Control (non-enforcement); Public Safety Bldg (RFP for architect; surprise/pleased the lease word mentioned!); Emergency Preparedness Funding cancellation; Devt Status Report; Correspondence: Collingwood; old-growth trees; lease/sell; 26th & MDr; Policies/Consistency (names/addresses eg Skilift); Finance; Black Crk (old growth); E-Comm; Kinder Morgan 

= ANIMALWATCH (Owls); INFObits (Mars Rover & Olympics; Macau over Las Vegas; Tsleil-Waututh Facts); ROYALWATCH (photos); OLYMPICSWATCH (Olympians without a country; Medal Counts/Ranking); CJPMEWATCH (Dispossession/Apartheid); LANGUAGEWATCH (Olympics; whiff-w(h)aff/table tennis; Boris); WORDWATCH (cantaloupe); HERITAGEWATCH (1888 house threatened; walks); MAIKU; SALMAGUNDI (Olympics: Bell, Rings, facts/humour; Clarke and Dawe; Photos) and QUOTATIONS/THOUGHTS/PUNS/JOKE; RoyalTea-by-the-Sea Sat August 18

=== Vive le CANADA === From the Prime Minister's Web Site (http://www.pm.gc.ca/)

+ Governor General to mark 70th Anniversary of the Dieppe Raid in France August 8, 2012 Ottawa, Ontario

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced that His Excellency, the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General and Commander-in-Chief of Canada, will attend ceremonies in Dieppe, France, from August 19 to 20, to mark the 70th Anniversary of the Dieppe Raid.

The Governor General will join the Honourable Steven Blaney, Minister of Veterans Affairs, who will lead an official delegation to France from August 17 to 21, which includes Veterans who participated in the Dieppe Raid.

While in France, the Governor General, Minister Blaney and the Canadian delegation will attend a number of commemorative ceremonies including the Government of Canada™s signature event at Canada Memorial Square on August 19 and a ceremony at the Pourville Memorial on August 20.

In addition to the ceremonies taking place in France, there will also be a ceremony at the National War Memorial in Ottawa, as well as a number of events in communities across the country.

The raid on Dieppe, France, on August 19, 1942, was a pivotal moment in the Second World War. With virtually all of continental Europe under German occupation, the Allied forces faced a well-entrenched enemy. A method had to be found to create a foothold on the continent, and the raid on Dieppe offered invaluable lessons for the successful D-Day invasion in 1944, saving countless lives in that momentous offensive.

The Dieppe Raid was particularly devastating to the Canadian military. Of the nearly 5,000 Canadians who embarked on the operation, less than half returned to England, many of whom were wounded. There were 1,946 prisoners of war and 913 who lost their lives.*

The Canadians who fought in the Dieppe Raid sacrificed much in their efforts to help bring freedom and democracy to the people of France and Europe. Their task was a difficult and costly one, but their effort was not in vain.

Lest we forget. {* in 1942, Canada's popn was 11.6M}

+ National Acadian Day

August 15, 2012, Ottawa, Ontario

œNational Acadian Day is an occasion to reflect on Acadians™ unique history, recognize their resilience and vitality, and celebrate the invaluable contributions they have made to Canada.

œIn the early 1600s, Acadians helped establish the first French settlement in North America and despite early hardships, played an important role in the foundation of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and parts of Quebec.

œToday, Canada is home to a vibrant 350,000-member strong Acadian community whose traditions and spirit continue to lend to our country™s rich heritage and culture.

œOur Government is committed to preserving Acadian heritage and to ensuring their continued success. This year alone, we have assisted the Commission du tourisme acadien du Canada atlantique participate in the Festival Interceltique de Lorient** in France and have provided support for the forthcoming 2014 World Acadian Congress to be jointly held in New Brunswick, Quebec, and northern Maine, United States.

œOn this special day, I wish Acadians the very best and encourage all Canadians to join in celebrations commemorating Acadians™ culture, traditions, and language.


The Festival Interceltique de Lorient (fr) or Gouelioù Etrekeltiek An Oriant (br) was founded in Lorient, Brittany in 1971 by Polig

Montjarret. This annual gathering takes place in the heart of the city every August and features Celtic traditional, classical, folk, jazz

and rock musicians, singers, dancers, painters, sculptors, writers, and other artists.

They come from Brittany, Cornwall, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Cumbria, the Isle of Man, Cape Breton Island, Galicia, Asturias, and the

entire Celtic diaspora.}

=== from the EDITOR'S DESK ===

Complications and being uber-busy resulted in a 'draft' version of this going out a while ago, under the theory something's better than nothing.

It did in fact take hours to go through the draft and hope I've caught everything (but sure I haven't!). Moving around the items was confusing and I did find the usual typos. Embarrassingly, when I spoke (and this was one of the few times I had prepared text), I misspoke, in that I inadvertently said a different word from what was there and intended. This final version therefore is already up on the website for your reference. If you'd like the final forwarded to you by email, I'd be happy to do so.

Enjoy the end of summer!


+ PSB, a major project for WV

o Leasing

Good news! Leasing is still on the table so we need to let Ccl know our preference. In Updates below, the DWV press release refers to a leasing option, the ADRA survey showed support for leasing not sales, AND the staff presentation (Item 20 of the July 23 ccl mtg) indicated majority for leasing -- in spite of the fact not mentioned in the (biased) survey questions (cited in the transcript) and not in the memo. As you know, WVM has strongly urged lease instead of sale (see my remarks in PQP).

o Combined Bldg

Police and Fire Sharing Facilities: Author: Kaestle Boos Associates

Like Oil and Water or Like Cookies and Milk?

If you travel across America you™ll find that most cities and towns typically have separate police and fire stations and most of these stations also have their own dispatch centers. Even in some of the smallest towns in New England or the Midwest this still is the case. But with most states in a deep recession, taxpayers are questioning whether having separate facilities makes fiscal sense. It has been said that police and fire just don™t get along, but some recently completed projects showcase that everyone can benefit from a combined facility.

For the whole article, see: http://www.9-1-1magazine.com/Police-and-Fire-Sharing-Facilities/

+ Celebration of Light

A highlight of Vancouver's year. We watch from a balcony facing the barge in English Bay -- spectacular. Our votes were Italy best, then Vietnam, and then Brazil, but all great to see.

+ Congratulations to The Westerner!

Chris writes: The summer issue of The Westerner (#38) celebrates its 10th year! The first issue was Summer 2002. Thanks to all the advertisers and contributors for their support over the past years.


westernereditor@shaw.ca and www.thewesterner.ca full of information, events, and the latest news!

=== WVPD ===

+ Residential break-ins Date: August 07, 2012

The WVPD is looking to the community to help combat a dramatic increase in residential break-ins.

Since 2012 July 11, the West Vancouver Police Department has been called to investigate 17 residential break-ins to homes, some of which were insecure for a very short period of time.

The break-ins have taken place during the day typically between 10am and 2pm. Entry has been gained through insecure second floor windows or unlocked back doors. In addition, ladders and patio furniture have been used to reach the upper levels.

The WVPD has committed resources to investigate these crimes but has so far been unable to identify any suspects.

The WVPD supports an active Block Watch Program and encourages residents who see anything or anyone who appears out of place to contact them in the first instance by dialling 911. Timely reporting will very often lead to an arrest.

Current crime trends are available by viewing the crime maps on the website at wvpd.ca.

To consider making your home safer, the WVPD ask that you consider the following options

Secure windows and doors even if your home is empty for a very short time.

Set the alarm as a habit

Secure ladders and tools out of sight.

Notify your neighbours if you go away. Alternatively find a trustworthy house-sitter.

Do not hesitate to report anything suspicious to the police. Professional, courteous staff are trained and waiting to take your call. Never assume your information is already known or insignificant, it could be critical to the arrest of a repeat offender.

Join, or revitalize your Block Watch Program

+ More Warnings from the Boys in Blue (and the girls too!) 13 August, 2012 4:06:04 PM PDT

The WVPD has recently noted an increase in the number of Thefts of Bicycles.  Some of the thefts have occurred from open carports, detached unlocked garages and even from bike racks on parked cars.The WV Police are recommending bike owners ensure all measures are taken to secure their bikes and also are encouraging residents to take measures to enable them to identify their bicycles in case they are stolen.  Some of these measures include recording serial numbers, photographing your bike, engraving bikes with a phone number or a driver™s licence number and noting any distinguishable details on your bike.If you are leaving your bike unattended, whether it is in a bike room, on a bike rack or in the back of your vehicle, ensure you use a good locking device that can™t be cut. 

+++ WV STREAMKEEPERS +++ Great news!

John Barker, President, advises that the construction of the coho salmon rearing-pond will commence on Aug 9th, extending thanks to all for helping bring this to fruition. WVSkS is most appreciative of so many in the community who have helped make this a reality for the benefit of juvenile salmon.

New coho salmon rearing-pond underway “ Memorial Park

WV Streamkeepers have been working with the District of West Vancouver to obtain approval to construct a coho salmon rearing-pond adjacent to McDonald Creek in Memorial Park, opposite the Library.

With the assistance of the community, we have completed the site survey, the concept design, and the civil engineering work; all from in-kind donations. In addition, we have received approvals from federal and provincial governments, held public information sessions and consulted with all nearby residents. The project received final approval from Council on July 9 after several conditions were satisfied, including a fully-funded Phase 1 budget. Streamkeepers have raised $81,000 plus in-kind donations for this project.

DWV has now contracted North Construction Ltd. to construct the coho salmon rearing-pond in Memorial Park. This work will commence on August 9 and we expect this work to be completed in early September.

Phase 1 of the project ensures the rearing pond will be built and operational in this, West Vancouver™s Centennial year, following a collaborative effort between the District and WV Streamkeepers that started in November last year.

This project is possible owing to the generosity of many donors “ funding agencies, corporate donors, and individuals from the community. We are indeed indebted to them, for both their cash and in-kind contributions. A donor recognition board will list those who have contributed, at an interpretive kiosk, to be built at the north end of the pond.

Phase 2 of the rearing-pond project will be undertaken early in 2013 and will include construction of the pathways, fencing, a bridge crossing the outlet end of the pond, and the planting of native vegetation. Streamkeepers have committed to the District to continue with our fundraising efforts to help fund the second part of this exciting community project. {For more info pls see: http://www.westvancouverstreamkeepers.ca/ -- Ed}


Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The Black Creek diversion is a part of the Eagle Lake water supply system, which supplies approximately half of West Vancouver™s drinking water. The original construction, built in 2003, is failing and requires rehabilitation.

Taking into consideration the steep terrain, the riparian habitat, and the necessity to prevent a debris flow, it was determined that the best option to mitigate these risks was to bury the water pipe under a permanent access road. This required some tree clearing, and in order to reduce impact on spring eagle nesting conditions the work took place in November 2011.

In May 2012, members of a community stewardship group, the Old Growth Conservancy Society, advised staff that of the 69 trees that had been felled, some were, in fact, old growth. Work was halted immediately and the District initiated a review of the site and the overall project.

At the July 9, 2012, Council Meeting, staff apologized for the error and presented a Report to Council explaining the circumstances that had led to the mistake.

The report also put forward a number of recommendations aimed at minimizing further loss of trees during project completion, as well as protocols for future capital projects to avoid any similar occurrences.

Working with Stakeholders

To complete the project, several commitments were made, one of which was to optimize the final design to reduce the need for any further tree removal as much as possible.  A second commitment was to work with stakeholder groups towards this goal. The West Vancouver Streamkeepers and the Old Growth Conservancy Society have joined staff and consultants at the table as this project prepares to move ahead. In addition, the District has committed to donating the net value of the felled timber to the Old Growth Conservancy to further its stewardship work.

West Vancouver Streamkeeper Society  // Old Growth Conservancy Society 

Black Creek and West Vancouver™s Water Supply

The Black Creek intake is an important part of the Eagle Lake water supply.

The Eagle Lake Devt Plan began in the early 2000s and has helped reduce West Vancouver™s reliance on more costly water purchased from Metro Vancouver. Eagle Lake water is treated in a state-of-the-art membrane filtration facility. Black Creek helps ensure an adequate supply of water to Eagle Lake and is an important part of an optimization program to increase the use of Eagle Lake water. To date, this has helped to increase the amount of water supplied from District of West Vancouver sources to 53 per cent in 2010 from a low of 21 per cent in 1998. 

More Information Where the water comes from   / Eagle Lake Water  / Visit westvancouver.ca/water 

Media Release - Black Creek Rehabilitation Project Update - June 15, 2012

> GOOD NEWS! Black Creek Update

We pleased to announce that the number of trees to be cut for the safe completion of the Black Creek Project has been reduced from 24 to two. This has been result of public response and the ongoing consultations by both OGCS President Hugh Hamilton and WV Streamkeepers President John Barker. We are thankful for for their time, effort, and continued focus on this regrettable incident.


Didn't staff say needed during hot months, months of low flow?

Doesn't the Water Licence say cannot draw Black Crk water in July, August, and September?

Wd someone kindly square this circle for me???


Working with technical consultants and stewardship groups, West Vancouver staff have been able to prepare a revised plan for completion of the Black Creek diversion project that reduces the number of additional trees to be cut from 24 to 2. Work will resume on the site the week of August 20.

Read More: http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=36638

=== UPDATES & INFO ===

+ PSB [ from http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=40374 ]

West Vancouver Council Advances the Public Safety Building

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

In a unanimous vote, WV™s Council approved the next step in the Public Safety Building (PSB) planning process which began in 2010. The PSB will house the WV Police Dept and WV Fire & Rescue in one post-disaster seismic standard building to be located on the south side of the municipal hall site.

Mayor Michael Smith says: œAfter years of studying the issues, we are finally moving forward with this important investment in the public safety of our community. Residents have told us how much they value the excellent service provided by both our Police and Fire Departments and this project will provide an effective and efficient new home for both services.

At the July 23 Ccl mtg, Ccl approved issuing a Request for Proposals for an architect and project manager, based on the following approved project parameters: post-disaster seismic standard; municipal hall site; co-location of Police and Fire & Rescue Services within the PSB; space estimate of 57,600 gross square feet; and target budget of $36 million. The next steps for the project include: hiring an architect and project manager through a request for proposals, engaging the community on design and massing principles and regularly updating Council and the community on the project™s key milestones.

Council has not approved how the entire project will be funded as there are a number of viable options including land sales or long term lease revenues, internal financing, Municipal Finance Authority (MFA) loan, property taxes, or a combination of these options.

{SO GREAT to see leasing is still an option!!!}


Three views of this were in WVM15 pp 2 and 3.

> Get Connected to the Latest Construction Updates

As you may have noticed, work has commenced on Park Royal™s new Village Retail Expansion and is set to continue until the fall of 2013. Park Royal is excited to welcome a new collection of retailers unique to the North Shore, which will join the existing 280 stores and services that currently call Park Royal and The Village at Park Royal home.

This is another instalment in the continuing evolution of Park Royal and we thank you for your patience during this time of construction.

Keep up-to-date with the latest construction updates at parkroyalconnected.com.

+ Take-Off Fridays at YVR - Enter to Win!

Once again, YVR Airport is hosting its summer celebrations every Friday and Bard on the Beach is a part of it!

Plan to visit the airport any Friday until August 31 from 9am to 3pm for a full day of free samples, great music, and exciting performances. Come on down and have your photo taken in one of the Bard cut-outs -- available at the international food court (near the Spirit of Haida Gwaii sculpture ) or at the domestic food court.

Send your photo to contest@yvr.ca and a winner will be selected! You will be entered to win tickets to a Bard on the Beach Mainstage performance.

Visit the photo album YVR`s facebook at https://www.facebook.com/LiveatYVR

=== CALENDAR to August 18th+ ===

All mtgs are at M Hall unless indicated otherwise. NOTE: shown are mtgs known at this date; often there are additions, changes, cancellations after WVM goes out. Check the DWV Calendar: http://www.westvancouver.ca/Calendar.aspx . Notices/mtgs/changes too

late/early for an issue are sent to subscribers. [See mtgs etc in the Headsup notices sent between issues of WVM..]


+ 11th annual BC Cultural Crawl takes place in communities across the province August 1 through 31.

The BC Cultural Crawl provides a vehicle for arts, cultural, heritage, and tourism organizations within a community to work together...

The BC Cultural Crawl creates a unique opportunity for residents and visitors alike to discover British Columbia as a world class cultural tourism destination. Revealing and fostering pride in each community™s cultural uniqueness and the story of its heritage through partner communities and media sponsors, the BC Cultural Crawl generates local, national, and international exposure for BC™s artists, performers, heritage sites, and cultural communities.

The BC Cultural Crawl includes community-initiated: musical, theatrical and dance performances, visual arts displays in galleries and artist studios, festivals and events, museums and heritage sites, cultural centres, wineries, art-walks, tours, restaurants, cafés, other culinary experiences, and much more.



The BC Cultural Crawl is a self-guided tour of community-initiated events: music, theatre and dance performances, visual arts, festivals, museum and heritage exhibitions, culinary arts, community art walks and more.

Your self-guided exploration of supercultural British Columbia begins here. Browse August events, local cultural crawls, and community art walks. Download itineraries and maps, and find all of the resources you need to plan your own exploration. See: http://www.bcculturalcrawl.com/

+ Join us for Summer of Cinema and Song on the WV waterfront. Bring a chair or blanket and enjoy live music as the sun sets or

watch a great film in the park! Concerts by the Sea started July 8 http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=40228

Summer of Song: 7pm on Sundays at the Ferry Building Landing (foot of 14th Street)

Cinema in the Park: 9:15pm at John Lawson Park

* NOTE: Films will take place during the Harmony Arts Festival so be sure to come early and check out all the festivities.

+ City Conversations

Bring your lunch, and settle in to listen to the most knowledgable people we can find on the most current topics affecting Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Whenever possible, we™ll try to provide experts with contrasting views, to get the facts out front and the conversation rolling. Then ask your questions and present your opinions, so we all can learn from each other.

Make it a habit to drop by the first and third Thursday of each month. We start promptly at 12:30 PM, and end promptly at 1:30pm, so you can get on with the rest of your day. No fees or registration.

City Conversations are a presentation of SFU Public Square. Sponsored by Bing Thom Architects and SFU Vancouver. Thanks to Wild Rice Restaurants. More information Visit www.sfu.ca/city for details. 

Thank you. 

Joshua Randall, The City Program, Continuing Studies, SFU Hbr Ctr  Tel 778 782-5254 Fax: 778 782 5098

Email: city@sfu.ca  Follow us on Twitter @CS_SFU  http://www.facebook.com/sfucontinuingstudies 

=== Thursday August 16

~ 7pm ~ Kiwi Urbanism

SFU Harbour Ctr Campus; Free, no registration required. Space may be limited. Visit www.sfu.ca/city for details.

Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand, needs approximately 30,000 new homes by 2030. New forms of higher density suburban devt need to be developed if Auckland aspires to be both compact and the most liveable city in the world. (Sound familiar, Vancouver?)

David Irwin and Gavin Lister “ two urban designers from Auckland “ will explore key projects that their practice Isthmus Group [is] currently designing and building. Isthmus Group is one of the leading urban design and landscape architectural practices in NZ, with a host of national and international awards to its name.

The practice is currently designing New Zealand™s largest and most dense new greenfield residential subdivision. But right outside their office in the central city suburb of Freemans Bay, they have discovered what could be a true Kiwi urbanism “ an inspiration they twist and apply to a new inner-city residential devt “ perhaps the only central city subdivision to be developed for a number of years.

Come hear and see what they™ve learned that might be an inspiration for Vancouver.

We gladly thank TransLink for their support for this event.

~ SUNSHINE COAST FESTIVAL OF THE WRITTEN ARTS -- http://www.writersfestival.ca/index.htm

August 16-19, 2012 ” Sechelt, BC

Join Canada's longest running summer gathering of Canadian writers and readers, featuring established literary stars and exciting, new voices... with opportunities for writers and readers to mingle amidst Rockwood's heritage gardens. The symbol for a 30th anniversary is the pearl and we think we have a beautiful cultured pearl of a festival for you this year.

=== Saturday August 18

> Cheese Rolling Contest at Whistler! http://canadiancheeserolling.ca/festival-events/ <

~~~ PNE Opens -- off to Playland! ~~~

~ 9am - 4pm ~ 7th Annual Hot Rod Saturday

Presented by the BC Hot Rod Association and The Village at Park Royal, the 7th annual Hot Rod Saturday is back for another year! Showcasing over 150 Hot Rod cars, this event will be fun for the whole family and will include live entertainment, a 50/50 raffle, great shopping deals, various exhibitors, and¦you guessed it¦HOT RODS!

For more info, visit shopparkroyal.com/campaigns/7th-annual-hot-rod-saturday



~ 2 - 4pm ~ RoyalTea-by-the-Sea in Dundarave Park (royaltea.ca or www.heritage.westvan.org)

This year celebrating the Queen's Jubilee! Roddy will tell us about his Jubilee weekend in London -- have you a story?

Reserve your place. Wear a fancy hat and win a prize. See Heritage section and flyer at end.

922 4400 or reservations@heritage.westvan.org



The Old Growth Conservancy Society is pleased to partner with the Lighthouse Park Preservation Society in presenting a free public talk:

Ira's talks enthusiastically share his passion for nature, the outdoors and the old growth forests of BC. Photos and videos will illustrate his exploration of the current and historical rainforests of Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

Join us at the Phyl Munday Nature House. The Phyl Mundy Nature House is located at the southern end of Beacon Lane Trail in Lighthouse Park (it is the building closest to the lighthouse).

=== Sunday August 19

~ noon - 6pm ~ TWN Cultural Arts Festival 2012

Whey-Ah-Wichen/Cates Park, North Vancouver

Experience Aboriginal cultures, learn about the Tsleil-Waututh Nation™s inextricable link to its territory and celebrate diversity, family, and community!

Tsleil-Waututh leadership believes that healthy communities thrive when rooted in their own culture and surrounded by the energy and knowl­edge of others. Knowing that the reciprocal relationship between cultures and individuals creates exchange and equality, the Nation invites the public to 6th Annual Tsleil-Waututh Cul­tural Arts Festival.

Live Performances on the Chief Dan George Main Stage from 12 pm to 6 pm featuring Bitterly Divine, Black Owl Blues, Smokey Valley Pow Wow Dancers, Christy Charles, and more.

- Tsleil-Waututh Scavenger Hunt

- Trips in 25' traditional-style ocean-going canoes with Tsleil-Waututh Guides

- Demonstrations of Ancient Coastal Technologies

- Trade Zone with Arts & Crafts Retailers, Business Displays, and Information Booths

- Traditional Foods

- Kids' Activities

Stay tuned and join us! For further information please contact Raven Events at 604 483 3532 or info@ravenevents.ca .

See: TWN Cultural Arts Festival Backgrounder and TWN Cultural Arts Festival News Release August 2

List and times of entertainment/program, list of vendors, and more at:


=== Saturday August 25

WVHS's barbecue is noon to 2:30 - 3pm. All are welcome.  The BBQ is on the lawn of the Gertrude Lawson House, 680 - 17th St.  Come and enjoy hamburgers, veggie burgers, chicken burgers, pie, and other goodies, all for a small donation.

=== Saturday August 15 to Sunday August 26

Osaka Summer Carnival ~~ Come and experience arcade games, bungee castles, cotton candy, free food, and face-painting at the Osaka Summer Carnival. Featuring a cooking show 1:30 to 3pm, this summer carnival will

be fun for the whole family! ~ noon to 6pm ~ Park Royal South, upper level by Osaka and Staples; FREE

=== Friday August 17, 18, 25, Sept 1, 7, 8

El Grupo Cubano Brisas del Palmar band performs at Ambleside Landing

On Friday, Aug 17, 5:30 - 9pm and Saturday, Aug 18, 1 - 5pm, a visiting band from Cuba, Brisas Del Palmar will be playing free concerts. The band will also be performing at this venue on Aug 25, 1 - 5pm, Sept 1, 1-5pm, Sept 7, 5:30 - 9pm and Sept 8, 1 - 5pm, weather permitting.

This award-winning quintet from Santiago de Cuba plays in the hottest venues of Cuba and recently performed for the Pope on his Cuban visit.  We are privileged to host musicians of this calibre in our local venue. Canadians have long shown support for Cuba, representing 45% of all tourism in Cuba.   Many visit Cuba just for the incredible music!

A music lover, Judith Milliken, has sponsored this quintet to visit Canada this summer for three months.  She has arranged for numerous concerts including community centres, fundraisers, weddings, local halls, festivals, and in-home concerts .

El Grupo Cubano recently recorded at Armoury Recording Studio with pre-eminent musician/producer/engineer Steve Dawson of Black Hen Music. Their CD, Santiago en Suenos, will soon be available on i-Tunes and for purchase at upcoming performances  .  www.elgrupocubano.com.

=== Thursday August 30 ~ 5pm ~ NSh Cmte on Disability Issues at DNV M Hall

=== Thursday September 6 ~ 4pm ~ Awards Cmte

=== Friday September 7

Horseshoe Bay ~~ Save the date -- at "dusk" -- for the third annual movie night in the park. This year's movie "Big Miracle" starring Drew Barrymore is sure to delight. Grab your blankets and camping chairs and come on down to this free event. WRA is bringing in some cmnty-sponsored freebies such as chair massage and face painting to entertain and delight while we await the start of the movie.

+++ WV MEMORIAL LIBRARY +++ http://www.westvanlibrary.ca

Hours: closed Sundays in July & August

New Library Login Procedures

In the coming months we will be improving the security of your Library Account. Beginning August 9, when you access Your Account you will be asked for a new PIN (personal identification number) instead of your name.

Your new PIN is set as the last four digits of the phone number on file with the Library. Once you have logged in with this PIN, you have the option to change your PIN (must be a four-digit code) for anonymity.

Watch our screencast to learn more. If you have a problem logging in, we are ready to assist you in person, by phone at 925 7400, or by email at info@westvanlibrary.ca.

= English Corner resumes Friday Sept 7 from 10 to 11:30am

+++ WV MUSEUM +++ http://westvancouvermuseum.ca/exhibitions/current_exhibition 925 7295

The New Design Gallery on the frontier 1955 -1966 ~~ ends September 15

The influential gallery introduced Vancouver to the work of numerous artists from British Columbia, Canada, and the United States. The New Design Gallery on the frontier 1955 -1966 chronicles the important role the NDG played in advancing modernism in the region through historical documentation, photographs, and artworks by Joan Balzar, Maxwell Bates, Bruno Bobak, Molly Bobak, B.C. Binning, Audrey Capel Doray, Reginald Holmes, Don Jarvis, Thomas Kakinuma, Zoltan Kiss, Roy Kiyooka, John Koerner, William Koochin, Bill Mayrs, Michael Morris, Toni Onley, Joseph Plaskett, Marianna Schmidt, Jack Shadbolt, Gordon Smith, John Snow, Takao Tanabe, and Glenn Toppings.

{A full description appeared in WVM14}

+++ FERRY BUILDING GALLERY +++  http://ferrybuildinggallery.com ~ 925 7290

> August 3 - 19 -- Harmony Showcase Exhibition -- mixed media group exhibition

> August 21 - Sept 9 -- "Progressions" -- mixed media

Sheila Morissette, Maggi Kneer, Anni Hunt, Sharon Perkins, Kaija Rautiainen, Celia Pickles, and Eleanor Hannan

Opening Reception: Tues Aug 21 from 6 “ 8pm. Meet the Artists: Sat Aug 25 at 2pm

+++ SILK PURSE +++  http://silkpurse.ca/exhibitions/  925 7292

> August 13 - 19 œKim Braithwaite

Opening reception will be held on Tuesday August 13th from 6 - 8pm {Opening CANCELLED}

Kim Braithwaite is a photographer enthralled by the architecture and personality of our global community. Having travelled the world, Kim has focused her lens on the buildings, streets, and landmarks that speak of a city™s spirit and the people that make it their home. Take a journey to distant lands that may just remind you of home.

> August 21 - September 16 ~~ "Art of the Peoples of the Salish Sea"

Opening reception will be held on Tuesday August 21st from 6 - 8pm

The coastal B.C. region of the Salish Sea is an area rich with cultural diversity and astounding creativity. We are proud to present this exhibition of work from a number of talented artists from various First Nations, working in a variety of media.


Complete list of events: Electronic newsletter: http://kaymeekcentre.com/on_stage/events_calendar

Simplest way to get on email list, call 913 3634 (also for tix) or email tickets@kaymeekcentre.com

+++ ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION BRANCH 60, West Vancouver +++ http://www.westvan60.com/

Office: 604-922-3587 Lounge: 604-922-1920 Fax: 604-922-2659


Saturday Meat Draw 4pm weekly

Friday August 10th -- KARAOKE NIGHT -- 7pm

Friday August 17th -- Mini Meat Draw “ 6pm

Saturday August 18th -- Byron™s Annual Fish BBQ $10/pp -- 6pm; Dance to Bob York and THE NU YORKERS -- 7pm

FRIDAY, August 24th

SENIORS™ BUS TRIP $40 per person -- Lunch supplied by the Legion.

We need 20 people to pay for the bus. See sign-up sheets in the lounge.

Sunday August 26th -- Vets™ Social -- 2 - 4pm

+++ WV CHAMBER of COMMERCE + 926 6614 + http://www.westvanchamber.com/

Vancouver™s North Shore Tourism Art Market August 3 - 6 & 10 - 12

The 22nd Harmony Arts Festival presented by Odlum Brown Limited, is proud to feature Vancouver™s North Shore Tourism Art Market for a second straight year. Now open on both weekends during the Festival, a line-up of artists and artisans from British Columbia, the Maritimes, Ontario and the United States will be selling original creations.

The Harmony Arts Festival runs from Friday, August 3rd to Sunday, August 12th.



+ BARD ON THE BEACH ~ 739 0559 ~ bardonthebeach.org

Ticket availability -- https://tickets.bardonthebeach.org/TheatreManager/1/login&event=0

Video clips and trailers --  http://www.youtube.com/bardonthebeachfest

~ The Taming of the Shrew -- on till Sept 22

Directed by Meg Roe ¢ Shakespeare™s romantic romp, The Taming of the Shrew, shines a comic spotlight on the pleasures and perils of the search for the perfect mate. Beautiful Bianca has no shortage of admirers, but she can™t marry until her headstrong sister Kate finds a husband. Along comes the fortune-hunting Petruchio, who is determined œto wive it wealthily in Padua and sets out to capture the heart of the fiery-spirited Kate. Petruchio and Kate face off in a crackling battle of wits, while three enthusiastic suitors launch their own devious campaigns as they vie for Bianca™s affections.

~ Macbeth -- on till Sept 20

Directed by Miles Potter ¢ Seductive prophecy and devastating ambition are the forces that drive this dark and powerful tragedy. When three witches foretell that Macbeth will be King, the warrior lord and his ruthless wife decide to act on the prediction by murdering the rightful King Duncan in his bed. Reality and fantasy blur and blood begets blood, until Macbeth is finally undone by the very prophecies that tempted him to seek ultimate power.

~ Merry Wives of Windsor -- Studio Stage; on till Sept 21

Directed by Johnna Wright ¢ It™s 1968 in Windsor, Ontario and English ex-pat Sir John Falstaff is hunting for a romantic solution to his money troubles. He sends an identical love letter to two wealthy local housewives, hoping to seduce them and enjoy their fortunes “ with no clue that the two are best friends. Neither has any intention of cheating on her husband, but together they lead Falstaff on while plotting their hilarious revenge.

~ King John -- Studio Stage; on till to September 19

Directed by Dean Paul Gibson ¢ Six generations before the Wars of the Roses, the early Plantagenets had a succession problem of their own. Shakespeare™s King John is a powerful tale of intrigue, ambition, and tough moral choices for some of his most compelling characters. A usurping king, his innocent young nephew, a heroic ˜bastard™ and a passionate mother all vie for our sympathies in a high-stakes game where the winner takes crown and kingdom.

+ BARD IN THE VALLEY http://www.bardinthevalley.com/ & http://www.bardinthevalley.com/newperfomance.html

Twelfth Night in the park 7pm (plus some matinees) Aug 9 to 19

Bard in the Valley is a registered non-profit society with a goal to stage the works of William Shakespeare along with other contemporary playwrights with integrity and professionalism at an annual Festival in August at the Langley City Douglas Park Spirit Square Stage and in the Township of Langley at Willoughby Park. The Bard in the Valley Society also is dedicated to the concept of making these performances both affordable and available to wide audience, and to nurture and promote an enthusiasm for the works of Shakespeare and other playwrights.We believe in œOne Goal “ One Passion “ Shakespeare For Everyone.


Shakespeare loved to use the device of mistaken identity, and nowhere does he use this convention as skillfully than in Twelfth Night. This play features some of Shakespeare™s most memorable characters “ Sir Toby Belch, Malvolio, Viola, and Olivia. Together they stumble into an unfamiliar exotic world full of life™s joys, frustrations, and the complications of love. It™s an utterly charming adventure and truly one of Shakespeare™s most ingenious comic inventions.

Production Dates:

August 9th to 12th and August 16th to 19th on the outdoor Spirit Square Stage in Douglas Park in Langley City.

The shows on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday begin at 7pm, Sunday™s shows start at 2pm.

August 25th and 26th during the International Festival in Langley Township adjacent to the Langley Events Centre: Saturday™s show starts at 6pm; Sunday™s show is at 2pmAdmission is by donation. Bring a picnic, a blanket, your deck chairs and your whole family to enjoy this delightful outdoor theatrical experience.Twelfth Night is co-directed by June Ainsworth and Jacq Ainsworth and is co-produced by Allan Thain and Diane Gendron. The stage manager is Christa Zandbergen.

+ ARTS CLUB 687 1644  http://www.artsclub.com

~ Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage: The Buddy Holly Story to Aug 26

Clybourne Park starts Sept 6, a comedy of race and real estate; Winner of 2011 Pulitzer Prize for best play

~ Revue Stage -- altar boyz to Sept 1

+ HENDRY HALL -- northvanplayers.ca -- Bluff by Jeffrey Sweet; a dark comedy, from Sept 7 to 22

+ WATERFRONT THEATRE (Granville Island)

Rent, Fighting Chance Productions, 8pm July 13 to Aug 7 (now held over to Aug 18)


Good Timber: Songs and Stories of the Western Logger -- from Aug 7 to 19

A musical review celebrating the golden age of logging in the Pacific Northwest, with rarely seen archival

imagery, presented by The Other Guys Capital Theatre. 689 0926; www.firehallartscentre.ca

+ METRO THEATRE 266 7191 metrotheatre.com

Alan Ayckbourn's Relatively Speaking, a comedy about a misunderstanding from Aug 25 - Sept 22

+ Jericho Arts Centre  224 8007 www.jerichoartscentre.com

A Room with a View, adapted by Roger Parsley from E.M. Forster; Director: Sarah Rodgers

Sept 7 “ 30 -- Preview: Sept 6 ($10); Opening: Sept 7; Talkback: Sept 13

In this bright, funny and absorbing adaptation of E.M. Forster's novel we see characters,brought together by chance, fumble their way through love, dislike, belief, and social niceties, and watch an array of fascinating and intriguing characters come to terms (or not!) with a changing world.

UNITED PLAYERS OF VANCOUVER T: 224 8007 Email: info@unitedplayers.com W: http://www.unitedplayers.com/index.html

+ TUTS www.tuts.ca

Theatre Under the Stars (Malkin Bowl, Stanley Park):Titanic, a New Musical andThe Music Man until Aug 18


Little Shop of Horrors -- until August 25

A nerdish florist finds his chance for success and romance with the help of a giant man-eating plant

that demands to be fed. 536 7535; www.whiterockplayers.ca

+ August News from Pi

Exercise and Art in the Summer Sun

Pi Theatre is pleased to be an official charitable partner for the second annual TOUR de BIENNALE; the only charity urban cycling ride that combines recreational cycling with arts and culture. Registrants can choose from a 110KM self-paced urban ride, a 125KM challenge ride or a 60KM medio ride that will take them from Vancouver to Steveston, through parkland and past glass towers, from seashore to mountain top, before a triumphant finish at the highest elevation in the city at the top of Queen Elizabeth Park.

Funds raised by the TOUR de BIENNALE will support both the open air museum and the programming of the tour's charitable partners, including Pi Theatre!

For more information about the TOUR de BIENNALE, please check out tourdebiennale.com

?To register click here -- Promo code: Pi ?????

Event Details: Sunday, August 19; Ride Start: 7:15am, Finish Time: 1:15pm

Start: Queen E Pk Pitch/Putt Parking Lot (lower tennis court pkg lot); Finish: QE Reservoir Pkg Lot (upper pkg lot)

Ride Distance and Registration Fee; three route options


257 0350 vancouverfringe.com -- Previews start Aug 28; the formal opening night is Sept 4 (to Sept 16)


+ VANCOUVER ART GALLERY  http://www.vanartgallery.bc.ca/events_and_programs/calendar_of_events.html

More Hours, More Matisse¦ Gallery Hours extended to 9pm

Every Sunday this summer, the Gallery is open late every Sunday AND our tour program is expanding! Tours are now available on: Thursdays: 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 2:30pm; Sundays: 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm

Emily Carr goes to Sept 9; Collecting Matisseto Sept 30

Upcoming Exhibitions: for details: http://www.vanartgallery.bc.ca/the_exhibitions/upcoming_exhibitions.html ]

~ NB: VAG Mbrs receive 20% off admission to the Royal BC Museum in Victoria when you show your Gallery Mbrshp card.


o Summer Group Painting/Photography Exhibition

August 11 - 30 from 12 - 8pm (closed Mondays); Opening Reception: August 11 from 4-9 pm

- Paintings by: Jennifer Lee, Kirans, Luzia Wieltsch, Mahnoush Izadi, N. Hakiwti, Rebecca Root, Shahin Damizadeh, Soosan Khan Mohammadi, & Torang Rahimy

- Photographs by: Farhad Varasteh, Kaveh Rasouli, Masoud Soheili, & Sahar Seyedi

o Calligraphy Exhibition by "Jamal Abiri" -- Khayam Quarters (Second Collection)

September 1 - 22 from 12 - 8 pm (closed Mondays)

o Masoud Soheili, Caroun Art Gallery (CAG); www.Caroun.net / www.Caroun.com / www.Caroun.org

Tel Canada: 001-778-372-0765 / Tel Tehran: 0919-914-6755 (faghat ta Sharivar1391)

more details on CAG exhibitions: http://www.caroun.com/CarounArtGallery/Exhibitions/00-Expositions.html


+ Museum of Anthropology -- 827 5932 moa.ubc.ca

Kesu': the Art and Life of Doug Cranmore -- until Sept 3


Metal Art Sculptures until Sept 16

Copper and Fire event -- see Calendar above for Aug 17 and other dates



All VSO Single Concert Tickets On-Sale Monday, August 20th at 10am!

Mark your calendars for the biggest on-sale date on Vancouver's entertainment calendar! All single concert tickets for the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra's 2012/2013 Season go on sale online and through VSO Customer Service at 604 876 3434.

The 2012/2013 Season contains one exciting highlight after another. Don't miss great classics such as Mozart's Mass in C minor, Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring, Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition, Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto, Dvorak's New World Symphony, Chopin's Piano Concerto No. 2, Mahler's Symphony No. 4, Brahms's Violin Concerto, and so many more musical treasures. And of course, internationally-renowned guest artists, in Classics and Pops, are a hallmark of any VSO season “ and this year, featured stars include Midori, Jon Kimura Parker, Isabel Bayrakdarian, Barry Douglas, Angela Cheng, Karen Gomyo, John Pizzarelli, Byron Stripling, Leahy, and many more.

The 2012/2013 Season also features the most eclectic and electric lineup of Specials in many years: Arrival from Sweden Plays the Music of ABBA; Cirque de la Symphonie; Last Night of the Proms; Traditional Christmas concerts; Barenaked Ladies with the VSO; Rufus Wainwright in solo performance; Vivaldi's Four Seasons; and, just announced: Dancing with the Stars' Ballroom with a Twist, and Charlie Chaplin's City Lights!

Browse the complete list of VSO concerts in the thrilling 2012/2013 Season online http://www.vancouversymphony.ca/. And see below for information on subscribing http://www.vancouversymphony.ca/concerts/subscriptions/, the best way to purchase VSO tickets!

Subscribe now for guaranteed seating and savings up to 25% over single concert prices. You'll also get 15% off every additional concert you wish to attend “ even the incredibly popular Specials! And only subscribers enjoy ticket exchange privileges within all of the VSO's regular concert series, lost ticket insurance, and discounts at the VSO Gift Shop.

+ CBC Musical Nooners (CBC Plaza) noon - 1pm until Aug 24


Early Music FESTIVAL July 29 to Aug 17 see www.earlymusic.bc.ca

Read more about the 2012 Vancouver Early Music Festival: http://www.vancouversun.com/Early+Music+Vancouver+explores+music+another+time+Festival+summer+concerts+have+strong+Renaissance/6988428/story.html

Tix for performances at $35 (student/sr $3 discount) can be ordered on-line via our secure connection. Prices include 12% HST. Order by phone (732 1610) from the office of EMV. Tix also at Sikora™s Classical Records.

Rush Seats for Students with valid ID on sale for $10, at the door only, from 7pm on the evening of the performance.

These concerts is included in our œBring a Youth for Free programme. Presented in cooperation with the UBC School of Music and MusicFest Vancouver.

Early Music Vancouver -- T: 732 1610; F: 732 1602; E: staff@earlymusic.bc.ca; W: www.earlymusic.bc.ca

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/earlymusicvancouver Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/EarlyMusicVan

Learn more as part of our free Early Music in Context lecture series: http://www.earlymusic.bc.ca/W-Lectures-EMiC.html


~ Opera Pro Cantanti -- Cambrian Hall, www.procontanti.com 604 340 8545

Verdi's Nabucco, Aug 26; Verdi's La Traviata, Sept 2; Bellini's I Capuleti e i Montecchi, Sept 9

* MOVIES in STANLEY PARK -- Second Beach at dusk every Tuesday

* SUNSHINE COAST FESTIVAL OF THE WRITTEN ARTS -- http://www.writersfestival.ca/index.htm

See Calendar above, Aug 16 (to 19)


Nature Vancouver field trips. See the Nature Vancouver website for further details (http://www.naturevancouver.ca/)

"Nature doesn't recognize good and evil. Nature only recognizes balance and imbalance."

I have three field trips in August, all old growth on the North Shore and all jointly with Nature Vancouver and the Old Growth Conservancy Society. See the Nature Vancouver website (http://www.naturevancouver.ca/) for additional information.

Kind regards, David 924 0147

+ Sunday August 12th

Old Growth Conservancy

A joint event for Nature Vancouver and the Old Growth Conservancy Society, WV; Trip Leader: David Cook

Meeting: 9am McDonald's, Pk R for car pooling. Duration: 3-4 hours Elevation Gain: 180 metres. Difficulty rating: C3 to C4

Terrain: Moderate, easy walking along the Trans-Canada Trail and in the Conservancy but rough, rooty, and muddy for the return section. Deep tread hiking boots with ankle support are therefore essential. Sneakers or runners are not recommended.

Description of event: We will be walking the Trans-Canada Trail starting from the Quarry Lookout Picnic Area 8.3 km on the Cypress Parkway (just past the third switchback). Our route passes along the north-west margin of and partly through the Old Growth Conservancy. We will return to the Picnic Area via the Conservancy Crossing Trail and other forest trails. The old growth forest is now protected as a conservation park by the Municipality of the District of West Vancouver. Experience the thrill of being surrounded by candelabra-topped redcedar veterans in a pristine old growth forest setting.

Bring lunch and a beverage. Registration is not required. Membership is not required for the first 3 field trips.

+ Sunday August 19th

Title: In search of the Hollyburn Fir.

A joint event for Nature Vancouver and the Old Growth Conservancy Society; Trip leader: David Cook

Meeting: McDonald's, Pk R, for car pooling. Alternatively meet at 1000 hours at the trail head at the intersection of Eyremont Drive and Millstream Road in the British Properties, WV.

Time at Park Royal: 0930 hours; Duration: 4 to 5 hours; Difficulty rating: C4 to C5; Elevation Gain: 270 metres.

Terrain: Rough, rooty and muddy in sections. Deep tread hiking boots with ankle support are essential. Sneakers or runners are not recommended.

Description of event: We will be walking the circuit of trails between Hollyburn Ridge and the Cypress Parkway, WV known as the Forks-Skyline Circuit. A little used side trail to the north will take us to the magnificent Hollyburn Fir, an old growth veteran  ~1100 years old that stands 43.7 metres with diameter 2.96 metres that survived the logging of 1910.

Bring lunch and water and dress for changes in weather. Registration is not required. Membership is not required for the first three field trips.

+ Sunday August 26th

Mosquito Creek Old Growth forest: A slow interpretive hike in mountainous terrain.

A joint event for Nature Vancouver and the Old Growth Conservancy Society.

Meeting: At the top of Skyline Drive, NV. There is limited parking beneath the Hydro lines and along Skyline Drive. For those without transportation contact the trip leader.

Meeting: 1000 hours. Duration: ~ 4 hrs. Difficulty rating: C3 to C4. Elevation gain: ~300 metres. Trip Leader: David Cook

Terrain: Rough and steep along many sections. Deep-tread hiking boots with ankle support are essential. Do not wear sneakers. Wooden cross ties on skid roads can be very slippery and dangerous if wet. This field trip is for hikers experienced with rough, steep, and slippery terrain.

Description of event: This will be a slow hike up the south-east slopes of Grouse Mountain to see the Mosquito Creek old growth redcedar forest. This forest, of dozens of veteran redcedars up to 3 metres in diameter is the largest remaining fragment of old growth redcedars in the Vancouver area. The hike up to this forest takes about two hours along skid roads. Other highlights will be a forest of Pacific yew trees, some of which are old growth and a separate grove of old growth Douglas-fir on a side trail.

Bring lunch and a beverage and prepare for changes in weather. Registration is not required. Membership is not required for the first three field trips.

=== HEADSUP 15A === Aug 1

dragging along but the fireworks brighten life! and the WV's Harmony Arts Festival starts Friday Aug 3

See:  http://issuu.com/nsnews/docs/harmonyarts_july_29_sun_2012_16_ 

{btw, there have been a few revisions to WVM15 and it will be on the website shortly}


Summary of July 23 ccl mtg; a bit on lease vs sale; mtg changes/addns/updates; Details of some events; {ROYALWATCH (HM the Queen from 2 to 86); QTNS/PUNS -- moved to this issue of WVM}

>  Highlights/Summary July 23 Ccl Mtg 

ADRA Survey Results (1300blk; parking; lease; Duplex w/ variances at 975-977 Keith approved; Blvd Encroachment 825 Farmleigh denied (but MAB opposed); Amb/Dund parking (one 15min spot on each side) and enforcement vehicle with camera arriving soon; Wireless Communication Policy Modernization debate; Foreshore Head Lease with prov; Kinder Morgan Pipeline Expansion (Mayor only vote opposed): Two-Day Coho Festival approved; Public Consultation planned for Amb waterfront; Upper Lands Study; two homes added to Cmnty Heritage Register (6985 Isleview; 985 Duchess); PSB Update and Summary; Fed Govt Cuts to Emergency Funding; Devt Permit Rodgers Sept 10; DVP for 1116 Millstream Sept 10; PQP: ice allocn; Black Crk wrt UL, OCP, LGA; Lease vs Sale*, pilot projects; objection to non-enforcement of noise bylaw

* Part of my comments on the 1300blk MDr:

As you know a majority, not so silent, prefer lease to sale so that WV retains its land assets.

Claiming it was too complex to lease the 1300blk is an insult to our intelligence -- and to yours, not to mention the competence of your advisers.

Some mbrs of Ccl have said WV cd walk away and others -- staff -- say you cannot, the commitment is to sale.  Staff have delayed explaining details and answering questions.

If you're stuck with selling the land, may I suggest a fallback position to retain our land assets.

Use the money to buy other land -- Safeway site, for example.

Better than paying for a building that will depreciate, have to be replaced, and land already sold.



=  WVCAC celebrates its 44th anniversary 7:30pm Wed Aug 1st plus WV's centennial and more (meet the Board; details below)

=  WVCAC (Silk Purse) dates for HAF are Aug 3 to 12 (they'll update their website); the opening reception is Fri Aug 3 at 6pm (coordinated with FBG and Library).

=  The Silk Purse will have a TV monitor set up to show the works on display at the Library, since the group show is being exhibited in all three locations.

=  The Opening Reception for the Kim Braithwaite exhibition on Aug 13th has been cancelled.


=  Aug 1st: Coho Festival mtg

=  Special fireworks events Aug 1 - 4 (Bard; Silk Purse, FBG, and Library)


Volunteer Fair for Coho Festival 2012

~ 7 - 9pm ~ Wednesday August 1st at the WV Cmnty Ctr 

Volunteers are the most important part of the Coho Festival so we are hosting a fun Volunteer fair to get to know you and see how you can help the Coho Society at the 2012 Coho Festival.

The Coho Society will be hosting a Volunteer Fair August 1st 2012 from 7 to 9 PM at the West Vancouver Community Center Music Hall to help organize volunteers for the 2012 Coho Festival. Please attend this event and find out how you can do your part at the Coho Festival to help the Coho Society rejuvenate Salmon Habitat on the North Shore.

The Coho Society is seeking Volunteers for the following areas at the Coho Festival: Setup, Take Down, Site maintenance, Salmon BBQ, The Coho Run, The Coho Swim and more. This is your chance to do your part to help The Coho Society to revitalize salmon habitat and raise awareness, while participating in a fun and exciting community event.

Please email info@cohosociety.com if you would like to participate, but cannot attend.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email or 604 926 6956.  Please feel free to invite friends and anyone that might be interested. Community support makes this event a success!

Have a look at some photos from the 2011 Coho Festival here.

Thank you for your time and Consideration!

The Coho Society looks forward to seeing you at the 33rd Annual Coho Festival!


August 1st 7:30 -10:30pm -- A Special Night of Celebrations!

Join us in celebrating WVCAC's 44th Birthday and West Vancouver's 100th Birthday with music, refreshments, a draw, fireworks and more!

Head on down to the waterfront for a FREE outdoor concert with the West Vancouver Heritage Choir, and Nicole Thomas Zycyzynski on the front deck of West Vancouver's favourite Heritage cottage and arts facility...

"The Silk Purse"!

Come meet the Board of the West Vancouver Community Arts Council, tour our facility, and learn more about our mission, our programs, and services, and enjoy some refreshments... before settling in for the spectacular Fireworks show. You'll even have a chance to win a 50/50 draw! What could be more fun? SEE YOU THERE!

> Wednesday August 1 & Saturday August 4

Bard-B-Q & Fireworks - two nights left! The Merry Wives of Windsor or The Taming of the Shrew

Performance time: 6pm; $105.00 (includes play ticket and dinner). More info...

Don't miss your chance to attend this truly special night. Call us at 604 739 0559 and book today!

NEW in 2012 - Bike Valet & Free Gift!

Bike to Bard on a Fireworks evening and receive complimentary bike valet parking. The first 200 patrons who bring their bikes will also receive a free reusable water bottle from West Point Cycles. 

Visit Audience Services during a Fireworks evening and enter for a chance to win the grand prize - a brand new 2012 Trek commuter bike from West Point Cycles valued at $819!


HAF Visual Arts Group Exhibit Opening Reception!

Everyone is welcome. No admission charge. As in past years, the Silk Purse Gallery is proud to be one of three venues exhibiting the works of local artists juried into the 2012 HAF visual arts exhibition!

This year we will also be host to an opening reception from 6 - 8pm. Everyone is welcome to come and join us, to kick off the Visual Arts component of the 2012 Harmony Arts Festival!

=== HEADSUP 15B === Aug 4

Some events in the coming week -- of course Celebration of Light Sat 4th (in G&C's humble opinion, Vietnam better than Brazil with some exceptional synchronicity and can't wait to see what Italy will do):

Aug 5 and 6 Early Music; Aug 8 WV Leisure Guide; Aug 10 MusicFest Vancouver (Gershwin); Aug 11 NASA and Mars Rover (our own rocket scientist); {TRAINWATCH (Boys' Toys); QTN/THOUGHT/PUN -- in WVM16 now}

Don't forget -- our Harmony Arts Festival from Aug 3 to 12; see http://harmonyarts.ca/ 

and -- The Point Atkinson Light Station Tours -- on the hour from noon to 3pm August 6th (BC Day) with no public access to the tower interior.  They will highlight the Radio Room/Fog Alarm Building, which houses information on the history of the Light Station, its workings, and the life of its keepers.  Mention will also be made of the role of the Canadian Armed Forces at the Light Station during World War II and the current status of this National Historic Site.

People should register by leaving their names and contact information with pointatkinsonpals@hotmail.com.  Meet at the station gate. {later was sent correction to: pointatkinsonpals@gmail.com }


The 2012 Vancouver Early Music Festival continues this Sunday with an extraordinary Canadian debut:

The Early Moderns:  Extravagant and Inventive Music of the 17th Century

Sunday August 5 at 8pm    Pre-concert introduction at 7:15 

Roy Barnett Recital Hall, UBC School of Music,  6361 Memorial Road, UBC campus

Quicksilver, ensemble for seventeenth-century music:

Robert Mealy & Julie Andrijeski directors & violins; Greg Ingles trombone; Dominic Teresi dulcian; Charles Weaver theorbo

with guest Christopher Bagan harpsichord & chamber organ

"Parents, it™s more okay than ever to raise your children to play the dulcian and theorbo. 

-- Laurence Vittes, huffingtonpost.com

Renowned for their œdrop-dead gorgeous playing (Early Music America), Quicksilver is dedicated to exploring the rich chamber music repertoire of the early modern period. Their debut performance in Canada includes virtuosic music by Johann Kaspar Kerll, David Pohle, Antonio Bertali, and others. See Quicksilver in performance at the Boston Early Music Festival: http://youtu.be/__nC1ZzDywA

For more information, please visit: http://www.earlymusic.bc.ca/CF02-Quicksilver.html


Early Music in Context: 

The Cabinet of Wonders:

The Extravagant Musical Inventions of 17th-Century Germany

A lecture by Robert Mealy  Monday August 6 from 5:30 - 6:30  UBC School of Music 

Admission is free. Seating is limited. 

The seventeenth century was a difficult time to be alive in Germany: endless wars, famine, and plagues swept across the countryside, eventually reducing the population by a third. As one escape from these painful realities, connoisseurs and intellectuals turned to creating their own imaginative worlds, embodied in the extraordinary collections that made up a savant's Wunderkammer. Violinist and professor Robert Mealy presents a talk about the connections between these extravagant objects and the virtuosity and passion of the music that was so closely tied into this culture.

For full list of "Early Music in Context" lectures, pls visit: http://www.earlymusic.bc.ca/W-Lectures-EMiC.html


Leisure Guide -- The 2012 Fall & Winter Leisure Guide has arrived.

Bursting with more than 3,500 courses, programs, workshops, lectures, and trips the Fall 2012 / Winter 2013 Leisure Guide is guaranteed to keep family members of all ages busy for the next six months....

Available online now, and at various locations across the North Shore on August 8, you don™t have many more sleeps left until registration day on August 15.

Priority registration begins at 6 a.m. for West Vancouver residents; everyone is welcome to register starting at 8 a.m. on August 15. Priority registration does not apply to Seniors' Activity Centre programming....

For the full information pls see:   http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=18338


MusicFest Vancouver presents the Odlum Brown Gala Opening Concert:

Here to Stay: The Gershwin Experience

This concert launches MusicFest Vancouver with the Canadian premiere of a multimedia concert event at the historic Orpheum Theatre that celebrates one of the greatest teams of collaborators in the history of American music.

Our guide for this glittering evening is the renowned pianist and Gershwin interpreter Kevin Cole. The brilliant singer Sylvia McNair, vocalist/tap sensation Ryan VanDenBoom, and our own Grammy Award-winning Vancouver Symphony Orchestra led by guest conductor Leslie Dala, join together for this unique and entertaining insight into the legendary duo, George and Ira Gershwin.

Gershwin family photos, rare video clips, and elegant, visual elements provide a distinctive and unique experience, plus there will be an unforgettable offering of the Gershwin brothers' best. Performances include The Man I Love, I Got Rhythm, Strike Up the Band, Summertime, 'S Wonderful, and many more.

Friday August 10  --  8pm --  Orpheum Theatre

Order your tickets online OR call 1.877.840.0547 (toll free)

> SATURDAY AUGUST 11th -- 8pm

Special Presentation at the BAG: 'NASA Jim' (Jim Meyers) & the Mars Rover Curiosity

Admission by donation.  Proceeds to the Squamish Streamkeepers.

Come join "NASA Jim" (our very own Rocket Scientist!) and get an inside view of the processing of the Mars Rover Curiosity and the Atlas V Rocket that launched it at Kennedy Space Center.  Curiosity is scheduled to land at the Gale Crater on Mars at 2231PDT on August 5, 2012.  Curiosity is the 3rd generation of Rovers that have visited Mars and Jim had the privilege to work on the first two generations.

Jim was in the Mission Director's Center, as a guest of NASA, for Launch on November 26, 2011 and will share some of his pictures of the Atlas V and a NASA Public Affairs documentary about the project.

Jim was very fortunate to have his entire career, 37 years, with the Space Agency and worked on 162 Missions, starting with Apollo 7 and finishing with the Launch of the Mars Rovers Spirit and Opportunity in 2003.  He retired as the Lead Launch Operations Manager for Kennedy Space Center for all the Unmanned Missions for NASA.  He spends five months  a year in Squamish and still resides at Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Brackendale Art Gallery Theatre Teahouse, Thor & Dorte Froslev

41950 Government Rd. PO Box 100, Brackendale, B.C., Canada  V0N 1H0

Ph/Fax: 604 898 3333  http://www.BrackendaleArtGallery.com   info@BrackendaleArtGallery.com

=== HEADSUP 15C === Aug 11

best laid plans of mice and men.......

and editors........

WVM16 was to come out yesterday but more delays; here are a few things you might be interested in (but will start with things today -- oops, yesterday :-)):

= enjoy HAF ending Sunday; take in Herpetology events; see Copper and Fire at the Britannia Mine Museum

Details on above and more follow such as

+  EVENTS on now


=  photos with text about the Opening Ceremony (won't be in WVM but will forward on request)

=  fascinating story about the Olympic bell (largest tuned bell in the world)

=  what the Olympic rings stand for

+  QTNS/THOUGHTS/PUNS + Religious Conversion? moved to WVM section}

+  but first -- started yesterday --

ABBOTSFORD AIRSHOW -- August 10 to 12 -- See: abbotsfordairshow.com

50th anniversary!  21 flying shows including Cdn Snowbirds and US Thunderbirds

+ and TODAY --

Burrard Inlet Fish Fest (BIFF) - Public Event Saturday August 11 from 11am - 9pm

Burrard Inlet Fish Fest “ Unceded Coast Salish Territories, Port Moody Inlet Watershed August 11 

The Burrard Inlet Fish Fest is a multidisciplinary arts and cultural experience that celebrates the aquatic ecosystem of the amazing waters that surround us. Port Moody has a diverse history that showcases a once industrial town and western terminus of the railway coupled with a diverse ecosystem. Join us for events throughout the Tri Cities as local and visiting artists share their gifts of live musical performance, art creation, and creative workshops at Rocky Point Park in Port Moody, August 11.

Programming will include a ceremonial canoe journey from Cates Park to Rocky Point Park. Limited spots available for people to participate in the journey.


Music and Performance Stage, HipHop Fish Zone, Live Painting, Art Installations, Comedy and More.

A Project of the Canadian Sound Therapy Arts Society, benefiting Habitat protection and restoration programs in the Burrard Inlet. 

Creative Direction by J Peachy, Indigenous Programming by Mandy Nahanee.

You can also reach us by email:  bifishfest@gmail.com  website. www.fishfest.ca  twitter: @fishfestdotca

+  HERPETOLOGY -- frogs!

UBC, the U of Victoria, and the City of Vancouver will host the 7th World Congress of Herpetology (WCH) in beautiful BC from 8 - 14 August. See: http://www.worldcongressofherpetology.org/

SAVE THE FROGS! at the 7th World Congress of Herpetology

We will have a booth in the exhibitor hall during the conference. Please come by and learn about our worldwide amphibian conservation efforts and support SAVE THE FROGS! by purchasing some of our eco-friendly merchandise. 

SAVE THE FROGS! will give two presentations at the conference. Both presentations will be held on Sunday, August 12th, in room Buchanan B213:

Michael Starkey will give a presentation at 11:00 a.m. titled, œInspiring the Next Generation to Care about Amphibians

Dr. Kriger will be giving a presentation at 4:45 p.m. titled, œSAVE THE FROGS! -- Promoting a Society that Respects and Appreciates Nature and Wildlife"

Thank you for your support and we look forward to meeting you!

Sincerely,  Michael G. Starkey

SAVE THE FROGS! - Advisory Cmte Chair, Ecologist   www.savethefrogs.com    http://savethefrogs.com/michael-starkey

303 Potrero Street #51, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 USA   Office: 831-621-6215    starkey@savethefrogs.com

Save The Frogs is America's first and only public charity dedicated to amphibian conservation. Our mission is to protect amphibian populations and to promote a society that respects and appreciates nature and wildlife.

August 11th, SAVE THE FROGS! at Yaletown Brewing Company

Come meet SAVE THE FROGS! Executive Director Dr. Kerry Kriger and Advisory Committee Chairman Michael Starkey for some good brews, good food, and more! Hang out, talk frogs, and have a good time!

This event will be held at the Yaletown Brewing Company on Saturday, August 11th, and will go from 8 to 9:30pm. YBC is located at 1111 Mainland Street

Anyone is welcome, but please RSVP here: https://docs.google.com/a/savethefrogs.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dHZNek9nWmlBMFhmc0x6RWNjSW9wRnc6MQ


Britannia Mine Museum -- Sunday August 12 from 10am to 4pm

Join us for our premiere event showcasing musicians and the crafts of local artists!

œOur signature Copper & Fire Arts Event is a unique opportunity for people to see the connections between art and mined materials from the earth, says Kirstin Clausen, Executive Director. œAs the saying goes, ˜if you can™t grow it, it must be mined™. It™s thrilling to see how these talented artists can morph and transform metal and minerals into amazing art pieces.

The Copper & Fire Arts Event features local artists such as metal workers using copper and bronze, ceramic artists using a number of different mediums, and jewellers. There will also be several musicians performing live music throughout the day.

The museum will also provide hands-on workshops and arts and crafts activities for kids of all ages including face painting, copper wire sculpture and bead jewelry.

Free for members or with regular admission.    http://britanniaminemuseum.ca/

PS to Headsup 15C [Aug 11]

So sorry, inadvertently omitted.  The Perseid Meteor Shower was last night at 12:21am. Tonight it's around or after midnight.....

Some say peak Aug 11 and 12, others the peak Aug 13.

See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perseids

or watch this informative video wch says there are Apple and Android apps 

-- Perseids shown/explained on an interesting video***

on http://earthsky.org/astronomy-essentials/earthskys-meteor-shower-guide

EarthSky™s meteor shower guide for 2012

The peak of the 2012 Perseid meteor shower is here. Northern Hemisphere observers are seeing over 60 meteors per hour in a dark sky.

~~~   Here™s what NASA has to say (if this doesn't come up, you can click on the video when you bring up the earthsky website above): EarthSky™s top 10 tips for meteor-watcher

August 2012 guide to the five visible planets

Don™t miss the next sky event. Sign up for EarthSky News by email

>>> Look up and enjoy the magic of the heavens!

===  COUNCIL NOTES Monday July 23rd ===

BEST EFFORTS! As you know I type while they speak. Lots of abbreviations (see the glossary) and gaps. The timestamps let you know approximately where you'll find the item/discussion when watching the videotape on the DWV website, so you can get the points/exchanges in full. Sometimes you'll see xxx indicating something that's missing so you don't think there was no further comments/information given. (Clarification/corrections welcome.)


Note: At 6pm the sp Ccl Mtg will commence in open session (in the MFCR), immediately followed by a motion to exclude the public. At 7pm the open session will reconvene (in the Council Chamber) for consideration of the scheduled agenda items.

1. Call to Order.


2. RECOMMENDED: THAT in the public interest, public be excluded...: 90. (1):

(a) personal information about an identifiable individual who holds or is being considered for a position as an officer,

(c) labour relations or other employee relations;

(e) the acquisition, disposition, or expropriation of land or improvements, if the council considers that disclosure could

reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality;

(k) negotiations and related discussions respecting the proposed provision of a municipal service that are at their

preliminary stages and that, in the view of the Ccl, could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the

municipality if they were held in public.

Purpose of meeting: cmte application, labour relations, proposed provision of municipal service, and land matters.




7:00 PM  

1.  Call to Order of Open Session


- adding to Item 15, report regarding Upper Lands Study;

- moving Items 10, 12, 13, 15 to 19, and 21 to the Consent Agenda;

- adding Item 22.15 re Cmnty Infrastructure Improvement FundGrant Applicn “ John Lawson Park Playground 

3.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES -- the July 9, 2012 special and regular Council Meeting Minutes


4. Ambleside and Dundarave Ratepayers™ Association re Survey Results “ Proposed 1300 Block Redevt

Keith Pople, VP ADRA:  as to three minutes; told ten minutes

Mayor: no, no: I  always forget to tell ppl they can speak to any agenda item and limited to three minutes; you're a delegation, you're exempt but we'll hold you to a firm ten minutes

KP: I'm a director of ADRA and am speaking on their behalf

On June 20,the Ambleside & Dundarave Ratepayers' Association (ADRA) held a meeting regarding the pending development of the 1300 block Marine Drive.

The meeting was advertised in a local newspaper and was open to all West Vancouver residents.

We estimate that the meeting attracted approximately 200 people, less than half of whom were ADRA members.

Many speakers conveyed concerns and frustrations with:

¢ The uncertainty resulting from the exclusion of development parameters for three Ambleside business areas in our Official Community Plan.

¢ The view that insufficient safeguards are in place to preserve a village-like community character.

¢ The feeling that citizens™ opinions (particularly those about heights and densities) are not considered when planning [neighbourhood] development.

At no time did any speaker object to redevelopment or revitalization but they did feel that the parameters of such activities should be both well known and reflective of community character.

ADRA took the opportunity of this meeting to distribute a survey. We received a total of 119 responses, exactly. We were able to confirm West Vancouver residency for a total of 110. The nine we could not confirm residency for are not included in the tabulation.

It should be noted that the majority of survey respondents were not ADRA members.

Here are the survey responses: Because of time restrictions on this presentation I will cover only the major findings of our survey. The complete results will be submitted to the Mayor and Council by letter later this week and present will be on List of Correspondence for other residents to see.

> Question #1 “ Do you feel that the height and density approved for the 1300 block Marine Drive will set a precedent for subsequent developments in both Ambleside and Dundarave? [YES/NO/UNSURE]

Over 90% of the responders felt that the manner in which this block is developed will set a precedent. If Ccl believe it will not establish a precedent we suggest they develop credible evidence to demonstrate otherwise.

> Question 2 (a) “ Do you feel that the pending development at 1300 Marine should have a prescribed height limit?

More than 95% of the responders felt there should be a height limit.

Those respondents wanting a height limit were asked:

> Question 2 (b) what maximum height would you support?

More than 80% of the responses favoured structures three storeys or lower, which is similar to [what] we currently have in the Ambleside area and elsewhere in the village.

[Residents apparently feel that fitting in with the neighbourhood character means that heights should be similar to elsewhere in the village.]

> Question 3(a) “ Do you feel that the special site at 1300 block Marine should have an upward {maximum} density limit?

87.3% of the responders said œYes

Those that wanted a height limit were asked:

> Question 3(b) If YES, what upward [increased] density limit would you support?

[ Lower than 1.75 FAR / 1.75 FAR / Higher than 1.75 FAR / Other (specify) / Unsure/No answer ]

Of interest here is that 45.5%, favoured a density LOWER than the 1.5 FAR {sic?} currently allowed in the OCP.

{need to doublecheck; the three special zones are permitted over four storeys and a 1.75 FAR -- Ed.}

> Question 4 “ Do you feel that the District should sell municipally-owned lands?

[ Yes / No / Only to purchase other land / Other (specify) / Unsure/No answer ]

79% of the responders felt the land should be leased,

5% favoured selling this land and

15% favoured using sale revenue to purchase other land

ADRA feels that the advice council received describing the lease option as being œtoo complex may be inaccurate, and furthermore that a recommendation to sell rather than lease may have been influenced by a desire to generate funds for a new PSB.

We believe that there should be no linkage between the funding of a new Public Safety Building and the sale of the District™s 1300 block property.

> Question #5 “ Is there adequate parking in the Ambleside business district?

70% of our responders felt there is inadequate parking

This differs from the Ambleside Streetscape strategy which has proposed reductions to both parking places and parking times. ADRA feels that this strategy may not have received adequate attention by traffic and parking consultants.

We believe that our survey has identified some problems and some opportunities would like to work with the District to explore alternatives and solutions.

We are sure that the prospect of repeating this development process again, and again, for the other two special sites in Ambleside is a daunting thought for Council “ as it certainly is for residents.

Rather than approaching these potential developments on an ad hoc basis, it may be preferable to:

¢ Revisit and revise the OCP, and/or,

¢ Supplement the OCP with a [careful] community-developed, growth plan which would

¢ Establish the specific neighbourhood characteristics that citizens value in order to both preserve these characteristics and to incorporate them in future development;

¢ Emplace individual neighbourhood growth plans to ensure that neighbourhoods develop in a manner that retains the characteristics that residents would like to see retained.

¢ Provide an inventory of properties that are vacant or have devt potential in order to project potential growth.

¢ Ensure that infrastructure such as roads, transit, water, and sewer will support future demand.

We believe that the 1300 block Marine Drive can and should be redeveloped in a manner that serves the District™s interests and that retains the village characteristics residents want.

We respectfully submit our information and views and hope that Council and residents can work together in developing suitable plans for this area.

Thank you for the opportunity of submitting this information.

 We will be submitting this information in writing.

Mayor: thank you for making the presentation.  Anybody have questions?

Sop: thank you for the questions, straightforward and succinct

for the 120-odd ppl who responded, this is for the greater good of the cmnty; wd like to see something that wd be a little larger than that

certainly the area is a consideration, due diligence

receive your question

We have nothing in front of us; haven't seen anything; waiting

was at the mtg, welcome your questions...

KP: I realize that; we realize that; just saying what we wd like to see happen there so that you're aware of this when discussing things with devprs

our sampling, not a big one, but not just mbrs of ADRA

more than 50% of respondents non-ADRA so general popn

{[7:17] Sop moved thanks, to ADRA}

Mayor: and thanks to the ADRA group


5. Reports from Mayor and Councillors on Boards, Committees, and Working Groups

> CC: NSh Emerg mtg: most of the subject devts on that front in next couple of months

> Sop: ABA re parking

also trip up to Black Crk interceptor, examined trees; rather interesting; guess in hindsight say 

road to move equipment in

[audience mbr shaking head}

in middle trees

in hindsight Panz made motion; no further work until determination; think unless it comes by this Ccl

I feel we have examined this area

we mean biz wrt the motion set forth; unfortunate thing, done due diligence

interceptor takes water off in high months to Eagle Lake although pipe not situated in right position

{See note re water licence under Black Crk at beginning: can't take water July, Aug, Sept; do need this explained.}

> MAB: attended ABA and staff will be presenting on that

thx to Hugh Hamilton and Alex, my own private view of Blk Crk diversion proj, nothing like seeing it in person to appreciate the xxx and the tragedy of the large trees taken

> ML: I too enjoyed the tour with Black Crk

mtg MetroV 2013 budget

DepCAO and I met with Ch of Comm last week re fee for service, 

> Sop: may I ask ML a question?

any indications from CAO and new chair how Metro looks at operating and dollars spent?

ML: in fairness, new chair and new CAO not present at the Finance mtg

Mayor Walton (NV) who is Chair of F; along w/ other mbrs v cognizant impact Metro costs on residents

Sop: making any change?

Mayor: guess you'll have to stay tuned, Cclr Sop

Sop: bn waiting 16 years and haven't seen any changes!

Mayor: patience is a virtue

Sop: I guess, yeah

> TP: for clarification, the new CAO doesn't start until Sept, Cclr Sop, so I'm sure you'll be pressing that issue then

Mayor: we cd possibly invite her to appear before Ccl, after she's settled in

ML: maybe with just Cclr Sop

Mayor: I'll just give a quick report on a more positive note

we've had some negative issues the last few ccl mtgs, so on a more positive light, I had coffee with Marsha Bergen, our Library Board Chair; brought me up to date on what's happening at the Lib, and the good work Cclr Panz has been doing as our rep

we have about 43K ppl a month who visit the Lib; 27K visit the website

circulating over 1M items

and the summer reading club, I was quite interested in this, already -- and the information is already a week old -- there were 1405 chn and teams signed up

and there's going to be a new teen space at the Lib

over 10% of WV teens already hv participated in the Lib surveys to determine what kind of, how that new space is going to work and what it's going to look like

so lots of interesting things happening at the Library

we have a seminar coming up called the Future of Libraries and Cities with the futurist Thomas Grey; Marsha assures me something worthwhile attending

Mr McRadu and Ms Leemhuis, to their credit, came up with enough money to send ten reps from the District on Oct 23rd in Langley

Marsha said the Library Board and staff will take a good number of those positions but if any mbr of Ccl or any of our other staff want to attend, contact Cclr Panz and book a spot

there's my positive report

[7:24]  motion to receive?

> MAB: Sorry, Mr Mayor, did you want to report on Police Bd liaison mtg we had?

Mayor: there's a Police Bd mtg--

MAB: --We had a liaison mtg--  

Mayor: I thought I'd wait until we have this Police Bd mtg on Thurs; wd make a really meaty report everyone can look forward to in Sept

MAB: all right

[and she made the motion]

{hm -- didn't see that mtg on the DWV Calendar; ipso facto closed}

6. Development Permit Application No. 11-071 (975-977 Keith Road) (File: 1010-20-11-071)

At the July 9 regular mtg, Ccl received the report dated July 2 re the DPA and set the date for consideration for July 23. No other reports and no written submissions have been received to date (July 19).


Geri Boyle: application, across the street from Lot One of the Ev Dr project, under construction

proposal to build duplex with variances one with a sec ste, the east one; bldg proposed under the FAR at 0.47 and permitted 0.5

site coverage 37% vs 40% permitted 

[7:27] access {gave}

two two-car garages, two on-site parking spaces; compacted gravel path

SLIDES [section drawing] xxx....... 

has pop-out, location for solar panels

three variances: roof overhangs b/c of triangular shape of property; high building face; articulating to be exempt; to increase non-exempt area

reason from applicant's response to DRC wch suggested elevation of basement fewer retaining walls on N side but impact ht of face

final variance wrt the N elevation and entry (covered)

staff is supportive of all the variances; note project gone to cmte, provided more comments; received support

applicant and architect here

TP: any results of public info mtg?

GB: I attended, nbrs from across the street and abutting nbr

wd not say any objections; concerns about general traffic, and removal of trees

TP: noticed slope and removal of trees on blvd

any concerns about erosion on M blvd and is that sufficient to deal with that slope and erosion?

GB: geotechnical to assist us but b/c the trees coming down and we are getting walls constructed

[pointing] these are all new plantings

retaining walls quite short, 4ft in height, so not just planting on slope

retaining walls will support that planting system

TP: also concerned about Keith Rd and the blvd unless I misunderstood 

GB: some clearing and replanting on the west, sorry on east

general cleanup

Sop: comment was made during Design Review wrt devt of sgl-fam homes, whether duplex or not

price of land forcing individs to always seek variance, going for max on the prop

is this what we're finding now, variance b/c of bulk and massing of the bldg?

Sokol: in WV ppl do tend to build to max allowable

{wish speakers wd differentiate between those who come to WV to make money (devpr, house as an investment) and those building a house for themselves to live in.  The choices are often different. For example, I've heard new homeowners say they wish there were more trees while the devpr has cleared the lot b/c cheaper and faster to build -- quite apart from any money from the timber.}

majority do not come to Ccl b/c building according to bldg bylaw

this b/c of direction DRC had re variances and we feel wd be better project than without

MAB: corner lots any consideration re sight lines coming from Duchess and Keith?

GB: discussed and examined at some length

plantings going in, taken that into consideration

Sop: does ev house that does not come before Ccl have a requirement as a policy that they invite the nbrs to see?

Sokol: no

if someone's building according to zoning bylaws and reqmts can't obligate someone to do that

Sop: do you think a good idea if altering the nbrhd to have a mtg about putting in a house that's massive or large?

Mayor: not on the topic; might want to make a motion

Sop: so moved



RECOMMENDED: THAT all written and verbal submissions be received for information.

IRECOMMENDED: THAT the DPA, wch wd allow for a duplex dwelling with zoning bylaw variances to reduce certain yards and increase the highest building face envelope, be approved.


7. Boulevard Encroachment Permit No. 12-013 (825 Farmleigh Road) (File: 1010-20-12-013)

Mayor: public wanting to speak but will have presentation first

GB: [SLIDE] posts 1.8m proposal for 2.6m

lights on it and we have no objection to that; second reqmt is for driveway gates

b/c someone wd hv to stop on the road, recom not approved

20% grade shown some years ago

proposed gates can't swing inward b/c of slope; sliding wd be better

gates were constructed, hv bn removed pending the outcome of this mtg

CC: report; didn't say built -- presume built to a permit

GB: no, weren't; were discovered afterwards

CC: so that's why not conforming

only just have to remove actual gates; pillars we say can remain

GB: can have pedestrian gate, pillars, a bit overheight and light on top but cd stay

wd not be allowed to reinstall the vehicle gates

Sop: counted 19 gates on St George's and 7 on this block; many recessed

wd this applicant able at own cost to move pillars up their driveway to allow a car to exit before gates open?

GB: the applicant wd have to ask that Q; have encouraged them to try to come up with a diff soln but they wanted to bring to Ccl

MAB: these are automatic gates? use a remote to open?

GB: will ask applicant to comment; don't have those details

MAB: it matters b/c if remote, I know I open my garage about a half block away and when I get there door open so I don't have to stop

TT?: My name is Timalka (sp?) resident of WV for over 30 years, living in nbrhd helping nbr who lives next to me

Mayor: your address? owner? 825? for the record

Ans: 690 Greenwood Rd

looking at photos, easy to spot many gates and fences within District blvds; counted over 40 with gates within the blvd

like to concentrate why this gate is where it is

to protect public from fairly dangerous situation; this driveway, steep gradient

Highland Rd 7.5%; most of the time in winter is closed to traffic

gate was erected where old posts were

misled us in reconstructing what was existing without proceeding with formal application

this is the only gate -- no fence, no intention fencing of prop

when fully open, still four and a half feet from roadway; Farmleigh a fairly quiet road

mainly used by owners of the prop to enter the driveway

NAME of Owner: asked him to help me out, been involved for 12 months

xxx; I'm an architect

ev house

sev times ended up on the stairs; damage the stairs

doing the garage addition, bldg permit

asked him, he said probably xxx; spent about $15K

twice; invited cclrs

away for three weeks, bought six months ago

skid marks; one to prevent anyone to go up the driveway

second, liability I cd be liable b/c didn't warn them; can't move posts up b/c of angles; spent a lot of time

no intention on my part not to get formal approal

spent so much time talking to Planning Dept  allow xxx and not xxx

Mr X did; doesn't understand xxx and not

Mayor: answer the Q how open

ANS: arrive 

have to have xxx gates to comply; allow them

issue v big Planning Dept; that we had to stop on Farmleigh Rd and wait to get in

driving eight yrs on Eyremount and can't see how they xxx; xxx 15 min

traffic re opening of the gate

Mayor: you've used your three min

Sop: permit to do the work, the gate and the pillars

ANS: no, following existing

Sop: staff wd hv told you not proper place for posts

been advised; and you wd have built it differently

if major probs with driveway, why not alter the driveway; rather stopping cars going up

ML: why cdn't the gate slide from left to right [pointing]?

ANS:  xxx; access to ditch, culvert unstable

ML: xxx; have you examined slide as opposed to open?

ANS: had an accident, hit by a car there

Friend: sharply

ML: my point is simply that you have not investigated a range of options; slide one on another

Mayor: have that discussion, if and when we get a motion on  the floor

CC made motion: THAT the Boulevard Encroachment to allow:

1.  a driveway gate constructed in the boulevard be denied; and                 

2.  2.16m pedestrian gate posts inclusive of lights, constructed within the boulevard, be approved.

Mayor: are we assuming opening outward?

Sokol: ...

GB: any driveway gate requires Ccl approval; none allowed

not surprising we do find them in the cmnty 

Mayor: if want to come back with an inward opening, have to come back to Ccl

GB: correct

MAB: 2003 no gates policy just on M prop?

GB: the one of cars stopping waiting for the gates to open

purely a safety issue for that policy

CC: wrt Cclr L, applicant hasn't explored options

fact that there are other gates xxx; hardly a reason to have more

sev options proponent shd explore

understand some things have to be reconfigured but that's the price of safety

MAB: xxx; gates on my block; safety; chn; inclined not to support



8. Ambleside and Dundarave Parking (File: 1800-01)

Sokol: two to one hour; ABA and Chamber asked to get feedback

received ten written submissions and none in favour; org gen non-supportive

July 10 benefits might be achieved by changing one or two spots per block to 15-min

xxx felt approach had merit

promoting parking in rear

concern in Amb/Dund employees parking

benefits from an educational prog

ML: on-street parking b/c a bylaw enforcement

acq of bylaw enforcement vehicle with cameras

Sokol: expecting delivery with cameras within next two weeks

making s/w work ... facility

John Cave: 1360 MDr; speaking for myself

possibly conflict drycleaners drop off, 711, and then the ppl who have to look a what kind of biz

hair, nails service industry, starting to look 30 to 40% want more than two hours

men more than two hours; wd be women


faced with going to PkRoyal, free and unlimited parking

why did I come there

wdn't have to worry about a van with cameras

someone in there doing a safari and world cruise

I'm bringing it to city hall b/c you're driving the biz away from us

no one wants 15 min; Giuseppe the tailor dropping something off; we have xxx

store hasn't been rented out b/c ev thing's going to be closing doors

with the nimbys in WV, about three to five years

three-storey high buildings

hard to believe renters can tell us how shd be xxx; always five to ten spaces in 1300blk; rarely can't get

Bellevue two-hour; taken up mostly by real estate

through to 1700blk taken by employees; have to find a way to have a shuttle service

ppl can park -- shuttle to bring employees into to Amb

wd hv parking; parking is taken up by employees

in our biz we have one parking space we use, the others come in by bus

some place; find somewhere... {shuttle ev 15 min}

Mayor: good suggestion, wrapping up?

JC: finished

Mayor: good suggestion, thank you -- and for your brother's band too!

seems like a good suggestion, picking something up, etc., proposing 15min spots in ev block?

Sokol: if Ccl wanted to direct us to be more selective, we cd do that

biz constantly change; wd look at it

TP: moved

1.  Staff establish two [fifteen-minute] parking spaces on each MDr block face in Amb & Dund to provide for more turnover of parking and allow for availability of parking for quick visits to businesses; and

2.  The District request that the Ch of Comm and the Amb and Dund Biz Assns work with biz owners to better promote rear parking to their customers and to discourage the use of on-street parking by employees.

MAB: follow up on your question, Mr Mayor

two on each side; so 1400 two each; I'd prefer starting with one spot

13th to Dund

certain blocks no problems and others more high use; giving up two full spots may be overkill; one if used

Mayor: go to Panz; possibly cd...

TP: supportive of the motion; familiar with what happened at the Library

just checked with Mgr of Operations, worked so well having those two in front of the Lib

good compromise opening up

ppl need to know consistency; one thing that needs to be stressed

parking lines not properly designated; know some concerns on Clyde

no 2; want to continue working with biz owners

laneways; how access them better

Mr Cave's suggestion about xxx parking for employees

little concerned big shift

laneways and how use in future; make them more animated and vibrant than today; biz.... engage

Sop: (used to work on MDr) got so many tix shd erect a statute

running out and moving our cars, clients' cars

bylaw not rubbing off; got a consultant and said xxx; 15min xxx

finding a spot; choose your spots where you're putting them, not at end, middle; out and for another person

consideration of our batmobile xxx in; that's a start

if it didn't work, then stuff it

we did have one at 15th and MDr; 15 minutes only, know was there b/c I got phone calls b/c over 15min

was it successful?  I don't know

CC: the purpose of us [sic] doing this pilot project is to benefit the Amb Biz

so it seems to me quite strange we'd force it upon businesses that say it's going to hurt their biz

I'm persuaded by Mr Cave's submissions

shd have a proviso if blocks where most don't want, not benefit their biz, we shd be receptive to that, and exempt them from the reqmts

in Amb some benefit -- banks, drycleaner, liquor store -- if some blocks, like Mr Cave's, no biz wd benefit why ramming it down their throats

friendly amendment, add to 1, if block all businesses petition they be exempted from reqmt 

ML: point of clarity; N, S, or whole block?

CC: N/S separation b/c as I use them, convenience is--

ML: may I suggest what's right for Mr Cave on the S side in 1300 block, perhaps wd not be--

CC: right; I wd differentiate by side of street; it works quite well outside the Library

Mayor: let's clarify what's being proposed

1a existing motion, then 1b, if all residents on one side petition staff that they don't want it, then we won't do it in that block?

CC: yes

Mayor: is that the intent of the motion?

CC: yes, it is

Mayor: incorporate that as 1a and 1b, Ms Scholes, okay?

CC: mover and seconder have to approve that

Mayor: good point

SSch: yes

CC: I so move

MAB: second

Mayor: have mover and seconder; is this a 1a, 1b, or a totally separate motion?

why not press on with what we have on the floor, you can then move your motion to exempt any block that petitions staff

SSch: cd call the vote on the existing motion, then have the new amendment proposed after that

Mayor: sounds like a good idea to me

Sop: I question this; I didn't see you at mtg with the Amb ratepayers or Mr Cave

My thoughts were they supported the idea of what we put down here.

{hm; MAB was not at the mtg b/c she's in conflict of interest (husband connected to Grosvenor); at ADRA's mtg they said inadequate parking; agreed looking for a solution but having one-hour only parking plus 15min parking may not be what they had in mind} 

Mayor: we're speaking now of--

Sop: I'm talking about the motion we put down

suddenly we're going into making motions in [?] the fly, here 

if ABA said two hours fine, a little flexibility re 15min and a look-in for a year, see how it goes, that's what they stated, that's what we follow, that's what the staff took home, and worked on...

Mayor: that's the motion on the floor

MAB: I was at that mtg {ABA} and there were only eight biz there, hard

in general, discuss, didn't put number to it; they were in favour of trying it, that's why I raised my question about maybe going with one or being more selective

not a representative group from Amb/Dund; valued of course but not a v big group, unfortunately

{interesting -- about 200 at the ADRA organized mtg and only eight businesses at the ABA mtg}

Sop: --in hindsight--

Mayor: just a sec; got a motion on the floor, moved and seconded; so can I call the question on that motion

Sop: yes

Mayor: all those in favour?

{many speaking; general confusion}

ML: if motion, how do we do amendment?

Mayor: then we're going to have a separate motion saying that-- 

MAB: doesn't pass--

ML: everybody just voted in favour

Mayor: No, we voted for a motion, then we're saying we're prepared to exempt those blocks where the merchants all petition

makes totally logical sense; we've got a motion on the floor, so let's call the question


SSch: there was an amendment made to the motion that has a mover and seconder, so the question wd need to be called on the amendment first

Mayor: so does the amendment not change the intent of the motion?

SSch: but then the amendment wd be applied to the main motion, and the question wd be called on the main motion

Mayor: so what is the amendment we're going to vote on?

SSch: that if there are any blocks that so petition that they be exempted from the 15min parking spaces on MDr

Mayor: so we first vote on the amendment?

SSch: correct

CC: two things

I'd be prepared to withdraw the amendment as you suggested, Mr Mayor

secondly, the intent of the motion was that if all the biz on a particular block N or S so petition

so not 50 + 1; if none of the biz benefit from it why are we forcing them to do it (not in their interst0?

Mayor: why don't we do it the way Ms Scholes in her wisdom suggested

we'll have the, you call it, an amendment to the motion so, first vote on the amendment.

All those in favour of the amendment


Mayor: the unanimity is overwhelming

{undiscernible comments}

ML: can I just ask Mr Sokol for clarity? has to be a petition? a referendum? a secret ballot or?

Sokol: way worded by Cclr Cameron, we'd need unanimity of all owners in the block, that's clear

less clear to me how we might--

ML: so you're comfortable you have a method to administer that?


Sokol: It is less than clear what happens where there are two biz, one on second floor

Mayor: obviously staff can use their judgement 

CAO: clear direction from Ccl that if any biz on that block not in favour, then won't have a 15min, so if biz

Several say: NO

CAO: so we need clarification

CC: if all of the biz on a particular 100block, divided between N and S, petition the City [sic] wch means write to the city/District a letter saying, we wd like to be exempted, it does not meet our biz interests; we will so allow them to be exempted

Mayor: so up to the businesses -- if there are 15, the 15 biz get together in the block

ML and CAO: all 15?

CAO: that's unanimity

Sokol:  so we just need to receive letter from one saying--

CC: signed by all

Mayor: signed by all; what cd be clearer


9. Wireless Communication Facilities Policy Modernization (File: 2515-05)

GB: said we'd come back with a draft policy

imp to provide in formulating the policy

criteria as to where and how

visible xxx

top floor units without penalty

directing them to UL and x corridor not resid

shd not xxx views

second part of the policy deals with process

on basis of type of facility: rooftop be dealt with staff; talking about towers, talking about public mtgs and Ccl resoln

draft policy be made av to mid Sept

when Dir of Communications returns from vacation next week post on web and xxxx

use it to start reviewing applications while we try to modernize the policy

Sop: look at moving ahead with the process and you haven't got the full of the public or Ccl

we're asking Ccl's permission to move these xxx ahead

wd not have a public mtg in the summer months

we may have one proposal in front of us

Sop: you have one from WIND

nbrhd there out to see them a little disturbed

what beside website re new position

construct on dept of hwys x ft towers

find this INCREDIBLE proposal to us in this cmnty when we've said the hwy or close to we wd not look

this is a Rogers proposal and that's not all

other xxx in other areas

in the education of the public, it's their biz to buy their kids phones or

my xxx in prep for a bylaw -- since 1996 -- ev right for the public to say ...

I see out of the three policies only one has for Ccl to vote on

other two Ccl no say neither wd the public have a say

GB: think the fdn of the policy bringing forward for public discussion

whole xxx construction xxx fed policy

don't want to get in position of saying no

we did have one -- in Burkehill

not no across the board but no in certain areas

other considerations and we need the package of themxxxx

that's why bring forward this pkg at this time

MAB or TP: how many between now and end of Sept?

GB: ten talked about

wd not be able to process through; just start xxx

TP: how many home-based biz wd rely on

GB: defer to Sokol

TP: looking at xxx request -- has that ever happened? Dist says no and xxx [8:27}

GB: don't know can get specifics but yes

TP: top floor tenants; how communicated?

have a situation; someone not aware moved in and health issues

GB: talking about a new rooftop facility going in

tail end of bldg permit

notification, response; haven't worked out the details

ML: this seems to be dealing with cellular services

free-standing; rooftop

my understanding was that we asked staff what we saw of the evolution of the industry sufficient coverage

what might that look like


don't see that here; missing the boat here; industry evolved v quickly

this strikes me as backward or stationary; missing the boat

find it a little bit ironic, one of the things we're hoping to touch on later is WiFi

may need more cellular antenna with lower wattage as opposed to high towers we see now

how xxx ... build on xxx

Sokol: that request did come forward

I suggested we need to take a more forward-looking; in the meantime dealing with a policy from 1997

felt imp to get our regs up to 2012 then spend more time to deal with facilities

if we didn't do that we'd still be dealing with 1997

CC: hoping you wd be bringing back a further report for Ccl; long-term projections

what we have here is Rogers is taking a pro-active approach

don't know how many providers, tower

hope future report; impacts xxx; is that staff's intention?

GB: this gives us the basis of having the disc with providers out there today

nothing re already

gives us something solid to talk about

call them rooftops but they're really type ones

gives us basis for going and talking with the industry; a v rapidly changing industry

telephone poles???

another diff way

CC: Ccl only involved in type A?? 

wd like to see

Ccl to be apprised of the bigger picture ... xxx as Cclr L put forward so that's my one suggestion

to locate outside est'd nbrhds

find myself asking myself what does this mean

to be outside?

the WIND proposals in a relatively est'd nbrhd

need clarity -- how far from nearest resid dwelling so public can understand what we're trying to achieve


GB: treated this as a draft policy; that's excellent guidance; you wd like to see us being more descriptive

CC: wrt MAB, is that outside?

argument; doesn't serve anybody; concerned portion of policy wrt tenants

Mayor: is this a question?

CC: wondering if staff have

A rental?

a xxx; and b xxx vacate

less than desirable if nowhere can be located

more substantive; lower floor; [can't hear]

GB: at this point we haven't looked at stronger language

felt we were taking a big leap

particularly b/c of whole regulation of cellular industry from health

tried to strike a balance

vacating is one thing but have to have a place to go

thought it wd be useful to put out for discussion

MAB: to clarify and app draft for a complex issue

2.4 adaptive reuse policy seems to get more at aesthetics rather than health

did hear benefit from lower xxx

given that this one doesn't come before Ccl -- since strength doesn't come into it

GB: we do not have the expertise to deal with the strength issue so not factored in

imp issue; believe correlation between strength and height

sitting beside me is NOT a cellular provider


Andrew Brown PLANNER [8:40]

ML: Appendix B describes; type 2, the future

types 1, 2, 3 installations

shd do ev for these being co-located; don't want a WIND, a Telus, a Rogers?

Sop moved:

1. The draft Policy, dated July 13, and attached as Appendix B to the July 16 report be made available for cmnty

review and comment through September 30, 2012;

shd I do all three?

Mayor: yes

Sop continued:

2. Staff be directed to process current applications for wireless communication facilities generally in accordance

with the policy direction and processes expressed in the draft Policy dated July 13, 2012;

3. Following the cmnty review period, staff report back to Ccl on the results of this process and propose revisions

to the draft policy as appropriate; and

4. Staff be directed to continue ongoing dialogue with CNV and DNV on this and related issues.

Sop: what I find somewhat amusing the bit three in the paper huge demand for equipment, push for cell site towers, will increase

this new proposal coming at us same old story

same old xxx means

look at it and say oh so lovely

it's really frequency of radiation

{scientists say no; it's power, not frequency that's the issue}

extremely imp the public process be larger than the web; some older don't do the Web so not aware

I sat down with Al Williams in 1996 in a closed room; hate to see a friend xxx

assure you we asked first that you'd look at areas away from the public

now looking at diff policies; two of them no say by us or public, that's wrong

Rogers, even discussing WIND on Westport Rd and relying on them for the process, having a mtg, proper

went out to talk to them

they were surprised, alarmed at anything in front of or below them

a bit of work to do

a lot of ppl away in August, July, back in Sept only three or four weeks; have to have a report ready; feel that's enough consultation process for something like this?

Mayor: we're not asking questions now, we're talking motion

in favour or or opposed?  I'm lost--

Sop: you have to--

CC: I have no problem with 1, 3, and 4; also no problem if draft policy

applaud staff's work on this, it's not an easy file

do have an ongoing concern, as I articulated, not sufficiently addressed in long-term planning and policy, Cclr Lewis's point

so I have concern about moving forward with requests, applications in the absence of any long-term major plan; don't know how to address that but we can't just put a stop on ev, but I wd urge staff to proceed with as few specific proposals as possible in the interim until we have a policy in place so the cmnty can have faith and confidence that we have a plan and that we're trying to stick to it

I'd hate to see a bunch of proposals go in under the [gun/ban?] before we have this policy in place

Mayor: okay, anybody else wish to speak? can I call the question. Carried.


Thank you, staff

{skipped -- moved to Consent Agenda 22.6}

10. [30-Year] Foreshore Head Lease between the District of West Vancouver and the Province of British Columbia “ Alternative Approval Process (File: 1640-01/1147-01)


WHEREAS the District has resolved to lease from the Prov of BC for a term of 30 years commencing on or about July 2, 2014 (the œLease) the West Vancouver foreshore;

AND WHEREAS the District under the Lease will incur certain obligations and liabilities that may require the assent of the electors;

NOW THEREFORE Council [resolve] as follows:

1. An Alternative Approval Process {AAP} be provided in relation to the Lease and a Notice of AAP be provided in relation

to the Lease as summarized in Appendix A;

2. Elector responses shall [sic] be in the form set out in Appendix B to the staff report to Council dated July 16, 2012;

3. The deadline for the submission of elector response forms shall [sic] be 4pm on November 1, 2012 (the œDeadline);

4. The M Clerk is [sic] authorized to prepare and publish a Notice of AAP, which notice must be published once each week

for two consecutive weeks with the second notice pubn being at least 30 days before the Deadline;

{5 & 6 [sic]: wrong verb tenses and lack of parallelism}

5. A fair determination of the total number of eligible electors of the District of West Vancouver is 31,732; and

6 Subject to the outcome of the AAP in relation to the Lease, the Mayor and MClk are authorized to sign the New Lease

as attached as Appendix C to the staff report to Council dated July 16, 2012.


11. Kinder Morgan Proposed Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion  (File: 0332-01)

Mayor: we have three ppl wishing to speak; Mr Leigh, first your report, ans questions or what do you want to do?

DepCAO Brent Leigh: outlined what wanted;

These questions and clarifications

recommendations -- that we not support the forthcoming application

Mayor: three mbrs of public

Tara Stafford, xxxx, someone shy b/c Jack

Mayor: limit you to three minutes b/c up against the clock

Tara Stafford: thank M&Ccl for looking at this issue

not a lot to say b/c wrote a letter

live in a beautiful place

no matter how safe accidents happen all the time xxx Gulf and Kalamazoo and Bby

Kinder-Morgan in Bby said Bby's fault b/c they didn't know where line was -- not a good sign

don't want to lose our beaches tourism xxx or my house value to fall

who wd pay for the $20B + to clean it up

Helena Cinnamon: ...

Mayor: funny looking C

HC: passionate about being a mother moved here; enjoy local beauty

started a company xxx

attracted here -- location, location, location

movies being shot here huge xxx

to update my letter: a news report today stated today nothing that can clean up bitumen, no technology; it just sinks

Kalamazoo costs astronomical

even if liable who'd say they'd have three months to honour

back to economics, paying for it our xxx, now hear from Jack

Jack Copps: walked down the street today down 15th swimming in the ocean, cold but beautiful

read the same article about bitumen and don't want that to be in the hands

Mayor: no one else signed up; anyone else?

ML: preface this

this draft by staff was in response to letters received and deis? at last mtg; my request for this

won't read it all out; possible to show it to audience?

SSch: it's on the screen

ML: probably not perfect but we have little jurisdiction over this

but we needed to make a statement

staff does their best in meeting that

Ccl is resolving that KM mitigating measures.......[reading]

probably all we can realistically do

cd go word by word and come up with a better statement but best from Mr Leigh

TP: of course wd love to second

staff have done a fine job; we all believe it can't happen here

remember back in the 70s sp ? -- bunker fuel on Amb each; freighters collided on a clear night

certainly opposed to the expansion; apparently our jurisdiction is limited?

xxx fed govt protecting our xxx; against our xxxx surveys, vision, mission, Parks

b/c of stewardship; looking after our natural heritage

second reason; we have no xxx species protection Act second is Alberta... habitat

third the unexpected financially and environmentally

we do have strong voice

when salmon return to spawn on Lawson not done for years

foreshore; tremendous work of groups

partly presentation at UN -- our work, our foreshore 

have to support this b/c stewardship reps countless hours and resources restoring our foreshore for future generations and don't want to put that at risk

don't think cmnty wd like that kind of risk to our waterfront

CC: WDF (?) has chosen not to have lighting for lifestyle reason

xxx subject to xxx oil spills

one of the things Cclr P touched on, even if no oil spills, there's grey water discharge [9:01]

definitely going to suffer if ev works well

largest source of xxx smog xxx

that's going to increase definitely, not a risk, a certainty

KM has to say how mitigate particulate -- one thing to have rules but somebody has to enforce those rules

fed govt falling all over itself to get out of the area of such enforcement

On Mar 29, fed govt announced they're closing BC's command ctr for emergency oil spills and centralizing oil spill response in Quebec

well, that shd be a great help to us when we have a disaster

even just particulate, who's going to police foreign tankers coming into our ports? can't count on them; no incentive; have to police what's coming out of their engines

hv v little faith it's going to be comprehensive and ensure our air quality isn't going to suffer; I have chn and I don't want to see this go forward

I'm going to propose -- think we need to make a stronger statement

para 3, wch speaks of the Mayor writing to the Prime Minister and others expressing WV's opposition shd be moved to para 1, and as follows:

notwithstanding the foregoing the Mayor write to [lists] expressing WV's strong opposition to any increase of oil tanker traffic through the Port of Vancouver

then track language of Bby and Vanc

quote: "due to signif risks to WV's economic, social, and environmental well-being"; signif and unacceptable risk

my proposed friendly amendment

yes, we may be spitting into the wind but we might as well make as strong a stmt as we can

TP: second

ML: my motion, so have to agree to that

Mayor: have to take out part of the motion?  Ms Scholes, pls help us here

do we delete part of original motion if Cclr Cam's motion passes? not clear how this works

SSch: If I understand it, Clause 3 wd be moved to replace Cl 1 and Cl 1 wd be Cl 2 and renumbered accordingly

Mayor: you've captured the flavour of Cclr Cam's proposed amendment?

SSch: yes, word strong added to opposition and using Bby and V's language due to ...

CC: signif unacceptable risk

Mayor: friendly amendment or change motions?

ML: fine

Mayor: changed motion to include

Sop: we have in Consent Agenda 30-year foreshore lease wch states we'd be responsible for any action on our shores

sign lease with prov; rather disconcerting any spills 

wonder whether we had a legal opinion who's resp for the monies to look after the spills

if we have a lease to protect our foreshore -- third party comes along; looked at legal are we liable?

Brent: prov has regulatory jurisdiction over foreshore

Dist only has resp for their own activities, not third party

under headlease we cd take action against an offender

we'd stand in line to take action

our position is not decreased nor is our liability increased wrt third-party offences of this nature

that is a legal opinion

{Readers, pls note. This is a legal opinion. Don't let them say they're not allowed to make legal opinions public. Depends on what they want the public to know and possibly whether or not embarrassing.}

Sop: support the motion

MAB: also going to support; ten letters from the cmnty

personal comments re importance of our shoreline, our envmt, beauty of our M

risk of impact too great when you consider 300 tankers come in and out of our waters for 33 jobs in our jurisdiction when most of the bitumen is being exported offshore

they're still cleaning up BP mess in New Orleans -- took six wks even to close the xxx

didn't have a plan; not a lot of faith in oil companies to take...; fed govt taking steps to deregulate

strongly support the motion

xxx and huge impact

Mayor: wd certainly take a brave person to speak against



good thing Ccl of 1912

lighting by whale oil and canoes 

over 90 yrs

all refineries built on water so can be reined here; 3 of the 4 now closed

ppl; l think they can always pull into a gas stn and fill up

that's not how it works

I spent

a few years ago we didn't have any product, all came from Japan and Russia

refinery closes in AB have to go to Vancouver Island

over-simplistic to speak out before full facts heard

Nat Energy Bd -- votes and that's not going to happen for three or four years

might make ppl feel good

incorrect for us to xxx before xxx

letter for K-M, not filing application until late 2013, xxx

discuss how you and your cmnty want to be engaged

before even chance to be heard we've already passed a motion

ppl shd wake up and

better off than...

our fed govt and port? provs deep in debt

citizens feel entitled to entitlements

somebody has to make the wealth xxx

Quebec/Maritimes xxx good luck

Ontario de-industrialize?

mining and farming consistent have to get to market

not in favour of oil spills don't know enough of K-M

there is a process; xxx

this motion predates the process; I'm going to vote against it



1. West Vancouver recognizes that:

o Oil exploration, development, and export is in the National interest;

o The current Kinder Morgan operation is essential to regional interests;

o The proposed Kinder Morgan expansion is principally an export strategy that will result in a fivefold increase of tanker

traffic past, and at anchor off, West Vancouver shoreline;

o West Vancouver, through its Foreshore Head Lease, has stewarded its pristine marine envmt for over 30 years; and

o Kinder Morgan is, as noted in their July 11, 2012 letter to Mayor and Council, committed to undertake a full technical,

environmental, and public engagement program with the facilities application scheduled for late 2013;

NOW THEREFORE Council [resolve] as follows:

Kinder Morgan be obligated to:

o demonstrate the mitigating measures in place for any oil spill that would reach West Vancouver shores or marine life;

o indemnify West Vancouver for the amount equal to the projected clean-up of a worst case oil spill, should the National

Energy Board approve this strategy;

o identify the impacts of increased ship size and numbers in relation compromise to foreshore protection efforts arising

from ship wash;

o identify how increased ship passing, and in waiting, by West Vancouver shore line will mitigate the discharge of grey

water, and heavy diesel particulate.

2. West Vancouver™s MP and MLAs be encouraged to ensure a provincial strategy is developed before any oil exportation

operation of this magnitude is proposed for any export outlet in British Columbia;

3. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Mayor write to the Prime Minister, the Premier, the Federal and Provincial Ministers

of the Environment, the National Energy Board, and the President of Kinder Morgan expressing West Vancouver™s

opposition to any increase in oil tanker traffic through the Port of Vancouver; and

4. This report be shared with Metro municipalities and that staff continue to monitor and report on the public review and

regulatory approval process being advanced by Kinder Morgan for the proposed expansion of the Trans Mountai


Mayor: I'm going to vote against it



next, Ms Scholes

SSch: 14

Mayor: bit of an issue; bit of a problem; ppl want to speak so pull them off Consent Agenda; I see no alternative; help us out

SSch: the other alternative is to go through the agenda to Consent Agenda and call for speakers at the v beginning of the Consent Agenda

Mayor: that's what we'll do, Item 14

>>> {12 and 13 moved to the Consent Agenda as 22.7 and 22.8}

12. West Vancouver Ice Arena “ Review of Ice Allocation (File: 3050-01)


1. the report be received for information; and

2. Ccl be advised that Staff will devp an Ice Arena Ice Allocn Policy, with cmnty consultation, for the 2014/15 ice season;

3. District staff will [sic] commence a review of the future feasibility of building a second sheet of ice in the District.

13. Centennial Celebration: Coho Society Festival [2-Day] Event (File: 3080-07)

RECOMMENDED: THAT Ccl support the Coho Society Festival to be expanded to a [two-day] event, from Sept 8 to 9,

wch includes beer garden service on both days.

14. Ambleside and Ambleside Waterfront Plan Consultation and Implementation (File: 2195-01)

Sokol: in recognition of WV's 100th birthday and the achievement of purchasing 29 of the 32 waterfront properties targeted for public acquisition in 1975, it is important to celebrate these milestones by furthering the cmnty's commitment to an open accessible public waterfront

through implementation of a series of projects or progs meant to enhance

based on a set of 11 guiding principles

(expanded on points) SLIDES

public ownership (acquiring); continuous public walkway (primary use); shoreline edge;

waterfront destination, arts and culture; cmnty arts;

recognizing the heritage values (eg Navvy Jack house: oldest continuously resided in residence in the

Lower Mainland; Ferry Bldg shd be preserved);

waterfront-related commercial activities; accessibility (public street ends); importance of Sailing Club (future relocn shd improve functionality of the sailing ctr and open up to public access); building scale and character (friendly, opens up waterfront; bldg shd be nestled in)

In April 2010 staff and Ccl brought forward  the draft waterfront plan

much discussion has taken place; this draft form built on these guiding principles and shd form basis of discussion in the fall

look forward to a rich and fulsome [?] engagement the public on the plan

implementation strategies

SLIDE of Initiatives

implementation strategies

prep for request for expressions of interest food and beverage estmts 1472 and 1468 Argyle

const of deck at 1756 Argyle, completion of landscaping of that site this summer

propose installation of free public WiFi at John Lawson Park

{yes, why look at the greenery/scenery/beach/water when you text?}

complete inspection of 1528 Argyle, known as Godfrey's house to give us some direction as to future

discussion with Hollyburn Sailing Club; re future and enhanced public access

closure of Argyle for entire HAF to see how that works

more food and bev providers during HAF

RFP process, food carts for 2013 season

vacate 13th -- relocn of Amb Farmers' Market 14th St between MDr and Bellevue

ChComm, ABA talks re locns to allow sidewalk dining; look at bylaws so they can; more vibrant street scape

Sop: what was thinking behind 1400blk for food? what type?

Sokol: rather than trying to guess; request fairly broad; feedback and from public, get direction

Sop: we talked about carts for summer months; sometimes seven, eight months of inclement weather

carts rather than formally with restaurants, bit of reaction

suggestion re cart some years ago and no takers; what about biz/restaurants in Amb?

Sokol: we're just proposing for expressions of interest; see what food providers are willing to do, input from public, and see what Ccl's willing to do

re food carts we're now at the end of July; ten days HAF so looking at end of August

those with experience; recomm we'd want to wait to 2013; feel best avenue...

Sop: why WiFi at the beach? marvellous place; quiet and serene; think and sit; yes, some activities but why--

Mayor: do you want to hear the answer?

Sop: well, I'm getting to it--

ML: --but you've already asked the question

Sokol: providing another service to residents and again perhaps it's a generational experience

providing for diversity; ppl coming down to the waterfront for a number of reasons

some find enjoyment of sitting on the waterfront and looking at a computer screen

[some chuckles]

TP:  Cclr Sop asked my question; hope not looking at WiFi in all of our parks; can it be site specific?

play area in JL Pk for your younger citizens, how square that up? 

Sokol: not an expert in such facilities either; believe plan maybe a unit in 1756 or over in the Silk Purse and beam toward the park; don't believe coverage in entire park

CC: how much is the WiFi going to cost us to put in?

Mayor: Mr Chan

MC: about $1K for hardware and about $50 a month; not a v signif investment

{one of my techie contacts says gold-plated and can be done for much less}

CC: Hollyburn Sailing Club, assume include future boat ramp access

Sokol: involve both HSC and public boat ramp; engage larger public in that part of discussion

CC: near term seem to have fallen off table is Arts Ctr and Amb concession; arts ctr -- we undertook to go to public feedback during HAF with a relatively flushed out plan/proposals... Appendix B

Brent: the Arts Ctr Adv proposal, design brief, fielding public support and also donor support

that's the work for the summer; based on some feedback from granting agencies, supporters, coming back to Ccl in the fall

CC: won't quibble about timing

concerned undertook to go to public this summer; concerned do what we said we were going to do

even though timing not perfect

my last question, Amb concession fallen off to next year

expressions of interest; cdn't we have an RFP for a better use of concession? stellar examples of what we can do, English Bay and Kitsilano

like to have that on the table; great location

Mooi: the Amb Concession expires in Dec of this year; staff exploring options; will be bringing back to Ccl this fall

CC: so it shd be one of the items on page 2, one of the things moving forward rather than lost in Appendix B

MAB: Cclr C asked a lot of my questions; re integrity of Godfrey House for arts ctr?

Sokol: want to figure out condition of the bldg, money investment needed; and once had wd be engaging public for approp uses

Mayor: no more questions? then I'll ask Norma Gibson to come up

Norma Gibson: live on 14th

I object to section xxx; this keeps recurring we keep bringing up to Planning

[market] planned to be moved to 14th St in front of our resid bldg

Dund Sat and Sun in front of comm bldgs

on Sun market on a vacant lot at corner of 14th and Bellevue; the changing to the front of 215 14th St is significantly diff b/c in front of a resid building; residents of Bellevue Landing 85% indivs over 65

main objection 215, midway between MDr and Bellevue is safety and security

if a market, diff for a firetruck, police car, or ambulance to enter the street let alone to park close to the front door

{Their front door is less than 40m from either MDr or Bellevue, some do not consider this a significant impediment to first responders.}

rear door however another half block away on Bellevue, goes down a small laneway, often congested b/c liquor store, post ofc, shops

the emergency door difficult to access -- go through three long corridors to reach main lobby where elevator is

in past three months, need for three emerg vehicles; recently Amb 8am Sunday when market there

market in front of a resid bldg not a good idea; when time is of the essence; obstructed for who is ill; or a fire in the bldg

plays music rather loudly, wd interfere with privacy on a Sunday am

traffic is at a premium esp in that area

to place mkt in this area wd eliminate eight parking spots

Mayor; thank you

Lady: urge Ccl to rethink; comm area MDr not proceed in front; thank you listening to my concerns

Mayor: Cclr C

CC: rather than read out; Ms Scholes can assist -- as written? 

SSch: correct

CC: whether to delete WiFi as item 3

Mayor: you're moving the motion except for 3

CC: yes

Sop: second

Mayor: any discussion?

Sop: on Farmers Market; has staff looked at putting it at Cmnty Ctr

Lady: pardon?

Mayor: sorry, I shd hv said you can return to your seat;  our discussion 

Sop: on your behalf Ma'am sorry, ask about cmnty ctr 

[9:36] -- mkt till Sept end?  HAF take whole roadway? tents cd back up against rlwy, perfect place

Sokol: a few points and DepCAO can answer more

revitalize Amb

re moving Farmers Mkt one of the things we're looking to do; probably cd function well at Cmnty Ctr but not our primary goal; DepCAO has had some discussions re FMkt, can report back

Brent: the organizers of FMkt going on Argyle, narrow; they work from not optimal; they wd consider 

third option in long run; FMkt looking at a number of opinions

hearing from public; .....

Sop: that came to us years ago; on 14th turned down

Mayor: why not leave for staff to bring back, other motions

CC: first of all, it's my motion

wd 14th on a trial basis? N/S we need to animate; don't believe issues described insurmountable

careful siting can preserve access and compatible use; support relocation to 14th for Sept

Mayor: I'm desperately trying to call the question--

ML: question around item 3, WiFi

Mayor: that is the motion so we have to vote on that; if you want to bring subsequent motion to bring it back in?

ML: same rationale, supporting other trials, why not for less than $1K do a trial for WiFi?

CC: wd support on a trial basis; staff can report back re effects

here we are debating cell phone infrastructure and we're installing WiFi on top of that -- seems adding insult to injury 

ML: cell phone coverage in park

Mayor: considering putting it back in now?

CC: yes--

Sop: no way!

Mayor: okay let's vote on the motion without WiFi


ML: move WiFi for trial period

Mayor: no seconder so motion fails

{he meant amendment; this is the MOTION}


The report from the Dir/Planning, dated July 10, 2012, be received for information.

1. Waterfront Guiding Principles

The Waterfront Guiding Principles be endorsed.

2. Ambleside Waterfront Plan

The draft Ambleside Waterfront Plan, in diagram format, be endorsed in principle and that Staff report back on any

modifications after consultation with the community.

3. Ambleside Engagement Opportunities

The District commence public consultation in Fall 2012, to be based upon a consultation strategy to be considered by Ccl in Sept, on the Waterfront Plan and potential implementation strategies and projects for the

Waterfront and Ambleside.

4. 2012 Implementation Initiatives “ Phase 1

The District proceed with implementation of the following programs and projects:

i The preparation of a Request for Proposals for a restaurant to be located on 1472 and 1468 Argyle and be

considered by Council at the September 17, 2012 meeting;

ii The construction of the deck at 1756 Argyle and completion of the landscaping at the site this summer;

{iii The installation of free, public Wi-Fi in John Lawson Park; -- omitted/failed}

iv The completion of an inspection of Godfrey`s House (1528 Argyle Avenue) to determine structural integrity;

v The commencement of meetings and discussions with the Hollyburn Sailing Club regarding the future use of the site

as a sailing club with enhanced public waterfront access;

vi The closure of a portion of Argyle Avenue for the entirety of the Harmony Arts Festival from August 3 to 12, 2012;

vii The expanded use of food and beverage providers throughout the 10 day Harmony Arts Festival and the

commencement of an RFP process for food providers (including food carts) throughout the 2013 season;

viii The relocation of the Ambleside Farmers Market to 14th Street between Marine Drive and Bellevue Avenue on a trial

basis in September 2012; and

ix Engagement of the Chamber of Commerce and the Ambleside Business Association and determine locations to allow

sidewalk dining.

15. Upper Lands Study (File: 2570-01)     Information to be provided.

[POSTED ON DWV WEBSITE LATER: Upper Lands Study (File: 2570-01)

>>> {moved to 22.9} RECOMMENDED:

THAT the report dated July 10 from the Dir/Planning be received for information

16. Addition of 6985 Isleview Rd and 985 Duchess Ave to WV Cmnty Heritage Register (File: 2585-03-04)

RECOMMENDED: be added to the WV Cmnty Heritage Register, pursuant to Section 954 of the Local Govt Act

{moved} Mayor: The next item is 22.10, Carolanne Reynolds; addition of Isleview and Duchess to the Heritage Register

CR: yes, yes; that's exciting

` {see 22.10 below}

17. Valley Traffic Systems Request for Order of Non-Enforcement of Noise Control Bylaw (File: 1785-10)

>>> {moved to 22.11} RECOMMENDED: 

THAT Ccl approve the request for approx 15 days during the months of Aug through Oct to permit completion of work associated with the Marine Dr Intersection and Overpass Demolition Project on behalf of Park Royal.

18. Onni Taylor Way (Ev Dr) Req for Order of Non-Enforcement of Noise Control Bylaw (File: 1610-20-4404)

>>> {moved to 22.12} RECOMMENDED:

THAT Ccl approve the request from Onni Taylor Way Properties Ltd. (Evelyn Drive) for an Order on Non-Enforcement Enforcement of the Noise Control Bylaw (a) from Aug 16 to Sept 5 to allow for nighttime construction between the hours of 8pm and 7:30am. No work is permitted on the following dates and times: Sundays Aug 19, 26, and Sept 2, Mon Sept 3 (Labour Day), or after 5pm on Saturdays Aug 18, 25, and Sept 1.

19. Reallocation of Project Budgets within the 2012 Infrastructure Capital Program (File: 1795-20/03)

>>> {moved to 22.13} RECOMMENDED:

1.  THAT the report dated July 11, from the Biz Mgr, Engg & Transportation be received for information;

2.  THAT $100,000 dollars of infrastructure capital funding be reallocated from the Annual Road Rehabilitation Program to the Sandy Cove Bridge Rehabilitation Project.


20. Public Safety Building (File: 0500-01)

Mayor: Mr Chan, we have lots of time left for you

Mark Chan: report recommends District take the next step in the process wch began two years ago, request for proposals for an architect and proj mgr based on the proj parameters: post-disaster seismic standard, M Hall site, co-locn of Police/Fire, space estimate of 57,600 gross sq ft, target budget of $36M

for clarity, hiring of architect and proj mgr wd need to come back to Ccl for consideration and approval

neither Police nor Fire are constructed to seismic standard and wd possibly collapse in the event of a major seismic event

43-yr-old Police stn and 45-yr-old Firehall No 1 are both beyond their useful life

{does that time period apply to husbands?}

and have been confirmed to have design and other operational deficiencies

need has bn discussed since late 1990s, now in centennial year Ccl is in a position to take a major step forward to invest in a critical infrastructure that is nec to support a safe and resilient cmnty now and for the next generation

{they who will pay for it?}

taken us two years of comprehensive and careful planning process; planning conducted by a team of District staff and external experts including a cost consultant, a quantity surveyor, structural and mechanical engineers, a functional programmer, architect construction mgr, the Amb Revitalization Commission, and UBC Properties Trust

planning process is set out in bullets under paragraph 1.7 of the report

The main ccl reports are summarized in the reports

On Oct 3rd Ccl published a detailed 114-page Ccl report conducted by the external experts and staff

May 7 approved a public plan to consult and engage

results reported at June 18 public mtg

feedback forms and a statistically signif tel survey

conducted by independent Mustel Grp; data from 500 respondents

main findings of survey set out in para 1.1.0

77% strongly support or somewhat support PSB project

74% strongly support or somewhat support proposed location

79% strongly support or somewhat support recomm to have pol and fire located in one bldg together

77% strongly support or somewhat support using land sale or long-term lease proceeds from proj

{This was exciting news.  Lease was NOT a question in the survey.  A change of heart?  If so, thank goodness. The survey questions were v leading (thus misleading) and didn't give it as an option!  Here are the two questions.  Note that even the premise of the question one started with, even presumed, sale!  The second question even states      DWV prefers to fund from land sales!!!

[p12]  Level of Support for Using M Land Sale Proceeds to Fund new PSB

7a:  As mentioned earlier, the new PSB wd be funded primarily with sale of M land.  Do you support or oppose using land sale proceeds for this purpose?

[p13]  Funding Preferences

8:  The DWV prefers to fund the PSB from District land sales without property tax increases but there are other funding alternatives.  Wch is your preference?

The graph showed results for:  Revenues from the sale of District lands

Internal financing through the Endowment Fund or District Reserves

Property Taxes


A combination of the above

Don't know

And look at that tempting tidbit 'without property tax increases'!

So now you see why I'm impressed that now they're mentioning leasing.

If they can't get out of this, as I say in PQP, we cd use the purchase money to buy other land we can then lease. Keep in mind, however, that many wd prefer borrowing from the Endowment Fund.}

survey confirmed recommended project parameters

detailed survey results are in Appendix 1

copy of guide including questions in Appendix 2 of the report

second group of findings results from feedback forms from open houses May 17 (also available on-line)

overall support

not strong preference re funding

details in Appendix 3

report recommends District take the next step in planning process issuing req for proposals for architect and project mgr

after architect; wd allow Dist to start design process wch wd take approx one year

opps for public engagement throughout 2012 and 13

over coming months bring reports back to Ccl re selection of architect and proj mgr, devp of a budget, cmte structure, funding model, timeline, reporting process and details of continued public engagement

fall 2012, if Ccl approves, continue public engagement on design and massing principles, following that, early 2013, engage public again regarding the proposed schematic design 

Section 3 sets out main ccl reports, section 4 main comments on parameters

para 4.1.9 explains recommended next steps

concludes my presentation

Sop: sq ft with target budget of $36M; is that the latest figures on the site and budget?

MC: yes, target

Sop: budget we'll work on?

MC: recommended target if approved by Ccl

[9:47] Sop: in Oct 2011 $39.5M and 58,100sf so we've moved in right direction

by Cornerstone; cd see budget coming in even lower?

MC: devpd by Cornerstone, reviewed by UBCPT, by staff; tested by an external company...

believe this is a realistic budget

devp a realistic budget, team can work toward

one of the main things the team needs in order for this project to remain on budget is to develop a realistic budget

team strongly believes this is a realistic budget we can deliver

Mayor: to answer Sop's Q

hope is as we move through, find more savings, fair to say?

MC: we'll continue to refine; work to find further savings

Mayor: perfect; what we wanted to hear

Ccl, we've been through this at great length, all we're being asked to do is authorizing staff to take next step; before anything happens has to come back to Ccl can we get a motion on the floor

MAB moved RECOMMENDED motion: THAT the District take the next step in the Public Safety Building planning process which began in 2010, by issuing a Request for Proposals for an architect and project manager for the Public Safety Building project, based on the following approved project parameters: post-disaster seismic standard; Municipal Hall site; co-location of Police and Fire & Rescue Services; space estimate of 57,600 gross square feet; and target budget of $36 million.

Mayor: any discussion; all in favour?

CC: aren't we discussing this?

Mayor: what's your question?

CC: public has questions

personally wd like to give my reasons, basis for decision -- numerous ppl contacting me -- owe it to them

Mayor: got ten minutes to get through the rest of the agenda; either call the question if we're all in favour, or all six of us can take our five minutes--

{er, um. That is not the choice! Understand Mike's impatience but one of the principles of the parliamentary tradition is to allow free discussion. It's already limited to five minutes by this Ccl. And no one is seriously suggesting that letting CC talk would open the floodgates and result in every member of Ccl talking for their full five minutes each. This remark is antithetical. Of course the relative importance of agenda items means it's a sort of sliding scale.

Have noted that in consideration of the public and his supporters/voters, CC has often laid out his reasons for a vote (presumably in case some wanted him to do otherwise or it's controversial so need to let them know his reasons).}

CC: this is a $36M project so I need to take time...  think it's one of the things that warrants given largest capital project the Dist is engaging in

Mayor: suggestion -- lead off

CC: several issues public concerned with

one is co-locn; several nbrs; I live a couple of streets up from here

cost to operate two bldgs rather than one is prohibitive

putting all your eggs in one basket doesn't seem prudent evidence that's not the case from our advice

examples across NAm so doesn't appear we're placing our cmnty in jeopardy particularly if post-disaster standard

if that bad wd knock the rest of WV down

the locn matter, I live two blocks away from the proposed site

heard there's concern in est'd nbrhd

hearing wrong site, but those same ppl unable to identify a better site

after going through sites evident MHall site...

[9:52] site parameters squeezing it into Hall site; believe not increasing cost

{won't it cost more to demolish the concrete etc half of MHall site than wooden bldg at 15th?}

second thing, today space reqmts; Sop raised that

quibble whether a little higher or lower; District can always use extra space

incremental cost of another 5Ksf been advised is v low; building up

Pol/Fire  may have to expand if on devt on Sq Reserve -- 20K more ppl

squeeze it down but I've been convinced decent size now since future expansion v expensive

remain concerned of cost of bldg -- now $36M better closer to $30M

staff show what lost if reduce the budget

do understand parking alone is costly, upwards of $8M


fear introducing police stn great deal more traffic; potential to cost 

creative parking solns; make sure impacts on local cmnty

not sure explored all options 

going through process try to find greater parking options, savings

I will be supporting

Mayor: anyone else?

[passes unanimously]

thank you, Mr Chan, for your good work

Ms Scholes, I recognize the time is 9:55

{vote was taken to extend}

21. Federal Govt cancellation of Joint Emergency Preparedness Program Funding (File: 0180-16)


THAT Council send a letter urging the Govt of Canada to fully restore annual Joint Emergency Preparedness Program (JEPP) funding to 2009 levels for emergency preparedness and to ensure that there is continued, ongoing effective JEPP funding to build capacity and capability to meet emergencies of all types in Canada.


Mayor: ppl want to speak; see no choice but to pull off consent agenda, so with exception of those six items

22. Consent Agenda Items

RECOMMENDED:  THAT the Consent Agenda items as follows be approved:

Item 22.1 “ West Vancouver Family Place Program;

Item 22.2 “ Devt Permit No. 12-026/027 Cluster housing at 2758 and 2773 Highview Place (Rodgers Creek Area 2, Lots 9 and 10) (to set date of September 10 for consideration);

Item 22.3 “ DVP No. 11-061 (1116 Millstream Road) (to set date of September 10 for consideration);

Item 22.4 “ Development Application Status report to July 13, 2012;

Item 22.5 “ Correspondence List.

22.1 West Vancouver Family Place Program (File: 1242-20/21)

RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated June 28, 2012, from the Dir/Parks/Cmnty Services, wch includes confirmation that there will be no changes current operations, be received for information.

22.2 Development Permit No. 12-026/027 Cluster housing at  2758 and 2773 Highview Place (Rodgers Creek Area 2, Lots 9 and 10)  (File: 1010-20-12-026/027)

RECOMMENDED: THAT the MClk give notice that the Devt Permit Applic, wch wd regulate the form and character of proposed cluster housing, will be considered at the mtg of Ccl on Sept 10.

22.3 Development Variance Permit No. 11-061 (1116 Millstream Road) (File:  1010-20-11-061)

RECOMMENDED:  THAT the MClk give notice that the DVP Applic to allow construction of a new house with variances for height and number of storeys and driveway retaining walls with a height variance, will be considered by Ccl at its meeting on September 10

22.4 Development Application Status report to July 13, 2012 (File:  1010-01) --  received for information.

22.5 Correspondence List (see link on electronic agenda) (File:  0120-24) --   received for information.

+ Council Correspondence Update to July 6, 2012 (up to 12:00 Noon) +

Referred for Action

(1) EcoUrbia Network, July 4, 2012, regarding œEcoUrbia network: Request for Delegation to Council, July 23, 2012

(Referred to Municipal Clerk for response)

(2) S. Farkas, July 5, 2012, regarding œTruck on site after hours [Collingwood] school site

(Referred to Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits for consideration and response)

(3) K. Bunting, June 28, 2012, regarding œold growth trees            

(Referred to Deputy CAO and Chief Financial Officer for consideration and response)

(4) S. Slater, July 3, 2012, regarding œAdvice to council re: lease or sell

(Referred to Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits for consideration and response)

(5) M. Ravaghi, July 5, 2012, regarding œ26th Street and Marine Drive 

(Referred to Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits for consideration and response)

(6) 3 Submissions from T. and J. Bowen dated July 4, 2012, regarding 26th Street and Marine Drive Easement 

(Referred to Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits for consideration and response)

(7) S. Sun, June 28, re œURGENT!!! request to add CROSSWALK on N TAYLOR & STEVENS AVE TRAFFIC ROUND BOARD SIDE 

(Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response)

(8) Y. Wagner, June 28, 2012, regarding œEagleridge Drive Landscape Green Space: Eagleridge Turnoff “ Exit 2  (Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response)

(9) West Van Matters, July 3, 2012, regarding œCamelot Subdivision (Union aka Skilift) 

(Referred to Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits for consideration and response)

Received for Information

(10) West Van Matters, July 3, 2012, regarding œPolicy/Consistency (PQP June 25 2012)                  

{but starts with three questions, so will they be answered if only rec'd for info???}

(11) Govt of Canada, July 5, 2012, regarding œHarper Government Takes Action to Improve Community Facilities in BC

(12) K. Higgs, July 6, 2012, regarding œCommunity Wind Arrives Stateside | Renewable Energy World Magazine Article

(13) R. Paterson, June 29, 2012, regarding œWell Done DWV!

(14) 3 submissions dated July 1 “ 3, 2012, regarding Oil Tanker Traffic in Burrard Inlet

(15) L. Noble, July 3, 2012, regarding œBlack Creek

+  Council Correspondence Update to July 13, 2012 (up to 12:00 Noon)

Referred for Action

(1) K. Higgs, July 11, 2012, regarding œNoxious weeds.....bolevards.....   [sic]           

(Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response)

(2) C. Wagner, July 8, 2012, regarding œParking Changes              

(Referred to Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits for consideration and response)

(3) B. Burgers, July 6, 2012, regarding œ26th Street and Marine Drive “ a note from Bobbie Burgers               (Referred to Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits for consideration and response)

(4) July 11, 2012, regarding œConditions are perfect here in BC for an outbreak of West Nile Virus            

(Referred to Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits for consideration and response)

(5) Takeoffnow.com Cruise and Travel, undated, regarding Ambleside Parking 

(Referred to Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits for consideration and response)

Received for Information

(6) J. Burnett, July 11, 2012, regarding œpark royal boulevard

(7) City of Vancouver, July 11, 2012, regarding œCity of Vancouver resolution “ Provincial Recycling Regulation

(8) North Shore Disability Resource Centre, 2 submissions dated July 10 and 11, 2012, re NSh TaxiSavers Forum

(9) Ministry of Community, Sport, and Cultural Development, June 29, re œStrategic Community Investment Fund Letter

(10) E-Comm 911, July 4, 2012, regarding œAnnual Report to the Community 

(Attachments available for viewing in Legislative Services Department)

(11) Kinder-Morgan Canada, July 11, 2012, regarding œProposed Trans Mountain Expansion Project “ Update (Attachments available for viewing in Legislative Services Department)

(12) West Van Matters, 4 submissions dated July 6, 2012, regarding œPolicy/Consistency (PQP June 25) and œQuestions re Correspondence Procedures Re: Camelot Subdivision (Union aka Skilift) (Correspondence Procedures)

(13) Community Energy Association, May 2012, regarding œCommunity Energy Association publications

Responses to Correspondence

(14) Dir/Planning, July 11, re regarding œCommunity Charging Infrastructure Fund for Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations

(15) Dir/Planning, July 11, response to J. Baird re œSuggested Future Govt Assisted Care Facility in NV

(16) Director of Parks and Community Services, July 9, 2012, response to E. Munday regarding œBeach Garbage

(17) Dir/Planning, July 9, response to C. Crymble regarding œDevt Site “ Ambleside Safeway Block, 16th and Marine Dr

(18) Dir/Planning, July 9, response to Kerrisdale Cameras re œA Suggestion re the Closure of Ambleside Safeway

(19) Community Recreation Manager, July 9, 2012, response regarding œGleneagles Community Centre Spin Pass

(20) Mgr, Bylaw/Licensing Services, July 12, response to S. Farkas re œTruck on Site after hours Collingwood School Site

+  Council Correspondence Update to July 17, 2012 (up to 4:30 pm) +

Received for Information

(1) NSh Advisory Cmte on Disability Issues, June 28, 2012, re œTranslink Board Decision to Cancel TaxiSaver Program

Responses to Correspondence

(2) Engineering Outreach Coordinator, July 17, 2012, response regarding œgreen can

(3) Sr Mgr of Parks, July 16, response to E. Lee re œEmailing: 2012 Foot of 26th St. West Van 001, 2012 Foot of 26th St. West Van 003

(4) Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits, July 12, response to T. and J. Bowen re œ26th St and Marine Dr Easement

(5) Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits, July 12, response to M. Ravaghi regarding œ26th Street and Marine Drive

(6) Director of Planning, July 12, response to West Van Matters re œCamelot Subdivision (Union aka Skilift)

(7) Director of Planning, July 12, response to S. Slater re œAdvice to Council RE: Lease or Sell

{NB: Item 9 re Foreshore Lease became 22.6;

Items pulled from Consent Agenda b/c ppl wanted to speak start below with item 12 as 22.7}

Mayor: motion to move past ten o'clock [9:57]; carried

> start with the ice arena {22.7}; sorry shd be more organized; uh, Doug Hammond wishes to speak

DH: also brave to speak after 10

mbr of minor hockey assn board                                                                                                            

attended ice allocn mtg; app Ccl's action to get ev involved

been trying to move this forward and got nowhere

not perfect but addresses our concerns, allocn we can work with this year

really neat ways to solve issues for this year [gave them]

overall result much improved; getting off ice at more approp time

appreciate role staff and Ccl

tyvm for listening to us

Mayor: thank our users and Ms Mooi and staff for resolving this situation

> might as well stay there to speak on 13 {22.8}

DH: plsd to be on the board of the NSh Coho Society; mbr of exec cmte and speak on their behalf tonight

come to let Ccl know we'll be back in fall as a delegation to report on our activities

signif grant to Streamkeepers rearing pond, etc

Ccl approved last mtg

this year's fest put together as part of Centennial

want to express appreciation for support and beach bar service on both days; tyvm

> Mayor: now we have two speakers on item 15 {22.9}, Bruce McArthur and Alan Bardsley on Upper Lands

{several speaking at once, hard to hear; Mayor asked A Bardsley to come up too}

Bruce McArthur: plsd looking over study; look forward to proceeding in the fall

Q re relnship UL study and OCP

little perturbed re lack of use of docs coming out of this Ccl

appears the LGA requires conformity of with OCP and our UL study the way it's written here

the first bullet says review OCP and think it'll require a revision of the OCP

just flagging an item

think review; we must pay attn to looking at OCP and bringing it up to date

one might have helped Black Crk prob -- if OCP had been scrutinized prior to Black Crk devt, they wd hv noticed in the OCP map adjacent to Black Crk, one of the maps shows trees of signif value near Black Crk and it cd have been avoided if someone had happened to look at this and we demand that our groups, when they do work, they consult the OCP; thank you

Mayor: saw Cclr Panz making comments as you were speaking, so I think it was noted 

Alan Bardsley: congrat you on moving fwd with UL study; pls envmtal and recreational values will be identified

north south connections on our mountainside are vital to the hikers, bikers, and wildlife of the area

encourage you to ensure TofRef not only identify but protect

Vital you find a way to balance these values with the rights of the devpr.

Mayor: and that was indeed short

> {was item 16} next is 22.10, Carolanne Reynolds

CR: yes, yes; that's exciting

tyvm; Carolanne Reynolds, Chair, Heritage West Van (1571 Bellevue, Ste 201)

My compliments on this report regarding the addition to the Heritage Register.  Well done; thank you very much[, Ccl].

Trees are part of our heritage so it is reassuring you are considering filling the environmental forester position after more than a year.

fyi, heritage has five categories, and besides cultural and historical, scenic is one of them and that is the landscape.

{See the categories in the Heritage West Van section at the end of this newsletter}

There has been no heritage cmte for well over two years, so it wd be appreciated if you wd consider reinstating heritage as an important element in our cmnty.

Thank you for the staff work, but I think it wd be nice to have the cmnty inclusion for future work as well 

Mayor: thank you for that

> {refers to Item 17} next is 22.12, TWay order of request for non-enforcement

John Adams: speaking on behalf of my daughter; really item 18

{ yes, b/c 18 is non-enforcement re Onni / Ev Drive, not Pk Royal (17)}

I think we have a noise control bylaw so we can sleep at night

my wife and I lived in our daughter's condo for six months during the construction of the blue bridge, knocked it down

don't think it's fair that the residents of this area get continually pounded by noise

classic case tonight, just got approved on Consent Agenda so really no discussion

nobody in the nbrhd has been notified of this 

Mayor: hasn't been approved yet, just to clarify

JA: okay

Mayor: that's why we pulled it off the Consent Agenda

JA: okay, but unless some spoke to it, it wd probably get approved

{er um. JA is exactly right. As you may have noticed, Consent Agenda items are normally all simply received for information -- they sail right through. As they discussed earlier, b/c some ppl had signed to speak to these items, they were taken off the Consent Agenda so ppl cd speak. IOW, if no one had signed up, there most probably wd not hv bn any discussion. A bit shocking given on top of that this resident says the nbrs were not notified.}

and, when you look at it, the hours you're asking to make noise, there's got to be some sort of compromise; either they do it from 6 to 9pm over diff days but when the Dept of Transport can close the entire hwy system for a road race on a Saturday, says you can find another way to do this job without impacting the nbrhd

the nbrs immediately beside there, there's a sr facility; just in the hours you're asking for; seems inapprop, gotta be another way to look at doing it

so that's all we're asking -- can you find another way to do it and not impact the nbrs

Mayor: thank you; does someone from Engg want to?

Sokol: came through the Planning Dept 

yes, this request is basically forced on us by the Min/Transp, v clearly said, work cannot occur during daytime hours

Onni has come forward; they need to do this work in a certain period of time in order to move their project forward, and staff has worked with them closely to try to minimize the length of the disruption of the public and as well, we also added in the restriction that no work wd be permitted on Sat evenings after 5pm and also no work on Labour Day or on all Sundays

{One subscriber commented to me:

So developers win again -- their need, as Sokol put it, "to move their project forward" strips residents of their rights to quiet enjoyment. And it's not as if JA is saying it has to been done during the day (as Sokol implies), just not later than 9pm. Not good enough for the developers and helpful staff.}

Mayor: move be approved.

23.  OTHER ITEMS {this is where items and correspondence pulled usually put}   

Mayor: brings us to Public Questions and Comments


Mayor: Carolanne Reynolds

CR: thank you again.  Carolanne Reynolds, Editor of West Van Matters  

Congratulations on surviving your first six months and your service to the cmnty

As you know a majority, not so silent, prefer lease to sale so that WV retains its land assets.

Claiming it was too complex to lease the 1300blk is an insult to our intelligence -- and to yours, not to mention the competence of your advisers.

Some mbrs of Ccl have said WV cd walk away and others -- staff -- say you cannot, the commitment is to sale.  Staff have delayed explaining details and answering questions personally, as we've requested.

If you're stuck with selling the land, and btw, that survey they 

{in staff report}

also had over 70% preferred lease to sale, in Mr Chan's report

{in his presentation earlier in the mtg; correction: that shd read lease or sale; but sale now mentioned}

If you're stuck with selling the land, may I suggest a fallback position to retain our land assets.

Use the money to buy other land -- Safeway site, for example.

Better than paying for a building that will depreciate, have to be replaced, and land's already sold.

Another point

Recently you mentioned pilot projects may be revived to address housing diversification and choice in WV.

The earlier ones fizzled, as you know. Pls consider a nbrhd-first approach instead of one led by devprs/owners.

Have the experts produce drawings -- carriage houses, coach houses, laneway, whatever, say ten or more examples.  Circulate them to residents to view and to evaluate.

Then let the residents say -- the nbrhd org or whatever -- wch ones they wd like to see in their nbrhd. Each nbrhd cd choose a different one so they can be compared, and then you will not have the awkward step of trying to get the residents on side.

They're already in favour of trying this new thing, and that shd make it much easier for you

Last time some nbrhds rejected intrusions.

{oops -- think I said 'nbrhds' again instead of intrusions wch is what was in my notes and I meant}

This way nbrhds can welcome an example so Ccl doesn't face opposition and we can all look forward to seeing the possibilities -- and even admire them.

On that cheery note

changing my editor's hat for my heritage hat

pls accept my personal invitation to the 13th annual RoyalTea-by-the-Sea from 2 to 4 on Saturday August 18 in Dundarave Park.  We'll be celebrating, not just our centennial of course, but HM the Queen's Jubilee while sipping Murchie's Jubilee blend and nibbling on goodies.

Reservations 922 4400 or write heritage@westvan.org

We look forward to seeing you


I hope everyone has a great summer.

Mayor: thank you for that, Carolanne; anybody else wish to address Ccl? seeing nobody, motion to adjourn

25.  ADJOURNMENT [10:09]

=== CORRESPONDENCE SINCE July 23 mtg ===

If you want to read it, go to: http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=37466

=== ANIMALWATCH === Owls

> Barred owls in Valleycliffe! -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOBEhyCpd4o&feature=endscreen&NR=1

(June 2012) didn't notice the second owl right away

> Great Horned Owlets (funny): WSU veterinary hospital treats nine unusually young great horned owlets

Published on Apr 25, 2012 by washingtonstateuniv

Rarely seen by the public, baby great horned owls are being treated at Washington State University's Veterinary Teaching Hospital, and it's hard to believe that the nine palm-sized puffballs with curious yellow eyes will grow into fierce raptors of the woods. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_drSbvjK98&feature=endscreen&NR=1

> Want to see another one? young great horned owl in the Squamish estuary (June) but just like a photo (51sec).

> Incredibly Cute Owl that thinks it's a kitty

See Owlbert (50sec): http://youtu.be/OpLciLSlJkI

> PHOTOS of a range of owls: http://www.petsfoto.com/happy-owl/

=== INFObits ===

= Cost of the latest Mars rover mission: $2.5 billion. Cost of the 2012 London Olympics: $15 billion.

= Police in Macau raided casinos and hotels and arrested 150 people in connection with an outbreak of violence among criminal gangs. Macau has overtaken Las Vegas in recent years to become the world's biggest gambling centre. {from The Economist 2012 Aug 9}

= Tseil-Waututh, formerly the Burrard Indian Band [from VSun Sat Aug 11 pA13]

Grandfather Chief Dan George, father Chief Leonard George, and now grandson Chief Justin George who as a boy cd dig clams and pick oysters in Burrard Inlet. Today it's a dead zone; the shellfish are too contaminated to eat. He's only 42. "When Justin George was a boy picking oysters off the beach, hardly anyone had a job. Now, the unemployment rate is less than one per cent."

Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/Grounded+past+looking+future/7076218/story.html#ixzz23VFdLJCw


. There were 196,075 aboriginal people living in BC, according to the 2006 census. Of those, 40,310 lived in MetroV with 6,075 dwelling on reserve land.

. In 2006, 11,140 first nations people lived in the City of Vancouver, which has the highest aboriginal population in Metro...

. There are 1,981 BC Indian bands whose reserve lands total 343,741ha or 0.36 per cent of the province's entire land area.

. According to Statistics Canada, 26 per cent of BC's first nations people lived on reserves in 2006. Of those living on reserve land, Statistics Canada says one in three people have no aboriginal ancestry.

. There are an estimated 500 members of the Tsleil-Waututh First Nation; 275 live on the NV reserve. It's estimated that there were close to 10,000 Tsleil-Waututh when Europeans first arrived. They brought smallpox, which decimated the Tsleil-Waututh.

. The Tsleil-Waututh language is Downriver Halkomelem, a Coast Salish language now spoken by only a handful of people. Starting this fall, there will be classes on the reserve to try to save the language from extinction.

. According to Tsleil-Waututh legend, the Creator transformed a wolf into the first Tsleil-Waututh and made them responsible for the land.

. The Tsleil-Waututh First Nation co-manages Say Nuth Khaw Yum/Indian River Provincial Park with the BC govt and is credited with bringing back elk to the area. It also co-manages with the DNV Whey-ah-Wichen or Cates Park, which was its traditional summer village site.

Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/life/Only+cent+first+nations+people+live+reserves/7076220/story.html#ixzz23VHBsfOf


> Four sports no longer at the Olympics: tug-of-war, cricket, polo, shooting of live pigeons.

> Canada has 275 athletes competing


There are many ways to look at and count the medals. Some rankings are by how many golds, and others by total number of medals. I wondered about proportion, eg China has 1.3B ppl and we have 34M. Well, in fact they have produced a list based on per capita.

eg: Canada is 12th re number of medals, 29th re golds, 35th by popn.

This website has various listings not just by population but even by GDP.


See how we do in the different categories.

FROM: http://www.sbnation.com/london-olympics-2012/2012/8/6/3224748/2012-olympic-medal-count

Aug 06 10:16p by Bill Hanstock

After Monday's gold medal events have been completed, China still holds a slim lead in the total medal count. But that's old news and that's boring. What's more exciting is taking a look at who has won the most medals per capita at the 2012 Olympic Games in London!

The aptly-titled website Medals Per Capita is a very interesting look at how the Summer Games are shaping up in terms of total population of the participating countries. This link comes to us courtesy of the always-phenomenal Craig Robinson of Flip Flop Fly Balling.

Currently in the lead of medals per capita is Slovenia. Although the country has only won four total medals, that equates to one medal for each 514,385 Slovenian citizens. New Zealand's eight medals account for a medal for each 544,077 people, while Jamaica has four medals, which is a medal per capita of 676,456.

Jamaica, home of Usain Bolt, has two gold medals. That means they lead the gold medal per capita total, as their popn per gold medal is 1,352,913.

Here's a more complete look at the medal count:

China, 64 (31 gold, 19 silver, 14 bronze); United States, 63 (29, 15, 19); Russia, 42 (7, 17, 18); Great Britain, 40 (18, 11, 11); Japan, 28 (2, 12, 14)

And the medals per capita:

Slovenia (4 medals, popn per medal 514,385); New Zealand (8 = 554,077); Jamaica (4 = 676,456); Denmark (8 = 697,564); Cyprus (1 = 838,897)

For complete coverage of the 2012 London Olympics, visit SB Nation's Summer Olympics hub.

~~~  ROYALWATCH  ~~~   Our Queen

Published on Jun 18, 2012 by HerBunk {see her face morph over the years from childhood}

This is a video tribute to Queen Elizabeth II on achieving 60 years as the constitutional monarch of the Commonwealth realms, and head of the Commonwealth of Nations, head of state of the Crown dependencies and British Overseas Territories, Supreme Governor of the Church of England, and in many of her realms she carries the title Defender of the Faith. http://youtu.be/E8nJhG1xE5o

=== CJPME WATCH === West Bank


Boycott of Israeli settlement products is both legally and morally just

Published on Saturday August 11, 2012

AMMAR AWAD/REUTERS PHOTO: The Jewish settlement of Maale Adumim looms over a Bedouin encampment in the West Bank. (June 16, 2012)

{I've excerpted parts to explain dispossession and clearly worse than South Africa's Apartheid, not the topic BDS}

... Local and global peace activists have long described the settlements as inhumane and the biggest obstacle to peace. Crawford™s report characterizes Israel™s policies as œde facto annexation of Palestinian territory.

Encroaching on Palestinian towns and villages, settlements are fortified, Jewish-only enclaves that divide and rule the West Bank. Some Jewish settlers are ideologues, intent on fulfilling a biblical promise. Many are economic migrants, able to use their Jewish identity to gain access to a better life, subsidized by the Israeli welfare state.

Jewish settlers enjoy the privileges and democratic rights of Israeli citizenship, while the Palestinians are disenfranchised and subject to military authority.

Earlier this year, the Council of Presidents of Israeli Universities spoke out strongly against a proposal to accredit a new university in the sprawling West Bank settlement of Ariel. The University Center of Samaria is the first new Israeli university in 40 years. Funded by the state and built entirely within occupied Palestinian territory, the school bars Palestinians from enrolment or employment.

More than 1,000 Israeli academics signed a petition calling the accreditation anti-democratic and illegitimate.

Public opinion polls have consistently shown that many Israelis oppose, even despise, the settlements.

{They are brave indeed; the Ccl of Presidents however feel another university might lessen their funding.}

Nonetheless, since 1967 each and every Israeli government, of every political stripe, has worked to grow the settlement project.

Over the past decade, the Israeli settler population in the West Bank has nearly doubled, virtually eliminating the viability of a Palestinian state. The Associated Press reported recently that since Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu™s election just over three years ago, the settler population has increased by 18 per cent, nearly twice the rate of growth in Israel proper during the same period. Today, one in 10 Jewish Israelis is a settler ” a population of nearly 650,000.*

It™s little wonder many have lost hope in the political process. The dysfunctional Israeli electoral system continues to produce governments bent to the centre-right. Over-representation of extremist and religious parties often gives fanatics the balance of power in shaky coalition governments.

Meanwhile, the Palestinians view their official leaders as lame ducks. The schism between Hamas and Fatah has crippled their capacity for decent and effective political leadership. The most popular and promising Palestinian politician, Marwan Barghouti, has been imprisoned by Israel since 2002.

The failure of politics has been matched by the failure of international law. Lacking effective enforcement, decades of reports and declarations at the United Nations have been unable to halt land seizure and settlement construction. The world community wrings its hands, and the settlements continue to grow....

Faisal Bhabha is a law professor at Osgoode Hall Law School of York University in Toronto, and has lived and worked in Israel and the occupied territories.

Title of Piece: Boycott of Israeli settlement products is both legally and morally just

Hyperlink to Piece: http://www.thestar.com/opinion/editorialopinion/article/1240614--boycott-of-israeli-settlement-products-is-both-legally-and-morally-just

{* Keep in mind that in 1978 Israel promised Prez Carter not to increase the settlements; at that time there were 20K.}

=== LANGUAGEWATCH === Ping-Pong from Issue 797: http://www.worldwidewords.org/nl/eqzz.htm

Michael Quinion writes:

3. Topical Words: Whiff-waff

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, Mayor of London, has had a good Olympics. He was in the news almost every day through his popping up in bumbling good humour in the media and at many events. Even his being stuck on a zip-wire 15ft above the ground on the banks of the Thames for several minutes, which would have been a humiliating catastrophe for most politicians, was salvaged by his banter with the watching audience.

Another frequent reference to him in news reports in the past two weeks has been to his speech at a party to mark the handover of the Olympic flag at the end of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He declaimed, œPing-pong was invented on the dining tables of England, ladies and gentlemen, in the 19th century. [CHEERS] It was, and it was called whiff-whaff. Experts jumped on him at the time, telling him he™d got his facts wrong. Chuck Hoey, Curator of the International Table Tennis Federation™s Museum in Lausanne, wrote a heavily illustrated article setting out all the facts, which he entitled Boris Johnson and the Whiff-Waff Gaffe.

Yes, Whiff-Waff. No second h. Every journalist who has written of Whiff-Whaff in recent weeks has spelled it wrong (including those on 28 July who reported the claim by the French ambassador to London, Bernard Emié, that table tennis was invented in France, which led to a furious rebuttal by Johnson). We probably can™t blame Boris for the way the Beijing reports were spelled, as his comments were on TV and reporters naturally wrote it the way it sounded through the overwhelming influence of standard word reduplication. However, Boris did use the whiff-whaff spelling in his book Johnson™s Life of London of 2011. There™s nothing new in the error ” every reference I™ve found on both sides of the Atlantic going back to the 1930s has included both ['h's].

Mr Hoey explained that Whiff-Waff was actually a latecomer to the game, being registered as a trademark by the British manufacturer Slazenger on 31 December 1900. I have failed to find any newspaper references to the product or even any advertisements for it, so must assume it was utterly unsuccessful. The name survived better in the US than in the UK, which is perhaps why one French website suggests that it was an American invention. Unlike Whiff-Waff, the name of the competitor trademarked by Hamley Brothers of London four months earlier has entered the language: Ping-Pong. A onomatopoeic allusion to the sound of ball on bat and table, the name seems to have been known rather earlier to describe an improvised indoor version of lawn tennis (in tradition, played by bored army officers using balls made from champagne corks and bats fashioned from cigar box lids).

Jaques and Son, also of London, brought out Gossima in 1891, which had some success, though a decade later it was incorporated into Ping-Pong, being sold for a while under both names. The true creator of the game, Mr Hoey explained, was the unsung David Foster, who patented a version in 1890 but had no commercial success with it.

Incidentally, the name now standard for the game, table tennis, is recorded from the late 1880s for a number of games, including one whose description reads like a cross between tabletop lawn tennis and billiards (using cues, not bats), and one that was in essence tiddlywinks. But when Gossima was noted in The Graphic on 3 December 1892, it was described as œa new table-tennis game, which showed that the word had by then become known to mean something near its modern sense ” illustrations show Gossima was essentially the game we now know.

The one unexplained issue is why Slazenger should have come up with such an odd name as Whiff-Waff. The Ogden Standard-Examiner of Utah reported in 1966 that the US Table Tennis Association had said it was because of the knitted web ball it used. (Before celluloid ones were introduced in 1901, players had used rubber balls or cork balls covered with a net.) That may explain the whiff (a slight gust of wind) but not the waff, though that™s a Scottish word meaning a waving movement, as of the hand, a relative of waft. It™s just as likely (that is, not very) that it™s from the English dialect term, whiff-whaff, known also in the US at the time, meaning trifling words or actions. That really would put the game in perspective.

=== WORDWATCH === Cantaloupe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Cantaloupe (also cantaloup, mushmelon, muskmelon, rockmelon, or Persian melon) refers to a variety of Cucumis melo, a species in the family Cucurbitaceae.


+ THE LAND CONSERVANCY http://blog.conservancy.bc.ca/2012/07/tlcs-chocolate-lily-charity-golf-tournament/

> TLC™s Chocolate Lily Charity Golf Tournament

By dstenberg

TLC The Land Conservancy of B.C. is hosting its first annual Chocolate Lily Charity Golf Tournament at the Pender Island Golf and Country Club on Saturday, August 18. Proceeds from this event will go towards securing Brooks Point on Pender Island. Join golfers from Pender Island, Vancouver Island, and the Lower Mainland for a best-ball tournament, complemented by several incredible hole-in-one prizes, followed by hors d™oeuvres, a buffet dinner, and a silent auction.

> Happy B.C. Day to TLC Members, Donors, and Supporters

By dstenberg Published: August 6, 2012

Happy BC Day! As we celebrate our beautiful province on August 6, we would like to send a great big thank you to all our green heart followers.

Thanks to your support as a TLC Member, you have helped protect more than 300 sites, covering approximately 125,000 acres across B.C. Without you, places like the Sooke Potholes, Abkhazi Garden, Skaha Bluffs, West Creek Wetlands, BC Binning House, Horsefly River Riparian Conservation Area, and Madrona Farm wouldn™t exist today.

TLC can only continue to do this work because you care. You care about having places to connect with nature, you value local agriculture, and you treasure your heritage. You care about the health and well-being of your children, grandchildren, and your community.

Celebrating 15 years of people protecting places, we would like to share this video with you.......

Go to: http://blog.conservancy.bc.ca/2012/08/happy-b-c-day-to-tlc-members-donors-and-supporters/


http://www.heritagebc.ca/home/ and http://www.heritagebc.ca/tag/featured-articles


The Heritage BC Annual General Meeting will take place at 4:30pm, October 19, at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts

CALL FOR NOMINATIONS [full version in last WVM]

...two positions on the Bd of Directors that will be vacant as of the 2012 AGM. ... two-year term and may serve up to three consecutive terms. ... four bd mtgs a year, one held in conjunction with the Annual Conference. The time commitment for meetings, including travel, is a maximum of ten days a year. Some further time commitments may be required for committee work. Directors receive no remuneration, but all authorized expenses are reimbursable.

The 2012 Election Schedule:

August 20 Nominations closed - last day for receipt of nominations

August 30 Ballots mailed to all voting members (if voting required)

October 15 Voting closed - last day for receipt of ballots / October 19 Election results announced at the AGM

How to Nominate (Deadline August 20):

Nominees must be either a mbr of a Heritage BC Group Mbr, or a Heritage BC Indiv Mbr with at least one year™s standing. Nominations may be made by any voting member (Grp or Indiv) but Individual Mbr nominations must be sponsored by four add'l Indiv Mbrs.

Questions? About nominations: Membership status:

Rick Goodacre, Executive Director Jan Thomas

250 384 4840 rgoodacre@heritagebc.ca 604 582-1332 jthomas@heritagebc.ca

Larry Foster, Chair, Nominations Committee


RoyalTea-by-the-Sea from 2 to 4pm on Saturday August 18

Celebrate the Jubilee, drink Jubilee tea, listen to stories from WV residents who attended the Jubilee weekend in London. See the flyer at the end of this newsletter.

Reserve your place, call 922 4400

See heritage.westvan.org or: RoyalTeabytheSea.westvan.org and royaltea.ca

FYI: Heritage values are the aesthetic, historic, social, cultural, spiritual, and scientific (and other as appropriate) values of a place for past, present, and future generations.

BC recognizes five categories:

palaeontological, archaeological, historical/cultural, architectural, scenic (landscape/envmt) 


Read this bulletin from our website: www.heritagevancouver.org/bulletin/bulletin_20120809.html

> Walking Tour: A planning tour of Vancouver's West End

Saturday August 11 -- 10am to noon

Tourguide: Gordon Price; Tix: $10 mbrs; $15 non-mbrs; Full info + Tix via Eventbrite

> Walking Tour: Hippie Kitsilano “ the '60s and '70s

Sunday August 19 -- 10am to noon

Tourguide: Michael Kluckner; Tix: $10 mbrs; $15 non-mbrs; Full info + Tix via Eventbrite

> Walking Tour: On the Backs of Salmon: A Walking Tour through Steveston

Sunday August 26 -- 10am to noon

Tourguide: Christina Froschauer; Tix $10 mbrs; $15 non-mbrs; Full info + Tix via Eventbrite

¢ E-bulletin sign-up to receive event listings, alerts, and heritage info

All upcoming events: www.heritagevancouver.org

Heritage Alert

For the details, pls read this bulletin from our website: www.heritagevancouver.org/bulletin/bulletin_20120817.html

The second oldest house in Vancouver at 502 Alexander is threatened with demolition.

It is connected to an important early settler, John Baptist Henderson, who built the house in 1888. Henderson, who was born in Ireland in 1849, was a true pioneer adventurer who changed jobs and homesteads numerous times during his career, J.B. Henderson came from a practical background, and used a wide variety of skills related to carpentry, contracting, and design, to survive on the frontier. After pursuing an architectural career in many communities throughout western Canada, Henderson settled in Vancouver again where he died in 1931. His life, and his connection to this very early Vancouver house, typifies the pioneering spirit of those who first settled our city.


Walking Tours:  -- Beginning in April: Fridays noon - 1:30pm & Saturdays 10am - noon, $12 incl. hst   

Join tour guides John Atkin and Maurice Guibord as they take you on fascinating and fun journeys through historic areas of Vancouver. Tour details are now up on the website!

> Art Deco, Friday August 10, noon-1.30pm, w/ Maurice Guibord

Meet NE corner of Burrard & Georgia Streets, rain or shine.

+ FOR MORE INFO AND TO REGISTER http://www.vancouverheritagefoundation.org/projects/walkingtours.html 

EVEN MORE INFO -- http://www.vancouverheritagefoundation.org/wall.html


Places That Matter is a plaque project celebrating the 125th anniversary of the incorporation of the city.

The VHF asked for the public™s help to identify and mark 125 sites commemorating people, places, and

events that have shaped the city.

List in last issue and see http://www.vancouverheritagefoundation.org/projects/placesthatmatter.html



~~~  MAIKU  ~~~

2012 July 15

political manoeuvrings

shipwreck on the rocks

of integrity

2012 August 2/3/4

sad, seeing some speak

aiming to be liked

rather than saying what's right

{or doing}

2012 August 13/14

midsummer flowers --

panoply of rich colours

made intense by sun

=== SALMAGUNDI === OLYMPICS -- info and humour

+  OLYMPIC BELL -- The largest tuned bell in the world!

The Olympic Bell was made by Whitechapel Bell Foundry, whose workshop is just a few miles from the Stadium, and measures two metres by three metres.

Founded in 1570, during the reign of Elizabeth I, it™s probably the oldest manufacturing company in the world. The Foundry also created the Liberty Bell (in 1752) and Big Ben (1858). The Olympic Bell will hang in the Olympic Park for the next 200 years. Why only 200? Because then it will have to be taken back to Whitechapel to be retuned. It™s already in their diary.

+  THE OLYMPIC RINGS Date:  August 10, 2012 11:59:44 AM PDT


2012-08 What do the Olympic rings really stand for?

Submitted by Tyee Staff, August 9, 2012

In the video link above, each "Olympic" ring represents a region. The rings change size to illustrate comparative demographics. 

Oceania is blue. Europe is black, the Americas are red, Africa is yellow, and Asia is green.

It appears the video was created by a man named Gustavo Sousa.  We can't vouch for the accuracy of the data behind the visualizations but applaud the creativity. [Reader's Note: CO2 emissions per capita, for example, looks suspicious, with Europe/Americas low (although that's ALL the Americas), and Asia high (coal?)]

Thanks to the good folks over at http://feministing.com/ for unearthing this gem. In fact, if you have a moment, they've done a great job of covering the alternative side of the Olympics. Worth checking out.


The iconic Olympics rings are everywhere we look. But what happens when we look at them a different way. That™s what artist Gustavo Souza did in his project Oceaniaeuropeamericaasiaafrica. Souza explains, œThe rings represent healthy competition and union, but we know the world isn™t perfect. Maybe understanding the differences is the first step to try to make things more equal. So Souza uses the colours of the continents and plays with the size of the rings, so they illustrate the differences and disparities among the world™s regions.

Check out more images and the video here.     http://vimeo.com/45658298

> OLYMPICS (humour)

o Clarke and Dawe (before the Games)

Australian Broadcasting Corporation -- Broadcast: 26/07/2012

Reporter: John Clarke and Bryan Dawe; Dennis Racquet gives a preview of the Olympics with Clarke and Dawe.

Watch: http://www.abc.net.au/7.30/content/2012/s3554591.htm

o Clarke and Dawe (during the Games)

Australian Broadcasting Corporation -- Broadcast: 02/08/2012

Forget all the other news, this is serious, claims Dennis Racquet who joins Clarke and Dawe to reflect on the London Olympics.

Watch: http://www.abc.net.au/7.30/content/2012/s3559420.htm

o Clarke and Dawe (toward the end of the Games)

Australian Broadcasting Corporation -- Broadcast: 09/08/2012

Admiral Dennis Racquet RN speaks about more Government funding issues with Clarke and Dawe.

Watch: http://www.abc.net.au/7.30/content/2012/s3564419.htm

> Now that you know their form of humour, here are some other interviews/explanations (going back in time)

o Clarke and Dawe - Quantitative Easing

"Avery Largenumber, Economist" Originally aired on ABC TV's 7.30: 20/10/2011

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o Clarke and Dawe - The Greek Economy

"Nico Nomist" Originally aired on ABC TV's 7.30: 14/07/2011


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o Clarke and Dawe

Political Satire - John Clarke and Bryan Dawe on oil spills and a struggling president.


o A Whole Selection of their interviews: Contains content from: ClarkeAndDawe

o The Front Fell Off

one of the funniest dialogues we've ever heard.....


John Clarke and Bryan Dawe debate the merits of ship design and the concepts of maritime law in this Monty-Pythonesque comedy sketch.

> More Humour -- purported to be from Olympics

Subject: Olympic Comments:

 Here are the top nine comments made by NBC sports commentators during the

Summer Olympics* that they would like to take back:

1. Weightlifting commentator: 'This is Gregoriava from Bulgaria. I saw her snatch this morning

during her warm up and it was amazing.'

2. Dressage commentator: 'This is really a lovely horse and I speak from personal experience since

I once mounted her mother.'

3. Paul Hamm, Gymnast: 'I owe a lot to my parents, especially my mother and father.'

4. Boxing Analyst: 'Sure there have been injuries, and even some deaths in boxing, but none of

them really that serious.'

5. Softball announcer: 'If history repeats itself, I should think we can expect the same thing again.'

6. Basketball analyst: 'He dribbles a lot and the opposition doesn't like it. In fact you can see it all

over their faces.'

7. At the rowing medal ceremony: 'Ah, isn't that nice, the wife of the IOC president is hugging the

cox of the British crew.'

8. Soccer commentator: 'Julian Dicks is everywhere. It's like they've got eleven Dicks on the field.'

9.Tennis commentator: 'One of the reasons Andy is playing so well is that, before the final round,

his wife takes out his balls and kisses them... Oh my God, what have I just said?'

* Summer Olympics

Too good to be true, so I 'snopesed' it and it isn't -- some from 2004 and from sports commentators. Doesn't matter -- they're still funny.

Go to: http://www.snopes.com/humor/lists/olympics.asp

Snopes as usual gives the background but then has a list of many more. You can read them there, but here are a few more from their website I found rather amusing:

~ "Strangely, in slow motion replay, the ball seemed to hang in the air for even longer."

(David Acfield)

~ "We'll still be happy if we lose. It's on at the same time as the Beer Festival."

(Noel O'Mahoney, Cork City boss, before the game in Munich)

~ ". . . and later we'll have action from the men's cockless pairs."

(Sue Barker -- Commentating on Rowing)



AUG 6, 2012 6:45 PM

The ˜Best Olympic Commentary Ever™ is Too Good for Television [UPDATE]

Neetzan Zimmerman

Francis "Fran" Higgins, who plays The Viper on the Irish mockumentary series Hardy Bucks, provides some stellar "alternative commentary" for the Women's Laser Radial sailing competition at the Thirtieth Olympiad ” AKA "some boats in a race."

"Really funny sailing commentary!" says IT Crowd creator Graham Linehan.

UPDATE: The IOC took the video down (boo!), but thankfully there was one mirror left, courtesy of That Video Site.

Watch (under three minutes): http://gawker.com/5932302/the-best-olympic-commentary-ever-is-too-good-f



===  TRAINWATCH  ===  Boys' Toys

4min 33sec From:  "Lxxxxxx

Subject:   Boys' Toys - Girls will love these, too.

What a hobby!! If you like scaled down trains, this is a must-watch video. Lxxx


quotations / thoughts / puns

The only way to prove that you're a good sport is to lose. -- Ernie Banks, US baseball player (b 1931)

It pays to know the enemy -- not least because at some time you may have the opportunity to turn him into a friend. -- Baroness (Margaret) Thatcher, British politician (b 1925)

{Margaret Hilda Thatcher, Baroness Thatcher, LG, OM, PC, FRS, née Roberts is a British politician and the longest-serving Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of the 20th century, and the only woman ever to have held the post.}

There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots, the other, wings

-- William Hodding Carter II, US journalist and author (1907 - 1972)

( Borrowed from the Reverend Henry Ward Beecher)

Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.  --   Aesop, Greek storyteller and fabulist (c620 - 564BC)

I sit astride life like a bad rider on a horse.

I only owe it to the horse's good nature

that I am not thrown off at this very moment.

-- Ludwig Wittgenstein, Austrian-British philosopher (1889 - 1951)

Convictions are more dangerous enemies of truth than lies. 

-- Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, German poet and philosopher (1844 - 1900) 

Since my house burned down

I now own a better view

of the rising moon. 

-- Mizuta Masahide, Japanese (haiku) poet and samurai (1657 - 1723)

The only difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is the way in which we use them.

-- Unknown

An exaggeration is a truth that has lost its temper.    

-- Khalil Gibran [Kahlil by family], Lebanese-American poet and writer (1883 - 1931)

There comes a time in a man's life when to get where he has to -- if there are no doors or windows -- he walks through a wall. 

-- Bernard Malamud, US novelist and short-story writer (1914 - 1986) 

I don't know how you feel about old age, but in my case I didn™t see it coming.  It hit me in the rear.

-- Phyllis Diller, American comedian (b 1917)

from a subscriber to AWADmail [May 26], best read aloud:

This progression, taught to me by my dad when I was a youngster, shows the superiority of tin.

I once had a wooden whistle, but it wooden whistle.

Next I got a lead whistle, but it wooden lead me whistle.

Then I got a steel whistle, but it steel wooden lead me whistle.

So I got a tin whistle. And now I tin whistle.

Epitaphs are engraved!

An electrician's work is well grounded.

It's a lengthy article on Japanese Sword Fighters but I can Samurais it for you.

He had a difficult time bouncing back from his bungee cord accident.

He has been a jogger for three years running.

Some moss took a lichen to a tree.

I used to meditate a lot, but now I only do it every now and zen.

Is coffee your daily grind?

The coffee around here is called break fluid.

Stealing someone's coffee is called 'mugging'.


One Sunday, in a Midwest city, a young child was "acting up" during the morning worship hour. The parents did their best to maintain some sense of order in the pew, but were losing the battle. 

Finally, the father picked the little fellow up and walked sternly up the aisle. 

On his way out, just before reaching the privacy of the foyer, the little one called loudly to the congregation, "Pray for me! Pray for me!"