2012 Ccl Mtg NOTES Sep 10; AGENDAs Sep 17th; Calendar to Oct 6th
Lease/Sell Question * Library's 2011 Annual Report * Horseshoe Bay Pier

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor
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~~~ Terry Fox ~~~

= MAIN ITEMS on Ccl Agenda Sept 17: PH on 26th & Marine; NSh Family Court and Youth Justice Cmte Annual Report; Road Closure (26th & Marine); HAF and Centennial Celebrations update; Authorization to expense Third Party Funds (~$900K); Upper Lands Study Review; Geothermal Heating System 4064 Marine Dr; DVP Application 3598 Creery (for Oct 1); Age-friendly Provincial Recognition; Correspondence {http://www.westvancouver.ca/Government/Level3.aspx?id=37466 }: oodles of letters re HBay pier; funding cuts (JEPP); NSEMO; air quality report.

= Lease/Sell Survey; Vive le Canada (War of 1812); from the EDITOR'S DESK (Tecumseh; let public know ahead of time; WVM Info); WVPD (fraud, theft); UPDATES & INFO (HBay)

= CALENDAR to Oct 6; CULTUREWATCH (Theatre; Art; Music; Opera; VIFF); Walks

= HEADSUPs: Agendas, WVHS mtg; BardNews, feminist view in Israel

= Sept 10 Ccl NOTES: John Weston, MP; NSh SAR; Housing Rodgers Crk; Library's 2011 Annual Rpt; HBay Pier

= Ccl Agendas Sept 17

= ANIMALWATCH (Bearwatch in Bby); INFObits (Libya; Israel/Palestine); War of 1812 (PM cont'd); ROYALWATCH (ø); CJPMEWATCH (Make a difference); LANGUAGEWATCH (Demotic Egyptian adobe); WORDWATCH (perissodactyl); HERITAGEWATCH (lots of events); MAIKU; QUOTATIONS/THOUGHTS/PUNS + the Ig Nobel prizes


lease1300@westvan.org OR sell1300@westvan.org ?


Ccl entered into an MOU to sell the block to Grosvenor subject to approval of the devt. The concept will be presented this fall. Many prefer municipally-owned land be leased, not sold, thus keeping our land assets. If Ccl has no choice (they said it was 'too complicated' to lease [!!!]), then we cd buy land to replace this loss. At an open info mtg in June, over a hundred ppl said they preferred the land be leased instead of sold, some said so in a survey. Apparently not enough for Ccl.

Last week one subscriber wrote:

There is no one better than Grosvenor properties to explain to you the advantage of leasing over selling.

Hundreds of acres of central London make up the Grosvenor Estate.  All the buildings within that Grosvenor Estate are on long leases.  That is how [one way] the Grosvenor family derived its wealth -- by leasing and gaining back the properties at the end of the lease.  It would take a foolhardy municipal council in the provinces not to see that, to be outsmarted by one of the western world's largest property company's on the pretext that a lease is too complicated.

{Note, however, Ccl's cmte/advisers said it was too complicated and Ccl accepted that explanation.}

Email your choice (above), lease or sell. If you have already done so, pls ask your family, friends, colleagues to do so.


=== Vive le CANADA === From the Prime Minister's Web Site (http://www.pm.gc.ca/)

PM honours regiments who participated in the War of 1812

September 14, 2012 Saint-Paul-de-l'Île-aux-Noix, Quebec

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today paid tribute to military regiments who successfully defended Canada during the War of 1812 by announcing that battle honours will be awarded to select regiments with ties to units who won decisive battles in the war.

Canadas victory in the War of 1812 was a pivotal point in the development of our great country, said Prime Minister Harper. During that war, the French, English and Aboriginal peoples took up arms together to achieve a common objective, to resist the American invasion. The ties our ancestors forged laid the foundations of a truly pan-Canadian identity and made our Confederation possible, a country of great diversity with two national languages. {rest at end of newsletter}

=== from the EDITOR'S DESK ===

+ TECUMSEH -- a hero in the War of 1812 fighting for Canada. Hope to have more on him later.

+ Two strikes so not out? Within months we've now had two instances that shd hv been foreseen. The so-called 'massacre' of trees at Black Creek was an example of DWV embarking on a project without notifying the public or even the stakeholder groups. Then this month we have citizens upset about the 'closing' of the Horseshoe Bay pier. In the former case, happy to report staff admitted the problem and worked hard to try to mitigate. Thanks to Bruce McArthur, Katharine Steig, Alan Bardsley, and others for their vigilance. In the latter case, many many took to writing letters -- and made positive suggestions that, glad to say, staff is taking them into consideration and plans to have a public mtg (eg pedestrian areas).

So, in both cases, staff have made a 'save' but let's hope residents are included and invited to participate before it's late or too late.

Great to see two mtgs wrt the redevt of the controversial Safeway site. See the Calendar but they're on Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th.

+++ WVM +++

- SOURCES -- WVM17 had an article on birth rates wrt Muslim-majority countries (since I've received some rather hysterical email notices that Muslims are swamping Canada). It noted that it was by Doug Saunders, "The unfounded fear of Muslim immigration". Unfortunately the source was inadvertently omitted. For the whole article : http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/world/doug-saunders-the-unfounded-fear-of-muslim-immigration/article4498250/?page=all

- TITLES -- The list so far for 2012 was in WVM17 and you might have noticed some issues had a . or ° or and sometimes an r or an R. These indicate a revised or edited version (different from what was emailed out) from minor to more. Sorry that wasn't explained.

=== WVPD ===

> DWV Letter a fraud!

On 2012 September 12, the WVPD received information that a resident had received a threatening letter concerning the height of their trees.The letter, written under an official District letterhead was purported to have been written by a [Municipal] Official and threatened a fine of $30,000 if the trees on the property were not trimmed to 30 feet.The District has confirmed that no such letter writer exists and the letter is a fraud.

{Repeat after me: the view is through the trees and/or framed by the trees.}

> Cops for Cancer

With another public enemy in their sight, the West Vancouver Police Department has once again joined forces across the Lower Mainland and begun preparations to defeat the scourge of childhood cancer.

Cst. Glenn Marshall and Cst. Griffin Gillan, two veterans of the WVPD, will join colleagues from across the Lower Mainland in a 900km ride, to defeat cancer that attacks children and youth across the Province.

Cst. Marshall said, Cancer has hit my family in the most devastating way. I wont stop until I have had my chance to hit back.

Cst. Marshall and Cst. Gillan will depart from Coquitlam on Wednesday, September 19th at 9:30am.

All of the donations raised will fund world class paediatric cancer research and support programs for children with cancer, such as Camp Goodtimes; a summer recreational camp located in Maple Ridge that allows families, and their children affected by cancer, to seek solace in a caring environment of laughter and total support.

After 15 years of the Cops for Cancer Tour de Coast, a combined total in excess of $27 million dollars has been raised.

900km of hard road will be traversed between Vancouver, Coquitlam, Whistler, and the Sunshine Coast in order to recover the pledges.

Click here to link to a short clip that will demonstrate the struggles of families living with cancer and the challenges they face. This is the inspiration that spurs the cyclists on.

The West Vancouver community is invited to greet all of the heroes and their support team as they arrive at the West Vancouver Police Department on Monday September 24th at 10am.

Families and survivors affected by cancer are invited to participate by applauding the riders and cheering them on their way to their next stop and their goal of raising $6,000 each.

Alternatively, donations can be made easily online at the Cops for Cancer Web site or by clicking here


On September 13, an off-duty RCMP officer was shopping in the District and making final preparations for his Tour de Coast bike ride when a callous thief cut the bike from the rack attached to his car.

The white, $1800, Gary Fisher road bike had been [lent] to the officer to compete in the [gruelling] challenge to aid and fight childhood cancer. It is expected that a replacement will be found in time for the officer to begin his journey.

Anyone with information on this crime is asked to contact the WVPD and quote file # 12-11027

=== UPDATES & INFO ===


At the Sept 17th ccl mtg, Cclr Gambioli played a video (in Reports) urging us to nominate citizens who've contributed a lot to our cmnty. There are three categories for the awards: art, heritage, and the environment. The deadline is 4:30 Friday Sept 28.

+ Horseshoe Bay Pier will remain open to passenger and emergency vehicles Based on feedback received from the community, the District will continue to allow passenger vehicles to access the Horseshoe Bay Pier three vehicles at one time. The District is limiting the number of vehicles and implementing other new safety procedures to ensure pedestrian safety and to maintain the piers structural integrity over time.

WV Mayor, Michael Smith, says: We received a lot of feedback from the community on this issue. The proposed safety precautions are a great example of the community coming together and working with District staff to arrive at a solution together.  

The District is considering implementing the following safety precautions for the pier:

Installing bollards at the entrance to limit the size of any vehicle accessing the pier;

Granting priority access to emergency vehicles;

Restricting the number of vehicles on the pier at any one time to three;

Installing signage with maximum vehicular weight and rules for driving on the pier;

Developing a vehicle delineation plan to improve pedestrian safety;

Monitoring the pier by Parks and Bylaw staff;

Monitoring the piers structural integrity and vehicle impact through annual inspections and integrating maintenance costs into the Districts Five Year Capital Plan; and,

Implementing a permit/fee system for vehicle access on the pier.

The District will host a public information session to gain perspectives from pier users on what might work best with respect to traffic flow and enforcing regulations before any actions are implemented. The info session will be held Oct 17 at 6 - 8pm with the location to be determined. Please visit westvancouver.ca for location information closer to the meeting.

=== CALENDAR to Octber 6th ===

All mtgs are at M Hall unless indicated otherwise. NOTE: shown are mtgs known at this date; often there are additions, changes, cancellations after WVM goes out. Check the DWV Calendar: http://www.westvancouver.ca/Calendar.aspx . Notices/mtgs/changes too

late/early for an issue are sent to subscribers. [See mtgs etc in the Headsup notices sent between issues of WVM..]


100 Days of Giveaways at Park Royal & the Village at Park Royal -- July 14 October 22

In celebration of West Vancouvers 100th birthday, Park Royal will have 10 giveaways over a 100-day period. Every ten days, Park Royal will highlight a different retail category with a related prize that you could win! In order to enter for a chance to WIN the prize, all you have to do is fill out an entry form at the Guest Services Hub. You could win great prizes, such as a Homelite 17-inch Cordless Electric Lawn Mower from Home Depot, $150 worth of makeup from Kiss & Makeup, or $200 worth in school supplies from Staples, just to name a few. For more information, visit shopparkroyal.com/campaigns/100-days-giveaways.

50% of proceeds to Canuck Place and The BCSPCA.

=== Sunday September 23

~ 8:30am - 1pm ~ Gift of Life Walk -- NSh Kidney Run; Ambleside Park

=== Monday September 24

~ 6 - 7pm ~ Westshore Place (650 - 16th; increasing FAR 1.75 to 1.95) Public Info mtg; MHall Lobby

~ 7:30pm ~ Sept 24 at St Andrew's-Wesley United Church, Burrard and Nelson (in the Salon: enter from Nelson).

Friends: this is your invitation to join BBV (Building Bridges Vancouver) for ...

Christian Peacemaker Teams and Non-violent Resistance in Palestine and Israel

Dr. Mark and Twilla Welch and will present on their experience as delegates with the Christian Peacemaker Team in Palestine and its pacifist, non-violent, multi-lateral opposition to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank Palestinian territory. The presentation will focus on the situation in and around Hebron, one of the most difficult and contested sites in the occupied West Bank. It will be followed by Q&A.

Mark and Twilla Welch are both Psychiatric Nurses with extensive experience in clinical psychiatry, research, teaching, and project development in many countries, including several visits to Palestine. Both have worked with survivors of torture and trauma. Mark worked on a five-month sabbatical with the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme. In March 2011 they went as delegates to Israel and the Occupied Territories with the Christian Peacemaker Teams during which time they were in engaged in pacifist, non-violent resistance to the conflict and the occupation of the West Bank. They currently live and work in the Lower Mainland.

For more information about this event, contact Building Bridges Vancouver at 604 649 7714

Best as always, Don Grayston, Past Chair, BBV

=== Tuesday September 25

~ 6 - 8pm ~ Public Information Meeting for former Ambleside Safeway Site (DP12-046)

at John Lawson Studio 1756 Argyle Ave

=== Thursday September 27

~ 2:30 - 4pm ~ A Roller-coaster Ride: Thoughts on Aging (Poplar Press) with author Naomi Beth Wakan

Lynn Valley Main Library Free; Registration required. Call 984 0286 ext. 8144 to register. Join Naomi Beth Wakan, the author, for a book talk and an honest and humorous look at aging. Qualifying between merely being old and old-old, in her book Naomi considers retirement homes, elder abuse, death, and the often thorny question of what to call people once theyre past retirement. She looks at the disconnect between how she sees herself and how the world sees her, and concludes its this inner view that decides nearly everything about aging.

~ 5pm ~ NSh Adv Cmte on Disability Issues at DNV M Hall

~ 7:30pm ~ WV Streamkeeper Society mtg ad St Stephen's

Update on current activities: Mem Park Centennial Rearing Pond; Nelson Crk Hatchery; Student Outreach; Steam Temperature Loggers; Spawner Salmon surveys; WV Nature Ctr; Presentations by the Pacific Salmon Fdn, and the Pacific Streamkeeper Federation.

North Shore Culture Days

~~~ Fri/Sat/Sun Sept 28/29/30 ~~~ Various Locations ~~~

North Shore Culture Days takes place September 28-30, 2012 in creative spaces from Deep Cove to Ambleside (and lots of places in between) with free activities from a wide range of disciplines including: visual arts, music, dance, theatre, heritage, and literature.Highlights of activities taking place in West Vancouver include:

Ferry Building Gallery -- KISS AGAIN, an exhibition by local artist Zoltan Kiss

West Vancouver Memorial Library -- Friday Night Concert Series featuring The Sojourners

Wishful Thinking 101 with Author Susan Juby

Silk Purse Gallery -- Explore the Shore

Hands on Collage Project Walking Tour and Art Exhibit

Kay Meek Centre -- North Shore Idol Challenge talent contest

To find out whats happening in North and West Vancouver, look for the special North Shore Culture Days Guide & Map in the Friday, September 28 issue of the North Shore News.

Visit www.culturedays.ca and plan your Culture Days weekend using the Bright Spots Schedule tool.

=== Saturday September 29 ~ 8:30 ~ National Health and Fitness Day at Cmnty Ctr

~ 10am - 2pm ~ N Piccadilly Park (plants, wildlife); info 778 870 2152 or visit www.lpps.ca

=== Sunday September 30 -- RIVERS DAY

~ 10am - 2pm ~ Capilano Estuary Clean-up

Location: Capilano River Estuary area, assembling at the boat launch 100m past the Water T, West Vancouver

With Scotch Broom the major Invasive Plant Removal objective, a fun day will combine with visits from local dignitaries and Squamish elders. Refreshments, gloves, and stories -- to share. Bring your excitement and love of the river!

NSWP -- Contact: Jeff Anderson ~ north.shore.wetland.partners@gmail.com ~ 778 848 8538

~ 1 - 4pm ~ Trolley Dances at various locations

Join the NV Arts Council for an entertaining music and dance trolley event. The Trolleys will transport guests to four secret outdoor locations highlighting natural and historical features on the North Shore. Audiences will then be entertained by four uniquely choreographed cultural dances and performance art chosen specifically for each location. Contact: 988 6844 or nvartscouncil.ca or info@nvartscouncil.ca

=== Thursday October 4 ~ 4pm ~ Awards Cmte mtg

+++ WV MEMORIAL LIBRARY +++ http://www.westvanlibrary.ca

= English Corner -- Friday Sept 21 and 28 from 10 to 11:30am

If you would like to practise English conversation -- develop skills, learn vocabulary, participate in interesting discussions, and make new friends, come to English Corner. For more info please call Nadia Vargha Majzub at 922 5152. English Corner is facilitated by the Bahai Community of West Vancouver in partnership with the Library.

= Friday Sept 21 -- PHILOSOPHERS' CAFE Multiculturalism -- 10:30am - noon

Join Moderator Randall MacKinnon on the third Friday of each month, from September through June for a discussion at a Philosophers' Cafe, part of Simon Fraser University's Continuing Studies. [free]

Canadian multiculturalism: mosaic, melting pot, or a more modern metaphor?

= Friday Sept 28 -- (Bonus) Philosophers Café Marijuana -- 1:30 - 3pm

Marijuana: what are our options?

Join guest moderator and SFU criminologist Neil Boyd to discuss this topic.

= Wednesday Sept 26

~ 7:30 - 9pm ~ Authors in Our Community: NAOMI WAKAN

{highly recommended; a well-known and well-respected haiku poet who lives on Gabriola where Pacifi-kana has its annual summer gathering.

See info on her talk wch she'll also give in NV Sept 27 (in the Calendar above).}

= Friday Sept 28 -- Friday Night Concert Series: THE SOJOURNERS

Doors open at 7pm, concert starts at 7:30pm. Come early for best seating.

Check out the seriously spiritual sounds of The Sojourners.

* a North Shore Culture Days event

= Saturday Sept 29 -- Author Talk with Author Susan Juby

~ 10:30m - noon ~ * a North Shore Culture Days event

= Tuesday Oct 2 -- Kay Meek Artists Confidential: Bill Millerd, Artistic Director

~ 10:30 - 11:30am ~ A conversation with a theatrical legacy!

{West Van's own! The family's fish cannery is now the Dept of Fisheries research site on

Marine Drive. Directed Arts Club since 1972; Order of Canada; met him through a

cultural exchange between Keio U (Tokyo) and UBC; a bright jewel in BC's cultural crown}

+++ WV MUSEUM +++ http://westvancouvermuseum.ca/exhibitions/current_exhibition 925 7295

Next exhibition: Selwyn Pullan (Oct 9)

+++ FERRY BUILDING GALLERY +++  http://ferrybuildinggallery.com ~ 925 7290

> September 11 30 -- Kiss Again: Zoltan Kiss -- paintings and ceramics

Opening Reception: Tues Sept 11 from 6 - 8pm; Meet the Artist: Sat Sept 15 from 2 to 3pm

> October 2 21 -- Dundarave Printmakers: Then and Now

Opening Reception: Tues Oct 2 from 6 - 8pm; Meet the Artists: Sat Oct 6 from 2 to 3pm

+++ SILK PURSE +++  http://silkpurse.ca/exhibitions/  925 7292

> September 18 - 30 -- Art as the Question...

Opening reception will be held on Tuesday September 18th  from 6-8pm. All are welcome! What inspires & engages us to create? Who determines what art is? Where is art found? When was the last time you were creative? Art as the question is an exhibit of artist Diane Morans past & present works featuring abstract paintings, photography, & mixed media sculpture combined with Explore The Shore; a hands on art op for public participation during Culture Days, Sunday September 30th 25pm.

> October 2 - 14 -- "Beyond Beautiful"

Bruno is a prolific artist whose loose and expressive washes of oil on paper are instantly recognizable. "Beyond Beautiful" celebrates the beauty and freedom of the female form. A poetic landscape is created that engages the viewer in a celebration of women through an elegant composition of line, colour, and space.

Opening reception Tuesday October 2nd from 6 to 8pm

>>> Your October/November/December 2012 newsletter is now available!

Click on the link below to read: http://silkpurse.ca/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/OctNovDec2012.pdf

Also available in hardcopy at The Silk Purse front desk!


Simplest way to get on email list, call 913 3634 (also for tix) or email tickets@kaymeekcentre.com

Brochure now available! http://issuu.com/kay_meek/docs/kmc_2012-13_brochure

+ CULTURE DAYS AT KAY MEEK CENTRE -- 7pm Friday and Saturday September 28 and 29

+ BIG RIVER: A TRIBUTE TO THE MAN IN BLACK -- 8pm Saturday September 29

+ MEHREGAN FESTIVAL -- 7:30pm Sunday September 30


+ MOONRISE KINGDOM -- 7:30pm Tuesday October 2

Set on an island off the coast of New England in the summer of 1965, Moonrise Kingdom tells the story of two twelve-year-olds who fall in love, make a secret pact, and run away together into the wilderness. As various authorities try to hunt them down, a violent storm is brewing off-shore -- and the peaceful island community is turned upside down in more ways than anyone can handle. Bruce Willis plays the local sheriff. Edward Norton is a Khaki Scout troop leader. Bill Murray and Frances McDormand portray the young girl's parents. The cast also includes Tilda Swinton, Jason Schwartzman, and Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward as the boy and girl.

+ CRAIGSLIST CANTATA -- 8pm Thurs/Fri/Sat October 4/5/6, and 2pm matinee Saturday 6th

+++ ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION BRANCH 60, West Vancouver +++ http://www.westvan60.com/

Office: 604-922-3587 Lounge: 604-922-1920 Fax: 604-922-2659

Sunday, September 30th: 1pm -- GENERAL MEETING

2pm -- Vets' Social in the Lounge

Saturday October 6th: from 5 to 7:30pm ~ Open House celebrating the 65th Wedding Anniversary of the Sinclairs

+++ WV CHAMBER of COMMERCE + 926 6614 + http://www.westvanchamber.com/

Wednesday September 26

"Business After 5"

Face to Face Networking for the Under 35s

=== CULTUREWATCH === {see Headsup for more}


+ BARD ON THE BEACH ~ 739 0559 ~ bardonthebeach.org

Ticket availability -- https://tickets.bardonthebeach.org/TheatreManager/1/login&event=0

Video clips and trailers --  http://www.youtube.com/bardonthebeachfest

All evening performances at Bard on the Beach now will start at 7pm.

~~ The Taming of the Shrew -- till Sept 22 [Closing Night] ~~ Macbeth -- ends Sept 20

~~ Merry Wives of Windsor -- Studio Stage; ends Sept 21 ~~ King John -- Studio Stage; ends September 19


The Duchess: aka Wallis Simpson -- an extravagant inspired epic, takes you into a wonderland...

822 2678 theatre.ubc.ca Sept 20 to Oct 6

+ ARTS CLUB 687 1644  http://www.artsclub.com

~ Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage:

Clybourne Park Sept 6 to Oct 7, a comedy of race and real estate; 2011 Pulitzer Prize winner for best play

~ Granville Island Stage: Master Class from Sept 27 to Oct 27

+ THE CULTCH 251 1363 thecultch.com Sept 19 - 30

White Rabbit, Red Rabbit, a metaphorical journey. Drama written by Nassim Soleimanpour. The actors are given an envelope at the start of the evening -- neither the actors nor the audience know what will be performed. Different actors on different nights but including Carmen Aguirre (Sept 19), Kathryn Shaw (Sept 20), James Long (Sept 21), Marcus Youssef (Sept 22), Ryan Beil (Sept 23), Maiko Yamamoto (Sept 25), Peter Anderson (Sept 26), Donna Soares (Sept 27), Jonathan Young (Sept 28), Kevin Loring (Sept 29), Alessandro Juliani (Sept 30, 2pm), and Meg Roe (Sept 30, 8pm). [Schedule subject to change]

+ HENDRY HALL -- northvanplayers.ca -- Bluff by Jeffrey Sweet; a dark comedy, from Sept 7 to 22

+ METRO THEATRE 266 7191 metrotheatre.com

Alan Ayckbourn's Relatively Speaking, a comedy about a misunderstanding from Aug 25 - Sept 22

+ Jericho Arts Centre  224 8007 www.jerichoartscentre.com

A Room with a View, adapted by Roger Parsley from E.M. Forster; Director: Sarah Rodgers

Sept 7 30 -- In this bright, funny and absorbing adaptation of E.M. Forster's novel we see characters, brought together by chance, fumble their way through love, dislike, belief, and social niceties, and watch an array of fascinating and intriguing characters come to terms (or not!) with a changing world.

UNITED PLAYERS OF VANCOUVER T: 224 8007 Email: info@unitedplayers.com W: http://www.unitedplayers.com/index.html

~~~ Pick of the Fringe at Performance Works, Granville Island until Sept 23 {vancouverfringe.com}

~~~ Word Whips: NSh Edition -- Take the challenge. Write to a prompt for ten to 15 minutes and see what you get. Hosted by poet Fran Bourassa at the Silk Purse; 6:30pm Tues Sept 25 silkpurse.ca 925 7292

~~~ Michael Chabon -- award-winning novelist (NYT) discussing his latest book, Telegraph Avenue

St Andrew's Wesley United Church (Burrard and Nelson): 8pm Wed Sept 26 (629 8849)


+ VANCOUVER ART GALLERY  http://www.vanartgallery.bc.ca/events_and_programs/calendar_of_events.html

More Hours, More Matisse Gallery Hours extended to 9pm

Every Sunday this summer, the Gallery is open late every Sunday AND our tour program is expanding! Tours are now available on: Thursdays: 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 2:30pm; Sundays: 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm

Collecting Matisseto Sept 30

Upcoming Exhibitions: for details: http://www.vanartgallery.bc.ca/the_exhibitions/upcoming_exhibitions.html ]

~ NB: VAG Mbrs receive 20% off admission to the Royal BC Museum in Victoria when you show your Gallery Mbrshp card.


o Calligraphy Exhibition by "Jamal Abiri" -- Khayam Quarters (Second Collection)

September 1 - 22 from 12 - 8 pm (closed Mondays)

o Masoud Soheili, Caroun Art Gallery (CAG); www.Caroun.net / www.Caroun.com / www.Caroun.org

Tel Canada: 001-778-372-0765 / Tel Tehran: 0919-914-6755 (faghat ta Sharivar1391)

more details on CAG exhibitions: http://www.caroun.com/CarounArtGallery/Exhibitions/00-Expositions.html


+ Museum of Anthropology -- 827 5932 moa.ubc.ca



Info on the season: http://www.vancouversymphony.ca/season/2012-2013/

= The VSO's Opening Weekend, with Isabel Bayrakdarian

The VSO's 2012/2013 Season gets underway Friday and Saturday, with soprano Isabel Bayrakdarian in a starring role, singing Ravel's Sheherazade, Montsalvatge's Cinco Canciones Negras, and La Tempranica: Zapateado by Gimenez. Maestro Bramwell Tovey conducts this exotic, sensuous, exciting Spanish-flavoured program, a perfect season opener for a beautiful, sunny September! Tickets are still available, but going fast order yours now!

Friday & Saturday, September 21 & 22, 8pm, Orpheum

= The Passion and Power of Beethoven and Tchaikovsky

ORPHEUM: 8pm Saturday Sep 29; 2pm Sunday Sep 30; 8pmmMonday Oct 1

Jahja Ling, conductor Benjamin Hochman, piano*

Rossini: La gazza ladra: Overture; Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 1 in C Major*; Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 4 in F minor

= The VSO Presents: Our Thrilling Silent Auction Fundraiser

Help celebrate the start of the 2012/2013 season with the VSO Silent Auction, taking place at our concerts on Saturday, September 29th and Monday, October 1st featuring Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 4 and extraordinary pianist Benjamin Hochman performing Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 1. There are many amazing and diverse items to bid on including: luxurious get-a-ways to Seattle, Whistler, and Salt Spring Island, dinners at local restaurants, tickets to exhilarating cultural events and tremendous pieces of art. Check out our website www.vancouversymphony.ca next week for full details on all the auction items.

> Pictures at an Exhibition

8pm Saturday Oct 6, Orpheum Theatre -- Bramwell Tovey, conductor, and Desmond Hoebig, cello*

Ippolitov-Ivanov -- Caucasian Sketches: Procession of the Sardar // Ravel -- Alborada del gracioso

Tchaikovsky -- Variations on a Rococo Theme* // Mussorgsky/Ravel -- Pictures at an Exhibition

> Peter & the Wolf, with Inspector Tovey

2pm Sunday Oct 7 Orpheum Theatre // Bramwell Tovey, conductor // Prokofiev -- Peter and the Wolf



604 876 3434 customerservice@vancouversymphony.ca www.vancouversymphony.ca

You have received this email because you are a valued member of the VSO community of ticket buyers and donors. Subscribing to the VSO ENews Update allows access to information about concert program/time/venue changes where applicable, concert updates, special deals, and promotional offers.


> Mozart à Milano: Michael Maniaci in Performance

Friday September 28 at 8pm; Pre-concert introduction at 7:15

Christ Church Cathedral, 690 Burrard St at West Georgia, downtown Vancouver

Saturday September 29 at 8pm; Pre-concert introduction at 7:15

West Vancouver United Church, 2062 Esquimalt Ave at 21st Street, West Vancouver

Michael Maniaci, sopranist; Alexander Weimann, music director; Pacific Baroque Orchestra

Possessed of a unique male soprano voice, soloist Michael Maniaci is also acclaimed as "one of the greatest singers of his generation" (Globe and Mail). He returns to Vancouver for the first time since 2006 in a thrilling performance with Vancouver's own Pacific Baroque Orchestra. Celebrate the season opening with works by Sammartini and Mozart, including the joyous "Exsultate Jubilate".

Click here to watch Michael Maniaci perform, and speak to the BBC about his unique voice.

Tix for this performance at $40 (students & seniors $3 discount) can be ordered on-line via our secure connection. These ticket prices include 12% HST. They can also be ordered by phone (604 732 1610) from the office of EMV. Tix are also available at Sikora's Classical Records. Series tix for our 2012-2013 are also available. For more information about this performance, please visit our website.

Rush Seats for Students with valid ID on sale for $10, at the door only, from 7pm on the evening of the concert. Subject to availability. These concerts are included in our "Bring a Youth for Free" programme. Presented in cooperation with the Pacific Baroque Orchestra.

> Early Music Vancouver at Culture Days

Friday Sept 28 from 4:30 - 6pm; Christ Church Cathedral. This event is free and open to the public.

Come listen to the sound of the baroque! As part of this year's Culture Days, Early Music Vancouver is offering the chance to experience an open dress rehearsal for the first concert of our 2012-2013 season, "Mozart à Milano". Come have a look behind the scenes as the instrumentalists of the Pacific Baroque Orchestra, led by the extraordinary Alexander Weimann, rehearse for the evening's performance.

The rehearsal will be followed by a Q&A session with the musicians of PBO. If you're curious about early music and the instruments of a baroque orchestra, this is an activity you won't want to miss! Learn more about this very special music and what goes into creating these concerts. Find out more about this free Culture Days event [here].


~ Opera Pro Cantanti -- Cambrian Hall, www.procontanti.com 604 340 8545 7pm Sept 30 Verdi's Macbeth

* Vancouver International Film Festival Sept 27 to Oct 12

375 films -- info at viff.org or call 683 FILM

=== WALKS ===

> Walking in the Spirit of Varley

~ 11am - 2pm Sunday Sept 23rd, Lynn Valley Regional Park, NV

Join art historian and author Trevor Carolan for a talk about Frederick Varley, famed artist from the Group of Seven, followed by a walk along the Varley Trail. Info: 432 6359 metrovancouver.org

> Take a Walk with Shipyard Sal: Waterfront Tour

1 and 2:30pm Meet at PGE Station foot of Lonsdale Info 990 3700 x 8008


Saturday, September 29th -- Sea-to-Sky Geology

Take a car tour with Dr. John Clague Saturday 29th September and discover the geology of one of British Columbia's spectacular fjords, Howe Sound. See 100 million-year-old granitic rocks and features left by the glaciers that once covered the area to a depth of nearly 2 kilometres. We will stop at Lions' Bay, Porteau Cove, Britannia Beach, Stawamus Chief, Rubble Creek, The Barrier, and other sites of geological interest along the Sea-to-Sky Highway. If the weather behaves, we will experience spectacular views of the jagged peaks of the Tantalus Range that were once the only peaks that poked above the ice sheet and we may also see the dissected summit of Mt. Garibaldi, our most recently active volcano.

This will be a full-day event by car with one short hike (BC Rail quarry). Meeting time will be 0900 hours.

This event will be by registration with a cut-off at about 20 participants. Contact David Cook at 604 924 0147 or cookeco2@yahoo.com to register and to receive details about the meeting location.

John is a Professor at Simon Fraser University and senior author of the popular geology book Vancouver, City on the Edge. He has been the recipient of numerous awards related to the earth sciences. Most recently he was awarded the Nature Vancouver Kay Beamish Award for Extraordinary Achievement in Nature Education and the J.Willis Ambrose Medal, which is awarded for sustained dedicated service to the Canadian earth science community.

Kind regards, David 924 0147


..............Sunday Sept 16, the 32nd Annual Terry Fox Run -- what a Canadian icon...........

Still running up a down escalator however wanted to let you know what's on Monday night (Sept 17).  

Have provided links, then WVHS mtg and Qtns/pun

=  6pm in camera mtg

Special Meeting (In Camera)


=  7pm PUBLIC HEARING on devt at 26th and Marine (toward Haywood)

Public Hearing (new lot formed from closing road end at 26th and Marine)


=  REGULAR MTG (right after the PH)


MAIN ITEMS:  NSh Family Court and Youth Justice Cmte Annual Report; Road Closure (26th & Marine); HAF and Centennial Celebrations update; Authorization to expense Third Party Funds (~$900K); Upper Lands Study Review; Geothermal Heating System 4064 Marine Dr; DVP Application 3598 Creery (for Oct 1); Age-friendly Provincial Recognition; Correspondence {http://www.westvancouver.ca/Government/Level3.aspx?id=37466): oodles of letters re HBay pier; funding cuts (JEPP); NSEMO; air quality report.

Don't forget 

WV Historic:al Society mtg Wed Sept 19 with Timothy Horton speaking about the history of the PGE in West Vancouver (7pm at Srs' Ctr)


PGE talk at WVHS Wed Night was excellent!

This Headsup is just for those interested in Shakespeare and in Women in Israel

1   Notice about Bard on the Beach re Macbeth (see if they will extend price reduction)

2   Talk tonight about status of Women in Israel


BARD ON THE BEACH -- Having trouble viewing this email? Click here


Tix just released for MACBETH

Tickets have just become available for Macbeth on Wednesday September 19th at 1pm - tomorrow!

All tickets only $21.00

Don't miss your chance to see this critically acclaimed and much loved production. Please help us spread the word - tell your family and friends. This is the second to last performance - not to be missed!

2012 Macbeth Trailer -- Buy Online Today or call  604 739 0559


The End of Civil Society in Israel: A Feminist View Hannah Safran and Dalia Sachs, TONIGHT

Date: 20 September, 2012 10:02:57 AM PDT

[From time to time we receive announcements of local events and activities that may be of interest to our members, supporters and list subscribers. We forward them for your information.]



What is it like to be a twenty-first-century woman in Israel today? Join us on Thursday, Sept. 20, at Rhizome Café, when two distinguished feminist scholars discuss The End of Civil Society in Israel: A Feminist View. Hannah Safran and Dalia Sachs, both university teachers, belong to Isha LIsha (Woman to Woman), an Israeli centre for pacifism and feminism. They are currently working on projects that aim to reduce the military influence that pervades every aspect of Israeli society and culture.

Sachs and Safran will hold a conversation with the audience in which they discuss their work and address other recent repressive moves by the government and its ultra-religious supporters, like banning womens presence on speakers podiums and womens voices on radio and invading womens privacy with strictures on their freedom.

Ultra-religious orthodoxies all resemble one another in the ways they limit womens freedom, says Safran. Its ironic that this change should happen in Israel, where women once enjoyed more civil freedom and authority than in most countries.

We have seen it happening over the past twenty years, adds Sachs, in the government, in the streets, and in the universities.

Their appearance is co-sponsored by Independent Jewish Voices Vancouver and  Congregation Ahavat Olam.

Come at 7pm to eat and drink; the conversation will begin about 7:30.  Admission is $10-20 at the door; no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Contact: Martha Roth (733-2237)


7:00 PM

1. Call to order.

2. Approval of September 10, 2012 Regular Council Meeting Agenda

adding Item 4.1 Delegation, North Shore Rescue; 

adding to Item 12, Items 12.2 12.3 

3. Adoption of July 23, 2012 Council Meeting Minutes --  regular Council Meeting

MAB: under Item 4, I recused myself; wasn't noted


4. John Weston, M.P. (West Van-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country), re National Fitness Day (File: 0160-01)

JW: went for a run; new next door nbr, no bad schools in WV

saw Sop, 33 years volunteering at Coho

Gran Fondo -- great wonderful place; go back Saturday to Ottawa

1) Nat'l Health and Fitness Day -- first Sat in June; $4.3B a year in costs obesity and overweightness

Sept 24 bill into House wch will introd health and fitness day

mark the intro of the bill on Sept 29

lead for Canada, legacy of Olympic and Paralympic Games

concerns Ccl sent letters to xxx resoln re pipeline and another re fisheries

really helps me when you provide me with ammunition like this; I appreciate the formality of the resolns, I also appreciate the informal conversations I have had with cclrs, and with you, Mayor

fed govt understands the sacredness of our riverways and our lakes b/c British Columbians make our voices known

have to speak a little more loudly sometimes b/c Ottawa seems a long way away

Fisheries; on the strength of your resoln, I brought the parliamentary secretary to the Minister [of Fisheries] to attend a fisheries advisory group earlier in the summer; he's coming back in Sept

v articulate voices in WV, like John Fraser and others, Streamkeepers, who participated in the adv grp, so you can be sure our voices are being heard on these issues

b/c our popn of ppl with Iranian backgrounds so large here, say a few words {said a bit in Farsi}:

"we stand behind Iranian ppl whether in Iran or in Canada, it's the record of govt of Iran govt takes issue with, rights issues and its support for Assad in Syria"

Removal Minister Baird referred to, one of the embassies least secure, British embassy sacked last year...

I'm the liaison with the Persian-Iranian Cmnty in Canada, a role I take v seriously; struggling to learn the language

those three priorities, ppl I've met, in riding this summer; any other issues

oh yes, Asian new year; thank Ccl for strong support for new year's, one two years ago and again in rec ctr; we may have outgrown the facility next will be at PkRoyal; know Ccl will continue to support that

Sop: what's the govt position on north and here?

JW: support process and independent assessment; we have good assessors and monitors

no endorsement of any company

emphasis on diversity of our economy and xxx; economy and environment are not adversaries; proud to hand on our envmt to our chn

Sop: ecic investment than more than envmt

JW: we've been trapped into as adversaries but [7:11] 

one of our great accomplishments xxx

that many ppl earning income since xxx

CC: Fisheries has mandated secondary treatment by 2015, tight timeframe

sewage treatment plant -- over $400M; ppl of NSh can't do ourselves

caught in pinch; don't have the money; missing piece prov/fed funding

hoping you have news of present and future infrastructure funds; hope in near future

JW: one of the successes we've demonstrated in last few years

flow of info not just cclrs andf [me] but our staffs

meeting with your mayor and NV, just on that topic; have to find a way

it's mandated, a health issue; cost is staggering

Sop: Mr Weston came down to Coho Festival and helped barbecue

Mayor: our 100th anniv; got a nice grant to put toward our 100th 

JW: 200th?

MOTION: THAT the delegation from John Weston, M.P., be received for information, with thanks.

Mayor: thanks again to our MP, nice to have you here.


4.1 [ADDED to agenda]  North Shore Search and Rescue

G. Zilahi: est in 1965 [SLIDES]  50th aniversary coming up

est'd 1965, have 40 mbrs plus resource and support mbrs, eg logistics, specialists

managed by six SAR mbrs; on call 24/7; all certified through Justice Inst, trained in ICS

Tim {Jones} has 21 years of experience; I started in my diapers so this is my 37th year

Planning, Preparedness, & Readiness; public education

NSh avalanche advisory, after the Grouse Grind avalanche

mapping trails; a few years ago many went outside boundaries, lots of calls

leaders in communications infrastructure -- radio system used by other agencies when theirs go down

Medical Rescue; SAR; Helicopter Rescue -- cdn't do what we do without them

Evidence Search; MIssing Chn and Seniors

mountain ... rescue...

snow storm...  ambulance ... police...

Body Recovery -- this unfortunately was in Cypress, behind Hollyburn

Assistance in the Water Environment: we don't do rescue b/c usually recovery -- kayak team (only one in BC), specialists

cmnty contribution re time; last year 2011 88 tasks; 5,439 Man-Hours; so far this year 66 (tasks) up to Sept 3rd, whole NSh, 2200 man hours to July 31st on the NSh

value on that , $218K {not clearly visible on video of slide}

cmte work, fundraising, public info, equipment maintenance, highly trained ppl, non-operational hours ~16K hours, 75% of what we do (NSh), if you add it all up, worth about $545K

total man-hours in 2011 ~21K, so our cmnty value provided,  $ 863K

WV 25% of our call volume, lower than it used to be; lower b/c of edu not as many as used to be; Cypress ev weekend and now down

we're highly trained, live in WV; we're bizmen, lawyers


host of disaster caches

what do you contribute?

MOU from three Ms

thank M and Ccl, Cclr Cam current NSEMO, Sop past mbr and long time supporter; Brent Leigh working on the MOU

Peter LePine, Jim Almas, a v good partner to work with; Scott Jones Dep Fire Chief

from Parks Dept and ev else making able to provide services

Last but not least -- thank you -- funding over the last few years

cmnty-minded ppl; app their support

allow us to provide service to the cmnty

Sop: good evening, Tim, haven't see you for a while

so, if a call from RCMP to attend?

Tim Jones: lost, stranded, goes to local Police; Police go to prov emergency prog, central or directly

nope other explained ... xxx through central xxx in Victoria; sometimes directly b/c of relnship

Sop: do you do all the rescue work in the backcountry?

other: calls beyond 15 or 20min from  NSh, a lot of time we don't do them -- but they're at night and in the wintertime

how far it comes down, usu b/c of snow

NG: one of those ppl who reads the paper and when I read about a kid that goes under the rope, some say 'make them pay'

you don't go that route b/c maybe they won't call you -- is that still our philosophy? 

do those ppl ever give you a donation? encourage that?

TJ: cmnty-based; police and amb don't charge; police and fire; cmty decision; reimbursed from the prov govt -- helicopter paid through prov 7:29

we're a response org, second

re Johnny we don't see that much any more

talk about outside the control area

donation, we do get ppl donating to us all over the map

one WV cmnty-minded man, wife got off the trail, we found her in two hours, and we got a $10K [donation]

recovery from prov; [sometimes] 50 ppl and takes many hours and don't even get a thank you

our way of contributing to the cmnty

MAB: volunteer or paid?

Other: all volunteer

I'm a paramedic so a lot of flexibility on our shift time

a lot of young guys and x on our team so have to work around that

volunteer is a real valued commodity; been proud to maintain that 24/7, proud of that

CC: NSh SAR seeks fund from many sources, Metro, etc; you're not coming cap in hand, you do a lot of fundraising yourselves

TJ: recently made presentation to NSEMO; otherwise wd be here for half an hour

it costs us $500K a year to support

get direct from Ms about $50K a year, and about $23K a year in staff time; rest from other means

costs infrastructure; from time to time come to Ms for support, always been successful

we are a cmnty-based org and cmnty- based response for the benefit of the cmnty

we''re getting good value for

Other: we're not a Maytag team; v serious;; time windows and xxx windows that wd make your head spin

spend a lot of money so we can train; v serious org, v serious work; from priv citizens as well as govt

[CC and Mayor thanked them]

REPORTS  [7:35]

5.  Reports from Mayor and Councillors on Boards, Committees, and Working Groups

>  Sop: ran around for a month; culminated 33rd year, first time two-day event

Keith Fenton and David Jones worked v hard, put on an amazing event; they shd be saluted; unbelievable org, efforts put on

projects, salmon-enhancement; ev one of my colleagues here showed up, part of the cmnty spirit, Mr McRadu came out -- had to send him home!

Board decided on two days this year b/c of 100th

Mayor: wd you like to give up rest of your time to give to Keith?

Sop: I was going to speak for 15 min


Mayor: you signed up?

Keith Fenton: Saturday a great day crowds, Sunday not so good but we certainly have made money

going to make an assessment whether two days or not

two days is a big task, much more difficult than one day

Albion, from sockeye to coho -- oceanwise

DJ: sustainable, Haida Gwaii

KF: ppl given a tag with a number, go to Internet and you cd say what you caught, who caught it and where

I was interviewed on South Korean TV, think it went well; pleasant to give them an interview

a couple of ladies from California, totally blown away; pleasant to come; gave them a t-shirt; hadn't seen anything like that in Calif

takes three ingredients: volunteers, sponsorship, and leadership

want to thank Christie

DJ: staff names [7:41]


DJ: we are an environmental; Coho Festival primary fundraiser -- largest turnout in our stewardship zone

can't believe I can go to a festival and get so much info

everybody makes a decision ev day that affects the envmt; think ev got that msg this year

WCS Cycling all the organics; ev on site recyclable but organic

saved $2K no

5K lbs xxx to

no waste/no garbage

cannot wait to get some sleep

Mayor: congratulations on the success of the event

> MAB: Youth Services Review Implementation Group, Hub Grp; working on modelling the hub on the childcare hub; they'll present in Nov; bn helping with planning for NSh Congress -- Oct 10; fundraiser Sep 20 seed money for a survey following on the charter

Four events as acting mayor in Aug -- Harmony Arts, thank you; donated by Louis Gervais; maybe report

xxx: next week

opening of Bank of M in Park R

RoyalTea-by-the-sea and xxxx v enjoyable

xxx school safety; enforcement being stepped up; walk to school


> ML: this is the first time since July 23 I've had to wear a tie

great success; Best of the West

Sept 14 is the Taste of Dundarave (amb/bay) -- tix; get them

MAB: or on-line (Chamber/Commerce)

> TP: WV was a great place to be in Aug; vitality, waterfront

congrats to WV Soccer, 100 years

fields were replaced by fees from the user groups; amazing partnership with all sports user grps; energized by ppl involved

Chief of Police invited to speak in NY; crime reduction 33% over past two years; ask Mayor to ask him to come and share his speech

Literacy Day Sept 8

this Friday -- Lib doors are stormed by our xxx

traditional but also digital literacy

CC: with Lewis and Booth Harmony Arts one of the most enjoyable of the year; thx for coming out

wasn't going to talk about but shd, the federal electoral boundaries; the changes do affect WV, esp on the NV/WV border

hearing last week but believe still time for written comments; go to Govt Canada website or google; important; unfortunate over summer

NG: end of August, WV Hist Soc annual barbecue, wonderful; this coming Sat a big event at Caulfeild

"wander through Caulfeild history" hope to see you there from 1 to 5

Canoe-gathering event at Ambleside Saturday ago, beautiful event

as a mbr of WV Awards Cmte, time to put on your thinking caps of a person or group; outstanding forms are 7:55

Mayor: two major events, more successful ev year

to me it emphasizes, 100s of ppl how much they like to come out and enjoy the waterfront -- wine, beer, listen to music.....

hope Ccl will make more use of the waterfront than just those two events

MOTION: THAT the oral reports from the Mayor and Councillors be received for information.


6. Development Permit Application No. 12-026/027 Cluster housing at 2758 and 2773 Highview Place (Rodgers Creek Area 2, Lots 9 and 10) (File: 1010-20-12-026/027)

Attachments available for viewing in the Legislative Services Dept.  PowerPoint presentation to be provided.

At the July 23 regular mtg Council received the report dated July 9 and set the date for consideration for Sept 10.

Reports received up to and including September 6, 2012:  [the July 9 report]

Written Submissions received up to and including September 6, 2012: none to date

At the July 23 regular meeting Council received the report dated July 12 and set the date for consideration for Sept 10.

Reports received up to and including September 6, 2012: [the July 12 report]

Written Submissions received up to and including September 6, 2012: None to date.

Geri Boyle, Planning: ten units on each lot (two); side by side; one variance: reduced front yard for garage


architect for the project: for BPP

Mike Huggins: devpd over six months working with Geri and staff; you have the booklet

terrain is v v steep

orig parking for Hollyburn; signif challenges, cut and fill

aim to maximize the views for all the units; recess them into the land rather than elevate

cd have 20 (24) but having 10

driveways are 2900 sq to 3800sf flat as possible

&&& heights

all have elevators; ageing in place living; outdoor spaces; trellises; reinforced concrete structure with steel or xxx

xxx; sloped roofs gables

designed in west coast vernacular, large overhangs...; working roofs, flat roofs occupied, few 'roof' roof; to silver LEED standard

landscape architect is here

ev unit own entrance; large amenity area; passive and active recreation for all

Sop: stratified?

Huggins: yes

Sop: any covenants for tree retention? height? cutting and removing?

Geoff Kroll: thx, Mike

the mantra of the Rodgers Crk devt; let the land form the devt

by creeks on either side

eastern edge of lot 9, tributary G was parking lot; creek channel was removed reconstructed and trurned into wetland 8:06

no covenants on the site itself except the Devt Permit

on the other side of the site is the boundary of Rodgers Crk; historically was a water line, sewer, xxxx ducts and they have been removed and put into xxx

also with a xxx

Sop: reason I asked, Deer Ridge had a tree mgmt plan; went through a process and removed what they had to remove

in Brit Prop see trees being taken down at all, does BPP have any covenant? tree mgmt plan?

GK: any tree in a public space no one can remove a tree

landscape plan so won't have trees where can block, so down the road won't have dvprs wanting to remove trees for a view

NG: plsd to see sustainability component, heat pumps, etc good

GK: open house last week, had about three ppl come through

NG: your Mum

LAUGHTER {my thought: how/where advertised?  I didn't know about it}

GB: Each of the phases, public turnout three to six ppl

NG: talk about it

concept of building cmnty in the Upper Lands


not well defined but pls explain what you've done to build cmnty in the UL

GK: Rodgers Crk tried to address this

east to west, density gets higher; need commercial place -- Cypress Village; mountain path, pedestrian paths; secondary trail system

Parks Dept has finished a beautiful bridge over Tributary B; beams from cmnty ctr

just finishing an activity node between one and two; already ppl up there

cmnty connected; amenities we're putting in

NG: a "cutting" garden -- pls explain

NAME?: landscape architect: an open space with cmnty gardens

feedback from staff wrt bears so the concept now is raised beds and when strata in place they can adopt a pot, cut flowers to take into their homes

NG: part of building a cmnty is having a corner store instead of driving to Marine Dr

know there's a restaurant 

GK: not enough density for a corner/convenience store

WG did discuss that; until density you'll see in the western part ot the economics; village where you'll see that

TP: we're here to regulate the form and xxx so interested in the public consultation

design criteria seems you're working toward that

CC: bldg, asking BPP a functioning cmnty

wd like to see more density so more services; get water up and sewage down and more economical if more there, more density

cluster housing you're building less impactful than sgl-fam housing there now 8:18

architect shd be congratulated

another thing I really like, absence of gates

keep moving in this direction

Mayor: public input?


MOTION: THAT all written and verbal submissions be received for information.


RECOMMENDED: the DPA wch wd regulate the form and character of the proposed cluster housing, be approved.



7. Development Variance Permit Application No. 11-061 (1116 Millstream Road) (File: 1010-20-11-061)

Attachments available for viewing in the Legislative Services Dept.  PowerPoint presentation to be provided.

GB: Grades v steep; needs variances


house steps down the slope -- slide shows storeys; elevation drawings

retaining walls to provide for driveway

{listen to comments at 8:24}


got rid of dangerous trees and ????

maybe a policy of WV District

Mayor: is that your question?


TP: is it under what's allowed?

GB: yes

TP: guarantee be planted as we see?

GB: when we review the xxx landscape plan and we'll follow up

NG: on the consultation side

notification sent to all owners withn 50m, so will that be done after today?

MClk: notification was mailed on Aug 23

{HAND UP in gallery}

Mayor: hang on there if we can get through the questions

64 trees, 42 coming down; remaining? 1/3 to be retained

for how long will they be retained; any assurity [sic] be retained in the future?

Ans: the majority are in the yard, all been sawn off; healthy trees to 3 or 4 metres then sawed off

looking at more trees suitability, long term

often trees outgrow trees

intention to plant trees that will be there for the long term***

NG: owner is not here tonight so you'll ask?

close to being maxed out?

this house will be almost 3K+  -- why does your client need such a big house?

Mayor: not appropriate

NG: relates to variance

Ans: wd still need this size

no way to get driveway down

Engg only allows for driveway slopes; form of the house is v wide but v shallow if you look at footprint; create void spaces underneath; we're adding a basement structure

CC: about public consultation process

mailed out Aug 23, a few days, end of summer; a bit concerned about abbreviated time

and 50m radius rather narrow -- is that in accordance with our bylaws?

{in those/some areas few ppl in 50m, needs to be a greater area -- maybe have a guideline of an area with a certain number of inhabited homes}

GB: to MClk

MClk: actually in accordance with the 

100 m for xxx {get this 8:31} xxx

CC: wd be politic in future, extra days esp at end of the summer

suggest out of sheer good nbrliness


GB: that is the formal notification under bylaws; we do encourage they talk with their nbrs (can't write that into law)

Ans: no contact with nbrs

although xxx; still below road; xxx [8:33]

we reviewed it; don't have an aerial here

CC: a good idea

impactful; need to reassure ppl; able to identify issues so not surprised

Ans: made this applic last Oct; shd hv been done as part of the design process

ML: mixing things; if we want to change procedures, shd do separately; xxx

Mike Blomfield: a little surprised I received three copies today and we collect daily

welcome the house; worried about our view to the west

Ans: we can review it in the hallway

TP: in favour although large attractive [???]

MOTION: THAT all written and verbal submissions be received for information.


MOTION: THAT the DPA which would allow for construction of a new house with variances for height and number of storeys and driveway retaining walls with a height variance, be approved.


8.  Memorial Library 2011 Annual Report (File: 1900-10) PowerPoint presentation to be provided.

{This was a v gd presentation with slides.  You can watch it all on the DWV website, starting at about 8:38 during the mtg.  Some of the main points are below and we've put the whole thing at URL:   http://www.scribd.com/doc/106554575 }

Its my pleasure to share with you tonight our 2011 Annual Report.

If I could just sum up in a few words what Im about to share with you, its that the West Vancouver Memorial Library continues to be one of the most popular libraries in the province.

Based on the most recent statistics produced for the province, the West Vancouver Memorial Library had the highest circulation per hour open of any library in British Columbia .

Thats a reflection of the innovative ways that we are reaching out to our community, whether it be in welcoming newcomers, delivering personalized service to our homebound patrons, creating new collaborative spaces for our different users, or by offering new and innovative formats like free downloadable music, interactive language learning courses from home, downloadable newspapers from around the world, preloaded Kindle readers with various titles, Playaway pocket-sized audiobooks, and so on.

Let me share with you some specifics. ...

In 2011 app. 905,000 people visited us either in person, or online. Thats about a 7% increase over 2010.  ...In November 2011, we welcomed 50,548 visitors through our doors, making it the busiest month since January 1997. ...

{Methinks the Nov M election wd hv had something to do with that......}


...based on the latest figures available for the province, WVML has the highest circulation per capita of all [libraries] within British Columbia....

Our home page visits in 2011 were up 12% over 2010. And as you saw in the last chart, the traffic for downloadable book and music has increased 90% over the last three years....

Electronic enquiries were up 121% in 2011....

While those numbers are very important, we continue to be aware of the growing population of Seniors within our community who no longer have easy access to the Library but who continue to be avid readers.

To address their needs, we have a robust Homebound Service that delivers audio and print books as well as [CDs, DVDs,] magazines, and puzzles....  The growth [in] this area is 10% greater than activity levels in 2010....

None of this would be possible if our Library Staff werent Leaders in their profession. WVML was the first library in Canada to lend e-readers, launching a very successful Kindle program in 2010. Now, 20 of 42 BC Libraries surveyed have adopted an e-reader lending program....

...The comments from our senior population who have told us of the joy they get from the various formats such as Talking Books, & Large Print and from our Home Delivery Service, ...

Your Library has managed these changes and increase in demand with no increase in staffing and with a 0% public funding budget.  However, Id be remiss if I didnt acknowledge the ongoing support of our own Library Foundation and Friends of the Library who are critical to some of the many enhancements to our collections, programs, and the facility itself. ...

These numbers and more details of the achievements Ive noted here tonight can be found in our [ten-page] booklet which is available here and which will be available on our website for easy access.  Youll find it under REPORTS in the ABOUT US tab.

Thank you to all of you, Mayor and Council for your support of our wonderful Library and thank you for allowing me to share these successes with you tonight.

CC: thank you for all your work you're doing

[Report be received for information.]

Mayor: thx Ms Bergen, one of WV's success stories


9.  Horseshoe Bay Pier: Limiting Passenger Vehicle Access (File: 2160-05-HBPA1)

Attachments available for viewing in the Legislative Services Dept.

Mooi: staff received report stress to structure

xxx capacity for continued structural integrity

staff investigated options summarised in the report

overloading issue

survey mid Aug to Labour Day

many responses, became clear under-estimated the inconvenience to the users; access, watertaxis

letters concerns and suggestion; thank them, much appreciated

subseq with risk mgmt dept re potential overloading

this ccl report; signage and public input/???mtg

sightseeing and walking; to other island

divestiture  July 2001 fed govt $250K ? for upgrade

HBay waterfront WG -- work done

transformed from xxx

to light transp and [8:59] ...; staff will bring forth; xxx and two watertaxi xxx

some of the writers' recommendations

I Haras:

John Low: WV res; rec prop on Keats; vested interest in both props

serious impediment to islanders

we've proposed a safety area, a yellow line; heavy vehicles prohibited

we'll be happy

allowing light vehicles?

Mooi: that is correct and we will be having a public info session to get input from all ppl who wrote to us and get their suggestions

JL: thank you

Bruce McArthur: no particular thoughts one way or other but do have concern the way this current proposal is being put together

just went down before coming here; there's a sign saying max weight 48Kgs {yes, he said 48}, max, three vehicles loading and unloading -- that sign has been there for five years at least

if the loading probs are greater than this forty eighty Kgs {yes, that's what he said}, then we have an enforcement prob

{yup; exactly}

no sense changing anything than what you have at the moment

three signs there; one mentioned, the other sign at the end of the dock says 'no material loading or unloading' wch has a bylaw reference number, not bylaw reference to the weight; and another sign recently attached: 'emergency and authorized vehicles only'.

signage in place and we still have a prob, I wd suggest the soln is better enforcement [rather] than putting more signs

Chris Ashton (?): live in historic Caulfeild and hope we see you this coming weekend; spent over 40 years commercial fishing

knowledge how important those facilities are

also some property on Gambier Island

transportation links

letters good suggestions

hundreds and hundreds of ppl it serves year-round; not just residents but church camps; school outings

this dock provides a vital link

responsibility notifying the public about the dock; noticed the sign just after it went up and almost no one saw that sign

ppl, cmny groups quite surprised; sign against a railing and small ad in NSN

appreciate recommendation to keep open, going forward

Mayor: Corinne, take questions?

ML: was actually going to speak to this in Corresp before I realized this was being brought forward

want to comment staff on process; in July got 40 or 50

Mayor: you're twisting this into a question, I presume

ML: ccl and staff have heard the concerns of the cmnty and hv made changes want add'l feedback, and then go forward

hope this is a reflection that M govt actually does listen

CC: about structural integrity? what's cost for maintaining? ten yr capital cost?

I Haras: short, med, long term

year one ~ $15K; year two to four ~$105K; year six to ten $85K to 135K range

{hm -- is year five free???}

mostly structural, pile replacing, reg inspections

CC: cumulative figures, so going to cost us $290-305K; each can hold 9000Kgs

IH: right

CC: car is 1600Kgs and SUV 2300Kgs; clearly being loaded well above max weight

do we know what's causing this amt of weight? can't fit three on one

IH: 9000Kgs sounds a lot but a large freight {straight?} truck loaded with xxx {unintelligible}, tip the scale

looked and saw stress; vehicles had been on the pier at more than 9K

CC: if two panel vans, or lighter vehicles we wd never have exceeding this max capacity

IH: correct

CC: so we have to

IH: yes

Sop: remember 1999

Mayr: question again?

Sop: Lewis

Mayor:  xxx

Sop: it's not xxx

let me get on with it, okay?


annual cost?

IH: need that engg report to get that capital cost

maintenance, don't have exact figure, more worried about bigger investments we'd have to make over a period

Sop: pilings, railings; treated lumber; what's the safety concerns?

wood rotting xxx

IH: it's the overloaded vehicles

vehicle ped interaction; potential there for some conflicts

Sop: comment that staff are doing the right thing

moving things out to their cabins

WG looked at sev initiatives; intention to use in any way, shape, or form in an outing

sensible passage and doesn't think that shd ever change

fee in future but don't see it

TP: you now have a base line; so doing annual checks so costs over ten years?

IH: annual inspections, see if still oversize, will xxx

Mayor: vision clear 

Mooi: collection of signage there that doesn't make sense so we'll xxx [9:16]

MOTION RECOMMENDED: THAT the Horseshoe Bay Pier remain open to passenger vehicle traffic, with new safety procedures in place, to ensure pedestrian safety and to maintain the structural integrity of the pier.

{to some laughter}

MAB: had 42 submissions; I too was impressed with staff's reaction, responding with all the recommendations

permit issue? perhaps an opp to monitor, put some money aside, much as we've done with the sports fields

want to see its ongoing use

ML: I have nothing to add that wd add to this silence

TP: xxx look forward to stakeholders engaging further with staff

CC: remains a working pier; have to make it so so support the motion

how are we going to pay for it?

$300K bill for next ten years plus maintenance; used by WV and other ppl but they don't pay

shd be user pay more equitable

soccer field he pays ????? xxx


they're going to police it themselves

can't have a M staff person sitting there 24/7

hope we'll keep xxx

will support and hoping staff will come back with a plan to pay for it

NG: trying to think of something different to say

somewhat humorous, had some of the most useful and humorous responses I've heard

maybe put a sign drastic


instead of mtg and no one shows up

that's the way our democracy shd be working

staff really busy over the summer; survey of over 200 ppl at the pier

this is the sort of thing staff gets thrown at them; some say govt works slowly

thrown into the mix, didn't know we/they had to work on for past six weeks

Mayor: are we actually going to have... that Sop is not going to comment on

Sop: xxx

with that I have nothing more to say

CARRIED  [9:23]

10. Rezoning Application No. 11-058 / Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4737, 2012 for 650-16th S (Westshore Place) (File: 1010-20-11-058 / 1610-20-4737)

Attachments available for viewing in the Legislative Services Dept.

RECOMMENDED: THAT. ..attached to the report from the Sr Cmnty Planner and the Mgr of Cmnty Planning dated August 30 be introduced and read a first time in short form; and the MClk be directed to give statutory notice... that a PH is scheduled for Mon, Oct 1 at 7pm at the M Hall.



11.1 Development Permit Application No. 12-046 for renovation of 1650 Marine Drive (File: 1010 20-12-046)

-- pulled for discussion

11.2 Development Variance Permit Application No. 12-020 (3183 Travers Avenue) (File: 1010 20 12-020)

Attachments available for viewing in the Legislative Services Department.

RECOMMENDED: THAT the MClk give notice that the DVP to allow construction of additions and a new deck to an existing house, will be considered by Council at its meeting on October 1.

11.3 Appointment to North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues (File: 0180-18)

RECOMMENDED: THAT the apptmt of Jean Chambers and Rosamund van Leeuwen, for a term commencing August 1, 2012 and terminating December 31, 2012, be approved.

11.4 North Shore Rescue Facility (File: 0055-20-NSRT1)

RECOMMENDED: THAT Tim Jones, NSh Rescue Team Society, be invited to attend the Sept 10 public Ccl meeting to provide information re the NSh Rescue facility.

11.5 Correspondence List (see link on electronic agenda) (File:  0120-24)

RECOMMENDED: THAT the correspondence list be received for information.


11.1  Development Permit Application No. 12-046 for renovation of 1650 Marine Drive (File: 1010-20-12-046)

Click here to view building plans.Attachments available for viewing in the Legislative Services Dept.

GB: Cclr G wants the public want to know

NG ?: most of us know as the old Safeway site

Monday Oct 1st, didn't want that to go past without the public being as well notified as possible

Oct 1st and public will be able to speak to the issue and plans will be available

this slide is just one picture of what the new facade wd look like

GB: it is a renovation and it is to provide another food store

same floor area as existing

info mtg in advance, date and time to be solidified, probably the week before; will be on the cmnty calendar

ML: wd this doc be on the website?

MClk: is

ML: so any mbr of the public can look at it


1. The MClk give notice that the DVP, which would regulate the form and character of proposed renovations and site plan enhancements, will be considered at the meeting of Council on Monday, October 1; and,

2. Concurrent with consideration of proposed the Devt Permit, Ccl consider a licence to occupy, in the form attached as Appendix C to the report dated August 27 re the DP, to permit the encroachment of new, non-structural building facade materials over the municipal road right of way.


11.5 Correspondence List (see link on electronic agenda) (File:  0120-24)

~ Council Correspondence Update to July 20, 2012 (up to 12:00 Noon) ~

Referred for Action

(1) K. and A. Burridge, July 16, 2012, regarding Cell-phone towers

(Referred to Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits for consideration and response)

(2) M. and L. Szostak, July 18, 2012, regarding 825 Farmleigh Road Driveway Gate

(Referred to Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits for consideration and response)

(3) N. Cabot, July 15, 2012, regarding By Law Officers

(Referred to Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits for consideration and response)

(4) N. Cabot, July 15, 2012, regarding Old Growth Trees

(Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response)

Received for Information

(5) Committee and Board Meeting Minutes Board of Variance June 27, 2012

(6) Union of BC Municipalities Secretariat, June 10, 2012, regarding Major Industrial Property Taxation Study Released

(7) Liquor Control and Licensing Branch, July 19, Amendmt to the Liq Control and Licensing Regulation respecting the ability for food primary licensees to allow customers to bring their own wine to consume at the restaurant

(8) July 18, 2012, regarding taxes

(9) V. Smith, July 17, 2012, regarding BURNCO Rock Products Limited proposed BURNCO Aggregate Mine Project

Responses to Correspondence

(10) Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits, July 18, 2012, response regarding Parking Changes

(11) Dir/ Planning,..., July 19, 2012, response to Takeoffnow.com regarding Ambleside Parking

(12) Dir/Planning, July 18, response to B. Burgers re 26th Street and Marine Drive a note from Bobbie Burgers

(13) Senior Manager of Parks, July 18, 2012, response to P. Hundal regarding Submissions on Parks Master Plan

(14) Bylaw Enforcemt/Compliance Ofcr, July 19, response re Conditions are perfect here in BC for an outbreak of West Nile Virus

~ Council Correspondence Update to July 27, 2012 (up to 12:00 Noon) ~

Referred for Action

(1) Take Off Eh! Cruise/Travel Corp., undated, Petition re All Business Owners Want to Keep Two-Hour Parking 1300blk South Side of the Street

(Referred to Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits for consideration and response)

(2) D. and S. Williams, July 23, 2012, regarding 2087 Kings Avenue

(Referred to Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits for consideration and response)

(3) L. Jones and B. Barrett-Jones, July 24, 2012, regarding 2087 Kings Avenue

(Referred to Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits for consideration and response)

(4) A. Zaitzeff, July 20, 2012, regarding Park Royal Westerly Overpass and the White Spot

(Referred to Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits for consideration and response)

(5) N. Gibson, undated, regarding Ambleside [Farmers] Market

(Referred to Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits for consideration and response)

(6) J. Seddon, July 21, 2012, regarding Farmers Market

(Referred to Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits for consideration and response)

(7) E. and D. Mears, July 22, 2012, regarding Farmers Market relocation

(Referred to Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits for consideration and response)

(8) S. and E. Martin, July 23, 2012, regarding Farmers Market Relocation

(Referred to Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits for consideration and response)

(9) M. Woodrow, July 21, 2012, regarding Ban Tankers

(Referred to Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for consideration and response)

(10) Scouts Canada, July 16, 2012, regarding Meeting Space and Land to Build a Scout House

(Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response)

(11) July 26, 2012, regarding Complaint

(Referred to Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits for consideration and response)

(12) July 24, 2012, regarding Financial Reports Quarterly and Mid-Year Reviews

(Referred to Chief Financial Officer for consideration and response)

Received for Information

(13) Committee and Board Meeting Minutes Community Grants Committee May 11 and June 8, 2012

(14) Ambleside & Dundarave Ratepayers Association (ADRA), July 26, 2012, regarding Survey and report June 20, 2012 Public Meeting regarding pending development of 1300 block South Marine Drive

(15) R. Dorling, July 26, 2012, regarding Kinder Morgan Proposal

(16) T. Carr, July 26, 2012, regarding Ban tankers in our west van waters

(17) A. Burridge, July 23, 2012, regarding Cell-phone towers and their effects

(Attachments available for viewing in Legislative Services Department)

(18) Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM), July 20, 2012, regarding 2012 UBCM Community Excellence Awards

(19) Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM), July 20, 2012, re Local Govt Contract Management Committee Meeting

(Attachments available for viewing in Legislative Services Department)

(20) BC Liquor Control and Licensing Branch, July 23, 2012, regarding Service of liquor in care facilities

(21) S. Owen, July 21, 2012, regarding AwayWithGeese Get Rid of Nuisance Canadian Geese

Responses to Correspondence

(22) Engineering Administrative Assistant, July 23, 2012, response to K. Higgs regarding Noxious weeds... boulevards

(23) Engg Administrative Assistant, July 23, 2012, response to D. Derreth regarding BC Hydro work, ditch and trail work

(24) Transportation Engineer, July 20, 2012, response to S. Sun regarding URGENT!!! request to add CROSSWALK on NORTH TAYLOR & STEVENS AVE TRAFFIC ROUND BOARD SIDE

(25) Dir/Engg, July 24, response to Y. Wagner re Eagleridge Dr Landscape Greenspace Eagleridge Turnoff Exit 2

(26) Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits, July 23, 2012, response to N. Cabot regarding By Law Officers

~ Council Correspondence Update to August 3, 2012 (up to 12:00 Noon) ~

Referred for Action

(1) A. McFarlane, July 21, 2012, regarding Blocked Entrance to the WestRoyal

(Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response)

(2) N. Gibson, July 30, 2012, regarding Ambleside [Farmers] Market

(Referred to Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits for consideration and response)

(3) D. Karim and M. Payette-Falls, on Behalf of the Eden Place Residents, July 31, re Letter to Ccl re: 825 Taylor Way Planned Devt

(Referred to Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits for consideration and response)

(4) D. Brown, July 31, 2012, regarding 2087 Kings avenue

(Referred to Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits for consideration and response)

(5) M. Cox, August 2, 2012, regarding west van rec centre and olympics coverage

(Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response)

Received for Information

(6) Committee and Board Meeting Minutes: Finance Committee May 16, 2012; Memorial Library Board June 20, 2012;

Design Review Committee June 21, 2012

(7) B. and P. Buch, July 27, 2012, regarding Districts 2013 Budget

(8) S. Hean, July 28, 2012, regarding 2013 budget

(9) Fraser Valley Regional Library Bd, July 25, 2012, re The Future of Libraries and Cities Conference October 23, 2012

(10) Capilano Community Services Society, July 26, 2012, regarding Appreciation for Community Grant

(11) Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for British Columbia, July 31, 2012, regarding Redistribution of Federal Electoral Boundaries in BC Information for Mayor & Council; Chairperson & Directors

(12) A. Srivastava, August 2, 2012, regarding West Vancouver cell tower policy

(13) WV Police Board, July 18, 2012, regarding WVPDs Operational Communication Centre (OCC) to E-Comm

Responses to Correspondence

(14) Mgr of Cmnty Devt, Youth, Families, Seniors, July 25, response to Scouts Canada re Land to Build a Scout House

(15) Dir/Planning, July 26, 2012, response to M. and L. Szostak regarding 825 Farmleigh Road Driveway Gate

(16) Dir/Planning, Lands, and Permits, July 26, 2012, response to K. and A. Burridge regarding Cell-phone towers

(17) Dir/Planning, July 31, 2012, response to S. and E. Martin regarding Farmers Market Relocation

(18) Dir/Planning, August 1, 2012, response to N. Gibson regarding Ambleside [Farmers'] Market

(19) Dir/Planning, August 1, 2012, response to D. and E. Mears regarding Farmers Market relocation

(20) Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits, August 1, 2012, response to J. Seddon regarding Farmers Market

(21) Director of Planning, Lands and Permits, August 1, 2012, response to D. and S. Williams re 2087 Kings Avenue

(22) Dir/Planning, August 1, 2012, response to L. H. Jones and B. Barrett-Jones regarding 2087 Kings Avenue

(23) Acting Dir/Planning, August 2, 2012, response to Take Off Eh! Cruise and Travel Corp. re All Business Owners Want to Keep Two- Hour Parking 1300 Block South Side of the Street

~ Council Correspondence Update to August 10, 2012 (up to 12:00 Noon) ~

Referred for Action

(1) 5 submissions dated August 3 to 9, 2012, regarding Closure of Horseshoe Bay Wharf to Vehicle Traffic

(Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response)

(2) R. Lemon, undated, regarding Having Chickens Allowed in Yards

(Referred to Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits for consideration and response)

(3) P. Akerhielm, July 31, 2012, regarding Diesel Pump Needed at Westmount Station

(Referred to Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits for consideration and response)

(4) North Shore Schizophrenia Society, August 10, 2012, regarding Proclamation request

(Referred to Municipal Clerk for response)

(5) Kwantlen Polytechnic University, July 26, re Food System Design and Implementation Plan for Southwest BC Project

(Referred to Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for consideration and response)

Received for Information

(6) Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for BC, undated, regarding Canadas Electoral Map Is Changing

Responses to Correspondence

(7) Acting Dir/Planning, August 3, response to A. Zaitzeff re Park Royal Westerly Overpass and the White Spot

(8) Acting Dir/Planning, August 9, 2012, response to N. Gibson, regarding Ambleside [Farmers'] Market

(9) Acting Dir/Planning, Aug 9, response to Eden Place Residents re Letter to Ccl re: 825 Taylor Way Planned Devt

(10) Acting Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits, August 9, response to D. Brown, regarding 2087 Kings avenue

~ Council Correspondence Update to August 17, 2012 (up to 12:00 Noon) ~

Referred for Action

(1) 12 submissions dated August 10 to 17, 2012, regarding Closure of Horseshoe Bay Wharf to Vehicle Traffic

(Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response)

(2) D. Grant, August 12, 2012, regarding Comment on Oil tank Issue

(Referred to Fire Chief for consideration and response)

(3) S. Heynemans, Aug 13, re Compensation, Introduction, Notification of Building Process to Residents Adjacent to a Construction Site

(Referred to Director of Planning, Lands and Permits for consideration and response)

(4) August 14, 2012, regarding Enforcement of Bylaw regarding longboarders/skateboarders in West Vancouver

(Referred to Director of Planning, Lands and Permits for consideration and response)

(5) A. McFarlane, Aug 14, re Park Royal Overpass; White Spot Site; Noise; Congestion at Taylor Way and Marine Drive

(Referred to Director of Planning, Lands and Permits for consideration and response)

Received for Information

(6) Union of BC Ms (UBCM), Aug 10, re Long-term Infrastructure Plan (LTIP) and Gas Tax Permanency Discussions

(7) L. Coleman, August 14, 2012, regarding Shark Finning

(8) M. McCullough, August 15, 2012, regarding Shark information

(9) K. Higgs, Aug 13, re A new energy source: Major advance made in generating electricity from wastewater e! Science News

(10) Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, Aug 7, re Cleanup of Dundarave Shoreline, 25th to 28th Street Sept 2, 2012

Responses to Correspondence

(11) Acting Dir/Parks and Cmnty Services, Aug 10, response to M. Cox re west van rec centre and olympics coverage

(12) Director, Engineering and Transportation, Aug 13, response to A. McFarlane re Blocked Entrance to the WestRoyal

(13) Manager, Bylaw and Licensing Services, August 14, 2012, response regarding Complaint

(14) 13 responses by Acting Dir/Parks, August 14-16, 2012, regarding Closure of Horseshoe Bay Wharf to Vehicle Traffic

~ Council Correspondence Update to August 24, 2012 (up to 12:00 Noon) ~

Referred for Action

(1) 8 submissions dated August 20 to 23, 2012, regarding Closure of Horseshoe Bay Wharf to Vehicle Traffic

(Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response)

Received for Information

(2) BC Hydro, August 17, 2012, regarding Funding Available for Electric Beautification Projects

(3) The Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 60, August 19, 2012, regarding Appreciation of Tax Exemption Status for 2012

(4) Harvest Project, August 17, 2012, regarding Appreciation for Community Grant

(5) North Shore Volunteers for Seniors, Aug 14, 2012, regarding Social Services and Community Services Grants 2012

(6) Union of British Columbia Municipalities, August 24, 2012, regarding Agricultural Land Commission New Directions

(7) The Arthritis Society, September 2012, regarding September is Arthritis Awareness Month

Responses to Correspondence

(8) 6 responses by Director and Acting Director of Parks and Community Services, August 20-24, 2012, re Closure of Horseshoe Bay Wharf to Vehicle Traffic

(9) Acting Dir/Planning, Aug 15, 2012, response to P. Akerhielm regarding Diesel Pump Needed at Westmount Station

(10) Acting Dir/Planning, Aug 15, response to S. Haynemans re Compensation, Introduction and Notification of Building Process to Residents Adjacent to a Construction Site

~ Council Correspondence Update to August 31, 2012 (up to 12:00 Noon) ~

Referred for Action

(1) 17 submissions dated August 24 to 31, 2012, regarding Closure of Horseshoe Bay Wharf to Vehicle Traffic

(Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response)

(2) M. Silverbrooke, August 31, 2012, regarding 21ST STREET NEW PAVING TORN-UP AUGUST 29, 2012

(Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response)

Responses to Correspondence

(3) 16 responses by Dir/Parks, August 28-30, 2012, re Closure of Horseshoe Bay Wharf to Vehicle Traffic

(4) Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits, August 21, 2012, response to A. McFarlane regarding Park Royal Overpass; White Spot Site; Noise; Congestion at Taylor Way and Marine Drive

(5) Manager of Community Planning, August 28, 2012, response to R. Lemon re Having Chickens Allowed in Yards

(6) Dir/Planning, August 22, 2012, response re Enforcement of Bylaw regarding longboarders/skateboarders in WV

(7) Director of Engineering and Transportation, August 29, 2012, response to N. Cabot regarding Old Growth Trees

~ Council Correspondence Update to September 4, 2012 (up to 4:30 PM) ~

Referred for Action

(1) Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM), August 30, 2012, re Consultation on the Ministry of Healths Public Health Plan (Referred to Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for consideration and response)

(2) West Vancouver Streamkeeper Society, August 31, 2012, regarding Proposal for Community Nature Centre

(Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response)

Received for Information

(3) Heart and Stroke Fdn and BC Lung Assn, Aug 31, re 2012 UBCM Resolution on Outdoor Smoke- Free Public Places



Ccl has requested that the following correspondence be brought forward for discussion, and may propose a motion if Ccl considers that further action is required.

12.1 D. and S. Williams, July 23, 2012, regarding 2087 Kings Avenue

(Referred to Director of Planning, Lands and Permits for consideration and response)

MAB: have seen it happen before how???

Sokol: same zone

treat all sites overall the same

as devt occurs it blocks views

reflection on zoning bylaws and how they work; speak to nbring prop owners

legislation does not require them to do that

MAB: when setback established, were the changes made?

equal distance from prop line and now variations

ev was happy with their nbrs now getting deviations

Sokol: in general if you go back more [MODES?]

set back

the zoning bylaws that have been in effect for 30 years only require setback a BIT from 

now prop values, ppl purchase want to maximize size, etc

now houses having their views blocked xxx

Mayor: provincial?

not unreasonable to consider nbrs?

you say we have no right to enforce them to do that?

Sop: v gd point, I've met with those ppl

someone's did seem to move forward; inching forward, coming to this Ccl

wdn't it behoove the Planning Dept to say to a prospective resident

adopt a policy rather than a bylaw that wd encourage visitation to the nbrs to make a suggestion or two

it's so overpowering to see a house come in and vegetation removed; it xxx on ppl

if this

are we going in the right direction?

nbrs who have xxx

wait a year, clear the lot and put up a big house; xxx

so you don't stick a house out


NG: excellent idea, I agree

Ccl Booth has pulled a letter like many letters we have received over half a year

sight lines

but this is huge; bigger issue; it's a policy issue, it's about bringing down the size of homes in 

shdn't be afraid to talking about this

with Ccl, with Planning Dept

believe Cclr Sop was also suggesting

CAO: really about the Housing Dialogue; talking for a while

when you follow the proposal by Mr Geller and by Mr Davis, ability to create a smaller home, more affordable in this cmnty

open up again the discussion nbr character and affordability

quantity of a house you can put on a lot

we are going to open up again lanehouses, row houses

xxx [9:37]  have a workshop

where did the housing dial start? where did they expect it to lead to?

fair amt done this cmnty and other cmnties

round MetroV -- looking at the price of land they look at building as big a house as they possibly can

economics -- v difficult

shd do over next few weeks, before Xmas, where you want to go with this

TP: in light of this letter pulled up report 2008, an award-winning doc

not nec to go out and debate again, bring xxx forward

excellent information in here; wishing to explore ways to

look at the report

MAB: perhaps helpful in the workshop to involve the mbrs of the WG; the doc has a lot of life to it but useful to get direct feedback

CAO: already had conversation with former chair, Christine Banham

willing to open up workshop, give context; bring some others in pros and cons

Sop: better than just look at a coach house

not interested in old WG, new with that in background

staff present us with ideas

sat and listened and done nothing as in coming to a decision

wd like to see in this 2012 some logical directions in 2013

may not be perfect but good [9:42]


CAO: already having xxx

> 12.2

CC: Mr Fry re knotweed

issue topical; injecting with herbicide -- saw; a lot of ppl have it on their prop

spreading from private prop

doc invasive plant species

only way to treat is injected and can only be done by a licensed applicator

concern about priv prop

says nothing about disposing it in your green waste, to xxx, sold back to us as soil and so comes back as knotweed

can't put knotweed in greenwaste

Mooi: coming Oct 15 re xxx

looking at best practices; Japanese knotweed and giant hogweed

working to address this serious probl

been addressing in our parks; working with priv residents and we give them the name of a licensed contractor

v well received by residents

to Cclr C's

do not dig up Japanese knotweed, will be distributed

if you are digging, double(?) it for now; mixed feelings about digging up knotweed yourself

ML: at cmnty ctr and Library find but wider -- getting in mail box

Mooi: good idea

[moved received: 12.1, 12.2; 12.3?]

13. Public Questions and Comments

Mayor: think we have your address memorized

Bruce McArthur [re invasive species]: along Dept of Hwys; notify them not treating correctly

Mayor: Mr Fung?

RF: a number of methods for controlling; the one M has taken is stem injection however other jurisdictions have used spraying

I can share that with our Hwys operator

wrt the way we're doing it, there is also other means

BMcA: enforcement

If I see four vehicles on the wharf in HBay what do I do about it?

Mayor: contact Bylaws

BMcA: go and talk to him?

Mayor: Mr Leigh

BMcA: xxx

Mayor: you mean we put a sign up and don't enforce it?

BL: bylaw then we wd

> Dave Patrick: been sitting here for two hours so got to say something

down there ev day to see what's going on

congratulate the Royal SAR; they're happy with the arrangement; wonderful ofc

congratulations to the Parks Dept for getting that

as far as the possible damage b/c of traffic

we've all worked so hard to get that

complete support of the WRA, and workshops

Dir/Planning  said more workshops on getting nbrhds, housing changes

Barb Pettit re ageing in space, our director; sure of our support

14. Adjournment  [9:51]




The special Council Meeting will commence in open session in the MFCR and will be immediately followed by a motion to exclude the public in order to hold a closed session... At 7pm the regular Ccl Mtg will commence in the Council Chamber.

1. Call to Order.


2. RECOMMENDED: THAT in the public interest, mbrs of the public be excluded under the following section of the Cmnty Charter.

90. (1) ... may be closed to the public if the subject matter being considered relates to or is one or more of the following:

(g) litigation or potential litigation affecting the municipality; and

(k) negotiations and related discussions respecting the proposed provision of a municipal service that are at their preliminary stages and that, in the view of the Council, could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality if they were held in public.

Purpose of meeting: legal and proposed provision of municipal service matters.






Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4726, 2012 (File:  1610-20-4726)

The Director of Planning, Lands and Permits will describe the subject application.

Applicant: The District of West Vancouver

Subject Lands: The proposed Bylaw amendment applies to the lands located between 2597 and 2601 Marine Drive.

Purpose: The purpose of the proposed Zoning Bylaw amendment is to create a new Comprehensive Development zone to provide specific zoning regulations for an area of municipal road that is proposed to be closed, sold, and developed as a single family house.

Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment: If adopted, the proposed bylaw amendment would create the new CD48 (Closed Municipal Roads) zone, and rezone the lands located between 2597 and 2601 Marine Drive. The lands could then be subdivided to create a proposed single family house lot over part of the rezoned area and maintain a public walkway.


Mayor Smith will describe the procedure for the Public Hearing as follows:


1) Reports received up to and including September 13, 2012:





Road Closure and Removal of Highway Dedication Bylaw 4727, 2012 and Zoning Amendment Bylaw 4726, 2012, located at 26th and Marine Drive

June 21, 2012

July 9, 2012 /

September 17, 2012


26th Street and Marine Drive - Road Closure and Removal of Highway Dedication Bylaw 4727, 2012 and Zoning Amendment Bylaw 4726, 2012, located at 26th and Marine Drive Landscape Plan

September 5, 2012

September 17, 2012


2) Written submissions received up to and including September 13, 2012:





T. Bowen

July 4, 2012

September 17, 2012


T. and J. Bowen

July 4, 2012

September 17, 2012


T. and J. Bowen

July 4, 2012

September 17, 2012


M. Ravaghi

July 5, 2012

September 17, 2012


B. Burgers

July 6, 2012

September 17, 2012


K. Steig

Sept 11, 2012

September 17, 2012


T. and J. Bowen, and M. Ravaghi (petition with 129 sigs)

Sept12, 2012

September 17, 2012


T. Bowen


September 17, 2012


On July 9, Ccl set the date for the Public Hearing. On August 30, notices were mailed to owners/occupiers within the 100m-notification area. The statutory notice of PH was published in the NSN on Sept 9 and 12. The MClk will note written submissions received for the Sept 17 PH.


Mayor Smith will call for public input.


If there is no further public input and Council does not request a further staff report:

RECOMMENDED: THAT all written and verbal submissions be received and that the Public Hearing be closed.


If Council requests a further staff report:

RECOMMENDED: THAT staff report back to Ccl and that the PH be adjourned to ____________. (date, time, and locn)

Members of Council are not permitted to receive any further submissions once the Public Hearing is closed.



1.  Call to order

2.  Approval of Agenda

3.  Adoption of Minutes -- No items


4. Pumpkin Fest Committee Pumpkin Fest Event (File: 0055-01)

PowerPoint presentation to be provided.

RECOMMENDED: be received for information, with thanks.
5. NSh Family Court and Youth Justice Cmte regarding 2010/2011 Annual Report (File: 0115-20-NSFC1)

PowerPoint presentation to be provided.

RECOMMENDED: be received for information, with thanks.


6. Reports from Mayor and Councillors on Boards, Committees, and Working Groups

7. Road Closure and Removal of Hwy Dedication Bylaw No. 4727, 2012 (File: 0510 04 2599 MAR/1610-20-4727)

At the July 9, 2012 regular meeting Council received the report dated June 21, 2012 regarding Road Closure and Removal of Highway Dedication Bylaw 4727, 2012 and Zoning Amendment Bylaw 4726, 2012 (26th and Marine Drive). The bylaw received three readings at the July 9, 2012 meeting and the date of September 17, 2012 was set as the deadline for written and oral submissions regarding the proposed bylaw. The statutory notice of highway closure was published in the North Shore News in August and September 2012.

Reports received up to and including September 13, 2012:





Road Closure and Removal of Highway Dedication Bylaw 4727, 2012 and Zoning Amendment Bylaw 4726, 2012, located at 26th and Marine Drive

July 9, 2012

July 9, 2012 / September 17, 2012


26th Street and Marine Drive - Road Closure and Removal of Highway Dedication Bylaw 4727, 2012 and Zoning Amendment Bylaw 4726, 2012, located at 26th and Marine Drive Landscape Plan

Sept. 5, 2012

Sept. 17, 2012


Written submissions received up to and including September 13, 2012:





T. Bowen

July 4, 2012

September 17, 2012


T. and J. Bowen

July 4, 2012

September 17, 2012


T. and J. Bowen

July 4, 2012

September 17, 2012


M. Ravaghi

July 5, 2012

September 17, 2012


B. Burgers

July 6, 2012

September 17, 2012


K. Steig

Sept. 11, 2012

September 17, 2012


T. and J. Bowen, and M. Ravaghi (petition with 129 sigs)

Sept. 12, 2012

September 17, 2012


T. Bowen


September 17, 2012


RECOMMENDED: THAT all written and oral submissions be received for information.

8. Harmony Arts Festival and Centennial Celebrations Update (File: 3016 01/0100-01)

RECOMMENDED: received for information, with thanks.

9. Authorization to Expense Third Party Funds (Evelyn Drive & Park Royal at Grade Intersection) (File: 1735-01)


1. the report dated August 29, from the Business Mgr, Engg and Transportation be received for information;

2. up to $470,000 of third party funding be added to the 2012 Annual Utility Capital budget in order to complete necessary servicing works associated with the Evelyn Drive Development;

3. up to $350,000 of third party funding be added to the 2012 Annual Road Capital Plan in order to begin a traffic calming plan associated with the Evelyn Drive Development;

4. up to $60,000 of TransLink Major Road Network funding be added to the 2012 Annual Road Capital Plan in order to take advantage of the opportunity afforded by the construction of the Park Royal At Grade Intersection.

10. Upper Lands Study Review (File: 2570-01)

{Pls note:

The original agenda AND the agenda in the MHall lobby ONLY had "Information to be provided", however these recommendations appeared on the screen when No 10 came up on the screen. I follow the printed agenda wch I pick up on my way in so I had no idea of what was planned as recommended below. Had I known, of course I wd hv asked questions or signed up to speak. I was a mbr of the CEC for several years (it has not met for a couple of years) and this is varies from the previous composition so I had to speak at PQP.

Furthermore, unless urgent, items used not to be put on the agenda without the documentation and recommendation. Hope they go back to that. Things slide and former CAO Dave Stuart had to put his foot down.}


    1. Council appoint the Mayor and two Councillors to the Community Engagement Committee.

    2. The Draft Terms of Reference for the Upper Lands Study Review WG and the recommendation for the establishment of the WG be referred to the CEC for their review and approval.

    3. Ccl direct staff to advertise for mbrs of an ULSR WG and to make recommendations to the CEC on potential WG mbrs.

11. Geothermal Heating System 4064 Marine Drive (File: 2500-01)

Attachments available for viewing in the Legislative Services Department.


THAT as set out in the report dated Sept 11, the underwater and inter-tidal geothermal works in the public foreshore adjacent to 4064 Marine Drive remain in place, as all required authorities have approved the installation, namely,

    1. installation has been completed in accordance with the plans and specifications provided by Foreshore Technologies Incorporated dated April 17, 2007;

    2. receipt of confirmation by Transport Canada Navigable Waters Protection Program and Fisheries and Oceans Canada that the works and specifications meet their requirements; and

    3. receipt of a signed letter of intent from the owner, indicating a commitment to enter into a foreshore agreement once the foreshore policy has been ratified.

{hm. didn't this start out without permission and I asked if there'd be a penalty to discourage others from doing things to the waterfront without DWV approvals? Must find out.}


12. Consent Agenda Items

The following Consent Agenda items may be considered for approval in one motion, or considered separately, or items may be excluded for debate.

RECOMMENDED: THAT the Consent Agenda items as follows be approved:

12.1 Development Variance Permit Application No. 12-024 (3598 Creery Avenue) (File: 1010 20 12 024)

RECOMMENDED: THAT the MClk give notice that DVP Application No. 12 024 for 3598 Creery Ave to allow construction of a two-car garage, will be considered by Council at its meeting on October 1, 2012.

12.2 Age-friendly Provincial Recognition (File: 0175-CSSW1)

RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated August 30 from the Mgr of Cmnty Devt, Youth, and Families, titled Age-friendly Provincial Recognition, be received for information.

12.3 Correspondence List (see link on electronic agenda) (File:  0120-24)

RECOMMENDED: THAT the correspondence list be received for information.

>>> Council Correspondence Update to September 7, 2012 (up to 12:00 Noon) <<<

Referred for Action

  1. 11 submissions dated August 27September 6 re Closure of Horseshoe Bay Wharf to Vehicular Traffic (Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response)

  2. J. Fry, September 4, regarding Consideration and amendment of the Neighbourhood Act (Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response)

Received for Information

  1. M. Beckerman, Sept 2, re Vancouvers suburbs fertile ground for cultural infrastructure The Globe and Mail

Responses to Correspondence

  1. 12 responses by Director of Parks and Community Services, August 21 September 7, 2012, regarding Closure of Horseshoe Bay Wharf to Vehicular Traffic

>>> Council Correspondence Update to September 11, 2012 (up to 4:30 PM) <<<

Referred for Action

(1) Correctional Service Canada, undated, regarding Request for Proclamation - Restorative Justice Week 2012 (Referred to Municipal Clerk for response)

Received for Information

(2) Kinder Morgan Canada, August 23, 2012, regarding Trans Mountain Expansion Project

(3) Ministry of the Envmt, Aug 30, re Proposed Expansion of the Trans Mountain Pipeline by Kinder Morgan Canada

(4) Ministry of Justice, August 28, regarding Funding Cuts to the Joint Emergency Preparedness Program (JEPP )

  1. NSh Emergency Mgmt Ofc (NSEMO), Sept 5, re NSEMO Volunteer Recognition Event Wed, April 24, 2013

  2. Metro Vancouver, September 5, 2012, regarding Air Quality Report for 2010 ( (Attachments available for viewing in Legislative Services Department)

  3. Union of BC Municipalities and Lower Mainland Local Govt Assn, Sept 10, re Smarter Cities Challenge grants program application deadline extension.



from, where else?, Burnaby Sept 2012


=== INFObits ===


Good news -- Libyans have kicked out the terrorist fundamentalist group that stormed the US embassy resulting in the death of US ambassador Stevens. They also demonstrated saying that he was their friend.

More on AVAAZ re the Muslim protests: http://en.avaaz.org/783/muslim-rage-protests-newsweek-salafists

> Israel, Palestine - Whats it all about?

Six Mondays 7 - 9pm. Starting October 1st at St. Andrews United Church, 1044 St. Georges, North Vancouver.

Facilitator: Rev. Marianna Harris. She is actively seeking peace and justice for the people of this Holy Land.

Short, intermittent bursts from the media dont help us understand why this is all happening.

Come and learn about the current situation what underlies it. And we will look for hope for change.

=== War of 1812 === PM's remarks (continued)

In commemoration of the War of 1812, the Prime Minister announced the awarding of  Battle Honours that will commemorate the contribution of regiments who participated in successful engagements in the defence of Canada during the War of 1812.

While in Saint-Paul-de-l'Île-aux-Noix, the PM announced that first, the Theatre Honour  DEFENCE OF CANADA 1812-1815 DÉFENSE DU CANADA, will be awarded to current regiments of the Canadian Army in Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada that perpetuate or commemorate 1812 units that participated in a successful engagement against an armed enemy during the war.

In keeping with Canadas policy of military perpetuation adopted after the First World War, this honour will be able to be placed on the Colours of the regiment to honour the soldiers who are  key part of Canadian history. This honour, which recognizes the deeds and sacrifices made by these soldiers, will allow the current unit to act as the safe-keeper of their heritage.

To further recognize the participation of units in battles that were particularly pivotal for the defence of Canada, those regiments linked to six decisive engagements of the War of 1812 will also be able to place these very specific, new Canadian battle honours on their regimental colours. These battles are:  Niagara, Queenston, Maumee, Châteauguay, and Cryslers Farm and, as previously announced, Detroit.

The regiments of the Canadian Army that are being recognized through these honours are:

The Queen's York Rangers (1st American Regiment) (RCAC); The Sherbrooke Hussars; The Royal Canadian Hussars (Montreal);

56th Field Artillery Regiment, RCA; The Royal Canadian Regiment; Royal 22e Régiment; The Canadian Grenadier Guards;

The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada; Les Voltigeurs de Québec;

The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry (Wentworth Regiment); The Princess of Wales Own Regiment; The Lincoln and Welland Regiment;

The Brockville Rifles; The Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry Highlanders; Les Fusiliers du St-Laurent; Le Régiment de la Chaudire;

Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal; 1st Battalion, The Royal New Brunswick Regiment; The North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment;

The Essex and Kent Scottish; The Royal Newfoundland Regiment.

On the occasion of the dedication of the monument to Major General Sir Isaac Brock at Queenston Heights in 1853, William Hamilton Merritt, who had served as a young militia Lieutenant at that battle, requested of his audience that the importance of that sacrifice not be lost on the rising generation.

It is in that same spirit that the Government of Canada has honoured regiments of the Canadian Army that are linked to the War of 1812. These proud regiments will now carry on this illustrious history with pride and dedication for the generations to come.

Additional background material can be found at http://pm.gc.ca

~~~  ROYALWATCH  ~~~ No photos; this is a zone of good taste and decorum


Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME) is a non-profit and secular organization bringing together men and women of all backgrounds who labour to see justice and peace take root again in the Middle East.

"Meet your MP and Make a Difference"

They're planning an advocacy event for Oct 4th at Parliament http://v.gd/CJPME_Meet_Your_MP

Events closer:

Vancouver - 30 Sep - Vancouver rally for the Fishers and Farmers of Gaza, Palestine

- 05 Oct - A Night of Arabic Culture

- 05 Oct - A Night for Palestine: Culture and Solidarity

Victoria - 01 Oct - A Civil War: Understanding the Conflict in Syria

Film screening of Iara Lee's new film on Syria, followed by panel discussion


Although Egyptians abandoned Demotic more than 1,500 years ago, taking up Coptic and eventually Arabic, Dr. Johnson said the dictionary showed that the old language was not entirely dead. It lives on in words like adobe, which came from tby, the Demotic for brick. The term passed into Arabic (with the definite article al in front of the noun) and was introduced into Moorish Spain. From there adobe became a fixture in the Spanish language and architecture.

{ Cited in AWAD in article: Dictionary Translates Ancient Egypt Life


http://www.webcitation.org/6AmvqXKCv }

=== WORDWATCH === perissodactyl [from World Wide Words]

perissodactyl, a grazing mammal with hooves made up of an odd number of toes, which sounds obscure but is a characteristic of horses as well as tapirs and rhinoceroses. Its opposite is artiodactyl, having an even number of toes, which refers to mammals such as pigs, deer, goats, and cattle.



http://www.heritagebc.ca/home/ and http://www.heritagebc.ca/tag/featured-articles


The Heritage BC Annual General Meeting will take place at 4:30pm, October 19, at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts


Hoping to have a jubilee/centennial tea later in October -- book for sending greetings.

Not yet updated but for info pls see heritage.westvan.org or: RoyalTeabytheSea.westvan.org and royaltea.ca


Read bulletins from our website: www.heritagevancouver.org/bulletin

E-bulletin sign-up to receive event listings, alerts, and heritage info

All upcoming events: www.heritagevancouver.org

2012 Top Ten Endangered List


Of special note: The historical houses and apartments facing demolition risk in the West End are part of our 2012 Top Ten Endangered List.

Other Upcoming Events:

All events at heritagevancouver.org -- Walking tours at heritagevancouver.org/walkingtours.html

Part of the Conversations about Endangered Sites series:

Heritage Vancouver announces a new series of conversations about endangered heritage buildings, streetscapes and neighbourhoods in Vancouver. The conversations will take place the 4th Tuesday of the month, 7 to 9pm at the Alliance for Arts and Culture located at #100 - 938 Howe St.

> Tuesday, September 25

Presentation: Combining Heritage & Housing in Delamont Park

Conversations about Endangered Sites series

~ 7 to 9pm ~ The talk will be held at the Arts & Culture Alliance#100-938 Howe St. (street level)

Tix: Admission is free, but registration is required via Eventbrite & limited to 35 people

Heritage Vancouver invites you to participate in an evening of conversation about the future of Delamont Park. Guests, City of Vancouver Councillor, Geoff Meggs, artist and historian Michael Kluckner, and architect Sean McEwen will discuss what we could do with this remarkable stock of city-owned heritage buildings. The boundaries of the city's Delamont rental houses, the oldest houses in Kitsilano, are Arbutus in the west, 5th Avenue in the north, the CPR tracks and Cypress Street in the east, and 7th Avenue in the south. The city-owned properties extend along the CPR tracks to Burrard Street in the east and Broadway in the south.

As with Mole Hill and Barclay Heritage Square in the West End, the city originally purchased the Delamont properties with the intent of tearing them down for alternative uses. The city purchased this land along the route of a proposed arterial roadway to the Burrard Bridge; later the houses were to be demolished to create a park. Fortunately neither of these plans was implemented and we now have an amazing stock of heritage homes, gardens, trails, and streetscapes within Kitsilano. Come and contribute your ideas to the future of this area.


Walking Tours:  -- Beginning in April: Fridays noon - 1:30pm & Saturdays 10am - noon, $12 incl. hst   

Join tour guides John Atkin and Maurice Guibord as they take you on fascinating and fun journeys through historic areas of Vancouver. Tour details are now up on the website!

+ FOR MORE INFO AND TO REGISTER http://www.vancouverheritagefoundation.org/projects/walkingtours.html 

EVEN MORE INFO -- http://www.vancouverheritagefoundation.org/wall.html


Places That Matter is a plaque project celebrating the 125th anniversary of the incorporation of the city.

The VHF asked for the publics help to identify and mark 125 sites commemorating people, places, and

events that have shaped the city.

List in last issue and see http://www.vancouverheritagefoundation.org/projects/placesthatmatter.html



~~~  MAIKU  ~~~ 2012 September 18

thin crescent moon glows

whiter, while blue sky

deepening with setting sun

quotations / thoughts / puns

When you arise in the morning, give thanks for the morning light, for your life and strength. Give thanks for your food, and the joy of living. If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies with yourself.

-- Tecumseh, Shawnee Chief (1768 - 1813)

In this world hate never yet dispelled hate, only love dispels hate. This is the law, ancient and inexhaustible.

-- Buddha, in the Dhammapada (circa 563 BCE to 483 BCE)

The good thing about democracy is just this: everyone can say their piece but there's no need to listen to them.

-- Enzo Biagi, Italian journalist (1920 - 2007)

The best people possess a feeling for beauty, the courage to take risks, the discipline to tell the truth, the capacity for sacrifice. Ironically, their virtues make them vulnerable; they are often wounded, sometimes destroyed. 

-- Ernest Hemingway, author and journalist, Nobel laureate (1899-1961) 

I've been on a calendar, but never on time. -- Marilyn Monroe, American actress (1926 1962)

Whenever people agree with me I always feel I must be wrong.

-- Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde, Irish writer and poet (1854 - 1900) 

Knowledge is the wisdom to realize you know nothing.  -- Socrates, Greek philosopher (c469 - 399BC)

Where do pancakes live? In a flat.

Helicopter rescue pilots have the most successful pick-up lines.

The circus strongman had a brief affair with the contortionist, but she broke it off.

+ Ig NOBEL PRIZES + For the full list: http://www.improbable.com/ig/winners/

Winners of the Ig® Nobel Prize For achievements that first make people LAUGHthen make them THINK

"The Ig Nobel awards are arguably the highlight of the scientific calendar." --Nature

= The 2012 Ig Nobel Prize Winners

Winners were announced and awarded on Thursday night, September 20.

The ceremony was webcast live. For more information, check the ceremony page.

Here are some:

o PSYCHOLOGY PRIZE: for the study "Leaning to the Left Makes the Eiffel Tower Seem Smaller"

o PEACE PRIZE: The SKN Company [RUSSIA], for converting old Russian ammunition into new diamonds.

o FLUID DYNAMICS PRIZE: Rouslan Krechetnikov [USA, RUSSIA, CANADA] and Hans Mayer [USA] for studying the dynamics of liquid-sloshing, to learn what happens when a person walks while carrying a cup of coffee.

REFERENCE: "Walking With Coffee: Why Does It Spill?"

o ANATOMY PRIZE: for discovering that chimpanzees can identify other chimpanzees individually from seeing photographs of their rear ends.

o MEDICINE PRIZE: for advising doctors who perform colonoscopies how to minimize the chance that their patients will explode.

>The corrected citation is: 1999 PHYSICS PRIZE: Len Fisher [UK and Australia] for calculating the optimal way to dunk a biscuit, and Jean-Marc Vanden-Broeck [UK and Belgium] and Joseph Keller [USA], for calculating how to make a teapot spout that does not drip.

REFERENCE: "Physics Takes the Biscuit" {NB: in UK what they call a cookie}

= The 2011 Ig Nobel Prize Winners

o PHYSIOLOGY PRIZE: for their study "No Evidence of Contagious Yawning in the Red-Footed Tortoise."

o MEDICINE PRIZE: for demonstrating that people make better decisions about some kinds of things but worse decisions about other kinds of things when they have a strong urge to urinate.

o LITERATURE PRIZE: for the Theory of Structured Procrastination, which says: To be a high achiever, always work on something important, using it as a way to avoid doing something that's even more important.

o BIOLOGY PRIZE: for discovering that a certain kind of beetle mates with a certain kind of Australian beer bottle

o PEACE PRIZE: for demonstrating that the problem of illegally parked luxury cars can be solved by running them over with an armoured tank.

= The 2010 Ig Nobel Prize Winners

o ENGINEERING PRIZE: for perfecting a method to collect whale snot, using a remote-control helicopter.

PEACE PRIZE: for confirming the widely held belief that swearing relieves pain.

REFERENCE: "Swearing as a Response to Pain"

o PUBLIC HEALTH PRIZE: for determining by experiment that microbes cling to bearded scientists.

o CHEMISTRY PRIZE: for disproving the old belief that oil and water don't mix.

o BIOLOGY PRIZE: for scientifically documenting fellatio in fruit bats.

REFERENCE: "Fellatio by Fruit Bats Prolongs Copulation Time"


LITERATURE PRIZE: The US Government General Accountability Office, for issuing a report about reports about reports that recommends the preparation of a report about the report about reports about reports.

REFERENCE: "Actions Needed to Evaluate the Impact of Efforts to Estimate Costs of Reports and Studies," US Government General Accountability Office report GAO-12-480R, May 10, 2012.