2015 Feb 2/16/23 Mar 2/30 NOTES; Apr 13/27 Bits; May 11 AGENDA; Calendar to May 15

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor
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~~~ has spring sprung? Here! :-) but not yet back east! :-) ~~~

* Happy Passover/Easter/Orthodox Easter * National Earth Day Apr 22 * St George's Day Apr 23 *

= Main Items Ccl Mtg May 11 > NB 6pm start: (See Apr 27 Bits) WV Cmnty Fdn; Q1 Operating Results/Capital Plan; Solid Waste Utility; Road near 4435 Stone Crescent; Toby House HRA; Tax Rates: Correspondence!

See agenda: http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/council-agendas/2015/may/11/15may11-Agenda.pdf

= Vive le Canada (GG to 2017); from the Editor's Desk (WVM Woes); WVPD; Updates & Info (Oil Spill; Bellevue closed; Grosv&752 FARs); Our MLA (Newsletter); WV Streamkeeper News; WVHS GRANTS (on p3)

= CALENDAR to May 15; CULTUREWATCH (Theatre; Art; Music; Opera; Ballet; Festivals; Talks/Walks)

= HEADSUPS 2015 -- 3A: Mar 30 Ccl; Art; Norris // 3B: Nature Walk // 3C: Events; Main Items Mar 30 // 3D: Books; Opera // 3E: Straits Race; Easter Eggs // 3F: Intl Bear Day; V's Birthday; Apr 13 Ccl Main Items; Mar 30 Ccl Mtg Bits 3G: HRA Open House; Finance Cmte; Meet MP, MLAs; LCAC; Beasts of NSh; Legion Vimy Ridge; Vanniversary; PS 3H: Beware Beaches // 3I: Oil Spill; ULWG Open Houses; Flea Mkts // 3J: Oil Spill; talks/events; HRA Toby House 3K: Mtgs; Apr 13th ccl mtg bits // 3L: Mtgs; Legion; Bard; Christian Zionism // 3M: WVPD Family Carnival; Adopt-a-Fish; Valborg; Sabeel // 3N: Beaches; Hollyburn Lodge // 3O: Climate Change; Nbrhd Character Housing Bulk (Apr 29); Taste of the Bay // 3P: Apr 27 bits; Support for Grant Application for Pt Atkinson; SFU talk on transportation

= CCL MTGS: = NOTES Feb 2 = NOTES Feb 16 = SP NOTES Feb 23 = NOTES Mar 2nd = NOTES Mar 30 = Apr 13 Bits = Apr 27 Bits {when starting mtgs at 6pm passed (Consent Agenda) without warning, public input, or debate}

= ANIMALWATCH (BCSPCA; seal pup); INFObits (Stats; Vaisakhi; Gallipoli; Lincoln 150th; Syria; Plastic); CANADIANA (Francophonie; Nat'l Volunteer Wk); ROYALWATCH (Richard III; Queen); MUDDLE-EAST MESS; HERRINGWATCH; WOMENWATCH; TREEWATCH (TreeKeepers; Mudslide); VOLCANOWATCH; TEAWATCH; HOUSEWATCH (free heritage house); BOOKWATCH (BC Book Prizes; Curses); LANGUAGEWATCH (Sweden adds gender neutral pronoun); WORDWATCH (Chrism); HERITAGEWATCH; MAIKU; QTNS/THOUGHTS/PUNS + CARTOON, JOKES, and

>>> the ROYAL BABY (report, photos, video) <<<


With the WVHS donation of $10K for the restoration of Hollyburn Lodge

the total for funds raised so far topped $1M!

=== Vive le CANADA ===

PM announces David Johnston to continue as Governor General to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is pleased to announce that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada, has welcomed the continuance in office of His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston as Governor General until September 2017. His Excellency has accepted the Prime Minister’s invitation to remain in office for this extended term, which will cover many of the events celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation.

Quick Facts

o Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is Queen of Canada and Canada’s Head of State. The Governor General is the Queen’s representative at the federal level in Canada. The Governor General is also the Commander-in-Chief of Canada.

o His Excellency has served as Canada’s 28th Governor General since October 1, 2010.

o The Governor General is appointed by the Queen on the advice of the Prime Minister. Tenure is “at pleasure and usually lasts five years, but the term may be extended. Mr. Johnston was selected as Governor General of Canada following extensive national consultations by an expert advisory committee.

o Prior to becoming Governor General, Mr. Johnston was a respected lawyer, academic, and university administrator.

=== from the EDITOR'S DESK ===

+ Back from conference in Florida; G spoke at the ISACA conference in Orlando. Bit warmer than here, but humid. Fun telling Americans we only had one day of snow (Nov) and our total for the winter was less than an inch (2cm). Then I topped that off with telling them about the palm tree in our garden; lots in front of my apartment in English Bay -- many incredulous. G's AGORA session at UofW meant in Seattle afterward (Mar 26/27).

+ WVM -- Cold almost gone, cars and computer still sick. Late WVM hangs over my head. WVM2+3 now on website. The email version of the first 2+3 first with ... under the numbers; a few changes and the final has .o. under the number. With notes from three ccl mtgs, this newsletter is WVM4/5/6 !

Delays from trips to Florida and Seattle (professional, not holiday!) and a misbehaving laptop that kept swallowing email, esp the Inbox, hobbled along praying for burps.

A dancing keyboard means sometimes notes popped up somewhere else than intended. That may mean lines aren't quite in the right place. In any case these notes are a guide for you -- do watch/listen to the items you want full information about.

+ Laptop -- the excruciatingly frustration dealing with my doolally laptop led to buying new one even though G prefers the one to be released mid-April. Hope what can be recovered will be and moved over so WVM can be done....

The new computer also has the inbox disappearing [groan] -- sometimes several times a day -- so turns out not only a software problem, now we may have a server problem as well.....


Well, now have a new computer and some of the same problems, alas. Now think it's a problem notjust wiht the software but also the server. That will take longer to fix. Sometimes the inbox vanishes. If you don't get a reply from me, it may be that it disappeared. Sometimes I see msgs in the inbox, answer one, and when I come back, it (or all!) are gone. I usually get them back but the time for them to reappear varies. Some msgs in the inbox take over a day to arrive. GRRRR.

+ YOUR GRUMP {also mine}

If you grump, justified on your part. Here's my plea for patience, understanding, and forgiveness. This has been so agonizing (illness, other commitments, laptop problems, etc), am warning you now, there are a lot of gaps in the ccl mtg “transcript, even parts I feel important for you to know, but beg your indulgence, have been (noted) left so that if interested, you know where to find on the video.

This issue is long so you'll have to do a lot of scrolling to find the parts you're interested in, but at least I've (mostly) caught up! Subscribers will have already read the Headsup Section.

Of course, the section that has suffered the most is CULTUREWATCH. Many in Headsup, but often over by the time the newsletter comes out. I suggest you read the Scene section of the Vsun (comes out Thursdays).

This is long, however if you've read the Headsup emails (for subscribers) then you can scroll down past them.

=== WVPD === March: {Fighting} Distracted Driving Month

On average 88 people die every year in crashes across British Columbia where distracted driving is a contributing factor.

Distracted Driving is responsible for more than a quarter of all car crash fatalities in BC.(28% - 2009-2013) The number of rear-end crashes resulting in injury or death has increased in BC by 16% since 2009, coinciding with the widespread adoption of smart-phones.

Distracted driving now the second-leading cause of motor vehicle fatalities in B.C., behind speeding (105) and narrowly ahead of impaired driving (86).

Even so, they cancelled the plan to purchase a cherry-picker truck to more easily spot cell phones in drivers' laps.....

=== UPDATES & INFO ===

+ OIL SPILL Updates -- DWV thanked WV Streamkeepers, active in warning near beaches, thanked by DWV.

{Updates appeared in the Headsup; the CAO reported at Ccl Apr 27, see DWV for updates; latest at time of WVM:

http://westvancouver.ca/news/vancouver-coastal-health-lifts-advisory-ambleside-park }


Mar 31 -- Work is beginning April 7 on the western portion of the 1300 block of Bellevue Ave in order to install underground utilities, raise the elevation of Bellevue, and reinstate temporary concrete curbs, sidewalks, and asphalt.

To facilitate this work, Bellevue Avenue between the 1300 and 1400 block will be closed to all vehicle traffic, pedestrians, and cyclists from early April to approximately mid-June 2015. The work will take place Mondays to Saturdays in accordance with all DiWV bylaws.

WV Police Dept operations will continue as normal.

Nine mature cherry trees on Bellevue Avenue will be removed from the street during this stage of the project. These trees are in marginal health and have limited long-term potential. A replanting plan is in place and will be activated in the future when this phase of the project is completed.

Occasional short-duration road closures may take place later this summer and fall.

Questions/concerns, pls contact: Kristi Merilees, Cmnty Relations Mgr: 925 7008; kmerilees@westvancouver.ca

+ FARs: Grosvenor and 752 Marine

hv bn asked about the FARs for Grosvenor and for 752 Marine; here's the answer:

(1) Grosvenor site (1300 block) is zoned CD50, which establishes a maximum FAR of 2.94. Please refer to the CD50 zone for specific FAR exclusions, and FAR breakdown by use (i.e., apartment residential, townhouse residential, and ground-level commercial).

(2) Here is a link to the 752 Marine application page on westvancouver.ca:


According to Section 7.4 of the drawing booklet (on the web page), the proposed FAR on the fee simple lands (under DWV jurisdiction) is 4.92. Spread out over the entire development site (including land leased from the Squamish First Nation) the FAR works out to 2.99.

+ News from our MLA, Ralph Sultan -- Topics in the Spring Newsletter:

Editorial – A Northern Strategy // Wendy and Sergio Provide Absolute Autism Leadership

B.C.’s Marines: the Volunteers of Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue // Julio, Order of Canada

The whole newsletter: http://ralphsultanmla.ca/newsletter/west-vancouver-capilano-report-spring-2015/


7) Adopt-A-Fish: We will be working again with the Coho Society and West Vancouver Memorial Library to present the annual Adopt-A-Fish event for [elementary-school-aged] school children. Coho smolts will be provided by the Capilano Hatchery and children will be given a smolt to release into McDonald Creek adjacent to the Centennial Rearing Pond in Memorial Park. This festive activity will take place on Saturday, April 25. It starts at 11:00 a.m. and runs until 1:00 p.m. Don Harrison (jdharrison@telus.net) is organizing this event.

11) McDonald Creek Estuary Enhancement Project: The final touches on this most successful project will occur in April. This will include the placement of large perimeter rocks along the north side of the new creek path, adding beach sand and topsoil, planting native vegetation and the installation of permanent interpretive signage. We are pleased to report the project came in on time and on budget, with all the required funds raised by the Society.

Visit the website: http://www.westvancouverstreamkeepers.ca/index.html


You all know WVHS's books, but maybe not the grants from the sales, so I asked Jim Carter, Chair of the Book Cmte. Note: the Society is considering another printing of Cottages to Community. To reserve a copy: wvhsC2C@westvan.org

Grants provided from sales of Cottages to Community to the Archives, the Library, and the Museum

The successful publication and sale of 3,000 copies of Cottages to Community was made possible by donations

from many people, Foundations, and businesses. The profit from the sales has provided funds to the WV Archives,

the WV Memorial Library, and the WV Museum for the preservation of documents, photographs, and films that were

in danger of being lost because of a lack of funds to preserve them for future generations. In a number of cases the

preserved materials have also been put on line by the Archives and the Library.

Over the past three years the Society has provided grants for the following projects:

> 2012 - 2013

- West Vancouver Archives

$5,084.24 for the preservation of photographs and documents relating to Hollyburn Elementary School and Pauline

Johnson Elementary School as the first phase of a project involving over 7,000 photographs and 2 metres of textual records.

$4,822.76 was spent on the preservation of May Day celebrations, pictures, and documents. May Day was a significant community event in West Vancouver from 1931 to 1971. The celebrations included installation of a May Day Queen, parades, and other ceremonies. The goal of the project was to preserve the over 500 photographs, a film, a decorated register of participants, scrapbooks, speeches, organizing cmte records, and correspondence.

- West Vancouver Memorial Library

$3,550.00 was spent on the preservation and protection of our collection of fragile historical images. The Project also increased the community’s access and exposure to this special collection. The project added 424 additional images which were unaccessioned and stored in assorted files, folders, and boxes.

> 2013 - 2014

- West Vancouver Archives

$4,170.00 was granted for the purpose of preserving the papers and photographs of Joseph B. Leyland, Reeve of WV during the critical period from 1930 to 1941. During his time as Reeve the Lions' Gate Bridge was built, the British Properties was established and West Vancouver moved from a cottage community into a residential municipality.

$2,500.00 was allocated to begin the process of preserving the records and photographs of WV Secondary School. The two rooms established in 1923 in Hollyburn Elementary have a huge store of pictures and documents that needed to be preserved. This grant began the process of preserving and putting online some of the pictures.

- West Vancouver Memorial Library

$3,911.47 was granted for the preservation of Audio Visual materials that were deteriorating. Very few films exist on early West Vancouver. It was critical to digitally store those we have for future use.

> 2014 – 2015 (Current Projects)

- West Vancouver Archives

$5,500 was granted for the preservation of over 300 original cartoons by Len Norris held by the Archives. He drew cartoons for the Vancouver Sun from 1950 until 1998. As well as being preserved it is planned to place them online on the Archives website.

- West Vancouver Memorial Library

$2,500 was granted to preserve the newsletters and digitize them for public use. The feature articles are written by enthusiastic local historians and provide in-depth, well-researched coverage of community life and community history that is difficult to find elsewhere.

- West Vancouver Museum

$2,000 was awarded for the preservation of John Fulker’s collection that deals with the west coast modern houses in West Vancouver from the 1950s to the '70s. This era represents the region’s significant architectural history.

The Future of Grants

A total of $34,038.47 has been granted for the preservation of West Vancouver’s history. Grants have been reduced to provide for more years of grant money. As well, the Society has published a second book, ˜Arrivals and Departures – The Ferries and People of Horseshoe Bay’ with a goal of ensuring ongoing resources to continue the grant program. Sales have been strong enough that we are making a profit to add to our grant program. Depending on the success of the sales, further books on West Vancouver history are being considered.

{FYI: the odd amounts are a result of sharing some costs.}

[and just found out that with the WV $10K donation for restoration of Hollyburn Lodge the funding tops $1M!]

=== CALENDAR to May 15 ===

Mtgs at MHall unless otherwise indicated. Mtgs known at date of writing shown; often addns, changes, cancellations after WVM sent. Check the DWV Calendar: http://www.westvancouver.ca/events. Some too late/early for an issue are emailed to subscribers. [Headsup/Notices sent between issues. Subscribe! write subscribewvm@westvan.org] ABBREVIATIONS, ACRONYMS, INITIALISMS puzzling? See: http://www.westvan.org/glossary

== Friday May 1 ~ 5 - 9pm ~ DOG, DASH, AND SPLASH! $5 -- Grades 6 and 7; Info: 925 7270

== Saturday May 2

~ 10am - 5pm ~ Emergency Preparedness Week - Quake Cottage -- Park Royal South

For the Emergency Preparedness week, during the first week of May, the North Shore Emergency Management Office will be hosting an Earthquake Simulator that will be brought from [California].

~ 7:30pm ~ Saturday Night Silver Screen -- Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr (Doors open at 7om)

Anyone can show a movie at home, but why not grab your friends, bring your blankets, and join us. Take in the blockbuster, “Big Hero 6", on our large screen! Arrive early to snag a spot, enjoy some pre-movie fun ” we’ll have entertainment, prizes, and a concession for nibbles! Call 925 7222 for more info.

== Sunday May 3

~ 11am - 4pm ~ AMBLESIDE FARMERS' MARKET -- 1500 Block Bellevue

Come down and enjoy a great variety of organic and conventional produce; as well as a fantastic selection of baking,

syrups, jams, jellies, honey, and salsas. There is always an assortment of handcrafted clothing, pottery, soaps, and

jewellery. The Ambleside Market has a book exchange, newspaper reading area, games table, and kids' play area.

== Monday May 4

~ 4:30pm ~ Cmnty Engagement Cmte mtg

== Tuesday May 5

~ 4:30pm ~ Finance Cmte mtg

== Wednesday May 6

~ 2pm ~ Audit Cmte mtg

~ 7 - 8:30pm ~ Youth Appreciation Awards, Celebrating Youth! at Cmnty Ctr

A celebration of the achievements of youth and youth groups within our community. Please join us in acknowledging these remarkable young people and their amazing accomplishments!

== Thursday May 7

~ 5pm ~ Bar-B-Queer! {I cdn't believe it either, but I checked and that indeed is the title}

at the Ambleside Youth Centre, 1018 Pound Road (beside the SPCA)

Join the Whatever youth cmte for great food, cosplay*, karaoke, prizes, and more! (*Cosplay is dressing up as your favourite character from a movie, book, or video game. Have some fun with the cosplay, but pls choose a costume that’s appropriate for all ages!) All ages welcome. We’ll cover the food, you bring along the awesome entertainment!

~ 7pm ~ Awards Cmte mtg

~ 7:30pm ~ WV Streamkeeper Society's AGM at St Stephen's (885 - 22nd): Reports, election of directors

== Friday May 8 ~ 9am ~ Cmnty Grants Cmte mtg at Lawson Crk Studios (1758 Argyle)

== Saturday May 9

~ 10am - 4pm ~ Caulfeild May Day at Caulfeild Village Shopping Ctr

Village merchants are hosting an old-fashioned May Day celebration. Enjoy music, food, dancing, arts and crafts, pony rides, a petting zoo, and don’t forget to take your turn dancing around the maypole.

~ 10am - 4pm ~ Jewellery Market at the Cmnty Ctr

~ 1:30pm ~ ADRA AGM at the Srs' Ctr

== Sunday May 10 :-) IT'S YOUR MOTHER'S DAY! :-) TREAT HER! ENJOY!

== Monday May 11

2015 TRADITION GOLF CLASSIC at the University Golf Club

Registration 11am - 1pm; Lunch 11:30am - 12:45pm; Shotgun Start 1 - 1:15pm

UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY: Participate in the tournament and bid on a tee time for 4 players at the prestigious CAPILANO G&CC

More info: http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?ca=ca588faf-8030-4351-87a5-6b8282db68e4&c=e682c900-1f37-11e3- 97cf-d4ae52a68661&ch=e6b28b90-1f37-11e3-9838-d4ae52a68661

== Tuesday May 12 ~ 5pm ~ Cmnty Energy and Emissions Plan WG at the WV Library

== Wednesday May 13

~ 10am ~ Public Art Adv Cmte mtg at the Music Box (1564 Argyle)

~ 5pm ~ Bd of Variance Hearing (agenda not up yet)

~ 6:30pm ~ WV Library Bd mtg at the Library (no doubt!)

== Thursday May 14

~ 6 - 8pm ~ Public info Session for Queens and 21st at WV Cmnty Ctr

In 2015, the District will install a new traffic signal and sidewalk improvements at Queens Avenue and 21st Street. Drop by this info session to view the intersection plans and ask questions.

+++ WV MEMORIAL LIBRARY +++ 925 7400 See the Calendar: http://www.westvanlibrary.ca/events/calendar/month

{Many events in Headsup, including the book sale Mar 26/27}

In the Gallery – Booktopia Youth Art Exhibit -- All month

Dozens of delightful pieces created by youth artists attending sec schools in WV, including digital animations in Room 14

Let’s Talk! ~ 7 - 8:30pm ~ Develop your English skills while discussing current events. No registration required.

Wednesdays, April 1, 8, 15, 22, and 29

North Shore Writers Festival

~ 7 - 10pm ~ Friday April 17 and ~ 10am - 6:30pm ~ Saturday April 18 Back for its 16th year, the North Shore Writers Festival features John Vaillant, Heather O’Neill, Doretta Lau, a panel of poets, the North Shore Writers Association workshop, Literary Trivia Night, and a wine and cheese reception with master of ceremonies J.J. Lee. Visit northshorewritersfestival.com for all the details

English Corner

~ 10 - 11:30am ~ Enjoy English conversation while making new friends. Fridays, April 10, 17, and 24. {can't find May}

Authors in Our CommunityBecoming Intimate with the Earth

~ 7pm ~ Wednesday April 29 Award-winning novelist and screenwriter Pauline Le Bel’s book offers compelling stories to heal our relationships with our planet.

Tech Talks ~ 7 - 8:30pm ~

Stay Safe and Secure Online

From creating strong passwords to recognizing spam and sophisticated scams, discuss how to stay safe and secure in the online environment. Thursday April 16

Productivity in the Age of Information Overload

Discover tips and tricks to stay organized and on top of things in this age of excess information. Thursday May 14

Philosophers’ Café ~ 10:30am - noon ~ Friday

April 17 – The Limits of Growth

What, if any, are the limits of growth? Is there a point at which “progress ceases to be progressive?

May 15 – Adequacy and Accuracy of Economic Indicators

What do current standard economic indicators tell us? Are important externalities considered? Does the Gross Domestic Happiness measurement provide useful additional information?

Friday Night Concert – Sweet Scarlet

~ 7:30pm ~ March 27 -- Sweet Scarlet is a captivating female a cappella ensemble that combines intricate harmonies with a desire to share interesting, fun and exciting music. Doors open at 7pm.

MOVIE NIGHTS ~ 6:30 - 8:30pm ~ Mondays:

Hundred Foot JourneyApril 13; My Old LadyApril 20; ChefApril 27

May 4 -- The Grand Seduction -- A struggling Newfoundland fishing town tries to lure a cricket-obsessed plastic surgeon to become the town’s family doctor.

May 5 – Pride Inspired by a true story about a 1984 miner’s strike in England that prompted a London-based group of gay and lesbian activists to raise money for the miners’ families.

Music in Hollywood with Michael Conway Baker

~ 10:30am ~ May 7 -- This local award-winning composer’s series on music for the movies includes interesting anecdotes and a performance by a special guest musician.


Press Release Wednesday, April 29, 2015: West Vancouver, B.C.

For the 11th year in a row, Booktopia: The WV Children’s Literature Festival will be hosted by WV Memorial Library, featuring an internationally renowned line-up, an illustrator’s workshop, a student art exhibit, and so much more.

We’re proud to announce the following headlining guests:

Jacqueline Woodson: this Nat'l Book Award winner will discuss how she became a writer and the process behind

some of her popular titles like Brown Girl Dreaming, Peace Locomotion, Show Way, Feathers, and Locomotion.

Ashley Spires: best-selling author-illustrator Ashley Spires is the creator of the Binky the Space Cat series and many

other illustrated stories that combine humour with important life lessons. ... 

Booktopia offers a series of events for preschool, elementary, and secondary school students at two venues: the Kay Meek Ctr and the WV Memorial Library. In total, more than 1,500 youth and families will attend Booktopia events....

Booktopia is offered in partnership with the WVSD 45 and is sponsored by the WVML Fdn, the N Sh News, and the WV Cmnty Fdn.

A complete list of Booktopia 2015 events can be found at booktopia.ca

Author Presentations at the Kay Meek Centre Main Stage

Ashley Spires: Tuesday, May 5: 10:30 – 11:30am and 1:30 – 2:30pm; Ashley will present to ~ 500 Grade 2 students

Jacqueline Woodson: Thursday, May 7: 8:50 – 9:50am, 10:30 – 11:30am, 1:30 – 2:30pm;

Jacqueline will present to ~350 secondary school students and 650 Grade 5 students

May 5 -- Illustrator’s Workshop with Ashley Spires

May 9 -- Booktopia Puppet Show: The Fisherman and His Wife

Booktopia Opening Reception

~ 4pm ~ Friday, May 8 -- WVML Youth Department (second level)

Join MP John Weston, WV Mayor and Councillors, WV School Board trustees, young winners of the 2015 Member of Parliament Award for Writing, the WV Memorial Library Director, board members, and library staff. Celebrate Booktopia! See the winner of the MP Writing Award and celebrate the teen artists featured in the Library’s Youth Artwork Display. Refreshments will be served by the Friends of the Library. Everyone is welcome.

+++ WEST VAN MUSEUM +++ 925 7295 http://westvancouvermuseum.ca

~~ March 25 to June 13 ~~ Christos Dikeakos: Trouble in Paradise

Opening Reception: Tuesday March 24 from 7 to 9 pm

Christos Dikeakos’s recent series of photographs, taken in and around the rural Penticton apple orchard he owns with his wife, Sophie, document the supplanting of apple orchards”and the fruit industry”by vineyards to sustain the Okanagan Valley’s burgeoning wine business. The photographs are a contemporary portrait of agriculture, standardization, shifting economies, and environmental change. At the same time, they elevate the humble apple, revealing the beauty of its ripening and subsequent decay.

These works were first presented in the exhibition Nature Morte, organized by the Kelowna Art Gallery in 2014. Trouble in Paradise is part of the 2015 Capture Photography Festival.

+++ FERRY BUILDING GALLERY +++ www.ferrybuildinggallery.com ~ 925 7290

March 31 to April 19 -- "Illuminating Landscapes" acrylic & oil

Hans Breuer, Ursula Medley, Angus Simpson Opening Reception: Tuesday March 31 from 6 - 8pm

Meet the Artists: Sat, Apr 4 from 2 - 3pm // Free Painting Demo by Ursula Medley: Sun, Apr 5 from 2 to 4pm

April 21 to May 3 -- "Reflections: Coastal Canvas"

Capilano University IDEA program paintings & calendar launch

Opening Reception: Tuesday April 21 from 6 to 8pm. Meet the Artists: Saturday April 25 from 2 to 3pm

Free Art Demo: Sunday April 26 from 2 to 4pm.

Painting in the gallery by Capilano University IDEA Program students Abbey Johnson & Lera Nyukalova

IDEA (Illustration/Design: Elements & Applications) is a career-based Capilano University program offering instruction in both communication design and applied illustration. This dual curriculum sets IDEA students apart from other post-secondary design programs and gives graduates a lifelong edge in the job market.

All proceeds from this calendar help support the year-end grad show. See grad work and artist profiles at ideagradshow.com. More information: http://ferrybuildinggallery.com/exhibitions/current_exhibition

May 5 to 24 -- "Peek-A-Boo"

Frankie Watt - fabric, mixed media, photo etching

Frankie Watt-Elphinstone received her degree from Goldsmith’s College, London University, UK.  Her work includes painting, drawing, mixed-media collage, and prints. Her portraits have been exhibited with The Royal Society of Portrait Painters in London and published by Taschen Books ˜Illustration Now, Portraits’. Her work is held in numerous collections including the University of Cambridge.

Opening Reception: Tuesday May 5 from 6 - 8pm Meet the Artist: Saturday May 9 from 2 - 3pm

Join us for "Concept to Creation", a free artist talk on Sunday May 24, 2 - 4 p.m. Frankie Watt will discuss her art-making process.

--> ENTRY for Re:Semblance -- May 3

"Re:Semblance" Call for Entry for a juried exhibition to be held in the gallery June 23 - July 12, 2015, on the theme of innovative use of traditional and non-traditional art materials. Artists may submit (2) finished pieces of work which speak to their interpretation of the theme.  All visual art mediums accepted.

Jury drop-off: Sunday May 3 from 9 - 11am at the Music Box, 1564 Argyle. Pickup: 2 - 3 p.m. same day

Please submit a biography and artist statement with your artwork.This exhibition is open to all artists.

An exhibition fee of $25 will be applied to artists whose work is selected.

+++ SILK PURSE +++ http://silkpurse.ca/exhibitions/ 925 7292

March 31 – April 19 ~~ Cherry Blossoms: A Textile Translation 2015

Spring is here with the return of one of our most popular exhibitions, Cherry Blossoms: A Textile Translation. This is the 7th annual juried exhibition of textile art inspired by the cherry blossom featuring artists from The Vancouver Guild of Fibre Arts & fibreEssence in association with the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival. Marvel at all the beautiful & intricate works of art in a variety of mediums including quilting, needle work, fashion, and more!

Artists will give live demos every weekend during the exhibition.

Opening reception: Tuesday March 31st from 6 to 8pm

April 21 - May 10 ~~ Random Strangers: William Edmonds

Mixed media artist William Edmonds examines anonymity, agendas, role playing, and the release of personal information in this digital age through this captivating series of portraits of strangers he met through social media.

Opening reception: Tuesday April 21st from 6 to 8pm

May 12 - 31 ~~ Sacred Quest: Art Hiroshi Shimazaki & Words Philip L. Wagner

Geographer & artist Hiroshi Shimazaki has travelled the world capturing the essence of sacred sites of pilrimage in breathtaking watercolour paintings. Each work is accompanied by insightful ruminations on the pilgrimages site written by geographer Philip L. Wagner. Opening reception: Tuesday May 12 from 6 to 8pm

Want to get the newsletter? ---> E-Blast Subscription

WV Cmnty Arts Cccl publishes a newsletter each quarter. Pick up a printed copy at the Silk Purse, or download the latest version by clicking here: April-June 2015 Newsletter

In addition, a summary of upcoming events is distributed to members by e-mail every week. Non-members are welcome to subscribe; click on http://www.silkpurse.ca/newsletter and simply fill in the form.

+++ KAY MEEK CENTRE +++ http://www.kaymeekcentre.com/on_stage/events_calendar {see for all events}

Simplest way to get on email list, call 913 3634 (also for tix) or email tickets@kaymeekcentre.com

~ 7:30pm ~ Wednesday April 8 ~~~ PRO NOVA ENSEMBLE 30TH ANNIVERSARY CONCERT

We (WVM) adore Norm Foster so it's great to see he's back!

~ 8pm ~ Friday Apr 17 for the Preview, then starts Saturday April 18

APR  21 | 08:00pm  SINNERS BY NORM FOSTER (APR 21 - 25)


APR  28 | 07:30pm  FILM: LAND HO!


APR  29 | 08:00pm  SINNERS BY NORM FOSTER (APR 29 - MAY 2 w/ 2pm matinee)


EXTRAVADANZA 2015 7pm Sunday, May 3

PRO ARTE CENTRE GALA 2015 7:30pm Friday, May 8

Kay Meek Centre Presents: NORMAN FOOTE 2pm Saturday May 9

QUARTETTO GELATO 3pm Sunday May 10

MOVIES: FORCE MAJEURE 7:30pm Tuesday, May 12


+++ ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION BRANCH 60, WV http://westvan60.com Ofc 922 3587 Lounge: 922 1920

Lounge Hours of Operation: Monday to Thursday noon – 10pm; Friday & Saturday noon – 11pm; Sunday 1 – 7pm

Call us with your Comments and Questions / for Volunteer Opportunities / General Enquiries / Event Ticket Reservations


~ noon to 2pm ~ Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Our Delicious Lunch Menu is now Served 6 Days a Week in the Lounge!

Darts Wednesday Nights – Every Wednesday Night in April! Lounge is set to play and we’ve got the Darts! Call us if you’re interested! We’ve got everything you need for a great night out trying out a fun casual sport!

St. George’s Day Thursday April 23rd All Day Specials

Join us in the Lounge for Drink & Food Specials + Prizes & Games

BINGO! Thursday April 23rd 5:30pm Win Cash PrizesA

END OF MONTH MIXER -- Anzac Day Party! 6:30pm Friday April 24th

You’re invited to an evening of Dinner & Dancing with a Twist!


Aussie Style Supper BlueFins Performing! $3.75 Bottles of Australian Lager $3.75 Australian Wines


Every ticketholderwill also receive a ticket for an End of Month Mixer Grand Prize....

A Molson Canadian Mini Beer Fridge & a Case of Molson Canadian Beer!

You must purchase a ticket to win OR pay the price of the ticket for a beer fridge entry.

St. George Spring Golf at Furry Creek

Saturday April 25th Annual Spring Golf Day & St. George Dinner

Putting Contest/18 Holes Shotgun/11 am/Deuce Pot/St. George Dinner 6:30

PRIZES/8:45am Carpool from Legion Signup in the Lounge – Pay at the Bar - $80.00 All In.

~ 4:30pm ~ April 25 -- (Every) Saturday Meat Draw

'GO DUTCH WEEK' April 27th May 2nd ˜Go Dutch’ at Branch 60

Join us in the Lounge all week long as we encourage you to ˜Go Dutch’ Specials on Food Go Dutch Drink & Snack Specials

~ 7:30 pm ~ Tuesday April 28 GENERAL MEETING

+++ WV CHAMBER of COMMERCE + 926 6614 + http://www.westvanchamber.com

Education Workshops Series

First session January 13..."Crowd Funding" ... March 3rd "Networking" and May 12th - "Customer Services".

Sat Apr 18: BOWEN ISLAND TOUR -- 11am - 3pm FREE TOUR!


This FREE “You Can Stay Here Bowen Island  tour allows you to preview 11 fabulous vacation rentals available on beautiful Bowen Island: A quick affordable vacation destination! Presented by the Bowen Island Accommodation Assn.

Join the tour on Saturday, April 18 -- take a free bus shuttle or bring your car* and take a tour. Visit Bowen's suites, lodges, B&Bs with contemporary or heritage design, waterfront cottages, hilltop suites, and more.

To REGISTER and receive your map: CAROL@SIMPLYSAFARISUITE.COM or call 604 947 9005

* You can also catch shuttle bus just off the ferry near the library at 11am and 1pm

Thank you to all who joined us at the President's Dinner/Awards last Thursday night (24th) at the Hollyburn Country Club.

Congratulations to the Winners!

CITIZEN of the YEAR -- Geoff Jopson

BUSINESS PERSON of the YEAR -- Graham Lee - RG Properties/Ambleside Live

SMALL BUSINESS of the YEAR -- Bowenshire Stonework and Landscaping

MEDIUM BUSINESS of the YEAR -- Bowen Island Pub

BIG BUSINESS of the YEAR -- Troll's Restaurant 

NEW BUSINESS of the YEAR -- Café Ça Va

YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR -- Kate Billington, The Bakehouse in Dundarave

=== CULTUREWATCH === {this section suffered the most; much missing or past; sorry}

{NB: The VSun has many events, theatre, talks, book launches, and more -- below are some http://www.vancouversun.com/entertainment/listings/ }


+ BARD ON THE BEACH – events leading up to season start! See bardonthebeach.org

+ Arts Club 687 1644 artsclub.com

Farewell, My Lovely, first theatrical adaptation of Raymond Chandler novel; Granville Island Stage till May 2

+ VANCOUVER PLAYHOUSE -- Green Porno w/ Isabella Rossellini -- SOLD OUT

+ Waterfront Theatre 685 6217 touchstonetheatre.com

The Lawyer Show: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels; classic con artist story Apr 29 - May 2

+ Jericho Arts Ctr -- jerichoartscentre.com

Welcome to Thebes, an ancient Greek tragedy written in 2010 for Royal Nat'l Theatre to April 19

Into the Woods, by Sondheim from April 29 to May 16

+ Metro Theatre 266 7191 metrotheatre.com --- The Graduate -- 8pm May 2 - 23

+ Studio 16 -- 736 2616 seizieme.ca

Midsummer, romantic comedy set in Edinburgh (in French w/ English surtitles) Apr 28 - May 2

+ Pacific Theatre 731 5518 pacifictheatre.org

Freud's Last Session;, by Mark St. Germain Apr 24 to May 20

+ Firehall Arts Ctr 689 0926 firehallartscentre.ca

BC Buds, 11th annual Spring Arts Festival; theatre , dance, and music -- May 7 - 10

+ Presentation House 990 3474 http://www.phtheatre.org

North Shore Zone Festival -- six plays contending for the zone prize -- May 4 - 9


+ VANCOUVER ART GALLERY Cezanne! {ends May 18}

Several exhibitions -– Details, events: http://www.vanartgallery.bc.ca/events_and_programs/special_events.html

Lecture by Jacques Herzog of Herzog & de Meuron

on how architecture can shape cities and cultural life -- Orpheum Wed 7:30pm May 6


www.Caroun.net 1403 Bewicke Ave., NV 778 372 0765 -- 12 to 8pm (Tues to Sat)

Spring Group Exhibition May 1 - 14

A Group Painting, Calligraphy, Photography Exhibition! Opening Reception: Thurs May 7 from 4 to 8pm

Works by: Brooks Walker, Faranak Mohebbi, Farhad Varasteh, Fatemeh Javadi, Fereshteh Shahani,

Gerry Thompson, Leyla Mohammadi, R. Rheaurme, Sahar Seyedi, Sara Yousef Panah, and Zohreh Hamraz

It is time for CPC Digital Photo Contest 2015! http://www.caroun.com/News/Digital2015/01-Digital2015.html

Deadline extended to May 14


+ VANCOUVER OPERA at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre; tix 683 0222

SWEENEY TODD by Stephen Sondheim; 7:30pm Apr 25, 26, 30, and May 1, 2; 3 (2pm matinee)

{We went; was better than expected (really an opera!); good voices/music, huge cast, excellent set.

Recommended. And note that during the curtain calls at the end, you are invited to take photos.}

See what our Bramwell Tovey has in store! vancouversymphony.ca

Sat May 1st ~~ Yo-Yo Ma ~~ SOLD OUT!

+ EARLY MUSIC VANCOUVER 732 1610 earlymusic.bc.ca

~ 8pm ~ Friday May 1 ~~ ANTONIO VIVALDI’S THE FOUR SEASONS at The Chan Centre



Ballet BC -- RITE -- balletbc.com Queen Elizabeth Theatre -- Saturday May 7 - 9


~ April 2 to 29 ~ Welcome to the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival ~ http://vcbf.ca/ ~

~ April 30 - May 10 ~ DOXA Film Festival; See http://www.doxafestival.ca/program/schedule

~ EAT! Vancouver Food + Cooking Festival

multiple locations/events, eat-vancouver.com Apr 27 to May 3


Sunday May 3rd -- Giant Spruce and Butterfly Garden, LSCR

A free public event for Nature Vancouver. Limit of three field trips for non-members.

Trip leader: David Cook Meeting location: Rice Lake parking lot, Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve, NV

Time and duration: 1000 hours. Return time mid to late afternoon.

Difficulty: “A rating i.e. easy path or road with minimal elevation change and minimal hazards.

Description: We will be walking along the Seymour Valley Trailway, a multi-use surfaced road (no mechanized traffic). We'll have three objectives: To visit the Butterfly Garden east of the 6 km post to assess it for possible rehabilitation;

To Visit the giant old-growth Sitka Spruce grove at 10.5km; and

[En route we will have an opportunity] to enjoy the lush, high humidity forest that fills the wide, glacially carved Seymour

River valley. Bring lunch and a beverage.

Contact David at cookeco2@yahoo.com or 924 0147 for information about bus access or pick-up locations.

Thursday May 7th -- Kitsilano Beach geology

A free public event for Salmonberry Days. Trip leader: David Cook, Geologist

Meeting time and location: 1pm Jericho Beach parking lot west end of Point Grey Road (which is a cul de sac) near the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club all of which are on the east side of Jericho Beach Park.

Duration of event: Approximately 2 hours.

Description of event: The tide will be low. We'll walk east from Jericho Beach along the beach looking at the rocks and land features. We'll see coal-bearing sandstones laid down in 50 million-year-old river deltas, the roots of 32 million-year-old volcanoes, giant concretions, and plant fossils as well as how the unceasing action of the waves is slowly eating the beach frontage away. Looking around Burrard Inlet, we will observe rocks and land forms that were created over the last 100 million years by plate tectonics, sea-level changes, and ice movement. The route will be muddy, rocky, and slippery with many puddles left by the retreating tide, so wear appropriate non-slip footwear.

A free public event. No registration required.


~ 7:30 - 9pm ~ Thursday April 30

Free Public Lecture Equity, Opportunity, and Good Health:

How Transportation Affects the Essential Qualities of Life In MetroV

Speaker: Dr. Jat Sandhu -- Room 1200, SFU Segal School of Business, 500 Granville St., Vancouver

Admission is free, but reservations are required. Reserve.

Transportation connects us to our community, our place of work and our friends and family. The way transportation infrastructure is designed and the modes of transportation that we have access to impact our lifestyle and our health.

The lecture will review some of the evidence from other jurisdictions, but focus primarily on the findings from the My Health My Community (www.myhealthmycommunity.org) project that surveyed 28,000 MetroV residents in 2013/14.

While there are clear dividends in health for active transportation users, current transit infrastructure does not equally benefit all communities in Metro Vancouver. Access to transportation widens opportunity and is a significant equity issue in MetroV. Details: http://www.sfu.ca/continuing-studies/events/2015/04/equity-opportunity-good-health-how-transportation-affects-life-in-metro-vancouver.html

~ AUTHORS FOR INDIES ~ Saturday May 2nd

when authors across Canada support independent bookstores by volunteering as guest book sellers!

Come to 32 Books & Gallery and meet:

10am to 5pm   Cathie Borrie   ¦ The Long Hello ¦

11am to 1pm   Janie Chang   ¦ Three Souls ¦

12 to 2pm   Cea Sunrise Person   ¦ North of Normal ¦

1 to 3pm     Grant Lawrence   ¦ Adventures in Solitude ¦  ¦ The Lonely End of the Rink ¦

3 to 5pm    John Vaillant   ¦ The Jaguar’s Children ¦   ¦ The Golden Spruce  ¦ The Tiger ¦

~ PRIZE DRAWS ~ REFRESHMENTS ~ 32 Books, 3185 Edgemont Blvd., NV 980 9032 info@32books.com ~


=== HEADSUP 2015-3A: Mtgs + Mar 30 Ccl

Sometimes the to-do list just gets overwhelming. Also, can’t drive while the eyes heal. Oh well. Hope everyone is enjoying or enjoyed a spring break.

Oodles of mtgs/events in next few days!!!


Main items Mar 30 ccl mtg; Issues; Mtgs (Mar 23 - 28); "Journey Back in Time"; VHS talk on Norris; QTP

MAIN ITEMS Mar 30 Ccl Mtg:

DP Applicn to subdivide 5051 Howe Sound Lane into two lots; DVP Applicn for new dwelling at 1507 Haywood with reduced side yard; UPPER LANDS Study Review WG Update Presentation; 752 Marine Dr Update and direction for revisions and bylaw prep; Amendment to proposed Tree Bylaw; Proposed Five-Year Financial Plan Bylaw for Adoption; Proposed OCP Amendment re Regional Context Stmt; Finance Cmte Update; TransLink Q4 Performance Report; 21st St & Gordon Intersection technical review; Correspondence (lots!)

FULL AGENDA: http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/council-agendas/2015/mar/30/15mar30-Agenda3.pdf


Upper Lands Review Draft Report & Survey

Bocce Ball Court proposal at Ambleside Park

Police Services and Municipal Hall project

Ambleside Skatepark concept design


== Monday March 23 ~ 4pm ~ Cmnty Engagement Cmte

== Tuesday March 24

~ 3 - 7pm ~ West Van Business Showcase 2015 -- Free for the Public to Attend ~ 2225 Marine

at CapElderU West Van (Next to WV Chamber office) in the Westerleigh building

Drop by, try delicious samples from Whole Foods Market, Windsor Meats; check out 30 tables on display.

~ 4pm ~ Cmnty Energy and Emissions Plan WG at the Library

~ 6pm ~ Five-Yr Financial Plan Public Open House

~ 7pm ~ Opening Reception at Museum ” Christos Dikeakos: Trouble in Paradise


~ 7pm ~ Cool North Shore at The Coffee Bar, 1695 Marine; $10

The Impact of Climate Change on Biodiversity/Parks and our Engagement w/ the Natural Environment

Discover how climate change is affecting BC wildlife and forests now and in the future from Peter Wood of CPAWS. Also, learn how this critical environmental issue could impact biodiversity in local urban streams and parks from John Barker of West Vancouver Streamkeepers and Frieda Schade of Metro Vancouver. Find out what initiatives this cmnty group and our regional govt are implementing to enhance the resiliency and adaptability of our local ecosystems. Could climate change alter how we interact with the natural environment through outdoor pursuits? Understand more about this important topic at this month’s Cool Drinks.

== Wednesday March 25

~ 7pm ~ Talk by International journalist GWYNNE DYER: THE NEW WORLD DISORDER?

Moderated by Charlie Smith, Editor of the Georgia Straight

at Djavad Mowafaghian Cinema, Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, 149 W. Hastings St. http://www.sfu.ca/sfuwoodwards/events/events1/2014-205-spring/GwynneDyerTheNewWorldDisorder.html

== Thursday March 26

~ 4:30pm ~ Design Review Cmte ” Applcn 1763 Bellevue (Masonic Hall)

~ 4:30pm ~ WV Police Board mtg at WVPD, 1330 Marine Dr

~ 6 - 8pm ~ Open House: Clyde Ave/Keith Rd Pedestrian Improvement at Hollyburn Elementary School (Gym)

~ 7pm ~ Upper Lands WG mtg at the Srs’ Ctr

~ 7:30pm ~ Heritage Icon Michael Kluckner gives a talk on cartoonist Norris’s career

Vancouver Museum (Kits Pt) for Vancouver Historical Society {details below}

Friends of the Library Spring Book Sale

Stock up on great bargains at the Friends of the Library book sale.

Members' Pre-Sale ” Thursday March 26 from 6 to 8:30pm

Public Sale ” 10am - 4pm ~~ Friday March 27 and Saturday March 28

== Friday March 27


~ 8pm and Pre-concert chat with host Matthew White at 7:15pm; Orpheum Annex | Map

Parisian Ensemble, "La Rêveuse", with tenor Jeffrey Thompson


Jeffrey Thompson, tenor "I'm sick of love" by William Lawes (1602-1645)

Tenor Jeffrey Thompson made his professional debut in Boston in 2002 with the Handel and Haydn Society as Lurcanio in Handel's Ariodante under Christopher Hogwood. Focused on repertoire from the Baroque, he has become a sought-after int'l performer. He has sung operatic roles in Europe, Japan, and America, French cantatas in eastern Europe, and recitals of English Music of the 17th and 18th century for the Festival of Baroque Music, Printemps des Arts, in Nantes, France.

Friday's Programme http://www.earlymusic.bc.ca/events/la-reveuse-songs-english-cavalier/

{hmpf” how can anyone be sick of love??? ” Carolanne}

And in the meantime,

at the Ferry Building Gallery:

Windows on Culture March 10 - 28

Nejood Al-Sehrewerdi, Therese Joseph, Iris Low, Niloofar Miry ” multi media

*Please note this exhibition will close on Saturday March 28 at 5pm.

and at the Silk Purse see:

“Journey Back In Time

Photo Historian Dudley Booth -- Collection of Cyril Littlebury photographs Exhibition March 17 - 29th - Free

Lecture Saturday March 28th

7:30pm $10

In 1946, a thousand historic negatives were destined for a landfill, but for their accidental discovery by Alfred Booth. He gave the box with the negatives to his son Dudley, then 14 years old. This opened up a life-long passion for history and photography, and now almost 70 years later, Dudley Booth is offering this fascinating and unique collection for viewing at The Silk Purse Arts Centre.

Mr. Booth will also present a lecture and slide show, about the exhibition images, and almost 100 other photographs in his collection, a true Canadian historical treasure.

To reserve your seat for Dudley Booth’s lecture please call 604-925-7292 or go to http://www.silkpurse.ca/workshops/

Hours: Tues - Sun ” noon - 5pm 925 7292 www.silkpurse.ca


From Michael Kluckner

Dear friends and colleagues,

A quick note to say I will be giving a talk on the career of the legendary Vancouver Sun cartoonist Len Norris at the Museum of Vancouver (on Kits Point) this Thursday evening at 7:30 pm.

Norris's editorial cartoons are unusual in remaining as funny and relevant today as they were a half-century ago –- unlike most newspaper cartoonists, he used "the common man" rather than caricatures of politicians to comment on the events of the day. He remarked once that there were few good ideas for cartoons, but fortunately for him society kept repeating its mistakes.

It's one of the Vancouver Historical Society's regular monthly lectures. Admission is free (donation requested). Hope to see you there! {Some things never change, eh? -- Carolanne}

=== HEADSUP 2015-3B: tonight's nature walk

just in case you feel like one: ~ 7 - 10pm ~ Saturday 28th March 2015

Night Quest --

A Pacific Spirit Park Society event in partnership with Pacific Spirit Regional Park

Stroll lantern-lit trails; learn about owls, bats, coyotes, and more. Bring a flashlight or headlamp and allow 1 hour to complete the quest. Bring a mug to use at the Girl Guides concession. This event is wheelchair and stroller accessible.

David Cook will be operating a question and answer table in the parking lot of St Anselm’s Anglican Church on University Boulevard with numerous hands-on plant and fungi specimens

Your journey starts at 4914 West 16th Ave., 400m west of Blanca Street. Information: 604-224-5739.

=== HEADSUP 2015-3C: Today and Tomorrow

Laptop malfunctioning all weekend with info and inbox disappearing and some re-appearing unpredictably, so we’re not going to wait until mid-April when the model G wants is planned to come out. Anyway, just a reminder about tonight and say what’s on Tuesday. {QTP moved to end}


MAIN ITEMS Mar 30 Ccl Mtg:

DP Applicn to subdivide 5051 Howe Sound Lane into two lots; DVP Applicn for new dwelling at 1507 Haywood with reduced side yard; UPPER LANDS Study Review WG Update Presentation; 752 Marine Dr Update and direction for revisions and bylaw prep; Amendment to proposed Tree Bylaw; Proposed Five-Year Financial Plan Bylaw for Adoption; Proposed OCP Amendment re Regional Context Stmt; Finance Cmte Update; TransLink Q4 Performance Report; 21st St & Gordon Intersection technical review; Correspondence (lots!)

FULL AGENDA: http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/council-agendas/2015/mar/30/15mar30-Agenda3.pdf


March 30: Palestinian Day of the Land ~ 11:30am - 1:30pm ~

Leafleting at SFU, Bby Mtn campus @ convocation hall near Bennett Library entrance

info: http://electronicintifada.net/blogs/ali-abunimah/what-palestines-land-day from http://ijvcanada.org/


"Illuminating Landscapes

Ferry Building Gallery March 31 - April 19

Meeting artists Apr 4

Painting demo Apr 5

{Rest moved to FBG section of newsletter}


March 31 from 6:30 to 9pm at the Seniors’ Ctr

Guest speaker: Dr. Elizabeth Saewyc PhD, UBC and Pam Owen (parent with lived experience)





GRRR -- laptop refused to allow me to put a bunny beside the yacht -- don’t want to wait any longer :-(

=== HEADSUP 2015-3D: Tonight: Books & Opera

with a cmte mtg between ” and both are free!



Mix and mingle with the nominees, BC's vibrant literary community, and support the BC Book Prizes/On Tour/program. Thursday April 2 at 6pm, free. Joe's Apartment, 919 Granville St., Vancouver.

More information at bcbookprizes.ca .

~ 7pm ~ AWARDS COMMITTEE MEETING at the Lawson Creek Studios, 1758 Argyle Ave


{pic was in headsup sent out, but not here!}

Killer Instinct: Our Fascination with Psychopaths!

In this penetrating forum, leading up to VO's new production of Sondheim's Sweeney Todd, a panel of experts will hold a mirror up to contemporary culture and delve into our fascination with disturbed characters. The esteemed speakers include SFU psychology professor Stephen Hart, film critic Katherine Monk, crime fiction writer Owen Laukkanen, and Vancouver Sun crime columnist Kim Bolan.

An excerpt from Sweeney Todd will be performed.

Opera Speaks @ VPL ~ 7 to 8:30pm -- Vancouver Public Library, Central Branch Admission is FREE!

=== HEADSUP 2015-3E: Fri/Sat

Maundy Thursday today ” getting ready to celebrate Passover and Easter? hope the weather clears.

WV may be late but working hard to take care of my subscribers with advance notice. Had hoped to send this out earlier.

Anyway ” enjoy!

FRIDAY April 3


The 47th Annual Southern Straits Yacht Race, hosted by the West Vancouver Yacht Club starts in Dundarave Park again this year. Come down to the beach, enjoy the pancake breakfast provided by the Ambleside Tiddlycove Lions Club, listen to some live music and cheer on race participants as they begin the race. The Easter Bunny makes a special appearance at the race every year.



Dundarave Village is hosting their annual Easter egg hunt; over 18 000 eggs will be handed out and children will be given a ticket for the plush bunny draw. The draw happens in Dundarave Park at 12:15pm.

=== HEADSUP 2015-3F: Sat/Sun; Apr 13 Main Items; Mar 30 Bits

Getting caught up and looking ahead (Ccl Mar 30 and Apr 13); launch of Int’l Bear Day (Apr 4),

Gastown (Vancouver’s 129th birthday Apr 6).


Main Items Apr 13 Ccl Mtg; Mar 30 Ccl Mtg Bits; Int’l Bear Day; Gastown; Pancake Apes; QTP

Saturday is INTERNATIONAL BEAR DAY! (details below)


don’t forget the Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday!


The Ambleside Tiddlycove Lions Club will be hosting their annual Easter Egg Hunt. Don’t be late for the annual event.

> MAIN ITEMS Ccl Mtg Apr 13

= PUBLIC HEARING: Heritage Designation / H Revitalization Agreemt 2055 Queens (Toby House)

= REGULAR MTG: RCM-SAR WV Update; Continuation of 752 Marine Dr (White Spot) re revisions; Proposed OCP Update (to be endorsed for implementation); Finance Cmte Update; Consent Agenda and Correspondence

Full agenda: http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/council-agendas/2015/apr/13/15apr13-Agenda.pdf

> Mar 30 Ccl Mtg SUMMARY

Announcements: Peter Bolton, Peter Lambur, and Heather Mersey appointed to the CEC; Housing Mtg May 26; Agenda item on trees was removed.

= Delegation re Edible Garden Project, NSh Food Charter Implementation

= DPA for 5051 Howe Sound Lane, allowing for the subdivision into two new lots (added 1Ksf at mtg but still under max FAR allowed); Approved with NG opposed

= 1507 Haywood Avenue: submissions received; staff will report back

= Upper Lands WG presentation; will be open houses on their report; also, see westvancouver.ca/upperlands

= Park Towers (752 Marine/White Spot) item started at 8:09 and went to 10pm at wch time Ccl decided rather than continue, instead to resume this discussion at the next ccl mtg, April 13.

> Launch of International Bear Day ” Saturday April 4th

A North Shore Black Bear Society, Raincoast Conservation Foundation, and Capilano University free event.

In two parts:

= A family fun day program 12 - 4 pm, Cedar Building/library courtyard, Capilano University, 2055 Purcell Way, NV.

Bring the family for displays, face painting, storytelling, photography, art, bear safety workshop, music by B.E.A.R.,

and a guided walk with Biologist David Cook. Meet those working on bear research and conservation.

David’s walk is scheduled for 3pm, however he is willing to do add'l earlier walks if enough interest.

= The evening program 6:30 - 9:30pm in the Blue Shore Theatre, Birch Building. Bear conservation presentations.

Registration recommended at http://tinyurl.com/oarkcoy.

Evening presentations:

1. Robyn Appleton, Founder and Research Director, Spectacled Bear Conservation Society, Spectacled Bears, Peru.

2. Brad Hill, Nature photographer, North American Bears -- a photo essay.

3. Brian Falconer, Marine Operations Director, Raincoast Conservation Foundation:

Saving the Great Bear: Ending the trophy hunting of grizzly bears in BCs Great Bear Rainforest.

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/events/19772581112412954/.

> Gastown Then & Now on Vancouver's Birthday

You may wonder why Gastown has been coined, ˜The original Vancouver’. As the city’s historic heart, Gastown is where it all began. On April 6th, Vancouver will celebrate its 129th birthday, so we're doing a throwback that will take you all the way back to the late 1800s.

Vancouver, established the same year Canada became a nation, grew out of Gastown to become Canada’s third largest “city and one of its most cosmopolitan. It all began one September day in 1867 when “Gassy Jack Deighton stepped onto Gastown’s terrain with a barrel of whisky. Known for spinning tall tales and talking without end, he bribed millworkers with drinks in exchange for their help to build him a saloon. The saloon was up and running within a day¦only a few steps away from the mill’s property line. And just like that, Gastown was born.

Gastown was officially incorporated as the City of Vancouver on April 6th, 1886, however, just weeks later on June 13th, a brush-clearing fire quickly spread and turned all but two of Vancouver’s 400 buildings to ashes. The city was rebuilt with Victorian architecture, cobblestone streets and modern electricity¦.. MORE + photos: Written by Administrator, Thurs, 02 April http://www.gastown.org/live-work/item/8740-gastown-then-now-on-vancouvers-birthday


Well, Shrove Tuesday was Feb 17 ” Lent starts Ash Wednesday (so Feb 18) ” and that’s the day to have pancakes and get rid of all that rich food you’re giving up. That’s why it’s known as Pancake Tuesday. So this is a bit late. Several videos with various themes; this one is on apes, and it was surprising to see the ˜art’ and the likenesses.

Video is 3min28secs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KR2ibLNW_wo

=== HEADSUP 2015-3G: This Week

Still struggling with WVM4/5/6! Want to keep you up-to-date and knowing what’s ahead.

Just found out April is National Poetry Month.

Hope you all had a great Passover and Easter.

Have already sent out 6th was Gastown’s/Vancouver’s 129th birthday and the ccl mtg agenda for the 13th.


Mtgs, etc Mon to Thurs; When’s your Vanniversary?; {QTP and Adorable Moment for the Day moved to end}

> MONDAY 6th

{only got this last night; sorry late for today but you might want to contact them for other events}

The Vancouver Biennale is inviting the public to a cmnty gathering with Marcus Bowcott on Monday, April 6 from 4 - 7 pm at the triangular green space at Quebec Street and Milross Avenue in Vancouver. Learn more about the sculpture, speak with the artist and celebrate art in public space. Light refreshments and snacks will be served.


- 4pm


~ 4 – 7pm ~ Learning Studio, Seniors’ Activity Centre, 695 21st Street

As this is the first development application of its type in West Vancouver, District staff will be holding an Open House prior to the Public Hearing (scheduled for April 13, 2015 at 7pm) to provide information about municipal heritage conservation tools; and the proposed bylaws and development permit for 2055 Queens Avenue. The applicant will be in attendance to present information and answer questions about the proposed development.

- 4:30pm

FINANCE COMMITTEE MEETING -- 4:30 to 6pm at the Municipal Hall

ON AGENDA: 4. Draft 2014 Audited Financials from the CFO for information

5. List of Topics for Future Meetings ” for approval

6. Changes to Finance Committee Resident Membership


- 7am Meet your MP & MLAs -- WV Chamber Breakfast meeting Hollyburn Country Club -- 950 Cross Crk Rd

Please join us for a panel discussion with our government guest speakers: MP John Weston, MLA Ralph Sultan, and MLA Jordan Sturdy. Get updates on the latest news from our federal and provincial governments as our guest speakers provide insight into some of the initiatives and projects underway and new business opportunities for 2015. There will be a Q&A session for all of your questions.

Our Guest Speakers:

John Weston, Member of Parliament, West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country

Topic: “Value added projects, the Environment IS the Economy, & Things We are Working on

Ralph Sultan, MLA West Vancouver-Capilano Topic: "TransLink, Traffic, & Taxes"

Jordan Sturdy, MLA West Vancouver-Sea to Sky

Topic: "West Vancouver Sea to Sky – Perspective on a Diverse & Dynamic Region"

More info: http://www.westvanchamber.com/page/email.aspx?queueid=2CC8DAB9-9D43-49E5-B28F-54AC08991C91

- 10am PUBLIC ART ADVISORY COMMITTEE MEETING ~10 to11:30am ~ Music Box, 1564 Argyle Ave


( ~ 6 to 8pm ~ Gymnasium, St. Francis-in-the-Wood Anglican Church, 4773 South Piccadilly Rd


Procedure for LCAC consideration of referred heritage alteration permit applications:

Staff introduces the project, noting required approvals (Council or staff) including any zoning variances

Presentation by applicant

Public invited to speak to the application

LCAC members may ask clarification questions

Applicant may provide final comments

LCAC makes its recommendation

      5. 4753 PILOT HOUSE ROAD (File No. 14-059) Proposed new house

      6. Siting, Form, and Character Study (Housing Bulk) ¢ Chris Bishop, Mgr of Devt Planning ¢ Q&A


- 7pm TALK ” Speaker: David Cook, Wednesday April 8th

Beasts of the North Shore: In recognition of National Wildlife Week

A talk for the Parkgate Library, District of North Vancouver.

7pm at the library opposite the Parkgate Cmnty Ctr and adjacent to the Parkgate Village Shopping Ctr at the corner of the Mt Seymour Parkway and Seymour Road which is also the access road to Mount Seymour Provincial Park.

Registration not required: For enquiries call 604 929 3727.

Description of talk: The North Shore is home or has been home to many of the larger native mammals. Some of these

such as deer and black bears are well known to North Shore residents, but others are seldom seen and little known.

Those who have stayed, under the onslaught of human proliferation, have found a variety of ways to co-exist. Others have

left the area as human impact has reached intolerable levels, and others such as the coyote that were absent before have found human densification to their liking and have come to stay. The speaker will describe these species outlining interesting facts about their biology, how to identify their tracks, and scats and how each has adapted (or not) to the modifications of their habitat by humans.




~ 10:45 am ~ Memorial Park – Cenotaph

Time: 10:45am ” March from West Vancouver Legion and 11am ” Ceremony in Memorial Park

The West Vancouver Legion will once again commemorate the anniversary of the successful 1917 Canadian attack at Vimy Ridge, a key victory helping to end World War One. Members of the WV Legion, WV Police and WV Fire and Rescue will march from the WV Legion to an 11am ceremony at the Cenotaph in Memorial Park.

~~> Vanniversary

Easy for me; I was born here and so was my father!



Happy birthday Vancouver:

it's the city's 129th birthday!

When's your personal #Vanniversary?

=== HEADSUP 2015-3G – PS to 3G

tomorrow! [tonight if it’s the 8th] Wednesday night! NSh Historical Society at 7pm (AGM + Talk)

yikes! I did get this a few days ago and was supposed to go in the last Headsup. Of interest to WW1 and heritage buffs, Scandinavians, and to those interested in Swedish traditional costumes¦...

This month our subject will be a little different, Swedish Traditional Costume. Pete Larson our well known City of North Vancouver pioneer began hosting an activity at mid summer before the First World War and the Swedish community in Greater Vancouver host a Midsommar Festival at the Scandinavian Community Centre in Burnaby each year. One of the highlights is traditional costume and that is what we are going to consider this month.

Please find attached our regular newsletter and Notice of Annual General meeting.


=== HEADSUP 2015-3H: Beware the Beaches!

First a warning, then an INFObit followed by three comments on women and a pun.

For choices of what to do on the weekend, look at VSun’s Thursday Section (called Scene)


Apr 9, 2015

Update: 4:36pm. The sheen from the fuel spill is approaching a wide area of West Vancouver. Please avoid all beaches until further notice. If you see any evidence of the fuel spill, please do not touch it.

Update 2:58pm. We have received word that oil from the spill in Burrard inlet is heading towards West Vancouver. Staff are activating emergency response, and ask the public to stay clear of the beaches at Ambleside and Dundarave until further notice.

12:15pm. A fuel spill has occurred during the bunkering [(fuelling)] of an anchored freighter in English Bay. Western Canada Marine Response Corporation vessels have been skimming and recovering black oil in English Bay last night and today, and first responders from Vancouver are on scene. West Vancouver Fire and Rescue and NSEMO are supporting emergency operations. There are no anticipated impacts to the North Shore, but a more thorough evaluation of tides and currents is necessary. Further situation updates will be issued as the situation changes and more information is known.

===== o ======


Two hundred years ago the most powerful eruption in modern history made itself felt around the world¦¦.

Tambora 10 April 1815 ” more info in WVM (soon!)

{cartoon, etc moved to end of newsletter}

=== HEADSUP 2015-3I: Oil Spill; Garage Sale; UL

That font doesn’t show it clearly (some fonts drive me mad not making a difference between an l {lower case L} and a capital I {eye}, but the letter in the subject line comes after H.


Oil Spill (Updates); Upper Lands; Music; Garage Sale/Flea Market; Talk on Rainforests; {QTP/KFC to end of WVM}


Ž= April 9

Good afternoon all,

I have just completed an hour long flyover with the Coast Guard. Very encouraging; no sheen visible around ship or on the waterŽ throughout the inlet or along the shores.

Clean up crews busy in various locations; John Lawson, Ambleside, Stanley Park.

More updates on assessments, environmental impacts and clean up late today.

Thanks, Nina [CAO]

= April 11 -- UPDATE ON OIL SPILL:


Update: 1pm on Saturday April 11 -- Oil spill clean-up is continuing today in West Vancouver, with work taking along the WV waterfront between John Lawson Pk and Ambleside.The public is asked to stay away from the waterfront as clean-up continues and further assessment is being completed. WV police, fire and rescue, bylaws, and environmental staff are in place to ask for cooperation from the public. Small but visible amts of oil have washed up on a number of WV beaches.

To report oil in a specific location: Email the information using this online form

Call 604 925 7101 For health information, call the North Shore Environmental Health Line at 604 983 6700


Sat April 11; Tu Gleneagles Clubhouse (4 - 8pm); Th Apr 16 Cmnty Ctr (4 - 8pm)

Sat 10am – 2pm at WV Cmnty Ctr Atrium

The District of WV has been considering the future of the Upper Lands through a Council-appointed Working Group of citizen volunteers. For the past two and a half years, the WG has been assessing environmental data, reviewing existing bylaws and policies, and engaging with stakeholders and the wider community.

The intent of this review is to help identify which lands should be preserved, which lands could be developed, the kinds of development that would make sense, and the types of public uses that should be maintained.

The Working Group has now prepared its draft recommendations for protecting the environment, enhancing recreation, and planning future neighbourhoods in this important area. The Upper Lands matter to all of us. This is your community. We want to hear from you so your views can be included.

{Readers: For info on the WG, its mandate, mtgs, reports, etc., see:

http://westvancouver.ca/government/committees-groups/working-groups/upper-lands-study-review-working-group }


= April 11 ~ 7:30pm -- Lions’ Gate Sinfonia: Through the Lions’ Gate

with Pandora’s Vox, Pro Arte Ctr Dancers, and Michael Conway Baker

Centennial Theatre 984 4484 centennialtheatre.com

= April 11 (8pm), April 12 (3pm)

Beethoven’s 9th and Orff’s Carmina Burana

Cap U University Choirs and Vancouver Philharmonic Orchestra

BlueShore Ctr, Cap U 604 990 7810 capilanou.ca/blueshorefinancialcentre

= April 12

~ 3pm ~ Vancouver Recital Society: award-winning German pianist Joseph Moog Playhouse 604 602 0363 vanrecital.com

~ 7:30pm ~ Pro Nova Ensemble; 30th Anniversary Concert

Mozart, Mendelssohn, Erwin Schulhoff -- Seymour United Church, NV 921 9444 pronova.ca


= Saturday April 11 ~ 9am - 1pm


This year's garage sale boasts an impressive variety of tables to choose from, and an equally exciting group of vendors! Enjoy a scenic drive and pick up some bargains. Free admission.

= Sunday April 12 ~ 9am - 3pm


Organized by the Seniors’ Activity Centre volunteers, our famous Flea Market is back, and celebrating 35 years thanks to you! Members with wheelchairs / walkers can gain access to the Flea Market on Sat, April 11, 10am – 12pm. Please register at the SAC front desk after March 10. To obtain access, you must preregister as well as show your current membership card at the door. Location: Ice Arena, 786 – 22nd St

+ TALK (Sunday 1:30pm)

Derrick Stacey Denholm, author of

Ground-Truthing: Reimagining the Indigenous Rainforests of B.C.'s North Coast,

will present a talk and slideshow at 1:30pm at North Vancouver's Lynn Canyon Ecology Ctr. Free.

=== HEADSUP 2015-3J: Tu/Wed

Sorry, WVM setbacks over weekend but here’s your headsup for next two days. Draft is done (now final touches, formatting, and pagination); will be gaps but shd be finished and out by then. Trying to catch up so WVM (4/5/6?) will have the notes from all five ccl mtgs (three in Feb, two in March).

Since the oil spill on many minds (sad about Sandy Cove), the NSN report is good ” but a rather long URL: http://www.nsnews.com/news/questions-linger-as-oil-spill-cleanup-begins-on-west-vancouver-beaches-1.1820747?

(will remind them in Canada, the spelling is vigour as in rumour).

So you know what’s imminent, first is today:

RSVP now if you want to go to “Democracy Talks tomorrow morning at 9am (details below).

Public Hearing tonight at 7pm on the first Heritage Revitalization Agreement (chart below)


~ 4 - 7pm ~ Cmnty Energy and Emissions Plan WG mtg at the Lawson Creek Studio (1758 Argyle)

~ 4 - 8pm ~ Open House: Upper Lands Review in the Main Hall of the Gleneagles Club House

Details were in the last Headsup (sent yesterday); next one on Thurs at Cmnty Ct3

+ CHART re Toby House HRA

Great move by DWV, pls support it; and thanks to Stephen Mikicich of Planning for his work and providing this in advance.

The Toby House at 2055 Queens

This is the first devt of its kind in West Vancouver, and is a real test of municipal conservation incentive tools.

By way of a summary, the following table provides a comparison of what could occur on this property under existing Zoning (without Planning Dept and/or Council approvals), compared to what is proposed under the HRA (which requires Council approval of two bylaws and a Devt Permit):


HRA Proposal

Toby House

¢ No legal protection; may be demolished

¢ Legal protection of exterior and interior features via designation bylaw


¢ No review or protection outside of riparian area

¢ Legal designation of mature trees and significant landscape features (per Statement of Significance)


¢ Site > 3 times min, but conforming subdivision not achievable

¢ Proposed Zoning variances to allow for ˜non-conforming’ subdivision into two fee simple lots

Floor Area

¢ RS3 allows for new house of ±13,204 sq.ft. plus basement

¢ Proposed: ±4,373 sq.ft. plus ±4,894 sq.ft.

= ±9,267 sq.ft. total

While the focus here is to incentivize the conservation of a significant heritage building, and to ensure protection of the watercourse and riparian area – the indirect benefit is the ability to protect established neighbourhood character, and facilitate two relatively modest-sized houses; as opposed to demolition and replacement with a very large house.

For more information, please refer to the Public Hearing agenda on westvancouver.ca


Subject: Revised Date & Time: Coffee with MP McCallum at Democracy Talks

Pam has sent the NEW DATE & LOCATION!

DEMOCRACY TALKS: What matters to seniors in Canada today?

Come share your ideas about how to make life better for Canadian seniors, from healthcare to housing to pensions. Please join me with my guest, the Hon. John McCallum, current Member of Parliament and the Liberal Critic for Seniors, Citizenship, and Immigration. This Democracy Talk will be a conversation around federal policy and the changes that are needed in Ottawa


We'll buy you coffee, but space is limited so please reserve your FREE spot today: CLICK HERE.

=== HEADSUP 2015-3K: Wed/Th; Apr 13 Bits

{Written Tues but being transmitted ~2:30am Wed} Letting you know what’s on today and tomorrow! then what happened Monday night (highlights only), and quotation at end


+ Amica West Vancouver invites you to their Open House

Amica invites the local cmnty to their National Open House on Wednesday, April 15th from 2 to 4pm.

Guests are welcome to experience the Amica lifestyle during this annual event that features live music and inspired dining demonstrations compliments of our Executive Chef. The day’s events will be themed around Amica’s Wellness & Vitality„¢ lifestyle promoting its commitment to independent lifestyles within a supportive environment. Entertainment will be provided by The Scott Robinson Trio.

Amica, 659 Clyde Ave; RSVP: 921 9181 or on our website www.amica.ca

For further information, please contact: Suzanne Sawer, Community Relations Manager, x104

+ Bd of Variance ~ 5pm ~ but the agenda is still not up so can’t give you what’s being considered

{I thought they were supposed to be up at least three biz days before the mtg}

+ Wills and Estates at the WV LIBRARY ~ 7 - 8:30pm ~

Carolyn van der Linden from Heritage Law will speak on Wills and Estates in conjunction with Law Week.


The previous Headsup has info on Upper Lands Open House from 4pm at the Cmnty Ctr (last day for input is Friday Apr 17) and then


Thursday April 16th from 7 to 9pm at the HOLLYBURN SAILING CLUB

> CCL MTG April 13 BITS {moved to after Mar 30 ccl mtg notes}

=== HEADSUP 2015-3L: Tu/Wed/Th

More computer problems starting on Friday so threw my hands up and went to plays.

Masha (amusing), The Duchess aka Wallis Simpson (interesting), Welcome to Thebes (fascinating)


Meetings/Openings/Events Tomorrow (Tues) to Thursday (lots) then QTP 

Don’t forget to go to vcbf.ca to partake in Vancouver’s Cherry Blossom Festival wch lasts to the end of April.

”>  TOMORROW (Tuesday April 21)

--> whoops! CAULFEILD PARK RESTORATION 9am {removed b/c informed it was an error on the DWV website}


April 21 - May 10 Random Strangers: William Edmonds {moved to its section in newsletter}


April 21 to May 3 -- "Reflections: Coastal Canvas" {moved to its section in newsletter}


Apr 21 ” 3 to 6pm Location: Lawson Creek Studio, 1758 Argyle Avenue

”>  WEDNESDAY  (April 22)


Apr 22 ” 6pm -- Masonic Hall, 1763 Bellevue Open House at 6pm -- Presentation at 7pm.

”>  THURSDAY  (April 23)  {St George’s Day}

>  WEST VAN LEGION  >  St George’s Day ALL DAY

  St. George’s Day Thursday April 23rd All Day Specials 

Join us in the Lounge for Drink & Food Specials + Prizes & Games

plus BINGO! Thursday April 23rd 5:30pm Win Cash Prizes

~ 8am ~ Bill’s Birthday Breakfast  > BARD ON THE BEACH <

The Breakfast is Back!

April 23 ¢ 8 - 9:30am ¢ Fairmont Pacific Rim - Emerald Ballroom ¢ 1038 Canada Pl ¢ $50 

Bard invites you to join us for an elegant eggs benedict breakfast in celebration of William Shakespeare’s birthday. Come break bread with fellow Bard supporters and help us honour Shakespeare’s legacy by raising funds to support our Bard Education programs!

The menu will include scones, fresh fruit, potatoes and classic eggs benedict with back bacon and tarragon hollandaise. Vegetarian and vegan options are available upon request. More info:  http://bardonthebeach.org/bills-birthday-breakfast


Apr 23 - 4:30pm    Location: Board Room, WV Police Department, 1330 Marine Drive


  ~ 6 to 10pm ~  April 23  ” President’s Dinner & Business Excellence Awards

Hollyburn Country Club, 950 Cross Creek Road, WV

Award winners will be chosen by judges, consisting of community leaders and past award winners. SOLD OUT!

For a list of those nominated and more info, pls see:


~ 7:30pm ~ Christian Zionism at St Mary’s Kerrisdale, Vancouver

CONFERENCE UPDATE: Two lectures open to the public

Seeking the Peace of Jerusalem: Overcoming Christian Zionism in the Quest for Justice April 23 - 25 Excited about the speakers and topics of the conference, but unable to make the whole three days? You can still attend two sessions which are open to the public!

Thursday April 23rd at 7:30pm:

Key Note Address: Christian Zionism and the Palestinians

The Rev. Dr. Naim Ateek, Founder Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Centre, Jerusalem

Friday April 24th at 7:30pm: A JEWISH-PALESTINIAN DIALOGUE Click for Facebook event

Rabbi Alissa Wise, Jewish Voice for Peace, USA

Jonathan Kuttab, Co-Founder of Al-Haq Human Rights Centre, Ramallah, Palestine

=== HEADSUP 2015-3M: Events, etc

Life flowing faster and faster!

Lots on: WVPD Family Carnival (starts Fri),  Adopt-a-Fish (Sat), Valborg (Sun), and more¦¦.w/ beaches and Sabeel + QTP at end

Vancouver Opera’s Sweeney Todd starts Sat (Apr 25/26/30; May 1/2/3): http://www.vancouveropera.ca

Greer Grimsley returns to VO to mark his long-awaited debut as the sadistically demonic barber Sweeney Todd.

See VSO for all the wonderful music they play for us: http://www.vancouversymphony.ca/calendar/

Beethoven & Haydn + Jeffrey Kahane ” Fri/Sat/Mon Apr 24/25/27

Tomorrow Thursday Apr 23 also has

Sam  Sullivan’s Public Salon (info 684 2787); and John Valliant (info 733 1356) 

Today (whoosh!), this just in:

TODAY: The Bloedel Conservatory Restoration

Tomorrow afternoon is the last Brown Bag Lunch & Learn of the spring! Grab a lunch and join us as we take a look at the recent major restoration of the Bloedel Conservatory. 

In 2014, the iconic Bloedel Conservatory saw a major restoration involving the replacement of 1,400 individual acrylic domes. The $2.7M restoration included some impressive scaffolding and took seven months to complete. Leonard Pianalto (engr w/ Read Jones Christofferson Ltd) will speak about the engineering behind the restoration and roof replacement of the triodetic dome.

Wednesday, April 22nd from noon to 1:30pm BCIT Downtown Campus, 555 Seymour St. Register $15 (inc. tax)



Apr 24 ” 3pm to Apr 26 -- 6pm   Location: Park Royal

Friday April 24 ~  3 – 10pm ~~ Saturday April 25  ~ 11am – 10pm ~~  Sunday April 26  ~ 11am – 6pm

The WV Police Dept is proudly hosting the 10th Annual Family Carnival. The site will be packed with amazing rides and fun carnival games. A portion of the ride ticket proceeds goes to support WV Police youth programs.


ADOPT – A – FISH Apr 25 ” 11am to 1pm Location: Memorial Park

The WV Streamkeeper Society is hosting their annual Adopt-a-Fish in Memorial Park.  Pick up your Salmon Release Certificate at the WV Memorial Library, then head to Memorial Park to collect, and release a salmon smolt into the wild.


SWEDISH VALBORG CELEBRATION Apr 26 ” 5 to 10pm Location: Ambleside Park

The Swedish Cultural Society of Vancouver is hosting their annual Valborg Celebration. Welcome spring while singing traditional Swedish Songs around a bonfire.



Update: 8:30 am on Tuesday, April 21

Even though many beaches in Vancouver have been re-opened by Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH), beaches in WV remain closed while assessment and clean-up continues. People and pets should avoid contact with water and wet sand on the WV waterfront. VCH will notify the District when the risk to public health has diminished to the point where beaches can be opened. More clean-up work is taking place at and near John Lawson Park. 

SABEEL  [Thurs to Sat]

Seeking peace¦¦

See: http://necefsabeel.ca/?page_id=973 ” pls click on it for the events.

Free talks Thursday and Friday evenings (see website for details)

Friday has workshops on a variety of topics ” look at the list to see what’s of interest, as well as plenary sessions with interesting and international speakers

Saturday has a series of workshops on several topics and a plenary moderated by Rev William Roberts (formerly Priest-in-Charge of St. John the Divine in Squamish, and since November, Director of Sabeel in Jerusalem).

For details, go to the webpage above and then click on the tab “Schedule at the top of the page.

{poster is in Headsup 3L, on p18}

=== HEADSUP 2015-3N: Beaches; Hollyburn Lodge

at conference started Thursday, so much on hold

however --- herewith: Beaches, Message, Hollyburn Lodge, Quakers (Talk re Bedouin),  QTP



We would like to let you know that, working together with Vancouver Coastal Health, we have announced to the public that West Vancouver beaches, excepting Ambleside and John Lawson Park, are safe for the public to use based on water and sediment tests.

Further assessment and clean-up is necessary at Ambleside Park and John Lawson Park. Cautionary signage will remain in place there for the time being. In other areas, District staff will begin to replace the cautionary signage with information on today's lifting of the advisories. This will begin tomorrow.  

We continue to caution the public to remain vigilant and avoid contact with any small amounts of remaining oil, and to report oil sightings on the shore to Emergency Management BC at 1 800 663 3456.


MESSAGE  (April 23)

Said by Rev Dr Naim Ateek of Jerusalem Thursday at the Christian Zionism Conference:

Justice trumps prophecy. {IMO a universal concept/value!}



A few days ago I put this breaking news in the final draft however it wasn’t finished, so here’s some good news (trying to copy and paste but doesn’t do it exactly):


On [Friday,] April 24th, the WVHS will be handing over a $10K cheque as their donation for the

restoration of Hollyburn Lodge and that will bring the amt of funding raised to over $1M!



Email just received from Independent Jewish Voices; Talk by Amos Gvirtz, an Israeli Jew

Date: April 24, 2015 at 11:13:53 PM PDT

From: List Moderator  Subject: [ijv-van-ann] CORRECTION Re: Israeli human rights activist Amos Gvirtz: *April 26*

Being a Bedouin in a Jewish State -- 7pm on Sunday April 26

Vancouver Quaker Meetinghouse, West 70th Ave and Osler (1 west of Oak) -- Admission by donation

The Bedouin village of al-Arakib has been demolished more than 80 times by the Israeli authorities. Since the 1970s, the government has been attempting to relocate the residents of this and other "unrecognized" villages in the Negev/Naqab area of the country's South to seven "planned towns" against their will.  The Jewish National Fund (JNF) wants to plant trees where homes once stood.

In the "planned towns", these Bedouin - citizens of the State of Israel all, and many of whom serve voluntarily in the Israeli armed forces - are forced to give up their traditional lifestyle and to serve as cheap, seasonal labour for neighbouring Jewish communities, since their towns have no economic infrastructure of their own.  . . . . 

Amos Gvirtz is a Jewish citizen of Israel and a member of The Negev Coexistence Forum for Civil Equality, made up of Palestinian and Jewish Israelis who advocate for Bedouin rights (dukium.org) and the Recognition Forum.  Gvirtz will speak about the plight of these most vulnerable citizens of Israel and describe the achievements of ” as well as difficulties faced by ” the human rights and peace organizations in Israel that are attempting to prevent their dispossession. He will also examine the nonviolent approach to opposing human rights abuses and the occupation itself - and the risks that the occupation poses to Israel's future.  

Al Arakib woman in front of home (see: http://972mag.com/police-fire-sponge-bullets-at-israeli-citizens-in-al-araqib/8790/100810-al-araqib-2-2/ )

A life-long pacifist and long-time nonviolent activist, Amos is also the author of a series of weekly email bulletins and an upcoming book (in Hebrew and English), both entitled “Don't Say We Did Not Know", shedding light on unpublicized incidents of human rights abuse and government actions adversely affecting Bedouin and other Palestinian communities in Palestine and Israel. 

The growing list of local cosponsors currently includes:  Building Bridges - Vancouver, Canada-Palestine Association, Canadian Boat to Gaza, Canadian Memorial United Church and Centre for Peace, Independent Jewish Voices-Vancouver, InterSpiritual Centre of Vancouver, Social Justice Committee of the Unitarian Church of Vancouver, Vancouver and District Labour Council, Vancouver Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)                           

For further information, please contact: MaxineKL@shaw.ca /604 444 4690

=== HEADSUP 2015-3O: Nbrhd Character & Housing Bulk + more

haven’t time to recheck but it appears some mtgs were put on the Calendar AFTER last Headsup sent.

Anyway, looking at it now, I see some you’d like to know about.  Maybe the Home Show Sunday, but there are TWO events wrt Nbrhd Character and Housing Bulk!  An extremely important issue in WV.

Also, why are they now charging for an interactive workshop???

Here you go:

   1  SUNDAY 26th = Home Show (Recycling Changes)

   2  TUESDAY 28th = Climate Change Showdown (workshop) $10!

  3  WEDNESDAY 29th = Open House: Nbrhd Character and Building Bulk

  4  THURSDAY 30th = DRC agenda item: Nbrhd Character and Building Bulk

   5    [30th] Also TASTE Of THE BAY!


More apologies for this GD laptop and system that is making it too difficult to fix the fonts and formatting.  Looks strange.

Cdn’t even add the pun!

Besides it ate two mail msgs I sent out earlier.  Frustration beyond belief.

Maybe Canuck fans feel worse, though.



HOME SHOW -- Sunday Apr 26 ~ 11:00 am to 5pm

Location: West Vancouver Ice Arena - 786 22nd Street

The Home Show runs April 24 through April 26. Be sure to visit the NSh Recycling Program exhibit to learn about recent and upcoming changes to the recycling program on the North Shore.


JOIN THE CLIMATE CHANGE SHOWDOWN -- Tues Apr 28 ~ 7pm to 8:30 pm

Location:  The Coffee Bar - 1695 Marine Drive Price: $10 at the door

Do you want to learn valuable tips on how your family can reduce energy consumption in your household in a fun and engaging manner? Then attend the Climate Change Showdown, a 90-minute interactive workshop which helps children between the ages of 9-12 and their parents to take personal action on climate change at home. Watch a compelling film, hear interesting stories and play fun games while learning how to lower your carbon footprint in your daily life. Afterwards, compete in a contest with fellow participants. The family that reduces their greenhouse gas emissions the most wins fabulous prizes!



Wednesday Apr 29 --  4 to 7pm -- WV Community Centre, Atrium 

The District is exploring a wide range of possible actions that may positively impact the issues of development on neighbourhood character. Public meetings will be held to collect feedback on the issue and possible actions.


> DESIGN REVIEW COMMITTEE MEETING -- Thursday Apr 30 ~ 4:30pm

Please note: this meeting has been rescheduled from April 16


5. Applications for Consideration


4:40 to 5 p.m. presentation;5 to 5:40 p.m. deliberation and recommendation

Apartment building – Lot 36, Rodgers Creek Area 4

 Development Permit No. 15-012, 1st appearance


5:40 to 6 p.m. presentation;6 to 6:40 p.m. deliberation and recommendation

>>> Nbrhd Character/Housing Bulk <<<

 Technical presentation and discussion, 1st appearance


Thursday Apr 30 -- 5:30 to 8pm Horseshoe Bay Village

The Horseshoe Bay Business Association is hosting their annual signature event. Most of the local businesses participate by providing samples of food, beverages, prizes, and surprises.

TICKETS -- Purchase tickets to this event through West Vancouver Community Services: 604-925-7270

=== HEADSUP 2015-3P:

Still battling the laptop and server.  Some disappeared and got some back.  At stage of pagination but hampered.

Though in the Headsup, don’t forget open house on Nbrhd Character and Building Bulk from [4 - 7pm] Wed 29th at Cmnty Ctr atrium (and at DRC on Thursday).  Thursday’s also Taste of the Bay in Horseshoe Bay!

Info on our grant application to Heritage BC for the Pt Atkinson light tower follows bits on ccl’s mtg (Monday w/ conundrum).

Free SFU lecture on transportation then QTP of course. 

>  April 27 Ccl Mtg Bits {moved to after April 13 ccl mtg bits}


It wd be very helpful for you/your group to register your support for the grant application... 

As part of the mandate to seek consensus with the govts responsible for Point Atkinson’s future, the WV Historical Society has agreed to apply for a HERITAGE BC grant.

A letter of support for inclusion with the WVHS grant application, would be very much appreciated.


TO: Heritage BC

re   WV Historical Society Grant Application: Point Atkinson

Given the special history, service, and significance of the Point Atkinson Lighthouse  we respectfully urge your support for the grant to preserve this high profile heritage asset. 

Signed XXX

To make it fast and simple, the above can just be copy and pasted.  Pls address your letter (email) to: Heritage BC as indicated but send it asap to Elaine at  pointatkinsonpals@gmail.com with a copy to me [ cr@carolanne.org ] {by Friday if possible}.

For more background information go to www.pointatkinson.ca

Of course, it’s up to you if you want to mention particular aspects or reasons.

More chance of success the more people and organizations who send in support ” you may even encourage individuals and/or other groups to write as well.


Here are some important facts:

1.  Point Atkinson is still a functioning lighthouse, serviced by the Department of Fisheries & Oceans.

2.  Point Atkinson is a National Historic Site (with no funding), and is on the West Vancouver Heritage Register. 

3.  DFO has declared Point Atkinson “surplus but is co-operating with the District of WV to have Point Atkinson protected under the Heritage Lighthouse Protection Act.

4.  Point Atkinson has been a life-saving outpost since 1875, twenty years before European settlement in the area.

5.  Point Atkinson has provided steadfast service to marine navigation and safety for the past 140 years.


Elaine Graham (of Point Atkinson, also a fellow WVHS director) is spearheading the application for a Heritage BC grant to cover {part} of the cost for the restoration and painting of Point Atkinson’s light tower.  Quotations are being sought now.  

More chance of success the more people and organizations who send in support ” you may even encourage individuals [add address] and/or other groups to write as well.

We honour this vital piece of WV’s history, set in the much visited park, a magnificent jewel in WV’s heritage crown!

Thank you very much for your attention to this request.

Carolanne Reynolds

heritage@westvan.org 922 4400 Chair of Heritage West Van; Director on the WV Historical Society Board

>  SFU CITY PROGRAM - NEWS & EVENTS ~ 7:30 - 9pm ~ Thursday April 30

Free Public Lecture Equity, Opportunity and Good Health:

How Transportation Affects the Essential Qualities of Life In MetroV

Speaker: Dr. Jat Sandhu -- Room 1200, SFU Segal School of Business, 500 Granville St., Vancouver


+++ CCL MTGS +++

NOTES Feb 2/16/23 Mar 2/30; Bits Apr 13/27


Problems with my laptop have had several negative consequences -- lost, mangled, misplaced, delays -- so begging your understanding if not forgiveness. One problem was that sometimes bits of the transcript had jumped to another place. My confession: I did not listen to the tapes over and over again to make sure in right place. This may result in some bits appearing before it occurred.

{xxx indicates something was said; &&& is for something significant was said; GET is something I thought was important enough for me to find, play, and transcribe -- but haven't the heart (or time) to. Sorry.}

These truncated notes just give you an idea of what was said. To make sure of exactly what was said, pls watch/listen to the video on the DWV website. The times given help in finding the place. There were controversial issues in these mtgs, and various interesting positions and opinions were voiced for your consideration. From: http://westvancouver.ca/government/mayor-council/agendas-minutes?date=2015-02

+ NOTES February 2nd +

6pm CLOSED MTG b/c

(a) personal information about an identifiable individual who holds or is being considered for a position as an officer, employee, or agent of the municipality or another position appointed by the M;

(k) negotiations and related discussions re proposed provision of a M service that are at their prelim stages and that, in the view of the ccl, cd reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the M if held in public; and

(I) discussions with M officers and employees respecting M objectives, measures, and progress reports for the purposes of preparing an annual report under section 98 [annual M report] .

Purpose of meeting: matters re cmte mbrshp, proposed provision of a M service, and M objectives, measures, progress reports for purposes of annual report preparation.


1. Call to Order.

2. Approval of Agenda

Cam: amended by adding 8.1 scheduling a ccl mtg Feb 23; adding to Item 11, Items 11.1 to 11.3 re correspondence

3. Adoption of Minutes ” No items.


4. Presentation by WV Police Dept re 2014 Crime Statistics (File:2900-01)

PowerPoint presentation to be provided.

Mayor: Welcome, [Police] Chief Goerke

Chief [LG]: first, Barbara Brink of the board is here {gestures to gallery}

and secondly, most of you know Deputy Chief Jim Almas has been with the WVPD for 35 years, he’s been a police officer for 37 years.

this will be his last appearance before Ccl, he’ll be retiring this year

{big grin on Jim’s face; some laughter}

Sop: four more years!

---no idea how /where this fits in; sorry----------------------------

Almas: guess better than a yay

Chief: ... better/help ... 2min


SLIDE: 80 police ofcrs, 81 when arrived;

unusual but came with same $13.1M

2.5% ... xxx ... 2% unionized ... xxx ... budget decrease

93% citizen satisfaction

SLIDE Four areas: resid; FN; HBay; regional mall

comparators crime rates per K

Crime rates in BC have been falling

however still 90% higher than Ontario, 80% than PQ; only two higher, SK and MB; ON twice as safe

Violent crime; prop crime SLIDES

diff here, most [criminals] don’t come from here

we are most at risk in car/on bike; [aim] safety on roads

crime clearance rates ” WV higher than prov average ”> organization

crime severity index; violent and non-violent

SLIDE showing locn of injury collisions, highest propensity (from W side of Dundarave east)

SLIDE of 2015 plans: five targets

- reduce resid burglaries (up last year) from 8 to 6 per month (bad last yr, up 40%)

most serial, prolific offenders; most do not live in WV; need to address here (and where they reside)

- reduce collisions, MDr corridor, 10% ; in my 28 years, v hard to get ppl to change behaviour (drivers/peds/cyclists)

- internal health and wellness; run 24/7; police and first responders; have to be fit; in particular mental health; mentally taxing; have to do everything reasonable

wd like to use metrics of various kinds, more completely

for me, use technology properly and to its fullest extent

assessment of current technology; operational policing becoming more technology-dependent

have to make good use

need technology to run our biz

and to be cost-effective, use technology; eg fleet size

SLIDE Complete a technology needs analysis and create an I.T. plan

Develop and implement a new strategic plan

[current] plan expires 2015 so in Sept probably we’ll be rolling out a plan for the next three to five years

Mayor: Thanks, Chief; before questions on behalf of cmnty, want to thank Deputy Chief Almas for his 35 years

He really is Mr West Van Police

been to many nbrhd barbecues and such, and Jim’s been there representing the Dept and doing a good job

He’ll be sorely missed; as he goes on to many projects in his retirement¦..

thanks for your service, Jim

Sop: recently Dept come across some v bad dudes; think b/c of Sea-to-Sky?

Chief: pass that to the deputy; not sure I’ve been here long enough

there is clearly organized crime in this cmnty; tends to be diff in this cmnty b/c not in your face, not played out in the street as in other cmnties;

18:41 loaded gun

Almas: vast majority, B&Es, not from here; last year arrested 25, none from WV, two from NSh.

Sop: WVPD one of few responsible for TransCanada hwy across Canada

Chief: only aware of us

Sop: increased traffic ” Sea-to-Sky, ferries; hwy in aft getting full to Westview going east, and sometimes TWay

need to create a special traffic division, and if so, a traffic squad so hire add’l police?

Chief: we do have a traffic squad

Sop: not dedicated though

Chief: we do

even given what you’ve said, more [problems/incidents?] in the Marine corridor so if more, we’d concentrate on changing behaviour, not that we’d ignore Sea-to-Sky

at this point in time if you were to give me more resources for traffic, I’d concentrate on the Marine corridor

Traffic safety three things: enforcement, education, and engineering

Police involved in all three.

{shd be: to you (or name) through the mayor}

Sop: couple more questions, Mayor Smith, then I’ll be done. Does City [sic] Hall in present day status require more security?

{why oh why does he continue to call the municipal hall, ˜city’ hall, when it’s not??? It’s the District[’s] Hall. WV is NOT a city. It does not qualify to be a city, discovered when considered a couple of years ago. NV has both a district and a city so with their two municipal halls, one is for the district and the other is for the city. It’s the third, the municipal level of govt, wch has categories such as regional besides city and district, and they are defined. (The other two levels are federal and provincial.

Then below, presume the Police Chief chose to use the same term as Sop did.) }

Chief: cdn’t answer that question; sorry, don’t know

unaware of, there’s no information that there shd be concern for security at ˜city' hall.

Sop: we see security at various city halls throughout the Lower Mainland based on mental illness and other things¦.do you think we’re vulnerable in this building?

Chief: as vulnerable as any place where humans congregate, but I don’t think ˜city' hall or ˜city' cclrs particularly vulnerable.

The issue here, at the district, where the police have had to come¦ interaction with staff, not come to anything higher than verbalization up to this point

Sop: has there been a decline in violence against women in WV?

Chief: quick answer is probably not, and the thing is, that what we know is that it’s grossly under-reported

Academics will argue that it’s 95% or 97% or 90% doesn’t matter

also know good number of victims see organs of govt best as neutral, civil institutions as negative -- not surprising

statistics tell us has happened 8 to 10 times before reported

Police called; victim arrested; then released on bail; and the victim is where? has to pick up the pieces

Institutions such as Police then not typically seen as the soln

reported numbers go up, cd be a good thing ” maybe the work police doing making ppl feel more comfortable so maybe numbers go up, victims feel police part of the soln

Have to be really careful tracking; dig into the weeds to determine what exactly is really going on¦¦. is work of police, victim services, schools, organizations having an effect...

Sop: and finally to follow up on the Mayor’s kind words, "Chief Deputy" Almas, 35 years of service in this cmnty, you’ve done an admirable job; and for those of us who can see the new beard, you’re the Sean Connery of the Police Dept


Thank you, Deputy Chief, for all the good work you’ve done over the years, you’re going to be missed sorely

Mayor: Cclr Cam

Cam: I was going to mention the goatee too, but I won’t now

Chief, I get lots of questions about Police Dept, costs, from ppl who are budget-watchers

We have our own police force ...; can you speak to the cost? cost per capita? are we competitive? if more expensive, why? what residents getting for the money?

LG: I have that number with me. Yes, we are v competitive. ¦ Can speak to what you get for your money ” that clearance rate chart.

you need to have capacity. Need to have an organization, resources, time put in investigating¦ preventative side...

90 cents of ev dollar is on ppl. Have the capacity.

We do not get a federal capacity [?] (others do); Ms given min 10% by fed govt; sliding scale

Good value. Reflected in everything we do: “no call too small

{that's the WVPD's motto}

had an extortion here (for money): until we figured out what was going on, who was doing what, what was going on, we had a marked police car parked in front their house; there was a police ofcr there ” not many forces wd do that.

In my experience, typically they wd hv bn told to leave for a period of time or hire private security¦ that’s the kind of ˜value proposition’ M policing offers. ...

2013 data, the WVPD cost $288 per capita, that compares with $390 per capita for Vancouver, $325 for New Westminster, $314 for Delta, RCMP for CNV $233, DNV $184, and Squamish $244.

{We thought there'd be a link to the whole report but cdn't find it. Here, however, is the press release https://wvpd.ca/breaking-stories/1180-chief-constable-goerke-2014-report-2015-goals with a clip of the presentation.

NOTE: the Vancouver Police won’t come for anything under $10K!}

more expensive than the RCMP. ¦.

police per popn: never-ending argument what’s the right size

citizens per ofcr: Vancouver 484; WV 557; New Westminster 622; Delta 603; CNV 787; DNV 959; Sq 732

Look at delivery, clearance, and crime rates¦ show capacity to do a lot more than some of our nbrs...

fare v well financially compared with other Ms

If you look at the other municipalities [police forces]

Central Saanich, Oak Bay, Port Moody, Saanich are less expensive [on a per capita basis], everyone else (of the 11 municipal forces] is more expensive than us

Cam: fascinating information but what jumped out at me is that per resident we have almost double {a bit jumbled but was referring to ~400 ppl more per police ofcr than DNV}

LG: couple of things. Look both at work load and what you want your org to do; context, envmt in wch they do it

when looking at us vs {NV} the District wch is diff from :-) }

we have a large regional mall; signif impact on our prop crime numbers (attracts ppl from all over the place); we also police the FN cmnty, and we have the ferry terminal. All of that impacts workloads as well.

the question of need is the big question for the Police Bd and Chief Constable to talk about.

When Ccl provides money to the Police Bd, we provide services to the cmnty ” no hard and fast answer about need

unless we were to say we were so under-resourced, we were just responding to calls for service, that’s it, and we can do nothing else in the cmnty, but we’re not there.

¦ I think we’re well and appropriately funded; we are able to do what we want to do and provide good service to the cmnty based on the staffing complement we have right now, and I don’t anticipate that we need to have an increase to maintain the level

Cam: heard from so many residents on Marine Dr re speed, particularly on the straightaways like near 31st or just after; they’re practically begging for more enforcement. I know it’s expensive to put officers there but wd love it if you cd suggest engg or some other ways to get ppl to slow down on portions of MDr. As you know we have thousands of cyclists on weekends

a couple of ppl hit outside a friend of mine’s house; thankfully both of them survived; wasn’t pretty

dogs killed, just a matter of time before more ppl killed there

we’ve gotta do something about it and the solution can’t be just putting more police there 24/7; just way too expensive

LG: I wd agree with your last stmt; that is our goal for 2015 ” ask me that question next year to see what we’ve done with it

Since here, talking to ppl ¦ they want to see more cops in uniform out walking (MDr, parks, more visibility)

the other one is the drivers complain about pedestrians and bicyclists, and the peds complain about the bicyclists and drivers, and the bicyclists complain about the other two. It’s all connected and it’s all in that Marine Drive corridor.

when we set these goals and objectives, what are we going to do, how are we going focus our resources ” and for me it’s not just about enforcement.

deterrence does have capacity to change behaviour, but it’s also about education, engg, what we’re telling young drivers, bicyclists¦

one of our big priorities for this year; hope I can give you a positive update next year

Mayor: Cclr Booth

MB: UBCM had a motion to reduce speed limits in urban centres, in residential streets and it failed; what’s your opinion, reducing 50 down to 30 or 40?

LG: depends; can’t say blanket ” depends on cmnty, road, the nbrhd

at 50kph you’re covering ~15m per second, and it takes the av person about 1.5 to 2.5 seconds to identify a threat, process that threat, and actually start to move, particularly those of us on the other side of 40.

it’s probably taking us 2 to 2.5secs {GET STATS} to process it and put our foot on the brake.

of course the slower you go ¦ less distance need to stop

when you put the speed limit too slow, creates its own set of problems; ppl just disregard the speed limit and you get aggressive drivers.

there’s a balance point; it’s context-dependent

wdn’t be in favour of a blanket reduction of speed limits; generally if ppl did 50kph, wd be fine; problem is ppl don’t do 50kph

MB: last year some media reports about morale, can you comment still an issue?

LG: I can’t. B/c probably if I were to tell you things were better ” I just did ” that that’s self-serving, wch it is,


I think over the six months I have been here I’ve put a great deal of time and effort in terms of engaging with our staff here, and engaging with cmnty.

I am meeting ev sgl staff mbr, quietly, off-site; about halfway through.

My sense is that morale is good, but I’m also in the honeymoon; you know the new chief comes in and there’s always a honeymoon phase up front; you end up getting a little bit of positive energy, just b/c it’s a new face

but I think the ppl to ask that question to is the employees themselves, wch we will be doing in the next year

MB: finally, do get Qs around human-trafficking; do we have an issue with it in WV?

LG: we have an issue with this in Canada, so we have an issue with it in WV, yes, we do. It is underground, it is largely untracked.

Law enforcement generally has a poor awareness of it, but undoubtedly an issue, an issue across this country.

The research that’s been done, forget name ” one of the law profs at UBC, done a lot of research and published a book. Pretty clear we hv a prob with human-trafficking in Canada.

Can’t see WV being diff than {from} any place else

MB: also want to congratulate our Dep Chief on his retirement and ” I already didn’t [sic] recognize you!


Cass: first of all, in the MDr corridor, the accidents that you’re having, assuming it’s vehicular against pedestrians or is it vehicular against vehicular?

LG: it’s all three: xxx the ones most problematic are the vehicle-bike and vehicle-pedestrian b/c even if they’re right they’re wrong, b/c they lose against a car every time.

Cass: mmhm. Any movement afoot to go out and visit the schools b/c when I was growing up, it was always wear white or yellow when you go out at night, and now it’s black on black, and you can barely see the pedestrians in the dark and in the rain

LG: ped and cyclist visibility is right up there. When we sat down to start talking about how can we actually make a meaningful difference, pretty well the first thing that came up was ped and cyclist visibility. It is an issue in all the collisions, injuries I’m aware of since I’ve been here along that corridor and at night, in particular, it was and is an issue in the recent fatal collision that we had, so we’re actively working on that b/c for sure part of the prob

visibility, greater visibility is part of the soln

[7:36] Cass: assuming Police aware Fulton is becoming the new Marine Dr, quite the speedway

LG: yes

Cass: what area of WV wd you say is commanding the majority of police calls?

LG: in terms of?

Cass: geographic

LG: that’s a good”

Cass: is it PkR, is it the ferry, the park?

LG: don’t know if we have a majority, but probably if you include the Squamish FN through to the west end of Dundarave, a good chunk of the calls. I don’t know if¦Jim?

Almas: depending on what crimes you’re talking about

theft and property crime, a lot more central b/c of the biz cmnty ” shoplifters and that sort; B&Es, scattered throughout the M

Cass: okay, and reason crime higher in BC, drugs?

Police Chief Goerke: good question a lot of ppl debate; sorry, I don’t have an answer for it

is and has been for some period of time; part of it an int’l port city

Cass: thank you

Mayor: thank you for that informative presentation

NG: ¦. one of the best presentations I’ve ever seen in three years on Ccl; v compelling; plain language, wch I like,

{IMO, agree, a great presentation!}

and I hope residents who have watched feel more secure and safe as I do

and that we’re getting good value for our M dollars

see some police bd mbrs at the back of the room; made an excellent decision this past year in choosing our new chief

on a personal level, I know our new police chief has actually moved to our M, won’t tell them your address

{some chuckles}

{oopsie ” NG shd not have revealed that¦..}

he happens to be a close nbr now of mine; seen him on the seawall; in local stores, while riding my bike, and it feels really good to know you’re out there, talking to our citizens, understanding our cmnty; of course both of you ” Jim, you’ve had lots of experience in this cmnty

good to know you’re both there and in touch

[thank you]

so officially will say I recommend

{she means ˜move’}

¦presentation be received for information.

5. WV Cmnty Centres Society 2014 Annual Report and 2015 Work Plan (File:0055-20-WVCCS) [7:47]

PowerPoint presentation to be provided.

Mooi: xxx

XX?: first, apologies; Jess Ketchum not well enough

xxx names

Cclr Cassidy, thank you for your role; former ED left us, May 2014 Rolf joined us in Nov

ice arena

re-signed runs for ten years

funds provided by Ccl

Ice arena in scope SLIDES cmnty engagement outreach

op excellent; resources devt

Cmnty Engagement xxx will take us through

[Ctres] 1.25M visits -- more visits than Science World gets!

¦ Pumpkinfest, proud of

over 5K came, raised $50K; plsd and grateful

Christmas Tree Lighting; menorah lighting; guest recognition

371 coats to Harvest Lookout and Salvation Army

xxx slide of team; 20-mbr volunteer bd of dirs

20K+ volunteer hrs; $315K raised from inception of the society

[7:54] $1120K {? check} grant money

Jennifer: xxx Movement Therapy¦..

Move More on the Shore

After-school Kids’ club wrong

pancake breakfast with Santa

mbrship driven; mbr of society if take a course

Blue Sky ... civic site in years to come ” in 20 years

lots of input; playground? sponsored a design charrette; will be public consultation

Sop: you’ve come a long way since¦. a few of us on the cmte

amazing what you’ve accomplished, esp you, Jennifer, in the Pumpkinfest

interested in this playground -- where did you consider that it cd be placed on that site?

Man: Jennifer is [looking at?] at that, task force; looking at options, process

Jen: hired a consultant, same one who worked on John Lawson

two mtgs; possibilities; amazing artistic playgrounds; prelim consultations at the Cmnty Ctr; last wk at the bd mtg, consultant came; we˜re at the listening stage; only a couple of sites

Sop: reason I asked [time?] back, was [asked? there] to be a play area has not come to fruition

maybe the wrong thing to do with that space even though it houses day care; &&&

Jen: north side?

Sop: yes

Jen: toddler; looking from 5 to teenage yrs

Sop: look fwd

Mayor: use some of the equipment yourself?


Cass: did attend the retreat the other weekend

think you had a 99.9% turnout ” v impressive

impressed with wealth of experience on the bd and level of commitment

{Cass made motion}

THAT the report dated Jan 19, from the Exec Dir, WV Cmnty Ctrs Society and Sr Mgr of Cmnty Services, be rec’d for info.

Mayor: xxx needs to be said

Barbara Brink, started it, she’s here; want to thank you on behalf of the cmnty

satisfying to see how well functioning now

6. 2015 Budget Presentation (File: 0860-01) [8:02]

CFO: budget book prepared 2.97% [tax rate increase]

two sessions hosted by the Ch of Comm; BCHA prop

av $56.3; 49.9% of total collected by District

higher level questions; sustainability review; diversify our task base

Parks Maintenance; pay parking

is screening? xxx $15K seven trees, shrub materials

Engg did not receive report¦.

2 able to reconcile op acts and¦. on p 3

on p 69

don’t automatically roll those forward

3 on p19

new corp strategic plan

take Ccl priorities and incorporate them into the Dist’s

p4 on pp58?51

1478 Argyle demolish re restaurant

some disc but no budget, demolition of houses east of Millennium

looking to collaborate with Planning

on xxx / Bistro

looking at alternate [8:08]

funds Legal related to expropriation

no 5 on p9 two FTEs one in? one in Communications

&&&; managed by ITS

{computer replacement?} $921K shdn’t it be staged

great point xxx actual ask in budget reduced $2xxxx ... point valid

all replaced 2011 so all end of life at same time; item will have to be addressed in 2016

No 7 demolishing the Music Box shd we be spending

FBG still applic? at $70K

those items have been removed

sgl washroom at West Bay $70K for rebuild and restaurant for

cap faci $728K;

haven’t determined our longterm strategy

cap facilities are low deferred to 2018 and beyond

10 Fire $4M -- design budget won’t change b/c new customer requ

11 new PSB gym: remind Ccl that that requ has bn removed; trucks wd make diff

[8:13] remaining $$ traffic cal

it’s for phase two

most practical emergent keep shared lanes and safer pedestrian¦. sentiments mixed

will hold another open house; have used external funds for that project

ML: a number of capital items that have been removed from the xxx budget ” we don’t know what those are

super substantiation

I know I have and others gone through item by item

if X dollars maybe we can get by with Y

when you say not in the budget, we don’t know what they are ” makes it v difficult to go through, difficult to reconcile

to make insightful

uh, we’ve already taken that out of the book

MK: Ccl has been give a lot of info ” huge ” large binders to a doc like this

items not in budget were removed before we got to 2.97%

ML: so when we look; some were original requests that never made it into the revised column


ML: interesting, thought we wd hv got that

don’t know what change you made to the xx amt [8:17]

look back at biz case; we’re looking at with diff set of eyes

and we don’t know wch ones they are!

CFO: saying not able to xxx?

ML: hw do I get 3% down?

the only thing is see, a biz case for sound system at the pool cd be deferred

a whole lot

in with X



have we, staff, gone through the revised requested line items; revised somewhere or no adjustment

CFO: revised this particular book? no

what we have done is xxx to get us down to

ML: are any ot these duplicated in budget book given

and if they’re not, are we not missing an opp to review those?

review; balance those against

and make the suggestion, perhaps A is more imp than B

is it a nice to have, as opposed to a must have?

I think these two processes not mutually exclusive

staff has gone away and done a good job; X has ¦.. don’t prioritize the same as staff might have

just trying to move this forward

CFO: you have a doc 2.97%

also staff’s suggested cuts to get us down, all the way to zero

xxx can have that discussion, but haven’t done that

CAO: if we had a budget book and a capital book, wd allow Ccl to go through these items rather than the larger book

ML: told this hasn’t changed

NL: xxx

ML: 2.9

to get below, this is one way, this is another way, why not bring them together?

synergistically [8:21]

CAO: staff have spent four months

come down to zero we went through line by line

there are some that bring us down

few and far between b/c staff do not feel comf decrease our capital budget this year

a v responsible buy &&&

the addl suggestions, combing though

ML: an example: one for Cmnty Ctr, change room $40K to do a study, results in a $650K for following year to do the renov {@?}

Ccl might feel changing rooms cd be pushed out a couple of years, not critical

CAO: staff in Ctrs?Parks, feel they do not serve the 1.25M visits but not xxx over two years or donors but there is a huge need for a change in the change rooms

ML: perhaps staff feels but maybe Ccl don’t; series of single cubicles

replace LED lights, longer life than life of bldg

we have a financial concern around proposed tax increase; merit to go through

I’m not questioning all of them but seeing some and saying Jeez, cd cancel that and it wdn't break my heart

CAO: &&&

absolutely prepared to have this discussion on a line by line basis if¦.

Mayor: now into Feb and have to get budget passed.

??? {fyi, deadline for adoption of the budget is May 15}

CFO: questions first

Cam: understand what you’re saying but ultimately staff re CC [8:26]

we have an obligation and with FNs is the Spirit Trail

dangerous, life; xxx terrible situation

opp, to do reno to that bridge, outside funding

something been sitting since I was elected three years ago more imp than some by staff

life-threatening [8:28]

$150K for cycling in budget, neither itemized

so that comes to $350K close to remedying a v dangerous situation

Sq FN walk across it and it’s not safe

I have no interest in going through this line by line

have to at least complete portion of the Spirit Trail, Lonsdale key to xxx

if it has to come out of cycling

lighting at 17th in day works fairly well, can put it off for couple of years; if a kid gets killed there it will be on our heads

we have to make choices

not line by line, but diff to go through but you haven't indicated what’s xx and xxx

coloured sheet ” made it in and max...xxx

maybe I’m not smart enough -- for dumb ppl like me

Spirit Trail $375K how? I’d xxx and keep some

looking for guidance on this

CAO: wrt Spirit, FN, Larco, CN as well as M

potentially MOT; Low Level Road; it’s a priority for the District, a priority for us as well

working on getting ppl to the table to do in conjunction with other

can’t connect to lands that connects ¦..

my recomm to staff, Booth too

Staff come forward with an adjustment

relative to roads budget; significantly more important and impact with cmnty at large

xxx carte blanche xxx

if staff wd like to make a motion recomm by a particular date

WarDance is &&& [8:31]

{Editorial decision fyi: it's the WarDance bridge, and IMO it's clearer if the D is a capital since two words}

Cam: then budget by amendment

xxx not the way to go

CAO: that is a singular item

agree not

we do one; circs change; not approp to compromise without having all the pieces together

Cam: waited three years for this and Fung says xxx

stumbling block; I don’t know how to go through this

to make an informed decision, if not Ccl's, don't know why we’re here

CAO: that’s not

Road ... staff gone through carefully

WarDance bridge ... pick apart roads xxx

if justification for choosing one over the other, no problem bringing that forth; always a compromise

Cam: ultimately ours

Mayor: move along

NG: WarDance Bridge, xxx ... concerned about the future

want to know how we’re planning to diversify our tax base, need money from somewhere else

during campaign, well-received is to tax homes that are not [occupied?]

CFO: an issue that's bn raised; other Ms

they work under diff regulations than we do

in our work plan and under sust review; as we move fwd will be part of presentation

NG: shd move on that asap

Parks and taking away garbage costs rising

ppl from all over the region -- I'd support pay-parking in some of our parks ” Whytecliff and Lighthouse

from elsewhere; get some money back

CFO: the CAO definitely has some thoughts

we hear about it at our public session; will consider¦¦thought out year

Ms L’s intentions, plan; look at balance of Dist

communicating on the budget, think we’ve improved a lot

this 3-inch binder av to us and the public, more than other Ms

some other Ms send out v plain, not shiny(?); tax notices, excellent content dbl-sided picked this up from Sq

why SSsc(?) made decision they did; need to keep working on that

Mayor: summarize

CAO: our ¦. and ¦. one piece residents tend to open

tax and utility; thinking of putting out a four-page, throughout the years dollars being spent were ... we are

on top of tax and utility notices

historically for last 100 years done

MB: some comfort the items removed were ones I wanted removed

item 6 for replacement of all our desktops and monitors

CFO: correct

MB: strategy till $700K; then 2016 staggered

CFO: 2016 replacing ALL the desktops, monitors, 6 and 7 years old [8:43] in 2015

balance of refresh, to ... so how stagger

longterm fund reserve on an annual basis

MB: question of reconciliation issue; operating

I kind of go with Cclr Cam’s suggestion, if been a page at the front easier

Spirit Trail not only safety but an economic driver

got to maintain our capital investments

Cass(?): agree with NG: wonderful to use that parking money for parks excessively used by others

when/if rumour added tax, resulted in 'for rent' signs

used desktops; what are we doing with

MK: recycling

Cass: ... xxx schools?

CFO: ageing

Cass: CACs” you said $190K for traffic-calming around Evelyn Drive

xxx ... then we have to pay to calm the traffic around this devt!

RF: technically money provided by Onni was not CAC; it was a separate contribution

true, $190K completely third party but not technically a CAC

{fine point....;boy, then when getting CACs we'd better establish definitions ...}

Mr Sokol might have a better handle on that

Cass: where’d it go?

Sokol : $7M in reserve; &&&

Cass: then we’re paying

[8:48] &&&

Sokol: on the side, specifically for traffic

Sop: rest of presentation ... down to .33

Mayor: you only have an hour and 13 minutes

CFO: SLIDES -- down to 2%, 1%, and 0%; black line under 5 ... down to 1.96%

items when we met as an exec grp we cd recommend items 6 through 13; cd bring us down to zero

Sop: Q

CFO: look at ... adjustment 2.43% and works its way down

Sop: items in x col don’t go away; back in 2016

CFO: these items do not go away, become part of next year’s process

Sop: so a deferral sheet

CFO: gas prices not a deferral, funding for a study not xxx

Sop: re Engg -- deferral of $400K to an already¦. somewhere there’s going to be a breaking point

RF: Asset mgmt, feel staff have proposed a level that supports keeping assets at a certain level

lower, a degree of deferral

looking at pavement as a component of road rehabilitation budget

some operational changes

allowing local roads to deteriorate further; on a practical level, Ccl approved, may need to .. integral paving longer than previously recommended; taking a holistic approach, looking at high traffic area

lower traffic area maybe allow more deterioration

so spending within

Sop: where do we go from here?

CFO: do have budget on the agenda into March; hoped in March five-yr

hope Ccl wd say where want us to come in; hope prepare for next; after ccl

Sop: to Fin Cmte?

CFO: xxx ...

Sop: so want by March want to &&& [8:56]

Mayor: public

ML: a cpl of Qs

Cmnty ... 1/2 a M$ to change ofc space to xxx Cmnty ... ? do we

see another &&&

do we really need $8K for new gates in Srs’ Ctr?

wiring for a generator connector and we don’t have a generator?

a number of things; there's nice to have and must haves

when I look at the list I'm not sure my priority

Library self-service checkout priority?

Ccl [needs] fulsome [sic] discussion

go through all these capital adds, changing some of these

even enough for Cam’s bridge

without doing that, don’t think we’ve done due diligence

CAO: a number of details you’ve never had before, a doc never had before

not expecting you to carte blanche what you have in front of you

you have a prof staff xxx

asked for questions ahead of time xxx

looking forward to more details added

at ev ccl mtg for next three mtgs budget

as you can tell, a number of staff mbrs here to provide support

we don't disagree with you, Cclr Lewis. xxx

Mayor: seems logical, staff needs to know whch way Ccl is leaning

let’s say 1.97 [%]; does not mean Ccl does not have the option going forward to change the allocation of some of those resources

CAO: absolutely

Mayor: public

David Collyer: 2Qs

Facility Mgmt Expenses [FMEs] and proposed 1.97% tax increase

FME over $3-2M and moved up to $4M, what caused that?

CFO: a couple of years ago we did not even have an inventory of items

since I and Ms Leemhuis have done some xxxx

[9:03] long term facility review; looking at 20-yr funding scenario

we now have the info to know what these facilities will cost us, going to xxx costs with maintaining those facilities

DC: if no line items removed, 2.94-7%, what percentage to paying staff?

CFO: diff bargaining units; exempt staff; 2.88% -- again this must be take into context

CAO: 2.36%

CFO: I apologize, 2.97% not just

[9:05] DC: what’s a separate line item?

CFO: 1.75 to 2.5% salary bands (steps) a portion; adjustments made to salaries throughout year, assessments

DC: the budgeting dilemma won’t go away till you xxx and bring in line with private sector

Mayor: write to the MLA

get re Fire and Police -- that’s the highest; out of our control b/c binding arbitration

xxx only if public pushback ... Victoria ... letter to MLAs wd help

DC: I'll do that

Mayor: anyone else?

back to deliberation

NG: budget line item under first big black line

RF: envelopes go down to 1 and 0

detailed list; pavement; detailed projects trying on the whole to integrate our capital projects

disturb above/below ground utilities

see what wd fall off; I cd provide a list of what fall off; cd furnish those details at a later date

NG: now staff are looking for something

my first year I went to each dept head and asked [etc]

and I truly believe we hire professionals here and they understand pressure we’re under

trust the feedback our staff receive from public ¦.. public want so I'm not going to second-guess details

if the Mayor were to hold a gun to my head and Police Chief not here to save me I’d be willing to go down to the first dark line

I’d like to hear where others are

Mayor: impressed with your sage wisdom


Mayor: 2.97% -- this is a high-demand public

have always believed WV pays higher taxes than ...; I fully justify b/c we want that level of service

{lists, GET}

those addns have been funded over years; sweet spot to &&&

so within reasonable 1.97% around COL

doesn’t exclude a demand for ex bridge ... xxx

I’d second Cclr Gamb if she’d make motion

next mtg

[9:14] Sop: well, not any of that &&& ... answers? not all

put a motion 1.97% without any discussion?

Mayor: we were not suggesting final

&&& adjust in better

Sop: I know better

ML: agree, put 1.96% on that table, and that’s what we go home with

Mr Koke, we can do better than that ... xxx nothing easier than spending others’ money

I might be able to line up with COL

don't think it’s going to come xxx

we need change; only way is if we roll up our sleeves and do

Cam: no basic disagreement, gen principle keep to COL

but I do agree with Cclr Lewis once we say this it will become enshrined

we got this paper at the beginning of this item, not even at the beginning of the mtg; I haven't even read it

xxx no way I can pass it without reading it; not opposed to a target

NG: reasonable

Cam: hear about trust [makes me want to?] scream

my wife and I trust each other but we don’t always agree

{[9:18] For the record, I just loved this statement -- memorable :-) }

&&& not a matter of trust, it’s value choices; can’t agree with going ahead on that today

as I said, bridge this fiscal

don’t think way to go about it is &&&

&&& find this process deeply xxx

CAO: take offence at this

Cam: motion on floor

CAO: xxx

Mayor: xxx

CAO: not this doc

brt fwd that we actually brought fwd opinions; we have three more mrtgs to debate

not an expectation we get to zero-based on what's before you

Cam: not feasible to expect that if don’t know what it means

[9:21] this doc is whether 2% a reasonable amt

what in?

1.97% will become clear when more direction

MB: when I look at breakdown


increases to COL

some movement in capital budget but operating to 2% fair enough

Cclr Cam has raised this in rev yrs

we have made v good headway

as to &&& ... hiring facilities mgr, assess in &&& [9:23]

I.T. HUGE; biz of our Dist; reviewing our Planning Dept

our financial reporting never been better

I actually enjoyed reading this; told a story

given all that, we are v thoughtful about going fwd; don’t want to just throw a number; do want to go through

if I understood Mr Koke’s answer to my Q 728, he said it in a roundabout way “it’s the reqmt of the budget" and I’m asking what’s the reqmt of the infrastructure

got $2 - 5-6M xxx

don’t think we have to spend time on capital but on operating (VV?)

{GET this [9:25]}

Mayor: summarize; hire professionals they go through, CAO go through: done by Ms L and Mr K

down to 2.97% the staff can justify

tonight give a simple sheet with five things on it

3-5%(?) saved if we challenge staff; push staff to be more efficient

CAO feels she can justify

90K oil budget is adjustment; oil down, claw back

= xxx

= xxx

don’t think any of those wd trouble [xxx?] to 1.97%

staff worked some months to meet ccl priorities and that still provides this Ccl flexibility to review through the fullness of the year

won’t run out; allow careful tweaking; priorities and get them done

passing the motion, down to a number reasonable and still flexibility for Ccl to review

a little loss such a xxx

maybe Cclr Cassidy can enlighten us

Cass: agree with Cclr Lewis

luxury to look forward, xxx cuts always xxx at the Lib; cradle to grave Lib

not approving Item 11

MOTION DEFEATED {Lewis Booth Sop Cam Cass opposed}

RECOMMENDED: THAT the presentation from the CFO be received for information.


INFObit I wondered so googled, and herewith for (some of) you:

Wardance Street bridge, West Vancouver, BC | Flickr - Photo ...


Jan 5, 2010 - The Wardance Street bridge across the Capilano River is located just above the river mouth, near the Park Royal shopping centre. It is on the ...

just click for pic (if this is email, or go to https://www.flickr.com/photos/wcweber/5426288780/ ).

btw, personally think it shd be written WarDance to avoid seeing 'ward'


7. Obtaining Carbon Offsets for Whyte Lake Park (File: 2160-05-WLAK1) [9:30]

MOOI gave background: Deadline is March 8

Andrew Banks [ABz] and Mr McKee (sp?)


purchased yearly; purchase $75K per year

offsets devt; possible to achieve internally

no other Ms in BC have achieved xxx in this way

ABz: ownership of the land; dedic of the park; forestry mgmt plan; compare base and line use; submit applicn by March 8

enable us to use carbon offsets; unique opp builds on District’s natural assets

Sop: thx for the presentation; I support the initiative; carbon monitored

who is the external supplier?

Const???: carbon market ” planting trees up in Pr Geo $75K option I mentioned

through Whyte Lake process carbon action secy we’d be able to generate our own offsets, costs wd be lower

Sop: if we cd show dedication of park, they owe us money


McK: we cd not sell offset ourselves

Sop: a brilliant xxx

ML: on p5 the 15K tons

McK: initial estimate per year?


McK: wd get 15K tons


ML: why get allocated just once when trees there forever?

McK: the consultant we’ve been working with ...

safely say the offsets re front-loaded diminishing over time, 20 years

less chance of pests or forest fire

how many years ... compare to our annual emissions

ML: and we can’t sell the surplus

ANS: correct

ML: bit of a scam all round ... fraud ... cynicism

NG:: thought I understood but now more confused than ever

I was the chair and I recommend carbon neutral by 2012 and we haven’t done it

why are we not one of the 36 who have?

no one will be able to achieve neutral in the world

those 36 have achieved, working on reducing consumption by buying offsets

we have the opp here of generating our own offsets internally

while we’re reducing our consumptions

{[9:42] GET}

NG: we passed a resolution and we have a policy in place that we cannot ever achieve

ANS: 2013 was possibly optimistic

operations require buying of fossil fuels

purchasing offsets at the same time reducing emissions

NG: too cheap to xxx

in 36 out of 1X


ANS: we've been working to reduce emissions; but not

NG: I’m ashamed we haven’t been purchasing offsets

know we’ve made some progress, but not enough IMO and in opp on ppl who elected me

opp for us b/c we have trees -- now we’re going to cheat?

we have these trees

then we won’t have them any more to feel better

&&& and to feel good buy burning

xxx some sort of award

but we’re not facing the problem and we need to work harder in the M

WG for citizens to bring down theirs?

don’t want uses as a vehicle -- no pun intended -- for the next two years

more xxx; so I cannot be so ashamed

Ans: on the corporate side

outlines our target and goals

and I’ve been here for 2 1/2 years, we have reduced

think the reprieve we’ll get offset Whyte Lake xxx and spur us to further action

work I do, reducing utility use; imp to the District

Dep CAO: relieve Cclr NG’s xxx

benefit of the idea, were aware, that opp and to be the first M in BC to have an internal xxx bank

in the longer run, when this xxx completed

not many Ms have done within xxx; that’s why this prog is unique

this is a voluntary exercise; WV has been able to take a xxx

to be in a non-cash carbon-paying

just want to make sure Cclr Gambioli doesn’t feel badly


staff submit an applicn to the Prov of BC, using the Green Cmnties Cmte’s Avoided Forest Conversion Project process.

Sop: I don’t feel ashamed of anything, it’s a volunteer [9:49]

Cam: no prob with the motion b/c it sets an example

xxx creating proper incentives; encourages others to do the same

agree with NG do whatever we can. not used to reduce¦. have to be vigilant

as you said we’re not going to have our xxx[staff?] going from house to house on a bicycle

or cclrs in the dark, although some wd say



shows we’d hear, sending money {GET}

are busy burning carbon as fast as they can; be as efficient as we can

this initiative is to be supported b/c it does¦¦ carbon-saving decisions


8. Next Steps in Building Bulk Review Presentation (File: 2515-01)

PowerPoint presentation to be provided.

Sokol: progress to date on bylaws to ... Oct 2014 size, massing, xxx, and xxx [9:52]

hired Karl Gustavson to inform us effect of xxx


taken a series of sites; xxx on those sites

complete ccl report on Feb 23; describe public engagement; open houses, graphic displays, how house might appear

short-sleeve sessions, trying to solicit add’l ideas

on 23rd a bit more detail; Mar Apr and May; draft bylaw amendments in June; look fwd to

Mayor: need a motion re

THAT the presentation be received for information.

BYLAWS [9:57]

{NB: Motion passed to extend mtg to end of the agenda}

9. Proposed Zoning ¦ 2010, Amdmt Bylaw ...; Proposed Phased Devt Agreemt Authorization Bylaw...; and DVP Applicn No. 14-011 (re proposed subdiv of 6447/6475 Pitt St into three smaller lots)

(File: 1610-20-4809 / 1610-20-4821 / 1010-20-14-011)

The proposed bylaws rec’d first reading at the Dec 15 reg Ccl mtg, and Ccl scheduled a PH re the proposed bylaws to be held on Jan26. If the Jan 26 PH has closed, the proposed bylaws may be considered for second and third reading at the Jan 26 reg Ccl mtg. If the proposed bylaws receive second and third reading at the Jan 26 reg Ccl mtg they may be considered for adoption on Feb 2. If the PH has closed, Council is not permitted to receive any further submissions re the proposed bylaws.

RECOMMENDED: THAT the proposed “Zoning ... be adopted.

RECOMMENDED: THAT the proposed “Phased Devt ... be adopted.

If the proposed bylaws are adopted Council may consider proposed DVP No. 14-011 for approval.

RECOMMENDED: DVP Applicn, wch wd allow for the existing dwelling at 6475 Pitt to be retained, be approved

NG: phased



10.1. Finance Committee Update to Council

RECOMMENDED: THAT the report from the CFO be received for information.

10.2. Devt Variance Permit Application No. 10-025 (5204 and 5210 Marine Drive) (File: 1010-20-10-025)

RECOMMENDED: THAT the MClk give notice that DVP Applicn for 5204 and 5210 Marine Dr to allow for an accessory building with elevator to be constructed, will be considered by Ccl at its mtg on Mar 2.

10.3. Development Variance Permit Application No. 14-039 (1690 Marlowe Place) (File: 1010-20-14-039)

RECOMMENDED: THAT the MClk give notice the DVP for 1690 Marlowe Pl to allow for a new garage bldg to be constructed w/ driveway access off Langton Place, will be considered by Ccl at its mtg on Mar 2.

10.4. Correspondence List (File: 0120-24) (click here to view correspondence packages)

> Council Correspondence Update to January 16, 2015 (up to 12:00 Noon)

Referred for Action

(1) S. Slater, January 14, re “Questions related to previous correspondence

(Referred to Director of Planning, Land Development and Permits for consideration andresponse)

{obviously not answered}

Received for Information

(2) Cmte and Board Mtg Minutes – Board of Variance – November 26, 2014

(3) Union of BC Ms, Dec 10, re � Age-friendly Cmnty Planning & Projects Grant Approval and Terms & Conditions

(4) Dec 29, re “Lions Bay lack of concrete medians [thru] entire L Bay area of Hwy 99 causes deaths and injuries

(5) MetroV, Jan 7 re “Progress Report on the 2011 Integrated Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Management Plan

(6) Jan 12 re “Devt Variance Permit No: 14-043 (Previously received at January 12, 2015 Council meeting)

(7) HUB Cycling, January 14, 2015, re “HUB Bicycle Bulletin – January 2015

(8) S. Slater, January 14, 2015, regarding “Council meeting January 12.

{another complaint that mics not working and speaker cannot be heard; see reply (5) below}

(9) January 15, 2015, re “Fwd: Promotional Articles of the District of WV - (BC)

> Council Correspondence Update to January 20, 2015 (up to 4:30 p.m.)

Referred for Action

(1) Jan 17 re “Excessive speed measurement, Marine Drive

(Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response)

(2) City of NV, January 14, 2015, re “OCP Bylaw,2014, No. 8400: Next Steps

(Referred to Director of Planning, Land Development and Permits for consideration and response)

Received for Information

(3) Hon. R. Coleman, Min of Natural Gas Devt and Min Responsible for Housing and Dep Premier, Jan 9, re Provision of

New Affordable Housing

(4) 6 submissions, January 19 – 20, re Climate Change Warning Labels on Gas Pumps

Responses to Correspondence

(5) CFO, Jan , response to S. Slater, “Council meeting January 12.

{reply does not quite make sense; will check if update or improvement}

(6) Dir/Planning, Jan 20, response to Esker Lane Strata Council, “Development Proposal 370-380 Mathers.


Mayor: Ms L, have you looked at these?

CAO: three: Ccl of Ccls; PSB; all been noted by staff -- next Wed

MG: pulled this b/c the issue of pay-parking

in Vanc, the VSB has just resolved that all staff teachers will be paying for parking at all schools in Vanc b/c they can't pay for xxx all

12. Reports from Mayor and Councillors [10:02]

Sop: met with Brent and Sandra; had to be by 6 Feb

going to find out a v interesting process; going to make a little bit of noise

13. Public Questions/Comments

Mayor: Carolanne Reynolds; microphone's on you'll see.

CR with heavy cold, striving to speak: yes, it's on. The question is, can I speak. I was afraid, having tried bravely to get here to make sure I cd say this, that wd [xxx unintelligible}

First, tyvm for making the small correction to the Jan 12 minutes.

But I’m here to tell you about Heritage Week, Feb 16 to 22. It always starts on the third Monday of February and we’ve been celebrating it in WV since 1989 when, as the first cclr for heritage, I made the arrangements to celebrate it, and have done so every year since.

This year’s theme is unusual. It’s called Main Street, so it focuses on businesses.

I’d like to compile a list of the ten oldest companies in WV. Chapman Surveying is about 102 years old so they’ve got to be near the oldest if not the oldest. Sewell’s and West Van Florist are over 80.

Pls send dates to heritage@westvan.org or call 922 4400.

We are hoping the biz areas will have displays and promotions for us all to enjoy.

The Beach House and the Red Lion will have heritage specials.

{Chez Michel as well}

The FBG and Silk Purse have heritage displays.

There’ll be a special mtg on the Upper Lands, a heritage tea at the Srs’ Ctr, and perhaps a trip to Cypress plus a visit to Hollyburn Lodge ” work is planned to start on its restoration April 1st {and open June 1st}.

I’m working on the flyer wch shd be ready within two weeks outlining all the activities.

It’s time our commercial heritage was celebrated!

and what I've brought is a couple of posters for you

{holding them up}

one for the Hall if you want one at the Hall, this is called Main Street

and if you want one at the Museum, I've got another one here; and if you want one at the Cmnty Ctr, I can give you some for those

so I hope we all look forward to a great week; I hope you will enjoy it, and I'll produce a flyer with everything there's going to be....


Mayor: Thank you for the good work you do on heritage, and 2015 is the year we establish our Heritage Cmte on Ccl, as soon as we can get around to it.

CR, chuckling and coughing: I can hardly wait. Thank you v much.

14. Adjournment

++ NOTES February 16th ++


(a) personal information about an identifiable individual who holds or is being considered for a position as an

officer, employee, or agent of the municipality or another position appointed by the M; and

(k) negotiations and related discussions re the proposed provision of a M service that are at their prelim stages

and that, in the view of the ccl, cd reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the M if held in public.

Purpose of meeting: matters re cmte mbrship and the proposed provision of a municipal service.


{NB: Arrived late, some ppl spoke to me while I was typing, so this is v sketchy; watch video for parts particularly interested in.

Always the caveat.}

1. Call to Order.

Mayor: DRC apptmts

happy to announce start of Heritage Week; she’s not here; hope lucky enough -- if and when Carolanne turns up


more info

2. Approval of Agenda

... with Jan 26 mtg feb 2 mtgs, summary of xxx

3. Adoption of Minutes -- Meeting minutes and public hearing summary report to be provided.

- the minutes of the January 26 special and regular Council meetings and public hearing be adopted as circulated; and

- the Summary of Jan 26 PH re Proposed Zoning ... Amdmt Bylaw No. 4809, 2014, and Proposed Phased Devt Agrmt Authorization Bylaw (re proposed subdiv of 6447/6475 Pitt St into three smaller lots) be approved.

{Cass: Pitt approved}


4. WV Chamber of Commerce, re Progress and Future Strategy Report 2014-2015 (File: 0055-20-WVCC1)

Jason Black: 1952; 376 mbrs all-time high

Sop: xxx analyze; success when done some years ago

when I was Prez 20 mbrs and no ofc!

Mayor: publishing xxx

Sop: a little more than that

JB: looking to do that, find mbrs with that expertise

MB: v pleased to be the liaison for the year; impressed with the first mtg

Q around the home-based biz market, see it’s one of your strategies going forward; know how many?

JB: no

about five years ago did, but world diff today, more prof; area we shd be looking at

MB: an opp

feel quite isolated working from home; get out, wd benefit if offered

{received for information, with thanks}


5. Proposed OCP Amdmt, Rezoning and Devt Permit Applicn No. 12-053 for 370 and 380 Mathers Ave (Residences on Mathers) (File: 1010-20-12-053) Appendix G – Devt Applicn Proposal Booklet

PowerPoint presentation to be provided.[7:22]

Who?: 17 units, .38

hadn’t seen DRC

b/c had info ... for some time, took it to them in Nov; now to you and cmnty

17-unit strata, 9 sgl-fam {NU? and 8??strata; duplexes?}

SLIDES entrance along Mathers

22 to 2000sf [?] in size; houses on east; 2 sgl-fam dwellings

prev 19 units had four houses; this reduced to two, intro the north to improve side yard

8 duplex units 1950sf (from?)

nbrhd character; six-unit subdiv

greatest threat we see is demolition of small older stock, replace with larger houses, removal of trees

most imp is alteration of the public blvd in front

we’re supportive of it b/c brings control ˜measures?

on slide xxx and with Elliot house

xxx help maintaining street character of the site

construction is small dwellings .38 FAR

slightly above .35 wch is what is allowed

{why oh why, are they even coming with an FAR above what is permitted???} {7:28}

greater variety of housing types; feel this fills that gap

70 ppl, this mtg 27 felt it important for cmnty

reduced from 19 to 17; met with mixed reviews; remained opposed

any devt beyond / sgl-fam residential; threat to nbrhd character, privacy. increase in traffic

devt control measures a good thing; some support for this plan b/c of controls

advance to bylaw stage

feel supportable, had been reduced, sympathetic, aligns with density; preserves nbrhd character

applicant and architect

> Dave Lust: nice to be here once again

Mayor: what’s Ccl being asked to do? not approve or reject

Sokol: direct Berg to prepare bylaws

Mayor: xxx

DL: not new to this as you know

from 48 to 33 to 24 to 19 units; our nbrhd has been with this ev step of the way

survey in the nbrhd; 100% opposed near nbrs; stretched out, 98% opposed ” Ccl has that info

break in time 1.4 r?; taken two

DRC said they cdn’t see the context

suddenly context, 2 units removed; still opposed by the nbrhd

trees left at front, but 84% of the trees will be removed; no green spaces; no context

not 7200; looking for green spaces and homes; some relevance to our nbrhd

continue to be opposed; thank you for clarifying we have some say in the matter

> Leslie Gibbons: Leslie Gibbons, longtime mbr and NSh Uni church

bd of trustees; our congregation behind this vision for the property

NAME?: xxx

fully support all our mbrs across the NSh

> Jim O'Toole: 315 Lawson, one door away; 100% opposition

sgl-fam homes, with sec stes, coach houses suit, not 17

why does Ccl still think this is (suitable?) when most still oppose

our nbrhd does not oppose the redevt of the Unitarian Church devt of sgl-fam homes

what’s going to happen when Jehovah's Witnesses and the Baptist Church see that the U Church has successfully devpd their prop into town homes and has washed their hands of this nbrhd with an exorbitant windfall?

I do not feel that the NSh Unitarian Church has been fair to the nbrs; the devprs and the DWV and their greedy extended devts xxx put upon us over the past few years

Basically, a church with a small congregation ~ 100 mbrs, most don’t even live in WV, are disturbing and tormenting 109 households who pay taxes and live in this beautiful WV nbrhd cmnty

thank you [7:39]

Mayor: next speaker is Carolanne Reynolds, who missed the announcement about Heritage Wk

CR (cdn't hear what was said on way up to the podium): Sorry, I wasn't going to speak to this, but when I heard staff recommending an FAR of .38, my alarm bells went off.

I was on the Ccl when we happily, and the populace supported us, reduced the max FAR from .45 to .35. That was much applauded and appreciated. So I'm a bit disturbed -- excuse me {clearing throat} -- that staff wd recommend an FAR that is higher than the max allowed in WV, and I wd think as Ccl you might think long and hard before you advance or suggest or recommend a higher FAR than was achieved some time ago.

[7:41] Mayor: does anybody else what to speak? If not, turn it over to Ccl

MB: talked to some residents; told them I wd ask some questions . Have an idea how long the construction wd take?

Darwin [Construction]: single phase and 14 months

[Oliver Webb, Prez of Darwin Props]

MB: focus on the east side; landscaping on the west side too?

Ans: correct

MB: new landscaping?

Ans: correct

MB: less traffic on Sundays and around Daycare ” any traffic calming ?

Berg: the traffic study conclusion obviously less traffic

park pickup drop off

traffic study concluded aligned with the 17 units was minimal overall

traffic-calming measure; were prev measures; this proj looks at closing off Lawson to cut off through traffic, only for emerg and peds

Sop: xxx; ... protection covenant same as tree mgmt plan?

Berg: tree mgmt plan, trees to be protected, fencing during construction

will inform ... 219 legal doc

trees target for xxx (removal?) larger grove at the entrance and at the back of the site

if more xxx patches that can be protected, we’ll look at that

Sop: who decides that?

Berg: package for Ccl to approp

Sop: know Darwin good; permit issued and hadn’t stood up to laid down

oh, there’s a root problem ¦ xxx

some certainty devpr lives up, don’t really get what we’re asking for

Berg: DP will cement the proj and layout of the plan

language about penalties if ignored or xxx?

become hazard trees or problematic; language to secure those trees so not cut down

Sop: re safety

Hugo Ray playing field an issue

10+ units and down the list

some nbrs w/ babies w/ carriages had no sidewalk to walk; consideration re sidewalk from devpr?

Berg: amenities are going to be part of the discussion

sidewalks not cemented to anybody

heard stories on both sides, like more rural, blvd, and others think sidewalks imp

last consultation in April, ask what ppl might like to see if proposal to move fwd

funding trail improvement so to the river, a bigger amenity as I recall

Sop: tree retention on the site

went up, clearcut and three homes went in and no trees

wd there be tree retention if six houses, trees behind?

Berg: xxx ¦ regulations

right, cmnty wd hv no say

seeing we’re trying to protect loss

Lawson Ave opened up for through traffic

the nbrhd character you’re talking about; at the mtg residents did cite those ” xxx controls a good thing

otherwise we xxx that’s exactly what you see

Sop: wd there not be decision of staff of permit regs for trees?

Berg: not really; no reqmts for sgl fam; &&&

Cass: 19 to 17, what was negated?

L Berg: two houses

Cass: financially feasible dropping from .38 to .35?

{of course!!! and besides, bylaw}

Darwin: just responding to design issues

&&& it was more of bldg form and set back

Cass: cd be reduced?

Ans: guess so, yes

{at least he admitted it¦..}

Cass: this is plan A, is there a Plan B?

{Plan A was some time ago -- ask Lust and residents!}

or is your (discussion?): xxx

know there’s a need for this type of housing

we’re not considering six sgl-fam homes

Cass: Plan A was not approved

Ans: wd not be interested in six family homes

Cass: what prior to Esker xxx?

Berg: &&& [7:54]

DL: we can ans

Mayor: Past public...

NG: re .38; Esker land is .48

so there was a ccl that passed an FSR of .43

{not the point; this is a devt and the bylaw says max .35; doesn't matter what was done elsewhere!}

Berg: yes

NG: LEED silver standard -- a bit outdated

Ans: &&&

NG: gold or better

Darwin: always try for gold LEED, at present silver but xxx

Mayor: applicn .38 and what basing our CACs based on?

make decision on what before it

Sop: LEED standard is American controlled, why not Cdn?

LB(?): target understanding not seeking certification

Darwin: target a rating xxx [7:56]

LEED silver is a guide that we like; don’t know why US and not Cdn

need my &&&

Sop: one day live(?) work in Canada then &&& ... why not in Canada?


Sop made motion:

- Proposed OCP Amdmt, Rezoning, and Devt Permit No. 12-053 for 370/380 Mathers Ave known as the Residences on Mathers project advance in the applicn review process;

- Staff bring fwd proposed bylaws to amend the OCP/Zoning Bylaw, and a proposed Devt Permit for 370/380 Mathers for Ccl consideration;

- Staff bring fwd a draft covenant for tree protection as part of the devt package; and

- Staff bring fwd a Phased Devt Agreement to secure a Cmnty Amenity Contribution.

Sop: xxx get that draft xxx; first reading; info mtg, where is that going to be held?

Berg: (cricket?) club across the way

Sop: then goes to a PH

so for all who live in area a process yet to be dealt with

Mayor: seconds


6. 2015 Budget Presentation (File: 0860-01)

Who?: Bringing Budget on Mar 2nd

Sop: was going certain... Cclrs ... did not attend

consensus of my colleagues; we miss you but we decided


We decided more consultation, more info, so will not make that motion

call question?

ML: recom rec’d for info?

MOTION: THAT the Presentation from the Chief Financial Officer be received for information.

7. Sewer and Drainage Utility Fee Bylaw No. 4538, 2007, Amdmt Bylaw No. 4822, 2015 (Update to Sewer and Drainage Utility Fees for 2015) (File: 1610-20-4822)

&&& Sewage and drainage

Dave Roach: xxx

Mayor: we wanted to quickly move along to get to your comments

DR: beg your pardon

Mayor: xxx

DR: this is item No 7

$1 increase $67K addl cmnty will have to pay

Dec 15 adopted bylaw; amendment of 2007 bylaw

qtrly ws % [8:08]



$100K CAC rev

total rev $5M

expenditures of the storm and drainage of the sewer utility $.3

$4.588M difference not explained

asking cmnty to pay for storm and drainage 290.xx per folio

in the Kwan report, the annual surplus budgeted in Mr Fung’s dept is $35K

that’s a big gap -- $1.22M gap

where it is?

a cross subsidy from &&& to &&& [8:05]

no info, we don’t know

Mr Hare ” it was a typo, instead of 72 shd be 73.73

.1M plus in the utility

break stabilization

more than enough money in the utility to simply ignore the 41 levy

have copies, for you; don’t suggest you look at them now

decision in Dec was or exact and shd stick with it

and Cam on Dec 8, inc not really xxx ... in fact on this storm and drainage

2014 to 2017 &??? %

11% to 1.25l4 % more than exceeding Cam’s calcs

Mayor: Ms Leemhuis

CAO: I’ll defer to Mr Fung, Dir/Engg, where the discrepancy occurs

RF: rec’d this quite late today and referring to a Nov report not a topic here

the report is simply to correct a typographical error in a prev bylaw

in Sched A three columns and xxx

understanding from staff simply a typo

xxx incorrect number shd be 73.73 in the middle column

going back to Nov 17 and (rigour??) behind

all the figures are correct

figs rates were by xxx, calculated were correct

going back to the integrity of the Nov report, from speaking to staff today

all figs presented in Nov were correct to come up with the proper rates to Ccl

Sop: does that answer the cross subsidy fig?

RF: there is no cross subsidy involved with the figs; the 73.73 was assumed when proposed

so this is not new

Mayor: thank you for you remarks xxx

DR: xxx see you later

[WAS read a first, second, and third time]

8. OTHER ITEMS -- No Items


9.1. Ambleside Skateboard Park Renovation (File: 2100-01) RECOMMENDED: received for information.

9.2. Family Hub Model in West Vancouver Expands: New Properties Family Hub Opens (File: 2620-08)

RECOMMENDED: the report dated Jan 29, from the Mgr of Cmnty Devt, Youth, and Families, be rec'd for info.

9.3. Award of Contract for Recycling Collection Services (File: 1776-01)

RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated Jan 28, from the Mgr, Engg Services be received for information.

Cam: re Consent agenda, I move approved: 9.1; 9.2 hub; 9.3 recycling; and 9.4 Corresp List

9.4 Correspondence List (File: 0120-24) (click here to view correspondence packages)

> Council Correspondence Update to January 23, 2015 (up to 12:00 Noon)

Received for Information

(1) Committee and Board Meeting Minutes – Memorial Library Board – December 10, 2014

(2) 8 submissions, January 19 – 23, 2015, regarding Climate Change Warning Labels on Gas Pumps

(3) Grouse Mountain Resorts Ltd., January 21, 2015, regarding “Grouse Mountain Year in Review - 2014

(4) January 21, 2015, re Proposed Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amdmt Bylaw No. 4809, 2014; Proposed Phased Devt Agrmt Authorization Bylaw No. 4821, 2014; and DVP Applicn No. 14-011 (re proposed subdivision of 6447 and 6475 Pitt Street into three smaller lots) (referred to January 26, 2015 public hearing)

(5) January 21, 2015, regarding “Clyde Avenue/ Keith Road Traffic Calming project

(6) 2 submissions, January 22, 2015, regarding Public Services Building

(7) Port Metro Vancouver, January 21, 2015, regarding “Questions forwarded by North Shore Waterfront Liaison Committee

(8) 2 submissions, January 22 – 23, 2015, regarding Proposed Tree Bylaw

Responses to Correspondence

(9) Acting Manager of Roads and Transportation, January 21, 2015, response regarding “Excessive speed measurement, Marine Drive

> Council Correspondence Update to January 30, 2015 (up to 12:00 Noon)

Referred for Action

(1) District of North Vancouver, January 23, 2015, regarding “Council of Councils - North Shore Transportation Issues

(Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response)

(2) C. Ballantine, Jan 26, re “Floodplain Mapping?

(Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response)

(3) January 27, 2015, regarding “BCIT student questions about LNG pipeline

(Referred to Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for consideration and response)

Received for Information

(4) Kinder Morgan Canada, December 19, 2014, regarding Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project

(5) Hon. L. Raitt, Min of Transport, Jan 9, re Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Tankers in Howe Sound (Proposed Woodfibre LNG Project)

(6) Metro Vancouver, January 21, 2015, re “Invitation to Submit Nominations for Membership on MetroV’s Agricultural Advi Cmte

(7) 2 submissions, January 22 – 24, 2015, regarding Proposed Tree Bylaw

(8) Asian-Canadian Special Events Association, January 23, 2015, regarding “LunarFest Year of the Sheep Invitation

(9) 2 submissions, January 25 – 27, 2015, regarding Climate Change Warning Labels on Gas Pumps

(10) 5 submissions, January 25 – 26, 2015, re Proposed Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amdmt Bylaw No. 4809, 2014; Proposed Phased Devt Agrmt Authorization Bylaw No. 4821, 2014; and DVP Applicn No. 14-011

(re proposed subdivision of 6447 and 6475 Pitt St into three smaller lots) (Previously rec'd at January 26, 2015 public hearing)

(11) UBCM and Lower Mainland Local Govt Assn (LMLGA), Jan 26, re “LMLGA Call for Resolutions and Nominations

(12) 2 submissions, January 26 – 30, 2015, regarding Public Services Building Parking

(13) Order of British Columbia, January 27, 2015, regarding “Order of British Columbia ~ 2015 Call for Nominations

(14) 2 submissions, January 27 – 28, 2015, regarding Tree Removal

(15) Western Residents’ Association, January 28, 2015, regarding Planned Improvements to Orchill Drive and Adjacencies

Responses to Correspondence

(16) Director of Parks and Community Services, January 23, 2015, response regarding “Lighting on the Centennial Seawall

(17) Senior Manager of Parks, January 23, 2015, response regarding “TREE BYLAW PROPOSAL

(18) Chief Financial Officer, January 26, 2015, response regarding “Closure of Larson Station

(19) Mayor Smith, Jan 27, response to Envmental Assessmt Ofc, Invitation to Participate on Working Group for the

Environmental Assessment of the Proposed Woodfibre LNG Project

> Council Correspondence Update to February 3, 2015 (up to 4:30 p.m.)

Received for Information

(1) E-Comm 9-1-1, Jan 29, re “Next Gen Radio Prog: Contract awarded for E-Comm radio infrastructure equipmt replacement project

(2) 2 submissions, February 1, 2015, regarding Proposed Tree Bylaw

(3) February 2, regarding “Obtaining Carbon Offsets for Whyte Lake Park -- Agenda Item #7, Regular Council Meeting 2 Feb. 2015

(4) Port MetroV, Feb 2, re “Attn: Council - Additional details (Port Metro Vancouver boat tours of the port for Mayor and Council)

(5) 2 submissions, February 2, 2015, regarding Collingwood School Construction

(6) February 3, 2015, regarding “Moratorium on Peace River Site C dam.


11. Reports from Mayor/Councillors

Sop: Mar 4 and 5, will attend the LNG envmtal review; received boxes 3ft hi and 6K words; have to get somehow through; our Ccl put a proposal through wch will be read in public; saying we don't like the process, not transparent; if you listen in next few days you'll hear me all the way to Chilliwack.

Mayor: we'll look forward to that.

MB: did attend Amb skateboard park open house; want to ackn tremendous work done in fundraising by the young ppl to contribute to the revit of an amenity; District has allocated some funds; visible amenity for our youth - 8 to 18 -- I learned quite a bit about the time some of these kids are spending -- 8 hrs on the weekend, primarily boys, dunno if girls.

They've raised $80K and continuing to raise; Ccl's support of this will also help them to raise more money.

Cam: Metro Utilities Cmte; not much to report from substance of mtg;

Sewage Treatment Plant in holding till prov and fed....

twin tunnels from Seymour to Cap, project for undergoing years, $820M ... operational by March; update on the litigation

NG: briefly, been appointed to Metro Zero-Waste Cmte, nice way of saying the garbage cmte.

big issue on agenda for last sev months, decided Feb 5, the rates for tipping becoming less for commercial loads, only $80 per ton to dump, smaller up to $130 per ton; outside Metro was changing less for large so trucks going outside so we were losing money. Brt price down otherwise zero.

Min load you can take in the back of a Honda Civic is $15, pretty good deal.

12. Public Questions/Comments

> Brian Wood: will be away Feb 23; wd like to address concerns about speed and transparency of the process

consultation through March, staff to report back in April; so impactful shd have more time than one month....

Sop said in Oct, let's not do this half-assed, let's go out and get the big picture, not piece by piece

Mayor: heard you tonight. Next, [Markee]Thompson

> Marque Thompson: it's actually "mark"; wd need another E to be marquee (markEE).

Further to what Brian was talking about and heard about Feb 23

The WVHA..... director.... past decision-making, policy, shd be discussed in full

when public have concerns, have to be dealt with speedily

to be correctly dealt with, full on both sides

in past changes to bylaw have been made, detrimental effect to someone's prop

hope this debate happens before changed.

M Upward: bylaws for March 3; whole point is to have transparency for the public

saying conducted xxx re public concerns re tree-cutting

a few years ago mtg at Caulfeild School re trees; 2-300 ppl at that mtg; at that time a group of ppl from Clovelly Walk trying to stop tree-cutting trees down. Some discussion, intro, 95% said they didn't want to have anything to do with restrictions on their prop.

A lot of policies -- has to be transparency and goalposts keep changing as to where this Ccl is going

Public needs to know what your intentions are. Can't tell them a week before and then pass a bylaw. Not fair.

Consultation was presented, but Mr Sokol neglected to say 95% against.

long-term resident of WV; some great ppl on Ccl

got to be more discipline that bylaws/policies are actually fact.

NG: want clarification from staff about what [was just said]

That was a mtg specifically wrt land use planning ...? trees on public/private land?

Sokol: believe what Mr Upward was referring to Clovelly/Caulfeild Nbrhd Plan - - being looked at eight or nine yrs ago, before I was here; better clarify

CAO: wrt the tree bylaw we're bringing that's on public land (March), not on private land

on private land will be a completely diff process

MU: intention to follow through with private land?

CAO: staff have bn directed to research that

Mayor: can't really debate a bylaw that we haven't even seen -- shadow-boxing here

CAO: it's important b/c I don't want the cmnty to react to something not actually true

MU: what I'm saying is that's what's being said to the public is not correct.

{murmurs of 'not true'}

A Mooi: on Mar 2nd staff will be bringing forward a proposed tree bylaw that will simply be adding enforcement on public lands, (fines, etc)

Mayor: when changes to our bylaws, public will have ample opp -- all 44K citizens can be heard; always trust in the wisdom of yr Ccl

{some chuckles}

> Paul Butler: next wk's mtg -- clarify some statistics

2008 report written by Bob Sokol assisted by Karl Gustavson; big headlines 53% of WV residents against large homes, want smaller homes; in the report it actually said 63% are concerned about larger homes.

{this is verbatim:} of that 63%, 63% are worried about smaller homes -- together only 39% are really concerned about larger homes

This statistic has been used [till] 2015, bn used as a policy against larger homes; we have no current survey with majority wanting/asking smaller homes.

Bob Sokol stood up and said we have 1000 ph call survey saying ppl are against larger homes.

I phoned the ofc for last three mos for proof of this survey

finally got a letter from his secy saying we made a mistake, it was the old 2008 report

about to go into a huge ccl mtg to make homes smaller; going to affect 2500 homes right away and none of these ppl know about this; going to be a shocker

no actual up-to-date survey

2008 to 2015, 53% of homes have changed hands since then

{one person suggested to me this statistic may be incorrectly derived -- if we have, say, 14,000 homes and 53% of 14,000 is 7,420; 7,420 house sales does NOT mean 53% of homes have changed hands as some homes will have been sold twice in that period}

new demographic of owners and opinion, yet we keep going back

we have the proof reduce homes, prop values, based on an old and mathematically wrong report

> Lucinda Jones: wrt tree bylaws; lived here since 1983, guess one of the old-timers

rented on Copper Cove, and was told most discussed here is the trees, whether to cut branches, ....

this many years later, same

the issue for me ... there doesn't seem to be an education piece for ppl coming into this cmnty; you'd think coming into a raincoast area heavily treed, for there not to be more setting protocol or behaviour, responsibility of staff and M to set that straight

when taken down, trying to find reason, done that enough; missing the point as a well-governed M, running around after the fact..... don't know what the game plan is, and who is directing info for drafting of this bylaw

communication I read today, still talking about topping .... ev knows a risk ... always to update topped tree has moved on

if you saw sunset tonight, beautiful trees come across it and the topped trees, those are a mess

Mayor: wrap it up

LJ: Andrea Miller was going to be with me so take her three mins

Mayor: no no no no

Mr Sokol, want to give a quick response to that?

LJ: but how is it drafted? information sources?

Sokol: the bylaw isn't being drafted right now, staff is doing research, what other Ms are doing, and throughout NAm

will come fwd with ideas, to public, then bylaw to Ccl

LJ: is there a moratorium in the meantime -- for topping of trees, specially? no?

Mayor: we're going to move on, Ma'am. Carolanne Reynolds

> CR, with a black patch over one eye: So I had planned to speak now, but I was going to come with a parrot on my shoulder


btw, the comment about that something was built at .43, there are all sorts of exceptions, .... parks.... re .35 however that

does not negate the fact the max is .35, and also it doesn't mean we can't have special areas where higher, but my shock was that staff wd come out recommending something above the max, without mentioning the rationale

Anyway, what I really came for is

tyvm for announcing the start of Heritage Wk tonight, wch I'm sorry I wasn't here for, but I'm moving a little bit more slowly than usual, and I don't know what you said so I hope you mentioned displays at the Library, Silk Purse, --

Mayor: --truly brilliant, you shd hv bn here to hear it

CR: oh, I can't wait to watch it on the video then.

Anyway, special things at the Ferry Building Gallery and totems at the Silk Purse

b/c the theme is really an unusual one this year, commercial/business areas. Seldom does heritage focus on biz, companies

while trying to research this I came across a really fascinating fact

and I was talking to Rick Amantea, and there is no Main Street in [WV], and of course the famous Main Street

{the Heritage BC poster features a "Main Street"}

however while we spoke, it turns out when they started the village in Pk R South, they had to talk to the post office for an address, so there is our Main Street, and it's in PkR [S]

so we've got Pk R; in Ambleside WV Florist will have a display -- they were founded in 1934; Sewell's will have a promotion (they were founded in 1931). I haven't managed to see if Chapman's going to do anything but they're over 100 years; but Murchie's although they no longer live here and xxx but they started Murchie's Tea in 1894.

So we can celebrate those

Let's see

Upper Lands, at beginning ppl will be able to see something about what's happening b/c that's part of our heritage

there'll be a talk

What else? on the Saturday there'll be the lunar new year

{stops speaking b/c}

Mayor (who was talking to someone): sorry, go ahead, Carolanne; being attacked here

CR: thank you

lunar celebration by MP John Weston at the Cmty Ctr in the atrium

trying to find out if we can have a tour of the Pt Atkinson lighthouse

had to cancel the things at Cypress and Cypress Mtn b/c NO snow

I hope that's most -- but I will be presenting a flyer and will put it on the website

thank you for proclaiming HWk and I hope you all enjoy the various displays and promos and whatever ... and we can get together

I think Cclr Gamb is going to a Preservation (and I'll be there too) Society mtg tomorrow night wrt some modern heritage.

Mayor: thank you

CR: thank you

NG: Staff, if you want to provide any clarification b/c I found

Sokol: opp to respond to some comments wrt the 2008

First of all, Karl Gustavson had nothing to do with it

2008 survey was done by Synovate as part of the Cmnty Dialogue -- over 1000 WV residents

initially contacted by phone then provided with paper surveys

I mistakenly referred to that as a telephone survey at one of the mtgs; that created some miscommunication between parties

I was repeatedly asked for copies of the Synovate study wch I provided on many occasions to the WVHA and its mbrs.

Not until they said they wanted the tel survey that I realized...

no attempt to on my part to mislead them ...

next Monday's mtg, the report is already on the website; Ccl has copies. The main thing we'll be asking -- that there actually is a housing bulk prob in WV; still some ppl refuse to admit that fact. The District receives calls from dozens if not hundreds of residents over the course of the year complaining about the size and bulk and scale of housing going into the cmnty. That's one part of the report.

Second part, asking Ccl to endorse the public consultation process, public mtgs in the atrium, hands-on workshops, as well as using wvITE. Will seek to involve engage residents and bldg cmnty

Last part seeks Ccl direction to prepare some bylaws relating to limiting the size of houses that can be built in WV

Mayor: thank you

13. Adjournment

++ NOTES February 23rd ++


1. Call to Order.

2. Approval of Agenda


3. Single Family Housing - Siting, Form, and Character Public Engagement Process - 2015 (File: 2515-02) Siting, Form, and Character – WV Housing Study (October 2013) Siting, Form, and Character – Draft West Vancouver Housing Study – Regulatory Approaches to Advance Siting, Form, and Character (June 2014)

PowerPoint presentation to be provided.

[7:08] Staff: background xxx

Focus on Public Engagement xxx ...

[7:11] Engagement illustration; two open houses in Cmnty Ctr atrium

2015 Public consultation slide

DRC,late March, late April; townhall mtg; survey; questionnaire

Mayor: sound failure; working on it

Sop: you made reference to town mtgs, etc, will there be a specific outline ” where and how long?

Chris Bishop (Planning staff): ¦ reluctant to book without Ccl’s blessing

Sop: important ppl have an arena to vent; space and time

dog and pony shows don’t do it for me

CB: town hall wd fit

Marque Thompson: on behalf of non-profit volunteer housing assn {WVHA}

since Oct 20 working to improve dialogue with homeowners and Dist staff; thank CAO for listening

v concerned the way the Planning Dept has proceeded; not simple and (efficient?) and affecting most vulnerable

our org supposed to be alerted

only learned of this proposal a week ago????????

notice of sp mtg in terms of transparency

affect 20%; title is public engagement yet only mentioned one month, March, next week

six months

if public process to be valid we need understanding

so public understand the effect of policies being suggested


Sop: I have several, but I’ll be quiet

NG: you suggested rep of a new assn ” don’t know much about it; how many mbrs?

MT: in op since Oct; 4 or 500 b/c of these concerns

NG: reg mtgs open to the public?

fortnightly basis, from info on topic

recently on material soil and rock removal from sites

had an open forum

presented to

Sop: listen to the public

[7:28] PLEASE &&&?

> Robert Butler: found out about this mtg yesterday afternoon, Sunday

got a piece of paper no idea where it came from

our prop Eagle Hbr, 20Ksf, completely diff from the houses around us; 200ft depth; arrived in Canada Aug 15; 50 years ago, and lived there for 45 yrs

pensions, rental income noxxx

none of our family here, big mortgage, large family of five

size of the lot, staff, particular size; in relation to the size of the lot; surrounding lots 10K and 12K

absolutely mortified; really mortified

value of the lots will fall; been around for a long time will suffer most

value of our lot wd drop by $300K, 25% of our assessed tax value to $1.2M

$500K in arrears; wd hv to sell and leave immediately


> Russell Lane: wd you mind if I continue with a Brit accent?

Mayor: you have three min; use any accent you want

RB: thank you for your understanding

at first glance this is flawed, to say the least

how are you going to rejig the tax on all the properties?

not going to stand, nobody take increases, doesn’t carry through

you’re creating a have and have-not situation

we’re one of the owners of a larger prop, not a monster prop; built to regs

assuming if this goes down the path ” mine will be desirable, unless someone torches

unfortunately will have two classes of prop

doesn’t make sense

caution going fwd; a lot of prop owners ” take a hard look and disagree with the process; until we fully understand, not going to find any acceptance

rocky road

> Phil Garrell: mtg Oct attended; plan for open houses, none of that took place

suggesting housing bulk is well xxxx

calls, not documented -- never heard from this grp, strange

Ccl has a legal obligation, adversely affected

localized mtgs

provide multilingual English, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Farsi

manner in wch they comprehend

crowning is Item no 5 ” emotional and financial geotechnical, etc take time ” Planning those investments be thrown out

[929?] never intended to hold existing bylaws be {hel?}

respectfully this has to stop, needs to stop tonight


Mayor: just lengthen this mtg

> Tom Davidoff: economist; at UBC, Sauder Sch of Biz; asked to come by WVHA

Take Bob and Anne {example}, pay xxx &&& {GET}; economic costs by EV

when someone wants to build bigger


did we see prop values explode in Kelowna and Delta when clamp down?

hard to answer; difficult to answer: is there a negative effect on the props?

Ccl shd look at


second; if you believe the Bob effect relative, the opp asking Ann to give

right way is not to BAN, right way wd be fees

why? you want ppl with willingness to pay

builder shd have to pay for the impact

if impose a cost, pay, but I think a ban wd be counterproductive

[7:42] Mayor: Nina Nazami? not here, then David Trent

> David Trent: resident; rec'd notice yesterday from the Prov; letter from WVHA

fully endorse your moving forward and with the public engagement process

due process, clear leadership; proper engagement procedure

be careful re speculative [7:43]

time to make a better cmnty for everybody

Mayor: John Gould

Nina: okay, I can go after

JG: you can come and sit with me if you like


Mayor: req re address

Nina (a citizen): sitting with residents


major uncertainty how prop will be affected; ambiguous doesn’t seem to work for xxx

v few aware of the residents how bylaw wd affect them

why being considered in first place

why the city;

{Again! WV is a district, not a city; it's a municipality.}

otherwise wd be inaccurate

common good for

how come mtns being clear cut?

[7:46] work to preserve the habitat

seems to be unfair and affect everyone unequally

> John Gould: retired physician from Lions Bay

lived on Nelson 25-30 years, probably considered a tear-down, respectable family home

siting don’t &&&?

object to siting of the new houses; up the road don’t know whether devprs or xxx impact have totally diminished their views

diminished the value of those houses by over 1/3 a $M

diminished ” so shd be some direct recompense to the owners

we’re not entitled to a view

lose view

taxes according to the lot, taxed

diminished value of home by $500K ” I want reimbursement

Cass: re address; assured live in WV; opinion of WV directly

> Bill Chapman: survey created over (half ????)

subdivid design

variety and lot size to deal with slopes and undulating topography, screening -- wd not suggest removing this

3K serious

20K virtually invisible

6K in RS9 to be too large a lot

Russell Hollingsworth permission to offer

agree early on prob wrt size xxx

each approached prob from diff directions; Russ design, I from POV of land

eliminating large homes not the best soln for WV

need &&& [7:52]

49 props wd likely be affected

selling $5450 av price of $2.9M {?}

result in a $45M impact

unique south-facing, city and ocean views near to city [7:53]

move ahead; don’t restrict; removing two that contribute to our ambience


> Ron Osterman: concerned about process; staff asking Ccl to proceed without asking professionals and public

total waste of time for Ccl

if proper proposal with ev support, then a slam dunk

not sure how the city is run b/c it seems kind of backwards

{FYI: there’s a city in NV: WV is NOT a city, it’s a district; there’s also a district in NV (so CNV, DNV, DWV).}

unfair to ppl who own large lots; can’t just make a change in one week

one said this is his future, it’s all of us, future

ppl from all over the


impact for all of us

change things back

change ” a few ppl opposed to change; two ppl for and 100s against

seem to be in a democracy where majority rules, seems to be a majority opposed ” don’t get it

ppl don’t want to see change

1950 built, ppl didn’t have a choice

these monster homes 3000K

east V came to WV monster homes

lot more to say; am opposed

> Scenery Slater: {notes supplied}

I was able to attend all but one of the all candidates meetings and those in attendance were pretty clear that neighbourhood preservation was the biggest concern they had. Additionally, it is one of the biggest issues for ADRA members. The Ambleside & Dundarave Ratepayers' Association is an organization of West Vancouver residents. We are registered and have AGMs etc.

I applaud council for taking this issue up. Something must be done.

I don`t pretend to know all the answers but I have a few suggestions.

Remove all the exemptions to the FAR (floor area ratio). This will make it far easier to understand and be harder to exploit.

Make it easier to renovate existing homes. We have neighbourhoods of unique and graceful homes surrounded by mature gardens and vegetation. This adds value to our community and this heritage deserves preservation.

Make it less desirable to demolish a home. When I see homes just bulldozed and see the likes of old growth clear grain fir flooring and the like being tossed in a dumpster I feel ill. This is not sustainability and it is not responsibility.

Speaking of responsibility we should have a responsibility to our neighbours. Should not new residents have a responsibility to the established community? wouldn't it make sense with starting at "Do no harm"? and then go onto "Do good" and "Do good for others". We may do well by exploring what this means because we really need to move away from decisions based only on greed.


who said this and when?:

time to move

more ... xxx almighty dollar


limited outlook syndicated survey in 2007

more time exploring the prob, solns, or whether we have a prob

not in corporate world; you’d be fired for this!



sad to see most affected are those ready to retire

recall in Oct here with same outcome say maybe a 100 times

Ccl further engagement; next step of prob-solving

don’t understand tax dollars being wasted and time going wasted, on our own unique bylaws

neg effect monster house next to a school, try to understand what the real prob is

will be a class-action law suit; I'm not a lawyer

more relaxed rules

rules behind legal suites not realistic eg bus stop within x ft

having more legal suites

what I meant

> Ashami (sp?): 2700 Rosebery; chose WV as our home, high sch, university

saved money, purchased a home in WV in the hope of one day hope to have a family as big as mine ” kids, a soccer team

Mayor: told your wife yet?

{ :-) }

Ans: when I tell them, they run away!

want to live here and with parents

I oppose everything brought fwd, same as ev else in this room

> Sander Heynemans: xxx

Mayor: three more names

SH: chopper flying over looking at this monster house

didn’t buy anything thinking of flipping, selling

love it here others will

20 years things have changed

input from

my name is not "zippy"{?}

” house next door on sale today, am I happy, absolutely not; across the street absolutely not

input from all ppl

want something not just those in the industry

from me, I want something out of it

> Bacar??di: on behalf of [8:08]

bought huge lots so can build huge houses

> Melinda Slater: notice but tonight’s mtg a bit confusing

v concerned about nbrhd character

third gen WVer; need to xxx

no one seems to be building small (heritage?) houses now

wd be helpful to know what our needs

wd like to see a process that follows our PIP

Mayor: Peter Lambur not here? Paul Whitman?

> Sam Whitman (?): 2900 Rosebery

knew about this mtg, advertisement in NSN; housing bulk spoke of it in a neg fashion

see how things have changed Rodgers 736 [units]

beautiful Aq and Cmty Ctr, GCC ” great bldgs built by the (last?)

have changed the character of WV

current need for larger homes; changing, not a cottage cmnty any more


this amendment, 2,500 homeowners wiped off hundreds of millions of dollars

heard how affects retired plans, mortgages; req’d more equity; glut of supply

rebalance tax base

reduce more valuable houses; won’t be able to absorb

{?prr0-0st90jatemsuarel,baco,t0mu0ke0wjer\ !!! ??? fingers off keys so can't read :-( }

fact not been appreciated

who really wants ” two ppl in favour of

seems to be driven by chief planner; seems to be on a mission


SW: pls protect interests of WV

Mayor: all staff work in best interests of WV; fine staff, do their best

Patrick Hill: live in a condo

v complex issue; some want compensation for losing their view

I had to move from Gleneagles; had to move b/c a builder refused to

[8:16] they have no view

when you up Panorama, huge houses hardly see anyone leaving the

if Ccl continues to allow houses with xxx

good for real estate, not for the ppl living here

what are you trying to build ” more like Panorama, you’d get more return on your money {???}

if you can’t afford to come here

what will happen to all the seniors? how will anybody from ???

{ditzy digits again: arigign0r9g9japp7 xxx \wueremg0}

> Paddy Sherman: ten years ago chairman of a volunteer grp concerned about the Clovelly Walk area

what was happening, ppl were coming in, attracted by the woodsiness and by time finished no woodsiness left

dvprs at that time pushing v hard for

their participation was to shut it down

WV not a &&&

unique envmentally ” done a lot of damage on it already

more inclined to make ppl think of the financial impact and nobody is going to look at the envmt, finest in world

if ppl ¦ xxx be a laughing stock having destroyed

needs some large scale &&&

small scale, scaring the hell out of ppl here a long time &&&

need some reforming, looks at the overall impact; more I see going on, less chance

slip away from us, till just another Surrey hanging on a hillside

> Barbara Pettit: 30 years ago worked for Vancouver City for larger houses, doctorate on large houses

studied across NAm re homes; large houses, future museums and xxx

xxx seems hard to believe 3500sf homes were considered v large

Delta (?) and Martha’s Vineyard ” capped homes at 3500sf xxx

change is inevitable without losing what we love

capping house size makes good sense; may reduce xxx and slow down knockdowns

much more can be done while keeping what we value

capping is critical in keeping &&&; keeping social mix

Gleneagles, we need housing that brings young ppl back &&& and seniors to live in

shd we allow small houses ” infill; get over our fear of ht

taller houses are more graceful and leave more space, slip in small house

sometime tall views, small &&&

like capping

what is the longer impact

of whatever direction we take

> Liz Byrd: a lot of fear and I don’t like it at all

worked over 40 years to make it a cmnty

concerned, living in my little house

when they take a house down it’s like a bomb, everything goes

encourage you to go ahead with

talked about

good luck

there are a lot of v angry ppl out there ” it’s frightening

{[8:26] she’s referring to the noise, negativity, and behaviour of some ppl seated in the lobby}

v hard; thank you and good luck

CAO: large number of ppl ” want to reiterate that limiting size is an interim measure

number of contentious issues in past

items 4 and 5 are interim withholding resoln so not in full force, only in place while consultation

important b/c ppl understanding

Heather Johnson: thank you for that clarification; applaud Ccl for taking this on; absolutely essential that happen

nbrhd character is incredibly imp in WV

ppl love WV b/c it’s not big, little [8:28]

ev come here for it ¦ recogn only way to keep ¦ has to change

huge pressure b/c of ecic impacts

pressure to build to max FAR b/c of value of prop; lose trees, character

it’s possible to build large beautiful houses; not sq ftg

bottom line gotta work on this; prop value vs public good, not either/or

regulate wisely view to last? and what it can be

reserve the place and xxx

look forward to workshop

Kassam: excuse me for my Persian accent

educ; public doesn’t have education

tear down trees, have to plant xxx

we need to increase density; regardless greenery going to be gone; increase the density

off-leash dog park, work on city making it pretty

{NOT city, district!}

I live on 1212 Duchess, I’m young blood; taking away my possibility to be get married

don’t take that away

increase density

ppl need to be educated

if tax too much you can dispute it

let us live, let me achieve my dreams; respect old ppl behind me

give me

sgl child, sgl mum, you’re taking that opp to

work on parks

City more taxes

WV Police, private, strongest police, work on that

ask the builders, maybe do something for the old ppl

just saw the news this morning in Prov that I need to be here

95% ppl here disagree with what you’re dong

> Peter Scholefield: Esq

welcome this initiative; v controversial, need to do

look fwd to the public engagement process

bring to your attention: energy efficiency

new home a lot more energy efficient, older homes less energy efficient, so a gain

secondly, those want to build more efficient homes shdn’t be penalized

past home standards required much thicker walls, reduced floor area

solar panels; shdn’t be penalized by size and pitch of roof 45° angle

cmte you've struck to look at efficiencies

staff may wish to take advantage of

> Keith Pople: xxx staying in house

change lifestyle wd ruin my life

12th St

on corner house xxx on house big 3040 on 8K

works out to .38

tall, xxx house; next to that xxx ...

> Finney: xxx someone lived that house maybe 40 years, was being totally blocked off ” one side and other to

lost views, lost sunlight; wanted to stay

really pay attention to the character

one spoke earlier, you cd ruin my life; an awful lot of discussion

capping house size in diff areas

in Brit Props can have huge, wdn’t matter, affect

[8:40] Mayor: Christine Banham? Massoud? Alexi? RA Sanders? Amir Kefar? Michael Blumfield? Cedric Bergers?

> RA Sanders: xxx

Mayor: lucky you’re here

RAS: if you built with more sq ft wd not change the footprint

the only thing that wd happen wd be that it wd have a basement but it wdn’t be apparent to the street

there are certain¦.. changing bylaw wd have to have exemptions

> Michael Blumfield: here since 1965; found out when TV crew came by

a lot of devt in our nbrhd done in tasteful way, also in Amb

the money being put in are improving; done in a tasteful manner

more damage when regs re tree cutting

Bob Lewis post and beam, shd hv been turned down

[8:45] started WV was shaved bald, clearcut now

trees cut back and pruned xxx regs?

shocking lack of notice

xxx above!

Mayor: don’t know why anyone wd like to leave early


we found out about this mtg, concerned homeowner leaving msgs on all the doors

prev speaker

flexibility, maintaining existing trees

took a walk up and down my street today and our street is being redevpd; 40% new

older homes 4200sf

older houses and if they stayed within the envelope, if you xxx

Mayor: Cedric Burgers

> Cedric Burgers:

{GET what he said -- some good points}

time for more, good on you

go ahead; xxx



Mayor: we’re going to have to get you down from that back corner quicker

CR: pretty hard to get out

Carolanne Reynolds, Editor of West Van Matters

It’s a question of proportion, and love of the environment.

Let’s rearrange the pieces on the chess board and more clearly describe them.

No such thing as a ˜monster house’. Want a large house? fine ” buy a large property!

We’re really discussing proportion.

We’re talking about how much natural green and landscaping.

We’re being sensitive to our setting and ambience.

The tradition and heritage of WV, a string of villages, is what many, here for years, do not want to lose. Gardens, flowers.

They naturally resent, object to, their peace and quiet being upset.

There are many newcomers who want three generations to live in one home.

Let’s find a way to address these preferences.

The wild card in this is spec devts ” those who want to maximize how much money they can make building a house.

Planting fear is powerful; so is making money.

Here, however, some feel being ostentatious is showing off and in bad taste.

Some think trees have bad spirits ” why live in a rain forest on the side of a mountain? We need the trees to absorb the rain, retain it, and prevent erosion below.

In October, I heard one person complain that they’d have to have a lawn, and they’d have to mow it, and they didn’t want to do it. Well, most ppl complain about mowing the lawn ” my husband does -- but he still has to do it.

In fact, flooding has happened when a subdivision, cleared, above some homes. So keep the trees to prevent erosion.

{and flooding}

For 25 years I’ve suggested to residents they get together in their nbrhd and set out character guidelines. If they get a majority and present it to Ccl, it’s easy to approve.

Few nbrhds got organized to do so. Lower Caulfeild did, Altamont tried. Faced with Maison Milliken, Sentinel Hill put together a description.

One size does not fit all. Help Ccl plan for all residents and their varied preferences.

Have special areas.

Large houses shd not invade smaller-house nbrhds. Large houses have to be allowed to be somewhere. Many come here more used to urban living.

Designate a special zone for this sort of nbrhd so they don’t invade or insert themselves in places the residents prefer a modest and green environment. Don’t mix, don’t make a jumble.

This is about freedom of choice, but also respect for others’ choices as well.

In short, Planning.

So. This is where ” I see from the beginning, recommendations, lots of workshops, public input.

I don’t envy your job, but we have to have the huge houses somewhere. We want to keep the cottage nbrhds. We shdn’t ruin our character.

If they say ppl won’t come here, well, ” good! We’ve got too many ppl; we can make it the way we want.


Anyway, we must review this.

So let’s cooperate, and let’s work together. And find a place for all of us somewhere but not like this, in the same place.

Mayor: Thx, Carolanne


M Miller: [8:43] 19th & Palmerston, now in NV; sold in 2013

2012 put it up for sale after 52 years

little bigger prop than nbrs; basement and main floor; told an extra level cd be built

5004sf permitted, my question is: why is the new house listed as 8254sf?

{v gd Q}

Mayor: anyone else? anyone else?

H Lu: several issues


verify to audience ” actually we’re not proposing interim

shd ask the question

something wrong with the communication process

going to fully engage; we shd do so before, shd not propose even though calling interim proposal

housing cap

not interim like retaining wall

not getting whole ideas, whole picture

are we sure issue we’re having here

is how big or how we shd build; feel it’s the latter

how, not putting a number

can’t build above

prof from UBC, can introduce fees, bigger and larger houses

big, more strict process

cmnty panels, cmtes, have input of your design site plan, not say: no, you cannot build

this cmnty fast changing, read about the Kensington house, speculation what's happening in our cmnty

I see families moving here, buy their home here not to invest

the house they call home

> Haddad: xxx active last 25 years; crossing LGB, always enjoyed seeing the greenery, green background to houses

now when you see, half of those greenery gone

not opposed to devt; need for growth

those ppl that are objecting to cutting trees why not objecting to massive

basement for those kids for entertainment, [8:59] play etc

{lawns, yards? aren't they healthier for kids to play on/in?}

this contradiction have to address


maybe I don’t understand experience in construction

12Ksf 18 20 have to build same 6Ksf, waste of resources

have a letter for you, honourable mayor

one of clients town ppl living in house; want to move together

taking away enjoy of being a family

7 days has brought a kind of panic

down the drain all of the time spent, 6 months down drain

Mayor: leave your letter with the clerk

> Ahab: clarify 7 days seems that ev will be frozen; 9Ksf frozen

two crowds, don’t care if house value goes down $500K

made down payment last week, house value will go down $1.5M

> Mathew Edery: in 2012 purchased a prop in WV, old, lived in it for 8mos lots of problems with plumbing and wiring

decide to rebuild the house

nbrs came to me, thank you so much; ppl didn’t really look after; house you’ve built is beautiful, well maintained

replant 30 cedar hedges, and flowers

don’t think it impacted the greenery

live and work in WV

just heard about this mtg a few days ago; do better work of informing the residents

> Michelle: xxx I am one of the young blood

purchased a home here; hope in future cd raise our family; a couple of years ago, we have lost our view

we’re coming up with plans to regain our view; not able to ever be able to regain our view

we have two young chn; leaving our home

view, we’ve already lost; use our design to retain view

v concerned re seven days

shd be allowed to design my home

{no idea what was typed/said here}

graduated in 08 potential for growth

want to grow old in this cmnty I was raised in; MOVED!!!

homeowner with the help of my family

these new laws, builders will not want to come here any more

decided to stay here, saw potential

respect that

Mayor: anyone else?

> Woman: sorry, live in WV rental

don’t think any new devt or planning

communicated properly

a week ago received a bank


Evxxxx in hurry so threw in garbage

bank, threw in

why not envelope say what it is ... ?

> Marika Burgers: Cedric’s mother; {4?} years ago from Holland

cdn’t imagine how ppl cd afford to live here

over time, add more and more, diluting the values

can add gi?

will not have the same character any more

grown up and getting better


person economics

I took an economics course at UBC

nobody asked how much baking bread

cannot always express things with money

watch v much

always keep an eye on what is suited for the environment

> Wilcott: lived here almost my whole life

lot afraid of losing money; prop going down

accommodate all those losing money

then it’s legal to impact other ppl for them to lose money?

build some ugly no one wants to build

wash out tunafish cans xxx

20Ksf house, what the hell am I wasting my hope for ???

protect our envmt

huge homes, take so many raw materials to build and maintain

> John: 2600 Nelson

here since mid80s; heard endless debates

all of the process for last 30 years, the majority concern nbr car and housing bulk

both realize diff views and ppl entitled

both achieve market rights and houses to accomm

as long as within the bylaws

concerns us 5000sf built and advertised as 6500sf; clear-cutting of lots and blvds

don’t respect nbrhd character

bldg houses completely obscures view, doesn’t respect nbrs' view

most WV residents decent; most of them

some swayed by sums of money

those to take {tibugghrt???}

interest of residents ahead of $$$

old saying perfection is the enemy of the good

we wd applaud you for the platform, your platform you were elected on

Mayor: no one?

ML: motion on the floor to discuss

five recommendations, deal with sequentially

1. Council receive the report dated January 29, 2015 and titled “Single-Family Housing – Siting, Form, and Character Public Engagement Process – 2015 for information, discussion and consideration


2. The Council of The District of WV resolves that there are well-documented and recognized issues related to the compatibility of new and renovated single-unit residential dwellings within the District with respect to size, siting, massing, grading, and landscaping and directs staff to engage the community and commence the preparation of bylaw amendments to address the issue

Sop: 18 years ¦ wives

ML: wch wife was that?


Sop: out in the backyard, mowing, look at

waved at nbrs; those, that was the way in those days

still amazed, wonderful what I see in many nbrhds

when assessments started to go up

little issues bigger and bigger

then the devt started, alway been probl

imagine within the bylaw, Mr Sokol, but they look rather large

some beautiful houses that fit in

we have to find a balance, find through a consulting process

balance for everyone, that’s going to be the result

having consultation process is the way going to solve it

Cam: debating 1? 2? {?}

Ans: 2 and

clearly a signif concern about nbrhd character, deeply considered

signif proportion legitimately concerned devp their props

shd start from a position of respect from each side

classic tension; interest of cmnty or person

everybody pretty well said I agree with

Cam: talked to a lot during the election

not that entire cmnty against changes or that all want changed

both sides shd understand

Bill Chapman said it best ... not close our eyes, doing best to find a soln

what we do or don’t do &&&; hope compromise we can live with

allows all of us to live here in a diversity of housing that meets

not a situation one size fits all, think Carolanne said that

Brit Props, big houses; Amb/Dund more of a grid pattern

have to do what we can to address diversity in cmnty

not end up one extreme or other

prop value, no one wants to destroy prop value &&&

we’ll do our best not to

xxx Marin County

know the price of everything and the value of nothing; &&&

will support Recomm No 2

we need to have this conversation; do in respectful manner and find compromises

NG: is there an issue and shd we prepare bylaws, I’d say yes, an issue Bishop and Sokol

since 1980s losing heritage homes, paving over paradise motion; sometimes not pretty or easily

v recently six of us were elected and in Nov this was the major no 1 issue

elected by over 5000 ppl and I’ll keep my promises a long time

this is not a corporation

Mayor: as Gambioli

no one’s ever voted for me in two elections

shd be clear; WV is unique ” want to maintain the unique character of our envmt

site manipulation, xxxx define basement, ht, etc xxx

need to have this conversation

not just an issue of size; ev says way house fits on the lot

make sure doing the best job they can do for the citizens


ML moved 3:

3. Council direct that staff engage the community on these issues as outlined in the report dated January 29, 2015 and titled “Single-Family Housing – Siting, Form, and Character Public Engagement Process – 2015;

NG: Q re consultation

a lot of ppl have come to us to speak, written, days, hours

for the sake of the ppl giving us feedback, do they have to keep coming back

or 3 thick binder

difficult to keep coming; time for new ppl

Sokol: we do have a record going back to 2013

really want to emphasize undertaking over next 3 months

engage again, topic has moved down the road; more detailed pieces of

stay tuned and be involved

Cam: process a little abbreviated, don’t want to

think we shd all v in cmnty has a full opp to be heard

feel proposed schedule has bulk in Mar and Apr; fear it’s a little tight, like to see it extended somewhat

Sop: if a house has permit ” Ccl sees it

see it sometimes b/c of complaint

start to investigate a citizen oversight cmte

allow the staff to say this org, tell us what you think

when an anomaly and we don’t know about

value looking at it; revision of our OCP; whatever happens

we will get to the bottom of this as long as open, transparent; we’ll get to bottom

ev cooperating [9:35]; can be done

Cass: commend Planning; this has been going on since 2008

key at election; well aware; tired of living in grey

communicate when mtgs, need a resolution to the problem tired of living in grey


Sokol: the next two together

ML: separately

Sokol: shd be looked at together

ML: shall move both (4,5)

4. Staff be instructed to prepare amendments to Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010 to prevent the floor area of single-family residential dwellings on lots in RS zones other than RS1, RS6, and RS8 from exceeding 150% of the floor area that wd be permitted on a lot having the min lot area specified in the bylaw for the zone in wch the dwelling is being constructed; and that,

5. Staff be instructed to report to Council with respect to any building permit application that is made more than 7 days after the date of this resolution and that staff consider conflicts with the bylaw amendments in preparation, to enable the Council to determine whether to direct that the permit be withheld pursuant to s. 929 of the Local Government Act pending Council’s consideration of the zoning bylaw amendment.

ML: no problem with the first three probls and supportive, however I have greater concern of appropriateness of 4 and 5 from a timing perspective

public process, likely end up in Public Hearing

hasn’t been sufficient dialogue

landscaping, tree bylaw, unintended consequences

situation cd hv fiscal impact on prop values


who?: takes more than a month ” so be it

will disagree with Ccl Lewis on some of his points; this does not preclude, this is a temporary measure


NOISE, do on sidewalk

Mayor: do it on sidewalk

NG: Planning Dept has suggested this temp motion, a number of props, can count on one hand

those are the facts; profession facts and numbers

don’t have a concern about xxx measures

one person said, as one person said it’s a matter of proportion


this is out of proportion

not an economic argument; it’s a cmnty argument

ten more years xxx this kind of devt

as we’ve seen last ten years; going to see a downturn; lost its charm

not be a sought-after place; will look like other Ms, wall-to-wall homes, no

I’ve lived here for 50 years; I think I understand this cmnty as well as anyone

comes from consolidating props

two or more lots, 2, 3, 4x size of home in that nbrhd

across from WVSS consolidated four props a 16Ksf house in the middle of sgl-fam area

interim measure for consolidation way out of character

number of unsustainably large homes

not look for perfection, looking to so something re change/character of this cmnty

[9:45] MB: Oct xxx clear

consult with parties in wider range June 2 - 14 report and report back to Ccl

understand why our staff came forth with this (resoln?)

we didn't interim measure

full consultation, want to hear, I don’t know how it will affect homeowners

the formula as drafted I don’t support ” a random application of these bylaws

believe and said during election

one is about the size of the nbring lots

consistent approach across all nbrhds

not all same in Brit Prop

unintended, affecting diff lot owners differently and some unfairly

penalize smaller lots and this affects large lots

know cmnty concerned about this issue

looking at 3-5 mos

the risk of truncating the process and hearing cmnty

saying maybe the obvious, Ccl cannot be emotional and be reasonable

Mr Kent supported thoughtful process

can’t impose our personal values of the right-sized house

it’s about what fits into the nbrhd and that really varies

such an onslaught of construction, can see why ppl frustrated

how going to affect coach houses?

reduce FAR, can’t build coach houses

don’t believe interim risk, rush of applications to avoid changes shd justify making a decision ahead of public consultation

will not support these two

Cass: compliment and complement

we’re at risk of destroying the goose that laid the golden egg

having all around

ppl come here, green space, hiking, trails, schools

[9:51] nbr’s barking; fire Dept; your right to xxx?

nbrs have the right to live out their lives in comfort with their life styles respected

all essentially saying the same thing

thank you

{no, we're not, and a few groans}

Cam: Cclr Booth has said much of what I'm going to say

this is a highly sensitive issue

first of all, need thoughtful discussion, need careful consideration, don't need mob rule, don't need shouted slogans

have to have a process beyond reproach, transparent, inclusive, and fair

Cclr Booth brought up Oct mtg, coming out with full suite of changes for the public and that's what we shd do

all aware of the issue since the 80s but ot aware of the precise issues to solve the prob

I found out about this about ten days ago when the ccl package out

simply isn't enough time for the public and shdn't short-circuit the process

also have to make sure any signif change is nec and justified

not sure an interim soln or measure is nec here

what exactly is the prob?

what staff is proposing is too blunt an instrument...

want to wait for the process to play out

as w/ Cclr Lewis, the issue here is unintended consequences

the bylaw as drafted wd capture many houses that wd be approp for their nbrhds, so why do that?

spoke with a man, xxx has a house, a 16Ksf house

{yes, I checked the fig and he did say 16,000sf}

designing it for four months with his architect, and excited about it . This wd hv reduced the size of this house from 5600sf to no more than 4700sf

{so did he really mean 6Ksf?}

It's a 16Ksf lot

{ah, that's different}

his nbrs have all looked at the plans, no issues

why wd we reduce his sq ftg arbitrarily without input wrt impact or whether it wd look better.



feels like a sledgehammer when we shd be using a finer instrument


I'll be voting against


Mayor: I too will oppose this for many of the reasons outlined

we cannot be making fundamental change without more than adequate notice to our citizens

so ev who wants to weigh in on the issue is heard

This proposal only affects 19% of the lots in WV

What I'm looking for is staff to come back with recomms that cd apply to 100% of the lots

that's what we need to look at

regulations for all the lots, around all the issues we've talked about: siting, height, raising up the level of grade where you measure

regulations for all.....

Mayor: vote...

{Cass and NG in favour}

Motion is defeated 5 to 2


{Parts 4 and 5 of the recommended motion}

If there are no questions, we're adjourned.

{and so they were b/c no time -- thought someone had signed up but it was done in a flash}

4. Public Questions/Comments 5. Adjournment

+ CCL MTG NOTES March 2nd +

= 6pm IN CAMERA MTG b/c

(a) personal info about an identifiable individ who holds or is being considered for a position as an officer, employee, or agent of the M or another position appointed by the M;

(e) the acquisition, disposition, or expropriation of land or improvements, if the ccl considers that disclosure cd reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the M;

(g) litigation or potential litigation affecting the M; and

(k) negotiations and related discussions re the proposed provision of a M service that are at their preliminary stages and that, in the view of the council, cd reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the M if they were held in public.

Purpose of mtg: matters re personnel, land, litigation, and the proposed provision of a M service


Revised on February 27, 2015:

To add to Item 3 the February 16, 2015 special and regular Council meeting minutes; and

To add a report to Item 7 regarding Proposed [5-Year] Financial Plan Bylaw No. 4826, 2015.

    1. Call to Order

Mayor: speak about Pink Shirt Day across Canada Feb 25; Police Dept and Hollyburn School marked the day

VIDEO in pink police shirt Anti-bullying Day. Dog with pink shirt also; cyber bullying; emerging; bigger next year

{hoping annual}

Chris Lewis, Squamish; colleagues sit on WVPD Board

congratulations assured bigger and better next year; WV known as the headquarters for anti-bullying

MINUTES: Mayor Smith spoke relative to Pink Shirt Day: Bullying is a serious problem in every community, including West Vancouver. It hurts everybody. Pink Shirt Day was an opportunity to raise awareness about the impacts of bullying and to begin to develop the tools needed to step in when it’s happening and stand up against bullies. By wearing something pink on February 25th, we were part of a Canada-wide movement that lets the world know that bullying will not be tolerated anymore, anywhere. Pink Shirt Days, large and small, help promote inclusion, respect, and empathy, and put an end to bullying behaviours. Council members and staff throughout West Vancouver wore pink on February 25th, and we’d like to show the community how our police department and Hollyburn School marked this very important day. A video of the West Vancouver 2015 Pink Shirt Day March which included the Squamish Nation, students and staff from Hollyburn Elementary School and West Vancouver School District 45, and police and district staff, was shown.

NG: appreciate Mayor’s remarks b/c bullying in this chamber and in the foyer

{Think she was referring to the Feb 23 mtg. One citizen who spoke Feb 23 sent me this:

FYI - I could not stay after I spoke and had to thread through the huge crowd outside chambers. Most folks were indifferent, but a few were beyond rude. To the point of attempting intimidation. This won't shut me up, but it does no good for authentic public input.}

2. Approval of Agenda [7:10]

Amended by adding to Item 6 written submission C-1 re DVP for 5204 and 5210 Marine Dr

    3. Adoption of Minutes ” Feb 16 meeting minutes to be provided.

                  February 16, 2015 special and regular Council meetings.


    4. Dundarave Festival of Lights Society (File: 0055-01) Presentation to be provided.

Gwendolyn: xxx SLIDES

again had 100 trees again

Mary Markwick: xxx night of District’s bonfire; RCM-SAR xxx; Santa arrived by boat

{had sang? :-( shd be "wife had sung¦."}

Gwendolyn’s anecdote guild

DBA brought it to life; Grinch did not steal Christmas

District Festival of [7:14]; spirit of the season

Mayor: homeless slept on beach that night

Shane: director xxx ... answer the longest nights of the year with light

exploring ways to grow the spirit

cap [NAMED] Sponsors

thank you for your encouragement; thank the District for support

safe place for families and children; can we sign you up for a tree again this year?

Mayor: absolutely

enjoyed by a large number of our citizens plus ppl from &&&

Markwick: diff media coverage this year

Shane: Williams; new exec Dir with xxx Aid society NSh housing society [check name]; at all four events

amazing impact on arts and culture

xxx fundraising the most vulnerable; a lot of fun had

I was born on the NSh and proud to be part of it; funds raised help us operate on the NSh

adults who may have challenging issues, or a hand up

not sure how we’d continue without that funding

come to ctr and show you around and what’s done there; pre-emp work, self-esteem, family

[7:19] our outreach team spends half of its time in WV; beds open to bring ppl off your streets

thank you for our support; thanks to Mary Markwick and the directors of the DBA and ev who contributes to this wonderful

for a cmnty that feels ostracized

this one month lasts year long

Mayor: thanks again for coming; agree tour the facility, do so

quickly fill up those trees; see Mr Sager’s just busting

{GET COMMENT [7:21] }

5. Development Variance Permit Application No. 14-039 for 1690 Marlowe Place (File: 1010-20-14-039)

PowerPoint presentation to be provided.

At the Feb 2, reg mtg Ccl rec’d the report dated Jan 14 re DVP Applicn and set the date for consideration for Mar 2.

Reports received up to and including February 18, 2015:





DVP Ap 1690 Marlowe

January 14, 2015

February 2, 2015


Written Submissions received up to and including February 18, 2015: -- None to date

Staff gave background: original lot consolidation of six lots in 2001

large lots to the north, one house built on three lots, ¦.

isolated, two cul de sacs; park to the west


Permit, take some of the trees, replace

Architect is in the audience



Mayor: put motion on the floor -- oh sorry, have to call for public input

Sop: xxx moved

THAT all written and oral submissions re DVP Applicn for 1690 Marlowe Place up to and including the Ccl mtg held on Mar 2 be received for information.


MOTION: Applicn, allow for a new garage bldg to be constructed w/ driveway access off Langton Pl, be approved

Sop: ev on Ccl went up and looked at it; cannot enter from that direction based on topography

Staff: correct

Sop: nbrs in favour; if the lots weren’t subdivided driveways on one side

when this house was being built I was there like a dirty shirt b/c rocks

owner got a citation for all the work he did re top of bank

you know how I am, picky

they did an excellent job; well-designed house, just a &&&

from road can’t see house; incredible; the grass underneath; wdn’t see it

that’s where I’m going to stop

Mayor: great

Cam: not out of character, going to support it

NG: feel the need to say something b/c have had a lot of astounded residents

building a garage for 15 cars ” most say that’s insane

at first wanted to say no no way I’m supporting this

the owner has consolidated six lots; our own bylaws allow to build a house the size of six houses and this owner has not

nice design, not the size of six houses

have another 9Ksf and wdn’t have to ask us

cd build above and this owner wants to build underground

that irony ¦ ridiculous ¦ won’t be seen from the street

owner has already planted huge pine trees; a lot of respect for that

the nbrhd ” not so shocking in this

drove up 21st Street for the first time in many years; drive up above the hwy, the less believable it becomes

I do not know this part of my cmnty

if you haven’t seen, it’s a shocking degradation of our envmt

xxx don’t believe it’s a nbrhd

asked about impervious, so much of the land taken up by xxx; roof grass so pervious

feel v strange not being able to xxx [9:31]

Mayor: I respect all nbrhds; some smaller some larger

16-car garage; some ppl collect stamps, others collect cars

Cass: given last week

surprise opposed

one of his hobbies; topography allows this be put in ” can’t be seen

[7:31] {APPROVED}

6. Development Variance Permit Application No. 10-025 for 5204 / 5210 Marine Dr (File: 1010-20-10-025)

PowerPoint presentation to be provided.

At the Feb 2 reg mtg Ccl rec'd the report dated Jan 15 re the DVP Applicn for 5204 and 5210 Marine Dr and set the date for consideration for Mar 2.

Reports received up to and including February 18, 2015:





DVP Applicn (5204 and 5210 Marine Dr)

January 15, 2015

February 2, 2015


Written Submissions received up to and including February 18, 2015: -- None to date

staff (no name): gave background with SLIDES also of proposed variances

proposed bldg over a cliff


ML: I move--

Mayor: sorry, public input; oh, I’m sorry ” not used to¦ Ken Campbell

> KC: I live in Delta but own the house adjacent to applicant’s prop

apologize prior to my opposition

see access for someone live a long time at the beach

applicn seemed excessive to make up for that &&&

ocean view; beautiful setting bay is

certain points accessory bldg wd also be visible

depending on how many trees remain standing

back of 5252, adjacent to public; sits on a high plateau

if we were to keep the prop we’d like to devp that plateau, perhaps with house living qtrs

[7:38] this accessory wd be obstructive

there have been projects on that prop far exceeded anybody’s imagination

lengthy, 2 1/2 years; ruinous for the nbrhd

from that viewpoint wd look v unnatural

looking at the picture but seems like an excessive amt of granite to remove: takes a long time a lot of noise, M-F

detrimental to that nbrhd

as we market the prop wd be an aspect for the purchaser

year, more trying to market the prop

v opposed to the applicn and wd hope applicant find a less intrusive

ML: where is it on our map?

Ans: long narrow one, going down to Gulf Place

Mayor: Mr Allan, any comments on how intrusive

Staff: sorry haven’t been to the prop so can’t


Sop: limitations on removal of granite?

Ans: 200+ cu m

ML: anyone comment on length of time this proj wd take?

Ans: about one year

Cass: the prop beside it owned by applicant as well, to the west on Marine

Staff: two props above

Cass: so not by the xxx elevator of cement?

Ans: 8:41 [what???] xxx

NG: visited the site on Friday; where is the current pool?

Ans: just below house, see the retaining wall ” pointing, on the slide

Ans: the existing pool will be extended

NG: so pool will be enlarged ” cantilevered?

Staff: supported by the accessory bldg

Staff: let architect speak to that

Nick Milkovich: this is a blunt representation of what it will be

pool that’s floating; 40ft a reflecting pool

lighting the structure underneath so light will filter through that and down the face of the cliff

finer than the crude perspective we’re showing

NG: says accessory bldg but looks like an enlargement of the house

Staff: not dwelling

NG: completely detached?

Ans: except for the pool element

NG: wd you be willing to go ahead if not have an elevator?

NM: sure

Mayor: need to evaluate as presented to us; presented with an application, start changing during the debate

Ms L, help us out there

CAO: wd hv to be a new Permit applicn; Ccl vote on proposal

Mayor: on the floor; sorry

Cass: you’re going to dynamite for a pool elevator and &&&


MOTION: all written and oral submissions re the DVP Applicn for 5204/5210 Marine Dr up to and including the Ccl mtg held on March 2 be received for information.


MOTION: THAT the DVP, wch wd allow for an accessory building with elevator to be constructed, be approved.

{moved ML, sec MB}

ML: had an opp to see this prop last week; never seen such a magnificent piece of xxx

tasteful, green roof, xxx , all been done with such taste

no doubt will be done in an xxx manner; had gone by in a boat before; literally takes your breath away

owner loves that location, where he lives; in mind no impact on anybody